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WEEKS-TOWNSEND MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY GIVEN BY 1%-e dfs-kU erf P Q CCS L. rCJVr ol 8 " THE STESPEAN emembering ' 60- ' 61 Weeks-Townsend M rl dii?M rEGE Barbourville ' Kentucky Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 Miss Moore and class. DEDICATIO The Stespean Staff dedicates to the most " acquainted " professor on campus, Miss Kathleen Moore, Associate Professor of Elementary Educa- tion, the 1961 Stespean. A member of the faculty since 1937, Miss Moore is known to ele- mentary school teachers throughout the Cumberland River Valley and is an active participant in community activities, especially in the field of education. She has been acclaimed as the unofficial faculty advisor to about everyone on campus and has helped many students in preparation for their careers. We expect that many future graduates of Union will receive the expert guidance she has offered in the past. REMEMBERING. . . Places We Went . . . " The Little Theater off Court Square. " mmnm People We Knew . . " Somebody ' s Sister? " Things We Discovered . . . " That Union Was a CLEAN College. " Remembering the Chapel and Above, left: To watch the wood come away and a figure take form is a great experience. Above: Mr. Hays at the organ — Could it be " Greens leeves? " Below: Here we worshiped, practiced, and learned about the finer things in life. Fine Arts Right: Pride bows to man Below: " This is Robertson ' s Old Lady. " Above: The purpose of all this — to convince the convinced. Right: Mr. Gilbert becomes The Prodi gal Son. Remembering the Classroom Above: The " Classroom Building, " in which most of the departments and the cafeteria were housed, gave us food for mind and body. Left: Professor Simms piled up syllabi and tests for Education majors. Below: Professor Marigold made most of the topes we " imitated " in the Foreign Language Lab. uilding Right: Professor Steinkrous involved all of us in Philosophy, some of us in thinking. Above: Professor Clare checked science lab work microscopically. Above: Professor Gilbert kept growing more and more edible mushrooms. Below: The cafeteria was always full of debates, usually about the food. Below: You had to buy an awful pile of books to get that degree! ffizf V H Left: In " aging grandeur " (L to R), the Maintenance Building and Gym . . . Remembering the Maintenance Building and Gym ss: a: » i Above: Inside the latter, John ond the boys set Saturday night to rocking. Above: " Whatever they do in those classrooms, it sure wears out the chairs. " Below: Inside the former, Jorge and Sandy get " the Business " from Professor Milliken. Below: Dave gets " the word " from Dr. and Mrs. Matthews. Remembering Speed Hall Above: " Wrong number, " with cheerfulness and charm. Below: For a year, she posted the names of chapel speakers Above: Starting a semester — getting identification cards. Below: and lining up to pay fees. Below: Speed Hall, oldest building on the campus, site of the College administration, shows the dignity of its lines even in the bareness of a mild winter. ■ ' ■ ; 1 erir g pf I If? 111 w ff ?.iila IS ' kB Above: Pfeiffer Hall — the most frequented place on campus. Left: That special time twice a day — mail de- livery. Right: Five minutes before inspection. Above: Fire drill — a chance to get out after hours Above: Too pooped to study! Right: Come on, give another guy a chance! Below: Newly constructed WING " B " acquired residents for the first time this year. ttt fc. Remembering Stevenson Hall Above: Stevenson amid summer greenery. Left: Jack! The book is upside down! Below: They seldom study when the gong gets together . . . Below: A nap before dinner 12 Above: Pizza for breakfast? At 2 A.M.? Above: All the comforts of home Right: A game of hearts under ad verse conditions . . . 13 Remembering the Swimming Po fuC I Left: Oops! Watch out be- low! Above: Wonder if the prof has read this one? Above: Treasure-house of learning, resting-ploce, center for making dates — no one stayed out of the library. Remembering the Library Right: It was where the intellectuals and other " characters " hung out. Below: Told you there was more ;han books in the library! Remembering the College Courts P t_ IT Below: And her name is " Melodi. " Administration 17 ■ ». Dr. Mohlon A. Miller Since their inauguration last Spring, the " presidential team " of Dr. and Mrs. Mahlon A. Miller has made its youthfulness and vitality felt on our campus. As the gracious hostess of Baldwin Place, Mrs. Miller has made official functions inter- esting as well as impressive. She has maintained friendly contacts with the student body and pro- vided morale-building encouragement on more than one " unofficial " occasion. President Miller can look back, after one year in office, on the considerable strides he has made in creating policies which will build administration, faculty and students into pro- gressive harmony as Union moves forward. Above: President Miller presides over Thanksgiving dinner. Below: For once a chance to read at home, BUT another interruption . . . % « -JMC Above: Mrs. Miller gives a future " hallowed shade " a good start . . . 19 DEANS Dr. i. H. Boyd, A.B., M.A., Ed.D., Dean of College. Mary Owen, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Dean of Wo- men and Professor of English. Donald Welch, A.B., B.D., Deo n of Men; Insfrucfor in Religion. Arthur E. Spurlock, B.S. in Ed., M.S., Business Manager and Treasurer. Dorothy Lucas, B RE., M.A., Registrar and Academic Marshal. Milton H. Townsend, A.B., M.A., Director of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs. ADMINISTRATORS Marshall B. Potter, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. As neophytes we swept through the portals of Union on gilded wings, finally evolving into that last metamorphic stage known as Seniors. As we become elated by this gaudy evolution, we sometimes forget the helpful assistance given us by the administration. Can we ever forget Mr. Spurlock, our monetary advisor, who frequently waived our payments to later dates, or Mr. Townsend, the High Priest of public relations, who often printed with bold face our scho- lastic praises? And in strolling across the beautiful campus, have we not seen the handiwork of our Care- taker, Mr. Potter? And last, can we ever forget the involuntary benevolence bestowed upon us by Miss Lucas who vigilantly watched our records of progress with a maternal eye? No. Much of our success is due to the counselling of these people. Without them, we would not have been able to evolve. 21 r Barbera, Aceste J. M., B.S. in Music Education, MA. in Violin and Harmony, Instructor of Orchestral Instruments; Assist- ant Professor of Violin and Music Education UNION Bradley, Erwin S., B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of Di- vision of Social Studies; Head of Department of History and Political Science; Professor of History and Political Science. Clare, Stewart, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Chairman of the Di- vision of Sciences; Head of Department of Biology, Pro- fessor of Biology. Bright, Lorrie J., A.B., MA, Assistant Professor of English. Cloyd, Ruby, A.B., M.A., Asso- ciate Professor of English. Bush, Herman, A.B., MA, Chairman of the Division of Health arid Physical Education and Head Coach. 22 u Dougherty, John W., B.M.E., M.A., Instructor of Music. Elgin, Lilian C, A.B., M.A., Assistant Librarian; Assistant Professor of Library Science. Formon, Elsie, A.B., M.A., As- sociate Professor of Business. 23 Ghormley, Hugh W., A.B., M.A., B.D., M.S., Ph.D., Head of Department of Sociology; Russell M. Bennett Memorial Professor of Sociology. Gilbert, E. Reid, B.A., B.D., S.T.M., Instructor of Dramatics and Speech. Gilbert, Frank A., B.S., MA. Ph.D., Professor of Biology. UNION Goerz, John T., A.B., M.A., Instructor of Physical Educa- tion. Hacker, Joe C, B.S. in Ed. M.A., Instructor of Business. Iglehearr, J. Hoyden, A.B., B.D., MA, Th.M , Part-time Instructor of Religion. Harding, Doris Ann, B.M, in Music, MM., B.M., Associate Professor of Piano. Kelly, John D., B.M., MM Assistont Professor of Piano. Hays, William Paul, B.M, MM., Assistant Professor of Organ. 24 u Lemley, Dawson E., A.B., M.A, Ph.D., Professor of Education. Marigold, Constance, A.B. In- structor of French. Marigold, W. G., A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of the Division of Languages; Head of Depart- ment of Modern Languages; Professor of Modern Languages. Matthews, Robert D., A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D., Associate Pro- fessor of Religion. McFerrin, James B., A.B , B.S. in L.S., M.S., Head Librarian; Associate Professor of Library Science. McRoe, R. G., B.A., M.F.A., Head of Department of Art; Assistant Professor of Art. 25 UNION Merchant, Christine B , AH M.A., Part-time Assistant in Physical Science Laboratory. Merchant, Frank E., A.B., MA. Ph.D., Professor of English. Moore, Kathleen, A.B., MA., Associate Professor of Ele- mentary Education. Millen, J. Larue, B.S., M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Social Studies. Moore, Paul S., A.B., Instructor of Physical Education. Milliken, Reno, A.B., MA, Head of Department of Busi- ness; Associate Professor of Business. 26 u Neeley, James L., A.B., B.D., M.A., Assistant Dean of Men; Assistant Professor of History. Parry, Helene, B.S., MS S A Part-time Instructor of Soci- ology. Porridge, Frances, B.S. in Edu- cation, M.A., Associate Pro- fessor of Physical Education for Women. Pettus, Mary, A.B., M.A., As- sociate Professor of Mathe- matics and Physics. Robbins, Warren, B.S., MA, Associate Professor of Educa- tion; Supervisor of Student Teoching. Shaw, Donald L., B S in Edu- cation, Instructor in Physical Education. 27 UNION Simms, Charles W., B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of Division of Education; Head of Deportment of Education; Professor in Edu- cation. Spencer, Grace G., B.S., M.S., Associate Professor of Chemis- try. Storey, Mildred, A.B., Instruc- tor in English and History. Stair, Nancy Brown, B.S. in Education; Instructor in Home Economics. Townsend, Betty K., A.B., M.A., Part-time Instructor in English. Steinkraus, Warren E., A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D., Chairman of Division of Religion and Phi- losophy; Head of Department of Religion and Philosophy; Francis Landrum Memorial Pro- fessor of Religion and Phi- losophy. 28 u Watson, James A., A.B., MA, Assistant Professor in Mathe- matics and Science. Williams, Irene, A.B., MA, Associate Professor of English. Wilson, Gypsy, A.B., M.A., Part-time Instructor of English. Wright, Walker N., B.S., M.A., Associate Professor of Chemis- try. Wolf, Fred W., A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of English. 29 UNION Bradley, Vivian, B.S., in Edu- cation, Assistant in the Library. Carson, Mamie D., Secretary in the Public Relations Office. Clare, Glenn, Secretary of the President. Cowan, Lorerra, Secretary in the Public Relations Of fice. Creasy, Al, College Chef. Creasy, Ethel, Assistant Chef. 30 ■ ' Goodwin, Virginia, Dormitory Counselor, Women ' s Residence. Hamilton, Haiel, College Nurse Hissam, Ruth, Bookstore Oper- ator. Long, Jack H., Bookkeeper and Assistant Treasurer. McFadden, Virginia, Secretary in the Dean ' s Office. O ' Brien, Paul, Slater Food Serv- ice Manager. 31 UNION Potter, Sherrill, Assistant to the Bookkeeper. Roberts, Fannie, Matron. Show, Dorothy, Secretary to the Business Manager. Wilder, Barbara, Secretary to the Dean of Men. Wilson, Myrtle R., Secretary in the Office of the Dean. Unknown soldiers for a known cause . . . these are the members of the college ' s staff who work diligently, but silently behind closed doors. These are the people who help keep us and Union in proper functioning order. When we are sick, hungry, or book-thirsty, we tramp to them with sullen pride; yet they supply us with needed medicine, food, and books. When we are misled by our petty problems, we sorrowfully bewail our sins, and they try to cure us with kindly guidance. Nor should we forget the members of the staff who take down dictation or carefully file away our transcripts. They, too, are part of the indispensable whole. 32 Students 33 Left to right: Ellen Buchanan, Treasurer; Betty Jane Duff, Secretary; John Bruner, President, Jane Beaman, Vice-President; Dr. Frank Gilbert, Sponsor. Senior Class Officers 34 Seniors Glenda Wilson Adams Address: Somerset, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Beta Chi Alpha, Treasurer; Fresh- man Orientation Committee; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Cheerleader; Association of Women Students, Vice President; German Club; Math Club; Union College Christian Associ- ation; Choir; Student National Education As- sociation. Thomas F. Adams Address: Somerset, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Freshman Class, Vice President; Junior Class, Vice President; Union College Christian Association, Treasurer, Vice Presi- dent; Men ' s Dormitory Council, President and Vice President; Religious Life Committee, " Social Life Committee; Student Conduct Committee; Oxford Club; Frankfort District Methodist Men Scholarship; Freshman Orientation Committee; Student Senate; Germon Club; " U " Club; Tennis Team; Circle " K " Club; Choir; Intra- murals. Jane B. Beaman Address: Westboro, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; Sports Editor, Stespean; Student National Education Associ- ati on; Union College Christian Association; Girls ' Intramurals; Dolphin Club, President; Orchestra; Dormitory Council, President of the Freshmen Women; Pep Club; Student Activi- ties Committee; Vice President, Senior Class. Sandra Suzanne Beidel Address: Oak Ridge, Tennessee Vocation: Accounting Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Activities: Art Club; Union College Christian Association; Methodist Student Movement; Pep Club; Girls ' Intramurals; Homecoming Queen Candidate. Odell M. Bingham Address: Pineville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Veteran ' s Club; Intramurals. Barbara Blanch Address: Dayton, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching, Secretary Activities: Orchestra; Choir; Union College Christian Association; Methodist Student Move- ment; Alpha Psi Omega; Playlikers, Secretary, Treasurer; Beta Chi Alpha; French Club. 35 eniors Terry Lee Bonneftc Address: Cordington, Ohio Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Oxford Club; International Relations Club; Union College Christian Association; German Club; Milesians. John H. Britton Address: Smith, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: International Relations Club; Student National Education Association; Intramurals. John Bruner Address: London, Kentucky Degree: B.S., May, 196) Vocation; Finance Activities: Circle " K " Club; Student Senate; Men ' s Dormitory Council, Treasurer; Senior Class, President; Intramurals; Freshman Orien- tation Committee. Ellen Ruth Buchanan Address: Benham, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Senior Class, Treasurer; Pep Club, Radio Club, Secretary; Women ' s Dormitory Council, Corresponding Secretary; Union Col- lege Christian Association. Joyce C. Buchanan Address. Artemus, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Mrs. Bea H. Burchell Address: Manchester, Kentucky Degree: A.B., January, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Pi Gamma Mu. 36 Seniors Ray Blair Canady Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Basketball; Intramurals; E. O. Robinson Scholarship. Jo Ann Catolster Address: Cherokee, North Carolina Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary and Vice President; International Relations Club, Secretary; Playlikers; Orange and Black- Art Club. Ronald Newton Collier Address: Whitesburg, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Medicine Activities: Germon Club; Sophomore Class, President; Honor Scholarship; American Chemical Society, President. Merle D. Correll Address: Carbondale, Pennsylvania Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Oxford Club; Union College Chris- tian Association; Intramurals. Genevieve Coulson Address: Joliet, Illinois Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Christian Service and Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; Oxford Club; Playlikers; Alpha Psi Omega; Assistant Literary Editor, Stespean; Orange and Black; Beta Chi Alpha; Women ' s Dormi- tory Council; Choir; Chorus; Freshman Orien- tation Committee; Young Democrats Club. Sandra Sue Crockett Address: Ewing, Virginia Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: French Club; Union College Chris- tian Association; Student National Education Association; Baptist Student Union, Secretary; Playlikers; Orange and Black; Women ' s Dormi- tory Council; Art Club, Secretary and Treas- urer; International Relations Club; Choir; Opera Workshop; Art Editor and Editor, Stespean. 37 Seniors Sally Diane Curtis Address: Tewksbury, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Speech Therapy Activities: Secretary, Student National Educa- tion Association, Varsity Cheerleader; Associ- ation of Women Students, Vice President; French Club; " U " Club; Union College Chris- tian Association; Pep Club; Dolphin Club, President; Beta Chi Alpha, Secretary and President; Playlikers. Eddie Dobson Address: Sibert, Kentucky Degree: A.B., January, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Student National Education Associ- ation; Intramurals. Betty Jane Duff Address: Mt. Sterling, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Home Economics and Business Activities: President, Women ' s Dormitory Council; Secretary, Freshmen, Junior and Senior Classes; Union College Christian Association; Dolphin Club; Choir; Home Economics Club; French Club; Homecoming Queen; Orientation Committee; Miss Union. Ronald E. Dunk Address: Bridgeport, New Jersey Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Circle " K " Club, President; " U " Club, Vice President; Union College Christian Association; Oxford Club; Baseball, Swimming, Manager; Intramurals; Freshmon Orientation Committer Gordon Mason Edwards Address: Mt. Victory, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Vergil Lee Goodin Address: Bimble, Kentucky Degree: A.B., ' May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching 38 Seniors Zelma Grabeel Address: Jonesville, Virginia Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Student National Education Associ- ation. James E. Guth Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Teaching and Youth Work Activities: Union College Christian Association; Assistant Minister and Youth Director ' , Methodist Church; Intramurals; Veteran ' s Club, ' Secretary-Treasurer; Student National Educa- tion Association. Stan E. Hall Address: Brooklyn, New York Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: President, Playlikers; Alpha Psi Omega, President; Dramatic Advisory Council; Chapel Sub-Committee; Student ' s Activity Com- mittee; Orange and Black, Fine Arts Editor; Stespean, Literary Editor; Intramurals; Chil- dren ' s Dramatic Committee; Union College Christian Association. Patricia A. Hurley Address: Carney ' s Point, New Jersey Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Youth Worker Activities: Choir; Dolphin Club; Union College Christian Association; Oxford Club; Playlikers Club; Women ' s Dormitory Council; Student American Guild of Organists; Methodist Stu- dent Movement; Council of the Southern Mountains; Chapel Quartet. Nancy Ellen Jenkins Address: Barbourville, Kentuc ky Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Baptist Student Union Council; Choir; Dean ' s List; Chorus; lota Sigma Nu. John Allen Jones Address: Barnesville, Ohio Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Oxford Club; Pi Gamma Mu, Presi- dent; Council of Southern Mountains; National Methodist Scholarship; Dean ' s List; Student Senate; Union College Christian Association; Milesians; Circle " K " Club. 39 Seniors Patricia Allen Jones Address: Louisville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Dietetics Activities: Freshman Orientation Committee; Women ' s Dormitory Council; Student Activities Committee; Sophomore Class, Secretary; Home Economics Club; Union College Christian As- sociation; Playlikers; Choir; French Club, Vice President; Dolphin Club. John E. Leveridge Address: Combs, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocotion: Teaching or Social Work Activities: Orange and Black; Basketball and Baseball, Manager; " U " Club; Student Na- tional Education Association; Circle " K " Club; Council of Southern Mountains, Pep Club, Union College Christian Association, Intra- murals; Sports Editor, Stespean. Reginald Gene Lilley Address: Union City, Pennsylvania Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Art Club Vice President; Union College Christian Association; Oxford Club; Stespean; Playlikers; French Club; Alpha Psi Omega, President. Alvin K. McDonald Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Ladel McFadden Address: London, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Coaching Activities: Basketball; " U " Club; Student Senate; Student National Education Associ- ation. Mary Alice McKee Address: Lexington, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association, Secretory; Home Economics Club, President ond Vice President; American Chemical Society; German Club; Student National Education Association; Women ' s Dormitory Council; Disciple Student Fellowship. 40 Seniors Con lev Morcum Address: London, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Coaching Activities: Student Senate, President; " U " Club; Freshman Orientation Committee; Men ' s Dormitory Council; Intramurals; Dolphin Club; Baptist Student Union; Baseball; Basketball; Track. William I. Maxwell Address: Maiden, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Choir; Student Senate; Junior Class, President; Orange and Black, Associate Editor and Editor; Playlikers; Alpha Psi Omega; German Club; Methodist Student Movement, President. Allen Mitchell Address: Springfield, Ohio Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Student Senate; Union College Chris- tian Association, President, Oxford Club; Milesians; Choir; " U " Club; Freshman Orien- tation Committee; Religious Life Committee; Methodist Student Movement; National Methodist Scholarship; Landrum Memorial Scholarship; Intramurals; Tennis. Robert Edward Morgan Address: Scranton, Pennsylvania Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Milesians, President; Stespean, As- sistant Editor; Orange and Black; Oxford Club, David Wesley Soper Religion Prize; Pi Gamma Mu. Patrick Foster Murphy Address: Columbus, Indiana Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Business Activities: " U " Club, President; Cross Country; Track. Gertrude Mynear Address: Barterville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Church Work Activities: Oxford Club, Secretary; Milesians; German Club; Methodist Student Movement; National Methodist Scholarship, Pi Gamma Mu; Union College Christian Association. 41 Seniors Herbert R. Osborne Address: Flatwood, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Robert Daly Osteen, Jr. Address: Paris, Tennessee Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Religious Education Activities: Union College Christian Association, President and Public Relations Chairman; Choir; French Club; Oxford Club; " U " Club, Secretary; Circle " K " Club, Vice President and Treasurer; Social Life Committee; Fresh- man Orientation Committee; Freshman Class, Treasurer; Dolphin Club; Religious Life Com- mittee; Intramurals; Swimming, Co-Captain; Golf. Byung Koo Pok Address: Korea Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Activities: International Relations Club, Presi- dent; Senior Assistantship; German Club; French Club; Pi Gamma Mu. David D. Porter Address: Hazard, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Orange and Black; American Chemi- cal Society, Vice President; International Rela- tions Club; Student National Education Associ- ation; Pep Club. Donna Jean Pringle Address: Niagara Falls, New York Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Choir; Student National Association, Secretary; Methodist Education Student Movement; Union ation; Art Club. College Christian Associ- Claudette M. Pyles Address: LaFolIette, Degree: A.B., May, Vocation: Teaching Activities: " U " Club; Alpha; Dolphin Club Candidate. Tennessee 1961 Art Club; Beta Chi Homecoming Queen 42 Seniors Evelyn Reynolds Address: Columbia, Kentucky Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Business Activities: Union College Christian Association; Student National Education Association; Milesians. Christine Roberts Address: Morrisville, Vermont Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Psychology Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu; French Club, President; Union College Christian Association; Orange and Black, Circulation Manager; Dolphin Club; Oxford Club, Secre- tary; Student National Education Association. David Bruce Roberts Address: Marion, Ohio Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: 1 Union College Christian Association, Council; Oxford Club; Choir; Circle " K " Club; " U " Club; Intramurals; French Club; Dolphin Club; Student Activities Committee; Freshman Orientation Committee. Anna Bentley Robinson Address: Manchester, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Ronald Salman Address: Joliet, Illinois Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Oxford Club; Union College Chris- tian Association; Methodist Student Movement, Council; Alpha Psi Omega; Playlikers, Presi- dent; Drama Advisory Council, Secretary; Choir; Chorus; Opera Workshop; French Club. Linda Sandlow Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Medicine Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; American Chemical Society; Stespean; Social Life Committee; Union College Christian Association; Intramurals; Dolphin Club; Pep Club. 43 Seniors Mrs. Ruby Shaft Address: Salineville, Ohio Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Mrs. Gail Shaw Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Delores Ann Smith Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., January, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Dean ' s List; loto Sigma Nu; James F. Blair Scholarship. George H. Smith Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching or Accountant ' mr ' Patricia Sue Smith Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Freshman Honor Scholarship; lota Sigma Nu Freshman and Sophomore Scholastic Award; Dean ' s List; lota Sigma Nu, Vice Presi- dent; Senior Assistantship. William E. Smith Address: Corbin, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Mathematics Activities: Mathematics Award; lastic Award. Junior Scho- Seniors Evon G. Snodgrass Address: Harrison, Ohio Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Methodist Student Movement, Vice President and President; Union College Chris- tian Association; Dolphin Club; German Club; Oxford Club; Intramurals; Freshman Orien- tation Committee; Religious Life Committee; Student Senate, Vice President; Art Club. Sue Carroll Spurlock Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Ernest R. Stair Address: Dallas, Pennsylvania Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Milesians; Oxford Club, Senior Assistantship. Teddy G. Steele Address: Fairborn, Ohio Degree: A.B., January, 1961 Vocation: Accounting Activities: Veteran ' s Club. President, John Harold Stone Address: Wyalusing, Pennsylvania Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: German Club; Methodist Student Movement; Intramurals; Dolphin Club, Union College Christian Association, Pep Club; Milesians. Morris Reed Tyler Address: Jonesville, Virginia Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Men ' s Dormitory Council, President; Dolphin Club; " U " Club; Bosketball, Assistant Monager, Intramurals; Baseball. 45 Seniors Rees F. Warring Address: Pecksville, Pennsylvania Degree: A.B., January, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Union College Christian Association; Oxford Club; Choir; Chorus; Orchestra; Men ' s Dormitory Council; Student National Education Association; Stespean; Dolphin Club. Mary Nancy Welch Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 19 61 Vocation: Teaching James R. B. Williamson Address: Jonesville, Virginia Degree: A.B., August, 1961 Vocation: Coaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; " U " Club; Track; Baseball; Cross Country; Basketball. Donald A. Wills Address: Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Oxford Club; French Club; Student National Education Association; Orange and Black; Union College Christian Association, Council and Vice President. Barbara Anne Woods Address: Harlan, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Choir, President; Student Senate, Vice President; Orchestra; Beta Chi Alpha; German Club; Dean ' s List; Music Scholarship; Bank of Harlan Scholarship; Senior Assistant- ship. John Alfred Wood Address: Nicholson, Pennsylvania Degree: A.B., May, 1961 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; Dolphin Club; Assistant in Mushroom Research Project. 46 Left to right: James O. Yetman, Treasurer; John E. Shepherd, President; Sherwood Colclough, Vice-President, and Harriet L. Tower, Secretary. Junior CI Officers 47 Juniors Bulus A. Ajlouny Thomas A. Allemang Patsy L. Allen Glenn S. Anderson Edward Bean Robert L. Black Alice C . Blackman Edward D. Bocock Russell E. Brewer Norma R. Brown Lana S. Browning Donald E. Bullins rt A 48 Juniors Chester G. Burton Herbert Butler Dorothy J. Cannon Casper V. Carlton Max Carroll Albert Cawood Marcus Charles Angelo J. Chiari Robert L Clark Sherwood Colclough Janice D. Collier Samuel L. Cowan 49 Juniors Mary Anne Curry Bonnie S. Diehl Joyce A. Downing Andrew Dunn Edword L. Eorley Richard L. Eslinger Joann Godbey David B. Gover Glen Gover Joyce A. Grant Betty Ann Grimes William N. Hall 50 Juniors Eloyne E. Hall Patricia L. Hammons James H. Hampton Arlene E. Harvey Wanda N. Hatfield Robert L. Hayes Julian W. Holland William Hoskins Norma J. Hubbard Gary D. Jessee Dorothy J. Johnson Elizabeth A. Johnson 51 Junior David W. Lewis Robert B. Linblad Eorl D. Loos Billy B. Lovelace James R. Manuel Ted J. Marcu Donald S. Maxey J unio Diane L. Miller Man garet Moore Johr i A. Nealis John T. Orr James W. Parker London D. Perdew Donald R. Pickard Ronald W. Pridgen Ronald Ramke Katheryn E. Roberts Gene H. Robertson Ronald Robinson 53 Juniors Richard Rushton Doris Sanderson Arnold Satterly Robert Schuldt John E. Shepherd Rex A. Sheppard Kenneth Simpson Richard W. Slusher Robert M. Smith Adam Stacy Catherine Stivers William J. Stone 54 Juniors Joanne Taylor Harriet L. Tower Roger A. Watson Robert K. Wilson James P. Yang James 0. Yetmon Lucille M. York Donald Sheldon (special student) 55 Left to right: Douglas Hulitt, President; Sue Gilmore, Secretary; Reid Sayre, Treasurer; Larry Murphy, Vice-President. Sophomore Class Officers 56 Sophs Ronald P. Adcock Patricia A, Aldridge Ruth Asher Elaine Belzer Karl L Bennett Keith A. Bennett Patricip F. Blair Ronald A. Boone Peter A. Brown Robert H. Brown Jerry F. Bryant Jesse- F. Burchwell Carolyn S. Burns Bill L. Cameron Maxola Carnes Alvin W. Clark Daniel L. Cline Floyd Cook Franklin D. Crider Barbara J. Davis James L. Denham Adrian Dunaway Gail J. Fairchild Louis W. Foxwell 57 Sophs Barbora A. Frahn Vivian France Sue Gilmore Evelyn M. Golden Joan Halcomb John Hamilton William Hamlin Larry Hammons Janet S. Hawn Miriam T. Hayes Kenneth R. Hele Charles M. Hicks Janice C. Hicks Paul Hieronymus Linda L. Hoff Priscilla S. Holt Wanda M. Hornsby William S. Huffman Douglas R. Hulitt Stephen T. Jasper Conrad R. Johnson Edward A. Johnson Carol Jones Barbara A. Kidwell 58 Sophs Lonita R. Kinninghom Nancy M. Lay Douglas S. Little Ruth I. Littleton John H. Lloyd Norman W. Lloyd Gary J. Lovett John D. Lowden Elizabeth P. Lucas Gretchen L, McDermott Christine Mastin Elizabeth Miller Wendell Miller Edward L. Minter John W. Moffitt Alfred G. Monro Ted Mott Lawrence W. Murphy Sara J. Naylor James C. Nelson Bonnie J. Niemann Donald R. Payne Robert Payne Tim S. Perkins 59 Sophs Robert 3. Peterson Jean L. Phillips Lawrence W. Pike Brenda J. Poff Judith A. Pond Donald Rankin Jerome Redfern George C. Reid Harry S . Rice Paul D Rice Blair P Richards Donald J. Riker Donna J. Roberts Judith M. Roberts Alan R Rohlfs Linda S . Salisbury Robert W. Sapp J. Reid Say re Norbert Sell Montrose C. Smart Sharon G. Smith Walter S. Snook Ronald C. Soares John P . Spath 60 Sophs James G. Sproul James A. Stinson Nitu E. Thakore Cecil R. Thomas Lee E. Truba Roger L. Turner Jenny H. Watkins Terry L. Webb Joan E. Werley John R. Wharton Ruth C. White David G. Whiteman Carol G. Whitfield James N. Wilkins Michael R. Williams Robert L. Wood Alvin Wooton Patrick Worley Marcetta York 61 Left to right: Rebecca Bird, Vice-President; Carolyn Akers, Secretary; Karen Watson, Treasurer; Mr. James Neeley, Sponsor; Bob Clement, President. Freshman Class Officers 62 Frosh Carolyn Sue Akers Charles E. Akers Edwin S. Allin Wallace Angus Judith V. Ashworth David Ross Austin Barbara Ellen Bailey Patricia Ann Bailey Frances W. Baker Stephen A. Baker Stephen L. Baker Nancy A. Ball Gerald P. Ballard Nadine R. Baumgardner Mo|deh Bazorgan Hilma Day Beisecker Nancy Ruth Bender Jerry M. Benfield Mary Wayne Bertram Dennis Bigelow Jeweldine Bingham Rebecca Lee Bird Blaine Bishop Edward M. Black Marion H BMsh Richard A. Blish Rose Ann Bloyd Kenneth M. Boggs Ralph G. Booher Johnny Carl Bowman Mary Elizabeth Boswell Robert W. Brock Donald E. Brunkhart Daniel N. Burdekin William M. Burdette 63 Frosh Patricia Ann Burke John Albert Bush Laurance C. Butler Donald Lynn Calitri Elizabeth T. Campbell Barbara Susan Cornes Richard David Carr Charlotte Ann Corroll Jax Jason Carroll Clarinda Jane Carter Edward A. Clark Nancy Glyn Clay Robert J. Clement Marty Kay Clouse Kenneth Cobb Mary Margaret Cochran Dora Catherine Cole Doris Jean Cole Esteva Carol Collier Emery Gayle Colvin Walter Jennings Combs Charles Meil Conley Glenn Eugene Conway Carolyn Sue Cook Jacqueline G. Coomer John Alexander Corson Mildred C. Costello David L. Creighton Trilby J. Crockett Lois Carol Crowe Robert S. Cumler Noel Gene Davidson Ronnie E. Davis Autrey 0. V. Debusk Aaron R Derossett 64 Paul Best DiMarco Barbara Jean Dodd Susan Lynne Doll Thomas L. Douce Mable Lee Duff Emily W. Ebel Diana May Eby Linda Lee Elam Mary Ruth Engle Wilma Gladys Evans Foister Farmer Priscilla Jane Farmer Philipp Fox Ruth Lucille Frame Mary Elizabeth Frazier Charles Lester From James Arthur Frutchey Franklin Galbraith James Robert Gardner Floyd E. George John L. Gillam Raymond E. Giron Ruth Eleanor Good Bobby Ray Goodin Cha rles N. Graham Jean Graham Judith Kay Green Charles N. Hall Euna Fay Hammons James Ernest Hammons James P. Harbeson David H. Harbold Harry Thomas Harding Robert F. Hastings Virginia Nell Hays 65 Frosh Monroe Allen Hedrick Helen Jeon Helton Merry Anne Hetrick Linda Lee Hill Karen Leoh Hoffman Elaine E. Holland Alice Lucille Hopkins Patricia Ann Hopkins Stonley Dole Horn Laura Louise Houben Marvin E. Hubbard James Everstt Hundley Richard T. Hunter Gerald L. Hyde Barbara Sue Jackson Penny Lee Jorvis Michael Cox Johnson Raymond W. Johnson Gary David Jolliff Jack McArthur Jones Alan Kangur Daniel Edward Kawash Rodney W. Keenon Eugene Russell Kelly Joan M. Kiernan Martha Lou Kirkland Kathryn Joann Knox Gloria Jean Krebs Mory Alice Lantz Lois Elaine Laurin Clarence Edgar Leach David W. L ' emley Martha Jewel Lewis Charles John Lieske James Lee Livington 66 Frosh Paulette W. Look Susan H. Lyons Dorothy Ann McConnell James A. McFarland Linda Ida McGaughy Jay Bruce McKelvey Lloyd Marcus Joe David Martin Wayne Herbert Matthews Milton Handy Megee Ralph D. Meluney Phyllis Ann Mills Susan Carol Mink Jorge Mir John Edward Miracle Nancy Ann Moore Donald Mordue Charles Eugene Morris Wayne D. Mower William A. Mulley Lois K. Needham Ronald Dean Niswander Daniel Darwin Oesch Carolyn Joyce Osborne Kenneth Osborne Pat Evans Parker Richard Wayne Parks Judy Carol Parrott Jimmy Douglas Partin Mary Frances Partin Mary M. Patterson Barry Joseph Pekich Carolyn Faye Pelly Daniel Joseph Pence Helen Sue Pennington 67 Frosli Clara Beth Perdew Milton D. Perry Erick G. Pifer Norman Roger Pope Linda Lou Pursley lea Hulda Ramsey Thomas Paul Ramsey Jennie Jo Rice Mary Joyce Roberts Joanne Robinette f 4 m$H Wr J Mary Louise Rogers Billy Joe Rose Buddy Ryan Salyer Carol Ann Schultz Richard Owen Schweitzer Barbara Diane Selvidge Karen Frances Shaffer Robert L. Shannon Leslie Ann Show Robert Seymour Shaw Alberta Marie Sheldon Sherry Ruth Shelton James Larry Sibert Paul L- Sieswerda Billie Miller Smith Kenneth Dale Smith Mary Lou Smith Sarah Snowball Robert James Sommer Donna Sue Spade George P. Sparks Diane Alpha Spencer Helen Mae Spitler Laura Agnes Stacy Rae Sharon Stetler 68 Frosh Martha Ann Stevens Philip William Stone Ottis B. Strother Danny Joe Strunk Evelyn Jean Sudora Warren Swaverly Richard G. Szabo Alva Don Taylor Fredia Sue Taylor Patsy Ruth Taylor James L. Tedford Patricia Louise Terry Donna L. Thompson Thomas Nelson Torres Marjorie Anne Townsend Jonathan H. Trader Paul Madison Vaughn Vincent John Venditti Alice Mae Verner Ronald H. Walker Richard M. Washabaugh Karen Sue Watson Gilley Elberta Webb Lyda Sue Welch Elizabeth Ann Wesley Buford Edward West Lawrence M. Westbrook Bobby Joe Wheeler Wanda Lou -Wheeler Charlotte Ann White A : k4 L Vernon Ottis Wilder Charles Phillip Wilkins Nona Cayle Williamson Patricia Ann Willson Robert Stone Wilson 69 FrosDi C. Douglas Woodbury Raymond Edward Wright Elizabeth Ann Wyatt Mary Louise Wyatt Harry Leonard Yates William Patrick Young Henry Pfeiffer Zingg Foreign Students Adding to the cosmopolitan atmosphere on Union ' s campus are these students from around the world. Left to right: Byung Koo Pak, Korea; Jorge Mir, Cuba; Mojdeh Bazorgan, Iran; Joseph Nasr, Jordan; James Yang, Brazil; Nitu Thakore, India. Organizations 71 Below: Lowly pledges are we . Reggie Lilley, Stan Hall, Bill Maxwell, Babs Blanch, Gen Coulson, Jo Catolster, Roger Watson, Ron Sal- man, Mike Power. Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is a chapter of the national dramatic honor society. Students who are most active in dramatic presenta- tions are chosen for membership. This past year saw the Alpha Psi Omega members very busy with the " drama-a- month program " and the spring production of " Hamlet. " Highlighting the year ' s activities was the trip to New York City in the spring. The group saw some top Broadway plays, and benefitted from discussions of them under the leadership of its sponsor, Mr. Gilbert. 72 American Chemical Society The ACS. is affiliated with the national organization and is com- posed of students majoring in chemistry. The members of the A.C.S. saw several films throughout the year, some of which dealt with atomic energy. They also heard guest speakers and watched demonstrations given by their club sponsor, Miss Spencer. First Row: Dave Porter, Vice-President; Steve Jasper, Adam Stacy, Billie Lovelace, Secretary- Treasurer; Marcetta York, Bert Webb, Sue Pennington, Nancy Clay. Second Row: Ron Collier, President; Herb Butler, Bob Wilson, Don Calitri, Doug Hulitt, Chester Burton. 73 American Guild off Organist; AGO is the student chapter of the American Guild of Organists. Under the able instruction of our sponsor, Mr. Hays, we were introduced to the various mechanisms and functions of the organ, and after a brief period of indoctrination we began to play. At first our notes sounded like discords, but after awhile, our fingers became used to the keys, and our feet found the right pedals. In short, we were able to conquer a formidable foe. Sherry Shelton at Organ. First Row: Kay Roberts, Ken Simpson, Nell Hays, Mary Ann Curry, Glee Whitfield- Second Row: Ralph Meluney, Dennis Lowden, Richard Blish, Mr. Hays, Sponsor; Jerome Redfern, Herb Osborne, Ronnie Boone. 74 Below: Careful Mike; Too much yellow! First Row: Eloyne Hall, Larry Moore, Glenn Conway, Ron Soares. Second Row: Robert Williams, Diane Eby, Merry Hetrick, Montrose Smart. Third Row: Sue Crockett; Mr. McRae, Sponsor; Cookie Wyatt; Brenda Poff, Secretary; Jo Catolster; Dick Slusher; Gene Robertson, President; Milton Lay; Chuck Hall Vice- President. Art Club This " working " Club brings together all students who have an interest in art. Last Fall they silk-screened and sold Christmas cards. One of the favorite designs was the outline of Conway Boatman Chapel. The Club enjoyed a variety of programs, including the presentation of slides; and the members sponsored an art exhibit in the Spring. 75 Jane Beaman, Miriam Hays — Treasurer, Sally Curtis — President, Diane Miller — Vice-President, Babs Blanch, Patsy Allen, Milton Loy, Glee Whitfield, Glenda Adams, Priscilla Holt, Gen Coulson, Arlene Harvey, Kathy Stivers, Lucille York, Linda Hoff, Barbara Woods, Marcetta York, Linda Sandslow, Ruth Asher, Christine Roberts, Sue Gilmore, Christine Mastin, Joan Halcomb. Below: Mesdames Igleheart and Miller and sorority sponsors. Beta Chi Alpha Beta Chi Alpha is Union ' s only social sorority. It stresses artistic and cultural de- velopment. This year the BXA program included the sale of Homecoming mums, the initi- ation of new members, a beatnik dance, and a formal dance which climaxed the year ' s social activities. 76 Beta Sigma Beta Sigma is a scholastic honor society for Sophomore girls. The local chapter is chartered by the Cwens, which is a national honorary society. The members carried out service projects for the year. First Row: Kay Roberts, Pat Aldridge, Patsy Allen, Ruth Asher — Vice-President, Wanda Hatfield, Dean Mary Owen — Sponsor. Second Row: Mary Ann Curry, Izzy Littleton — President, Billy Lovelace, Marcetta York — Secretary-Treasurer, Harriet Tower, Alice Blackmon, Gretchen McDermott, Carolyn Burns. Above: He ALWAYS asks THIS questi. 77 First Row: Kathy Needham, Mary Boswell, Nancy Jenkins — Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Carolyn Burns, Pat Blair, Wanda Hatfield, Don Rankin. Third Row: John Bowman, Ed Stinson, Tim Perkins — Presi- dent, John Wharton, Bob Wilson, Blair Richards. Baptist Student Union Below: The sweetest Southern sweetheart of all. The B.S.U. is an organization which strives to unite Baptist students on the campus with the people of the Baptist Church in the community. The group here at Union has formed a choir and has been engaged to sing in various churches within Kentucky. The group has sponsored various functions, one of which was the Sweetheart Banquet. Another project of the B.S.U. is the town parent program, which supplies each mem- ber with a home here in Barbourville. 78 Union Choir The Choir, one of the better vocal groups in this section of the country, completed another season under its new director, Mr. John W. Dougherty. This year the group took a Spring tour in the Kentucky area. The Choir was a great asset to the college by its participation in the Chapel services, and its programs at Christmas, Easter, and graduation. Mr. Dougherty, Donna Pringle, Alice Blackman, Jeanne Graham, Mary Anne Curry, Glee Whitfield, Linda Salisbury, Gen Coulson, Pat Jones, Janice Hicks, Joan Werley, Kathy Stivers, Barbara Woods, Carol Osborne, Mary Frazier, Karen Hoffman, Susan Mink, Sally Snowball, Elaine Belzer, Sherry Shelton, Joyce Roberts, Diane Selvidge, Pat Hurley, Karen Watson, Judy Roberts, Helen Spitler, Mike Williams, Ken Smith, Gary Jessee, Ed Leach, Milton Perry, Mike Power, Jim Gardner, Richard Blish, Ron Salman, Ron Boone, Ron Ramke, Herb Osborne, John Wharton, Bob Wilson, Ralph Meluney, Dick Eslinger, Roger Watson, Dennis Lowden, Ken Simpson, Tom Hunter. 79 First Row: Allen Ramsey, Ste ve Jasper, Bruce Roberts, Tom Adams, Ron Dunk — President, John Nealis — Secretary, Julian Holland, Chester Burton,- Dr. Frank Gilbert — Sponsor, Doug Hulitt. Second Row: Ed John- son, Doug Little, Bucky Colclough, David Gover, Bob Osteen — Vice-President, Glenn Anderson, Gary Jessee, Max Carroll, John Spath, John Jones, Bill Lloyd, Dan Cline, Allen Roth. Circle K Below: Such honors are left to the Kiwanis president. Circle K is a service club associated with Kiwanis. It is a student organization which offers service to the campus and community. The Circle K members served as guides for Homecoming and also for Senior Day. One of the most rewarding services per- formed this year was a Christmas party held in Pfeiffer Hall for underprivileged children of the area. Circle K also spon- sored the Christmas Dance following the Boys ' Open House. 80 Council off the Southern Mountains One of the newcomers to Union College this year was the Student Youth Group of the Council of Southern Mountains. Adopting as its guide the principles of the mother group, the Council of the Southern Mountains, Inc., Union ' s group had two goals: to help students from other areas to become acquainted with the culture and needs of the Southern Mountains and to assist needy people in this area. First Row: Nadine Baumgardner, Pat Hurley — Vice-President, Allen Mitchell, Bob Sommer, Sally Snowball, Nancy Bender, Dr. Hugh Ghormley — Sponsor. Second Row: Tom Allemang, John Jones, John Lloyd, Max Carroll, Danny Kreh, Paul Rice, John Wharton, John Leveridge — President. 81 First Row: Wallace Angus, Dick Schweitzer, Phil Stone, Bill Burdette, John Bowman, Ken Boggs, Skip George, Jim Denham, Terry Webb, Merry Hetrick, Nancy Ball, Dora Cole, Mary Rogers, Judy Green, Jean Graham, Chuck Conley, Ron Ramke. Second Row: Mr. Goetz, Tom Torres, Jorge Mir, Sue Mink, Bucky Colclough, Barbara Carnes. Dolphin Club The Dolphin Club has as its primary interest the im- provement of its members ' swimming. We hope to make swimmers out of some and to improve on the ability of others. During the past Homecoming, a water show was put on by the club and it was said to be one of the best shows ever put on at Homecoming. The Dolphins ' most important event of the year is the Spring Water Festival. This show consists of synchronized swimming, diving, and clown acts. 82 French Club French Club ' is an organization for those who are interested in French culture and language. The monthly meetings were composed of educational slides, speakers, songs, and games. This year the club sponsored a Can-Can show at the Halloween Carnival which fea- tured our most talented and beautiful " les girls. " They also featured a dance after the Women ' s Open House, and took an outing in the spring. Above: " Les girls " — Ow-oo! La! La! First Row: Carol Schultz, Chris Roberts — President, Diane Selvidge, Mary Lou Smith, Pat Jones — Vice- President. Second Row: Pat Hopkins, Linda Mc- Gaughy, Donna Thompson, Priscilla Holt — Secretary- Treasurer, Lyda Welch, Rae Stetler, Lois Laurin, Beth Lucas, Mary Anne Curry. Third Row: Jean Phillips, Bob Linblad, Charles From, Bob Clement, Tom Allemang, Ron Salman, Mrs. Marigold, Dr. Marigold. First Row: Milton Lay, Kay Roberts, Alice Blackman, Ken Simpson, Mike Snodgrass, Pat Jones, Betty Jane Duff, Glenda Adams, Tom Adams. Second Row: Bob Osteen, Bruce Roberts, Allen Mitchell, Ron Dunk. Orientation Committee Below: And now, all penalties will be paid justice will have its way . . This committee of upperclassmen organizes the activities for the Freshman class ' s first week at Union. The events are planned to acquaint the Freshmen with col- lege life and to make their adjustment easy and pleasurable. 84 German Club The German Club met once a month at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Marigold. At the meetings the members saw German movies, sang German songs, and twisted their tongues around " spoken German. " This year, in cooperation with the French Club, the German Club sponsored the Valentine Day Dance following the girls ' open house. Gertrude Mynear, Kay Roberts — Secretory-Treasurer, Benny Pak, Alice Blackman, Jim Manuel — President, Horry Rice, Dr. Marigold, Mrs. Marigold, Bud Satterly, Bob Schuldt — Vice-President, and Bill Maxwell. Above: Sweet tears because of sad German 85 Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is open to all Home Economics students. The club is affiliated with the State and National Home Economics Associations. The major project on the club ' s pro- gram this year was the Christmas Tea. The members made and sold candles and en- joyed a candy pull. Some of the more interesting programs were: Dr. Marigold with slides on Germany; an evening of mime with Mr. Gilbert; and a visit from Mojdeh Bazorgan, who told of her native Iran. Above: Not too much ginger ale! First Row: Hilma Beisecker, Jackie Coomer, Pat Jones. Second Row: Joann Taylor — Secretary, Linda Elam, Betty Jane Duff — Vice-President, Nona Wil- liamson, Judy Roberts, Mary Rogers, lea Ramsey, Elaine Holland, Marty Kirkland — Treasurer, Mary Alice McKee — President. 86 First Row: Linda Elam, Linda Hoff — Vice-President, Patricia Hopkins, Susan Lyons, Izzy Littleton — Treasurer, Carlo Long, Ruth Asher, Dean Neeley — Sponsor, Mildred Storey, Joe Nasr, David Austin, Benny Pak — President, Ron Ramke, Merle Correll. Second Row: Paul Rice, David Porter, John Spath, Bucky Colclough, John Nealis, Don Maxey, Floyd George, and Ed Clark. International Relations Club The International Relations Club is composed of all students vitally interested in promoting global peace among nations. Along with new members and programs, the IRC gained a new sponsor, Dean Neeley. The programs have consisted of guest speakers, movies, and planned discussions on various countries. The activities of the year were brought to a pleasant close with the outing held at Levi Jackson State Park. 87 David Lemley, Paul Hammons — Treasurer, John Shepherd — President, Billie Lovelace — Secre- tary, Robert Peterson, Miss Pettus — Sponsor, James Manuel — Vice-President, and Mr. Wat- son — Sponsor. Below: And the sum total comes to Math Club The ALPHA DELTA Mathematics Club is composed of students who desire to achieve more knowledge about the various fields of mathematics. The club endeavors through films, student lectures, staff lec- ture, and contact with visiting mathema- ticians to learn about their subject. Activi- ties include an annual spring picnic. 88 ' Dorm Council The Men ' s Dormitory Council was elected by the residents of Stevenson Hall. Its members tried to represent the interests and concerns of all the dormitory residents by enforcing the rules of the dormitory and disciplining those who broke them. In addition to this major responsibility, it planned several special events for the men. The aim of the Council is to maintain an orderly, clean, and quiet dormitory which is homelike and conducive to study. Lawrence Westbrook, John Bruner — Treasurer, John Orr, Casper Carlton — Vice-President, Monroe Hed- rick, and Albert Cawood — Secretary. Not pictured: Reed Tyler — President. Above: This room looks ship-shape 89 I- it- Above: Philosophers in action (waiting for refresh- ments) . Mil n In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristole quotes Demodocus ' excellent epigram: " Milesians are no fools, you ' d swear, and yet they act as if they were. " This is the first year in which the phi- losophy club has boasted its elegant title, which was that claimed by those thinkers who first plumbed the mysterious profundi- ties of truth. The meetings of Union Col- lege ' s counterpart to the original Milesians are devoted to the instructive and mettle- some discussion of certain pertinent philo- sophical problems. The whole business proves that philosophers have just as much gumption as anybody. First Row: Dr. Dawson E. Lemley, Gertrude Mynear, Bob Schuldt, John Stone, Bob Morgan — President, Juanita Williams — Sec.-Treas., Dick Eslinger, Harry Rice, Bruce Roberts, Louis Foxwell. Second Row: Dr. Frank Merchant, Bruce Langdon, Ernest Stair, Bob Smith, Dan Kreh, All Cawood, Allen Mitchell, Ron Adcock, Hank Zingg, Dr. Warren Steinkraus — Spon- sor. 90 First Row: Nancy Bender, Jan Hicks, Mary Lou Smith, Gertrude Myneor, Rebecca Bird. Second Row: Doris Sanderson, Sally Snowball, Pat Willson, Judy Parrot, Linda McGaughy, Marty Kirkland. Third Row: Gretchen McDermott, Dot Cannon, Susan Lyons, Carol Schultz, Pat Hopkins, Mildred Costello, Elaine Belzer. Fourth Row: Ron Salman, Allen Mitchell, Ron Dunk, Mike Snodgrass — President, Mr. Gilbert — Sponsor, Bruce Roberts, George Reed. Methodist Student Movement Below: Any MSM member can tell you what this was all about. The Methodist Student Movement is an organization whose purpose is to promote Christian fellowship among Methodist stu- dents and to present an opportunity for Christian growth through educational pro- gram and projects. The M.S.M. regularly sends delegates to the spring and fall conferences of the Kentucky Methodist Student Movement. This year the Union group was host to the spring conference. 91 Above: Much of the copy had to be retyped-AND CHECKED. Above: We had scheduled production this year — and many, many discussions. Jerry, Bill, Skeeter, and Rex were worrying about a layout. Orange and Black HAP CAWOOD Editor Jim Parker Business Manager Bob Watson Editorial Advisor Jim Manuel Layout Stan Hall Special Features Alice Blackman Social Editor Chris Roberts Circulation Ray Johnson Don Payne Bob Cumler Photographers Jerry Thomen News Editor Rex Sheppard Sports Dr. Fac Frank ulty Ac Merchant visor Below: We had pre-publication seminars. " Who ' s looking at the layout? " Below: We looked over other papers. " Well — they ' re not so good. " H4JIL .mF 5 College Orchestra The Union College Orchestra this year became a community asset, with membership open to all students and interested persons in the sur- rounding area. The annual concert was given in April under the direction of Mr. Aceste J. M. Barbera. First Row: Mrs. Janice Dougherty, Matthews, Matthews, Mary Anne Curry, Carol Osborne. Second Row: Barbara Woods, Felde, Al Clark, Karen Hoffman, Mildred Costello, Milton Perry, Felde, Felde, Jim Sproul, Kathy Stivers, Dennis Lowden. Third Row: Mrs. Steinkraus, Mrs. Marigold, Dr. Marigold, Ken Simpson, Dr. Steinkraus, Babs Blanche, George Reid, Ralph Meluney, Sherry Shelton, Don Paine, Mr. Barbera, Ron Adcock, Jerome Redfern. 93 First Row: Dr. Steinkraus, Dr. Matthews, A. Blackman — Vice-Pres., E. Belzer, S. Gilmore, R. Good, B. Satterly, T. Mott, B. Clement, W. Snook, P. Brown, E. Eorly, J. Stinson, R. Adcock, B. Osteen, D. Wills. Second Row: D. Kreh — President, A. Sheldon, R. Stetler, J. Hamilton, L. Murphy, A. Clark, G. McDermott — Treasurer, G. Coulson, L. Miller, P. Hopkins, J. Kiernan, C. Jones, S. Snowball, K. Watson. Third Row: Dean Welch — Sponsor, E. Leach, C. Hall, T. Allemang, B. Sapp, M. Correll, D. Eslinger, H. Osborne, B. Wyatt, M. Williams, G. Mynear — Secretary, P. Willson, D. Whiteman, G. Reed, M. Snodgrass, N. Bender, A. Mitchell. Fourth Row: R. Lilley, J. Jones, B. Struthers, D. Rushton, B. Shultz, T. Douce, T. Hunter, K. Smith, C. Brown, M. Johnson, R. Ramke, B. Roberts, C. Hicks, B. Smith, C. Thomas, R. Dunk, T. Adams, B. Hastings, R. Watson. Oxford Club This year the Oxford Club, which is composed of students who are entering the ministry as a life work, has reorganized its programs to serve its members better. The programs have covered drama, recreation, prayer, art, music, and many more. Among its committees are the hospital and jail committees, which render a great service to the community. 94 Pep Club This year the Pep Club encouraged school spirit in many ways. The biggest was the new Pep-Band. The Club held a number of pep rallies, con- ducted a snake dance through the dormitories, and held a bonfire. In addition, they arranged car caravans to take students to some of the basketball games off the campus. First Row: B. Lucas, B. Grimes, S. Gilmore, I. Littleton. Second Row: T. Stewart, B. Fultz, C. Marcum, M. J. Moore, N. Bender, S. Snowball, J. Roberts, L. Laurm, L. Welch, N. Clay, E. Collier, D. Gover, T. Webb, A. Wooten, D. Spade, D. Florence, D. West, J. Williamson, S. Ballard, R. Brack. Third Row: M. Carroll, C. S. Long, B. Carnes, C. Osborne, K. Roberts, L. Salisbury, B. Niemann, J. Roberts, E. Webb, L. Elam. Fourth Row: J. Leveridge, J. Nealis, J. Liby, S. Lyons, C. Osborne, J. Harbeson, E. Peterson, R. Walker. Fifth Row: J. Moffitt, B. Brown, D. Hulitt, B. Cell, J. Yetman, E. Johnson, J. Wilkins, S. George, A. Roth, W. Matthews, P. Vaughn, B. Wilson. 95 First Row: Miss Rena Milliken, Miss J. Larue Millen, Gertrude Mynear, Mrs. Mildred Storey, Christine Roberts, Mrs. Helene Parry. Second Row: Dr. Hugh Ghormley, Mr. Milton Townsend, Mr. Warren Robbins, Bill Hall, Dean Mary Owen, George Smith, Bob Morgan, Byung Koo Pak, John Jones. Pi Ga Mu Pi Gamma Mu recognizes the scholastic achievements of social science majors and minors. The membership is composed of students from the upper third of the Junior and Senior classes who have maintained high scholastic averages and moral character. The organization strives to promote better human relations through social service and academic development. Pi Gamma Mu is Kentucky ' s Beta Chapter of the National Social Honor Society. 96 PBayliker The Playlikers Club serves as a nucleus for the college dramatic productions. Mem- bership is open to all students who have an interest in dramatics. This year the Playlikers sponsored a drama-a-month program. The outstanding production was the presentation of " Ham- let " in March. In order to encourage and further creativity among its membership, three one-act plays were presented. They were written, directed, and acted by the students. Above: Be they angels or Romans, oh, how they sing! Front Row: L. York, B. Blanche, M. Power, J. Catol- ster, P. Jones, A. Blackman, N. Ball, G. Coulson, J. Williams, R. Salman — President. Second Row: S. Hall, J. Carroll, P. Hurley, J. Crockett, L. Salisbury, B. Niemann, K. Hele, J. Phillips — Sec.-Treas., S. Snow- ball, C. Cook, C. Jones, L. Truba, E. Webb, E. Reid Gilbert — Sponsor, D. Slusher, R. Li lly — Vice-President. 97 SNEA Above: So you want to be a teacher It is the purpose of SNEA to familiarize students of education with techniques and methods used in teaching and to establish a better understanding and appreciation of the profession. Activities included a booth at the Halloween Carnival called " Haven of the Damned " ; programs on education presented by members; speakers, movies, and a stu- dent teacher panel. The big project this year is to improve a one room school building in order to create a better environment for the stu- dents to learn in. First Row: Ann Stevens, Rose Bloyd, Mary Townsend, Mary Engle, Mary Lou Smith, Carol Schultz, Carlo Long, Wayne Pridgen. Second Row: Lois Crowe, Doris Sanderson — President, Phylis Mills, Mary Boswell, Bonnie Diehl, Linda McGoughy, Gail Fairchild, Sue Doll, Linda Salisbury. Third Row: Judy Ashworth, Barbara Frahn, Patsy Allen — Treasurer, Mary Alice McKee, Donna Pringle — Secretary, Don Rankin, Karen Shaffer, Joyce Downing, Charlotte White, Judy Parrott, Milton Perry, Ed Black, Ed Bocock, Ron Soares, Ron Niswander. Fourth Row: Bob Linblad, Gary Lovett — Vice-President, Don Shelton, Dave Porter, Bernard Stretter, Dick West. mm 98 Stespean Stespean Staff Editor Sue Crockett Asst. Editor Bob Morgan Literary Editors . . .-Genevieve Coulson Jim Manuel Sports Editor Johnny Leveridge Art Editor .. Brenda Poff Asst. Art Editor . Gene Robertson Photographers _ Don Payne Bob Cumler Vernon Maggard Apprentices Rae Stetler Carol Schultz Typists John Wharton Janice Hicks Judy Roberts Above: Advisor; " We just missed another deadline. Left — Editor: " We can all get our pictures taken. " Right — Staff: " Two more pages to go, and then . . . " Charles Conley, Barbara Woods — Vice-President, Janice Hicks, Roger Watson — Treasurer, Barbara Davis — Secretary, Ladel McFadden, Conley Mar- cum — President, John Bruner, Allen Mitchell, John Nealis, Marcetta York, Canton Napier, Doug Hulitt, Tom Adams. Student Senate The Student Senate has been busy this year revising its constitution. It has been working, through various committees, on almost every phase and problem of campus life. A plan for an Honor System has also been a major theme throughout the year. The most noticeable projects carried out by the Senate were obtaining new records for the dining hall music and lights for the tennis courts. 100 " U " Club Any student earning a letter, whether it be in inter- collegiate competition or as a cheerleader, is eligible for membership in the " U " Club. Annually the Club sponsors the election of the home- coming queen and her court and the Homecoming Dance. The " U " Club also nurtured its growing offspring, the Pep Club. First Row: Dr. Frank Gilbert — Sponsor, B. Roberts, J. Holland — Treasurer, M. Williams, S. Curtis, B. Grimes, J. Collier, G. Adams. Second Row: M. Hedrick, B. Colclough, J. Denham, B. Osteen, R. Dunk — Vice-President, A. Monro, B. Patton, C. Carlton, E. Johnson, Ted Marcum — Secretary, B. Lloyd, T. Adams. Third Row: F. Galbraith, D. West, P. Moore, J. William- son, P. Murphy — President, G. Anderson, D. Riker, D. Hulitt. 101 First Row: M. Costello, C. Schultz, P. Hopkins, Carries, L. Hoff, S. Lyons, S. Snowball, L. Miller, K. Watson, N. Bender, P. Willson, M. Kirkland, E. Ebel, B- Lucas, C. S. Long. Second Row: L. McGaughty, N. Baumgardner, B. Kidwell, H. Spitler, L. Salisbury, C. White, K. Huffman, L, Elam, J. Hicks, K. Roberts, T. Webb, G. Coulson, L. Johnson, C. Jones, J. Roberts, B. Niemann. Third Row: A. Horvey, M. Mc- Kee, G. Whitfield, B. J. Duff, P. Look, H. Beisecker, E. Sudora, C. Carter, C. Osborne, B. Clement, M. Carroll, D. Hulitt, B. Satterly, T. Torres, C. Hicks, D. Kreh, W. Matthews, D. Wills — Vice-President, B. Hastings, D. Rushton, M. Snodgrass, R. Dunk, J. Leveridge. Fourth Row: Al Mitchell — President, Don Paine, B. Osteen, R. Salman, B. Roberts, D. Creighon, J. Bowmon, C. Thomas, W. Snook, T. Allemang, E. Stinson, D. Maxey. Below: To make some children know the Christmas glow . . . Union College Christian ociation The Union College Christian Associ- ation held regular weekly meetings of a religious nature open to all students on campus who wished to attend. The regular programs throughout the year consisted of speakers, panels, and open discussions. The mam project of U.C.C.A. is the support of two Korean orphans through the Christian Children ' s Fund. Another pro- ject was the distribution of baskets to needy families in the communities near the school. 102 The Women ' s Dorm Council cooperates with the Administration in promoting a quality of dormitory life consistent with the ideals of the College and the best inter- ests of the women residents. This year a new fund-raising project replaced the traditional variety show. The newcomer was a box-social and sock hop held in the gym Remaining on Pfeiffer ' s social calendar, however, were the annual Christmas Tea for the faculty and student body, and the girls ' open house, after which the Sweetheart Queen was crowned. Above: There it is right there, Miss Goody! Women ' Dorm Council First Row: Dot Cannon, Priscilla Holt, Barbara Davis, Barbara Kidwell, Pat Jones, Sue Crockett, Mary Alice McKee, Gen Coulson, Sally Snowball, Betty Jane Duff, Dean Owen, Arlene Harvey Second Row: Gretchen McDermott, Diane Spencer, Linda Mc- Gaughy, Miss .Goodwin, Pat Parker, Jean Philips, Rae Stetler. H£ The PHT ' s (Putting Husbands Through). First Row: Betty Guth, Miriam Hayes, Janice Collier, Joclyn Soares. Second Row: Donna Holland, Sherry Nelson, Barbara Thomas, Lanie Loos. Radio Club PHT Club First Row: Bob Wood, Ernest Hammons, Vernon Maggard (KN4NZZ), Ron Niswander. Second Row: Don Taylor, Mike Powers (KN8YLS), Ron Adcock, Dave Lemley, Wallace Angus, Bob Sapp (K20YZ), Richard Carr. Features 105 r r 1 i % Firsf Row: Milton Lay, Sandy Beidel, Claudette Pyles, Nancy Moore, Lucille York. Second Row: Judy Green, Betty Jane Duff, Marcetta York. Homecoming Queen and Her Court 106 Sweetheart Queen Donna Pringle was chosen Sweetheart Queen by the residents of Pfeiffer Hall. Surrounded by her court of senior girls, Donna was crowned by Dean Donald Welch. Right: Queen Donna. Below: The Queen ' s Court. 107 r % I im i now Queen 165 Aviaij Ljrem Snow Quee Candidates Chosen from this array of charmers . . . First Row: Nancy Bender, Karen Watson, Judy Green. Second Row: Alice Verner, Sally Curtis. J Mr. Union — John Jones, Barnesville, Ohio. Miss Union — Betty Jane Duff, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. r and Miss Union no Activities in FRESHMAN ORIENTATION 112 Above: Union College, Dear Old Union i Above: Oh, oh, there ' s a place you missed! Below: Mechanical difficulties in Pfeiffer Hall? Above: You ' ve got your knee on my egg! Below: Those (Censored!) upperclassmen . Above: Pfeiffer won the displays prize with a pair of Nebbishes. Homecoming Above: Stevenson ' s " sick " display come in second (of two). Above: Look at these pictures closely Above: And you will find " a perfect 36. " Left: Pretty girls were like melodies, in 1 960 fashions. 114 ght: Betty Jane Duff was Homecoming Queen, es rted by Pat Murphy, " U " Club President. Above: The Old Man graduates Above: Basketballed ogainst the Young Man grads. Below: This is the head table at the banquet, with hornblower Milt Townsend nearby. Right: He didn ' t Eggs actly get the idee. Below: Sum fellers re sisted. Above: Some fellers Liked bein ' caught. Below: Daisy Maes made the scene. Above: Marryin ' Sam united gals and victims. Left: Rehearsal of Grab and Grace. Above: Too much Grease Above: Has anyone seen my shirt? Right: A Seance — after a successful production. Left: I won ' t go with Hell! I won ' t go! 118 Left: The Nymph dance in celebra- tion of Althea ' s transfiguration . . . Hamlet This year the drama department pro- duced " Hamlet, " the second Shakespearean play in the past three years. A false proscenium arch was constructed in the Little Theater to give the atmosphere of Shakespeare ' s Globe Theater. The major roles were Hamlet, Stan Hall; Claudius, Henry Zingg; Ophelia, Patricia Jones; Gertrude, Janrose Crockett; Ghost, Ken Hele; Polonius, Louis Foxwell; Horatio, Bob Sommers; Laertes, Jax Carroll. Above: Like a rat in the arras Above: Will she go to a nunnery? Above: Queen and wicked uncle . . . before the slaughter. Below: A Queen in slacks, a Councilor unshaven. Below: On this, the whole play " hent. " Open Houses Above: Alice and Gretchen — awaiting their guests Above: As an art critic, I ' d say Left: A night club in Pfeiffer? Right: And I ' m the guardian for the tunnel of love. Below: The boys opened their doors at Christmas. 1 ,.»•£ R ra i 1 1 ■ u k ■ u u » ' 1 ' " ' ' SSI , 1 ' 4 Jf Right: Sue has a visit from Larry. Below: After all, this is only the second time I ' ve been in the boys ' dorm. " Daniel Boone Festival Left: Too many Boones in one wood — Paul Hommons, Bob Wilson, Andy Dunn. Second Semester Student; First Row: Sarah Ramey, Peggy Chandler, Jane Helms. Second Row: Bill Barnes, Fredrick Freese, Daniel Freitas. w Athletics 123 1 Don Shav Herman Bush Pete Moore Union Coaching Staff Left: Coach Bush discusses important plays with Sam Cowan, Bobby Keith, and Dave Gover. 124 Z2 I ■ 1 v hL -, .« %sm Izzy Littleton, Beth Lucas, Sue Gilmore, Betty Ann Grimes. Cheerleaders Give them the Orange I i II- III fe$£ i Are We For Union? Yeah— UNION! 125 Basketball David Gover, Ron Brack, Conley Marcum, Sam Cowan, Jim Williamson, Ladel McFadden, Ted Stewart, Alvis Wooten, Bobby Keith, Bill Fultz, Darrell Florence. BULLDOG STANDINGS We Opponent They 77 Milligan 76 78 Campbellsville 68 81 Oakland City Indiana 75 73 Lincoln Memorial University 64 88 Pikeville 65 89 Centre 59 81 Oakland City Indiana 72 108 Cumberland 76 83 Villa Madonna 98 89 Georgetown 93 90 Berea 67 56 Bella rmine 62 1 17 Lincoln Memorial University 74 60 Transylvania 66 69 Transylvania 62 79 Berea 62 98 Cumberland 87 100 Pikeville 93 94 Centre 78 80 Campbellsville 72 57 Bellarmine 66 78 Villa Madonna 87 71 Georgetown K. 1. A. C. Tournament 61 64 Left: Georgetown Florence flying high. 95 126 JUNIOR VARSITY: Pete Debusk, Steve Baker, Kenneth Cobb, Ronald Brack, Bobby Shav Bill Fultz, Charles E. Akers. First Row: Ron Boone, Bob Osteen, Bucky Colclough, Hap Cawood, Chuck Hall, Hugh Hendricks. Second Row: Coach Goetz, Roger Watson, Chuck Conley, Jim Denham, Jorge Mir, George Sparks, Ron Dunk. wimming The Union College Bullfrogs has a suc- cessful year under Coach John Goetz. There were four returning lettermen: Ron Boone, Bucky Colclough, Bill Lloyd, and Bob Osteen. SWIMMING RECORD We Opponent They 52 Eastern 43 42 Vanderbilt 53 67 University of Kentucky 28 76 Berea 18 64 Eastern 30 84 Morehead 11 79 Morehead 16 Above, left: The gun explodes and the race begins. Left: A pyramid of successful swimmers. 128 Golf Team Union ' s golfers were preparing to open the Spring season with two returning lettermen, Jim Denham and Bob Osteen, and several newcomers. Last year, the team ended with a two-six standing in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Adrian Dunaway, John Bruner, Mike Williams, and Coach Herman Bush. 1 - " " - - " " T.j First Row: Ralph Dugger, Phil Wilkins, James Young, Reed Tyler, Don Bullins, Ron Dunk, Jim Harbeson, Ted Marcum, Monroe Hedrick. Second Row: Coach Don Shaw, Dick West, Russ Brewer, George Frye, Bob Shaw, Casper Carton, O. V. Debusk, Paul Vaughn, Ken Boggs, Tom Harding, John Moffitt. eball Below: Strategy or injury? n - 4 c»- The Bulldogs opened this Spring with eight returning lettermen and sixteen new- comers. Last season ' s play ended with an even 6-6 standing in the Kentucky Inter- collegiate Athletic Conference and a total record of 10 wins against 17 loses, In the returning line-up of hitters who averaged above the 300 mark will be Teddy Marcum and Monroe Hedrick. Other re- turning members are catchers: Casper Carlton, and Dick West; pitchers: Ronnie Dunk and John Moffitt; infielders: Conley Marcum and Don Riker; outfielder: Reed Tyler. no The track team under the direction of Coach Pete Moore was looking forward to another successful season. Returning letter- men included Bruce Roberts, last year ' s leading scorer, Julian Holland, and Pat Murphy. Above: Doug ready to go . . . Bang! First Row: Jim Hampton, Mike Williams, Julian Hol- land, Pat Murphy, Floyd George, Doug Hulitt, Bob Patton, Art Logue. Second Row: Coach Pete Moore, Eddie Bean, Rush Hoskins, Charles Akers, Jim Wil- liamson, Bill Fultz, Frank Galbraith, Bruce Roberts. 131 Intramural Above: Spartans, Football Champions, National League Division. iJLdKt ' S h i£ Above: Now his main problem will be how to hit the basket. Above: Syndicates, Basketball Champions. Below: Stop crowding me, Jax! Above: Wildcats, Football Champions, American League Division. Above: Wildcats, Volleyball Champions, American League Division. 132 Our Souvenirs 133 , $ Above: Look out for that tree, Bob! Above: Where did you get that bottle? Above: You say the test has been canceled? Above: Between dances we talked. Below: Trick or Treat? Below: Ever heard of sleep-learning? Above: The merry kitchen staff, " Roast chicken again. " Above: How I felt during final exams . . . Below: Carnival in a classroom Below: One . . . two . . . THREE four! Above: We didn ' t find the sign here . . . Above: Christmas carol for the president Above: Not the Barbourville station again? Above: The Rebellion or The War Between the States? Left: And the saints came marching in Below: If she could only get closer . . Below: The Freshmen gave us the cleverest Thurs- day . . . w Advertisers 137 THE BANK OF HARLAN Capital and Surplus $1,000,000 Harlan Kentucky 138 RAPP LUMBER AND VIALL READY-MIX LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials For Every Need Appalachian Hardwoods Phone LI 6-3606 Barbourville Kentucky Barbourville Kentucky COTTON ' S HAMPTON-NAU 1-HOUR CLEANERS McGregor Sportswear Botany 500 Suits Expert Dry Cleaning Haggar Slacks - Jarman Shoes Van Heusen Shirts Phone LI 6-4182 Phone LI 6-3057 Barbourville Kentucky Barbourville Kentucky GEORGE ' S FLOWER GIFT SHOP WILLIAMS MEN ' S SHOP Next to Hopper ' s Funeral Home Kuppenheimer Suits - Arrow Shirts Flowers For All Occasions Weddings - Funerals - Banquets McGregor Sports Shirts Flowers With The Personal Touch Florsheim Shoes GEORGE MITCHELL, Owner Ph. LI 6-3127 Barbourville, Ky. Barbourville Kentucky 139 KNOX AUTO PARTS Wholesale Distributors for Automobile, Electrical and Plumbing Supplies Phone LI 6-4156, LI 6-4157 131 Court Square Barbourville Kentucky HERNON DRUG COMPANY The Rexall Store Knox Street Barbourville Kentucky Enjoy Yourself at the Movies MITCHELL-MAGIC AND KNOX DRIVE-IN THEATRE Barbourville Kentucky Fancy Canned Foods Distributed by HALE BROTHERS Fresh Fruits Vegetables Morristown, Tennessee HERFF-JONES COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers School and College Jewelry Graduation Announcements Medals - Cups - Trophies Jewelers to Union College Indianapolis Indiana POPE LUMBER COMPANY National Gypsum Products R. F. Johnston Paints LI 6-4136 Barbourville Kentucky 140 CORA ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Jonathan Logan Dresses Maje stic Sportswear Vanity Fair Lingerie Maiden-Form Brassieres Phone LI 6-3148 Barbourville Kentucky OLDFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY For the Best in Insurance Prompt Claim Service Phone LI 6-3767 Barbourville Kentucky UNION NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Corporation Deposits insured up to $10,000 for each depositor Member Federal Reserve System Savings Accounts We sell Travelers Checks Complete Banking Service Knox Street Barbourville Kentucky LONDON LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Complete Linen Service - Fur and Box Storage PHONE VO 4-2156 London Kentucky 141 DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE " A " - ALL THE WAY1 PET DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER PHONE 1257 Middlesboro Kentucky KENTUCKY MINE SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated Harlan Kentucky PEOPLE ' S GAS COMPANY Natural Gas Service PHONE LI 6-4185 Barbourville Kentucky 142 PEOPLE ' S INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. ( Knox Street 1 Phone LI 6-4100 Barbourville Kentucky ENGLE ' S STUDIO The Finest in Photographic Equipment and Supplies Court Square Barbourville Kentucky Gordon ' s ' " v Kt KKWKmKw s Kentucky f (Q| p uaW[ Q) ■ V X " " WHS SiKYINS IN£ im ' J GORDON FOOD Div. of Sunshine Biscuits, Inc 1510 Algonquin Parkway Louisville ADVOCATE PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of THE BARBOURVILLE MOUNTAIN ADVOCATE Union College ' s ORANGE AND BLACK Underwood Typewriters - Sunstrand Adding Machines All Makes of Portables Complete Repairs on Office Machines CECIL H. WILSON, ' 38 Phone LI 6-3175 Barbourville, Ky. 143 GOLDE ' S BARBOURVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY DEPARTMENT STORE Roy L. Faulkner, Grace AA. Faulkner and Charles W. Buchanan, Agents Your Independent Agent Serves You With Complete Insurance Protection Court Square Barbourville Kentucky AUTO - FIRE - WIND - BONDS COMPENSATION HOMEOWNER ' S POLICIES Phone LI 6-3303 Mitchell Theatre Barbourville, Ky. Visit T Y E ' S LA RESISTA CORSET COMPANY For Bobby Brooks Blouses Swearers and Skirts Knox Street PHONE LI 6-4173 Knox Street Barbourville Kentucky Barbourville Kentucky TREADWAY BE REALLY REFRESHED BROTHERS DRINK Building Materials H S Mk 820 North Main Street m | mm PHONE Ll " 6-3357 Barbourville Kentucky U IN BOTTLES . MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS MILLER-YANCEY FURNITURE CO. The Store of Standard Brand Furniture (Incorporated) Kroehler - Lang - Valentine Seaver Young - Willett - Simmons Douglas - Mersman - Drexel Globe - Tell City - Karpen Middlesboro, Kentucky Sold in Barbourville by Miller-Yancey only. Barbourville Kentucky 144 ? lol I ? hratv BarbL. 4A1 m IBM i ■;» oBBfrnK HL Hnl

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