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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102214 4 - ' .- . :,■■ ■■■■ ' ; ■■ ' - . ' :■ ;■ ■ ' ■ ' ■■ " : ' -■ . " . . ' , . ■ :. ' V.y. ' ; ' ' ' i ' tlf. h ' ' ' .V- ■ ' ■ . ■■ ■• . ' ' ! ' ' • ' .■,• ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' ■- ' ■■,■ ■■ -. Vv. - ' , ' a ' W-- STESPEAN . ' ■?Jty--Vh;.. WEEKS-TOWNSEND MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY GIVEN BY 2f- The Stespean Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library Barbourville, KY 9 40906 UNION COLLEGE Barbourville Kentucky GIRT WITH MANY A GRAND OLD MOUNTAIN With the first notes of our Alma Mater, we feel a stirring of loyalty and respect for our college nestled in the majestic Cumberland Moun- tains. Hi irt " ?;. STANDS OUR COLLEGE DEAR, Through the years our college has stood as a symbol of growth and strength. Thousands have passed this way before us. A new life was given to those who used the key to open the doors offered to them. ■V $ v ;i « r fc isS R W.v « " ■ » iii v- 5 mm, % I i : l WHILE THE CUMBERLAND SINGS EVER PRAISE FOR HER TO HEAR. Even nature encourages learning and knowledge, and it beckons us toward greater understanding. r - : ' f r Within thy walls we have gained in knowledge and understanding and have matured into adult men and women who praise thee in words, thoughts, and deeds. UNION COLLEGE, ALMA MATER WE WOULD PRAISE THEE, TOO, FOR THE STRENGTH We are thankful to our teachers, who have instructed us in the classroom; our counselors, who have guided us in the search for our goal in life, and for the ministers, who have brought us into a closer harmony with our Creator. el! tjp TO • TVr X v ' ' V vM- . -i«Ss, f- : -» K w? S I THEM BE T «-•■-. :. s ... . ' •iij FOR THE GREATEST OF ALL LESSONS Each Tuesday we meet in the beauty of our chapel. One of our fellow students, who acts as worship leader, leads us in our songs of praise and in prayer. A prominent church leader delivers the morning message. FgMI fmmm PRAISE IS EVER THINE: ' ' £ ' | I Many of us kneel silently and humbly in the prayer room, dedi- cated to God. Words of praise pour forth from our hearts, and in times of trouble and anxiety we find the assurance and hope needed to lead us forth in our search for new truths. FAITH IN GOD AND IN OUR BROTHER, 11 SERVICE, TOO, SUBLIME. Each November the Union College Christian Associ- ation has a Christmas party for its two Korean orphans. As we dedicate our hearts to God and our hands to our fellow man we receive far more than we have given. AS WE GO TO MEET LIFE S Union College has prepared us well for the new life we are about to begin. We have gained confidence during our four year stay here. Our abili- ties, we feel, whether of an academic, social, or spiritual nature, are more than enough to overcome the storms of life. CONFLICT, 13 J WE SHALL VICTORS BE, IF WERE LOYAL TO THE PRECEPTS TAUGHT SO WELL BY THEE. Union ' s spirit is reflected in its athletic program. Whether at home or away, the students, who represent Union, are noted for their good sportsmanship and fair play. UNION COLLEGE, DEAR OLD UNION! 14 UNION STRONG AND FREE! LOYAL SONS AND DAUGHTERS EVER WE WILL LIVE FOR THEE. As those who have gone before us have made their way in life so we, too, go forward with the final notes of our Alma Mater ringing in our ears down the road to eternity. 15 DEDICATION Dr. Erwin S. Bradley " Men mark the good a man has done, And glorify the name he made. " Henry Herbert Knibbs— " The Journey " The Stespean Staff wishes to honor Dr. Erwin S. Bradley, Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences and senior male faculty member of Union College. Dr. Bradley has served in many capaci- ties since coming to Union College. He has been the Dean of Men, sponsor to the International Relations Club and Veterans Club, and has aided many stu- dents by his wise counselling and fi- nancial generosity. One of Dr. Bradley ' s major contribu- tions is his history of Union College, Union College, 1879-1954. This publica- tion has added much to the prestige of our college throughout the country. We greatly appreciate Dr. Bradley ' s unending devotion to Union College. In recognition of his scholarly leadership and his personal contributions, we dedi- cate to him the Stespean of 1960. 16 LEFT TO RIGHT; Noel White, President; Christine Banks, Secretary; Miss Patridge, Adviser; Roger Matthews, Vice- President; Bob Stone, Treasurer. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 18 WHO ' S WHO CARROLL BRITCH SENIORS AUSTIN M. ANDERSON Address: Willimantic, Connecticut Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: French Club; Oxford Club; Union Col- lege Christian Association. CHRISTINE DALE BANKS Address: Whitesburg, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Senior Class, Secretary; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Student National Education Association; Pep Club; Baptist Student Union, Vice-President. EUGENE BENNETT Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Teaching MABEL HELEN BINGHAM Address: Jarvis, Kentucky Degree: A.B., January Vocation: Teaching 1960 1960 SENIORS STELLA B. BINGHAM Address: Jarvis, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Christian Service I960 JOHN BOWLING Address: Pikeville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; Student National Education Association; Intra- murals; Dolphin Club. CARROLL PAUL BRITCH Address: Brookfield, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Playlikers; Alpha Psi Omega; French Club; Senior Assistantship; Veteran ' s Club; French Club; Who ' s Who. WALTER RONALD BROOKER Address: Mount Vernon, New York Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Social Worker Activities: Playlikers; Baseball; Orange and Black, Editor; " U " Club; Dolphin Club; Student Senate, Vice-President; Intramurals; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Who ' s Who. ROBERTA BRYANT Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 1960 JJDITH CAROLYN BUCKLEY Address: Ashland, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Dietetics Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; Women ' s Dormitory Council, President; Orchestra; Playlikers; Union College Christian Association; Stespean, Assistant Editor; National Methodist Scholarship; Orange and Black; Home Economics Club, Vice-President; Alpha Psi Omega; Dolphin Club; Union College String Quartet; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. 1960 SYLVIA LOU BURNS Address: Oneida, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Teaching Activities: Baptist Student Union Council; Union College Christian Association; Beta Chi Alpha, Pep Club; Women ' s- Dormitory Council; Student National Education Association, Vice-President; Young Women ' s Association, President. CAROL ANN CALEY Address: Cincinnati, Ohio Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Secretary Activities: Pep Club; Union College Christian Association; Stespean, Head Typist; French Club; Oxford Club. 20 WHO ' S WHO WALTER BROOKER W TO P MBMMia aill H II I II M H SENIORS 1960 JOANNA GAYLE CARTER Address: Ca wood, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; International Relations Club; Pep Club; Home Economics Club; Freshman Orientation Commit- tee; Beta Chi Alpha; Student National Education Association, Secretary; Women ' s Dormitory Council, Judicial Board, Summer President. POR-SANG ' CHEN Address: 125 An Hsi lee, Chid Lee Cheng, Tainan, Hsien, Taiwan, Free China (Formosa) Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Government Service Activities: International Relations Club. MARVIN G. COMBS Address: Corbin, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Accounting Activities: Veteran ' s Club; Intramurals. JENNINGS N. CORUM Address: Manchester, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Accounting 1960 1960 21 SENIORS MARY RUTH COWAN Address: Middlesboro, Kentucky Degree: A.B., August 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Student National Education Associ- ation; Pi Gamma Mu. ROBERT WILLIAM CUMMINGS Address: Maiden, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Christian Church Youth Group Direc- tor; Dolphin Club; German Club; Choir; Veteran ' s Club; Union College Christian Association; Ox- ford Club; Intramurals; International Relations Club; Playlikers; Track; " U " Club; Student Senate; Worship Leader; Stespean, Editor-in-Chief. NAOMI JANE DEW Address: Dayton, Kentucky Degree: A.B., January 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: " U " Club; Cheerleader; Home Eco- nomics Club; Student National Education Associ- ation; Oxford Club; Union College Christian Association; Beta Chi Alpha, Treasurer; Orienta- tion Committee; Freshman Class, Secretary; Pep Club; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Dormitory Council; Girls ' Intramurals. RALPH DUGGER Address: Place, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Intramurals CLYDE MERRILL EVANS Address: Rio Grande, Ohio Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Basketball; " U " Club; Union College Christian Association; Freshman Orientation Com- mittee; Intramurals. JEAN AUSTIN FLATT Address: Columbia, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Dolphin Club; Union College Christian Association; Student National Education Associ- ation; Choir; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Student Guild of Organists, Secretary-Treasurer. JOHN C. FLETCHER Address: Manchester, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching- Activities: Basketball; Track; Intramurals; " U " Club; Veteran ' s Club. ROBERT LARRY GATTON Address: South Bend, Indiana Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Education Activities: Pep Club; Union College Christian Association; Student National Education Associ- ation; Pi Gamma Mu; Religious Life Committee. 22 WHO ' S WHO JUDITH BUCKLEY SENIORS I960 CAROLYN GILLESPIE Address: Libertyville, Illinois Degree: A.B., August Vocation: Child Welfare Worker Activities: Oxford Club; Playlikers; International Relations Club; French Club; Union College Christian Association; Pep Club; Intramurals; Orange and Black. DONALD RAY GREENE Address: Williamsburg, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Activities: Veteran ' s Club. 1960 FRED GRIGSBY Address: Bulan, Kentucky Degree: A.B., August Vocation: Teaching Activities: Veteran ' s Club; President Dormitory Council; Basketball; " U " Club; murals. ROBERT C. HALCOMB Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Men ' s Intra- 1960 23 SENIORS MELVIN DOUGLAS HAMM Address: Brodhead, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Intramurals; Veteran ' s Club. CARL JACKSON HELTON, (Lt Col.) Address: Ft. Campbell, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: United States Army Activities: Honorary member of Veteran ' s Club; Commendation Ribbon for Meritorious duty in Formosa; Chief of Matsu Defense Command at height of Quemoy Crises. FRANK HENLEY Address: Manchester, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Accounting Activities: Veteran ' s Club. I960 ROBERT W. HODNEFIELD Address: Lakefield, Minnesota Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Choir, President; American Guild of Organists, President; Oxford Club; Orchestra; Associate Minister at Corbin, Kentucky; Senior Assistantship; Music Scholarship. JACK M. HULETT Address: Lewisburg, Ohio Degree: A.B., August I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Student National Education Associ- ation; " U " Club; Student Senate; Union College Christian Association,- Veteran ' s Club, President. OTHELLA S. HULETT Address: Williamsburg, Kentucky Degree: A.B., August 1960 Vocation: Accounting Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; Sophomore Class, Treasurer; Pi Gamma Mu; Women ' s Dormitory Council. PATRICK LEE JASPER Address: Science Hill, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Medicine ■ Activities: Circle " K " Club; Student Senate; Freshman Orientation Committee; Student Con- duct Committee; Intramurals; Union College Christian Association; Who ' s Who. ARTHUR K. KING Address: Harlan, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Intramurals; Tennis Team; " U " Club. 24 WHO ' S WHO PAT JASPER SENIORS JOAN KINNINGHAM Address: Himyar, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Secretary 1960 ALBERT EDWARD KITCHENER Address: Wilmington, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Student National Education Associ- ation; French Club; Oxford Club; International Relations Club; Circle " K " Club; Union College Christian Association. PETER DUNCAN LEAVITT Address: North Wilmington, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Circle " K " , Vice-President; Alpha French Club. President; Junior Class, Psi Omega; Playlikers; REGINALD GENE LILLEY Address: Union City, Pennsylvania Degree: A.B., August 1960 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Art Club, Vice-President; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Oxford Club; Stespean; Alpha Psi Omega; Playlikers; French Club. 25 SENIORS LILY LIM ZO TIEN Address: Hong Kong, China Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Foreign Student Scholarship; Music Scholarship; Orchestra; Union College Christian Association. JOHN WILLIAM LITTLE Address: Yonkers, New York Degree: A.B., January 1960 Vocation: Accounting Activities: Union College Christian Association; Student National Education Association. WILLIAM ARTHUR LOGUE Address: Junction City, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Missionary Activities: Union College Christian Association Circle " K " , President; Intramurals; Pep Club Freshman Orientation Committee; Oxford Club Men ' s Dormitory Council. DENNIS O. MARTIN Address: Dayton, Ohio Degree: A.B., January 1960 Vocation: Business Activities: Intramurals. ROGER DUANE MATTHEWS Address: South Bend, Indiana Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Ministry Activities: Senior Class, Vice-President; German Club, President; Methodist Student Movement, President; Oxford Club; Union College Christian Association; Intramurals; Circle " K " Club. FLORENTINO MIR Address: Oriente, Cuba Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Accounting Activities: Circle " K " Club; " U " Club; Intra- murals; Stespean, Business Manager; Swimming Team; Junior Class, Treasurer; Playlikers; Union College Christian Association; Orange and Black. RALEIGH CHARLES MITCHELL Address: Somerset, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Baseball; " U " Club; Art Club; Orange and Black; Men ' s Dormitory Council; Student National Education Association; Intramurals. WILLIAM WEBSTER McANDREW Address: North Andover, Massachusetts Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Playlikers; Alpha Psi Omega; French Club; Creative Writing Award; C.B.C. Award. 26 WHO ' S WHO JOHN McCLURE SENIORS TERRY ROBERT McCANE Address: Brookville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Businessman Activities: " U " Club, President; Intramurals; Track Team; Pep Club; Union College Christian Association. JOHN DAVID McCLURE Address: South Bend, Indiana Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Pi Gamma Mu, President; Student Senate, President; Student National Education Association; Stespean, Sports Editor; Sophomore Class, Treasurer; Junior Class, President; Orienta- tion Committee; Veteran ' s Club; Union College Christian Association. PHILLIP PATRICK McDONALD Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Coaching Activities: Intramurals; Freshman Committee. 1960 Orientation 1960 BOB FRANK McGUIRE Address: Greeneville, ' Tennessee Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Teaching Activities: Student National Education Associ- ation; Union College Christian Association; Circle " K " Club; Quill Club. 27 SENIORS DEAN McGURK Address: Lexington, Kentucky Degree: A.B., August 1960 Vocation: Director of Christian Education Activities: Women ' s Dormitory Council; Worship Chairman; French Club; Union College Christian Association; Oxford Club; Pep Club; Home Eco- nomics Club; American Chemical Society. NANCY JANE MclNTOSH Address: Ashland, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Beta Chi Alpha, Secretary, Vice-Presi- dent; Women ' s Dormitory Council; Choir; Stu- dent National Education Association; Student Senate, Secretary; lota Sigma Nu, Vice-President; Orange and Black, Co-Associate Editor; College Publications Committee. STANLEY LEROY McNEIL Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Teaching Activities: Baseball. 1960 ELMER L. OVERSTREET Address: Roanoke, Virginia Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Accounting Activities: Union College Christian Association; International Relations Club; Intra murals. HUBERT O. OWENS Address: Girdler, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Teaching 1960 HAROLD GENE PARKS Address: Hamilton, Ohio Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; Basketball Team, Manager. 1960 ROBERT TOWNSEND PARR Address: Johnson City, New York Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Ministry Activities: International Relations Club; Union College Christian Association; Men ' s Dormitory Council, Treasurer; Intramurals; Senior Class, Chaplain. GLENN EARL PERRY Address: Tedders, Kentucky Degree: A.B., January 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: International Relations Club, Presi- dent, Pi Gamma Mu; lota Sigma Nu; Who ' s Who, Dean ' s List; Senior Assistantship in Social Science; James F. Blair Scholarship. 28 WHO ' S WHO NANCY MclNTOSH SENIORS RAMONA SUE PERRY Address: Louisville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: International Relations Club; Student National Education Association; Union College Christian Association. MARTHA GRAHAM POFF Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: International Relations Club; Art Club; Student National Education Association. FRANKLIN D. PRIDEMORE Address: Jonesville, Virginia Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Dolphin Club; Art Club; " U " Club; Student National Education Association; Pep Club. KAY ANNA PRIVETT Address: Stearns, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Accounting Activities: Dean ' s List; Freshman Scholarship; Pi Gamma Mu, President; International Relations Club, Treasurer; Women ' s Dormitory Council- Orange and Black; Pep Club. 29 SENIORS CECIL RHODES Address: Manchester, Kentucky Degree: A.B., January 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Veteran ' s Club; Union College Chris- tian Association; Intramurals. BETTY ANN RICE Address: Stanford, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Choir; Union College Christian Associ- ation,- Freshman Orientation Committee; Beta Chi Alpha; Orange and Black; Stespean, Literary Editor; Pep Club. JOSEPH GUINN RICHARDS Address: Columbia, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Business Activities: Student National Education Associ- ation, President; Disciples Student Fellowship, President; International Relations Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Union College Christian Association; Stespean. NANCY LOU ROBBINS Address: Lexington, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Church Work Activities: Union College Christian Association Oxford Club; American Guild of Organists French Club; Choir; Stespean; lota Sigma Nu Alpha Psi Omega; Vogel Scholarship Prize; Black Memorial Scholarship,- Who ' s Who. BIRNEY EDWARD ROBERTS Address: Delaware, Ohio Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Public Relations Activities: " U " Club; Tennis Team; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Junior Class Execu- tive Committee. BETTY JANE SELLARDS Address: Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Student National Education Associ- ation. EDWARD SHACKELFORD Address: Hamilton, Ohio Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Basketball; " U " Club; Intramurals; Student National Education Association. AUSTIN CORBIN SIMONS Address: Bridgeton, New Jersey Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; Student National Education Association; Intra- murals; Orange and Black. 30 WHO ' S WHO GLENN PERRY SENIORS ROBERTA FAYE SMALLWOOD Address: Pennington Gap, Virginia Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: lota Sigma Nu; Proficiency Award in Business Department; Student National Education Association, Treasurer; lota Sigma Nu Award; Junior Class, Secretary; Dean ' s List. ROBERT E. STONE Address: Pineville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Attorney Activities: Intramurals; International Club; Senior Class, Treasurer. 1960 Relations RUDOLPH STRENG Address: Norwalk, Connecticut Degree: A.B., August Vocation: Photography Activities: Swimming Team; Dolphin Club, Neptune; Photography Club, President; Club; Union College Christian Association ford Club; Pep Club; Orange and Stespean; Intramurals; German Club. DAVID TORRES Address: Brooklyn, New York Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Accounting Activities: Dolphin Club; Union College Ch Association; Swimming Team; Track Team ford Club; Orange and Black. 1960 King " U " ; Ox- Black; 1960 ristian ; Ox- 31 SENIORS JEANNE CHRISTINE TREADWAY Address: Oca la, Florida Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Business Activities: Choir; Union College Christian Associ ation; Orange and Black. DONALD M. TURNER Address: Corbin, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May Vocation: Teaching Activities: Basketball; " U " Club Orientation Committee; Intra murals; lege Christian Association. 196C 1960 Freshman Union Col- PATSY SATTERFIELD TURNER Address: Corbin, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Homecoming Queen Candidate; Dean ' s List; Cecil Wilson Junior Scholastic Award; Senior Assistantship; Union College Christian Association; Student National Education Associ- ation; lota Sigma Nu; Pep Club; Freshman Orientation Committee; Who ' s Who. ROBERT HENRY UNTERREINER, JR. Address: Louisville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Golf; " U " Club; Union College Christian Association; Circle " K " ; Student Na- tional Education Association. ROBERT DANIEL VAN HORNE Address: Ashland, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association Circle " K " Club; International Relations Club German Club, Vice-President; Oxford Club Intramurals; Freshman Class, Chaplain; Baseball Basketball; " U " Club; Men ' s Dormitory Council, Secretary. M. KATHERINE WEBB Address: Neon, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Medical Technology Activities: Cheerleader; Playlikers; German Club; American Chemical Society; Pep Club; Union College Christian Association. MARGARET WESLEY Address: Somerset, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; Union College Christian Association; Freshman Orientation Com- mittee; Student National Education Association, Homecoming Queen. NOEL WHITE Address: Danville, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May 1960 Vocation: Recreational Activity Activities: Choir; Union College Christian Associ- ation; Circle " K " Club; " U " Club; Oxford Club; Track Team; Basketball; Freshman Orientation Committee; Assistant Minister Methodist Church; Senior Class, President; Who ' s Who. 32 WHO ' S WHO NANCY ROBBINS SENIORS ANNE WILSON Address: Somerset, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Choir; Sophomore Class, Secretary; Student National Education Association; Pep Club; Women ' s Dormitory Council; Home Eco- nomics Club, President; Union College Christian Association. AUDREY CHARLENE WILSON Address: Kenvir, Kentucky Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; Young Woman ' s Association; Student National Education Association. JOAN RUTH WOLF Address: Crestwood, New York Degree: A.B., May I960 Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian Association; Pep Club; Student National Education Associ- ation; Dolphin Club; Girl ' s Intramurals; Dormitory Council. 33 WHO ' S WHO PATSY TURNER WHO ' S WHO NOEL WHITE « wm r • ] Lt. Col. Carl J. Helton, a senior, was presented at convocation exercises the Commendation Ribbon and Medal Pendant. The citation from the Secretary of the .Army read: " Serving as Chief of the Matsu Defense -Command at the height of the Quemoy Crisis, Colonel Helton developed and recommended important revisions to the Matsu Defense Command which contributed materially to the suc- cessful defense of the Matsu complex against Chinese Communist threats. " Colonel Helton began his work at Union College in 1939-1940 and con- tinued again in 1946-1948. He is sched- uled to graduate in January, 1960, with a major in business. LT. COL. CARL J. HELTON 34 Betty Jane Duff, Secretary; Mr. Watson, Sponsor; Bill Maxwell, President; Wanda Hibbard, Treasurer; Tommy Adams, Vice-President. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 35 JUNIORS Odell M. Bingham Barbara Jane Blanch Terry Lee Bonnette John Henry Britton John Lee Bruner Ellen Ruth Buchanan Bea H. Burche Joyce Lee Campbe Ray Blair Canady JUNIORS Ronald N. Collier Merle Duane Correll Genevieve M. Coulson Sandra Sue Crockett Sally Diane Curtis George W. Darling Eddie Dobson Betty Jane Duff Rose Marie Dunham Ronald Dunk Gordon M. Edwards Janet Gloria Engle 37 JUNIORS Charles W. Ensslin James W. Farmer Vergil Lee Goodin Zelma Lou Grabeel Bobb Lee Green Margaret Halcomb Stan E. Hall Betty M, Hensley Wanda M. Hibbard Donald Hopper Patricia Anne Hurley Nancy Ellen Jenkins 38 JUNIORS Frederick M. Johnson John A. Jones Patricia A. Jones Johnny E. Leve ridge Clifford L. Lewis Conley Carl Ma re um William I. Maxwell Allen R. Mitchell Phyllis Ann Monroe Foster Pat Murphy Vella Gertrude Mynear David W. McKenzie 39 JUNIORS James H. Norman Robert D. Osteen Byung Koo Pak Nita F. Perdew Quentin Perdew David D. Porter Michael J. Power Donna J. Pringle Evelyn M. Reynolds Claudette AA. Pyles Christine Roberts David B. Roberts 40 JUNIORS Ann B. Robinson Ronald Salman Linda Sandlow Martha Simpson Delores Smith Evan G. Snodgrass Ernest Stair Ted G. Steele John H. Stone Roger L. Truitt Morris R. Tyler John T. Vail 41 JUNIORS Rees Warring James Williamson Donald Wills Benny Wilson Glenda Wilson John A. Wood Barbara Woods SPECIAL STUDENTS Donald Shelton Nilu E. Thakore FOREIGN STUDENTS Left to fight: Por-sang Chen, Anton Nasr, Joh n Yang, Farhang Ma-ali-jah, Joseph Nasr, Byung Pak, Florentino Mir, Nitu Thakore. At piano: Lily Lim. 42 LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Wolf, Sponsor; Patricia Hammons, Secretary; Don Rankin, President; Rex Sheppard, Vice-Presi- dent; James Yetman, Treasurer. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 43 SOPHS Kay Adamson Bulus A. Ajlouny Patsy Lou Allen Mike Fane Bailey William E. Barnes Robert Bean Robert Daryl Boggs Peter Alan Brown Chester G. Burton Herbert Henry Butler Dorothy Jean Cannon Jerry Winston Carey Max M. Carroll Albert Cawood Angelo J. Chiari Robert Lowell Clark Sherwood Colclough Franklin D. Crider Mary Anne Curry Charles Dixon John W. Evans Joseph D. Florence Joan Godby Joyce Ann Grant SOPHS Robert Gr avenstine Betty Ann Grimes James Earl Guth Sarah Jane Hall Donald Paul Hammond George R. Hammons Patricia Louise Hammons Mary Ellen Hampton Arlene E. Harvey Wanda N. Hatfield Jane Ann Helms Julian W. Holland Gary Neil Hopper John F. Ingalls Gary David Jessee Elizabeth A. Johnson Jane D. Johnson Walter D. Johnson Roger Keith Jordan Donald A. Kraus Daniel W. Kreh Bruce A. Langdon Dave Wilson Lewis Robert B. Linblad 45 SOPHS Earl Don Loos Lanie Pendleton Loos Billy B. Lovelace Farhang AA. Ma-Ali-Jah James R. Manuel Ted James Marcum Donnie Martin Janice D. Martin Diana Lee Miller James G. Mitchell Margaret Moore Robert Edward Morgan Mary Alice McKee Joseph Nasri Nasr John Allen Nealis John Tipton Orr James W. Parker Donald Ray Payne Landon D. Perdew Robert E. Pfoff George V. Pollitte Donald Irvin Rankin Blair Richards Danell Riley 46 SOPHS John L. Rivel Katheryn Roberts Doris Sanderson Arnold Satterly Norbert Sell John E. Shepherd Rex A. Sheppard William Shirley Kenneth Simpson George H. Smith Patricia Smith Robert Smith Adam Stacy John Edgar Symes Joanne Taylor Barbara Tisdall Harriet L. Tower Kathryn G. Wagener Richard A. West Robert K. Wilson James Yang John P. C. Yang James Yetman 47 LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Blair, Treasurer; Dr. Edwards, Sponsor; Gary Baldwin, President; Alice Blackman, Secretary; Judy Walters, Vice-President. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 48 FROSH Ronald Porter Adcock Charles Earl Akers Patricia A. Aldridge Glenn S. Anderson Ruth Asher Jimmy Bain Gary Eual Baldwin Gerald P. Ballard Nadine Baumgardner Barbara Ella Begley Sonney Boy Begley Elaine F. Belzer Keith Anthony Bennett Janice Ann Bentley Jackie Lee Bevins Georgia I, Bishop Alice C. Blackman Patricia Faye Blair Dennis Carl Blanton Ronald Alan Boone Jenny B. Boteler Lila Jean Bradley Georgia Lee Brehm Care David Brittain Robert William Brock Robert H. Brown Barbara J. Browning Jerry Fox Bryant Jane Ann Bryson Jesse F. Burchwell Sharlee G. Burge Carolyn Sue Burns Edward N. Camden Billy Lee Cameron Casper V. Carlton 49 FROSH Charlotte A. Carroll Barbara F. Catron Alvin Walter Clark Danny Lee Cline L. C. Cobb Doris Jean Cole William C. Collins George Mike Combs Barbara Lou Conley Floyd Harrison Cook Arnold Cooley Otho William Coon Larry Owen Daniel Barbara Jean Davis James Norris Davis Deanna Mae DeLong James Lester Denham Susan Lynne Doll Adrian Dunaway Randall R. Early Bill Lee Elliott Gail J. Fairchild James Winston Fields Paul R. Fields Ray Darwin Foley Philipp Fox Louis W. Foxwell Barbara Ann Frahn Vivian C. France Franklin Galbraith Charles Gallagher Barbara A. Galloway Kathleen German Frances S. Gilmore Mary Sue Grant 50 FROSH Joan Halcomb Donna Rae Hale Charles Norman Hall Nancy Sue Hall John Hamilton Geneva June Hammons James Hampton Norene Hampton Brenda K. Hardwick Sara Lynn Harper Judy Ellen Harris Sarah Jane Harris Robert B. Haulenbeek Janet Sue Hawn Robert Lee Hayes Monroe Hedrick Mary J. Helton Betty Jean Hensley Janice Caro l Hicks Paul E. Hieronymus Linda Lu Hoff Karen L. Hoffman Priscilla Holt Charles F. Hopper Judith Anne Howard Douglas Ray Hulitt Barbara Ingram Jakalyn Jackson Stephen T. Jasper Charles W. Jenkins Edward A. Johnson Larry Gene Jones Mary T. Jordan Virtie Frances Keck Benny Patrick Kelly 51 FROSH Barbara A. Kidwell Joan May Kiegnan Carolyn Sue King Leonard King Lonita R. Kinningham Nancy S. Knowles Max Duane Lamb Nancy Milton Lay Clarence E. Leach Laura Jean Leonard Marvin C. Linton Ruth I. Littleton Bruce L. Lloyd Norman W. Lloyd Carla Sue Long Albert W. Loughrie George Lee Lovell Gary J. Lovett John Dennis Lowden Ehzabeth P. Lucas Gretchen L. McDermott Regina M. Mabelitini Vernon Keith Maggard Virginia A. Marini Jane Carol Markey Sharon C. Martin Homer Masingil Christine H. Mastin Martha Sue May Karen L. Merigold Wendell D. Miller Edward Minter John W. Moffitt Alfred George Monro Carroll C. Moore 52 FROSH Mary Jo Moore Mary Lou Moser Theodore Earl Mott Lawrence W. Murphy Canton L. Napier Johnnie Jean Napier Sara Jane Naylor Carol Joy Osborne Ruth Edith Owens Robert M. Patton Mary Dee Peace Oma Peace Helen Sue Pennington William E. Perdue Tim Scott Perkins Robert S. Peterson Jean L. Phillips Lawrence W. Pike Nancy Kay Poe Brenda Joyce Poff Judith Anne Pond Kenneth E. Poteat Nancye Ann Pumpelly James Quinn lona Lynnette Rambo J. Jerome Redfern George C. Reid, Jr. Harry S. Rice Paul D. Rice Grayce Lou Riffe Donald J. Riker Charlene Riley Judith Roberts Gene Robertson Paul E. Robinson S3 FROSH Alan R. Rohlfs Linda Lee Rose Ronald B. Rose Linda Salisbury WiMiam James Salmons James Sanders Robert Sapp J. Reid Sayre Morgan Scaggs Wayne Schwartz Linda Seale Peggy Sentz Jack Shepherd Michael Shoemaker Connie Jean Shupe Richard Slusher William Slusher Elizabeth A. Smith James Ben Smith Sharon G. Smith Ronald C. Soares John Paul Spath James G. Sproul Ruth Stewart Ted Stewart James A. Stinson William Stone Randall Q. Storm Miriam Ann Taylor Barbara Tepper Cecil R. Thomas Gerald R. Thomen Fern Faye Townsley Flora Jean Townsley Phillip Lee Trout 54 FROSH Lee E. Truba Roger Lee Turner Myrtle Ann Walker Judy Ann Walters Roger Allen Watson Terry Leigh Webb Lois Ann Welker Joan E. Werley John R. Wharton Ruth White David Whiteman Carol Glee Whitefield Ted E. Wild James Wilkins Henry Wilkinson Michael Williams Kenneth Woods Alvis Wooton Patrick Worley Marcetta York SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Front Row: Laura Stacy, Elayne Hall, Charlotte White, Alma Jean Taylor, Evelyn Golden. Second Row: J. D. Bueli, Lloyd Marcus, Phillip Irish. Third Row: Howard Messer, Ellis Buchanan, David Williamson. Back Row: David Warren, Kenneth Hele, David Coulson, Joseph Groce. 55 BMMf DR. MAHLON A. MILLER MRS. MAHLON A. MILLER We take this opportunity to welcome Dr. Mahlon A. Miller, the new President of Union College. During this year the students have seen many changes and improvements on the campus. Through Dr Miller ' s untiring efforts and leadership, Union College is progressing toward its rightful place in the world of tomorrow as it has so ably done in the past. In the years to come, we hope that Dr. Miller ' s spirit and faith will never wane, but grow stronger in the realization of the job he must accomplish. THE MILLERS AT HOME 3fe THE PRESIDENT DIVISION CHAIRMEN CHARLES W. SIMMS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of Division of Education; Head of Department of Education; Pro- fessor in Education. DONALD J. MAXWELL, B.A., M.A., Chairman of Division of Fine Arts; Head of the Department of Music; Associate Professor of Music. W. G. MARIGOLD, A.B., A LA., Ph.D., Chairman of Division of Languages; Head of Department of Modern Lan- guages; Professor of Modern Lan- guages. WARREN E. STEINKRAUS, A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D., Chairman of Division of Religion and Philosophy; Head of Department of Religion and Philosophy; Francis Landrum Memorial; Professor of Religion aod Philosophy. STEWART CLARE, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Chairman of the Division of Sciences; Head of Department of Biology; Pro- fessor in Biology. ERWJN S. BRADLEY, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of Division of Social Studies; Head of Department of His- tory and Political Science; Professor of History and Political Science. 60 FACULTY LAWRENCE EDWARDS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Head of the Department of English; Professor of English. ELSIE FORMAN, A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of Business. ACESTE J. M. BARBERA, B.S. in Music Education, M.A. in Violin and Har- mony, Instructor of Orchestral Instru- ments; Assistant Professor of Viol in and Music Education. HERMAN BUSH, A.B., M.A., Head of Department of Physical Education; Head Coach. HUGH W. GHORMLEY, A.B., M.A., B.D., M.S., Ph.D., Head of Department of Sociology; Russell M. Bennett Me- morial; Professor of Sociology. E. REID GILBERT, B.A., B.D., S.T.M., Instructor of Dramatics and Speech. ■ :f ' U 61 FACULTY FRANK A. GILBERT, B.S., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Biology. JOE C. HACKER, B.S. in Ed., Instructor in Business. DORIS ANN HARDING, B M. in Music, M.M., B.M., Associate Professor of Piano. THOMAS R. HAWES, A.B., M.A., In- structor in Physical Education. WILLIAM PAUL HAYS, B.M., M.M., Assistant Professor of Organ. JAMES H. IGLEHEART, A.B., B.D., NYU Th.M., Part-time Instructor in Religion. Wv K 62 FACULTY R. G. McRAE, B.A., M.F.A., Acting Head of the Department of Art; Instructor in Art. CONSTANCE MARIGOLD, A.B., Part- time Instructor in Modern Languages. RENA MILLIKEN, A.B., M.A., Head of Department of Business; Associate Pro- fessor of Business. KATHLEEN MOORE, A.B., M.A., Associ- ate Professor of Elementary Education. 63 FACULTY PAUL S. MOORE, A.B., Instructor in Physical Education. HELENE PARRY, B.S., M.S.S.A., Part- time Instructor in Sociology. MARY PETTUS, A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics. WARREN ROBBINS, B.S., M.A., Associ- ate Professor of Education; Supervisor of Student Teaching. 64 FACULTY DONALD L. SHAW, B.S. in Education, Instructor in Physical Education. NANCY BROWN STAIR, B.A., M.A., Instructor in Home Economics. HAZEL Y. THOMPSON, B.S.E., Part- time Instructor in Biological Science Laboratory. BETTY K. TOWNSEND, A.B., M.A., Part-time Instructor in English. 65 FACULTY JAMES A. WATSON, A.B., M.A., Assis- tant Professor in Mathematics and Science. IRENE WILLIAMS, A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of English. FRED W. WOLF, A.B., Ph.D., Professor of English. N. WALKER WRIGHT, B.S., M.A., Associate Professor of Chemistry. 66 J. H. BOYD, A.B., M.A., Ed.D., Dean MARY OWEN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Dean MARSHALL B. POTTER, Superintendent of College. of Women and Professor of English. of Buildings and Grounds. ADMINISTRATION ARTHUR E. SPURLOCK, B.S. in Ed., M.S., Business Manager and Treasurer. MILTON H. TOWNSEND, A.B., M.A., Director of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs. DONALD WELCH, A.B., B.D., Dean of Men; Instructor in Religion. 67 STAFF VIVIAN BRADLEY, B.S. in Education, Assistant in the Library. MAMIE D. CARSON, Secretary in the Public Relations Office. AL CREASY, Chef. LILLIAN C. ELGIN, Assistant Librarian, Assistant Professor of Library Science. 68 MARY GHORMLEY, Dormitory Counse- lor, Women ' s Residence. VIRGINIA GOODWIN, Dormitory Counselor, Women ' s Residence. JOE HYMAN, Manager of Dining Hall. JACK H. LONG, Bookkeeper and Assis- tant Treasurer. 69 STAFF DOROTHY LUCAS, Registrar and Aca- demic Marshal. JAMES B. McFERRIN, Head Librarian, Associate Professor of Library Science. NE PARKS H JACQUEL Secretar y in the Office of the Dean. SHERRILL POTTER, Assistant to the Bookkeep er FANNIE ROBERTS, Matron DOROTHY SHAW, Secretary to the Business Manager. MYRTLE R. WILSON, Secretary in the Office of the Dean. 70 First Row. Art Logue, Roger Truitt, Julian Holland, Mike Bailey, Mike Williams. Second Row: Pat Murphy, Kenneth oods, Franklin Galbraith, Bruce Roberts, Don Rankin. CROSS COUNTRY Union College ' s cross-country team partici- pated in four meets, winning one and losing three. The Bulldogs were again paced by a long distance runner-Julian Holland. The Bull- dogs ' lone victory came against Marshal Col- lege in West Virginia, midst a cold downpour of rain. Holland was pushed steadily all year for top honors by Roger Truitt and Mike Bailey who continually battled each other for record place on the team. Above: May the best team win. Below: They ' re off! Below: Holland preparing for the meet. Below: Union comes throuc again. 72 SWIMMING Under the leadership of Coach Thomas R. Hawes, the swimming team took third place in the KISC. Ray Colclough led the team in scoring with 69 points with Bob Osteen fol- lowing second. Best of luck goes to seniors David Torres and Florentino Mir. Those who lettered are as follows: Ray Colclough, Ronnie Boone, Florentino Mir, Bob Osteen, David Torres, Norman Lloyd, Alfred Monro, and Wayne Schwartz. SWIMMING RECORD We Opponent They 41 University of Kentucky 54 40 Eastern 55 45 University of Louisville 50 35 University of Kentucky 60 66 Berea 29 39 Eastern 55 37 University of Louisville Third place in the KISC 57 Clockwise: David Torres, Bob Osteen, Florentino Mir, Roger Watson. Front Row: Ronnie Boone, Edward Camden, Roger Watson, Charles Hall, Norman Lloyd, Rudolph Streng, David Torres, Hugh Hendricks, Ronald Dunk. Second Row: Coach Thomas Hawes, Michael Power, Wayne Schwartz, Albert Cawood, Alfred Monro, John Vail, Florentino Mir, Raymond Col- clough, Robert Osteen. 1t ? Front Row: Harold Parks, Eddie Shackelford, Darrell Flor- ence, John Fletcher, Robert Patton, Glenn Anderson. Second Row: Coach Herman Bush, Dick West, Don Turner, Conley Marcum, Alvts Wooten, Assistant Coach Don Shaw. Third Row: Phillip Trout, Buddy Sanders, Clyde Evans, Lade I McFadden, Ted Stewart, Fred Grigsby. BASKETBALL Above: Coach Herman Bush, Ladel McFadden, Ted Stewart. Under the leadership of Coach Herman Bush and Assistant Coach Don Shaw, the Union College Bulldogs ended the season with an over-all 15-9 record. The Bulldogs won the Western North Carolina Tournament, but lost the first game of the K.I.A.C Tournament to Villa Madonna. Clyde Evans was elected captain at the end of the season by his teammates. Don Turner led the team in scoring and was the most valuable player in the Western North Carolina Tournament. Darrell Florence, Ladel McFadden, Alvis Wooten, Conley Marcum, and Whitey Shackelford added many valuable points throughout the season. VARSITY RECORD t«e Opponent They 71 Pfeiffer 54 74 Catawba 59 u, Pikeville 73 82 Berea 84 93 Bellarmine 80 69 Centre 64 70 AAilligan 6o 64 Carson-Newman 63 73 Western Carolina 71 92 Pfeiffer 67 82 Centre 51 70 Georgetown 84 80 Milligan 60 81 Transylvania 105 73 Bellarmine 85 75 Transylvania 81 03 Lincoln Memorial 80 78 Georgetown 77 V) Pikeville 65 82 Lincoln Memorial 63 84 Villa Madonna 86 88 Berea 70 99 Villa Madonna K. 1. A. C TOURNAMENT 82 67 Villa Madonna 74 74 GRADUATING SENIORS Edward Shackelford Don Turner Clyde Evans GUARDS Left to right: Coach Herman Bush, Darrell Florence, Eddie Shackelford, Robert Patton, Dick West, Don Turner, Alvis Wooten. Left: We want that tip! Left to right: Conley Marcum, John Fletcher, Clyde Evans, Coach Herman Bush, Buddy Sanders, Phillip Trout, Fred Grigsby. INTRAMURALS Football Champs. The " Ref " speaks. The big moment has arrived Volleyball Champs Above: Orientation Committee. FRESHMAN ORIENTATION This year ' s orientation committee was headed by Noel White, the Senior Class president. The committee planned and presented to the freshmen during their first week on the campus a variety show, a picnic at Walker State Park, an outing to Cumberland Falls, and a movie— Magnificent Obsession. On Thurs- day night, during orientation week, Rat Court was held with Judge Noel White presiding and the other committee members serving as a jury. As a climax to a very eventful week, an all-school dance was held in the parking lot. Below: Any weightlifters around? Below: Number one song on the Hit Parade. Above: Want a drink? ■ « ■ y [ I ! , Above: Busy little bees. Above: Stumped, or looking at the pictures? Below: The little fish meet the wheel. Above: He who hesitates is lost. Use the window. Below: Oh, no!! HOMECOMING V Queen Janice Martin A W Glenda Wilson Mary Lou Moser Dot Cannon Judy Roberts Naomi Dew WUffWfWII WBllllIilll ill IT ' QUEEN of HEARTS Jo Ann Carter ■ - Above: Once a year the gang needs a Do-it-yourself Kit. Above: " I wish . . . " " And I wish you ' d get off me, " said Santa Left: The Mom and Dad of Tye House. Lucky girls. Above: Soft music, a pretty girl, and some stuffed animals. What more do you want? When The Doors Open Wide Below: My, what a handsome four some. Above: It ' s not always like this! 87 ISS UNION argaret We$|( w MIL UNO Noel White Above: " It ' s such a nice party! Above: To us! ON STAGE Below: Ready? This year the Union College Drama Department pro- duced two exceptional plays. In the Fall, " The Cocktail Party " by T. S. Eliot was presented to a very enthusiastic audience. The play depicts London society, and under the able direction of E. Reid Gilbert it was a huge success. In the Spring, " The Importance of Being Earnest " by Oscar Wilde was presented, and to make the year com- plete the one-act experimentals were given. 90 AROUND THE CAMPUS Above: Coffee break. Below: Want to take a ride? Above: Hmmm— interesting. Below: Must be, " Oh Hell. " 4 n ' H - ■ - w 4 4 7 ■• Of Above: It ' s a dog ' s life! LIFE IN DANTE ' S INFERNO Above: Oh, oh, trouble ' s brewing! Above: Like Slater, we put the day old stuff under cream. Below: The good and bad method of studying. Below: Shh! He ' s piling up Z ' s. .■■ ' .¥■:: :Pf™ Above: Look what Biil found outside your window. LIFE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN ,Z ' ' i -..-• ' . | pl« (JU; JC: • | Above: And now, Young Dr. AAalone. Below: 9:57 MCi Above: For that Pepsodent smile. Below: The great pretenders. " Si 4 t MOTEL LIFE See the birdie! Mr. Clean gets rid of dirt and grease and grime. Shirley and me and baby makes three. Ma, he ' s makin ' eyes at me! Organizations 95 STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate accomplished many things beneficial to Union and its students this year. It arranged for a student committee to meet with the dining hall officials each week to present students ' suggestions and to further cooperation between the food management and the students. The Student Senate also pro- vided new coat hooks at the dining hall en- trance and placed a suggestion box in the Classroom Building for students ' suggestions on any subject. F urthermore, the work of this group helped alleviate the parking problem, ar- ranged for open stacks in the library, and made class dues compulsory beginning next year. Above: Big issues being discussed by John and Mike. Left to right: Kay Roberts, Doug Hulitt, Ted Marcum, Janice Martin, Bill Maxwell, Jack Hamilton, John McClure — President, Carroll Moore, Pat Jasper, Harriet Tower, John Jones, Nancy Mcintosh, Joyce Grant. 96 First Row: Bob Cummings, Ron Dunk, Pat Murphy, Naomi Dew, Betty Grimes, Sally Curtis, Bob Unterreiner, Ed Roberts. Second Row: Florentine Mir, Bucky Colclough, Rudy Streng, Bob Osteen, Julian Holland, John Bowling, Mike Bailey, Don Rankin. Third Row: Walt Brooker, Tommy Adams, Noel White, Terry McCane, Ed Bean, Ted Marcum. Fourth Row: Bruce Roberts, Alvis Wooton, Conley Marcum, Jim Williamson, Jack Hulett, Coach Bush. Fifth Row: Ladel McFadden, Fred Grigsby, Di ck West, Jim Norman, John Leveridge, Casper Carlton. Sixth Row: Clyde Evans, Darrell Florence, Ed Shackelford, Don Turner, Glenn Anderson, John Fletcher. 1 . mil U CLUB This Year the " U " Club, which is open to all students who have lettered at Union College, continued the nurture of its growing offspring, the Pep Club. It also sponsored, promoted, and carried out the annual Homecoming Dance; and the senior " U " Club members crowned the Homecoming Queen at the dance. In addition to these activities, the members acted as hosts to the members of visiting athletic teams, showing them around campus and making them feel at home. Moreover, the club assisted in staging the High School Regional and the Smoky Mountain Track Meets. The " U " Club held its annual club picnic at Dr. Thomas Walker State Park, and in the spring it presented an assembly program in which letter awards were given. 97 PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu recognizes the scholastic achievements of social science majors and minors. The membership is composed of students from the upper third of the Junior and Senior classes who have maintained high scholastic averages and moral charac- ter. The organization strives to promote better human relations through social service and academic development. Pi Gamma Mu is Kentucky ' s Beta Chapter of the National Social Science Honor Society. The new members of Pi Gamma Mu were initiated on December 7, 1959, and also in the Spring. The traditional picnic was held at Baldwin Place. First Row: Mary Ruth Cowan, John Jones, Mabel Bingham. Second Row: Othella Hulett, Bob Gatton, Glenn Perry, Mrs Storey. Third Row: Joe Richards, Dr. Ghormley, Miss Millen, Kay Privetf, John McClure, Miss Milliken, Dean Owen, Mrs. Parry, Dr. Simms. 98 Seated: Kathryn Roberts, Dean Owen, Lanie Loos, Barbara Tisdall. Standing: Billie Lovelace, Mary Ann Curry, Patsy Allen, Sarah Jane Hall, Wanda Hatfield, Harriet Tower. BETA SIGMA Beta Sigma is a scholastic honorary society for sophomore girls. The local chapter is char- tered by the Cwens, a national honorary society for sophomore girls. Members spon- sored several social activities this year. Among these were a square dance, a splash party, and a tea for freshman girls maintaining a scholastic average of " B " or better. They also carried out a service project. They made ap- propriate tray favors for the local hospital for each Sunday during the month of December, February, and April. Below: A project being planned. = I, -M 99 CIRCLE K This year the Circle K Club had its mem- bers serve as guides for Homecoming and also for Senior Day. Two other activities were sending textbooks to Korea and representing Union College in the Daniel Boone Parade. Roger Jordan, who represented the club in the gala event, was selected as " Daniel Boone for 1959. " Under the able leadership of Art Logue, president; Max Carroll, vice-president; John Nealis, secretary; and Roger Truitt, treasurer, the Circle K Club was able to serve the stu- dents and the college, and was also able to carry on many splendid activities. Above: Daniel Boone rides again. Left— front to back: Max Carroll, Bob Van Home, Bob Osteen, Bob McGuire, Florentino Mir, Bruce Roberts, Gary Jessee. Right— front to back: Art Logue, John Nealis, George Pollitte, Glenn Anderson, Pat Jasper, Ron Dunk. 100 VETERAN ' S CLUB Below: Our turn is coming. The Veteran ' s Club, now in its second year of organization, has had as a particular pro- ject this year the purchase of a new flag for the college. During the first semester, the club sponsored the faculty-veteran ' s basketball game, a comical affair in which the tired faculty tied the healthy veterans. The children from the Pentecostal Orphanage were guests and were served refreshments. In the Spring a supper was held for the members and the election of officers for next year was held. This year Robert Pfoff and Jack Hulett each served one term as commander. James Guth was the secretary-treasurer, and Ben Kelly, Vernon AAaggard, and Canton Napier were the junior executives. 101 Joe Richards Circulation Manager Judy Buckley Assistant Editor Carol Ann Caley Head Typist John McClure Associate Sports Editor Sue Crockett Art Editor Florentino Mir Business Manager 102 Rudy Streng Photographer Katheryn Roberts Assistant Literary Editor Reginald Li I ley Assistant Typist Blair Richards Photographer Bob Gravenstine Photographer Larry Daniel Advertising Manager THE STESPEAN UNION COLLEGE B arc o u rvi 11 e , K Dear Classmates: With the dawning of a new decade the Stespean of I960 began to lay a firm foundation upon which other yearbook staffs will build. Two of the most outstanding achievements this year were the institution of an apprentice staff and a supplement containing the Spring activities. Both were a first in the Stespean ' s history. However, it was felt such a step was necessary if progress vias to be achieved and the quality of the Stespean was made better. The Stespean of I960 is your yearbook, and we hope v;e have portrayed your life at your Alma Hater as you have lived it during the 1959- 1960 academic year. May this year ' s Stespean be a source of enjoyment and haopiness to you in the coming year and the years that are be- fore you. If the staff has been able to achieve this end, then we shall feel our efforts have been successful and that we have been true to the responsibilities placed upon us. Sincerely Stespean Editor Grayce Lou Riffe " Typist Bob Morgan Proofreader THE STESPEAN 103 First Row: Nancy Mcintosh, Kay Anna Privett, Rose Marie Dunham, Christine Roberts, Sue Crockett, Miriam Taylor, Harriet Tower. Second Row: John Leveridge, Walt Brooker— editor, Don Rankin, Larry Daniel, Bob Morgan, Bill Maxwell, Corbin Simons. ORANGE AND BLACK Below: Last minute changes by the executive branch. The Orange and Black strived to better itself and campus life this year by bringing to light important events in the life of the college student. It emphasized good and im- partial coverage and sought the truth in order that the students of Union College and others would be well informed. Some of the top news stories of the year were the arrival of the Freshman Class, Home- coming and the crowning of Queen Janice, the Bulldogs winning the Western North Carolina Tournament, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Mr. and Miss Union, and President Miller ' s Inauguration on April 20, 1960. The staff has worked hard to make Union College and all those involved proud of its achievements. 104 BETA CHI ALPHA This year the program of BXA included the sale of Homecoming mums, the initiation of new members, and a formal dance which climaxed the year ' s social activities. One of the major projects of BXA was the filling of food baskets for the orphanage on Thanksgiving and Easter. BXA, Union ' s only social sorority, lived up to its standards of beauty, culture, and art. First Row: Wanda Moberly, Barbara Woods, Betty Ann Rice, Margaret Wesley, Phyllis Monroe. Second Row: Diane Miller, Naomi Dew, Glenda Wilson, Sally Curtis, Claudette Pyles. Third Row: Jane Beaman, Kay Wagener, Nancy Mcintosh, Judy Buckley, Christine Roberts. Fourth Row: Mabel Bingham, Sylvia Burns. Fifth Row: Martha Simpson, Linda Sandlow. Sixth Row: Joanna Carter, Sarah Jane Hall. 105 First Row: Pat Aldridge, Donna Hale, Elaine Belzer, Carol Osborne, Nancy Robbins, Alice Blackman, Betty Jane Duff. Second Row: Joan Werley, Linda Salisbury, Barbara Frahn, Nancy Jenkins, Nancy Pumpelly, Barbara Blanch, Mary Ann Curry, Glenda Wilson. Third Row: Barbara Woods, Gene- vieve Coulson, Kay Roberts, Jean Flatt, Pat Hurley, Nancy Mcintosh, Juanita Helton. THE UNION CHOIR The choir, which is one of the better vocal groups in this section of the country, completed another very successful year under the leadership of Bob Hodnefield, president; and Mr. Donald Maxwell, director. The biggest activity was the ten-day tour the group took to the Eastern United States. Qn the way to Massachusetts the choir stopped in other parts of Kentucky, and then went through Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, and New York. In each of these states they put on a con- cert in various churches and then stayed in the homes of the members from these churches. The choir was a great asset to the college by its participation in the chapel services and its concert programs at Christmas and Easter. When the semester ended in May, these loyal students remained to sing at the graduation exercises. First Row: Ken Simpson, Bob Wilson, Ronnie Boone, Bob Hodnefield, Bill Elliott, Dennis Lowden, Bill Barnes, John Orr, Bill Maxwell. Second Row: Jack Hamilton, Mike Power, James Sproule, Allen Mitchell, Noel White, Bob Osteen, Tom Adams, Gary Jessee. Third Row: Blair Richards, Ron Salman, Mike Williams, Eddie Leach, John Wharton. Below: Wow, what a trip! The Union College Orchestra this year be- came a community orchestra with membership open not only to students but also to inter- ested people of the surrounding area. The annual concert was given in April under the direction of Mr. Barbera. ORCHESTRA First Row: Noel Felde, Judy Buckley, Jean Austin Flatt, Debbie Igleheart, Nina Lee Hughes, Barbara Woods, Lily Lim. Second Row: Margie Stevens, Connie Marigold, Mrs. Steinkraus, Gordon Marigold, Bob Hodnefield, Bill Barnes, Sylvelin Felde, Ronald Adcock, Nancy Pompelly, Karen Hoffman, Alvin Clark, Stephen Elgin, Linda Rose, Erma Barrows, Jerome Redfern, William Hayes, Miss Martin, Carol Osborne, Kay Roberts. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS AGO is the Union College Guild Student Group of the American Guild of Organists and is composed of organ students and any other students who are interested in the organ. Members become better acquainted with the history of the instrument and organ literature. Some programs for this year have consisted of Dr. Marigold speaking on the German organ and, in contrast, Mr. Hays speaking on the French organ. Dean Welch spoke on the relationship of the minister and the organist from the minister ' s point of view. This year several AGO members had the opportunity to attend the Mid-Winter Con- ference on Church Music on the campus of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. The conference was centered around the emi- nent French organist Andre Marchal. Monsieur Marchal conducted four master classes and presented four recitals. It was truly an un- forgettable experience to see the blind master sit at the console and play so perfectly. The organizing and progress of this Guild could not have been possible without the guidance of Mr. Hays and the gracious hos- pitality shown by both Mr. and Mrs. Hays in their home. left to right: Nancy Robbins, Mary Ann Curry, Katheryn Roberts; Jean Austin Flatt, Pat Hurley, Bill Elliott, Mr. Hays, Bob Holnefield, Don Payne, Kenneth Simpson. 108 Belo E. Stanley Jones and friend. U. C. C. A. The Union College Christian Association held regular weekly meetings of a religious nature open to all students on campus who wished to attend. At the beginning of the school year, it sponsored an orientation picnic at Cumberland Falls State Park. The regular programs throughout the year consisted of speakers, panel and open discussions, and a reading of the play No Exit by Sartre. In the Spring, the programs took to the out-of-doors again with a Galilean Service and a picnic. The main project of the U.C.C.A. is the support of two Korean orphans through the Christian Children ' s Fund. In addition to the cash donations for the children ' s support, the U.C.C.A. had a Christmas party in the Fall. Students brought gifts for the children and had a Christmas devotional service before sending the presents in plenty of time for Christmas delivery. Another Christmas project was the dis- tribution of baskets to needy families in the communities near the school. Finally, the U.C.C.A. collected dictionaries, textbooks, and literary classics to send to a university in Korea, and held a variety show in the Spring. 109 OXFORD CLUB k- Above: Dr. Schweizer speaks! The major project of the Oxford Club this year was the purchase of new pulpit robes to be worn by guest speakers at the college chapel services. Another new project was the founding of the Oxford Club Library. The activities of the club included sponsoring daily morning devotions, distributing chapel bulle- tins, providing student speakers for devo- tional periods, and conducting weekly wor- ship services in the county jail. A new group, the hospital committee, was begun as a part of the Oxford Club. The members of this group studied the " do ' s " and " don ' ts " of hospital visiting and counsel- ling and carried out projects for the local hospital, such as decorating a Christmas tree and donating toys to the children. The Oxford Club began and ended the school year with religious retreats. Outstand- ing speakers at these retreats challenged the members to re-evaluate their lives and to re- dedicate themselves to Christ. The officers that led the club in its activities were: John Jones, President; Daniel Kreh, Vice-President; Christine Roberts, Secretary; Merle Correll, Treasurer; Dean Welch, Advisor. First Row: Bob Cummings, Jane Johnson, Joan Kiernan, Carolyn Gillespie, Sue Gilmore, Alice Blackman, Ted Mott, Nancy Robbms, Genevieve Coulson, Joan Werley, Bonnie Matthews, Christine Roberts, Dean McGurk, Gertrude Mynear, Grefchen McDermott, Faye Townsley. Second Row: Bob Parr, Daniel Kreh, Bob Sapp, Jack Hamilton, Blair Richards, Terry Bonnette, Max Carroll, Bill Barnes, Roger Mathews, John Jones, Jim Parker, Mike Williams, Rees Warring. Third Row: Ron Salman, Max Lamb, Eddie Leach, George Reid, Carol Caley, Harry Rice, Arnold Satterly, Don Wills, Austin Anderson, Mike Sno dgrass, Ronald Boone, Allen Mitchell. Fourth Row: Bob Linblad, Ron Dunk, Dean Welch, Merle Correll, Reggie Lilley, Tom Adams, Louis Foxwell, Jack Rivel, Bob VanHorne, Bruce Roberts, Noel White, David Whitman, Bill Elliott. Fifth Row: Marvin Linton, Roger Jordan, Art Logue, John Ingalls, Bob Smith, Jerry Parker, Bob Osteen, Jack Vail, Bob Morgan. First Row: Mrs. Marigold, Arlene Harvey, Patsy Allen, Harriet Tower. Second Row: Dr. Marigold, Barbara Woods, Jane Johnson, Bonnie Matthews, Wanda Hatfield, Jane Helms. Third Row: Blair Richards, Ted Mott, Roger Matthews. Fourth Row: Bob Cummings, Bruce Langdon, Jim Manuel, Byung Koo Pak, Bob Van Home, Bill Maxwell. GERMAN CLUB Below: Practice makes perfect. The German Club met once a month at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Marigold. At the meetings the members saw German movies, sang German songs, and tried their hands at speaking German. An innovation this year was the preparation of a German dinner with typical specialties. This was enthusiastically received by the members. On February 13, with the help of the French Club, they sponsored a Valentine Dance. In the Spring, the annual picnic ended the 1959-1960 season. ill First Row: Louis Fox well, Bill Mc Andrew, Carroll Br itch, Pete Leavitt. Second Row: Pat Jones, Corbin Simons, Eliza- beth Schweitzer, Betty Jane Duff, Priscilla Holt. Third Row: Sue Crockett, Babs Blanch, Ann Walker, Doris Sanderson, Bob Linblad. Fourth Row: Sally Curtis, Christine Roberts, Ron Salmon, Mr. Marigold, Mrs. Marigold. FRENCH CLUB Below: A great team! The French Club, a growing organization at Union, is composed of French language and culture students. At the meetings there were lots of songs, games, and educational slides for everyone ' s enjoyment. This year the club had an attractive booth at the Halloween Carnival, a dance after the women ' s Open House, and an annual spring picnic. Christine Roberts was the president; Pat Jones, Vice-President; Priscilla Holt, Secretary- Treasurer; and Mr. and Mrs. Marigold, the sponsors. 112 Clockwise: Rod Hammons, Mr. Wright, Earl Loos, Ron Collier, Al Smith, Jim Manuel. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The members of the A.C.S. saw several films throughout the year. Some dealt with atomic energy. They also had guest speakers and watched demonstrations given by their club sponsor. In April the group enjoyed a very interesting trip to the Atomic Energy Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Below: Where do we go from here? 113 Left: These are the problems country today. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club had two presidents this year. Glenn Perry served in this capacity for the first semester, and Max Carroll assumed the responsibility for the second semester. The other officers for the year were: Byung Koo Pak, vice-president; Wanda Hatfield, secretary; and Kay Privett, treasurer. The first activity of the year was a picnic at Dr. Walker State Park. This affair was a huge success as were the baked beans made by Dr. Bradley, the sponsor of the club. At the meetings, a few faculty members spoke on their travels in different parts of the world. Two such interesting talks were presented by Dr. Ghormley, and Dr. Marigold. Several students from foreign countries told about life in their country. Other talks and movies gave the members of the club some insight into the problems the world is now facing. The activities of the year were brought to a pleasant close with the outing held at Levi Jackson State Park. First Row: Wanda Hatfield, Dr. Bradley, Benny Pak, Glenn Perry, Max Carroll, Kay Anna Privett, Por-Sang Chen. Second Kow: John Bowling, Dennis Martin, Mrs. Martha Poff, Terry Bonnette, Cliff Overstreet, Bob Cumrnings. Lewis, David Porter, Elmer 114 Front Row: Juanita Helton, Georgia Brehm, Brenda Poff, Charlotte Carroll, Janet Hawn, Linda Seale, Claudette Pyles, Sue Crockett, Mr. McRae— Sponsor. Second Row: Bill Coon, Mike Snodgrass, Reginald Lilley, Gene Robertson, Sara Harper, Dick Slusher, Pete Patterson, Roger Watson, Don Rankin. THE ART CLUB Below: Mr. McRae Frank. gives helpful tips to Barbara and The main activities of the Art Club were the making and selling of Christmas cards which were silk-screened by the club mem- bers. One of the best-liked designs was a picture of the Conway Boatman Chapel sketched by one of the members. Other activities this year included taking trips to art shows in other communities, pre- senting an art show of members ' works, and having a picnic in the spring. 115 SNEA Above: An interesting panel discussion. The activities of the Student National Edu- cation Association this year included a booth at the Halloween Carnival called " Dante ' s Inferno, " student teacher panel, talks, and movies. The club members also made scrapbooks for the sick children at the Barbourvilie Hos- pital, and as a service to the college, they repainted the road signs marking the way to Union. The officers of the club for the 1959-1960 academic year were Joseph G. Richards, presi- dent; Sylvia Burns, vice-president; Bob Mc- Guire, treasurer; Joanna Carter and Christine Gatton, associate secretaries; Dr. Simms, spon- sor. First Row: Janice Martin, Janice Hicks, Nancy Hall, Barbara Catron, Ramona Perry, Stella Bingham. Second Row: Judy Roberts, Judy Harris, Mary Lou Moser, Doris Sanderson, Mabel Bingham, Charlene Wilson, Naomi Dew, Dennis Martin, Joe Richards, Jo Carter, John Bowling, Sylvia Burns. Third Row: Patsy Allen, Rose Dunham, Sue Doll, Nancy Knowles, Bob McGuire, Clyde Evans, Max Carroll, Bob Unterreiner, Pat McDonald, Don Turner. Fourth Row: Dr. Simms, Don Rankin, Jane Beaman, Dick West, Corbin Simons, Don Wills, David Porter, Mike Power. 116 Left to right: Reggie Li I ley. Bill Maxwell Bill McAndrews, Stan Hall, Carroll Britch. Mike Power, Mr. Gilbert, Babs Blanch, ALPHA PSI OMEGA This past year the Alpha Psi Omega helped to put on T. S. Eliot ' s play " The Cocktail Party " and Oscar Wilde ' s " The Import- ance of Being Earnest. " Following these presentations, the group worked on three one-act plays which were written, directed, and acted by the students. The members also enjoyed seeing the productions of various other schools. Highlighting the year ' s activities was the trip to New York City in the spring. The group saw some top Broadway plays and benefited from discussions following the trip. In the spring the Alpha Psi Omega members had an eve- ning of experimental theatre which included performances of mime, choral reading, and a melodrama. The sponsor of Alpha Psi Omega was Mr. Gilbert, and the president was Stan Hall. 117 PLAYLIKERS This year the Play likers, re-organized under a new constitution, gained strength to actively participate in many theater productions. As- suming the sponsorship of the t wo major productions, " The Cocktail Party " by T. S. Eliot, and " The Importance of Being Earnest " by Oscar Wilde, the thespians enjoyed a very successful year. In order to encourage and further creativity among its member- ship three one-act plays were presented. They were written, directed, and acted by the students. Ron Salman, the president of the Play I i kers, was very instrumental in the club having such a profitable year. He was assisted by Reginald Li I ley, vice-president; Juanita Williams, secretary; E. Reid Gilbert, sponsor. First Row: Reginald Lilley, Genevieve Coulson, Stan Hall, Mike Power. Second Row: Rudy Streng, Barbara Blanch, Joan Werley, Linda Sue Salisbury, Bcb Cummings. Third Row: Danell Riley, Pat Jones, Sue Crockett, Ron Salman, Bill Barnes, Bill Coon, Bill Maxwell, Mike Combs, Mr. Reid, Sponsor. 118 Front Row: Mary Alice McKee, Mrs. Stair, Anne Wilson, Betty Jane Duff, Sharlee Burge, Elizabeth Smith, Mary Ellen Hampton. Second Row: Joanne Taylor, Pat Jones, The Home Economics Club had a bake sale at the Halloween Carnival and sponsored a chili supper in November. The club mem- bers saw films on such subjects as family Charlene Riley. Third Row: Martha Simpson, Judy Buckley, Phyllis Monroe, Kay Wagener. relationships and enjoyed a spring banquet. Officers: President, Betty Jane Duff; Vice- President, Mary Alice McKee; Secretary-Treas- urer, Joanne Taylor. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Right: Oh, if I could only cook! 119 Clockwise: Bob Gravenstine, John Yang, Coach Hawes, Rudy Streng, John Bowling, Donald Payne, Max Carroll, ■ ' . ' Eddie Leach, Nancy Knowles, Barbara Tisdall. V Below: Learning the trade? f l M %lS PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Although it was a new organization on Union ' s campus, the Photography Club was quite active this year. At one of the meetings, Mr. Charles Morehead from Flat Lick showed slides from the Photographic Society of America. Faculty members and students showed their own work at other meetings. The club has been busy doing as well as seeing and hearing. The members photo- graphed the moon through a telescope and also tried their skills in taking underwater shots in the swimming pool. 120 DOLPHIN CLUB This year the Dolphin Club sponsored a booth at the Halloween Carnival and enjoyed a special party in February for the members and their friends. The club members gave a water show as part of the Homecoming activi- ties. In April, they presented another more elaborate show using music and underwater lighting. The show, entitled " Only in Amer- ica, " featured comedy acts, synchronized swimming, and water ballet. Officers: Co- Presidents, Rudy Streng, King Neptune; Jane Beaman, Queen Neptune,- Secretary, Barbara Tisdall, Swordfish; Treasurer, Claudette Pyles, White Shark. ' - Bmm. Above: Good luck George! Front Row: Bert Sell, James Denham, John Moffitt, John Stone, Max Carroll, John Bowling, Helen Pennington, Nancy Poe. Second Row: Bob- Cummings, John Wharton, Lynnette Rambo, Brenda Poff. Third Row: Jerry Thomen, Jean Bradley, Dorothy Cannon, Jane Beaman, Rudy Streng, Claudette Pyles, Vivian France, Pat Allen, Sally Curtis, Peggy Sentz, Karen Merigold Fourth Row: Larry Pike, Jim Fields, Morgan Scaggs, Floyd Cook, Ronald Boone. 121 Above: Judy Buckley, the president of the Women ' s Dorm, at work. WOMEN ' S DORM COUNCIL This was the first year that the Women ' s Dorm Council operated under a constitution. Such representative government brought with it many privileges, and made the business of the dorm run smoothly. In March the second annual variety show was held. It was a huge success. The money raised from this event was used to purchase games, and other things of benefit to the women boarding students. The other activities, which took place dur- ing the year, included a Christmas Tea and the Women ' s Open House and Valentine Dance. The Queen of Hearts, Joanna Carter, was elected by the girls themselves. First Row: Barbara Browning, Miss Goodwin, Dean Mary Owen, Mrs. Ghormley, Pat Hurley, Jo Carter. Second Row: Beth Lucas, Jane Helms, Donna Hale, Ellen Buchanan, Ann Wilson, Jane Beaman, Barbara Kidwell. 122 Dean Welch, Ted Marcum, Elmer OverstreeT, Steve Jasper, Don Turner, Conley Marcum, Dennis Martin, Clyde Evans, John Nealis, Fred Grisby. MEN ' S DORM COUNCIL The Men ' s Dormitory Council was elected by the residents of Stevenson Hall and Lundy House this year. The members tried to repre- sent the interests and concerns of all the residents of the dormitories by enforcing the rules of the dormitory and disciplining those who broke them. In addition to this major responsibility, it planned several special events for the men. During the year, the Council recruited stu- dents to help them design and construct the prize-winning display for Homecoming. On December 11, the dormitory had its usual Christmas Open House. Following this, a formal dance was held in the gym and was a success in every way. The men also con- verted the basement into a very useful recre- ation room. The aim of the Council is to maintain an orderly, clean, and quiet dormitory which is homelike and conducive to study. Right: These are the orders from the chief. 123 PEP CLUB This year the Pep Club encouraged school spirit in many ways. They held a number of pep rallies, conducted a snake dance through the dormitories, and had a bonfire. In addition, they arranged car caravans to take Union College students to some of the away games. They also sponsored a dance in the spring. Left: " . . . all for Union stand up and holler. " 124 FACULTY INDEX B Barbera, Aceste J. M. 61 Boyd, John H. 57, 67 Bradley, Erwin S. 16; 60, 114 Bradley, Vivian 68 Bush, Herman 61, 71, 74, 75, 76 Carson, Mamie 68 Clare, Glenn 68 Clare, Stewart 60 Cowan, Loretta 68 Creasy, Al 68 Edwards, Lawrence 48, 61 Elgin, Lillian 68 F Forman, Elsie 61 Maxwell, Donald 60 Marigold, W. G. 60, 107, 112, 113 Millen, J. Larue 63, 98 Miller, Laura 59 Miller, Mahlon A. 58, 59 Milliken, Rena 63, 98 Moore, Kathleen 63 Moore, Paul S. 64, 71 Owen, Mary 67, 98 Parks, Jacqueline 70 Parry, Helene 64, 98 Patridge, Frances 18, 64, 71 Peacock, Melvin 64 Pettus, Mary 64 Potter, Marshall 67 Potter, Sherrill 70 Ghormley, Hugh W. 57, 61, 98 Ghormley, Mary 69 Gilbert, Frank 62 Gilbert, E. Reid 61, 117, 118 Goodwin, Virginia 69 H Hacker, Joe C. 62 Hamilton, Hazel V. 69 Harding, Doris 62 Hawes, Thomas R- 62, 71, 73 Hayes, William 62, 107, 108 Hissam, Ruth 69 Hyman, Joe 69 I Iglehart, James H. 62 20 Robbins, Warren 64 Roberts, Fannie 70 Shaw, Donald 65, 71, 74 Shaw, Dorothy 70 Simms, Charles 60, 98, 11 ' Stair, Nancy J. 65, 1 19 Steinkraus, Warren E. 60 Stephenson, Howard S. 65 Storey, Mildred 65, 98 Spurlock, Arthur E. 67 Thompson, Hazel 65 Townsend, Betty 65 Townsend, Milton H. 67 W Long, Jack H. 69 Lucas, Dorothy 57, 70 M McFerrin, James B. 70 McRae, R. G. 63, 115 Martin, Sadie 63, 107 Watson, James A. 35, 66 Welch, Donald 67, 110, 123 Williams, Irene 66 Wilson, Myrtle 70 Wolf, Fred W. 43, 66 Wright, N. Walker 66, 111 126 RAPP LUMBER AND READY-MIX Building Materials For Every Need Phone LI 6-3606 Barbourville Kentucky HERFF-JONES CO. Designers and Manufacturers School and College Jewelry Graduation Announcements Medals - Cups - Trophies Jewelers to Union College Indianapolis Indiana PEOPLE ' S GAS COMPANY Natural Gas Service PHONE LI 6-4185 Barbourville Kentucky 127 STUDENT INDEX Adams, Thomas 35, 36, 78, 97, 106, 110 Adamson, Kay 44 Adcock, Ronald 49, 107 Ajlouny, Bulus 44 Akers, Charles E. 49 Aldridge, Patricia 49, 106 Allen, Patsy 44, 99, 113, 116, 121 Andersen, Austin 19, 49, 110 Anderson, Glenn 74, 78, 97, 100 Asher, Ruth 49 B Bailey, Mike 44, 72, 97 Bain, Jimmy 49 Baldwin, Gary 48, 49, 101 Ballard, Gerald 49 Banks, Christine 18, 19 Barnes, William 44, 106, 107, 110, 118 Baumgardner, Nadine 49 Beaman, Jane 36, 102, 105, 116, 121 Bean, Robert 44, 97 Begley, Barbara 49 Begley, Sonney Boy 49 Beidel, Sandra 36 Belzer, Elaine 49, 106 Bennett, Eugene 19, 101 Bennett, Keith 49, 79 Bentley, Janice 49 Bevins, Jackie 49 Bingham, Mabel 19, 98, 105, 116 Bingham, Odell 36 Bingham, Stella 20, 116 Bishop, Georgia 49 Blackman, Alice 48, 49, 106, 110 Blair, Patricia 48, 49 Blanch, Barbara 36, 106, 112, 117, 118 Blanton, Dennis 49 Boggs, Robert 44 Bonnette, Terry 36, 110, 114 Boone, Ronald 49, 73, 106, 110, 121 Boteler, Jenny 49 Bowling, Johnny 20, 79, 97, 114, 116, 120, 121 Bradley, Li la 49, 121 Brehm, Georgia 49, 115 Britch, Carroll 19, 20, 112, 117 Brittain, Carl 49 Britton, John 36 Brock, Robert 49 Brooker, Walter 20, 21, 97, 104 Brown, Peter 44 Brown, Robert 49 Browning, Barbara 49 Bruner, John 36, 79 Bryant, Jerry 49 Bryant, Roberta 20 Bryson, Jane 49 Buchanan, Ellen 36 Buckley, Judith 20, 23, 102, 105, 107, 119 Burchell, Bea 36 Burchwell, Jesse 49 Burge, Sharlee 49, 119 Burns, Carolyn 49 Burns, Sylvia 20, 105, 116 Burton, Chester 44 Butler, Herbert 44 C Caley, Carol 20, 102, 110 Camden, Edward 49, 73 Cameron, Billy 49 Campbell, Joyce 36 Canady, Ray 36 Cannon, Dorothy 44, 85, 121 Carey, Jerry 44 Carlton, Casper 49, 78, 97 Carroll, Charlotte 50, 115 Carroll, Max 44, 100, 110, 114, 116, 120, 121 Carter, Joanna 21, 86, 105, 116 Catron, Barbara 50, 116 Cawood, Albert 44, 73, 79 Chen, Por-sang 21, 114 Chiari, Angelo 44 Clark, Alvin 50, 107 Clark, Robert 44 Cline, Danny 50 Cobb, L. C. 50 Colclough, Sherwood 44, 73, 97 Cole, Doris 50 Collier, Ronald 37, 111 Collins, William 50 Combs, George 50, 118 Combs, Marvin 21 Conley, Barbara 50 Cook, Floyd 50, 121 Cooley, Arnold 50, 78 Coon, Otho Wm. 50, 115 Correll, Merle 37, 110 Corum, Jennings 21 Coulson, Genevieve 37, 106, 110, 118 Cowan, Mary R. 22, 98 Creasy, Hobert 101 Crider, Franklin 44 Crockett, Sue 37, 102, 104, 112, 115, 118 Cummings, Robert 10, 22, 97, 101, 110, 113, 114, 118, 121 Curry, Mary Anne 44, 99, 106, 108 Curtis, Sally 37, 97, 105, 112, 121 128 KNOX AUTO PARTS Wholesale Distributors ENGLE ' S STUDIO for Automobile and Electrical Supplies Phone LI 6-4156 LI 6-4157 The Finest in 131 Court Square Barbourville Kentucky Photographic Equipment and Supplies COVY LUMPKINS BARBER SHOP Court Square Barbourville Kentucky Court Square Barbourville Kentucky VIALL LUMBER COMPANY Appalachian Hardwoods Barbourville Kentucky 129 STUDENT INDEX Daniel, Larry 50, 103, 104 Darling, George W. 37 Davis, Barbara 50 Davis, James 50 DeLong, Deanna 50 Denham, James 50, 121 Dew, Naomi 22, 85, 97, 105, 116 Dixon, Charles 44 Dobson, Eddie 37 Doll, Susan 50, 116 Duff, Betty Jane 35, 37, 106, 112, 119 Dugger, Ralph 22, 101 Dunaway, Adrian 50, 79, 101 Dunham, Rose M. 37, 104, 116 Dunk, Ronald 37, 73, 78, 97, 100, 110 E Early, Randall 50 Edwards, Gordon 37 Elliott, Bill L. 50, 106, 108, 1 10 Engle, Janet 37 Ensslin, Charles 38, 78, 101 Evans, Clyde 22, 74, 75, 76, 97, 116, 123 Evans, John 44 F Fairchild, Gail 50 Farmer, James 38 Fields, James 50, 121 Fields, Paul 50 Flatt, Jean A. 22, 85, 106, 107, 108 Fletcher, John 22, 74, 76, 77, 97, 101 Florence, Joseph 44, 74, 76, 77, 97 Foley, Ray D. 50 Fox, Philipp 50 Foxwell, Louis 50 Frahn, Barbara 50, 106 France, Vivian 50, 121 G Galbraith, Franklin 50 Gallagher, Charles 50 Galloway, Barbara 50 Gatton, Robert 22, 98 German, Kathleen 50 Gillespie, Carolyn 23, 1 10 Gilmore, Frances 50, 110 Godby, Joann 44 Goodin, Vergil 38 Grabeel, Zelma 38 Grant, Joyce 44, 96 Grant, A ary 50 Gravenstine, Robert 45, 103, 120 Green, Bobb 38 Greene, Donald 23 Grigsby, Fred 23, 74, 76, 97, 123 Grimes, Betty Ann 45, 77, 97 Guth, James 45, 78, 101 H Halcomb, Joan 51 Halcomb, Margaret 38 Halcomb, Robert 23 Hale, Donna Rae 51, 106 Hall, Charles 51, 73 Hall, Nancy 51, 116 Hall, Sarah 45, 99, 105 Hall, Stan 38, 117, 118 Hamilton, John 51, 96, 106, 1 10 Hamm, Melvin D. 24, 79 Hammon, Donald 45, 79 Hammons, Geneva 51 Hammo ns, George 45, 1 1 1 Hammons, Patricia 43, 45 Hampton, James 51 Hampton, Mary 45, 119 Hampton, Norene 51 Hardwick, Brenda 51 Harper, Sara Lynn 51, 115 Harris, Judy 51, 116 Harris, Sarah 51 Harvev, Arlene 45, 1 1 3 Hatfield, Wanda 45, 99, 113, 114 Haulenbeek, Robert 51 Hawn, Janet 51 , 115 Hayes, Robert 51, 79 Hedrick, Monroe 51, 78 Helms, Jane 45, 1 1 3 Helton, Carl 24, 34 Helton, Mary 51, 106, 115 Hendricks, Hugh 73 Henley, Frank 24 Hensley, Betty J. 51 Hensley, Betty M. 38 Hibbard, Wanda 35, 38, 105 Hicks, Janice 51 , 116 Hieronymus, Paul 51 Hodnefield, Robert 24, 106, 107, 108 Hoff, Linda 51 Hoffman, Karen 51, 107 Holland, Julian 45, 72, 97 Holt, Priscilla 51, 112 Hooper, Gary 45 Hopper, Charles 51 Hopper, Donald 38, 101 Hoskins, Win. 78 Howard, Judith 51 Hughes, Nina 107 Hule tt, Jack 24, 79, 97, 101 Hulett, Othella 24, 98 Hulitt, Douglas 51, 96 Hurley, Patricia 38, 106, 108 130 CORA ' S DEPARTMENT STORE UNION NATIONAL Jonathan Logan Dresses BANK Majestic Sportswear Vanity Fair Lingerie Maiden-Form Brassieres Member Federal Deposit Corporation Phone LI 6-3148 Barbourville Kentucky Deposits insured up to $10,000 for each depositor Member Federal Reserve System OLDFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY Savings Accounts We sell Travelers Checks Complete Banking Service For the Best in Insurance Prompt Claim Service Knox Street Barbourville Kentucky Phone LI 6-3767 Barbourville Kentucky LONDON LAUN DRY AND DRY CLEANERS Complete Linen Service Fur and Box Storage PHONE VO 4-2156 London Kentucky 131 STUDENT INDEX I Ingalls, John 45, 110 Ingram, Barbara 51 J Jackson, Jakalyn 51 Jasper, Patrick 24, 25, 78, 96, 100 Jasper, Stephen 51, 78, 123 Jenkins, Charles 51 Jenkins, Nancy 38, 106 Jessee, Gary 45, 100, 106 Johnson, Edward 51,, 78 Johnson, Elizabeth 45 Johnson, Frederick 39 Johnson, Jane 45, 110, 113 Johnson, Walter 45 Jones, John 39, 96, 98, 110 Jones, Larry 51 Jones, Patricia 39, 112, 118, 119 Jordan, Mary 51 Jordan, Roger 45, 1 1 K Keck, Virtie F. 51 Kelly, Benny P. 51, 78, 101 Kidwell, Barbara 52 Kiernon, Joan 52 King, Arthur 24, 79 King, Carolyn 52 King, Leonard 52 Kinningham, Joan 25 Kinningham, Lonita 52 Kitchener, Albert 25 Knowles, Nancy 52, 116, 120 Kraus, Donald 45, 101 Kreh, Daniel 45, 1 10 L Lamb, Max 52, 1 10 Langdon, Bruce 45, 113 Lay, Nancy Milton 52 Leach, Clarence 52, 106, 110, 120 Leavitt, Peter 25, 112 Leonard, Laura 52 Leveridge, Johnny 39, 79, 97, 104 Lewis, Clifford 39, 114 Lewis, Dave Wilson 45 Lilley, Reginald 25, 103, 110, 115, 117, 1 18 Lim, Lilly 26, 107 Linblad, Robert 45, 110, 112 Linton, Marvin 52, 110 Little, John 26 Littleton, Ruth 52 Lloyd, Bruce 52 Lloyd, Norman 52, 73 Logue, William 26, 72, 78, 100, 110 Long, Carla 52 Loos, Earl 46, 111 Loos, Lanie P. 46, 99 Loughrie, Albert 52 Lovelace, Billy 46, 99 Lovell, George 52 Lovett, Gary 52 Lowden, John 52, 106 Lucas, Elizabeth 52 M McAndrew, William 26, 112, 117 McCane, Terry 27, 78, 97 McClure, John 27, 96, 98, 101, 102 McDermott, Gretchen 52, 110 McDonald, Philipp 27, 116 McFadden, Ladel 74, 77 ' , 97 McGuire, Bob 27, 100, 116 McGurk, Deane 28, 110 Mcintosh, Nancy 28, 29, 96, 104, 105, 106 McKee, Mary 46, 119 McKenzie, David 39 McNeil, Stanley 28, 79 Ma-Ali-Jah, Farhang M. 46 Mabelitini, Regina 52 Maggard, Vernon 52, 101 Manuel, James 46, 111, 113 Marcum, Conley 39, 76, 77, 79, 97, 123 Marcum, Ted 46, 96, 97, 123 Marini, Virginia 52 Markey, Jane 52 Martin, Dennis 26, 1 14, 1 16, 123 Martin, Donnie 46, 101 Martin, Janice 46, 77, 85, 96, 116 Martin, Sharon 52 Masingil, Homer 52, 101 Mastin, Christine 52 Matthews, Bonnie 110, 113 Matthews, Roger 18, 26, 110, 113 Maxwell, William 35, 39, 96, 104, 106, 113, 117, 118 May, Martha 52 Merigold, Karen 52, 121 Miller, Diana 46, 52, 105 Minter, Edward 52 Mir, Florentino 26, 73, 97, 100, 102 Mitchell, Allen 39, 106, 1 10 Mitchell, James 46 Mitchell, Raleigh 26 Moffitt, John 52, 121 Monro, Alfred G. 52, 121 Monroe, Phyllis 39, 105, 119 Moore, Carroll 52 Moore, Carroll 52, 96 Moore, Margaret 46 Moore, Mary 53 132 HAMPTON-NAU McGregor Sportswear Botany 500 Suits Haggar Slacks - Jarnian Shoes Van Heusen Shirts Phone LI 6-3057 Barbourville Kentucky HERNON DRUG STORE Knox Street Barbourville Kentucky POOR MAN ' S FRIEND G. E. - Maytag - Hotpoint Dixie and Bottle Gas VERNON MOORE, Manager Barbourville Kentucky 7 JHk ' i; n H HS9K k ' TRUCKS SWIMS IN£ Bin V M GORDON FOODS Div. of Sunshine Biscuits, Inc. 1510 Algonquin Parkway Louisville Kentucky ADVOCATE PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of THE BARBOURVILLE MOUNTAIN ADVOCATE | Union College ' s ORANGE AND BLACK Underwood Typewriters - Sunstrand Adding Machines All Makes of Portables Complete Repairs on Office Ma chines CECIL H. WILSON, ' 38 ' Phone LI 6-3175 Barbourville, Ky. 133 STUDENT INDEX Morgan, Robert 46, 103, 104, 110 Moser, Mary 53, 85, 116 Mott, Theodore 53, 110, 113 Murphy, Foster 39, 72, 97 Murphy, Lawrence 53 Murphy, Robert 101 Mynear, Vella 39, 1 10 N Napier, Canton 53, 101 Napier, Johnnie 53 Nasr, Joseph 46 Naylor, Sara 53 Nealis, John 46, 100, 123 Norman, James 40, 78, 97 O Orr, John Tipton 46, 106 Osborne, Carol 53, 106, 107 Osteen, Robert 40, 73, 78, 97, 100, 106, 1 10 Overstreet, Elmer 28, 78, 114, 123 Owens, Hubert 28 Owens, Ruth 53 P Pak, Byung Koo 40, 113, 114 Parker, James 46, 110 Parks, Harold 28, 74 Parr, Robert 28, 110 Patterson, Pete 1 15 Patton, Robert 53, 74, 76, 78 Payne, Donald 46, 108, 120 Peace, Mary Dee 53 Peace, Oma 53 Pennington, Helen 53, 121 Perdew, Landon 46 Perdew, Nita 40 Perdew, Quentin 40 Perdue, William 53 Perkins, Tim 53 Perry, Glenn 28, 31, 98, 1 14 Perry, Ramona 29, 116 Peterson, Robert 53 Poff, Martha G. 29 Proff, Robert 46 Phillips, Jean 53 Pike, Lawrence 53, 121 Poe, Nancy 53, 121 Poff, Brenda 53, 121 Poff, Martha 114, 115 Pollitte, George 46, 100 Pond, Judith 53 Porter, David 40, 114, 116 Poteat, Kenneth 53, 78 Power, Michael 40, 73, 106, 116, 117, I I ft Pridemore, Franklin 29, 78 Pringle, Donna 40 Privett, Kay 29, 98, 104, 114 Pumpelly, Nancye 53, 106, 107 Pyles, Claudette 40, 77, 85, 105, 115, 121 Q Quinn, James 53 R Racicot, Francis 101 Rambo, Lynnette 53, 121 Rankin, Donald 43, 46, 72, 97, 104, 115, 1 16 Redfern, Jerome 53, 107 Reid, George 53, 110 Reynolds, Evelyn 40 Rhodes, Cecil 30, 101 30, 110 105 ce, Betty Ann ce, Harry 53, ce, Paul 53 chards, Blair 46, 103, 106, 110, 113 chards, Joseph 30, 98, 102, 116 ffe, Grayce 53, 103 ker, Donald 53 ley, Charlene 53, 1 19 ley, Danell 46, 1 18 vel, John 47, 1 10 Robbins, Nancy 30, 33, 102, 106, 108, 1 10 Roberts, Birney 30, 97 Roberts, Christine 40, 104, 105, 110, 112 Roberts, David 40, 72, 78, 97, 100, 110 Roberts, Judith 53, 85, 116 Roberts, Katheryn 47, 96, 99, 103, 106, 107, 108 Robertson, Gene 53, 1 1 5 Robinson, Anna 41 Robinson, Paul 53 Rohlfs, Alan 54 Rose, Linda 54, 107 Salisbury, Linda 54, 106, 1 Salman, Ronald 41 , 106, 1 ' Salmons, William 54 Sanders, James 54, 74, 76 Sanderson, Doris 47, 112, Sandlow, Linda 41, 105 Sapp, Robert 54, 110 Satterly, Arnold 47, 110 Sayre, Reid 54 Scaggs, Morgan 54, 121 Schwartz, Wayne 54, 73 Seale, Linda 54, 115 Sell, Norbert 47, 121 Sellards, Betty 30 Sentz, Peggy 54, 121 0, 1 12, 118 134 PEOPLE ' S INSURANCE STEWART ' S AGENCY, INC. DRY CLEANERS Knox Street Liberty Street Phone LI 6-4100 PHONE LI 6-3179 Barbourville Kentucky Barbourville Kentucky HUTTON MOTOR COMPANY Cumberland Avenue GEORGE ' S FLOWER GIFT SHOP PHONE LI 6-4163 GEORGE MITCHELL, Owner Located next door to Hopper ' s Funeral Home HUTTON SHOE STORE Flowers With The Personal Touch Liberty Street Flowers For All Occasions PHONE LI 6-4125 Weddings - Funerals • Banquets Barbourville Kentucky Ph. LI 6-3127 Barbourville, Ky. THE BANK OF HARLAN Capital and Sui plus $1,000,000 Harlan Kentucky 135 STUDENT INDEX Shackelford, Edward 30, 74, 75, 76, 97 Shelton, Donald 42, 101 Shepherd, Jack 54, 78 Shepherd, John 47 Shepherd, Rex 43, 47 Shirley, William 47 Shoemaker, Michael 54 Shupe, Connie 54 Simons, Austin 30, 104, 112, 116 Simpson, Kenneth 47, 106, 108 Simpson, Martha 41, 105, 119 Slusher, William 54 Smallwood, Roberta 31 Smith, Alvin 101, 1 11 Smith, Delores 41 Smith, Elizabeth 54, 1 19 Smith, George 47 Smith, James 54 Smith, Patricia 47 Smith, Robert 47, 110 Smith, Sharon 54 Snodgrass, Evan 41, 115, 110 Soars, Ronald 54 Sapth, John 54 Sproul, James 54, 106 Stacy, Adam 47 Stair, Ernest 41 Steele, Ted 41, 101 Stewart, Ruth 54 Stew art, Ted 54, 74, 77 Stinson, James 54 Stone, John 41, 121 Stone, Robert 18, 31, 78 Stone, William 54, 101 Storm, Randall 54 Streng, Rudolph 31, 73, 97, 103, 118, 120, 121 Symes, John 47 T Taylor, Joanne 47, 119 Taylor, Miriam 54, 104 Tepper, Barbara 54 Thakore, Nitu 42 Thomas, Cecil 54, 101 Thomen, Gerald 54, 121 Tisdall, Barbara 47, 99, 120 Torres, David 31, 73 Tower, Harriet 47, 96, 99, 104, 113 Townsley, Fern 54, 110 Townsley, Flora 54 Treadway, Jenne 32 Trout, Phillip 54, 74, 76 Truba, Lee 55 Truitt, Roger 41, 72 Turner, Don 32, 74, 75, Turner, Patsy 32, 34 Turner, Roger 55 Tyler, Morris R. 41, 78 76, 97, 116, 123 U Robert 32, 97, Unterreiner, V Vail, John 41, 73 VanHorne, Robert W Wagener, Kathryn Walker, Myrtle 55, Walters, Judy 48 Warrin g, Rees 42, 110 Watson, Roger 55, 73, Webb, Katherine 32, 77 Webb, Terry L. 55 Welder, Lois 55 Werley, Joan 55, 106, Wesley, Margaret 32 West, Richard 47, 74, 76, 97 Wharton, John 55, 106, 121 , 110 32, 100, 47, 105, 12 15 119 10, 1 1 88, 105 16 White, Noel 1 10 White, Ruth 55 Whiteman, David Whitfield, Carol W w w w w 8, 32, 34, 78, 89, 97, 106, 55, 55 10 06, 77, 85, 106 Id, Ted 55 Idins, James 55, 79 Idinson, Henry 55 lliams, Michael 55, 72, lliamson, James 42, 78, 97 Wills, Donald 42, 110, 116 Wilson, Anne 33, 119 Wilson, Audrey 33, 116 Wilson, Benny 42 Wilson, Glenda 42, Wilson, Robert 47, Wolf, Joan 33 Wood, John 42 Woods, Barbara 42, Woods, Kenneth 55 Wooton, Alvis 55, 74, 76, Worley, Patrick 55, 78 Y Yang, James 47, 120 Yang, John 47 Yetman, James 43, 47, 78 York, Marcetta 55 05, 106 105, 72 06, 107, 77, 97 136 MODERN BAKERY It ' s New! It ' s Magic Whip! Bunny Bread gives you that Extra Flavor PHONE 1800 Harlan Kentucky 1 05: Fancy Canned Foods Distributed by HALE BROTHERS Fresh Fruits Vegetables Morristown, Tennessee R. E. WILLIAMS COMPANY 5 - 10 - 25c Store Phone LI 6-4147 Barbourville Kentucky CATRON MOTOR COMPANY Your Friendly Ford and Mercury Dealer Phone 303 or 304 Corbin Kentucky DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE " A " -ALL THE WAY! PET DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER PHONE 1257 Middlesboro Kentucky KENTUCKY MINE SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated Harlan Kentucky 137 Visit T Y E ' S For Bobby Brooks Blouses Sweaters and Skirts Knox Street Barbourville Kentucky BISSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Royal Typewriters Electrics - Portables - Standards We service all makes Typewriters - Adding Machines 200 South Main Street Corbin Kentucky MILLER-YANCEY FURNITURE CO. The Store of Standard Brand Furniture Kroehler - Lang - Valentine Seaver Young - Willett - Simmons Douglas - Mersman - Drexel Globe - Tell City - Karpen Sold in Barbourville by Miller-Yancey only. Barbourville Kentucky Enjoy Yourself at the Movies MITCHELL - MAGIC AND KNOX DRIVE-IN THEATRE Barbourville Kentucky COTTON ' S 1-HOUR CLEANERS Expert Dry Cleaning Phone LI 6-4182 Barbourville Kentucky WILLIAM ' S STORE Kuppenheimer Suits - Arrow Shirts McGregor Sports Shirts Florsheim Shoes Barbourville Kentucky FORBES-MORRIS BUILDING COMPANY P. O. Box 1454 PHONE 2-3090 Lexington Kentucky 138 BARBOURVILLE INSURANCE GOLDE ' S AGENCY DEPARTMENT STORE Roy L. Faulkner, Grace M. Faulkner and Charles W. Buchanan, Agents Your Independent Agent Serves You With Complete Insurance Protection Court Square AUTO - FIRE - WIND - BONDS Barbourville Kentucky COMPENSATION HOMEOWNER ' S POLICIES Phone LI 6-3303 Mitchell Theatre Barbourville, Ky. LOUIS ' DRIVE-IN LA RESISTA CORSET Featuring " Union College ' s " COMPANY A Banana Split in a Cup LOUIS BAIN, Owner Knox Street PHONE LI 6-4173 Phone LI 6-3302 Barbourville Kentucky Barbourville Kentucky TREADWAY BE REALLY REFRESHED BROTH ERS DRINK Building Materials 4p» Wfcji 820 North Main Street iflra PHONE Ll ' 6-3357 Barbourville Kentucky w INBOTTLES j 1 MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS LUMPKINS BEAUTY SHOP (Incorporated) Court Square Middlesboro, Kentucky PHONE LI 6-3191 Barbourville Kentucky 139 140 :■:■;::. ■■■ ' ,:■

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