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;li:;iEi;Si:FllE ' -- A .. ' N r- ' ' y- ' vv ' .-. .. ■ ' •:- ' ' :.- t-: VT ' :l:V; %■ - .,«..-. - V " ' l fi t - I ■■4J % ■ ' . - — . I I J ' . ?• i i. -W-4f, " " " S USMiiHUSa v . • -fTl ,- - , -- -y |! , L i 1 :1 ;: , •- 1 • aiasirt »-ssj»MaBra fej w.ii a -- ; ; ' . »: WWWM?«.- . 1 I -•; ■-■ S, " •T ' , ■ ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MPrPUM. ! inpARY Ahtgail E WttkB Mtmnv ' xni ICtbrar Imnn Olnlbg? ■ " ZwSiiJn, -.i sSsf ' - .;:sii»- ' - The 1959 Stespean pictures Union College and her students who have laughed and loved and worked together through this year. Each season has brought its special problems and fun. Each class has also offered its special challenges and rewards. DeoR f iffy-nine UNION COLLEGE barbourville, kentucky Weeks-Townsend ndemorial Libraiy " " " Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 " --» I -1 o i ? i f r..i...L oar oca IL6 1 f 4 Activities 69 Administration 17 Advertising 131 h, ' . . ' : i Athletics Students 119 31 22 Hy Faculty ll Features 109 ifir Index 131 Organizations 77 Picture Review 4 I .- . A ■ v Si ' -S ' »«s B«N|);-)S a gimmvtiimumim ■I ■■ Wing " C " of Stevenson Hall — Home of the Freshman Girls The coming of Fall brought the Fresh- men. As nature preened herself in chang- ing colors, so was a change wrought in the lives of those who wore the Freshman beanie But more than external change oc- curred this Freshman year. While Nature readied herself fo r the waiting time of winter, the Freshman prepared himself for the Sophomore year. And this is only the beginning Little Lost Sheep SEASON OF EXPECTATION A mr " With the Sophomore year, as with the Winter season, came the time of " digging in " — rounding out basic college require- ments, deciding finally upon an occupa- tion, and then working hard to begin prepa- ration for it. Those Sophomores enjoy this kind of work! Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Gym- nasium — Center of Union ' s Athletic activities. Sophomore Tests measure and evalu- ate the Student ' s level of achieve- THE SEASON OF BUDDING The Junior year of Spring brought the advancing of determined growth. Col- lege life hod been accepted and goals had been set up. Specialization had begun with the sureness of the budding dogwood. The first real glimpse of the professional person-to-be presented it- self. Above: Hard worl is the chief requirement in Spe- cialization Above: The deciding of a Major Field of Study. Left: The Classroom Building- where textbooks reign. .ummfiA SEASON OF RIPENING As Nature gave her time to develop the full season of Summer, so Union allowed the Senior to grow. The green, happy time came with the Seniors as well as with Summer. But, as all creatures of Nature know, no one season will end the cycle, and no one year of college will end growth. As we look backward, each from his own vantage point, each must thank Union with the content heart of a fulfilled year. Above: Standing at the door of their future Above; Major Goal Achieved Belcvtr: Abigail E. Weeks Memorial Library— Center of Intellectual Activity Lo .. ' ■: 1 , ' s! -5.1 ' tc r ' t 3t _ 11 12 LIFE IN THE GIRLS ' DORM We nrin and bear it! Comfortable way to study. Cheer up, girls, things could be worse. Ho-Hum, another day! We all get majors in this. There ore some consolations. 13 LIFE IN THE BOYS ' D Stevenson Hall — This is " Home " to the boys. Watch those buttons. Careful there! Bang, Ferdinand! " Anybody got a match? ' I Mature Upperclassmen. 14 MOTEL LIFE FOR YOUNG MARRIEDS Free maid service. ElUlli Bedtime story? Now we really study together! Even married students have fun ' Helpful or Henpecked? 15 TO YOU Miss Ernestine Richardson We, the members of the " Stespean " staff dedicate the 1959 " Stespean. " May this tribute show a small measure of our appreciation of your thirteen years here at Union. 16 17 ' • i»%, " ;;Y;v -■- , The President . Conway Boatman mr- ' Dr. Conway Boatman, a.b., b.d., ma., d.d. Dr. Conway Boatman has mode of Union College during the post twenty-one years an institution well-known in academic circles. His tire- less drive toward making Union bigger and better has yielded much fruit; a new dormitory extension for men, a new, modern swimming pool, Con- way Boatman Chapel, Abigail E. Weeks Library, Pfeiffer Hall, College Courts, and for sports a beautiful track and two hardtop tennis courts. Soon a new gymnasium and more dormitory facilities for women will rise as more evidence of Dr. Boatman ' s leadership of a constantly grow- ing Union College. The momentum gained under Dr. Boatman ' s leadership will surely propel Union to a future filled with growth and success. Left: Mrs. Boatman — College Hostess. Below: Baldwin Place — Home of Union ' s president. 19 ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT Mr. Mohlon A. Miller (B,S,, B.D., S.T.M.) performs many duties in his capacity as assistant to the presi- dent. As Director of Religious Life he has done much to improve Union ' s Religious Emphasis Week Program. He has also taught in the Department of Religion and Philosophy. Mr. Miller is in charge of the student workship program and was responsible for establishing six senior assistantships. All financial aid for students is handled through his office. Adminisfration DEAN OF FACULTY Dr. John H. Boyd (A.B , M.A., Ed.D.) has been truly successful in his chosen field of education. While active President of the Kentucky Education Association, Dr. Boyd led in the establishment of the Minimum Foundation Program of Kentucky. Under his influence the curriculum of Union College has steadily improved, and his faculty self-study program made possible the renewal of Union ' s teacher training progrom. Not only Union College, but the Commonwealth of Kentucky as well owes much to Dr. Boyd ' s educational leadership. 20 Dorothy Lucas, B.R.E., MA, Regis- Jomes B. McFerrin, A,B., B.S., M.S., Mary Owen, A,B,, M.A,, Ph.D., Dean trar Librarian and Associate Professor in of Women and Professor of English Library Science Milton Townsend, A.B., M.A., Direc- Donald Welch, A.B., B.D., Dean of Arthur E. Spurlock, B.S. in Ed,, M.S., tor of Public Relations and Alumni Men and Instructor in Religion and Business Manager and Treasurer Affairs Philosophy 21 Division Chairmen Erwin S. Bradley, B.S. in Ed-, M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of the Division of Social Studies; Head of the Depart- ment of History and Political Science; Russell M, Bennett Memorial Pro- fessor of History and Political Science W. G. Morigold, AS,, M.A., Ph.D., Acting Choirmon of the Division of Languages; Head of the Department of Modern Languages; Professor of Modern Languoges Donald J. Maxwell, B.A., MA, Chair- man of the Division of Fine Arts; Head of the Division of Fine Arts; Associate Professor in Music Educa- tion Charles W. Simms, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of the Division of Educa- tion; Head of the Department of Education; Professor in Eductaion Horace R. Weaver, B.S. in Ed., A.B., S.T.B , Ph.D., Chairman of the Di- vision of Religion and Philosophy; Head of the Deportment of Religion and Philosophy; Froncis Londrum Memorial Professor of Religion and Philosophy 22 Faculty Aceste J. M. Barbera, B.S. in Music Education, MA. in Violin and Har- mony; Instructor of Orchestral Instru- ments Anit-a I. Bolinger Boatman, B A , M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology Nancy J. Brown, B,A,, M.A,, Instruc- tor in Home Economics Herman Bush, A.B., MA., Head of the Department of Physical Educa- tion; Athletic Coach Donald Christmas, B M , MM, In- structor in Piano Stewart Clare, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Professor in Biology 23 Faculty Elsie Forman, A.B , M A,, Associate Professor of Business Hugh W. Ghormley, A.B , M.A., B.D., MS,, Ph.D., Professor in Sociology; Russell M. Bennett Memorial Pro- fessor of Sociology Albert C. Gordon, A B , MA , In- structor in Dramatics and Speech Joe C. Hocker, B.S in Education, Instructor in Business and Economics Thomas R. Howes, A.B., M.A., In- structor in Physical Education William Hays, B.M., M.M., Assistant Professor in Organ and Piano 24 Faculty John J. Lehrberger, A.B , MA,, In- structor in Mathematics and Science R. G. McRae, B.A, M.F.A., Assistant Professor of Art Constance Marigold, A.B., Part-Time Instructor in French J. Larue Millen, B,S., M.Ed., As- sistant Professor in Social Studies Rena Milliken, A.B., M.A., Head of the Department of Business and As- sociate Professor of Business Kathleen Moore, A.B, MA , As- sociate Professor of Elementary Edu- cation wtt s w " " 2S p tl USR Faculty i!«i-»i:;i«-= ' j ' ' " - ' Helene Parry, B,S,, M.S.SA,, Part- Time Instructor in Sociology Francis Patridge, B.S. in Education, MA, Associate Professor in Physical Education for Women Melvin C. Peocock, B S in Ed , M A , Instructor in English Mary Pettus, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physic; Warren Robbins, B.S , M.A., Associate Professor of Education Donald L. Shaw, B.S. in Ed., Instructor in Physical Education 26 Faculty W. G. Sink, A.B., Ph.D., Head of the Department of Physical Science; Pro- fessor of Physical Science Irene Williams, A.B,, M.A., Assistant Professor in English Staff Vivian Bradley, B.S., in Ed., Assistant in the Library Doris Campbell, Secretary to the As- sistant to the President Mamie D. Carson, Secretary in Public Relations Office Loretta Cowan, Secretary in Alumni and Placement Office 27 Staff Violet Davidson, Assistant Librarian and Instructor in Library Science Virginia Goodwin, H ouse Mother Hazel V. Hamilton, R N , College Nurse Ruth Hissam, Bookstore Operator Morie Home, Secretory in the Office of the Dean Jack H. Long, Bookkeeper and As- sistant Treasurer 28 Staff Jacqueline Parks, Secretary in the Office of the Dean Marshall B. Potter, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Sherrill Potter, Assistant to the Ac- countant Ernestine Richardson, B.S., Dietitian Fannie Roberts, Matron of Women ' s Residence Hall Dorothy Shaw, Secretary to the Busi ness Manager 29 Staff Donna J. Sink, Secretary to the Presi- dent Myrtle Wilson, Secretary in the Office of the Dean 30 31 .-,-a:.. 1 XL " v " -JL»»--j, ¥ « ,i: " " ■ -- r T ' - ' ' " -■ 5S ; Z« ' jt ■rf, r -i Senior Officers Left to right: Ronald Thornbury, Presi- dent; James Elmore, Vice President; Virginia Lee Bugg, Secretary and Bill Stewart, Treasurer. Seniors ROBERT E. ARNETT Alva, Kentucky A.B,, January, 1959. Vocation: Teach- ing. Activities: Intromurais. DEWEY BRADLEY Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B,, May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. ELBERT FLOYD BRANSCUM A.B., May, 1959. Activities: Sports. Vocation: Teachi ng. VIRGINIA LEE BUGG Ashland, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Union College Christian As- sociation; Senior Class Secretary; French Club, President; Pi Gamma Mu; Oxford Club; French Achievement Award; Senior Assistantship; Who ' s Who; Orange and Block. LOUANNA BURTON Plato, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Home Economics Club; Stu- dent National Education Association; International Relations Club; Orange and Black; Union College " Christian Associa- tion; Home Economics, President; Home Economics Achievement Award. WILLIAM A. CAMPBELL Medford, Mossochusetts A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Ministry. Activities: Oxford Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Union College Christian Association; Orange and Black; Religious Life Com- mittee; Senior Class Chaplain; Senior Assistantship; L a n d r u m Scholarship; Doctor George Truman Carl Award; Student Pastor; Who ' s Who. 33 Seniors LAURA CARNES CLEVIS DON CARTER Pineville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Chemistry, research or Teaching. Activities; Vice- President American Chemical Associa- tion; German Club; International Re- lations Club; Who ' s Who; Student As- sistantship. GLENN CLARKSTON Cincinnati, Ohio A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching and Coaching. Activities: Basketball; Baseball; Track; Union College Christian Association; President, Boptist Student Union; Freshman Orientation Committee; " U " Club; Intramural Sports; President, Men ' s Dormitory Council; President, Junior Class. MARJORIE COMBS Oneida, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Baptist Student Union; Union College Christian Association; Secretary, International Relations Club; Student National Education Association; Presi- dent, Women ' s Dormitory Council; Beta Chi Alpha; Orange and Black; Miss Union. MORTON COMBS Glomowr, Kentucky A B., May, 1959. Vocation: Accounting, Activities: President, Pi Gamma Mu; Treasurer, Internotionol Relations Club; Intramurals, MARVIN A. CRANE Gasfonia, North Corolina A.B., Moy, 1959. Vocation: Teaching Activities: Stespean Staff; Student Sen ote; Student National Education Associa ticn; International Relations Club; Intro mural Sports. 34 Seniors FERNANDO CRESS Delphia, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Intramurols; International Re- lations Club- BERNICE ANN DETHERAGE Barbourville, Kentucky A.B. Vocation; Teaching. Activities: Playlikers. RALPH DEAN DUGGER BETTY GREGORY ELMORE Elizobethtown, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; Student Na- tional Education Association; Pep Club; Union College Christian Associotion. JIMMY ALVIN ELMORE Hodgenville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Coaching. Activities: " U " Club, Union College Christian Association; Senior Class, Vice- President; Basketball. TEDDIE ENGLE Hazard, Kentucky A.B, May, 1959. Vocation: Account- ing or Commercial Teaching. Activities: International Relations Club; Business Manager, Orange and Block; Veterans. 35 Seniors JOSEPH JOHN FELLER Willlamstown, New Jersey A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Ministry. Activities: Intramurals; Student Senate; Oxford Club, Vice-President; Methodist Student Movement, Vice-President; Ger- man Club; Union College Christian As- sociation; Middlesboro Trinity Methodist Church Scholarship; Who ' s Who. JOAN ESTHER FLETCHER Howell, Michigan A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching Activities: Beta Chi Alpha, President Student National Education Association Union College Christian Association, Secretary; Cheerleader; Stespean; Wo- men ' s Dormitory Council, Secretary; Spring Festival Queen; Basketball Queen Attendant; Who ' s Who. MYRA ANN FROST Albany, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Secretary. Activities: Cheerleader; Union College Christian Association; Art Club, Treas- urer; Playlikers; Dolphins; Pep Club. JOANN FAYE GIBSON Girdler, Kentucky A.B , August, 1959. Vocation: Teaching Activities: Union College Christian As- sociation; International Relations Club. MARIJUNA GOLDEN Harlan, Kentucky A 8., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha, Secretary; Student National Education Association, Secretary; Baptist Student Union, Presi- dent; Union College Christian Associa- tion; Choir; International Relations Club; Playlikers. JOE W. GOODIN Bimble, Kentucky A.B. Vocation: Teaching. 36 Seniors CHARLES H. GRANT Barbcurville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: A Cappella Choir; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Student Na- tional Education Association. SHELBY IRENE HAMPTON Kay Jay, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; Dolphin Club; Union College Christian Associa- tion; Student Notional Education As- sociation; Baptist Student Union; Cheer- leader; Pep Club. JACK DEMPSEY HARRIS Gray ' s Knob, Kentucky A.B , January, 1959. Vocation: Teach- ing and Coaching. Activities: Varsity Basketball. PATRICIA M. HILL Pineville, Kentucky B.S., August, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. THOMAS HORNE Erwin, North Carolina A.B., August, 1959. Vocation: Teaching and Ministry. Activities; Advent Chris- tion Church, Pastor; German Club; Union College Christian Association; As- sistant to Dean of Men; Dormitory Council. WALLACE HUTTON Bristol, Virginia B.A., May, 1959. Vocation: Coaching. Activities: Basketball; Track; Dormitory Council; President, Junior Class; " U " Club; Orientation Committee; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Student Senate. 37 Seniors MELVIN CARVER JAMES, JR. Milford, Delaware A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Union College Christian As- scciaticn; Student National Education Association; Playlikers; Choir. ROBERT ALLEN JAMESON Oak Ridge, Tennessee A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: International Relations Club; Student National Education Association; Union College Christian Association; Playlikers; Orange and Black; Intra- murals. DAVID W. JENKINS Thompson, Pennsylvania A.B., August, 1959. Activities: Vice- President, A Coppella Choir; Orchestra; Chorus; Union College Christian Associ- ation; Oxford Club; Starliters; French Club; Playlikers; Stespean Staff; Orien- tation Committee; Vice-President, Methodist Student Movement; Methodist Church Choir Director. JAMES WILLIAM JOHNSON Elizobethtown, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Activities: " U " Club; Basketball; Track. JAMES STEPHEN JORDAN Manchester, Kentucky A.B., August, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Varsity Baseball; Basketball; Track; " U " Club; Stespean Staff; Basket- ball Manager; Intramurals. ALVIN KEITH Flat Lick, Kentucky A B,, May, 1959. Vocation: Chemist. 38 Seniors BETTY KERSEY HENRY KERSEY Alvo, Kentucky A.B, May, 1959. Teaching, Vocotion: Law and JANICE LEROY KINNINGHAM Oak Ridge, Tennessee A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Student National Education Association; Beta Chi Alpha. MARJORIE OPAL KINNINGHAM DOROTHY KAY KUNDRAT Avondale, Georgia A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Student National Education Association, President; Union College Christian Association; Dormitory Council; Methodist Student Movement; Church Choir; Oxford Club; A Cappella Choir; Brovi ' nie Leader; Spring Festival. ARTHUR W. LANHAM Liberty, Kentucky A.B,, May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Basketball; Track; Baseball; " U " Club; Vice-President, Junior Class; UCCA. 39 Seniors DORIS ANN LANHAM Benham, Kentucky A,B., Moy, 1959. Vocation: Teaching- Activities: Cheerleoder; Beta Chi Alpha, Vice-President; " U " Club, Secretary; Student National Education Association; Student Senate. NELLIE M. LAWSON Trosper, Kentucky A.B., August, 1 959.. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Spring Carnival; Future Teachers of America; Women ' s Athletic Association. JACK LEWIS Pineville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959, Vocation: Doctor. Activities: American Chemical Society; German Club; International Relations Club; Veteran ' s Club. WILLIAM EUGENE LOMBARI Dracut, Massachusetts A B., January, 1959. Vocation: Teach- ing. Activities: Choir; Dormitory Council; Student National Education Association; International Relations Club; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Oxford Club; Intromurols; Stespeon; Orange and Black; Methodist Student Movement; Pi Gemma Mu; Dolphins; Dean ' s List; Spring Festival; Who ' s Who. ADA LEE McCLURE Pineville, Kentucky A.B , May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Who ' s Who; Chaplain Sopho- more and Junior Class; UCCA; Pi Gamma Mu; SNEA; Stespeon; Baptist Student Union. ALEXANDER TAYLOR Manchester, Kentucky Business Accounting, countant. MANNING Vocotion: Ac- 40 Seniors SANDRA ANN MASON Stearns, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: A Cappella Choir; Orchestra; Chorus; Beta Chi Alpha; Freshman Orien- tation Committee; Senior Assistant in Music; Who ' s Who. LYDIA MIDDLETON Detroit, Michigan A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Baptist Student Union Council, Vice-President; Choir, Secretory; Orches- tra; Union College Christian Association; Beta Chi Alpha; Dormitory Council; Opera Workshop. PAUL S. MOORE Radford, Virginia A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Coaching. Activities: Vice-President of Sophomore Class; " U " Club, President;. Student Senate; Union College Christian Associ- ation; " Stespean; Varsity Basketball; Baseball; Track; Golf; Who ' s Who; Mr. Union. PATSY PATTON Benham, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Secretary, Freshman Class; Wom ' en ' s Dormitory Council; Secretary, Fire Chief; Freshman Orientat ' On Com- rnittee; American Chemical Society, Secretary; Playlikers, Vice-President; Stu- dent Senate, President; German Club; Beta Chi Alpha; A Cappella Choir. MARY M. PERDUE Scalf, Kentucky A.B., January, 1959. Vocation: Teach- ing. Activities: Student National Edu- cation Association. PHILLIP E. PERKINS Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B., January, 1959. Vocation: Teach- ing. Activities: A Cappella Choir; Union College Christian Association; Men ' s Dormitory Council; Opera; Spring Festi- val. 41 Seniors WALTER POWELL, JR. Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., January, 1959. Vocation: Net- work Television and Radio. Activities: Alpha Psi Omega; Playlikers; Senior Day Committe e, CHARLENE SAUNDERS St Albans, Vermont A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Director of Religious Education. Activities: Oxford Club; Union College Christian Associ- ation; French Club; International Rela- tions Club, President, Vice-President, Program Chairman; Stespean, Editor, Typist; Student Government Constitu- tion Committee; Creative Writing Award; Quill Club, Dormitory Council, De- votions Chairman. ART SHAPLAND Fitchburg, Massachusetts A.G., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Choir; Student National Edu- cation Association; Track; Playlikers; " U " Club; Union College Christian As- sociation; Intramurals, Director; Fresh- man Class Vice-President; Sophomore Class President; Student Senate; Oxford Club; Methodist Student Movement. FRANCES SUE SHEPHERD Cumberland, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Union College Christian As- sociation; Art Club, Secretary; Playlikers; Student National Education Association; Pep Club; Dolphins. ORA SKINNER Corbin, Kentucky A.B,, January, 1959 ing Vocation: Teoch- LEONARD SLUSHER Jackson, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959 Vocation: Tedching Ac tivities: Track; Basketball; " U " Club; " Bulldog " Staff, Editor; Pep Club, Presi- dent; Union College Christian Associ- ation. 42 Seniors BILLY JACK STEWART Cceburn, Virginia A.B., January, 1959. Vocation: Ac- countant. Activities: Treasurer, Senior Closs; Student Senate, Senior Class Representative; Pi Gamma Mu; Men ' s Dormitory Council; Intramural s; Stespean, Business Manager; Orange and Blacl . TED NEIL STOKES Wallins, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: President, American Chemical Society. RONALD EUGENE THORNBURY Augusta, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Accountant. Activities: Pi Gamma Mu; Student Sen- ate; Stespean; Men ' s Dormitory Council; Union College Christian Association; Senior Class President; Senior Assistant- ship; Intramurals; Tennis; Pep Club; Freshman Orientation Committee; Who ' s Who. ELIZABETH ANN TODD Easfon, Maine A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Pi Gomma Mu, Vice-Presi- dent; International Relations Club, Secre- tary; Sophomore Class Secretary; Orange and Black, Editor; Playlikers; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Student Na- tional Education Association; French Club; Iota Sigma Nu Freshman Scho- lastic Award; Cecil Wilson Junior Scho- lastic Award; Creative ' Writing Award; Who ' s Who; Senior Asslstantship. WANDA IRENE TROGLEN Alamogordo, New Mexico A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Art Club, Secretary, Vice- President; Kappa Pi; Pep Club; Student National Education Association; Orange and Black; Stespean, Art Editor; Play- likers; Baptist Student Council. J. ROBERT UHLER II Hitchins, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Ministry, Activities: Freshman Class President; Union College Christian Association; Religious Life Committee; Oxford Club; A Cappella Choir; Methodist Student Movement; Varsity Tennis; " U " Club; Intramurals; French Club; Social Life Committee; Freshmon Orientation Com- mittee; Dramatics; Visual Aids Com- mittee; Union College Honor Scholar- ship; Black Memorial Scholarship; Who ' s Who. 43 Seniors JOHN DENVER WARREN Four Mile, Kentucky A.B., January, 1959. Vocation: Sales- JAMES WHITE Manchester, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teacher, Coach. Activities: Baseball; " U " Club. PAUL WHITE Fount, Kentucky A.B, May, 1959. WILLARD L. WHITE Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B., May, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Orange and Black; Baptist Student Union; Union College Christian Association; Student Notional Education Association. PEGGY WILLIAMS Detroit, Michigon A.B., May, 1959. V.ocotion: Teaching. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; A Coppella Choir; Student National Association; Dolphins; Quill Club; Gambit Staff; Orange and Black; Stespean; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Baptist Stu- dent Union Council; Pep Club. SHIRLEY WOJCIECHOWSKI Jenkins, Kentucky A.B., Moy, 1959. Vocation: Teaching. Activities: Student Notional Education Association; A Coppella Choir; Union College Christian Association; Junior Class Treasurer; Women ' s Dormitory Council, Vice-President; Beta Chi Alpha. 44 5 , i Junior Officers Left to right: Florentine Mir, Treasurer; Pete Leavitt, Vice-President; John Mc- Clure, President. Front: Roberta Pope, Secretary. 45 Juniors Austin Anderson Ray Ballou Christine Banks Sewell Barrett Eugene Bennett Mabel Bingham John Bowling Carroll Britch Walter Brooker Edgar Brown Judith Buckley Jesse Buell 46 Juniors Sylvia Burns Jan Buttermore Joanna Carter JoAnn Catolster Mary Ellen Cobb Marvin Combs Jennings Corum G. Warren Darling Naomi Dew Rose Marie Dunham Clyde Evans Jean Austin Flatt 47 Juniors John Fletcher Carolyn Gillespie Zelma Grabeel Fred Grigsby Robert Halcomb Geraldine Hall Sandra Hommons Eva Hendrickson Frank Henley Robert Hodnefield Jack Holt Anna Lee Hopper 48 Juniors Eugene Huff Potrick Jasper Mary Jenkins Albert Kitchener Peter Leavitt Lily Lim John Little Arthur Logue Wiliam McAndrew Terry McCane John McClure Edsel McCoun 49 Juniors Kenneth McDonald Rufus McGeorge Bob McGuire Deane McGurk Nancy Mcintosh Stanley L- McNeil Robert Mackey Dennis Mortin Florentino Mir Raleigh Mitchell Carolyn Moses Bruce Murrell 50 Juniors Hubert Owens Harold Parks Robert Parr Glenn Perry Roberta Pope Franklin Pridemore Jack Prindle Kay Anna Privett Jeanne Ramsey Betty Rhodes Cecil Rhodes Betty Ann Rice SI Juniors Joseph Richards Nancy Lou Robbins Birney Edward Roberts Patsy Satterfield Betty Jean Sellards Edward Shackleford Gail Shav A. Corbin Simons Arthur Smith Herman Smith Robert Stone Rudy Streng 52 Juniors Judith Strunk Myrtle Thompson David Torres Mary Tye Rose Valentine Robert VanHorne M. Katherine Webb Mary Nancy Welch Margaret Wesley Noel White Ann Wilson Audrey Chorlene Wilson 53 Juniors Joan R. Wolf Special Students Por-sang ' Chen N, Elisha Thakore Second Semester Students Front Row: Geneva Mammons, Janice Bent ley, Nancye Glen, Mary Violet Hamilton, Bea Burchell, Minnie England. Second Row: Bessie Jones, Phyllis Monroe, Ted AAott, Barry Adams, Tommy Fulton. Third Row: Don Payne, Farhang Maaslijah, Joyce White, Bob Green, Tim Perkins. 54 ■ . « ' :?,«:r ' -: i d £. ► -4 V Sophomore Officers Left to right: Othella Sams, Treasurer; Pot Jones, Secretary; Ron Collier, Presi- dent and Al Mitchell, Vice-President. 55 Sophs Thomas F. Adorns Louanno Baird Jane B. Beamon Sandra S. Beidel Linda Beneleit Odell Bingham Barbara Blanch Terry Lee Bonnette John H. Britten Ellen Ruth Buchanan Judith Bullocl Glen Roger Burch Carol Ann Caley Joyce Lee Campbell Ray B. Canady Marcus Charles Ronald N. Collier Roger L. Collins Merle D. Correll Genevieve M. Coulson Mary Ruth Cowan Jonie Anne Crabtree Sandra Sue Crocl ett Thomas F. Crumb 56 Sophs Robert W. Cummings Sally Diane Curtis Velma T. Davis Betty J. Duff Ronald E. Dunk Edward Lee Earley Gordon M. Edwards Luiclle E. Edwards Janet G. Engle Dorcas E. Folor James W. Farmer Doria Jane Faulkner Brendo E. Galloway Phillip R. Garner Virgil L.Goodin Virginia Gray Stan. Equen Hall George R. Hommons Barbara Holstein Donald M. Hopper Clara Howard Jack M. Hulett John A, Jones Patricia A. Jones 57 mA Sophs Carrie E. Johnson Arthur K. King Joan Kinningham Mary Alice Lay Betsy N. Lehrberger Johnny E. Leveridge Clifford L. Lewis Gordon E. Lewis Lillian R. Lewis Virginia L. Lewis Reginald G. Lilley Patsy E. Logsdon Betty J. McCracken Phillip P. McDonald Lade! McFodden David W. McKenzie Conley C. Marcum Vaughn Martin Roger D. Matthews William I. Maxwell Allen R. Mitchell Wanda M. Moberly Foster Pat Murphy Robert J. Murphy 58 Sophs Anton Nasri Nasr James H. Norman Robert D. Osteen, Jr. Elmer L. Overstreet, Jr. Byung Koo Pak Ramona Perry David D. Porter Michael J. Power Claudette Pyles Alene Reynolds James L. Reynolds Wallace C. Robbins Christine M. Roberts David Bruce Roberts Carmenia Russell John H. ' Russell Ronald G. Salman Othello Sams Linda Sanslow Martha Simpson Doris Skidmore Alvin Smith Evan Snodgrass Ernest R. Stair 59 Sophs Catherine Stivers Carl Swanger Roger L. Truitt Don Turner Reed Tyler Robert H. Unferreinier Rees Warring Richard A West John Ed. White Wilma G. Williams James Williamson Aubrey Daryll Wills Donald Allan Wills Glendo A. Wilson Barbara Anne Woods Lucille York 60 J i.Ai .Av Freshman Officers Left to right: Ray Colclough, President; Pat Hammonds, Secretary; Donna Spongier, Treasurer; Lenard Broughton, Vice-President. 61 Frosh Kay Adamson Patsy Allen Billie Amburgey Glenn S. Anderson Mike F. Bailey Ross David Baker Robert C Ball Jerry Ray Barker William E. Barnes Harold K. Barrett Goebel Bartley Robert E. Bean Birgit Behrmann Robert D. Boggs Luanne Boone Leonard Broughton Peter A. Brown Jesse F. Burchwell Glenis Burton Henry H. Butler Jerry Carey Casper V. Carlton, Jr Max M. Carroll Hoscue Carter Angelo J. Chiari Robert L. Clark Patricia A. Clower Sherwood R. Colclough Geneda Cole George Mike Combs Otho William Coon Talmadge T. Cornett Marilyn S- Crain Bobby Mack Crider Franklin D. Crider 62 Frosh David Cruden Mary Anne Curry Tom M. Cushmon Gene R. Daugherty Lynn Alice Day Jean E. Delorme Doris I, Detwiler Charles G. Dixon David G. Dixon Eddie Dobson Adrian Dunaway Andy Dunn Robert C. Elliott John Evans, Jr. Mary E. Evans Paul Fields Janice Lynn Fleig Joseph D. Florence Donald D. Frederick Harry Lee Free Robert J- Freiling Robert M. French Rene W. Gieryk Joann Godbey Joyce A. Grant Robert J. Gravenstine Robert D. Graves Charles Griffith Betty Ann Grimes James E. Guth Sarah Jane Hall William Hamlin Donald P. Hammond Patricia L. Mammons Paul Mammons 63 Frosh James H. Hampton Mary E. Hompton David W. Hanna Arlene E. Harvey Wanda N. Hatfield Robert Lee Hayes Jane Ann Helms Elvin B. Herrin John C. Hewett Rav C. Hill Julian W. Holland Ramona R. Hollar Gary N. Hooper Norma J. Hubbard Patricia A. Hurley John F. ingolls Betty Lou Jackson Robert Leo James Gary D. Jessee Dorothy J. Johnson Elizabeth A. Johnson Tommy Johnson Walter D. Johnson Mary T. Jordan Carolyn L, Keith Charles A. Kenedy Joan May Kiernan Paul King James Kinningham Noncy S. Knowles Donald Kraus Daniel W. Kreh Emily Jane Krohn Bruce A, Ldngdon Henry D. Lausman 64 Frosh Jerry Lee Lawson Dave W. Lewis Joyce Lilly Robert B. Linblad Bruce D, Lloyd Charles P. Lodine Earl D. Loos Albert W. Loughrie, Jr. Billy Bernice Lovelace John T. Lykins Jimmy R McCoy Michael D. McDonald Mary Alice McKee Johnny M. McWilliams Robert L. Madon Vernon K, Maggard Edwin J. Maguire James R. Manuel Ted J. Marcum Betty S. Marlowe Donnie Martin Janice D. Martin Joella Martin Sharon C. Mortin Homer Masingil Troxell 0. Mason, Jr. Bonnie M. Matthews Billy Joe Meyers Diana Lee Miller Dorothy F. Mills Jerry E. Mills James G. Mitchell John R. Moleton Margaret Moore David Colby Mosher 65 Frosh Thomas E. Murphy John Wesley Myers John A, Nealis John W. Newton James M. O ' Moore John T. Orr James W. Parker Richard W. Parks Abraham H Patterson Magdalene Patterson Tomara L, Patton Mary Dee Peace Lanie A, Pendleton Robert E. Pfoff Donald R. Pickard Garth Ian Pitman George V. Pollitte James R. Pollock Kenneth Poteat Lillie Mae Rodney Donald I. Rankin Jean Rayfield Q. V. Reese Iris Joy Reichenboch Blair Patton Richards Daneil Riley John L. Rivel Katheryn E. Roberts Gene H, Robertson David W. Robinson David Rosseou Ellis 5. Rouse Ella Sue Russell Sa ' d, Samih Sa ' d Moussa Doris Mae Sanderson 66 Frosh Donald R. Scalf Norbert C. Sell Bill Shelor Jack L. Shepherd John E. Shepherd Rex A. Sheppord Shir M. Manuchehr Kenneth R. Simpson Sonyo A. Slusher William W. Slusher Barbara F. Smallwood Delores A. Smith George H. Smith John M. Smith Judith M. Smith Patricia S. Smith Robert M. Smith Thelma Smith Donna S. Spongier Teddy G. Steele John H. Stone Curtis J. Stranohan Tom R. Swenk James C. Swisher Jim George Tobor Joanne Taylor Billy R. Thomas Barbara A. Tisdoil Harriet L. Tower Elizabeth " M. Underwood John T. Vail Emilie Vesconti Kathryn G. Wagener Nancy Adeline Wallace Pauline Warren 67 Frosh Wilma Jean Warren Raymond D. Wells Fayez Y. Werr Glen R. West Ruth C. White Robert K. Wilson Alvis Wooten Judith Anne Wyrick James P. S. Yang John P C. Yang James Orestes Yetman 68 imm i i ' j mf ucWfiA 69 i ■ SPRING ' FESTIVAL Spring really breaks out with Union ' s Spring Festival Presented the night before Senior Day, with selected skits on Senior Day, the Festival of 1958 was centered around Miss Union, Gussie White ' s activities of four years. Mr. Christmas composed the the original music score and Miss Pat directed the action. 1 V 70 .V Ck :v W ' M r n 71 SADIE HAWKINS DAY Once each year, on Sadie Hawkins ' Day, the girls of Union College drop their pretenses and give open pursuit of the bashful male of their choice. In the best Li ' l Abner and Daisy Mae tradition, both girls and boys join the fun of costumes, the actual chase, and the evening dance which follows the afternoon of hilarity. 72 BEAUX ARTS BALL The Art Club sponsors each year the Beaux Arts Boll. Usually it follows the Paris theme, with original decorations portray- ing that center of French gaiety. Carica- tures of the faculty and staff are prevalent, and costumes are really different for this annual masquerade boll. Entertainment is noted for its quality and uniqueness. DRAMATICS Mr. Ashburn directed the Commencement play, " The Reluctant Debutante " in the 1958 season. A comedy, it dealt with the time-proven theme of a father ' s bungling attempts to marry off his daughter. " Tiger at the Gates " opened the 1959 thespian season at Union, Mr. Gordon directed the modern version of this Greek tragedy. Costumes were modern and the scenery was symbolic to a large degree. These pictures show the performance and the back stage work as well as the rehearsals involved in putting on a play performance. HOMECOMING! «w» ...jA- - iiiSif - J - ' • ' A A. i •o i.-m ' . ' Above: There goes the gym floor. Above: Queen Sandy. Above: Two olumni give Stevenson boys advice on Above: Many hands make light work of Wing " C " display. display. Below: Aspirants for the Crown at the pool. Below: Belles of Pfeiffer Hall. ' ' I I- I ' 1 ' k ' h ' II A I. I. ' " ' LBJ aiu 77 - s. ui- ' i- i-M ! •«« f ■«- Front Row: Jane Johnson, Arlene Harvey, Pat Hurley, Genevieve Cculson, Nancy Robbins, Betty Jayne Duff, Glendo Wilson, Christine Roberts, Sally Curtis, Mary Ann Curry, Mary Jenkins, Charlene Saunders, Second Row: Joan Kierman, Robert Linblad, J, J. Feller, Pete Brown, Ron Salmon, John Jones, Bill Barnes, Al Mitchell, Jo Ann Godbey, Bee Behrmonn, Kay Roberts, Carolyn Gillespie, Dr. Weaver. Third Row: Mike French, Don Wills, Dan Kreh, Jack Rival, Tcm Murphey, Merle Correll, Rudy Streng, Reginald Lilley, Blair Richards, Bill Maxwell, Al Kitchener, Jay Uhler, John Ingalls. Fourth Row: Ernie Stair, John Evans, Tom Adams, Bill Campbell, Edward Early, Dove Mosher, Robert VanHorne, Ron Dunk, Noel White, Mike Snodgross, Dave Jenkins, Bruce Langdon, Art Logue. Fifth Row: John Vail, Terry Bonnette, Don Hammond, Jim Parker, Jim O ' Moore, Bruce Roberts, Max Carroll, Rees Warring, Warren Darling. OXFORD CLUB Below: Club project completed — New Hymnals for chapel OFFICERS: President, Ernest Stair; Vice-President, Joseph J. Feller; Secretary-Treasurer, Mary D. Jenkins. The Oxford Club is patterned after John Wesley ' s informal group of students and scholars who met for study and devotion at Oxford University in England. It is com- posed of students who are planning voca- tions such as the ministry, missions, re- ligious education, and other church-related work. Through discussion of the mdny as- pects of Christian living and projects of Christian service throughout the campus and community, the Oxford Club concen- trates its interest upon the spiritual growth of its members. For the member of the Oxford Club the school year begins and ends with a religious retreat at which time each indi- vidual is afforded an excellent opportunity to place special emphasis on his future plans in church work Moulding stronger spiritual lives with an eye to the leaders of tomorrow ' s church is the aim of the Oxford Club. 78 UCCA OFFICERS: Noel White, President; Tommy Adams, Vice-President; Betty Jane Duff, Treasurer; Joan Fletcfier, Secretary. Right: Where ' s Santa? The Union College Christian Associa- tion strives to put Christian atmosphere into college life. It has a vesper service every Thursday night in Pfeiffer Hall parlor for all students who wish to attend. U.C.C.A. sponsors two Korean orphans and is in charge of the Sunday morning de- votional on the local radio station. A Christmas party was given this year for some needy children in the county and they received many clothes and toys. The U.C.C.A. is a busy organization and its membership consists of every student at Union. 79 WOMEN ' S DORM COUNCIL The purpose of this council is to enrich the social life of women students by en- couraging participation in all campus social activities and is directly responsible for the Christmas Tea, Dormitory open house, and a slumber party for women day students. It endeavors to promote spiritual growth and especially to develop among all women students of the campus an individual and group responsibility, a spirit of unity, and a spirit of loyalty to the ideals of the college. Above: President Marj confers with Bee Behrmann. Front Row: Kay Anna Privett, Nancy Mcintosh, Middle Row: Dean Owen, Martha Simpson, Morgaret Wesley, Miss Goodwin. Stonding: Solly Curtis, Kay Kundrot, Lame Pendleton, Mary Alice McKee, Patsy Patton, Kay Wegener, Glendo Wilson. Wt . K. Seated: Wally Hutton, Bob Parr, Rees Warring, Glenn Clarksfon, Tom Home, Raleigh Mitchell. Standing: Roger Collins, Bob VanHorne, Reed Tyler, Tom Adams, Ray Colclough, Art Logue. MEN ' S DORM COUNCIL The Men ' s Dormitory Council works to improve and promote higher standards of dormitory life. Officers of the council are elected by residents of Tye House and Stevenson Hall. Below: Is this discussion formal or informal? OFFICERS: President, Glen Clarkston; Vice-President, Tommy Adams; Secretary, Bob Van Home; Treasurer, Bob Parr. I ' : W ' -tfh Front Row: Shirley Wojciecbowski, Naomi Dew, Claudett Pyles, Barbara Blanch. Second Row: Lydia Middleton, Glenda Wilson, Nancy Mcintosh, Doris Lanham, Betty Ann Rice, Jo Anna Carter, Marjuna Golden, Peggy Williams. Standing: Janice Kinningham, Joan Fletcher, Mary Alice Lay, Marjorie Combs, Sandra Mason, Patsy Patton, Martha Simpson, Othella Sams, Shelby Hampton, Linda Sandlow, Lucile Edwards, Margaret Wesley, Sally Curtis. BETA CHI ALPHA Below; " Tea Time. " OFFICERS: President, Betty Ann Rice; Vice-President, Doris Lanliam, Secretary, Nancy Mcintosh; Reporter, Jo Carter; Sponsors, Mrs. Don Maxwell and Mrs. Don Welch. The BXA is a social sorority which places emphasis upon the development of social graces and the promotion of social activities on campus. After a week of initiation activi- ties in the spring, new members are officially accepted into the club a1 a banquet at the end of the year. This year the BXA sponsored the sale of mums at homecoming and a formal dance, and as a project, fixed food baskets for needy families at Thanksgiving. 82 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club seeks to promote interest in both national and inter- national affairs. Our local unit is affiliated with the national organization sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the promotion of World Peace. OFFICERS; President, Max Carrol!; Vice-President, Glenn Perry; Secretary, Elizabeth Todd; Treasurer, Morton Combs. Above: International atmosphere but Dr. Bradley ' s cooking. Front Row: Nityanand Thakore, Max Carroll, Por-sang Chen, Byung Koo Pak. Second Row: Terry Bonnette, Reed Tyler, Al Kitchener, Dr. Ghormley, Glenn Perry, Morton Combs, Dr. Bradley, Bruce Lloyd, Bob VanHorne, Bob Linblad. Standing: Jo Ann Catolster, Jim Crane, Dannie Riley, Charlene Saunders, Lynn Alice Day, Wanda Hatfield, Diane Miller, Fernando Cress, Nancy Wallace, Robert Jameson, Ted Engle, Joe Richards, Jim Parker, Arlene Harvey, Raymond Wells, Bruce Langdon, Clevis Carter, Bill Maxwell, Sue Crockett, Kay Anna Privett, Linda Beneleit. 83 Front Row: Stan Hall, Barbara Blanch. Middle Row: Walter Powell, Jan Buttermore, Back Row: Jo Ann Catolster, Pete Leavitt, Carroll Britch, Reginald Lilley. Below: Work for the play! ALPHA PSI OMEGA Our local chapter of this National Honorary Dramatics Fraternity is the Zeta Chi Cast. Mem- bership is gained by the accumulation of points which must be earned in two or more different phases of dramatic production. OFFICERS: Jo Ann Catalster, Secretary; Bill McAndrews. Cast Director. 84 Seated: Lucille York, Judy Smith, Mr. Gordon, Garth Pitman, Dannie Riley, Bill Maxwell, Reginald Lilley, Barbara Tisdall, Bob Gravenstine, Pete Leavitt, Jean Rayfield, Myra Frost, Merle Correll, Don Hammond, Melvin James, Charles Lodine, Gary Hooper. Standing: Mike Power, Walter Powell, Sue Crockett, Mason Edwards, Ron Salmon, Bob Jameson, Bob Cummings, Jan Buttermore, Judy Buckley, Jane Helms, Barbara Blanch, Carroll Britch, Pat Jones, Bill McAndrews, Rudy Streng, Patsy Patton, Bill Coon, Warren Dar-ling, Frank Crider, Stan Hall, Jo Ann Catolster. PLAYLIKERS Below; " There ' ll be some changes made. " OFFICERS: President; Warren Darling, President; Pat Patton, Vice- iabs Blanch, Secretary and Treasurer. The Playlikers Club is the backbone of all dramatic activities on Union College Campus. When a play is on the boards, mem- bers of the Playlikers are found in the fields of acting, lighting, costuming, promoting, make-up, and various other phases of the theatre. In addition to this, the Playlikers go on several theatre trips a year. The goal of each playliker is Alpha Psi Omega. i 85 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The ACS is affiliated with the national organization and is composed of students majoring in chemistry. Students majoring in related fields may become associates of the club. Students become better acquainted with developments and opportunities in chemistry and related sciences through various activities such as science movies, guest speakers, and field trips to industrial chemical plants and research laboratories. Members attend selected meetings of state sec- tions of the American Chemical Society. OFFICERS: Ted Stokes, President; Clevis Don Carter, Vice-President; Katherine Webb, Reporter; Wanda Moberly, Secre- tary; Dr. W. G. Sink, Sponsor. Front: Dr. Sink. Left to Right: Bob Crider, Don Hopper, Daria Faulkner, Mary Alice McKee, George Mammons, Ron Collier, S. T. Barrett, Jr., Bill) Bernice Lovelace, Hascue Carter, Bob Gravenstine, Ted Stokes, Raymond Wells, James Reynolds, Katherine Webb, Dave Porter, Jerry Barker, Wanda Moberly, Clevis Carter, A. D. Wills. 86 Seated: Roger Truitt, Ron Dunk, Naomi Dew, Raleigh Mitchell, Sally Curtis, Cliff Lewis, Frank Prldemore, James White, Dick West, Patsy Logsdon, Jim Elmore, Judy Strunk, Jim Norman. Standing: Don Shaw, Walter Brooker, Bruce Roberts, Ted Marcum, Conley Marcum, Bob Unterreiner, Darrell Florence, Robert VanHorne, Glenn Clarkston, Jay Uhler, Fred Grigsby, Jim Williamson, Clyde Evans, Art Shapland, Bud Lanham, Noel White, Wally Hutton, Pup Slusher, Don Turner, James Jordon, Coach Bush. U " CLUB Below: Who fouled him? OFFICERS; President, Paul S. Moore; Vice-President, Arthur Lanham; Sponsors, Mr. Bush and Mr. Shaw; Secretary-Treas- urer, Doris Lanham. The " U " Club is open to those students who have lettered in any sport at Union Col- lege. It is one of the most active clubs on campus. Some of its activities include organiz- ing and sponsoring a Pep Club, publishing The Bulldog, hosting visiting athletic teams, selling refreshments at athletic contests, spon- soring a faculty basketball game, and assist- ing in the selection of the Homecoming Queen. It also assists in staging the High School Regional Track Meet and the Smoky Mountain Track Meet. 87 Standing: Al Kitchener, Gerald Kelsey, Pat Jasper, Ray Colclough, Bob Crider, Bruce Roberts, Florentino Mir, David Robinson, Noel White, Dave Mosher, Max Carroll, Gary Jessee, George PollJtte. Seated: Bucky Rouse, Glenn Anderson, John Nealis, Bob VanHorne, Dr. Sink, Ron Dunk, Bob McGuire, Roger Truitt, Art Logue, Roger Collins. Below: Bob Osteen and Ray Colclough on the Daniel Boone parade float. CIRCLE K OFFICERS: President, Bob VanHorne; Vice-President, Bob McGuire; Secretary, Ronald Dunk; Treasurer, Bob Osteen. The Circle K club, now in its third year at Union, is a service club which is a college youth project encouraged by the Kiwanis Club. It is a character building group which offers service on the campus, to the school and to the community. Members are carefully se- lected from the freshman class each year. 88 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front Row: Miss Brown, Judy Strunk, Naomi Dew, Dorcus Falor. Second Row: Sandra Mammons, Tamara Fatten, Virginia Lewis, Jean Delorme. Third Row: Sonya Siusher, Pat Jones, Betty Jayne Duff, Louanna Burton. Fourth Row: Ann Wilson, Kay Wagener, Judy Buckley, Martha Simpson, Joan Kinn- ingham. OFFICERS: Ann Wilson, President; Judy Buckley, Vice-President; Sandra Mammons, Secretary and Treasurer; Patricia Jones, Reporter; Sponsor, Miss Nancy Brown. The Home Economics Club is open to all students major- ing or minoring in Home Economics. In order to become a member, each girl is required to have ten hours work in club activities each semester. The purpose of the club is to give the girls an opportunity to apply their studies in Home Economics to practical use. Activities of the year included a chili supper, Christmas Buffet, a tea for the Seniors, and several fund raising projects. Right: Where did those instructions go? 89 - " i Vli 4 DOLPHINS The Dolphins, a newly organized club on campus this year, has as its purpose, the furthering of the knowl- edge and skills of swimming and the assisting of the activities of the Union College swimming department. Coach Thomas Hawes is the spon- sor and the officers are: co-presidents, David Torres, King Neptune, and Sally D. Curtis, Queen Neptune; Secretary, Tamara Patton, Swordfish; Treasurer, Jane Beaman, White Shark. During the year the Dolphins had their initiation, a water show for Homecoming, and as their main event a spring water show, which was a take-off on South Pacific. Left: A diver or superman? Left Side: Reed Tyler, Tom Swenk, Ron Dunk, Mr. Hawes. Right Side: Bruce Roberts, John Moleton, Jr., Walter Brooker, Front Row: Dave Lewis, Barbara Tisdall, Bob Gravenstine, Donna Spangler, Libby Johnson, Charles Kennedy, Tom Lykins. Second Row; Ray Colclough, Tamara Patton, Sally Curtis, Dave Torres, Jane Beaman, Shelby Hampton. Third Row: Bert Sell, Sarah Jane Hall, Don Rankin, Joyce Lilly, Pat McDonald, Virginia Lewis. Fourth Row; Peggy Williams, Jean Rayfield, Jane Johnson, Pat Clower, Myra Frost, Christine Roberts, Bob Crider. Fifth Row: Betty Jayne Duff, Pat Jones, Jean Austin Flatt, Joan Wolf, Emily Krohn, Claudette Pyles, Judith Buckley, Pat Hurley. Sixth Row: Dave Rosseau, Rudy Streng, Mike Snod- grass. Bill Lombari, Max Carroll, Bill Meyers, Frank Pride- more, Raleigh Mitchell. ' , .£2js If ] yi " " Back Row: Patsy Patton, Walter Brooker, Judy Strunk, Bill Stewart, Tom Adams, Dave Lewis, Gary Jessee. Front Row: Ron Thorn bury, Jim Crane, Allen Mitchell, Martin, Charles Dixon. Sharon STUDENT COUNCIL Below: President Pat does some research. OFFICERS: President, Patsy Patton; Vice-President, Walter Brooker; Secretary, Judy Strunk; Treasurer, Ronald Thorn- bury. The Student Senate exists to promote stu- dent government and responsibility, to better Union College by providing opportunity for cooperation between the student body, the faculty, and the administration of the college, and to advance student welfare. Its members are chosen annually within the first two weeks of March, and are eligible for re-elec- tion to their offices. The powers and duties delegated to the Student Senate are enforce- able upon the entire student body, and, even though it is a newcomer to the organizations on campus, the influence of the Student Senate has already been felt. 91 Above: We make beautiful music together! FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: President, Virginia Bugg; Vice-President, Al Kitchener; Secretary-Treasurer, Carroll Britch. One of the newer clubs on campus, the French Club, Is gaining in interest and popu- larity. Students interested in the French Lan- guage and culture make up the French Club; and its grow th can be attributed to the inter- est shown by the members. At club meetings, members sing French songs, present interesting programs pertaining to the French civilization, and enjoy the delicious refreshments prepared by Mrs. Mari- gold. Front Row: Al Kitchener, Liz Todd, Pete Leavitt, Corbin Simons, Carroll Britch, Bill McAndrews, Gary Jessee. Second Row: Mrs. Marigold, Charlene Saunders, Dean McGurk, Mary Clemens Tye, Dr. Marigold, Virginia Bugg, Pat Clower, Carol Caley, Christine Roberts, Sue Crockett, Sally Curtis. 92 0.J 1 i ' ♦ J A «r- . f ' i ' J. vw Front Row: John Stone, Glenda Wilson, Bonnie Matthews, Wanda Moberly, Ron Collier, Byung Koo Pak, James Reynolds. Second Row: Rudy Streng, Patsy Patton, Mary Alice McKee, KaKie Webb, Liz Johnson, Barbara Woods. Standing: Dr. Marigold, Mrs. Marigold, Tom Adams, Jan Butter more. Clevis Carter. Below: This is quite a quartet! GERMAN CLUB Students interested in the language and culture of the German-speaking peoples be- long to the German Club. Meetings are rich in cultural information concerning Germany, past and present, and provide an excellent opportunity for fellowship outside the class- room. OFFICERS: President, Jan Buttermore; Vice-President, Wanda Moberly; Secretary-Treasurer, James Reynolds. 93 SNEA Above: Oh, Please! OFFICERS: President, Dorothy Kay Kundrat; Vice-President, Mary Alice Lay; Secretary, Sally Curtis; Treasurer, Roberta Pope; Sponsor, Miss Moore. The John Owen Gross Chapter of the Student National Education Association acts as a successor to FTA in high school, but it is much more than that. Membership in the SNEA signifies that the person has already begun actual preparation for the teaching pro- fession, because when a person joins SNEA, he automatically becomes a member of the Kentucky Educational Association and the Na- tional Educational Association. The SNEA each year promotes some worth- while, practical project, such as renovating one of the county schools in a rural area. Regular meetings are highlighted by guest speakers, dramatic skits by members, and panel discussions concerning problems the members will face as teachers. Front Row: Shirley Wojciechowski, Mary Perdue, Shelby Hampton, Kay Kundrat, Doris Sanderson, Roberta Pope, Sally Curtis, Wanda Troglen, Pat Satterfield, Glenda Wilson, Billy Lovelace. Second Row: Judy Smith, Carolyn Keith, Nancy Wallace, Patsy Allen, Wanda Hatfield, Marijuna Golden, Peggy Williams, Judy Strunk, Francis Shepherd, Nancy Mcintosh, Sylvia Burns, Doris Ann Lanham. Standing: Janie Crabtree, Melvin James, Alene Reynolds, Sue Ciockett, Mike Powers, Carmenia Russell, Raleigh Mitchell, Linda Beneleit, Joe Richards, Dorcas Falor, Garth Pitman, Sonya Slusher, Art Shapland, Doris Skidmore, Willard White, Joanna Carter, Jim Crane, Marjorie Combs, Lou Anna Baird, Bill Loirnbari. 94 PI GAMMA MU By stressing an intelligent approach to solving social problems, this national Social Science Honor Society attempts to inspire social service. Outstanding students in the field of social science are eligible to join Union ' s Kentucky Beta Chapter. The chapter makes an annual presentation of medals of honor at the Rosenwald graduation. Above, Left to Right: Liz Todd, Vice-President; Miss Milliken, Secretary-Treasurer; Morton Combs, President. Sealed: Ron Thornbury, Dr. Weaver, Dr. Simms, Rufus McGeorge, Morton Combs, Liz Todd, Miss Miilil en, Mrs. Parry, Miss Millen, Bill Lombari. Standing: Dr. Giiormley, Glen Perry, Bill Stewart, John McClure, Ada McClure, Mabel Bingham, Mr. Robbins, Roberta Pope, Virginia Bugg. 95 ORCHESTRA The Union College Orchestra, which is now in its fifth year, is open to all students who play instruments and are interested in symphony music. Special concerts with soloists are presented for the college and the com- munity under the direction of Mr. Barbera. Above: Lydia gets In some practice. Front Row: Linda Beneleit, Lydia Middleton, Gary Hooper, Lucille Edwards, Lily Lim Zo Tien, Connie Marigold. Back Row: David Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, Judy Scent, Paula Hamp- ton, Don Kraus, Gordon Marigold, Ramona Hollar, Bob Hodnefield, Jean Rayfield, Frank Birchwell, Bruce Langdon, Abe Patterson, Sandra Mason, Mr. Barbera, Emma Barrows, Catherine Stivers, Judy Buckley, Barbara Woods. 96 Front Row: Linda Benelert, Mary A. Curry, Dorcas Fa lor. Second Row: Nancy Robbins, Kathy Stivers, Barbara Woods. Third Row: Jean Austin Flati, Judy Strunk, Doris Detwiler. Fourth Row: Ramona Hollar, Genevieve Coulson, Sandra Mason. Fifth Row: Lydia Middleton, Katheryn Roberts, Marijuna Golden. Sixth Rov : Wally Robbins, Al Mitchell, Kenny Simpson. Seventh Row: Bill Maxwell, Abe Patter- son, Gary Hooper. Eighth Row: Danell Riley, Marilyn Grain, Lucille Edwards, Don Hammond, Ross Baker, Pat Hurley, Ann Wilson, Betty Ann Grimes. Ninth Row: Mary Jenkins, Bobby Wilson, Bob Hodenfield, Phil Perkins, John C. Hewett, Jerry Lawson, Gary Jessee, Ronald Salmon, Tom Adams, Mel James, Blair Richards, Charles Grant, Mike Powers. Last Row: Bill Barnes, David Jenkins. CHOIR The Union College Choir is the performing choral group of the Music Department. Its fifty members are selected by audition from the large chorus. Concerts are presented each year at the Christmas and Easter seasons. The choir sings in chapel services and makes an annual tour that has ranged from New York and Boston to New Orleans. OFFICERS: President, Wallace Robbins; Vice-President, David Jenkins, Mary J. Jenkins; Secretary, Lydia Middleton. Right: Somebody has to hem the new choir robes. »7 ,2i ■ m m i r J — - ,■ . A k " fi K- VMm ' r ' . ' jip m f IOTA SIGMA NU LeFt: Lee is this the way to meet the re- quirements? This honorary society was established to promote high standards of scholarship, and is open only to those students who meet certain scholastic requirements. lota Sigma Nu awards metals each year to the Freshman and Sophomore who have the highest scholastic averages in their respec- tive classes. The fraternity meets annually for a luncheon and the initiation of new members. Seated at Left Table: Barbara Stringer, Vicki Burton, Sue Sizemore Mosley, Patricia Gibson Stewart. Right Table: Miss Moore, John McMurtry, Harold Johrlson, Warren E. Johnson, Seated at Back Table: Irene Hughes, Miss Milhken, Mrs. Shirley Treadway, Mrs. Sampson Knuckles, Kay Scent. Standing: Ellen Davis, Clyde Henegar, Mrs. George Mitchell, Mrs. Keith Wilson, Don Holt, Ruth Holt, Beverly Patrick Wynn, Eila Carlisle Raines. 98 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION Front Row: Sandra Mason, Lydia Middle- ton, Pat Jones. Second Row: Patsy Patton, Glenda Wilson, Betty Jayne Duff. Third Row: Ron Thornbury, Noel White, Art Logue. Fourth Row: Pat Jasper, Jay Uhler, David Jenkins. Fifth Row: Glenn Clarkston, Wally Hutton, Tom Adams. Below: Good bye. Beanies! This committee of upperclassmen is organized to ac- quaint freshmen with their new home away from home. This year ' s orientation program included a variety show, guidance sessions, church parties, square dance, interfaith breakfast, splash party, walk to church, a Cumberland Falls picnic and vesper program, theatre party, and a tea at President Boatman ' s residence. Faculty members were AAiss Milliken, Dean Owen and Mr. Townsend. 99 ORANGE BLACK Left to Right: Walter Brooker, Liz Todd, Mr. Robbins. Elizabeth Todd Editor Nancy Mcintosh Tom Crumb Associate Editors Walter Brooker News Editor Teddie Engle Business Manager Peggy Williams Jerry Lawson Advertising Cliff Lewis Dick West Sports Editors Max Carroll Christine Roberts Circulation Managers William Campbell Special Writer Dave McKenzie Kay Anna Privett Typists Left to Right: Peggy Williams, Liz Todd, Bill Maxwell, Nancy Mcintosh, Dave McKenzie, Kay Anna Privett, Max Carroll. Left to Right: Virginia Bugg, Juditli Bucl ley, Sue Crocl ett, Ted Stokes, Diane Miller, Bill Campbell. Under the editorship of Elizalaeth Todd for the second year, the ORANGE AND BLACK is the diary of campus life. Pictures and copy are centered on the daily happenings, im- portant events, and interesting personalities. On the editorial pages, the students ' viewpoint is presented, and some creative work is printed. The staff works many hours to make the ORANGE AND BLACK depict a broad picture of life on Union College Campus. Left to Right: Raleigh Mifciiell Behrmann. Bill Coon, Johnny Leveridge, Christine Roberts, John Ingalls, Bee Left to Right: Charlene Saunders, Jim Crane, Betty Ann Rice, Wanda Troglen. STESPEAN STAFF As we look backward through the seasons of this past year, we of the STESPEAN STAFF realize that each one of you has played an important part in the fulfillment of each season of college activity. We trust that we have suc- ceeded in bringing together the memories of these seasons for the completion of another year at Union College. Editor Art Editor Charlene Saunders Wanda Troglen Art Assistant Sue Crockett Literary Editor Betty Ann Rice Literary Assistant Jim Crane Sports Editor Pete AAoore Sports Assistant Peggy Williams Business Mgr. Ronald Thornbury Advertising Jimmy Jordan Circulation Mgr. Florinto Mir Photographers Bill Lombari Blair Richards Typist Carol Caley Sponsor Mr. Spurlock 102 Right, Left fc Right: Blair Richards, Pete Moore, Peggy Williams, Ron Tlnornbury, Bill Lombari. Right, Left to Right: Florentine Mir, Sue Crockett, Carol Caley. Right: Jimmy Jordan sells an ad to Mr. Miller of Miller-Yancy. 103 Left to Right: Jean Delorme, Kav Wagener, Sue Crockett, Claudette Pyles, Rudy Streng, Reginald Lilley, Myra Frost, Gale Williams, Mr. McRae. ART CLUB Below: Trog gets ready for her art exhibit. OFFICERS: President, Wilma S. Williams; Vice-President, Reginald Lilly; Secretary, Claudette Pyles; Treasurer, Sue Crockett; Sponsor, Mr. McRae. The Art Ciub exists to promote greater interest and appreciation of art. To do this, art students each year present exhibits, and Christmas cards are designed, screen printed, and sold by the members. A recently established chapter of the Kappa Pi National Honorary Art Fraternity awards an outstanding art student each year. 104 Front Row: Doris Lanham, Ada Lee McClure, Doris Camp- bell. Top of Stairs: Marie Home, Margaret Halcomb, Shirley Ingals, Jean Deiorme, Mary Jenkins, Elizabeth Guth, Delores Mackey, Juanita Steele, Priscilla Wilson, Pat Brown, Mrs. Miller. THE PHT ' s OFFICERS: President, Bette Jordan; Vice-President, Melvina Stone; Secretary-Treasurer, Jackie Parks; Sponsor, Mrs. Mahlon Miller. The latest organization on campus is a club mysteriously known as the " PHT ' s " and is composed of the wives of Union College students. " PHT " means " Putting Husbands Through. " While the primary purpose of the club is to provide a social outlet for the wives, the group hopes to provide thought and stimu- lation with occasional guest speakers at the monthly meetings. 105 Front Row: Billy Lovelace, Sonya Slusher, Joy Reichenbach, Rose Marie Dunham, Myra Frost, KaKie Webb, Peggy Williams, Claudette Pyles, Wanda Troglen, Ann Wilson, " Pup " Slusher, Art Logue, Tom Swenk. Second Row: Bee Behrmann, Nancy Wallace, Jane Hopper, Libby Johnson, Pat Hurley, Barbara Tisdall, Harriet Tower, Nancy Knowles, Carmenia Russell, Jane Crabtree, Sandy Beidel, Jo Ann Carter. Third Row: Kay Anna Privett, Lynri Alice Day, Virginia Bugg, Shirley Wojciechowski, Joan Wolf, Glenda Wilson, Martha Simpson, Sally Curtis, Nancy Mcintosh, Dean McGurk, Jo Ann Taylor, Sandra Hammons, Ron Thornbury, John Moleton. Fourth Row: Mary Ann Curry, Carolyn Keith, Mary Evans, Judy Smith, Patsy Allen, Francis Shepherd, Doris Lanham, Betty Ann Grimes, John Nealis, Rudy Streng, Bob Stone, Bill Coon. PEP CLUB Below: With this much pep, we can ' t lose! OFFICERS: President, " Pup " Slusher; Vice-President, Ron Thornbury; Secretary, Sandra Hammons; Treasurer, Tom Swenk. The main purpose of the Pep Club, which is in its first year of real organization, is to back Union ' s athletic events and promote a v inning spirit on the campus. So far, this aim has been accomplished with surprising speed and success. Activities of the club in- clude half-time activities at the basketball games and car caravans to the games close to home. 106 THE VETERAN ' S CLUB The primary purpose of the Union College Veteran ' s Club is to perpetuate in peace the ideals for which these men fought and served— +0 foster, encourage, and cultivate scholarship, social fellov ship and a closer membership in all college activi- ties. OFFICFRS: President, Jack Lewis; Treasurer, James Gutln. Front Row: Crit Fletcher, Frank Henley, Bob Bran ham, Adrian Dunaway, Eugene Bennett, Robert Pfoff, Vernan Maggard, Cliff Lewis, John Ingalls. Second Row: J. T. Manning, Dr. Bradley, Jack Lewis, Bob Madan, Bob Mackey, Edsel McCol-r, Marvin Combs, Harold Parks, Carroll Britch. Third Row: Homer Masingil, John Hewett, Art King, Don Hopper, Robert Halcomb, George H. Smith, James Manuel, Bob James, Billy R. Thomas, Francis Racicot, Jr. Fourth Row: James Farmer, Bob Murphy, James Guth, Bill Marcum, Wm. C. Moore. Not Pictured: Bill Hall, Ted Steele, Kenneth McDonald, Lyie White, Ray Hill, Odell Bingham, Ted Stokes, Jack Prindle, Jim Jordan, Bud Lanham, Cecil Rhodes, Joe Goodin, Franklin Pridemore. 107 iutUSXLi U -- FeduM Virginia Bugg William Campbell Clevis Carter WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN Joseph J. Feller Joan Fletcher William Lombari 110 Ada Lee Johnson AAcClure Sandra Mason Paul S. Moore UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Ronald Thornbury Elizabeth A. Todd Joseph J. Uhler 111 Mr. Union Paul S. Moore 112 Miss Union Mariorie Combs 113 Betty Elmore Above: " U " Club President Pete Moore and Queen Sandy. Homecoming Ann Wilson Janice Martin Bee Behrmann 114 Seated: Bee Behrmann, Betty Elmore, Judy Wyrick, Janice Martin. Back Row: Sandra Mammons, Glenda Wilson, Ann Wilson, Marjorie Combs. Glenda Wilson Marjorie Combs Judy Wyrick 115 Homecoming Queen Sandra Hammons .? . •r . • ■i ' % ::: t» , V 1 v._ k Mountain Laurel Representative Shirley S. Neely Queen of f Hea Patsy Patton|»? fi i- k m) 119 Front Row: Reed Tyler, Pete Moore, Noel White, Don Turner, Darrell Florence, Jimmy Elmore, Whitey Shackle- ford, Jimmy Jordan. Second Row: Conley Marcum, Bud Lanham, Ladel McFadden, Clyde Evans, Wally Hutton, Fred Grisby, John " Crow " Fletcher, Coach Bush. The Union Bulldogs enjoyed one of the best seasons in recent years finishing the season with our over-all 17-9 record. Although Head Coach Herman Bush was hospitalized after 6 ball games. Assistant Coach Don Shaw stepped in and guided the team to a most successful season. The " Dogs " won the first game of the tournament against Bellarmine only to lose to Conference Winner Pikeville in a close one in the Semi-finals. The team was led by Captain Bud Lanham, versatile Don Turner, and sharpshooter Darrell Florence and were backed up by the fine play of Clyde Evans, Conley Marcum, and Fred Grisby. Next year the " Bulldogs " should prove to be a better team since most of the boys return. Those lost through gradua- tion are Bud Lanham, Wally Hutton, Jim Elmore, and Pete Moore. BASKETBALL VARSITY RECORD We Opponent They 98 Tennessee Wesleyan 61 101 Carson-Newman 63 63 Transylvania 78 78 Tennessee Wesleyan 56 85 Lincoln Memorial 71 61 Centre 56 78 Tusculum 62 86 Carson-Newman 74 78 Tusculum 59 68 Pikeville 83 76 Transylvania 73 65 Georgetown 66 67 Centre 62 74 Bellarmine 63 80 Georgetown 86 85 Berea 86 99 Emory Henry 87 64 Pikeville 66 72 Berea 63 79 Milligan 75 64 Lincoln Memorial 68 75 Milligan 77 68 Villa Madonna 66 73 Emory Henry K. 1. A. C. Tournament 100 79 Bellarmine 71 79 Pikeville 85 Guards FronV Row: Whitey Shackleford, Pete Moore, Jimmy Elmore. Back Row: Darrell Florence, Noel White, Don Turner. Right: Pete and Bud report in 121 Forwards Below: The Tip off. left to Right: Coach Bush, Clyde Evans, Conley Marcum, John Fletcher, Fred Grisby, Wally Hutton. Below: " Whomper " gets two more. 122 Centers Left to Right: Bud Lanham, Coach Bush, Ladel McFadden. Below: Bud goes for a rebound. 123 Sally Curtis Shelby Hampton Betty Grimes Cheerleaders The Athletic Dept. for the second straight year employed a J. V. team and it seems that the effort was well worthwhile in looking back at the past season of the " Bull-pups. " They finished the season with a 9 win 3 loss record which certainly means that the " Bulldogs " will be strong for a few more years. The " Bull-pups " were led by Alvis Wooten, a freshman from London, Kentucky with considerable help from Gerry Carey, Jim Williamson, and Dick West. Our congratulations to the " Bull-pups " who proved to be a definite asset to the Athletic Dept. and Union College. Junior Varsify Left fo right: Coach Shaw,, Jack Hewlett, Dick West, Olen Mason, Dave Cruden, Jim Williamson, Alvis Wooten, Jerry Carey, Glen Anderson. JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD We Opponent They 72 Clay County 67 42 Clay County 45 87 Oneida 52 74 Cumberland 78 74 Lees Jr. College 71 56 Tennessee Wesleyan 52 86 Carson-Newman 67 76 Transylvania 60 80 Cumberland 84 71 Carson-Newman 67 87 Pikeville 77 83 Lees Jr. College 66 64 Pikeville 73 67 Clinch Valley 55 117 Clinch Valley 67 Seated: Rex Hale, Pete Moore, George Van Home, Bob Van Home, Ron Dunk, Stanley McNeil, Walter Brooker, Jack Ferris, Cliff Lewis, Phillip Garner, Ted Marcum, Jim Todd. Standing: Jimmy Rosenbaum, Dave Koun, Joe Barnett, Bill Shelor, Darrell Florence, Clyde Evans, Conley Marcum, Dick West, Jim White, Coach Shaw(. Baseball Although the Bulldogs won only six games and lost nine they still proved to be a superior club in the K.I.A.C, winning five and losing two in this conference. The " Dogs " were hurt by rain last spring, having six games rained out and having to play many others on muddy fields, and also keeping prac- tice to a minimum. With practically the whole squad returning, Coach Don Shaw should once again produce a team that will be a threat to all contenders. Below: Loyal fans watch our " Bulldogs. " Front Row: Dave Torres, Pete Moore, Roger Truitt, Johnny Bowling, Bill Johnson, Raleigh Mitchell, Leonard Slusher, Bob Cummings, Harden White. Back Row: Charles Barber, Bud Lanham, Jim Norman, Wally Hutton, Florentino Mir, Glen Clarkston, Jim Williamson, Noel White, Conley Marcum, Coach Bush. The Track Team Last Spring the " track men " of Union Col- lege proved to be a much improved team over previous years— while winning only 4 of 10 meets, these wins included a victory in the SAAAC Conference meet and a third in the KIAC Conference meet. Since not a member of the team was lost through graduation, the Bulldogs will surely be a top contender in both conferences again this year. Among those returning are Pete Moore, Noel White, Wally Hutton and Bud Lanham— all who are potential first-place get- ters. Below: Wally clears S ' lO " Below; Bud heaves the javalin. 126 H- -: . wiS W F ' EIE. T D El El? Front Row: Mike Powers, Rudy Streng, Coach Hawes, Dave Torres, Bob Osteon . Second Row: Ron Dunk, Dave Rosseau, Florentine Mir, Carroll Britch. Third Row: Bill Swimming Team The year 1958-59 brought forth Union ' s first swimming in history. The " water-men " will undertake a six-meet schedule, under the guidance of Coach Hawes. Below: Diving team: Bob Osteen, Rudy Streng, Dave Torres. Maxwell, Tom Svi enk. Fourth Row: Ray Colclough, Gene Dougherty. The team is made up of 13 members, all of whom are new in intercollegiate compe- tition but who are going at the sport with great enthusiasm and zeal. With our new swimming pool, this is a welcome sport and we all hope it ' s here to stay. Belo v: Getting ready for the big meet. 127 Left to Right: Dave Lewis, Paf Murphy, Gary Jessee, Julian Holland, Don Rankin, Roger Truitt. Cross - Country The year 1958 was a first for Union Col- lege, in that Union started its first cross- country team. Union chalked up a record of one win and three losses. Union ' s lone win came over Bellarmine College which was an upset victory since Bellarmine was one of the top ranking cross-country teams in the state. Julian Holland, a sophomore from Colum- bus, Indiana, won two first places, one second and a fourth place in a triangular meet. Hol- land was flanked by sophomore Roger Truitt from Delmar, Delaware who was the number two man on the team. The two best times for the four mile cross-country distance were 21.04 minutes by Holland and 22.48 minutes by Truitt. Below: Running warm-up Below: Holland making time. 128 T29 130 ( km m 131 Faculty Index Barbera, Aceste J. M. 96, 23 Boatman, Anita 1. Bolinger 23 Boatman, Caroline B. 19 Boatman, Conway 18 Boyd, John H. 20 Bradley, Erwin S. 83, 22, 107 Bradley, Vivian 27 Brown, Nancy J. 23, 89 Bush, Herman 23, 87, 120, 122, 213, 125 Campbell, Doris 27, 105 Carson, Mamie D. 27 Christmas, Donald 23 Clare, Stewart 23 Cowan, Loretta 27 Davidson, Violet 28 Forman, Elsie 24 Ghormley, Hugh W. 24, 83, 95 Goodwin, Virginia 28, 80 Gordon, Albert C. 24, 85 Hacker, Joe C. 24 Hamilton, Hazel V. 28 Hawes, Thomas R. 24, 90, 127 Hays, William 24 Hissam, Ruth 28 Home, Marie 28, 105 Lehrberger, John J. 25 Long, Jack H. 28 Lucas, Dorothy 21 McFerrin, James B. 21 McRae, R. G. 25, 104 Marigold, Constance 25, 92, 93, 96 Marigold, W. G. 22, 92, 93, 96 Maxwell, Donald J. 22 Millen, J. Larue 25, 95 Miller, Mahlon H. 20 Miiliken, Rena 25, 95, 98 Moore, Kathleen 25, 98 Owen, Mary 21, 80 Parks, Jacqueline 29 Parry, Helen 26, 95 Patridge, Francis 26 Peacock, Melvin C. 26 Pettus, Mary 26 Potter, Marshall B. 29 Potter, Sherrill 29 Richardson, Ernestine 16, 29 Robbins, Warren 26, 95, 100 Roberts, Fannie 29 Shaw, Donald L. 26, 87, 124, Shaw, Dorothy 29 Simms, Charles W. 22, 95 Sink, Donna 30 Sink, W. G. 27, 86, 88 Spurlock, Arthur E. 21 Townsend, Milton 21 Weaver, Horace R, 22, 78, 95 Welch, Donald 21, 81 Williams, Irene 27 Wilson, Myrtle 30 125 Student Index Adams, Barry 54 Adams, Thomas F. 56, 78, 81, 91, 94, 97, 99 Adamson, Kay 62 Allen, Patsy Lou 62, 94, 106 Amburgey, Billie 62 Anderson, Austin 46 Anderson, Glenn 62, 88, 124 Arnett, Robert E. 33 Bailey, Mike F. 62 Baird, Louanna 56, 94 Baker, Rose D. 62, 97 Ball, Robert C. 62 Ballou, Ray L. 46 Banks, Christine 46 Barker, Jerry R. 62, 86 Barnes, William 62, 78, 97 Barrett, Harold 62 Barrett, Sewell 46, 86 Barfley, Goebel 62 Beaman, Jane B. 56, 90 Bean, Robert E. 62 Behrmann, Birgit 62, 78, 80, 106, 114, 115 Beidel, Sandra 56, 106 Beneleit, Linda 56, 83, 94, 96, 97 Bennett, Eugene 46, 107 Bentley, Janice 54 Bingham, Mabel H. 46 Bingham, Odell M. 56, 95 Birchwell, Frank 96 Blanch, Barbara J. 56, 82, 84, 35 Boggs, Robert D. 62 Bonnette, Terry 56, 78, 83 Boone, Louanne 62 Bowling, John E. 46, 126 Bradley, Dewey W. 33 Branham, Robert 107 Branscum, Elbert F. 33 Britch, Carroll P. 46, 84, 85, 99, 107, 127 Britton, John 56 Brooker, Walter R. 46, 87, 90, 91, 100, 125 Broughton, Leonard 61, 62 Brown, Edgar J. 46 Brown, Peter A. 62 Buchanan, Ellen R. 56 Buckley, Judith C. 46, 85, 89, 90, 96, 101 Buell, Jessee J, 46 Bugg, Virginia L. 32, 33, 92, 95, 101, 106, 110 Bullock, Judtih 56 Burch, Glen R. 56 Burchell, Bea 54 Burchwell, Jess F. 62 Burns, Sylvia 47 Burton, Glenis 62 Burton, Louanna 33, 89 Butler, Herbert H. 62 Buttermore, Jan T. 47, 84, 85, 93 Caley, Carol A. 56, 92, 103 Campbell, Joyce 56 Campbell, William 78, 101, 110 Canady, Ray B. 56 Carey, Jerry W. 62, 124 Carlton, Casper V. 62 Carnes, Laura 34 Carroll, Max M. 62, 78, 83, 88, 90, 100 Carter, Clevis D. 34, 83, 86, 93, 110 Carter, Hascue 62, 86 Carter, Joanna 47, 82, 94, 106 Catolster, JoAnn 47, 83, 84, 85 Charles, Marcus 56 Chen, Por-Sang 54, 83 Chiari, Angelo J. 62 Clark, Robert L. 62 Clarkston, Harold G. 35, 81, 87, 99, 126 Clower, Patricia A. 62, 90, 92 Cobb, Mary A 47 Colclough, Sherwood 61, 62, 81, 88, 90, 127 Cole, Geneda 62 Collier, Ronald 55, 56, 86, 93 Collins, Roger D. 56, 81, 88 Combs, George M. 62, 80 Combs, Marjorie 35, 82, 94, 113, 115 Combs, Marvin 47, 107 Combs, Morton 34, 83, 95 Coon, Otho Wm. 62, 85, 101, 106 Cornett, Talmadge 62 Correll, Merle D. 56, 78, 85 Corum, Jennings 47 Coulson, M. Genevieve 56, 78, 97 Cowan, Mary R. 56 Crabtree, Janie A. 56, 94, 106 Grain, Marilyn S. 62, 83, 97 Crane, Marvin A. 34, 91, 94, 102 Cress, Fernando 35, 83 132 After barbering the lawn... refresh with milk! When you ' re done in from summer chores, take time out for milk. Drink it ice cold. That ' s when your thirst feels the full coolness of " nature ' s best refresher. " Ice cold milk, with its solid nourishment of natural proteins and vitamins, leads the field in refreshment. Drink @ glasses of Milk every day MIDDLESBORO BRANCH p. O. BOX 29 PHONE 41 MIDDLESBORO, KENTUCKY 133 Student Index Crider, Bobby M. 62, 86, 88, 90 Crider, Franklin 62, 85 Crockett, S. Sue 45, 83, 85, 92, 95, 101, 103, 104 Cruden, David 63, 124 Crumb, Thomas 56 Cummings, Robert W. 57, 85, 126 Curry, Mary A, 63, 78, 97, 106 Curtis, Sally D. 57, 78, 80, 82, 87, 90, 92, 94, 106, 124 Cushman, Tom M. 63 Darling, George W, 47, 78, 85 Daugherty, Gene 63, 127 Davis, Velma T. 57 Day, Lynn Alice 83, 106 Delorme, David B. 63 Delorme, Jean 89, 104 ,105 Detherage, Bernice 35 Detwilder, Doris 63, 97 Dew, Naomi J. 47, 82, 87, 89 Dixon, Charles G. 63, 91 Dixon, David G. 63 Dobson, Eddie 63 Duff, Betty Jane 57, 78, 89, 90, 99 Dugger, Ralph D. 35 Dunaw ay, Adrian 63, 107 Dunham, Rose M. 47, 106 Dunk, Ronald 57, 78, 87, 88, 90, 125, 127 Dunn, Andy 63 Early, Edward 57, 78 Edwards, Gordon 57, 85 Edwards, Lucille 57, 82, 96, 97 Elliott, Robert C. 63 Elmore, Betty Gregory 35, 114, 115 Elmore, Jimmy Alvm 32, 35, 87, 120, 121 England, Minnie 54 Engle, Janet Gloria 57 Engle, Teddie 35, 83 Evans, Clyde M. 47, 87, 120, 122, 125 Evans, John Wendell 63, 78 Evans, Mary Elizabeth 62, 106 Faior, Dorcas 57, 89, 94, 97 Farmer, James W. 57, 107 Faulkner, Daria J, 57, 86 Feller, Joseph J. 36, 78, 110 Fields, Paul R. 63 Flatt, Jean Austin 47, 90, 97 Fleig, Janice Lynn 63 Fletcher, Joan E. 82, 110, 120 Fletcher, John 36, 48, 107, 122 Florence, Darrell 63, 87, 120, 121, " l25 Frederick, Donald D. 63 Free, Harry Lee 63 Freiling, John R. 6? French, Robert M. 63, 78 Frost, Myra A. 36, 85, 90, 104, 106 Fulton, Tommy 54 Galloway, Brenda E. 57 Garner, Phillip R. 57, 125 Gibson, Joan F. 36 Gieryk, Rene W. 63 Gillespie, Carolyn 47, 78 Glen, Nancye 54 Godbey, Joann 63, 78 Golden, Marijuna 36, 82, 94, 97 Goodin, Joe W. 36 Goodin, Vergil 57 Grabeel, Zelma L. 48 Grant, Charles H. 37, 97 Grant, Joyce Ann 63 Gravenstine, Robert J. 63, 85, 86 Graves, Robert D. 63 Gray, Virginia F. 57 Green, Bobb 54 Griffith, Charles E. 63 Grigsby, Fred S. 48, 87, 120, 122 Grimes, Betty Ann 63, 97, 106, 124 Guth, James E. 63, 107 Halcomb, Robert C, 48, 107 Hall, Geraldine 48 Hall, Sarah Jane 63, 90 Hall, Stanard 57, 84, 85 Hamilton, Mary Violet 54 Hamlin, William 63 Hammond, Donald P. 63, 78, 85, 97 Hammons, Geneva 54 Hammons, George R. 57, 86 Hammons, Patricia L. 61, 63 Hammons, Paul K. 63 Hammons, Sandra L- 48, 89, 106, 114, 115, 116 Hampton, James H. 64 Hampton, Mary E. 64 Hampton, Shelby 37, 82, 90, 94, 124 Hanna, David W. 64 Harris, Jack D. 37 Harvey, Arleen Elizabeth 64, 78, 83 Hatfield, Wanda N, 64, 83, 94 Hayes, Robert L. 64 Helmes, Jane Ann 64, 85 Hendrickson, Eva A. 48 Henley, Frank, Jr. 48, 107 Herrin, Elvin B, 64 Hewett, John C 64, 97, 107 Hill, Patricia J. 37 Hill, Ray C. 64 Hodenfield, Robert W. 48, 96, 97 Holland, Julian W. 64, 128 Hollar, Ramona R. 64, 96, 97 Holstein, Barbara R. 57 Holt, Harold J. 48 Hooper, Gary H, 64, 85, 96, 97 Hopper, Anna L, 48 Hopper, Donald M. 57, 86, 107 Home, Thomas B. 37, 81 Howard, Clara 57 Hubbard, Norma Jean 64 Huff, Eugene 49 Hulett, Jack M. 57, 124 Hurley, Patricia A. 64, 78, 90, 97, 106 Hutfon, Wallace R. 37, 81, 87, 99, 120, 122, 126 Ingalls, John F, 64, 78, 101, 107 Jackson, Betty L. 64 James, Melvin C. 38, 85, 94, 97 James, Robert L. 64, 107 Jameson, Robert A. 38, 83, 85 Jasper, Patrick L. 49, 88, 99 Jenkins, Dave W. 38, 78, 96, 97, P9 Jenkins, Mary D. 49, 78, 96, 97, 105 Jessee, Gary David 64, 88, 91, 92, 97, 128 Johnson, Carrie E. 58, 106 Johnson, Dorothy Jane 64, 78, 90 Johnson, Elizabeth A. 64, 90, 93 Johnson, James W. 38, 126 Johnson, Tommy 64 Johnson, Walter D. 64 Jones, Bessie 54 Jones, John A. 57, 78 Jones, Patricia 55, 57, 85, 89, 90, 99 Jordan, James 38, 87, 103, 120 Jordan, Mary T. 64 Keith, Alvin 38 Keith, Carolyn 64, 94, 106 Kelsey, Gerald D. 88 Kennedy, Charles A. 64, 90 Kersey, Betty 39 Kersey, Henry C. 39 Kiernan, Joan May 64, 78 King, Arthur K. 58, 107 King, Paul 64 Kinningham, James R. 64 Kinningham, Janice 39, 82 Kinningham, Joan 58, 89 Kinningham, Marjorie 39 Kitchener, Albert 49, 78, 83, 88, 92 Knowles, Nancy S. 64, 106 Kraus, Donald A. 64, 96 Kreh, Daniel W. 64, 78 Krohn, Emily J. 64, 90 Kundrat, Dorothy 39, 80, 94 Langdon, Bruce A. 64, 78, 83, 96 Lanham, Arthur W. 39, 87, 120, 121, 123, 126 Lanham, Doris A. 40, 82, 94, 105, 106 Lausman, Henry D. 64 Lawson, Jerry L. 65, 97 Lawson, Nellie M. 40 Lay, Mary A. 58, 82 Leavitt, Peter D. 45, 49, 84, 85, 92 Lehrberger, Betsy 58 Leveridge, Johnny E. 58, 101 Lewis, Clifford 58, 87, 107, 125 Lewis, Dave W. 65, 90, 91, 128 Lewis, Gordon E. 58 Lewis, Jack C. 40, 107 Lewis, Lillian R. 58 Lewis, Virginia L, 58, 89, 90 Lilley, Reginald G. 58, 78, 84, 85, 104 Lilly, Joyce Elaine 65, 90 Lim, Lily Zo Tien 49, 96 Linblad, Robert B. 65, 78, 83 Little, John Wm, 49 Lloyd, Bruce, 65, 83 Lodine, Charles P. 65, 85 Logsdon, Patsy Eldora 58, 87 Logue, William A. 49, 78, 81, 88, 99, 106 Lombari, William 40, 90, 95, 103, 110 Loos, Earl D. 65 Loughrie, Albert Wm. 65 Lovelace, Billy B. 65, 86, 94, 106 134 DANIEL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE London, Kentucky The Store where you always get the most for your money Phone VO 4-4159 KENTUCKY MINE SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED Harlan, Kentucky MILLER-YANCEY FURNITURE CO. Ph. 136 Barbourville, Ky. The Store of Standard Brand Furniture Kroehler - Lane - Valentine Seaver Young - WilleM - Simmons Douglas - Mersman - Drexel Globe - Tell Cify - Karpen Sold in Barbourville by Miller-Yancy only PEOPLE S GAS COMPANY Barbourville, Kentucky 135 Student Index Lykins, John T. 65, 90 McAndrew, William W. 49, 85, 92 McCane, Terry R. 49 McClure, Ada Lee 40, 95, 105, 111 McClure, John D. 45, 49, 95 McCoun, Edsel E. 49, 107 McCoy, Jimmy R. 65 McCraken, Betty 58 McDonald, Alvin Kenneth 50 McDonald, Michael 65 McDonald, Phillip 58, 90 McFadeen, Ladel 58, 120 McGeorge, Rufus 50, 95 McGuire, Bob F. 50, 88 McGurk, Deane 50, 92, 106 Mcintosh, Nancy J. 50, 80, 82, 94, 100, 106 McKee, Mary A. 65, 80, 86, 93 McKenzie, David 58, 100 McNeil, Stanley L. 50, 125 McWilliams, Johnny 65 Maaslijah, Farhang 54 MacKey, Robert E. 50, 107 Madon, Robert L. 65, 107 Maggard, Vernon, 65, 107 Maguire, Edwin J. 65 Manning, Alexander 40 Manning, J. T. 107 Manuel, James R. 65, 107 Marcum, Billy C. 107 Marcum, Conley 58, 87, 120, 121, 122, 125, 126 Marcum, Ted J. 65, 87, 125 Marlowe, Betty S. 65 Martin, Dennis O. 50 Martin, Donnie 65 Martin, Janice 65, 114, 115 Martin, Joella 65 Martin, Sharon 65, 91 Martin, Vaughn 58 Masingil, Homer 65, 107 Mason, Sandra A. 41, 82, 96, 97, 99, 111 Mason, Troxell O. 65, 124 Matthews, Bonnie 65, 93 Matthews, Roger 58 Maxwell, William 58, 78, 83, 85, 97, 100, 127 Meyers, Billy Joe 65, 90 Middleton, Lydia 41, 82, 96, 97, 99 Miller, Diana L. 65, 83, 101 Mills, Dorothy F. 65 Mills, Jerry E. 65 Mir, Florentino 45, 50, 88, 103, 126, 127 Mitchell, Allen R. 55, 58, 78, 91, 97 Mitchell, James G. 65 Mitchell, Raleigh 50, 81, 87, 90, 94, 101, 126 Moberly, Wanda 58, 86, 93 Moleton, John R. 65, 90, 106 Monroe, Phyllis 54 Moore, Margaret 65 Moore, Paul S. 41, 103, 111, 112, 114, 120, 121, 125, 126 Moore, William 107 Moses, Carolyn 50 Mosher, David 65, 78, 88 Mott, Theodore 54 Murphy, Foster Pat 58, 128 Murphy, Robert 58, 107 Murphy, Thomas 66, 78 Murrell, Bruce 50 Myers, John Wesley 66 Nasr, Anton 59 Nealis, John S. 66, 88, 106 Newton, John W. 66 Norman, James H. 59, 87, 126 O ' Moore, James M. 66, 78 Orr, John 66 Osteen, Robert D. 59, 88, 127 Overstreet, Elmer L. 59 Owens, Hubert O. 51 Pak, Byung Koo 59, 83, 93 Parker, James W. 66, 78, 83 Parks, Harold Gene 51, 107 Parks, Richard W. 66 Parr, Robert T. 51, 81 Patterson, Abraham 66, 96, 97 Patterson, Magdalene 66 Patton, Patsy 41, 80, 82, 85, 91, 93, 99, 118 Patton, Tamara 66, 89, 90 Payne, Don 54 Peace, Mary Dee 66 Pendleton, Lanie Anne 66, 80 Perdue, Mary E. 41, 94 Perkins, Phillip E. 41, 97 Perkins, Tim 54 Perry, Glenn E. 51, 83, 95 Perry, Ramona S. 59 Pfoff, Robert E. 66, 107 Pickard, Donald 66 Pitman, Garth Ian 66, 85, 94 Pollitte, George V. 66, 88 Pollock, James 66 Pope, Roberta 45, 51, 94, 95 Porter, David D. 59, 86 Poteat, Kenneth E. 66 Powell, Walter, Jr. 42, 84, 85 Power, Michael 51, 87, 90 Pridemore, Franklin 51, 87, 90 Prindle, Jack B. 51 Privett, Kay 51, 80, 83, 100, 106 Pyles, Claudette 59, 82, 90, 104, 106 Racicot, Francis 107 Radney, Lillie 66 Ramsey, Jeanne 51 Rankin, Donald 66, 90, 128 Rayfield, Jean 66, 85, 90, 96 Reese, Q. V. 66 Reichenbach, Iris 66, 106 Reynolds, Alene 59, 94 Reynolds, James L. 59, 86, 93 Rhodes, Betty Jones 51 Rhodes, Cecil 51 Rich, Betty Ann 51, 82, 102 Richards, Blair 66, 78, 97, 103 Richards, Joseph 52, 83, 94 Riley, Danell 66, 83, 85, 97 Rivel, John L. 66, 78 Robbins, Nancy L. 52, 78, 97 Robbins, Wallace C. 59, 97 Roberts, Birney E. 52 Roberts, Christine 59, 78, 90, 92, 101 Roberts, David 59, 78 " , 87, 88, 90 Roberts, Katheryn 66, 78, 97 Robertson, Gene H. 66 Robinson, David 66, 88 Rosseau, David 66, 90, 127 Rouse, Ellis S. 66, 88 Russell, Carmenia 59, 94, 106 Russell, Ella Sue 66 Russell, John H. 59 Sa ' d, Samih 66 Salman, Ronald G. 59, 78, 85, 97 Sams, Othella 55, 59, 82 Sanderson, Doris M. 66, 94 Sandlow, Linda 59, 82 Satterfield, Patsy 52, 94 Saunders, Charlene 42, 78, 83, 92, 103 Scalf, Donald Ray 67 Scent, Judy 96 Sell, Norbert 67, 90 Sellards, Betty J. 52 Shackleford, Edward 52, 120, 121 Shapland, Art 42, 87, 94 Shaw, Marilyn Gail 52 Shelor, William E. 67, 125 Shephard, Frances S. 42, 94, 106 Shephard, Jack 67 Shephard, John E. 67 Shephard, Rex A. 67 Shir, Mohammad 67 Simons, Austin C. 52, 92 Simpson, Kenneth 67, 97 Simpson, Martha G. 59, 80, 82, 89, 106 Skidmore, Doris 59, 94 Skinner, Ora 42 Slusher, Leonard K, 42, 87, 106, 126 Slusher, Sonia 67, 89, 94, 106 Slusher, William W. 67 Smallwood, Barbara 67 Smith, Alvin 59 Smith, Arthur A. 52 Smith, Delores A. 67 Smith, George H. 67, 107 Smith, Herman 52 Smith, John M. 67 Smith, Judith 67, 85, 94, 106 Smith, Patricia S. 67 Smith, Robert M. 67 Smith, Thelma 67 Snodgrass, Evan 59, 78, 90 Spangler, Donna S. 61, 67, 90 Stair, Ernest 59, 78 Steele, Teddy G. 67 Stewart, Billy J. 32, 43, 91, 95 Stivers, Catherine 60, 96, 97 Stokes, Ted Neil 43, 86, 101 Stone, John Harold 67, 93 Stone, Robert E. 52, 106 Stranahan, Curtis J. 67 Streng, Rudolph J. 52, 78, 85, 90, 93, 104, 106, 127 Strunk, Judith E. 53, 87, 89, 91, 94, 97 Swanger, Carl 60 Swenk, Ton Robb 67, 90, 106, 127 Swisher, James C. 67 136 TREADWAY BROS. 820 North Main Street Building Materials Phone LI 6-3357 Barbourville Kentucky COTTON ' S 1 HOUR CLEANERS Expert- Dry Cleaning LI 6-4182 Court Square Barbourville, Ky. RAPP LUMBER AND READY MIX Building Materials for Every Need Phone LI 6-3606 Barbourville Kentucky LONDON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Phone 4-2156 London, Kentucky 137 Student Index Tabor, Jim 67 Taylor, Joanne 67, 106 Thakore, N, Elisha 54, 83 Thomas, Billy R. 67, 107 Thompson, Myrtle 53 Thornbury, Ronald E. 32, 43, 91, 95, 99, 103, 106, 111 Tisdale, Barbara A. 67, 85, 106 Todd, Elizabeth 43, 92, 95, 100, 111 Torres, David 53, 90, 126, 127 Tower, Harriet L. 67, 106 Troglen, Wanda 43, 94, 102, 104, 106 Truitt, Roger L. 60, 87, 88, 126, 128 Turner, Don M. 60, 87, 120, 121 Tye, Mary C. 53, 92 Tyler, Reed 60, 81, 83, 90, 120 Uhler, J. Robert, II 43, 78, 87, 99, 111 Underwood, Elizabeth 67 Unterreiner, Robert 60, 87 Vail, John Truman 67, 78 Valentine, Rose 53 Van Home, Robert D. 53, 78, 81, 83, 87, 88, 125 Vesconti, Emile 57 Wagener, Katheryn 67, 80, 89, 104 Wallace, Nancy 67, 83, 94, 106 Warren, John D. 44 Warren, Pauline 67 Warren, Wilma Jean 68 Warring, Rees 60, 78, 81 Webb, Minnie K. 53, 86, 93, 106 Welch, Mary Nancy 53 Wells, Raymond D, 68, 83, 86 Werr, Fayez Yousef 68 Wesley, Margaret 53, 80, 82 West, Glen Ray 68 West, Richard A. 60, 87, 124, 125 White, James H. 44, 87, 125 White, John Edward 60 White, Joyce 54 White, Noel 53, 78, 87, 88, 99, 120, 121, 126 White, Paul 44 White, Ruth C. 68 White, Willard 44, 94 Williams, Gale 104 Williams, Peggy 44, 82, 90, 94, nO, 103, 106 Williams, Wilma G. 60 Williamson, James R. 60, 87, 124, Wills, Aubrey Daryll 60, 86 126 Wills, Donald Allan 60, 78 Wilson, Anne 53, 89, 97, 106, 114, 115 Wilson, Glenda 60, 78, 80, 82, 93, 94, 99, 106, 115 Wilson, Robert K. 68, 97 Woiciechowski, Shirley 44, 82, 94, 106 Wolf, Joan R, 54, 90, 106 Woods, Barbara Anne 60, 93, 96, 97 Wooton, Alvis 68, 124 Wyrick, Judith 68, 115 Yang, James P. S. 68 Yang, John C. 68 Yetman, James O. 68 York, N. Lucille 60, 85 OTHERS Barber, Charles 126 Barnett, Joe 125 Barrows, Erma 96 Brown, Pat 105 Burton, Vicki 98 Darling, Shirley Neely Davis, Ellen 98 Fenis, Jack 125 Guth, Liz 105 Holt, Ruth 98 Hopper, Jane 105 Hughes, Irene 98 Ingalls, Shirley 105 Johnson, Harold 98 Johnson, Warren 98 Koun, Dave 125 Knuckles, Mrs. Sampson 98 Raines, Eila Carlisle 98 Rosenbaum, Jimmy 125 Scent, Kay 98 Steele, Juanita 105 Stewart, Patricia 98 Stringer, Barbara 98 Todd, Jim 125 Treadway, Mrs. Shirley 98 Van Home, George 125 Hale, Rex 125 Hampton, Paula 96 Holcomb, Margaret 105 Henegar, Clyde 98 Holt, Don 98 Mackey, Delores 105 McMurtry, John 98 Miller, Mrs. M. 105 Mitchell, Mrs. George 98 Mosely, Sue Sizemore 98 White, Augusta 70 White, Harden 126 Wilson, Percella 105 Wilson, Mrs. Keith 98 Wynn, Beverly Patrick 98 138 GOLDE ' S DEPT. STORE Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky MODERN BAKERY It ' s New! It ' s Twisted! Bunny Bread Gives You That Extra Flavor Telephone 1800 Harlan Kentucky MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS (Incorporated) ' niii.xK K . Middlesboro L Wgg ■ Kentucky THE BANK OF HARLAN Harlan Kentucky 139 The Advocate sponsors workships for worthy Union College students. Pictured, left: Dick Shaw, Kenneth McDonald, foreman Glennis Burton and Bob Gatton. Underwood Typewriters and Sundstrand Adding Machines All Makes of Porfables. Complete repairs on office machines. ADVOCATE OFFICE Phone LI 6-3175 CECIL H. WILSON ' 38 Bcrbourviile, Ky, FAULKNER RESTAURANT Home Cooked Food Just off the Square Barbourville, Kentucky FRANK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " On The Square " Outfitters for Men, Women and Children Barbourville Kentucky Visit TYE ' S For Bobby Brooks Blouses Sweaters and Skirts Knox Street Barbourville Kentucky POPE LUMBER COMPANY Phone LI 6-4136 Barbourville, Kentucky 140 POOR MAN ' S FRIEND G. E. - Maytag - Hot Point Dixie and Bottle Gas Phone LI 6-3101 Barbourville Kentucky J. B. LOAN COMPANY Loans up to $300 Friendly Courteous Service 910 N. Main St. London, Ky. Phone VO 4-5189 LAUREL GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale Grocers East Bernstadt, Kentucky DIXIE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE " where tobacco always sells higher " Phone VO 4-4276 London Kentucky LUNCH QUEEN and THE HUNGRY HOUND RESTAURANT Call for the next Dinner, Party or Banquet Food Well Prepared Ph. 9130 - HUNGRY HOUND Ph. 9155 - LUNCH QUEEN Corbin Kentucky HERFF-JONES COMPANY DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS School and College Jewelry Graduation Announcements Medals - Cups - Trophies Jewelers to Union College Indianapolis Indiana 141 UNION NATIONAL CORA ' S BANK DEPARTMENT STORE Member Federal Deposit Corporation Deposits Insured up to $10,000 for each Jonathan Logan Dresses Depositor. Majestic Sportswear Member Federal Reserve System Vanity Fair Lingerie Maiden-Form Brassieres Savings Accounts We Sell Travelers Checks Ph LI 6-3148 Barbourville, Ky. Complete Banking Service Barbourville Kentucky OLDFIELD R. E. WILLIAMS INSURANCE AGENCY COMPANY For the Best in Insurance 5 - 10 - 25c Store Prompt Claim Service Phone LI 6-4147 Phone LI 6-3767 212 Knox St. Barbourville, Ky. Barbourville Kentucky CATRON MOTOR BACK ' S FLORIST COMPANY Member of Your Friendly Ford and Mercury Florist Telegraph Delivery Service Dealer 328 Knox Street Phone 303 or 304 Barbourville Kentucky Corbin Kentucky Royal New and PORTER Typewriters Used WALGREEN STORE BISSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT Prescriptions - Cosmetics COMPANY Luncheonette Typewriters are our Business Phone LY 8-2866 r and not a sideline Monchester Kentucky Ph. 977 Corbin Ph. 315 Harlan 142 oc€i mtci Fancy Canned Foods Distributed by HALE BROTHERS Fresh Fruits Vegetables Morristown, Tennessee LOUIS DRIVE-IN Try one of our famous Louisburgers Curb Service LI 6-3302 Barbourville Kentucky WILLIAM ' S STORE Kuppenheimer Suits - Arrow Shirts McGregor Sports Shirts Florsheim Shoes Barbourville Kentucky COLLEGE INN A Good Place To Gather College Street Barbourville Kentucky KNOX MOTOR CO. UNIVERSAL GARAGE Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Cadillac - Chrysler Plymouth - Willys Soles and Service Pineville Road Barbourville Kentucky ENGLES STUDIO Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky The Finest in Photographic Equipment and Supplies 143 144 Weel{s-roiv.is8n!l Blsmorlal Ubraiy Union College Barbcurvil. ' D, KY 40906 ' • V» ' 4?-- m? ' fci ' . -r: s ' ■Ail mi i ■ V . ... i ' i ' tf- ■■• ■ A -?Ki;! • . -. - iWenWITLrofaTy Union College BarboumlE KY 40906 «r .. i s - ' l V ■ Mi K ' i ,; y -.•- y « »A tt ijjwt. v rf-j6 CO CO C C m ■»- CO O CO lO O 0) iv r - en • -C fO T-H o H . -»» J-VV ' i-Msmr : ' I Jl S aMBaMStoL— f -.■ wm-y,:; -: ' . • ■ . ' -i,ix-., --v, v« rr- , ■v- rv " v , • : ■ ' .n? ' v .:;:.-■.• ■• ■ ' •v .,•: . ' :. " ;. ■v ' : • :: .t.?, ,.• .V- ' ' »a,-- ; :. i 4 ;• r. • ' . ' r ,- .. f ' It- ' ■% i« ij ' ; .•■ r ■; ' ■ f ■■■v., ' " i?,. » V ' -.V : .. ■ . ■ ' ' : ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ■■ ' r- -1 5 ■- ' ■v.- ■ . ' ■ ' ' (- ' ■ ■ i: " . V: ; v ' ;- ' --5 Vi " . • ■ ' — •• %-;; - ;, ' . . V A- ' ! ' , I ' " ' . ' ' ■ i . _. ■ f ' f ' £. ,; iK.,j. • - ' i ' ■ ' ' ..;;:. ' .r j , :k ' f ,i f- i ' V,,,- ' ■ ' ■ ' i ' . V ? ::.j ■ ; ' ' ie ?.- ' " ..: -,; ' j f : " • ' ■• ■«• r ,-, ■ Jk- t ■ ' r-.- ■ ' f ' ■ -j. ■■• ' ' A -- " .■,•,:, ' i V ■ , ..v - t)5 ■■■. . ' i

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