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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102199 7 Abigail i£. Wttks Memorial lEibrar Inion (Eollpgp Venn ' s Offif UNION COLLEGE ttAfl r»llPV!LLE KFMTUCt rv 5gf tespean ' 58 p ,- ll»te. I WW " « T ' Top left: Mr. Barbero helps Lydia over a rough spot. Above: Like mqst ' life guards, Frank meets the approval of Claudette and Sally. Left to right: A touch of the post is portrayed by the capti- vating dance of the Lehr- bergers. A Record of 1958 Activities of Students of Union College. Above: The Conway Boatman Chapel is one of the campus beauty spots. Above, right: Louonna Burton and Bill Stewart find time to plan the evening extracurricular activities. Top, right: Ronnie Eckler blasts one out over center field. For, right: Dr. Anita Bolinger and Dr. Robert Bryden check develop- ments on their project in hydra biology. Right: The southern end of the campus is the scene of the daily noon-hour rush. MrfittHBidHBiHlriiM liHiifiii M .. ' 5 . A " ■ and Four phases of activities InstrtMotional Administration 17 Faculty 22 Classes 31 Mtwreationai Features 105 Activities 67 Physival Athletics 117 Varsity Sports 119 Intramurals 125 OrfftMwaiatMiional Organizations 77 Advertising 131 The growth of Union College has been a continuous one since 1879. The original acreage has grown from 2 to 70. The faculty which at first consisted of the president and 3 teachers has grown to 40, and the student body now numbers 700. Campuw Views A Dream Fulfilled With the completion of the swimming pool, a long time dream for Union has come true. The pool is a main center of student life as well as being an important part of the Physical Education department. Doris ponders before plunging. ' nA We Learn Together Above all other college activities is the learning process. Seeds are planted in fertile, active minds, and these grow into ideas and inspirations that lead to mental maturity. Dr. Bolinger gives an illustrated lecture to her science laboratory. H. G. learns the techniques as Miss Moore Are Sandra, Pat, and Delores working toward a Mrs. administers an intelligence test to Stephen degree? Campbell. 11 We Share Aetivities Special interest groups and activities that include the entire stu- dent body provide varied experiences in campus social life. Above, right: The all-school breakfast has been pre- pared by Miss Pot ' s Recreotionol Leadership Class. Above, left: The choir is " All aboard " for their an- nual tour. Below: " Am I next? " Nancy asks Patsy, as Betty arms Willard against the flu bug. Student §naps ' Side by side " " Hello, young lovers " " Tea for two? " 14 " Getting to Know You " " Shall We Dance " ' In The Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening ' " Let ' s Foil In Love ' ' f -.% 5lirTi " |iri PR! AIDLNT W2 DEAN REGISTRAR 1 1 »f " u «1 J ■ ' m 1 1- 111 I : ' ! ' J ■ f 1 i ■ i : 1 - " .-• f ADMINISTRATION . Don Herron, President of Alumni Association, pre- sents Dr. and Mrs. Boatman with a new T. V. set at this year ' s Homecoming Banquet. The President . y . ■4 Conway Boatman, A.B., B.D., M.A., D.D. Dr. Boatman For the past 20 years Union has grown, physically and academically, under the conscientious direction of Dr. Conway Boatman. The past two years have seen the expansion of Stevenson Hall and the completion of the swimming pool. Plans for the near future include a new gym- nasium and more dormitory facilities for girls. Dr. Boatman ' s work is endless, and his efforts are constantly directed toward the betterment of this institution. 19 y J- Assistant to the President Mr. Mahlon H. Miller performs many duties in his capacity as Assistant Presi- dent. As Director of Religious Life he has done much to improve Union ' s Religious Emphasis Week program. He is an active sponsor of the U.C.C.A. and has taught in the Department of Religion and Phi- losophy. Mr. Miller is in charge of the student workship program and was respon- sible for establishing six senior assistant- ships. Dean of the Faculty Dr. John H. Boyd (A.B., M.A., Ed.D) has a background of outstanding accom- plishments in Education. During his term as President of the Kentucky Education Association, Dr. Boyd was instrumental in initiating the Minimum Foundation Pro- gram for the State of Kentucky. Dr. Boyd has been the influence behind the steady improvement of Union ' s curriculum, and was responsible for the faculty self-study program that made possible the renewal of Union ' s teacher training program. He has achieved much for the cause of education in Kentucky, as well as win- ning the respect and admiration of faculty and students. 20 Donold P. Brown, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Vivion Bradley, B.S. in Ed., Assistant Dorothy Lucas, B.R.E., M.A., Regis- Business Manager and Treasurer. in the Library. trar. Atiwninistratifc Personnel Marion Thompson, B.A., M.L.S., Milton Townsend, A.B., M.A., Direc- Mory Owen, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Dean Librarian and Instructor in Librory tor of Public Relations and Alumni of Women and Professor of English. Science. Affairs. 21 Division Chairman Chorles W. Simms, B.S., M,A., Ph.D., Chairman of the Division of Educa- tion; Head of the Department of Education; Professor in Education. Donald J. Maxwell, B.A., M.A., Chair- man of the Division of Fine Arts; Head of the Department of Fine Arts; Associate Professor in Music Educa- tion. Robert R. Bryden, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Chairman of the Division of Sciences; Head of the Department of Biology; Professor in Biology. Erwin S. Bradley, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of the Division of Social Studies; Head of the Depart- ment of History and Political Science; Russell M. Bennett Memorial Pro fessor of History and Political Science. Horace R. Weaver, B.S, in Ed., A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D., Chairman of the Di- vision of Religion and Philosophy; Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy; Francis Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion and Philosophy. Leonard W. Roberts, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of the Division of Languages, Head of the department of English; Professor of English. Faculty W. David Ashburn, A.B., M.A., As- sistant Professor of English and Dra- matics. Aceste J. M. Borbera, B.S. in Music Education, M.A. in Violin end Har- mony, Instructor of Orchestral Instru- ments. Anit-a I. Bolinger, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology. Herman Bush, A.B., M.A., Head of the Department of Physical Educa- tion; Athletic Coach. Donald Christinas, B.M., M.M , In- structor in Piano. Elsie Forman, A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of Business. 23 Faculty Richard L. Harper, B.M., M.M., In- structor in Organ. John J. Lehrberger, A.B., M.A., Instructor in Mathematics and Sci- ence. Inez B. Livingston, B.S. in Education, M.A., Instructor in Home Economics. Jean Lyons, R.N., Instructor in Nurs- ing Arts. R. G. McRoe, B.A., M.F.A., Assistant Professor of Art. Constance Marigold, A.B., Part-Time Instructor in French. FtMculty Gordon Marigold, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Modern Lan- guages. J. Lorue Millen, B.S., M.Ed., Assist- ant Professor in Social Studies. Reno Milliken, A.B., M.A., Head of the Department of Business and Associate Professor of Business. Kathleen Moore, A.B., M.A., Asso- ciate Professor of Elementary Educa- tion. Helene Parry, B.S., M.S.S.A., Part- Time Instructor in Sociology. Francis Patridge, B.S. in Education, M.A., Associate Professor in Physical Education for Women. |ynOl E. W l MEMORIAL LIBRARY UN CN COLLEGE toARaOURVILU. KENTUCKY Faculty Melvin C. Peoeock, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Instructor in English. Mary PeHus, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics. Warren Robbins, B.S., M.A., Asso- ciate Professor of Education. Donald L. Shaw, B.S. in Ed., Instruc- tor in Physical Education. H. G. Sink, A.B., Ph.D., Head of the Department of Physical Science; Pro- fessor of Physical Science. Arthur E. Spurlock, B S. in Ed., MS., Instructor in Business and Economics. Facttitff Donald Welch, A.B., B.D., Part-Time Instructor in Religion and PInilosophy. Irene Williams, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor in English. SttMtt William E. Blackburn, A.B., Superin- tendent of Buildings and Grounds. Coroline B. Boatman, A.B., College Hostess. Ruth Bogordus, Counselor at Women ' s Residence. Patricio Brown, Secretary in the Office of the Dean, 27 Staff Doris Campbell, Secretary to the Assistant to the Presi- dent. Mamie D. Carson, Secre- tary in Public Relations Office. Al Creosy, College Chef. Ethel Creasy, Assistant Chef. Hazel V. Hamilton, R.N., College Nurse. Ruth Hissam, Bookstore Operator. Jack H. Long, Bookkeeper and Assistant Treasurer. Mildred Maggard, Assistant Accountant. Kathryn McAllister, Secre- tary to the President. 28 Staff Wilma Taylor Pickard, Oper- ator of the Snack Shack. Ernestine Richardson, B.S., Dietitian. Fannie Roberts, Matron of Women ' s Residence Hall. Ora M. Senters, Secretary In the Office of the Dean. Dorothy Shaw, Secretary to the Business Manager. Donna J. Sink, Secretary in the Public Relations Office. Eugene Taylor, AS., M.A., Counselor of Men ' s Resi- dence Hall. Myrtle Wilson, Secretary in the Office of the Dean. STUDENTS 31 Agusta White, Secretary Wayne Lambert, Treasurer Carl Wynn, Vice-President Ardy Wright, President Senior Class Offiwrs Seniors BARRY BACON Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., January, 1958. Vocation: Business. WILLIAM BALL Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Vocotion: Business. 32 Seniors CHARLES BARBER Ashland, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union Col- lege Christian Association, Council; " U " Club. Vocation: Accountant. ERMA BARROWS Norwood, Massachusetts A.B,, May, 1958. Activities: Oxford Club, Treasurer; Beta Chi Alpha; Play- likers; Alpha Psi Omega, Sec. -Trees.; Art Club, President; Kappa Pi; Union College Christian Association; French Club, President; A Cappella Choir; Orchestra; Orange and Black; Art Award. Vocation: Art. GRACE BENNETT V illiamsburg, Ky. A.B., January, 1958. ARNOLD BISHOP Fall Rock, Kentucky A.B., January, 1958. Vocation: Teach- ing. 33 Seniors BERNICE BOGGS Loyall, Kentucky A.B., January, 1958. Activities: Union College Christian Association; Orange and Block; Future Teachers Association; International Relations Club; Beta Chi Alpho; Dean ' s List. Vocation: Teaching. MAYREE BOOZE Evorts, Ky. A.B., August, 1958. SAMPS BROCK Hyden, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Ploylikers Club; International Relations Club, Presi- dent; A Cappella Choir. Vocation: Teacher. LANE G. BROYLES Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Intramural Sports. Vocation: Teaching. BOBBIE D. BUCHANAN Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Vocation: Teaching. GLENNA VICKERS BURTON Booneville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union College Christian Association; Future Teachers; Ploylikers; Home Economics Club, Vice President; Sophomore Class Secretary; Iota Sigma Nu Award, Geiss Home Economics Award, Soph, ond Junior years; Orange and Block, Scho- lostic Scholarship. Vocation: Teaching. Not Pictured: Bertie Bostic, Kenneth Brosheor. 34 Seniors GEORGE BUTTON Northampton, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Playlil ers; Alpha Psi Omega; Union College Chris- tian Association; Future Teachers o America; Intramurals; A CappeIJa Choir, President and Student Director; Orches- tra; Oxford Club. Vocation: Teaching. MICHAEL L. CAMPBELL South Bend, Indiana A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Oxford Club; Union College Christian Associa- tion; " U " Club; Playlikers; Varsity Track and Tennis; Intramurals; Christian Children ' s Fund Chairman; Starlighter ' s Band. Vocation: Ministry. EILA JANE CARLISLE Kenvir, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities; Future Teachers of America; Union College Christian Association. Vocation: Teach- ing. ROBERT CHAPPEL Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Orange ond Black; Student National Education Asso- ciation; International Relations Club. Vocation: Teaching. GLEN CLARKSTON Cincinnati, Ohio A.B., May, 1958, Activities: Basketball- Baseball; Union College Christian Asso- ciation; President Baptist Student Union; Freshman Orientation Committee; " U " Club; Track. Vocation: Coaching. CHARLES EDWARD CROLEY Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B., January, 1958. Activities: Intra- mural Sports; International Relations Club; Orange and Black; Men ' s Dormi- tory Council. Vocation: Chemist. Not Pictured: Laura Carnes, Helen M. Chestnut, Mossie Collett, OIlie Corey, Mary S. Craig, Marjorie D. Creasy, Wilma Creekmore. 35 Seniors DAVID DAVIES Harlan, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: A Cappella Choir; Baptist Student Union; Orange and Black Business Manager; Orienta- tion Committee; Alpha Psi Omega; Union College Christian Association; Student Notional Education Association, Vice President; Student Senate; Playlikers. Vocation: Teaching. ANDY DUDLEY Winchester, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Treasurer Sophomore Class; Stespean; Orange and Block; Intromurols, Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Track; " U " Club; Stu- dent National Education Association; Union College Christian Associatfon; Freshman Orientation Committee; Men ' s Dormitory Council. Vocation: Coaching and Teaching. MITZIE EGGERS Benhom, Kentucky Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; Secretary of College Choir; Opera Workshop; Opera; A Cappella Choir; College Orches- tra; Basketball Queen Attendant. INA MAE ENZOR Barbourville, Kentucky MARGARET FELDMAN South Bend, Indiana A.B., August, 1958. Activities: Inter- national Relations Club. Vocation: Teaching. ROBERT T. FINK Junction City, Ohio A.B., May, 1958. Not Pictured: Elizabeth Daniel, Hozel Dotson, Dorothy B. Engle, Hattie S. Engle. Seniors THOMAS FINNEY Worcester, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1958. Vocation: Ministry. FRANCES FOLEY Gray, Kentucky B.S., August, 1958. Vocation: Teaching. JAMES BRADLEY FOUTCH Benham, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Vocation: Teaching. BENJAMIN B. GALLION Victoria, Virginia A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Student National Education Association; " U " Club; Union College Christian Associa- tion; Intromurals; Tennis Team. Voca- tion: Coaching and Teaching. JOYCE HOLWAY GRANGER Hubbardston, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Iota Sigma Nu; Alpha Psi Omega; Union College Christian Association; Oxford Club; Ploy- likers; Orange and Black; Gambit Staff; Germon Club; International Relations Club; A Cappella Choir; Beta Chi Alpha; Orchestra; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion. Vocation: Teacher, ROBERT GRANGER Elmira, New York A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Oxford Club; Union College Christian Associa- tion; French Club. Vocation: Ministry. Not Pictured: Nora E. Erasure, James Guffey. 37 Seniors REX HALE New Castle, Virginia A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Baseball; Playlikers; Union College Christian Asso- ciation; Student National Education Association; Starliters;, " U " Club; Quill Club. Vocation: Coaching and Teoching. LOYAL C. HELTON Gray, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Art Club. Vocation: Teaching. EDITH HENDERSON Borbourville, Kentucky A.B„ May, 1958. CLYDE HENEGAR Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. CECIL EDWARD HENSLEY Alva, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Track Team; Oxford Club; Union College Christian Association; President of Junior Class; Intromurols. Vocation: Ministry. RUTH KREBS HOLT Ludlow, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union Christian Association; Playlikers; A Cop- pello Choir; Oxford Club; Union College Trio; Orchestra; Artist Series Committee. Vocation: Teaching. Not Pictured: Bennie H. Mammons. Seniors DONALD LEE HOLT Maiden, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Orchestra; A Cappella Choir; Union College Chris- tian Association President; Starliters; Playlil ers; Religious Life Committee; Intromurols. Vocation: Ministry. MALCOMB T. HOSKINS Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., January, 1958. Vocation: Business. IRIS L. HUIE Corbin, Kentucky A.B., January, 1958. ERNEST JACKSON Place, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. HAROLD JOHNSON Flint, Michigan A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Oxford Club; Ploylikers; Alpha Psi Omega, A Cappella Choir; Intromurols; Freshman Orientation; Union College Christian Association; Radio Program Committee. Vocation: Ministry. TONITA SUE TIPPLE JOHNSON Union City, Indiana A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union Col- lege Christian Association; Oxford Club; Ploylikers, Sec.-Treas.; Student Notional Educotion Association; A Cappella Choir; Women ' s Athletic Association; Orches- tra. Vocation: Teaching. Not Pictured: Pascal Hurst, Estelle A. Howard. 39 Seniors WARREN E. JOHNSON Leicester, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Playlikers, President; Alpha Psi Omega; American Chemical Society; Orange and Black, Assistant Editor; German Club; Experi- mental One Act Plays. Vocation: Medicine. BOBBY A. KINDER Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. BEN KINNINGHAM Flat Lick, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Vocation: Teaching. DAVID G. KOUNS Ashland, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Vice Presi- dent, Council; Junior Class Treasurer; " U " Club, Sec. -Trees.; Art Club; Varsity Baseball; Intramurals; Oxford Club; Orange and Black, Circulation Manager; Freshman Orientation Committee; Men ' s Dormitory Council; A Cappello Choir; Playlikers. Vocation: Ministry. WAYNE G. LAMBERT Blackwater, Virginia A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Pi Gamma Mu, Vice President. Vocation: Teacher. DARRYL LEE Clarkston, Michigan A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union Col- lege Christian Association; Men ' s Dormi- tory Council; American Chemical Society; Intramurals; International Relations Club. Vocation: Teacher. Not Pictured: Edgar C. Jones, Nellie C. Jones,. Bertha Knuckles. 40 Seniors PAUL A. LIGHT Jellico, Tennessee A.B., January, 1958. Activities: Pastor of a small church. Vocation: Teaching. EUGENE W. MANICURE Coeburn, Va. A.B., August, 1958. JOHN G. McMURTRY Sudbury, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union Col- lege Christian Association; French Club; Stespeon E ditor; Veteran ' s Club; Photog- raphy Club. Vocation: Pharmacy. BILL MOSLEY Neon, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Playlikers; Baptist Student Union; Union College Christian Association; Student Senate; Alpha Psi Omega; Dormitory Council. Vocation; Doctor. SUE SIZEMORE MOSLEY Hyden, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha, Treasurer; Union College Chris- tian Association; Cheerleader; Women ' s Dormitory Council, Vice President; Baptist Student Union. Vocation: Teach- ing. CLAYTON H- MULLIS Rockhold, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Vocation: Teacher. Not Pictured: Zora Lovitt, Austin Madon, Amanda Meyers, William E. Miller, Ewing W. Miracle, Ben Davis Moore. 41 ScgBBors SHIRLEY SHEFFIELD NEELY Appalachia, Virginia A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Art CTub, Secretary; Playlikers, Vice President; Alpha Psi Omega, Cast Director; Orange and Black; Stespean; French Club; Union College Christian Association. Vocation: Teaching. J. C. NEWPORT Pineville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Vocation: Accountant. CLYDE PARKER Grays, Kentucky A.B., January, 1958. BONNIE PAYTON Campbeilsville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Student Na- tional Education Association; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Playlikers; Pep Club. Vocation: Teaching. LESLIE PERKINS Rockhold, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. NAN PERKINS Rockhold, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Not Pictured: Relelia Owens, Edna Gibbs Parks, Effie Mae Partin. seniors H. G. PRATT Vicco, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Baptist Stu- dent Union; Student Government, Presi- dent; Union College Christian Associa- tion; Orange and Black. Vocation: Teach- DARRELL PURSIFUL Four Mile, Kentucky January, A.B., 1958. MARGARET QUINN Mt. Hermon, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. RAYMOND SALYER Coeburn, Virginia A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union Col- lege Christian Association; Men ' s Dormi- tory Council; Student National Education Association; Intramurals; Monitor, Stevenson Hall. Vocation: Teacher. CLARENCE T. SCOTT Wallins, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Intramural Sports; Veteran ' s Club; Playlikers; Future Teachers of America; Commuters Club. Vocation: Educational Administra- tion. CALVIN SHOCKLEY Stuart, Virginia A.B., January, 1958. Activities: Student National Education Association; Union College Christian Association. Vocation: Teaching. Not Pictured: Alma M. McGeorge, Ruth Robinson, Pearl G. Rollins, Walton T. Saylor, Rosa M. Silvine, J. Gilbert Slusher. 43 Seniors DONALD SOWDERS Artemus, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Vocation; Business. ETHEL M. SOWDERS Artemus, Kentucky A.B., August, 1958. JOHN R. SMITH East Templeton, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1958. Activities: A Cappella Choir; International Relations Club; Trock Manager; Methodist Student Movement Notionol Delegate; Orange and Block; Pi Gamma Mu; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Oxford Club; Pep Club; Who ' s Who; Ploylikers. Voca- tion: College teaching. MARGIE SUE STEPHENS Corbin, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha, Secretary; A Cappella Choir; Union College Christian Association, Treasurer; Orchestra. Vocation: Teach- ing. PATRICIA A. GIBSON STEWART Flat Lick, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Future Teachers of America; A Cappella Choir. Vocation: Teaching. BARBARA J. SMITH STRINGER Bimble, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Scholastic Scholarship; Intramural Sports; Pi Gam- ma Mu; Orange and Black; Mr. ond Mrs. James F. Blair Scholarship Senior year. Vocation: Teaching. Nof Pictured: Mallie S. Smith, Cora Lee Stewart, Nannie Mae Stivers, James H. Thompson. Seniors FANNIE TINSLEY Tinsley, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. BOYD R. TODD Eubank, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activ Pi Gamma Mu. Vocation; ties: President Accountant. JAMES TODD Lawrence, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Oxford Club; Union College Christian Associa- tion; A Cappella Choir; Track; Baseball; Religious Life Committee; Class Officer; " U " Club; Orange and Black; Christian Children ' s Fund Chairman; Starliters; Intramurols; French Club; National Methodist Scholarship; John A. Black Memorial Scholarship; Dean ' s List; Methodist Student Movement; Soper Prize; Vogel Prize. Vocation: Ministry. MARY KREBS TODD Ludlow, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Union Col- lege Christian Association; Oxford Club; A Cappella Choir; Orchestra; Union College T. r i o; Playlikers; National Methodist Scholarship; Dean ' s List; Ger- man Club; Opera Workshop; Methodist Student Movement; Union College String Quartet. Vocation: Director of Religious Education. GEORGE R. VAN HORNE Ashland, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Vice Presi- dent, Secretary Oxford Club; President Union College Christian Association; Baseball; Feature Editor, Assistant Editor Stespean; International Relations Club; " U " Club; Religious Life Committee; In- tramurols; German Club; Methodist Stu- dent Movement; Trinity M e t h o d i st Church Scholarship. Vocation: Ministry. OVAL GORDON WARREN Eubank, Kentucky A.B., August, 1958. Vocation: Teacher. 45 Seniors AUGUSTA WHITE Danville, Ke ' ntucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Oxford Club; Playlikers, Secretary; Beta Chi Alpha, Vice President; Orange and Black; Women ' s Dormitory Council, Treasurer, President; Freshman Orienta- tion Committee; Union College Christian Asso ' ciation, Secretary; Alpha Psi Omega; Student Senate. Vocation; Social Work. MARTHA WHITE Cottongim, Kentucky A.B., August, 1958. BRUCE WHITNEY New Milford, Pennsylvania A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Oxford Club; Orchestrb; Union College Christian Association; Intromurols; French Club. Vocation: Ministry. KENNETH W. WITT Corbin, Kentucky January, A.B.. 1958. ARDY C. WRIGHT Elkhorn City, Kentucky A,B,, May, 1958. Activities: President Freshman, Sophomore and Senior Class; Orange and Black; Freshman Orienta- tion Committee; Student Senate; Presi- dent of American Chemical Society; German Club. Vocation: Doctor. BEVERLY H. PATRICK WYNN Paintsville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: Future Teachers of America, Vice President; Student Notional Education Association, President; Union College Christian Asso- ciation Council; Oxford Club; A Cappella Choir; Orange and Black; Quill Club; Miss F. T. A. Vocation: Teaching. Not Pictured: Laura E. Walker. 46 Seniors CARL MARTIN WYNN Paintsville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1958. Activities: U.C.C.A.; Oxford Club; Orange and Black; Presi- dent of Sophomore Class; Vice President Senior Class; M.S.M.; Student Govern- ment; Choir. Vocation:- Lawyer. Second Scnucster Students Front Row: Dorcas Falor, Linda Gay Beneleit, Barbara Byington, Joyce Cobb, Betty Snowden. Second Row: Jerry Barker, Manuchehr Shir Mohammad, Evan Snodgrass, Richord West, William Maxwell, Robert Gravenstine. Bock Row: Douglas Hendricks, Leonard Sears, Vernon Liford. Junior fJlass 4m- - ■ Wallace Huttoif . . E. M. Combs . . . . Linda Giles . . . . Betty Gregory ' . . . Lee Johnson ... ...- ' .. President . . Vice President . _; ,,- T-56ciretary . r . . . Treasurer ..... Chaplain JuBniors mk Vernus Anders Robert E. Arnett Zack T. Banks Dewey W. Bradley Roberta J. Bryant Louanna Burton Doris A. Cannon Clevis D. Carter John C. Carter Margaret Chappel Mary Ellen Cobb Elhanan M, Combs 49 Suniors Marjorie Combs Marvin Crane Fernando Cress Bernice Detherage Ralph D. Duggers Franklin Earle Harold S. Edwards Susie H. Ellison Jimmy A. Elmore Teddie Engle Joseph Feller Joan E. Fletcher JfunBors Myra A. Frost Linda E. Giles Marijuna Golden Joe W. Goodwin Howard M. Gosnell Charles Grant Betty B. Gregory Glen D. Hammons Vernon Hart Ferrell H. Henegar ' 1 Wallace Mutton Ramon Jackson Juniors Melvin C. James Robert A. Jameson Wilma Jenkins Wm. David Jenkins Ada Lee Johnson James Wm. Johnson James S. Jordan Preston Jordan David D. Karr Alvin Keith D. Kay Kundrat Arthur Lanham 52 Juniors John W. Little William E. Lombar Said Khair Mansour Sandra A. Mason Harold Mauney Mary S. Messer Edsel McCown Lydia Middleton Paul S. Moore Pedro Esden Phillip Perkins Walter Powell 53 Jfuniors Charlene G. Saunders Art Shapland Frances T. Shepherd Ora Adkins Skinner Leonard K. Slusher Lloyd Smith, Jr. Lowell Spurlock Billy J. Stewart Ted M. Stokes Ronald Thornbury Bobby Tiller Elizobeth Ann Todd 54 Juniors Wanda I. Troglen Lowell T. Turner Joseph R. Uhler iohn D. Warren Paul White Willard L. White Peggy J. Williams Shirley Wojciechowski Donald E. Wugal Sophomore Class Officers Ann Wilson - Secretary John D. McClure - Treasurer Betty Dudley - Vice President Pat Jasper - President Austin M . Anderson Nancy J. Baker Christine Bonks Joseph L Barnett Se ell T. Barrett Eugene Bennet Mabel Bingham Stella Bin gham 56 F n h — ■— ■ - ■1 r " ' ■ .• k il " -,.. William A. Campbell Marvin G. Combs Morton Combs Jennings Corum Mary E. Danforth Naomi Jane Dew Rose Marie Dunhom Ronald P. Eckler Sophs Johnny E. Bowling Carroll F. Britch Walter R. Brooker Delores J. Brown Judith Buckley Virginia a L. Bugg Glen B iurch Jan T. Buttermore 57 Sophs Clyde M. Evans Robert L. Gatton Charles Gilley Carolyn Gillespie Erwin Gilliland Max R. Glass Edward A. Gregory Mary Violet Hamilton Dave Hamm Sandra L. Hammons Calvin C. Hays Frank Henley, Jr. Robert Hodnefield Norman L. Holbrook Donald M. Hopper Patrick L. Jasper Roger Jordan Henry C. Kersey Arthur King Albert E. Kitchner Billy Langley Jack C. Lewis William Logue William McAndrew Sophs Terry R. McCane John D. McClure Rufus McGeorge Bob H. McGuire Dean McGurk Nancy J. Mcintosh David W. McKenzie Robert Edward Mac key Carol Marland Paulo S. Moynord Florentine Mir Raleigh Mitchell James Norman Anna L. Parker Robert Parr Ina M. Potridge Patsy Ann Potton Glen Perry Roberta Pope Beverly J. Presnell Franklin D. Pridemore Jac k D. Prindle Kay A. Privett Betty J. Rhodes Sophs Betty Ann Rice Fred Rice Beulah Robbins Nancy L. Robbins Hamid J. Sako Patsy Ann Satterfield Anthony W. Sears Austin Simons Christine Smith Herman Smith Lloyd D. Stephens Robert E. Stone Judith Strunk Barbara Taylor Roberta Thompson David Torres Robert Unterreiner Robert Van Home Jimmy Watkins Minnie K. Webb Bonnie J. Wesley Margaret Wesley James H. White Noel White 60 i I I FreshmuMt Offiv« rs Tommy Adams . Vice President Bob Ostein .._ Treasurer Cliff Lewis President Betty Jane Duff Secretary Frosh Thomas Adams Sandra Anderson Louanna Baird Tommy Ball John C. Ballard Jane B. Beaman Sandra S. Beidel Elaine Bent Linda Bickel Odell N. Bingham Barbara J. Blanch John H. Bloyd Bert Boggs James N. Bowden John H. Britton Kenneth Ray Brooks Sarah K. Broughton Deborah Brown Edgar S. Brown Mary Bruce Ellen R. Buchanan Judith Bullock Alberta Burnett Ortis R. Burns Carol Ann Caley Wilma J. Collihon Joyce Campbell Roy Blair Conady Margie S. Cannon Sue C. Caudill Ronald Collier Merle Correll Judith A. Corson Mary R. Cowan Phoebe A. Cox Frosh Jane Ann Crabtree Sandra Sue Crockett Don Crow Thomas Crumb Robert W. Cummings Sally Curtis Betty L. Dudley Betty J. Duff Ronald Dunk Charles Edwards Gordon Edwards Lucille Edwards Don Elom Clara Sue Farley Lawrence Farley James Farmer Walter Ray Farmer Dorothy Fiske Katherine Fleming Joseph D. Florence Brendo Galloway Nancy Leo Glen Virgil Goodin Donald Grabell Virginia Gray Bertha Marie Greene Fred S, Grigsby Margaret Holcomb Robert Halcomb Stanard E. Hall Charles Hambrick Axie K. Mammons George Hensley Barbara R. Holstein James T. Holt Frosh Thomas B. Home Clara Howard James R. Howard Sharon L. Hughes Janice Hyde Gale E. Ireland Mack Jemley Carrie E. Johnson Ishmoel Johnson Billy Jones John A. Jones A. Kenneth Jones Patricia A. Jones Gerald Kelsey James Kinningham Joan Kinningham Emily J. Krohn George Lambert J. D. Lay Mary Alice Lay Pete Leavitt Betsy N. Lehrberger John E. Leveridge Clifford Lewis Lillian R. Lewis Virginia L. Lewis Patsy Logsdon Betty J. McCracken Phillip P. McDonald Mary Alice McKee America McKeehon Stanley McNeil Conley C. Marcum Teddy J. Morcum Ronald E. Martin 1 ;t 64 JFrosh Vaughn Martin Roger Matthews Dorothy Mills Robert Miracle Allen Mitchell Wanda Moberly Phyllis Monroe Thomas Moore Willcrd Morris Margie Cox Murphy Robert Murphy Avid N. Napier Anton N. Nasr Robert D. Osteen Malcolm Pace Tamara Patton Estill Perkins Ramona Perry Betty Pickard Susan Poe David Porter Michael J. Power Denver Pratt Guy R. Pratt Mary C. Pyles Garneft J. Quesnell Reggis Rego Judith Reitz Alene Reynolds James L. Reynolds Roy Risner Wallace Robbins Birney C. Roberts Bruce Roberts Christine Roberts 65 Frosh Jimmy Rosenbaum David D. Rosseau Carmenia Russell Ronald Gene Salman Nona Mae Salmons Othello Sams Linda Sandlow Pratorn Sav angvarorose William E. Shelor Dole Guy Simpson Martha Gay Simpson Doris Skidmore Harold Slusher Sonya Ann Slusher Alvin Smith Thelma Smith Ernest R. Stair Catherine Stivers Carl Swonger, Jr. John Edgar Symes Jo Ann Taylor Roger L. Truitt Don M. Turner Morris R. Tyler Peggy Vannoy William Vincent Rees Warring Dora L. West Harden White Jim Williamson Aubrey Wills Anne Wilson Glenda Wilson Barbara Woods Lucille N. York i ikiki kJfA 66 ACTIVITIES 67 Dramatics The past two years have seen much activity in the Drama Department. Lost Spring Union was the first college in America to present the controversial play, Waiting for Godot. In February three original one-act plays were produced experimentally by students. This was highly successful and has been inaugurated as an annual drama activity. The first major production of this year was Darkness at Noon adapted from Sidney Kinglesy ' s novel of the Russian purge trials of the 1930 ' s. In March, Mr. Ashburn presented Don Juan in Hell as a faculty reading, using three student assistants. A comedy is planned for the Spring production to offset the predominance of serious plays done during the past two ygars. Above: Gogo and Didi " pass the time " under the tree. Below, left: " But he will come tomorrow? " Didi asks the little messenger from Mr. Godot. Beolw, right: Diversion with the appearance of Poggo and Lucky. The " Darkness " cast receives some enlightenment from Director Ashburn. " Rubashov arrested — pass it on — pass it on! Ivanoff attempts to help Rubashov from the other side of the " curtain. " Luba finds it difficult to concentrate on Ruba- shov ' s dictation. Spring Festival Spring officially comes to Union with this gay festival. Under the artistic direction of Miss Patridge, the gym is transformed into a colorful wonderland where anything from c Cinderella Boll to a Broadway musical might transpire. Mr. Blackburn and his crew build sets and the activity classes pool their talents to make this production a delightful welcome to the spring session. Left: Queen Joan Fletcher is crowned by President Boatman. Below: Anna O ' Dell, Hilda Willis, Ann Wilson, and Marjorie Combs, attendants to the lovely Queen Joan. Above, left: " Do-si-do left — " Above: " The Barber Shop Four. " Left: " . . . and Dan ' l blazed the trail. " Beaux Aris Bali - " , i ■ ■ ' ORGANIZATIONS 1 .r Front Row: Jan Buttermore, Joyce Holway, Augusta White, Tony Johnson, Shirley Neely, Ermo Barrows, Mr. Ashburn. Middle Row: Pete Leavitt, Carroll Britch, Harold Johnson, Warren Johnson, Bill Mc- Andrew. Back Row: George Button, Bill Mosely, David Davies. Alpha Psi Omega Membership in this National Honorary Dramatics Fraternity is gained through the accumulation of points which must be earned in two or more different phases of dramatic production. The Zeta Chi Cast is our local chapter. Shirley Neely Cost Director Harold Joh nson Stage Manager Erma Barrows Business Manager Back Row: Ardy Wright, Dovid Rosseau, Thomas Crumb, Pedro Esden. Front Row: Katherine Webb, Said Mansour, Donald Hopper, Wanda Moberly, Elizabeth Johnson, Dr. Sink. American Chemical Society The A.C.S. is affiliated with the na- tional organization and is composed of students majoring in chemistry. Through various activities and outside speakers it makes the students better acquainted with opportunities in this field. Ardy Wright, President; Donald Hopper; Vice President; Katherine Webb, Secretary- Treasurer; Elizabeth Johnson, Reporter. Right: A. C. S., " All ' s Certainly Sociable. " 79 Front Row: Myra Frost, Claudette Pyles, Nancy Glenn, Frances Shepherd, Sandra Beidel. Back Row: Mr. McRae, Sue Crockett, Nancy Baker, Erma Barrows, Wanda Troglen. Art Club The aim of the Art Club is to promote a greater appreciation and interest in art. The art students share their activities with the entire student body in such ways as the Beaux Arts Ball, student and faculty exhibits, and on annual project of the club is the sale of Christmas cards designed and screen printed by the members. A chapter of the Kappa Pi National Honor- ary Art Fraternity has recently been es- tablished and an award is given to an out- standing art student each year. Erma Barrows President Wanda Troglen ...... Vice President Myra Frost Secretary Frances Shepherd Treasurer 80 Beta Chi Alpha The Greek letters BXA of this social sorority stand for beauty, culture and art. It places emphasis upon the development of social graces and the promotion of social activities on campus. This year BXA spon- sored the sale of corsages at the home- coming dance, a talent show, Christmas dinner and formal dance. Joan Fletcher, President; Linda Giles, Vice President; Marijuna Golden, Secretary; Naomi Dew, Treasurer; Reporters, Betty Ann Rice, Bernice Boggs; Sponsors, Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Maxwell. Below, Standing: Betty Ann Rice, Margaret Wesley, Bonnie Wesley, Marijuna Golden, Joyce Holvvay, Erma Barrows, Marjorie Combs. Second Row: Lydia Middleton, Mitzie Eggers, Sondra Mason, Sue Mosley, Linda Giles, Patsy Patton. Front Row: Marjorie Stevens, Augusta White, Shirley Wojciechowski, Naomi Dew, Doris Cannon, Joan Fletcher. Above: " This is beauty, culture, and art? ' Women ' s Dormitory Council Above: Dean Owen enjoys a rare mo- ment of peace and quiet. This council is the student governing body of the women ' s residence halls. They help to make rules and standards of conduct that maintain the policies of consideration and cooperation in dormi- tory liv ing. Below, Seated: Margaret Wesley, Marjorie Combs, Katherine Fleming, Augusta White, Jane Beaman, Judy Corson, Jonie Crabtree, Sharon Hughes. Standing: Roberta Thompson, Sue Caudill, Kay Kundrat, S. K. Broughton, Dean McGurk, Garnett Quesneil. Above, left to right: Bill Lombari, Ronnie Eckler, Noel White, Johnny Bowling, Jack Prindle, Raymond Salyer, H. G. Pratt, David Kouns, and Arthur Lanham. Below: Mr. Taylor, Dean of Men. Men ' s Dormitory Council These officers, elected by the residents In the men ' s dormitory, work to improve and promote higher standards of dormitory life. 83 Above, Back Row: Glenn Perry, Robert Chappel, George Van Home, John Smith, Charles Croley, Said Mansour, Bill Lombari. Front Row: Liz Todd, Marijunc Golden, Marjorie Combs, Charlene Saunders, Roberta Thompson, Ramona Perry. International Relations Club The promotion of interest in nationol and international affairs is the aim of this organization. It is affiliated with the national organization sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the promotion of World Peace, Samps Brock, President; Charlene Saunders, Vice President; Roberta Thomp- son, Treasurer; Marjorie Combs, Secretary. Left: Dr. Jerome Davis discusses Middle East problems with President Brock and fellow students. 84 Oxford Club and Auxiliary The Oxford Club and Auxiliary is an organization of students who are antici- pating the ministry or full-time employ- ment in church related vocations. The meetings provide a spiritual atmosphere for informal discussions of the aspects of Christian living. The club is active in pro- moting Christian ideals and principles throughout the school and community. An annual week-end retreat is the Club ' s major event. Front Row: Judy Reitz, Mary Todd, Carolyn Gillespie, Mary Danforth, Joyce Granger, Charlene Saunders, Nancy Robbins, Dean McGurk, Augusta White, Toni Johnson, Stella Bingham, Anne Fiske, Mr. Miller. Second Row: Dr. Weaver, Albert Kitchener, Pedro Esden, Ron Salmon, Robert Granger, Michael Camp- bell, George Von Home, James Todd, John Jones, Austin Anderson, John Symes, Ishmael Johnson, Roger Matthews, Merle Correll. Third Row: Art 85 1 Front Row: Billy Mosley, Stan Hall, Mike Powers, Ronald Salmon, Mr. Ashburn. Second Row: Tony Johnson, Barbara Blanch, Augusta White, Erma Barrows, Judy Buckley, Beulah Robbins, Rose Marie Dunham, Sandra Anderson. Third Row: Shirley Neely, Bill McAndrew, Joyce Holway, Myra Frost, Sue Crockett, Noncy Robbins, Katherine Webb, Bonnie Wesley, Liz Todd, David Dovies, Patsy Patton. Back Row: George Button, Thomas Crumb, Harold Johnson, Jan Buttermore, Sarinps Brock, Carroll Britch, Pete Leavitt, Warren Johnson, Walter Powell, Walter Brooker. Playlikers The Playlikers Club, under the direc- tLon of Mr. David Ashburn, gives students with an interest in dramatics ample oppor- tunity to develop and express their talents backstage as well as on stage. More varied experience is gained through theatre trips to surrounding colleges to see professional productions. Warren Johnson President Bill McAndrew Vice President Augusta White Sec, and Treas. I. CCA. This fellowship of students is powerful in enriching spiritual life on Union ' s campus. Every Thursday night a vesper service is held, and on Sunday morning a radio program called " Music and Meditations " is sponsored by this organization. The U.CC.A. also supports 2 Korean orphans and raises money for dona- tions to other worthy causes. ' The beauty of nature is explored at Cumberlond Falls. ' 87 Left Row, front to back: Charles Barber, James Johnson, Robert Unterreiner, Ronald Eckler, Raleigh Mitchell, Leroy McNeil, Noel White, James Norman, Andy Dudley. Front Row, left to right: Judy Strunk, Paul Moore, Naomi Dew, Bud Lanham, George Van Home, Doris Cannon. Right Row, front to bock: David Kouns, Bob Van Home, James Todd, Mike Campbell, Glen Clorkston, Clyde Evans, Wallace Hutton, Art Shopland. ' U " Club Any athlete who wins a letter in intercollegiate competition or any girl elected as cheerleader may be eligible for membership in the Varsity " U " Club. The Club sponsors the homecoming queen and her court and the Homecoming Dance each year. 88 Circle K Club The Circle K Club, organized at Union during the 1956-57 school year, is a service club which is a college youth project en- couraged by the Kiwanis Club. It is a character building group which offers serv- ice on the campus, to the school and to the community. Members are carefully selected from the Freshman Class each year. Ronnie Eckler, President; Pete Leavitt, Vice President; Pat Jasper, Secretary; Noel White, Treasurer. Pat records the receipt of a check, as President Eckler smilingly discloses the amount. Front Row: Pot Jasper, Noel White, Pete Leavitt, Ronnie Eckler, Bob Van Home, Ronald Salmon, Guy Pratt. Back Row: Carl Swanger, Al Kitchener, Gerald Kelsey, Ronald Dunk, Bob Osteen, Bruce Roberts, Florentino Mir, Bob McGuire, William Logue, Roger Matthews, Max Glass. 89 Above, Front Row: Naomi Dew, Virginia Lewis. Back Row: Mrs. Livingston, Judith Strunk, Ann Wilson, Sandra Hommons, Loucnno Burton. Below: " Too many cooks ? ' Home Economics Club Open to all girls interested in home economics is the Home Economics Club sponsored by the Department of Home Economics. This club seeks to promote leadership, initiative and social grace. Activities for the yegr include a tea for graduating members and a spring banquet. President, Louanna Burton; Sponsor, Mrs. Inez Livingston. student Senate The Student Senate has been organized to promote student government and responsibility. Its members work for cooperation and understanding between the student body and the administration of the college. Front Row: Art Wright, Pete Leavitt, Martha Simpson, H. G. Pratt, Augusta White, Wallace Hutton, Jim Tom Holt. Back Row: Cliff Lewis, J. J. Feller, Pat Jasper, Arthur Lanham, Ronnie Eckler, David Davies, Billy Mosley. 91 Front Row: Charlene Saunders, Carroll Britch, James Todd, Sandra Mason, Christine Roberts, Virginia Bugg. Bock Row: Mrs. Marigold, Dr. Marigold, Eliza- The French Club is made up of stu- dents with an interest in the French lan- guage and culture, and Mrs. Marigold ' s delicious refreshments. Meetings are carried on in the true French spirit, with the singing of French beth Todd, Shirley Neely, John McMurtry, Jean Lyons, Bonnie Jean Wesley, Peter Leavitt, Nancy Robbins, Albert Kitchener, Erma Barrows. songs, and with special interest programs pertaining to the French civilization. Although one of the newer clubs on campus, the French Club has already gained much interest and popularity among the students. French Club C ' est bon! ! 92 German Club The German Club was organized last year by Dr. and Mrs. Marigold. Students in German enjoy programs that are both en- riching and informative and the fellowship outside the classroom prompts greater interest and appreciation of the German language and culture. Left to right: Mrs. Marigold, Dave Kouns, George Von Home, Bill Mosley, Ardy Wright, Warren John- son, Robert Van Home, Mr. Marigold. De Deutschverein schant Bilder an. 93 Standing: Miss Moore, Marijuna Golden, Toni John- son, Eilo Jane Corlisle, Shirley Wojciechowski, Linda Giles, Joan Fletcher, Raleigh Mitchell, Margaret Chappel, Robert Chappel. Fifth Row: Morjorie Combs, Deborah Brown, Paula Sue Maynard, Doris Cannon, Margaret Quinn, Bonnie Payton, Andy Dudley. Fourth Row: Doris Skidmore, Linda Bickel, Judy Corson. Third Row: Sue Caudill, Sally Curtis, Jane Beomon, Michael Power. Second Row: Kay Kundrat, Bill Lombari, Sonya Slusher, Clara Howard. Front Row: David Davies, George Button, Thomas Crumb, Elizabeth Todd. Student NEA David Davies and Miss Moore witness the signing of the charter by president Beverly Wynn. The Student National Education Asso- ciation is the professional organization for students preparing for a teaching career. This college and university chapter is a follow-up of the high school club, Future Teachers of America; however, it is on a more professional basis as its members have actually begun preparation toward achieving their goal, being a good teacher. 94 Pi Gamma Mu This National Social Science Honor Society seeks to inspire social service by an intelligent approach to the solving of social problems. Union ' s Kentucky Beta Chapter is open to outstanding students in the field of social science. The chapter makes an annual presentation of medals of honor at the Rosenwald graduation. Below, Seated: Larue Millen, Barbara Stringer, Toni Johnson, Boyd Todd, Wayne Lambert, Elizabeth Todd, Rena Milliken, Helene Parry. Standing: John Smith, Worren Robbins, Harold Johnson, Don Holt, Milton Townsend, Charles Simms. Above: President Boyd Todd explains by-laws to neophyte Liz Todd. 95 Music Ai Cappeila Choir The Union College A Cappeila Choir, directed by Mr. Maxwell, is composed of students interested in choral music. Tak- ing part in weekly chapel services and pre- senting two major concerts on campus each year are the main activities of the choir. An annual event is the spring concert tour, which took the choir this year on an ex- tended tour through various midwestern and southern states. i u Colleffc Orchestra The orchestra is open to all students who play instruments and are interested in symphony music. Under Mr. Barbera ' s di- rection two major concerts are presented yearly. 97 The way to a 2.3? Iota Si ma Nu Established to promote high standards of scholarship, this honorary fraternity is open to those who meet certain scholastic requirements. Medals are awarded by ' this fraternity to the Freshman and Sophomore who make the highest scholastic average in their respective classes for the year. The fraternity meets annually on Alumni Day for a luncheon and the initiation of new members. Back Row: Mrs. Chorles Hommons, Mrs. ' Shirley Treadway, Jr., Mary Williams, Don Welch, Marlene Maynard, Mrs. Robert Granger, Diane Murley, James Smith, Joseph J. Gillespie, Ellen Davis, Rose Taylor, Myrtle Hamilton. Second Row: Mrs. Neil Benjamin, Mrs. Conway Bootmon, Mrs. Mildred Storey, Mrs. Buford Clark, Mrs. James Smith, Mrs. Keith Wilson, Mrs. Sampson Knucl les, Kay Scent. Front Row: Mrs. George Mitchell and Walter Dick. 98 Freshman Orientation Committee ...tfii Above: " Keep off the grass, Freshmen! " Below: Naomi Dew, Noel White, Augusta White, David Davies, David Kouns, Delores Mackey, Miss Millil en, Margaret Wesley, Joseph R. Uhler, Betty This committee of upperclassmen or- ganizes the activities for the Freshman class ' s first week on Union College campus. The events are planned to acquaint the Freshmen with college life and to make their adjustment from high school to col- lege more easy and pleasurable. Ann Rice, Paul S. Moore, Judith Strunk, Glen Clorkston. 99 JL Black. VOL XXXIV NO. 4 UNION COLLEGE, BARBOURVILLE, KY. DECEMBER 13. 1937 Ae QlmdAimal Standf And il came to pass in those clays, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus. Ihat all the world should bo xed. (And this ti made when C crnor of Syria.) And all went to be taxed. e ery one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the cily ot Nazareth, into Judea, unto .he city of David, which u called Bethlehem; (because ho was of the house and lineage o[ Da ' d ) the glory of the Lord shone round about them; and they sore afraid. And the angel said unto ;hem. Fear not; for. behold, I bring you good tidmgs of rreat joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a which is Christ tlie Lord. And this shall be a sign t ' nto you; Ye shall find the babe wiapped in swaddling ..InTlv: H ' inp in a maneer. WITH THE CHURCHES FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 9 45 an;. Sunday School ;i 00 am. Morning V orship 5 30 p.m. MSM V 15 p.m. Evening Worship Wednesday 6:45 p. m. Choir Rehearsal FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m Morning Worship 5:30 pm. BSU 6:30 p.m Training Union 7:30 p.m. Evening Worship Thursday 8:00 a.m. YWA Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Prayer Meeting rriadv 7:30 p.m. Choir Rehcars.-il FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 9:45 an. Sunday School " Amahl Presents Famed High! Visitors " A Wonderful Sigli! ° Coming Tonigtifl The Orange and Black The Orange and Black is the diary of campus life. Pictures and copy are centered on the daily happenings, important events, and interesting personalities. On the editorial pages, the students ' viewpoint is presented, and some creative work is printed. The staff works many hours to moke the Orange and Black depict a broad picture of life on Union College Campus. Front Row: Charles Crowley, Peggy Williams, Judieth Reetz, Johnny Lever- age, Christine Roberts, Nancy Mcintosh, Elojne Bent, Betty Rice, Glenda Wilson, David McKenzie, Walter Brooker, Tom Crumb, Judy Buckley, Raleigh Mitchell. Bock Row: Don Elom, David Porter, Virginia Bugg, John Smith, Paula Maynard, Wanda Troglen, Marjorie Combs. 101 Left to right: William Lombari, Florentino Mir, Andy Dudley, Betty Ann Rice, Charlene Saunders, Ada Lee McClure. Stespean Staff Shirley Neely, Wanda Troglen Editor John McMurtry Associate Editor .... Ada Lee McClure Literary Shirley Neely Asst Literary Editor .... Betty Ann Rice Business Manager Bill Stewart Circulation Manager Bill Lombari Sports Editor Pete Moore Asst. Sports Editor Andy Dudley Art Editor Wanda Troglen Typists Linda Sandlow Charlene Sanders Florentino Mir Photography Staff Bill Lombari Denver Pratt Through the four phases of college activity runs the thread of co-operation without which the chain of events of col- lege life would be missing its strongest link. We of the Stespean Staff, utilizing the " links " which you have supplied have spared no effort in our endeavor to knit together this chain indicative of another year at Union College. Bill Stewart and Mr. Spurlock discuss Stespean financial conditions. Left to right: John McMurtry, Editor; Wanda Troglen, Paul Moore, Shirley Neely. 103 FEATURES 105 iltiss- i ' niffn Augusta J. White 3§r. Union James G. Todd David Davies Augusta White Ardy Wright W fo ' s f9 ho In A mcrican MJniwrsitics antt Colleges Beverly Wynn J. C. Newport 108 Harold Johnson Mary Todd James Todd John Smith Joyce Granger Said Mansour 109 1 Spring Ft stia l Qucet Joan Fletcher Anne Wilson 1957 Spring Fcstivai Court Hilda Willis Marjorie Combs Anno Jane O ' Deil Homeeomin Betty Jane Duff Noncy Glen Patsy Satterfield ' Pardon me Pete, it ' s my turn. ' Joan Fletcher Old friends return, new queens are crowned and the alumni display their retained skill in basketball. Such is ' Union ' s annual Homecoming. Bomeconting Quven Judy Strunk 113 Queen of MMearts Margie S. Stephens JMouniain M aurcl Kvprvscntativc Elizabeth Wesley Bacon 115 ATHIETICS 117 mijinr fi m Front Row: Don Turner, Conley Marcum, Pete Moore, Jimmy Elmore, Joseph D. Florence. Back Row: Charles Barber, Glenn Clarkston, Andy Dudley, Basketball Coach Bush Arthur Lanhom, .Clyde Evans, Wallace Hutton, Fred Grigsby, Coach Bush. Union College enjoyed one of its better basketball seosons in several years. This season marked the second year for head mentor, Herman Bush, who brought the Bulldogs home with an overall 12-10 record. The Bulldogs this year were sparked by two Freshmen and two transfers along with Bud Lonham in the starting lineup. These were backed by several returning lettermen. The Bulldogs started off the season very successfully with four straight wins, before their first loss to Centre December 14. After the Christmas holidays, the Dogs fell into a slump and lost several close games. Leading the scoring for the Bull- dogs throughout the season were Don Turner, Darrell Florence, and Bud Lanham. Darrell Florence was named to the All- 118 K.I.A.C. conference team. The Union Bull- dogs ended their regular season with 1 1 wins and 9 losses. A fighting bunch of boys went to the K.I.A.C. tournament in. Georgetown but were turned back 72-64 by Villa Madonna in the semi-finals after pull- ing the biggest upset in the history of the tournament by beating highly-regarded Georgetown in the opening round 51-49. Although Union enjoyed a very fine season, it is expected to be much better next year. Since they lose only two players, the Dogs are expected to be one of the strongest teams in the State. RECORD We Opponent They 95 L. M. U. 72 84 Tusculum ' 53 81 Milligan 67 64 Centre 70 86 Berea 64 77 Carson-Newman 72 54 Georgetown 97 71 Transylvania 63 101 Emory Henry 57 82 L. M. U. 90 80 Bellarmine 82 82 Carson-Newman 85 76 M iligan 84 75 Tusculum 73 89 Centre 59 83 Emory Henry 73 71 Transylvania 96 87 Berea 85 115 Pikeville 100 78 Villa Madonna K. 1. A. C. Tournament 85 51 Georgetown 49 64 Villa Madonna 72 ll. lll Darrell Florence Freg Grigsby Wally Hutton Bulldog Varsity " Bud " Lanham Jimmy Elmore Andy Dudley Clyde Evans Glen Clarkston Conley Marcum Charles Barber, Mgr. 121 i ••: ' s :i 0--fp.J i ♦ Front Row: Frank Pridemore, Mgr.; Leonard Slusher, Noel White, Gale Ireland, Joe Barnett, Don Shaw, Coach. Back Row: Jim Norman, Ray Canady, Jim Williamson, Fred Rice, Tom Adams, Charles Ham- brick. Junior Varsity The Union College Physical Education Department this year had, for the first time in several years, o Junior Varsity basketball team under the guidance of Coach Don Shaw. Although only six games were won out of fifteen played, the experience gained was far more valuable than the victories or the losses. The team was led by Joe Barnett, a service returnee, and Noel White, a returning letterman, but were backed up with fine play by Jim Norman, Ray Canady, and Jim Williamson. All in all, it was a profitable season and the Physical Education Department hopes that the team can be continued in future years. Leff to right: Margie Cannon, Lucille York, Solly Curtis, Doris Cannon, Pcfsy Logsdon. Cheerleaders Lucille York Patsy Logsdon Margie Cannon Doris Cannon Sally Curtis f,ffowsij ,JW ' Standing: Coach Don Shaw, Kenneth Jones, Ronnie Eckler, Dan Sullivan, Robert Koehler, Clyde Evans, Glen Clarkston, Jim White, Walter Brooker, Dorrell Pursiful, Frank Pridemore, manager. Kneeling: Bob Van Home, Raleigh Mitchell, Jimmy Rosenbaum, George Van Home, Tommy Wright, Bud Lampkins, Stanley McNeil, Rex Hole, Dole Pigg, and Don Baseball K. A. I. C. Champions Despite the fact that the Bulldogs won only 8 gomes and lost 11, they got their wins where they counted and brought home the K. I. A. C. crown. They enjoyed one of their better seasons in recent years under r Coach Don Shaw. With Walter Brooker leading the pitching staff and George Van Home leading the hitters, the " Dogs " were hard to beat in conference competition. 1957 RECORD We Opponent They 12 Cumberland 11 1 Centre 1 1 4 Centre 1 1 L. M. U. 5 3 Cumberland 4 4 Georgetown 5 Pikeville 6 3 Pikeville 8 7 L. M. U. 8 5 Carson-Newman 8 1 Carson-Newman 11 2 Transylvania 1 4 Transylvania 7 5 Emory Henry 6 7 Emory Henry 18 10 Centre 7 Centre 6 4 Berea 10 Berea 5 Left: Coach Shaw accepts c new challenge Terrific action slams home the trophy. % y K 125 Front row: Pat McDonald, Raleigh Mitchell, Noel White, Bill Johnson, Pete Moore. Back row: Jim Norman, Florentine Mir, Art Shaplond, Wally Hutton, Bud Lanham, Charles Barber, manager. Trad Despite the fact that the Bull- dogs lost five of their seven starts, the Union " thinclads " showed much improvement over the pre- ceeding year. As the record shows, Union lost several close meets to some of the stronger state colleges. Union ' s star, Pete Moore led the state in scoring with 137V2 points to his credit. Much im- provement is expected from Bud Lanham, Wally Hutton, Noel White, and Jim Norman. With these boys helping Pete Moore and Bill Johnson, K.I.A.C. dash champion, the Bulldogs are ex- pected to have a good season next spring. TRACK RECORD We Team They 61 Morehead 70 351 2 Eastern 951 2 26 Louisville 104 66 Georgetown 65 84 7 Centre 461 2 30 Eastern 92 27 Berea 98 Pete Moore 126 Bud Lanham heaves the shot. Bill Johnson, K.I.A.C. 100. yd. dash champion. m mt-i Left to right: Pete Moore, Bill Johnson, Wally Hutton, Noel White, John Holliman. Wally Hutton — Up and over " Big Wal. " 127 Tennis The Union team, faced with a tough schedule and with inexperienced players, had a poor record of 1 win and 12 losses. The team was in the building process this season and showed much promise for the near future. The team was composed of Mike Campbell, Jay Uhler, Ben Gallion, Doyle Swanner, Lowell Spurlock and John Belyea. Above: Jay Uhler, Lowell Spurlock, Ben Gallion, Mike Campbell, Coach Bush. Golf Co-Captains Andy Dudley and Linville Cain led the Union golfers to o successful season, with 3 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. The golf team, in its second year of compe- tition, placed third in the K. I. A. C. tourna- ment in Danville. Pete Moore and Bob " Unk " Unterreiner rounded out the squad. Although the loss of Linville Cain will hurt, the Bulldogs will have three returning lettermen to build around next year. GOLF RECORD We Team They 1672 Pikeville P 2 9 Centre 9 10 Eastern 8 4 Centre 14 13 Pikeville 5 51 2 Eastern 121 2 Left: Coach Bush, Andy Dud- ley, Pete Moore, Bob Unter- reiner, Linville Cain. Intramural Sports Put a saddle on him. What is it " Rog " ? Everyone wants the ball. Duke Barnette, student director of the intramural program. 129 ADVERTISING 131 Faculty and Staff Index Ashburn, W. David, 23, 71, 78, 86 B Barbera, Aceste J. M., 3, 33 Blackburn, William E., 27 Boatman, Dr. Conway, 18, 19, 73 Boatman, Mrs. Conway, 18, 27, 98 Bogardus, Mrs. Ruth, 27 Bollnger, Dr. Anita I., 4, 11, 23 Boyd, Dr. J. H., 20 Bradley, Dr. Erwin S., 22 Bradley, Vivian, 21 Brown, Dr. Donald P., 21 Brown, Patricia, 27 Bryden, Dr. Robert R., 4, 22 Bush, Herman, 23, 128 Campbell, Doris, 28 Carson, Mamie D., 28 Christmas, Donald, 23 Creasy, Al, 28 Creasy, Ethel, 28 Forman, Elsie, 23 H Hamilton, Mrs. Hazel V., 28 Harper, Richard L., 24 Hissam, Ruth, 28 Lehrberger, John J., 3, 24 Livingston, Inez, 24, 90 Long, Jack H., 28 Lucas, Dorothy, 21 Lyons, Doris Jean, 24, 2 M McAllister, Kathryn, 28 McRoe, R. G., 24, 80 Maggard, Mildred, 28 Marigold, Dr. W. G., 25, 92 Marigold, Constance, 24, 92 Maxwell, Donald J., 22 Millen, J. Larue, 25, 95 Miller, Mahlon A., 20 Milllken, Reno, 25, 95, 98 Moore, Kathlee n, 11, 25, 94 Owen, Dr. Mary E., 21, 82 Parry, Helene, 25, 95 Patridge, Frances, 25 Peacock, Melvin, 26 Pettus, Mary, 26 Pickard, Wilma Taylor, 29 R Richardson, Ernestine, 29 Robbins, Warren, 26, 95 Roberts, Mrs. Fannie, 29 Roberts, Dr. Leonard W., 22 s Senters, Ora M., 29 Shaw, Donald L., 26, 124, 125 Show, Dorothy, 29 Simms, Dr. Charles W., 22, 95 Sink, Donna J., 29 Sink, Dr. H. G. 26, 79 Spurlock, Eugene, 26, 1 03 T Taylor, Eugene, 29, 83 Thompson, Mariam, 21 Townsend, Milton H., 21, 95 w Weaver, Dr. Horace R., 22 Welch, Donald, 27, 98 Williams, Irene, 27 Wilson, Myrtle, 29 Student Index Adams, Thomas F., 61, 62 Anders, Vernus, 49 Anderson, Austin M., 56 Anderson, Sandra, 62, 86 Arnett, Robert E., 49 B Bacon, Barry W., 32 Baird, Louanna, 62 Baker, Nancy J., 56, 80 Ball, Tommy W., 62 Ball, William H., 32 Bollard, John C, 62 Banks, Christine, 56 Bonks, Zock T., 49 Barber, Charles E., 33, 88, 121 126 Barker, Jerry, 47 Barnett, Joseph L., 56 Barrett, Sewell T., 56 Barrows, Erma R., 33, 78, 80, 81, 86, 92 Beaman, Jane B., 62, 82, 94 Beidel, Sandra S., 62, 80 Beneleit, Linda Goy, 47 Bennett, Grace, 33 132 OCa OHt i Fancy Canned Foods Distributed by HALE BROTHERS Fresh Fruits Vegetables Morristown, Tennessee We equip your office BISSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Corbin Harlan GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Court Square Barbourville Kentucky MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS (Incorporated) Middlesboro Kentucky CHAPPELL ' S DAIRY, INC p. 0. Box 29 Middlesboro Branch It may be good and not be ours But it can ' t be ours and not be good Phone 41 133 student Index Bent, Elaine, 62, 101 Bickei, Linda, 62, 94 Bingham, Mabel, 56 Bishop, Arnold, 33 Blanch, Barbara J., 62, 86 Boyd, John H., 62 Boggs, Bernice, 34 Hoggs, Bert, 62 Booze, Mayree J., 34 Bowden, James N., 62 Bowling, Johnny E., 57, 83 Bradley, Dewey W., 49 Britch, Carroll F., 57, 78, 86, 92 Britton, John H., 62 Brock, Samps, 34, 84, 86 Brooker, Walter R., 57, 86, 101, 125, 124 Brooks, Kenneth, 62 Broughton, S. K., 62, 82 Brown, Deborah, 94 Broyles, Lane G., 34 Bruce, Mary, 62 Bryant, Roberta J., 49 Buchanan, Bobbie, 34 Buchanan, Ellen, 62 Buckley, Judith, 57, 86, 101 Bugg, Virginia L,, 57, 92, 101 Bullock, Judith, 62 Burch, Glen, 57 Burnette, Alberta, 62 Burnett, Gerald, 129 Burnes, Ortis R., 62 Burton, Glenna, 34 Burton, Louonna, 4, 49, 90 Buttermore, Jan T., 57, 78, 86 Button, George H., 35, 78, 86, 94 Byington, Barbara, 47 Coley, Carol A., 62 Callihan, Wilma J., 62 Campbell, Joyce, 62 Campbell, Michael, 35, 88, 128 Campbell, William A., 57 Canody, Ray B., 62 Cannon, Doris A., 8, 49, 81, 88, 94, 123 Cannon, Margie S., 62, 123 Carlisle, Eila J., 35, 94 Carter, Clevis D., 49 Carter, John C, 49 Caudill, Sue C, 62, 82, 94 Chappel, Margaret, 49, 94 Chappel, Robert R., 35, 84, 94 Clarkston, Glenn, 35, 88, 99, 121, 124 Collier, Ronald, 62 Cobb, Joyce, 47 Cobb, Mary Ellen, 49 Combs, Elhonon, 48, 49 Combs, Morjorie, 50, 72, 81, 84, 94, 101, 111 Combs, Marvin G., 57 Combs, Morton, 57 Correll, Merle, 62 Corson, Judith A., 62, 82, 94 Cowan, Mary R., 62 Cox, Phoebe A., 62 Crabtree, Jonie, 63, 82 Crane, Marvin, 50 Cress, Fernando, 50 Crockett, Sandra, 63, 80, 86 Croley, Charles E., 35, 84, 101 Crow, James D., 63 Crumb, Thomas, 63, 79, 86, 94, 101 Cummings, Robert, 63 Curtis, Sally, 3, 63, 94, 123 Danforth, Mary E., 57 Dovies, David L., 36, 78, 86, 91, 99, 108 Detherage, Bernice, 50 Dew, Naomi Jane, 57, 81, 88, 90, 99 Dudley, Andy C, 36, 88, 94, 102, 121, 128 Dudley, Betty L., 12, 56, 63 Duff, Betty Jane, 61, 63, 113 Duggers, Ralph D., 50 Dunham, Rose M., 57, 86 Dunk, Ronald E., 63, 89 Earle, Franklin, 50 Eckler, Ronnie P., 4, 57, 83, 88, 89, 91, 124 Edwards, Charles, 63 Edwards, Gordon M., 63 Edwards, Harold S., 50 Edwards, Lucille, 63 Eggers, Moe M., 36, 81 Elam, Donald B., 63, 101 Ellison, Susie H., 50 Elmore, Jimmy A., 50, 120 Engle, Teddie, 50 Enzor, Ina Moe, 36 Esden, Pedro L., 53, 79 Evans, Clyde M., 58, 88, 121, 124 Falor, Dorcas, 47 Farley, Clara S., 63 Farley, Lawrence N., 63 Farmer, James W., 63 Farmer, Walter R., 63 Feldmon, Margaret, 36 Feller, Joseph, 50, 91 Fink, Robert, 36 Finney, Thomas, 37 Fiske, Dorothy, 63 Fleming, Katherine, 63, 82 Fletcher, Joan E., 50, 72, 81, 94, no, 113 Florence, Joseph, 63, 120 Foley, Frances M., 37 Foutch, James B., 37 134 FRANK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE RICHLAND COAL COMPANY Outfitters for Men, Women and Children Barbourville Kentucky Court Square Barbourville, Ky. Compliments of BRITTON FUNERAL HOME CLAY COUNTY POST 7606 Calvin Britton Phone 2121 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Burial Insurance Ambulance Service Manchester Kentucky 132 Richmond Rd. Manchester, Ky, UNION NATIONAL BANK KENTUCKY Member, Federal Deposit Corporation MINE SUPPLY Deposits Insured up to $10,000 for each depositor COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System Incorporated Savings Accounts We sell Travelers Checks Complete Banking Service Harlan Kentucky Barbourville Kentucky 135 student Index Frost, Myra A., 51, 80, 86 Gallion, Benjamin, 37, 128 Galloway, Brenda E., 63 Gatton, Robert L., 58 Giles, Linda F., 48, 51, 81, 94 Gilley, Charles, 58 Gillespie, Carolyn, 58 Gilliland, Edwin, 58 Gloss, Max R., 58, 89 Glen, Nancy Leo, 63, 80, 113 Golden, Morijuno, 51, 81, 84, 94 Goodin, Joe W., 51 Goodin, Vergil L., 63 Gosnell, Howard M., 51 Granger, Robert, 37 Grant, Charles, 51 Gravenstine, Robert, 47 Greene, Bertha, 63 Gregory, Betty B., 48, 51 Gregory, Edward A., 58 Grigsby, Fred S., 63, 120 H Halcomb, Margaret, 63 Halcomb, Robert, 63 Hale, Lorry Rex, 38, 124 Hall, Standard E., 63, 86 Hambrick, Charles, 63 Hamilton, Mary V., 58 Hamm, Dove, 58 Hammons, Axie K., 63 Hammons, Glen D., 51 Hammons, Sandra L., 11, 58, 90 Hart, Vernon, 51 Hays, Colvin C, 58 Helton, Loyal C, 38 Henderson, Edith, 38 Hendricks, Douglas, 47 Henegor, D. Clyde, 38 Henegor, H. Forrell, 51 Henley, Frank, Jr., 58 Hensley, Cecil E., 38 Hensley, George, 63 Hodnefield, Robert, 58 Holbrook, Norman L., 58 Holstein, Borboro, 63 Holt, Donald L., 39, 95, 108 Holt, James T., 63, 91 Holt, Ruth Krebs, 38 Holway, Joyce E., 37, 78, 81, 86, 98, 109 Home, Thomos B., 64 Hopper, Donald M., 58, 79 Hoskins, Malcomb T., 39 Howard, Clara, 64, 94 Howard, James R., 64 Hughes, Sharon L., 64, 82 Huie, Iris L., 39 Hutfon, Wallace, 48, 51, 88, 90, 120, 126, 127 Hyde, C. Janice, 64 Irland, Gale E., 64 Jackson, Ernest, 39 Jackson, Ramon, 51 James, Melvin C, 52 Jomeson, Robert A., 52 Jasper, Patrick L., 56, 58, 89, 91 Jemley, Mack, 64 Jenkins, Wilmo, 52 Jenkins, Wm. David, 52 Johnson, Carrie E., 64, 79 Johnson, Harold H., 39, 78, 86, 95, 109 Johnson, Ishmael, 64 Johnson, James Wm., 52, 88, 126, 127 Johnson, Tonito Tipple, 39, 78, 86, 94, 95 Johnson, Warren, 40, 78, 86 Jordan, James S., 52 Jordan, Preston, 52 Jordan, Roger, 58 Jones, Billy, 64 Jones, John A., 64 Jones, A. Kenneth, 64, 124 Jones, Potricia A., 11, 64 Korr, David D., 52 Keith, Alvin, 52 Kelsey, Gerald D., 64, 89 Kersey, Henry C, 58 Kinder, Bobby A., 40 King, Arthur, 58 Kinningham, Ben, 40 Kinninghom, James, 64 Kinningham, Joan, 64 Kitchener, Albert S., 58, 89, 92 Kouns, Dovid, 40, 83, 88, 99 Krohn, Emily J., 64 Kundrot, Dorothy, .52, 82, 94 Lambert, George H., 64 Lambert, Wayne, 32, 40, 95 Langley, Billy, 58 Lanhom, Arthur, 52, 83, 88, 91, 120, 126, 127 Lay, J. D., 64 Lay, Mary Alice, 64 Leavitt, Peter D., 64, 78, 86, 89, 91, 92 Lee, Elmer Darryl, 40 Lehrberger, Betsy N., 3, 64 Leveridge, John E., 64, 101 Lewis, Clifford, 58, 61, 64, 91 Lewis, Lillian R., 64 Lewis, Virginia, 64 Liford, Vernon, 47 Light, Paul A., 41 COLLEGE INN A Good Place To Gather College Street Barbourville Kentucky BUSBY VARIETY STORE Gifts - Notions - Housewares Toys 201 Main Street Manchester Kentucky COTTON ' S 1 HOUR CLEANERS Expert Dry Cleaning Court Square Barbourville Kentucky Visit T Y E ' S For Bobby Brooks Blouses Sweaters and Skirts PHONE 10 Knox Street Barbourville, Ky. THE BANK OF HARLAN Harlan Kentucky student Index Little, John W., 53 Logsdon, Patsy, 64, 1 23 Logue, William, 58, 89 Lombari, William E., 53, 83, 84, 94, 102 M McAndrews, William, 58, 78, 86 McCane, Terry R., 59 McClure, Ada Johnson, 48, 52, 102 McClure, John D., 56, 59 McCoun, Edsel E., 53 McCracken, Betty J., 64 McDonald, Phillipp P., 64, 126 McGeorge, Rufus, 59 McGuire, Bob F., 59, 89 McGurk, Deane, 59, 82 Mcintosh, Nancy Jane, 12, 59, 101 McKee, Mary Alice, 64 McKeehan, America, 64 McKenzie, David W., 59, 101 McMurtry, John C, 41, 92, 103 McNeil, Stanley, 64, 88, 124 Mackey, Delores J., 11, 57, 62, 98 Mackey, Robert Edward, 59 Manicure, Eugene, 41 Mansour, Said Khair, 53, 79, 84, 109 Marcum, Conley C, 64, 121 Marcum, Teddy J., 64 Marland, Carol, 59 Martin, Ronald E,, 64 Martin, Vaughn, 65 Mason, Sandra A, 53, 81, 92 Matthews, Roger, 65, 89 Mauney, Harold, 53 Maxwell, William, 47 Maynard, Paula Sue, 59, 94, 101 Messer, Mary S , 53 Middleton, Lydia, 53, 81 Mills, Dorothy, 65 Mir, Florentino, 59, 89, 102, 126 Miracle, Robert, 65 Mitchell, Allen, 65 Mitchell, Raleigh, 59, 88, 94, 101, 124, 126 Moberly, Wanda, 65, 79 Monroe, Phyllis, 65 Moore, Paul S., 53, 99, 103, 121, 128, 126, 127 Moore, Thomas, 65 Morris, Willard, 65 Mosley, Bill, 41, 78, 86, 91 Mosley, Virginia Sue, 41, 81 Mullis, Clayton, 41 Murphy, Margie Cox, 65 Murphy, Robert, 65 N Napier, Avid V., 65 Nasr, Anton N., 65 Neely, Shirley, 42, 78, 86, 92, 102, 103 Newport, J, C, 42, 108 Norman, James, 59, 88, 126 Osteen, Robert D., 61, 65, 89 P Parker, Anna, 59 Pace, Malcolm, 65 Parker, Clyde, 42 Parr, Robert, 59 Patridge, Ina M., 59 Patton, Patsy, 12, 59, 81, 86 Patton, Tamara, 65 Payton, Bonnie, 65 Perkins, Leslie, 42 Perkins, Nan, 42 Perkins, Estill, 65 Perkins, Phillip, 53 Perry, Glenn, 59, 84 Perry, Ramona, 65, 84 Pickard, Betty, 65 Poe, Susan, 65 Pope, Roberta, 59 Porter, David, 65, 101 Powell, Walter, 53, 86 Power, Michael J., 65, 86, 94 Pratt, Denver, 65 Pratt, Guy R., 65, 89 Pratt, H. G., 11, 43, 83, 91 Presnell, Beverly J., 59 Pridemore, Franklin D., 3, 59, 124 Prindle, Jack D., 59, 83 Privett, Kay A , 59 Pursiful, Darrell, 43, 124 Pyles, Mary C , 3, 65, 80 Q Quesnell, Garnett, J., 65, 82 Quinn, Margaret L., 43, 94 R Rego, Reggis, 65 Reitz, Judith, 65, 101 Reynolds, Alene, 65 Reynolds, James L., 65 Rhodes, Betty J., 59 Rice, Betty Ann, 60, 81, 99, 101, 102 Rice, Fred, 60 Risner, Roy, 65 Robbins, Beuloh, 60, 86 Robbins, Nancy L., 60, 86, 92 Robbins, Wallace C, 65 Roberts, Birney E., 65 Roberts, Christine M., 65, 92, 101 Roberts, Bruce, 65, 89 Rosenbaum, Jimmy, 66, 124 Rosseau, David D., 66, 79 Russell, Carmenia, 66 s Saka, Homid J., 60 138 For The Best In Insurance OLDFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY Knox Street Barbourville Kentucky THE CORBIN DAILY TRIBUNE THE CORBIN SUNDAY TIMES RADIO STATION WCTT Dial 680 on your Did Corbin Kentucky RAPP LUMBER COMPANY Sherwin-Williams Paints High Grade Building Materials Floor Coverings - Hardware PHONE 220 Barbourville Kentucky KIDD BROTHERS GROCERY Court Square Barbourville Kentucky MVH IIM " N«l PRESS? JUST • It gelt out ALL the dirt • No spots • Perspiration gone 100% • No Cleaning Odor LONDON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Court Square Barbourville Kentucky LUNCH QUEEN and THE HUNGRY HOUND Foods Well Prepared Corbin Kentucky 139 student Index Salmon, Ronald Gene, 66, 86, 89 Salmons, Nona Mae, 66 Salyer, Raymond E., 43, 83 Sams, Othello, 66 Sandlow, Linda E., 66 Satferfleld, Patsy Ann, 60, 113 Saunders, Charlene G., 54, 84, 92, 102 Savangvarorose, Pratarn, 66 Scott, Clarence T., 43 Sears, Anthony W., 60 Sears, Leonard, 47 Shopland, Art, 54, 88, 126 Shelor, William E., 66 Shepherd, Frances S., 54, 80 Shockley, Calvin E., 43 Shir Mohammad, Manuchehr, 47 Simmons, Austin, 60 Simpson, Dale Guy, 66 Simpson, Martha Gay, 66, 91 Skidmore, Doris H., 66, 94 Skinner, Ora Adkins, 54 Slusher, Harold E., 66 Slusher, Leonard K., 54 Slusher, Sonya Ann, 66, 94 Smith, Alvin, 66 Smith, Christine, 60 Smith, Herman, 60 Smith, John Richard, 44, 84, 95, 101, 109 Smith, Lloyd, Jr., 54 Smith, Thelma, 66 Snodgrass, Evan, 47 Snowden, Betty, 47 Sowders, Donald, 44 Sowders, Ethel M., 44 Spurlock, Lowell T., 54, 128 Stair, Ernest R., 66 Stephens, Margie S., 44, 81 Stephens, Lloy D., 60 Stewart, Billy J„ 4, 54, 103 Stewart, Patricia, 44 Stivers, Catherine, 66 Stokes, Ted N., 54 Stone, Robert E., 60 Stringer, Barbara, 44, 95 Strunk, Judith E., 60, 88, 90, 99, 1 12 Swanger, Carl, Jr., 66, 89 Symes, John Edgar, 66 Taylor, Barbara, 60 Taylor, JoAnne, 66 Thompson, Roberta, 60, 82, 84 Thornbury, Ronald, 54 Tiller, Bobby, 54 Tinsley, Frannie, 45 Todd, Boyd R., 45, 95 Todd, Elizabeth Ann, 54, 84, 86, 92, 94, 95, 100 Todd, James G., 45, 88, 92, 107, 109 Todd, Mary Krebs, 45, 109 Torres, David, 60 Troglen, Wanda I., 55, 80, 101, 102, 103 Truitt, Roger L., 66 Turner, Lowell T., 55 Turner, Don M., 66, 120 Tyler, Morris R., 66 u Uhler, Joseph R., 55, 99, 128 Unterreiner, Robert, 60, 88, 128 Von Home, George, 45, 84, 88, 124 Von Home, Robert, 60, 88, 89, 124 Vannoy, Peggy G., 66 Vincent, William, 66 w Warren, John D., 55 Warren, Oval Gordon, 45 Warring, Rees, 66 Watkins, Jimmy, 60 Webb, Minnie Katherine, 60, 79, 86 Wesley, Bonnie J., 60, 81, 86, 92 Wesley, Margaret, 60, 81, 82, 99 West, Dora L., 66 West, Richard, 47 White, Augusta J., 32, 46, 78, 81, 82, 91, 106, 108 White, Harden, 66 White, Noel, 60, 83, 88, 89, 99, 126, 127 White, Paul, 55 White, WiRard L., 12, 55 White, Martha, 46 White, James, 60, 124 Whitney, Bruce, 46 Williams, Peggy J., 55, 101 Williamson, James R., 66 Wills, AJdrey, 66 Wilson, Anne, 56, 66, 72, 90, 111 Wilson, Glenda, 66, 101 Witt, Kenneth W., 46 Wojciechowski, Shirley, 55, 81, 94 Woods, Barbara, 66 Wright, Ardy C, 32, 46, 79, 91, 108 Wugal, Donald E., 55 Wynn, Beverly P., 46, 94, 108 Wynn, Carl H., 32, 47 York, N. Lucille, 66, 123 140 MILLER-YANCEY FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 136 Barbourville, Ky. The Store of Standard Brand Furniture Kroehler - Lane - Valentine Seaver Young - Willett - Simmons - Douglas Mersman - Orexel - Globe - Tell City Karpen Sold in Barbourville by Miller-Yancey only ROMINGER FUNERAL HOME Fred Rominger Manchester, Kentucky CLYDE P. HOUSE APPLIANCE, FURNITURE PERFECT TV COMPANY Motorola TV - Hotpoint Appliances Porter Paint and Wall Paper Phone 2292 Manchester, Ky. For the Finest in Jewelry STEWART ' S MOTEL Steaks and Chicken Our Specialty Cumberland Falls Road Corbin Kentucky WILLIAMS DEPARTENT STORE Curlee Suits Arrow Shirts Florshiem Shoes Barbourville Kentucky 141 R. E. WILLIAMS, CO 5-10-25C STORE Barbourville, Kentucky HERFF-JONES COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers School and College Jewelry Graduation Announcements Medals - Cups - Trophies Jewelers to Union College Indianapolis Indiana Everybody Loves BUNNY Stays Fresh Days Longer MODERN BAKERY Tel. 1800 Harlan, Kentucky Trog and Liz find the latest in art equip- ment at the ADVOCATE PUBLISHING COMPANY. 142 PORTER CATRON WALGREEN STORE MOTOR COMPANY Prescriptions - Cosmetics Your friendly Ford and Mercury Luncheonette Dealer Manchester, Kentucky Corbin Kentucky BACK ' S FLORIST MANCHESTER INSURANCE SERVICE member of Florist Telegraph Delivery Service - Insurance - 328 Knox Street CHARLES F. YOUNG, Manager Barbourville Kentucky Phone 4033 Manchester, Ky. 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