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Abigail £ Wttks iHrntnrial library Union (Unllpgp i STESPEAN FOR NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN fe M ■ lb ABIGAIL E. WEEKS] MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Union build ARC 378.769 S841 C 1957 c.2 ve build with materials that will help us to best realize our ideals and objectives. Here we prepare the foundations which are to determine our continued growth beyond college. We have a plan to guide us toward these goals which we seek. According to this plan we select raw materials and proper instruments with which to mold the future. " According to the commission of God given to me, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation, and another man is building upon it. Let each man take care how he builds upon it. " 1 Corinthians 3:10 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 2 Administration 16 Classes 30 Activities 64 Organizations 72 Features 98 Athletics 108 Terminus 122 Advertisers and Index . 126 Colu mns rise ... a gracing the entrance of the dormitories where we live. Here we assume the responsibilities of our own college community, with visions of a future community in which we shall unite with our neighbors in promoting the democratic way of life. Friendliness is the Naomi helps Diane prepare for inspection. Carol and Annie enjoy a chat. around which our dormitory life is organized. We willingly accept the responsibilities of group living as we view our goals. Life takes on greater meaning as we learn to respect and to enjoy the company of varied person- alities. Tye House age New friends are found. ■ ' " X Spiritual our campus life and activity. The increasing demands made upon us by our contemporary world necessitate a deepened religious faith. To fulfill this need, Union offers many opportunities for worshiping God in addition to regular chapel services. Intellectual g rowth requires spiritual growth. undergird with power K ty m i 1 - m : ■■ . ■ Outstanding on Union ' s campus is the Conway Boatman Chapel, a symbol of the importance of Christian ideals. Minds mature The main purpose for which we have come to Union is to learn how to think. We learn techniques and skills, and develop our ideals and aspirations. What we learn takes on new meaning as we utilize the facts in our every- day experiences. Many have sought truth in the old ivy-covered Class- room Building. 10 ■ ' i M ■ »« ii iw i Our quest for truth leads us to the writings of scholars _ . . . .. , .. both ancient and modern. Practice in creative skills brings aesthetic satisfaction. Scientific research demands an objective approach 11 12 a theme of . . . runs throughout Union ' s total program designed to improve building facilities and curriculum. We are now witnessing the final stages of the construction of the new swim- ming pool. Just as this structure has been planned and fashioned by the architect and builder, so our lives are being guided to higher goals of scholarship, citizenship, and service to mankind. Railings are installed to limit the spectator area. The superstructure is finally erected after the foundation is completed. 13 Striving develops Coach Bush briefs the team. 14 ii! ■■! coordinatio whether through the efforts of the single athlete or craftsman or through the coopera- tive performance of a team. Winning or los- ing becomes secondary to the quality of per- formance and its effect upon the individual or team. For only in following the specifica- tions of our blueprint for living can we at- tain our goals as mature persons. ■■; m. mi ma IK »l -4 Teamwork demands cooperation as well as skill SPEED HALL |Mftr £$i 16 ADMINISTRATION Dr. Boatman points out the latest developments in building construction. Under the capable leadership of Dr. Con- way Boatman, Union ' s president for the past nineteen years, the greatest building program ever undertaken is now in progress on our campus. Two new wings to Stevenson Half have been constructed and the original wing has been completely modernized at a cost of approximately half a million dollars, provid- ing dormitory space for over two hundred men. Nearing completion is a new indoor-out- door swimming pool of unique design that will later be incorporated with the proposed field house. Construction costs of $275,000 swell the total building development program to an all-time high of $800,000. Dr. Boatman has worked steadily to im- prove the academic standing of Union through increased faculty salaries and a better balanced curriculum. Mrs. Boatman enjoy the Student Art Exhibit in the new lounge of Stevenson Hal 18 ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT In performing the varied duties of his posi- tion, Mahlon A. Miller has proven himself to be a versatile and efficient administrator. As Director of Religious Life on campus, he sponsors the Union College Christian Associa- tion, and has been responsible for improv- ing the quality of Union ' s Religious Week programs. Much credit is due Mr. Miller, who also directs the student workship program, for his establishment of six Senior Assistantships, which give students part-time teaching re- sponsibilities. In addition to his administrative duties, Mr. Miller also teaches some courses in the Division of Religion and Philosophy. DEAN OF THE FACULTY While serving in this capacity at Union, Dr. John H. Boyd (A.B., MA, Ed.D.) has won the friendship and respect of the students and faculty. With an outstanding record of service for the cause of education in Ken- tucky, Dr. Boyd was instrumental in initiating the Minimum Foundation Program for the State of Kentucky during his. term as Presi- dent of the Kentucky Education Association. Dr. Boyd has played a major role in the steady improvement of the quality of Union ' s curriculum, and was responsible for guiding the faculty in a self-study program this past year that made possible the renewal of our teacher training accreditation. 20 Florence Dewey, B.S., M.A. Dean of S. Laws Parks, B.S. in B.A. Business Dorothy Lucas, B.R.E., M.A. Registrar. Women and Assistant Professor of Manager and Treasurer. Music. ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL Milton H. Townsend, A.B., M.A. Luther A. Bennett, B.S., B.D., M.A. Kathryn B. Bennett, A.B., B.A. in Director of Public Relations and in L.S. Librarian and Assistant Pro- L.S. Assistant Librarian and Assistant Alumni Affairs. fessor of Library Science and Religion. Professor of Library Science. 21 EDUCATION ■n Charles W. Simms, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Education, 1 Director of Extension, Head of the De- partment of Education, and Professor of Education. Herman Bush, A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Physical Education and Athletic Coach. Merle Howard, A.B., M.A. Associate Pro- fessor of Education and Supervisor of Student Teaching. Kathleen Moore, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education. Frances Porridge, B.S. in Ed., M.A. As- sociate Professor in Physical Education for Women. Donald Shaw, B.S. in Ed. Instructor in Physical Education. The Division of Education, which also includes physical education, psychol- ogy and guidance, has added a very important feature to its curriculum this year. Under the direction of an additional full-time faculty member, a new supervised teaching program has been established. Under this arrangement, a student spends ten weeks in full-day classroom instruc- tion away from the campus, a real apprenticeship in teaching, with op- portunity for group evaluation on his return. 22 FINE ARTS One of the fastest growing divisions of the college, the Fine Arts Division includes art, dramatics, music, and speech. This year each of the faculty has presented a public performance, either in concert, public reading, or art exhibit. Opera made its debut at Union this year in the presentation of two short operas by Menotti, " The Telephone " and " The Medium, " which were produced by the Music and Drama Departments in March. Donald W. Maxwell, B.A., MA. Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts, Head of the Department of Music and Associate Pro- fessor of Music. W. David Ashburn, A.B., MA. Instructor in English and Dramatics. Donald Christmas, B.M., M.M. Instructor in Piano. Florence Dewey, B.S., MA. Dean of Wo- ment and Assistant Professor of Music. Billy Paul Hays, B.M., M.M. Instructor in Organ and Piano. Howard G. Hitchcock, A.B., M.F.A. Head of the Department of Art and Assistant Pro- fessor of Art. 23 Robert R. Bryden, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Sciences; Head of the Department of Biology; Professor of Biology. H. Branch Howe, A.B., M.A., sistant Professor of Biology. Ph.D. As- Inez B. Livingston, B.S. in Ed. Instructor in Home Economics. Jean Lyons, R.N. Instructor in Nursing Arts. Carl R. Newsom, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physical Sciences; Professor of Chemistry. Mary Pettus, A.B., MA. Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics and Physics. SCIENCES The Science Division at Union College includes the fields of biology, chemistry, home economics, mathematics, physics, and this year for the first time, a pre-nursing pro- gram. The course offerings of the Science Divisfon are plan- ned to prepare students in the Division either for a wide variety of positions upon grad- ation or for further profes- sional training in their chosen fields. X 24 SOCIAL SCIENCE One of Union ' s most diversified di- visions of instruction, the Division of Social Science includes the fields of business, economics, history, sociology, political science and geography. A student may earn an area in Social Studies in preparation for teaching, or he may qualify for a diploma in busi- ness through two years of specializa- tion in that field. Erwin S. Bradley, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. chairman of the Division of Social Studies, Head of the Department of History and Professor of History. Elsie Forman, A.B., M.A. Associate Pro- fessor of Business. Rena Milliken, A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Business and Associate Pro- fessor of Business. J. Larue Millen, B.S., M. Ed. Assistant Pro- fessor in Social Studies. Arthur E. Spurlock, B.S. in Ed. Instructor in Business and Economics. Hoy Taylor, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology. AB1GAU. E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION 2 fcOLLEGE SA8BOURV31LSE, KENTUCKY Horoce R. Weover, B.S. in Ed., A.B., S.T.B., Ph D. Chairman of the Division of Religion and Philosophy, Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy, and Francis Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion and Philosophy. Luther A. Bennett, B.S., B.D., MA. in L.S. Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Science and Religion. Mahlon A. Miller, B.S., B.D., S.T.M. Assis- tant to the President. Donald Welch, A.B., B.D. Instructor in Re- ligion and Philosophy. The Graduating Class of 1956 moves in procession. RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY The Division of Religion and Phi- losophy carries out perhaps the most active and continuous program on campus. To students studying in these fields, three awards are given at the end of the year for outstanding accomplishment. The Division person- nel are responsible for securing the many guest speakers who come to speak at chapel services, and for mak- ing arrangements for the Religious Emphasis Week held each fall and spring. The Oxford Club and the Union College Christian Association are also the specific responsibility of members of this division. 26 LANGUAGES Blessed with a depth of talent seldom found in similar departments, the Division of Languages not only has one of the state ' s foremost collectors of folklore but also four accomplished musicians. Union College is fortunate to have faculty such as these who are willing to share their abilities with other campus groups. A new program designed to aid freshmen in master- ing the basic language skills of read- ing and writing on the college level was initiated this year. Leonard W. Roberts, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Languages, Head of the Department of English and Professor of English. Constance Marigold, A B Instructor in Modern Languages. Gordon Marigold, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associ- ate Professor of Modern Languages. Melvin C. Peacock, 8.S. in Ed., MA. In- structor in English. Irene Williams, A.B., MA. Assistant Pro- fessor of English. 27 STAFF Caroline B. Boatman, A B College Host ess. Vivian Bradley, B.S. in Ed. Secretary in the Public Rela- tions Office. Carol Cain, Secretary in the Office of the Dean. Doris Campbell, Secretary in the Office of the Assistant to the President. Mamie Carson, Secretary in the Public Relations Office. Myrtle Hamilton, Secretary in the Office of the Assistant to the President. Hazel Hamilton, R.N. Col- lege Nurse. Ruth Hissam, Bookstore Manager. Mildred Linard, B.S. in BE. Secretary to the President. 28 STAFF Jack Long, Assistant Treas- urer and Bookkeeper. Mildred Maggard, Assistant Accountant. Ernestine Richardson, B.S. Dietician. Fannie Roberts, Matron of Women ' s Residence Halls. Dorothy Shaw, Secretary to the Business Manager. Julia Smith, A.B. Secretary in the Office of the Dean. Eugene Taylor, A.B., M.A. Counselor of Men ' s Resi- dence Hall. Wilma Taylor, Operator of the Snack Shack. Myrtle Wilson, Secretary in the Office of the Dean. 29 30 Coey Prichard, Treasurer; Wanda Secretary; W. David Ashburn, Sponsor; Sullivan, President; Doyle Swanner pictured). Vice President. SENIOR OFFICERS SENIORS JIM AMYX Benham, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Veteran ' s Club, Tennis Team, Intramurals: Foot- ball, Basketball, and Softball. Voca- tion: Business Administration. HAROLD ARNOLD Kearry, Kentucky A.B., August, 1957. Vocation: Teach- ing. ELIZABETH BALL Barbourville, Kentucky WILLIAM BALL Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. RANDALL BARGO Hammound, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. JOHN WESLEY BELYEA North Andover, Massachusetts A.B., August, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Men ' s Glee Club, Orange and Black, Play- likers, " U " Club, Track Team, Tennis Team, Representative to Student Government Organizing Committee. Vocation: Criminology. Not Pictured Ledies Bargo Edith Benjamin 33 SENIORS DAVID BENNETT Harlan, Kentucky A.B., August, 1957. Activities: Fu- ture Teachers of America, Basketball Team, " U " Club, Track Team. Voca- tion: Business Administration. ROBIN BOSWELL Waldorf, Marylanc ALAN RICHARD BROWN Middlebury, Vermont A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Oxford Club, Freshmen Orientation Commit- tee, A Cappella Choir, Alpha Psi Omega, Dorm Council, Men ' s Glee Club, Orange and Black, Playlikers, " U " Club, Stespean, Track Team, Senior Assistantship, Chapel Commit- tee. Vocation: Medicine. BILL BUCHANAN Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. DAPHNE HAMMANS BUCHANAN Shelbyville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Wo- men ' s Athletic Association, Beta Chi Alpha. Vocation: Physical Education. DONALD RAY BURTON Boonville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Future Teachers of America, International Relations Club, Boseball Team, Dorm Council, " U " Club. Vocation: Teach- ing and Coaching. Not Pictured Leland Bingham Sara Bingham Bill Brummett 34 SENIORS LINVILLE CAIN Lothair, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Gamma Mu, " U " Club. Vocation: Lav Activities: Pi Club, Veteran ' s JOHN COLSON Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. FRED A. DAVIS Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Ameri- can Chemical Society, Veteran ' s Club. Vocation: Chemist. WILLIAM W. DEW, JR. Dayton, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Fresh- men Orientation Committee, Interna- tional Relations Club, Basketball Team, Dorm Council, Orange and Black, Pi Gamma Mu, " U " Club, Stespean, Track Team, Who ' s Who. Vocation: Ministry. KATHRYN DILL Mentor, Ohio A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Wo- men ' s Athletic Association, Oxford Club and Auxiliary, Alpha Psi Omega, Orange and Black, Playlikers. Voca- tion: Philosophy. JOHN DODSON Lancaster, Virginia A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Oxford Club, International Relations Club Dorm Council, Art Club. Not Pictured Kathryn Campbell Minnie Cottongim June Cole Lillian Craft William Corley Ellen Davis 35 SENIORS CHARLES DOLL Silver Grove, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. BILL EDWARDS Somerset, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Fresh- men Orientation Committee, Future Teachers of America, Baseball Team, Dorm Council. Vocation: Business. BASCOM B. FAWBUSH Benham, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Baseball Team, " U " Club, Veteran ' s Club. Vocation: Teaching. DARRELL REX FLEMING Clintwood, Virginia A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Inter- national Relations Club, Basketball Team, " U " Club, Track Team, Social Life Committee. Vocation: Law. JOSEPH J. GILLESPIE Boissevain, Virginia A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Interna- tional Relations Club, Veteran ' s Club, Basketball Manager. Vocation: Coach- ing and Teaching. SHIRLEY GOODIN Four Mile, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. 36 SENIORS KENNETH HACKLER Corbin, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Veteran ' s Vocation: Coaching. MYRTLE HAMILTON Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Women ' s Athletic Association, Future Teachers of America, A Cappella Choir, Orange and Black, Pi Gamma Mu, Playlikers. Vocation: Teaching. TED RAY HAMMOND Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Orange and Black, Veteran ' s Club, Stespean, Tennis Team, President ' s Council. Vo- cation: Chemist. LOYAL C. HELTON Corbin, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Vocation: Secondary Art Education. FRANCES HIGNITE Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., August, 1957. Activities: Fresh- man Orientation Committee, Future Teachers of America, A Cappella Choir, Alpha Psi Omega, Orange and Black, Playlikers, Queen of Spring Festival. Vocation: Teaching. BOBBY R. JARVIS Louisville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Not Pictured Elizabeth Hensley Mary Howard 37 SENIORS LEW W. KELLEY Totz, Kentucky A.B., August, 1957. Vocation: Teach- ing. ROBERT E. KOEHLER Cold Spring, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. IN SOO LA Seoul, Korea A.B., May, 1957. ALBERT KEYES LAYTON Millville, New Jersey A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Oxford Club, International Relations Club, A Cappella Choir, Dorm Council, Orange and Black. Vocation: Ministry. SHIRLEY KATHRYN LEWELLEN Field, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Beta Chi Alpha. Vocation: Social Work. PAUL R. LOVETT Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Vocation: Not Pictured Ruby Jones Emma Leach Maude Lee Jewell Lewallen 38 SENIORS RICHARD B. McCarthy Norwichtown, Connecticut A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Future Teachers of America, Baseball Team, " U " Club. Vocation: Teaching. thomas r. McCarthy New London, Connecticut A. B., January, 1 957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, A Cap- pella Choir, Baseball Team, " U " Club, Track Team. Vocation: Veteri- nary medicine. GALE LOWE McMURTRY Westboro, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Wo- men ' s Athletic Association, Oxford Club Auxiliary, Future Teachers of America, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra. Vocation: Teaching or Biological Re- search. RENFRO MANNING Loyall, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. MARLENE GAYLE MAYNARD Williamson, West Virginia A.B., August, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Wo- men ' s Athletic Association, Freshmen Orientation Committee, Future Teachers of America, Playlikers, Stespean, Orchestra. Vocation: Teach- ing. DORA DEAN MILLER Paint Lick, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Not Pictured Columbia Martin 39 SENIORS HOWARD MOORE Annville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Fresh- men Orientation Committee, Future Teachers of America, A Cappella Choir, Basketball Team, Dorm Coun- cil. Vocation: Teaching. DIANE M. MURLEY Louisville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Wo- men ' s Athletic Association, Oxford Club Auxiliary, Freshmen Orientation Committee, A Cappella Choir, Beta Chi Alpha, Dorm Council, Miss Union, Playlikers, Orchestra, Who ' s Who, Basketball Queen Attendant, Senior Assistantship. Vocation: Church Music. RODNEY NEELY Wallins, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. ANNA JANE O ' DELL Cumberland Gap, Tennessee A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Future Teachers of America, Art Club, Spring Festival Attendant. Vocation: Teach- ing. ERViN B. PACK Baxter, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Basket- ball Team, Dorm Council, Men ' s Glee Club, Intramurals. Vocation: Teach- ing and Coaching. CLIFFORD M. PAYNE Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Veteran ' s Club. Vocation: Accountant or Teach- ing. 40 SENIORS JOHN T. PESHKOFF Brooklyn, New York A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Oxford Club, International Relations Club, A Cappella Choir, Orange and Black, Playlikers. GARLAND DALE PIGG Chatham, Virginia A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Future Teachers of America. Vocation: Teaching. COEY D. PRICHARD Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., January, 1957. Activities: Stespean, Pi Gamma Mu. Vocation: Accounting. GRANT REED, JR. Lily, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Future Teachers of America, American Chemical Society, Basketball Team, Orange and Black. Vocation: Teach- ing or Civil Service. JANE STACY ROBBINS Pennington Gap, Virginia EARL ROGERS Evarts, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. national Relations Team, " U " Club, Activities: Inter- Club, Basketball Veteran ' s Club, Track Team. Vocation: Teaching. Not Pictured Cora Rains Elizabeth Ray Lois Roberts Anna Roberts 41 SENIORS RELLA ROGERS Evarts, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. WANDA SUMNERS SLOAN Albertville, Alabama A.B., January, 1957. JAMES W. SMITH Lexington, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Oxford Club, Dorm Council, Orange and Black, David Wesley Soper Prize. Vo- cation; Ministry. MILDRED PEARL STOREY Lynch, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Future Teachers of America, Who ' s Who, Senior Assistontship. ALVIN LIONEL STROM Lynch, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Ameri- can Chemical Society, A Cappella Choir, Alpha Psi Omega, Dorm Council, Men ' s Glee Club, Orange and Black, Playlikers, " U " Club, Veteran ' s Club, Stespean, Track Team. Voca- tion: Chemistry. DAN SULLIVAN Bellevue, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Base- ball Team, Basketball Team, Orange and Black, Mr. Union, Who ' s Who, Stespean, " U " Club, Senior Assistant- ship, Athletic Committee, Representa- tive to Student Government Organiz- ing Committee, Faculty Athletic Award. Vocation: Coaching and Not Pictured Derand Sayler Birg Sergent 42 SENIORS WALTER J. SUTTON Alva, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. DOYLE SWANNER Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. DALE CLIFFORD VALENTINE Wellsville, Ohio Teaching. A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Oxford Club, Future Teachers of America, Art Club, Orange and Black, Mr. Future Teacher of America Award. Vocation: Teaching. ELLEN M. VERMILLION Lynch, Kentucky A.B., January, 1957. ELIZABETH ANN WESLEY Somerset, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. HILDA WILLIS Columbia, Kentucky A.B., May, 1957. Activities: Union College Christian Association, Fresh- men Orientation Committee, Future Teachers of America, A Cappella Choir, Beta Chi Alpha, Basketball Queen Attendant. Vocation: Teach- ing. 43 David Kouns, Treasurer; Glenn Clarkston, Cecil Hensley, President; Arthur and Horace Weaver, Co-Sponsors. JUNIOR OFFICERS JUNIORS Eugene Asher Mary L. Asher Barry Bacon Charles Barber Erma R. Barrows Arnold Bishop Glenda Blackburn Bernice Boggs Joseph Boswell Elbert Branscum Samps Brock Bob Buchanan 45 JUNIORS Jimmy Burkhart Glenna Vickers Burton George Button Michael L. Campbell Eila Carlisle Robert R. Chappel Glenn Clarkston Marcella Collins Charles Croley David Davies Andy Dudley Ellis E. Duke 46 JUNIORS Clayton Durham Harold S. Edwards Mitzie Eggers Charles Ensslin Pedro Esden Donald Fain Robert Fink Thomas W. Finney James Foutch Myra Frost Benjamin Gallion Robert Granger JUNIORS Bettye Grant James E. Guffey Larry R. Hale Jack Harris Clyde Henegar Cecil Hensley Don Holt Joyce Holway Malcomb Hoskins Iris Huie Ernest Jackson Ramon L. Jackson 48 JUNIORS Harold Johnson Bob Kinderd Ben L. Kinningham David G. Kouns Ruth Krebs Wayne Lambert Patricia Rice Layton Darryl Lee Paul A. Light Tommy D. Livesay Jack D. McCreary John McMurtry 49 JUNIORS Bill Mosely Shirley Neeley Ernest R. Nelson J. C. Newport Bonnie K. Payton H. G. Pratt Eddie A. Purdue Darrell T. Pursiful Margaret Quinn Harold Raines Raymond E. Salyer Clarence T. Scott 50 JUNIORS Charles Shockley Virginia S. Sizemore Janice Smiddie John R. Smith Donald Sowders Mary Stamper Margie Stephens Inez Stratton Harris W. Terrel Doris R. Thompson Bobby B. Tiller Tonita S. Tipple 51 JUNIORS Boyd Todd James Todd Bettie J. Valentine George Van Home Terry Vann Augusta J. White Bruce Whitney Denver Williamson Kenneth W. Witt Larry Wooden Beverly Wynn 52 SPECIAL STUDENT William Campbell SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Back Row: Ken Nelms, Reggis Reg, Ralph Roads, Jack Lewis, E. M. Combs, Bob Sullivan, Stanley Hammonds. Fourth Row: Boone McVey, Gordon Warren, Jim Patton, Jay Uhler, Roger Matthews, Duell Lester, Margaret Feld- man. Third Row: Philipp Perkins, George King, Pete Leavitt, Bertha Snowden, Philipp McDonald, Glenn Woolum, J. D. Lay. Second Row: Ronald Lynch, James White, Raleigh Mitchell, Myrtle Tripplett, Katherine Broughton. First Row: Wayne Hensley, Gene Parks, Barbara Stokes, Beverly Peters, Nancy Baker, Alva Howard, Louise Jones, Norma Jo Swanner, Dolores Hammonds, Elva Cox, Deane McGurk. 53 SOPHS Harold Bates Ann Bennett James Bond Ann Bradley Barbara Brock Jane Brown Pat Brunk Patricia Burgess Louanna Burton Doris Cannon Joanna Carter JoAnn Catolster Charles Cole Marjorie Combs Randall Coone Annis Cottongim Billy Jo Craig Teddie Engle Phyllis Evans Nancy Goodin Farris Joan Fletcher Bert Francis Linda Giles Marijuna Golden 55 SOPHS Joe Goodin Charles Grant Dave Hamm Shelbey Hamptor Carolyn Hawkins Thomas Hensley John Holliman Wallace Hutton Jacqueline Hyde Burl Jackson Robert Jameson William Jenkins Wilma Jenkins Ada Lee Johnson James Johnson James Jordon Roger Jordan Alvin Keith Kay Kundrat Arthur Lanham John Little Bill Lombari Eugene Manicure Sandra Mason 56 SOPHS Harold Mauney Lydia Middleton Thelma Miller Asher Mills Delia Mills Mary Mills Paul Moore Shirley Moore Aaron Morrison Phyllis Obenshain Barbara Parsons Harold Parsons Patsy Patton Charles Peple Tom Perry Walter Powell Jeanne Ramsey Cecil Rhodes Bill Richardson Charlene Saunders Arthur Shapland Marilyn Shaw Arthur Smith Ethel Sowders 57 SOPHS John Stallard Billy Stewart Barbara Stringer Lola Terrell Ronald Thornbury Elizabeth Todd Wanda Troglen Margaret Trosper Charles Walters Norma Warfield Paul White Carl Wilder David Willey Peggy Williams Shirley Wojciechowski Tommy Wright 58 SsHnS - r ■: " %? •fe Frank Pri Sponsor; I a ret Wes] Chapl ' son (no President; Dr FROSH Edward Adams Christine Banks Edward Barnes Sewell Barrett George Begley Eugene Bennett Mabel Bingham Rita Blankenship Bert Boggs Johnny Bowling Leonard Bowling Jomes Bowman Bobby Bradley Carroll Britch Walter Brooker Deborah Brown Delores Brown Edgar Brown Virginia Bugg James H. Bunch Glenn Burch Harrill Campbell Zenas Campbell James Carmack Lacey Cecil Kenneth Collins Morton Combs Delia Coredig Donald Craft Conrad Creeze Mary Danforth Effie Delph Dennis Denney Naomi Dew Betty Dudley 60 FR05H Richard Duke Ronnie Eckler Clyde Evans Kenneth Farmer Robert Gatton Carolyn Gillespie Max Glass Betty Gregory Charles Hable Mary Hamilton Axie Hammons J. S. Hammons Rachel Harper Peggy Hawkins Norman Holbrook Donald Hopper Bill Hurt James Hurt Martin Hutson Janice Hyde Patrick Jasper William Johnson Alfred Jones Billy Jones Langston Jones Tommy Jones Henry Kersey Joan Kinningham Albert Kitchener Don Lampkin Billy Langley Mary Lay Carolyn Lee William Logue Eugene Lumpkins - Ifci WS3 % 61 FROSH William McAndrew Terry McCane Barbara McCreary Rufus McGeorge Bob McGuire Jerry McHargue David McKenzie Stanley McNeil Said Mansour Harry Martin Ronald Martin Paula Maynard Christine Mills Florentino Mir Anne Murphy Bobby Newman James Norman Ina Patridge Harold Patters on Maggie Patterson Jewell Payne Ramona Perry CaroJ Peterson Edward Pope Roberta Pope Tommy Pope Beverly Presnell Franklin Pridemore Jack Prindle Kay Privett Betty Rice Beulah Robbins Nancy Robbins James Rosenboum Carmenia Russell 62 FROSH Maxine Russell Wilma Sears Dale Simpson Paul Simpson Jean Slusher Charles Smith Christine Smith Lloyd Stephens Judith Strunk Barbara Taylor Carl Taylor Amanda Thomas Roberta M. Thompson David Torres Frances Trail Elizabeth Underwood Robert Unterreiner Robert Van Home William Vincent Julia Ward Rees Warring Minnie Webb Bonnie Wesley Margaret Wesley Noel White Anne Wilson Maurice Wilson Terry Woolum Marvin Woolum 63 64 DRAMATICS AT UNION Short resumes can hardly do justice to the performances seen at Union on play nights. One is surprised to see how classmates can give seemingly professional performances. But it does not come easy, for the Dramatics Department works long and hard to achieve the degree of excellence seen in the plays. 66 Warren Johnson is haunted by his two late wives. Madam Arcati contacting the spirit world. ' You mean she can see them? ' 67 Lollypops and girls too! ' What ' s my line? " Styles for fall. HALLOWEEN PARTY Low bridge! The annual Halloween Party, sponsored by the Student Social Life Committee, offers a chance for the old and the new students to become better acquainted and have some fun and relaxation. Dancing and several different Halloween and party games along with a short floor show provided an enjoyable evening for all who attended. 68 Look who ' s here! B. X. A. WINTER FANTASY Winter Fantasy, sponsored by the Beta Chi Alpha Sorority, was an elaborately decorated dance. In order to pass to the dance floor, one had to enter an archway covered with snow- flakes. Once on the dance floor, all marveled about the hundreds of glistening snowflakes which the girls had used to create their theme. Intermission was highlighted by the splendid performance of Mr. Melvin Peacock at the piano. A big dance with all the trimmings. jinte ?: r h I v What atmosphere! Sweet nothings. 69 SPRING FESTIVAL 1956 The Spring Festival is Union ' s yearly at- tempt at imitating Broadway. Plans are laid, the cast is selected, and work is begun. Each student begins to learn his particular job, with Miss Patridge acting as producer, direc- tor, choreographer and business manager. Mr. Blackburn also lends a hand by building sets. The whole campus looks forward to the com- ing of this event. With the combined efforts of those participating and those attending, the Spring Festival turns out to be one of the major social functions of the year. Cinderella was there young men sang and wooden soldiers paraded. 70 Elves worked fairies danced and the court was royally entertained. 71 y y ra VVSr» 72 ORGANIZATIONS Standing: Dr. Simms, John Smith, Linville Cain, Milton Townsend, James Smith, Clifford Payne, Boyd Todd. Seared: Miss Milliken, Miss Millen, Mrs. Julia Smith, Mrs. Nolo Pursiful, Bill Dew, Coey Prichard, Mrs. Pearl Storey, Myrtle Hamilton, Kay Scent. Neophyte Cain receives certificate from President Dew. PI GAMMA MU The purpose of this organization is to im- prove scholarship among the students, to in- spire social service to humanity by an intelli- gent approach to the solution of social prob- lems, and to promote better human relations on our campus through mutual understand- ing. Union ' s Kentucky Beta Chapter of this National Social Science Honor Society is open to outstanding students in the field of social science. The chapter presents medals of honor at the Rosenwald School graduation each year. Officers: William W. Dew, Jr., President; James W. Smith, Vice President; Miss Milliken, Secretary and Treasurer. Second Row: George Button, Harold Johnson, Alvin Strom, Mr. Hitchcock, Mr. Ashburn. First Row: Frances Hignite, Shirley Neely, Alan Brown, Joyce Holway, Augusta White. ALPHA PSI OMEGA The Cast Party The Zeta Chi Chapter is a local chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dramatics fraternity. Membership in the fra- ternity is through the accumulation of points earned by participation in the many phases necessary to produce a dramatic production. Officers: Alan Brown, Cast Director; Kathryn Dill, Busi ness Manager; W. D. Ashburn, Sponsor. ' 7 - " - - IOTA SIGMA NU lota Sigma Nu is an honorary scholastic fraternity established to promote high stand- ards of scholarship. Membership is open to those who meet certain scholastic require- ments. This fraternity awards medals to the freshman and sophomore who make the high- est scholastic average in their respective classes for the year. The fraternity meets annually on Alumni Day for a luncheon and the initiation of new members. Officers: Gene Sanslow, President; Julie Smith, Vice President; Mrs. Jean Knuckles, Secretary. This is how we obtain a 2.3? Second Row: Walter Dick, James Sears, Mrs. Boatman, Genevieve Wesley, Harold Showalter, Keitz Haburay, Gene Sanslow, Amerida DeCoursey. First Row: Florene Hamblin, Mary Williams, Mrs. Clara Hampton, Mrs. Eldred Melton, Mrs. Carolyn Solomon, Myrna Hampton, Mrs. Jean Knuckles, Mrs. Joyce Haggard, Mrs. Julia Smith, Mary Lu VanSant, David Pasamonte. 76 BETA CHI ALPHA The Greek letters B. X. A., of this social sorority, stand for beauty, cult ure, and art. Its emphasis is put upon the development of social graces and the promotion of social activities on campus. The club sponsored the sale of corsages at the homecoming game as a money making project and sponsored a formal dance. Officers: Marjorie Salmon, President; Augusta White, Vice President; Margie Stephens, Secretary; Sue Size- more, Treasurer; Mrs. Maxwell and Mrs. Bush, Sponsors. Tripping the light fantastic. Back Row: Marjorie Salmon, Doris Cannon, Erma Bar- rows, Phyllis Obenshain, Diane Murley. Second Row: Daphne Buchanan, Jackie Hyde, Marijuna Golden, Augusta White, Joan Fletcher, Janice Smiddy, Jane Robbins, Shirley Lewellen. First Row: Marjorie Stephens, Mitzie Eggers, Linda Giles, Joyce Holway, Wanda Sloan. 77 Standing: John Belyea, Alan Brown, George Van Home, Jim Burkhart, Bill Dew, Andy Dudley, Rod Neely, Art Lanhom, Pete Moore, Cecil Hensley, Tom Perry, David Kouns. Seated: Wally Hutton, Art Shapland, Rod Wilson, Tommy Wright, Al Strom, Tom McCarthy, Coach Bush, Dan Sullivan. Fans rest between halves. U " CLUB The Varsity " U " Club is open to any athlete who wins a letter in intercollegiate competition. The club sponsors the basketball queen and her court and raises its funds through the sale of refreshments at basket- ball games. Officers: Dan Sullivan, President; Rod Neely, Vice President; Dovid Kouns, Secretary-Treasurer; Coach Her- man Bush, Sponsor. 78 PLAYLIKERS This club presents the major productions which appear on the Little Theatre stage. Membership is open to all those who are interested in the theatre. Under Mr. Ash- burn ' s capable direction, " Blithe Spirit " by Noel Coward and Samuel Beckett ' s exciting and highly discussed tragicomedy, " Waiting For Godot " were presented as the club ' s ma- jor productions this year. Officers: Alvin President; Toni Ashburn. Strom, President; Shirley TJeely, Vice Tipple, Secretary and Treasurer; W. D. The stage is being set. Fourth Row: William McAndrew, Jan Buttermore, Paul Leavitt, Carroll Britch, James Bond, Michael Campbell, Harold Johnson, George Button. Third Row: John Belyea, Alvin Strom, Mr. Ashburn, David Jenkins, Alan Brown. Second Row: Glenna Burton, Toni Tipple, Carolyn Gillespie, Joyce Holway, Bonnie Wesley, Augusta White, Jo Ann Catolster, Beulah Robbins, Frances Hignite. Front Row: Wanda Troglen, Shirley Neely, Katherine Webb, Erma Barrows. 79 MWMWM Back Row: Bonnie Wesley, Erwin Pack, Bill Edwards, H. G. Pratt, Hilda Willis, Pat Jasper, Doris Cannon, Grant Reed. Second Row: Anne Wilson, Betty Dudley, Judy Strunk, Margaret Wesley, Wanda Troglen, Terry Woolum, Marijuna Golden, Marlene Maynard, Linda Giles. First Row: Naomi Dew, Betty Ann Rice, Glenda Blackburn, Joann Carter, Myra Frost, Thelma Miller, Marcella Collins, Mrs. Miller. Let ' s go Union — All the way! PEP CLUB One of the newest organizations on campus is the Pep Club, which is organized to stimulate school spirit and back Union ' s athletic events. Membership is open to all students who desire to promote a strong spirit of sportsmanship and athletic achievement and to be associated with Union ' s Athletic Department. Officers: Bill Edwards, President; Hilda Willis, Vice President; Marcella Collins, Secretary; Pat Jasper, Treas- urer; Linda Giles, Cheerleader Representative; Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Bush, Sponsors. 80 8 i y Back Row: Harold Raines, Clayton Durham, Bill Dew, Ernie Nelson, Bobby Jarvis, John Dodson, Mr. Hitch- cock. Front Row: Wanda Troglan, Annie Murphy, Gai Sears, Shirley Neely, Erma Barrows. ART CLUB Anno Jane presents the Art Club Award to John, voted the outstanding art student of the year. The Art Club seeks to promote a greater interest in art throughout the entire student body. As a money making project, the club sold Christmas cards designed and screen printed by its members. The club ' s plans for the year include the Beaux Arts Ball, a trip to Lexington to see the South-eastern Art Show at the University of Kentucky, an annual weekend trip to the Louisville Museum of Fine Arts, and the annual Student Art Exhibit held each spring. The club also gives an award to the outstanding art student each year. Officers: John Dodson, President; Ernest Nelson, Vice President; Wanda Troglen, Secretary; Annie Murphy, Treasurer; Myra Frost, Historian; Mr. Hitchcock, Spon- sor. 81 ■ ■ ■ Back Row: Bobby Tiller, Rod Wilson, George Button, Samps Brock, Don Holt, Art Shapland, John Peshkoff, Bob Gatton, Jan Buttermore, Ben Gallion. Third Row: Amanda Thomas, Lydia Middleton, Bob Fink, Maurice Lay, David Jenkins, Warren Johnson, Noel White, David Davies, Margaret Wesley, Ann Wilson. Second Row: Marjorie Combs, Marijuna Golden, Violet Hamilton, Glenda Blackburn, Judy Strunk, Diane Murley, Phyllis A CAPPELLA CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA The Union College A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mr. Maxwell, is com- posed of students interested in choral music. The choir participates in chapel services and presents two major concerts on campus each year. The annual spring concert tour took the choir this year on an extended tour throughout Kentucky and neighboring states. Officers: George Button, President; Margie Stephens, Vice President; Mae Marie Eggers, Secretary. The college orchestra is composed of stu- dents interested in symphony music. Under the direction of Miss Dewey, two major con- certs are presented during the year. Obenshain, Beverly Wynn, Marjorie Salmon, Marjorie Stephens, Doris Cannon, Ruth Krebs, Joyce Holway. Front Row: Jane Rob ' bins, Beulah Robbins, Sandra Mason, Shirley Wojciechowski, Inez Strotton, Erma Barrows, Mary Danforth, Ann Bradley, Joan Fletcher, Linda Giles, Mary Krebs, Mitzie Eggers, Betty Ann Rice, Mr. Maxwell. The choir of 1956 casts off on the annual spring cruise. Standing: Dean Dewey, Don Holt. Third Row: Mrs. Max- well, Mrs. Marigold, Dr. Roberts, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Livingston, Shan Wesley, Mr. Hitchcock, Rees Warring, Anne Bradley, Erma Barrows, Phyllis Obenshain, Mary Danforth, Judy Scent, Paula Hampton. Second Row: Margie Stephens, Mitzie Eggers, Lydia Middleton, David Jenkins. First Row: Mary Krebs, Kathryn Hixon, Dr. Marigold, Ruth Krebs, Mr. Hays, Joyce Holway, George Button. 83 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The American Chemical Society is affili- ated with the national organization and is open to students majoring in chemistry. Through the use of outside speakers, it af- fords an opportunity for students to become better acquainted with the opportunities in the field of chemistry. Officers: Alvin Strom, President; Shirley Neely, Vice President; Toni Tipple, Secretary and Treasurer; W. D. Ashburn, Sponsor. Hurry with the drinks. Back Row: Don Hurt, Warren Johnson, Al Strom, Gene Asher, Bill Langley. Second Row: Dale Simpson, Grant Reed, Don Hopper, Harris Terrell, Fred Davis. First Row: Dr. Newsom, Max Glass, In Soo La, Terry Woolum, Patsy Patton, Kacky Webb, Jane Robbins, Ann Bennett, Bert Francis, Ramona Perry, S. T. Barrett. 84 Left to Right: Jane Robbins, Don Holt, Mrs. Livingston, David Jenkins, Carolyn Hawkins, Mr. Hitchcock, Jim Todd. Mr. Peacock favors the party with " Stardust. STARLITERS The Starliters, an organization composed of nine musicians, is sponsored by the Fine Arts Department. Created early in the 1955- 56 academic year, they have appeared in a number of events helping to encourage social dancing on the campus, the highlight being the " Beaux Arts Ball. " Their chief aim is to encourage dance music on the campus and to increase the desire for social functions. Officers: Dr. Leonard Roberts, Director; David Jenkins, Secretary, Treasurer, and Librarian; Jim Todd, Properties Manager. 85 Bock Row: Joann Carter burn, Mrs. Livingston. Louonna Burton, Naomi Dew, Glenna V. Burton. Front Row: Inez Stratton, Glenda Black- The recipe soys to stir constantly. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club is sponsored by the Department of Home Economics and opened to all girls interested in home eco- nomics. The club helps to promote leadership, initiative and social grace. The group ' s activi- ties for the year include a tea for graduating members and a spring banquet. Officers: Louanna Burton, President; Glenna V. Burton, Vice President; Inez Stratton, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Livingston, Sponsor. 86 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Union ' s John Owen Gross Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is the professional organization for students enrolled in the teacher education program. It is affiliated with the Kentucky Education Association and the National Education Association. The club ' s activities this year included: adoption and the support of a rural school taught by a former student of Union College, election of Miss and Mr. F. T. A., election of a pro- fessor of the year, organization of Future Teachers of America Chapters in local high schools, and giving a ten dollar award to a senior with a 2.0 standing. Officers: Dick McCarthy, President; Beverly Wynn, Vice President; Marijuna Golden, Secretary; Hilda Willis, Treasurer; Miss Moore, Sponsor. F.T.A. members go through rehearsal for radio broadcast. Back Row: Miss Moore, Debby Brown, Joe Boswell, Grant Reed, Hilda Willis, Bonnie Payton, Joanna Carter. Front Row: Beverly Wynn, Bettye Grant, Phyllis Obenshain, Lydia Middleton, Frances Hignite, George Button, Peggy Williams, Myrtle Hamilton, Robert Jameson, Bernice Boggs, Eila Jane Carlisle, Clayton Durham, Dale Pigg, Marjorie Combs, Paula Sue Maynard, Marijuna Golden. 87 Back Row: Mr. Taylor, Alan Brown, John Dodson, Bill more, Naomi Dew, Charlene Saunders, Diane Murley, Edwards, Ervin Pack. First Row: Miss Dewey, Sue Size- Sandra Mason, Augusta White. Outside reading in Sociology 271. DORMITORY COUNCIL The Dormitory Council is made up of officers from the individual men ' s and wo- men ' s resident halls. The purpose of the Council is to promote and maintain high standards of dormitory life and to plan for the annual open house. Officers: Women ' s Dormitory: Diane Murley, President; Sue Sizemore, Vice President; Augusta White, Secre- tary; Sandra Mason, Treasurer. Men ' s Dormitory; Alan Brown, President; Bill Edwards, Secretary-Treasurer. 88 HH Hff I li tMISmi Bock Row: Maurice Lay, David Kouns, Tom Perry, Alan Brown. First Row: Dr. Newsom, Sandra Mason, Marlene Maynard, Linda Giles, Hilda Willis, Augusta White, Dr. Howe. FRESHMEN ORIENTATION COMMITTEE The Freshmen find that it ' s really fun. The Freshmen Orientation Committee, composed of upperclassmen, has the responsi- bility for planning a week of varied activities that will make the freshmen ' s transition from high school to college a memorable one. A variety of social functions are planned to ac- quaint the new student with other students and to make his new environment more fa- miliar. 89 Bock Row: Dan Sullivan, Rodney Neely, Mildred Storey, Diane Murley, Edgar Brown, Arthur Lanham. First Row: H. G. Pratt, Pete Moore, Bill Edwards. Senator Edwards takes the floor of the House. STUDENT SENATE One of the newest organizations on campus is the Student Senate. The purpose of this organization is to promote student govern- ment and responsibility, cooperation between the student body and agencies of the college and advance student welfare. Officers: H. G. Pratt, President; Rodney Neely, Vice President; William Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer. 90 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB This club ' s purpose is to promote a greater interest in national and international affairs among students. It is affiliated with the na- tional organization sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Promotion of World Peace. The group played host to the state Interna- tional Relations Club convention in the fall. Officers: Charlene Saunders, President; Said Mansour, Vice President; Joann Catolster, Secretary; Joyce Holway, Treasurer; Dr. Bradley and Miss Millen, Sponsors. Back Row: Al Layton, Samps Brock, Charles Croley, John Peshkoff, Ernie Nelson, Clayton Durham, John Dodson. Second Row: Joann Catolster, Phyllis Evans, A problem of world concern is tackled by I.R.C. Louanna Burton, Liz Todd, Marijuna Golden. First Row: Marjorie Combs, Charlene Saunders, Joann Carter. 91 UNION COLLEGE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION This organization is a fellowship of stu- dents who desire to enrich their spiritual lives, share Christian experience, and establish roots for use as good laymen, as they look to the Christian standard for guidance. The Union College Christian Association conducts a mid- week vesper service, supports two Korean War Orphans, raises money to donate to worthy causes and produces a weekly Sunday radio program, " Music and Meditations. " Officers: Don Holt, President; Tom Perry, Vice President; Augusta White, Secretary; Margie Stephens, Treasurer; Mr. Miller, Sponsor. Standing: Don Holt, Tom Perry, Jim Todd, Mike Camp- bell. Seared: Mr. Miller, Linda Giles, Nancy Robbins, Diane Murley, Augusta White, Marjorie Combs. 92 OXFORD CLUB AND AUXILIARY The Oxford Club and Auxiliary is com- posed of students who are planning to enter the ministry of full-time employment in church related vocations. The meetings provide an opportunity for informal discussions of the problems of Christian living. A weekend re- treat is held and the club conducts Sunday morning services at the county jail. Officers: Jim Todd, President; Joyce Holway, Vice Presi- dent; Robert Granger, Secretary; Erma Barrows, Treas- urer; Dr. Weaver, Sponsor. Left to Right: Dr. Weaver, Jim Todd, Erma Barrows, Joyce Holway, Robert Granger. o 93 ORANGE AND BLACK The aim of the Orange and Black for 1956-57 has been to present to its readers a more personalized and interesting news- paper. Through pictures and copy, we have attempted to center on happenings and mat- ters of concern to the Union College student. Whether or not we have succeeded is up to the individual ' s point of view, but regardless of opinion, the staff has worked earnestly and diligently to make the Orange and Black a more vital part of the life of Union College. Officers: John Belyea, Editor; Warren Johnson, Assistant Editor; Elizabeth Todd, News Editor; Jim Burkhart, Ronald Thornbury, Robert Jameson, Sports Editors; Wanda Troglen, Society Editor; Charles Peple, Photo- grapher; Patricia Burgess, Business Manager; Rod Wilson, Advertising Manager; David Kouns, Circulation Man- ager; Wanda Troglen, Margaret Quinn, Thelma Miller, Typists. Standing: Elizabeth Todd, Warren Johnson. Seated: John Belyea. Standing: Augusta White, Marjorie Salmon, Mr. Ashbur Seated: Annie Murphy, Wanda Troglen, Kathryn Dill. JoAnn Catolster, Ada Lee Johnson, Charles Peple. 94 Standing: Florentino Mir, Rod Wilson, Jan Buttermore, John Peshkoff, Inez Stratton, David Kouns. Seated: Patricia Burgess, Carol Marland, Robert Jameson, Virginia Bugg. Standing: Anne Bennett, Grant Reed, Arthur Shapland, Margaret Quinn, Maurice Lay, Phyllis Evans. Seated: Peggy Williams, Shirley Neely, Myrtle Hamilton. 95 THE STESPEAN The Ingredients of College Life: Take one small college of enthusiastic students. Gently fold in two semesters of busy activities. Sift in generous portions of history, philosophy, biology, and German. (Other substitutions may be made for variety.) Blend well an assort- ment of registration lines, chow lines, wash lines, typhoid and Salk lines, and graduation line. Flavor with a dash of: Who ' s Who, Mr. and Miss Union, and Queen of Hearts. Sim- mer with the heat of a close ball game. Pour into an administrative mold. Allow to cool dur- ing printing. This recipe has been tried and tested by capable students chosen to compile these in- gredients into a worthwhile product of lasting durability. It is the trust of the Stespean Staff that we have succeeded in bringing together the happy memories of another year at Union College. Standing: Bill Dew. Seated: Tom Wright, Dan Sullivan. Left to Right: Jim Bond, Charlene Saunders, Al Strom, Dave Jenkins, Dove Kouns. 96 Left to Right: Alan Brown, Joan Fletcher, George Van Home. Standing: Mr. Hitchcock, Coey Pritchard. Seated: Marlene Maynard, Pete Moore. Editor Alan R. Brown Associate Editor George Van Home Literary Editor William W. Dew Asst. Literary Editor Joan E. Fletcher Business Manager Coey D. Prichard Circulation Manager Paul S. Moore Sports Editor Dan L. Sullivan Asst. Sports Editor Tommy C. Wright Art Editor Advisor H. G. Hitchcock Cartoonist David G. Kouns Typists Marlene G. Maynard Anne Bennett Charlene G. Saunders Photography Staff Alvin L. Strom W. David Jenkins Rees F. Warring G. James Bond 97 98 priJL isJllhi | FEATURES | • ' ■fy l , r. ' ' j. tiSJuKf Dione Murley MISS UNION 100 Dan L. Sullivan MR. UNION 101 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES These are the students chosen by a stu- dent-faculty committee as the outstanding students on campus. They were elected on a basis of leadership, scholarship, and partici- pation in campus activities. AJong with the honor of being elected to Who ' s Who and having their names appear in the 1956-57 edition of it, these students have the privilege of references from the placement service of Who ' s Who. Frances Hignite William W. Dew Joyce Holway 102 John O. Dodson Diane Murley Mildred Storey Dan L. Sullivan 103 1956 FESTIVAL QUEEN Barbara, Parsons 104 Linda Giles Wilma Boughton AND COURT Nancy Sergeant Anna Jane O ' Dell A -4 Left to Right: Joan Fletcher, Dolores Brown, Margaret Wesley, Diane Murley, Margaret Quinn. HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT Daniel Boone Festival parade includes Union ' s team. Welcome, avant-garde! 106 V HOMECOMING QUEEN Dr. Boatman crowns Margaret Wesley ATHLETICS BASKETBALL The 1956-57 edition of Union College fea- tured another young club with strong potential and possibilities for the future. The Bull- dogs managed to win seven against fourteen losses. Union ' s nucleus was built around five freshmen, five sophomores, one junior and one senior. Standouts for the young team in- cluded, Art Lanham, a sophomore who re- turned from military service, and Pete Moore, another sophomore from last year ' s team. They received plenty of help from Clyde Evans, a 6 ' 4 " freshman from Rio Grande, Ohio, and Glenn Clarkston, a junior who comes from Cumberland College. With such a young ball club, the Bulldogs ' future looks brighter. Union guards learn the hardwood strategy of Coach Bush. 110 Back Row: Pete Moore, Tommy Wright, Ronnie Eckler, Jack Harris, Andy Dudley, Glenn Clarkston, Art Lanham, Bob Bradley, Wally Hutton, Clyde Evans, Bill Richardson, Noel White, Roy Cecil, Robert Van Home, Billy Johnson. First Row: Tom Perry, Coach Herman Bush, Assistant Coach Don Shaw. Manager Tom Perry prepares for a tough game. Siamese Twins? Can he possible make it? First Row: Bob Bradley, Glenn Clarkston, Wally Hutton, Art Lanham, Pete Moore. Second Row: Ronnie Eckler, Clyde Evons, Jack Harris, Noel White, Tommy Wright. Third Row: Bill Johnson, Bob Van Home, Andy Dudley, Bill Richardson, Jim Bowling 112 1956-57 BASKETBALL RECORD We Opponent They 75 Milligan 87 62 Transylvania 90 63 Tusculum 84 64 East Tennessee State 78 79 Milligan 83 53 Lincoln Memorial 63 74 Centre 61 87 Berea 80 68 Transylvania 86 76 Georgetown 91 68 Lincoln Memorial 70 89 Emory and Henry 83 77 Pikeville 97 76 Bellarmine 91 74 Tusculum 67 90 Berea 76 77 Centre 95 97 Emory and Henry 104 77 Georgetown 112 74 Carson-Newman 84 87 Bellarmine 98 76 Villa Madonna 96 89 Carson-Newman 90 66 KIAC Centre 73 57 SMAC Tennessee Wesleyan 73 Union fights for the rebounds. Left to right: Noomi Dew, Doris Cannon, Judy Strunk, Linda Giles, Myra Frost. ill If IP ' F Left to Right: Mike Campbell, John Belyea, Jay Uhler, Bob Shumate, Rod Wilson. Mike serves a fast one. TENNIS TEAM Another spring sport, which is compara- tively young, is the tennis team. Tennis was dropped in the years following the war and was not revived until two years ago. Although winless, the Bulldog netters played some out- standing matches against stiff competition. Not weakened by graduation to any great ex- tent, Union promises to have a strong tennis team next year. 114 GOLF TEAM Union ' s golf team, still in the building process, produced a winless season. The team was blessed with two fine golfers, Linville Cain and Andy Dudley. Other members of the squad included: R. G. Williams, Bill Dew, Pete Moore, and Bill Brummett, none of whom were previously experienced golfers. Prospects for the next season are brighter as nearly all the men are returning. Experience plus a bigger schedule promise to show an improved team. Left to Right: Bill Brummett, Linville Cain, Andy Dudley, R. G. Williams. A difficult shot to make. " There ' s the wind-up, and the pitch. It ' s a . . . ' BASEBALL RECORD 1956 We Opponent 12 Emory-Henry 3 Cumberland 5 Cumberland 12 Transylvania 1 Transylvania 7 Georgetown 5 Georgetown Berea 2 Berea 6 Centre 3 Centre 3 Lincoln Memorial 1 Lincoln Memorial 2 Carson- Newman 1 Carson-Newman 10 Pikeville 2 Pikeville They 13 5 9 2 8 7 5 4 9 7 19 5 8 7 116 BASEBALL TEAM Union ' s baseball team, weakened by grad- uation, managed a 4 win 13 loss campaign. Although it was a dismal season, there were a few bright spots for the Bulldogs: Gil I is Adams ' no-hit game against Pikeville, Fred Parson ' s selection on the All S.M.A.C. team, and Dan Sullivan ' s fine all-around perform- ance. Union ' s victories included wins over Pikeville twice, Transylvania, and Cumber- land Junior College. Back Row: Coach " Tack " Countiss, Gillis Adams, George Van Home, Dan Sullivan, Robert Koehler, Amiel Solomon, Bascum Fawbush, Darrell Pursiful, Birg Sergent. Front Row: Dick McCarthy, Dave Kouns, Raleigh Mitchell, Tom Wright, Carl Wenderoth, Don Burton, Fred Parsons. ' Ill f l(«l|pill|llllIIM TRACK TEAM After winning the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference title in 1955, the Union Track team could win only one meet against Centre. Graduation was the main cause of the Bulldogs ' downfall. Gerald Swim, Jim Burkhart and newcomer Pete Moore were the chief point-winners. Swim closed out a color- ful career as perhaps the greatest trackman in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Con- ference. Holder of various records, Swim was noted for his feats in the high jump, broad jump, pole vault, high and low hurdles. His loss will be keenly felt by the track men in the coming seasons. UNION 118 1 i0i Back Row: Charles Dugan, Coach; Wally Hutton, Walter Dick, Gerald Swim, Willie Abner, David Bennett, Darrell Fleming. First Row: Pete Moore, Cecil Hensley, Randall Coone, James Burkhart, Bill Brummett, Arthur Shapland, Bill Richardson. Muscles tense, balanced, Wally will beat his toss. " The Fox " Swim leads the pack. INTERNATIONAL All Intramural Football Squad — Left to Right: Bill Dew, George Van Home, Dan Sullivan, Rod Neely, Jim Burkhart, Bill Edwards. Not pictured: Randall Coone, Doyle Swanner, Ed Adams, Tom McCarthy, Earl Rogers, Jim Fouch. Intramural Football Champs — " Ferocious Few " Standing: Bascom Fawbush, Jim Amyx, and Jim Burkhart. Seated: Dave Bennett, Tracy Vann, Rod Neely, Dan Sullivan. Don Burton, not pictured. " Where is the rest of your team? " " Hike, one, two, ready Intramural Basketball Champs — " Ferocious Few. " Left to Right: Don Hurt, Darrell Pursiful, Larry Wooden, Dan Sullivan, Shirley Goodin, Bill Hurt, Rod Neely, Bill Edwards, Tracy Vann. 120 A Bulldog sprlfc) sports star was honored when Fred Parsons was named as a member of the All Smoky Mountain Conference Base- ball Team in 1956. Parsons was named as the second baseman on the squad. Freddie hails frorn, Yanc«, Kentucky and is a gradu- High School. A popular man on Parsdns was a four letterman and a slbrter most of his career, bulldogs i mony departments his and fin jred near .350 all the time ate of He d with an average is scrap and ability e Parsons one of infielders in ma rs to perform V 121 to think . . .to accept These are the goals that every college stu- dent should seek in preparing himself to be an effective citizen. To attain these objec- tives, he must consider carefully his choice of activities, friends, habits, and attitudes that will produce these end results upon com- pletion of his college career. Let your blue- print for the future be based upon the Christian ideals and the strong spirit of com- munity that are characteristic of Union. Below: Sharing responsibility in social functions and team efforts strengthens the group spirit. 122 123 ,.-■■ - ■.■■■■■ ' •« BftK- ! 124 FACULTY AND STAFF INDEX Ashburn, W. David , 23, 32, 75, 79, 94 B Bennett, L. A., 21, 26 Bennett, Kathryn, 21 Boatman, Conway, 18, 19, 107 Boatman, Caroline, 18, 28, 76 Boyd, J. H., 16, 20 Bradley, Erwin S., 25, 30 Bradley, Vivian S., 28 Bryden, Robert R., 24 Bush, Herman, 22, 77, 110, 111 Campbell, Doris, 28 Cain, Carol, 28 Carson, Mamie, 28 Christmas, Donald, 23 Countiss, T. J., 116 Dewey, Florence, 21, 23, 83, Dugan, Charles, 119 Forman, Elsie, 25 H Hamilton, Myrtle, 28 Hamilton, Hazel, 28 Hays, Billy Paul, 23, 83 Hissam, Ruth, 28 Hitchcock, Howard G., 23, 81, 83, 85, 97 Howard, Merle, 22 Howe, Jr., H. Branch, 24, 89 Linard, Mildred, 28 Livingston, Inez, 24, 83, 85, 86 Long, Jack, 29 Lyons, Jean, 24 Lucas, Dorothy, 21 M Maggard, Mildred, 29 Marigold, Constance, 27, 83 Marigold, W. Gordon, 27, 83 Maxwell, Donald W., 23, 82 Millen, J. Larue, 25, 74 Miller, Mahlon A., 20, 26, 83,. 92 Milliken, Rena, 25, 74 Moore, Kathleen, 22, 87 N Newsom, Carl R., 24, 59, 84, 89 Parks, S. L, 21 Patridge, Frances, 22 Peacock, Melvin C, 27, 85 Pettus, Mary, 24 R Richardson, Ernestine, 29 Roberts, Fannie, 29 Roberts, Leonard W., 27, 49, 83 Shaw, Donald, 22, 111, 120 Shaw, Dorothy, 29 Simms, Charles W., 22, 74 Smith, Julia, 29 Spurlock, Arthur E., 25, 44 Taylor, Eugene, 29, 88 Taylor, Hoy, 25 Taylor, Wilma, 29 Townsend, Milton H., 21 w Weaver, Horace R., 26, 44, 93 Welch, Donald, 26 Williams, Irene, 27 Wilson, Myrtle, 29 STUDENT INDEX Abner, Willie, 1 19 Adams, Edward H., 59, 60 Adams, Gillis, 70, 117 Amyx, Jimmy Ray, 33, 120 Arnold, Harold, 33 Asher, Eugene, 45, 84, 85 Asher, Mary Lois, 45 B Bacon, Winston Barry, 45 Baker, Nancy, 53 Ball, Elizabeth, 33 Ball, William H., 33 Banks, Christine, 60 Barber, Charles, 45 Bargo, Randall, 33 Barnes, Edward Keith, 60 Barrett, Sewell, 60, 84, 85 Barrows, Erma Ruth, 45, 77, 79, 81, 82, 83, 93 Bates, Harold Gene, 55 Begley, George, 60 Belyea, John, 33, 78, 79, 94, 115 Bennett, David A., 34, 119, 120 Bennett, Elizabeth Anne, 55, 84, 85, 95 126 These two young ladies know that the best in carefree motoring can be found in the " all new " Mercury and the 1957 Ford, at the HUTTON MOTOR COMPANY. Lovely Joan Hetcher made a date with this 1957 Cadillac and was delighted with the svelt lines of this Coupe de Ville, at HARKLEROAD MOTOR COMPANY, Corbm, Ken- tucky. 127 STUDENT INDEX Bennett, Eugene, 50 Bingham, Mabel Helen, 60 Blackburn, Glenda, 45, 80, 82, 86 Blankenship, Rita Faye, 60 Boggs, Bernice, 45, 87 Boggs, Bert, 60 Bond, Gordon James, 55, 79, 96 Boswell, Joseph F., 87 Boswell, Robin T., 34 Boughton, Wilma, 71, 105 Bowling, Johnny Edison, 60, 112 Bowling, Leonard, 60 Bowman, James Floyd, 60 Bradley, Ann, 55, 82, 83 Bradley, Bobby, 60, 111, 112 Bntch, Carroll Paul, 60, 79 Brock, Barbara, 55 Brock, Samps, 45, 82, 91 Brooker, Walter R., 60 Broughton, Katherine, 53 Brown, Alan Richard, 34, 66, 75, 78, 79, 88, 89, 97, 126 Brown, Deborah Ann, 60, 87 Brown, Delores, 60 Brown, Edgar, 60, 90 Brown, Jane, 55 Brummett, Bill Gene, 114, 119 Brunk, Patricia, 55 Buchanan, Bill Joe, 34, 45 Buchanan, Bobbie D., 45 Buchanan, Daphne H., 34, 77 Bugg, Virginia Lee, 60, 95 Bunch, James Harold, 60 Burch, Glen R., 60 Burgess, Patricia, 55, 95 Burkhart, Jimmy, 46, 78, 119, 120 Burton, Donald Ray, 34, 70, 117 Burton, Glenna Vickers, 46, 79, 86 Burton, Louanna, 55, 86, 91 Buttermore, Jan Todd, 79, 82, 95 Buttermore, Thomas, 66 Button, George H., 16, 46, 75, 79, 82, 83, 87 Cain, Linville, 35, 114 Compbell, Harrill, 60 Campbell, Michael Lee, 79, 92, 1 15 Campbell, William A., 53 Campbell, Zenas, 60 Cannon, Doris Ann, 55, 77, 80, 82, 113 Carlisle, Eila Jane, 46, 87 Carmack, James P., 60 Carter, Joanna Gayle, 55, 80, 86, 87, 90 Catolster, Joann, 55, 79, 90, 94 Cecil, Lacey Ray, 60, 111 Chappel, Robert R., 46 Clarkston, Glenn, 44, 46, 111, 1 12 Cole, Charles, 55 Collins, Kenneth Charles, 60 Collins, Marcella G., 46, 80 Colson, John, 35 Combs, E. M. 53 Combs, Marjorie, 55, 82, 87, 90, 92 Combs, Morton, 60 Coone, Randall, 55, 119 Coredig, Delia, 60 Corley, William H., 70 Cottongim, Annis Mae, 55 Craft, Donald R., 60 Craig, Billy Joe, 55 Croley, Charles E., 46 Cruze, Conrad E., 60 Danforth, Mary Elibabeth, 60, 82, 83 Davies, David L., 46, 72, 82 Davis, Fred A., 35, 84, 85 Decoursey, Amerida, 76 Delph, Effie Sue, 60 Denney, Dennis Ray, 60 Dew, Naomi Jane, 60, 80, 86, 88, 1 13 Dew, William, 35, 66, 70, 78, 81, 96, 102, 120 Dick, Wolter, 76, 119 Dill, Kathryn, 16, 35, 66, 94 Dodson, John O., 35, 81, 88, 90, 102 Doll, Charles, 36 Dudley, Andy, 46, 78, 111, 112, 1 14 Dudley, Betty, 60, 80 Duke, Ellis, 46 Duke, Richard, 61 Durham, Clayton, 47, 81, 87, 91 Eckler, Ronnie, 61, 111, 112 Edwards, Bill, 36, 80, 88, 90, 120 Edwards, Harold, 47 Eggers, Mae Marie, 47, 77, 82, 83 Engle, Teddie, 55 Ensslin, Charles, 47 Esden, Pedro, 47 Evans, Clyde, 61, 111, 112 Evans, Phyllis Ann, 55, 90, 95 Fain, Donald, 47 Farmer, Kenneth, 61 Farris, Nancy, 55 Fawbush, Bascom, 36, 117, 120 Feldman, Margaret, 53 Fink, Robert Thomas, 47, 82 Finney, Thomas, 47 Fleming, Darrell, 36, 119 Fletcher, Joan, 55, 77, 82, 97, 106 Foutch, James, 47 Francis, Bert, 55, 84, 85 128 Compliments of Compliments of CATRON THE CORBIN DAILY TRIBUNE MOTOR COMPANY THE CORBIN SUNDAY TIMES Your Friendly Ford Dealer RADIO STATION WCTT Corbin Kentucky Corbin Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of LUNCH QUEEN ft STEAKS and f CHICKEN P rt i j4 and rnl£in:wwHiWi-l STEWART ' S MOTEL TH E RESTAURANT HUNGRY HOUND Cumberland Falls Road Corbin Kentucky Corbin Kentucky Wanted To Buy Sell - Trade - Tune - Repair We Equip Your Office All Musica l Instruments McCUBBIN MUSIC COMPANY BISSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT 1 1 5 Main Street Phone 695 Corbin, Ky. COMPANY Open Evenings By Appointment Corbin Harlan STUDENT INDEX Frost, Myra, 47, 80, 113 Gallion, Benjamin, 47, 82 Gatton, Robert, 61, 82 Giles, Linda, 55, 68, 71, 77, 80, 82, 89, 90, 105, 113 Gillespie, Carolyn, 61, 79 Gillespie, Joseph, 36 Glass, Max, 61, 84, 85 Golden, Marijuna, 55, 71, 80, 82, 87, 91 Goodin, Joe W., 56 Goodin, Shirley, 36, 120 Granger, Robert, 47, 93 Grant, Charles Hermon, 56 Gregory, Betty, 61 Guffey, James Eugene, 48 H Hable, Charles, 61 Haburay, Keitz, 76 Hackler, Kenneth, 37 Haggard, Joyce, 76 Hale, Larry Rex, 48 Hamblin, Florene, 76 Hamilton, Mary Violet, 61, 82 Hamilton, Myrtle, 37, 87, 95 Hamm, Dave, 56 Hammond, Ted Ray, 37 Hammonds, Delores, 53 Hammonds, Stanley, 53 Hammons, Axie K., 61 Hammons, J. S., 61 Hampton, Myma, 76 Hampton, Shelby, 56, 71 Harper, Rachel Mary, 61 Harris, Jack D., 48, 111, 112 Hawkins, Carolyn, 56, 84, 85 Hawkins, Peggy S., 61 Helton, Loyal C, 37 Henegar, Clyde D., 48 Hensley, Cecil E., 44, 48, 78, 119 Hensley, Thomas, 56 Hensley, Wayne, 53 Hignite, Frances, 37, 75, 79, 87, 102 Holbrook, Norman, 61 Holliman, John B., 56 Holt, Donald Lee, 48, 82, 83, 84, 85, 92 Holway, Joyce 48, 75, 77, 79, 82, 83, 93, 102 Hopper, Donald, 30, 61, 84, 85 Howard, Alma, 53 Huie, Iris, 47 Hurt, Bill C, 61 Hurt, Donald, 84, 85, 120 Hutson, Martin, 61 Hutton, Wallace, 56, 68, 78, 111, 112, 119 Hyde, Clara J., 61 Hyde, Jacqueline, 56, 77 Jackson, Burl, 56 Jackson, Ernest, 47 Jackson, Ramon, 48 Jameson, Robert, 56, 87, 95 Jarvis, Bobby Ray, 37, 81 Jasper, Patrick L., 59, 61, 72, 80 Jenkins, Wm. David, 56, 79, 82, 83, 84, 85, 96 Jenkins, Wilma J., 56 Johnson, Ada Lee, 54, 56, 94 Johnson, Harold, 49, 67, 75, 79 Johnson, James, 56 Johnson, Warren, 66, 67, 82, 84, 85, 94 Johnson, William, 61, 111, 112 Jones, Alfred, 61 Jones, Billy, 61 Jones, Langston, 61 Jones, Louise, 53 Jones, Tommy, 61 Jordan, James, 56, 16 Jordan, Roger, 56 Keith, Alvin, 56 Kelly, Lew, 38 Kersey, Henry, 61 Kinder, Bobby, 49 Kinningham, Ben, 49 Kinningham, Joan, 61 Kitchener, Albert, 61 Knuckles, Jean, 76 Koehler, Robert, 38, 108, 117 Kouns, David G., 44, 49, 70, 78, 89, 96, 117 Krebs, Mary J., 82, 83 Krebs, Ruth H., 49, 82, 83 Kundrat, Dorothy K., 56 La, In Soo, 38, 84, 85 Lambert, Wayne, 49 Lampkin, Don, 61 Langley, Billy, 61, 84, 85 Lonham, Arthur, 56, 78, 90, 111, 1 12 Lay, Maurice, 82, 89, 95 Lay, J. D., 53 Lay, Mary Ann, 61 Layton, Albert, 38, 49, 91 Lee, Carolyn J., 61 Lee, Darryl, 49 Lester, Duell, 53 Lewellen, Shirley, 38, 77 Lewis, Jack, 53 Light, Paul, 49 Little, John, 56 Livesay, Tommy, 49 Logue, William, 61 Lombari, William, 56 Lovett, Paul Richard, 38, 77 Lumpkins, Eugene, 61 130 For The Best In Dry Cleaning LONDON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Office On The Square SAWflfNE in the United States and Ca n a da LONDON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Phone 36 Al Strom gets advice from Pat Burgess and Mr. Williams in selecting his new Campus Coat at WILLIAMS CLOTHING STORE. For the best in a camera, Judy and Grant select a Kodak at ENGLES STUDIO. Ada Johnson finds the latest in modern office equipment at the ADVOCATE PUB- LISHING COMPANY. 131 STUDENT INDEX Lynch, Ronald, 53 M McAndrew, William, 62, 79 McCane, Terry R., 62 McCarthy, Richard, 39, 117 McCarthy, Thomas, 39, 78 McCreary, Barbara, 62 McCreary, Jack, 49 McDonald, Philipp, 53 McGeorge, Rufus, 62 McGuire, Bob, 62 McGurk, Deane, 53 McHargue, Jerry, 62 McKenzie, David, 62 McMurtry, Gale L, 39 McMurtry, John G., 49 McNeil, Stanley, 62 McVey, Boone, 53 Manicure, Eugene, 56 Manning, Renfro C, 39 Monsour, Said, 62 Marland, Carol A., 95 Martin, Harry L, 62 Martin, Ronald E., 62 Mason, Sandra A., 56, 82, 88, 89 Matthews, Roger, 53 Mauney, Harold, 57 Maynard, Marlene, 67, 80, 89, 97 Melton, Eldred, 76 Middleton, Lydia, 57, 82, 83, 87 Miller, Dora Dean, 39 Miller, Thelma, 57, 81 Mills, Asher, 57 Mills, Christine, 62 Mills, Delia R., 57 Mills, Mary Elizabeth, 57 Mir, Florentino, 62, 66, 95 Mitchell, Raleigh, 53, 117 Moore, Howard, 40 Moore, Paul, 54, 57, 70, 78, 90, 97, 111, 112, 119 Moore, Shirley, 57 Morrison, Aaron A., 57 Mosely, Billy, 50, 69 Murley, Diane M., 18, 40, 77, 82, 88, 90, 92, 100, 102, 106 Murphy, Ruth Anne, 30, 62, 80, 94 N Neely, Rodney, 40, 78, 90, 120 Neely, Shirley S., 50, 66, 67, 75, 80, 95 Nelson, Ernest R., 50, 81, 91 Newman, Bobby Lee, 62 Newport, J. C, 50 Norman, James H., 62 Obenshain, Phyllis Carroll, 57, 77, 82, 83, 87 O ' Dell, Anna Jane, 40, 71, 105 Pack, Ervin B., 40, 80, 88 Parker, Clyde, 50 Parks, Gene, 53 Parsons, Barbara Ann, 57, 70, 71, 98, 104 Parsons, Fred, 117, 121 Parsons, Harold Paul, 57 Pasamonte, David, 76 Patridge, Ina M., 62, 68 Patterson, Harold Glenn, 62 Patterson, Magdalene, 62 Patton, James, 53 Patton, Patsy Ann, 57, 84, 85 Payne, Clifford Morris, 40 Payne, Jewell Edward, 62 Payton, Bonnie K., 50, 87 Peple, Charles H., 57, 94 Perdue, Edward A., 50 Perry, Ramono Sue, 62, 84, 85 Perry, Tom, 57, 78, 89, 92, 111 Peshkoff, John R., 41, 82, 91, 95 Peters, Beverly, 53 Peterson, Carol A., 62 Pigg, Garland Dale, 41, 87 Pope, Edward B., 62 Pope, Roberta F., 62 Pope, Tommy Glen, 62 Powell, Walter, Jr., 57 Pratt, H. G., 50, 80, 90 Presnell, Beverly Jane, 62 Prichard, Coey, 32, 41, 97 Pridemore, Franklin, 59, 62 Prindle, Jack Bernard, 62 Privett, Kay Anna, 62 Pursiful, Darrell T., Ill, 120 Quinn, Margaret Lee, 44, 50, 95, 106 Raines, Harold Cecil, 50, 81 Ramsey, Jeanne C, 57 Reed, Grant, Jr., 41, 80, 84, 85, 87, 95 Reg, Reggis, 53 Rhodes, Cecil, 57 Rice, Betty Ann, 62, 64, 80, 82 Richardson, George Wm., 57, 111, 112, 119 Roads, Ralph, 53 Robbins, Beulah, 62, 67, 79, 82 Robbins, Jane, 41, 77, 82, 84, 85 Robbins, Nancy Lou, 62, 67, 92 Rogers, Earl H., 41 Rogers, Rella, 42 Rosenbaum, James, 62 Russell, Carmenia, 62 Russell, Maxine, 63 132 Compliments of KENTUCKY MINE SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated Harlan Kentucky Compliments of MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS (Incorporated) Middlesboro Kentucky HERFF JONES COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS - CUPS - TROPHIES JEWELERS TO UNION COLLEGE Indianapolis Indiana Compliments of BROCK-McVEY ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Lexington, Ky. Frankfort Maysville ! A Everybody Loves f$ A Mai. BUNNY Stays Fresh Days Longer MODERN BAKERY Tel. 1800 Harlan, Ky. PocaA Mfa4, Fancy Canned Foods Distributed by HALE BROTHERS Fresh Fruits Vegetables Morristown, Tenn. 133 STUDENT INDEX Salmon, Marjorie Ann, 67, 77, 82, 94 Salyer, Raymond E., 50 Sanslow, Gene, 76 Saunders, Charlene, 57, 88, 9), 96 Scott, Clarence T., 50 Sears, James, 76 Sears, Wilma, 63, 81 Sergeant, Nancy, 71, 105 Sergeant, Birg, 1 1 7 Shapland, Arthur, 54, 57, 70, 78, 82, 95, 119 Shaw, Marilyn Gail, 57 Shockley, Charles, 51 Showalter, Harold, 76 Shumate, Robert, 1 1 5 Simpson, Dale, 63, 84, 85 Simpson, Paul, Jr., 63 Sizemore, Virginia Sue, 51, 69, 88 Sloan, Wanda Sumners, 32, 42, 67, 77 Slusher, Jean, 63 Smiddie, Janice, 51, 71, 77 Smith, Arthur A., 57 Smith, Charles O., 63 Smith, Christine, 63 Smith, James Waller, 42 Smith, John Richard, 51 Smith, Julia, 76 Solomon, Amiel, 1 1 7 Sowders, Donald, 51 Sowders, Ethel, 57 Stallard, John Morris, 58 Stamper, Mary, 51 Stephens, Lloyd DeLynn, 63 Stephens, Margie, 51, 77, 82, 83 Stewart, Billy Jack, 58 Stockes, Barbara, 53, 72 Storey, Mildred, 42, 90, 102 Stratton, Inez G., 51, 82, 86 Stringer, Barbara S., 58 Strom, Alvin, 42, 75, 78, 79, 84, 85, 96 Strunk, Judith, 63, 80, 82, 113 Sullivan, Bob, 53 Sullivan, Dan L, 32, 42, 78, 90, 96, 101, 102, 108, 117, 120 Sutton Walter J., Jr., 43 Swanner, Doyle, 43 Swanner, Norma Jo, 53 Swim, Gerald, 1 19 Taylor, Barbara Lee, 63 Taylor, Carl Ray, 63 Terrell, Harris Wm., 51, 84, 85 Terrell, Lola, 58 Thomas, Amanda Jane, 63, 82 Thompson, Doris Ruth, 51 Thompson, Roberta M., 63 Thornbury, Ronald, 58 Tiller, Bobby Burns, 51, 82 Tipple, Tonita Sue, 51, 79 Todd, Boyd R., 52 Todd, Elizabeth Ann, 54, 58, 91, 94 Todd, James George, 18, 82, 83, 84, 85 Torres, David, 63 Trail, Frances, 63 Tripplett, Myrtle, 53 Troglen, Wanda, 58, 66, 80, 81, 94 Trosper, Margaret Ann, 58 u Uhler, Jay, 53, 115 Underwood, Elizabeth, 63 Unterreiner, Robert, Jr., 63 Valentine, Bettie J., 52 Valentine, Dale C, 43 Van Home, George, Jr., 70, 78, 97, 117, 120 Van Home, Robert, 59, 63, 111, 1 12 Van Sant, MoryLu, 76 Vann, Terry T., 52, 120 Vermillion, Ellen Marie, 43 Vincent, William, 63 w Walters, Charles Ray, 58 Ward, Julia M., 63 Warren, Gordon, 53 Warring, Rees F., 63, 83 Webb, Minnie Katherine, 63, 79, 84, 85 Wenderoth, Carl, 1 17 Wesley, Bonnie Jean, 63, 79, 80 Wesley, Elizabeth Anne, 43, 83 Wesley, Genevieve, 76 Wesley, Margaret Mae, 59, 63, 80, 82, 106, 107 White, Augusta Jane, 52, 75, 77, 79, 88, 89, 92, 94, 126 White, James, 53 White, Noel, 63, 64, 82, 111, 1 12 White, Paul, 58 Whitney, Bruce, 52 Wilder, Carl, 58 Willey, David L., 58 Williams, Mary, 76 Williams, Peggy Jean, 58, 87, 95 Williams, R. G., 119 Williamson, Denver, 52 Willis, Hilda Joyce, 43, 80, 87, 89 Wilson, Anne, 63, 80, 82 Wilson, John R., 52, 78, 82, 95, 1 15 Wilson, Maurice, 63 Witt, Kenneth Wayne, 52 Wojciechowski, Shirley, 54, 58, 82 Wooden, Larry Gene, 52, 120 Woolum, Glenn, 53 Woolum, Marvin, 63 Woolum, Terry Lou, 63, 80, 84, 85 Wright, Tommy C, 58, 70, 78, 96, 108, 111, 112, 117 Wynn, Beverly Patrick, 52, 82, 87 134 COMPLIMENTS OF THE BANK OF HARLAN Harlan Kentucky CHAPPELL ' S DAIRY, INC P.O. Box 29 Middlesboro Branch u Phone 41 It may be good and not be ours But it can ' t be ours and not be good 135 Compliments of FRANK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Court Square 3arbourville Kentucky Compliments of GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Court Square Barbourville Kentucky For The Best In INSURANCE OLDFI ELD INSURANCE AGENCY 136 ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL tlBRARY UNION COUSGE ARBOURV1LLE. KENTUCKY BARBOURVILLE. CY

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