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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102195 5 1 v ' -, ' Oil H :•■■■■.- • 1 ■ fl %| k t. ' 11 l71 V 1 . ' Wjii V Vis ' Ai, £ ' ' iV ' 1 -| fl 1 1 1 UNION CQLUGt 3ARB0U«VIU£, Kv. f WA i ■rXfy ? ' " ■ FOR NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SIX gHp gra lfeY THE STUDENTS OF UNION COLLEGE RB d KB KENTUCI i UNION COLLEGE FOUNDEB 1879 ADMIMSTRATIVE OFFICES SreEflBMALL .V; ? Weeks-Towns end Memorial Ufiraiy Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 : Introduction Administration Classes Organizations Athletics Features 16 28 60 84 98 Index and Advertisements 1 12 This is our college Speed Hall . . . Administrative Offices and Girls ' Dormitory Abigail E. Weeks Memorial Library ■ i ■ - ■ : » ' v V-J idi m i im Within these halls we prepare for vocations and for service. for home life We take time to learn of our Maker and his creations. . . . . . through the natural ... and the socia | sciences, . . . and our studies lead us . . . to appreciate man ' s creativeness. We come to Union not only to study ... or work . . . but to entertain as well. We go to parties . . . on hikes or just sit around the campus and chat. Sometimes we are so busy that we can ' t find time to clean. In between times and gossip we wash with roommates. 10 And? ? ? We cram for exams and then to bed after we have primped and . . . polished for the next day. By way of entertainment we have a variety concerts ... of variety shows with receptions following. J— f- There are parties and movies, dances for the Daisy Maes and LT Abners . . . races for husbands and . . . . . . while the Starlighters play. 13 We are sports or triumph, if we are deadlocked ▼. whether in adversity or in the clear. We strive alone VSSi ADMINISTRATION 16 - i __— — 0UR US1PENI Conway Boatman, A.B., B.D., Since 1938, Dr. Conway Boatman has been the forceful and energetic leader of Union College. This fall he cut short a tour of Europe and the Holy Land in order to return for the opening of the college in September. Since that time, Union has seen many improvements in its academic standing and its physical plant, all due in a greater or less degree to the efforts of Dr. Boatman as ad- ministrative head of the college. His un- tiring efforts and unswerving determi- nation have guided Union College to- ward providing its students with true Christian enlightenment. ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT Coming to Union in the fall of 1955 fresh from graduate study in Germany, Austria, and Switzer- land, Mr. Mahlon H. Miller, as Assistant to the President, has won the respect and friendship of both students and faculty. His is a difficult task and he has met its challenges with forthrightness and has made substantial improvements in relations between faculty and student body. He holds classes in the Division of Religion and Philosophy, and is in charge of student religious life as well as the workship program. THE DEANS Largely through the organizational efforts of Dean John H. Boyd, this year Union has secured state accreditation of its teacher training program. Per- sonally popular as well as professionally able, Dean Boyd has, in his two years here, contributed sub- stantially to the progress of Union College. Miss Florence Dewey " doubles in brass " as Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of Music. Out of her classes in instrumental music has grown the Union College Orchestra, an organization which is growing more and more to be a cultural and artistic force on the campus. 20 DIVISION CHAIRMEN Robert R. Bryden, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Sciences; Head of the Department of Biology; Professor of Biology. Joseph R. Henderson, B.S., MA, Ed.D. Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences; Head of the Department of Sociology; Russell M. Bennett Me- morial Professor of Sociology. Kenneth J. Huenink, A.B., MB., MM. Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts; Head of the Department of Music; Associate Professor of Music Education. Leonard W. Roberts, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Lan- guages; Head of the Deportment of English; Professor of English and Speech. Charles W. Simms, B.S., MA, Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Educa- tion; Director of Extension; Head of the Department of Education; Pro- fessor of Education. Horace R. Weaver, B.S. in Ed., A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Religion and Philosophy; Head of the Depart- ment of Religion and Philosophy; Frances Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion and Philosophy. 21 First Row: Luther A. Bennett, B.S., B.D., M.A. in L.S. Librarian; Assistant Professor of Library Science and Religion. Kathryn Burchette Bennett, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian. Erwin S. Bradley, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History. Second Row: Harry Coble, A.B., B.L.I., M.A. Instructor in Speech, English and Drama. T. J. Countiss, A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Physical Education; Athletic Coach. Florence Dewey, B.S., M.A. Dean of Women; Assistant Professor of Music. FACULTY 22 First Row: Charles Dugan, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education. Elsie Forman, A.B., M.A. Asso- ciate Professor of Business Education. Billy P. Hays, B.M., M.M. Instructor in Organ and Piano. Howard G. Hitchcock, A.B., M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art. Second Row: H. Branch Howe, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. As- sistant Professor of Biology. Elizabeth Louise Huenink, B.M. Instructor in Piano. Inez B. Livingston, B.S. in Ed. Instructor in Home Economics. Jemina Larue Millen, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. Assistant Professor in Social Studies. —4 First Row: Reno Milliken, A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Business Education; Associate Professor of Business Education. Kathleen Moore, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education. Carl R. New- som, B.S., MS., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physical Sciences; Professor of Chemistry. Frances Pat- ridge, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women. Second Row: Mary Pettus, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics. Albert B. Smith, A.B., M.A. Instructor in French and German. Arthur E. Spurlock, B.S. in Ed. Instructor in Business Education. Irene Williams, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English. 24 THE STAFF Too often is the contribution of the Staff unrecognized and unappreciated, but al- ways it is vital to the efficient operation of any educational institution. Carefully chosen for their training and experience in their particular fields, the members of the staff of Union work quietly and unobtrus- ively along with the administration and faculty to realize the aims and ideals of the college. S. L. Porks, B.S., Business Manager and Treasurer. First Row: Jack Long, Assistant Treasurer and Bookkeeper. Cleta Messer, Assistant to the Bookkeeper. Ercel Eaton, Secretary to Business Manager. Second Row: Caroline Boatman, A.B., College Hostess. Ruth Hissam, Bookstore Manager. Wilma Taylor, Operator of the Snack Shack. 25 Dorothy Lucas, B.R.E. M.A., Registrar Glcnvol Newsom, B.S., Secretary to the Regis- trar Myrtle R. Wilson, Secre- tary in the Office of the Dean STAFF Evelyn Bryden, Clerical Assistant in the Library Dorothy E. Morgan, Sec- retary to the Assistant to the President Betty W. Eaton, Secre- tary to the President Eugene Taylor, A.B., M.A., Counselor at Men ' s Residence Halls Mary C. Elrod, House- mother at Women ' s Resi- dence Halls Fannie Roberts, Matron at Women ' s Residence Halls STAFF Charlotte F. Brown, Sec- retary in the Public Re- lations Offic e Vivian Bradley, B.S. in Ed., Secretary in the Public Relations Office Milton H. Townsend, A.B., M.A., Director of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs © CLASSES Gerald Swim, President; Genevieve Wesley, Secretary; Amiel Solomon, Vice President; Walter Dick, Treas- urer; Mr. Dugan, Sponsor. SENIOR OFFICERS 30 SENIORS Beatrice J. Asher Pineville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Wayne Baker Gray, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Pro- fession sought: Teaching. Wilma R. Boughton Fair Haven, Vermont A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Secre- tary-Treasurer, Playlikers Club; Presi- dent, Union College Christian Asso- ciation; Rewrite Editor, Makeup Edi- tor, Orange and Black; Secretary, Editor, The Stespean; Cast Business Manager, Alpha Psi Omega; Quill Club; Secretary, Church-Campus Re- lations Committee; Religious Life Committee; Who ' s Who; President ' s Council; National Methodist Scholar- ship; Freshman Orientation Commit- tee; A Cappella Choir; Oxford Club Auxiliary. Profession sought: Chris- tian service. Jan Rose Brock Kettle Island, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Ac- tivities: Art Club; Future Teachers of America; Union College Christian Association. Profession Sought: Teach- ing. Eleanor S. Buhl Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Profession sought: Teaching. Elizabeth Ann Cawood Jonesville, Virginia B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Ac- tivities: Beta Chi Alpha; A Cappella Choir; President, Vice-President, Dorm Council; Freshman Orientation Com- mittee; Playlikers Club; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Woman ' s Athletic Association; Orange and Black Staff; Future Teachers of America. Profession sought: Teach- ing. Lester Chadwell Loyall, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Profession sought: Coaching and teaching. Not pictured 31 SENIORS Beverly Clark Corbin, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Ac- tivities: Future Teachers of America; Program Chairman, International Re- lations Club; Union College Christian Association; Woman ' s Athletic Asso- ciation; Literary Editor, Stespean. Profession sought: Teaching. John Cornert Keavy, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Profession sought: Teaching. Frank Crabrree Revelo, Kentucky A.B., August, 1956. Activities: American Chemical Society. Profes- sion sought: Chemist. Laymon Decker Grays, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Profes- sion sought: Teaching. Walter Dick Benham, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Activi- ties: Zeta Sigma Pi; President, Men ' s Dorm Council; International Rela- tions Club; " U " Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Class Treasurer; Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Accounting field. John Drake Newport, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Profession sought: Accountant. 32 SENIORS Carolyn Dushame North Andover, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; Beta Chi Alpha; Interna- tional Relations Club; Union College Christian Association; Woman ' s Ath- letic Association; Society Editor, Orange and Black; Pi Gamma Mu; Cheerleader; Junior Class Basketball Queen Attendant; Who ' s Who. Pro- fession sought: Social work. Felici Felice Hazard, Kentucky B.S. in Education, January, Bertha Gabbard Booneville, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, fession sought: Teaching. Rebecca Gabbard Shepherdsville, Kentucky Activities: Art Club; Future Teach- ers of America; Union College Chris- tian Association; Woman ' s Athletic Association. Profession sought: Teach- ing. William George London, Kentucky A.B., August, 1956. Sue Bennett College; Subemco and A Cappella Choir. Profession sought: Ministry. Paul Gibbs Corbin, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Future Teachers of America; International Relations Club. Profession sought: Teaching. 33 SENIORS Cleta Goodin Ingram, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Art Club; International Relations Club; Playlikers Club; Union College Chris- tian Association. Profession sought: Teaching. John Gregory Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., January, 1956. Activities: Play- likers Club; Sergeant at Arms, Veter- an ' s Club; Men ' s Glee Club. Profes- sion sought: Teaching and Coaching. Keitz Haburay Westboro, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Presi- dent, Zeta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Choir; Dorm Council; Oxford Club and Auxiliary; " U " Club; Union Col- lege Christian Association; Co-Sport Editor, Orange and Black; President, Pi Gamma Mu; Men ' s Glee Club; Who ' s Who; President ' s Council; Camera Club. Profession sought: Medicine. Joyce Hamilton North Andover, Massachusetts B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Activi- ties: Zeta Sigma Pi; Beta Chi Alpha; Secretary, Future Teachers of Ameri- ca; International Relations Club; Ox- ford Club Auxiliary; Union College Christian Association; Woman ' s Ath- letic Association; Orange and Black; Literary Editor, Stespean; Pi Gamma Mu; Cheerleader; National Methodist Scholarship. Profession sought: Teach- Myrno Hampton Artemus, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; Secretary, Beta Chi Alpha; Union College Christian Association; Woman ' s Athletic Association; Pi Gamma Mu; Spanish Club; Camera Club. Profession sought: Business Teacher. Walter Hensley Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: A Cap- pella Choir; Freshman Orientation Committee; Oxford Club and Auxili- ary; Playlikers Club; Vice-President, Union College Christian Association; Editor, Orange and Black; President, Alpha Psi Omega. Profession sought: Ministry. SENIORS Alva Howard Artemus, Kentucky A.B., August, 1956. Wanda Howard Artemus, Kentucky A.B., August, 1956. Wanda Human Stearns, Kentucky A.B., August, 1956. Activities: Union College Christian Association; Woman ' s Athletic Association; Secre- tary, Stespean; Attendant to Basket- ball Queen. Profession sought: Teach- Jack Isaacs Lynch, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Inez Jones Insull, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Lucy Jones Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Ruby Jones Harlan, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Tom Jordan Mary Alice, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Art Club; Future Teachers of America; International Relations Club; " U " Club; Union College Christian Asso- ciation; Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Teaching. Pauline Kelly Harlan, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Treas- urer, Zeta Sigma Pi; Beta Chi Alpha; Treasurer, Girls ' Dorm Council; Fresh- man Orientation Committee; Wo- man ' s Athletic Association; Pi Gam- ma Mu; Secretary, Beta Phi Chi; Queen of Hearts. Profession sought: Teaching or Social Work. Wayne Kinneer Acme, Pennsylvania A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Future Teachers of Amer ica; International Relations Club; Veteran ' s Club. Pro- fession sought: Teaching. Yang Soo La Seoul, Korea A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Union College Christian Association. Pro- fession sought: Teaching. Not pictured 35 SENIORS Joe Lankford Corbin, Kentucky A.B., January, 1956. Profession sought: Coaching and Teaching. Glenn Lehew Newport, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Ac- tivities: Basketball; " U " Club; Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Teaching. Tom McCarthy Norwichtown, Connecticut Activities: A Cappella Choir; " U " Club. Profession sought: Veterinarian. Rondal McHargue Lily, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Duncan MacKenzie Corbin, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Oxford Club and Auxiliary. Profession sought: Ministry. Charles Mansfield Hamburg, New York A.B., May, 1956. Activities: A Cap- pella Choir; International Relations Club; Oxford Club; Playlikers Club; Veteran ' s Club; Men ' s Glee Club. Profession sought: Ministry. SENIORS Andrew Meadors Williamsburg, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Profession sought: Accountant. Vontress Moss Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Inter- national Relations Club; Oxford Club; Chaplain, Veteran ' s Club. Pro- fession sought: Ministry. Fred Parsons Yancey, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Ac- tivities: Dorm Council; Future Teach- ers of America; Vice President, " U " Club; Stespean; Baseball; Track. Pro- fession sought: Teaching or Account- David Pasamonte Bataan, Philippines A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Choir; Dorm Council; Vice-President, International Relations Club; President, Oxford Club and Auxiliary; Union College Christian Association; Vice-President, Pi Gamma Mu; President ' s Council; Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Min- istry. Anna Potter Cumberland, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Verda Rice Harlan, Kentucky Activities: Future Teac hers of Amer ca. Profession sought: Librarian. Gene Sanslow Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Fresh- man Orientation Committee; Busi- ness Manager, Stespean; Social Life Committee; Vice-President, Fresh- man Class. Profession sought: Ac- counting. Janet Scent Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; A Cappella Choir. Pro- fession sought: Church organist. ' Not pictured 37 SENIORS Harold Showalter Brooksville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Choir; Fresh- man Orientation Committee; Oxford Club; Playlikers Club; Union College Christian Association; Associate Edi- tor, Orange and Black; Alpha Psi Omega; President, lota Sigma Nu; Men ' s Glee Club; College Orchestra; Quill Club; President ' s Council; Cre- ative Writing Award, 1955; National Methodist Scholarship. Profession sought: Church Vocation. Shannon Sloan Waynesburg, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Dorm Council; " U " Club; Union College Christian Association; Veteran ' s Club. Profession sought: Teaching. Leon Smith Garrard, Kentucky A.B., January, 1956. sought: Teaching. Ralph W. Smith Goose Rock, Kentucky A.B., August, 1956. Activities: Future Teachers of America; Veteran ' s Club. Profession sought: Teaching. Amiel H. Solomon Newport, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; Art Club; Future Teachers of America; International Relations Club; " U " Club; Union College Chris- tian Association; Orange and Black; Men ' s Glee Club; Vice-President, Senior Class. Profession sought: Coaching. Jane E. Squires Greensburg, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha; A Cappella Choir; Dorm Council; Future Teachers of America; Freshman Orientation Committee; Ox- ford Club Auxiliary; Union College Christian Association; Woman ' s Ath- letic Association; Stespean; Basket- ball Queen; Attendant at Winter Carnival; Spring Festival Queen; String Quartet; Orchestra. Profession sought: Teaching. 38 SENIOR S Julia C. Stapleron Shelbyville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Choir; Dorm Council; Future Teachers of America; President, Oxford Club and Auxili- ary; Union College Christian Asso- ciation; Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion; News Editor, Orange and Black; Pi Gamma Mu; National Methodist Scholarship. Profession sought: Busi- ness. Jimmy C. Stewart Coeburn, Virginia A.B., August, 1956. Activities: A Cappella Choir; Dorm Council; Fresh- man Orientation Committee; " U " Club; Union College Christian Asso- ciation; Orange and Black. Profession sought: Teaching and Coaching. Ralph H. Stewart Flat Lick, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Profession sought: Business. Gerald D. Swim Cambridge City, Indiana A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Dorm Council; " U " Club; Union College Christian Association; Orange and Black; Men ' s Glee Club; President ' s Council; Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Christian Service. James Taylor, Jr. Jellico, Tennessee Janice Turner Loyall, Kentucky A.B. in Education, May, 1956. Ac- tivities: Zeta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Choir; Future Teachers of America; Oxford Club and Auxiliary; Union College Christian Association; Or- ange and Black; Pi Gamma Mu. Pro- fession sought: Teaching. Mary Lu Van Sant Winchester, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; Beta Chi Alpha; Oxford Club and Auxiliary; Union College Christian Association; Woman ' s Ath- letic Association; Pi Gamma Mu; Spanish Club. Profession sought: Business. Not pictured 39 SENIORS James B. Walters Lothair, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Ac- tivities: Future Teachers of America; International Relations Club; " U " Club. Profession sought: Coaching or Civil Service. Easter Warfield Rockhold, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, Carl R. Wenderoth Davton, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Genevieve H. Wesley Corbm, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Activi- ties: Secretary, Zeta Sigma Pi; A Cappella Choir; Freshman Orienta- tion Committee; Oxford Club and Auxiliary; Union College Christian Association; Woman ' s Athletic Asso- ciation; Orange and Black; Pi Gamma Mu; Junior Year, Homecoming Queen; Mountain Laurel Representa- tive; Secretary, Senior Class. Profes- sion sought: Teaching. Rue Wesley Corbin, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: A Cap- pella Choir; Dorm Council; Freshman Orientation Committee; Oxford Club and Auxiliary; Playlikers Club; Union College Christian Association; Orange and Black; Stespean; Men ' s Glee Club; President ' s Council; Junior Class Vice-President; Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Ministry. Bess A. Whitaker Cumberland, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; Beta Chi Alpha; Future Teachers of America; International Relations Club; Woman ' s Athletic Association; Orange and Black; Stes- pean. Profession sought: Teaching. Lloyd Wilder Oaks, Kentucky A.B., May, 1956. Profession sought: Teaching. Clarence O. Woods Creekville, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1956. Pro- fession sought: Certified Public Ac- countant. Not pictured 40 Margaret V. Ziro Pinos, Cuba A.B. in Social Sciences, January, 1956. Activities: International Rela- tions Club; Freshman Orientation Committee; Oxford Club and Auxili- ary; Union College Christian Asso- ciation; Pi Gamma Mu. Profession sought: Social Worker. 41 Doyle Swanner, President; Wanda Sumners, Secretary; Coey Prichard, Treasurer; Mr. Smith, Sponsor; Dan Sullivan,. Vice-President. JUNIOR OFFICERS JUNIORS Jimmy R. Amyx David A. Bennett James A. Bingham Leland L. Bingham Edmon B. Bolen Joseph F. Boswell Robin T. Boswell Alan R. Brown Daphne H. Buchanan Jimmy G. Burkhart Donald R. Burton Thomas N. Buttermore 42 JUNIORS Joan P. Carty John Colson William H. Corley, Jr. Sarita C. Couk Fred A. Davis William W. Dew Kathryn M. Dill John O. Dodson, Jr. Charles T. Doll Ellis E. Duke Clayton W. Durhar Bill D. Edwards 43 JUNIORS Bascom B. Fawbush Darrell R. Fleming Frances M. Fudge Clyde E. Gibson Joe T. Gregory Kenneth Hackler Myrtle L. Hamilton Douglas M. Hamm Ted R. Hammond Sarah A. Harkness Loyal C. Helton Gilfred E. Howard 44 JUNIORS Bobby R. Jarvis Robert E. Koehler In Soo La Simon M. Lawson Albert K. Layton Shirley J. Lehew Shirley K. Lewellen W. Lloyd Livingston Richard B. McCarthy Gole E. McMurtry Renfro C. Manning Marlene G. Maynard 45 JUNIORS D. Dean Miller Clive A. Moss Diane Murley Raymond Musick Rodney Neely Edwin R. Newport Anna J. O ' Dell Ervin B. Pack Willard P. Parker Clifford M. Payne G. Dale Pigg Coey Prichard JUNIORS Grant Reed Herby J. Roark Charles B. Royalty Birg E. Sergent Richard D. Shelton Charles C. Shockley James W. Smith Mary E. Stamper James T. Stivers Mildred P. Storey Inez G. Stratton Alvin L. Strom JUNIORS Wanda N. Summers Walter J. Sutton Doyle Swanner Dale C. Valentine Ellen Vermillion Elizabeth A. Wesley Hilda J. Wi llis John R. Wilson 48 SOPH OFFICERS Carl Wynn, Vice President; Glenna Vickers, Secretary; Andy Dudley, Treasurer; Ardy Wright, President; Miss Patridge, Sponsor. SOPHS Eugene F. Asher Malloney M. Asher Barry W. Bacon Randall Bargo Erma R. Barrows John W. Belyea Vernon T. Blankenship Bernice Boggs Howard W. Brock Samps Brock Edwin L. Brown Bill G. Brummett Bill J. Buchanan Bobby D. Buchanan E. L. Burnett George H. Button Linville Cain Michael L. Campbell Margaret L. Cole Marcella Collins Shirley Cope Shirley Cornett Ambrose C. Dudley Mae Marie Eggers 50 SOPHS Ann M. Ellsworth Charles W. Ensslin William H. Epperson Pedro L. Esden Carl W. Estes Donald D. Fain Edith C. Farmer Robert T. Fink Thomas W. Finney Joseph J. Gillespie June Girdner Robert J. Granger Bettye M. Grant Lois J. Hammons Cecil E. Hensley Wilma H. Hinkle Donald L. Holt Joyce E. Holway Dorcas R. Hoskins Malcolm T. Hoskins | Dennie C. Howard Ernest Jackson Ramon L. Jackson Wilma J. Jenkins SOPHS Harold H. Johnson Lew W. Kelley Ben L. Kinningham David G. Kouns Mary J. Krebs Ruth H. Krebs Wyne G. Lambert S Ada L. Lawson C. Maurice Lay E. Darryl Lee Paul A. Light Tommy D. Livesay Charles R. Lumpkins Joyce A. Montgomery Clifford R. Morris Billy D. Mosley Shirley S. Neely Kenneth L. Nelms Ernest R. Nelson Nancy A. O ' Dell Clyde S. Parker Beverly H. Patrick Thomas R. Perry Walter Powell 52 SOPHS Shelba Proffitt Darrell T. Pursiful Rollie C. Reid Patricia A. Rice Shirley A. Sergeant Robert T. Shumate Margaret J. Simpson Butler Sizemore Sue Sizemore Janice L. Smiddi-e Donald H. Sosby Margie S. Stephens Bonnie L. Swim Harris W. Terrell Tonita S. Tipple James Todd Bettie J. Valentine George Van Home T. Tracy Vann Glenna J. Vickers Charles R. Walters William E. Walton Augusta J. White Bruce E. Whitney 53 SOPHS Kenneth W. Witt Roy G. Woolum Ardy C. Wright Carl M. Wynn SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Back Row: Denver Williamson, Gene Lynch, James Cornett, Jack Lewis, James Bunch. Second Row: Gene Lumpkins, John Farley, Leslies Bargo, Martin Hutson, Said Mansour. First Row: Jane Brown, Katherine Broyles, Joyce Walker, Mary Violet Hamilton, Shirley Moore, Joann Faye Chadwell, Naomi Jane Dew. 55 Front Row: Jay Uhler, President; J. C. Hensley, Treasurer; Joan Flet- cher, Secretary; Art Shapland, Vice President; Raleigh Mitchell, Re- porter. Back Row: Dr. Weaver, Dr. Roberts, Co-Sponsors; Robert Mor- gan, Chaplain. FROSH OFFICERS FROSH Willie Abner Gillis Adams Gene Bates Merle Bays Florence Blackwood James Bond Barbara Brock Wanda Burgess Louanna Burton Ann Camden Charles Campbell Doris Cannon Joann Carter Jo Ann Catolster Franklin Chavies Loreen Cobb Charles Cole Norma Collier Marjorie Combs Randall Coone Annis Cottongir Billy Craig Mary Craig Harvey Creech Ercell Day Harold Edwards Phyllis Evans Joan Fletcher Erwin Forrest Bert Francis 01 in Gorrett Linda Giles Marijuna Golder Joe Goodin Nancy Goodin 56 FROSH Charles Grant Clabbern Gray Edsel Hacker David Hamm Gracie Hammons Stanley Hammons Shelby Hampton Lewis Harp Vernon Hart Carolyn Hawkins Jewell Helton Joshua Hensley Betty Hicks John Hogg Janice Hoke John Holliman Bonnie Horton Hobert Howard Jessie Howard Jo Ann Howell Wallace Hutton Jacqueline Hyde Burl Jackson Robert Jameson David Jenkins Ada Lee Johnson Warren Johnson Anna Jones Roger Jordon Sarah Kamman Kay Kundrat John Little Max Logan William Lombar Jerry McCarty FROSH Donald McKeehon Eugene Manicure Sandra Mason Vika Metcalfe Harry Middleton Lydia Middleton Mary Miller Thelma Miller Asher Mills Rosa Mills Raleigh Mitchell Paul Moore Jackie Morgan Janice Morgan Robert Morgan Don Morris Phyllis Obenshain James Osborne Thelma Parkey Barbara Parsons Harold Parsons James Powell William Powers William Richardson William Riddle Paul Roberts Charlene Saunders Ruth Scheib William Schibur Arthur Shapland Marianna Singleton Jean Slusher Arthur Smith Barbara Jean Smith Barbara Joyce Smith FROSH Beatrice Smith Herman Smith John Smith Robert Smith Ethyl Sowders John Stallard Ronald Thornbury Morris Tiller Boyd Todd Elizabeth Todd Shirley Trent Wanda Troglen Margaret Trosper Lowell Turner Joseph Uhler Norma Warfield Charles West Floyd West David Willey Peggy Williams Ralph Williams Sylvia Williamson James Wilson Patricia Wilson Shirley Wojciechowski Tommy Wright Carolyn Wynn Roger Young 59 ORGANIZATIONS 60 61 ALPHA PSl OMEGA Union College is the home of the Zeta Chi Chapter of the National Honorary Dra- matics Fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega. Mem- bers are received by invitation and initia- tion when they have earned the required number of points through active partici- pation in dramatic activities of the school. ahead in interest and effort on the stage. Back Row: Mr. Coble, Alan Brown, Harold Johnson Seated: Harold Showalter, Wilma Boughton, Walter Lee Hensley, Al Strom. PLAYLIKERS CLUB The Playlikers Club presents most of the dramatic productions appearing on Union ' s Little Theatre stage. Membership in the club is open to students interested in act- ing and in any other phase of the theatre. Under the direction of Mr. Harry Coble, the group this year has produced A Sleep of Prisoners by Christopher Fry and The Curious Savage by John Patrick. Planned for May Commencement activities is a modern adaptation of the ancient Greek play Antigone by Sophocles. Christopher Fry ' s A Sleep of Prisoners was presented during Religious Emphasis Week. Back Row: Mr. Coble, Dave Kouns, Bob Granger, Charles Mansfield, John Hogg, George . Button, Bob Shumate, Bill Mosley. Second Row: Alan Brown, Harold Showalter, Art Shapland, Al Strom, Har- old Johnson, Walter Hensley, Clive Moss, Warren Johnson. First Row: Joyce Holway, Ann Ellsworth, Shirley Neely, Kathy Dill, Augusta White, Malloney Asher, Tonita Tipple, Silvia Williamson, Wilma Boughton, Sarah Kamman, Ada Lee Johnson, Erma Barrows, Sarah Harkness. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The Union College Choir, directed by Mr. Huenink, is made up of forty trained voices selected by tryouts. Serving as chancel choir at college services, the choir also presents a major choral work at the Christmas season. An annual event is the spring concert tour, which this year includes high school and television appearances in the cities of Scranton, Philadelphia and New York. Open to all who play instruments is the college orchestra, the newest musical effort of the Fine Arts Division. Special concerts with soloists are presented frequently for the college and community under Miss Dewey ' s direction. COLLEGE ORCHESTRA Back Row: Miss Dewey, Don Holt, Lydia Middleton, Paula Hampton, Marilyn Fraser, Dave Jenkins, Carolyn Hawkins, Mr. Hitchcock, Joyce Holway, George Button, Marlene Maynard, Bruce Whitney. Second Row: Wanda Sumners, Shan Wesley, Mary Krebs, Harold Showalter, Jane Robbins, Tonita Tipple, Ruth Krebs, Dr. Roberts, Paul Fitzstevens, Kay Kundrat, Erma Barrows, Phyllis Obenshain, Yang Soo La, Shirley Sergeant. First Row: Jane Squires, Kathy Hixon, Mr. Huenink, Mrs. Huenink, Mr. Hayes, Mae Eggers, Margie Stevens. mi» Back Row: Maurice Lay, Jim Todd, George Button, Carl Wynn, Jay Uhler, Walter Hensley, Art Shap- land, Don Holt, Harold Showalter, Dave Jenkins, Keitz Haburay, Dave Kouns. Second Row: Wilma Boughton, Sandra Mason, Shirley Wojciechowski, Shan Wesley, Hilda Willis, Phyllis Obenshain, Mari- juna Golden, Joyce Holway, Erma Barrows, Lydia Middleton, Shirley Sergeant, Margie Stevens, Mae Eggers. First Row: Mr. Huenink, Linda Giles, Inez Stratton, Mary Krebs, Ruth Krebs, Diane Murley, Malloney Asher, Jane Robbins, Beverly Patrick, Pat Rice, Bonnye Swim. The choir shares in Wednesday chapel services. Choir members relax during the intermission of a high school concert. Back Row: Shirley Lewellen, Myrna Hampton, Diane Murley, Mary Lou Van Sant, Wanda Sumners, Bess Whitaker. Second Row: Augusta White, Ellen Vermillen, Janice Smiddie, Jane Squires, Ann Cawood, Mrs. Howe. First Row: Carolyn Dushame, Joyce Hamilton, Sue Sizemore, Margie Stevens, Er- ma Barrows. BETA CHI ALPHA .X.A. members make plans for banquet. The Beta Chi Alpha Sorority seeks to in- still within its members an appreciation for beauty, culture, and art. This social sorority is designed to develop the social graces and promote social activities on the campus. Some of the activities of the year have been regular visitations with the chil- dren of the Pentecostal Orphanage and the sponsoring of a country style dance. OFFICERS: Diane Murley, President; Wanda Sumners, Vice President; Myrna Hampton, Secretary; Shirley Lewellen, Treasurer; Mrs. Branch Hov e and Miss Frances Patridge, Sponsors. DORMITORY COUNCILS This group is elected by the students living in the dormitories to present the students ' point of view concerning rules and regulations for dormitory life. It is also the Dormitory Councils ' responsibility to plan for the annual open house programs. Andy, Tom, and Bill relax in the lounge. Back Row: Augusta White, Don Burton, Wayne Lam- bert, Al Strom, Andy Dudley, Ernie Nelson, Doyle Swanner, Bill Dew, Jim Smith, Diane Murley. Sec- ond Row: Joan Fletcher, Jim Stewart, Walter Dick, Ann Cawood, Julia Stapleton, David Pasamonte. Seated: Mr. Taylor, Miss Dewey. Miss Moore shares in Christmas party fun. Union ' s John Owen Gross Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is the profes- sional organization for students enrolled in the teacher education program. It is affi- liated with the Kentucky Education Asso- ciation and the National Education Asso- ciation. Under the sponsorship of Miss Moore and Mr. Simms, the Chapter ' s ac- tivities include: election of a Miss or Mrs. FT. A. and a Professor of the Year, or- ganization of FT. A. chapters in local high schools, and the giving of a $10 award to a senior with a 2.0 standing. OFFICERS: Dale Valentine, President; Dick McCarthy, Vice President; Shirley Lehew, Secretary; Janice Turner, Treas- urer; Miss Moore, Sponsor. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Back Row: Frances Fudge, Doyle Swanner, Hilda Willis, Don Burton, Paul Gibbs, Peggy Williams, George Button, Jean Bishop, Ralph Smith, Tom Live- say, Mildred Storey, Marijuna Golden, Tommy Jor- dan. Second Row: Glenna Vickers, Mary Craig, Phyl- lis Obenshain, Jan Rose Brock, Ellen Vermillen, Bev- erly Patrick, Joann Carter, Bernice Boggs, Joyce Hamilton. First Row: Miss Moore, Dale Valentine, Shirley Lehew, Anna O ' Dell, Janice Turner, Dick McCarthy. —■-........ ! Frosh do penance with toothbrushes. Art and Roger entertain upperclassmen with the Alma Mater. FRESHMAN ORIENTATION COMMITTEE The Freshman Orientation Committee, composed of upperclassmen, serves at the beginning of the fall term to welcome new students and help them get adjusted to collge life. Numerous social functions planned for the first few weeks of school help the freshmen get acquainted with the new environment and with their fellow students. Back Row: Dr. Howe, Doyle Swanner, Walter Hens- ley, Bill Dew, Shannon Sloan, Harold Johnson. First Row: Mr. Hitchcock, Diane Murley, Margaret Zito, Joyce Holway, Wanda Sumners, Willie Boughton, John Smith, Mr. Dugan. 69 Bock Row: Dr. Newsom, Tom Buttermore, Warren Johnson, Al Strom, Daryl Lee. Third Row: Bob New- port, Grant Reed, Frank Crabtree, R. G. Williams. Second Row: In Soo La, Pedro Edson, Fred Davis, Shirley Cornett. Seated: Shelba Proffitt, Edwin Brown, Frances Fudge. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 255 years of Progress. The object of this Chapter is to afford an opportunity for the students of chem- istry and related fields at Union College to become better acquainted with one an- other and to secure the intellectual stimu- lation that arises from professional asso- ciation. It also strives to afford experience in preparing and presenting technical ma- terial. Membership fosters a professional spirit, and instills pride in chemistry and chemical engineering. OFFICERS: Edwin Brown, President; Shelba Proffitt, Vice President; Al Strom Secre- tary; Frances Fudge, Treasurer; Dr. New- som, Sponsor. 70 This club which is affiliated with the national organization sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Promotion of World Peace, seeks to promote a greater interest in national and international af- fairs. Members are interested in the cur- rent problems which are of vital concern to the world today in futhering the cause of universal peace. OFFICERS: William Epperson, President; David Pasamonte, Vice-President; Margret Zito, Secretary-Treasurer; John Smith, Re- porter; Dr Bradley, Sponsor. Old England chats with New England. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Back Row: Bob Fink, Howard Brock, Clayton Dur- ham, John Dodson, Paul Gibbs, Mike Campbell. Second Row: Lew Kelly, John Smith, Frances Fudge, Al Layton, Sarah Kamman. Seated: Dr. Bradley, Bill Epperson, Margret Zito, Cleta Goodin, David Pasamonte. THE STESPEAN We, the staff, hope that in going through the pages of your STESPEAN, you will find you mind filled with pleasant memories of the things you did and the friends you knew at Union in 1955-56. This year-book is the result of the combined efforts of the staff and Mr. Hitchcock, who have worked long and late hours to put together this record of the year ' s events. Alan Brown, Willie Boughton, George Van Home. Standing: Mr. Hitchcock, Bill Dew. Seated: David Kouns, Shirley Neely, David Jenkins. If!! Advisor and Lay-out Editor, Mr. Howard Hitchcock; Editor-in- Chief, Willie Boughton; Associate Editor, Alan Brown; Feature Editor, George Van Home; Sports Editor, Dan Sullivan; Business Manager, Gene Sanslow; Art Edi- tor, Shirley Neely; Literary Edi- tor, Beverly Clark; Circulation AAanager, Coey Prichard. Mallony Asher, Gene Sanslow, Coey Prichard, Bess Whitaker. Wanda Human, Fred Parsons, Beverly Clark. Dan Sullivan, Tommy Wright. 73 ORANGE AND BLACK The Orange and Black is published bi-monthly by a staff chosen from the stu- dent body. This official publication keeps the stu- dents well informed on campus life, activities, and policies. Several improve- ments have been made re- garding its general appear- ance this year, and the staff is constantly striving to bet- ter its presentation of cur- rent news. Standing: Al Layton, Dave Kouns, Jim Todd, Bill Lombari, Dean Miller. Seated: Dale Valentine, Bernice Boggs. Standing: Beverly Patrick, Jim Smith, Jim Burkhart, Clive Moss, Julia Stapleton, Elizabeth Todd. Seated: Harold Showalter, Walter Hensley. Back Row: Bob Shumate, Andy Wright, Malloney Asher, Silvia Williamson, Warren Johnson, Al Strom, Dr Roberts, John Belyea, Tom Buttermore. First Row: Erma Barrows, Pat Rice, Augusta White, Jo Ann Catolster. Editor Hensley proofreads the latest edition. Walter Lee Hensley, Editor-in-Chief; Har- old Showalter, Associate Editor; Julia Stapleton, News Editor; Beverly Patrick, Feature Editor; Jim Burkhart, Sports Edi- tor; John Belyea, Business Manager; Alvin Strom and Clive Moss, Jr., Photographers; Dr. Roberts, Sponsor. 75 mm OXFORD CLUB AND AUXILIARY COUNCIL: Back Row: George Van Home, Jim Smith, Jim Todd, Jim Bond. First Row: Dr. Weaver, Julia Stopleton, Sylvia Wil- liamson, Erma Barrows, Beverly Patrick. The Oxford Club is an organi- zation of young men and women who are anticipating the ministry or full time Christian work as a vocation. Fellowship in the meet- ings provides opportunity for in- formal discussion of problems of Christian living in an atmos- phere of spiritual enrichment. 76 UNION COLIEGE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION COUNCIL: Back Row: Dr. Miller, Jay Uhler, Tommy Jordan, Doyle Swanner, Jim Smith, George Van Home, Margie Combs. First Row: Beverly Patrick, Cecil Hensley, Bill Dew, Dave Kouns, Jim Todd, Margaret Zito. The program of the Union College Christian Association is planned to enable every student to enrich his spiritual life t hrough a growing experience with God. Membership is open to all stu- dents who desire to share in the inspiring programs held each Thursday evening. Through the Christian Children ' s Fund, the organization supports two Ko- rean war orphans. 77 7i. . em Half time is Coke time. " U " CLUB Boys who have demonstrated excep- tional athletic ability in at least one sport may become winners of the varsity " U " and be eligible for membership in the " U " Club. This group selects the basketball queen and her court and raises its funds through the sale of refreshments at basket- ball games. The club also sponsors the Homecoming Dance, annual picnic, and, this year, a cake race on Senior Day. OFFICERS: Gerald Swim, President; Fred Parsons, Vice President; Walter Dick, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Dugan, Sponsor. Back Row: Mr. Dugan, Dave Bennett, Paul Fitz- stevens, Walter Dick, Larry Wooden, Darrel Flem- ing, Al Strom, Amiel Solomon, Shannon Sloan, Andy Dudley, Rodney Neely, Jim Walters, Tom Perry, Jim Burkhart, Doyle Swanner, Bill Dew, Tom McCarthy, Tommy Jordan. First Row: Keitz Haburay, Cecil Hensley, Don Burton, Jim Stewart, Bob Shumate, Mike Campbell, Gerald Swim, Dick McCarthy, Fred Parsons, Carl Wenderoth, Rodney Wilson, George Van Home, Alan Brown. PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu is a national honorary social science fraternity which seeks to en- courage scholarship and inspire its mem- bers to render social service. The fratern- ity takes for its motto the Biblical quota- tion, " Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. " The Union College chapter has three major projects — the annual book drive for the Rosenwald School, a Christmas party for the children at the Pentecostal Orphanage, and the presentation of medals at the Rosenwald School graduation. OFFICERS: Joseph K. Haburay, Presi- dent; David Pasamonte, Vice President; Miss Rena Mi I liken, Secretary-treasurer; Bill Dew, Chaplain; Genevieve Wesley, Re- porter; Dr. J. R. Henderson, Sponsor. Keits suggests a plan for annual book drive. Back Row: Bill Dew, Milton Townsend, Coey Prich- ard, Dr. Weaver, Dr. Gladden, Mr. Playforth, David Pasamonte, Keitz Haburay, Dr. Henderson, Miss Wil- liams. Third Row: Dr. Simms, Janice Turne;, Julia Stapleton, Pauline Kelly, Mary Lu Van Sant. Second Row: Myrna Hampton, Sarita Couk, Mrs. Boatman, Miss Milliken, Mrs. Moss. First Row: Joyce Hamilton, Margaret Zito, Carolyn Dushame. 79 Standing: Julius Bryant, James L. Davis, Arvine Phelps, Roy Nelson, Miss Moore, Allie Mays, Lois Treadway, Dr. Boatman, Caroline Boatman, Hazel Moss, Florine Hamblin, Jean Knuckles. Seated: Dwight Miller, Harold Showalter, Betty DeCourse y, Amerida DeCoursey, Elizabeth McKnight, Howard McKnight, Jean Woods, Kay Scent. IOTA SIGMA NU Harold and Mrs. list. Bradley check the membership Iota Sigma Mu is an honorary scholastic fraternity established to promote high standards of scholarship. Membership is open to students who have met not only specific scholastic requirements, but also leadership qualifications. The fraternity meets annually on Alumni Day for a lun- cheon and the initiation of new members. Standing: Clayton Durham, Ernie Nelson, Dale Val- entine, Tommy Jordan. Third Row: Don Sosby, Bob Shumate, Ellis Duke. Secand Row: Wanda Troglen, Malloney Asher, Dennie Howard, Ann Camden. First Row: Shirley Neely, John Dodson, Anna O ' Dell, Mr. Hitchcock. ART CLUB Guests are served at the reception for Miss Fitz- gerald. Anna Jane O ' Dell, President; Don Sosby, Vice President; Shirley Neely, Secretary; Dennie Howard, Treasurer; Mr. Hitchcock, Sponsor. To promote greater interest in art, not only within the department but through- ou the whole student body, is the chief aim of the Art Club. This year ' s activities be- gan with a reception for Miss Harriet Fitz- gerald, noted New York painter who came to Union ' s campus as a guest lecturer. An- other of the club ' s successful endeavors was the sale of Christmas cards designed and screen printed by the members of the club. Outstanding events are a two day trip to visit the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Annual Student Art Exhibit held each May. 81 Left to right: Bertha Gabbard, Pat Wilson, Sue Size- more, Sarah Harkness, Glenna Vickers, Inez Strat- ton, Bonnie Horton, Mrs. Livingston, Marianna Singleton. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB practicing the art of homemaking. curtlJfc The Home Economics Club seeks to form a closer contact between the Home Eco- nomics Department and the girls ' home and community life and to develop personality, leadership, initiative and social poise. Ac- tivities planned for this year include an annual spring banquet for members and guests, and a tea for the graduating mem- bers. OFFICERS: Sue Sizemore, President; Glenna Vickers, Vice President; Bonnie Horton, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Living- ston, Sponsor. 82 Men ' s Quartet: Art Shapland, Bass; Keitz Haburay, Baritone; Rue Wesley, First Tenor; Bill Corley, Second Tenor. Girls ' Trio: Mary Krebs, Alto; Marjie Sue Stevens, Second Soprano; Ruth Krebs, First Soprano. ENSEMBLES String Quartet: Miss Dewey, First Violin; Mr. Huenink, Cello; Mr. Hays, Viola; Jane Squires, Second Violin. 83 ATHLETICS 85 BASKETBALL The 1956 edition of the Bulldogs was a new one to Union fans. Boast- ing only two seniors, the Bulldogs garnered eight wins in twenty-six games. Although greatly hindered by inexperienced ballplayers and tough luck in some close games, Coach Countiss turned in a good ef- fort. Union finished with a three won, nine loss record in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, and a five won, five loss record in the Smoky Mountain Athletic Con- ference. The team was led by big six-foot-six center Shannon Sloan, who closed out his playing days for the Bulldogs with an average of nearly thirty points per game. The other senior, guard Carl Wender- oth, provided the calm head and steady marksmanship needed through- out the season. Other aids to the Bulldogs were freshmen, Wally Hut- ton, Pete Moore, Tommy Wright, and Bill Richardson. With a nucleus of sophomores returning for action next year, it seems assured that Union will once more be a threat in both conferences. CHEERLEADERS Back Row: Joan Fletcher, Wanda Sumners, Barbara Brock. Front Row: Doris Cannon, Linda Giles. Coach Countiss explains the fast break to Captain Sloan. Wally Hutton takes a rebound for Union. Sloan sinks another free-throw to increase his aver- age. Coach " Tack " Countiss, Pete Moore, Larry Wooden, Bill Richardson, Wally Hutton, Shannon Sloan, Andy Dudley, Don Morris, Jack Harris, Carl Wenderoth, Tommy Wright, Manager Tom Perry. RECORD 1955-56 WE OPPONENT THE 74 High Point 100 100 Milligan 96 71 East Tennessee State 76 88 Eastern Kentucky State 116 79 Tusculum 91 94 Transylvania 98 97 Lincoln Memorial University 74 70 Berea 71 82 Emory and Henry 68 75 Centre 91 63 Lincoln Memorial University 89 79 Georgetown 97 108 Emory and Henry 97 87 Berea 75 70 Morehead 123 84 Bell.armine 81 71 Villa Madonna 85 74 Transylvania 84 70 Georgetown 90 77 Tusculum 82 78 Villa Madonna 97 76 Carson-Newman 78 82 Milligan 84 94 Bellarmine 91 78 Centre 87 95 Carson-Newman 83 70 Centre in KIAC 77 Bill Richardson 88 Tommy Wright Jack Marns Carl Wenderoth Wallace Hutton Larry Wooden Shannon Sloan Andy Dudley 89 ALL-AMERICAN Ernest Trosper Union College was honored in 1955 when Ernest Trosper was selected on the N.A.I. A. All-American team. " Tros, " one of the all- time greats at Union, averaged 24.9 points during his senior year and averaged close to 19 points for his four year career. Blessed with an uncanny shooting eye, tremendous speed and remarkable agility, " Tros " was oi of the most colorful athletes to wear t Orange and Black. He was named on the c$l K.I.A.C. and S.M.A.C. squads for three yea Trosper also was adept at track and baseball He was a constant point-getter in Union ' s track meets, participating in the 1 00 yal dash, high jump, hurdles, broad jump, 22(5; and relays. He lead the Union baseball team in home runs during his senior year. GOLF AND TENNIS Union College fielded a golf team which had only two scheduled matches, both with Centre College. The Bulldog linkmen weren ' t able to post a victory, but with school interest and more matches the golf team will surely improve. Also for the first time Union reopened competitive schedule with other colleges in tennis. The team posted a two won, seven lost record. Much interest was shown in the sport and the team will no doubt im- prove as the years go by. Standing: Andy Dudley, Jim Walters. Sealed: Bill Brummet, Linville Cain. Left to Right: Hugh Haggard, Robert Pope, Jim Florer, David Otto, Robert Shumate. 91 We want a hit! " Pooch " digs in. BASEBALL The 1955 Bulldogs of Union, lacking in experience at several key positions, man- aged to post a five won, eleven lost record. Hampered by light hitting early in the sea- son, Union lost several closely fought con- tests. As the season progressed, the team rounded into better shape and managed to get good pitching and hitting at the same time on several occasions. The Bulldogs be- came stronger during the late stages of the campaign due to the performance of W. C. Sergeant at third base. " Sarge, " while playing good defensive ball, ended as the leading hitter with a .400 plus av- erage. Other .300 hitters were Fred Par- sons, Carl Wenderoth, and Dan Sullivan. The Bulldogs, hoving only three seniors graduating, should have a strong aggre- gation next season. 1955 RECORD E OPPONENT THE ' 10 Berea 9 Berea 10 15 1 Transylvania Transylvania 12 3 6 Georgetown 7 4 Georgetown 5 Lincoln Memorial University 11 1 Lincoln Memorial Univers ty 2 1 Carson-Newman Carson-Newman 1 6 2 1 1 Emory and Henry Centre Centre 4 3 2 1 Centre Centre 7 4 9 Kentucky State 2 K™s : m ? S ' . 3 Standing: Coach Countiss, Tom Perry, Darrell Pursi- ful, Carl Wenderoth, Don Burton, George Van Home, Amiel Solomon, Danny Sullivan, Andy Dudley. Sec- ond Row: Jimmy Stewart, Fred Parsons, Eugene Asher, Glenn Sergeant, Dick McCarthy, Tracy Vann. First Row: Tom McCarthy, Ernest Trosper, W. C. Sergeant, Robert Smith. 93 TRACK CHAMPS Union had its best track season in years. Not only did they win the Kentucky Inter- collegiate Athletic Conference, but they went undefeated all season. The school was really proud of their Bulldogs and the prestige they brought back to track at Union. With many capable performers back and some good prospects, Union hopes to repeat its record again next year. RECORD— 1955 WE OPPONENT THEY 69i 2 Georgetown 61 1 2 94 Centre 37 90 Centre 42 89 Vi Kentu cky State 45 2 75 Berea 55 64 Eastern KIAC MEET 57 Georgetown 48 62 Berea 30 Bellarmine 28 Centre 12 Back Row: Alvin Strom, Wayne Mackey, James Todd, Coach Charles Dugan, Donald Holt, Franklin Dodge, Erwin Forrest, Carl M. Wynn, Darrell Flem- ing, Richard Thomas. First Row: James Hoskins, Tommy Jordan, Rodney Neely, James Burkhart, Gerald Swim, Walter Dick, Ernest Trosper, John Foutch, Hobart Creasy, Doyle Swanner, W. C. Ser- geant. 94 Bulldogs bring home newly acquired K.I.A.C. trophy. Seniors, " Tros " and W. C. bow out in blaze of glory. 95 INTRAMURAIS Under the supervision of Miss Patridge and Mr. Dugan, the intramural program of Union College has become well organized and now in- cludes football, basketball, volleyball, Softball badminton, and field hockey. Such a varied pro- gram provides opportunities for many students to participate in a wide range of recreational activities. Charles Dugan, Director of Men ' s Intra murals. i I I F A L m .A FEATURES 98 MISS UNION Jane Squires ,74mm. A. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES These students were chosen by a committee of stu- dents and faculty on the basis of their qualities as leaders, their achievements as scholars and their im- portant roles in campus activities. Their names will ap- pear in the 1955-56 edition of Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities. These stu- dents also have the benefit of a placement service which makes available references aiding them in securing po- sitions in their chosen professions. Carolyn Dushame Tommy Jordan Walter Dick David Pasamonte Wilma Boughton Gerald Swim Keitz Haburay Rue Wesley 103 SPRING FESTIVAL 1955 Melodies of spring fill the ai Dr. Boatman crowns the Spring Festival Queen, Miss Jane Squires. Dancing beneath the stars. Tumbling team demonstrates balance, strength and skill. Sing a song of springtime. Wanda Human Hilda Willis Senior Representative Junior Representative Marie Mae Eggers Sophomore Representative Norma Jo Collier Freshman Representative QUEEN S ATTENDANTS Captain Sloan approves the Queen ' s coronation by Queen Wanda and her Court take a bow. Dr. Boyd. ..: " Whw f Wanda Summers 1 1 1 4 ; ' 4 M iMimiiff n ffiiiifX ■ mm Hi QUEEN OF HEARTS Pauline Kelly GIRLS ' OPEN HOUSE Traditionally held on St. Valentines ' Day, girls ' open house again brought males flocking to Pfeiffer and Speed Halls to see the rooms. Entertainment, punch; and the crowning of the Queen of Hearts climaxed the eve- ning of roaming and chatting. Waiting for the entertainment. Just visiting. c YL Queen and King enjoy antics of admirers. Step right up! 109 DRAMATICS AT UNION Students have the opportunity of expressing their interest in the theatre by making-up actors, building stage sets, and rehearsing and playing roles in many productions. " Candida " was staged during Com- mencement Week of 1955 under the direction of W. D. Ashburn. " The Curious Savage, " directed by Harry Coble, was a major student production of the 1955-56 school year. Ill ST UDENT INDEX Abner, Willie, 56 Adorns, Gi 1 1 is Lee, 56 Amyx, Jimmy Ray, 42 Asher, Beatrice, 31 Asher, Eugene Farrell, 50, 65, 93 Asher, Malloney Mae, 50, 63, 73, 75 B Bacon, Barry Winston, 50 Baker, Wayne, 31 Bargo, Leslies, 54 Bargo, Randall, 50 Barrows, Erma Ruth, 50, 63, 64, 65, 66 Bates, Harold Gene, 56 Bays, Merle Jean, 56 Belyea, John Wesley, 50, 75 Bennett, David A., 42, 78 Bingham, James Aaron, 42 Bingham, Leland Leslie, 42 Bishop, Jean Abrams, 68 Blackwood, Florence Ann, 56 Blankenship, Vernon T., 50 Boggs, Bernice, 50, 68, 74 Bolen, Edmon Emerson, 42 Bond, Gordon James, 56, 76 Boswell, Joseph Francis, 42 Boswell, Robin Tilton, 42 Boughton, Wilma Ruth, 31, 62, 63, 65, 103 Brock, Barbara Lynn, 50, 56, 86 Brock, Howard William, 50, 71 Brock, Jan Rose, 31, 68 Brock, Samps, 50 Brown, Alan Richard, 42, 62, 63, 72, 78 Brown, Edwin Lee, 50, 70 Brown, Jone, 54 Broyles, Katherine, 54 Brummett, Bill Gene, 50, 91 Buchanan, Bill Joe, 50 Buchanan, Bobbie D., 50 Buchanan, Daphne Hammons, 42 Buhl, Mrs. Eleanor S., 31 Bunch, James, 54 Burgess, Wanda Lee, 56 Burkhart, Jimmy G., 42, 74, 78, 94 3urnett, E. L., 50 Burton, Donald Ray, 42, 67, 68, 78, 93 3urton, Louanna, 56 Buttermore, Thomas N., 42, 70, 75 Button, George Henry, 50, 63, 64, 65 Cain, Linvelle, 50, 91 Camden, Ann Faulkner, 56, 81 Campbell, Charles S., 56 Campbell, Michael Lee, 50, 71, 78 Cannon, Doris Ann, 56, 86 Carter, Joanna Gayle, 56 Catolster, JoAnn Alyne, 56, 75 Carty, Joan Page, 43 Cawood, Elizabeth Ann, 31, 66, 67 Chadwell, Joann Faye, 54 Chadwell, Lester, 31 Chavies, Franklin D., 56 Clark, Beverly Gail, 32 Cobb, Loreen, 56 Cole, Charles R. T., 56 Cole, Margaret Levonda, 50 Collier, Norma Jo, 56, 106 Collins, Marcella Grace, 50 Colson, John, 43 Combs, Marjorie, 56, 77 Coone, Randall, 56 Cope, Shirley Ann, 50 Corley, William Harold, 43, 83 Cornett, James, 54 Cornett, John C, 32 Cornett, Shirley, 50, 70 Cottengim, Annis Mae, 56 Couk, Sarita Carmen, 43 Crabtree, Frank, 32, 70 Craig, Billy Joe, 56 Craig, Mary Jane, 56, 68 Creasy, Hobart, 95 Creech, Harvey Winston, 56 Davis, Fred Algin, 43, 70 Day, Ercell, 56 Dean, Glenna, 32 Decker, Laymon Dallas, 32 Dew, Naomi Jane, 54 Dew, William Waldo, 43, 67, 69, 77, 78 Dick, Orville Walter, 30, 32, 67, 78, 94, 103 Dill, Kathryn Mae, 43, 63 Dodge, Franklin, 94 Dodson, John Orville, 43, 71, 81 Doll, Charles T., 43 Drake, John Campbell, 32 Dudley, Andy Courtney, 49, 50, 67, 78, 87, 89, 91, 93 Dugan, Billie Anne G., 33 Duke, Ellis Earl, 43, 81 Durham, Clayton Wayne, 43, 71 81 Dushame, Carolyn Ann, 33, 66, 102 Edwards, Bill Donald, 43 Edwards, Harold Smith, 56 Eggers, Mae Marie, 50, 64, 65, 106 Ellsworth, Ann Marie, 51, 63 Ensslin, Charles Wm., 51 Epperson, Wm. Holmes, 51, 71 Esden, Pedro L., 51, 70 Estes, Carl William, 51 Evans, Phyllis Ann, 56 Fain, Donald Dewain, ' 51 Farley, John, 54 Farmer, Edith Carylon, 51 Fawbush, Bascom B., 44 112 Compliments of Compliments of FRANK ' S DEPARTMENT GOLDE ' S STORE DEPARTMENT Quality Merchandise at Lower Prices STORE Barbourville Kentucky Barbourville, Ky. SHOP AT The Photos in this Annual T Y E ' S by ENGLE ' S For Bobbie Brooks Sportswear Blouses, Shorts, Sweaters STUDIO Court Square Phone 101 Barbourville, Ky. Barbourville Kentucky THE SEE BARBOURVILLE ADVOCATE L D F 1 E L D INSURANCE Office Supplies - Job Printing Typewriters - Cards AGENCY Stationery For all Types of Insurance Underwood Sales and Service Fully Guaranteed Insure with This Agency and Be Safe Cecil H. Wilson, Publisher Class of ' 38 Phone 236 Barbourville Kentucky 212 Knox St. Barbourville, Ky. 113 STUDENT INDEX Felice, Felici, 33 Fink, Robert Thomas, 51, 71 Finney, Thomas William, 51 Fitzstevens, Paul W., 64, 78 Fleming, Darrell Rex, 44, 78, 94 Fletcher, Joan Ester, 55, 56, 67, 86 Florer, James N., 91 Forrest, Erwin Lowell, 56, 94 Foutch, John, 94 Francis, Bert Robertson, 56 Frazier, Marylyn Etta, 64 Fudge, Francis Marie, 44, 68, 70, 71 Gabbard, Bertha, 33, 82 Gabbard, Rebecca K., 33 Garrett, Olin Ray, 56 George, William Alfred, 33 Gibbs, Paul LaFayette, 33, 71 Gibson, Clyde Edward, 44 Giles, Linda Francis, 56, 65, 86 Gillespie, Joseph J., 51 Girdner, June, 51 Golden, Marijuna, 56, 68, 76 Goodin, Cleta Marjorie, 34, 71 Goodin, Joe W., 56 Goodin, Nancy Jane, 56 Granger, Robert James, 51, 63 Grant, Bettye Mildred, 51 Grant, Charles Hermon, 57 Gray, Clabbern Shirl, 57 Gregory, Joe Thomas, 44 Gregory, John G., 34 H Haburay, Joseph Keitz, 34, 65, 78, 83, 103 Hacker, Edsel, 57 Hackler, Kenneth, 44 Haggard, Hugh, 91 Hamilton, Joyce Ann, 34, 66, 68 Hamilton, Mary Violet, 54 Hamilton, Myrtle Lee, 44, 66 Hamm, Dave C, 57 Hamm, Melvin Douglas, 44 Hammond, Ted Ray, 44 Hammons, Gracie, 57 Hammons, Lois Jeree, 51 Hammons, Stanley C, 57 Hampton, Myrna Sue, 34 Hampton, Shelby Irene, 57 Harp, Lewis Douglas, 57 Harkness, Sarah A., 44, 63, 82 Harris, Jack, 87, 89 Hart, Vernon F., 57 Hawkins, Carolyn Faye, 57, 64 Helton, Jewell, 57 Helton, Loyal Carson, 44 Hensley, Cecil Edward, 51, 77, 78, 94 Hensley, Joshua Crocket, 55, 57 Hensley, Walter Lee, 34, 62, 65, 69, 74, 75 Hicks, Betty Jean, 57 Hinkle, Wilma Hubbard, 51 Hogg, John Edwards, 57, 63 Hoke, Janice Sue, 57 Holliman, John Bryan, 57 Holt, Donald Lee, 51, 64, 65, 94 Holway, Joyce Elizabeth, 51, 63, 64, 65, 69 Horton, Bonnie Earl, 57, 82 Hoskins, Dorcas Rae, 51 Hoskins, James, 94 Howard, Dennie Clayton, 51, 81 Hoskins, Malcomb Tryee, 51 Howard, Alva, 34 Howard, Gilfred Eugene, 44 Howard, Hobert Edison, 57 Howard, Jessie Lee, 57 Howard, Wanda, 34 Howell, Jo Ann, 57 Human, Wanda Lee, 35, 106 Hutson, Martin, 54 Hutton, Wallace Ruben, 57, 87, 89 Hyde, Jacqueline Faye, 57 Isaacs, Jack, 35 Jackson, Burl, 57 Jackson, Ernest, 51 Jockson, Ramon L., 51 Jameson, Robert Allen, 57 Jarvis, Bobby Ray, 45 Jenkins, William David, 57, 64, 65 Jenkins, Wilma Jean, 51 Johnson, Ada Lee, 57, 63 Johnson, Harold Hazen, 52, 62, 63, 69 Johnson, Warren Evan, 57, 63, 70, 75 Jones, Anna Louise, 57 Jones, Inez, 35 Jones, Lucy Beatrice, 35 Jordan, Roger Keith, 57 Jones, Ruby, 35 Jordan, Tommy, 35, 68, 77, 78, 81, 94, 102 Kamman, Sarah Ellen, 57, 63, 71 Kelly, Lela Pauline, 35, 108 Kelly, Lew W., 52, 71 Kinneer, Algie Wayne, 35 Kinningham, Ben L., 52 Koehler, Robert Eugene, 45 Kouns, David G., 52, 63, 65, 74, 77 Krebs, Mary Jane, 52, 64, 65, 83 Krebs, Ruth Hazel, 52, 64, 65, 83 Kundrat, Dorothy Kay, 57, 64 114 Compliments of CATRON MOTOR CO. Your Friendly Ford Dealer Corbin Kentucky Compliments of THE CORBIN DAILY TRIBUNE THE CORBIN SU NDAY TIMES RADIO STATION WCTT Corbin Kentucky Compliments of CUMBERLAND VALLEY BOTTLERS ASSN. Distributors of Coca-Cola, R.C. Cola, Pepsi, Orange Cruch, Dr. Pepper, and Seven-Up 511 N. Kentucky Corbin Kentucky Compliments of LUNCH QUEEN and THE HUNGRY HOUND Corbin Kentucky Compliments of ft STEAKS and 1 CHICKEN- HUk abt Qfa STEWART ' S MOTEL RESTAURANT Cumberland Falls Rd. Corbin Kentucky We equip your office B I S S E L L OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Corbin and Harlan, Kentucky STUDENT INDEX La, In Soo, 45, 70 La, Yang Soo, 35, 64 Lambert, Wayne Gray, 52 Lankford, Joe H., 36 Lawson, Ada Louise, 52 Lawson, Simon M., 45 Lay, Cecil Maurice, 52. 65 Layton, Albert Keyes, 45, 71, 74 Lee, Elmer Daryl, 52, 70 Lehew, Glenn Nelson, 36, 102 Lehew, Shirley Jean, 45, 68 Lewellen, Shirley Kathryn, 45, 66 Lewis, Jack, 54 Light, Paul Alton, 52 Little, John William, 57 Livesay, Tommy D., 52, 68 Livingston, William Lloyd, 45 Logan, Max Edward, 57 Lombari, William Eugene, 57, 74 Lumpkins, Charles Richard, 52 Lumpkins, Gene, 54 Lynch, Gene, 54 M McCarthy, Richard Blaine, 45, 68, 78, 93 McCarthy, Thomas Rutherford, 36, 78, 93 McCarthy, Jerry Lee, 57 McHargue, Jerry Samuel, 36 McHargue, Randal N., 36 McKeehan, Donald Keith, 38 McMurty, Gale, 45 MacKenzie, Duncan, 36 Mackey, Wayne, 94 Manicure, Eugene Wilson, 58 Manning, Renfro Clark, 45 Mansfield, Charles Wm, 36, 63 Mansour, Said, 54 Mason, Sandra Ann, 58, 65 Maynard, Marlene G., 45, 64 Metcalf, Vika J., 58 Middleton, Harry Delano, 58 Middleton, Lydia, 58, 64. 65 Miller, Dora Dean, 46, 74 Miller, Mary Elizabeth, 58 Miller, Thelma, 58, 68 Mills, Asher, 58 Mills, Rosa Lee, 58 Mitchell, Raleigh Charles, 55, 58 Montgomery, Joyce Anne, 52 Moore, Paul Saunders, 58, 87, 89 Moore, Shirley, 54 Morgan, Jackie Ray, 58 Morgan, Janice Kay, 58 Morgan, Robert Edward, 55, 58 Morris, Clifford Ray, 52 Morris, Don, 58, 87 Moss, Clive Arthur, Jr., 46, 63, 74 Mosley, Billy Dale, 52, 63 Moss, Vontress Odell, 37 Murley, Diane M., 46, 65, 66, 67, 69 Musick, Raymond C, 46 N Neely, Rodney, 46, 78, 94 Neely, Shirley S., 52, 63, 81 Nelms, Kenneth L., 52 Nelson, Ernest Richard, 52, 67, 81 Newport, Edwin Robert, 46, 70 o Obenshain, Phyllis C, 58, 64, 65, 68 O ' Dell, Anna Jane, 46, 68, 81 O ' Dell, Nancy Ann, 52 Osborne, James Dewey, 58 Otto, David, 91 Pack, Ervin B., 46 Parker, Clyde S. G., 52 Parker, Willard P., 46 Parkey, Thelma Doris, 58 Parsons, Barbara Ann, 58 Parsons, Fred Riley, 37, 78, 93 Parsons, Harold Paul, 58 Pasamonte, David Podridge, 37, 67, 71, 103 Patrick, Beverly Howard, 52, 65, 68, 74, 76, 77 Perry, Tom R., 52, 78, 87, 93 Payne, Clifford M., 46 Pigg, Garland Dale, 46 Pope, Howard, 91 Potter, Anna Jo, 37 Powell, James Ernest, 58 Powers, William Keith, 58 Powell, Walter, Jr., 52 Prichard, Coey D., 41, 46, 73 Proffitt, Shelba Jean, 53,70 Pursiful, Darrell T., 53, 93 Reed, Grant, 47,70 Reid, Rollie Cress, 53 Rice, Patricia Anne, 53, 65, 75 Richardson, George Wm., 58, 87, 88 Riddle, William David, 58 Roark, Herby Joe, 47 Robbins, Jane Stacy, 64, 65 Roberts, Paul Vernon, 58 Royalty, Charles B., 47 Sanslow, Gene W., 37, 73 Saunders, Charlene G., 58 Scent, Janet Lee, 37 Scheib, Ruth Estella, 58 Schibur, William M., 58 Sergeant, Glenn, 93, 94 Sergeant, Shirley, 53, 64, 65 Sergeant, W. C, 93, 94 Sergent, Birg Eugene, 47 Shapland, Arthur E., Jr., 55, 58, 63, 65, 83 Shelton, Richard D., 47 Shockley, Charles C, 47 116 COMPLIMENTS OF THE BANK OF HARLAN HARLAN KENTUCKY CHAPPELL ' S DAIRY, INC MIDDLESBORO BRANCH " It may be good and not be ours; but it can ' t be ours and not be good. " Gfiappwk GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS When purchasing your Dairy Products; Look for the Chappell ' s Emblem on the Carton Phone 41 P. O. Box 29 Middlesboro, Ky. 117 STUDENT INDEX Showalter, Harold, 37, 62, 63, 64, 65, 74 Shumate, Robert Theo., 53, 63, 75, 78, 81, 91 Simpson, Margaret Jane, 53 Singleton, Marianna, 58, 82 Sizemore, Butler, 53 Sizemore, Va., Sue, 53, 66, 82 Sloan, Palmer Shannon, 38, 69, 78, 87, 89 Slusher, Jean, 58 Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm ddie, Janice Laroy, 53 th, Arthur Allan, 58 th, Barbara Jean, 58 th, Barbara Joyce, 58 th, Beatrice Burton, 59 th, Herman, 59 th, James Walker, 47, 67, 74, 77 th, John Richard, 59, 69, 71 th, Leon, 38 th, Robert, 93 th, Ralph Wood, 38, 68 th, Robert Leslie, 59 Solomon, Amiel H., 30, 38, 78, 93 Sosby, Don Hugh, 53, 81 Sowders, Ethel Marie, 59 Squires, Jane Evelyn, 38, 64, 66, 83, 99, 100, 104 Stallard, John Morris, 59 Stamper, Mary Ella, 47 Stapleton, Julia Craig, 38, 67, 74, 76 Stephens, Margie Sue, 53, 64, 65, 66, 83 Stewart, Jimmy Clay, 39, 67, 78, 93 Stewart, Ralph H., 39 Stivers, James Ted, 47 Storey, Mildred Pearl, 47, 68 Stratton, Inez Grace, 47, 65, 82 Strom, Alvin Lionel, 47, 62, 63, 67, 70, 75, 78, 94 Sullivan, Dan L., 41, 93 Sumners, Wanda Nell, 41, 48, 64, 66, 69, 86, 107 Sutton, Walter James, Jr., 48 Swanner, Doyle, 41, 48, 67, 68, 69, 77, 78, 94 Swim, Gerald D., 30, 39, 78, 94, 101, 103 Swim, Bonnie L., 53, 65 T Taylor, James Jr., 39 Terrell, Harris Wm., Jr., 53 Thomas, Richard, 94 Thornbury, Ronald Eugene, 59 Tiller, Morris A., 59 Tipple, Tonita Sue, 53, 63, 64 Todd, Boyd R., 59 Todd, Elizabeth Ann, 59, 74 Todd, James, 53, 65, 74, 76, 77, 94 Trent, Shirley Ann, 59 Troglen, Wanda Irene, 59, 81 Trosper, Ernest, 90, 93 Trosper, Margaret Ann, 59 Turner, Janice Ruth, 3 9, 68 Turner, Lowell Thomas, 59 u Uhler, Joseph Robert, II, 55, 59, 65, 77 Valentine, Bettie Jean, 53 Valentine, Dale Clifford, 48, 68, 74, 81 Van Home, George Ransom, 53, 72, 76, 77, 93 Vann, Terry Tracy, 53, 93 Van Sant, Mary Lu, 39, 66 Vermillion, Ellen, 48, 66, 68 Vickers, Glenna Joy, 49, 53, 68, 82 w Walker, Joyce, 54 118 Walters, Charles Ray, 53 Walters, James Bryant, 39, 78, 91 Walton, Wm. Edward, 53 Warfield, Easter, 40 Warfield, Norma Lee, 59 Wenderoth, Carl R., 40, 78, 87, 89 Wesley, Elizabeth Anne, 48, 64, 65, 98 Wesley, Hazel Genevieve, 30, 40 Wesley, Rue, 40, 83, 103 West, Charles Gilford, 59 West, Floyd Doyle, 59 Whitaker, Bess Alice, 40, 66, 73 White, Augusta Jane, 53, 63, 66, 67, 75 Whitney, Bruce Everett, 53, 64 Wilder, Lloyd, 40 Willey, David Lawrence, 59 Williams, Peggy Jean, 59, 68 Williams, Ralph Glenn, 59, 70 Williamson, Denver, 54 Williamson, Sylvia L., 59, 63, 75, 76 Willis, Hilda Joyce, 48, 65, 68, 106 Wilson, Patricia, 59, 82 Wilson, James Edwin, 59 Wilson, John Rodney, 48, 78 Witt, Kenneth Wayne, 54 Wojciechowski, Shirley, 59, 65 Wooden, Larry Gene, 78, 87, 89 Woods, Clarence O., 40 Woolem, Roy Gene, 54 Wright, Ardy C, 49, 54, 75 Wright, Tommy Clinton, 59, 87, 89 Wynn, Carl Martin, 49, 54, 65, 94 Wynn, Carolyn Jo, 59 Y Young, Roger Lester, 59 z Zito, Margret, 40, 69, 71, 77 HERFF JONES COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Jewelry, Graduation Announcement ' s Medals, Cups, and Trophies Jewelers to Union College Indianapolis Indiana Compliments of MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS (Incorporated) Middlesboro Kentucky Compliments of HALE BROTHERS WHOLESALE GROCERIES Morristown Tennessee TOM EASTERLY PONTIAC SALES SALES and SERVICE New Used Cars Complete Repair Work Phones 3311 -2201 Williamsburg Kentucky Compliments of BROCK-McVEY COMPANY OF FRANKFORT, INC. Wholesale Distributors of Plumbing, Heating, Refrigeration and Electrical Supplies Frankfort Kentucky Compliments of KENTUCKY MINE SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated Harlan Kentucky 119 Just Send it to LONDON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Phone 36 Court Square Barbourville Kentucky Art Shapland gets John Fletcher ' s vote as " best dressed " man on campus by select- ing his wardrobe from Williams Clothing Store Barbourville, Kentucky Shan Wesley tries out the new Oldsmobile at the Harkleroad Motor Company Corbin, Kentucky Get The Rabbit Habit Buy Bunmy Bread 120 Weefes-Tcwnsend IfcmM Library Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 w UNION CGLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KY. w £ 1 B B A K 7 J n

Suggestions in the Union College - Stespean Yearbook (Barbourville, KY) collection:

Union College - Stespean Yearbook (Barbourville, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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