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■■:■ ' ■:, y ■■■ ■■{ = ■■: . }■.. ' ' . ■ ' ■ -v ( V ' - ■•,. ' . f ' • ' » - ; J ' . .« ' .n, -?■- - : J I mm WSMfYK 1 5 0702 00102193 fjmi wm m m m WO ft« ' . - • 81 531 ii H mmpum es Ms V iKS IH I1 ft n JSBb n I n v$ ma mm K|i ' ■ :A ' : v " ; ' " " " " mi m m m mS L l£b fj i M ii CS Wrlm Ife PJEi- . 2 «8K» ?SB B Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library published by the students Union College union colle 3 e Baitourville, KY 40906 barbourville, kentucky l ia3;1k i • Aj Union prepares They learn her rules . . . buy their freshman beanies . . and register. £ Q i , Through meeting their advisors . . . they learn that all is not work After meeting the faculty . . . they become a part of Union. TliiiL 1k file, and friends are found- x- Roommates are met . even special ones. Preparations are made . . . . for classes . for work . for dates . and parties. Yes, this is . . ... the lifel In, $mm m ham 13 m V ' - of the world and the inhabitants thereof- — the anatomy of the frog . . . . . . and the eccentricities of the human animal. the physical laws of the universe Whether inside . . . or outside . . . classes are balanced College life is not just hanging around — — there are parties to prepare for . . . both formal . a There are Queens ' courts College courts and informal 10 . and just plain courtin ' l Whether in concerts . . or in movies . of entertainment .sgj r -=— — . Everyone works together — fans and . -including managers — -I f " 7 cheerleaders- — to make basketball n : jg5gBB=sas «»» " »= ra«J „„__ Union ' s number one sport. But in the spring . . Union ' s fancy -o -•.•■•■V- • . i • 15 Meet BWl mk£ Over a period of sixteen years, our president, Dr. Conway Boatman, has led Union College steadily forward in its quest to attain educational and Christian goals. He came to our campus in 1938 with a rich back- ground of experience in the fields of administration and Christian education. Under Dr. Boatman ' s leadership, Union College has experienced almost phenomenal material growth. The best known of the new buildings are the Abigal E. Weeks Memorial Library, the Veterans Building, Pfeiffer Hall for girls, the College Courts, and Union ' s pride, the Fine Arts-Chapel Building, a portion of which bears his name. Other additions are the athletic field, the temporary barracks, and the Snack Shack. These im- provements represent an investment of $800,000 and more than doubled Union ' s property value. Our college endowment and other sources of income have steadily increased so that at no time in Union ' s history has she been so well prepared to serve. In addition to material progress, Union has advanced in many other ways. The attendance of many students from other states has greatly broadened Union ' s horizon. New departments and courses make possible a much enriched curriculum. Union ' s instructors are known over a wide area for their academic and professional abilities. For all these advancements over the years, Union owes a great deal to Dr. Boatman, whose vision and perserverance have enabled him to see Union move forward in Christian higher education. DR. CONWAY BOATMAN 16 THE DEANS The success of any college is determined in large measure by the efforts of the Deans, whose hard work often goes without recog- nition. We are proud of our new dean, John H. Boyd, who came to Union in June, 1954, from Benham, Kentucky. His friendliness and understanding have won the respect of the students and faculty. Dr. Boyd is currently President of the Kentucky Education Associa- tion. Mr. Eugene Taylor, A.B., M.A., serves as Counsellor of Men ' s Residence Halls, which include Stevenson Hall, Tye and Decker Houses, and the Barracks. Although this is his first year at Union, he has already won the admiration and respect of all the students Miss Florence Dewey, B.S., M.A., Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of Music, ably assists the progress of the college orchestra by teaching string classes in addition to her responsibilities at Pfeiffer and Speed Halls. DIVISION CHAIRMEN Horace R. Weaver. B.S. in Ed., A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Religion and Philosophy; Head of the Depart- ment of Religion and Philosophy; Frances Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion and Philosophy. Charles W. Simms. B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Education; Director of Extension; Head of the Department of Education; Professor of Education. Kenneth J. Huenink. A.B., M.B., MM. Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts; Head of the Department of Music; Assistant Professor of Music Education. Leonard W. Roberts. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Languages; Head of the Department of English; Professor of English and Speech. Robert R. Brvden. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Sciences; Head of the Department of Science; Professor of Biology. Joseph R. Henderson. B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences; Head of the Department of Sociology; Russell M. Bennett Memorial Professor of Sociology. 19 FACULTY W. David Ashbum. A.B., M.A. Instructor in English and Dramatics Luther A. Bennett. B.S., B.D., M.A. in L.S. Librarian; Assistant Pro- fessor of Library Science and Religion Erwin S. Bradley, B.S. in Ed., MA., Ph.D. Professor of History- Francis Cole, B.Sc, M.Sc. Instructor in Chemistry T. J. Countiss, A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Physical Education; Athletic Coach Charles Dugan, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Instructor in Physical Edu- cation Elsie Forman, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Education William I. Grandoschek, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Ro- mance Languages Owen Hawley, A.B., M.A. Instructor in English 20 FACULTY Billy P. Hayes. B.M.. M.M. Instructor in Organ and Piano Howard G. Hitchcock. A.B., M.F.A. Instructor in Art H. Branch Howe. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Bi- ology Rena Milliken. A.B., MA. Head of the Department of Business Education; Asso- ciate Professor of Business Education Kathleen Moore. A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Ele- mentary Education Frances Patridqe. B.S. in Ed., M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women Mary Pettus. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Physics Arthur E. Spurlock. B.S. in Ed. Instructor in Business Edu- cation (Catherine Sutphen Instructor in Piano, Retired 21 THE STAFF The efficiency of any college is highly dependent upon the effectiveness with which individual staff members carry out their separate responsibilities. Much of the credit for Union ' s progress and service this year is due to the efforts of her capable and congenial staff who have performed their tasks efficiently, constantly striving to further the aims of Union College. S. L. Parks, B.S. Business Manager and Treasurer lack Lonq Assistant Treasurer and Bookkeeper Milton H. Townsend, A.B., M.A. Director of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs Dorothy Lucas, MA. Assistant Registrar B.R.E., Caroline Boatman, A.B. College Hostess William E. Blackburn. A.B. Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings Ernestine Richardson. B.S. Dietitian 22 STAFF Patricia Ann BaDbonl Secretary in the Dean ' s Office Kathryn Bennett, A.B., B.A. in L.S. Assistant Librarian Vivian Bradley, B.S. in Ed. Secretary in the Public Relations Office. Mabel Cottrell Secretary in the Public Relations Office Ercel Eaton Secretary to the Business Manager Barbara Hughes College Nurse Cleta Messer Assistant to the Book- keeper; Book Store Man- ager Helen Partin Clerk in the Bookstore Fannie Roberts Matron in Women ' s Resi- dence Halls Wilma Taylor Manager of Snack Shack Betty Walker Secretary in the Presi- dent ' s Office Myrtle Wilson Secretary in the Dean ' s Office 23 0 c 2 A c o " S -■—I 6 classes r v ■ fc- ' .r-i V.; ' -£ ;$- . ' y _-,:;.. — i- MjS Wfe3J i Lftf |lff ift? ie£ ■ : " S -- ' - . ' . M " - • " " Af - :ss ss t t «M 25 Robert Mullins, Treasurer; Katherine Scent, Secretary; Donald Treadway, Vice President; Ivan Woods, President; Dr. Weaver, Sponsor. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 26 SENIORS James K. Anders Corbin, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: International Relations Club, " U " Club, Veteran ' s Club, Baseball, Basketball. Profession sought: Coaching. Melvin L. Baker Artemus, Kentucky A.B., May, 1955. Activities: French Club. Profession sought: Accountant. Dorothy Brasher Boaz, Alabama B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Future Teachers of America, Freshman Orientation Committee, Playlikers, Union College Christian Association, Woman ' s Athletic Association, Orange and Black Staff, Queen of Hearts, Attendant to Basketball Queen. Profession sought: Teaching. Billy R. Brittain Yancy, Kentucky B.S. in Education, August, 1955. Activi- ties: Dorm Council, Future Teachers of America, International Relations Club, Freshman Orientation Committee, Cabi- net Member of the Union College Christian Association, Secretary of the Stespean. Profession sought: Teaching or Accounting. Billie B. Bruner London, Kentucky A.B., August, 1955. Activities: President of the A Cappella Choir, International Relations Club, Freshman Orientation Committee, Playlikers Club, Spanish Club, Union College Christian Associa- tion, Woman ' s Athletic Association, Miss Union, Basketball Queen Attendant, Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Enter- tainment Field. Junius E. Bryant Columbia, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Zeia Sigma Pi, Future Teachers of America, International Relations Club, Veteran ' s Club. Profession sought: Teaching or Accounting. 27 SENIORS Gillis A. Clawson Williamsburg, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Profession sought: Teaching. Donald S. Croley Williamsburg, Kentucky B.S. in Education, August, fession sought: Teaching. 1955. Pro- lames L. Daris, Jr. Williamsburg, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Profession sought: Teaching. William C. Foulch Benham, Kentucky A.B., May, 1955. Activities: Interna- tional Relations Club. Profession sought: Teaching. Betty L. Gilreath Marshes Siding, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha, President of the Art Club, Future Teachers of America, Union College Christian Association, Sleipean Staff, Attendant to the Spring Festival Queen, Attendant to the Basket- ball Queen. Profession sought: Teach- ing. Neva H. Glasscock Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. fession sought: Teaching. Pro- 28 SENIORS Hugh E. Haggard Carrollton, Ohio A.B., May, 1955. Activities: A Cappella Choir, Union College Christian Associa- tion, " U " Club, Men ' s Glee Club. Presi- dent of Le Cercle Francois, Manager of Basketball Team. Profession sought: Philosophy Professor. Shirley M. Hensley Gray, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: A Cappella Choir, Woman ' s Athletic Association. Profession sought: Teach- ing. Esther Hopper Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. in Elementary Education, August, 1955. Profession sought: Teaching. Eugene Tones Hima, Kentucky B.S. in Secondary Education, May, 1955. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi, Treasurer of the Future Teachers of America, Fresh- man Orientation Committee, Veteran ' s Club. Profession sought: Accountant. lames Knilley Knifley, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Future Teachers of America. Profession sought: Elementary Education. Frederick Marland North Andover, Massachusetts B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Dorm Council, International Relations Club, Freshman Orientation Committee, Union College Christian Association, " U " Club, Orange and Black Staff, Men ' s Glee Club, Who ' s Who, President of Junior Class, Mr. Union. Profession sought: Ocean Research, Teaching. 29 SENIORS Dwight Miller Rockhold, Kentucky A.B., January, 1955. Activities: Dorm Council, Freshman Orientation Com- mittee, Union College Christian Associ- ation, Editor of the Orange and Black, President of the American Chemical Society, Beta Phi Chi, Who ' s Who, Treasurer of the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Classes. Profession sought: Chemist. Eddie P. Mobley Manchester, Kentucky Activities: Basketball. Profession sought: Agriculture. B.S. in Education, January, 1955. Bobby E. Mullins Norton, Virginia B.S. in Secondary Education, May, 1955. Activities: Vice-President of the Zeta Sigma Pi, International Relations Club, Union College Christian Association, Editor of the Orange and Black, Busi- ness Manager of the Stespean, Men ' s Glee Club, President ' s Council, Treas- urer of the Senior Class, Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Lav or OP. A. Thomas B. Naglee Collingswood, New Jersey A.B., August, 1955. Activities: Oxford Club, Union College Christian Associa- tion. Profession sought: Ministry. Howard E. Napier Creekville, Kentucky B.S, in Elementary Education, August, 1955. Activities: Veteran ' s Club. Pro- fession sought: Teaching. Roy E. Nelson Gray, Kentucky B.S., in Education, May, 1955. Activi- ties: Zeta Sigma Pi. Profession sought: Teaching. 30 SENIORS David L. Olto Dayton, Ohio B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Unicn College Christian Association, " U " Club, Basketball. Profession sought: Teccher and Coach. Barbara A. Partin Pineville, Kentucky B.S. in Education, August, 1955. Activi- ties: Beta Chi Alpha, Art Club, Woman ' s Athletic Association. Profes- sion sought: Teaching. Arvine Phelps Science Hill, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Dorm Council, Future Teachers of America, Union College Christian Asso- ciation, Men ' s Glee Club. Profession sought: Teaching. Minnie M. Poe Pennington Gap, Virginia A.B., January, 1955. Activities: Vice- President Beta Chi Alpha, A Cappella Choir, International Relations Club, Oxford Club Auxiliary, Union College Christian Association, Associate Editor Orange and Black, Beta Phi Chi, Vice- President Le Cercle Francais, Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Nursing. Earnie Prewilt Corbin, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: International Relations Club, Veteran ' s Club, Men ' s Glee Club. Profession sought: Forestry. Arthur G. Robins Fitchburg, Massachusetts A.B., May, 1955. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi, A Cappella Choir, President of Dorm Council, Freshman Orientation Committee, Vice-President of Oxford Club, Treasurer of Playlikers Club, President of Union College Christian Association, Commander of Veteran ' s Club, Orange and Black, Feature Editor and Co-Editor of Stespean, Alpha Psi Omega, Men ' s Glee Club, Vice-Presi- dent of Camera Club, President of the President ' s Council, College Quartet, Church-Campus Relations Committee, Who ' s Who, Vice-President of Sopho- more Class. Profession sought: Ministry. 31 SENIORS Bonnie S. Samuels Baxter, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Beta Chi Alpha, A Capella Choir, Dorm Council, President of Pfeiffer Hall, Inter- national Relations Club, Playlikers Club, Union College Christian Association. Profession sought: Teaching. Sara K. Scent Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. in Elementary Education, May, 1955. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi, Oxford Club Auxiliary, Business Manager of Orange and Black. Profession sought: Child Welfare Work or Teaching. James E. Scott Williamsburg, Kentucky B.S. in Education, August, fession sought: Teaching. 1955. Pro- Wilson C. Sergeant Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Treasurer and President of Zeta Sigma Pi, Dorm Council, Vice-President and President of Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Freshman Orientation Committee, Union College Christian Association, President of " U " Club, Who ' s Who, Baseball, Basketball, Track. Profession sought: Coaching or Accounting. Anna L. Sowdere Holmes Mill, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Future Teachers of America, Freshman Orientation Committee, Union College Christian Association, Woman ' s Athletic Association, Orange and Black, Stespean. Profession sought: Area in Business. Cleve C. Thomas Corbin, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Profession sought: Teaching. 32 SENIORS Donald Treadway 3arbourville, Kentucky 3.S. in Education, May, 1955. Profession sought: Business. Ernest Trosper Harlan, Kentucky B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Freshman Orientation Committee, Union College Christian Association, " U " Club, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Cap- tain of Basketball Team. Profession sought: Coaching or Business. Meredith C. Waage Yonkers, New York B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: Vice-President of Beta Chi Alpha, Art Club, Vice-President of Dorm Council, Future Teachers of America, Cabinet Member of the Union College Christian Association, Vice-President of Woman ' s Athletic Association, Cartoonist for Orange and Black, Stespean, LaTertulia, Friendly League, Vice-President of MSM, Who ' s Who, Intramural Representative. Profession sought: Y.W.C.A. Work or Teaching. James Ward Egypt, Kentucky 3.S. in Education, August, 1955. Herbert Weddington Emma, Kentucky A.B., May, 1955. Activities: Veteran ' s Club. Profession sought: Lawyer. Mary E. Williams Barbourville, Kentucky B.S. in Education, August, 1955. Pro- fession sought: Teaching. 33 SENIORS Ivan Woods Milroy, Indiana B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Activities: President of Dorm Council, Treasurer of Veteran ' s Club, President of Presi- dent ' s Council, Who ' s Who, President of Senior Class. Profession sought: Teaching. Sarah Jean Woods Barbourville, Kentucky A.B., May, 1955. Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi, Beta Chi Alpha, Freshman Orienta- iion Committee, Womans Athletic Asso- ciation, Feature Editor, Associate Editor, and Co-Editor of Stespean, Secretary of Beta Phi Chi, Junior Class Scholastic Award, Who ' s Who. Profession sought: Medical Technician. SPECIAL STUDENT Rufus H. Gleason Ashville, New York B.S. in Education, January, 1955. 34 SATURDAY SENIORS Hobart Eaton Corbin, Kentucky 3.S. in Education, August, 1955. Pro- fession sought: Teaching and Ministry. Alie E. Hicks Elk Valley, Tennessee Columbia Martin Barbourville, Kentucky Charlotte Sowders Jellico, Tennessee B.S. in Education, May, 1955. Profession sought: Teaching. Chorlene Stephens Jellico, Tennessee B.S. in Education, August, 1955. Pro- fession sought: Teaching. 35 ( Z J! - - ) X Gerald Swim, President; Rue Wesley, Vice President; Jane Squires, Secretary; Walter Dick, Treasurer; Mr. Dugan, Sponsor. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 36 JUNIORS Charles E. Akers Gilbert S. Barnes James A. Bingham Jean Bishop Maggie Bolin Wilma Boughton Jan Rose Brock Ernest E. Bunch Kay Campbell Ann Cawood Beverly Clark John Comett 37 JUNIORS Frank Crabtree Laymon D. Decker Walter Dick Carolyn Dushame Felici Felice Bertha Gabbard Clyde E. Gibson John G. Gregory Joseph K. Haburay Joyce Hamilton Myrna Hampton Cora Hensley 38 JUNIORS Beatrice Hibbard Ralph M. Hickey Frances Hignite Bob F. Hoots Wanda Lee Human Tommy Jordan Pauline Kelly Yang Soo La Glenn N. Lehew Genevieve Livesay Nellie Martin Betty Ruth McAllister 39 JUNIORS Thomas R. McCarthy Jack D. McCreary Rondal N. McHargue Andy Meadors Virgi nia Mills Vontress O. Moss Irene Owens Fred R. Parsons David Pasamonte Israel Salabarria Gene W. Sanslow Janet Scent 40 JUNIORS Harold Showalter Shannon Sloan Ernest C. Slusher Leon Smith William S. Smith Amiel Solomon Jane Squires Jimmy C. Stewart Ralph H. Stewart James T. Stivers Frances Stockdale Gerald D. Swim 41 JUNIORS Gerald J. Syme Richard W. Thomas Janice Turner Mary Van Sant Margaret Vincent James B. Walters Billie Ward Carl R. Wenderoth Rue Wesley Bess Whitaker Lou Emma Wilson 42 . - T 4 r. 4M 1 f » ■ »- ■W 1 SATURDAY JUNIORS Alma Craig Elizabeth Daniel Julia Frost Flora Mae Hicks Jewell Hicks Charles W. Waldroup Jewell Parker Grace Scott Dorothy Singleton Reteelia Owens 43 Mr. Ashburn, Sponsor; Bill Dew, Vice President; Jane Reynolds, Secretary; Doyle Swanner, President. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 44 SOPHS Jimmy R. Amyx Edward Balboni David Bennett Joseph F. Bosweli Robin Bosweli Lattie Bowling Alan R. Brown Jimmy G. Burkhart Donald R. Burton Jewell Carnes Joan Carty Joann Chadwell Sarita Couk Thomas E. Davis William W. Dew Kathryn Dill Paul L. Dixon Charles Doll Ellis E. Duke Shirley Eads Wilbert H. Earley Zena Ellis Helen Eubanks Angeline Fields 45 SOPHS Darrell Fleming James N. Florer James B. Foutch Patricia Gibson Joyce Girdner Joe T. Gregory Bula H. Grider Myrtle Hamilton Leroy Hammons Willard Hammons Floyd Hensley Alton R. Hicks Glenna Ison Sherrard Jacobs Nola Mae Jeffers Joe E. Johnson Lucy Jones Wayne Kinneer In Soo La Shirley Lewellen Nancy Ann Lewis Lloyd Livingston Gale Lowe Duncan MacKenzie 46 SOPHS Renfro C. Manning Charles W. Mansfield Richard B. McCarthy- Frances McDonald Dora Miller Ora Miller Julian H. Mitchell Shirley Morgan Clive A. Moss Diane Murley Raymond C. Musick Rodney Neely Edwin R. Newport Anna O ' Dell Eugene Owens Martha Pigman Coey Prichard Jane Reynolds Herby J. Roark Bob K. Salmon Marjorie Salmon Andrew Senters Glen Sergeant Birg E. Sergent 47 SOPHS Richard Shelton Elizabeth Skidmore James W. Smith Margaret Smith Ralph W. Smith William L. Sosh Mary Stamper Julia Stapleton Inez Stratton Alvin L. Strom Dan L. Sullivan Wanda Sumners Carla Jean Sutton Doyle Swanner Betty Jean Taylor Edward Taylor Dale C. Valentine Ellen Vermillion Bobbie Weaver Elizabeth Anne Wesley Rodney Wilson Eleanor Wright 48 SATURDAY SOPHOMORES Mary Ellen Cobb Ray Messer Curtis Sams Lola Slusher Myrtle Smith SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Back Row— Paul Gibbs, Paul White, Harold L. Estes, Malcom Hoskins, Clayton Durham, Thomas Buttermore, J. C. Wagner. Second Row — Thomas Finney, William Dulaney, Robert Smith, James Hoskins, John Belyea, John Smith, George Van Home. First Row — Aubra Jackson, Nollie Hensley, Marcella Collins, Jane Trosper, Rosalie Humfleet, Ann Ellsworth, Charles Jones, Aubrey Smith. 49 Betty Webb, Treasurer; Patsy Patton, Secretary; Bill Eppersen, Vice President; Ardy Wright, President; Mr. Hitchcock, Sponsor. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 50 FROSH Billy E. Adams Denzil Allen Eugene F. Asher Malloney Asher Dolores Bain Nancy Baker Louise Barger Randall Bargo Sue Barnes Erma Barrows Jere L. Beasley Glen J. Bingham Vernon Blankenship Bernice Boggs Franklin D. Brock Howard W. Brock Samps Brock Edwin L. Brown Mary Brown Bill G. Brummett Bill J. Buchanan Homer H. Burchfield E. L. Burnett Pauline Burnette George Button Alline Cain Linvelle Cain Olline Cain Dotson Callebs Genetta Calliham Michael Campbell William W. Chew Carole Christie James C. Clark Walter M. Clark 51 FROSH Margaret Cole John Colson Shirley Cope Laura Cornette Shirley Comett Maxine Couch Willa Dixon Franklin T. Dodge Ambrose C. Dudley Preston D. Eaton Harold S. Edwards Mae Marie Eggers William H. Eppersen Carl W. Estes Donald D. Fain James D. Farris Robert T. Fink Erwin L. Forrest Joseph Gillespie June Girdner Bettye Grant Anna Gregory Lois Hammons Stanley Hammons Henry C. Hampton Cecil E. Hensley James F. Hensley Donald L. Holt Joyce Holway Dorcas Hoskins James T. Houser Dennie Howard Gail Howard Shirley Howard Wilma Hubbard 52 FROSH Robert P. Hurt Ernest Jackson Ramon L. Jackson Trilva Jackson Lois Jarvis Wilma Jenkins Harold H. Johnson Bernice Jones Ray O. Keys Earline King Ben L. Kinningham Mary Krebs Ruth Krebs Wayne G. Lambert Cecil M. Lay Darryl L. Lee Charles R. Lumpkins Wayne M. Mackey Anna McComas Geneva McCreary John G. McMurtry Billy R. Metcalfe Amelia Middleton Bobbie Mills Jerry E. Mills Mary Mills Imon L. Mobley Joyce Montgomery Harry Moody Denvil E. Moore William C. Moore Winifred Morgan Beverly Morley Billy D. Mosley Gary L. Mugridge 53 FROSH Shirley Neely Kenneth L. Nelms Ernest R. Nelson Nancy O ' Dell Shelly Otto Clyde Parker Beverly Patrick Diane Patrick Patsy Patton Clifford Payne Thomas R. Perry John T. Peshkoff Rudolph Peters Howard D. Pope John R. Pope Walter Powell Earl Profitt Shelba Proffitt Darrell T. Pursiful Terrell K. Pye Jeanne Ramsey Rollie C. Reid Patricia Rice Arthur Saunders Anna Seale Jack W. Sheffield Robert T. Shumate Margaret Simpson Virginia Sizemore Janice Smiddie Donald H. Sosby Edith Steele Margie Stephens Shirley Stiner Mildred Storey 54 -1 FROSH Walter Sutton Shirley Thurston Tonita Sue Tipple James G. Todd Bettie Valentine Shirley R. Vallance Terry T. Vann Glenna Vickers Marian Von Gruenigen Jimmie J. Walker Charles R. Walters Charlotte Warf Edward S. Warfield Betty Webb Augusta White Bruce Whitney Ardy C. Wright Carl M. Wynn Willie R. York Jerry Young SATURDAY FRESHMEN Edith Farmer 55 d ft V " 3 7$ organizations 57 RAMATICS AT Alpha Psi Omega ALPHA PSI OFFICERS: Walter Hensley, President; Frances Hignite, Secretary-Treas- urer; Mr. Ashburn, Sponsor. The Zeta Chi Cast is the local chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dra- matics fraternity. Students are elected to membership through the accumulation of points earned by the active participation in technical operations backstage or dramatic roles. Walter Hensley rehearsing for the leading role in Our Town. First Row— Wilma Boughton, Bula Grider, Kathryn Dill. Second How— Walter Hensley, Alan Brown, Frances Hignite, Art Robins, Billie Bruner, Mr. Ashbum, Harold Showalter. UNION COLLEGE Back Row — George Button, Harold Johnson, Don Holt, Harold Showalter, Dick Thomas, Alvin Strom, Charles Mansfield, Walter Hensley, Bob Shumate, Art Robins. Second Row — Alan Brown, Billie Bruner, Erma Barrows, Joyce Holway, Shirley Neely. Front Row — Augusta White, Diane Murley, Willie Boughton, Malloney Asher, Frances Hignite, Bula Grider, Mr. Ashburn. Erma Barrows, as Mrs. Soames, delivers the " town gossip. " Playlikers Club PLAYLIKERS OFFICERS: Harold Showalter, President; Frances Hignite, Vice President; Wilma Boughton, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Ashburn, Sponsor. Most of the dramatic productions appear- ing on Union ' s Little Theater stage may be credited to the efforts of the Playlikers Club, which is open not only to actors and actresses, but to any person interested in any phase of the theatre. Under Mr. Ash- burn ' s capable direction, Our Town by Thornton Wilder and Candida by G. B. Shaw were produced as highlights of this campus year. 59 MUSIC AT UNION COLLEGE 1 ► ' « A »-» ■ - ■ ■ Back Row — George Button, Walter Hensley, Paul Fitz- stevens, James Florer, (Vice President), Hugh Haggard, Don Holt, Alan Brown, Bob Shumate, Jim Stewcrrt. Third Row — Inez Stratton, Wanda Summers, Maurice Lay, Art Robins, Rue Wesley, Dick Thomas, Harold Showalter, Keitz Haburay, Haiold Johnson, Julia Stapleton, Ruth Krebs. Second Row — Bonnie Samuels, Wilma Boughton, Mary Krebs, Tonita Tipple, Robin Boswell, Jeanne Ramsey, Malloney Asher, Margie Stephens, Marge Salmon, Jane Reynolds, Beverly Patrick, Janice Turner. First Row— Eleanor Wright, Marie Poe, Gen Livesay, Shan Wesley, Patsy Patton, Olline Cain, Kay Campbell, Diane Murley, Billie Bruner, (President), Shirley Thurston, Pat Gibson, Mae Eggers, Jane Sguires, Ann Cawood, Myrtle Hamilton, Eula Grider. Billie and Dick complete last minute preparations for the annual spring tour. A Capella Choir Through participation in chapel programs and the presentation of concerts duripg the school year, both the Union College Choir and Orchestra contribute much to campus life. Under the d irection of Mr. Huenink, the choir has become one of the finest in Ken- tucky. Accompanied by Mr. Hays, piano and organ soloist, the group takes an annual tour through some portion of the Eastern United States. As the newest musical organi- zation on campus, the orchestra is rapidly developing into an integrated and profes- sional-sounding group under the guidance of Miss Dewey. 60 1% ' l Mr. Huenink and Mr. Hays proper violin technique. ' advise " Miss Dewey on College Orchestra Back How — Wanda Summers, Shan Wesley, Tonita Tipple, Paul Fitzstevens, Don Holt, Jim Walker, Mr. Hays, Mr. Hitchcock, Olline Cain, Mary Krebs, Harold Showalter, Shirley Thurston. Front Row — Jane Squires, Billie Bruner, Dick Thomas, Marge Salmon, Mr. Huenink, Mitzi Eggers, Margie Stephens. 61 Standing, back row — Bob Fink, Tom Davis, Art Robins, Eugene Owens, Wayne Kinneer, Mr. Howe, Charles Lumpkins, Willie York. Seated, third row — Richard Shelton, Junius Bryant, Alvin Strom, Walter Sutton. Standing — Rollie Reed, Joe Gillespie. Seated — Ivan Woods, Ernest Nelson, Clifford Payne, Howard Burch- field. Seated, front row — Edwin Brown, Charles Mans- field, Eugene Jones, Eddie Balboni, Gerald Syme, David Hensley. Vet Club members relax between classes. Veterans ' Club OFFICERS OF THE VETERAN ' S CLUB: Edwin Brown, Commander; Alvin Strom, Vice Com- mander; James Amyx, Adjutant; Vontress Moss, Chaplain; Shannon Sloan, Sergeant- at-Arms; Mr. Howe, Sponsor. The Veteran ' s Club provides an oppor- tunity for ex G.I. ' s to talk over campus problems. This organization is open to faculty as well as students who have served in the armed forces. One project of this group is the annual presentation of an American flag to the college. 62 Beta Chi Alpha BETA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS: Jane Squires, President; Lynn Waage, Vice President; Myrna Hampton, Secretary; Betty Ruth Mc- Allister, Treasurer; Liz Skidmore, Reporter; Mrs. Howe and Mrs. Townsend, Sponsors. The Greek letters B.X.A. stand for beauty, culture, and art to girls of this social sorority. The promotion of interest in these three phases of campus life is this sorority ' s main objective. Membership is based on scholar- ship, personality, and cooperative spirit. Membership is by invitation only and an initiation is held once a year. " A green and lowly pledge is me. " Standing— Marie Poe, Jean Woods. Back Row — Jane Reynolds, Marge Salmon, Betty Gilreath, Betty Ruth McAllister. Carolyn Dushame, Diane Murley, Bonnie Samuels, Joyce Hamilton, Myrna Hampton, Carla Jean Sutton, Ann Cawood, Wanda Sumners, Mary Lou Van Sant. Second Row — Robin Boswell, Bess Whitaker. First Row — Barbara Miller, Mrs. Howe, Pauline Kelly, Shan Wesley, Elizabeth Skidmore, Ellen Vermillion, Lynn Waage, Barbara Partin, Jane Squires. m Standing, back row — W. C. Sergeant, Don Holt, Alvin Strom, Gerald Swim, Shannon Sloan. Standing, third row — Julia Stapleton, Dick Thomas, Jim Stewart, Fred Parsons, Wayne Mcckey, Patsy Patton, Raymond Musick. First Row — Art Robins, Don Burton, Ann Cawood, Dean Dewey, Mr. Taylor, Bonnie Samuels, Shan Wesley, Howard Pope. Dormitory Councils Mr. Taylor explains a few rules to the boys of Stevenson Hall. Women ' s Council Officers: Bonnie Samuels, President; Ann Cawood, Vice President; Patsy Patton, Secretary; Shan Wesley, Treasurer; Dean of Women, Miss Florence Dewey. Men ' s Council Officers: Art Robins, President; Donald Burton, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Taylor, Superin- tendent of Men ' s Residence. Officers and representatives of the indi- vidual men ' s and women ' s residences make up the Dormitory Council. The purpose of the Council is to discuss the problems of campus life, to make suggestions for im- provements and to stimulate student activity. This group also plans the annual open house programs for both dormitories, which feature the crowning of the Queen of Hearts. 64 First Row — Rue Wesley, Bill Brittain, Shirley Jean Morgan, Ernest Trosper. Second Row — Shan Wesley, Eugene Jones, Jimmy Stewart, Dr. Henderson, Walter Hensley, Wilma Boughton, Miss Milliken, Art Robins, Nola Jeffers, Jane Reynolds. Freshman Orientation Committee Dr. Henderson welcomes two of Union ' s freshmen. The Freshman Orientation Committee, composed of upperclassmen, has the re- sponsibility of welcoming incoming Fresh- men to Union ' s campus. A variety of social functions at the beginning of the year helps the Frosh to get acquainted with their new environment. This year the initiation of Fresh- men extended over a longer period of time and was instrumental in promoting class unity. 65 Standing— W. C. Sergeant, Dick McCarthy, Fred Parsons, Bill Brittain, Dr. Simms, Miss Moore. Seated, second row — Junius Bryant, Dale Valentine, Lynn Waage, Eugene Jones, Wayne Kinneer. First Row — Anna Lee Sowders, Bernice Boggs, Bess Whitaker, Lattie Bowling, Kay Campbell, Betty Ruth McAllister, Zena Ellis. Future Teachers of America F.T.A. members become acquainted with various edu- cational publications. m ,;■ A • P wsffiroaw 7$ ' FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OF- F T CERS: W. C. Sergeant, President; Richard McCarthy, Vice President; Joyce Hamilton, Secretary; Eugene Jones, Treasurer; Miss Moore and Dr. Simms, Sponsors. The John Owen Gross Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is the pro- fessional organization of students who are enrolled in the teacher education curriculum of the college. Under the guidance of the two sponsors, Miss Moore and Dr. Simms, the members become aware of the value of good teaching to society. It is affiliated with both the Kentucky Education Association and the National Education Association. 66 Back Row— (Bill Dew, Billie Bruner, Anna Seale, Lou Emma Wilson, Curtis Foutch, Mr. Hawley, David Pasamonte. Front Row — Howard Brock, Clive Moss, Bill Eppersen. International Relations Club Lou Emma Wilson explains EDC to member. prospective INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OF- FICERS: William Dew, President; David Pasamonte, Vice President; Lou Emma Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer; Bill Brittain and Charles Mansfield,. Reporters; Mr. Hawley, Sponsor. The promotion of a greater interest in national and international affairs among the students is the aim of the International Re- lations Club. Meetings axe devoted to a study of current problems vital to the peace and welfare of our world. This club is af- filiated with the national organization spon- sored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Promotion of World Peace. 67 PUBLICATIONS AT UNION COLLEGE Co-Editors Jean Woods and Art Robins select proofs for the 1955 STESPEAN. The Stespean 1955 In addition to studies, home respon- sibilities, and a varied assortment of college activities, Jean Woods and Art Robins combined their efforts and energy to edit Union ' s yearbook. Of course the editors can ' t do all the work alone, so additional staff members were chosen to add to the general confusion of things. But after many headaches, much figuring, meeting and not meet- ing deadlines, the 1955 STESPEAN emerged complete. Filling some of the important positions on the staff were Jane Squires, Associate Editor; Alan Brown, Feature Editor; Gene Sanslow, Businesss Manager; Joyce Hamilton, Literary Editor; Rue Wesley, Sports Editor; Betty Gilreath and Shirley Neely, Art Editors; Bill Brittain and Wilma Boughton, Secretaries; Bula Grider, Circulation Manager; and Mr. Hitchcock, Sponsor. Standing — Wilma Boughton, Rue Wesley, Shirley Neely, Bill Brittain, Bula Grider, Mr. Hitch- cock, Alan Brown. Seated — Jean Woods, Art Robins, Jane Squires. 68 Standing — Alan Brown, Rue Wesley, Gerald Swim. Fred Marland, Alvin Strom, Denzil Allen, Liz Skidmore, Jimmy Stewart, Glen Sergeant, Bill Dew, Ann Cawood, Tom Perry. Seated — Joyce Holway, Bob Mullins. Meet the Editor of the Orange and Black — Bob Mullins. Orange and Black As the official student newspaper, the Orange and Black, under the capa- ble editorship of Bob Mullins, has kept the student body well informed of all activities relating to campus life. The increased number of social events this year has kept the staff busily engaged in serving Union College students. 69 4 J ELIGION AT UNION COLLEGE The quartet provides a musical setting for the U.C.C.A. evening worship. Rue Wesley speaks to the U.C.C.A. on Bald Hill. Union College Christian Association This organization stimulates Christian thought on our campus. A vesper service is held each Thursday evening. Membership is open to all who desire to share in these inspiring programs. As its main project, the U.C.C.A. supports two Korean war orphans through the Christian Children ' s Fund. Oxford Club and Auxiliary Members of the Oxford Club and Auxiliary conduct Sunday morning services at the county jail. Dr. George, Religious Emphasis Week speaker, in a moment of relaxation. The Oxford Club and Auxiliary are com- posed of all students who plan to enter the ministry or go into full-time Christian work. Meetings provide opportunity for in- formal discussion of the problems of Chris- tain living. A weekend planning retreat is held each semester. " U " Club " U " CLUB OFFICERS: W. C. Sergeant, Presi- dent; Fred Marland, Vice President; Fred Parsons, Secretary-Treasurer; Charles Dugan and T. J. Countiss, Co-Sponsors. " U " Club is open only to boys who have earned their varsity letter in basketball, baseball, or track. This group is responsible for the selection of the basketball queen and her court for Union ' s Homecoming. Group funds are raised by the selling of refreshments at basketball games.. " U " Club members selling cokes at half-time. Standing — Mr. Charles Dugan, Carl Wenderoth, Fred Marland, Lloyd Livingston, Dave Bennett, Doyle Swanner, Jim Florer, Alan Brown, Rod Wilson, Alvin Strom, Gerald Swim. Second Row — Don Burton, Linvelle Cain, Ernest Trosper, Tom McCarthy, Dick McCarthy, Julian Mitchell, Glenn Sergeant. First Row — Jim Walters, Shannon Sloan, Amiel Solomon, Fred Parsons, Dan Sullivan, W. C. Sergeant, Bill Dew. 72 Standing — Mr. Cole, James Hensley, Edwin Brown, Alvin Strom, Mike Clark, Darryl Lee, Edward Balboni, Eugene Owens, Tom Davis. Seated — Shelba Profitt. American Chemical Society Julian Mitchell explains his latest experiment to follow A.C.S. members. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF- FICERS: Dwight Miller, President; Julian Mitchell, Vice President; Alvin Strom, Treas- urer; Edwin Brown, Secretary; Mr. Cole, Sponsor. The most recent nationally affiliated group on campus is the American Chemical Society, which affords an opportunity for the students of chemistry to become better acquainted and to explore opportunities in the field of chemistry. Group members col- laborate on advanced experiments in chemi- cal research. 73 Back Row — Dr. Henderson, Roy Nelson, Walter Dick, Art Robins, Eugene Owen, Keitz Haburay, Junius Bryant, David Pasamonte, Joyce Hamilton. Seated — Carolyn Dushame, Miss Sutphen, Miss Milliken, Harold Showalter, Nola Jeffers, Kay Scent, Bess Whitaker, Kay Campbell, Bob Mullins. Front Row — W. C. Sergeant, Jean Woods, Liz Skidmore, Pauline Kelly, Myrna Hampton, Eugene Jones. Zeta Sigma Pi ZETA SIGMA PI OFFICERS: W. C. Sergeant, President; Bob Mullins, Vice President; Kay Campbell, Secretary; Pauline Kelly, Treas- urer; Dr. Henderson, Sponsor. The Zeta Sigma Pi, a national honorary social science fraternity, has its Omicron Chapter on Union ' s campus. Requirements for membership are leadership, scholarship, service, and character. Membership is by invitation and members are limited to the Department of Political and Social Science. As its projects for this year the chapter collected books for the Rosenwald High School and held a Christmas party for the orphans at the Pentecostal Orphanage. 74 $ d W it i it ■, «•: .« ■? i .c j«_c c Standing — Florine Hamblin, Sylvia Howard, Lois Tread- way, Jack Cooke, Eleanor Cooke, Amanda Mitchell, Betty Donath, Ruth Owen, Patsy Nolan, Claude Faulkner, Wilson Singer. Mrs. T. J. Luke, Mr. T. J. Luke. Seated — Elizabeth Howard, Rae West, {Catherine Singer, Caroline Boatman, Jean Knuckles, Vivian Bradley, Eleanor Talbert, Mary Mitchell. Seated inside — Bob Lewis, Rosemary Lewis, A. G. DeCoursey, Howard McKnight, Mrs. P. J. Hamilton, Rev. P. J. Hamilton. Iota Sigma Nu T OTA SIGMA NU OFFICERS: Rae West, President; lean Knuckles, Secretary-Treas- urer; Allie Mays, Ritualist. The honorary scholastic fraternity of Iota Sigma Nu was established to promote high standards of scholarship. Membership is open to those students who have met certain scholastic requirements. This fra- ternity awards medals to the freshman and sophomore who make the highest scholastic average in their respective classes for the year. Miss Moore continues the tradition of scholarship through research. 75 Art Club ART CLUB OFFICERS: Betty Gilreath, Presi- dent; Dale Valentine, Vice President; Malloney Asher, Secretary; Anna O ' Dell, Treasurer; Mr. Hitchcock, Sponsor. The stimulation of greater interest in and appreciation for art within the community, college, and its own membership, is the aim of this group. Activities include the promo- tion of student and professional exhibits, assisting in stage set production, working with new materials and techniques, and visiting points of art interest in the area. Interest in art is the only requisite for mem- bership. Value studies are developed by Barbara Partin, Malloney Asher, and Jerry Hollifield. Mr. Hitchcock, Shirley Neely, Anna O ' Dell, Betty Gilreath, Dick Thomas, Betty Ruth Mc- Allister, Ellen Vermillion, Dale Valentine. Standing — Carl Wynn, Mr. Hawley. Seated around table — ' Patricia Rice, Beverly Patrick, Paul Fitzstevens, Thomas Naglee, Don Holt, George Button, Joyce Holway, Harold Showalter, Erma Barrows, Walter Hensley, Wilma Boughton. Quill Club members prepare a composition for the Gambit. Quill Club The Quill Club, composed of students interested in majoring or minoring in English, has as one of its principal aims the stimulation of creative writing for publi- cation. The official literary magazine of the group is the " Gambit, " a collection of short stories, poems, and essays written by stu- dents and published once each year. ,. 77 - 6 a c 6 v- n 79 ASKETBALL The Union College Bulldogs finished their 1954-55 basketball season with a total game record of four- teen wins and nine losses. They ranked first in the Smoky Mountain Athletic Conference with seven wins and one loss, and tied for third place with Berea in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference with a record of six wins and five losses. " Tack " Countiss, who has completed his first year as coach at Union, has developed a well balanced team of hard work- ing hoopsters. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right — Jane Reynolds, Wanda Sumners, Amelia Middleton, Sue Sizemore, Carolyn Dushame. 80 Standing — Tom Perry, Manager; Darrell Fleming, Harold Estes, Amiel Solomon, Shannon Sloan, Ernest Trosper, Rodney Ntely, James Anders, Coach Countiss. Seated — Glenn Lehew, Carl Wenderoth, W. C. Sergeant, David Ctto, Darrell Pursiful, William Dulaney, Dan Sullivan, Joe Gillespie, Manager. Front Center — Jimmy Countiss. Coach Countiss diagrams a play to the Bulldogs at a workout. Managers, Gillespie and Perry, handling eguipment. RECORD 1954-55 WE OPPONENT THE 71 University of Cincinnati 106 75 Berea 83 91 Tusculum 74 94 Transylvania 81 65 Lincoln Memorial University 67 75 Morehead 76 79 Tusculum 76 93 Kentucky Wesleyan 103 86 Lincoln Memorial University 70 82 Georgetown 86 88 Bellarmine 98 86. Centre 73 89 Transylvania 88 75 Georgetown 84 78 Berea 76 93 Carson-Newman 73 88 Tusculum 69 103 Emory and Henry 94 85 Centre 67 91 Bellarmine 84 103 Carson-Newman 77 118 Emory and Henry 89 65 Berea 77 82 ™N. f •w Shannon Sloan Ernest M. Trosper Wilson C. Sergeant Amiel H. Solomon David L. Otto V " Rodney Neely Dan L. Sullivan Carl R. Wenderoth Glenn N. Lehew Darrell Fleming Darrell T. Pursiful James K. Anders William D. Dulaney Hobert F. Creasy Harold L. Estes ■vr-r 83 INTRAMURALS Basketball Champs 1953-54, " The Ferocious Few. " Volleyball Champs 1954-55, " The Question Marks. " Softball Champs 1953-54, " The Ferocious Few. " " The Ferocious Few " in a preliminary game. SPRING SPORTS I W - nfo ■ " - " ' 4JmI§ Tom McCarthy gets ready to swing. " Lefty " Solomon strikes out another opponent. 86 " Tros " poses for the girls. Will Craig keeps his arm warm. ► TRACK TEAM. Left to Right— Ernest Trosper, Bill Dew, Gerald Swim, Fred Parsons, Walter Dick, Alan Brown, Jim Florer, Julian Mitchell, Alvin Strom, Red Wilson, Darrell Fleming, Lloyd Livingston, Doyle Swanner, Shannon Sloan. $»« Gerald Swim takes his stance. Union-Eastern race. Ernest Trosper awaits the starting gun. Linvelle Cain watches that hole-in-one. Carl Wenderoth prac- tices his putting. 87 features t O 6 CD E CD Q) 1 89 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES The names of these students will appear in the 1954-55 edition of " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " They were chosen by a committee of faculty and students on the basis of scholarship, leadership and participation in campus activities. Billie Bruner Jean Woods W. C. Sergeant Dwight Miller 92 Ivan Woods Bobby Mullins Frederick Marland Meredith Waage Marie Poe Arthur Robins 93 Basketball Queen Genevieve Livesay and Court Top: Betty Gilreath, Senior Representative; Carolyn Dushame, Junior Representative. Bottom: Sarita Couk, Sophomore Repre- sentative; Shelba Proffitt, Freshman Representative. 95 Elizabeth Wesley, Shelton Otto, Betty Gil- reath. Festival Attendant 96 and Queen Jane Squires Queen of Hearts Dorothy Brasher Jim Todd enjoys a treat from Shirley Thurston. H Keitz signs the register in Betty Gilreath ' s room. GIRLS ' OPEN HOUSE Mitzi samples Shan ' s wares before the guests arrive. The girls gather to gossip after the visitors Hostesses Dot and Mary relax with their depart. guests. CHAPPELL ' S DAIRY, INC MIDDLESBORO BRANCH " It may be good and not be ours; but it can ' t be ours and not be good. " jsYMBOli (quality) Gfiappetlti GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 41 P. O. Box 29 Middlesboro, Ky. Just Send it to LONDON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS SANITONE DRY CLEANING TO KEEP SCHOOL CLOTHES ALWAYS SPIC AND SPAN Sure it ' s a problem to keep school clothes always looking their best. But, why should you worry about it? Sanitone Dry Cleaning is the perfect solu- tion, yet it costs no more than ordinary dry cleaning! Try it just once and see how proudly your youngsters go strutting off to school in their freshly SANITONE Dry Cleaned clothes. Ask about our College Students Service Plan. -SPOTS AND STAINS OUT 100% •COLORS BRIGHTER . . CLEARER ' GARMENTS LOOK AND FEEL LIKE NEW AGAIN1 ' ALL THE DIRT ENTIRELY GONE- PERSPIRATION VANISHES -NO TELL TALE CLEANING ODOR Phone - 36 Court Square Barbourville Kentucky 100 Compliments of R. E. WILLIAMS 5 1 Barbourville Kentucky Compliments of FRANK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Quality Merchandise at Lower Prices Barbourville, Ky. Compliments of GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Barbourville Kentucky KNOX MOTOR COMPANY SALES SERVICE Court Square Oscar R. Parsons, Mgr. C0zJ C H fc V H (1 1_ E I Phone 227 Barbourville, Ky. UNION NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Reserve Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Complete Banking Service Lock Boxes We Maintain a Savings Department DR. B. P. JONES -President MR. J. M. WILSON Vice-President MATTHEW McKEEHAN Cashier MARGARET RILEY Assistant Cashier Barbourville Kentucky | THE BARB0URV1LLE ADVOCATE Office Supplies - Job Printing Typewriters - Cards Stationery CECIL H. WILSON, Publisher Class of ' 38 Barbourville Kentucky SEE OLDFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY For all Types of Insurance Insure with This Agency and Be Safe Eva Oldfield Wilson and W. M. Wilson, Agents Phone 236 212 Knox St. Barbourville, Ky. SHOP AT The Photos in this B • ENGLE ' S STUI T Y E ' S Court Square Phone 101 Barbourville, Ky. Barbourville Kentucky HERFF JONES CO. Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Jewelry, Gradyation Announcements, Medals, Cups and Trophies Jewelers to Union College Indianapolis Indiana We equip your office B I S S E L L OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Corbin and Harlan, Kentucky 102 Compliments of CATRON MOTOR CO. Your Friendly Ford Dealer Corbin, Ky. Compliments of MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS (incorporated) Middlesboro, Kentucky Compliments of THE RAPP LUMBER CO., INC. G. E. APPLIANCES SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT Phone 220 Barbourville Kentucky CORA ' S DEPARTMENT STORE READY TO WEAR GIFTS FOR EVERYONE Telephone 78 Barbourville Kentucky k t • " . ' » • ' - ' WWP " W 1 m % " i 103 Compliments of THE BANK OF HARLAN Harlan Kentucky Compliments of KENTUCKY MINE SUPPLY CO. Incorporated Harlan Kentucky MODERN BAKERY Bakers of MEL-O-TOAST BREAD Harlan, Ky. TOM EASTERLY PONTIAC SALES SALES AND SERVICE New Used Cars Complete Repair Work Phones 3311 - 2201 Williamsburg, Ky. Compliments of HALE BROTHERS WHOLESALE GROCERIES Morristown Tennessee 104 Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 $8 3 35 • " • «W „ : «f

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