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lift IKISffil fwftl OFFICE T 1U PUBLIC PJELATL FOREWORD " In this year of jubilee. Leviticus 25:13 Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 ■ T E E P E A N NION COLLEGE r oourvitie entucky 1953 54 D D I A T N This, the " Diamond Jubilee " edition of the Stespean, is dedicated to Union College. To the things for which it stands — to the faculty, staff and student body, past and present, who have helped make Union what it is- to the ideals and knowledge gained — to the moments of inspiration, laughter and friendship shared — to all the memories of, and hopes for Union College, we dedicate this 1954 Stespean. ADMINISTRATION DR. CONWAY BOATMAN President The Readers of The 1954 Stespean . . . QREET1NQS! This year of 1954 Union College celebrates its 75th Anniversary, the Diamond Jubilee. This year ' s Stespean makes recognition of these celebrations. The program calls for five special days of celebrations the last week of May as follows : Barbourville City Day May 27th Faculty and Student Body Day May 28th Alumni Day May 29th Kentucky and Louisville Conferences ' Day . . May 30th Trustees 1 and Founders ' Day May 31st Then these five great days of celebrations, led by special groups, will be followed on June 1st by the 75th Commencement, at which time Bishop Corson of the Philadelphia Area will give the address. For the evening of May 31st a pageant is scheduled, depicting in drama the history and achievements of these great 75 years in Union ' s service. I have taken much pride in the years I have been at Union College in the appearance of the Stespean year by year. I consider it the out- standing publication of each college year and, year by year, the hard work and devotion of a group of students, with a faculty sponsor, in producing the Stespean has stirred deeply my feeling of gratitude. This year ' s Stespean is a worthy successor of those which have preceded. I con ' gratulate and thank heartily those who have produced it and commend it to the alumni, students and friends of the college everywhere for their reading and imbibing the great spirit of Union College. Sincerely, C. Boatman, President DR. H. B. SMITH, Dean Anniversaries are happy occasions. They are conclusive evidence of ability to meet and conquer problems, and to prevail against circumstances over a period of time. The thrill of attainment covers over the scars from past struggles, soothes the weary laborers, and joy reigns supreme. Each commencement season is a great anniversary at Union College. For the students enrolled, and those who graduate, it marks the successful passing of another important milestone. Those who have been a part of this Seventy- Fifth Year have had a special opportunity to gain a better understanding of the way progress is attained. This knowledge will serve you well. Guard it, use it, and pass it on with your best wishes as we now wish for each of you many happy anniversaries in your personal lives. H. B. Smith DR. ERWIN BRADLEY Dean of Men MISS FLORENCE DEWEY Dean of Women ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MR. MILTON TOWNSEND Public Relations Director MR. CLIFTON WILSON Business Manager FACULTY EDUCATION CHARLES W. SIMMS KATHLEEN MOORE MENDELL BEATTIE FRANCES PATRIDGE FINE ARTS KENNETH HUENINK FLORENCE DEWEY BARBARA McMURTRY MARY LOU PARKER FACULTY FINE ARTS KATHERINE VanDUSEN SUTPHEN LANGUAGES JAMES S. STECK SUSAN ARTHUR ALDIS B. EASTERLING IRENE WILLIAMS RELIGION— PHILOSOPHY HORACE R. WEAVER L. A. BENNETT SCIENCE— MATHEMATICS HARRY FORCE FACULTY SCIENCE- MATHEMATICS MELVILLE B. LAITE C. A. RUMBLE O. T. ZAJICEK SOCIAL SCIENCES—BUSINESS J. R. HENDERSON ERWIN BRADLEY DAVID WELLS ELSIE FORMAN RENA MILLIKEN ST A FF RAE BARRON WILLIAM E. BLACKBURN CAROLINE B. BOATMAN MARYLIN BURDETTE MABEL COTTRELL HARRY JUKES DOROTHY LUCAS CLETA MESSER STAFF ERNESTINE RICHARDSON WILMA TAYLOR RUTH TIMBERS MILTON TOWNSEND CLIFTON WILSON MYRTLE WILSON CLASSES (Left to Right): Dr. Cogan, Baxter Hamblin, Jack Bruner, Ruth Owen, Amerida DeCoursey. Senior Class icers President Jack Bruner Vice President Baxter Hamblin Secretary Ruth Owen Treasurer Amerida DeCoursey Social Life Committee Representative Mary Jean Roberts Sponsors Eric Cogan, Tom Zajicek .SENIORS Warren Anders Keavy, Kentucky B. S. in Education, January, 1954 Activities: Basketball, Baseball Profession sought. Teaching Jack Casteel Bruner London, Kentucky A. B., June, 1954 Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; Spanish Club; U Club; Base- ball; Basketball; Track; Co-captain, Basketball; Treasurer, Junior Class; President, Senior Class; Who ' s Who; Mr. Union Profession sought: Business Lexie Campbell Dayton, Ohio B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: U Club; Track; Dorm Council; Student Mana- ger, Basketball Profession sought. Teaching Harold Finley Cole Heidrick, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Basketball; Baseball; Track; President, Junior Class; President, U Club; President, F.T.A.; Co-captain, Basketball Profession sought. Coaching and Physical Education Director Albert Combs Glomawr, Kentucky B. S. in Education, January, 1954 Profession sought: Teaching and Coaching Roy Donald Combs Vicco, Kentucky B. S. in Education, January, 1954 Activities: International Relations Club; Veterans Club; Choir; Beta Phi Chi; President, International Relations Club; Vice Commander, Veterans Club Profession sought: Business Enterprise SENIORS. William H. Craig Grays, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Basketball, Baseball, U Club Profession sought: Teaching Amerida G. DeCoursey . . Wayland, Kentucky A. B., June, 1954 Activities: I.R.C.; Zeta Sigma Pi; U.C.C.A.; President, Oxford Club; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Treasurer, Senior Class; President, Vets Club Profession sought Ministry Betty Donath Brazil, Indiana A. B., June, 1954 Activities: F.T.A., W.A.A., Orange and Black, Stespean, Zeta Sigma Pi, U.C.C.A., Friendly League Profession sought: Statistician Cherry Edwards Coeburn, Virginia B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Choir, W.A.A., Playlikers, Orange and Black, U.C.C.A. Profession sought. Teaching James Glenn Eversole Austin, Indiana B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: International Relations Club, F. T. A., Beta Phi Chi, Orange and Black Profession sought: Law Malcom Harold Frasure . London, Kentucky A. B., June, 1954 Activities: Beta Phi Chi; Vice Commander, Veterans Club Profession sought: Commercial Chemistry Billy Floyd Freeman Williamsburg, Kentucky B. S. in Education, August, 1954 Activities: Veterans Club Profession sought Business Education Billie Anne Gabbard. . Louisville, Kentucky A. B., August, 1954 Activities: Homecoming Court; Secretary-Treasurer, Art Club; U.C.C.A.; F.T.A. Profession sought. Teaching Charles Gilley East Stone Gap, Virginia B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Sports Editor, Orange and Black; Editor, Orange and Black; President, Playlikers; Sports Editor, Stespean; International Relations Club; Alpha Psi Omega; President, F. T. A.; Beta Phi Chi; President ' s Council Profession sought: Teaching Jones Baxter Hamblin .... Krypton, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Vice President, Senior Class; Track; U Club; F.T.A.; I.R.C. Profession sought. Teaching David L. Hamilton North Andover, Massachusetts A. B., June, 1954 Activities: Baseball; Stespean; I.R.C.; Vice President, Playlikers; Creative Writing Priie; U Club; Chess Club; Zeta Sigma Pi Profession sought. Journalism Pat Hardison Louisville, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Secretary, Zeta Sigma Pi; Beta Chi Alpha; F.T.A.; I.R.C.; Choir; U.C.C.A.; Oxford Auxiliary Profession sought. Teaching .SENIORS SENIORS. Willard Harris Corbin, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Profession sought Teaching Dwight Martin Hendrix . . . Hyden, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Basketball; Baseball; Track; F.T.A.; Vice- President, U Club; Vice President, I.R.C.; Representative of the Athletic Committee Prajesswn sought. Coaching and Teaching Marjorie Jean Hubbard Barbourville, Kentucky B. S. in Education, July, 1954 Activities: Choir Profession sought: Teaching Rose Mary Randall Lewis Springfield, Ohio A. B., June, 1954 Activities: Stespean; President, Beta Chi Alpha; Vice President, U.C.C.A.; Vice President, Playlikers; Alpha Psi Omega; Zeta Sigma Pi; Debate Team; Who ' s Who; President ' s Council; Oxford Auxiliary; Co-Editor, " Gam- bit " ; Freshman Orientation Committee Profession sought: Teaching James E. Manicure Banner, Virginia B. S. in Education, January, 1954 Activities: Choir Profession sought. Business Enterprise Howard H. McKnight Evarts, Kentucky A. B„ June, 1954 Activities: Veterans Club; Treasurer, Freshman Class Treasurer, Beta Phi Chi; President, Sophomore Class President, Zeta Sigma Pi; President, Student Council Stespean; Who ' s Who Profession sought. Industrial Chemist Herbert C. McMurtry Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada A. B., August, 1954 Activities: President, Freshman Class; Vice President, Men ' s Dormitory Council; Variety Show; President ' s Council; President, Alpha Psi Omega; Zeta Sigma Pi; Oxford Club; Choir; Playlikers Club; U.C.CA. Profession sought Ministry Hazel Alley Moss Columbia, Kentucky B. S. in Education, July, 1954 Activities: Oxtord Auxiliary Profession sought. Teaching Patsy Ruth Nolan. . Cumberland, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: U.C.CA., F.T.A., Art Club, Who ' s Who Profession sought Teaching Ruth Newby Owen . Hodgenville, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Feature Editor, Associate Editor, Editor, Stes- pean; U.C.CA.; Oxford Club Auxiliary; Beta Chi Al- pha; Zeta Sigma Pi; Playlikers Club; Friendly League; FT. A.; W.A.A.; Women ' s Dormitory Council; Presi- dent ' s Council; President, Choir; Freshman Orientation Committee; Cavalcade of Hits and Variety Show; Who ' s Who; Secretary, Senior Class; National Methodist Scholar- ship; Representative to Basketball Court, 1954; President, Oxford Auxiliary Profession sought: Teaching Charles A. Pace Corbm, Kentucky A. B., August, 1954 Mallie Marie Parsons Barbourville, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Profession sought Teaching .SENIORS SENI Mary Jean Roberts Ashland, Kentucky A. B., June, 1954 Activities: Secretary, U.C.C.A.; President, Spanish Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; F.T.A.; Choir; Variety Show; Freshman Orientation Committee; W.A.A. Profession sought Teaching Arthur D. Robinson North Andover, Massachusetts B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: I.R.C., U.C.C.A., Men ' s Dormitory Council, Baseball, U Club, Beta Phi Chi, Choir, Orange and Black Profession sought Biological Research Betty Jo Robinson Keokee, Virginia B. S. in Education, July, 1954 Activities: U.C.C.A., W.A.A., F.T.A. Profession sought: Teaching Herbert H. Scalp, Jr Corbin, Kentucky B. S. in Education, July, 1954 Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi, Veterans ' Club Profession sought: Teaching Cothburn W. Simpson Russell Springs, Kentucky B. S. in Education, July, 1954 Profession sought Ministry Ike Slusher Middlesboro, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Profession sought: Teaching Russell Brian Smith . . . . Crestwood, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: Vice President, Freshman Class; Secretary- Treasurer, U Club; Secretary-Treasurer, Men ' s Dormitory Council; Basketball; Baseball; Track Profession sought Business or Teaching Carlos Stanley Rockholds, Kentucky B. S. in Education, July, 1954 Profession sought; Teaching George Ellis Valentine . . . Flat Lick, Kentucky B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Profession sought Teaching or Bookkeeping Golda Louise Winders. . Sheridan, Kentucky B. S. in Education. June, 1954 Activities: Pfeiffer Hall Council, Choir. Winter Carnival Attendant, Beta Chi Alpha, F.T.A., U.C.C.A., Oxford Auxiliary Profession sought Secretary or Teaching Roberta Rae Yeaton . . . Lynn, Massachusetts B. S. in Education, June, 1954 Activities: President, Women ' s Dormitory Council; Zeta Sigma Pi; Beta Chi Alpha; Choir; Representative, Moun- tain Laurel Festival; Attendant, Snow Queen; Basketball Queen; Spanish Club; Alpha Psi Omega; F.T.A.; Secre- tary, U.OC.A.; Playlikers Club; Freshman Orientation Committee; Who ' s Who; Miss Union - SENIORS SPECIAL STUDENTS. Bruce Edwards Robert Elder VONTRESS MOSS Dexter Turner William Wayne IAMOND JUBILEE (graduating Class As Fteshrnen . ♦ . After a bewildering week of registration our life at Union settled down to a normal pace We elected Bob Turner, Brian Smith, Jo Hopper and Allan Phillips as our class officers, and Mrs. Easterly as our sponsor .... Among the year ' s highlights was the Daniel Boone Festival. As Sophomores ., ., ., This year was marked by the fact that we now knew the ropes and were accepted with new respect — or so we believed Ted Wiseman, Jack Bruner, Don Wallace, and Lawrence Dye were chosen as class officers and Mr. Peters was sponsor We sponsored a very successful Sadie Hawkin ' s Day Party Several Sophomores participated in a Variety Show which presented many programs in the high schools of this area Bobbie Yeaton, one of our class, was elected basketball queen. As JuniOTS .. .- ., We assumed the responsibility for the Junior-Senior banquet and it is our contention that there has never been a better one A minstrel show was given which was highly successful Bobbie Yeaton was Union ' s representative to Mountain Laurel Festival Dr. Bleyl was chosen as our sponsor and Harold Cole, Earl V. Evans, Jo Hopper, and Jack Brunner were our officers. As Seniors « . ., Due to the draft, matrimony, and various other factors, only 17 of the original class of ' 54 are still on the campus Jack Bruner, Baxter Hamblin, Ruth Owen, and Amerida DeCoursey were elected as officers, and Dr. Cogan and Mr. Zajicek were our sponsors Jack Bruner and Bobbie Yeaton were selected as Mr. and Miss Union We sponsored the annual Halloween Party We feel honored to be the graduating class of Union ' s seventy-fifth year and it is with mingled sorrow and happiness that we leave our Alma Mater to go our separate ways. (Left to Right). W. C. Sergeant, Dwight Miller, Anna Lee Garland, Fred Marland, Professor Laite. unior Class£Ujjicers President Fred Marland Vice President W. C. Sergeant Secretary Anna Lee Garland Treasurer Dwight Miller Social Life Committee Representative Jo Hopper Sponsor Melville Laite Row 1 Row 2 Melvin Lynn Baker Henry Bunch Dorothy Brasher Joyce L. Canady Billie Bruner Donald Croley Junius Bryant Row 3 Rexford Fredericks Anna Lee Garland Betty Gilreath Shirley M. Hensley James Louis Davis JUNI JU Row I Row 2 Joan Hopper Donald Kinser Edith Mae Howard James E. Knifley Bobby Ray Jarvis Charles Lambert Lillian Johnson Gene Lawless Row 3 Thelma Lockhart Fred Marland Lucy Napier Middleton Dwight Miller NIORS Row 1 Row 2 Marie Mills David Otto Bob Mullins Barbara Partin James Napier Arvine Phelps Ioward Napier Row 3 Bonnie Samuels Sara Katherine Scent W. C. Sergeant Donald Sowders Marie Poe JUNIORS Row 1 Gerald Syme Don Treadway Ernest Trosper Mary Ruth Vermillion Row 2 Meredith Coy Waage James Ward Bill Watson Jean Fox Woods JUNI First Row (left to right): Gerald Swim, Jane Squires, Pat Henry. Second Rom; (left to right): Professor Henderson, Art Robins. icers President Gerald Swim Vice President Art Robins Secretary Jane Squires Treasurer Pat Henry Social Life Committee Representatives Gen Livesay, Rue Wesley Sponsor Joseph Henderson Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Charles Akers Ann Cawood Felici Felice Adrienne Allen Beverly Clark Angeline Fields Wanda Bays Eugene Combs Ed Fontaine Bill Brittain Walter Dick Rebecca Gabbard Ed Browning Carolyn Dushame Clyde Gibson Row 4 Row 5 Kay Giles Joyce Hamilton John Gregory Myrna Hampton Keitz Haburay Pat Henry Hugh E. Haggard Cora Hensley Doris Hale Walter Hensley SOPHOMORES Row 1 Beatrice Hibbard Frances Hignite Alva Howard Eugene Jones Thomas Jordan Row 2 Pauline Kelly Betty Krebs Glenn Lehew Genevive Livesay Betty Ruth McAllister Row 3 Jack McCreary Nellie Lois Martin Vernon Northfleet Martin Virginia Mills Wilma Lavern Morris Row 4 Roy E. Nelson Fred Parsons David Pasamonte Nancy Petterman Billie Jean Phillips Row 5 Arthur Robins William Russell Alan Rutherford Harold Showalter Barbara Siler SOPHOMORES Row 1 Shannon Sloan Amiel Solomon Jane Squires Ralph Stewart Frances Stockdale Row 2 Gerald Swim Cleve Thomas Dick Thomas Robin Tilton Jane Trosper Row 3 Allie Baker Turner Jessie Valentine Mary Lu VanSant James Walters Carl Wenderoth Row 4 Rue Wesley Ivan Woods William Wharton Bess Whitaker Barbara Wilder RowS Mary Nancy Wilder Lou Emma Wilson SOPHOMORES Standing: Doyle Swanner First Row (left to right): Bill Dew, Shan Wesley, Glen Sergeant Second Row (left to right): Darrell Fleming, Aline Swafford, Miss Patridge. Freshman Class icers President Doyle Swanner Vice President Bill Dew Secretary Aline Swafford Treasurer Glen Sergeant Social Life Committee Representatives, Shan Wesley, Darrell Fleming Sponsor Frances Partridge Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Joan Asher A lan Brown Marcus Charles Dolores Bain Jimmy W. Buchanan Donald Collett Ralph Baker Jimmy Burkhart Sarita Couk John W. Belyea Donald Ray Burton Ronald D. Culp David A. Bennett Jewell Dean Carnes Freddie Lou Daugherty James A. Bingham Joan Page Carty Thomas Eugene Davis Lattie Jane Bowling Joann Faye Chadwell William W. Dew Row 4 Row 5 Kathryn Dill Darrell Fleming Charles F. Doll James Florer Shirley Lee Eads J AMES B. FOUTCH Wilbert Earley Verlin Frost Morene Elliott Theodore E. Gibson Zena Ellis Joyce Girdner Helen Eubanks Wayne Grace FRESHMEN Row 1 Joe Gregory Bula Grider Lester Hacker Levi Hacker Myrtle Lee Hamilton Willard Hammons Sara Ann Harkness Row 2 Floyd Hensley Alton Ray Hicks Jerry Hollifield James Howard Glenna Ison Sherrard Anne Jacobs Nola Mae Jeffers Row 3 Harold Kennedy Ray Keyes Algie Wayne Kinneer In Soo La Herbert Lefevers Nancy Ann Lewis William L. Livingston Row 4 Frank Lotz Dick McCarthy Tom McCarthy Frances McDonald J. A. Madden Charles Mansfield George Marcum Row 5 Marlene Maynard Eugene Mays Ray Messer Dora Dean Miller Ora Jean Miller Julian Mitchell William Moody FRESHMEN Row 1 Bonnye Moore Jean Morgan Margaret Morris Winford Morris Clive Moss Diane Murley Raymond Musick Row 2 Eva Kathleen Ore Irene Owens Ervin Pack James Patton Lela Pigman Coey Donald Prichard Jane Reynolds Row 3 Betty Lou Rhodes Herby Joe Roark Dorthy Mae Robbins Bob Salmon Marjorie Salmon Curtis Sams Lillian Sams Row 4 Andrew Senters Estelene Senters Birg Sergent Glen J. Sergeant Betty Jo Shaw Elizabeth Skidmore Arthur Slusher Row 5 Bobbye Jean Slusher James Smith Leon Smith Junior Ray Spivey Mary Stamper Julia Stapleton Inez Stratton FRESHMEN Row 1 Alvin Strom Dan Sullivan Wanda Sumners Carla Sutton Aline Swafford Doyle Swanner Dorothy Sword Row 2 Betty Jean Taylor Jane Treadway Bill Eugene Turner Dale Valentine Ellen Vermillion Martha Ann Wakefield Jean Walters Row 3 Joyce Walker Glenn Richard Ward Bobbie Weaver Elizabeth Ann Wesley Carl Wilder Colleen Wilder Rod Wilson FRESHMEN . 7B ■ ■ ■ 1 ■ ' ■ | First row (Je t to right): Louise Wright, Maxine Couch, Norma Sue Jones, Carolyn M. Goodin, Mary Lois Asher, Ida Lee Townsley, Pat Gibson, Bobbie Mills. Second row (left to right) : Roy Green, Gene Sanslow, Joe Johnson, James Stewart, Cleaver Bill Jones, Wayne Lambert, Edward Balboni, Joseph Boswell, Denvil Moore, Vontress Moss, J. D. Mays. Third row (left to right): Walter Tompkins, Earnie Prewitt, Ellis Earl Duke, Len- ville Cain, James Scott, Renfro Manning, Carl Mays. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS RQANIZATIONS Left to right: Charles Gilley, Frances Hignite, Art Robins, Miss Parker, Harold Showalter, Rose Mary Lewis, Herb McMurtry. OFFICERS President Herbert McMurtry Vice President Rose Mary Lewis Secretary-Treasurer Roberta Yeaton Sponsor Mary Lou Parker Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatics fraternity. Students are elected to membership from those who actively participate in dramatic functions. Seated: Rose Mary Lewis, Marie Poe. Left to right: Pauline Kelly, Bess Whitaker, Kay Giles, Bobbie Yeaton, Lynn Waage, Betty McAllister, Mary Jean Roberts, Mrs. Blackburn, Golda Winders, Adrienne Allen, Mary Lu VanSant, Robin Tilton, Jo Hopper, Myrna Hampton, Jane Squires, Ruth Owen, Jean Woods. OFFICERS President Rose Mary Lewis Vice President Marie Poe Secretary Myrna Hampton Treasurer Betty McAllister Reporter Adrienne Allen Sponsor Jeanne Blackburn The B.V.A. is a sorority designed to develop the social graces and to promote social activities on the campus. An initiation is held once a year for new members. OFFICERS President Ruth Owen Secretary Alan Rutherford Tour Manager Herbert McMurtry Sponsor Kenneth Huenink One of the most outstanding clubs on campus, the choir is a favorite among the students. Under the capable direction of Professor Kenneth Huenink, the choir each year goes on tour through various parts of the country. This year they will sing to Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New York audiences and then go to New England for several appearances there. First row (left to right): Mrs. Barbara McMurtry, Gen Livesay, Julia Stapleton, Shan Wesley, Kay Giles, Mary Nancy Wilder, Ruth Owen, Ann Cawood, Billie Bruner, Bonnie Moore, Diane Murley, Marge Salmon, Professor Huenink. Second row (left to right): Bonnie Samuels, Nancy Petterman, Marie Poe, Betty K rebs, Inez Stratton, Jane Squires, Jo Hopper, Barbara Siler, Robin Tilton, Helen Eubanks, Shirley Hensley, Betty Rhodes. Third row (left to right): Keitz Haburay, Alan Rutherford, Herb McMur- try, Rue Wesley, Bill Wharton, Bud Haggard, James Florer, Dick Thomas. Fourth row (left to right): Walter Hensley, Frank Lotz, Amerida DeCoursey, Charles Mansfield, Tom McCarthy, Alan Brown, Art Robins, Harold Showalter. :«■ ■ ■»:«■ : ■► «■ ■•:«■ :•■•:•■ ■•:«■ Am WOMEN ' S COUNCIL OFFICERS President Roberta Yeaton Vice President Meredith Waage Secretary Bula Grider Treasurer Pauline Kelly Dean of Women Florence Dewey MEN ' S COUNCIL OFFICERS President Ivan Woods Vice President Dwight Hendrix Secretary-Treasurer Brian Smith Dean of Men Erwin Bradley Seated (left to right): Pauline Kelly, Dean Dewey, Bobbie Yeaton, Lynn Waage, Bula Grider, Frances Stockdale. Standing (left to right): Dean Bradley, Bob Elder, Amerida DeCoursey, Dwight Hendrix, Dick Thomas, Brian Smith, Lexie Campbell, Frank Lotz, Art Robins. mm 6 y Seated (left to right): Jane Squires, Billie Bruner, Pauline Kelley, Frances Stockdale, Ann Cawood, Ruth Owen. Standing (left to right): Harold Showalter, Rue Wesley, Mary Nancy Wilder, Kay Giles, Earnest Trosper. Gen Livesay, Bill Wharton, Amerida DeCoursey, Professor Henderson, Art Robins, W. C. Sergeant. FRESHMAN ORIENTATION COMMITTEE The Freshman Orientation Committee is composed of upperclassmen who endeavor to help the newcomers become accustomed to life at Union. We would like to compliment the Freshmen on their cooperation in working with the committee and on their splendid school spirit which has been much in evidence throughout the year. 1 « i fl l 1 ? £f4l T ■ V I . Mf- ■ i f Jf Seated ( eft to right): Miss Moore, Zena Ellis, Jo Hopper, Kay Giles, Joyce Hamilton, Golda Winders, Betty Jo Robinson, Mary Vermillion, Dolores Bain, Betty Donath, Frances Hignite, Ruth Owen. Stand- ing (left to right): Dr. Simms, Jim Eversole, Dwight Hendrix, Arvin Phelps, Junius Bryant, Vontress Moss, James Knifely, W. C. Sergeant, Harold Cole, Bill Brittain, Dick McCarthy, Tommy Jordan, Wayne Kinneer, Ray Messer. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President Harold Cole Vice President W. C. Sergeant Secretary Joan Hopper Treasurer Kay Giles Librarian Joyce Hamilton Reporter Betty Donath Co-Sponsors Kathleen Moore, Charles W. Simms F.T.A., under the sponsorship of Dr. Simms and Miss Moore, is open to all students who plan to enter the teaching field upon graduation. It is affiliated with both the Kentucky Education Association and the National Education Association. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS President Don Combs Vice President Dwight Hendrix Secretary-Treasurer Mary Nancy Wilder Reporter Pat Henry Sponsor Erwin Bradley One of the more popular clubs on the campus, this organization under the dual sponsor- ship of Dr. Erwin Bradley and Mr. David Wells, is designed to foster and pursue among the students an interest in the relations between nations and to discuss various problems and events which are currently vital to the welfare of the world. Seated (left to right): Faye Chadwell, Lattie Bowling, Lou Emma Wilson, Bess Whitaker, Pat Henry, Mary Nancy Wilder, Carolyn Dushame, Joyce Hamilton, Lela Pigman, Betty Krebs. Standing (left to right): Bonnie Samuels, Amerida DeCoursey, Harold Kennedy, Bob Mullins, Bill Brittain, Dr. Bradley, Dwight Hendrix, Jim Eversole, Junious Bryant, W. C. Sergeant, Ed Fontaine, Charles Gilley, Clive Moss, Jerry Hollifield, David Hamilton. TA S Iota Sigma Nu is a honorary scholastic fraternity intended to promote high standards o scholarship. Membership is open to those who meet certain scholastic requirements. Seated (left to right): Mrs. Stacey Hammons, Mrs. Caroline Boatman, Miss Kathleen Moore, Miss Gayle Miles, Mrs. Amanda Mitchell. Standing (left to right): James Sears, Mrs. Vivian Bradley Bob Elder. s • ■! 1 : - »ar,ii j ' ! I, Pianist: Mrs. Horace Weaver. First row {left to right): Bill Dew, Harold Kennedy, Brian Smith, Rod- ney Wilson, Dick Thomas, Dave Hamilton, Dr. Weaver. Second row (left to right): Gerald Swim, Bill Wayne, Bob Elder, Ervin Pack, Keitz Haburay, John Belyea. Third row (left to right): Glen Sergeant, Bob Mullins, Dwight Hendrix, James Manicure, Alvin Strom. Fourth row (left to right): Arvin Phelps, Alan Brown, Frank Lotz, Amiel Solomon, Bud Haggard, Fred Marland, Ed Fontaine, Tom McCarthy. Fifth row (left to right): Walter Hensley, Charles Gilley, Rue Wesley, Lexie Campbell. MEN ' S QLEE CLUB The Men ' s Glee Club, organized this year under the sponsorship of Dr. Horace Weaver, is designed primarily as a recreational group and is open to all the male students of Union College. Although not a part of its basic function, this club, upon popular demand, has sung at various functions both on and off campus. Seated at Piano: Ruth Owen. First row (left to right): Amerida DeCoursey, Betty Krebs, Dick Thomas, Walter Hensley, Frances Stockdale, David Pasamonte, [Nancy Petterman, Julia Stapleton, Bula Grider, Diane Murley, Pat Hardison, Bonnie Thomas. Second row (left to right): Dr. Weaver, Mary Lu VanSant, Adrienne Allen, Robin Tilton, Mary Nancy Wilder, Alan Brown, Mrs. William Moody, Inez Stratton, Bill Watson, Marie Poe, Rue Wesley, Charles Mansfield, James Smith, Art Robins, Keitz Haburay. Third row (left to right): Frank Lotz, Bud Haggard, Harold Showalter, Herb McMurtry, Hazel Moss, Vontress Moss, Dale Valentine, William Moody. OXFORD CLUB OFFICERS President Amerida DeCoursey Vice President William Watson Secretary James W. Smith Treasurer Alan Brown Sponsor Horace Weaver OXFORD CLUB AUXILIARY OFFICERS President Mary Nancy Wilder Vice President Julia Stapleton Secretary-Treasurer Betty Krebs Sponsor Betty Townsend This group is composed of all pre-ministerial students and those who plan to go into full-time Christian service. Under the sponsorship of Dr. Horace Weaver, head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy, the organisation, in addition to acting as a nucleus for the religious life of the campus, is also interested in worthy causes off campus and it dispatches pre-ministerial students to rural churches to serve as part-time pastors. 1879 Diamond Jubilee (Prangs and Hark y Vol. XXIX, No. 3 UNION COLLEGE, BARBOl ' RVILLE, KY. December, 1953 Kreuger Myth Basis For Playlikers Production I FROM THE OFFICE OF THE DEAN Students Elect Two Seniors " ImlFor Mr. and Miss Union " Night of Jan. 16th " Title of New Play Foreign Language Students Visit Vanderbilt Mansion A group of sixteen students trisited t h e Biltmore House ba Ashville, North Carolina, on No- vember 20. The house was built between 1890 and 1895 by the late G org W Vanderbilt The Richard Hunt. The its ■ ' •■■■ ' ■ itectune is French ■ Tha hous frontage or 1 tnge and Black e ' jjfi - theii thanks and apprea I to Miss Ruth Owen for. " - help and cooperation. Rutl J the Editor of the Stespean i ,i this year. We are sure she will do h tine job, so let ' s all pitcr m and do our part, the mountain section of North Carolina were given employment during the period of construc- tion. ' An estate of 12,000 acres sur- rounds the house and is supposed to be the finest example of land- Jan, axillary he Night of " January W ..—6:45, F.T.A. 7.00, Camera Club 20-4:00, W.AJL 21—7:00, U.C.C.A. 22—7:30. Freshmen Class Talent Show 23— Tuseulum, here Sadie Hawkins Day Great Success FORMER UNION STUDENT IN KOREA Pvfc Ernest A. Slusher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slusher, Beverly, recently joined the 45th Infantry Division in Korea. At five to mobile? boys fed ■, ' .-■ proximal p.m. a caravan of au- hauied tine protestiVe ;he Legion Field. The to a hafl! at ap- a n d doors :md men lay trampled as the male population of Union College made a mad dash in all directions. Girls, attired in blue jeans and track shoes, blocked interview a few before they led their trembling catch to Marryin ' Sam. One described her part, " Four of my friends took turns chasing him until he panicked and fell on the ground; then all I had to do was walk over and pick him up and carry him away. " Another had this to say about her victory, " He locked himself in the car, so I just hid and waited until he got hungry aild bad to come out; then 1 THE ORANQE AND BLACK STAFF Editor-in-Chief ■ • ■ -Dwight Miller Associate Editor • • ■ Walter Hensley Ma e-Up Editor J IMMY Wade Buchanan Sports Editor Charles Gilley Society Editor ■ • ■ Carolyn Dushame Feature Editor Barbara Siler Cartoonist Harold Showalter Business and Advertising • • • Carla Sutton Faculty Sponsor ■ Milton Townsend Reporters Lynn Waage, Amerida DeCoursey, Sarita Couk, Margaret Morris, Dorothy Brasher, Wanda Sumners, Billy Russell, Art Robins, Mary Jean Roberts, Anna Lee Garland, Joyce Hamilton, Rue Wesley, Betty Donath, Inez Stratton Seated (left to right): Barbara Siler, Carolyn Dushame, Joyce Hamilton, Inez Stratton, Wanda Sum- ners. Standing (left to right) ; Amerida DeCoursey, Anna Lee Garland, Lynn Waage, Sarita Couk, Art Robins, Harold Showalter. H E T Ruth Owen Editor E The Stespean Staff has at- tempted to capture the out- standing events of the year within the pages of this book. We hope that this " Diamond Jubilee " edition will bring many pleasant memories of a year at Union. We wish to thank all who have been instrumental in the publication of the Stespean. Especially do we thank Mr. Zajicek for his help with the photography and our sponsor, Miss Milliken, for her splen- did cooperation. We hope you enjoy your Stespean now and in the years to come. The Staff Bob Mullins, Ruth Owen, Jean Woods, Miss Milliken (Left to right): Charles Gilley, Rue Wesley, Rose Mary Lewis, Herb McMurtry, Betty Donath, Ruth Owen, Jean Woods, Miss Milliken, Bill Brittain, Patricia Henry, Bob Mullins, Art Robins, David Hamil- ton. The Stespean Staff Editor-in-Chief RuTH ° WEN Associate Editor J EAN Woods Business Manager BoB Mullins Feature Editor Art Robins Literary Editor David Hamilton Sports Editor Charles Gilley Circulation Manager " AT Henry Advertising Managers Herbert McMurtry, Rue Wesley, Helen Eubanks Secretaries Rose Mary Lewis, Bill Brittain, Betty Donath Adviser Rena Milliken OFFICERS President Harold Showalter Vice President Rose Mary Lewis Secretary Frances Hignite Treasurer Art Robins Sponsor Mary Lou Parker Under the direction of Miss Parker, this club is responsible for most of the dramatic events which occur on campus and is open to all students who are interested in any phase of the stage. First row (left to right): Lillian Sams, Pat Henry, Lee Eads, Frances Hignite, Rose Mary Lewis, Harold Showalter, Art Robins, Jean Miller, Kathy Dill, Bula Grider. Second row (left to right): Ruth Owen, Dorothy Brasher, Bonnie Samuels, Miss Parker, Dean Miller, Robin Tilton, Diane Murley, Frances Stockdale. Third row (left to right): Herb McMurtry, Frank Lotz, J. G. Gregory, Amerida DeCoursey, Bill Wharton, Charles Gilley, Ed Fontaine, Alan Brown, Ann Cawood, Betty Krebs, Bobbie Weaver. MY Jf9 OFFICERS President Harold Cole Vice President Dwight Hendrix] Secretary-Treasurer Brian Smith Sponsor Mendell Beattie] One of the select organizations on campus, this club is open only to those male students who have won the coveted varsity " U " in any of the varsity sports. First row (left to right) : Carl Wenderoth, W. C. Sergeant, Ed Fontaine, Lexie Campbell, Brian Smith Gerald Swim, Ernest Trosper, Baxter Hamblin, Keitz Haburay. Second row (left to right): Harold Cole, Lefty Solomon, Jack Bruner, Will Craig, Shannon Sloan, Fred Marland, Dwight Hendrix, Fred Par- sons, Gene Combs. OFFICERS President Rue Wesley Vice President Walter Hensley Sp Secretary-Treasurer Mary Jean Roberts Mk Sponsor L. A. Bennett ■■» Class Representatives: Freshman James Smith Julia Stapleton Sophomore Pat Henry David Pasamonte Junior Lynn Waage Bill Watson Senior Amerida DeCoursey Bobbie Yeaton UNION COLLEQE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION U.C.C.A. is open to all students on campus who are interested enough to attend its weekly meetings. Its purpose is to promote a spirit of Christian comradeship among the students and the well-planned weekly programs are always a campus highlight. This year the U.C.C.A., through the Christian Children ' s Fund, had " adopted " two Korean orphans. t |H| vMVHi ' wm-. ' wm B B ■ ■ BOB B B- BvB ■ ■ BOB BOB I First row (left to right): Don Croley, Willard Harris, Art Robins, Amerida DeCoursey, Malcom Fra ' sure, Vernon Martin, James Anders. Second row (left to right): Henry Bunch, Dr. Weaver, Professor Huenink, Professor Henderson, Roy Green. Third row (left to right): Alvin Strom, Warren Anders, Bill Freeman, Charles Lambert, James Napier, Howard Napier, Charles Mansfield, David Bingham. Fourth row (left to right): Ivan Woods, Junious Bryant, J. G. Gregory, Bill Wayne, Howard McKnight, Gerald Syme, Wilbert Earley, Wayne Kinneer, Eugene Davis. OFFICERS Commander Art Robins Vice Commander Malcolm Frasure Adjutant Ivan Woods Sergeant at Arms John Gregory Chaplain Amerida DeCoursey This club, composed of both students and faculty, is sponsored to provide contact between the veterans on campus and also to offer mutual assistance on any problem that a Vet might have. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Joan Hopper Vice Presiaa.t Sarita Couk Secretary Jane Reynolds Treasurer Ann Cawood Social Committee Representations Betty McAllister, Dot Brasher Reporter Lou Emma Wilson Sponsor Frances Patridge This club is kin to the " LP 1 Club and is open to all female students who are interested in participating m an intra-mural program. First row {left to right): Dot Brasher, Betty Donath, Kay Giles, Helen Eubanks, Carolyn Dushame, JoyceJHamilton, Barbara Siler, Adrienne Allen, Mayr Lu VanSant, Liz Skidmore, Joyce Walker, Inez Stratton, Joan Hopper. Second row (left to right): Aline Swafford, Jane Reynolds, Kathy Dill, Julia Stapleton, Wanda Sumners, Marge Salmon, Bobbie Weaver, Jean Morgan, Pauline Kelly, Frances Stockdale, Lattie Jane Bowling, Zena Ellis, Miss Patridge. Third row (left to right): Shan Wesley, Lee Eads, Billie Bruner, Sarita Couk, Ann Cawood, Gen Livesay, Mary Nancy Wilder, Betty Jo Shaw, Bess Whitaker, Lou Emma Wilson, Pat Henry, Lynn Waage. ' • - — — " — • ZETA S1QMA PI OFFICERS President Howard McKnight Vice President Roberta Yeaton Secretary Pat Hardison Treasurer W. C. Sergeant Sponsor Joseph Henderson The Omicron Chapter of Zeta Sigma Pi is a chapter of a nationally renowned scholastic fraternity. Membership is by invitation to those in the Department of Political and Social Sciences and is based on scholarship, service, leadership and character. This year the fraternity sponsored the book drive for Rosenwald School and presented medals to the outstanding Seniors at Rosenwald. Seated (left to right): David Hamilton, Mary Jean Roberts, W. C. Sergeant, Howard McKnight, Bobbie Yeaton, Betty Donath, Rose Mary Lewis, Jack Bruner, Miss Milliken, Mrs. Easterling. Standing (left to right): W. W. Scalf, Jr., Professor Henderson. Bob Mullins, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Henderson, Professor Easterling, Dr. Bradley, Bob Elder, Jean Woods, Ruth Owen. FEATURES M U N I N ROBERTA YEATON JACK BRUNER M R N I N PAT HENRY K A L L U E E N DIANE MURLEY Freshman Representative BONNYE MOORE Sophomore Representative BILLIE BRUNER Junior Representative RUTH OWEN Senior Representative AND COURT FESTIVAL ATTENDANTS Adrienne Allen Lillian Sams Barbara Siler Bobbie Weaver FESTIVAL UEEN FRANCES HIGNITE W a 4 0 AMONQ STUDENTS II The names of the persons pk ' tured here will appear in the 1953 ' 54 edition of Who 1 Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Selection is made by a faculty and student committee and is based on scholar- ship and general activity. JACK BRUNER iP? i ! , F f Hk | H — TmiM M I M i Bu J ?t 2 Wk S| vf ' ■; m m ™ " Howard Mcknight PATSY NOLAN AMERICAN COLLEQES AND UNIVERSITIES AMERIDA DeCOURSEY ROSE MARY LEWIS BOBBIE YEATON RUTH OWEN JOAN HOPPER UEEN OF HEARTS SPORTS (Left to right): Carolyn Dushame, Wanda Sumners, Lillian Sams, Jane Reynolds, Marge Salmon, J Hamilton. oyce CHEERLEADERS Good cheerleaders are always a boost to any basketball team. Our six girls have done a wonderful job this year. (Left to right): Manager Lexie Campbell, Bill Dew, Gerald Swim, Dan Sullivan, Darrell Fleming, Will Craig, Harold Cole, Shannon Sloan, Eddie Mobley, Amiel Solomon, Ernest Trosper, Jack Bruner, Dave Otto, Glenn Lehew, Carl Wenderoth, W. C. Sergeant, Coach Mendell Beattie. ASKETB ALL The record of the Union Bulldogs is not as good this season as it has been in recent years since they played in " spurts. 11 While in some games they showed the ability we know they possess, in others, both their offense and defense were not up to par. But it can be truthfully sai d that the quality of the material was not lacking in any way. The Bulldogs scored a total of 1926 points for the season, giving them an average of 80.25 points per game. SCHEDULE Union 59 Morehead 89 Union 120 Johnson Bible. .63 Union 59 Cincinnati U 98 Union 51 Xavier U 77 Union 91 Bellarmme 92 Union 75 Berea 93 Union 106 L. M. U 86 Union 86 Transylvania . . . .75 Union 75 Union 70 Union 83 Union 77 Union 68 Union 81 Union 90 Union 82 Ky. Wesleyan ... 72 L. M. U 87 Georgetown 75 Morehead 83 Centre 70 Tusculum 108 Emory ii Henry . . 94 Transylvania .... 83 Union 58 Berea 83 Union 90 Carson-Newman 68 Union 90 Tusculum 85 Union 91 Emory fe? Henry . . 98 Union 97 Centre 79 Union 75 Bellarmme 80 Union 74 Carson-Newman 70 Union 78 Georgetown 69 In the KIAC tournament Union won over Berea to go into the semi-finals in which they were defeated by Kentucky Wesleyan. Leading the way for the Bulldog scorers was Ernest Trosper whose slightly better than 21 points per game average gained him a spot in the top five college scorers in the state. The Union Bulldogs lose the services of four men through the medium of graduation this season. They are Harold Cole, Jack Bruner, Eddie Mobley and Will Craig. Eddie Mobley is a transfer from Morehead College where he was one of the outstanding pivot men in his conference. While he has played little tor the Bulldogs this season, he has exhibited flashes of the brilliance that made him a star at Morehead. The Bulldogs will lose an able player in Mobley. Will Craig played his first season on the varsity team this year. Will is a quietly effective rebounder, who Harold Cole W. C. Sergeant Ernest Trosper Glen Lehew Will Craig THE U LL Gerald Swim Jack Bruner handles his assignments calmly and managed to do his share for the Bulldogs this season. Jack Bruner, co-captain of this season ' s Bulldogs, has been a key player for Union for four years. He is one of the team ' s best defensive men, and he manages to make up for any lack in his offensive play with his sparkling defensive play- Harold Cole, the other co-captain, has been a mainstay of the Bulldogs for four seasons. Harold is always among the leading scorers of the conference and has a nack of holding his opponents 1 scores down. He has been selected on both the all-KIAC and all-SMAC teams several times and can always be counted on to deliver when the Bulldogs are in a tight spot. However, returning from this year ' s squad will be Sloan, Trosper, Sergeant, Otto, Soloman, Swim, Lehew and others who will form the basis of another fine Bulldog team next year. Dan Sullivan Ed Mob ley Shannon Sloan Dave Otto Darrell Fleming Carl Wenderoth Bill Dew Lefty Solomon First row (left to right): James Florer, Tom McCarthy, Glen Sergeant, Don Burton, Fred Parsons, Ronnie Culp, Ervin Pack. Second row (left to right): Assistant Coach Buck Hendrickson, James Foutch, Charles Doll, Shirley Goodin, Jimmy Burkhart, Doyle Swanner, Coach Mendell Beattie. FRES TEA The Union College freshman team, often fondly referred to as the Puppies, turned in the second complete season since their reorganization last year. They played excellent ball against a tough schedule of high schools, junior colleges and some fine independent teams of the area. Starring for the Puppies this season were such players as Jim Foutch, Freddy Parsons, Joe Gregory, Doyle Swanner, Jim Walters and Gene Combs. These boys and others formed the basis of the freshman team which took the floor for Union College this season. SPR1N Q SPORTS Spring sports at Union consist of track and baseball inter-collegiately, with tennis being a campus favorite. The ' 53 track team did not accomplish much in the way of team victories. However, individual stars sprang forth to pace them. Gerald Swim was the consistent performer of the track team, gaming most of the team points m each meet with his skill. The ' 53 baseball squad also had its difficulties in the winning department. The mam accomplishment of the baseball team was the breaking of the LMU jinx which had plagued the Bulldogs for a number of years. ACTIVITIES EC FRESHM A CHAPEL P PEN HOUSE S ' OPE O US E vNt ,«£ DANIEL BOO HE FESTIVAL BXA SQUARE DANCE " THE NJQHT OF JANUARY 16i » " SPRINQZAPOPPIN j The Printing of your . . SCHOOL PUBLICATION deserves the Finest Workmanship Compliments of DR. J. E. FAULKNER BISSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Harlan and Corbin, Kentucky HERFF JONES CO. Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Jewelry, Graduation Announcements, Medals, Cups and Trophies Jewelers to Union College Ind anapolis Indiana Compliments of HALE BROTHERS WHOLESALE GROCERIES Morristown Tennessee Compliments of COMMONWEALTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY District Office PINEVILLE, KENTUCKY Agents in Borbourville, Kentucky H. M. FAULKNER A. B. SCENT Compliments of CRAFT-BRUNER INSURANCE REAL ESTATE We insure anything insurable anywhere Phone 444 Poynter Building London, Kentucky TOM EASTERLY PONTIAC SALES SALES AND SERVICE New Used Cars Complete Repairs Work Phones 3311-2201 Williamsburg, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF SANDERS COURT Corbin, Ky. See OLDFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY For All Types of Insurance Insure with This Agency and Be Safe Eva Oldfield Wilson and W. M. Wilson, Agents Phone 236 212 Knox St. Borbourville, Ky. Compliments of THE BANK OF HARLAN Harlan Kentucky HARLAN JEWELRY HARDWARE CO. Bulo va, Elgin ar d Hamilton Watches, International Sterling Silver, 1847 Roger Bros. and Many Other Items Harlan Kentucky mppS GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS Harlan Kentucky Compliments of KENTUCKY MINE SUPPLY CO. Incorporated Harlan Kentucky MODERN BAKERY Bakers of MEL-O-TOAST BREAD Harlan, Ky. Compliments of MIDDLESBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS (Incorporated) Middlesboro, Kentucky TERRELL -REASOR " Corb n ' s Most Modern Men ' s Sfore " 200 N. Main St. Phone 1264 Corbin, Kentucky • HOLBERT ' S MEN ' S SHOP Ha rt-Shaffner Marx Nunn Bush Shoes Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts Suits Main Street Corbin, Ky. Compliments of CORBIN TIMES TRIBUNE RADIO STATION WCTT Corbin, Ky. Compliments of CATRON MOTOR CO. Vour Friendly Ford Dealer Corbin, Ky. LUNCH QUEEN HUNGRY HOUND DRIVE IN FINE FOODS Mrs. Ben Eubanks, Prop. Trailways Agent Corbin, Kentucky COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK CORBIN, KENTUCKY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. SHOP AT • T Y E ' S • Phone 101 Barbourville, Ky. Compliments of FRANK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Quality Merchandise at Lower Prices Barbourville, Ky. THE RAPP LUMBER CO., INC. G. E. APPLIANCES SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT Phone 220 Barbourville, Ky. THE BARBOURVILLE ADVOCATE Office Supplies — Job Printing Typewriters — Cards Stationary ROBERT W. DOORES, Editor Barbourville, Ky. The Photos in this Book by ENGLE ' S STUDIO Court Square Barbourville Kentucky Compliments of GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Barbourville Kentucky CORA ' S DEPARTMENT STORE READ Y-TO- WEAR Gifts for Everyone Telephone 78 Barbourville, Ky. KNOX MOTOR CO. • Oldsmobile and Cadillac Sales and Service • Barbourville, Ky. SMITH -MEYERS MOTOR CO. Ky. 8L CK SALES AND SERVICE Phone 358 Barbourville, UNION NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Reserve Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Complete Banking Service Lock Boxes We Maintain a Savings Department DR. B. P. JONES President MR. J. M. WILSON Vice-PresHent MATTHEW McKEEHAN Cashier MARGARET RILEY Assistant Cashier Barbourville Kentucky BARBOURVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY Mitchell Theatre Building Barbourville, Kentucky Roy L. Faulkner, Grace M. Faulkner and Charles W. Buchanan, Agents Completely equipped to write and service all lines of fire, casualty, and marine insurance for homes, businesses, auto- mobiles, and other property. MITCHELL MAGIC THEATRES AND FAULKNER HOTEL Make These Your Home While Away From Home Barbourville, Ky. ALU 6 ' UNION COLLEGE BARBOURViLLE, ICY. ALUMNI OFFICE UNION COLLEGE BARE " ' " ' .E, KY. Weeks-Tawr. lth ; ' mm z Ubrcnr Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 lliill « iwliHIi i IIH if illiilil w( ■■■■■ ' " ■ ' ■■ " ' ■■ iMmH ' l -MmmMlm$m illll i .» u ■ It w[ ' hl Illll ( 1 ' he: ! , ' J I ' !■ ' ' ( i ! ' ' ' ' J ! ' ' ' ' ! ' ■■ ' IS ' ■ ' ■ " Wi tl. !

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