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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102190 6 % p B ■{ . , ijai i - Abigail E Wttks Mrmnrial Kibrarg Union (Enlkg? teAp MV Published by the Students of Union College ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE. KENTUCKY ALMA MATER Union College ±t s Words and arrangement by Abigail E Weeks , — I b 1 1 1 5- f Girt with ma - nj a grand old moan-tain Stands our Col - lege dear, ( Un - ion Col - lege, Al - ma Ma - ter. We would praise thee, too, all les - sons Praise in ev - er thine: we go to meet life ' s con - flict, We shall vie - tors be, „ ( For the great - est of - t As -4 1 U f r ztz m r tt .- I While the dim - ber-land sings ev - er Praise for her to hear. 1 For the strength of pre - cepts taught us; We ' ll to them be true, j Faith in God and in our broth- er. Ser - vice, too, snb-lime. 1 If we ' re loy - al to the pre-cepts Taught so well by thee. J m m «±: Off Chords. » m m TJn-ion Col-lege, dear old Un-ion! Un - ion strong and free! :t 3E -v -t -Sn- _t 3 " T h v tz t= H 3B 1 II Loy - al sons and daught-ers ev - er We will live for thee. ®|SE it : = rtK-li- P I) K K U II K II The theme of the 1953 Stespean is the Union College Alma Mater. Throughout this year-book, you will find excerpts from your Alma Mater. We would ask you to remember, not only for this year, but for the many years to come, the many things for which our school song stands. It will represent for you not only the campus and build- ings that are Union College, but the ideals and knowledge you gained — the friend- ships and laughter you shared — the new ideas you discovered and the old concepts that you either discarded or came to hold more dear — the moments of inspiration and some of the happiest times you knew. Remember 1952-1953! Remember Union! DEDICATION We, the Stespean Staff, dedicate the 1953 Stespean to the Seniors of Union College. It is not to the Class of 1953 alone that we dedicate this book, but to each graduate of the past and to each future graduate who will receive his diploma and who will carry with him throughout his life many memories of Union College. Each page of the 1953 Stespean is dedicated to you, Seniors of Union College. fyi%t cvit movttf z Standi owi ' Ptatee fan gnattct old m M tt l L, coMeye dean, toad M ?f4s ev i, fat fo eai. [STRAR ■- t € foenyt6 a£ frtecefrfo fauy t u . . . ADMINISTRATION ,0 PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE STESPEAN The work of the Stespean staff is one of the most significant activities at Union College. Year after year the Stespean brings a fresh new message in art, in photographs and in message. The result is the binding of the student body closer together and the publicity of the College in its public relations. In fact, the Stespean is a diary of the life and on- going of Union College for the college year. It becomes, therefore, for all students, faculty, alumni and possessing friends, a memoir of college days. This is written, of course, before the current year ' s issue of the Stespean comes from the press. Judging from the high quality of the student members and visible signs and their industry and loyalty to respon- sibility in producing this issue, it is my anticipation that when any of us pick up the new edition and leaf through it in our first introduction, we will heartily say " Well done Stespean staff and thank you, very, very much. " The makers of the Stespean should thrill with the high sense of satisfaction in their work through the knowledge that they are doing some- thing abundantly worthwhile for themselves, their fellow students and for Union College. It is a personal pleasure to write these few words of appreciation and anticipation concerning the 1952-53 Stespean. C. BOATMAN, President DR. H. B. SMITH, Dean Loyalty to high ideals and to sound principles consistently prevails among those who possess integrity and are motivated by a lofty purpose. I commend to you an un- failing devotion to your Alma Mater and to the precepts for which it stands. Among the rewards for such a devotion you will find sustaining strength and increased happiness. Beware of expediency as a basis of operation in any area of life. An act of expe- diency violates a timeless principle and can lead only toward misunderstanding, un- happiness, and eventual defeat. I beg of you to consistently report by both word and deed that which you conceive to be right. These are some of the signposts along the pathway to victorious living. H. B. SMITH, Dean MISS FLORENCE DEWEY Dean of Women DR. ERWIN BRADLEY Dean of Men ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MR. MILTON TOWNSEND Director of Alumni Affairs MR. CLIFTON WILSON Business Manager FACULTY EDUCATION CHARLES W. SIMMS KATHLEEN MOCRE MENDELL BEATTIE FRANCES PATRIDGE FINE ARTS KENNETH HUENINK FLORENCE DEWEY BARBARA HUGHES MARY LOU PARKER FACULTY FINE ARTS KATHERINE VAN DUSEN SUTPHEN LANGUAGES JAMES S. STECK DEAN CADLE ALDIS EASTERLING IRENE WILLIAMS RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY HORACE R. WEAVER SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS ERIC S. COGAN BETTY W. GIESEMANN F H II L T Y SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS MELVILLE LAITE PHILLIP PETERS SOCIAL SCIENCES J. R. HENDERSON ERWIN BRADLEY ELSIE FORMAN RENA MILLIKEN NURSE WILLA PETERS COLLEGE HOSTESS MRS. CONWAY BOATMAN STAFF MABEL D. COTTRELL ANNA LEE GARLAND DOROTHY LUCAS RUTH TIMBERS MILTON TOWNSEND VILMA WEBB CLIFTON WILSON MYRTLE WILSON " po t e yieate t a£ all leteonb, ' Ptat e i even t6i tc . . . CLASSES First Row [left to right) MR. LAITE, RUTH POE, CHARLES DUGAN. Second Row RICHARD DAVIS, KEITH HODGIN. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President CHARLES DUGAN Vice-President KEITH HODGIN Secretary RUTH POE Treasurer RICHARD DAVIS Sponsor PROFESSOR LAITE JS E 1 1 R S WAYNE L. BAKER Gray, Kentucky . S. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Profession sought: Business RAE T. BARRON Holden, Massachusetts A. B„ JANUARY 1953 Activities: Oxford Club Auxiliary; Chairman of World Friendship Com- mittee, M.5.M.; Playliker ' s Cub; Choir; U.C.C.A.; Spanish Club; President, Oxford Auxiliary; Secretary, Playliker ' s; Secretary, M.S.M.; Who ' s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Profession sought: Director of Religious Education OLIVE BLAIR Florence, Alabama A. B„ MAY 1953 Activities: B.X.A.; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; lota Sigma Nu; Playliker ' s Club ; Alpha Psi Omega; President and Secretary, Spanish Club; Vice President. Playliker ' s; Secretary, B.X.A.; Associate Editor and Editor, Stespean,- Associate Editor, Orange and Black; Secretary, Iota Sigma Nu; Home- coming Attendant, ' 51, " 52; Debate; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Vice President, President ' s Council; Student Leaders Publication; Miss Union. Profession sought: Teaching CHRISTINA BOWLING Blue Hole, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, JANUARY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching HOWARD BOWLIN Corbin, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching DOLLY E. BRAMMER Slat, Kentucky A. B., AUGUST 1953 Activities: U.C.C.A.; Oxford Auxiliary; Friendly League; Spanish Club; Zeta Sigma Pi. Profession sought: Missionary SEIIOIU WILLIAM H. BYLES, JR.. .Cumberland, Kentucky A. B„ AUGUST 1953 Profession sought: Medicine EULAH GRUBB CAMPBELL. . .Artemus, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching MARY ELLEN CANNON Benham, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: B.X.A.; Art Club; Homecoming Attendant, 1953. Profession sought: Teaching ROBERT G. CARTER... Whitley City, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Activities: I.R.C.i T.T.A. Prolession sought: Teaching CLARENCE H. CHADWELL Corbin, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi. Profession sought: Teaching MOSSIE CHEEK Pineville, Kentucky B, S. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching SENIORS DONALD COMER Henderson, Kentucky A. B., MAY 1953 Activities: Ployliker ' s Club; U.C.C.A.; Oxford Club; Choir; Secretary and Treasurer, Oxford Club. Profession sought; Ministry RICHARD W. DAVIS Justell, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: Choir; Zeta Sigma Pi; F.T.A.; Freshman Orientation Committee; Variety Show; I.R.C.; Treasurer, Senior Class; Vice President, F.T.A.; Vice President, Dorm Council; Baseball. Profession sought: Teaching WOODROW DEZARN. . .Manchester, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: Veteran ' s Club; Zeta Sigma Pi. Profession sought: Teaching DALE LEE DISNEY Gray, Kentucky 8. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Profession sought; Teaching CHARLES F. DUGAN Lynn, Massachusetts B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY, 1953 Activities: U Club; Veteran ' s Club; Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President, U Club; President, Senior Class: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Mr. Union. Profession sought: Physical Therapy LAWRENCE E. DYE Bristol, Virginia B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: Ployliker ' s Club; F.T.A.; Freshman Orientation Committee; Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Treasurer, F.T.A. Profession sought: Business or Teaching SENIORS, HAROLD A. EMERY... .Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A. B., MAY 1953 Activities: U.C.C.A.; I.R.C.; Oxford Club; President, Oxford Club- Who ' s Who Among Students in Ametican Universities and Colleges. Profession sought: Ministry GEORGE E. FAULKNER. Williamsburg, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching MARY JARVIS HELTON. .Cumberland, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching KEITH E. HODGIN New Castle, Indiana B. S. I N EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: Basketball; Baseball; Track; U Club; Freshman Orientation Committee; President, U Club; President, Junior Class; Vice President, Senior Class. Profession sought: Teaching ROBERT F. HOOTS Columbia, Kentucky A. B., AUGUST 1953 Profession sought: Ministry AGNES HOPPER Corbin, Kentucky . S. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching SENIORS JACK S. HURLEY Pocahontas, Virginia Activities: Beta Phi Chi; Chess Club; Vice President, Beta Phi Chi; Presi- dent, Chess Club. Profession sought: Dentistry BILLIE INGRAM Jonesville, North Carolina B. S. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Activities: I.R.C.; B.X.A.; W.A.A.; F.T.A.; Oxford Auxiliary; U.C.C.A.; Art Club, Choir; Beta Phi Chi. Profession sought: Nurse or Teacher DAVID L. JONES Louisville, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY, 1953 Activities: Baseball; " U " Club; Cheerleader; Choir; Freshman Orientation Committee; U.C.C.A.; Beta Phi Chi; Variety Show; Cavalcade of Hits Spanish Club; Playlikers ' Club; Men ' s Dormitory Council. Profession sought: Director in Personnel Department BETTY LEE KELLY Barbourville, Kentucky B. 5. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: French Club; B.X.A.; I.R.C.; Beta Phi Chi; U.C.C.A.; W.A.A.; Secretary, French Club; Treasurer, B.X.A.; Reporter, I.R.C. Profession sought; Teaching JIMMIE BETH LEWELLEN Field, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: B.X.A.; Zeta Sigma Pi; W.A.A.; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Treasurer, B.X.A.; Secretary, Pfeiffer Hall Council, Winter Carnival. Profession sought: Teaching ROBERT C. LEWIS. . .Penns Grove, New Jersey B. S. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Activities: President, Zeta Sigma Pi; Secretary-Treasurer, Alpha Psi Omega; Editor, Orange and Black; President, F.T.A.; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities; Student Leaders Publication ' 52; Presi- dent ' s Council of Student Presidents; Freshman Orientation Committee President, Stevenson Hall Council; Veterans Club; Playlikers ' Club; " U " Book Committee; U.C.C.A.; I.R.C; Science Club. Profession sought: Teaching and Social Worker JACK McREYNOLDS Molus, Kentucky A. B„ MAY 1953 Activities: Choir; Beta Phi Chi; U Club; President, Beta Phi Chi; President, Men ' s Council. Profession sought: Chemist MARY E. MARTIN Alva, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: W.A.A.; F.T.A.; Choir. Profession sought: Teaching EDITH A. MASSEY North Andover, Mass. A. B., MAY 1953 Activities Ploylikers ' Club; Zeta Sigma Pi; Choir; Variety Show: Caval cade of Hits; U.C.C.A.; Oxford Auxiliary; F.T.A.; Secretary, Playlikers Club; Editor, Orange and Black; Secretary, Zeta Sigma Pi; President, Women ' s Dormitory Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Campus Social Life Committee; Freshman Orientation Com- mittee; President ' s Council of Student Presidents; W.A.A. Profession sought: Business GRACE MIRACLE Pineville, Kentucky B. 5. IN EDUCATION, AUGUST 1953 Profession sought: Teaching CHARLES C. MOORE, JR Corbin, Kentucky A. B„ MAY 1953 Activities: Beta Phi Chi, I.R.C. Profession soughl: Medicine JOHN W. MULLIS Rockhold, Kentucky B. 5. IN EDUCATION, JULY 1953 Profession sought; Teaching n i mi aS E 1 1 R MARGARET NAUGLE West Pittston, Pa. Activities: F.T.A.; Spanish Club; U.C.C.A.; Choir; Zeta Sigma Pi; Secretary oF Spanish Department Secretary to Dean of Women; W.A.A.; Methodist Choir. Profession sought: Social Work WARREN PEACE Rockhold, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching RUTH POE Pennington Gap, Virginia B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: U.C.C.A.; Beta Phi Chi. B.X.A.; I.R.C.; Playiikers ' ,- Bend; Choir,- Reporter and Feature Editor, Orange and Black; F.T.A.; Secretary-Treasurer, U.C.C.A.; Secretary, Beta Phi Chi; Vice President, B.X.A.; Secretary, I.R.C.; Treasurer, Junior Class; Secretary, Senior Class,- Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities ond Colleges. Profession sought: Social Work or Teaching FRANK REID, JR Manchester, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, JANUARY 1953 Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi; Veterans Club. Profession sought: Teaching C. DON ROETTGER Fort Thomas, Kentucky A. B., MAY 1953 Activities: U.C.C.A.; Oxford C!ub. Profession sought: Ministry FLOSSIE SLUSHER Pineville, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, JUIY 1«53 Profession sought: Teaching S E I T 1 1 DWIGHT C. SMITH . Harlan, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: Baseball; U Club. Profession sought: Teaching PEDRO SOTO Cienfuegos, Cuba A. B., MAY 1953 Activities-. Beta Phi Chi; U.C.C.A.; President, M.S.M.; Vice President; U.C.C.A.; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Profession sought: Industrial Chemist ARCHIE K. STOTT Williamsburg, Kentucky A. B., JANUARY 1953 Activities: Zeta Sigma Pi. MARJORIE WALDEN... Williamsburg, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: Art Club. Profession sought: Teaching WILLIAM WEBB Janesville, Wisconsin A. B., MAY 1 53 Activities: Beta Phi Chi; Chess Club; Tennis; President, Beta Phi Chi; Vice President, Junior Class; Vice President, President ' s Council. Profession sought: Chemistry or Mathematics JAMES D. WELLS Rockhold, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Activities: F.T.A. Profession sought: Teaching CHARLES L. WHITE Barbourville, Kentucky A. B., MAY 1953 Profession sought: AVERT WILSON Russell Springs, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Profession sough!: Teaching SUE RODGERS YOUNG Loyall, Kentucky B. S. IN EDUCATION, MAY 1953 Profession sought: Teaching MARY MclNTURFF Williamsburg, Kentucky SPECIAL STUDENT SENIORS HISTORY OF CLASS OF ' 53 OF COURSE YOU REMEMBER: As Freshman .... we were spared the advantages and disadvantages of Rat Week .... but suffered orientation and first classes. We elected Paul Easterling, Bobby Smith, Tommy Mitchell, and " Mop " Livingston as our officers. Our sponsor was Miss Marjorie Donnell. We were present for the new chapel dedication and were the first group to use it. We participated in the Boone Festival, whose author was Dr. Karl Bleyl .... The choir took its memorable trip to Florida that year .... A great honor was ours also — Miss " Pat " Parsons, one of our class, was named the Mountain Laurel Queen .... As Sophomores .... we elected Tommy Mitchell, Max Pinkerton, Herman Bays, and Jimmie Beth Lewellen as officers .... Our sponsor was Mr. Phillip Peters .... The Science Club Banquet for which we became famous .... with rattle snake meat, a mystery dish of white rat and blue grass plus .... Our class topped all the Sadie Hawkins days with a successful party .... The faculty gave a musical concert with " Miss Sutphen as ' The Thing ' " . . . . Bobby Smith was elected basketball queen .... also a take-off was given on the faculty which was hilarious .... Our Junior class .... we gave a banquet for the Seniors with high compliments from Dr. Boatman and many others .... ' as the most enjoyable banquet thus far ' . . . . one of our class, Dave Jones with his originality began a variety show which attracted many students to our campus. This year, one whose fighting spirit brought us through many basketball games left us ... . We elected Keith Hodgin, Bill Webb, Olive Blair, and Ruth Poe as officers .... Mr. Laite was our sponsor. As dignified Seniors .... Olive Blair and Charles " Red " Dugan were elected Mr. and Miss Union .... Our class officers were Charles Dugan, Keith Hodgin, Richard Davis, and Ruth Poe .... Again Mr. Laite was voted our sponsor .... Several of our class were lost to marriages, the Korean war effort, and mid-semester graduation, but we sailed through the Commencement exercises with one of the largest classes ever to graduate from Union College .... With great reluctance we left — each to his own fate — with the fondest of memories and high hopes for the future. RUTH POE Left to nghl HAROLD COLE, DR. BLEYl, EARL VERNON EVANS, JOAN HOPPER, JACK BRUNER. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President HAROLD COLE Vice-President EARL VERNON EVANS Secretary JOAN HOPPER Treasurer JACK BRUNER Sponsor DR. BLEYL mtm First Row: ROY BAKER JOSEPH K. BARRINEAU JACK BRUNER LEXIE CAMPBELL Second Row: JOYCE CANADY BETTY JO CARTER HAROLD COLE DON COMBS Third Row. WILL CRAIG OLLIE DAVIDSON CHERRY EDWARDS EARL VERNON EVANS J II HI R S First Row: DAN FARRIS MALCOLM FRASURE BILLIE GABBARD CHARLES GILLEY Second Row: LAWRENCE GOLDEN BAXTER HAMBLIN DAVID HAMILTON PAT HARDISON Third Row: DWIGHT HENDRIX JOAN HOPPER PAUL HOSKINS EDITH HOWARD JUNIORS dfk dik . : First Row: LOIS HUMFLEET GERALDINE JONES BEV JONES CHARLES LAMBERT Second Row: ROSE MARY LEWIS JAMES MANICURE PATSY NOLAN RUTH OWEN Third Row: MARY JEAN ROBERTS DOUG ROBINSON IKE SLUSHER BRIAN SMITH j ii ion First Row: Second Row: HAROLD SOWDERS JOHN WARREN LOWELL SPURLOCK HARRY WEST JOHN B. STEVENS JOSEPH WHITE GEORGE VALENTINE Third Row: RUTH WYNNE BOBBIE YEATON GOLDA WINDERS J 11 U 1 R S LefMo Right AMERIDA DeCOURSEY, JEAN FOX, DWIGHT MltlER, HOWARD McKNIGHT. Not Shown MISS PARKER, Sponsor. Nil I ' II II .11 II It ti CLASS OFFICERS President HOWARD McKNIGHT Vice-President JEAN FOX Secretary AMERIDA DeCOURSEY Treasurer DWIGHT MILLER Sponsor MISS PARKER First Row: DOROTHY BRASHER, BILLIE BRUNER, JESSIE CAMPBELL, McKAY CANADA, RONALD COMBS Third Row: DAPHNE HAMMONS, SHIRLEY HENSLEY, DORIS HUDSON, JEAN HUBBARD, BOBBY JARVIS Second Row: JOSEPHINE DAY, AMERIDA DeCOURSEY, RICHARD DRINON, JIM EVERSOLE, JEAN FOX Fourth Row: LILLIAN JOHNSON, JIMMIE JORDAN, ROBERT KOEHLER, LOUISE LEE, PATRICIA McAMIS siiPiMMiimn First Row: JOHN McDONALD, HOWARD McKNIGHT, HERBERT McMURTRY, FRED MARLAND, DWIGHT MILLER Second Row.- MARIE MILLS, BOBBY MULLINS, JAMES NAPIER, IAWANNA OWENS, MURIEL PARENT Third Row: MARIE POE, JEWELL PRICHARD, HERBERT SCALF, W. C. SERGEANT, KENNETH SMITH Fourth Row: DONALD SOWDERS, CLARENCE STACY, CARLOS STANLEY, BONNIE THOMAS, ERNEST TROSPER Fifth Row. JERRY TYE, LYNN WAAGE, BILL WATSON S I) Mill II II R n Left to right MISS MOORE, GERALD SWIM, PATRICIA HENRY, FRANCES HIGNITE, GENE SANSLOW. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President GERALD SWIM Vice-President GENE SANSLOW Secretory PAT HENRY Treasurer FRANCES HIGNITE Sponsor MISS MOORE First Row: WILLIE ABNER, PAUL ADLER, ADRIENNE ALLEN, LOIS ANDERSON, MELVIN BAKER, WANDA BAYS, ALICE BENNETT Third Row: ANN CAWOOD, EUGENE COMBS, NANCY DELPH, ORVILLE DICK, NELLIE FAYE ENGLE, FELICI FELICE, ANGELINE FIELDS Second Row: MATTIE MAE BINGHAM, SHELBY BOWLING, APRIL BOTELER, WILMA BOUGHTON, PATTYE BRANHAM, BILL BRITTAIN, EDWARD BROWNING Fourth Row. EDWARD FONTAINE, REBECCA GABBARD, CLYDE GIBSON, KAY GILES, KEITZ HABURAY, DORIS HALE, DAVID HALL n n nil n First Row: MYRNA HAMPTON, DAPHNE HELTON, GEORGIA HELTON, PATRICIA HENRY, WALTER HENSLEY, BEATRICE HIBBARD, FRANCES M. HIGNITE Third Row: VICKI KNOX, GLENN IEHEW, PATSY LISENBEE, GENEVIEVE LIVESAY, TOMMY LIVESAY, GALE LOWE, BETTY McALLISTER Second Row: DAISY HOLCOMB, ALVA HOWARD, DORIS HUFF, BILL HUGHES, WILLIAM HUTTON, TOMMY JORDAN, PAULINE KELLY Fourth Row. WILLIAM McKEE, NELLIE MARTIN, BILLY MIRACLE, PLEAS MONHOLLEN, WILMA MORRIS, RODNEY NEELY, FRED PARSONS FRESHMEN First Row: DAVID PASAMONTE, BILLIE PHILLIPS, KENNETH RAMSEY, ARTHUR ROBINS, MARGARET ROWLAND, WILLIAM RUSSELL, GENE SANSLOW Third Row: RICHARD THOMAS, ROBIN TILTON, JANE TROSPER, JESSIE VALENTINE, MARY LOU VANSANT, WILMA WADE, JIM WALTERS Second Row: HAROLD SHOWALTER, AMIEL SOLOMON, JANE SQUIRES, RALPH STEWART, FRANCES STOCKDALE, GERALD SWIM, GERALD SYME Fourth Row: RUE WESLEY, WILLIAM WHARTON, BESS WHITAKER, MARY NANCY WILDER, LOU EMMA WILSON, LARRY WOODEN, IVAN WOODS FRESHMEN SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS LEFT TO RIGHT: FIRST ROW: Bill Buchanan, Barbara Siler, Bonnie Moore, Howard Spurlock, Eugene Jones, Rodell McFall. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Buchanan, Junior Wynn, Mildred Conatser, Betty Donath, Jann Rose Brock, James Whitaker, Bill Pogue. ?ait in yod, and ut ocvi %ot en, S wcce, foo, u Ume ORGANIZATIONS ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNION COLtfGE BARBOUPVILLE KWUJCICY SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHTI: Rebecca Gabbard, Jean Hubbard, Miss Sutphen, Larry Golden, James Napier, Ruth Wynne, Billie Gabbard. STANDING: Vernon Moore, Roy Baker, Bobby Jarvis, Joseph White, Paul Adler, Lloyd Spurloclc, Dwighl Hendrix, Willie Abner. UT CLUB OFFICERS President LAWRENCE GOLDEN V ce President ROY BAKER Secretary-Treasurer BILLIE GABBARD Sponsor MISS SUTPHEN The Art Club is for all those students who are interested in dabbling with paints or water-colors or for any student who has or believes he has talent with the brush. SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Marie Poe, Jimmie Beth lewellen, Mrs. Blackburn, Bobbie Yeaton. STANDING: Betty Kelly, Olive Blair, Ruth Poe, Ruth Owen, Boots Parent, Jean Fox, Mary Ellen Cannon. B. X. 1. OFFICERS President JIMMIE BETH LEWELLEN V:ce President RUTH POE Treasurer MARY ELLEN CANNON Secrefary MARIE POE Sponsors MRS. BLACKBURN, MRS. TOWNSEND Beauty, Culture and Art is what BXA means to the girls of Union College. This sorority ' s aim is to develop the social graces and also to help plan social activities on the campus. BETA PHI CHI OFFICERS President JACK McREYNOlDS Vice President JACK HURLEY Secretary PAULINE KELLY Treasurer HOWARD McKNIGHT The campus chapter of the national science club, its purpose is to acquaint and interest students in the wonders of the natural and physical sciences. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jack McReynolds, Ruth Wynne, David Hamilton. SECOND ROW: Lexie Campbell, Jim Eversole, Billie Ingram. THIRD ROW: Paul Adler, Pedro Soto, Dwight Miller, Jean Fox, Howard McKnight, Muriel Parent. FOURTH ROW: Malcolm Erasure, Keitz Haburay, Bill Webb, David Jones. FIFTH ROW: Marie Poe, Pauline Kelly, Eddie Fontaine, Jack Hurley. SIXTH ROW: Bill Russell, Ruth Poe, Donald Combs, Charles Gil ley. A C A P E L L A CHOIR The Choir has always been one of the most active organizations on campus and each year the members go on tour through various parts of the country. This year, under the direction of Mr. Huenink, the choir will go to Washington, D. C. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHTI: Mr. Huenink, Cherry Edwards, Pat Hardison, Betty Kelly, Mary Elizabeth Martin, Mary Jean Roberts, Billie Bruner Jean Hubbard, Ann Cawood, Ruth Owen, Roberta Yeaton, Frances Stockdale, Edith Massey, Frances Hignite. SECOND ROW: Lois Humfleet, Marie Poe, Billie Ingram, Ruth Wynne, Katherine Giles, Mary Nancy Wilder, Jane Squires, Golda Winders, Gene- vieve Livesay, Robin Tilton, Joan Hopper, Gale Lowe. THIRD ROW: David Pasamonte, Ruth Poe, Herbert McMurtry, David Jones, Rue Wesley, Bill Wharton, Eddie Fontaine, David Hall. FOURTH ROW: Walter Hensley, Robert Milby, Bobby Ray Jarvis, Paul Adler, Richard Davis, Arthur Robins, Harold Showalter, Harry West, Richard Thomas. SEATED HEFT TO RIGHT]: Ruth Poe, Bobbie Yeaton, Dean Dewey, Edith Massey, Doris Hudson, Jane Squires. STANDING: Herbert McMurtry, Jack McReynolds, Richard Davis, Fred Marland, Lexie Campbell, Amerida DeCoursey, Arthur Robins. DORM COUNCIL OFFICERS COUNCIl OF THE WOMEN ' S STUDENT ASSOCIATION President EDITH MASSEY Secretary JANE SQUIRES Vice President BOBBIE YEATON Treasurer DORIS HUDSON Dean of Women MISS DEWEY COUNCIL OF THE MEN ' S STUDENT ASSOCIATION President JACK McREYNOLDS Vice President HERBERT McMURTRY SecretaryTreasurer LEXIE CAMPBELL Sponsor DR. BRADLEY FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Lois Humfleet, Mary Liz Martin, Billie Ingram, Katherine Giles, Jane Squires. SECOND ROW: Roberta Yeaton, Billie Gabbard, Ruth Wynne, Betty McAllister, Rebecca Gabbard. THIRD ROW: James Wells, Richard Davis, Robert Lewis, Baxter Hamblin, Richard Drinon. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President ROBERT LEWIS Vice President DICK DAVIS Secretary JANE SQUIRES Treasurer MARY LIZ MARTIN The F. T. A. under the sponsorship of Miss Moore and Dr. Simms, is one of the most active clubs on the campus. It is composed of all those students who are getting degrees in education, either elementary or secondary. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS President JIM EVERSOLE Vice President DAVID HAMILTON Secretory-Treasurer RUTH WYNNE Program Director AMERIDA DeCOURSEY Reporter PAT HENRY The International Relations Club under the able sponsorship of Dr. Bradley and Milton Townsend is designed to create an interest in International Affairs and Domestic Policy in the light of International Affairs. SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Ruth Wynne, Ruth Poe, Dr. Bradley, Jim Eversole, Amerida DeCoursey, Pat Henry, Betty Kelly. STANDING: David Hamilton, Donald Combs, Robert Carter, Richard Davis, Charles Gilley, Lexie Campbell, Harold Emery. FRESHMM ORIENTATION COMMITTEE SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Prof. Henderson, Rosemary Lewis, Edith Massey, Roberta Yeafon, Rae Barron, Keith Hodgin. STANDING: Mary Jean Roberts, Dwight Miller, Fred Marland, Richard Davis, David Jones, Jean Fox. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Billie Ingram, Roe Barron, Rosemary lewis, Frances Stockdale, Pat Hardison, Dolly Brammer, Ruth Owen, Mrs. Weaver. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Boatman, Wilma Boughton, Adrienne Allen, Mary Lou VanSant, Amerida DeCoursey, Robin Tilton, Gale Lowe, Golda Wind- ers, Dr. Weaver. THIRD ROW: Harry West, Arthur Robins, Harold Showalter, Robert Milby, Richard Drinon, Richard Thomas, David Pasamonte, Herbert McMurtry, Bill Watson. OXFORD mm AND AUXILIARY OFFICERS President HAROLD EMERY Vice President ARTHUR ROBINS Secretory HERBERT McMURTRY Treasurer HARRY WEST President RUTH OWEN Vice President RAE BARRON The Oxford Club is composed of pre-ministerial students and the Auxiliary is com- posed of all those girls on campus who plan to devote their lives to full time Christian service. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Rosemary Lewis, Joan Hopper, Rae Barron, Harold Showa lter, Cherry Edwards, Arthur Robins, Frances Hignite Mary Nancy Wilder. SECOND ROW: Olive Blair, Edith Massey, Wilma Boughton, Miss Parker, Ruth Poe, Robin Tilton, Ruth Owen, Genevieve Livesay. THIRD ROW: Richard Thomas, Herbert McMurtry, Bill Wharton, Robert Milby, Charles Gilley, Eddie Fontaine, Amerida DeCoursey, Roberta Yeaton PLAYLIKEHS CLUB OFFICERS President HAROLD SHOWALTER Vice President CHERRY EDWARDS Secretory EDITH MASSEY Treasurer ART ROBINS The Play-Likers Club is associated with a national organization of collegiate drama groups; it offers opportunities to students interested in acting, stage-management, di- recting, or any phase of the stage. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS President MARY JEAN ROBERTS Vice President BOBBIE YEATON Secretary OLIVE BLAIR Treasurer LEXIE CAMPBELL Sponsor PROF. EASTERLING The Spanish Club functions for all those students who are interested in, and wish to know more about the language and customs of our Latin American neighbors. SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Lexie Campbell, Roberta Yeaton, Mary Jean Roberts, Prof. Easterling. STANDING: Myrna Hampton, Mary Lou Van- sant, Rae Barron, Dolly Brammer, Jack Bruner, David Jones, Lynn Waage, Olive Blair. II. (]. C. L OFFICERS President ARTHUR ROBINS Vice President PEDRO SOTO Secretary-Treasurer BOBBIE YEATON The Union College Christian Association is open to all youth on the campus who are interested in the development of the Christian way of life. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Ruth Wynne, Kay Giles, Rulh Owen, Amerida DeCoursey, Cherry Edwards, Robin Tilton, Wilma Boughton, Rae Barron, Georgia Helton. SECOND ROW: Edith Massey, Genevieve Livesay, Marie Poe, Mary Nancy Wilder, Mary Lou Vansant, Jane Squires, Pat Henry, Bobbie Yeaton, Pat Hardison, Bess Whitaker. THIRD ROW: Rue Wesley, Richard Drinon, Ruth Poe, Adrienne Allen, Richard Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Ray Jarvis, Herbert McMurtry, Keitz Haburay, Betty Kelly, Mrs. Weaver, Pedro Soto, David Pasamonte, Harry West, Lou Emma Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Arthur Robins, Richard Davis, Dr. Weaver, Sherry Weaver. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jack Bruner, Charles Dugan, Keith Hodgin, Bob Koehler, Brian Smith, W. C Sergeant. SECOND ROW: Coach Beattie, Dwight Smith, Lexie Campbell, McKay Canada, Dave Jones, Dwight Hendrix, Jose Valencia, David Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Doug Robinson, Ernest Trosper, Jack McReynolds, Earl Evans, Harold Cole. OFFICERS President KEITH HODGIN V ce President EARL EVANS Secretary-Treasurer. . CHARLES DUGAN The Varsity " U " Club is open to any member of the student body who wins his letter in intercollegiate competition. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT! : Frank Reid, Amerida DeCoursey, Don Combs, George Wilson. SECOND ROW: Richard Thomas, Prof. Henderson, Arthur Robins, Howard McKnight, Preston Parrott. THIRD ROW: Malcom Frasure, Wodrow Dezarn. VETERANS OFFICERS President AMERIDA DeCOURSEY Vice President DON COMBS Secretary-Treasurer PRESTON PARROTT Sergeant of Arms AVERT WILSON Chao ain DICK THOMAS This active organization is promoted to foster comradeship and contact among the veterans on campus. It also functions as a clearing house for any minor problem that a veteran may face upon entering college. W. A. A " . OFFICERS President BOOTS PARENT Treasurer PAT HENRY Vice President LYNN WAAGE Social Chairman CHERRY EDWARDS Secretary KAY GILES Reporter VICKI KNOX Sponsor MISS PATRIDGE The Women ' s Athletic Association corresponds roughly to the " U " Club on the campus and although the girls do not play intercollegiate sports, they have a very active intramural program. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Lynn Waage, Genevieve Livesay, Jean Fox, Muriel Parent. SECOND ROW: Wilma Wade, Cherry Edwards, Katherine Giles, Betty McAllister. THIRD ROW: Frances Stockdale, Mary Lou VanSant. FOURTH ROW: Gale Lowe, Vicki Knox, Robin Tilton, Pat Henry, Faye Engle, Mary Nancy Wilder, Mary Jean Roberts, Myrna Hampton. FIFTH ROW: Rebecca Gabbard, Jane Squires, Georgia Helton, Lou Emma Wilson, Bess Whitaker, Pat Branham, Beatrice Hibbard, Billie Bruner, Ann Cawood, Doris Hudson. Z E T A SIGMA PI OFFICERS President ROBERT LEWIS Vice President JIMMIE BETH IEWEUEN Secretory EDITH MASSEY Treasurer RUTH OWEN The Omicron Chapter of Zeta Sigma Pi is a chapter of the national social science fraternity. Membership is open to all those students who have a major or minor in any of the social or political sciences and have a quality point standing of 1.8. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Rosemary Lewis, Rae Barron, Ruth Owen, Jimmie Beth Lewellen, Robert Lewis, Edith Massey, Mary Jean Roberts Bobbie Yeaton. SECOND ROW: Frank Reid, Harry West, Archie Stott, Woodrow Dezarn, Dick Davis, Prof. Henderson, Dolly Brammer, Miss Milliken. THE OR AH I k BUCK THE STAFF ROBERT LEWIS Editor MURIEL PARENT Make-Up Editor WILLIE BOUGHTON Sports Editor CHARLES GILLEY Society Editor MURIEL PARENT Feature Editor RUTH POE Associate Editors CHARLES GILLEY BEATRICE HIBBARD Cartoonist HAROLD SHOWALTER Business Manager DAVID HALL News Editor EDITH MASSEY Faculty Sponsor MR. JAMES STECK Reporters J. K. HABURAY BILLY RUSSELL WILMA MORRIS KAY GILES GENEVIEVE LIVESAY BEATRICE HIBBARD FRANCES HIGNITE JACK HURLEY DAVID HAMILTON GENE SANSLOW DOUG ROBINSON Club Reporters LAWRENCE DYE, F.T.A. WILL CRAIG. Junior Class PRESTON PARROTT CHERRY EDWARDS SEATED (Left to right): Wilma Boughton, Ruth Poe, Beatrice Hibbard, Charles Gilley, Muriel Pa rent. STANDING: Bill Russell, Genevieve Livesay, Katherine Giles, Edith Massey, Doug Robinson, Jim Eversole, Donald Combs, David Hall, Harold Showalter. Oiljr ©range wxh mmk Published by the Students of Union College VOLUME XXVIII BARBOUKVELLE, KENTUCKY, MOND AT, DEC. 15, 1952 NUMBER 2 Christmas Party Given Galilean Children ' s Home NOTES OF INTEREST FROM THE CUMBERLAND VALLEY CONCERT ASSOCIATION Union College and members of the Cumberland Valley Concert Association will hear the Louis- ville Symphony Orchestra, Rob- ert Goldsand, concert pianist, and Curt Scruffier, baritone, among other artists during the current concert season. The association is jointly p sored ' by Union , " Christmas will arrive early this year for the 100 youngsters in the Galilean Children ' s Home located near Corbin, Ky., when Union College students bring individual yuletide gifts and entertainment Thursday afternoon, December 58. Accompanying the huge bundle of Christmas packages will be 3 Union professors and 25 members of Zeta Sigma Pi, the college so- cial science fraternity. ,fa ' mark the fiftb - studen - Union Works Through M. S. M. The Methodist Student Move- ment, with Mrs. Weaver as spon- sor this year, is endeavoring to stimulate Christian Fellowship in the Community and World by working through those who are willing to make a contribution by giving of their time and effort to promote the cause of Cht-i- This organize 1 ' by a r " " Dr. C. M. Religious br L. aut. plan les, was, with the co ville Mariml Plans which i include Louisvillt which w popular Ii program a the school munity. Th. for March ' , afternoon, so ren as possi regular conee that same eve the first apj Louisville grou, In addition to grams, the Asst present at least national renown, that a fifth progrs sented, if the mer, now in progress is as that of last seast Laymon Leads Week At Union Dr. Charles M. Laymon was the Union College Religious Empha- er this fall with the ser- C ginning December 9 riday, December 12. tion is well known in e and Eastern Ken- % been a member of _ » faculty from ; acceptance of the liege dean of Scar- tishville, Tennessee, nt tune, Dr. Lay- I of the Indianola ' .rch, Columbus, irate is the col- Ohio University, for the Univer- lation now s tethodist stud- high repute, lblished five ig with such «ayers of the vyer, " " Our id " Great f Christ. " -ibutor to unes and Dave Jones Talent Sho by Edith Mass " It all started with I program. " That is the 1 stories which I wrote li ' began. . ..But they wertl the Variety Show and its travels about the country. Now again another show is born. We do not anticipate that it will be a travel- ing show as last year ' s became; however, the show went to Pineville to perform at the Ki- wanis Club on the 25th of No- vember. Praise certainly goes to Dave Jones for the success of the " Cavalcade. ' He organized and directed the show which took much time, planning and effort. The " stars " appearing on the Calvalcade included: Patti Page (Billie Bruner), Eddie Fisher (Dave Jones), The Bell Sisters (Bobbie Yeaton and Mary Jean Roberts). Dinah Shore (Ruth Owen), Evelyn and her Magic Violin (Jane Squires), Jo Staf- ford (Edie Massey), Ezio Pinza (Mr. Peters) and Mario Lanza (Mr. Laite). Of course, our accompanists were most important to the suc- cess of the performance. They were Miss Sutnhen at the organ FORMER STUDENT FROM NEW JERSEY VISITS UNION Mrs. Hope Jones Drosback, a former student of Union College, I was the guest of her mother at jTye House during the Thanks- I giving holidays. Mrs. Drosback, I her husband and two children re- Iside at New Providence, N. J., I where Mr. Drosback owns and ■operates the " Summit -Engineers Inc. " Mrs. Drosback attended Union College during the years 1940-41. rz words submitted to ovTation ' s Contest Commit- tee postmarked no later than De- cember 31, 1952. First prize will be $250.00, second prize, $100.00 with three other prizes of $50.00 each. UNION GRABS TO HEAR SEN. ROBERT TAFT The 1953 graduating class of Union College will hear as their commencement speaker, Senator Robert Taft of Ohio. This will be the 74th Annive rs- ary and a graduating class of 160 seniors is anticipated. There will be 141 Bachelor of Science in Education and 19 Bachelor of Arts degrees conferred this com- mencement. ?ffxicement by s Graduate School. ftTgrants are in the form of scholarships and fellowships for study in the humanities, the so- cial sciences, the physical sciences and mathematics, the biological and agricultural sciences, and engineering. They range in value to $3,100. Applications are due by Feb- ruary 22, 1953. Detailed infor- mation and application forms are available from the Graduate School, 125 Day Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca. New York. Faculty and Students Assist Local Ministers Dr. Karl Bleyl, Head of the Department of Biology and Pro- fessor of Biology, was forced to leave his teaching position at Un- ion and return to Houston, Texas, because of illness. His condition is reported to be relatively poor and observations are being made, but the cause has not been as- certained. The founder of the Daniel Boone Festival and one of Un- ion ' s most popular professors, Dr, Bleyl ' s absence is felt keenly College Choir To Present " Christmas In Song " Friday, December 19 Composed and sung by Union College students, " Christmas in Song " 1 will be presented for this year ' s annual A Cappella Choir Christmas program Friday, De- cember 19, in the College Chapel at 10:00 a-rn. " Christmas in Song " is writ- ten in descants by Union College students together with several chorals composed by the direc- tor, Professor Kenneth Huenink. This year ' s theme is taken Christ, a white rose springs from the snow symbolizing the birth and death of Christ at the same time. A double descant on Silent Night will be sung by Roberta Yeaton, Soprano, North Andover, Mass., with Jack White, baritone, Manchester, Ky., Ruth Owens, Louuisville, Ky.; will do the obli- gato solo on " Characteristics of the Christmas Role, " Jane Squir- Six members of the Union Col- lege faculty and student body filled church pulpits Sunday, November 16, during the absence of Methodist ministers engaged ' in the Western Kentucky -Tenn- essee Methodist Evangelistic Mis- sion. From the Union College faculty were President Conway Boat- mnn, who spoke at the First Methodist Church, Barbourville; Dr. Horace Weaver, head of the Bible and Philosophy Depart- ment, at the Williamsburg Metho- dist Church; Melville B. Laite, Biology professor, at the Congre- gational Church in Corbin; Jos- eph R. Henderson, head of the Sociology Department, at First Methodist Church, Corbin. Union students preaching Sun- day were Herbert McMurtry, Associate-Edi or RUTH OWEN Editor OLIVE BLAIR TO THE STUDENT BODY: As you turn the pages of the 1953 edition of the Srespean, we hope that it may be one of the many reminders of a very wonderful year at Union for each of you. And we hope, as do all year-book staffs, that you will be pleased with your annual and that it may give you en- joyment now, and in the future. We wish to thank those who contributed so much time and effort in cooperation with the staff; we appreciate the helpfulness and con- sideration of these individuals. We especially wish to thank Mr. Cadle, our adviser, for spon- soring our year-book and for his help and advice. for each student at Union, we hope this Sfespean, as well as the others that have been published each year and those that will be published in the many years to come, may bring back many memories of your days at Union College. THE STAFF T H E S T E S P • E A I Howard Mcknight olive blair ruth owen SEATED (Left to right): Rose Mary Lewis, Howard McKnight, Olive Blair, Ruth Owen, Mr. Cadle. STANDING (Left to right): Ronald Combs, Jean Fox, Wilma Boughton, Herbert McMurtry, Charles Giiley, David Hamilton. THE STAFF Editor OLIVE BLAIR Associate Editor RUTH OWEN Business Manager HOWARD McKNIGHT Feature Editor JEAN FOX Lirerory Editor DAVID HAMILTON Sports Editor CHARLES GILLEY Photography PAT USENBEE, PAUL ADLER Circulation Manager PAT HENRY Advertising HERBERT McMURTRY, RONALD COMBS Secretaries ROSE MARY LEWIS, WILMA BOUGHTON Sponsor MR. CADLE c ? Wt T FEATURES 3 HH wm I 74 e evaccid friai c t ee, fo . . . . " I I OLIVE BLAIR CHARLES DUGAN ' PnetentiKa . . . THE BASKET QUEEN JANE SQUIRES BILL COURT MARY NANCY WILDER Freshman Representative DOROTHY BRASHER Sophomore Representative BILLIE ANN GABBARD Junior Representative MARY ELLEN CANNON Senior Representative SIOW QUEEN ATTENDANTS BOBBIE YEATON ADRIENNE ALLEN JANE SQUIRES GOLDA WINDERS QUEEN MARY NANCY WILDER SIOW II 11 E E I 746 4, 7VJL a ut, A m ucaa @oMeae4 attct 7i UvenAitte QUEEN OF HEARTS PATSY McAMIS 1 ■ ' :$.f i I 7i Uw (fyMeye, dean aid 1{ ti M, VttUoa, 4tio tg, and £%ee . . . . SPORTS " BOOTS " PARENT, DAVE JONES. MATTIE MAE BINGHAM the niniununN " Come on everybody, yell! " That was the plea of our cheerleaders, Mattie Mae Bingham, " Boots " Parent, and Dave Jones, as they enthusiastically cheered our boys to victory. Let ' s give one big cheer for our cheerleaders of 1952-53. They were great! A 3S iW, 20V- SEATED, Left to right: Amiel Solomon, Bob Koehler, Keith Hodgin, Ernest Trosper, Harold Cole, Earl Evans, Jack Bruner. STAND- ING, left to right: W. C. Sergeant, Carl Wenderoth, Fred Marland, McKay Canada, Rod Neeley, Glen Lehew, Bill Abner. BASKETBALL The Union College Bulldogs completed their 1952-53 season with a better than average seasonal record. Their record for the season consisted of 15 victories as compared to 9 defeats. The Bulldogs were also one of the state ' s top offensive teams with a total of 1,993 points for an average of 83.05 points per game. The Bulldogs continued to dominate their own hardwood this year as they won eleven victories with only one defeat. On the road they were not as effective as they turned in only four victories and eight defeats. At home, however, they were particularly good; reaching over the ninety mark six times and twice passing the century mark. Their first score to exceed 100 came against EMORY HENRY when they tallied 104 points. They later repeated their performance by getting the same total against CARSON-NEWMAN. Coach Beattie will lose only two men this season by graduation, guard Keith Hodgin and forward Earl Vernon Evans. Returning from this season ' s squad will be Harold Cole, Jack Bruner, Ernest Trosper, Bob Koehler, W. C. Sergeant, Glen Lehew, Lefty Solomon, and others with whom Coach Beattie will form a nucleus for next year ' s squad. Baseball and track will take the picture with coming of spring and furnish the Bulldogs with new challenges for their fine teams. THE IJULLDOGS BASKETBALL S(|l III (counter-clockwise) ERNEST TROSPER Harlan, Kentucky ROBERT KOEHLER Cold Springs, Kentucky DWIGHT HENDRIX Hyden, Kentucky GLEN LEHEW Newport, Kentucky AMIEL SOLOMON Cold Springs, Kentucky W. C. SERGEANT Barbourville, Kentucky KEITH HODGIN New Castle, Indiana JACK BRUNER London, Kentucky HAROLD COLE Barbourville, Kentucky EARL VERNON EVANS Louisville, Kentucky SCHEDULE Union 83 Morehead State 92 Union 78 Bellarmine 67 Union 73 Xavier University 87 Union 78 Lincoln Memorial 69 Union 79 Bellarmine 76 Union 72 EastTennessee State . .71 Union 70 Berea 75 Union 98 High Point 95 Union 82 Lincoln Memorial 72 Union 99 Transylvania 80 Union 90 Georgetown 72 Union 79 Berea 69 Union 86 Centre 87 Union 104 Emory Henry 87 Union 72 Transylvania 78 Union 84 Georgetown 75 Union 90 Tusculum 92 Union 104 Carson-Newman 73 Union 56 East Tennessee State . . 74 Union 86 Morehead State 97 Union 77 Emory Henry 84 Union 87 Tusculum 74 Union 85 Carson-Newman 83 Union 91 Centre 83 F R E S H M H TEAM This year for the first time in several seasons the Bulldogs fielded an organized freshman team. The frosh team played a schedule of Junior colleges, high schools, and independent basketball teams with quite a bit of success. This year ' s freshman club may be the proving ground for Bulldog stars of the future. Members of this year ' s squad were: Rod Neeley, Jim Walters, Gene Combs, Walter Dick, Bill Hutton, Fred Parsons, Larry Wooden, Willie Abner and a few other frosh who played from time to time. Each member of the squad contributed greatly to the success and they each developed along the road to varsity competition. The frosh played a total of 16 games this season against some fine competition and completed their season with a .500 mark, winning eight and losing eight. SEATED, Left to right: Bill Abner, Bill Hutton, Rod Neeley, Jim Walters, Fred Parsons. STANDING, left to right: Dick Thomas, Larry Wooden, Walter Dick, Carl Wenderoth, Gene Combs. Manager: Dave Hall. LEFT TO RIGHT: Keith Hodgin, Coach Bealtie, Earl Evans. GRADUATING SENIORS Two members, Keith Hodgin and Earl Vernon Evans, of the varsity Bulldogs will be lost to the club through the medium of graduation. Keith Hodgin, our New Castle, Indiana product, is captain of the 1952-53 Bulldogs and has consistently led the team. Keith is a great competitor and is always in the leading scorers column for the season. He is an excellent floor man and has been the playmaker for the squad this season. An outstanding member of the Bulldog squad for four years he has earned a position on both the All KIAC and SMAC teams. Keith is also an outstanding member of the track and baseball teams. Earl Vernon Evans, of Louisville, Kentucky, has been one of the better members of the Bulldog squad. He is a strong, hard-fighting competitor with a great will to win. He is possessed of great ball-handling ability and is able to snag his share of rebounds. He is one of our finest team players and is a valuable asset to any team. Earl is the type of player who takes things as they come without much display of emotion and calmly carries out his hardwood assignments. oyai m a td dauy teib evet. 74 e cwM luAe fan t ee . . . . house inl f E I H I! S E I) HI EL BOONE FESTIVAL II (Ml HC Ml l. li Out U t e ' pitpiaa ' Pan THE CUVACIDE OF HITS One of the outstanding successes of the year was the " Calvacade of Hits, " a very enjoyable program organized and directed by Dave Jones. The " stars " appearing on the Calvacade included: Patti Page (Billie Bruner), Eddie Fisher (Dave Jones), The Bell Sisters (Bobbie Yeaton and Mary Jean Roberts), Dinah Shore (Ruth Owen), Evelyn and her magic violin (Jane Squires), Jo Stafford (Edie Massey), Ezio Pinza (Mr. Peters), and Mario Lanza (Mr. Laite). The accompanists were Miss Sutphen and Miss Pat Hardison. Left to right: FRONT: Ruth Owen, Mary Jean Roberts, David Jones. SECOND ROW: Prof. Laite, Billie Bruner, Edith Massey. THIRD ROW: Jans Squires, Pat Hardison lat piano), Bobbie Yeaton, Prof. Peters. SADIE H 1 W K I IS DAY IN GRATEFUL COOPERATION We, business and professional men of Harlan, Kentucky gratefully acknowledge the valuable educational contribution which Union College is making to the families of our city and county and herewith subscribe to assist in the publi- cation of the College ' s 1952-53 yearbook and invite STESPEAN readers to patronize our services. THE BANK OF HARLAN LEWIS, NOEL JONES, INC. INSURANCE COMPLIMENTS OF DR. C. R. MESSER COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF FRANK ' S DEPT. STORE Quality Merchandise at Lower Prices Barbourville, Ky. THE BARBOURVILLE ADVOCATE Office Supplies — Job Printing Typewriters — Cards Stationary CECIL H. WILSON, Editor, Class of ' 38 Barbourville, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF CRAFT BRUNER INSURANCE REAL ESTATE We insure anythinc insurable anywhere Phone 444 Poynter Building London, Kentucky KNOX MOTOR CO. Oldsmobile and Cadillac Sales and Service Barbourville, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF CATRON MOTOR CO. Your Friendly Ford Dealer Corbin, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF CORBIN TIMES TRIBUNE RADIO STATION WCTT Corbin, Ky. •X)j ' uiqjo BSnOHNMOl 3H± ELY FUEL CO. Pineville, Ky. SOUTHLAND COALS R. E. WILLIAMS 5 AND 10c STORES Barbourville, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF KIDD BROTHERS GROCERIES Barbourville, Ky. HOLBERT ' S MENS SHOP Hart Shaffner Marx Suits Nunn Bush Shoes Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts Main Street Corbin, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF SANDERS COURT Corbin, Ky. CORA ' S DEPARTMENT STORE READY-TO-WEAR Gifts for Everyone Telephone 78 Barbourville, Ky. THE RAPP LUMBER CO., INC. G. E. APPLIANCES SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT Phone 220 Barbourville, Ky. If It ' s Drugs, Think of COTTONGIM DRUG CO. Your Rexall Store Corbin, Ky. SMITH-MEYERS MOTOR CO. BUICK SALES AND SERVICE Phone 358 Barbourville, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF KENTUCKY HOME COAL CO. Masonic Bldg. Pineville, Ky. Phones 87 and 888 SHOP AT TYE ' S Phone 101 Barbourville, Ky. SHOFFNER ' S-SKY PARK AND FISHING LODGE Between Tazewell Maynardsville on Route 33 Sharps Chapel, Tenn. Cabir Fishing Supplies Boats Grade A Restaurant 1 T PAYS YOU T O PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE WITH U S v.. AUTO (i R 1 P II S j ABIOA1L E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNiON COLLEGE BARBOURVJLLE. KENTUCKY ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LiBMRY UNION COLLEGE fcARBOURVJLLE, KENTUCKY 5 ' I , I

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