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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102170 8 m H 2 ll™ K g ' ( » E t l eHesTeP CADILLAC S . FlSHlNCr. " SUPE(J " CAKP° TS x ) MP " JOE COURSE J? • ' TRAILER CAMP EXVD. 4 j ' pp.0M T» ' 0 v " " v FANlO SPEEDS QWOST a. e i V A» .. Jew chapel W Liu 1 ABHEP, FOLLOW C,esT TRACKS TO THe BIOLOfr s Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 M I a;7L Published by the STUDENT BODY OF UNION COLLEGE Barbourville, Kentucky w m - £ PO Q P If in these pages you should Jind Love and memories of days behind; When from these familiar scenes you ' ve gone To do a deed, to make a home; It is our wish to recommend That you also find a friend. ■• -mmit,r VgSTr mF 3k ! m To that spirit of love and service pro Deo et homine which is the essence of our Alma Mater and which serves as a guiding light for her sons and daughters we, the staff of the 1949 Stespean, dedicate this issue. ALMA MATER Union College £fe « ■A-.- Words and arrangement by Abigail E. Weeks 4- 1- - 1 I 1- e - 5- 1 | Girt with ma - ny a grand old moun-tain Stands our Col - lege dear, 1 Un - ion Col - lege, Al - ma Ma - ter, We would praise thee, too, p f For the great - est of all les - sons Praise is ev - er thine: | As we go to meet life ' s con - flict, We shall vie - tors be, " E± ■■»- dt I i q While the Cum - ber-land sings ev - er Praise for her to hear. 1 For the strength of pre - cepts taught us; We ' ll to them be true. J Faith in God and in our broth- er. Ser - vice, too, sub -lime. ) If we ' re loy - al to the pre-cepts Taught so well by thee, j m 19- IB Chorus. A - W- A A E$tEE£ 1-4- =%= Un-ion Col -lege, dear old Un-ion! Un -ion strong and free! -P ■ -• - - - -• m m m m =V- E E£E1 .-5- £=it= : i — i- r i — m — : =£ — »- z±st -z- Loy - al sons and daught-ers ev - er We will live for thee. m ±=£ -e - 1 II " But the peak that is nearer the storm cloud is nearer the the stars oj light " (AUTHOR UNKNOWN) Wk ■ ' k ' ■■: y ,: f- , ' l0ti i ' •: ■ ' ■ ' .■» %■. ' - ' " : : ' ■;; .f- fM- JS ' : P : c ' y vV: ' : ' ;■■ ' ■■■•fi i-t ■ i ;■ .?■ ' . 1 .) ' ,.. .7 i.r f 99E? (Left to right) A. Charles Archer, Verna Jean Strong, Tec! Ray Hammonds FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Ted Ray Hammonds Secretary Verna Jean Strong Vice President A. Charles Archer Treasurer Earl Rogers • FRESHMEN " I want to own a mountain With challenge m its height " (Charles L. H. Wagner) First Row Heft to right): John W. Abner, Gladys B. Amis, Arthur Archer, Glenn Arney, Keith Arnold, A. J. Baker. Second Row: Betty Ann Baker, Richard Beeson, Helen Bostic, Betty Bowman, George Branstutter, Stanley Brewer. Third Row: Ambrose Burns, Jr., Mary Ellen Cannon. Mary Lee Carpenter, Peggy Joyce Catron, Lowell Centers, Carlyle Chandler. Fourth Row: Lo- raine Clark. William Cleary, Gill Collett, Randell Cox. Angela Creech, Bill Ray Creech. Fifth Row: John L. Damron, Ellen R. Darrow, Julius Daugherty, Jr., Wilma R. Daugherty, Fred A. Davis, Billie Jean Dean. Sixth Row: Georgia Pauline Decker, Lea- vitt Dolloff, Don Duff, Grace Durham, Barbara Duvay, Frances Evans. First Row (left to right). Dons Feltner, Barbara Fisher, Thomas Fletcher, Mary Pauline Fox, Alma Jean Gibson, Joyce Gregory. Second Row Ruby Gregory, Bonnie Ellen Grove, Christina Hacker, Omar Hacker, Dorothy E. Halcomb. Nannie Halcomb. Third Row: Ray Martine Halcomb, William Hall, Red Ray Hammond, Dons Hammons, Glenn Hammons, Lloyd Hammons. Fourth Row: Audrey Jean Hart, Gerald Hebert, Helen Henderson, Janet Hendrickson, Donald Herren, Gene Holtzclaw. Fijth Rou ' . Uta Faye Hopkins, Chester Howard, Morns Jackson, Laura Mae Johnson, Glenn D. Jones, Jack Jones. Sixth Row: George Kend- rick, Genevieve King, Lawrence Langford, William Larch, Ratael Lebron, Paul Lee. ■ffMWfllp Bgl AAl!Mfe Fnst Row (left to right): Robert C. Licare, Mae Lipps, Ersie Jean McCracken, William McFarland, Jr., Joan McKim, William Marcum. Second Row: Carol Martin, Harold Martin, Mary Martin, Kenneth Masters, Leland Masters, Alice Miller. Third Roto: Marilyn Miller, Nancy Miller, Rowena Mills, Pauline Mink, Wayne S. Moody, Edwin Moore. Fourth Row: Thomas Moore, Bernice Mullins, William H. Nelson, David Nesbit, Chiau Beng Ng, Marilyn Nichols. Fifth Row: Flem Patterson, Jessie Powers, Robert Revis, Earl Rogers, Carrie Sasser, Charles Sears. Sixth Row: Clella Sergent, Thomas Sfikas, Lloyd Siler, Willie Sizemore, Dorothy Smith, James T. Smith. First Row (left to right): Nancy Smith, Nell Smith, James Snavely, Mary E. Snyder, Jenny Lou Spurlock, Paul Standafer. Second Row: Cherlie Stevens, Verna Jean Strong, Clifford Swim, Edward Taylor, Geraldine Thompson, Wilma Jean Thompson. Third Row: Eugene Trammell, Eleanor Treadway, Rodney VonGruenigen, Virgil Voorhees, Louise Walker, Ennis B. Warren. Fourth Row: Donald Welch, Peter White, Virginia Jo White, John Wolfenden, Paul Woolum, Ruth Woolum. (Left to right) William Wayne, Lucy Anne VanDeventer, Leon Meenach, Loretta Young, Woodrow Crum SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Woodrow Crum Vice President Leon Meenach Secretary Loretta Young Treasurer Lucy Anne VanDeventer Sergeant at Arms William Wayne SOPHOMORES ' I climbed a hill path strange and new With slow feet, pausing at each turn. " (J. G. Whittier) First Row (left to right). Rojt Anderson, Carlyle Armstrong, Helen Bachlott, Jennie Barker, Stanley Bart;, June Bond. Second Row William O. Brittain, Joe Campbell, Ruth Carroll, John Cawthron, Charles Chakour, Doyle Cook. Third Row: Betty Ray Cooper, Paul Cooper, Owen Craft, Woodrow Crum, Anne Dean, Harold Dushame. Fourth Row: Russell Earl, Joseph Early, James Harvey Eggers, Lolyn Farris, Josephine Faulkner, Ralph Fishburn. Fijth Row: Kenneth Fowler, John Frazier, Mary Elizabeth French, George Garrett, Robert Garrison, Eugene T. Gray. First Row (left to right). Martha Gregory, Charles Gross, Robert Gum, Wilma Jean Hembree, Virginia Hill, Wathena Hinton. Second Row: Betty Jean Hodgdon, Otis Harold Hoskins, Maynard Huddleston, Sarah Hunt, Rex Hurst, Ikey Hurt. Third Row: Raymond Jacobs, Margaret Christine Jones, Laverne Lay, Ralph Leonard, Gholdston Lloyd, Virginia McAllister. Fourth Row: John McCauley, Maxwell McDonald, Donald Magaw, Leon Meenach, Russell Meyer, Paul Mink. Fifth Row: Norma Sue Miracle, Clayborne Moore, Dorothy Myers, James Nunley, Bessie Owens, William Parker. Fnst Row (left to right): Henry Clyde Pearson, John Pochard, Lloyd Roberts, George Root, Carl Donald Ruark, Ola Sanchez. Second Row: Lloyd Sharp, Reha Jewell Slier, Kenneth Slater, Curnie Smallwood, Mary Spears, Arthur Eugene S purlock. Third Row: James T. Stivers, Charles R. Taylor, James Thompson, Jr., Lucy Anne VanDeventer, Harold Wacks, Gilbert Warren. Fourth Rou . William Wayne, Eula Faye Wedbee, Jesse Williams, Jr., Forrest Williamson, Jr., Elzy Wilson, Kenneth Wilson. Fifth Row: John Wood, Cleon Wright, Hajel Yeager, Raymond York, Loretta Young. (Left to right) Paul Bodenstein, Ruth Snedeker, Reeda Reasor, John Lunsford, William Goodwin JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PresideTit John Lunsford Vice President Paul Bodenstein Secretary Reeda Reasor Treasurer Ruth Snedeker Sergeant at Arms William Goodwin JUNIORS L To mount a hill is to lift with you something lighter and brighter than yourself or than any meaner burden. " (Alice Meynell) First Row (left to right): Sylvia Allen, Walter Allen, Warren Anderson, Pepita Artiles. Second Row: Wallace Harold Barker, Charles D. Black, Wilson Boatman, Paul Bodenstein. Third Row: Golden Brashear, Ruth Briggs, Ponjola Brogan, Virginia Brogan. Fourth Row: William G. Brogan, James Burnaw, James Carter, Joseph Cassidy. First Row (left to right): William Cassidy, John Chaney, Edna Chappell, Wilbur Cox. Second Row: William Craft, Jr., Pat Dickinson, Freda Durbin, Doris Durham. Third Row: Langdon Dyer, John Elliott, William Ellis, Vernon Evans. Fourth Row: Alvin Gaines, Leslie George, Mary Giddins, Vernon Glasscock. First Rom (left to right): Truman Godbey, William Goodwin, Joe Hacker, Richard Harding. Second Row: Shirley Harding, George Hendricks, James D. Hensley, Stanley Lee Jackson. Third Row: Bruce Janes, Vernon Knuckles, Virginia Edith Langley, Billy S. Layne. Fourth Row: John D. Lehman, Robert Lockhart, John Lunsford, James McFall. First Rom (left to right): Robert McKinster, Eldred Melton, Vilma Meyer, Vernon Moore. Second Row: Bill Morgan, Richard Morgan, Esther Marine Murphy, Ola Murphy. Third Row: Ernest Mynatt, Elmer Nichols, Jack Nicholson, William Nims, Jr. Fourth Rouj: Milton Norman, Edison Parrott, Welby Patten, Clarence Payne. First Row (left to right): Dorothy Peach, Thomas Perkins, Ernest Powers, Reeda Reason. Second Row: Kyle Rosenbalm, Vida Sailor, Addison Schiefelbein, Ford Smith. Third Row: Joseph Smith, Roy Stanley Smith. Ruth Snedeker. Loyd Spurlock. Fourth Row: Eugene Steele, Jr., Pansy Taylor, Doyle Trouman, Jessie Gayle Tye. First Row (left to right); Erie Jack Vaughn, Beryl Wall, Quentin West, Second Row: Harley Woolum. Walter Wright, Third Row: Mrs. Vivian Bradley, Special Student. Howard Allen, " Hobby " Kilgore, William Cox SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President William J. Cox, Jr. Vice President Howard Allen Secretary Yvonne " Hobby " Kilgore Treasurer James Sanslow • SENIORS " I got up the mountain edge, and from the top saw the world stretcht out. . . " (Maurice Hewlett) J. Howard Allen, Greenup, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activities: President, Spanish Club; Secretary, Veterans Club; President, Sophomore Class; Vice president, Senior Class; Business Manager, a cappella choir; Beta Phi Chi; Associate Editor. Stespean; Stevenson Hall Council; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Profession sought: Coaching Rufus C. Andrews, Catlettsburg, Ky. A.B.. June 1949 Activities: Vice president, Freshman Class; Presi- dent, Sophomore Class; Spanish Club; Business Manager, Orange and Black; Playlikers Club Profession sought: Coaching Ruth Burkhart Andrews, Wallins, Ky. B.S. in education, June 1949 Activities: Sociology Club; Secretary, W A. A Profession sought: Teaching Aubrey Clayton Asher, Beverly, Ky. B.S. in Education, June 1949 Activities: Stevenson Hall Council; Veterans Club- Art Club; Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: Education field James W. Baker, Harlan, Ky. B.S. in Education, August 1949 Activities: Veterans Club; Sports Editor, Stespean; Sports Editor, Orange and Black Jack H. Ballard, Barbourville, Ky. B.S. in Education, June 1949 Riley E. Barnett, Pineville, B.S. in Education. June 1949 Activities: Veterans Club Profession sought: Teaching Ky. Garland W. Blair, Barbourville, Ky. B.S., January 1949 Profession sought: Teaching Billie L. Bolton, Barbourville, A.B.. August 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: Teaching Ky. Paul E. Bostic, Clairfield, Tenn. B.S. in Education Profession sought : Teaching 3K W. Brock, London, Ky. A.B.. June 1949 Profession sought: Teaching and Coaching Denver B. Brown, Pineville, Ky. A.B.. August 1949 Ethus W. Burton, Nancy, Ky. B.S. in Education. June 1949 Activities: Veterans Club. Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: Teaching Samuel B. Carico, Kmgsport, Tenn. A.B., June 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi. Playlikers Club, Vice president of Freshman Class, Sociology Club. Spanish Club, Stevenson Hall Council Earl B. Centers, Mt. Ash, Ky. B.S. in Education, August 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: Teaching John Smiley Collins, Glens Fork, Ky. B.S., June 1949 Activities: Vice President, Oxford Club; Veterans Club Profession sought Ministry Barbara Conley, Lackey, Ky. B.S. in Education, Auguat 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi. U. C- C. A.. W. A. A- Profession sought: Teaching Russell Keith Cox, Jeffs, Va. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Treasurer, Sophomore Class; I, R. C; Beta Phi Chi; Spanish Club; Stespean Staff; Presi- dent and Treasurer Sociology Club; President Zeta Sigma Pi; Playlikers Club Profession sought: Recreation Director William J. Cox, Jr., Jeffs, Va a. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Stevenson Hall Council; " Mr. Freshman " Circulation Manager, Club Editor, Business Manager, the Stespean; Vice president, Sophomoie Class; President, Senior Class; Spanish Club; Veterans Club; Varsity " LT " Club; Baseball Team, I, R. C; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Profession sought: Coaching Roy F. Cromer, Corbin, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Treasurer. French Club; Playlikers Clut Profession sought: Teaching Carl G. Davis, Rose Hill B.S. in Education, August 1949 Activities: Veterans Club Va. James H. Disney, Crummies, Ky. B.S., January 1949 Activities: Varsity " U " Club; Veterans Club Profession sought: Teaching Burton Dyer, Barbourville, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Sociology Club. Veterans Club Profession sought: Teaching Bruce Edwards, Coeburn, Va. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Playlikers Club. Cheerleader. I. R. Sociology Club; U. C. C. A.; Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: C. P. A. David G. Elliott, Middleburg, Ky. A.B.. August 1949 Activities: President. Sophomore Class; Ptavlikers Club; Beta Phi Chi; Veterans Club; U. C. C. A. Profession sought: Science Steve J. Frost, Kettle Island, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Profession sought: Medicine Genevieve Gendron, Detroit, Mich. B.S. in Education. January 1949 Activities: Veterans Club; Sociology Club; Sigma Pi Profession sought: Psychiatric Social Work Zeta Leland L. Goodin, Corbin, Ky. B.S. in Education, August 1949 Profession sought; Teaching Lawrence W. Gregory, Harlan, Ky. B.S.. July 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi, Veterans Club, I R C Profession sought: Teaching Rufus O. Harris, Berea, Ky. B.S., August 1949 Activities: Varsity " U " Club Profession sought: Teaching Hugh M. Hayes, Artemus, Ky. A.B.. August 1949 Profession sought: Teaching Elizabeth E. Henderson, Barbourville,Ky. B.S. in Education, June 1949 Profession sought: Elementary school teaching John Howard, Harlan, Ky. B.S., August 1949 Activities: Veterans Club; Sociology Club, Treasurer, Zeta Sigma Pi Profession sought: Teaching Vernon S. Hunsaker, Mayking, Ky. B.S. in Education, August 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi; Sgt. at Arms, Veterans Club; I. R. C; Sociology Club Profession sought: Secondary education John J. Johnson, Louisville, Ky. B.S. in Education, June 1949 Activities: Varsity " U " Club, Sociology Veterans Club Profession sought: Coaching Club James Russell Jones, Barbourville, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Mildred H. Keyzer, East Lynn, Mass. A.B.. June 1949 Activities: Oxford Club Auxiliary; U. C. C. A.; Spanish Club; Secretary-treasurer, Sociology Club; Vice president. Zeta Sigma Pi; Vice president. Art Club; Editor and Assistant Editor, Stespcan; Copy Editor, Orange and Black; I. R. C; Women ' s, Student Council; Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges Profession sought: Social Work Lowell Yvonne Kilgore, Coeburn, Va. A.B., June 1949 Activities: Secretary, Senior Class; Secretary, Spanish Club; Vice president, B. X. A.; Secre- tary, Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Classes; Secretary W. A. A.; U. C. C. A.; Sociology Club; Secretary, Zeta Sigma Pi; Vice president. Women ' s Student Association; Stespean Staff; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Profession sought: Scout Executive Selwyn S. Kilgore, Corbin, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: French Club; Band; Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: Medicine Paul V. King, Gulston, Ky. B.S., July 1949 Activities: Varsity " U " Club Profession sought: Teaching Margaret Lawrence, Jamestown, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi, Vice president; Valentine Queen; Woman ' s .Student Association; U. C. C. A. Profession sought: Medical Doctor Barbara J. Lewellin, Pekin, 111. A.B., June 1949 Activities: President and Treasurer, Art Club; Vice president, Oxford Club Auxiliary; Playlikers; Quill Club; U. C. C. A.; Junior Class Representa- tive to Stespean Staff; History award; Junior Scholastic Award Profession sought: Director Religious Education Jack Little, Hellier, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Veterans Club; Beta Phi Chi Profession sought : Dentistry Bobbie J. Lumpkins, Barbourville, Ky. A B., August 1949 Activities: Orange and Black Staff; Spanish Club Beta Phi Chi; Playlikers Jane B. McClurkan, Alva, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Profession sought: Teaching Mary E. McMichael, Lexington, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activities: President, W. A. A, Profession sought: Government Mathematician Constance Martin, Barbourville, Ky. A.B.. June 1949 Activities: B X A ; Beta Phi Chi James P. Melton, Jr., Cumberland, Ky. B. S. in Education, June 1949 Activities: Varsity " U " Club; Veterans Club Stespean Staff; Orange and Black representative; Treasurer, Freshman Class Profession sought: Physical Education Maurice T. Mitchell, Barbourville, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activities: Assistant Editor, Orange and Black; Beta Phi Chi, Spanish Club. Veterans Club, Inter- national Relations Club Profession sought: Business Douglas H. Morrison, Jersey City, N. J. A.B., August 1949 Activities: President, U. C. C. A.; Oxford Club; Playlikers Club; Quill Club; .Sociology Club; Beta Phi Chi; International Relations Club Profession sought: Social Work George C. Mynatt, Barbourville, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activities: President, Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: Medicine Thomas A. Nankivell, Columbia, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Oxford Club, Band Profession sought: Ministry Geraldine W. Norman, Amburgey, Ky. A.B.. August 1949 Activities: Royal Order of Homcmakers; Art Club; Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: Teaching Vernon Osborne, Crab Orchard, Ky. B.S., June 1949 Activities: Secretary. Varsity " U " Club; Veterans Club; Captain. Basketball Team Profession sought: Coashing Kenneth Pennington, Four Mil A.B., August 1949 Activities: Veterans Club Profession sought: Dentistry Ky. Lorraine Pollard, Danville, Ky. A.B.. June 1949 Activities: W. A. A.; U. C. C A.; Spanish Club, Religious Life Committee Profession sought: Physical Education Instructor Cleophus Pursifull, Loyall, Ky. B.S., June 1949 Activities: Varsity " U " Club; Veterans Club Assistant Coach, Varsity " U " Club, Veterans Club Profession sought: Coaching Marguerite Reagan, Somerville, Mass. A.B., June 1949 Activities: Secretary, International Relations Club; Vice preident, U. C. C. A.; Sociology Club; Oxford Auxiliary; Circulation Manager, Stespean; Chapel Committee; Choir; Playlikers Club; Orange and Black; French Club; Women ' s Student Associa- tion Profession sought: Childrens Settlement Work Ray Reed, Roark, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Spanish Club; Beta Phi Chi; International Relations Club; Veterans Club Profession sought; Teaching Herman Roark, Barbourville, Ky. B.S. in Education, June 1949 Activities: Veterans Club; Beta Phi Chi Profession sought: Teaching Jo Ann Roberts, Ashland, Ky. A B . July 1949 Activities: Vice president and Secretary, Spanish Club; Choir; Band; Triple Trio Profession sought: Music Lois G. Roberts, Ashland, Ky. B.S. in Education, June 1949 Activities: Treasurer, Junior Class; Triple Trio; Band; Choir; Treasurer, French Club; U. C. C. A.; Women ' s Student Council; Religious Life Commit- tee Profession sought: Music Teacher Reade A. Roberts, Ebensburg, Pa. A.B., August 1949 Activities: International Relations Club; Sociology Club; Veterans Club Profession sought: Social Work Sue Rosenbalm, Ewing, Va. B.S. in Education, August 1949 Profession sought: Teaching Glenn D. Ross, Four Mile, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Veterans Club; French Club; Varsity " U " Club Profession sought: Dentistry Grover P. Salyer, Coeburn, Va. B..S. in Education, August 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi; Veterans Club Profession sought: Coaching James H. Sanslow, Coeburn, Va. B.S. in Education, August 1949 Activities: Circulation Manager, Stespean; Treasurer, Senior Class; Veterans Club Profession sought: Teaching Edward L. Sears, Knoxville, Tenn. B.S. in Education, August 1949 Activities: Beta Phi Chi; International Relations Club; Orange and Black Staff; Sociology Club; Veterans Club Profession sought: Medical Doctor James R. Sears, Barbourville, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activities: President, Quill Club; Associate Editor and Makeup Editor, Orange and Black; Business Manager, Quill Club Quarterly; Editor, Choir- tripper; Poetry in " College Anthology " ; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Presi dent. Student Council Profession sought: Teaching Roy V. Shumate, Loyall, Ky. B.S. in Education, August 1949 Activities: Veterans Club; Playlikers Profession sought: Teaching Charles Singleton, Eubank, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activities: Vice president. Freshman Class; Veterans Club; Baseball Team; Varsity " U " Club; Orange and Black Staff; Beta Phi Ch ' i Profession sought: Medical Doctor D. C. Sutton, Jr., Corbin, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Profession sought: Teaching Clinton Tayoor, Balkan, Ky. B.S., August 1949 Activities: Band, Beta Phi Chi, Playlikers Club Russell K. Taylor, Lewisport, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Profession sought: Ministry Ulmont R. Taylor, Barbourville, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activities: Spanish Club: Art Club; Beta Phi Ch Veterans Club Profession sought: Biologist Mary H. Townsend, Grayson, Ky. B.S. in Mjsic Education, June 1949 Activities: V. C. C. A., Womens Student Council: Band; Choir; Triple Trio; Playlikers Profession sought: Teaching Cleo Turner, Incline, Ky. B.S.. June 1949 Activities: Playlikers; W. A. A.; Harlan County Club Science Club, Beta Phi Chi Professon sought: Teacher Ishmael Utley, Harnman, Tenn. A.B., June 1949 Profession sought: Teaching Otis D. Walker, Corbin, Ky. B.S. in Education, January 1949 M. C. Walton, Central City, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Profession sought: Medicine Avery Wheat, Jamestown, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: President. Oxford Club; Veterans Club, Spanish Club; Secretary, Playlikers Club Profession sought: Ministry Venon E. Whitaker, Roxana, Ky. A.B., June 1949 Activites: Varsity ' U " Club; Sociology Club Profession sought: Teaching George M. Wilder, Baxter, Ky. SS. in Education, June 1949 Activities: Varsity " U " Club; Veterans Club; Track; Judge of Rat Court; Vice president, Junior Class; President, Stevenson Hall Council Profession sought: Teaching Thomas Winkler, Pineville, Ky. A.B., August 1949 Activities: Veterans Club; Stespean Staff Profession sought: Teaching CORNETT WOODLEY, PllieVllle, B.S. in Education, June 1949 Profession sought: Secondary Teacher Ky. NON-GRADUATING SENIORS John H. Patrick, Jr., Stamping Ground, Ky. Raymond H. Wells Corbm, Ky. James R. West Pineville, Ky. De; (flhiL, Registrar President Business Manager Marie W. Baxter, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian Instructor in Library Scienc e Lois V. Benjamin, A.B. Instructor m Music Karl Bleyl, MA., Ph.D. Chairman of Division of Sciences Head of Department of Biology Professor of Biology William T. Bolyard, A.B. Coach and Head of the Department of Physical Education Erwin S. Bradley, B.S. in Ed., MA. Assistant Professor of History Acting Dean of Men Lester H. Colloms, B.D., Ph.D. Francis Landrum Memorial Professor of Religion and Philosophy Chairman of Division of Religion and Philosophy Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy Marjorie Donnell, B.A., MA. Instructor in Speech and Dramatics Aldis B. Easterling, A.B., MA. Associate Professor of Spanish and French Barbara Elliott, B.M. Instructor in Music Thed Farra, A.B., M.A., B.D. Instructor in Languages and Religion Strauther W. Grise, MA., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Education Head of the Department of Education Professor of Education Director of Extension Lois Hatfield, A.B. Instructor in Business William M. Hearn, B.J. Director of Public Relations R. Henderson, B.S., M.A. Russell M. Bennett Memorial Professor of Sociology Chairman of Division of Social Sciences Head of the Department of Sociology W. Everett Hendricks, A.B., M.M. Chairman of the Division of of Fine Arts Head of the Department of Music Professor of Music Education Grace Irvine Catalog Librarian Melville Laite, B.S. Instructor in Biology Richard M. Lotspeich, A.B. Instructor in Mathematics and Physics G. C. Mance, A.M., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Chemistry Professor of Chemistry Alice McKeehan, A.B., M.A., D.Ed. Chairman of Division of Languages Head of the Department of English Professor of English Ervilla Masters, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Home Economics Harold M. Messer, Jr., A.B., M.A. Director of Testing and Counselling Rena Milliken, A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Business Associate Professor of Business Education Kathleen Moore, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Edu- cation Frances Patridge, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education for Women Roger Glenn Rider, B.A. Instructor in English and Journalism Alice Robertson Smith, A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Home Eco- nomics Associate Professor of Home Economics and Dean of Women Cleo Stamper, B.S., M.A. Librarian Assistant Professor of Library Science Counsellor at Senior House KaTHERINE V. D. SUTPHEN Instructor in Piano and Art Lela Webb, A.B., M.A. Instructor in " English William Blackburn, A.B. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Al Creasy Assistant to the Dietitian Ethel Creasy Assistant to the Dietitian Elsie Forman, A.B., M.A. Secretary to the President Mrs. J. Paul Howard Secretary to the Director of Public Re- lations Mrs. Daisy Johnson Matron, Women ' s Dormitories George A. King College Engineer Mrs. Gladys Gray A.B. Secretary to the Registrar Lula Pearl Lynch Secretary in the Business Office Ernestine Richardson, B.S. Dietitian Of RC Nl I here are many paths to the top oj the mountain , Init t ie view is always the same ' ' ART CLUB L » 1 Mi (Le t to right) Miss S utphen, Barbara Lewellin, Edith Langley, Raymond York, Vernon Moore OFFICERS President Barbara Lewellin Vice President Raymond York Secretary-Treasurer -....- Vernon Moore Sponsor Miss Katherine Sutphen To serve the college and community in extra-curricular practical art contributions is the aim of the Art Club. The membership is composed of those students interested in serving this purpose. BETA CHI ALPHA SORORITY First Row, on floor (left to right): Josephine Faulkner, Jessie Gayle Tye, Lucy Anne VanDeventer, Grace Durham, Mrs. W. E. Hendricks, Hazel Yeager, Frances Evans, Jean McCracken. Second Row, seated: Constance Martin, Jean Hembree, Louise Walker, Ann Dean. Third Row, standing; Mary Spears, Virginia McAllister, Mary Ellen Cannon, Ruth Carroll, Betty Rae Cooper, Mary Pauline Fox, Dorothy Smith. The purpose of this sorority is to develop an appreciation of Beauty, Culture, and Art. MEMBERSHIP Jean Hembree President Constance Martin Vice President Mary Spears Secretary-treasurer Miriam Asher Reporter Miss Frances Patridge Patroness Mrs. W. Everett Hendricks Patroness Mrs. Conway Boatman Honorary Patroness Ruth Carroll Jessie Gayle Tye " Mary Ellen Cannon Mary Elizabeth French Hazel Yeager Mary Pauline Fox Yvonne Kilgore Josephine Faulkner Louise Walker Gladys Lewis Ann Dean _ „ Grace Durham Lucy Anne VanDeventer Dorothy Smith Virginia McAllister Helen Bachlott J ean McCracken BETA PHI CHI First Row (left to right): Mr. Laite, Stanley Bartz, Clarence Payne. Herman Roark, Charles R. Taylor, Doyle Cook, Chiau Beng Ng, Helen Bachlott, Mary Lee Carpenter, Bobbie Lumpkins, Reeda Reasor, Eldred Melton, Constance Martin, Don Ruark, George Mynatt. Second Row: William P. Ellis, John Lunsford, Clayton Asher, Selwyn Kilgore, Lawrence Gregory, Bill Morgan, John Lehman, Gilbert Warren, Douglas Morrison, Jack Little, Barbara Conley, Mary Pauline Fox, Margaret Lawrence, Billie Bolton. OFFICERS President George Mynatt Vice President Margaret Lawrence Treasurer-Business Manager Stanley Bartz Recording Secretary Reeda Reasor Reporting Secretary Helen Bachlott Sponsor Dr. Karl Bleyl The Science Club, Beta Phi Chi, has as its purpose the promotion of the scientific method and seeks to create interest in its field. i WSTOW ,r f i A CAPPELLA CHOIR UNION COLLEGE BAND FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB This organization is sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Its pri- mary purpose is to extend and promote interest and understanding of international problems that affect world peace. This club ' s activities for the past year have included several radio programs featuring discus- sions of international questions. Many well-informed speakers have addressed the club on different occasions. A delegation from this group attended the first I. R. C. Convention which was held at Georgetown College. Union ' s I. R. C. was honored this year by being the first club in Kentucky to play host to the Ohio Valley Regional Conference of International Relations Clubs, in which more than sixty col- leges and universities throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia participate. Seated (left to right): Mildred Keyzer, James Nunley, George Garrett, William Parker, Douglas Morrison, Ray Reed, William Marcum, Clyde Pearson, Marguerite Reagan, Prof. E. S. Bradley. Standing: Charles R. Taylor, Bill Layne, Reade Roberts, James Carter, Bill Morgan, Edward Sears, Russell Earl, Rufus Andrews, Lawrence Gregory, Chiau Beng Ng, Bessie Owens, Joseph Cassidy, Richard Harding. OEFICERS President Clyde Pearson Vice President William Parker Secretary Marguerite Reagan Treasurer James Nunley REGIONAL OFFICERS President Clyde Pearson Corresponding Secretary George Garrett Recording Secretary Marguerite Reagan IOTA SIGMA NU Union ' s honorary scholastic fraternity, Iota Sigma Nu, was founded in 1936 as a reward for scholastic achievement, diligence in study, and high ideals. Membership is open only to those stu- dents who, after completing a minimum of two years ' residence credit at Union, have met the re- quirements for graduation with honors, or who, at the end of the second quarter of their junior year, have a standing which, if maintained, will enable them to graduate magna cum laude. Faculty mem- bers may also be elected to the fraternity. S-a:ed (left to rig ' it): Cleo Stamper, Margaret T. Lotspeich, Gayle Miles, Lois Benjamin, Kathleen Moore, Caroline Bcatman, Jean Kn.ckles. Standing. Richard Lotspeich, Aldis B. Easterling, Conway Boatman. LA TERTULIA La Tertulia means " a gathering of friends " . The purpose is to stimulate interest in Spanish and Spanish sepak- ing countries. The Spanish Fiesta, an annual event, is one of the most entertaining presentations of the college year. First Row (left to right): Mrs. A. B. Easterling, Virginia Hill, Hobhy Kilgore, Verna Jean Strong, Bobbie Lumpkins, Jo Ann Roberts, Pepita Artiles, R. Keith Cox, Howard Allen. Second Row: Joseph Cassidy, William Cox, Rufus Andrews, Jack Vaughn, Harold Dushame, Doyle Cook, William Cassidy, Charles Gross, Bruce Janes, Donald Welch, Mary Giddins. MEMBERS NOT PRESENT FOR PICTURE Paul Cooper, Russell Earl, Vernon Glasscock, George Kendricks, Rafael Lebron, Nancy Miller, Clarence Payne, Ray Reed, Cleon Wright, Sam Carico, Gene Holtjclaw, Maynard Huddeston, Ulmont Taylor. OFFICERS Howard Allen President Jack Vaughn Vice President Jo Ann Roberts Secretary Jean Strong Treasurer Prof. A. B. Easterling Sponsor LE CERCLE FRANCAIS It is the aim of Le Cercle Francais to give the students opportunity to increase their ability in French con ' versation, to gain knowledge of the different aspects of French civilization and the contribution of the French people to society. All those students who have had or are now taking courses in French are included in the membership. Seated (left to right). Mary Giddins, Ola Sanchez, Helen Bachlott. Standing, first row: Kenneth Fowler, Eugene T. Gray, Roy Cromer, Chiau Beng Ng, William Parker. Second Row: Prof. Easterling, Charles R. Taylor, Charles Chakour, William Nims, Ralph Fishburn, Russell Meyer, William Nesbit, Kenneth Slater. OFFICERS Kenneth Fowler President Charles Chakour Vice President Helen Bachlott Secretary Roy Cromer Treasurer Prof. A. B. Easterling Sponsor ORANGE AND BLACK Seated (left to right): George Garrett, Addison Schiefel- bein, Bobbie Lumpkins, Virginia Brogan, Douglas Morrison, Mr. Thed Farra. Rear: William Cox, Mr. Roger Rider. OXFORD CLUB AND AUXILIARY First Row Oejt to right): Mary Spears, Eugene T. Gray, Ola Sanche;. Second Roto: Wayne Moody, M Idred Keyzer, Marguerite Reagan- Third Row: Thomas Nankivell, Joan M:Kim. Fourth Row: Eula Faye Whedbee, Ellen Darrow, Clella Sergent; Fifth Row: Douglas Morrison , Ruth Bnggs, Ralph Fishburn. Sixth Row: John Smiley Collins, John Wood, Joseph Cassidy, Barbara Lewellin, Charles Chakour, Betty Jean Hodgdon, Dorothy Peach. Seventh Row Ralph Leonard, Addison Schiefelbein, Donald Welch, Bruce Janes, William Nims, Ruth Snedeker, Shirley Harding, Mr. Thed Farra. Eighth Row: Kenneth Slater, Lee Dolloff, Paul Bodenstein. 7 inth Row: James Burnaw, Richard Harding, William Cassidy. Tenth Row: Dr. Lester Colloms, Avery Wheat. Motto: " ... Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. " (Mark 8:34) The Oxford Club and Auxiliary arc made up of young men and women who are devoting themselves and their services to full-time Christian work. Members of the Oxford Club are those who expect to become ordained ministers, while Auxiliary mem- bers are those who are devoting their lives to unor- dained Christian service. Many members have pastorates and serve in near-by churches. The purpose of the Oxford club and Auxiliary is to promote Christian character and leadership and be the nucleus around which this Christian character is built. OFFICERS OXFORD CLUB Avery Wheat President Smiley Collins Vice President Ralph Fishburn Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Lester Colloms and Mr. Thed Farra. . Sponsors AUXILIARY Mary Spears President Barbara Lewellin Vice President Ruth Briggs Secretary Nancy Miller, Betty Jean Hodgdon . Social Committee Miss Ervilla Masters and Miss Lela Webb . . Sponsors PLA YLIKERS OFFICERS President Russell Earl Vice President Eula Fa ye Whedbee Secretary-Treasurer Pansy Taylor Program Chairman Barbara Lewellin Sponsor Miss Marjorie Donnell Seated (left to right). Pansy Taylor, Barbara Lewellin, Cleo Turner, Ann Dean, Russell Earl, Nancy Miller, Betty Bowman, Miss Donnell, Joseph Cassidy, Eula Faye Whedbee. Standing (left to right); Peggy Catron, Douglas Morrison, Keith Cox, Bill Layne, Wayne Moody, Eugene T. Gray, Lee Dolloff. The Playlikers Club members are students who are interested in all phases of play production and stagework. Every member ' s talent is used on committees which work with make up, props, costumes, lighting, and stagecraft as well as actual dramatic parts. The Playlikers Club entertains the students of the campus with plays and at the same time provides valuable instruction and experience for the members. Action and enthusiasm are the characteristic qualities of the Playlikers Club. SOCIOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS President Russell Keith Cox Vice President Reade Roberts Secretary Ruth Andrews Treasurer James Carter Sponsor Prof. J. R. Henderson Front Row (left to right): Russell Earl, Ruth Andrews, Genevieve Gendron, Dorothy Peach, Russell Cox, Mildred Keyzer, Vilma Meyer, Joseph Cassidy, Reade Roberts, Prof. Henderson. Bad Row {left to right): Clyde Pearson, Burton Dyer, William Nims, Douglas Morrison, Edward Sears, Venon Whitaker, Richard Harding, Russell Majors, Langdon Dyer, James Carter. The object of this club is to promote interest in sociology and its related fields; to keep students abreast of con- temporary developments in the fields, and to develop fellowship through associations of like-minded individuals. STEVENSON HALL COUNCIL The Stevenson Hall Council, under the supervision of the Acting Dean of Men, maintains student discipline in Stevenson Hall. The Council acts as a governing body for the male dormitory students. The members of the Council are elected by and from the dormitory residents. OFFICERS President George Wilder Vice President Wayne Moody Secretary Joseph Smith Sponsor Prof. E. S. Bradley Left to Right Prof. Bradley, George Garrett, Joseph Smith, Donald Ruark, George Wilder. Wayne Moody, Ikey Hurt, James McFall. COUNCIL OF THE WOMEN ' S STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF UNION This group cooperates with the administration in promoting a quality of dormitory life consistent with the high ideals and standards of the college and the best interests of the students. It has the following objectives: (1) to as- sume responsibility for order in the dormitories and to help formulate the regulations governing conduct; (2) to pn vide a program of social life, and; (3) to promote interest in the spiritual life through devotional meetings. OFFICERS President Mary Spears Vice President Virginia McAllister Secretary Loretta Young Treasurer Dorothy Myers Devotional Chairman Ola Sanchez Social Chairman Reeda Reasor Pfeiffer Hall Representatives Senior House Representatives Jean Hembree Cherlie Stevens Margaret Lawrence Ruth Snedeker Laura Johnson Marguerite Reagan Seated (left to right): Miss Smith, Loretta Young, Mary Spears, Margaret Lawrence, Jean Hembree, Reeda Reasor, Cherlie Stevens, Virginia McAllister, Dorothy Myers. Ola Sanchez. Standing: Marguerite Reagan and Ruth Snedeker. OTiL " As -if JU«, El BBBi BB Yfl BF ■B9 ■ «r " i ABnBBBBPBi uBBLABbbT --• —■fn ■ " J BB BBBF VP Tffl ■ ' ■BBB 9 w fli a ffV " " ■ Itfl H Bv _ B . Pv JP i P - Mi ■ Btftr ' »--»rlfl L • ' B tt _ 4E ■ ' ; • ' y »j I HKwbsVV ■ m! aC IB A - jHH B. j! ■ m i. V »P t9S ■BlaBasa Bl b» B B J Hb j B H Excerpts from the statement of purpose .... We commit ourselves in singleness of devotion to God and seek to know and do His will. We seek to understand and follow Jesus Christ, and we seek to lead others to believe in Him and live as His fol- lowers. We take a stand on political, economic and social issues, working to eliminate the causes of poverty and injustice through the power of Christian love. We strive for unity m God ' s Church that it may become the community through which His will and love can be- expressed most fully. OFFICERS Douglas H. Morrison President Eula Faye Whedbee Vice President Ruth Briggs Secretary Marguerite Reagan Chapel Committee Representative Lorraine Pollard Religious Life Committee Representative Ola Sanchez Reporter Wayne Moody and Clella Sergent Freshman Class Representatives Charles Chakour and Betty Jean Hodgdon Sophomore Class Representatives Richard Harding and Vilma Meyer Junior Class Representatives Avery Wheat Senior Class Representative Dr. Lester Colloms and Mr. Thed Farra Sponsors UNION COLLEGE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION First Row (left to right): Ikey Hurt, Bill Craft, Donald Ruark, James Melton, James Burnaw, Pat Dickinson, Harold Barker. Second Row: John Patrick, Carlyle Armstrong, John Cawthron, Vernon Osborne, Woodrow Crum, John Johnson. Third Row: Bill Cox, Loyd Spurlock, Charles Singleton, Milton Norman, Venon Whitaker, Richard Morgan, George Wilder, Paul Cooper. VARSITY " U " CLUB First Row (left to right). Carlyle Armstrong, Lawrence Langford. Herman Roark, John Wood, Leon Meenach, Lolyn Farris, Russell Earl, George Root, Donald Ruark, Lawrence Gregory, Loyd Spurlock, John S. Collins, Edison Parrott. Second Row: John McCauley, Earl Rogers, James Carter, Genevieve Gendron, Alvin Gaines, Thomas Fletcher, Elmer Nichols, Harold Hoskins, John Lunsford, William Wayne, Russell Taylor. Third Row: Reade Roberts, Ray Reed, Ed Sears, William Cleary, Gerald Hehert, James Nunley, John Caw- thron, Ray York, Cleophus Pursifull. Fourth Rou; Charles Singleton, Avery Wheat, Bill McFarland, Vernon Knuckles, William Mar- cum, Clyde Pearson, Douglas Morrison, Joseph Cassidy, Jack Little, Randall Cox. VETERANS CLUB This club wishes to promote better relationships between the students and the veterans on the campus, and to work for better conditions in this and other towns for the benefit of all veterans. OFFICERS President Charles Singleton Vice President Lawrence Langford Treasurer Loyd Spurlock Secretary Bessie Owens Chaplain John Smiley Collins Sergeant at Arms Maxwell McDonald First Row: Dorothy Peach, Mary Ellen Cannon, Doris Durham, Geraldine Thompson, Jessie Powers, Grace Durham, June Bond, Virginia Hill, Loretta Young, Cleo Turner, Ann Dean. Second Row: Ruth Andrews, Jean Thompson, Dorothy Smith, Betty Bowman, Alice Miller, Uta Faye Hopkins, Ruth Carroll, Reeda Reason, Jean Hembree. Rear (standing): Vilma Meyer, Miss Patridge, Betty Rae Cooper, Mae Lipps, Ellen Grove, Jewell Siler, Cherlie Stevens, Nancy Miller, Edith Langley, Laura Johnson, Frances Evans, Nannie Hal- comb, Angela Creech, Helen Bostic, Genevieve King, Helen Henderson, Mary Martin, Barbara Conley, Betty Baker, Beryl Wall. WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The purpose of this association is to cooperate with the women ' s department of physical education in pro moting physical efficiency, interest in athletics and developing good sportsmanship among the students at Union. Awards based on participation are presented to members of this association at the end of the year. This group sponsors the Winter Carnival each year. OFFICERS President Vilma Meyer Vice President Dorothy Peach Secretary Pauline Decker Treasurer Reeda Reasor Sponsor Miss Frances Patridge ROYAL ORDER OF HOMEMAKERS M f 5 rl SI rr V 1 i 1 1 : ■ i Left to Right: Laura Johnson, Helen Henderson, Miss Masters, Ann Dean, Uta Faye Hopkins, Mary Lee Carpenter, Norma Sue Miracle, Frances Evans. OFFICERS President Uta Faye Hopkins Vice President Ann Dean Secretary Doris Hammons Treasurer Laura Johnson Sponsor Miss Ervilla Masters STESPEAN STAFF Left to Right. James Sears, Bill Cox, John Lunsford, Mildred Keyzer, Howard Allen, Shirley Harding, Hobby Kilgore, Miss Moore, Ray York, Keith Cox. Editor -xn-Chxej Mildred Keyzer Associate Editor Howard Allen Assistant Editor John Lunsford Business Manager William J. Cox, Jr. Assistant Business Manager Joan McKim Literary Editor James Sears Feature Editor Hobby Kilgore Art Editor Ray York Photography Editor George Mynatt Activities Keith Cox Assistants Shirley Harding and James Melton Circulation Manager James Sanslow Advertising Manager Thomas Winkler General Staff Members: Russell Earl, Marguerite Reagan, Betty Rae Cooper, Eula Faye Whedbee, Pansy Taylor, John Smiley Collins, Barbara Lewellin. WHO ' S WHO In American Universities and Colleges No. 1. John Patrick, Jr., James Sears, Richard Harding No. 2. Howard Allen, Yvonne Kilgore No. 3. Mildred Keyzer, William Cox, Jr. " The mountains are the gathering of Thy Glory " i iW ftarfRM MISS UNION Lois Roberts Ashland, Kentucky MR. UNION Loyd Spurlock Big Creek, Kentucky BASKETBALL QUEEN JENNIE BARKER Union ' s Basketball Queen Crowned at Homecoming Game The SNOW QUEEN HELEN BACHLOTT Jacksonville, Florida AND HER ATTENDANTS . . . Betty Bowman Jamestown, Kentucky Barbara Duvay Newton, Massachusetts Betty Anne Baker Alva, Kentucky Virginia McAllister McAndrews, Kentucky BASKETBALL VARSITY TEAM First Row (seated) left to right: Paul Cooper, Pat Dickinson, Bill Craft, Warren Anderson, Captain Vernon Osborne, Woodrow Crum, Harold Barker, Clifford Swim, Truman Godbey. Second Row (standing) left to right: Cleophus Pursifull, assistant coach, Charles Black, assistant coach, James R. Snavely, Richard Mor- gan, Ikey Hurt, Dick Beeson, Coach William Bolyard, Bill Brewer, Keith Arnold, Doyle Troutman, Leon Meenach and Don Ruark, managers. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Jean McCracken, Kenneth Fowler, Jean Hembree, Reeda Reason, Rodney VonGruenigan, Beryl Wall. UNION BASKETBALL Keith Arnold Freshman . . . ' Forward Mt. Vernon, Ky. Harold Barker Junior Guard Vicco, Ky. Richard Beeson Freshman Center . Cambridge City, Ind. Bill Brewer Freshman Center Lewisville, Ind. Woodrow Crum Sophomore . Guard Jenkins, Ky. Pat Dickinson Junior Guard " Barhourville, Ky. Truman Godbey Junior Forward Bethelridge, Ky. COLLEGE SQUAD Richard Morgan Junior Forward . London, Ky. Vernon Osborne Senior Forward Crab Orchard, Ky. Earl Rogers Freshman Guard Loyall, Ky . Tunney B. Stanley Freshman Forward . Corbm, Ky. Clifford Swim Freshman Guard Cambridge City, Ind. Doyle Troutman Sophomore Guard . Alva, Ky. 1948 - 1949 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. 4 Union .53 Dec. 8 Union 60 Dec. 11 Union . 85 Dec. 16 Union 52 Dec. 17 Union . .62 Dec. 18 Union 56 Dec. 20 Union 49 Jan. 6 Jan. 8 fan. 12 Union 70 Union 63 Union 75 fan. 14 Union 79 fan. 17 Union . .59 Jan. 22 Union 61 Jan. 29 Union 63 fan. 31 Feb. 4 Union 59 Union 60 Feb. 5 Union 58 Feb. 7 Union 67 Feb. 9 Union 64 Feb. 12 Union 58 Feb. 14 Union 63 Feb. 17 Union . 89 Feb. 21 Union 49 L.M.U 65 Berea 59 Transylvania 81 Morehead 54 Morns-Harvey 93 Alderson-Broaddus 71 Davis-Elkms 74 Georgetown 63 Oakland City Col .100 L.M.U 77 Tusculum 58 Centre 54 East Tennessee State 69 Oakland City College 89 Pikeville 63 Georgetown 80 Transylvania 46 East Tennessee State 69 Centre 75 Berea 64 Morehead 74 Pikeville 83 Kentucky Wesleyan 68 BASEBALL. .. TRACK . . . BASKETBALL QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Left to Right; Betty Rae Cooper, Jean Hart, Jennie Barker, Reeda Reasor, Lois Roberts. 7n Front: Elaine Hearn. THE WINTER CARNIVAL The Queen and her Court. Miss Betty Anne Baker, Miss Betty Bowman, Master Richard Laite, Miss Helen Bachlott, Miss Barbara Duvay, Miss Virginia McAllister. Dean H. B Smith crowns Sr.ow Queen, Miss Helen Bachlott. A » ,4 Maidens of the Snow. Left to Right. Joan McKim, Betty Rae Cooper, Jean Hembree, Jean Hart, Doris Durham, Ruth Carroll. 9W P9MOT9 That toothpaste smile . . Who says rain damp- ens spirits? Just one big happy family ! Two gals — and Agatha . . . Watch those waistlines, fellows ! What ' s your opinion, Paul? Everybody ' s friend — Sim Hamp- ton . . . Those Senior House girls Let ' s have a toot on the tooter, John! Vive la compagnie ! The " inside story " Three cheers for Unci Sam . . Me and my wife . Studying? Must be a mistake . . . A penny for your thoughts . . Duet RAT WEEK . . . RAT WEEK Before . . And after Who ' s holding up whom? This is the way we brush our teeth . . . Withdrawing from society, Bill? On the inside, look- ing out . . . Music hath charms — and so has the musician ! Monday is washday One + one = a two- some ! Hail, hail, the gang ' s all here! You don ' t say!! On de fence Somebody ' s slipping Oh, you lucky men ! Union sure can pick em . . . Cooking up some- thing? Quiet hour, no doubt ! DANIEL BOONE FESTIVAL . . . SPANISH FIESTA Sadie Hawkins Day May Festival An Evening in Pans Ride ' em, cowboys! Bruce and Berry, look ' ing very happy! Well? .... Get thee behind me Smile for the birdie, girls . . . A girl ' s best friend Still on the job . What ' s she got behind your back, Jenny? Room for six more ' Nuff said Cave girls Grove and King . . . Another coach in the making . . . Why the shy look, Nan? Where you see Jean, there you ' ll see Joe . . . Which side are you on, anyhow? What — no men? Two landmarks — the bus station .... And the midnight show. Come out from behind that tree, Jean . . . We ' d give Gerry an " A " just for looking pretty . . Cleo and Harold, the inseparable pair . . . An example of " how to be happy though married " . . . A couple of " Jones Hall " boys .... Don ' t be too hard on him. Miss Millikcn Door locked, boys? Nothing to do, fellows? La casa del professor Mmm . . . hot dogs at Walker State Park . . . SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS GRADUATING SENIORS 3.HODORA HAHN, Jackson, Kentucky A.B., June 1949 Activities: Home Economics Club, Beta Chi Alpha, W. A. A., Art Club, Orange and Black Staff. Kenneth Reed Kinningham Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii A.B., August, 1949 Activities: Science Club, Inter- national Relations Club, Art Club, Orange and Black staff. Ercel Nolan London Kentucky B.S. in Education, June 1949 Annette Pennington Four Mile, Kentucky A.B., August 1949 Activities: Spanish Club, Secre tarial Science Club, College Choir, B.X.A. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS First Row (left to right): Vera Brackbill, Irma Hammons, Evelyn Miller, Clarice Mackey, Ernie Howard, Helen Manning, Ercel Nolan, William Scalf, Lloyd Lyttle, Mary K. Gatliff, Doris Greene. Second Row: Lee Johnson, Charles Wright, Vernon Price, Bev Stuart, Rhodora Hahn, Walter Marcum, Leonard Risner. Third Row: Arvil Justice, Frederick Smith, Charles Standafer, Oscar Parsons, Walter Joyner, Ben Amis. Fourth Row: Millard McAninch, Ronald Morgan, Ralph Smith, Ben Epperson, Spurgeon Holt. ' If the mountain won ' t come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain " (ENGLISH PROVERB PVERTI9I HC UNION NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $5,000 FOR EACH DEPOSITOR COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE LOCK BOXES WE SELL TRAVELERS ' CHECKS MAINTAIN SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Kenneth H. Tuggle, President Matthew McKeehan, Cashier Dr. B. P. Jones, Vice President Margaret Riley, Assistant Cashier Harold Mitchell, Assistant Cashier BAKER ' S FOOD STORE GOOD FOODS Manchester, Ky. THE BARBOURVILLE ADVOCATE OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING TYPEWRITERS, STATIONERY, CARDS Barbourville, Ky. W.M.I.K. MUTUAL Middlesboro in Kentucky 250 Watts 1490 KC. SERVING THE BILLION DOLLAR TRI-STATE CUMBERLAND EMPIRE WILLIAMS STORE Quality Merchandise Arrow Shirts Dobbs Hats Florsheim Shoes Curlee Suits Barbourville Kentucky Phone 39 PRESTON MAGICIAN AND HYPNOTIST Pineville, Ky. Class of ' 39 VERRAN ' S SMART APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES FOR WOMEN MISSES CHILDREN— INFANTS Middlesboro, Ky. CORA ' S DEPARTMENT STORE GIRLS ' LADIES ' AND CHILDREN ' S READY TO WEAR Barbourville Kentucky Phone 78 RUN RIGHT TO CHESNUT ' S DRUGS AND SUNDRIES Phone 89 Barbourville, Ky. WHEDBEE MOTOR CO. Harlan, Ky. YOUR HUDSON, RED TRUCK AND USED CAR DEALER ' This Time It ' s Hudson! South Main St. Phone 192 ♦ ZENITH— Outstanding Name in Radio ♦ BARTON— 3 Speed Washing Machine ©WINTER— The Famous Musette Piano ♦TAPPAN— Newest Style Gas Range ♦ SIMMONS — Beautyrest Mattress ♦KROEHLER— World ' s Largest Furniture Manufacturers ♦ FRIGIDAIRE— The Nation ' s Favorite ♦MAGIC CHEF— Top Ranking Gas Range ♦R.C.A. VICTOR— The Leader in Victrolas ♦RED MOUNTAIN— High Quality Coal Stove ALL OF THE ABOVE BRANDS SOLD BY MILLER-YANCEY FURN. CO. The Store of Standard Brands HUTTON ' S SHOE STORE AND REPAIR SHOP Shoes for the entire family at reasonable prices Barbourville Kentucky FRANK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE OUTFITTERS FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN Barbourville Kentucky COMPLIMENTS OF RENFRO SUPPLY CO. ♦ WHOLESALE GROCERIES WILLIAMSBURG, KY. GREEN-MILLER PHARMACY Phone 600 Harlan, Ky. Compliments of THE BANK OF HARLAN Harlan, Ky. R. E. WILLIAMS 5 AND IOC STORE Exclusive But Not Expensive Barbourville, Ky. KNOX GAS COMPANY Modern Gas Appliances Home Heating Equipment Phone 27 Greyhound Terminal Building Barbourville Kentucky HOWARD DRUG CO. Prescriptions A Specialty Phone 755 Harlan, Ky. " Home of Popular Priced Merchandise " DRAPER DARWIN Williamsburg, Ky. KNOX COUNTY SUPPLY COMPANY, Incorporated General Merchandise The Farmers ' Store I.H.C. Tractors and Farming Implements HARLAN MOTOR CO. SALES— FORD— SERVICE Clover St. Harlan, Ky. Phones 334 335 CALLISON ' S HOME FURNISHERS JEWELERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS MIDDLESBORO SINCE 1890 HARLAN JEWELRY CO. Harlan, Ky. Distributor Genuine Registered Keepsake Diamond Rings International Sterling Silver 1847 Rogers Bros. Waltham and Helbras Watches Sheaffer, Parker, and Eversharp Pens and Pencils and many other jewelry items CORBIN MILK COMPANY Pasteurized Dairy Products Phone 284 Corbin, Ky. CORBIN Y.M.C.A. CAFETERIA Ed Nicholson, Manager Corbin, Ky. SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS REQUIRE CO-OPERATION AND INTELLIGENT PERSONAL SERVICE TELEPHONE 6-1151 • 162 FOURTH AVE., N. NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE Compliments of COMMONWEALTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY CUMBERLAND VALLEY DISTRICT Pineville, Ky. CHARLES BRASHEAR GARDEN AND FIELD SEEDS Prompt Mail Order Service 405 4th St. Corbin, Ky. Phone 178 BISSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Royal Portable Typewriters Harlan and Corbin, Ky. STEWART DRY CLEANERS Prompt Service — Real Satisfaction Agent at Union College Barbourville, Ky. GRAPETTE BOTTLING CO. Thirsty or Hot, Cold or Not You ' ll Like a Grapette So. Main St. Corbin, Ky. BUICK— PONTIAC TRI-COUNTY MOTORS, INC. 102 104 East Second St. Corbin, Ky. Phone 295 Compliments of DAVIS TUCKER GROCERY Williamsburg, Ky. PALMER ' S Clothing for the Entire Family Phone 101 J. E. Palmer, Mgr. Compliments of GOLDE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Barbourville, Ky. MODERN SHOPPE For Men and Boys Phone 84 Pineville, Ky. MANNING ' S MARKET and SPEEDWAY SERVICE STATION U.S. 25E Pineville, Ky. ADER ' S MEN ' S SHOP Middlesboro Hospital Building If It ' s Drugs, Think of COTTONGIM DRUG CO. Your Rexall Store Corbin, Ky. Compliments of BLAIR HARDWARE COMPANY Barbourville, Ky. KIDD BROTHERS Guardian of the Family Food Budget Barbourville, Ky. LEWIS W. REISER JEWELER Genuine Keepsake Diamonds Bookkeeping Point Shaeff er Pens Barbourville Kentucky Compliments of DR. NEAL BENJAMIN Barbourville, Ky. GET IT AT LEE Middlesboro, Ky. HELTON OIL CO. and SERVICE STATION Gas, Motor Oil, Kerosene, Diesel Oil Wholesale and Retail Corbin, Ky. Compliments of CATRON MOTOR CO. Your Friendly Ford Dealer Corbin, Ky. WALTER SERVICE STATION Gates Tires — Fully Guaranteed Adjustments made regardless of how damaged So. Main St. Corbin, Ky. COLONEL ' S GRILL FOR FINE FOODS Middlesboro, Ky. EASTERLY MOTOR CO. Pontiac International Motor Truck SALES AND SERVICE Phone 2 3420 Barbourville, Ky. CALENDAR OF EVENTS SEPTEMBER 24th Reception to the faculty at Baldwin Place and Convocation 25th Party at the Blue Room 27th Student Reception OCTOBER 15th W.A.A. Picnic on Sampson 23rd W.A.A. at the Kub 28th I.R.C. speaker in Chapel (Dunner) 30th Halloween Party at the Blue Room NOVEMBER l-5th Religious Emphasis Week 7th Goldsand Concert 8th Faculty Reception for Mr. and Mrs. Blair 10th Pep Rally and Cheer Leader selection 13th Sadie Hawkins Day (Dance at the Blue Room) 19th First major production of the Playlikers — " Stage Door " 25th Thanksgiving Dinner DECEMBER 3rd Pep Rally and " Evening in Pans " 4th Union vs. Lincoln Memorial University Basketball 5th " Messiah " 6th Intra-murals (Gym) 7th Science Club Meeting 8th Berea vs. Union Basketball 9th Intra-murals (Gym) 10th W.A.A. Party 11th Transylvania vs. Union Basketball, Choir Concert in schools 12th Music Program 13th Faculty Dinner 15th Intramurals (Gym) 17th Piano recitals 18th Christmas vacation begins at 12:10 P.M. JANUARY 3rd Classes resumed 6th Georgetown vs. Union Basketball 8th Oakland City vs. Union Basketball, Party at the Blue Room 12th Lincoln Memorial University vs. Union Basketball 14th Tusculum vs. Union Basketball 17th Centre vs. Union Basketball 22nd Eastern Tennessee S. vs. Union Basketball 29th Oakland City vs. Union Basketball 31st Pikeville vs. Union Basketball FEBRUARY 4th Georgetown vs. Union Basketball 5th Transylvania vs. Union Basketball 7th Eastern Tennessee S. vs. Union Basketball 9th Centre vs. Union Basketball 11th Open House, Women ' s Residence Halls 12th Berea vs. Union Basketball 14th Morehead vs. Union Basketball 17th Pikeville vs. Union Basketball 21st Kentucky Wesleyan vs. Union Basketball 28th Annual Winter Carnival MARCH 11th Annual Senior Variety Show I8th-19th Ohio Valley Regional Conference, Inter- national Relations Clubs, at Union 25th . High School Senior Day 30th Spring Recess began APRIL 5th Classes resumed 14th Junior-Senior Banquet MAY 13th President ' s Dinner for Seniors 27th Commencement Play 29th Baccalaureate Service, 10:30 a.m. 30th Annual meeting of the Board of Trustees Alumni Banquet 31st Seventieth Annual Commencement Wesks-Townssnif Serial U rarr Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 k mw - — • et ■ ctfesTee RUSSIAN CA PILLAC Are ) MI? " JOE COLLEGE J? -Iff: iin Ml 1 ' fu cV S ,« toailek camp plvd. v " " ( WOS T tfr»« -f i 4% tV V|V r 7- ' - « V) . $RV - V P6AN ' " COTTAGE WITH C tVO -J KUB PLAZA wzzzzzzzzsm w « . ■v FOLLOW C T TRACKS TO T»+€ BIOLO V wm WMmmmmma mmMMM WSmMm mm 3s SwsEBpHHHB|

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