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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00102168 2 l i Mi 111 |i(l 11 III ill . % Abigail £ Wttks iUrmnrial ftibrarg Pinion (Enllpgr U u q-f-oD Evil ' s - of LLEGE VI Editor ABI3 H E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBHARY ha UNION COLLEGE pU2. v laf-V BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY J ARC 378.769 S841 1948 c.2 FOREWORD If in twenty-five years your grandchildren get a kick out of this book, and if it brings to you a twinkle of amused remembrance, then we will be glad that we lost weight, failed exams, spent six sleepless days and nights in Knox- ville, and spent the next ten years at Fourth Street in order to bring you this edition. Ssr DEDICATION For his greatness of heart, his love of the beautiful, his unfailing service and staunch loy- alty to Union College, his Alma Mater, we, the members of the Staff of the 1948 Stespean ded- icate this issue to . . . PROF. PHILLIP 1. PETERS PRESENTING RECOLLECTIONS E CLASSES AND CLASSMATES RECORD OF EVENTS AND PLACES AT UNION COLLEGE CAM?OS VIEWS DR. CONWAY BOATMAN, A.B.. B.D., M.A.. D.D. PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE M)MIAHST«ATION % SECH m ADMINISTRATION Herbert B. Smith. M. A.. D. Ed. Dean of the College Phillip I. Peters. B. S., M. A. Registrar of the College James F. Blair, Graduate Union College Academy Treasurer of the College THE FACULTY Marie Baxter, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian William B. Bjornstad, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English, Head of the Department of Languages Edith M. Bjornstad, A.B. Instructor in English and Journalism Karl Bleyl, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Biology, Head of the Department of Biology William T. Bolyard, A.B. Professor of Physical Education, Head of Department of Physical Education E. S. Bradley, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Professor of History Tandy P. Chenault, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology Lester H. Colloms, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. Francis Landrum Memorial In- structor in Bible and Philosophy, Head of the Department of Bible and Philosophy Marjorie Donnell, A.B. Instructor in Speech Aldis B. Easterling, A.B. Associate Professor and French , M. A. of Spanish ■:V : A ■frM - v itfta THE FACULTY Lucille Epperson, A.B., M.A. Instructor in Music Clinton L. Folse, B.S., M.A. Russell M. Bennett Memorial Pro- fessor of Sociology, Acting Head of the Department of Social Studies Strauther W. Grise, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education, Head of the Depart- ment of Education, and Director of Extension Mary Harrison, B.A., M.Ed., MA. Instructor in Religious Education, Director of Field Work Lois Hatfield. A.B. Instructor in Business Education W. Everett Hendricks, A.B., M.M. Professor of Music Education, Head of the Department of Fine Arts Mary Lawrence, R. N. College Nurse G. C. Mance, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, Head of the Department of Physical Sciences Harold M. Messer, Jr., A.B., M.A. Director of Testing and Counselling Rena. E. Milliken, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Ed- ucation, Head of the Division of Sec- retarial Sciences THE FACULTY Kathleen Moore, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education Frances Patridge, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education for Women Eleanor Ritchie, B.S. Instructor in Instrumental Music Alice R. Smith, A.B., M.A. Dean of Women, Associate Professor of Home Economics, Head of the Di- vision of Home Economics Pauline Lay Smith, A.B., M.A. Instructor in English Cleo Stamper, B.S., M.A. Librarian Katherine V. D. Sutphen Instructor in Art and Piano Lela Webb, A.B., M.A. Instructor in English William E. Blackburn, A.B. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Al Creasy Assistant to the Dietitian THE FACULTY Ethel Creasy Assistant to the Dietitian Elsie Forman, A.B., M.A. Secretary to the President Elizabeth Greear, A.B. Assistant Treasurer Daisy Johnson Matron in Women ' s Dormitories George A. King College Engineer Margaret Lotspeich, A.B. Secretary to the Registrar Ernestine Richardson, B.S. Dietitian Consuela Shumate Secretary to the Director of Public Relations Not Photographed: William M. Hearn, B.J. Director of Public Relations Lalla Ricketts Assistant Dean of Women Clifton Wilson Assistant Business Manager CLASSES c y ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMOGIA! MBPAPV UNION COLLEGf BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY ' 41 III i «» V £ ; ' ■•■.■:■■■;.■■■;■,-.. ' ..1 T is J Page, Early, Graham, King, Taylor SENIOR OFFICERS lack Early President Carlos Page, _ . Vice-President Sally Graham, .. . Secretary General King, . Treasurer Claydus Taylor, . ._.. Sgt. at Arms SENIORS Miriam Tappan Asher Delmar, Delaware Degree: A. B. Majors: Biology, History Minor: Bible Activities: Beta Chi Alpha Sorority, 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Science Club, 1; Playlikers 1. " Grace was in all her siep, heaven in her eye, In every gesture dignity and love. " Steven Douglas Asher Beverly, Kentucky Degree: B. S. Major: Biology Minors: Chemistry, Mathematics " He speaketh not: and yet there lies A conversation in his eyes. " Nancy Elizabeth Baker Clarksville, Virginia Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: History, Sociology Activities: Sociology Club, 3, 4 ; Veterans ' Club, 3, 4. " Lives of great wcmen all remind us That we can make our lives sublime. " William James Baker, Jr. Corbin, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Major: English Minors: Mathematics, Business. Activities: Sociology Club, 3, 4; Veterans ' Club, 3, 4. " Fine things are possible to diligence and skill. " Lois Vincent Benjamin Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Major: Music Minors: English, French Activities: French Club; Playlikers Club; Choir; Beta Chi Alpha Sorority. " Music is well said to be the speech of angels. " Everett V. Bargo Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: B. S. Majors: Chemistry, Mathematics Minor: Biology " I ' ve taken my fun where I ' ve found it. " Marie Bennett Williamsburg, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Elementary Education Minors: English, Social Studies. " Hear much; speak little. " Caroline Brasher Boatman Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Major: English Minors: Spanish. Bible Activities: Honorary Sponsor of Beta Chi Alpha Sorority; Honorary Member of Royal Order of Homemakers; So- ciology Club; International Relations Club. SENIORS loyce Elaine Brown Maiden, Massachusetts Degree: A. B. Majors: English, Spanish Minor: Bible Activities: Spanish Club, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4; Playlikers Club, 1, 3, 4; Oxford Club Auxiliary, 2; Quill Club. 3, 4; U.C.C.A. Representative, 1, 2 ,3,4; Orange and Black Reporter, 1, 2. " Humour is the harmony of the heart. " Eillie Rhea Bryant Corbin, Kentucky DsgreeDegree: B. S. in Education Major: Education Minors: English, Sociology " The best of healers is good cheer. " Ralph C. Bur ' .thart Wallins Creek, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Physical Education, History Activities: President of Agriculture Club, Vice-President of Science Club, U Club, Vice-President of Harlan County Club, Vice-President of Current Events Club. " One ' s outlook is a part of his virtue. " Joe Paul Chandler Upton, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Major: Biology Minors: Sociology, Bible " Reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader. " John Tom Corey Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Biology, Sociology Activities: Sociology Club, 3, 4. " They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts. " Jeanne Cunningham Elmira, New York Degree: A. B. Major: Mathematics Minors: Chemistry, Sociology Activities: Secretary of Playlikers Club, 2, 3; French Club, 3, 4; Art Club, 2, 3; Science Club, 2, 3; W. A. A. 2, 3; Stespean Art Editor, 4. " Little deeds of kindness. " Orval Estil Davis Williamsburg, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Major: Biology Minors: Physical Education, English " Make ha ' y while the sun shines. " Katherine Bennett DeLong Elizabethton, Tennessee Degree: A. B. Major: History Miors: English, Sociology Activities: Secretary of Sociology Club, 4; Stespean Staff, 4. " All who joy would win must show it, — happiness was born a twin. " SENIORS Jean Audell Dulling Jellico, Tennessee Degree: S. S. Major: Chemistry Minors: Biology, English Activities: Member of Pfeiffer Hall Council, 3; Counsellor of Senior House, 3; Vice-President of Junior Class; Who ' s Who, 4; Business Manager of Stespean, 4; Secretary of French Club, 2; Secretary of Science Club, 3. " The beauty of the heavens is the stars; The beauty of women is their hair. " Jack Jones Early Corbin, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Major: Sociology Minors: History, Bible Activities: President, Freshman Class; President, Senior Class; President, Stevenson Hall Council, 1, 2, 3; Presi- dent, Playlikers, I; Vice-President, Oxford Club, 2; Vice- President, French Club, 4; Vice-President, I. Pi. C, 3; Vice- President, U. C. C. A., 3; Mr. Union, 3; Who ' s Who, 4; Basketball sguad, 1; Representative to Administrative Council, 1; Secretary of Ohio Valley Region I. R. C, 1; Treasurer of Kentucky-Tennessee Region National Stu- dent Organization, 4. " When it gets dark enough, the stars will shine. " Bernard J. Famsworth Port Gibson, New York Degree: B. S. Major: Chemistry Minors: Mathematics, History " Reason is the wise man ' s guide. " Willard C. Foley Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: B. S. Major: Biology Minors: History, Chemistry " The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms. " Conda Lee Gatli ' f Balkan, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Major: Business Minor: Sociology Activities: U Club; Mr. Sophomore, 1947; Basketball; Sec- retarial Science Club. " A bachelor is one who enjoys the chase but does not eat the game. " Rozelle Graham Stoneham, Massachusetts Degree: A. B. Majors: Sociology, English Minor: French Activities: Women ' s Council of Pfeiffer, 2; A Cappella Choir, 4; Oxford Auxiliary, 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 1, 2; Sociology Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary Quill Club, 4; Secre- tary, Senior Class; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; I. R. C, 3, 4; Stes- pean Staff, 4; Who ' s Who, 4; Winter Queen attendant, 1. " Age cannot wither her, nor custcm stale her infinite variety. " Charles R. Harris Corbin, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Sociology Minors: History, Physical Education Activities: Sociology Club, Veterans Club. " The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool. " Clyde E. Hill Gatliff, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: History, Physical Education Activities: Veterans Club. " In youth we learn, in age we understand. " SENIORS Fred Irving Home Coeburn, Virginia Degree: A. B. Major: Sociology Minors: History, English Activities: Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Treasurer, So- ciology Club, 3; President Sociology Club, 4; Treasurer of International Relations Club, 3; Circulation Manager, Stespean, 3; Staff member Orange and Black, 2; Vet- erans Club, 3, 4. " My only books were women ' s looks And folly ' s all they taught me. " Caleb Hubbard Williamsburg, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Mathematics, Biology " The teacher is like the candle which lights others in consuming itself. " Loraine Ison Flatwood, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Major: English Minors: History, French Activities: A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4; Quill Club, 3, 4; Oxford Club Auxiliary, 1, 2, 3; Playlikers, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres- ident, Women ' s Council, 4; Editor, Freshman issue Orange and Black; Representative to U. C. C. A., 2; Member, French Club, Spanish Club, Sociology, International Rela- tions Club. — that which is good is always beautiful " Roberta Johnson Brooklyn, New York Degree: A. B. Majors: Bible and Philosophy, English Minor: Sociology Activities: President of Quill Club, 4; Vice-President of French Club, 2; Member of Oxford Club Auxiliary, As- sistant Editor of Orange and Black, 2; W. A. A., 1, 2; A Cappella Choir, 4; String ensemble, 4. " The pen is th£ tongue of the mind. " William F. Johnston Corbin, Kentucky Degree: B. S. Major: Biology Minors: Chemistry, English " So many worlds so much to do. So little done, such things to be. " Charles Kincer Mayking, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Biology, Sociology Minor: History Activities: President of Beta Phi Chi, 4; Vice-President, Sociology Club, 4. " I ' ll find a way, or make it! " General Tye King Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Eduoa ' tion Majors: Physical Education, Biology Minors: Secretarial Science, Chemistry Activities: F. T. A., Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Treasurer; Sports Editor, Stespean, 4; U Club, 3, 4. " General Tye never surrenders " Myrtle Langley Hagan, Virginia Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Social Studies Minors: Biology, English " The highest of distinctions is service to others. " SENIORS Nellie Langley Hagen, Virginia Degree: B. S. in Education Major: English Minors: Biology, Social Science " Still waters run deep. " Wilson H. Lawson Barhourville, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Education Minors: History, Biology " Where there ' s a will, theie ' s a way. ' Sarah Lewellin Pekin, Illinois Degree: B. S. Major: Biology Minors: Chemistry, English Activities: Secretary, Art Club; Quill Club " Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in women. " Gladys Lewis Spencer, West Virginia Degree: A. B. Majors: English, Business Minor: Biology Activities: Secretary of Beta Chi Alpha Sorority: Spanish Club; Secretarial Science Club; Senior Class Representa- tive to Stespean Staff; Miss Union, 1948; Attendant to Winter Carnival Queen. " Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind. " Richard Moore Lotspeich New Orleans, Louisiana Degree: A. B. Major: Mathematics Minors: French, English Activities: President, Junior Class; French Club U Club; Varsity Tennis Team; Associate Editor of the Stespean; Orange Black; Who ' s Who. " Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. " Oscar McNeil Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Physical Education, Biology Activity: U. Club. " My man ' s true as steel. " Verna Bennett Mays Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Home Economics Minors: English, Sociology " True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes. " Ben S. Mollott Enola, Pennsylvania Degree: A. B. Major: History Minors: Bible, Mathematics Activities: Representative to U. C. C. A.; Playlikers Club; Oxford Club; Choir; Spanish Club. " Write me as one who loves his fellow men. " SENIORS Roy Mullins Amburgey, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Area of Concentration in Social Science Minor: Social Science Activities: Vice-President, Science Club; Sociology Club; Veterans Club. " Thoughts that breathe, and words that bum. " John Ochsner Anchorage, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Physical Education, Biology Activities: Vice-President, Freshman Class; Vice-President, Science Club; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; President, Science Club; U Club; Judge of " Rat Court. " " For they can conguer who believe they can. " Harold Osborne Wallins, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: History, Biology " Rome was not built in a day. " Carlos Campbell Page Cincinnati, Ohio Degree: B. S. in Education, A. B. Majors: Mathematics, Chemistry Minor: Sociology Activities: Orange and Black; Vice-President, Senior Class; Sociology Club. " There is no substitute for talent! " Mildred Page Cincinnati, Ohio Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Sociology Minors: Home Economics, Biology Activities: Sociology Club, 4; Beta Chi Alpha Sorority, 4. " — and this alone proves that life is a good thing. " Guy Paul Pitman Old Tappan, New Jersey Degree: A. B. Major: Bible Minors: English, History Activities: Oxford Club; French Club; President, Art Club; Cheer Leader. " Every man hath his proper gift of God. " John Q. Sammons Corbin, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Biology, Physical Education " Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. " Charles Saylor Beverly, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Physical Science Minors: Biology, Sociology Activity: Veterans Club iary, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1, 2; Pfeiffer Hall Council Member, 2; Sociology Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. " Character is formed in the stormy billows of the world. " SENIORS Lee Sco ' .t Corbin, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Majors: Bible, History Minor: Englnh Activities: Oxford Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. " I ' d rather see a sermon, than hear one any day; I ' d rather one should walk with me, than merely tell the way. " Clive Smith Williamsburg, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Biology Minors: Mathematics, English " The wealth of nations in men . . . " Selma Bessie Smith Barbourville, Kentucky Degree: A. B. Majors: History, English Minor: Sociology Activities: Quill Club, 4. " Wisdom of many and the wit of one. " Elizabeth Spooner New Bedford, Massachusetts Degree: A. B. Majors: Sociology, English Minor: Spanish Activities: Editor, Stespean, 4; 3; Editor, Orange and Black, ident, Iota Sigma Nu, 4; Miss Junior, 3; Secretary, U. C. C. A., 2; Secretary Beta Chi Alpha, 2; Oxford Club Auxil- iary, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1, 2. Pfeiffer Hall Council Member, 2; Soci-lcgy Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. " The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct and the hand to execute. " Assistant Editor, Stespean, 3; Who ' s Who, 3, 4; Pres- Marie Stalford Montour Falls, New York Degree: A. B. Majors: English, Bible Minor: History Activities: Beta ' Chi Sorority; Oxford Club Auxiliary, 1, Spani:h Club, 3, 4; Choir, 1, 2; String Ensemble, 4; T. A., 1; International Relations Club, 4. " Music is the universal language of mankind. " Charles C. Taylor Middlesboro, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Biology Minors: History, Sociology Activities: Member of Stevenson Hall Council, 4; French Club; Science Club, 4; Sociology Club, 3, 4; Band, 4. " — you young man shall see visions. " Daniel Claydus Taylor Hulen, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: English, Physical Education Activities: Veterans Club, 3, 4; Sergeant-of-Arms, Senior Class. " Give me the ready hand rather than the ready tongue. " Milton Houck Townsend Penns Grove, New Jersey Degree: A. B. Major: History Minors: Sociology, English Activities: Who ' s Who, 4; Treasurer, Freshman Class; Vice- President, Sociology Club, 3; " Chief " Business manager of A Cappella Choir; President, International Relations Club, 3, 4; Business Manager, Orange and Black, 4. " He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn ' t be done, and he did it. " E?w£S»i. ■ ' -S ? ■■: E ftit. % SENIORS Lois Lorraine Webb Somerville, Massachusetts Degree: B. S. Majors: Biology, Home Economics Minor: Sociology Activities: President, Home Economics Club, 3; Vice Pres- ident, Home Economics Club, 2; Secretary, Science Club, 3; Secretary, Spanish Club, 2; Women ' s Student Coun- cil, 3; Secretary, U. C. C. A., 3; Associate Business Man- ager, Stespean, 4. " The quiet mind is richer than a crown. " Anita M. Whitfield Ba ' rbourville, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Major: Education Minors: English, Sociology " Nothing common can seem worthy of you. " Ray C. Wilson Oneida, Kentucky Degree: B. S. in Education Majors: Biology, History Minor: English " Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought. " Mary M. Wolfford Wayne, Michigan Degree: B. S. Majors: Biology, Chemistry Minor: Sociology Activities: Beta Phi Chi, 3, 4. " Exhausting thought, and living wisdom with each studious year. " SPECIAL STUDENT IN CHEMISTRY Virginia Martin Barbourville, Kentucky Kilgore, Taylor, Wilder, Cunningham, Roberts JUNIOR OFFICERS Edwin Cunningham, President Martin Wilder, Vice-President Yvonne Kilgore, Secretary Lois Roberts, Treasurer Ulmont Taylor, Sgt. at Arms JUNIORS Rufus Andrew, Jr. Ruth Andrews Elsie Bentle Eliza Blair Ca ' llettsburg Catlettsburg Falmouth BarbourviLle Garland W. Blair Carl Booth Vera Brackbill Jackson Brock Barbourville Wallins Creek Port Royal, Pa. London Thomas Buchanan Sam B. Carico Opal Clark John " Smiley " Collins Barbourville Wakenva, Virginia Cedartown, Georgia Glens Fork Edwin B. Cunningham Kenneth DeLong James H. Disney Bruce C. Edwards Bondville Barbourville Crummies Coeburn, Virginia JUNIORS David G. Elliott Middlesburg Edna Irene Humfleet Knox Fork Margaret Lawrence Jamestown Mary " Mickey " McMichael Lexington Harold Gant Corbin Mildred H. Keyzer East Lynn, Mass. Barbara Lewellin Pekin, Illinois Bradley Miracle Balkan Virginia Grable Baxter Selwyn Kilgore Corbin Bobbie Lumpkins Barbourville Maurice T. Mitchell Barbourville Rhodora Hahn Junction City Yvonne " Hobby " Kilgore Coeburn, Virginia Claude McHargue Corbin Thomas A. Nankivell Columbia N;. ' i7. . ' ' V-: JUNIORS Geraldine Norman Louisville Cleda M. Pofi Barbourville Cleophus Pursifull Loyall Lois G. Roberts A3hland Elmer Partin Frakes Lorraine Pollard Danville Marguerite H. Reagan Somerville, Mass. Edward L. Sears Knoxville, Tennessee Annette Pennington Four Mile Virginia Powers Barbourville Madge E. Rice Ashland James R. Specrrs Barbourville Margaret Pitman Old Tappan,N. J. Phyllis W. Price Somerville, Mass. Herman Roark Barbour ville Thomas C. Sizemore Ashers Fork JUNIORS Clinton Carl Taylor Russell K. Taylor Ulmont " Bo " Taylor Cleo Turner Balkan Lewisport Barbourville Incline Otis D. Walker Avery Wheat George M. Wilder Corbin Jamestown Baxter Allen, Meyer, W. Cox, K. Cox SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Howard Allen, President William J. Cox, Vice-President Vilma Meyer, .... Secretary Keith Cox, Treasurer c ft SOPHOMORES First Row: J. Howard Allen, Greenup; Riley E. Barne W. Cdssidy, Belleville, N. J.; Willie H. Cocp, Hegira. Sec Ruth C. Briggs, Bristol, R. I.; John C. Chaney, Wilmingto Putney, Vermont; Charles D. Black, Barbourville; Ponjol K. Cox, Jeffs, Virginia. Fourth Row: Aubrey C. Asher, B liam G. Brogan, Barbourville; Charles Clark, Mayfield; W Harlan; Billie Bolton, Barbourville; James H. Burnaw, Ca Sixth Row: W. Harold Barker, Allock; Paul E. Bostic, Clai Lackey; William Craft, Jr., Neoa. tt, Pineville; Golden T. Brashear, Blue Diamond; Joseph ond Row: Sylvia E. Allen, Greenup; Geno Bisotti, Liggett; n, Del.; Keith E. Cox, Louisville. Third Row: Pepita Artiles, a Brogan, Barbourville; Curtis H. Cheek, Pineville; Russell everly; Paul Bodenstein, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Wil- ilbur C. Cox, Melrose, Mass. Fifth Row: J. Willard Baker, rlisle; Convil Clouse, Gray; William J. Cox, Jeffs, Virginia, rfield, Tenn.; Joyce Canady, Barbourville; Barbara Conley, 4itM dM M SOPHOMORES First Row: Carl G. Davis, Rose Hill, Va.; William P. E Everett, Mass.; J. D. Hensley, Pineville. Second Row: M M. Giddins, Northfield, N. J.; Shirley Harrington, Oakly inson, Earbourville; Pau l E. Fox, Elmira, New York; Verno ton, Vine Grove. Fourth Row: Joe W. Duncan, Monticello; Jack D. Hartsock, Coeburn, Virginia; Vernon Hunsaker, M Gaines, Shelbyville; William Goodwin, Crab Orchard; H Row: John O. Elliott, King; Ross Gambrel, Jr., Pineville; Jo ley Jackson, Blue Diamond. His, Tinsey; Mary K. Gatliff, Balkan; Richard Harding, arianne Davis, Osborn, Ohio; Ivalee Floyd, Pathfork; Mary n, N. J.; William S. Hensley, Liggett. Third Row: Pat Dick- n Glasscock, Barbourville; Rufus Harris, Berea ' ; Jean Hin- Steve J. Frost, Barbourville; Lawrence Golden, Loyall; ayking. Fifth Row: Doris Durham, Cincinnati, Ohio; Alvin ugh M. Hayes, Artemus; Robert Jackson, Barbourville. Sixth e C. Hacker, Oneida; George Hendricks, Barbourville; Stan- SOPHOMORES First Row: John Johnson, Louisville; John Lehman, Venus, Pa.; John Lunsford, Falls Church, Va.; Vilma V. Meyer, Newport; Ernest Mynatt, Corbin. Second Row: Nathaniel Jones, High Shoals, N. C; Ralph Leonard, Baxter; Helen Manning, Cincinnati, Ohio; Pearl D. Miracle, Insull; George Mynatt, Barbourville. Third Row: Ruth M. Jones, Bar- bourville; Ada Lewis, Benham; Hugh W. Manning, Barbourville; Lester H. Moore, Barbourville; Elmer N. Nichols, Crummies. Fourth Row: Paul V. King, Gulson; Jack Little, Hellier; Walter Marcum, Big Creek; Vernon Moore, Bar- bourville; Vernon Osborne, Crab Orchard. Filth Row: Billy S. Layne, Bellevue; Robert Lockha ' rt, Corbin; Randel O. Martin, Corbin; Richard W. Morgan, London; Edison Parrott, Lida. Sixth Row: James Ledford, Jr., Crab Orchard; William E. Lucas, Middlesburg; James Melton, Jr., Lynch; Genevieve Murphy, Williamsburg; John H. Patrick, Stamp- ing Ground. SOPHOMORES First Row: Clarence Payne, Barbourville; Wesley Pr slow, Coeburn, Va.; Ruth W. Snedeker, Somerville, Mass. eigh, Keavy; Kyle Rosenbalm, Rose Hill, Va.; Roy V. Sh Row: Ida May Perkins, Boston, Mass.; Ray Reed, Roa ' rk; bank; Lloyd Spurlock, Big Creek. Fourth Row: Thomas Glenn D. Ross, Four Mile; Frederick Sipple, Bellevue; Ch Jar is Store; Margaret Ann Roberts, Williamsburg; Fred e, Barbourville. Sixth Row: Ernest Powers, Harlan; B burn. Virginia, Roy S. Smith, Crane Nest; Matthew A. St ice, Chelsea, Mass.; Sue Rodgers, Loyall; James H. San- Second Row: Dorothy Peach, Everett, Mass.; Edward Ral- umate, Barbourville; Patsy Spangler, Jonesville, Va. Third Sue P. Rosenbalm, Rose Hill, Va.; Charles Singleton, Eu- Perkins, Glen St. Mary, Fla.; Jo Ann Roberts, Ashland; arles Standafer, Blue Diamond. Fifth Row: Jewell Pope, H. Salisbury, Printer; Ford H. Smith, Ashers Fork; Eugene obby Robinette, Coeburn, Virginia; Grover P. Salyer, Coe- ewart, Artemus. mM dM MM SOPHOMORES First Row: Donald R. Stout, Union, New York; Quentin VanBever, Barbourville; John E. Wolfe, Loyall; Kenneth Yeager, Barbourville. Second Row: Betty L. Sturgill, Norton, Va.; Erie J. Vaughn, Lexington; Cornett Woodley, Pine- ville. Third Row: Daymon C. Sutton, Gray; Versa P. Wade.Pineville; Harley E. Woolum, Crane Nest. Fourth Row: Mary Townsend, Grayson; Beryl Wall, Richmond Hill, N. Y.; Walter Wright, Lionilli. Fifth Row: Doyle Troutman, Alva; James " Bob " West, Pineville; F. Wayne Yaple, Stillwater, Pa. Sixth Row: J. Gayle Tye, Barbourville; Bill R. Wilson, Liggett; James Yeager, Barbourville. Ruark, Earl, Johnson, Cooper, Yeager FRESHMEN OFFICERS Russell Earl, President John T. Johnson, .. Vice-President Betty Ray Cooper, Secretary Hazel Yeager, _. Treasurer Carl Ruark, Sgt. at Arms FRESHMEN First Row: Cleo Abner, Manchester; Valentino Bisotti, Manchester; James Cravens, Russell Springs; Joseph D. E Ham O. Brittain, Jr., Tinsley; Ruth Carroll, Pineville; Doyl Epperson, Flat Lick. Third Row: Carlyle Armstrong, Sass Betty Ra ' y Cooper, Barbourville; Sue Daubert, Greenup; J Beverly, Glen C. Browning, Gray; Oklyn Rex Carty, Jarv Loyall; Stephanna Farris, Yancey. Fifth Row: Betty F. Ba East Lynn, Mass.; Owen I. Cratt, Mayking; Harold A. Du bus, Ohio. Sixth Row: Stanley Bartz, Marathon, New Yo gerine Craig, Hawesville; Russell W. Earl, Milford, Mass.; Liggett; Joe L. Campbell, Yancey; Charlie L. Combs, arly, Corbin. Second Row: Flora Bess Allen, Jackson; Wil- e Cook, Wayland; Angela Creech, Pine Mountain; Ben afras; Jennie L. Brown, Hazard; George R. Carter, Dayton; oan R. Evans, Barbourville. Fourth Row: Lou F. Asher, is Store; Paul D. Cooper, South Portsmouth; Anne V. Dean, rker, Allock; Jerry L. Bryant, Corbin; John C. Cawthron, sha ' me, North Andover, Mass.; Ralph Fishburn, Jr., Colum- rk; Ray K. Callaway, Hulen; Reable Cheek, Balkan; Mar- Kenneth A. Fowler, Medford, Mass. FRESHMEN Firsl Row: Mary Elizabeth French, Corbin; Eugene T ard, Harlan; Gecrge Kendrick, Gulnare; Virginia McAllis Virgini . " Gum, Jr., Benham.;Wathena Hinton, Vin Mayking; David H. McCauley, Greenville. Third Row: Wi ville; Betty Jean Hodgon, Waltham, Mass.; Rex D. Hur: nville. Fourth Row: Robert C. Garrison, M Ikey " . ' . Hurt, Mayfield; Joyce Lewis, Miracle; Loi ; . V ' illiam S. Hauser, Barbourville; Otis H. Ho Kiddy, Bryant Store. Sixth Row: Jack L. Howard, Jar vis Store; Joan Jones, Barbourville; Jason Gray, Milton, Mass.; Virginia ' M. Hill, Jackson; Jack How- ter, McAndrews. Second Row: George D. Garrett, Rose Hill. e Grove; Maynard N. Huddleston, Benham; David Kincer, Ima Evelyn Garrett, Mary Alice; Irma Hammons, Barbour- t, Hulen; Vincent Lambert, North Andover, Mass.; John W. anchester; Vinnie Hampton, Artemus; Paul Holbrook, Brod- s E. McCue, Curwensville. Filth Row: Leonard E. Goode, skins, Loya ' ll; John T. Johnson, Mayfield; Gholdston Lloyd, H. Goodin, Tinsley; Wilma Jean Hembree, Four Mile; Ernie G. Lucas, Greenville; Donald Magaw, Wilmington, Del. FRESHMEN First Row: Clifford Lundy, Corbin; Norma Sue Miracle, Artemus; William E. Parker, Corbin; Ola Sanchez, Tampa, Florida; Kenneth Slater, Towanda, Penn.; Mary Spears, Seco. Serond Row: John R. Maners, Independence- Marjorie Mitchell, North Andover, Mass.; Henry C. Pearson, Jonesville, Virginia; Gene L. Scott, Winchester; Curnie Smallwood Garrard; Arthur Spurlock, Barbourville. Third Row: Charles A. Mayfield, Ha ' wesville; Clayborne Moore, Barbour- ville; John W. Pnchard, King; Lloyd M. Sharp, Hawesville; Elijah Smith, Jr., Amburgey; Lillian Stamper, Barbourville Fourth Row: Leon Meenach, South Portsmouth; Milton Norman, Louisville; George B. Root, Lincoln; Raymond Shell Baxter; Helen Ruth Smith, Artemus; Paul Swanson, Falmouth. Fifth Row: Eldred Melton, Eubank- James E Nunley Cromona; Carl D. Ruark, Fullerton; Jewell Siler, Cincinnati, Ohio; Janet Smith, North Andover, Mass.; Charts R Taylor, Woodbine. Sixth Row: Evelyn Miller, Middlefield, N. Y. ; Bessie J. Owens, Middlesboro; William H Sam- mons, Corbin; Margaret Simpson, Barbourville; John E. Smith, Jr., Cawood; James Thompson, Jr , Pikeville FRESHMEN First Row: Theodore Thompson, Boston, Mass.; Gilbert Warren, Walton, New York; Forest Williamson, Hawes- ville; Raymond York, North Andover, Mass. Second Row: Sol W. Valentine, Fiat Lick; John Watson, Wallins Creek; John Wood, North Andover, Mass.; Loretta Y. M. Young, Honolulu, T. H. Third Row: Lucy Ann Va ' nDeventer, Jones- ville, Virginia; William L. Wayne, Lynn, Mass.; Charles C. Wright, Lionilli. Fourth Row: Harold L. Wacks, Keith; AnnF. West, Los Angeles, Calif.; Dora Ann Yancey, Ba.bourville. Filth Row: William Ft. Waddell, Coeburn, Vir- ginia; Eula Fay Whedbee; Harlan; Hazel M. Yeager, Barbourville. Sixth Row: Randall Wagner, Independence; Jack Whitehouse, Cold Springs; Vance M. Yeary, Rose Hill, Virginia. 5Pi JTC AUTy. UNION COLLEGE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION President Wayne Yaple Vice-President Marguerite Reagan Secretary-Treasurer James Burnaw Faculty Sponsor Dr. Lester H. Colloms Every student is invited to attend the Union College Christian Association which was organized to unite all religious faiths on the campus. This group is devoted to the advancement of Christian ideals. This year the Association contributed to the financial support of a group of underprivileged children. Its main project was distributing " Power, " a daily devotional pamphlet, to each room in all the dormitories. OXFORD CLUB First Row: Willie Coop, Eugene Gray, Jack Early, Wayne Yaple. Second Row: Donald Stout, Vice-President, Avery Wheat, Ralph Fishburn, Richard Harding, Kenneth Slater, Paul Bodenstein, President; Lester Moore, Dr. Lester Colloms, Spon- sor. Third Row: Russell Taylor, Ralph Leonard, Lee Scott, Ken- neth Fowler, Secretary-Treasurer; Theodore Thompson, John Wood, John " Smiley " Collins. The Oxford Club is composed of ministerial students who meet together for the purpose of instruction in the ethics and other phases of ministerial work. Devotional periods add inspiration to the lives of those attending. The members of the Club assist in and conduct Wednesday Chapel pro- grams and serve pastorates in this area. OXFORD CLUB AUXILIARY First Row: Eula Fay Whedbee, Mary E. Spears, Secretary-Treas- urer, Betty Jean Hodgdon, Ruth Snedeker, Sally Graham, Mil- dred Keyzer. Second Row: Madge E. Rice, Lois Roberts, Bar- bara Lewellin, Joyce Brown, Margerine Craig, Genevieve Mur- phy. Third Row: Betty Spooner, Marguerite Reagan, Roberta Johnson, Lois McCue, Vice-President; Ola Sanchez, President. The Oxford Club Auxiliary is composed of the students who are planning for full-time Christian Service other than the ministry. Its membership is vol- untary. The purpose of the Club is to stimulate interest in the field of Chris- tian work by presenting to the members the various opportunities for service. The Club sponsors worship programs in chapel and assists the Oxford Club in its promotion of Christian work on the campus. STESPEAN STAFF Editor Betty Spooner Associate Editor Richard Lotspeich Assistant Editor Mildred Keyzer Organization Editor William J. Cox, Jr. Art Editor Jeanne Cunningham Photographic Editor Jack Vaughn Sports Editor General Tye King Feature Editor Hobby Kilgore Sponsor Miss Kathleen Moore First Row: Miss Kathleen Moore, Dick Lotspeich. Second Row: Jim Melton, Bill Cox, Millie Keyzer, Jeanne Cunningham, Betty Spooner, Jack Vaughn, Hobby Kilgore, Gene King, Jean Dulling. Left to Right: Jack Vaughn, Ola Sanchez Marguerite Rea- gan, Sylvia Allen, Gladys Lewis, Betty Spooner, Sally Graham, Milton Townsend. Business Manager . Jean Dulling Assistant Business Manager Lois Webb Advertising Manager James Melton Circulation Manager Marguerite Reagan First Row: Jim Melton, Bill Cox, Millie Keyzer, Jeanne Cunningham, Betty Spooner, Jack Vaughn, Jean Dulling. Second Row: Dick Lotspeich, Gene King, Hobby Kilgore, Miss Kathleen Moore. ORANGE BLACK STAFF First Row: Lucy Van Deventer, Olo Sanchez, Lou Asher, Berry Wall. Second Row: Milton Town- send. Virginia Brogan, Mrs. Edith Biornstad. T. C. Sizemore. Paul Swanson; Third Row: Keith Cox. Lloyd Spurlock. Shirley Harrington. Fourth Row: Clyde Pearson. Don Stout. Charles Standaier, Dick Harding. Fifth Row: Charles Singleton, Walter Marcum, John Johnson. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief _ T. C. Sizemore Associate Editor _ Ola Sanchez News Editor Charles Standafer Copy Editor .. - Lucy Ann Vandeventer Society Editor Patsy Spangler Sports Editor Wix Baker Assistant Sports Editor Randell Wagner BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . Keith E. Cox Circulation Manager Charles Singleton Ass ' t. Circulation Mgr. . _____ Walter Marcum Advertising Manager Lloyd Spurlock Ass ' t. Advertising Mgr Virginia Brogan Faculty Adviser _ Mrs. Edith Bjornstad REPORTERS Shirley Harrington, Dick Harding, Donald Stout, Jack Vaughn, Milton H. Townsend, Lou Asher, Robert Miller, Clyde Pearson, Johnnie Johnson, Paul Swanson, Charles Kincer, Beryl Wall, Dorothy Peach and Vir- ginia Hill. QUILL CLUB Left to Right: Virginia Brogan, Ray York, Barbara Lewellin, Sarah Lewellin, Selma Smith, Shirley Harrington, Wayne Yaple, James Sears, President, Joyce Brown, Roberta Johnson, Ponjola Brogan, Sue Rodgers, Secretary, Margerine Craig, Dr. and Mrs. William B. Bjornstad, Co-sponsors. Newly organized last year, the Quill Club presents a much needed op- portunity to students interested in creative writing. Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Bjornstad of the English Department, the club stresses the writing and constructive criticism of original manuscripts. The Quill Club plans to pub- lish a quarterly containing original literary works by students of the college. WOMEN ' S STUDENT ASSOCIATION First Row: Kobby Kilgore, Doris Durham, Lois Roberts, Marguerite Reagan, Betty Sturgill. Second Row: Loraine Ison, President; Vilma Meyer, Secretary; Shirley Harrington, Vice-President; Joyce Brown, Mary Townsend, Mary K. Gatliff, Treasurer; Miss Alice R. Smith, Dean of Women. The Council of the Women ' s Student Association cooperates with the Ad- ministration in promoting high ideals and standards consistent with the best interests of the students. It is responsible for order in the dormitories and helps to formulate the rules governing conduct. It provides a program of social life for the students by arranging for parties and teas. A major social project of the Council is Open House. Through weekly devotional meetings it promotes interest in the spiritual life of the college. STEVENSON HALL COUNCIL Council: Jack Early, President; Woodrow Crum, Charles Taylor, T. C. Size- more, Sam Carico, Milion Townsend, Vice-President; Charles Kincer, Richard Harding, Secretary-Treasurer,; George Wilder, Howard Allen, Prof E. S. Brad- ley, Counselor, The Stevenson Hall Council under the supervision of the Counsellor main- tains student discipline in Stevenson Hall. The Council acts as a governing body for male dormitory students. The members of the Council are elected by and from the dormitory res- idents. FRENCH CLUB First Row: Lois Roberts, Treasurer; Betty Jean Hodgdon, Charles Taylor, Rich- ard Lotspeich, Jack Early, Vice-President; Billie Bryant, Vilma Meyer, Theodore Thompson, Charles R. Taylor, William Parker, Ruth Snedeker, President; Ken- neth Fowler. Second Row: Dorothy Peach, Angela Creech, Marianne Davis, Secretary; Mary Giddins, Prof. Aldis B. Easterling, sponsor; Donald Stout, Frederick Sipple. It is the aim of Le Cercle Francais to give the students opportunity to in- crease his ability in French conservation, to gain knowledge of the different aspects of French civilization and the contribution of the French people to society. All those students who have had or are now taking courses in French are included in the membership. SPANISH CLUB First Row: Gholdston Lloyd, Russell Earl, Howard Allen, President; Hobby Kilgore, Secretary, Margaret Lotspeich, Jo Ann Roberts, Vice-President; Willie Coop. Second Row: Prof. Aldis B. Easterling, sponsor; Sam Carico, Erie Vaughn, Mary Giddins, Lorraine Pollard, Mildred Keyzer, Bruce Bernard, Avery Wheat, Joe Duncan. Third Row: Patsy Spangler, Treasurer; Joyce Brown, Gladys Lewis, Marie Stalford. The name of the Spanish Club aptly expresses its purpose. La Tertulia means " a gathering of friends who meet for discussion and recreation. " This group tries to stimulate interest in Spanish and Spanish speaking countries and their customs. The " Spanish Fiesta, " an annual event, is the most gala and entertaining feature of the entire college year. MUSIC AT UNION COLLEGE Firs! Row: Su? Daubert, Pepita Artiles, Patsy Spangler, Jennie Erown, Roberta Johnson, Ida Mae Perkins, Ola Sanchez, Joyce Brown, Stephanna Farris, Doris Durham, Mary Townsend, Joanne Roberts, Betty Jean Hodgdon. Second Row: Loraine Ison, Mary Spears, Janet Smith, Billie Bryant, Ruth Snedeker, Genevieve Murphy, Marjorie Mitch- ell, Sally Graham, Lois Roberts, Virginia Brogan, Sue Rod- gers, Vilma Meyer. Third Row: Theodore Thompson, Rus- sell Earl, Doyle Cook, Nathaniel Jones, Wayne Yaple, Howard Allen, Jack Whitehouse, Fred Sipple, Jack Vaughn, Harold Dushame. Fourth Row: Annette Pennington, John Patrick, William Brograh, Milton Townsend, Robert Wad- dell, James Burnaw, Bill Layne, Paul Bodenstein, James Sears, R. O. Martin, Richard Carter. Three separate concert preparation is the arduous schedule maintained during the year by the a cappela choir. More than 45 appear- ances in concerts were made which included presentations in five states. First Row: Doris Durham, Fred Sipple, Samuel Day, John Manners, R. O. Martin. Second Row: Richard Carter, Jo Ann Roberts, Lois Roberts, James Burnaw, Ted Thompson, Stanley Ba ' rtz, Ponjola Brogan, John Patrick, Doyle Cook. The band gave the needed pep and enthusiasm to the basketball games and played at many other functions during the school year. Mrs. Eleanor Ritchie, Director BETA PHI CH First Row: John Lehman, Charles Taylor, George Garrett, Fred Salisbury, Ray Reed, Robert Jackson, Treasurer; Roy Mullins, Vice-President; Charles Kincer, President; Shirley Harrington, Secretary; Carl Booth, Edward Sears, Russell Earl, Fred Sipple, Mary Wolfford, Carl Ruark, Bill Layne. Second Row: John Ma ' ners, Dr. Karl Bleyl, co-sponsor; Margaret Lawrence, Prof. Tandy P. Chenault, co-sponsor; Virginia Martin, R. O. Martin, Vernon Hunsaker, Russell Cox, Grover Salyer, Cwen I. Craft, David Kincer, Samuel Day. BETA represents Biology; PHI represents Physics; and CHI represents Chemistry — all three seeking to apply the scientific method in all thinking, thus striving for a truer understanding of the great mysteries of life and help- ing to make the world a better place in which to live. ART CUB First Row: Miss Katherine Sutphen, sponsor, Virginia Grable. Second Row: Barbara Lewallin, Treasurer; Nellie Langley, Paul Piiman, Vernon Moore, President; Sarah Lewellin, Secretary; Ray York. To serve the college and community in extra-curricular practical art con- tributions is the aim of the Art Club. The membership is composed of those persons interested in serving this purpose. The most outstanding projects that have been carried out during the past year were painting posters and printing invitations for the major events held on the campus. SOCIOLOGY CLUB Left to Right: Sam Carico, lack Early, Carlos Page, Mildred Page, Russell Cox, Sally Graham, Mildred Keyzer, Secretary-Treasurer; Prof. Clinton L. Folse, sponsor, Fred Home, President, Charles Kincer, Vice-President, Ralph Leonard, John T. Corey, Roy Mullins, Ida May Perkins, Nancy Baker, Bill Baker, Hobby Kilgore, Charles Taylor. Standing: Betty Spooner, Marguerite Reagan. In an age of rapid social change, members of the Sociology Club plan to keep informed concerning the latest developments. To promote this objec- tive, there are periodic investigations and discussions in which all are in- vited to participate. A discussion of the problems of the overpopulated Cum- berland Plateau region was broadcast over WCTT. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Left to Right: Betty Spooner, Paul Bodenstien, Milton Townsend, Marguerite Reaga ' n, Sally Graham, Sue Daubert, Doris Durham, Charlie Combs, Ida Mae Perkins, Billy Layne, Dirck Harding, Wayne Yaple, John T. Johnson, Selma Smith, Ann West, George Garrett, T. C. Sizemore, Clyde Pearson, Charles Standafer. Standing: Paul Swanson, Jack Early, Vance Yeary, Bill Parker, Prof. E. S, Bradley, sponsor. The purpose of this organization is to promote an interest in international questions which have a direct bearing on the problem of world peace. Spon- sored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, membership in the Club is open to all students who are interested in this crucial problm. Among the topics studied during the past year were: " Marshall Plan, " " Universal Military Training, " " Can United Nations Work? " and " Will There Be A Next War? " T CLUB First Row: General Tye King, Richard Lotspeich, Conda Lee Gatiff, Harold Barker, William Craft, Geno Bisotti, William Cox, Pearl Dean Miracle. Second Row: Ed Cunningham, Oscar McNeil, Lawrence Golden, Lloyd Spurlock, Wayne Yaple, Vernon Osborne, Bill Wilson, Walter Marcum. Third Row: James Dis- ney, Charles Singleton, James Burnaw, Ralph Burkhart, Richard Morgan, Pat Dickinson. VETERANS CLUB OFFICERS _. President Secretary Prof. Clinton L. Folse Advisor The primary purpose of the Union College Veterans Club is to perpetuate in peace the ideals for which World War II was fought — to foster, encourage and cultivate scholarship, social fellowship and a closer understanding among all members of the organization; to work in harmony with the administration of the college, the Veteran Administration and various student organizations on the campus; to consider individual problems of club members with a view of rendering some assistance in their solution, and to plan for and work for a better future. The veterans club this year is comprised of 251 members, and the out- standing events planned were the Valentine Ball, presentation of Preston the Magician, the annual Memorial Day program, and the Farewell Banquet. PLAYLIKERS CLUB First Row: Ann West, Barbara Lewellin, Eula Fay Whedbee, Vice-President; Stephanna Farris, Sue Duabert, Lois McCue, Mildred Page, Eldred Melton. Second Row: James Burna ' w, Robert Waddell, Bill Layne, Sally Graham, Pres- ident; Miss Marjorie Donnell, sponsor; Russell Earl, Jack Early. Third Row: Paul Pitma n, Charles Slanda. ' er, Ray York, John Wood, Avery Wheat, Secretary- Treasurer. Fourth Row: Kenneth Fowler, Harold Dushame, Ralph Fishburn, Willie Coop. The playlikers Club members are students who are interested in all phases of play production and stagework. Every member ' s talent is used on com- mittees which work with make up, props, costumes, lighting and stagecraft as well as actual dramatic parts. Some of the plays which have been presented by this group are: " Arsenic and Old Lace, " " Elizabeth the Queen, " and " The Man Who Came To Dinner. " The Playlikers Club entertains the students of the campus with one act and three act plays, and at the same time provides valuable instruction and experience for the members. Action and enthusiasm are the characteristic qualities of the Playlikers Club. IOTA SIGMA NU Left to Right: Prof. A. B. Easterling, Miriam T. Asher, Prof. Phillip I. Peters, Richard Lotspeich, Cleo Stamper, Betty Spooner, President; Miss Kathleen Moore, Elizabeth Greear, Secretary-Treasurer; Margaret Lotspeich. Union ' s honorary scholastic fraternity, Iota Sigma Nu, was founded in 1936 as a reward for scholastic achievement, diligence in study, and high ideals. Membership is open only to those students who, after completing a minimum of two years ' residence credit at Union, have met the requirements for graduation with honors, or who, at the end of the second quarter of their junior year, have a standing which, if maintained, will enable them to graduate magna cum laude. Faculty members may also be elected to the fraternity. BETA CHI ALPHA Left to Right: Nancy Baker, Hobby Kilgore, Vice-President; Lois Benjamin, Annette Pennington, Miriam Asher, President; Rhodora Haha, Gayle Tye, Gladys Lewis, Secretary; Beryl Wall, Treasurer, Miss Frances Patridge, co- sponsor; Lou Asher, Mrs. W. E. Hendricks, co-sponsor, Mary Elizabeth French, Janet Smith. The Beta Chi Alpha is a social sorority which strives toward the ideal of beauty, culture and art among the students. Membership is by invitation on the basis of scholarship, personality and cooperative spirit. • - .. ' . ■ " ' SBs- ist ■■ .» ■ 2rf» ' LA svonriH VARSITY BASKETBALL In early October forty men reported for the basketball team. Union ' s new coach, Bill Bolyard, began a process of elimination after a few weeks of hard work on the hardwood. Only five lettermen returned from last year ' s squad, so most of the men that attained the varsity berths were new faces. Coach Bolyard cut the varsity to twelve men. Union has had more successful seasons in the past as far as wins are concerned, but Union has never had a more aggressive, well conditioned, fast ball club with a smarter and harder working mentor at the helm. Union started off the season with a loss to Berea but came back with four straight victories. Their road trip south was very successful with three victories and two losses. Experience and height have been a handicap to Union this year, but to sports followers " Watch Union in the future ' ' — they will give their opponents plenty of headaches. The cheerleaders were selected by the stu- dent body, and they added much color and spirit to the basketball games. Opal Clark, Wilma Jean Hembree, John John- son, Betty Ray Cooper, Janet Smith UNION SCHEDULE Berea, 78 .. ..— . Union, 41 ' Transylvania, 49 .. Union, 51 Cumberland U., 50 .. Union, 57 Livingston State Teachers, 33 Union, 55 Spring Hill, 49 .. .. Union, 52 Louisiana College, 60 Union, 40 Mississippi Delta, 65 .. .. Union, 44 Milligan, 70 Union, 60 Morehead, 71 Union, 55 ' Kentucky Wesleyan, 88 .. Union, 52 Berea, 52 .. Union, 44 " Centre, 61 - Carson-Newman, 49 Milligan, 66 .. ' Georgetown, 60 ' Transylvania, 45 Hiwassee, 55 ' Morehead, 71 ' Kentucky Wesleyan, 66 ' Centre, 66 ' Georgetown, Union, 52 Union, 65 Union, 60 Union, 62 Union, 61 Union, 75 Union, 53 Union, 55 Union, 71 . Union, SIAA FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Doyle Troutmctn, Bill Wilson, Gene Scott, Elmer Nichols, Oscar McNeil, Coach, David McCauley, James Cravens, Harvey Eggers, Olaf Jones. The freshman squad played 14 games, winning eleven and losing only three. The scoring among the individuals of the team was equally divided, the average being about eight points for each player per game. All the reserve players showed a great improvement during the season and some will probably have a place on the varsity next year. TENNIS VARSITY First Row: Conda Lee Gatliff, Richard Lotspeich, William Craft. Second Row: Harold M. Messer, Jr., Manager; James Burncrw, Pat Dickinson and John Ochsner. The outlook for tennis this year is very good with four lettermen returning from last year ' s squad from which to build a winning team around. Coach Harold M. Messer, Jr., will begin his season in April with twelve matches on the schedule. CROSS COUNTRY First Row: Theodore Thompson, Vincent Lambert, Robert Wad- dell, Woody Crum. Second Row: Coach William Bolyard, Donald Magaw, Richard Harding, John Cawthron. Union made its first appearance in track and field when Coach Bolyard entered the Cross Country Meet in Louisville on November 1, 1947. Union, as usual, did a good job, placing third in the meet. The men who ran in the Cross Country were Richard Harding, John Cawthron, and Robert Waddell. Union will do much better in the future with a little experience behind it. I , :» J -.- - P. T. AT U. C. 1 INTRAMURALS WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row: Beryl Wall, Patsy Spangler, Secretary; Ann West, Hobby Kilgore, Mary K. Gatliff. Second Row: Lorraine Pollard, Dorothy Peach, Sally Graham, Mickey McMichael, President, Doris Durham. Third Row: Marianne Davis, Betty Sturgill, Wathena Hinton, Janet Smith, Marjorie Mitchell. Fourth Row: Miss Frances Patridge, sponsor; Shirley Harrington, Treasurer; Vilma Meyer, Vice-President; Jean Hinton, Wilma Jean Hembree The purpose of this association is to cooperate with the women ' s depart- ment of physical education in promoting physical efficiency, interest in ath- letics and developing good sportsmanship among the students at Union. Awards based on participation are presented to members of this associa- tion at the end of the year. This group sponsors each year the Winter Carnival. TRACK Union is going all out for Track and Field. The $30,000.00 track and field was completed this spring, and Coach Bolyard anticipates large turnouts for starting berths in the various track and field events. Meets have been sched- uled with University of Kentucky freshmen, Marshall College, Berea College and Georgetown College. Union will be the site of the largest track and field meets in the state upon completion of its track. Plans have been made for Southeastern Kentucky high school meets to be held on the Union field. Rec- ords will be made at Union. li MISS U N I O N Gladys Lewis MR. rxiox Thomas C. Sizemore SNOW QUEEN Margaret Ann Roberts ATTENDANTS Stephcmnct Farris Betty Barker ATTEND ANTS Gladys Lewis Virginia McAllister Ruth Snedeker Jewel Pope II o s WHO AMERICAN These persons ' names will appear in the 1947-48 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Selection for Who ' s Who is based on scholarship, general activity, and attitude; selection is made by a faculty committee. ' I COLLEGES AND Vlilton Townsend Richard Lotspeich, Miriam Asher Jean Dulling UN IVERSITIES Sally Graham Mildred Keyzer, Jack Early Betty Spooner BASKETBALL QUEEN Jeanne Cunningham m0 Sketch oo4, 47-43 ,-..,-,,- - ■ -. ' .:-;■-- ■- TfcADIN 1 HARLAN JEWELRY COMPANY Harlan, Ky. Distributor of Genuine Registered Keepsake Diamond Rings — International Sterling Silver — 1847 Rogers Silverplate — Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, and, Helbros Watches — ; Sheaffer, Parker and Eversharp Pens and Pencils, and Many Other Jewelry Items. BLACK MOTOR COMPANY Incorporated " GIVES YOU A BETTER BUY " Plymouth — Dodge — Buick — Pontiac — Cad il lac — Packard Dodge and International Truck Texaco and Firestone Products Complete One Stop Service Harlan, Ky. Telephones 244 — 245 GREEN-MILLER PHARMACY Phone 600 Harlan, Kentucky CUMBERLAND JEWELRY COMPANY ! Phone 85 Harlan, Kentucky The Harlan Daily Enterprise Southeastern Kentucky ' s Largest Daily Newspaper Office Furniture and Supplies Commercial Printing Harlan, Ky. Compliments of POWERS HORTON Harlan, Kentucky HOWARD DRUG CO. Prescriptions our Specialty PHONE 755 HARLAN, KY. ! Lewis W. Reiser JEWELER Genuine Registered Keepsake Diamond Rings Barbourville, Kentucky Mitchell and Magic Theaters Both Equipped with " The Voice of The Theaters. " Visit the Mitchell and Magic The- [ aters as often as possible. Only through your patronage can we still continue to run the best pictures made. Charles R. Mitchell Owner and Manager FAULKNER HOTEL Old Kentucky Hospitality Home Away from Home Grade " A " Hotel Mrs. Charles R. Mitchell Owner and Manager Compliments of Commonwealth Life Insurance Company Cumberland Valley District Pineville, Ky. R. I. Williams 5 10c Store Exclusive But Not Expensive Barbourville, Ky. WILLIAMS STORE Exclusive but not Expensive Curlee Clothes and Elorsheim Shces Barbourville, Ky. EASTERLY MOTOR COMPANY International Trucks and Power Units PARTS AND ACCESSORIES PONTIAC Parts, Service and Accessories Phone 2-3420— On U. S. 25-E Barbourville, Ky. Compliments of Frazier Coal Co. Frazier Motor Co. Frazier Construction Co. Barbourville, Ky. VERRAN ' S SMART APPAREL And Accessories for Women Misses — Children — Infants Middlesboro, Ky. WARREN JEWELRY COMPANY Jewelry — Hallmark Cards Eastman Kodaks — Supplies 111 Main Street Corbin, Ky. CORBIN MILK COMPANY Pasteurized Dairy Products Corbin, Ky. Phone 284 CORBIN Y. M. C. A. Cafeteria Ed Nicholson, Manager Corbin, Ky. J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Incorporated Corbin, Ky. ' Where a Nation Shops and Saves ' Compliments of Cumberland Ford Motors, Inc. Sales Service Phone 2 Pineville, Ky. Compliments of CLOVER TOP BAKERY Phone 678 Corbin, Ky. Compliments of Bissell Office Equipment Co. Harlan and Corbin Kentucky Compliments of THE BARBOURVILLE BLAIR HARDWARE ADVOCATE COMPANY Office Supplies — Job Printing Typewriters, Stationery, Cards Barbourville, Kentucky Barbourville, Ky. VISIT CLARA ' S SHOP Phone 176 Barbourville, Ky. 1 HUTTON ' S ' It ' s to Hutton ' s always the College Students go, with their shoes for re- pairs. It ' s a good FIX you know. Come for new shoes also. Everett and Mable Hutton Barbourville, Ky. Compliments of A P TEA CO. KIDD BROTHERS S. D. Snavely, Manager Barbourville, Ky. Guardian of the Family Food Budget Barbourville, Ky. ZENITH — Outstanding Name in Radio Copper- Clad-628 lb. Coal Range, Winter-The Famous Musette Piano, Tappan-Newest Style Gas Range, Simmons - Beautyrest Mattress, Kroehler-World ' s Largest Fum. Mfg., Frigidaire-The Nation ' s Favor- ite, Magic Chef-Top Ranking Gas Range, R. C. A. Victor-The Leader in Victrolas. Complete Line of Ready-To-Wear For College Men and Women All of the above brands sold by Miller-Yancey Furniture Co. Hammons Quality Shop The Store of Standard Brands Barbourville, Ky. BEDDOW ' S GROCERY Compliments of Frozen Food Locker Quality Groceries — Reasonable Prices PHONE 135 MORGAN DRUG COMPANY Pineville, Ky. Compliments of DeLuxe Laundry and Dry Cleaning MARY ' S SHOPPE Tots and Teens — Ladies ' Apparel Barbourville, Ky. Phone 84 Pineville, Ky. Union National Bank Member of Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured up to $5,000 for each depositor Complete Banking Service Lock Boxes WE SELL TRAVELER ' S CHECKS — MAINTAIN SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Kenneth Tuggle, President Matthew McKeehan, Cashier Margaret Riley, Ass ' t Cashier Dr. B. P. Jones, Vice-President Harold Mitchell, Ass ' t Cashier Compliments of THE BANK OF HARLAN Harlan, Ky. CORA ' S DEPT. STORE Gifts, Ladies and Children Ready To Wear Barbourville, Ky. After you have finished school at Union and scattered to the four cor- ' ners of the earth, catch a plane when you need your hair dressed ; and fly to — Lumpkins Beauty Shop Barbourville, Kentucky Compliments of STEWART RESTAURANT Barbourville, Ky. W. T. SMITH GROCERY High Quality — Low Prices 403 Manchester St. — Barbourville A. B. West Service Station Standard Oil Products 24 Hour Service Barbourville, Kentucky Compliments of The Laresista Corset Company Barbourville, Kentucky Compliments of KNOX COUNTY SUPPLY Barbourville, Ky. STEWART DRY CLEANERS Prompt Service — Real Satisfaction Agent at Union College Barbourville, Ky. The Rapp Lumber Corp. Lumber and Supplies Sherwin-Williams Paints General Electric Appliances Barbourville, Ky. Compliments of SMITH CAWOOD HARDWARE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS Phone 60 Pineville, Ky. COLONEL ' S GRILL For Fine Foods Middlesboro, Ky. B. F. BLACK JEWELER Pineville, Ky. If It ' s Drugs, Think Of COTTONGIM DRUG CO. Your Rexall Store Corbin, Ky. Compliments of GOLDE ' S DEPT. STORE Barbourville, Ky. Compliments of REDA THEATRES Pineville, Ky. - — London, Ky. " The best in Entertainment. " Meet your friends at Ballard ' s sweet shop, next door to theatre. PINEVILLE LAUNDRY — DRY CLEANING COMPANY The Best Equipped in Eastern Kentucky Pineville, Ky. Phone 25 or 53 Get It At LEE ' S Middlesboro, Ky. Compliments of SUSONG FLORIST Middlesboro, Ky. E. L. Erickson, ' 34 Assistant General Manager Delaware Powder Company, Inc. Pineville, Ky. ARCHER SMITH PRINTING COMPANY 103 3 N. Broadway Knoxville, Tennessee cm Creators V of m Distinctive Annuals AUTOGRAPHS 17 ' ' ' . " ' Jl ■■ ' " ' ' MUJ JHUima,iiim i muwnmAu m AUTOGRAPHS ABIGAIL E. WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY UNiON COLltGE BAR8CUSV5U.2, KENTUCKY UNION COLLu. feARBOURVILLS. KENTUCKY mm m I

Suggestions in the Union College - Stespean Yearbook (Barbourville, KY) collection:

Union College - Stespean Yearbook (Barbourville, KY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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