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2: CO Oi 03 CD c 5 c: 03 c:3 t 0 1 a o CD (Jxx-O CJLy ' 6 i».-L.c « cA- h- ■ f ' • ;, _■ ' J te 1935 STESPEAN VOLUME FOURTEEN COPYRIGHT, 1935 O. J. WILSON Editor-i r-Ch ief FRANK K. BURGESS Business Manager PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS OF UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Weeks-Townsend Memorial Librarj Union College Barboun ille,KY 40906 o df fal CONTENTS BOARD OF TRUSTEES SCENES AND FACULTY CLASSES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES SNAPS CALENDAR ADVERTISEMENTS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Ex-Offiiin l lcmbcrs Bishop H. Lester Smhii ... 420 Plum Stnet, CiiiciniKiti, Ohio President John Owen Gross 302 Cnllene Street, Barbnuiville, Ky. Rev. n. C. Johnson . . . . ■ 1900 Prospect Place, Ashland, Ky. Rev. Thom. s H. Ashi.ev . . . y+i S. Brook Street, Louisville, Ky. Member Eincritus Hon. James D. Bl. cic High Street, Barhourville, Ky. Class No. 2 — Term Expires in JQ35 A. B. CoRNETT Harlan, Ky. Rev. E. p. Hai.i 6165 Ft. Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas, Ky. Rev. John L. Tii.ton . . . . sn Greenup Street, Covington, Ky. Dr. S. Parkes Caoman ... 64 JefFerson Street, Brooklyn, N. V. Class No. J — Term Expires in TQj6 C. B. NoRDEMAN ..... 1650 Beechwood Ave., Louisville, Ky. Harry E. Bum.ock .... 122 N. Upper Street, Covington, Ky. Rev. E. R. Overi.v 54 W. Central Ave., Delaware, Ohio Class AV;. . — Term Expires in 1037 Rev. W. V. Shepherd Pine Street, Barhourville, Ky. D. M. Humfleet College Street, Barhourville, Ky. Hon. Ai.vis S. Bennett Hartford, Ky. Class No. 5 — Term Expires in iQjS Rev. C. E. Vocei -201 Mound St., Harlan, Ky. J. H. Richardson Maysville, Ky. Judge John P. Haswell . . Washington Building, Louisville, Ky. Class No. 6 — Term Expires in IQJQ Rev. S. C. Rice Pineville, Ky. Dr. Allan Tugcle High Street, Barhourville, Ky. Mrs. F. D. Sampson .Barhourville, Ky. V.., sv ' vwi. .x . ; jgxNvs».Nvw«v x VtVi vjw xNxvvi FOREWORD The Senior Class will soon embark on that great journey through life. The unfathomable future beckons to us to set sail on its illimitable ex- panses. It is the call of the un- known, the undiscovered, which challenges us, and like all good sailors, NZ must go. ■ In presenting this volume of the 1935 Stespean, v e hope to per- petuate the memory of this Senior Class and that you will wish us Bon Voyage . ■ - M$, SZHj THE 1935 STESPEAN |p§. i v : » vNN N xN .v y vvx DEDICATION TO DEAN CHARLES R.WIMMER WHO, BY HIS AMIABLE DISPOSITION, HIS DEVOTION TO HIS WORK, AND HIS FIDELITY TO THE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF UNION COLLEGE, HAS WON THE LOVE AND ADMIRATION OF ALL WHO KNOW HIM, WE DEDICATE WITH GRATITUDE THE 1935 STESPEAN. D .!irn !) O . . IN MEMORIAM . . % ' ■- CLARIBEL R, EATON Miss Eaton came to Union in 1931 from Washington, D. C. In spite of her brief stay with us, she made a place that will be long remembered in the history of the school. Her sym- pathetic and understanding nature caused the students to turn to her with their problems and difficulties. She was never too weary or too busy to listen or advise. From her person- ality there radiated a charm, grace, and dignity that inspired reverence and love. By her untimely death on March 2, of this year, Union College lost a faithful supporter, and the world a useful servant. IRA B. PEAVY On Saturday evening, December 29, 1934. Prof. I. B. Peavy died at Upland, Indiana. His passing was indeed a loss to his many friends and students, and to the faculty members with whom he was connected during his long years as a teacher. After fifteen years as teacher in Edinboro. Pennsylvania, and nine years at Taylor University, Upland, Indiana, Prof. Peavy came to Union College in 1920 as head of the Department of Biology and Natural Science. He served in this capacit until 1933, when he became Professor Emeritus. His Christian personality and kindness made him indeed be- loved by alt who came in contact with him. V VA Vi a.. w . xv VJvxxvvtfs N v ■ ?» ADMINISTRATION BUILDING GYM NAS I U M • VvN XXXVVj ».. VXVX NNXVNVVVNVVVXV VN V VVVV VVO V xv vv xNVN v v v v ■xv .vc PRfcSIDENT JOHN OWEN GROSS vA ? ;ii A- x vv vvvAvxv v FACULTY John- Owen Gross, S.T.M., Presidnil D.D. K. E. A.; President cil ' Division of Col- letfe and State Teachers " College of K. E. A.. 1934-35: President U. C. E. A., 1035-31] ; A.B.. Asburv College. 1918; S. T. B. Boston Univ rsitv. 1921; D.D., Asbury, 19:;0; Lane Seminary. 1918-19; Graduate Study at University of Cincinnati. 1929: pni ersity of Kentucky. 1929. ClIARI.KS R. WiMMER, M.S., Ph.D. .lilini Didn nf I In- Coltftje, Proffssor nf Clinnijry and llvad of tlie Depail- m :nl of Physical Science ■Ann riiTin t ' hcniical Society; Sigma Xi; Gamma Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; Alpha Chi Rho; B S.. Alleghany College, 1923; M.S., Ohio State University 1925: Ph.D.. Uni ers ' tv of Cincinnati, 1932; Graduate Study Yale University, 1928-29. Wayne T. Gray, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Sociology and Head of the Department of Social Science . lplia Kappa Kielta; Gamma Sigma L ' el- ta; Am rican Sociological Society; B.S.. University of Nebraska. 1922; A.M., Uni- ' ersitv of Wiscon. ' in. 1928; Ph.D.. ibid.. 1932. Georgia M. Haswei.l, A.B. Instructor of Mathematics and Physics riii Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta; .A.B.. Ohio Weslevan. 19211; Grad- uate Study, ibid.. 1929-30; Ohio State University. 1929-30-31. Maurice F. Seay, A.B.. A.M. Dean of the Colleye, and ReyiUrar Profess! r of Education and Head of tlie Department of Education On leave of Absence. 1934-35; N. E. .A.; K. E. . . ; Department of Superintendence of th ■ N. E. A.; Phi Delta Kappa; Ken- tucky Academy of Science; Kentucky Academy of Social Science: Phi Kappa Tau; A.B.. Transylvania College 1924: A.M.. ibid.. 1926: Graduate Study Uni- versity of Kentucky. 1929: University of Chicago. 1920-27, 1929. 1930. Elizabeth Eisei.en, A.B., A.M. Dciin of Women J ustrm tor in Physical Sctence Theta Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; . .B.. Northwestern Universitv. 1931; A.M., Co- lumbia Uni -ersitv. 1933; Graduate Study at Coll ge of the Pacific, 1933. Arthur M. Hyde, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of History and Head of the Department of History American Historical Association; Amer- ican Association of University Professors; . „ ,. , ,,.., .... jjjg. j j j ibicl.. ■ of Illinois. 1927. A.B.. Y ale Universit. . 1S94; Ph.D., University Meredith G. Carpenter, A.B., A.M. Professor of Education and Actinc Head of the Department of Education; Direitor of Colleye Extension N. E. -A.; K. E. A.; Dejiartnient of Superintendence of K. E. A.; Kapi:ia Del- ta Pi: Pi Gamma Mu; A.B.. Western Kentucky State Teachers ' College, 1924; A.M., Columbia University, 1929. THE 1935 STESPEAN It-. ■ XVVV XWVNVSV X XVl VN V X NX ' .V V BvRON H. GiBsox, A.M., Pii.O. K A Professor of Enijlbh Iliad oj the Dep:trtin:nt of Eni lis i Modern T anguage Association of Amei- ioa: K. E. A.: Kappa Alplia: Kappa Plii Delta: Oniicron Delta Kappa; A.B.. Bii-- minghani-Southern Colletre, 192S: A.M.. University ot Illinois. 1929: Ph.D., ibid.. 19:U., . liAcAii. E. Weeks, A. 15., AM. Professor of Eiii lis i Ijleniture .P,.. Dii-kin.son Collegi., 1911.5: . ,M.. Co- liiniliia University, 1920; Graduate Study .state ' ollege of Pennsylvania. Nancy Mevers, A.B., A.M, Professor of Freneli and Head of the Depirtment of Frenili Xn i-iean .Association of Teachers of Flench; .. .B,, Berea College, 1913: .A.M., Columliia Univeisity. 1923; Graduate Study, University of Besancon, 1921; Uni -ersity of Sorhonne, 192(i; Uni ersity of Toulouse, 1925-2G: Middlebury College, 19nO. Roy L. Ri ni, Tn.B., S.T.M. Professor of Bible and Moral Philos- ophy and Head of the Department of Bible and Moral Philosophy A.B., .Asbury College, 192(i; Th B., Lane Seminary. 1929: .c:. T. M. Pacific School of Riligion, 1930. il.ARUEM. P. Sturuivani, A.M., Pll.l ' ). A X A Professor of Iliotoijy and Head of the Department of Biolrgy Lambda Chi .Alpha: Phi Sigma; Sigma Xi; B.S., Emorv L ' ni ersit -, 1925: .A.M. ibid., 192i;: Ph.D.. Columbia University, 1932. Stei.i.a Ward, , ,H., . ' .M. Instructor in Eni lish and Education -A.B., Eastern State Teachers College, 1929; A.M. George Peabody College, 1934; Additional Graduate Study at George Peabody College. Kauierixe ' ax Deusen Sutphen Instructor in Piano and Voice Delphian: Pi Mu: Giaduate New Eng- land Ci-uiservatory of Music; University of Illinois, 1919-20; University of Nebras ' - Ua, 1921-22: University of AYashington, D. C, 1924: Graduate and Certified Teachei ' of " Godowsky ' s Progressive Se- ries, " Art Publication Society, St. Louis. J. R. Bacon, A.B. Professor of Physical Education and Head of tlie Dep:irtnicnt of Physical Education A.B.. Kentucky Wesleyan, 1926; Gradu- ate Study, University ot Kentucky, 1928, 1933; University of Iowa, 1929. FACULTY E. M. Miller, A.B., A.M. Instructor in Education Plii Delta Kappa: A.B.. Western Union College, 1921: A.M., LTniversitv of Ken- tucky, 1934: Additional Graduat ' Study at University of Kentucky. Catherine Faulkner, A.B. Secretary to tJie President Beta Chi Alpha: Iota Sigma Nu; .A.B., LTnion i ollege, 1932; Additional Graduate Stud ' at University of Kentucky. James F. Blair Treasurer Union College Academy, 1921. Mae Wallace Dietitian Sue Bennett College, 1912. EuPHEMiA K. CoRwiN-, B.L.S., Ph.B. Librarian L tile Dulce: American Lil rar - Associa- tii:)n: Charter M mber Kentucky State Lilirary Association; B.L.S. New York State Library School, 1896; Ph.B,, Berea College, 1905. Wallace Turner, A.B., A.M. Instnulor m Ent hsh A.B., Georgetown College, 1932; .A University of Kentucky, 1933. M.ary E. Dildine, A.B., B.S. Assistant Librarian A.B., Northwestern Missouri State Teachers ' College, 1930; B.S., Univ.rsity .il Illinois, 1931: B.S. in Education at N.ii I li cstern Missouri State Teachers ' ' " II.;.., 1934; Graduate Work at North- vM-iMii University. 1931-32-3.1; Addition- il W ' nrI; at Fine .Arts Library of New York, 1932. Es Davis, A.B. Freshman Coach A.B.. Union College. 1931. Pauline McClure Assistant Treasurer Linion Collegj Academy. 1927; Graduate McNeil Business College. 1927. E. A. Bender, C.E. Plant Superintendent C.E., Chio Northern University, 1912. 12 13 MlLTOX (tALBRAITH A.B. Cliemislry T i: X V. M. C. A., ' 3-, ' 53, ' 34; President Y. M. C. A., ' ii. Vice-President, ' 34; Secretary V . CKib, ' 32, Presi- dent, ' 33 ; President Junior Class, ' 34; President Senior Cla -., ' 55; President Men ' s Student Cmincil. ' 33- ' 34; Football, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, Co-Captaiii, ' 34; Secretary Glee Cluh, ' 34; French Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34 Pfari. Johx Hamilton A.B. Iliilnry 1 i: . President Playlikers, ' 32. ' 33; French Club, ' 33- ' 34- ' 35 ; Business Manager Orajige and Blink, ' 33, ' 34; Treas- urer Senior Class, ' 34, ' 35; Oxford Club; Vice-President V. M. C. A., ' 32, ' 33; " The Goose Hangs High, " Senior Pla . RonuRT O.sc R Sw w A.B. hiiijlish Nnrthuestcrn Iniver-ity, ' 32, ' 33; North Park College, Summer, ' 33; President Playlikers Club, ' 34, ' 35; Quartette, ' 35; " The Cioose Hang. High, " Senior Play. Rl TH RiLlIARDSOX A.B. II istory Y. W. C. A., ■31, ' 32, ' 34, -35; B. X. A., ' 35; Polyanna Cluh, ' 31, ' 32; Science Club, ' 34, ' 35. AxxE S. Archhr A.B. linylish French Club; President B. . . . .. ' 32. ' 33, Pianist . W. C. A., ' 34; " The (ioove Hangs High, " Senior Plav. He-ster M. White A.B. ErKjlish President Y. ' . C. A., ' 32; Presi- dent B. X. A., ' 34, ' 35; Sergeant-at- . rms B. , . A., ' 33; Secretary Jun- ior Class, ' 33, ' 34; Secretary Senior Class, ' 34, ' 35; President Book Club, ' 34; President ' ocatIonal Guidance, ' 34; Secretary Speed Hall Council, 33. 34; Playlikers Club, ' 33, ' 34; " The Goose Hangs High, " Senior Play. William eatts B.S. EAucalwn Bluebeld College, ' 31, ' 33; President Public Speaking Club, ' 34; ' ice- President Senior Class, ' 34, ' 35 ; Y. M. C. A., ' 34, ' 35 ; History Club, ' 35; Playlikers Cluh, ' 35; " The tJoose Hangs High, " Senior Play. Stacy Blair B.S. Ediitalion I i; X V. W. C. ., ' 32; Education Club, ' 33- ' 34- ' 35; N ' ocational Guidance Club, ' 34; Playlikers Club, ' 31, ' 34, ' 35; Book Club, ' 34; History Club, ' 35- [oiix Fraxk Yorr A.B. Social Silence Treasurer Y. M. C. A., ' 34, ' 35; Football, ' 32- ' 33- ' 34- ' 35 ; Captain Football Squad, ' 34; Basketball, ' 32- ' 33- ' 34- ' 35; French Club; ' ice- President U. Club, ' 35; " The Goose Hangs High, " Senior Play. Ollie J. Wilson B.S. Education I i; X Graduate Berca Normal, 1928; Berea College, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Fresh- man Basketball, ' 30; Varsity Track, ' 31 ; Student Instructor Gymnastics, ' 30, ' 31 ; I ' nion, ' 32, ' 34, ' 35; Oianiic and lilac k Staff, ' 32 ; Circulation Manager Oranijc and Black, ' 34, ' 35; Advertising Manager Senior Play, ' 35; Y. M. C. A., ' 35; Editor- in-Chief Stespe. n, ' 34, ' 35. m£: THE 1935 STESPEAN Vivian Shipley B.S. Education " Mikado, " Opera; " Daniel Boone, " Opera; Glee Club, ' 3i- ' 32- ' 33; Playlikers Club, ' 31, ' 32, ' 34; Sec- retary History Club, ' 34; B. X. A., ' 31, ' 32; Feature Editor Orange and Black, ' 33, ' 34; Girls ' Quartette, ' 34; Girls ' Trio, ' 35. Thomas Jasper Luke A.B. Education Young Harris Junior College, ' 31- ' 33; Football, ' 33- ' 34- ' 35 ; Basket- ball, ' 34, ' 35; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 33, ' 34; Pastor of Hender- son Chapel; Oxford Club; " The Goose Hangs High, " Senior Play. Edward Landreth B.S. Education Football, ' 3i- ' 32- ' 33- ' 34 ; Basketball, ' 31; Vice-President Glee Club, ' 31; Vice-President yunior Class, ' 33 ; Y. M. C. A., Treasurer, ' 33; Y. M. C. A., ' 35. Laura Greene B.S. Education Eastern, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; History Club, ' 35; Vocational Club, ' 35; Y ' . W. C. A., ' SS- Vera Delle Ashe A.B. Englisli North Georgia College, ' 32, ' 33; Al- pha Omega Sorority; Corona Liter- ary Society ; President Y. W. C. A. ; Pianist B. S. U. Conference; Home Economics Club; Glee Club; Dra- matic Club; Miss Stone Mt., ' 32; Miss North Georgia College, ' 33; Miss Union, ' 34; Representative Laurel Festival, ' 34; " The Goose Hangs High, " Senior Play. W. vfe A v» vvv .x vv v. x vo.vv .v v.■xv.v v . v.vw Frank K. Bi rcess A.B. Englisli I 2 N I ' Veshman Tennis; French Club; Orange and Black Staff, ' 34, ' 35; Husiuess Manager Senior Play, ' 35; liusiness Manager Stespean, ' 34, ' 35- Marie Baker A.B. History Bethel Women ' s College, ' 31, ' 32; Playlikers Club, ' 35; History Club, ' 34, ' 35; Y. W. C. A., ' 33; Glee Club, ' 35; Beta Phi Delta; Assistant Business Manager Stespean, ' 34, ' 5; " The (jnnse Hangs High, " Sen- ior Pla . Margaret Tuggle A.B. Englisli Playlikers Club, ' 30, ' 31 ; Glee Club, •30, ' ' 31 ; Y. W. C. A., ' 30, ' 31; B. X. A., ' 30, ' 31 ; Orange and Black, ' 30, ' 31. Nedra Benn David A.B. Natural Science President B. X. A., ' 33, ' 34; Treas- urer B. X. A., ' 34, ' 35; Y. W. C. A.; Playlikers Club; Science Club; President Student Council Speed Hall; Glee Club; " The Goose Hangs High, " Senior Play. Byron Berry A.B. English Marshall College, ' 32; Orange and Black Staff, ' 32- ' 33- ' 34- ' 35 ; Man- aging Editor Orange and Black, ' 32; .Associate Editor Orange and Black, ' 35; Editor-in-Chief Orange and Black, ' 33 ; Associate Editor Stes- pean, ' 32; Science Club, ' 32, ' 33; President Science Club, ' 33; Glee Club, ' 3i- ' 32- ' 33; Playlikers Club, ' 3i- ' 32- ' 33- ' 35 ; Le Cercle Francais, ' 33; Y. M. C. A., ' 33, ' 35; Debate Club, ' 33; Director of Freshmen, ' 33- it NXVfe »-CCCIANXNVk NX»XVV XV.VV. V.VVVIX AxiE Hammoxs A.B. Ent lish Education Chih ; CJIee riuh; V. V. C. A,; Histcirv Club. Glsta Hill B.S. Eiiuuitinn Ea ' itern State Teachers; Histor Club; ' . M. C. A. Roberta Leah Mavhew B.S. Edih ution V. V. C, ' 3i- ' 32- ' 33- ' 35 ; Pollyanna, 33. ' 35; Playlikers Club, ' 35; Secre- tary Education Club, ' 35; Glee Club, ' is; B. X. A. Jofix R. Km CKLEs B.S. hdut ation V. M. C. A.; Winner Tri-State Oratorical Contest, ' 32; Quartette, ' 3- " ' 33- ' 34- ' 35 ; " The Goose Hann ilinh, " Senior Play. George Davis B.S. EdiKiUtiin Basketball, ' 33- ' 34- ' 35 ; Football, ' 33- ' 34- ' 35; Tennis, ' 33- ' 34- ' 35; Secre- tary-Treasurer History Club, ' 3+, ' 35; Treasurer Vocational Guid- ance, ' 35; Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Class, ' 35. Carol Chatfieli) B.S. Ediit alio [I Sue Bennett College; Berea College; journalism Club; Education Club; Histor Club. AVilliam R. McXeil B.S. Edm attoti ()raiii i and liliuk Staff, ' 32, ■35; Cdee Club, ' 3+, ' 35; V. W. A., ' 3+. Nol.xx H. 11orr. ll B.S. Education Education Club; Y. M. C .A.; Sci- ence Club; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Manager of ' arsit Football; Manager of ' ar- sitv 15asketball. 16 v ' vNssv v v». A v v v x Vv 17 Glomus McKrehax I ' nsuii nt ROCKIiOI I). KK UCK ,M R I. ' ()l XG SILRGIS, KKNTUCKV Cl. ri: ci-: ( ). I!i i c ii i:aki ' .(]1 Kvn if , ki s i i cK ( ill A. ' l " l RMR l-VARIS. kf: I I CKV ! ,, , U, Ijir.i, IK CHAW w liARliOLKVII.l.i;, KliN 1 ULKV JEAX SWARTZ UNION., NEW YORK .Mildred Varden BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY ZeI.MA HoWARIl TINSLEY, KENIUCKY Elanor ( ) exs BARBOURVIl.I.E, KENIUCKY RdSE Arxette Miller BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Ruth Llewellyn- earbourvill e, ktntuckv V XWV .K VV.VVVV.V N VV V .X VVVXX VK. VWCVVWV Va ' Claude Fai lkxer nAKROLKVlll-l;, Ki I I CK • John Gaines LONDON, KENIUCKV RoLAX ' i) Pattersov KLSSIiLI,, KtNIUCKV Sue Tuggle BARBOUKVILLE, KENIUCKV Rk n Ri) Slusiier r,iA i:ni.v, Ki ' N u ( KV Ne -aua Gates LYNCH, KENTUCKY Carnes Mills MILLS, KENTUCKY Brow Callahan C(JU CRKKK, KEMUCK DAis ' Plxdletox ■ HAZARD, KENTUCKY ' THE 1935 STESPEAN 3tS Rf . ' hite Lanham ll.IIAMSDUKG, KIN 1 I CKV AuDA Haggard BETHELRIDGE; KEXTUCKY K ;tha White WII.I.IAMSRLRG, KK N I VCKY ■S... 20 " Sill v v ■ ■t vNvx ■N NXNvvN N VNX vw v c WlLI.IAAr PiTZER liLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA C S I I K K M I ' AIRKK IIARGEIT, KKNHLK ' c a THE 1935 STESPEAN J ' " fi " ' ' VtWWW. .t . v vvNVVVV vvx ' v vv v . vvvv v 21 £) THE 1935 STESPEAN flM wi Q. -m v v rf .K .v v ■ vv vAv . xxv xvv xx x Bi.AiNi: Dlncax, l ' r,iiJ,nl I K I I A SI). KV. MAKiirA Bki.i !■: McCrai nARnoLiRVii.i.i:, ki ' . Chaklps Ma- kr cou) spring, kv. LoLisi: Burton KI.I.KN ' , KV. I ' llOMAS G. Lrmis wnriKSBiRi;. kv. Anna Lois Tve earbourvii.i.e, kv. Mai I AM Lake M( Ml VR ' i . K ' l . ESTEI.LE Al.REn WAI.LIVS, KV. Wll I.IAM MoRinN- OVVKNSP.ORn, KV. MaRIIIA liRUCE I l) Al I , K . llr A AKD IUrkiv ELI.EN ' . KV. LnwEi.L Smith CnRBIN, KV. I )| KII SA I OR Mill IS. KV. RuiH RnniNSON I AI.I.S-OI -RflUCII, K ' . Joij.v Feather CORBIN, KV. VJA vv :ft vvv ■ VN v xxx ■ LOKtTTA N ' OODKUFr princeton ' , ky. John Storm KKAV ' , K . Mariha Bartle liberty, ky. AmSTKR IIOWARII PINEVILI.E, KY. LOUEI.LA StURRIVANT west point, ca. Fred Howard baxter, ky. Mary Lee Durham rockhold, ky. Andy Miracle i.oyall, ky. Mary ' Douglas SMiin BARBOURVILLE, K ' l . Thomas Symansic wheeling, w. va. Kathlyn Brouchton louellen, ky. Benjamin Risner calvin, ky. Esther Smith bright shade. KY. Wilson Singer elkhart, ind, Leonora Beams barbourville, ky. iD Gn ' ' S ;: k N ■ vJ.Vl a J l vwJ K a : JJ«| THE 1935 STESPEAN V.XX ., A.tvVVV V X XVVVVV XNV VVVCVX .NXVVv VWV ,V iln IS Rosi: iKANZ RUSSKI.I., KV. Ha I I. lIliWARI) PI tASANI VIKW, III,. AVNA Mah Mi k cnRniN " , Ki. SiKIJ.A ASHLI V ni: I IIELRIIIGK, K-i ' . Riin Hrvam CORRIX, KV. Fan ' me Smiih HARl An, K ' l . ' lK(;iSIA l AG COI.l) SPRING. KV. Mil iiK[:r Ei.iisnN CORBIN, KV. Kl;l I.K ' CORNHLIL ' S PINIAII I E. K . Kari, Bltciii:r IllllRIl, K . Rnl AND liAK I I i: I.IP.KRIV, KV. Ei.sA Miracle LOVALL. KV. 24 m,Q If .. ' « V SrXA VtVNNN N VVV X NNX N VVVV NVWVVX« V M 25 O dmwA. «IIj Q M noNAi.i) Clink, l ' r,siJinl FT. IIIOMAS, K ' l ' . Hei.i; - Lawson ' RARBOLKVII in, K ' ' . R. I.. Tai.rrrt cAiii isi r:, Ki ' . MlI.DRRI) SlIII ' llKKI) CARROURVII.I.K, KV. liAI I ARI) Uknsi.k BAXIKR, Kl . Mariiia Bkndfr cakbolkviiih. kv. RDCtRl Pkacf. CORIilS, K1. Pauline Pettus •jrnz, Ki ' . W ' lLLLAM ArVA MAssn ON, n. UlRDlK FrETWELL COLMAR. K . ElV ' ROBKRIS BARBOL RVILLE, KY. ' lR(;iNIA CAWiXII) llAKLAN, Kl. I.duANNA Knuckles BEVERLY, KV. IIksikr Si.usher bkvkri.v, k . Thomas ' ai.i.a ck RUSSi:i,I,, K ' l ' . An ' xk Morcan- russki.l, ky. David Bakf:r FRUITLANIl. Ml). Mary IhnvARn pAininRK, Kv. Francis R. Stone BAl.MMORE, ;i). Naomi Howard walliss, ky. El.IZABKTII CJUTIIRIE YANCl ' , KY. El MO FiGGINS AUGUSTA, KY. Laura Howard hari.an, ky. Irenb Hughes barbourvii.i.e, ky. Godfrey Hunter harjiord, k . Dora Lee Irvin harlan, ky. D .U i) w -A- mi Ml ' im V V J« flCOJCJKWC V .VV. . ■xvxvJCv x v Ni5-wJWK ;{ J THE 1935 STESPEAN JWVVV XN XNV NXVN XNX . N V X J ' V»N X . Va V f f ' i ■;■.:( f U- Vf ' .... .Hi ■- Z: zj» . riff ' i ' % 1 " ) THE 1935 STESPEAN v ?JcwJJa». ' v cw c v« ?iy v ; ' " M V VJI.W ' fe C XN. NVN- V VVS N .Vi. VV VVS. V« un 29 J ' i- f e- e § U 1 fi if ' •1 VARSITY FOOTBALL For the second consecutive season, the Union College Bulldogs closed their schedule without a single loss. With a comparatively small team, Coach Bacon de- veloped a well-rounded squad that functioned as smoothly and as spectacularly as any Orange and Black combination ever produced at Union. With the loss of several men by graduation, Coach Bacon will be faced with the problem of rebuild- ing his squad for the " 33 season, but with a fine freshman crop at hand, we are hoping that the coming season will add more laurels to those already won by Union. Below is th:- 1934 record: Union 31; Lees McRae 6 Union 14; Eastern 7 Union 15; Morehead 8 Union 0; Tennessee Teachers Union 0; Georgetown Union 12; Transylvania Union 7; University of Louisville 30 „A€ 3 r-™ t NX N v NNN . vv vN xvvvv v .v« va VARSITY FOOTBALL OWENS-FAULKNER Cheer Leaders Vivian and Eleanor were chosen from the freshman class to aid the Varsity cheer-leader, R. C. Johnson. The successful season was in no small way due to their ability to maintain enthusiasm. YORK— End John played his last and best year for Alma Mater in the 1934 season. In addition to being Captain of the eleven, he was the spark of the team; his accuracy at pass receivmg made our of- fense a constant threat and more than once re:u!ted in a scoring posEibility. GALBRAITH G wrc Co-Captain Galbraith broke the jinx of iUjUry and filled his posi- tion at guard admirably well. Milton ' s light will be Union ' s loss in his graduation. TURNER Ce;2 e; John Alden (Spud) Turner was Union ' s first contribution to an all-State eleven. Although handicapped in weight, he overcame that loss in defensive play. Union expects a duplication of his achievement during his Senior year. BACON— Coach Dick Bacon, the man who spent many sleepless nights because of the lack of material, and the one to whom success of the unde- feated team was due in a large measure, merits the apprecia- tion which is felt by all the students in Union. Can ' t we make it " three in a row, " Coach? 11 .- %; f ? ' WVN VJ . -WXXVVVNXVXXV VXVi. XVNV NV VARSITY FOOTBALL YOUNG— Back In spite of his injured shoulder, Tubby ' s bullet-hke passes kept the defensive team guessing. We are expecting him to reach a new peak in the ' 35 season. M 1 SYMANSIC— Bdc-; Tommy ' s punting and returning of punts will never be forgotten at Union. He is a triple-threat man, and one that any coach could well be proud of havmg. In his next two years at Union, he should go far. BURCH— Back The same fight that " Ossie " used in carrying over the winning touchdown at Louisville characterized his entire season. He, too, has another year in which to display his wares on the gridiron. BLJCHANNAN— Bdc-- " Buck " is an asset to any team by being able to play either on end or in the backfield. The tougher they got, the better he liked ' em. He will wear the Orange and Black again next season. MIRACLE— Back Andy, a Sophomore, was a valuable man to the varsity team this season. His defensive play in backing up the line was his strong point. LUKE— Back T. J., the Georgia flash, was known for his speed and persever- ance. His place on the 1935 squad will be hard to fill, and we regret that he has been with us only two years. NN VN .WN .NNXSX . VV V VVVX XV VARSITY FOOTBALL SAYLOR— Guard Red Bird can well be proud of their only representative, " Bull " Saylor, on Union ' s team. We are fortunate in having Millard with us for another year. STRINGER— rdc-- e " Curt " was the biggest man on the team. His scrappy line play in the Transy game was his most outstanding work of the year. If he continues to improve during his next two years, he will receive much recognition. HORRALL— £n Probably no man on the entire squad fought against more diffi- culty than " Rock. " Although he was inexperienced in football, he entered the season as a regular and played excellent ball throughout. MESSER— Center " Rick " has donned the Orange and Black togs for the last time. His splendid work during his football career will make him long remembered in Union ' s athletic history. GAINES— Tdc-; e Although an early-season injury kept Johnny from a berth on the regular team, he sJiowed great determination by being there for practice every day. His last year should be one in which he can show his ability. LANDRETH— Back Eddie was always a good man to have around. When called upon he was always ready to give the necessary punch that was needed. 4Jflft ' ■ VlJSiwwgM«W» Ol v J gJ 0 ' i» X«« | xv vNV . vvv vxv. . v vvx v xvvv t . I VARSITY FOOTBALL MORTON— Tackle Although unable to hit his stride in the ' 34 season, we are ex- pecting as great things of him in his Junior and Senior years as he has heretofore done. More power to you. Bill. LEWIS— Guard Handicapped by being ineligible at the beginning of the season, T. G. displayed a great interest in footbill, and we miss our guess if he isn ' t one of the up-and-coming men on the gridiron. CORNELIUS— End Kelley was one of the speediest men on the squad. With a little more determination on his part we will find him on the ftirting line-up. CATRON— Tackle Injury removed Bert from the squad this year, but we expect him to be on the receiving end of a lot of passes next season. PATTERSON— Bdc-y Next year being " Pat ' s " last, he is going to show thit one can come back. We ' ll be looking at you next year, Roland. RAINES— Back Whatever might be said about " Moose-face " Bill, he can hit that line like a veteran. Next year he should be assigned the task of doing this in every game. Xl a x . v v v Nv xvv v vvv v J x VARSITY BASKETBALL The Union College Basketeers had a reafonably successful season this year. They started off with a bang during the Christmas holidays and asserted themselves as strong S. I. A. A. contenders before the season had progressed very far. With a squad that could boast of only four regulars from last year, Coach Bacon developed a combina- tion that functioned smoothly and beautifully. It was a treat to see the Orange and Black get going and when they began to click, it was dilBcult, to say the least, for the opposing team to analyze their plays and thwart the victory drive. ork, Luke, and Da is, playing their last year for Alma Mater, did credit to them- selves and to the tutelage of Coach Bacon. However, Gaines, Catron, Horrall, and Messer come in for their part of the gIor - in no small way. With a wealth of fresh- man material at hand next season, and Sophomore and Junior players from this year back. Union should have no trouble in running " rough-shod " over the opponents of the coming season. 35 ; " -;. . v u:V ' .VA ' aus .«! FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Coach I ' ls I)a is, Fnjsli nicnti)]-, had an L ' ccpti(iiiall line season (iun ' nir IQ H- He started off with a host nt |ila crs that wouhl thrill thr hrart ot an coach. Theie were about thirt ' -five hoys who answereil tlie call tor the hrst practice session, and thcv ranged in size from midgets to giant, husk ' fellows; some had seen a football and man ' had pla ed hue games in high school, but at the same time quite a few had never so much as seen a football before comnig t(i I nion. Coach Da is, however, saw the potential jicjwer he had in that group ot pla ers, and after days and days of hard jiractice, he turned out a team that didn ' t lose a game throughout the entire season. In the backlieKl, Franz, Vallance, and .Sullivan were the best ground-gainers. However, accurate passing to such ,in end as " l ust " Carey many times resulted in another touchdown tor the Hullpups. In thi ' line, the boys were about equally fer- vent and spirited, but the work of Talbert, Cline, Faulkner, and Stamper deserves to be mentioned because of the fine way in which they played their positions. It is felt that some of the boys who pla ed such fine ball as freshmen will gi e the varsity candidates a run lor then- money in the =, season. 36 lSJ c A.Q Ja v vVkXxvvv v KJJvvv v FRESHMAN BASKETBALL " The greatest freshman team e ' er to phiy on the U. C. floor " — the verdict of all who saw the Davisnien in action. One of the most thrilling sights for the basketball fan was to watch that deliberate, perfectly executed shot of Sullivan, one of the reallv great fresh players. He was not in a class by himself, however, for Cline, Smith, and Hollis Hodges were among those who helped to make the name of Union freshmen highly respected among coaches who saw their teams unmercifully beaten by the fast- breaking, accurate shooting " greenies. " The freshman aggregation only lost one game throughout the season. The Hazel Green-Frogs tallied in the last minutes of the game to turn the frosh back, 27-30. However, when the Green-Frogs visited the Bidlpups on the Union gym, the table was turned and the Green-Frogs took the most severe drubbing of the season. The one loss was early in the season and served as a bit of caution in succeeding games to the confident freshmen. The work of the Davis second-stringers deserves recognition because of the fact there was little difference, if any, between them and the regular players. It was difficult to tell when the first team was on the floor, or whether there were some subs in, so well did they substitute. For that reason, Horrall, Holbert Hodges, Martin, Stamper, Pitzer, and Boggs must share in all the laurels won by the froshies. 37 VARSITY TENNIS Ed Simpson, Claude Faulkiifr, E XTctt Erickson, and Gforiit ' (Tank) Davis, members of the i j.?4 I nion College net team, made a most en iable record: They didn ' t lose a single S. E A. A. game. And that ' s not the half of it either. They in- vaded the South and met with amazing success, except in the case of Emory L niver- sitv, where, it seems, the hoys lost the art of wielding the racquet. The loss to Emory was more than compensated for, however, at the Kentucky S. E A. A. tournament, where the boys from Emdn m.idi ' themselves look like veterans. Lhiion won easily over ( " leorgetown, but found the o]ipositinn stiffer with Centre. The longest match of the tcjuinanient w.as pla ed b Simpson of L luon and Jones of Centre, and so equally matched were the two that jne found it (hlhcult to defeat the other. The spectators felt the str.iin as well as did the pla ers, and only through near fatigue was Jones able to out|)oint Simpson to win the match. T u- pros|K ' Cts for tenius in the ]n season look good. Although Coach (Jibson will have to recruit some one to fill the ranks lett vacant by graduation of Simpson and Erickson, it is felt that «-ith the freshman material from the ' .?4 season eligible to compete this year, he will ha e no trouble in turning out ,i team that w ill offer other S. E A. A. teams their money ' s worth of competition. 38 ,VSNNVO.XSX X ' V S XVVVX XVX VV S X V»!ia 39 t v vxvv vxNxxvv xvvv vvo FEATURE D ■mk: " THE STESPEAN STAFF Editorial Staff O. J. WiLSOX, ' 35 Editor-in-Chief P. J. Hamilton ' , ' 35 Manayiny Editor Hester White, ' 35 Associate Editor Morris McKeehan, ' 36 Associate Editor John York, ' 35 Sports Editor Robert Swan, ' 35 Literary Editor Vivian Shipley, ' 35 Irt Editor Business Staff Frank Ik rgess, ' 35 Business Manager Marie Baker, ' 35 Assistant Business Manager Jean Swartz, ' 36 Advertising Manager LouELLA SturdiVant, ' 37 Assistant Advertising Manager Don Cline, ' 38 Freshman Representative Dean Charles R. Wimmer, Faculty Sponsor 41 VV .NN .VV VVVS. V. .V«V Va ORANGE AND BLACK STAFF Editorial Staff Claude P ' aulkner, ' 6 Editor-in-Chhf Glexn Clark, ' h Managing Editor BVROX Uerrv, ' 35 Associate Editor Francis Stone, ' 38 Sports Editor Robert Swan, ' 35 Ecaturr Editor Jean Swartz, ' 36 Eraturc Editor Mildred Varden, ' 3O Soriity Editor John Achzehxer, ' 38 Clmpd Editor CaTJIFRINF l ' " rEKNFR, 2 1 1 II III lli I ' .dilor Business Staff Blaixe Dl ncax, ' 37 . O. J. WiLsox, ' 3s . . . Frank Hlrofss, ' 35 . , . Business Manager ( Hi I iiliitioii Miiiiai er . . . . Steiioi i iiplier |)r. I! R(IX II. (iinsox, I ' nniltx Sponsor 42 NX a.tv xXvvsvx xxNXVVv ,Vi V XVv ' AV XV V«WiiWW ijD Win V Vrf --t v aftxNvv.xv vv v vv xvvvv xv[lO OXFORD CLUB PLAYLI KER5 CLU I 45 £i %=) «X XVVt »XNXV%XSXVVVVS NNVV XXVSXVVVl»LVlN N VWa WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUi MEN ' S GLEE CLUB 46 -qjjjj THE 1935 STESPEAN MALE QUARTET GIRLS ' QUARTET 47 4m- mm w xvvN vv NvxN v .v . . V . a. N va FRENCH CLUB EDUCATI ON CLUB 48 ' : xx i, -fcvx . vN vv vo. . XN v vv H ISTORY CLU B PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUI 49 THE 1935 STESPEAN IKJi JgMPgggBX gg V VV V ' -- ' - ' - ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' SCIENCE CLUB VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE CLU! 50 VL V.. ■«K ? .xv v .x .xsv ■v % vx x JOURNALISM CLUB HARLAN COUNTY CLUB 51 D z f !1 » . ' VAV X ' JW«w i: v vw xvJ A?» THE 1935 STESPEAN n ' ' ' wtv xvNv vNv v v x vvvv xxviaaa.va!gcww« .t-.- .■■.■,2r " r ,i ,-- FRESHMAN CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS 52 pry, »%) WJ xv ' a ■ AiAv v vv NVvNx xvv v THE U. CLUB Clarence Oscar Burch Piesidcnt Members Sports Lettered In John York Football and Basketball Bernard Miller . ■ ■ Basketball Clarence Messer Football Nolan Horrall Club Manager in Football Edward Landreth Football Millard Savlor Football Milton Galbraith Football Andy Miracle Football Clarence Burch Football Tommy Symansic Football John Alden Turner Football Thomas J. Luke Football and Basketball Bill Buchannan Football George Davis Basketball and Tennis Curtis Stringer Football Jim Messer Basketball Claude Faulkner Tennis John Gaines Basketball Bert Catron Basketball and Tennis Roland Horrall Football and Basketball 53 I m THE 1935 STESPEAN V VV w vs nv LVC v»JJ MJg S M Ha 4:1 V ■vC. »t x vv x vvv v K N xN x v vv x x v x x vv x xx CALENDAR Sfptemiier lo — Opening (if the 55th yenr. Recnnl cniwd. 14 — Mixer in tile C7 mlla iu ■!. 17 — F.pwcirtli League Pnrt . I ' liis hImi pniveil (o In a mixer. iS — B. " i " . P. r. Party — intriKlmlnu Fre lmien. I ' — Faeult l eeeiitien. Methodivt ( ' (inference Itegin . Andanie Religlnsn. 20 — Dr. Tippett speaks at ennference. Excerpts from " Pioneers. " 21 — Pageant. Dr. W. S. liovard speaks at ennference. 22 — President V. J. Hiitclii)is of Berea College speaks. Dr. Ralph Hiffendorter speak-. 23 — Bishop C W. Burn and Rev. I-. O. Knhlstedt-pspeakers. Oratorio — eonimemorating 1 50lh anni " Lrsar " of Methodism in America. 28 — l ' ni(in ' s. Lees-McRae. rnioii ins, 31-6. 2Q — The students enio - P)ean Sea in chapel. 18- 19- 29- 31- OCTOP.ER -Fir-t Cla - meetings, general confusion. -Dr. Ralph V. Sockman of New York . . . tall, with black moustache. -Dr. Sockman. -V . ( ' . K. A. — Dean Seay speaks. Pep meeting followed. Wilson Singer is attacked liy Diphtheria. I ' nion ins again. Eastern falls on the little end of a 14-7 score. -Dr. S. Parkes Cadman. Looks like the spirit of genius ivhen pra ing. -Kennetli Tu.ggle — speaker — fine vocabulary, -rnion at Morchead. J ' he first in ' ision was successful. Lnion, 15; Morehead, 9. Blaine Duncan . . . Diphtheria, and a liaunied house. -Founder ' s Dav Program. Ex-Governor J. D. Black aiul Rev. J. T. McCiarvey speak. -Hallowe ' en Partv spons(u-eil by the Sophs. Not bad, -Young " Coach " arrive — Berr ' in ton Bacon. 3— •9— Xil ' FMI ' ,ER C;iee Clubs direcled bv Mis Sutphen sing choruses from Ojiei.i D:ini;l Boone. I ' nion and lennessee Feaclurs tangle it up in a tie, 0-0. Dr. John Owen Gross, Pnsidcnt, speaker. James Feltner, 4-II Chili worker, speaks in chapel. Lnion and ( leorgetown end the fight in a 0-0 score. (Coiiliiuifd) 56 CALENDAR v x A . y v vv . v vJv xx 13- 5- 17- +- -Oxfoid Cluli lias iliniifr at Rev. W. V. Sheppi-ril ' s. Rev. E. R. Overly — Methodi t aiul Evangelist — begins series of talks. -Mrs. Gross invites Stevenson Hallites to after-supper social. -Miss Nola Minton donates canes and swagger sticks ti ' the Class of ' 35. Transylvania falN before tlic Bulldogs in a spectacular game. -Tnion is the (inl undefeated team in the entire S. 1. A. A. -I nien pla s the last game on the 1954 sciiedule, rnit)n s. Louis ille. I ' nion again, 7-0. A famous blonde catches Diphtheria . . . college mourns. -Forf ' new trees planted on campus. -Undefeated fJulldogs given bantjuet at Blackstone by Kiwanis anil others of Barbourville. Miss Nola Minton gives team canes, and a live Bull pup for 193, mascot. Mrs. Gross entertains faculty women and wives at luncheon. Dr. and Mrs. Sturdivant lio ts at buffet supper for new members of the faculty and staff. Student body votes to give gold footballs to football squad. -Thanksgiving holiday. December I — Dr. tiray starts extension wiirk at Evarts, Ky. 2 — r. Club officers elected. 5 — " Shorty " Turner named on all-State S. I. A. A. Team. Symansic on second team. 9 — Mrs. Adella Anderson serves waffles at Speed Hall. An innovation. 10 — Dr. and Mrs, Gibson, a son. John Seviir. 1+ — Rev. H. C. Chiles speaks on the six steps to throne of power In work. U. Club and football banquet in diidng hall. 15 — All dormitory students entertained by girls at Speed flail. 20 — L r. and Mrs. CJray hosts to M. E. Sunday School young peoples ' classes. 21 — Union vs. Transylvania, 35-30. 22 — Christmas Vacation begins. Merry Christmas! 29- January I — Union basketeers get no vacation. Destroy Carson-Newman, 36-32. 7 — Morehead visits the Bulldog stronghold . . . 38-34, Union, in two overtime periods. 8 — Thirty-seven new magazines for tile library. " This is the mind of the institution. " — Corwin. 9 — President Mc ' ey of U. K. — speaker. Didn ' t seem to believe in social life. 12 — Union vs. Centre. I nion outclassed, 56-+1. 15 — Memorial Service for Professor I. B. Peavy — long a loved professor in Union College. 18 — Dr. F. C. Eiselen speaks in chapel. 19 — Union vs. Eastern, 19-30. 26 — Union vs. Transy, 37-35. (Conlinueil) 57 CALENDAR -Ininn vs. Moreht ad, ::9-37. RcgistratioEi for secoiul semester begins . . . human swarms almost go mad. FeBRI ARV -Heiress to Sturdivant diminions arrives — F.; ' .y Bragg, alias " Boop. " -Union vs. Georgetown, 41-35. -I ' nioEi vs. Centre . . . Why do they have to come here? -Lincoln na . President Ciross speaks. -Union vs. Bcrea. Union beaten hy one despicable score. -Faculty Reception. Receiving line — pink dresses — little, little sandwiches. -Dr. James Thoma; — speaker. -Washington Day — National, not Union — Holiday. -Institute of Public Affairs. Rehabilitation main topic. -Union College Orchestra, directed by Capt. Abler, gives program. Dean and his Secretaries March 5 — Magician Slusher entertains collegians ivith necromancy, conjuration, and sorcery. 6 — Rev. H. C. Chiles. Subject: " How to fall in love intelligeiitly. " Intclligeiice is not every- thing. 7 — Dramatic Club presents " I ' he Neighbors, " by Zona Gale. 12 — Miss Irene Bewley gives impersonations. 15 — Speed Hall seniors invite Stevenson Hall seniors to a party . . . tira, lira. 19 — Dr. F. Davis of Brooklyn, Tenn., gives a talk . . . inspiring. 22 — Dr. F. Davis leaves. Left a strong impression. Herbert Petrie aivl his " White Hussars. " The woman in the show was aphroditian. the entertainment was magnificent. 26 — Bishop Lester Smith lectures on Ciermany. 27 — Bishop Smith speaks at chapel. 28 — Gold footballs are presented to gallant s(|uad of ' 34 aiid ' 35. 29 — Spring ' acatifln. These are the things that make college life immortal. April 1 — Registration f(jr Spring Term, i ' ermination of Vacation. 2 — President Braden of Transylvania speaks at the Christian Church. " Jesus Christ or Karl Marx. " 3 — President Braden at Chapel. If all chapels were like this! 5 — Junior Class presents Booth Tarkington ' s " Seventeen, " admirably presented, c, — Or. O. W. Fifer, Editor of Christian .hh ' oiale, speaks on " Andrew Johnson, the Plebian Patriot. " (Cnnlinuril) 58 it ' XV NV .XVXN XVVV NV VVVX V V V V. CALENDAR lo — Dr. O. W. Fifer speaks at cliapcl. 12 — Dean S. t ' addresses students in cliapel. i8 — V. y. C. A. presents impi ' essi ' e Easter cnncert. Mrs, ' imIT er sings " The Ilcdy City, " and " The Palms. " 23 — Dr. Ilaniptiin . ' danis, Tuesday Night speaker. Philosnphieal taste. 24 — Dr. . daiii . . . ehapel. luniur-Seninr baM(|uet in the tlining iiail. Cliieken and ice eieain. 14- 7- 28- 29- .50- -H. N. CJeistweit of Cincinnati, Tuesday night service. -Dr. CJeistweit in chapel. One of the hest speakers yet. Descripticin ot strawberries and ice cream. -Cantata, " Queen Esther, " presented at M. E. Church by Cninn singers. Directed by Miss Lee, Miss Sutphen at the Console, i.e., the Piano. -Faculty Party at Speed Hall. Terrific noise. Playing post-office, no doubt. -Judge CJilbert talks (jn crime. -President J;.hn Owen Clross talks on the subject; " Ho v honest are you? " -Senior Day. Seniors present " Fwenty Wars from No v. " Shabbiest program of the ear. -Robinson Oratorical Contest. Blaine Duncan wins. -Baccalaureate Service, f r. J. Ira Jones. Caps and Clowns. -Senior Class Play, " The Cioose Hangs High. " -Alumni Bancjuet. Dr. ' ance Anderson, noted psychiatrist, speaks. -Commencement; Dr. Joseph Gray, Chancellor of American University, Washington, D. C. -And the ear goes b , vvith another s — i — g — h — 59 UNION NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking Service SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT Deposits Insured Up to , 5,000.00 for Each Depositor BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY The Place Where Union Students Refresh Themselves is HERNDON DRUG CO. BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY HOME All MY FROM HOME The Faulk ner Hotel The Nat lonal Theatre BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY PATRONIZE A MODERN SANITARY GROCERY KIDD BROTHERS BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY First State Bank Where Your Dollars Have More Cents Deposits Insured Up to ?5,000.00 BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY THE NEW MERRIAM-WEBSTER A N u ( iiiiiiuii Thi ' hiti-st ;tnd i4n;itfh.t ' tli.- laiiiuUs MiMTiam- Wt ' l ' stt ' i ' s — backed Ijy a r-t ' iitury of ]eadt- ' i " shii) and r- jiresi-iitiiij; tlu ' liigh st modeiii Sfholarship. Just Miiipli ' lcd at a cost of $1 HOn.OOn. Twenty yt-ai-s iicwi ' i ' than an, ' cnniparalde dictionary. WEBSTER ' S NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONAi Y S I 101 I li.ii. ' fHMIlHUI l iitlMN — Irj.OiM) NuS I ' oiiikI ill All Hllev .l)iili;iiiai . •llicilsiirils ,,l Nr « iirils. MMMIIl liTiiis lllii lrat.il. ■ Mii-iiiiliiiiil I ' iili-s In ( .. ' ..r iiinl Half lone. ' I ' lliiii anils ol lOncv rlcnieilii- Aliiilc-. •: ,-,. 001) (ii-.!i;iii|.liiial Kntri.-s. " i:i.(IOO ISir- rapliiial lailriis. I ' .MIO aliiahli- Tallies. •Smiuiimiin anil . ii- tiin.Miis. Ti:!:i.-.0 I ' ase.-. .Sec Th XiW Merriam-Webster At Ynvir B.iokstore or M ' rite for Pamphlet (i. .V ( ' . :MI:I!I!1AM 0. Siirinslielil, Mass. If You Want to Earn, LEARN The McNeil Business College Incorporated BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY Correct Your Vision and Get a Better Oiit- Look On Life Dr. T. H. Byrd. Optometrist B.ARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY Class of 1935 Congratulations CROLEY ' S STORE BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY We Have What You Want and At the Price You Have Been Wanting to Pay Knox County Supply Co. BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY WHEN IN NEED OF THE BEST WE CAN SUPPLY YOU Miller and Hopper BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY It ' s a Bad Po licy Not to Have a Good One l!AV l-i 1!. MOSS I ' sitlt-iil M. r.VTII ' St ' C.- ' l ' r - KSdN IS. Pinevi lie Insurance Co Kentucky Ave. Pincvillc, Ky. VISIT HUGH JONES CAFE ' THE OLDEST, NEWEST, AND BEST ' Nuf Sed HARLAN, KENTUCKY DR. STARR STEELE O ptotnetrist Corbin, Kentucky DR. T. R. DAVIES Barbourville, Ky. DR. B. P. JONES Barbourviile, Ky. DR. J. G. TYE Barbourville, Ky. DR. ED. FAULKNER Barbourville, Ky. Dr. Cnnton Con leton Barbourville, Ky. For Good Wholesome Bakery Products Buy at the CORBIN CITY BAKERY CORBIN KENTUCKY DR. PARKER CLIFTON Barbourville, Ky. WHEN IN PiNEVILLE ITS THE F. s MARSHALL 5c Sl.OO PINEVILLE, KENTUCKY CO. THE PINEVILLE SUN Office Supplies Pineville, Kentu cky GREEN PARROT CAFE Pineville WALTER B. SMITH Pineville NATIONAL— 5c AND 10c STORE Uurlmnrx illc, KentiirU The Mountain Advocate Office Supplies Job Printers Typewriters, Stationery Invitations Announcements H-.U ' liMiir illi-. KentllrU. " WE BOOST UNION COLLEGE " MODERN BAKERY HARLAN, KENTUCKY THE HOME OF COLLEGE BUYERS IS COLES VARIETY STORE BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY Y. 3ur Grandfa thei Bought At The Jellico G rocery Co. Give L s a Call BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY 1 Quality Merchandise Low Prices Courtesy Golde s Department Store BARBOURVILLE KENTUCKY Whei the Situation Demands That ou Look Your Best, J ist Call at The Bl ackstone Barbourville, Beauty Kentucky Shop WE SATISFY That ' s Why Our Permanents Are All the Rage Vanity Beauty Parlor Barbourville, Kentucky THIS BOOK PRINTED BV I HE WORLDS LARGEST PUBLISHERS sga COLLEGE ANNUALS EN§Oi iPRINTING CO.] NASHVI LLE t TENN COLLEGE ANNUAL H EAOaUARTERS cAutographs -f- ;::.;3 ,. Ai. cAutograpbs » Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library Union College Barbourville, KY 40906

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