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■:; ;;.;.Y. j ;..;- ;■■•■. ..;■.;.■■ ' ■-;.: ; • • -v; 378.769 Sfc H i ; - Speedpfeuengon Librarp Union College Barbour tulle, Eentuckg. - o ure BodK ty bib o% e I C Y-l IODIC COPYRIGHT, 1932 Earl Frierdich. Editor-in-Chief Joe Bender, Business Manager 1 STESPEAN VOLUME THIRTEEN Weeks-Townssnd F.leorial Library PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF ' W ' UNION COLLEGE Barbourville, KY 40906 BARBOURVILLE, KY (84- = Scenes and Faculty THE STESPEAN, 19 MmmmmfflmmEM Erected in honor of those who founded our College, the Entrance Memorial welcomes all who enter and bids them live up to the ideals of those who paved the way. THE STESPEAN, 1932 MlMmmMMsmmmMSMSMMSM Our Administration Building, symbolic of the serious side of college life, still brings back to us memories of joyous occasions as well as hard work. Thoughts of pleasant hours spent at swimming, basketball games, and parties flood upon us when we recall the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Gymnasium. THE STESPEAM, 1932 SMlSBBMBSSIMSWS SMSu M Named in honor of a great man, Stevenson Hall sends forth others trained for service in the world. Homelike in atmosphere as well as appearance, Speed Hall will dwell forever in the memories of the young women who have lived there. Among memories of the old campus the President ' s Home will hare a permanent place, for its beauty and charming hospi- tality have endeared it to us all. . . ■-. Snow covers the earth with its icy blanket, but all is warmth and cheer within Stevenson Hall. THE STESPEAN, 1932 President John Owen Gross 1932 John Owen Gross, S.T.B., D.D. PRESIDENT Head of the Department of Bills and Moral Plrilosopliy A.B., Asbury College; S.T.B., Boston University D.D., " Asbury College. John Lowe Fort, D.D. Assistant to President, Super-vising Finance Ph.B., University of Vermont; D.D., University of Vermont. Maurice F. Seay, A.B., A.M. Dean of the College, Head of the Department of Education and Professor of Education A.B., Transylvania College; A.M., Transyl- vania College. Abigail E. Weeks, A.B., A.M. Head of the Department of English A.B., Dickinson College; A.M., Columbia University. THE STESPEAN, 1932 Faculty Ira B. Peavy, M.E., M.Pd., M.S. Head of the Department of Natural Science B.E., Edinboro State Normal School; M.E., Edin- boro State Normal School; M.Pd., Edinboro State Normal School; M.S., Taylor University. Arthur M. Hyde, A.M., Ph.D. Head of the Department of History A.B., Yale University; A.M., Yale University: Ph.D., University of Illinois. Earl F. Ogg, A.M., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physical Science A.B., Carleton College; A.M., University of Wis- consin ; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. Wayne T. Gray, B.S., A.M. Head of the Department of Social Science B.S., University of Nebraska; A.M., University of Wisconsin. THE STESPEAN, 1932 Faculty Nancy Myers, A.B., A.M. Head of tin- Department of French A.B., Berea College; A.M., Columbia Univer- sity . Meredith G. Carpenter, A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of Education, and Director of College Extension A.B., Western Kentuucky State Teachers ' Col- lege; A.M., Columbia University. Roy L. Ruth, Th.B, S.T.M. Associate Professor of Bible and Moral Philosophy A.B., Ashury College; Th.B., Lane Seminar S.T.M., Pacific School of Religion Georgia M. Haswell, A.B. Instructor in Mathematics A.B., Ohio Wesleyan. THE STESPEAN, 193 mnU- muxmmiMmu mwAmmmmWfMM Faculty Claribel R. Eatox, A.B., A.M. Dean of Women, Instructor in English A.B., American University ; A.M., George Washington University. Ethel G. Eversole. B.S.M. Instructor in Piano and Voice B.S.M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Esther E. Gilmore, A.B., M.S. Instructor in Bioloc y A.B., Fletcher College; M.S., Michigan State University. J. R. Bacon, A.B. Head of the Department of Physical Education A.B., Kentuckv Weslevan. THE STESPEAN, 1932 mmMh -}mTw.nu muA mmm mm%mm F. J. Foote Superintendent of Grounds, 1931 Christine M. Dux Secretary to the President Mrs. A. T. Hind House Mother at Speed Hall Mrs. Sue Cheap House Mother at Stevenson Hall THE STESPEAN, 1932 SMMmmmMSEMEIMMEM Faculty Mrs. Arva Stackhouse, A.B., A.M. Librarian A.B., Franklin College; A.M., Duke University. James F. Blair Treasurer and Business Manager E. A. Bender Plant Manager Mrs. Maurice F. Seay Secretary to the Dean A- X — By Ewing Galloway, N. Y. CI asses y Blford Clark President CORBIN, KY. Biology and Physical Science Football, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Co-Captain, ' 31; Basket- ball, ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; Baseball Manager, ' 29; " U " Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; President " U " Club, ' 31; Swimming Instructor, ' 31, ' 32; T. M. C. A., ' 31. ' 32; Secretary Y. M. C. A., ' 32; " C " Club, ' 29; Boys ' Student Council, ' 30. ' 32; Physical Educa- tion Instructor, ' 31; " Stespean " Staff, ' 31; ■Orange anil Black " Staff, ' 32; Student Instruc- tor, ' 32; Playlikers ' Club, ' 32; Director of Fresh- men. ' 32; President of Senior Class. ' 32. Angie Ketcham Secretary BARBOURVILLE, KY. French Playlikers ' Club, ' 29, ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; French Club, ' 30; Pep Club, ' 30. ' 31; Y. W. C. A., ' 30, ' 31. ' 32; Vice-President Y, W. C. A., ' 30; Pollyanna Club, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Group Leader, Playlikers, ' 31; " Orange and Black " Staff, ' 31; Le Cercle Fran- Catherine Faulkner Directress Le Cercle Franc ctor of Freshmen, ' 32; Treasurer Juni ' 31; Secretary Senior Class, ' 32. 32; Di- Class, BARBOURVILLE, KY. French and English B x A Pla ' Club. ' 29, ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; President Playlikers, ' 32; Group Leader, Playlikers, ' 29; Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; French Club, ' 29. ' 30; Vice-President French Club. ' 30; Make-Up Artist Dramatics. ' 29, ' 30. ' 31. ' 32; Pep Club, ' 30. ' 31; Pollyanna Club, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; President Pollyanna Club. ' 31; Y. W. C. A.. ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; Treasurer Y. IV. C. A., ' 32; Life Service Group, ' 30; Sophomore Editor " Stespean, " ' 30; Editor- in-Chief " Stespean, " ' 31; Literary Editor " Stes- pean, " ' 32; Artists ' Club, ' 31; Assistant Editor " Orange and Black, " ' 30; Beta Chi Alpha, ' 31, ' 32; Le Cercle Francais, ' 32; Director of Fresh- men, ' 32; Vice-President Junior Class. ' 31; Vice- President Senior Class, ' 32. Ruth Jane Pendleton Treasurer BARBOURVILLE, KY. English ' 31, ' 30, Club, dent Ridg pean try Staff. ' : 32; President Y. W. C. A.. ' 31; Pollya ' 30, ' 31. ' 32; Life Service Group. ' 30; Stu- Representative of Y. W. C. A. at Blue . Summer, ' 30; Business Manager " Stes- ' ' 31; Director of Freshmen, ' 32; Secretary jr Class, ' 31; Treasurer Senior Class, ' 32. William H. Ball LOUISA, KY. History irshall College, ' 29; Union College. ' 29. ' 30 . ' 32; Playlikers ' club, ' 29. ' 82; Boys ' Stu [it Council. ' 31; Secretary Boys ' Student Coun , ' 31; Y. M. C. A., ' 32; Book Store Manager , ' 32; Glee Club, ' 32; Director of Freshl ' 32. Ruth Congleton BARBOURVILLE, KY. French B X A Latin Club, ' 2S; French Club, ' 30; Playlikers ' Club. ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Y. YV. C. A.. ' 30. ' 31. ' 32; Pollvanna Club, ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; President Polly- anna Club. ' 32; " Orange and Black " Staff, ' 32; Beta Chi Alpha. ' 31, ' 32; Le Cercle Franc ' Elizabeth Blackburn barbourville, ky. Biology, English, and Education Mask, thall. ' 29; Pep Club, ' 29; Y. W. C. .- Club, 30, ' 31; Pla ?lub, . ' ■iik.- Violet Dean boon ' eville, ky. English Club, ' 30; Y. W. C. A.. ' 30, ' 31, ' 32. Arthur Dow Decker DECKER, IND. Social Science Butler University. ' 29. ' 30; Union Collei ' 32; Football, ' 30. ' 31; Basketball. ' 31. ' 3 Club. ' 31, ' 32; Le Cercle Franeais. ' 32; Pr Le Cercle Franeais, ' 32; Symphony Ore ' 32; Bovs ' Student Council. ' 32; Vice-Pr Junior Class, First Semester, ' 32, Chester Fields BOOXEVILLE, KY. History tball, ' 29. ' 31; Basketball, ' 32; " U " Club Pep Club. ' 31; Boys ' Student Council. ' 31 i-likers ' Club. ' 31. ' 32; Y. M. C. A.. ' 31. ' 32 l Club, ' 32; Debate Club. ' 32; Le Cercle Fran- eais. ' 32; Director of Freshmen, ' 32. Edna Hauser BARBOCRVILLE, KY. English B X A Glee Club, ' 30; Pollyanna Club. ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Playlikers ' Club. ' 30, ' 32; Y. W. C. A., ' 30, ' 31. ' 32; Pep Club. ' 30, ' 31; Artists ' Club. ' 31; Secre- tary Artists ' Club. ' 31; Tennis. ' 31; Swimming Instructor, ' 31, ' 32 " Orange and Black " Staff. ' 32; Beta Chi Alpha, ' 31, ' 32; Le Cercle Fran- eais, ' 32; Vice-President Sophomore Class, ' SI. Katherine Hope Hawn barbourv1lle, ky. English iky, ' 32. Alice Glynn Hixd MIDDLETOX, GA. English B X A Kentucky Wesleyan College. ' 29, ' SO; Union Col- lege. ' 31, ' 32; Playlikers ' Club, ' 31, ' 32; Group Leader. Playlikers, ' 32; " Orange and Black " Staff, ' 31; " Stespean " Staff, ' 31; Pep Club, ' 31; Beta Chi Alpha, ' 31. ' 32; Secretary Beta Chi Alpha, ' 32; Y. W. C. A., ' 31. ' 32; President Y. W. C. A.. ' 32; Pollyanna Club. ' 31, ' 32; Di- rector of Freshmen, ' 32. Mrs. Jack F. Hughes BARBOURVILLE, KY. Education Ciraduate of Western Kentucky State Normal School. 15; Peabndy College. ' IT; Western Ken- tucky State Normal School, ' 21; Union College, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32. J AXE M.AGGARD LARUE, KY. Earl Kilbolrxe LIPPS, VA. Natural Science Plav King College. ' 30; Union College. ' 29. ' 31. ' 32; Hall Football. ' 28, ' 30, ' 31; Playlikers ' Club, ' 29, ' 32; Stud " U " Club. ' 29, ' 31, ' 32; Boys ' Student Council. ' 31, ' 32; President Boys ' Student Cou icil, ' 32; Swimming Club, ' 29, ' 31; Y. M. C. A.. ' 32; " Stespean " Staff, ' 31; President Freshm an Class. B X A Bennett, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30; Union College, ' 31. Pep Club, ' 31; Clay County Club, ' 31; Beta Alpha, ' 31, ' 32; Pollyanna Club, ' 31. ' 32; likcrs ' Club. ' 32; Y W. C. A.. ' 32; Speed Student Council. ' 32; President Speed Hall ent Council, ' 32; Assistant Secretary Senior Class, ' 32. Kenneth Marsee BARBOURVILLE, KV. Natural Science and History Cumberland College, ' 28; Union College, ' 31, ' 32. Harry Taylor CORBIX, KY. Englisli tball, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Basket ' 32; Captain Basketball, ' 32; " U " Club, ' 29, ' 30. ' 31, ' 32; " Playlikers ' Club, ' 32. MOXT QuiLLEN GATE CITY, VA. Social Science Natural Science and Educ efield College, Unii Co ' le ' 31, ' 32; Club, ' 31. ' 32; Pep Club, ' 31. Douglas Terry williamsburg, kv. Englisli i9, ' 3 •Ora ' 32. Mary Florence Evans BARBOURVILLE, KY. English Eastern Kentucky State Normal School, Sum- mer, ' 29: Union College. ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Beta Chi Alpha, ' 31; Follvanna Club, ' 31; Playlikers ' William R. Knuckles BEVERLY, KY. Natural Science s ' Cluh, ' 2S, ' 29, ' 32; . M. C. A., ' 30, ' 32; nt Y, M. I ' . A., ' 30; Boys ' Student Coun- Dehate Club, " 32; Business Manager " Orange and Blaek, " ' 32. Flonnie Helen Miller MARK, KY. Education Berea College, ' 26; Western Kentucky State Tea. -hers ' Cllet;. •, Mil; rninll College. Summers, ' 27 ' 2X. ' 29; Spring, ' 27, ' 32; Freneh club, ' 27; College Chorus, ' 27; Education Club, ' 27; Glee Clifton Loys Neikirk SOMERSET, KY. History Sue Bennett Memorial College. ' 2S, ' 29: Asbury ( ' ,, liege. ' 31; I ' llioll College. Spring. ' 30. ' 32; Ox- ford Club, ' 30; Life Service Club, ' 30. Joyce Reid EARBOURVILLE, KY. Englisli Martha June Walker flat lick, ky. Natural Science Eastern Kentucky State Normal School, Sum- mers, ' 27, ' 2S, ' 30; Union College. Summer, ' 29; Spring, ' 31, ' 32. Stella Williams ARTEMUS, KY. English Dean Maurice F. Seay Sponsor. OTHER SENIORS Harry Hopper William Martin McCoy Lewis Elmer Parker L. T. Valentine Milton Walker THE STESPEAN, 1932 THE STESPEAN, 1932 m ifttelii l Jqnnfflii . ».ii.uji.wi!WMUWtf.WW«iTilW»Wlv William Swee ney CORBIV, KV. ' . leader of many men, A doer of great deeds. " Dan Chestnut Vice-President BARBOURVILLE, KV. ' Would thai 1 were a glove on ihat fail Jeanna Nelson RICHMOND, KV. " Some say it is a sin to love 1 never did know why ■ Lutie Adams FLEMING, KV. " Talking is iter chief diversion. " Rlfus Bailey KILDAV, KV. " Always ready, always willing. " Emma Barbe WHITLEY CITY, KV. " 1 may be small, but I have big ideas. ' Walter Beddow BARBOURVILLE, KV. " Whatever he did was done with much . In him always ' twas natural to please. THE STESPEAN, 1932 nror.-ini ' ,Mfifi7 ) [ii; f 7Tin).um l .i.ujuiAUJi uM)i!ViM ' A MM MIIlTirM )l v Joe Bender BARBOURVILLE, KV. ' And when a lady ' s in the ease, You know, all oilier things give place. ' Charlotte Bretz leesburc, ohio " To see her is to like her, To know her is to love her. ' Clarexce Combs SALVERSV1LLE, KV. " Ever on his toes, happy as lie goes. " Earl Frierdich BELLEVUE, KV. ' There is friendliness in his smile, wit in his speech, energy in his deeds. " Mabel Ingram PINEVILLE, KV. " Never failing, ever faithful, " Lloyd Patterson rl ' ssell, kv. " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Charles Steele CRUMMIES, KV. " Never rush . . . Rome wasn ' t built in a day. " THE STESPEAN, 1932 irro ffe uum.umuAiMi.wv Juniors Marie Buchanan BARBOURVILLE, KV. ' Most radiant, exquisite, and unmalehable beauty. " Kenmeth Hayes LOUISA, KV. " Happy as the day is long. " Rose Lewellyn BARBOURVILLE, KV. ' A heart full of goodness and cheer. ' Mary Mayo ivv grove, kv. ' Faithful to the noblest program of life Hilda Quinton BETHELRIDGE, KY. " Say it can ' t be done, and I ' ll do it. " Miller Wiley HALLS, TENN. " Don ' t get serious and spoil the day. " THE STESPEAN, 1932 rfito ;.ainimnj .umt],u MM»IWM lM ' WAUlTirftMlry V Edward Simpson President HARTFORD, KV. " Created to excel in looks, athletics, and class activities. " Gorman Tye Vice-President BARBOURVILLE, KV. " For nothing is law that is not reason. " Ralph Huber Treasurer FORT THOMAS, KV. " Faint heart never Won fair lady. " McKinlev Abner HEIDR1CK, KV. ' II ' hat I must do is all that concerns me — not what people think. " FOISTER ASHER BEVERLV, KV. " 0 heaven. ' were man but constant, he were perfect. " Matt Asher BEVERLV, KV. ' To be honest as the world goes is to be one man picked out of ten thousand. " Samuel Baxter king ' s MOUNTAIN - , KV. " Still water runs deep. " Ohna Bender BARBOURVTLLE, KV. " Infinite riches in little room. " Byron Berry HUNTINGTON, W. VA. " Of all those arts in which the wise excel, Nature ' s chief masterpiece is writing well. " Edward Brink ALVA, KV. " A cjood mind possesses a kingdom. " THE STESPEAN, 1932 Mildred Catron BARBOURVILLE, KV. " cr thoughts have a high aim, though their dwelling be in the veil of a humble heart ' Elizabeth Eaton WASHINGTON, I). C. " The pursuit of the perfect, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light. " Marvin Faulkxer BARBOURVILLE, KV. " Whatever Sceptic could inquire for, For every why he had a wherefore. " Leslie Goldex BARBOURVILLE, KV. " He needs no eulogy; he speaks for himself. " Roy Hexsley SIBERT, KV. " And what he means, he says; and what he would, he knows. " Golia Hicks MAVSVILLE, KV. " The name that dwells on every tongue, no min- strel needs. " Alfred Hixd MIDDLETON, CA. " A good mind is a good sailor, as a good heart is. " Margie Jackson BARBOURVILLE, KV. " A sweet attractive kind of grace. " Edward Laxdreth SARDIS, KV. ' A friendly disposition is one of God ' s noblest gifts. " Eddie Logsdon BARBOURVILLE, KV. " Fain would I, but 1 dare not ; I dare, and yet 1 may not. " Lucille Main BARBOURVILLE, KV. " tier voice was ever soft, gentle, and low. " Reno Miller BARBOURVILLE, KV. " A true, strong, and sound mind is a mind that can embrace equally great things and small. " Jean Owens BARBOURVILLE, KV. " Light of the world, essential loveliness. " Willis Pickerell evarts, kv. " A great man who always plays hardest when the game is the hardest. " Emanuel Saylor MOLUS, KV. " One who never turned his back but marched breast forward. " Ethel Sears BARBOURVILLE, KV. " Fair as a star when only one is shining in the sky. " Glenn Shiflev BARBOURVILLE, KV. " A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. " Martha Teague gatliff, kv. " She is like some sweet plaintive melody of ages long gone by. " Woodrow Terrell CORBIK, KV. " Take it easy, have your fun; And let the old world flicker. " Elbert Turner emanuel, kv. " Good humor is the clear blue sky of the soul. " THE STESPEAN, 1932 Clarence Baker BOOKEVILLE, KV. " There are whole veins of diamonds in thine eyes, Might furnish crowns for all the queens of earth. " Lucian Bah. LOUISA, KV. " One inch of joy surmounts of grief a span, Because to laugh is proper to the man. " Brown Callahan COW CREEK, KV. " Languor is not in your heart, Weakness is not in your words. " Sidney Ellison CORBIN ' , KV. " Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, These alone lead life to sovereign power. " Helen Ruggles MAVSVILLE, KV. " Br then the rainbow to the storms of life, The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, And tints tomorrow with prophetic ray! " Bonnie Smith BRODHEAD, KY. " Simplicity of character is no hindrance to sub- tlety of intellect. " Statia White HIMA, KV. " have often regretted my speech, never my silence. " Owen Wiley HALLS, TENN. " 0 give us a man who sings at his work. ' " Willie Williams cumberland, kv. . " Heart on her lips, and soul within her eyes, Soft as her clime, and sunny as her skies. " Gertrude Wilson BARBOURVILLE, KV. " She gave with a zest and she gave her best. " THE STESPEAN, 1932 Freshmen John Eaton, President WASHINGTON ' , D. C. Lincoln Combs, Vice-President WHITESBURG, KY. BerniCE Hughes, Secretary and Treasurer barbourville, ky. Roberta Alloway jellico, tenn. Anna Stewart Archer barbourville, ky. Josephine Bretz leesburg, ohio Stacy Blair barbourville, ky. Thelma Byrd SHONN, KY. Mrs. Virginia Combs heidrick, ky. James Chadwick benham, ky. Ethel Craft corbin, ky. Mattie Crook GRAYS, KY. Reid Elam barbourville, ky. Mildred Esarv tazewell, tenn. Kathleen Faulkner barbourville, ky. Majorie Faw north wilkesboro, n. c. Ailene Foley barbourville, ky. Marion Force cincinnati, ohio THE STESPEAN, 1932 m»m M m i m)ii.u »mw)vmm mmimm 7.vm Freshmen Milton Galbraith carlisle, kv. Thelma Gambrel beverly, kv. Nevada Gates LYNCH, KY. Catherine Coins manchester, ky. RlLEY H.ARROD LOUISVILLE, KY. Ruth Hawn earbourville, ky. Louis Hopper BARBOURVILLE, KY. Nolan Horrall decker, int). John R. Knuckles BEVERLY, KY. Mawhee Knuckles beverly, ky. Christine Laws VERDA, KY. Cecil Lewis bricht shade, ky. Ruth Llewellyn barbourville, ky. Chester Loving lynch, ky. Mary Maggard barbourville, ky. Mattie Martin heidrick, ky. Bruce Mayhew barbourville, ky. William McNeil barbourville, ky. Freshmen Bernard Miller hartford, kv. Lois Morrison CINCINNATI, OHIO Ona Mae Neal SHONN, KV. Earl Nolan linefork, kv. Frances O ' Neal mavsville, kv. Beulah Parsons carlisle, kv. Mary Payne barbourvtlle, KV. Kate Pippin benham, kv. Carlo Roberts ESSIE, KV. Anna Ruth Rogers three point, ky. Albert Scent barbourville, kv. Vivian Shiflev barbolrville, ky. Laura Slusher roark, ky. Louise Smith raceland, kv. James Taylor pineville, kv. Mildred Taylor shonn, ky. Ann Van Beber middlesboro, kv. Hester White augusta, ky. THE STESPEAN, 1932 SSMBSSSiMMS SMS SSSMl Wasi Freshmen Arizona Asher barbourv1lle, ky. Ina Mae Berkley greenup, kv. Jean Hacker cottongim, kv. P. John Hamilton GRAYS, KV. Bertha Heaberlin wurtland, kv. Ruby Horn p1neville, kv. Zei.ma Howard barbourville, kv. W. Anderson Keck GRAYS, KV. James Main barbourville, kv. Lettee Mills cottongim, kv. L. L. Parrott TINSLEY, KV. Cleadith Payne flat lick, kv. Ruth Richardson pi neville, ky. Jarvis Scott corbin, ky. Ellen Spurlock flat lick, ky. Leone Walker olive hill, ky. Harold Williams barbourville, ky. Fannie Wilson corbin, ky. Gladys Wilson evarts, ky. THE STESPEAN, 1932 iftTOfiy[T .iij;,iu. iJ, ' , ' ;, i J, i , ' Ai, | l i . i , ' . ' ,n,i[i ! i l l i l i| ' l i,WlCT -By Ewing Galloway. N. Y. A- y Athletics ,r THE STESPEAN, 1932 TOiMfflfflgn m Turner, Horrai.i., Chadwick Nelson. Faulkner Nolan Horrall Manager of Football Jeanna Nelson and Elbert Turner Head Cheer Leaders Kathleen Faulkner and James Chadwick Freshman Cheer Leaders THE STESPEAN, 1932 tt JMmBffilffiMam I ft A The Bulldogs, hard hit by graduation of the previous year, faced their schedule with the smallest and most inexperienced team in the history of the school. The Bulldogs were conquered by L. M. U., Georgetown, Maryville, and Cedar- ville, before they seemed to hit their stride. The next two games were decisive vic- tories over their old rivals, Sue Bennett and Tennessee Teachers. After losing to Morehead, they ended the season at Transylvania by losing a hard-fought game by one point. Coach Bacon deserves much credit for his work with the boys. Due to losing only five regulars from the squad, prospects for the coming season look bright. Scores .12-13 L. M. U. . O-51 Georgetown . 0-51 Maryville . 7-13 Cedarville .19-6 Sue Bennett .19-0 Tennessee Teachers .0-12 Morehead .12-13 Transylvania u. c u. c u. c u. c u. c u. c u. c u. c U. C. Points 69 Opponents ' Points 162 THE STESPEAN, 193 SmmmmmEMMMSMBSmMwiM Lloyd Patterson ' Quarterback, Captain " Runt, " the high scorer of the South in 1930, was confined to his bed the first six weeks of the season because of an injury. He is one of the few quarterbacks that can call a game without a flaw, and his special feat is running back punts. " Runt " has again been elected captain for the year of 1932, and we hope he has his best year next season. his place will be hard to fill. Our bad luck is Reha ' s good luck. More power, " Bufie " ! Earl Kilbourxe Guard " Von, " another senior, ended his career in a blaze of glory. Playing exceptionally well at either guard or tackle, he was a stone wall to enemy backs. " Von ' s " graduation will leave a large gap in the line for next season. Buford Clark Center Union ' s line captain, " Bufie, " was out part of the season because of injuries, and we sure missed him. He is one of the best linemen in Union ' s history. " Bufie " graduates, and Harry Taylor Halfback " Flashiest back in the state! " a triple threat if there ever was one. Harry kept them guessing while he was in the game. He is a senior, and Union will miss the " Corbin " flash. " Chester Fields Guard Out last year because of injuries, Chester came back strong this season and proved a tower of strength in the forward wall. He ended his career by showing Transy how " it should be done. " Rufus Bailey Guard " Rufe " plays anywhere in the line, and how he does it! When coach wants a hole stopped. he just has to say, " Bailey, warm up. " He has another year to strut his stuff for the Orange and Black. Milton Galbraith Guard This was " Gally ' s " first year with the Bull- dogs. Although small, he had plenty of power and was one of Union ' s most deadly blockers. He never knew how it felt to be whipped. We are expecting great work from him during the next three years. Matt Asher End Matt, playing his first year as a Unionite, gave his opponents something to think about. " Keep ' em guessing! " was his motto. Matt has two years left to show his wares. Lincoln Combs Tackle " Link " played throughout in the opponents ' backfield. A power on the offense and a stone wall on the defense. We ' re expecting an All- State berth for him next year. John York End Another fighting " Red Devil " from Russell High, and that says it all. Playing his first year as a Bulldog, showed that " Daddy " had the fight. We shall be watching his next three vears at Union. THE STESPEAN, 1932 Football Season, 1931 Arthur Decker Halfback " Red, " playing his second year of football, came along fine, and at the end of the season was a regular back. We hate to lose the " Hoosier Demon " from our squad for next year. Ed Simpson 1 Fullback " Suit-Case " was shifted to the backfield this year by Coach Bacon and showed up well. He was high-point man on the team. " Simp " has two more years at Union. Walter Woods Fullback " Woody " came to us from Berea this year. Inexperienced but willing, he never missed a day of practice. Keep it up, " Woody " ; we ' re with you. Ed Brink End On account of injuries " Broncho " was forced to the side lines most of the season, but was always out for practice. That is the spirit which we need to make a winning ball club. Willis Pickerill Center " Pick " had more pep and chatter than any one else on the squad. He is expected to fill that large gap at center next year, and we all know that he has it in him. Bert Scent End Another first-year man and one of the smallest on the squad, but what a bear on defense! Always under the interference and first man down on punts. He is known as the " ball- hawk " of the team. " THE STESPEAN, 1932 s BESBasS Bsssmmss!MMSm Ed Landreth Halfback A reserve last year, a regular this year. Ed showed much progress over last year and has two years remaining. Our future quarter- back. " Go get ' em, Ed. " Emanuel Saylor Tackle " Molus " was the most improved man on the squad. He played consistent hall throughout the year, and we are expecting much from him as a junior and senior. Reid Elam Fullback Reid was always driving, head up and body low. A regular demon on both offense and defense. If he doesn ' t make an All-State berth before his next three years are over, we ' ll surely be disappointed. William Barton Tackle " Hobo " was always willing to do his best. " Big and tough, " they called him, and he sure proved it. It is Bill ' s first year as a Bulldog, and we can expect much from him in the years to come. Riley Harrod End and Back " Louisville Lou, " punter, passer, ball-toter, or what have you? Played equally well at end or in the backfield. He has three more years in which to play for Union. Harold Williams Tackle " Hog-Tom, " playing his first season for the Orange and Black, proved a valuable asset. You will hear from this boy before he leaves us. He wants another crack at Transy. " What say, Tom? " I Bacon, Coach; Patterson, Shifley, Fields, Decker; Horrall, Manage Hind, Simpson, H. Tve, Taylor, G. Tye .Si In spite of the fact that only four letter men reported for practice and all were small, Coach Bacon began work with the same determination that produced a winning football team, and the result was a winning combination. Cumberland, L. M. V., and Centre were rolled aside with ease, but the good luck would not hold forever. Two regulars were lost at a critical time, and the handicap was hard to overcome. Throughout the season the boys played great ball and deserve much credit for the fine spirit and fight displayed. Schedule Dec. 5 — Williamsburg Independent Here Dec. 8 — Cumberland Williamsburg Dec. ii — Centre Danville Dec. 12 — Transylvania Lexington Dec. 17 — L. M. U Here Jan. 8 — Tennessee Teachers Johnson City, Tenn. Jan. 9 — Appalachian College Boone, N. C. Jan. 11 — Emory and Henry Emory, Va. Jan. 16 — L T niversity of Louisville Here Jan. 25 — Sue Bennett Here Jan. 30 — Transylvania Here Feb. 1 — Cumberland Here Feb. 8 — Tennessee Wesleyan Here Feb. 11 — Tennessee Teachers Here Feb. 15 — University of Louisville Louisville Feb. 17 — Williamsburg Independent Here Feb. 20 — Centre Here Feb. 22 — Sue Bennett London THE STESP 1932 Varsity Basketball Coach J. R. Bacon Handicapped by a shortage of experienced men, a situation similar to the football prob- lem, Coach worked hard and produced a win- ning team. Words cannot express the appre- ciation of the school to our coach who has been so successful. Harry Taylor. Captain Forward Harry, the high scorer of the team, led his team as no one else could. The fastest man on the squad and death on crip shots. Harry has been a regular for the past four years, and Union regrets that he is graduating. Luck, Harry! Arthur Decker Forward " Red " comes from Indiana, and that spells basketball. One of the fastest men on the squad and a wizard at handling the ball. We sure hate to lose him this year, but we wish him much success. Lloyd Pattersox Forward " Runt " is small, but his speed makes him a much-dreaded man by all opponents. He has plenty of fight and is very clever at handling the ball. He has one more year at Union. Alfred Hixd Guard " Sp hinx " is playing his first year of varsity ball, graduating from last year ' s frosh squad. A bulwark of defense under the goal as well as a good floor man. We are expecting much from him in the vears to come. THE STESPEAN, 1932 MA .j kiw,il ' J ' ' ■ Varsity Basketball Gorman ' Tve Guard Gorman, another first-year man, was called upon by Coach to fill in what breaches oc- curred and always gave his best. Gorman has two years left in which to play for Union. Ed Simpsox Guard Ed is another rangy man who knows how to hawk that ball. He is a guard, and he never fails to get his share of points. We are ex- pecting much from Ed the next two years. Herb Tve Center Herb i s our center, and this is his third vear with u s. He likes the game and never fails to do his share of the work. He is rated as one of the best centers in the state. Glenn Shifley Guard Shifley is a very dependable man, always ready to give all that he has. In addition to being a good guard, he has an eye for the basket. Glenn is a sophomore and has more time in which to play for Union. Chester Fields Guard As in football, Chester ever showed that fight- ing spirit which makes him a valuable man on any team. The school regrets the loss of this good man. the st: r;ffl,i i 1. i mij. n, .. i .....u,i. I a n , i i.o.M.um M ' TOTOTWrorru ffTf li ' U-ft? ' , ' ' ' IAN. 1932 H. Tve, Coach; Taylor, Woods, Bledsoe, Knuckles, Smith; Huber, Manage Williams, Miller, Eaton, Davis, York Fresh Squad Composed of many former High School stars and one All- State man from Pennsylvania, the freshman team of 1931-32 was far superior to any in the history ot the school. Due to lack of finances, they were unable to travel and en- gage any of the teams of larger schools in the state, but because of their large string of victories over teams in the surrounding vicinity, we are sure they could have conquered all. This material will be a great asset to Coach Bacon when he begins preparation for the season of 1932-33. A N? Activities y THE STESPEAN, 1932 Patterson " , Faulkner, Bender, Beddow Frierdich Barbe, Parsons, Sweeney, Nelson Stespeae Staff f 1932 Editorial Staff Earl Frierdich Editor-in-Chief Byron Berry Associate Editor Catherine Faulkner Literary Editor Lloyd Patterson Athlrtie Editor Emma Barbe Feature Editor Beulah Parsons Snapsliot Editor Business Staff Joe Bender Business Manager William Sweeney Advertising Manager Walter Beddow Advertising Manager Jeanna Nelson Sales Manager THE STESPEAN, 1932 Bggfffflljflffl Orange and Jean Owens Editor Byron Berry Issociate Editor Claribel R. Eaton Faculty Sponsor The " Orange and Black, " our college paper, has been published ev- ery two weeks throughout the year as a project of the class in Journal- ism. The paper has always been an interesting one, filled with well-writ- ten editorials, campus notes, athletic reviews, educational clippings, and balanced by a good share of spicy humor. This paper ranks well with those of other schools, and it deserves the continued support throughout the years to come. THE STESPEAN, 1932 Union College Male Quartette The Union College Male Quartette, consisting of Owen Wiley, first tenor; Miller Wiley, second tenor; Earl Frierdich, first bass; and John Eaton, second bass, was organized in 1930 by Miss Ethel G. Eversole. At the time, Phil Lovelace of the class of ' 3 1 was the baritone and Earl Frierdich sang second bass. A very interesting thing about the quartette is that each year the group has been composed of three Methodist ministers ' sons and one ministerial stu- dent. The boys have sung in many towns and cities in Kentucky and have broad- cast several times. They are real musicians, and their singing has always been of such a character as to bring an invitation to return. This group is proud to have been of some real value to their Alma Mater. I I II M ESPEAN, 1932 Mm Y. M. C. A. President — Lloyd Patterson Y. W. C. A. President — Hester White THE STESPEAM, 1932 GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB President — Elizabeth Eaton MEN ' S GLEE CLUB President — John ' R. Knuckles THE STESPEAN, 1932 BETA CHI ALPHA President — Jeanna Nelsox POLLYANNA CLUB President — Ruth Coxgletox THE STESPEAN. 1932 BSJS MMM2SMS m JMMSm PLAYLIKERS ' CLUB President — Catherine Faulkner LE CERCLE FRANCAIS President — Arthur Decke r THE STESPEAN, 1932 ™wM M Mmm l u». u mmmm mmmtom mVt DEBATE CLUB President — Ralph Huber U. CLUB President — Harry Taylor THE STESPEAN, 1932 Tl;nCTlyll ' l■ Jlj uMJJJJJJl l M llllJ !)l ! VlM Ul|l l Ul l l l VtillTl W lW l SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Director — Mark Tolle GIRLS ' QUARTETTE Director — Ethel G. Eversole THE STESPEAN, 1932 m!kk}3mmmmv u mmmmm r MM WI BOYS ' STUDENT COUNCIL President — Earl Kilbourne LIBRARY STAFF Librarian — Mrs. J. M. Stackhousf. THE STESPEAN, 193 Ijj mmmmmmsmMMMMWMhi SPEED HALL COUNCIL President — Jane Magcard U. C. SECOND QUARTETTE Director — E. G. Eversole THE STESPEAN, 1932 hasammm ma wammmsEM m ml Feature Page Best Looking Buford Clark Ethel Sears Most Popular Golia Hicks Earl Kilbourne THE STESPEAN, 1932 7vi- ' tkLAiumm umvmmMmm W m II....M I$ THE STESPEAN, 1932 MA THE STESPEAN. 1932 rnimMm .fr maW iu.».wMiM mmm mmi SEPTEMBER -Freshmen boys and girls reach Union. -Initial registration for freshmen. Seventy register. Groups assigned to senior group leaders. " Sing " tonight. It doesn ' t take the freshmen long to get the swing and spirit of Alma Mater. -Formal assembly. Regularly planned day. Tonight Fred Bassett provides the entertainment. Amusing and interesting. -Upper classmen begin to arrive. " Jamboree. " Each group has a stunt. Operation, auto- mobile, etc. -Registration for upper classmen. Waiting line, long and slow moving. Freshmen go to the movies. -First assembly. We meet the faculty officially. More speeches this afternoon — Professor OKK. Lloyd Patterson, Catherine Faulkner, President Gross. Organization of the Class of ' 35. Sponsor, Miss Haswell. Church parties. M. E. Church goes to Fairyland by air, rail, and water. Gorman Tye and Marion Force should join the movies! Eddie tells how Sam- uel proposes. -Classes meet. Lots of changes to be made. Every one buying and selling books. -Chapel seats assigned. Frosh learn to wait for upper classmen to leave chapel. -U. C. Quartette makes its first appearance. The boys sing in chapel. -Quartette goes to Louisville to sing at M. E. Conference this week-end. Weather hot and sultry. -Class officers elected by upper classes. Sponsors: Seniors, Dean Seay; Juniors, Miss Eaton; Sophomores, Professor Ogg. 24, 25 — Physical exams under Drs. Gunn and Overstreet. Every one has to take them. -Music day — to judge from the entertainment. At i :oo o ' clock, guitar and singing on front steps of Ad. Building. Afterward, boys on steps at Stevenson Hall, give a program of pop- ular music, led by Ed Simpson. Pep meeting on lighted field tonight. Are we proud of having night football? You bet! -Chapel this morning is a pep program on the bleachers. First night football game at Union. L. M. U. wins 13-12. Harry Taylor makes a beautiful run the length of the field. Frosh snake-dance in green outfits. Captain Patterson is carried on cot to field for game amid cheers from the crowd. -Mrs. Seay entertains faculty women in the afternoon. V. W. C. A. mixer in gym in the evening. Large crowd and lots of fun. -Unusual program at Epworth League. Miss Eversole gives musical pictures. -Freshman initiation — and how! Amusing for the on-lookers, if not the entertainers! Now they are full-fledged Unionites. -First meeting of Playlikers. Election of officers: Catherine Faulkner, president; Miller Wiley, vice-president; Emma Barbe, secretary. More than seventy members. Enthusiastic discussion of the year ' s work. Dialogue from Dickens presented by Edna Hauser and Owen Wiley. -Howdy! Howdy Day a big success. Freshmen girls comical looking. What does Mildred Taylor have in that large soap hox ? Kodaks are seen. OCTOBER 1 — Football boys leave for Georgetown. 2 — Defeat for the Bulldogs — 51-0. Cheer up! Better luck next time! 5 — Rain; but it stopped in time for the girls in their finery to get to the faculty reception at Speed Hall. Oh, yes, the boys were there, too. Mrs. Martin and John Eaton entertain with their violins. 6 — First edition of " Orange and Black. " Big walk full of strolling couples. Freshmen have different couples scared that they ' ll be imitated in chapel program. Even the dignified seniors — Von, Catherine, and Buford — are being nice to the freshmen program committee — John, Mildred, and Vivian. 7 — Earl, John, Owen, and Miller find plenty to eat even if they do have to " sing for their supper. " 76 THE STESPEAN, 1932 umiiiiJji.iiu ll.iul.w.miWMtWAlMHW«lB , 8 — Lots of Freshmen caps and armbands. Even the upper classmen like them. 10 — Fuller Male Quartette. Good singing and impersonations. We learn how to " make-up. " " If red cheeks are a sign of good health, some Union College girls are healthier on one side than the other! " Maryville defeated us, 51-0. 11 — Miller Wiley sings over WHAS, Louisville, in Atwater Kent Audition. Every one hunts a radio to " listen in. " All Union students decide he is best of all. 12 — Three seniors visit Freshman class meeting! Nuflf sed ! 13 — " Cinderella Married " at Playlikers. Catherine Coins, leader. 14 — Miss Eversole sports a black eye from an auto accident. Two members of the quartette have new black sweaters with " U " lyre on them. Girls wish they were members, but want to wear the sweaters anyhow. 15 — Teachers register for meeting. Girls ' Glee Club sings. Psychology and Education students taking notes. Pencils flying. We hear about Psychology and Ghandi. 16 — Many former U. C. students at meeting. Every one glad to see every one else. Look! There ' s Viola, Ruth, Bob, Ted, Emily, Lurline, Reha, Hazel, and all the rest. 17 — -Blankets and wool clothes fail to keep you warm at Union-Cedarville game. Cedarville scored a winning touchdown sixteen seconds before the last whistle — 12-7. Barbers are go- ing to mob the football boys. No shave until a victory. Hurry, boys, and win! If you could see yourselves as others see you ! 18 — Sunshine — warm weather. Groups of hikers — chestnut hunters. Too pretty to stay indoors. 19 — The modern girl, Catherine Faulkner, and her sweetheart, Golia Hicks, show the sorority girls how not to act in the skit, " What ' s Wrong with This? " Chewing gum, too much jew- elry, and plenty of bad manners. 20 — Good play tonight, " Such a Charming Young Man. " Glynn Hind, director and group leader. 21 — Senior Class picnic at Gilliam Hill. Gorgeous moon. Dean Seay auctions off a burnt apple for three exam papers belonging to Edna Hauser. Von and Miss Eaton go back for the football boys who were kept late practicing. 22 — Seniors meet on steps of Ad. Building and get " snapped. " Staff meeting of " Stespean. " Le Cercle Francais organized. Arthur Decker elected president; Angie Ketcham, directress. Miss Myers, our sponsor, treats us to delicious refreshments. Games and contests to amuse us. What a good time we had ! 23 — Pollyanna gifts in evidence. Tonight, U. C. vs. Sue Bennett. Hurray! We win. ' 19-6! Rufus and Harry, you can shave now ! 25 — Glorious weather as usual. Hills lovely with their reds, greens, and yellows. Days bright and sunshiny; nights, the moon is wonderful. Who hasn ' t noticed it? Ask any of the girls and their boy friends. 27 — " Ghost Story! " o-00-OOOO ! " Yes, George! " Jeanna ' s group gives this play. 30 — Beta Chi Alpha tea given for pledges. How nice it was! Miss Eaton and Jeanna Nelson can tell you how well the pledges behaved and what an enjoyable time we had! Another football victory! U. C. defeats Tennessee Teachers 18-0! 31 — Ghosts nearly drowned. It rains, rains, rains. Halloween party at gym; then to Speed Hall. Costumes, ghost stories. Misses Haswell and Eversole give strangers a good impres- sion of our faculty! What noise was that in the wee small hours of the morning? About eighteen Stevenson Hall boys serenading on College, Main, Pine, and Sycamore Streets. " Alma Mater " popular in front of the teachers ' homes. Speed Hall decorated with paper. Doors locked and tied. NOVEMBER 1 — Signs everywhere. Boys ' Dorm is advertised a shoe shop. Barber pole is at coach ' s door. Von ' s trunk arrives at Speed Hall. 2 — Political rally in chapel. Election time draws near. We find we have some enthusiastic Democrats and Republicans. Eddie Logsdon and John Knuckles (Democrat) argue against Mildred Taylor and James Taylor (Republican). There were no fatalities. 3— Von is generous with a bottle of perfume. Seniors in front of him suffer at chapel. Whew ! Saturates Catherine ' s coat collar. Picture man here. Look pretty, please! Speed Hall is popular with the ones who have to face the camera. THE STESPEAN, 1932 ' imi£frnmnij juwiiiii.iuM)ll 4 — More pictures! Hey, there! Come here. You are in this club. Let ' s get this picture taken. Drama class creates sensation by play practice. Yelling in play gets response from other sources. Even the President is disturbed. Sophomore picnic at Dishman Springs. Bonfire. The boys keep the fire burning. No one fell in the lake, thanks to Glenn ' s flashlight. 5 — " Philosopher of Butterbiggens " given by Drama Class. Speed Hall looks like a hospital. Three doctors, two nurses. What ' s the trouble? The whole student body and faculty tak- ing Dick Test for scarlet fever. Golia ill with scarlet fever. 6 — Some shooting! Nearly fifty were shot by Dr. Cawood ! Nothing serious, just in the arm — our first shot of scarlet fever serum. Bonfire and pep meeting on Court Square for Horae- Coming game. Bonfire, set just after dark, causes fire alarm. Plenty of pep, laughter, yells, and songs. Band furnishes music. Course we ' ll win. The football boys were there, too. Did you see Buford and Louise, Pat and Marie? 7 — Dedication of Founders ' Memorial. Marble pillars at entrance. Earl busy with a kodak. Morehead game. We lose, 12-0, the first defeat at Home-Coming for several years. Buford, Von, Chester, Harry, and Arthur play football on home grounds for the last time. Good- bye, boys! We could not win without you. " The Villain Still Pursued Her, " a farce by Speed Hall girls. Are Owen and Mildred really as bashful as that? Animal crackers! 9 — What a crowd at the District League Meeting! What was that Earl said about being past the flirting stage? io — Campus quiet. No one seen except the three faithful couples. The rest cramming for exams. n — Exams! Gee, weren ' t they hard? Do you think you passed? A few take time to go to the Lyceum to hear Agnes Cherry, reader. 12 — More studying. After French Club some rush upstairs, others out the door and home to get ready for exams tomorrow. 13 — Friday the 13th, but no bad luck except that there is more shooting on the campus. How many more do we have to take? Girls ' Glee Club is hostess to Boys ' Glee Club at picnic to Reservoir Hill. Oh, those wishes to the new moon! The stars! The singing around the campfire to the " uke " accompaniment! Who didn ' t get sentimental? Did we climb or did we fall coming down the hill? Every one appreciated our serenading afterward, except " Tootsie. " Do the Glee Clubs sound that terrible? 14 — Ouch, don ' t you touch my arm! Be careful there! Lovely outdoors — but, oh, my arm! 16 — College revival starts for a week. 17 — Rev. and Mrs. Turley here. Fine speaker. Makes us stop and think. 18 — Picture proofs! Do I look like that? Say, that ' s good of you! 19 — Joe and Earl busy taking orders for pictures. 20 — Another shot! What a life! 21 — More sore arms! 22 — Weather man still has his months mixed. Sun so hot that coats are left at home. The same old moon ! 23 — Junior Class takes advantage of lovely weather and beautiful moon. Some are faster walkers than others. 24 — Glee Club girls looking like bridesmaids in white organdy dresses. Orchestra folks all " spruced up. " Photographer explains it. " Everyman " at Playlikers by Barbourville High School Literature Class. 25 — Bang! Bang! Another shot, but no murder! Oh, I don ' t want to take that shot! Want to ' do a little shooting myself Thanksgiving. 26 — Thanksgiving. Aunt Mae sure feeds well. Lots of the boys and girls go home. Rather quiet day. 27 — " Stespean " feature contest. Senior boys and Sophomore girls are the winners. 30 — S. S. Henry Co., magicians, in chapel. Watch that doll grow ! Of course, he made geese out of all of us. Beautiful sand pictures. How we hated to see him tear them up! DECEMBER 1 — Freshie asks lab assistant, Frierdich, for a pinch of carbon dioxide! Combined Glee Club practice begins. 3 — " Lights out " all over town. Didn ' t stop Glee Club practice. We had plenty of candle light. Came on in time for the Frosh-Varsity game. THE STESPEAN, 1932 r llV;hl l ;,?T m I m , l JAUJJJMl ll, .u,■illl M ' A IM l,W)lll win7, , ' i Uni- All -Last scarlet fever shot! Hooray! This is our Thanksgiving Day! Miss Eversole gives song recital in chapel. -B. H. S.-Frosh, 18-26. Williamsburg Independents-Varsity, 24-27. Both close and exciting. -Senior party at Dean Seay ' s. Walnut race. Pawns. Count No-Count. Santa Claus came to Union this morning. - " Stespean in Review. " Sections shown and acted by persons — Faculty, the four Classes, Athletics, Organizations, Feature, Snaps, Calendar, Finis (editor with lily in his hand, car- ried in on cot. Too bad the annual is the death of all editors!) Debate tonight by versify of Kentucky debaters. Was the only girl in Debate Club popular? Positively! the other girls pay her special attention. -Why don ' t you keep your Glee Club seat? -Wind and more wind. What was that crash? Falling chimney caused roof to fall in at Speed Hall. Girls just back from breakfast. No casualties. Bricks all over third floor. -V. W. C. A. candle-lighting service. -Cantata and " Ha llelujah Chorus. " Fun hack stage. Too much mistletoe. Dead mouse! Eek! All the girls wear their new white organdy dresses. Did they feel dressed up? I ' ll say ! -French Club members find Santa Claus at Speed Hall. Miss Myers is his messenger and gives all good little boys and girls toys. Stevenson Hall boys entertain Speed Hall girls with fine party. Christmas gifts to all. Did the boys get scared to carry out their threats after decorating with so much mistletoe? -Yarsity-L. M. U. ; Frosh-Knox No. 1. Both victories. Glee Club boys and girls disap- pointed. Several couples planned to go carolling, but could not because it rained, rained, rained ! - " Good-bye! Hope you have a Happy Christmas and a Glad New Year! " " Au revoir. " Catching trains and buses. " See you next year. " JANUARY 3 — Unionites back after a grand and glorious vacation. How nice to see each other again ! Even if we were having merry times, yet we missed our college crowd. 4 — Not much class work. Every one trying to out-talk the other telling Christmas experi- ences. Large crowd at gym for League District Meeting. Eats the most popular diversion of the evening. How did John E. and Golia get at the head of the refreshment line when they were at the foot when it started? 5,6,7 — Just like spring. Dandelions, violets, and japonicas blooming in January! Imagine! Where is our winter? 8 — Library staff takes charge of chapel. Why did so many things fall to the floor? Miss Ever- sole lovely hostess at party for Glee Clubs this evening. Contests and games very musical. Crowd did not want to go home. n — Hester White elected new president of Y. W. C. A. 12 — Why all the smiles? Dean and Mrs. Seay have returned from Chicago afte r what seemed a year to the students. He tells us about his trip. What is " Wurzel-Flummery " ? Ask Samuel. 13 — Brownie ' s Creek Band sure can play. Thermometer registers 70 degrees. 15 — We almost beat University of Louisville — 26-22. Plenty of excitement and veils. 16 — B. X. A. busy digging worms for Monday night! 18 — Everything ' s B. X. A. tonight. Big banquet and big initiation. Shrieks and laughter! Corpse and ghost bring screams. Where did Catherine Zelma and Jeanna mysteriously disappear? Roberta and Lois raise the roof with their yelling. How those girls can climb! Too bad they got " bawled out " for being out of the dorm. Wonder how many black marks will be put against them? What do they care? They are sure-enough members of B. X. A. That ' s worth all the initiation one can take. 19 — Catherine Coins and Cecil Lewis have a dialogue at Playlikers. Lutie ' s and Frances ' dog raises its voice when annoyed by Miller and others. 20 — Jane Pendleton still sick. Seniors miss their treasurer and the library does not seem the same. THE STESPEAN, 1932 m 2ammma 21 — Faculty meeting in chapel. Teachers watch themselves " mocked " by the Sophs. 24 — Union College Quartette sings over the radio. WHAS is the station. 25, 26 — Reviewing begins in earnest. Lots of midnight oil burnt. 27, 28, 29 — Semester exams. " Never again will I leave my studying to do until the last week before exams. " We wonder? 30 — " The Stespean " goes to press. Events to Look Forward To February — Beginning of Second Semester. Faculty reception. More basketball games. Y. W. C. A. mixer. Valentine party. George Washington tea. Dramatic Club play. March — More games. Almost time for tennis. Easter and vacation . April — Tennis. Spring football. Hikes. Glee Club operetta. Debates. May — Exams again. Convocation Reception for Seniors. Boosters ' Banquet, Alumni Banquet. Baccalaureate Sunday. Senior play. Graduation. Vacation. cAlma JMater WORDS AND ARRANGEMENT BY Abigail E. Weeks Girt with many a grand old mountain. Stands our College dear. While the Cumberland sings ever Praise for her to hear. Union College. Alma Mater. We would praise thee, too, For the strength of precepts taught us; We ' ll to them be true. CHORUS Union College, dear old Union! Union strong and free! Loyal sons and daughters ever We will live for thee. For the greatest of all lessons Praise is ever thine: Faith in God and in our brother, Service, too, sublime. As we go to meet life ' s conflict. We shall victors be, If we ' re loyal to the precepts Taught so well by thee. THE STESPEAN, 1932 jmnumii MUi. ' . ' .i.vmvm ' .Wil ' W; Ex-Officio Members Bishop H. Lester Smith Chattanooga, Tenn. President John O. Gross Barbourville, Ky. Rev. H. E. Trent Covington, Ky. Rev. J. L. Tilton Louisville, Ky. Rev. D. C. Johnson ishland, Ky. Rev. T. B. Ashley Louisville, Ky. Term Expires in IQJI Rev. W. W. Shepherd Louisa, Ky. D. M. Humfleet Rarbourville, Ky. Hon. Alvis S. Bennett Hartford, Ky. Term Expires in 1932 Rev. C. E. Vogel Harlan, Ky. A. S. Morgan Russell, Ky. Rev. John W. Potter . Oskaloosa, Iowa Term Expires in 1933 Rev. S. C. Rice Louisville, Ky. Hon. James D. Black liarbourville, Ky. Henry Payne Grays, Ky. Term Expires in 1934 Rev. J. R. Wood Maysville, Ky. A. M. Decker liarbourville, Ky. Term Expires in 1935 A. B. Cornett Harlan, Ky. Rev. E. P. Hall ishland, Ky. Term Expires in 1936 C. B. Nordeman Louisville, Ky. Harry E. Bullock Lexington, Ky. Rev. E. R. Overley Louisville, Ky. THE STESPEAN, 1932 jg aiMmmmmMMMSMM fflfis mrn SZ Wealth We have a log hut, Two rickety chairs, and A wooden bed. There are some icho call us poor, But ice have Beauty of sunlight on rugged hills. The murmur of clear Waters at our feet, The blue sky overhead, And love always at our door. II c have a rusty stove, o carpet on our floor, But we have God And each other. We can ' t be so very poor. Bertha Sears, A Wish If I could write a poem Lovely as a cherry tree With white words falling Like petals to your hands, Maybe you would hear mc, And I could be telling All that I would have you know That I cannot say. Douglas Terry, My Task To do my very best each day, So that my friends may truly say: O ' er his life Christ holds full sway And guides him safely on his way. This is my task. To hear it said as eve descends: Thou hast won thee many friends. Thou hast lived as He intends. Accept the peace of mind He sends. This is my reward. Earl Frierdich, ' : THE STESPEAN, 1932 At Your Service Always When in search of the Best Book on any subject — whether for your work, or for your personal enjoyment — CONSULT US We Supply Any Book on the Market at Publisher ' s Price ALL THE NEW BOOKS OF THE LEADING PUBLISHERS ARE AVAILABLE NOW Bibles, Testaments, and Bible Study Helps a Specialty Catalogs Mailed Promptly on Receipt of Request THE METHODIST BOOK CONCERN 420 Plum Street Cincinnati, Ohio THE BARNER STUDIO COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT Just a High Class Photographic Studio Where Prices Are Reasonable and Promises Are Made Good We Do Amateur Finishing. Our Portrait Tinting Will Please You Telephone 9131 Corbin, Kentucky THE STESPEAN, 1932 i.-;nff,) tf,alii,,, ' TiiT m iA l j.i.u.ij,i,i,ui,ii.u.u,i)iu:iMUWlM i 1 itii The Mountain Advocate Barbourvilie, Ky. HIGH CLASS JOB PRINTING Specialists in Calling Cards and Individual Stationery QUALITY— SERVICE Our Motto Knox County ' s Only Paper THE ALBRIGHT DRUG CO. Incorporated JOHN C. COTTONGIM CHARLES G. BLACK Where the Students Get Acquainted RAPP LUMBER COMPANY Incorporated Barbourvilie, Ky. Building Material Sherwin-Williams Paints, Varnishes, Enamels Paint Headquarters COLE ' S VARIETY STORE Specialties for All Students Here ' s the Place to Find What You Want for Less Court Square Barbourvilie, Ky. BLACKSTONE BEAUTY SHOP (In Connection with Hotel Barber Shop) Permanent Waving, Finger Waving, Hair Bobbing And All Kinds of Beauty Work Phone 28 Give Us a Call T. LUMPKINS, Operator THE STESPEAN, 193 ,ifif)A1ii l ' 7 ' mT,unij,i,u.iJ,M.Uiiin ' ,i ' i ' niiiVil ' iWUi l iWi National Theatre Westert% Electrh SOUND jU±jj SYSTEM Home of Perfect Sound BARBOURVILLE, KY. MERENBLOOM ' S Why Pay More When You Can Buy the Same for Less? Headquarters for Students ' Wearing Apparel BARBOURVILLE, KY. Compliments OF Becldows Grocery GEORGE ' S Students ' Headquarters Barbourville, Ky. It ' s New, We Hare It Seymour ' s Cask Store Barbourville, Kentucky IF YOU WANT TO EARN, LEARN Train for Success in This Accredited School Continuous Sessions McNEIL BUSINESS COLLEGE Barbourville, Kentucky Compliments of THE IDEAL CAFE EDITH ' S Opposite Western Uni° Corbin, Kentucky The Rexall Store Stands for the Best in Drug Store Goods Best in Drug Store Service HERNDON DRUG STORE Incorporated WITH THE COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES OF T. W. MINTON AND COMPANY Incorporated BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Manufacturers of Hickory Specialties, Golf Shafts, Canes, Riding Sticks, Putter Clubs, Ladder Rungs, Broom Handles, and Anything in Hickory AND EXHIBITORS OF THE FAMOUS MINTON HICKORY MOUNTAIN STABLES The Home of the NATIONAL SADDLE CHAMPIONS The Feudist, Mountain Laurel, The Target, Rhododendron, Mountain Echo, Mountain Pippin, Milady Mary, Glory Halleluia, Halleluia Mc, Feudist King, David Minton, Mountain Redbud, June, Blossom, The Golfer, and many others. Oldheld Flower Garden Gladiolus, Cut Flowers and Planting Stock Gold Fish and Water Lilies BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Compliments of Dr. J. E. Faulkner Compliments of THE JUNIORS THE STESPEAN STAFF m Takes this opportunity to thank its advertisers for the co-operation given in making this book possible, and to urge all students to patronize them. It also wishes to express its appreciation for the support given by the Publications Com- mittee, the Administration, the Faculty, and the student body. The world ' s LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS ENSOPJ ' iPRINTING CO.] NASHVILLE JTENN COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS Jini mem ■ .. Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library Union College Barbourvilie, KY 40906 r- N Mf2tf: College KY 40906

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