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UNION COLLEGE LIBRARY 5 0702 00103015 4 TV TOE ' t n mm Abigail E Wttks Mtmat ' mi £ibrarg Union (Eollpg? %UBRls CATHERINE FAULKNER Editor RUTH JANE PENDLETON ISuiiness Manager i THE STESPEAN Volume Twelve 1931 oA Year ook of UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KY. -K- ublisbed by the Qollege yuniors ABIGAIL E, WEEKS MEMORlAi LIBRARY UNJION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY V 3I FOREWORD IT is through pledges made by the fac- ulty and the students that the 1931 Stespean has been made possible. We have tried to crowd into its limited space such scenes, photographs, and " snaps " as will bring to you reminiscences of dear old Union. We hope that these pages may recall to you pleasant memories of college days and recollections of friends, and of happy experiences together. May we 7nake you live again those fond mo- ments! If this annual in any way meets with your kind approval, our labor will not hare been in vain, and we shall feel amply repaid for our efforts. CONTENTS Book I THE COLLEGE Book II CLASSES Book III ATHLETICS Book IV ACTIVITIES President John Owen Gross DEDICATION To Our President yohn Owen Cjross Who, by his friendliness, sympathetic un- derstanding of students, genial nature, and splendid personality has endeared himself to our hearts; who, by his faith- fulness and loyal devotion to our College has gained our respect and admiration, we, as a token of our love and apprecia- tion, dedicate Volume Twelve of the Stespean. EG E Ex-Officio Members Bishop H. Lester Smith chattanooga, tenn. President John - Owen Gross barbol ' rville, kv. Rev. H. E. Trent COVINGTON, KV. Rev. J. L. Tilton LOUISVILLE, KV. Rev. D. C. Johnson ASHLAND, KY. Rev. T. B. Ashley LOUISVILLE, KV. Term Expires in IQJI Rev. W. W. Shepherd LOUISA, KY. D. M. Humfleet BARBOL ' RVILLE, KY. Hon. Alvis S. Bennett HARTFORD, KV. Term Expires in IQJ2 Rev. C. E. Vogel HARLAN, KY. A. S. Morgan RUSSELL, KY. Rev. John W. Potter OSKALOOSA, IOWA Term Expires in IQJJ Rev. S. C. Rice BELLEVUE, KY. Hon. James D. Black barbourville, ky. Henry Payne grays, kv. Term Expires in IQJ4 Rev. J. R. Wood MAVSV1LLE, KV. A. M. Decker BARBOL ' RVILLE, KY. Term Expires in IQ35 A. B. Cornett HARLAN, KY. Rev. E. P. Hall ASHLAND, KY. Term Expires in iQj6 C. B. Nordeman LOUISVILLE, KY. Harry E. Bullock LEXINGTON, KY. Rev. E. R. Overley LOUISVILLE, KY. St indent Helpers Office Nevil White Ruth Jane Pendleton Bernice Bowman Publicity Assistant Earl Frierdich Ruth Main- Margaret Tucgle Library Leila Marsee Anna Fowler Mail Carrier John Howes Laboratory Instructors Carl Lawson Luther Patrick Swimming Instructors Edna Haus er William T. Maloney Bookstore Sillous Hembree William Ball Monitor at Stevenson Hall Clyde Greene Superintendent ' s Helper Tom Patton ■ ■ Book I THE COLLEGE S T E S P E A STEVENSON HALL SPEED HALL - Faculty John Owen Gross, S.T.B., D.D. PRESIDENT Acting Francis Landrum Memorial Professor of Bible and Moral Philosophy, and Head of the Department of Bible and Moral Philosophy. A.B., Asbury College; S.T.B., Boston Univer- sity; D.D., Asbury College. John Lowe Fort, D.D. Assistant to the President, Supervising Finance. Ph.B., University of Vermont; D.D., University of Vermont. Maurice F. Seay, A.B., A.M. DEAN " OF THE COLLEGE Professor of Education and Head of the Depart- ment of Education A.B., Transylvania College; A.M., Transy ' vania College. Abigail E. Weeks, A.B., A.M. Head of tlie Department of English A.B., Dickinson College; A.M., Columbia Uni- versitv. THE Ira B. Peavy, M.E., M.Pd., M.S. Head of the Department of Natural Science B.E., Edinboro State Normal School ; M.E., Edin- boro State Normal School ; M.Pd., Edinboro State Normal School ; M.S., Taylor University. Arthur M. Hyde, A.M., Ph.D. Head of the Department of History A.B., Yale University; A.M., Yale University Ph.D., University of Illinois. Earl F. Ogg, A.M., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physical Science A.B., Carleton College; A.M., University of Wisconsin ; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. Wayne T. Gray, B.S., A.M. Head of the Department of Social Science ..S., University of Nebraska ; A.M., University of Wisconsin. " vr ! • Faculty Nancy B. AIyers, A.B., A.M. Head of the Department of French A.B., Berca College; A.M., Columbia University Meredith G. Carpexter. A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of Education, and Director of College Extension A.B., Western Kentucky State Teachers College; A.M., Columbia University. Constance H. Whiteside, A.B., A.M. Instructor in English and Sociology A.B., University of Cincinnati; A.M., Ohio State University. Georgia M. Haswell. A.B. Instructor in Mathematics A.B., Ohio Weslevan. S T I ■ Claribel R. Eaton, A.B. DEAN OF WOMEN Instructor in English A.B., American University. Ethel G. Eversole, B.S.M. Instructor in Piano and Voice ' .S.M.. Oberlin Conservatory of Music. J. R. Bacon, AM. Head of the Department of Physical Education A.B., Kentucky Wesleyan. James F. Blair Treasurer and Business Manage T f J S T E S • Other Helpers F. J. Foote Plant Manager Christine M. Dux Secretary to the President Mrs. A. T. Hind House Mother at Speed Hall Mrs. Sue Cheap House Mother at Stei ' enson Hall ■ ■ Book II THE CLASSES Charles Nevil White President LATONIA, KENTUCKY Playlikers, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; President of Play- Iikers, ' 30; Oxford Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; President of Oxford Club, ' 30; Le Cercle Fran- cais, ' 29, ' 30; Pep Club, ' 30; Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31 ; Secretary of Glee Club, ' 30; Chairman of Boys ' Council, ' 30; Vice-President of Freshman Class, ' 28; Secretary of Junior Class, ' 30; President of Senior Class, ' 31. Phil H. Loveless Vice-President LYNN, INDIANA Taylor University, ' 28 ; Butler University, ' 29 ; Union College, ' 30, ' 31 ; Orange and Black Staff, ' 30; College Carpenter, ' 30, ' 31; Assistant Fire- man, ' 31; Union College Quartette, ' 31; Vice- President of Senior Class, ' 31. Ruth L. Main Secretary B X A BARBOURV1LLE, KENTUCKY Sextette, ' 29; Basketball, ' 29; Glee Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Secretary of Glee Gub, ' 31 ; Polly- anna Club, ' 30, ' 31 ; Choral Club, ' 31 ; Secretary of Choral Club, ' 31; Secretary of Senior Class, ' 31. Sillous G. Hembree Treasurer BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Playlikers, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Cheer Leader, ' 28, ' 29; Stespean Staff, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Pep Club, ' 30, ' 3r ; Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31; President of Fresh- man Class, ' 28; Treasurer of Senior Class, ' 31. ' w : )Sinors Charles Davis BARB0URV1LLE, KENTUCKY Pelican Goo, ' 28; Football, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Baseball, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Captain of Baseball, ' 30; Quartette, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Assistant Fireman, ' 31; " U " Club, ' 28, ' 29, 30, ' 31; Glee Cub, ' 30, ' 31; President of Junior Class, ' 30. Ester Davis BARBOL ' RVILLE, KENTUCKY Glee Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Quartette, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Football, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Basketball, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Baseball, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; " U " Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 3r ; Stespean, ' 30; Orange and Black, ' 3i- John B. Howes RUSSELL, KENTUCKY Quartette, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Plavlikers, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Vice-President of Plavlikers, ' 30; Oxford Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Vice-President of Oxford Club, ' 30; Orchestra, ' 28, ' 30 , ' 31 ; Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; President of Glee Club, ' 30; Le Cercle Francais, ' 29, ' 30; Secretary-Treasurer of Le Cercle Francais, ' 29; V. M. C. A., ' 31; Band, ' 3t ; Choral Club, ' 31. Maurice Vincent BARBOL ' RVILLE, KENTUCKY Glee Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Plavlikers, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; President of Plavlikers, ' 29; Vice-President of Plavlikers, ' 30; Quartette, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; " V " Club, ' 29, ' 30; Football, ' 28, ' 29; Pep Club, ' 29, ' 30; Orange and Black Staff, ' 30; Dental Col- lege, University of Louisville, ' 31. Seniors George Frank Baker BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Pelican Goo, ' 28; Football, ' 29; " U " Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Tennis, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Coach and Manager of Tennis, ' 31 ; Orange and Black Staff, ' 30, ' 31. Taylor Gene Baker SPURLOCK, KENTUCKY Pelican Goo, ' 28. Bernice Claire Bowman b x A MIAMI, FLORIDA Girls ' Glee Club, ' 27, ' 30, ' 31 ; College Chorus ' 27; Le Cercle Francais, ' 30; Community Chorus ' 31 ; Playlikers Club, ' 30, ' 31 ; President of Play- likers, ' 31. Glenn Chesnut BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Pelican Goo, ' 28; Playlikers, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Stespean Staff Artist, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Glee Club, ' 30, ' 3r ; Scenery Manager, ' 31; Pep Club, ' 31. David Gillis Colson MANCHESTER, KENTUCKY University of Kentucky, ' 24, ' 27; Eastern State Normal School, ' 25; Union College, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; C. L. C. Critic, ' 31. Clyde C. Greene LONDON , KENTUCKY Kentucky Wesleyan, ' 28; Sue Bennett Memorial College, ' 29; Union College, ' 30, ' 31; Football, ' 29, ' 30; Basketball, ' 30, ' 31; " I " " Club, ' 30, ' 31; Monitor Stevenson Hall, ' 31 ; Bovs ' Council, ' 31. Etta Hubbard B X A BRIGHT SHADE, KENTUCKY Eastern State Teachers College, ' 28; Union Col- lege, ' 29, ' 30; University of Kentucky, ' 30; Un- ion College, ' 31; Pollvanna Club, ' 31; Y. Y. C. A., ' 31; Glee Club, ' 31; Choral Club, ' 31. James Asa Johnson GENESEE, PENNSYLVANIA Aurora College; Edinboro State Teachers Col- lege; Union College, ' 31; Life Service Group, ' 31 ; Playlikers Club, ' 31 ; Associate Editor of Orange and Black, ' 31. Steven Kelemen, Jr. LYNCH, KENTUCKY Manager of Baseball, ' 27; Pelican Goo, ' 28; Kappa Lambda, ' 28; Orchestra, ' 28; Director of Orchestra, ' 31 ; Director of Hand, ' 31. Heinz W. Kitzel PAINESVILI.E, OHIO L. M. V., ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Union College, ' 31; Football, ' 30; Basketball, ' 31; ' U " Club, ' 31; Boys ' Council, ' 31. James F. Knuckles BEVERLY, KENTUCKY Western Union College, ' 27; Union College, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Playlikers, ' 29, ' 30; Pep Club, ' 30; Stespean Staff, Business Manager, ' 30; Glee Club, ' 30, ' 31 ; Representative from U. C. in Anti-Saloon League Convention, Oratory, at De- troit, ' 30. William Letcher Knuckles, Jr. BEVERLY, KENTUCKY Vice-President of Kappa Lambda, ' 29; Play- likers, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Assistant Superintendent of P. ant, ' 29, ' 30; Pep Club, ' 30, ' 31 ; Glee Club, ' 31 ; Representative of U. C. in National Pro- hibition Essav Contest, ' 31. Seniors Carl Edwin Lawson CORBIN, KENTUCKY Cumberland College, ' 28, ' 29; Union College, ' 30, ' 31 ; Basketball, ' 30, ' 31 ; Tennis, ' 30, ' 31 ; " U " Club, ' 30, ' 31 ; Laboratory Assistant, ' 30. William T. Maloney, Jr. WILMINGTON - , DELAWARE Football, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Captain of Foothal 1 , ' 30; Basketball, " 29, ' 30, ' 31; Baseball, ' 29 ' 30,; Swimming Teacher, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; " TJ " Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31. G. W. (Happy) Mayhew, Jr. BARBOURVII.I.E, KENTUCKY La Societe Francaise, ' 27; Classical Club, ' 27; Football, ' 27; Basketball, ' 27, ' 28; Baseball, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Captain of Baseball, ' 28; Coach of Girls ' Basketball, ' 28; Tennis, ' 28; Part-time Coach at B. B. I., ' 30, ' 31; " U ' Club, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Union ' s Only 4-Letter Man. Jesse Mays BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Eastern State Teachers College, ' 28, College, ' 30, ' 31. Seniors James C. Messer BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Pelican Goo, ' 28; Football, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Basketball, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Baseball, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; " U " Club, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31. Ed Mills BRIGHT SHADE, KENTUCKY Florence Ellen Nelson b x a BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Bessie Tift College, ' 29; North Georgia College, ' 30; Union College, ' 31; Plavlikers, ' 31; V. YV. C. A., ' 31; Glee Club, ' 31 ; Choral Club, ' 31; Pnllvanna Club, ' 31. Martha Parker b x A BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY V. W. C. A., ' 31; Pollyanna Club, ' 30, ' 31. ABIGAIL E WEEKS MEMORIAL LIBRARY B ' ° ' UNION COLLEGE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Seniors Luther Patrick HARGETT, KENTUCKY Kentucky Wesleyan, ' 28; Union College, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Playlikers, ' 29; Kappa Lambda, ' 29; StespeAN Staff, ' 30; Editor of Orange and Black, ' 31 ; Laboratory Instructor of Chemistry, William Slusher P1NEVILLE, KENTUCKY Georgetown College, ' 28; Union College, ' 30, ' 31; Football, ' 28, ' 29; Basketball, ' 29, " U " Club, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ; Stespean Staff, ' 3 Roberta Sears Tye BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Eastern State Teachers College, ' 26 ' 27; More- head Teachers College, ' 28; LInion College, ' 30, Frank Ackerman J. R. Baker Aubrey Chesnut L. M. Collett Prof. Wayne T. Gray Senior Sponsor er Seniors Edna E. Engle Anna Fay Fowler Leila C. Marsee H. F. Minter Mary Richardson Lester C. Root Mrs. E. M. Shifley J. E. Treadway Edna Wilder JjMOll ege Senior Quartette During the year an occasional treat from the storehouse of memory has been given to ihe student body by the Union College Senior Quartette. At Thanksgiving time and Christmas the group was together again for short seasons, and shortly before commencement it furnished a radio program from Station WHAS, Louisville. The Senior Quartette was organized by Miss Lola Burton, then head of the Music Depart- ment, during the year 28-1929, and for two years it functioned as the Union College Quartette. During that time the boys toured a great part of Kentucky in the interest of the college. The climax of their work together came with their first broadcast from Station WHAS during the spring of their Junior year. The quartette was broken up in the fall of 1930 by the absence of Maurice Vincent, who is this vear a student at the LJniversity of Louisville, Dental College, but who will receive his baccalaureate degree from Union this year. Miss Leila Marsee has been an able accompanist for the quartette during this year . John B. Howes First Tenor Ester Davis Second Tenor Maurice Vincent Baritone Charles Davis Bass The Stesfiean J Catherine Faulkner, Vice-President BAREOURVILLE, KV. " . merry heart, a joyous laugh, A good true friend, and that ' s not half, " Ruth Jane Pendletox, Secretary BARBOURVILLE, KV. " As dainty a maid as ever walked, As pleasing a one as ever talked. " AxGIE KETCHAM, Treasurer BARBOURVILLE, KV. " She smiles and smiles and will not sigh. " William Ball LOUISA, KV. " Good nature in him abounds. " Walter Beddow BARBOURVILLE, KV. ' it be a gentleman and a friend you seek, you have found him. " Elizabeth Blackburn BARBOURVILLE, KV. " Loyal worker, always willing. A worthy example to follow. " Buford Clark CORBIK, KV. " Work is work and must be done, Yet as I work I have my fun. " The Stesfeean Union College n Ruth Congleton BARBOURVILLE, KV. ' And in her face shone goodness, courage, honor. " Bernadine Culton PINEVILLE, KY. " She has a happy countenance which betokens a happy heart. " Violet Dean BOONEVILLE, KV. ' Silence is a sure sign of wisdom. ' Chester Fields BOONEVILLE, KV. A jolly unselfish personality is the greatest gift of all. " Mary Lee Gay ONEIDA, KV. " Mirth and friendship — she has both. " Ted Gregory MAPLESVILLE, KV. " We doubt not that for one so true. There must be a noble work to do. ' Glynn Hind WINCHESTER, KV. " As sunny as a day in June. " The Stesfcean Union College a Jcwil amors Earl Kilbourxe 1.1PPS, VA. •If cll-bred, clever, full of wit, If ' il a elieery grin and lots of grit. ' Millie Laxdreth sardis, kv. " She ' s neat and very fair. Bright eyes and auburn hair McCoy Lewis BRIGHT SHADE, K " . " Likeable, diligent, capable is he. " Jane Maggard LARUE, KV. " A quiet, ambitious girl is a joy to behold. " Mont Qlillex GATE CUV, VA. " One who is honest and sincere. Of his success we have no fear. " Joyce Reid BARBOURVILLE, KV. ' Blessed with sparkling eyes and winsome way ' s. ' Harry Taylor CORBIN " , KV. " So very nice, with curly hair, Not a worry, not a care. " w mm mirw u The Stesfiean Union College jj Shellie Valentine HIMYAR, KV. " Hoid faithful and unassuming arc her ways? " Stella Williams ARTEMUS, KV. " Charm in her ready smile — strong purpose in Iter character. " Miss Georgia M. Haswell Junior Sponsor Other Juniors Robert S. Baldwtn Christine Baxter John Burkhart Lyda Blair R. E. Burnett Fred Catron Howard Cox Florence Evans Jesse T. Faulkner Flossie Fryman Mossie Asher Gabbard James Garland Reese Golden Eula Graham Katherine Hawn L. T. Louis B. Hawn John W. Hughes Sarah Jones Hughes George West Jarvis Wm. G. Martin J. R. Mays Kenneth Marsee R. C. Miller T. G. Rogers Alice L. Shields L. W. Smith Gerald Snavely Braxton Stewart Alva Tandy Claude Terrell Valentine The Stes-feean Union College Lloyd Patterson, President RUSSELL, KENTUCKY He has muscles of iron and a mortgaged heart. Edna Hauser, Vice-President EARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Our class artist — her pen is the eye of art. Margaret Tuggle, Secretary BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Her thoughts and ways are of the best. Gorman Tye, Treasurer BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY A good looker, a good singer, a good actor. Dezzie Bailey KILDAV, KENTUCKY When she laughs, her eyes sparkle. Emma Barbe JONESVILLE, KENTUCKY One of the attractions of the Seniors. Marie Buchanan BARBOUKVILLE, KENTUCKY Here is the Princess of Union College! Estill Caudill MANCHESTER, KENTUCKY His courteous manner wins him many friends. Charles Chlmley C.WVOOD, KENTUCKY A jolly fellow whom we have yet to see worried. vX; ; 1 1 ■ " ! ,? if The Stesjyean MtM Union College z z f ? - ; Sophomores Earl Frierdich BELLEVUE, KENTUCKY A favorite of all the college, he scatters sun- shine " wherever he goes. James Green lafollette, tennessee One of our basketball stars — to him, school and athletics are one and inseparable. Lenora Hale BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY She goes through life with carefree pleasure. Kenneth Haves LOUISA, KENTUCKY For him, school is but a scene for romance. Mrs. Cleo Knuckles BEVERLY, KENTUCKY One of her many qualities is her pleasing per- sonality. Louella Miller BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY A charming hostess and always ready for a good time. Jeakna Nelson RICHMOND, KENTUCKY So petite and gay; so clever and full of fun. Mrs. Corda Patrick HARGETT, KENTUCKY She has the mildest manners and ihe gentlest heart. Hilda Quinton BETHEL RIDGE, KENTUCKY Her face is o ' erspread with gladnes; and human kindness. ra The Stesfiean Sophomores Alta Smith BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Her tasks are all pleasures Evelyn Sproule BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Hers is a sunnv smile. Miller Wiley HALLS, TENNESSEE One of Union ' s most talented singers, he possesses a wonderful tenor voice. Coach J. R. Bacon Sophomore Sponsor McKinley Abner Lutie Adams Cora Mae Amis Eunice Anders Juanita Anderson Geo. Nelson Baird Clara Baker Clarence Baker Lucy Anita Barbe Amy Bays Elsie Bays Reid Botner Moody Bowling L. W. Buchanan- Florence Caton- Edson Catt Glen Chandler Dan Chesnut Clarence Combs r. essie York Cornett Ruth Corum F. H. Craft Other Sophomores Mae Creasy Arthur Decker Edgar Dobson Agnes Dunn Clara Evans Marvin Epperson- Helen Frederick Dan Gabbard Ethel Greene James Gregory Jeff Hammons Justus Hampton Willa Ingram C. A. Johnson- Mrs. S. H. Jones Maroi.a King W. R. Lundy Effie Mae Marshall Mae Mayhew June Mealer Anna Lee Mills Florence Mills Shelby Mills Marvin T. Moore Marvin Morehead Curtis McDantel Rufus McWilliams Opha Napier Ora Ramsey Jesse Vm. Rice Daphne Slusher Annabel Smith Grace Smith Nathaniel Smith Mary Sowders Chas. R. Steele Maurice Tribell Donnte Trosper Clifford Turner Rosa Turner Earl Wagers Clyde Williams Willie Williams Inez Woolum A. H. York Familiar Views ; ; mm w The Stesfiean Union College Freshmen Marvin Faulkner, President BARBOURVILLE, KV. Jean Owens, Secretary BARBOURVILLE, KV. Owen Wiley, Treasurer HALLS, TENN. Lurline Adams benham, kv. Allen H. Arthur RUSSELL, KV. Foister Asher beverlv, kv. Matt Asher beverlv, kv. Stella Ashley bethpl ridge, kv. Mae Baker barbourville, kv. Lucian Ball louisa, kv. Samuel Baxter kings mountain, kv. Byron Berrv huntington, w. va. Reba Boggs cumberland, kv. Edward Brunk ALVA, KV. Brown Callahan cow creek, kv. The Steshean 1° -m % Union College Freshmen Lincoln Combs whitesburg, kv. Elisabeth Evans flemingsburg, ky. Elizabeth Fisher mt. sterling, ohio Catherine Goins oneida, kv. Cleo Hammons flat lick, kv. Frank Hammons flat lick, kv. Evelyn Harris baruourville, ky. Virginia Heath barbourville, kentucky Golia Hicks maysville, ky. Mallie Hoskins oneida, ky. Mrs. Boyd Howard pineville, ky. Esther Howard corbin, ky. Daisy Hubbard bright shade, ky. Ralph Huber fort thomas, ky. Margie Jackson barbourville, ky. The Stes-bean Union College J| Emily KELLY- LYNCH, KY. Earl Kinn-ingham beverly, ky. Axie Belle Linville artemus, ky ' . Edward Logsdon barbour1tlle, ky " . E. G. Mays BARBOURVILLE, KY " . Glessie MlDDLETON KILDAV, KY. Metta Moore rayland, ohio Raymond Moore rayland, ohio Lucy ' Myers cincinnati, ohio Lillian McNeill lafollette, tenn. William R. McNeil BARBOURVILLE, KY " . Elizabeth Petrey waynesburg, ky " . Cleo Roberts barbourville, ky " . Julia Roberts oneida, ky. Sylvama Roberts big creek, ky. The Stesfiean Union College a Ethel Sears barbourville, kv. Albert Slusher beverly, kv. Bonnie Smith brodhead, kv. J. William Sweeney corbin, KV. Lillie Mae Taylor miracle, kv. Louis Taylor EDINBURG, TEXAS Martha Teague gatliff, ky. Mayola Waddell pineville, kv. J. D. Walker goose ROCK, KV. Lanien Walker barbourville, ky. Cleo White manchester, kv. Loretta Williams barbourville, kv. Statia White HIMA, KV. Myrtle Wilson barbourville, kv. Special Alfred T. Hind WINCHESTER, KY. The Stesfcean Union College Other Freshmen Miss Ethel Eversole, Freshman Sponsor Albert C. Alford Paul Arena Gladys Ash Amis Asher Cecil Baker R. S. Baldwin Betty Bargo Mrs. Dora Barlow Willena Baxter Virginia Boston Daisy Brouchton Glades Britton Ruth Callebs Doyle Campbell Iloyd Browx Campbell Mildred Catron Oscar Cobb Mrs. Virginia Combs Salley Corey Edward Cox G. H. Davidson Mary E. Dean Luther Dobson Otis Engle Carrie Faulkner Nancye Faulkner Odra Feltner Opal Feltner Myrtle Foley Carrie Fortxey Albert Franz Etta Garland Rose Garland Ben Golden Callie Goodman Mattie Gourley Mrs. Helen Greene Jaunita Greene W. A. Greene Auda Haccard C. B. Hammons Lillian Hammonds J. B. Hampton T. R. Hampton Mrs. Pearl Hardin Eva Helton- Herbert Helton Owen Helton Christine Hensley ' Mrs. Mabel Hibbard Mrs. Joe Hoskins Green Howard Ora Mae Howard Eugene Howes Ethel Hubbard W. P. Hubbard Effie Hughes Mrs. J. F. Hughes Lucille Ingram Maud Ingram Alfred Jackson Charles Jackson WlLLARD JAGGERS George Jarvis Delsa Mae Johnson Bessie N. Jones Elva Jones Maud Jones Austin Kelly Georce Keneley G. P. King Edward Landreth Bessie Laws Mrs. Rhodah Lee Bessie Lovell Avery Lynch Louise Lynch Roberta Mayhew Reavus Mays Clarence Messer Durham Messer Nebraska Messer Walter Messer Celia Middleton Violet Miles Clifford Miller Effie Miller Gladys Miller Reno Miller Carnes Mills Mrs. Velma Mills Mrs. Bettie Moore Nevil Morehead Elsie Morgan Frances McGuire Atha Lee Nance Frances O ' Neal Homer Parker Estle Parsons Cleadith Payne Daisy Pendleton Alfred Perry W ' m. J. Philpot Willis E. Pickerill " Alma Poff Cleadie Pritchard George Renfro Mary Renfro Dessie Rhodes Wilmer Riley Lena Roberts Mrs. T. G. Rogers Mary Romeger Mitchell Rose Fred Rost Elsie Rowlett Helen Ruggels Emanuel Saylor Bertha Sears Chas. Sears Glenn Shifley Steeley Siler Edward Simpson Clara Sizemore Richard Slusher Stella Smallwood Esther Smith Henrietta Smith Roy K. Smith Wayne Smith Wm. Henry Smith W. W. Smith Georgia Sowders W. D. Sowders Ethel Spurlock Gladys Taylor Woodrow Terrell Carlie Thomas ' Ercie Thomas Millard Thompson Delmos Turner Elbert Turner Herbert Tye Jesse Van Cleve W. O. Wagers Margaret Wallen Verkes Warren- Whit West Reginald White Easther Wilkinson Edward Williamson- Ethel Williamson- Irene Williamson Carrie Wilson- Edgar Wilson Lenora Wilson Nelie Lee Young Ben D. York Otis Amis Mrs. J. F. Blair John H. Baker P. M. Broughton Elon Calebs Special Students Elizabeth Eaton W. C Elliott Georgia Fancher H. B. Gilbert Evelyn Jackson W. D. Martin Bronzell McWilliams Delbert Philpot Betty Powell Mrs. Frank Sharp Anna Todd 2=2 K HT ■ ■ 1 Book HI ATHLETICS Union College Coach and Manager Coach J. R. Bacon " A team lliat won ' t be beaten can ' t be beaten. " This is Coach ' s favorite motto, along with several others such as: " Drive low, " " Keep digging, " " Heads up, " " Hit ' em hard, " " Be alert. " These teachings spelled success for our team, with Coach ' s unceasing ef- forts. Coach Bacon deserves the credit for all the success of all the teams. He is the main cog for the machine. Union means all to Coach, and he means all to Union. With this spirit, how can Union fail? It is an impossibility. In a year or two, Union will be the Kentucky S. I. A. A. champs. Manager " Marny " Faulkner Always smiling and giving the boys courage, " Marny " helped to win. He put the team in the " ole spirit. " Every player will remember " Marny " and his philosophy . Jeanna Nelson and Joyce Reid Cheer Leaders At every game, Joyce and Jeanna kept the crowd cheering and yelling the familiar yells. u=ii The Steshean I 7V Kmo: Kitzel, Simpson ' . Rii.ev, Jackson, Catron " , C. Davis, J. Greene. Second Ro v: Coach Bacon, Maloxey, Perrv, Kilbourne, C. Greene, Taylor; Faulkner, Mar. Third Roii-: Pickerii.l, Walker, Landreth, Clark, Messer, Smith. Bottom Roii.-: Decker, Chandler, Patterson, Franz, E. Davis, Lawsox, Saylor. Football Season, 1930 Training camp opened two weeks before school. Fifty hearty men practiced daily. Eleven men were chosen to battle Campbellsville College, whose team they defeated, 63-O. Practice continued daily and games weekly, L nion taking them all into camp until the Bulldogs met the Georgetown Tigers. Forgetting defeat, Union went on, winning every game except the one against Tennessee Wesleyan. Eastern State Teachers was the last game. Union defeated them. This season Union loses eight regulars. They will be hard to replace, but let ' s hope that Coach Bacon will have good material next year, and then we shall be rewarded by victory. 1930 Schedule U. C. vs. Campbellsville Here — 63-O U. C. vs. L. M. U There— 12-0 U. C. vs. Sue Bennett There — 27-7 U. C. vs. Georgetown There — 6-22 U. C. vs. Morehead There — 34-0 U. C. vs. Tennessee Teachers There — 12-Ci U. C. vs. Tennessee Wesleyan There — 0-20 U. C. vs. Eastern Here — 46-0 The Stesfiean Bill Maloney Endj Captain Only All-State mention for End. He has always played a good game, and has often displayed his knowledge of football mixed with his fight- ing Irish blood. Opponents never made much, if any, ground over Bi Charles Jackson Tackle Charles Jackson is a name that many ends and backs of our opponents will remember. " Boy, he sure can use dose mitts! " Jackson has three more years at Union. Charles Davis Guard Charles Davis is one of two four-year letter men at Union. He has played consistent ball at center, guard, and tackle. He is a va ' uable man and we are sorry to lose him. Buford Clark Center Least man in the line, but never last. He wai always on the ball and pepping up the team Clark is line-captain for ' 31. May he handh the best team that Union has ever produced James Greene Guard Jim came to us from down in Tennessee, where they grow " big " and " Greene. " He will de- velop into a real guard and tackle for ' 31. Stav with it, Jim. We are for you. Wilmer Riley Tackle That big good-looking Irishman from Delaware. " Butch " was feared by opponents and generally played the plays elsewhere. He has three years left to show his stuff. The Stesf ean Union College JB| Edward Simpson End The boy with an educated toe. His punting is the talk of all the coaches of the State. We are thankful for Ed and his good looks. He has three years to make the Ail-American from Union. Heinz Kitzel Fullback " Red " hails from Ohio. He was one of the best blocking backs that Union has ever had. He would fight at the beginning, and at the end his fighting spirit would still be in the air. Ester Davis Halfback " The shiftiest little back on earth " was what all the coaches said after the game. " Es " was always cool and willing. This is his last year. For four vears he has worn the Orange and Black. Clyde Greene Halfback " Buzz " snapped into it this year and showed Coach Bacon how a halfback should really play. More power to you, " Buzz. " It will take a good man to fill ole " Buzz ' s " uniform. Lloyd Patterson Quarterback " Runt " is our quarterback and a dandy good one. He ran the team smoothly and each play checked the other. He always had the oppo- nents guessing. He was high score man of Kentucky, and perhaps the South. We wait to see what he ' ll do next year. Glenn Chandler End Another old Corbin Hash with plenty of power. " Doc " made more tackles than any two men in practice. With more experience he will make a good man. EL The Stesftean Union College j| Fred Catron Tackle " Jarhead " has played many games at tackle. He has big hands and feet, but you ought to see him flv. Next vear is his la ' :.t at Union. Earl Kilbourne Guar l Earl, or " Von, " as he is better known, came back to us after staying out one year. He came late, but showed up well. Clarence Messer Center Messer, with his big hands and feet, could tram- ple any man. He is a hard, clean-fighting man. Success will surely come to him if he keeps it up. Arthur Decker Guard Little but loud. Decker has the ole " spunk " and in another year he should be among the " num- bered. " Bonnie Smith Tackle In spite of everything, Bonnie was a good fight- er. He fought from start to finish. Go to it, Bonnie ! Albert Franz End Russell is his home town. It seems ihat football players are born there, not made. Franz " will make a dandy end in a vear or two. The Stesfcean Alfred Perry Halfback " Happy " is a West Virginia snake, and you shnuld see him snake through the line. He ' s too slippery for the opponents. " Happy " has three more years to make good for Union. Carl Lawson Halfback ' Knnthead " was a very consistent ground gainer. lie hts always driving with his body low, and this carried him for many extra yards. Ed Landreth Halfback As a shock man, Ed was he best, barring none. He was fast and shifty. With a little more confidence, he will he Union ' s quarterback in the future. Willis Pickerill Guard Pickerill will make a good man if he keeps that ole spirit that he manifested this season. John D. Walker Tactic Big, rough and ready, and always smi ' ing. Let ' s see what you can do next year, " Red. " Emanuel Saylor End With his stocky brace, he would cut down inter- ference and get that hall-carrier in spite of everything else. " Molus " has three years yet to stand for Union. Harry Taylor Halfback (No Picture) The flashy back from Corbin. Harry has been out much of the time because of injuries, but showed his stuff when he was in action. 48 W = ' " 2 - fc1t(q ,, ' .. HI Top Row: Coach J. R. Bacon, Earl Frierdich Second Ro w: Edson Catt, Ed Simpson, " Red " Kitzel, Herb Tve Bottom Row: " Buzz " Greene, Buford Clark, Bill Maloney, Es Davis Basketball Season, 1931 Union opened the season with the Centre Colonels. It was a tough game, and Union was on the short count, but she profited by defeat. University of Tennessee came next, winning by a small score. Then Union invaded Emory and Henry Uni- versity and defeated them. Some teams defeated by the Bulldogs were: Transylvania, L. M. U., Tennessee Teachers, Tennessee Weslyan, and Cumberland. Each season, due to the efforts of Coach Bacon, bigger and better teams are booked. Keep the good work going, Union. Schedule Dec. 5 — Barbourville Athletic Club Here Dec. 12— Centre Danville Dec. 13 — Transylvania - Lexington Dec. 20 — University of Tennessee Knoxville Jan. 2 — L. M. U Here Jan. 9 — Tennessee Teachers Johnson City Jan. 10 — Milligan Milligan, Tenn. Jan. 12 — Emory and Henry Emory, Va. Jan. 16 — Transylvania Here Jan. 27 — Tennessee Wesleyan Here Jan. 30 — Milligan Here Feb. 2 — L. M. U Harrogate, Tenn. Feb. 9 — Tennessee Teachers Here Feb. 12 — Cumberland Here Feb. 14 — Cumberland Williamsburg Feb. 16 — Centre Here w " SSPllB QgSPs The Stesfyean JJrnon College Ester Davis Captain, Guard and Forward Es, playing consistent ball, was always ready. His accurate shooting was the downfall of many good opponents. We wish him much success in his life work. Good luck, Es. Herbert Tye Center Herb could shoot ' em at all angles. His tip-off work was " the best I ever saw. " Herb has three more years at Union, but if he does any better next year, another team will try to sign him up. William Maloney Forward That old Irish blood just has to get go- ing. Bill would fight until the last whistle blew in every game. He was game and consistent. We lost him, but we wish him success. Ed Simpson Guard and Fonvard Ed, with his nonchalant expression, would shoot ' em in like " nobody ' s busi- ness. " Ed will be here three more years. We ' ll hear from him again. Clyde Greene Guard The guard who is little but heavy. " Buzz " showed his talent in many games. He was a good ball player and we are sorry to lose him. The Stesfiean Union College n Heinz Kitzel Guard " Red " played guard, and what a guard he was ! He was invincible. We lose him by graduation and are looking for some one to take his place. Buford Clark Forward Always tantalizing his opponents with his tricks and skill. Consistent in his floor work, but lacked confidence in shooting. We shall see him in action again next year. Earl Frierdich Foricard Earl was very accurate in his shooting. He has two mere years at Union, so we are sure to hear from him again. Edson Catt Guard The Hoosier who will make a good man next year. Good at dribbling and shooting. Harry Taylor Guard The " flash. " Harry could always slip in and get crip shots right under the guard ' s nose. He is captain-elect and we know he will keep the good work going. 15 " " y3-«»; S " m nr ra The Stesfcean Left to Ritjlit: George Baker, Alfred Hind, Ed Simpson " , Carl Lawson, Buford Clark Tennis, 1931 Although two first-string men were lost from last year, Union has had a strong " five " this season. To start the season, Union defeated Cumberland on the home courts. Middlesboro Independents brought defeat to Union. Then came the trip to the Bluegrass. Eastern was victor, but Georgetown joined the ranks of the defeated. Then Union beat Eastern on our courts. Later came other matches — some with de- feat and some with victory. Next year, two more tennis players leave our ranks. Baker has been coach and manager this season and deserves much praise. Lawson has been a good player and will be missed next year. Gregory and Tye played well and both will be remembered by their foes. Hind and Simpson, both at Union for the first year, were strong players. They have three years yet in which they will bring glory to Union. Thus ends a successful season. n=j] The Stes6ean J% vltfft m Jk ' W- IP _ m3 )%Wmm " — S Union College " U " CLUB President, Buford Clark PEP CLUB President, Lurline Adams , The Stesfiean Xwil W l (? m Union College ra Athletic Sxaps W nr Book IV ACTIVITIES Union College Standing: Clark, Gay, Hind, Kilbourne Seated: Frierdich, Faulkner, Pendleton, Haves The Stespean Staff Catherine Faulkner Editor-in-Chiej Earl Frierdich Associate Editor Buford Clark Athletic Editor Flossie Fryman Feature Editor Ruth Jane Pendleton Business Manager Kenneth Hayes .... Assistant Business Manager Earl Kilbourne) ; Sales Managers Mary Lee Gay Sillous Hemeree Advertising Manager Glynn Hind Typist Miss Abigail E. Weeks Faculty Adviser The Stesfiean % t Union College Patrick Johnson Beddow Hind Tlie Orange and Black Staff Editorial Staff Luther Patrick, ' 31 Editor-in-Chief James Asa Johnson, ' 31 Associate Editor Glynn Hind, ' 32 . Stenographer Miss Eaton Faculty Adviser Busivess Staff First Semester Glenn Chesnut, ' 31 Business Manager Phil Loveless, ' 31 Advertising Manager George Baker, ' 31 Circulation Manager Second Semester Walter Beddow, ' 32 Business Manager Letcher Knuckles, ' 31 Advertising Manager Foister Asher, ' 34 Circulation Manager B. X. A. President. Ruth Corum CLAY COUNTY CLUB President, Mary Lee Gay The Stesfcean = 5-vl Wir PLAYLIKERS CLUB President, BERNICE BOWMAN ; £?■ LIFE SERVICE GROUP President, Eddie Logsdo.v W : rf; : , ,, The Stesfiean ' S kP c Union College ' !LJ | g -v-- - P i M ? l I! in if J WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB President, Elizabeth Eaton ' MEN ' S GLEE CLUB President, Earl Frierdich rr — =n The Stes-hean »WIi i ftW ffi ' ' i4 fly _ . • ynlssk , ' ' Hk Union College M Y. W. C. A. President, Ruth Jane Pendleton POLLYANNA CLUB President, Catherine Faulkner The Stes6ean y i?$ tfS " iiA MX? Union College fp W m ' 1 ly| zLc V. C. QX ARTUTTL " E. Frierdich, O. Wiley, P. Loveless, M. Wiley, Miss Eversole ARTISTS CLUB BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL SPEED HALL STUDENT COUNCIL w M WINDMILLS OF HOLLAND : t ' U m%M The Stesfiean S = _wJf !i«J| f MEc Union College «$ a The Stesf ean SuBi ,,.., , ,.. -,.., :; il t Union College POPULARITY CONTEST BEST LOOKING Ethel Sears Ed Simpson MOST POPULAR Jeanna Nelson Alfred Perry w - Vr The Stes i V ' ) : V- " ■■ : ?S ' W r j j ■ n 11 P ean § Mw L Union Colle 9 e g Our Preside!- Union College Srtsfi Our Faculty The Stesfiean ' 0 g? Union College .p=n y y College Couples u a |p The Stesfrean S| fe S Union College g Leisure Moments Ha " • .x:i. . - 1 . : ,? , r- Out For Fun Is 72 w fei af- , ' TBBbat nf Union College Unionites -A+Am The Stesjtean Union College n alertd dX wear orange Band helps Funnv hov SEPTEMBER Lots of bewildered looking Freshmen. Plenty of use for the Information Desk. First chapel service. Governor Sampson and Ex-Gov- ernor Black speak at exercises. Annual mixer. Faculty meet them elves and we learn that Freshmen can sing. Veil leaders chosen for tomorrow ' s game. We defeat Campbellsville, 63-0! Freshmen and b ' ack capes. Do snake dance at half, on to victory. Class officers elected and sponsors chosen, the Freshmen like to wear orange and black caps and armbands! Freshman rules go on until Thanksgiving. Boys initiated at the public square. Wham! Bang! Poor Freshmen! Freshmen wore queer outfits to chapel. Why did every- one laugh? Chapel seats. How do you like your neighbor? We go abroad with Miss Eversole in her chapel talk this morning. Annual Epworth League party. What good athletes we OCTOBER 2 — Miss Weeks tells about " Little Boy Blue " in chapel. Senior hike. Too many weiners. 3 — Annual faculty reception. Quite a few sore arms — ;ome from handshaking; others " shot " for typhoid. 6 — Freshmen hike to Reservoir Hill. More weiners! -We see ourselves as others see us (in the movies). -Boone Trail League Union. What fine debaters we have! -Volley ball in full swing — even the faculty enjoys it. 17 — Upper Cumberland Teachers ' Association on our campus. A few- old students here for the meeting. -Union takes her first defeat — Georgetown, 22-6. - " Quiz " coming. Not much loafing! -More exams! Won ' t someone have a heart? -First issue of Orange and Black comes out. Almost a flood in Education Room. Nothing serious — Chemistry Lab. is just above it. Pep Club is organized. 7+ EL The Stesfiean Union College 3 4 — Chemistry the chief topic of conversation. Why? Six weeks papers are returned! 25 — Speed Hall girls entertain Stevenson Hall hoys tonight. 17. C. plays Morchead. Wins, 34-0. 28 — " My Lady ' s Lace " given in Dramatic Cluh. Characters: Eddie Logsdon, Catherine Faulk- ner, Owen Wiley, Jeanna Nelson. Ping-pong a great sport at Stevenson Hall. 29 — Pollyanna program in chapel. 30 — Oh, how Frenchy everything is! What queer posters! Ah! No wonder it ' s so strange. Miss Myers and her French class (331) have the chapel program. 31 — Spooks and ghosts! Horrors! Money-making schemes! Fortunes! All a part of the Hal- loween party in the gym. NOVEMBER 1 — Stevenson Hall this morning is fortified by a cannon, and Speed Hall says, " For Sale " . Mischief makers were abroad last night. 5 — Ding-dong! — and the bell rope broke! 6 — Popularity contest this morning. Feature editor has heard only one question: Who won? Football boys on stage. They leave for Tennessee Weslevan, last out-of-town game. 10-11-12 — Everybody getting pictures taken. 10 — District Epworth League meeting at gym. Lots of fun, lots of eats. One hundred fifty present. 11 — Play, " The Valiant, " in chapel. No holiday. 12 — " Tautology is the science of teaching, " according to one of our seniors! 13 — Everyone preparing to " Beat Eastern! " 14 — Oh, the pep and enthusiasm. Why? Big bonfire! Tomorrow U. C. vs. Eastern. What fun! 15 — We wallop Eastern to the tune of 46-0! Buzz, Bill, Red, Carl, Es, and Charlie play their last for U. C. Many former students here. Banquet in Aunt Mae ' s usual way! 17-21 — Dr. Brashear of Dayton conducts series of meetings. 19 — Picture proofs here! Did the photographer flatter or did he fail to do justice? 25 — Maurice Vincent is back and the Senior Quartette gives selections. Fred Bassett, the " one- man brass band, " entertains in his laughable way. 26 — It snows hard, but who cares? We ' re going home for Thanksgiving! 27 — A big dinner! Open house at Speed Hall this afternoon. Oh! What fun! 28 — Thanksgiving party and candy pull at Speed Hall tonight. Who says we aren ' t having a better time than the ones who went home? DECEMBER 2 — Chautauqua begins with Royal Hawaiian Quartette and Dr. Burns ' lecture. " Where Crim- ina ' s Come From. " We learn new words to the tune, " Around the Comer. " 3 — " Old Crusty " proves enjoyable. " Talking " picture in chapel (the telephone and how it w orks ! ) . 4 — Flos Grosjean — nine accomplishments herself! Jerry says: " There ' s one great man who isn ' t married — Quinine Chesnut! " 5 — Union is placed on the approved list of Southern Association. Hooray! Reception for Presi- dent Gross at 4:30 in the gym. 9 — These chapel seats aren ' t one bit strong. If you don ' t believe us, ask Fred Catron. 10 — Literary Criticism class locked out, but the key is found! The chapel is a broadcasting station for Station WHAZZIS — only the freshmen imitating the faculty. 15 — Everyone looking forward to vacation. 18 — " U " Club banquet. At 9:30 crowd goes caroling, then back to Speed Hall to warm up. Loads of fun! 19 — French Christmas program in chapel. Everybody leaves. Merry Christmas! 30 — Vacation over. Some glad, some sad. 31 — New Year ' s Eve watch party at Speed Hall. The Stesftean Union College JANUARY i — How long will our good resolutions last? 2 — Football boys presented sweaters and numerals in chapel. Tonight orange and black sweaters are easy to see. 5 — Red Cross drive put on. 7 — Pictures of France. What was so funny? Did we, perchance, see, or think we did, members of our faculty? 8 — Catherine Faulkner entertains some of the College crowd with a party. Grand and glorious time ! 14 — Sophs show their talent in chapel. 15 — Another senior hits the floor — Red Kitzel. The chapel seats are wobbly. 20 — " Vot iss it? Vot iss it? " It iss de " Windmills of Holland. " De Dutchmen come to town mitt der vrouws and daughters. 21-22-23 — Everyone submerges for a few days. Why? Mid-term exams! 26 — Registration day. Business not as rushing as it could be. 27 — Still registration. Offices swamped. Y. W. C. A. takes care of meeting trains and buses both days. 30 — Mixer. Who ' s who? President, Dean, and Prof. Ogg get dressed up! Some football team! ' Ray for " Coach " Hicks! FEBRUARY 2 — That groundhog sure saw his shadow today. District E. L. Union; 200 present. These preachers find women ' s clothes hard to don in a hurry. 4 — Two freshmen lose Bible Class. How could they? 5 — Whoopee! Five explosions in Chemistry Lab. FLarl Frierdich " Dancing With Tears in My Eyes " — Ammonia explains it. 6 — Faculty reception for new students a huge success. 11 — Junior Class presents " A Proposal in Grandma ' s Day " as contrasted with " An Up-to-Date Proposal. " 12 — Golia Hicks slides down the banisters and gets caught! 23 — Freshmen are assigned seats for class meetings. 24 — Board of Trustees meets the student body. Boosters ' banquet. MARCH 2 — Beta Chi Alpha initiation and banquet. 4 — " Lonesome Like " by the Playlikers. 5 — Hooray! The Stespean ' will be printed! Thanks to the financial aid of the student body. 6 — We learn some new pep songs. Senior edition of the Orange and Black comes out. 6-20 — Intramural basketball games. 10 — Excitement — radiator valve lets steam escape — disturbs everyone. Glynn Hind and Marie Buchanan are mysteriously silent, although they were eye-witnesses. 11-12-13 — Miss Grace Wilson, holding revival at Methodist Church, talks to us in chapel. 17 — James R. Houghton, baritone, gives concert. 20 — Simps and Lucky 7 tie for championship. 23 — Spring football begins. 25 — Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Hudson — Musical readings. " Hats! Hats! Hats! " 30 — Skating is lots of fun. Ask the Hall boys and girls. APRIL 1 — All Fools ' Day and we all know it ! 2 — Vacation in the air. It begins tomorrow. IS The Stesfcean 3 — " Dawn, " written by James Asa Johnson, is given. 7 — Vacation over, and of course everyone had too big a time to have studied. 8 — Tennis courts suddenly become popular and the campus is alive with folks. 9 — Miss Weeks takes us " Star-Gazing. " 12 — Kodaks and plenty of pictures. 13 — Dress rehearsal for " H. M. S. Pinafore. " Earl Frierdich tries to masquerade as a lady, but fails. 14 — Glee Clubs present " H. M. S. Pinafore " with much laughter and applause. Surprise for Miss Eversole. Also for the Glee Clubs afterward. 17 — Junior Class sponsors picnic to Long Hill. Twenty couples go. 20 — Ask Miss Whiteside if she likes wasps. Sociology 131 can answer, too. Bishop Smith begins the meeting tonight. 21-22 — More picture taking as the photographer visits us again. 27 — Horseshoe pitching in full swing. Even president joins in. 28 — Proofs come back. We inspect our own and others. 29 — Miss Myers gives French pictures at theatre — also a comedy. 30 — Dean Funkhouser of the University of Kentucky tells us about the ancient history of our state. Minstrel, " Piggly Wiggly, Big Boy, Piggly Wiggly. " MAY 4 — Wonder why Reba Boggs and Glynn Hind look blue and lonesome? Even some of our dignified seniors are caught playing hop-scotch on the big walk this evening. 8 — Freshman hike to Laurel Hill. Songs by the river. Long walk, but who cares? 9 — May Festival on Union campus. 10 — Union Quartette heard for half hour over YVCKY, Covington, this afternoon. 11 — Argument day; class meetings! 12 — Tuesday, and nearly every club decides to meet after chapel. Glee Clubs take " Pinafore " to Corbin. 13 — We still gaze at group pictures. From chapel announcements we learn that Horseshoe Tour- nament is on and that war in Harlan is almost over. 14 — Convocation reception for seniors. 16 — U. C. Senior Quartette broadcasts over WHAS, Louisville, this afternoon. 18 — All of us get " shot " (with a camera). B. X. A. entertains with a garden party. 19 — Picnic at Dishman Springs given by Louella Miller. 21 — Final exams begin. 24 — Baccalaureate sermon. Dr. Earl Harper delivers address. Vespers tonight. 25 — More exams! " He and She " presented by the seniors. 26 — Commencement. Fellowship Dinner. Good-bye until next year! The Stesfiean - M O ii Q Union College p ineotespean , « Union College g UNION COLLEGE FIFTY-SECOND Annual Commencement i Sunday, May 24, 1931 1 1 :oo a.m Baccalaureate Sermon Dr. Earl E. Harper President of Evansville College, Evansville, Ind. 6:00 P.M J ' esper Service Address, Dr. Harper . Monday, May 25 1:00 p.m Senior Class Play " He and She " Tuesday, May 26 10:30 A.M Commencement Address Bishop Edgar L. Blake, D.D., LL.D. Granting of Diplomas and Conferring of Degrees 12:00 M Felloivship Luncheon 78 The Stesfieai Union College n oAlma SMater WORDS AND ARRANGEMENT BV Abigail E. Weeks Girt with many a grand old mountain, Stands our College dear, While the Cumberland sings ever Praise for her to hear. Union College, Alma Mater, We would praise thee, too, For the strength of precepts taught us; We ' ll to them be true. Chorus Union College, dear old Union! Union strong and free! Loyal sons and daughters ever We will live for thee. For the greatest of all lessons Praise is ever thine: Faith in God and in our brother, Service, too, sublime. As we go to meet life ' s conflict, We shall victors be, If we ' re loyal to the precepts Taught so well by thee. EL The Stesfeean CRAWFORD ' S VARIETY STORE A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Union College SILLOUS G. HEMBREE Advertising Manager WITH THE COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES OF T. W. MINTON COMPANY Incorporated BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY Manufacturers of Hickory Specialties, Golf Shafts, Canes, Riding Sticks, Putter Clubs, Ladder Rungs, Broom Handles, and anything in Hickory AND EXHIBITORS OF THE FAMOUS Minton Hickory Mountain Stables The Home of the NATIONAL SADDLE CHAMPIONS The Feudist, Mountain Laurel, The Target, Rhododendron, Mountain Echo, Mountain Pippin, Milady Mary, Glory Halleluia, Halleluia Mc, Feudist King, David Minton, Mountain Redbud, June, Blossom, The Golfer, and many others. n=n The Stesftean IP y H ±L Union College RAPP LUMBER COMPANY INCORPORATED BUILDING MATERIAL BARBOURVILLE, KY. Sherwin-Williams Paints, Varnishes, Enamels PAINT HEADQUARTERS The Mountain Advocate Barbourville, Ky. HIGH CLASS JOB PRINTING Specialists in Calling Cards and Individual Stationery " QUALITY— SERVICE " Our Motto KNOX COUNTY ' S ONLY PAPER COMPLIMENTS OF The PEOPLES STORE A Better Place to Shof MEALER CAWN Proprietors BARBOURVILLE, KY. " d The Stesfiean Union College n VANITY BEAUTY SHOPPE Specialty in All Kinds of BEAUTY WORK Eugene Permanent Waving First Class Barber Shop in Connection PHONE 176 Fresh, Tender High-Grade Meats Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables At Prices That Defy Comparison You Can Save Money By Trading Here Schneider Grocery Co. L. QUINN, Manager Court Square Barbourville, Ky. Buy That CHEVROLET You ' ve Been Wanting for Vacation Days Call and let us explain our special " Irregular Payment Plan " for school teachers that relieves you of payments during unemployed months. Stewart Chevrolet Company Court Square Barbourville, Ky. THE ALBRIGHT DRUG CO. Incorporated JOHN C. COTTONGIM CHARLES G. BLACK Where the Students Get Acquainted The Stesfaean Union College a KEMP THOMPSON GO. WHOLESALE Confectioners Headquarters for the Leading Brands MIDDLESBORO, KENTUCKY Barbourville Steam Laundry The Careful Dry Cleaners Expert Work Special Care Taken With Delicate and Fancy Garments Prices Reasonable PHONE 34 The Rexall Store Stands for the Best in Drug Store Goods Best in Drug Store Service The HERNDON DRUG STORE Incorporated Barbourville Water, Light and Ice Co. Incorporated Barbourville, Kentucky HEADQUARTERS FOR WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES The Stesjyean U 0. Union College Coles Variety Store SPECIALTIES FOR ALL STUDENTS Here ' s the Place to Find What You Want Court Square Barbourville, Ky. IF YOU WANT TO EARN, LEARN Train for Success in This Accredited School Continuous Sessions McNEIL BUSINESS COLLEGE BAKBOIRVILLE, KY. Knox County Supply Company GENERAL MERCHANDISE Farm Implements and Produce COLLEGE BOOK STORE Everything for the Student Blackstone Beauty Shop In Connection with Hotel Barber Shop) Permanent Waving, Finger Waving, Hair Bobbing And All Kinds of Beauty Work Phone 28 Give Us a Call T. LUMPKINS, Operator MERENBLOOM ' S Why Pay More When You Can Buy the Same for Less? Headquarters for Students ' Wearing Apparel BARBOURVILLE, KY. AMIN SIMON READY-TO-WEAR FURNISHINGS for COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN KNOX AUTO COMPANY FORD SALES AND SERVICE The Stesfcean Union College n Natural Gas Service This company can assure you a per- manent, unfailing gas supply for many years. Gas is cheap, clean, and efficient, affording you a luxury at extremely low cost. No ashes, no smoke, no dirt. No worry at all with this economical fuel. Something you can ' t afford to be without. Let us convince you of our vast Natural Gas Resources. Peoples Gas Co. or Kentucky Incorporated Barbourville, Ky. Phone 158 Oldneld Flower Garden Gladiolus, Cut F lowers and Planting Stock Gold Fish and Water Lilies BARBOURVILLE, KY. EDITHS Opposite Western Union CORBIN, KENTUCKY The BARNER STUDIO Commercial and Portrait 124 Center Street CORBIN, KENTUCKY The Nearest First Class Studio to Barbourville Universal Garage Incorporated Phone 111 Main Street Barbourville, Ky. Dealers Chrysler and Plymouth Automobiles Atwater Kent Radios WE REPAIR ALL CARS KIDD BROTHERS GROCERIES AND FRESH MEATS We Sell For Less BARBOURVILLE, KY. With the Compliments and Best Wishes of The Blackstone Cafe BARBOURVILLE, KY. The Stesfeean Union College 5| Bains Filling Station Standard Oil Products Atlas Tires Near L. 8C N. Depot BARBOURVILLE, KY. GEO. HUTTON 8C SON Shoe Rebuilding The Shop That Service Built Knox Bakery Confectionery Fresh Breads, Cakes, and Cookies " Tasty Sweets- Court Square BARBOTJ KVILI.E, KY. The Management of the " STESPEAN " Wishes to thank its advertisers and urges the students to patronize them. It also expresses its appreciation to the Publications Committee for their advice; to the faculty and the students for their financial support; and to Miss Whiteside and the Minstrel Cast for their help. Compliments of WARREN P. RASH wholesalers MIDDLESBORO, KENTUCKY Compliments of THE IDEAL CAFE Compliments of DR. J. E. FAULKNER Compliments of Trie J unior sjlass CI; ••it if- N We Have It " Se ymour s Cash Store A Fo ■r Sti iclent DR T. H. BYRD OPTOMETRIST— Glasses Scientifically Fitted Barho in ill, K.v. THIS BOOK PRINTED BY. The world ' s LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS ENSOfJ (PRINTING CO.] NASHVILLE JENN COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS jVco ie I aaufy WoA eman Ai i Jup iioAs (sxtcn idAi icaa)ac The Stesfeean - 3 Union College n II - " " 5 ; ; s WHU KEKS MSMbgtAJ !m »S, CKr4TUCtC

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