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378-763 SMI H84a Sp ced Stet)tusott Librarp tlmon Cottle Batbourtritte, Eetiluc . Pur e. 5o o « m s - DESIGNED AND PRINTED AT COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE TENNESSEE 4- - s DEC DEC DEC DEC THE STESPEAN Volume IX a 3 l=l a THE YEAR BOOK OF UNION COLLEGE Barbourville, Kentucky 1927- ' 28 a Q a a PUBLISHED BY THE College Juniors and Academy Seniors BERNICE HUMFLEET AGU1LERA Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM J. NESBITT Business Manager a DEC DEC DEC DEC Weeks-Townssnd Mercurial Library Union College Barbourville, KY 40906 a • n i n ( mi i irr FOREWORD p wl iN ne ma king of annuals from 1 C JJPBSS y ear ° y ear ' there is, of nec- 0 W)) cessity, much repetition of hard work, but the interest- ing feature in it is the fact that repeated work never brings repeated results ; | each number of THE STESPEAN is entirely different from all others. Hav- ing finished their labors for 1928, an- % other Staff presents another STES- | PEAN, containing the best of our school year, to a nother student body. The retiring staff hopes that all will enjoy the Mountain Number of The Stespean itti mi mr mr 3B( TTf inr inr Order of Books BOOK I The College BOOK II The Classes I BOOK III 1 The Organizations a a BOOK IV The Athletics BOOK V Features BOOK VI Miscellaneous H[ .nr n - m »» 1184-2. DHC one one one a a a a a a a B a n DEDICATION n To our master in Chemistry and Physics ; to our coach who helped win tennis trophies; to the good all-round sport in the faculty ; to the best friend of everybody in Union : WALTER S. DYER We dedicate Volume IX, our Mountain Number of THE STESPEAN DEC DOC one DEC o:: ADMINISTRATION BUILDING BOOK ONE THE COLLEGE College Faculty Ezra T. Franklin, A.B., B.Ph., A.M. PRESIDENT Pliilosopliy A.B., Asbury College; B.Ph., Valparaiso Uni- versity; A.B.. Indiana University; A.M., Indi- ana University. Charles Clark Smith, A.B., A.M., S.T.M., D.D. DEAN Bible and Moral Philosophy A.B.. Simpson College; A.M., Simpson College; S.T.B., Boston University; D.D., Simpson Col- lege. Frederick W. Steacv, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Education A.M., McGill University; Ph.D., Columbia Uni- versity. Arthur M. Hyde, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. History A.M., Yale University; Ph.D., University of Illi- nois. College Faculty Abigail E. Weeks, Ph.B., A.M. English LIBRARIAN Ph.B., Dickinson College: A.M.. Dickinson Col- lege; A.M., Columbia University. Ira B. Peavy, B.E., M.E., M.Pd., M.S. Education head of normal school B.E., M.E., and M.Pd., Edinboro State Normal School; M.S., Taylor University. Etna Doop Smith, A.B., A.M. English and Public Speaking A.B., Oklahoma City University; A.M., Okla- homa State University. Wythe L. Kinsolving, A.M., B.D. Latin and French A.B., University of Virginia; B.D., Theological Seminary of Virginia. College Faculty Walter S. Dyer, A.B., M.S. Science A.B., University of Arkansas; M.S., University of Minnesota. John B. Wolfe, A.B. Mathematics A.B., Emory and Henry College. Academy Faculty Daniel M. Humfleet, A.B. Science and Mathematics A.B., Union College. Grace Ralston Franklin, B.S., A.B. English B.S., Valparaiso University; A.B., Union Col- lege. -4TI ■ Academy Faculty ' — ' Rebecca Sawyer registrar History A.B., Union College. Katherine Van D. Sutphen, Mus.B. Music Mus.B., New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts, with Soloist ' s Diploma. The Endowment Office Alvis S. Bennett Financial Secretary ' ■is ■ ■l Carrie Dennett Cecil Secretary ffjl iif w ► These Also Serve Mrs. Milton ' Lamar Preceptress in Speed Hall Warren C. Smith Secretary to President : UP Mrs. Mae Wallace Superintendent of Dining Room Milton Lamar Superintendent of Grounds ' 3 $ - Student Instructors Lucretia Williams Mathematics Elizabeth Chandler Latin Henry Lawson Mathematics .ampus Help ers Corinne Ward Dean ' s Office Fred Rigsby Stevenson Hall Sillous Hembree Bookstore Ruth Rader Library ZORAH Surcener Library Irene Bird Dyer Library Joe Myers Power House Tom Patton Superintendent ' s Helper Board of Trustees C. B. Nordeman President Rev. E. P. Hall rice-President James D. Black Treasurer Hon. Alvis S. Bennett Secretary President E. T. Franklin Bishop T. S. Henderson Rev. John Lowe Fort Rev. E. R. Overly Rev. S. K. Hunt Mr. A. M. Decker Mr. Harry E. Bullock Rev. W. W. Shepherd Rev. John O. Gross Rev. John W. P otter Rev. H. H. Miller Mr. Jakie Howard Mr. Henry Payne H •- 1 The Reverend Daniel Stevenson, D.D. November 12, 1823 — January 2, iSq? Dr. Stevenson, our first president, was, above all, a teacher. He was more than a teacher. He was an educator, and the impetus he gave to education in Kentucky, especially to Union College, will continue to be felt through the years to come. " An edu- cation, " he said, " consists not so much in acquiring, as in losing in order that we be ready to acquire. " He called it a trimming process, and sure it is that his students were sometimes trimmed without mercy. He was practical. He said to a student who faced a financial crisis, " Your part is to furnish the will power, and the way will open. " It did. He never ceased to be a student himself. He read his Bible in four languages. He kept a young man ' s spirit to the age of seventy-four. He interpreted the New Testament in a phrase — a life to serve: " It is my business and my duty to fulfill this life of service day by day, and heaven will come by the way. " He became a happy man, not by seeking happiness, but by seeking to make others happy. He was the soul of sincerity. Union College was the least and the youngest of his works, and therefore the dearest to his heart. Our ideals today, our educational standards, are due in a measure to the ideals well established on this campus by our first president, Dr. Daniel Stevenson. 15 -»n UNION COLLEGE We re Loyal to You Union College, we ' re loyal to you, Union College, ice ' ll always be true; Though the days may roll by, And the years before us fly. We shall ahvays belong to you. If hen our life ' s journey leads us apart, 1 ou will always be close to our heart ; Union College, raise high your standards, We ' ll lift your banner. Union College, to you ive ' rc true. Bring out the Orange and Black, your colors so bright. We know they stand for courage and all that ' s right. Then ive will wear them ever, naught shall us sever; Our best endeavor, they challenge ever. When we cheer! cheer! cheer! for Union so dear, And then zve Rah! Rah! Rah! ivith shouts loud and clear, For the old school which stands icithout a peer, To her students from far and near. MlSS SUTPHEN. Eula Mae Warren. 16 ■nHMBNMNMNliMMMMNaMMpa - 4 IgggSBB STEVENSON HALL BOOK TWO THE CLASSES William R. S. Bennett IQ07-IQ27 — December 3 The poem, written in a letter to his chum, expresses his attitude towards the school he loved. AtU nion When far away and worn with care, My mind did stray, with happy air, Back to a place, where on a time, We studied, rambled, and made rhyme — At Union. Was e ' er a place with purpose full. To heal the aches of care-laid soul, To help the young with problems vexed, To teach deep lessons of the text — At Union. What fellowship has sweeter been, Than that of fine, God-fearing men, Than that of youths who played the game, Than that of maids pursuing fame — At Union. 19 Senior CI ass J. C. Hall PRESIDENT " Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. " Our president and the so-called " Manager of I ' nion College " is an all-round good sport who hopes to achieve greatness in the medical world. His hobby is " new ties, " and he often says, " My Gosh ! " Corinne Ward VICE-PRESIDENT " Ay, but I know, Too well what love women to men may owe. " A quiet, dignified, capable, blue-eyed blonde, who very efficiently worked in the Dean ' s office, and at the same time maintained a high scholastic standing, while intriguing an alumnus of U. C. Her hobby is " English, " and she frequently expresses her feelings by ejaculating, " A Payne! A Payne! " Abigail E. Weeks sponsor " Most excellent, accomplished lady. The heavens rain odours on you. ' " We are indebted to our sponsor, Miss Weeks — " of soul sincere, in action faithful, and in honor clear " — for inspiration and many good times. She is a genuine friend, who has a passionate love for Union and young people. Senior CI ass Ben Winters TREASURER " One, si) ' , that for Iris love dares yet do more Than you have heard him brag to you he will. " The tenor end of the senior quartet is very studious and congenial, with the great ambi- tion of becoming a minister. His hobby is singing, and his favorite exhortation is, " Let ' s go to work. " William Nesbitt SECRETARY " Christmas comes but once a year, And therefore ive ' Il be merry. " Quiet, retiring, loyal, Industrious, sincere, That lie is a model man, It surety doth appear. Bill came to us fr om North Carolina with an excellent reputation, and he has lived up to every letter of it. His hobby is " making Stespeax announcements, " and he always greets his friends with, " Boy — howdy. " Helen May " Most radiant, exquisite, and unmatcliable beauty. " This gracious, charming, outstanding girl is admired for her poise and her grace, which were displayed to advantage in her role as Countess in Twelfth Night. She is also a con- scientious student. Her hobby is " English, " and her pet exclamation is, " Oh, dear! " HH Senior CI ass Sudie T. Warren 7 will drop in his way some obscure epistles of love. " One of the inseparable Warren sisters of the senior quartet, who is sincere her own beliefs, with a brilliant, original mind. As Mrs. Dowey in Her Medals, " she endeared herself to many hearts. Her hobby magic word is, " Gish-Gobble. " Eula Mae Warren " She never told her love — She sat like patience on a monument , Smiling at grief. Was not this love indeed? " .1 good, true friend and jolly pal, Whimsical, witty, and wise; .1 lovable, playful, active girl — Makes good at all site tries. has been a member of the basketball and tennis squads all nd true to The Old Lady Shows is " cooking " and her She course. through her college Her hobby is chemistry, and her slogan is, " Union College, We ' re Loyal to You. " " Confine. 1 Joseph Gay I ' ll confine myself no finer than I am. " Joe hails from Clay county, and through his splendid work in football, basketball, and baseball, plus a winning smile, in one short year has won a permanent place in the hearts of all at Union. His hobby is " picking a guitar, " and his word of enchantment is, " Square- kidab. " I Senior CI ass Lucretia Williams " Cucullus noil facit monaclium — that ' s as much as tn say, I wear not motley in my brain. " Lucretia has a calm, cool force and strength which have enabled her tn successfully teach Academy Math, and which insure her future success. Her hebby is Math, and her one bad word is, " Heck! No! " Laura Roberts " I •will not give my part of this sport for a pension of thousands. " Our one senior who has the distinction of having worked in every office of U. C. is friendly and dependable, good natured, and kind. With her college course she found time to complete a standard business course. Her hobby is Hbtory, and her constant message to the world is, " Peace! Peace! " Stanley Faulkner " ever thou shalt love, In the sweet pangs of it remember me, For such as I am, all true lovers are. " Our prodigal son, who tried to attend another college, but was drawn back home by the magnetic force of dear old Union. Stanley also is aspiring to greatness in the medical world. His hobby is " beautiful girls, " and his favorite question is, " Aren ' t you getting fat? " 23 % m " " .J7- ' Senior CI ass Ed Miracle " My bosom is full of kindness. " This school-teaching senior is steady, capable, quiet, and loyal, and has proved that he can take care of a wife and daughter. Although seriou:. on first meetings, one discovers that he has a deep stream of ready wit. His hobby is teaching and his familiar phrase is, " W-e-e-1-1, now ! " Emerson Cobb " If Inn my tongue blabs, ih.n let mine eyes not see. " Cobb is a light-hearted, cheerful chap; he has a host of friends, and is a great football tackle who has tackled the tackling game of love. He i:; happy when singing in the senior quartet or eating fried chicken. His hobby is " football, " and his most valuable word is " Cheap. " Robert Lee Brown " Above my fortunes, yet my state is well: I am a gentleman. " This senior from Corbin is happily married, and be.ides being bright and studious, he is a great booster for U. C. ; our extension work is especially indebted to him. His hobby is " all sports, " and his great epigram is, " That ' s interesting. " n Senior CI ass Gladys De Marcus " Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage. " Very nice, gracious, and studious, yet the clown in Twelfth Night, is this brunette of few words. She lays claim to the title of " The Most Dignified Clown of the Twentieth Century. " Her hobby is " playing tennis, " and her persistent threat is, " Well, I ' ll swear! " Sallie Messer Bargo " A contract of eternal bond of love. " Sallie would have been graduated about four years ago, but Dan Cupid called and she followed, returning this year to give our class a taste of her personality. Her hobby is, " loving Baby Jack, " and her worst slang is, " Oh, pshaw! " Baxter Bledsoe " The clock upbraids me with the waste of time. " Bledsoe, the present superintendent of schools of Clay county, is brilliant, sincere, and collected. By his work this year he has proved that he is a capable and efficient student. His hobby is " hiring school teachers, " and his annual New Year ' s resolution is, " Ah, heck! I ' ll just stay single. " 25 - fl ti Jun lors Elmer Robinson Ethel Payne Ethel Miracle Ruth Rader M. B. Layman William Martin Bernice Acuilera Daisy Engle Marie Jackson Beckam Garland Francis Robinson Ruth Parker Elizabeth Chandler Otis Amis Mabel Dye Floyd Wagers 26 ff Walter S. Dyer Sponsor Ju mors Officers Elmer Robinson President Bernice Aguilera Secretary and Treasurer 27 Soph phomore CI ass Georce Gallagher Freda Williams John Fred Willi ams Sadie Keli.ev Estill Caudill Prince Surgener Robert Campbell Zorah Surgener Harold Moore Mary Richardson James Knuckles Etta Beddow Steve Keleman Flossie Fryman Fred Rigcsby Eula Vicars Henry Lawson Ruth Concleton James Large Gertrude Wilson 28 Robert Helton Agnes Clay ' Joseph Myers Sophie Roberts James Messer Vercie Hubbard William Mayhew Annabei.l Smith Glen Chestnut Christine Baxter -4 ' John B. Wolfe Sponsor Sophomores Officers George Gallagher President John Fred Williams Vice-President Sadie Kelly Secretary Flossie Fryman Treasurer Other Sophomores Ed Marcum Oval Smith Alonzo Whitis Dan Foley Rosa Valentine Lois Catron Claude Terrell Lyda Blair Jesse D. Lay Amanda Mitchell Clarence Chestnut Teddie Poe Thomas Catron Caleb Lewallen Gifford Walters C. P. Stivers 29 resnmen Rosa Lineart William Knuckles Lila Valentine Lettie Wells Dan Chestnut Lena Broyles Robert Barker Fannie Asher Alva Starks Pearl Webb Ralston Franklin Dorothy Sllisher Braxton Stewart Martha Parker Ester Davis Eula Tucker Charles Davis Mildred Rader Katie Smallwood McCoy Lewis Mary Collins Hundley Ricsby Nannie Murray Mary Mayo J. B. Albright Mae Caudii.l Andrew Jarvis Anna Mae Hood Mary Lee Gay 30 ' reshmen Nora Lee Amis Harry Aguilera Ruth Main Ethel Corum W. L. Knuckles Lela Marsee Nevil White Corda Roberts De Alva Robbins Ida Terrell Taylor Baker Myrtle Roark Harry Hopper Blanche Muncy Ralph Leedy Daphne Slusher George Baker Louanna Knuckles Lilliam Wilkinson Vernon Jenkins Bertha Ledford Roscoe Miller Lillie R. Frazier Rose Turner Sillous Hembree Fannie McDaniels Florence Evans John Howes Laura Miracle 3i Etna Doop Smith Sponsor Fresh reshmen Officers Sillous Hembree President Nevil White Vice-President Mildred Rader Secretary Rosa Lineart Treasurer Other Bertie Ledford Norma B. Lewallen Shelley Valentine Orpha Nell Woolum Edgar Wilson Axie Baker Clara Baker Gilbert Craft Mary Lee Gay Lucile Main Gloster Foley Inez Woolum Evelyn Freshmen Clyde Williams Charles Garland Ora Ramsey Howard Cox Letha Botner Jake Blair L. W. Buchanan Ben Dishman Jeff Hammons Carl Magcard S. W. Smith Ezra Webb Wilson 32 4 THE LIBRARY THE CHEMISTRY LABORATORY 33 Acad cademy Sen lors Grace Ralston Franklin FACULTY SPONSOR Mrs. Franklin is the " Guardian Angel " of the Senior Class; she keeps them working, happy, and in the straight and narrow way. She is a willing and loyal sponsor. Maurice Vincent " Count " PRESIDENT " Count, " our gallant president, was born with Venus at attention, Taurus near at hand, and nothing more happening. Consequently, he has mastered that branch of diplomacy in which the billet doux is sometimes employed. Donna Robinson " Donna " VICE-PRESIDENT When Donna was born, the entire planet system was, for the time, in mental harmony. Conse- quently, she is always at peace with the world — even with the teachers. She is our vice-president and an " A " student. Fred Catron " Jar Head " TREASURER " Jar Head ' s " hobby is amusing Miss Sawyer ' s classes with his unending flow of jokes and bab- ble. He positively never ceases and he would excel all as a clown in a musical comedy. How- ever, we think he will try law first. Katherine Hawn " Hopeless " SECRETARY " Kat " was heralded into life by a general plane- tary carrying-on. Of this young lady ' s history one might truthfully say " ditto. " Her niche in the Hall of Fame will be earned as a daring aeronaut. Joyce Ried " Joy " Venus was in a very coquettish mood when Joy began to wink her eyes. This young lady has ever been following her example. She has al- ready attained her predestined position of " Champ Flapper, ' 28. " 34 ■ n Acad cademy Sen lors Jane Pendleton " Jane " When Jane was born, Venus was trying to be very good, and therefore this young lady i s a model of excellent deportment. She will make an ideal " wee wifie. " Clinton Congleton " Noisy " Wild bursts of hilarity electrified the Earth when " Noisy " decided to favor the world by entering upon it. Everybody knows when " Noisy " is around. Sadie Payne " Sadie " The habits of Penseroso were popular in the realm of the Zodiac when Sadie was born. She is meditative and diligent in her studies. She is qualified to take up a privy counselorship or the rule of Quietdom, Greenland. Cecil Mays Behold him ! Wisest of all sages, most caustic of all wits, profoundest of all thinkers, omnipotent, impeccable, and infallible. (Aw, don ' t laugh; can ' t you see we are only trying to kid him?) Edith Dickore " Edith " Vega winked when Edith was born. Her ability to pound out that jazzy, dreamy rag makes her an ideal magnet for dancers. Thelma Ray " Ray " Venus was on her high horse of mischief away back at the beginning of this young lady ' s career. She should faithfully avoid all mankind. It is recorded that she will be sergeant-at-arms in a Punch and Judy show. 35 fl£- Acad eademy Sen lors Anna Todd •Half Pint " At the time of Anna ' s nativity, Jupiter was con- tentedly licking a peppermint stick. Anna is little, but, oh, my! It is written that she wi ' .I be a school ma ' am. Shelry Mays " Shelby " This young man saw light while Juno was pre- paring Jupiter ' s hard-boiled egg:.. He should avoid corns and bunions. He will make a good bouncer in a circus. Willa Ingram " Bill " Venus was happy and all the other planets were laughing merrily when Willa first began to giggle. Loves school above all else — not. Should avoid heart-to-heart tete-a-tetes. Has the quali- fications of a composer of funeral marches. Blaine Ford " Hatless " The night Blaine was born the sun refused to give the moon any light on the subject. Blaine bids fair to be a good salesman. Effie Bliss " Judy " The Northern and Southern lights were flashing across the sky when this young lady was born. Erne has a pleasant disposition. She is destined to be very popular if " Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. " Daniel Cobb " Dan " was born with Centaurus galloping to- ward the bending Southern Cross. " Dan ' s " gen- eral easiness of disposition especially qualifies him as the modern Rip Van Winkle. 36 fl Acad cademy Sen lors Elizabeth Blackburn " Liz " Jupiter was indulgently gazing upon a noble sport called basketball when " Liz " was born. Has an athletic disposition. Her life occupa- tion will be football coaching. Charles Brown " Charles " Bands began to play when Charles ' countenance enhanced the glories of this sphere of ours. He ought to beware of rolling pins. His pending future is paper hanging. Bessie Jones " Bess " The planets welcomed the birth of Bessie with due homage and reverence. Her horoscope in- dicates that she should avoid large crowds. Our records say she will discover a gold mine. Fred Alred This young man is endowed with the first attri- butes of success ; he hails from Evarts. But not by all the laws of Algebra or Geometry or by Herculean exertion can he deduce a reason why work was ever invented. Evelyne Wilson " Evelyne " The planets were enjoying a Euterpean enter- tainment when Evelyne first raised her voice. But the Pirates of Penzance then interrupted and announced that thenceforth our Philomel was to be the Muse of Song. Geneva Brundige " Geneva " The planets were practicing golden silence when Geneva first cast her shadow. She is a model of maidenly reserve. Will be a wonderful philosopher. 37 $ Acad caaemy Sen lors EVELYNE SPROULE The planetary system was in a condescending mood when Evelyne drew her first breath. In several years she will be the severe matron of a children ' s home. Weart McCracken " Weart " When Weart was born all were smiling and he smiled, too, and has been smiling ever since. His greatest future lies in his postmastership at Grays, Ky. Mabel Shupe " Mabel " Venus was very amiable and good when Mabel first saw the world. She represents the nice, quiet type of girl. Her occupation will be that of school teaching. McKlNLEY ABNER " Mac " McKinley ' s horoscope shows that he is a solid, de- pendable young man, who is endowed with the ability, as well as with the name of a President. Inez Woolum Inez entered the world during a planetary game of marbles. Should avoid demerit slips. We will frequently hear of her in the future as a prim, prosaic schoolma ' am. 3« Academy Juniors Officers Myrtle Chapelle President Bernice Kelly Secretary Glades Britton Treasurer Class Roll Willena Baxter Florence Shupe Harve Pope James Reitz Jeanna Nelson Louella Miller Julia Hatton James Reynolds Velma Sears Sallie Lipps Marola King James Brown- Sarah May Hacker Mattie Messer Ruth Hampton Zelma Goodman Ruby Warfield Glades Eritton Kenneth Williamson Robert Whitis 39 Acad caaemy Sopk pnomores Officers Marvin Faulkxer President Myrtle Wilson Vice-President Loretta Mealer Treasurer Marie Buckanon Secretary Elmer McGaffee Ruby McGaffee June Mealer Loretta Mealer Geneva Muse Borden Smith Ellen Spurlock Lily Mae Taylor Abe Tedders Ruby Thomas Albert Webb Fred Webb Class Roll Georce Williamson Lenora Wilson Myrtle Wilson Emma Wilbor Anna Blanton Alvis Bryant Marie Buckanon Elmer Bryant Kittie Carnes Sallie Corey Stanley Corey 40 Marvin Faulkner Florence Ferguson Margaret Ferguson Rose Garland Hazel Gray Cleo Hammonds Evelyn Harris Mary Hopper Maude Hopper John Lathom Elsie Mackey Reavus Mays -WWi-a HHHHM !TP|Pi!irppff SPEED HALL BOOK THREE ORGANIZATIONS U. C. Playlikers Sponsored bv the Class in Modern Drama Plays Presented " A Welsh Honeymoon " Hallo ve ' en Directed by Laura Roberts " The Old Lady Shows Her Medals ' ' Armistice Day Directed by Bernice Acuilera An Evening ' s Entertainment With " Londonderry Air " Romance of a Bound-Out Girl Directed by Corinne Ward " Cupid in Clapham " Comedy of the Home Directed by Mrs. Dyer " Soft Answers " Domestic Play Directed by Ruth Rader Chapel Farewell " Good Medicine " May 26, 1928 Directed by Sophie Roberts and Ruth Rarer 43 Tff to- The Stespean Staff Business Staff William J. Nesditt Business Manager Fred Rigsby . Sales Manager Sillous Hembree Advertising Manager Editorial Staff Bernice H. Aguilera . . . Editor-in-Chief Glen Chestnut Cartoonist Ruth Parker ■ Assoeiate Editor Edith Dickore Academy Editor Sudie Warren Feature Editor Elmer Robinson Athletic Editor Abigail E. Weeks .... Faculty Adviser 44 ■♦till p. " The Orange and Black ' Stan Business Staff Elizabeth Chandler . . Business Manager Nevil White .... Circulation Manager Maurice Vincent . A sit. Business Manager Ethel Miracle . . . Circulation Manager Professor Dyer Faculty Adviser Editorial Staff Ruth Rader Editor-in-Chief Ruth Parker .... Open Forum Editor Fred Ricsbv ...... Associate Editor Donna Robinson Reporter Joseph Myers Campus Editor Sophie Roberts ........ Reporter Miss Weeks . . . . • . . Faculty Adviser 45 4 3 s KAPPA LAMBDA (CHEMISTRY CLUB) THE ORCHESTRA 46 THE COLLEGE SEXTETTE THE PELICAN GOO 47 S. H. U. S. Carrie Bennet Cecil Corinne Ward Sadie Payne Annabell Smith Mrs. Lamar Vergie Hubbard Lucretia Williams Flossie Fryman Lillie Mae Taylor Lena Broyles Nannie Murray Mary Collins Bertie Ledford Elizabeth Chandler Mabel C Dye Ethel Miracle Sophie Roberts Lethe Wells Christine Baxter Willena Baxter Acnes Clay Ethel Payne Blanche Muncey Corda Roberts Mary Lee Gay 48 Daisy Engle Geneva Brundice Katie Smallwood Pearl Webb Lillie R. Frazier Mae Caudill Lila Valentine Myrtle Chapelle Fannie Asher Velma Sears Ida Terrell Freda Williams 49 J. B. Wolfe Coach Coach Wolfe at all times is hard-boiled, and means just what he says. He was with the boys in their three lines of athletics. He came to Union last year and has put Union College athletics on a high plane morally. He will continue his work here next year, and hopes to- have a more successful team than ever. We owe our success in football, basketball, and baseball to Coach Wolfe. J. C. Hall Student Manager J. C. is no athlete, but he is a very efficient manager, knowing as much about the rules of the game as the coach or any of the players. He has been manager of the three lines of athletics for four consecutive years. J. C. is well liked by all the players; he always tries to help them in every way possible. We don ' t see how Union will fill his place. 51 te Football Robert Barker Guard Rob, the right guard and captain-elect, played a real steady game. He won his place the second game of the season. We prophesy suc- cess for him as a captain. Ester Davis Halfback " Es " has a football fever and a knowledge of the game. He is small but muscular and wiry. A sprained knee kept him out of a few games. Charles Davis Center Charley led his team in the central position of the squad. He has weight, good sports- manship, and is a fearless fighter. Fred Rigsbv Fullback " Toe Head, " the fullback, called signals. Al- though not a heavyweight, he exhibited pluck, courage, and real enthusiasm. Emerson Cobb Tackle Emerson has finished his fourth year on Un- ion ' s gridiron. He had many injuries during the season, but never a substitute. Cobb could be depended on in the most trying situa- tion. Alva Stark Backfield Star, a three-letter man, showed real grit on the gridiron. His excellent punting and pass- ing gave him a permanent place on the team. 52 Football Joseph Gay Guard His weight made Joe an excellent offensive man. He played under the handicap of a sprained ankle, but was out of play less than half of one game. James Messer Tackle This local boy entered late, but soon showed his worth as a linesman. He put much fight- ing spirit into the team by his " peppy " chatter. Maurice Vincent Backfield Because of a weak knee, the " Invincible Vin- cent " did not get to show his real worth. He is swift, good at returning punts, and is dan- gerous at any time. Charles Taylor Backfield This was Charley ' s first year of College foot- ball, but he had played under Coach Wolfe in high school. He is a hard fighter, and his curly hair is adored by the girls. Ray Lawson Quarterback Ray was good, no doubt about it. He always enjoyed the game, even though he got ribbed at times. His end runs and his fighting spirit make him an invaluable player. Andrew Jarvis End " Rip " held left end the entire season. His hobby was breaking up end runs. This rugged mountaineer excells in power of body and strength of will. ' 53 wT 3 Football Squad Robert Barker Charles Davis Ester Davis Fred Ricsby Ray Lawson Charles Taylor Emerson Cobb James Messer Maurice Vincent James Larce Joe Myers Harold Moore Kenneth Hunt Fred Alred Steve Keleman Berxice Kelley Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Ralston Franklin Fred Catron Ted Poe Andrew Jarvis Joe Gay Alva Stark Charles Duzzini Walter Wagers Schedule 14 — here — Hiawassee o o — here — Bluefield 32 — there — Eastern 39 33 — here — St. Mary ' s . . . . o 2 — there — Concord ig — there — Morehead 39 o — here — Tenn. Wes 19 54 Girls Basketball Line-Up Prince Surcener Guard, Captain Mabel Dye Forward, Captain-elect Eula Mae Warren " Forward Rosa Lineart Guard Ida Terrell Center Ruth Main Forward Myrtle Foley Forward Elizabeth Blackburn Guard Schedule Union 24 — here — Corbin " Y " Union 23 — here — Corbin Hi Union 28 — here — Sue Bennett Union 16 — there — Eastern . . Union 23 — here — Eastern . . Union 28— there— Corbin " Y " Union 34 — here — B. H. S. . Union 43 — here — Cumberland Union 30 — there — Cumberland 55 23 15 IO 20 22 7 6 15 4 fl£- Basketball Ralston Franklin Forward It took Ralston about half the season to get started, but he surely burned the basket after he did. He is small, but of much service to the team. He has three more years in which to de- velop his skill. Ester Davis Guard " Es " had an eye, movement, and skill for play- ing basketball. He was running guard and was high-point man for the season. He was smaller than any players the boys opposed this year, but was said to be the hardest to guard by the oppo- nents. Ben Dishman Guard " Ben " was with us only the latter part of the season. He was so quiet, had so good a reach, and was so large that his opponents found it im- possible to get by. He also is a local boy and a freshman. Alonzo Whitis Center " Stormy " entered the second semester and was second high-point man. His six feet three inches enabled him to get the tip over his opponent, and his reach was too much for any guard to handle. 56 -41 Basketball Ted Poe Guard Ted played guard. He was small, but had the determination to play basketball. He comes to us from Carlisle. This being his second year in College, we expect two more years of service from him along the different lines of athletics. Joseph Gay Center One hundred ninety-five pounds was some weight to carry over a floor, but Joe carried it well. He held the center of the defense as well as it could be held. Joe deserves credit for play- ing three lines of athletics without a harsh word from the coach. George Gallagher Forward George was our captain this year and did his duty well. He was away part of the season, but did his share while here. When we needed quiet work done, we never passed George, for he had the movements of a cat. Alva Stark Forward Stark played one of the forward positions. He is quiet and has a graceful, shifting movement that proved too much for the Kentucky Wesleyan boys. Since Stark is a freshman, we shall see him a rtar athlete before he finishes. 57 mm m to- Basketball Schedule Union 28 — here — Sue Bennett 28 Union 33 — there — Kentucky Wesleyan 40 Union 28 — there — Eastern Norma] 26 Union 35 — here — Tennessee Wesleyan 38 Union 41 — here — Eastern Normal 40 Union 9 — there — Sue Bennett 23 Union 44 — here — Kentucky Wesleyan 40 Union 26 — there — Cumberland 33 Union 38 — there — Tennessee Wesleyan 42 I nion 31 — here — Lincoln Memorial 42 Union 42 — here — Cumberland 30 Union 19 — there — Lincoln Memorial 28 Baseball Line-Up Ciiari.es Davis Catcher Stormy Whitis Catcher " Rip " Jarvis Pitcher " Slim " Jarvis Pitcher Bob Whitis First Base Joe Gay Second Base " Happy " Mayhew Shortstop Ralph Leedy Third Base Ester Davis Left Field Bob Campbell Right Field Ben Dishman Right Field Substitutes Ted Poe De Alva Robbixs James Messer Baseball Union Union Union Union Union Schedule 6 — there — L. M. U 7 8 — here — Cumberland 3 8 — there — Sue Bennett 14 5 — here — Kentucky Wesleyan 4 1 — there — Cumberland 4 Union 1 — there — Morehead Normal o Union 1 — there — Morehead Normal 4 Union o — there — Eastern Normal 13 Union 2 — here — Sue Bennett o 58 The Tennis Team Overcoming the handicap of having only one former team member back, our tennis team defeated all of their opponents. The victories gained for them the second year on the victory trophy, and first place in the league tournament. Schedule Bennett O I April 23 — £ April 28— L. M. U April 30 — Cumberland O May 5— L. M. U o May 9 — Sue Bennett o May 12 — Cumberland 2 The Tournament Union — 5 firsts, 20 points. Cumberland — 1 first, 4 seconds, 17 points. Sue Bennett — o. ; Un on ; Un on ; Un on ; Un on ; Un on ; Un on 59 • 5 • 4 • 5 • 5 • 5 • 3 - !, pq s o Q • ►J e w ea D 60 MmOMMNMMaHaaamMMBNiMMMMBMBMaMMM MMaHaHMMMM THE GYMNASIUM BOOK FIVE FEATURES i ■41 Popular People Mildred Rader Best Girl Spoil Louanna Knuckles Most Attractive Elmer Robinson Best Boy Sport Carl Maggard Most Handsome Man 63 U ■ - fa ■■- . -4 ' sH SENIOR QUARTET SCENES FROM THE OLD LADY SHOWS HER MEDALS 6+ Forty-eightn Annual Commencement Union College Barbolrvtlle, Kentucky Sunday, May Twenty-seventh i i :oo a.m. Baccalaureate Sermon President E. T. Franklin 6:30 p.m. Vesper Service on College Campus. Monday, May Twenty-eighth 8:00 P.M. Senior College Play, " The Twelfth Night. " Tuesday, May Twenty-ninth 9:00 a.m. Annual Meeting of Board of Trustees. 5 :30 p.m. Annual Boosters ' Banquet. 8:00 p.m. Academy Graduating Exercises — Address by Hon. Chas. B. Nordeman Secretary of Inter-Southern Life, Louisville, Ky. Wednesday, May Thirtieth 6:15 p.m. Alumni Banquet — Blackstone Hotel. 8:00 p.m. Commencement Exercises — Address by Rev. Wm. E. Hammaker, D.D. Pastor of Trinity M. E. Church, Youngstown, Ohio Conferring of Degrees By President Franklin 65 -41 too •z. o w a o - Id X 66 a o y. z x H W a H ai O 67 ;► ' B ' WT f ' - id l ' 1 ■cm 1 V 11 Ci A, , J l Irfl ' 1 is WF M THE COLLEGE SENIOR PLAY THE ACADEMY SENIOR PLAY 68 Twelfth Night The College Senior Play CAST Orsino, Duke of Illyria Stanley Faulkner Olivia, a Countess Helen May Viola Eula Mae Warren Sebastian, her twin brother Fred Rigsby Malvolio, steward J. C. Hall Fabian, servant to Olivia Laura Roberts Clown, to Olivia Gladys De Marcus Maria, Olivia ' s maid Sudie Warren Sir Toby Belch Joe Gay Sir Andrew Aguecheek John Howes Antonio, a sailor Ben Winters Roberto, a sailor Emerson Cobp, Valentino, a priest Elmer Robinson Curio, Orsino ' s man Sillous Hembree Officer Henry Lawson White Collars The Academy Senior Play CAST William Van Luyn, handsome young millionaire Blain Ford Joan Thayer, daughter of middle class parents Edith Dickore Helen Thayer, another daughter Joyce Reid Mr. Thayer, the father Fred Catron Mrs. Thayer, the mother Donna Robinson Frank Thayer, the son Cecil Mays Cousin Henry, Mr. Thayer ' s irrepressible nephew Maurice Vincent Tom Gibney, a truck driver, suitor to Helen Dan Cobb Sallie Van Luyn, sister to William Myrtle Chappell 69 Asked of Fern Lake Lovely little preen lake, shining in the sun, ff hat do you do when the day is done? Do you miss the boats, the laughter, cries and calls, Or do you lie dreaming, lulled by the waterfalls? Two May Poems O golden moon, on the horizon ' s edge, Pausing there for a timeless space, You are too lovely! Aly very heart aches At the miracle of your rising and almost breaks ff hen you go down, hiding your face. Moonlight May night, you are too lovely far For pen of mine to tell your myriad charms — The cool, silver moon, remote from all alarms, Sheds its light on me, uhose outstretched arms Long to enfold your beauty, even to the farthest star. -Sophie Roberts. 70 -■ iMmmmeammtm k THE PRESIDENT ' S HOME BOOK SIX MISCELLANEOUS The Galena enaar 1937 SEPTEMBER 19 — School starts off right. 24 — Big party in gym. Everybody learns everybody else ' s name and where he hails from. 25 — Miss Weeks starts with her Good Mixers over the mountains. Tree Doctor kills a bear. 26 — League entertains U. C. students with big social. We meet the Grin and Tee-Hee families. 29 — First pep meeting for the year. Sil surely is pepful. 30 — Everybody gets the seat in chapel that he doesn ' t want. Is talking to the girls a man ' s job? The Dean doubts it. OCTOBER 1 — Hiwassee and U. C. football game. U. C. wins, 14 to o. Juniors give Prof. Dyer a birthday party. Solemn wedding ceremony — Mabel Dye becomes " the honored wife of E. R. Robinson for the time being. 5 — The song birds (Girls ' Glee Club) begin to sing. 6 — The president addresses the chapel on the familiar subject, " Get Started Right. " 8 — Eastern Maroons beat our Bulldogs, but it won ' t happen again — soon. 9 — Aunt Mae entertains Union and Middlesboro friends at Fern Lake. J. C. and Ralston enjoy a game of golf. n — Chautauqua begins. 12 — Girls get some good ideas on how to win the man they want, from " The Patsy. " 13 — The magician christens Thomas Franklin " Israel. " 15 — U. C. Dogs win. Girls give party for the Bulldogs and St. Mary ' s boys. 16 — Another one of those hikes that only Miss Weeks takes us on. 17 — Freshmen give tacky party. 19 — Playlikers Club starts to begin to be. 22 — Kid party in gym. Music furnished by E. Davis at the piano and R. Franklin at the ice cream container. 23 — An immense water snake two feet long frightens timid Good Mixers. 24 — Elmer ' s harem have candy party at the Rader edifice on Pine street. H. S. Seniors picnic at Anna Todd ' s. 25 — President speaks on " Everybody Needs a Boss. " Something new. 26 — Behold ! Six weeks exams begin. 29 — Bluefield wins. 31 — Halloween party in gymnasium. J. C. looks like a tin angel in his dainty little frock. NOVEMBER 1 — Senior bulletin board arrives. 4 — Stanley Faulkner returns to the ranks of Senior Class. 9 — Visitors in chapel. We are still as little mice. 10 — " Now don ' t misunderstand me ; I am a Democrat, " said Prof. Humfleet. 11 — Armistice Day program. " The Old Lady Shows Her Medals. " Picnic at fair grounds. 12 — Rook party in Speed Hall. ■ ' IH The Albright Drug Company INCORPORATED ffl STUDENT HEADQUARTERS SPORTING GOODS FOR EVERY SPORT Specials to Schools Church, Clubs and Tennis Wilder Hardware Company 410 South Main Street CORBIN, KY. City Meat Market Phone 167 FRESH MEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PICNIC SUPPLIES L. QuiNN, Proprietor The National Theatre Popular Pictures at Popular Prices A New House Good Seats Everything Pleasant to Look At Good Ventilation MUSIC BY NATIONAL ORCHESTRA Chas. R. Mitchell, Manager The Calend enaar (Continued) 15 — The President gets inspired at Atlantic City. 20 — Dean tells us about Oklahoma. 25 — Everybody saying, " Just one month till Christmas. " 26 — Social at Dean ' s. DECEMBER Thanksgiving banquet a great success. 3 — Upper classmen beat freshmen in basketball. 6 — U. C. Playlikers study the motion picture. 8 — Six weeks test here again. 17 — A jolly carload goes to Middlesboro to buy ten-cent Christmas presents. 19 — School day. Santa Claus visits Speed Hall sewing room. 20 — Double-header with Corbin; U. C. wins twice. College seniors are entertained with English tea in Speed Hall parlor. 21 — Coach Wolfe tells us how to spend our holidays. 22 — Home-going day. Good-bye. 1928 JANUARY 3 — On which day we demonstrate the fact that every faculty member ' s watch is right, and no two alike. 4 — Prof. Steacy chewed a mint in class. 7 — Tree Doctor, the woman-hater, is pursued and wooed by a bevy of girls in the gym. He eludes charmers until Mrs. La Mar comes to the rescue. 12 — Prof. Dyer tells us not to let our books interfere with our college education. 14 — Picnic. Dr. Steacy enjoys his baked beans as well as we do our cake. 19 — The boys think Speed Hall contains some unsophisticated saps, but they are mistaken. 23 — U. C. Wins over Tennessee Wesleyan. 24 — Picture show in chapel. 26-27 — Semester exams. 28 — Ted Poe very skillfully fills coach ' s place at girls ' basketball rehearsal. 30 — Everybody greets new students. 31 — Celebration! Big bonfire on athletic field. Why? U. C. girls win over Eastern in last minute of game. Boys win also. FEBRUARY 3 — Students think they have free tickets to the movies. Disappointment for all. 7 — Again we are told that we need a schedule. 8 — U. C. goes to Corbin to score another victory. 10 — U. C. defeats Kentucky Wesleyan, 44 to 40. 15 — Kiwanis visits us. 20 — Playlikers give three one-act plays. Black Cat Kitchen Orchestra plays. 21 — U. C. Beats Cumberland at Cumberland. Score, 30 to 4. - fif te The Ideal Garment Company The Store in Which Something New Can Be Found Ladies ' and Children s Coats, Dresses, Shoes Royal Society Patterns and Gordon Hose Mens and Boys ' Suits Shoes, Hats, and Caps The Peoples Store SHOES CLOTHES FURNISHINGS For College Men ana Women Knox Street BARBOURVILLE, KY. MEALER SIMON PROPRIETORS The Rexall Store STANDS FOR The Best in Drug Store Goods BEST IN Drug Store Service The Herndon Drug Company INCORPOR ATED Ellis Chandlee Photographer Portraits, Commercial and Kodak Finishing Across from Ideal Garment Co. -M The Calend enaar (Continued) 22 — Prof. Humfleet not prepared to make speech; out late with President Franklin and the Pelican Goo. 23 — Prof. Kinsolving earns a demerit slip for skipping French I class. MARCH 1 — Pageant, " The Pill Bottle, " given in chapel by Epworth League. 10 — Faculty men think they can beat the girls, but they can ' t. 13 — Meetings begin. 14 — Hikers ' Club takes a hike. 18 — Snowballing on the front campus after dinner. 19 — Boys from Stevenson Hall inspect rooms in Speed Hall. No dust or cobwebs found. APRIL 1 — Boys serenade the girls. Sing love songs under their windows ' n ' everything. 7 — A sunrise breakfast enjoyed by five couples, if it was raining. 8 — Aunt Mae takes group on picnic. 14 — Sue Bennett plays baseball here. U. C. wins, 7 to 5. 19 — Hiwassee comes. Game stopped in the second because of rain. 21 — Minstrel in chapel. It was equal to " Lasses White. " 25 — LT. C. wins all tennis matches against Sue Bennett. 26 — Kentucky Wesleyan is defeated by U. C. in twelve-inning game, 5 to 4. Whitis secures a " homer " in the twelfth. 27 — We all go to see " The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, " at B. H. S. 30 — Four couples and one extra cook big supper on athletic field. MAY 3 — Aunt Mae gives another one of those enjoyable picnics. 4 — The Academy Seniors give " White Collars. " 5 — Tennis and baseball take everyone ' s time. 6 — Ten jolly young people climb Reservoir Hill. 7 — U. C. wipes Cumberland off the map at tennis. The College Juniors entertain the Seniors at Fern Lake. 14-15 — Tennis tournament on U. C. courts. U. C. wins the trophy. 16 — The Academy Seniors entertain the Convocation. 20 — By this time everyone has picnicked. 21 — Reception to seniors at President ' s home. 27 — Baccalaureate Sunday. 28 — " Twelfth Night, " by College Seniors. 29 — Boosters ' banquet and Academy graduation. 30 — Alumni banquet at Blackstone Hotel, and College Commencement. 31 — The campus is desolate. fff 10 Factories STERCHI BROS. AND GENTRY Complete Home Furnishers CORBIN, KENTUCKY USE YOUR CREDIT It Costs Less at Sterchi ' s Greetings I ' m driven to distraction And my brain is just a fraction Of the splendid specimen it used to be; I spend hours of lonq duration Thinking of a salutation To greet the next professor that 1 see. While strolling round this city (And I think it is a pity) I met my math professor yesterday ; " Hi " is proper never, And " Hello " is barred forever, So he passed me •while I thought of •what to say. My brain is getting hazy. I ' m afraid I ' m going crazy, My greeting next time •will be quite un- heard ; You can bet your honor on it That I ' ll grin and tip my bonnet, And never say a solitary •word. — Joseph Mevers. t Sanitary Grocery Company Groceries and Meats Fruits and Vegetables CHOCOLATES CANDIES AND CAKES Knox County ' s Only Newspaper The Mountain Advocate BARB ' OURVILLE, KY. QUALITY—SERVICE Our Motto HIGH-CLASS JOB PRINTING Specialists in Calling Cards and Individual Stationery What " Stespean " Means What does Stespean mean? Our name has no dictionary meaning, but in spirit it suggests all the best that Union College stands for. It is a com- posite from the names of Dr. Stevenson, our first president, and Mrs. Speed, our first benefactor. The fir:.t three letters of Stevenson plus the first three of Speed plus " an " spell Stespean, a word coined by the editor of the 1921 Year Book, Miss Violet Humfleet. IF YOU WANT TO EARN LEARN Train for Success in This Accredited School Continuous Sessions McNIEL BUSINESS COLLEGE EARBOURVILLE, KY. K. TRIPLETT Ladies ' and Children ' s READY-TO-WEAR GROCERIES Barbourville, Ky. tf4 TOM ' S CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE Court Square Barbourville, Kentucky Service Shoe Shop WORK GUARANTEED J. H. Payne, Proprietor FAULKNER HOTEL 131 Wall Street OLD KENTUCKY HOSPITALITY Mrs. Geo. F. Faulkner PROPRIETOR Rooms, $1.00 Meals, 50c History Brilliance Prof. Hyde: " I don ' t believe you even know where Asia Minor is. " Sillous: " Sure I do. It ' s in the south- eastern part of Europe, bounded on the north by the Arctic ocean and on the south by the Atlantic. " Teacher: " Name some more of Napo- leon ' s characteristics. " Jim Large: " Well, his English was very bad. " MERENBLOOM Headquarters For STUDENTS ' WEARING APPAREL Barbourville, Kentucky Hood s Cash Store IN J. R. millers stand SELLS FOR CASH SELLS FOR LESS Clothes for the Entire Family Barhourville Steam Laundry THE CAREFUL DRY CLEANERS EXPERT WORK Special Care Taken With Delicate and Fancy Garments Prices Reasonable Phone 34 IDEAL CAFE THE HOME OF GOOD EATS Court Square MILLER HOPPER Phone 155 UNDERTAKERS Barbourville Printing Company W. S. Hudson, Proprietor T. LUMPKINS VANITY BEAUTY SHOP Ladies and Gents The Model Bakery BEST THINGS TO EAT INSURANCE W. S. BRANAMAN CO. OLDFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY KNOX SUPPLY CO. General Merchandise and Produce Reisers Barber Shop Special Attention to Students Geo. H. Hutton and Son SHOE REPAIRING SERVICE BUILT OUR SHOP MURPHEY ' S CAFE Court Square Vanity Beauty Shop Barber Shop in Connection MISS BEADIE MAIN Millinery and Hemstitching J. E. FAULKNER DENTIST HAWN DRUG STORE The Gift Shop BEDDOW ' S STORE Groceries and Cold Drinks Jackson Service Garage Supplies NASH DEALER B. E. BINGHAM ' S RESTAURANT Hot Lunches Cold Drinks UNIVERSAL GARAGE Ford Supplies Detherage Warfield Furniture THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON tn»-» " - s LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ensonT iPRINTINGCO, NASHVILLE. COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS %v Weeks-Tov;nser;d Esissrssl library Union Coiiege Barboui ' !l!e, KY 40906

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