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GOLDEN CORDS ' fu i 1, l A K ' D Published by +he Associa+ed Sfudenl' Body of Union College Lincoln, Nebraska Volume 45 Karla Kramperf, Edifor Contents The Faculfy Circle Q The Scholarly Circle The Aclive Circle The Organized Circle The Business Circle 43M PM 40" 'NJ' 'fl--O The college serves as a Union for olhers. The signs of i+s growlh were obvious- 'lhe bulging High Rise men's dorm, fhe newness of an expanded library, 'Fhe cons'rruc+ion of an indus+rial complex The signs of our growfh were more sub'rIe- 'I'he unseen beginnings of individualiry, fhe growlh of a purpose-a meaning, fhe uniling of +he pari wiih +he whole. 6 Wha+ exisfs +ha1' is good ? 1'ha'I' we are here, 1'ha+ life is ours, +ha+ we may confribufe 'l'o fhe involvemen'l' Togefher- we came and realized +ha'r oppor'I'uni1'y favors only 'l'he prepared mind: we lived and sfudied 'lo aHain undersfanding of Chrisfian principles we worked and labored fo improve 'rhe exfenl' of our performance. ,inf Y. MVN Y . ' . E "Y ' - . ' 4 "L 49YY'f 'Y ax ' Yx Y liw Y Y -E-' Y' ,Y Y MXN Y . Wil, Y Y' .fY ,-WYYY YYY, .. .,,. q.-,. , , YY -,Nik-V fl. A Ya is Y , -W ' - Y, '?. f. Y ' , Y N ' K" 5 -S ' 1 i 3' - Y".l'- , 1- 5 '- yi Wigs: " , M' ' I ' RYHY Y" . ' XY' X NY 'Y. -K' x.1!M wx fb' gui I JJ' Y ,Q-YYY 1. Y Y ' 0 N Y . -Y . .- ' ' '-' Y, I " Y YY . .v. Y .Y if -Y V 13 Y YJ' ' ' aiu'-" f ,Ysvlbl E Y,Yx. gi pf .NYY .YA ig, YA 8. 3, . Mi H ,Y YY' 1.. Y :MAY .' ,YA Y r., ,. Y V, ., Y-Y .Y Y , Y -5 5 , gi. Y, J YN. xx MY l v , 'cY t A, YYEY , ,, 1 "- Y' Y , x, . - A Y Y , . 31,5 .YY Y,Y'Y . V 'JT' 'MFE YEYY Wm ' Y Y' Y' CY- Y' Ys ,Y -'X' 1 AJ, ' ' y Q Y '1 EM .Y " ,. ' 1" . ' x' ' ' ' Y ' 1. ' Y V P Y mf Y Y -3' .' I Y N f , J' 1 . x .Al .YY r xYH t.. . V l ,, 'hs xhfd ,, ,, ,Y. . .5 p -Y Y Y' , . Y Y Y 0' I V FY!! Y Y..Y "tw, A -X. it - Y Q .-vh:12.Y qriixv V 'mira .Y ,Y ' ' YY , Y- Yi HJ. YQ H YY .YYY Y, 5 Q 1' Q f , Y X YJ? A Y , , ' MY 44 Y'1"x,J 'XV Y' " w Ywfa D' X is -Y Y YW. I , X . Y r A ani ,wt YQ -wr.. t, M, XA. X ' , ,.Y' A 2 X A nv Xkun' ii 'Au 'X ' X Y, Xt A ' . Y A -Y-YY YY. Y, 'Y' - Y : Y Y . .E -, X Y T ,Y KY A i A M. . YV b ,Y Y, -X ,, M. A K R K W xx" lx, 'K .Y V xx 1, 1 Y . Y .Y Y nw ,W Lv, . Y. - x if-Y? . Y ' f J ZJMY 'V .3 .. ' '55 ' A . Ex Y" f-'xM.x.'.- JW Y ...vxb - Axutlxlxli. , YY-. R. N- ,X , I Y FXVUQ 4' T , 1 A -' - A' ' Q PM-.2 ZW. W2 3 Y . Y: .Y ' VY- Y Y Y'ff-"- Y ' ' - ' Y' . Y: '- K ,- ,Y - Y Y ,. -Yx - Y Y - . L Y Y Y Y Y . Y, Y I I -.Y E Y X i V. H my I YYNN x Yu fiat ' FY ' ' -. -3 . X Y 1 ' 'YSL- ,L53 N.. .V .I :V A I ix X gp . Y 1 x,.' Y fi gg ,YI 1 , A -5 Y. Y .LY , .U Y 'X-ff Q , Y . x 70 Yip. Y ' givin, ' Q ' - Y ' ' N5 Y Yx ,Y Y ,. Y 1 Yi! '45--,, I Y I Y.i 4 Y Q 8 E Y Y, Q YY:-' 1 .YV 'lt .. r ,Yg- 'Y Y AYYYY - ,NX Y., . , X . x Y, , wif YE Y ' x A 5 I u' ." ,X Y' 'Ov x '- ?, 'A ' 'O ' P' uf YN.. f YY- Y-xYL,e-f 1 -fr. AY" 5 jf."1 -Y: V M . , YY Y j:'Y....,,f.A V. YY Y Y YY wY I " v -VY. , Y a, --Y.. Y Q MY... YYY YY? 5 ' 3 4? Y Vu , Y- Y. -YY - .iw 1' .' 1 at ' Y? Y. .X A V NY vagh. 'Y -Y Y ,x N -Y Y YY Y 'Y - . YA - .YYY -...Y . .. -:-YY. ',' -1' YYY' .Y ':j'f'.gY, 'gi 'Y 'i Y Y i Y. 1-.Y 24 1 ,. ' X ,TX 1' ,RA N23-'N ,ka .Y ,Yt .. x'xYg'f 'Z-Q YhY,f"- Q' YY YY X . Y :TIS Yx Y -. MY--, Y Y hw -r Q.. Y, Y' - . . Y YY, Y 'vm . , Y. YYY Y. YYY... .,Y 1 ,5Y,, Y X Ywfflf "' Y S -145 . YQ Y Y . SHT. .f. 'Y-, 1 V :Y a .-j., , gg -4 . N ,X gig YN ' ir 'K YY. 'N " 1...4E?Y7aYh Yef".jV'1L :fu Afffg- Viikfi. +,'f?"?' ' Y 'Q - '-- Y.-A . -'Y 'Y I 'X Y, 531' '7 WY ' y ' 'i'.Yfff'fYY Yfisi'-1 38 . 3f'53Y'kix-9-'13 x " A Y H ,QY - ' rum: Y-xl ,.Y , . I -YRY?fY??.g' MJ5, ff. '- ' Y , 53. r Y ii Y Y, 'nn YY V, .Y A . Y 4 .M Y . A -.,.Y. Y,,L,,,, 1.-.nf Y 'Y-..'.. .Y V110 ml, K if-QY 'Y ' Y ffm . Y 5 ' Y L 'illii ' Y- was lg-4 ' ,Q , iw :Y Y K... MW Y Y . ., YY 4 .Y ., mviqqwi- Y . ' i""a , Y Y Y ,WHY-Y 5 Y .f,Y Y'Yj'.' ' ' xr-Y-Q94 - QQ YYs:5.,:. Y , 1, EY. Yr Q 1 -Y xY-. -Y ' x' 'Y QYYYYYQQ ln' YY'LH ,.,3 YY, MEG YY JY Wi 5293, Y., -Y Y Y YW AY 'X ,I Y Yf Qin? M . My 'Q Y' " ' 'YvY'YYYH'Wr1f-YYHXQZWYY. Y , 3 ,Y .. .Y ifmilrx '- Q? Y' D , - ' Y. Q, 'Ye Y QQ' Q 1 YYEYY x WL 'Y Y. "Y Y Y Y Y Y- YY Y YY Y A Y Y "' YY.Y,- Y Y YES Y ' YW lfiiuka AY Y YY, YY:Y' YY YY Y,YY "V Y Y Wim, YY Y Y Y! -YYYg Y ' ' 'i:g..yY4Y1,YY Y 2'fYaiYYY ' X 'Y ifgii " lx-211: , Y ' " lf 1.22 , 'VT ew. Y, Y YYYYYYQYQY Y YYY. ':':f'Y " ,, ,YY YE YQ- Y. Y Y Y Y ,mY,gMeYYYYYJEEYmSYY YY Y YY YY Y ,xi YM ,Y YY, A ,. Y J' Y,Y,YYY YY , Y , Y Y .Y AY A Y , V Y Q 1. I". Y. Ys Q ,Jn ,YM x 1" , JY an v . A xi X YY- M YYY Y -11-W7 YY ,,. k Y ' Y VY . -X Y-gay X 5'a"':q -in X Y Y 3 'HF Y ' I' Y .YSY . Y Y . A . X Y ' I-. .Y .1 W YY' X ' I f 1: .Y Y-I 1? i ' Q. X i N u. QL Q Yi' ' if A1 .Y F K e Y.Y:E.Y:Q Y YY YNY 4 Y wb, YY 'YYY .YYY Y lf ' ' 'xg I 4- I, QNX ,A 'xxwk 4 s, ,V 1 N I- 1 , . X f" 6 , X K xi. 1, H in - M x f.'Q . ,,f,' iv ' ff .MK , w E ..,, ,E . . i ' Q nw E , , gf- . ,ef i'T'XZ V' ' , ' QGJQ' Q 'Ak' , , ,,f'A , V- 2 , X191 'gi 'R Q ' ' 1 N' -1- wx. '51 W ,- Eu, ma f- rx!! -- + -O K' 4. J. ,, 'Q' 'N Tvawff if 'E MM LV? fl . 2 fi 94 fi ik 2 CQ:-rf if 353 ,M ' e. 1 M w - W K w S A ...W fu .444 I 'tl X M ' H ' W Q?'!QumeNw Y M in V H w- ,, ur ' MA ,, . 1 N JA f xf ' 'uma' 'inf . .nm dw-' 'W 43 ' F 1 'Y LL R 51 H1 + K 'wa - a "Aw 'NA . A . W , W M y . - X wr my ww , ' w W 'M ' M W' W W' W Q w Wk, A ukmwu My ALWJI, -M W W wwf , V ' w5gwgW'wW' A w "" M it 'lj 'M' W' A W in ' M- 'ww , WWW, M""'f3a w- W 'E 1 k A M V WM! ,nm W n " W -Q -'N-'N ,. A:-xm dl . lm. l M N . - 4 A l ' W" " W .vi www . ' M 'Y ,,, N 1 . .M W we ' X Y 'W W. ., X W W' W is W J W " Mm, W' m ww X A "' Y AX M M ,, 4, M A H' 0, 'Mu 4 Q H W . xwn ww Sensing +he fufure of our desiiny and of our +ime, Searching for personal sa'lisfac'l'ion 'lo reach a perfecfion we have noi' known, Serving o+hers wifh a daring spirii-vivacious 'l'o imparf, Sharing ourselves +oge'l'her wifh o'l'hers- involved ai' Union, a Golden Coral. ,F, Q' i 5 sl 3 m 'Q .M Q XA l VW V mfg X 5 ff ' ' 'ff " M., 2 f 1 Q . "iff 2 M 2 ' al, X e ,ff ' M72 L E N AW- fy 'mg' - gf . f , jwpfww ,Q 'V i ff f 'Ms .- wa ff,"gL nm, 4 ff! X ,NVQ .,1,4,,..g , ff?-,Hi ' ', vL i 1 fwfq 4-.2'F:ga, mw.f"-' 'f5Q':'aef'-W 'dir' K' fflsgg 4 . 'af v-1 N L .- Ai' ,J J' .v uw Ts.m'1 ff For The refuge we +alce in ihe personal considerarion and +l1e comforl' we feel in his quiel' dignify as a feacher, we aclcnowledge Dr. Verne V. Weh'l'ie- who feaches sfudenfs ihe value of English, who helps ihe scholar express his own experiences, who reveals fhe personal qualifies in Iiferafure, who shows people lhe arl' of living and becoming individuals, who guides ofhers by his aclualized faiih and love for mankind. who inspires underslanding lhrough his personal magnefism as a believer, who aids our college and our grow'l'h fhrough his eighl'-year service by imparfing a viral 'Force in his philosophy 'lo "be conscious of our reac'lion fo experience". For fhese, your own con+ribu+ions, Dr. Weh'I1e, we, +he I968 Golden Cords sfaff, dedicafe a year, a Golden Cord. Q Q' ,WF ' 1 f' ing- QQ' 5. "ff THE FACULTY CIRCLE . . shapes ifself fhrough diligeni' adminish-aiion, A molds characier fhrough a 'I'eacl1er's meaningful suggesfions includes us 'Hmrough Hs cledlcaied service. r R.W. A Fowler, Ph D g atb A familiar sighf fo sfudenfs on campus is Dr. Ray W. Fowler, Presidenf of fhe College, walking his dog Major. Maior, a German shepherd given fo Dr. and Mrs. Fowler for Chrisfmas lasl' year by fhe sfudenf body, invariably adds a friendly wag of his fail fo Dr. Fowler's cheerful' greefing. Momenfs of relaxafion such as fhese are welcome in 'lhe busy day of fhe college adminisfrafor. ln addifion fo his dufies of coordinafing fhe various funcfions of fhe college, Dr. Fowler serves as chairman of fhe board for fhe Lincoln SDA school sysfem, is a member of 'lhe Cenfral Union Conference Commiffee and 'lhe Norfhern Union Conference Commiffee, fhe Boulder Memorial Hospifal Board and fhe Porfer Memorial Hospifal Board. He is also an elder of fhe College View SDA Church. Dr. Fowler is acfive in fhe Associafion of Nebraska Church Colleges and was elecfed presidenf of fhe associafion for fhe coming year. Dr. Fowler is also chairman of fhe Nebraska lndependenl' College Foundafion for fhe coming year. Each Tuesday noon, Dr. Fowler meefs wifh 'l'he Lincoln Rofary Club. He' serves on fhe Educafion Commi'H'ee of fhe Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. ln December, Dr. Fowler a'Hended fhe SDA Commission on Higher Educafion in Washingfon, D.C., and in January he aftended 'rhe Associafion of American Colleges and Universifies in Minneapolis. Perhaps fhe mosf memorable of his frips 'lhis year was fhe one made in Ocfober fo Washingfon, D.C. fo fhe Aufumn Council of 'lhe SDA church. While fhere on 'lhe Nafional Day of Prayer, Ocfober l8, I967, presidenl' mel' presidenf when Dr. Fowler was infroduced fo Lyndon Baines Johnson af fhe Whife House. On campus, Dr. Fowler meefs appoinfmenfs wifh faculfy and sfudenfs and keeps a wafchful eye on fhe progress of fhe college. He fakes careful nofe of 'rhe building program as well as lhe academic program. "This year," said Dr. Fowler, "l am especially happy aboul' fhe new fechnical program and fhe excellenf spirifual afmosphere on fhis campus as found among fhe affifudes of fhe sfudenfs and exemplified in 'I'heir willingness fo gef behind such programs as fhe sfudenf mis- sionary program." President As Academic Dean, Dr. Neil Rowland 'look on 'rhis year for +he firsf +ime +he responsibilify of promofing academic excellence on +he Union College campus. According fo Rowland, 'lhis obiecfive can be accomplished by ob'I'aining a well- qualified facul+y dedica+ed 'ro confinued learning and imagina+ive +eaching and a s1'uden'I' body mo+iva'I'ed foward scholarly pursui+s +ha+ franscend grades and degrees. Since fhe qualify of a s+uden'I' body is +o a grea'I' degree defermined by +he scholasfic s'randing of ihe freshmen who are admiHed, and because of 'rhe policy of accepfing only secondary school graduafes wifh average or belfer accomplishmenf al' +he secondary level, +here is fhe possibilify +ha'I' some freshman applican+s, noi' properly challenged ai' +he secondary level bu'I' possessing fhe abiliiy 'I'o do college work, mighi' be denied accepfance. ln order fo iclenfify ihese s+uden+s, a Freshman Proba'I'ion Program was ins+i+u1'ed for 'lhe firsi' lime for +he fall semes'I'er, consis1'ing of a limiied class and work load, supervised s+udy periods, and an infensive program of individual and group counseling. Dean Rowland and 'I'he Curriculum CommiHee which he chairs made plans 'For a number of innovafions. A psychology class was 'laughi' on a pass-fail basis, an arrangemeni' designed 'I'o encourage s+uden+s +o become deeply involved in 'Phe learning process wifhoui' lhe pressure normally fell' when grades are a'I' s'I'ake. In addifion 'ro 'I'he Curriculum Commifiee, Dr. Rowland is chairman of 'Phe Academic S'l'andards CommiH'ee and is a member of seven ofher sianding commi'Hees on campus. He graduafed 'From Union College in I947 wi+h a major in Business Ad- minisfraiion and a minor in Chemisiry. ln subsequenf gradua'l'e work af +he Universify of Nebraska he earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in Bo+any. He served as chairman of +he Biology Deparfmeni' of fhe college from I95I un+il I967 when he was elecfed fo ihe posiiion of Academic Dean. Academic Dean Neil Rowland Ph.D. ran QV ...L NS ,,.rv" l' 'xo esfe fs 'Ng V',. as - I9 EM!! I5 Sfudenf Affairs As Dean of Sfudenf Affairs, LaVerne Mc- Clain is responsible for all non-academic ac- fivifies offhe sfudenf body, ranging from draff defermenfs and culfural and religious acfivifies and fhe ASB fo fhe food and healfh service., A significanf parf of Dean McClain's re- sponsibilifies involves aiding graduafing sen- iors in securing job placemenfs. He also is concerned wifh counseling and adiusfmenf of sfudenfs fo college roufine. When flue ASB requesfed fhe Snack Bar, 'I'l1e Sfudenf Affairs Office worked wifh 'l'l1e Business Office in arranging for if. Dean Mc- Clain sees his office as an imporfanf link in communicafion befween sfudenfs and admin- isfrafion. L. E. McClain, M.A., Dean of Sfudenf Affairs College Relations A man who encourages his Philosophy of Educafion class fo "fhink big," Glenn Davenporf busied himself fhis school year on a fhree-fold focus including working on his Ed.D. af fhe Universify of Nebraska, feach- ing a weekly Monday nighf class for fhe Educafion Deparfmenf, and serv- ing as direcfor of College Relafions. The laH'er responsibilify includes solicif- ing for new sfudenls, planning Safurday evening programs, planning fhe high school seniors' visifafion, and wrifing all of fhe college's copy for denominafional papers. He has prepared a display including picfures and ofher informafion on Union College which he displays af fhe numerous camp meefings in fhe Cenfral and Norfhern Unions during fhe summer monfhs. Glenn Davenporf, M.A., College Relalions Direcfor and Mrs. Ginger Johnson. secrefary Counseling Dr. Laurence Downing, in charge of counseling and fesfing since he firsl' came fo Union fhree years ago, feels fhal' his main responsibilify lies wifh falking fo sfudenfs abou'l' fheir vocafional, academic, social and spirifual prob- lems. Aside from his counseling dufies, Dr. Downing has faughl' several secfions of lnfroducfion 'lo Educafion, a survey course required by 'lhe Educafion Deparfmenf. Second semesfer of fhis year, however, Dr. Downing sfopped feaching classes in order fhaf he mighf supervise 'lhe Vocafional-Technical Educafion program which began wifh fhe second semesfer. Approximafely fwelve sfudenfs were enrolled in fhe pilof program, which offered non- academically orienfed fraining in fhe fields of pracfical elecfronics, food services, aufomobile mechanics and office services. Laurence Downing, Ed.D., Direcfor of Counseling T. 4--L., G. T. Goff, M.A., Manager Business Office Once a week Mr. George T. Goff, Business Manager, meefs wifh fhe archifecf fo review fhe progress of fhe building program. Frequenfly he arrived on fhe consfrucfion scene fo observe fhe pro- gress of fhe' new indusfrial complex. As chairman of fhe Financial Commiffee, Mr. Goff dealf wifh every financial aspecf of fhe col- lege, from building problems fo individual sfudenf finance. Mr. Goff was also a member of fhe Adminisfrafive Council, fhe College Board of Trusfees, fhe Scholarship and Granfs Commi'Hee and 'l'he College Relafions Commiffee. He made a frip fo fhe Denver campus once every fwo monfhs. ln March he wenf wifh a General Conference survey feam fo inspecf fhe denominafional schools in Canada. One of fhe oufsfanding innovafions made while Mr. Goff has been af Union College was fhe infroducfion of elecfronic dafa processing in keeping financial accounfs and academic records. Mr. Roy Crawford, Assisfanf Business Manager, worked closely wifh. fhe sfudenfs bo+h in his posifion as financial advisor fo fhe Associafed Sfudenf Body and in his workin fhe Business Office, where he supervised sfudenf finance. Sfudenfs having difficulfy meefing col- lege expenses mef wifh him fo work ouf loans or scholarships. Mr. Crawford also helped sfudenfs locafe jobs, eifher on or off campus. This year fhere were enough iobs for all sfudenfs looking for em- ploymenf. Roy Crawford, B.A., Assisfanf Business Manager Accounting Office Mr. Virgil Mayer, Treasurer, is in charge of fhe Accounfing Office and a member of fhe Finance Commiffee, fhe Programs CommiH'ee and fhe Indusfrial Commiffee. Approval of bills, buying of boolcs and merchandise sold in fhe Boolcsfore are all parf of Mr. Mayer's responsibilifies. IBM dafa processing equipmenf shorfened many of fhe accounfing procedures fhis year, wifh IBM charging machines recording aufomafically sfu- denf charges for fhe cafeferia, laundry and boolcsfore. Sfudenf billing and faculfy and sfudenf payrolls, as well as financial sfafemenfs of all fhe college operafions and fhe five indusfries on campus are all handled fhrough fhe new IBM equipmenf. Miss Helen Holm handles fhe miscellaneous charges fhaf come info fhe accounfing office for sfudenf accounfs, using fhe IBM equipmenf. Mr. Dean Diffberner does fhe faculfy payroll and financial sfafemenfs and manages fhe boolcsfore. Mrs. June Melfon is secrefary and supervises accounf for sfudenf loans. Dean Diffberner, B.S., Assisfanf Accounfanf 1 V. F. Mayer, B.A., Treasurer 23 E, es ii ii 5 Registrar's Office ""r-an Lowell W. Welch, Ph.D., Regislrar Dr. Lowell W. Welch serves noi only as Regisfrar, bu'l' also as Direc'I'or of Admissions. Miss Ani+a Keifh, Assisfanf Regis+rar, and Miss Lois Bailey, Admissions Secrefary, assisi in handling all sfudeni' applica- iions and academic records. Use of IBM da+a processing equipmen'I' shorfened Sep'I'ember regisirafion 'io only +hree days and eliminaied much fedious line-waiiing for regisfering sfudenis. The daia processing equipmeni' also simplified chapel aHendance records ihis year. Regis'l'rar's office employees 'faiihfully dis+ribu+ed pre- punched IBM cards 'I'o siudenfs as 'ihey 'Filed info chapel each Monday and Friday morning a'l' 7:20. Dr. Welch annually visiis each academy in 'ihe Union College 'rer- riiory +o give graduaiing academy seniors informaiion aboui' applying 'for college. Miss Marie Anderson became Senior Regisirafion Advisor in I966 af'l'er she reiired from her 'Former posi+ion as Regisirar. Her main concern in her preseni' posifion is +ha1' each prospecfive graduaie has ihe proper number of hours required for gradua+ion. Sfudenis who fransfer 'From ofher schools which are on a quarier sysfem also consuli' wiih Miss An- derson +o malce sure ihey will have 'Phe required number of semesier hours +o enable ihem io graduafe 'From Union. i , . i 55::ga153a::f5igi-W W, .A ,E 9. w Miss Marie Anderson, B.A., Graduafe Advisor 3:4 H M,..,..uum.uunn Miss Anifa Keilh, B.S., Assisianf Regisfrar M Above leff: Mrs. Glenn Davenporf, Secreiary 'fo Dr. Fowler: Mrs. Nora Caseboll' Secrerary 'lo Dr. Rowland. Below leH': Miss Lois Bailey, Secretary +o Dr. Welch Miss Marilyn Neumiller, Secrelary ic Dean McClain. Above: Mrs. Pearl Zeelau Secreiary 'lo Mr. GQH: Mrs. George Thomson, Secre+ary -lo Mr. Crawford. as iw f 25 QQ ,mhz i i e iiee e e iiiee i 1l e e i I eeee Q 1 ee i hx .,.Wk. 1 ei. 6 iv i eei i 'S ' ' l iii Q fi eiie 12 5 e ii .,, iiiii eiiiii if ieei ! f 'ii LL,:1 1L' 1 in i i ii , Hilda Fern Remiey, B.A. gi' .1-- 'i:L v,.: A 5 5 p I E A? Dorofhy Woods, B.A. Genevieve Dickerson, B.A. Dormitory Deans L DleJh BA Library The college library, under ihe direc- 'rion of Miss Floda Smiih, offered a Library Science minor +his year for 'rhe firsi' iime. The modern addiiion fo l'he library, com- pleied Ias+ summer, made a subsianlial in- crease in shelf space. The Educaiion De- parimeni used some of 'ihe newly creafed space by iransferring iis secondary cur- riculum labora'I'ory +0 a former browsing room in ihe college library. Miss Floda Smifh, head librarian, compiled during ihe year a selecfive lis'l' of boolcs suiiable 'for +he church school and academy libraries. Miss Gerhude Huygens, M.S. Mrs. Alice Fowler, B.A. Miss Floda Smilh, M.S., Head Librarian 3 3 5, rr 3 '44 Y fru- Sw. . rrp. Make Your Co nes H V r A Y ........ fr ' fr 1 Miss Chloe Foufz, M.S. Mrs. Barbara Jacobs P as X -sf Health Service .1 V X Mrs. Pansy Johnson, R.N Miss Carolyn Erwin, R.N. Oliver Pogue, M.D. L"-wus.. Nursing Bennefl' Chilson, B.S.. Direcior Food Service Agriculture Mr. L. W. Minium's agricullure sl'uden'l's lhis year did a special sfudy info +he impor+ance of paslure man- agemen'l'. ln farm shop praclice, lhey designed and louill' a hose carl' for 'rhe college Grounds Depar'l'menl'. Mr. Minium is also in charge of The audio-visual equipmenl' used on campus and has a group of s+uden+ workers 'lhal assisl' him in selling up proiecfors and films for various classes. Lee W. Minium, M.S., Chairman Audio-visual aids are provided by lhis deparlmenf. , Q 2 ,,....1 1. , .. o ' he y ,mc.m ' i 5 ,fa-1f"' - jf' ig, 8. .L '-1 . ' 795.5 llfgigisi, 1-,i ' l' 21 .1 xr Y I bww Mrs. Jean Hill, B.A., Chairman 'il Miss Nancy Klopfensiein, B.S. ,...u!Y, L-1 W iw 'Wik- Art Afier coming info exisfence only 'Five years ago, 'rhe Arr Deparimeni fhis year offered an arf maior for fhe firsi' fime. Of The I75 siudenls enrolled in courses offered by 'I'he deparfmenl, I3 were ar+ maiors. Mrs. Jean Hill, chairman of 'rhe deparl'men+, 'reaches a class in arf un- dersfanding for liberal arfs degree re- quiremenfs, as well as several arfs and craf+s courses. Miss Nancy Klopfensiein also insfrucfs in fhe deparfmenf. Four looms have been added 'l'o enable ihe deparfmenf fo offer a course in weav- mg. , Biology Three men formed lhe Biology De- parl'men'l' slafl "lhis year. Dr. Waller Page, wilh many years of experience in lhe cle- parfmenl, became cleparlmenl' head. Mr. Henry Lund supplemenled his dulies as Audio-Tulorial Lab inslruclor by lalcing charge of an enfomology course offered in connecfion wilh eclucalional TV 'lhrough 1'he Nebraska Eclucalional Television Coun- cil ior Higher Eclucalion, lnc. Mr. Gilberl Mclvlillen, new 'lo l'he slaff lhis year, +augh'l' +he bolany courses as well as several sec- 'l'ions of Principles of Biology. Gilberl' McMillen. M.N.S. 4 Waller E. Page, Ph.D., Chairman if H W si W 1 I I Q I D as so as 'u Q Henry Lund, B.A James MBCAf+hUT, J.D. Ellgene Kilgore- BA' 4.-4" Asa Chrisiensen, LL.B. ' .a--""" Business Nearly l50 siudenfs enrolled in maiors offered by 'ihe Business Deparfmeni' in ihe fields of accounfing, business adminisirafion and business educaiion. Mr. Kenneih Waliers, a graduaie of S+an'forcl Universi+y's School of Law, joined 'rhe deparimeni' while Mr. Don Jacobs was on leave for graduaie siudy. A new one-hour IBM key punch class was infroclucecl, along wiih new equipmenf in ihe Dafa Processing Deparimenf, which included a card verifier, an in'rerpre'l'er and a 402 iabulaior. Mr. Edwin Eivins is'in charge of claia processing. Edwin Eivins, B.S.. Dafa Processing Deparimenf 5 sy Paul Joice, Ed.D., Chairman i A I A -' ' U Q - .sbs f' f - L E K 5 2 :Y U . 5 Don Jacobs. MA. Kenne+h Walfers, LL.B. ,Q Chemisiry Dr. Rene Evard, chairman of ihe Chemisfry Deparfmenf, also serves as spon- sor of 'Phe ASB. ln keeping wifh his love for skiing, he fook a small group of s'l'u- denfs fo Colorado in February on fhe annual ASB ski irip. For mosl' sfudenfs, however, 1'he name Evard is linked wi+h chemisfry. Evard was pleased fhal' +his year nearly l4 senior chemisfry majors planned on graduafe work eifher in medical school or in chemisfry. Assisfing Dr. Evard are Mr. Wiley Auslin and Mr. Mer'l'on Sprengel, insfrucfors in chemisiry. Merion Sprengel, M.S. Rene Evard, Ph.D., Chairman V E3 5 V, Q , 5 ff Ayi. YW' ik , ,, Hmm , M . .. Z 41 , 3 5 Wiley Ausfin, M.S. Margaref Reed sfudenf feaches af Helen Hyaff. Harry Rene' Ed.D. af ln fhe fall of I967, Dr. George Sfone, chairman of fhe Educafion Deparfmenf, and Dr. Melvin Wolford, supervisor of secondary feacher fraining, received word fhaf Union's secondary feacher educafion program was fully accredifed by NCATE. NCATE approval had previously been given for fhe elemenfary feaching program only. The new accreclifafion means fhaf Union College graduafes from eifher fhe secondary or elemen- fary educafion program have had fraining fhaf fulfills fhe NCATE com- miH'ee's nafional norms, and fhey will be able fo feach in a wider variefy of sfafes. Dr. Harry Reile complefed his docforafe in Sepfember of I967. Mr. Jerry Thayer, whose inferesf and work is cenfered in educafional fesfs and measuremenfs, leff Union during fhe second semesfer fo finish working on his docforal program a'l' fhe Universify of Colorado. Twenfy-five sfudenf feachers were cerfified each semesfer, making a fofal of fiffy sfudenf feachers. Fourfeen of fhese cerfificafes were presenfed fo elemenfary educafion majors who fulfilled fheir sfudenf feaching re- quiremenfs during fhe firsf semesfer af Helen Hyaff Elemenfary School. A video-fape TV was given fo fhe deparfmenf fo aid in feacher frain- ing, enabling sfudenf feachers fo see fhemselves affer fhey faughf in fronf of a classroom. Dr. Gerald Colvin, new fo fhe deparfmenf, complefed work on his docforafe during fhe school year while feaching classes for bofh fhe English and Educafion Deparfmenfs. Gerald Colvin, Ph.D. 1 mm 1 , ,,,,.. I ,,.., W K , X Eclucuhon Melvin Wolfo rd. Ed.D. Jerome Thayer, M.A. George Sfone , Ed.D., Chairman. English Bruce Ronlc, M.A. .:.j:5iil-ge ' Q 5 .,-'il ' x. W ,E ' S1e':,::: :i Lowell Lamberlon, M.A. Verne Wehlje, Pl1.D., Chairman Revision of general educafion courses in English resulfed fhis year in increases in enrollmenf in composilion courses. SIOOO worfh of new books were purchased in 'rhe 'field of English for fhe college library, half of fhe funds being voled by lhe college board and +he o'rher half being a gran+ from +he Associa+ion of College and Re- search Libraries. Mr. Ronlc and Mrs. Hagelganh bolh had very lighl' class loads ihis year, io enable 'lhem fo devo'l'e more fime fo grad- uale worlc a+ ihe Universify of Nebraska, where fhey are rapidly compleling re- quiremen+s for doc+ora+es. Mr. Griffii-hs was on a complele graduale leave during +he year. Mr. Lowell Lamberlon, a'l' Union ihis year on a federal 'reaching granf, com- pleled his Mas1'er's Degree in January. D. J. Filce, M.A. Opal Hagelganiz, M.A. History Dr. E. N. Dick, Research Professor in hisfory, did research 'ihis year insread of feaching classes. Union College of lhe Golden Cords, his mosi recenf boolc, came off ihe press in +he win'l'er. Dr. George Thomson, chairman of +he deparimenf, 'iaughi' 'Full iime, while Mr. Cedric Ward iaughf some classes while doing graduaie worlc. Mr. Eldon Chrisiie, on graduaie s'l'udy leave, was replaced for +he year by Mr. Richard Boolcer, a I965 graduaie of Union College. Mr. A. J. Hirsch was ihe new sociology feacher. Cedric Ward, M.A. QW 152 XXV' Eldon Chrisiie, M.A. George Thomson, Ph.D., Chairman Arihur J. Hirsch, B,D. Mrs. Casey Filre, B.A. f 2 .JR nf . . A .. ww, Ls 1 Us -1, V iff, ' ff , Kv . V . . Q, I if fd, A' "T" I ff 1 V .ff Xq.,-WM?,g5,3 UU ,. in 'hh A,,. mi., ' Anhlxz """ 1 ,Q-' . WE E 5,1 ER , 4fn.wHs,, V 1 l 2 If 5 ' ' QW mf 3, Z 1 ,M-4 V .W ,lf -J' ,fe 2 w"M"' 'W"?m7' s x Q ,Mj I V! f' ff Q. Richard Booker, M.A. EvereH' Dick, Ph.D. Home Economics The Home Economics Deparfmenl' added Miss Margarel' Erwin, +he former school nurse, 'lo ifs leaching slaff 'rhis year. The deparlmeni' is primarily concerned wi'rh slrenglhening 'Family life ihrough improving The services and goods used by families, and conducling research +o discover lhe changing needs of individuals and families. Mr. Chilson demonsiraies fhe 'food chopper lo Lorri Nash, dielefics sludenl Mrs. Anne Dunn, M.S., Chairman Miss Margarel Erwin B A Home economics maiors in fexfiles and nuirifion classes used microscopes fo siudy fiber cons+ruc'fion and vifamin crysfals. X' ami a r Miss Mary Kufschara, M.S. Marybeih Wafkins sfudeni' ieaches ff' 47 Mathematics There were ihree full-lime insirucfors in +he Maihe- maiics Deparimeni' ihis year, wiih Mr. Melvin Baker joining ihe siaff as a new member. A new course in Linear Algebra was 'laughl' by Dr. Leonhari. According fo Dr. E. B. Ogden, cleparfmeni chairman, +he number of s+uden+s majoring in ma'rhema+ics doubled over 'rhe pasf year. Ea rl Leonharclf, Ph.D. X E. B. Ogden, Ph.D., Chairman Melvin Ba leer, M.A. Andre Rebsomen, B.A. H. G. Reinmufh, Ph.D., Chairman Pearl L. Hall. M.A. Modern Language Three foreign languages are offered af Union College: French, Spanish and Ger- man. Dr. Harry' Reinmufh, chairman of fhe deparfmenf, faughf German and linguisfic science. When Miss Pearl Hall, in charge of fhe Romance languages, foolc a sick leave cluring second semesfer, Mr. Andre Rebso- men, a I967 graduafe of Union College, faughf French, and Miss Emma Arguefa, a senior elemenfary educafion major, faughf Spanish., Music The Music Depar+men'l', wi'l'h Dr. Melvin Hill as chairman, acquired several new inslrumenfs. Three new pianos, including a seven-fool' and +wo six-foo+ Siein- way grand pianos, were delivered in ihe fall semes+er. The Conceri Orchesira, under fhe supervision of Mr. Roberi' Walkfers, ini+ia+ed inferesi' +ha+ resul+ed in ihe purchase of a harpsichord which arrived on campus in February. Mr. Rober+ Walfers +augh+ an experimenial class of Music Survey for non-music maiors, in which fhe siudenis composed "chance" music. Engel Hall, where +he Music De- parfmeni' is locaied, expanded wi+h +he addifion which connecied +he building fo 1'he library, and allowed 'For a new choral rehearsal hall, a classroom and several pracfice rooms. Miss Nancy Grofheer ioined fhe deparimeni' as an insirucior in voice. All year long, fhe Music Deparfmeni' busied ifself wi+h providing music for church services and Safurday nighi' programs and public relafions for 'ihe college. 1 f l say, 93 63 Melvin Hill, D.M.A., Chairman Opal Miller, M.Mus. Roberl' Murray, M.M Maxine Duncan, M.A. Lanny Collins, B.A Rol:-er+ Wal'rers, M.A. , S xx 'f . bn xx x ,fx 'K 1 Miss Nancy Grofheer, B.S E. U. Tesferman, M.A. Miss Ruih Haller, M.S., Chairman Nursing Miss Rufh Haller, chairman of +he Deparf- meni' of Nursing, divides her Hme beiween fhe Clinical Division on 'rhe Denver Campus, where Por+er Memorial Hospi+aI is locafed, and ihe Lincoln campus of Union College. Nursing majors also divide iheir undergraduafe s'I'udy befween fhe fwo campuses. Mrs. Widad Mohr, direc'l'or of nursing on fhe Lincoln campus, supervised freshman and sophomore nursing s1'uden1's as flhey learned 'I'o +alce TPR's and dissecied cafs in ana'l'omy lab. ln Denver, 'rhe capped juniors and seniors rofafed in 'rhe various aspecfs of hospifal nursing, gaining prac'rical clinical ex- perience. Addi+ions fo ihe siaff on rhe Denver Campus include Mrs. Doroihy Giacomozzi, Mrs. Sharon Herloel, Elder C. L. Duffield, Elder Ed- ward Chrisiian, Mrs. Margeuriie Casper, and Miss BeHy Pannabecker. Mrs. Widad Mohr, M.S K la. Elder C. L. Duffield ' X Miss Amanda Sloane, Insfrucior 7' S 3- wa Mrs. Rice, Medical-Surgical lnsfrucior Mrs. Warden, Mafernal and lnfanf Nursing lnsfrucfor: MVS- Lane. A5SiS'faY1f Dean: Mrs. Edwards Mrs. Pannabecker, Assisiani' lnsfrucfor Dean- Mrs. Herbel, Operaiing Room Insfrudor 'Y Sue Grubbs, B.A 56 M A 5 il v ff A , x Physical Education New lo lhe Physical Educalion Deparfmenf was Miss Berlha Reel, who laughl women's Foundalions of P.E., fennis and badminion. Miss Sue Grubbs laughl all women's swim- ming classes. A new alhlelic field for inframural foolball, baseball and hockey was cons+ruc'l'ed easl of College View Academy, as well as a lennis baclcboard on fhe norfh side of 'lhe l'ennis courls, which will aid s'ruclen+s in privale lennis prac+ice. Olher new equipmenl' included a sei' of parallel bars used by fhe men. Berlha Reel, B.S. Don Moon, B.A. Wayne Fleming, M.A., Chairman 1-,mwx ww mxggwqfi ,,, ,,,., ,.,,V, I .. 'W I Kenneih Spaulding, M.Ed., Chairman J. Donald Russell. B.A' Physics Equipmeni' fhai' was new lasf year was uiilized in a special proiecf 'lhis year as lhe Physics Deparfmeni' invesligaied 'I'he characferisfics of Holographic picfures. The phofographs were recorded on phoiographic plafes wi+hou'l' using lenses or a camera by using cohereni' lighi' produced wilh The aid of 'lhe C-W helium-neon laser +he deparimenl' purchased lasf year. The Physics Deparfmenf broughl' in as a visiiing scienfisi' Dr. Douglas Finnemore from Iowa Sfafe Universify, Ames, Iowa, who spolce a'l' convocafion and in several physics classes abouf low 'lemperafure physics and super-conduc+ivi'l'y. The Physics Deparfmenl' cooperafed wi+h +he +he Chemisfry and Biology De- parfmenfs in sponsoring a Science Convocafion in April in which Dr. Genfry from Columbia Union College was fhe feaiured speaker, and fhe Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company gave a demonsfrafion program. Mr. J. Donald Russell, a graduafe of Pacific Union College, ioined +he deparf- menl fhis year as insfrucfor for fhe College Physics and Thermodynamics classes. Religion The Religion Deparlmenl no'I' only provides lhe general religion classes required for lhe enlire sludeni' body, bul' if also 'lrains minislers. This year, 'ren per cenl' of +he enlire sludenl' body were minislerial sludenfs. Elder Floyd Bresee, in charge of minislerial lraining, laughi' fhe homilelics class and helped lhe minisferial sfudenfs in organizing an evange- lisfic effori' ai' +he Capilal View SDA church. The Religion Deparlmeni' iacul+y presenfed +he Fall Weelc of Prayer. Elder P. C. Jarnes wrofe a syllabus for classes in Revelafion, and Elder Roy Harris wrole a syllabus for Bible Survey classes. Elder C. Mervyn Maxwell, Ph.D., chairman of lhe deparfmenl, is a conlribufing ediior for Liberiy magazine. Elder Maxwell busied himself during 'lhe year wilh preparalions 'For his planned move 'lo Andrews Universify, where he will ioin +he faculfy in +he Sevenih-day Advenlisi' Theological Seminary. Senior minislerial majors are given opporlunify +o prac- lice church leadership lhrough lheir seminar program. me i , ,K V jg 1 an H fi uv f refs" Y I s 1 Il . , . , . W, , , V A ,, ' ir , 1 4, 5 I ly , sf , I in h v in 94' ' S R Q , A A i ' v 3 1 , 4 , "" Q y 'i f i j mf' F' Pefer Jarnes, B.D. C. Mervyn Maxwell, Ph.D., Chairman ,1"" 4, .... VL,,, yiyy , Floyd Bresee, M.A. Roy Harris, B.D. l Pefer Luna, B.A. 6I Secretarial Science The Secre+arial Science Deparlmenl expanded lhis year lo include exlra sec'l'ions of lyping ancl Business Com- municaiions. New equipmeni' included a calculafor for 'rhe Business Machines class and more earphones for shorlhancl sfudenls. Sienolype Machine lTouchl Shorlhancl was 'raughl for +he 'fourlh +ime lhis year, as well as lhebconveniional Gregg shorfhancl. Mrs. Rulh Rankin, Mrs. Simons, ancl Mrs. Galene Wollcwifz ioinecl fhe cleparimenl +his year. Irma Minium, M.A., Chairman ryrr 1 yyy, y MIL.. Q 'Sc .,,, ., ,,,, ' - "'-Q., 1"'--- . , -M.. 2, Marilyn Brown, M.Ecl. 'RS-, .. r- , c ali' Rufh Rankin, B.S Gaylene Wolkwih, B.S. kv N Larry Scholz, Gary Nielsen, and Callmy Anderson perform a slcif Don Bush explains 'lhe imporfance of li'Hle +l1ings. Speech Mr. Arfhur Hauclc, chairman of fhe cleparfmenf, and Mrs. William Rankin insfrucl' classes in speech and communicafion me+hocls. Plans were made +his year 'l'o broaden +he Speech Depar+men+ in 'rhe fu+ure, so as +o besi' opera+e and ufilize +he campus FM raclio broaclcas+ing siafion, KUCV-FM, which began FM broaclcasling al' I0 waH's in November. Plans are +ha+ an infer-deparfmenfal major in communicafions will be offered in fhe near fufure. Ar+hur Hauck, M.A., Chairman William Rankin, M.A. Virgil Poleschcolc fapes a program for KUCV-FM. 65 l Mr. F. L. Surdal, Bindery Manager Book Bindery nr 'i I W Geri WH-zel, one of 38 sfudenfs employed by 'Phe bindery, operafes 'Phe sewing machine. LeVe'ra Wagner seiecis ihe 'type fo be used 'io siamp fiiles on 'Phe book covers. Kafhy Sfonebroolr waif on Sue Car+er's credif. .lg s wr x .1 -.,.,,wNw for fhe OK before ringing up fhe S25 charge while Mrs. Holm checks .m 1 ds. Q1 Book Store Broom Shop --QL Nash ,fyef'QN"NR Dan Olderbak, Manager, inspecis +he finished producf of as one more g ou+ qualify if WWQEQEESW H ly nl s e .S Iii Cafeteria Mr. Bennell' Chilson, in his firsl' year as Food Service Direcior, insiilufed lhe Snaclc Bar, which enabled sludenfs who could no+ fii +heir schedules 'ro 'ihe cafe+eria's usual ihree meals a day 'lo siill gel somefhing +o eaf in +he morning and aHernoon. Besides ice cream founiain ifems, +he Snack Bar menu offered 'Food prepared on a special hol' grill. Seven'I'y four s'l'udenfs were employed by fhe Food Service. Mr. Benne'H' Chilson, Direcfor of Food Service ,ff , ji3j.T 2. Y. fa f,fgV,e H ,, .. 4 rf ' f:,: 'iii , K .. H re's hlfr 1 , o c l e r r s JZ 4,55 V:V,, --,, ,V VV A VK VR x 4 5 K 355 ., , ... I Q f M, ,, ew si, wg Q .M A , , 5, E we in if Errol Chamness menfally fofals sfudenf food charges, punches fhe IBM machine keys and hears fhe sfuden+'s ID card shaHer in ihe machine. Mrs. Mcllwain culs pizza for an "open nigh?" supper. Construction The induslrial complex, buill' ahead of schedule in fha over-all building program, was under consfrucfion during 'lhe year. Nineleen sludenls assisled in consfrucfing ihe building. -a stuff-Y' 'WX ifw Janice Bergen hopes no one will come from lhe olher direclion as she cleans 'lhe windows on lhe swinging doors in lhe ad building. Mr. Waller Schram. DIf6Cl'0l' if ., L Custodial The Cusfoclial Deparfmenl' employed sixly-'lhree sludenls 'lhis year, malcing il' 'lhe second largesf place of employmeni' on campus. The deparlmenl' pur- chased a new rug shampoo machine 'l'ha'l cleans car- pefs in one s'l'ep, which will be helpful in cleaning lhe carpeling lhal' was laid in lhe new library addilion and high rise dormilory. Barb Alonzo sweeps away lhe chemical dusl 'fhal accumulaled during Sunday labs in Jorgensen Hall. v-W Mr. R. S. DeVice, Manager 1 Q :LI I .' -is, HQ, Furni+ure grew 'from 'lhe raw malerials of lumber, slain and varnish 'lo ihe sleek-lined finished producr under +he hands of 59 siudenf worlrers and several adul-l employees as lhe College Furnilure Faciory progressed lhrough +he year. Furniture Factory Security Campus police keep nighi' walch and palrol 'lhe Campus Drive. Here Rush Beekman wriles a lickel 'For a slucleni who parked in a 'Facully Mr. Joshua C. Turner, head of Securiiy parking place. -3U""' Raking leaves in cold weaiher was iusl' a parl' of 'lhe work Larry Zuchowski and Rcberl Vandeman did +0 keep 'lhe campus neal' and clean in appear- ance lhroughoui' lhe year. Mr. William Goble, Direcfor of lhe Grounds Deparlmenf, 'lends some of fhe polled planfs grown in lhe greenhouse. Used in various 'flower beds on 'ihe campus, ihe flowers and decoralive planls were carefully nurlured 'lhrough 'rhe winler monlhs. Grounds Laundry Jeanne Scull pu+s ihe finishing 'Pouches on a clean Shirf. 3 L42 Ji gl I , Mr. George W. Lewis, Laundry Superinfencleni' In addifion fo doing laundry 'For The dormiiory slu- denfs, 'Phe College Laundry handled considerable com- mercial business. i e..ee L is --m..,,,, 1, --1 f' Bob Wilson helped make and issue keys fo ihe various buildings and offices on campus. nut it Mr. Don Smiih, Superinfendeni, wiih his sfaff of workers kepf 'Phe college buildings and furnishings in good repair. Maintenance Power Plant Mr. Sam Reinl1ol+z, Superinlendenl' of lhe Power Planl, has five full-'lime workers and a secrelary assisling l1im in keeping 'lhe campus healing, waler, and eleclric syslems in smoo+l1 working order. Complefed during lhe year was an 850 fool' funnel +l1a+ connecled campus buildings lo l1ea+, eleclricify, inlercoms and +elepl1ones, as well as an underground pop-up sprinkler syslem for 'l'l1e new alhlelic field. Laurel OHo, plumber, and Mr. Karl SegebarH', aufomolive work, ioined 'l'l1e deparlmenl 'll1is year. During +l1e second semesler, Mr. Segebarfl' +augl1+ +he au+omo'rive classes for +l1e 'lechnical vocalional program. Mr. Sam Reinhollz, Superinlendenl ...P Mr. Ka rl Segebarff 9 9? iq' M ., MA ,wx Q , 5 L - ... - N- L ZEX ' . ,.,. J L-':. 1: -6. , ,. f- ...- . . ... B, n M-lain. Q' ..J,a4.Ap.4,.f,,I,,Q.,f...,.,1,,, umm-M AN Nw, gr Alice McCar+er operafes +he Linofype machine. Jim Anderson adjusfs a layouf 'For an o'Ffse+ press pla+e. Press f1.iv'5i' I . ?+a 2' S -55 . ...QW ., , , 5 X Q3 K s J - 'Y fm ,N :J . Mm K WB, X THE SCHOLARLY CIRCLE . picfures our own image as scholars. represenfs our progressive acfion as involves! learners reflecfs our neighbors as fellow achievers. X Seniors Senior class officers from lefi' 'ro righf: C. M. Maxwell, sponsor: Clyde Cooper, ireasurerg Larry OHo, pasforg R. L. Britain, sponsor: Kaihy Swanson, vice presidenf: Barb Ehlerf, secrefaryg and John Fellcel, president 80 ED ANDERSON RICHARD ARAKAWA Iiology Theology Bhygical Educafign Elemeniary Eclucalion :ORGE ANYATONWU WM- EMERY ASHBY Sociology Biology INE ARAKAWA CAROLYN BAKER Elememary Educa+ion Music Educaiion DENNIS BARTEL MARY BECKER RONALD BOUGHER Business Adminisfralion Elemeniary Educalion Hisfory VERNEDA BAYLESS GISELA BEHRENDT ROSEMARY BOUGHER Biology, Home English Sociology Economics REX BELL BRUCE BOWEN ROBERT BECK Theology Theology Biology BILL BLISS EDWIN BOWMAN C. JOAN BECKER Hislory Religion Elementary Eclucaiion Seniors 82 ig I1 1 gw ! s flwf' V ,,,. BARBARA BROWN BEV ANN CHRlSTENSEN PHYLLIS Nursing Nursing CUNNINGHAM DON BUSH ROBERT CHRISTENSON Social Welfare Theology Clnemisfry LlNDA DAVIS GLADYS BUSTAMANTE BONNIE COFFIN Social Welfare Nursing Home Economics MILTON DICK JOEL CALDWELL CLYDE COOPER Chemisfry Social Welfare Chemisfry DON DRONEN Theology uv 'v--1 'YW 9 A 1 'EI ag . 2,3 A Seniors BARBARA EHLERT Music Educaiion KATHY ELLSTROM Home Economics KENNETH ELLSTROM Accouniing LEE EVINS Theology DEAN FANDRICH Business Admin. JOHN FELKEL Chemisfry RUTH FLYGER Home Economics GENEVIEVE REBSOMEN- FOUNTAIN Secreiariai Science RHONDA FREDREGILL Business Educaiion SANDRA GATES EIemenI'ary Educ. GLEN GESSELE Theoiogy MALCOM GIBBS Business Admin. DARYL GIBLIN Chemisiry 'DAN GODDARD Theology OTIS GOLDSMITH Elementary Educ. ZOILA GRACIA Home Economics GENE GREELEY Business Admin. RICHARD GRIFFIN Ma+hemaIics LARRY GRIFFITH Theology AGNES GUNDERSON Business Admin. LARRY HALLOCK Theoiogy STAN HARDT Physical Educaiion Religion FRANK HARDY Theoiogy CHERYL HARROM English TERYLYN HARVEY Sociology 83 Seniors ,f. , i i C HOLDSWORTH HOWSON Business Admin. LINDA HUFF Nursing 84 BARBARA HElNRlCH 'Business Educa+ion ALVIN HENSEL Biology DON HOFFMAN Medical Technician CAROLYN HOUSE Nursing 'iifvff' 0 o ROSALYN HUMPHREY VIRGINIA JORGENSEN GWEN KEMPER Social Welfare Nursing NUVSUIQ Joe JEFFERSON BERNARD JUST GLENN KERR Sociology Biology Cheml5i'Y HARVEY KILSBY Accounling NANCY KIRSCHENBAU Social Welfare BILL KUEHL Business Admin. TEDDY LAM Mafhemafics 'Wx sr' 'ffvrrps '01 . 19' Wai Seniors f, M O' I "Ign- I i I 'UM LAVERN LEE MURIEL LINGLE Biology Elemenlary Educ. VERNON LEE DONNA LOTSPEICH Biology English CONNIE LEWINS EMNMAIOWERY ' UFSIDQ sgiacliam igiilig LARRY LUSHANKO Chemishy Business Admin. s..-.ar -..,.p-I 'vw-Q., Business Admin. DAVID MCADOO DANIEL MCADOO CHERYL MEISSNER RONALD NELSON Nursing Business Admin. DENIS MOORE SUSAN NOYES Physical Educalion Elemenlary Educ. Business Admin. ANN MCCARVER Music Educalion JOHN MARTIN Theology KENNETH MORGAN Business Admin. TERRY MORRIS Chemisiry 85 Seniors 86 I MARVIN OLSON Physical Educ. RONNALEE OLSON Nursing LARRY OTTO Music Educ. DONALD PADEN Biology, Chemishy qi' I I ROY PARKE Chemisiry CHARLES PAULIEN Bioloqy WILLARD PECK Business Educ. TIM PEDERSON Chemislry 59 4!""'?P JACK PESTER Biblical Lang. ROBERT PHIPPS Mafhemaiics CAROLYN SUE RANDALL Business Educ. DENNIS RAS Hisiory MARGARET REED Elemenfary Educ. EUGENE RITTENHOUSE Hisiory, Theology LINDA ROGERS Business Educ. ED ROTAN Physical Educ. . .,,, ,.,, ,,r ,W 'T' h 4...m.n' . . ryv' 2552, W 'Q' tlea EVELYN RUTAN Elemenfary Ecluc. RENAE SANDERS Home Economics FRED SCHMID Theology JAN SCH ULTZ Social Science WINFIELD SCOTT Social Welfare HARRY SHIELDS Hisfory MARY LOU SIGMON Social Welfare, Rel. JUDY SIMMONS Social Welfare COLLEEN SMITH Secrefarial Science RAY SPANGLE Social Welfare GLENN SPEAK Business Admin. ALLAN STONE Business Admin. CAROL STRICKER Secr. Sci., Home Ec. BETTINA STRICKLAND Social Welfare CHARLES SWANSON Biology Seniors 87 KATHY SWANSON Maihemafics DONNA THOMPSON Elemenfary Educ. EUNICE THOMPSON Elemenfary Educ. GARY TREFT Ma+hema+ics NORMAN TRUITT Business Admin. JOLENE TUME Nursing LARRY UNRUH Business Admin. JAMES UPCHURCH Sociology, Rel. LARRY VANDEMAN Theology MARLENE VANTUYL Nursing JOSEPH WARDA Chemisfry JAMES WASEMILLER Chemisfry MARYBETH WATKINS Home Economics LINDA WEHLING Elemenfary Educ. DANNY WELLMAN Sociology NOT PICTURED: ALAN BIETZ MIKE BURTON Physical Educ. Religion BERT ZAVERSNUKE Business Admin. ELAINE D. WENTLAND Elem. Educ., Rel. LAURA WILSON Elem. Educ. MYRNA WINDECKER Business Educ. S. LORENE YACKLEY Elem. Educ. WINONA YACKLEY Elem. Educ. ELISA YOUNG Malhemalics STEVE ZEELAU Business Admin. DAN POLESCHOOK Physical Educ. Seniors 89 Jumors Donifa Absion Gary Affolier John Allen Susan Amundson Marlin Andersen Gary Anderson Paul Aoyagi Karen Asfner LyneH'e Avey Orville Baer Jeff Balmer John Baker' Erving Bales Sue Ballard David Ballou Bren? Balmer Byron Barber Audrey Barnes Connie Beck Marimae Barfon Junior class officers leff 'fo righi: Paul Beflinslri, president Carol Sfeplmenson, vice-presidenig Linda Kosfenlro, secrefaryg Jim Wenfworfh, freasurer: and Pefer Luna, sponsor. Nor presenf are Helmar Hegheson, pasfor, and Dale Johnson, sponsor. 'VI of ,Tlx lllraffrfs 6 rw, I A-4 ., bfi 1 ,MW m rff.11f" M, Q, 5 '?i4'4?fQ K alt! Q' gl 5 if 'N '-fl-I V . , 1 " A Juniors -Q I, f . 1" I f' , V3 'FV' ,r avi' i :- 9 1 K.,- Jerry Beck Linda Becker Tom Beclrer Aniia BenneH James Bergen Paul Beilinslxi Darlene Binder Roberi Blehm Charles Blood Daniel Bcdner Jeannine Bohr Ronald Boo'l'l1 'lv Clyde Borion Harvey Borfcn Myrfle Borion Bruce Bofisford Dave Bowers Kennelh Bowles K' 4 , V V' L-Y 75 Lf' lm, Wg: f,,-, Jw f f Charles Brasuell Donna Burgeson Susan Carier Linda Brennan Harold Burgeson Larry Casebolf Clariece Brenneise David Burgharf JGMSS Cliaddic Sferling B'-euer Linda Burfon Errol Chamness Larry Brodin Rolaeri Buxion Sandra Childers Duane Brown Jon Carlson Darrel Chrisfensen 9I Juniou s ,Q fr r as 92 rw 0' ' , 'W 1 11 C " so-5 ,, :J L, Ronald Chrislenson Eldonna Chrislie Glenn Clark Jean Clark Judifh Clark Linda Clark Ann Cole Juanifa Cox Becky Crowscn Terry Curler Vidor Dahlman Roberl Daniel Vicki Danielsen John David Harold Davis James Davis Cheryl Deibel Bev Dobson 'kg' L V new Roberi' Dohlman Ronald Doss Alice Do+son Karen Downing Donald Drobny Ronald Drobny lv- T' 'wk' C--p Keifh Ellslrom Richard Enos Keifh Ericson Mary Evard Sheryl Fanrich Cusfer Fealher Q-' Dave Ferguson Glenn Ferris Elmer Flemmer Elsie Flemmer Luis Flores Waller Fox Juniors Wanda Friesen Lawrence Friesiad Lelia Galbraifh Susan Gibbs George Gibson Linda Giles Elmer Glovaislcy Aubrey Gooch Jerald Golifried Richard Green Sherry Gregg David Gregory John Griswell Harold Haas Connie Hamilfon Irv Hamilfon Edwin Harlan Sharon Harper David Harrom Ronald Hassen Elmer Haucl: Helmer Heghesan Sonia Heinrich Carolyn Hellweg Leia Hensel Douglas Hill Rymer Hoey David Hoffman Roberi' Holbrook Kafhleen Holweger Mary Horion Dianne Humpal Kennefh llchulc Rolf Jarnes Ken Jenlrins 93 Juniors 94 srrr K , 4 ,H '14 W. 7- 5s ,J ,divx in 'Y b NWO? 'Z7' se f QT Ml' ew we Vera Jeurinlr Darwin Johnson Edmond Johnson Frederick Johnson James Johnson Nancy Johnson x i 1 "i Q l ff, 1? Zigi. , ee- X Shirlee Johnson Donavon Kaclc Ronald Karr Vernon Kelley Violei Kemena Elizabeih Kinsey Rick Keichum Anne Kinder Aldine Klein June Klein John Koch Lynda Kosienlco . in Karla Kramperi' Nancy Krogsiad Lewis Krueger Karen Lane Joe Lang Jacqueline Lange if Y 41,-X 'W ,., 'uv 'III' 'qv' L 2 y D i L iiii is is-or af Ross Lauferbach Leroy Lawinslry Chesfer Lembclre Darrell Leonhardf Tom Lewins Lonnie Lindbeclr Rosella Lloyd Pafriclr Logan Richard Manner Bob McCoy Janice McLeod Bob McMullen Richard Manner Rick Marasco Dianne March Sandra March Billie Marlin Marilyn Mariinez Randy Maieo Sue Mercer Duane Miller Dwighf Miller Peggy Miller David Miichell Doug Moline Suzy Moline Sleffen Moller Sharon Moore Doro+hy Morford Charles Morrison Tony Murrell Grani' Nelson Judy Nelson Noriia Nelson Virlys Nelson Joseph Newcomb Jan Niclrell Shirley Nighfingale Donna Nyman Jane Olson Madison Ornclorff Gerald Osfer Sharon Osfer Yung Woo Pak Kaihy Pangloorn Milo Payne Ernesl' Pearson Paul Pellandini Jeanefle Pelerson Juniors 95 Juniors no Ant- 45x .4 ,, , sf' 'R' 2 hu M 'ri iii , f .- fx 4 4 f J uv I ,. 'A 'hggalfg 'Q ,,,,,.1, .Yi-wiv 2525 FK ,, V4 211254-' EN H ' ,f Jerilyn Peferson Carolyn Peclrham Gary Pi'Hman Sandra Pierson Francine Plisco Faye Poore 96 'ry ssl 'Qyf w-...., Carol Pudleiner Ann Randall Cindy Ray Joy Reeve Richard Reiner Gary Reinlce Jahnn Reise Russell Rexin Roberi Reynolds Marlyn Riffel Jacquelyn Roberis Jay Roberis Daniel Rogers Dean Rogers Janice Rosenlhal Beverly Roih Donald Roih Ray Rofh Glenn SaclceH David Sample Margarei' Sanders Livingsion Schneider Linda Schwarz Linda Scaggs Thomas Scull Lily Shen Dick Siebenlisi Marlys Siverison Larry Slrinner Lonny Smiih Roger S+earns Lee Sleele Carol S+ephenson Henry Sferling Ronald Sione Donald Sfriclrer Carl Slriclzland La ry Taylor Elaine Thomas Janice Tref+ Nancy Trimble Cheryl Wheeler Linda Tucker Roberi' Unsell Roque Vargas Terry Verlo Diane Veri' Karen Wade Carol While Michael Walker Sharon Wilson Edna Ward Lynn Wixon Virgil Ward Alan Woods Jim Wenfworfh Mary Worley Juniors 97 Sophomores 5 'ie 5 asm. s W1- wp! l .I ,, ' ul Z I 3 , l .hy ,Q 2, ' V 5 , n sm., il! H17 'QQ i at Q lm.. "ng, 'Q 'Nil :Ml in. 'Wx "S . -mg. QI: p.-- ------uns: Q14 e. Illaflldlvyrrf-'P 1 nav' 71? Sophomore class officers from lefl +o right R. E. Harris, sponsor: Ronn Pelerson, sergeanf-af-arms: refaryp Ralph Kerr, ireasurerg Connie Saunders, vice president Lyle Davis, presidenfg D. J. Filre, Rideouf, pas+or. A JUN Ru+l1i+a Jensen, sec- sponsor: and Lowell 98 WW ,nn- Delmar Ailken Calhy Anderson Jerry Ausfin Carol Barlcer Jerry Becker Barbara Alway Jeni Anderson Larry Auslin Cheryle BeaHy Ora Bell Bob Anderson David Aoyagi Linda Bailey Karen Beck Linda Bengeri W sv 1 wif' ,Lu ,y V ,, 5 'Q rr 1' ,YK '31, ,M :fs 31 iv fi f K l sf-7 Ok E V uv -cw" H, ' Jovce Bennelf Philip Brailsford MBVlYf1 Berry Sherry Brislow Rosalea Bells Judilh Brodersen Errmesl' Boolcer Donna Brooks lnez Bowie Daryl Bur-bach Paul Brailsford Bruce BuHler X . C V fb , V Viclor Cachero Ann Carrick Sfephen Chadwick Ron Childers Roberl Chilson Sherrill Chrisfensen ,, . QVC " I ,, fg , Linda Clark Loella Clarlc William Clark Milce Coffee Larry Crawford Linda Jean Croal: 1 x ff? - miffe, fiiijfvfgfi A I gil na! Kafherine Crowson Bryan Darcy Lyle Davis Lynnef Deremer Margarei Devnich Rufh Diclcinson Sophomores l 99 l Sophomores Larry Dodds Donald Dohlman Tony Doolaard Daniel Dorchuclc Sharon Dunbar Wayne Dunlop l00 Errol Eder Bruce Ehleri' Nadeane Engel Karen Erickson Rolaerl Ernesl Vilene Feese Marcia Fellowg Celinda Forman Sandra Felfon Norman Finch Phyllis Fischer Garry Fisher Buell Fogg Donna Foulsion Kiily Frosf Susan Frye Ervin Furne Tom Gabriella Carlfon Ger Karen Gesse Larry Gibb Marfha Gib EvereH Goo Eugene Gol or 'Q-in M if ff 1 gffv' . 1 av' 4 l Elaine Hagelganh Janice Hanson Marianne Harris Dan Harrom Roberf Hari Judiih Halcln fi Ab' f in Qww George Hedgecoclc Sandra Hedlun Harlan Heienbaugh Bev Hilliard Duane Hilliard Rufh Hix Darlene Horob Ronald Howell Connie lverson Ruihiia Jensen Ann Job Linda Johnson Mary Johnson 4 Marianne Johnson Gerald Juhl Dennis Kaiser Wynn Kaiser Grace Keller Ralph Kerr LeRoy Kirsclwbaum Linda Klaman l lou Sophomores A F'-if We Q K ,,. ,, , ,. f .. ...,., . ,,,,, -r i 'iii Sieve Knable Jackie Krein Cheryl Kungel Phyllis Lane Kalhy Lang Judy Larson l02 5.- 1 y. -. o I , Vvfl I Karen Lauer Judilh Levenhagen Susan Lindberg Dee Dee LiHle Denise Long Doroihy Lucero ,N 'v Edward Lynn Richard McClain Duane McKey Shirley McLean Kafhy Malas Judy Maline Terry Marah Glenda March BeH'y Marquardl' Edwin Malhis Michelle Mafhis Meredifh Malihews ga-a gg-lo' 'Y' -me 1? M . ,f-f l U,- J -Q ,. ,yi Q , ' . ei "luv gi' J 'A uf f A, f f -6' li 0 51" Q' ' ' Rvfiif tfasiaaif Q--.2 1, 0' 1 KVVVY' 5 "N Roger Mallson Ernesf Norhfon Diana Oblander Joy Oclrenga Carol Pafferson Evie Pearson Linda Meier Viclxi Menhell Milie Miller Cliff Morgan Wayne Nazarenus Jane Peierson Sophomores Ronn Peierson Linda Pierce Vonnie Pierson James Pogue Jerry Pogue Virgil Poleschoolc Sharon Poffer Buzz Prowanf Ramona Pulver Wesley Quale Connie Rea Charlene Reddicl Verna Reid Carolyn Reyes Lowell Rideoui' Jerry Rivinius Veronica Roach Marian Robbins Lois Roberfs Laura Befh Robinson Dairn Rock Darrell Rodman Jerry Rosaasen Susan Rolan Cheryl Rofh Dale Rowland Alvin Sanchez Roma Sanders Connie Saunders Ka+hy Saunders Enid Schili Nafhan Schilf Larry Scholz Jane? Schulfx Claudia Schulz Sophomores l04 Denis Segebarif Allan Seqebarif Buz Slwidler Ronda Shy Carol Siebenlisi' Doug Smifh T viii . cl M..-f" Don Soderslrom John Speer Julia Sprengel Karen S+. Clair Pairicia Sfebnilz Les Sfeenloerg Cheri Sfeplmenson Linda Slerling Beverly Sfevens Sarah S+ra'H'on David Swenson Cody Tachenlro 'M-: 1" , .- . . if ff 'Q ?:.'. s!.,,i, W,i , .. I U 1 , 3313" 4 '.'z?'v. .. 1. .Hu 8 "i X a ZX! ' " " 'L' I vt' T" v.. is Qiffmj' f 'Q P v 4 ,.,,f"", 5E1gQ5kui1u'oglHv: eh, wr N2 1,5-MU Valerie TaclreH' Brenda Taylor Karen Taylor Dianne Tebelius Judy Teslerman Melociie Tlwomas Sharon Tidwell Carol Tompkins Joyce Tracy Lynn Tuslren Pa+ricice Tyson Duffy Ure Cafhy Valenfine Roberf Vance Arlene Van Horn Marvin Van Horn Ron Vaugh Harold Vences Greg Wahlen Shirley Wargo Joe WaHs Nina Wehling Jan Wendell Margaref Weng Joann Werner Kay Werner Leonard Wesfermeyer Linda Weygandl' Connie Whiie Barbara Whifehead Philip Wickizer Gary Widiclcer Fred Wier David Wilkens Sa ndee Williamson Curfis Wilise Leonard Will' Jennifer Zeelau Gary Zimmerman Russel Zummach Soplwomores l05 Freshmen Freshman class officers leff io righf: Jeanie Haas, vice-presidenf: Krisiie Johnson, freasurer: Louis Li-Hrell, sergeanf-ai'-arms: Cindy Lankford, secrefary: Dave DeBooy, pasiorg and Bill Achord, president Noi presenf are sponsors Aufumn Mil- ler and Gerald Colvin. Bill Achord Charloffe Allen Henrie++a Amory Karen Affolfer Karlene Allen Gary Amundson Duane Albrechf Barbara Alonzo Fred Anderson I06 Jim Anderson Lynnda Arms+rong Linda Aus+in Rodney Avey Sharon Bachmann Franlcie Bader Lane'He Baily Randell Barber Earnie Barr Carolyn Barrel? Deborah Baugher Tedd Baugher Joyce Baughman Sharon Bean Pafricia Beaulieu Dixie Bechihold Rush Beekman Floyd Beierle Cecile Bel+z Myron Belh Janice Bergen Joan Bergvall Garry Birih Carol Blehm Alvin Blood Donald Blue Gary Bollinger Loyda Borion Marilyn Bounds Rollin Bower Marvalee Bowie Marvin Boyd Barbara Boyer Barbara Bradley Laverne Bradshaw Connie Brandenburger Freshmen IO7 Freshmen Diane Brenlon Randy Brighl Rodney Brodin James Brown Leroy Brown Lore'Ha Brunfz Twyla Bryan? Marlc Burgharl Ramona Burgharl Bruce Burlcs William Burlrs Beverly Bushnell Lecounf Bufler Alice Campbell Leo Campbell Richard Carlson Dennis Ceiihamer Philip Chaffee James Chilson Sfeven Chrisfensen Alvina Chrisfenson Mary Chrisienson Herb Chrisfopherson Olivia Chung Roberf Clemenfs Cynfhia Clouiier Sam Cole Phil Confreras Sharlene Cook James Cornforfh Alyse Correia Phillip Coy Da rrelyn Craddock Carolyn Crary Nancy Curl af me yy e y i'g..,.!,' ix Bonnie Curfis Dennis Cushman Diane Daehn 6 Cynfhia Davis David DeBooy Linda Deibel A W W fd 5':f Ulf Har Max Deibel Susan Dennis Merlin Diclc Sianley Diecle James Downs Donald Duerlcsen db' my ao" va ., .pr- Marsha Dunlcin Dean Easfin Twila Edwards Boniface Egbunabl Marsha Englalom Irvin Enoch Richard Ericlcson Beill F6958 James Ehrlich James English Marcia Erb Wal+er Ericlcson Gerald Fmneman Jeanne Emdee 'leaning English June Ericlxson Deloris Fanlchanel Harry Flemmer Freshmen IO9 Freshmen l IO Esfher Flores Faye Flynn Sandra Friclc Clarence Friesen Lois Fulghum David Gabriella John Gafes Linda Gafes Jim Gibson Wayne Gilberf Julie Gligor Tom Goff Marvin Gofffried Myron Goff-fried Charlo-He Greer Janice Griffin Sharon Griffin Edward Grosboll Sheila Guflcnechf Judy Haas Jeanie Haas Deborah Hagar Eddie Hagele Gary Hannah Dorofhy Hanner Kafhy Hanson Rickey Hanson Russell Hanson Viclxi Harris Claudia Harvey David Harvey Kafhy Haugen Tom Heafon Fonda Hecox Susan Heidlancl Pafriclr Henderson Larry Heplcer Leslie Herber Emanuel Hiclcson Davis Hieb Cherie Hill Janice Hill Madeline Hill Richard Hill Ginny Hoagland Sherry Hobbs Paula Hoeppner Larry Hofmann Sandra Holmes 'A -sf i M2 W New ze W V gh, f f Q :ml ,, fl' H A- .17- ..g,,,A HA 4.34, F gn- ' X1 L 11 ' G! m F 1 .Jr ,x as IL, -J f Q- 1. f, is f""! . M9112 ' 'Mw- 17,7 FN K 4 lll S f , fib- iv f v 'f lla "' f 'Hb' ,awe Darrell Holfz Peggy Holweger Blas Hoolcer Joseph Hsu Lyle Huff Gary Hume iff ,yew ' ar k-5 ii 1' P1 :ff A V J , , Zu as 1 v. 11 Lowell Ingold Donald James Ka+hy Jarvis Gary Johnson James Johnson Jeane Johnson Pi Efbxfd Krisfie Johnson Larry Johnson Lei Johnson Sandra Johnson Sheri Johnson Nadine Jones Rebecca Jones Caren Juhl Lanson Juhl Lyndon Juhl Dennis Jurs Roberl' Kaiser Freshmen l l l Laura Kamloen Clarence Keilh Sam Kennedy Kip Kipping Jerry KnoHs Eugene Knowles Don Krassin Margarei' Kunce Lynden Kuriz Julianne Lafave Chee Chong Lai Linda Lambie William Lambie Linda Lang Roberf Lang Cynlhia Lanlcforcl Jucly Larsen Lois Larson David Lawrence Sandra Lay Lawrence Lee Sco'H' Lemerl' Linda Leonhardf Esllwer Leyba Lance Liebelf Lynn Liebell' Ronald Liglwflwall 5 Shirley Lindbi Derald Lippo Barbara LiHleI Louis LiH'rell Sfephen Lock Vickie Loclcw: pw' I or '5 U.. L... y.. 1 ,. f ,. ind Y ,, 1 fi: 1 1 h4,,f,1 x 3 L Jjvlyf Ve, 4, ' YY' AP" -mf' W ,W , ' fgff mmig beri' Loewen nald Lohman nnis Lund :ry Lund rleen Lund :iy McElvain Q...- ,, Sherry McHenry Donna McKelvey Dennis McMullen Marc McNally Karla McTaggar+ Linda Mahoney Bruce Mann Rebecca March Larry Marchel Guy Markley Claire Marfindale Glynda Masiers Melanie Miller Ronald Miller William Mills Cli'F+on Mifcheli Jerry Moon Gregory Moore Peggy Morris Regina Morris Lorene Morrow Gary Muenchau Thomas Murrell Lorrie Nash Freshmen I I3 mf . J R. I ,,L 1' 3 M 'Z.,i"x M ff f 1 .W i ,.,,, ,I ,M AZ, A :KW , 1 J' f :jf I fv 3 Vg 54,-5 .H A -J. .-it-7 'We 'Jf 44. xy 3 ia .W 4 9 - fa, .-.Q , gf-g..,gf!ggfrj'133', -3-sy.. -"Wm, f,f- v",?o4'o'.-" .-'ho- 0 ' A ll ' ' fa' WB' ' mn.-N4 1-1 5 f.'xO1"i ' ,. ..:1.8.oaW,-Q ,f...a,,g U' 351-:V 21" r- S" 'wifi .J s "'n',.,qT W.. , ,mfr-,e. 1 wr M.: -1..'o:J ,Q 'e .0: 9. 4- 1 , V L , ,i Bruce Nausldal Linda Neel Geraldine Nelson Judilh Nesfell Johnny Ngoi Joshua Ngwalcwe Gary Nielsen Janeffe Noble Joyce Norman Raymond Norman Vernon Noyes Judifh Ogaia David Olson Rila Olson James Orr Lavonne Overlurf Elwyn Owen Janice Page we-if' Roberl' Page Roberl' Peclt Dave Penix Judy Penix Randy Perkins Joan Pefersen Bonnie Pelerson Sharon Peyer Renae Plesulc Sonia Porlilla Raylene Proc'l'or Allan Purlceypile i Q A Joyce Quinn George Ras Thomas Rasmussen Kendall Rawlings Rebecca Rayburn Sherry Read F!! 41 J V ,f,.. M ,, ,.,, ,ef . ,r 'Q -,fear-gf ew . H , ., 1 .i ' li: 5 r 4 V I' 2 -A is f l I lviz i' V I 1 2' L V I r. In I: :, I fi i 5 r sg 6159- ' 'liz . l .ln :I W' Er.- e ou --1' bi f,--. 4 F z. Q39 at A 1 J 12 ag WL if ar is f"Q wr ge fer -'L' .fizsess M., Hia- lsr' it riff' M, v" .QZ7 'Haw Freshmen Linden Reeves Daryl Reinlre Renaye Reiswig Janice Renlc Margaref Richards Mary Richards John Riley Fred Riffenhouse LyneHe Robarge Bobby Roberis Janice Robinson Pam Robison Michael Rodgers Shelley Roland Mary Rose Ray Royal Donald Ruddle Joyce Russell Mike Ryan Roy Ryan Karen Sanders Roberi' Saunders Carol Scaggs Myra Schauer Roland Schneider Carl Schobring Wesley Schram Jean Schulfz Donna Selfmann Diane Semograd Neva Seversion Pam Shull Darlene Shumalrer William Sierra Bruce Simmons Freshmen Gail Slcinner Hope Smiih Melvin Smi'lh Sfeven Smifh Willa Mae Spaulding Kafhy Srabb Susan Sfaples Sylvia Sfarlc Suzanne Sfone Kalhleen Sfonebroolc Lanny Slouf Darlene Slowe Nina Sfrub Ralph Surdal Shirley Suller Bonnie Tang Carl Teale Paul Thornblad Vernon Tooley James Trana Weldon Treal Roberl Trimble Sanifa Ucci Roberl Va ndeman Mari: Van+uyl Virginia Vences Alan Vercio James Veri' Sharon Vesely Charles Vise Kei+h Vollmer Sandra Wager Laveda Wagner Connie Wall Reginald Wall 16-1 nv 'SH' fi' . 1 L -fmm-mi -f'f f-ff' , 49- 'wiv w.,iifFf'i2?'fa fr ig Ml, 1' film fx:-'-5' Sieve Ward Marlr Wasemiller Belly Wallrins Ladonna Walls Jeanice Wehling Renee Weisz Brenda Welch Karen Wendell Carol Weng James Wenzel E Miclcie While Glenna Widiclcer Paul Wiedemann Delores Wiese Roger Wiese Alberl Willie ms Hindley Williams Geraldine Wilzel Gary Wood Nora Woodard n -iw fl Joann Woodruff Sharon Woolen Pafricia Young Marilyn Zerbe Larry Zuchowslri lf Qfxa Freshmen l I7 Karen Anderson Richard Blair Ron Brayion Myrna Bresee Jane Broolrs Naihen Cessna Loren Clausen Connie Conley Larry Crailr Barbara Day David Engen Ardis Full! Judy Fulfon Winsome Gallani' Lynn Johnson Sybil Johnson Ervin Kerr , S+eve Krasean Brenda l.aFleur Sharon Lang Dean Lanz Lyndell Liebeli' Jr. Fresh. Fresh. Jr. Jr. Fresh. Soph. Fresh. Special Fresh. Soph. Soph. Special Fresh. Fresh. Jr. Soph. Fresh. Soph. Fresh. Soph. Jr. 'Y Dan McMullen Soph. Ben Magoon Fresh, flu, QQ... A' Q' 'Ci 'ha .gb X Rv 'Ac Bobbie Mailhews Delilah Meyerhollz Linda Mondragon Tomasa Ramisez Ann Rifchie Jim Rosenlhal Dick Smilh Diane Sfeingas Lana Tuslren Phyllis Van Benlhuy Jennifer While Sherry Winner Seh Jr. Soph. Fr. Soph. Fresh. Jr. P. Grad Jr. Jr. Jr. Soph. Special Dan Goddard Ann Jarnes McCarver Don Bush Who's QI Glen Gessele Kafhy Swanson 3 3: lm ga S S 2' V 2 5 Q John Felkel T' Who Clyde Cooper Barbara Ehleri- Mike Burfon Gene Greeley i l In Memoriam A s'l'uden1' is snalched 'From our company. A +eacher's voice is silenced. A musician's no+e vibrafes Hs las+ chord. And fhe life, and 'rhe influence, and +he echo con'rinue. Angeline Mafihews, M.A lns+ruc+or in Piano June l5, I967 Larry Wiggens, B.S. lns+ruc'I'or in Nursing December 27, I967 Marsha Engblom Freshman November 27, I967 Tim Pederson Senior May 2l, i968 I 0 . if l24. THE ACTIVE CIRCLE . symbolizes our pariicipaiion in college aciiviiies clenofes our eagerness in youfhful behavior, emphasizes our friendship in inclusirious living. Registration "I iusf know l iefi' my 'iooihbrush behind a+ home." 04-f'.', f in NV -iig- Masses of siudenis crowded info 'rhe gym during ihe fhree-day regisirafion period. lnnnm-Q. S+an Hardf, righf, 'fulfills one of a regisiering s'ruden+'s mos+ pain'Ful obligarions as he wrifesa check for 5300. Final verificafion-fha longes+, biggesr, and mosl' discouraging line fo The siudenf who discovers +l1a+ all +ennis classes are closed. , el 4 ,,, L raffle Wiki Some siudenis found 'rhe long lines convenieni for calching up on ihe la+es'r news on friends from lasl' year. -a m f f an f""""'Il-da Mr. Filce, impersonaling an elderly man 'from a nursing home, begged for college sfudenls lo join singing bands and visil' him on Sabbalh aflernoons. The MV sociely held a rally 'lhe weekend of Seplember 30. Elder R. N. Dower from lhe General Conference spoke a+ fhe Friday evening meeling in lhe college gym. Sabbalh services for lhe college and 'lhe five Lincoln area churches were held in Pershing Audilorium. MV Rally sionary Volunleer Sociely, 'lhe parlicipanls in 'lhe aller- noon program slepped on +o lhe sfage lhrough sliding doors in a large symbolic diamond conslrucled by Mr. Since lhis year marlced 'rhe diamond jubilee of lhe Mis- D. J. Filre and MV sponsor Roy Harris. z elf l28 'i": i"W ' Elder Paul DeBooy, Ceniral Union MV secreiary. wrofe and narrafed 'lhe scripl for fhe Sabbaih affernoon program. The weekend rally 'focused on 'Phe +hough+, "Forward march, MV you+h!" ...S Various groups 'resfified +o fhe effecfiveness of pasi MV ac+ivi+ies in iheir own lives. Elder Maxwell inferviewed a 'family which ioined fhe church affer being confacfed by 'lhe Giff Bible Evangelism program. 3 . Led by siudenfs 'For ihe firsf lime 'lhis year, fhe annual Missions Promofion Day neiied a new record of S5,l9l.6I. Don 'Dronen, John Marlin and Billie - - Mariin assisred sfudeni' leader Rex Bell in organiz- ing fhe soliciiing sfudenis info bands and cars. f . Halloween x 12 v. .Q 2 K" .,..-.J ' in es X, 44 4 'ln' 3 J f . N R2 3 , ..z ., . A- f y Y W x, 5 'E Qi ' I i f 5 , K L Siudenfs emerging from ihe campus sieam +unnels which were 'femporarily converied fo "spool: +unnels" by fhe ASB for +he Halloween parfy, found 'Hue sigh+ of Ron Hassen swinging from a rope +o be flue crowning iouch of horror. ! I ASB Banquet Loca+ed in 'lhe banquel rooms and ballroom of lhe Cornhuslcer Hofel in downfown Lincoln, +he ASB banquel' was held off campus for ihe firsf fime 'lhis year. ,gf ff ff' an Efiam- if 5' Tfxce- A ax Egg I32 Nancy Johnson and Norman TruiH' admire +he flower-irlmmed founiain fhal' was a highlighf of fhe decorafions a+ 'Phe banquet Linda Brennan opens fhe gianl-sized package presen+ed 'ro her by lhe AS in recognilion of her efforls as chairman of 'lhe Social CommiHee 'lhal planne and prepared 'Phe banquet And Winter Came P' dr I giigyf k,:k ,,.k"' ..,,...N 1 lx w x Q' NN Y X .. 9 If-ff ,ff ' I 5 ,S R I iw. U A+ ihe formal ceremony of fhe iighiing of 'Phe Chrisfmas free, Miss Groiheer direcied 'Phe combined Men's and Ladies' Choruses in "Do You Hear Whai' I Hear?" "Once uponaiime A Ji' ., I r.k: I ,:,Hf1VL,:Lk-fy: .11 ' . "k'7g1"?y7.,qb., I 1 1 , 1, g, i . 1. a.sL4'A-6111. Kx1.V:ik4'..'W - N if ,if Q AZ 1 i 1 1 1 i i Siudenis mailed Chrisfmas cards io servicemen in Vieinam. Dr. Fowler spoke a few words . . . i I34 vm '. . , 'Q O Rx '-MHA. a 'K Q 1 Msp., .fo A th' 'H H qv: F gl ' X f 'K J 55 .. e J K iw! f 1, 1234 1 A r 8. g x ax, :XY A , 'f:,"'f Q.f'K N' fe., QQ Q.. L 08,1-idly' W' y . ,,.'..5 A 5 K , .. , Al ff A ,nqgzx N 'P " Q A 1 3, Q ' 1 J -.,i ,, ' -g . ' Q , -ge Q ., 8 X NA ' Ds. , - , 2 A Challenge by Dr. Maxwell. The Minisferial Club held i'rs annual banquei in rhe cafeleria shorlly before Valen+ine's Day. Kalhy Pangborn, Pai' Morrison, Valerie TaclceH and Carl Srriclrland wai+ 'For fheir dinner fo be l served. I36 ,hx ..... N is X "We Pledge Our Lives in Service" sang fhe senior minis-lerial sfudenrs affer fhey were dedicaied in prayer a'l' The Minislerial Banquet The MV scciefy planned and presenfed a Sludenf Week of Prayer March I0-I6. Siu- denf speakers include, from leff fo righf, Larry Hallock, Doug Moline, Helmer Heghesan, John Felkel, Don Bush, and LaVern Lee. Elder E. L. Minchin of 'rhe General Conference spoke for lhree days of 'rhe spring Week of Prayer, March ll-I6. He +aughl' lhe enlire sluclenl' body lhe gospel chorus, "l Wan+, Dear Lord, a Hearl' Like Thine." I37 The wilds of ihe norfh counfry, icy glaciers and spicy humor were combined in Don Cooper's 'Film and program on lhe Canadian wesl. Kennelh Armsfrong broughi 'Phe sfory behind fhe head- lines on +he war in Viefnam, documenfing his lecfure wi'rh color film. ., W. ,g xv Included in Cooper's program was a vivid porfrayal of +he Indian melhods of salmon fishing. I . 'Z ' ,V ff A , ff 4 ' A 133' h , 1, XR isll ,Mui M., X, -, , IQ an . ' sf- v' 3' gl , . Nw N 5 A :his +-rf Q W r :un-M. 'ee 1 ...ff 'A Rf' K ff.-E3'T', i , as 1 If F, ii..g if I Read, . ,:,,. ,J 1 1'r'4 X Beauliful phofography of 'Phe beauiiful in nafure was Phe lceynofe of Phe 'Film program presenPed by former Wall Disney wildlife phofographers, Phe MiloHes. ff , 15 ig S Q... I P .fix 'Q , gf, 'W ffiilzlt P 'iii QQ N 2 11 Y as +P A lllll ,gif 1l,l ' Zilf' - 3 P ' 3 an 2 K F 'x"a,, ji A ,, l ii if P it A w.. 'Pigs rrr X X i 'ic 3 SPan Midgley, in his program on Soufhern California' uged his A cloclc 'Power on Moscow's Red Square was included in Clay Fransisco Pridlc phofography and aP:iliPy 'Po discover 'Phe beauPiful in 'Phe non- Pfeseniailon 0f+P1e People and how il1eY live lf' "The New RUSSPB-H urban Po creaie a piciure of Phe Los Angeles area Phai' seemed less smog filled and more aH'racPive 'Phan usual. l40 5 5 - .L V' W :'W1 :ff ,,, f- es, Ski-en'll1usias'l John Jay 'look an oulrigger canoe lo Hawaii, where he filmed llie 'llirills of skiing on lhe slopes of dormanf snow-capped volcanoes, as shown in his program, "Head for Hue Hills." The new generafion and lhe emerging personalify of Israel were 'lhe subiecl of Ed Larlc's "Israel, Rebirlh of a Na+ion." , M wwf Marfha Gibson admires Paul Wiedeman affer his whipped-cream facial a+ fhe sophomore class parfy. "Mirror, mirror on fhe wall, who has fhe biggesi' eyes of Il?" 8 Rv- Sophomores played "grown-up" games a+ +heir class parfy. "You fool: fha? curve 'l'oo fas'l!" Harvey Kilsby scolded his slof car during ihe senior class parfy. A+ +he iunior class pariy, Rolf Jarnes pleaded 'For anolher naplrin or a bigger plaie or a smaller faco. Senior class officer Ka+hy Swanson, confined 'lo 'lhe lrifchen, 'Finally had a chance lo 'lasfe some of +he spaghefii she had served her Senior classmales. Larry Taylor ioined her afler wailing wilh hungry paiience. Juniors Terry Verlo, Rhonda Shy, Rolf Jarnes, Carl Sfriclcland and Kafhy Pangborn added a liHle hof sauce +o fheir facos in hopes ihai fhe exfra spice would help lhem on fheir semesfer exams ihe Sunday morning following fhe pariy. ., 2 Freshman class officers served doughnufs af fhe class pariy lhey held in fhe academy gym. HMBY l have TWO- Plea5e7H 'W y 'NVQ Troubador William Clausen sang ballads and 'Folk songs in a dozen languages and accom- panies himself on his guiiar. Dr. Hill 'Found +he clinic band, composed of ll5 academy siudenfs 'from +he Norlhern and Cen+ral Unions 'lo be quife a challenge. Afler all, i+ was iwice 'Phe size of lhe college's Con- cer+ Winds. W Q The band clinic Safurday nighf concer+ s+ar+ed off wifh a bang-and a cymbal crash Miss Nancy Groiheer and Mr. Rol:er+ Waliers, boil: of flue college Music Deparimeni, presenied a recifal in which Mr. Waliers, accompanied by Mr. Lanny Collins, also of ihe Music Deparimenf, performed flue Bruch Violin Concerlo. The world famous Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus vlsvfed Union in March and presenfed a unique program fhaf combined campfire songs wn+h rodeo iriclc roping. Theme for fhe Amaieur Hour was "S+arligh'r Bowl." Margaref and Carol Weng and Diane Humpel carried ou? lhe mofif in fheir siar-sfudded dresses. Cliff Milchell wrole an original reading ihai won a prize for him and Bob Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Filce, The emcees. Jeanie Haas and Marsha Dunlrin sing "Come lo 'lhe Fair." 1 "No, we didn'1' really win a prize, did we?" i 1 l g l ' s , Q ,, i , ff N t .Ten-my 'lb Dan Goddard, John Griswell and Gray Gry'fe's performance of "You'll Never HMGIGQUBNG-" Performed in Cl'355lC SiYle. WON for Bren? Balmer 6 Wall: Alone" won recognilion as one of ihe mosf professional performances. fflp +0 H16 Dillon-il C0f1'feS+lI1 WGSl1inQf0n. 0-C- Sports : fl Fred Johnson runs wiih 'lhe ball while his pursuers fighr fhe dust W S ig r Don While: "And ihen rhere was ihe lime I ran 80 yards +o make 'the winning fouchdownf' Since 'lhe new indusirial complex was being buil+ on +he former aihlefic field, iniramural foofball shified io a femporary field beiween fha academy and fha old college farm buildings. e,.g,,ea"d -ff i ""f":f'1agv.q Bob Blehm hopes +o cafch fha? pass before Milre Miller ialres his "flag." ' 1 aff, U5 M. sw Wha+'s lhe mailer, Ref? We ain'+ done any+hing!" l50 Bob Blehm 'Found The Fabulous Magicians io be amusing opponenls. Every Wednesday evening ihe gym was an open baslcefball 'free-for-all. ,.,.. z Rn, ,J :Kggagif A-W Y we When lhe referee iurned his baclr +o lie his shoe, ihe Magicians immediafely pulled a "behind-fhe-baclr" snealx. 5 g www! Sundays and Thursdays, +he girls' baslrelball league forced fhe boys 'lo si+ on fhe sidelines for a change. The audience-capiive, or capfi- ai'ed7 lj, my rg r 4 ff fl, ur In inframural baslce+ball 'Phe dorm -leam bea+ ihe village feam for fhe 'firsf 'lime in several years in a Saiurday nighf play-off game. Greg Wahlen prepares 'fo proiecf 'the puck. Dave Bowers: "l 'fhoughi' I saw if 'lhere iusf a second ago!" Dean Dale Johnson guards +he'goal from Hue onslaughfs of some of his dormiiory residenfs ' 'f ' - .. 'L 7" .s .:-'iL'5.- .J " ,Q WW4 msfM 'ff?'f .2 K5 '.,. 1- ,iw f -ugh f f ,MM - was-vesspfMw+w,ef ,ly 11, A 1- gs The ASB renfed fhe ice slcafing rink a+ Pershing Audiforium ihree fimes during fhe school year. Some sfudenis found i'r fo be a new experience . . ' . . . and some ieachers did foo. -xx A Virgil Poleschool: remembers his d.i. days. 'riwsiswfiir ""WV'!K Q? sag f if. ,,,:.- - vi '21 Terry Verlo shoulders his slcis and heads for ihe Colorado slri slopes. f4?fg ' if iifj i W V 17 xr 'AQ . 'V ',lir4,fLijL?':1:-AQ Ai A , fxfm in . , Vega ,',, IPs Quia ski Trip fi X 4- f , , I 9 1 UN, , NW 4 My i" V: . 'Teas ,i ' ' i afi i?yh JrefsM4fi0'i?v Q -'1, 1 . ' ' X fgiiggggggibf .,,e t 6 f. gf ' ' if 'Nha "rs. .:,.,. Jerry Rosaasen: "This sure beals Basic P.E.!' :.g,1 ehQgRQs Msg? 'Q .T 3 W V 'T-33' 1 w ,KK W , f , ' ' if :fig-Q Xe sl , fi " ..-,Y , v"-"i,,,,,k ? W? xx-Q: ps 51735 far' k 'fu-fisf li 4. Q 31, ..', y, I - , , , - , . Q. f , , , v, .. , , . V ,, , , A Bob Chrisfensen: "lf ai firsf you don"r succeed . . .' ' . . . fry, fry again." .. PM ' M, rv 1 A i -Q2 K yi ts. . is r ? I l 3, . 3 - ?' Z fi .V 1, fi 2 ' S, e ffl 4 JK , 1 fi gyfiiifffgikz H I .. 1 in , 1, , an , K 2 fl'-kg .. 1 3,1 ' 1 , " 5, ' Q 'M -JW sffgL?,ljfl? f 1 1, 'A A .W f , , . I l rv' ' is we muy , grffr Jn as if 1+-ak .I V reifa ! 'fm ,A-4' Denver Amateur Hour Lynn Wixson, Marimae Barion and Cherie Meissner praclice in ihe dorm parlor in preparafion for "The Spice of Life," an amafeur hour held on fhe Denver Campus. 1-fi: ik On sfage! ak 5 - ' . ii rrm'A L . ' . T5 . . re if 5 W 5 , I k r f Y My , if IT"-5 Q T , A - 5 A ' 1. -'AA 1. i S 3 in I Q .Q 'ii' rg :---b 'xx I Jr 'Q iq I Vislhng sfudenis from Soufhwesfern Union College, Keene, Texas, display a liHle buf of +he Lone Sfar S+a+e's "Spice of Life." EL ., is YES. Anne Kinder accompanies Violel Kemena in a Japanese song. W f m , W e A W , , 11, ,f frf H 9' H ,gf , W ,, if ,fa f 1 Y, . 4 ' ' z Affer fesiing, my group had 2I7,, fewer cavifies Q and 48 f, fewer ieeih. A day begins ai sunrise. W K' 1, Y a I "Tl1e Spoiler" Noficel These sfudenfs are walking on 'Hue sidewalk. The "Good Morning" 7:20 class. And now our feacher for +l1e day. Fuiure docior .AXX 3 4 L-H' M' 'A - -L . a e . 9 e an , . . " , fxiviw Are you sure +haf's fhe answer? Wei' pain?-wafch if or wear H! Soliiude -ww .., rn 5 ,R x -4 A J, - wan... X 1 3 Even lab insirucfors sfudy. Xe ,pf "You know, nex'r wee Sadie Hawkins . . ." ull. l ,A 'Ti MW.. , i., ff mg, v L , 1 u a IX Nw" 5 ,, i . aff- rf'- I'-rogefhemess-I Boy, a real live mo+or7! wwe., .A., ,Q V V Q 1 Aw, come on, S i NVQU aa rf Q K l N ""2g- E2 """"" " M i f QQ X . .5 K Ly' 4 179 he,-ry' please. "My ieacher said ihe newspaper is a good source for ou+- side reading." '-1 MW K? if x The downsiair-in-befween-class agilify 'lest l59 "Please ge? off my foe .swf ,,. H ifi V. ' aa-. 4. it WOI-IH you believe-convoca+i0n7!! "The closer he gefs fhe beH'er you look." :M f, E ,swim 1 WGN 5? Slurp! if s -as m K' X 9 is Walking foday7 "l said 'Palme fhis card: he's wa+ching!" Hi-Rise power house. ., v--I td.. "l'm sorry, she doesn'+ answer." Terry Harvey waiiing for fha beifer half I 0 K v, h ,K Think I should call her? .Q . P She Q . preHy mad fhough F5 B115 0 Q -. 'ie lvqaqi 5 5 ,r 1- f fl. 2 :HH- , ,,,, ,fr f . l62 GZ' Busy... ll! s ll s YI h ffx Q Q 1 S1 "9m,,....m , W Whaf kind of demonsiraiion is +his7 Bewifching hour. Lei' if ring-I'll wai+ . . . od! Hold if fhere a minu+e-lei' me focus 'The camera. Mump57 gf' 3 48. 49' 50 - - - "He said I had io lose 5 pounds." iii' -r A smile and a program ai Sabbafh School John Gales offers spiriiual insigh-is and encourages his discus- sion group fo find a more meaningful relafionship wiih Christ -u Preparing for 'rhe refurn irip home. fix Recovery Room X X ,,Z5',, The dociors and ihe nurses performing hand surgery Public Healrh s'rucien'r, Cherie Meissner assisfs a pahenf in her home. Nw i ivy z " Q 4, ' 'N +2 Q Who's +ha+7 N X When did fhey sfari' puffing leffovers in 'rhe pizza 7 ' 1 'N Mai XX y x B The bib se+ 7 , 4, E- . ,V ,a LN.. , ! Somebody lose a coniaci? Ae fr Bag O li tl , i wx X fix! Wow! L, "df gf am Q do o it ,rf ktfrvy iv- ,A I66 "l+'s noi' all for me!" wwf? N 1 , 2'- , 1 , ll -, in 2 -1- 1 -' Q.: Q l , W 1 f" ,. ,, X Q. l X fx v . , ,J N A 1 In A 'LLL V fl - :Zz 'g,, 1y5 A L,, -V .' V Q 5 'N ilu 1.1 fl . . ' nh Zh 4a?4M . ix iw ? - S 'Q i f, VKL 'Wy' Qu , f an ir , 1 ,, may 6' xx 7 43' I f Linda Slefllng P"ePafe5 +0 'fhfvw in H19 5P0n9e- To 'lhe 2 parfail'-3 banana splil' conlesf win- Boy, if flwose kids only lmew wha? we pu+ in lhaf ner, en'l'ree! The orchesira goes on four. Did you say we Iefi' ihe bubble ma- chine 'for ihe harpsichord? N 225: . K A+ firsf we goofed off . . . and Wen ' - - Bui' I really do need my Righi' Guard. wwf H -A Q -L-wggmx .Q K H x I70 THE ORGANIZED CIRCLE porirays a ring of sysfemized meefings, esfablishes clubs of cooperafive purposes, shares fhe associafion of inferesied individuals. The Associated Student Body Don Bush, president, found the details of his responsibil- ities to be innumerable and challenging. ft Q if ii ',i' i i ,,,, T V, A i l 5 ,, Z 5 E if Z XE , , I 2 E . il 5 i 3 The Associated Student Body officers worlced with the college administration to secure the Snack Bar that was initiated during the school year, as well as the new athletic field constructed during the year. They also arranged for longer evening hours in the library. Besides refurnishing their office, this year's officers accomplished an all-time first when they erected mail boxes for the village students in the second floor lobby in the ad building. A special feature film was shown monthly to the student body through the services of the ASB. Each of the ASB's subcommittees helped fulfill the entire organization's responsibility to round out and complete the social and secular life of the student. 4 2 2 V , Aff , 5 f l if ASB officers for Denver are, from leff fo riglrl, Diane March, vice-president Jon Nickel, freasurerg Ronnalee Olson, presiclenf: Mary Horfon, secrelaryq and Miss Ruflw Haller, sponsor. ASB execuiive officers mei weekly fo plan acliviiles for ilne s'l'uden+ body. From lefi' +0 rigl1+ are Harvey Kilsby, 'freasurerp Karen Asfner, secrefaryg Don Bush, presidenig Dr. Rene Evard, sponsor: Curlis WII'rse, associaie vice-president and Linda S+erling,vice-president Z n E 3 . 5 I 5 i K f 1 Q 3 T! 5. "1 5, Q , fi , 1 5 5 5 ,1,.. ,ga ag ,,, by me xx U Responsible for 'lwo sporfs socials and fhe school picnic, +he Healih and Recreaiion CommiHee was, from le'H fo righl: Greg Wahlen, Judy Broderson, Larry Taylor, Don Soderslrom, Janice Rosenfhal and chairman Bob Blehm. '42- The Programs Producfions Commiffee planned il-ie New Slucleni' Taleni- Program and +he Amaieur Hour. From lefi' To righl' are Pal' Morrison, chairman: Norifa Nelson: Dave Ferguson: Barbara Ehlerf and Ann Carrick. 5 Members of 'Phe Special Producfions Commifiee on 'fhe Denver Campus are, from lefi' io righf: Emma Lowery, Becky Crowson, Mrs. Margeurife Cooper, sponsor, and Anne Kinder. Denver campus Recrealion Commiliee members are, from lefl' fo righf: Bob McCoy, Marlene Van Tuyl, Lynn Wixson, and sponsors Mrs. Kaihryn Edwards and Miss PeHy Pannabeclcer. Members of The Heallh CommiHee on lhe Denver campus in- clude, from lefl' 'io righh Judy Nelson, Virginia Jorgensen, Gwen Kemper, and Mrs. Sharon Herbel, sponsor. Dean Rogers was chairman of fhe Sfudeni Cenfer Com- miifee, wi+h Renae Sanders and Connie Iverson assisi- ing him. Noi' presenl for 'lhe phoio were Jeff Balmer and Ron Hassen. ASB adveriising and 'lhe Chrisimas Tree Ligh+ing ceremony were +he responsibilily of 'Phe Promoiions Com. miH'ee. From leff io righi are Karleen Lund. chairman Dan Wellman, Jim Wenfworih ancl Kafhy Malas. Noi pres- eni' for phoio were Kafhy Pangborn and Mrs. Ginger Johnson, sponsor. The annual ASB banquef was planned and organized by +he Social and Culfural Commiffee, consisfing of Sherry Gregg: Linda Brennan, chairman: Nancy Johnson: Dicl: Lorenz: George Gibson: Errol Chamness: Miss Floda Smiih, sponsor: Merediih Maffhews. T f b T . . 1. ' AK.-5.w sud . 'T ., --Q., Execuiive vice-presidenl' Linda Slerling presided over sludenl council, which mel' on every olher Tuesday evening. The mos! usual fopic of discussion was ASB finances. Denver campus Golden Cords s+aff members: Carolyn Peclcham, Carolyn House, Bev Chrislensen and Jon Niclrell. hs if r The revised conslilulion ihal' wenl' inlo effeci fhis year called for a large represenlafion of sludenfs elecied from 'lhe s+uden1' body. Clock Tower Staff Dr. Paul Jolce and Dr. Verne Wehlie, aclvisors, compare 'Phe Clock Tower wifh papers from olher colleges while Richard Greene, ad manager, lrles lo appear unconcerned. Na+ presenl 'for 'rhe pholo was Mr. D. J. Filre, ad- visor. wmv' w1W""""w ww., 5 1' ,- . The ediforial siaff, 'From lefl' +o righ+, included Jerry Moon, associale ediforg Linda Brennan, managing ediforg Phil Brailsford, edilorg Dairn Roclr, edi+orial x assislanf. Q. Tuesdays meanf a big headache in layoul' 'for fhe weelrly Clock Tower, which was prinfed offsel 'lhis year 'For fhe 'firsi' lime. S 'X' ...L-me ag.,- Wm N Sfaff wrifers included Karen Asiner and Meredilh MaH'hews. Lynnef DeRemer lbehind ihe bubblesl was 'lhe news edifor, along wilh Joyce Benne'H' lnol presenf for phofol. Golden Cords Staff Dan Goddard, ad managerg Nancy Johnson, lypislg Mr. Eugene Kilgore, sponsor: and Golden Cords presidenl' John Koch. rf! .fp ,. 1 ,,," NWGLT ,.,v. fi .V ff .Q,,,i:rf.1, Glenn Saclcell, cover designer s Karla Kramperl, edifor -1 .law I, ,I aw--Ui' 3 4? L88 1 Mr. William Rankin, sponsor and Bud Gooch, pholographer Susan Gibbs, copy: Linda Neel, organizafionsq and Kafhy Pangborn, +ypis+. s wa. 4 9 9 1. Beffina Sfriclrland, layouf edifor ui Linda S+erling, associa+e edi+or pIo+s piciures wiih ihe edi+or. Ann Carriclr, faculiyg Donna Lofspeich, assis+an+ ediforg Gary Bollinger porfraifs and phofographyi Lei Johnson, rosfer. Firsf semesfer Sabbafh School officers were Hop rowl Keifh Ellsfrom, Nancy Johnson, Sandi Childers, Rolf Jarnes, and ibof- fom rowl Lynda Kosfenlro, Vonnie Pierson, Susie Amundson and Darlene Binder. Nof presenf for fhe phofo were Ralph Kerr, Ernie Pearson, Connie Beclc and Denis Segebarff. i 6 3 vi ! Firsf semesfer officers of fhe Minisferial Club held a campouf in Sepfember and a banquef in January. Officers were, from leff fo righf: Glen Gessele, Dave Ferguson, Ora Bell, presideni' Larry Vandeman and George Gibson. Wives of minisferial sfudenfs mef Tuesday evenings in fhe Sfudenf Cenfer for lecfures and demonsfrafions abou? areas perfinenf fo fhe life of a minisfer's wife. Miss Nancy Klopfensfein demonsfrafes solznelarfs and craffs suifable fo feach children in a vacafion Bible sc oo . Second semesfer Sabbafh School officrs were lbacl: rowl Lary Taylor, Jim Wenfworfh, Keifh Ellsfrom, Margaref Weng, Sandy Felfon, Helmer Heghe- son, and lfronf rowl Lynnef DeRemer, Diane Humpel, Roma Sanders, Jan Griffin and 'Doug Moline. Sandra Pierson, seaied, was presidenf of Kappa Thefa during second semesier. Ofher officers were Linda Haas, Dairn Rock, Lynn Tusirin, Kaihy Pangborn and Carol Weng. i 1 , Z S Q i 3 1 Firsf semesier officers of Hue campus girls' club, Kappa Thefa, were 3 Karen Erickson, Evie Pearson, Marilyn Bounds, Kaihy Malas, presideni ' Joan Becker and Carol Pudleiner. ff 1 E I 3 Sigma Io'l'a Kappa -Firsf semesfer officers: Keifh Ellsfromg Greg Wahlen, presidenh and Spike Lewis Sigma Iofa Kappa second semesfer officers: Jim Wenfworihz Dave Bowers, presidenh Rolf Jarnes: and Dan Poleschook I83 2' tl The officers of fhe newly-formed Liferary Club were Meredifh Maffhews, presidenfg Lynnef De- Remer: Peggy O'Briang Mr. D. J. Filce, sponsor: and Dr. Verne Wehfie, sponsor. ..,,,,,,..M.m Gisela Behrendi' edifed fhe Liferary Club's publicafion confaining original works of arf and liferafure produced by Union College sfudenfs. Advising Gisele on ihe quanfify of money fo be disiri- bufed in prizes for works submiffed fo fhe publicafion are Glenn Saclceff, club business manager, and Mr. Lowell Lam- berion, sponsor. The campus radio sfafion wen+ FM ihis year and specialized in broadcasfing classical music. Irv Hamilfon spenf much fime announcing for fhe sfafion during fheir evening broad- casfing hours. Officers of 'l'he Nursing Club during second semesfer were: Shirley Suffer: Madeline Hill: Lynn Tuslcin, president Rufh Hix: Keifh Ellsfrom. The club for secrefarial science sfudenfs, called fhe Pen Pushers' Club, had as officers Cherie Sfephenson, Bev Hilliard, Linda Lang, Kafhy Lang and Lei John- son. Officers of 'lhe Nursing Club dur- ing 'Firsi' semesfer were: Linda Sferling, president Darlene Horobg Jeanie Haas: Janice Ber- gen. ha... i i l Ed Johnson, edifor, produced a Peanur Hill Popu- lace +l1a+ had a plas-lic ring binding, a calendar of evenfs, and a complefe lisiing of fhe faculfy and sfaff. Officers of 'the Liferaiure Evangelisf Club are, 'From leff 'lo righf: Bill Achord, Karen S+. Clair, sponsor Elder Pefer Luna, Ora Bell and Delmar Aiflten, presidenf. Sponsor Mr. Griffifhs discovers fhe "Helms" kids" for rhe firsf iime. Sfaff A i members for +l1e Peanul Hill were: Kafhy Swanson, rosier edifor: Bev Hilliard, 'rypish Carol Sfephenson, fypisig and Karla Kramperf, layouf DGFWGI' CamPU5 Sfaff members 'FOV fha Peaflul Hill edifor. No? presenl' for 1'l1e phofo were Alan Woods, associafe ediforg Dennis Were Bev Cl1flS'fenSeI1. Linda SCGQQS. and MlSS RUHI Cushman, assisfanf ediforg and Jim Anderson, arf edifor. Haller, sponsor. Peanut Hill Staff Larry Halloclc, MV leader, sfeps ihrough 'Phe giani diamond used during +he MV rally week- end, and is greefed by lleF+ +o righilz Elder Roy Harris, sponsor, Mike Burien, evangelism: Vickie Danielsen, publicify and Week of Prayer: Kaihy Saunders, firsf semesfer secrefary, and Dan Goddard, music coordinaior. The Religious Life Commiiiee on -ihe Denver campus includes, leff 'io righi, sponsor Mrs. Talceno, Gladys Busfamanie, Alice Dofson, Cherrie Meisner and Merimae Barion. "Union for Chris+ is our iheme +oday" sing 'Phe MV execufive commi'Hee mem- bers. Each of 'rhem heads his own separafe subcommiHee. Commiffee chairmen are, from leff fo righh Lynda Kosienlco, publiciiyg Sian Hardf, dormiioriesp Mike Burien, evangelism: Eldonna Chrisfie, sfudeni missionary: 'Dave Ferguson, probe: Delmar Aiilren, Masfer Guide. Sealed af Hue organ are Linda Wygand+, assisiani' secreiary, and Dan Goddard, music coordinaior. Noi' presen+ for 'Phe phofo were Marvin VanHorn and Don Rofh, "Highpoin+" leaders 'For boih semesiers. Z - W 'lf If x 'wv f, -. N 7 XXGQSQQI A f ,Wg-1-in A ,4 alfhlill I .Q Q x gm ' l 1 lips-.Q WQ- - 4. r r r xx 4,::.vt2, g?:' LL' fly W! 'p l : 1: lf V ,!lff"' 'CW 'es Xfwm,f4,l la l f fl ul l l ly" , .N O"l3 l 1 l Q. ,V I 1 X , X111 ry' If X-X-, X lyiygvlffl llff' I' ll QA X lxllff 'ff X ' W if ll J 'Q ll ll 4 N 'H Ki m- Xi Ayy lwllwly v lf l l, ly l lx xx .gil cj' s X " 4 ,I My I l ig. I 4 fy Y ylf y f M gl l Ill f llfgfx ll ,ll A ll llvl 1 I X. xx JU ll, x , . l I, s x lx dx , lfllwl l l rl I x x ll: R l ll l ll XT XX X34 N X ix , fl' lllgl l' Sk Q l Egl l l Nl r l l X l X K L my 2 X, l 'ily x lll l i w? Y ' N V I , 5 Il ' . A X i, X X Via .615 J:-, 1:21 .gl ' l I ll 7 , lf Union for Christ The Missionary Volunieer Socie'I'y 'ioolc as i'l's iheme for 'ihe second year in a row, "Union for Christ" Responsible 'For fosfering spirifual growih ihrough religious acfiviiies on campus, ihe MV socieiy gears much of Hs program +o Sabbafh aciivifies. Included in some of +he Friday nighi' programs presenied 'ihis year were a Chrisimas play aboui' a soldier's deafh in Viefnam and special gues'I's from Andrews Universiiy who rela'I'ed 'iheir experiences wifh evangelism among London's hippies. Elder Maxwell clireds a quesiion 'fo Bob Daniel while Jerry Moon afiempfs +o sori fhe issues of a MV Sabbafh affernoon "Probe discussion on conscieniious obiedion -For servicemen. Y A favorife fea+ure of +l1e MV's Fri- day evening services was Hue rousing song service. MV Sunshine band leader John Griswell played his guiiar as s+uden'I's sang +o cripples af Hue Cl1ildren's Orilwopedic Hospi+al on Sabba+h affernoons. ln lceeping wilh ihe missionary spiril' symbolized by lhe Golden Cords 'l'radi+lon, Union College selecled 'lhree sludenl' missionaries 'for l968. Lynda Kosfenlco, a iunior chemislry maior from Cenlerville, Ohio, will go lo Liberia, Africa for one year, where she will leach science and music ai Konola Academy. Junior lheology major l-lelmer Hegheson, from Os- hawa, Onlario, will spend a year in Peru, where he will be an assislanl +o Elder W. Jensen, mission di- recfor of lhe Lalce Tilicaca Mission in Puno, Peru. Sophomore Leonard Weslermeyer, of Boulder, Colorado, a physics maior, will spend lhe sum- mer of l968 'leaching musical in- srrumenis ai' Inca Union College in Lima, Peru. wg 'sa ig? owing ,ml Jerry Mifchell, scheduled 'ro refurn 'lo +he U.S. in June, I968, spenf his year as s'ruden+ mis- sionary pulling +ee+h and leaching anafomy and physiology and assisiing Elder Leslie Schofield on a medical launch on +he Sao Fransisco River in Brazil. r , I enl' missionary John Fellcel spenf I9b6-67 feaching chemisfry and English a+ Taiwan Missionary ege. Karla Kramperf, sfudenl mis- sionary during +he summer of I967, faughi school 'For primi- five indian children in 'Phe San Blas Islands of Panama. The Golden Chords Chorale, Mr. Elmer Teslerman, direcior Mr. Elmer Tesierman direcfs fhe Unionaires. The Knighis of Union, men's chorus direded by Miss Nancy Groiheer The Ladies' Chorus, direchzd by Miss Nancy Grofheer Officers for ihe Concerl' Winds +l1is year were Duane Hilliard, Sfeve Ward, Marcia Fellows, Linda Weygandf, Doug Hill Karen Asfner, and Larry Crawford, president 'lf The Concerl Orcheslra, in Hs second year, Rolaerl' Walfers, conducfor. The Conceri Winds, Dr. Melvin Hill, direclor I The College Players, Dr. Melvin Hill, direcfor 1 l I The sfudenf-sfaff council mef every ofher weelr fo bring sfudenfs and faculfy fogefher fo discuss campus issues and problems. Faculfy members of fhe council are Dean McClain, Dr. Thomson, Miss Dickerson and Mr. Fleming. Sfudenf chairman was Dave Ferguson, wifh Kafhy Pangborn as secreiary and Judy Levenhagen as publicify secrefary. Pasfors of fhe College View Elder G. W. Morgan Elder R. C. Gafe Presidenf of fhe flying club, Wings of Union, Ralph llerr examines a model plane while ofher club officers, including Ernie Pearson, Linda Mills and Linda Bren- nan, look on. Church Pa sfor R, McQuisfan Usher's Club Officers: Karen Gessele, Lyle Davis: Jan Griffin: Errol Chamnessg Presidenf: and Kafhy Pang- born. 1 - XE i - Q The Golden Cords College -S The "Golden Cordsijf?-whal mean- A symbol of some 5:lreamer's A symbol, beaulifiil ini:leed,gj A lnspiring us 'l'o.mree+ man's neeafg 1 A mighfy challenge 'rhrough 'rhe years. 1 To children S lhe pioneers, f And one b one 'lheylfve heard Godis call . To "lenglf en,cords's' and give lheir all To go 'F hlo 'l'he Mission lands is Wilh gappy hearfs and helping hands. Today +hey're found around lhe ear'l'h, Nine hundred s+rongdl'hey've proved lheir worlh. we melflhem and won"l' hesliale To lell you l'hey are 'l'ruly greal. A sWha++ich rewards will be lheir prize gyag - A"l'nl:vu'l'e l would pay lhe schogpl g A fTha'l5+augh'l' lhese 'lollc lhe "Golden Eagle." Inspiring l'hem wilhlgeal 'l'O-gCl,ii Q is A A Eguipping lhem +o grow and g y Around lhese "Cords" mem'ries cling: Whalgdreams heaiP+s y . ,M I in ..:,, ,,.. , X AL g ,K J U , g ogit Forgive asf so Theylre leiarsiof sioyesosdo n'o'+ggfear: Asie ii'i G The "Golden Cords of Union" slilliw yygg y l ' y lnspire To give is A y ggggyg A God" and iiug So, Union College -here's 'lo you+kQ You've helped a hosl of youlh be 'rruel Your "Golden Cords"S-symbol sublime. A Are growing dearer alllhe lime! 6 I Esleb OC'lf6l5QfT:l4, I967 'Sv ai THE BUSINESS CIRCLE builds frade by consiruciing originalify, . creaies responsibilify by promo'I'ing concern, produces memories by supporiing our annual. Ro , ,fx In f' ' J 'RN 1 If X , E f 'F x N f ,f M, f I f Cf! f X! Q7 L "lm ff Z O WL? XWEWLU L B1 E1 ' L f ydlaipzlek ,Vi N L ' TA L 1 2 5' I gf, ' , :M -g.q f-Q1 cl AJZEQQQ ,Ek-Pfllxfli jggff, f LQ Eg ' A I U,.":q1f .Lk ' ' j?iTLf5'Lve?i'S.??f3A fy! E CONFERENCE ' HOSPITALS MISSIONS . . .IN COLORADO We inviTe you To invesTigaTe The advanfages of service in The COLORADO CONFERENCE 2520 S. Downing, Denver, Colo. 80210 1-4 V A-Fir w ,Q 4 I de ,..,, il, . X . . I --f '-"Q 1, vi 5, 1: -- my all ss -- 1. as 3 5 , . . .. --.K s .. , . --f . T .Q .- W'-1 A X' ,, ,..-sgws , . . as . 1.-+4 fgs-r,. , css- .sl fi lj-11 K ,fa ,Y , ,..., y g .gf .if N - .J , M, . a- kk 9.x .. Nara! Asa A. Chrisfensen, L.L.B. Jol1n P. Glynn, Jr., L.L.B. Audley Hendricks Frank T. Lopp Drs. Reinmu+l'1 84 Reinmu+l1, D.D.S Oliver J. Pogue, MD. Clwesfer L. Norman ,M.D. Russell Sfrom A GREAT UQ O WORK Q0 Q, af I I -N 6 EIEE f P LAC E TO xr? avg' O5 X QESQQ ll Q O OO 'f 6 QNX W' OKLAHOMA CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS P.O. Box 528 Oklahoma Cify, Oklahoma 73l0I MOHR'S IGA FOODLINER Soufheasr LincOln's Mosf Modern Food Service FEATURING: Modern Delicafessen Depar'I'men'I' New Home Mari' Deparimeni' Open Sundays LOW PRICES S8IH GREEN STAMPS 3534 So. 48+h 488-22 I 2 UNION COLLEGE PRESS FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS 3700 So. 49'l'h Lincoln, Nebraska 68506 Phone 488-IO44 5 EIS, TI-IE APPLIANCE DOCTOR gf . A Whirlpool 3 H A Appliances . ,QV ff L It I New and Used Professional Repair of All Maior Appliances A Unioni+e LARRY IDOOI RHODES 3927 So. 48+h Lincoln, Nebraska 203 1 if SULLIVAN'S LUMBER CO. Lumber. Hardware, and Building Supplies OPEN SUNDAY 47II Prescoh' 488-2236 Congra'ruIaI'ions 'Io Ihe Savings-Loans Seniors MQ 4 Insurance CPS an S XL ' K MUTUAL SAVINGS CI Mix 500 Soufh I3I'I'1 SIreeI' Lincoln, Nebraska RAY'S SHOE SHOP We pay 5 per cenl on renewable cerlificales 4If4 per C on Open Savings or pass books. Compliments of i the PACIFIC PRESS PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION : K Wx M: Q -s 5 'L , f . ' 1 5 .. S: f " n ,, .A 1 VV K - W N nn 1 n e we .wa N K "1" J ki .: e H eeee f Q ' 'M H ,, I N mf - S-'e Compliments of entrul Union Conference of K Seventh ny Adventists , hm -L .Elf X if Q All right! ' ,f . fgf- T rpg ' L' Who stepped 1 4' L., f f on my ,-' ' 5:13 S . 4 BN .F x, blfocols? '1 'J--1 ' 1. N 'XX J Q A, ' 'Q . B " J -2?FF3 n- iii: a s A .o.?,g::.-556, . , Idsf if-ASX f- .. 1 -. if . -. 4- - ff-z 1 . :.'f-,sfasn if Q n - L 41. 1 .gif gh, no X, ip. . ' - ,.- . - -, ". 5" - I-P. 1. ri- vi ii? -3' H s?' 'I'f't?lH" ll f to :bu sb:-, 'Qi 1 1 X :., ,L', : -IQ ,. 7' I A 9215 5- 2-il' -ill. 1' Q 46- l ulfgf. TIE' 1? -..4Q'9- 5,5591-,5 .gf xy! 'I' F 'L 1' . grae .1215 ' f f N If T,lQ'rg,i.1ffd ,7-I ,, 0 3 , , U ff., I c t. X' U Qw qlifiijfy ' ' vi Q,-2' ' f as i 'S -,,:,Q.Q"-Qing? 4 f .- 'S S. ' - ,. ,U --4 . ' Don't worry about your invention, Mr. Franklin. Take a look, with or without your bifocals-you'll be surprised. We know quite well the Franklin enthusiasm for the arts and sciences, but you should know a thing or two about us. It's our business helping people see better, too. An education at Andrews improves one's vision bifocally-in the now and for the future. But we go even further than that. XVith both a local and a worldwide view we train people to see themselves better fyou might call it insightl, and they in turn help others Cwe call it foresightj. So we salute you, Ben, yourhpassion for human betterment inspires us. Thus we are committed to excellence as reflected in 0 A qualified and devoted faculty 0 A Chris- tian fraternity of scholars O Research in depth 0 Graduate degrees in Biological Science, Business Administration, Chemistry, Education, English, French, History and Political Science, Home Economics, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Religion, and Speech I Opportunities for Christian service 0 Systematic preparation for vocations and professions. - NVhen people want to see "Something Better in Education" they write for our 3 Bulletin, free for the asking. So, Ben, forget the broken glasses. Our prescription Q for better vision is highly personalized. Things will clear up. So go ahead 5 and smile. ANDREVVS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES Berrien Sprlngl, Mlehlgan 49104 E' ,f jiri: ,- feats .41 -' . "Q R. - I fq'. ..., . 1 ' 5,4 i we-5 I 'J fs sf HH.-. TB f-J N lv MINNESOTA CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS ARTHUR KIESZ-Presidenl H. W. PRITCHARD-Sec.-Treasurer CONGRATULATIONS Io Ihe Senior Class Minnesofa needs well +rained minisfers, Ieachers, clocfors ancl liferafure evangelisfs 'Io advance Ihe worlc of God. Come Io 'rlwe Land of Slcy Blue Walers and loin Jrlwe Minnesola work- ing lamlly. I , J1 Hlg l FNTERPISIISES, INC' 1:44 923 SouI'l'1 SIree+-432-2878 40+h 8: Soulh--488-0985 "For a Treal FII for a King" W 4' ' , ' ' 3' 4702 Prescoll 488-2774 SOUTH SIDE CLEANERS OPEN SUNDAYS Cafering Service KREMER REAL ESTATE 4733 Presco'H' "GRADUATES, Congrafulafions, Besf Wishes, and Thank You!" The World's Besf Yearbooks Are Taylor-made. Regional Representative, TED HOLLINGER OF TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 7620 S+einway Road, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68505 IE EDUCATION-ITS GREAT OBJECTIVE "True educafion means more H1en H1e pursual of c I n course of sfudy. If H1 p p V I H1 If H1 I' o II I1 I d H1 H1 I1 I b g d H1 H1 I'1OI p d I I p bl I' It H1 I1 d I p I IH1 PIWYS aI H1 m ni I d H1 p I I p Hp p H1 'rd If H1 ly I c nH1 orId d for H1 I'1'gI1er Ioy of wider servI H1 Id Io Come."-EDUCATION, page I3. mas Conference of SevenH1-day AcIven'I'is'Is ome things you just SI10uIcIn't be without - III ge I IIIIE 1 '11 vi' Potato Chips 8- gm Snack Goodies 'T , JTA7- ,T CHlP5o DELUXE BINDING CAPITOL CITY BGOK BINDERY 4827 PrescoH' Lincoln, Nebraska 68506 College View Beaufy Shop FREE PARKING 3835 Sou+h 48'Ih Phone 488-4I7I PX L 1 ' ' 'l lv - A . I. .L " ' Ti 4 -, 5 1 f 1' Flowers for All Occasions . . . BURTONS FLOWER SHOP 81 GREENHOUSE . . . Direcl From 'Our Greenhouse Io You. WEDDINGS GREEN PLANTS FRESH FLOWERS POTTERY AND GIFTS FUNERALS CORSAGES TELEPHONE 488-2487 39I5 Soufh 52nd Lincoln 6, Nebraska STANDARD PLANING MILL CO. Cusfom Mill Worlc Esfablishecl I890 II+h and Y. Lincoln, Nebr. 475- I 005 432-6033 ..FOR EVERYTHING IN MUSIC.. DIETZE MUSIC HOUSE I208 "O" SI'ree'I' 432-6644 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS A. B. DICK Elecfric DUPLICATORS Sfanclard Mimeographs Porfable N E B Spirif CLARY ADDERS TYPE Rl-I-ER 0956+ Full Keyboard W PHOTOCOPY or 599.50 and Up Ten Key-All ElecI'ric RENTALS SALES I25 N. II.+h Phone 432-4284 CONROY'S COLLEGE VIEW BAKERY 4725 PrescoH' Birlhday Cakes Specially THE KANSAS CONFERENCE THE Congrafulafes I'he I967 Senior Class ls Ioolcing Io Union College for clenominalional workers Offers Golden Oppor'I'uni+ies for Siudenf Liferaiure Evangelis'Is I275 Topeka Boulevard Topeka, Kansas IIIIIIIMPIIIIIIIIIE' MIIK IIIIIIIK IIIIILIIIIIIHII ighi A Good -Place To Serve BOULDER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 250 Maxwell Avenue Boulder, Colorado Hospifal Careers Are In+eresI'ing-Challenging-lmporI'anI'- Salisfying-and 'rhe Oppor+uni'Iies Are Many 2II Southern Publishing Association omg 'zafufafei ffie gmcfuafaa . . . and especially to be congratulated are the graduates who reached this milestone by meeting their financial obligations' the scholar- ship way. ' - - Everywhere progressive people are adding these beautiful vol- cumes to their libraries. Not only are these volumes beautiful, but Q they contain messages of inspiration, enlightenment, and practical living. Each volume serves a definite purpose in every home. Help others obtain these books. Help yourself by earning a scholarship to care for your Hnancial obligations. SOUTHERN PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Compliments and Congratulations From the NORTHERN UNION CONFERENCE m wma 'H Ultf 'Wh J. L. DITTBERNER, President lts Stott and Officers ot l967 and i968 L. H. NETTEBURG, Secretary-Treasurer Congratulations to Seniors corpus INSURANCE l ANYWHERE AGENCY ,NC IN me wom.n ' ' YUU WANT T0 G0... One-Twenty-Six North Eleventh Street fqr job interviews Lincdn 8' Nebraska -vacations - vacation tours Insurance Counselors it costs not more to have experienced professionals plan your trip Air - Rail - Steamship Hotel 0 Resort Reservations X Rent-A-Car I FRANK'S DRUG XX. .,f Prescriptions Sealtest lce Cream , INGOLN Baby Needs 1stNatlonaI 27 B k Lincoln Drugs Bulllroling Gateway FRANK J. HARGITT' Pharmadd Pn1432-7531 699 R-SEZ Pn1434-5902 7:30 A.M.-mo PM. DAILY AND SUNDAY 36I5 So. 48+h PH. 488-09I7 CLOSED SATURDAY Serving Nebraska Travelers tor Over 30 Years 2l3 National Bank of Commerce TRUST AND SAVINGS LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 68501 MEMBER F.D.I.C INDUSTRIAL TOOL AND SUPPLY COMPANY So. Illh SI. Lincoln, Nebraslca LATSCH BROTHERS INC. II24 "O" Slreel' Lincoln, Nebraslra Phone 435-3246 Your l-leadquarlers for School and Office Supplies 'Me ?ozfect?7 O d From Your Book and Bible House Qsbffffniwwf Uw-MM THE POCKET SIZED Bible Hymnal SET The Church Hymnal and full reference Bible 'Io ma'I'ch in convenienf handy size. So easy 'Io carry-'Ihe sei' weighs only I7 ounces. Your choice of Iwo lovely bindings: LEVANT MOROCCO In blaclr, blue, red, or brillianl' whiie. All leaiher lined, 23 caral' gold edges, sill: marker and headings. Sei' Price Only S2I.95 ARISTON MOROCCOETTE Blaclr only. Arision lined, 23 caral' gold edges, silk marlcer and head- bands. Sei Price Only SI I.25 CUSTOM CASES-3Buil'I iusf for This sei. Spanish morocco, lea'I'her lined, black. Price S3.75 Rich, durable plasfic, plaslic lined Choice of black or off-while Price S2.75 For insurance and poslage please add I5c each sei' PLATTE VALLEY ACADEMY Sl1el'lon, Nebraska Continues to Build for Our Youth PVA Graclua'l'ecl 928 Seniors in 49 Years Enrolled 3l5 in Union College in 22 Years NEBRASKA CONFERENCE of Seventh-Day Adventists 4945 Prescoll' Lincoln, Nebraska Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of l968 May the Lord's Richest Blessings be Yours R. J. DeVlCE and Staff College Furniture Mfrs. Department ot Union College .s .gt .xr- F .Q UM! will UBUSIQQ You Get the Best of Everything at SAFEWAY and Save Money Too! Finest Fruits and Vegetables! DRIVE we Tops in Dairy and Bakery Goods! Low. Low Everyday Prices! HK Wondertul Specials! wma, Alnstant Savings! H555 C0 .1 2I6 Union B Corpora p ani and Trust Co., Member of the Federal Deposit I rance tion. Sl5.000.00 Maximum Insurance for Each De osit UNION BANK. AND TRUST CO. The Students' Ba nlx Your Education ls a Priceless Asset Get As Much As You Can. 4340 So' 'wil' 4884558 KRUEGER FLOOR COVERINGS We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you, Union Col- lege students, forayour patronage of our firm. lt has been a privilege to help you preserve the memory of your college days through photo- graphy. L On into the future! We wish you very much success in your vary- ing fields. L e v A r And in the future, please remember our professional photo- graphy is olwoys ready to serve you. Schrnieding-Hamilton Studio would be honored to help you permanently fix your wedding day in living, natural-colors pictures. y Ken Schmieding t v of lHAMll.'l0N'Sn STUDIO 5 432-2426 Q wh ond P sneer y r 2 Lincoln, Nebraska "See Us for Professional Prestige Photography" UNION COLLEGE BROOM AND MOP WORKS Supervisor-DAN OLDERBAK Sponsored by Steve E. Cook 84 Associates Architects 506 Terminal Building Class of I968 Congra-IuIaI'ions COLLEGE VIEW PHARMACY Phone 488-2525 48I'h and Presco'H' 1-f-,,.. Q N your Devin' ol YOU HOLD THE KEYS TO YOUR EDUCATIONAL FUTURE T ' 'nil v , 1 ' - 4 ' L 668 0 'L,,,,' ' I 'sid' ,- N S ,F 'j xx if' . ttf s 'QE K L ,-4d""i T' In WE HOLD THE KEYS TO GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES OF SERVICE FOR YOU For ScheduIes: Call 432-03 I8 ghlTUU Rig. Sual no W, chow' IR' 0, snow' n-Woathlf IQ hconaixmlns 3,51 Roan Q Aboard B' BUS CENTER I30 Norfh I0+h Phone 432-03 I 8 PACKAGE EXPRESS-FREE VACATION PLANNING-CHARTER BUS CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS ' SOUTHWESTERN I as UNION CONFERENCE 600 S. CenI'raI Expressway Richardson, Texas SI'aIce your cIaim in Nebraska Ihe siafe where 'Ihere's pIenI'y of room Io grow. You will find oppor'I'uni+y in iI's vasi' acres of Iand, in business, indus+ry or in 'Ihe fine schools Ihrough- ou+ 'Ihe sfare. Wherever you go from border Io border you'II find room fo live, +o Iearn 'Io prosper and 'Io grow. T 'I-F5 PIELIC t i m e The Gas Company Congra'I'uIaI'ionsI Gow Meadow, From 4 mmm, , Q AVO , WXK ,J , f X A 'G Ili' Mead0Wf ., - X Gold I Q P Eltdifift 1 W MecdowGold N " IND 0 + K , ,ie "'I'ff'.Ii'i'i D I 720 "L" S+. aavvnnnxios Lincoln Phone: 432-654I ""iffffffI 219 "The Very Finesi Dairy Producisu N ' A TN' Ti TX X . ' x Q UNCOLN ' FIRST NATIONAL BANK 81 Trust Company of Lincoln Downfown a+ IZH1 and N Drive-in a+ I3+h and L I If Nur Us ' E ' " flfffflfifi f 5 15, , :-g:A541V'5.i,.ff-, ., x an X . 9 , . A f - ', ' 4fg.'-2::g'x' 1 1 1 N lf? A'-i '23 " ,ia-if-. ' -7:?f'ff-Q 1 Q iff? ..j'-.-,-.fgf ,, X . l ff. -,,. ,pg 'KU r,- -. - . ,',-335, xk2l'Z::g'.:I11'2'. -zmfzw. ,f'N'7l1g'. I fy., 'ffQ5:f.-.1.-,'.:f. -. ' A- .25 L-,:.'. .fn .5 ..,,.-.-4-pr, ,-.,. . . -.,-'-,bf-. .--JA. .'.-I". ....U.:'.k,:i,.-l-l.-- ' ' -"' '.1'n'jJf,x Z - .1--. .,.::,, ,311-Q-g.,, T x -..v f-. xx. .-lx ..,g,, . 1 '.,--,,. . . , Wx. X -1-:iff if-gp-LL V -:If If '.::.yj5fff- ' ' ' .1..' 1 ff' N '. 11, ,,,,- . -, ,'..,'-g,4l...,,1-x-.'......,. .. V, - ..y,,,!I.,,fN- I -I . . , hx-ex 3-' U .X h .'4,f,L3.7'-. .pl 1 ..,.,1,g,', .1 .5 ix.: A al.",'4.'J'M15'x'.Aigb.p-lffff' ff A -, wg ' : - ,- +11-:-3' -. 75.51-f.:-gp-' -7,-LzfiL1::f,:1--,-.-.-4'-.- .xj-gff .4 , I V:jf,?gLQL5gCl.6f,,.,1,5-,5:i,,,Lf.:D A. L., I Z A, l v,,.f.,-D . An- ' .' f-----.,-Q.-.,-.-' ','v,- . ' - wnm: Us ron g- ,f -v 2111-'.n Q", '.:f,: - .ix','.',l. N XZ1RE'Ei'l:5'5'1?i:7'5A-Q 1 :sf 1 1 . 1-J :.1-.-:.'.' Sp-QM. , 1,1 , . ,.-...-,mx -A ',,-5355. ' 4 D 8 Il B K ' .A -.-,-.A ,N .l.f..- - '. -..,- . --A..,g..1.'q.- V- ,,,.,q.43,i n --.-,1,-h. -wyfru' 'F-4,-.3.' 'a,',x15.:?.i- I 544-1-1-f :-1-g::.5'11" ',"'n'.'-1" ,Q -.,-'.-U. T B UK UU. NC 0 LN, Nm. E. FRANK SHERRILL, Presidenf P. l. NOSWORTHY, Secrelary-Treasurer B. P. HASKELL, Book and Bible House W. H. ELDER, JR., LA-SS-PR C. L. DILTS, Publishing Deparfmenl O. L. CARRCLL, Assislanl L. D. NORWOOD, Assis+an+ W. D. WELCH, Educafion-MV-NSO J. H. Warclrop, Sfewarclship Counsellor J. S. LUCAS, M. D., Medical Secrelary ROBERT H. WEAVER, M. D., Assis+an+ JAMES F. LOWRY, DDS, Denlal Secrelary Arkansas-Louisiana Conference of Seventh-Day Aclventists Arkansas-Louisiana Book and Bible House P.O. Box 5548 333 Soulhmcielcl Road Shreveporl, Louisiana 7ll05 Telephone 865-l483 Area Cocle 3l8 222 POURED CONCRETE HOUSE FOUNDATIONS BASEMENT FLOORS-FOUNDATIONS-PARKING AREAS-DRIVEWAYS-SIDEWALKS LEE FIELD L. W. WASEMILLER 488-7527 488-2075 EXCAVATING TRENCHING BASEMENTS EARTH MOVING We Sell Black and Clay Dirf, Crushed Rock and Gravel WASEMILLER CONSTRUCTION CO. 4430 So. 56+I1 S+., Lincoln GOTFREDSON'S PLYMOUTH-CITY 5I Years In s College View Delivers Far More Aufomobiles ' 'For Far Less! fussy :t,g.!:- I t X I Y I W Q I I . Qt: fl .fgzllllze 1. L 1 ' -18 4- I I I .4 em ff' ' .x 4 ,II :fb 3 aft- iv '-Lil, WSW! J, .v,'l'1:X," , - ,. , I '3Ii3+.m5'f?7T uf I I . I lp., IL . .N 2 5?-ai.- mpg x,,.g1.A UL.. , -553 Nw I Qi - -2. .Q -S' mf. ' - f 'WF ' ' ,' 3 A I I ff'E"fyf'23 "f'I'ff,fl - , lm 1 ' " H-..t'T, -T ' :I X .XX :Q wuugx . ,,. I , V QA ,x - NK: if , Xu ,xi ,. A - ,gil - ,, A ky' A, II.: it U K. 4 Ap - D .. ,il ,, K ' 7' ' , . . L' N JI U ' ,, ' V 5,,ffr7"' gi', 1. . s," v A i-, , -,Xu if A G X- XL A.. ,X 1- I 'N gxflsysfx ,Laci 4 .V V"'g l:,ff1 'Z V?-WN I I ,, , A I Nix, I S9 '.-eifffx: S f 'fr Q?'.!5Qe. - -- A fr' 'U - x I -, -ff LXR.: ,, fb.. HOMESTEAD NURSING HOME 489-530: 4735 so. s4+h A as ' '59 ,ff L I e'lll'l Savings-Loans 'l l240 W- "O" Slfeef Insurance a l6l5 Cornhtrslrer Hwy 0 9 ' l840 O Slreel' CO. lFO0dH0st l340 NOf+l1 Colner soo Soulh l3+h S+ree+ Z- W A '--- 5' '3'6 "N" 5"'ee+ Lincoln, Nebraska 470' HOU Slreel We pay 5 per cenl on renewable cerlilicales 4'f4 per cenl l'lOlTl6 ol Friendly Famlly Dining on Open Savings or passboolcs. and The WORLD'S Besl Hamburgers X 1 ' RUG mi ' 7 Qblw. 11 . fx IOWA CONFERENCE OF SDA 540--42nd Ave. Prompl Service-Free Delivery D95 Moineg, Iowa REGISTERED PHARMACIST ALWAYS ON DUTY Call 488-2375 OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS COMPLETE INFANT DEPT.-TOYS-HALLMARK CARDS GIFTS-GLASSWARE-COSTUME JEWELRY FREE PARKING 48+l1 and Van Dorn LINCOLN K. D. JOHNSON J. O. McLEOD Presiclenl' Secrelary-Treasurer College Laundry and Cleaners 3800 Soulh 48ll1 Lincoln, Nebraska 68506 I, lxl UM! L ll 2,3 '55, 2 Z2 'WI X 223 The Challenge Intefresting and Satzisjhiiiig Careers are available in- Administration Business Hospital Electronics Engineering lnhalation Therapy Library Science Ma i nte na n ce Painting Carpentry Plumbing HLNAQQQEE s Medical Internships Medical Records Medical Technology Nursing Nursing Education Occupational Therapy Pharmacy Physical Therapy Secretarial X-ray Technology If you are interested in knowing more about Hinsdale Sanitarium 8: Hospital, please call us collect at C3125 FAculty 3-2100. Ask for the Director of Personnel. 720 NORTH OAK STREET HINSDALE ILLINOIS 60527 MIDWEST H EALTH FOO D DISTRI BUTO RS and KUEHL'S GROCERY MISSCQRI CON FIQENCE F SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS CPmPlimen'fS 01' We FOR THE FRESHEST, FINEST DAIRY PRODUCTS NORTH DAKOTA CONFERENCE of TRY FAIRMONT-lT'S THE BEST Seventh-Day Advenfisfs FAIRMONT FOODS COMPANY I3I5 4Tl'I ST. N. E. Jamesiown, No. Dalcofa C., TN .,... , , .,., .1 . , ........ ,,,,,,,. QF ,.,.,.,:., ...,-.-...-........ :.,.,,4 FAI RMONT E 'GF f AIRMONT 2823 N. 48141 S+. Lincoln, Nebraska Phone 466-2326 mmcwr ,V 'A.',fU'if sv uv 'l'fLifI1e" Icluum P I I - IS HUIIIGE. SAME FINE FLAVUR cn LI EI. ooqg mum am, ..q.I.mIIm .Lwnmm c. 2 e 'neg mm gm-In v ug lu lm -. ..... -.....-............-M... h f 1 XRy 5 XYQ L' CARE AT PORTER 226 H5 PQ1 Ai 2525 Sou+l'I DownIng S'lreeT Denver Colorado 802I0 ClIhIC8l Campus of Unlon College for Pro'FessIonal NUFSIHQ Clinical Campus of Union College for Medical Technology Program of Pracfical Nursing Ro'I'aTing lnfernship Residency in Pa'I'l1ology llas I 1 To I gif"-' F lil We .ef I I I 171 Ile so PEOPLE WHO CARE PORTER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL NX XI .. ' . CHRISTIAN RECORD BRAILLE FOUNDATION, INC. SERVICES FOR THE BLIND 4444 S. 52 488-098 I ZALE'S J E W KLEIN'S E BAKERY L BREAD CAKES PASTRY PIES R soon THINGS TO EAT Y 432-aooz az: so. :nh T329 Ho" s+. 432-32 I 7 . and barbecued LINKETTS It ,ff XQE ...For Patio, party, picnic, or just having a few pals over-tor more fun, tIavor,g and easy tixin'- you can't beat Loma Linda Linketts. Quang aw saw ffm 3 S Index Academic Dean -- l9 Flying Club .............. ...I9b Accounting Ottice . .. . 23 Food Service ,H 3l Activities ...... .... l 24 Freshmen ......,..... ...l06 Advedisemenfs v D -'-, 200 Furniture Factory ..... ... 72 Agriculmre D . H- 32 Golden Cords Chorale .. .. . l92 Amawur Hour .l.' '45 Golden Cords Statt ... ...l80 AH ..A..v... Alll 3 3 Halloween Party ..... . . . l30 ASB Banque, '..' lnl. I 32 Health Service ... ... 30 Ass officers ...... ,... 1 72 Histofv -'-'--- 44 Ass comminees .,.. in Home Economics --- 46 Biology 'lhbuilli ubru 3 4 lntroduction .. .. 5 mnuwwy.H .... M News ------ H-W Booksfore llll 67 Kappa Theta .... . ...l83 Broom Shop I H D... bg KUCV Radio Station . .. . I84 Cafeferia . H ...' 69 Ladies' Chorus .. ,,,l93 chemisify ....... .... 3 8 Laundry ---'-- 74 Christmas ,.,....... .... l 34 UPVMY ""'-'- - - - 28 clock Tower Sian U IIQI .78 Literary Club ............ .. . I84 Closing .."....- ..l. 2 36 Literature Evangelist Club ... ...l85 College Players .I .... '95 Maintenance .............. ... 65 College Relations . .... 2l Mathematics -- '- - 48 Concert Orchestra .. .... I94 Memoriam ' " -'-- -- - '22 Conced Winds H .." '95 Men's Chorus ............. ... l92 Conshudion Utl' H 70 Ministerial Club Banquet .... ...I36 COMEMS H H 2 Ministerial Club ........ ,,,I82 Counseling H '." Zl Modern Language . 49 Custodial ... .... 7l Music """"' -- ' 50 Dedicanon H .H I5 MV Activities ... , , , , I8b Dormitory Deans . . .26 MV Offlcefs - - - . - . 136 Eaumion ... ..,. 40 MV Rally ..... ....ns English . .... 42 New Students .... ,,,, I I8 Nursing . ..... Nursing Club Organizations . Pastors . .,....... Peanut Hill Statt Physical Education . Physics .......,.. Power Plant .... President ... Registrar .. Registration .... Religion ...................... Religious Lite Committee Sabbath School ....... Saturday night progarms Secretarial Club Otticers Secretarial Science . ., Security ....... Seniors .......... Sigma lota Kappa . Slri trip ........ Sophomores Speech . . . Sports ....... Student Attairs Student Lite ......... Student Missionaries Student-Staff Council . .. Unionaires ...... .... Ushers Club .... Who's Who ...... Weeks ot Prayer . .. Denver 50 ...I84 ...I96 ...IBS 57 58 76 I8 24 l26 60 I86 I84 80 I60 I96 l96 l20 l37 Anderson, Ruby 520l Calverl Anderson, James D. 3l20 Soulh 46 Anderson, Marie 3505 Soulh 48 Auslin, Wiley 5440 Spruce Auslin, Kennelh 4526 Prescolf Ba lcer, Melvin C. 3803 Soulh 48 Bayley, Lois 5332 Prescoll Binder, Roger 3900 Soulh 53 Blaclcburn, lra 520l Calverl' Booker, Richard 4025 Prescoll Bresee, Mrs. Ellen Roule 8 Brilain, R. L. High Rise Brown, Marilyn 5025 Prescoll, Apl. 5 Burgeson, Mrs. Donna 4522 Hillside Ca rler, James 5720 Pawnee Caseboll, Mrs. Nora 5335 Sloclcwell Chilson, Bennell 4706 Calverl Chrislensen, Asa A. 402l Soulh 39 Chrislie, Eldon B. 4444 Soulh 56 Coleman, James 5005 Lowell Collins, Lanny 2830 Pioneers Blvd. Colvin, Gerald 550l Locusl Crawford, Al 4603 Prescoll Crawford, Roy 5250 Meredelh Dahlman, Dan 482l Lowell, Apl. 3 Davenporl, Glenn 47Il Linden DeVice, R. J. 5232 Lowell Diclc, E. N. 462l Sloclcwell Dickerson, Genevieve Rees Hall Dillberner, Dean 4706 Calverl' Downing, Mrs. Alva 5l35 Spruce Downing, Laurence 5 l 35 Spruce Dunlop, Wilfred 4642 Soulh 48 Dunn, Mrs. Anne 5252 Lowell Duncan, Mrs. Maxine 52 I9 Sloclcwell Eivins, Edwin 5l30 Prescoll' Erwin, Carolyn 4400 S. 56 Erwin, Margarel 4400 S. 56 Erard, Rene 46l5 S. 45 Erins, Rulh 4928 Bancrofl, Apl. F Filce, D. J. 52ll Prescoll' Fischer, Roberl 3025 Franklin Fleming, Wayne Roule 8 Foulz, Chloe 462l Sloclcwell, Apl. 6 Fowler, Mrs. Alice 4840 Bancrofl Fowler, R. W. 4840 Bancrofl' ,Gage, Richard C. 4503 Meredelh Gilberl, Colleen 4845 Cresihaven Gilberl, James 4845 Creslhaven Goble, William 462l S0u'lh 47 Goll, George T. 4405 Soulh 45 Granl, Kyle 3830 Soulh 54 Griffilhs, Viclor 5300 Meredelh Grolheer, Nancy 5I40 Prescoll' Grubbs, Sue 5025 Prescoll Hagelganlz, Opal 4700 Linden Hall, Pearl L. 3843 S0ul'h 48 Haller, Rulh 4928 Bancrofl, Apl. B 25l2 Soulh Universily Denver, Colorado Hansen, Bob 5226 Bancrofl' Harris, Roy E. 42l5 Soulh 43 Hauclr, Arlhur 35l0 Soulh 51 Hill, Jean 4437 Soulh 50 Hill, Melvin 4437 S0ul'h 50 Hilliard, Archie 5323 Calverl Hirsch, A. J. Kern Courls, Apl. M Hobbs, Clem 3820 Soulh 46, Apl. 5 Hobbs, Phyllis 3820 Soulh 46, Ap+. 5 Hoey, Nellie 520l Calverf Faculty Rosler Holm, Helen 2245 Soulh 48 Horsl, Lloyd 3408 Soulh 40 Huygens, Gerlrude 5220 Meredelh Jacobs, Barbara 4l4l Soulh 58 Jacobs, Donald 4l4l Soulh 58 Jarnes, P. C. Roule 8 Johnson, Dale Sou'lh Hall Johnson, Ginger Soulh Hall Johnson, H. M. 4722 Bancrofl Johnson, Pansy 5l25 Linden Joice, Paul 4843 Calverl Keilh, Anila 462l Sloclcwell, Apr. 6 Kellogg, Jim l2I0 Soulh 25 Kilgore, Eugene 50l0 Boeclcner Klein, Margarel 484l Meredeih Klopfensiein, Nancy 38l I Soulh 48, Apl. 3 Krueger, Duane 3726 Soulh 47 Kulschara, Mary Lou 3727 S0ul'h 48 Lamberion, Lowell 4629 Sloclcwell, Apl. Leonhardl, E. A. 5300 Cooper Lewis, George W. 23l0 Soulh 62 Lewis, Hilda 23I0 Soulh 62 Lindbeclc, Suzi 43l6 Soulh 48 Lovell, Isabel 38ll Soulh 48 Luna, Peler 53 l 0 Prescoll Lund, Henry 38ll SOul'h 45 Maxwell, C. Mervyn 4420 Soulh 45 Mayer, V. F. Roule l, Box l0l Bennell, Nebraslra McArlhur, James 493l Spruce McCarl'er, Alice 4l26 Soulh 5l McClain, Laverne Roule 8 McGee, Dean 5l20 Claire McGee, Ernie 5540 Locusl Mcllwain, B.A. 4328 Soulh 50 3 McMillen, Gilberl' Roule 2 McPherson, lvan 5237 Prescoll McQuislan, Roger 2837 Sou+h 48 Mellon, June 5l20 Cooper Mellon, Kalhy 38ll Soulh 48. Apl. 4 Mellon, Roy Don 5l20 Cooper Miller, Aulumn 4920 Calverl Miller, Opal 4808 Ba ncrofl Miniclr, Tom 3624 Soulh 48 Minium, lrma 4848 Calverl Minium, Lee 4848 Calverl' Mohr, Ted 49 l 8 Meredelh Mohr, Widad 5325 Bancrofl Moon, Donald 50l0 Bancrofl Morgan, G. W. 4524 Lowell Murray, Roberi' 452l Meredefh Neumiller Maril n i Y 4629 Sloclcwell, Apl. 2 Norma, Dr. C. L. 730I Pioneers Odem, Nancy 38ll Soulh 48 Ogden, E. B. 4624 Bancrofl' Ogden, Virginia 4626 Bancrofl- Olderbalt, Dan 5233 Bancrofi' Ollo, Laurel 4603 Bancrofl' Page, Waller 450l Soulh 44 Pearson, Fred 4726 Cooper Pogue, Dr. Oliver 4850 Sherman Quiclr, Howard 4l03 Soulh 52 Rankin, W. l. 45l0 Soulh 54 Ranlrin, Rulh 45l0 Soulh 54 Rebsomen. Andre 4850 Calverl' Reel, Berlha 4340 soufh 48, Apr. C Reile, Harry 4340 Soulh 46 Reinhollz, Bonila 402l Soulh 56 Reinhollz, Sam 4021 Soulh 56 Reinmulh, H. G. 450l Calverl Remley, Hilda Fern Rees Hall Robinson, Bill I7l I Soulh Wesl' 9 Ronlr, Bruce 4636 Spruce Rowland, Neil 5300 Locusl' Saunders, Ned 4706 Meredelh Schram, Waller 5430 Linden ScoH', Ron 5350 Cooper Sherburne, Wiley 495I Boeclmer Simonds, Charles 4645 Bancroff Smilh, Don 5220 Cooper Smilh, Floda 35l8 Soulh 48 Spaulding, Kennelh 45l0 Soulh 44 Sprengel, Merlon 5433 Pioneers Slone, George P. 4430 Van Dorn Surdal, F. L. 5030 Boeclrner Teslerman, Elmer U. 55l5 Linden Teh, W. A. 53ll Spruce Thayer, Jerome 50I2 Claire Thomson, George 46l0 SOul'l'I 44 Turner, J. C. 4424 Hillside Vielz, Jonalhan Soulh 47 Walfers, Kennelh 4350 souih 49, Apr. 3 Wallers, Roberl' 47l4 Bancrofl Ward, Cedric 4l0l Soulh 44 Webb, Esiher 472l Woodhaven Wehlie, Verne 4320 Soulh 46 Welch, L. W. 5257 Lowell Widener, Marguerile 49lI PrescoH Wolford, Melvin 3825 Sou'l'h 44 Wollrwih, Gaylene 4928 Bancrofl, Apf. G Woods, Dorolhy 5020 Bancroff, Ap'l'. A Zeela, Mrs. Pearl 2932 Soulh 46 Zeller, Vernon 5 l 08 Prescoll 229 Abston, Donita L I72I S.W. I7 Okla. City, Okla. 73l08 Achord, William 3l58 Puritan Lincoln, Nebr. 68502 Affolter, Gary P.O. Box 58 Boulder, Colo. 80302 Affolter, Karen P.O. ,Box 58 Boulder, Colo. 80302 Aitken, Delmar R. 5I7 Brentwood Road Omaha, Nebr. 68ll4 Albers, Dave L. I4l5 North 46 Apt. 5 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Albrecht, Duane 5I0l Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Allen, Charlotte RFD ffl Box l62 A Warsaw, Va. 22572 Allen, John J. 47l0 N. Topping Kansas City, Mo. 64ll7 Allen, Karlene 905 D Avenue Nevada, Iowa 5020I Alonzo, Barbara L. 3726 Wilmington Ave. Comstock Park, Mich. 4932l Alway, Barbara L. 224 So. Washington Loveland, Colo. 80537 Amory, Henrietta P.W. Cen. Subic Bay ZFPO San Francisco, Calif. 9665l Amundson, Gary I787 North Main St. Sheridan, Wyo. 8280i Amundson, Susan J. I787 North Main St. Sheridan, Wyo. 8280I Andersen, Marlin J. 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Andersen, Robert W. RT. 2 Sedalia, Colo 80l35 Anderson, Catherine J. 5l27 Prescott Lincoln, Neb. 68506 Anderson, Fred I925 Hull St. Fort Collins, Colo. 5l246 Anderson, Frederick L. 5lI6 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Anderson, Gary R.R. 2 Box II6 A Maple Plain, Minn. 55359 Anderson, James 3I20 South 46 Lincoln Nebr. 68506 Anderson, Jeni L. IIO E. 32nd St. So. Sioux City, Nebr. 68776 Anderson, Jose E. B94 Peck Ave. Bay Shore, N.Y. ll706 Anderson, Karen 5ll6 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr 68506 Anyatonwu, George Box 892 ABA Biafra, W. Africa Aoyagi, David K. 922 E. Harvard Ave. Denver, Colo. 802I0 Aoyagi, Paul Y. 922 E. Harvard Ave. Denver, Colo. 802I0 Arakawa, Anne 46l4 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Arakawa, Richard H. 46l4 Stockwell Lincoln Nebr. 68506 Argueta, Emma 4920 Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Arnstrong, Lynnda Route 3 Moulton, Ala. 35650 Ashby, Emery Route I Box 6I0 Marion, Ark. 72364 Astner, Karen E. I828 Pearl St. Boulder, Colo. 80302 Austin, Alice 5440 Spruce Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Austin, Linda 4526 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Student Roster Austin, Jerry 4526 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Austin, Lloyd W. I022 S. Terry Longmont, Colo 8050l Avey, Donald Albert, Kans. 675Il Avey, Lynette Albert, Kans. 675II Bachmann, Sharon Box l55 Wood, S. Dak. 57585 Bader, Frankie 484I South 52 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Baer, Orville J. 23l0 No. Cooper Colorado Spgs., Colo. 80907 Bailey, Lanette I607 W. 3rd St. Sioux City, Iowa 5ll03 Bailey, Linda R. I607 West 3rd St. Sioux City, Iowa 5II03 Baker, Carolyn 4I5 9th St. Galveston, Texas 77550 Baker, Jetfre D. 4340 South 48 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Baker, John R. 4605 So. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Baker, Larry D. 42l5 S. 5l Lincoln, Neb. 68506 Bales, Erving E. R.R. I Piqua, Kans. 6676I Ballard, Sue 23l Harrison Pueblo, Colo. 8l005 Ballou, David M. 3735 South 48 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Balmer, Brent Box 577 Ault, Colo. 80610 Barber, Byron L. 520 Valley View Dr. Boulder, Colo. 80302 Barber, Randell L. B439 N. 63rd Longmont, Colo. 8050I Barker, Carol A. Star Route Minden Mines, Mo. 64769 Barnes, Audrey Rt. I, Box I46 Berea, Ky. 40403 Barr, Alton Earnest R.R. 2 Geuda Springs, Kans. 6705l Barrett, Carolyn A. 5l20 Meredith Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bartel, Dennis D. 3935 South 48 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Barton, Marimae 606 Dewey Boulder, Colo. 80302 Bates, Almon Route 3 Longmont, Colo. 8050I Baugher, Deborah R.R. l Cincinnati, Iowa 52549 Baugher, Teddy Paul R.R. l Cincinnati, Iowa 52549 Baughman, Joyce Rt. I, Box 353 K Los Banos, Calif. 93635 Bayless, Verneda K. 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bean, Sharon Mae 539 R.D. 29 Grand Junction, Colo. 8I50I Beatty, Cheryle L. Wessington, S. Dak. 5738I Beaulieu, Patricia 2807 Pleasant Minneapolis, Minn. 55408 Bechthold, Dixie R.R. 3 Harvey, N. Dak. 5834I Beck, Connie J. 5259 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Beck, Jerry L. 3338 South 48 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Beck, Karen M. Anamoose, N. Dak. 587l0 Beck, Robert L. Anamoose, N. Dak. 587I0 Becker, Joan 3I9 E. Key Blvd. Midwest City, Okla. 73ll0 Becker, Dan Box 6l2 Shattuck, Okla. 73858 Becker, Jerry Box S2 Shattuck, Okla. 73858 Becker, Linda R. 4020 S. Jason Englewood, Colo. 80Il0 Becker, Mary Carrier, Okla. 73727 Becker, Tom Box 6l2 Shattuck, Okla. 73858 Beekman, Rush Route I Odell, Nebr. 684I5 Behrendt, Gisela H. 2230 Delaware St. Paul, Minn. 55Il8 Beierle, Floyd Rt. 3 Gentry, Ark. 72734 Bell, Orrie M. 6455 Newland Arvada, Colo. 80002 Bell, Rex 4845 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Beltz, Cecile Bennett, Colo. 80l02 Beltz, Judi A. Bennett, Colo. 80l02 Beltz, Myron I3l0 North 4lh St. Wahpeton, N. Dak. 58075 Bengert, Linda 303l Roosevelt Kansas City, Kans. 66l04 Beniamin, Eunice 4440 Meredeth Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bennett, Anita L. 5006 Meredeth Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bennett, Joyce M. 3403 South 46 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bergen, James Ingalls, Kans. 67853 Bergen, Janice Ingalls, Kans. 67853 Bergvall, Joan 3 Bradbury Lane Littleton, Colo. 80l20 Berry, Marlyn J. R.R. I, Box 4I Annapolis, Mo. 63620 Betlinski, Paul 60l6 East 32nd St. Tuscon, Ariz. 857Il Betts, Rosalea M. I420 2nd St. Nevada, Iowa 5020l Bietz, Alan 3930 Sheridan Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Binder, Darlene M. Leola, S. Dak. 57456 Birth, Gary L. Rt. I, Ranch Acres Loveland, Colo. 80537 Bischoff, Juanita Box 7 Keene, Texas 76059 Bischoff, Robert 5350 Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Blair, Richard D. P.O. Box 685 Lone Pine, Calif. 93545 Blehm, Carol I007 South I2 Kingfisher, Okla. 73750 Blehm, Robert G. R.R. I Hichcock, Okla. 73744 Bliss, William E. 4066 34th San Diego, Calif. 92l04 Blom, Naomi Middle River, Minn. 56737 Blood, Alvin Rt. I, Box I94 Keenesburg, Colo. 80643 Blood, Charles E. Rt. l, Box I94 Keenesburg, Colo. 80643 Blue, Donald R.R. I Tekamah, Nebr. 6806I Bodner, Daniel P. 708 Chaney Dr. Takoma Park, Md. 200I2 Bohr, Jeannine Ann Inst, Voc. Venez Nirgua Yaracuy, Venezuela, S.A. Bollinger, Gary 52I7 Meredeth Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Booker, Ernest 606 Wayside Rd. Neptune, N.J. 07753 Booth, Ronald W. Route 3 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 5240l Borlon, Clyde L. 4323 South 49 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Borton, Harvey D. 600 Elma St. San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902 Borton, Loyda 600 Elma St. San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902 Borton, Myrtle E. 433l South 49 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Bottsford, Bruce E. Rt. l, Box 483 Madison, Wisc. 53704 Bougher, Ronald G. 3930 lf2 So. 52nd Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bougher, Rosemary L. 33909 I!2 So. 52nd Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bounds, Marilyn J. -4l8 Wayside Road Hopkins, Minn. 55343 Bowen, Bruce IIO9 So. Monteery Farmington, N. Mex. 870l Bower, Rollin 43l0 So. 45th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Bowers, Dave L. ll27 4 lf2 St. N.W. Rochester, Minn. 5590l Bowie, Inez J. R.R. 2 Dexter, Minn. 55926 Bowie, Marvalee R.R. 2 Dexter, Minn. 55926 Bowles, Kenneth 63l8 Ridge Terrace Orlando, Fla. 328l0 Bowman, Edwin Box 4588 Lincoln, Nebr. 68504 Boyd, Marvin L. I3023 N.E. Pacific Court Portland, Ore. 97230 Boyer, Barbara 6256 Fenton Arvada, Colo. 80002 Bradley, Barbara A. 2455 28th 4420 Boulder, Colo. 80302 Bradshaw, R. Laverne Rt. I, Box I99 Montrose, Colo. 8l40l Brailsford, Paul Spicer Mem College Poona 7, India Brailstord, Philip S. Spicer Mem College Poona 7, India Brandenburger, Connie Kulm, N. Dak. 58456 Brasuell, Charles L. P.O. Box 6074 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Brayton, Ronnie 9th 8: K Street Shelton, Nebr. 68876 Breidinger, Judith RR. IB Spencer, Iowa 5l30l Brennan, Linda G. I004 Cristler Da7las, Texas 75223 Brenneise, Clariece J. Leola, S. Dak. 57456 Brenneise, D. Bruce 490I So. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Brenneise, Darlene 490i SO. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Brenton, Diane R.R. 3 Glenwood, Iowa 5l534 Bresee, Myrna P.O. Box 486 Angwin, Calif. 94508 Breuer, W. Sterling R.R. I Gothenburg, Nebr. 69l38 Bright, Randy Rye, Colo. 8I069 Bristow, Sherry L. 9l07 W. 97th St. Shawnee Mission, Kans. 662l2 Brodersen, Judith A. Florence, Mo. 65329 Brodin, Larry E. 4928 Bancroft Apt. D. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Brodin, Rodney 422 South 70th Ave. West Duluth, Minn. 55807 Brooks, Donna M. Maplewood Academy Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 Brooks, Jane 3302 Florence Blvd., Apt. l5l Omaha, Nebr. 68l I0 Brown, Barbara 906 Payne Ave. Casper, Wyo. 82602 Brown, D. Duane Ill0 Maple Ft. Collins, Colo. 8052i Brown, James lll0 Maple Fort Collins, Colo. 8052I Brown, Leroy 5035 Spruce St. Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Brown, Willard 5035 Spruce St. Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Bruning, Mike W. 4928 Bancroft K. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bruntz, Loretta Rt. l, Box 4l La Salle, Colo. 80645 Bryant, Twyla 20l N. Dexter St. Valley Center, Kans. 67I47 Burbach, Daryl M. Enterprise, Kans. 6744I Burgeson, Donna 4522 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Burgeson, Gary K. 506 l8th St. S.E. Austin, Minn. 559I2 Burgeson, Harold M. 4522 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Burghart, David K. R.R. I Sleepy Eye, Minn. 56085 Burghart, Mark R.R. I Sleepy Eye, Minn. 56085 Burghart, Ramona R.R. I Sleepy Eye, Minn. 56085 Burks, Bruce 654 Glen Oaks Thousand Oaks, Calif. 9l360 Burks, William E. 654 Glen Oaks Thousand Oaks, Calif. 9l360 Burton, Linda R.R. I Okeene, Okla. 73763 Burton, Michael R. Box 43 Perkins, Okla. 74059 Bush, Donald W. 5l40 Prescott 933 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Bushnell, Beverly l2l5 W. Minnehaha St. Paul, Minn. 55l04 Bustamante, Gladys Calle 4A FF 7-3I Cucuta, Columbia, S. America Buttler, Bruce I880 E. Fifth St, St. Paul, Minn. 55ll9 Butler, J. Lecount Jr. 4835 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 63506 Buxton, Robert 4642 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Cachero, Victor C. 4l25 So. River Blvd. Independence, Mo. 64050 Caldwell, Joel A. 2685 So. Corona Englewood, Colo. 80ll0 Campbell, Alice A. Rt. l Siloam Springs, Ark. 7276l Campbell, Leo Golden, Colo. E040l Carlson, James Jon 40I8 W. Chicago St. Rapid City, S. Dak. 5770l Carlson, Richard 6937 Xerxes Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 55423 Carrick, Ann 5806 Rosewood Dr. Great Bend, Kans. 67530 Carter, Susan J. 2708 So. Marion Denver, Colo. 802I0 Casebolt, Larry C. 5335 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ciethamer, Dennis D. Rt. l Fall River, Wisc. 53932 Chaddic, James 825 Washington Denver, Colo. 80203 Cessna, Nathan Ingalls, Kans. 67853 Chadwick, Stephen R. 9l4 So. Allen St. Centralia, Mo. 65240 Chaffee, Philip R.R. 3 Hinckley, Minn. 55037 Chamness, Errol L. Rf. I, Box 34 Maxwell, Texas 78656 Chan, Kenny 97 Santa Barbara Rd. Willowdale, Ontario Chen, David 4654 Kampong Gaiah Butterworth P. W. Malay, Sia. Childers, Ron I245 North Yale Tulsa, Okla. 74Il5 Childers, Sandra K. lll5 N. Frost Pampa, Texas 79065 Chilson, James Rt. l Byron, Minn. 55920 Chilson, Robert A. Rt. I Byron, Minn. 55920 Christensen, Beverly 960 E. Harvard Denver, Colo. 802l0 Christensen, Darrel W. 5220 Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Christensen, Sherrill 8I5 Elm Street N. Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 Christensen, Steven Minneapolis, Munn. 55440 Christenson, Alvina R.R. 2 Ellendale, Minn. 56026 Christenson, Mary Dodge Center, Minn. 55927 Christenson, Robert R. R. l Dodge Center, Minn. 55927 Christenson, Ronald E. R.R. I Dodge Center, Minn. 55927 Christie, Eldonna M. 4444 S. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Chrislopherson, Herb Box 436 Kellogg, Idaho 83837 Chung, Olivia 436 Taniong Katong Road Singapore I5, Singapore Clark, Jean I805 W. Main Ardmore, Okla. 7340I Clark, Glenn 5259 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Clark, Judith I2Z Carpenter Loop Bonham, Texas 754l8 Clark, Linda Elaine 29l8 So. Ogden Englewood, Colo. 80ll0 Clark, Linda Lou P.O. Box 465 Keene, Texas 76059 Clark, Loella 5259 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Clark, William D. 29l.1 S. Ogden Englewood, Colo. 80ll0 Clausen, Loren Route I Rapid River, Mich. 503I4 Clements, Robert A. Sunnydale Academy Centralia, Mo. 65240 Cloutier, Cynthia IIIIB N. Cedarburg Road Mequon, Wisc. 53092 Coffee, Mike I.. 3845 Smith Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Coffin, Bonnie M. Rt. 3 Centralia, Mo. 65420 Cole, E. Anne Box II8 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00708 Cole, Sam Box II8 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00708 Colvin, Gayle 550l Locust Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Conditt, Mike Rt. I, Box 80 LaJunta, Colo. 8l050 Conley, Connie 8904 Aspen Avenue N.E. Albuquerque, M. Mex. 87llT Contreras, Phil l0l7 West 6th North Platte, Nebr. 69l0l Cook, Sharlene J. 2424 5th Street Boulder, Colo. 80302 Cooper, Clyde A. 4932 Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Core, Barbara 2722 June Albuquerque, N. Mex. 87ll2 Cornforlh, James 253 S.W. 42nd St. Loveland, Colo. 80537 Correia, Alyse R. 405 S. Summit Newcastle, Wyo. 8270l Cox, Juanita M. 2442 4th St. Boulder, Colo. 80302 Coy, Phillip 2707 Duff Ames, Iowa 500I0 Craddock, Darrelyn H. 609 Fox Creek Ct. St. Louis, Mo. 63I26 Craik, Larry Centennial, Wyo. 82055 Crary, Carolyn 50I9 Paulson Rd. R. 2 McFarland, Wisc. 53558 Crawford, Larry W. 50ll Locust Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Croak, Linda Jean 5652 Morgan Avenue So. Minneapolis, Minn. 554l9 Crowson, Becky 8608 E. 84th Terrace Raytown, Mo. 64I38 Crowson, Katherine L. Rt. I, Box I36 N. Gonzales, La. 70737 Cunningham, Phyllis F. Rt. 7, Box 5I5 Ft. Worth, Tex 76060 Curl, Nancy E. I0604 E. 57th Terrace Raytown, Mo. 64l33 Curtis, Bonnie 3336 Ist Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 55408 Cushman, Dennis D. 4076 Valley Street Omaha, Nebr. 68l05 Cutler, Terry Airport Box 8 Pueblo, Colo. 8l004 Daehn, Diane M. 2308 Stratford Ave. Westchester, Ill. 60l53 Dahlman, Danny M. 4l28 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Dahlman, Victor C. 482l Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Damm, Betty Sue 47l2 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Daniel, Robert L. I020 S. 3rd St., R.R. 2 Sidney B. C., Canada Danielsen, Vickie Shelton, Nebr. 68876 Darcy, Bryan G. 42l5 So. 5I Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 David, John 937 Spruce Kingman, Kans. 67068 Davis, Cynthia 8558 Fowler Ave. Omaha, Nebr. 68l34 Davis, Harold E. P.O. Box 98 Corrales, N.Mex. 87048 Davis, James R. 5025 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Davis, Linda 5025 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Davis, Lyle Van Meter, Iowa 50261 Day, Barbara Box 6I Enterprise, Kans. 6744l Debody, David 5545 Linden Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Deibel, Cheryl K. 526 Central Sf., Box 4I3 Evans, Colo. 80620 Deibel, Max 526 Central St., Box 4l3 Evans, Colo. 80620 Dennis, L. Susan Rt. I, Box 9 Crystal, Mich. 488l8 Deremer, Lynnet A. R.R. 2 Mapleton, Minn. 56065 Devnich, Margaret E. Max, N. Dak. 58759 Diaz, Juan Ramon 4827 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Dick, Merlin La Harpe, Kans. 6675l Dick, Milton L. 222 N. Evergreen Lane Wichila, Kans. 672l2 Dickinson, Ruth E. 3335 Colfax Ave. No. Minneapolis, Minn. 554l2 Diede, Stanley 605 llth Ave. S.E. Jamestown, N. Dak. 5840l Dobson, Beverley J. l05 Lake St. White Plains, N.Y. l0604 Dodds, Larry D. Route I Fairfield, Iowa 52556 Dohlman, Donald L. R.R. I Ackley, lowa 5060l Dohlman, Robert L. R.R. I Ackley, Iowa 5060l Doolaard, Tony M. R.R. I Steamboat Rock, lowa 50672 Dorchuck, Carolyn L. 4845 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Dorchuck, Daniel R. 4845 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Doss, Ronald R. Rt. 2, Box I3 Gentry, Ark. 72734 Dotson, Alice I709 Sheldon Clovis, N. Mex. 88l0l Downing, Karen 5I35 Spruce Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Downing, Laurence A. 5I35 Spruce Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Downs, James 2950 l7th S.E. Auburn, Wash. 98002 Drobny, Donald D. 52l7 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Drobny, Ronald 52l7 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Dronen, Donald W. 3624 So. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Duerksen, Donald Lee l44ll Country Hills Dr. Brighton, Colo. 8060I Dunbar, Sharon K. 506 Pine Boulder, Colo. 80302 Dunkin, Marsha R.R. I Knoxville, Iowa 50l38 Dunlop, Wayne R. 4642 So. 48 St. Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Dyer, John P.O. Box 207 Bazine, Kans. 675I6 Eastin, Dean 5237 Spruce Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Eder, Errol L. R.R. I, Box 33 Onaka, S. Dak. 57466 Edwards, Twila Star Route Bourbon, Mo. 6544I Egbunobi, Boniface C. 48I0 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ehlert, Barbara G. l029 l5th Ave. No. So. St. Paul, Minn. 55075 Ehlert, Bruce M. I029 l5th Ave. No. So. St. Paul, Minn. 55075 Ehrlich, James R.R. I Shattuck, Okla. 73858 Ellstrom, Katherine 200 Crestview Dr. St. Paul, Minn. SSII9 Ellstrom, Keith G. R.R. I, Box I9 Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 Ellstrom, Kenneth A. R.R. I Box II9 Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 Emde, Jeanne Rt. I, Box 534 Apopka, Fla. 32703 Engblom, Marsha Rt. I, Box 82 Stanchfield, Minn. 55080 Engel, Nadeane R. 4300 Aldrich Avenue So. Minneapolis, Minn. 55409 Engen, David 844 Spring Drive Boulder, Colo. 80302 English, Alva Box l3l5 Cortez, Colo, 8I32I English, James Box l3l5 Cortez, Colo. 8I32I Enoch, Irvin 607 S. W. 42nd St. Loveland, Colo. 80537 Enos, Richard L. 3l75 Woodsdale Lincoln, Nebr. 68502 Erb, Marcia R.R. 2 Tomah, Wisc. 54660 Erickson, June W. 524 W. Nora Thief River Falls, Mn. 5670i Erickson, Karen L. l388 S. Fairfax Denver, Colo. 80222 Erickson, Richard J. Box 25 La Moille, Minn. 55948 Erickson, Walter C. R.R. I Sturgeon, Mo. 65284 Ericson, Keith W. R.R. I Alcester, S. Dak. 5700l Ernest, Robert 422l SO. 52nd St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Erwin, Carolyn 4400 So. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Eskildsen, Bernard K. 3728 So. 52 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Evard, Mary 46l5 So. 45 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Evins, Lee Clarence 4928 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Fandrich, Dean 4927 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Fandrich, Sheryl 4927 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Fankhanel, Deloris 4I4l So. 49 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Feather, Custer R. Box 70l Keene, Texas 76059 Feese, Beth Virginia Box II2 Lake Ozark, Mo. 65049 Feese, Mary Vilene Box II2 Lake Ozark, Mo. 65049 Felkel, John 807 Second Ave. Dodge City, Kans. 67B0l Fellows, Marcia A. 5350 Gladstone St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68504 Felton, Glenda Oak Park Academy Nevada, Iowa 5020I Felton, Sandra K. Oak Fark Academy Nevada, Iowa 5020I Ferguson, David J. 2673 So. York Denver, Colo. B02l0 Ferris, Glenn A. 47l7 Bancoft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Finch, Norman E. l727 Court Street Sioux City, Iowa 5ll04 Finneman, Gerald 3830 So. 54 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Fischer, Phyllis S. Manfred, N. Dak. 58465 Fisher, Garry Laird, Colo. 80739 Fisher, James 520I Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Fleming, Barbara Route 8 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Flemmer, Elmer 3832 Everett St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Flemmer, Elsie 9I3 C Ave. Nevada, Iowa 5020 I Flemmer, Harry 9l3 C Ave. Nevada, Iowa 5020l Flores, Esther P.O. Box EA Agana, Guam 969l0 Flores, Luis P. P.O. Box EA Agana, Guam 969l0 Flyger, Ruth E. Hurley, S. Dak. 57036 Flynn, Carol Faye R.R. I Norton, Kans. 67654 Fogg, Buell 62l0 Apple Valley San Antonio, Texas 78242 Foley, Joseph D. 5007 Ortega Forest Dr. Jacksonville, Fla. 322l0 Forman, Celinda J. P.O. Box 68 Monmouth, Ill. 6I462 Foulston, Donna L. Box 27 Findlater Sask, Canada Fountain, Genevieve M. 3920 So. 46th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Fox, Mary Ellen 46l8 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Fox, Walter G. 46l8 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Fredregill, Rhonda L. 2800 S.E. 64th St. Des Moines, Iowa 503l7 Freeman, Valerie Route 2, Box 26 Norwood, Mo. 657l7 Frick, Sandra A. Box I25 Nekoma, Kans. 67559 Friesen, Clarence Box 4 Lycan, Colo. 8l056 Friesen, Wanda Box 4 Lycan, Colo. 8l056 Friestad, Lawrence 4832 Meredeth Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Frost, Kitty L. Rt. 4, Box 520 Snohomish, Wash. 98290 Frye, Susan C. 200 Crestview Dr. St. Paul, Minn. 55ll9 Fulghum, Lois A. II47 Howard St. Delta, Colo. 8l4I6 Fulk, Ardis E. 4Bl8 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Fuller, Lorraine Rt. 2 Palmyra, Nebr. 684l8 Fulton, Judy Route 3 McGregor, Minn. 55760 Furne, Ervin J. 3l38 Greenbriar Dr. Bettendorf, Iowa 52732 Gabriella, David 2630 So, Downing Denver, Colo. 802l0 Galbraith, Lelia E. 204 N.E. Clark St. Greenfield, Iowa 50849 Gallant, Winsome D. 2I Blue Heron Cres. Winnipeg 25, Manitoba Gallardo, Juvencio F. Apartado Aereo 47 San Andres lsla, Colombia Garland, Raymond W. Box 63l2 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Gates, John 4928 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Gates, Linda 332 So. Dale Ct. Denver, Colo. 802l9 Gates, Sandra J. 4735 W. Warren Denver, Colo. 802l9 Gensil, Carlton 4603 Lacreita Colorado Sprgs., Colo. 80907 Gessele, Glen G. Box 79, Rt. I Denhoff, N. Dak. 58430 Gessele, Karen E. Box 79, Rt. I Denhoff, N. Dak. 58430 Gibb Lawrence E. l505 Mary Lee Drive Columbia, Mo. 6520I Gibbs Malcolm H. 4806 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Gibbs, Susan C. 82I Dee Lane Bedford, Texas 7602l Giblin, Daryl E. 9397 E. I2 Tulsa, Okla. 74ll2 Gibson, George G. 528 Riverside Canon City, Colo. 8I2I2 Gibson, Jim 528 Riverside Canon City, Colo. 8I2l2 Gibson, Martha R. 4408 Navaio sr. Denver. Colo. 802lI Gilbert, Wayne Star Route E5 So. Belle Fourche, S. Dak. 577l7 Giles, Linda L. 207 F. Meadowbrook Apts. Lawrence, Kans. 66044 Gligor, Julie 4633 Bryant Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 55409 Glovatsky, Elmer L. Grassy Butte, N. Dak. 58634 Goble, Evelyn 462l South 47 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Goddard, Dan W. 9l2 E. Kelly Dr. Loveland, Colo. 80537 Goldsmith, Otis 6329 Vance Road Lincoln, Nebr. 68524 Gooch, Aubrey 434 Kane St. Fall River, Wisc. 53932 Gooch, Everett J. 434 Kane St. Fall River, Wisc. 53932 Gott, Tom 4405 So. 45th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Gottfried, Eugene E. 48l0 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Gottfried, Jerald J. 48l0 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Gottfried, Marvin R. 48l0 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Gottfried, Myron Sykesfon, N. Dak. 58486 Gracia, Zoila 2l5 So. 4th Harlingen, Texas 78550 Greeley, Gene M. 450I So. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Greeley, Linda R. 6l9 Alameda Dr, Cortez, Colo. Bl32I Green, Richard A. 3563 Covington Highway Decatur, Ga. 30032 Greer, Charlotte R. 704 Broadway Oak Grove, Mo. 64075 Gregg, Sherry J. I35 Norview Houston, Texas 77022 Gregory, David Haigler, Nebr. 69030 Griffin, Janice D. IOI9 Illinois Street Sheridan, Wyo. 8280I Griffin, Richard 5334 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Griffin, Sharon 3432 Dornoch EI Paso, Texas 79925 Griffith, Larry A. R.R. 3 Stuart, Iowa 50250 Griffiths, Barbara 5300 Meredeth Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Grimley, Susan 795 Oak Hill Ave. Attleboro, Mass. 02703 Griswell, John K. 2238 N. Grand Pueblo, Colo. 8l003 Grosboll, Edward 232 W. 4th St. Loveland, Colo. 80537 Grosboll, Marshall P.O. Box 507 Berthoud, Colo. 805I3 Gryte, Gary A. Pine Brook Hills Boulder, Colo. 80302 Gundersen, Agnes 3903 So. 52nd Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Gutknecht, Sheila 3843 So. 46th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Haas, Harold I8I5 37th St. N.W. Rochester, Minn. 5590I Haas, Judy Cleveland, N. Dak. 58424 Haas, Laura Jean 805 4th St. West Des Moines, Iowa 50265 Haas, Linda K. 529 East Polk St. Richardson, Texas 75080 Haas, Mary K. 805 l4th St. West Des Moines, Iowa 50265 Hagar, Deborah I967 S. Josephine Apt. l02 Denver, Colo. 802I0 Hagele, Eddie Roscoe, S. Dak. 5747I Hagele, Mariellen 2753 Keystone Burbank, Calif. 9l504 Hagelgantz, Elaine A. 5520 Broadway Great Bend, Kans. 67530 Hallock, Larry Box 60I Arkansas City, Kans. 67530 Hamilton, Connie 3l8 Sheridan Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Hamilton, Irving 43l8 Sheridan Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Hamlin, Willa 56I5 Juhl Dr. Boulder, Colo. 80302 Hannah, Gary D. I700 E. Grand River Ave. East Lansing, Mich. 48823 Hanner, R.R. 2 Dexter, Hanson, Dorothy E. Iowa 50070 Janice L. Rt. 2, Box I4 Exira, Iowa 50076 Hanson, Webb, Hanson, Kathy Iowa SI366 Rickey 4Il Morrow Ave. Detriot Lakes, Minn. 5650l Hanson, Russell 350 So. Broadway Boulder, Colo. 80302 Hardt, Stanley G. 363 Alp ine Boulder, Colo. 80302 Hardy, Frank 420 E. Montana Las Cru Harlan, Beaver Har er ces, N. Mex. 8B00l Edwin A. City, Nebr. 68926 Sharon S. P I 2l35 So. Williams Denver, Harris, Colo, 802l0 Darlene S. 42l5 So. 43 Lincoln, Harris, Nebr. 68506 Marianne J. I0305 Menaul N.E. Albuquerque, N. Mex. 87Il2 Harris, Vicki 4242 Montgall Kansas City, Mo. 64I30 Harrom, Cheryl A. 450i So. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Harrom, Dan D. 450l So. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Harrom, David 450I So. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Hart, Robert L. 9l4 Pine Knoll Hastings, Nebr. 6890l Harvey, Bonnie 4340 South 49 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Harvey, Claudia 7th and D Street Penrose, Colo. 8I240 Harvey, David Box I44 Santa, Idaho 83866 Harvey, Terry 4340 South 49 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Hassen, Ronald E. lO02 Herold Sedalia, Mo. 6530I Hatch, Judith 2920 Mark Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Hauck, Elmer D. 5l40 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Haugen, Kathy Box 74, Rt. 3 Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57l0l Haycoc Box l00 k, Bud J. Mexican Hat, Utah 8543i Heaton Bucklin, Hecox, , Tommy Lee Mo. 6463i Fonda Jewel Rt. I, Box I4 Lycan, Colo. 8I056 Hedgecock, George W. P.O. Box 38 Henry, Nebr. 69349 Hedlun, Sandra K. l64l Pinyon Ct. Lovelan d, Colo. 80537 Heghesan, Helmer Route 2 Oshawa, Ontario Heidland, Susan I07I N. 2nd St. Colton, Calif. 92324 Heinrich, Barbara E. Okeene, Okla. 73763 Heinrich, Sonia L. Alfred, N. Dak. 584ll Hellweg, Carolyn 6l0 Myrtle Pierce City, Mo. 65723 Henkelmann, Naomi 8l35 Pioneers Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Hensel, Alvin L. 3425 N. 6th Ave. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57I04 Hensel, Leta 3425 N. 6th Ave. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57I04 Hepker, Larry Palo, Iowa 52324 Herber, Leslie J. Gage, Okla. 73843 Hettenbaugh, Harlan 54ll Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Hickson, Emanuel 203 W. IIB St. New York, N. Y. l0026 Hieb, Davis Cleveland, N. Dak. 58424 Hill, Carolyn l20I J Street Lincoln, Nebr. 68508 Hill, Cherie Ann Platte Valley Academy Shelton, Nebr. 68876 Hill, Douglas M. 4437 SO. 50 Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Hill, Janice Rt. I, Box l30A Cortez, Colo. 8l32I Hill, Madeline R.R. 2 Middletown, Mo. 63359 Hill, Richard l007 Gardenia Dr. Houston, Texas 770l8 Hilliard, Beverly A. 5356 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Hilliard, Duane E. l032 W. Prospect Ft. Collins, Colo. 8052I Hillier, Robert 46 Russell Ave. Rochester, N. Y. I4622 Hix, Ruth A. 8780 N. Broadway St. Louis, Mo. 63I47 Hoagland, Ginny Route I Arpin, Wisc. 544l0 Hobbs, Sherry 325 Beverly Dr. Omaha, Nebr. 68Il4 Hoeppner, Paula IIU9 Cinderella Pampa, Texas 79065 Hoey, Rymer D. 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Hoffman, David P.O. Box I278 Jesselton Sabah Malay, Sia Hoffman, Don 3505 South 48 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Hofmann, Larry 2l2 N.E. Grant Greenfield, Iowa 50849 Holbrook, Robert W. 7c09 Wildwood Dr. Takoma Park, Md. 200I2 Holmes, Charles P.O. Box 24I La Marque, Texas 77568 Holmes, Sandra 629 N.E. St. Monmouth, III. 6I462 Holtz, Darrell 4236 Locust Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Holweger, Kathleen J. Tolstoy, S. Dak. 57475 Holweger, Peggy Tolstoy, S. Dak. 57475 Hooker, Blas Aptado 24 San Andres Island, Columbia Hopkins, Gary 205 Sherman Holyoke, Colo. 80734 Hornbacher, Betty L. l5l3 Burlington North Platte, Nebr. 69IOI Horob, Darlene L. R.R. Bainville, Mont. 592I2' Horton, Mary i908 N.E. Grand Blvd. Okahoma City, Okla. 73IIl House, Carolyn 7560 Monarch Rd. Longmont, Colo. 8050l Howell, Clayton Rt. 2, Box 320 Albany, Ga. 3l70I Howell, Ronald D. 2000 So. Division Sioux City, Iowa 5ll06 Howson, Holdsworth A. Mo Bay Jamaica, W.l. Hsu, Joseph F. P.O. Box 22650 Taipei, Taiwan Free China Huff, Linda 270 Thompson Ct. Canton, Ill 6I520 Huff, Lyle Carrington, N. Dak. 5842I Hume, Gary 5203 Albert Amarillo, Texas 79l06 Humpal, Dianne P.O. Box 743 Boulder, Colo. 80302 Humphrey, Rosalyn M. 33l4 Audubon Street New Orleans, La. 70l25 Hunt, Lawrence 3626 South 49 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ilchuk, Kenneth Box 304 Mannville Alb, Canada lngold, Lowell E. 2300l West 53rd Mountlake Terr, Wash. 98043 Iverson, Connie M. Box 27l Macon, Mo 63552 lvie, Anna 4629 Stockwell 442 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 James, Donald 2ll2 25th St. So. St. Petersburg, Fla. 337l2 Jarnes, Rolf H. Rt, 2, Box 87A Mapleplain, Minn. 55359 Jarvis, Kathleen 90l N. Meyers McPherson, Kans. 67460 Jefferson, Joe 37l8 So. 52nd Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Jenkins, Ken I5ll Richelieu Houston, Texas 770l8 Jensen, Ruthita Rt. 2, Box l98 Loveland, Colo. 80537 Jeurink, Vera M. 4600 Spruce Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Job, Ann L. 464I Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Job, David 464I Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Johnson, Darwin 5l7 5 Ave. S.E. Rochester, Minn. 5540i Johnson, Edmond 7l2 Clegg Rd. West De Moines, Iowa 50305 Johnson, Frederick D. 820 East 5th Sf. Chattanooga, Tenn. 37403 Johnson, Gary 3l6 Pima Street Farmington, N. Mex. 8740l Johnson, James A. 4706 Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Johnson, James P. Rt. 2 Chetek, Wisc. 54728 Johnson, Jeanne l53I N. Sheridan Wichita, Kans. 67203 Johnson, Kristie I204 N. Maple Snohomish, Wash. 98290 Johnson, Larry RFD I Clear Lake, Wisc. 54005 Johnson, Lei 27l5 Brouster St. Louis, Mo. 63ll4 Johnson, Linda I204 N. Maple Snohomish, Wash. 98290 Johnson, Lynn 7848 W. 99th Street Oak Lawn, Ill. 60457 Johnson, Marianne 6705 Branch Ave. Tampa. Fla. 33604 Johnson, Mary L. Rt. 7 Brainerd, Minn. 5640l Johnson, Nancy E. l0I3 Greenville Richardson, Texas 75080 Johnson, Sandra II30 32 Avenue Greeley, Colo. 8063l Johnson, Sherry l905 W. l4th Houston, Texas 77008 Johnson, Shirlee 5l22 Meredeth Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Johnson, Sybble Route 3, Box 32l Hanceville, Ala, 35077 Jones, Nadine lll8 lst St. S.W. Rochester, Minn. 5590I Jones, Rebecca l6I48 Edenwood Dr. Eden Prairie, Minn. 55343 Jones, Susan Sl I0 Spruce Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Jorgensen, Virginia Route I, Box 309 Weslaco, Texas 78596 Juhl, Caren Bowesmont, N. Dak. 58217 Juhl, Gerald Bowesmont, N. Dak. 582l7 Juhl, Lanson Lake Bronsen, Minn. 56734 Juhl, Lyndon Lake Bronsen, Minn. 56734 Jurs, Dennis 930 Douglas Loveland, Colo, 80537 Jurs, Sandra Route 2. Box 8 Berthoud, Colo. 805I3 Just, Bernard 48l7 Meredith Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kack, Donavon C. 4928 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kaiser, Dennis J. 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kaiser, Duane 43I8 Sheridan Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kaiser, Robert Henderson, Minn. 56044 Kaiser, Susan R.R. I Lewis, Iowa 5l544 Kaiser, Wynn 43I8 Sheridan Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kamben, Laura R. 306 W. 20th Yankton, S. Dak. 57078 Karr, Ronald L. Route 2 Nevada, Iowa 5020I Keith, Lynn Rt. I, Box 204 West Plains, Mo. 65775 Kelch, Ray W. I606 N. Cochiti Farmington, N. Mex. 8740I Keller, Grace 520I Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kelley, Vernon 4728 I!2 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kelly, Alvin Bluff Eleuthera Bahamas Kemena, Violet 4I72 So. Eliot Englewood, Colo. 3Il00 Kemper, Gwen 320 N. Madison Pierre, S. Dak. 5750l Kennedy, Sammy 8025 Michigan Kansas City, Mo. 64l32 Kinsey, Elizabeth C. 705 Valhigh Road West Des Moines, Iowa 502 Kerr, Ervin Bowman, N. Dak. 58623 Kerr, Glenn E. 4928 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kerr, Ralph E. Bowman, N. Dak. 58623 Ketchum, Rick A. l53 N. Kenwood Casper, Wyo. 8260I Kilsby, Harvey P. Honolulu, Hawaii Kinder, Phyllis Rt. 4, Box 667 Oklahoma City, Okla. 73lIl Kipping, Kip Baniari Dist Shahabad Bihar, India Kirschbaum, Leroy R. R.R. I, Box 209 Granite Falls, Minn. 5624l Kirschenbauer, Nancy 7233 N. Oriole Chicago, III. 60648 6 Klaman, Linda C. Lidgerwood, N. Dak. 58053 Klein, Aldine 4642 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Klein, B. June 3403 So. 46th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Knable, Stephen J. 72l Northport Dr. Madison, Wisc. 53704 Knotts, Jerry I52l N. Elm Eureka, Kans. 67045 Knowles, Eugene Ind. Rel. Off. USMC CP Butler FPO San Francisco, Calif. 96673 Koch, John P. 4240 Grant St. Omaha, Nebr. 68lll Kostenko, Lynda M. 603I Marshall Road Centerville, Ohio 45459 Krampert, Karla A. 7754 7th Avenue Kenosha, Wisc. 53I40 Krasean, Steven Hayward, Wisc. 54843 Krassin, Don Box 33l Breckenridge, Minn 56520 Krein, Jacqueline 3703 So. 52nd Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kreiter, Kurby 4844 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kreiter, Terry Goodrich, N. Dak. 58444 Krogstad, Nancy RFD Bennet, Nebr. 683I7 Krueger, Lewis D. R.R. I McKenzie, N. Dak. 58553 Krueger, Ruby Suzanne 4645 So. 52nd Lincoln, Nebr. 685I6 Kuehl, William W. 47l8 Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Kunce, Margaret I89 Lafitte Dr. Baton'Rouge, La. 708l5 Kungel, Cheryl A. Kulm, N. Dak, 58456 Kurtz, Lynden R.R. I Leonard, N. Dak. 58052 Lafave, Julianne 5l09 Ramsey St. Duluth, Minn. 55507 Lafleur, Brenda 5858 Beldart Houston, Texas 77033 Lai, Chee Chong 5l3 Penang Road Penang, Malaysia Lam, Teddy B. 424 E-I3th Apt. Il New York, N.Y. I0009 Lambie, Linda I20 Clark Street Thermopolis, Wyo. 82443 Lambie, William I20 Clark Street Thermpolois, Wyo. 82443 Lane, Karen S. Route 3, Box 63 Grand Rapids, Minn. 55744 Lane, Phyllis R. 24l7 So. Lafayette Denver, Colo. 802l0 Lang, John R. Box l4l Cleveland, N. Dak. 58424 Lang, Kathleen K. Cleveland, N. Dak. 58424 Lang, Linda II06 2nd Ave. N.W. Jamestown, N. Dak. 5840i Lang, Robert 5249 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Lang, Sharon 488 Prospect Street Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 Lange, Jacqueline J. 3827 So. 48 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Lankford, Cynthia 32I6 E. Euclid Des Moines, Iowa 503l7 Lanz, Dean 3342 South 46 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Larsen, Judy R.R. I Burt, Iowa 50522 Larson, Judy A. Solway, Minn. 56678 l.arson, Lois Box 97 Benson, Minn. 562I5 Lauer, Karen 299l-2Ist. Boulder, Colo. 80302 Lauterbach, Ross 6328 Locust N.E. Albuquerque, N. Mex. 87I07 Lawinsky, Roy 4928 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Lawrence, David 2I04 W. 32nd St. Pueblo, Colo. 8l003 Lay, Sandra D. l06I Lorenzo Ct. Seaside, Calif, 93955 Lee, Lavern Y. G. l023 Desha Lane Honolulu, Hawaii 968l7 Lee, Lawrence Beverly Hills Estates CastleRock, Colo. 80l04 Lee, Vernon Y.J. l023 Desha Lane Honolulu, Hawaii 968I7 Lehmann, Gene R. McClusky, N. Dak. 58463 Lembcke, Chester L. 3728 South 52 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Lemert, Scott Heaton, N. Dak. 58450 Leonhardt, Darrell A. 5300 Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Leonhardt, Linda S. 402 Hogan Dr. Papillion, Nebr. 68046 Levenhagen, Judith A. 6507 So. Louthan St. Littleton Colo, 80l20 Lewins, Connie A. 6918 Gingerbread Lane Little Rock Ark. 72204 Lewins, Tom M. 69l8 Gingerbread Lane Little Rock, Ark. 72204 Lewis, Gordon D. Box I85 Keene, Texas 76059 Leyba, Esther 408 Fox St. Denver, Colo. 80204 Liebelt, Lance D. Medina, N. Dak. 58467 Liebelt, Lyndell Rt. I, Box 3l5 Durango, Colo. 8l30I Liebelt, Lynn R+. I, Box 315 Durango, Colo. 8l30I Lighthall, Ronald 2200-55th Av. N. Minneapolis, Minn. 55430 Lindbeck, Lonnie B. 43I6 So. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Lindberg, Susan J. 3l30 Chrisbarb Lane South St. Paul, Minn. 55075 Lindbo, Shirley 833 Phoebe St. Green Bay, Wisc. 54303 Lingle, Muriel 4730 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Lippo, Derald R.R. I, Box 45-B Cromwell, Minn. 55726 Little, Barbara 2555 So. Clarkson St. Denver, Colo. 802I0 Little, Dorothy D. 2555 So. Clarkson St. Denver, Colo. 802l0 Littrell, Louis Grand Island, Nebr. 6880l I004 E. 7th Lloyd, Rosella Box 7l Nucla, Colo. 8l424 Lockert, Stephen Box I466 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 Lockwood, Vickie Rural Route it Harper, Kans. 67058 Loewen, Robert Sykeston, N. Dak. 58486 Logan, Patrick W. Rt. I Cicero, Ind. 46034 Lohman, Ronald L. Peaceful Hollow Ranch Squires, Mo. 65755 Long, Denise R. 4I6 West Cherry St. Cherokee, Iowa 5IOI2 Lorenz, Richard R. 409 S. Locust Shattuck, Okla. 73858 Lotspeich, Donna E. 4002 Bunting Fort Worth, Texas 76l07 Lowery, Emma 7706 Creston Lane Austin, Texas 78752 Lucero, Dorothy P. Box l52 Montrose, Colo. 8l40l Luna, Kathleen 53l0 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Lund, Dennis Rt. I, Box 39 Correll, Minn. 56227 Lund, Gary Rt. I, Box 39 Correll, Minn. 56227 Lund, Karleen Route I, Box 55 Warroad, Minn. 56763 Lushanko, Larry ll45l Acacia Loma Linda, Calif. 92354 Lynn, Edward 5240 Meredeth Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Magoon, Ben Box 329 Collegedale, Tenn. 373l5 Mahoney, Linda l80I Cornhusker Hwy. Lincoln, Nebr. 6352i Malas, Kathleen R. 48I6 James Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 55409 Maline, Judy L. R.R. I, Box 60 Gothenburg, Nebr. 69I38 Mann, Bruce l04l Rossman Ave. Detroit Lakes. Minn. 5650I Manner, Richard E. 45l9 N. Linn Oklahoma City, Okla. 73lI2 Marah, Terry Box 235 Cedaredge, Colo. 8l4I3 Marasco, Rick D. 4928 Bancroft, Apt. A Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 March, Dianne 3773 Rhode Island Ave. St. Louis Park, Minn. 55426 March, Glenda E. R.R. 4,42 Centralia, Mo. 65240 March, Rebecca R.R. 9592 Centralia, Mo. 65420 March, Sandra J. R.R. tf2 Centralia, Mo. 65240 Marchel, Larry 642l Robin Dr. Longmont, Colo. 80506 Markley, Guy 527 Elmwood Drive Spencer, Iowa 5I30I Marquardt, Betty l24l Linden Longmont, Colo. E050I Martin, Billie 46l2 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Martin, John R. 46l2 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 63506 Martindale, Claire Box 85 Brewster, Nebr. 6882I Martinez, Marilyn R. 25I5 So. Lafayette Denver, Colo. 80205 Masters, Glynda 5l45 So. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Mateo, Randall G. 36l4 Cottonwood Rapid City, S. Dak. 57704 Mathis, Edwin L. Route 2 Center Point, Iowa 522l3 Mathis, Michelle 4602 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Matthews, Bobbie 520 Rockdale Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 Matthews, Meredith E. I526 Beacon Ave. San Antonio, Texas 782l2 Mattson, Roger J. 4928 Bancroft, Apt. H Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 McAdoo, Daniel W. l05 East High St. Rockwell City, Iowa 50579 McAdoo, David W. l05 East High St. Rockwell City, Iowa 50579 McCarver, Ann 4608 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 McClain, Richard E. RFD iii 8 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 McCoy, Robert Box IOI Newcastle, Wyo. 8270l McDaniel, Doris 4825 Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 McElvain, Judy P.O. Box 39 Rifle, Colo. 8I650 McElvain, Ronald E. P.O. Box 39 Rifle, Colo. 8I650 McHenry, Sherry Cincinnati, Iowa 52549 McKelvey, Donna 25l2 So. University Denver, Colo. 802I0 McKey, Duane R.R. I, Box 38 Chandler, Okla. 74834 McLean, Shirlee A. 502I Woodland Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 McLeod, Jan l3l5-63 Des Moines, Iowa 503Il McMiIlen, Dan 304 Mt. Columbia Leadville, Colo. 8046I McMullen, Dennis 4907 Sherman St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 McMullen, Robert E. P.O. Box 442 Jay, Okla. 74346 McNally, Marc I24 W. l4th Winfield, Kans. 67l56 McOuistan, J. Roger 2837 So. 43th Lincoln, Nebr. 68504 McTaggart, Karla P.O. Box 530 Wahpeton, N. Dak. 58075 Meeker, Marvin 4420 Sherman Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Meier, Linda J. Route 2 Grand Junction, Colo. 8I50I Meissner, Cheryl Route I, Riverside Dr. Macon, Ga. 322l0 Mentzel, Vicki C. 3554 Shelley Baton Rouge, La. 70805 Mercer, Clara Sue 6I0 I N.W. Ardmore, Okla. 7340I Merritt, Bryan I538 S. Tennyson Denver, Colo. 802l7 Meyerholtz, Delilah Route 2 Fremont, Wisc. 54940 Miller, Duane G. Manfred, N. Dak. 58465 Miller, Dwight J. Manfred, N. Dak. 5842I Miller, Melanie Carrington, N. Dak. 5842I Miller, Michael A. 3llI I0th Street Boulder, Colo. 80302 Miller, Peggy II6 North R St. Muskogee, Okla. 7440! Miller, Ronald Route 8 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Mills, Linda L. Raderville Route Casper, Wyo. 8206I Mills, William A. Raderville Route Casper, Wyo. 8260I Mitchell, Clifton Il0I Columbus Deming, N. Mex. 88030 Mitchell, David A. 5I03 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Mitchell, Vicki 5I03 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Moles, Georgetta E. Platte Villey Academy Shelton, Nebr. 68876 Moline, S. Doug I37I E. Bates Ave. Englewood, Colo, 80Il0 Moline, Suzanne G. 2l09 Dixon Drive Minneapolis, Minn. 5543I Moller, Steffen A. Lindum Skov. Savvaerk Hvornum Hobro, Denmark Mondragon, Linda 2759 Niles Simi, Calif. 93065 Moon, Jerry R.R. 4 Muscatine, Iowa 5276l Moore, Denis K. 384l S. 47 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Moore, Gregory 7I00 Bryant Westminster, Colo. 80030 Moore, Sharon J. 3904 Roosevelt Midland, Texas 7970! Morford, Dorothy M. Livona, N. Dak. 5850i Morgan, Clifford W. 4908 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Morgan, Kenneth L. 4908 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Morris, Peggy Route 9952 Fredonia, Kans. 66736 Morris, Randy P. O. Box II6 Delta, Colo. 8l4I6 Morris, Terry L. R. R. 2 Fredonia, Kans. 66736 Morris, Terry Trent Box II6 Delta, Colo. 8l4I6 Morrison, Charles A. 5025 Locust Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Morrison, Patrick B. 9022 W. 75th Overland Park, Kans. 6620I Morrow, Annabelle 3935 S. Hazel Ct. Englewood, Colo, 80lI0 Muenchau, Gary Box 983 Chadron, Nebr. 69337 Murrell, Dale 47l9 Calvert St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Murrell, Thomas 47I9 Calvert St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Nash, Lorrie Ann Box 2702 Wahpeton, N.Dak. 58075 Naustdal, Bruce 4036 Hampshire N. Minneapolis, Minn. 55427 Nazarenus, Wayne A. Rt. I Wilton, Minn. 56687 Neel, Linda Box 37l Cedaredge, Colo. 8l4l3 Nelson, E. Norita Route I, Box l5l Plamyra, Wisc. 53l56 Nelson, Geraldine Rt. 2, Lum Park Brainerd, Minn. 5640I Nelson, Grant 5254 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Nelson, Judy 62 Dick Trefz Pueblo, Colo. 8IO0I Nelson, Ron D. 422 E. I3th Crete, Nebr. 68333 Nelson, Virlys A. Oak Park Academy Nevada, Iowa 5020I Nestell, Judith A. 2506 So. Clarkson Denver, Colo 802l0 Neumayer, Marjorie 3900 So. 39 St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Newcomb, Joseph H. 38I5 S. 44 St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ngoi, Johnny lI2 Petaling St. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Ngwakwe, Joshua 48I0 Lowell St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Nickell, Jon West Route Dalton, Nebr. 69l3I Nielsen, Gary 7506 Emerson Ave. So. Richfield, Minn. 55423 Nightingale, Shirley 3629 S. 46th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Noble, Janette Rural Route Quimby, Iowa 5I049 Norhton, Ernest Box 424 Consort Alb, Canada Norman, Joyce Box 36I Collegedale, Tenn. 373l5 Norman, Raymond 730I Pioneers Lincoln, Nebr. 68520 Noyes, Susan J. I039 Gothenburg Road Duluth, Minn. 55803 Noyes, Vernon IO39 Gothenburg Road Duluth, Minn. 55803 Nyman, Donna J. 2ll Galena St. Bessemer, Mich. 499II Oblander, Diana 5044 So. Racine Chicago, Ill. 60609 Obrien, Peggy 74l5 S. Aldrich Minneapolis, Minn. 55423 Ockenga, Joy D. Charter Oak, Iowa 5l439 Oqata, Judith l3I2 2nd Avenue Seabrook, N. J. 08302 Olson, David 503 S.W. 42nd St. Loveland, Colo. 80537 Olson, Jane A. Box 226 Singapore Olson, Marvin E. 3920 Brookside Dr. Rapid City, S. Dak. 5770l Olson, Rita 3920 Brookside Dr. Rapid City, S. Dak. 5770l Olson, Ronnalee 503 S.W. 42 Loveland, Colo. 80537 Orndorff, Madison 5330 Meredeth Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Orr, James R. Jr. 4928 Bancroft Apt. L Lincoln, Nebr. 6.506 Oster, Gerald E. 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Oster, Sharon 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Otto, Jack 4603 Bancroft Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Otto, Larry J. 4603 Bancroft Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Overturt, Lavonne Rt. I, Box 34 Loveland, Colo. 80537 Owen, Elwyn 335 S.W. 42nd St. Loveland, Colo. 80537 Paden, Donald Jr. 3242 So. 40th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Page, Janice D. P.O. Box I93 Faith, N. C. 2804! Page, Robert lI0 Hankins Lane Loveland, Colo. 80537 Pak, Yung Woo Pusan San Xi Hosp. Box 67 Pusan, Korea Pangborn, Kathleen A. 25072 Prospect Loma Linda, Calif. 92354 Parke, Roy B. IO4 So. Main North Liberty, Ind. 46554 Patrick, Henderson I0 South St., Hamilton Park New Castle, Del. l9720 Patterson, Carol 4322 Midway Rd. Duluth, Minn. 558Il Patzer, James 47lI Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Paulien, Charles D. 5403 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Payne, Milo F. 5242 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Pearson, Ernest Jr. Box 75 Enterprise, Kans. 6744l Pearson, Evelyn L. Farlington, Kans. 66734 Peck, Robert G. 5359 Cooper Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Peck, Willard 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Peckham, Carolyn R.R. 2, Box II2 Gothenburg, Nebr. 69l38 Pederson, Tim 624-I3th Ave. No. Wahpeton, N. Dak. 58079 Pellandini, Paul 4l0 Thornton Ave. San Francisco, Calif. 94l24 Fenix, Dave 6033 Horton Rd. LaMesa, Calif. 9204l Penix, Judy 6033 Horton Rd. LaMesa, Calif. 9204l Perkins, Randy L. 409 Mapleron Boulder, Colo. 80302 Pester, Jack G. 4720 Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Petersen, Jane C. Route I, Box I5 Kimballton, Iowa 5I543 Petersen, Joan Platte Valley Academy Shelton, Nebr. 68876 Petersen, Ronn C. Platte Valley Academy Shelton, Nebr. 68876 Peterson, Bonnie Route 3, Box 282 Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 Peterson, Jeanette M. Rt. I, Box 68 Elk Horn, Iowa 5I53l Peterson, Jerilyn Rt. I, Box 68 Elk Horn, Iowa 5I53l Peyer, Shari R.R. I Staples, Minn. 56479 Phipps, Robert J. l020 Columbus St. Galena, Kans. 66739 Pierce, Linda L. Route I Wilson, Mich. 49896 Pierson, Lavonne R. l52l Grace Ave. Worland, Wyo. 8240l Pierson, Sandra M. Box I42 Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 Pittman, Gary A. 3l65 W. Pimlico Englewood, Colo. 80ll0 Plesuk, Renae Box 273 Butte, N. Dak. 58723 Plisco, Francine Box 306 Winburne, Penna. l6879 Pogue, James E. 533l Spruce Street Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Pogue, Jerry F. 533l Spruce Street Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Poleschook, Daniel Jr. III5 S.W. I St. Minot, N. Dak. 5870l Poleschook, Virgil lII5 S.W. I St. Minot, N. Dak. 5870l Poore, D. Faye Box 82 Sturgis, S. Dak. 57785 Portilla, Sonia 4546 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Potter, Sharon S. l905 W. Lockeford Lodi, Calif. 95240 Proctor, Raylene 4628 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Prowant, Richard A. 6I40 Aylesworth Lincoln, Nebr. 68505 Pudleiner, Carol Y. 7503 Flower Avenue Tokoma Park, Md. 200l2 Pulver, Ramona E. Box 2l22, Route I Aurora, Minn. 55705 Purkeypile, Allan D. l40l North Poplar Eureka, Kans. 67045 Ouale, Wesley M. Box l59l Fargo, N. Dak. 5Bl03 Quinn, Joyce 505 N. Institute Colo. Springs, Colo. 80903 Ouiroz, Miguel 4834 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ramirez, Tomasa Star Route, Box 2I Mesilla Park, N. Mex. 88047 Randall, Ann L. Route I Agency, Iowa 52530 Randall, Sue Route I Agency, Iowa 52530 Ras, Dennis L. 944 Lions Street Hancock, Minn. 56244 Ras, George Jr. 944 Lions Street Hancock, Minn. 56244 Rasmussen, Thomas Route I, Box 29 Cheney, Wash. 99004 Rawlings, Kendall II5 S.E. 49th St. Loveland, Colo. 80537 Ray, Cinda 8l4 W. State Centerville, Iowa 52544 Rayburn, Rebecca 5350 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Rea, Connie D. Rt. 2, Box I3l Maple Plain, Minn. 55359 Read, Sherry Oconto, Nebr. 68860 Rebsomen, Daniel 5200 Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Reddick, S. Charleen 820 Cedar Berry North Platte, Nebr. 69l0I Reed, Margaret 905 East Inwood Dr. Arlington, Texas 760l0 Reeve, Helen L. 4500 S. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Reeve, Joy M. 4500 S. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Reeves, Linden Arthur 7653 Webster Way Arvada, Colo. 80002 Reid, Verna Rt. I, Box 26 Raymond, Nebr. 68428 Reiner, Richard K. 4220 S. 5I Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Reinke, Daryl Kulm, N. Dak. 58456 Reinke, Gary L. 482l Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 69506 Reise, Jahnn Toronto, Ontario Reiswig, Renaye Harvey, N. Dak. 5834l Renk, Janice 4420 South 49 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Reuer, Dennis Box 340 Bowdle, S. Dak. 57428 Rexin, Russell L. Sykeston, N. Dak. 58486 Reyes, Carolyn N. 40l9 E. Z5 Des Moines, Iowa 503l7 Reynolds, Robert W. l850 High Street Hamilton, Ill. 6234l Richards, Margaret 73l B Street Lincoln, Nebr. 68502 Richards, Mary Ann 73I 8 Street Lincoln, Nebr. 68502 Rideout, Lowell D. Rt. 3 Brainerd, Minn. 5640l Riffel, Marlyn 9I4 Andover Way Los Altos, Calif. 94022 Riley, John Route I, Box A 79 Hardinsburg, Ind. 47l25 Ritchie, Mary Anne l3I0 S. 3rd Street Sterling, Colo. 8075l Rittenhouse, Fred 5737 Maywood Raytown, Mo. 64l33 Rittenhouse, Gene 5220 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Rivinius, Jerry L. Box 588 Mobridge, S. Dak. 5760l Roach, Veronica B. P.O. Box 356 Nassau, Bahamas Robarge, Lynette Ill Eden Lane Duluth, Minn. 55805 Robbins, Marian J. 5l27 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Roberts, Bobby G. 29l5 Osage Ft. Smith, Ark. 73948 Roberts, Jacquelyn 574 Bradley Columbus, Ohio 4320I Roberts, Jay G. 4L07 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Roberts, Lois 2708 Malloy Hu.chinson, Kans. 6750I Roberts, Ray 4544 Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Robertson, Nadine 4645 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Robinson, Janice 222 S. Eucalyptus 944297 El Paso, Texas 79905 Robinson, Laura Beth 3245 Valley Forge Trail Ft. Worth, Texas 760lI Robison, Pam D. Route I Watonga, Okla. 73772 Rock, Dairn B. North Perry Road Blue Mounds, Wisc. 535l7 Rodgers, Michael 600 W. Broadway Fairfield, Iowa 52556 Rodman, Darrell Rt. I, Box 300 Stratford, Mo. 65757 Rogers, Dan Rt. 4 Stillwater, Minn. 55082 Rogers, Dean 4927 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Rogers, Linda 4927 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Roland, Shelley 7902 E. Hampden Circle Denver, Colo. 80237 Rosaasen, Jerry Rt. 5 Wayzata, Minn. 5539l Rose, Mary 4708 Lakeview Dr. Edina, Minn. 55424 Rosenthal, James Rt. 2, Box 203 Austin, Minn. 559I2 Rosenthal, Janice I. Rt. 2, Box 203 Austin, Minn. 559I2 Rotan, Ed E. 4729 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Rotan, Susan 25586 Mead St. Loma Linda, Calif. 92354 Roth, Beverley B. 52lI Pioneer Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Roth, Cheryl L. Brownell, Kans. 6852l Roth, Donald A. 3l90 Dry Creek Rd. Healdsburg, Calif 95448 Roth, Ray L. 52ll Pioneer Blvd. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Rowland, Dale W. 5300 Locust Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Royal, Harry 4706 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Royal, Raymond 4706 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ruddle, Donald G. I729 Foster Road Las Cruces, N. Mex. 8800l Russell, Joyce 5EOI Lake St. Omaha, Nebr. 68l04 Rutan, Evelyn S. R.R. I Cedaredge, Colo. 8l4l3 Ryan, Mike L. 4444 N. Drury Kansas City, Mo. 64ll7 Ryan, Roy 4444 N. Drury Kansas City, Mo. 64ll7 Sackett, Glenn A. 476 Waverly Dr. Benton Harbor, Mich. 49022 Sample, David L. 5450 Otis St. Arvada, Colo. 80002 Sanchez, Alvin Gen. Del. Rocky Ford, Colo. 8l067 Sanders, Karen 858 Arrowhead Dr. Broken Bow, Nebr. 68822 Sanders, Margaret E. 8l5 S.E. 7th Street Mineral Wells, Texas 76067 Sanders, Renae R. Rt. I, Box 33 Potter, Nebr. 69l56 Sanders, Roma J. Rt. I, Box 33 Potter, Nebr. 69l56 Saunders, Connie S. Rt. l, Box I25 Grain Valley, Mo 64029 Saunders, Kathy E. II230 E. 50 Hwy. Raytown, Mo. 64l38 Saunders, Robert A. Box I25, Rt. I Grain Valley, Mo. 64029 Sawh, Prettilal 4834 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Scaggs, Carol 3I58 So. High Englewood, Colo. 80lI0 Scaggs, Lynda 3l58 So. High Englewood, Colo. 80ll0 Schauer, Myra Jean Rt. 3, Box 320 Rochester, Minn. 5590I Schilt, Enid L. 25I5 So. Marion Denver, Colo. 802l0 Schilt, Nathan E. 25l5 So. Marion Denver, Colo. 802l0 Schlup, James 540 N. 24th Street Lincoln, Nebr. 68503 Schmid, Fredrick C. 320l North Eastern Oklahoma City, Okla. 73l2l Schneider, Livingston 724 W. Bdwy. Enid, Okla. 7370I Schneider, Roland 724 W. Bdwy. Enid, Okla. 7370l Schobring, Carl 508 N. Broadwell Grand Island, Nebr. 6880l Scholz, Larry W. 290l North I8th St. Kansas City, Kans. 66l04 Schram, Wesley B. 5430 Linden Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Schultz, Jan C. 3327 Arnold Topeka, Kans. 666l4 Schultz, Janet D. 3327 Arnold Topeka, Kans. 666l4 Schultz, Jean 337 Elmwood Dr. Council Bluffs, Iowa 5l50l Schulz, Claudia M. 44ll Minnetonka Blvd. Minneapolis, Minn. 554l6 Schwarz, Linda L. 247 A. Merriam Thief River Falls, Mn. 5670l scan, Winfield J. 4902 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Scull, Thomas 5433 Locust St. Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Segebartt, Allan W. 907 Ave. C Minatare, Nebr. 69356 Segebartt, Denis A. 907 Ave. C. Minatare, Nebr. 69356 Seltmann, Donna A. Nekoma, Kans. 67559 Semograd, Diane E. II937 50 St. Edmonton Alb, Canada Severtson, Neva IOI2 North Main Minot, N. Dak. 5870l Shen, Lily I5 Venrris Rd. 81A Hong Kong Shepard, Deborah l03I N. 56th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Shepard, Loren 4029 South 52 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Sheridan, William M. 5302 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Shidler, Merlyn R. Route I, Box 250 B Brighton, Colo. 80601 Shields, Harry V. 5I40 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Shull, Pamela 320 Lyman Ave. Covina, Calif. 9l722 Shumaker, Darlene R.F.D. fl Humboldt, S. Dak. 57035 Shupe, Joann R.R. 8 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Shy, Rhonda P.O. Box 833 Longmont, Colo. 8050l Siebenlist, Carol 3040 l0th St. Boulder, Colo. 80302 Siebenlist, Dick Shattuck, Okla. 73858 Sierra, William 39l0 S. 5I Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Sigmon, Mary Lou Rees Hall Union College Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Simmons, Judy C. R.R. I Mystic, Iowa 52574 Simmons, Bruce R.R. I Mystic, Iowa 52574 Sivertson, Marlys M. Keene, N. Dak. 58847 Skinner, Gail F. Box 973 Muskogee, Okla. 7440l Skinner, Larry R. 4405 Springbranch Dr. Ft. Worth, Texas 76716 Smith, Douglas B. l0504 W. 69th Ter. Shawnee, Kans. 66203 Smith, Hope Box 595 Washburn, Wisc. 5489l Smith, Lonny R. 4834 Hillside Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Smith, Melvin Haigler, Nebr. 69030 Smith, Colleen G. Rt. I, Box 99 Menahga, Minn. 56464 Smith, Richard A. 700l Pioneers Blvd. Lincoln, Nebr. 68520 Smith, Steven C. I634 South Mill Kansas City, Kans. 66l03 Soderstrom, Donald J. 532l 47th Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 554l7 Spangle, Ray E. 2727 Dexter Dr. Ft. Wayne, Ind. 46806 Spaulding, Willa Mae 3l0 Spaulding Lane Ft. Collins, Colo. 8052l Speak, Glenn A. 5I27 Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Speer, John B. 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Speer, Ruth 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Sprengel, Julia L. 4l4 W. 9th St. Juneau, Alaska 9980l St. Clair Karen Route I, Box 350 Siloam Springs, Ark. 7276 Stabb, Kathlyne Rt. 2, Box 76 Gentry, Ark. 72734 Staples, Susan l72l7 Duch Lake Trail Eden Prairie, Minn. 55343 Stark, Sylvia 740 Seminary Kansas City, Kans. 66l03 Stearns, Roger D. 4642 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Stebnitz, Patricia Box 374 Hettinger, N. Dak. 58639 Steele, Lee 52l8 Meredeth Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Steenberg, Lester 2200 Oakwood Drive St. Paul, Minn. 55ll2 Steingas, Diane M. 4l4 Livingston Missoula, Mont. 5980i Stephens, Victor 2486 Vine St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68503 Stephenson, Carol E. Star Route Gruver, Texas 79040 Stephenson, Cheri A. Star Route Gruver, Texas 79040 Sterling, Henry P. I220 Mayhow Dr. Baton Rouge, La. 70807 Sterling, Linda K. 6I00 Queens Way Madison, Wisc. 537l6 Stevens, Beverly l3l7 Aster Amarillo, Texas 79l07 Stone, Allan P. 4430 Van Dorn Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Stone, Ronald L. 36l7 E, 7th St. Tulsa, Okla. 74ll2 Stone, Suzanne 4430 Van Dorn Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Stonebrook, Kathleen Rt. 7, Airport Dr. Green Bay, Wisc. 5430l Storey, Jane 5433 Locust Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Story, Ingrid 533 Colfax St. Grand Haven, Mich. 494l Stotz, Stanley 44l0 So. 43 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Stout, Lanny 52l5 Meredith Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Stowe, Julie Darlene Friswell Hill Pembroke, E. Bermuda Stratton, Sarah E. 77l0 E. 48 Kansas City, Mo. 64l29 Stricker, Carol A. Rt. 3, Box I82 Woodward, Okla. 7380I I 7 Stricker, Donald L. Rt. 3, Box l82 Woodward, Okla. 7380i Strickland, Bettina J. 46l9 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Strickland, Beverly 46l9 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 63506 Strickland, Carl L. 46l9 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Strlib, Nina Rt. 2 Iroquois, S. Dak. 57353 Surdal, Ralph 5030 Boeckner Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Sutter, Shirley 6044 O St. Omaha, Nebr. 68ll7 Swanson, Charles R. R.R. I Chana, Ill. 6l0l5 Swanson, Kathleen Rt. 3, Box 265 Wayzata, Minn. 5539l Swanson, Val 4643 Baldwin Lincoln, Nebr. 68504 Swenson, David 205 W. Vasa Fergus Falls, Minn. 56537 Tachenko, Cody J. Grassy Butte, N. Dak. 58634 Tackett, Valerie J. l403 Prescott Sioux City, Iowa 5l l03 Tang, Bonnie 47-723 Kam Hiwy. Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744 Taylor, Brenda A. 2323 N.W. 85th St. Miami, Fla. 33l47 Taylor, Karen R. 2755 E. 3220 So. Salt Lake City, Utah 84l09 Taylor, Lary Jay 2755 E. 3220 So. Salt Lake City, Utah 84l09 Teale, Carl Route 2 Lamont, lowa 50l40 Tebelius, Diane Judy Blvd. Harvey, N. Dak. 5834l Testerman, Judith A. 55l5 Linden St. Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Thomas, Elaine R. 8I I4 So. Washtenaw Chicago, Ill. 60652 Thomas, Melodie 905 Lakeview Road Cleveland, Ohio 44108 Thompson, Donna J. Belle, Mo. 65013 Thompson, Eunice 5l25 Spruce Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Thornblad, Paul Route I, Box l02 Barnum, Minn. 55707 Tidwell, Sharon Rf. I, Box 240 R Grapevine, ,Texas 7605I Tompkins, Claudia C. 3207 Lowndes Dr. Winter Park, Fla. 32789 Tooley, Rosemary 45l3 Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Tooley, Vernon 45l3 Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Tracy, Carolyn Joyce 904 North A Wellington, Kans. 67l52 Trana, James L. l9ll Simpson St. Paul, Minn. 55ll3 Treat, Weldon Rt. 2, Box 376 Battleground, Wash. 98604 Treft, Delilah 46l8 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Treft, Garry 46l8 Bancroft Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Treft, Janice F. Manfred, N. Dak. 58465 Trimble, Nancy S. R.R. I Sioux City, lowa 5ll08 Trimble, Robert R.R. I Sioux City, lowa 5II08 Truitt, Norman D. Box I0 Petersburg, Texas 79250 Tucker, Linda S. ll22 Detroit Denver, Colo. 80206 Tuma, Jolene 2500 So. Marian Denver, Colo. 802I0 Turk, Thomas 7Il Cavan Road Duncanville, Texas 75ll6 Turner, Neitholo 2324 Q Lincoln, Nebr. 68503 Tusken, Lana 210 Stoney View Ct. St. Louis, Mo. 63I4l Tusken, Lynn C. 2l0 Stoney View Ct. St. Louis, Mo. 63l4l Tyson, Patricia J. 2482 S. Josephine Denver, Colo. 802l0 Ucci, Sanita Rt. 2 Amboy, ltl. 6l3l0 Unruh, Larry V. Sykeston, N. Dak. 58486 Unsell, Robert S. IFO4 Virginia Lane Billings, Mont. 59l03 Upchurch, James K. 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ure, John Duffy 4340 So. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Valentine, Cathy S. 26242 Byron Highland, Calif. 92346 Vanbenthuysen, Phyllis IIOI-38th Street Galveston, Texas 77550 Vance, Robert 27 Chamblee Ln. St. Louis 4I, Mo. 63l4l Vandeman, Larry A. 2590 So. Clarkson Denver, Colo. 802l0 Vandeman, Robert 2590 So. Clarkson Denver, Colo. 802l0 Vanhorn, Arlene M. 3845 S. 52 Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Vanhorn, Marvin L. 6l2 East Third Eureka, Kans. 67045 Van Schiek, Karen S. 975 S. College Ave. Walla Walla, Wash. 99362 Vantuyl, Mark l623 George St. Sioux City, lowa 5ll03 Vagttuyl, Marlene l623 George t. Sioux City, lowa 5ll03 Vargas, Roque 46ll Prescott Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Vaughn, Ron College View Trailer Park Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Vences, Harold H. 707l So. Cherry Dr. Littleton, Colo. 80l20 Vences, Virginia 707l So. Cherry Dr. Littleton, Colo. 80I20 Vercio, Alan P. Shelton, Nebr. 68876 Verlo, Terrence A. Route 3 Excelsior, Minn. 5533i Vert, Diane K. Box 868 Leduc Alberta, Canada Vert, James R. Box 868 Leduc Alberta, Canada Vesely, Sharon A. Route I Becida, Minn. 56625 Vise, Charles 294l West 73rd Ave. Westminster, Colo. 80030 Vollmer, Keith Box 362 Mclaughlin, S. Dak. 57643 Wade, Karen A. 4627 Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Wager, Sandra Sue 2790 Dartmouth Boulder, Colo. 80302 Wagner, Laveda 4600 S. 45th Lincoln, Nebr. 685l6 Wahlen, Gregory A. 4ll5 Colfax North Minneapolis, Minn. 554l2 Walker, Glen 700 9th Ave. S.W. Great Falls, Mont. 59401 Walker, Michael i968 Fairfax Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45207 Wall, Constance l604 4th St. N. Wahpston, N. Dak. 58075 Wall, Reginald Sunny L Ranch Brewster, Wash. 988I2 Ward, Edna 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ward, Stephen R. 722 Max Salina, Kans. 6740l Ward, Verlie Yvonne 4l0l So. 44th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Ward, Virgil R. 520l Calvert Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Warda, Joseph Tehran, Iran Wargo, Shirley L. ll08 W. l3th Wichita, Kans. 67203 Wasemiller, James P. Route 3 Wahpeton, N. Dak. 58075 Wasemiller, Mark Route 3 Wahpeton, N. Dak. 58075 Watkins, Betty Colo, lowa 50056 Watkins, Marybeth Rt. 2 Quitman, La. 7I268 Watts, Joe Box 688 Lakin, Kans. 67960 Watts, Ladonna Rural Route I, Box I46 Berthoud, Colo. 805l3 Webb, Janet 472I Woodhaven Dr. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Wehling, Jeanice Route I Steele City, Nebr. 68440 Wehling, Linda 5200 Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Wehling, Nina J. Route I Steele City, Nebr. 68440 Weisz, Renee Hurdsfield, N. Dak. 5845I Welch, Brenda 5l27 East Easton Tulsa, Okla. 74lI5 Welch, Ramona 49l0 Pioneers Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Wellman, Danny 2545 So. Clarkson St. Denver, Colo. 802l0 Wendell, Jan O. 2626 S. Pennsylvania Denver, Colo. 802l0 Wendell, Karen A. 2626 Pennsylvania Denver, Colo. 802l0 Weng, Carol Jean Route 4, Box 57 Longmont, Colo. 8050l Weng, Margaret Ann Route 4, Box 57 Longmont, Colo. 8050l Wentland, Elaine D. Carrington, N. Dak. 5842l Wentland, Elaine M. Sentinel Butte, ,N. Dak. 58654 Wentworth, James D. 52I0 Walmer Mission, Kans. 66222 Wenzel, James T. 5975 S. Eaton Ln. Littleton, Colo. S0l20 Werner, Joann Denhoff, N. Dak. 58430 Vlferner, Sharon Kay 5I45 Pioneer Blvd. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Westermeyer, Leonard 3047 3rd St. Boulder, Colo. 80302 Weygandt, Linda R. 4225 Cooper Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Wheeler, Cheryl M. 2860 So. Penn St. Englewood, Colo. 80ll0 White, Carol 7640 Davis Circle Omaha, Nebr. 68l34 White, Connie E. 4533 Stockwell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 White, Jennifer 3232 N. I6th Street Milwaukee, Wisc. 53206 White, Mickie Sheryl 235l So. Marion Denver, Colo. 80210 Whitehead, Barbara I9l0 N.E. 44th St. Oklahoma, Okla. 73lll Wickizer, Philip W. R.R. I, Box 64 Chanute, Kans. 66720 Widicker, Gary Heaton, N. Dak. 58450 Widicker, Wayne 1, E. Schander, 5320 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Widicker, Glenna Bowdon, N. Dak. 584I8 Wiedemann, Paul M. 2505 Houser Muscatine, lowa 5276l Wier, Fred 20l Golden Crown San Antonio, Texas 78223 Wiese, Delores 3839 Sherman Blvd. Des Moines, lowa 503l0 Wiese, Roger J. 3339 Sherman Blvd. Des Moines, lowa 503l0 Wilkens, David Box l82 Tappahannock, Va. 22560 Will, Alice 3635 So. Sl St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Will, Clifford S. 3536 So. 5l St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Williams, Albert I. 445 W. Winona Duluth, Minn. 55803 Williams, Hindley W. Kingston, Jamaica Williamson, Sandra I5l0 Kimes Ave. Twin Falls, Idaho 8330l Willis, Albert IO0I0 W. 59th Place Arvada, Colo. 82000 Wilson, Laura Emily l523 N. 24 Lincoln, Nebr. 68503 Wilson, Sharon J. Rt. 2, Box 228 K Mineola, Texas 75773 Wiltse, Curtis G. IOI0 S. 3rd Wahpeton, N. Dak. 58075 Windecker, Myrna I. 2440 So. Marron Denver, Colo. 802l0 Winner, Sherry l4l0 Catherine Street Williamsport, Penna. l770l Wit, Leonard A. 2I8 E. Tenth Grand Island, Nebr. 6880i Witzel, Geraldine Route I, Box 97 Camp Douglas, Wisc. 546l8 Wixson, Lynn 700 Main Street N. Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 Wolkwitz, David 4928 Bancroft Apt. 6 Lincoln, Nebr. 63506 Woll, Beverly Lodgepole, S. Dak. 57640 Wood, Gary R.R. Z Ozark, Mo. 6572! Woodard, Nora lC02 Dover St. Elkhart, Ind. 465l4 Woodruff, Joann Box 228, Rt. 2 Cuba, Mo. 65453 Woods, Alan J. Route I, Box 49 Springdale, Ark. 72764 Wooten, Sharon Albion, lowa 50005 Worley, Mary 4634 Lowell Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Yackley, Lorene I708 So. 29th St. Waco, Texas 767Il Yackley, Winona I708 So. 29th St. Waco, Texas 767ll Young, Elisa 3244 So. 43th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Young, Patricia Lariat Boys Ranch Stapleton, Nebr. 69l63 Young, Theus 3244 S. 40th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Zaversnuke, Bert A. Box I2 Group 370, R.R.3 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canad Zeelau, Charlene 4928 Bancroft, Apt D Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Zeelau, Jennifer A. 2932 South 46th Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Zeelau, Steven C. 4928 Bancroft, Apt. D Lincoln, Nebr. 68506 Zerbe, Marilyn Harrison, Nebr. 69346 Zimmerman, Gary R.R. 2 Sheffield, lll. 6l36l Zuchowski, Larry 7670 So. Kitcarson Dr. Littleton, Colo. 80I20 Zummach, Russell D. l25 Edgewood St. Paul, Minn. 55ll9 B Ee 'smear Karla Kramperl, edifor-in-chief Linda Sferling, associa+e edilor Ann Carrick, assislanl' ecli'ror GG Donna Lofspeich, assislanf edi+or Gary Bollinger, por+rai+ edi'ror Susan Gibbs, liferary edifor BeH'ina S+rickland, layoui' ediior Carolyn House, Denver edilor r"rrrr Glenn SaclceH', cover design Linda Neel, piciure edifor Lei Johnson, rosier edilor Nancy Johnson, secre+ary Kaihy Pangborn, secrefary Aubrey Gooch, phofographer Ron Long, phofographer William Rankin, sponsor- . ia, G 'ss ,,,, , ,, G G G ..,,- eff-aG .553 ,,---,,, '-,, its fi.,, ii., , G G G zz, if Wryy ,,:: i A ---,, :T K N I , wig - ii r., lii, eerla T G E y y y yy y 0 H yyy: John Koch, presiden+-business manager Yeryinpg rwos' a J e' Dan Goddard, adverfising manager iiirf ,G igfugene Kilgore, sponsor G G. V, ,VVk. 'K s S H ,,.. V k.,', K. ..kkL krlkkk J H j ,,,L,, s riry k,-V-,kL H k xyk ssrr syy ssyy f G ij G 1 , ITV, y I gik W: K :U S.. G G yyiy srr A iyyy yy J ax G,,.,f G I Eg. 1 G K K fg, 1,, , k1,, Q G f ..,,s Jisj srsrsri e iierl G J A as s if raar 9 i'lss, ara ss,i G . + --i'i ssif j is G reig F in . ,, -:iii , I iii Tssfsii 1 in 1. s e G krrg, G W.,-v,,Gg GG GG gf 'M ff' ff S 'R ll ,Mui Q ui ,if ,M r lg E ,G X i'i Q E N' ' 5' 1 as - E if 1' - I i i i ii w 13 G, +G G ,P Q GG Nm. A is if s s G if AZ ill. 'Vi G GG G 3, f is G . ,G 3 ' V' kr. ' 5 K ' A B s if t xx Q g GI, K R ,, s. G I K' LV J as Gilk rx , . EQ at I G ,,. ,G,. ix it .u Q is V i Ig? sf .g,f'Q in 5- ., if A - sl ,I Q. ki 5- Q - - V -- ' , ,, Q. H+ x GI ,,,G, G i G ,G vga Special Thanks Susie Amundson Bob Chrislensen Vickie Danielsen Sandy Holmes Jay Smolen Les Sleenberg Mr. James D. Anderson Mr. Edwin Eivens Miss Rulh Haller -'For giving of 'lheir lime and inleresl' Regis+rar's Office Dafa Processing -for preparing +he sludeni' rosler CLOCK TOWER -for "The Golden Cords of Union College," page I97 We Acknowledge Taylor Publishing Company Mr. Ted Hollinger, represenfafive Schmeiding-Hamilldn Sludio Mr. Ken Schmeiding, pholographer Mr. Roger Elrod, pholographer Those school days of our candy-coafed living are gone, And our minds are now 'Filled wi+h memories and challenges. We mee+ our besl' friends and learn righ+ 'From wrong. We have closed our books and have +alcen a long las+ look. The Challenge was Ours af Union . . . where we learned irufh-perhaps, where we saw clearly-maybe, where we aged-cerrainly, where we grew-someiimes, where we lived il'-once, where we saved 'l'he world-ideally. Nosralgically we remember 'rhe momenf, +he +imes, 'lhe people. We endured . . . because we shared ourselves in Involving Love Time is never here, Bui' is always eifher going or coming. Clocks, sundials, bells, designed fo capfure fime A And package if inlo neai' bundles of minuies and hours, Do nof even daunf ifs elusiye nafure. Clocks cease +o iick. i Bells become silent - ' The sun goes down, And all fime-felling confrivances come fo naught Buf 'lime exisfs sfill. y H' can only be measured by 1'he experiences Which occur as if .comes and goes. This, +he l968 Golden Cords, is presenied fo you. a May ii' in some way capfure' The experiences of your life, your 'lime T When you walk nder fhe shadow of ihe Clock Tower. a ' a -Karla Ilramperf, ediror f 1

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