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5 BAKER. JONES HAU5AUER.INC W BUFFALO N.Y. THE GZXRNET 1 9 2. 7 'll' IE, GARNIEHP VCDLUME SEVENTY- ONE EgN8Q mQmmWQmQQ 23 E? o-fl 3 Q: -23 cya Q CD 4gi?L '.' '.' '.' . i PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIQR CLASS gf UNION COLLEGE SCHENECTADY2 NEW YGRK ,H'xf..i.s,S H Y? jf., W .gkx5,'m,V 3: 'I'-D' X f--. . ,fx ,- :1 W1 M." ii! if ' 1- wmv-vp " Qooimizowo Grain 9 6.61'l9.Gl'6LGl'63,619.61'6.6Yf9.Gi'Q.QE.Q'C9iGJ'QGTQ6i 4 . i - I . . , O RECALL the happier moments of a college ' year fraught with activity and marked by ,' progressg to immortalize those names echoed so ' familiarly by our ivyfcovered walls., todayg to ,' create a thesaurus whose treasures may mellow ' the memories of yesterday and illuminate the .' visions of tomorrowg and, above all, to catch some 0 of that spirit which is Union s-these are the ' inspirations, however futile may be their fulfil' Q ment, that have justified our task. O I O wi ,M':-."im-vii4 V' , ....... ' . SI.-"i7Y .":'. r- - -, l...i- r' . '0 .0o.00.00 by 0000000 N, E5 . . . i""71f:14m454-"' Q ' THE GARNET I 9 2 7 Q 0 D 006 9490 ffwff' , , fff!'!?W!'WM yZg!I 'fm A f i 127.131 QW fl 1 SW HHH' we qg aw M f' v' 5 ll li J a . -' ' K A I 0 p ,-:ymm .Wm N 0 69, .J?.,aLL,q7lm..T,g7g? '4 0 . . O : , Ig! avi I if, O 14if ff' M' Anlwu' 'fl' 'A a'7lf.4Y'W Mm 0 Q. ,- 'Q ' J. L ' V14 P j', ,I-'v . pf 3.17, V . I' in 51"-. . if :NW WWQWLI A .Mft 51- . Q, 1 . ,ffggh ,, Vx, 7,,.f',. -, ,'-, 1 'i Hu,,,1 4-,4- 1- 1 , Q o ' L , . . - - ' L' fffii e -.MI-W "'J'w riff, 0 , - Qi M lr-L ,, , pf 7. , Wf 11 - . 'rrv' www W I 'L 1m2.'u ' L YL ' - HH' " ' "1 'fu' -, .M iw' A' . W , L , . -I L WI. , -my .. L.. U H fm . - . h 1 4L,u Illf l f'f,, Ill , . - " ....,v, . - - - Y 4-,NA L I 7 I. h' -1 I , ll nm ' I - V . I m I , ' .-. :I ' m I.-I iflfl., . mlm I1-'H fy xnggil-Ii .- E . '-.:i " f lw,.,." ' 'f ull' -Nige l IiI,'I'Hhf!j'mi'i' .wg l L . . , V f '- ,- ' -- "r',cQ'-n- vp:-vu vu J L-wi-Wir , 'r aw -'.,1: ' L 'GN 1 5f':L'1j"'71 . -M I ff" 'T'g.lcf'i???5ff',5.?L'1Af.,:.m:.af1 "2 O 7 ' N Q 'W' T2 gg... ... .. .l. . . ... .U Q CO0 QNQTCIELQNOTQ S CCDLLEGE, CLAQSES FRATEIQNITIES ATHLETICS ACTIXEITIES COLLEGE LIFE ADVERTIQEMENTS , L.,.,rL.r,-X .H - ., -- gf- ey Q. ?lx"Ij+' . f .r" '5 Nfvffx 11. '11 I 95,41 "4 cl ,.-P M., A? K4 JY' r-I ,- I : '::"Q3Q 'xfxxi :fix I..1,'-.7qb,.'x'bJM Mm QTLQCSSUTKQGD ' CHARLES F F GARIS MS SCD who for nearly a quarter of a een tury has devoted 1118 hfe to the best mterests OfUH1OH We the Board of Edrtors respect fully ded1eate thls 1927 Garnet X, DEDICQTICJN QEIQAGLQ '19 ' Q T QQCQWTKDCQEFQGNT ?6DQ1QQii5D6fEQG9X'EQ Q OO f 1 Q ,XXX t6T9E".' '.' '.' '.' l I LQQJILCDGJL . JIQQI 6LQl1QQI ,gf ' J Q.: 1 -a' I. v Q wg ,lf ff 4, M45 ,r-,.J,fl . K , 14" , A , ' 5, ,K Q 1, I 'm wx qfoq ' N211 .JV lg .. -sn' M Q , 'ma l my I J SFP WWWWWWWWWKEWWWKEJWWWWWWWWWWWLPWW Trustees . EX OFFICIO HON. ALFRED E. SMITH, Governor HON. SEYMOUR LOWMAN, LieutenantfGovernor HON. MRs. FLORENCE E. S. KNAPP, Secretary of State HON. VINCENT MURPHY, Comptroller HON. LEwIs H. POUNDS, Treasurer HON. ALBERT OTTINGER, AttorneyfGeneral REV. GEORGE ALEXANDER, D.D., LL.D., 47 University Place, New York City HON. NICHOLAS V. V. FRANCHOT, A.M., Olean EDWIN W. RICE, JR., Sc.D., Schenectady EDGAR S. BARNEY, Sc.D., 36 Stuyvesant Street, New York City PROP. FRANKLIN H. GIDDINGS, LL.D., Columbia University, New York City WILLIS T. HANsON, Schenectady FRANK BAILEY, LL.D., 162 Remsen Street, Brooklyn CHARLES B. MCMURRAY, A. M., Cannon Place, Troy WILLIS R. WHITNEY, Ph.D., Sc.D., General Electric CO., Schenectady EDMUND N. HUYCK, Albany REV. ROCKWELL HARMON'POTTER, D.D., Hartford, Conn. GEORGE C. FOOTE, B.E., Port Henry HIRAM C. TODD, Ph.B., 120 Broadway, New York City ALEXANDER DUANB, Sc.D., 139 East 37th Street, New York City ALBERT M. BANRER, Johnstown rl7l'wrlwrhrhfi-xrhrh rhrhrhrhrlxrhrl-v-I-I E -E E E 'E E E 6 AE E E E 'E 6 E E E E E E E E E E if E E VE E E f 45 'E dwrhrhriwrhrlxrhriwfhfhriwrhfhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrRFhrhrhrl-Irhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhrhdwfR'llS Twelve CHARLES A1.1zxANm:1z RICHMOND, DD., LL.D President Thirteen VP W WW LPNPHJWWWWWWWLPNESIYPWWWWWWJWWWJNPLPWWKPWWWWW College Cflicers CHARLES ALEXANDER RICHMOND, D.D., LL.D. . . . President EDWARD ELLERY, A.M., P1-LD., Sc.D. . . Dean of the Faculty CHARLES F. F. GARIS, M.S., Sc.D. . . . Dean ofthe Students CHARLES N. WALDRON, B.S. . . Acting Dean ofthe Students FRANK BAILEY, AR'r.D., LL.D. . . . Treasurer HARTLEY F. DEWEY . . Assistant Treasurer FRANK Con BARNES, PH.D. . . . Secretary ESTHER G. ELY . . . Registrar WHARTON H. MILLER, B.S. . . Librarian a rI7'hrhrhrf-Fhrhrhrhd-u-BTH fh 'rF?h rhrhrh rE2wrFFh rh rWh 3 31 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 31 3 5 31 3 3 3 3 3 3 3175 Fourteen I- . a dv"' ,.v .An Q at. x 14, sa ,,. r . If . .1 , V... I fb ,i 4 if in DR. CEIARLES ALEXANDER RICHMOND, President Sm Emu HOWARD, Honorary Chancellor, 1925 F zfteen THE FACULTY KPSPN-1-'LV WWWWWWKEHJWWWKEHJWWWWLPWWJWWLVWWWWWWWWWLEW The Faculty CHARLES ALEXANDER RICHMOND, 4HBK President of Union College and Chancellor of Union University ' A.B., Princeton, 18835 A.M., Princeton, 18865 D.D., Hamilton, 19045 LL.D., Rutgers, 19095 LL.D., New York University, 19105 LL.D., Princeton, 19155 LL.D., University of Pittsburgh, 19205 LL.D., St. Andrews University, 1924. ' BENJAMIN H. RIPTON, KIIT, QIJBK Dean Emeritusg Professor of History and Government, Emeritus A.B., Union, 18805 A.M., 18935 LL.D., Syracuse, 18965 LL.D., Union, 1909: Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Union, 18865 Professor of Mathematics, Union, 188748945 Professor of History and Sociology, 189449105 Professor of History and Government, 191049245 Dean of Union College, 1894-1919. vi-v all EDWARD ELLERY, BSII, CIJBK, Dean of the Faculty ancl Professor of Chemistry A.B., Colgate, 18805 A.M., 18935 Ph.D., Heidelberg, 18965 Sc.D., Colgate, 19125 Instructor in Chemistry, Colgate, 1890-18915 Master of Sciences, Vermont Academy, 189148945 Master of Sciences, Worcester Academy, 189648975 Head Master, Vermont Academy, 1897-19045 Professor of Chemistry, Union, 19045 University of Berlin, 19095 Member of American Chemical Society5 Eastern New York Section Society of Engineers5 University of Chicago, 191349145 Member of National Executive Committee, Sigma Xi, 191749215 Chairman of National Fellowship Committeeg Sigma Xi. 19204 National Secretary, Sigma Xi, 1922f5 Corresponding Editor, "Scientific American," 1920f5 Dean of the Faculty, Union College, 1919f. CHARLES F. F. GARIS, EN, QJBK, EE' Dean of Students and Professor of Mathematics ' Ph.B., Lafayette, 19035 M.S., Lafayette, 19065 Sc.D., Lafayette, 19235 Instructor in Mathematics, Union, 190349065 Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Union, 190649085 Professor of Mathe- matics, Union, 19O8f5 Dean of Students, Union College, 1919f. CHARLEs N. WALDRON, AND Acting Dean of Students and Assistant Professor of History B,S., Union, 19065 Secretary of Graduate Council, 19105 Instructor, Union, 191149215 Assistant Professor, 19215 Acting Dean of Students, 1925f. FRANK COE BARNES, fI1BK Secretary of the College and Professor of Modern Languages A,B., Williams, 18875 A.M., 18935 Ph.D., Leipsig, 19035 Principal of the Troy Academy, 189649035 Traveled in Europe, 18985 Student at Berlin and Leipsig, 189949005 Traveled and Studied 'in Germany and France, 190249035 Superintendent of Schools, Stockbridge, Mass., 19035 Instructor in Modern Languages, Union, 190449055 Adjunct Professor of Modern Languages, 190549065 Traveled and Studied in Spain, 19104911, 19135 President New York State Modern Language Association, 1913-1915: Committee on Modern Language Syllabus, New York State, 191449155 German Examination Committee, State Education Department, 191349185 Supervisor College Entrance Board Examinations, 19065 Chairman Eastern Federation Modern Language Association, 19155 Executive Committee, National Federation Modern Language Association, 19225 Professor of Modern Languages, Union, 1906', rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhriSrlwriwrhrR7lwrIxfiwrlWlwrixr1'TriwAwdwfiwdNrlwrh Seventeen 15 -E ri-sri-mrhri-mrhrlwrh rh rhrhrhrhrhrh 6 E E rh rh rhrhrhrhrh E E 6 E E W W WW 1-PPP'-PWWWWWLPWWKEHJWWWWWWYPNVWHJVJWJWWWSPSVWHJWW FRANK S HOFFMAN, 1IvI'A, QBK I Ichabod Spencer Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus A.B., Amherst, 18763 A.M., 18793 B.D., Yale, 188Og Ph.D., Amherst, 1896g LL.D., Knox, 1914: Hooker Fellow at Yale, 188048825 Student in Germany, 1882f1883g Instructor in Philosophy, Wesleyan, 1883-18855 Professor at Union, 1885-1918. O1.iN H LANDRETH, AT, EE Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus W C.E., Union, 1876g A.B., 18795 Sc.D., 19054 Instructor in Physical Laboratory, 187648775 Assistant Astronomer, Dudley Observatory, 1877-18793 Professor of Engineering, 187948944 Dean of Engineering Department, Vanderbilt University, 1886-18943 Professor at Union, 18944918. JAMES H STOLLER, AKE, EE Pro essor of Geology, Emeritus A.B., Union, 1884g A.M., 1887g Ph.D., Leipsig, 18985 Instructor in Natural History, Union, 188448863 Student, University of Munich, 188648874 Instructor in Biology, Union, 1887-18891 Assistant Professor of Biology and GeolOgY. Union, 188948944 Professor of Biology, 189448973 Student, Leipsig University, 189748985 Professor of Biology and Geology, 1898-1919g Member of Staff of New York Geological Survey, 19104925 3 Professor of Geology, Union, 18954925. EDWARD EVERBTT HALE, JR.,-AACID, fIDBK Pro essor of the English Language and Literature . ' ' A.B., Harvard, 1883g Ph.D., Halle, 1892g Instructor in English, Cornell, 18864889g Acting Assist'- ant Professor, 188948905 Fellow in Harvard. 189048924 Professor of English Language and Literaf ture, State University of Iowa, 1892-1895g Professor at Union, 1895-. ' , HOWARD OPDYKB, Efb, IIJBK Pro essor of Theoretical Mechanics - A.B., Williams, 18933 A.M., 1923g Columbia School of Mines, 189348944 Instructor in Mathef matics and Physics, Union, 18944899g Assistant Professor of Physics, 18994903g Traveled and Studied in Europe, 19014903g Professor of Physics, Union. 19034919g Professor of Theoretical Mechanics, 1919. HORACB GRANT MCKEAN, BSTI, fDBK Pro essor of Rhetoric and Public Speaking Q A.B., Colgate, 18893 Litt.D., Colgate, 1916g Professor of English Language and Literature, Pennsylf vania Military College, 189548995 Principal, Colby Academy, 189949053 President, Eastern Public Speaking Conferecne, 1919-19205 Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Public Speaking, Union, 190549065 Professor, 1906'. ' - GEORGE DWIGHT KELLOGG, CIJBK Pro essor of the Latin Language and Literature A.B., Yale. 1895g Ph.D., 1898g Instructor in Latin, Yale, 18964899: Fellow of the American School of Classical Studies at Rome, 18994900g 'Tutor in Latin, Yale, 190049033 Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek, Williams, 1903-19055 Assistant Professor of Classics, Princeton, 190549115 Member of the Archaeological Institute of America, 18984915 3 Member of the American Philo' logical Association, 18984 VicefPresident of Classical Association of Atlantic States, 19064911g Visiting Professor of Latin, University of Chicago, Summer of 1920g Professor of Latin Language and Literature, Union, 1911-. rhrWhrhrhrhriThrhfh?hrhrhrhrhrhrhriwrhfhd1rhdwriwrhr'F171wriTFlwrRFl7lxrB'r'hriwrfvhrlwdwriw Eighteen 'E rh rl-1 A-.riwfi-wh rhrhrhrhrhri-1 rh WWbl-'EPLP'-I-'LPWWWWWWWLPKQPWWWWWWWJLPWWJWWJHJWWWSPWWLHW ERNST -Iuuus Bizao, EKN, TBI1, EE' Pro essor of Electrical Engineering M.E., Royal Polytechnicum,.Sweden, 18923 Sc.D., Union, 19093 Consulting Engineer with General Electric Company to 19093 Professor of Electrical Engineering, Illinois, 190949133 Fellow of American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Author of Text-Books on Electrical Engineeringg Professor at Union, 1913-. FRANK PAPE MCKIBBEN, 62, TBII, EE Pro essor of Civil Engineering B.S., Mass. Institute of Technology, 18943 Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Mass. Institute of Technology, 189549073 Professor, Civil Engineering, Lehigh University, 1907'1919Q Assistant Engineer, Boston Elevated Railroad Company, 1899'1901Q Assistant Engineer, Mass. Railroad Commission, 190149073 Consulting Engineer, Pennsylvania State Water Supply Commission, 191449153 Vice-President, Society for Promotion of Engineering Education, 1918- 1919Q President, Engineers' Society of Eastern New York, 192249233 Served as Consulting Engineer at various times for the following: Bethlehem Steel Company, Lehigh Coke Company, Lehigh Transit Company, Spanish-American Iron Company, Berks County, Venango County, and the City of Bethlehemg Vice'President of Peoples' Trust Company, 1915'1919Q Lecturer, American Institute of Banking, 192049213 Professor at Union, 1919f. PETER Iiwmo Wow, FA, EE, QDBK Professor of Physics B.S., University of Oregon, 19012 E.E., 19033 Ph.D., Cornell University, 1915i Instructor in Physics, University of Oregon, 190049033 Examiner of Patents in Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony, U. S. Patent Office, 19034905 and 1908'1910Q Instructor in Physics, Cornell University, 1914'1915Q Consultant to Signal Corps, U. S. Armygon Radio Signaling, 19103 Professor of Physics, Tsing Hua of American Indemnity College, Peking, China, 1911319142 Andrew D. White Fellow in Physics. Cornell University, 1914'1915Q Physicist, Western Electric Company, 191549203 Member of Board on Signaling Instruction, U. S. Signal Corp, 19173 Professor of Physics, Union, 192Of. oi-IN Lewis MARCH, AKE, fIvBK Professor of Psychology A.B., Lafayette, 1883i A.M., 1896Q Ph.D., 19032 Teacher in Latin, Harry Hillman Academy, 189348953 Traveled in Europe, 189548983 Union, 18993 Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1903' 19043 Associate Professor, 190449223 Professor, 19221 JAMES WATT Mfivoa Professor of Biology A.B., Cambridge, 19053 Ph.D., Harvard, 19133 Trinity College, Cambridge, England, 190249061 Harvard University, 19074910 and 191249133 Mathematical Tripos, Cambridge University, 19063 Natural Science Tripos, Cambridge University, 19061 Thayer School of Harvard, 190749083 Gibbs Scholar and Assistant in Comparative Anatomy, 1908'1910Q Traveling Scholar from Harvard in Research at University of Munich, 1911'1912Q Austin Teaching Fellow in Zoology, Harvard, 191249133 Lecturer in Science and Mathematics, King's College, Windsor, N. S., 190649073 Instructor in Zoology, Syracuse University, 191149123 Instructor in Embryology and Histology, and General Supervisor of Laboratory Works in Elementary Zoology, University of Wisconsin, 191349162 Assistant Professor of Zoology, Union, 191649213 Warren Triennial Prize, Massachu- setts General Hospital, 19223 Associate Professor of Zoology, Union, 192149243 Professor of Biology, 1924f. rhrhrhrhri-irhriTrt'VhrlVhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhriwdwdwrhfiwriwrivi7hrixrixriWlwmriT?iwflwdwrhr+viViw Nineteen Q -E -E riwri--fi-uri-uri-.rl-irFi ch rhrhrhrhrhri-i 'E 6 E E E E f E E E 6 E 'E f 6 E W SP N4-'KV ki-'NPLP'-PW-'WW-'H-J'-PW-'LPYEHJNPSPKPNlJLlJ14JLP'LPHV'-PSPbl-"-PSIJb1JbPk-PbV.':iJbl! JAMES WILLIAM BLACK, CDBK Pro essor of History A.B., Johns Hopkins University, 18883 Ph.D., 18912 Acting Associate Professor of History and Political Economics, Georgetown, 189I'I892Q Professor of History and Economics, Colby, 1894- 19123 Professor of History, Colby, 19I2'I924Q Professor of History, Union, 19241. WARREN CROSBY TAYLOR, EE Associate Professor of Civil Engineering B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1902i C. C. C. E? St. L. R. R. Draftsman and Assistant Engineer, 190249053 Detroit River Tunnel Company, 190749093 Designing Engineer, Trussed Concrete Steel Co., 190949103 Instructor in Civil Engineering, Union, I9I.0'I913Q Associate Member A. S. C. E.3 Member of Society of Engineers of Eastern New York3 Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Union, 1913'1921Q Associate Professor, 1921f. Joi-IN NICHOLAS VEDDER, CDBK, EE Associate Professor of Thermodynamics A.B., Union, ISQSQ A.M., 18982 Graduate School of Columbia University, I900'1902Q American Locomotive Company of Schenectady, 190849095 Engineering Experiment Station, University of Illinois, 191049143 Assistant Professor, Union, 191449212 Associate Professor,l1921-. RICHARD DANIEL KLEEMAN, EE Associate Professor of Physics B.S., University of Adelaide, 1905, Sc.D., I907L B.A., Cambridge University, 19072 Demonstrator and Assistant in Physics, Adelaide University, 19034905 3 Exhibition Scholarship for Cambridge University, 1905i Research Work, Cambridge, 19074915 3 Sudbury Hardman Prize, Studentship of Emanuel College, Mackinnon Studentship of the Royal Society, Clerk Maxwell Studentship of Cambridge University3 Assistant Professor of Physics, Union, 19154921 3 Associate Professor, 1921f. WHARTCN MILLER, AT Librarian B.S., Columbia University, 19132 Columbia University Library, I913'I914Q Newark Public Library, 19144915 3 New York State Library School, I9I5'19I6Q Syracuse Public Library, 191649203 Ordnance Corp, U. S. A., I9I7'19I9Q Lecturer, Syracuse University, I9I9'I920Q Librarian, Union 192O'. FREDERICK WARREN GROVER, AXA Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering S.B., Mass. Institute of Technology, 18991 M.S., Wesleyan University, IQOIQ Ph.D., George Washington University, 19071 Ph.D., University of Munich, 1908Q Assistant in Physics, Wesleyan University, 189949003 Assistant in Physics and Astronomy, Wesleyan, 190049013 Instructor in Electrical Engineering, Lafayette College, 1901-19023 Laboratory Assistant, National Bureau of Standards, 190249043 Assistant Physicist, Bureau of Standards, 19044907 and 1908'1910Q Asso' ciate Physicist, Bureau of Standards, I9I0'I.9IIQ Professor of Physics, Colby College, 1911-19203 Consulting Radio Expert, National Bureau of Standards since 19182 Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Union, I920'I922Q Associate Professor, 1922-. LEONARD CHESTER JONES, KA, KIJBK Associate Professor of History B.S., Princeton, 1907Q A.M., 19093 D. as L., Universite de Geneve, 1916, War Relief Commission, Rockefeller Foundation, in Switzerland, 191649173 with A. R. C. in France, Bel 'um, and Switzer- Egd, 1917-19183 Instructor in History, Dartmouth, I9I9'1921Q Assistant Progssor of History, ion, 1920f. rhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhd1rhrhdwAwrhrE71wAxrhrlT?lwrhri'i7hrhdwriwrhdwrlw Twenty ' eh :E rl-uri-ri-mrh rl-mrhrhrh rhrh rl-.fix WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLWWWWWSI-LIJWJNVWNJNVLPWWWWWWWWV Y MORTIMER FREEMAN SAYRE, EE ' Assistant Professor of Applied Mechanics E.M., Columbia, 19075 A.M., 19125 Mining, Railroad, and Hydraulic Work, Arizona, 1907-19105 Assistant in Civil Engineering Department, Columbia, 1910-19115 in Consulting Engineer's Office, New York, 19115 Engineer and Superintendent, Croton Magnetic Iron Works, Brewster, 1912-19135 Engineering Department, C. R. R. of New Jersey, 1913-19145 Instructor at Union, 1914-19185 Assistant Professor, 1918-. CHARLES BUELL HURD Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1915g M.S., 19175 Ph.D., Clark University, 19215 Instructor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1915-19205 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Colby College, 1921-19225 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Trinity University, 1922-19235 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Union, 1923-. HAROLD ANSON BRUCE, CIJFA Director of Physical Training and Athletics Instructor in Physical Training, Mass. Institute of Technology, 1908-19095 Director of Physical Education, Coach of Track and Field and Cross Country, La ayette College, 1909-19245 Director of Physical Training and Athletics, Coach of Track and Field, Coach of Cross Country at Union, 1924-. MORTON COLLINS STEWART, SAX, CDBK Assistant Professor of German Ph.B., Brown, 1894: Ph.D. Harvard, 1907: Head of Mathematics Department, Quincy, Ill., High School, 1896-19005 Student at Leipsig University, 1900-1904: Instructor at Brown, 1904-19055 Austin Teaching Fellow, Harvard, 1906-19075 Instructor at Harvard, 1907-19105 Instructor at Union, 1910-19115 Assistant Professor, 1911-. ARTHUR Donn SNYDER Associate Professor of Mathematics A.B., Lafayette, 19115 A.M., University of Wisconsin, 19125 Instructor in Mathematics, Lafayette, 1912-19175 Instructor in Mathematics, Union, 1917-19185 110th Infantry, Argonne Offensive, 1918-19195 Public Accountant, 1919-19215 Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Union, 1921-. ROBERT WARNER CRowELr., GAX, CDBK Assistant Professor of German and French B.A., Amherst. 18935 M.A., Harvard, 1908, Professor of Greek and Latin, Lincoln College, 1889- 18923 Instructor in Latin and French, High School, Columbus, Ohio, 1892-18965 Student Gottingen University, 1896-1898: Professor of Greek and Latin, Lincoln College, 1898-19025 Professor of Greek and German, Waynesburg College, 1902-19075 Instructor in German and French, Colby College, 1910-1914: Assistant Professor, 191449185 Instructor at Union, 1919-19215 Assistant Professor, 1921-. ri'xr1'?'v+irhrhriTrl'T7'hrhrhrhrhriwrhrhrhrhrhdwd1rhrhrlvhrFs7lxrhrhrl5'lwrhri-i7hfiwrhriwrlwdNrlw Twenty-one A-srl-1 rh rhrhrhrh rhrhrhrl-srhfh rh rhfhrhrh WWWWWWYHJWWLPWWVAIJWWYVWWWWWWWW-"-VWWLlLlJNlElilJhlJWWkiLlJKV HENRY ALBERT SCI-IAurrLIzIz, Ksiv Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering C.E., Princeton, 1912, Construction Department Pennsylvania R. R., 1912-1915, Construction Department Long Island R. R., 1915-1917, Office Engineer, Field Ofiice, J. A. P. Crisfield Con- tracting Co., 1917-1918, Instructor at Union, 1919-1921, Assistant Professor, 1921-. HARRISON CADWALLADER COFPIN, QIDBK Assistant Professor of Greek A.B., Johns Hopkins University, 1916, A.M., 1918, Ph.D., 19203 Hopkins Scholar, 1912-1916, Graduate Scholar in Latin, Johns Hopkins University, 1916-1917, Edmund Law Rogers Fellow in Classics, 1917-1918, and 1919-1920, Instructor in Latin, Mt. Vernon Collegiate Institute, Baltimore, Md., 1916-1917, Chemical Warfare Service, Army of U. S., 1918-1919, Instructor in Greek Union, 1920-1923, Assistant Professor of Greek, 1923-. WILSON LEON GODSHALL, AXA Assistant Professor of Political Science B.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1919, A.M., 1920, Ph.D., 1923, Instructor in Navigation and Signaling, U. S. Navy, 1917-1918, Instructor in English, Central High School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1919-1921, University Scholar in Anthropology, University of Pennsy vania, 1919-1923, Instructor and Lecturer in Political Science, Wharton School, 1920-1923, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Summer School, University of Pennsylvania, 1923 and 1924, Peniield Traveling Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 1924-1925, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Union, 1923-. FERNAND JAGU Assistant Professor of French and Spanish B.L., Rennes University, 1886, L.D., Paris University, 1889, Adjunct Professor of History, St. Joseph College, Sarcelles, 1894-1900, Professor of French, Merion Seminary, 1906-1912, Instructor in French, Cornell, 1917-1920, Instructor in French, Union, 1920-1924, Assistant Professor of French and Spanish, 1924-. Ames MEAD HYATT, EE Assistant Professor of Physics A.B., Cornell, 1918, Ph.D., 1922, Instructor in Physics, Cornell, 1918-1922, Instructor at Union, 1922-1924, Assistant Professor. 1924-. RAYMOND Monsa Hamucx, IIJFA Assistant Professor of English A.B., Columbia University, 1916, A.M., 1917, Instructor in English, Swarthmore College, 1917- 1920, Instructor in U. S. Naval Academy, 1920-1922, Instructor in Columbia College, 1922-1924, Assistant Professor of English, Union, 1924-. WILLIAM COLLAR HOLBROOK, KIJBK Assistant Professor of French A.B., Harvard, 1920, Rhodes Scholar, A.B. Oxford, 1922, Instructor at University of Texas, 1923- 1924, Assistant Professor of French, Union, 1924-. rhrhrirhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhfhrhdnfhrhrhdwfhrhrhdwrhrhrhrlwrhrhrhrhr-h f'Ftf'lNflNfl'N 'Twenty-two flwfhfiwrhrhrh rtvhrlwfhrlifhri-I 'E -E E E 6 E f 6 6 E f E E ,E E E E E E E E 6 ,E E JE E JE E f JE f WWWWWWKEPSEINJWWKEPWWWWWWWWWWWWWKV DAVID SHERMAN MoRsE, fI1KfIJ, fI2BK, EE Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., and Pd.M., New York University, 19175 A.M., Harvard5 Ph.D., Cornell, 19235 Instructor in Mathematics, Cornell, 191849243 Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Union, 1924'. JOHN MCDONALD Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering B.S. in C.E., New York University, 19065 Superintendent of Construction, Thompson'Starrett Construction Co., Instructor in Plan Reading and Estimating, Cooper Union, 191249135 Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Building Construction Course, Union, 1924f. HAROLD ATKINS LARRABEE, GIJBK Assistant Professor of Philosophy A.B., Harvard, 19161 Student at Columbia, 1916-19193 at Union Theological Seminary, 191949223 Rogers Traveling Fellow, Harvard, 1923-19245 Studied at Grenoble, Paris, London, Heidelberg, 192349245 Ph.D., Harvard, 1925 5 Instructor in Logic, Columbia, 19194920, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Swarthmore College, 192049213 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, 192149235 Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Vermont, 1924- 19255 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Union, 1925f. HENRY KNUTE SvENsoN, EE Assistant Professor of Biology A.B., Harvard, 19205 M.A., 19225 Instructor in Biology, George Peabod Colle e for Teachers, Nashville, 192049225 Instructor in Biology, Union, 19221 Assistant Profyessor ofg Biology, 1924-. THOMAS ADAM WIISON, AT, CDBK Assistant Professor of Chemistry M.S., Illinois University, 19215 Ph.D., 19235 Instructor in Chemistry, Union, 19235 Assistant Professor, 1925f. EDWARD STAPLES Cousrms SMITH, PA, EE Assistant Professor of Geology A.B., Bowdoin College, 19185 A.M., Harvard University, 19205 Instructor in Radcliffe College, 192149235 Instructor in Geology, Union, 19235 Assistant Professor, 1925-. RALPH DECKER BENNETT, AFCID, EE Assistant Professor of Physics B.S. in E.E., Union, 19215 M.S. in EE., 19235 Ph.D., University of Chicago, 19253 Instructor in Mathematics, Union, 192149235 Assistant Professor of Physics, 1925f. rlwfiwflnflnflnflnrinrinflnrinrfxrinrlnfinfhrlwrinrhrlnfhfl'SrFmNri'1r'hrl1rhrlNrlwrhfl'xr'l'xrhrl'x fhfh flNflN Twentyfthree rhrlwrlihrlwrlw fhrh rlxrhrhrh rl-srhrh rh rhrhrhrhrhrlx rlw rhrhrh rhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrh E JE 6 JE SPY-PKPKV LPLPLPWWWWWLPWQJSESJYPWWWWWSPWWWWWJSPWWWWWWEHW Joi-IN WILLIAM KBRN, EE, 'DAT Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B., Colgate University, 19045 A.M., Syracuse, 1910, Ph.D., Illinois, 19245 Instructor in Science, French School, Wilmington, 190449053 Instructor in Science, Urbana, Ohio, 190549075 Instructor in Science, State Normal School, Pennsylvania, 190749095 IHSUUCYOI in Chemistry. Elmira FICE Academy, 1910-1918: Department of Chemistry, Mercer University, 1918-1922, Instructor in Chemistry, Union, 19243 Assistant Professor, 1925-. HENRY LAURBNCE ACI-IILI.ns Director of Religious Work and Bible Study Ph.B., Yale, 19114 Graduate of Union Theological Seminary, 19155 Instructor in Preparatory Schools, 191549223 Director of Religious Work and Bible Study, Union, 19251. GARRET MARCELLUS CLOWE, NPT Instructor in Hygiene and Surgeon in Charge M.D., Albany Medical School, 19133 Instructor in Hygiene and Surgeon in Charge, Union, 1923'. CHARLES THOMAS MALE, EE Instructor in Mathematics B.E., Union, 19135 Sanitary Inspector, Panama Canal, 19144915 g Fortifications, Panama Canal, 1915-1916g Instructor in Engineering, 19163 Sanitary Inspector, New York State, 1916g Building Construction, American Locomotive Co., 19179 2nd Lieut., Engineers, U. S. Army, 19173 2nd Lieut., Capt., Sanitary Cor s, 1918-19195 A. E. F., 191849193 Assistant Sanitary Engineer, N. Y. State, Summer of 1920, Higliway Construction, Summer of 1921: N. Y. State Assembly, 192249234 Instructor in Mathematics, Union, 1919'. Louis Avciucciz DERONDE, GE' Instructor in Mathematics C.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1910, Special Apprentice, Erie R. R. 1910-1911g Transit- man, N. Y. Central R. R., 1911, Engineer, American Express Co., 1911-1914, Field Engineer, Raymond Concrete Pile Company, 19185 Field Engineer, Constructing Quartermaster's Depart' ment, 19185 Civil Engineer and Surveyor, 1918-19205 Instructor in Mathematics, Union, 1920-. AMES MASON CLINE, IDFA, KIDBK Instructor in English A.B., Union, 19203 A.M., Harvard, 1925 g Instructor in English, 192l'. ANTHONY JAMES PALBRMO Instructor in Electrical Engineering B.S. in E.E., Union, 1922g Instructor at Union, 1922-. rlNrI'TFlvi'7hrhriTrlTFIVF7lNrhrhrhrhrhri'1rhrF1rhrhrhrhrhrhrfW7iNrlxrlTFIT"tNrE?xriwriwrhrhfhrh Twentyrfour rl-5 rlvi-ufhf+wl'1rl-s rhrh rl-Irh ri-1 rh ww-'ww wsvwwsvwww-vwwwufwwsvsvwsvsvwwwwwsvwwwwsv'-Pseseneiqg JOHN HAROLD WITTNER, fIDA9 Assistant Director of Physical Training and Athletics B.S., Union, 1920, Assistant Director of Physical Training and Athletics, Union, 1922-. IRWIN STOLL NEWEURY Instructor in Electrical Engineering B.S. in Math., Colby, 1922, Instructor at Union, 19221. EDMUND WALKER BEYER Instructor in Drawing and Descriptive Geometry M.E., Ohio Mechanics Institute, 19104 Hamilton Machine and Tool Company, General Electric, ll AllisChalmers Co., 1910-19233 Instructor in Drawing and Descriptive Geometry, Union, 1923'. THEODORE BAIRD, KA Instructor in English A.B., Hobart, 19195 A.M., Harvard University, 1923g Instructor in English, Union, 1923-. BYRAN LAWRENCE CARPENTER, QNO, CIJBK, TKA n Instructor in English A.B., Union, 19215 A.M., Harvard University, 1922g Allen Military Academy, 1922-1923g Instructor in English, Union, 1923-. EDWARD WILSON ERDMAN, AACIJ Instructor in Electrical Engineering B.S. in E.E., Union, 19233 Instructor in Electrical Engineering, Union, 1923'. CHARLES FAYBTTE ROURRE, NEN Assistant Surgeon M.D., Albany Medical School, 1922g Assistant Surgeon, Union, 1923-. ROBERT WINTHROP MORSE, AT, QIJBK Instructor in English A.B., Bowdoin, 19213 A.M., Yale, 19223 Instructor in English, Yale Scientific School, 192249233 Associate Professor of English, University of Philippines, 19233 Instructor in English, Union, 1923-. rhrhflwrhrhrhrhrhrhdwrlirhriwrlwrE7ivixrhriWWlNrWl'xrlwrhrhrhdwdw 'Twentyqive -rl-a rhrhrhrh -+1 'E E E E E E f WW'-PSVLPWWWNVWWWWWLPNILIJWWWWWWWJWWWWWWWWWWWWWW LUTHER WILLIAM Hussnv Instructor in Mathematics A.B., Dartmouth, 19234 A.M., Harvard University, 1924g Instructor in Mathematics, Union, 1924-. EARL EDWARD STEINERT, AI'fIJ, EEZ Instructor in Mathematics B.S. in E.E., Union, 19243 Instructor in Mathematics, Union, 1924f. JAMES SPROAT GREEN Instructor in Rhetoric and Public Speaking A.B., Princeton, 19163 Graduate Student, Princeton, 191649175 M.Litt., University of Cambridge, England, 19235 Instructor in English, Columbia College, 1919-19205 Instructor in Rhetoric and Public Speaking, Union, 1924f. ANTHONY DE HOTI-ILEGI-I HOADLEY, KA Instructor in Civil Engineering B.S. in C.E., Union, 1923, Instructor in Civil Engineering, Union, 1923-. FREDERICK LIDELL BRONNER, AT Instructor in History I B.S., Union, 19233 A.M., Princeton, 19255 Instructor in History, Union, 1923f. HENRY WILSON Micics Instructor in English B.S., Union, 19201 Student at Harvard Graduate School, 1922-1923, A,M.,I'Iarvard, 1925 glnstruc- tor in English, The American University of Beirut, Beirut, Syria, 1920-1922, Instructor in English, Laurenceville School, Laurenceville, N. J., 192449259 Instructor in English, Union, 1925f. DONALD FORRESTER CAMERON, fIDI'A Instructor in English A.B., Union, 1924: A.M., Princeton, 1925 5 Instructor in English, Union, 1925f. DAVID MCCLELLAN DEEoREsr, fIJBK, EE Instructor in Biology A.B., Union, 1925: Instructor in Biology, Union, 1925-. rhrE7hrhrhrhrEFl-viVlVhrhrhrhrhrhriw flWfhflNfl1fl1fl1flNf+NfT'FlNfINfINfiWmNfl-vINtiNflNfiWdNfINfIW Twentyfsix MSS ri-1 A-srhrh -E 'E -E -E E E 5 'E E E E E E E rh rhrhrh rhfhrhrhrh rh rhrh WWWWWWSEHAIA-H.EVWNHbl!H'WLVLVWWWWW W'-PW'-VLVNPI EARL WILLIAM Pownu., AFCIJ, EE Instructor in Mathematics B.S. in E.E., Union, 1925, Instructor in Mathematics, 1925'. l LI1oNIDAs PBNA Instructor in Spanish and French B.L.. University of Aldeacorba, 1922, Traveled and Studied in France, 1922-19233 Instructor in Spanish and French, University of Paris, 1923-1925, Instructor in Spanish and French, Union, 1925 . STEPHEN WILLIAMS JOHNSON, KE Instructor in Economics A.B., Dartmouth, 1921, M.C.S., Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, 19223 Instructor in Economics, Union, 1925-. ERIC NYGARD Instructor in Civil Engineering E.E., University of Washington, 19223 Research in Western Electric Co., 192249244 Instructor in Georgia School of Technology, 192449255 Instructor in Civil Engineering, Union, 1925-. CHARLES Roomsv Pirrs, AXA, EE Graduate Assistant in Physics B.S. in Physics, Union, 19243 Instructor in Physics, Union, 192449255 Graduate Assistant in Physics, Union, 1925-. ' ri-.rlwA-.rhrhfhrhflwri-.fhrhfhri1rhrhfl7hTfhfhfhrhfiFhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrh rh rh wentyseven rh riwrhrFI?l-xrhrh 6 6 6 IE 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 LPWWWKPKVKEHJWYIQIJWWNIQIJWWWEVLPWLHJW WW-'LPLPWW yr I I Lecturers JOSEPH P. DAY LECTURER ON CIVIC ADMINISTRATION DAVID FRIDAY ' Professor of Political Economy in the School for Social Research New 'York City E , ICHABOD SPENSER LECTURERS ROYAL CORTISSOZ Literary and Art Editor, New 'York Tribune SIGMUND SPAETI-I Author and Music Critic IIIVING LANGMUIR, PI-I.D., Sc.D. Theoretical Chemistry ALBERT W. HULL, Ph.D. Crystallography and XfRays WHEELER P. DAVBY, Ph.D. Crystallography and XfRays SAUL Dusx-IMAN, Ph.D. Atomic Structure JOHN B TAYLOR, B.S. Acoustics WILLIAM DAVID COOLIDGE, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry in rl-xfhfhrhfhfhfhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhfhdwfhdwrhrhrhdwrhrhrhrhrhrhfhdwrh rfzxfh HN rh Twenty-eight rhrhrhrhrhrfvnri-IrhrhrI7hrh rR7hrhrhrhrhrhrhrhr-H 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 'E 6 6 'E 6 E IE 6 6 6 6 6 KE I I 3 - I P , , W T F N g--q Y V x 1 v nv! I ? J f Thirtyfeighr ISZY TERRACE COUNCIL The Terrace Council RICHARD C. LAUGHLIN . . President STUART Z. HAWKES . . Vice-President JAMES H. RIPTON . . . . Secretary and Treasurer SIGMUND MAKOFSKI Amimosa H. GILLIGAN THOMAS S. CAsseDY WILLARD L. DAVIS The Terrace Council may be compared with the commission form of government which many municipalities have adopted. In both cases the government is representative and democratic. The Class of 1906 established the Terrace Council as the administrative department of the Student Body, thus bringing about a realization of an ideal of student selffgovernment. The Terrace Council is composed of seven Seniors, four of whom are selected or tapped by the outgoing Council on Movingfup Day, the others being elected the following September. The selection of these men is entirely in the hands of undergraduates, and, consequently, there is no inelastic qualiication standard. However, since Terrace Council is the greatest campus honor any student may attain, it is only those deserving, because of extrafcurriculum and scholastic activities, who become members. In addition, they must possess personality and popularity. ' The functions of the Terrace Council are similar to those of any administrative body. Meetings are held weekly, at which time discussions of important undergraduate questions and policies take place and are later reported at Student Body meetings. All penalties for infringements of campus rules are meted out by the Council. It is the body to which the Faculty brings all complaints. Moreover, it is responsible to the Faculty. All class activities and elections are under the council's supervision, and the social life of the college traces its origin to that body. On various Saturday nights during the year, Terrace Council dances are held at Hanna Hall. In fact, the entire government of the Student Body is centered in these seven men. 6 E E E E E E E E 15 E E E E E E E f -E E f f E E 'E 6 f f E -E f E E f v6 Q fmsfiafwhfhfhfwn fsfsvhfmafsar ARS -E -E E E -E E rhri-i dw rl-irhrhrh f -E E E E IE 6 E 6 rhrii7'lwdwr'hrhflVl-Vhrhrhrhrhriwrhrh rh rhrhrlNd1rlwrlwrhrhrtT'lwrixrixn37lwdNrfi7lxiiwrlwrlwriw rlvlviflg Fortyfone KUNPWJKI-' WWWWWWWWWWLPNEHJWWWWWWWWWWJWLPWWWWWWWYWDKE Class of 1926 WILLARD LUCIUS DAVIS 3' President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WILLARD LUCIUS DAVIS JOHN HENRY FINK, JR. . JOHN THOMAS Comrzsxzzv HAROLD FREDERICK BUCKBBB ARCHIBALD CULLINGS WBMPLE. . President VicefP1esident . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian rI-T'hfhrhdwrhr+xrhrI7IwAwrhrhrhdwrIwriw-ITI-srhrIFhAwAwdwAw rhrhfhr+-rl-THVWV1-1 E E 'E E +G E IE E FE E E E 15 rhriwrhrhrhrhriT'hrhfhrhrh'rhrhrhrhrh fhrhrhdwrhdwrhrhrhrhrhrhrR7hrhr1TrIwrhrhrhrh dwriwrfdsn F ovtytwo MPWWEP'-PLPWWIJLPKVLVLI-"-P'4JQ!Kl-Ll'WWWWWWWLPWQJWJLPWWWWWWHJWW Senior Class History Alma Mater, we give you the Class of 1926, whose record of glory dims all past glories and whose light shall guide all future classes-a class of luminaries in every field of endeavor. Ay, we hesitate not, backed as we are by the hoards of evidence, to announce to the sordid world our accomplishments, our excellencies, our victories. Our Freshman year saw a green avalanche CI say green, for it would be folly to classify any Freshman otherwisel rapidly develop its force into useful lines. The Freshman Ban' quet was so successful that all hope of equaling it has been discouraged, and we stand on record as the last class giving a Freshman Banquet which was a real function. Class Scraps gave opportunities for more victories-but I must refrain from words defaming other classes. In athletics, our Frosh teams were most successful, and the wealth of material which we contributed to Varsity teams is entirely unprecedented. We grieve with thee, Alma Mater, that the talents of these master athletes cannot continue to heap laurels upon thy brow. In every activity-athletic, social, musical, dramatic, forensic, scholastic-our only difficulty is to limit to the ever-present restrictions of space and time the volume of our account of the successes. We have seen during our four years a campus improved, new buildings erectedg new sports establishedg surely ours has been an era of progress and improvement. And at the close of our glorious course we give thee, Alma Mater, not alone our record but also our promise. Such ability as we have evidenced cannot but make its mark in the world. In loyalty, in glory, and in truth, "To thee shall be our legacy." -Class Historian rhr'lTF'hrhrhriviTlV'lV'hrhrhrhrhrhrhrh mrhrhrhrl3fhrhrhrf?rwriNrhriT?l'F'lxrlT'lxrlwrlwrIwrhrhrh Fortyftlrrec rl?-u-hrhrhfhdarhrh rh JE E 'E 'E 'E E 'E E THE SENIOR CLASS WWWWWSVYILJ-'WklQ+'WWNHS1LV'Eb.VLVLPWWWWWW'-PWKIJ -A. The Senior Class WALTER Miuzs ABBOTT . ..... . 6 King Avenue Albany, N. T. CHARLES ALBERT . .... . . KN House Brooklyn, N. T. KN, joseph Henry Scholarship Honor C11g Mountebanks C315 GARNET Board C31. HENRY BRADFORD ARTHUR ..... SAX House Glovevsville, N. T. SAX, KDBKQ ITPMQ Freshman Football Team, Varsity Football Squad C2, 313 Concmdiensis C21g Business Manager 19254926 Handbook, Glee Club C41. ZOPHBR FRANKLIN BABcoc1c ..... 765 Knott Street Bloomingburg, N. T. HOWARD ELLSWORTH BAKER ..... . 1883 Broadway Schenectady, N. T. JOHN APPLBTON BBAUMONT ..... . . CIDEK House Albany, N. T. CDEKQ l'Il'Mg Concordiensis Cl, 21, Assistant Business Manager C31g Freshman Football Team, Varsity Football Squad C215 Scrap Leader C21g Varsity Debating Team C41g Chairman Cap and Gown Committee. VIRGIL ORLANDO BEEDE ,. . . . . 765 Knott Street y Syracuse, N. T. OWEN MATTHEW BEGLEY .... 910 Albany Street Schenectady, N. T. fbEK. AI"-ID House ARTHUR LOWELL BENNETT . . . . . Williamson, N. T. AIVIJQ Physical Societyg Chemical Society, Band C2, 315 Radio Club Cl, 2, 31, Associate Member EE. RALPH BERTIL BERNsoN .... ' . . . . AT House Schenectady, N. T. ATE Swimming Squad C1, 31, Treasurer A. S. C. E. C415 GARNET Board C31. SToRRs MYRON BISHOP, JR. ....... AAKIJ House Schenectady, N. T. AAT, OANQ Tiger's Eye, KBCDQ Varsity Hockey Team Cl, 2, 41, Captain C31g Lacrosse Team C213 Class Treasurer C1, 213 Freshman Banquet Committee, Sophomore Soiree Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Musical Clubs C1, 2, 3, 414 Cheer Leader C41. 3l2'QwrhFfv'hflwfhflHfhrhfhrhrhrhrhfhrlarhfhrh rhrhrlWwrhrhrhrhrFTRxrhrhrl-xrhrh fhfh fix rh Fortyffive rhrhfhrhfhrh rh -5 'E JE E E rhrhrh rinrh rl-y E 'E E E JE JE W SP WSP WWWill'-lAPNPLVLlJ'-P'-P45415-I-"-Pb!-'WWWSPWWWWLPWWWWWWEPLH RICHARD WILLIAM BONNEAU .... Westport, N. T. . . 419 Brandywine Ave. Commons Clubg President Eta Kappa Nu C45. GEORGE WARREN BORDEN ..... Old Gym Dorm Esperance, N. T. A. S. C. E. C453 Varsity Basketball Squad C355 Neutral Club. BYRON TOWNSEND BORST ..... KCID Lodge Cobleslqill, N. T. KCIDQ Junior Prom Committee, Press Club C15g Interclass Baseball Cl, 25. WILLIAM GREGORY BRADSHAW, JR. ..... . AIIN House Saratoga Springs, N. T. AHNQ Radio Club C155 Band Librarian C25, Assistant Manager C35g Junior Banquet Committee. HENRY AUSTIN BRAND ...... . WT House Central Bridge, N. T. lP'Y'g Musical Clubs Cl, 2, 3, 45: Garnet Goblins C45. REGINALD LINCOLN BROOKS ..... . 207 Parkwood Blvd. Schenectady, N. T. Neutral Club. CARL CURTIS BRYANT . . . . . AACD House ' Lockport, N. T. - AAIDQ Tiger's Eyeg Musical Clubs C1, 2, 35, Manager C45g Class Song Committee C25. HAROLD FREDERICK BUCREEE ...... . . EX House Glens Falls, T. EXQ Manager Lacrosse Team C454 Junior Prom Committee, Secretary Pre-Medic Club C355 Adelphic Debating Societyg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C2, 3,5 Treasurer C454 Cosmopolitan Club. CHARLES PETEORD BUCRLEY, JR .... . . ACI' House Baldwin, N. T. ACIJQ Idol Clubg Freshman Footballg Varsity Football Squad C355 Swimming Squad C1, 2, 353 Concordiensis Cl, 253 Philomathean Debating Societyg Chairman Senior Program and Invitation Committee. VERNON BURNS ......... Old Gym Dorm North River, N. T. A. S. C. EJ Neutral Club. i HBRMAN WYNN BUSSMAN ......... N. S. S. C. Pawling, N. T. KIJBKQ HAEQ Key and Blade Clubg Class Song Committee C25g Conco-rdiensis Cl, 2.35. Editor C455 Musical Clubs C3, 45: Philomatbean Debating Society C3, 455 Publication Board, Secretary C45 g Class Poet C45g Class Song Committee C2, 35, Chairman C45g English Club C455 Fencers' Club C455 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Chairman of Publicity C45g Choir C453 Stage Appointment C45. rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhdwdwdRrhrhrhrIVlwrixrhrfWhrhrf37lwAwrhrhdwdwdw Forty-sax rl-5 rh rlwrhrhrh rhrhdfrh rl'v+i rh Ll-'SP'-PYP WWWLVWWWWWWWSEBJWW'-PSl44!HJLlJ'-iJLl1WJNlJbl-'bPbiJ"lJbI"-iJLiJbl-'1-i'bV ARTHUR COR'rEz Bussv ..... . 306 Van Vranken Ave. Arena, N. T. CPN!-35 Press Club C115 Musical Clubs C115 Band C1, 2, 3, 415 Pre'Medic Club C21. JAMES ALISTER CAMERON . . . . HIHFA House Amsterdam, N. T. 'KIJPA5 Editor 1926 GARNE1- C315 Manager Tennis C415 Sophomore Soiree Committee5 Frosh Peerade Com' mittee C315 Interfraternity Council C3, 415 Classical Clu C2, 315 Publication Board C31. HERBERT LEE CANNING . .... . 38 Glenwood Blvd. Utica, N. T. E. E. Club5 Commons Club. JOSEPH BRENNOCK CAREY . . . . 688 Morris St. Albany, N. T. ' THOMAS STANLEY CASSEDY ..... . B611 House Gloversville, N. T. BGH5 Terrace Councilg Varsity Football Team C3, 415 Varsity Basketball Squad C2, 315 Manager Baseball C415 Class Vice'President C215 Freshman Football Team, Freshman Basketballg A. S. C. E. C41. WILLIAM EARLE CHASE . . . . . EQIP Place Passaic, N. f. 24115 111515 Tiger's Eye5 Manager Swimming C414 Junior Prom COmU1itfCCQll3U3'l Track C215 Mountebanks C1, 2, 3 . FRED ALTON CLIEMAN ......... IDEA House Schenectady, N. T. CIDEA5 Freshman Football Squad5 Adelphic Debating Society C1, 2, 315 French Club C315 Pre-Medic Club C315 Allison-Foote Debate, Prize Winner C21. GEORGE ARTHUR COLLINS .... , Ari: House Glovevsville, N. T. A4195 Varsity Baseball Squad C115 Classical Club C1, 2, 3, 415 Spanish Club C3, 41, President C31. JOHN THOMAS COMESKY . . . . , ACID House Troy, N. T. AfD5 fIJA5 Tiger's Eye5 Freshman Basketball5 Varsity Basketball Squad C2, 315 M T k 4 5 ' Banquet Committee5 Class Secretary C415 A. S. C. E. C41. anager I-ac C J Junior CART.TON MORRIS COOLEY . . . QAX House F luslzing, N. T. GAX5 FreshmanfSophomore Debate C115 GARNE1' Board.C315 Mountebanks Property Manager C315 Stage Manager C415 La Voz dc Union, Business Staff C31, Business Manager C415 Press Club C2, 315 Adelphic Debating Society Cl, 2, 315 Radio Club C115 Spanish Club C41. flWfl'1fl'1fi1flhfhfhfhflNfhflNflNflNfhflmXflNfhfRflwNfE?NflNtlNfiNflNflN!lW Fortyfseven ASS rh A-wh E JE -E JE E E 'E rE E E E E E 'E E JE E E E 'E E E E 6 VPSPW-'YV WWWWWWWWWWWNELPWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW GEORGE FRANCIS Cox . I . in . . 4 . . . 5 . .KCI2 Lodge Schenectady, N. T. KCIP5 Varsity Track Squad C1, 355 CrossfCountry Squad C355 A. S. C. E. C45. WALLACE BARNES CURTIS ..... . . . X111 Lodge ' ' Mevion, Penny XlP'5 Freshman Footballg Freshman Swimming5 Cane Committee C255 "aUa" Baseballg Mountebanks C2, 455 Business Margager 1926 GARNET C355 Publication Board C3, 455 Track Squad C355 Frosh Peerade Committee5 A. S. C. E. C4 . WILLARD LUCIUS DAvIs . A ...... . XIIT House Binghamton, N. T. ' WY5 KBLIJ5 OAN5 Terrace Councilg Class President C455 President Tau Kap a Alpha C455 Varsity Debating Team C3, 455 Varsity Football C2, 3, 455 Varsity Track C1, 25, Captain C355 Freshman Football, Captaing Freshman Basketball5 Junior Prom Committeeg Interfraternity Council C355 Scrap Leader C15. ARTHUR JOHN DICK .... . . . AT House Flushing, N. T. AT5 Classical Club C2, 35, President C455 Lacrosse Squad C355 Interfraternity Council C35 45. RONALD ALEXANDER DIcIcsON ..... . KA Lodge Bloomjield, N. j. KA5 Idol Club5 Musical Clubs C1, 2, 35. MAURICE ANTHONY DONOVAN . . . . ZX House Fulton, N. T. EX5 XI5 TKA CAssociate Member55 "aUa" Football C255 Manager Freshman Football C455 Concordiensis C1, 25, Associate Editor C35, Managing Editor C455 1926 GARNE1' Board C355 AllisonfFoote Debate C155 Freshman-So homore Debate C1, 255 Press Club C1, 2, 3. 455 Adelphic Debating Society C1, 2, 3, 45, Secretary- Treasurer C255 Vice-President C455 PrefMedic Club C2, 3, 455 Associate Editor Handbook C255 Varsity Debating Team C355 Class Day Committee C45. GEORGE DAY DUNN ...... . 38 Glenwood Blvd. Utica, N. T. Key and Blade Club5 E. E. Club5 Band Cl, 25, Manager C35. CLARENCE HENRY EDMONDS ..... CIJFA House Amsterdam, N. T. QFA5 Mountebanks Cl, 2, 355 Junior Prom Committee. LAURENCE NELSON EVELETI-I ..... AFCIJ House Rensselaer, N. T. A111115 GARNET Board C355 E. E. Club C3, 45: Radio Club C455 C. P. Steinmetz Honor C3, 455 Associate Member Sigma Xi. JAMES ALTON FERGUSON ...... 18 Catherine St. Schenectady, N. T. A. S. C. B. C455 Neutral Club5 Associate Member Sigma Xi. rhrEHwdwrhrhrH7hdNrE7hdWrhd1rhrhdwrhdwdwrhdwrhdwd1rf7ndvh Fortyfcight as rh A-wh E E E E 'E rhrhrhr+Idwrl-m rhrh rh rhrhrh 'mmmr'Wlwm wwwwwwwwwwkus-fwsvwsmvwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwtptp ARTHUR GORDON FERRISS .... N, 5. S, C. Utica, N. T. Key and Blade Clubg E. E. Club C3, 415 Radio Club Cl, 31. JOHN HENRY FINK, JR. . .... AXA House Niskayuna, N. T. AXA, Freshman Basketball Team5 Varsity Basketball C1, 2, 31, Captain C415 Cane Committee C215 Pipe Committee C115 Class Athletic Manager C2, 31. FREDERICK CARL, Fox, JR. .... 136 McClellan St- Schenectady, N. T. A. S. C. E.5 Neutral Clubg Concordiensis Cl, 21. ROBERT CHARLES Fox . ....... BGII House I Yonkers, N. T. 1 I trumental Club C1 2 3 41' Garnet Goblins C1, 2, 3, 415 Band C115 Manager BG-JIT5 Glee Club C1,2, 3, 4 5 ns , , , , Freshman Basketball C415 Class Cane Committee C215 Frosh Peerade Committee C315 A. S. C. E. C41. GORDON LESLIE FROLICH . .... M, S, N, C. Amsterdam, N. T. A. S. C. E. C415 Track Squad C215 Class Baseball C1, 21. AMBROSE HASKBLL GILLIGAN ........ AXA House Whitehall, N. T. AXA5 Terrace Council5 Varsity Track Team Cl, 2, 31, Captain C415 Varsity Basketball C2, 3, 415 Varsity - ' ' h I terclass Boxing Champion C315 Chairman Banquet Committee C315 Football C41, Light Heavy Weig t n Vice'Presiclent Class C315 College Union Board, Secretary C215 Freshman Footballg Freshman Bagkgtball, LELAND HOLSAPPLE GODDARD .... , , EX House Schenectady, N. T. ZX5 Adelphic Debating Societyg PrefMedic Club C2, 315 Y. M. C. A. CI, 2, 3, 41. ALBERT WALTER GOTCH ..... fI122K House Schenectady, N. T. fI12K5 HPM 5 Varsity Baseball Squad C2, 315 Interfraternity Council C315 Frosh Peerade Committee C315 Classical Club C2, 3, 415 Glee Club C415 Garnet Goblins C41. HARRY HEPEURN HALL . . . . . . BSII House l I ' Beirut, Syria. ' L der C41 Quartet C3 41' Secretary State Y M C A Student Council C315 BGH5 Glee Club Cl, 2, 31, ea 1 . . . . . . Literary Editor 1926 GARNETQ Y. M. C. A. CI, 2, 3, 415 Physical Society C3, 415 Chemical Society C3, 41. 3- 1 rhrhFhrhrhr+u rlwrhfhrhrErhrhrhrfT?lwrlNfiwrRFlwrlNriVlxrhrhrlwrhr1wrlw Fortyfnine as .42 El-1 6 'E JE -E E yE +G LE irhchHHrhrhrl-1 E rhrhrhrlw rhrl-rhFh 6 'E E E f 6 KI-'BP WWLPWWWWWWWWWLPNPWNPWWWWLPLPLVWWJNVVPWWNJSVNPLVLPWW HOWARD WELLMAN HALL ..... . WT House Schenectady, N. T. WT, KBlI1g Idol Club: OAN, Musical Clubs CS, 45: Junior Banquet Committee, Garnet Goblins, Xarsgty Song Leader, Hockey Squad C3, 455 College Choirg Winner Sophomore Oratoricalsg Scrap Leader 1, 2 . EDWIN WOODWORTH HAMLIN ........ AF41 House AIWIJQ Radio Club Cl, 25, Vice-President f35, President M55 E. E. Club 0,455 C. P. Steinmetz Honor QS, 45g Associate Member EE. LESLIE SAMUEL HARRISON ......... KN House KN5 Concofdiensis C254 Assistant Manager Freshman Football 125g Pre'Medic Club. EDWARD DWIGHT HATCH ....... fIDN9 House Monticello, N. T. 1l2N9g XI, Baseball Squad f15g Freshman Basketballg Radio Club, Spanish Club C3, 45. STUART ZEH HAwIcEs .......... ECI1 Place Newark, N. I. Efbg IPA, Tiger's Eye, OANQ Terrace Council, VicefPresidentg Varsity Football C3, 45, Varsity Baseball C35g Manager Varsity Basketball Q45, Class Historian 135, Freshman Football, Classical Club C2, 3, 45: 1926 GARNET Board. ROLAND PATTERSON HEATLEY ..... . XXII Lodge Schenectady, N. T. XlP'g Concordiensis Cl, 25, Classical Club Cl, 2, 3, 453 Press Club Cl, 25. CLARENCE ALFRED HELENE . . , .... M. S. N. C. Salamanca, N. T. JEREMIAH ISRAEL HINDBN ..... . 414 Hulett St. Schenectady, N. T. EARL HUTcI-zINsoN . . .... AIIN House . Amsterdam, N. T. AHNQ Xlg Chemical Society. SAMUEL JACOBS . . .... M. S. N. C. Amsterdam, N. T. Adelphic Debating Societyg Band 12, 3, 45. WILLIAM BELNORD JAFFB ...... . KN House New 'Yovk City KN, QBKQTKA, Secretary C454 Commencement Stage Appointment, Taylor Lewis Honor C3, 45, Varsity Debating Team, Secretary C459 Varsity Soccer, Captain C455 Adelphic Debating Society, Vice'President 145. LELAND STEPHEN JONES . . . . . . . . . EX House Cobleskill, N. T. EXQ Adelphic Debating Society. mrFHwmmm mmmmmmrhrhrhrhrhrhrhriwrt'-7hrhrhrf7hrhriThriwrhrIwrhrhdw Fifty rhrhrhrh A-irhrhrhrhriw rh rhrhfh rin rhrhrhrh WWWWWWWWWLQJWWKEHJWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HAROLD GEORGE JORDAN ..... . 847 Broadway Rensselaer, N. T. WILLIAM JOSEPH KEEGAN .... . Kd! Lodge Ferndale, N. T. Klllg Varsity Soccer Cl, 2, 3, 45, A. S. C. E. ARTHUR EUGENE KERWIEN ......,, AFCIQ House Fort Lee, N. I. Al"fIJg Physical Society 13, 453 Chemical Society C3, 45g Radio Club fl, 25, Chief Operator C3, 45g C, P, Steinmetz Honor Q3, 455 Cross-Country Squad C35. WERNER WILLIAM KLINGLER ..... . 3 Avenue M Schenectady, N. T. Associate Member E33 A. S. C. E., Neutral Club. RICHARD CHARLES LAUGHLIN .... ' ..... XIII Lodge Anderson, S. C. X 'Vg KBlI1g OANQ Tiger's Eyeg Terrace Council, President, Varsity Football C2, 35, Captain 145, Chairman Junior Prom Committee, 1926 GARNET Boardg Varsity Lacrosse C35, Captain C454 Freshman Football. EDWARD JOHN LEIFHEIT ...,..... ATIN House Port Washington, N. T. AHNQ Varsity Basketball Squad 13, 453 Varsity Football C455 Varsity Baseball Squad G55 A. S. C. E., Soccer Squad C1, 2, 35. THOMAS HOWARD AUGUSTINE LEWIS ...... fIvA9 House North Troy, N. T. fI?'A9g Idol Club, Phi Alphag Mountebanks fl, 2, 3, 453 Adelphic Debating Society Cl, 25, Vice-President C35, President C455 Junior Prom Committeeg English Club, Graduate Council. FREDERICK JOSEPH MAISEL .... , . . . . KA, Lodge Brooklyn, N. T. ' KA, KBCIJQ OANQ Idol Clubg Varsity Football KZ, 3, 455 Freshman Football. SIGMUND MAKOFSKI ....... 412K House Schenectady, N. T. KIJEKQ Terrace Council: Varsity Footballg C3, 45g Varsity Basketball fl, 2, 3, 455 Varsity Baseball Cl, 2, 3, 45, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketballg Scrap Leader 053 Freshman Banquet Committee. CECIL STITES MAPES . ...... . Middletown, N. T. Kfbg Concordiensis f25g Press Club C2, 35, Business Manager C455 Chemical Society, Lacrosse Squad 135. . Kfiv Lodge FRED ST. JOHN MAPES ...... . . Kill Lodge Schenectady, N. T. Kiln XIQ Varsity Track Squad Cl. 2, 353 Varsity Football Squad f25g 1926 GARNET Board, Freshman Foot- ballg Musical Clubs KZ, 35g A. S. C. E. Fl'1?lNFlTflNffHfhrlHff1rhfhrlNfhfhfhfhrhdNfhfhrhrhff7hrhrhrhrhrhrlNrhfhrhrhrh l'l"ifl'i rhrh V Fiftyfone rhrhrhrhrKFhri-ark rh E f 6 fIwrhr'br'hr'hrFxrhrhrh rlwrhrlwrhfhrh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhFhrhfhr'h E 6 JE 6 kP"+-'Ll-'YP K-VbPLVLlJ4'KlJ5P4'LPLVLPbVil'5-P41WWWWWWWYVWWWWWWWWWWW HBRMAN GEORGE MAsIaR ..... AXA House Schenectady, N. T. AXAg Associate Member Sigma Xig Press Club C2, 35, VicefPresident C453 C. E. Club, VicefPresident C353 Musical Clubs C2, 353 Publicity Manager C453 A. S. C. E.g Class Day Committee3 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C2, 35, President C453 Varsity Golf C2, 353 Concordiensis C35, News Editor C453 Philomathean Society. FRANCIS PHILIP MCGOWAN ..... . CIJAQ House Schenectady, N. T. CIJAC-D3 Varsity Football Squad C2, 353 junior Prom Committeeg Freshman Football. JAMES JQI-IN MCGUINESS ......... AXA House AXA: 1926 GARNET Board, Varsity Debating C453 Mountebanks C3, 45: Philomathean Debating Society Cl, 2, 3, 453 English Club3 Winner Junior Oratoricals3 Banquet Committee C453 junior Prom Committee. JOSEPI-I CI-IARLBS MCILWAINE .....'.. Old Gym Dorm E Plattsburg, N. T. C. E. Club, Secretary C353 Band Cl, 2, 3, 453 Associate Member Sigma Xi. WILLARD HORNBLL MCKAY ........ fIJI'A House Albany, N. T. KDFA3 EKN3 Varsity Football C3, 453 Varsity Tennis C353 Varsity Basketball Squad C353 Masonic Club. WILBUR ADAMS MooRIz . .... . Cranford, N. j. 28 Union Ave. E. E. Club. HENRY Cons BROOKS MORRIS ..... . Schenectady, N. T. 429 Regent St. E. E. Club. HARI PADA MUKERJBB ....... 168 Nott Terrace Mahisav, Faridpwr, Bengal, India Secretary Cosmopolitan Club3 E. E. Club. THOMAS EDMUND MURRAY ..... 131 Elm St. Schenectady, N. T. AXA, Varsity Football Squad C25. NATHAN NBWBURGBR . .... M. S. S. C. Amsterdam, N. T. W GJBKQ Taylor Lewis Honor C253 Mountebanks C253 Classical Club C2, 3, 45. EDWIN PAUL NILL . .... South Lane Watertown, N. T. EKN3 Radio Club3 E. E. Club3 Instrumental Club C15. flNrFFl1r'lwrl1riNfT1f'lNr57lNflN'r'hrhflwrh rh rhrhrhdNrhrhrhrhr'f'7lwrhrhrfWhrhriTFlwfhrhrhrhdVl1 Fiftyftwo 142 rhrhrhrhrhrhrh fl-1 rhrhrhrhrhrl-x -E rl-I rh rh rhrlvh 35? EPNPYVEIJ WWWWWWWWWWLPSEH!WWWWWWWJWWKVNPWNPWWJWWWFVWW JAMES EDWARD OlBRlEN .... 7 Linden St, Schenectady, N. T. Chemical Societyg Neutral Club. . M. S. N. C. MAURIGE VICTOR ODQUIST ..... Yonkers, N. T. Musical Clubs C3, 455 College Union Board C35, President C455 Radio Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C2, 3, 455 Sophomore Soiree COmmittee5 Cosmopolitan Club. MAURICE GILBERT OSEORNE ..... . Kfb Lodge Northville, N. '1". KCIJ5 PrefMedic Club. CHARLES WELLINGTON PERSONIUS ..... . KCIJ Lodge Elmira Heights, N. T. M KIIJ5 Varsity Football C2, 3, 453 Class Treasurer C355 Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball. RAOUI. WILLIAM RACETTE ........ 232 Bradley St. Schenectady, N. T. AXA5 EKN 5 Varsity Tennis C255 Freshman Basketballg E. E. Club C35, President C455 Charles P. Steinmetz Honor C355 Musical Clubs C15. GEORGE DAVID READ . . . . . Kfb Lodge Bath, T. K05 Varsity Football Squad C2, 3, 455 Varsity Lacrosse Squad C355 Freshman Football5 Chemical Society5 Press Club Cl, 2, 3, 45. JAMES CARTER RICE ..... . 21 Oneida St. , Schenectady, N. T. Chemical Society. JOHN PAUL RINALDI ..... . 7 Main Ave. Schenectady, N. T. JAMES HAROLD RIPTON .......... ACID Housi' A415 fIDBK5fDA5 l'II'M5 Terrace Council, Secretary5 Varsity Basketball C2, 3, 455 Varsity Baseball C1,2,35, Captain C455 Freshman Basketballg English Clubg Sophomore Soiree Committee. GEORGE PAUL RITTER . .... . Scotia R. D. 8 Scotia, N. T. I Chemical Society. DUDLEY LEON ROWLEDGE ..... . 4 Rugby Road Ballston Lake, N. 'Y OEK5 Y. M. C. A. CI, 2, 3, 45: PrefMediC Club- Gfhfmwmfhmffvlvhfsnwmofnnvhmmfhmmmmmfhfhfnvmsmnvnmfmmmmfhmm F zfty-three at rh .+I E E 6 LE 'E -E f 'E E E f AUSTIN MOSES SARR . . . . QAO House Albany, N. T. fIPA9g 1IJAg Idol Club, OANQ Manager Varsity Footballg Interfraternity Council, VicefPresident C35, President C453 1926 GARNBT Boardg Class Day Committee, Sophomore Soiree Committeeg Freshman Foot- ballg College Union Board C25. E NELSON CHARLES SCHWENNKER .... . 126 Park Ave. Schenectady, N. T. EKNQ E. E. Club. CARROLL HUMPHREY SBABURY .... . IIJEK House Gasport, N. T. 'E Track Squad C35. fPEKg fi ALBERT JULIUS SEHOLM ........ . Kfb Lodge 'E Cedar Grove, N. J. Kfbg Varsity Track Squad C355 Varsity Soccer C3, 45: Varsity Lacrosse Squad C35g Musical Clubs C1, 2, 3, 455 .E Chemical Societyg Press Club. .E FREDERICK TRUAX SEWARD ........ AA41 House JE 'E Goshen, N. T. ,Q AACDQ KIJAQ Tiger's Eye, Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg PrefMedic Clubg Press Club C15. 'E JAMES SERDUKE ....... . Carman R. D. 8 . Russia, N. T. Ae GEORGE DONALD SHANNON ........ BSU House East Orange, N. ' B911 Manager Varsity Hockeyg Soccer Cl, 255 A. S. C. Eg Press Clubg Concordiensis C25. E HAROLD BOGARDUS SHERRILL ......... WT House Albany, N. T. IVY, KBfD5 1926 GARNET Boardg Press Clubg Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketball, Classical Club C3, 453 Freshman Banquet Committee. GEORGE DONALD SRINNER ..... . EX House -E Schenectady, N. T. EX, Varsity Track Squad C1, 35g Varsity CrossfCountry Squad C3, 45: Freshman Footballg Adelphic Debating Societyg Pre-Medic Club. GEORGE JAMEs SMITH ...... QIDEK House E Valley swam, N. T. E 4:2144 Radio club: A. s. G. E. E JAMES ARTHUR SMITH ...... 1016 Wendell Ave. f Schenectady, N. T. Concordiensis, Senior Associate Editor C451 Press Club. -6 JOHN WORTHINGTON SPARKS ..... 320 Campbell Ave. Schenectady, N. T. Kfli. E f E E Fzfty-four SPN-'SUBJ WWWWWWWWWWWKI-A-IJWWWWWWSPHJHJNJWWJWWSPWWLVFPWW BAR --.-. AXA House Hudson Falls, N. T. ALEXANDER McKEE SP AXAQ Concordiensis CZJQ Philomathean Debating Society. FRANK REID STANSEL . ...... 140 Parkwood Blvd, Schenectady, N. T. 1DN9g Associate Member Sigma Xig Radio Clubg B. E. Clubg New Mexico College of A. and M. A. CU. FRANCIS BOWDEN STEVENS ....... 56 Washington Ave. Schenectady, N. T. AXAg KIJBKQ Varsity Cross-Country CSD, Captain O05 Track Squad Cl, 2, 3, 454 Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Student Volunteer Conference GQ, Leader MD. FRANCIS LEROY STEVENS . .... . 124 Helderherg Ave. Schenectady, N. T. RICHARD CARVER TAYLOR .... . CIJZK House Albany, N. T. KDEKQ ITEM g Varsity Tennis Squad Cl, 2, 355 1926 GARNET Boardg Press Clubg French Club. JOHN ALBERT TIEDEMAN .... 'DFA House Schenectady, N. T. flPI1Ag Varsity Track C3, 4jg College Recordfholder in 100 and 220 Yard Dashesg Manager Mountebanksg Publication Manager Concordiensis. FLOYD EDWARD ULRICH ...... . 1754 Union St. Schenectady, N. T. Associate Member Sigma Xig EKNQ E. E. Club. DWIGHT VAN AVERY . .... GAX House Schenectady, N. T. GAXQ English Club. EARL BURTON VAN ZANDT ..... AFKIP House Mechanicville, N. T. AFQIJQ XIg Musical Clubsg Masonic Clubg Programs and Invitation Committee. AFCID House MARTIN JOSEPH WALLACE . . . . . Schenectady, N. T. AIVDQ Associate Member Sigma Xig Editor-infChief 1926 Handbookg Concovdiensis: E. E. Club, Vice- I President f4Jg Radio Clubg Cosmopolitan Clubg C. P. Steinmetz Honor C3, 43. 3- I L FhrFx7hrhrhrhrl?wrhrl7hrhrhrhrhdarh rhrl'i:r?d?irliihdwrhrl?urhAxr1'Wf7lNriV'IxAwdwriwdwrhrlw i ty' ve HS :HH-1 4 LE E ,E rE 'E rhrhdwrhrhrh fhrh fb rl-1 rh 6 'E JE E JE rh rlvhrhrh wwwavwwwwwwwwwwwswwwwwwwsvwsvsvwsvww'-P'-vwsvsyww RANDOLPH ALBION WALLING ........ BGII House Fairport, N. T. BGTI3 Business Manager Concordiensis C453 Press Club C2, 3, 453 A. S. C. E. C453 Radio Club C152 Freshman Basketball. WALTER GILBERT WATERMAN ...... CIJEK House Ogdensburg, N. T. KIPEK5 Varsity Cross-Country Squad C353 Track Squad C353 Soccer C15. LEo WEINsTEIN ........... KN House Troy, N. T. KN5 Varsity Swimming Squad C155 Concordiensis C155 Band Cl, 2, 355 Pre-Medic Club. ARCHIBALD CULLINGS WBMPLB ......... ACD House Schenectady, N. T. A472 HAE5 TKA5 l'll'M5 Musical Clubsg Varsity Debating Team3 GARNBT Board3 Band C1, 2, 35, Leader C453 Philomathean Debating Society C1, 2, 35, President C455 Freshman-Sophomore Debate C253 Allison-Foote Debate C2, 353 Varsity Football Squad C453 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JOHN IsAIAH WENKER . .... N. S. S. C. Monroe, N. T. KIIBK. RUSSELL BURROUGHS WEsToN ..... BSH House Tonkers, N. T. B9I'I3 Press Club Cl, 2. 3, 45, Vice-President C353 A. S. C. E. C45. DESMOND RIDGEWAY WHIPPLE . ..... . Kia Lodge Auburn, N. T. KKD5 Masonic Club C3, 45. , ' ELLIOT WHITNEY . . . I .... . 111 Ballston Road Schenectady, N. T. Varsity Baseball Squad C153 Class Treasurer C153 Class Secretary C353 Junior Banquet Committee3 Freshman Banquet Committee3 Freshman Football3 Scrap Leader C15. CLEMENT TALLMAN WooD ........ CDNQ House Spring Valley, N. T. KIPNG3 X11 Concordiensis C253 1926 GARNET Boardg Press Club C255 Radio Club C255 Physical Society C2, 3, 45, Secretary'Treasurer C35. TYLER DUCHARDT WooD ......... E41 Place South Norwalk, Conn. E03 KBCIJ3 Idol Club3 OAN., President C253 Secretary StudentlBody C253 Chairman Frosh Peerade Com' mittee C355 Mountebanks C2, 3, 45, Secretary C353 Interfraternity Council C3, 453 Class Historian C253 Class President C153 Freshman Football5 Freshman Banquet Committee. WILLIAM DAVID ZELIE . .... . 100 Mason St. Cohoes, N. T. Pre'Medic Club. RusH FIELD ZIEGENEELDER, JR ..... I .... ACID House Schenectady, N. T. Adi: CDA5 Tiger's EYCQ Class Secretary C255 Cheer Leader C453 Frosh1Peerade Committee C353 College Union Board C3, 45. rhri-WwrhrhrhrITrhrhrf'iFhrhrhrhrhr1wrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrf?wr1NrlirfWlW'hrlVhriwrfi7hdwrhdw Fzftyfsix rh rlwrf-Irhrhrlwflwrh rhrhrhrhrhrl-x rhrhrlwrh rh rh rh rhrhrh 6 I b Q . 5 'SFU WWWWWWKKWWYUBJWWLLIJWWWWWWWWWWWkVWLIJWWk+LESfWLVL-VSHHJYP Class of 1927 RICHARD JOHN WELLINGHORST rhkhrhrhkflg f JE 46 E IE E IE 45 15 E IE E E 'E E 'E E E 6 6 E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E IE E IE 6 f JE E 35 President JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD JOHN WELLINGHORST ..... . . President BRUCE ANDREW MULQUEEN . VicefPresident ARTHUR HOWARD Annu. . . Secretary KENNETH GBBHART MAYBE . Treasurer 3 L. F ifty-eight Junior Class History On the memorable 15th of September, 1923, a gang of two hundred and fifty young aspirants to knowledge straggled in through Payne Gate, and amid howls of delight from leftovers of the preceding year the renowned Class of 1927 thus originated, that is to say, we paid our tuition. After an exciting week of scrapping with the Sophs, real college work began and has continued ever since. The lirst year, of course, proved the hardest, and when we were finally elevated to the position of secondfyear men, several found the advance too rapid for their comprehension and either dropped back a year or dropped out of sight entirely. Our record in athletics is a goal for the Class of 1928, which we attempted to guide along a straight and narrow path. Our Freshman football team was undefeated, and that spirit of aggressiveness has always prevailed, whether on gridiron, diamond, or lacrosse field. Such an enviable showing has not hindered social activities, however-our Soiree is sufiicient evidence. But it would be impossible in a single page to relate all this class has done in the three years during which it has been a vital part of the college. Consequently, we feel that a few glimpses must suffice to show our worth. We do not believe we speak erroneously when we say that in the fields of fellowship, scholarship, and activities, the Class of 1927 has led the way. And we hope in the few short months of our Senior year, we may continue to develop, and Hnally to graduate, true men of Union. ' -Class Historian rhrfsrivhrhrhrhrhr1wd1rhrhrlwrlwrR7lwrhrhrfVlwrlxrlVhrlwdwrhriwdwrh Fiftyfnine li f rf 52 'E li 'E r 'E Q ge t r FE r af is JE 4 e .mmmmm mmfhas .4-, 'C E JE 6 E I2 6 IE HS A x. -X ,if THE JUNIOR CLASS 353 WWLPLV WWWWWWWWWWWKEWWWWWWWNJWWWJWJWJWWLVNPLPWLPWHJ ARTHUR HOWARD ABELL, JR. Afb House Waverly, N. T. Afll, YIPA, Tiger's Eye, Class Secretary C3D, Chairman Class Song Committee, Chairman Frosh Peerade Committee, Musical Clubs Cl, 2, 31, Mountebanks Cl, 2, 33, Literary Editor 1927 GARNIZTL Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CI, 2, 35, Philomathean Literary Society Cl, 2, 35, Secretary CZD, Classical Club C2, 33, Dance Orchesf tra C3D, Varsity Debating C2J, Choir C3D. josEPH DANIEL ALLEN fD21K House Schuyler Lake, N. T. CIIEK, Adelphic Debating Society, College Band Cl, 2, 33, AllisonfFoote Debate C3Q, Sophomore Banquet Committee, 1927 GARNET Board. 'ANDREW MATTHEW ANDERSON M. S. N. C. Poughkeepsie, N. T. C. E. Club, Commons Club, junior Prom Committee. rhrhrhrhrhrlNrlTrhrhrhrlVhrhfhrhrhrh fhrhriwrhrhrlwrhri1d1rhrhrhrfT?hdNrfTHiriwrlNrfwdwrlNrlw Sixty-one AS rhrfv-HA-mrh rhrh UE 5 E -E E E -E EE E E E E E 'E -E JE E E f 'E E 'E f 'E f 'E E E E 6 6 6 31 r SSYLPLPW W LPWKVYUHJWKEJWWWWWWWWWWWW W WWWWWWWWLIAIJWWWWWW THOMAS SAYRE ATHERTON, ja. XXII Lodge r Scranton, Pa. Xllfg IDA, Presidentg Idol Clubg OAN, Presidentg Classical Club C2, 35, Secretary GDL Assistant Manager Hockey C314 Assistant Manager Lacrosse C313 1927 GARNET Boardg Junior Banquet Committee. ANATOLB AVTZINE 789 State St. Bostov, Russia LAMBBRT BATTIN BARROWS, JR. AAQIJ House Brooklyn, N. T. AACDQ flYAg Idol Clubg Mountebanks Qljg Press Club QU. Flsriwfhrlwrhrhflwflxdirlwflwrhrhrhrhfhrlwriwflwrhrlwrfvfiiwrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh f'lWl'l'XffNflN Sixtyftwo AE rhrhrlwrhrhrhfhrhrhrlxrhrhdwrhrhrhr1wrlwrlwrhrhflNffwrlNdNrhrhrl?wrhrlwdxrhrhfhrR7lwrIx rhrlwrhrlwrRFhrhrh IE E 6 E 6 E A5 BJLVWWWWWWWWWK-EPWWLKSJWWKVWWWWWWWWKVWKPWLVNL-LHLIAPW'-PWWW Rurus STURGBS BARTON, JR. North Colonnade Port jefferson, N. T. l 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 3 3 E. E. Club, Radio Clubg commons Club. 3 3 5 3 3 3 3 EDWARD JULIUS BASCH 22 Oneida St. Schenectady, N. T. 3 3 91 3 3. Key and Blade Cluhg Chemical Societyg Band Cl, 2, 33, Assistant 5' Manager CSD. 3 3 HYMAN BEDNOWITZ KN House Brooklyn, N. T. 3 3 3 3 3 3 31 KNg Class Pipe and Cap Committeeg Concordiensis: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Basketball Q2, sp, junior Prom Committeeg Lewis Henry Morgan Honor 125. af 3 5 5 3 3 sf 31 i 5 3 3 gi R M1158 lf E fix -e me ee Q f f 'E IE E E E E E gI2wd1fiNfEYl:lNflWffNHNfHfhfiWfhf'lWf1Tf+Wfhf+1fhfhfhflNfhfiXflNfhflWfiNl'hfhfhffNfhf'hfl'Xfh rhfh rhrh Sixtyfthree E E E E E E E E 36 6 E 6 6 E E E E E E 6 E E E E E E E Q E E E E E E E E 6 Q ,QE 5.i-liElAlJWYVkVWNEHJWLlQl"LVKVhli':lJWLIJLUWWK!-IWWNJWWWWWWWWWNJWWWLHSJW CHARLES BOUTEILLER KIJFA House Pittsfield, Mass. 1I1I'Ag Varsity Baseball 11, 25g Varsity Football Squad C2, 31: Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketballg Sophomore Soiree Com- mitteeg junior Prom Committee. Jmvuzs FAIKBANKS Bowuza 643 Terrace Place Amsterdam, N. T. Preflviedic Club Cl, 2, 35. WILLIAM ROBERT BREWSTEP. M. S. S. C. Oneonta, N. T. Associate Editor Handbook. riwriwrhrhdwrhrhdwrlwfhrlxfhfhfhfhrhrhfhrhrhrhrFTFhrhrhrhrhrhr1wrhr'hr'hrhrh rhfhfhrh Sixty-four AS r'l-Flwrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhrhrhrfxrhrhrh E E E E E E 6 -E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E JE E E E E E 5 f E '3j.b.l-"-Ph-I-'kl"5l-J WWWWKVWWWJWWLVKILSJWWWWWWWJWWNJWWJLPWLVWLVWWLHW RICHARD WINANS BRIGHAM fI1A9 House Binghamton, N. T. fDAGg Phi Alpha, Vice-President, Idol Club, VicefPresidentg F bll 2 35 V t L C25 Ch 'r njunior Varsity oot a C , 5 arsi y acrosse 3 al ma Prom Committeeg Class Vice'President C253 Freshman Football, Athletic Editor 1927 GARNIZTL A. S. C. E., Auditing Committee. EDWARD JOHN BRODBRICK, JR. North Coloimade Geneva, N. T. Lacrosse Squad, "aUa"g Frosh Peerade Committee, Bachelor's Club, A. S. C. E. ALBERT BURTON BROWN 110 Wendell Ave. Schenectady, N. T. A-S rFFlwrl-xrhrhrhrhrl-wh fl-rhdwrhrhrhrhrfql-1 HE E E E E E E E E E E 'E E E E 'E E E E E E E E E E 6 Q E 6 -E E rhrhrhrhrhrhr5Fhrhrhkhrh'rhrhrhrf3 rh dwrhfhfhrEf1wriwrhrE7lxrixrhriR7hmr5?xAwdwffwdNdwrhdTilg Sixtyffive 353 WILLIAM FRANK BRZOSTEK 127 Garner Ave. Schenectady, N. T. C. E, Club. CLAIKENCE ROEERT BUCKBEB EX House Glens Falls, N. T. :XQFI'CSl'1IT13.l'1 Basketballg Viccflnresident Y. M. C. A.g Adelphic Debating Societyg Interfraternity Councilg Frosh Peerade Com- mitteeg Cosmopolitan Clubg Varsity Football Squad ODI Varsity Basketball Squad CSL President De Molay Clubg Chairman Pep Committee. DAVID HUGHES BURR KA Lodge Glovevsville, N. T. K A . WW WW WWWWWWJWWWWLPNVWWWWWWWKPLVWLVWJWJWWFVFVLPFPFPWWX mmmm mmmmmmmmi rE E E -E E IE E E E 'E f E E 42 E E f E IE E 'E E 'E E IE E E E E 6 E 6 rlwrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhdwrhrhrhdwdwrB7'hrhrlwrfi7lwdxrhdwAwrhrhdwrlNdvfTlSi Sixtyfsix 3? MUKPWJEV WWWWYVWWWWWLPKIQJJWWWWWWVVWWLVWWJLPWLPWWWWYVWX EARL ROBERT CARINS 1547 Third Ave. Watervliet, N. T. Spanish Clubg Freshman Football Squadg Varsity Football Squaclg FreshmanfSopbomorc Debate. L F' WILFRED GILBERT CARPENTER GUNS House Monticello, N. T. 'DNC-lg Baseball Squad Cl, Zjg Varsity Soccer Squad Cl, 23. EDWARD L1NUs CARROLL AAFP House jolmstown, N. T. Aiflfg fl1Ag Concordicnsis Cl, 253 Mountebzlnks Cl, 2, SD, Secretary C353 Philomatheans Cl, 2, 35, VicefPresident Ojg Glee Club C2, 3lg French Club KZHQ Classical Club CZ, 35. Choir Q2, 35. mmmmmmmfmmli E 'E E 5 E 49 JE 45 E 'E E f E E E -E E E 'E E 'E JE E E E E E E E E E JE E E rhrhrhrhrlwrlvffhrhrhrhrlvhrhrhrh rh rhrhrlwdwrhrhrhrhrlWwdxrhrlWl?lwrlTFlvlwrlvlwrhdvlxrlT5gi Sixtyfseven 3 I ? I LEWIS CRAWFORD CLAPP AT House New Paltz, N. T. ATE Track Squad Cl, 25g Swimming Team Cl, 2, 33, Captain f3jg College Union Board CZJ. ' ' 'l LESLIE PAUL CLIFFORD AND House AAKIPQ Lacrosse Cl, 25g Hockey Cl, 2, 3Dg Football Squad CBD. STEWART LIVINGSTON CLOTHIER 1991 Broadway Schenectady, N. T. Radio Club Cl, 2, 333 E. E. Club 135. ' rtwrhrhmrhfhfhrhrhrhrhrlwrhrhrhrhrhrhrIwdwrhrhrtwfhfIwf1?'rxrIviwffi7hfIwrlVhrhrhrfwfIwrrvIw Sixcyfeighc E I f I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I I I E E E I I I I I I I I v6 E rFx'?l-. rlilg dwrl-7hdwrhdwrhdwrhrl?hdwrhfhrhdwAwAwFFFhrhd'5HwAwA1r1?w E E E E 43 'E 'E f 'E LE E E 'E E E IE E IE E 6 E 6 IIS SWWWWWWWKIQPWKQPWWNHWWWWWWWWW W LUWLPWKVWNVW'-l:'HN-'FILPKHEIJNP JAMES SHIELDS CONANT M. S. S. C. Amsterdam, N. T. Musical Clubs Cl, 2, 313 PrefMedical Club, Viceflaresident CBJ. EUGENE ANDREW CORDONE North Colonnade Glovevsville, N. T. "aUa" Lacrosse CD. RALPH SCHIEMER Caoss IIJFA House Springfield, Mass. fIlI'Ag "aUa" Football C2, 355 Assistant Manager Swimmingg EditorfinfChief Handbookg Freshman Banquet Committeeg Fresh' man Footballg Freshman Basketballg Athletic Boardg College Union Boardg Publication Board. 3i7hdwrhr+wfhrhfhrhrfHrl'wrhfINrhrhfhrhrhrhfhrhfhriRriVhrhrhfhriwrhrhrhrhrhrhrh r'Ffh rhrh Sixtyfnine rhrhrhrhfRFI-rhfl-v'Klg rhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrhfh rhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhriwrlxfhrhrfxrhrhrhrhri?-.fhrhr'lv+Wxrh E 'E 15 iff FREDERICK CALDWELL CRUZE 1009 Union St. Knoxville, Tenn. CHARLES SEDGWICK CUNNINGHAM M. S. S. C. Cold Spring, N. T. Baseball Squad C135 Lacrosse Squad CZDQ Spanish Club C515 Philomathean Literary Society C3Dg Assistant Business Manager La Voz de Union CSD: Hockey Squad C2, 35g Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Press Club JOHN EDMOND CUNNINGHAM 111236 House North Creek, N. T. IDAG-Jg Lacrosse fl, Zjg Idol Clubg PrefMedical Club. E 'E 'E E f E E 5 t -E E E -E f JE E -E E E E 'E E E 'E E E E E E 6 -E E 6 -S 6 16 15 5 fhmfhmmA1f4v+.Asf+smmfhAsmasmfRfRF+.fRa1fhmfHasfHfffs rhrhrhriwrl-1fhr'f'm'xdw E 'E 'E 6 IE E E E E E I2 f 'E E E JE E E rhrE7hdwrhfivEFhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rh fhff1flWfhflNflWliNfhfRHNflNflNflR?WdNfhffNfiNflWdWdNdWflWA'Tg Seventy QF' I WILLIAM EDGAR DANEOIQTII, Jn. AT House Buffalo, N. T. ATQ Musical Clubs fl. 2, 355 Radio Club QZDQ Physical Society CU. FLOYD LESLIE DAl'SON M. S. S. C. Little Falls, N. T. Key and Blade Clubg E. E. Club C355 Radio Club CZ. 35. MAIQIILON GARDNER DAPsoN M. S. S. C. Herkimer, N. T. A. S. C. E.: Key and Blade. rhrlVhrhrhrlvlTr'l'Ir'hHhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhfhdwrhrhrhrhrfwriwrhflwrffflwrlxdwrhrlwrhrfwriwriwrlw Seventyfone E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 5 'C Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E 6 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q rf L5 fl'Fl-mrlwrhrhr'f1rlwrl-urhrhfhflwdwd1dwrl-1dwAwrhmfFg rl7l-Irhrl-Irhrhrhflw 'E IE 6 E 6 E E 45 -E 'E f 'E LE Q 'E 'E E 6 I2 E JE E E E E E H1755 353 PAUL DOUGLAS DAVIS QA9 House Albany, N. T. fI1A9g IIPAQ Idol Clubg Frosh Footballg Freshman Basketballg Varsity Football CBD, "aUa" CZDQ Freshman Peerade Committeeg A. S. C. E. WILLIAM SNOWDEN DEWEY Kfb Lodge Mount Vernon, N. T. Kfllg Musical Clubs Cl, 2, 33: Lacrosse Squad Cl, 255 Radio Club Cl, 2, BD, Treasurer CSDQ Freshman Stunt: Committee. FRANK RUDOLPH DICKINSON KID Lodge Gmntwood, N. I. Kfbg E. E. Club 42, sp. LHR!-'WJYV WWWWWWWWWWLPWWWWWWWWWJLVWWJWJNJWWWKVHJWWJWWK rl-mrhrhrhrhdwrlwwrh rhdwrhdwdwrhrl'?+1rhrhrhrhrhAwrhrhAvhrF7lwrhrhrl-?wrfWwrEIg E f EE E JE E E E 'E f 'E E E 6 'E E rhrhrhdwrf-Ir'hrIV1r1Vl?wrhrhrhrhrhrhfhdwdwdwrhrhdwdwrfV1'xrhrhr'E7hrhrR7iwAwrhrhdwdwrhffTlgI Seventyftwo 3155 3153-'WW WWKPWWWWLMJWWWWWWNJWWWWW LV WWLPWNJYEHJWSESNJLVWWWNJ QUENTIN DINARDO 704 Van Vranken Ave. Schenectady, N. T. 3 3 3 3 3 l 3 3 3 3 Track Squad CD5 Freshman Footballg Pre-Medic Club. 3 3 3 3 E 3 3 37 WARREN Lnwis Dow fI1N 9 House 3 New Rochelle, N. T. 5 KDNGQ Soccer CU, Assistant Manager 4354 Baseball Squad Cl. 25. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 31 CHARLES KENNETH DuBois CIJNG House Bethel, N. T. KIJNQQ Fresliman'Sophomorc Debate fl, 25, Individual Prize C215 AllisonfFoote Debate Cijg Taylor Lewis Honor QZJQ Philomathean Society Cl, 2, BJ, Secretary CSD. 3 3 3 3 3 3 91 il 3 il i 3 l 3 3 3 gl , flelfl rlwrFnFhrh E E E E E E JE E E E E E 6 E E E 6 6 E E E 6 'E 'E E E E E E E E E E E E 'E E E E E E as as as f HE giilwrlwrlwflwflwrlwflwflwflwflwflwflwfliflnflnflwflwrlwfiwrlwrhrhfhrhrhrhfl1r'hrlNrl'xfhrhrlwrhrh flnfh HH dw Seventyftlwee ILPKIJ WKVKIJKVWWAVKI-QIJWKVWQJJ'-PWJYLIW LUWLVLIJ W WWWWWWWWLUYJCWWWWWW HOWARD WILLIAM DUGGAN 11122K House Saclqet Harbor, N. T. 4111 Kg Concordiensis C25g Hockey Squad C15. EUGENE MORRIS FERRY Old Gym Dorm Englewood, N. C. E. Club C25, Vice-President C353 Radio Club CZ, 35. Roswnu. EMERSON FISHER fbI'A House Port Chester, N. T. flYl'Ag Assistant Manager Basketball C353 Varsity Tennis C1, 25, Captain C355 Physical Society C353 Radio Club C15. gi7lvIw'rlwflifhrhriwfhrhEi'wr-hr'lxrhrlwrhrhrlwrhfhrhfhrlvhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh f'hf'l'1fl'NflN Seventyffour l l RIS rl?l'wrl1rhrhfhrhrhrfFhrlxrhrhrlwrl-wrhrlwrhf'hrhrh E E IE 4 E E E E E 6 E E E E E E 'E 6 E E E E E E E E E E E 3-ll7l-srl-Irl-Irfxrlw rh 5 1 WW WW LPWWWWJWK-1-'NJ'-VLVL-PYEIJWWWWWLPkPWWkVWWJWWWWWW'EVWW GEORGE EDWARD FOSTER fI2N6 House New 'York City 4l1Nl'5g Concordiensis Cl, 2, 35, Associate Editor l35Q Associate Editor La Voz Dc Union C25g Associate Editor Handbookg Asso- ciate Editor 1927 GARNETQ Press Club fl. 2,35g Personals Editor C351 Class Secretary C25g Adelphia Society Cl, 2, 35g Spanish Club 42, 35: Mountebamks Cl, 2. 35. CHAIKLES DAVID FRIER 115 Collins St. Scotia, N. T. JACOB FRUMRIN fD2lA House Schenectady, N. T. flPEAg 1927 GARNET Board. r flWl'hf'lWf'l'Nfl1fh!hfhfhfhfEflNflXfhfEHNflXflNffR7lNANfml'NfiNflNfiNdNflN!lN Seventyffive AE rhrli rhriT'l-if-1-u+1rhrhrFFh -E 6 E E E 'E 'E E JE E E 'E JE E -E E E 1E E E 'E E E -E 'E E E 6 E 6 'E E E f 'E E AS SPV WWWLPWWWWWWLEIILVYVYILPWWJLVWWWLVWWWWWWW DaFo1uzsT IRVIN GALER N. S. S. C. West Oneonta, N. T. AllNg Associate Editor 1927 GARNET1 A. S. C. E.g Radio Club C2, Big Masonic Club CSD. - HENRY EDWARD GALLOWAY fbN9 House Delphi Falls, N. T. H CDNQQ Lacrosse Squad Cl, Zjg Press Club Cl, 2, SDQ Assistant Business Manager Concordiensisg Adelphic Society Cl, 2, Sl: Freshman Stunt Committee C113 Freshman-Sophomore Debate C215 Spanish Club C213 Associate Editor La Voz de Union. LLOYD CHARLES GARRISON AFCD House Schenectady, N. T. Al'fl1g Concovdiensis fljg Associate Editor Hanclbookg Secretary Spanish Clubg Philomathean Societyg La Voz de Union Board. ffNflNflWl'lWfl'Wf'lXfl'afhfiNfhflNf'lWflTflWflNfl'WI'lWflNfhflNf'lNffmNflNfhfl'IflNfhf'l'Xff'XfhflNflNf'l'1 rhrh fhrh Seventyfsix fix rl-srl-xrhrlwrhihrhrh 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 E 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 HSE 353 9, l Ll-'WJ WW LPYPLV'-VWWWWLVWWWWWWWWWWWWWWJWWJWWWWWWWWW MADHUSUDAN SHANKAR GOKHALE 6 Elbert St. Schenectady, N. T. Hindustan Club, VicefPresident C3,Q Cosmopolitan Club CZD, ' Vice-President C3Dg Concordicnsis C2, 354 Radio Club C203 E. E. Club C355 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C2, 315 Secretary Foreign Students C3jg Union Representative Student Volunteer Conference and International Human Relationships Forumg Transfer from Uni' versity of Bombay. ALLEN JACKSON GREENOUGH XXII Lodge Brooklyn, N. T. Xllfg KDAQ Idol Clubg OANQ Track Squad C313 junior Prom Committeeg Secretary Student Body C2jg Interfraternity Council, Vice1President C3Dg "alla" Basketball C2jg Assistant Manager Frosh Football Clbg Assistant Manager Frosh Basketball CSD. FREDERICK BROWER GRIM Carman Carman, N. T. rhrhrhrhrhrhrlTrl'v'hrhrhr1Nrhrhrhrh rh ri'grhfhr1wrhi1wfhrhrhdwANriwrfTflwrixdTFlNrfwrfwrlwrfwdwrh eventy-seven QEHJWWWSJ WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLVNVWWWWWWWWMHW WALTER CUSTAFSON 1020 Albany St. Sjovik, Sweden E. E. Club. CLARENCE EDWARD HABER B911 House Castleton, N. T. l39l'lg Varsity Baseball Cl, Zjg Sophomore Soiree Committeeg Junior Prom Committee: Interfraternity Council 1315 Basketball Squad C331 C. E. Club. GUSTAVE MILLARD HAEER fI1N9 House Troy, N. T. 1 KDNQQ Band Cl, 2, SD. rhr1Thr1wrhrhrf?wrhrhdwrhrhrhrhrh rh rhrhrhrfir1wfhriwrhrhrhrhrlwrE7lwrhr1'THwrtwrlwrhdw rhrh Seventyfeight RMS? rl-ufhfhrhrl-T'hrFHwrh rhrhrh1+1dwf4wr1?wAwrl-srhr+wrhA-1rlw.4?-wrhrf7.Fl-AwA1rfWh 'E 46 -E 'E 'E E IE 5 IE E 6 'E E AS 3. I SYHJWWWWWWWWWKEHJWWKPBJWWWWWWWWW'-PWSPWKVW WILLARD GARDINIER HAMPTON ZX House Amsterdam, N. T. 2X3 Associate Editor Handbookg Press Clubg Adelphic Debat' ing Societyg E. E. Club Cal. WALLACE NELSON HARPELL SAX House Whitestone, N. Y. Q-DAXQ Associate Editor Hz-mdbookg Soccer Squad Cl, 21, Varsity Soccer CSD. CHARLES GREENE HASKELL AXA House Whitehall, N. T. AXAQ Concordiensis, Associate Editor C353 1927 GAKNE1' Board C353 Frosh Peerade Committee C3jg Frosh Banquet Committee: Transfer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. riwrhfF.r1NrhffNrl-.rhrhfhrlNrhrhff'sfhr'hri'wrhrhrhrhffVhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrh r'Rfh fix rh Seventyfnine flwrlvi-rl-url-s f we f se e 6 s fe -E E -e fe e 'E E f E E E 6 6 15 E E E 6 E E E E E 'E E E 'E E E E +2 E E E AE 15 E f E 31 l 5iPLVWWWWkVhlLEPWWHJLVWhliHJWWWWWWWW WLVWWWWYEhEHJhESfWLVLPklblJW ERWIN AUGUST HECK EX House Schenectady, N. T. .EX5 "aUa" Track CD5 Varsity Football G05 junior Prom Com' mitteeg Freshman Banquet Committee. SAMUEL MOODIE HESSON CIDNQ House Watervliet, N. T. QPNG5 Lacrosse f1,2H5 AllisonfFoote Debate Cl, 275 Freshman' Sophomore Debate fl, 2j5 Philomathean Literary Society fl, 25, Secretary C335 Sophomore Debating Committee5 Taylor Lewis Honor C255 CrossfCountry Squad 12, 315 Classical Club C2, 315 junior Banquet Committee5 Associate Member Tau Kappa Alpha. ANTHONY ROBERT I-IIGHES 4 Madison St. Schenectady, N. T. C. E. Club. rlxkl-uri-ifl-ifR'Q E JE JE E 6 E E E 1E JE E E E 'E E E 'E E 56 E E E E 'E E E E E 'E +6 E E E E E E E E 'E E E 6 E JE E rhflwfl-rfhfhrhrhdwrhfhrlxfhfhrfvhrhrhfhrhfhfhffVhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh flifli fhrfm-Flg Eighty 3, l ?'5'WWWW WWWWWWWWWWWYQVWWWWWWNJLVWQJWWJWWWWYVWWJFVW Rosrzar Gmsow Hom-iN KA Lodge New 'York City KAQ Tiger's Eyeg Kfiflvg Freshman Football: Freshman Basket- ballg Frosh Stunt Committee: Varsity Football Squad C2. 355 Varsity Basketball Squad f2Dg Varsity Baseball Cl, 213 Sophomore Soiree Committeeg 1927 GARNBT Boardg Tie for Middleweight Boxing Championship of College QD. HAROLD Loomis HOLMES AXA House Syracuse, N. T. AXAQ Track Squad Cl, Zjg Cross'Country Squad CBJ. JAMES LEE Hoxua XXII Lodge St. Louis, Mo. X'Il'g Assistant Manager Freshman Basketball Cajg Lacrosse Squad 12, Bjg Football Squad CSD. ali rh rhrl-1 if 5 E 'E E E 5 rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrl-x rl-rhrhrhrlvh E -E 'E 'E E 'E E E f E E 6 E E rlNrhrhrhrhrlwrFFl'xrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrh rtwrhdwrhriwrhfhdwriWwf1xrhf1'TFhdxriWNrlwdwrhrhdwrfwrR'5g Eighty-one 353 9' J 3 l 'pl-'NVWJEV WWLPWLVWWWWWKPWWWWWWWLVLPWWWJYVLPWWWJWQJWHJWW JOSEPH JAMEs HYNES 4 Nott Terrace Ushers, N. T. Radio Club C355 Pre'Mcdic Club C2, 35. EDWARD MAXWELL IVERSEN 11 Forest Road Schenectady, N. T. Masonic Club. r REMSEN JOHNSON, JR. AACIP House Brooklyn, N. T. AAKDQ KBIDQ Tigcr's Eye, Assistant Manager Football C353 Mountebanks Cl, 2, 355 1927 GARNET Boardg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CZ, 35g Scrap Leader C1, 254 Chairman Get Togethers C355 Sophomore Oratoricalsg Cosmopolitan Club C2, 353 Freshman Ban- quet Committeeg Sophomore Soiree Committee. rl-srl-xrhrhrhrhrhrg A-uri-.rFu 6 -E JE E E JE E 4E 1E f E E E JE E JE -E 6 4E E E 45 E E JE -E f E E E E Ji E E rhfRFhrlwrhfhrlTFx7lTFhrhrh1rhrhrhrhrhdwrhdwdwd1rhrhd1rfT?hrIwrhf1'WlwdxrfVxrhrhrhrhrhr1vl'TlSa Eightyftwo SPV WWWWWWkEi-l'WK4il-'WWNEH-' WWYVWWWWW WWWWWWWWWSEHJWWWLESJW ROBERT ARTHUR JOHNSON EX House Morrisomville, N. T. ' .YXQ Varsity CrossfCountry C2,3l, Captain-Elect C354 Varsity Track CZJQ Varsity Baseball Squad C153 Soccer Squad CID: Hockey Squad CD5 Physical Societyg 1927 GARNET Board. ISRABL Louis KA'rz KN House New 'York City . KNQ Varsity Soccer Squad CSX Concordiensis C31 GEORGE Louis KBLLNBR AT House Buffalo, N. T. 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AUNQ Radio Clubg E. E. Club. F HAROLD VINCENT LAMBERSON Old Gym Dorm Albany, N. T. RUDOLPH STEPHEN LAPP AIIN House Le Roy, N. T. AHNQ Radio Clubg C. E. Clubg 1927 GARNET Board. E 6 E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E 6 E f 6 E E E 6 E E E f Q E f f E 5 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmg rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh E E E YE Q IE E 6 E E mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg Eighty-five l JOHN HAROLD LARRABEE ZX House Rome, N. T. EXQ Pre'Medic Clubg Adelphic Debating Society KARGES EDWARD LAUTBRBACH SAX House Rochester, N. T. GAXQ Varsity Lacrosse Squad CZ, 355 Varsity Football Squad CBDQ Interfraternity Council. LEONARD LEVERENZ AFCID House Schenectady, N. T. Al'1l1g Varsity Lacrosse Squad C2, 35g Spanish Clubg Delvlolay Club. 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'E 3 E gl E 'E 3 E 31 We 3 5 , he E 5 -s 4 Eightyfnine 3iiPLVWWWWkVKEHfWKlLLVkPWklLlJWWWEVWWLVlV W WWkPW.WWWWLl-BJBVWLPWWKP' KENNETH GEBHART MAYBE AXA House Narrowsbwrg, N. T. AXAQ Varsity Baseball C253 Varsity Basketball Squad Cl, 2, 31, "aUa" QZX Varsity Football Squad C255 Junior Prom Committeeg Class Treasurer C553 Interfraternity Councilg Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketball. WILLIAM BERNARD MCDONALD IDEK House Cohoes, N. T. CIIEKQ Varsity Lacrosse 1255 Preflviedic Club, President QSD. .IAMES ALOYSIUS MCGINLBY 57 Helderberg Ave. Schenectady, N. T. MQ rhrhrhrlwrlihrh E E E E -E E E E E E E 'E E E WE 6 E E E E 6 E E E 6 E E E 'E E E E E E E E E 5 6 JE E Ninety '3j,L-l"MlJkP Ll-'LV WWWMIJYVLVKVSJ'-PLJJLPVEI-LEPWWWWWWLPNJWNJWJLVNEHJWWWWLPLES! THOMAS PATRICK JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN CPAO House Troy. N. T. LDAQQ Varsity Track K1, 253 1927 GARNBT Boardg Adelphic Debating Societyg Mountebanks CSD. DONALD Lawxs MILLHAM Kdv Lodge Scotia, N. T. Kflfg Varsity Basketball Squad KZ, 333 Freshman Basketball CEARNET Board: Concordiensis fl, 25g Press Club C2, 35. BERNARD IRVING MINTZBP. ZBT House Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ZB'l"g Concordiensis. fl3rhrhrhrhrhrl?wrhklwrhrFfFxFlirhrh rh rI1flHflwflirlwrlwrlwrlwrl?lwriirlwfl'WF7lNrFTHw?IwrfwPlw?lN ffvh Ninetyfone rl7n H221 rhrh flwrl7l'wfhrhrhrhrhf'F?wrhr+wd1H-1 d-rhfhdwrlwrhrlwwdw rhrhdwrhrhElwrl7hrhrhAwdwdwAwrh.47l1AwrlT'l-f+-AwrhAvR?wrFli R52 35? WW bl-'H-' WWWWWWWWWWWX-IL!!WWWWWWWWWNVWLVWWWYVWWWWW ELLIOT SHEFFIELD MOORE 522 Lenox Road Schenectady, N. T. E. E. Club. LESTER TURNER MosToN fI1N 9 House North Creek, N. T. IDNGQ Associate Editor Handbookg Y. M Clubg Taylor Lewis Honor fl, 2, 31. . C. A. g Cosmopolitan BRUCE ANDREW MULQUEEN ECIJ Place Sao Paulo, Brazil 21115 KBfI9g Idol Clubg OANQ Varsity Football C2, syg Varsity Lacrosse fl, 255 Varsity Hockey CD, Captain CZJQ Business Manager 1927 GARNETQ Class Vice-President C3Jg Cosmopolitan Clubg E. E. Clubg Freshman Footballg Press Club CD. rhriiflwrhri-srl-?uriTPl-FRSE rFFl-mrlwrhfhrhrlwrl-wh -E E 15 E E E E E +6 E +2 E E IE E E 1? E E IE -E E E 6 E E E rhrhdwrhrhrhrlvt'-Vnrhdwrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrfwrhrhrhd1rhrhrhriwrhrhrfWlwrhrI'?hrlwrhrhdw rhrhrlTlg Ninetyftwo 33-JkPW"YP'kP LPWJLP'-IJKVWSPEI-1'-V91-?LPElbPWWWWWWKPWWWJNJLPHEWWKVWWWLHHJ THOMAS MUNRO 511 Van Vranken Ave. Ridgejeld Park, N. Commons Clubg Varsity CrossfCountry Squadg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Radio Club. HAROLD ARTHUR NADBAU fIDI'A House Crown Point, N. T. 1 flJI'Ag Varsity Cross'Country KZ, 35: Varsity Track C2, 355 College Recordfholder javeling Band Cl, 2, 33, Manager CU. WARREN LYON NELSON 171 Nott Terrace Schenectady, N. T. CDNGQ Varsity Football Squad CZ, 31g Freshman Footballg Varsity Baseball Squad Cl, 21. rhrhrhrhrhrhrl?EW'fhrhfHr5ffNrbrhrh rhrFwrlwdir11rlwrhd1rfTFlNr1vhrE7l7lwrhrhrlwrhkEriwrlNrlw Ninetyfthfee iii E E Q rhrhrhrhdwd-wrHFlwrhrhri-mdwrhd-trh rl-rhrhrhrhrhri'Win-h rlVhrhrhrWwrhfff7brhrhrhrhrhr4Thrhrhd-mrh .di WWWWWWWWWKQIJWWKEIJWWWWWWWW WWW'-PW'4JYlblJNliHLklfWJWWLl-LHJWJ josnm-I PATRICK OQCONNELL 605 Lenox Road Schenectady, N. T. l JAMES MARSHALL OQNEIL AXA House Ilion, N. T. AXAQ Varsity Basketball Cl, 2. Sjg Varsity Baseball Cl, 215 Varsity Football Squad CZ, 33g Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketballg Class President C235 Banquet Committee GJ. HERBERT NBWBLL Ons fbN9 House Plattsbwrg, N. T. IDNQQ Adelphic Debating Societyg AllisonfFoote Debateg Freshman-Sophomore Debateg Winner Sophomore Oratoricalsg Radio Clubg Press Clubg Physical Societyg Chemical Society. ffwklwflwfhfhfhrhrhrhrhfhfhrlwfhfhrhrhfiwrhfhdwrhr1'xrhrhrhrhrhflNrhf'hfhrhrh flWflW fh rlw Ninetyffowr ME ri-lrhrhfiwrhrh rhrhrhrlwrRFhrhrh 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 RSE wwwwwwwywkwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwkvwwwwwmulwwwwww LHS? Sf W if 3 . 'E 3 E 3 I f 3 Je 31 E WILLIAM MAN PARKHURST KA Lodge E 9' Albany, N. T. 3 f KAg Kglbg 'I!iger's Eycg Varsity Swimming Cl, 2, Sjg Inter- -Q raternity ounci . 3 IE 3 E E 'E 9' -E 3 E 5 N i - lg E 3 E 3. VERNON DUBOIS PBNNBR Kfb Lodge E QI Cedar Grove, N. j. i E 3 9- Kfllg Varsity Swimming Squad: Concordiensis Cl, 23. Assistant E 31 Business Manager 1313 E. E. Club. 'E E 9 'E E 3' i E 3 . 3 E 3' E 31 E 3 FRANCIS JOHN Powians AFCD House E 3, Schenectady, N. T. Q 3' AI'fbg AllisonfFootc Dcbatcg FreshmanfSopliomorc Debateg 'E 3 E. E. Clubg Radio Clubg Adelphic Debating Society. 'E 5 E 45 31 f 3 E 3-. in gt 4 5 6 3 JE 3 s E giiviwrhririwrhfhrhriwrhfhrhffwfinffwfhrhdwfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhfF7Fgu Ninety'-five Ssjyykv wkwvsvkuhvwluvwkvwwwkvwkvMJJKJ-IWWWWWWWWWKVWLQAVWWWLPWW GEORGE ROBERT PRATT AT House Herkimer, N. T. 1 AYQ KBCIN Tiger's Eyeg Varsity Football C3Jg Varsity Lacrosse C113 Freshman Footballg Class President Cljg Chairman Sophomore Soiree Committeeg EditorfinfCl.ief 1927 GARNETQ Publication Board C313 Frosh Peerade Committee CSX Banquet Committee CU. BRADLEY WASON RicHARDs CDEK House Rensselaer, N. T. IIDEKQ Class Treasurer Cl, 255 Banquet Committee CSD. FREDERICK CORNELIUS Riczmmz 161 Broad St. Albany, N. T. Ninetyfsix fix rlxr'I-xrlwrlwrFiFhri-mrlvilg E E QE E 'E JE E E 'E E E E E -6 E E E E E 6 'G JE E E E E E 6 E E E E E E E E E 16 E 6 AE NV'-P WW WWWWHUWWWWWLPKEHJWWWWWWWJWLVWJWHJSEWSVWEPWWWW HAROLD ANTHONY Roor 9 Mynderse St, Schenectady, N. T. Spanish Clubg Adelphic Debating Society. EDWARD HUNTER Ross M. S. S. C. Mount Vernon, N. T. Varsity Football Squad C233 Soccer Cl, 33: Fencing CZ, SJ. GEORGE LUDLOW RYON, II XXII Lodge Poughkeepsie, N. T. X'l"g Varsity Football Squad C2, 31g Varsity Lacrosse Squad C 1, 215 Freshman Footballg Frosh Peerade Committee C3Dg Fencing Team CD3 Director Class Athletics QU. rINrhrhdwrl1r'hrB'rlVlTF5rlwrFrFw7hFlwrl5xrh riwrF1flwcfwrlwrlwdwrhrf-?lwriR'rhrfi7f7lNrfi7lw1iwrlwrhdidNriw Ninetyfseven We IE rhrlwrhrh fhkhrh rlvhrhdwrhrhrr'7lwrlwrl-fhfhdwdwrlwakdw rl-irhrhflm-EFhrlW-sch rFFhrlwr'l-rhrh 3iFlvl7hrhrhrhrhrlwflVlwrInfhrlwri-mrh 3,':PkJJbP '-PSP WWWWWWWWWWLPWWWWWWWWWJWWMPNJSPWWSVNVSVWHJYW IRVING SADos1cY 708 Westover Place Schenectady, N. Y. C. E. Club. JOHN FREDERICK SCHNEIDER M. S. N. C. Fulton, N. T. . C. E. Clubg Adelphia Debating Society, Secretary and Treasurer QZDQ Commons Clubg Frosh Peerade Committee. HERMAN SHULMAN KN House Schenectady, N. T. KNQ Musical Clubs QI, 2, 313 Garnet Goblinsg Mountebanksg Preflviedic Clubg Band C3Dg Assistant Song Leader CEO. rli fhrl-T-I-wrhrhAWwrE?wrFlg f 'E 4E JE -E E -E 6 E -E 'E 6 rhfhrh fb dw 'E -E 'E E -E JE 'E E IE 6 E E -E 6 I2 rlwrlwrhrhrhflvlvhrhrfwfhrlwrhrhrhrh rh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rt'7lwrhrhdWhrhriVnrhrhrhriw rlvhrlTlS3 Ninetyfeight gjgwwwww LPWWWLVWWWWWLVNESIWWWWWWWWWWWWJH4WWWWWWhE.W JAMES REUBEN S1MPsoN AT House Liberty, N. T. ATQ Musical Clubs Cl. 2D, Assistant Manager C355 Concordiensis C2, SDQ Class Song Committeeg Interfraternity Councilg College Quartet C31 F Wn.LiAM BENNETT SKANE XWII Lodge Glens Falls, N. Y. X'l'g KBIIN Idol Clubg OANg Varsity Football C2, 3J, Captain' Elect CD5 Varsity Basketball 12, Sjg Varsity Track Squad 12, Sjg Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketballg Sophomore Soiree Com- mitteeg Spanish Club, Secretary 425. CHARLES Aucusrus SKILLMAN KDFA House Cranford, N. J. flPl'Ag E. E. Clubg 1927 GARNET Board. fhr1VhrhrlwrfxrEFlTfhrhrhrhrfxrhrhrhrh rhrhfhd1rBrhrhrhri7lwrixrhrfR'?fVlxriT'hrhriRrhrhrhrh Ninetyfnine , MAE rFl-uihrh 'E FE f -E Q Q as f FE 'E 6 E 'E JE E 'E -E E 'E 42 E 6 rhrhriwrhfh 2,2Ewrhr1wrhrhriThrhrE7h 3- i Nl-'W-'LVKP WWLPWWWWWWWLPWWWWWWWWWWWKVWWYWWWWWWWW HUGH JOSEPH SLATTfmY, JR. CDM-3 House Albany, N. T. llfAi-'lg Football Squad C2, 313 Freshman Footballg Manager Swimming Q3Jg Varsity Hockey Cl, 2, 313 Lacrosse Squad Gjg Bachelors' Club. l NATHAN Coauss SOUTHWORTH Adv House Maryland, N. T. A1114 Idol Clubg Musical Clubs. Lao WINSTON SPIRA KN House Schenectady, N. T. KNg Varsity Track Squad QI, 2, Blg Varsity lndoor Relay Team Cl. 2. 355 Penn Relay Team Cl, 235 junior Banquet Committee, Chairmang Sophomore Soiree Committeeg Adelphic Debating Socictyg Concordiensisg Fencers' Club C2. 311 Spanish Club f2Dg Press Club C339 Interclass Track Team fl, 2, 35g Cross-Country Squad flNrl'f'lVhfl1flNfhri'xf'l'NfhflNfTNfhfhr'hrhrh fhfhfhflWfl:!llWflNfhfl'1flNflNflNf'mWf'lNflNllNfiNflNflWflN rlvh One Huhdred SFU wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwxwwwwwww FRANCIS LANSING STBBBINS E42 Place Geneva, N. T. l Eflvg KBIDQ Idol Clubg Press Club Cljg Associate Editor 1927 GARNR1' CBJ. RONALD BRUCE STEBVES CIDN9 House Albany, N. T. KIPNC-lg Radio Club CU: Adelphic Society C2, 3Jg Press Club Cljg Secretary Union College Delviolay Club C3l. CHARLES EDWARD STEWART XXII Lodge Buffalo, N. T. Xll"g Concordiensis C253 Assistant Manager Musical Clubs C359 Mountebanks CD3 Press Club Cl, 2, 35, Secretary C3D. mm+mmmmmAmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm One Hundred One AE Axrhrlwriwrlwrhrhriw f IE E f 4 fe E E if f we 6 E f E if f rhrhrhfh fhrhrhflwrhrhrhrhrhfhfhrhriw rhrF?l-xrhrhriwfh E f E E A WW WJ'-V LVWLPWWWWWWWWNIAQIWWWWWWWJWWWJWWJWWWWWWLPWW CLARK LEWERTUS STOCKTON AT House Albion, N. T. AYQ Mountebanks CD5 Class Historian 125. ' f BUELL GOODSEL TALLMAN, JR. XXII Lodge Buffalo, N. T. X'l"g Golf Team fljg Assistant Manager Mountebanks GDL Classical Club CZ, SD. JACKSON HUNTER TAYLOR KDFA House Newburgh, N. T. ll1l'..Xg Assistant Manager Freshman Football C353 Business Manager Handbook CSL Masonic Club. rlT'hrlvlTF?irl-rl-xrt'?wri'T+ufFEg JE E 6 E E 'E -E YE 'E E E E E 'E IE 'E IE E JE E 'E E E E 'E E f f E E IE E E E E JE E 6 flNrE7hrhrhrhrhkhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhriTr'hrixrhrfWlwrlxrhrhrhriwrhrlwdvhrlTlg Om Hundred 'Two 31? 3 l SELAH HOPKINS Tooicim AIIN House Mount Sinai, N. T. .AHNQ Radio Club fl, 253 E. E. Club C2, 35. l Coiwztius CRANE Tozea AT House Guantanamo Bay, Cuba A12 Assistant Cheer-leader C35. CHARLES STEWART TRACY fIHAG House Amsterdam, N. T. fbi!-55 UANQ Freshman Basketballg Sophomore Banquet Com- mitteeg Assistant Manager Tennis C355 Press Club CZ, 355 Bachelors' Club. F5fhrlwd1rhrhrfi7hffNflTflWrlNrfxrhrhrhrlwfhrfwfhfhriiRwrhrhfhrhrhfhrlWhrhfhfhrlwrhrfwdwrhfh One Hundred 'Three SV WJ WEP WWWWWW1WJWJ'-VLVLI-'Wil'WWWHJWWWJLVWWJWJWJWWNVWWWLPWWXEQE E E 6 fE IE 5 E 'E 46 +G E E f IE fmsmmfhmmfmvhnammmfmwasmfhasmmfmsm mfhfhfhmen 4 IE E 6 E 6 as GORDON PHILIP TRIPP N. S. S. C. East Orange, N. J. Track Squad C2jg Football Squad Cilg Soccer Team Cljg Lacrosse Squad CZJ. GEORGE LIPPINCOTT VAN CURAN BGH House Fairport, N. T. RHI lg Varsity Baseball Squad CD3 Freshman Basketballg Press Club. STUART LANSING VAN DERZEE HAX House Delmar, N. T, GJAXQ 1927 GARNET Board. r'lNrl'wrhrhrl1flNf'lNrl'v'l'NffWflVlNrhflNrlw'rlwrhrhrhfhfhfhrlwrhrhrhflwfhfhrfvlwfhfhrhrlwrlwfhrhfhfla Orze Hundred Four E Q E Q Q E 'C Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E 6 f Q Q Q Q E Q Q Q of rlT31rhAwrhrhrhrhrFg rl-.rH.4TFhflw -E -E E JE 'E IE 'E HE 15 -E JE E IE E E 'E JE -E E E 'E E I2 E LE E 'E -E E E fi 6 JE Q E 6 E E Q55 3J7il'WWWWKPKVNILEJ-'WSUHJWXHNEBAUEVWJWWKEWWWWWWWWWSHWLEHIWWWYBHJWLHLQ 2 E 3' JE 3 'E 3' L Hs gf f JE 3 l E gl l WILLIAM HENRY VAN TASSELL AIVIP House I JE 3 Tarrytown, N. T. E 3 Alvin Radio Club qi, 2, sig E. E. Club fan. of 3' E 31 E Q e E 3' 5 W V X M E E 35 I Hs 31 ROBERT CHRISTOPHER WALLACE AT House E 3 Herkimer, N. T. 3' All Freshman Footballg Varsity Football Squad CZJQ Varsity E 55 3 Track Squad Cljg Spanish Club 125. we 5' E E 3 E 3 'E SL E at L Q E 3 E WILLIAM NICHOLAS WANMER 15 Golf Ave. JE 3' Schenectady, N. T. E 3- Cross Country Squad C2, 353 Track Squad Cl, 2, 31. -E 3- E 5' E gl Q y 31 Q 3 31 E 31 E 3l7'lNfl1flWffwffwrfNrhfhrf1FlwfErfiFhH1ff1fhfiwd1rhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhriwrhrhrhrh One Hundred F ive ily 5- l EVlJJWKlJWYVk1LilfWkEL.lJWWWkUWkVkV LV LUWLVW LV 'sl-'WkVWklJWkVWklilAlJLVLlJWWNP CHARLES NEWTON WATERSTREET M. S. N. C. Amsterdam, N. T. Commons Clubg Radio Club Cl, 253 E. E. Club C315 Band CZ, 31. RICHARD JOHN WELLINGHORST Kfb House Grantwood, N. j. Kfllg Varsity Baseball fl, 251 President junior Classy Sophomore Soiree Committeeg junior Prom Committeeg junior Banquet Com- mitteeg Freshman Footballg Freshman Busketballg C. E. Club. GLEN WELLS 104 Park Ave. Schenectady, N. T. Mountebanks. ffNf1Nfi'NflWfi'Wfi'xfi1fiNf'l'Wf'i'lf'lNfhf1'1fiWfl'Nfi5fl1ffNfi'af'l'Nfhff:F'l'Xfi1f'lNf'lNfhfiNf'l'Nf'i'NflWfl'NfiNflW flisfh ffxfh One Hundred Six MPS rE7hrhrhrlwrhrhFhrh E E E E E JE E E E E E 5 E E +6 E E E E E E 6 E E E E E E E E E 'E E JE HE 'E f f JE E .45 353 NVWJ9-"-V LPWWWLVWHJWWWLPVEIQJJWWWWWWWJWWLVWQJHPWWWWWWWW ELMER VEEDEIK WEMPLE NPT House Saugemes, N. T. 'VTE Idol Clubg Junior Banquet Committeeg C. E. Club. CHARLES WILDE 207 Brandywine Ave. Schenectady, N. T. French Clubg Fencers' Clubg Interclass Fencing 135. KENNETH STORMS WILLIAMS CDAG House Schenectady, N. T. QIPAGQ Varsity Baseball Squad Cl, 2, 35. flNrhrhrhrlwrhrE7lwrhflwrlwrFrFxFl1rlirh rE'dwrFrlwrHrl1rhAwrhrE7lxrfidvl'i?lwdxrE7lwAwdwrhdwrlwfh A One Hundred Seven we E E E E E JE I2 +G fi rFFl-wrlwrhrhrhrl-.rl-mrh rl:-Thrhrhfhrhrhrl-x 6 VE E JE -E -E E JE E -E 'E E IE E E E 'E E fi 5 IE E 6 E E A42 WWWWWWWWWWWWWYWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHWWWWWWW PAUL WILLIAMS Carman Carman, N. T. 1 MARSHALL HAYDEN Woon AT House Ossining, N. T. AYQ Pre-Medic Club Cl, 2, 3Dg Fencers' Club C315 Fencing Squad CSD. josIzPII AUSTIN WYATT, Ja. CIJEK House Hempstead, N. T. IDEKQ Varsity Football Squad CZJQ Freshman Football. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmw One Hundred Eight f5?1rhrhrlwrlwrhFhrl-If-hrlTlg rl?rwf-hfhrlvhrhrh 'E E 'E 6 E 'E E WE E 'E E E E E E 'E E E E E E E E 6 E JE E E 'E E E E AS 39" KPW-'K-4-'KV WWWKJJKVKVLULPWJSIJYPHUBJWNVRI-"-PWWWWWKVWWKESJWWWWWWW RUDOLPH THOMAS ZEGLEN 765 Eastern Ave, Schenectady, N. T. 41 NELSON RBBSE ZEITLER N. S. S. C. Menands, N. T. , PrefMedic Club. 1 CHARLES FREDERICK BRUNY AT House ' Marietta, Ohio ATQ Transfer from Marietta College. w Ckmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm One Hundred Nine W2 E E E E 'E JE IE 4 I2 E 6 -E E E E f LE mmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmm rhrhrhrhrhrhrh HIE ily KV NP WW WWWWWYIJKJ-"-I-'LVLVFI-'KI-'NPWI-PWWWW9JLVNVLVkPFPFPLPkPSVkV9JLPFE.HJ SEPTIMUS CERCONE 503 South Ave. I Schenectady, N. T. ,IOHN GIBSON GILMOUR E47 Place Schenectady, N. T. 9' Eflfg Mountebanks Cl, 2, 353 Classical Club C2. 351 Freshman 3' Footballg Varsity Football Squad f2. 353 Hockey Cl, 25, Captain C553 9- Freshman Scrap Lcaderg Frosh Peerade Committee. WILLIAM FRANK MARQUBT EX House New 'York City 3 W I -4. WILLIAM SENNETT MURPHY 10 Chestnut St. Schenectady, N. T. Zin illflrmnrmm 31 I PHILIP BEVANS KYLE BRADLEY WASON RICHARDS rhrhrhrhrhrhrfTrIVlVhrhrhrhrhrhrh rh rhrhf1'urfirhrhrlwrhrhrlwrlvhrlWlwrhrWhrlwrhrhrh rlvh One Hundred Ten ' dwrhdwrhrfHv'l'?mdwr4?xdxdudwrhrhHwr'l-7lwAwAwkxdwrhAwAwr1'R7h rl-1rE"lwrlwrl-1rlWl'Irf?l-Irlitg rWhrh E 'E -E E 6 I2 f E 'E f E 6 3:52 4 , g W 55 T5 'VK'Z'l' THE SOPHOMORE CLASS susvwwwwwwwwwsuwwswiewwwwwwwsvwsvwwwsgwwwwspwsrgspsgkg Class of 1928 CLASS OFFICERS WILLIAM HAMPTON MILLER . President JAMES LEONARD LEWIS. . VicefP'resident ARTHUR HALSEY DICKINSON . Secretary JOHN HERBERT FREE . , Treasurer HOME!! ELIAS PETERS , Historian WILLIAM H. MILLER SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The Class of 1928 began the year by once more emerging victorious from the oflicial and unofficial class scraps. Several of the more gullible frosh, by some slight persuasion on ciousl consented to pack the necessary amount of salt. We also upheld our part, very gra y A our reputation as exterior decorators by covering the old Idol with an excellent shade of green paint, thereby giving our Intellectual lI1f6I'1OI'S something to gaze upon during their first year. hl t' we have also performed our duty by contributing many of our Inembers In at e ics to the various sports. Scholastically we have amazed the Faculty by our remarkable 1 h progress. In our social sphere We have also been successful, having on y to present t e famous Soiree as evidence. We have acquitted ourselves creditably in our two years of college, and we sincerely hope that we may strengthen this reputation as well as uphold the traditions and customs of Union. Class Historian eh-fhrhrhrl-Id-Irh fBTlwrl-Irlwrl-urhrl-rl-meh NE 16 E E E E E E dwrhrhrh rIwrlwrhrhr1Nrlwrlwrh7hfhrl'mrhrhrhr1'7lwrl-irIwr1-xrh rhrhrIwrhfIVI'IrlikF?hrl5'rh'rlNfhrfw fb ffwrhrlwdwdwrhrhrh rfiHNriNrlxrIWlwrlvfTFlwrfwrfwrfwrbrlNrlN:1'TlgS fb rh One Hundred Tliirteen Sophomore Class FREDERICK ERLE ACKLEY, KIPFA . WILLIAM RALLY ADAMS, 2111 . ROY ELLIS ADSIT, AFCIJ . . PROHMAN ANDERSON . ROY ERWIN ANDREWS . . HAROLD IRVING BAUMES, KCID . EDWARD REO BENNETT, AFIID . HAYS AUGISTINE BERRY, AQ . PERRY MASON BEST . CHARLES EMORY BETTS . . EARL MILTON BIOSEEE . . . CHARLESIHERBERT BISHOP, KIIJ . GEORGE WILLIAM BLAIR, WPT . . CALVIN SANFORD BORTHWIOK, EX . FRANCIS CHARLES BRADT, IIJFA . RAYMOND GARRETT BRIGGS, EX . RUDOLPH ALBERT BRODMAN, QJA9 . HENRY SEARS BROWN, JR., fIv1'A . MALCOLM NEAL BROWN, AT . . HOWARD VAN RENSELABR BRUMER . ARTHUR VALENTINE BUNNELL, AFQID THOMAS JAMES BURKE, JR. . . PHILIP SMITH BURNHAM . . . WILLIAM JOSEPH BURNHAM, JR., ACID ROBERT WILLIAM CHRISTIE . . LEONARD FISCH CINER, ZBT . JOHN JAMES COPEEY . . BERNARD JOSEPH COHEN, ZBT LAURENCE ARTHUR COLLINS . CLIFFORD WALTER CONNBLL, B911 . GLEN BEVERIDGE COULTBR, B911 DAVID WINTEREURN DANA . MORRIS TRUMAN DEOKER, SAX LUDWIG DE FELICE . . ROBERT EARL DE PRIEST, B911 ROBERT WILLIAM DENNIS, AT JAMES ARTHUR DE PUY, CIPEK LELAND GREAVES DEWEY, B611 MAXWELL THOMPSON DEWEY, Kfb ARTHUR HALSEY DICKINSON, AXA FRANK DONEY . . . MARCUS ALLEN DOW, JR. B911 Johnstown Watertown . Waterford . Detroit, Mich. . Schenectady . Rock City Falls . Williamson Greenwich, Conn. Monson, Mass. . . Albany Schenectady . Scotia . Rochester . Cornwallville Schenectady Johnstown . . Bellaire . West Bloomfield . . Buffalo . . Albany . WeStf1eld,,N. J- . . Oswego Schenectady Ballston Spa . Schenectady . New York City . . Peru Schenectady Schenectady . Tarrytown . Tarrytown Grantwood, N. J- . Baldwinsville . Orange, N. J. Schenectady . Herkimer . Walton Schenectady Schenectady Binghamton . Schenectady . New VYork City One Hundred Fourteen E 6 6 E f f se e as -s S S se E fs Q f Je S f -s -s f 'E 6 as E f f as -s 6 E E f f as ,E rl-Srl-Ir1'FhrfFh ri?-Irlwrt-.fhrl-srl-Iriwrh flif-Effl-I JE HE 'E rhrhrh rhrh rh Hu rf?-I rhfhrhrhrh rhr'ITFl-I n'Ww rlwrh 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 gkhrhrh WWWWWWYQQPWLEHJWWKEHJWSVWWWWWLVWLM'-PKPWNJ HARRY BREWERTON DUANE, JR., E113 HENRY REYNOLDS Du BOIs, JR., NPT. BRADEURY DYER, JR., 1112K . ROBERT EASTERLY, fIJI'A . . JOSEPH HAROLD EINHORN, KN ERNEST ENZIBN . . . STANDISH FAVOUR, EX . . AARON HAROLD FEINSTEIN, KN IRVING FELTMAN . . . WILLIAM FELTMAN . . . HAROLD JOHN FERGUSON. . WILLIAM FIEDLER, JR., CIDNG . . JAMES EMMET FINEGAN, JR., AT . JOHN KELVIN ELMER FLETCHER . JAMES CHARLES FOLEY, JR., AT JOHN HERBERT FREE, B911 . . LEWIS WENIGER FRIEDERICK, fI1I'A . WALTER JAY FRIEDERICK, fI1I'A CLIFFORD GALLOWAY . . . CARMEL CHARLES GAROEALO, GDEK WILLIAM JAMES GELSLEICHTER . . CHARLES NELSON GERARD, JR., AIIN WALTER FREDERICK GILDAY, ACD . Lois DAVID GOLDBERG, 4123A . ELMER DUDLEY GOODALE, EX . JAMES FRANCIS GRACE, KAP . EMERSON GREGORY, BGII . ANDREW DOUGLAS GRBIG, SAX . JOHN FRANCIS GRIBBON, JR., 4vI'A . GEORGE FREDERICK GRUPE . . JOHN STANLEY HADALA . . . FRANK WARREN HADCOGK, JR. Raymond WALTER HAMMOND . JAMES MARTIN HANLEY, JR., B611 . ANSBLM JOSEPH NHANNON, KA . . JAMES DONALD HARTNETT, QIJAQ . CLARK LYON HASTINGS, CIDFA . . JOHN AUGUSTUS HASTINGS . . MARSHAL LOCKHART BACON HAWES, JOSEPH STEINMETZ HAYDEN, XXII . MORRELL BLISS HENDRICKSON, XIIT . CLEMENT LONG HENSHAW, KA . FRANK WILLIAM HIGGINS, AXA . HOWARD LEROY HILLAS, ACID . SANFORD LEON HIRSCHEERG, ZBT . E . Boston, Mass. . Catskill East Berne . . Rochester . Green Island . Mechanicville . . Rochester . Schenectady . Albany . Albany . Schenectady . Albany . Brooklyn . Schenectady . Schenectady Tarrytown . Rochester . Rochester . Watertown . Schenectady . Schenectady Woodbury, N. J. . Cherry Valley , Poughkeepsie , West Chazy . Hempstead . New York City . Amsterdam Bayonne, N. J. Schenectady , Adams, Mass- . Johnstown . Schenectady . Mandan, N. D- . Harrison . Fulton . . Rochester . Warrensburg Tarrytown . Schenectady . Queens Village . Schenectady . . Scotia Union City, N. J. . . Albany floflwfgflwffwflwfhdnrhdwfhfhfhfhfhrhrlwfbdwrhr'hffT7hrhrhrhrhr'hrhrhfhrhrhrh r'l'if1'xfhrh One Hundred Fzfteen fb rlxrhrhrlwrhkwrhrk 1 f E 6 rhrh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmamm fhrhrh E 6 Q DONALD JOHN HORN . . Albany HENRY JOHN HORSTMAN . . Schenectady LUTHER OTIs HOWARD, WT . . Holley WILBUR FREDERICK HOYT, CIJNG . . . Walton DONALD FRANCIS HYLAND, 'PT . . Utica HENRY THEODORE JACOBSON, ZBT . , Elizabeth, N. J. CARL HAROLD JOHNSON, SAX . . Schenectady GOODRIOH LANE JOHNSON, AXA . Saratoga Springs ROBERT BRADT JOHNSTON, CIJAQ . , Gloversville RALPH HERMAN JONES , . Ridgefield Park, N. J. DANIEL JOSEFFA . . . Schenectady HYMAN KAPLAN, KN . . Margaretville VERNON CHRISTOPHER KEHOE . . Schenectady ADDISON RAYMOND KETCHUM . . . Clyde GILBERT JAMES KITCHING, JR., NPT . Brooklyn JOHN HAROLD KJOSELTH, AXA. . Scotia LoUIs HAROLD KASATZKY . . . Schenectady SIDNEY LA CHOLTER, KN . . . . Albany HARRY CLABAUGH LAMBERTON, EQIP. . Washington, D. C. HORAOE LORD LANSING .... . . Oneonta GEORGE WILLIAM LASCELLE, JR., KIJEK . . . Westbury CHESTER HENRY LAUTERBAOH, SAX. . . Rochester JAMES LEONARD LEWIS, AT . . . Canandaigua Ross CORNELIUS LINDBLOOM, AXA . . Schenectady WILLIAM SEELYE LITTLE, KA . . . Rochester EVERETT CARLTON LONG . . Albany FAYETTE DURANT MAODONALD . . Watervliet SOLOMON MAOHOVER, KN . . , . Brooklyn FRANK HARMON MAOKIE, JR., XXII . North East, Md. WALTER BRANDON MAOOMBER . . . Amsterdam ROBERT HARDY MARKs, fIJA9 . . . . Gloversville CHARLES MARIUs ANTONIN MARTEL, JR.. . Elmira FRANCIS ARTHUR MASOTTI . . . . Schenectady WALTER STUART MCEWAN, JR., B911 . . . Albany FRANK EMLEN MOLANE, AXA . . LORING MCMILLAN, fI2A9 . TIMOTHY HUBERT MCSWEENEY ANTHONY JOSEPH MELITA . WILLIAM HENRY MEYER, EX . FRANK NEWTON MILLER, 'PT . T WILLIAM HAMPTON MILLER, XXII . GEORGE EUGENE MILO , . JULIUS MARINUS MONcsKo . . ERNEST BROUGHAM MORRIS, AIIN . WILLIAM KENNETH MOTT, JR. . Clarksboro, N. J. West New Brighton . North Creek . . Albany . . Maybrook . . Brooklyn Englewood, N. J. . . Oswego . Schenectady . Rensselaer . Schenectady E 'E E JE E E E E E E -E E E -E E E E f f E f 'E E E E 6 'E E E f TE E RE 'E 4 .E rl-srl-TFl-arhrhrhrh E -E 6 E E E f LE -E E E -E 'E E E rh rhrhrl-wh rlivhrhrhrhrh E E 'E fl'Nfhf'l1fl'1fl1flNfmWflvE7hf'lWfl'Xf'lWfl'1fl'i rh d1rhfhdNfhrl3dwdwrfTFlwr1vhrlWlwrhrlT'lwAwrhrhdwrhdvFg One Hundred Sixteen JOHN FRANCIS MURRAY, JR., SAX . . . Cohoes If MILTON FOSTER OAKLEY, SAX . East Williston 5 BRUCE ORR .... I . Oneonta SE GUY PAYNE, JR., B911 . . Cedar Grove, N. J. E WILLIAM HALSEY PECKHAM . . , Poughkeepsie 46 EVERETT NORMAN PERKINS, SIDNG . Glovgrsville JAMES LINTON PERRY . . . . Amsterdam HOMER ELIAS PETERS, AFSI1 . . Mechanicville HORACE PIKE, B911 . . . Waterloo, Iowa OTTO BUCKLEY RALL, ACID . , . Troy FREDERICK LOUIS RAPP, JR. . . . . Troy E WILLIAM HENRY RAYMOND, AXA . . Johnstown CHARLES WISTBR REEVE . . . East Orange, N. J. WILLIAM AUGUST RBICHERT . . Schenectady EUGENE CHARLES REYNOLDS . , . Scotia Fl I CHARLES CLOWE RHEIN, JR. , . . Schenectady 'E GOMER RICHARDS, CIJAG . . . . Schenectady -E CHARLES GREENWOOD ROBERTS, AACIJ . . Buffalo .E JAMES MILLS ROEESON, AAIIJ . ' . . Caratunk, Me. -E FRED LUMAN ROEISON, fIJN9 . . Gloversville f DONALD V. O. ROSSMAN, KCIJ. . Schenectady VINCENT RUGGERI . . . . Johnstown ,E CHARLES RUNGE, AIIN . . . Schenectady PRIMO PETER SACKET . . . Perth Amboy, N. J. FRANCIS ARTHUR-ST. CLAIR, AXA . . Whitehall ELMER GEORGE ST. JOHN. . . . Schenectady :E FRANK SANTORE . . . . Schenectady E JOHN FREDERICK SARNO . . Amsterdam LEWIS HAWKES SCHENCK . . Schenectady IE PAUL SCHULTZE, JR., ASP. . . Troy ROSEWELL DANIEL SHAW . Middle Grove DUDLEY COZBY SMITH . . . Meggetts, S. C. -E HOMER HORTON SMITH, AT . . . Pittsford 'E HENRY LOUIS SOBOCINSKI . , Schenectady 'E CHRISTOPHER STAHLER, JR., AT . . . Albany 'E JOHN CADY STALEY, EX . . Amsterdam IE RALPH PETER STEVENS . . Norton Hill .E MELVIN LEROY STONE, ACID . Fort Plain -E ROGER THAYER STONE, Efb . . . Schenectady 'E CHARLES LUTHER STOWELL, 2113 . . . Olean 'E VICTOR ALEXANDER STUART, JR. . . Schenectady 'E ' HAROLD LEON TARBELL, CIJNG . . East Freetown lg CHARLES DOUGLAS TODD, SIPZK . . Schenectady -E ARTHUR IRVING TOTTBN, E41 . . Schenectady LOUIS AUGUSTUS TREMONTE . . Gloversville 6 rhrfxrlwrhrhrhd1fhrhdNrhd1rhrhrE'FlwrixrhriTFE7iNrfi7hrhrfwrhdwrlNrh One Hundred Seventeen HE LUIs DIEz DE ULZURRUN, SAX . . Valencia, Spain LAWRENCE HENRY VAN DYCK, B911 . . Northport JOHN DAWSON VAN EPPs, KA . . . Schenectady NELSON BENJAMIN VAN WICKLER, '-IJEK . Hempstead ARTHUR EWING VAN WIE . . . Clarksville ROMAN ROBERT VIOLYN . Amsterdam ALBERT EARL WAGAR, APT . . , . Albany DANIEL RICHARD WEEIcs, fbI'A . . Auburn, Me. MILTON CHARLES WEINSTEIN, CIJEA . . Troy WALTER WEsLEY WINTERS, QIDAG . , . Tuxedo ROGER CHAPIN WOOD, CDFA . . . Newburgh FREDERICK BRUNO WOODWORTH, Kfb . ROEERT EDWARD WOODWORTH, Kfib CLINTON NATHAN WOOLSEY, AIYI2 . HUGH KING WRIGHT, AND . . ARNOLD BRADFORD WYCKOEE, AXA RAYMOND EDWARD WYTRWAL. . WILLIAM ALFRED YAGAR . . ALEXANDER JAMES YOUNG, JR., KA RALPH JOHN YOUNG . . . 3' -I- JOHN CAMPBELL LEWIS East Orange, N. J. East Orange, N. J. . . Olean . Ningpo, China Johnstown Amsterdam , Schenectady . . Cohoes . Schenectady Zin illllnmnriam E 6 E 'E E E E 'E 'E 'E E E E E E 42 E E 'E Q E E E E E f f f E 6 E E RE f f TE dxrhrhrlwrf?-udwrhdwrhdwdwrh rhrET'hrhrl-sri?wrF?h rh dwrhrhrh E IE E E E E 5 I2 E FE E 6 15 6 rhrE7hfhfhrhrSFE7hrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh mrhd1rhriwrhrivhrE7hdxrlwrR?1wrhrfVhAwrhrhdwdwdwrlT5g One Hundred Eighteen I 4 1 5 R 'I THE FRESHMAN CLASS w l Class of 1929 CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT BEALE, JR. . . . President RALSTON BRAIDWOOD Rem Vice'President RICHARD Dow1.1NG HOWGATB . Secretary ROBERT ELIAS Rockweu. . . Treasurer MARCUS BERNARD EINHORN . Historian ROBERT BEALE. ja. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY The coming of our class was not greeted at the station by the band, but Charlie Male has already expressed his desire to give us a musical send-off when we leave. The process of assimilation ended a short week after each newcomer had obtained the entrance privilege for the equivalent of a year's salary. The curtain fortunately fell as the last Sophomore in line was about to extract himself, with our aid, from a pair of trousers tailored by Rogers Peet and delivered a week too soon. We acknowledge that our record in football and snake dances is not so remarkable as that of our predecessors. However, celebrations which end in police court often have an evil effect, and we are proud that a high moral standard prevented any such indiscretions being committed by the Class of 1929. The basketball team has a record worthy of notice-one defeat by one pointg and Doc Bruce declares that the upperclasses will have difficulty in keeping our representatives off the track squad. The first scene has been a successful presentation before a full house, even after midyearsg and we trust that our appearance in the second act, minus the ridiculous caps, will offer a greater opportunity to increase the success of our drama. Class Historian One Hundred 'Twenty-one 'E E E -E 'E E f-E +G I2 'E E IE -E Q E E E E JE E 'E E E E 'E G E FE DE E -E E FE E frsfhfhfhffsehmfwilgs flwrhflvhrhrh .C n rhrhrhdwrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh fb rhdwflwflwrhrhrhfh rhfhrhrhfh rhfhrh WWWKPWWKKHJWYHHJWWNH-.UWKVWWWWWW W '-VWWK-VW Freshman Class TRUMAN WALDO ASEE . THOMAS ADINOLFI . . DAVID WILLIAM ALLEE . HAROLD JAMES ALLEN . NELSON ARMLIN, JR. . GORDON GIFFORD BAIRD . RAYMOND DONALD BAIRD GILBERT HARLOW BAKER. EDSON STEVENS BARNES . EDWARD MORSON BARNES . PHILIP MINCH BARNES . . JOSEPH NEWBURGER BARNETT . LAWRENCE BARRETT . RICHARD IDDINGS BARSTOW . ELMER STACEY BARTLETT . JOHN WILLIAM CLARKE BASSETT DOMINIC BATTAGLIA . . ROBERT BEALE, JR. . . FREDERICK WILLARD BECKER . NBWELL FRANCIS BENEDICT . HAROLD ROBERT BENSON. . ROBERT GROESBECK BLABEY . JAMES CHARLES BOLAND . . BARNABAS HORTON BOOTH, JR. LAMBERT LEE BORDEN . . ARTHUR BRADFORD . . EDWARD HATEIELD BRIDGE, JR. NICHOLAS FRANK BRIGNOLA . CLIFFORD JEREMIAH BUCKBEE . JOHN FRANCIS BUCKOEE . GEORGE ANSON BUELL . LOUIS RUPPERT BUERGER . CHARLES BUTT . . . CHARLES ROBERT CAMPBELL, JR. . THOMAS MICHAEL CANNELLA . MILTON ERBEST CANTOER . JOHN LIVINGSTON CARICHOFF . ANTHONY CASCINI . . ADDISON BROWN CATER . WEBSTER JULES CAYE, JR. LEO CHAIT . . . Chevy Chase, D. C. . Schenectady . Schenectady Northville Middleburg . Utica Schenectady Schenectady . Carthage . New Paltz Painesville, Ohio . Amsterdam . Pine Plains . Belmont, Mass. . . Greene Schenectady Schenectady . Schenectady . Cooperstown Springfield, Mass. . Schenectady . Albany . Troy . . Amityville . Lakeville, Conn. . Marion, Ind. . Albany . Troy Glens Falls . Coxsackie Schenectady Schenectady . Schenectady Fort Pierce, Fla. . . Brooklyn . Poughkeepsie Schenectady Schenectady Chicago, Ill. . Brooklyn . Albany One Hundred Twentyftwo rh rl-Irhrhrhrhrhrh 'E 'E E E E 'E 'E E E 6 E E 'E E 'E E E E 6 6 E E E JE STUART HENRY CHAPIN . WILLIAM ORLANDO CHASE . DEWITT JOSEPH CHRISTIE . THEODORE BRINCKERHOPE CLAPP PRESTON ROBINSON CLARK . RAYMOND CHESTER CLARK . JOHN STEPHEN CLEMONS . SEYMOUR COHEN . . RALPH TALLMADGE COLLINS . KENETH LEO COOLEY . HERMAN HENRY COPLON. JOSEPH EDMOND CORRICAN . EDWARD CROFT, JR. . . EDWIN LORENzO CROSBY, JR. . HAROLD BUTLER CUNNINCHAM GLEN PORTER DALTON , RICHARD DALTON , . MARK FRANCIS DARRISON ALFRED EDWARD DART . HAROLD EDWARD DAVEY DANIEL OWEN DAVIES . CYRIL HENRY DAVIS , STEPHEN CRAIG DAVIS . DELEVAN DBLONG . . . PAUL ARNOLD DILLING1-IAM . WILLIAM TULLY DORRANCE, JR. CARL HENRY DROMS . . AURIE NICHOLS DUNLAP . WILLIAM HARADON EACLESON, JR. . MARCUS BERNARD EINHORN . CHARLES DONALDSON ELISWORTH EDWARD FREDERICK ENGEL . MILTON MICHAEL ENZER . SAUL EPSTEIN . . RAYMOND LESLIE EVERLETH . GORDON PERRY FILKINS . . LESTER CARLETON FILLER . TRUMAN PHILIP FORBES . PHILIP HAROLD FRANKEL. CARL FREDERICK FREESE . CARL JOHN FROSCH . . LESTER MARSHALL GEWERTZ . WILLIAM ROSSMAN GILGORE . JAMES ALEXANDER GLENN, JR.. MARCENA GLEZEN . . . . Greene E . Binghamton . Menands 'E . New Paltz Ig . New Hartford E . . Westport . Gloversville . Albany LE Rensselaer 'E Fultonville -E 45 . Schenectady ,E . Schenectady Q . Fort Hamilton -E . . Brooklyn Q . North Creek ,E . Schenectady Schenectad JE . y .E . Lockport 'E . Harperslield 'E . Schenectady E . Rochester . Scotia -Q . Albany . . Ilion . Ogdensburg New Haven, Conn. . Schenectady Bloomfield, N. J. . . Brooklyn . Green Island . Cooperstown . . Brooklyn 'E . Elizabeth, N. J. . New York City 1 ' Dannemora 'G . North Troy lg . Brooklyn f . Yonkers 'E . Schenectady 'E . Silver Creek . . Ilion . Brooklyn . Scotia . Albany . Marathon 6rE?xmm mmMmmmrlwdwrhd1dwrhihrl1rFI7fxrhrhrlWlxrlxrfT7lwAwrhrhdwrlwdwvil'T5g One Hundred 'Twenty-three LUTHER GORDON . . . . . Brockport JOHN THOMAS GOULD . . North Adams, Mass. ROBERT CHISHOLME GRAHAM, JR . Schenectady BARENT MURRAY GRAY . . . Schenectady DAVID GRAY . . . Amsterdam RUSELL ALDEN GRAY . . Homer ROGER ELWYN GRIEEITH , Chadwicks NORMAN GROSSMAN . Poughkeepsie JOHN PALMER HARCOURT . , . Albany LEROY JAY HARDY . . . . Schenectady CHARLES ANDREW HANSEN, JR. . Schenectady EDWIN HARRIS, JR. . . . . Albany SAMUEL WEST HATHAWAY, II Fall River, Mass. FERDINAND STEPHEN HAVRELLY . Lindenhurst MELVILLE SEAULDING HAWLEY . Oneida RAYMOND VINCENT HEALY . , Troy CARL ERNST HEITRAMP . . I Scotia CHARLES EDWIN HERROLD, JR. . Seaford WILLIAM BAILEY HOGAN, JR. . . Albany HAROLD FRANCIS HOOSE . . , Monticello RICHARD DOWLING HOWGATE . Schenectady EDWARD PETER HUBBARD COrnwallfonfHudSon PAUL WINDER HUCKANS . . Broadalbin ROBERT VINCENT HUNTER . . Albany JACOB HYMAN . . . Hudson LEON SIDNEY IMREY . Schenectady ALEIN SEVERINE JOHNSON Ballston Spa ARTHUR PIERCE JONES . . . Albany BRADFORD WILLIS JONES . . . Syracuse WILLIAM FRANK JOHN KAIN , Ridgewood, N. J. JAMES WARNER KELLOGG, JR. . . Schenectady JAMES MONROE KENNEY, JR. . . New Paltz RALPH BURcH KENNEY , . . Scotia HENRY GEORGE KERCULL GEORGE SYLVESTER KERN ROBERT CUSHMAN KIBBE. AUGUST SCHMIDT KING , HORAGE WEST KNIGHT . EDMUND KOLEIG . AUGUST KORKOSZ . . ARSENE WALTER KOTH . . EDMUND ANTHONY KULAKOWSKI ODIN RAYMOND LAWSON , STANTON PALMATBER LEE, JR. WILLIAM LEROY LEFEVRE . Gardner, Mass. Bloomfield, N. J. , . Millerton ' Schenectady Seneca Falls Schenectady Schenectady Austin, Pa. Schenectady . Albany . Troy . Albany E 6 E E E E E 'E E E E E -5 E 'E E E E E 6 JE E JE E E E 'E E 'E TE E 'E 5 E IE f EE .E ftirf-Fl-rlwrlwf-I?-1rRT-ln -E f f EE E -E E -E 15 15 -E 'E f E E -E E -E TE 1E 'E 'f li E E E I2 6 E 6 rhrlWvhrhrhr57FT7E7hrhrhHwrhrhrh rh rhrhdwrfirhrhdxrhrE?wrhAwrfWwrhrf7hrhrhrhrhdvlwrfTlg One Hundred 'Twcntyffowr WWWW LVLP'-P'-VW-'WQJH!'+'WJ'-PKBSIWKVWWWWKPLVWNJSVHJWWWSVWWLPLPWSEQQ CHARLES LEVINE . RICHARD HENRY LEVY . IRVING RIAL LEWIS . SANFORD EDWARDS LIDDLE . JAMES BELLOWS LITTLE . STANTON JOSEPH LITZ . . RICHARD TOMOTI-IY LOMASNEY RAYMOND FREDERICK LOUCRS . HENRY LURIE . . . HAROLD MARK LUSK . JOHN LUSKIN .... WILLIAM BRUCE WIDENER MACDONALD . PHILIP MARCUS . . . EVERETT THEODORE MAUOER . RUPERT VICTOR MCCAEE . SPENCER LBROY MCCARTHY . WILLIAM JOHNSON MCCLELLAND JOHN THEODORE MCDOWELL . WALTER THOMAS MCGRATH . EDGAR MEOE, JR. . . . PAUL JAMES MELITA . . KARL HENRY MESSINGER . THOMAS STEPHENS MILLER, JR. LOUIS DEMAREST MILTIMORE . MAX MINDBL . . . ANDREW WESLEY MITCHELL . HAROLD CARPENTER MITCHELL JOHN GRANT MOREY . . EDWIN GRAHAM MULEURY . EDWARD DANIEL MYERS, JR. . BENJAMIN NAUMOFF . JAMES KENNETH NELSON . HENRY DANIEL OGDEN . . ARTHUR BERNARD OlGRADY . STANLEY EDWARD ORBACZ . RENWICK ADBLBERT OSTENDORE BARTHOLOMEW PANETTIERE . WILLARD POPE PARSONS . FENNER HARRIS PECKHAM . SPENCER PEETS . . CHARLES BRUSH PERKINS HENRY LEE PIERCE, JR. . GUSTAV PIRK . DEFOREST CARR PITT . EDWIN BLAIR POORMAN , Schenectady Schenectady . Syracuse . Schenectady . Rochester . Homer . Schenectady Schenectady . Schenectady . Scotia Schenectady Westport, Conn. . Poughkeepsie . Schenectady Edmundston, N. B. . . Albany . . Troy, Pa. . Holyoke, Mass. Rockville Center Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . . Albany . Kingston Englewood, N. J. . . Nyack . Schenectady . . Lynbrook . . Troy, Pa. West Rupert, Vt. . . Windham . Catskill Schenectady Middleburg . Holley . Fulton . Schenectady . Buffalo . Brooklyn . Schenectady Providence, R. I. , Great Neck Cleveland, Ohio . Barre, Mass. Schenectady . Albany Cincinnati, Ohio E S E rl-rhrhrh rh rhrhffirhrhri-xri?hrl-irhrhrhrhdwriw ri5brhr'lVl'srhrhri-mrl'srhrl7'hrhrhrhrh ri-.rhrhrh mmmmmmffvsmmmmmmmmmmfflmmmmaxmnqaznvhffvivhfmixawmfhmmavxlg One Hundred Twentyfjve WWWWWWklbPU.bl2PWWVliEP'4JLVLPWWW.ElJWLl-"-VLPKPLVYP GILBERT JOHN POTTER . Warrensburg HAROLD PROVDA . . Schenectady MORTON HERBERT RASKIN . . Brooklyn LISLE GAIGE RECTOR . Schenectady GEORGE ALOYSIUS REICH Schenectady RALSTON BRAIDWOOD REID . Schenectady FLOYD WILLIAM RICHARDS WILLIAM LEE ROBINSON . ROBERT ELIAS ROCKWELL JAMES ROOSA . . ELLSWORTH EDWARD RosE SAMUEL ROSENSTOCK . JOSEPH ROTUNDO . . . ALEXANDER MORTON RUBIN . FRANIILYN EARLE RUCGLES . ELLIS LEWIS SADOSKY . . EDMUND ROSSITER SAWTELLE . RUSELL MILTON SCHERMERHORN JOHN HENRY SCHNEIDER . . GEORGE FRANK SCHOENBRUN . EDWARD GEORGE SCHUMACHER CLYDE HENRY SCHWBNKER HAROLD SEGAL . . ROGER DAVID SEWARD . PAUL WILLIAM SIMSON . ALAN THOMPsoN SMITH . HAROLD HAMILTON SMITH PERCY GORDON SMITH . RALPH HAMMOND SMITH. SPENCER VINTON SMITH . HENRY CARL STABHLE . ALFRED EDMUND STAFFORD . GEORGE THATCHER STARK EDWARD DANIEL STEVENSON .. RALPH SEYMOUR STILLMAN . EDMUND WESLEY STINE . DOUGLAS MONTAGUE STOLL . EDWIN DANIEL SWEENEY . ARTHUR YATES TAYLOR . LEO TEITELBAUM . . LoUIs TISCHLER . . . WILLIAM JOHN JosEPH TONSKI. MERCER RU ANE TOOLE . WILLIAM HARRY TRIBBLB WILPRED LAWRENCE TURK . . Schenectady . Hampton, Iowa . . Troy, Pa. . Concord, Vt. Port Washington . . Albany . Schenectady . Far Rockaway , Schenectady , Schenectady Englewood, N. J. . Schenectady . Cooperstown . Poughkeepsie Schenectady Schenectady . Albany Broadalbin . Seneca Falls . St. Louis, Mo. . Mount Vernon . Troy . Schenectady Baltimore, Md. . Schenectady . Schenectady Ridgewood, N. J. . . Albany . . Troy Schenectady . . Buffalo . Schenectady . Washington, D. C. . Schenectady . . Gayhead Schenectady Forest Hills . Brooklyn Schenectady rlwrhflwiiwfhflwrfwdwrhflwrhrlwdwdwfhdwdwfhfhrhrhfRFhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhd-arhrh flifh v'fNfl5 I One Hundred Twentyfsix Awrhrlwrlwrliarhrlwrlw rh 6 'E 15 fhfhrhrhrhrh rhdvhrhfhrhrhrhfhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rh JE 'E -E I WEPWKPHJWHIWWWWKPWYV HATHAWAY TURNER . . - Elmifa ANTONIO DIEz DE ULzURRuN . Valencia, SPaiU BURTON TARRANT VAIL 5Chef1CCfadY CHARLES ADGAR VAIL . . Broadalbin WILBUR YERIcs VAN ALSTYNB . . Albanb' WILLIS MACDONALD VAN HOESEN . COXSHCIHC GARRETT WILLIAM VINK . . AII1SflCfdHIT1 . Delanson JAMES HOWARD WADDELL . ' CHARLES GRAHAM WAGNER . KENNETH ELWIN WALKER WILLIAM JOHN WALKER I JEFFERSON WEED . . WALTER WHITAKBR . '. ERNEST WILBBRFORCE WATERS JOHN LAURENCE WHITE . . WILLIAM WILKIE . . CHARLES REGAN WILLIAMS . JOHN THOMAS WILLIAMSON . THOMAS YATES WILSON . BERNARD WINSTEIN. . RICHARD ARCH WRONOY SOHYLER YATES . . FRANK ZIERER . St. Johnsville Ballston Lake V . Guilford, Conn- Garden City Hazleton, Pa. Newark, N. J. Middleburg Schenectady Schenectady Niagara Falls Schenectady Schenectady Little Falls Milwaukee, Wis. Rochester rhrhrlirhrlvhrhr'HEl-Ifhrhfhfhfhfhrhrfvlwr'hrhrhff'7'hrhrI'xrhrhrhrhrhrhr'hr'hr'h rhrh rfxrh One Hundred Twentyfseven rhrhrhrhrlwrh rhrhrivhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrl'xrl'xrhrhrRFlvlwrl-xfhrlVhrh rhrhrhrlwrflrhrhrh IE Je E f -E 9 r l 3539 3, Q Kappa Alpha Founded at Uniomf' 1825 Active Chapters-8 6 Q 6 6 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 6 Q 6 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 5 AwAvi-1rhr'WwrFE rhrhrhrf-1rhrFFhfhrFh 6 6 IE 6 6 6 6 6 6 IE 6 -E 6 6 6 6 6 6 42 6 6 6 6 LE 6 6 6 6 6 IE 6 PE 6 6 6 6 g7F7hrhrhrhrhrhrfThrhrhdwrhrhrhrhfh rh rhdwrhrhrhfhrhrhrIVhrhrhrfThrhrfVhdwrhrhdw rhrhrf-TE A One Hundred Thirty 3 I mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmm 'vwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyyww 1 A Alpha Of New York Of Kappa Alpha Established 1825 FRATRES IN FACULTATE LEONARD CHESTER JONES ANTHONY DB HOTHLEGH HOADLEY FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 RONALD ALEXANDER DICKSON FREDERICK JOSEPH MAISEL THOMAS GRENVILLB WHEELER 1927 DAVID HUGHES BURR ROBERT GIBSON HOEHN ROBERT VAUGHEN Cox WILLIAM MAN PARKHURST FENWICK GRIFFITH SMALL 1928 ANSELM JOSEPH HANON' JOHN DAWSON VAN EPS CLEMENT LONG HENSHAW A WILLIAM SEELYE LITTLE ALEXANDER JAMES YOUNG, JR. 1929 WILLIAM ORLANDO CHASE CHARLES BRUSH PERKINS WILLIAM TULLY DORRANCE RALPH SEYMOUR STILLMAN JAMES BELLOWS LITTLE WILLIAM HARRY TRIBBLE JOHN THOMAS WILLIAMSON One Hundred Thirtyfone mmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmg rhdwfhrhrlwrl-1rf'TFh E 5 6 FE E f f f E f IE R fi E f I2 AIS WW WW WWWWYVWWWWWKVWWWWWWWWWWWNJWVPWWWWWWWLEW Sigma Phi Founded at Union, 1827 Active Chapters-10 rfNri'xrhr'hr'hrhrf-N7hrlNfhrhfhrhrf1rhrh fh rhfhrhr'hr'f'mwrhrhrPNrhrhrhrh rhrh One Hundred Thmyftwo f fhfwwhmmfsffi IE 5 EE E E -E E E E f IE 'E E E E E E I2 'E IE 'E E E E E 1E 'E 'E 'E E E 15 E E E E E E 6 E E Q E 6 -E E RSS, 353 HJWWWWWWLHJWLILVWWKEHJLPWWWWWWWWWWWWW F N 1 Alpha Of New York Of Sigma Phi Established 1827 FRATER IN FACULTATE HOWARD OPDYRE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 WILLIAM EARLE CHASE, JR. STUART ZEH HAWKES TYLER DUCHARDT WOOD 1927 JOHN GIEsON TRUAx GILMOUR BRUCE ANDREW MULQUEEN FRANCIS LANSING STEBBINS, JR. ' 1928 WILLIAM RALLY ADAMS HARRY CLABAUGH LAMBBRTON HARRY BREWERTON DUANE, JR. ROGER THAYER STONE MARSHAL LOCKHART BACON HAwEs CHARLES LUTHER STOWBLL ARTHUR IRVING TOTTEN, JR. 1929 T UMAN WALDO ABBE JAMES WARNER KELLOGG, JR. R ROBERT BUCHANAN BEALE EDMUND ROSSITER SAWTELLE LAMEERT LEE BORDEN ARTHUR YATEs TAYLOR SCHUYLER YATEs fhf+NFFsf'hfhfhrhd1rHfhffNfhrhrhfhrhrhfhrhfhrhffVhrhrhrhrhrfNrhrhr'hrhfhr'h ffafh rhrh One Hundred Thirtyfthree - LE IE fE LE 5 f E 6 riT3-Irhfhihrhrfifh rFFhrhrhrh fhfhrh fhfhrfwrhdNrhrhfiRrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrRrhfhf1-, If PE 6 LE Sify Delta Phi Founded at Union, I827 Active Chapters-15 rhri'xrhr+xrhrhrfWxrhrhrfxrlNrhrhrlS?hrhrhrhfhfhfhfhrhrhr'fW'xrivhrfWhmdwdwfhdNfhdwrhdw One Hundred Thirryffour 5 6 5 'Q -E f Q fe 6 Qs e fs we e f we e e 4 f f Q f 6 fs we 5 f -E f 4 f we 6 we -S f 5 fhrhrhAwA-xrhAwrF?hrFg'F: rhrIWwr1wr'I-wrhrhd-ml-urhfi-TPM 5 5 5 5 5 VE 5 VE 5 5 5 5 5 5 IE 5 5 IE 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 IE 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 HE Alpha Of Delta Phi Established 1827 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CHARLES PETEORD BUCKLEY, JR. GEORGE ARTHUR COLLINS JOHN THOMAS COMESKEY ARTHUR HOWARD ABELL, JR. NATHAN WILLIAM JOSEPH BURNHAM, JR. HOWARD LEROY HILLAS NORMAN GROSSMAN STANTON PALMATER LEE, JR. IRVING RIAL LEWIS WILLIAM JOHNSON MCCLELLAND 1926 JAMES HAROLD RIPTON ARCHIBALD CULLINGS WEMPLE RUSH FIELD ZIEGENFELDER, JR. 1927 HAYES AUGUSTIEN BERRY CORLISS SOUTHWORTH 1928 MELVIN LEROY STONE PAUL SCHULTZ, JR. 1929 HAROLD CARPENTER MITCHELL GILBERT JOHN POTTER ROBERT ELIAS ROCKWELL MERCER RU ANE TOOLE rBfhrhdwrfwAwrhrt'-Tr3wANdwrfWhrhf5'RwrhdwrhrhdNdvR'5g rhrRFhrhrhrhrfVi7h?F7hrITffs7l1rhrhrh rh One Hundred Thirtyffve E AE 'E 'E E E E E E 'S E E LE E E E E -E 1? 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LUTHER GORDON ALBIN SEVERINE JOHNSON WILLIAM ARTHUR KLEIN HENRY DONALD OGDEN 1926 HOWARD WELLMAN HALL HAROLD BOGARDUS SHBRRILL 1927 PHILIP BEvANs KYLE ELMER VEEDER WEMPLE 1928 LUTHER OTIS HOWARD DONALD FRANCIS HYLAND GILBERT JAMES KITCHING, JR. NK NEWTON MILLER 1929 FENNER HARRIS PEOKHAM ELLSWORTH EDWARD ROsE ALAN THOMPSON SMITH HATHAWAY TURNER JEFFERSON WEED fh rhrhrhrhrRFhrhriR A ffNrhdwrhrhfhrhrhrhdxffxrhrhrRFI'mrhrh fhfh?-Ifhrhr'hrRFhrh rfffhrhrh 6 E E 'E E 46 A4fhr1'?w ri-Irhrfi Awrfwfgfhffwfhrhfhr'Hr'hfhfhfhfhfHrhdwfhrhfhdwffVhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrf1rHr'hrh ffgfh fh fh One Hundred Thirtyfseven SAUWYVWKVWKVXVWLJJWWWWWKV'-IZWKPWLVW WWWWIWWWWWWKJJWWWWWW Delta Upsilon Founded at Williams, 1834 Active Chaptersw-SO One Hundred 'Thirty-eight 642 ffWwrl-xrfwrhrfwriwfiwrfwriw E E 'E E -E JE E JE E E 6 E E E 56 6 E E E E E E E E E 6 E E 6 E E E 6 E E E E E f -E E A5 LE 'E E E E LE 6 'E 'E E 'E E . . 'E UHIOH Chapter Of Delta Ups11On E Established 1838 fE E FRATRES IN FACULTATE WHARTON C. MILLER ROBERT W. MORSE JE THOMAS A. WILSON FREDERICK L. BRONNER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE .E 1926 f RALPH BERTIL BERNSON ARTHUR JOHN DICK E 1927 EE CHARLES FREDERICK BRUNY GEORGE ROBERT PRATT LEWIS CRAWFORD CLAPP WALTER HUNTINGTON ROLLINS WILLIAM EDGAR DANEORTH JAMES REUBEN SIMPSON JE GEORGE LEWIS KELLNER CLARK LEWERTUS STOCKTON -E THOMAS DONNELLY KINGSTON CORNELIUS CRANE TOzER EARL STALEY MARTIN ROBERT CHRISTOPHER WALLACE 'E MARSHAL HAYDEN WOOD 'G 1928 lf MALCOLM NEAL BROWN JAMES CHARLES FOLEY, JR. 6 ROEERT WILLIAM DENNIS JAMES LEONARD LEWIS 'E JAMES EMMETT FINEGAN, JR. HOMER HORTON SMITH 'E CHRISTOPHER STAHLER, JR. E 1929 . E EDWARD MORSON BARNES ROBERT VINCENT HUNTER THEODORE BRINKERHOEE CLAPP JAMES MONROE KENNEY, JR, LE DANIEL OWEN DAVIES DOUGLAS MONTAGUE STOLL lg CARL FREDERICK FREESE WILEUR YERKS VAN ALSTYNE RICHARD DOWLING HOWGATE FRANK RICHARD ZIERER 26 6 I 'E rhrf?hrhrhrfTFhrhrtThrhdwrhrhrhrhrR'5g Fhf1V'hff1FhfhfmR?NfhfhfhffNfhff1ffNfh fhrfirhrhrhihrh One Hundred Thirtyfnine 39? WWW'4JWKVKliSfWKl!.SJWKVWWWkVW'k4'k4JWWLV WWWWWWWVVYELI-SJWWWWWW Chi Psi Founded at Union, 1841 Active Chapters-24 I fFwr11f'hffNff1fhfHf'fWffHfhffNfhff1fhfhr'hrhfhrhfhrf'xf1vhrhfhrhffNrPNff'xfhfhfhfhrh ffifhfh ffw One Hundred Forty mammmffig E E E IE E IE E JE NE E E 15 HE E E E 6 E E E 6 6 'E E E E 'E +G E E E 6 E E E E E E E E IE -S E E E Aff, Alpha Pi Of Chi Psi Established 1841 FRATRES IN UN IVERSITATE 1926 WALLACE BARNES CURTIS ROLAND PATTERSON HEATLEY RICHARD CHARLES CONWAY LAUGHLIN 1927 - THOMAS SAYRE ATHERTON, JR. ALLEN JACKSON GREENOUGI-I JAMES WIDEMAN LEE HOXIE GEORGE LUDLOW RYON, II WILLIAM BENNETT SRANE CHARLES EDWARD STEWART BUELL GOODSELL TALLMAN 1928 FRANK HARMON MACKIE WILLIAM HAMPTON MILLER 1929 RICHARD IDDINGS BARSTOW ROGER ELWYN GRIFFITH I THOMAS STEVENS MILLER, JR. WILLIAM LEE ROBINSON, JR. WILLIS ACDONALD VA JAMES ALEXANDER GLENN, JR. JOSEPH STEINMETZ HAYDEN RBNWICK ADELBERT OSTENDORE SPENCER VINTON SMITH N HOESON Er NI rhrhdwr1wrhrhdwfiirhrhdwrf7lwAxrhrE7IxrWhAwrhrhnwmrhZFIg FHrFIHv1wrhrhrfV'xrhffi?h rhrhriw One Hundred Foftyfone E -s Ie Ie E 'E R E e 'E E 'E E -s E 'E 'E 'E 'E E f f we E f f f S E f f f We Ie Ae JE fhrhrRFhrF.ri'T?h LE 'E E E JE dw! rhrhfhrf-Irhri-xrf?hrFrH Fswwmfsmmfhfmafhfhmm mmm rl-7'hrhrhrfTFhrF1 W WWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLPLVWNJNVLVWWWWJMVWJLPXHW Theta Delta Chi Founded at Union, 1847 Active Chapters-30 rhrhrhrhrhrhrivhfhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrhriirhrhrhrhfhrhrhrf37I'mNrl'Vhrhrhrhrhrhdw One Hundred Fontyfrwo U42 fs E rhrhrhf+vIwAwrhrhrhfhr1FF1rh ri-?'1rhrhfhrhf'hrhrFFh E E E 5 6 4E E E E E 'E 'E Ji IE E E 'E E f I2 5 IE E 6 E E H52 505 9 I 3- 1 wwkvwwwwwwwwwwwhassvwwuwwwkuvw WWWLPWKVWEPWKEHJWWEEHJ Alpha Charge Of Theta Delta Chi Established 1847 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ROBERT WARNER CROWELL MORTON COLLEN STEWART F RATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 HENRY BRADFORD ARTHUR CARLTON MORRIS COOLEY DWIGHT VAN AVERY 1927 WALLACE NELSON HARPELI. KARGES EDWARD LAUTEREACH STUART LANSING VAN DERZEE 1928 MORRIS DECRER ANDREW DOUGLAS GREIG LUIS DE ULZURRUN CHESTER HENRY LAUTERBACH MILTON FOSTER OAKLEY 1929 PAUL WINDER HUCKANS HAROLD JAMES ALLEN KENNETH LEO COOLEY EDWIN GRAHAM MULBURY ANTONIO DIEZ DE ULZURRUN JOHN FRANCIS MURRAY, JR. CHARLES EDGAR VAIL fiwrhfhfhfhfhrhffirhrhrhrhfhrhfhrhfhrhrhfhrhrfTFhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrh rhrh One Hundred Fortyfthvee ASS fI?wf1-Irrwffwffwrtiflwrcwffx. fffhfhrhm riwrh rhrhrhfhdwrh rhfhfhfhrhrhdwr1wrhd1rhrhriwfhrhrhrhrRriwrhfhrh rhrf?hfhrh 6 6 JE E AE 55.4999 L1JWKVWkVkliVWkEHJWXVklfiVWYVkVHJWWWW W W WWWWLEPWK-EIJWWWWWW Alph Delta Phi Founded at Hamilton, 1832 Active Chapters--26 rhrfwrFx?f-xr!-nf-hr'FI?.g 6 6 HE 6 IE 6 6 6 6 6 6 IE 6 6 6 6 JE E 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 rhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrh I2 6 if E E rhfvwrhrhrhrhrhrhrfv-hrhrhrhf+wrh?hrhrhdwfhrhrfVhrhrhrf-xrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh One H undrcd Forty-four' awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwxgeg E i wE S E E -E 'E 'E -E E E . . -E Umon Chapter Of Alpha Delta Ph1 we A 6 Estabhshed 1859 TE E FRATRES IN FACULTATE EDWARD EVERETT HALE, JR. CHARLES N. WALDRON -E EDWARD WILSON ERDMAN HENRY WILSON MICKS Ig FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE -E 1926 5 STORRS MYRON BISHOP, JR. FREDERICK TRUAX SEWARD :E CARL CURTIS BRYANT 1927 JOHN LAWRENCE HOGEBOOM MASON LAMBERT BATTIN BARROWS, JR. f EDWARD LINUS CARROL LESLIE PAUL CLIFFORD 'E REMSEN JOHNSON, JR. E 1928 if CHARLES GREENWOOD ROBERTS JAMES MILLS ROBESON .E HUGH KING W1lIGHT -E 'E s 1929 -E EDWARD HATFIELD BRIDGE JOHN PALMER HARCOURT he MARK FRANCIS DARRISON SAMUEL WEST HATI-IAWAY, II lg EDWARD FREDERICK ENGBL HORACE WEST KNIGHT be RUSSELL ALDEN GRAY WILLARD POPE PARSONS THOMAS YATES WILSON E f 3 I I2 ' l mmWmmmrhrhfhdwrhRwAvhrE7'1wrhrhffw7hmrhrhrhrhrhdwfhdwrR'5g One Hundred Fortyffive 33? MV W WMV WWWW1WWWWWIWWWWKPWWWWWWJWWLVWWWWWJWWWWWVW Bm Theta Pi Founded at 1339 Active Chapters-84 fTNrfTFhrhfhrhrlYhfhrfNrhffN'rhrfwrhrhrhfhrhrhfhfhrhrivhrhffvfvhrfT?hrhrhrhrlwrivhr1wrhrfw One Hundred Fortyfsix Ai rhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrhrfwd-wrFFhA-1rhAwAwdwrhrhrBA1ff-1r1wrF1Phr4-rhrf-mrfTFh E WE 'E 'E 'E E 6 E E E E E E Q E 6 E 6 AE, WWWKPWWKHJJWKQPWWNKWWWWWWWWWWLlJWKVWKPLEL!!.EVLESNJWWkl5IJkP'REE ' If E E E I UE 'E 'E JE 6 E E E E JJ TE E FF Nu Of Beta Theta Pi E Established 1881 If E +6 FRATRES IN FACULTATE E 1 E EDWARD ELLERY HORACE GRANT MCKEAN 'E E FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE f E 1926 VE THOMAS SPENSER CAssEDY GEORGE DONALD SHANNON Lf ROBERT CHARLES Fox RANDOLPH ALBION WALLING f HARRY HEPEURN HALL ' RUSSELL BURROUGHS WEsTON E 1927 5 CLARENCE EDWARD HABEI1 HORACE ELWOOD PIKE 'G HUGO VICTOR LINNEMAN, JR. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN REINHART E Q GEORGE LIPPINCOTT VAN CURAN E - 'E 1928 Q CLIFITORD WALTER CONNELL DONALD MORTIMER GIEES E GLEN BEVERIDGE COULTER EMERSON GREGORY 'E ROBERT EARL DE FRIEST JOHN MARTIN HANLEY, JR. f LELAND GREAVES DEWEY WALTER STEWART MCEWAN, JR. IQ MAIKCUS ALLEN DOW, JR. GUY PAYNE, JR. 'E JOHN HBRBEIIT FREE LAWRENCE HENRY VAN DYCK f 1929 YE PHILIP MINCH BARNES ARTHUR BERNARD OQGRADY E RAYMOND FREDERICK LOUcKs RALSTON BRAIDWOOD REID A WILLIAM BRUCE WIDENER MACDONALD PAUL WILLIAM SIMSON WALTER DAVID WHITAKER 6 6 A 5 fHfHfF.ffNffNfiNf'Hfhffwff'1ffNffNffHfhfhrhr'hfhfhffHfhrR7'hrhrfWr?wrhrhf'hfhrfNrhfhffW fhfh fhffi One Hundred Fortyfseven 353 5- Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami University, 1848 Active Chapters-93 'E 1? 'E JE E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E E JE 'E 5 'E 'E 'E f 'E E 'E f f if 'E E 'E f E if 'E 'E f mmmmmmmwmmmmmmg JE E E JE E E E E E f E E +2 E E E IE 46 E -E 'E E I2 E IE E 6 E 6 rhrl7hrhrhfhrfVE7K7hrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhrhrh rhRwrhrhrfTFhfivhrfi7hrhrhrhrhrhrhrtw rtwriwrfiig One Hundred Fortyfeighc ' kPx+'QJkVPPYPLVYVYV1VYPHJWfWJHJqiSVWUNJHJWJQVNJNJQJNJNJWJNJHJNVWJWJLVKVPPPVMV 3 I- New York Beta Of Phi Delta Theta Established 1883 FRATER IN FACULTATE JOHN HAROLD WITTNER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 THOMAS HOWARD AUGUSTINE LEWIS AUSTIN MOSES SARR FRANCIS PHILIP MOGOWAN 1927 RICHARD WINANS BRIGHAM THOMAS PATRICK JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN JOHN EDMUND CUNNINGHAM HUGH JOSEPH SLATTERY, JR. PAUL DOUGLAS DAVIS CHARLES STUART TRACY KENNETH STORMS WILLIAMS 1928 RUDOLPH ALBERT BRODMAN GOMER RICHARDS JAMES DONALD HARTNETT LORING MCMILLAN ROBERT BRADT JOHNSON EDWIN BLAIR POORMAN ROBERT HARDY MARKS WALTER WESLEY WINTERS 1929 ELMER STACY BARTLETT WILLIAM HARADON EAGLESON, JR. WEBSTER JULES CAYE, JR. EDWIN SCHUYLER HARRIS, JR. HAROLD BUTLER CUNNINGHAM EDWARD DANIEL MYERS, JR. PAUL ARNOLD DILLINGHAM DEFOREST CARR PITT CHARLB REGAN WILLIAMS Tmmmmmmfhfmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmfhmfmmmfmrvhfmnfhfrvhmmm One Hundred Fovtyfnine A-Irghf-9-Sr!-Sd-1Awf+Whr'F5g rhrhrhrhr'l?i-Iridwrf-1d1AwrhrR E E dw rhrhfhrfiurhrhrhrh I2 E YE E E AFS 5 Y Phi Gamma Delta Founded at Washington and jefferson, 1848 Active Chapters-66 ffNfhrf1r11r'f'xr'l'XrfN?hffNrTNr'fWffNffNf1Nr'hfhrhfhrhfhfhfhffNrhfhffNfhffNfhfR7'hrhdNrfNffNdNrhdNdNfh One Hundred Fifty E f E 'E 'E 'E E E 'E 'E E ff 'E f 'E 'E 'E 'E E f f 'E 'E f f E E 'E 'E JE 'E 'E f 'E 'E f 'E g aafwhmavhfhmmfaawfnffi di -E 'E E E E 4E FE f LE E E 15 E IE -E E E 'E E E -E E Q E E JE E LE 'E ff E 'E 5 E E 'E E 6 E 6 E -E ESE l'1U R Chi Of Phi Gamma Delta Established 1893 FRATRES IN FACULTATE HAROLD ANSON BRUCE DONALD FORRESTER CAMERON JAMES MASON CLINE RAYMOND MORSE HERRICK FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JAMES ALISTER CAMERON CLARENCE HENRY EDMONDS CHARLES BOUTEILLER RALPH SCHIEMER CROSS ROSWELL EMERSON FISHER WINTHROP ALVIN MACMASTER FRANCIS CHARLES BRADT HENIiY SEARS BROWN, JR. ROBERT EASTERLY LEWIS WENIGER FREIDERICH PRESTON ROBINSON CLARK GLENN PORTER DALTON 1926 WILLARD HORNBLL MCKAY JOHN ALBERT TEIDEMAN 1927 HAROLD ARTHUR NADEAU CHARLES AUGUSTUS SKILLMAN, JR. GEORGE ALBERT STUBES JACKSON HUNTER TAYLOR V 1928 WALTER JAY FREIDERICII JOHN FRANCIS GRIEEON, JR. CLARK LYON HASTINGS DANIEL RICHARD WEEKS 0 ROGER CHAIIIN WOOD 1929 WILLIAM ROSSMAN GILGORE RALPH BURCH KENNEY CHARLES GRAHAM WAGNER rhrhrhrhrh rh dwrfxrhrhri3rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrE?hrhfhrfVlwrIxrIVhrIw One Hundred Fdtyfone E E 6 Y E E E E E 'E E E E E E E E 'E f E E 6 E 6 E f f 6 E f 6 E T f E A mmmmmmmmmmg E JE 'E JE RE E JE IE E 'E E E mmmmmxmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmxmmmmmmmmm A 35-'YV W WW LPKPLPLIJNVWW-'LVLV'-VKPKPLI-'WWWWWLVVVNJWNJWJLPWWNJKVLVWJPPLEEV 3 3 3 3 Founded at Boston University, 1909 Active Chapters-71 31 9 31 9 33 3 Lambda Chi Alpha 3 9 9 9 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 A 3 33 9 3 3 3 3 at 33 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 w 5' w 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 eh-'+V-hf+1rhd?wdThrFfg rf-TFhrhr'hrhrhf+.Awrhr+TFh 'E 15 E -E JE E KE E I2 PE 6 'E E E E E 'E E LE E JE 5 E E I2 -E 36 E 6 f 6 JE 3 3S7hrhrfTFhrhrhrhrl?wrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrfNrhdwrhrhrhrhrhrfR7'rwrhrhrfTFhrfxrf37iwrhrhrfwrhrhrIwrlT5g1 One H undred Fiftyftwo 5.HAVWWWWYVkEHfWklUfWWiEl!H" wewwwwwwwwwwwwwkewhuusfwwwwww Rho of Lambda Chi Alpha Established 191 5 FRATRES IN FACULTATE FREDERICK WARREN GROVER WILLIAM CHARLES RODNEY PITTS LEON GODSHALL FRATRES IN UN1VERSITATE 1926 HOWARD ELLSWORTH BAKER JAMES JOHN MCGUINESS, JR, JOHN HENRY FINK THOMAS EDWARD MURRAY AMBROSE HASKELL GILLIGAN RAOUL WILLIAM RACETTE HERMAN GEORGE MASER ALEXANDER MCKEE SPEAR FRANCIS BOWDEN STEVENS 1927 CHARLES GREENE HASKELL COLE ESKER JOHNSON HAROLD LOOMIS HOLMES KENNETH GEBHART MAYBE JAMES MARSHALL O'NI-EL 1928 ARTHUR HALSEY DICKINSON Ross CORNELIUS LINDBLOOM FRANK WALTER HIGGINS FRANK EMLIN MCLANE GOODRICH LANE JOHNSON WILLIAM HENRY RAYMOND JOHN HAIKOLD KJOLSETH FRANCIS ARTHUR ST. CLAIR ARTHUR BRADFORD WYCKOFF 1929 JOHN THEODORE MCDOWELL BRADFORD WILLIS JONES JOHN HENRY SCHNEIDER FREDERICK WILLARD BECKER CHARLES DONALDSON ELLSWORTH DELEVAN DELONG fiDffv+wrhrhrhrhffiFhrhfhffif?wff1fhfhfhrhfhrhrhrfTFhrhrhr?-vhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrh ri-wh One Hundred Fiftyfthree WE -E E E E E E E If 5 -e E S S we he we E Q We 6 'E E E E JE E E E E E E E E E E JE E +G E E E E E E 'E 4 3il'WW WKPWWWWWKQJWWWWWWWW WWEVW W WWWWWWWWLHWWWWKILVW Phi Sigma Kappa Founded aL Nfasscnchusetts Agricultural College, 1873 Active Chaptefs- H41 rfFhrhrhrhrhrR?nrhrlvF'lg E E E E E -E E f E E 6 E E E WE 6 E E AE E E E E E 6 E E 'E E E E E E JE E E IE E IE E 6 JE SE One Hundred F ifcyfour WWBVW WWWWWWKULSJWWWYHJWWWWWWWWWWJNVWWWWWWWWWLWDKE Schenectady Beta Of Phi Sigma Kappa Established 1888 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 JOHN APPLETON BEAUMONT CARROL HUMPHREY SBABURY OWEN MATTHEW BEGLEY GEORGE JAMES SMITH ALBERT WALTER GOTCH RICHARD CARVER TAYLOR SIGMUND MAKOESKI WALTER GILBERT WATERMAN DUDLEY LEON ROWLEDGE 1927 JOSEPH DANIEL ALLEN WILLIAM BERNARD MCDONALD ARTHUR JAMES BUSHEL BRADLEY WASON RICHARDS HOWARD WILLIAM DUGGAN JOSEPH AUSTIN WYATT 1928 JAMES ARTHUR DE PUY GEORGE ELMER MARTIN, JR. BRADEURY DYER, JR. WILLIAM MENNETH MOTT, JR. CARMEL CHARLES GAROFALO CHARLES DOUGLAS TODD GEOIKGE WILLIAM LASCELLE NELSON BENJAMIN VAN WICKLER 1929 NEWELL FRANCIS BENEDICT BARNAEAS HORTON BOOTH, JR. RALPH TALLMADGE COLLINS CHARLES EDWIN HERROLD, JR. WILLIAM FRANK JOHN KAIN JOHN GRANT MOREY SPENCER HOWELL PEETS fhrhrhrhfbrhriTrhrfx rfVfWr5'rT1FhrhfhrB fEfFf11fh?hr1NdNrhrf1fhf'fNfhrE7hrhrf'7hrfNdNrhrhdNdN One Hundred Fiftyffive dwrfmhrhdwrf-I fb, E E -E +G E HE 'E FE JE E E 'E E E E E TE -E +6 JE JE E E IE E 'E 19 6 E 12 E IE E JE I2 HS NVKP'-PYP WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWJWWWJNVkPWWWWLPWHJW7W Sigma Chi Founded at Miami University, 1855 Active Chapters-81 ffNfhrhr'hrf1fhrfNrfWf'hfhrhr1W'rhrfNfhfh rh fhfhfhffifhfhriNrhrhrhrhfhrfWhrfNrhrfNrfNrhrhrh fhfh One H undfed Fzftyfsix WE V2 rhrF?-A-1rhrF?h rhrl-urhri-v+wrhrhFFFh FE -E E E E E E IE E IE JE QE E E E E E 'E 'E 6 15 'E E f YE E IE E JE 6 E 4:52 WWWHJWWWWWWWWWWWKQIJ WWWWWWWJLVWNJWWWWWWWLVWWWSEE Gamma Zeta Of Sigma Chi Established 192 3 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 HAROLD FREDERICK BUCRBEE MAURIOE ANTHONY DONOVAN LELAND HOLSAPPLE GODDARD LELAND STEPHEN JONES GEORGE DONALD SKINQNER 1927 CLARENCE ROBERT BUOREEE WILLARD GARDINER HAMPTON ERWIN AUGUST HECK JOHN HAROLD LARRABEE WILLIAM FRANK MARQUET ROBERT ARTHUR JOHNSON 1928 CALVIN SANFORD BORTHWICK RAYMOND BRIGGS STANDISH FAVOUR PIERSON GARNSEY EASTERLY ELMER DUDLEY GOODALE WILLIAM HENRY MEYER 1929 CLIFFORD ,IEREMIAH BUCKBEE JOHN CADY STALEY ED MUND WESLEY S KARL HENRY MESSINGER GEORGE STARCK TINB ffqfhrhrhrhrh f?wfhrFi?hfhrfiHvhrhrhrhrhdNrhr1irhrhdvhrhrhAwfR7hrhrt'7hrhrhrhdwrhrh r One Hundred F zftyfseven E 'E E 6 :RH-1 LE E E 'E E E LE IE 1E E E fE E 'E A r'I-1rhr1TFw4-rhrhrhrf?xrfF-aria fhmmmfmvsfmfsmfhavh AHS SFU Wkl-'WKPKPKVKKLJ-'WKHBJWWKHSJWYVKUW WW'-VW '-V WWWWWWWKGMLIJWWWWWW Eta Of Zeta Beta Tau Established 1909 Founded at College of City of New York, 1898 Active Chapters-34 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1927 BERNARD IRVING MINTZER 1928 l LEONARD FISCH CINER SANFORD LEON HIRSCHBERG BERNARD JOSEPH COHEN HENRY THEODORE JACOBSON , 1929 LESTER MARSHALL GEWERTZ RICHARD HENRY LEVY MORTON HERBERT RASKIN rfwfHfhf'lNfY1fhfhff'wfl'wfhffNfhfhff'1fhf+Nr'hff'xff'1f7Nr'hfhrfNfhr'fWff'ufhrl'Nfhfhfhrhfhfh f'fWf'h ffwrh One Hundred Fiftyfeight MAS fEHvhrhrhrhfYwFh W6 IE E E SS 'E f E IE E 'E 'E E E E E 6 E E 'E E E 'E E E E E 6 E E 6 E E 'E 'E E E 'E IE E IE E JE JE E AE, 3S7JjJWWWWWKVKEHJWLIilJWW4.Q-IJWWWWJWWWWW'-BLWLPWWYUSJWLEIJWWWWBJWWQS 3 A 9 if is 3 he 3 V LE 5 3 3- f 3 E 3 SI f 3 IE 5 I E 3 'E 9 f 3 JE 3 E fi f 9- 99 E 3 E 35 E 3' E 5 Iota of Kappa Nu E 3, Established 1917 E Founded at University of Rochester, 1911 E 3 Active Chapters-19 E 9 E 3 ERATRES IN UNIVERSITATE E 3- 1926 EE BL WILLIAM BELNORD JAFFE LEO STANLEY WEINSTEIN f 31 CHARLES ALBERT LESLIE HARRISON E H- 1927 Q 3 HYMAN BEDNOWITZ HERBERT IRWIN IVIARKFIELD f 3 IsRAEL LACRIMOR KATZ HERMAN SHULMAN E LEO WINSTON SPIRA 9 If 3- 1928 E 51 JOSEPH HAROLD EINI-IORN SOLOMON MACHOVER ,Q gl AARON HAROLD FEINSTEIN HyMAN VICTOR KAP!-AN 'E 3, SIDNEY LA CHOLTER E 1929 3 LESTER CARLETON FILLER Mfmcus BERNARD EINHORN E 3 SAUL GEORGE EPSTEIN LBO Tm-ELBAUM 3, ALEXANDER MORTON RUBIN BENJAMIN NAUMOFF LE E QI I wrhrhfF'f'hfhfhrhfhrhr"hrhfhff'wfhfhrfwrf'wHwfhrhrhdxr'hr'hrhrhrhrhrhrTNfhrhr'hrhr'BfhrhrTNr-Kg One Hundred Fiftyfnine Epsilon Of Phi Sigma Delta FRED CLIEMAN PHILIP LIEESHUTZ JACOB FRUMKIN LOUIS GOLDBEIRC JULIUS MUFFSON SEYMOUR COHEN HERMAN COPLON JOSEPH NAUMOEE Established 1914 Founded at Columbia, IQOQ Active Chaptersb-18 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 IRVING VENER 1927 MELVIN ZURGTT 1928 1929 LOUIS TISCHLER ARTHUR ROSENTIIAL GORDON SAMUELS HYMAN SACKAROFF HYMAN SCHLUSSBBRG MILTON CHARLES WEINSTEIN ELLIS SADOSKY GEORGE SCHOENBRUN HAROLD SEGAL riwrhrhrhfhfhrhrhfiwfhrhrhrhfhdxdwrhrhrhrfurhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhdwrh rhfhrfxrh One Hundred Sixty Qs Se Q Q Ae 'S E S E e fs +6 we QE I e Q be fe Je Re E e 'E as fs we e Ae E fe 5 f -e E Q rhkhrhfl-IrFgg E E 15 E E E E E 16 5 E E E E 15 E E 'E 46 6 E E 'E E E E E E E G E E E 'E E E E E E E E fi 6 15 35? Kappa Phi Founded ac Union, 1919 Active Chapters-1 I FRATER IN FACULTATE HENRY A. SCHAUEELER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 BYRON TOWNSEND BORST MAURICE GILBERT OSBORNB GEORGE FRANCIS Cox CHARLES WELLINGTON PERSONIUS WILLIAM KEEGAN GEORGE DAVID READ CECIL STI-I-ES MANS ALBERT JULIUS SEHOLM FRED ST. JOHN MAPES JOHN WORTHINGTON DESMOND RIDGBWAY WHIPPLE 1927 WILLIAM SNOWDBN DEWEY DONALD LEWIS MILLHAM FRANK RUDOLPH DICKINSON VERNON DUBOIS PENNER . RICHARD JOHN WELLINGHORST 1928 HAROLD IRVING BAUMES DONALD V. O. ROSSMAN CHARLES HERBERT BISHOP FREDERICK BRUNO WOODWORTI-I MAXWELL THOMPSON DEWEY JAMES FRANCIS GRACE ROBERT EDWARD WOODWORTH 1929 JAMES CHARLES BOLAND GEORGE SYLVESTER KERN AURIE NICHOLS DUNLAP ANDREW WESLEY MITCHELL ARTHUR PIERCE JONES FRANKLYN EARLE RUGGLES HAROLD HAMILTON SMITH rhrhrhd1rhrhrfw'Fi'7fViNRwrI1'rfwfhrhrhdw IT1f5fhffNfhfhfhfhfm'hANfhfR?hffNffq?TNANffNffNfhf1Nfh One Hundred Sixtyone -5 -s 6 Q I f I e Ae f L e e -s E f I f I E I f I fe I f f I e I I Ae f f AE ammmmmmmm mammmgmgg -E E 'E 'E E E E -E E LE E QE E 15 E 'E 'E E LE E 'E 'E 'E E YE 'E IE E 46 fi HS Phi Nu Theta Founded ar Union, 1919 Active Chaptersg-1 FRATER IN FACULTATE BRYAN LAWRENCE CARPENTER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 ARTHUR CORTEZ BUSSY EDWARD DWIGHT HATCH 1927 WILFRED GILBERT CARI'ENTBR STUART LIVINGSTON CLOTHIER WARREN LEWIS DOTY CHARLES KENNETH DUBOIS GEORGE EDWARD FOSTER, JR. HENRY EDWARD GALLOWAY 1928 FAYETTE DURANT MAGDONALD EVERETT NORMAN PERKINS 1929 EDSON STEVENS BARNES RAYMOND LESLIE EVELETH HAROLD FRANCIS HOOSE FRANK REID STANSEL CLEMENT TALLMAN WOOD ' GUSTAVE MILLARD HABER SAMUEL MOODY HBSSON LESTER TURNER MOSTON WARREN LYON NELSON HERBERT NEWELL OTIS RONALD BRUCE STEEVES FRED LUMAN ROBINSON HAROLD LEON TARBELL ROBERT CUSHMAN KIBBIE HAROLD MARK LUSK EDWARD GEORGE SCI-IUMAC HER rhrhrhrhrhrfvfThrR7'E7hrhrhrfwrhrhrh rhr1wfhrhdwrhrhrhrfT?lwrhrhr1'E'hdV'Ixrhdwrhdwrtwrh One Hundred Sixtyftwo e -e fs If As 'E e E Ae E E e -s e f e 'E JE' 'E 'E f E f f Is f f f f JE e f f f f we Rs E fhrm'1-xrfxrhrhrf-mrm'hr'FSs5 rhrii 'E A Te 4 f lf 'E E 45 JE E E E f 'E JE G E E E -E E E Q E 6 E wi HE Q I V H Alpha Gamma Phi Founded at Union, 1919 Active Chapters-1 FRATRES IN FACULTATE RALPH DECKER BENNETT ANTHONY JAMEs PALERMO SYLVESTER JACOB HAEFNER EARL WILLIAM POWELL I EARL EDWARD STEINERT 1926 ARTHUR LOWELL BENNETT ARTHUR EUGENE KERWIN LAWRENCE NELSON EVELETH EARL BURTON VAN ZANDT EDWIN WOODWORTH HAMLIN MARTIN JOSEPH WALLACE 1927 A WILLIAM ROEERT BREWSTER LEONARD LEvERENz DEFOREST IRWIN GALER FRANCIS JOHN POWERS WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON WILLIAM HENRY VAN TAssEL 1928 EDWARD REO BENNETT HOMER ELIAS PETERS CLINTON NATHAN WOOLSEY 1929 GUSTAV PIRK E f f F f as Je e Je f e e -e f E as as f fe as f +6 -E as 5 f f -5 f as Q 6 as -S f 4 rhrg fhr'fQwrf-mr?-mrfmwrfwwffigg -E E E E f IE f E E E 6 E E IE mmmmmm m mm I5 6 IE E fi rhrhrhrhrhrhrl?'xrhr57hrhrhrhrhrhrh fhfhfhfhfhfhfhd1fmNlJNfhfI'mmXf'fQNlfNffNffWffNdNffWfFa-g One Hundred Sixtyfthree 3 J WILLIAM HERBERT CHARLES RUDOLPH CHARLES Delta Pi Nu Founded at Union, 1924 Active Chapters-1 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1926 GREGORY BRADSHAW, JR. EARL HUTCHINSON EDWARD JOHN LEIFHEIT 1927 WILLIAM LIND SELAH HOPKINS TOOKBR 1928 NELSON GERARD ALBEEN LAITINEN STEVEN LAPP ERNEST BROUGHAM MORRIS CHARLES RUNGE 1929 ROBERT CAMPBELL EDGAR MEGE, JR. rfwrhrhdwrhrhrhri-xrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrh rh rhrhrhrh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrt'Wwrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrh One Hundred Sixtyfour E JE E E 'E E E E E IE E 15 IE E E E E f f E E 'E E E E 6 E 'E E 6 E E WS f -E E ammammmmmamfng rl-Tlwrhrhrhrhrhrhriw 'E E E E E E I2 E IE IE E E 'E 45 E IE 'E 6 IE E E 'E -E E I2 5 JE E E 6 E E HS SP5 WWWWWWNLPWKILPWKHHLBJWLVWWLPWWLVWWWLVWW Commons Club ZOPHER F. BABCOCK . ANDREW M. ANDERSON . VIRGIL O. BEEDE . . ZOPHER F. BAEcOcIc VIRGII. O. BEEDE RICHARD W. BONNEAU GEORGE W. BORDEN REGINALD L. BROOKS ANDREW M. ANDERSON RUEUS S. BARTON FRANK W. HADCOCK, JR. JOHN A. HASTINGS ADDISON R. KETOHUM 1926 1927 NELSON R. ZEITLER 1928 . , . President . . VicefP1esident Secretary and 'Treasurer VERNON BURNS HERBERT L. CANNING FREDERICK C. Fox, JR. EDWIN P. NILI. ELLIOT WHITNEY THOMAS MUNRO CHARLES N. WATERSTREET GEORGE E. MILO RAYMOND E. WYTRWAL ROMAN R. VIOLYN rhrhfhfhrfwfhrhrfirhfhfhfhfhfhfhrhrhfhrhfhdwrhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrlwrhrf3fhrhfh One Hundred Sixtyffive rRFhrh 'E JE Q E IE 6 'E 6 f E rhdNrhrhrhr'fxrhrhrhrhfhfhrhriNdw fhriVh rhrhrhrhrhrh rhrh 15 JE -E S-VSPK4-'KV WWWWWWWWWWWSIL-IJWWWWWWWJWWNJNVLPWWWSVSPWWWW Phi Beta Kappa ALPHA OF NEW YORK DR. GEORGE D. KELLOGG MR. JOHN C. VAN VOAST . MR. ROBERT J. LANDON DR. MORTON C. STEWART . OFFICERS . President . . VicefPresident . , . . Treasurer Corresponding Secretary RESIDENT MEMBERS HENRY S. BAELER DR. FRANK C. BARNES JOHN R. BAUCHELLE DR. JAMES W. BLACK BRYAN L. CARPENTER JAMES M. CLINE DR. HARRISON C. COFFIN PROP. ROBERT W. CROWELL DAVID M. 'DEFOREST DR. ALEXANDER DUANE DEAN EDWARD ELLERY GEORGE W. FEATI-IERSTONAUGH JACOB M. FRANKEL DEAN C. F. F. GARIS HENRY GLEN DR. EDWARD E. HALE EDWARD F. HENNELLY PROP. WILLIAM C. HOLBROOK DR. FRANK S. HOFFMAN ROBERT J. LANDON DR. HAROLD A. LARRAEEE DR. JOHN L. MARCH DR. DAVID S. MORSE ROBERT W. MORSE FRANK W. MCCLELLAN DR. HORACE G. MCKEAN LOUIS OPPENHEIM PROE. HOWARD OPDYKE DR. WILLIAM L. PEARSON MATHIAS P. POERSCH REV. CLAYTON J. POTTER PRESIDENT CHARLES A. RICHMOND ' HYMAN SACHEROEE MARVIN H. STRONG PROP. JOHN N. D. VEDDER PROP. PETER I. WOLD EDWARD C. WHITMYER DR. THOMAS A. WILSON JOHN C. VAN VOAST DR. JOHN C. YOUNIE DR. CLYDE A. HEATLEY DR. LEONARD C. JONES ELECTED TO HONORARY PHI BETA KAPPA, 1926 DR. J. V. MOLDENHAWER ELECTED TO ALUMNI PHI BETA KAPPA, 1926 H. C. MANDEVILLE, '88 GEORGE M. WILEY, '99 MEMBERS ELECTED. 1926 HENRY BRADFORD ARTHUR NATHAN NEWBURGER HERMAN WYNN BUSSMAN JAMES HAROLD RIPTON WILLIAM BELNORD JAFFE FRANCIS BOWDEN STEVENS JOHN ISAIAH WENKER rhrhrhdvhrhrf7hrhriTfhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhdwrhrhrhdwrhrlTPhrhAwrfT?IwrhrE7hrhrhrhdwrhdw One Hundred Sixtyfsix HS, Sigma Xi UNION CHAPTER OFFICERS PROP PETER I. WOLD . PROE JAMES W. MAVOR PROE CHARLES B. HURD RALPH D. BENNETT ERNST J. BBRG DAVID M. DEFOREST EDWARD ELLERY CHARLES F. F. GARIS F. W. GROVER CHARLES B. HURD JAMES M. HYATT JOHN W. KERN ROY H. KIBNLE RICHARD S. KLEEMAN ACTIVE MEMBERS PETER I. WOLD . . . President . Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer CHARLES T. MALE JAMES W. MAVOR FRANK P. MCKIBBEN DAVID S. MORSE HOWARD OPDYKE MORTIMER F. SAYRE EDWARD S. C. SMITH HENRY K. SVENSON WARREN C. TAYLOR JOHN N. VEDDER THOMAS A. WILSON ASSOCIATE MEMBERS EARL W POWELL SYLVBSTER J. HAEENER . ANTHONY DEH. HOADLEY EARL E. STEINERT MEMBERS ELECTED 1925 NELsON BOTSEORD EDWARD W. ENGLE THEODORE GANUNG SYLVESTER J. HAEENER REUBEN D. HEAD Full Membership DAVID M. DEFOREST Associate Membership GULICK Z. KNIGHT LEWIS W. MAUGER RAYMOND D. MOORE EARL W. POWELL BLIRNETT H. WOMACK MEMBERS ELECTED 1926 Full Membership SYLVESTER J. HAEFNER CHARLES R. PITTS ARTHUR L. BENNETT LAWRENCE N. EVELETH JAMES A. FERGUSON EDWIN W. HAMLIN WERNER W. KLINGLER EARL E. STEINERT Associate Membership MARTIN J. WALLACE HERMAN J. MASER BIRGER W. NORDLAND JOSEPH C. MCILWAINE FRANK R. STANSEL FLOYD E. ULRICH ER mmmmmm mmMmmmrhrhrhdwfHfhrivhr1'WwrhrhrfWwrhrfTHwrhrhrhrhrhrh One Hundred Sixtyfseven E E LE 5 -E E Q 12 E 'E TE E 'E 'E E 31711 mmnmmfmmmmmmammmmm mfnfhfh A. 353 SPMPLVFP 1-VKPLP'-PNPYIJKVYV'-PLVLPKE.EVNPYV4JWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWYW Cheer Leaders T. S. ATHERTON, H. W. HALL, song leader: P. SCHULTZE, N. C. TOZER, S. M. BISHOP rhrW'lwrhr+-sri-wdwrhrhrhW- 1-Whrhrhrhrhrh 'E Q Q Q Q E Q Q 'E Q Q QE E dwriNdwrhrhriwriTr'i-Thriwrhrhrfxrhrhriw rh rhrhrhrhrhdvhrh r1'7'hrhrhffT7hrfxn'i"lwrfwrhrfwrhdV1wrR'5Sa One Hundred Sixtycight HAROLD ANSON BRUCE Director of Physical Training and Athletics, Coach of Track and Field and Cross Country During his first two years as athletic director, "Doc" Bruce has managed his depart' ment so economically and with such business foresight that he has not only paid off all past indebtedness but has also realized a comfortable surplus. Under his guidance a policy of schedulefmaking for athletic teams has been adopted that has brought some of the most worthy opponents in the East to our campus and has carried the name of Union far afield. His phenomenal success has been partly rewarded by increases in the athletic budget, enabling him to make many longfneeded alterations about the gymnasium and to buy additional equipment, so that today Union's athletic teams are as completely equipped as any in the country. The record of his track team is the best evidence of his ability to coach. Without question, he has developed the strongest track and field and cross country teams that have ever represented the college, all the more remarkable in that he has developed his teams almost wholly from raw material. Union now stands at the head of all Eastern institutions of her size in track, and with "Doc" at the helm we can predict only victory and success for the future. l'EfiNfl'ml'l'mflNflNf'l1fHf'l"if'l"iflNflWfl'3fhfhf'l1fl1flNflWfl'5fl'NflvlNfl'NflNfl1fl'XflNf'lN!'l'Xfl'Xt'l'Xfl1fh fl5fl'!flNf'lN One Hundred Seventy LS E 'G E -S -E E E E E E 'E E E E E QE 'E E JE E E E E E E E 'E 46 E E E E fs fsfsfsfhmfhmfwslg E E JE 4 E E E 6 E E E 6 6 E E E E 6 E E 43 E E E E E E E E E E IE JE f f E '3j,H'KlJkPPl-'Y-IJ Ll-'KV'-P'-PWWWWWWLHKBLIJWWWWWWWJWWLVWQJWHJWWWWWJWHJ 1 J. HAROLD WITTNER Assistant Director of Physical Training and Athletics Coach of Baseball and Freshman Sports HOWARD OPDYKE Secretary of the Athletic Board fhrhrhrlwrhrlvlVwrf?F?lwrFffw7hrlwrh rli r1wrf?rlwdwrhrlwfiwrhrFiHwr1xrhrfi7l'7lxrFV'fwriwrlvlwdwriNrh One Hundred Seventyfone we IE 46 E f E 5 rl-7hrhrhrhrhdwrlwrl?hrlwd1rl'xrhdwAwrhfhAvHrh rl-rhf+srhrhrhrHHwd'1 E E -E 6 IE rlVhfhrl'srhrhrh rhrhrlwrhrlqhrh AS One Hundred Seventyftwo One H undred Seventyfthree Varsity Coaches PERRY E. LEARY WILLIAM H. HARDMAN Coach ofFootl1all Coach of Basketball .lp . 4 HAROLD A. BRUCE J. HAROLD WITTNER Coacll of Track and Field and Cross Country Coach of Haszlvall mul Freshman Sports One Hundred Sevemyffouv ,WJ I ' K FGCDTBALL X1S'nc2U9Il.9S PQLPMHH 211.0 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, 1925 First Raw: Mulquezn, Maisel, Makofski, McKay, Cassedy, Davis, W., R. C. Laughlin CCaptainJ, W. B. Slrane fCapzain zlccxj, Hawkes, Pratt, Personius, Gilligan, Kilby Second Raw: CliH'0rd, Adams, Ryon, O'Neil, Davis, P., Winters, Foley, Heck, Tripp, Hyland, Leifheit, Durlree, Cross Third Row: Buckbee, Gelsleichter, Gilmour. Briggs, Hanley, McLane, Bradt, Kingston, Cairns, Nelson, Morris, Hoxie, Brigham Fourth Row: IA.gviL2aarr gleianligcrj, Lauterbach, N. T. Bellinger lAsxistam Coachl, H. A. Foster CAssLnam Coachl, Dutchy fMasca0, Linneman, Little, Garofalo, DuBois, Stone, Hoehn . . ry oac PERRY E. LEARY . NORTHROP' T. BELLINGBR. RICHARD C. LAUGI-ILIN AUSTIN M. SARR . RIIMSBN JOHNSON, JR. DAVIS W., McKAY MAISEL, ADAMS . HECK . . , . CASSEDY, GILLIGAN . MULQUIIBN . . DAVIS, P. . . PIzRsoN1Us, HAwIcIzs LAUGI-ILIN . MAIcoI'sIcI . LBIIII-IBIT, SKANE . BRIGI-IAM, PRATT . Football, 199.5 Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union OFFICERS TEAM SCORES 68-St. Michaels 0 O-St. Lawrence 0 3-N. Y. U. 12 36-Trinity 5 40-R. P. I. 0 6-Williams 6 13-Hobart 24 0-Hamilton 0 POINTS SCORED Union, 166g Opponents, 47 . . Coach Assistant Coach . . Captain . . Manager Assistant Manager . Right End . Right Tackle . Right Guard . Center Left Tackle Left Guard . Left End . Quarterback . Right Halfback . Left Halfback . Fullback I rFrBHHrhrf1rhrhrIHrIwdwdwdwriwdwrE7IwrlxfhrIVE?IxrfVIwANrhrlnrhdwdnrF'Ig One Hundred Seventy-seven ' f -e -s 4 Je -s qs e se 'E e e I Je E Je e Je Ie Je +2 f f Q E f I f Je f f -s f f fs he M655 rITFhrHHI-TFhrhrhrFI'Fh f Je 'E ss 4 Je Je YE rhrhrhrhrhrh rI'7hrhfhfh :+I E I2 E f E E WW WW LP1-I-'LPLVYVWYJJWJLPLVLPSP'-VWWWWWWWJLVWVPWLPWWSPWWWSPLHWS Union College Football Squad Statistics Name Position Weight Age Prepared at Home LAUGHLIN CCapt.j SKANE Mmcorsici BRIGHAM HOEHN PRATT LBIFHBIT CASSEDY GILLIGAN MAISBL MULQUBBN P. DAVIS HECK WINTERS Cizoss RYoN W. DAVIS McKAY Pnasorluus BOUTILLIBR HYLAND ADAMS FOLBY CLIFFORD DuBois Q.B. 163 22 Riverside Mil. Academy R.H.B. 173 21 Glens Falls High L.H.B. 168 21 Schenectady High F.B. 160 21 Binghamton Central High Q.B. 170 21 Barnard Prep. L.H.B. 158 22 Herkimer High R.H.B. 158 21 Flushing High C. 167 21 Gloversville High C. 172 23 Whitehall High L.T. 195 21 Adelphia Academy R.T. 180 22 Upper Canada Col. R.G. 172 20 Albany High L.G. 200 21 Schenectady High L.G. 184 19 Tuxedo Park High R.G. 195 20 Burlington High L.G. 101 20 Poughkeepsie High R.E. 175 23 Bellefont Academy L.E. 170 23 Springfield COhioJ High L.E. 165 22 Elmira Heights High Q.B. 150 23 Williston Prep. H.B. 156 20 Irving Prep. L.T. 191 18 Watertown High F.B. 175 18 Schenectady High Q.B. 160 22 Jamaica High I R.T. 185 19 Catskill High Anderson, S. C. Glens Falls, N. Y. Schencetady, N. Binghamton, N. New York City Herkimer, N. Y. Y. Y. Port Washington Gloversville, N. Y. Whitehall, N. Y. Binghamton, N. Y. Sao Paulo, Brazil Albany, N. Y., Schenectady, N. Y. Tuxedo Park, N. Y. Burlington, Vt. Poughkeepsie, N. Binghamton, N. Albany, N. Y. Elmira, N. Y. Pittsfield, Mass. Utica, N. Y. Watertown, N. Schenectady, N. Jamaica, L. I. Catskill, N. Y. Y. Y. Y. Y. ri-mrhrlwrl-urhFf?hfh rhrhrhrfibrhlg 6 6 LE 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 PE 6 6 6 6 6 6 YE 6 IE 6 6 IE rhrlwrhr'lVlwrhrfTrlWrhrhrhrhrhrlwrhrhrhrhdwdwdwrhdwrhrl'7lwdxrhrfVlWxrFWlwrhrhrhrhdNdvR'lg One Hundred Seventyfeight 32 WWWWWWKILPWLIQPWWKKEIJWWLVLVLPWWWWWWKVWWLlLEldi4'Wi!N-'WWLHEIJW'-Iii f a . Union 68-St. Michael s, o Sept. 26, 1925 UNION POSITION ST. MICHAEL'S HAWKES . Left Erzd . . Couruiuz MAISBL . Left 'Tackle . . RUPRBCHT Wmrans . Left Guard . J. Boucmm CASSBDY . Center . , . GALLAGHBR Cizoss . Right Guard . PERROTTA MULQUEEN . . Right 'Tackle . . TULLY DAVIS . Right End . . . . BBNOIT LAUGHLIN . Quarterback , . W. Bouci-nm SKANE . Left Halfback . . STEWART MAKoFsic1 . Right Halfback . . OQHERN Bmcr-IAM . . Fullback . . LANBBRT Score by Periods Union 19 2 27 20-68 St. Michael's 0 O O O- 0 Touchdowns-Union: Makofski, 4, Skane, 3, Laughling Hoehn Csubstitute for Laughlinjg Gilligan Csubstitute for Cassedyj. Goals from touchdowns-Davis, 3, Foley Csubstitute for BrigharnJ,' Makofski, 24 Hoehn, 2. Substitution-Union: McKay for Hawkes, Cairns for Maisel, Ryon for Winters, Gilligan for Cassedy, DuBois for Cross, Adams for Mulqueen, Personius for Davis, Hoehn for Laughlin, Lauterbach for Skane, Linneman for Lauterbach, Hyland for Makofski, Boutillier for Hyland, Pratt for Brigham, Durkee for Pratt, Foley for Durkee, Clifford for Hoehn, O'Neil for Adams. St. Michael's: Dingman for Lanbert, Rasner for O'Hern, Tully for Tucker, Dedluga for Lanbert, Whelan for Couture. Referee: W. H. Murray, Williams. Union o--St. Lawrence, o Oct. 3, 1925 UNION POSITION ST. LAWRENCE HAWKES , Left End . . MANIBRO Mmsar . Left 'Tackle . . JEFPBRY W1N'rERs . Left Guard ' NBAVLING CAss1zDY . Center . . . ISHAM Cnoss . Right Guard . . Caowuzv MULQUEEN . Right Tackle . . SCHIFF W. D,-xvis . Right End . . . Cor-IBN LAUGHLIN . .Quarterback . W1u.mMs SKANE . Left Halfback . . STUBBS MAKoFsk1 . Right Halfback . Lionrroor BRIGHAM . Fullbaclq . . . . Hown Score by Periods Union O O O O-O St. Lawrence O O O O-O Substitutions-Union: McKay for Davis, Heck for Cross, Hoehn for Brigham. St. Lawrence: Youngs for Williams, Green for Jeffries, Frego for Youngs, Bilas for Maniero, Quigley for Crowley, Jeffery for Green, Quigley for Jeffery, Finnegan for Howe, Pratt for Cohen, Green for Barrett. Referee: Risley, Colgateg Umpire: Shields, Brown. Head linesman: Draper, Williams. Time of periods: 15 minutes. rhrhrhrhrliflwrh rhrfxrhrhfhrlT'lvhfhr'IviTFhrh rhrhrhfhrh fhrhrhfhrhriwrhrhrhrhriwfhriwfhrlfrh rhrf?-irhrhfh E f E E fhrlRrFFiwrhfhfhrhrlwrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrivhrhrhdwri7hr-hrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrivh rhfh rhrhflgg One Hundred Seventyfnirie UNION HAWKES MAISEL P. DAVIS CASSEDY HECK .1 MULQUEEN W. DAVIS LAUGI-ILIN SKANE PRATT BILIGI-IAM Union, 3 -N. Y. U., I2 Oct. 10, 1925 POSITION . Left End . . Left 'Tackle . . . Left Guard . . Center . . Right Guard . . Right Tackle . . Right End . . .Quarterback . Left Halfbaclq . . Right Halfback . . . . Fullback . . . . N. Y. U. KELLY DUNN WHITE WYE SKUDIN MILLER PAY OWNEIL CONNORS ROSELLS BRIANTE Substitutions-Union: Personius for Hawkes, McKay for Davis, Winters for Davis, Hoehn for Laughlin, Hyland for Pratt. N. Y. U.: Loas for Fay. Referee: T. M. Waters, Williams. Umpire: D. Chase, Maine. Linesman: G. D. Brown, Boston A. A. E 'E E E 'E 'E E -E E E E E i5 E E G E E f E 15 IE E E 'E E f E E E f E IE 5 f .E A-Irhrhrh dwrhdwrhrE7+wrhrhrhr+1rhAnrhrlFhrhrRFlwrhAwrFTFhr1W-I E E E f E E IE E f I2 rlNrlV'lwr'lThrhr5'rl'IrfNrF7'hrhrhrlwrhriwrh dwdwrlwdwrhrhrhrhrt'?hrhrhdTlwdxrFi?hrhdvhriwrlwdwflT5SI One Hundred Eighty Union, 36-Trinity, 5 ' oct. is, 1925 UNION POSITION TRINITY Pnnsomus . Left End . . JAcxsoN MAISEL . Left Tackle . THOMPSON DAv1s . Left Guard . LIEBLER CASSEDY . Center . . . Comm- Hncxc . . Right Guard . . OIBRIEN MULQUEEN . Right 'Tackle . . Noun MCKAY . Right End . . , HQUGH LAUGHLIN . .Quarterback . WHITTAKBR LEIFHEIT . Left Halfback . , BURR PRATT . Right Halfback . . Oniuclq BRIGHAM . Fullback . . . EVEN Score by Periods Union 6 12 12 6-36 Trinity 3 0 O 2- 5 Touchdowns: Laughlin, 5gPersonius, 2gBrigham, 2. Field goal: Burr. Safety: Pratt. Substitutions-Union: Boutellier for Laughlin, Skane for Leifheit, Brigham for McKay. Trinit : Green for Liebler, Riley for Condit, Stewart for Burr, Judge for Burr. Referee: Y Coulter, Brown. Umpire: Marsden, Yale. Linesman: Kingsbury, Springfield. rfirhkhrhrhd1rIirfTrhdwrl1d1rhrhrEHwr1xfiwrr'WE7lxrFi7lNrhHwrhdwdwdw One Hundred Eightyforie E 6 'E E E E E E E E -E -E -E E E E E f E E E E E f f f E -E 'E E E f fE HE mme mmmfmraig r'l'?hrhrhrhd'xrhrlWwrhrFFhrh rhrf'TFl'1rhrhrhrhrhrhrWiwAwrl-wri-1rhrf?hrh 67h If Union, 4o-R. P.iI., o Schenectady, Oct. 24, 1925 ' I UNION POSITION R. P. I. PERSONIUS . Left End . , . MAHAII MAIsIzI. . Left Tackle . . TRIIzs'r P. DAVIS , Left Guard . Buscr-I CASSEDY . Center . . NICHOLS HECK . . Right Guard . . BANKS MULQUEEN . Right Tackle . . FITZGERALD W. DAVIS , Right End . . Sci-IABPFEI1 LAUGHLIN . Quarterback . ESCHOLTZ SKANB . Left Halfbaclq . ANDERSON MAKOFSKI . Right Halfback . . HERRERA BRIGHAM . Fullback . . Coaiunno Score by Periods U Union 0 12 14 14-40 R. P. I. 0 0 0' O- O Touchdowns--Union: Makofski, 3, Laughlin, 2, Brigham, 2. Point after touch- down-Union: Davis, 3, drop kick, Laughlin to Skane. Substitutions-Union: Hoehn for Laughlin, Pratt for Skane, Gilligan for Cassedy, Leifheit for Brigham, Clifford for Hoehn, McKay for Davis, Cross for Heck, Adams for Mulqueen, Hoehn for Skane. R. P. I.: Clark for Anderson, Thomson for Schaeffer, Squires for Thomson, Brownson for Squires, Reuther for Escholtz, Stammberger for Banks, Coughlin for Clark, Schaeffer for Thomson, Watrous for Schaeffer. Referee: Martindale, N. Y. U. Umpire: Chase, University of Maine. rhrhrhrhr'hrhrfVhrlwfhrhfhrhrhrhrhrfw fhl+1fhdWfhffWfiNfhfE?Nfhfhffmm'NfRHNtiNffNfhfiNffNffW One Hundred Eightyftwo E E 'E -E E E E E E E E E 'E -E E E E E f Q E 'E E E f 'E f E E 'E 6 E IE f fE .E rhrhrfwrlwdwrl-mri7hrfxrhrf-1rhrE7i-meh rf-mE?-l-srl-srl-.rl-TH-iriTFh E IE IE 6 'E 'E 1E E E E f IE E E E .TIS gjsvwwwavwwwLusuwfwwwwwsusvwwwwwwspwwsvwww-.pwsptpqaytptwiki 4' 0- f Union, 6-Williams, 6 Williamstown, Oct. 31, 1925 UNION POSITION WILLIAMS Pnnsomus . , Left End . , WING Marsizr. . , Left 'Tackle . PACKARD P. DAVIS . . Left Guard , HACKETT CASSEDY . . Center . . N01-T Hiacic . . . Right Guard , HOOVEN MULQUEEN . . Right 'Tackle DUNNING W. DAVIS . . . Right End . , MASON LAUGHLIN, Capt. . Quarterback , POPH,-,M SKANE . . . Left Halfback L . . Hows, Capt, Mmcovsicx . . Right Halfback . THoMsPoN BRIGHAM . . Fullback . . SURABIAN Score by Periods Union 0 6 O O-6 Williams O O O 6-6 Touchdowns-Union: Makofskig Williams: Surabian. Substitutions-Union: Cross for P. Davis, Winters for Heck, Pratt for Brigham, McKay for Personius, Adams for ' ' ' K f P iu . Williams: Mulqueen, Hoehn for Laughlin, Gilligan for Cassedy, Mc ay or erson s Haakinson for Thompson, Cunningham for Dunning, Mackie for Haakinson, Dunning for Cunningham, Vernon for Wing, Reed for Hooven, Haakinson for Mackie, Tenney for B t n for Tenney Brown for Dunning Smith for Surabian, Fall for Smith, Haakinson, oyn o - , , Referees: Swafhld, Brown. Umpire: Ortner,CJrnell. Head linesmanz Goeway, Syracuse. Time of periods: 15 minutes. dvh rhfE7'l1rhklwfhrlTrlwr'hrH?hrhrfxrhrhrhrh rhrhrhrhrhfhrhri1rE7hrhrhrE7I7lNnThfhriwrfwrh One Hundred Eightyfthree E E E -E IE JE LE 15 'E E LE 'E I2 -E E JE E E E rhrhrlwrhrh r'l7hrl-irhrhrh E 'E 'E E E 6 E HE IE 6 46 I2 EIS AS gin-'wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwswwwwwwsvkvwsvwww'-vwwwwwwwsv Union, 1 3 - Hobart, 24 November 7, 1925 UNION POSITION HOBART HAWKES Left End . . BARNA MAISBL Left 'Tackle . TRAPNELL P. DAVIS Left Guard . Moon CASSEDY Center . POLANSIK Huck . Right Guard YARRINGTON MULQUEBN . . Right Tackle Scnomm W. DAVIS Right End . . Wmvruz LAUGHLIN .Quarterback CHAPMAN MAKOPSKI Left Halfback . . Kxuzv SKANE Right Halfback . . BARRETT PRATT Fullback . . Bunn Score by Periods Union 7 O 6 O-13 Hobart O 14 7 3-24 Touchdowns--Union: Pratt, Skane. Hobart: Budd, Chapman CZJ. Points after touchdown-Union: Makofskig Hobart: Chapman CEO. Goal from field. Hobart: Chap- man, dropfkick. Substitutions--Union: McKay for W. Davis, Gilligan for Cassedy, Leifheit for Makofski, Winters for P. Davis, Personius for Hawkes, Makofski for Leifheit, Kilby for Heck, Hoehn for Laughlin. Hobart: Smith for Yarrington, Vogt for Smith. Referee: Berry Smith, Springfield. Umpire: Martindale, N. Y. U. Head linesman: Peter- son, Colgate. Time of periods: 15 minutes. Union, o -Hamilton, o ' NOV. 14, 1925 UNION POSITION HAMILTON HAWKBS Left End . . . DoAN1z MA1snr. Left Tackle . Dnnronrs P. DAVIS Left Guard WORMUTH CASSEDY Center . BROCKWAY HECK . Right Guard . THOMAS MULQUBBN Right Tackle OLMSTEAD Pnnsomus Right End . . BOOKOUT LAUGHLIN .Quarterback . . MANN SKANE Left Halfback . CHATPIELD PRATT Right Halfback . Prnrcmza Lmmaxr Fullback . . . MARTIN Score by Periods Union O 0 0 O-O Hamilton O O 0 O-0 Substitutions-Union: McKay for Hawkes, Kilby for Maisel, Gilligan for Cassedy, Makofski for Leifheit. Hamilton: Morris for Bookout, Kinlock for Morris, Pierce for Mann, Jenness for Fletcher. Referee: Benzoni, Colgate. dwrlr?1rhf+wrhrhdwrhrl-TFlnrhrlHAwrl-url-irlwrhrT5-l-1 fl-w'lTl7iFhrl-srF-'H-1r'Wh cl-sfhrhrh 'E fi E E is t E E E rhrhrhrhrhrhrlVhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhrhdwrlirhrhrhrE?wrhrhrlWhrhrfThAwrhrhdw rhdvdg One Hundred Eightyffour BA KET fx -., ,H A . 4. , C 'fm ,, :WLM f-' f , " K , ' 'V 4, fl 'v-nay,-, ,W 1, U fi 121 " ry, ffl V' 7 " td, f ALL VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM, 192526 Top Row: W. H. HarJm.m LCouchQn, R. E. Fisher CAssnsmnx Mmmgeril, Grihhon, Sl-une, Maybe, Lcifhcit, Mlllhum, S, Z. Hawkes QMunugerj Bullunx Ruw: Fil: ffmmerl, Gilligm, Ripton, J. H. Funk CCup1ainJ. Mnkofskx, Bednowitz, J. M. O'Ncil CCup1am elrcrb, L. J. RlnaldxfAssistu11t Coachp Basketball, 192546 OFFICERS WILLIAM H. HARDMAN . . . . . , Coach Louis J. RINALDI . . . Assistant Coach JOHN T. FINK, JR., '26 . . , Captain STUART Z. HAWKES, '26 , . , Managgy Roswnu. E. FISHER, '27 . . , Assistant Manager TEAM MAKOFSKI, LEIFHEIT . .4 . . Left Fm-ward RIPTON . . . . Right Fm-wa-rd OINBIL, GILLIGAN, MAYBE . . , Came, BEDNOWITZ, SKANI: . , . Right Guard FINK . . . . - Left Guard SCORES I Union 41-St. Stephens 23 Union 34-Middlebury 22 Union 52-Univ. of Maine 18 Union 24--Univ. of Vermont 16 Union 25-St. Lawrence 23 Union 22--Dartmouth 31 Union 22-Crescent A. C. 30 Union 36-Swarthmore 19 ' Union 25-N. Y. U. 35 Union 24-Army 23 Union 48-Manhattan 18 Union 33--Rochester 19' Union 33-St. Johns 27 Union 29-C. C. N. Y. 34 Union 39-Univ. of Vermont 29 Union 58-Hamilton 15 Union 39-R. P. I. 14 Union 33-Crescent A. C. 13 Union 30-Colgate 34 Union 45--Stevens 17 Union 40-Hamilton 17 Union 53-R. P. I. 20 Union 33--Conn. Aggies 25 Union 58--Alumni 18 POINTS SCORED Union, 874 Opponents, 540 INDIVIDUAL SCORES MAKOFSKI . . 308 GILLIGAN , 41 RIPTON . . 159 SKANE . 11 O'N11II. . . 144 MAYBE ' . l 9 FINK . . 105 MILI-IAM . I 7 BEDNOWITZ . . . 82 LEIFHEIT . , A 4 GRIBBON . . . . 2 f f fe Q -s e Q e de e -s is f -e E s e f f Q f f 6 f f f f f f -e f e f f T5 Q rhriq'i'xf+mri-wr'hrhr'F?wffiIg rl-Wwrhrhfhri-mrhrhrh 'E 'E E E E E dw I+-fhrhdw rR'FhrRT'hri5iwrhrlVhriwrhrhr1wrimiT-hrh rh rhrhrhri1rhriwrfTrF7E7hrhrl5'rFwri1rhrh rh mrhfhdNfhd1dwrhrfT'lwriNAwr137hdNrF7hANrhrhdWrhdwrfTig One Hundred Ezghtyseven Resume of 1925926 Basketball Season The 1925-26 basketball season was marked by some of the most brilliant playing that has been seen in the Alumni Gymnasium in many years. The Varsity, playing an extremely diflicult schedule of twentyffour games, kept its home slate clean for the fourth consecutive year and turned in victories for nineteen contests. The Eve games lost were on foreign courts. The tremendous scoring power of the Garnet team is evidenced by the fact that they scored 874 points to their opponents' 540. Makofski, Ripton, Fink, Bednowitz, and O'Neil comprised the regular Varsity, and Skane, Gilligan, Leifheit, and Maybe performed well when called upon. Makofski, with 308 points scored, was one of the greatest forwards in the intercollegiate world, being a popular choice for many AllfAmerican teams. Ripton, his running mate, was only slightly less spectacular and was equally invaluable to the success of the team. Captain Fink and Bednowitz were both spectacular and steady, holding the opposing forwards well in check at all times and breaking into the scoring column on many occasions. Captain-elect O'Neil was a consistent scorer and a wizard at recovering the ball. Coach William H. Hardman and his able assistant, Louis J. Rinaldi, were the mentors whose unflinching zeal and wholefhearted interest were largely responsible for the smooth' ness and perfection of this powerful machine. SIGMUND MAKOFSKI High scam of the 1925926 season and a popular choice for AllfAmcrican Forward e fe as Q f as e E -e E E as e f f -e 'E E Q 'E 'E 'E f f f -e f -e f -s e f f -s as f f LE flwffFFaEhrhrhrhrWl'mr'Flg Je f -E as f t f FE rhrhrhrl-a rh rhrhrhrh 'E E E 6 E IE E IE E 16 rhrEFhrhrhrhr5FlTFhrhmrh'rhrhrhrhrh rhrhfhdiFhfhrhrhrhrixrixAwrfTFhfhr1'VlxrhdwrhrhrhrfwrlTlSi One Hundred Eightyfeight TRACK AND FIELD KJ:-miN p9,4.punH Quo VARSITY TRACK AND FIELD TEAM, 1925 Top Row: MacMillan, Schcnfk, johnson, R. A., Slums, McLaughlin, Meyers, j. T. Comcskey KASSISIKIYII Mavmgcrj, H. A. Bruce QCoachD ,G. Z. Knight CMa1mgs1J, Winters, Dow, Bunncll Stzuhler, Todd, Feinstein Hmmm Row: Skinner, Pritchard. Ticdemnn, A. H. Gillignn iCupmm rlccll, Davidson, Kaplan, NV. L. Davis CCapminJ, Boettcher, Campbell, Stevens, Spina, Dunne, Nadeaiu WWWLPWWWWWWLVWWElJLl5hl-LllJhVWLPkl.5lJW WWWWWWNPLIJYLI-QJJWWAI-241W ll 'E 1E IE Track and Field, IQZS OFFICERS HAROLD ANsoN Baucrz . . . Coach WILLARD L. DAVIS, '26 . w Captain Guuclc Z. KNIGHT, '25 . , A Manage, JOHN T- COMESKEY, '26 . . Assistant Manager SCORES Union 9635-Rochester U. 2995 Union 82 -Hamilton 44 Union 89 -R. P. I. 46 M. A. S. C. A. A., 10 points RESUME OF 1925 TRACK AND FIELD SEASON The 1925 Union College track and field team was the best in the history of the college, with 267K points scored to their opponents' IIQM. Two new records were hung up when John Tiedeman, '26, equaled the lO0fyard record of 10 seconds and set up new E ures of' 22 seconds in the furlong. Harold Nadeau, '27, established a new record in the g javelin with a heave of 147 feet, 7 inches. The onefmile relay team failed to place at the Penn Relays. Coach Harold Anson Bruce developed a great dual meet team that not only defeated our rival opponents but showed class enough to bring home two championships from the Middle Atlantic States' Collegiate A. A. rhrhri'TFhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhr'hrhrhf5fhrhrh rhriwflwflwflnfhflwflnrlwrhfhflndnfhdwdndwfhflw One Hundred Ninetyfone f 'E E 6 rhfhrR?-urlwrlilvhrhfh iE 6 mmmmmmmmm fmsmffmvi-imfhfum mfiiavisnafi-.mfg fb if f f 6 AS Dual Track and Field Meet University of Rochester vs. Union College Held at Alexander Field, Schenectady, N. Y. May 2, 1925 Won by Union--QGM, second-Rochester, 29M TRACK EVENTS IOO'TCl. Run-Won by Tiedeman, Union, second, Spira, Union, third, Suttle, Rochester. Time, 1O:8f1O seconds 22O'Td. Run-Won by Tiedeman, Union, second, Spira, Union, third, Black, Rochester. Time, 23 seconds 44ofTd. Run-Won by Suttle, Rochester, second, Spira, Union, third, Nadeau, Union. Time, 51:6f1O seconds 88of'1'd. Run-Won by Cilligan, Union, second, Skinner, Union, third, McMillan, Union. Time, 2:5:1'1O 1fMile Run-Won by johnson, Union, second, McMillan, Union, third, Smith, Rochester. Time, 4:46 2'Mi1C Run-Won by Boettcher, Union, second, Kaplan, Union, third, Stevens, Union. Time, 1O:44:5 120-Td. High Hurdle-Won by Pendleton, Rochester, and Duane, Union, third, Pritchard, Union. Time, 17:1 22ofTd. Low Hurdle-Won by Pendleton, Rochester, second, Duane, Union, third, Taylor, Rochester. Time, 28:6 - FIELD EVENTS Running High jump-Won by Stevenson, Rochester, second, Davidson, Union, third Tie-Warnock, Rochester, Meyer, Union, McLaughlin, Union. Height, 5 feet 5M inches Running Broad jump-Won by Davidson, Union, se:ond, McLaughlin, Union, third, Feinstein, Union. Distance, 20 feet 16-Lb. Shot Put-Won by Davis, Union, second, Slovak, Union, third, Winters, Union- Distance, 36 feet, 4M inches Discus-Won by Davis, Union, second, Skane, Union, third, Crannell, Union. Distance, 112 feet 10 inches Pole Vault-Won by Todd, Union, second, Taylor, Rochester, third, Depuy, Union. Height, 10 feet ,'w.'in-Won by Pritchard, Union, second, Hedges, Rochester, third, Borden, Union. Distance, 138 feet 10 inches SCORE BY POINTS Union Rochester Union Rochester 100fYd. Dash 8 1 16'Lb. Shot Put 9 0 22OfYd. Dash 8 1 Discus 9 0 440fYd. Dash , 5 4 Javelin 6 3 880fYd. Dash 9 O Running High jump 3 5 OnefMi1e Run 8 1 Running Broad jump 9 O TwofMile Run 9 O Pole Vault 6 3 120fYd. High Hurdles 4 5 - - 220fYd. Low Hurdles 3 6 Total 96M 29M rhflwrfwflwrhrhrhrhflnfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrh fix rh One Hundred Ninetyftwo fe 5 s e -E s E 4 -e 'E f as as as f as ff is -e fe e 'E e as -e s as E f f we -s e e MSS Awrl-w'hflwrR?l-irh E E JE E E E JE E E E E 6 6 E E E E E E E E E E E E E JE E E E E IE E E E JE wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwfwwwwLu.LvLvwwHJwwwwwwwwwwwsqg Dual Track and Field Meet Hamilton College vs. Union College Held at Clinton, N. Y. bday 9,1925 Won by Union-82, second, Hamilton-44 TRACK EVENTS Ioo-Td. Run-Won by LeFever, Hamilton, second, Tiedeman, Union, third, Spira, Union. Time, 9:9f1O 22O'Td. Run-Won by LeFever, Hamilton, second, Tiedeman, Union, third, Spira, Union. Time, 21:5'10 440-Td. Run--Won by Thomas, Hamilton, second, Spira, Union, third Nadeau, Union. Time, 52 :7f10 88of'I'd. Run-Won by Thomas, Hamilton, second, Gilligan, Union, third, McMillan, Union. Time, 2:4:00 1fMi1e Run-Won by McMillan, Union, second, Johnson, Union, third, Scovil, Hamilton. Time, 4:50:00 2fMilc Run-Won by Boettcher, Union, second, Snyder, Hamilton, third, Kaplan, Union. Time, 10:15:00 12of'1"d. High Hurdle-Won by Duane, Union, second, Valentine, Hamilton, third, Pritchard, Union. Time, 16:4'10 22of'Yd. Low Hurdle-Won by Duane, Union, second, Holley, Hamilton, third, Valentine, Hamilton. Time, 25:00 FIELD EVENTS , Union, second, Van Vleet, Hamilton, third, Winters, Union. Distance, 37 feet 4 inches Discus-Won by Davis, Union, second, Skane, Union, third, Brockway, Hamilton, Distance, 109 feet 4 inches ' Javelin-Won by Michaels, Hamilton, second, Pritchard, Union, third, Borden, Union, ' 2 f t 3 'nches 16fLb. Shot Put-Won by Davis Distance, 1 9 ee 1 Running High jump-Won by.Campbe1l, Union, second-tie between Meyer, Union, and Davidson, Union. Height, 5 feet 5 inches R nnin Broad jump-Won by McLaughlin, Union, second, Feinstein, Union, third, U' 8 Davidson, Union. Distance, 20 feet JM inches Pole Vault-Won by Todd, Union, second, Holley, Hamilton, third, Michaels, Hamilton. Height, 9 feet 9 inches SCORE BY POINTS Union Hamilton Union Hammon 100fYd. Dash . 4 5 16fLb. Shot Put 6 3 220fYd. Dash 4 5 Discus 3 1 440-Yd. Dash 4 5 Javelin 4 5 880fYd. Dash 4 5 Running High Jump 9 0 OnefMile Run 8 1 Broad Jump 9 0 TWofMile Run 6 3 Pole Vault 5 4 120-Yd. High Hurdles 6 3 - .. - 220fYd. Low Hurdles 5 4 Total 82 44 rhrhrhrhrhrhfHFFi?Nr1'7hrhrhrhrhrbrhrhrhfhrlwrhfhrhrhri?hrhriwriVl?xr1'iwrlwriwrhdviwriw One Hundred Ninetyfthree E rf ,E E -E LE bE -E s E 4 Q Q 15 E E E E E mmmmammmmmmm m mmmmmmam Emma Dual Track and Field Meet Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute vs. Union College Held at Alexander Field, Schenectady, N. Y. May 16, 1925 Won by Union-89, second, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-46 TRACK EVENTS IOO'Td. Run-Won by Tiedeman, Union, second, Spira, Union, third, Stahler, Union. Time, 10:25 22of'Td. Run-Won by Tiedeman, Union, second, Spira, Union, third, Stahler, Union. Time, 23:15 44O'Td. Run-Won by Spira, Union, second, Bunnell, Union, third, Nadeau, Union. Time, 54:35 ' .1 88of'I"d. Run-Won by Gilligan, Union, second, McMillan, Union, third, Skinner, Union. Time, 2:05 12'5 . I'MiI6 Run--Won by McMillan, Union, second, Johnson, Union, third Sheetz, R. P. I. Time, 4:38:45 2fMile Run-Won by Boettcher, Union, second, Kaplan, Union, third, Reynolds, R. P. I. Time, 10:12:25 12of'I'd High Hurdle-Won by Duane, Union, second, Slye, R. P. I., third, Kamiensky, R. P. I. Time, 17:35 220-Td. Low Hurdle-Won by Cotton, R. P. I., second, Duane, Union, third, Mattolo, R. P. I. Time, 28:25 FIELD EVENTS Running High jump-Won by Squires, R. P. I., second, Campbell, Union. Tie for third, Davidson, Union, and Wentz, R. P. I. Height, 5 feet 10 inches CNevv Recordj Pole Vau1FWon by Towne, Wren, and Denets, all R. P. I. Tie for Hrst. Height, 10 feet 6 inc es Running Broad jump-Won by McLaughlin, Union, second, Davidson, Union, third, Feinstein, Union. Distance, 21 feet SM inches 16fLb. Shot Put-Won by Triest, R. P. I., second, Davis, Union, third, Winters, Union. Distance, 39 feet 3 inches Discus--Won by Triest, R. P. I., second, Davis, Union, third, Skane, Union. Distance, 'I' 121 feet9inches full 1 -1 javelin'-Won by Gorey, R. P. I., second, Nadeau,' Union,fthird,'iPritchard, Union. Distance, 147 feet 7 inches CNew Recordj , 5 16'Lb. Hammer Throw-Won by Beehler, R. P. I., second, Crannell, Union, third, Stan' 1 burger, R. P. I. Distance, 127 feet 1 inch V g SCORE BY POINTS " ' I' Union R. P. I. Union R. P. I. 100fYd. Dash 9 O 16fLb. Shot Put 4 5 220-Yd. Dash 9 O Discus 4 5 44OfYd. Dash 9 0 Javelin 4 5 88OfYd. Dash 9 O Running High Jump 4 5 OnefMile Run 8 1 Broad Jump 9 0 TwofMile Run 8 1 Pole Vault O 9 12OfYd. High Hurdles 5 4 16fI..b. Hammer 3 6 22OfYd. Low Hurdles 3 6 - - Total 89 46 E f E 6 'E E E 'E 'E E E E 1E E E 19 E 6 f E 15 t E E E f 'E E 'E if 'E -E f f 6 ,E rR?w rlwrHFl-Fhrh -E JE E 15 -E FE f E E E E E IE FE 'E E rf-1 rh :Wx rE7hrhrhr-hrhrh rlsrhrhrhrF?lwrlw 2?i7lwrhr1'iFl'wd1rlwrlvhrhrhrhfhrhdxrhrhdwdwfhrhfhdwrlwrhdwrhrf7hrlvhrlWhdxdwrhrhdwrhnwrhdwri'Tlg One Hundred Ninetyefour 3' i 3 1 WWWJW LPWWWWWWWLVWLPKHIJWWWWWWNJWWKPNVWJWWNVWWWWLHW Union College TRACK AND FIELD RECORDS Up to and including April 1, 1926 Ournooa Rncoaos roo-Yd. Run-10-R. R. Oram, '23, John A. Tiedeman, '26 22O'Td. Run-22-john A Tiedeman, '26 44O'yd. Run-50:1-Charles H. Kilpatrick, '98 880-Td. Run--1:59:2--Charles H. Kilpatrick, '98 OnefMile Run-4:25:8--Charles H. Kilpatrick, '98 TwofMile Run-10:6:9-A. P. Boettcher, '25 I2O'yd. High Hurdle-15:8-George Hughes, '20g R. R. Oram, '23 zzofyd. Low Hurdle-25-R. R. Oram, '23 Running Broad jump--22 ft. 2M in.-P. T. Mallen, '16 Running High jump-5 ft. 9V2 in.-J. V. Baker, '14, M. M. Cohen, '24 16fLb. Hammer Throw-142 ft. 9M in.--D. F. Beekman, '21 Discus-122 ft. 8 in.-D. F. Beekman, '21 16-Lb. Shot Put-39 ft. 6 in.-H. S. Smith, '12 Pole Vault--11 ft. 4 in.-W. L. jones, '20 Javelin-147 ft. 7 in.-H. A. Nadeau, '26 V' Cross Country Van Courtland Park 6 Miles-31:50-I. A. Totten, '28 Cross Country Alexander Course 6 Miles-35:36-C. E. johnson, '27 Izmoon Rnconos 70-Tcl. Run-7:2-John A. Tiedeman, '28 Iooo-Td. Run-2:2l:4-Loring McMillen, '28 TwoeMile Run--1O:7:O-Loring McMillan, '28 45f'Yd. High Hurdle-6:4 Harry Duane, '28 60-Td. High Hurdle-8:4-Harry Duane, '28 D ' JOHN A. TIEDEMAN Nlkkfiddle-Atlantic States IOO'Td'ld and zzoffard Champion and holder of college records for 7O'TdTd, 100'YdTd, and zzoffard Runs rhrhrhrhr+irhr5H'xrhrhrhrhrhri'urhrh rh fhf'hf'l'ifhfl1fhflNfl1f'fmNflNf'lNflWNflvl'Nl'lWf'lNfl1flN rlvh One Hundred Ninetyffive 'QE rl-irh eh rhriw E AE JE E 45 'E E E E E 'E 'E JE E E -E E E E 'E E E -E E 6 E E CROSS COUNTRY TEAM, 1925 Frm Raw: Totten, N.n.le.m, F. B. Stevens fCupz.j. R. A. johnson CCapmi-n eleczj, McMillan Second Row' Muller, P. B. Kyle fAssxsmnr Mrmagcrl, H. A. Bruce fCoacl1l, j. T. Comesky fManagerl, Woodworth MUMILLAN AND TOTTEN Uni0n's crack distance runners. linxshlng m a dead heat for Hrst in the Rensselaer Polyreehme lnsututefUmon Cross Country meet on Alexander Field, October 24, l9Z5 One Hundred Ninety-six 393 fb-rhrhrhrRrhrhrR WWWWWWYQAJJWLILEIJWWWEPWLVWLPYPWWLV WWLPWWW Cross Country, 1925 OFFICERS HAROLD Anson Baucn . - . Coach FRANCIS B. STEVENS, '26 . . Captain joHN T. Comizsiciav, '26 . , . Manager PHILIP B. KYLE, '27 SCORES CSmallest score winsj union ....... f..20-N.Y.U..'...... Union .......... 20-Hamilton ..,.... Union ......,,.. 24-R. P. I. ........ , Union .......... Union .......... 19 18-Fordham ........ -Lehigh ......... Assistant Manager M. A. S. C. A. A.-Union scored runnerfup honors with 59 points Adirondack Association Championships--Union won with 19 points RESUME OF 1925 CROSS COUNTRY SEASON "Doc" Bruce kept his slate clean, scoring victories in all the dual meets, the Adiron- dacks, and runnerfup honors at the M. A. S. C. A. A. The outstanding feature of the season was the building of a practically new team, as four of the five veterans of 1924 were lost by graduation or ineligibility. Totten and MacMillen, both new to cross country, featured in brilliant victories at home and abroad, the former scoring runnerfup honors in the MiddlefAtlantics. A mmfnmmmmmasasmmmmmmfhfhfisfhfhfmsfhmfhmmmmmfhmfh,hmmm One Hundred Ninety-seven rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrl5ivlwrhr+vfTFhrh rh rhrhrh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhfh rhrh IE f JE JE JE New York University vs. Union College Van Courtland Park, New York City, October 17, 1925 I. C. A. A. A. A. Course-Distance, 6 Miles Place Name Class 1 Totten, Arthur I. 1928 1 McMillen, Loring 1928 3 Johnson, Robert A. 1927 4 Hortsmann, Herman W. 1928 5 Morgulis, George B. 1928 6 Stevens, Francis B. 1926 7 Gomperts, George R. 1928 8 Miller, Frank N. 1928 9 Schwer, George W. 1928 10 Halton, Richard 1927 11 Nadeau, Harold A. 1927 12 Woodworth, Robert E. 1928 13 Puga, William B. 1926 14 Kossman, Walter J. 1927 TEAM SCORES Union, 1-2-3-6-8 ............ N. Y. U., 4-5-7-9-10 ....... College Union Union Union N. Y. U. N. Y. U. Union N. Y. U. Union N. Y. U. N. Y. U. Union Union N. Y. U. N. Y. U. .....35 Hamilton College vs. Union College Alexander Course, Schenectady, N. Y., October 21, 1925 Distance, 6 Miles Place Name Class 1 Totten, Arthur I. 1928 1 McMillen, Loring 1928 3 Johnson, Robert A. 1927 4 Nadeau, Harold A. 1927 5 Stevens, Francis B. 1926 6 Woodworth, Robert E. 1928 7 Clark, Edwin P. 1928 8 Miller, Frank N. 1928 9 Bosburg, Howard , 1928 10 Bald, Ian J. 1927 11 Baker, Stewart, jr. 1929 12 Cutter, Palmer 1929 13 Miller, Stewart E. 1928 14 Robbins, David H. 1926 TEAM SCORE Union, 1-2-3-4-5 ............ Hamilton, 7-9-10-11-12 ..... College Union Union Union Union Union Union Hamilton Union Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton ....2O .....49 Time 33:28 33:28 34:10 34:18 34:23 34:40 34:46 34:50 35:01 35 :1 1 35:34 35:35 35:49 36:19 Time 35:17 35:17 36:15 37:20 37:20 37:20 37:36 38:15 39:45 40:21 40:21 40:21 40:26 42:03 E 6 E -S E E E E E 'E E E E WE E E E f 'E E E 'S E E E E f E -E E E 6 if f E E fsfmaavsmmffmfslls E IE E E IE E E E IE LE E LE E E E IE 6 IE E F2 rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhChrhflwrhrhriTFlxAvhdWl?'rxr'l?xrhrhrhrhrhdvlTg One Hundred Ninetyfeiglit Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute vs. Union College Alexander Course, Schenectady, N. Y., October 24, 1925 Place Name Class College 1 Totten, Arthur I. 1928 Union 1 McMillen, Loring 1928 Union 3 Johnson, Robert A. 1927 Union 4 Heath, Willard L. 1929 R. P. I. 5 Buckley, Edmund 1926 R. P. I 6 Waite, Andrew F. 1928 R. P. I 7 Reynolds, Gerald 1927 R. P. I 8 Nadeau, Harold A. 1927 Union 9 Woodworth, Kingsley G. 1928 R. P. I. 10 Woodworth, Robert E. 1928 Union 11 Stevens, Francis B. 1926 Union 12 I-Iasbrouch, Kenneth W. 1926 R. P. I. 13 Goetz, Gaston F. 1927 R. P. I. TEAM SCORES Union, 1-2-3-8-9 ............ ..... 2 4 R. P. I., 4-5-6-7-9 .......... ........ 3 1 FRANCIS B. STEVENS Captain of Cvoss Country, 192 5 Time 35:08 35:08 35:48 36:29 36:30 36:31 36:31 36:40 36:47 36:48 37:17 37:42 37:52 flWfl'Xfhfl1fl'1fI1fhflNfI1flWfBfINflNfl1fImNllNflNfIv'lNIINffNflNflWflNflWdNfIWflW One Hundred Ninetyfnine E +6 'E JE E E E E E 'E E 'E E E E 'E E 'E f 'E 15 'E 'E E E f f 6 E E f E -E f E .E rK3i3wrhrITHnrET'lw JE IE E JE 5 E E 5 'E IE 'E 1E 'E E E 'E LE E A-mhrhrh rFF'hrhfl-irhrh E 'E 2 Q E E E HS Fordham University vs. Union College Alexander Course, Schenectady, N. Y., October 31, 1925 Distance, 6 Miles 'Two Hundred Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q f 4E . Q Q Q Q Q E f Q Q Q fmmi A6 E Q E E Q Q Q mm HU E 'U 4'3'55:'55'Owvcw1+-wwf-5 If'Q3S'C-'Sioooxrow.+w..-...E N rv l" U2 he ?S5Q5S5QQsQQQ: 5 D- QQQKQQQQQQQEZQ W x: 4m W gn H H- U:E anew OH f,'52-PQH?4g55'375SsFs' SCP.. 55292-23525255 SZ-2' ,-,:5'E'a1j1'-"11o""":'?P' 5 14"-ZW-1-5O'P'P'mcz'P:' 9 xc was-oszanmguiewez 2 me -zu Q:,OQi:n Lffawgez 3' s-E. Egg: g.g-',.P'g,'g3E,qf-43.5.5 "' 9, :a E5'E'9::r:1-5:-9,2gn-ggi-,Da-S -. H C I CL-. D, , Ho ,J . 3 '59 af' QPU z5,".E'-zacLfsQ.L-H491 Q Q D 55 25'-Dggmgieg-2328.5 N 3. QT ' Q 2' Hwtzfwgm gf' as 2' 3 7- Z :-1- 353155 Winnie' g,ll0 Q ' D.. . .SV -pro ' v-1' . - SU. 91 'QL CD I "' B P-4 "3 In U ga "9 Cid' '-1 m rn ,.. In N 00 3- H51 IJ' -f :s H- +L, 3, 3- L- 5 5 ENQ H: Z 3 PZ U, 9 3 N- U, ' ' Q """"""P"P'P"'P-'Pd'-'P-'I-'P-'fb ON '4 4 :I Q v--r-x-v-dv-v-r-r-n-r-n-v-n-so-I - - owooxowoooxoiosoxoxoxoxo- Q . . O 3 -5 E ssssasaassssssg 5 z W 11 Q EEEEEEQEEEEEEEE 3' I U2 9 24 C: 3 3 5 3 I Z D Q 3 o 4 F-5- : fo Q - 3 3 : : 5 v Hcccc CGCQ 5 ' : wwmccwmcm mc 3 ,435 gg'51g55.g.g.g.g5-33.5.2 5 D gg, ggga.a.5lga.gs5ga.ggQ 3 US-US-'S-US-US-DDDDUS-US-DDDOE N Q2 EZ'E'B'9Sg-3-S5-23,-888015 31 H aaa as B B so O ls? lil UI D15 3' rv UQ 3 W 3 U 9' -A-r-A w99uww 3 35b'8'Q'5'08'oo"83'13'13'1'6'QQ'5i8.'33j 3 S.-WAQMSETSESQSSEE .S8tS'.9..?Z3'a35Q3'.'o'.'6'.'G'.8'.3 31? fm. fha-. rhrhrhrhfh rI7nrWhri7h 31 LVWkvWWNV3lilfW3lb.UWWNl-2-PWWLPKVLPWWW WL-l43lJLVWNlJ 9, . 3 3 1925 CrossfCountry Championship of Middle' Q Atlantic States Collegiate Athletic Association Held at Van Courtland Park, New York City, November 14, 1925 3 I. C. A. A. A. A. Course--Distance, 6 Miles 5 Position Name College 'Time Position Name College Time 9- 1 Herrick, H. F. Alfred 31:29 24 Morgulis, G. B. N. Y. U. 33:49 2 Totten, Arthur I. Union 31:50 25 Rholfing, A. A. Rugters 33:53 Er 3 West, A. Lafayette 32:07 26 Morgin, D. R. Dickinson 34:06 4 Farnham, P. Lafayette 32:20 27 Nadeau, H. A. Union 34:08 5 Brown. R. E. Alfred 32:21 28 Jarvis, L. Lafayette 34:11 6 McMillen, L. Union 32:29 29 Hortsmann, H. W. N. Y. U. 34:16 7 Boulton. H. Alfred 32:30 30 Schwer, G. W. N. Y. U. 34:25 8 Lewis, P. B. Swarthmore 32:32 31 Miller, F. N. Union 34:26 9 VanBurk, G. V. Rutgers 32:41 32 Craig, A. K. Rutgers 34:30 3, 10 Johnson, R. A. Union 32:43 33 Laudig, J. B. Lehigh 34:43 11 Getz, W. C. Alfred 32:56 34 Fuller, R. E. Lafayette 34:44 12 Aitken, D. G. Lehigh 33:07 35 Askin, J. S. Lehigh 34:47 13 Bayley, F. C. Dickinson 33:08 36 Kossman, W. J. N. Y. U. 34:51 14 Chickering, K. Lehigh 33:09 37 Renne, R. R. Rutgers 35:00 15 Ladd, E. E. Alfred 33:15 38 Stewart, G. E. Lafayette 35:04 16 McGraw, H. F. Alfred 33:20 39 Conard. W. ll. N. U. 35:49 17 Halton, R. N. Y. U. 33:25 40 Maxwell, 1. W. Lehigh 35:54 18 Caswell, R. W. Rutgers 33:27 41 Hurlburt, M. Dickinson 36:29 19 Kaiser, 1. A. Rutgers 33:35 42 Marshall, D. Dickinson 36:45 20 Stevens, F. B. Union 33:38 43 Germanton, C. Lafayette 36:57 21 Gomperts, G. R. N. Y. U. 33:45 44 Fine, A. H. Lehigh 36:58 22 Pennell, L. Dipkinson 33:47 45 Hamilton, A. W. Lehigh 38158 23 Whitter, R. B. A red 33:48 TEAM SCORES 'Total 'Total Alfred 1 5 . 7 10 14 37 N. Y. U. 15 19 21 26 27 108 9. Union 2 6 9 18 24 59 Lehigh 11 13 29 31 33 117 3 Emi-tgers 8 16 Dickinson 12 20 23 34 35 124 3' a ayette 3 4 .. 3 3 3' Adirondack Association A. A. U. Annual gr CrossfC ountry Championships 3' Auspices Schenectady Y. M. C. A., Schenectady, N. Y., October 26, 1925 3, Distance, 6V2 Miles 3 Order of iinish of first eight men over the line 9, Place Name Class College or Club 'Time 1. Totten, Arthur I., 1928 Union Varsity 34:47 2. McMillen, Loring, 1928 Union Varsity 34:48 3. johnson, Robert, A. 1927 Union Varsity 34:49 9' 4. Leach Edison Club No time taken 5. McCoy Edison Club No time taken 6. Nadeau, Harold A., 1927 Union Varsity No time taken 7. Stevens, Francis, 1926 I Union Varsity No time taken 3' 8. Miller, Frank N., 1928 Union Varsity No time taken TEAM SCORE Won By Union College with low score of 19 points glasfisffsfsmmfhfhmfhfhmmmmfhmmfisfsfhfhfhmfhfhfhmmfhfhfi-.,hfh,hfam.-hd, ' Two Hundred One rhrhrhrlwrhii-mrhrhm fl-rlw?i-i rh rhrh riwrhriafhfhrhrlarhrhrtwrhfhrhrlwrhrhrlwrtxrhrhfh fh rhrhrhfhriariw 5 6 'E 6 Two. Hundred 'Two First Annual Union College Invitation Track Games Alumni Board Track, Alexander Field, Schenectady, N. Y., March 20, 1926 RESULTS rooo Run, Varsity Special-Won by McMillen, Union, second, Granning, Colgate, third, Farnham, Lafayette. Time, 2:21 :4 Sprint Series, 5ofyard, first race-Won by LeConey, Meadowbrook Club, second, Stahler, Union, third, Feinstein, Union. Time, 5:4 sec. High Hurdles, Varsity Series, 45fyard, yirst race-Won by Duane, Union, second, Shea, Lafayette, third, Lichirie, N. Y. U. Time, 6:4 sec. High Hurdles, Club Series, 4 5fyard, Jirst race-Won by Christerson, Newark A. C. CMeyer of Newark A. C. disqualifiedj. Time, 6:2 sec. 3oof'Yd. Run-Won by Bates, Boston A. A., second, Spira, unattached, third, Dow, Union. Time, 34:6 sec. Union College Interfraternity Relay, fnal heat-Won by Sigma Chi, second, Beta Theta Pi, third, Kappa Alpha. Time, 1:24:6 Sprint Series, 60-yd., second race-Won by LeConey, Meadowbrook Club, second, Stahler, Union, third, Feinstein, Union. Time, 6:8 sec. High Hurdles, Varsity Series, 6ofyard, second race-Won by Duane, Union, second, Licharie, N. Y. U., third, Shea, Lafayette. Time, 8:4 sec. High Hurdles, Club Series, 75-yard, second race-Won by Christerson, Newark A. C., second, Granning, Colgate, CMeyer of Newark A. C. disqualifiedl. Time, 10:2 OnefMile Run, Open A. A. U. Handicap, limit 75 yards-Won by West, Lafayette, second, Schenck, Union, third, MacDonald, Union. Time 4:39:9 West Scratch-Schenck, 65 yards handicap, MacDonald, 45 yards handicap Interscholastic Dual Relay, 880 yard race-Won by Schenectady High School, second, Albany High School. Time, 1:47:4 'I'wofMile Run, Varsity Special-Won by McMillen, Union, second, Halton, N. Y. U., third, Farnham, Lafayette. Time, 10:07 Sprint Series, 70 yards, third race-Won by LeConey, Meadowbrook Club, second, Stahler, Union, third, Fienstein, Union. Time, 7:5 Low Hurdles, Club Series, 60 yards, third race-Won by Meyer, Newark A. C., second, Christerson, Newark A. C., third Granning, Colgate. Time, 7:1 sec. CSetting new world's record. Former record, 7:31 Low Hurdles, Varsity Series, 70 yards, third race-Won by Shea, Lafayette, second, Duane, Union, third, Licirie, N. Y. U. Time, 8:7 sec. 88o'yd. Run, Open A. A. U. Handicap CHandicap limit, 55 yardsj-Won by Kimmerele, Schenectady High School, handicap, 55 yards, second, MacDonald, Union, handicap, 45 yards, third, Eckle, Lafayette, scratch. Time, 2:05 :6 6 6 E E 'E E E E E E E iS E E E E E .E . if -E f 6 'E E E 6 ,E f E 6 E E 12 f fE .E HITH-ikhriwri-Fl-srWw JE 'E f E 'E E 'E f EE -E E E E E ,E E -E E E 1E E JE 1E E IE E 'E E E E IE 'E IE E if E E flWf'lNf:lWf'lNflWfl'!dWfhdNdTfRfiNflNfhflvlNflXANflvlNffNflq?lNANffWfiNdNdN!hfR-5g Two Hundred 'Three WYPWWWKVSEHJWWLIJLVWNEHJWLPLVWWWWWW'-PWLPWHP Indoor Track and Field-1926 HAROLD ANsoN Bauciz, ...... . . Coach Joi-IN T. CoMEsKY, '26 . . . Manager PHILIP B. KYLE, '27 ........ Assistant Manager The Indoor Track team opened its season at the Troy Armory Games where Coach Harold Anson Bruce entered his entire squad. In these games the OnefMile Relay team captured the cup from a field of six teams in the time of 3 :2O:2. Totten conceding handicaps up to 150 yards, won the TwofMi1e event in 1O:19:2, while Miller was first in the One' Mile Open Handicap with the time of 4:57:6. Stark and MacDonald placed second and third in the 880-yard Open Run. On February 10th, Coach Bruce entered Duane, Totten, McMillan and Tiedeman in the Indoor Games of the Newark A. C. at Newark, N. J. McMillan and Totten competed in the Open Handicap Mile, Totten finishing sixth in the first section and McMillan placing sixth in the second section. Tiedeman finished fourth in the invitation sprints while Duane placed fourth in the invitation 70-yard High Hurdles. In the Wilco Games, held at the 13th Regiment Armory the following Saturday, the Garnet Varsity Medley Relay team, running in their first race of the season, won second honors to Lafayette in the college relay. Tiedeman placed third to LeConey and Cummings in the invitation sprints. Totten, with a handicap of 100 yards, finished second to Ritola in the 5000 Meter event at the Coast Artillery Games in Brooklyn on Washington's Birthday. The time for this race was 13:32, a new world's record set by Ritola. Tiedeman, running in another world's recordfbreaking race, finished fourth in the 100 Meter Run. The new time set was 11 seconds flat. The following night, at the New York A. C. Games, Totten who started from the '75fyard mark was the virtual scratch man. He placed second to Schmidt of Columbia in the threefmile run while McMillan scored third place in the Barstow S. Weeks 1000fYard Run. Tiedeman who ran from scratch placed second in the first heat of the 60fYard Handif cap. At the I. C. A. A. A. A. Indoor Championships, john Tiedeman set up a new Union College 7Ofyard record when he won the second heat in 7 215 seconds. On March 20th, "Doc" Bruce introduced Union's first annual invitation board Track games, which were held under the most unfavorable weather conditions. One world's record was broken in the hurdles, while Union secured more than its share of the prizes by winning three firsts, three seconds, and three thirds. MacMillen and Totten were the outstanding stars of the Indoor season, winning many places in open competition, and Tiedeman's showing was consistent, his new record being a feature in itself. Duane found himself, the latter part of the season, setting up new records in the 40-Yard and 5OfYard High Hurdles. rhrhrfwfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhfhrhfhrhrhrhfhrhrhrfmwrhrhrlwrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhfhrhrh Two Hundred Four rh rhrhrhrfwrfirfxrhffs -E 'E JE E E E E E E E 6 E JE E JE E E E E E E E E E E 'E E JE 5 f JE JE BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM. 1925 First Row: Maybe, Makofski, Wellinghorst, Boutieller, W. j. Snyder lCapminb, Haber, j. H. Ripton fCapmin clccrl Hoehn, Hawkes Second Raw: Mclane, O'Neil, Doty, E. B. Redington cMdNdg81J, J. H.Wittner CCoad-0, "Dutchy" CMascotJ, Schneider, Leifheit, Mendes Third Row: Nelson, Gribbon, Hawes, Higgins, Lewis, Gotch ' WWWWWWYILPWKI-QJJWNEHZLGJWWWWWWWW'-I-'WW'-PWW J. HAROLD WITTNER . J. WARREN SNYDBR, '25 , Baseball, 1925 EDMUND B. REDINGTON, 125 . THOMAS S. CASSEDY, '26l R1P'roN . HABERA . ' MCLANE . HAWKES. . MA1coFsK1 . SHAPIRO H0111-IN . . BOUTEILLE11 . SNYDBR . . WELLINGHORST MAYBE . . Union Union Union, Union Union, Union Union Union OFFICERS ' TEAM SCORES 2--Amherst, 5-Syracuse, 6-Rochester, 3-Hamilton 9-Rochester, 9-R. P. I. 1-Colgate, , 7-Mass. Aggieeh' . Coach . . Captain . . Manager Assistant Manager Third Base Shortstop Second Base Second Base . Left Field Center Field Right Field . Catcher . First Base . Pitcher . Pitcher rhrhfhfiwdwdwfhfhrhfhrhffnfhrhfhfhrhfhfhfhrhrf7hr'hrhrhrhrhr'hrhfhrhrhrh fhfh rh fh Two Hundred Seven rhfhfi?hrh HnrhrhrhrhFhrhrR 'E -E E E 'E E E E E E -E 16 rhrhrh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rfHrF7hrI7hriw JE JE JE 53 Baseball Statistics Player Pos. AB R H 2b Ripton 3b 33 6 8 1 Haber ss 29 3 5 1 McLane 2b 18 2 1 O Hawkes 2b 12 2 5 0 Makofski lf 32 6 10 O Shapiro cf 26 6 4 1 Hoehn rf 34 6 9 0 Bouteiller c 30 3 7 1 Snyder 1b 29 3 7 0 Wellinghorst p 19 1 4 1 Maybe p 5 O 2 O O'Neil cf 1 1 O O Gribbon lf 1 1 O O Totals 269 42 62 5 Opponents 275 48 62 10 Earned Runs: Left on Base: First on Errors: Double Plays: Passed Balls: 3b HR TB BB SH HP SO SB RB Ave. 0 0 4 0 1 8 5 4 .242 O 0 4 4 1 2 3 3 .172 0 0 3 1 1 7 1 O .056 0 O 5 0 0 3 1 3 .417 2 0 4 1 1 3 1 5 .315 O O 4 1 4 4 7 1 .154 1 1 1 O 2 2 1 5 .264 0 O 3 1 1 4 1 6 .233 O 1 3 0 2 8 1 8 .241 0 0 2 2 O 5 O 2 .210 0 O 0 O 1 0 0 0 .400 O 0 O 1 0 0 0 O .000 0 0 O O O O 1 0 0 .000 3 2 79 34 10 47 21 34 37 .231 4 1 83 28 10 7 60 21 36 .226 Union Opp., 20 Union, 69, Opp., 56 Union, 16, Opp., 15 Union, 4 Opp., 3 Union, 6, Opp., 7 Resume of 1925 Baseball Season Defeating our timefhonored rivals, Hamilton and R. P. I., as well as Rochester and Massachusets Aggies, the 1925 Baseball team came through with a fairly creditable season. A close game was lost to Amherst, but we were clearly outclassed by Colgate and Syracuse. A great deal of the blame for the mediocre success of the season may be laid to the weather man, for a lingering winter and intermittent spring rains kept the team in the gymnasium until but a few weeks before the first game. "Sig" Makofski did excellent work in left field and also held the highest batting average for the season. Ripton at third and Haber at short also played consistent ball. Coach J. Harold Wittner was handicapped by a dearth of good hitters, but he built up a team mostly of underclassmen that should show promise in the future. 3 L. rlwfiwfl-ldwrlwffwdwfhflwfhfhrlwdwfhfhrhr'hfhrhrhrhrfFhr'ht'l1r'hrhrhrlNrfNrhrhrhrh rhfh fhrh Two Hundred Eight as s 16 de s E e E 'E -Q +2 he -s -s as e E as f e fe fe Q E -e as .Q e ps rl-.rhr'hri7fxrh ri7hf-hrhrh fhrlT'hrRH'xrhrhrhrhrhr'h fhrhrhrhrhrhrhrlxrhrhrhrhflwrlwrfmrhrhrlxrhrhrhriww 'E :UW MINOR PQRT .rf 1' ' ,J N ' ."f 39? 3 3 KPN-"4-ILP WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLPLVWMVVJWJWWVPKVMPWWJMHW Minor Sport Coaches VICTOR STARZENSKI 9 Coach of Lacrosse Qrf' R3 F KENNETH GRAY EDWARD FITZ 3: Coach of Swimming Coach of Boxing and Varsity Trainer Two Hundred Ten rhrhrf-TH-xr+wrhrhrhrhA1AwR-1AvhAwdwrhAwdwrhr1WwrF5g rhrhrhrhrhrW3wrhd'TF+-urhdwfhrh d-xrh rhrh AFB fhrhrhrhrh rhflVh MVB rhrhrhrh 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 31 3 3 3 3' 3 in 9 Q -H 'fe ff? H.-ea :g7,j"ifx 1: 1 . izaifrf 52 Q' "ax f 2 A ' AL, ,f r V4. K Q , 1. rf' 2' Us . H' 1. ,fu-lf , I sly. ,GMA ,, A V I Q Y- ,4 . W-Qjlur' . W I ,Af-,thy ,M , 4 I I . " 45 J f .' 'K bfi . f , , , :Q . 9' ' , ,A Qt, we , ', . . ' , f,'fJ"""5 Q- 15+ 4 ' ' - , Z," f H445-4Q' .4 3 P' 1- .51 , ' ' A 1 Q T"Yi.l 'ri , ." " . 1 1 V ' N rhrhfHff'xfhfhfhflHfl'wr'hfhfhfi'wrhfhr'l'wrhfhfhfhrhfqhriwrhfhrhrhrhfhfhrhrhrh fBffNf+XffN Two Hundred Eleven EE Q Q Q Q Q Q li Q LE Q Q fi Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E Q FE IE QQ MSS rlwri-rhrhrF1Ff-mrlw E E 15 E 5 f IE rhrhfhrhfhfhrhfhrhrhrhrhflwfhfhrhrhrhrhrh rhfhrhrh rhrR7-hriwrhrhrk-xriwrlwrfwriwrh Q55 rh YPSP'-PSV WWWWWWWWWWWKILIIWWWWWWSPWWSPWNJLPWWWWWHJWW I First Row: Koth, Whitney. A. L. Chidscy lCnpminJ, Hcsson, Adams, R. C. Laughlin CCapmm clcczj, Mulquccn. McDonald, Crancll Second Raw: Goodale, Brigham, Cunningham, Cliff rd, Cunningham, C., Peters. Fincgan, Stone, Klein, Broderick 'Third Raw: Chcllis, Van Wicklcr, Dewey, l.auter?sach, johnson, Easterly. Hoxic, Dick, Robinson, Peterson, Robertson Fourth Row: Richards, Marks, Dyer, Garoialo, Martin, V. Starzenski QCoachJ, W. Green fAssismnt Coackj, Taylor, E. A. Merritt 1ManugevJ, H. F. Buckhcc fASSlSlBYl! Managcvj Fifth Row: Atherton, Kellncr Lacrosse, IQZS OFFICERS VICTOR STAIIZENSKI. . , . Coach ALAN L. CI-IIDsIzY, '25 . . . Captain EVALON A. MERRITT, '25 . . Manager HAROLD F. Bucicane, '26 . Assistant Manager TEAM CHIDSEY LAUGI-ILIN MCDONALD WHITNEY MULQUEEN STONE KOTH CUNNINGI-IAM, J. ADAMS CRANNBLI. BRIGI-IAM GAROFALO CLIFFORD SCORES I Union, O-Stevens, 1 Union, 12-St. Lawrence, 3 Union, 1-Crescent: A. C., 12 Union, 5-N. Y. U., 4 Union, 4-Harvard, 5 Union, 2-Colgate, 1 Union, 8-St. Stephens, 5 Union, 13-Wiliams, 2 Union, 3-Toronto, 6 fhrhrhrhrhrh I1WfhfhfhfhflWflNfi1d"m'NflNfhfmNf'lNfWNffXflNflWflNdWflW Two Hundred 'Twelve rh Aa -E E E E af -E E E 'E -E E rhrh fhfhrh Fl-rs: Row: Blair, Taylor, Perkins. L. C. Claipp Qcaptamj, Little. Hawley Second Row: R. S. Cross 1AssisIam Managzrj, Linilbloom, Seward, Knight, K. Gray 1Coachj, Fnrkhurst. D y C rwcrlz. W. E. Chase fMa'nagcvH Swimming, 1926 OFFICERS KENNETH GRAY . . . . . Coach R. N. BLAKELOCK . . Associate Coach LEwis C. CLAPP, '27 . . . Captain W. EARLE CHAsE, '26 . . . . . Manager RALPH S. Caoss, '27 ..... . Assistant Manager SCORES Union, 35--Schenectady Red Cross 18 Union, 24-Springfield, Union, 39-M. I. T., 23 Union, 36-R. P. I., Union, 38-N. Y. U., 24 Union, 23-Syracuse, UNION'S TANK RECORDS Event Record Holder 4OfYard Dash 20 3f5 Sec. Lewis C. Clapp, '27 5OfYard Dash 25 4f5 Sec. Lewis C. Clapp, '27 100fYard Dash 1 Min., 2f5 Sec. Lewis C. Clapp, '27 100fYard Backstroke 1 Min 14 1f5 Sec. James W. Brubaker, '25 150-Yard Backstroke 1 Min., 58 Sec. James W. Brubaker, '25 100fYard Breaststroke 1 Min., 22 Sec. William M. Parkhurst, '27 200fYard Breaststroke 3 Min., 2 Sec. William M. Parkhurst, '27 220fYard Swim 2 Min., 47 1f5 Sec. james W. Brubaker, '25 440'Yard Swim 6 Min., 16 Sec. Arthur Y. Taylor, '29 200-Yard Relay 1 Min., 47 3'5 Sec. Arthur Y. Taylor, '29 James B. Little, '29 Charles B. Perkins, '29 Lewis C. Clapp, '27 rhrhrhrhrhrh rhd1d1rhrEdwrhrh1i?xriNrhr1'i'E7lv1'VlNrhdNrhdwdwrlwrlTlSi Two Hundved 'Thirteen Q Q QE Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E Q E Q Q Q Q Q ff Q Q Q fhfiihihf-l-.rl-irtwrl-WI-1cFlg rF1?wrl-srhri-irhrlwfi-ich f f E E E E E E -E E 1E E E -E E E -E JE if f IE E IE E f E Q 9, Mascr, Totten, R. V. Cox lCap1ain and Mmmgerh, Blair, Hyland N 1 9- 9. Golf,'il'19'25 , Q x .1 A good season was enjoyed by the Union College Golf team, Captain Robert 'V. Cox being a consistent outstanding star. The Garnet finished second in the State Inter- collegiates, won four out of live dual matches, and crowned the season by defeating Syracuse in a dual match by a score of four to two. 43 , SCORES Union, 5-Amherst, 1 Union, 6-Colgate, O Union, 5-Colgate, 1 Union, 1-Syracuse, 5 Union, 4-Syracuse, 2 l State Intercollegiate Championships-Union, second fhrhrhrhrlwrhrlvhrhrFi?lwrlHrhrhrlwrl1rhrhrhdwdwrlSrhdwrlwrE?lwr1xfhr1'5'lwrlxdwrlxrlwrlvlwdwrlwdw Two Hundred Fourteen 'E f 6 6 -e e e E Q f e as f Q E as as se -e Q as f E as E -E f f -e f +2 6 -S f as 5 rlif-r'?v+1rFI??wrhfl-wi?-.rR7lwrElE5 f E E E E f EE 'E E E E E G IE -E IE LE E -E JE Q E E f 6 FE E E JE E E IE E IE JE JE E 6 AS 3 1 WWWW LPWLPWWWWWWWWKEWWWWWWWLPNJWWJWJWJWWWWWWWJWWYE J. A. Cameron CAssisranz Manager-D, R. E. Fisher fCapzain el:czJ, Wright, E. E. Davenport CCaprainJ, McKay, Ottman, N. Botsford fManagerJ u Tennis, .1925 , EVBRBTT E. DAVENPORT . NELSON Bo'rsFoRD . J. Ausrnn CAMEXON . Union, OFFICERS SCORES Union, 6--St. Stephens, Union, 2-Pratt Institute, Union Union Union Union 5 , 7-Hamilton, , 5-Hamilton, , 6-R. P. I., 4 . O-Ridgefield A. C., 4-Stevens Institute, . Captain . . Manager Assistant Manager riinrhd-wrhrh ri-sr1SFFFhfh E 45 Q 'E 'E IE 'E 15 'E 'E E E F2 E -E E E E 5 -E E E 'E E E -E f E E E E E E E E 6 6 E f f'hfI'NfIWfI1fIltf'h dwrhdNrhrhHwrhrhdwrfxrixrhrfTFhrhd1rhrfwrfwAwr1wrhdwffT5g Two Hundred Fifteen' 9. First Row: G. D. Shannon fMBYl!1gCYJ, Dillingham. Kellogg. Harcourt. J. G. Gilmour 1CnpramJ. Bishop. Schultze. Hylnnd,T. S. Athr:r!on.jr. Srcond Row: H. A. Bruce flqlhlfllf Dlvccrorj, H. A. Lairmhcc Ccnarhj, Adams, Roberts, Beale Hockey, 192926 HAROLD A. LARRABEB ....... Coach s . . , . . JOHN G GILMOU11 27 Captain G. DONALD SHANNON, '26 . , , Manager THOMAS S. ATHERTON, ja., '27 . . Assistant Manager . SCORES Union, 4-Bates, Union, 1--Hamilton, Union Union Union Union , 3--Amherst, , 3-R. P. I., , 5-Vermont, , 3-Middlebury, AWB ri-mrhfhri-irEFI5hrh fhdwrhfi-n+7i-irhrh E 6 -E E -E WE IE 15 IE E rhrhrhrhri-ifhfEFhrfVFFhrhrhdwrhrh rh rhd1dNdwrhrhdwrhrFFlwrhrhri'i7hrhdVhdNrhrhrhdvfvf'T5g Two H undved Sixteen 'Two Hundred Seventeen WWWWWKVWWWWLEJJWWWLPWYVKVLVWWHJLVWWWKVWWKILQJWLEHJWWWWWWWLQE 3' First Row: Reid, Smith, Corrigan, Hansen, Jones, Bcalc, Abbe, Bartlett Second Row: Hawley, Simson, Stoll, Zicrer, Robinson, Koth, Orhacz, Yates, Clark Thi-rd Row: Rankin, J. H. Wittncr QCaachJ, j. H. Taylor CAssistam Managerj, Kellogg fCaptainJ, M. A. Donovan lManag:rJ. Teitlebaum OFFICERS J. HAROLD WITTNBR . MAumcz A. DONOVAN, '26 JACKSON H. TAYLOR, '27 BAMLETT . . 3' JONES . . HANsON . KBLLOGG . . Aman . . Ram . . Union, Union, Union, Union, l. TEAM . Left End ZIERBR Left Tackle BARSTOW . Left Guard RASKIN . . Center BEALB . Right Guard SMWH . . Right Tackle CORRIOAN . SCORES O-New York Military Academy, 3 Ov-R. P. I. Frosh, 14-Hoosac School, O-Hudson Falls High School, . . Coach . . Manager Assistant Manager . Right End . Right End Quarterback . . Fullback . Right Halfback . Left Halfback 2 7 O 7 rhflwfhrlwfl1flNrhrhFlwr-hflNflwrhrhrhr'lwrhrhrhrhrhrRFhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhr'hrhrhrh rhrhrhrh Two Hundred Eighteen rE7lwrhrhrhrhrhFhrhrh rhrl?hrtxrhrl-rhrhrhrhrh rhrhrhfhrhrhriwrlxrhrlwrhrhriwrlxrhrhrhriwrhrhfhr1?wrlwrhrhf1"W'xrh f f JE if? 9' First Row: DeLong, Vnn Hoescn, Potter, McDowell, Brignoln, Sndowski 9, Second Row: J. H. Wittncr QCoachJ, Loucks, Gilgorc, A. J. Grecnough CAssistant Managerj, Davies, Zicrer, R. C. Fox fManage-rj OFFICERS . . Coach J. HAROLD WITTNER . ROBERT C. Fox, '26 . ALLEN J. GREENOUGH, '27 MCDOWELL POTTER . DBLONG BRIGNOLA . ENGBL . Union Union Union, Union, Union Union Union Union, Union TEAM SCORES 25-Troy High School, 24-Albany High School, 33-R. P. I. Freshmen, -State College Freshmen, 28 21-Schenectady High School, 30-Hoosac School, 17--Saratoga High School, 26-Glens Falls Academy, 55-R. P. I. Freshmen, . . Manager Assistant Manager . Right Forward Left Forward . Center Right Guard Left Guard E E E Q E E E E E E E E 'E E E E E f f E 'E 6 E E E 6 E fE E f f 'E f E E 'E mmmmmmaammmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmAammmmmmmmi rf7l'urhfhr-hrhrhrl-irlnrhfhrl-irh 5 E +2 E E 'E E mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmf Two' Hundred Nineteen ....-..-ah.. QXQK m,M w 1M.....w Li 'T'-':'.2!L'c'T5' W HAWES AND SACKETT EXCHANGE RIGHTS AND LEFTS NEAR THE ROPES T. .f., 'Www 5 x-Q2 1 X- -X , -Y I WOOID FINDS HAWLEY A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK Two H Lmdred Twenty WW '-I-JH-' WWWWWJWWWWWLPSELIJWWWWWWLPWJWNJWJSPWWWWWWWWWYE Department of Physical Training and Athletics SECOND ANNUAL INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS BOXING-FENCI NG-WRESTLING Interclass Competition for the George C. Foote Loving Cup Alumni Gymnasium, March 30, 1926 ORDER OF EVENTS AND RESULTS Event No. 1-Fencing CFoilJ Final Won by C. R. Williams, '29g second, R. P. Stevens, '28. Score, 5-3 Referee: Wharton Miller, Columbia EventfNo. 2-Wrestling Divisions : 115 lbs. 125 lbs 135 lbs. 145 lbs. 160 lbs 175 lbs Hwt. All Finals F. N. Miller, '28, defeated C. W. Reeves, '28, Fall, 1:04 T. D. Wood, '26, defeated W. C. Waterman, '26. Fall,'6:48 T. D. Wood, '26, defeated M. S. Hawley, '29. Fall, 9:06 C. L. Stowell, '28, defeated G. W. Blair, '28. Time advantage, 5:24 J. E. Corrigan, '29, defeated W. L. Nelson, '27. Fall, 8:45 L. W. Friederick, '28, defeated W. L. Nelson, '27. Time advantage, 4:29 C. A. Hanson, '29, defeated L. W. Friederick, '28. Fall, 3:37 Euent:No. 3-Boxing Divisions 115 lbs. 125 lbs. 135 lbs 145 lbs 160 lbs 175 lbs. Hwt. All Finals A. Cascini, '29, defeated S. LaCholter, '28. Decision S. LaCholter, '28, defeated C. J. Frosch, '29. Decision H. Provda, '29, defeated N. F. Brignola, '29. Decision M. I. Hawes, '28, defeated P. P. Sackett, '28. Extra round decision W. B. McDonald, '29, defeated P. P. Sackett, '28. Default A. H. Gilligan, '26, defeated W. B. McDonald, '27. Decision J. M. O'Neil, '27,-R. A. Hoehn, '27. Extra round draw CLASS SCORES Won by: Class of '28 with 46 Points Second: Class of '29 with 34 Points Third: Class of '27 with 22 Points Fourth: Class of '26 with 18 Points Referee Fred Hill, Lafayette College rhrlRwrhrhrlwrfVtwrhrE'Fhrhrhfhrhdxrh rhrlwrl1rhrfifhrhrhrE7hrlxrlxrfWlV'rxrfTHwrl'xdvhnwdvh Two Hundred 'Twenty-one LE JE E LE LE -E -E JE E E f IE 1E E 'E JE E E rh rhrhrhrl-W'xrlT'hrh fl7lwr'lSrhrhrhrhfF'Flwrlw E E E HS LVWWLVWKVKILPWYIQIJWWVAPWKVLVWWWWW WWWWWWKILIJKEEIJWWWWWW Furs: Row: Frankel, Korkosz, Spirn, Militmorc, Kenney Strand Raw: Macomhcr, Tnniski, Stevens, W. Miller CCoachl, Frccsc. Williams, Wood Third Row: Peckham, Ruggles, Simpson, Van Alstyne, Burr, Wilde, Cohen Fencers' Club OFFICERS WHARTON MILLER , . . , Coach RALPH P. STEVENS . . President Joi-IN C. STALEY . . Secretary After a lapse of many years, fencing was resumed last year and has gained great favor as an intramural sport. Coach Wharton Miller instructed a squad of some forty-five men this year, some of whom have become quite proficient with the foil. Although no inter' collegiate contests were engaged in this year, the Freshmen defeated Albany High School in a practice meet by a score of 8 to 1. In the Annual Indoor Championships, the fencers showed good form, and if their progress continues the sport bids fair to be a minor in the near future. Two Hundred Twentyftwo YE M52 rhrl-xrhrhfRFh E E QE 'E t 15 fhrhrhflwrhrhriwrlxrhriwriwrhrhrhrhrlwrhrixriwffwrh fb rhrhrl-xrhrhflwrhfh 'E JE JE E RSE c3YiVWWWkVWWkEHJklLlb.lJWWkliPWWWWWWWWWWWWWW E LE 1 i 3 Varsity Club tg 'E 31 f 5 OFFICERS VE 3, FRANK C. COOPER . . . . - President 9' RICHARD C. LAUGHLIN . . . VicefPresident E if J. HAROLD WITTNER . Secretary and Treasurer Ig 9 E 31 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE -E 3 E W. J. SMITH Dow BEEKMAN HOMER GOFF E 3 MEMBERS A E ? William Allen, '95 Arnold H. Goodman, '17 Charles E. Parson, '98 E Lawrence C. Baker, '95 Karl H. Gorham, 19 Roger W. Patterson, '23 VE 3 Rev. R. B. Beattie, '96 Dickson E. Griflith, '02 Frederick Patton, '05 'E 91 David J. Beaver, '15 Guy B. Griswold, '03 Dr. Roger G. Perkins, '94 JE 3- Jacob J. Beaver, '15 William H. Guardinier, '04 Horatio M. Pollock, '95 E Douw F. Beekman, '21 Dr. E. Zeh Hawkes, '87 Don Price, '17 E Curtis D. Bunting, '03 Harvey H. Hay, '18 Morris T. Raymond, '05 'E gl Bryan O. Burgin, '95 Elmer Heidorf, '23 John M. Reynolds, '21 6 9, Leon L, Biche, '12 Harold J. Hinman, '99 Orson C. Richards, '95 E Edward B. Cantey, '20 Lynde D. Hokerk, '15 Dr. Charles A. Richmond f Alan L, Chidsgy, '25 Robert S. Hoxie, '98 CHonoraryJ E 9, Frederick L. Comstock, '90 Cole E. Johnson, '26 Louis J. Rinaldi, '22 'E 3 F. Law Comstock, '20 Gardiner Kline, 'Ol John A. Royce, '13 E 5, Edward S. Coons, '92 H. Ralph Knight, '17 John E. Sawyer, '99 E 9, Judge F. C. Cooper, '93 Charles R. Lewis, '23 Sanford Schanberger, '19 E 9, Harry F. Coward, '12 William B. May, Jr., '19 Irving Schwartz, '22 'E G. Herbert Daley, '92 Henry D. Merchant, '93 Philip F. Shulter, '08 6 3' E. W. Daley, 94 Ernest P. Meyer, '23 William J. Smith, '99 'G 3 Robert E. Dennis, '12 Richmond F. Meyer, '23 J. L. Dawson Speer, '20 E 9, Thomas A. Dent, '15 L. L. Melius, '96 Edward W. Strong, '99 E Raymond C. Donnan, '03 Charles H. MacCulloch, 'oo John R. Sutton, Jr., '23 Q 91 Philip S. Dorlan, '89 Walter McEwan, '95 Fenwick M. Thebo, '02 Q 3' Frances E. Drohan, '22 Harold G. McGee, '20 Malcolm G. Thomas, '98 ,E 3' W. R. Galt Duane, '23 Walter S. McNab, '08 Hiram O. Todd, '97 .E 9' John W. Eddy, '18 G. Franklin Mosher, '18 Charles N. Waldron, '06 Q 3' Andrew C' Fentgn, '00 Leland W. Mosher, '22 LeRoy J. Weed, '01 6 31 George H, Fox, '20 John H. Murray, 3rd, '22 George M. Wiley, '99 .E Chester G. Fullerton, '08 LeRoy L. Odell, 'O5 Herbert W. Willets, '23 ,S Robert C. Gambee, '99 Richard R. Oram, '23 J. Harold Wittner, '20 9 Wallace S. Girling, '17 Douglas W. Paige, '00 William C. Yates, '98 lg 5 John E. Glenn, '24 Dr. John E. Parker, '01 Isador Yavits, '19 .E gp Homer P. Goff, '21 Philip T. Mallen, '18 3 . R 3 f 31 E 3l7lXriwrhriwfhflNrhri1rhfHrhrlNflnrl1fl'wf1'xrhrhflwflwrhfhrhrlxrhrhri-ufhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhfhdwrhflwrl:-"Ig 'Two Hundred Twentyfthree 'Two hundred twentyffour W I W WILLARD L. DAVIS WILLIAM H. MILLER President Secretary The Student Body WILLARD L. DAVIS . . President WILLIAM H. MILLER ....... . . Secretary Every undergraduate regularly enrolled in Union College is a member of the Union College Student Body. The purposes of the organization are: unity of action, selffgovernf ment, and the airing of student opinion. The constitution of the body is ratified at the first regular meeting of each college year and becomes effective at that time. The under' graduate body enjoys full speaking and voting privileges, with the exception of the fresh' men, who receive these powers after MovingfUp Day. The president of the senior class presides at student meetings and appoints the secretary. The student body meets in the old chapel every Monday morning during the period which on other days is devoted to the chapel services. Discussion of student policy and outlines of activities are made at these meetings. Reports and announcements of games are made by captains and managers of the various sports, and motions are debated upon and passed. Changes in the constitutions of all boards governing branches of student activity must be ratified by this body before becoming effective. The student body also has the exclusive right to levy all taxes on the undergraduate body as a whole. This organization is invaluable in settling student problems. 'E 'E f f 5 'C 'Q 5 t 'E 'E E E 'E 'E f 'E 'E 'E f 'E 'E f f 'S f 5 f 'E 'E 'E 'E f E 'E 'E 'E 5 fwsflsfh fsfmafhfsfsfwmifsli E E E E E 'E E E E E E f 15 -E E E E f IE E E 'E E 6 I2 'E E E 6 E E E f fhrhrfwrhrhrbfhrfwrhrfwkhrlwrfvhrh rh rh rfvfwrhrhrfwflwrhrhr1'QwrfvhrfWwrfxrfVlwr1wrhfh rfw rhrhrflg Two Hundred Twcntyfsix 9 l Fl Athletic Board of Union College HAROLD ANSON BRUCE ........ President AUSTIN M. SARR . . Vice-President HARTLEY F. DEWEY ..... Treasurer HOWARD OPDYKE . . . . Secrewxry and Assistant Treasurer PRES. CHARLES A. RICHMOND DEAN C. F. F. GARIS W. W. CRONKHITE, '04 W. C. YATES, '98 THOMAS S. CAssEDY, '26 STEWART Z. HAw1cEs, '26 JOHN T. COMESKY, '26 G. DONALD SHANNON, '26 fl'Nflvl1f'l'Xfl1f'l'Nflm'Nfl'Wfl'if'hflWVflNfhfl1fl1 fh fhr1'1fhFl1rhflvhrhr57lxfhfl1ffVlTFlNrJl'VlNrlNrlNrhdw rhrh Two Hundred Twentyfseven f+1fhrhr+wrlwrlwFfTFhfhAwf+nFlwrl-1dwAwr+7l-.rFfg JE LE -E E E 'E E E IE JE AE 4E 'E 15 1? E r1'Tvxfl'xrhrhrhfhrfT'lwrhrhr1-wr'h d-wh 5 E E E JE wi E HS College Union Board MAURICE V. ODQUIST, '26 RUSH F. ZIEGENFIELDER, '26 MARSHAL L. B. HAWES. '28 MORRIS V. ODQUIST LEWIS C. CLAPP SAMUEL W. Buoo 1926 1927 1928 . . . President Vice-President . Secretary RUSH F. ZIEGENFIELDER RALPH S. Caoss MARSHAL L. B. HAWBS 5 Q if Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q f 'E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q r+1r41rhr'hr'm?v'f:ulE rhrhf-B fi E E 6 E TG E 6 IE -E E E E E +6 E E E E 'E 'E JE 6 IE E E 15 E E IE 5 IE E wi 'E Q5 rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhdwrhrhdwrhrfT'l'nzhrhfE7hdxrr'VfxrhrfNrhdwdwdwrfT5g Two Hundred 'Twentyfeight f3jiVWWWWWkVkEHJWX4LElJLHLlf4LHJLPHJWLVWWSVLVWk!-'LPLPWKV Undergraduate Publication Board PROF. HOWARD OPDYKE ..... President H. WYNN BUSSMAN . Secretary HARTLEY F. DEWEY .... , 'T 15,151,167 FACULTY PRES. CHAIKLES A. RICHMOND DEAN CHARLES F. F. CARIS PROP. HOWARD OPDYKE IPROF. WHARTON MILLER 1926 RANDOLPH A. WALLING WALLACE B. CURTIS H. WYNN BUSSMAN 1927 GEORGE R. PRATT BRUCE A. MULQUEEN RALPH S. CROSS JACKSON H. TAYLOR ffwffvfvfmwfevenffmwfhffwffsmffvhfrwfhffvhmfwnavhfhfhfhfhfhmfhmfhfh mm mm Two Hundred Twentyfnine - dwrlwrhfhrhrf-xrhrf-R AVI-I th AWN fhfhrh HTH riwrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhfhrhrhrhrhriwrhrhrhrhrhrhfhfhfhrhrhrhrhrh rhr-FFh rF7h rhfhrh QM CONCORDIENSIS BOARD 39' wwwwwwwwwwww-vwwwuwwwwwwkvkvwwwwwwwwwkvwww-vsnqg H. WYNN BUSSMAN RANDOLPH A. WALLING Editor-infchief Business Manager Goncordiensis EDITORIAL STAFF H. WYNN BUSSMAN, '26 ...... . . EditorfinfChief MAu1ucE A. DONOVAN, '26 ..... . Managing Editor HERMAN G. MASER, '26 . JAMES A. SMITH, '26 . . E. FOSTER, '27 . G. HASKELL, '27 G G ASSOCIATE EDITORS W. A. MACMASTER, '27 REPORTERS . . News Editor Senior Associate Editor H. L. MARKSON, '27 B. I. MINTZER, '27 E E E E E fhdi-he?-i rhrhrhrhdwrIwrfT'lwrhrhrhr+-idwdwrh rhrf-irhri-mhrhrW'lwrh E E 'E 45 FE E 'E 'E E E FE E IE E JE E E E. BURNHAM, '28 W. J. GELSLEIOHTER, '28 D. S. DALES, '28 S. L. HIRSOHBERG, '28 L. G. DEWEY, '28 I. L. KATZ, '27 A. H. DICKINSON, '28 LEO SPIRA, '27 J. H. EINHORN, '28 R. E. WOODWORTH, '28 J. E. FINEGAN, '28 A. B. WYCKOFF, '28 MANAGERIAL STAFF RANDOLPH A. WALLING, '26 ....... Business Manager JOHN A. TIEDEMAN, '26 . . . Publication Manager HENRY E. GALLOWAY, '27 . Assistant Business Manager VERNON D. PENNER, '27 ...... Assistant Business Manager CANDIDATE BUSINESS MANAGERS R. G. BRIGGS, '28 H. C. LAMBERTON. '28 rhrhrhrhrhrhr5'rFiTNrhrhrhrFFhrhrhdwrhrEfhrhrhrhrhrhrFF'rifhriwffWhrhr1wr1wrtwrfwrfwrfwr1NrlNrf?JiS Two Hundred Thirtyfone 1927 GARNET BOARD 3-IJVHJWWWWWKVKEHJWLILIJWWSESJWWWWWWWWLPWLPWWSIJWWWX-ESNJWLI-'LEBJWkli5Q C 3 5 3 E sf J LE 9 . 5 3 S E 31 E 3- E 3 ef - I2 5 E 'E 5 f 3' T 9 I S 3 GEORGE R. PRATT BRUCE A. MULQUEEN Edfm,.fn.Chfef Business Manager ,E E 3 3 E gf The 1927 Garnet E 9 , STAFF E 5 GEORGE R. PRATT . . - EdiIOT'iH'ChiCf E 9' BRUCE A, MULQUEEN V Business Managev E RICHARD W. BRIGHAM . . ACHCUC Ediwf 5 9' A. HOWARD ABELL - Lifefflfy Ediwf E 3' WALTER F. ROLLINS - AT! Ediwf E 3 E 3 ASSOCIATE EDITORS E 31 JOSEPH D. ALLEN WILLIAM DEV. KILBY 6 ANDREW M. ANDERSON RUDOPLH S. LAPP E 3 THOMAS S. ATHERTON, JR. H. VICTOR LINNEMAN 6 3 GEORGE E. FOSTER, JR. HERBERT I. MAIKKFIBLD E 3, JACOB FRUMKIN THOMAS P. J. MCLAUGHLIN 6 9- DEFOREST I. GALER DONALD L. MILLHAM 'Q 3' CHARLES G. HASKELL BERNARD I. MINTZER 'E 37 ROBERT G, HOEHN CHARLES A. SKILLMAN 'G 91 REMSEN JOHNSON, JR. NATHAN C. SOUTHWORTH 'E 3 E 3, ROBERT A. JOHNSON FRANCIS L. STEBBINS, JR. E 9. . STUART L. VAN DERzEE -E 3 E 3 he 3 RE 31 S J SE g37lSASAwfl?ftwrfwfhfiwdwffwfIwfhrhrhrhrhr+wrIwfiSf+SAwdSfhfhrhrhrhrhmmfhfhmfhff,mmmfhffrgg, Two H undved Thivtyfthvee cgi-WEIRDWLVKPKHKVLVYVYKHJWWWWWWKIJWU-JWLVLV WWWLVWWWWWLILQJWWWWWW RALPH S. CROSS JACKSON H. TAYLOR EditorfinfChief Business Manager The Handbook RALPH Scmemsa Caoss . . Editovfin-Chief JACKSON Hum-Ea TAYLOR Business Manager The Union College Handbook is a volume by and under the jurisdiction of the Publication Board primarily for the enlightenment and instruction of the members of the freshmen class. It further serves as a reference manual for all the activities of the college. The Handbook contains a record of the traditions of the college, the various yells, songs, and campus rules, the oflicers of the various undergraduate organizations, their constitutions, and further, a large amount of information of general interest to the students. 3i7larF'rhrhrhrhfiwrhrhFrwrhrfxrhfhfhrhfhrhfhfhrhrhrhrhrhrlwfhrhrhrhflwrhrhrhrh f'lTl'l'Xf+NflN Two Hundred Thivtyefour ,AS rhrf7hrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh fhrhfhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrlwrhrhrlNrhrlNrlafhrhri?lvl-irhfhr1'?hrh rhrh rhrh rfx7i-irhrh 6 f JE E FSS La Voz de Union Louis DE ULZURRUN . Editor CARLTON Coouzv . . . . Manager ARCHIBALD WEMPLB . . Senior Assistant Editor CHARLES CUNNINGHAM . Assistant Business Manager LEONADAS PENA SANCHEZ .... . . . Faculty Advisor La Voz de Union was founded last year by the Spanish section of the Modern Language Department and had a fairly successful season, despite some vicissitudes. It has continued, albeit somewhat irregularly, during the current year. The uncertain date of its appearance has made it diflicult for the paper to secure fixed monetary returns. For the coming year the management hopes to secure such support as will justify the Modern Language Def partment in actively sponsoring the publication, and the Publication Board in recognizing it and supervising its financial integrity. Even under the precarious conditions of its existence, so far, the pamphlet has brought the department, and incidentally the college, a good deal of worth-while publicity and recognition from many colleges and from general newspaper notice, not only in this country but in Spain and South America as well, and very gratifying and commendatory letters have been received. It is hoped that this reputation may be maintained and strengthened. In its Hrst year La Voz printed some of its editorials and articles in English and some in Spanish-about half and half. This year everything has been in Spanish, and this policy will be continued. It is planned to observe three distinct divisions of matter- editorials, contributions, and reprints, the latter consisting of descriptive articles dealing with Spain and South America, and of quotations from Spanish humorous papers. r flW'f'hHWflNfl'1d1fhfhdNfl1fhflNflNflNfRFlNllNflNfm'lNflNflv'lNANdNflNfhdNflW Two Hundred Thirtyfjive E E DQ -S f f -Q 6 e E f -s as E f s f f Q f f E Q E 6 f f -e f as Q f f f it rl-1 rhrl-i -E JE E 'E E E E 'E E 'E E E E 'E rh dwrhrhrh rhrhrhrhrh E E E E f 2:55 SPV WWWWWYVKVWWKIQPWWYEBJWKVKVWWWWW WWWWWW Press Club RUSSELL B. WESTON, '26 . , . . President FRED S. MAl'ES, '26 . . . VicefPv'esident CLIFFORD W. CONNELL. '28 . , . . Secretary l 1926 H. G. MASER M. V. ODQUIST C. S. MAPES C. D. READ R. B. WESTON 1927 G. E. FOSTER H. W. OTIS H. E. GALOWAY L. SPIRA D. L. MILLHAM C. E. STEWART C. S. TRACY 1928 C. W. CONNELL H. C. LAMBERTON M. T. DEOKER J. M. ROEESON R. E. WOODWORTH 1929 J. P. HAIKCOURT S. YATES rf?hrhrhrhfhfRFhrhf-H E E JE HE QE 'E E 'E E E E 6 E E E -E TE E E E E E E E E E E E 'E 'E E 'E JE E E E E E 6 E E Two Hlmdred 'Thirtyfsix 35? I Pi Delta Epsilon PROP. HOWARD OPDYKE H. WYNN BUSSMAN MARTIN J. WALLACE WALLACE B. CURTIS RANDOLPH A. WALLING MAURICE A. DONAVAN ARCHIBALD C. WEMPLE fhrhrhrhrhrhrfiwrhrhrhrhrfwrhdwrhrh rhrhfhfhrHHwihrhrf37hrfxfiwrfT7hdNrf37hAwdwrhdwrhr1w Two Hundred 'Thirtyfseven 5 'E 5 E f 5 'E 'E E f E 'E 'E 'E E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E f if f 'E f f f 'E E f f 'E Rf f 5 f mmnanrmmmamfhmmfmxfaig 'E E E -E FE mammmmmmmammmm mmmmmmmmm E E E E I2 gbllxrhrhrhrhrhrhrh THE MUSICAL CLUBS ,- lg , CARL C. BRYANT ' HENRY A. SCHAUFFLER Manager Coach Musical Clubs OFFICERS CARL C. BRYANT . . . . . Manager CHARLES E. STEWART , Assistant Manager HARRY H. HALL . . Leader, Glee Club ROBERT C. Fox . . . . Leader, Instrumental Club PROP. HENRY A. SCHAUFFLER . . . . Coach This season the Union College Musical Clubs exceeded all other years, it was believed, in the excellence of their program. Undoubtedly, such favorable comment was caused not only by the choice of selections but also by the true merit of the clubs. The New York State Intercollegiate Glee Club Contest was held this year in Rochester on February 13th. The relative showings of the clubs competing were so nearly equal that the contest was finally judged upon tonefquality alone. The Syracuse Glee Club was again awarded the decision. Beside several local concerts, the clubs made two trips to New York and its vicinityg one at the time of Washington's Birthday and the other at Easter. A splendid innovation was carried out in the second part of the concert program- the specialty numbers which were arranged in pleasing conjunction with the famous "Garnet Goblinsf' the Union College Dance Orchestra. Harry H. Hall, again the vocal soloist, continued his success of last year. A. Howard Abell, as piano soloist, once more surprised and delighted his audiences with his numbers. The musical clubs are exceedingly fortunate in having a coach as excellent as Prof. Henry A. Schauiller and at the same time as wholefheartedly interested in their welfare as he has always shown himself to be. E E Q Q E Q IE 6 HE E E 12 E E Q E E E E E E E 'E E E E E fi LE E E 5 IE E mmmmammmmm mmmmmmmmmg mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm E f E E Awflwriwfiwrlwrhriwdiriwrfwflxffwriwflwfhrhdwfhriwrhrhriwrlwrixrhrhrhrhrhrhrlwrhfhfh rhrh fix rim-Rig Two Hundred Thirtyfriine WWWWWWKQJJWPGNJWWYWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.W HARRY H. HALL . B. F. REINHART, '27 H. T. MASER, '27 A. B. O'GRADY, '29 S. M. BISHOP, '26 A. C. WBMPLR, '26 W. S. DEWBY, '27 N. C. SOUTHWORTH,. '27 J. ROBESON, '28 F. H. PRCRHAM, '29 R. C. Fox, '26 E. L. CARROL, '27 L. G. DEWBY, '28 E. B. MORRIS, '28 E. BRIDGE, '29 F. S. MAPES, '26 H. W. HALL, '26 C. E. STEWART, '27 Glee Club First 'I'enors E. S. MARTIN, '27 W. KLINB, '29 First Basses A. J. SEHOLM, '26 H. H. HALL, '26 A. W. GoTcH, '26 P. SCHULTZ, '28 F. C. BRADT, '28 M. DARRISON, '29 J. G. MORBY, '29 Second Tenors H. G. MASRR, '26 R. B. JOHNSON, '28 J. FOLEY, '28 G. PAYNE, '28 E. T. MAUGBR, '29 Second Basses H. A. BRAND, '26 A. H. ABBLL, '27 F. B. WOODWORTH, '28 . Leader A. H. DICKINSON, '28 A. MITCHELL, '29 H. SEGAL, '29 M. V. ODQUIST, '26 W. E. DANFORTH, '27 H. SHULMAN, '27 H. B. ARTHUR, '26 W. WHITAKRR, '29 R. E. GRIPFITH, '29 J. S. CONANT, '27 J. H. FREE, '28 A. J. YOUNG, '28 C. G. ROBERTS, '28 P. R. CLARR, '29 H. W. BussMAN, '26 P. S. BURNHAM, '28 C. L. HBNSHAW, '28 rfxfhrhrh 6 E TE E E 6 JE rh rh rhrlx E E f E E E 6 'E E E E E E E E E 6 E E rhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrhr-hfhrhfhrhfhrE7hrhrhrhrhn'Vhrhrhrhrhrhrhr'hrhrhrhrh f'hr'hfhrhfFfE Two Hundred Forty WSP WW LPWWWWWWWWWWSEHIWWWWWWLPFVWNJWJSPWWWJSVWWSPWWSKE Instrumental Club ROBERT C Fox . . . Leader H. G. MASBR, '26 H. SHULMAN, '27 W. S. DEWEY, '27 H. SEGAL, '29 Viola P. S. BURNHAM, '27 Piano A. H. ABELL, '28 Saxophones F. S. MAPES, '26 A. W. Gorcu, '26 F. C. BRADT, '28 F. H. Pncxz-IAM, '29 Bassoon L. G. Drzwrzy, '28 Violins A. J. SEHOLM, '26 1. S. CONANT, '27 N. C. SOUTHWORTH, '27 A. B. O'GRAnY, '29 'Cello E. T. MAUGER, '27 Clarinets A. H. DICKINSON, '28 T. MASBR, '27 Trumpets A. C. WEMPLE, '26 F. B. WOODWORTH, '28 R. E. GRIFFITH, '29 P. R. CLARK, '29 DARRISON, '29 Percussion P R. C. Fox, '26 rlNrEFlwrhrlxrl'xffTl'757F?lwrhf+xr'lwrlwrhrl1rhrhrhdwrhfhrhrhrhdwrhfiwr1'i'7hrhr1'Thdwrhfhdwrhdw Two Hundred Forty-one E E LE LE -E 6 E fE LE f EE me 'E 'E 'E me 'E mmm mmm mmmmm rlT?h E HS HARRY H. HALL ROBERT C. FOX THE UNION COLLEGE QUARTET Two Hundred Fovtyftwo Union College Band CHARLES T. MALE ....... Coach ARCHIBALD C. WEMPLE . . . Leader HAROLD A. NADEAU . . , Managgy EDWARD J. BAscH . . . Assistant Manager FREDERICK B. WOODWORTH . , , Libya-,fan RALPH H. JONES , . . . . . . Secretary 1926 WILLIAM G. BRADSHAW, JR. HERMAN L. BRADT GEORGE J. DUNN SAMUEL JACOBS 1927 JOSEPH D. ALLEN GUSTAVE M. HABER HAROLD T. MASER HERMAN SHULMAN CHARLES M. WATERSTREET 1928 HENRY S. BROWN CHESTER H. LAUTERBACH RALPH P. STEVENS JAMES A. DEPUY FRANK C. DONEY NELSON ARMLIN, JR. GILBERT H. BAKER JOHN W. C. BASSETT GEORGE A. BUELL WILLIAM H. MEYER ELMER G. ST. JOHN 1929 PRESTON R. CLARK EDWIN L. CROSEY, JR. FRED D. KING SAUL EPSTEIN ROGER E GRIEFITH THOMAS M. CANNELLA - . V H STEWART H. CHAPIN RAYMOND . EALY ARTHUR E. VAN WIE JAMES M. KENNBY, JR HAROLD M. LUSK JOHN T. MCDOWELL ROEERT E. ROCKWELL JAMES H. WADDELL mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmHmmm Two Hundred Fortyfthvee E E 6 E E Q 'E E 6 I2 E E li E E E E E E E E E E 'E E E E E E IE IE 6 mmmmmmmmmg rh rhrffh rhrhrhrhrhf-lxrKHwrhrRFhfhrh rhrfv'Rrhfhrhrhrhrh E E E E E E T T 6 THE MOUNTEBANKS W W WJSU WWWLPWWWWWWWNIQIJWWWWWWWJWWWWWJWWWWWWWWWK TYLER D. WOOD JOHN A. TIEDEMAN President Manager The Mountebanks EUGENE G. HARPER . Coach TYLER D. WOOD . . President JOHN A. TIEDEMAN . , Manager EDWARD L. CARROLL , . .,,, Secreta-fy Once more at the opening of the college year the Mountebanks were faced with a handicap, owing to the departure of Mr. Oswell L. jackson who so capably coached the production of "Outward Bound" last spring. Moreover, several excellent actors were lost by graduation. It was undoubtedly in view of these facts that a play, or a group, requiring fewer characters was considered more favorable. Departing, therefore, from the usual custom of presenting three short plays some time during the first semester, for the fall production this year the organization chose Rachel Crother's 'LExpressing Willie." The cast was carefully picked by Professor R. M. Herrick from a large number of tryouts. Through the kindness of the local stock company, the Mountebanks were able to secure the services of its associate director, Mr. Eugene G. Harper, to coach the players. The performance was given at the Schenectady High School on Friday evening, December 11, 1925, preceding the Sophomore Soiree. rhrFTFhd1rhrhrHFlwffvhrhrhrhrlwrlwrhrh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrivfwr1WwrhrfTHviwrhrfw rh rlvh Two Hundred Fortyffive fhffvisahfsaammmfnffi rf-T3-xriwrhfhrhrhfl-1fE fhrhfhrhrhrh E dwrhrhrh ri?wrhrhrhr'h E E JE E E I2 E E Q E E +5 E HS '-Vhvkl-JSP WWWWWWWWWWWWLPWWWWWWWWWNJWWWWWWWWWWWSEE The Mountebanks QContinuedJ The cast follows: Minnie Whitcomb . WILLIAM D. ZELIE, '26 Willie Smith . . WALLACE B. CURTIS, '26 Mrs. Smith . . REMSEN JOHNSON, JR., '27 Taliaferro . . , . TYLER D. WOOD, '26 George Cadwalader . . THOMAS H. A. LEWIS, '26 Dollie Cadwalader . . CLARENCE H. EDMoNDs,'26 Frances Sylvester . . EDWARD L. CARROLL, '27 Simpson . . JAMES J. MCGUINESS, '26 Reynolds . . CHARLES ALBERT, '26 Gordon . MARSHAL L. B. HAWES, '28 Jean . . HARRY B. DUANE, JR., '28 The production was easily up to the usual Mountebank standard and was well received by a large audience. The men showed excellent training and appeared to have fully grasped the significance of their respective parts. It would not be fair to any of the principals to single out any one performance. Curtis, Johnson, Wood, and Carroll were well cast in familiar roles, the latter two seeming to carry them out with a particular dash and brilliancy. Zelie, in his first appearance with the Mountebanks, did remarkably well in a role which is difiicult for a college man to portray. Lewis and Edmonds, as well, enacted with effective and laughable realism a couple easily recognized as "gofgetters." And that, in truth, was perhaps the secret of the performance-the truth of the comedy itself. Whether or not one agrees with Miss Crothers in the philosophy of self-expression which she discusses, one must admit that the play is typically representative of a side of American Life. The settings were capably worked out by John Gilmore, assistant manager of the club. They gave a tone to the production which was unmistakably high. The College Instrumental Club, under the direction of Professor H. A. Shaufiler, entertained the audience with incidental selections. In the coming spring production, the Mountebanks are planning one of the most elaborate presentations within recent years: the Shakespearean Comedy, "The Taming of the Shrew." Besides including a large number of players in the spring production, such an undertaking affords an occasion for elaborate settings and costuming which contributed in a large degree to the success of the Mountebank production of Anatole France's"The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife," which was given two years ago. rhrhrhdwrhriwrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhriwrhrhrhrhrhdwrhrhrhrhrf-Flvhrhr1'FlwrixrfVhrhrlwrhdNdwriw Two Hundred Forty-six rhr5i-Irhri-sd-1Axrl'TFl-I E -E E -E E 15 E E E JE E E 'E AQ E JE IE E E 'E E E IE 6 IE E f E 'E HE W The Interfraternity Council AUSTIN M. SARR . . . President ALLEN J. GREENOUGH . . . VicefPresident . Secretary and 'Treasurer STORRS M. BISHOP . WILLIAM M. PARKHURST, KA SToRRs M. BISHOP, AAIIJ TYLER D. Woon, Efb CLARENCE E. HAEER, BGH ARTHUR H. ABELL, JR., ACD AUSTIN M. SARR, fI1A9 WILLARD M. DAvIs, IIIT JAMES A. CAMERON, KIDFA ARTHUR J. DICK, AT KENNETH G. MAYBE, AXA ALLEN J. GREENOUGH, XXII ALBERT W. GOTCH, fI2EK KARGES E. LAUTERBACH, SAX CLARENCE R. BUCKEEE, EX Q f 6 E Qs f f e e E f -e E E e -e f E f f -s fe 6 f f we L f Q L f we Ae S .-F7hfhrfw7RAvhrhA-MITH-1rEIf55 rl-1rhriW-Irhrf-Tri-urhrhrf-.rR JE E E 'E EE rfT'hrhrhd1fhrhri?wd-fhr+Irh rf, E f IE E f YE 'E E E E 6 IE fiNrFHwrhrfwrhrHFW'hrFT?hrHrfiFhrfwrfirhdwrfwfhdwfhr1wrhriwriVhAxrhrfT?hdNrE?xrhdwrhrhdwriwffT5g Two Hundred Fortyfseven Union College Christian Association HERMAN G. MASER .......... President CLARENCE R. BUCKBEE . VicefPresident C. WISTER REEVE . . . Secretary HAROLD F. BUCKEEE . . . , . Treasurer CABINET A. H. ABELL K. DuBois K. LAWTON F. B. STEVENS W. R. ADAMS M. G. GOKHALE H. T. MASER R. STEVENS D. BURR H. H. HALL L. T. Mos'rEN A. C. WEMPLE H. W. BUSSMAN S. Z. HAWRES G. RICHARDS C. N. WOOLSEY T. S. CASSEDY C. HENSHAW L. H. SCHENCK S. YATES P. H. KYLE C. STAHLER The Union College Christian Association participates in student activities and is the center of religious life on the campus. This year the ofiice of general secretary has been created. He, with the aid of the advisory board, supervises the work of the students through some fifteen committees. The activities of the association are-varied and embrace a Wide field of student interest. Freshman Orientation Courses, freshman Reception, issuance of freshman letters, Bible and mission Study classes, student friendship work, football mass meetings, annual football Smoker, Tradition Night, World Court Conference, Red Cross Campaign, deputation work, foreign student work, and the maintenance of reading and meeting rooms form a part of the work carried on by the association. The two important gains in the work this year, besides the creation of the secretary' ship, were the holding of the Freshman Orientation Meetings in the fall, and the amplifica- tion of the use of the "Y" building, several meetings being held nearly every night in the week in the Hall. E as E 4 Q f -5 e 'E 'C we we as r E s -G f as -s f 6 as Q E f f r s as -S ss Q -6 as i fsli rFFlwrl-Srhihrhrlwfl-.Aw rhrfi-'lwrhrlv-l?v'E?n 'E E 6 'E 'E 'E -E 6 E 5 E -E JE E 'E JE FE E E f 'E E I2 f E 6 6 E 2?S7hrhrhrhrhriwrhrhrhrhriwrhfla'rlwrfarhrh rh rhrhrlwfhrhrlarhrl1r1'i?wrlxrhrR?lwrlxrfTrlwrlariwrhdw rrwrfvR'lg: Two Hundred Fortyfeiglit 3.HJWWWPVWVVkE5JWllQlJlVWLli5fWLVlVWWWWWWWHJLPWXVWNJSQESA-VWWLHBJKP Union College Christian Association Advisory Board PROP. WARREN C. TAYLOR ...... . President C. ROBERT BUCKEEE ..,,, , Secretary HARTLEY F. DEWEY ....... . Treasurer PRES. CHARLES A. RICl1MOND, ex ojjicio DR. LEONARD C. JONES PROF. WHARTON MILLER H, L, ACHILLES CHARLES T. MALE A. HOWAIKD ABELL, '27 HEIKMAN G. MASER, '26 FRANCIS B. STEVENS, '26 The Union College Christian Association Advisory Board is the supervisory board of the work of the association. It consists of four undergraduates, an alumni representative, faculty representatives, and the general secretary. The president of the student association is automatically a member, the other three members being elected by the cabinet. The board meets once a month to survey the past and anticipated Work of the assof ciation. Written reports are submitted to the board by the student president and the general secretary, covering the work of the past Inonth. Methods of attacking the various fields of association activity are gone over in the board Ineetings, recommendations being made to the cabinet upon request. Members of the board have aided the- Work of the association by teaching and taking charge of Bible and mission study classes, this work now being done by the general secretary. fiarfxfhrh fgrfh fh rh Two Hundred Fortyfnine se fhfhdwfhrh rlsrhrhrhri-IrhflwrhFhrl-If-lx E ri rhfhrhrlirhrlwrhrh dwrhmdwrhrhriwrhdwfhfh rhriwfiwflxfrwriwflwrlxflwflwriuricxdw fix rl-.ri-xfhri na-S 397 WWWWWWWWWWQPWWWUJWWWWWWWWWWWWWWKESJWLHWWWWWWW junior Prom Committee RICHARD W. BRICHAM, Chaivman ANDREW M. ANDERSON CLARENCE E. HAEER HYMAN BEDNOWITZ ERWIN A. HECK CHARLES A. BOUTEILLER KENNETH G. MAYBE ALLEN J. GREENCUGH RICHARD J. WELLINGHORST, Ex Officio L- , ri1r+NfhfhffWfhfhrf1f+wrhf1Nfhfhrf1fhHwfl1fhfhrhr'hfR?hrhrhrhrhrhfhrhr'hrhrhrh ffWf'f'X4'fNffN Two Hundred Fifty .45 riVhrhrhrhrhrhFhrhrh E E fE E JE E E 16 WE -6 JE E 6 6 6 E E E E E E E E 6 E E E 6 E E E E E QE AE FE 'E F2 E E .42 9 I WWW-'EPWWWWWWWWWJLVLPYESJWWWWWWWJWWNJWJLVWWWJWWWLPWWXEQE Sophomore Soiree Committee DONALD F. HYLAND, Chairman WILLIAM R. ADAMS MELVIN L. STONE JAMES C. FOLBY, JR. WALTER W. WINTERS C. EMERSON GREGORY WILLIAM H. MILLER, Ex Ojficio fTNrhrhr'fNrhfhffThfhfFFhr'NrhrhfhrhfhffWd1fhfhflifhrhrhrE7hdNffxrf'mNffNrf'WhdNrfNdNdNffNfh 'Two Hundred Fzftyfone JE E E 'E LE E JE IE LE 'E E 45 E IE 'E EE 'E E E QE E E IE fmvhaqmmfmwmfhmmfhfhmfmwm E 'E E 6 E E E E E E E E A2 WWW!! LPYPLP'-IJWWWWWWLPYLQIIWWWWWWLPWWLVWWWWWWWWWWW Frosh Peerade Committee A. HOWARD ABBLL, Chairman CLARENCE R. BUCKEEE VICTOR H. LINNEMAN PAUL D. DAVIS GEORGE R. PRATT CHARLES G. HAsKELL GEORGE L. RYON, II JOHN F. SCHNEIDER r'hrFFhd1rhrhrfTrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rh rhrhrhrfifh fhrhrhrfTFhrIxrhr1'i'hrhrfi7hrhrhrhrhdvfw Two Hundred F ifty-two rHrFFl-uiwrh EE 'E Q JE L 4 Q f VE fhrhrhri-?hrFFh rhrhrhd-rhrh fmvhmfmwmfmmmfhmmfmfhlnaqm 31? Debating Dr. Leon W. Godshall and Mr. Oswald Heck, '24, assisted by Tau Kappa Alpha the honorary forensic fraternity, are responsible for the debating policy at Union this year. For the first time in many years Union has a regular Varsity debating squad, some twelve men having been chosen at the try-outs. It is composed of representatives of the four classes, the purpose being to have veteran material on hand each ensuing season. The inability of any of the five veterans at the college to take an active part in the schedule is a severe setback to the activity, and emphasizes the value of a large squad. The Varsity debating season opened with the Albany Law School on the sixteenth of March. This contest marked a resumption of forensic relations with the Law School after a lapse of a decade. The question was: Resolved, That the United States recognize Soviet Russia. The Union team, composed of C. M. Garofalo, J. J. McGuiness, Jr., W. J. Gelsliechter, and H. Coplon, alternate, upheld the affirmative, and were defeated. The annual Triangular Debate with Lafayette and Hamilton, which was to have taken place on March nineteenth, was canceled because of lack of agreement on any question. A debate with Hobart College may replace the triangular affair. Debates with the strong Iowa State University and the Bowdoin College teams are scheduled for April. The Varsity debating squad consists of Davis, Jaffe, Wemple, Stevens, McGuiness, Beaumont, Coplon, Otis, Garofalo, Powers, Gelsliechter, and Dart. dNfW'lNd1fhdN HWdW'dNdWfhd1dWflWflNfhfl1flNflNflNflXffmNflNflNflmNflXfEHNflNflNflWflNflWflW Two Hundred Fiftyfthree t f -e Q as f e 'E as 'E 'E fe 'E E E 'E e 'E 'E E f f f e f f f as E f f e as f t 'E rh HlwrhfFHwrf'TFl-irglg UE 'E -E E E 'E E 15 JE 'E JE G E rh rhrhrhdw A-1 rhr1wrhriwr1'7Iwriwrl7l-mrhrhrhrhrhr'B7'lwf4w 37. WWklJLVWSVK!5.PWWLEVWWkVWWkl'kVWWW':VW WLVLPLVKI-'MV I 3 5 E 9 fe 5 Adelphic Debating Society A A THOMAS H A. LEWIS . MAURICE A. DONOVAN , OHN F SCHNEIDER H. F. BUCKBEE R. S. CLIEMAN C. M. COOLEY M. A. DONOVAN L. H. GODDAIKD J. D. ALLEN C. R. BUCKBEE P. G. EASTERLY G. E. FOSTER, JR. H. E. GALLOWAY R. A. BRODMAN J. H. EINHORN E. D. GOODALE H. H. COPLON M. M. ENZER . . . . . . . . Pvesident . . VicefP'residem . . . Secretary and 'Treasurer 1926 SAMUEL JACOBS W. B. JAFFE L. S. JONES T. H. A. LEWIS J. F. SCHNEIDER G. D. SKINNER 1927 W. G. HAMI'TON F. J. POWERS H. N. OTIS R. B. STEEVES J. H. TAYLOR 1928 LORING MCMILLAN SIDNEY LACHOLTBR CHRISTOPHEII STAHLER, JR. 1929 . T. B. FORBES G. F. SCHOENSRUN Two Hundred F iftyffouv E 15 E E I2 rhfIwfhrhriThr+x rhrh rf?- rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhrhffxdwrhrhffxrhriwdxrhrhriwrhfh rfwrhrhrhrh AVON rh rhrhrh 39 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 ? 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 3' 3' 3' 3 5 9 9 5' 3' 3 9' 9 3 3' 3 9 9 9 9 9 lb... 938 SILVWWWWWWWLPWKILHJWWKIQPWLVWLVLPWWLVLI-'WWLPWWWWWLEEIJWWWWWW E 3 E 3 E 9 A he 3 LE 3' E 3 AE gl E 3 3 3 3 E E 'E 9' f 3 I IE E 3 1 eg if we R E 9 fe 9 L 3 Phllomathean Debatmg Soclety E 31 ARCHIBALD C. WBMPLI1 . .4.. President E 3 EDWARD L. CARROLL . . Vice'P'resident f 3 SAMUEL M. HESSON . . Secretary and Tveaswrer E 3 1926 E 3. A QBSCKLEY J. J. MCGUINESS E gl . . USSMAN A. C. WBMPLE E 1927 5 3' A. H. ABELL C. G. HASKELL E 3' E. L. CARROLL S. M. HESSON -E 3' C. K. DUBOIS W. A. MAcMAsTIsR ,E 3' L. C. GARRISON H. L. MARKFIELD E C. E. STEWART 3. E 1928 E 3, W. J. BURNI-IAM H. L. HILLAS E 31 A. H. FEINSTEIN L. H. KOSATSKY 6 3. C. G. GAROFALO W. H. PECKHAM JE W. J. GBLSLEICHTER J. M. ROBESON f gl J. A. HASTINGS H. K. WRIGHT 'E Q 1929 3, A. E. DART C. D. ELLSWORTH LE SCHUYLER YATES f 3' I 31 . 1 gJ7lxfhr?wfhf1wfhfhfhrhrhrl1riNrhfhrhfhHwfhfhrhrhrhffWNrhrhr?-Irhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhr+IfhHxrhv-F555 Two H undred F Iftyffive WW WWWWWWWKEJJWWNLBJWWWWWWWW W WWSPWNU WWWLEHJWWWWWW Tau Kappa Alpha WILLARD L. DAVIS ...... . President WILLIAM B. NIAFFB ........ . Manager MEMBERS ON THE FACULTY JAMES S. GREEN DR. WILSON L. GODSHALL PROP. HORACE G. MCKEAN UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS ROBERT V. Cox WILLIAM B. .IAFFEE WILLARD L. DAVIS ARCHIBALD C. WEMPLE Two Hundred F iftyesix AS ri?wri-mhrhrhrhrh ri7hrhrhrhrhrR?hrhrI-I E E E 6 'E E E 6 E E f E E E E E E E 6 E E E E E E E E E E E E AE E English Club DR EDWARD EVERETT HALE . . President DR MORTON C. STEWART . . . Secretary BRYAN L, CARPENTER . . Assistant Secretary JOHN N. VEDDER CHARLES N. WALDRON RAYMOND M. HBRRICK HARRISON C. COFFIN H. WYNN BUSSMAN J. ALISTER CAMERON W. EARLE CHASE, JR. CLARENCE H. EDMONDS STUART Z. HAWKES FACULTY MEMBERS WILSON MICKS 1926 WI-IARTON MILLER JAMES S. GREEN ROBERT W. MORSE DONALD F. CAMERON THOMAS H. A. LEWIS JAMES J. MCGUINESS, JR. JAMES H. RIPTON DWIGHT VAN AVERY WILLIAM D. ZELIB E -E E E JE -E E E 6 E E E E E E E E f f 'E E E E E E . 6 E E E f +G E f E f 4 mmmmmmmmmmmmdmmmf 5 IE RE E E E E E FE E rf?hrhrhrE7lwrhr57hrhrfwr1wrhrhri-7'lxrhrf-TF1wf-h rhrhrh 3 3 3 3 Q31 33 33- 31 3 3 31 3 31 3 3 3 3 3 3 Zh. ROY E. ADSIT MORRELL B. HENDRIORSON Classical Club FACULTY MEMBERS DR. GEORGE D. KELLOGG DR. HARRISON C. COFFIN UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS 1926 A JAMES A. CAMERON GEORGE A. COLLINS ARTHUR J. DICK ALBERT W. GOTCH STEWART Z. HAWRES ROLAND P. HEATLEY NATHAN NEWBURGER HAROLD B. SHBRRILL 1927 A. HOWARD ABBLL JOHN C. GILMOUR THOMAS S. ATHERTON, JR. SAMUEL M. HESSON EDWARD L. CARROLL JAMES L. HOxIE DAVID A. FISHER BUELL G. TALLMAN 1928 ' ERNEST B. MORRIS GOMER RICHARDS CLINTON N. WOOLSEY EDWARD R. BENNETT JAMES E. FINEGAN, JR. rhrhrhrhrhrhrIVwrhfhrhrhrhrhrhfhrh rhrhrhdvhrhrhrhrE7I'?hrhn37hrhrf?wfhrhrhrhrhdw 'Two H undved Fzfryfeight E f E 'E f f 'E 'E 'E 'E E E 'E 'E E 'E E f 'E 'E 'E f E 'E JE 'E 'E 'E E 'E f E f f ff 'E faawfwhfhfhfhwh fhfsnvhfswfmqfmmzlg 5 E E QE E E JE 5 E 'E 19 E f IE E -E 'E 'E 6 IE 6 I2 E f E EE HE WJKPYLHAJWJNJHJWJNJWJNJHJWJWJWJKEHVNJNJWJNJN!NJWJWJW!WJWJHJHJNJWJWJWJWJWJH!kP HAIKTLEY F. DEWEY LEON W. GODSHALL EDMOND W. BEYER WILLARD H. MCKAY GEORGE A. STUEBS Masonic Club FACULTY MEMBERS JOHN R. WALLING 1926 DESMOND R. WHIPPLE 1927 GORDON P. TRIPP 1928 WILLIAM AUGUST RELCHERT CHARLES T. MALE -I. HAROLD WITTNER C. RODNEY PITTS EARL B. VAN ZANDT DEFOREST I. GALR rhr1'TFhdwrhrhrfV'hrhrhrhr1vhrhrhrhrh rhrhrhrhrfS?hrhrhr1VB7lv+xrR7hrhrFi7hrIwrhrhrfw rhrh Two H Lmdrcd F1f:y'ning Pi Gamma Mu WALTER MILES ABBOTT HENRY BRADFORD ARTHUR JOHN A. BBAUMONT WILLIAM G. BRADsHAw, JR. CHARLES P. BUCKLEY WILLIAM EARLE CHASE JOHN H. FINK AMBROSE H. GILLIGAN ALBERT W. GOTCH EDWARD D. HATCH SAMUEL JACOBS WILLIAM B. JAFFBB THOMAS E. MURRAY JAMES H. RIPTON AI.EXANDER M. SPEAR FRANCIS B. STEVENS RIcHARD C. TAYLOR EARL B. VAN ZANDT ARCHIBALD C. WEMPLE ELLIOT WHITNEY rhrE7hrhrhrhrfVtwrhrhrhrhrhdwrhrhrhdwrfwfhdwrfwrhdwdwrE7hrIxAwrfWF?ixr67hfhrhriwrfwdwrh Two Hundred Sixty 6 -E 'E E 15 E E 'E E E E E IS E E E E JE f E E 6 -E E E 6 JE f E E 6 6 f E f 'E mfmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmg rhrhrhrh 'E 'E 'E E FE E JE f E E IE Q IE JE JE E E HE WWWWWKVWWWLILV'-VW!!-QIJWLVYVWWWWWWWWWWW Student Chapter American Society RANDOLPH A. WALLING, '26 EUGENE M. FERRY, '27 . JOSEPH C. MCILWAINE, '26 . RALPH B. BERNSON, '26 . MORTIMORE FREEMAN JAMES A. FERGUSON R. B. BERNSON G. W. BORDEN V. BURNS A. C. BUSSY '-I . S. CASSEDY J. T. COMESKY G. F. Cox W. B. CURTIS J. A. FERGUSON A. M. ANDERSON L. B. BARROWS, JR. E. F. BIDWELL W. R. BREWSTER . W. BRIGHAM R. HIGHES . E. JOHNSON opus Civil Engineers FACULTY MEMBERS . . President . VicefPreside'nt . Secretary . . . . Treasurer SAYRE JOHN MACDONALD ADVISORY BOARD WALLACE B. CURTIS 1926 F. C. Fox, JR. R. C. Fox G. L. FROLICH W. J. KEEGAN W. W. KLINGLER E. J. LEIFHEIT F. S. T. MAPES H. G. MASER J. C. McILwAINE 1927 E. J. BRODERICK, JR. W. G. CARPENTER E. A. CORDONB M. G. DAPSON P. D. DAVIS H. V. LINNEMAN, JR. H. A. NADEAU ROBERT C. Fox C. W. PERSONIUS A. M. SARR G. D. SHANNON G. J. SMITH J. A. TIEDEMAN, JR. R. A. WALLING R. B. WESTON D. R. WHIPPLE W .G. WATERMAN R. F. ZIEGENFIELDER H. W. DUGGAN E. M. FERRY DE. F. I. GALER A. J. GREENOUGH C. E. HABER E. V. WEMPLE J. G. WooD T. D. KINGSTON I. SADOSKY J. A. WYATT, JR. R. S. LAPP J. F. SCHNEIDER R, T, ZBGLEN H. W. LIND R. J. WELLINGHORST N, R, Zgn-Ugg mfhfhfwhmfhfhfhfhfhmmmfhmfhfhfhfhmfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhmfhffvhfhfhmfh Two Hundred Sixtyfone rh ri-v'hrhrhrKFhrhrh E 'E JE 5 fhrhdwfhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhfh rh rhrhrhrhfhfhrhrh JE JE AE Electrical Engineering Club RAOUL W. RACETTE . MARTIN J. WALLACE FRANCIS J. Powans EDWIN P. NILL . Z. F. BABCOCK V. O. Banos R. W. BONNEAU H. L. CANNING R. A. DICKSON L. N. EVELETH A. G. FERRISS A. AVTZINE R. S. BARTON S. L. CLOTHIBR M. DAPSON W. S. Dawn F. R. DICKINSON M. S. GOKIIALE W. GUSTAFSON W. G. HAMPTON OFFICERS 1926 1927 C. N. WATBRSTREET i President . VicefPresident E. W. HAMLIN E. P. NILL F. J. Pownas R. W. RACETTE F. R. STANZEL F. E. ULRICH M. J. WALLACE W. D. KILBY P. B. KYLE A. LAITINEN H. F. MASER E. S. MOORE B. A. MULQUEEN V. D. B. PENNER S. H. TOOKBR W. H. VANTASSEL Secretary Treasurer E 6 E E 'E E E E E E E E 'E -E E 15 E f f E E f E E E f 'E f E E f E WE JE 4 .E fhA7lHrhrhrFHwri-W-I -E -E 'E E 'E E -E E E E fi IE E -E E G E 'E -E E YE E is -E rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhdwd1rlirhdwrhrfTixrhrhrlFlVhri'-TFhAwriwrhmdwrhFl'Tlg Two Hundred Sixtyftwo Eta Kappa Nu RICHARD W. BONNEAU, '26 MARTIN J. WALLACE, '26 RAOUL W. RACETTE, '26 EDWIN W. HAMLIN, '26 . WILLIAM H. MCKAY, '26 FRANK R. STANSEL, '26 . RICHARD W. BONNEAU LAURENCE N. EVELETH ARTHUR G. FERRIS EDWIN W. HAMLIN WILLARD H. MCKAY DAVID H. BURR FRANK R. DICKINSON WILLARD G. HAMPTON PHILIP B. KYLE 1926 1927 . President . VicefPresident . Secretary . . Treasurer . Bridge Editor . Recording Secretary WILBUR A. MOORE RAOUL W. RACETTE FRANK R. STANSEL FLOYD E. ULRICH MARTIN J. WALLACE HAROLD T. MASER FRANCIS J. POWERS E. SHEFFIELD JAMES R. SIMPSON 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 E 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 fh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 L? 6 6 6 6 6 IE 6 IE 6 6 6 6 rhr1?nrhrhrhrfTrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhdwmdwmrhrEihrhdwrfR?wdxAxrf?HwrhrNhrIwrhrhdwdwdwr4T5g Two Hundred Sixty-three NJWJYPYVLPYVLVLVYVYVKVYVLVLVKPSPYVSPY?FPRFLPWJWJNJNJWJYPLPSPSPSVSVSVFVLVLVHPS Chemical Society OFFICERS GEORGE A. RITTER . . . . . President ARTHUR L. BENNETT . . . . VicefPresiderIt JAMES C. OQBRIEN . Secretary HOWARD E. BAKER ..... . Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DR. EDWARD ELLERY DR. THOMAS A. WILSON DR. CHARLES B. HURD W. WORDEN DAY CHARLES R. PITTS DR. JOHN W. KERN GRADUATE MEMBERS DOUGLAS SMALL 1926 HOWARD E. BAKER MAURIOE V. ODQUIsT ARTHUR LOWELL BENNETT JAMES E. OQBRIBN HARRY H. HALL GEORGE D. READ EARL D. HUTCHINSON JAMES C. RICE ARTHUR KERWIEN GEORGE A. RITTER CECIL S. MAPES FRANCIS L. STEVENS CLEMENT WOOD 1927 EDWARD J. BAscH HERBERT N. OTIS 1928 DUDLEY COsEY SMITH as fwfvhavhfm-.f1m.fH55s JE EE 4 JE 'E EE IE 'E E E 'E E E E d-Irhrhrh rh EE EE E 'E f YE f IE E JE 'E E rhriVhrhrhrhrfTrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrh rh rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rf?nrivhrt'W!VhrfVhrhrhrhrh rhrhri-T55 Two Hundred Sixtyffour SJHWWWWWWKEWWLMJWWKEIJWWWWWWWWLPLHWWLVWWWNQL-APW'45.PL4blJWlESE 3 JE 3 E 3 'E 3 E 3' E 3' QE 31 4 3 3 IE 3 3 E EE JE 5 E E 9 f E 31 ' f . . 6 21 Physlcal Soclety E 9- , OFFICERS E ARTHUR LOWELL BENNETT . . . . . President JE 3- CLEMENT T. WOOD . . . . . VicefP'resident 'E 3 HARRY H. HALL . ..... . Secretary-Treasurer E 3 3 FACULTY MEMBERS E 9' DR. RALPH D. BENNETT DR. RICHARD D. KLEEMAN 6 5 DR. JAMES M. HYATT C. RODNEY PITTS 6 1926 E 3 HOWARD E. BAKER ARTHUR E. KERWIEN, JR. E 3 ARTHUR LOWELL BENNETT GEORGE A. RITTER f 3 HARRY H. HALL FRANCIS L. STEVENS Q 9, EARL D. HUTCHINSON CLEMENT T. WOOD Q 9. 1927 f 3, SEPTIMUS CBRCONE ROBERT A. JOHNSON Q 97 WILLIAM E. DANEORTH, JR. WINTHROP A. MAcMAsTER Q 31 ROSWELL E. FISHER HERBERT N. OTIs 9. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Eg 1928 31 C. WISTAR REEVE ROGER T. STONE E 1929 3' CHARLES BUTT FRANKLYN E. RUGGLES LE 31 ROBERT C. GRAHAM, JR. ALFRED E. STAFFORD f 'E 31 4 327'kdwrhrhrhrfNfhfhrhrhfhf1Nfhrhfhrhrhrhrhdwfi1dxrhdwrhrhrhdwrhrhfhrhrhrhrhr'hr'hrhrh:-Fgg Two Hundred Sixty'-five EDWIN W. HAMLIN PHILIP B. KYLE . EDWIN P. NILL . . ARTHUR E. KERWEIN WILLIAM S. DEWEY . EDWIN W. HAMLIN ARTHUR E. KERWEIN RUFUS S. BARTON FLOYD L. DAPsON WILLIAM S. DEWEY DEFOREST I. GALER M. S. GOKHALE JAMES J. HYNES FREDERICK E. ACKLEY RAYMOND G. BRIGGS DAVID W. DANA ARTHUR BRADFORD CHARLES BUTT CHARLES R. CAMPBEL ROBERT C. GRAHAM BARENT M. GRAY L SAMUEL W. HATHAWAY Radio Club OFFICERS 1926 . President . VicefPresident . Chief Engineer . Chief Operator Secretary-'Treasurer EDWIN P. NILL MARTIN J. WALLACE 1 927 WILLIAM D. V. KILBY PHILIP B. KYLE RUDOLPH S. LAPP THOMAS MUNRO FRANCIS J. POWERS WILLIAM H. VANTASSEL 1928 ELMER D. GOODALE FREDERICK B. WOODWORTH JAMES F. GRACE 1929 CARL H. MESSINGBR ALAN T. SMITH H. HAMILTON SMITH HENRY C. STAEHLE WILEUR Y. VANALSTYNB JEFFERSON WEED E Ae 4 Q Q Ae Q E se E -s fe fs -e E e f Q fs Ae -e +6 fe Re Q E Je E f f f fe e fs rhri-Irhrhrfxrhrhrfvigg rhrhrhrhrhrh E E E E 'E E E 'E E E 6 E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E JE 5 JE JE E rhrhfFrhfhfhr-hrhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrhfhrhrhdwrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrfifh rfxrhr-Fig 'Two Hundred Sixty-six '4JWJYLH41NJWJWJKVLVLVKPWJWJNJWJKESJWUHJWJWJQVWJWJQJNJHJWJWJWJWJWJWJWJWJHJLVFP A Preflvledical Club WILLIAM B. MCDONALD . JAMES S. CONANT . . FAYETTE MAGDONALD JAMES F. BOWLER . GEORGE D. SRINNER HAROLD F. BUCKBEE LEO WEINSTEIN MAUIKICB A. DONOVAN QUENTIN DINARDO WILLIAM B. MCDONALD JOHN E. CUNNINGHAM MARSHALL WOOD HERMAN SHULMAN GEORGE E. MARTIN HOWARD L. HILLAs ROBERT DENNIS CHRISTOPHER STAHLER ANSELM J. HANNON 1926 FRED CLEIMAN 1927 JACOB FRUMRIN 1928 ALEXANDER J. YOUNG . . Preszdent . Vice'PresIdent . Secretary . . Treasurer LELAND H. GODDARD LESLIE HARRISON FREDERICK MAISEL STUART Z. HAWKES FRANCIS ST. CLAIR JAMES A. MCGINLEY JOSEPH J. HINES JAMES S. CONANT JAMES F. BOWLER WILLIAM FELTMAN WILLIAM H. MEYER IRVING FELTMAN FAYETTE MACDONALD LOUIs D. GOLDRERG fhrF7'hrhrhrhrfVwrhriNdWrhrhrhrhrhrh fhff1fhf1Wffifhf1Nfhffm'Nf1Nf+NffW-hf1Nf'fvhf1Wf'fNffWdN rhrh Two Hundred Sixtyfseven Louis D. DE ULZURRUM C CHARLES GAROFALO LLOYD C. GARRISON C. CUNNINGHAM M. N. BROWN L. D. DE ULZURRUM K. L. COOLEY C. R. CAMPBELL D. B. BATTAGLIA G. T. STARCH S. P. LEE Spanish Club 1926 L. C. GARRISON 1927 F. COLLINS 1928 A. H. FEINSTEIN 1929 . President . Vice-President . Secretary L. J. LBVERBNZ C. C. GAROFALO S. FAVOUR L. G. Rncron E. STLNH A. D. DE ULZURRUM S. YATLS L. R. BURGER we 5 Q we Q E e E -s E Q Q e Ae 6 fe Q e Qs Q -e 5 As E f fs we 'Q -e Q ft'TFhrhrhr'hrhrFxri-wrhrhfggg rfiwrhrhrhfhrhrh 'E E E f -E E E +5 E E WE f E 6 E E E E 'E E 'E 'E 'E E JE E E E 15 f E E rhrlwfhfhrhfhrhrhrhfhfhrhrhfhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrR?hrhrhrhrhr'hr1wrhrhrhrhrh rhrhr'hr1m-Eg Two Hundred Sixnyfcight WW W-'HJ WWWWWWW-'WI'-VKV'-PNP!!WWWWWWNJWWYVWLVWWWWWWWJWWXEEE The Cosmopolitan Club HARI PADA MUKERJEE . . MADUSUDAN SI-IANKAR GOKHALE HUGH K. WRIGHT . . . HARRY C. LAMBERTON . H. P. MUKERJEE STEWART Z. HAWKBS R. I. GANGULI CLARENCE R. BUGKEEE LESTER T. MOSTON HARRY C. LAMBERTON LUIs DE ULZURXRUM ANTONIO DB ULZURRUM ARTHUR Y. TAYLOR 1926 1927 1928 1929 . . President . VicefPresident . Secretary . Treasurer HERMAN G. MASER, JR. HAROLD J. BUGREEE M. S. Gola-IALE REMsEN JOHNSON, JR. BRUCE A. MULQUEEN GEORGE W. BLAIR EDGAR MEGE, JR. SCI-IUYLER YATES EDMUND R. SAWTELLE rhri"FhrhrhrhffV'xrhrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrh fhdwdwdwrEfhrhrhrhr1wrhfhrfWwrhrhrhrhrIwrtwrh rhdwdfgsi Two Hundred Sixtyfnine rFF4HA-Irhd-IA-1r'fTr?w -E E 'E LE JE 'E E E JE f IE RE E 15 E E 'E E f E FE -E f E E E E Q rIwrhrhrhrhrhr4wrt'7hrfwfhrfwrhfHrF17hrhr+wrhrhrh Kappa Beta Phi STORRS M. BISHOP, JR. HENRY A. BRAND CHARLES P. BUCKLEY, JR. WILLARD L. DAVIS HOWARD W. HALL FREDERICK J. MAIsEL LEsLIE P. CLIFFORD MBRRITT P. DURKEE ROBERT G. HOEIIN REMSEN JOI-INsON, JR. 1926 1927 1928 JAMES L. LEWIS FRANCIS P. MCGOWAN HAROLD P. SHERRILL I W. BENNETT SKANE HUGH J. SLATTERY THOMAS G. WHEELER TYLER D. WOOD BRUCE A. MULQUEEN WILLIAM M. PARKI-IURsT GEORGE R. PRATT FRANCIS L. STEEBINS 'E E 1? JE E 6 E E E 'E E E 'E E E E -E E JE E 15 f E Q E f 'E 5 E 'E f E -E E f .E rf?wri-Irhd-n+-rhrhrR fhd-T-hrhri-Tri?-.rF?w -E 'E 'E -E 5 E E E E E I2 I2 IE rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhdwrhrhrhdwd1r1"mvhrhr57hrhrF?lNdwrhrhdwdwrhrIT5g1 Two Hundred Seventy 'SPY Phi Alpha 1926 WILLIAM E. CHASE THOMAS H. A. LEWIS JOHN T. COMESREY JAMES H. RIPTON STUART Z. HAWKES FREDERICK T. SEWARD RUSH F. ZIEGENFELDER, JR. 1927 A. HOWARD ABELL, JR. THOMAS A. ATHERTON, JR. LAMBERT B. BARROWS, JR. RICHARD W. BRIGHAM EDWARD L. CARROLL PAUL D. DAVIS HARRY B. DUANE, JR. ALLEN J. GREENOUGH WILLIAM DEVALL KILBY PHILIP B. KYLE mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmxI Two Hundred S6UC1"lIy'OT'I.fI Q Q Q Q Q Q IE Q I2 Q Q I2 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E Q Q Q Q Q Q rfWwrhrhrhfhrFvh E E 6 f f E E E E ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm E IE f f 6 MARSHAL L. B. HAWES . HUGH K. WRIGHT . . JAMES LEWIS . . STORRS M. BISHOP, JR. CARL C. BRYANT WILLIAM E, CHASE JOHN T. COMESKEY ROBERT V. Cox Tigefs Eye 1926 1927 A. HOWARD ABELL, JR. LESLIE P. CLIFFORD HARRY B. DUANE, JR. ROBERT G. HOEHN WILLIAM R. ADAMS CHARLES E. STEWART 1928 MARSHALL L. B. HAWES JOSEPH S. HAYDEN MORRELL B. HENDRICKS ON HUGH K. WRIGHT . . . President . . VicefPresidc'nt . Secretary and Treasurer STUART Z. HAWKES RICHARD C. LAUGHLIN FREDERICK T. SEWARD THOMAS G. WHEELER RUSH F. ZIEGENEELDER JAMES L. HOxIE REMSEN JOHNSON, JR. FRANK H. MAOKIE, JR. GEORGE R. PRATT JAMES L. LEWIS CHARLES G. ROBERTS ROGER T. STONE WALTER W. WINTERS E E QE 'E 'C Q E E E E SE E LE E 'E 'E E E E E E E 'E 'E JE E E IE 'E SE E IE 'E mmmmfammmnvg dwrhrhrhrhrh rhrhfhfhrhrhrhrhfhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrhrR7hrhrhrhrI'?nrh IE 'E 6 'E E E AHF!-Sfhriwdwfhriwriiffwr-hrfxrhrhfhrhrhrhrhr'hrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrI'xrhrhrh H3-'h f+XffWff'Tg Two H undred Seventyftwo DONALD F. HYLAND . WILLIAM H. MILLER . HARRY C. LAMBERTON . CHARLES P. BUCKLEY RONALD A. DICKSON HOWARD W. HALL THOMAS H. A. LEWIS THOMAS S. ATHERTON, LAMBERT B. BARROWS, RICHARD W. BRIGHAM JOHN E. CUNNINGHAM PAUL D. DAVIS MERRITT P. DURKEE RUDOLPH A. BRODMAN JAMES D. HARTNETT LUTHER O. HOWARD GILBERT J. KITCHING WILLIAM S. LITTLE JR JR. .Idol CDE 1926 TYLER D. WOOD 1927 1928 . . . President . . VicefPresident . Secretary and Treasurer FREDERICK J. MAISEL JOHN L. MASON AUSTIN M. SARR NATHAN D. SOUTHWORTH ALLEN J. GREENOUGH WILLIAM DEV. KILBY BRUCE A. MULQUEEN GEORGE L. RYON II FRANCIS L. STEBBINS, JR. ELMER V. WEMPLE LORING MCMILLAN JAMES M. ROBESON PAUL SHULTZ, JR. A. IRVING TOTTEN, JR. JOHN D. VAN EPs rhrf?hdwfhrhrfTrhrhfhrhrlNrhrhdwrhrhrhrhrhrhflifhrhrhrhriwdxfiwrfTRwrhrhrhrhrhrhdwdwriwrlT5g Two Hundred Severztyfthree e f fe E -e -E Ae E -e -S 'E e E 'E E E E 6 f 'E f f we Ae -5 f f E Je f -e L f I f 'S AE rhrh3wfhfI-1dwrhf?wrhAwrhrWw -E E E E E 'E IE E 'E E E mmm mmmmfmwfmwm E E 'E E E IE E IE E E E 6 STORRS M. BISHOP, JR. ROBEIXT V. Cox WILLARD L. DAVIS HOWARD W. HALL STUART Z. HAWKES THOMAS S. ATHERTON, RICHARD W. BRIGHAM LESLIE P. CLIFFORD HARRY B. DUANB, JR. WILLIAM R. ADAMS RUDOLPH A. BRODMAN 1926 1927 JR. CHARLES S. TRACY 1928 MARSHALL L. B. HAWES MORRELL B. HENDRICKSON ROBERT BEALE, JR. LAMBERT L. BORDEN ADDISON B. CATER JAMES A. GLENN, JR. LUTHER GORDON ROGER T. STONE 1929 JAMES W. KELLOGG, JR. WILLIAM A. KLEIN THOMAS S. MILLER, JR WILLIS M. VAN HOESEN RICHARD C. LAUGHLIN FREDERICK J. MAISEL AUSTIN M. SARR HUGH J. SLATTERY TYLER D. WOOD MERRITT P. DURKEE ALLEN F. GREENOUGH FRANK H. MACKIE, JR. W. BENNETT SKANE DONALD F. HYLAND WILLIAM H. MILLER JAMES M. ROBESON MALCOLM D. ROBERTS EDWARD D. MYERS, JR. CHARLES B. PERKINS DEFOREST C. PITT EDWIN B. POORMAN WILLIAM L. ROBINSON, JR. EDMUND R. SAWTBLLE ALLEN T. SMITH RALPH S. STILLMAN rhrhrhrh?hrh fhfhfhdWf11fhfhfhl'mhf+NfhffvhffNfaNfhf+NfhffNfTWdWf'FE Two Hundred SeverIty'fou'r E fe 6 wi Qs T T 'Q E 'C -s f -s S fe T S -s 4 f f T f f E Q E 6 f T 4 6 E 6 fe f 4 4 MASS A5 f JE -E 'E 'E E E -E TE f 15 E E 'E E f -E E rh rhrE7hrhrhri-mrhrh E 6 E 6 wwwwwwwwwmwwwvwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Bachelors' Club SIGMUND MAKOFSk1 RICHARD W. BRIGHAM EDWARD J. BRODERICIQ, ROBERT V. Cox JOHN E. CUNNINCHAM 1926 1927 JR. 1929 HENRY L. PIERCE AUSTIN M. SARR PAUL D. DAVIS JOHN F. SCHNEIDER HUGH J. SLATTERY, JR. CHARLES S. TRACY rhrfwfhrhrfwfhriwrhrfwrhrixrhrhfiwfhrhdwfhrhrhrBFiTfhrhrTwrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhfhrh rhrh X 'Two Hundred Seventyfjive rhrhrRrhrhf-H E mmmmxmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmm rhrhrl-T 'Two Hundred Seventyfsix W I WW '-PRP WWWWWWWWWWWYPLIJWWWWWWWJNJWLVWLPWWLPWYPWWJWWNEE A mv eerfxfggeeggfi ff5 L'A'V'F:F'YJ64g'h'H6'hTij WILL TEACH YOU A LESSON THAT-YQQIWILL NEVER FFDQEET Q, Every Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Daughterand Son Should See lt.. "iwW5L25?5i.'5ififfiilfiii'5iL'5L'fii1'5ig'?il'5f H1 E+ B .mg mamm 2' : ru E Q. E - 8 "' l g 1 gg gg l?.?1:g'32EPl:E . g gg S r IT HAS BEFTORM,ED,MANY A DRAUNKARD, ?,55'53'k CARHUllY SEHUIEIHIUMPMIY "G2:GL:1.f:" gvREMEMBER: 15115 Mgggggngyignggnggruggggn 'Vmnunsfn nv lui miss, mfnuv mm cmnus UF nu GREHJS nun wwmlunnrnsa A First Class Company of Ladies and Gentlemen. A First Class e f , A Performance. Magnificent Scenery. New Stage Settings. siE 3 ' ' --,...--..-....,. .,,-,,,. ., . ,.-,,..,.,...-.,.... , ....., .., ,, , ,., ,,, n- ,. ,,, . ,, H,-J rfNrhrhrf'1rhffVfVf'xf'hffNfhfhrhf'hrhfh fh fhfhfhf'hfHfhrhrf1rfT'l'xrfNfhfRFhrhrhr1Nr1NrfNrhdN KNAW 'Two Hundred Seventyfeight rfT'hmmrhdwdwrhr+T'hrhrHd1AvFHwAxr1'-T'hfhriW-xrhmf+Thdwm JE IE f f -E E E G E IE E IE E 'E JE E E IE E -E 6 E E 6 E R52 Two Hundred Seventy-nine Chronology It is with some reluctance that the GARNBT again attempts to chronicle the events of a year fairly bustling with activity, but the applause brought forth by a similar assay a year ago was so voluminous and encouraging that an encore seems to be quite justifiable. On the face of it, one would think that the repetition of a popular notion would be hailed with even louder acclaim that the premier, but experience teaches that the contrary is true. Second appearances are almost always somewhat out of taste, be they recurrences of plays, movies, bill collectors, delirium tremens, or the leg of lamb served last week at Poagie's Puddle of Blood. More with the thought, then, of answering a curtain call with quaking knees and bated breath than with the hope of moving a critical reading public to paroxysms of laughter, we begin the impossible task of being obviously funny when we should rather slink downtown for a quiet evening at Freddie's. Most years begin with january 1st, I believe, but for the sake of originality we shall reckon our time from September 6th-the day that Coach Leary's chorus girls convened at Louie's for a short but busy session before taking the pledge to keep training in public. With the opening of college on September 21st, Dewey reluctantly stopped taking quarters and dimes from Schenectady's gullible tennis lovers, locked up the rollers, and allowed the courts to grow verdant beards and acquire wrinkles and warts on various parts of their physiognomies. The gymnasium, too, was again benevolently turned over to the use of the students after the shower baths and swimming pool had collected some several tons of G. E. grease and sweat, and the football team was accorded the gracious 'privilege of cold showers and naptha soap while the hotwater system was being rebuilt for another summer's harvest of the fleshpots of Egypt. Meanwhile the pound of flesh was being removed without an anasthetic at the oilice of the treasurer. A The Freshmen, as usual, were a weirdflooking lot. Their open faces and expressionless stares alarmed the boys at the "Y" to such a degree that a simple mailforder system was arranged whereby the proud possessors of hymn books and chapel seats might be convinced that through some trick of fate they were actually in college now. Even then, some of the more skeptical would not believe it and left the place shortly after the midfyear examinaf tions. The others soon learned the customs of Dear Old Union, however, for a few weeks after their Hrst lesson seventyfhve of theni caftone hundred and thirtyfnine votes at the class polls. Owing to the new ruling made by Sie Careless Council, the upperclass elections were marked by an utter lack of politics+or policy, shall we say? On September 25th, HAROLD ANSON BRUCE suffered his first disappointment since coming to Union, Cole Johnson, stroke on the crossfcountry team, refused to play any more because he could not take his wife around the course with him. The little Czar of the Temple of Health then took his spite out on the fraternities by inaugurating those bother- some interfraternity track meets. It will be a blessing when the Phi Gam Trophy room is filled, for we may then find time to enjoy some other intramural sport than track. Coach Leary's craft was unable to withstand the gale that blew across Ohio Field at rhrfTFhrE7hrhriTl'7hrlVhrhirhrhrhrh rh fl1ff1fhd1fl1flWI+Nfl1f'mNflXflWfR?lNflXf'lmNflWflWflWdWflWflW Two Hundred Eighty 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 LE 6 .E rh rls 4 r 6 as s 6 E -E as s s as s 6 6 flu rhrhrhrhrh 6 6 at WWWWWWSKEPYILINJWWYWWWWJWWWWW'-P'-VLPLVWLV N. Y. U. on October 10th, but she labored stubbornly with only a half crew on board. Totten and McMillan then conceived the notion of going around the crossfcountry course, arm in arm, and crossed the line like Siamese twins against N. Y. U. and Hamilton. The Garnet football machine attained its maximum efficiency against the cherryfsporting engineers from Troy on October 24th, when it kicked the Big Red Team about Alexander Field for the better part of the afternoon. A great stir was caused on the campus one peaceful Sunday in early November when the World Court question was definitely settled within our very doors. Those students who had not been too denatured at Williamstown the day before, saw shades of Junior Prom in the flocks of fair delegates from Russell Sage, Skidmore, and Vassar, who came to our campus in the interests of universal peace. The Hobart Game was playedg nothing more need be said. It was a rare treat, however, to see Prexy tear his eyebrows as the Kampus Kans ran riot over the campus and surrounding vicinity. You will remember, too, that the Kaps celebrated their centennial at that time. A sweet young thing at the football game mistook the Frosh Peerade for the Kap procession and was heard to exclaim quite naively, "My! What must they have been like in 1825?" The following week the campus was agog at the astounding news that "Chief" McKibben had severed all relations with the college and that "Schauf" was resigning his job as choir boy in anticipation of his heavier duties. Even "Dummy" Taylor pumped the organ a trifle more joyfully the next morning as he cheerfully piped, "Standing at the Portal." November 17th we drape with heavy black crepe, for under its leaden skies were buried all of Union's hopes for a successful football season. Hamilton tied us. At Hotel Utica that night, however, the dampened spirits rose to exuberant heights, line plunges that had failed all afternoon worked perfectly in rushing the door at the HamiltonfUnion dance, and "Benny" Skane was sentenced to lead next year's outfit for his remarkable endurance after the game. On December Sth, "Doc" Godshall gave the Czar's version of the World Court, and the next day the Student Body voted the way Prexy told them to. "Charlie" Waldron gave his annual review of the athletic history of the college at the football smoker on November 50th, but left out one of the jokes that he told last year. On Dec. 4th the College Orchestra 'had the audacity to hold a name contest, and, after trying on several of the more pleasing ones submitted, finally christened themselves, "The Garnet Goblinsf' We suggest that certain ones of the Faculty hold a similar contest, we are sure that a great many names would be handed in. Then came the Soiree with its bum gin and cheap eats, knockfkneed Charlestonettes and sweating, redffaced studes- seven dollars' worth of delirium, but it is consoling to know that no underhanded grafters got our money. Charlie Waldron watched them every minute from the balcony. On the morning of jan. 6th we awoke to find that the fence had been completed about the college plot. We are feeling quite comfortable now, however, in our little stockade and have all the openings marked for Tony's Saturday Night Club. One of the most successful Junior banquets held in years was enjoyed on the night of the R. P. I. game in Troy. The committee had many delightful surprises for the revelers, the most astonishing of which was the nullibicity of the banquet itself. The next morning we heard that Union had beat R. P. I. again. The following Monday at Student Meeting rl-viwflirhdwfhrhrhrhrhrixrhfhrhdwdwrhfhfhrhrhfRHnfhm4-,rh,-hmfhfh,-hfhm mfhmdj Two Hundred Eightyfone ' Ax rhrhri-lriwrRFhri-nfh as we t t f 'S fe f fhrhrhrhriwrhrhrhrhrhrhrfxrhrhrhrhrhrh rhrhrh rhrhrhrhrh E 5 t 6 WWWWWWWHJKEHBJWWNEJWWWWWWWWWLPWWWW there was such a heated discussion as to whether the musical clubs or the band could make the most fearful noises, that the Old Chapel began to smoke shortly after the last Senior had left the building. The wideawake hose company responded as soon as they had finished their dinner and soon had the conflagration under control. In the future, Prexy strongly recommends chewing instead of smoking in the chapel. The GARNBT Board tried to coax the Alpha Delts to watch the birdie at Hanna Hall on january 18th, but owing to the fact that one of the brothers was having his hard collar washed, the sitting had to be postponed for a week. An interesting discussion took place on January 23rd in the Alumni Gymnasium between "Sig" and "Bill" Makofski. They both pushed George Tilden all over the court, but a large crowd decided the affair to be a draw. About this time, Bill Davis was becoming tired of addressing some ten or twelve awefstricken Freshmen, "Archie"Wemple, and Carl Bryant at the regular noon Student Meetings, and on January 25th obtained Prexy's sanction to hold these turbulent affairs during the regular chapel period. In addition to giving the overworked monitors a day of grace, this scheme is a boon to lovers of the last few minutes of snooze before eight o'clock. It affords an excellent opportunity to grab a couple of rolls and a bowl of mud at the Cholera Union across the campus. February 23d brought us the glad tidings that the GARNET was nearing completion. just how this joke escaped the Bull Session we do not know, but we believe it an excellent one and are leaving it as a parting thought to the readers of this chronology. Two Hundred Eightyecwo rhrhrhifhrh fhfrvhfwhmfhfrvnfhfhfhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfmimmmmmm rhrl-Q rhrE7h Rh I A IO IVERSITY Charles Alexander Richmond, D.D., LL.D., Chancellor U IO COLLEGE The college offers the following undergraduate and graduate courses: 1 COURSES LEADING TO THE DEGREE OF A. B. A. B. Course A. This course, in its several options, offers the full classical and the Latin- scientific lines of study formerly distributed among the A. B. courses A, B, C, D, and E, including also work in history and allied subjects, mathematics, English, and modern languages. Greek may be offered at entrance, in which case it is continued, or may be begun in freshman year, or may be omitted. Latin is required. A. B. Course B. This course is based on the study of mathematics, the sciences, English, modern languages, history, and philosophic and economic subjects. Candidates preparing for the study of medicine take the first three years of this course, selecting under the guidance of the dean of students the proper options and electives. COURSES LEADING TO THE DEGREE OF B. S. IN C. E. OR E. E. Civil Engineering Course. This course offers the foundation of a broad engineering education, comprising mathematics, the sciences, the fundamental principles of the special branches of the profession, and some training in history, economics, and modern languages. In the last two years of this course the work is given in two divisions, a technical or mathematical option and an administrative option. Electrical Engineering Course. This course is intended to give a broad and thorough engineering education, with special attention to the requisites for electrical engineering. COURSE LEADING TO THE DEGREE OF B. S. IN CHEMISTRY Chemistry Course. This is a special fourfyear course in Chemistry leading to the above degree. COURSE LEADING TO THE DEGREE OF B. S. IN PHYSICS Physics Course. This is a special fourfyear course in Physics leading to the above degree. COURSES LEADING TO GRADUATE DEGREES Course leading to the degree of M. S. in C. E. Course leading to the degree of M. S. in E. E. Course leading to the degree of M. S. in Ch. These courses of one year's graduate study consist of lectures, laboratory practice, and research work. Course leading to degree of Ph. D. This course of two years' graduate study requires for admission the degree ofM. S. in E. E. or an equivalent. For catalogue or other information, address Dr. F. C. BARNES, Secretary, UNION COLLEGE, Schenectady, N. Y. 285 DINING DANCING 11:00 A. M. t01:00 P.M. 12:00 to 2:ooP.M. PI-IONE 8173 6:00 to 8:00 9:30 to 12:30 AS IA RE STAU RANT H American and Chinese BROADWAY and SMITH ST. SEATING 700 SCI-IENECTADY, N. Y, FRANK H. EVGRY E5 CO. GENERAL PRINTERS seas BEAVER ST. ALBANY, N. Y. Ninety'one steps East of Pearl St. COMMERCIAL, COLLEGE, FRATERNAI. SOCIETY PRINTING TIFFANY R Co. JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS STNFIONERS EXACTING STANDARDS MAIL INQUIRIES GWEN PROMPT ATTENTION FIFTIIAVENUE sf ZSYWSTREEI NEW YORK 286 ESTABLISHED 1818 Aix Q-,Qf :ZLQ 'AL CGQQ1-LQ ll-HMILQSD nilvinrxbi if miahimg nails, MADISON AVENUE COR. FORTY-FOURT ' STREET, N. Y. if ,lX,,.p ,- !,.,, V W. -l - N. 'ff ,N ll'V1"'I1 leaf we W . . 5 fy E i ,:.f5:,g7.'47 ! ., -Ltqw LN, , . '-grmmq. ,AM ,LW ' 'A' . ff - .V IMVJ va" 1 F5-l W , :.- llahfff IQ... z l 9 fn.: ' '--' -, M-,vw f ig , - ., . 1. 1, K ui' 6,1 4. '- 5 ""' nfiflhb ff'--w ffl Vin 'haf-? . '-" 1' W Vi-' Zlllui ,TWZM fr, ...'?"" -fr""l" pi' "3 " ,- .1 ' " ,," iK'fW1?'.lEl1Qn', l ff, T.-I' 4, l-'VZ . ,I 1ra1"'I-f:'3'fJW 1 I , , 'hffl V N' ll", V: Lg' ' 2-,I l qig ' K-Q'E?f'i-.1 ' My "L,3f5'jv,.' . plfyl ll V- ' l 793' Dfw' ri'-fl' lv' '1L1 '1'1 lf mlm eww 54 f'.,,'1,,Wv'X- -4lwJwgr,'f.' W".- ,"aii-f'V", of ,4 ml' .ff ' "'4::.. . ,-3.11 1: I V Y. ff L'?.Q?2f"u7m-1 Z '-'l' V 1 'Al ""-Mb. - gk? 2 - 5,ie'ff:TZi, Ny' lfhlloy, 1 ix H ll Y,,.,..,?,:+i..-1 W ggwz Vw if-1 LE,-iQ .IH yf 1 . X ' N , Wm.',"ff,1': e: 95 M .' L, - W rw! 1.--. :-,:- .fzyn aww ff-fm: 1-H - N- ,. Mafia N T l lv "W viii. fl '- fi? ' 'fi'fw1'fm+.4'ffn"'f3Ji. 'X via-V-1 df If If 5, 1 f ' v r ,. 1,455 3 16 M 3 X , f , I f If ,llprfi A lf QW IAM JI bil ll 'tg nf4 Af X ny 'K 1 , ff ff 5 l If ,Wifi xxfh ij Q uf' L --Q 5 ,.-A '34 , -,. ,f fun' . ' 1 ,. 'WI ' W L., - V ,M Ouwu mmm Clothes for School and College a Speeialt Semifor BRooKs's Miscellany B 0 S T 0 N PALM BEACH NEWPORT LITTLE BUILDING PLAZA BUILDING AUDRAIN BUILDING Tnnlom' con. Bans-ron C o u M 'r v R o A n 220 Bnuvu: AVENUE 287 ' 6 01.7, JRE H Compliments of C MOHAWK NATIONAL BANK 216 STATE STREET A Strong Bank Since 1807 p 1 , 5 W3 fo BALL'S QUICK SHOE REPAIRING William Wilson and H1GHfGRADB WATCHES Hosiery Specialty Shoppe and DIAMONDS Cor. State and Nott Terrace Opp. Armory Phone 3456 Free Auto Service S h d N Y A special discount to all students on request 718 State St' C enecta Y, ' CPPCR UNITY SERVICES REQUIRED Ufakcn from current issues of the American Gus Association Monthlyj WANTED-Recent graduate M. E. for position of Superintendent's Assistant on the Plant of one of the large Eastern Gas Companies. Address A. G. A. Key No. 032. MANAGER or SUPERINTENDENT for combinaf tion coal and water gas property in city of 30,000 population. Should be thoroughly familiar and ex' perienced in both coal and water gas manufacture and gas distribution and service. Reply giving detailed statement of experience and education, references and salary expected. Also advise age, nationality. Loca- tion Southeast U. S. Address A. G. A. Key No. 08. WANTED'-Man for Assistant Gas Superintendent. Water gas only. Approximately 7700 meters. Yearly send out 250,000,000 cu. ft. Should have technical training, as well as practical experience. Excellent opportunity for advancement. Cover details of experience as fully as possible in reply. Also give age and salary expected. Address A. G. A. Key No. 030. A Four Billion Dollar Industry that offers a wonderful opportunity to the technically trained man. THE GAS INDUSTRY needs technically trained men to help solve the problems of Manufacture, Distrif bution, Accounting, Utilization, Maiiageinent, Commercial, Publicity, and every branch of the Industry. Adirondack Power and Light Corporation "At Your Service - Always" 289 Satisfying Thousands The basis on which the Capitol Trust Company invites your business is that of mutual helpfulness. P k L d "Capitol" service is helping thousands ry to a new appreciation ofbanking and a new realization of how effectively their Schenectady, banking needs can be fulfilled. Remember the Name "CAPITOL TRUST" Phone 619 Q CAPITOL TRUST CO. WALL AND STATE STS.,SCHENECTADY, N. Y. GREETINGS FROM A HARRY BOND PLAYERS BELLINGER PAINT COMPANY THE PLACE TO BUY YOUR PAINTS, FLOOR WAX, GLASS, ETC. 212 Broadway Schenectady, N. Y. Jos. NUSEAUM LANGROCK, NEW HAVEN Es? STEINBLOCI-I SMART CLOTHES 434 State Street JOE HAYDEN Parker Bldg. College Repfesenfaflve Schenectady, N. Y. 290 VINICK'S TOGGERT SHOP COLLEGIATE CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN WE RENT TUXEDOES The College Manfs Shop 135 jay St.-Near Van Curler "EDDIE" RUSSELL COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE Compliments of THALMAN'S Bags Ivory B Tgugks ThE F3.XOI1 Co., IHC. Ig1TdFB?5:S Gsibreais Schenectacly's LEATHER SHOP Igovelfiess Gloves 2324234 State Street Belts Come to '7 B RAND H 0 R ST S St. R6g1S Pharmacy THE COLLEGE DRUG STORE , , , CHARLES R. CAREY Un1on and Gxllesple Streets For the Best Eats, Drinks and Smokes and Medicines, tool Six Hundred Union Street 291 Ter Bush EG? Powell, Inc INSURANCE of All Kinds - Any Description 423 S St Schenectady, N. Y. Phone 6000 292 The New York State National Bank Albany, N. Y. O F F I C E R S LEDYARD COGSWELL J, MILTON RUSSUM, Chairman of Board Cashier LEDYARD COGSWBLL, JR., EDWARD M. BoIcE, President Asst. Cashier PARKER CORNING, WILLIAM R. BLEECKER, Vice-President Asst. Cashier A. P. ADAMS, -IR., CHESTER C. KENT, Vice'President Trust Oflicer RINDFLEISCH COtfellf?f,l7'39mfd CLEANER DYER Always at your service with one of the most complete plants of its kind. PHONE CAPS GOWNS HOODS Office Factory For All Degrees 116 JAY ST. 1801 Union St. Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume 293 IRANIK IBROTHERS VHftllAvenu0 B001 Shop 47L. and -18k Sv.rccls.Ncw4York Between 7' Footwear for every activity of college and sport- unequalled for style and service. Exhibit Shops CHICAGO WASHINGTON Peoples Trust and Woodward Bldg. Savings Bank opposite Building Shoreham Hotel ST. LOUIS NEW HAVEN d B ilding Hotel Taft Arca e u PITTSBURGH jenkins Arcade SMART CLOTHES Clothing Hats Shoes Haberdashery Catering to the discriminating taste of the college man. Steefel Bros. STATE STREET ALBANY NEW YORK Dan A. Donahue SELLS GOOD CLOTHES GOOD HATS GOOD HABERDASHERY Dan A. Donahue "TOUR KIND OF A STORE" Students' Tuck Shop g cj QEH S M Afternoon Tea Join the Bunch Across from Payne Gate Phone 298fW 722 Easte rn Ave 294 - 7 Y v 7 v v - , ., E TE' E-g53LvAv4-,:,+::A.vLv -r A.'7L:: - -P TAYLTLTLTLZW '1QllllmllllllimllllllIlllllllllllllllillllmlllllIll Ill IIN!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIHIIIllIIIIIIIIIIII :If I- ,4- 11 W ....... .................................... ................................ . ............. ! !!!l'!.'l'!!!!!!.l'!! .... " ' I -'------- ,gi Eauunur E l : ESTABLISHED Iaee E gi' I E Ef- :' K O K 5 E11 ' as a E E 4 I- sg f f rg if 11 I' E E121 EE 'f E if 311 'TUB E ,aj if I' EE E E Q, I' E H PHOTOGRAPHERS g 5, I Ei E EH 4 E1 5 E1 I' :E .-: 53 ,- I' S if gi EQUIPPED WITI-I MANYYEARS EXPERIENCE E E" -I FOR MAKING PHOTOGRAPHS OF ALI. SORTS E 25 I- DESIRABLE FOR ILLUSTRATING COLLEGE E 3511, .. ANNUALS. BEST OBTAINABLE ARTISTS, E 5.-fig' f' WORKMANSHIR AND THE CAPACITY FOR E ' PROMPT AND UNEQUALLED SERVICE E I' E if 11 5 gif U' 220 WEST 421' STREET, E if f' NEW YORK. E I- .... EH li Eillllllgg gunna .-:F E f I -Z: ' illllllllllllIIIIIIHIIIIIllllllllllllIlllllllIlIlllllllllIIlllllIlllllllllllIllIIlllllllllllllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 3-1 '. 97' ., ,il -, - ----------- 1 I 9 .EEE--EEEEE -ff E--E-P E -E v':?'E1'v'-?s:'vv'-?':.iP"s' ?A1 295 I 1 MEN'S FURNISHERS AND SHIRT MAKERS I 'U Hats V92 .. .A 1 Suits Topcoats Q ,T G0lf Z Maiden Lane and james Street ALBANY, N. Y PAINTS VARNISH WALL PAPER The Sherwin' Williams Co. 326 State Street Next to N. Y. C. Viaduct Phone 5894 SCHENECTADY TRUST CO. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Capital, Surplus and Profits over 31,560,000 A Schenectady U New York H O T E L M 0 H AW K Good Things To Eat Not the Ordinary Compliments of PROCTOR'S THEATRE Every afternoon and evening you will find the first six rows at Proctor's full of Students GET THE PROCTOR'S HABIT 296 Buell E99 MacDonald PCCkhHm'WOlf , Co. .Q+HD..QE+g. Complete HOUSE FURNISHERS LUMBER E'E' +21 H+ 131433 Broadway, Schenectady, N. Y. 621 NOTT STREET PURE JERSEY ICE CREAM, Inc. RICH SCHENECTADTS PREMIER 297 Since 1833-A Schenectady Institution SINCE 1883-Ninety-three years-Barney's has been a Schenectady institution, and, of course, a Union institution as well. Generations of Union men have found that they could satisfy their every need at Barney's-you have, no doubt, found it so, too. The men's shop is up'tofthe-minute-the new things appear here first. Courteous attention and reasonable prices make the shopping service complete and satisfactory. As for quality, the name Barney's is its synonym in Schenectady. H. S. BARNEY COMPA Y Schenectadyfs Greatest Store Pasteurized - Safe SCH E NE CT ADY A RT PRE S S Sl? J. H. coMo, Prop. Home of I Reliable P'fi'H.ti'YLg I Printers of Concordiensis C1913f1926j College Publications and els Fraternity Printing A Specialty 431 Franklin St., between Jay and Center Phone 321 298 I-IOLTZMANN' Established in '71 - - U SCHENECTADY'S LARGEST CLOTHIERS -6 - SOLE AGENTS FOR SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES AND MARK CROSS GLOVES The Rosendale Flower Shop FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED TO ANY PART OF THE WORLD "SAT IT WITH FLOWERS" H. E. EBERHARDT, Prop. 124 jay Street Phone 2813 Schenectady, N. Y. 0 LYQN S FELLOWS! for For correct Distinctive picture framing writing paper Kodaks, Fountain Pens, Eversharp Pencils, Radio Supplies Good Developing and Printing LYON'S KODAK SHOP Gazette Building Different greeting cards Novelties and Dinner place cards VISIT JOHNSON'S GIFT SHOP One Six Seven jay Street 299 ROBINSON, SMITH AND MCGEE, Inc. COAL AND WOOD Orifice: 122 So. CENTRE Sr. YARD! 624 PEEK Sr. PHONES: 312713128 Compliments of Louis Herman Alling Rubber Co. RUBBER GOODS or EVERY DESCRIPTION GNN? SPORTING GOODS and AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES SUPERIOR SERVICE --zjllugan Those who know our reputation for reli- ability shop with conhdence, knowing that Wallace service insures the highest excellence of style. quality and value. "Satisfaction or your money back" is our way of emphasizing quality-and this princi- ple is applied to every transaction we make. uqmnp.. 000 PM 6170 The W allace Co 254 State St. Schenectady, N. Y. ALWAYS RELIABLE The CARL CO. Finest Selections of Sporting Goods and all kinds of Men's Furnishings. Also Women's and Misses? a arel PP and accessories for Dress and Sports Wear. Our prices are the lowest for Merchandise of .QUALITY G. A. Cassedy Co Musical Headquarters since 1851 Home of Hardman Pianos and Victor Victrolas 464 State St. Cor. Clinton o 181 Jay Street EYE GLASSES Schenectady "Meet me at the Tavern." J A C K ' S An eating house of distinction for discriminating people 450 State Street On the Campus The COLLEGE U IO H CAFETERIA PEAN Phone 10243 For UNION against Any Opponent Go to Europe This Summer With the STUDENTS' THIRD CLASS ASSOCIATION Round Trip S165 to 35185 HOLLANDfAMERICAN LINE STEAMERS Goon ACCOMMODATIONS CoNGENiA For Particulars H. C. LAMBERTON, Agent, Sigma Phi Place L COMPANY 301 IT KEEPS US YOUNG Theres contagion in laughter, in cheerfulness, in enthusiasm-yes, and in youth. When we were given the contract to print the 1927 GARNET, we looked with expectant anticipation to the share of enjoyment, enthusiasm and pride of pro- duction that would be ours through contact with the GARNE1' staff. We have enjoyed it, we have shared the enthusiasm, and we do take pride in the result for which we, in our modest way. have shared the responsibility. I t is such contacts as this that keep us young. When the 1927 GARNET staff go out into the world to win their way, when the fast-Heeting years have brought to them greater age and experience, when CollegefAnnual production has become to them a memory of the past, we shall still be printing Annuals - and keeping young. Good luck to you, Class of '27, may we somehow, sometime, meet again. ' "f5E5J'I4GU" ' BAKER, jONES, I-IAUSAUER, Inc Builders of Distinctive College Annuals 45-51 CARROLL STREET BUFFALO, New YORK 502

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Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1910 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1918 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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