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-Tm-was F- kn.wSu..a 710-Him 0-LPM-Q. milk LQU gr CLIQQ Q5arnet 1902 .fl .:. 4. llnion llniversitg Dublisbcb bg the junior ZnCIllbCl'S of the Q3rccI i Setter fraternities .,.,.4. mlvmc SOITUSSCDCII cum Elyousuub zum lj 1111 wma mm com. GAz::'r'r: Pmnv, SCHENESTADV, N. V. COPYRIGHT. 1902 GARNET BOARD 1901 .Ra -. 'mwmqfm'm,rf'w"r-.-.wvf ' " ' 'X "N -'. ':"'. .: " -'M "'Q.-X122 Him fixsix Rfk", Q fyf hx 55 ,N XQ1 EXW VC NUM R -v .NL xy., -H'- x XX Q Ny! RH N, , -' X-.,-UQ-M X-XMXHX' N-Mp. . 'NN Aw Mm 'x,M-xwy . . -xi . GQ? Mx ' li ,A , W1 1 M X- X N ' K , . '.. x 1, 1' I ,f ' QQ XXXAAX .AYXN 4 x M W , J Nj 5-s, YNXXXX- gi., V, Vw. r n , wrfbfxx-W - W -fs I H , N L , NS?XXix-yxxv wx-M xy, :N I . N' EQVXQNSX. , "NX ' f-X I A 1 -' sw -.NX w Y- W-' . I A-,x NX N, .-,XXX h-mx I Ng, xg j " X' Y. Y.'fQ'N 5 -. W 4. . ff X 2797? I - f 7"'-QU-"lX l Qu' 1 ' I v r . I I-Yxj.1kf'p ' ' xv ' Ir 11 fi -'WI vi ' W .1 f J mf, 1 5 ' an I vyfp 'Sq ,vi ,j fr ,X xc .A , qf, N, 1 ' .fvf","J'f -F 'JV' If 134 ' ff W fl . QHIV-hifi' ' 'Hi' ff V' P . 92111 u fn.-ri 1 M Z1 ' M By! "'x"f ' m"irf:f,E2' 7' IV 'H' ,NM ...,,,1,w 1 V - 1 ,, WV '. 4'f4'F.w H-'Iii J. fwu ,QQIW lx'-.5r5'q ru' ,U':.- ,x. ,ff fbi if iii .K J Wmufi, "W-1f.' T' 3 ww H --eg W1-I l,.R ,km -'44 . 1,5-wx ,K I v.-M N , . Aff x W' V1 E My MM : 5: mfr 'Ji if I QW g'-Wil, : , .,1 , , A rn I will 3 ,f4f! Ay3l'1 'g M f"' V 41,1 4 f ,1 ,1 f , 'Wy 1, 1 f ight ' I' W 24 ,M ' W XXV? 'fy' '.iZTf .113 " Q - 1, . J -g:... Q.f, NE -ll" :LIL ,--. , ,. Glo on. fporacc 23. Siliinum, 55. D lluiou '40, in apprcciutoll of lyis bcncfuctions to the Liollcgc this book is respectfully bcbicufcb. .-f.1'F-4-.2.::1 2 a 5 12. 11115: iz. 5:3195 5 . 5.1 :li '-,'.'g:g.'. ' --13 ng-51"21-'-3, 1' H., -551. - -.- : ,... .y - :gu- -t wie. ,Er::::. :- S- 'i:jFf.'f?:f EEE f'Zf.'::5ig " nal: Q..:. 1i:. 'wg-X25 'if '1g:.l'-1:51--5 '. '. s':g:,.,,.15 I :,:g,"-- .ul ax .M ...V .ll , :aa fx- 2 ESQ .?,, VW W fled' ra X LW Q my . ll--A v Qzollege Hells Null I Rah ! H1111 2 U-N-I-0-N Hikall, Hikzull, Inlikumll. Kai-ai-ami, Kami-an-nl, Ku i-ni-ui, Vniun! Him-k-y-uh -11111. r to-ax, Co-ax, Co-aux, Lo ax Ilivk-y-ol:-1'zl,l1. I'Iif'k-5'-4Jll'l'Elvl1, Union ! to-aux. Ho-ax, Co ax, Co aw 1100-ro, Hou-10, Hollilmloo, Union ! 6 lhtion lllarclpittg Song. I As they bound the laurel un the vlctor's brow. Sang to hltn a song of victory: So, with greenest laurels. we wlll crown Sing a song of victory to thee. thee now, CHORUS. Un-lon. Un-lon. thine the song we slng. Un-lon, Un-lon, let the chorus ring! Wake the slumb'rlng echoes. shout the glad refrain, Cheer for Al-ma Ma-ter once again! 4 And though fame and fortune, peace and h:xpplneSS. All that llfe can give us ours should be. Still our thoughts wlll backward turn again to bless All the happy .lays we knew with tltee.-Chorus. S May the wreath of glory. placed upon thy brow. Hy the hands ol children. ever true: May the song of glatlness that we sing thee now, liver. ln the coming years he new.-Clim'ux. Thine the name we cherish thlne the fame we bear Thlne the gray old walls we detr ly love And the grateful mem-'ry of t Mother s cure Tltne shall not from loy tl hetrts remove Cbllflli Though of care and sorrow llfe should hive its Gil And be unto us a desert tlretr Yet thy golden mem'ries throngtng round ug grill Will recall the stnile and dry the tetr Cburtls lfltmtrte titztstm. '16 Song to CDID llnion. Let the Grecian dream of his sacred stream. And sing of the brave a-dornlng That Phoebus weaves from his laurel leives. At the gold-en gates of morn-ing: But the brook that hounds thro' lin-Ion's grounds tileatns hrlght as the Del-phic water: And a prize as fair as a god tnay wear. ls :I dlp from our Al-tna Matet. CHORUS. Then here's to thee. the brave and free. Old Un-ion. stniling o'er us. An.l tor ma-ny a day as thy walls grow gray. May they rlng with thy chll.lren's cho-rus. 2 Could our praises throng on the waves of song. Like an Orient lleet. gem-bringing. We would bear to thee the argosy. Anti crown thee with pearls of singing: But thy smile beams down beneath a crown. Whose glory asks no other: We gather it not tron the deep sea-grot- 'Tis the love we bear our Motlier!-Clvurux. 3 Let the joy tltat falls frotn thy dear old walls, Unchanged brave tlme's on-darting. And our only tear falls once a year On hands that clasp ere parting: thy songs. bound us. flowers. us.-Chorus. And when other throngs shall slng And their spell once more h:tth Our faded hours shnll revive their And the past shall live aorund F. H. LUlJl.OW,' 7 56 1. HV. 0411. , x. .-5, . x F , -4 gsju Xf I xx -x v c , ' V. f I - 4-e13X5'1'v:vA,?2 ', l V - Q- --A-fxpf.-A iw' A W' A W "Msn A. ' '9HQf ':,f.'. N 231, 311' 1 A ,. ,gfr.,4... A 1 2.15-'fifmif MF.3,w,'.f, +M.f,n'6' gvrw13wGgfg:Q. Y, YM., A .V Amy. MU: Q, ,,i.,jl,, ,, X gl, 0113? ' rkzrQI'f1 K, W ff":W1 mlf:f1ff'J' "H ,xr+ f +'f'Wf I A , A MQW iw-en. 'A M, f ,af 6231-1-7 wif. I 4 WH - Rf Milf f'f'Wf:f I uf A A A ff-1 ' 241 ,Al Wwffdf ' qw, KLM jx Y ' fn, K f4fl4'f!MQ" 1 X- ' V: f ,W HVJ , ' M Wig, . N W I, N A! 'wt-Y Q 24,11 f,1',,H.' " 'E y4f3.,- ,,' ,gfhgzt-i?:,"+ f f 'J:.55+,'fS-915. 55-r5.1-5 '-412 -4 g 1?iz???'- T244-f+, f A A O f 121" '? f:-Qff :i4::'11L f-ll ' - ,4 57311 , V- - .Y - A 1.7 iff' i- -el fp, W.-7-2315- ' 11.-igqlfzizfj -w.-:- - ' +':" "f 4. :En :- :f:1y- fi 1-1 ' f .:f5'?3-Q7 Q , -'I 'jf":aT . :.. 'Q--' -. 9251, ::L: ' G" 9 . +A .g,f,,4fT.f..LL-J+t.L,..--7......Q:..""'.l: 4551 Y VE: j 'if-'T,1,?Z?".-::' Y'-- wjy' . , , X1 JOHN la. C1UFHRll:, -f ...g-' 1. - . - ..: ..,,,,.,,..a1- gg-sg., ' 4 45i -, ,-...W L, W, '?? , ,,4:... ,--L QL 1""ff5 -f - ...IV .1 i 5.-1 .-f - -'7:':J,.L:"- ,WL - 1 T az: +1-,"3"""'f"W :Y ff-:.,.:1 4.:..,:4,,.-,,L:--,--, f.,, -' 17,6-74.5.-nu-' v in .w,,. . --:,..,.i. .. ,,.. -- - A--QQ- ' DONALD HAWKES, V' rf, ,417 Ii'.l1'lu1'. HARRY R. VVILSON, If fl, Alblrlzlf l:li170r. DIGKINSON E. GRIFFITH, 'P J "I, ,4ss1ktmzt l311sl71r.v.v ML11mg1'f'. THOMAS CARNEY, Y E VT, ,4ss11sm1ll lfAfl701'. LESTER W. BLOCH. ll'-1 ll, flX5l1VfL11ll lidzlozz lfmfl'f01'-l'lI-Cfllffz HARRY C. HOYT, fl J l?11.v1'f1u.v.s Mamrgrr. NI-QILSON C. HANNAY, rl T, Sm'rxlu1j1'. RAYMOND R. CRIM, X' W. l.1'lr1111j1' l?d1'lm', FRANK W. NEARY, df I' J, ,4ss11v1a11l l.1Zumrj1' l1'tfI4f0l'. CHARLES P. VVAGNER, 41516, f4x.v1klm1l Erlflvr. FENWICK M. THEBO, .J IP, Assflvlauf Edflvr. ff H f J U 1 1 I 1 I E L- +- -A V- H .. ..,, L.. ,..,,.-N-..,... ,-.....i.J V 4 2 3 24 1 5 25 22 2 I2 22 25 15 1 4 I5 29 30 9 IO II I2 Us I7 18 I9 zo 21 24 7 S 28 7 zo 2 6 23 21 22 1 18 21 24 8 9 IO II 12, IQOI January January January February February February February March March March March April May May May may ay June June June June I4 J une September September September 151 September September September October November November December December IQ02 January January January February February March March March March J une J une June June I3 June llitiversitg Calenbctr. Winter term of Union College begins. Winter term of Medical College resumes. Day of Prayer for Colleges. First semester of Law School ends. Second semester of Law School begins. Allison-Foote Prize Debate between the Literary Societies. Washington's Birthday. Examination for conditioned students. Commencement of the College of Pharmacy. Winter term of Union College ends. Spring term of Union College begins. Selection of Junior and Sophomore prize orators. Commencement ol' the Medical College. Examination for conditioned students. Date for presentation of prize essays. Commencement of Law School. Decoration Day. Sunday. Baccalaureate Sermon, Union College. , Prize Contest in Extemporaneous Speaking, and Pl'ize Oratory ol Juniors and Sophomores. Meeting of Trustees. Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alumni. Commencement ol' Union College, the second Wednesday in Jtzne. President's reception. Union College. Entrance examinations. Registration Day for Freshmen. Union College. Registration Day for Students other than Freshmen, Union Cllllvllf- Entrance Examinations, Union College. . First Chapel Exercises and Recitations, Entrance Examinations concluded. Freshman Rt-citations begin. Examination for conditioned students. Winter term of Medical College begins. The College ol' Pharmacy begins. Election Day. Tlianlcsgiving Day. Recess four days. Examination for conditioned students. Fall term of Union College ends. Winter term of Union College begins. Winter term of Medical College resumes, Day of Prayer for Colleges. AllisoneFoote Prize Debate between the Literary Societies. Washington's Birthday. Examination for conditioned students. Commencement of the College ol' Pharmacy. Winter term of Union College ends. Spring term of Union College begins. Sunday. Baccalaureate Sermon, Union College. Prize Contest in Extemporaneous Speaking, and Prize Oratory of Juniors and Sophomores. Meeting of Trustees, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alumni. Commencement of Union College, the second Wednesday in June. President's reception, Union College. Entrance Examinations, Union College. Ebitorial. The Editorial Board of the 1902 GARNET beg to this, the ' forty-seventh volume of the College Annual, to the tender mercies of the faculty, alumni, friend and fellow-students of Union University. We are conscious of mistakes in its "tout msmihlu but trust they will be overlooked and only its merits will be s We have endeavored to improve on former annuals, whether we have succeeded or not is for the reader to decide. ln conclusion, the Board wishes to express its appreciation and gratitude the faculty, alumni, friends and students for their interest and assistance in the production of the first GARNET of the Twentieth Century. II submit S CCH. to QYVZKQQQ anb 54,6111 ' I L- 4 , . In Q O V AFSS SARIIS OO hz S in Q, 'Z E Q M oMNleuscAmrAs Q J," PE QQ? 495 ,,,.:, 1 1 8 7 3, KJ f Of Union GQOWZQQ C11 Q.'1'11stccs of llnion College 'HIS EXCELLIENCY BENJAMIN B. ODELI., JR., Governor. , HON. TIMOTHY I.. WOODRUFF, Lieuten:1nt-Governor. HON. JOHN T. MCDONOUGH, Secretary of State. HON. ERASTUS C. KNIGHT, Comptroller. Lu HON JOHN P. JAECKEL, TI'C!lSLIl'CI'. KHON. JOHN C. DAVIES, Attorney-Generzll. SILAS B. BROWNELL, LL. D., 7I W:1lI Street, New Yo1'k. REV. WILLIAM IRWIN, D. D., New York. HON. JUDSON S. LANDON, LL. D., Sclieiiectmly. HON. EDWARD W. PAIGE, LL. D., New York. WM. H. H. MOORE, A. M., LL., D., SI Wzlll Street, New York. REV. HON. HON. DENIS WORTMAN, D. D., Suugerties. JOHN H. STARIN, Pier 18, N. R., New York. JOHN A. DE REMER, A. M.,ScI1enectz1dy. CLARK BROOKS, A. M. S4 Willizims Street, New York. Riav. GEORGE ALEXANDER, D. D., IOTII Street :intl University Place, New Yo1'k. HON. WARNER MILLER, LI.. D.. Herkimer. NICHOLAS V. V. FRANCHOT, A. M., Olezm, N. Y. WILLIAM B. RANKINE, A. M.. Ni:1g:11':1F:1lIs. HON. DANIEL S. LAMONT, 35 W:1lI Street, New York. , EDGAR S. BARNEY, A. M., 36 Stuyvesant Street, New York, term of oftice expiring June, 1901. REV. PHILIP H. COl.E, A. M., Syracuse, N. Y., term of oftiee expiring June, 1902. GEN. DANIEL BUT'I'ERFlELD, 616 Fifth Avenue, New York, term of office expiring June, 1903. EDWARD P. WHITE, A. M , Amstertlzim, N. Y., term of office expiring June, 1904. 13 llnion College. Sucnltg, ANDREW V. V. RAYMOND, .fi Ll KP, df I3 lf. I'rvsiden,t of Union University. A. B., Union, 1875, A. M., I878, D. D., 18855 LL. D.,Willi111ns, 1894. HENRY WHITEHORNE, JP IS l1'. Nutt Professor CNO. lj, of Gracie Lfmgurige mul L'itei'at1w'e. A. M., University of Mississippi, 1848, LL. D., Union, 18875 University of Oxford, Ellglillkl, 1834-1839, Principal of St. 'l'll0lllIlS Hzxll, Holly Springs, Miss., 1846, Professor of Greekzlncl Ancient l.iter:1tnre, University of Mississippi, 18555 Professor in Union :incl Principnl of Clnssicnl Depnrtinent in Union School, 1862118692 Professor of Greek Lnnguzige :ind Literziture, Union, si11ce 1869, Dean of Union College, 18864894. WILLIAM WELLS, 45 li K. .l,I'QfGSSU'I' of Modern Larrgimges mul Lite'rrrt1u'e, ami Lectuwi' on Crwrent History. PI1. D., Berlin, 1848, LL. D., lllLll!ll'lZl Asbury University, 1875, Professor of Modern l.:1ngn:1ges :incl Literziture in Genesee College, 1852-1865, Professor of Moclern l.!lll2,'LlZlHCS :incl Literature i11 Union since 18655 Lecturer o11 Cnrrent History since 1886. MAURICE PERKINS, J' I3 K, Z5 E. Nott Professor QNo. .rj of Analytical C'l1cmi.wt1'y. A. M., Harvnrcl, 1865, M.D., A. M. C., 1871, Assistant Professor of Cliemistry in the College of Pliysicizlns, New York City, Assistnnt to Rnn1ford Professor, L:1wrence Scientific School, Hnrvnrd, Professor of Annlyticnl Chelnistry in Union since 1865, A11tl1orof"A Course in Anulyticnl Cl1en1istry," nncl of HEStll'l1ZltlOl1 of Urea" and other papers. I4 WENDELL LAMOROUX, 'l ll' T, fl' 13 lf. Lib1'a1'im1,. B., Union, l844Q A. M., 1847: lnstructor i11 Modern Langixages and Assistant Professor Belles Lettres, 1850-18535 Acting Professor of Motlern L:1ngu:1ges, 1862-- 1864q Acting Professor of Rhetoric, Columliia, 1886-1869, Professor of English Essays anti Frencli, Wells, 1873-1876, Professor English Essays, Union, 1876-18855 l.il1rarian since 1885 and l.UCtlll'Cl', 1895-. Contributor to various periodicals o11 Etincation and Art. OLIN H. LANDRETH, A T, .S 3. 1Jl'Qfl?S-907' of Civil l611g1'11,m'1-ing. E., Union, 1876, A. H., 1877: A, M., 18793 Instructor i11 Physical Lalioratory, Union 1876-18775 Assistant ASYIWIIUIIICI' Dudley Observatory, 1877-1870, Professor of E11gi11eeri11g, 1879-18945 ancl Dean Engineering Department at Vaiiclerlwilt Univtzrsity, 1886-1894, Ul'llOI1, 1894-g Memlaer of AlIlCl'lC1lI1 Society of Civil Engineers, Member of American Society of Meclianical Engineers, Member of tl1e Society for the proino- tion of Eiigineering Etlucatioiig Fellow of tl1e Ainerican Association for the Advance- ment of Science, MCllll3Cl't1f tl1e Deutsclier Geoineter Vereing also contrilvutor to leading Engiiieeriiig Journals, Author of " Metric Tables for Eiigineering Students." SIDNEY G. ASHMORE, .11 IP, ll' Ii l1'. Professor of the Latin l.a11g1uage mul Liflemture. A. B., Colnnilvia, l872Q A. M., 1875, l.. H. D., Holiart, 1887, lnstrnctor in Greek and Latin. l.el1i1.5l1 University, l873-1876, Instructor in Latin, Colunibia, 1876-1881 3 Professor of Latin, Ullltlll College, 1881-3 Editor of Terence tAtlelpl1oeb, l8Q3, revised 1896, MacMillan's Classical Series, Ca-sar tHelvetian Warb and Caesar Clnvasion of Britainb, M:1cMillan's Elementary Series, Author of article on tlie Latin Language and l.iteratt1re in International Encyclopaedia tRevisecl Eclitionjg Review of SClllC6,S "ScI1olia Ter-e11tirma," Classical Review qOct. 18945, Article on Terence i11 Harper's New Classical Dictionary tHarper's l896D, antl other papers. Memlwer of the Arcliaiological Institute of Anierica, and of the American Pliilological Association. JAMES R. TRUAX, ll' T, 4F I5 lf, E E. Professor of the Englisli Language and Literature. A. B., Union, l876Q B. D., Drew. 1878, A. M., Union, l879Q PI1. D., I804Q Professor at Union since 1885. THOMAS W. WRIGHT, 'I' T, 23 E. Professor of Matlteiiwilifcs mul Physics. A. B., Toronto, 1853, A. M., 18715 PI1. B., Yale, l872Q Ph. D., Union, ISQIQ Galt 15 Collegiate lnstitute, l86Zrl8701 U. S. Survey, N. X N. W. Lakes, Professor at Union since 1884. Author of "Treatise on the Adjustment of Observations, " 1886, " Text Book of Mechanics. " 1890, H Elements of Mechanics, " 1896. FRANK S. HOFFMAN, 'F I' A, dt I3 lf. Profrssor of Mental and Moral Philosophy. A. B., Amherst 1876, A. M., 1879, B. D., Yale, 1880, Pl1. D., Amherst, 1896, Hooker Fellow, at Yale, ISSO-l882 , Student in Germany, 1882-1883 , Instructor in Philosophy at Wesleyan University, 1883'1885, Professor at Union si11ce 1885, Author of "Probability in Theology, " " The Sphere of the State, " " Tl1e Sphere of Science, " " President Seelye asa Philosopher, " and of various papers. BENJAMIN H. RIPTON, Y' T, JP I? K. Dean and Profrsso-r of History and Sociology. A. B., Union, 1880, A. M., 1886, Ph. D., 1893, l.l.. D., Syracuse, 1896: Vice-Principal Whitestown Seminary, 1882-1883, Principal, 1883-1885, Adjunct Professor of NllltllCIll!ll.lCS, Union, 1886, Professor of Mathematics, l887'-1894, Professor of History and Sociology, 1804-Q Dean of Union College, ISQ4-Q Member of tl1e American Academy of Political and Social Science, of the American Economic Association and of tl1e American Historical Association. JAMES H. STOLLER. A K E, E EI. Professor of Biology and Geology. A. B., Union, 1884, A. M., 1887, Ph. D., Leipsic, 1898, Instructor in Natural History, Ul1ltJllCtlllCllC, I884-ISSQQ Professor of Biology, 1889-, Member of American Asso- ciation forthe Advancement of Science, Member of American Society of Naturalists, Author of various Scientitic papers, reports to New York State Board of Health, and contributor to scientitic periodicals. EDWARD EVERETT HALE, JR., A A QP. Professor of Rhetoric and Logic. A. B., Howard, 1883, Ph. D., Halle, 1892, l11strnctorof English, Cornell, 1886-1889, Acting Assistant Professor, l88Q'l8QOZ Fellow i11 Harvard, I8QOrl8Q2Q Professor of English Language and l-iterature, State University of Iowa, I892-l8QSQ Union since 1895, Editor of " Lechford's Notebook, "Boston, 1895: " Poems of Herrick, " Boston, 1895, "Paradise Lost, Books land ll," New York, 1896, "Evangeline," "Knicker- bocker Stories, " " Poems of Knightly Adventure, " New York, 1897, Part Author of "Franklin in France,'l Boston, 1887, 1888, Author of "The Chronological Order of the Poems of Robert Herrick," Halle, 1892, "Open and close G in Orin, " Modern Language Notes, Jan. 1893, "An Uncertain Exception to Early Middle-English Lengthening of a, e, o, in Open Syllables, " Sievers Festschrift, 1896, "Construc- 16 tive Rhetoric, " New York, 1896, :mtl articles :incl 11otes i11 the i'Di:1l," " Atlnntic Montl1ly, " " Outlook," "Chap Book, " :incl otl1er periotliczlls. ALBERT H. PEPPER, Q I' A, Q If K, E E. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. A. B., Unio11, 1887: A. M., 1890: Stuclent :lt University of Leipsic, 1890-1891 3 Student :rt " Tl1e Sorlvonne, " Pnris, 1892 g Instructor i11 Moclern Lnnguzuges :ut Rutgers, ISQZZM 18955 Union since 1893. HOWARD OPDYKE, E Q, if I3 lf, I5 E. Assistant 17l'Qf1'88O1' of Physics. lumhizl School of Mines, 1893-1894: Instructor i11 M:1then1:ltics A. B., Willizuns, 1893: Co :intl Pl1ysics, Unio11, 1894-1899: Assistzlnt Professor of Pl1ysics, Unio11, 1899 -. JOHN I. BENNET, fl .Il Qi, QP I3 K. Assistant Professor of Greelr. A. B., Union, 1890: Tezlcher in Hyde Park High School, Chicago, 1891-1895: Grrlcluzlte Student :lt HZll'VZll'LI University, 1895: Instructor :lt Un1o11, 1895-1899: Assistant Professor of Greek, 1899m. FREDERICK ROBERTSON JONES, QI' l' 11, gb I3 l1'. Assistant Professor in History and Sociology. , Johns Hopkins University, 1896, A. B., Western Mnrylzlncl, 1892: A. M., 18951 PI1. D. University Scholnr, Johns Hopkins University, 1896: Fellow hy Courtesy, l897Q Assistant Secretary of the Charity Orgnnizzition Society, Hzlrtford, Connecticut, 1894, Acting Professor of History :mtl Economics, Wester11 Mzlrylzintl, 1896: Acting Instructor ol' Economics, Johns Hopkins U11iversity, 1897, Member of the An1eric:1n Historical Association :incl Autl1or ol' " History ol' IIIIIXIIIIUII i11 Connecticut C1636- l776D. SAMUEL B. HOWE, A A 41, JI I3 l1'. Adjunct Nott Professor, QNO. 45, ,l'1-inuipal of Union School. A. B., Union, 1862: A. M., 1865: PI1. D., 1890. HORACE T. EDDY, li ff? IT, 3 E. Instructor in Eleetrical Engineering. Rose Polytechnic Institute, 1892-1895: University of Minnesota, 1895-1896, B. of E, E., 1895 :incl E. E., 1896: General Electric Con1p:1ny, 1896-1897: Union, 1398-, I7 JOHN LEWIS MARCH, A KE, 'P I3 K. Inst1'u1't0r in Modern Lrmguuges. A. B., Lafayette, 1893: A. M., 1896, Teaclier of Latin, Harry Hillman Academy, Wilkes- barre, 1894-1895: Traveled in Germany, France and Italy, 1895-1898: Union, 1899--. LINDSAY DUNCAN, A 7262. I7'L8f7'LLl5f0l' 'in 1I16lN11'IlLLlt7il'S', Drafting and S'11r1myi'r1.y. B. S., University of Maine, 1897: CJITILIIIJIIU Student, Clark University, 1897-1899 Union, 1899-. HERBERT G. TOWNE, I-I 11 X. Instructor in Pllysiczrl Culture. A. FS., Williams, 1894: M. D., P. and S., N. Y.. 19oo: Worcester Academy, 1894-1897 New York College Physicians and Surgeons, 1897-19oo: Union, IQOO-. FRANK B. WILLIAMS. Inslrucfol' in. ff7'Lgi'lL607'l"ll.fj. Cl. E., University of Missouri, 1890: M. S., 1893: PI1. D., Clark University, IQDO Assistant Engineer Tennessee River Commission, 1895-1898: Instructor in Clark University, 1898-1909: Union, 1903-. 18 x Glollegc Officers GILBERT K. HARROUN, T reusurer. WENDELI. LAMOROUX, A. M., Libr:u'i:mQEmeritus. PETER NELSON, A. B., Acting Librurizm. JAMES H. STOLLER, PH. D., Curator of the Museum. MRS. M. L. PEISSNER, Registrar. HERBERT G. TOWNE, M. D., Director of Gymnasium. ROBERT T. MCCORD 7 Accountant und President's Secrctru' . Y GEORGE CLUTE Y Superintendent of Grounds :md Buildings. I9 PRESIDENT, . VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, . CLASS ORATOR, IVY POET, PROPHET, . HISTORIAN, . TOASTMASTER, GRAND IVIARSHAI., lvv GRATOR, PIPE ORATOR, Senior Class. Class GoIo1's.-Giurnlct dllb d51'ccn. Qfluss Ucll. Rlc:Kl3'rY, RICKIQTY. RUN. RICKETY, RICKETY, RUN, UNION, UNION, NINETEEN HUNDRED AND CNE! Qifficcrs. 20 GEORGE IJEROY SHELLEY THOMAS H. WIGHT. HORATIO J. BROWN. ARTHUR S. GOLDEN. JOHN NICNAB. JOHN H. COOK. LEOPOLD MINKIN. GARDINER KLINE. CHARLES P. WAGONER. PORTER LEE MERRINIAN. LEROY J. WEED. P.,..,sw. Iijistorg. CERTAINI learned professor in a lecture o11 "History and l-listorians" . ' l1:1s s nd tl1at great lllSt0l'lZlIlS are rare: that tl1e endown1ent of sucl1 a11 lllSlHI'l1lll is stupenduous: tl1atl1e111ust l1ave leisure, intinitc patience, sound gincnt, plnlosophic gi tsp lllkl hieidth lNlNlL 1, fe in 1 , we We lllll-ll offer tl1e s ggcstl 111 tl1 it tl1e lectt ici, 111 asseitlng tl11t men L.. . A . " ,fl jud ' ' ' J " ': 5 : 1: , 1 " " l llllilgllllltltil a Cll!ll'I1l ot' '-ill ,' 1 1 styl , 1 .l :hove all ' alth. ,pil 1 ll :' 1 " " : 1 t lil it wl1o are possessed of tl1ese requirements are scarce, l1as overlooked the class f o For 'l er is there 1 ler l' ' - '- g who is not endowed with leisure, inlinite patience, etc., etc. -make no mention of wealth? ll I Ol XX IL t' l lllbllll tl Utll SIX llltl lXXtl'll.X 'S l0ll The laborious task our Slate Con1n1ittee had before them when tl1ey attempted to select o11e n1eml1er of the class to write the class history is HONV explained. During our four years, titty-nine llltll I1:1ve heen known as H1001 men" and ol these twe11ty-six have hraved tl1e storm tsay nothing of Calculus, Nlecl1a11ics, Physics, and Gym ,B Illltl will, tl1e Faculty Zllltl gods heing willing, leave tl1e institution as alun1ni Chetter write that with a capital lb on June 12th. We wo11 the cane rtzsh Illltl snow hall tight i11 our l:l'6Slll1lIll1 yea1', a11d i11 our scraps as Sophs showed llllll we l1ad not lost hut gained in spirit. At our l:l't:'Sllll11lll hanquet at tl1e Ve11do111e, every n1an was there, despite tl1e protests Illkl opposition ot' IUOO. l:LZl'lllt'l'Ill0l'f' we had :111otl1er banquet i11 our Sophoinore year. Ol1, of all hanquets, this was one which would have turned the gods green witl1 e11vyl Will we ever lorget tl1e speakers and their themes? l think 11ot. Among those wl1o were glad wl1e11 the feast was over, was Host Brown: l1e shook eacl1 one of us hy tl1e llllllkl as witl1 tears in l1is eyes l1e sai.l " good night, " and when we reached tl1e rail-road tracks we were greeted hy tl1e squad of Chief C1llllDl5ClllS clever assistants who sl1ook each of us by the collar. The distinction ot' heing tl1e o11ly class ill lllillly years to l1old a Sophon1ore hanquet llllcl l'een won! We feel satislied that we l1ave always given a loyal support to college i11stitutio11s, including tl1e "spiel" Zllltl l1ave given Union two foot-hall captains. May our second contrihution prove to he as good as our lirst! We l1ave heen strong i11 social lines as well as in atl1letics and proved to a doubting and skeptical pul1lictl1at the Round Bcilding could he l1eated, Illkl demonstrated tl1e tact o11 Fehruary 10, ISQQ, when tl1e lllCl'lllOlIl6lCl' stood at 27 helow. We were prolninent i11 the ininstrels: we l1ave always lllltl a large represe11tatio11 in tl1e College Glee Cluh 1ll1Ll Cl1oir, Zllltl were conspicuous inthe lllllVCllltfIllL to strengtlien tl1e Y. M. C. A. tone ol our lllCllllWt'I'S l1as even l1eld the office of Correspondi11g Secretaryj. We have, during our course, learned to revere our Alma Mater, Illlkl we feel conlident tl1at our love and respect for llCl' sl1all grow as time sl1all heighten tl1e apprecia- tio11 of what sl1e has done for us. Witl1 tl1e poet, wl1ose ideality we l1ave long si11ce learned to appreciate we say, "Farewell then, thou loved one-O loved but too well. Too deeply. too blindly for language to tell l " 22 2l.lCllIlJ01'5. 0" ROY EDWIN ARGERSINGER. ......... I 0lw1sto11:n .......................... 2I S. C, AI T5 Sopliomore Aid 'oo Senior Ball 3 Junior Hop Committee, Assistant l.ite1'a1'y Editor IQOI Garnet, Tennis and Engineer's Club, Cap and Gown Committee. ' HENRY SAMES BAHLER ..........., S'ohen,ectf1dy .................... ll Park Ave. Adelplmicg Tennis Club, Y. M. C. Ag Class Secretary, 2, President Adelpbic Society, 4, Vice-President Sl1alcespea1'e Club, Class Foot Ball Team, Class Track Team, 1, 2, Second eleven, 2. ' HARRY A1.v1N BARRETT.. ,........ 11-oy, N Y ..................... 6 S. S. S. C. Q1 A I-lg I-I N If, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Snake, College Quartette, 2, 3, 4, President Musical Association, 4, Class Foot Ball and Base Ball Teams: Art Editor IQOI Garnet, Junior Hop Committee, Business Manager Concordiensis, President Pbilomatlieang Y. M. C. A. ge CHARLES J. BENNETT ............. A'lllStUl'!1lIIIl .... ........,........ l 3 I9 II Houge 13 I-J Hg Sophomore Soiree Committee, Banjo Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-P1-ggi- dent Musical Association, 4, Class Pipe Committee, Golf and Tennis Clubs, Engineer's Club. gc LEWIS S. BENTON ..... ....... Pl1eI1'1s .................. ........... 7 7 N. C, Class Treasurer, 3, Cross-Country Club: Class Foot Ball Team, 1, 2, 4, Junior Hop Committee: Tennis Club, Engineer's Club. c HORATIO JONES BROWN. ........... 9 r'her1.f1cmf,ly .......... I2 North Church Street X Wg Sophomore Soiree Co1n1nittee: Assistant Manager of ,QQ Minstrelsg Manager Class Track Tea1n, 2: Captain of Class Foot Ball Team, 2, 3, Member, 1, 42 Class Base Ball Team, 35 Class Track Team, 2, 3, 4: Substitute 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, 1: Sophomore Aid to Senior Ball, Manager of Musical Associationg Class Secretary and Treasurer, 4. c J. WALTON CHEESBOROUGH, ..... 1?l.lt'Hl07'P,N O. .... ................. 1 5 S, C, A A JI, Philomatlieang Union Representative ln New York State intercollegiate Oratorical League: Gibakbad. 23 I' 0 1. 0 ls 0 ls JOSEPH HARVEY CLEMENTS ....... Sclienmtody .......... ...SO2 Hamilton X llf: Y. M. C. A: Adelphic: Freshman Banquet Committee: Class Base Ball and Track Teams: Manager 'Varsity Track Team: Delegate to Northtield, 2, 3: Corresponding Secretary Y. M. C. A., 4' Cross- Country Clubg Allison-Foote Prize Debater: Undergraduate Sznolter Committee. - JOHN HAWLEY COOK.. ...... ..... 1 llbrlull. N. Y. ........... . . 45 I' A: 'Varsity Base Ball, I, 2, 3, 4: Mandolin Club, I, 2: Hanjo Cl..b, 2: College Minstrels: Commencement Farce, 3: Boxing Club. Rizvcle Club: Fencing Club, Artist Club: l"Ol Garnet Art Prize: 'l'e.inis Club: President New Tennis Association: l'eimi.a Ci unp.o:i :ooo College Concert Company : Class Prophet. ARTHUR SPENCER GOLDEN ...... .............. . . ................ .Y V' X Wg Adelphlc: Allison-Foote Debater, 4: News Editor C 1ncori'iensis: 4: Junior Oratorical Prize, 2: Junoir Hop Committee: Athletic Editor loot Garnet: Class Orator, 4: Manager C' iss Foot Ball Team. 2: Class Foot Ball Team 2, 3, 4: Chairman Class B i alt Cominittee: Musical Asso- ciation, 3: Press, Tennis and Golf Clubs. GARDINER KLINE .............. ....4msff'1-:lain ................., fl Ll fl' A A Q15 f-I N li: Manager 'Varsity Base Ball Team, 4 'Varsity Track Team, I, 2, 3: Banjo Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: U:i.le1'g.'a:l,iate Representative New York State Inter-collegiate Athletic Union: Juni rr llop Committee: Class Base Ball Team, i, 2, 3: Class Toastznaster, 2, 4: Class Foot Ball Team, I, 2, 3, 4, Golf Club: Snake: Gilmakhadg Sll.llC:'S,1d.lI'C Club. JOHN LUDDEN .............,....... Troyf, N. Y ......... ..,...... Ll 1 .gl f-l QP A I-1: Class Historian, 3: Press Club. JOHN MCNAB ................ ...Tr--y. N. Y ..... .......... i 3 Romeyn I3 I-I Il: Adelphic: Class Toastmaster. 3: Snake: Gibalcbad: Literary Editor Concordiensis: Literary Editor, tool Garnet: Cross-Country Club: Winner of First Prize Sophomore Oratorical: Class Foot Ball Team, 3: Press Club: Shakespeare Club: Representative New York State Oratorical League, 4: Class Treasurer, 2: Class Poet, 4 PORTER LEE MERRIMAN ...... .... 2 tllurny .......... ..... ..... 'I f In 11' T: 'Varsity Track Team, i, 2: Class Foot Ball Team, i, 2, 3, 4: Editor-in-Chief. Concordiensis, 4: Gibakbad: Snake: Adelphic College Minstrels: Sophomore Aid '99 Senior Ball: Junior Hop Committee: Tennis Club: Sophomore Banquet Committee: Undergraduate Council, 4: Senior Ball Committee: lvy Orator. 3+ Street lA milf: Horse House Street House o JAMES VVADSWORTH MILLER, JR. .J0hnst01ml. .......................... 9 S. C. A A df, GJ NE, Manager 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, Philomathean, Sophomore Soiree Committee, Sophomore Aid ,QQ Senior Ball 3 Assistant ' Editor 1901 Garnet: Class Foot Ball Team, I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis and Golf Clubs. s LEOPOLD MINKIN .................. Albany ............................. 25 S. C. Al T: Phil0mathean: Sophomore Soiree Committee: College Minstrels, 2: Class Secretary, 39 Class Historian, 4: Allison Foote Debater, 3, President Shakespeare Club: Winner of Allison-Foote Prize Debate, 4. S SAMUEL J. NEFF .................. Port Leyden.. ..... ..... 4 4 S, C. 4' I' -4, Undergraduate Council, Shakespeare Club. s JOHN E. PARKER ...... ..... ..... O h arleston, S. C ...... .............. 7 3 N. C. K fl, Class Collector, 1, 2, 3, Editor in Chief of 1901 Garnet, Chair- man Junior Hop Committee, Sophomore Aid 'og Senior Ball , Sophomore Soiree Committee, Class Base Ball and Foot Ball Teams, Snake, Gibakbad, roor Freshman Banquet Committee, 'Varsity Base Ball Team, 3, 4, Captain 'Varsity Base Ball Team, 4. c GEORGE LEROY SHELLEY ......... Rome, N Y ........ ............ Q A GJ House if A 9, U N E, 'Varsity Track Team, I, 3, College Quartette and Leader of Glee Club, 3, 4, Class Foot Ball, Base Ball and Track Teams, Sophomore Soiree Committee, Undergraduate Council, President Senior Class, Y. M. C. A. c EARL BROWN SLACK ............. .Groton ........................ 13 Q H House I3 W H, Adelphic, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, 2, 3, 4, 'Varsity Track xTeam, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Manager Class Base Ball Team, 3, Junior Hop Committee, Dillingham Physical Developement Prize, Tennis Club, Snake. ee LEVI LEWIS SUMERISKI ............ Faimort ........................... 87 N- C. Class Base Ball Team, r,2, 3,4, Class Foot Ball Team, I,2, 3,45 Second Eleven, 2, 3, 4, Engineerls Club. l H WELLINGTON E. VAN WORMER...M'iddlebu1'gh.g ................. 13' I9 H House I3 Q II, Adelphic, Y. M. C. A., Class Track Team Manager, 2, Class Foot Ball Team, 3, 4, Class Base Ball Team 3 : Manager Class Foot Ball TC21lD,4, Vice-President Cross Country Club, 3, Senior Class Book Committee, Shakspeare Club, Golf Club, Tennis Club. 25 O c CHARLES PORTER WAGONER ...... Albany ....... ............... A Al Q A A QP, Union's Representative of New York Stale lnter-Collegiate Oratorical League, 3: President of New York State Oratorical League' Undergraduate Council, 3, 49 Alumni Editor Concordiensis, 4: Class Base Ball Team, 3, 4, Class Track Team, 3, Tennis Club, Pliilomatliean. House ee RICHARD FRANCHOT WARNER ..... Scottsville ........ ................. 7 8 N. C. 3 T: Class President, I : Sophomore Aid ,QQ Senior Ball: Soiree Com- mittee: Junior Hop Committee: Undergraduate Council, 3, 4: Assistant Editor loo: Garnet Board : Tennis Club : Cross Country Club : Adelpliic : Secretary Athletic Board, 4: Engineer's Club. ls LEROY JEFFERSON WEED ......... Bingfiamton ..................... Y' 7" House W T: 'Varsity Track Team, I, 2, 3: Captain 'Varsity Track Team, 4: 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, i, 3, 4: Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs, 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary Musical Association, 4: Pliilomatliean: Gibakbad: Snake: Sophomore Soiree Committee: College and N. Y. S. l. A. A., Record Pole Vault: Business Manager iqol Garnet: Captain Class Track Team, I, 3: Captain Cross Country Club: College and N. Y. S. I. A. A., Record 120 yard Hurdle: Amazon. c THOMAS HERBERT WIGHT ........ Andes ........ . ...................... 48 S. C. 'Varsity Track Team 3 Pliilomatliean: Class Base Ball Team, I, 2, 3, 4: Class Track Team. 49' 4 ' GW YE 021 ' Iii! - '..:-SX' ' . ', : ilfgg-:xxx Zigi.: f'J W' ' 4157 V26 Sometime ll'Ien1bcrs. CLAUDE ADAMS, JOHN W. AYRAULT, ROBERT A. BOWDEN, . GUY B. COLLIER, HARRY R. COOPER, . PETER W. FINGER, . HAROLD C. FISKE, -4 T, HERBERT L. FULLER, fp I' Al, WALKER M. CAGE, .4 T, EVERETT T. GROUT, fb A 1-1, GEORGE HAGKETT, A QP, GEORGE P. HARRAN, . CLAYTON J. HEERMANCE, 11' V, WILFRED D. HODGSON, W T, ERNEST KLIPPHAHN, . LOUIS C. KUKER, X llf, JOHN A. LAING, . T. F. LEAVENWORTH, A 11 QP EVERITT T. IVIALLERY, Ll 7", JOHN B. IVIATTICE, . . NEIL G. NIEDBIERY, 'I' T, HARRY E. MERENESS, lx' A, CHARLES P. MESSMER, RUSSELL H. NEVINS, 11 .47 KP, CHARLES A. REYNOLDSJ3 5-1 ARTHUR H. ROBINSON, 'F 1' RODMAN H. ROBINSON, 7 17, 4, . , JOHN G. SCHUMACHER, .fl T, WILLIAM F. Sl-IEEHAN, II' T, WILLIAM P. SMITH, -II T, EDWARD J. TRAVERS, lf T, ROBERT B. TUMMONDS, Q I' A, DEWITT G. WOOD, -47 45, . Hagamon. Fairport. Mont Pleasant Kinderhook. Schenectady. Saugerties. Binghamton. Waterport. Johnstown. Cooperstown. Utica. Schenectady. Hudson. Binghamton. Norfolk, Neb. Florence, S. C Andes. Amsterdam. Middlebury. Middlebury. Ballston. Albany. Schenectady. Stamford. Ouray, Col. Brandon, Vt. Brandon, Vt. Schenectady. Troy. Newark. Johnstown. Fairport. Albany. if7I ,Sumor L., ass. Glass Qfolors.-LI5aI'IIct IIIID Regal pllI'PIC. PRESIDENT, V ICE-PR ESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, . TOASTNIASTER, . FOOTBALL MANAGER, FOOTBALL CAPTAIN, BAsIsIsALL MANAGER, BASEBALL CAPTAIN, TRACK MANAGER, TRACK CAPTAIN . HISTORIAN, . Class LIQII. RIKA, RAKA, RIKA, RAKA, RIK, RAK, Roo, UNION, UNION, IQO2. Officers, 28 FRANK W. NEARY. HOWARD M. PARSONS. HERBERT C. BOTHWELL WILLIAM H. GILLESPIE. ERAZER METZGER. DICKINSON E. GRIFFITH JAMES H. SMALL, JR. LESTER W. BLOCH. ARTHUR L. SOUTH. HARRY L. CRAIN. DONALD C. HAWKES. WALTER E. HAYS. X 1 -4 ,f My ,..,. 1 ' ,, 4 , 4-9 'X 1? f VA: z a gm' 4k Lf x X 'iw v X 1. , P X fW f' , ff M2 141' ff 1 Z f X . I 'N V giil I X W LW AX K I .. '2-1 " 4, M ff w fy In , 4 -,pr .f f, ' Xwfilli 7 ' ,ff ,, ,, ,ZW fl' rf' ' 1 fb ,1 4 . 1 . I K ' .I 1 ' rx N A - X. . - 1 11 g ,. ff n f I ififoo, --- + ii? 1' Ejistorg. ELL, at length we are upper classmen! With what feelings of anticipation have ID we looked forward to our Junior year! We may now exercise our prerogative in college meeting or elsewhere, in helping to maintain the dignity of the college at home or abroad in the land. There is a certain feeling of abandon and self-superiority which belongs peculiarly to us. "ln Junior year. we sing our glees, We smoke our pipes, and take our ease." And somehow or other, when a Junior leans back in an easy chair with in pipe in his mouth, and his feet mixed up with a lot of books, papers and ink-bottles on the table-the quantity of which incongruous mixture on a collegianls table usually depending on the length of the owner's sojourn in College-behind clouds of smoke, he is sure to smile to himself at the recollection of some event of the preceding two years, which have so quickly flown by. His experiences and successes in the class-room, on the gridiron, the di:unond, and the track, or in the social world, all come vividly back to him, filling him with either pleasure or regret. Perhaps he will feel pleasure that he has covered half the road leading to the goal, for the attainment of which he came to College. On the other hand, he may regret that he cannot live them over again, or he may be the possessor of that indefinable "mental consciousness," which assures him that he is so popular with the faculty, that in all probabilities those august gentlemen will feel an unspeakable yearning at the idea of his graduating, and request his further presence. He 'will surely think of the day when he struck the old Dorp and incidentally became a unit in the college world. He will remember his first appearance on the Campus, and the cordial greeting he received from everybody, and most especially from the Sophs, whom he soon learned to know very well indeed. When undergoing the " setting-up " process, what vows of future revenge he pledged himself to, and with what zest he later fulfilled his oaths! We nrst distinguished ourselves and brought fair fame to our class of looz by displaying unexampled eagerness to have our names on the list of foot-ball subscribers, and in responding to " Johnnyls " fervid appeals. We then put to shame our rivals and sworn enemies and were second only to the revered Seniors in the amount of our contributions to the support of gridiron athletics. This same characteristic of supporting college activities, manifested so early in our career, has constantly been in evidence. We lost our cane-rush, though by a very close margin, and in the football game, the Sophomores were again victorious. But having by this time become organized, looz distinguished itself by winning the "snow-ball scrap" and by repeatedly gaining the advantage in "Chapel rushes." 30 The date of our Freshman Banquet was well known for some time previous, but so timorous were our friends that, with the exception of one or two men not renowned for their gigantic stature, whom the Sophomores mustered up courage to capture, each and every one of us was on hand to pal'take of the good things prepared by t' Mine Host Brown " of the Edison and also to entertain one of our friends of IQOI, who had accepted our invitation to be present. But let us not consume too much time in description of these by-gone days. Suffice to say that when we returned to College, one step higher in the gradus leading to the goal of our ambitions, we found ourselves sadly depleted in number. ln spite of our thinned ranks, we more than held our own against the horde of barbarians known as "Frosh." Though we again failed to come out victorious in the cane-rush, we addecl glory to loo: by running away with IQOS in the foot ball game and "snow-ball scrap." and in having the "Round Building Scrap" declared a draw, even though we were so greatly outnumbered. How we missed many of the faces so familiar to us when freshmen! "Pub" our knight of the pig-skin, was no longer of our number, nor "El Cubano," who refreshed us with his tales of foreign travel and mighty deeds performed, nor yet "Billy," whose fault was a too liberal application of '4Whitey's" grapes. These and several others had left us, some never more to be seen by us or among us. For these we shall ever have regretful memories in future reminiscence. The chief event of importance in our Sophomore year was the Freshman Banquet. Then were the highly proper and staid Dutch burghers of the old Dorp mightily shocked by our doins'. "Such cuttins' up," one old lady declared, "we ain't never seed before, for as much as ten or twelve years." The Freshmen had to appoint a Toast Nlaster pro tempore, sad to relate. To be sure, "Bill Nye" escaped us, but we had the poor "Frosh" comin' for fair. They hardly knew whether any of them were sure to be at the Edison on that eventful Monday night or not. But now all this childish frivolity is laid aside. We have forgotten, as faras possible, our boyish pranks, and are reminded that the affairs of college and university demand somewhat of our attention and care. We have made a good record in college thus far. ln foot ball, we have been repre- sented during the past three years by our lusty "Finny," Shaw, and jovial, good-natured "Fenny" Thebo. "Fub" Gulnac was also of our Freshman delegation on the gridiron. Well and conscientiously have all filled their positions. Our representation was further strengthened last fall by "Chick" Mallery, who had returned after a year's absence from College, and "Andy" Anderson, who had re-entered College for the engineering course. "Pat" Carver has also decided to join our number, so that now our delegation comprises over half the 'Varsity. On the track and in the "Gym" we have been almost as successful as on the gridiron. Dick Gritiith, the best point-winner in College, we proudly claim as our own. Finegan, the mighty wielder of the hammer, and Don Hawkes and Bob Hoadley, both lleet middle-distance men, are of our number. ln basket ball, we have a very good record. lt was 1902, who, in our Freshman year, aroused interest in this sport. "Penny" 'l'hebo has captained the team since its advent and has been most faithful in his trust. gl Our weak point is the scarcity of our hase hall men. We are sadly lacking in twirlers ol' the leather sphere. Keenly have we felt this deticieney, but we cannot expect to excell in everything. 'l'hongh we were so very hoisterous in "Nelly's class in our Sophomore year and have hehaved ourselves'somewhat unseemly, perhaps, in other class-rooms at times, yet we have some "polers" among us to whom we may safely entrust the task of carrying oil' honors for us. Talrlng it all in all, 1902 is not such a had class, after all. We have our share of the Y. M. C. A, men. VVith the tirst two ofticers of that organization members of IQOZ, we have no reason to he ashamed of ourselves in that line of College activity. But we have tried in all things to aquit ourselves like men, and if, in any way, we have failed, at least give us the credit ol' the good intention. We have done what we eould. and we earnestly hope that the College is hetter for our having attended it, and that student loyalty and enthusiasm for "Old Union" has heen contributed to, in no mean measure, hy the memhers of 1902. With a little more than a year still hefore us, let us, fellows and class-mates, press forward' with determination to make the future pages of l9O27S record as hright as thus: ol' the past. HISTORIAN. K., C l, Q MW :gg x ' M .5 f+ .E ' ll :Z lllcmbcrs. 0 VVILLIAM HOOPIER ADAMS .......... .... 5 S N. C l.'lnn'Iz'slon,, N. ff. Entcred from College of Clmrleslmm, 3: Y. Nl. C. A.g Pllllllllllllllblllll Sc'Cl'Cl1ll'j' Sl1:llcespe:lre Clulwz Clmirmxm Executive Committee, Plllllllllllllltlllll. 0 ARCHIBALD LAMON ANDERSON ...... . ...93 N. C. lfullston Sprzfngs fl lf, IOOOQ Adelplmicg Mzmuger Class Foot Bull Tczxln, QQ Bxlsliel Bull 'l'e:1m, 3, SQ Class Base Bull Tezlm, 4: Captain Sammi Eleven, 41 'Varsity lim Bull 'l'e:1m, sg l:Ing.:ineers' Clulu. f' ENERETT J. BEST ........ ......... . ...13 l-z1mllm TCl'l'!lCC Elk Crrlvlc Sl1:1kespc:u'e Clulvg Vice-President Moll er's Clulw. 33 IS l.lES'I'lER W. HLOCH ....... ........ .... I 3 1-I II Jl,llll7l7l P Ass M m 17, B use Ball 1 iss mi 1 , 2 - 'lbs r: ' C s , Class C ll ' ' gg Allison l mate Deli itel, 3 Swpli Soiree Committee: iss me Cummittet leimis Associatilm, milespt ne Llulw Assist mt Editor moz Crirnet. I 5, , li I-1 Ilg hilomatlieang : 1 fer :J f J 'lean 1 Cl: F t H: ll Team I, 2, 5, Cl. s 'l' ltlc I' ' ,' Team, 35 lass ,lil'L'1l.'Lll't3I' 2: . 0 eetol, 1 fu Supll. Aitl IQOO Seniui' Ball 3 Junim' Hop Cummitteeg ' 4 Cl: P' ' -: " . fi.. ""'liii Sl : l' ': 'J x ' : I , sms 'tn ' S l'lERBliR'l' CASS l3OTHWl5l.I. ...... ..,. 7 I la l'l4itlSe 'I' 1- I-1 X IG: tlhairmzm Freslmian Banquet Cummittee: Gull Clulng Hop Cnmmittee: Class Base Ball, 25 Class limit Ball, 2: Class Secretary, 5: Amazlmg Sualcc. ' 0 H. HURDI-1T'l' CLIEVELAND .........., ..... 9 6 N. C. Llass Base Hall :mtl limit Ball ,liL'IllllSC Engineers' Cltllt. .vllluz ny 0 JOHN P. CARVER .................. .... 8 S ll'vsfpvl'l J fP: 'Varsity Base Hall, I, 2: 'Varsity Foot Ball I, 2, 3, 41 Captain 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, 4: Class l3l'CSlxlt'lll, 5: UIlLlCl'j.fl'Ilklll1ltt' Council: Snake : J 'Pg Wl1istClulw: Atlelplmicg Engineers' Clulw. 1 House N.C .vlmsla'r1lf1.'n1. 34 H DANIEL VEDDER CLUTE ............ .... 4 Nullfll-1-I Sl'II1'lll'C,llfl!j Class Base Bull :xml Tl'!lCli Teznnz-2. C 'lQl'llZOIIORE DELONG COFFIN ...... .. .69 N. C. Glens Iilllx If fl: Class Pin Committee: Adclplaicg Treasurer Y. M. C. A., 3: Class Foot Bull Team, 3: Cll!llI'lll!lll .llll1lUl'HlblN Committeeg Member Ul1LlCl'2,'l'1lLlllIllC . Council, gg Engineer's Clulwg Huck und Muck. A1 Im ll y fP I' Jg CI1:1irn1:1n lDll1ClllllllllllL'L'2 Y. M. C. A.g 'l'1'e:1sLn'e1' uf Adclplmic Sociclyg SllIlliCSl3L'1ll'L' Cluls, r' HARRY LAURENS CRAIN ............ ..... A if 'l' l'luLlS:' Illarnllmn .I J 'l': Y. M. C. A.: Vice-Prcslllcnt :xml Prof-- nlcnl Y. M. C. A., 3: lJllllHINIlll1CZlllQ Glue Club, 1, 2, 3,5 Class Base Bull 'll-nm. QQ Winner of Prize Suplmlnul'e EXlCll1Plll'Ill'lt'llLlS Spczzlfing. ' 35 I Y ff WALTER A. Cowlsu. ............ ..... N . Q 1' RAYMOND RIX CRIM ............. .... X ' W laxulgc llllfc,lrIl1'1'illc .Y Wg Manager Class Track Tuain, 2g Associate Editor Concordiensis, 3g Glue Clnlv, 2, 55 Tennis Association: Second Snplininiwc Oratnrical Prim: Literary Editor 1902 Garnet. IN JAMES EMMETT FINEGAN ..... 1 ..... . . ..2I S. C. 1gI'l'ln77fLlllIfU'll'lL .il V: Pliilninatlieang Captain Class Base Ball Tcain, 1: Class Base Ball Tram, 1, 2, 31 Sliakespca1'c Clulw: Traclc Team, 1, 2, 35 'Varsity Fnut Ball, r, 2, 3. 7N HERBERT LEE FULLER. .... .. .... fl' 1' J Hrillsc ll'fLl1"rpm'f 11' I' -J: Class President, 2: Secretary :gon Uarncl Board 3 Tennis Club. 1- WILLIAM HUGH GlLLESPlE ...... .... N ' W l,.ndgLu QfJ Q iiQ,rf2':rfi7i'frff' flllurily l .Y Wg Pliilmnatliean : Junior Hop Cunimitlceg Class 'W ..l Base Ball Team, 2g Tcnnis Assrxcialion: Class .- ' Tl'CllSlll'f:l', 3. V ' ' l Fir -:iii :aff I 'lil F ' I f: "BJ I ', 36 I- EARNEST DICKINSON GRIFFITH. ..... ...ff A r-9 House lVlLfl"l'lO'l.UIII, N. Y. ff J "I: Class 'I'I'easuI'er, I: Class Foot Ball, Base Ball and Track Teams: Coimciudiensis, 22 Philo- matlieang Y. M. C. A. : Assistant Business Manager 1002 Garnet: Tennis Clubg 'Varsity Track 'lk-am, I, 2, 33 Record in N. Y. S. l. A. U. for 220 yard Hurdlcg SllZlliCSDC'Zll'C Clubg Golf Club. IN JOHN DENNIETTE GUTHRIE ........ ..... E 11' Place SIlll.Hl.'l,'iU!!, VIL. I5 'Pz Y. Nl. C. A.: Pliilomzitlieang Nlanagci' Class lfuut Ball Team, 21 Delegate tu Nurtliueld, 22 Press Clulwg Associate Edirol' CuI1cuI1lieI1sisg EditoI'-iII- Chief ut' IQO2 Garnet: Shakespeare Clubg Golf Clubg Hack und Mack. c NEILSON CAMPBELL HANNAY.. ........ ,... 2 9 S. C. lfg,IIz'.1' Cu1'II1'1's gl Vg ljllllllllliltlielllQSl11llCCSD31lI'L'ClLll3QSiypfmmlyl-C Soirccg Class Font Ball, 3Q Sccreiary IQO2 f,1Zll'l1ClQ Class 'l1l'1lClC Team, 2: Y. Nl. C. A. 3 SI,IplmII1uIAe Aid IOOO Senior Ball. f' DONALD CARLTON HAWKES ..... ..... ll ' T Hllll5C lfllmim 1 U 'I' V3 f-1 N' IC5 'Varsity Traclc Team, I, 2Q Class 3 Flint Ball Tcam, I, 2, QQ Adelphia: Clll1Ct5I'LllEl1SlS, Q 'g ' I, 2, '55 Captain Class Traclc Team, 3: Under- ' ' ,l.lQl'1lLlLl1llC Council, 3: Art Editui' 1902 Garnet: Golf Y ? Clulwg Snake. ', I lf- ',-,, rw LT'lC3uj,I"g ",' .2 ' If 37 A -A 1' VVALTER ENNIS HAYS... ....... .,,, if J G? House I J 4? X' -.,' .flllmny E, V 4 9 ff' J H: Cl:1ss Font Bull 'l'e:uu: Suplromure Suiree Q f Cummitte: Trezisurer Pliilumutliczm, 3: Hzislcct ' .. 'N ,, Bull Tezuu, 1: 'Varsity Truck Texim, 2: Assucinte Etlitur Cuncurtlicnsis, 3: Press Club: Class - fjQff'b Histuri:u1, 3: Y. M. C. A.g Slmlcespexirc Club. J ' ' . '-', rgq3E'aj,Q ls ADDISON HOTALING HINMAN .... ...A .4 J House .-llbcmy fl J 'l': Pliilumxitliezmg Cuncurtliensis, 2, 3: Mzxn- tluliu Club, I, 2, ggfjlee Club, I, 2, 31B1lI1jlJCiLll7, 3: College Quzirtette, 1, 3: Tennis Club, 3: Winner ul' First Prize Supliumore Orzltoricul. ROBERT BRUCE HOADLEY, JR. ........ .... 1 I .fl ll' l'luLISc' Iil'rlglf1u:ltm1, l J 'P fl N lu: 'Varsity Trxnclc Texuu, I, 2, 3: Class Fuut Bull liflllll, 1, 2: Enginct-r's Club: Fillt'1.f1ll1'S Bxurtl. HARRY CAMPBIELI. HOYT .............. ..... J l .Ll T House , lffzlmnazuo, Illivli. ,I J 1J'g 1-I ,N li: Pliilumxitlieung 'Varsity Tl'!lCli 'iiC1lIl1, 1: Clzlss liuut Bull 'l'e:1m, I, 2, 3: Gulf Club: Business Mlllliljldl' IQOZ Garnet: Engineer's Club: FlI1Qg1lIlYS Bzmtl. 38 is EVERETT TURNER MALLERY ...... 21 S. C. Miflallvlmrg J 'Vg Font Ball Manager, I g Class 'l'i'acli Team, I. 2: 'Varsity Hasc Ball 'll-am, 1, 2, Basket Hall 'l'eam, 2, 3: 'Varsity Font Ball Tuam, I, 2, 3, Cap- tain-Elcct 'Varsity Flint Ball Team: Junior Hop Cuinlnittecg Snake. 0 FRASER METZGER .............. ...29 S. C. glllzauy .J 'Vg Slialcespcare Clulw: Class Flint Hall, I, 2, 3: Class Base Ball, I, 2, 3, Tennis, i, 2, 3, Y. M. C. A., President, QQ Umlei'g1'adLn:itc Council, 3, Class Toast Master, 3. 1' FRANK W. NIEARY.. ............. .... Q' I' .11 Huugg 67011018 fli l' .Jg SODllIll'll4ll'C Snirec C:lDli1llllllCCQ Mamlnlin Clul1,3: Class Presiilulit, SQ UL1Llei'g1':idin:11c Council. 6 GEORGE lSl?AEl. OAKLEY ........... ..... 9 2 N. C. Ella! il"1'lI'1'sZm1, Class Base Ball Team, 25 ,Varsity Traclc Tcain, 1 5 Class Font Ball and 'l'i'aclf Tcamsg Engginen-r's Club, Junior Hop ClDIilllilllCC. 39 l 1' FRANK TAYLOR OSTRANDIER ..... .. .Y W Lodge .-lllnwny .Y W, Nlanagcr nl' Class Base Ball Team, IQ Class Font Ball Team, 1, 2, 3: Cliairinan ul' Sopliolmne Suircc Cununittccg Snplmiiinm Aid to moo Senior Ball 5 Slialccspeare and Tennis Clubs. S lfluwmen M. PARSONS ......... C. Hu la'L'if.L , Y. M. C. A., Ada-lpliicg Class 'l'1'aclc 'I-'C1Illl, 3: Class Vicu-Pwsillclll, 2, 3. ' H ARTHUR SHIELDON RAYMOND ...... ...ff J ff House 5 Lincwlu, Null. ,VI .J 1l'3 I-1 Y 'liz Pliilumatlnsang Assistant Busi- ness Managci'Cuiicuixliensisg Sccri-i:n'y and 'l'reas- Q ui'u1"I'cnnis Clulvg Class Base Ball 'l'ea1n, 1, 2, 3: Captain Class Base Ball 'll-am, ZQ Tennis Cluln, I, 2, 35 Class lfunt Ball 'lk-znn, 1, 2, gg Gull' Club, Snake. lAMlSS MILTON Russum ..... ........ .... 9 S . C. Sr-Iu'wr'1'l1l1lg ,I J 'Pg Manilnlin Clulw, 35 Sliala-spcaru Club. 40 Y Jorzlrm, fl' l' J, Class Presielent, 25 Class Base Hall Team, Junior Hep Committee, 'Tennis Clnlw. 0 DAVID JOSEPH SHAW .,........ ..... 1 gl N. C. .'l film rn ,Varsity Flint Ball Team, 1, 2, 33 Class Base Ball, Team, 1, 2, 31 Engineer's Clnlu. e JAMES H. Smlxii., JR .,.... .... ....... ..., 7 3 N , C, Cllurlestmi, S. C. li' ,-1, Snplmnmre Soiree Committee: Class Final Ball Team, 1, 2, 3: Captain Class Team, ag Captain Secimd Eleven, 3, lingineer's Club, Snake. if ARTHUR LONSON SOUTH... ..... 9 Park Place l!il'elflm1. ' Y. M. C. A., Class Seerelary, 2: Class Punt Ball Team, 2, 35 Class Base Ball Team, I, 2, 35 Cap1.ain Class Base Ball Team, 3. 4I ls I-lowznen li. Sfxwns ............. ..,. i 1' 1' J liinnse 'ani , A ls FRANK LAWRENCE STILIZS .-A ,gy Troy ...W T House 'X r-jig 'I' If r-1 X I-.g Banjo :intl Nlzintlolin Clulws, 1, 2, N M: 31 Glue Club, 1 g Assistzlnt Nlunnger Truck Te:nn, Nails Z 'llt?!lll1.2,'5 1 Snnke. , - -' "ffi.Tgil' 'v?jf"T"l!'1.t N t5 :.:lQg,., -, i c e FENWICK M. 'l'HlElZ0 ........ ...,... . H89 N. C. For! 1S'fIll'tl'l'd J 'Pg 'Varsity Foot B:1llTe:un, 1, 2, 3 : Bzislcct Brill Cziptztin-Mnnziger, 1, 32 Sophomore Soircc Coni- niitteeq Junior l-lop Conimitteeg ,QQ Minstrclsg Engineer's Club. e HARRY R. VVILSON ......... ....... Albmzy Clnss Foot Bull Team, I, 23 Athletic Garnet: Engineer's Club. 4' GILBERT SYLVFSTISR VVOOLWORTH ........ ffl .fl H Hotlsc ll'tcl1'1'loll'rL. N. Y. 4' J F19 Clziss Foot Bull :intl Bzise Bzillg Junior Hop Colnniitteeg Assistant Mzinziger ,Varsity Foot Bull Teznnz Pliilomzitlierin: Tennis Clulvg Sli:1lccspe:i1'e Clnlvg Fineg:in's Bzlntlg Snzike. 42 If ily l:l'CSllIl1Illl Banquet Committee: 2, 33 Sophomore Aitl Senior Bull: Clziss Foot Bull ....76 N. C Atlclpllic 3 Editor IQO2 S WlLl.ARD STUART YATES. .......... ...fl J fl' l'iinlsc fl J fp: ciation, gg Banjo Club, ig Swplnniiwc Snircu Cum- milteeg Junior Hop Commitlccg Soplnmimc Aid 'oo Senior Ballg Class Banquet Committee, 1, BQ Class Pipe Commiltecg Gull' Clulwg Finugan's Bandg Snake. Sl'1ll"I1l'f'llll1!j iiimm- Aid :goo Scnim' Ballg Junior Hap Cnmmillgg .luniar Bamiuet Cnminiltect lfincg1an's Hand Snake. I1iHl'1Illl. Xvlv. '51 N Ifg Assistant Managci' lvlusicalfxssn- 43 ZS ROBERT CHAUNCISY YA'l'liS.. ...... ..... 5 I4 Slain -'5 '1': lVl11I11l5lCI' Class Flint Rall Team, I : Class Pin Cummittceg Srmpliniiimc Snircc Cumniillcc: Snplm- Sli ls C lx e C 8 8 C c e Is ls re lx s 0 ca lx C C c W Somcti S. LEON BAHNY, .I 71 SEMY BALZ, . . me 2,IICll1bCI'S. I .J LEWIS M. BLOOMINGDALE, - RALPI-l COMSTOCK FIULLARD, IJAVID M. DUNNING, JR., W EMORY F. DYCKMAN, HOWARD A. DYCKMAN, GEORGE A. EVERlTT,. SHERMAN D. ENOCH, 'I' MARIO C. GARCIA, I5 IP, JAMES GULNAC, JI .Ll 1. 7 - ffl, JOHN TUTTLE JACKSON, ll' 7 ANDREW KIECHELE, WlI.l.lAM G. KEENS, fr' A r-1, WALLACE Mc B. KIMBALI., WALTER E. KRUESI, .S fb, . J. HOWARD MACKEY, fb A 1-1, WALTER G. MARSH, X FI', . FOSTER G. MORSS, X 'I', HAROLD M. SCIDMORE, LAURENT S. SNELI., CHARLES S. YAWGER, Y' 7. Y .J 1. 9 111, rf, 44 Olezxn. New York City. New York City Schuylerville. Auburn. Stzunfnrd. Stamford. Pl'2lttSIWLll'g'II. Rochester. Washington, D. Binghamton. Schenectady. Albany. Alhzlny. Amsterdznn. Schenectady. Stamford. Cattznrzrugus. Snugertles. Southold, I.. I. Amsterdzxm. Seneca Falls. C PRESH ENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, . HSTORMN, Sophomore Ollass. Class Qlolors O5urnct arab Black. Glass Hell. SISS I BOOM I ZIPLAI ZIPLA! ZIPLA-LEI: I UNION, UNION, IQO5. CDfficc1's. 45 WILLIAM R. PRITCHARD ARCHIBALD A. LEE. ALLEN STEELE PECK. EUSTACE H, I-IULSAPPLE ALBERT H. KESSLER. Tal .J Q U bouqu- i L, 1 i" l Nil' 'Q ll S lj ' W ij. in lltlttl c i i n R iglw S4 4" 5 fd ,-, .6- ll 5 -- P A , hx " . A e . -e - ITH the arrival ol' a new year, 1903 assumed the responsibility of the the Frosh's welfare. The new-comers were in sad need of guardians, and had not the Sopho- mores generously undertaken to assume the direction ol' their tirst yt-ar's career, their recent plight would be pitiable. The Freshmen were grateful to their ltind protectors, and their gratitude was shown by the abundance ol' fruit which they unstintingly bestowed on the Sophs. With sincere piety the Knights of the Green knelt before their deity and with trembling voices beseeched the god to bless 1903. Entertainments were given in profusion, and many a night did the Freshmen disregard their studies in order to soothe some troubled Sopb by a song or dance. Gradually they improved and to none were the improvements more noticeable than to themselves. lt was then that an air ot' self-importance manifested itself, and the Frosh had the audacity to array themselves against the Sophs in the cane-rush, where itwas their high privilege to receive the tirst of a succesion of defeats. A new feature was introduced in the chapel-rush, which probably will not be repeated. Apart from this our relations with the Freshmen have been such as has been customarily between the two classes. ln the course of the year the Freshmen determined to give a banquet, from which, most ungraciously the Sophs were to be excluded. Everybody else was invited. lt was a pleasing sight to see those generous youths, each with a number of invited guardians mysteriously hastening to the Edison. Among the favored guests were the Schenectady Police, and it was a shame that the Troy and Albany delegations were not able to be present. lt is certainly to be regretted that the hotel management made the Freshmen use the back doors. The Sopholnores vainly protested against such an outrage but the authorities had evidently gaged their men. ln spite of the lnultitudinous duties that befell the members of ioog as Sophomores, they have maintained their high positions in athletics. They are also well represented in the musical and literary clubs. The Soil-ee proved to be one ol' the most successful ever given. Never lwefore was the Round Building so elaborately decorated. All present were unanimous in praise ol' the event. Much credit is due to the committee who unseltishly devoted their time for the interests ofthe class. HISTORIAN, 47 llicmbcrs. yrs FREDERICK JANSON BALZ .... .... 1' ROBERT IJINNEY BARRETT, 'I' AI I-I N ARTHUR ERNEST BISHOP, 'I' LI "L, 1' MORRIS BLOCH, IJ I-I Il .......... 1' JOHN ALBERT BOLLES, J I' ,.... Is GUERNSEY J. BORST ..... ........ . 5 JOSEPH R. BROWN, JR., QP I' J. .. IN MOREY CHARLES COLLIISR, W I' .I .... 1' FRANK H. IJALEY, .J J' ...,....... 0 THOMAS C. DELBRIDGE, K .fl .... . e VVILLIAM J. DICKENSON .......... 1' RAYMOND CURTIS DONNAN, Ii ,I. 61' GEORGE VVILLIAM DONNAN, If :I Is JOSEPH GEORGE FENSTER .... .. e LAURENCE J. GALLAGHER. Is ERNEST ECKERT GILLETT Is NORMAN NORTON GOULD, :J T. . .Q GUY BROWN GRISWOLD, f1'l'J ...... 1.1 JAMES Q. GULNAC, A A fb. .,... . NCLINTON BIQNJAMIN HAW Is R. IJENTON Howe, X W.. ff SAMUEL B. HOWE, JR., .I N IFJ! I-I,,,, .1fI'... Is HERBERT G. HOXIE, .Y II' .... . 1' EUSTACE HULSAPPLE, V' yrs LOUIS TIFFANY HUNT, J S ALBERT HENRY KESSLER. V... f. .. 12 CARL RODERIC KRUEGER ..... . .Q WALTER E. KRUESI, E 111. -Inzsfewiam. . . . E ........... Troy. ........ . Oneonta .... . Albany ..... . . ....63 N. C. .......8S.C. ..1I' J 1-1 House ..l3 I-I ll House IK'0l'II'7'gII.t .... ....... 5 4 N. C. Svward ...... ...... 6 2 N. C. Seward ..... . fl' I' J House Savom1,.... C0.rs1LcIci1f ..... . . Bratcwirz ..... .I"I!lC1'l!0A',. . . Troy ...... Troy.. . . Troy .... Troy .... Allumy ..... Penn Yan. . IVhileh1lII.. Bin gham lm: Albany ..... . . . Polrmd ....... . Schenecludy Camln-idge. . Ilbterzvliet.. Epi: ratulz. .... . Sclmnerftady. . . . . . . S1fILem'1'!a1ly Sch 63 nevtady ..... . IN ARCHIBALD ALLEN LEE, .-'I .I 413 ...... Albany .... .... , .JP I' .J House 25 l.:lf:1yette St. .....76 N. C. 58 N. C. . . . .6 HigI1St- ... 6 High St. . . . .47 S. C. . .... 'my .. Allvzuiy ..... 22 S. C. MII' I' .J House C. .JP .J 1-1 House . . . , X 'I' Lodge ...fl .I 45 House ...VY 'I' Lodge ...W V House ......3oS. C. ..z2o Union St. .zu Liberty St. . . .16 Union St. ...I J 4' House a OTIS F. LEWIS. ........ ..... .... G i lboa ..... .North Coluunzlde 48 e JAMES FRANKLIN MORGAN. .. .... e FRANCIS JAMES MULVANEY ..... . ,. 6 GLOWACKI PARKER, E 'F ...... ff HENRY ARTHUR PEARCE, J V ....... 0 ARTHUR DANIEL PECK. ....... .... ls ALLEN STEEL PECK, .E 'f'. ....... ,... lf ARTHUR GUY PICKENS, flhfl H ........ ls FREDERIC H POWELL .... ....... . . . 6 WILLIAM RICHARD PRITCHARD, If -I.. 6 LAFAYETTE CLOWE REYNOLDS ....... S EDWARD HOLLAND RYDER, .J T. .... . s BERT WILLIAM ROY, ll JO .....,...... ls LOUIS F. SCHROEDER, 'I' I' J ......... s JOHN LEOPOLD STAEBER ...... ...... ls THOMAS RICHARD TILLOTT, JR.,l3 "7 IT, c GORDON EMMONS VAN LOON. ..... . e JUDSON T- WELLS ........... . . . Fort Edward ..... Worcester ...... Batavia .......... ....41N.C. ....4I S. C. ...78 N. C. Plainfield, N , 22 S, C, Cooperstown ..... .... 5 9 N. C. Batavia ...... . ,.,,,, I5 Q Plug: Cooperstown ..... ..... 1 If 41 Ili House II'orcesfe'r ...... ....... 5 4 N. C, BlH'1I't0n, S. C' .... ...... 7 3 N, C Zf'o'nda ........ .... I 5 Close St, Unidilla.. .. ...... 30 S. C, Clyde .... .... Port Lcydvn. . ........ 25 S. C. -- ---ffl'-JHULISB Lancaster. .... , ,,.,,, 4, S, C, Afulmrn ..... 238 Union St, Comsaclcie. .... .... 2 5 Lafayette St, Amsterdam ..... , , , ., , I4 S, C, 49 PRESIDENT, . VICE-Pneasnnlswr, SECRISTAIQY, 'I'REAsuREle, TOASTMASTER, HISTORIAN, SFCSIQIIILIII Glass. Glass QOIOISS.-CBCl1'IlCf mlb G31'ug. Glass yell. BOOMALACKA, BOONIALACKA, BOOMALACKA, IQORE, UNION, UNION, 1904 ! J CDfficc1's, SO J. GILBERT COOL. BENJ. J. LOWENSTEIN E. T. RULISON. C. E. NICCOONIBS. WINSLOW B. WATSON WALTER E. BEADLE. If A .- R ,V I ,4"4-4'fZf"T, ,,"i,': .1 "1 4Zy,"'44.ffwi-'A-fj t fxxi, "X THERE is an old adage tl1at does not l1old good i11 College lite, lor, "Happy is the class L, tl1at 1111511 history." Happy indeed tl1e11 ought tl1e class ol' 1904 to he. The l1istory ofthe class hegan i11 earnest on registration day. Although a few of tilt' incoming class were "on tl1e hill" in the evening, tl1ey were immediately pounced upon hy the StlDiltJllltll'CS wl1o were prowling ahout tl1e campus searching for l1u111an prey. ' O11 the following night the idol worship hegan hy tl1e light of a huge hontire. Tl1e idol, alter its year's rest, seemed to grin :111d gihher at the ca11didates ahout to he initiated into its lllj'LltL'l'iES, Jlllti to enjoy in adva11ce its gorgeous 11ew coats of gl'CUll a11d red. Tl1e following night was spent i11 like orgies. At last came tl1e CZIIIC l'LlSil wl1icl1 was conducted i11 tl1e 11sual 111an11er-ttmlnatoes, "sei decuisi11e,"cluh, scrap, "time" a11d Il victory for tl1e SUl3illlll1tJl'CS, as is usually the case, the score heing I7 to 5. Although tl1e foot hall men ol' tl1e Sophomore class did lltlt take part i11 tl1e rush, still tl1e advantage of weight lay with tl1e Sophomores. One foggy morning during the tall term a IQO4 pennant was discovered waving proudly from the llag-staff ol' the Round Building. lt was im111e.liately hauled Litl'vVli hy tl1e Sophomores a11d soon iWL'CZlI11C the center of a lively scrap. Tl1e result was a draw as tl1e reniains of tl1e pennant were quite equally divided hetween tl1e two classes. The class ol' IQO4 Ptlilllbl with pride at their record i11 tl1e fall track athletic meet, LiCl-L'1li.iIllJ,' the Sopl1omores hy 32 Ptlil'ItS. The score hy classes was as follows: IQOI, 55 pointsg IQOZ, 33 points, 1003, 22154lilitSQ 1904, 64 points. ln loot hall and hasket hall tl1e class is up to tl1e standard, having o11 the latter tliillll tl1ree ol' its tive me111hers. The class will also i.lll'IliSil its quota forthe hase hall team. The week preceding tl1e fall ter111 t!XZlll'liI1Ilii0I1S was 111arked hy the eve11t ol' the i:I'L'Silll1ill1 Banquet. l11 forming and executing the plans for tl1e i5Zll1LIllC't tl1e i:l'L'Sill1lL'l1 52 showed themselves decidedly superior to the Sophomores in diplomatic ability. Noll until the day of the banquet were the Sophs aware that it was to be held at Schenectady. As usual they were eager to spirit away the toastmasterg but on whom were they to perform this ethereal act? So carefully had the plans been carried out forthe printing ol' the menu cards that the Sophomores were not only disappointed in finding out the toastmaster, but also those on the toast list. A party of Sophs came across Brand in Albany and lavished upon him all sorts of attentions, paying his cab and hotel bills and attending to his every want, thinking him to be the much-desired toastmaster. During the two of three hours preceding the banquet the lobby of the hotel was thronged with "lean and hungry" Sopho- mores. The toastmaster, however, together with all those on the toast list, the class president and a majority of the Freshman class were already safe in the upper corridors of the hotel. President Cool, by a clever telegraph ruse, decoyed a number of the unsuspect- ing Sophs to Albany, while he, for whom they were searching, was safe at the Edison, quietly laughing at the the extreme easiness of Sophomore wisdom. Proprietor Brown, in order that there might not be a scrap in the lobby, conducted the class into the dining-room by an entrance unknown to the Sophomores. After the banquet had begun, the Sophs, by some infantile pranks which are not worthy of record, attempted to break up the banquet, but without success. A number of the professors and upper-elassmen were present, and a pleasant evening was spent, enlivened by the witty toast and merry song. lt was pro- nounced as being the most successful Freshman Banquet ever held at Union. The snowball scrap practically ended the contention between the underclassmen. The day on which it happened well suited the occasion. After a preliminary skirmish with showballs a rush was started toward the terrace. After nearly everyone in each class had gone over the terrace, the scrap was discontinued by mutual consent, and was declared a draw by the upperclassmen. Thus far the class of 1904 has no reason to be ashamed of its record. ln financial matters the class has been generous and prompt, and intends to maintain the same course in the future. Although we have been but a short time at Union, we are beginning to love the "old gray walls," and are ready and willing to stand for all that pertains to the advance- ment and glory of Old Union, and are as ready to combat all that would tend to bring dishonor upon the name of our Alma Nlater. HISTORIAN. ffl vw ' Af ff .5 ,, S3 lficmbersg HERBERT DOD ALLTER, JI rl fI', ....., . HARRY R. ANDRESS,. ....... ..... . ... FRANK RUDD ANDREWS, .Y II',... MICHEL IBRAHIM ATIYAH, ............. JAMES ALEXANDER BARKLEY,. ....... . WALTER EDWARD BEADLE, fl' A I-I,... ARTHUR LEE BENNING, ............... HARRY NEWMAN BOWLER, li 141 ll,... CHARLES GEORGE BRAND, II' J' ....... CLAUDE NORTON BROWN, ...,... VVILLIAM HERTRAM BUTTS ,... .... . .. JOHN BARRATT CHILSON, .,..... ..... .AIuesbIIry, Mass .... WILI.IAM GIDEON CLOSSON, J T, ..,. PETER DIBBLE CONINE, ............... LOUIS JOSEPH CONWAY, . ........... . JOSEPH GILBERT COOL, If fl, ........ . THADDEUS GUILFORD COWELL, ll' I'.J, WALTER GEORGE CRAIG, 'I' T, ...... WILLIAM VVOOLSEY CRONKHITE, J IP, CLARENCE RAYMOND DARBY, J lf.. SAMUEL RANDALL DAVENPORT, V' T ROBERT VVILSON CLARK, fl J ffl, .... J. LEWI DONHAUSER fl' J Fl, ...... .. FRANK HENRY DREES, X 'l',. ...,. STEPHEN CALKIN FIERO, lx' fl, ,... .. HOWARD RAYMOND GLUTZBECK, J 'P ROBERT GORDON, ..................... JOHN CARSIDE GREEN, A A IP, ....... WILLIAM GREEN, ...... ...... ....... ,. Sl. Jolmsuille .... Ganxevoo1'l...... Yonkers.. . . . . .. Beirut, Syria ..... A rgyle .......... Cooperstown . . . Clyde ........ A mslei-dam .... Elmira ......... Barn erville ..... f I lbany ....... Luzerne. .. . . . . . llloz'ersvilIe. . . .. Ooopertown. .... . . . Troy .......... Glens Falls. . . . . Albany ........ I'lClltSII'Ll7'glIf ...... Fort Edward .... Rochet-ter ...... Albany.. . . .. Albany. ...... . Carroll, Ia.. . . . . Ixalsbaan .......... ,Bay Shore, L. I Idlewild. ....., . . . . Cohoes .... . . . Gloversville ..... EDWARD DOUGLAS GREENMAN, -Y W, Albany ........ WILLIAM HENRY CIUARDENIER, fb A I-I, SEYMOUR HANDY, A Io, ...... ......... JOSEPH FRIEND HARRIS, I3 lil CORNELIUS LANSING HAYS, fp A fi1,... CHARLES EDWIN HEATH, 111 T, ....... BENJAMIN HUFF, I3 1-I If, ............. East Springfield St. Jolmsville .. Albany ......... Albany ......... Slingerlands . . . Ton awanda ..... 54 ....A A 4' House .......59 N. C. 'I' Lodge .......63 N. C. .. 34 Park Ave. .......57 N. C. S. C. .....li I-1 II House . ...IO3 Nott Terrace N. C. High Street ..3o5 Germzmiu Ave. .......A A IP House . ..... ....... 3 O S. C. N. C. I77 First Street, Troy N. C. .....9oN.C. T House . .. 89 N. C. S. C- House ...JP A 141 House Y' Lodge ....6 High Street .....13 2- N-C. ....I49 Barrett Street .....fl A IP House 66 N. C. ...,X 'I' Lodge Q A ffl House S. C. ...li 9 H House A 9 House House ...I3 O I1 House 2" IN Is IN I N In 0 LELAND VVESLEY IRISH, ..,.... .. e ROBERT HOYT JOHNSON, fp I' 41, ..... 0 ALFRED JOHN KAUFMAN, ....... P HENRY JOSEPH LANGLOIS, J Il.. . . . .. 1' JAMES FULLER LAWSING, II' .I,. ANDREW VVRIGHT LENT. ..... .. LUKE FRANCIS LOVELOCK, ...... GUI.IAN LANSING, W J f-2, .,..... .... I: BENJAMIN JULIUS LOWENSTEIN, ...... JOHN ALOYSIUS IVIAHAR, ....,,.. c CARI. ESSELSTYN MCCONIBS, X W, .. U SABAS NIENESES .........,......... .. . 1' SANFORD A. NIOELLER, 'I' I' J, ........ C JAMES EDWARD IVIOLONY, ,.... .. .. 0 ELBERT VERITY NIULLENNEAUX, 'I' 71. 9 - HALLET IVIORTON MURPHY, 5 'I',.. A HENRY SEYMOUR OLMSTED, 'I' I' .:I,.. C SAMUEL DIMOCK PALMER, .fl J III, .... I I. JOHN PAY PUTNAM, 41 .11 .,......... . I s s 0 HENRY COOK SALMOND, JR., , . . .. - ELBERT THEODORE RULISON, JR., .Y Y , I ARCHIBALD HAMII.TON RUTLEDGE, If-I, 0 GEORGE VAUGHN SHERRILL, 'I' I5,... GEORGE EARL SMITH. .............. Is If CHARLES GOWDY STILES, II' I', VVILLIAM CARL TREDER, I3 I-I Il,.. ff LEWIS SNELL VOSLER ,............. lf WINSLOW BARNES WATSON, Z' fI',. If HARRY ROGERS VVICKI-IAM.. ..... . Freshmen, 67. Culrllmll ....... Port Leyden.. . . . Rensselaer . . IJIILIISDIITUIL SI'lI.cnecta1Iy ScIIe1I,evI1I.rly Iliyhlancl , . Troy ........ A rIIstuI'du'n1.. . . RCIISSUIILCI' .... . II'r'mI.Lgf'o'I't ....... S1l?I.f'ItlfjO. Culm Allumy .......... SI'II1'rII'cImIy .... Albany .......... CIIIIUIIHO ........ CIltlIItLll00jjfl, 72 Ogrle1IsbII'1'g.. . . . . Ilolmslozlfn .... SIflIem'1-ffuly ..... Srloztev, S. C .... HH.. . . Crvmderm, S. 0. . . . Sandy Hill .... . . S011 enef-tfldy. .... I1fL7lSilZffIlll7'fjIl. . . .1lIlm:rIy ........ . SI. .1oImsviIIe.. . l'II4l IIsImr'gII ..... South I3I'IIlIl6IL6'IIL .... 1'51'1'cg1IIar Svtubcnts. C'o3 vb CURTIS DANIEL HUNTING, ll' 71. .IIfImoIII-g.... CIO3 SD LEROY NELSON TAYLOR, ......... Gloversville .... CO3 aj DEFOREST WILLIAMS WEED, 'I' I1 lJ,l'7I,gIIllllIt0IL .... 55 ..94o Slntc Street 405 I9 ......58 N. C- ---'I' I' -4 I'IOLISC IO Nutt 'l'eI'I':Ice ...,...I7 S. C. L:II':Iyette Street UIIII1-I'sity Place ........46 S. C. S. C. IO Nutt 'l'eI'I':Icc ....X Il' l.III.lgc .....,62 N. C. ...'l' I' JI I-louse ...8I6 Stale Street .....'I' T House IOS Nutt 'I'eI'I':Ice l'1l House .J II' House .. IS S. C. 2II I.:II:Iyeltu Slrccl N. C. N. C. ........ll' 'ISI-Iuugg .349 Rumeyn Street Il' ISHIJLISC .....II H Il House .......2O S. C. .....79 N. C. .....6I N. C. ---'I' In House 26 S. C- ....Y' 75 House 45- 'T' Y its VETEW P I g ff X , f 'ff .. My MHf NE - wpwx , LII' ff Qgw!iM' X.ff1:X +5 I NWVM W fibfw W W " !"f1 M . , f W ,.-..f--A W m 'X --M--Y 6 f' Q 'I WK ----lurf'--" ,:.:Iff' f """4 x'f' I 1 NW N sf f uf ,flu ,lfwX",,aig faN f 1-, fl N fmxlfzaw 1 -x z ,Q:w,f 1 Nu 1. ff-A -2- -Wxlrfq A - f U 1 , gd! I EA'-gn --E ,-n,,!- .. ol :!Jl,h-Q ,-.',-,L--Z-. .. V' Z-hsegr-!'w.. - 1-2 '-'- 4: -"US, iff: Z- -' 4, J 14 L E-'K 'J If ffhwg. I "' ' 5' ' , ...Y 1 .' f -- ,, -, ... .- 1. .... mebical Olollcgge. I Gllmng mcbical College. ERASTUS D. PAI.MER, JOHN E. RATHHONE, CLARENCE RATHBONE, JOHN M. CRAPO, JAMES D. OSGOOD HENRY 'I' CHARLES ANDREW AMASA J. Bomb of Crusiccs. PRESIDENT, WILLIAM L. LEARNED. VICE-PRESIDENT, SIMON W. ROSENDALE. TREASURER, JOHN H. JACKSON. SECRETARY, CHARLES E. VAN BENTHUYSEN. RICHARD V. DE WITT, J. TOWNSEND LANSING JESSE W. POTTS, EDWARD A. DURANT, WASSON, CLIEEORD D. GREGORY H. SHEPARD, CHARLES TRACEY, . MARTIN, WILLIAM J. WALKER, L. PRUYN, ALDEN CHESTER, V. V. RAYMOND, JOHN G. MYERS, PARKER, WILLIAM H. WEAVER, MAYOR OE ALBANY, I RECORDER OF ALBANY, I .lfI.1'-q1Iiu1'is. 58 facultg. ANDREW VAN VRANKEN RAYMOND, D. D., LL. D. President of the University. ALBERT VANDER VEER, M. D., PH. D., DEAN, Professor of Didzictic, Ahdomiuzil und Clinical Surgery. MAURICE PERKINS, M. D., Professor of Chemical Philosophy and Organic Chemistry. JOHN MILTON BIGELOW, M. D., PH. D., Emeritus Professor of Muterizi Medical :ind Therapeutics. ' SAMUEL BALDWIN WARD, M. D., PH. D., Professor of 'Theory :ind Practice of Medicine :ind of Hygiene. JAMES PETER BOYD, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology :ind Diseases of Children. WILLIS GAYLORD TUCKER, M. D., PH. D., REGISTRAR, Professor of Inorganic :ind Anzilyticnl Chemistry and Toxicology. WILLIAM HAILES, M. D., Anthony Professor of Puthologiczil Anzitomy, Embryology, Histology and Fractures :md Dislocntions. CYRUS STRONG MERRILL, M. D., Professor of Ophthalmology und Otology. FREDERIC COLTON CURTIS, M. D., Professor of Dermutolngy. HENRY HUN, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System. SAMUEL ROSENFIURGH MORROW, M. D., Professor of Anatomy :md of Orthopedic :ind Operative Surgery. HERMON CAMP GORDINIER, M. D., Professor of Physiology. HOWARD VAN RENSSELAER, M. D. Professor of Mzlterizl Medica :ind Therzipeutics, and Adjunct Professor of Theoy und Prnctice of Medicine. 59 Gbjuuct professors. JOSEPH DAVIS GRAIG, M. D., Anatomy. Demonstrrilor of Anatomy :noel Curzitor of the Museum. WILLIS GOSS MAC DONALD, M. D., Surgery. GEORGE BLUMER, M. D., Histology, Pathology :mel Bzicleriology. Director ol' Bender I.:ilvor:lIory. JOHN VINCENT HENNESSY, M. D., Mzllerizi Median. ANDREW MAC FARLANE, M. D., Meeliczll Jurisprueleuce :lml Pliysiczil Diagnosis. Clinical p1'OfCS5Ol.'S. HERMAN BENDELL, M. D., Otology. THEODORE F. C. VAN ALLEN, M. D., Oplillmlmology. CLINTON BRADFORD HERRICK, M. D., Rziilwziy Surgery. ARTHUR GUERNSEY ROOT, M. D., Diseases of the Till'll1lIIIIlki Nose. Siccturcrs. LEO HAENDEL NEUMAN, M. D., Symptrimzllology, Diseases ol' Stomach :xml Inteslines :uid Instructor in Tlieor ' :iml Practice. N WIILLIAM OLIN STILLMAN, M. D., History of Medicine. JESSE MONTGOMERY MOSHER, M. D., Insanity, Neurology :md Electro-Tlierzipeulics. 60 Hygienic HARRY JUDSON LIPES, M. D., Obstetrics. ARTHUR TURNER LAIRD, M. D., Clinical Microscopy. 3115-Il'llCfOl'S. GEORGE EMORY LOCHNER, M. D., Obstetrics. CHARLES HENRY MOORE. M. D., Oplmtimlnmlugy :md Olulngy. THOMAS WILLIAMS JENKINS, M. D., Histuiugy :mci Pzltlmlngiczxl Anatomy. THOMAS ADDIS RYAN, M. D., Surggcry. WILFRED SYLVESTER HALE, M. D., Annlrmiy. CLEMENT FRANK THEISEN, M. D., 'I'I1ru:lt :xml Nusc. LANSING BETTS WINNE, M. D. Clinical Medicine. JAMES MANNING MOORE, M. D., Ortlmpeciics. CHARLES HARPER RICHARDSON, M. D SL1i'g.fcl'y. THEODORE JAMES BRADLEY, PH. G., Chemistry. SPENCER LYMAN DAWES, M. D., 'I'l1cury :Incl Practice ul' Medicine. WILLIAM HENRY HAPPEL, M. D., 'I'I1el':lpculics. 61 ARTHUR SAUTTER, M. D., Dermzltnlugy. WARREN HARKNESS EVERETT, M. D., EI11bl'yology. ARTHUR WELLS ELTING, M. D., Surgery. JAMES WESLEY WILTSE, M. D. Mzlterizl Medica. I If HENRY LARNED KEITH SHAW, M. D., Diseases ol' Children. ALVAH HARRY TRAVER, M. D., Surgery. EDGAR ROSCOE STILLMAN, M. D., I Pliysiulugy. EDGAR ALBERT VANDER VEER, M. D. Surgery. Glinicul Lissistants. HARRY SEYMOUR PEARSE, NI. D., WILLIAM HENRY GEORGE, M. D., MICHAEL DANIEL STEVENSON, NI. D., WASHINGTON IRVING GOEWEY, NI. D., ROBERT HILL TEDFORD, JR., M. D., FRED NEWMAN GUYER, NI. D 62 Senior Lflass. Ulfficcrs. JAMES EVERETT KELLEY, x 5 x, GEORGE ALPHEUS SMITH, II' 5 T, MAX WACHSMAN, . . . GEORGE SAMUEL BURNS, . CLARENCE LEANDER SICARD, . CLAYTON KENDALI. HASKELL, QIILI JOHN MICHAEL ORIEEIN, fp 5 Ag ARTHUR JOSEPH BEIDELI., x z N, EDWARD JOSEPH HANNAN, . DANIEL DUANE PARRISH,. CHARLES JAMES BAUM, I JACOB WACHSMAN, T 'I' I5 If, istorg, PLESIDENT. VICE-PRESIDENT. SECRETARY. TREASURER. URATOR. ESSAYIST. ALTERNATE ESSAYIST. VALEDICTORIAN. ALTERNATE VALEDICTORIAN. POET. MARSHALS. HE cDI1IpiliIIg of :I lIislIII'y of the cl:Iss Ivf NTITCICCIT-UITC fUl'U1t' PI1StyC1ll' is not witlIIIIIL its difficulties, l'ELlLlil'iI1g :Is it dues, :I pun IIIIclIIggcLl by prcjIILlicc JlI1Ll :I shcct LIIIsDiluLl CL' by criticism. Ours lI:Is been :I stormy cIIIII'se sincu ULU' I'e-:IssL-IIIlvl:Igc l:Ist Sep1.eIIIhcI'. PeI'lI:Ips the strife XVZISb0l'I10l:CiI'CLlI1lSt1lIlCCS!ll'I'iVilU1,' LIIIl'III'se:-III pUI'II:Ips it IIJILI lu-:II lwI'eIviIIg l'III' years. Wl1ZltCVCI' the case llwrc exists :III illy-cIm:c1Ilc.l lvittcrncss III' feeling, s::II'ccly teIIIpeI'eLi by the tDlcI':IIIce l1CC6SS!ll'y for cl:Iss-wIII'k. Two W'Cl1'dCfTI1CL1f1lC1i0I1S piltcd :Ig:IiIIsL L-:Ich Uthcl' with CIIULIKQII V1lSCillIlliI1Lf,COIl- 63 victiunless spirits to tlirmv the lW1ll1lllC6 to the side uttering the greater inducement,-sucli is nt11'p11siti1111 :lt present. lirnin ll llllll-1WJll'llSZlIi stand-point it muy he s:1id tl1:1t :1 degree seems to he assured ns tn :1 lll'lll. We lmve dune IllLlCll1 we would we could have dune mnre. We :ire the first cl:1ss in the l'11.11'-yexn' CllLll'SL', tlie first cl:1ss tn receive pr:1ctic:1l xv url: :ls externes, the first cl:1ss in the century. l.:1rgt-ly we 1lI'C :in experiment, luit nur instruction is sufficiently stiperiwr tn wl1:1t clzlsses liitliertn have received, tn nlwvizite criticism. 'l'l1e lllll-1ll'lLlI'l1llC f':1ct l'L'Ill!lll'l11 tl1:1t we :ire lmpelessly rupturecl. Divided :1 yezir :lgn by the g1':1dL1:1ti11n of lf:1ll' nur nnmlwer, 1111111-Q d11111ned. by dissensinn to :1 LlllIll'lt'l'll1g of the llllll.. A clnss lWIlllklllL'l is not fexisilvleg cl:1ss re-nninn in :il'terye:1rs will l1:1ve no ztttrziction. f,:lJlSSlll1lIl pzisses fellfmw-clxlssnmn with nn more l1tlllCCtll1lll lie w1111lcl :1 Sil'1lll2,'f.'l', :ind the Slllllk' wnnld llzmpen slmuld they meet in the midst ol' il desert Zll.lL'l' years nf SCI5lll'1ltl0ll. llicfilbcrs. CllARl.liS JAMIES BAUM, . . Allillliy. AR'l'l'lUl2 JOSEPH BEDlil.l., V E V, . WJllBI'X'llCt. 13130124115 SAMUEL HU1eNs, . JOHN W11.soN Bulzns, flf .S lc, . Rwn1s1e'1' B1sA'r1.EY CAsT1e121s, fl- E lf, VV1ll'SIlXV. Albillly Rlll'!ll Cemeter5 Westfield, Mass. l'lAl3Ol,D DUNCAN COCHRANE, Nl. D., All3Zll'ly. JOSEPH AMBROSIE Cox, . . . Allwzlny. THOMAS EDWARD DEVIENY, . . W:1te1'vliet. linwfnen G1a1eA1.D fi1e1F1f1N, 11' Z5 If Rntli-1111Huds1111. JOHN MICHAEL GRIFFIN, 'I' -5 lf, . Allmny, Enwfxlcn Joslevn l'lANNAN, . . Wutervliet CLAYTON KENDALL HASKELL, 2nd, fl' 5 lf, Allmny. JOHN FRANCIS HIEFFERNAN, . . Allvilny. ARTHUR l:liNWlCK HOl.DlNG, Allvnny. THOMAS FRANCIS JUDGE . 'l'I'oy. JAMIES EVliRliTT KELLEY, JY -'S Y. JOSEPH VVALDRON MOORE, ff I lf, Deans Co1'ne1's. Cnlmes. JOHN BERTMAN NEARY, - W1l1Cl'VllCt. lJANllil. DUANE PARRISH. . Sillclll. NISHAN ALEXANDER PASHAYAN, Allwillly. Wll.l.lAM BRINK ROSECRANS, . NZlSSZlLl. CLARENCE l.liANDliR SICARD, . . Alllstclllilllf. GIEOROE ALPHIEUS SMITH, .Y E X, . l.1lI1Sll1glWL1l'gl1. MICHAIEI. JOSEPH JWHORNTON, A. B., 'P .S lf, Alliillly. JACOB VVACHSMAN, . . . Bmlllilyll. MAX WACHSMAN, . . . Bwnlilyif. l,l5l.AND ORLO WlllTli, Y E Y, . Fort Plzxin. CHARLES LANSING VVITBECK, 'I' E fl C0l1nCS. 64 junior Lflass. Glfficcrs. HARRY E. MERENESS, JR. lt' fl, . . PRl3SlD15N'r, EARL HOLCOMB JACKSON, . Vicii-PRi5sinizN'r. JOHN BOWMAN CONGDON, . Siic:Ri3'rARY, ELWIN CHAMPLIN, . 'l'nrfAst1nHn, Dis-tory. HIS is the first yeur of :1 new century that muy truly he czilletl the century fu1':ulv:ince- ment. Perluips :it no time hus the scientititi tieltl ur' nperntiun gilhn-tit-ti Snell UPl1u1'tLi11ities to the ,lJ,'Cl1lLlS!lIkllWl'U1lLlCIlL'Ll mintl nf the well t'LlllC!ltL'Ll Inun. The wurltl tu- ilfly l'UC05:nizes the zihility ul' the eurnt-st XX'Hl'liL'l'1lllLl lIlVL'Sll,LIIll.Ul'. At the present time :ill of the elements ul' the universe :ire suhscrviunt tu hiin :intl only :iwuit his cu-opt-rntiun, The successful mzin nf this new century must have :ill uf the equipments :intl uccuutrements nf this h1'u:ltle1'Tieltl of llPt'l'ZlllHl'l. The grzltluutes ul"tutl1ny :intl the tluys tu come, hnve greater responsihilities tu ht-nr :intl will he cunfruntetl hy grnver pruhlt-Ins hecxluse ul' the new urtler ul' things. lt is :in nge of 1ltlV11IlCLiI11Ullt :intl the penple nl' tutlny require that we hold fnst tn the muttu, "Perfectiun." Three lung ye:n'sh:1ve come :intl nezirly gune since we, :is memhers ul' the clziss ul' I9o2,firstlnet:1tthe Alhnny Metlicxil cullege :intl enrulletl nur nnmes in the hunk "su hright :mtl fair" prelimin:u'y tu the grunt wurli we hntl hefure us. Erich une entle:iv1n'in,t: tu pru- l71ll'C himself fur his life work in relieving the tlepluruhle euntlitiun ul: sullering huniunity. Little tlitl we know nl: the "quizzes" IllklCX1lIIllllJll.lllIlSlllill were hel'nre us :intl the wezlry lung hours of stutly. 65 Most of us have passed through the ordeal of the Freshman year with its weary study of dry bones, and the Sophomore year with study of "Micro-bugology" and "Embryo-chick." These are all past and we now are well on our Junior year which is by far the most interesting and practical. And we now have the most enjoyable and delight- ful opportunity of hearing the grave and wise-looking Seniors make their notable "diagnoses based on facts." After all of these years of seeking after knowledge it is a pleasure to hear a member of the class say, to his professor, after he has recited: "1 have said something but l don't know what l have said.'7 Also another to tell his professor of surgery to "remove an epitheliolna two years before it appears." lt's wonderful the knowledge of some. At the beginning of the year we enrolled among our number some new men to take the places left vacant by members who entered with the rest of us but have fallen by the wayside or sought different climes and surroundings for the pursuance of the profession. lt might be Well to speak ol' the pleasant time enjoyed by every member of the class at the class banquet held during the Sophomore year. lt was the first time that every member of the class sat down together around the festive board, and every one wished at that time that banquets came oftener. lt would bean injustice to every member of the class to close without speaking of the unity which was prevalent in the class during the first two years of the course. How we all stood together as one man ! Apparently every one believing in the motto: "United we stand, divided we fall," alas, how changed! and it would be folly to palm off an emulsion of false-hood on the reader by representing our class affairs as smooth at the present time. On the contrary, things to others are not as they seem to us. All occur- rances have their 'lmuultw Mt1x1'i11t1e:ll1cltlie source of our disagreement is the recent class election. The history of a year has thus passed and deplorable as have been some of the events, we sincerely hope that when another year shall have been reeled of, impossible as it may seem, we may stand as a class inseparable with one aim,-honorg and with one end-success. 66 lIIcII1bcI's, LASALLE ARCHAMBAULT, THOMAS CARNEY, N' 5 A, ELWIN CHAMPLIN, . KENT STANLEY CLARK, . JOHN BOWMAN CONGDON . HUGH MICHAEL COX, . . ROBERT ARCHIBALD GOW, . . JOHN HENRY GUTMANN, B. S., :I V, . STILLMAN SMITH HAM, PH. B., N' E W, DANIEL JAMES HOYT, A. B., fl' J f-1, f-1 I II, . EARL HOLCOMB JACKSON, . . URBAN THOMAS KEMBLE, FREDERICK HUBIERT LADD, . FRED E. LETTICE, Y E A, MOSES JOSEPH MANDELBAUM, JOSEPH MARK, PH. B., . EDWIN ALONZO MASON, . - HENRY EARLE MERENESS, JR., If 14, - VVILLIS EDGAR MERRIMAN, JR., PH. B., 'I' V, FREDERICK CORNWALL REED, .W If IW, FRANK MALCOM SULZMAN, . . CLIFFORD VVALTER SUMNER, if IV, - JUNIUS PARKER TALMADGE, - ELBERT GOODMAN VAN ORSDELI., CHARLES P. VVAGNER, 4' Z' lf, 67 Cohoes. ScIIeIIecl:Idy. GTIFIIIIS Corners Oneontzl. Alluzmy. Port Jervis. SCIILIyIeI'vIlIc. AIb:IIIy. ScIIcIIccl:ILIy. AIIIslcI'd:IIII. JoI1I:III. KiIIgstIIII. Snclxetts H:IrboI' SpI'uIIl Brook. AIII:IIIy. AIIIsteI1I:IIII. Berlin. AlIw:IIIy. Allwzmy. CzIIIIbI'idge. WlltCI'I,lll'd. Pownal, Westtield Mass. HLILISIIII. Fort PILIIII. 5ODI2OIllO1'C Class. Officers. JOHN EDWARD CANFIELD, . . . PRESIDENT. DONALD BOYD, A. B., . VICE-PRESIDENT. FRED EARNEST BOLT, A. B., . SECRETARY. FREDERICK J. MCDONALD, . TREASURER. CHARLES R. MARSH, rl' I5 lf. . MARSHAI.. Distory. TIME, the unerring messenger, having once more completed his yearly cycle, called L, forth that estimable company of scholars, which was now to be known as the Sophomore Class. The summons were not unheaded, as they gathered from far and near, few were they of our former classmates who did not respond, while from various seats of "Medical Lore" many others, attracted by the learning and wisdom of our most honored and respected instructors and pleased hy the geniality and brightness of our environments cast their lot with us, in the onward march toward eminent skill in Medical Science. Scarcely had the class begun to delve into the depths of that most enjoyable and loved subject "Nervous Anatomy", when drawn by the tread and martial music of campaign parades, our banner was raised and we joined the procession. Who oi' us will ever forget that first march, when much to the chagrin of members of another department of "Old Union" the Medics were escorted to those whowere to convince the city by their eloquence? Alas! That four hour march of glory and mud which followed, it must have convinced the most skeptical ot' our spirit. There is another class untutored in their respect for upperclassmen, who have 68 been the subject of the men of "o3's" most loving and tender care, but they so far forget her precepts and instructions, as to indulge in that which was not to their best welfare. Whereupon it needs was most certain that "og" grievously wounded and ill at ease at such wandering from the way ol' righteousness, felt duty bound to lead back the wayward feet and thereby hangs a tale. lt has not been definetly deci.le.i whether one of the faculty saw in our midst a slumbering Michael Angelo, or feared some had neglected their talents, when the drawing bool: was instituted, and such works of art. Raphaells star loses lustre, W1ltfCllLllS light grows dim and disappears, the public gaze in awe and admiration when these productions are brought forth. Thus history, like life itself, is brief, we cannot lift the veil of the future, but when time shall have rolled up the scroll, may it be fraught with the noble and brilliant deeds of our classmates, known as men who were masters in their profession. FRED J. MACDONALD. 60 lllcntbcrs, SAMUEL HALCOM FSASCH. . HOWARD ARTHUR HASSETT, . . JAMES MARMADUKE FSODDY, A. M FRED EARNEST BOLT, A. B., . . DONALD BOYD, A. B., . J. HOWARD HRANAN. . . . JOHN EDWARD CANFIELD, . HENRY MILLIGAN CHANDLER, A. B., . SYLVESTER CORNELL CLEMANS, . RUSSELL CLUTE, . . . ARTHUR JUDSON COLE, . HERBERT THOMAS CROUGH, . ARCHIE IRVING CULLEN, fl' .Y If, ARCHIBALD JOHN DOUGLAS, . EDWIN MAURICE GRIFFITII, CONRAD ROWLAND HOFFMAN, . HEUBEN BURDETT HOYT, . FRANK KEATOR, , . . FREDERICK JOHN MAC DONALD, CHARLES RICHARD MARSH, 41' E lf, . . FRANK CLAY MAXON, JR., . . MILES AMBROSE MCGRANE, . . . JOHN CRAPO MERCHANT, A. H., Ll' li lf, N ADDISON ROBERT MILLER . , . WILLIAM LEO MULCAHY, . . . .. , . , 3 , . : , O , ' i ..f . IHOMAS STEPHLN AUGUSTINL O CONN MARK M. O'MEARA ,.,. GEORGE EARNEST POOR, . VIRGIL DURAL SELLECK, . MILLARD FRANCES SHAFER, . . EDWIN FOREST SILBEY, FRANK TEMPLETON SMITH, . . . GEORGE HENRY HUMPHREY SMITH, CHESTER ERASTUS HIDLEY TRACY, . JAMES NEWELLVANDER VEER, A.B.,.flJ1l1,V.E N ISAAC ERNEST VAN HOESEN, . . HARRY WILLIAM VICKERS, . R I X. Y, Rnntlout... MIll'lIlISIWLll'5L'. Tmy. Mzlsonville. Fonda. Albany. Jnlunstnwn. South Orange, N. J Gluversville. Amsterdam. Hzlverhill, Mass. C:1nz1jol1:1rie. Wzltervliet. Smltltrunpttm, Muss. Steuben. Selkirk. Deposit. ACCHILI. Wzltervliet. Oneonta. Clmtltznn. Wzxtervliet. Nassau. Renesselzter. Allvzlny. I.:1l1singIut1l',a:. Pl1lllSl5lII'5.f. South FZIl'lI'lll1gll!lITl, Glens Falls. Cnlwleslcill. Bennington, Vt. Troy. Little Fztlls. Troy. Allmny. Meelwztju. lluselwmn. Nl S1'C5I21lIL1Il Qflass. ALBERT VANDER VEER, JR. N GUY v. WILSON, N I5 N, . DANIEL O'LEARY, Is. I.. SHAW, Q5 5 A-, G. I.. BRANCH, . V ..I ODfficcrs. N , History, PRESIDENT. V ICE-PRESIDENT. SECRETARY. TREASURER. MARSHAL. IDN THE 25th of Septeinher 1111 expI'essiIII1 ut' joy wzis evitlelit IIII the I':Ices Int' the fzicultyg Jlllal even Arthur was seen tn smile. The kll'L'!llll III: the cnllege liitliertn unfulfilled, lI:Itl:It lust In:IteI'i:Ilizetl-- :Intl :I clziss wnrtlily III' the lIlSllllllltlll llilxi :Ippe:II'etl. l'NIIne lcnew them hut tn luvc the, none n:IInetl thein hut tn PVIITSCT7 Cwith the exceptinn nf the Suphsj AfterzicoIIsIIltzItinI1 with Arthur un the liIclceI'qIIestiIII1, we left IIIII' I'lJllllL'S with the registrar, :Ind were Iidinitted tn full l'IlCI'I1l5L'l'SlllP in the veixlzint section ul' the College. Antl the faculty colnlnencuel to bleach out the clilumpliyll. We missed our l110fl1Cl'S, hut lionur wzis nurs l'rIIIn the stzirtz in spite of lllll' sense Int' unwnrtliiness we were assigned the highest sezits, :Intl gazed IIII the sl:IIIg.:lIter l'rIIIn Jll.Zll'. The I.gI'eg:II'iIIIIs instinct wus nut Ivnrs until we L'llLilll'CLl the nniezil nl' the l'1l11'llIllL' lectures :Intl slmt-gun quizzes. Then it wus evident thzit tlivitletl we f:Ill, Illlul su :I llllglllly waive of sympathy oversprezitl the clziss Zllkl we were une. This unity stuml us iII gnntl 'II stead, when, a few weeks later we were forced to do battle for our rights'-and our rights are still with us. The flight of time would have passed unnoticed had not our hoard-hill pressed: and soon the approaching Mid-Winters cast their shadows over us-some of us are beneath that shadow still. The year wore on and still we struggled with our anotomy quizzes-with hulging eyes last-fixed on the arhiter of our fate, "and still we gazed, and still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew." Our work was light and pleasilnt until, alas. the cold snap came, and as Arthur had predicted, new arivals were posted on the hulletin hoard and we, as well as the elevator, had our ups and downs. The elevator is now firmly grounded in the basement- requiescat in pace. It will trouhle us no more. But to return to more pleasant things: we survived the class banquet-liquor Ammonii Acetatis gi. Would that we could find some antidote as effectual, for the final exams. liicnfbcrs. CEORGE LAY BRANCH, . . CHARLES VVILLIAM CHAPIN, . East Springfield. Unadilla Center. ARTHUR PRESTON CLARK, ll' I' Ll, Jordilli. CHESTER THOMPSON COBB, Southampton, Mass MORRIS COHEN, PH. G, . Athany. MILES JACOB CORNTHWAITE, L:iifsi1fgIm1'g. JOHN ISAAC COTTER, . . Poughkeepsie, MARCUS ALBERT CURRY, 411 I5 lt',. Voorheesville. HARRY AUSTIN DAME, . . Albltliy. ARTHUR THOMAS DAVIS, - UtIC!l. THOMAS JOSEPH DOWD, COINJCS. SILAS LORENZO IIILKINS, . AIIW:ll1y. FRANK HENRY EISK, JR., I-I. S., Alhany. I.EI.AND DELOS IJOSBURY, A. B., . Sldlley. JOSEPII NICHOLS BENNETT GARLICK, . AIIH:lI1y. VVILLIAM ENTWISTLE GARLICK, . F:lII River, MJISS. EVERAI. C. HAVILAND, . . - Wtflctltt. CROMER HOFFMAN, . . . Mechanicville. HAROLD ELIPHALET HOYT, A. B., .Y E Y, Cambridge. GEORGE JOHN JENNINOS, . . CIIIII'ItlJII. Wn.1.nuvi GEORGE KEENS, 112 A 1-1, Albany. ARTHUR CHARLES KLINE, ff' 5 lf, . Port Leyden. GEORGE SPENCER LAPE,. . Mechanicville. KENNETH KENYON LINSON, KIIILLSIOH. WILLIAM EMANUEI. LOEBLE, Troy. 72 HARRY LOVEJOY LOOP, Tp E If, HORATIO SEYMOUR MATTIMORE, ALPHONSUS MURPHY, JOSEPH O'BRlEN, JR., B. VINCENT O'DONNELL, VINCENT O'LEARY, JR., DAY OLIN, A. B., . DENNIS ROBERT DANIEL DANIEL JOSEPH OMER GEORGE PAQUET, . JOHN HENDRY REID, Q I5 lc, . BURT LUVERNE SHAW, PH. G., fb CHARLES JAY. SHAW, . . BENJAMIN J. SINGLETON, . ' wife, ' S-I Ek, . EDWARD AUGUSTINE STAPLETON, LEONIDE GEORGE SURPRENANT, ARTHUR WESLEY THOMAS, . RICHARD HENRY VAN DENBURG, ALBERT VANDER VEER, JR., A. B., If f-I IT, IV 27 W, ALFRED LEROY WARNER, . FRANK BARTON VVHEELER. 'P E lf, . FRANK EDWARD WHITE, . GUY VAIL WILSON, N 2 N, . TREVOR CRANDALL YATES. 73 Culmes. AIl1:IIIy. Gloversvillc. VV:ILcI'vlict. Bbllllillflltlll, AlbIIIIy. VVlllLfl'llDWI1. Culmes. Troy. I.:1IISiIIglILII'g. CIII'iII1lI. Glens F:IllS. HUUSIC FIIIIS. COIIOCS. Middle GI':IIIviIIe Medway. Albzmy. Troy. Troy. Union. M:ISoIIvilIe. New Lisbon. Vt. X IVJ XC .lf-.i'i3,-C "', LJ Glbcmg Saw School. Erustccs. PRESI DENT. . VICE PRESIDENT 'I' REASU R ER. , . SECRETARY. AMASA J. PARKER, . . SEYMOUR VAN SANTVOORD, JAMES W. EATON, . . CHARLES J. BUCHANAN, ALTON B. Pfxieiciaie, CHARLES C. l.Es'ri2R, ALONZO P. STRONG, JAMES LANSING, Junsow S. LANDON, ANDREW V. V. RAYMOND, J MARCUS 'I'. HUN, J. NEWTON FIERO, DANFORTH E. AINSWORTH, D. CADY HERRICK, EDWARD ID. VVHITIE. faculty. ANDREW V. V. RAYMQND, D. D., Li-. D., President of the University. J. NEWTON FIERO, LI.. D., DEAN, Pi'uceLlL1i'e, Equity, Torts. JAMES W. EATON, Evidence, Contmcts, B:1nki'uptcy. ALBERT C TENNANT, Criminzii Law, Resll :ind Perscmnl Pruperly, JAMES F. TRACEY, Cm'poi':1tions. LEWIS R. PARKER, Builments. 76 FLETCHER W. BATTERSHALL, Elementary Law, Domestic Relations. ALVAH S. NEWCOMB, The Statutes of New York. Special 5SCCl'l1I'C1'S. HON. ALTON B. PARKER, Development of the l.:1w. HON. IRVING G. VANN, LL. D., lnsurzmce. HON. JUDSON S. LANDON, LL. D Constitutionzil Lzlw. HON. D. CADY HERRICK, Municipal Corpol':1tions. HON. ALDEN CHESTER, The Fetlerul Judicial System. HON. SIMON W. ROSENDALE, The Civil Lzlw. ANDREW MACFARLANE, M. D., Metlicnl Jurisprudence. HON. WALTER E. WARD, Patents, Copyrights :ind Ti':1den::1rlcs. SIEPHEN B. GRISWOLE. looks :md Their Uses. I Class of 1901 CDfficcrs. CHARLES J. HERRICK, . PRESIDENT. LESLIE M. SAUNDERS, . . Vlctlf-PIQESIDENT VVILLIAM H. A. MILLS, . SECRETARY. CHESTER A. VAN ARSDALE, - TREASURER. FOX SPONABLE, . . ORATOR. H. BRADLEY CARROLL, . PROPHET. DANIEL T. CASEY, JR., ADDRESSOR. STANILEY B. SHERMAN, . . HISTORIAN. WILLIAM E. FITZSIMMONS, . TOASTMASTER. JAMES A. QUINN, . . . MARSHAL. DAVID F. LITTLE, . . POET. REV. FREDERICK N. RUTAN, . . . . CHAPLAIN. Executive Lionnnittcc. H. WESTLAKE COONS, CHAIRMAN. HAROLD J. HINMAN, FRANK R. KEESHAN, CHAS. E. NORRIS, HARRY E. KELLAR, FRANCIS E. SHAFFER, MICHAEL E. IVICTYGUE. lllcnlbcrs. CHARLES H. F. RElLLY,Un1nn, Allmny. WILLIAM A. DAVIDSON, . . . CflI1I1SI'SlI7XX'l1. HENRY HIRSCHFELD, . . . AIIW:lI1y. DUNCAN DOUGLAS, A. B., Yule. if J fig . Albany. HAROLD JAY HINMAN, PH. B., rl if ff, Union, Albany. ROBERT M. EAMES, A. B., fl' I' J, Union, . Allmny. NORTHRUP R. HOLMES, . . . 78 Troy. VVILLIAM H. A. MILLS, . WILLIAM H. BUSHELI., JAMES F. HENNESSY, FRANK R. KEESHAN, . HARRY E. KELLER, HARRY E. CLINTON, CHARLES J. RUSSEL MICHAEL J. DRISCO DAVID F. LITTLE, LESLIE M. SAUNDERS WM. F. MORRIS, . L, LI., , PH. D., Univers ily uf V1. , H. WESTLAKE COONS, B. S., Wesleyan, C. G. CUNNINGI-IAM, PH. B., HIIIIIiltOI1, JAMES V. COFFEY, T J Ili, . . EDWARD B. PARTRIDGE, 11111 IP, HUlW!ll't, . ELON GILBERT GALUSHA. A. B., JI IC IC, fl' .Lf 'l', . University of H. BRADLEY CARROLL, .il V, 1F .J 47, Rochester. University of ROcIIeslcI'. TIBEITTS WALKER, A. M-,WCSlCy1ll1, FRANK X. SULLIVAN, . . DAYTON FULLER SMITH, Clllgflte, . FRED H. EOOERS, . . CHARLES S. HERRICK, A. B., 0 A WILI.IAM M. VERBECK, . . EDWIN H. VAN DYCK, STANLEY B. SHERMAN, . . CHARLES F. DOYLE, A. B., YTIIE EDWARD MONAHAN, . J. EDWARD LUNDRICAN, GEORGE O. TUCK, . . CLARENCE E. CONANT, Q J IP, Yale, WILI.IAM P. WILEERT. . . CHARLES C. ANNABEL, JAMES A. QLIINN, . . ROBERT FRAzIER, A. B., I3 I-I Il, fp 41 f1',S FREDERICK E. W. DARROW, . CHARLES D. DEYO, Yule, 70 IP, Yzlle, ymcuse University, Allwzmy. Windsfw. W:ItuI'vliet. Allwzmy. Culm. 'I'I'Oy. HiI1CSl3lll'j.fh, Vt. Allmny. CIIIIIICS. DiCliil1SllI1CCl'IlL'l West Pitswn, PII. ljepnsit, Allvnny. 'l'l'IIy. Plwlps. ROulIesleI'. RIIQIIE-stef. Allnxmy. 'l'I'ny. H:ImiltIIII. C1Jl11iC5. Albany. Fi:IllstOII Sprimgs. West C1DXS!lClCit, CIIxS:Icksie. COIIOES. Joh nsluwn. RLISIIIAIJIKL S:II':ItOg:ISprirzgs. C:IIIIdcII. llion. C1lIl1Cl'lJl1. Allvzmy. Al1lSlEI'dJllI'!. Kingston. Kingstun. JOSEPH DELANEY, . . . WM. LLOYD WIDDEMER,I'Izlrv:n1I, Cx. LINN PRESCOTT, . . DARIUS PECK, A. B., Yale, R. MORRELL HARZBERG. MICHAEL E. MCTYGUE, . WM. E. EITZSINIMONS, . CHESTER A. VAN ARSDALE, DANIEL CASEY, JR., , WILLARD J. SAUNDERS, VVILLIANI J. F. HOGAN, JOHN H. MORTON, Fox SPONABLE, GEORGE M. VELIE, FRANCIS J. SHAFFER, . D. M. HAZELTON, JOHN C. LAMON, . CHARLES E. NORRIS, RAY VVALDO MERRILL, . RICHARD S. TERRY, A T KZ, A. B., . . St. I.:1wre.tce University. JOHN GIBSON HINMAN ,... GUY O. HINMAN, J. W. RUSSELL, ' . HOWARD H. BORST, MARTIN S. Nnx ,.,.. FREDERICK N. RUTAN, A. B., A. M., Princeton, JOHN PALLACE, JR. ,.... ARTHUR RICHARDSON, WILLIAM A. GOLD, Sc Allmny. Allwnny. Rome. Hudson. HLILISOII. S:1rntng:1. AIIw:1ny. Cnstilc. Albany. DicIcins:vnCcnlc1 Allwznny. Onlclnml, VL Ncllistnn, Wntliins. Ilinn. Gnnverncur. W:1tcl'tnwn. CJlI'lIIIlILE. CIII'lIIZl5lC. W:lt':l'tnwn. Addison. Addison. Glens Falls. Colvleskill. ScI:uI1:n'ie. Mcnnnds. Clzlrksor.. Walls I-Izxts. Lockport. Glass of 1902. Olfficcrs. MELVIN 'ii HENDER, .1 J ffl, WILHUR W. OHAMHERS, . HUGH W. DARRIN, . EDWARD C. CONWAY, . GEORGE E. PIKE, 1: 1.1 Il, FRANK M. HIOKOK, JAMES J. NOLAN, . GEORGE S. NlCNlll-l.AN, . RAYMOND ELYNN, . EZRA A. BARNES, Executive Q-.OlllIlllll'C0. PRESIDIENT. A VICE-PRESIDENT. SlECl?E'l'ARY. . TRIEASURIER. ORATOR. . AlJDRliSS1Jl?. PROPHIST. . l'llSTORIAN. 'liOAS'l'NlAS'l'lil?. - MARSHAI.. PAUL Nl. Plil.l.E'l'Rl-EAU, MORRIS H. SHEDD, GORDON G. HARRIS, JOHN F. BRADY, THOMAS F. J. lVlCDliRNlO'l'T. 2l.lCllIl701'S. JOHN F. BRADY, .... Allvziny. GEO. A. HOLCOMBIE, B. S., Union, J V, H:1i'tl'm1l, Cnnn, MILTER P. ALLEN. Univcrsity DI' Ruzlwster, Penfield. FRANK A. AGNIEW, . . . Pl:lltSlwu1'g. ALONZO l-. BLAKE, A. B., Alnlwrsl, Niclinlville. RALPH J. HAWKINS, . . . Islip. Rochester. GEO. S. NlGNlll.LAN, PAUL M. PEl,l.ETREAU, . Sl Ballston Springs. WILBUR W. CHAMBERS, MELVIN T. BENDER, A. B., A 11 Qi, Union, RAYMOND FLINN, University of Chicago. H. G. HOLAHAN, . BENJAMIN B. HUTCHINS, C. E., . . Pennsylvania Military Academy. WlLl.lAM E. LOEBLE, STEPHEN S. READ, PH. B., U ANDREW C. FENTON, A. B., JOHN ALLEN ROTHERTY, HERBERT C. POTTER, DUDLEY B. WADE, LEVI R. CHASE, . nion, Union, V' 'F J 'P, Haniilto HUGH WHBSTJQR DARRIN, X , FRANK N. HICKOK, . c2ioRu1a E. PIKE, A. B., li 1-1 11, fr .1 111, Ui ion, JAMES J. NOLAN, . JOHN J. P. MARQUJSTTH, .1 1 JoHN J. lV.CMUl.l.EN, . ERNEST I.. ISOOTHBY, GORDON G. l'lAliRIS, EDWARD C. CONWAY, JAME9 T. KNAPP, flf .1 fl-, BRUCE N. MARTIN, . 'l'l-IOMAS F J. MQ:DisRMo'r'r, ll.'xRIsY HOWARD, . RJHna..a-oR.J W K.-X'l'HAN, lliznieafi' B. Jo:-lus, . LJLIVER l1l1,l.Xl4 FEQGAR, c.n.n..1e-..H C. SHELDUN, Hl:N.iA.MllN U. H.-XICBHF, . V ICANSOM ll. c5.1.1.:er, Fl-l. B., wall-, ALBHR 1' if. DEYOUNU, . QQHARLHS R. Wngrsia, GBQLRQJ J. MooRE,3 . l-Hs'ruR 11 HUl3l3ARD, A. B., ANDREW J. HAMMBR, . Union, DOUGLAS W. PAIGE, A. B., E AP, fl' J 'f, Union, l 82 Glens Falls. Albany. Albany. Watervliet. Meclianicville. Troy. Bath. Andes. Morton, R. l. Glens Falls. Albany. Tlieresa. Addison. Albany. Sanlworn. Albany. Oswego. Sclielieclmly. Rensselaer. Alton. Albany. Syracuse. NVJllt'l'lllXYIl. Alfvany. Furl Hunter. 1 onlcllnggvills. Wliilcslworo. N.-xx' London, Cu 'l'ro1,'. lXc'W l'3cl'lll1. Tro ' Alcx.1n.lria B .g. Al:-xan.lria Hay. Fort CUVlllQ.fL.lll. Cnllots. Long Lake. Schenectady. CHARLES W. U. SNEED, CLAYTON G. CHANEY, . PEDRO G. ANIADOR, . Universidad de Barcelona, A. B., Instituto de EZRA A. BARNES, . . GEO. I-I. SMITH, . RALPH S. IVES, . . DAVID WILLIAIvI WOOLSEY, GEORGE B. NICCARTER, JR., JOHN W. NICLINDON, Cornell, MORRIS H. SHEDD, . . ERSKINE C. ROGERS, A. B., X NEIL Nl. SCULLY, . . CECIL C. VAN VALKENBURGH W, Union, 83 Newburg. Hermon. Camuy, Porto Rico Porto Rico. Oswego. Cohoes. Margaretville. Milton. Salem. Albany. Lowville. Sandy Hill. Mittineague, Mass. Catskill. T .-. Sollcac of Dlymwmlacg. EYIIS-ICOS. WILLIAM J. VVALKER, . PRESIDENT. CHARLES NEWMAN, . . VICE-PRESIDENT CHARLES H. GAUS, . . . TREASURER. DEBAUN VAN AKEN, PH. G. ,,.... SECRETARY. ANDREW VAN VRANKEN RAYMOND, IJ. D., LL. D., VVILLIS G. IUCKIER, M. IJ., PH. D. JOHN M. HIGELOW, M. IJ., DOUW H. FUNDA, ARTHUR L. ANDREWS, OTTO SCHOLZ. 34 ggacultg. ANDREW VAN VRANKEN RAYMOND, D. D. President of the University. WILLIS G. TUCKER, M. D., PH. D., 4 Lnncxlster Street, Pn+I'essD1'nf Chemistry. ALFRED B. HUESTED, M. D., PH. G., , Li.. D., 144 State Street, Professnr Dt' Botany :ind Mnterizi Metlicn. GUSTAVUS MICHAELIS, PH. G., 2 tn 8 Bi'u1itIxx':ly, PI'HI.CSStlI' DI' Phzlrinzley, tDtlyc1' Snstriictors. DE BAUN VAN AKEN, PH. G., Lecturer nn Plizirmxiey. THEODORE J. BRADLDY, PH. G., Instructor in Chemistry. FRANK RICHARDSON, PH. G., Instructor in Mziterizi Medica :ind Director nf IJIIIII'ITI1lCCLlIICilI Lxilwnrzltery. THOMAS W. JENKINS, M. D., Instrnetnr in Micmsenpy. Boarb of EXCIIIIIIICSIE. LOUIS SAUTTER, PH. G. CHARLES H. EDWARD F. HUNTING, PH. G. 8 GAUS. ES Glass of 1901. GUY G. STEPHENSON, . FRANCIS H. DONALDSON, CHARLES M. OTIS, JR., GEORGE L. SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM A. LARKIN, . GEORGE MESNIG, . FRED L. ALBEE, UBERT F. BROWER, ARTHUR K. BROWN, . ORVILLE S. CLARK, . JACOB COHEN, . HERBERT A. DE LA NIATER, CASPER J. DOBROGINSRI, FRANGIS H. DONALDSON, JOHN H. DWYER, . CHARLES H. Fox, FRANK H. HAVENS, . VERNE HICKS, . WILLIAM B. HOGAN, WILLIAM A. LARKIN, . JESSE W. LEAVITT, . JAMES H. MGCULLOUGH, GEORGE L. NIESNIG, WALTER J. MOFEITT, LEON F. MONTGOMERY, Officers. members. 86 PRESIDENT. VICE-PRESIDENT. SECRETARY AND TREASURER VALEDICTORIAN. ALTERNATE VALEDICTORIAN HISTORIAN. W:IItOn. . Cohoes. CIIZIIITIIITI. . Albany. Albzmy. . Athens. ScI1eI1ectzIdy. . Gilbertsville. Oswego. . Boonville. AIIWIIIIY. . Syracuse. AIIu:Iny. . PIZIltSIWLlI'f3,'II. Dolgeville. . COIIOeS. Troy. . Troy. Wzltervliet. EUGENE L. MYER, CHARLES M. OTIS, JR., FRANK M. POST, . RALPH A. PURINTON, . SAMUEL T. QUINN, DANIEL RICE, . CATHERINE ROSS, JOSEPH P. SEGUIN, . GEO. S. SLADE, . CHARLES H. SMITH, JR., GEORGE L. SOUTH WORTH, GUY G. STEPHENSON, CHARLES N. STEWART, . . EARLE J. VOSBURGH, JAMES H. WALSH, Sziugerties. Tivoli. Hindsburg, Vt. Bristol, Vt. Ballston Springs C:IInbriLlge. Hoosic Fzxlls. R0LlSC7S Point. Oneonta. Albany. SyI'zIcuSe. JIJIIIISUIWII. Rensselzier. West Copalke. Catskill. lass of 1902. GEORGE G. LENNY, JOHN E. MCNANY, . LAURENGE H. BURKE, JQHN J. MONAHAN, . SAMUEL ARMSTRONG. F. CLAYTON BARROWS, . LAURENGE H. BURKE, GERARD W. CLARE, PATRICK J. DONOYAN, ARTHUR J. DORAN, S. ERNEST DORN, . GEORGE H. DUPONT, . JAMES S. FARLEY, WILLIAM J. FRIDAY, EDWARD A. GILLANS, HARRY B. GREENMAN, . FRED HARMON, . FRANCIS A. KEIENAN, JOHN J. KNAUF, JAMES R. LANGTON, GEORGE G. LENNY, . JOHN A. LIVINGSTON, . ANDREW W. MCLOUGHLIN, Olfficers.. lTTembe1's. 88 PRESIDENT . VICE-PRESIE I-NT SECRETARY . TREASURER Pine BUSII. Canton. OIIeDIIt:I. Utica. Albzmy. Valley F:IllS. JIJIIIISUJXVI1. Pl:IttSbLII'gh. M!lltC1lXV2lI1. Schenectzldy. AIIISteI'd:IIn. CtDI't1lll1ki. Adams, MHS Allwxmy. Al lmny. Troy. Potsdzlm. S HUUSIC Fzllls. Albany. JOHN E. MCNANY, JOHN J. MONAHAN, . JOHN K. OAKES, . ELMER W. PEPPER, . CLARENCE B. PUTNAM, . . JOHN D. SAUTER, . CHARLES E. STICKLES, RICHARD C. SULLIVAN, CHARLES S. TIFFT, HARLEY E. WADE, JAMES WALLACE, HENRY C. WILSON, . HARLEY L. WHIPPLE, ANDREW H. WITZE, . ARTHUR B. YOUNG, Port Henry. AUlwuI'II. CllCI'l'y Valley. SclIeIIectzldy. Syracuse. SclIeIIect:Idy. Philmont. Troy. Szmd Luke. Coolds Cf'vl'lTEY SCIICIICHZILJY. RouSe'S PIIEIIL Mzlssenzl. Troy. JKHIITSUJXVIT. 2:"'5' ' 1 - " '."' . , 'Q-35159 5 5 - HS" ffl-f Q.-1. .- TW F2572 M .A Q I! -xdmgxx x xx. -www ' I Jlmlik I Y A . .QQQI -.I l X . 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Bayard Backus, Allan H. Jackson, Roger Perkins, E. A. Carnlan, Hon. Samuel T. Benedict, William C. Yates, Duncan C. Kennedy, Senior. John Emilius Parker. juniors. Harry R. Wilson, Theo. DeL. Cnftln, Hnn. Everett Smith, Gerartius Smith, D. Nl. Van Eps, Charles G. Sewall, William S. Stathnff, Sam. L. G. Knox, Arthur B. Lawrence. James H. Sn Sophomorcs. William R. Pritchartl, George R. Dnnnan, Raymond C. Donnan, Tlumias G. Delhritlge, Srcshnten. Stephen C. Fiern, James Fuller Lawsing, J. Gilbert Cool, Archihaltl H. Rutledge. llleoical College. Harry E. Nlereness, Jr. 92 Kappa Cllpba Society. Sounbcb at llnion Glollcgc, l825. NEW YORK ALPHA, . MASSACH USETTS ALPHA, NEW YORK BETA, . NEW YORK GAMMA, ON'rAmo ALPHA, . PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA, QUEBEC ALPHA, . cictivc Qllyuptcrs. O3 Union College. Williziiiis College. Holvzirt College. Corncll University Toronto University Lehiirlm University McGill University Rev. John B. Linn, Hon. E. Winslow Paige, Geo. W. Featherstonhzn Franklin P. Wemple, DeLancy W. Watkins, Henry B. McQueen, B. Cleveland Sloan, R. Hamilton Gihbes, Maurice A. Viele, William G. Gilmour, Robert Chauncey Yates, W ilter E. Kruesi, Hallett Morton Murphy, 5iQ11'lCI Dbi. Rcsioent lllembcrs. rgh, Prof. Howard Optlyke, James W. Veetler, Robert F. Gilmour, Edward E. Yelverton, Frank van tler Bogert, Ahel Smith, August H. Kruesi, P. Bertram Yates, Geo. W. Featherstonhaugh, Jr., William C. Bamher. Senior. Richard Franchot Warner. juniors. I John Dennette Guthrie. Soplyomorcs. Glowacki Parker, jrcshnxcn. Allen Steele Peck Winslow Barnes Watson, Siam School. Douglass W. Paige, IOOO. 94 1,3-'4,,.m' .- N . 4:13 -' 'lx i A-LIX.,.::?Ax A .Yggff .kj f ,,rZ.4r'wfw'vZ ' ...J .L af-M Sigma Dbi Socictg. founbcb at lluion College, 1827. ALPHA OF NEW YORK BETA OF NEW YORK, . Al.PHA OF MASSACH USETTS, DELTA OF NEW YORK, . ALPHA OF VERMONT, . ALPHA OF MICHIGAN, . ALPHA OF PENNSYLVANIA, EPSILON OF NEW YORK, Roll of Elyaptcrs Uninn College, H:11nill11n College, Willi:11nsC11llege, . l'l1mln:11'l Cnllege, . , U11ive1'silyol' Vennnnt, University nf Micl1i5.f:1n, l.el1igl1U11ive1'sily, . CornellUniversity, . 95 1827 1831 1834 18 .1 1845 1858 1887 ISOO Delta Dbl. Lilplpo Glgoptcr. Rcsibcnt lllcmlocrs. Hon. Alexander J. Thompson, John Dcldancy Watkins. William l.. Pearson, M. D., Edgar Wallace Schurmerhorn. Alexandur Rankin, D. D., James Roht. Charlton Armstrong John Kcyes Paige, William T. B. Mynderse, George Maxon, Fred Waldorf Hild, Thomas Moore, Robert B. Beale, Prof. Sidney G. Ashmore, L. H. D., Harold W. Buck, Herman V. Mynderse, M. D., Herbert Fuller, Nelson Waite, Evan R. Cnllings, Howard Pottcr Dunham. 3lllllOl'S. John P. Carver, Fenwick M. Theho. SYCSIQIIICII.. William W. Cronlqhitc, Howard R. Glutzheck. 96 A61 Z f JJ .A V X M Ilnh 1 ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, EPSILONT ZETA, ETA, . LAMBDA, NU, . Pi. OMICRON, Pl, . Delta Dbi S1'LIfCI'Ilif1j. 'ounbcb at llnion Lilolicgc, 1821 K ilpuptcr Roll 97 Uninn College, Brown University, University nf New York. -Ciillliilliiil College, Rutgers Cnllcgc. I-i:u'v:n'd College. University of Punnsylvnnin. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institut Leiiigli University. Jnhns I-lnpkins Uiiivursily, Yzile Univcrsity. Cornell University. Dei llpsilon. Chem Qlpapter. Rcsibcnt 2lTcn1bcrs. Hon. Samuel W. Jackson, Prof. Wendell Lamoroux, Col. Allan H. Jackson, J. Alexander Lyon, Ethan A. Maxon, Dewitt C. Smith, Rev. Junius C. Fallon, Prof. James R. Truax, Prof. Thomas W- Wright Frank Maxon, Prof. Benjamin H. Ripton Horatio G. Glen, Irving P. Estcourt, Rev. Lyman P. Hitchcock, George DeB. Greene, Alhert B. Van Voast, Horace S. Van Voast, 7 Henry Glen, Charles W. Trumbull, Nicholas l. Veeder, W. Howard Wright, Marvin H. Strong, Samuel Ferguson, Benjamin A. Burtiss, Franklyn P. Jackson, Willialn A. Wyatt, Frank Smith, William E. Brown, Stephen C. Medhery, Jr., Edward W. Strong, Frank T. Wright, Charles H. Mac Culloch Wilfred D. Hodson, John 'l'. Jackson, William Gifford. Seniors. Porter Lee Merriman. LeRoy Jenerson Weed. juniors. W Herhert Cass Bothwell, Donald Carlton Hankes, Frank Lawrence Stiles. Soplyomorcs. Curtis Daniel Bunting, Eugtgrge Hulgapple, DeForest Williams Weed. Srcslynicn. Cliarles Qiewrsre Brand, Charles Edwin Heath, Walter bwflld Cfilllli Elhert Verity Mullenneaux, Samuel Randall Davenport, George Vaughn Sherrill, Charles Gowdy Stiles. liicbical College. William Edgar Merriman, Jr., '98. 98 ,,' fx! gm, Q- 1aLJ'1n, IISMMTK Qamm no MV . M:-ff, , HE - 4 ' 21 - , 4 Q 'i-' til of THETA, DELTA, BETA, SIGMA, GAMMA, . ZETA, . LAMBDA, . KAPPA, Psi, Xl, . UPsn.oN, . IOTA, . PHI, Pl, CH1, . BETA BETA, ETA, . TAU, . MU, RHO, . OMEGA, . Dsi llpsilon. ounbcb at llnion College, 1855. Chapter Roll. 99 Union College. New York University. Yale College. Brown University. Amherst College. Dartmouth. Columbia College. Bowdoin College. Hamilton College. Wesleyan University. Rochester University. Kenyon College. University of Nlicliigan. Syracuse University. Cornell University. Trinity College. Lehigh University, University of Pennsylvania University of Nlinnesota. University of Wisconsin. University of Chicago. Delta llpsilon. llnion Qlboptcr. Rcsiocnt llienlbcrs. Hon. Judson S. Landon, Ll-. D., Prof. Olin H. Landreth, C. E., Rev. J. V. C. Cooper, Robert J. Landon, Martin P. Swart, William J. Van Aulcen, William F. Rost, Charles E. Barry, Hon. Joseph B. Graham, Roy Edwin Argersinger, A. M., Lambert Hendlemann. Seniors, Prof. Arthur Marvin, A. M. Rev. R. F. Hogan, C. V. Whitmyre, Ashley J. Braham, William C. Guernsey, Homer Strong, John G. Shumacher, Harry B. Oatley, H. B. Noyes, Leopold Minliin. juniors. James Emmett Finegan, Neilson Campbell Hannay, Everett Turnur Mallery, Fraser Metzger. Sopbomorcs. John Albert Bolles, Gordon Emmons Van Loon Lewis Tiffany Hunt, George Walrath, Edward Holland Rider, Frank Hagan Daley, Henry Arthur Pearce, Norman Norton Gould, Bert William Roy. S1'C5l2lllCll. ' William Gideon Closson, Henry Joseph Langlois Clarence Raymond Darby, John Fay Putnam, Seymour Handy. llieoical College. John Henry Gutmann. Siam School. Hugh Bradley Carroll, George Algernon Holcombe John P. Marquette. loo H ww . .. x xx Q W' 'Q-I1 - '- . :.iff"f' 'ZW Q , 'X M6 it . 5 wi ip Ax i Qk -N I, fb 75 " " I QM A, gage. 1 'hr 4 A ' "' 4a97Wl lx A K'-'4fQ 'bnovnx K A r 2 .gm fum Jr ff"x Xr 5ppnP05 ,fr 9? 0 W G' pf V' agyfdr ' QZQ75 ' 'hw-55264 www A aaaczyff 4 f 1-0439 107 1 'vf '9-V ' ,, A nz '9fi4"?f2Y" fm aff ' Nawerkpd u V N 1 , 'QEEXETA af' nj gonouw ' mf' 'HEEL 11 rl.-ff l'l1f'lfl, Delta llpeilon. Estalvliscb 1858. Roll of Qllyuptcrs W11.I.1A111s. . UNION, HANIIIJION, . AMI-1ERs'1, ADELISERT, . COLBY, . ROCHESTER. M11JIu1.E1suRY, RUTGERS, . BROWN, COI.GA'I'E, . NEW YORK, CORNIa1.1., . MARIETTA, SYRACUSIE, . MICHIGAN, . NORTHWESTERN, HARVARD, . WISCONSIN, LAFAYETTE, COI.UIv11s1A, LEHIGI1, TUFTS, . - . DEPAUW, . . . UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUUE OF SWARTHNIORE, . . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LELAND STANFORD, . NICGILI. UNIVERSITY, . UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, . UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, . TECI INOLOGY, IOI 1834 1838 1817 1847 1847 1852 1852 1856 1858 1360 1865 1865 1869 1870 I873 1876 I8SO ISSO 1885 1885 1885 1885 1886 1887 1887 1890 1891 1894 1896 1896 1898 1898 1899 IQOO Col. Charles F. Lewis, Wintield S. Hunter, Dr. Wm. T. Clute, Wm. C. Vrooman, Chas. Stanford, Alfred E. Gregg, Rev. George Edwin Ta James H. Callanan, Rev. Albert B. Herman, Frank Cooper, H. Earl Furman, l mage, Chi Psi. Cilplyu pi. Rcsibcnt llicnibcrs, Henry D. Tremper, Dr. Albert B. VanVranken James C. Cooper, Harry A. Furman, Wayne R. Brown. Theodore B. Brown. LeRoy T. Bradford, William Penn White. John Alvin Strauss, Philip L. Tliomson, Arthur H. Lawton, W. B. Richmond. Seniors. Horatio Jones Brown, Arthur Spencer Golden, Joseph Harvey Clements, Jr. jimiors. Frank Taylor Ostrander, Raymond Rix Crim, William Hugh Gillespie. Soplyomores. Herbert Gideon Hoxie, Reuben Fenton Howe, jrcslpnicn. Elbert Theodore Rulison, Carl Esselstyn McCombs, Edward Douglas Greenman, Frank Rudd Andrews, ' Franklin Henry Drees. 102 lbw.-ff .Nr Na PI, . THETA, . Mu, . ALPHA, . PHI, - EPSILON, CHI, . PSI, TAU, . NU, IOTA. . RHO, Xl, . - ALPHA DELTA, BETA DELTA, GAMMA DELTA, DELTA DELTA, EPSILON DELTA, Chi Dei. founoeo at llnion College, 184l. Roll of Cilplpos. io3 Union College. Williams College. Middlebury College, Wesleyan College. Hamilton College. University of Michigan, Amherst College. Cornell University. Wofford College. University of Minnesota. University of Wisconsin. Rutgers College. Stevens Institute of Technology University of Georgia. Lehigh University. Leland Stanford University. University of California. University of Chicago. Glpba 'Delta Digi. llnion Lilyup ter Rcsibcnt Zllcnibcrs. A. V. V. Rilylllllllkl, .lwli ,l.1l111 A. D.'RClllL'l', S nnncl H. Howe, Alnnzn P. Sll'lllljI, ljflllllillll R. Tull, .I nnus A. Vnn Vnnsl, Lrc W. C ise, l':1':111kIi11 W. NlcCl1:ll:1n, l1.l.1'i11 Angle, .l.1l1:1 C. V.1n Vunst, Henry S. Willis Senior. J:1n1cs Wnltnn Cln-esl1c11'm1L1p:l1, Grnmlncl' Kline, I1 lI'.l Bc1111c-ll. llnnn is l.. W.1lliu1'. .lznncs Wxlllicr, Frm! B. Howell, l. Scl1er111e1'l11n'11, liLl11':111l W:1llic1', Niclnnlns Williinn CllJll'lL'S 'I'. MCMllllCll, Nl:1ll1c1v Nl. Cnrlvin, Willi:1n1G. Ely, Everett Hqilc, Jr. E .lwzilxl U ill. l:1n1es W:nlsw411'tl1 Nliller, JI Clixlrlcs Pn1'l'11' W1ljl,'lJIlCl'- Bnniors. Hlll'l'j' l.1lLll'Cl'IS Crnin, Aililislm Hnqillinp: Hinn1:1n, Ruln-rt Brncc Hnznllcy, Jr., H1ll'l'y' C:n11pl1ell Hoyt, A1'll1u1' Slltldllll R:1y1111111d, .I11scpl1 Nlillnn RLISSLIIN, Wlllznxl Slc11':11'l Yxnus. Soplymnorcs. . John Ggirsl lc Gm-cn, J:1111esQ. Glllnnc, 5.llllllCl linrncll Howe, Jr., Arcl1il1:1lii Allen Lee. ggrcslpincn. Herlvcrt liml Alter, Szinnicl Dinnlclc 10.1 Rnl1e1'tWils1111 Clark, P1lllllLTI'. lin-lm. Mm ff HAMILTON, . COLUMBIA. AMHERST, . BRUNONIAN, HARVARD, . HUDSON, BOWDOIN, . DARTMOUTH, PENINSULAR, ROCHESTER, WILLIAMS, . MANHATTAN, MIDDLETOWN, KENYON, UNION, CORNELL, PHI KAPPA, YALE, . JOHNS HOPKINS, . MINNESOTA, TORONTO, . CHICAGO, MCGILI., Cilpba Delta Dbi. founbcb at Ijamilton College, 1852. Roll of Qlyuptcrs Hz11niltonCollege, . C1llLll'lll5lIl College, Amherst College, . Brown University, H1ll'VZll't.l University, Atlellwert College, Bowdoin College, - Dzxrtincuth College, . University of Micliigon, University of Rochester, Willi:11ns College, . College ofthe City of New Wesleyan University, Kenyon College, Union College, . Cornell University, 'l'rinity College, . Yule University, . Johns Hopkins University, University of Minnesota, Toronto University, University of Chicago, McGill University, IOS York, 1852 1836 1836 ISQ7 1837 1841 1841 1846 1846 1851 1852 1855 1856 1858 T859 1870 1878 1888 1889 1891 1895 1395 1897 Beta Gfbeta Di. Horace T. Eddy,E. E., Allen J. Dillingham, Kelton C. Radliff, Hobart Bentley Ayers, James Wingate, Allen Bacon Andrews, Frederick William Closs, Berton A. Garrett, F. Roy Champion, Frederick J. McTopping, Fred Atwood Jones, Alfred H. Mclntire, Hu dllpapter. Resibent lllembers. Frederick C. Clark, Hon. George W. Van Vranken David F. Van Wormer, Daniel H. Deyoe, Edward E. Palmer, Charles F. Stone, Charles E. Palmer, Frederick A. Mott, Leonard L. Everson, George G. Jones, James R. Dyke, Harry A. Dolley. 7 Seniors. Charles Joseph Bennett, Wellington E. Van Wormer, John McNab, Earl Brown Slack. junior. Lester W. Bloch. Soplyomores. Morris Bloch, Harry Neuman Bowler, Thomas Richard Tillo Sreslymen. Joseph Friend Harris, Benjamin Long Huff, William Carl Treder. Saw School. George Elwood Pike, 1900, Robert Frazier, A. B. 106 000 ,, I Kaul Q ae QLDX5 9 gt E0 ff r'f en WS' -9 Q O Y B951 A lffvhf UPSHADN, ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA ALPHA BETA, CHl,, IDELTA, EPHLON, ETA, GAMMA KAPPA, l.ANH3DA, NU, . CDMEGA, Pl, . SHJMA, TAU, ZETA, ALPHA, BETA, CHI, DELTA, EPSILON, ETA, . GAMMA, IOTA, . KAPPA, XL . Beta G,-l2ClLI Di. jounbcb at llliami, l859. Roll of Glyuptcrs IO7 Miznni University, Ohio. Cohnnlvizi University. N. Y. University of lown. Johns Hopkins University, Md. Westminster College, Mo. low:1 Wesleyzin, Iowa. Denison University, Ohio. Wittenlvurg College, Ohio. Richmond College, Vn. University ol' Wooster, Ohio. University ot' Kansas, Kun. D!lI'l.ll1Ulllll College, N. H. University of Wisconsin. Diclcinson College, Pu. NClWl'ZlSli!l College. University of Denver, Pennsylvxlnixi Stxlte College. Knox, Gzileshurg, Ill. Western Reserve, Ohio. Kenyon College, Ohio. University of Missouri. Lehigh University, Pzi. Cornell University, N. Y. Syracuse University, N. Y. University of Mziine. Rutgers College, New Brunswiclc, N. J Amherst College, Mzlss. Ohio University. BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA CHI, LAMBDA, NU, OMICRON, Pl, Psp. . SIGMA, TAU, . THETA, ZETA, DELTA, EPSI LON, ETA, ETA BETA, GAMMA, IOTA, KAPPA. LAMBDA, LAMBDA RHO, LAMBDA SIGMA, NU, MU EPSILON, OMEGA, . OMICRON, PIII, PHI ALPHA, Pl, PHI CHI, PSI, RHO, SIGMA. IAU, THETA, . THETA DELTA, UPSLON, . ZETA, . ZETA PHL 108 Vantlerlwilt University, Tenn. University of Cincinnati. Texas University. University of Minnesota. West Virginia University. Bowtloln College. Colorado University. Colgate University, N. Y. St. Lawrence University. Beloit College, WIS. De Patnv University, Intl. Centre College. Ky. Harvartl University. University of North Carolin: I. Washington and Jefferson Colle e Hanover College, Intl. Brown University, R. I. University 4 I' Michigan. Cliicago University. Stanfortl University. Union University. N. Y. Wesleyan University, Conn University of CaliI'ornia, University ol' Virginia. University of Pennsylvania. Davitlson College, N. C. lntliana University. Yale University. Bethany, West Virginia. Northwestern University, Ill. Stevens University of Teclin Wabash College, Intl. Ohio Wesleyan University. Ohio State University. Boston University. Hamtlen-Sidney College, Va University ul' Missouri. olo J n - Afnlfl ' I uf- X" rm 1' , A XJ " ailyr' 52- -i. J ,ff Q -L..?i4 V1 'A-73 , X i' EL W! ,V ' -ff WW' M V . Y M, xw- 4 f a f Willizun H. Lznvton, Ubi Delta Gfbeta. New york Beta. Rcsibcnt lliembcrs. Rev. Walter H. Wziygoocl, A. C. Piclcforci, Clnrence H. Green, C. S. Hnrt, Hownrcl M. Vnn Guileler, H. A. Hzigndorn, H. P. Willis,- Rev. John C. Knox, Williinn M. Purmnn, G. A. Harvey, C. H. Nlossmnn, Benjamin Hnrolclson, Ornn O. Rider, John S. Wise, Jr., W. H. Thompson, C. L. Stone. Seniors. John Luelclen, Henry Alvin Bzirrett, juniors. Gilhert Sylvester Woolworth. Wnlter Ennis Hnys, Sophomorcs. Robert Finney Barrett, Arthur Guy Pickens, Srcslynwn. Cornelius Lansing Hziys, Williznn Henry Guznxlinier, Wnlter Echvzirel Bezxclle. 109 George LeRoy Shelley Dickinson Earnest Griffith Arthur Ernest Bishop, Clinton Benjznnin Hziwn, Gulizin Lansing, Joseph Lewi DUl1llZlLlSt3l', Dbi Delta Gfbeta Sratcrnitg. MAINE ALPHA, . . jounbcb at liliami, 1848. Qflyoptcr Roll. NEW HAMPSHIRE ALPHA, . VERMONT ALPHA, . MASSACHUSETTS ALPHA, MASSACHUSETTS BETA, RHODE ISLAND ALPHA, NEW YORK ALPHA, NEW YORK PETA, . NEW YORK DELTA, NEW YORK EPSILON, ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA EPSILON. PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA ZETA, ETA, VIRGINIA BETA, . VIRGINIA GAMMA, . VIRGINIA ZETA, . NORTH CAROLINA BETA, KENTUCKY ALPHA, . KENTUCKY DELTA, GEORGIA ALPHA, . GEORGIA BETA, . IIO Colby Ifniversity. Dllftllllilltll College. University of Vermont. Willinnis College Amlierst College. Brown University. Cornell University. Union University. Cfllllllllilll University. Syracuse University. Lafayette College Gettysburg College. Washington Illikl Jeffer AlleglI:Iny College. Dickinson College. University of P:nnsylv Lehigh University University of Virginia son College Illllll. Rzintlolpli-Mzicon College. Wnsliington !lI'l.l Lee University. University of North C: Centre College. Central University. University of Georgia. Emory College. Irolin:I. GEORGIA GAMMA, TENNESSEE ALPHA, TENNESSEE BETA, ALABAMA ALPHA, ALABAMA BETA, MISSISSIPPI ALPHA, LOLIISIANA ALPHA, TEXAS BETA, . TEXAS GAMMA, OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO ALPHA, BETA, . GAMMA, . DI-LTA, EPSILON, . ZETA, ETA, . INDIANA INDIANA INDIANA INDIANA INDIANA Il' DIANA INL IANA ALPHA, BETA, . GAMMA, DELTA, EPSILON, ZETA, . THETA, MICHIGAN ALPHA, MICHIGAN GAMMA, ILLINOIS ILLINOIS ALPHA, DELTA, ILLINOIS EPSILON, ILLINOIS ZETA, ILLINOIS ETA, . WISCONSIN ALPHA, MISSOURI ALPHA, MISSOURI BETA, MISSOURI GAMMA, IOWA ALPHA, IOWA BETA, - MINNESOTA ALPHA, KANSAS ALPHA, NEBRASKA ALPHA, CALIFOI- NIA ALPHA, CALIFORNIA BETA, OHIO THETA, . Mercer University. Vanderbilt University. University of the South. University of Alabama. Alabama Polytechnic Institute. University of Mississippi. Tulane University. University of Texas. Southwestern University. Miami University. ' Ohio Wesleyan University. Ohio University. University of Wooster. Buchtel College. Ohio State University, Case School. Intliana University. Wahash College. Butler University. Franklin College. Hanover College. De Pauw University. Pertlue University. University of Michigan. Hillsdale College. Northwestern University. Knox College. Illinois Wesleyan University. Lomhartl University. University of Illinois. University of Wisconsin. University of Missouri. Westntinster College. Washington University. Iowa Wesleyan University. State University of Iowa. University of Minnesota. University of Kansas. University of Nebraska. University of California. Leland Stanford, Jr., Univers University of Cincinnati. WASHINGTON ALPHA, . University of Washington. Ubi 601111116 Delta. Chi Qllpuptcr. Hcsibcnt llhinlvcrs. Prof. Frank S. Hoffman, Prof. Alhert H. Pepper, Prof. Frederic R. Jones, J. R. Lovejoy, F. K. While, Charles G. Briggs, M. D., Center Middleton, Charles l. Burkholder, Glen C. Guy, Clinton W. Jones, A. l.. Rohrer, E. W. Rice. Jr., Charles C. Huestis, Henry G. Reist, Edward Ellis, Charles W. Fletcher, Charles J. Heihnan, Louis T. Rainey, Will Clyde Campbell Harry Casper Walter Robert Bruce Tummonds. John Hawley Cook, Herlverl Lee Fuller, Howard Emmet Sands, l.ouis Francis Schroeder, Morey Charles Collier, Thaddeus Guilford Cowell. Robert Hoyt Johnston. Seniors. juniors. Soplyoniorcs. Srcslpincn. ll'.?. Samuel J. Neff. Walter Allen Cowell Frank Watkin Neary Guy Brown Griswold, Joseph Ransom Brown, Jr Henry Seymour Ohnstead Sanford Augustus Moeller rx K ' M ,rx f z" N A .-'X X ' lv 5 X X x, A,s x, , ,, .,. gmlmyruv' "Q 4' , Q Q bo . , v, . . 1. A . Qui! 'f Div Aw IV: ilu Dbl Q3a1n1na Delta, founbeb at 1Daslyi11gto11 one jeyferson College, 1848, ALPHA, . MU, . LAMBDA, X1, . OMICRON, Pl, . TAU, - U11s1LoN, . ALPHA UEL1TE12oN, OMEGA, . PSI, . . BETA DEUTERON, . GAMMA DEL1TE1zoN, ZETA DEuTE1eoN, . THETA DEUTERON, DELTA DE11TE1eoN, ZETA, . . Nu DEUTERON, . OM1C1zoN DEu'1'1s1eoN BETA, . . Pl DEUTERON, . DELTA, . RHO DEUTERON. Wzisliington :mtl .lL'l4l-L'I'Sllll Colle Bethel College, . . lJCP!lllXN' Uiiiversity, Pe1111sylv:111i:1 College. University ol' Virgi11i:1, , Alleglmnny College, . H1ll1tlN'CI'CtlllL'jlC, . College of the City of New Yorli. Illinois Wk'Slt'j'JlIl University, Ctlltllilllll College, . . W:1lw:1sl1 College, Roanoke College, . KINJX CollL'5IC, . . VV:1sl1i11ggton:111tl Lee University, Ol1i.1:111el Wesleyan University, Hzimptlen Sidney College, . l11eli:111:1 State University, Yzile U11ive1'sity, . Ol1ioSt:1te Uiiiversity, . University of Pe1111sylv:1ni:1, University of K- nsns, . Bucknell University, Wooster University, 113 1849 1856 1357 1858 1898 ISHO 186.1 1865 1866 18616 1866 1867 1867 1868 1860 1870 1871 1875 1878 ISSO 1881 ISSZ 1882 SIGMA I112L1'1'EI2oN. SIGMA, . . LAMBIJA DISUTIERON BETA CHI. . DELTA XI, . ZETA PHI. 'l'HETA PSI, . KAPPA NU. GAMMA PHI, IOTA MU. R110 CHI, MU SIGMA. KAPPA 'l'A11, PI IOVA, BISIA MU, NU EPSILON, TAU ALPHA, N11, . CHI, . . ALPHA CHI. CHI IOTA, . LAMBDA NU. CHI MU, . OMEGA MU. SIGMA TA11, l-Jlf1lyL'ltlf Cullegv. . Wittc11lw1'1.f Cullegc, D1-1111is1111 Ul1iYt'I'Sily', l.cl1i3gI1 Ul1iX'L'l'Sily, . Ul1IYL'I'S1lA' 111' C:1lif111'11i:1, WiIli:1111 Jcwvll Cullegc, Culgnlc Ul1iX'L'I'Sily, C111'I1cll UIliVUI'Sily, . P1-1111rylv:111i:1State Cnllcgv, M11SS!1Cl1llSL'1l':- lnslitutc 11l4'l'ccl11111l111Ly, Ricl1111911dCullcgv, . Ul1iX'Cl'Sily of Mi1111es11l:1, UIliX'CI'Sily 91' 'l'e1111c-ssee, W111'cestc1' P11lylccl111ic Ins J11l111s Huplcins UI1iVt'l'Sily New York UI1iVCI'Sity, . 'I'1'i11ily College, . UIIiVL'l'SilY11l' Wis3f111si11, Ul1i911 Cullcgc, . A111I1e1's1 Cullcgu. UI11VL'I'Sily uf Illinois, UI1iX'L'l'Sily 111' Neh1':1sk:1. U11ivc1'sity 111' MiSSllKlI'i, U11ive1'Si1y 111' M:1i11c, . UI1iX't'l'Si1.y nf W:1sl1i11gl911 II-1 titutu, , . v 1881 1884 1885 1886 1886 1886 1888 1888 1888 1889 1890 1890 1890 1891 1891 1892 ISQQ 1893 1893 1893 1897 1898 1800 1899 IQOO Dbi Sigina Kappa. 311 jacultutc. Arthur Guernsey Root, M. D., Willis Goss MacDonald, M. D., William Henry Happel, M. D., Charles Edmund Davis, M. D., George Emory Lochner, M. D., Arthur Sautter, M. D., Harry Judson Lipes, M. D., Clement Frank Theisen, M. D., Leo Haendel Newman, M. D., Charles Harper Richardson. M. D. Hermon Camp Gordinier, M. D., William Hailes, M. D., Theodore F. C. Van Allen, M. D. 311 llrbc. Willis Goss MacDonald, M. D., William Jacob Nellis, M. D., George Gustave Lempe, M. D., Andrew Herbert Bayard, M. D., Arthur Sautter, M. D., Harry Judson Lipes, M. D., Charles Edmund Davis, M. D., William Hailes, M. D., Louis LeBrun, M. D., Arthur Ezra Falkenburg, M. Arthur Anderson Will, M. D., Ernest Albert Sweet, M. D., D., Eugene V:m Slyke, M. D., Adam James Blessing, M. D., George Emory Lochner, M. D. Clement Frank Theisen, M. D. Joseph Patrick O'Brien, M. D. Hermon Camp Gordinier, M. D. William Henry Happel, M. D. Arthur Guernsey Root, M. D. Walter Buskirk Rossman, M. D. James Wesley Wiltse, M. D., Thos. HartCunningham, M. D. Leo Haendel Newman, M. D. - Seniors. Charles Lansing Witbeck, Robert Beatty Castree, Clayton Kendall Haskell, zd, Michael Joseph Thornton, Edward Gerald Griffin, Joseph Waldron Moore, John Michael Gritiin, John Wilson Burns, Robert Beatty Cox. junior. Charles P. Wagner. Soplpomorcs. Archie Irving Cullen, Charles Richard Marsh, Frank T. Smith ' S1'QSl?llIQll. Marcus Albert Cuny, Harry Lovejoy Loop, Frank Barton Wheeler, Robert Joseph O'Brien, Jr., IIS Arthur Charles Kline, John Hendry Reid, Burt Luverne Shaw, George John Jennings. Dbi Sigmm Kappa. jounbeb at liiussaclytlsctts aQl'iCllIfll1'Cll Qiollcgc, 18?5. Roll of Q'.Iyaptcrs. ALPHA, . Mnssncliusetts Agrict1lturg:lC BETA, Union University. GAMMA, . Cnrnell University. DELTA, West Virginin. EPSILON . Yule University. ZETA, University nf New Ynrlc. ETA, . . University of Mzirylnnd. THETA, Columbia University. IOTA, . Stevens Institute. KAPPA, Pennsylvnnizx State College. LAMBDA, . Columbia University. MU, University of Pennsylvnnin. NU, . . . . Lehigh University. Roll of Gllubs. New YORK CLUB, ALBANY CLUB, BOSTON CLUB. 116 nilege f 1 Q O T11 DIQIIILI 2111. CDllliCI'Oll Qllpaptcr. jucultu lllcntbcrs. Albert Vander Veer, M. D., Ph. D., Henry Hun, M. D., Samuel Baldwin Ward, M. D., Ph. D., John Vincent Hennessy, M D Cyrus Strong Merrill, M. D., Alvah Harry Traver, M. D., Edgar Alhert Vander Veer., M. D., Otis Z. Bruton, M. D., Roy Leighton Lealc, M. D., Emmett Howd, M. D., Henry Powers Hammond, M. D., D Joseph Davis Craig, M. tilunuti llicinbcrs. Howard Frost King, M. D., Eugene Hinman, M. D., William H. Young. M. D., Harry J. VVhite, M. D., George Lenz, M. D., Reid Gilmore, M. D., Lester Hayden Humphrey, M. D Walter Leslie Huggins, M. D., William John Cavanaugh, M. D. Harris Moak. M. D., Klelwer A. Campbell, M. D., Charles Guy Lyon, M. D. tictivc tilyuptcr. Seniors. James Everett Kelleyf' Arthur J. Bedell, Leland Orlo White, George A. Smith, juniors. Thomas Carney.' ' Frederick Cornwall Reedf Fred E. Letticef' Stillman Smith Ham. 5OPi2OlIlO1'C'5. James Newell Vander Veer, John Crapo Merchant, R. B. Hoyt, Russell Clute, Frank C. Maxon. Srcslyincii. Harold E. Hoyt, Guy V. Wilson, Arthur T. Davis, 4' Charter Memlwers. Alliert Vander Veer, Jr., Dennis A. Murphy, John i. Cotter. ll7 ALPHA, BETA, DHEA EPSLON, ZE1A, ETL THETA, IOTM KAPPA, LAMBDA MU, . Nu, Xl, . QMICPON, Pl, . RHO, SGMA, TAU, UPSLON, Pun 2111 Slglilcl Zzll. jounbcb at dim Grbor, liiiclpigon, 1882. Roll of Chapters. University of Michigan, Ann Arhor. Detroit College of Medicine. Western University of Pennsylvania, Pittshurg. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Northwestern University, Chicago. College of Physiciisns and Surgeons, Chicago. Medical College of Ohio. Cincinnati. Coluinhia Unive.sity, New Yvrk. Rush Medical College, Chicago. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Syracuse University. University of Southern Calitornizi, Los Angeles. University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New Yorl Union University. Washington University, St. Louis. Jefferson Medical College, Philadelp via. Western Reserve University, Clevel:in.i. University of Cornell, New York City. Cooper Medical College, San Francisco. University of California, San Francisco. IIS mirmniinim dl, 1 W .l- - :.A ini lllll ll" Ll .iwlll l will I ' ix iii .l xllliu' lil vii ml T ll' ' . Ill W' Win mmiuglv N Y - kv H. G. Glen, J. C. Vnn Vnnsl, l.. B.Sehring, Gen. Bnnlt, N. I. Vu-cdcr, Robert Furlnxin, W. H. Pzissmge, D. J. Hinton, Frud W. Hild, Kcllnn C. Rznllifli, Clfbcta 2711 Epsilon. G3unnna Q'.lynptc1'. Rcsibcnf III C. Angle, R. l:.f,lllIl1lllII', T. l-. Wnllicr, Edwin G. Cwmlc, H. l:. l-furnmn, C. I.. Enders. H. S. Eslcourt, A. B. V:1n Vnnsl, Flu! W. Cluss, l.. W. Czisc, cmbcrs. W. G. Gilinnnr, E. Nlclincruc, Jznncs Wnllxcr, Julin WL-L-las, C. 'l'. l.nlwcnstcin, M. H. Slrimg, W. H. Plll'I11!Il1, W. A. Cnlnplwll, 'lill0I1111S E. Imxivcinm Seniors. G. LL-Roy Shelly, Jnnics W. Millcr, Jnhn A. l.uglLlcn, fillllllltl' Kline, Hiirry A. Bnrrcll. juniors. Dunnld C. Hnwlic Arllnn' S. Rnynnnnl, Rulvcrt B. Huznllcy, Hcrlwcrt C. Bolliwcll, Hurry C. l-lnyt, Frank L. Stiles, Willznxl S. Yates. SOPl?OlllOl'05. 6Dh3'?W H:SO'I 119 X2No'm2g 'g.o469zx. ALPHA. BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, EPSHIJN, ZETA, ETA, . Tmwm . IOTA, KAPPA, . l-A1vusDA, MU, . NU, . xi, . Omnmou, . PI, . RHO, . SGMA, . 'rAu. . UPNLON PHT, . CHL . DELTA KAPPA, Psh . Mu EPSLON, Chem Zzll Epsilon. Estoblislycb 1876. Roll of Lilpupters. ZETA XL . . EPSILON EPSILON, 120 Wesleyan University. Syracuse University. Union University. Cornell University. Rochester University. University of California. Colgate University. Kenyon College. Adelhert College. Hnmilton College. Rensselaer Polytechnie Institute Stevens Institute. Amherst College. Lzlfnyette College. Allegheny College. PClll1Sy'lVlllllIl State College, University of Pennsylvania- New York University. Worcester University. University of Michigzin. Rutgers College, Dzirtmouth College. Bowdoin College. Ohio Stzlte University. Washington :md Jefferson. Chio Wesleyan University. Case School of Applied Science ll if 3 :A :I E 5? e E K1 Ye ii 9 H 2 W . 1: Q z 5 :- 11 21 5 5 3 5 3 5 2 H 5 Q as '1 2 SE E Dbi Beta Kappa. Glplya of New york. Rcsibcnt Zllcntbcrs. Edwin C. Angle, Prof. Sidney G. Ashmore, I.. H. D., Prof. John I. Bennett, Hon. John A. DeRemer, George W. Fentherstonh:nigli, Henry Glen, Horatio G. Glen, Hon. Joseph B. Gr:1h:un, Prof. Frzink S. Hoffinxin, Ph. D Prof Szunuel B. Howe, Ph. D., Hon. S1ll1lLlCiJllCiiSlll1, Edgar M. Jenkins, Prof. Frederic R. Jones, Ph. D. Prof. Wendell Launoroux, Hon. Judson S. Landon, l.l.. Robert J. l.:lndon, Franklyn W- McClellan, John Lewis Mznrch, Peter Nelson, A. W. Hunter, Jr., Leslie N. Broughton, Willard D. Brown, John D. Edwards, D.. Prof. Howurd Opdyke, John Keyes Paige, Willixun l.. Pearson, M. D., Prof. Albert H. Pepper, Prof. Muurice Perkins, Milton G. Plzinlf, M. D., A. V. V. Rzlyniond, D. D., l l D Benjamin H. Ripton, Ph. D Hon. Alonzo P. Strong, John L. Swits, Alex. J. 'iiiltlll1SHIl, Prof. J:unes R. 'iiI'LlIlX, Ph. D Alhert B. Von Voust, John C. Vzln Vozlst, John N- Vedder, Prof. Williuni Wells, l.l.. D Prof. l-l. Whiteliorne, l.l.. IJ Edwin C. Whitmyre, Hon. Austin A. Yates, Rev. George li. Tzulmridue, W. Strong, will 1. Hermzin B. Jones, Clayton J. Potter, Philip l.. 'l'hon1son. l2l Dbi Beta Kappa. founbcb 1270 at lDiIIiam anb Marg College, D ALPHA OF MAINE, BETA OF MAINE, . . ALPHA OF NIEW HAMPSHIRE, ALPHA OF VERMONT, . BETA OF VERMONT, . ALPHA CF MASSACHUSETTS, BETA OF MASSACHUSETTS, . GAMMA OF MASSACHUSETTS, DELTA OF MASSACHUSETTS, EPSILON OF MASSACHUSETTS ALPHA OF CONNECTICUT, . BETA OF CONNECTICUT, CAMMA OF GONNECTICUT, ADPHA OF RHODE ISLAND, ALPHA OF NEW YORK, BETA OF NEW YORK, . GAMMA OF NEW YORK, DELTA OF Niaw YORK, . EPSILON OF NEW YORK, . ZETA OF NEW YORK, . ETA OF NEW YORK, . THETA OF NEW YORK, . IOTA OF NEW YORK, Roll of Glpaptcrs. IZZ Bowdoin. Cullwy, D:n'thmnntIi. Ll. University nf Vermont. Mitltilclmry. Hzirvzlrd. An'I1erst. Willizinis. Tufts. Bnstnn University. Yule. Trinity. Wesleyan. Brown. Uuiun. University City of Ciliidge Cily uf Nc Culumbizi. Hznnilton. Hulmrt. Culgute. Cornell. Rochester, New Ynrlc xv York. KAPPA OF NEW YORK, . LAMBDA OF NEW YORK, MU OF NEW YORK, . ALPHA OF NEW JERSEY, BETA OF NEW JERSEY, . ALPHA OF PENNSYLVANIA, BETA OF PENNSYLVANIA, GAMMA OF PENNSYLVANIA, DELTA OF PENNSYLVANIA, EPSILON OF PENNSYLVANIA, ZETA OF PENNSYLVANIA, ALPHA OF MARYLAND, ALPHA OF VIRGINIA, ALPHA OF OHIO, . BETA OF OHIO, . GAMMA OF OHIO, DELTA OF OHIO, . ALPHA OF INDIANA, . BETA OF INDIANA, ALPHA OF ILLINOIS, . BETA OF ILLINOIS, ALPHA OF IOWA, ALPHA OF KANSAS, ALPHA OF MINNESOTA, ALPHA OF NEBRASKA, . ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA, ALPHA OF WISCONSIN, . l23 Syracuse. Sl. Lawrence University. V:lss:lr. Rutgers. Princeton. Diclcinsnn. LeIiEg.5Ii. L:1I':lyelle. University nf Pennsylvxlni Sw:n'tlnnni'e. H:lx'el'I'n11I. Jnlins Hnplcins University. WiIIi:nn :und Mary. Western Reserve. Kenyon. Marietta. Cincinnati University. De PIILIXV. Wzilmsli. Nnrtliwestern University. Chicago University. Inwn State University. University nf K:1ns:1s. University of Minnesntu. Univresity uf NCIUITISIGI, University of Czilifnrnixi. Wisconsin University. Il Q Q brgnla Xi. Clycto Qllyaptcr. Qlfliccrs. PRUF. Ol.lN H. LANDRETH, . ' . PRESIDENT. PROF. THOMAS W. WRIGHT, . VICE-PRESIDENT. PROF. ELTON D. WALKER, . SECRETARY. PROF. JAMES H. STOLLER, . CORRESPONDING SECRETARY PROF. HOWARD OPDYKE, . . TREASURER. Resibent ll'lembc1's. Prof William Wells, Prof. Albert H Pepper Prof Prof Prol- Prof Prui- Maurice Perkins, Jalncs R. Trnax, Thomas W. Wright, Olin H. Landretlr, James H. Sloller, woo. Arthur H. Lawton. 124 Prof. Howard Opdylce Horace T. Eddy, Charles W. Trumbull, Frank Cooper, Walter L. Lawton, "X, L.. S Ji, K ' e ' a .s"',' I . ALPHA, ZETA, THETA, IOTA, . UPSILON, Mu, . NU, OMICRON Sigma i. Establislpeb l88?. Roll of Gllyaptcrs. 125 Cornell University. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Uniun College. University of Kzinszis Yule University. University of Nlinnesutn. Univelsity uf Nelvi':1slc:1. Ohio State University. Degrees- iOllfC1'1'Cb at tlyc tllnc Ijunbrcb tlllb Gllylrb tiinntal Ql:.OlllllICllCClll0llf. june 27, 1900. HONORARY' LI... D. Wlllllll!lXV Reid, . . New York Citv William H. H. Moore, . . New York Citx D. D. Slieldon Nl, Criswold, . . Hudson, N. Y. A. Russell Stevenson ,... Schenectady, N. Y lN COURSE. A. Nl. Howard Gonant, iqz, Albert Sewall Cox. 95 Ira Rozel Curtiss, '63 lra Hotaling, ,O7, Harlow McNlillen, '87. M. S. Bryan O. Bnrgin, '95, George S. Pierson, '7 George Edward Pollock, '96, Leslie Nathan Broughton Willard Dayton Brown, CLASS OF rooo. A. B. Everett Garnsey Brownell, Evan R. Cnllings, . Howard Potter lbnnliam, John Daniel Edwards, Jolin Jackson Elliott, George William Featlierst Andrew Clarence Fenton, Lester Tliolnas Hulvluard, Herinan Bullock Jones, tlllllillljlll. Jr., 126 Delhi. Lawyersville. Ballston Spa. Gifford. Schenectady. Corinth. Andes. Schenectady. Andes. Colioes. Himrod. William Dewey Loucks, Douglas Warner Paige, Charles Edgar Palmer, Jr., Clayton Johnson Potter, George Ernest Raitt, . Eugene Martin Sanders, Philip Livingston Thomson John Mitchell Tuggey, Archibald Lamon Anderson Melvin Thomas Bender, Leland Lowell Boorn, . Will Clyde Camphell, Carl Porter Dalton, George Elwood Pike, Stephen Smith Read, . Erskine Clark Rogers, Clarence Donald Stewart, Wagner Van Vlack, Clinton Jones, . Arthur Hamilton Lawton, Charles Harvey Mac Culloch, LeRoy Orman Ripley, Laforrest George Rohinson, Walter Lynes Smith, PH. B. B. S. B. E. 127 Albany. Schenectady. Schenectady. Glenville. Newburgh. St. Johnsville Schenectady. Trout River. Ballston Spa. Albany. Schenevus. Chicago, lll. Salamanca. Sanborn. Bath. Sandy Hill. Amsterdam. Palatine Bridge Schenectady. Nyack. Albany. Cooperstown. Plattsburgh. Chicopee Falls M iss Willard Dayton Brown, . C Leslie Nathan Broughton, John Daniel Edwards, Herman Bullock Jones, Clayton Johnson Potter, . Philip Livingston Thomson, John Mitchell Tuggey, . Arthur Hamilton Lawton, Charles Harvey MacCnlloch, LeRoy Orman Ripley, In Biology, In English, ln ln Greek, History, ln Latin, In Nlathelnatics, GIDLIPDS. VALEDICTORY. ENGINEERING TI-IESES. SPECIAL HONORS. Lawyersville. OIVIIVIENCEIVIENT ORATIONS. Delhi. Cori nth. Himrod. Glenville. Schenectady. Trout River. N yack. Alha ny. Cooperstown. Carl P. Dalton. Leslie Nathan Brcughton. Willard Dayton Brown. John Daniel Edwards. William Dewey Loucks. l Everett Garnsey Brownell 'l John Daniel Edwards. Will Clyde Campbell. WARNER PRIZE.-FOR SENIORS. Willard Dayton Brown. BLATCHFORD ORATORICAL MEDALS.-FOR SENIORS. st. Clayton Johnson Potter. znd. Philip Livingston Thomson. Honorahle mention:-Willard Dayton Brown. INGI-IAM PRIZE.-Fon Ssmons. Lester Thomas Hulwhard. 128 Won hy t ALLEN ESSAY PRIZES.-FOR SENIORS. ist. Emil Lewis Wi-nterlverg. ztl. Melvin 'l'hom:1s Bender. gtl. Leslie Nnthzin Broughton. JUNIOR ORATORICAL PRIZES. ist. l-eopoltl Minliin. ztl. Arthur Spencer Goltlen. SOPHOMORE ORATORICAL PRIZES. Ist. Ajtlison Hotnling Hinmzln. ztl. Rnyinontl R. Ciim. ALLISON-FOOTE PRIZES. he P? il4,n1:1tlie:ln S iciety :intl Stephen Smith Rezltl, Clziss of iooo JOHN K. PORTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS. LCI1lllLl Lowell Boom. Antlrew Clarence Fenton. Lester 'l'liom:is Hnlvhznml. GILBERT Nl, SPlER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. William Dewey l,,oucl4s. PHI BETA KAPPA.--FROM THE SENIOR CLASS. Leslie Nntlinn Broughton. Willard Dayton Brown. John Dziniel Etlwzirds. Hermzln Bullock Jones. Clayton Johnson Potter. Philip Livingston Tliomson. SIGMA Xl.-FROM THE SENIOR CLASS. Arthur Hnmilton Lawton. lzo alllllllll Gssociutions G5c11cruI Gltnnni Gssociatioit. NEIL GILMOUR, '60, ...... PRESIDENT. WILLIAM H. MCELROY, '60, . VICE PRESIDENT WM. T. CLUTE, M. D., '73, SECRETARY. ALLAN H. JACKSON, '86, . . . TREASURER, Excctttitvc Q'.onnnittcc. Harvey J. King, '48, James Hextley, '79, Rev. W. N. P. Daley, '84, Douglass Camphell, '94, Frank Cooper, '93, Bulletin Connniftcc. Edwin C. Hoyt, '79, A. L. Bennett, '87, A. Mac I:JlI'lIlI1C, '84, Gluntni Gssociationt of New Jorla dlitg. DANIEL M. STINS0N,'64, . . . . PRESIL ENT. . FREDERICK W. SEWARD, '49, . lst VICE-PRESIDENT CHARLES D. NOTT, '54, . . 2d VICE-PRESIDENT EDGAR S. BARNEY, '84, . SECRETARY. BAYARD WHITEHORNE, '82. .... TREASURER. Excctttiuc Connnittcc. Albon Man, '49, George E. Marks, '79, Andrew H. Smith, '58, Courtland V. Anahle, '81, George F. Seward, '60, Charles D. Meneeley. '81, Warner Miller, '6o. William K. Gilchrist, '83, Edward Einstein, '61, Douglass Camphell, '94, Walter R. Benjamin, '64, Jol1n van Schaiclc, '94, George J. Scliernterhorn, '66, W. G. Brown, '95. ' Joseph Alan O'Neill, 'Q7. 130 New KEIIQICIIIU dlunml Gssociation. THEODORE C. HURDJ56, . ,... P1215s1DEN'r. ANDREW W. ARCHlBAl.D,'72. l , ., . - CHARLES A' PHELPSY tu, I VICI.-PRESIDENTS. REV. DANIEL D. ADDlSON,83, . SECRETARY. DR. FRANCIS L ROGERS, '80, . . . TREASURER. Executive Committee. Frnnk G. Nnves, '53. G. All'res.l P. Cnelwise, '82, ' Alden I.. Bennett, '87. Cllunmi Lissociution of 1'IO1'fI?:kECI5I'Cl'II New Llorli. EDWARD P. WHITE, '77, ..... ANDREW MAC FARLANE. '84, JAMES N. VANDERVEER, '90, . . . PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT. SEC'Y-TREASURER. cilunmi Gssociution of tlyc CDCIICSCC Dallcg. HON. STEPHEN K- WILLIAMS, LL. D., '37, - - . WILLIAM H. MCELROY, '6o, . . 5 JAMES G. GREENE, '84, Executive Committee. l!D:1vid Little, '55, Porter F:1rley, '61, Sulton DR. P. R. FURBECK, '54, - --.. . HARWOOD DUDLEY, '75, W. C. MILLS, '85, . . . FRED LINLTS CARROLL, '90, .... klfxccutivc Committee. Rev. Nelson Mill: J. B. Y. Wzxrner, PRESIDENT. VICE-PRESIDENT. SEC'Y-TREASURER. 1r1l,E. D., '53, '68. Qiountg Glumni Gssociation. PRESIDENT. VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY. TREASURER. William A. McDnnz1l1l, '01. Frzmli Burtnn, '83, James H. Drury, '91, Williznn Green, '60, Hzrrwnml Dudley, '75. 131 - LTlunmi GSS-OCiClfiOlI of thc llortlyslvcst. HON. wII.I-IAIvI H. WOOD, '44, .... PRESIDENT. HENRY C. WOOIJ, ,S3, .... SEC'Y-TREASURER Executive Lf.OIlIIlliffCC. Joseph B. Rcdtield, 52, Albert Moffat, VS7. Chxlrles l.. E:IslIII1,63. LTIIIIIIIII Gssociation of lDasl7iI1gIoII, D. QI. HON. CHARLES C. NOTT, 743, .... PRESIDENT. FREDERICK Z. ROOKER, 's, I I ., I . . S. 167, L . VICL-PRl:bIDLN FS VOL - . SECRETARY. HENRY N. COPP, '61, TREASURER. l32 X7 - . 5 -. MQ M 1 .fb A Z? LED? 2731 X urx , , : L, I fx ,L if ff f ,.---7 ff ' ,X Z pe, . - 6 fb fi F' 9 6 EM Wxfy - f ET? I , - X ff 'f f if wx, fy XX' ?'Q 7 FL? ...-.......l.i..-1 9-EPMLA -NX CAPTAINS AND MANAGERS OF TEAMS Fe11l911, l.:1w lJ1ll'liCl', 1901, Miller, 1901, G1'ifllll1, 1902 Best, 1902, Culllcr, 1903, f1LIll11lC, 1903 1 3 1 QCUIQFS Paige, l,:1w, Cmvli, 1901, Kline, 1901, Alklt'l'S0l1, 1902 Mnllery, 1902, 1 G1'isx1'11lgl, IQOB, H1111ti11g, IQOZ, of the Willveck, l.:11x', Clemcnls, 1901 Fi11cg:111, 1902, Sll1lXY, 1902. C:11've1', 1902, Scl11'9cdc1', IQOQ, Kritllllllll, 1903. Q Wea-kl, 1901, Slack, 1901, H lwlics, 1902, 'l'l1elw11, 1902, Hulles, 1903, Wells, 1903, Ol111stc-J, 100.1 Shelley, 1901, Mxlrqllutte, l,.IlXY. 135 CZ" .X QQ ur R1 1 if 1 iih N 1 fo "fn, V 41 M' f 0 ML ' u Q 11: 1 1 ' 0111? - fm .vcmgk W'iU, 1 .. lx K .J nl N 55 I, 14 '1 , X V if' s iii 4 l ,I K -- 1 15 Q -L1 M 'i 'S ' fii ffis H f-x'.ff , tX "K 4 Q- i 111 N ' 0 , 7? S I fs-:if lgffifiiiiifkiiief i1111iWff1 Lyxofx -L - Q1 fx, S A Season of 1900. Ulfyiccrs. F. . . Czgllqtuin. JOS. H. CLEMENTS, JR., . Nizimxger. FRANK L. S'r11.1es, . Davis. 1900, Kline, 1901, Wight, 1901, Hawkes, 1902, Gcum. Brmrli, IQOO, Slanclc, 1901, MCl'l'il11Jlll, 1901, i:il1L'fJ,'JlIi, IQO2, '37 Assistant Ni:111:1ge1'. B1'0ugl1t0n, 1900. L. J. Weed, 190 Griffith, 1902, Clark, Med. is Best 11111011 College Rccorbs. Event. 100 Yard Dash. 220 Yard Dash. 440 Yard Dash, 880 Yillll Dash, O11e Mile Run, 120 Yard Hurdle, 220 Y!ll'LJ Hurdle, One Mile Walk, Running Broad Ju:1.p, Running High Jump, Sixteen Pound Hammer, Sixteen Ptltllld Shut, Pole Vault. Two N ile Bicycle, Standing High Ju111p, Standing Broad Ju111p, Recnrtl. IO 1-5 sec. 22 1-5 sec. 50 1-5 sec. 1 min S3 2-3 Sec. 4 min. 25 4-5 rec. I7 3-5 sec. 27 2-5 sec. 7 min. 40 sec. S feet 2l feet 5 in, 6 304 in. Q6 feet, 3 i11. 36 feet 7 in. 9 feet IO in. 5 min. I4 sec. 4 feet lO 3-4 in. IO feet 9 in. Hnlder. Cleo. M. Sands, M. M. Price, 709. ' C. H. Kilpatrick. '98 C. H. Kilpatrick, '98, C. H. Kilpatrick, '98 l.. J. Weed, 1901, D. E. Griffith, 1902, J. S. Cuttull, '97, F. M. Davis, 1900, B. O. Burgin, '95, Z. L. Myers, '96, A. E. Barnes, '95, l.. J. Weed, 1901. B. A. Burtis, 797, l.. C. Baker, '95, L. C. Baker, '95, Dale. Oct. I0 June 5 May 30 Sept. 2I May 25 May 28 May 30 May 2l Julie ' March IS May 30 May II May 30 June 24 April 24 May ll 1 1895 1897 1895 1895 1395 1898 1900 1897 1897 1895 1895 1893 1899 l897 1893 1393 llnion College 5110001 Rccorbs. Event. 25 Yard Dash, 25 Yards Hurdle, 440 Yards Run. 880 Yards Run, One Mile Run, Running High Jump, Pole Vault. Fence Vault, Puttiiig I2 lh. Shot, High Kick, Reeurd. 3 sec. 3 2-5 sec. 64 3-5 sec. 2 min. 9 3-4 sec. 4 min. Sl 2-5 sec. 5 feet6 3-4 in. 9 feet 9 3-4 in. 6 feet 9 in. 42 feet IO 1-2 in. 8 feet ll in. 1 Holder. F. W. Davis, H. A. Crnthers, c,iL'Ul'gC Sands, C. H. Kilpatrick, C. H. Kilpatrick, B. O. Burgin, E. W. Sylvester, D. H. Deyue, Z. l-. Myers. Z. l-. Myers, Date. March 18, March IS March I3 March 9, March I3 March IS Felw. 25 Feb. 10, March I3 March I3 1897 1897 1 896 1896 1 806 1895 1898 1898 1 896 I 896 EVENT. 100 Yards Dash, 220 Yards Dash, 440 Yards Straight, 440 Yards Circular, 880 Yards Run, One Mile Run, One Mile Walk, 120 Yards Hurdle, 220 Yards Hurdle, 16 Pound Hammer, 56 Pound Weight, Running High Jump, Running Broad Jump, Pole Vault, Three Standing Jumps, II7orlo's a1lICItQIlf Recorbs. RECORD. 9 4-5 seconds, 21 1-5 seconds, 47 seconds, 47 3-4 seconds, 1 minute, S3 2-5 seconds, 4 minutes, IS 3-5 seconds 1 6 minutes, 45 2-5 seconds, IS 1-5 seconds, 23 3-5 seconds, 169 feet, 4 inches, 39 feet, IO inches, 6 feet, 5 5-8 inches, 24 feet, 7 1-4 inches, lI feet, I0 I-2 inches 38 feet, 7 HOLDER. B. J. Wefers, B. J. Wefers, M. W. Long, M. W. Long, C. H. Kilpatrick, T. P. Conneff, W. B. Fetterman A. C. Kraenzlein, A. C. Kraenzlein, J. Flannigan, J. S. Mitcl1ell, M. F. Sweeney, M. Prinstein, R. G. Clapp, J. Chandler, J COLLEGE. Georgetown. Georgetown. Columbia. Columbia. Union. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania California. Yale. Yale. Syracuse. Yale. Yale. . Q5'4:.jf-1-pix fx 1 'ur rv .00 ' I T Fw 'fG1l511'3:ff"' 9? . ' 1 f f fx Jw 1' JJ.-F' ' IM ' .K ef f f W. Z . .0 f - '1 1 BJ .,,,, V fn y f 0 .2yQ,--K 1 J f yffe -Kif-fzgif K 1 - if 1111 J D. EDWARDS, J. M. TUGGEY, . GEORGE H ACKIETT, D. W. Paige, 1900, 151. iw, J. H. Cook, 1901, 2111i lv, E. T. Grout, 1901, 3111 iw., A. H. l.z1wt011, 1900, s. s., Bunting, Scuson of WOO. UDf1icc1's. . . - C:1pt:1i11. . M:111:1ger. . . Assistant Mzlnager. ECLIIII. G. H. Witbeck, Law, p., G. B. Griswold, 1903, c., J. E. Parker, 1901, c. f. R. H. Robinson, 1901, l. f. J. D. Edwrmls, 1900, CC:1pt.J r. f. Substitutes. St:1el1e1', Rzlymond, Schroeder 141 X May 5 May IS, Mfly 23, May 31, June 2, June 6, April I4, April 2I April 27 May lo, Mny ll, Mziy I2, May 26, Nlny 30, Nlziy 30, June I, June 6, Qeague Sames. Union vs, Union Union Union Union Union CDtlpc1' Vb. VS. Va. VS. VS. Hobart, Rochesler, Colgate, Rochester, Hobart, Colgate, G5amcs. Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union V 'S V S V5. VS VS V 1 Vi V9 VS Vh. Scliuncctndy, West Point, Columlvizi, Nlidlllelniry, Vsrmont, Vermont, Nliuldlebury, Dartmouth, Dnrtinoutli, Syracuse, vn. ,Willizuns, I42 I3 in 6 to 2 to fi to IS to 5 to 8 lo 7 lo 7 lo 2 to 3 to 7 to S to 2 to 4 to 3 to 8 to Siclbingg Gvcragcs QSLIIIICS. Ito, Asswrs. Witlwcck, p., I3 I5 Robinson, l.f I4 0 Griswold. c., 37 4 Lawton, s.s., I3 S Cook, ed lv., IO ll Paige, lst lv., 29 I Edwmxis, r. f., 6 o J. E. P:.1'ker, c I 6 I hrmlt. gd lv., 5 S flllr H ip i i 1 D lg, 4- Q Ysffaiiwwwfy '10 X xiu X V5-M 143 for Qcgauc ' 1 l-lemme 1,.I. ooo ooo Q76 -U44 COS 8:3 533 SSS Sw fffffl ,, 1 .- ' ff ff ' , ff' Nw "t 1 f"'f-4 -M .LM K ef " ' 1"4 Wg., ., Wi. wi r , Dena' -1 -,k, J 1, N. 1,9 K, ,,, 4- , - xl9'mL ',.1:A Y,., 2 Y..,. TM" ' .. ,farm W :,,,,, - 4-M,Qggfk Q E: L, Q- ., ,,e5 -1,12 Q ' Y, Xxx, 5005011 of 1900. CDfficcrs. JOHN P. CARVER, . . . Czlptzlin. - Nl:111:1ge1'. JAMES W. MILLER, , GILBERT S. VVOOLWORTH, . Olmsted. 1904, 1'. e., Fenton, LIINV, r. t., Collier, 1903, 1'. g., Griswold, 1903, c., Shaw, 1902, l. g., Finegzm, 1902, l. t., Gulnnc, 1903, Bclles, IQOZ, Assistant MIll1ZlKCI'. Keanu. 'l'l1elw0, 1902. l. e. C:11've1', 1902, 1'. h. ln., Mnllery, 1902, l. l1. lu., Weed, IQOI1 Q q. b., Al1LlCl'S0l1, 1902, l Paige, L:1w, f. lu. Substitutes. Slack, 1901, Lee, 1903, Wells, 1903, Cronklmite, 1904, Nlrlrquette, Law. 145 Qeagus Qames. Sept. 50, 1900, Oct. 11, 1900, Nuv. IO. 1900 Nuv. 14, 1900 Sept 29, 1900 Oct. 6, IUOO, Ort 20, IQOO, Oct 27, IQOO, Oct 11, 1900, Nm 3, IQOO, Nm' 6, 1900, Nov 17. 1900, Nov. 24, 1900, "F11rlciludt11 U11inl1. Uniam vs. Culgntc, Uniun vs. Rtncltcstcr, Ullitill vs. Cnlggntc, :kUIlit1l1 vs. HlPl3fll't. fs Dtbcr Qaamcs. U11i1111vs. C11lg:1tc, Union vs. l3:11't111011tl1, Union vs. Cornell, Union vs. R. P. I., UIlitlI1VS. Willixlms, Union vs. Vc1'111911t, U11i1111 vs. COI1liI1t'I1t!llS, Union vs. St. Steplwlts, Union vs. R11tge1's, V Ufotal Donuts. Union, IS2. Opp011e11ts 1 46 12100 II to 0 IO tu o I2 to 0 0111 O 0 tu II 519 O 0 tu 5 Stu 0 IO to O 68 to 0 Il t0 5 Seconb Eleven. 1 Sunieriski, 1901, c J Pritchard, 1303, Conway, 1904, Dickenson, 1903, l.ee, 1903, Watson, 1904, Hawkes, 1902, Cl'tll1lillltC, 1904, Mulvaney, 1903, Meneses, 1903, Hays, l902v Cool, 1904, J Lent, 1904, Merriinan, 1901, Biihler, 1901 Sherrill, 1904, Weed, 1902, Small, 1902 CCap1.'J, Parker, 1903, 1, Griffith, 1902. 611055 Gfcanls. IQOI B:11'1'ett. Shelley. Benton. Van W01 mer Bahler. Clements. Golden. Kline. B J Parker. Sumeriski. Merriman. 1902 IQ03 1904 5 Blom' X! Pl'llCllIlTLl,CZll7t. Lawsing. I Ostrander. 5 Hannay, Rider, l Hoyt. l Nleneses. Kaufman' South. Dickenson. Cool. J Hays. Nlulvaney. Lent. Cofllrl. Lee. Conway. 5 Metzger, L , 0 Stiles. ee. lrish. Hawkes. A. D. Peck. Glutzbeck. Anderson. Weed. Sherrill, Capt I Raymond. McFarlane. Watson. Small, Capt. Gould. Langlois. Griffith. G. Parker. Cronkhite. 147 Basket Ball Ceam. F. M. 'l'l1L-lm, 1902, Capt., 1 , , 5 E. T. Mallcry, 1902. 0 , - I-n1'w:11'ds. flnards, W. NV. C,l'lllHillllC, 1904, l l A. L. Anderson, 1902 H. S. Clmslcd, IQO4 CL-nlur. 5llI5SflfllfCS. Gcnrgc V. Sl1e1'1'lll, 1904, I.cRoy N. 'l':1yl9r, 1903, Jan. 25, 1901, Jan. 26, IQOI, H. A. Pcarcc, 1903. Scbcbulc of QECIIIIGS. Fclw. 3, 1901, . Ma1'cl1 1, 1901, March 2, IQOI, . . M:11'cl1 9, 1991, March 13, lOOl, . M:11'cl1 21, IQOI, March 22, 1901, . March 25, 1901, 149 R11ll:1nd Y. M. C. A., at Rutland. Sattcrlce Hose C9., atF91't Edward. University nf Vermont. at Fort Edward Saltcrlee Hose Co., at Fort ELlW!ll'Ll. Glens Falls Y. M. C. A., at Glens Falls lD:11'l111011tl1 Mcdical, atScl1enectz1dy. University of VCl'lll0l1t, at Fort Edward V. A. C., at Scl1L1ylcrville. Sattcrlce Hose Cn., at Fort Edward. Glens Falls Y. M. C. A., at Glens Falls Gtbletic Gbvisorg Boarb of Union College. Qifliccrs. R. J. LANDON, '80, President. J. I. BENNETT, 790, . . Vice-President. R. F. WARNER, IQOI. . Secretary. A. J. DILLINGHAM, '88, . . Treasurer. Executive Q'.0mmittcc. PROF. OPDYKE, R. F. WAIQNER. lllcnlbcrs. FACULTY. ALUMNI. A. V- V. Raymond, ex-officio, R. J. Landon, '80, J. I. Bennett, E. C. Angle, '86. H. I-. Towne, A. J. Dillingham, '88 Howard Opdyke, C. E. Franklin, '83. STUDENTS. James W. Nliller, Jr., Joseph H. Clements, Jr. Gardiner Kline, Richard F. Warner. 150 CTbzvis-org Boarb of the New Qorl. '-r State JIIIQVLOIICQILIIG athletic llnion. llicnlbcrs. HOHART, UNION, COLGATE, ROCHESTER. CDf1iccrs. W. E. WEED, C., . . . President. PROF. W. P. IJURFEE, H., Vice-President GARDINISR KLINIE, U., . Secretary. H. D. SHEDD, R., . Treasurer. PROF. H. S. WEIET. R., . Ast. Treasurer liicmbcrs of the Bomb. FACULTY. ALUMNI. Dr. M. S. Rcml, C., W. E. Wced, C., Prof. W. P. Durfce, H., C. V. R. Johnston, H. Prof. H. Opdykc, U., C. E. Franklin, U., Prof. H. S. West, R., H. D. Siiedd, R. STUDENTS. G. Kline, U.. F. R. Ford,C , J. G. Coleman H., C. N. Perrin, R. Gommittccs. AUDITING. Prof. Cpdykc, U., Prof. Durfee, H. Prof. Weet, R., Prof. Renal, C. ATHLETIC. F' R. Ford, C., C. N. Perrin, R., 151 J. G. Coleman, H. Gardiner Klinc, U 4 S ii T ii 1 l -- .U Awbee-. A ... .....-, M I -.---..-.U -. ' loo Yard Dash . . S80 Yards Dash. 12o Yards Hurdle. . .. . . Two Mile Run. .... .. 220 Yards Dash. One Mile Bicycle Race ....... lilourlb Mnnual Fligld Meer of the New X?oYl2 5lale lnler-Qollggiale ebfllblgliq Geneva, N. SP., May 2250, 1900. De Calesta, R. . Kline, U. Wells, U. Brown, R .... . Warner, H. Hawkes, U. Griffith, U Sl1cpl1a1'cl, H. L J. Weed, UNI Brmvn, R ...... Brouglnnn, U. Shelley, U. De Calesta. R. . Palmer, H. Oslerhoudt, R. Palmer, H ..., Stone, R. Shantz, R. 152 .....1o1-5 sec. ...2 min. 8 1-2 sec. .....174-5 sec. .11 min. I4 sec. .22 2-5 sec. min. 58 1-2 sec. One Mile Run. . .. Hammer Thruw ..., Shut Put ... Running High Jump ..... .. Pole Vault ,... Running Bruad Jump 22o Yards Hurdles .... .. 440 Yards Dash .... Rochester .... Union ..... . . Hobart .......... Total 1. Brown,R....... 2. Broughton, U. 3. Warner, H. 1. Glass, R. .... 2. Finegan, U. 3. Clark, U 1. Slack, U .... ... 2. Osterhuudt, R. 3. Glass, R. 1. DeCalesta, R ..... 2. Holmquist, R. 3. Griffith, U. 1. Hulmquist, R... . 2. DeNlallie, R. l Weed, U. 3- 'I Clark, U. 1. Glass. R. ..... . . 2. Holmquist, R. 3. Kline U. 1. "Griffith, U ,.. 2. Shephard, H. 3. L. J. Vvfeed, U- 1. DeCalesta, R .... 2. Boom, U. 3. Hawkes, U. S-ununarg of points. 1 lst. 2d ...sg 4 ....4:1 5 ..l 4 1 d L 1 f Record broken. IH1n'l9rT:x?li2ggle.l1'il:an Cgilsgge and League Record lowered to 17M seconds. l53 4 min. 55 1-2 sec ....92 ft. 8 in ....35 ft. 6in 5l't 4in ..,.qI't. Gin ...18ff.31-2i:1 27 1-5 sec ....y4 3-5 see Totals. 61 47 18 NS. ffflfsv gl' -Dfw ' . K XG 'SN K Ns J ,F-W Q - --W Q.,-, I , to V I fi' 1 9 Lbub allllllcll JIIDIICQIIOII Jntu Cclpolastic Zlicct of the llnion College Gtblctic LYS-sociation. Sclgculcctabg, lllag 19, 1900. UTICA IIRISIE ACADIQMY. HORACI5 MANN Scuuol. ..... WESY MINSTER SCHOOL. ., TRINITY SCHOOL .... . DRURY ACADEMY ,.... . HUDSON HIGH SCHOOL NEWARK ACADEMY .... ST. .IOHN'S SCHOOL OF MANLIUS HI..-XKI5 SCHOOL., ............ VVA'I'Iil?IfOl?D HIGH SCHOOL., .. 'l'leoY ACADEMY. ........ ... CAMIEIIIDGIE HIGH SCHOOL... .. ONIEONTA NORMAL SCHOOL.. .. UNION CLASSICAL INSTITUTE. .. ' COOPIERSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL. . ....... ISS SPIRIT . .-1 . . . , . 1 jf -.ww A 7 A X - Q X S ' " 'NVE JW 0 Tv- .kzjlg-ff ' .X em.. A: .J 'TQT CQQMM T y!M.C,PX "' llnion Qioilegc 1, 217. . . Qlfyiccrs. FRASER METZGER, . . President. HARRY L. CRAIN, . . . Vice-President. WILLIAM J. DICKENSON, Rccmxiing Secretary. JOSEPH H. CLEMENTS, JR., . Corresponding Secretnr THEODORE DEL. COFFIN, Tl'6ZlSLlI't3I'. . Q-.l2L'lil'lIlCIl of Lf,OlIllllifiCOS. HARRY L. CRAIN, . . - ' Membership. JOHN D. GUTHRIE, . . Devotional. LE ROY N. TAYLOR, Bible Study. N. C. HANNAY, . . Missionary. D. E. GRIFFITH, . Intercollegiate. N, THEODORE DEL. COFFIN, . . Finance. 156. .262 . ,1 W1 1 0 I Qi Q iHIlI EA 1'i'!?1l1"" E1 S 6911111111111 WWIUXQ GN' XUWIWMI A - mdihea I1 . 0 C 1 01 EJ 1 22:35.50 ,qmmmmimlllli ' LGM5ffff?f2Qf7?f?f?ffQ '0j H. A. BARRETT, IQUI, . "'- - -Y Y--'H .1--H wf v - ,'..,w,.,,,1 Olfficcrs. P: esiglent. JAMES W. CHEE:EI-BOROUGH, 1901, . Vice-P1'esi.ic11t JOHN L. STAEBER. IQO3, Sec1'et:11'y. G. S. WOOLWORVH, 1902, .... 'I'1'c:1s111'e1'. Executive LY.OllI1l1iffCC. W. H. A1l:1111s, 1902, D. E. Grihllh, 1902, J. G. Fenster, 11303 prize Dcbutcrs. l.e9p9ld Minkin, 1901, Walter E. Hays, 1002, I.. W. Bloch, 1902 Winner of l11dividu:1l Prize. Q:ll1'ClfOl'. Henry J. I.:1ngl0is, IQO4. 157 ! 4 5 e I mms JOHN Nt NAB, IQOI, . Bstablnslued an 1796- Ubfficcrs. SU MUS . . . President. HENRY SAMIES BLUILISIQ, IQOI, Vice-President GHG F. LEWIS, 11103, . . Sec1'ct:11'y. ARTHUR S. GOLDIEN, IQOI. .... T!'CIlSLll'Cl'. Exsclltivc uEo111n1ittcc. P. I.. MCl'l'iI11Zll1, 1901, H. M. I':11's1111s, 1902, G. P:11'lce1', 1903. lD11111c1's of prize Debate. J11.scpl1 H. Clc111ents,J1'., 1901, A. S. finldclm, IQOI. .lulm A. Bulles, 1905, Ggxmtor. 'l'. G. Cmvull, IQO4 159 I V The C rd'ensis OHCO I . rn ., . A . 1- 'Q-5111 0 . 5:0L.X',l?'wQ,, Puuusun wuxu B E hgywxmip Q 'S unsure or Umon D 1. 9, QBQG' 51' S nscnnv. N. V -1b"11n11nK Iss s. ..f v XXII S 23 1899 i N I 1.i.......,.,1..... . ,,,,,,,......2 -Y-. Y---M Bomb of Ebitors. PORTER LEE MERR1MAN, IQOI ,... H. A. BARRETT, 1901, . JOHN MCNAB, 1901, . ARTHUR S. GOLDEN, IQOI, CHARLES P. WAGONER, 1901, ARTHUR S- RAYMOND, 1902 . . . Gssociatc Ebitors. Editoi'-i11-Chief. Business Mzmxlger. Literzlry Editor. News Editor. Al1111111i Editor. Assistant Business M2lI11lg6T R. R. CRIM, IQOZ1 J. D. GUTHRIE, 1902, D. C. HAWKES, 1902, A. H. HINMAN, 1902, W. E. HAYS, 1902. Reportorai Staff. A. H. KESSLER, 1903, S. B. HOWE, JR., 1903, A. S. PECK, 1903, A. G. PICKIENS, 1003, J. G. FENSTER, 1903, R. W. DONNAN, 1903. if 161 ' EQ I 2, Y ,Y ,ffx in for f 'S' F: 2 ,,fZf,g,ex r - ff M W7 ,f -1 l' WQNW XXI! Q 'l Qf70'l',. f KX l. V l 61,11 .UW It ,M l f. . l' l I ly alll!! 'fill r l R Y fy l IH M, HH' ZW Q4 . , 'A .LN I i JL, Xxmmlllllnlllw ,U - I . rfyf ffl ff f 'I l l ,. .l . 'MX E5oxrce. , U 'ill' K. x Fl' 1 l ll ll MX? x X xx, . .Yr . XY .X xx X X 7 X-.., X, x fl ' X. F585 l ' ,ff r'-- -' K fgx.-aw je 162 Liommittec. Frank T. Ostrander Chairman. James H. Small, Jr., Robert C. Yates, D. Nl. Dunning, Jr., Wm. F. Acheson, N. C. Hannay, Fenwick M. Tllebu, Walter E. Hays. Willard S. Yates, Lester W. Bloch, Frank W. Neary. l J- 1, li ill M6244 Nfl wx. lx 2 if 'X "X f -'V' Asa, Q X .I - 4 Q, xr ' -K . il, if L' i il f 1. gg, f. hs.: 'f N . ' r X4 N Xiu 1 . A N' 'X f 1 WIN: r f-f-- i lx MQW ' X NN .i f 1 N i ,X X 7 v WJJ4-jx, X .- i, ki i '- qf,.ff,if. fl X I r 1 f - Uv! l ii- ll'ilr ' 1 fu- ll. . 1' ,l ,i": l' ' f X fl lx f my , ' 1. V ,V 5 .am VL, ,V xl X ,h 'ff ,Ci- , ,E lip? I -7.2 xy ,ll l xjx I ,YU 9 ll X xl V ' ll, 5,1 5 lliffiifi-':'FQ"-U . , 1. 1' -- k T..-f , .5 X' .7 ..- -5- A iw .. .. ' ' X' . 71 lim: X V 'If N' ' W J, 4 ,xv vjliihw X. Sunior Dope. Q Qiommittcc. 'I HEODORE DEL. COFFIN, Chairman. Willard S. Yates, Hmv:uw.l E. Sands, Lester W. Bloch, Fenwick M. Thebw, Robert C. Yates, William H. Gillespie, G. S. Wuulwurtli, George l. Oakley. 163 Everett T. Mallrry Hcrl1ci'tS. Butliwell X 1 I ,M ii 3' " . . 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Cross-Country Club Enginee-r's Club. Hack und Mack. Snakes. Etc. 5I?ClIiC5DCLll'C lilub. Ulfficcrs. LEOPOLD MINKIN, 1901, . . P1'eSiLle11t. HENRY S. BAHLER, 1901, Vice-President WILLIAM H. ADAMS, IUOZ, Sec1'el:11'y. LESTER W. BLOCH, IQO2, 'l'1'e:1s111'er. DICKINSON E. GRIFFITH, IOOZ, . Cl11'1lt11l'. Will. Kline, Biilmler, McN:1l1, Nlinkin V:111 VVUI'IllCI', Neff. UJU2. Adams, Bloch, Best, Finegnn, Hzlys Woolwo1'tl1, . Guthrie, Ost1':1mle1', Cowell, Grifllth, Metzger, Hlllllllly. 1905. , Delbridge, Borst, Powell, G11ln:1c,' A. S. Peck, JG. Donnan Parker, Kruesi, Collier, Brown, Stzleber, Feuster, Pearse, Bolles, Schroeder. 166 1 1 Q3oIf Cilub. Qfficers. PRESIDENT RAYMOND, . . . DR. HALE, . . . 1 ..a.' 167 President. . Secretary-Treasurer members. FACULTY. DR. RAYMOND, PROP. PEPPER, PROP. BENNETT, DR. HALE, PROP. DUNCAN, DR. TOWNE. STUDENTS. C. J. Bennett, 1901, H. J. Brown, 1901, Gardiner Kline, 1901, P. L. Merriman, 1901, R. F. Warner, 1901, C. P. Wagoner, IQOI, J- H- Cook, 1901, W. E. Van Wormer, 1901, H. C. Bothwell, I902, A. S. Raymond, 1902, J. D. Guthrie, 1902, H. C. Hoyt, 1902, T. DeL. Cofhn, 1902, D. E. Grifnth, 1902, W. S. Yates, IQO2, G. S. Woolworth, I902, G. Parker, 1903, D. W. Weed, 1903, A. G. Pickens, 1903, S. B. Howe, Jr., 1903, A. S. Peck, 1903. 15-7 X f ff f fi ff!! f f 601 'ff X 41 ff Y W 4 1 7 Trx 114 f A , f - - 9 fffffffff ff! 1L.1,.,m5 4 I I 1. l - dz-.hu 'Z ., hw -' fl, ,I I X , , f Z' ' '. f 1 , 1 ll! f , by in x Q I J! ff z I 4 f D U-L -:I X f gzfxik f Nffffgf gfyfff K., ' v,. 1- wiffbr. . f . ,,,..-.-1 -mura- -, .f ff Q. ,..f"' -Y- -A f-xy JOHN l'l. GUTMAN, . M. J. MANDELBAUM, VANDER VEER, HYPER, VANDER VEER, HYPO, fifxf ,F 3. fx., ib- 25- fx-dxf .,, . Chief Bronco Buster. Boss of the Herd. . Keeper of the Corral. . . Superintendent of AccoutTemBn'tS Rangers. A. J. Bedell, F. E. Letticc, R. B. Czistree, G. A. Smith, F. C. Reed, L. O. White, E. G. Vnn Orsdell, Thomas Carney, S. S. Ham. Cenberfeet. H. A. Bassett, H. E. Hoyt, J. E. Cnnheld, Russell Clute, R. B. Hoyt, C. R. Marsh, G. E. Poor, G. H. Smith. J. l. Cotter, L. D. Fosburg, D. A. Murphy. 160 Joseph Mark, C. L. Whitbeck G. V. Wilson. M. M. O'Meara A. T. Davis, Qirossfiountrg Klub. Leroy J . Weed, Gardiner Kline John NlcNnh, Earl A. Slack, T. Coftin, Don Hawkes, J. E. Finegan, J. Q. Gulnac, G. Parker, H. J. Brown, P. L. Merriman, W. E. Van Wurmer, J. Clements, D. E. Griffith R. B. Hoarlley, H. M. Parsons, W. E. Kruesi, H. A. Pearce, 170 A. S. Gwlden, G. L. Shelley, " Amos l' Wright H. S. Bahler, J. D. Guthrie, G. S. Wonlworth, G. B. Griswold, D. W. Weed, J. T. Wells. BENTON, . ARGERSINGER, CARVER, . CLEVELAND,. ANDERSON, HOADLEY, . THEBO, . EIlQlIl4242l',5 Club. Seniors. G:1sEngine. BENNETT, . . . - CS5tresses. WARNER, . Sumesiski, . . . Cl11llI1Llj.fllfl1ll1g- 3lllllO1'S. . Stone Crusher. HOYT, Grensed Ligl1tning.l!WlLSON, . Centro. SHAW, Snmkestzxck. VSMALL, . . Bull-Lathe. Oakley, . . V COFFIN, . . Idler. l"! Duric Column. Corinthian Column . Trip Hummer Plzlnilneter. . Thunder. 4" Concrete. . Inverse Crun. I Bw ' G View ' '3Iv1r1',. '21 AMNJW V J 0 ,,,,, ,,X!.A Q-W" . 'Sf 0 5 , V . K fl Die J 1 f7?lu11be1'bc.1'0 PM unsefzwk , Ki 1 :A X, V ,mee-xx ga! 'Hal 'QM 7 . MA .U ,. , f V 'f -,V GL ,Dermufu V 1,J ffy X ,X A 5 ' " f' ,,f JK, ', H' O' ,Q I -if X Q 'ff " ' xl, 6 ',', f.' X QJVV' Die Fyacf un ZITQCP. Rmmbcb at llnivcrfitn nf Berlin. Zlicmbcrs. juniors. 301,11 fs. umm-if, 9. e. mx., wf'z1,wam :ae 2. cfnffiu, su. wa. S-oplyemorcs. 'llllcu Etcelr llcnf, 6. Eli. li., Giluwnsfi El3nx'fcr, TD. I. Srcslymcn. 6iill1v1'tGuul, 2. en. fs., J 9 an 1: : qw 11Hc1'Ur11fcl. If NX c ent I A I .T ff? 4 I K C111 i VJ UI 7 . -MZII A -AI. A Other of : I f I ...Lf 'fix-...ff 1 , , .1 , . III Snakes II' f ' Ar, .i'.?" F, .A I 'Eva A-'ilu fi-,'If.,.Q ja.: W ' 1-,Qi I Cilpba olliew Qorli. Sounbcb at llniou Glollcgc, 1899. Purpose-The support uf Athletics :lt Union. Dccupitatcb Snakes. GEORGE HACKETT, C. H., RODNIAN H. ROBINSON, G. bcnior bquirnxcrs. .IOHN NICNAB, C. C., JOHN P. CARVER, B., GARDINER KLINE, R., HARRY A. BARRETT, H., LE ROY J. WEED, NI., PORTER L. NIERRINIAN, AS., JOHN E. PARKER, AD., JAMES W. MILLER, JR., AN., EARL B. SLACK, W. junior Qlrcepcrs. WILLARD S. YATES, P., ARTHUR S. RAY1VIOND,G-VV., EVERETT T. NIALLERY, L., DONALD C. HAWKES, E., GILBERT S. WOOLWORTH, T. L., FRANK I.. STILES, CR., HERBERT C. BOTHWELL, E. W., J JAMES H. SNIALI., CA., ROBERT C. YATES, T. 173 llniversitg Smoker. Gt allbilllg Dress Clllllb. S0lJ1'llL11'Q 8, 1901. Spcalacrs. WILLIAM S. DYER, President of the Press Club. DR. ARTHUR G. ROOT, of the Medical Depzirtment, DAYTON F. SMITH, 1901, of the Law School. GEORGE LEROY SHELLEY, 1901, of tl1e College. lllusic. Davis. Hill, Bfulllflgllllll. Goininittcc. J. H. Clements, Jr., 1901, A. S. Bedell, 1901, Medical, Charles P. W:1g1111e1', 1901, Daniel J. Hoyt, 1902, Medical Porter L. NlCl'l'lll1I1Il, 1901, Robert M. Eames, 1902, LIIW, Rxmsom H. Gillet, 1902, Lziw. 174 " Auyu 'l'OAS'I'lVl ASTER, 1902, IQOI, OUR CANE RUSH, " Th A'l'Hl.E'l'lCS, . THE FACUIQVY, . "W " 'l'h ne who .levutes himselt tuiI1telleClll' Gloasts. e deepest river iluws with the lens " Cunspicious by their absence. e tiuurtl tlies,l1ut never 'urreutlcrsf' .nl pursuits must :allow his hotly to hav e'rc nut in the roll of ctuntnon men '75 SFCSEQIIICIII Bailquet. Dotcl Ebison. Sribug Givcitittg ja , uuarg 15, l899. CHARLES S. YAWGER, ADDISON H. HINMAN' t sound." DICKINSON E. GRIFFITH. . FENWICK M. THEBO. JAMES Q. GULNAC, c motion :mtl practice gymnastics." JAMES H. SMALL, JR. OTHER FELLOW'S SISTERS, DONALD C. HAWKES " Venus, thy eternal sway, All the race of men obey." "OLD UNION," . . . . DAVID M. DUNNING, JR "Whatever mny be thy Issue We shall share one common danger, une safety." Glommittee. Herbert C. Bothwell, Harry R. Wilson, 'V Willard S. Yates. .N F-A I-.-XZ 176 M0 1 A Gr hm 4 fi? f f, W f W A WWW QM? ff!!! MW! fffffff W M50 f fmf WZW6 f f 72 W f,ff fxggfx A X f f X X X X jk Ji' " Nm ff"' Us fy F kfN,i?5f!n R YV 254A -UnQJf EM A X . 0: Qnkingu My U J X Vf!:!!g'r'If' 1l x V' Q I iffy A ' I ' -- .1--e. , , f ,ff-'Wx 1.1 ,4'-wfQhw!y94, 1:2 R5 ,HY If lx, V19 Ziff! rwfiffufqf' f- il'-av A QXUZWWHN? yfifffy ' "f x f j!Mf "4g4??yfdVKaf6 H f' . f' -f f M Q WWW H I 'ff flhf x t X I, 'H V, ':. .,fyf'.' 6 W! I 2 ' VIZ ' fggzfw' ,QQ3MM, 4, , rfwws , ' , N ' ' L? '- F 5: f 'rl X I 'v.'k I ' QQ Q' fi X . 1 Wm , N musical Gssociation. Season of 1900:1901. Qifficers. H. A. BARRETT, . . President. C. J. BENNETT, . Vice-President. H. L. CRAIN, . Secretary. H. J. BROWN, Mzinnger. VV. S. YATE5, College Ciboir. G. LEROY SHELLEY, 1901, Lender. FIRST TENORS. L. J. Weed, 1901, H. J. Lzmglois, 1904, R. R. Crim, 1902, C. N. Brown, SECOND TENORS. H. A. Bzlrrelt, 1901, G. L. Shelley, 1901, D. W. Weed, 1903, W. G. Craig, FIRST BASSES. A. H. Hinmnn, 1902, W. C. Treder, 1904, S. D. Palmer, 1904, C. E. Heath, SECOND BASSES. E. B. Slack, 1901, J. G. Green, 1903, H. L. Crain, IQOZ, E. V. MUllCl16ZlLlX, PIANIST. S. B. Howe, Jr., 1903. 170 . Assist:1ntMz1n:1ger. 1904. 1904 1904 1904 if K 7 - -Li f li Q, ff 5 11 5 X 00 ff 1 W Tix? 'Q' J ., R NW X- H 1 N ,J 'S .- w ' Z'- 17 .xxx Y KW I Y X71 ' ' " 1 Al 1 MX 5 "-: '-1,. ' X' Y ' W 71 , . 1 " L WD Ya QS bl '. , ,. ,W 1. 1 , MMU! 1 l' ' 1. QW' I . 1 11 , 111 -F . - . -- L 11 f J ig, 0:15 ' 1 Cl-if M 3 5? E 0 L10 S. B. HOWE, JR., 1905, l.c:11lc1'. FIRST TENORS. L. J. Weed, 1901, H. J. l.:111gI11i5 If 4 R.C1'i111, 1902, C N Blown 1904 SECOND TENORS. H. A. B:11'1'elt, 1901, S. H. H01ve,J1'. 1103 W. Weed, 1905, I C1 111, 1904 FIRST BASSES. A. H. Hi11m:111, 1902, W. C. Tlulel, lQO.l. D. Palmer, IQ04, He nth, 1904 SECOND BASSES. R. M. Eames, Law, E. B. Slack, 1901 V. Mullenenux, 1904, C1 , 1900 PIANIST. S. B. Howe, Jr., IQO3. ISO 4559 , f'Q'Q2v . " 1" -. , , 1 J A' Q w w ANN f' J ' X X . ! N NA E , ' ' " ' B ff, ' 'ss 1 V J Mil, X A Banjo Qilub. H. J. MCCLURE, l.e:ldc1'. BANJIEAURINES. C. G. Bramd, '04, C. D. Stewart, PICCOLO BANJO. H. J. Hinmzm, l.:1w, BANJOS. line, '01, F. l.. Stiles, '02, C. J. Bennett, 'ol GUITARS. .. J. Weed. '01, A. H. Hinmzm, 'o2. 181 M96 QM V Q59 QQ X ,l Q MMM 454' H. J. MCCLURE, Lender. . Stiles, '02, A. H. Hinmml S. B. Howe, Jr., '03, H. N. Bowler, '03 J. M. Russum, 'o2, S. D Palmer, 704, H. J. McClure. CELLO. R. M. Eames, Low. FLUTE. F. W. Nenry, '02, GUITARS. L. J. Weed, '01, H. MANDOLA. J. H. Cook, 'oI. 182 J. Hinmnn, Law H Qfbe Bicgclers "GSI Q Bicgclersf' A FARCE BY JQHN KENIJRICK BANGS. Presented ut the Corninencernent Concert, June 27, 1000, ut the Dan Q-.llI'lC1'. CHARACTERS. M1'. Robert Ynrmlsley, llll expert ....,......,........ .... J OHN HAWLEY COOK, 1001 Mr. Jncli Hzlrlow, :1n0Il1er ...... .... . . . .......... HARRY ALVIN BARRETT, 1001 Mr. ,l4llIILlLlCfllS Perkins, il I1egin11er .. .................... LEROY ORMAN RIPLEY, 1000 Mr. E1lx1':11'd Bl'JlLllCj', :1 seoffer ,......... GEORGE WILLIAM FEATHERSTONHAUGH, IOOO Mrs. 'l'I1:1dIleus Perkins, :1 resistant ,.................... ERSKINE CLARK ROGERS, 1000 Mrs. liIlxv:11'1.l Brzidley, :ln enll1usi:1st. .... ..... C LAYTON JOHNSON POTTER, 1000 Jilmcs, Ilic Builer ..........,..... ...................,. A NY COMPETENT FROSH, 1003 Director, HARRY LAURENS CRAIN, 1002. "Cub1nz1n No. 03, or Found in II Four-Wheelerf' A FARCE IN ONE ACT Presented :It the l:1lllCIll'lCCl'l, lJCC6lIll3L5l' 6, 1000, :xl the VAN CURLER. CAST OF CHARACTERS. M1'. Udolplm Hnllowzry ................................... JOHN GARSIDE GREEN, IQOZ A retired SUlClilWI'l1lit?l', ll lover of the Inysterious :ind sens:1li0n:1l. Joe Czrpsize, " nlizls No, 03, driver of :1 four-wl1eelcr ......... .HENRY J. LANGLOIS, 1004 Cl:1r:1, H:1llow:1y's wife ..................................... CHARLES E. HEATH, 1004 Milly Meddles0111e, :1 servant in the H:1ll0w:1y l1o11sel10lLl, ........ DEFOREST WEED, IQO3 184 gif Ox 5 JJ Mzmonmm A G wg mf J Qi, J X LX-J W ee! ffgfh H92 ou' ,1 ,I 1 A Y- .:'-'XM ff , ' W . in 0 x Q, 4,gf! QQ? ff fs, .K v 1 , - 1, W M rg' 1 I 1 i f ' ibrxqm " ' A' ,tv R, I 1 A'NHf Durolb l'lTa1'tin Sliibnlorc, Dicb june 17, 1899. 5. Soon Bubng, Dicb june 8, 1900. Scmg Baiz, Dicb julg 29, 1900. 65 an-PWM' r-U1... Q-4 I - ' :NS '. Z" .'. rf -,w :A f,-nn. ' rg-2,5124-?.:3.'i'5-fL"fz-R N 111955521 'Y .' 'f--'1l1w.- L ,, fg,:rff,if .y W ' , " K FT' ' f' A 5,5251 ,' 311 Z1Temoriam Cflipbalet Hott Potter, Glass of 1861. President of Union College, 1871-1884, Of Union University, 1873-1884, Trustee, 1872-1886. Dieb 5Cbl'1lCl1'Q 6, 1901. "Potter as 11 e Knew fpirttf' 'OTHING can be added to the graceful, just and eloquent tributes that his brethren L in the republic of letters have rendered to the memory of the writer's old playmate and life-long friend. Yet he gladly responds to the invitation to put on record the reminiscences of one who knew him longer and better than any man living within sound of the college bell. Dr. Eliphalet Nott of Clifton Park went on ahead the other day, Dr. Potter has fallen beside him and there is no one here left, in fact few anywhere else, of the old college gang to ramble with the writer under the unchanged gray walls, and the un- faded glory of Jackson's garden. A very democratic horde was that college hill aggregation of hoodlums, for hoodlums they were. Sons of College Dons, sons of section officers and section jzmitors, sons of professors of every known science, and professors of dust and ashes fraternized with a magniticent disregard of the arrogant distinctions of society. " Black Hank," " Curly Bill," " Buster," H Patsey Nlartin,' " Sky McKinney," " Gallus Gleason," " Paddy Whack," were the euphonious titles of men, some of whose names are known on lwotll sides of the water, Bishops, Generals, Judges, College Presidents, Doctors of Divinity and of Law. All of the lads whose fathers were of the faculty were described by clerical visitors in the morning devotions as the " children of many prayers," but their piety was not of the early kind, it developed later. It was not perceptible in the horde which went down to the corner of Jay and Union to fight the U dog corner boys. " lt was a strange dual life the college lads led-rigid decorum in their cultured homes, vagabondia outside. And in all this motley crowd, H l.if " Petter was dearly beloved-by the now scattered survivors most deeply mourned. He was not vigorous, tall, very tall for his years, very thin but shapely, and always of that singular grace of movement that we all remember, with as handsome a profile as was ever carved. But slight of frame as he was, a brave comrade, above all warm, affectionate and true, full of a quaint humor that never stung, with a laugh that was quiet but fetching. He was nobody's enemy-he could not understand why anybody should be an enemy to him, and he never has so un- derstood to the hour of his death. Looking back tearfully, as those who knew him in boyhood all look, one can under- stand some of the troubles of his later days. Those of us who remember 't l.if " in his boyhood can comprehend the troubles of President Potter in his prilne. He loved Union very dearly, as all of that old regime well may. Alma Mater was in the height of her glory. Down to the hour of Sumpter her commencements were proud days. The governor and his cabinet were all there and always " William Rufus," as they 188 called " Billy " Seward, the great Secretary who piloted the nation through its awful war. Names were signed to the register that were mighty then, are immortal now, faces that are carved in gr:mite and marble on monuments in parks and battlefields all over the l:md- And when in a later day there c:nne a new academic king on the throne who knew not Joseph and tried to repress- the grand old chorus, " Here's to Thee," because it was not of Calvanistie origin, old chains of playground and college rose in rebellion, and shook the roof, made the chandeliers dance and turned the president 'pale with Fitzhugh l.udlow's glorious song. . f . The president and professors were lnassive in brain and intluence. To-day some of them are, someare getting to be, just as great and all just as 'good as they were then. The sttidents are only as Fitzltngh Ludlow says, " wearing their dad's altered pants," the same kind of boys, and as they gather on the terrace, we see the fulfillment of his humorous prophecy. ' X . 1 " Old llnion thou shalt see Them sitting where their dads have sat. And smoking over thee." They have the same external reverence and inward contempt for all authority that Gibbon said the Pagan had for his god. They bowed low before tltv i-El'1lVtf Illll l'CVCFCl1'-ll hehind his hack he was " Old Prex," " Pug" Potter, H Capt." Jack, "Jack " Foster, " Horsey 'i Yates, " Proso " Proudtit, H Old Spikey," " Pinkey " Pierson, " Geodes 'I' Gillespie. The rampart ol' veneration which surrounded the n:nne of Dr. Tayler Lewis seems to have been impenetrable to even the ungodly irreverence of the undergraduate: there was no nickname for him. X But they were universally beloved--are reverenced in memory :tll over this broad land, and they were worshipped afar otf, a great deal farther off than now. . lt was not a college of letrning, it was an institution that taught men how tosucceedg and that nothing succeeds like success. Classics, literary and scientific lore were taught lahoriously and well hy men of splendid learning and world-wide fame. But the direction of brain and :nnhition was pointed out hy the president in his lectures to the seniors in the old chapel and to the wayward in the dreaded study. All was said about the dim hereafter that propriety required. But espezial stress was laid on the earthly argument that derelic- tion did not pay here, that anticipatory risingof the devil before his time was not conducive to success on this side ofthe dark river. Very little was said about the misty higher life, much about the better life to live-to win. 'Very little about the eternal torment of the hereafter, much about the hot time he would have to-night in the doctorfs study-. . lt all counted. Men who had achieved greatness, renown' and weztlth thronged commencements to thank! the brightest politician, the lnest-jttulgewtffutlie hoy human nature, that ever lived in this state. Dr. Potter's father, Bishop Alonzo, concededly the head of the Episcopal church of America, has honored Union with hit distinguished name. We had thrilled with a hoy's awe when Union's great came yearly to her shrine. With the gang we had, from behind the grand old hedge in " Horsey ll Yates's garden, :tssailed with a rain of horse chestnuts " Chin " Hotfman, future Governor of New York, and were the only ones to throw mud at " Chet " Arthur, the most courtly and gracious President of the United States since the day of Nladison. 189 Full of the traditions, imbued with the policy that had made Union mother of the great, but also full of loyalty and love for the Alma Mater under whose roof we were born, and whose glory we feel to be ours, he still hesitated long before he accepted the call to the Presidency. He wrote to those men and women of the old crowd who were here and we urged him to come. None of us are sorry that we did, or that he came. The Doctor may not have been a great Hnancier,-his grandfather was not, and Dr. Nott was said to be the greatest educator in America. He never claimed to be a man oi' great erudition, yet he was far better educated than his progenitor-way ahead of him in book learning. Let it be remembered that when he came he found the old college answering the de- scription of the attack made upon it by Senator Beekman-H Three millions expended and three barn-like buildings on a desolate hill." And let it not be forgotten that Union felt the touch of a magnetic hand, that she grew in strength and architectural beauty until she is now the admiration of every alumnus in America, and that all this is the effect of the stimulus of his splendid energy. The monuments of his ambitious love for the college of his ancestry and hisjboyhood are planted all over Union's beautiful territory. ln that he made the college woods and the desolate hill to blossom as the rose, his advent was an undeniable benelicence. Like his eminent brother he was charmingly democratic. ln the days of his most brilliant success, before those other days came in which in failing heahh he might say he had no pleasure in them, he met us with the music of the old nicknames and was wel- comed as "Lif," to his unfeigned delight. Among the people he assumed no dignity, before the people he did not have to. lt was all there. ln pulpit, on the platform and commencement stage, with his commanding presence, attractive face an.l the grand voice that reminded us of the first president, he was easily the most impressive presiding officer that commencement has known since '6o. Life and character have been generously written and described by the distinguished gentlemen who have done justice to President Potter's men ' I way, and there is no need for biography here. This is more a reverie than an obituary. Perhaps to many it may seem too highly laudatory, but no old friend should write Dr. Potter's biography, for none such can write with fairness. The love begotten in childhood remained around him till death, fresh now as the turf above him. There are always enough doctors over the form of the well-known dead to handle the old playmate to quietly come iory in tieir gracious and ornate the scapel in cruel autopsy. ls there not room here for and lay the laurel wreath on the well remembered brow, and place a sprig of immortelle in the pulseless hand of a beloved friend? AU5-rm A, YATES, ,54, 190 Qitcrary 'FK ,, X., w A J 21'l'.'-Qs'-,PJ r 'M Gales of the QOIDCY 1Do1'Ib. Qfbe tl5rowtb of Seurning on the Stax, tt. D. lil . tWith apologies to J. Kendrick Rangs.D HE house-boat was lnoored to the bank ol' the sluggish and murky Styx. A few of the Associated Shades were seated in the club room, when Charon entered bearing a phantom document on his nebular tray and gravely handed it to Sir Walter Raleigh who was giving Adam and Achilles lessons in smoking old Virginia leal' through the patent smoking apparatus pecular to the house-boat. "Another petition for membership,i' said Sir Walter, reading the missive. "The faculty of one ol' those American colfeges want to be admitted as a whole. 'l'hat's almost as bad as when Noah wanted to bring all his household pets with him. Well, l suppose we'll have to look them up and give them some consideration. Union College they come fromg Charon, how did they all arrive at once?" " There was a wholesale massacre by parties unknown," replied the obsequious Charon. " They arrived within a few hours of each other. " "All right, Charon," said Sir Walter, K' now go and lind Dr. Nott. I think he's down-stairs playing billiards with King Priam and Richard Carvel. Presently a dignified shade entered in the garb ol' a scholar but with :1 serpent with its tail in its mouth thrown carelessly around his neck. " Good morning, EIiphalet," said Sir Walter. " Sit right down and tell me what you think of this," handing him the petition. The old doctor read it slowly, and said: " l can hardly express an opinion now. Times aren't what they used to be in nn' day. Things have changed a lot since l was obliged to leave. Why, Sir Walter. Union College and I used to be almost synonymous terms, and now all they've got is a building named alter me, which isn't worth as much as a single one of my old sections, and there's :1 picture ol' me in chapel, but that's got a big hole in it. " " Archimedes," said Sir Walter to an aged ligure who was meditatively playing with a billiard ball and a poker chip, " l'll appoint you and Dr. Nott, and Sherlock Holmes a com- mittee of three to report on this matter at the next general meeting of the Associated Shades. " At this meeting some two weeks later, which included the ladies of Hades the report of the membership committee was called lor. Archimedes arose and in the slow deep tones indicative ol' genius said : 193 " There has been some diversity of opinion among us, in regard to the recent petition. l, personally, am much pleased with the characteristics of some of the applicants. The elderly Shade with the iron gray whiskers who was head of the engineering department in his days on earth, pleases me somewhat. He converses intelligently on the questions of our noble science, though he has some rather new-fangled American ideas about bridge building." "Oh skip all that," said Mary Queen of Scots. " Tell us il' there are any young and good looking ones. H Not many," interrupted Cleopatra, "I saw three or four of the younger ones, but they all had horrid little beards that weren't grown in spots, but there were two nice clean- shaven ones that were'nt halt' bad. They were walking along the bank when l saw them and seemed to be talking about schedules, shower baths, scrubs, and lack of finance. One of them must certainly have been an acrobat once. He would stand up on tip-toes with his hands in his vest pockets, and then throwing his arms wildly above his head, perform the most ditticult contortians imaginable, yet not once did he lose his genial smile. The other one seemed to be more diginilied and sober but was quite good looking." " Well, l had an awful experience with that President's St. Bernard,'i said Minerva. " He chased my owl and pulled out three tail feathers, and then I asked Pluto to sick Cerberus on him,and just then a fat old bull-dog and a yellow mongrel who belonged in the same party, came along, and all three attacked old Cerberus, each taking one of his heads, and il' Neptune hadn't kindly poured water on them I don't know what would have happened. " " All of which is irrevelent matter," said Sherlock Holmes, swallowing a cocaine tablet and assuming the stern expression of the expert, "yonder short dumpy shade with the club, and official appearance, who seems to be known as ' Jim' would aid me greatly in my work. l perceived by the peculiarly dirty mud on his boots that he must have led an active life on the Schenectady campus, and l deduced from his keen hawk-like eyes and quick alert movements, what an effecient guardian of the peace he must have made. Another shade who has my approbation is the small one with ferret-like eyes who held gi copy of the Newgate Record under one arm, and a work on Criminology under the other. " " Well, said Lucretia Borgia, " thit gray-haired jolly-looking professor of Chemistry pleased me most. l think he and l together coull wois 'll H t 1 on a ades if given half a chance." H Good," remarked Cleopatra. " l'll help, Lucy, and we'll begin on that awful Latin Professor that is known to have ideas. After Mark Antony and l had that little difference, l never could bear the sight of a Roman or hear a word of Latin. " "To return to the subject," said Noah, "did you notice that person who was so interested in my pets and was observing some ol' my highly-prized germs under his miscro- scope? l really need a new keeper for the animals. The young mast. dons are growing up, and though l've hired Atlas and Goliath to take care of them they need some one who understands their physiology, " " l'm inclined to agree with the others," said lsaac Newton, dreamily gazing at a statute of the Laocoon group, and mentally figuring out the equation of the se.pent's curve referred to busts of Henry Hudson and Andre as polar coordinates. 'QlThat thin old Scotchman has quoted me and my much-horsed apple-problem con- tlnua y in his works on mechanics. I feel duly grateful, hut l must say that l have never 194 gotton the full credit of it, for the apple was over-ripe and as it struck my head l had a sort of crushed feeling." "Wal, ladies and gt-nts," said David Harum removing a Stygian quid from his capacious jaws and expectorating into the natural gas tire place. " Excuse a new comer from the presumption, but l do hearn tell that that there Union College canlt be teched when it comes to lzosses and hossing. That bein' more or less in my line, l move ye, Mister Chairman, that this here aggregation of spooks do act favorably on the petishun. " The question was put and though there were some dissenters, it was carried. Thus it was that the facult, ' otl nion College becameassociated with the other illustrious shades. Archimedes, "Pop," lsaac Newton and "Nance" became last friends and are planning the bridging of the Styx with the shade of a steel arch, and thus give Charon and his ferry some competition. Shakespere and Francis Bacon found a warm friend and admirer in "Jimmy." "Stoll " bec:une zoological manager of a new attraction, the " Noah and Barnum Menagerie, tlreatest Show Under the Earth." K' Perk " took advantage ol' the unequaled heating apparatus of the place, set up laboratories, and with Sir Humprey Davy, Lucretia Borgia and,Cleopatra, soon monopolized the Stygian trade. " Pep " and Nlarch at once became popular with Trilby, Nladame Recamier. and other ladies ot' the French court. " Jim," the copper, and Freddie Jones, under the direction ol' Sherlock Holmes, formed the "Hades Police and Detective Bureau." "Whitie's" bull dog, Spikes' mongrel, and Damon became reconciled to Cerberus and shared the sop which new-comers threw to them. STUCK Ui. du 3bglI of the Stgx. LITTLE group of Shades were standing on Pier 13, River Styx,awaiting the coming of Clxaron's naphtha launch with his passengers and the daily papers. A lively discussion was going on between Sh lkespeare and Mr. Dooley over the South African " unpleasantnessf' Shakespeare declared that the Boers owed their success to the support of Richard Harding Davis. " Yis,,' added Nlr. Dooley, " but if Ted.ly ud been there, he'd uve bruk into Lady- smith all by his lonesome, wid n rthin' but a can-opener and a tooth-brush. Teddy's got a nz-m-monopoly on heroism thot a Tammany heeler couldn't lil't.'l H Zounds, Sir," interrupted the Hero ofthe Historical Novel, clad in a rapierand a com- manding presence, " Prythee, who is this catilif, Roosevelt? Slleath, you forget that singlehanded l defeated the llowgr of the English army, armed with only a fountain pen and a modern publisher, and that it ranvinto ten editions ate-" Here Becky Sharp winked at Aristotle, who hummed "Just Because She Made Those Goo Goo Eyes," to hide his emotion. The Hero, seeing this, turned haughtily on his heel tonly heroes can do this, and no amateur should attempt itb and striding off, stepped on Cerberu:f's tail. '05 " We are n't in his class," muttered Mr. Dooley, H M-m-m-m-maybe we're too shady," suggested Charles Lamb, as he dodged a cabbage thrown by Geo. Washington Aguinaldo. The whistle of the approaching launch now drew the attention of the distinguished company and all eyes were on Charon, who was making signals of distress, while sounds of tumult came from the cabin of the launch. " 'l'unt-fire dest la dame :Nat1km.' " cried Jeanne d'Arc. At this suggestion Falstaff fled and Mr. Dooley picked up a brick. " N m, ut ain't Carrie,"' said Dooley, with a sigh of relief: " by th' cigaroot smoke 't is a collidge jay." " Wonder ef he'll swap hosses ? " whispered Harum to Shylock. Charon hastily climbed up on the pier, evidently in a state of pinic. " Phwat 's he bin doin' t' ye?" asked Mr. Dooley. "Gadzooks, ferryman, what ailest thee? Where got'st thou that goose look?" cried the Bard of Avon, unconsciously quoting from "Macbeth," a breach of good taste unpardonable. " The gods preserve me," gasped Charon, U I never carried such a passenger before. When I brought Aguinaldo over and he died three times in fifteen minutes l was ready to resign g but this-ll " ls it bughouse ? " asked Dooley. " Search me? " said Charon, in his agitation dropping into slang. " He hailed me on the other side and asked for a reserved seat and a return ticket. l told him that this was n't a slumming expedition and that he was in for keeps. Soon 's I locked him in the cabin he took off his coat and lit a cigarette. l told him that the bottomless pit did the smoking down here and that he 'd either put it out or I 'd put him overboard. He told me to go to Kansas-that he'd got out of worse Styx than this, and then he threw the spitoon through the window at me. " " Here it comes now," whispered Queen Elizabeth. " ls my hat on straight? " Mr. Dooley picked up another brick, saying, " lf he looke.l hungrier l'd take him for a book agent." An elongated form in pink and yellow socks and a strenuous necktie came out of the Cabin. His face brightened as he looked down on the pier an.l saw the crowd of curious Shades He shook himself, cleared his throat and began : " Fellows, we have very brightprospects for next season. We're going to have a bang-up coach "-Jessie James and Dick Turpin smiled-" and there is no reason why we should not have the most successful seaszma we ever kne.v "-Shakespeare, who had been pensively tieing the Hero's wig to Jeanne d' Arc's back-braid, looked up quickly, thinking that a theatrical manager had arrived-J' for," went on the speaker, " we 've got the best tean: that we ever had, and we're sure to beat Will-" A sudden rush, a patter of feet, and the speaker looked down and saw only Baron Nlunchausen and Ananias, eagerly watching him. 7 " Go on, old man," encouraged the Baron. " You're all right! Those fellows won t even listen to me, and the other day they told Ananias to go and get a reputation. But you 've got them on the run. Go on ! " 196 " Now we want you fellows," went on the orator, " to come up this morning"- the Baron's jaw dropped-" we 've got to have at least 3700.00 H-a shriek rang out as Ananias fell off the pier and took an involuntary sulphur bath-' the collectors will go around-" The Baron fell in a dead faint with his hand tightly clasped over his pocket. " They did n't give me a ghost of a show," muttered the solitary shade lighting his steenth cigarette. ln the dim, hazy distance a German hand struck up " lf You Have n't Any Money You Need n't Come Around." 7 F. H. POWELL, IQOX. Elie parable of the Glen Stubents. I. Then shall the kingdom of Prexie be likened unto ten students, who bought them pails to fill with water for the morrow. 2. And five of thfm were wise, and five were foolish. 3. They that were foolish left their pails empty. 4. But the wise brought up water in their pails. 5. While the hell was quiet they all slumlvered and slept. 6. And at 7.40 A. M. there was a great ringing, " Arise, go ye out to chapel." . Then all those students arose and looked into their pails. . And the foolish said unto the wise, "Give us of your water, for our pails are empty. " 0. But the wise answered, saying, " Not so, lest there he not enough for us and you 1 but go ye rather down and get water for yourselves." io. And while they went down for it, the bell ceased to toll, and they that were washed and ready went into chapel : and the door was shut. ii. Afterwards came also the other students, saying, " Prexie, Prexie ! open to us." 12. But he answered and said, " Verily, I say unto you. I know ye-ye are 'stuck.' " T. DEL. C., 1902. 7 8 197 rf? Mr- l ,fe- SOllfbCI'll 'w fxfv I' fi, Spring. if .na-f'- 4 ""' V I .v , v I1 X - L .r 1' L , '.,.,.'- A " . .'i"'- -,f".,"L.s ,rl 1?a., J 4 Mfg, 'iiifi f iffifsl lf?71!'5if i2.4 f its. T jgflf ny, ,wi 5 ,,' K: , WET: i f T T ,ff 'f' Milly 'l'f'f2 i .WTGQ4 l,5,,:,, 4 'ii J ar-" .CHQ '. d.,1,i,gf,i,. ' f, -"5ZQgj'. 1 . W . -,1 . L 'I-cf, I The zephyrs whisper through the towering pines, The bubbling brook llows noisily thro' the len, The stxlgs, together with their gentle hintls, Seek solitude, for from the haunts of men. ll 'l he giant live onks lift their vertlzmt hencls, The j:rs'mines one their heavenly scented tlowers The wild chick thro' the mzirsh her young brood lexicls, Wistnrixl clothes the woocl with purple bowers. 7 " 1 lll From the tree-tops wnrblers tell their story, The mocking bircl his vnrietl praises sings, Roses bloom in :ill their gorgeous glory, And :Ill the world with joyous voices rings. IV The 'gzxiotrs sun themselves in hitlclen nooks, From thickets comes the squirrel's wary call, Wiltl violets bloom beside the pnrling brook, . Anti Nature is in hzlrmony with ull, "A REBEL." o..H.fvJb.dte. a ll 198 J G Sununcr Dag. The day is hot, no breezes blow 5 No clouds along the mountains show. The air is still. A dull red haze Has been at sunset seen for days. The sun beats down with fervid ray, The landscape shimniers o'er the way. The robin at the " Willow Spring," With open beak and drooping wing, Scatters about a mimic shower, 'llilqipg fl bath at noon's high hour. Down the path for a pail of water Trips the l'armer's rosy daughter. The farm boy and his sweating team A thunderstorm, a boon would deem. The farmer sees with much unrest A storm appearing in the west, And wishes for another day ln which to gather in the hay. The llocks all seek the deepest shades And even Rover, from his raids On meadow mole, or chipmunk slim, Or on the old gray woodchuck grim, Lies panting down with lolling tongue 5 Under the bush where the coats are hung. The children from the school let out Run round with merry joyous shout. The crooked willow old and gaunt ls ever a delightful haunt, Whose spreading branches formed a sp Where all the boys could tind a place. They care not though the day be hot, But play about the schoolhouse lot ZICC At " prisoner," " hatballf' " three old cat," " Duck on a rock." or after that The boys and girls would form and sing About the one within the ring. T90 Now rings the bell and in they troop, With many a laugh and shout and whoop Their merry voices soon are still, Obedient to the masters will, While in the yard the tree toads sing With all their might the rain to bring. Now o'er the face of Nature fair There creeps a change, the sultry air Hangs still as death. No song of bird Except red robin now is heard ln greeting to the welcome rain That soon will patter on the pane. The rush of wind is heard anon, A cloud of dust goes whirling on, The silly cattle seek some tree Which by the lightning struck may be. With greater sense the horse is blest, And turns his tail to the threatening West The sun now hides behind the clouds That all the western sky enshrouds. The muttering thunder deep and low Increases with each fiery glow 1 On moves the storm, an armed band, And darkness covers all the land. A sudden vivid lightning's tlash, Quick followed by the thunder's crash, That wakes the echoes all around And like an earthquake shakes the ground A moment's silence, then the rain ls seen advancing o'er the plain. The trees all bend before tne blast, Belated travelers hurry past, The team just gains the old red barn ln time to save the hay from harm, As down in torrents falls the rain, Making a brook of the pasture lane. The thunder bellows overhead, The lightning gleams an angry red, The wind goes by with roaring sound, The raindrops kiss the thirsty ground The storm rolls on, a scattered band, And leaves behind a smiling land. 1 200 The rainbow in the eastern sky Rests on the purple mountains high, A cool delicious fragrant breeze Winds in and out among the trees. Down sinks the sun in crimson sheen, And twilight settles o'er the scene. VVALDRON ALLEN STEARNS, M. D., A. M. C., IQOO. Bolts. Bolts may be divided into 'four classes. The first class is described by Dickens in Chap. ll of "Great Expectations," as follows: M You know, old chap," said Joe, looking at me, and not at Nlrs. Joe, with his bite still in his cheek, " that l Bolted myself, when l was your age-frequent-and as a boy l'Ve been 1111101155 1'n:l11y B0lte1'S: but l never See your bolting equal yet, Pip, and its a mercy you ain't Bolted dead. The Bolt as described by Dickens may be observed thirty seconds before the last bell in the morning. The second kind of Bolt is used on the inside of class-room doors. Its chief use is to get out of order and furnish Supt. of Public Works Clute with something to drive dull care away. lncidentally, these Bolts are used to keep the cows from breaking into the class- rooms. The third class of Bolts is more commonly known as a class-bolt. It is a spontaneous movement among a number of students and arises from two motives. The first, a generous desire to save the Professor from the effects of overwork: and the second, a struggle to see who can get out of sight first. Class Bolts flourish in the gentle spring, and in times of National peril, such as speeches by Roosevelt or Bryan. The last class includes what are termed by poets " Thunderbolts," and are considered very striking. No poet ever saw one, though, and a long suffering Providence has refrained from wasting them on the poets. The "thunderbolt" has the peculiar property of coming from a clear sky. lt sounds like this: "The business of the college cannot be interfered with in this way. Yesterday's ' Bolt' will be counted as a 'zero' and will be considered as cancellingall other Bolts. Mr. --will please begin at the top of page 16. ' F. H. POWELL, 'o3. 201 Un 'lncibent Yes, you :Ind I, Itwere but we Iwo, Went rowing in :1 smnll canoe. I, to be sure, took up the onr And in zu moment, it was :1 bore, Then turning to you, my dearest fI'It'lkI 3 I zlslced, H Hnvc you n hnnd to lend? " N0 sir-ree-bob? no hnnd for you. You can puddle your own cnnoef J.I: P,ol 202 LT Cfctlc with o .lTo1'al. IDNCE there came unto a certain college in the land a young man ol great promise and high attainlneuts. Especially in the matter ol' classics was he a tauriant youth with a vitreous ocular. He could knock the spots ol'l' a croolted passage from any such old lu:nie-favorites as Homer, Plato or lhucydides. ln Latin he rode an automolwile and distanced all who ventered against him I'or the stalie money. Verily in Latin was he a winner and it was sale to het your last red on the young man 0. G. P. A. H. A. Clhese stand lor " of great promise and high attainments."j And herehy hangs the tale. There was in the same college an humhle and unoflending engineer. Yes, a dispised and meeli engineer! He was nevertheless possessed ol' much ol' that faculty which the young man O. G. P. A H. A. lacked. Now in the process ol' time in order to luring all to the point of this discourse, the hmnhle and unoI'l'ending engineer hethought him ol' a famous Latin quotation hy which he h'n.l m'l.le many to stumhle in his ptnlmy days when he had not lveen a dispisecl and meek engineer hut a classical student in a prep. school. This verse reads as follows: lsa hilli heres ago Fortihus es in aro. Noces mari 'l'hehe trux. Votis inem pesan duX. The H. A. U. engineer hrought unto this tauriant youth with the vitreous ocular and hesought ol' him the interpretation thereof. Longand earnestly did the classical wonder ponder over this verse. He at length told the engineer that some ol' the words were evidently archaic l,atin and he would have to looli them up in a larger dictionary in the college lihrary. He desired lirst to know ahoul the spelling, whether the engineer was positive that he had written down the words correctly. On heing inl'orme.l that the H. A. U. engineer was not positive ahout all the words because he had written them down from memory, the young luan O. ti. P. A. H. A. inunediately set forth for the lihrary to puzzle his massive intellect over his archaeological lind. Meanwhile there came to the room ol' the dispised engineer a young man whose knowledge ofthe classics was largely ol' the equestrian order, who inunediately at sight translated the above vers: as lollows: l say, Billy, here's a go, Forty husses in a row. " No,' says Nlary, " they he trucks." " Vot is in 'c-ni?" " Peas and ducks." NlORAL,-The use ol' a horse is an aid to classical study. , S. L., og. 205 Qc tiowc that pusscb in gc lliglptc. Ho l ye Fzxcultie and Students, Ho l Whilst l relzete, ye Nlysterie of ye wnntom hexlstie ! A cowe One nighte upon ye campus Strzlyed. CCowes oftimes doe, ye know ful weelb Ye hitynige windes upon ye Pillnred wolles, Ye Swellynge dome illlll ye poore Cowe ulylt did hlow ful hnrd. " A shelter Must this hytter nigghte he found," Lowed she. " Whzit efer ye consequences ure. Ye Rede Buildynge Yonder looms up in grxmdeur. Thither l'll hie me with grete speede. Forsooth there zu Doore Huth hlown :1j:u',:nnd inside l'll Sny me down to slept-." . And so lt czune to passe that lor ye nighte " Freddie's " Room wus occupyetl- Nluch oecupyed :ls Goodniun Clute will seye. Now, in this czise Cos So often hzlppeuethb Ye innocente :gre suspected. Ye Fucultie thought it to he ye lzuilte Of ye Student Boyes, And to lllilli due zxpologyes, they were demzrnded. Up roos ll nohle Senior Before ye College Nleetynge. Quoth he: " l doe yow zldvyse Thzlt this worde unto ye Fzxeultie he sent: " We regret Ye nation of ye Cowe. " T. DEL 204 f viii iii? , 3 , ,,, W Yi X553 '1,, .X,N i' f K iiiiilki j i iixix ff 1 iii 5' f i Eine Qicbcgcsung. A! Mcin liuhes Hcrzchcn, ich lieh' dich imim-1' mehr, Mehr :ils die scliuene Mrleulchcn Ich sehe hin und her. Nun kzmnst du nicht vcrstehch Wie vicl ich liche dich 5 Mein Hcrz wurd hnld erste? en Wenn du wurdst lichen mich. S. 205 B. H., JR., 1 Glbmtg llicblcul Qlollcgc. Tis of ancient huiltl ancl its sills are mill'cl With the scars ul' many a lcnile, ln the hancls ol' youths wlm'x'e imhihecl a few truths Ancl gune to prey upon life. lts walls are ulcl :intl keep out the celcl As a seive wuultl keep nut snow: While the warpetl llunrs ancl tlecrepit tluurs lnvite the tlraug.5hts tu hluw. The parasite, rust, :intl the aeruhe. tlust, Have gathered as uit they tln, On n1em'ry and huulc as we tincl when we luuli lltll'Stlll1Clllll'lQfWCllltltlglllXYC knew. The museun!'s1ill'tl from the Iieltl that's till'tl By tincture aucl pill :incl linile, Ancl reaped with the scythe in the hancl su hlythe Ol' the great cullectur of Life. Such useful truck as a mounted huclc, Moth-eaten and falling: apart. A centre-case groans llltfillll an elephant's huues, Antl horses arrangetl a la carte. The campus is witle as a tape-xvurm's hitleg As lung as a wisp ul' hay, Ancl the college exterior is nu-wise superior Tu a haru that's gone tu tlecay. But it's all weve gut ancl aruuncl that spot, Hangs a halu ul' I1lClll.I'lCS clear, While age ancl clelect hut increase nur respect As they gather lruiii year to year. Here lmnwleclge is sown :incl sheepslcins muwn g Shape comes to our futurels foam, And therels never a grumhle for however humble 'I'here's no place like our hmne. 206 Ullpc Sow. 'THE cow helnngs tn the genus hnlnn, :is :1 rule, nlthnngh in some pzlrts of the country Lg there :ire wilcl cmvs thnt cInn't helnng to :inyhncly in pz1rticnl:lr. They usually in- hnhit lnrlnynrcls, hnt :ure nlten sccn in stnclt y ntl ' l ti the cxnnpns. ' .' " : ' s :incl riding., on l'!llll'tl1lk ':1ins, nr nn Frnm the cow we nhtnin ice creznn, cnnnecl corn-heel, mill:-shakes :incl limhnrger cheese. l-low little tlnes the tlwnglitless wnrltling, :ls he nihhles his Welsh rznrehitzinct sips his mill:-punch, cnnsicler hnw ninch he is intlehtecl for these lnxnries tn the patient, gentle cfm' grnzing in ynnclercullege pzustnre. The cow selclnm tlies zu nntnrnl tlezith, unless struck hy lightning nr il l'nstt'reig.fl1t. lt is llillll tn cleterlnine whzit the nvernge length nl' lite nl' the cow is, some will :lverzige Iilteen tn twenty years, nthers will :iverzige only Your nr live weeks, heing converted into vezil tlnring their innocent cull'-linncl clnys. Cows :ire very fontl nl' their cnlves :incl will lllllLll'Il hitterly when cleprivecl of their society. Cnws :ire snitl tn have lnnr stninnchs: ilnnggine having the stoinncli-:Ache in :lll lnnr :lt nnce. l :nn glntl l :nn nut :l cttw. L. H. LT Dunltatic Situation in tDnc Gct. DRAMATIS PERSONAIE. MR. A. CSll!fi'I'I'lIIQ'4fl'0Hl ml allavk Qflllt' 'll T'x.b UR. Fl. Qf4lh'1m'a11l jvlgys1'r1l11l.l A mom Ill llzt' lx'ullngg'Ho1rst'. Twin, alum! um' flour twer rlnsuQfro1m'rl gfvwl in I.ow'v1'llu 131' Hit' Umlm f.'t7Ht?',Q'i' Mzrxfmvl tflxsoulllllbll. f'7Vlr. fH. 1'x.w'll1'1lg1lp 1'11In'da1m' 1k at'l1i'f'll'f1lgag'L'd in ".m'1'11Iq' flllllIQ'S... 'Dlx 'l3. fx flfl'l'll.1j' 101111111 llfm. !ll,!i1'xl an l.IltfliYll.lIt'f l'0dI'Ill.Q' zlozlw :Iv heard, wbzkb gfdtfllalll' l'llt'l't't1Sn'S t111d11v-filmlllf 1'11lv1'jvolnlm' will: t'I'tlXllll1.Q qf'g'lt1sx, lvrmzklllg' Qf.Hn'u111n'u, and wllx Qf'H1lkall, Hlrkdfl, Hllknlr. MR. A. Hush! Cl.11cm1s i11luull1'.j IDR. B. Never niincl, never mind l tdszlii-J I-lezivens ! MR. A. Cjqrozrxlvl Well, we've :lll get 'en1. Clizlls bark upon llw pillow 101711 a lmjvfyx' smile, and v11rlt11'11jlzllx.D 207 CDDQ to the Dcpartcb. Damon, once faithful guxirdiun, Of Union's szicred ground, For thee, nlns, we vziinly mourn, For thou thy grave host found. We knew where Prexy could he found, For thou wert ever nenr, Sometimes with joy we sziw thy form, Sometimes with douht :ind fezir. We think that in the hetter lnnd, Where dogs :ire gay :md free, 'l'hou'll howl among the canine choir, With hlissful melody. O, happy Dzlmon that thou nrt, Guileless, without defect, Sometimes we wish we were with thee, Among the dog-elect. But here thy memory 'ere will live, Rejoice thyself with thnt, Of thee it hzuth heen truly said: H Canis holms l'l'L1I'--N G- P., og Qfmmbling Germs. The lndizin crept up to the girl, The girl was lcnezxding hrezxd, She, turning, tlung it in his fzxce, And lost her dough on the red. ZA-ZA 208 Discatoria. There were bigger fishes in those days, or else there were bigger liars. A four pound and a-half brook trout would be considered remarkable nowadays, l suppose, but like a thirty-nine cent bargain, it shows too nice a striving after exact mathematics. Fish and bargain alike seem factitious. They are both lies of the realistic sort, like counterfeit greenbacks, and they offend us for the same reason. We like not this presentment of authenticity. We hate these H l hope to die it's so " fellows. We want liars that we can depend upon. Give us a frank I':'LfIlt'fltJ .ni l.lllfVI.VS1T7lTl', for that is as irreproachable as the decalogue. Lucian and his friends had been spending a few weeks in the moon with King Endymion, but that is a different story. Finally, however, they set sail, for their ship was as good a Ilier in the air as it was on the water. They passed sundry planets which have since been removed by Copernicus and others, made a short stop at Lantern City, which some centuries later was taken to France and remodeled by Rabelais, and in four days came to the earth. Fortunately they were headed for the sea, and fortunately too, the wind fell, so that they settled down into the water very gently. The weather was so calm and the sea so smooth that they celebrated by jumping in and having a good swim. "However," says Lucian "things are not always what they seem. We sailed on merrily enough for two days, but toward sunrise on the third day we suddenly saw a lot of great beasts, sea monsters. One of them, the largest of all, was over a hundred miles long, l should think. He was coming our way with his mouth open, lashing the sea into foam all about hiln, and showing his great teeth, sharp as stakes, white as ivory. We said an all-round good-bye and waited, but only for a moment. He bore down upon us in a twinkling and swallowed us, ship and all. Fortunately we got past his teeth before he closed his mouth, and the ship slid down inside of him." " Once we were inside, it was pitch-dark, and we couldnlt see a thing at tirstg but pre- sently, when the fish opened his mouth, we could see a great cavern, broad and high, big enough to hold all Amsterdam. All about lay little fishesand bodies of lots of othercreatures, and sails and anchors, and bones of men, andships' freight, in the middle there was land and some hills, formed, l thought, by the settling of the mud he swallowed. There was a wood growing there, of all kinds ol' trees, and there were some vegetables that had sprout- ed, indeed the whole place looked as if it had been cultivated. lt was some twenty-tive miles around this tract. Sea birds were nesting in the trees, gull and kingfishers." " All this interested us at tirst, but by and by we began to realizeour plight. lt was a pretty how-do-you-do, and we didn't much fancy it. lndeed we were rather glum over it, 209 Finally, however, I roused up my companions and we put some props under the boat. Then they kindled a tire by rubbing sticks together, and we got ready a meal from what was at hand. There was tish enough about, of course, and we still had some water that we had brought from Lucifer." " The next day whenever the fish opened his mouth, we could see, now a shore, now mountains, now only the sky, oftentimes islands. He was evidently carrying us all about the sea, ata great rate. When we had finally got a bit used to the situation, l took seven of my companions, and went into the woods to reconnoitre. l had scarcely gone half a mile before I came to the telnple of Poseidon Cthat was evident from the inscription on ith and not long afterwards to a number of graves with gravestones over them. Nearby we found a spring of sparkling water. Soon we heard a dog bark, and saw smoke ahead and could make out a farm house." And so forth, and so forth, and so forth, a man and a boy and a garden, food and drink, strange adventures with strange folk such as never since have lived on land or sea or in fishes, an inward singeing of the beast with the help of a forest til'e, that made him give up the ghost, and finally a rather adroit escape through the last gasp. All this only goes to show that if you make the right kind of a fish you may putany kind ol' a stnl'Y WU please inside of him. A little audacity in the prelnises renders the whole lnatter simple. lf you make the tish's belly spacious, Jonah will be comfortable and so will you. You will not have to worry about the ventilation and the food and the water. A real accommodating fish like Lucian's will even open his mouth once an hour so that the inhabitants may be able to tell the time of day. Be a reliable liar. lJon't force us even to suspect that you are pretending to tell the truth. Q ti Clgiwrg. O, what was the odor so sweet and pervading, That spread from the class-rooms of late, And what was the perfume so strong and persuading Which had on our spirits such weight? And tell me the reason, my friend, if you learn all, Why the tutors were vexed at their rooms? Why the freshmen now meet with a wrangling infernal, Like the devils at work at their looms? And kindly elucidate whether at Union They're conducting a stock-farm or zoo? For the noises that greet one at every re-union Of classes is deafening too. Of the scents that were wafted from class-room to campus, CPlease answer such questions as these.j Did asafoetida labor its utmost to cramp us, Or was it the original cheese? S. LORD, 'o3. 'ZIO bw wwe, ef mn., ffm! ff , fi 5 qfl 'Ill kk. . 'jf I if NX Sh l A 4, -2 an "fwfr, A ,.'rJ""'l V71 S 555, .1 , -55? we G.-1130 it lf fn r fpcarts. l.uve huth tlunnetl his ggultlen quiver, He hanth grnspetl his silver hmv, 'llu the string :lu :irruxv Iittetl Antl :i hexlrt hzith he lvruuglit luxv. Nuw he lits :intl :iilns:1nuther, Cuines the suuntl ul' lWtlXVSll'lI15.flS twang. lire the huur hutl tlepzirtetl, These twu hexirts together sprringg. l.tlVL'XY1lSXN'l'lllL'I1 un their faces, l.uve wus written un eueh hezirt, Antl :nnitl the smiles ul' Cupid, They swore th':it they ne'er wuultl part. He wus strung thuugh she wus llZlll'Cl', Yet she lungetl I'ur pence .intl rest. Yen, she Cl'llVL'kl fur juy :intl fuuntl it, l.t'1lllll1l.f un her luver's hrezist. Lung :is 'l'iine sh:lll lllilliti his journeys, While the sun shines un nhuve, Nziught sh:1ll ever eume hetween them- Willing lll1ll'liS ul' winged Love. 2ll A TH. 3-4 0 Bcllncttiaml. Hoadley, 1'i'.1il1'1l,rg' in f'7Vl.n'ln'll1, " Hail, hail, hail l H Johnnie Bennett, "Yes, hail, hziil, hail! Nathan Hale! li.ln'.u'd Everett H " ll' auriqe Perkins Hale!!! ' Johnnie, in Junior Latin, translating, "Marius, though an exile, drinlis from " Hoy, t7lf",hi'tll'lillg' .11 Ihr door, " Where's that casli that you want toput thatalcoh " 3 Johnnie Caghast fora moment 5 iiC1lSli? I guess vou re mistaken in 'our mm 7 7 . lever get mine hy the demijohn. " Ifgnm to llnion, " Calmly there beside the Mohawlc, thronged with hopes and doulvts and She has sat in stately splendor, smiling through a hundred years. She. the mother ol' our learning, maker of a stalwart race, Union, Union, Alma Nlater, may she hold her honored place. ln the dim aisles of her forests we have wandered undismayed, Singing in the sumlner hreezes underneath the elm tl'ee's shade. We have seen the purple shadows gather 'round her laughing rills, Watched the crimson sunsets fading on the lovely western hills. Often on some halmy evening in a muflled undertone Came the voices of her singers seated on the grand, old stone, And the llames have hurned and sparklecl 'neath the heavens starry hlue, To commemorate the glory of some hattle won for you. Clothed in garments gray and ancient, heart unchanged hy 'l'ime's decay, May your sons uphold your honor, till at last there comes a day, When, like Plw.-nix, reinvested with a hetter, stronger youth, You, O Nlother, nohle hearted, shall he prosperous in truth. S. B. H. '62, S. B- H., Jr. 'o3. 212 fc ust B .A ccausc prof. Gslymorc lDorc bis Straw TUNIE-" .lust Because She Made Them Goo-Goo Eyes." A college prof whose name full well All Union students know, As soon as Parsons rings the hell To class would surely go. He is the prof, The prof of I.at. ast fall when it was getting.: cold, And frost had turned things white, e used to wear-so we are told! I guess we are told right, e used to wear A light straw hat, L H H CHORUS. Just hecause Prof. Ashmore wore l And hroke a college custom and a A message to him went, And he knew just what it meant, Just pecause Prof. Ashy wore his iis straw, law, straw. A message came to him one day By titty postal cards. The season's over, take away Your straw "-they tore off y Of kind advice. He took a fall. At tirst when Ashy read the lines He got most awfully mad, And then resolved to stick the grinds ln class and make them sad. Oh, that was nice, For one and all. ards CHORUS Just because Prof. Aslunore wore his straw, And hroke a college custom and a law, A message to him went, And he knew just what it meant. 'l'hat's the reason Ashy shed his straw. P. ra. Q. 2l3 1 aria. PERK.-" Nlr. Hoxie, what is the characteristic of an acid? " HOXIE.-H lt bites." PERK.-Y-e-s, so tloes a dog. Th-a-t will do." JIMMY.-"Mr. Finegan, how is melody produced in this poem ? " FINHGAN.-" It is protlucetl hy interlinear rhyme. " JIMMY.---H You must he thinking ot' something else, Mr. Fine-gan." FREDDIIE. tin Economicsj-" Nlr. Miller, give the titles ol' the chapters we study today? 'l Miller is silent. FREDDIE.--" Quite important, Mr. Miller. these titles." MILLER'-" Well, l know all the rest. " ASHY.-" What is nw' equivalent to? " CLARK.-6' And not." ASHY.-" Where is the unrl? " CLARK.-" In the fleet!-'b. DR. TOWNE, tin Freshmen Pl1ysiologyJ4-" Mr. Rutledge, will you tell us what a Cranium is?" RUTLEDGE.-" lt's a sort ol' a hox with a face on in front. " RIP.-" Mr. Hannay, in the time of Charlemagne when the men saw their leader sur- rounded tlitl they run away? 'l HANNAY.-H Yes." RIP.-" No, Mr. Hannay, you must not hring your own feelings into the ease." FRIEDDIE.---" Nlr. Parsons, give the name of a woman famous in French history at this time." PARSONS, Cafter some thoughtj, H The Dauphin." PERK.-H What state is oxygen found in, M-i-s' Kru'si?" KRUESI.-H New York Statef, OPPY, tin Meehanics,D "Give an example of a l.tll'CL'1lClllll,L' vertically on a hotly, Mr. Parker. ll PARKER.-" Leg-pulling." OPPY.---" Mr. Griltith, it' the upper ray of an image as it leaves the lens turns down, how will the bottom one turn ? " GRIP, tenthusiasticallyb. " Up." OPPY.-" No: it is not as a rainy tlay when one has his umbrella turnetl down anti his trousers turned up. " 2l4 V F ,fe ,L A cf I Q. I 'IW I I I ,K I Q3 ff- Q 1077- X Q! -Q UH A 2- 'IVV XI vi J , X y... 7 'Z 4 I I . I 5 , , gg ifiim' fijygg ff-. 'II 51 1. gg I r ,5 vol U K, I II, I Eocur Sroib. I sul beside :1 maiden fair, My eyes on lieu' were bent. I lunggeel to speak some pretty th Ol' luving sentiment. My cup ol' bliss is full 'quuth I, " Num' you 'tis jury lu live, ' The maiden lmsteneel to l't'II11lI'Ii, " Yuurcup is Iilce :l sieve." 215 ollgllt, G. I 31,0 CT SFCSTQIIICIII Drimcr. f.-lflflpfefl from IJIIQUIII' F1'f'lrI'si THE FRESHMAN. See the Freshman. He has just come to College and is 'Trying to looli as il' He had been Here for years. Can he deceive the other Students? No. See, some ol' them have Perceived him. Now they are Nlaking him remove his Violet-pillli and Vermillion socks. Perhaps they wish To see if his Name is on them. ' , THE FOOT BALL PLAYER. Behold the Foot Ball player. Fle on him for not having his Pantaloons cleaner! See the funny Bumps all over Him. They are to make him Look Terrible. His Nose has been bleeding and He has rubbed the Blood all over his Face and Clothes. Howcareless of him l Now he is l.imping off the Field. He will not limp when he is out of Sight ol' the Crowd. That is the way of Heroes. THE TUTE. What is this Object we see walking about on the Campus? ls it the Advance Agent oi a Show? No, it is :A Tute. What is a Tute? lt is a very Young and Hopeful creature who wishes some day To become a Professor. Will it dance? No, but it will March. Cxill it Tute and see what lt will do. It blushes to the Ends ol' its long Finger Nails. Fie, Fie, you should not Call it Tute, for it will Stick you. STICKS. Little Freshman, can you Tell me what this is? lt is a Stick. but not the Kind that you roll Hoops with. It is spelled N. S. Would you Like one? They are easy lo get. Take some nice soft Limburger Cheese and put in on the Prol'essor's lJesk. Now throw All the chairs out of the Window and open the Stove door. lf the professor Expresses any Curiousity in the matter next Day pretend that you Do not hear. l'erhaps you May get a Stick. See those Fellows getting on the Choo-Choo cars? They have Got lots of Sticks. Now They think They will go Home for a while. THE LADIES. See the Ladies. They are Employed in the proiessor's Household. How nice and friendly They are. You need not Be introduced. Just stand in the Door-way and talk with 216 Them. They are nice and jolly. Hark, I think the Professor is coming. Have you Not an engagement to Read your Iissay this hour? THE ROUND BUILDING. Do you see that Beautiful huilding? It is nott Memorial hall. Notice the Stained- Glfsss windows and granite Columns. What a high Dome it has ! It is not Heated with Stoves like some of the Old buildings. It cost a Lot of money. What is it Used for? Why dear Me, Freshmen should Not ask impertinent Questions. THE IDOL. Now, many of Us are christians here And yet we have an Idol. Isn't it Prettily painted? Freshman Langlois painted it So prettily. Could you Paint it as well? Iwonder if you could Climh up on its Head. Perhaps, il' you Were helped from Below. Maybe you Will have a Chance to try. A SOPHOMORE. Caruntbo. Ol' him, we write Who fought harsh Spain for love OI Ireedtmm,--CuIwa's right, Defending home he strove. Caramba ! To this fair vale, To Alma IVIater's home Came he, inspired to sail Through learning's sparkling foam. Caramha I I A maid he knew, And nice red hair had she,- A heartfelt sigh she drew, " Oh you're the man for me ! " Caramha ! ! I " I'll he a rapt Fond wil'e,vjust marry me ! " Astonished, H NIE?" he gasped, " NAY, SIS, I'lI stay free. Caramha I! ! I " T. DEL. C., 702. 217 Sketch of the "G5ctrnet." fFROM ,QQ GARNET wiTH ADDITIONSJ I I YR. VOLUME. DEDICATED TO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. BUSINESS MANAGER. 1883 XXVIII No dedication. F. Burton, .cl Q. F. Burton, AI Q. 1384 XXIX No dedication. Benj. G. Chisolm, 5 Q. Charles A. Kitts, ll' T. 1885 XXX No dedication. Alvin B. Bishop, li 'Fl II. Everett Fowler, A A Q. 1886 XXXI The Idol. Edwin C. Angle, K A. V E Jesse M. Mosher, II' T. 1887 XXXII Unionis Coming President. Charles F. Bridge, 'I' T. , Francis X. Ransdell, 11 Q. 1888 XXXIII Henry Whitehorne. Edward P. Towne. J Q. Francis D. Lewis, B19 II. 1889 XXXIV The Dorpian Damsels. Nlichael Nolan, Q 1-I J. I Charles H. Flanigan, :I 1' 1890 XXXV Dr. Harrison E. Webster. W. S, Cgiggitiy, B I-1 II, I Clarence Johnson, A 11 Q 1391 XXXVI Hnitlnfs Alumni. H. W. Preston, K .'l. 1 H. W. Briggs, Q J 151, 1 Q2 o ssue. 5 9 1893 XXXVII Gen. Daniel Butterfield. W. B. Lippincott, .el J Q. , J. C. NlcAlpine. 13 "1 U. 1894 XXXVIII Dr. Maurice Perkins. Douglas Campbell, E Q. 1 H. L. Cooke, Ll Q. 9 1895 XXXIX Hon. John H. Starin. W. L. Sawyer, 'I' T. i NV. S. McEwan, B "I H. 1896 XL Thomas W. Wright. A. L. Peckham. .Y 'l'. i W. H. Hall, 13 "I U. Y 1897 XLI Dr. Andrew V. V. Raymond. Hiram C. Todd. J SP. 1 Harry P. VVillis, Q J "L 1898 XLll Sidney G. Ashmore. Charles D. Griffith. Q .I 141. v Willis E. Merriman. Jr., Y' 1 1899 XLlll James Reagles Truax. F. Roy Campion, 13 lil II. j Chauncey French, Q F 41. IQOO XLIV Dr. Alhert Vander Veer. Seward H. French, Q F J. ' Eugene M. Sanders, AI If 1901 XLV John lra Bennett. John E. Parker KA. J I Leroy J. Weed, Y' T. 1902 XLVI Hon. Horace B. Silliman. John D. Guthrie, E Q. 1 Harry C. Hoyt, .I J Q. Until the issue of volume XXVIII by the class of 1883, the Garnet, which derives its name from Union's college color, had no officers known as Editor-in-chief or Business Manager. Hitherto the annual had been a pamphlet-like publication issued by the five fraternities-Kappa Alpha, Sigma Phi. Delta Phi, Psi Upsilon and Alpha Delta Phi-until the Garnet of the class of 782 when Beta Theta Pi was admitted to the tive, Kappa Alph:1 having no representative upon that board of Editors. The order of successionof the Garnet's editor-in-chief is that it shall be in the orderof establishment of fraternities. lf a new fraternity is established it shall not have an editor-in-chief until all other fraternities have had their turn and its turn comes in order of establishment. A fraternity failing of a member, 'a sophomore at the spring term, at the time of organization of the Garnet Board, shall forfeit its claim to chief editor for one complete revolution of the office. ..- x mf , 5 N fu 31 f, ll L X, X W H 7,- W Q Qimmf nmn 'Q - ' 1 4 Seniors. " IVe are-and there are mme beside us." BAHLER.-" Man delights me not, no, nor woman either." BENTON.-" Let every man be master of his time. " Hl:NNliTT.A" That this too too solid llesh would melt: Thaw, and resolve into a dew. CHEISSBOR HUGH-" And yet it is almost against my cons:ience." COOK -" Every man is as God made him, and oftentimes :i great deal more." GOLDEN. -" Trust not too much to an enchanting face." LUDDEN.-" lt has been my main endeavor Throughout my college course, To sport b'gosh : drink ginger pop, Be tough, you know, and horse. " MILl.ER.e" He is too picked, too spruce, too atyfected, too odd." MINKIN.-" The superiority of some men is merely local. They are great because their as- sociates are little." NEFF.-" lt is very difficult to grow old gracefully." SHELLEY.-" Hearken and you shall discover his thoughts by his song." SLACK.-H Appearances to save his only careg So things seem right, no matter what they are." SUMERISKI.-" Lose not thine own for want of asking for it: 'twill get thee no thanks." VAN WORMER.-" The only credulity of an honest m:m is credulity." WAGONER.-" The extreme pleasure we take in talking of ourselves should make us fear that we give very little to those who listen to us. " WARNER.-" The time is out of joint: O, cursed spite, That ever l was born to set it right." WEED.--" We know not what to say." WIGHT.-" Remember your own youth." 220 31l1liO1'5. " Th-ey sit '1nm1.g.fet men, like descewlml p:'.i.- 5 They have fl Itriml of honor sets llwn. r:j,', More than cz mortul seeming," ADAMS.-" And still they gazed and still the wonder grew. That one small head could carry all he knew. ii BEST.-" The Lord have pity on a married man " BO'l'HWEI.l..-" Patience and shuffle the cards. " CARVER.-" He is a man, talce him for all in all. " COFFIN.-" Curiosity thy name is Teddy lnquisitiveness thy name is Coftin. " COWELL.-" The prototype of thy hrother." CRAIN.-" Nlethought l heard a voice." CRIM.-" An understanding simple and unschooled. " GILLESPIE.-" There are more things in heaven and earth Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." HINMAN.--lt is the height of art to conceal art.'i METZGER.-H l feel within me A peace ahove all earthly dignitiesg A still and quiet conscience." PARSONS.-'A To husiness that we love, we rise betimes, And goto it with delight." RUSSUM.-L' He could raise scruples dark and nice Y And after solve 'em in a trice. ' SMALL.--" Shall l, wasting in despair, Die, because a woman's fair? " SOUTH.-H Would l were a missionary on the plains of Timbuctoo." STILES.-"'l'l1el'e's something in his soul O'er which his melancholy sits on brood." THEBO.-L' 'l he dead to the hier and the living to good beer." R. C. YATES.-" Won't you call me Robert just once before you go ? " W. S. YATES.-" T'is death to me to he at enmity, ' l hate it, and desire all men's love." 221 " . DODIQOITIOPCS. " Urn' seas more devils than 1-ast hells can hold." BARRETT.-" We'II teach you to drink deep, 'ere you depart." BISHOP.-Nor Iish, nor llesh, nor good red herring, but plain hayseed." BLOCH.--H Self-praise depreciatesf' BOLLESMH A saint may sometimes suffer for a sinner." BORST.+" We have not wings. we cannot soar, But we have feet to scale and climb. 'I COLLIER.-" With every change his features played As aspens show their light and shadef' DALIEY.-" How weary, stale, flat, afid unprofitable Seem to me all the uses of the world." DELBRIDGE.-H Last year's. " DICKISNSON.-" Reputation, reputation, reputation, Oh, I have lost my reputation." G DONNAN r Rf DONNAN: I-" The long and short of it." FENSTl5R.v" He raps his pate and fancies wit will come,- Knock as you will, there's nobody at home." GALl.EGHER.-" Many persons carry about their characters in their hands: der their feet. " GILLETTE:-" He looks as fresh as morning roses newly-washed in dew." GULNAC.-" But who I am, or where, or from what cause, I know not." it I " When iiatterers meet the devil goes to dinner. " HOXIE.-4" This earth is hut a desert drearg Heaven is my home." HULSAPPLE.-" Silence does not always mark wisdom." HUNT.Y" A Ilirtish youth of light and tuneful mind, With voice like sign-boards screeching in the wind." 222 not a few un KESSLER.-" Your words :ire like the notes ol' dying swzlns-too sweet to l:1st.', KREUGER.-" lllx' words ily up, my thoughts remain lwelow: Words without thoughts never to Heaven go." KRUESI.--" Then he will tzllk-Ye Gods, how he will t:llki " MULNANEY.-" As tedious :is :l twice-toldt:1le." PARKER.-" Time will discoverfl A. D. PECK.-" With :ln :1wkw:u'd gait, stretched neck :ind silly store." A. S. PECK.-" All great men :ire in some degree inspired." REYNOLDS.-" With 'is silly neck :1-hohhin' like il hzlsket full o' snakes." ROY.---H None hut :1 fool is :always rightf' TAYLOR.-"The l'I10l'C1ll1yt7I'lC speaks of himself, the less he likes to hear :mother Spoken of." x VAN LOON.-" A violet in the youth of nrimy n:1ture.' 'l'll.l.OTT.-" E'en though the l.:ltin class may holt, And none go round suve me, Yet Ashy's leg I gently null- Nly ggzune he does nt see." WEED.-"AffeCt1ltifil1 is the devil." WELLS.-" Fit for the mountains und h:u'h'rous caves. Where mznnncrs ne'er were preached." , elf ' l -. . , ., 'fi'-5' ' E . yn ' i H fl J 1. 1 rl I I . I Q . my l ri- I 223 Srcslpincn. " Thy years ore few, Ihju foriu. 'fs Iron. f1'llyfr1w- 'is juir. and Hum url fjI'1'4"ll.' BENIN ING.-" Lilels but a walking shaclow." BRAND.-" No one ever arrived suclclenly at the summit of vice. BUTTS.-" A living cleacl man." CONINE.-"Oh, he's as teclious as a tirecl horse. a railing wife, Worse than a smoky house." CONWAY.--" Very like a whale." COOL.-H O, simplicity ancl innocence! O, milk anti water l " COWELL.-" Minglecl with men, a man thou must appear. " DARBY.-" Conceit in weakest bodies strongest works." DONHAUSER.-" There can be no kernel in this light nutq The soul of this man is in his clothes." DREES.-" When the 'art'-macle recruity comes to the east 'E acts like a babe an' 'e cirinks like a beast." GLUTZBECK.-" My conscience has a thousantl clitterent tongues, I And every tongue brings in a clilyferent tale Anti every tale conclemns me fora villi'.n." CREEN.-K' Oh. when shall I visit the lancl of my birth, The loveliest lantl on the face of the earth." GREEMAN.-H He's a tlevil an' an ostrich an' a orphan chilcl in one." LANGLOIS.-" The heathen in his blinclness boxvs clown to woocl antl stone LAWSING.-"Cupicl's own." LOVELOCK.M" Too much gravity argues a shallow mind." LOWENSTEIN.--" You are the hare of whom the proverb goes, Whose valor plucks cleacl lions by the bearcl. " HAYS.-" Too well, too well, thou tell'st a tale so ill. " MOLONY.-" Go, prick thy face and over-recl thy fear, Those linen cheeks ol' thine are counsellors to fear." MULLENNEAUX.-" He's a claisy, he's a clucky, he's a lamb l He's ll inclia-rubber icliot on the spree. ' MURPHY.-" On nature Llo not lay the blame But rather on the place from which he came." PALMER.-" Howe'er it be l cannot but be sad." vw EVAQTSSEBRTQ " l ni a winner." RUTLEDGE.-" Where art thou, mistress ol' my heart ?" SHERRILL.-" For the apparel oft proclaims the man." 224 Zlicbical G5rinbs. bcniors. GRIFFIN, MAI.IGNANT.A--" Did the cruiser sheer fmin the straight, lHl'tl1lLl way?" GRIFFIN, BIENIGN.-" VV1lClIllIZIIl,S secfnitl :Issist:Int. H KEI.l.EY.A" A DlIW6l'flll bluH." SMITH.-" l,l'llLlLl to be :I ScntchIn:In but tlnesn't like tn be l0LICllCLl.7l BEDELI..-" A sweet, chubby, little b:Iby, twith :I lnrig cn:It.D " WITBIiCK.H" Neglects his wnrk Inr :I Plt!lCllCIIl eIIIII'se-'l'I'ny." CASTREE.-" RIIIIIIII' hzis it tl::It he LllSCIll'tlCkl C1ll'lUIIl lusin I'nr methylene blue." THORNTON.-A lilltfllly gnntl I'ellIIIv, but lIe's Irwin " Nnrt Alh:Iny." ROSECRANS,-" Cough :ilifectetl tn excite synIp:Ithy." WHITE.+" Shun tu be :In CX'lZlIlli.U juniors. MANDELBAUNI.-" He rezilly thinks he C1llll3lLlll1lL1LllZ.., MARK.-A" l'tl r:Ither be king llll Pnretics lllilll president III' the U. S." SULZMAN.-" Sninetiines :Ilw:Iys: lLfIltIl'1IIlCC is bliss." CONGDON.-" Cry bilbyf' HOYT.-H Always the sxnne sell'-cniiseifnis limi." Cox.-" l tlitl it lui' business l'C1lf1'll1S.-Q A 'l'AI.MADGE.-" He expects tn bring Ilignity tn the prrilessimin, twith :I beziverj. REED.-"S11e:Ik." 'l':Ilks ll1LICll1ll1Ll szlys little. NlASON.f-" Nntuthe lllllll but the DI'lIiClPll.'.U MERRIMAN.-" Prince nf srekcil tml." JACKSON.-" A big buy." LETTICE.-H Just llllf the ll1ll'llI." GUTMAN.-" Ynu're nn inure :I guilt mfm, yIIu're :I Init! mgmf' ARCHAMBAULT.---" I only knnw whzit l see in the bunk." KENlBl.E.-" Seen no inure, Requiscnt, etc." Gow.-" Devutee tJl'1llC1lSLll'tf.', boplgontorcs. CANFIELD.-L' Cuultln t spell Izth but c:II'I'ies :I 'blue eye' gI':Icel'ully. MERCHANT.-" A l:Itlies lll1lI1.N VANDER VEER.-H H:Is :I guuty tli:ItlIesis." POOR.-" And he returnetl tn us lnnking like the 'Cornet ul :I IllLlkl'l.1,'LlllCI' lillllklfu O'MEARA.-H An Cl'IUl'l11tlLlSl1ll'lli 'tis s:Iitl he Invns. MARSH.-" Fire :Intl then CI'IIIIglI hIIuseD." SMITH, ACUTE.-" Help! Nlurtler! Fire! Police! l tlnn't wzint tn miss the bzint SMITH, CHRONIC.-H Appenrzlnce much iinpruvetl by lnss ul slI:Ipggy lit'JlI'kl.u KEATOR.-" Pritle goeth before :I l':Ill." HOYT.-" Fmt Illlul innocent, but nh I such stories." CLUTE.-" He tzilketl il tin ezu' nn me," 225 Iitt S1'C5l?IllCIl. CHAPIN.-" Chnpin's Cough Cure." JIENNINGS.-" He'll hnve :1 new silk hut even it' the panel' has tn mise :lnnlher lnnrt SHAW, B. L.-" Nl-l,, is n snliel. Du ynn IIIUZIII il?" DAVIS.-H Billie? Sluul Pigufll1." MURPHY.-" A Cl11lI'1lClL'l' unsL11'p:1sseLI?" COTTER.-" I think it can he done. Why? Beeznnne iL's my npininnf' HOYT.-" A Knnszu-2 li:n'." VANDER VEIER.-" He's sn:nvt'ullysl1nrlhe nnxslslnnd nn lI1eh:nInsl1':1de." CJVLEARY---T110lllllllXVIlllC1lI'l'iL'S lxvn kinds nl' tnlmccn. "One for me en une lu ine Hens." LOOP.-" He prescribes N11 KC, H ,Ou lliC1lllSL'CIIlL'Si5-N GARLICK. MARCO.--H G:ll'liC." GARLICK MICRO.-" Onions." O'BRlEN.-"Wl1n holds B - ---f' in cnntelnpl " DOWD.-" Frmn Il Qing? gnne lnwnf' FILKINS.-" Cught tn have been pellilngge-1'." , 'Q In WI.. X ,ji T- 7 , Y Y , ,f nr' CRN ff' Ng, gif Q. , . , ' 9 .'- ff: u f ,,-L-.-. sk ,Ai gf, ' vp: H : . .-., -W ,1 ' - YN ,f' ., V fu gk ."f 'il 'Wa xvftx ,f ' "x -T A k " J -imp ., "Ns J g ' I. 'Q 1 ' x XX m V - 1 X: -fzf' ' ,J N 'J' ,I N., w ', 1 fm 231,41 ' nf' 5: we ' n fha" Q Ar' ' -A V, r n ,. ,mf , Y ,.... ' -- ga, l ,., W' , Y - - w ' ' ,,,.,,, Q v Y Y ' If-1 . ,, e X I . , -. -- A 41' he W io vf' S ' ,,... 4 du. H! cr, px W X N ,,- .bx 5 I, N s 1 1 5 I 7 4.1: 5 'af .fly Sv ,A nj " J" X ,f ' x.- K... ' Q .5 -f-,, 1 .- H, M 1 x A -, I -:- -'rn' Qx -9 NX, U 1 I, ns xx ' Y f x 'X' : , ,gf X., fl, ug I u fl! gx E V 'fjijf N, ,jf , x ff, ng ly: 'Ig xx Nr: xx ,,f we My gf 50 f , g gg . ,,-,4 X Q 010 lx ,mn - 'fx xg'-,..m'i4' KX ,ff . : 1.. QS3:-aio I ' ' x ,,.J -U A. H-H - JI,-I Y JPN- mn: liurmft Hou:-fl organizes. -IUNIC NA-f'Ulll'1Jl'1I,If I?nrn'al has ll " swf H17 " ffl DOI7l'l'IlL!IH.N on Tl'l!flN'll'Pl' Ifanmm ESTABLISHED l8I8 BROOKS BROTHERS KNICKERBOCKERS, REINFORCED AND PLAIN FOR RIDING AND GOLF: . . f . Q . . Q 0 . 0 . III PIII" EAP XVI l'II II AIJI1 VEST FIU lV'I'S R C L' u,xm1icN1s NW it DL-LIN ICD V RIGID COATS V Comfortable Bggausg PQfoUS FURNISHINGS xXD KN1'l"l'l,:D I No stiffness, no odor ' AVUESSORH 5 lon WAlS'I'S'OA"l'S ANI, ,I Of specially prcpured tweeds und coverts. t FWILAILRS I: Exclusive materials und our own makes. GULF THESE. OE COURSE, IN ADDITION TO OUR LARGE STOCK OF' GENERAL CLOTHING STYLES CORRECT PRICE 6: QUALITY PRICES REASONABLE ESTABLISHED 1844 OUR INVINCIBLE SALESMEN High grade garments made at lowest prices. Three entire floors devoted to ladies' and gentlemen's fine tailoring to order only. 78, So and 805 So. Pearl St. ALBANY, N. Y. STI IRIC FLOI JR : Gentlemens Suits from 23:20.00 up 'I'rouse1-ings from U0 up. 2d X Bd FLOOR: Lad ies' Costumes from 8:35.00 up LEO OPPENHEINI .IUNE l.'7-IMI! Ilarnvf, after mzzch trial and i1'i1mlrr1io11. malnes 7ffS1l1UWlllCl7Lf'C JUNE p.'.'7-"Imac" Crain mins C.UfCIlLlI0 prize. 2 IIVNIC ,JU-.-lboul :inn mms pay Alma Illalm' Il 1'1'sii. .ll ,N IC .'.H"fSa11l'm' Hull l,'muwn1il!wf lnlrr' fo rrmgflf np. I ., ,P f ' - n l ' I 1'CX , X 9 ,. 3 ' I - 21 1 Q 1 -' Q' A I J- Nay lmv-fe his rusy l'7Ifl'l.l'. 3 'I 1- The ffzm' 'muy 1111115 his flfrmlv. 1 .A E eff'-fmvr.---4 ,. , W' , . . . 4 Xml Woulilniw hnfl fha-111 :my UGIWSIOI' flum ilill -,--f+- ,- 'I "Old 1'li4'lco1'y" Arm Ullzlir. A ' .' Delightful in 2I,IllN'2lil'2l.llUl'+l'llSl-lG?lllll'H,llli'-il, 'ia "'i""-'- i ' llllltlllif rlvsigiiwl 4'll2ll1'. . ' ' Vrv U Onv ihzmt 1-vf-ry stlull-nt Slliblllll lmvu in his 1130111 1 " Hhuilt 10 stmul thc' ran-lcvtt that il stmlf-1111 is 2 houml to givv his l'Ul'1llllll'1'. ' Clmirs, l'Ot'lCl'l'H. flivzms mul izihlc-s :ill lmilt nf lliclmry-tliu B-ll'l'0llQ.fl'Sl' of um' nuitivu woods. A. BRGWN 8a SO ZYFATE 67,13 -:iw 52 'af Z0 rden Restaurant CHAS. KIEFFER 'Propriefor Jpecial inducement to college men - - - 258 STATE STREET SCHENECTADY, N, Y, i WHAT IN THE WORLD E TO GIVE A FRIENDTQ l l Cullegu mon lmnw :mil thu Mm' l1'n-wil liuinn Nqlyx, :uprupus ut term will with its grmml-lwyee: "Thu question uf4:.'ln1l in Mu' -mxrlii lu -qfzu' .1 fi'1'.'mi :ll parting' wi-lux in lmvc lu-on wlvcxl Ivy lllL'PllllllL'IlllUl1 ol 2 Songs of all the Colleges which is :alike suit:ulwlofm'll1c Cnllcginn uf lhc pmt, lur thc study-nl ui' the prcscnl. :ind fur 1 the buy Cnr Ig-irlj with hupcs: :nlsu fur thu llHINllf"lUVllll1'Si5lUl'.illhlJllL'llUXV'SllUNlL1'll'l..' " .-Ill ilu' Nlqw .m11y.c. all lbs ULD warp. I " lun! ilu' Slllllgii fmfwflnr nl all ilu' unll.'.lgrx " il ':.u'l.'uu1n,L'Ul in mln' lwnm' flJgl"1n'l'l'l'l'. " A'1'Al.I. Iiuox S'I'lll?lES l'ww1p:nill?Hr,qu. Ur fwfr nn ANU NllrSlrJ lllE.Xl.lEleS nj-j-wmv! ly' ilu' jvlfI'll'xlu'1'.f, 4-5-6-IZ-I3-I4 Conner Institute NEW YORK CITY lD1'l'l1'mn11'l'l'x Y'1'mfxll1ll'mfv, Slmiculx' flillx- Srlwmllumm 'gf' nll f'Ifl'Il.Sfll'l'x nf nm' .slnr.'. .lI7.'Yl'I ,.'.S'-SlCl'TlfllII9ICR l,'-ln,tz'rreg1111l1n, by .lim. SI'Il'7'l'IIlIl?ER IS--Frrfslmzevz do H10 fmnual SlI7l.77l'llL'I.ll,g rwi. 3 SEl'I'la'.1Il?ER I9-Chic' Jlfullery 1'e-enters College. SI'I1'l'l'.'.lIlil'IR ,ffl-Bill Ailjl' inquires uf Psi I T house for 'Frcsh1nan IfVa'cd.' ' , G C2 be Slzckesf b y 07 H 9 9 61-95.03594 Shoe Made W ,mm mm FIT the feet vusy F O R WEAR SH well Send COMFORTABLE always for AND as long as tlwy are so 4 STYLISH :md to he had in Cata: 0 ull lvzltlu-1's zuuT ull styles, why Iogue is11't it thx- best 54.00 shoe nmdv Z' JOHN W. EIVIERY,flilxitlfiiflif.'4..'Zl'l'.I'.Ii12212 GLENN BROS. HOTEL AND .... E E E ,QE Ev-,Ev Y GRILL Room COR. SOUTH CENTRE AND tmp LIBERTY STREETS Steaks and Chops fo order. 0 sfers and ay kinds of LADIES' PRIVATE -DINING ROOM SECOND FLOQ8 Sga Foood a Specialty. ' T ' " 'TT' THE REE VES- VEEDERTCO. CARRETS, MATTINGS AND ,, Q ,i'i3'T.jv ROOM FURNISHINGS I7 STATE ST., SCI-IENECTADY, N. . 4 SlC1'Tla'.1ll2Io'lC 1,4-Cane rush. Freslzman Conine mistakes Johnnie Parker for a Sophomore. 4 SEPTE11II?lCR :?.'7-.Iolmny Cool.: elm-tell Presiflent of Tennis Assoc-ialiooz. SEPTIJJIIIICIQ ,JU-l'uI Vpluysfoot hull. IYIIIOHV. ,l,.' ,' Colyuhf, U. WFIUHI, Kdll 8 60. MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH GRADE Fraternity Emblems Fraternity jewelry Fraternity Novelties Fraternity Stationery Fraternity Invitations Fraternity Announcements Fraternity Programs 140-142 WOODWARD AVE.: DETROIT. MICH. CLOTHING i Does it Pay? T ATTENTION STUDENTS ! Please 1110110011 "GARNl+:'l"' when you . purclmusf- H:a.ts. Cups. Trunks. Bugs, Suit Casa-s. Riliglilll :md Ruin- proof Coats. U111Iu'u11us, Cmlus or Gloves. 'lflmt is tlw way we Imep track of this sul. 1 Sl-lc1'l,x1. Dlscsoum' 'vo STUDENTS I BOYCE 8a MILWAIN W Hatters to Young Men GH-GH State St., ALBANY. N. Y. FOR YOUNG MEN CAUSE THEY ARE PARTICULAR ' OUNG MEN TRADE 'WITH US BE- K J ' IN THEIR ATTIRE. OUR CLOTHING 'i""I""7' IS CUT IN THE LATEST EASHIONS. AND IVIADEOF THE NOBBY FABRICS A CUSTOM DEPARTMENT, IF' OUR READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING DOES NOT SUIT YOU , C G. Craff E3 Co., fgiiffigvsifbfffnd Albany, N K OCTOBER .G-N. Y. S. I. A. U. meats and base bullpemzant comes to Union. OCTOBER ti-Union., 05 DlL1't'Ill01LtIlf, 0. 5 OCTOBER S-".l1'11gIe1"' Iirmrrl I'lf0I'ff1lIlI'Z1'lI zrilh l'nlv1f1lm1'I1'us Ifvsf as cdilor' nf "Hi71iSf0l' Jloll1ers" volumn. rrnrl ll'uI1w' ll'usln':1g7lm1 Cm:-f'lI rls PIIIIIOI'-l.7l-Clllhlif. V .. , V Q' T F ' ii ' lf 'V I l X ' on npprovnl to yrnwmlclrcs:-1 WITHOUT A UENTIN ADVANCE. ' ,Z ' SEND Us YUUR URDER, state XVll0tlll'l'?'0ll wish lndy's or nmn's . ,J N whvul: gin- 4-ulnr. huight uf frnnn- nml prvnr wnntcc und WYE 1Yll,L Hlllli N T" I ,lg TIIVE YYIIIGICL L'.V H. lb. on nppr-nznl, ulllxwlm: you Lu llmwnln- lunl ox- h nnnnu IL lnlly In-lure you in-vm-pt. ll. ll lb ms not nll nnrl more than wo . -g,,.g - , 'V 4-lnnn fm' ll., nlnl n ln-Ltm' wln-ol lhnll yrnx vnn get fm' unywl1v1'l'l10m' thi! ' , xy prim-Q frmn nny 0llg:'l-l'. rvfnsn- it. nnd wc will pny all L-xpreeg elm,-gen ' V - 1 , y Inlrsu-Ives. The Bicycle S , X . J .5 qui, our Spa-vial Agunl'H szunplu prion of 5 1 j .A ls lhv lJl'l'1llt'SIfllllfliilill inn lulvyvh- 0Vl'l'UffL'l'1'll, Wo gllnrnmt-0 it mum! l' , ' to nuy riflll whvvl un I-hcl1nu'kvl.nn1lynn 1101-cl not 111-04-ptinmu-pnvn punt T ' ' V. il'y1n1llunuLll1ulinns wv l'l-1111-sl-rut. NVQ- um' l'IXl'I,l'NlVE BICYCLE T V 5 L i , MANl'l".K1"I'l'lIl'Il!S :un luke: this nn-lluul ui' 4 nln-kly im.rmll11:lm: , V ,, r V V,'. una' 1900 MOIHAILS. This ullk-1' of n snlnph- wheel uh Lhisluw price ls l ll I T XV xnnzlc lu sw-l:r'c H l1'lDER ARG EN Tfill Uwlx town to l'cm'esm-nt us V fm, ,.,' V ll: Baia'EiEiTLi6igmT-'l1T:::1n::.'r'!.,m.Jlrv-girlm-h3 lrullc-:4.'32lm-h. Best , .' "iff - Y I I Shvlhy sl-nlnlu-as llllwiln: with l'm'p.:m-ml unnncc- V 5?'1 I HV I qw Linus. flush jvwlnlrl, lnlyn'm'vll 1-xlmlnlvr doviw- in fnslvn r---nt push and 1 V QAM' Y 'b , V-4 ' V I llnlnllv l1:ll': Kfvynl Arc-h 1-rmxn: llwm-I1-l:l':nln'1lllllvlnllllhrlulldhullpzer- ! ' w 'S' ' ' "1 lm. j HH' 4'Hii1'Hl' Pllllllillll kllvwllz lh-1-nrd "A" firm-s. lln- In-sl' uml 1nnwol'l-lla Nfl: ' , ,gp ,-f "gg Inns! vxgvvlurlivu-live-sun: lln-m:u'kn-I. 'l'ln- 1:1-nulm-111.1Q14-ghlzvr llyzlvnk. ' 'T ' l in . V Q -:uhllvg yunlnlu, nmls nnml xn'm-1-swu'In-rx lhv ln-st. uhlninnlrln-. l'Innm4-loxl ln I j K ' 'J Ivlm-l:,lnn1--mn nr 1-mwll l:l'u-vn.hip,:l1lyllnisln-clnlul nrnnnn-vm-ll: sin-vinl Qin X ' ' ." llnislnwl luivlu-ling nn nll lnrhrht lun-ls. 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I"'l2lvl- mum- nl' this paper. .- ,mslil-flVlEAQs QKQLEEDMPATNY- sqvivsfgi Drugs. Medicines and .7oiIet flrticlesb CUT RATES ON EVERYTHING Bakers Chocolates 'fa Fine Jmported and 4 and Bon Bans T Domestic Cigars Af...SAWYER'S PHARMACY 267 STATE STREET, SCI-IENECTADY, N. Y. WH T V Ul,'TUIil'IVR T.LYTIlTT7lz,rlrLrc ligflzls his lmir insleml qi' yas. OCTOIJICR I.:-l'1'e.1-y11urISl11'lI1'y 1'0nfIr'r tl 111101 at vllapvl. o UCTIIIZICR l,'--Iiryuu, spmlrs in .S1'lll'lI4'1'ltlllvlj fl7I1l strrdmll luuly inmllflzulfllj adopts x Illllfflflll. u-ill: lIn'1nI1Iil:'n11 1qfllll'.Y1rl'. Q5QIIQI'Cll Glectric Q I111DClII1.l + -1' -14 LPRINCIPAL OFMCE SCHENEC TAD Y, N. SALES OFPYCE5 : Boslon. Mass. Nefw York. N. Y. Syracuse, N, Y, Buffalo, N, Y. 'Pl1iladelplzia. Pa. cBalfimore, Md, Tiffsbzrrg, Pa- Aflanta, Ga. Nefw Orleans, La. Cincinaffi, Ohio. Columbus. Ohio, Nasbfville, Tenn. Chicago, Ill. Tefroif. Mich. Sf. Louis, Mo. CDallas, Texas. Helena, Silent, 49Winneapolis, 4991171 Denfuer, Col. W '1' 1130115 San Francisco, Ca' Porfland, Ore. Q 2Ilm111fuct111'crs of tlpc Q :vtanbarb Qflcctrical Supplies of the For all business oufside of flue Uniled' Sfaies and' Canada o4dd'ress Foreign fDeparlmenf, Sclzeneclady, N, Y., and 44 Broad Sf. Nefw York For Canada, address Canadian General Elecfric Co., Lfd,, Toronlo, Onf TOIYIJR lx-I'l'Ql'. .-l.wl11mn'4' 1-wi-ff1'4'.fs llw fullolriugf L'0'lll'llllllll'f'!lt Shall la .s wwe mulled in on flu: l.'7ll1 of .S'wpf1'11zIu'1'. Yours Iruly, IV. .l. I91-yan." OCTOBER JD-Dr. Towne: "U'hat sails make 'up H10 cmnposiliou of the human body ?" Langlois: "Epsomst1Zls.', H HOTEL VENDOIVIE, I R31-es 52.00 and 52.50 per day. ' . . ww , a wffggtf let-lim-fl :mtl IIl'I'lll'llISIIt'1I. at H Q- E---Hmmm V . 1 , , . . iii. ,Eh-iH?"kiE'5I'ErE1'iIHqH,El??5i5ygTa I mlm-1 Asfxx Nl,111.1,gm-nlmli. ' , im ww fgtgggt tilu Tjgfjfxfwt.-.1 H. A. PECK, Proprietor, f, ' - A ' Ei MT. H' fggflg' Sh td NY 'it'-if- " " 'T. N j-j1f'Q".Q. Lf" C CHCC 21 , . . J. V. VRooMAN's SONS, STAQQSQQLEET jf full .Cine of Hardware THE STERLING RANGE ALLOWS THE INSPECTION OF THE OVEN WITHOUT SPOILING THE BAKING Eiivifwvvvwvvvwvvv-'i'tvt E E 'E " JEWELS OF Q 1 Van Carler JEWELRY XY"3L'i'1'F..fG22f2.Ii',''M535 prevailing f.ushInns for . , , , Opera Hguse. ' . O personal utiornmem. SCHENECTADY, N. Y. C. H. Benedict, Sflanager L to a GEM , WARES IN STERLING SILVER 'M for the table, toilet, decorative A M and personal use I E WATCHES, CLOCKS, CUT GLASS and , I SUPERIOR SILVER PLATED WARE Presenfmg Standard I Theatrical Affracfions S 34 South Pam St" Co" ' ' . I ' Beaver St., Albany,N.Y. , Y WM WW43 OCTOBER :fu-Unzovz Collvye Rupulnlir-un. Club 01-guuizcrl 'wzllt JlIc'N1ll1as president. OCTOBER ,.'l-lnz'er-Class Illvat, Parsons 1n'wal.'s his record and wins his numerals. 8 OCTOBIJR ,.',?-III1II'r'7I rccviws I1 I'ix1'I from rr pmlvir'I'-I'r11f'l:vI' mIIII'1'hix!. OCTOBER :.'--'- lf'I'eslI.1IIIIII livfnllo I'sI'II1II's II'I'llI, .lIfIIInI,iI"s lflll'llI 'IllUll'4'I'. YY" l 17 " ' ' 'L N EWJEBETION Webster's International Dictionary New Plates Throughout 25,000 Additional Words PHRASES AND DEFINITIONS l'I'0pzll'uIl UINIUI' thu rlircut. supvrvisizm ol' W. 'I'. IIAIIRIS, I'h.ll., I,l,.lI., llnitcfl Stun-s COIIIIIIISSIOIICI' ol' l-Iwlllcntiml, assisted by an lalmrc corps of msuuxpctcntz spcviallists und editors. Rich Bindings 1:7 2364 Pages 5000 Illustrations Better Than Ever for Home, School, and Office. Also Webster's Collegiate Dictionary with Scottish Glossary, otu. I I M. F. MAY Munufanculrcr of und Dealer in Sine Bmportcb mlb Domestic Liigors, Pipes, 'Tobacco and Smokers' oqrficles of Every Descriplion . PIPES IiIiPAII?IiIJ Latest Designs in College and Class Ural' - I.. .IISf?Ifr3'F5IIiiIf'XK'IfEnR'TC3"IIvII,IZR. Pnzes- Spccimell Fig!!!-rl, Ohio, nf lmth Ivnolm lVEBI?'?R.'S 'Y' as-n onupp II-mum, INTERNATIONAL G- 0 C- ME-RRIAM C0-. PICTIONNIY 546 BROADWAY. ALBANY, N. Y. L Springfield, Mass. IvIAII.ED ON RECEIPT ggggblhx OF PRICE ff Q3 ii.. "l"'I"" 'ILP' :Iain eq fif' 'Q' NOVEL 3.-..2i'5'- 15 ga H 'W' I.-. 'c . IE- fl'if l .f 'A S APES , U' "HI Im fe FSR Plwvlnl-as bvlluolmulf' RENTS c:.I.oI .ww-.I . :F .ya IQLQQLLE, .xI.I, G'RAlIlCS WITII ANI: 'WF-43' C LA SS X UI IM I-1-1'1'1cN'r'l'I+:Ac:lIIc1cs. SI+:I.1.s plpE5 Asslwrs Tmcvmfzlcs IN Scuooll OII'I'.XINlNKI POSITIONS PROPERTY IN THE ' ' --f 7 ' H GUARANTEED . I ' IENIISIILIIHEII F,-xI.I.s, Vx., Nov. 21. bo. I ' I have now cmnpleted my lirst 1crm's work here M L 4upriI1cIp:xI:nnd supcrlnlemlenl. !Il'lxl :nm exceedingly enliun"-iAleNI'E'l"' well plunuetl with the position you secured for me. I"'?I 'L'C"'Y? 'WC M I N HuR.nAN B. Jomss. Qllnlon College, 'wg pmnllormm Iolmcw 219 WALNUT ST. :Ind ipcs ' W" 'Wil'- PHILADELPHIA SEND Fon CIRCULARS 8 Cl lSt. IMPORTER - MOUNTER Harlan P, French ' A',':,'f,f,y, N, Y, 0UTUlilJlt :.'.'7-Cfnllmfll IIII-l lfwsl lm!! III 1'Uf?l'f1lli0'll. LI'II,I'IIr'd rIftr'I'II'rII'Il.w that V "Best, JI'.," had an attuvlr of colin Ihr' ILITUIII hufore. Cozvfflfs absvIIz-U II'IIc.17Ilai1I1?d. 0!"l'0Ii1JR :li-.-lshyrw-f'1T2'es svvffrul ammnunicrrtions from the Musical .-lssor-iation.. Of,'7'0lilCIf :,'I-Ashy-finally NIIIVIH his slrrrw hut. Tl c V'Z.+...x L? f f.f.fS'QN- +:+ QII IIC x 1. .'xn2f'f vfsuwiiisfwer-",'m ALBANY N. Y. '7Sis1rfn2E.2 . 7- 4 v !F1:'s'1:U fr "fa" . . . . posltwclg jilrc proof f"flfelre- Lllxllll Wei rrrqrgffrfzal wh -Q LTITJV EV .giaigg in x .,- S X: . pgelifgjalwl g'qdlg,j35u-Hifi: Lmmcman am L.1l1OPCLlIIplL1Il -- 'J "1f'P4lf1l'I' 43554, YSSTNAETLRASJLZE Zflfi l.:ldies Rest:l1n':u1t :md Grill Room Special Features. Orchestra during Dinner hour. H. J. ROCKWELL cis SON UW Glen Ofgcli Gnncx M NORT'l..'IE.iRls..il Sm. l N. 0. PROPER dc SON l ag L, ICE DEALERS --- TELEPHONE 334 - - - 43 North St.,Sch enec tudy.N.Y. wilson avisn l Utica, N, K ' MERCHANT ' W TAILOR illliillm., 237 STATE STREET Liolgatc. scusfvecnnv. N. v. Lllorncll, 007711210161211-lluyl rclfarns to College, lmuirlg with much regret his Mormon friends 'in Uluh. IO NOVEMBER ,.'-Cowell refeilax in Jimmie for u quarter of 11,71 hour, umljinully Jimmie hax to stop him. Q 3z'bor Sriebmcm f n Glorncr Licntcr mlb Eibcrtg Streets Y o Qientral... T gg, A . 0 ff mm Let.. 45' + T A DEALER IN THE A CHOICEST QUALITTES OF w W , A' '-jf' T T T T BEEF, PORK, g LAMB AND VEAL ie-- THE LOWEST ,, , W 3: 2 S 04150 a full line of Home fDressea' Poulfry. wvwvvwuwgvmg AND RESTAURANT TRADE A Y,o...-- WV, -W TTAT ,we Aw,oi, A Y Cor. Center and REMEMBER THE PLACE Telephone Call 9 Liberty Streets N. Y. an-4.59-Z! NU V ICM HER 4- Damon slmjlles Q1I'lL1T.w 'morfal coil. NO V ICMBER U-Ooncorrly says : H1111 'wax a good dog." TI .X'UI'l'IJllfIa'R .5'f.,UllIlIll'1' lizwlrwll in Sn IIIUIIIHIV' 1lr1'c'L'- "'l lmzv' Qlllf 7IlIll'tl 1'espv1'I 1 fm' Ihr' pun-er.w lhul UIIIHIUI pr'mlm1'11 lwllvl' mmm- xlurm llmu this. SCPRING and G SUMMER oods BRIGHT, NEW H AND NATTY fl f 35 Maiden Lane ' 0 S Albany, N. YZ For Hats, Pups. Trunks. Bugs, Suit 1 Ualsvs. Glow-s. Ulnlwullzms, Uzuws, W Mzwkinhusllvs. 1-tv., Mc., Go to GAFFERS t Cl to O Ana' get Ice Cream t Fresh Confectionery 7 Finest in the city. S E berybody likes it. zzz State Street, Remember the name Stop at 511 Union St. Schenectady' llezulquswturs tm' Stetson :md Dunlap i Hats, :md Denffs Gloves. WtVUlttCIlIl3Ia'lf 9-Hon. t'lwxlc'1' Holmnnlze sets fm"l1 an inlellwtuul fmsl on "Q7'lu'j Neal China." NUVEJIHIGR I0-l'nfo1L1's. Colyrrlrzg 10-U. l'botImll I'e1ma11l .wer-urffd. NUl'Iu'llIlClf If-I'n,ion, HS : St. Stvvevzs, fl. 1 J CASH OR CREDIT i I SS, S 5. 0. Hart ey, Everything in DEALER 'N Furniture, 1 l S Crockery and G Glassware. I I . ousefurmshmg oods l Two large storvs fillwl wiill l V ZW Y ll 777114174-4 everytlling you vmml lnufh 1 601-603 Union St' Usoful :md Orlmllxmxtul. f SCHENECTADK N: Yi I I , l S R JA MES 3 ll 202-24m gmm SHW4. AISO :1 full line OI' f,:l,5JfIlI'S :md 'l'Ob:lccO. S ' 0 l przng 'versacks Q 2 R Z I P E .. IN .. F GRAY UNFINISHED WORSWDS 555, 555, AND VICUNAS. FULL SILK LINlClll Vmn' SWELL! 11 U ALso A GREAT VARIETY or l I L' COCUECRT CTOCP COo4c1'S V HAS CONSTANT'-Y lj ON HAND ROSES , 510 TO S25 'NIR AND CARNANONS. -- , ALSO OTHER CUT fm W 8 C ' FLOWERS IN THEIR 5 11 I SEASON. PRICES 'l e S Otzjery L VERY REASONABLE as-4, ass, aaa mv:-:R sr., ' Ml lm L ,15,11,1s FounTH sr., ll 1 1 'S l Wall sf., Next R 0. H TROY, N. Y. Q H '. 1N'OI?kl'lIl?EYiiYl?1!-,l'at rumtlwnuzlizvs and ff.rm11ln1,1wzir'uleS Result-Pat and 19U.i scrzqo. 15 NOVEJIIBICR 911-A J!l0,4jl1lg appears on fha Ro'1u1d1?uiIdi12g1, sr-rulmfollow in 'll'hfl'h 1904. comes out af the big mul of lhe horn.. ARTISTIC PARISIAN Dry -1' uno 'I' Stcmzrr-Qf.lcm1i11g -1- Llllb Dyeing 'i'1DO1'I'iS. A1to1'zLtiul1s:1ml Rm-paxil-ing' ax. Spwi:1l1',v. Spur-ini Ram-s Given IoSTlul1'l1IS. First'-1-lnss XVm'k fi11'11"ultov1l 1lomlsl':1llc'ml l"u1':1l11l l7K'liX'1'l'l'1l l"l'ov ut' Ch:ll'g.1'0. JACOB RIN DFLEISCI-1, 18 CENTRAL ARCADE. SCHENECTADY, N. Y. WORK DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. iGerardus Smifh W. Darro'hv E6 Co. 2 Y 1 Coal r """ and 5 Wood Z no SOUTH CIQNTIQR ST. SCH ENECTADY, N. Y. TTVTE 'f " V - - rim' r: 'W Sger U' X M i W N1 r.. A W. 'Q I . V .7he Florist N M O A ending 1 CUT ROSES, CARNATIONJ' ETC., U CONITANTLY ON HAND ..... 5 M We are the nearest to the College and will give X you reasonable " prices. 1. WE GROW OUR OWN FLOWERS N consequently they are fresh and last longer than Imported Stock. , ezsumon sr. Floral Sfore, 275 Sfafe Sf. Aowwnfzgwx.-' ' NOVEMBER 21-Sophomores in order to retaliate have a bonfire. Bolles appliex the forch. NOVEMBER pf:-Tutu Duncan out of thc goodness of his hvart yiiws a iramp a quarter. NOVEMBER :IJ-Union vs Rutgrfrs : 11-fi. U.NION UNIVERSITY. ANDREW V. V. RAYMOND, D. D., LL. D., PRESIDENT. UNION COLLEGE SCI-IENECTADY. N. Y. 1. COURSE LEADING TO Tl-IE DEGREE OF A. B.-,The usual Classical Course, llliflllillllg French and German. After Sophomore year the work is largely elective. 2. COURSE LEADING TO THE DEGREE OF B. S.-The modern languages are substituted for the ancient, and the amount of lllnthematics and English studies is increased. After the Sopho- more year a large list of electives is oilored. 3 COURSE LEADING TO THE DEGREE Oh' Pu. B.-This ditlers .from the A. B. course chietly in the omission of Greek and the substitution therefor uf additional work in modern languages and science. 4. GENERAL COURSE LEADING TU TIIE DEGREE OF B. E.-This course is intended to give the basis ot' an engineering education, including the fundamental principles of all special branches ofthe profession, a knowledge ofhoth French and Uerxnan, and a full course in English. 5. SANITARY COURSE LEADING TO THE DEGREE OF B. E.--This dirlers from Course 4 in substituting special work in Sanitary Engineering for some of the General El.lg1Il801'lllg studies. 6. ELECTRICAL COURSE LEADING TO TI-IE DEGREE OF B. E.-This differs from Course 4 in substituting special work in Electricity and its applications, in place of some of the Gene1'al Engineering studies. This course is oflered in ce-operation with the Edison General Electric Co. 7. GRADUATE COURSE IN ENGINEERING LEADING TO THE DEGREE OF C. E.-A course of one year orlered to graduates ot' Courses ll, 5 or 6. There are also special courses in Analytical Chemistry, Metallurgy and Natural History. For catalogues or for special information, address, BLNJAMIN H. RIPTON, Dean of the College, Schenectady, N. Y. Department of Medicine. ALBANY MEDICAL COLLEGE.-Term commences last Tuesday in September. Four years strictly graded course. Instructions by lem-tures, rccitations, laboratory work, clinics and practical demonstrations and opc. ations. Clinical advantages excellent. EXPENSES --lllatriculation tee, S55 annual lecture course, S1005 perpetual ticket, S300g graduation tee, 25253 dissecting ice, 5103 laboratory course, each 310. For circular, address WILLIS G. TUCKER, l'l. D., Registrar, Albany, N. Y. Department of Law. ALBANY LAW SCHOOL.H'I'his department of the university is located at Albany, near the State Capitol. It occupies a building wholly devoted to its use. 'lhe course leading to the degree of LL. B. is two years, each year is divided into two semesters. EXPENSES.-Matrioulation fee. tillllg tution fee, 3100. For catalogues or other information, address NEWTON FIERO, Dean, Albany Law School, Albany, N. Y. Albany College of Pharmacy. Exercises held in Albany Medical College. Annual lecture term commences Monday, Octobe1'5. For catalogue and in ormation, address DE BAUM VAN AKEN, Ph. G., Secretary, 222 Hamilton St. NO Auf.-7-On, I'Cfl'l'IL1:HfjjilY'Dllt Nedizllrrziilsfzhlcilc Biddy loses his 'suit' case, cons taining among other things his Iieuritifal pink "1'ajimmies." I5 NOVI'I1lllfICR :.'fi-l'l1ilrm1.ull1f'm1s rlonule Noun' ry' Hinds and Noble l'dHi071Nf0Hl'8 Cnllvgfw l1'ln'rn'y. I JOHN CAFE i Edwin P0ss0m's Barber Shopn Custom Shoemaker Also Fine 'GHS' BATHS IT ClcN'1'1c:u. Amxxm-1 Sclllcxl-:c"1',xm'. N. Y. I30 Jay St., Schenectady, N. Y. Re airin Neatl Done p g Y Opp. Van Curler Opera House REGAL SHQES WM. J. GLEASON Eookseuer and Pilper I tationer in rnllnte S. E. K 111 Nhulimg, t Safe Agenf ,:,,'..' Slule Sl.. 1.70 C.'enll'e Sl.. 53.50 i Q24 53.50 so 53.50 J. W. BEYER.4..... -1- Fashionable Hatter Sf'l1cm'4'lrl1Iy. N. Y. IIf'ILdf1ll2l.l'fl'l'S for Trunks, Dress di-1 Suit Cases, Traveling Bags, 3.11ll1xl 56 MAIDIEN LANE G1f'WS' MCH Ml'- ALHANY, N. Y, 269 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. AS .ffllllmhfill zffffIbllljslzulvul hotly tal.-vu. V Itcslzlt-fllvlCinlr'y. !Iff,' liryun., 1 IlI1'.Yflb, 1: fleol'g1ct'll1lr, I. IU DIfIfIEJl1?l'IIi .G-Ilr. Willie Uyl.1ll'1ll7l,SlfJ01CS in 1wi11,for Il1,eJimior Eazgineem. DECICMIHGR 7-,ilir-Ima! Jlorurlnm gives in good rlesrfl'ipli0lt Qf1"5lLl"Z!- Pickford Brothers UNION MARKET f ' DEALERS IN f , ALL KINDS OF FIRSTECLASS ' MEATS AND POULTRY Y O All Kinds of Canned Goods ' -l'-l' No. 602 Union Street Telephone No. 38-F SCh6l16Ct8dy, N. Y -, e,, ,,,, Zi , , ,,,,,,,i.L ,, V Veeder Bros.fW KEELEIQS Bffieniifr CQAL Q Q AND A rl-I0tel and II4 South Centre St., Schenectady, N. Y. Restaurant C y MAIDEN LANE, ALBANY, N. Y CHAS. FUERST A 250 Rooms. Gentlemen 0nly. LAD'EfQ GEN1-,S Ladies Restaurant Attached. All Kinds ofvl-Repairing Nently Done. 1 H. Keeler, pl'0p. w 106 Jay St., Opposite City Hospital A Annex, 507-509 Broadway. V iJ1CCIQMliI'Ilt S-A'Hoope1"' Adams fl!'l'Iil'1'l'S ll lenylliy lr'r'luwre before the 1'l1,il0'rnatILeans DJCClCMI?MIf 9-JIHLIIUI' 1C1Lgirzr'e1's set up Dr. lV1'll'ie 1fl'illiums. I7 DEC'lC.ll'BlClQ I0--lYLLlL llqIl'llL!'l' luklfs I by a new convert, Slack. mis llfllllflllll lf-ip In Ifl'r'lL'fl'P!'4lll. lll'l'OlIl.jVllll'L'1l OSE15lFI OOIOSCIA X QD UNRIVALED ORCHESTRA Music Furnished for all occasions. Weddings a Specialty. sos ALBANY, N. Y. Tele. No. 792-D 73 State Street. BARHYTE 8a DEVENPECK NVlmIcs.'llc :und Retail Dealers in Coal and Wood Lime, Plaster, Come-nl, H:1i1', Flour, Fa-cd, flmin, Slmw, Bzllcd Huy :mil FL-1'lilixm's. 306, 308 and 310 Union St. 209 and 210 Dock St. INTERCOLLEGIATEA: lflllilifgl Cotrell 6: Leonard 472-4-6-8 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. ,fp x, ' -3 S'- 4 us- .. ,..-,Q ' N, f . 1, JG, 'IF Mlle.4.lr-' 1 ' .. MAKERS OF CAPS, AND GOWNS, CLASS 5'lA'l'S. CAPS, CANES, SUIT CASES, SILK HATS, ETC. BULLETIN UPON REQUEST TO LOVERS OF GOOD CUTLERY! 0 0. nn ell the Ri llNl SFHTNIS --1-1g fi WW: I you :ull zllwnt Cutlery. I J NVO lumw ll from HUGH K- S'I'lElEl. lu thu U' E." : ' .'Hl2lJ AR'l'lCl.lES. NVL- :ure lEXl'lER'l'S X :md M,-XNl'lfAC'l'l'Rl2RS. Our x prim.-S :arc not :us high :ls smnu I ill-:llors1xx'Im sell :un N55 IOR J ' X I I 1. -xl-71 X Puck- K :nz rs, l Sl -: ',',: il Cn' "1 fxlml T: - ' 1-., l'NllR 1 Rllll Ll lllX N R U lL llx Ill Llsxrllx IX I lg, llllk Kmx Q Bun urs Kl1lxu1mlSluls 1 5 Q o o , Manufacfurer of Fine Cuflergl. SCHENECTADY, N. Y. No. 40 South Pearl St., ALBANY, N. Y. .1JIfC'l'fIlIlih'lx' ll--.lolLmL1'z' Ifl'll7Il3H lo l"rf'.wl1l11rl11 f'rm1Nrfle-" l'0'll llll'L7l"llt 117l!l7ll0l'U 7'l?N!Il'f',fUI' yourpm'ugr1rpll.v HLLIII. you lIflI'1'-frfll' a Sf. Slvplwlls fool bull player." 13 lIlfIUIfI,lIl2ldlt IJ-SxzplrrnnoresIfmfl mol llmt tluw-1: is lo be ll l"l't'SllfllLl1lL fJ,fl7LlllL0t and Ilia! il is lu Im lwlfl in .-lllrrrny rl! lx'1'4'll'l"s. . G 8 CO' Special Prices to Students ALL KINDS OF 2 FRUITS AND DEALERS IN ETEAS, COFFEES4 VEGELAEQZON SUGARS, SPICES4 C ONFE C TIONER Y MIND CHOICE 'BRANDS OFFLOQR. . is STgggE,,ggVf5f1' SCHENECTADY, N. Y. II SOUTH FERRY STREET mrgpf 'V ' if cy 8 SGIIQQQQQ THE 1:7 FJ FERRY 5112557 H TAJLORS SCHENECTADY,N.Y1 IHC! 'lC.lllilu'lx' l,i-lf'r1'slfumn lfuzlqnwl wmrws QULIII l'IrIi.wa11 und 'is cc s'1mc'0.ws. l90,i,p1'e.s1mt cwcqfl lfrfrml wut "Bill Nye," zrlw. 'uvlh cr fvu-Sopl1,omo1'm lmlda banquet nearAll1a11.y. IA, DECEJIBEN I5-S01I,IfO777,0l'l'SJIIHI mr! llnll tim l"r.fsh1mrn Immpmf wax held at the lfldison, and Hml IVaI.wnn 14-as formfnf.fmIw'. Establislqcb 1848 Glilllldl dlupucitg. 450 lexe I Neva I Gfbc Scbcncctubg 1 M I l foconwtive orlis 1 V .5132 LOCOMOTIVES OF STANDARD DESIGNS FOR ALL CLASSES OF SERVICE, OR FROM DESIGNS FURNISHED BY RAILROAD COMPANIES NVM. IJ. QICIQIAS, Pros. 211111 T11-als. A. P. S'l'NONfi, Sm",v. A. IT. ,l,'.lfl'.KlN, Vin-C-l'1'us.:1ml Ul'll'l Mgr. -X. M. WHITE, Sllpt. J. '16, SAKEITE, Mur'll:111ir'z1l Ell,LL'ill1'l'I'. DECEJIEER If-l'vI'U!lllI.l' mul Bwrlrm have zz. Iiltlc dlzflivuity, rvsull :gf Il'IlIf'IL BPHIOII strides clravnaticfllly out of the room. 20 lJlJ!7E.'lllfl','lt .12-.,lrl1m1s tal-rs tl 1-mms-f-mn.lry. IIE! 'lu'.lll?l'flC .if-Iizfsl in1pP1'sorml1's Sfrulu Vlrrlls. DR. O. J. GROSS, ENGLEIVIAN 85 . BELLINGER 3QlIfISf ,l,, ,1 -l-iii I,L'fll0l'NiI1 .P3il1lLS and WINDOW AND WN 1 OFFICE HOURS, 9 A. M. TO 4 l'. M. Q PICTURE GLASS 1545 ,my Sl ,-..,.1. 212 SOUTH CIENTRIE ST.. . SCHENECTAIJY. N. Y. Sf YI I EN I'ICJ'l',X I 7Y. N . Y. C' nmnni'1liun by Tuluphlmc. 1 l I -' Boat N Jute: mm Af 15 Ll...f 'want anyflf ing from ' CD Sf a rug ore, you The largest and best 1 'hfafif me be-ff--iff-'x-. equipped rn flze sfafe, B TRUGS. CIGARS, CPIPES' Ercellenf dancmg hall ' , . SODA WATER, LOWNEYSCANDIES fwlncb can be renfea' 3 for cpffqfafe cPafffP5 ' Prescripfion filling is Oflblf in C0'meCff0n Our Specialgv, -yffs fwith the hozxsexxb'-. 4 Q C. F. REYNOLDS, Ph. O. 29 front Street, PHARMACIST SCIYCIICCTGDU, IT. l Cnr. s...w.m.1 R. R. SClIlENIECI'AlJY, N.Y J.-lNl'.l lx' Y .7-l"rvslm1,f1v1, illurphy mrllnfs clmpwl. J.-lNU.llf Y .7-Sll'lc'x11n1l Slum' appear in slzirls, 21 J. I .YI HI R Y ,x'-Nr'ComI1x, f7'I'ILl7Slll,i'Il!fb "and .Hvvtor flu' son of t4l?lIfiUl'N-N lifhitey. CI'ltfUI'I'IljJl1:'l1f1D U1ll'I'f0I' Nw son Qfu luzboon-." ff-flew: . 1' 'I KY my ' ,Mfr 5 5... ..-' -,?' ,..., xi. " ' 5 "" X- ff Q x 4+ , ,cf ,A X t -, , , -1 3 K 47 Q EF f S yvezw-Emi. if , IQ! sul in inn I t CHAS. BROWN, PROPRIEITOR. The Largest and best aqppointed Hotel in the City. Clcx'1'lc,xl.l.v I.m',vrmm Hr'aflqua1'fm'.wfor Cmmlwrf-i.1l 7'1'u1-I Iam Ovv. Nlcw Yom: Ul'IN'I'1!.AI1 DlCl'1YT. and L. A. W. Men. F35 , , , QQ- EfiM9f1ff3vf1ff1 Waygfw A treat ygg 'tvell t E. aw. ROGERS, M 214 Clinton St. t .l.l.Yl7Al8Y ll-Vun, ll'urnLel' chases ll pussy 1-utfor an hour and u hulj through, I'nion, .-11'z'l11z1c and llfyh Shwet. 22 JANUARY JU-"Port" and Freddie have a little discussion in Sociology. JANUARY 16-Snow Ball Scrap. Bill Nye, as usual. appears mfgligue at fic:-ollvfw. ' G 1 'fi' Tailoring Establishment 0411 the Latest Styles and CPatterns T Imported fDirect from London. T THE STUDENTS POPULAR TAILOR. CALL AND SEE ME. - 2fL3.,.CENI.RA T- A RQALDLE ---- Walter E. Talbot SVQIQS Q CO., CONFECTIONERS fPhotograpl9er T ' Keep the finest, nicest and freshest candies in the market. Also we keep the choicest fruits of the season. Photographs for the Classes of '98 and '99. s 7J710f09'aPhS 51' an ffqfffsf CHOCOLATES, - sf. Mcfwzas, cherry, Bon-Bon, Pineapple, Caramel. 5 05 State Street, 5 V Roasted Almonds and Walnuts, Filberts and Schenectady, N Yi comms. .IANUAR Y 1.S'-.luuior Hop. JANUARY 19-Tlzebo attends a Garnet Board meeting held in Y. M. C. A. rooms 23 .l.-lNl7,'1l?Y ..'l-lll'l:1I' llux llle "lI'I'!ff1ll'NU 'ill f,lljjSl'l'S. .l.-l.Yl'.'l RY .'-I-,'vl'f'Nll'IlHHl llrf'r'n l'xg11'f'1'1L lo 'Sl'l'l'lI, lhiuyx' Ili niylil. Mngfknen Q QOOD education .slzoulafbe yoqgvclgief ana' Old Union is the place fo get if. BARNEY as Coxs, 217-223 sfafe 5225 the place to buy your Collars, Cl1ff.S5i:gUSL76U- ders, Oufing and White Shirts, ancLirLfag anything in fhe line of Gentsi FnQnighing5i . Ji .Barney 8 Co. jftn E y , You u'illji'n1l Ilia In-sf QI' eopIe's akeryn l jf. Jtoodley, Prop. a'1'f':'ylln'11g1 in Hn' liruy A FRESH SUPPLY Line IIS lwll us llrlir - lfl'llxlu2.w, Toolh, lil'lINlIt'H, ,Yuil Ih'llxlu'x, 1'l1'. lllly- ll'l"S lion-l'm1s mul f'h0r'o- Iuhfs, 'l'h,1f ibm' Cig1rr1's. ALWAYS ON HAND l'm'lc1'l CullvryuNp1'4'1'11lly. .Lyon's Drug Jtore. tJmc,t3lcx'rlc1-: .xxn ' ST-V""1 5""f"T"T"'H- Corner Union and Fonda Sfreels, JCh8neCfady, N. Sclzeneclady, N. Y. -K ,IANI '.-ll? Y ,.'.s'-.llurolbw foinvllfzelilgzllz ll 'llllilrlrlfllt'iiYl'UHtll'll.lJ'll. l"I'Il9lil'.lHY .'7- Ix'rm'.w1' falls Ilrgflilf llml Jl'7ll'lll,'I'l' is tl j'v1'or'1o'1m bvusl. 24 ,IVIJIKRIC-IIH' S-IINIftfl'f1l'llIlll!lf1' smolwl' in Albany al su 1 - 'n r'r'r'lufnj'11'sl1nuu tml UW. Gilt Edge Markef 735 STATE STREET A BEST 1VIEATS IN THE CITY! CLEANLINESS, PERFECT SERVICE, l MODERATE PRICES. W Al ALSO A FULL FINE OF CANNED x FRUITS AND VEGETABLES --.Q CR 'BEHAN2 em Telephone 105-A Proprietor, l"ldl3ICl'.-IIN' 1.6,-Suirme in, Ifuunfl lflllllllhlfj. IVICIJNIVAIH' Ili-COll'1'1l Wrulillgj in Jl'Ill7lLl:1', " Ulf, Swoliu, my rlmr, my 1ml'i:'e land 25 I' 'lil I"I'fI JIHYIIH' IN .'llv.X':fIn-lummz, as l'nion'x I'1'IPI'1'S1'llf1Itil'0 in life N, Y. S. l. U. L. Ulf' Eli! 'Al It Y ffl,..-IIIIVNIJILN 1ll'ffl.llN fo lain' 11111101.1111ll'NNO7lS, gn -V Q ' Q N "",, " .T ,f',Q L?-IL 5 : 2 '7 I "f f , -2 1 -Ah :Q ,J f Z 4 a f f wi 1"'li :g f 3' 1, your .,'. A Foss' BON Bows and CHOCOLATES Drugs. Medicines. Cigars and iobacco go to LJ Horstmann's n 129 Wall Sfreef, Opposife Post Office, Scfleneffady, N. Yi ' s'liL.- I ' .' -- ' rf' .' "qs w f ', 'nn as elle and l'f'c.1'y ra'mn1'r.- ' l"IIl ' Ill H lu nm 1111 ll lull fu: llll I I ls IH vlzupll llml " uln'fri1::nI l'llI'SUllN IllllSf fl.lll'4' lwun out lah: las! n1'gflr1." :U lf'lCl?Rl7.-lI1'Y ..'l-T110 ' Hvad nf ilu' Latin llepamrlmcnt at Union ' ll?I'fll1'l'S inAll1rLn,y rm the " Remuinx Qf' .-lm-i1'11.! RlJIlllf.,' ,Sanberi CDptician W jeweler. Noffzing buf the besf of efverjafhing in GOLD, SILVER, and PRECIOUS STON ES. 253 State Street, Sclgencctubg, 21. gl. AIbany's Best Orchestra ji A. R. Zifafs Orchestra Cmnposod of the finvxta in- St1l'llllll'Ilf2L1iSfH in the city. ltlvm-ry 1H!l'f'lH'lll0l' :L Suluiwt. Music flll'lliSlIU4l for ull 0C02lSiUllS wlwrc thu very host is required: for Umm- uurts. Bulls XVl'dlHlltLfH, Tllezmtrm-s, il,ff1K'l'll00ll T1-ns, C4Jlllll10Ill'CIIl4'5llt'f Ext-wisos, Etc. All C01lll1lllIlil'2I,ffiU1lS will l't"1't'iV0'lbl'OlIlptJ :Lttc-ntion. Addrvss, A. R. ZITA, Al.li.xNY, N. Y. " I 4'I"' Wwllu' thc wrcttiusl cvur N.B.-lhc ANI: . .-s. I writlun. Al :ull music slums. uatgle Sc Son, 5tcc LVf11g1'cwe1's, No. pearl St., Glbang, IT. 11. 1"ld1fHff.'lRY ,.',.'-Allison-Foote llclmhf. nlilL1Ci'IL talres the valve. lfYJl3RU.'lliY :Lf-Slzaw, Tlmbo and ffl-onlrlaile all 'went down. lo Anwlcrflam. 1"lu'BRU.el IH' 3,7-Slnuv, Tlufho ami Cl'0IlIn?lIl'fl'-" I 'w1'sl1. ire were in .-ln1,slw1'1lrmL. There'.9 Econoqnyiv Buying Good Cloffzfng-.f IIUE only sell clothing mutle by the lvest l1i1ll1lli'1lCi.lIi'CI'S. Full dress suits. The Izirgest line ot furnishing goods. 'l'I1ccelelwr:rted M:ml1:ntt:m fzrncy xx'l1ite:1ntl full dress shirts. All students entitled to zu IO per cent. discount. GIVE US A CALL. CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER. CI-IAS. HOLTZMA NN, 259 STATE STREET. SCI-IENECTADY. N. Y. uwivi. DQBERMAN1: i ...w1vi. SAUTER... DOBERMANS ICE CREAM AND ICES ARE ,xBsoLU'1'ELY PURE 405 STATE ST' 235 Stem- Sf.l'1'4'i'r, Sc:lllcNlcc'l'.xm', N. Y. HotelVc11dou1eBldg,Salim-11em-tudy,N.Y. ...Cnr-ts. GATES.. II WOQD 131205. IUH XV:1ll Sti'ecf,:1iul N. Y. U. Ibupot, M:mh:utt:m :md Monarch Dress :md Mzndms Shirts. Neckwear, Underweaur, , -. lioslcry :mtl Hants, latest stylus. Tcliiiilloilli I-z"NL Home Steam Laundry. Baggage and General Trucking . seas sim-Q so-Cen, SCHl'1NEU'l'AlJY, N. Y. 1f'lCl?ltU.-l RY :25-.lolrmrie lfernzvli to Sopluounnvf Jlrzriioy ills ll budplrm fu 'work boih ends of Ihat book af the same H'llLf'.', Q8 N.-IRCII .Q-1IM1'na1'fo:-gifts to give un xltllfllffiff lirmril i-vporl at f-ollvyu meeting. EE W W U S E 5? V 'V' M SI-IAKER BREAD. W W S PHILLIPS W M 32 GBOVUG W. Wll60X POPULAR PRICES FUR HIGH GRADE WORK Fino Custom Tailoring Imported and Domestic Woolens 8 JAMES ST., HOME BANK BUILDING, ALBANY, N. Y. E. W. BRO WN Wliolcs:1lc:iml Retail lJL'1llL'l' in FISH Lift' ELOBSTERSQ oYSTERS AN D gb CLAMS qg Qwcecesfwwesmfzsmaff' ' 169 Ci.ix'i'oN ST.. Ti4:i.mifiioN1c 62-A SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Clarkwitlsook, DEALER IN Form lmplements and ' lVlLlC.l'llllCS, lVlZlllLlfLlCfl.ll'Gl'S, Supplies, Builders' Hz1i'dWui'e, Nlzicliinists' Tools. s 413 STATIE STREET, SCl-IENECTAIJY, N. Y. 0li1gi'eo.is lwolgzoigiojVY'l'1flcl1.r1.1'zl liuls on a gym, xiii! rmrl yous out irrnlgzlfoic daisies. Ill.flR0'II N-ROIu'1'l I?1'l'fi!l1's 1l'l'fllI'l'N 017 llw " .lllllll ll'I.'lI II11' lf11nL'." M.-1 HHH ll-1110! 170111111011 f'l11l1 u1'g1111112wl 1111 lflfwlf, lI'l',iI I11'111s1f1f'11s lim N0lI"llII'llIlN'l'. We do noi bait- 1 Willl Cllwlllrvs fn' llw llmislcmlilug sw-cnllul klismlxnls. 1 Um- prim- lu :ull :md 111:11 ilu' lmu-sl. N F ' I Jhe .Vchenectady Clothmg Company ' 'l'I1c lcznding :md unlx' Ulla'-I1l'iCU mush Clfalllicrs. Hzntu-rs :ami fh-nts' l:lll'l1iQlIL'I'S. HL'!lnIsllI1ll'lL'I'S flil' ll'llIllii 'md 'I.I'ZIYL'lil1Q Hugs. O jglflkllll llwfwl l9111'l1!1'1111. .115 Sfllfl' Sl,-11111, Nf7lllJNl4fY7'1ll1Y. IV. Y. Gill thc News for 5 ' . . q ...... dll tlyc Psoplc 'Ev DLItI?LI11 ag 'W LTII the Glimc. abc 1 Mfg and fpgnfnq gjfdfe ftables. s Stal, :QQI-3213 Hfmtfu 1211111-1'Hi.. SlT!l1QNI'lt"l'.-XIDY, N. Y. an lfinbs of , 5 V I 0 Plmllc 146 'Q .sob prxntmg at 'rv Right prices 117111. ljutlymvugz, -p1'OPl'i0fOI'. M.-lI1'l'lI 1U-L'l'l'lIL 11'lll'IlS H1111 hr' 1'x11'le1'111'y 1-rl1'ln1' 111' llu' Hr11'111'l. JIIA RCII l..'-ldalrly l1r1'11g1.w his lII'7lIIl'I' Io vluxs Il'l'Hl flllll. ill.-Ilfffll IJ-S1'uim'sfollow l','1I1l,lf.w v.:'rlmplr'. .IIA liflll ,'U-Ilrlillillf, lIlI'llll'llI,UVIN"f vlvvlwljfluilul' rgf ilu' Slml.'1fspr411r'e Club. rescriptions THAT MEANS arefull y Purity in ompounded Drugs Accuracy in We have everything - that can he found in za Coin poundlng first class Pharmacy ' 4. wls WANT wmv TRAIIIE AND WILL AIM T0 KEEP Il' BY GIVING YOU HONIESTVAIJIIE. H. A. KERSTE, Ph. G. 402 UNION STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. . I I I I I'IIw CHAS. LIMMEIQ...-can Janafhan 'Ley' 8 eo., -2- loris-It '42 I 4, IAJL'CflI'flIIIIj.f for Wctltlings :mtl Pzurlius 4 :1 Spucizllly. 5 Et'iS':::T.T5f,f:?LfT!i:'i"'W' wholesale N' I' qrocers. I. LEVINE.... MERCHANT TAILCDR. cM?4CC7'Gfai7 ftftd P'0"'iSi0'15 Perfect Fit Guaranteed 219-222 STATE ST., 155 J:lyS1., Lcvinc Blncli, Scltwcctzntiy, N. Y. SCHENECTADY, N, Y, ZIIIAICUH ,.'7-Slful.'wxpw1ra 1,'lnl11uf'r'lx. Noll is taitcn, ami iIllI'Il1n'I'lL and 13tl,lLlUI'Ufl'f5 fozmrl 'o conslimtf' Hu: v1wv!in,gf. 31 Ill.-l Rl 'H ,.'.S'-Uppy giww -IIITITUVS II shorlu llvllivll fxfullrm-ml by fl bolt. ONE OF THE LEADING HOTELS OF THE STATE ! f'liL,4Ie11v Kenmore m't'Q2i.. STRICTLY EUROPEAN PLAN. CUISINE AND SERVICE UNEXCELLED 'Isl-1-m'1cNl':1m l'Nl1lClI NNW xl.xN.x+:m1lcN'1',,xxn .Xl+"l'l'IH AX ICN- lflCNDl'l'lIlll'1 mf' :sllllww IN lllfl--AlijllllllllNH, 1:1117 . M25 'S I li N' I AB CN 'L 13 Ev"'l!iNEl 'HEL fProgram Concerts in the Restaurant aqfternoon ani Evening. . llwl' :mrl I-nlwl XY2lIllll'l1l 1'X't'l',Y l'H4JllI. Swx'f'l1ly"-llx'I' IWNJIIIN will: Imllm. Nllllll'l'0llS SIIUNVUI' lllllllS. NEAR DE.5lQEjll?EgA7'S ROBERT T MURPHK Proprietor. Pianos CLUETTSC SONS You crm szlvc lll0lICy Illlkl sccurc thu host PIIIIIOS1ll0Lll'St4ll'L'. The fact Llmt we lmvc sight stwus, buy in lnrgu qllnntilius fm' spot cash plncus us in :1 pusllilm tu ol'l'v1' yuu lwllur imluccmcnts on :1 pixuw in thc wzly nl' pricc :xml terms than cfm lw lmtl clsuwlmurc, Wu 1ll'tf sole :lgcnts for llmc MANDOLJNS, BANJOS AND GUITARS Posilivcly thc lm-sl lIIIlklL'. cvcry llISll'LllllClII fully wanrrzmiud--At our stun- ywu will tlml :ull llmc l.A'l'liST MUSICAL PUBLICATIONS. CLUETT CSC SONS 408 STATE STREET 49 STATE STREET SCH EN ECTADY ALBANY MAICCII :Jil-Gro. l'lrl!c loses his rvpululimf. lf'm'ls lo laura Nm'c'll's clwirs in plume by S o'cloz-lr. 5,2 APIHI, I-I' ' fshmun Slm'r'ill'.w Irirtllday. ,iriiged The Gazelle - any sfandpoinf you choose Easily leads all the Newspapers and job fPrinling Establish- menfs in Schenectady CharleSDerWig SCHENECTADY FISH MARKET. MERCHANT TAILOR Fish' , Lobsters, CLEANING and REPAIRINO Gystvrs :md 6. Clams .... X1 H6 SOUTH CENTRE ST., Ig SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Clmgjlivc rn CUIIPUITTTILVSZTJTTTI-TZTTIII are mluen out lzctlrcan ll t by ' lliedriclzf 33 A Plflf. .I-Unzvell lvmvis that lie 'is MW' in l',I,UjK'I.fUl' winter fvrni. A PHIL .7-The uavnpus Izlossoms with .Iohmiia I'1u'lir1fr's prologws. 'm".-'5?nm"3'a:mt"2fam"3'a:f4Lifafi..'2fadL9're U I FFFIEII I Ill H!!! lll!llllll ll! Line Reproductions Three-Color Plates Half-Tones 'I' 'I' 'Z' 'Z- Tne illustrations for this book were made by the SUFFCDLK ENGRAVINO 63 ELECTRCDTYPINO COMPANY Special attention given to ,cs College Work Correspondence Solicitecl 2 54-256 Congress Jtreet, BofToN, ivmff. 9iei"r"?x?"fBx'N'r"'f.ei"r"3?,N'?"fE?"b?' APRIL 7-ldasrvr, lh'lln-iilge mfs in rluztn. vgqs over il'I1,icli,ff:r.zt he cuclrles vlzmisvly. 34

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