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The • G wet. ’86 {Jnion U niversity JHE QARNET: ' J ' he nnual publication " Phe Qreek Letter praternities Union c ollege Volume xxxi ; r phen here’s to thee, the brave and free, Qld LJnion smiling o’er us; nd for many a day, as thy walls grow grey, jyjay they ring with thy children’s chorus.” ALBANY, N. Y. PRESS OF BRANDOW pARTON, NORTH PEARL STREET 1885 - I — hiiuTCD BV BRANDOW BARTON, IO NORTH PEARL ST., ALBANY. N. Y. WITH J. H. BONNELL CO. ' S PARKER It IILION CUT INK, NEW YORK. a, f eVereiptiallvj De6icate 5 bvj tlpe fi itors to tl e Heatl ei? Deitv|, tlpe JSol of Qi ioip, uip er Wl ose GuiSaipce ai2 Protection We Hope to erate OurselVes fron} Durance Yile a ipS fronp tl e SeSian of f oatii e aip to f est i9 ap filvjsiun? Vvl ere faculties Will be Conspicuous f or Sl eir Absence. Si oariL of? Gcjifoiy ’ 86 . Gdward Graham [)aijeA, KArPA Alpha. Jc66c Ulentgemcry FHoAhcr, Psi Upsilon, Business Editor. GuAtavc Jijlvan Darwin, Delta Upsilon. Gdvdn (JharlcA ffncjle, Alpha Delta Phi, Editor-in- Chief. Frederick UJilliam Jkinner, Phi Delta Theta. 0 ASSOCIATE EDITORS. ’ 87 . UJilliam GibAon Gilmour, Sigma Phi. Gdw ' ard OladiAon (£amcron. Delt a Phi. John GricAAcn (£lute, Beta Theta Pi. J ust as the keen observer of the skies till waits and watches for some wonder new, | ust as the castaway with longing eyes J ooks for a sail on the horizon blue, ' ' phe literary world must wait and watch our book — jyjust wait the advent of this work of fame, y ' hich bears the stamp of genius in its very look nd proudly wears The Garnet as its name. Gcjitbriaf. THE editors of the Garnet regret the necessity of forcing upon ■ their intelligent readers a worthless book as the result of their exhaustive efforts in the production of what was intended for a literary marvel. For a due appreciation of unfitness for allotted duties and for lack of self-esteem the members of the Garnet board of Eighty- six will be conspicuous among the undergraduates of Union, in as many of whom as are his inferiors Perk, has been successful in incul¬ cating proper and sensible ideas of humility. Garnet boards always have been unfortunate in their membership, but the avowal of their poverty of ideas has been reserved for the editors of this volume. It is a well-known fadl that when a student, during the first two years of his course, has not received by the suffrages of his class-mates those desirable honors which it is in their power to bestow, he is slopped over into the Garnet board as an a6l of propitiation and retribution. Of such stuff are Garnet boards made, and in this annual repetition of history Eighty-six has proved no exception. Although well aware that the greater number of copies of our very large edition will be read and criticized by the vulgarus multitudinous , whose opinions are of little value, yet for the few copies that will reach our cultured readers, whose faculty of discrimination carries them farther than external appearances, we beg lenient judgment upon what we consider a poor book, even though it is the best Garnet ever issued. Surely, if we may not receive praise for our work, we are entitled to the encomiums of our friends for our modesty, for our acknowledgment of the sterility of our mental resources, and for our freedom from editorial duplicity. Our Garnet is dedicated directly to the idol and by implication to the class from which its editors are selected and which, in a measure, it represents. From its earliest connection with Union Eighty-six has been closely identified with the idol. In return for our devotion, the IO THE GARNET mysterious and awful god from foreign clime, who decorates the soli, tude of the woods and whose portrait embellishes our cover, has taken charge of the destinies of our class, and has granted Eighty-six ever¬ lasting prosperity;—not because Eighty-six is the only perfedl class ever matriculated; not on account of our surplus of intelligence and genius ; not for our industry and piety—for what count makes a god of human frailty or excellence?—but because, at our earliest oppor¬ tunity, by the bended knee and uncovered head of our class-mate and representative, we implored the protection of the grim-visaged image, and enrolled ourselves as the first class imbued with the sense of his might and power. Our service to our tutelary deity is not without the sanction of authoritative precedent. One morning our late president upon arising saw, staring from his lawn, the ghastly countenance of his precious idol, bedaubed with paint and otherwise disfigured by some nodlurnal band of sophomores whose barbarous instinct had impelled them to pollute the pious property of the Potter. Horror-struck and in anguish the heart-broken Doctor gave vent to his feelings in the exclamation which has served to assure us of the faultlessness of our selection of a guardian angel:— My god, the idol!’ 12 THE GARNET. I(cvppa JIIpIl IN folle io C OI2COr i - ESTABLISHED 1825. f esiSeipt Members. Prof. Jonathan Pearson, A. M., James Fuller, Hon. S. T. Benedict, J. Bayard Backus, Rev. T. G. Darling, D. D., Everett Smith, Gerardus Smith. Seniors. Edmund Taylor Perkins, Jr., Samuel Barlow Coffin, ♦Arthur Sylvester Anabi.e, ♦Thomas Grafton Addison, Frank Edward Bradley, ♦John Samuel Hoy. Juniors. Livingston J. Little, Allan Heyer Jackson, Edward Graham Hayes. Sophomore Lester Bordman Smith. Seelye William Little, John Mudgett Williams, C. Schuvler Davis, Edwin Sciiall Hunsicker. Left college. 11 active members. THE G A17 NET 3 Si m PKi. JflpIiA of Dew JorL E5fAtIi5ked 1327. f esi e t Members G. Lansing Oathout, Hon. E. Winslow Paige. Prof. John Foster, LL.D., William W. Craig, Robert F. McQueen, Henry B. McQueen, DeLancey W. Watkins. Seniors. Charles Wittgenstein Codwise, Robert Hamilton Gibbes, Joseph Atkinson Yates, Edwin Mitchell, Edward Dorsey Hobbs, Paul Iglehart. Sop or ores. William Gibson Gilmour, William B. Wemple, Robert Earl, 2D, Octavio Torres, Pantaleon Gonzalez, H., William Thomas Leighton. Left college. 6 active members . 14 THE GARNET. Delta fll pIiA (l pfer. EsIaLI M 1327. f esiSe t Hon. Alexander Thomson, Hon. William H. Smith, William Pf.arson, M. D., James PI. Lyon, George Maxon, Edward W. Smith, Members. Hon. John Keyes Paige, Prof. Sidney G. Ashmore, Barent A. Mynderse, M. D., George O. Van DeBogart, James W. Thomson, Herman V. Mynderse. Seniors. Francis Weston Ray, Sidney Alvord Smith, ♦Clarence DeWilloughby Sprigg, Frank Millard Severson, Clarence Wilson Stryker. Junior. ♦Horace Sprague Judson. Soplpor ores. Charles Backman McMurray, Francis Xavier Ransdell, Edward Madison Cameron, Robert White Williams, George Thompson Deforest. f res r erp. Martin Raymond Delehanty, Edward Penfield Towne. Left college. 10 active members. THE GARNET. !5 P5i Qpsilon. TKefo (T pfer. E5f LIi5Ked 1333. f esi eipt James E. Davis, Hon. Samuel W. Jackson, Prof. Isaiah B. Price, J. Alexander Lyon, Horatio G. Glen, Dow Beekman, Seniors. George Washington Ebaugh, Wallace Turner Foote, Jr., Edward Terrill, Members. Prof. Wendell Lamoroux, Ethan A. Maxon, Bartlett Whitlock, Frank Maxon, Henry F. DePuy, William Gifford. James Adelbert McCauley, ♦Frank Moore, ♦Edward Jonathan Wheeler. Jaipiors. ♦Francis Henry Edmunds, David Barton Kinne, Jr., Thomas Heermans Foote, Jesse Montgomery Mosher, ♦Addison Jutkins Gallien, Leslie Russf.lt. Pratt, ♦Thomas Haslett, Elmer Ellsworth Veeder, ♦Alonzo Wilcox Wheeler. Soplpor ores. Charles Francis Bridge, Willard Augustus Kitts, Jr., ♦George Edmund Wentworth. f reslpn eip. Norman Lawrence Bates, Frederick Barnard Richards, Hubert Carpenter Mandeville, William Bullock Ten Eyck, Harry Miller Van Dusen. Leit college. ij active members. i6 THE GARNET. Delta Upsilon. Onion fK pier. E 5 laJ Ii 5 W 1333. f esiSei t Members, Hon. Judson s. Landon, Rev. Wm. Elliot Griffis, D.D., Robert James Landon, Robert Fuller, Hon. Josefii P. Grah am. Seniors. William Curtis Mills, Jr., William Farlin Richards, Fred Nelson Moulton, George Finly Sprague, William Harlow Munsell, Robert James Wands. Juniors. Guotave Sylvan Dai?wtn ; Frederick Stephen Randall, Wilbur Fiske La Monte, William Pierce Landon. Sop on ores. Nelson Manning Redfield, William Franklin Huyck, George Warren Furbeck, George Lovell Flanders, ♦Will. James Sweet, Mark William Campbell. Freslpnpeip. William Logan Kennedy, James Edward Brennan. Left college. 12 active members. THE GARNET. 7 Jllplift. Delfa PLi. [Inion (T pler. E5l LIi5Ked 1357. f esic ei t John A. De Demer, A. M., C. E., Alonzo P. Strong, A. M., Franklin W. McClellan, A.B., James B. W. Lansing, Brothers. Prof. S. B. Howe, A. M., Franklin R. Toll, A. B., Lee W. Case, James A. Van Voast. Seniors. ♦Putnam Cady, Richard V. Franklin, Everett Fowler, George W. Langdon, Jurors. Edwin Charles Angle, Elmer L. Fletcher, ♦Benjamin Merrill, t Harmon W. Veeder, Tyler Reed Wooderidce. Sopl or ores. Alden Lewis Bennett, John M. Burr, Mather C. Howe, John C. Van Voast, Edward D. Very. Left college. 8 active members. 2 THE GARNET. Beta Tlieta Pi. Onion CK pfer. Esf LI Ked 1351. f esi eipt Members. Wm. B. Landreth, Union, J. T. W. Kastendieck, Union. Medical Departryei t. Cornelius Wells De Baun, Union. Seniors. Francis ' Elihu Crane, Alvord Calvin Egelston, Geo. W. Van V anken. Juniors. ♦Cornelius Wells De Baun, William F. Schick. Soplponpores. J. Ericsson Clute, Kelton Radliff, Nelson J. Gulick, Dow Vroman, ♦Julius T. W. Kastendieck. f resfp npei . Allen J. Dillingham, Wm. Frazier Feters, Frank Dudley Lewis, Frank H. Silvernail. Teft college. 12 active me tubers . Geo. Weed Barhydt, Alvin Barber Bishop, ♦Wm. Henry Robinson, — THE GARNET. 1 9 PLi Delta Theta. si. N. y. Beta (li pfer. Esf LI Ked 1333. Seniors. Henry DeWitt Griswold, William Henry Vaughn. Juniors Thomas Warren Allen, Frank Fenton Blessing, Levi Case Felthousen, Edwin Schuyler Harris, Frederick William Skinner. Sop orrpores. Wm. Thurston Brown, Charles Arthur Marvin, Edward Tallmage Root, John Edward Swanker, Vernon Everest Weston. f reslpn ei?. Charles Winne Blessing, John Edgar Winne, James Monroe DeLong. Left college. 13 active members. 20 THE GARNET. SOPHOMORE FRATERNITY. Tkel ' A Nu kp5iIon. Gamma Chapter. .... EMailiMicd 187G, f{ez b Horatio G. Glen, e 12 1 Members. Dow Beekman, Lee W. Case. Seniors. ♦Samuel M. Brann, John B. Duffie, Wallace T. Foote, R. W. Franklin, ♦Benj. Guion, ♦Geo. Van Vranken, Alvin B. Bishop, Putnam Cady, Jr., GeOrge W. Ebaugh Everett Fowler, Robert H. Gibbes, Paul Iglehart, W. H. Robinson. Edwin C. Angle, E. W. Courtright, ♦Francis H. Edmunds, ♦Elmer L. Fletcher, Thomas H. Foote, ♦Addison J. Gallien, ♦Lewis W. Groat, Thomas C. Lawler, Ja iors. ♦Thomas Haslett, James C. McIntyre, ♦Edward J. Perkins, L. R. Pratt, G. R. F. Salsbury, ♦A. W. Wheeler, H. W. Veeder, T. Reed Woodbridge. Soplpon ores. T. K. Nymxk, E. N, Y, p, hw, h, a, ], t, KQ., D, n, o, k, g, m, Bh, x. ypt, XQP, flff, g, ht, F. w, n, a, x, k, In hw, hnu, f, fign, sbD, K, r, k, r, k, r, 1, m, 2 d, End Agt Finis, Qt Ipt, Ogr, O, o, 1, on, g, LL.D., M L, vgt, mdh, 3 a;, 4 th, Ngh, D, mns, Q 1, O lg, F R Q B. Left college. J REGISTER t» OFFICERS AND STUDENTS 4UtllOII UNIVERSITY.! Ex-Officio. 22 THE GARNET. Union GoPfege. TRUSTEES. ' His Excellency Grover Cleveland, Governor, Hon. David B. Hill, Lieut.-Governor, Hon. Joseph B. Carr, Secretary of State, Hon. A. C. Chapin, Comptroller, Hon. Robert A. Maxwell, Treasurer, Hon. Dennis O’Brien, Attorney-General, Rev. J. Trumbull Backus, D.D., LL.D., Hon. Platt Potter, LL.D., Eliphalet Nott Potter, D.D., LL.D., Joseph W. Fuller, Esq., Silas B. Brownell, Esq., Gen. Frederick Townsend, Rev. William Irvin, D.D., Hon. Judson S. Landon, Hon. Edward W. Paige, Rev. J. Livingston Reese, D.D., William H. H. Moore, Esq., Hon. David Murray, LL.D., Rev. Dennis Wortman, D.D., Hon. John T. Hoffman, LL.D., Howard Potter, Esq., Hon. Lamott W. Rhodes, term of office expiring June, 1885. Thos. R. Featherstonhaugh, M.D., “ “ 1886. David C. Robinson, Esq., “ “ 1887. Rev. George Alexander, D.D., “ “ 1888. THE GARNET. 2 3 II nion (©offeg e. FACULTY. Hon. JUDSON S. LANDON, President ad interim , zE 2 " . Lecturer on the Constitution of the United States and its History. A. M., Union, 1855. Dist. Att’y, Schenectady county, 1857-63; County Judge, 1865-70; mem¬ ber of Constitutional Convention of N. Y. State, 1866-68; Justice Supreme Court since 1874. JOHN FOSTER, £ . B. IL, 2 . 2 . Nott Professor (No. 8) of Natural Philosophy. A.B., Union, 1835; A.M., 1838; LL.D., Univ. City of New York, 1874. Tutor, 1836; Asst. Prof. Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 1839-49; Prof. Natural Philosophy since 1849. Author of “ Elementary Treatise on Electricity, Magnetism, Galvanism, Electro-Magnetism and Acoustics.” JONATHAN PEARSON, 0 . B. K., K. A. Professor of Agriculture and Botany, and Librarian. A.B., Union, 1836; A.M., 1839. Tutor, 1836; Asst. Prof. Chemistry and Natural History, 1836-49; Treasurer, 1851-82; Librarian since 1836. HENRY WHITEHORNE, $. B. Ii. Norr Professor (No. i) of the Greek Language and Literature. A.M., Univ. of Mississippi, 1848. Univ. of Oxford, England, 1834-39; Brin, of St. Thomas Hall, Holly Springs, Miss., 1846; Prof, of Greek and Ancient Literature, Univ. of Miss., 1855; Prof, in Union Coll, and Prin. of Classical Department in Union School, 1862-69; Prof, of Greek Language and Literature, Union, since 1869. WILLIAM WELLS, ' B. K. Professor of Modern Languages and Literature. Ph.D., Berlin, 1848; LL.D., Indiana Asbury University, 1875. Prof, of Modern Languages and Literature in Genesee Coll., 1852-65, and Union Coll, since 1865. MAURICE PERKINS, 0 . B. K. Nott Professor (No. 3) of Analytical Chemistry and Curator of the Museum. A.M., Harvard, 1865; M.D., A.M.C., 1871. Asst. Prof, of Chemistry in Coll, of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y. City; Assistant to Rumford Prof., Lawrence Scientific School, Harvard Coll. Author of “ Course in Analytical Chemistry,” and of “ Estimation of Urea,” and other papers. 24 THE GARNET. CADY STALEY, 0. B. Ii. Professor of Civil Engineering; Dean. A.B., Union, 1865; C.E., 1866; A.M., 1868. Tutor of Mathematics and Engineering, 1867-69; Prof. Civil Engineering since 1869; Dean since 1880. Ed. “Gillespie’s Roads and Railroads,” and “ Levelling and Higher Surveying.” Author of “ Strength of Materials,” and “ Stability of Structures,” and “Elements of Truss Bridges.” ISAIAH B. PRICE, 0. B. K., V. V. Professor of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Physics. C.E., Union, 1872; A.M., 1875. Tutor of Mathematics and History, 1873; Tutor of Mathe¬ matics and Adj. Prof, of Physics, 1874-77; Prof, of same, 1877-84. Author o f “Elements of Trigonometry;” Memoir of Rev. J. R. Davis; Essays, etc. SIDNEY G. ASHMORE, 0. B. K., A. 0. Professor of Latin Language and Literature. A.B., Columbia, 1872; A.M., 1875. Instructor in Greek and Latin at Lehigh University, T B73—76; Tutor in Latin, Columbia, 1876-81; Prof, of Latin, Union, since 1881. WINFIELD S. CHAPLIN, Professor of Mechanics. Graduated at West Point, 1870. Resigned from the army, 1872; Railroad Engineer until 1874; Prof. Mechanics Me. State College, 1874-76; Prof, of Civil Engineering in University of Tokio, Japan, 1876-82; Railroad Engineer, 1882-3; Prof, at Union College since 1883. WENDELL LAMOROUX, 0. B. K ., W. T. English Essays and Oratory. A.B., Union, 1844; A.M., 1847. Instructor in Modern Languages, 1849-50; Prof. Modern Languages and Asst. Prof. Belles Lettres, 1850-53; Act’g Prof. Modern Languages, 1862-64; Act’g Prof. Rhetoric, Columbia, 1868-69; Prof. English Essays and French, Wells, 1873-76; Prof. English Essays, Union, since 1876. Contributor to various periodicals on Education and Art. Rev. GILES P. HAWLEY, 0. B. K., A . K. E. Acting Professor of Logic, Rhetoric and Metaphysics. A.B., Union, 1871; A.M., 1874. Teacher in Potsdam State Normal School and Syracuse High School; graduated from Union Theological Seminary, N. Y., 1876; Pastor 2d Presbyterian church Saratoga Springs, 1876-81; of Presb. church, Mechanicville, 1882-84. Author of “ Wit, Wisdom and Philosophy of Jean Paul Fried. Richter,” and numerous articles. ist Lieut. HENRY W. HUBBELL, Jr., ist Artillery, U. S. A., Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Graduate of U. S. Artillery School, Fort Monroe, Va., 1872. Military Prof, at Mass. Inst, of Technology, Boston, Mass., 1876-78. Engaged in various campaigns during the civil war, and aide-de-camp to Maj.-Gen. H. G. Wright, commanding ist Div., 6th Army Corps at battle of Gettysburgh; discharged from volunteer service Nov. 1863; 2d Lieut., ist U. S. Artillery, 1867; ist Lieut., 1873. Served in Indian campaigns and on the frontier. Deceased. THE GARNET. 2 5 SAMUEL B. HOWE, 2 . B. R., A. A. f . Adjunct Nott Professor (No. 4), Principal of Union School and Super¬ intendent of the Schools of Schenectady. A.B., Union, 1862; A.M., 1865. JAMES STOLLER, A K. E. Tutor in Natural History. A.B., Union, 1884. t HENRY F. DE PUY, W. T. Tutor in Mathematics. C.E., Union, 1883. COLLEGE OFFICERS. Cady Staley, Acting Treasurer. Mrs. M. L. Peissner, Registrar . Charles W. Vandeveer, Director of Gymnasium. Harmanus Picket, Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings. THE GARNET. 2 7 Exigui numero, sed bello vivida virtus.— Virgil. THE freshman class has scarcely completed its first collegiate term, W and although there are many events in prospect that promise to form the groundwork of an interesting experience, yet the men of Eighty-eight already begin to turn back and live again in imagination their short but fertile career. Previous to that dark and dismal night of September fifteenth the members of the class knew only in story what it was to be a freshman ; but the distant echo of the tin horn aroused them to a sense of their true situation—then did they realize that the hour of their trial had come. However, recognizing the inviolability of college custom, they submitted to the ordeal with manly grace. And yet the “ ex-fresh,” not content with setting up, attempted to salt; but the vision of a professor’s head, unexpectedly manifested through the chapel door, dispersed them like fallen leaves before an autumn gale. The class having fairly started, and feeling that organization is most essential to success, now turned its attention to the election of class officers. From this arose a contest, and with grim determination was it urged by both parties—yet when the struggle was over, Eighty-eight emerged united and harmonious, ready to proceed with the term’s work both individually and as a class. Week after week, enlivened by those incidents that lend a lustre to the student’s life, has rapidly passed away and is but the cherished memories of our first days at Old Union. But while engaged in relating the brief experience of our class, we must not enliiely lose sight of the term’s real work, which from appearances has proved both beneficial and enjoyable. From appear¬ ances, because one would think to feel the shaking of North College and to hear the applause proceeding therefrom, that the Freshmen, in the study of the French language, find the acme of their earthly hap¬ piness. Such is the history of our brief connection with Union, and although to those who are not members of our class it may seem barren and devoid of interest, yet it is a story that lies dear to the heart of every man who began his college life with the class of Eighty-eight. Historian. 28 THE GARNET. FRESHMAN class. CLASS OFFICERS. President, Vice-President, . Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Poet, .... Base-Ball Director, Toastmaster, P rese Thomas W. Barrally, Jr., Norman Lawrence Bates, W. T., Michael H. Begley, William Thomas Bishop, Charles Winne Blessing, £ . A. James E. Brennan,, A. 2L, Philip Henry Cole, Homer Potter Cummings, Cornelius Schuyler Davis, K. A ., brank Justus Davis, Martin Raymond Delehanty, A. James Monroe DeLong, A. W. F. PETERS. J. E. BRENNAN. A. J. DILLINGHAM. 11. C. MANDEV1LLE. M. R. DELEHANTY. T. Ii. SWEENEY. E. S. HUNSICKER. E. P. TOWNE. Merybers. Nantucket, Mass., 48 S. s., s. c. Oswego, 72 M, . S. ,N .c. Albany, 95 N. . s. : ,N . c. Fort Wingate, N. M., 29 M . s. , s, . c. Slingerlands, 53 S. s., N. c. Albany, 75 M . s. ' . c. Red Hook, 38 S. S., S. c. North Madison, O., 44 S. S., S. c. Schenectady, Union St. Stan ford ville, 43 s. S., s. c. Albany, 75 M . s. : . c. Elizabethtown, 42 S. s., s. c. THE GARNET. 2 9 Allen J. Dillingham, B. 0 . 77 ., Van Guysling Furman, John Duncan Gilchrist, Edwin Schall Hunsicker, K.A ., Autraning Daniel Ishkanian, William Logan Kennedy, A. T Lewis Moses King, Frank Dudley Lewis, B. 0 . 77 ., Seelye William Little, K. A., Hubert Carpenter Mandeville, W. P., Edward McEncroe, Joseph McIntyre, William Frasier Peters, B. 0 . 77 ., Frederick Barnard Richards, W. 2 " , Edson Mason Scofield, Frank Hopkins Silvernail, B. 0 . 77 ., Martin Putman Swart, Michael Daniel Stevenson, Thomas Henry Sweeney, William Bullock Ten Eyck, W. 2 , Edward P. Towne, A. P., Harry Miller Van Dusen, W. T., Gaylord Bacon Wakeman, John M. Williams, K.A ., Edwin Henry Winans, John Edgar Winne, 7 . A. 0 ., Fred. A. Yates, Mechanicville, 46 s. s., s. c. Schenedlady. 51 Smith St. Ishpeming, Mich., 66 Jay St. Norristown, Pa., 57 S. S., N.C. Armenia. Nott Terrace. Johnstown, 64 S. S., N. C. Scheneclady, 18 Barrett St. Amsterdam, 46 S. S., S. C. Rochester, 58 S. S., N. C. Elmira, 28 M. S., S. C. Schenedlady, Union St. West Troy, 7 Quackenbos St. Ripley, O., 43 S. S., S. C. Sandy Hill, 25 Lafayette St. Hermon, 89 Lafayette St. Valatie, 80 Nott Terrace. Schenedlady, 48 Ferry St. Albany, S. Colonnade. Cassville, 29 M. S., S. C. Albany, 70 M. S., N. C. Lansingburgb, 79 M. S., N. C. Stockbridge, Mass., 28 M. S., S. C. Wells’ Bridge, 66 Jay St. Rochester, 60 S. S., N. C. Gloversville, 91 Lafayette St. Schodack, 55 S. S., N. C. Conklingville, 59 Lafayette St. Member, Fred. Samuel Simmons, Fonda. THE GARNET. 3 1 e en. y HEN ill the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a class in college to sever its connections with Algebra, it behooves that class to make some preparation for the suitable observance of that event. Accordingly when ’ 8 y’s turn came to pay the customary act of respect to the remains of the departed, which have ever been held too sacred to be buried, this redoubtable class eagerly hastened to perform well the rites over the remains of Tutor Anable’s defunct Algebra. The appointed time came, and true to its trust, ’87 conveyed the corpse to its last resting-place. Robed in white, to indicate the purity of the task, the class formed around the coffin for the solemn march. With steady but sorrowful tread we wended our way through the city, carefully protecting the departed from any insult. Soon the altar was reached where the rich sacrifice was to be offered. Stray sticks were collected and soon the fire blazed forth. For one long hour did Eighty-seven guard as with their lives the consuming pyre, and then left the heap of embers to the beasts of the field. Our first class banquet was a grand success. Let us repeat it in each succeeding year of our course, and have our feelings in unison again as then. The usual plug hat parade, passing off with little opposition, only completed the crown of laurels twined around the brows of our noble class. Faithfully we did our work as Freshmen, and when Sophomore year came in, it found us extending our paternal care to unsophisticated ’ 88 . With parental hand we led them on, and taught them how to aid ’89 to fully enjoy college life. Not with an iron hand did we thrust our suggestions upon them, but with a gentle, kindly touch, hoping they would profit by our benevolence and receive our instruc¬ tion as kindly as it was given. But no ; the narrow minds of the 32 THE GARNET. Freshmen were unable to comprehend the kindness we were doing them. Our gentle care was rejected. Still, as patient as Job and meek as Moses, we led them on. A thankless task though; yet we felt it our duty to perform it, unpleasant as it was. Oh, ungrateful Freshmen ! why will you not receive the benefits conferred upon you ? Why will you continue in your blinded bigotry when we would gladly show you the better way ? Why will you persevere in trying to convey the impression that you own the college and are wiser than the faculty ? Oh, personification of stubbornness ! will you not see your mistake and correct your error before it is too late? Historian. THE GARNET. 33 SOPHOMORE- CLHSS. CLASS OFFICERS. President, ..... H. McMILLEN. Vice-President, . . . W. H. VAN WIE. Secretary,.J. T. B. GILMOUR, Treasurer, . . N. J. GULICK. Historian, . . C. A. MARVIN. Poet,.E. T. ROOT. Base-Ball Diredtor, . . . A. L. BENNETT. Toastmaster, ..... L. B. SMITH. Class colors -Cardinal and Old Gold. Present Charles Hamilton Ashton, Alden Lewis Bennett, A. A . £., Charles Francis Bridge, W. T. f George D. Buel, Edward Madison Cameron, A. John Ericsson Clute, B. O. 77 ., George Thompson DeForest, A. 7 ., Robert Earl, 2d, 2. P., Harry Slocum Estcourt, George Warren Furbeck, A. 1 " ., Robert Furman, John Trumbull Backus Gilmour, William Gibson Gilmour, 2. P., Nelson Joseph Gulick, B. Q. 77 ., Edward Mathias Hawkes, Members, Centre Cambridge, 123 Union St. Hyde Park, Ill., 22 M. S., S. C. Albany, 78 Nott Terrace. South Ballston, 39 S. S., S. C. Albany, 76 M. S., N. C. Schenectady, 63 Union St. DeFreestville, 80 M. S., N. C. Herkimer, 85 N. S., N. C. Schenectady, 180 Union St. Little Falls, N. J., 22 M. S., S. C. Schenedtady, 51 Smith St. Schenectady, 161 Union St. Schenedtady, 161 Union St. Broadalbin, 42 Barrett St. Schenectady, 2 Quackenbos St. 3 34 THE GARNET. Mather Craine Howe, A. A. William Franklin Iiuyck, A.B., Irving Peake Johnson, Willard Augustus Kitts, W. 1 A, Henry Augustus Kurtli, William Thomas Leighton, 2. 7 ., Charles Arthur Marvin, 7 . A. G., Harlow McMillen, Charles Backman McMurray, A. 7 ., Edward Waite Miller, Albert Flenry Pepper, Alfred Edward Phillips, Kelton Kadliff, B. G. 77 ., Francis Xavier Ransdell, A. P., Nelson Manning Redfield, A. B., Edward Tallmadge Root, 7 . A. G. f J. Ward Schermerhorn, Lester Bordman Smith, K. A., Julm Edward Spanker, P. A. G- John Charles Van Voast, A. A. F., William Henry Van Wie, Edward Dwyer Very, A. A. Dow Vroman, B. G. II., Robert White Williams, A. P., Schenedt uly, 132 Union St. LeRoy, 73 M. S., N. C. Schenectady, 173 Union St. Oswego, 70 M. S., N. C. Schenediady, • 187 Nott St. Rochester, 22 Park Place. Elizabethtown, 54 S. S., N. C. Seneca Falls, 15 N. S., S. C. Lansingburgh, 76 M. S., N. C. Montgomery, 12 Union Su Schenedtady, 20 Park Place. Rouse’s Point, 39 s. s., s. c. Gloversville, 80 Nott Terrace. Providence, La., 78 M. S., N. C. Rochester, 73 M. S., N. C. Schenedtady, East Avenue. Schenedtady, 75 Union St. Rochester, 60 S. S., N. C. Schenedtady, 20 Green St. Schenectady, Upper Union St. Fultonville, 37 s. s, S. c. Schenedtady, 43 Park Place. Middleburgh, 80 Nott Terrace. Carroll Parish, La., 78 M. S., N. C. former Members. William Thurston Brown, 1. A. G., Burnt Hills. John Morris Burr, A. A. Z , Greenfield Hill, Conn. George Dudley Campbell, Schenectady. William Mark Campbell, A. 7 " , Troy, Minn. George Lovell Flanders, A. B, Hopkintown. Pantaleon Gonzalez, H., IS. P., U. S. of Colombia, S. A JuliusTheo.Wm. Kastendieck, B. G. 17., , Schenectady. James Everett Kelley, Schuylerville. James Alfred Long, Florence. Joseph H. Riley, Boggy Depot, Ind. Ter. William George Shaible, Schenedtady. Will J. Sweet, A. B, Gloversville. Octavio Torres, 3 . ?., Hermosillo, Mex. Abraham Van Benthuysen, Lisha’s Kill. William Van Doren, Scotia. William B. Wemple, IS. £., Fultonville. George Edmund Wentworth, W. B., Sandy Hill. Vernon Everest Weston, P. A. G., Wilmington. THE GARNET. 35 “ Our band is few, but true and tried.’ OMETHING witty and original in the way of a class history it fortunately cannot be expected. This subject, like Eliezur’s Treatise on Sowing Cowcumber Seeds, has been run in the ground. Previous Junior historians have left nothing to say concerning Mechanics—we have to think it—and have long ago worn out the supply of pet names on the author of a well known college song. Alas ! gentle reader ! an ordinary retrospect of previous years is our last resort. Gazing back from the idleness of our Junior existence into the misty past, Freshman year seems almost a pleasant dream, troubled possibly by vague memories of tin horns and the idol. Let us not disturb it. The victories and celebrations of Sophomore year, still fresh in our memory, will ever be recounted with pleasure and will be constant objects for emulation to coming generations. In their hopeless failure, to the meek and lamb-like ’8 7 we would extend our pity. Let us congratulate ourselves that in our transition from the bois¬ terous joys of Sophomore to the romance of Junior year no change worthy of mention has taken place. We alone regret, but wish success to. the few members who have left 11s. It may be in a few, who remain, that a devotion to Dorpean dam¬ sels is more marked and that a weakness for high collars and side burns has manifested itself. However this may be, the same inde¬ pendence, good-fellowship, whole soled enthusiasm—in “ Billy ”—and class spirit, not to mention appreciation of class suppers, which has ever characterized us, remains unchanged and will forever place ’86 among the foremost of those who have honored Old Union. Historian. THE GARNET. 37 • JUNIOR CLASS.. CUSS OFFICERS. President, J. C. McINTYRE. Vice-President, . . W. P. LANDON. Secretary, . . J. J. FRANKLIN, JR. Treasurer, . L. R. PRATT. Historian, E. C. HAYES. Poet, .... . F. S. RANDALL. Bass-Ball Director, G. H. CASE. Toastmaster, . D. B. KINNE, JR. Class colors—Cherry and Old Gold Present Members. Thomas Warren Allen, . A. Edwin Charles Angle, A. A. £., Frank Fenton Blessing, ?. A. Gleason Hart Case, East Hounsfield, Schenectady, Slingerlands, Coxsackie, 54 S. S., N. C. 3 Union St. 53 S. S, N.C. 67 M. S., N. C. 38 38 the GARNET. Howard Judson Cole, Albany, 26 M. S., S. C. Edward Weidler Courtright, Circleville, 0 ., 10 N. S., S.C. Gustave Sylvan Dorwin, A. 27 , Hammond, 91 N. S., N. C. Levi Case Felthousen, A. 0 ., Schenectady, 99 Union St. Thomas Heermans Foote, W. 27 , Port Henry, 21 M. S., S. C. James John Franklin, Jr., Albany, 95 N. S., N. C. Edwin Schuyler Colfax Harris, ?. A. 0 .. , Schuylerville, 56 S. S., N. C. Edward Graham Hayes, K. A ., Canandaigua, 89 N. S., N. C. Allan Heyer Jackson, K.A ., Schenectady, 29 Washington Av, David Barton Kinne, Jr., W. 27 , White Lake, 12 N. S., S. C. Wilbur Fisk LaMonte, A. 27 , Richmondville, 90 N. S., N. C. William Pierce Landon, A. 27 , Schenectady, 190 Union St. Thomas C. Lawler, Albany, 11 N. S., S.C. Livingston John Little, K. A., Rochester, 58 S. S., N. C. James Carter McIntyre, West Troy, 25 Lafayette St. Jesse Montgomery Mosher, W. 27 , Albany, S. Colonnade. John Edwin Ostrander, Slingcrlands, 17 M. S., S. C. Leslie Russell Pratt, W. 27 , Kansas City, Mo., Noll Terrace. Frederick Stephen Randall, A. 27 , Stafford, 90 N. S., N. C. Frederick William Skinner, P. A. 0 ., Biownvillc, 37 s. s., S.C. Elmer Ellsworth Veeder, W. 27 , Schenectady, 18 M. S., S. C. Tyler Reed Woodbridge, A. A. Port Henry, 21 M. S., S. C. forryer M enpbers. Alvin Jonas Bogart, Troy. Abel Smith Clements, Schenectady. Cornelius Wells DeBaun, B. 0 . 77 ., Niskayuna. Francis Henry Edmunds, W. 2 " , Johnstown. Benjamin Wool File, Raymertown. Elmer Lewis Fletcher, A. A. 7 ., Bluffton, Iowa. Addison Jutkins Gallien, W. 27 , Albany. Louis William Groat, Cooperstown. Fred. Elmendorf Hamlin, Winona, Minn. Thomas Haslett, W. 27 , Geneva. Horace Sprague Judson, A. Kingsboro. Benjamin Merrill, A. A. Saratoga Springs. Edward J. Perkins, Amsterdam. Silas Ray Pierson, Newark. George Romaine Freeman Salsburv, Schuylerville. William Franklin Shick, R ( ). TJ. t Easton, Pa. Sydney Alvord Smith, A. 7 ., Herkimer. Plarmon Wortman Veeder, A. A. Schenectady. William Wallace Wemple, Duanesburgh. Alonzo Wilcox Wheeler, W. 27 , Schenectady. THE GARNET. 39 RITTEN your class history yet?” “ No, have n’t thought of it.” “Well, we want it right away; The Garnet goes to press this week,” and the editor slams the door behind him and mut¬ ters something about Seniors taking their own time about everything. We draw the easy chair before the fire and light our pipe. How familiar the old room looks; the center-table littered with books and papers, the bric-a-brac from “ the girls,” the pictures arranged in fan¬ tastic disorder, the signs mutely insisting that the closet door is the “ Entrance to first gallery,” that the transom is the “Exit in case of fire,” that there is “No smoking allowed in these rooms,” that “Clam chowder will be served to-night;” the battle axes and cremation clubs grouped as we put them up after the fight. We have grown to love the old room ; it has been our home for the four happiest years of our life. Our thoughts go back and we live again our college days. The smoke gracefully curling from the old pipe takes form and bright pictures of the past appear; for a moment they cling, lightly caressing the bowl, then float slowly, dreamily upward. The cane-rush, salt-fight, cremation, set-ups and class suppers pass in beautiful panorama to the end. We take our last whiff and sorrowfully knock out the ashes. Our happy dream is over. Our real life is about to commence. Already we hear the buzzing wheels of life’s great workshop. But we pause for a moment on the threshold to raise our hat to Old Union and a happy past. Our places here will soon be filled by others ; another class will carve their names on the Senior seats in chapel, and to Eighty-five will be accorded a bright place in the traditions of our alma mater. Historian. THE GARNET. 41 » SENIOR. CLASS. CLASS OFFICERS. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Grand Marshal, Historian, Prophet, Orator, Poet, Addresser, Ivy Orator, Ivy Poet, Pipe Orator, Base-Ball Director, F. W. RAY. F. BOND. G. W. BARHYDT. II. D. GRISWOLD. P. IGLEPIART. W. T. FOOTE, JR. F. BAILEY. E. TERRILL. A. B. BISHOP. W. H. MUNSELL. E. FOWLER. J. J. McSORLEY. E. A. LEWALD. T. J. DELANEY. Class colors—Garnet and Cream. 42 THE GARNET. Present Mergers. Frank Bailey, George Weed Barhydt, B. S. 77 , Alvin Barber Bishop, B. S. 77 ., Frank Bond, Frank Edward Bradley, K. A., Samuel Barlow Coffin, K. A., Francis Elihu Crane, B. 77 ., Thomas Joseph Delaney, George Washington Ebaugh, W. V., Alvord Calvin Egelston, B. z). TT, Wallace Turner Foote, Jr., W. 2 " ., Everett Fowler, A. A. Robert Hamilton Gibbes, 2 . 7 ., Flenry DeWitt Griswold, . A. j., William Hutchinson, Paul Iglehart, 2 . 7 ., Ernest August Lewald, James Henry Stephen McCarthy, John Joseph McSorley, William Curtis Mills, Jr., A. 7 " ., Edwin Mitchell, 2 . 7 ., Jesse Thompson Morey, William Harlow Munsell, A. 2 " , Edmund Taylor Perkins, Jr., K. A. } Frank Weston Ray, A. 7 ., William Farlin Richards, A. 77 , Frank Millard Severson, A. 7 ., Charles Spelman Stanton, Clarence W. Stryker, A. P. y Monroe Marsh Sweetland, Edward Terrill, W. 2 " , William Henry Vaughn, P. A. O., Chatham. Albany, 96 Nott Terrace. Hancock, to£ QuackenbosSt Schenectady. 61 S. S.,N. S. Kinderhook, 62 S. S., N. C. Peekskill, 186 Union St. Lisha’s Kill, 164 Union St. Albany, 83 N. S., N. C. Baltimore, Md., 9 N. S., S. C. Gloversville, 23 Liberty St. Port Henry, ? | M. S., S. C. Kingston, 25 M. S., S. C. Union, S. C., 92 N. S., N. C. Dryden, 55 S. S., N. C. Thorndike, Mass. 74 M. S., N. C. Davidsonville, Md., 85 N. S., N. C. New York City, 32 M. S., S. C. Albany. 14 N. S., S. C. Troy, 46 S. S., S. C. Gloversville, 91 N. S., N. C. Hagerstown, Md., 92 N. S., N. C. Burnt Hills, 96 N. S., N. C. Schenedtady. Jay St. Louisville, Ky., 62 S. S.,N. C. Columbia, S. C., 77 M. S., N. C. Rouse’s Point. 94 N. S., N. C. Seneca Falls, 2 Quackenbos St. Albany, 57 S. S., N. C. Hammondsport, 2 Quackenbos St. Dryden. Stone Ridge, 74 M. S., N. C. Lewiston, N. J., N. Colonnade. fori-yer Members, Thomas Grafton Addison, K. A., Arthur Sylvester Anable, K. A ., Albert Coward Barrett, Samuel McCrea Brann, Frank Bull, Putnam Cady, A. A. 7 ., Charles Wittgenstein Codwise, 2 . 7 ., James Landon Countermine, Washington, D. C. Springfield, Mass. Perth Centre. Charlton. Schenedtady. Schenedlady. Grantville, Mass. Schenectady Co. THE GARNET. 43 John Browner Duffie, Frank Stuart Ferguson, Richard Whiting Franklin, A. A. £., Edward Lincoln Garrett, Benjamin Sumner Guion, Albert Lippincott Halsey, James Henry Haslett, Edward Dorsey Hobbs, Jr., 2 . ., Hugo William Hoffman, John Samuel Hoy, K. A., William Augustus Jay cox, George Woodward Langdon, A. A. P., David Alexander Lansing, Philip W. Link, James Adelbert McCauley, W. i " , Thomas L. McClumpha, Philo C. Mills, Frank Moore, W. 1 T, Fred. Nelson Moulton, A. T ., Frederick Sydney Parmenter, George Frank Parsons, A. ., Hardy Hardison Phelps, William Henry Robinson, B. O. H., John Schermerhorn, Nathaniel Bull Spalding, George Finly Sprague, A. T ., Clarence DeWilloughby Sprigg, A. ., Charles Malcolm Stewart, Geo. Williamson Van Vranken, B. S. U. John Henry Veeder, Robert James Wands, A. T ., Edward Jonathan Wheeler, W. I ' ' ., Joseph Atkinson Yates, JS 1 . Columbia, S. C. Glovcrsville. Penn Van. Ballston Spa. Newbern, N. C. Schenedtady. Geneva. Anchorage, Ky. Albany. Albany. Garrison’s. Hoosac. Schenectady. Schenectady. Stanley. Port Jackson. Gloversville. Schenectady. Sandy Creek. Troy. Gloversville. • Creswell, N. C. West Hebron. Rotterdam. Schodack Landing. LeRoy. Alexandria, T.a. Kingsboro. , Lisha’s Kill. Rotterdam. Slingerlands. Schenedtady. Ten Mile Hill, S. C. Deceased. 44 THE GARNET. Mecjicaf ©epa.rfnqervt ' . ALBANY MEDICAL COLLEGE. FACULTY. THOMAS HUN, 2 . B. K., K.A. Dean of the Faculty, and Emeritus Professor of tiie Institutes of Medicine. A.B., Union, 1826; A.M., 1829; M.D., Univ. of Penn., 1830; LL.D., Union, 1876. Professor of Institutes of Medicine, A. M. C., from 1839 to 1857. Pres. Albany County Med. Soc., 1844; and N. Y. State Med. Soc., 1862. SAMUEL O. VANDER POEL, 2 . F.meritus Professor of Paihology, Practice and Clinical Medicine. A.B., Univ. City of New York, 1842; A.M., 1845; M.JL)., Jefferson Med. Coll., 1845; Hon. M.D., A. M. C., 1868; LL.D., Univ. City of New York, 1877. Pres, at different times of Medi¬ cal Soc. of counties of Albany and New York, and of N. Y. State; Surg.-Gen. State N. Y., 1857- i 8 " 9 and 1861-63. Prof. Pathology and Practice, A. M. C., 1876; Emeritus Prof, of same, 1881; Prof. Hygiene, Med. Dept. Univ. of City of New York, 1883; Health Officer, Port New York, 1872-80. ALBERT VAN DER VEER, Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery. A.M., Williams, 1883; M.D., Nat. Med. Coll., at Washington, D. C., 1862; Hon. M.D., A. M. C., 1869; Ph. D., Union, 1882, and Hamilton, 1883. Appointed by the Government Asst, in army hospitals, 1862; Asst. Surg. and Surg. 66th N. Y. Vet. Vols., 1862-65. Prof. Anatomy, A. M. C., 1869-73, and as above since 1873. Pres. Albany County Med. Soc., 1873; Pres. N. Y. State Med. Soc., 1885; Member British Med. Asso., American Med. and Surg. Asso’ns.; Dele¬ gate and Member International Med. Congress at Copenhagen, 1884. Frequent contributor to medical journals. MAURICE PERKINS, Professor of Chemical Philosophy and Organic Chemistry. [See Faculty, Union College.] JOHN M. BIGELOW, 2 . B. K., A. A. 0 . Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Diseases of the Throat and Clinical Laryngoscopy. A.B., Williams, 1866; A.M., 1869; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 3869; Hon. M.D., A. M. C., i8yu. Pres. Albany County Med. Soc., 1878. LEWIS BALCH, Professor of Anatomy. M.D., Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1870; Ph.D., Union, 1882. THE GARNET. 45 SAMUEL B. WARD, $. B. K. Professor of Pathology, Practice, Clinical Medicine and Hygiene. A.B., Columbia, 1861; A.M., 1864; M.D., Med. Dept. Georgetown Univ., at Washington, D. C., 1864; Ph.D., Union, 1882; Hon. M.D., A. M. C., 1878. Prof, of Anatomy and subse¬ quently Surgery in Woman’s Med. Coll., of N. Y. Infirmary, 1868-76; Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Volunteers until Oct., 1865. Contributor of numerous articles to current medical literature. JOHN P. GRAY, Professor of Psychological Medicine. A.M., Dickinson, 1843; M.D., Univ. of Penn., 1848; LL.D., Hamilton, 1874. Hon. Member La Societa Frenriatica Italiana; Societe Medico-Psychologique of Paris; British Medico-Psycho¬ logical Association. Prof. Psychological Medicine in Bellevue Med. Coll., N. Y.. and A. M. C. Pres. N. Y. State Medical Association, 1884. Pres. N. Y. State Med. Soc., 1868. Asst. Ed. “American Journal of Insanity,” 1852; Editor same, 1854. JAMES P. BOYD, Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. A.B., Princeton, 1867; A.M., 1870; M.D., Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1871. WILLIS G. TUCKER, Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry and Medical Juris¬ prudence; Registrar. M.D., A. M. C., 1870; Ph.G., A. C. P., 1882; Ph.D., Union, 1882; Prof, of Chemistry, A. C. P. and Albany High School. Contributor of various articles to scientific journals. WILLIAM HAILES, Anthony Professor of Histology and Pathological Anatomy. M.D., A. M. C., 1870. Gave a course of lectures upon Biology, etc., Union, 1884. Contribu¬ tor of numerous articles to current medical literature. CYRUS S. MERRILL, X. W. Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology. A.B., Amherst, 1867; A.M., 1870; M.D.,Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1871. FRANKLIN TOWNSEND, -S ' . Professor of Physiology. A.B., Williams, 1873; A.M., 1882; M.D., Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1876; Hon. M.D., A. M. C., 1881. FREDERIC C. CURTIS, Professor of Dermatology. A.B., Beloit, 1866; A.M., 1869; M.D., Coll, of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1870; Hon. M.D., A. M. C., 1881. Ed. Vol. III. “Albany County Med. Soc. Transactions,” and of “ Medi¬ cal Annals.” Contributor at various times to other medical journals. Pres. Albany County Med. Soc., 1878. HENRY HUN, Lecturer on Nervous Diseases. Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific School, 1874; M.D., Harvard Med. School, 1879. Author of “ Guide to American Medical Students in Europe,” 1883. 46 THE GARNET. SAMUEL R. MORROW, Z . B. K., A. A. Lecturer Adjunct to the Chair of Surgery. A.B., Yale, 1870; A.M., 1874; M.D., Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1878. HENRY MARCH, Curator of the Museum. M.D., A. M. C., 1853. EUGENE VAN SLYKE, Demonstrator of Anatomy. M.D., A. M. C., i8 7 t. MATRICULANTS Of Fifty-fourth Session, 1884-85. Isaac N. Albright, New Salem. Ernest L. Angus, Albany. Samuel E. Armstrong, Albany. Eugene Austin, Albany. Dudley C. Babcock, Saratoga. George II. Baker, lroy. Joseph E. Baynes, Troy. George H. Beebe, Alford, Mass. James H. Bissell, Ballston. Adam J. Blessing, Albany. Elmer A. Blessing, Albany. Charles M. Bradley, Albany. William P. Brierly, Hudson. William W. Broga, Otis, Mass. Henry T. Brooks, Albany. Edward F. Brown, Albany. Alfred L. Browne, Cohoes. Edward W. Campbell, Albany. William B. Campbell, Davenport. Arthur S. Capron, Albany. James Carr, Fulton. Amasa F. Lombard, Meredith. Edward Mahoney, Cohoes. Charles B. Mallerv, Chestertown. Albert Marsh, Albany. James P. Marsh, Troy. Edward J. Martinean, Albany. Owen F. McAvenue, Albany. Cornelius McCarthy, Troy. Richard H. McCasty, Schuylerville. Joseph M. McDonnald, Albany. Ralph A. McDougall, Duanesburgh. John F. McEncroe, Schenectady. Andrew McFarlane, Albany. Martin McHarg, Albany. Frank T. McIntosh, Troy. George PI. McMurray, PY rt Edward. William McNaughton, Cohoes. P ' .dward S. Merrington, Albany. Edwin A. Miller, Meredith. Flenry F. C. Miller, Albany. Albert E. Moody, Saranac Lake. THE GARNET. 47 Terence L. Carroll, Albany. James A. Clymer, Cohoes. Thomas F. Conolly, Ogdensburgh. Eugene M. Coons, Schultzville. Peter G. Cottre, Plattsburgh. Andrew C. Crounse, Knowersville. Sylvanus C. Curran, East Greenbush. John A. Cutler, New York. Cornelius W. De Baun, Fonda. William H. De La Mater, Duanesburgh Francis M. Drury, Vail’s Mills. Noah L. Eastman, Denver, Col. Irving S. Edsall, Prattsville. James P. Elliott, Delhi. Wm. C. Fawdrey, Albany. Elmer L. Finch, Schodack Centre. Fred C. Fink, Albany. Robert E. Fivey, Albany. Elmer L. Fletcher, Decorah, la. Charles C. Flint, Lenox, Mass. Alfred K. Freiot, Troy. Adolph Friedman, Albany. Charles W. Geel, Albany. David Gilliland, Albany. Iiermon C. Gordinier, Troy. Robert G. Goudie, Troy. Alfredo N. Guffin, Central Bridge. George W. Harder, Troy. Josiah Hasbrouck, Jr., Port Ewen. John A. Heatlev, Schenectady. Alfred H. Iioadley, Sheffield, Mass. Richard J. Hogan, Granville. Grant D. Holcomb, Newport. James A. Holley, Sidney Centre. John Houghton, Albany. James Henry Hutchens, New York. Alexander L. Johnson, Gloversville. Arthur W. Johnson, Greenfield Centre. Eugene M. Jones, Berlin. Dayton L. Kathan, Ballston. Edward J. Kermode, Troy. Edwin M. King, Fort Edward. Charles H. Moore, Albany. Douglas C. Moriarta, Saratoga. Herman V. Mynderse, Schenectady. P ' rancis J. O’Brien, West Troy. James O’Readv, Aylmer, Canada. Clarence M. Paine, Albany. George F. Palmer, Pike. Herman F. Palmer, East Schodack. Robert Palmer, Gloversville. .Joseph S. Parent, Charlton. Silas FI. Parks, Great Barrington, Mass. Ransom J. Perry, Whitney’s Point. Henry J. Potter, Jr., Bennington, Vt. John S. B. Pratt, Albany. Henry Z. Pratt, Albany. James PI. Reilly, Albany. E. Hudson Rider, Chatham. John H. Riley, Worcester, Mass. John A. Robson, Hall’s Corners. IP. Oscar Rockefeller, Germantown. James E. Sadlier, Walden. Thomas P. Scully, Cohoes. J. Wesley Sheffield, Lassellville. Dennis M. Smith, Cambridge. Henry M. Smith, Lee, Mass. Chas. PI. Stewart, Bath-on-the-Hudson. George M. Stillman, Berlin. Arthur D. Stowitts, Albany. Wellington G. Steele, Liberty. Francis W. St. John, East Galway. Julius C. Tolies, Quaker Street. Fred J. Tompkins, Central Bridge. Fernand S. Tracey, Camden. Albert L. Tuttle , Alford, Mass. Adrian P. Van Deinse, Albany. Gustave Adolph Van Deinse, Albany. John H, Van Rensselaer, Wiltonville. Julian A. Van Wie, Cheshire. Charles Van Wert, Hudson. Alfred S. Vrooman, Glasco. Wm. H. Walker, Bath-on-the-Hudson. Charles T. Walton, Port Henry. 48 THE GARNET. Arie V. Klock, Palatine Bridge. Charles R. Knapp, Delhi. Elmer E. Larkin, West Chazy. Mark S. Leavy, Albany. William IT. Lemrow, Troy. Henry J. S. Lewis, Grafton. Harrie M. Lincoln, Saratoga. . Henry C. Stephen H. Webster, Troy. Edwin B. Wells, Nicholville. Bayard Whitehorne, Schenectady. Thomas H. Willard, Albany. W. Harris Wilson, West Troy. Howard J. Wood, Troy. Richard A. Woodruff, Pine Bush. ung, Schenectady. THE GARNET. 49 ©eparf merit oj? Laao. ALBANY LAW SCHOOL. Tr ' HE Law Department, being without endowment, is obliged to h control carefully its finances, and declines to interest itself in The Garnet. The entire faculty and several students are in session during the present term. “ For Catalogues and further information, address “ Hon. HORACE E. SMITH, LL.D., “ Dean of Albany Law School, “Albany, N. Y.” ©eparfmerit o£ J AfroRom . DUDLEY OBSERVATORY, ALBANY. LEWIS BOSS, Dean of the Observatory. A. B., Dartmouth, 1870; A. M., 1873. In Census Bureau and Land Office, 1870-72; on Northern Boundary Survey, 1872-76; Director of D. O., since 1876; Superintendent of Weights and Measures, S. N. Y., 1884. Published volume on “ Declination of Fixed Stars,” which is the basis of Nautical Almanac star positions. Author of various writings of professional and popular interest. Fellow of Am. Asso. for Adv. of Science and of Astronoinische Gesellschaft. Successful competitor of 250 who presented essays on comets for the Warner prize of $250, 1882; this essay has been reprinted and translated in various foreign languages. 4 50 THE GARNET. © ep a rf aren ' t oj 3 p armac . ALBANY COLLEGE OF PHARMACY. FACULTY. WILLIS G. TUCKER, Professor ok Chemistry; President. [See Faculty, Medical Department.] ALFRED B. HUESTED, Professor of Botany and Materia Medica; Secretary. M.D., A. M. C., 1863. Assistant Surg. 21st N. Y. Cav., 1864-66. Demonstrator Anatomy, A. M. C., 186 . In business as pharmacist since Aug., 1868. Pres. N. Y. State Pharmaceutical Asso., 1881-83; of State Board of Pharmacy since Sept., 1884. GUSTAVUS MICHAELIS, Professor of Pharmacy. Ph.G., A. C. P., 1881. Entered drug business, i860 and passed examination, 1864; studied Nat. Sciences at Univ. of Berlin, 1866-68; practiced Pharmacy in Switzerland and France until 1870; began business as druggist in America, 1871; established Albany Chemical Co., 1877; Pres, of same, 1881; Prof, of Pharmacy, A. C. P., since 18O1. CATALOGUE OF THE CLASS OF 1884-85. Henry J. Barringer, Jr., Hudson. George W. Blanchard, Nicholville. John T. Coventry, Rochester. J. M. Cummings, Fabius. H. P. Curtis, Troy. Harry B. Duryee, Schenectady. George A. Dykeman, Catskill. Wm. R. Favies, Minneapolis, Minn. A. W. Floyd, Albany. James Gardner, Albany. Charles U. Gilbert, Alba ny. Charles B. Hall, Mechanicville. L. H. Hendee, Lowville. John Hurley, Little Falls. Henry A. Kierste, Schenectady. Birt L. Maltbie, Cattaraugus. Wm. McAllister, Albany. H. Sanford Mead, East Chatham. O. M. Myers, Rochester. Edgar H. Page, Albany. Herman Pareira, Albany. J. E. Pearson, Jr., Auburn. Henry Popp, Albany. Wm. G. Pulver, Ilion. Charles M. Rogers, Pittsfield, Mass. Richard H. Roth, Kingston. E. E. Safford, Albany. R. F. Safford, Albany. James W. Stafford, Canajoharie. Charles F. Stewart, Utica. Harry M. Sweet, Cohoes. W. T. H Tipping, Albany. Herbert W. Town, Bloomingdale. Frank V. Uhrig, Hudson. Percival Welch, Cooperstovvn. ( n Memorian]. proj?ex Aor (iUaia S enjarnir price. Si orn, ®Kugu.x$ £ 49 S@)iesL, Qecem6er d0, 4 Students’ organization J -. — 54 THE GARNET. PIiilom IKe n Sociely. Vzrtiis, Scientia et Amicitia. rF’ovLna.a.ea. Ido. 1793. G. W. Barhydt, OFFICERS. . President. G. W. Ebaugh, Vice-President. K. Radliff, Treasurer. A. L. Bennett, Secretary. C. A. Marvin, . Librarian. J. M. DeLong, Curator. J. A. Long, T. H. Cole, ) • Executive Committee. G. W. Furbeck, i G. W. Barhydt, MEMBERS. Seniors. H. D. Griswold, S. B. Coffin, E. A. Lewald, G. W. Ebaugh, E. T. Perkins, Jr., W. T. Foote, Jr., F. W. Ray, Everett Fowler, F. M. Severson. Juniors. E. W. Courtright, L. R. Pratt, T. H. Foote, E. E. Veeder. A. L. Bennett, Soplponpores. J. A. Long, C. F. Bridge, C. A. Marvin, G. W. Furbeck, H. McMillen, M. C. Howe, E. W. Miller, T. W. Barrally, K. Radliff. f resl npeip. F. D. Lewis, C. W. Blessing, II. C. Mandeville, P. H. Cole, H. M. Van Dusen, J. M. DeLong, E. H. WlNANS, A. J. Dillingham, , J. E. WlNNE. THE GARNET. 55 Jldelphic Society. Unus sumus. nTo ' u.aa.d.ed. 1796. W. C. Mills, . OFFICERS. . President. F. Bailey, Vice-President. F. X. Ransdell, Secretary. E. Terrill, Treasurer. E. S. Harris, Librarian. W. P. Landon, Advocate. F. W. Skinner, Engrossing Clerk. I. P. Johnson, . . . . Curator. A. C. Egelston, MEMBERS. Seniors, F. Bailey, W. C. Mills, E. Mitchell, W. A. Jaycox, E. Terrill, A. B. Bishop, J. T. Morey, S. McC. Brann, A. S. Halsey, G. F. Sprague, E. J. Wheeler. T. W. Alt.en, Juniors. E. S. Harris, W. P. Landon, J. C. McIntyre, S. R. Pierson, F. S. Randall, F. W. Skinner, W. F. Shick, G. S. Dorwin, G. R. F. Salsbury. E. M. Hawkes, Sop or ores. F. X. Ransdell, I. P. Johnson, C. H. Ashton, J. T. W. Kastendieck, G. L. Flanders, A. E. Phillips, N. J. Gulick, A. D. Ishkanian, N. M. Redfield. f reslpr ei}. W. L. Kennedy. Left college. L _ _ _ _ _ tJoinf DekJe. JANUARY TWENTY-FIFTH, 1884. Question : Resolved , That the jury system should be abolished. Affirmative—Philomathea n . R. B. McCOWN, 84, R. B. BENEDICT, ’84, H. D. GRISWOLD, ’85. Negative -Adelphic . J. STOLLER, ’84, D. L. PARSONS, ’84, F. BAILEY, ’85. Judges. Judge JACKSON, Professor CHAPLIN, Lieutenant HUBBELL. Question decided in favor of Adelphic. THE GARNET. 57 % Union College President, Prof. GILES P. HAWLEY. SENATORS. Bailey, F., Pennsylvania. Lewald, E. A., Michigan. Barhydt, G. W., Rhode Island. McCarthy, J. H. S., Georgia. Bishop, A. B., Massachusetts. McSorley, J. J., South Carolina. Bond, F., Maine. Mills, W. C., Jr., Colorado. Bradley, F. E., Connecticut. Mitchell, E., Virginia. Coffin, S. B., New York. Morey, J. T., Delaware. Crane, F. E., New Hampshire. Munsell, W. Ii., California. Delaney, T. J., Indiana. Ransdell, F. X., Louisiana. Ebaugh, G. W., Illinois. Ray, F. W., Texas. Egelston, A. C., Oregon. Richards, W. P., Iowa. Foote, W. T., Jr., Alabama. Severson, F. M., Florida. Fowler, E., Vermont. Stanton, C. S., New Jersey. Gibbes, R. W., North Carolina. Stryker, C. W., Maryland. Griswold, H. D., Ohio. Sweetland, M. M., Missouri. Hutchinson, W., Kansas. Terrill, E.,‘ Mississippi. Iglehart, P., West Virginia. Vaughn, W. II., Tennessee. 58 THE GARNET. College ( noe Ok. W. T. FOOTE, JR., Commodore. E. Fowler, E. A. Lewald, R. H. Gibbes, J. M. Mosher, T. R. Woodbridge, T. H. Foote, E. C. Angle, G. S. Dorwin, W. A. Kitts, N. L. Bates. folle e Bicycle G u k. W. T. Foote, Jr., A. H. Jackson. T. R. Woodbridge, T. H. Foote, E. C. Angle, L. B. Smith, J. E. Clute, E. S. Davis, N. L. Bates, E. P. Towne, F. B. Richards. THE GARNET. 59 [Inion Gun (luL. OFFICERS. President, E. FOWLER. Vice-President, . W. T. FOOTE, JR. Secretary, E. C. ANGLE. Treasurer, . A. H. JACKSON. Manager, C. F. BRIDGE. E. Fowler, MEMBERS. W. T. Foote, Jr., E. G. Hayes, A. H. Jackson, G. S. Dorwin, L. J. Little, E. C. Angle, L. R. Pratt, C. F. Bridge, L. B. Smith, J. C. Van Voast, C. S. Davis. OFFICERS. President, E. VV. COURTRIGI 1 T. Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, E. G. HAYES. Whipper-in , F. S. RANDALL. Manager, Prof. CHARLES VANDEVEER. THE GARNET. 61 Union Collie Tennis Jlssoci Iion. OFFICERS. L. J. LITTLE, . W. P. LANDON, A. L. BENNETT, C. B. McMURRAY, President. Vice-President. Sec ' y and Treas ' r. Manager. MEMBERS. W. T. Foote, Jr., C. W. Stryker, A. H. Jackson, G. S. Dorwin, D. B. Kinne, C. S. Davis, v. ll. Munsell, J. M. Mosher, E. C. Angle, T. R. WOODBRIDGE, L. B. Smith, J. C. Van Voast. 62 THE GARNET. JHKIetic l55oci Iion. WALLACE T. FOOTE, JR., EDWARD G. IIAYES, T. R. WOODBRIDGE, ALDEN L. BENNETT, President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Pol Kellie (luk Qui bene bibit, Pene dormit, Qui bene dormit, Non fecat, Qui non fecat, Salvus erit. Ergo Qui bene bibit, Salvus erit. FOOTE, ’85, FOWLER, FOOTE, ’86, MOSHER, WOODBRIDGE. THE GARNET. 6 3 i SouIK foiled Tele r pK Circuit. FOWLER,—R FOOTE, ’86—C LEWALD, -W KINNE,—U LAWLER,—Z WOODBRIDGE,—C Mu5ic I 55oci Iion. OFFICERS. Prof. W. S. CHAPLIN, S. B. COFFIN, W.JC. MILLS, JR., . T. R. WOODBRIDGE, W. T. FOOTE, JR., President. Vice-Presi dent. Secretary. 7 ' reasurer. Manager. 6 4 THE GARNET. College Glee (Jut. Prof. G. P. HAWT.EV, .... Director. First Tenors. A. B. Bishop, G. W. Barhydt. Second Tenors. F. E. Bradley, A. J. Dillingham. First Bass. S. B. Coffin, F. W. Peters. Second Bass. A. C. Egelston, F. S. Randall. F. Bond, Short-Stop. W. C. Mills, Jr., Pianist. College Orchesfrk. Prof. G. P. Hawley, . Leader. Lieut. H. W. Hubbell, . First Violin. J. E. Brennan, .... Violin. J. E. Clute, .... Violin. E. M. Cameron, .... Cello. T. R. WOODBRIDGE, Clarionet. S. B. Coffin, .... Flute. H. M. Van Dusen, Cornet. E. S. Hunsicker, Drum. W. C. Mills, Jr., . . Pianist. THE GARNET. 65 Mififarij ©eparfnrierit. Union foiled C or P 5 - First Lieut. HENRY W. HUBBELL, JR., 1st U. S. Artillery, Conimandant. 1st Lieut., C. A. Marvin, 2d Lieut., J. E. Swanker, 1st Serg’t, G. D. Buel, 2d Serg’t, H. M. Van Dusen, E. S. Hunsicker, Drummer. 1st Corp., J. E. Brennan, 2d Corp., W. T. Bishop, 3d Corp., F. B. Richards, 4th Corp., C. S. Davis, 5th Corp., J. M. DeLong. Aggregate strength , 42. 5 66 THE GARNET. Kapp HpU WHIST CLUB. F. E. BRADLEY, ’85, S. B. COFFIN, ’85, . . . . A. H. JACKSON, ’86, L. J. LITTLE, ’86, . Ace. King. Queen. Knave. OLD MAID “ Zeke ” Little, “Btt.t.” Williams, PLAYERS. “ Piper ” Hunsicker, “ScHUY” Davis. B. SMITH, Referee. THE GARNET. 67 Plii. WHIST CLUB. R. H. Gibbes, P. Iglehart, E. Mitchell, W. G. Gilmour. ROBERT EARL, 2D, £ corer . QUARTETTE. R. H. Gibbes, E. Mitchell, P. Iglehart, R. Earl, 2D. 68 THE GARNET. MI Phi. TENNIS. Stryker, Towne, McMurrav, Severson, Ray, Ransdell, Williams, Cameron. WHIST CLUB. Delehanty, Severson, Stryker, Ransdeli.. CRIBBAGE CLUB. McMurray, Cameron, Williams, Deforest. ASYLUM. Malady. Section. Ward. F.-lunks W.-hile R.-iding, Middle, ISt, E.-ver P.-lunging T.-umbling, . u 2 d, G.-ot T.-enor E.-own F.-oul, . “ 36, R.-eached W. W.-arbling, ( 4 th, C.-iies “ B.-ring M. c M. ashed-fish-wheat, u 5 th. C.-raves W.-omen’s S.-miles, In the guard house now, f Pet-name. Fat. Clumsy. Mose. Willie. Legs. Donk. - --- -—--■— . 1 THE GARNET. 69 i P$i Hpsilon Hospit I. General Superintendent, Keeper of the Cage, - Chaplain, Night-Watch, Apothecary, Caterer, - FOOTE, ’85. - TERRILL. VEEDER. BATES. RICHARDS. Prof. LAMOROUX. Visiting Physician, - - C. M. CULVER, M.D. Favorite Prescription : V Ambulationem circa massam. Temporem. Volutationem, aa quantum suf. M Sig .—Take two drops every half hour in a pint of rum. Cause of the Trouble : Van Dusen and his Cornet. Discharged Cured: Discharged Incurable : H. F. DePity. Dow Beekman. HOBBLEBS: FOOTE, ’86—Fractured Femur (crutches). MOSHER—Necrosed Femur (crutch or cane). BRIDGE—Cork Soul; also, Heart Disease. EBAUGH—Colic. KINNE—Overworked. PRATT—Insomnia. KITTS—Boils. TEN EYCK-Insanity. MANDEVILLE—Fibro-cystic-osteo-enchondrpma. Not a tumble; a tumbler may be used, however, if one can be obtained and induced to hold a pint. _ _ _ yo THE GARNET. Delfo Qpsilon ( piIlAriM25. Oh come in thy strength, Thou marvel of length, Oh Mustache, Dear Mustache, never fail.” Found[ed] Jan. ist, 1882. O To 5 e o t — -23E3 stheticis m. Charter Members, - - - - Mills—Dorwin. Present Sufferers. Age. Length. Color. Favorite application. Appearance. Result. MILLS, ' 85 Infinite 0 00 Mud Bee’s wax t Porcupine Greater sensibility of fingers. MUNSELL, ' 85 Not known 1 millimeter Olive Gravy Disgusting Vanity. RANDALL, ’86 00 0 Turkey red Red paint Harmonious Round shoulders. DORWIN, ’86 6 months 3 inches. Black Two-lip salve Fine Man. LA MONTE,’86 7 days No standard: small enough White Axle grease Silly Icicles. FURBECK, ’87 9 months 1 rod Blue Cats Degrading Bad poling. BRENNAN 88 1 year Infinitesimal Auburn Cream Fresh Num.. The following were rejected: Richards, ’85, and Landon, ' 86. Too fuzzy. Huyck, ’87, Redfield, ’87, and Kenendy, 88. Under age. THE GARNET. IIpKA Delta Phi. m ' (Ml tt STAR AND CRESCENT WHIST CLUB John A. DeRemer, F. W. McClellan, T. R. WOODBRIDGE, E. C. Angle, Lee W. Case, John C. Van Voast, A. L. Bennett, M. C. Howe. Tragedians. Everett Fowler, Edward D. Very. TYLER REED WOODBRIDGE, . . Sick Nurse. H. W. VEEDER,. Physician. TENNIS CLUB. A. L. Bennett, John C. Van Voast, E. C. Angle, E. D. Very. 7 2 THE GARNET. • Bel Pi. PINK AND BLUE GLEE CLUB. BISHOP, ist Tenor. PETERS, ist Bass. DILLINGHAM, 2d Tenor. EG ELS TON, 2d Bass. BARHYDT, Pianist. PINK AND BLUE TENNIS CLUR. BISHOP, RADLIFF, CLUTE, LEWIS, VROMAN. PINK AND BLUE “BIKE” CLUB. CLUTE, RADLIFF, PETERS. BEA-TS’ HOTEL. Table d ' Hote. VROMAN, LEWIS, SILVERNAIL. Transients. BISHOP, CRANE, CLUTE, BARHYDT, EGELSTON, GULICK. THE GARNET. 73 PKi Delta TKeta. POLO CLUB. GRISWOLD, - Captain. VAUGHN, FELTHOUSEN, ALLEN, HARRIS, SWANKER, WINNE. POKER CLUB. GRISWOLD, ROOT, WINNE, C. W. BLESSING. WHIST CLUB. ALLEN, F. F. BLESSING, HARRIS, MARVIN. QUARTETTE. VAUGHN, F. F. BLESSING, SWANKER, C. W. BLESSING. 74 THE GARNET. BRhh MEETING OF THE Union College JWiIelic J ocLfion, IN THE SOUTH COLLEGE QUADRANGLE, Saturday, October 32, 1884. COMMITTEE : W. A. JAYCOX, ’85; E. E. VEEDER, ’86; A. H. PEPPER, ’87; L. M. KING, ’88. EVENTS: 100 yards Dash : Entries—Vaughn, ’85; Ebaugh, ’85; Bridge, ’87; Pepper, ’87. Won by Pepper in 3L 11m. 8s. mile Run : Entries—Mosher, ’86; Lawler, ’86; Bridge, ’87. Won by Lawler in 34 s. One-half-hour go-as-you-please : Won by Kinne, ’86. Distance, 19 ft., 6 in. No other entries. Throwing Billiard Ball: Entries—Cole,’86; Cole, ’88; Case, ’86 ; Hunsicker,. ’88. Won by Cole, ’88. Over the chapel roof. Poll Vault: Entries—Fowler, ’85; Blessing, ’86; Courtright, ’86; Pratt, ’86; Schermerhorn, ’87. Won by Pratt, who translates 3 pages of Greek in 17 m. Putting the Shot : Entries—Prof. Perkins; Kinne, ’86; Foote, ’85; Woodbridge, ’86. Won by Woodbridge, who breaks the cur’s hind leg at 19 paces, with Foote’s gun. Running High Jump : Won by Marvin, ’87, fresh from writing his class history. No other entries. Skinning the Cat : Won by Fowler, ’85, who makes the biggest hole in the Gym. floor with his nose. Three legged Race : 150 yards and turn over ten hurdles. Won by Estcourt in ten seconds No other entries. Tug of War: Entries by the Faculty and Sophomores. Won by .Staley and Chaplin in £ s. Time-Keeper—Stevenson, ’88. Judges—Aumie, Elizabeth. 76 THE GARNET. ELEGY. With long drawn faces, gather ’round, Ye Freshmen brave—the hated foe is dead; With signs of deepest woe We burn our deadliest foe, And place upon the pyre his senseless head. Old Newcomb his career has closed; No longer, when bright Phoebus climbs the sky And bright his beams do fall On Union’s hoary wall, And scowling darkness in afright doth fly, No more will dread oppress the fresh, As up the stairs with bated breath he goes; No more while Christians sleep Shall we our vigil kppp— Old Newcomb’s dead—the very ' worst of foes. Old Newcomb’s dead—let that suffice; No longer will the weary Freshman toil, With weary care His burden bear, And peril his immortal little soul. With bitter hate we have denounced The name which long has our existence cursed; We’ve broke the chains which bound our limbs, We’ve warbled our triumphant battle hymns, While from our throats, like trumpets, songs have burst. Place him on the funeral pyre, Blow the bellows, urge the fire; Roast him, roast him, roast him well, Long shall shuddering Freshmen tell How the tyrant, gaunt and grim, Foul of face and strong of limb, Fell at last and met his fate, Victim of the Freshman’s hate. Blow ye, hotter yet, O Flames; Give your tears, ye weeping dames; Damsels, sisters of the tree, Give your tears, but not to he; Tears of joy you give to us, We, who have removed the cuss. — THE GARNET. 77 DIRGE. Air —“ Atilt Lang Syne” O Newcomb, we, with thankful hearts, Leave thee to rest in peace; Thy reign of terror now departs, Thy torture now must cease. Since thou so stern, unyielding wast, When in the ruler’s seat. We burn thee now with all thou hast, For Oh, “revenge is sw ' eet.” The Dragon slain in days of old, Goliath David slew, Charybdis in yEneid told, And even Scylla too, Shrink into Yiaught compared with thee, So horrible, so grim; And if thou flesh and blood couldst be, We’d tear thee limb from limb. But w e forevermore are free From thy encircling coil; We gladly bid good-bye to thee, Thou wondrous source of toil. Then come again another year And make the Freshie groan; In thy dread majesty appear And take them as thine own. CHANT. The foe is dead, Farewells are said, Then let him go. A fitting place For his dark face — Hades below! The fire consumes, With dreadful fumes, The hated one. The embers die, His ashes lie Cared for by none. In that fierce fray He passed away; We won at last. His work is done, His race is run; Our thraldom past. 7 « THE GARNET. • junior (TA55 in duYnnile. ® “ Non est Romano cuiquam locus hie. " “ ‘ Thucydides walked about at night’—now, young gentlemen, really, of course, if it is more comfortable for you to rest your feet upon my desk, I am willing to oblige you, but it is disagreeable to me, and if you can find some other way of disposing of yourselves I shall esteem it a personal favor—‘ Thucydides walked about at night, because, as he said, he could not sleep.’ Thank you !” THE GARNET. 79 CORRESPONDENCE- (Hipe • (Syarnef, UNION COLLEGE, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Office of the Business Editor. October 18, 1884. Harper and Brothers, Publishers , New York City : Dear Sirs : The Garnet is the annual publication of the students of Union University. It is published by the undergraduates of Union College, and is sup ported by the Board of Governors of the University, and the trustees, faculties, officers, alumni and students of the departments, at Albany and Schenectady, of Medicine, Law, Theology, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Agriculture, Architecture, Astronomy, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Music, Fine Arts and Liberal Arts; it is also patronized by all of the reputable and responsible business houses of Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Cohoes, Lansingburgh, West Troy, Amsterdam, and the smaller villages on the lines of the New York Central, Delaware and Hudson, and West Shore railroads. The Garnet is considered the most desirable advertising medium for those who wish to reach the prominent professional and business men of this part of the State. The circulation of the ensuing issue (for 1884-85) will approximate five thousand five hundred (5,500) copies. Your attention is respectfully directed to these facts. The great rush for advertising space makes it necessary for us to close our books in two weeks from date. The following are our very low rates : 1 page, h do., i do., $l8 OO IO OO 6 00 8o THE GARNET. October 21, 1884. Business Editor Garnet, Union College, Schenectady , N. Y.: Dear Sir : Yours of the 18th inst. duly rec’d. We offer you $1.50 for one page ad. in your Magazine. Yours, c., Harper and Brothers. (U e • (Syarnef, UNION COLLEGE, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Office of the Business Editor. Harper and Brothers : Dear Sirs : Done. Send on your copy. October 23, 1884. Business Editor. — THE GARNET. ©Jfte d Pocft. —- Words and Music by Culver , ' 78. I. Sylvanus, a freshman, from Harrison’s creek, Is given to slumber o’ mornings; He’s absent from chapel full thrice in the week, And disregards all sorts of warnings. 6 82 THE GARNET. TT. His sophomore cousin, one Daniel O’ Rice. Admonishes novo to “brace,” And hints at suspension; the freshman replies : “Them’s more o’ your taffies, I guess!” III. Five bolts from the chapel ere two weeks are o’er; The registrar sends him a letter: “ We’ll tell your maternal, when ten is your score . Sylvanus says: “ Dum ! I’ll do better !” THE GARNET. 83 IV. The sophomore Daniel in counsel is sought; Prescription: to purchase a clock Valarme. Gedacht undgethan ! a Seth Thomas is bought; “ We ' re soon ! now they needn’t write nothin’ to marm !” V. But this clock, of so guileless demeanor by day, Spends the night in a most reprehensible way; Strikes seconds, like hours, when all else is quiet, And otherwise kicks up an infernal riot. 8 4 THE GARNET. VI. It changes it gaii, from a trot to a canter At will, and can beat any drum ever seen; Beats the “ army-two-four; ” imitates Tam O’ Shanter; Beats Satan, and variates “God save the Queen !” VII. Instead of permitting our hero to sleep, And rousing him erst at matutinal hours, It forces the freshman long vigils to keep Till, exhausted, he naps, mornings, malgrc the powers. THE GARNET. 85 VIII. His record, in chapel, is soon “minus io;” Ma gets one notice, Sylvanus another; But Ma gets hers from the registrar’s pen, While ’Vanus gets his from his mother. IX. Daniel to judgment again he invokes: The clock is arranged to discharge a carbine At seven A. M. —it does !—holy smokes ! The result in the annexed engraving is seen. 86 THE GARNET, X. Trnt 7 . AU m. t Seth Thomas his dock, and carbine, Frosch’s score (toujours minus ' ) soon reaches fifteen Now o’ mornings, at home, he all placidly snores Till it’s time to get up and attend to the chores. HE GARNET. 87 ®J pofifieaf orrjance. BY A SYMPATHIZER. Unto a town named Schenedtaddy There came a fresh and youthsome laddy; And Cupid, ready with his dart, Transfixed our little Freshman’s heart. The girl I’m sure you all know well— That darling, loving little belle— Whose heart I would fain describe Did I not fear your jeer and jibe. Now Freshie met her at a dance; Her black eyes held him in a trance; And soon he fell a willing prey To all her artful, winsome play. It came to pass one chilly night. Her Freshie put out every light That the old man had lit for Grover; Our Freshman thought himself in clover. When Susie’s father saw the gloom, With ire and fury did he fume, And straightway sought, amidst the dark, The chair that lighted with the spark. “ Young man,” said he, “ I’d have you know That from your boarding house you’ll go, Unless, to get out of this fix, You change at once your politics.” MORAL. My boy, to love, no doubt, is nice, But take this word of sage advice : Be careful! don’t make a mistake In her paternal’s candidate. 88 THE GARNET. Onion (olle jo Minjlrd Troupe. FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE BASE-BALL AND ATHLETIC INTERESTS OF THE COLLEGE. UNION HALL. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1885, MANAGING COMMITTEE: W. T. Foote, Jr., E. W. Courtright, E. G. Hayes. S. B. Coffin, Instrumental Director. G. W. Barhydt, Vocal Director. E. D. Very, Drajtiatic Director. END-MEN : Bones , 7 ambourines. Hammy Gibbes, Eva Fowler, Gus Dorwin. Doc Mosher. Interlocutor , W. T. Foote, Jr. PART I. Galop, .. Grand Opening Chorus—“ The Ladies,” Song and Chorus—“ I See My Love at the Window,” Song and Chorus—“A Loving Heart Ashore,” Song and Chorus—“The Bold Fisherman,” Solo—“ The Rolling Sea,” ..... Solo—“Duck-Foot Sue,” ..... Song and Chorus—“ The Low Thatched Roof,” . Song and Chorus—“The Huckleberry Picnic.” Medley—College Songs,. “ Chimes of Normandy,” ..... . Orchestra . Troupe F. E. Bradley . F. S. Randall J. M. Mosher A. C. Egelston G. S. Dorwin . A. B. Bishop R. PI. Gibbes Troupe Orchestra PART II. E P©f. GhaS. 1X7. Vandeveep and II J. Little, EXHIBITION ON THE TRAPEZE. IGU ' S DORWINJfe In his popular elucidation of the problems of Church and State. THE GARNET. 89 “ THE ONLY AND ORIGINAL HYER SISTERS ” F. E. BRADLEY and E. G. HAYES, In their Female Impersonations, with Song and Dance. BASE BALL QUARTETTE. GIBBES, FOOTE, DOR WIN, MOSHER, Umpire, FOWLER. “ The Day I played Base Ball.” PART HI. AFTERPIECE, THE ORHIBHS. CHARACTERS. Fat Rooney, ------ E. D. Very Ledger, - .F. X. Ransdell Julia,..L. R. Pratt Tom Dobbs,. -- J J- Franklin, Jr. M. Dobbs,. J- C, McIntyre 90 THE GARNET. BY-LAWS OF UNION COLLEGE FOR 1884-35. f eViseS accor ii g to tl e best aut oritvi 09 goVeri iipg MfiN as MfiJ?. Section . Night Watchmen.—N o night watchman is needed, as Freshmen are quite efficient. Section II. Bonfires. —As bonfires are not manly sports, it is useless to forbid them. Section III. Treatment of Freshmen.— As Freshmen enter the college under the prote6tion of these By-Laws, revised according to the best authority on governing MEN as MEN, they should be worshiped and not made to worship IDOLS. Section IV. All foolish and long established customs, especially those regarding the treatment of those manly MEN so wrongly called Freshmen, which have heretofore prevailed while Old Union was a grand Kindergarten institution, are hereby null and void. Sectio?i V. Any non-observance of these By-Laws, and any so-called misde¬ meanor, shall be immediately reported by these manly Freshmen to the teacher, heretofore called professor. THE GARNET. 9 1 ©ornmericemeal ' , Orations. John S. Bishop, Lyons. John F. Delaney, Albany. James G. Greene, Clyde. Frederic D. Hall, B . 3 . 77 ., Antwerp. Wilbur M. Judd, Jewett. Andrew McFarlane, Jr., Albany. Pickens Neagle, Columbia, S. C. Harry V. N. Philip, K . A ., New York City. Herbert G. Porcher, Salt Lake City, Utah. William G. Woolford, A. P. y Princess Anne, Md. Salutatory , Wilbur M. Judd. Blatchford Oratorical Medals. ist. John F. Delaney. 2d. Harry V. N. Philip, K. A . Warner Prize , James G. Greene. Ingham Prize , Dow Beekman, W . T. y Middleburgh. Allen Essay Prizes. ist. Dow Beekman, W . V . 2d. Reese B. McCown, Darlington, S. C. 3d. James Stoller, A. K. E., Johnstown. Clark Junior Essay Prizes . ist. Alvord C. Egelston, B. 3 . 77 ., Gloversville. 2d. Jesse T. Morey, Burnt Hills. Junior and Sophotnore Oratorical Prizes. Junior. ist. Wallace T. Foote, Jr., W . V ., Port Henry. 2d. William C. Mills, Jr., A. V., Gloversville. Sophomore. ist. James J. Franklin, Jr., Albany. 2d. Edwin C. Angle, A. A. ., Schenectady. John F. Delaney, Andrew McFarlane, Jr., James G. Greene, PHI BETA KAPPA, 1884. Frederic D. Hall, B. 3 . II., James J. Kemp, Herbert G. Porcher. 9 2 THE GARNET. RAGDS. IVithout or ivith offence to friends orfoes, IVe sketch the world exactly as it goes .— Byron. Trustees —“Much given to slumber and vacuity, and but little troubled with the disease of thinking. " . — Irving. Faculty — “ In heaven above, where all is love, There ’ll be no faculty there.” —College Song. Garnet Board — “ Set up, like geese at Christmas holidays, to be pelted and shot at by every whipster and vagabond in the land.” — Irving. The bishopric was in his eye.” —Old Yale. 1 He was made that way by nature and has become worse by practice.”— McKelway. 1 Trampling the neck of all his enemies, Albeit beyond their learning taught; in speech Right gentle, yet so wise; princely of mien, Yet soft mannered; modest, deferent, And tender-hearted, though of fearless blood.” —Edwin A mold. — “ Placed on his chair of state he seems a god, While Sophs, and Freshmen tremble at his nod.” — Byron. Ashy — “ Whose zeal burns in his nose.” —Henry IV. Billy — “ Full well they laughed with counterfeited glee At all his jokes, for many a joke had he.” — Goldsmith GILES — " The stateliest deei in all the herd.” — Tennyson. Picket — “ Thou know’st the whole wide world weeps with thy woes.” —Edwin A mold. Elizabeth — “ On her cheek the rose was born— There was music when she spake.” — Song. Yawcup — “ The gods come sometimes thus.” —Edwin A mold. Poof — ‘ Perk.— Chap.— Whitey- THE GARNET. 93 Jacob Hf.nry — “ To get him bread and beef to eat, He would the verdant students cheat.” — College Song. Wienck — “ Give me to drink, my brother.” — A mold. Sedgwick’s — “0, Lord! be merciful, And keep us all alive. There’s ten of us for dinner, And grub for only five.” — Cruikshank ' s Comic Almanack. Libby — “ A buckwheat cake was in her mouth, A tear was in her eye.” —- Comic Song. Descriptive — “ We damn forever this book of small size, but huge depravity.”— Cruikshank. EIGHTY-FIVE. “He drank his glass and cracked his joke , And Freshmen iuo?idered as he spoke .”— Goldsmith. Barhydt — “ Je suis ce que je suis. Si je ne suis pas ce queje suis, que suis je.” Bishop —“A newspaper pest, O dang him! And pelt him and club him and hang him! ” Bond — “ Lord help my Lady! What a mash!” — Hood. Bradley — “ The sweetness of his touching tone.” — Southey. Coffin — “ He can eat a barrel of cake, Baby mine, baby mine.” — Comic Song. Ebaugh — “ Say, Buck, who lighted your pipe for you?” — Lawler. Egelston — “ I must to the barber’s, for, methinks, I am marvelous hairy about the lace.” Fowler i — “ ‘ sten 10 gibber of the gung and the keek.” Gibbes — “ ’T is impossible to love and be wise.” McSorley — “ I must be a most fascinating man; ’T is not my fault; the ladies must blame heaven.” Mills —“ Ful longe were his legges and full lene, Y-lik a staf, there was no calf i-sene.” Mitchell — “ I do believe you think what now you speak.” Ray— “ I ’ll be with you in the squeezing of a lemon.” Richards —“ With us there was a Doctour of Phisik, In all this world ne was ther non him lyk.” Severson—“ I am morally and intellectually certain.” Stryker — “ And still we gaze, and still the wonder grows How one small head can carry such a nose.” Vaughn — “ When he spoke what tender words he used.” Dryden. — Olio. Grant. — Chaucer. - Goldsmith. — Chaucer. EIGHTY-SIX. “A shrewd race of men .”— Irving. Allen — “ I am constant as the Northern Star.” — Shakspeare. Cole — “Tell me, now, I pray, Where, in the name of heaven, you got your cheek.” — Saxe. Courtright — “ You think with disgust That you really must Interview those deuced professors, you know; For they’ve warned you twice That you ’re too, too nice In choosing when you will bolt or go.” — Palladium. 94 THE GARNET. Franklin — “Just like a snail through life you creep; Your whole existence but a waking sleep.” — Carlton. Jackson — “ Was a lively beau of the dapper sort, Without any visible means of support. " — Saxe. Harris — “ He could use scruples dark and nice.” — Butler. Kinne — “ He has scruples, too. Of the whitest hue, You can judge if they are truly sincere or sham; For no matter how dire A thing may transpire, He never, no never, was known to say ‘ damn.’ ” —Palladium. Landon — “ ’T is sweet to love, but oh! how bitter To love a girl and then not git her.” —Anonymous. Little — “ There’s no such place as home.” Pratt — “ His sweet, sweet smile Beams bright all the while, And makes him a target for Cupid’s darts.” — Palladium. Randall - “Judge thou me by what I am.” — CEnone. Veeder — Anglo-Saxon and Greek, He can almost speak.” — Palladium. Woodbridge — “ Mr. Woodbndge, tel! all you know about it; it won’t take you long. " —Standard joke in Chemistry. EIGHTY-SEVEN. (See Class History.) Bennett — “ Never any marvelous story but himself could tell a greater.” Bridge — “ Tickle me, dear! Tickle me here! Tickle me, love, in these lonesome ribs.” De Forest— “ He hath out-villained villainy so far.” Earl — “ 1 do betray myself with blushing.” Estcourt — “ for it will come to pass That every braggart will be found an ass.” Furbeck — “ A great, broad-shouldered Englishman.” Huyck — Am I, or am I not? I am; or if I am not, what the deuce am I ?” Johnson — “ I advise that thou shift a shirt.” McMurray — How long, O Lord! how long ?” Ransdell — “ Such fierce vivacity as fires the eye of genius fancy crazed.” Redfield — “Thou medley of contraries We trust thee, yet we doubt thee.” Smith — “A blundering novice in his new French grammar.” Swanker — “ Nature hath framed strange fellows in her time.” Very — “ Oj Italy! my native land.” EIGHTY-EIGHT. “ They thought they had all kinds of sorrers , And conjured up all kinds of horrors ; Each had a face as long as a ladder , And was frightened intofts if they see their own shadder. —Comic Song. Bates - “ Taste of my mouth and see if youth is sweet.” —Edwin Arnold. — Olio. — Shakspeare. — Shakspeare. - Princess. — Cyntbeline. — Charlton. — Byron. — Shakspeare. THE GARNET. 95 Blessing — “ A lovely being, scarcely formed or moulded.” Davis — “ But I confess That I am fond of girls; I really am.” Delehanty — “ Wisdom personified and sawed off.” Dillingham — “ I am not fresh, am I?” Furman — “ How terrible to contemplate a dissipated youth.” Hunsicker — “ He was as freshe as is the moneth of May.” Kennedy — “A school boy that hath broken bounds Sickening himself with sweets.” McEncroe — “ He wore a brace of pistols The night when first we met.” Peters — “ Though I look old, yet am I strong and lusty.” Richards — What knows this noble boy of beauty yet ? ” Towns — “ Georgie who? Whose father? Whose little hatchet ?” Williams — “ With grease and care he caused His raven curls to shine.” — Byron — Grant. — Anonymous. — C iattcer. —Queen Mary. —Edwin A mold. — Burdette. —Old Ballad. 9 6 THE GARNET. AMERICAN BUREAU OF FOREIGN TRAVEL, Established 1879. A. de POTTER, Director and Proprietor. 105 STATE STREET, AND 5, RUE SCRIBE. Albany, N. Y. Paris, France. - - liMiitott |iiii to fe §p SUMMER OF 1885. SIXTH YEAR. -- Tenth Select Party, under the personal direction of ARMAND de POTTER, M. A., (Union College), Officer of the Royal Academical Institute of Italy, Member of the Archaeo¬ logical Society, of France, the American Oriental Society, etc. ASSISTED ET HOWARD S_ PAIETE, 3D. The party will leave New York on June i8lh, by the magnificent steamship “ City of Chicago,” of the Inman Line, for a tour of 100 days. Any other steamer may also he taken. Members may also leave a week later and meet the party in London. A magnificent tour, including “ the cream ot Europe,” ALL THE GREAT ART CENTRES and LARGEST CARLTALS, as well as the most delightful natural scenery. Plans affording many combinations, with cost of tour, according to arrangement adopted, from $550 to $700. Important additions and cost reduced; arrangements combining unique advantages. “ Enjoyment, Instruction and Ease, combined with Economy.” All travel and Hotels strictly first class. ALL NECES¬ SARY EXPENSES INCLUDED IN COST OF TOUR. Patronized by leading families and cultured people. Llighly recom¬ mended by all former members. A “ short tour ” party will also leave New York on July 9th, by S. S. “City of Berlin.” Time occupied, six weeks. Cost, $285. Also Fall and Winter Tours to France, Italy and Spain—See Prospectus. “The Old World and European G-uide ” for 1885, con¬ tains : Prospectus and Itineraries of our Summer Tours ; also many interesting articles and notes on travel, art and archaeology ; valuable information for tourists, including tables of reference, European directory, etc. ; with 20 engraved plates, among which are the London “ Houses of Parlia¬ ment,” Milan Cathedral, Rome, etc.; a fine Magazine, forwarded to any address , post free. Address A. de POTTER, American Bureau of Foreign Travel, 105 State St., ALBANY, N. Y. THE GARNET. 97 Albany Medical College. Medical Department of Union University. T885-86. Union University includes the ALBANY MEDICAL COLLEGE, Albany College of Pharmacy, Albany Law School, and Dudley Observatory, at Albany, and Union College at Schenectady. The faculty are gratified in seeing that the changes made in the course of study, and the higher requirements for graduation, are favorably received by the profession, of which they have evidence in the large increase in the classes. The same policy will continue in the management, and will be made more practical each year. The college building, situated on Eagle street, has recently been enlarged, new dissecting rooms and a new two-story chemical laboratory having been built. It is in all respects well appointed, while the location of the college at Albany is such as to afford advantages not surpassed in any other city. In so large and busy a place there is never lack of material for the illustration of clinical medicine and surgery, and the material for practical anatomy fully meets the requirements of the classes. The museums are especially rich in anatomical preparations, and are unequaled in their variety and rarity. The library of the college contains nearly 5,000 volumes, and arrangements are made for its increase. The aim of the faculty is to make the course practical and scientific. This is. done by combining with didactic lectures, clinical lectures, recitations and practical work in the laboratories and dissecting room. Clinical instruction is made an especial feature of the course. The Albany Hospital, St. Peter’s Hospital, Child’s Hospital, and the County Hospital, together with the Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Dispensaries connected with each, are, by the regulations of their governing boards, made available for clinical purposes to the students. FIRST YEAR. For Matriculation . . ■ »5 NPXESSARY FEES. SECOND YEAR. For Matriculation... $5 THIRD YEAR. For Matriculation . • $5 For Lecture Tickets . 100 For Lecture Tickets . 100 For Graduation . . . • 25 For Dissection .... . 10 $105 $ 3 ° Total fees for graduation, with three courses of lectures, $250. The student by purchase of the Perpetual Lecture Ticket, will reduce this amount to $200. Courses in the chemical or histological laboratory, $10 each. The regular Winter Session commences Tuesday, September 8, 1885, and closes March 3, 1886. For Catalogue and Circular, with further information, address WILLIS G. TUCKER, M.D., Registrar , No. 4 Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. 7 9 8 THE GARNET. Albany College of Pharmacy. Department of Pharmacy, Union University. Session of i 885-86. This department was created by act of the Board of Governors of Union University, June 21, 1881, and incorporated August 27, 1881. The fifth course of lectures will open on Monday, October 5, 1885, and close March 2, 1886. The exercises of the college are held in the Albany Medical College building on Eagle street. The following constitute the factulty : Willis G. Tucker. M.D., Ph.D., President, Professor of Chemistry . Alfred B. Httfstfo, M.D., Ph.G fl Secretary, Professor of Botany and Materia Medic a, Gustavus Michaelis, Ph.G., Professor of Pharmacy . The course extends over two years, divided into junior and senior classes, composed of first and second year students respectively. Three lectures are delivered to each class each week, those to the senior class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and to the junior class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoon. Candidates for the degree of Graduate in Pharmacy ( P i . G .) must attend two full courses of lectures, be at least twenty-one years of age, submit a thesis, and pass the required examinations. They must also have served at least four years with some reputable pharmacist. Fees : Matriculation fee (paid but once), $3 ; lecture tickets for full course (with no charge for courses after the second), per session, §30; laboratory fee, $15 ; graduation fee, $10. Various prizes awarded to meritorious students at the close of the term. For catalogues, or further iiifonnation, address ALFRED B. IIUESTED, M.D., Secretary , 77 Eagle St., Albany, N. Y. -—™ " —— — —--—-—— N °f patroipi coaid ipot be pablislped Witlpoat tlpe its advertisers. Students Will ipote tipis aipd ze tlpose Wlpo IpaVe beeip of serVice to tlpenp. aid Will = MORRIS GROSS- READY-MADE AND TO ORDER , MARBLE HALL.TROY, N. Y. Special Features. The aim of of our business lias always been to supply the Best Goods in Quality, Style and Finish at the Least Possible Price. By a liberal investment of capital, a lavish outlay of money to secure the best artistic talent in the production of our styles, and unceasing effort in obtaining the choicest fabrics, wc are enabled at all times to display the most elegant stock in the country of PIECE: GOODS FOR. CUSTOM ORDERS AND READY - MADE CLOTHING. The advantages we thus offer are so appreciated that the sales of our goods continually increase, and under this stimulus we are con¬ stantly extending our facilities for manufacturing and improving the styles of our garments, it being our intention in the future as in the past to LEAD THE FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN’S DRESS. Mr. Gross would call the attention of the GENTLEMEN OF OLD UNION to the fact that his patronage from that College is already liberal and that his custom from Williams College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, etc., is large and steadily increasing. He claims to make garments equal to those of the best of Fifth Avenue Houses for 25 to 50 per cent. less. His prices are uniform and no INFERIOR MATERIALS OR WORKMANSHIP PER¬ MITTED to find place in his garments. Respectfully, MORRIS GROSS, LEADING CLOTHIER , Marble Hall, TROY, N. Y. Nos. 336 338 River St., extending through the Block (five floors) with triple front on Fourth St TWO MINUTES WALK FROM UNION DEPOT. ii SAUL’S SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS TO STUDENTS. ® CUSTOCO DEPARTMENT ON SECOND FLOOR. ® The largest clothing business done in Northern New York. Four full stores on ground floor, with entrances on both streets; also three upper floors, all used as salesrooms for Men’s, Youths’, Boys’, and Children’s Cloth¬ ing exclusively. Elegant passenger elevator to all upper floors. N. B.—College Society Uniforms, Bicycle Suits, Corduroy Suits, etc., a specialty. iii W. J. SWITS, House Furnishing Goods, STOVES , Etc. 136 138 State St., SCHENECTADY, N. Y. CHAS. N. YATES , iiirnttuff WarewMnna 64 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. - o o = =X o -- Bed5, 0 i r Y Maltr es, And all Articles Pertaining to ©Jurry ftiru rudeiYrA .oomA. g@“GOODS DELIVERED FREE. IV GEORGE E. VINCENT, Gei ’ Fum Iiin Goods, AND MANUFACTURER OF THE ANCIENT CITY SHIRT. MYERS BLOCK, . . . SCHENECTADY, N. Y. . II. De Kgiler, Fashionable hair Gutting and Shaving Parlor. SWITCHES MADE TO ORDER. Fine Cigars. Cigarettes, 5 and 10 Cents a Bunch. MYERS BLOCK, . . . SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Conrad Goetz, MERCHANT TAILOR, AND DEALER IN Foreign and Domestic Woolen Goods, 8 S Centre Street, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Perfect Fit and Good Work Guaranteed. Charles ' gates. Successor to James Picket, Schenectady City Baggage Express - TE1T HAS BEEN IN THE BUSINESS AND NOTHING LEFT IN HIS HANDS HAS EVER BEEN LOST, DAMAGED OR DELAYED. a® ALWAYS ON HAND AT EVERY TRAIN.-w CALL BOOK AT BAGGAGE ROOM. J. B. HULL, itsttil QJ 98—Sfe ?eet,—98 Schenectady, N. 7. dr. o. J. GROSS. Tte x 2 33 i State Street, GGREpEGTHDY, Y. Established 185 MM lv.fi H MANUFACTURERS AND 1MFUKTER3 OF bimgals and LermcetB Apparatus,, 205, 207, 209 and 211 Third Avenue, Cor. 18th St., NEW YORK. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA FOR Schleicher Schuell’s Chemically Pure arid Common Filter Paper, Doctor C. Scheibler’s Saccharometers (Polariscopes), Prof. Jolly’s Specific Gravity Balances, Etc. -Specialties Normal Graduated Glassware, Porcelain from the Royal Berlin and Meissen Factories, Bohemian and German Glassware, Filter Fapeis, Agate Mortars, Pure Hammered Platinum, Balances and Weights, Copperware, Bunsen’s Burners and Combustion Furnaces, Apparatus and Chemicals for Sugar Chemists, Laboratory Outfits for Fertilizers, Assayers, Universities and Colleges. Glass Blowing, Etching, Grinding and Repairing. Vl H OTEL GrERMANIA, Corner Centre and Liberty Streets, Schenectady, N. Y. WIENCK’S Billiard and Pool Parlors. FULL STOCK OF Wines, Liquors and Cigars. SHELL OYSTERS AND LITTLE NECK CLAMS CONSTANTLY ON HAND, vii ANDREW T. VEEDER, Wholesale and Retail DRUGGIST. -ALSO SUPPLIES- Microscopes Telescopes -AND OTHE R- JlfftttlltS Qn Best ' fttfflS THE BEST SUPPLY OF Imported and Domestic IN THE CITY. No. 141 State Street, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. The Westinghouse Co., Schenectady, N. Y. GRAIN THRESHERS, Unequaled in capacity for separating and cleaning. COMBINED GRAIN AND CLOVER THRESHERS, Fully equal to regular grain machines on grain, and a genuine CLOVER HULLER in addition. TWO SPEED TRACTION AND PLAIN ENGINES, 6 to 15 horse power, positively the most desirable for Lightness, Economy, Power and Safety. Boiler has horizontal tubes, and is therefore free from the objectionable features of vertical boilers. HORSE POWERS, I oth Lever and Endless Chain. All sizes. SEND FOR CATALOGUE. Address The Westinghouse Co., Schenectady, N. Y. ix 93 STATE STREET. W. H. S. V. LINES, Barney Block, . SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Boot5 nd Skoes, Trunks WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Stores at Buffalo, Geneva, Lockport, Rochester, Amsterdam and Schenectady. W. H. LINES, S. V. LINES, Jr. Rc , c ' v , 5 Rejfc un. nl, 67 State Street, SCHENECTADY, N. Y Society $upper$ Specially. Ice Cream the BEST in the City. Table Board $3.30 per week. c. G. CRAFT, FRen’s, Youths DEALER IN ; and 0oys Rine 6lotl}inc|, 18, 20, 22 and 24 JamcA Street, Corner Maiden Lane . . . ALBANY, N. Y. flames V. Borrow f Co., DEALERS IN Lehigh and Lackawanna Coal, no Centre Street , SCHENECTADY, N. Y HORSFORD’S ACID PHOSPHATE, [LIQUID.] For Dyspepsia, Mental and Physical Exhaustion, Diminished Vitality, NERVOUSNESS, ETC. Prepared according to the directions of Prof. E. N. Horsford, of Cambridge, Mass. A preparation of the phosphates of lime, magnesia, potash and iron, with phosphoric acid, in such form as to be readily assimilated by the system. As FOOD for an EXHAUSTED BRAIN, IN LIVER and KIDNEY TROUBLE, IN SEASICKNESS and SICK HEADACHE, In WAKEFULNESS, INDIGES¬ TION and CONSTIPATION, In INEBRIETY, DESPONDENCY and CASES OF IMPAIRED NERVE FUNCTION. It has become a necessity in a large number of households throughout the world. Universally recommended and prescribed by physicians of all schools. Its action will harmonize with such stimulants as are neces¬ sary to take. It is the best Ionic known, furnishing sustenance to both brain and body. - jt images a delicious drinl with water and sucjar only, AND IS Invigorating, Strengthening, Healthful, Refreshing. Prices reasonable. Pamphlet giving further particulars mailed free. MANUFACTURED BY THE f urpforS Glperpical " Worlds, . ProVi ei ce, f . I. ;Bc Varc of Imitation A. . xi W. E. Van DEUSEN, DEALER IN FIRST-CLASS GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, WOODEN WARE, FRUIT, c. IF ' lo-u.r a, Specialty. AGENT FOR WIARD’S TRUE CHILLED PLOWS. 28 and 30 Jtatc $trcct, . . $(Jf)6n6(£CADY, 0. Y. GOODS DELIVERED FREE TO ANY PART OF THE CITY. JAS. H. BARHYTE, DEALER IN ss Book5 anJ SkdioiHTy, = Paper Hangings, Window Shades, c. Books Buuud and Pictures Framed to Order. Rooms Papered at Short Notice. A Hull |pne of College fjfext Hookas on Hand, in STATE STREET,.SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Sp°rl5mpii’5 S u FPl 5- Sportin£Goods Generally. — AT — F.d. Ft D viy Phwnmcy Cor. Union and Yate6 StA., ©y . C . 54 State St., ALBANY, N. Y. 3 efte r ecPa ij, R. . xii C. Van S lyck, DEALER IN- Flour, Coal, Sawed and Split Wood, LIME, CALCINED PLASTER pS® HAY, Nos. 57 Centre and 7 Pine Sts., SCHENECTADY, N. Y. We are now prepared to offer Special Inducement ■IN- - ' ) O- -- O C - 6 s2 -■ - White Shirts, Underclothing, Hosiery, Gentlemen’s Furnishing. ALSO CLOTHS FOR SUITINGS IN LARGE VARIETY OF DESIRABLE STYLES. H. S. BARNEY CO., 95, 97 and 99 State Street, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. -Established 1840.- - EYI • CASE- 0opper, 0rass an d Ipeet $ ron Worlds, MANUFACTURER OF Brass aipiS Gopper Subes; also, force aipi Otlper Bunpps. barren Jtrcct, $(£I}Gn6(£CADY, IL Y.+ WOOD BROTHERS, 133 State Street, - Schenectady, N. Y., DEALERS IN MEN ' S FURNISHING t GOODS: SHIRTS, COLLARS AND CUFFS, LATEST STYLES OF NECKWEAR, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, SCARF PINS, SLEEVE BUTTONS, Etc. GOODS EECEIVED FOE TEO IT Xj-A.TJ - GTZOES " Z’- -REMINGTON- Standard type-writeR. If you are not familiar with its advantages, permit us to mail you a pam¬ phlet acquainting you with its history, its uses, and the esteem in which it is held by the thousands who employ it. WYCKOFF, SEAMANS BENEDICT, 251 253 BROADWAY, - NEW YORK CITY. Also, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, St. Louis, St. Paul. WILSON DAVIS, MERCHANT • TAILOR, Ili STATE ST., SCHENECTADY. N.T. XIV XV M ANSION H OUSE, ——TROY, N. Y...-.- P. CROWLEY, PROPRIETOR. fiQf OPfiAN Pis A17. filegaipt I7eVv Gafe Attached. L. H. CROWLEY, AL. CROWLEY, Clerks. JOSEPH GILL0TT’S“ STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL,PARIS,1878. Jdis Uelebrated JS umbers, 303—404—170—604—332, and his other styles may be had of all dealers throughout the world . Joseph Grillott Sons, New York. ® - ® JOHN G. SCHUMACHER, DEALER IN FINE BOOTS AND SNOBS. ONLY.AGENT IN CITY FOR PATENT HEEL AND TOE RUBBER PLATES. CUSTOM WORK AND REPAIRING PROMPTLY DONE. HEADQUARTERS FOR TENNIS SHOES. 267 STATE STREET, - - - SCHENECTADY , N. Y. XVI WILLIAM STOOPS, Mereftanf ©Jaifor and TseaiLer iJa ftior 107 STATE STREET, - - SCHENECTADY, N. Y. AUGUST SCHMIDT, 162 STATE ST., • SCHENECTADY, N. Y. F. De F. GRAY, (Successor to J. C. Duell,) Operative and Mechanical Dentist. Office and Residence : 47 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. 4®= SPECIAL RATES TO UNION COLLEGE STUDENTS. @W. ©J. ehTan ori $®. d o., D ruggists and ■ H potbecaries, 195 STATE STREET, - SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Fancy and Toilet Articles in Great Variety. Fine Cigars a Specialty. ROBERT T. MOIR, (Successor to John Gilmour,) DEALER IN S£ ooft , gfafior en afjt) paper Hangii ypj 201 STATE AND 116 CENTRE STS., STANFORD BLOCK, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. -AGENT FOR- ANCHOR, INMAN AND HAMBURGH AMERICAN TRANS-ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP LINES. R. K. QUAYLE, t En r ver • Li?d • Prinler,« Albany, N. Y. Gonpnpercial fiipgraViipg, WeSSiipg aip Galliipg GarSs, Goats of Amps, Mopog rar s, etc. (Soffege Grigra ing a § peeiaff . Fragrant Vanity Fair -AND- Cloth of Gold SR- 9 ' CIGARETTES. 7cur @ _-- In Gold Foil, Hermetically Sealed. ALWAYS FRESH, CLEAN AND SWEET. Our Cigarettes cannot be surpassed. If you do not use them, a trial will convince you that they have no equal. 13 First Prize Medals Awarded. WM. 8. KIMBALL X CO. A. M. POWERS, 225 STATE STREETS SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Light Solar Transit. W. . L. E. GURLEY, TROY, N. Y. W. L. E. GURLEY, Manufacturers of and Dealers in Civil Engineers’ and Surveyors’ INSTRUMENTS And DRAWING INSTRUMENTS, PAPER VELLUM, COLORS, BRUSHES, BOOKS, TOURISTS’ HELD GLASSES, TELESCOPES, Etc . 514 FULTON STREET, - TROY, N. Y. XIX WEBSTER’S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY. In Sheep, Russia and Txirkey Bindings. The LATEST EDITION lias 118,000 Words, Tour Pages Colored Plates, 3000 Engravings, (being 3000 more Words and nearly three times the number cf Engravings in any other American. Dictionary.) It also contains a Biographical Dictionary giving brief important facts concerning 9700 Noted Persons. ILLUSTRATED DEFINITIONS. The following specimens show the value of the numerous illustrated definitions in Webster ' s Unabridged Dictionary. Ancient Castle, page 03. Sliip, page 1164. 1, moat.; 2, draw-bridge; 3, wicket; 4, sally¬ port; 5, portcullis; 6, outer walls; 7, parapet; 8, rampart; 9, loopholes: 10, escutcheon; 11, bulwarks; 13, sentinel; 13, magazine; 14, cell; 15, donjon; 16, barracks; 17, barbacan; 18, watchman; 19, turret; 30, chapel; 21, belfry; 23, state court; 33, merlons ; 24, em m 9uroo. The illustrations under Beef, Boiler, Castle, Col¬ umn, Eve, Horse, Moldings, Phrenology, Ravelin, Shipp, (pagefj 1104 and iziy) feieam-ehgine ami Timbers, alone define 343 words and terms far better than they could be defined in words. A LIBRARY IN ITSELF, The latest edition of Webster’s Unabridged, in the quantity of matter it. contains, is believed to be the largest volume published. “ It is an ever-present and reliable school¬ master to the whole family.”— S. S. Herald. TESTIMONY TO ITS VALUE. W EBSTER is a book for the nation be proud of. [Prof. J. D. Dana, Yah. Jnf E tymology and definitions, superior to V any other. [Prof. E. Abbot , Harvard . Jo B elieve it to be most perfect Dictionary Yfc of the language. [Dr. J. G. Holland. Jr% S ince the present edition, unquestionably O! the highest authority. [ Wm. T. Harris. O) T he Courts look to it as highestauthorityFIl in definition. [ U.S. Chief Justice Waite. JL E very page indicates accurate work and TT1 highest merit. [George Bancroft. Jui J evised edition I have learned to trust l implicitly. [John G. Whittier. 1, Hying jib; 2, jib; 3, fore-top-mast-stay rail; 4, fore-course; 5, foretopsail; 6, foretop-gallant saii; 7, fore-royal; 8, fore sky sail; 9, fore-roy¬ al studding sail ; 10, foretop-gallant studding sail ; 11, foretop-mast studding sail ; 12, main- course; 13, maintop sail; 14, maintop-gallant miil, 1.5, niHlu-royiU ; 10, mam sky sail: 17, main royal studding sail; 18, main top-gallant Studding sail; 19, maintop maot studding dull, ‘-0, mizzen-course; 21, mizzen-top sail; 22, mizzen-top-gallant sail; 23, mizzen-royal; 24, mizzen sky sail; 25, mizzen-spanker. ENGLISH TESTIMONY. “ Tt has all along kept a leading place, and the New Edition brings it fairly up to date .” — London Times , June , 1882. “Certainly the best practical English Dictiona¬ ry extant .”—Quarterly Review, London. IS IT NOT THE STANDARD? W EBSTER’S is the Dictionary used in Govern’t Printing Office. 1883. VV E very State purchase of Dictionaries for Schools, has been of Webster. Ed B ooks in the Public Schools of the U. S. are mainly based on Webster. JDp S ale of Webster ' s is over 20 times the QJ sale of any other series of Diet’s. T hirty-two thousand have been put rp in the public schools of the U. S. JL E ach new edition has become more and TN more The Standard. | ecommended by State Supt’s Schools in 36 States, and 50 College Pres’ts. R ENGLISH STANDARD LEXICOGRAPHY. WEBSTER’S SERIES OF DICTIONARIES. i. n. in. TV, v. VI. VII. vni. ix. x. UNABRIDGED QUARTO. 3000 Illustrations. 7 G. C IVlERRIflM CO , PUB’RS NATIONAL PICTORIAL, Octavo. 600 Illus’ns. j Springfield, Mass. COUNTING HOUSE DICTIONARY. With Illustrations. ACADEMIC DICTIONARY. 334 Illustrations. HIGH SCHOOL DICTIONARY. 297 Illustrations. COMMON SCHOOL DICTIONARY. 274 illustrations. PRIMARY SCHOOL DICTIONARY. 274 Illustrations. POCKET DICTIONARY. With Illustrations. ARMY and NAVY POCKET DICTIONARY. With Illus’ns TVTSON, BLAKEMAN, TAYLOR CO. Publishers, New York and Chicago, ELEMENTARY SPELLER,. D. APPLETON CO., Pub’rs, New York. FORMING A COMPLETE SERIES AND A NATIONAL STANDARD. JOHN T. JOHNSON. JOHN T. JOHNSON. XXI Pianos nd Or n5. C. E. WENDELL CO. HANDLE ONLY THE VERY BEST INSTRUMENTS, INCLUDING THE FOLLOW¬ ING CELEBRATED MAKES: KNABE CO., KRANICH BACH, BEHR BROS., and MARSHALL WENDELL PIANOS, And MASON HAMLIN and LOKING BLAKE “cpaPaee” ©rga nj . Also, SHEET MUSIC and MUSICAL MERCHANDISE of every description. WiiF-EPwQ O ZLvCS = 89 91 North Pearl Street, Albany, N. Y. S G. L. PARLATtFs Music JTurnished for (Concerts, Receptions, CHURCHES, ETC. Also, Teacher of VIOLIN of GERMAN, FRENCH and ITALIAN METHODS. 75 GRAND STREET, ALBANY, N. Y. GENERAL RAILWAY, STEAMSHIP and STEAMBOAT TICKET OFFICE, Representing all Principal Routes of Travel in the United States, Canada and Europe. CHARLES A. WOOD, Agent, 166 STATE STREET , . . . SCHENECTADY, N. Y. OPPOSITE GIVEN’S HOTEL. Representing Cunard S. S. Co., Hamburgh S. S. Co., New York and Havre S. S. Co., and National Line. AGENCY FOR THOS. COOK’S SON’S AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN TOURIST 1ICKLIS. CoiresponderLce Solicited. xxii L. A. YOUNG , DEALER IN P lanos, 0rcjans, and FR usical )Aerc[)andise GENERALLY. Agent for the celebrated Decker Bros, and Haines Upright Pianos , the Smith , American and Sterling Organs , 166 State Street, . . . SCHENECTADY, N. Y. BRANDOW BARTON, ALBANY- IS Dortlp Pearl, ai? 10 Janies Street. Pttatiai FOR A SPECIMEN OF OUR WORK We ask your Careful Inspection of these Pages, which are from our press. Our Facilities are Specially Adapted to this Class of Work. P rintm g. Jgfollcge and Society Printing a Specialty. BRAWDOW BARTON, ALBANY. The Concordiensis : Published Monthly by the Students of Union College. BOARD OF EDITORS : J. T. MOREY, ’85, . . . Editor-in-Chief. A. C. Egelston, ’85; F. S. Randall, ’86; H. J. Cole, ’86; T. R. Woodbridge, ’86; E. M. Cameron, ’87; G. D. Buel, ’87. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON, . . Business Editor. Subscription , $1.50 a year in advance. Address, BUSINESS EDITOR, Schenectady, N. Y. xxiii «3FANCY SMOKING TOBACCOS BY MAIL.O B. Payn’s Sons Smokers ' Emporium, ALBANY, N. Y. Send for Price List of 50 kinds of Fancy Smoking Tobaccos, especially adapted to Cigarette and Pipe Smoking. Price List contains description and P. 0. rates for delivery. Meerschaum Goods made to order. Briar Pipes, Match Safes, Etc. HARMON CON SAUL, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Boots , Shoes , and Rubbers , 142 State St., SCHENECTADY, N. Y Joel Van Vranken, fcivcry ad S Ie Staleys Opposite N. Y. C. R. R. Depot, and 98 and 100 Centre St., . Schenectady, N. Y. Funeral Outfits a Specialty. SANDERS, dO®) i)iafe t., d)c enecfa©L , R. WATCHES ps® JEWELRY REPAIRED. CLOCKS FOR COLLEGE ROOMS. CARVING ps® ENGRAVING DONE TO ORDER. XXVI ENGLEMAN BELLINGER, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN PAINTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. 127 and 129 CENTRE ST., - - SCHENECTADY , N. F- OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST. —s KING, s— The Tailor, 102 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY , N. Y. CASSI MERES, BEAVERS, FANCY SUITINGS, and all the LEADING PATTERNS OF IMPORTED GOODS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Work Guaranteed, and Satisfaction given. A full line of Dress Suits to Let. Andrew McMullen, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN Coal, Wood, Lime and Cement, 92 and 94 UNION, IS, 20, 22 and 24 FONDA STS., SCHENECTADY, N.Y. A. DILLENBECK CO„ •sVHOLESJItE c,n l RETJIIL GROCERS. 153 St 155 UNION ST., SCHENECTADY, N. Y. A. DILLENBECK. CHARLES N. SMITH. XXV SAMUEL FRENCH, Fine Custom Tailoring, At Moderate Prices, 32 Maiden Lane, - - - ALBANY, N. Y. Mk l 4 i w iv w 41 41 1 1 4 1 4 i W CLARKE, FAN Gy BAKER, Aip6 General Caterer to Partied, S anquef , S afFd), (©oftege ©ommencementA, $2.e,, Ho. 94 HuSsoip iAVeipue, . A.IajBjA.17 12. " Y " AV ‘V ' -J»?- - ».£- .Jj.{- -M ' - ■ Igr Ig. v ' ti. vMi, vVi. l l l t ' ? l l l 4 l 4i 4i 4t 4°r 4r 4l 4l 4l 4°f 4l 4r XXVI Confections, 563 Bimdw y, DEW yORI . DfiW YOJ K : 3 016 ?. O. Baling, IFssaa St. B OOK Y : 339 f ultoip, opp. Pierrepo t St. AlxfiANY : 34 Nortl Pearl Street. flOGMfiSSfifl: Arcane BciilSiipg. Sf OY : No. 2 Singes fiuil iipg. SAf ASOGA : Opp. Go gress Spring Parl . IiODG Bf ANGM : Opposite Ocear? House. xxvii A Holyoke man went into a Stationery store in Paris, France, and asked for some of their best writing- paper. He was shown some in a box marked “Whiting Paper Com¬ pany, Ho ' lyoke, Mass., U. S. A.” “ Is that your best ?” he asked. “ Oh, yes, sir; Whiting’s is the best.” —Paper Trade Journal. “Whit¬ ing’s Standard ” is the most perfect pro¬ duct of the paper-maker’s art. Put up in neat boxes with envelopes to match, in one, two and four quires ; also in quarter reams. Cream and azure, rough and smooth finish, all sizes. Ask your stationer for it. xxviii Richmond Straight Cut No, 1 Cigarettes are made from the brightest and highest cost gold leaf tobacco grown, and are ( THEY HAVE NO far superior to any other cigarette produced. Beware of base imitations. The ! genuine bears the signature of undersigned manufacturers on every package. ( EQUAL. Lovers of Turkish tobacco will find a f I D E7 (7 .Cl Made exclusively from the rare lobac- mild and delicious aroma imparted by LJ vU tJ . co grown in Keritchilar dist., Turkey. k OR PIPE SMOKING, The Richmond Straight Cut, or Richmond Gem Curly Cut, are re¬ commended, being delightfully mild and fragrant. ALL OUR GOODS ARE ABSOLUTELY PURE. AND HAVE A REPUTATION THAT HAS MADE THEM A STANDARD ARTICLE IN ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. mALLW » ginter, Manufacturers Fine Grade Cigarettes Smoking Tobaccos, Richmond, Va. G. PALMATIER, H11510m Boot si Shoe M ter. 82 Centre Street, . . . SCHENECTADY, N. Y. !GLOBE HOTEL, CORNER STATE, SOUTH PEARL, AND HOWARD STREETS. t JflS. p. §0aCK, . fpoppiefe©p. Terms, $2 per day. Entrance, 7 South Pearl Street, XXIX ALBSHY, n. Y. ftillLrc p H • ( SIX GARROM AND TWO POOL TABLES. C— £ ' LC ' U -- O- 4, tl. LaDL- " TlL -T.y Q . J . S efPer, . proprietor. CORNER STATE iP CENTRE STREETS, Opposite Carley House, . . SCHENECTADY, N V. 1839 . T 5- Mats, fi.ps, Trunks, Traveling Yps, UMBRELLAS, CANES, SC., SC. Largest and Best Assortment in the City. K -L. T. CLUTE,- ) 101 State Street, . . SCHENECTADY, A r . X GEO. T. LUCKHURST, Livery Stable, 38 Liberty Street, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Horses to Let at any Hour. XXX Notman Photographic Co (LIMITED) 48 NORTH PEARL ST., ALBANY, N. Y. ■Class Photographers to Union College , ' 78, ’79, 1 80 , ’8j and ' 85. Views of the College Buildings and Grounds in Stock. Class and Society Groups at Class Rates. Every person named in the Official Catalogue entitled to our Pictures at Contract Rates. Every description of work known to Photographers produced in first-class style. Our Studio is the finest and most complete in the State. VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. STATIONERY and ENGRAVING DEPARTMENT. Engraved Invitations for Commencement and Class-Day Celebrations, College Receptions and Social Gatherings, as well as Steel-plate work of every description for Fraternity uses, designed with originality and executed in the Highest style of art. Our work is carefully engraved by hand process, which is considered to be mo re artistic and superior in result than the various artificial methods now employed by many for a flashy effect. Particular attention also is given to the designing and arrangement of artistic Dance, Menu and Exercise Programmes. An examination and careful comparison of our work with that of any other house is solicited, also an opporlunity of submitting any required designs or estimates. Correspondence cordially invited and students are always made welcome. Geo. R. Lockwood Son, ESTABLISHED IN ISIS, PUBLISHERS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS AND ENGRAVERS, 812 Broadway, New York. XXXI V M vV vM W WW% ' ' iF ifW 7 w w JOHN H. M c HUGH, MERCHANT TAILOR , TV ?. - 26 North Pearl Street , i (COA . MAIDEN LANE), ALBANY, N. Y. JMPORTFR OF pINE H ' OOLFNS. v Vli, W W XXXL1

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