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a- j s THE GARNET, PUBLISHED BY THE SECRET SOCIETIES OF U nion College, f- V Schenectady, N. Y. AHARA-- 3 — » - H Then here’s to thee, the brave and free, Old Union smiling o’er us; And for many a day, as thy walls grow gray, May they ring with thy children’s chorus.” GF , SCHENECTADY, N. Yc. Chas. Burrows, Steam Book and Job Printer, 187 State Street. 1882. r L 7 THE GARNET. Boai d of Gdiwors. 83 . BERNARD CLEVELAND SLOAN, FRANK BURTON, JOHN RANSOM BRIDGE, FRANKLIN WILLIAM McCLELLAN, JAMES ROBERTSON VAN NESS, Sigma Phi. Delta Phi. PsiUpsilon. Alpha Delta Phi- Beta Theta Pi. Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager, FRANK BURTON, Delta Phi. Assistant Business Manager, JAMES ROBERTSON VAN NESS, Beta Theta Pi. Chairman of Publishing Committee, JOHN RANSOM BRIDGE, Psi Upsilon. THE GARNET. GdUFO IALc. « HE GARNET appears, as a Junior publication for the first time, with numerous innovations. Among these are a catalogue of fraternity men who have graduated within the past five years, and views of the Colleges and grounds. Oui frontispiece is a picture of President Potter, who, year by year, is placing the University on a stronger basis, and firmly retaining the confidence of its graduates and students. In the Faculty there are a few changes. Professor Sidney G. Ashmore occupies the Latin chair in place of Doctor Dean; Lieutenant Ira N. Hollis, of the Annapolis Naval Academy, has the new department of Mechanical Engineering; and Courtland V. Anable, Union, ’81, is Tutor in Mathe¬ matics. The past Garnet year is marked by the beginning of the Washburn Library building, erected to the memory of Rev. Edward A. Washburn, D. I)., who was so long connected with our college. Alumni Hall will hereafter be exclusively used for the Art Department. To Major McMurray is due the new Photographic Department, and im¬ provements in the gymnasium, baths, and sewerage. His ideas are modern, practical, and popular, so that under his hand, many things before “Old” are becoming “ New.” Pase Ball matters are commanding more attention. Inter-class competi¬ tion is developing a strong University nine; the entertainments by the Union College Novelty Company, and the College fair were both financially successful; a more effective organization has been formed, and a brilliant seajon is predicted. THE GARNET. I ■ The Oxford hat craze has come, and-gone. Now for c. foot-ball eleven. The Union College Senate has been revived, and with Professor Alexander as Presiding Officer, is holding regular sessions. A new society, the Historical, has been founded by Professor Price, for the study of American Plistory. The Literary Societies continue their joint debates. ’82 is about to graduate. ’83 bids every member of the Senior class a sincere “ Fare you well,” and feels itself prepared to sustain, in its turn, that decorum and dignity, which so soon is to fall to it as the Senior class of Union College. Old Academy, 1795, from which Union College originated. THE GARNET. IN THE ORDER OF THEIR ESTABLISHMENT. Darkness before, all joy behind, Y et keep thy courage, do not mind; lie soonest reads the lesson right, Who reads with back against the light. i 1 THE GARNET. Sigma E?hi FRA TRES IN UR BE. G. LANSING OATHOUT, Hon. E. WINSLOW PAIGE, WILLIAM D. MAXON, Prof. JOHN FOSTER, LL. D., G. W. FEATHER ST ()N A U G PI WILLIAM C. McCAMUS, HENRY B. McQUEEN, WILLIAM W. CRAIG, DeLANCY W. WATKINS. CLASS OF ' 8 . GEORGE ALFRED PAUL COUWISE, EPHRAIM CLARK MURRAY. CLASS OF ' S ' 3. BERNARD CLEVELAND SLOAN, CHARLES DONNEL GIBSON. CLASS OF ’ 84 . ♦LAWSON CLAY TALLEY, BENJAMIN GUERARD CHISOLM, THEODORE IRWIN, Jr. CLASS OF fcHARLES WITTGENSTEIN CODWISE, ROBERT HAMILTON GIBBES, JOSEPH ATKINSON YATES, EDWARD DORSEY HOBBS, EDWIN MITCHELL. ♦Left College. V 9 1 Sigma ©hi. | _ ' ' Personals. i I CLASS OF’77. 0 . H. Rogers is studying medicine in New York. CLASS OF’78. W. F. Ionising is practicing law in New York. W. D. Maxon is Assistant Pastor of St. George Church in Schenectady. C. Hoag is practicing medicine in New York. E. F. Fish is practicing medicine in Fultonville, N. Y. F. Bidleman is practicing law in New York. F. S. Johnson is residing in Oswego, N. Y. E. Paige is practicing law in Albany, N. Y. D. B. Paige is residing in Oswego, N. Y. Alex. Duane is practicing medicine in New York. W. W. Britton is practicing law in Brooklyn. ]. L. Carter is residing in Paris, Maine. CLASS OF ’jg. W. W. Craig is farming at the Aqueduct, i F. F. Chisolm is assaying in mines, and is Western Agent for the Mining Records, Denver, Col. 1 THE GARNET. CLASS OF ' So. R. T. S. Lowell is in a Bank in Chicago. DeL. W. Watkins is residing temporarily in Nassau, Bahama Islands. CLASS OF ' 8i. E. T. E. Lansing is studying law in Little Falls. H. R. Shead is in a wholesale business house in New York. C. II. Johnson, Jr., is residing in New York. G. B. Tullidge is studying medicine in Philadelphia. G. G. Leland is teaching at Laurens C. H., South Carolina. CLASS OF ' 83. C. D. Gibson is residing in Dover, Del. CLASS OF ’84. 1 L. C. Talley is in the County Clerk’s office at Columbia, S. C. Theo. Irwin, Jr., is in Florida. 11 THE GARNET. L HA RENT A. MYNDERSE, M. D., GEORGE MAXON, Hon. WILLIAM H. SMITH, GEORGE O. VAN DeHOGART, Prof. SIDNEY G. ASHMORE. CLASS OF ’ 82 . JOHN G. PEOLI, 3 AMUEL M. SYLVESTER, ELIPHALET N. WRIGHT, ' DAVIDSON S. FLOWER, JOSEPH E. RANSDELL, ALFRED A. Me MURRAY, CHARLES TEMPLE, FRANK II. WRIGHT, E. KHETT YOU MANS, WILLIAM H. REED. CLASS OF ’ 83 . DANIEL R PEOLI, WALTER J. SCOTT, JAMES W. THOMSON, TRACY WALWC)RTH , FRANK BURTON, JOHN G. EVANS, ARCHIBALD W. RAY, JOHN R. HARDING. CLASS OF ’ 84 . CLEVELAND C. HALE, HERMAN V. MYNDERSE, THOMAS E. ADAMS, G. FRANK PARSONS, CHARLES H. HILL, JOHN E. BACON, Jr., WILLIAM G. WOOLFORD. CLASS OF S ' j. CLARENCE D. SPRIGG, SIDNEY A. SMITH • Left College. J r THE GARNET. Delta Dhi. Person als. CLASS OF ’77. W. C. Roberson is in the New York Produce Exchange. John A. Delehanty is Assistant District Attorney of Albany Co. CLASS OF ’78. Seth E. Lasher is a lawyer at Bethlehem, N. Y. Aaron Mynders : is practicing law in Albany. E. E. Britton is practicing the same profession in New York. A. B. Monrehouse is teaching and studying for the ministry in New York. F. H. Streeter is a lawyer at Glen’s Falls, N. V. Ed. Hayward is married, and is Principal of the High School at Wolcott, N. Y. A. C. Dingman is a lawyer at Fort Plain, N. Y. CLASS OF ’ So. John E. Parry is Teller of the Glen’s Falls First National Bank. F. P. S. Crane is engineering at Topeka, Kansas. Williaip Bronk is practicing law in New York. Geo. E. Dixon is Assistant Principal of the Egberts High school at Cohoes, N. Y. C.F. Bishop is studying law and teaching at Poughkeepsie, N. V. 14 L THE GARNET. CLASS OF ' 81. Robert A. Wood is studying law at Clyde, N. Y. James W. Lester is studying law at Saratoga. Frederick W. Cameron is at the Albany Law School. CLASS OF ’ 82 . Samuel M. Sylvester is recuperating in Maryland, Eliphalet N. Wright is at the Albany Medical College. CLASS OF S3. Daniel R. Peoli is travelling in Cuba. Walter J. Scott is travelling in the West. James W. Thomson is engineering in Kansas. Tracy Walworth is at the Medical College in Washington, D. C. CLASS OF ’84. Thomas E. Adams is running a ranche in Texas. John E. Bacon is at the University of South Carolina. L THE GARNET. FRATRES IN UR BE. JAMES E. DAVIS, Theta, Hon. S. W. JACKSON, Theta. Prof. Y. A. LAMOROUX, ' Theta, J. A. LYON, Theta. E. A. MAXON, Theta, FRANK MAXON, Beta, Prof. I. B. PRICE, Theta, HORATIO G. GLEN, Theta, BARTLETT WHITLOCK, Theta. CLASS OF ' 82. CHARLES EDWARD FAY, WILLIAM GIFFORD. WILLIAM JAMES POLLARD, WILLIAM ALFRED WADDELL, ELMER BRITON WALLER, ARTHUR SILAS WRIGHT. CLASS OF ’ 83 . WILLIAM WHALEY BELLINGER, JOHN RANSOM BRIDGE A I LI JAM MORRIS GILBERT, JOHN WARDEN MeCAUI EY, •• LEFFERTS MORRELL POWELL, ALBERT MOORE WESTING HOUSE, HENRY CHANCELLOR WOOD, HENRY FARR DEPUY. CLASS OF ’ 84. GEORGE FRANKLIN ALLISON, DOW BEEICMAN, IRVING PERRY ESTCOURT, CHARLES ADAMS KITTS, JONATHAN RIDER POWELL. CLASS OF %. GEORGE WASHINGTON EBOUGH, WALLACE FOOT, FRANK MOORE, JAMES ADELBERT McCAULEY. Left College. i? THE GARNET. I?SI Upsilon. Personals. CLASS OF ’77. William J. DeTreville is a Protessor in Clafiti University, Orangeburgh, S. C. Thernon L. Ililes is in the employ of a wholesale hardware house in Chicago. James H. LaRoche is studying law at Aiken, S. C. Dewitt C. Moore is Clerk of the Surrogate’s Court of Fulton Co., N. Y. John C. Shirland, M. D., is practicing in West Troy. Jomes C. Taylor is in the drug business with Allen Co., Atchison, Kan. Bartlock Whitlock is i:i the dry goods house of II. S. Barney Co., Sche¬ nectady. CLASS OF’78. Chas. M. Culver, M. D., is studying medicine in Paris. Lyon S. Holmes, who has been in the law office of Stearns and Curtis, 45 William St., N. Y. city, is now studying in Middleburgh, N. Y. ■ Francis V. Rider is in a dry goods house in New York city. CLASS OF ’79. Edward B. Burnap is a manufacturer of paper bags in Canajohane, N. Y. Edward L. Crandall is in a drug store in Albany, i John McBride has the management of Thomson’s creamery at Campbel Hall, N. Y. Edward McDonald of Amsterdam, N. Y., has gone to Florida lor his health. L THE GARNET. CLASS OF ' jq. ' ' Frank E. Mors, West Troy, N. Y. James L. Perry is practicing law in Charleston, S. C. Frank L. Snook, who graduated at Princeton, is in New York studying medicine. James Stewart is traveling for a dry goods house in N. Y. city. CLASS OF ' 80. Norman H. Bull is in his father’s store in Orangeburgh, S. C. William J. McNulty has a responsible position on the Engineers Corps of the Ft. W. D. R. R. Texas. j Benj. H. Ripton is Prof, of Latin and Greek in Whitestown Seminary, N. Y. CLASS 0 F’ 8 i. Frank C. Avery is practicing law in Seneca Falls, N. Y. Henry R. Fancher has charge of a corset manufactory, McGrawville, N. Y. Job P. Lyon is with McNulty, on the Engineers Corps of the Ft. W. D. R. R., Texas. | Samuel P. McClellan is studying law in his father’s office, Troy, N. Y. Horatio P. Glen has an insurance office in Schenectady. CLASS OF ’ 82 . William Gifford is working a farm near Schenectady. Died in Central America. 19 2o THE .GARNET. pLtPHA Delta Dhi. Union Chapter. Established 1859 . FRATRES IN UR BE. JOHN A. DeREMER, A. M., ALONZO P. STRONG, Prof. S. B. HOWE, A. M„ FRANKLIN R. TOLL. Rev. GEO. ALEXANDER, A. M. CLASS OF ' 82. LEE W. CASE, SHELDON GRISWOLD, JAMES A. VAN VO AST, S. HALSTED WATKINS. CLASS OF ' 83. FRED F. BENNETT, JAMES B. W. LANSING, GULIAN V. P. LANSING, FRANKLIN W. McCLELLAN, DANIEL C. McELWAIN. CLASS OF ' Sj. • 5 -LEWIS R. GARNSEY, PIENRY Z. PRATT, CHARLES B. TEMPLETON, FRANK S. TITUS. CLASS OF ' S3. RICHARD FRANKLIN, GEORGE LANGDON, EVERETT FOWLER, PUTMAN CADY. :i: Left College. r THE GARNET. Plpha Delta Dhi. Personals. CLASS OF ' 77. George C. Bender died June 13, 1881, at Albany, N. Y. W. A. A. Brown is in business in Flatbush, N. Y. Rev. Frederick J Hubert is accictant pastor of 3 l. Faul’s Church in Albany. Robert Johnston is in business in Cohoes. Rev. JohnB. Hubbs is preaching in Ilion, N. Y. William B. Rankine is practicing law in New York. CLASS OF ' 78. Egbert P. Lansing is in the knitting business in Cohoes. Thomas McCredie in a maltster in Albany. CLASS OF’79. William P. Adams is a manufacturer in Cohoes. John F. t Green is a journalist in Baldwinsville. William A. Waldron is in business in Detroit, Mich. William P. Roper died July 1, 1881, at Charleston, S. C. Edward L. Hutchinson is teaching in Chaileston, S. C. JohnD. Parsons is in business in Albany. CLASS OF ’ So . Joseph D. Craig is studying medicine in Albany. 22 THE GARNET. CLASS OF ' Si. Rev. Wilbur t. Watkins is in the Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. James L. Rankins is in the railr- ad business in Topeka, Kansas. Perry H. Kline is studying law in Amsterdam. George H. Meneelv is in the bell foundry at West Troy. Howard L. Thomas is a draughtsman in Albany. Henry Schlosser is in the Princeton Theological Seminary. William P. Williams is teaching in New York. CLASS OF ’83. James B. W. Lansing is in business in Michigan. Fred. F. Bennett is editing a paper in Hyde Park, Ill. CLASS OF ’ 84 . Louis R. Garnsey is in Rexford Flats, N. Y. Frank S. Titus is in Roslyn, N. Y. THE GARNET. Beta (qheta I i. N u Chapter. CLASS OF ' 82 . HERBERT CALVIN HINDS. CLASS OF ' S3. JOHN WILMER ADAMS, JAMES ROBERTSON VAN NESS. CLASS OF ' 84. FREDERICK DIXoN HALL, SHERMAN EDWIN BISHOP, ANDREW P, VERMILYE. CLASS OF ' S3. ALYORI) CALVIN EC- ELS I ' ON, WILLIAM HENRY ROBINSON, OEORGE WILLIAM VAN VRANKEN, ALVIN BARBER BISIK)P. THE GARNET. Beta 5heta E?r. Personals. CLASS OF ' So. Andrew Henry Dougherty is Instructor in Art at Union College. CLASS OF ' Sr. Andrew Drummond Darling is at the Princeton Theological Seminary James Richard Gibson is at the Princeton Theological Seminary. [ohn James Henning is at the Princeton Theological Seminary. William Barber Landreth is a Civil Engineer in Mexico. 28 THE GARNET. Secret Societies. Summary. SIGMA PHI. Seniors,. 2 Juniors,. 1 Sophomores,. 1 Freshmen,. 5 — 9 DELTA PHI. PSI EPSILON. Seniors,. 8 Juniors,. 4 Sophomores,. 5 Freshman.. 2 19 Seniors,. 5 Juniors,. 7 Sophomores.. 4 Freshmen,. 4 ALPHA DELTA PHI. Seniors,. 4 Juniors,. 3 Sophomores,. . z Freshmen,. .. . ... BETA THETA PI. Seniors,. 1 Juniors, . 2 Sophomores, . 3 Freshmen . 4 Whole number of societv men. 29 i THE GARNET. f THE GARNET. ■M 0 © -o OF THE OFFICERS AND STUDENTS OF UNION UNIVERSITY. c - . f •J 4 Sp% = 3 II Officers of Union University. President. ■ ELIPHALET NOTT POTTER, D. IX, LL. D. Governors. THOMAS IiUN, LL. D., Hon. AMASA J. PARKER, LL. D. ROBERT H. PRUYN, LL. D. HENRY H. MARTIN, Esq., ORLANDO MEADS, LL. D., Hon. WM. L. LEARNED, LL. D. The Eleven Senior Trustees of Union College are also members of the Board of Governors. Trustees of Union College i His Excellency ALONZO B. CORNELL, Governor, .0 Hon. GEORGE G. HOSKINS, Lieut. Governor, (£ j Hon. JOSEPH B. CARR, Secretary of State, C J Hon. IRA DAVENPORT, Comptroller, y . Hon. ROBERT A. MAX WELL, Treasurer, “ [ Hon. LESLIE w. RUSSELL, Attorney-General, THE GARNET. o -( l WM Rev. I. TRUMBULL BACKUS, D. D., LL. D., Hon. PLATT POTTER, LL. D., Hon. CHARLES C. NOTT, E LI P H A LET N OTT POTTER, D. D., LL. D., jOSEPH W. FULLER, Esq., SILAS B. BROWNELL, Esq., Gen. FREDERICK TOWNSEND, Rev. WILLIAM IRVIN, D. I) , A. £. Hon. JUDSONS. LANDON., Hon. EDWARD W. PAIGE, 2S. Rev. J. LIVINGSTON REESE, D. 1 )., . H. H. MOORE, Esq., Hon. DAVID MURRAY, LL. D., Rev. DENIS WORTMAN, D. D., AM ASA J. PACKER, Jr., Esq., term ol office expiring June, 1882. DAVID C. ROBINSON, Esq ., A . A. Z . “ “ 1883. THOMAS H. FEAREY, Esq., “ “ 1884. LAMOTT W. RHODES, “ “ 1885. JONATHAN PEARSON, Treasurer. EDGAR M. JENKINS, Assistant Treasurer and Secretary. Chancellors. Rt. Rev. ABRAM N. LITTLEJOHN, W. r., D. D., LL. 1)., 1882. Hon. ALEXANDER II. RICE, V. r., LL. D., 1881, Hon. JOHN WELSH, LL. D., 1880, Hon. JOHN K PORTER, LL. D., 1879, Hon. WM. PORCHER MILES, LL. I).. 1878, Hon. GEORE WILLIAM CURTIS, LL. I)., 1877, Rt. Hon. WILLIAM E. GLADSTONE, I). C. I.., 1876, Rr. Rev. HORATIO POTTER, i). D., LL. D., D. C. L., 1S75, Hon. JOHN A. DIX, LL. D., 1874, Hon. HORATIO SEYMOUR, LL. D , 1873, ELIPHALET N. POTTER, D. D. LL. D. THE GARNET. r Union University. Union College. FACULTY. EUPHALET NOTT POTTER, D. D., LL. D., President, Lectures and Instruction in Moral Philosophy, Christian Evidences and the Constitution of the United States. JOHN FOSTER, LL. D., 2 . £., Nott Professor (No. 8) of Natural Philosophy. HENRY WHITEIiORNE, A. M., Nott Professor (No. i) of the Greek Language and Literature. WILLIAM WELLS, LL. D., Professor of Modern Languages and Literature. MAURICE PERKINS, A. M., M. I)., Nott Professor (No. 3) of Analytical Chemistry and Curator of the Museum. THE GARNET. CADY STAI.EY, A. M., C. E., Dean, Professor of Civil Engineering. HARRISON E. WEBSTER, A. M. Professor of Natural History. ISAIAH B. PRICE, C. E., W . T . 9 Professor of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Physics. REV. GEORGE ALEXANDER, A. M .,A. A. £., Professor of I ogic and Rhetoric. SIDNEY G. ASHMORE, A. M., A. £., Professor of Latin. WENDELL LAMOROUX, A. M., W. T . 9 English Essays and Oratory ; and Assistant Librarian. REV. EGBERT C. LAWRENCE, A. M., History. I MAJOR J. W. MacMURRAY, A. M., U. S. A., Professor of Military Science and Tactics. IRA N. HOLLIS, U. S. N , Professor of Mechanical Engineering. ' SAMUEL B. HOWE, A. M „A. A . ?., Adjunct N’ott Professor, (No. 4), Principal of Union School and Superintend¬ ent of the Schools of Schenectady. COURTLAND V. ANABLE, Tutor in Mathematics. [AMES E. BENEDICT, A. 1 L, Assistant in Zoology. 36 THE GARNET. HENRY COPPEE, LL. D., Professor of History, English Literature and Philology. WILLIAM A. POTTER, A. M., Professor of Architecture. CHARLES W. VANDERVEER, Instructor in Physical Culture. College Officers. JONATHAN PEARSON, A. M., Treasurer and Librarian. EDGAR M. JENKINS, Esq., Assistant Treasurer and Registrar. The following gentlemen deliver lectures or render other services to the institution during the course of the year: HON. S. T. BENEDICT, Lectures on Law. E. I). PALMER, A. M. f Sculpture. EDWARD A. FREEMAN, LL. 1 )., Lecture on English History. PROF. ROSWELL D. HITCHCOCK, I). 1 )., Lectures on Christian Socialism. REV. CHARLES L. BRACE, LeJture on Methods of Public and Practical Charity. 37 THE GARNET. HON. DAVID MURRAY, LL. I)., Lectures on Oriental Civilization. LEV. WILLIAM E. GRIFFIS, Lectures on Oriental Art. REV. J. L. PARKS, Lectures on Self-culture. PROF. IRVING BROWNE. Lecture on Shakespeare. REV. ARTHUR BROOKS, Baccalaureate Sermon, 1881. LLEWELLYN D. BE VAN, D. T i Sermon, Prayer-day for College. Superintendent of Buildings and Farm, James Pickett. College Bindery, D. L). C. Teller. 38 THE GARNET THE GARNET. Senior Oditorial. Four years ago, as each one of us was pursuing life’s journey our paths met, and we have been struggling, hand in hand, ever since. In the strength of our united exertions we have overcome trials. We have now reached that point in our journey, where, as from an eminence, we see before us roads branching in every direction. Each one of these some one of our number is to follow, and by mutual consent we call a halt, before we shake hands, and say M Good Bye.” And as we say it we gaze into the future, ever bright, and resolve to act our parts nobly and with honor to Union and to ’82. But it is with a sense of satisfaction that we call to mind the past four years—years which to us mean hard, unwavering study, and a rigid adher¬ ence to our motto Evk jysicx ilfvxtfv 7 tXa 66 ei. No more shall we meet in the class-room, aud vie with each other in proving how much or how little we know, for soon we must join in active competition yith all the world, and show to what extent a college education can aid in shaping a man’s course in life. Let us, then, guide well our footsteps, for there are many and grievous dangers and difficulties to be overcome; but the more arduous the attain¬ ment, the more it is valued when gained. Snivels ! Valete ! HISTORIAN. 40 THE GARNET. THE GARNET. Senior (©lass. Class Officers. SENIOR YEAR. ALFRED A. McMURRAY, A. P., THOMAS D. ELDER, - E. RHETT YOUMANS, A. - EDWARD THOMSON, Jr., . HERBERT C. HINDS, 13 . 77 ., BAYARD WHITEHORNE, - JAMES R. FA 1 RGRIEVE, ARTHUR S. WRIGHT, W. r., G. ALFRED P. CODWISE, 2 S. JOHN J. DROWNEJr., SC HU REMAN H. WATKINS, A. A. ALBERT PRATT, - HENRY R. PIERSON, Jr., EPHRAIM C. MURRAY, ) JOSEPH E. RANSDEI.L, A. P., ELIJAH W. GREENE, ) JEN OR YEAR. LUTHER R. HARGRAVE, WALTER H. PHYFE, JOHN M. ADAIR, - W. BOARDMAN REED, A. JOHN J. DROWNE, Jr., - WILLIAM J. POLLARD, W. 1 V, CHARLES TEMPLE. A. ?., ) ARTHURS. WRIGHT, W. 1 , EDMUND E. FORD, ) 42 President. Vice-President- -; Secretary. Treasurer. l Orator. Historian. Addresser. Prophet. Poet. Pipe Orator. - Ivy Orator. B. B. Director. Grand Marshal. Editors. President. Vice-President. Secretary. - Treasurer. B. B. Director. Toast Master. Editors. THE GARNET. SOPHOMORE YEAR. DAVIDSON S. FLOWER, A. ., WILLIAM A. WADDELL, W. T., - FRANK H. WRIGHT, A. - NATHAN G. EVANS,. JOHN G. PEOLI, A. £., - LUTHER R. HARGRAVE, { WILLIAM M. LEWIN, J FRESHMAN YEAR. President. I Vice-President- Secretary. - Treasurer. B. B. Director. Editors, JAMES R. FAIRGRIEVE, SHELDON M. GRISWOLD, A. A. £., SAMUEL M. SYLVESTER, A. ?., - CHARLES E. FAY, W. 7 , JOHN S. VAN VECHTEN, - President. Vice-President. - Treasurer. Secretary. B. B. Director. 43 THE GARNET. Senior (©lass. PRESENT MEMBERS. ec c c s e,s ec c ec c John McCauley Adair, Ox Bow, Albert Edward Carmichael, So. Sandlake, G. Alfred P. Codwise, 25 . £., Louis Augustus Cotfeen, John Jenks Drowne, jr., Joseph I. Du Fresne, Thomas Dougall Elder, James R. Fairgrieve, Charles Edward Fay, W. T ., Davidson Spngg Flower, A. $ .. Edmund Erastus Ford, Elijah Warner Greene, • Sheldon Griswold, A. A. ■ Luther R. Hargrave. • Herbert Calvin Hinds, 13 . O. 11 ., ■ William Meyer Lewin, r Alfred AugustusMcMurray, A. P-, ■: Ephraim Clark Murray, 25 . ' ' John George Peoli, A. 1 }., c Walter Hutson Phyfe, Henry Rufus Pierson, jr., William James Pollard, P. T., Albert Pratt, Joseph Eugene Ransdell, Delta Phi, William Boardman Reed, Delta Phi William Campbell Roseboom, Charles Temple, Delta Phi, Schenectady, Edward Thomson, Jr., Johnsburgh, Wilson PL Van Buren, Mt. Vision, Frederick Daniel Van Wagcnen, Fulton, N. S., S. C. 82 Ferry st. Grantvilie, Mass., 22 Park Place. Potsdam, M. S., S. C. Plattsburgh, N. C., Col. St. Thomas, Can., 76 Lafayette. Pattersonville, S. S., S. C. Schenectady, S, S., N. C. Northampton, S. S., S. C. Alexandria, La., M. S., N. C. Schenectady, Liberty st. New Lebanon, N. S., N. C. Delhi, 26 Park Place Madrid, M. S., N. C. East Greenwich, S. S., S. C. Up’er Marlboro,Md S. S., N. C. Lansingburgh, 25 Lafayette. Edisto Island,S. C., N. S., N. C. Havana, Cuba, 25 Lafayette. Delhi, N. C., Col. Albany, 78 Nott Ter. Seneca Falls, 178 Union st. Fort Edward, M. S., N. C. Alexandria, La., 23 Liberiy st- , Scotch Plains,N. J., 2 (Juack. st. Roseboom, 88 Lafayette. 58 Nott Ter. M. S., S. C. S. S., S. C. M. S., N. C. 44 THE GARNET. c,s,e William Alfred Waddell, W. Y., White Lake, 9 Church st. c Elmer Britun Waller, W. Y Seneca Falls, 182 Union st. ec Edward Freeman Walsh, Schenectady, 83 Lafayette. c Schureman Halsted Watkins, ,jl. J. .,New York city, M. S., S. C. c Bayard Whitehorne, Schenectady, College. c Edward Charles Whitmyer, Schenectady, 63 Front st. es Arthur Silas Wright, W. 2 T, Worcester, N.S., S. C. c Frank Hall Wright, Delta Phi, Loggy Depot,I. T., M. S. N. C. c Edmund Rhett Youmans, Delta Phi, Columbia, S. C., S. S., S. C. c, Classical; s, Scientific; c, Engineering; ec, Eclectic. FORMER MEMBERS. Matthew Beattie, Lee Whitney Case, Alpha Delta Phi, Marshall Joshua Couch, Charles Chauncey Duryee, Owen Early, Nathan George Evans, William Gifford, W. 2 " , Nathan Gardner Kingsley, James Augustus McFarran, Walter Miller, Robert Edward Morgan, Herman Mounts Schermerhorn, Samuel Mairs Sylvester, Delta Phi. John Sunderlin Van Vechten, James Albert Van Voast, ' Joseph Douglas White, Eliphalet Nott Wright, Delta Phi, Cornwall. Schenectady. South Norwalk, Conn. Schenectady. Schenectady. Cokesbury, S. C. Schenectady. Jonesville. Cherry Valley. Minden. Tinmouth, Vi. Schenectady. Saratoga Springs. Chateaugay. Schenectady. 1 loosac Falls. Boggy Depot, Indian Territory. r Farewell Song of ’ 82 . Farewell, Old Union! soon—too soon The time will come when we must pail. But treasured as a precious boon, Shall live thy memories in our heart. Farewell, Old Union!, four short years We’ve worked within thy classic walls. And yet our eyes are dim with tears, When far away stern duty calls. Farewell, Old Union! walk, and grove, And old stone seat, and babl ling brook Shall draw us back, where e’re we rove, On seat, and walk, and grove to look. Farewell, Old Union! fond farewell From men whose hearts are brave and true; 01 those who thee as “ mother ” hail, None love thee more than ’82. Farewell, Old Union! honored name, A name endeared to every son; May it be ours to swell thy fame, And thine to live when we are gone. L THE GARNET The Famous Stove Invented by Dr. Nott. 47 THE GARNET. JUNIOR Cditorial. “ On their own merits modest men are dumb.” Eighty-three wishes only to bow—and retire. She is not a class of many words, except in the recitation room, for ten spots. She realizes that “ by their fruits ye shall know them.” And this is the reason why, when called upon to say something for herself, she would be silent, or modestly point to the past, for the time that has flown since “Old Union’s walls” first rang with her sh nits bears a record that she can openly read. Yet, because her members are bound by silken ties of friendship, instead of the shackles of wrong-doing, let no one think that she lacks in spirit. The same true mettle has been shown in the rush, the rope pull, the diamond, the cremation of ’84, as in the class-room. And she is proud to acknowledge that she alone did not succumb to the mortar-board craze, or have a class supper until she had outgrown the duties of a Ganymede to upper-classmen. In short, she can say that the talents entrusted to her care have been so well used that when another year rolls round, bringing Senior dignities and Senior privileges, she will be ready to receive them. And, in future years, as often as Eighty-three shall come at the call of her Alma Mater,—then, as to-day, when we meet we will sing: “ Love to 4 Old Union’s walls.’ Love to her classic halls, Love to the light that falls On Eighty-three.” HISTORIAN. THE GARNET. |i 49 THE GARNET. gJUNIOI (©LASS. 7 ocrurn5 € Class Officers. JUNIOR YEAR. JOHN 0. EVANS, A. WILLIAM W. BELLINGER, W. 1 ' ., - RICHARD W. DENT, - - - - - j GU LI AN S. HOOK, ----- JOHN R. BRIDGE, W. P, - | ARCHIBALD V. RAY, A. - BERNARD C. SLOAN, 2. ABRAM T. C. HAMLIN, ) WILLIAM K. GILCHRIST, V JOHN R. BRIDGE, .W P., ) SOPHOMORE YEAR. J. B. W. LANSING, A. A. - F. F. BENNETT, A. A. ., J. W. McCAULEV, W. F., JAMES CANTINE, Jk., CHARLES LI. CLUTE, WILLIAM O. LEWIS, ) WILLIAM M. GILBERT, z ’. P ., J PRESIDENT. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Histori . :. B. B. Director. Toast Master. Editors. President. - Vice-President. Secretary. - Treasurer. B. B. Director. Editors. THE GARNET. FRESHMAN YEAR . FRANKLIN W. McCLELLAN, A. A. ., - - - President. BERNARD C. SLOAN, 2. £., - Vice-President. JAMES B. W. LANSING, A. A. ... Secretary. WILLIAM O. LEWIS, . Treasurer. FRANK BURTON, A. - B. B. Director. PRESENT MEMBERS. j John Wilmer Adams, B. Q . 77 ., Belmond, Iowa, S. S., N. C. r Daniel Dulany Addison, Washington, D. C. ,.S. S., N. C. c Edward Humphrey Adriance, Scipio, N.S., N.C. c William Whaley Bellinger, W. T., Charleston, S. C., s. s., s. c. c Roswell Alphonzo Benedict, Schenectady, S. C., Col. c James Robert Bolton, Pelham, N. S., S. C. c John Ransom Bridge, VC 2 V, Le Roy, N. S., S. C. s Frank Burton, A. Gloversville, M. S.,N. C. e James Cantine, Jr., Stone Ridge, S. S., N. C. c Daniel Morrison Countermine, Schenectady, S. S., S. C. _ c Richard Ward Dent, Schenectady, 32 Chapel st. e Henry Farr DePuy, W. T ., Bath, N. S., S. C. c Luther James Emerson, Moorton Sta’n,Del. , N. S., S. C. s John Gaiy Evans, A. P. f Cokesbury, S. C., M. S., N. C. s William Morris Gilbert, W. 2 V, Williard, N. S., S. C. c William Knox Gilchrist Schenectady, 30 Union st. c Abnun Truax Conde Hamlin, Winona, Minn., S. S., S. C. c John Ravenscroft Harding, A. Washington, I). C. , S. S., N. C. s J ames Cook Hemphill, Ballston. Colonade. c Gulian Schmaltz Hook, Schenectady, 179 Union st. c Gulian Verplauck Lansing, A. A. 4 ' ., Schenectady, 63 Union st. c William Ozias Lewis, Delhi, S. S., N. C. j John Warden McCauley., W. T , Stanley, N. S., S. C. c Franklin William McClellan, A-A . £., Cambridge, 188 Union st. Daniel Cnppen McElwain, A. A. 4., Cohoes, M. S., S. C. r Albert Burr Nash, S-. Norwalk, Conn., N. S., S. C. THE GARNET. j Archibald Wadsworth Ray, A. Columbia, S. C., S. S., S. C. s John Henry Sand, Knox, M. S., S. C. c George Warner Sherwood, Ballston, S. S., S. C. j Barnard Cleveland Sloan, 2 . Columbia, S. C., Union st. s James Stoller, Johnstown, 25 Lafayette. s James Robertson Van Ness, B. Q. II ., Osborne’s Bridge, N. S., N. C. c Albert Moore Westinghouse, 1 . 2 V, Schenectady, 66 Wash. av. c Henry Chancellor Wood, W. TV, Newtown, 182 Union st. l ' James Cornelius Wright, Dean’s Corners, M. S., N. C. , Classical; s, Scientific; e. Engineering; ec. Eclectic. FORMER MEMBERS. Frederick Fuller Bennett, A. A. 1 ., Hyde Park, Ill. Charles Howard Clute, Schenectady. Charles Andrew Holla, Sing Sing. James Burnside Wancis Lansing, A.A. ., Schenectady, Lemuel Gardner Lloyd, Pittsfield, Mass. T redwell Woodbridge Moore, Baltimore, Md. Josiah 1 lull Orsborn, Alexandria, La. Daniel Raphael I’eoli, A. 1 ., Havana, Cuba. Lefferts Morrell Powell, W. 1 V, Brooklyn. William Sauter, Schenectady. Walter J. Scott, A. New York. Arthur Claghorn Sworttiguer, Schenectady. James W. Thomson, A. Schenectady. Charles Ferdinand Timmerman, Amsterdam. Chailes Smith Treutlen, Cokesbury, S. C. John Henry Veeder, Schenectady. Tracy Walworth, A. P., Saratoga Springs. Thomas Preston Washburne, Maple Grove. THE GARNET. Song op ’83. BY LUTHER JAMES EMERSON. Air “ America.” Juniors, we sing to-night, Our hearts filled with delight, Sweet past for thee;— Love to “ Old Union’s” walls, Love to her classic halls, Love to the light that falls On Eighty-three. From southern vales, so sweet, From northern hills, we meet, A festive throng; Let mirth and music thrill, Let fond remembrance still With joy and gladness fill Our hearts with song. O, Alma Mater! We Honors bring, blessing thee With hearts so young; - Shades where the mighty dwell, ProFs whom we love so well,— O, may our future tell Whence we have sprung! Juniors, we sing to-night, Weaving our gailauds bright, Future for thee;— Love to “ Old Union’s ” walls, Love to her classic halls, Love to the light that falls On Eighty-three. 53 Sophomore Gdijfo ial. " In Sophomore year we have our task; Tis best performed with torch and mask ' We are the eighty-fourth generation of wise men that has honored this century with its presence. The world is certainly under obligation to us ! All former generations endowed with their weight of wisdom, after having passed through the Blue Gate of experience, and reached the summit of the Hill of knowledge have, like the Stone Walk of old, been demolished by the pick-ax of time, and ruthlessly hurled over the Terrace of the past. Will this be our tragic end? We tremble to withdraw the vail of the future, but turn with confidence to the glory-strewn fields over which we have passed. At the beginning of the year, as Sophomores, we realized our responsi - bility. The Freshmen, those tender shoots which flourish fresh and green, were to be trained over the trellis of horn and cane discipline. We did our duty, and, as a band of Gabriels, sounded our trumpets of warning. We did not sound them long; for on a morning following a night of terrible discord, Prex appeared in our class-room, and thus spake he: “ Oh, gallant? valiant, bold, bad Sophs., during many evenings past the noise of your horns hr.s been heard in the land. Ye have made the hills to cry aloud, the valleys to groan in deep curses. Unio me appeared yesternight a young damsel of exceeding great beauty, and thus in tender accents lisped she: ‘ Dear Prexie, can’t you stop that horrid racket ol those tjo utterly horrid Sopho¬ mores ? Tell them to shoot those tin-tinabulous horns, or I’ll die.’ Now noble sirs, can you resist the appeal of this charming maiden ?” And we all with one accord answered “ No! No!! No!!! ” And this is the first instance on record of Sophomores yielding to the influence of a female. Plaving placed the Freshman on the table that we might see the dexterity of THE GARNET. the animal, having catechized him that we might see the bent of his budding mind, and having salted him in order that he might keep for yet other times, we gave him a final lesson in the cane rush. They came forth bold, and sacrificed even the clothing on their bodies to the interest of their class, but all to no avail. Now we have done our duty. If the class of ’85 does not oppose all customs, make the law null and void, and revolutionize the world, the blame rests not with us. Its members have been properly trained. May the remaining weeks of the year not tarnish our record as Sopho¬ mores. HISTORIAN. 55 THE GARNET. Sophomore (©lass. Class Officers. SOPHOMORE YEAR. SHERMAN E. BISHOP, B. H. TI ., RAYMOND S. WELLS, - JOHN W. HIGSON, - EDGAR S. BARNEY, | DOW BEEKMAN, W. T., - ARTHUR H. K. fERVIS, CHARLES B. TEMPLETON, A. A. GEORGE F ALLISON, U ' . T. y } JOHN F. DELANEY, $ ' FRESHMAN YEAR. J. E. BACON, A ., J. B. HUTCHINSON, - G W . FAIRG RIEVE, G. E. FISHER, - DANIEL NAYLOX, Jr., CORNELIUS R. FRANKLIN, President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Historian. P). B. Director. Toast Master. Editors. President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. B. B. Director. Toast Master. 56 THE GARNET. PRESENT MEMBERS. s George Franklin Allison, W. T s Edgar Starr Barney, c Dow Beekman, W. T. s Robert Bursell Benedict, c Frederic Vernon Bennett, c John Skilton Bishop, c Sherman Edwin Bishop, B. O. ., c Charles William Boyd, e Benjamin Guerard Chisolm, 2 . e Charles Allen Cockroft, c William Nelson Potter Dailey, c John Francis Delaney, l Irving Perry Estcourt, W. l . y c George William Fairgrieve, c George Egbert P ' isher, c Cornelius Edward Franklin, c James Gereau Greene, j- Cleveland Convers Hale, A. £., c Frederic Dixon Hall, B. . IJ., s John Alexander Heatly. c John William lligson, .9 Charles Heifry Hill, A. c John Blackhall Hutchinson, e Arthur Harold Kasimir Jervis, c Wilber Macauley Judd, c James Johannes Kemp, j Charles Adams Kitts, W. 2 V, c John Montgomery Lay, c Stephen Francis Leo, c Reese Brown McCown, c John McEncroe, c Andrew McFarlane, jr., c David Spencer Merritt, s Henry Lee Miller, c Herman Vedder Mynderse, Delta Phi, Daniel Nay Ion, jr., Oswego, M. S., S. C. Worcester, N. S., S. C. Middleburgh, 178 Union st. Canandaigua, N. S., N. C. Minerva, S. C., N.C. Lyons, S. S., S. C. Hancock, N. S., S. C. Union, S. C., S. S., S. c. Charleston, S. C.. N. S. N. C. Walden, City, Schenectady, City. Albany, N. S., N. C. Schenectady, Union st. Schenectady, S. S., N. C. Westerlo, S. S., N. C. Albany, S. S., N. C. Clyde, Center st. Cleveland, O., M. S.,N.C. Antwerp, M. S., N. C. Schenectady, City. Salt Lake City,Utah S. S., S. C. Gloversville, M. S., N. C. Brooklyn, S. S., S. C. Le R ' y, M. S., N. C. Jewett, S. S., S. c. Ballsville, Va., S. S., N. C. Oswego, M.S.,N. C. Geneva, M. S., S. C. Providence, R. L, N. S., S. C. Darlington, S. C., N. S., N. C. Schenectady, Lafayette st. Albany, N. S.,N. C. Carmel, N. S., S. C. Columbia, S. C., S. S., S. c. Schenectady, 27 Liberty st. Schenectady, City. j 57 f I THE GARNET. e Pickens Neagle, ec Frederick Sidney Parmenter, ec Eugene Parsons, s George Frank Parsons, A. c Harry Van Ness Philip, c Herbert George Porcher, ec Henry Zachariah Pratt, A. A. e Frederick Zadock Rooker, c William Samuel R- yall, e Joseph Wilkin Tays, jr., s- Charles Bradford Templeton, A. A. s Lansing Van Auken, c John Flenry Veeder, c Andrew P. Vermilye, B. O. 77., 4- Raymond S. Wells, c William Gilliss Woolford, . s Harry C. Young, Columbia, S. C., M. S., S. C. Troy, 164 Union st. Shablona Grove,Ill. Gloversville, 91 Nott Ter. New York City, S. S., N. C. Salt Lake City,Utah M. S., S. C. Greenbush, 26 Park Place Albany, S. S., N. C Mt. Pleasant, S. C., M. S., S. C. El Paso, Texas, M. S., S. C. Albany, 26 Park Place New Scotland, M. S., N. C. Rotterdam, N. S., N. C. Schenectady, City. Schuylerville, S. S., S. C. Princess Anne,Md., S. S., N. C. Schenectady, 83 Union st. •, Classical; s, Scientific; e, Engineering; ec, Eclectic. FORMER MEMBERS. Thomas Edward Adams, Delta Phi, New Orleans, La. John Edmund Bacon, jr., Delta Phi, Columbia, S. C. Cyrus Burhans, Cobleskill. 9 Matthew Galbraith Butler, jr., Edgefield C. IT., S. C. Joseph Cohen, jr., Charleston, S. C. Emmet DeWitt Craig, New Orleans, La. Alfred Koon Freiot, Troy. Louis Rogers Garnsey, Alpha Delta Phi, Clifton Park. Charles Donnel Gibson, P . 9 Dover, Del. Theodore Irwin, jr., $ ., Oswego. Frank PI. Mountain, Schenectady. Jonathan Rider Powell, jr., W. V., Brooklyn. PYank Weston Ray, Columbia, S. C. Clarence W. Stryker, Hammondsport. luigene Augustus Hoffman Tays, El Paso. Texas. Frank Skillman Titus, Alpha Delta Phi, Roslyn. Ernest Winnc, Knnwersville. THE GARNET. Song op 84.’ BY CORNELIUS R. FRANKLIN. When on the Campus first we met thinking of our future work, And scanning Union’s grey walls o’er and o’er, Lofiy hopes and fond desires fill’d the breast of every man, And all desired to honor Eighty-four. Chorus. Rah, rah, rah for Old Union, Hurrah for the class of Eighty-four, And may our actions ever tend to extend the name and fame Of the great and glorious class of Eighty-four. Freshman life was fill’d with deeds beyond the poet’s pow’r to sing, Yet making “ Sophs” and “ Profs ” both sick and sore, Triumphing over Eighty-three we then buried old Bourdon, Raising high the banner of our Eighty-four. As Sophomores bold we’ve held the name won last year by pluck and cheek, And taught the “ Fresh ” how canes were worn of yore, For we beat them in the rush, and gave the faculty a “ brush,” And we still survive to cheer for Eighty-four! No.v seated ’round the festive board thinking naught of work or care, And wishing one another years four score, Let us make a firm resolve that we’ll strive with all our power, To glorify our belov’d Eighty-four. 59 THE GARNET. Freshman Gdiipof ial. Though still called Freshmen, we have passed, as we think, the most im¬ portant era of our course, and in the full sense of all our dignity walk proudly about, conspicuously display our canes, and feel ourselves 64 the observed of all observers.” Cremation is past, the hated cognomen, “O! Frosh ” is buried in the ashes of the still more hated Newcomb, and, thanks to our vigorous constitu¬ tions, the crisis is safely tided, leaving us none the worse for its exciting ex- j perience. The remembrance of our past achievements remains vividly portrayed in our minds, and fills our cup of happiness to overflowing. We cast from our thoughts all recollections of the few unpleasant oecurrrences of the past, we forgive all those who have in any way wronged us, and feel ourselves at peace with all ihe world. What a transformation is this! A few months ago, amid the jeers of the Sophomores, and the patronizing smiles of the Juniors, and utterly ignored by the Seniors, we began our college course. Verdant we wire, cheeky no doubt, but never in the least malicious. Untutored, innocent, unacquainted with the ways of the wicked world, we came to fight our way through college, as best we might. There is certainly a remarkable change in our circumstances, and so quickly wrought that it is almost impossible to conceive us the same clas which came a few months ago determined to revolutionize things generally, and to cause to spring from the ruins of “Old Union” anew and mightier institution, as an emblem of the power and strength of ’85,—the unassum¬ ing, though yet proud youths, who are perfectly satisfied with a six spot in Algebra, and who have come to the conclusion that it would be impossible for them to attempt to better things this season. No! our ambitions are a 60 THE GARNET. little more moderate now. Tlie curtain has been drawn, and ihc sight dis¬ closed to our view is one not apt to produce any great amount of enthusiasm or delight; but instead plainly demonstrates that the motto, Discc out discsdc, which met our eyes the day we tried our entrance examinations, means just exactly w ' hat it says. It would be useless to claim to be perfectly contented with our lot. Vet the happy thought of our rise from verdancy and bondage to the ripeness of third term privileges, and the realization of our supremacy over ordinary mor¬ tals, can not be dispelled even by the prospect of another year of drill, the sound of the chapel bell, or the sight of any miserable Sophomore. In one grand chorus let us raise our melodious voices to swell aloud the , anthem »f the free, an anthem of heart-felt thanksgiving and praise at our glorious deliverance from bondage. S. A. S. I THE GARNET. Freshman (©lass Class Officers. JOHN S. BOV, . WILLIAM H. MUNSELL, - THOMAS J. DELANEY, ROBERT J. WANDS, - - - RICHARD W. FRANKLIN, A. A. WALLACE FOOTE, l F. r., ARTHUR S. ANABLE, ' I - President. Vice-President. - Secretary. Treasurer. B. B. Director. Historian. Toast Master. THE GARNET. PRESENT MEMBERS. c Thomas Grafton Addison, Washington, D. C. e Arthur Sylvester Anable, Springheld, Mass., c Frank Hailey, Chatham, c George Weed Barhydt, Albany, e Albert Coward Barrett, Perth Center, c Alvin Barber Bishop, B. G. 11 ., Hancock, s Frank Bond, Schenectady, e Frank Ed yard Bradley, Kinderhook, r. Samuel McCrea Brann, Charlton, c Putman Cady, Alpha Delta Phi., Schenectady, s Zenas Clark, Potsdam, s Charles Wittgenstein Ccdwise, 25 . P.. , Grantville, Mass., c Samuel Barlow Coffin, Peekskill, s Francis Elihu Crane, Lisha’s Kill, s Thomas Joseph Delaney, Albany, c John Braisner Duffie, Columbia, S. C., e George Washington Ebaugh, W. V ., Baltimore, Md., s Alvord Calvin Egelston. B. G. Tl., Gloversville, s Wallace Foote, SL r . F., Port Henry, c Everett Fowler, Alpha Delta Phi, Kingston, c Richard W. Franklin, Alpha Delta Phi,Penn Van, s Robert Hamilton Gibbes, 2 . $., Union, S. C., c Henry De Witt Gri.swold, Dryden, s Benjamin Sumner Guion, Newbern, N. C., c Albert Lippincott Halsey, Schenectady, cc Ed aid Dorsey Hobbs, jr., 3 . £., Anchorage, Ky., c Hugo William Hoffman. Albany, s John Samuel Hoy, Albany, s William Hutchinson, Thorndike, Mass., s William Augustus Jaycox, Garrison’s, s George WoodwardLangdon, A. A. ., Hoosac, s David Alexander Lansing, Schenectady, Philip W. Link, Schenectady, e James Henry Stephen McCaithy, Albany, s James Adelbn t McCauley, t J . F., Stanley, s Thomas L. McClumpha, Port Jackson, .r John Joseph McSoiLy, Troy, Philo C. Mills, Gloversville, j William Curtis Mills, jr., Gloversville, c Edwin Mitchell, p., Hagerstown, Md., e Frank Moore, W . 1 ' ., Schenectady, s William Alonzo Moore, De Kalb, c Jesse Thompson Morey, Burnt Hills, Fred Nelson Moulton, Sandy Creek, , S. S., N. C. M. S., N.C. N. S., N. C. s. s., s. c. N. S., N. C. N. S., S. C. M. S., N. C. S. S., N. C. M. S., S. C. Schenectady. N. S., N. C. Liberty st. S. S., N. C. 7 Quack ’b’h. 58 Nott Ter. M. S., S. C. M. S., S. C. 23 Liberty st. IS. s., s. ' c. M. S., S. C. M. S., S. C. N. S., N. C. N. S., S. C. M. S., S. C. 83 Union st. 19 Park Place i l. S., N. C. Quack’b’h st. S. S., N. C. M. S., N.C. 93 Nott Ter. 62 ( " enter st. M. S , N. C. N. S., S. C. 23 Liberty st. Liberty st. N. S., N. C. S. S., N. C. 173 Union st. N. S.,N. C. 158 Liberty. 12 Jay st. 63 THE GARNET. c William Harlow M. unsell, s D wight L. Parsons, c Edmund Taylor Perkins, jr., c Hardy Hardison Phelps, j- William Farlin Richards, c William Henry Robinson, B. G. 77 ., c John vSchermerhorn, c Frank Millard Severson. s Sydney Alvord Smith, Delta Phi, s George Fenly Sprague, Clarence De W. Sprigg, Delta Phi, c Charles Spelman Stanton, s Monroe Walsh Sweetland, .r Edward Terrill, s George W. Van Vranken, B. 0 . 77 ., j William Henry Vaughn, e Robert James Wands, c Edward Jonathan Wheeler, e Joseph Atkinson Yntes, , Schenectady, New York, Louisville, Ky., Creswell, N. C., Rouse’s Point, West Hebron, Rotterdam, Seneca Falls, Herkimer, Le Roy, Alexandria, Albany, Dryden, Stone Ridge, Lisha’s Kill, Lewiston, N. J., Slingerland, Schenectady, Tpn Mile Hill S.C La 12 Jay st. N. S., N. C. S. S., N. C. N. S., N. C. N. S., N. C. s. s., s. c. 17 Park Place. Quack. st. 2 ()uack. st. S. C. Col. M. S., N. C. Quack, st. M. S., N. C. Quack, st. N. S., N. C. 131 Liberty. Union st. Yatoc ct. c. Classical; j, Scientific; c , Engineering; ec , Eclectic. FORMER MEMBERS. Frank Bull, James Landon Countermine, Frank Stuart Ferguson, Edward Lincoln Garrett, Tames Henry Haslett, James Prentiss Marsh, Nathaniel Bull Spalding, Charles Malcolm Stewart, Lawson Clay Talley, 2 S. ., Thomas Cox Van Epps, Schenectady. Schenectady Co. Gloversville. Ballston Spa. Alexandria, La. Lansingburgh. Schodack Landing. Kingsboro. Columbia, S. C. Schenectady. 64 THE GARNET. Song op ’8£. BY A. B. BISHOP. Air Maryland ’ Come, Freshmen, cease awhile to poll, From thought your flunks or ten-spots drive; Come, gather ’round the festal bowl. And sing a song for Eighty-five. Chorus. ’Rah, Eighty-five! ’Rah, Eighty-five! With all our voices let us sing, Our conquests past, old Newcomb last, And those the future yet shall bring. Sing of the proud, vain glorious Sophs, Who shared with us the rushing cane; Sing of the stern and heartless Profs, Who oft to flunk us tried in vain.—Clio. Yes! sing of these; around our necks, Like strings of pearls, their lore entwines; Put don’t iorget the jolly Prex, Who sent, at Christmas, valentines !—Cnu. Sing of the Major—little Mac; May fate his cup of blessings fill; And may he never, never, lack A band of lawless Fresh to drill.—C ho. And last, of Alma Mater sing! Oh, ne’er forget her regal seat: In after years your trophies bring, And fondly lay them at her feel.—C ho. 65 Union Uniyei sijfy. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE. ALBANY MEDICAL COLLEGE. FACULTY. PRESIDENT POTTER. President of the University. THOMAS HUN, M. D., Dean; Emeritus Professor of the Institutes of Medicine S. O. VANDERl ' OEL, M. D., LL. IX, Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Practice and Clinical Surgery. ALBERT VANDERVEER, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery, and Clinical Surgery. || JACOB S. MOSHER, M. D., Ph. D., Registrar; Professor of Pathology, Practice, Clinical Medicine and Hygiene. MAURICE PERKINS, M. D., Professor of Chemical Philosophy and Organic Chemistry. JOHN M. BIGELOW, M. D., Professor of Materia Medicaand Therapeutics, Diseases of the Throat and Clinical Laryngoscopy. 67 THE GARNET. LEWIS BALCH, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. SAMUEL B. WARD, M. D., Professor of Surgical Pathology, Operative and Clinical Surgery. JOHN P. GRAY, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Psychological Medicine. JAMES P. BOYD, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. WILLIS G. TUCKER, M. D., Professor of Inorganie and Analytical Chemistry and Medical Jurisprudence. WILLIAM HAILES, M. D., Anthony Professor of Histology and Pathological Anatomy. CYRUS S. MERRILL, M. D., Professor of Ophthalmology, and Otology. S. O. VANDERPOEL, Jr.,M. D,. Adjunct Professor of Pathology, Practice and Clinical Medicine. FRANKLIN TOWNSEND, M. D., Professor of Physiology. F. C. CURTIS, M. D., Adjunct Professor of Dermatology. P 1 ENRY MARCH, M. D., Curator of the Museum. EUGENE VAN SLYKE, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 68 Gr ADUAlTING C)LASS ’82. Class Officers. GEORGE HUDSON, President. ISAAC C. WASHBURN, - Vice-President. WILLIAM M. ARMSTRONG, ----- Secretary. FRANK A. PALMER, - . Tr easurer. JOHN W. MANN, ------- Marshall. HORACE R. POWELL, ----- Valedictorian. WILLIAM J. PEDDIE, ------- Essayist. REYNALDO J. S. FITZGERALD, - Orator. WILLIAM B. SABIN, ------ Historian. •UThe Class numbered 54 men. THE GARNET. Union Univei sitcy. DEPARTMENT OF LAW. ALBANY LAW SCHOOL. PRESIDENT POTTER. Feudalism and Constitutional Law. HON. WILLIAM L. LEARNED, LL. I)., Civil Law, Equity Jurisprudence and the Trial of Causes. HON. HORACE E. SMITH, LL. D., Dean; Personal Property, Contracts, Commercial Law, and Torts. HON. MATTHEW HALE. Criminal Law and Personal Rights. HENRY S. McCALL, Esq., Real Property, Wills, and Practice in Surrogates’ and Probate Courts PI. E. SICKELS, Esq., Sources of the Municipal Law, and the Law of Evidence. CHARLES T. F. SPOOR, Esq., Practice and Plea ling at Common Law and under the Code. HENRY COPPEE, LL. D., International Law. IRVING BROWNE, Esq., Domestic Relations. 70 THE GARNET. OaRADU ACTING (©LASS. ’ 82 . Class Officers. HENRY MARSHALL, ORION M. BARBER, JOHN D. REED, HOWARD HENDRICKSON, - HENRY H. BERKELEY, - DAVID MEHLFELDER, WILLIAM B. GR1TMAN, - FREDERICK W. CAMERON, A. Z ., HENRY S. McCALL, Jr., - JAMES D. SMITH, FRANK H. RAND, - KINSLEY C. MOORHOUS, WALTER RUTHERFORD, President. - lit Vice-President. 2nd Vice-President. - 3rd Vice-President. - Recording Secretary. Cl RRESPONDING SECRETARY. Treasurer. Historian. Poet. Prophet. Editor. Orator. Marshall. ,; The Class numbered 53 men. ✓ THE GARNET. Union Uniye si y. DUDLEY OBSERVATORY. PRESIDENT POTTER, President of the University. LEWIS BOSS, A. M., Director and Dean, T. DECUE PALMER, C. E., RICHARD II. TUCKER, Jr., C. E., MILTON G. POND, A. B., WILLIAM P. THORNTON, A. B., Assistant Astronomers, Janitor, Joseph McGough. ALBANY COLLEGE OF PHARMACY PRESIDENT POTTER, President of the University. JACOB S. MOSHER, M. D., Professor of Botany and Materia Medica. WILLIS G. TUCKER, M. D., Secretary ; GUSTAVUS MIC HA ELIS, Professor of Pharmacy. THE GARNET. Summary OF Students in Union University. Union College, Resident graduates, i Senior Class, ------ 54 Junior Class, ------ 54 Sophomore Class, - - - - - 70 Freshman Class, - - - - - 74 Medical Department, - - - - - 172 Law Department, - - - - - - 58 Department of Pharmacy, - - (1 lady student) 21 Total, ... . . 504 The figures for Union College present the total number admitted to each class during its course- THE GARNET. President Potter, 12 years ago. 74 THE GARNET. 1; L 3 LITERARY SOCIETIES UNION COLLEGE ORDER OF ESTABLISHMENT. A 8 . yy r THE GARNET. I i Philomath ban Society. FOUNDED 1793. Amor virtutis , cultuscque scientific el fimicitiae. OFFICERS. SHELDON M. GRISWOLD, Alpha Delta Phi. - Valedictorian. JOHN R. HARDING, Delta Phi, - President and Respondent. GULIAN V. P. LANSING, Alpha Deha Phi. - Vice-President. REESE B. McCOWN, - - - Secretary. JOHN G. EVANS, Delta Phi, - - - Treasurer. GEORGE F. ALLISON, Psi Upsilon, - - Librarian. GEORGE W. EBAUGH, Psi Upsilon, - - Curator 76 THE GARNET. Members. CLASS OF ’ 82. DAVIDSON S. FLOWER, S. M. GRISWOLD, EPHRAIM C. MURRAY, FRANK H. WRIGHT, S. II. WATKINS, A. A. McMURRAY, ELMER B. WALLER, E. E. YOUMANS, CLASS OF ’ 83 . DANIEL D. ADDISON, WILLIAM W. BELLINGER, JOHN G. EVANS, G. P. LANSING, D. C. McEIAVAIN, ♦JAMES B. FRANK BURTON, RICHARD W. DENT, J. R. HARDING, WILLIAM O. LEWIS, A. W. RAY, G LANSING, CLASS OF ' 84. ♦JOHN E. BACON, CHARLES W. BOYD, JAMES J. KEMP, HENRY L. MILLER, C. B. TEMPLETON, GEO. F. ALLISON, ♦MATHEW C. BUTLER, Jr., REESE B. McCOWN, WILLIAM S. ROYAL, F. W. RAY. CLASS OF ' 85. THOMAS G. ADDISON, SAMUEL B. COFFIN, GEORGE W. EBAUGH, EUGENE PARSONS, HARDY H. PHELPS, PUTMAN CADY. JOHN B. DUFFIE, BENJAMIN S. GUION, EDMUND T. PERKINS, ■C. D. SPR1GG. : ' : Left College. pDELPHiG Society. Founded 1796. Units Sumus. OFFICERS. ALBERT E. CARMICHAEL, JAMES CANTINE, Jr., LUTHER J. EMERSON, - HURBERT G. PORCHER, - WILLIAM K. GILCHRIST, JOHN M. ADAIR, THOMAS D. ELDER, JAMES R. VAN NESS, B. S. IT., JOHN W. HIGSON, M EMBERS. CLASS OF ' S2. Valedictorian. President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Librarian. - Engrossing Clerk. Advocate. Curator. J. M. ADAIR, J. J. DROWNK, C. E. FAY, E. W. GREENE, II. C. HINDS, W. B. REED, E. THOMSON, W. H. VAN BTTREN, W. A. WADDELI , .• - - A. E. CARMICHAEL, T. D. ELDER, E. E. FORD. L. R. HARGRAVE, W. II. PHYFE, J. E. RANSDELL, C. TEMPLE, F. D. VAN WAGENEN, A. S. WRIGHT, V THE GARNET. J. W. ADAMS, H. F. DE PUY, J. CANTINK, Jr., A. T. C. HAMLIN, G. W. SHERWOOD, J. S. BISHOP, D. BEEKMAN, J. F. DELANEY, A. H. K. JERVIS, C. A. KITTS, J. W. TAYS, W. G. WOOLFORD, A. C. EGLESTON, W. C. MILLS, j. a. McCauley, G. F. SPRAGUE, CLASS OF ’ 83 . J. R. BRIDGE, L. J. EMERSON, W. K. GILCHRIST, J. H. SAND J. R. VAN NESS, CLASS OF ' 84. E. S. BARNEY, G. E. FISHER, J. W. HIGSON, W. M. JUDD, II. G. PORCHER, R. S. WELLS, P. NEAGLE, J. H. VEEDER. CLASS OF ’£5. F. BAILEY, E. MITCHELL, D. L. PARSONS, K. J. WHEELER. THE GARNET. gJoinjf Debates. March 11th, ’81 QUESTION. — Resolved, That the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, was justifiable. Affirmative. Adelphic. W. A. Waddell,’82, W. V., Leader, E. C. Johnson, ’81, J. E. Ransdall, 82, A. P. Negative. Philomathean. W. P. Williams,’81 ,aL Leader, E. B. Waller, ’82, W. , 2 , E. C. Murray, ’82, 22. $. J UDGES. JUDGE LANDON, PROFESSORS WHITEHORSE, ALEXANDER, WEBSTER and PRICE. Question decided in favor of the Adelphic. June 3rd, ’81. QUESTION. — Resolved, lit at the acts of the Nihilists are justified by the social and political condition of Russia. Affirmative. Adelphic. Negative. Philomathean. J. P. Davis, ’8r, Leader, J. J. Drowne, ’82, C. Temple, ’82, A. J . G. G. LHand, ’81, 5 . Leader. D. D. Addison, ’S3, J. E. Bacon, ’84, A. P. Judges. PROFESSORS STALEY, PERKINS, WELLS, IIOWE, and Hon. ALEX. THOMPSON. Question decided in fiver of the Adelphic. 80 1 etoiNip Debates. December 17th, ’81. QUESTIOAT .— Resolved, That Ireland should have independence. Affirmative. Philomathean, W. O. Lewis, ’83, Leader, S. H. Watkins, ’82, A. A. J. B. W. Lansing, ’83, A. A. Negative. Adelphic, F. D. Van Wagenen, ’82, Leader, W. K. Gilchrist, ’83, D. Beckman, ’84, W. T. J UDGES, JUDGES LANDON, BEATTIE and JACKSON. Question decided in favor of the Adelphic. April 21, ’82. QUESTION. — Resolved , That Chinese immigration should be prohibited • Affirmative. Philomathean, J. R. Harding, ’83, A. $ ., Leader, E. R. Youmans, ’82, A. $ ., S. Griswold, ’82 ,A. A. P. Negative. Adelphic, A. T. C. Hamlin, ’83, Leader, T. F. Delaney, ’84. J. W. Adams, ’84, B. O. II. Judges, JUDGES LANDON, BEATTIE and JACKSON. Question decided in favor of the -- 81 Slp THE GARNET. She Oh istian Union. Organized October 5, 1881. MEMBERS. PROF. HARRISON E. WEBSTER, PROF. ISAIAH B. PRICE, PROF. GEORGE ALEXANDER. CLASS OF ’ 82. CHARLES E. FAY, THOMAS D. ELDER, JOHN M. ADAIR, WILLIAM A. WADDELL, WILLIAM M. LEWIN, WALTER LI. PHYFE, EPHRAIM C. MURRAY, EDMUND E. FORD, SCIIUREMAN H. WATKINS, LUTHER R. HARGRAVE, ROBERT E. MORGAN. ARTHUR S. WRIGHT, EDWARD THOMSON, Jr., ELIJAH W. GREENE, FRANK LI. WRIGHT, SHELDON M. GRISWOLD. CLASS OF S3. JAMES B. W LANSING, JAMES STOLLER, JAMES CANTINE, Jr., JOHN R. HARDING, DANIEL M. COUNTERMINE, LUTHER J. EMERSON. CLASS OF S 4 . ANDREW P. VERMILYE, WILLIAM N. P. DAILEY, JOHN B. HUTCHINSON, JOHN W. 1IIGSON, GEORGE E. FISHER, HERBERT G. PORCL LR. 82 ■ THE GARNET. CLASS OF ’£5. DWIGHT L. PARSONS, CLARENCE D. SPRIGG, EDMUND F. PERKINS, FRANK HAILEV, RICHARD W. FRANKLIN, FRANK BOND, HARDY II. PHELPS, ALBERT C. BARRETT, WILLIAM IL JAYCOX, CHARLES M. STEWART, WILLIAM H. ROBINSON, WILLIAM H. VAUGHN, FRANK M. SEVERSON, THOMAS G. ADDISON, GEORGE W. LANG DON, MONROE M. SWEETLAND, GEORGE W. EBAUGH, JOHN H. HASLETT, EVERETT FOWLER, WILLIAM C. MILLS, EDWIN MITCHELL, PUTMAN CADY, FRANCIS C. CRANE, JAMES L. COUNTERMINE, JAMES P. MARSH, GEORGE W. BARHYDT, THOMAS L. McCLUMPHA, HENRY D. GRISWOLD. THE GARNET. IJlSYOF IGAL SOCIETY. Founded October 11 th, 81. President, PROF. I. K. PRICE, V. T. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. JOSEPH E. RANSDELL, ’82, A. ELMER B. WALLER,’82, ' P ' .r. ABRAM T. C. HAMLIN, 83, WILLIAM Iv. GILCHRIST,’83, WILLIAM O. LEWIS, ’83. M EMBERS. PROF. I. B. PRICE, CLASS OF ' 82. TOHN M. ADAIR, ALBERT E. CARMICHAEL, SHELDONM. GRISWOLD, JOSEPH E. RANSDELL, 1 WILLIAM A. WADDELL, ELMER B. WALLER, FRED. D. VAN WAGENEN, CLASS OF ' S3. DANIEL D. ADDISON, JAMES CAN PINE, Jr., WILLIAM K. GILCHRIST, GULIAN V. P. LANSING, LEMUEL G. LLOYD, WILLIAM O. LEWIS, JOHN W. ADAMS, ABRAM T. C. HAMLIN, JOHN R. HARDING, JAMES B. W. LANSING, JAMES STOLLER, JAMES R. VAN NESS. SS OF ' S3. MONROE M. SWEETI.AND. THE GARNET. A ilrV 86 n Saylor Liewis. A Sonnet. BY LUTHER JAMES EMERSON. " Where is the sou, the patriot and sage, The mighty pillar to Old Union’s fame ? Responds the sacred lore, the classic page, Where breathes his fiery soul and his great name; Replies the many-voiced heart of men, The scholar, bard, musician and divine; And Alma Mater’s voice e’en now as then, Makes answer from her shades and learning’s shrine. Their fruitful memories tell me he breathed, He lived, for liberty, for truth and right, And round his flaming pen religion wreathed Teacs, viilue, wisdom, in a zone of light. He lives! not in that cold, carved granite, left alone, But in aspiring hearts that reach to meet his own! 87 THE GARNET. Union (College Senate Class of ’82. President of Senate, PROF. GEO. ALEXANDER. Senators. T. McC. Adair, A. E. Carmichael, G. A . P. Codwise, L. A. Coffeen, • - J. J. Drovvne, jr., T. D. Elder, J. R. Fairgrieve, C. E. Fay, D. S. Flower, E. E. Ford, E. V. Greene, S. M. Griswold, - L. R. Hargrave, H. C. Hinds, W. M. Lewin, A. A. McMurray, R. E. Morgan, E. C. Murray, J. G. Peoli, V. H. Phyfe, II. R. Pierson, jr., W. J. Pollard, A. Pratt, J. E. Rnnsrlell, - W. 15 . Reed, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Missouri, Maine, - Nebraska, Kentucky, Kansas, Arkansas, - Michigan, Ohio, - Tennessee, • Illinois, Iowa, Maryland» New York, Vermont, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, - Louisiana, New Jersey and Delaware, 88 THE GARNET. W. C. Roseboom, C. Temple, E. Thompsgn, jr., W. H. Van Buren, F. D. Van Wagenen, W. A. Waddell, E. B. Waller, - S. H. Watkins, B. Whitehorne, E. C. Whitmyer, A. S. Wright, F. II. Wright, E. R. Youmans, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Nevada, Colorado, - California, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, Georgia. 89 THE GARNET. 90 THE GARNET. THE GARNET. 92 of Militin bee aid Tatties. MAJOR J. W. MacMURRAY, A. M., U. S. A., Commandant. Company A , ’ 84 . Company B, Captain, C. B. Templeton, A. A. £., Captain, H. Z. Pratt, A. A . ! ., 1st Sergeant, S. V. Bennett, 1st Sergeant, J. W. Tays, 2nd Sergeant, J. B. Hutchinson, 2nd Sergeant,- Corporal, P. Nagle, Corporal, B. G. Chisholm, ., Corporal, W. M. Judd. Corporal, F. D. Hall. B. fZ ). 77 . Cof c, ’ 85 . Company D, Captain, S. B. Coffin, Captain, J. B. Duffie, 1st Sergeant, B, S. Guion, 1st Sergeant, E. D. Hobbs, 2 f. £., 2nd Sergeant, G. V. Barhydt, 2nd Sergeant, E. Fowler, . . A . 7 b, Corpoial, W. H. Robinson,fi. 0 . 7 J., Corporal, J. J. Delaney. Corporal, E. T. Perkins, Corporal, J. S. Hoy. Sergeant Major, S. E. BISHOP, ’84, B. 77 . 4 93 THE GARNET. THE GARNET. General lumni Pssogiawion. OFFICERS . Hon. GEORGE F. DANFORTH, LL. D., I Ion. JOHN S. BENNETT, ’54, - Hon. O. W. CHAPMAN, President, ist Vice-President. 2nd Vice-President. Hon. GEORGE W. SCOTT, - - 3RD Vice-President. Rev. A. T. OLMSTEAD, - - - 4TH Vice-President. Hon. ALEXANDER J. THOMSON, ’48, Corresponding Secretary. FIon. T. F. FEATIIERSTONHAUGH, Recording Secretary. Prof. ISAIAH B. PRICE, ’72. - - - Librarian. Prof. JONATHAN PEARSON, ’35, - - - Treasurer. nORiPHWBSiPBRN flSSOGIATION. • OFFICERS. Hon. WILLIAM H. KING, LL. D. ’46, Chicago, Hon.CHAS.B. LAWRENCE,LI.. D., ’41,Chicago, ist V Rev. CLINTON LOCKE, D. D., ’49, Chicago, 2nd Hon. FRANK B. WILKIE, ’57, Chicago, - 3RD ARIE BANTA, ’40, Fux Lake, Wisconsin, - - 4T11 Hon. MOSES M. HAM, ’55, Dubuque, Iowa, 5TH IIon. JOSHUA STARK, ’48, Milwaukee, Wis., 6th Hon. ERWIN BAKER, ’54, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 71 11 Hon. J. BAYARD BACKUS, ’74, Chicago, Hon. WILLIAM H. WOOD, ’44, Oak Park, Illinois, President, ice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. 95 THE GARNET. F)Onoi ai y Degrees. LL.D. Hon. LEVI PARSONS, Gloversville, N. Y. Rev. FRANKLIN CARTER, D. D., Williams College, D. D. Rev. WM. M. JOHNSON, Cohoes, N. V. Ph. D. GEORGE T. STEVENS, M. D., New York. A. M. ERWIN BAKER, Oskaloosa, Iowa. CLARENCE CAREY, New York City. SAMUEL BORROWE, New York City. THE GARNET. DEGREES CONFERRED IN COURSE. A. E. Courtland V. Anable, Spri ngfield, Mass. Frederic S. BIoss, Troy, Frederic W. Cameron, Albany, Alexander Campbell, - Troy. Andrew D. Darling, Andes. Joseph P. Davis, Cobleskill. Edward I. Devlin, Albany. Lester C. Dickinson, Warrensburgh, Henry R. Fancher, McGrawville. James R. Gibson, Delhi. Horatio G. Glen, Schenectady. John J. Henning, Argyle. Edward C. Johnson. Schenectady. Charles S. King, Hammonton, N. J. Edward T. E. Lansing, Little Falls. George G. Leland, - Mayesville. Richard T. Lomasney, - Schenectady. J. Philip Lyon, Troy. Ripley S. Lyon, - Schenectady. Willard C. Marselius, Scotia. Samuel P. McClellan, Troy. David H. McFalls, - Gouverneur. Frank W. Moore, De Kalb. Hancock Neagle, - Columbia, S. C. Howard N. Potter, New York. John Sawyer, - Cherry Valley. Henry Schlosser, - Schenectady, Jos ' ah Still, Lansingburgh. THE GARNET. Herbert H. Taylor, George B. Tullidge, William E. Van Eps. Wilbur E. Watkins, jr., - William M. White, William P. Williams, William R. Winans, Irving Wiswall, Robert C. A. Wood, A. B. and C. E. Wm. B. Landreth, C. E. Franklin E. Abbott, Perry E. Carhart, Samuel G. Gaillard, 98 v Brooklyn. Cain’s P. O., Pa. vSchenectady, Baltimore, Md. Amsterdam. Aikin, S. C. Schenectad y, Milton. Albany. Schenectady. Brunswick. Guilderland, Charleston, S. C. THE GARNET. (©LASS OF ’81. SENIOR OFFICERS. CHARLES D. MENEELY, EDWARD I. DEVLIN, WILLARD C. MARSELIUS, HANCOCK NEAGLE, HERBERT N. TAYLOR, FREDERICK W. CAMERON, JOB P. LYON, W. r., JAMES R. GIBSON, B. G. 17., LESTER C. DICKINSON, ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, JOHN J. HENNING, B. G. 77., ROBERT A. WOOD, A. 7 ., GEORGE G. LELAND, 2. 7 ., President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Orator. Historian. Prophet. Addresser. Poet. Toast Master. Editors. Senior Gi a o s and Orations. EDWARD I. DEVLIN, COURTLAND V. ANABLE, FREDERICK W. CAMERON, A . 7., HORATIO G. GLEN, W. 2 ., EDWARD C. JOHNSON, CHARLES S. KING, - RIPLEY S. LYON, HENRY SCHLOSSER, A. A. 7 ., JOSIA H STILL,(excused), GEORGE P. TULLIDGE, 2. 4 ., WILLIAM P. WILLIAMS, A.A. ., 99 Latin Salutatory. The Nemesis of Tyranny. The French Republic. The Potency of Will. The Harmony of the Soul. The Providence of Law. Faith, ' 1 he Inspiration of Progress. Soul. The Ethics of Feudalism. A Social Problem. Man’s Infancy. THE GARNET. Bhi Be pa Kappa ’ 81 . COURTI.AN ' D V. ANABLE. EDWARD I. DEVLIN. HORATIO G. GLEN, IR. 2 " . EDWARD C. JOHNSON. R 1 PI ,EY S. LYON. JOSIAH STILL. GEORGE B. TULLIDGE, 2 . 2 . WM. P. WILLIAMS, A. A. 4 . Blatchford Oratorical Medals, EDWARD G. JOHNSON, first, COURTLAND V. ANABLE, second. Warner Prize, EDWARD I. DEVLIN. Ingham Prize, COURTLAND V. ANABLE. Allen Essay Prizes, ROBERT A. WOOD, A first, WILLIAM E. VAN EPPS, second, WILBUR F. WATKINS, Jig, A. A. £ ., third. Clark Essay Prizes in English Literature, COURTLAND V. ANABLE, first, WILLIAM E. VAN EPPS, second. Catharine L. Wolfe Prizes, For Greatest Improvement in Free-Hand Drawing, RIPLEY S. LYON, first, JOHN J. HENNING, BJA.fl., second. For Best Eree-FIand Drawing, LESTER C DICKINSON, first, C H A R LESS. KING, second. loo THE GARNET. Fellowship, EDWARD C. JOHNSON. Historical Prize, G. B. TULLIDGE, 2 . Senior, E. C. MURRAY, Junior. Military Prizes. Cadets having best record for attention to duty, attendance and proficiency in 2nd term, 1st, Benjamin G. Chisholm; 2nd, Wm. K. Gilchrist; in 3rd term, 1st, Pickens Neagle; 2nd, David S. Merritt; in whole year, 1st, John B. Hutchinson; 2nd, Frederic D. Hall. Cadet officers having best record for attention to duty, attendance and pro¬ ficiency in 2nd term, 1st prize, Sergeant Matthew C. Butler, jr.; 2nd, Ser¬ geant Joseph W. Tays, jr.; in 3rd term, 1st, Sergeant William O. Lewis; 2nd, Lieutenant Charles B. Templeton; in whole year, 1st, Captain Barnard C. Sloan; 2nd, 1st Sergeant Eugene A. H. Tays. Cadets passing best examination on subject of study during the year, 1st, Harry V. N. Philip; 2nd, A. T. C. Hamlin. Por best work in all subjects in the Military department and highest score at 200 yards target-practice, Sergeant Frederic V. Bennet. Target-practice, 1st prize, 1st, Sergeant E. A. H. Tays; 2nd, Cade t George E. Fisher; 3rd, Cadet Lansing Van Auken; 4th, Corporal Henry Z. Pratt. Io THE GARNET. i} ii elUNIORS, ’82. EDWARD C. WHITMYER, First Prize, FRANK H. WRIGHT, A. Second Prize, JAMES R. FAIRGRIEVE, EPHRAIM C. MURRAY, 2 . BAYARD WHITEHORNE, ARTHUR S. WRIGHT, W. T., Hereditary Rule. The Indian Problem. Typical Mythology. Christ as a Polemic. The Inquisition. China in America. Sophomores, ’83. GULIAN V. P. LANSING, A. A. Z ., First Prize, DANIEL 1 ). ADDISON, Second Prize, A. T. CONDE HAMLIN, WILLIAM K. GILCHRIST, 1 -As Power of Oratory. Character. Disraeli. Work. 102 1 THE GARNET. Subjects for Essays, Commencement, 1882. INGHAM:—“ Independence of Ireland, its Consequences to Ireland and to England”; or, “ ‘Macbeth,’its Plot and Two Chief Charac¬ ters.” ALLAN:—Subject at choice of student. CLARK:—“ The Poetry of Longfellow and that of Holmes Compared ”; |j or, “ Effects of German Immigration on the Future Character of Our People. 103 i flUMIE. BY ROSWELL A. BENEDICT. I Here’s a health, drink it deep, to old Aumie; How many so e’er be your days, You will meet never one as you journey, More honestly worthy of praise. Length of days has bestowed its rough favor, And hardened her face all in vain; For, her heart lapse of time cannot harden, Her heart sympathetic with pain. Oh, when back tow’rd our good Alma Mater, We shall gaze with a tear-filling eye; And shall conjure again, in the future, Events that are now passing by; And shall call up a throng of kind faces, Of classmates, professors, and all, Never least, as we look upon Aumie, Will the tear of fond memory fall. Yes! a health, drink it deep, to good Aumie; And in after-life’s pensive review, When with blessings we think of Old Union, With blessings we’ll think of her too. THE GARNET. THE GARNET. G. A. E. C. P. CODWISE, B. C. SLOAN, MURRAY, B. G. CHISOLM. Scorer—E. D. HOBBS. Sigma Phi Quartette. E. C. MURRAY, I. A. YATES, - B. II. SLOAN, B. G. CHISOLM, - First Tenor. Second Tenor. First Bass. Baritone. Sigma Phi Philharmonic Quartette. “ Let the singing singers With vocal voices most vociferous, In sweet vociferation, out vociferize E’en sound itseif.” G. A. P. CODWISE sings, R. H. GIBBES C. W. CODWISE, EDWIN MITCHELL, “ What? Anything. - Everything. Nothing. Our voices always accord with the greatest harmony. We sing en¬ tirely by note, but never the same song twice to the same audience. Please remem l erthis and don’t encore us. THE GARNET. Delta Dhi O ghesti a. -- h « This is enough to make huge leviathans Leave their unsounded depths to dance on sands.” CLARENCE D. SPKIGG, ’85, Leader, DAVIDSON S. FLOWER, ’82, SIDNEY A. SMITH, ’85, JOHN G. EVANS, ’83. JOHN G. PEOLI, ’82, First Violin. Second Violin. Violoncello. Guitar. Piano. pLPHA DBIi FA HI QUAI E E. [. B. W. LANSING, First Tenor, G. Y. P. LANSING, First Bass, j. A. VAN VO AST, Second Tenor. F. W. McCLELLAN, Second Bass, S. H. WATKINS, Accompanist. Alpha Delta Phi Relief Quartette. Swans sing before they die; Twere no bad tiling Should certain persons die before they sing.” S. H. WATKINS, First Tenor, C. B. TEMPLETON, First Bass, R. W. FRANKLIN, Second Tenor, S. M. GRISWOLD, Second Bass, E. FOWLER, Accompanist. Alpha Delta Phi Whist Club. S. H. WATKINS, S. M. GRISWOLD, R. W. FRANKLIN, J. A. VAN VO AST. ANOTHER ON THE “GO AS YOU PLEASE” PLAN. I I). C. McELWAIN, L. FOWLER, H. Z. PRATT. P. CADY. THE GARNET. BeJFA (SHE A F I gUA PEJpiPE. Oh! Music hath a. charm To soothe the savage ear. S. E. BISHOP, II. C. HINDS, - J. W. ADAMS, A. C. EGELSTON, - First Tenor. Second Tenor. • First Bass. Second Bass. Audience. J. R. VAN NESS, A. P. VERMILYE, A. B. BISHOP. F. D. HALL, W. H. ROBINSON, Musical Director, Critic, . S. E. BISHOP. F. D. HALL. 112 THE GARNET. Base Ball flssociAnnoN. Directors for 1880—81. D. H. McFALLS, ’81, A. V. PRATT, ’82, D. C. McElvvain, A. A . ’83, D. NAYLON, Jr., ’84. University Nini F. W. MOORE, ’81, c. f., H. H. TAYLOR, ’81, 3d, b., J. R. FAIRGRIEVE, ’82, 1 . f., E. E. FORD,’82, 2d b., D. NAYLON, J OF 1880“81. D. S. FLOWER, ’82, r. f., M. HENNESY, c., F. H. MOUNTAIN, ’84, p., D. C. McELWAIN, ’83, s. s., ., ’84, ISI 1). GAMES PLAYED, SEEING TEEM , 1S81. At Schenectady, May 11:—Hamilton College 17. Union College 4. At Schenectady, May 14:—Union College 14. Stars of Fort Edward 10. n At Williamstown, Mass., May 20:—Union College 13. Williams College 3. At Amherst, Mass., May 21:—Amherst College 12. Union College 4. At Fort Edward, N. Y., May 30:—Union College 10. Stars 9. At Schenectady, June 1:—Union College 9. Hamilton College o. y At Schenectady, June 3:—Williams College 5. Union College 3. THE GARNET. Directors for 1881—82. A. V. PRATT, ’82, • - • President. A. W. RAY, ’83, A. - - Vice-President. A. H. K. JERVIS, ’84, - - - Secretary. R. W. FRANKLIN, ’85, . A. - Treasurer. UNIVERSITY NINE. A. A. McMIJRRAV, ’82, J. R. FAIRGRIEVE, ’82, D. C. McEI.WAIN, ’83, J. F. DELANEY, ’84, J. A. McCAULEY, ’85, D. S. FLOWER, ’82, E. E. FORD, ’82. D. NAYLON, ’84, A. S. ANABLE, ’85. H. G. FORCHER, ’84. SENIOR CLASS NINE. A. A. McMURRAY, 2tl b„ A. S. WRIGHT, 1st b„ F. H. WRIGHT, p., E. THOMPSON, r. H. C. J. R. FAIRGRIEVE, c., B. WHITEHORNE, s. s., E. B. WALLER, 3d b., L. A. COFFEEN, c. f., HINDS, 1 . f. JUNIOR CLASS NINE. D. D. ADDISON, 1 . I., L. G. LLOYD, 2d b., A. T. C. HAMLIN, 3d b., J. W. ADAMS, r. f., J. W. McCAULEY, A. W. RAY, c., D. C. McELWAIN, p., B. C. SLOAN, 1st b., J. R. VAN NESS, s. s. 14 THE GARNET. SOPHOMORE CLASS NINE. | D. NAYLON, c„ J. F. DELANEY, p., P. NEAGLE, 3d b., j| A. H. K. JERVIS, 1 . f., I. P. ESTCOURT, r. f. FRESHMAN CLASS NINE. G. W. FAIRGRIEVE, ist b., H. G. PORCHER, 2d b., Z. CLARK, s. s., E. S. BARNEY, c. f., J. a. McCauley, c ., J. II. IIASLETT, ISL b., C. S. STANTON, 2d b., T. J. DELANEY, 1 . f., C. W. CODWISE, r. f. A. S. AN ABLE, p., E. T. PERKINS, c. f., T. G. ADDISON, s. s., R. WANDS, 3d b., INVER-CLASS GAMES. Juniors 20, Seniors 8. Freshmen 7, Juniors 5. Sophomores 5, Seniors 4. Freshmen 9, Seniors 5. Freshmen 12, Seniors 2. Freshmen 21, Sophomores 11. SUMMARY OE GAMES WON. Seniors o. Juniors 1. Sophomores 1. Freshmen 4. GAMES V ' O FLAY. Seniors 2. Juniors 4. Sophomores 4. Freshmen 2. THE GARNET. Union College Foot-Ball Eleven. RUSHERS. LUTHER J. EMERSON, ’83, WILLIAM A. MOORE, ’84, DANIEL NAYLON, ’84, JAMES R. BOLTON, ’83, james a. McCauley, ’85, Wallace t. foote,’85. QUAR TER-BA CK. JOHN J. DROWNE, ’82. HALF-BACA DANIEL D. ADDISON, ’83, JOHN W. McCAULEY, ’83, PICKENS NEAGLE, ’84. GOAL. ARTHUR S. ANABLE, ' 85. Union (College Oi ghest a. ZENAS CLARK, ’84, Leader, - - First Violin. ARTHUR S. ANABLE, ’85, - - Second “ SAMUEL B. COFFEEN, ’85, - - Flute. WILLIAM A. MOORE, ’84, - - Base Viol. JAMES C. HEMPHILL, ’83, - - Cornet. WILLIAM C. MILLS, ’85, - - Piano. S HE (©ONGOpDIENSIS. Published monthly by the students of Union College. Board of Editors. EPHRAIM C. MURRAY, ’82, 2 . - Editor-in-Chief. JOSEPH E. RANSDELL,’82, . ?., Exchange, Extranea and Collegensia. ELIJAH W. GREENE, ’82, ) GEORGE F. ALLISON, ’84, W. T. - Local Department. JAMES G. GREENE, ’84. ) A. T. CONDE HAMLIN, 83, - Literary and Athletic Department. WILLIAM K. GILCHRIST, ’83, - Personal Department. JOHN R. BRIDGE, ’83, W. V ., - - Business Manager. THE GARNET. P Lcyi ig. Behold the cop, the .Schenectady cop, With his unkept, liery, carroty top, How he paddles our streets, and our horses dismays, By exposing his headlight in various ways. O, the red-headed cop, The slovenly cop, The wretched, degenerate, asinine cop. O, what can come up to the red-headed cop, In obesity, redness, or bigness of chop, How vast his propoi lions—his maw how immense Ashe swills down the beer at the city’s expense. O, the red-headed cop, The obese cop, The squint-eyed, stuttering, beer-drinking cop. How wild the attire of the red-headed cop; How queer his make-up from his sole to his top; A round hollow kettle, which is known as his head, A trunk also hollow as before has been said; Two long fleshy columns thence down ward do grow, With twin baby-coffins suspended below, O, the long-legged cop, The splay-footed cop, The vast, ill-built, elephantine cop. O, the low-lived, cowardly, treacherous cop. How boldly he doth on the lone Freshman drop, How he levies his forces, and threatens, and swears, When he catcheth a student, alone, unawares, But how quickly he runneth to crawl in his hole, When a crowd cometh down, and the Hikah’s outroll; And how lively one legged it that evening so still When we gave him three minuies to vacate the hill, O, the white livered cop, The jaw-wagging cop, The poor, pusillanimous, red-headed cop. 119 L THE GARNET. I rm an ’85 young man, A. too utterly fresh young man, % A Sophomore fearing, Tutor revering, But very cheeky young man. A. S. A. — “ Plenty of cat-gut for my Hddle.” T. G. A.—“ Dogy, dogy, where ' s my dogy ” R. W. F. — “A horse! ahorse!! my kingdom for a horse!!!” I). L. I’.—“ Wisdom, gravity, and profound conceit.” G. W. E. — “ Coming with mad hounds, Bellowing and neighing loud.” P. C. M.—“The flunks, the bolts, the mental strain, From which I strove to ’scape in vain.” F. S. F.—“The wicked flee when no man pursuelh.” T. T. M. — “ The righteous are as brave as a lion.” J. B. D.—“ lie was as fresh as is the month of May.” H. II. P. — “I am Sir Oracle, and when I ope my mouth, lei no dog bark.” 121 - _ A Room in North College. She LnnuiTLE German Band oe ’ 83 . Prof. WILLIAM E. WELLS, LL. D., Leader. Ful wyse he was benigne and honourable. MEMBERS. J. E. ADAMS.—“ He sang ful merily and lowde.” F. BURTON.—“ No man be so bolde, be he preest or clarke.” J. CANTINE.—“No beri hadde he, ne never nonshulde.” L. A. COFFEEN, ’82.—“ Was shaply for to ben an alderman.” H. F. DE PUY.—“ His mouth as wyde was as a gret forneys.” J. G. EVANS.—“ Ful longe wern his legges and ful lene.” W. M. GILBERT.—“ A voys hadde he as small as any goat.” J. C. HEMPHILL.—“ A bagpipe wel eoude he blowe and sowne.” D. C. McELWAIN.— “ For he was Epicurus’ owne sone.” J. W. McCAULEY.—“ A lovyere and a lusty bacheler.” J. H. SAND.—“Wel lovede he by the morwe a sop in wyn.” B. C. SLOAN,— “ In hope to stonien in his lady’s grace.” A. B. WESTINGHOUSE.—“ And yit he seemede besier than he was.” J. C. WRIGHT.—“ Not 00 word spak he more than was neede.” “ I pray you of your curteisie That ye ne rette it nat my vileinye, Though that I pleynly speke in this matere.” $ “ Elies I moot telle you untrewe, Or feyn thinge, orfynde wordes newe, I may not spare, although he were my teacher.” , THE GARNET. “ Curst be the verse, how well soe’er it flow, That tends to make one worthy man my foe.” 0he Grecian Phalanx. Big Aox xyo ' Prof. HENRY WPIITEHORNE, A. M., “ Above all Greek, ab6V£ all Roman fame.” ' Imteiz, ' OnXirca ncci WiXoi. ADDISON. “ Man, false man, smiling, destructive man.” BOLTON. “ There’s nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility.” BELLINGER. “They always talk who never think.” BRIDGE. “ Is this that haughty, gallant, gay Lothario!” COUNTERMINE. “ And still they gazed and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all he knew.” DENT. “ There buds the promise of celestial worth.” EMERSpN. “ Poets painful vigil keep, Sleepless themselves to give their readers sleep.” 24 GILCHRIST. “ With a smile that is chillike and bland.” HAMLIN. “ Beside ’tis known he could speak Greek As naturally as pigs squeak.” HARDING. “ Creeping like snail Unwillingly to class.” HOOK. “ 1 he world knows nothing of its greatest men.” GULIAN VER PLANCK LANSING. “ One of the few, the immortal names, That were not born to die.” LEWIS. “ He was the mildest mannered man That ever scuttled ship, or cut a throat.” McClellan. “ Let me have men about me that are fat; Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep o’ nights.” SHERWOOD. “ His only books Were woman’s looks.” “ Mv life is one ‘dem’d ’ horrid crrind ” THE GARNET. ClGHJFY-TWO STATISTICS. Total number entered ’82, - - 55 Number now in class, - - 39 Candidates for A. B., - - - 3 6 Candidates for C. E., - - - 1 Candidates for A. B. and C. E., - - 6 Special students, - - - 2 Average age (on graduation), - - 23 yrs. Average weight, - - - l 5 2 Average height, - - 5 ft. 8 11-13 in. Average foot, - - - 8J in. Average leg (mid-way between thigh and knee), - 11 4 in. Average hat, - 12 will become lawyers; 10, ministers; 6, civil engineers; 4, doctors; 3, teachers; and 3 will follow commercial pursuits. 18 are Presbyterians; 12, Episcopalians; 3, Dutch Reform ; 3, Methodists; 2, Roman Catholic, and 1 is a Baptist. 6 occasionally attend church. 30 are from New York State; 2 from South Carolina; 2 from Louisiana, while Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Indian Territory and Canada, P. Q., have 1 each. 25 will settle in Utah. 26 smoke. None chew. 25 drink. 14 pretend to be temperate. 39 are virtuous. 3 are engaged. 4 have “ popped ” who are yet waiting, (this explains some poor work in Astronomy). 2 former members are mar¬ ried, one of whom now sings “ Baby mine.” 15 have “ ti pk.’ 24 are in sound financial state. 31 use hair oil. 5 have occasion to use cosmetique. All are handsome, and paralyzing “ mashers.” 26 THE GARNET. f _ IJASIF § IGAf$. ’Twas off the blue Canary isles, A glorious summer day, I sat upon the quarter-deck, And whiff’d my cares away; And as the volumed smoke a-rose, Like incense on the air, I breath’d a sigh to think in sooth, It was my last cigar. Chorus. It was my last cigar, It was my last cigar, I breathed a sigh to think in sooth, It was my last cigar. I leaned upon the quarter-rail, And looked down in the sea, E’en there the purple wreath of smoke Was curling gracefully; Oh, what had I, at such a time, To do with wasting care ?— Alas, the trembling tear proclaimed It was my last Cigar!—CHO. I watched the ashes as it came Fast drawing toward the end,— I watched it as a fmnd would watch Beside a dying friend; But still the flame crept slowly on,— It vanished into air,— I threw it from me—spare the tale!— It was my last Cigar!—Cuo. I’ve seen the land of all I love Fade in the distance dim, I’ve watched above the blighted heart, Where once proud hope had been; But I’ve never known a sorrow Which could with that compare, When, off the blue Canaries, I smoked my last Cigar!—C ho. 127 r ©efface Song. Ye Union boys, whose pipes are l.t, Come forth in merry throng; Upon the terrace let us sit, And cheer our souls with song; Old Prex may have his easy chair — The Czar may have his throne— Their cushions can get worse for wear, But not our seat of stone. Cuo.—This grand old seat of stone, This jolly seal of stone,— Then here’s to thee, right merrily, Thou grand old seat of stone. Twas here the old Alumni sat On balmy nights of yore; And many voices joined in chat, Whose music rings no more; From many a lip the spirals curled, But, when they rolled away, The smoker went into the world, And came no more for aye. Clio. — But thou, old seat of stone, Thou jolly seat of stone, The changing year still finds thee here, Thou grand old seat of stone. When Doctor Jackson sees his plants In bloom a few limes more, vSome boys, who sport our altered pants, Will knock at Union’s door; And when the Tutes have let them in, Old Terrace, thou shall see Them sitting where their dads have been, And singing over thee. Cho. —For thou, old seat of stone, Thou dear old seat of stone, To thee shall be our legacy, Thou grand old seat of stone. THE GARNET. Song to Qrd Union. Always sung at the close of Commencement Exercises. Let the Grecian dream of his sacred stream, And sing of ihe brave adorning That Phoebus weaves from his laurel leaves, At the golden gates of morning; But the brook that bounds through Union’s grounds Gleams bright as the Delphic water, And a prize as fair as a god may wear, Is a dip from our Alma Mater. Clio. — Then here’s to thee, the brave and free, Old Union smiling o’er us, And for many a day, as thy walls grow grey, May they ring with thy children’s chorus! Could our praises throng on the waves of song, Like an Orient fleet, gem-bringing, We would bear to thee the argosy, And crown thee with pearls of singing; But thy smile beams down beneath a crown, Whose glory asks no other; We gather it not from the green sea-grot — ’Tis the love we bear our Mother! C ho. — Then here’s to thee, etc. Let the joy that falls from thy dear old walls, Unchanged brave Time’s on-darting, And our only tear falls once a year On hands that clasp ere parting; And when other throngs shall sing thy songs. And their spell once more hath bound us, Our faded hours shall revive their flowers, And the Past shall live around us. Cho. —T hen here’s to thee, etc. 129 THE GARNET. 18 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N.Y THE GARNET. THE CONCORDIENSIS. the garnet. Messrs. L. G. BURGESS’ SON ( 0., by the use of the best materials? ami the employment of skilled work¬ men, are producing a line of COLLEGE BADGES, w liicli for beauty, quality, and dura¬ bility, are unsurpassed in these Uni¬ ted States. They call particular attention to their Badges set with PRECIOUS STONES, of which they make a full variety, and which always meet with THE APPROVAL OF CUSTOMERS. Correspondence Solicited. 12 ZPjL UST STREET, Albany, N. Y THE GARNET. Columbia Bicycles. TO RIDE, or not to ride ; that is the question Whether ’tis nobler in the man to suffer The pains and bothers of pedestrian travel, Or to take wheel against the scourge ot horses, And, by bicycling, leave them ? To mount—to ride Ay more; and by a ride to find we end The head-ache, and the thousand physical ills That flesh is heir to,—’tis a recreation Devoutly to be wished , , , , • THIS modern vehicle has brought health and vigor to many a pale-laced student, and has elicited enthusias¬ tic descriptions and recommendations from physicians, lawwers, clergymen, artists, merchants, editors and lit¬ erary men, and from gentlemen in every avocation ot life. Rev. Marcus D. Buell, giving to the public press an account of a vacation trip of several hundred mi.es on his bicycle, refers to it as “ a conveyance as roman tic as the Boston Mail Coach of our grandfathers, and as novel as Sieman’s Electric Car.” . MANY find their only exercise in a morning ran or evening spin on the bicycle; or, perhaps, an occasional holiday excursion. To em the Y within a radius of fifty miles around them becomes an LI Dotacio. HUT orlhe su, inner vacation, by .he seashore or at the motmtams, around the lakes or down the valleys,— WHEREN EU one may choose to go—the bicycle bears the wheelman free as a bird and jolly as a b be noc the beauties and diversities of natural scenery. It is the land yacht, the can e Cf, mh ' V COLUMBIA lilCYCLES have earned the foremost popularity of any in the ' world. Thousands of them are already in use in this cotmt,y,and their perfect wheels spin over the roads of every country to which modern commerce extends. The finest implement of gun.manufacture does no t «cd in mechanical hnish and scientific accuracy the fine bicycles of t.ns Uig and best appointed bicycle manufactory m the world DESCRIPTIVE literature, testimonials, etc., and an elegant j6 i ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE sent to any inquirer. Address (with 3 cent stamp enclosed), THE POPE M’F’G CO., 597 Washington Street, Bunion, Mass. 4 fe 34 THE GARNET. THREE KINGS! Tuikish, Virginia and a small portion Perique. Tins Cigarette is a new mixture. Very fine and mild — unlike any in market. FRAGRANT VANITY FAIR. Rare old Virginia. New Vanity Fair. Half Turkish and half Virginia. I New mixture since January, 1882. Very fine and very mild—none like it. CIGARETTES, That stand unrivalled for PURId Y! Warranted free from drugs or medication. Only the Finest Fob a c cos and Best French Cigarette Paper used. Sold in All Civilized Countries. g First Prize Medals. W. S. KIMBALL CO., Peerless Tobacco Works. tF.st- at j TIFFANY Co., Jewelers, Union Square, New York City, invite attention to their new bridge move¬ ment Stem Winding Watches in 18 carat gold hunting cases at One Hundred Dollars each. They are carefully finished in every particular, ad¬ justed to heat and cold, and are confidently guaranteed as the best value for the money attained in a watch. Cuts showing sizes and styles of casing of the above watches, together with patterns of suitable chains to be worn with them, sent on request. Correspondence invited, Address, TIFFANY Co., New York. 136 THE GARNET. fHK ONLY RELIABLE AND STANDARD BRANDS Cigarettes Tobaccos, Cho Firnccr Cij:rstte Ihnnficturers of America. veteran, S ' crr. ' X’-A.rsr v, CAPORAL 1.2, CAPORAL, SWEET CAPORA1., AMBASSADOR A ' _ JAMES, 5zC. S ' jL , _ j aivle:s 3 1-2, c. PURE TOBACCO AND PURE KICK PAPER. SWEET C A poR a L.—Cork Mouthpiece. Unsur¬ passed for cleanliness, econom,-, and convenience. The soft feeling of the cork between the teeth, makes this i he most desirab o and pleasant mouthpiece, besides absorbing the nicotine and rendering a cooling sensation to the smoke. Same tobacco as the renowned Sweet Capoual Cigar¬ ettes, a beolutely pure. The Caporal, Caporal, %, and Veteran Cork Mouthpiece Cigarettes, are highly recommoudcd. SULTANA .—Enamelled Ends. The lip ends of these Cigarettes are Impervious to moisture, t bus enabling the smoker to consume them without mutilating the paper in the mouth. Made from the finest l elected bright Virginia. Mild and Sweet —guaranteed pure. Sold by all Dealers throughout the world. JAS. B. ALEXANDER, DEALER IN STAPLE A({D FANCY Gt OCERJES. CHOICE CIGARS AND TOBACCO. " 22 $ State Street , Schenectady , N. Y. Goods just as cheap ami just as good as any place in the city. ANDREW MC MULLEN, Wholesale and Retail DEALER LIST COAL, ()2 (jj. Union Street , Schenectady , N. Y. THE GARNET. Messrs. Gilliss Brothers, 75 FULTON ST., NEW YORK, Invite correspondence from such of the students of Union College as may wish orders for Printing or Engraving executed in an Artistic Manner. i860. 1882. A. J. CHAPMAN, DEALER IN Pure Confectionery, Soda Water and Ice Cream , Toys, Games , Cards , Fancy Goods , Stationery , Fine Scgar s and Fancy Pipes. No. 91 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. (One door west of Barney’s Block.) r THE GARNET. ZEUEOSTK y SWBBE, •BOOKgEhLERr WfflOPR-S DEALER IN PAPER HANGINGS, FANCY GOOES, Ac., 237 State Street , Schenectady , TV . Y. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS, Nuts and Choice Confectionery, 177 State Street, (Givens Hotel Building) Sch dy, N. Y. CHAS. F. RIEGER, Shaving Ap Hair Dressing Parlors, 187 State St., cor. R. R. Crossing, Schenectady, N, Y. Ladies ' and Children ' s Hair Dressing a Specialty. Cl IB. KILLIP, MEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, 24 North Pearl St., cor. Maiden Lane, SHIRT MAKER. At.bany, N. Y. 140 THE GARNET. X. J. HULR IC DEALER IN CHOICE GROCERIES § PROVISIONS. 235 STATE STREET, Schenectady, N. Y. Orders taken and goods delivered to any part of the City FREE OF CHARGE. • • ' IDIR,- O. O ' . GROSS, Dentist, 77 Ferry Street, Schenectady, N. Y JAS. DIMENT SON, Manufacturers and Dealers in • TOYE3,:I ]VGE3,:flE7I’rEP3,-::- House Furnishing Goods, Sc. Un ion Hall Block, Schenectady, N. V. COPPER, BRASS AND SHEET IRON WORKS. SCHENECTADY, N. Y. 141 THE GARNET. Choicest Brands of Cigars, Cigarettes, Cigarette Papers and Tobaccos con. stantly on hand. 187 State Street, - - Schenectady, N, HORNING ' S BILLIARD PARLOR, Center Street, one door from State. 8 New Collender Tables. M. H. HORNING, Proprietor, Schenectady, N. Y. MYERS THE OLD ESTABLISHED JEWELER, gwgr " Strict Attention Given to the Repairing of Watches and Jewelry . Wood Brothers, 133 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. DEALERS IN lYlsn’s Furnishing Goods Shirts Collars and Cuffs, latest styles of Neckwear, Silk Handkerchiefs, Scarf Pins, Sleeve Buttons, c. J fS Good received for Troy Laundry. THE GARNET. McDonnald Sterry, 1’S —OF— GOVERNOR AND STAFF, JUDGES COURT OF APPEALS, N. Y. STATE ASSEMBLY. 520 and 522 Broadway, ALBANY, N. Y. Also photographers for Class of ’81 of Union College. GEORGE E. VINCENT, Gents’ F urnishingGoods and manufacturer of the Ancient City Shirt, Myers Block . GE FALMATIER, CUSTOM Boot and Shoe Maker, REPAIRING PROMPTLY DONE. 82 Centre Street, Schenectady, N. Y J THE GARNET. THE CONCORDIENSIS. PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE STUDENTS OF UNION COLLEGE. Contains all the latest news about the College. TERMS: $2.00 per Year. SINGLE COPIES to rents. jgigrFor sale at COLLEGE BOOK STORE and at EDITORS’ ROOMS. IK. fBAYM, Engraver and Printer, o ALBANY, N. Y. Commercial Engraving, Wedding and Calling Cards, Coats-of-Arms, Monagram, c. College Engraving a Specialty. • Engraver of the cover of this book. 144 THE GARNET. . Ao SC5MIJMACSMER, Fine Confectionery AND FANCY CAKE BA AERY, Italian and French Ice Cream, Charlotte Russe, Cream A La Marange c., for Parties, Weddings c., supplied with Ornaments, Wedding Cakes, Ice Cream, c. Candies fresh every day. 9 6 State Street, - - Schenectady. N. Y. BURGESS THE PHOTOGRAPHER [05 and 107 State Street, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Truax and Co., A. -HFDi UGGISTS AND (g HEMISIFS$ 141 State Street, SCHENECTADY. N. Y. ROBERT HARBISON, DEALER IN HAM©WAME 9 (BUflllf, Farming Utensils, House Furnishing Goods, Windows , Glass, c., No. 120 State St., Schenectady, N. Y. Jt •45 DEALER IN Books and Stationery, PAPEiy Hangings, Wipw Shades to., Books Bound and Pictures Framed to Order, Rooms Papered at Short Notice. A Full Line of Cullege Text Hooks on hand. ill State Street, Schenectady JN. V. T. H. REEVES CO., DRY GOODS, CARPETS ND OIL CLOTHS AND UPHOLSTERY FOR COLLEGE ROOMS. Gents’ Furnishing Goods. 137 STATE ST., SCHENECTAD Y, N. Y. Carley House. A. DEVENDORF, Proprietor. State St., cor Centre, Schenectady, N. Y. Within 50 Yards of the Depot. Livery Attached. THE GARNET. Y. M. C. A. RESTAURANT, Cor. State and Ferry Sts., Schenectady, N. Y. Prom 7 a. m. to 11 p. m. Sundays, 8 to 9 a. m., 12:30 to 1:30 and 5 to 6 p. m. Special Attention paid to Suppers . im % ajMI0]Yv3T EET:Pp WCY Cor. Union and Yates Streets. SCHENECTADY, N. Y. a full line of Stationery. STUDENTS Are requested to examine my stock of Fine Imported Goods before purchasing. unequalled) " ™ 2. STYLE,) 1 4. QUALITY, MORRIS GROSS, LARGEST CLOTHIER, 336 and 338 River Street, 13, 15 end 17 Fourth Street. || , H7 NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS, Stationery of All Kinds, Tobacco and Cigars. Under Givens Hotel. C0R - WALL AND STATE ST. ZE3I. IDE KEITER, Switches Made to Order. Myers Block, Schenectady, N. V. PLATTO’S ■ restaurant ND POOL ROOM, fr- Imported and Domestic Cigars, Wines, Liquors, Ale, Lager, c. Warm Meals at All Hours. 104 CENTRE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. WI1HAM STOOPSo MERCHANT TAILOR. And Dealer in Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, c„ No. 107 State Street, - - Schenectady. N Y. the garnet. REESE HARTLEY dealers in CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES, Teas, Coffees, Spices, Flour, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Canned Goods and Vegetables. Also, Crockery, Tobacco, c. GOODS DELIVERED FREE. Cor. Union Romeyn Streets, Schenectady, N. Y. WALKER MAIRS Family Grocery, Garden and FIELD SEED, VARIETY STORE And Agricultural Warehouse, j yj M airs, 0S - 118 120 Stale Street. W. E. Walker i.J SCHENECTADY, N. V. ROBEM TV MOM, (Successor to John Gilmour,) DEALER IN Books, Stationery Paper Hangings, No. 201 STATE and 116 CENTER STREET. Stanford Block, - . Schenectady, N. Y. Agent for Anchor, Inman and Hamburg-American Trans-Atlantic Steamship Lines. 149 THE GARNET. C. M. POWERS, Photographic Artist. 225 STATE STREET. WILSON DAVIS, Merchant Tailor, . No. 113 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. W, HABiSON CD.,, DRUGGISTS JtND APOTHECARIES. 195 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. gfeg- l- ' ancv and Toilet Articles in great variety. Fine Cigars a speci alty. 109 STATE ST., SCHENECTADY, N.Y. Watches and Jewelry Repaired. Clocks for College Rooms. Carving and Engiaving donctoordei. THE GARNET. ' H T HOLTZMANN FITZMAURICE, Wholesale and Retail CLOTHIERS, 77 79 STATE STREET, (Cor. Perry.) Schenectady, N. Y. Jgfg Custom work a specialty. m Ready-Made and Made to Order, No. 90 State Street, - - Schenectady, N. Y J. V. VROOMAN A SON, DEALERS IN OVES.HAPWM TINWARE ETC., 64 and 66 Strte Street, Schenectady, N. Y. A. C. E. J. VAN EPPS, DEALERS IN BOOTS, SHOES AND RUBBER GOODS, 161 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. THE GARNET. JANVRIN GILLIS, Prop’rs. TROY HOUSE, Cor. First and River Streets, TROY, N. Y. L. H JANVRIN, am, h. gillis. S g-Free “Bus” to and from Depot. 3m A, YOUKfi, DEARER IN rums, bur, am nacu hbceamise bbullt. ALSO AGENT FOR THE Domestic, Singer, New Home, Household and other Family Sewing Machines. 1 66 STATE STREET, - - SCHENECTADY , N. r . EPRETO PBEhmpEI IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Nos. 127 129 Center St., Schenectady, N. Y. Our prices are the lowest. F. De F. Gl py, Successor to J. C. Duell, OPERATIVE AND MECHANICAL •f D ENTIST,! OFFICE AND RESIDENCE: NO. 47 STATE STREET, Schenectady, N. Y. COJSTZ JlJD gcetz MERCHANT TAILOR, ANI) DEALER IN Foreign and Domestic Woolen Goods, 85 Centre Street, Schenectady, N. Y. Perfect Fit and Good Work Guaranteed. GEO. J. SWORTFIGUeI SONS, CJIIjm GL ifSS § MOT|IK vmm Kerosene Lamps, Silver Plated and Brittania Ware, and Cutlery, House Furnishing Goods and Fancy Goods. 203 State Street, Stanford Block, Schenectady, N. Y. F THE GARNET. G. S. BARHYDT, DEALER IN Broom Twines, Broom Wire, Children s Carriages , Sfc. 158 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. KING, " THE” TAILOR! 102 STATE ST., SCHENECTADY, N. Y. All the Latest Styles in Cassimeres, Beavers, and Suitings always on hand. Garments cut and made in the Latest Styles at the Cheapest Rates. C. -V-A-!tT SLYCK, DEALER IN FLOOR, Mil, SiWSS ASS SPLIT WOOS 0? EVERY DES5RIPT10S, Lime, Cement ami Pressed Hay by the ton or bale. Nos. 57 Centre and 7 Pine Street. A. BROWN SON, “ |cUPHOIiS r I I BI EI SvANDd. ,: “ •FURNIHiURBv0)ANUPA6iPURB S,-i k 4 State Street, , , M v Schenectady, JN. i. 54 L THE GARNET. BAKERY. FINE CONFECTIONERY AND IOIE CREAM, State Street. Schenectady, N. Y. Vrooman’s Pool Rooms, 96 Center Street, Schenectady, N. Y. All Sorts of Wines and Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes. CHECKS GIVEN POOL PLAYERS. $ MYR A RLERd-JV. -i- Y H’F KS -»4fFUpiTURE WAIjEpMSjl 64 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. Beds, Chairs, Mattresses and all articles suitable for furnishing College Roo ms consta ntly on hand. Goods delivered free of charge. HOTEL GERMANIA, CHARLES IENCKE, Proprietor, Cor. Center Liberty Streets, Schenectady, N. Y. Four New Billiard Tables, Two Pool Tables, and Bar well supplied with I supplied with Wines, Liquors and Cigars. tk 55 1 THE GARNET. Schenectady Steam Laundry, 8 j Centre Street. Work done at the following Low Rates. Collars and Cuffs, - 2 c. each. Shirts, - ia c. each. Under Garments, 8 “ Socks, - - 4 All other zvork in like proportion . Thomas Ody. 4 i 4 i 4 4 l ID V V I ) _ TO : ip; t 1 )r T E W. MOORE CO., bakers and confectioners, NO. 233 STATE STREET Union Hall Block, JJ Schenectady. N. Y. Special Rates to College Clubs. City Boot and Shoe Store. JOHN G. SCHUMACHER, DEALER IN Fine Boots and Shoes, Custom Work and Repairing promptly Done, Misses’ Fine Wear a Specialty. of)7 State Street , near Crescent Park , Schenectady , N. V. II. s. BARNEY CO., DEI GOODS. CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS. House Furnishing Goods, Etc. QC Q7 and QQ State St., Schenectady, N. Y. T, c u ' H. H Swart. H. S. Barney, _ i 156 CO the garnet. i .« I io “Gxfi) DEALER IN Watches, Clocks and Fine Jewelry, Particular Attention paid to Repairing N °. 130 State Street, Schenectady , N K. John Reynolds! DEALER IN . . 9 im »! Choice Selection of Butter, Cheese, Syrups, Molasses, Fruits, Fresh and Canned. Goods Delivered promptly. 125 Union Street, Schenectady, N. Y. NEW PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO. -HlfC 7 IP TP 1 VI. 1) -d, v lb lb UP i. i t 2 North Pearl St., Albany, N. Y. For Cards, per dozen, Cabinets, full figure, Cabinets, vignettes, $3.00. 4.00. 5.00. Panels, favorite style, 8x10, first copy, Panels, 11x14, first copy. $6.00. 3.00. 5.00. Grand Promenade 14x17, first copy, $8.00. THE GARNET. W. H. s. V. LINES, THE LARGEST Boot and Shoe Dealers, IN THE CITY. Agent for “ BANISTER AND TICHENOR ” SHOES, Barney Block, Schenectady, N. Y. W. F. McMillan, Manager. FRENCH JOHNSON, FINE Merchant Tailors, No. 30 Maiden Lane, A-IAB-A-HSrS " , it. " Z " . DEALER IN General Hardware Carriage Makers’ Supplies, Carriage Iron, Steel, c„ OUTER PttWi? A FULL LINE OF AVOOI) WORK, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. . THE GARNET. The New York Boot Shoe Store. No. 83 State St., opposite Y. M. C. Association. Special Attention called to Men’s Imitation Lace Shoes. REPAIRING PROMPTLY DONE. J. C. WOOLVEN. James Picket, City Baggage Express, NINE YEARS has he been in this business, and nothing left in hands has ever been lost, damaged or delayed. jg 1 Always on hand at every train. ESTABLISHED 1839 . The Fashionable HAT, CAP and FUR ESTABLISHMENT OF Iso To ( ' LUTE, Where can always be Found the LARGEST and BEST Assortment in the City. COLLEGE and CLASS CAPS, TRUNKS, BAGS UMBRELLAS, CANES, Etc. Sole Agent in this City for the Celebrated Dunlap and Knox, Hats. NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD. CLUTE, THE HATTER, 101 STATE ST.

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