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k Y " r i nPTTIL GARNET, 3 jBoard of Editors. ’SI ancl ’S2. EDWARD TEN EYCK LANSING, ’81. EPHRAIM (’LARK MURRAY, ’82, FREDERICK W. CAMERON, ’81, JOHN GEORGE PEOLI, ’82, HORATIO GATES GLEN, ’81, WILLIAM JAMES POLLARD, ’82, WILBUR FISK WATKINS, Jr., ' 81, - SHELDON MUNSON GRISWOLD, ’82. Sigma Phi. Sigma Phi. Delta Phi. - ' Delta Phi. Psi Upsilon. Psi Upsilon. Alpha Delta Phi. Alpha Delta Phi. iUanagev and A-cUtovMn-ffihicf. HORATIO GATES GLEN, Psi Upsilon. ' Assistant ItXanagcu . JOHN GEORGE PEOLI, Delta Phi. Tujcasnvcv. WILBUR FISK WATKINS, Jr., Alpha Delta Phi. S ccvetavtj of the SBoauxl. EPHRAIM CLARK MURRAY, Sigma Phi. Jiutist. CHARLES M. CULVER, ’78, Psi UpSsilon. 4 THE G ATRENTIET. Editorial. Hitherto the Garnet has been a Senior publication. This year it is published by the Senior and Junior classes and hereafter it will be a Junior publication. It is hoped that the interest in it will be increased by this new arrangement. It was at first thought that it would be advisable to change its name, but this purpose has been abandoned, and we hops that it will ever here¬ after retain the old name. Oiu fiunti3picoo ic a pictnrp. of Prof. John Foster, LL. D., a graduate of Union, class of 1835, and long connected with the college as Professor of Natural Philosophy. We sincerely wish that many more years of usefulness and happiness may be added to the life of our venerable professor. We also give in our pages the poem read at the dinner tendered Prof. Foster a short tune since by the Union College Alumni of the Northwest, where the professor had the pleasure of again meeting some of his “old boys.” The past year has been one of great prosperity for Old Union. A large number of students are in attendance and better work is beiir done than for many years past. The college has been the recipient of many gifts ; especially that of Judge Levi Parsons, of Gloversville, promises to be of marked and lasting benefit to the college. The literary societies are again showing signs of life. The joint debate is a feature of especial interest in our college life. It should be frequently repeated. It has been rumored that the Senate and House of Representatives Club is to be revived We trust that the rumor will prove true. The C’ moordiensis, still published monthly, has become an im¬ portant feature of the college, and does great credit to those hav¬ ing it in charge. VYe trust that if it is found advisable to publish THE OAJRUNTET. 5 a “ Commencement number,” this year, that it will be conducted in a more gentlemanly and liberal spirit. On the base ball field Union ' s nine proved its superiority by winning the College State Championship pennant as we all ex¬ pected. Although the pennant was -fairly won it has not yet ar¬ rived at Union. This fact certainly does not reflect creditably on those who were commissioned by the Association to have the pennant prepared. Union contributed her share toward its pur¬ chase. yet neither the money nor the pennant has been heard from. There has not been the usual interest taken in the athletic contests. Perhaps this is because there have been no real con¬ tests. The ball games, indeed, were interesting—what there was of them. Their principal feature was that they witnessed the second defeat which ’81 has suffered during her four years at Jher Alma Mater. The gymnasium, however, is much used by the students, especially Freshmen. We would suggest that prizes be offered in this department as well as in the out-door games. The Musical Association has, we believe, determined to give no more concerts. Military drill is still the bane of the Sophomore’s and Fresh¬ man’s life. The day will gladly be welcomed by all when this silly performance is abandoned. Various improvements have been commenced about the College grounds. The laying of the sewers was interrupted by the cold weather last fall. We presume that the work will be completed this spring. Trees have been planted around the college and on the campus, and will undoubtedly furnish grateful shade when: “Some boys, who sport our a ; tered pants, Will knock at Union’s door.” There is one needed improvement and we trust that it will soon be made. We refer to the approaches to the colleges. Such walks would be a disgrace to a poor house. In the spring when the snow melts it is impossible to reach the college without being covered with mud. Like all the colleges Union took deep interest in the Presidential contest. The boys showed forth their enthusiasm by tramping up and down the hills of Albany and through the mud of Saratoga, startling the natives by their cries for Union and Arthur. We have received assistance and advice from many connected 6 THE Gr ISJSnET. with the college to whom we return thanks. Our thanks are especially due to Mr. Culver, 78 ; Mr. Benedict, ’80 and Mr. Thomson, ’83. And now a word for our book and the editors. We have en¬ deavored in its pages to say nothing by which to hurt the feelings of any and have refrained from criticising many things, justly open to honest criticism, lest we should seem to have taken ad¬ vantage of the power given us or to have been moved by class feelings. As editors we have earnestly endeavored to make our book more representative of our college and the students. We think that a college is benefited by such a publication and hope that our Alma Mater may be by ours. The ties which are formed during a college course are not easily broken. And those who have been associated in the preparation of the Garnet will long remember how we have plotted, and planned, and devised, that we might present to you this volume which with all its imper¬ fections we hope will be received by you with the same kind regard with which we offer it. rHIC GARNET. SECRET SOCIETIES -IN THE — ORDER OF THEIR ESTABLISHMENT. u Abandon hope all ye that entev heve.” THE HAENET. Jdgma glxi. FRA TRES IN URBE. G. LANSING OOTHOUT, Peof. JOHN FOSTER, LL. D., Hon. E. WINSLOW PAIGE, G. W. FEATHERSTONHAUGH, WILLIAM D. MAXON, WILLIAM C. McCAMUS, HENRY B. McQUEEN, WILLIAM W. CRAIG, DeLANCEY W. WATKINS. SENIORS. EDWARD TEN EYCK LANSING, CHAliLES HENRY JOHNSON, Jr., ♦HORACE RICHARD SHEAD, GEORGE BOWLER TULLEDGE, GEORGE GIBBS LELAND. JUNIORS. GEORGE ALFRED PAUL CODWISF, EPHRAIM CLARK MURRAY SOPHOMORES. BARNARD CLEVELAND SLOAN, CHARLES DONNEL GIBSON, FRESHMEN. LAWSON CLAY TALLEY, BENJAMIN GERARD CHISOLM ♦THEODORE IRWIN, Jr. ♦Left College r the G-AJRN rr. 11 iVtpha ©Ixaptcv. FRA TRES IN UFJiE. J. H. LYON. J. K. PAIGE, ALEX. J. THOMSON, WM. L. PEARSON, B. A. MYNDERSE, GEO. MAXON, W. H. SMITH, CLASS ’81. G. O. VAN DeBOGART. ROBERT A. WOOD, FREDERICK W. CAMERON, JAMES W. LESTER. CLASS ’82. JOHN Ct. PEOLI, ALFRED A. McMURRAY, ♦SAMUEL M. SYLVESTER, CHARLES TEMPLE, ELIPHALET N. WRIGHT. FRANK H. WRIGHT, DAVIDSON S. FLOWER RHETT YOUMANS, JOSEPH E. RANSDELL. CLASS ’83 ♦DANIEL R. PEOLI, ♦WALTER J. SCOTT, ♦JAMES W. THOMSON, TRACY WALWORTH, FRANK BURTON, CLASS ’84. JOHN G. EVANS. CLEVELAND C. HALE, HERMAN V. MYNDERSE, THOMAS E. ADAMS, G. FRANK PARSONS, CHARLES H. HILL, JOHN E. BACON. Jr. l.eft College. 12 r rHE GABXET. Vs (ItpsUcm. Theta (Chapter, Founded IS?.?.. FRA TRES IN URBE. JAMES E. DAVIS, Theta, Hon. S. W. JACKSON, Theta, Prof. W. A. LAMOROUX, Theta, J. A. LYON, Theta, E. A. MAXON, Theta, FRANK MAXON, Beta, Prof. I. B. PRICE, Theta. f rHE GARNET. 13 SENIORS. HENRY RUFUS FANCHER, HORATIO GATES GLEN, JOB PHILIP LYON, SAMUEL PARIS MeCLELLAN. JUNIORS. CHARLES EDWARD FAY, WILLIAM JAMES POLLARD, ELMER BRITON WALLER, WILLIAM GIFFORD, WILLIAM ALFRED W 7 ADDELL, ARTHUR SILAS W 7 RIGHT. SOPHOMORES. WILLIAM WHALEY BELLINGER, JOHN RANSOM BRIDGE, WILLIAM MORRIS GILBERT, JOHN WARDEN McCAULEY, LEFFERTS MORRELL POWELL, ALBERT MOORE WESTINGHOTJSE, HENRY CHANCELLOR W 7 OOD. FRESHMEN. GEORGE FRANKLIN ALLISON, DOW BEEKMAN, IRVING PERRY ESTCOURT, CHARLES ADAMS KITTS, JONATHAN RTDER POWELL. CALVIN EDGAR MEPI CA L PEP A R TM E N T. CARPENTER. CHARLES MORTIMER CULVER, FRANK POTTER JOHNSON. THE GARNET. 15 Ipha Jlelta hL xEnion (Chapter. gstabUshert 1859. FRA TRES IN URBE. JOHN A. DeREMER, A. M., ALONZO P. STRONG, Prof. S. B. HOWE, A. M., FRANKLIN R. TOLL, Rev. GEO. ALEXANDER, A. M., BENJAMIN I. STANTON. SENIORS. PERRY H. KLINE, HENRY SCHLOSSER, CEO. K. MENEELY, HOWARD L. THOMAS, JAMES L. RANKINE, WILBUR F. WATKINS, Jr., WILL. P. WILLIAMS. JUNIORS. ♦LEE W. CASE, JAMES A. VanVOAST, SHELDON GRISWOLD, S. HALSTED WATKINS, SOPHOMORES. FRED. F. BENNETT, JAMES B. W. LANSING, GULIAN Y. P. LANSING, FRANKLIN W. McOLELLAN. DANIEL C. McELWAIN. F RESUME X. LEWIS R. GARNSEY, CHARLES B. TEMPLETON, HENRY Z. PRATT, FRANK S. TITUS. Left College. THE GARNET. IT Theta gpsxlmi. ©arnina (Chapter. ’81. H. E. FANCHER, H. SCHLOSSER, H. G. GLEN, W. F. WATKINS, Jr., E. T. E. LANSING, W. P. WILLIAMS, C. D. MENEELY, R. A. WOOD. ’82. SHELDON GEISWOLD. W. J. POLLARD, A. A. MeMURRAY, E. B. WALLER, H. R. PTERSON, Jr., S. H. WATKINS. ’83. Brnnpss. nsrEMi. ABAMZ4 . -4 BEP. OMPTI. t MHr-fifiM. fhi -Beta fghi.. o oundcxl 1879. SENIORS. A B R A H A M. JUNIORS. EAVONIUS, PSAMMITICHUS, GRONOVIUS, RUSTICUS, GROTIUS, SAMSICERAMUS, MARDONIUS, YAHEN 0 BARBUS, PETRONIUS. SOPHOMORES. HELIOS WYTTENBACK. V 9 V FRESHMEN , (Fleeted.) » 1 ! t 1 1 ! f 1 ! THE GARNET. 18 OTHER SOCIETIES REPRESENTED IN THE COLLEGE. ivappa 3Vl:pta. SENIORS. F. F. ABBOTT, C. Y. ANABLE, F. S. BLOSS, S. G. GAILLARD, C. D. MENEELY, H. N. POTTER. JUNIORS. E. E. FOBD, H. R. PIERSON. W. M. LEWIN, SOPHOMORES. D. D. ADDISON; T. W. MOORE. W. 0. LEWIS, FRESHMEN. H. Y. N. PHILIP, F. Z. ROOKER. (thx mil LESTER C. DICKINSON. THE GARNET. 16 OFFICERS MSTUDENTS —OF— Union University. SO THE G- R-lSnET. (Officcvs of (Union (IXnnvcvsity;. 2?vcsi(lcnt. ELITHALET NOTT POTTER, D. D., LL. D. THOMAS HUN, LL. D., Hon. AMASA J. PARKER, LL. D., ROBERT H. PRUYN, LL. D., HENRY H. MARTIN, Esq., ORLANDO MEADS, LL. D., Hon. WM. L. LEARNED, LL. D. rERMANENT Trustees of Union College are also members of the Board of Governors. Trustees of Slnion (Colleye. EX-OFFICIO. His Excellency ALONZO B. CORNELL, Governor, Hon. GEORGE G. HOSKINS, Lieut. Governor, Hon. JOSEPH B. CARR, Secretary of State, Hon. JAMES W. WADSWORTH, Comptroller, Hon. NATHAN D. WENDELL, Treasurer, Hon. HAMILTON WARD, Attorney-General. THE GARXET, si ALSO GOVERNORS OF UNIVERSITY. Hon. WILLIAM W. CAMPBELL, LL. D., Rev. EBENEZER HALLEY, D. D., Rev. J. TRUMBULL BACKUS, D. D., LL. D., Hon. CLARKSON N. POTTER, LL. D., Hon. PLATT POTTER, LL. D., Hon. CHARLES C. NOTT, WILLIAM TRACY, LL. D., ELIPHALET NOTT POTTER, D. D., LL. D., JOSEPH W. FULLER, Esq. ' SILAS B. BROWNELL, Esq., Gen. FREDERICK TOWNSEND, Rev. WILLIAM IRVIN, D. D., Hon. JUDSON S. LANDON, Hon. EDWARD W. PAIGE, Rev. J. LIVINGSTON REESE, D. D. Robert h. McClellan, Esq., AMASA J. PARKER, Jit., Esq., DAVID C. ROBINSON, Esq., THOMAS H. FEAREY, Esq., JONATHAN PEARSON, EDGAR M. JENKINS, Term of Office Expiring June 1881. “ “ “ “ 1882. “ “ “ “ 1883. “ “ “ “ 1884. - - - Treasurer. Assistant Treasurer and Secretary. CHANCELLORS. Hon. ALEXANDER H. RICE, LL. D., 1881, Hon. JOHN WELSH, LL. D., 1880, Hon. JOHN K. PORTER, LL. D., 1879, Hon. WM. PORCHER MILES, LL. D., 1878, Hon. GEORGE WILLIAM CURTIS, LL. D., 1877, Rt. Hon. WILLIAM E. GLADSTONE, D. C. L., 1876, Rt. Rev. HORATIO POTTER, D. D., LL. D., D. C. L., 1875, Hon. JOHN A. DIX, LL. D., 1874, Hon. HORATIO SEYMOUR, LL. D., 1873, ELIPHALET N. POTTER, D. D. LL. D. S3 THE G-ARNET. ffaoilttj. 81 nion (College. ELIPHAPET NOTT POTTER, D. D., LL. D., President ; Lectures and Instruction in Moral Philosophy, Christian Evidences and the Constitution of United States. JOHN FOSTER, LL. D., Nott Professor (No. 8) of Natural Philosophy. JONATHAN PEARSON, A. M., Professor of Agriculture and Botany. HENRY WHITEHORNE, A. M., Nott Professor (No. 1) of the Greek Language and Literature. WILLIAM WELLS, LL. D., Professor of Modern Languages and Literature. MAURICE PERKINS, A. M., M. D., Nott Professor (No. 3) of Analytical Chemistry and Curator of the Museum. CADY STALEY, A. M., C. E., Dean ; Professor of Civil Engineering. HARISON E. WEBSTER, A. M., Professor of Natural History. ISAIAH B. PRICE, C. E., Professor of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Physics. REY. GEORGE ALEXANDER, A. M., Professor of Logic and Rhetoric. REY. TIMOTHY GRENYILLE DARLING, D. D., Acting Professor of Mental Philosophy and Hebrew. WENDELL LAMOROUX, A. M., English Essays and Oratory, and Assistant Librarian. REY. GEORGE W. DEAN, S. T. D., Professor of Latin. REV. EGBERT C. LAWRENCE, Assistant Professor of History. THE GARNET. S3 MAJOR J. W. McMURRAY, A. M., U. S. A., ProfeBsui uf Military Scionoc and Taotioo. CHARLES W. VANDERVEER, Instructor in Physical Culture. JAMES E. BENEDICT, Assistant in Zoology. SAMUEL B. HOWE, A. M., Adjunct Nott Professor (No. 4), Principal of Union School and Superintend¬ ent of the Schools of Schenectady. REV. PHILLIPS BROOKS, Baccalaureate Sermon, 1881. HENRY COPPEE, LL. D., Professor of History, English Literature and Philology. REV. EDWARD A. WASHBURN, D. D., Lectures on Old English and on Art. PROF. ROSWELL D. HITCHCOCK, D. D., Lectures on Christian Socialism. HON. S. T. BENEDICT, Lectures on Law. E. D. PALMER, A. M., Sculpture. WILLIAM A. POTTER, A. M„ Professor of Architecture. HON. DAVID MURRAY, LL. D., Lectures on Oriental Civilization. REV. WILLIAM E. GRIFFIS. Lectures on Oriental Art. REV. J. L. PARKS, Lectures on Self-culture. PROF. IRVING BROWNE, . Lectures on Shakespeare. The gentlemen whose names follow the Faculty list are not permanently in residence at the College. Several of them give instruction by text-book as well as by occasional lectures or other methods. COLLEGE OFFICERS. JONATHAN PEARSON, A. M., Treasurer and Librarian. EDGAR M. JENKINS, Esq., Assistant Treasurer and Registrar. « Superintendent of Buildings and Farm, JAMES PICKETT. College Bindery, D. D. C. TELLER, Binder, HENRY TRIPP. Assistant ; and Photographer. 24 THE GARNET. Tlcpavtmxnt of BXccUclne. ALBANY MEDICAL COLLEGE . PRESIDENT POTTER, President of the Faculty. THOMAS HUN, M. D., Dean ; Emeritus Professor of the Institutes of Medicine. S. 0. VANDERPOEL, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Pathology, Practice and Clinical Medicine. ALBERT VANDERVEER, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery, and Clinical Surgery. JACOB S. MOSHER, M. D., Ph. D., Registrar; Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Hygiene. MAURICE PERKINS, M. D.. Professor of Chemical Philosophy and Organic Chemistry. JOHN M. BIGELOW, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. LEWIS BALCH, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. SAMUEL B. WARD, M. D., Professor of Surgical Pathology, Operative and Clinical Surgery. JOHN P. GRAY, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Psychological Medicine. JAMES P. BOYD, Jr., M. D.. Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. WILLIS G. TUCKER, M. D., Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry. WILLIAM HAILES, M. D., Anthony Professor of Histology and Pathological Anatomy. CYRUS S. MERRILL, M. D., Professor of Ophthalmology. S. 0. VANDERPOEL, Jr., M. D., Adjunct Professor of Pathology, Practice and Clinical Medicine. FRANKLIN TOWNSEND, M. D., Lecturer on Physiology. F. C. CURTIS, M. D., Adjunct Professor of Dermatology. HENRY MARCH, M. D., Curator of the Museum. EUGENE VAN SLYKE, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. r — --- THE GARJVICT. 25 Department of gaur. ALBANY LA V SCHOOL. PRESIDENT TOTTER, Feudalism and Constitutional Law. HON. WILLIAM L. LEARNED, LL. D., Civil Law and Equity Jurisprudence. HON. HORACE E. SMITH, LL. D., Dean, Personal Property, Contracts, Commercial Law and Torts. HON. MATTHEW HADE, Criminal Law and Personal Rights. HENRY COPPEE, LL. D., International Law. H. E. SICKLES, Esq., Sources of the Common Law, and the Law of Evidence. CHARLES T. F. SPOOR, Esq., Practice and Pleading at Common Law and under the Code. HENRY S. McCALL, Esq., Real Property,- Wills, and Practice in Surrogate’s Courts. IRVING BROWNE, Esq., Domestic Relations. THE GAENET. 26 Junior As we look back over our college course we remember only the pleasure we have enjoyed. All appears bright. We forget how forlorn we felt as Freshmen. How we thought ourselves abused without cause. How we went to bed armed “to the teeth” and lay in anxious expectation awaiting a raid on our rooms. We for¬ get the many hours we spent polling Bourdon, and the many flunks “ Chilly ” mourned over. We remember only tho day we first carried caties and wore beavers to drill. We remember the cremation of Algebra and the beautiful state of the weather at that time. Of the Sophomore year we remember a great deal. We re¬ member how we enjoyed putting the freshmen on the table. How good the cider tasted. How humorous their impromptu speeches appeared to us. AVhat a fine fire Prex’s fence made. What a jolly time we had putting ’82’s “ big baby ” in bed. What heavy damages he sued us for. How he did not get a “ dog-goned ” cent. In our Junior year we were too dignified to take pleasure in listening to the-insipid talk of the Freslimen. We did not think the noisy, boisterous sport of the Sophs becoming us, so we passed our time growing beards and beautifying our personal appear¬ ance. For the first time we mounted the rostrum and spouted our chapel orations, making the Freshmen wonder at our eloquence, and the Seniors groan with envy. At last we have reached the Senior year. It does not seem half so glorious as it appeared to us before. We find a Senior is expected to do something beside wear silk hats and look grave. We find even the Senior is expected to rise before day-break to recite astronomy with Prof. Staley, in order that the subject may THE 27 be properly illustrated on the “ celestial sphere.” We find that Butler’s Analogy is no hoax, and bolts m that study a tiling of the past. To be sure, we are of great importance, for what would a college be without the Senior ? Then we must soon leave. We have learned to love the old gray walls of Union and the faculty who have ever treated us as gentlemen, and when ’81 departs from the gates of Union, it will be with feelings of regret and sorrow. THE Gr.AJRilNr ET. SB CLASS OFFICERS. C. D. MENEELY, - - - E. I. DEVLIN, - W. C. MARSELIUS, - HANCOCK NEAGLE, - F. W. CAMERON, A. 4 ., E. C. JOHNSON,. L. C. DICKINSON, - H. H. TAYLOR, - J. R. GIBSON, ----- E. T. E. LANSING, 2. .. - J. P. DAVIS, - President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Historian. Prophet. Poet. Orator. Addressor. Grand Marshal. - B. B. Director. MEMBERS OF THE CLASS. NAMES. Franklin Eugene Abbott, Courtland Virginius Anable, Frederick Selden Bloss, Frederick W. Cameron, Alexander Campbell, Perry Ellis Car hart, Andrew Drummond Darling, residences. Brunswick, N. Y., Springfield, Mass. , Troy, N. Y., Albany, N. Y., Troy, N. Y., Gfuilderkmd, N. Y t , Andes, N. Y., ROOMS. S. S., N. C- S. S., N. C. 163 Union st. 91 Nott Terrace. N. S., N. C. Colonnade. 5 Quacketibush st. THE G RJSTET. Joseph Paige Davis, Cobleskill, N. Y., N. S., N. C. Edward Ignatius Dovlin, Albany, N. Y N. S., N. C. Lester Coolidge Dickinson, Warrensburgh, N. Y., N. S., N. C. Henrv Rufus Fancher, McGrawville, N. Y., N. S., S. C. Samuel Gourdin GaiUard, Charleston, S. C., Liberty at. James Richard Gibson, Delhi, N. Y., 5 Quackenbush st. Horatio Gates Glen, Schenectady, N. Y., 58 College st. John James Henning, Argvle, N. Y., S. S., S. C. Edward Campbell Johnson, Schenectady, N. Y., 173 Union st. Charles Sumner King, Hammonton, N. J., M. S.. N. C. William Barker Landreth, Schenectady, N. Y., S. S., N. C. Edward Ten Eyck Lansing, Little Falls, N. Y., Yates st. Ge urge Gibbs Leland, Maysville, S. C., N. S., N. C. Richard Timothy Lomasney, Schenectady, N. Y., East Liberty st. Job Philip Lyon, Troy, N. Y., N. S., S. C. Ripley ShurtlefF Lyon, Schenectady, N. Y., 11 Lafayette st. Willard Charles Marselius, Scotia, N. Y., 25 Lafayette st. Samuel Pains McClellan, Troy, N. Y., 180 Union st. David Hun McFalls, Gouverneur, N. Y., S. S., N. C. Charles Dickinson Meneely, Albany, N. Y., 164 Union st. Frank Willard Moore, DeKalb, N. Y., N. S., N. C. Hancock Neagle, Columbia, S. C., M. S., S. C. Howard Nott Potter, New York City, Mrs. Nott’s. John Sawyer, Cherry Valley, N. Y., 88 Lafayette st. Henry Schlosser, Schenectady, N. Y., 66 Jay st. Josiali Still, Lansingburgh, N. Y., 173 Union st. Herbert Henry Taylor, Brooklyn, N. Y., S. S., N. C. George Bowler Tullidge, Cain’s P. 0., Pa., N. S., N. C. William Edgar Van Epps, Schenectady, N. Y., 23 Liberty st. Alexander Marcellus Vedder, Schenectady, N. Y., 13 Paige st. Edward Freeman Walsh, Schenectady, N. Y., 83 Lafayette st. Wilbur Fisk Watkins, Jr., Baltimore, Md., M. S. S. C. William Maxwell White, Amsterdam, N. Y., M. S. S. C. William Porter Williams, Aiken, S. C., M. S. S. C. William Roberts Winans, Schenectady, N. Y., Colonnade. Irving Wiswall, Robert Alvin Wood, F. 0. Avery, C. E. Carpenter, I. M. Garrison, F. K Gary, J. M. Harvey. C. H. Johnson, P. H. Kline, S. V. Kline, J. S. Lawrence, W. A. S. Latham, J. W. Lester, W. F. Miller, L. W. Hull, Ballston Spa., N. Y., Wolcott, N. Y., FORMER MEMBERS. N. S. N. C. 91 Nott Terrace. F. W. Gardner. G. K. Meneely, H. R. Pierson, B. Quinn, J. S. Rankin, H. M. Schermerhorn, E. S. Younglove, E. R. Youmans, L. T. Yedder, E. B. Waller, 0. F. Weigaudt, F. Van Epps, H. R. Shear), C. B. Pierson, 30 THE G-ARNET. guuicrv gtlitovml, r $2. “Man wants but little here below. Nor wants that little long.’’ It was thus we mused when, as Freshmen, Physiology was hung like a mill-stone about our untutored necks ; it was this we wailed when, as Sophomores, Calculus gored us well-nigh to death ; and it was even this that haunted us when, entering as gay and festive Juniors, Mechanics and Logic stared us in the face, cover¬ ing us with deepest gloom. Verily for a time we were led even to doubt that ancient and time-honored saying — “In Junior year we take our ease,” etc., and were prepared at any time to assume sack-cloth and ashes. Certainly, so far as study is concerned, we always have wanted very little and we did not want ‘‘that little long” either, but in our vain endeavors to strain at the little, we were obliged to swal¬ low the much. Sic vivitur. With a New Year, however, came relief, peace and plenty, (of hard work). Once more are we permitted to grasp the hearty hand of our tried friend, Physiology, and Never more will we be seen, Joking with the charming Deane. Juniors, pause here. Choke back that rising sob. Smother that " hikah ” on your trembling lips. Remember your humble (?) brethren, the Sophs, and learn patience. Yes, we are happy once more. Visions of an approaching “class supper” float temptingly before us and we dreamily murmur, “We wont go home till morning.” Third term and Senior year beckon us on with their pictures of rest (?) and quiet. We are contented. We hope that all our troubles are over for this year at least and THE G-ARN ' JET. 31 although we miss from our midst many of our brightest (?) lumin¬ aries, the class of ’82 still hopes to prove that its strength does not lie in Base Ball alone, but in those “tried aud trusty men,” of whom its Alma Mater has been and ever shall be proud. Long may vve wave ! 3S2 THE G- A.LMSTIET. if uni or Class. r 82. CLASS OFFICERS. L. R. HARGRAVE, - President. W. H. PHYFE, - Vice-President. J. M. ADAIR, - Secretary. W. B. REED, _ Treasurer. BAYARD WHITEHORNE, - Historian. J. J. DROWNE, - B. B. Director. MEMBERS OF THE CLASS. NAMES. RESIDENCES. ROOMS. John McCauley Adair, Ox Bow, N. Y., N. S. S. C. Albert Edward Carmichael, South Sandlake, Ferry st. G. Alfred P. Codwise, Grantville, Mass., 22 Park Place. John Jenks Drowne,, Plattsburgh, N. Y., Colonnade. James Dougal Elder, Pattersonville, N. Y., s. s. s. c. James R. Fairgrieve, Schenectady, N. Y., 34 State st. Charles Edward Fay, Northanfpton, N. Y., s. s. s. c. Davidson Spriggs Flower, Alexandria, La., M. S. N. C. Edmund Erastus Ford, Schenectady, N. Y., Liberty st. William Gifford, Schenectady, N. Y., 60 Lafayette st. Elijah Warner Greene, New Labanon, N. Y., N. S. N. C. Sheldon Munson Griswold, Delhi, N. Y,, 26 Park Place. Luther R. Hargrave, Madrid, N. Y., M. S. N. C. Herbert Calvin Hinds, East Greenwich, N. Y., s. s. s. c. William Meyer Lewin, Upper Marlboro, Md., S. S. N. C. Robert Edward Morgan, Johnsburgh, N. Y., Albany st. Alfred Augustus McMurray, Lansingburgh, N. Y., M. S. N. C. Ephriam Clark Murray, Edisto Island, S. C., N. S. N. C. John George Peoli, Havana, Cuba, M. S. N. C. Walter Hutson Phyfe, Delhi, N. Y., Colonnade. THE GARNET. 33 Henry Rufus Pierson, Jr., Albany, N. Y.. 78 Nott Terrace. William James Pollard, Seneca Falls, N. Y., 182 Union st. Albert Pratt, Fort Edward, N. Y., N. S. N. C. Joseph Eugene Ransdell, Alexandria, La., M. S. N. C. William Boardman Reed, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., N. S. N. C. William Campbell Roseboom, Roseboom. N. Y., 88 Lafayette st. Charles Temple, Schenectady, N. Y., Nott Terrace. Edward Thompson, Johnsburgh, N. Y., M. S. S. C. William H. Van Buren, Mt. Vision, s. s. s. c. Frederick Daniel Van Wagenen, Fulton, N. Y., M. S. S. C. William Alfred Waddell, White Lake, N. Y., 9 Church st. Elmer Briton Waller, Seneca Falls, N. . 182 Union st. Shureman Halsted Watkins, Baltimore, Md., M. S. S. C. Bayard Whitehorne, Schenectady, N. Y , College. Edward Charles Wliitmyer, Schenectady, N. Y., Front st. Arthur Silas Wright, Worcester, N. Y., N. S. S. C. Eliphalet Nott Wright, Boggy Depot, Ind. Ter., M. S. N. C. Frank Hall Wright, Boggy Depot, Ind. Ter., M. S. N. C. Edmund Rhett Youmans, Columbia, S. C., s. s. s. c. FORMER MEMBERS. E. H. Adriance, M. Beattie, M. J. Couch, Owen Early, C. C. Duryee, H. M. Schernierhom, N. G. Evans. J. S. Van Veehten, J. D. White, N. G. Kingsly, J. A. McFarran, S. M. Sylvester. 34 THE Sophomore Editorial. Having arisen from tlie debased condition of Freshmen, after a year of untold hardship, we now appear as “ jolly Sophomores.’’ We can never forget how cruel the conduct of the Sophomores appeared to us when we were Freshmen. How they salted us, put us on the table, until our eyes were sore and our voices hoarse, treating us when we were homesick and lonesome as if we were guilty of some misdemeanor, when we were as humble and innocent as becomes Freshmen, even threatening to put us under the pump if we did not obey their slighest wish. No, we will never act harshly toward ’84. We did forget ourselves so fm as lu tlnovv a baud or two of salt at them, but they showed us our mistake and made us remember our determination not to molest them, by returning the salt in a manner much more forcible than polite. We went with the Juniors and allowed the Freshmen to mount the table and “set up ”tlie cider; but did not insist when they did not feel disposed to do so. We did not have a cane-rush this year, as the Freshmen have more men than we, and being grateful to us for the consideration we have shown them they kindly gave up the rush rather than mortify us by beating us on the campus. If they had insisted on having a rush it is doubtful whether we should oppose them as we have but one man with any sand (Johnny) in his constitution and he is opposed to rushing. We have a good team for a rope pull, and in defeating ’81, made ourselves the champions of the college. The college authorities respect us for our love of peace and order, Col. Pickett is growing fat, the idol smiles upon us and we are happy. When the Freshmen cremated Bourdon we proved to the world the aucient saying that “in the spring the Sophomores’ THJK GARNET. 35 fancy darkly turns to deeds of blood. ” Tilings were not altogether lovely for the Freshmen on that occasion. And although the Freshmen and “ Cops ” were not quite as polite as they might have been, and used us rather roughly, we do not complain. We only wish to be remembered as “ jolly Sophs ” who took what the gods were pleased to give. 36 THE GAR NT JCT. J ' Ci homove Class. CLASS OFFICERS. J. B. W. LANSING, A. A. ! ., _ President. F. F. BENNETT, A. a. ., - Vice-President. j. w. McCauley, . y., - Secretary. JAMES CANTINE, Jr., - Treasurer. J. R. BRIDGE, . Y., - Historian. CHARLES H. CLUTE, - B. B. Director. MEMBERS OF THE CLASS. NAMES. RESIDENCES. rooms. John Wilmer Adams, Belmond, Iowa, s. s. n. c. Daniel Delaney Addison, Washington, D. C., M. 8. N. C. William Whaley Bellinger, Charleston, S. C., s. s. s. c. Roswell Alphonso Benedict. Schenectady, N. Y,, Colonnade. Frederick Fuller Bennett, Hyde Park, Ill., N. S. 8. C. James Robert Bolton, Pelham, N. Y., N. S. S. C. John Ransom Bridge, Le Roy, N. Y., N. 8. S. C. Frank Burton, Gloversville, N. Y., M. S. N. C. James Cantine, Jr., Stone Ridge, S. 8. 8. C. Charles Howard Clnte, Schenectady, N. Y., 183 Union st. Lewis Augustus CoffeeD, Potsdam, N. Y., N. S. N. C. THE GARN 37 Daniel Morrison Countermine, Schenectady, N. Y., S. S. S. C. Richard Ward Dent, Schenectady, JN. Y., 02 Chapol st Henry Farr De Puy, Bath, N. Y., N. S. N. C. Luther James Emerson, Moorton Station, Del. , N. S. S. 0. Charles Donnell Gibson. Dover, Del., Yates st. William Morris Gilbert, Willard, N. Y., N. S. S. 0. William Knox Gilchrist, Schenectady, N. Y., 30 Union st. Abram Truax Conde Hamlin, Winona, Minn., S. S. S. 0. John Ravenscroft Harding, Washington, D. C., S. S. N. C. James Cook Hemphill, Ballston Spa, N. Y., M. S. N. 0. Charles Andrew Holla, Sing Sing, N. Y., S. S. S. 0. Gulian Schmaltz Hook, Schenectady, N. Y., 181 Union st. Gillian Van Plank Lansing, Schenectady, N. Y., 190 State st. Janies Burnside Wands Lansing, Schenectady, N. Y., 190 State st. William Ozias Lewis, Washington, D. C., M. S. N. C. Samuel Gardner Lloyd, Pittsfield, Mass., N, S. N. 0. John Warden McCauley, Stanley, N. Y., N. S. N. C. Franklin William McClellan, Cambridge, N. Y., N. S. S. C. Daniel Crippen McElwain, Cohoes, N. Y., M. S. S. C. Tredwell Woodbridge Moore, Baltimore, Md., 97 Nott Terrace. Albert Burr ' Nash, South Norwalk, Conn., N. S. S. C. LefTerts Morrell Powell, Brooklyn, N. Y., M. S. S. C. Archibald Wadsworth Ray, Columbia, S. C., S. S. S. C. James Henry Sand, Knox, N. Y., M. S. S. C. George Warner Sherwood, Ballston Spa, N. Y., s. s. s. c. Bernard Cleveland Sloan, Columbia, S. C., N. S. N. C. Charles Smith Trentlen, Cokesbury, S. C., S. S. S. 0. Albert Moore Westinghouse, Schenectady, N. Y., 66 Washington Ave. Tracy Walworth, Saratoga, N. Y., 2 Quackenbush st. Henry Chancellor Wood, New York City, 182 Union st. James Cornelius Wright, Dean’s Corners, N. Y. M. S. N. C. FORMER MEMBERS. Joseph H. Osborne, James W. Thomson, Daniel R. Peoli, Charles F. Timmerman, William Sauter, John H. Veeder, Arthur C. Swortfiguer, Thomas P. Washburne, Walter Miller. 38 THE GARNET. ffrcslunan gclitovial. “ While there ;s life there’s hope ” When we first entered college we were told that there was no hope, for Freshmen at least. So with this indisputable fact before us, we started to take ui our burdens and to act as best became hopeless cases. When, however, on our first arrival at chapel, we gazed around us and saw the haggard countenances of the forty bold Sophomores and compared them with our little band of sixty , in all the beauty of verdancy and childhood, hope once more came to our cheek. It could not be that that dark band of Sophomores would be cruel enough to att ack our innocent little company. No ! They looked too noble for that. And our sur¬ mise proved to be true. For soon afterwards they came to us with salt, in token of their friendship and hospitality, and remem¬ bering the Eastern rule of politeness, we partook of the salt with them and even offered them some in return, which, however, they did not accept in that generous spirit which had characterized us. It was only when we offered them a barrel of apples that they were appeased. When the “ rush was mentioned, hope once more departed and we were for awhile in the depths of despair. But again our nobl» friends (?), the Sophs, came to our rescue, and with true generosity offered to let the “rush” go, for our sakes. With what haste did we accept the noble offer ! And how many times since have we gazed on our untorn frocks and shuddered at “ wliat might have been ”! Since then peace has reigned supreme. Hope is now our guiding star. We yet hope to comb the hay-seed from our locks. We yet hope to take one “ ten ” in Algebra. We yet hope to become Sophomores souk time in our course. And we yet hope to be worthy of our Alma Mater. “ While there is life, there’s hope.” Our cremation of Bourdon was a grand affair. Attended by THE Gr A.IrfcjN ' E r X 39 “ townies,” Soplis,” and “Cops,” we celebrated in grand stylo. The Sophs didn’t get the coffin if they did burn up all our wood. We have now arrived at the dignity of third term “Fresh,” and are perfectly happy with our beavers and canes. We have determined never again to play marbles or spin tops. 40 TH JC G A. mSTIGT. ff vcshtnan Class. CLASS OFFICERS. J. E. BACON, a. J. B. HUTCHINSON, G. W. FAIRGRIEVE, - - - G. E. FISHER, - President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. DOW BEEKMAN, . Y.,.Historian. DANIEL NAYLON, Jr., - - - -• B. B. Director. MEMBERS OF THE CLASS. NAMES. Thomas Edward Adams, George Franklin Allison, John Edmund Bacon, Edgar Starr Barney, Frederick Vernon Bennett, Dow Beekman, Sherman Edwin Bishop. Charles William Boyd, Cyrus Burhaus, Matthew Calbraith Butler, Jr., Benjamin Gerard Chislom, Charles Allen Cockroft, residences. New Orleans, La., Oswego, N. Y., Columbia, S. C., Worcester, N. Y., Minerva, N. Y., Middleburgh, N. Y., Hancock, N. Y., Union Town, S. C., Cobleskill, N. Y., Edgefield, S. C., Charleston, S. C., Walden, N. Y., ROOMS. 2 Quackenbush st. 110 Union st. N. S. N. C. N. S. S. C. S. S. N. C. 182 Union st. N. S. N. O ' . M. S. N. C. N. S. N. C. N. S. N. C. N. S. N. C. 42 Barrett st. T THE GARNET. 41 William Nelson Potter Dailey, Schonootady, N. Y., 03 Lafayette st. John Francis Delaney, Albany, N. Y., N. S. N. C. Irving Perry Estcourt, Schenectady, N. Y., 180 Union st. George William Fairgrieve, Schenectady, N. Y., 34 State st. Frank Stewart Ferguson, Gloversville, N. Y., M. S. N. C. George Egbert Fisher, Westerlo, N. Y., S. S. N. C. Cornelius Edward Franklin. Albany, N. Y., N. S. N. C. Edward Lincoln Garrett, Milton, N. Y., 44 Barrett st. Lewis Rogers Garnsey, Clifton Park, N. Y., 59 Park Place. James Gereau Greene, Clyde, N. Y., 93 Center st. Cleveland Convers Hale, Cleveland, Ohio, M. S. N. C. Frederick Dixon Hall, Antwerp, N. Y., M. S. N. C. John Alexander Heatlv, Schenectady, N. Y., 6 Washington Ave. John William Higson, Salt Lake City, Utah, M. S. S. C. Charles Henry Hill, Gloversville, N. Y., S. S. N. C. John Blackall Hutchinson, Brooklyn, N. Y., S. S. N. C. Arthur Harold Kashmir Jervis, Le Roy,.N. Y., M. S. N. C. Wilbur Macauley Judd, Jewitt, N. Y., 76 Lafayette st. James Johannes Kemp, BaHsville, Ya., s. s. s. a Charles Adams Kitts, Oswego, N. Y., 110 Union st. Stephen Francis Leo, Providence, R. I., N. S. S. C- John McEncroe, Jr., Schenectady, N. Y., 15 Lafayette st. Reese 6rown McCown, Darlington, S. C., M. S. S. C. David Speucer Merritt, Carmel, N. Y., N. S. S. C. Henry Leo Miller, Columbia, S. C., S. S. S. C. Herman Vedder Mynderse, Schenectady, N. Y., 27 Liberty st. Daniel Naylon, Jr., Schenectady, N. Y., 61 Church st. Pickens Neagle, Columbia, S. C., M. S. S. C. Frederick Sydney Parmenter, Troy, N. Y., 164 Union st. George Frank Parsons, Gloversville, N. Y., M. S. N. C. Henry Van Ness Philip, New York City, 25 Lafayette st. Herbert George Porcher, Salt Lake City, Utah, M. S. S. C. Jonathan Rider Powell, Brooklyn, N. Y., M. S. S. C. Henry Zackariali Pratt, Albany, N. Y., 182 Union st. Frank Weston Ray, Columbia, S. C., s. s. s. c. Frederick Zadock Hooker, Albany, N. Y., N. S. N. C. William Samuel Royall, Mt. Pleasant, S. C., M. S. S. C. Clarence W. Stryker, Hammondsport, N. Y S. S. N. C. Lawson Clay Talley, Columbia. S. C., N. S. N. C. Joseph Walkin Tays, El Paso, Texas, M. S. S. C. Eugene Augustus Hoffman Tays, El Paso, Texas, M. S. S. C. Charles Brasford Templeton, Albany, N. Y., 182 Union st. Frank Skillman Titus, Roslyn, N. Y., 23 Libertv st. Lansing Van Auken, New Scotland, N. Y., M. S. N. C. Andrew P. Vermilye, Schenectady, N. Y., Windsor Terrace. William Gilliss Waalford, Princess Anne, Md., 173 Union st. Raymond S. Wells, Schuylerville, N. Y., S. S. S. C. Ernst Winne, Huntsville, N. Y., 13 Union st. Henry C. Young, Schenectady, N. Y., 83 Union st. FORMER MEMBERS, Joseph Cohen, Alfred K. Freiot. 4,2 THE G RISTEIT. gtXXmng HXexlicaX College. N. A. CALDWELL, NELSON EVEREST, IRA HARRIS, MENZO B. MATTICE, FAYETTE E. SLY, C. A. CHALVNER. J. H. MITCHELL, W. C. SPALDING, C. M. CULVER, - F. P. JOHNSON, M. E. NELLIS, GRADUATING CLASS. Abrams, A. E. Kelso, N. W. Allen, W. L. Kennedy, E. C. Archembeault, L. J. S. Krug, G. A. Beebe, Frank Lawrence, E. S. Blair, Louis E. Lockwood, J. F. Blake, G. A. R. Mason, Wm. P. Bradley, E. D. Mattice, M. B. Caldwell, N. A. Miller, H. Carroll, A. J. Miller, W. T. Chaloner, C. A. Mitchell, J. H. Classen, F. L.. Morrill F. D. Conroy, J. A. Morris, J. W. Cooper, W. C. Murphy, W. J. Coyle, Edward S. Murray, D. D. Crawford, C. H. Nellis VV. E. Culver, C. M. Nellis, T. W. Duryee, C. C. Paine, H. S. Eagan, B. Pitts, John Everest, Nelson Rulison, E. E. Fleischman, D. Seaman, F. G. Foote, F. B. Sly, F. E. President. Vice-President, Secretary. Treasurer. Editor. Historian. Orator. Poet. Essayist. VaUEDIOTORTA] . Marshal, GARNET. 43 Fortune, W. E. Spalding, W. C. Fox, W. E. Spencer, G. F. A. Frazier, L. A. Stephens, E. J. Jb ' urbeck, H. L. Terwilliger, R. W. Hammond, John Van Allen, T. F. C. Harris, Ira Van Epps, E. P. Hillegas, W. Van Rensselaer, H. R. Jendrault, H. A. Van Wagner, G. H. Johnson, F. P. Vedder, L. T. Johnson, H. N. Webster, W. B. Abrams, Hiram Earner, Edwin B. Aldrich, Chas. F. Kenny, Laurence E. Ambler, W. B. Kunker, F. T. Armstrong, W. M. hunker, Harry D. ■ Arnae, Ramon La Dow, J. C. Arnold, Edward Ladue, F. L. Babcock, C. V. Lanehart, L. N. Bailey, Chas. H. Le Beuf, John Barney, Charles Lloyd, Thomas E. Beckwith, George L. Locke, Frank B. Betts, Wm. W. Lyon, G. E. Blanchard, H. D. Mann, John Boyd, Amos H. Marsh, E. Frank Bradbury, George A. Maryott, E. E. Brown, R. J. McCabe, Chas. Philip Brownell, Frank V. Miller, Walter B. Burtch, Harry M. Morris, S. Hall Burton, Frank Moses, Hiram, Jr. Byington, Cassius P. Myers, A. Y. Carey, J. B. Newton, James R. Carpenter, C. E. Northrop, Richard H. Carver, D. W. K. Odell, Herbert L. Champion, Edward F. Palmer, F. A. ■Chapman, Lewis Ford Parsons, Milton Curley, Peter F. Peddie, W. J. Davis, William Platner, W. B. DeGolia, W. 8. Powell, H. R. Deitz, Wallace E. Ray, Frederick H. Donnelly, Wm. 8. Rccd, James A. Dornet, James 8. Reilly, John F. Dwyer, Martin Reilly, John Francis Emerson, Joseph Riley, J. W. 1 Entwistle, James G. W. Rich, Jacob A. Failes, D. F. Roberts Addison 0. Finch, H. C. Sabin, W. B. Fitzgerald, Reynaldo J. Sampson, Ernest S. I • Gardner, Josiah Schutter, Wm. L. 44 THE GJ- AIRJSTET. Getty, A. H. Gillett, W. Harter, Frank L. Hasbrouck, W. D. Hays, F. R. Hazen, D. Clinton Heath, N. E. Hickey, C. G. Higgins, D. E. Holcomb, Fred. Holmes, Geo. J. Horton, Ira D. Houghton, G. H. Hubbard, Levi C. Hudson, George Hunt, M. W. Johnson, George L. Jones, Dewey, Jr. Kamp, William Scoheld, Walter W. Slingerland, I. M. Smith, F. L. Squire, G. Stephens, John H. Stillyard, B. H. Stone, Joseph M. Swan, J. J. Thomson, Lemon, Jr. Van Wirt, J. D. Vroman, J. H. Wagner, Charles G. Walcott, A. J. Walsh, Thomas C. Washburn, I. C. Washburne, John B. ' Wharton, Charles G. Whipple, George E. Winne, J. Henry THE G-ARNET. 46 %ixxo School. Aldrich, Ernest 0. Alexander, Robert C. Ailing, H. T. Baggs, James K. Brown, Philip E. Bulkley, Charles C. Buch, Hiram Cavalcanti, Amaro Clatlin, Norman M. Coates, Chas. B. Conway, John B. Coryell, George K. Dingman, Alonzo C. Dobbs, Hugh J. Dunlap, John Zed Eckles, James H. Fuller, Percival S. Gallup, John E. Gill, Walter N., Griffing, J. Wendell Harper, Ira Heermancc, DoWitt Holden, Fox Kessleburgh, Wm. E., Jr. Kinney, John F. Lightner, Mahlon T. McConnell, A. Wylie Merrill, Edward A. Merrill, John G. Miller, Jarvis L. Morgan, Andrew D. Mo wry, Howard F. Myers, D. A. Minier, Frank L. Moyer, Irving Wilcox, Pa., West Charlton, N.Jf., Conon City, Colorado, Stockton, Cal., Belmont, Wis., Port Henry, N. Y., Crown Point Center, N. Y., Ceara, Brazil, Lawrenceville, N. Y., Albany, N. Y., Argyle, N. Y., Odessa, N. Y., Minden, N. Y. f Beatrice, Neb., Cedar Shoals, S. C., Princeton, Ill., Racine, Wis., Albany, N. Y.‘ Rondout, N. Y., Albany, N. Y., Albany, N. Y., Rhinebeck, N. Y., Ithaca, N. Y., Troy, N. Y., Spencerport, N. Y., Schenectady, N. Y., Pittsburgh, Pa., Concord, N. H., Saratoga Springs, N. d Y. f Coeymans, N. Y., Hion, N. Y., Bedford, Pa., Logansport, Ind., Elmira, N. Y., Fort Plain, N. Y., -3,6 THE GARNET. • Nodine, Alden . Coeymans, N. Y., Ombony, John, Jr. Peekskill, N. Y., Oothout, Yolkert J. West Troy, N. Y., Pardee, Myron W. Jamestown, N. Y., Bearden, Cornelius P. Hartford Conn., Rowland, Orville W. Rowland, Pa., Sands, James G. Bainbrige, N. Y., Sansburry, James W. Anderson, Ind., Scott, John W. New Stadt, Ont., Canada, Squirer, Frederick A. Holyoke, Mass., Stantial, John D. Albany, N. Y., Sternberg, Wm. A. Ellsworth, Kadsas, Shufelt, Cornehus Chatham Village, N. Y., Sprankle, A. L. Altoona, Pa., Telle, Alinton Boggy Depot, Ind. Ter., Terwilliger, John M. Sing Sing, N. Y., True, George M. Ashland, N. Y., Wilkinson, Thomas F. Albany, N. Y., Woodson, Samuel H. Independence, Mo. » THE Gr RNTHTT. 4Y7 Nummary, % SENIOR CLASS, -. 44 JUNIOR CLASS, 39 SOPHOMORE CLASS,.42 FRESHMAN CLASS,.61 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT..175 LAW DEPARTMENT,. 54 Total in University, ----- 415 SUMMARY BY STATES. New York, Sen. 36 Jun. 29 Soph. 27 Fresh. 42 South Carolina, 4 2 4 10 Maryland, 1 2 1 0 Massachusetts, 1 1 1 0 District Columbia, 0 0 3 0 Louisiana, 0 2 0 1 Indian Territory, 0 2 0 0 Delaware, 0 0 2 0 Texas, 0 0 0 2 Utah, 0 0 0 2 Connecticut, 0 0 1 1 Cuba, 0 1 0 0 Iowa, 0 0 1 0 Hlinois, 0 0 1 0 Minnesota, 0 0 1 0 New Jersey, 1 0 0 0 Ohio, 0 0 0 1 Pennsylvania, 1 0 0 0 Rhode Island, 0 0 0 1 Virginia, 0 0 0 1 Totals, 44 39 42 61 48 THE GAENET. LITERARY SOCIETIES. THE GARNE T. -4r9 f Ixilcrraailxjeaix jluciety. gcmiuXcd 1793. Amor vij ' tutis, cultusaque scientiae et amicitiae. OFFICERS. E. R. YOUMANS, a. W. J. POLLARD, . Y., D. D. ADDISON, S. H. WATKINS, A. a. R. B. McCOWN, - H. SCHLOSSER, A. a. G. G. LELAND, 2. - President and Respondent. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Librarian. Curator. - Valedictorian. Alternate. MEMBERS. SENIOR CLASS. H. G. GLEN, O. B. TULLIDGE, E. T. E. LANSING, W. E. WATKINS, G. G. LELAND, W. P. WILLIAMS, H. SCHLOSSER, W. E. VAN EPPS. JUNIOR CLASS. D S. FLOWER, W. J. POLLARD, S. M. GRISWOLD. E. B. WALLER, A. A. McMURRAY, S. H. WATKINS, E. C. MURRAY, E. N. WRIGHT, E. R. YOUMANS, F. H. WRIGHT. SOPHOMORES. D. D. ADDISON, W. W. BELLINGER, F. F. BENNETT, F. BURTON, J. G. EVANS, J. B. W. LANSING, W. O. LEWIS, D. C. McELWAIN, L. M. POWELL, A. W. RAY, J. R. HARDING, G. V. P. LANSING, B. C. SLOAN, C. S. TREUTLEN. J. E. BACON, M. C. BUTLER, J. J. KEMP, FRESHMEN. W. S. ROYALL. R. B. McCOWN, H. L. MILLER, F. W. RAY, THE GJ- RJNTEJT. SO §ulelphix Society. 2?jcmmtcri 1796. Unus Sumus. OFFICERS. H. R. FANCHER, Y., W. B. REED, - L. R. HARGRAVE, - A. K. GILCHRIST, W. A. WADDELL, . Y., A. S. WRIGHT, . Y., J. J. DROWNE, ... - W. H. PHYFE, - SENIOR CLASS. Valedictorian. President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Advocate. Engrossing Clerk. CuBATOR. F. E. ABBOTT, C. V. ANABLE, P. E. CARHART, J. P. DAVIS, H. R. FANCHER, W. B. LANDRETH, J. P. LYON, D. H. McFALLS, W. R. WINANS, I. WISWALL, J. J. HENNING, E. C. JOHNSON, R. A. WOOD, C. S. KING. JUNIOR CLASS. J. M. ADAIR, W. M. LEWIN, A. E. CARMICHAEL, W. H. PHYFE, J. J. DROWE, J. E. RANSDELL, T. D. ELDER, W. B. REED, C. E. FAY, C. TEMPLE, E. E. FORD, W. H. VAN BUREN, L. R. HARGRAVE, F. D. VAN WAGENEN, H. C. HINDS, W. A. WADDELL. A. S. WRIGHT. SOPHOMORE CLASS. ,T. R. BRIDGE, W. K. GILCHRIST. C. H. CLUTE, G. W. SHERWOOD, H. C. WOOD. FRESHMAN CLASS. E. S. BARNEY ' , J. G. GREENE, ,T. W. HIGSON, R. S. WELLS. A. H. K. JERVIS, C. A. KITTS, L. VAN AUKEN, DOW BEEKMAN. THE GARNET. 51 Theological jlocictg. w. R. WINANS, W. B. LANDRETH, €. E. FAY, . Y., OFFICERS. President Treasurer. Secretary. MEMBERS. SENIORS. A. CAMPBELL, P. E. CARHART, J. J. HENNING, H. SCHLOSSEB, J. STILL, W. M. WHITE. JUNIORS. J. McC. ADAIR, W. M. LEWIN, T. D. ELDER, R. D. MORGAN, E. E. FORD, W. H. PHYFE, E. W. GREENE, C. TEMPLE, S. M. GRISWOLD, W. H. VAN BUREN, L. R. HARGRAVE, F. D. VAN WAGENEN. SOPHOMORES. J. CANTINE, Jr., D. M. COUNTERMINE, G. V. P. LANSING, J. B. W. LANSING, A. B. NASH, J. H. SAND. « w $ THE O RINTET. 52 (fliXlxspije Club. ©ugarxtecxl 1868, OFFICERS. B. LANDRETH, ’81, B. REED, ’82, A. WADDELL, ’82, F. DePUY, ’83, President. Vice-President. Treasurer. Secretary. MEMBERS. P. E. CARHART, ’81, W. B. LANDRETH, ’81, T. W. MOORE, ’83, J. C. WRIGHT, ’83, J. CANTINE, ’83, A. M. WESTINGHOUSE, ’83, H. E. DePUY, ’83, E. WINNE, 84, W. A. WADDELL, ’82, W. B. REED, ’82, S. E. BISHOP, ’84, D. S. MERRITT, ’84, E. A. H. TAYS, ’84, R. S. WELLS, ’84, A. H. K. JERVIS, ’84, B. G. CHISHOLM, ’84. The rooms of the Club are at 81 N. C., N. S. THE GARNET, 53 jitmUiits in Ciml %n%mzzxm%. SENIORS. FRANKLYN EUGENE ABBOTT, SAMUEL GOURDIN GAILLARD, PERRY ELLIS CARHART, WILLIAM BARKER LANDRETH JUNIORS. ALBERT EDWARD CARMICHAEL, JOHN JENKS DROWNE, Jr., WILLIAM GIFFORD, JOHN GEORGE PEOLI, ALFRED AUGUSTUS McMURRAY WILLIAM ALFRED WADDELL, ARTHUR SILAS WRIGHT, WILLIAM BOARDMAN REED SOPHOMORES. JAMES CANTINE. Jr., TREDWELL WOODBRIDGE MOORE, ALBERT MOORE WESTINGHOUSE, JAMES CORNELIUS WRIGHT, HENRY FARR De PUY. FRESHMEN. SHERMAN EDWIN BISHOP, BENJAMIN GERARD CHISOLM, WILLIAN NELSON POTTER DAILEY, ARTHUR HAROLD KASIMIR JERVIS, DAVID SPENCER MERRITT, PICKENS NEAGLE, FREDERICK ZADOCK ROOKER, JOSEPH WALKIN TAYS, EUGENE AUGUSTUS HOFFMAN TAYS, RAYMOND S. WELLS, ERNEST WINNE. Analytical (Chemistry. The Sa tan: c School .’ ’ A. E. CARMICHAEL, J. J. DROWNE, Jr., W. GIFFORD, J. L. FITZGERALD, C. E., W. B. LANDRETH, W. C. MARSELIUS, W. B. REED, W. C. ROSEBOOM, A. A. Me MURRAY, J. G. PEOLI, F. S. TITUS, G. B. TULLIDGE, W. A. WADDELL, A. S. WRIGHT. E. N. WRIGHT. 54 THE GARN P7.T. Turn Beenes in the Fife erf a Freshman. Grand Mogul to Freshman : Get on the table. Your I name Your father’s name. Spell it forwards; backwards, j Sing us a song. Dance. Your politics. Your church. Your I girl’s name. Are you married ? Where do you live? " Bound tlie| county. Do you like onions? Are you in love? Take off your j coat. Your vest. Your shoes. Lay on the table and try toj swim. Are we nice fellows? Stand on your Ik ad. Do youj THE Gr-A.RJNT JC r .T. oo drink? Doyouomoko? Do ymi play cards ? Don’t you think that you are a green sort of a Fresh? Do you ever expect to be a Senior? Can you read? Write? Spell? What do you think of College ? Don’t you like class meetings? Don’t? Won’t? Shall?-??- mj_ “The vilest worm will turn when trod upon,” 56 THE GARNET. Delta (Q. The following is a copy of the petition received from a Fresh, man of the Albany Law School, ambitious of becoming a mem¬ ber of the Delta Q Fraternity. Needless to say after this eloquent appeal his petition was granted, and he is now’ a happy member of Delta Q. The initiation was imposing. To the most worthy G. M. and members of Union Chapter of Delta Q Fraternity . Your petitioners most respectfully acknowledge the receipt of the communication of your most worthy scribe, and recognize with gratitude the great honor they bestow upon us. Your petitioners are aware of the wide and honorable reputation of your famous fraternity, not alone for the illustrious character of its founders ; but for the scholarly reputation and high moral, and gentlemanly character, as well as the admirable and laudable conservative by which you protect your noble institution. And your petitioners also acknowledge the gracious favor and most potent intervention of your brother, the illustrious son of the illustrious Win. H. Seward, whom we all admire, and we herein express our profound gratitude. Therefore your peti¬ tioners do most humbly petition that your most worthy officers and members in stately assembly convened may grant our earnest petition. Your petitioners do petition that a chapter of the Delta Q Fraternity may be granted to certain members of the Law Department of your own famous, and much loved University, as your Worthy Highness, and the Fraternity may approve, upon our recommendation. And your petitioners ask this great favor, and appreciated honor, on the grounds following, viz : 1st, That there are hi this venerable institution, men whose brilliant scholarship, high moral character and gentlemanly ad¬ dress, would do honor to the society, and to the memory of its great founders. 2nd. That the members whom we will recommend for your approval, will be such alone as will make every interest of the Delta Q Fraternity their own personal interest, and by conser¬ vative, and in every other way in their power, protect the sacred traditions of your order, from the innovating tendiences of a pro¬ gressive age, and . 3rd. If admitted to fellowship with envied order we will main¬ tain the exalted name of the Fraternity, guard with zealous care the secrets which are confided to us, for our keeping, and prove worthy members. Until we hear of your favor I remain your humble servant and petitioner. W. P. H., Albany Law bchool. THE GARNET. 57 THE GLAJRIS ' EIT. 58 |Ba$je galX ssadaticw. DIRECTORS FOR 1881. J. P. DAVIS, ’81, J. J. DROWNE, ’82, C. H. CLUTE, ’83, D. NAYLON, ’84. College Nine for 1 880. MOUNTAIN, p. and captain, AHERN, c , ROGERS, 1st b., FORD, 2nd b., BEATTIE, s. s., TAYLOR, 3rd b., FANCHER, r. f., MOORE, c. f., FAIRGRIEVE, r. f., McELWAIN, substitute. Championship Games Played Season 1 880. Union vs. Hamilton, - - - 10 5 “ “ Madison, - - - - - 13 4 “ “ Syracuse, - - - 10 9 “ “ Cornell, - - - 2 9 “ “ Rochester, - - 6 9 “ “ Hamilton, - - - - - 12 3 u “ Cornell, - - - 9 3 “ 4 ‘ Madison, ----- 9 6 “ “ Syracuse, - - 9 0 “ “ Rochester, - - - - -90 Totals, ----- 89 48 Games won, 8; Lost, 2. ♦Forfeited games. Nine for Season 1 88 1 . MOORE, captain and c. f., MOUNTAIN, p., OSTERHOUT, c., NAYLON, 1st b., FORD. 2nd b., TAYLOR, 3rd b., McMURRAY. s. s., FAIRGRIEVE, 1. f., McELWAIN. r. f., ADDISON, substitute. DELANEY, substitute. THE GARNET, 59 jlcrcieltj |Jims. gjcXta l?hi. WALWORTH, c. and captain, F. H. WRIGHT, p., ADAMS, 1st b.. FLOWER, 2nd b., E. N. WRIGHT, 3rd b., McMURRAY, 8. 8., HALE, 1. f., YOUMANS, c. f., PARSONS, r. f., ,7. G, PEOLI, Manager, WOOD, ) Directors CAMERON, | IPsi tglpsilon. H. R. FANCHER, captain and 3rd b., L. M. POWELL, c., W. J. POLLARD, p., A. S. WRIGHT, 1st b., I. P. ESTCOURT, s. s., J. P. LYON, 2nd b., H. G. GLEN, 1. f., j. w. McCauley, c. f., G. F. ALLISON, r. f., C. E. FAY, scorer. Alpha 3clta Flit. GARNSEY, p., TEMPLETON, c., GRISWOLD, s. s., McClellan, ist b., G. LANSING, 2nd b., TITUS, 3rd b., PRATT, r. f., S. H. WATKINS, c. f., J. LANSING, 1. f., SCHLOSSER, Captain and water carrier, WILLIAMS, Scorer, W. F. WATKINS, Jr., Umpire, BENNETT, Keeper of the bat, McELWAIN, Ball purchaser and Freshman nurse N. B.—This nine plays only on April 1st, of each year. 60 THE GARNET. Class glims. Senior 2Xiuc. RANCHER, 3rd b. and captain, MOORE, p., TAYLOR, c., LANSING, 1st b., J. P. LYON, 2nd b. WILLIAMS, s. e., MENEELY, 1. f., KING, c. f., GLEN, r. f., flnnicne itiixc. POLLARD, p. and captain, PIERSON, c., MeMURRAY, s. s., FAIRGRIEYE, 1. f., A. S. WRIGHT, 1st b., FORD, 2nd b., WALLER, 3rd b. FLOWER, c. f., WHITEHORNE r f . S ' ophomofc Hine. McELWAIN, p. and captain, POWELL, c., BENNETT, 1st b., SLOAN, 2nd b., LLYOD, 3rd b. ADDISON, 1. f., McCauley, c. f., CANTINE, s. s., HOOK, r. f., SA slxtnau FAIRGRIEVE, c. and captain, DELANEY, p., NAYLON, 1st b., ALLISON, 2nd b., HALE, 3rd b. ESTCOURT, s. s., McENCROE, 1. f., CHISOLM, r. f., KITTS, c. f., THE GARNET. OX tlxljctic .Association. Mr. C. W. Vanaerveer, Instructor. MEMBERS. ADDISON, EMERSON. McClellan, NEAGLE, FERGUSON, HINDS, LANSING, LYON, J. P. LYON, R. S. NEAGLE, McENCROE, PEOLI, POTTER, WALWORTH. all (games. 1 OO Yards Dash. ANABLE, ’81, ) DROWNE, ’82, V ANABLE, ’81, won. WOOD, ’81, ) HAMLIN, ’88, HINDS, ’83, TIMMERMAN, ’83, HAMLIN, ’83, won. ANABLE, HAMLIN, j- ANABLE won. Class Tugr-of-War Teams, ’81. GIBSON, LANDRETH, LANSING, McFALLS, POTTER, WISWALL. ’82. FORD, FLOWER, McMURRAY, HARGRAVE, PIERSON, RANSDELL. ’83. COFFEEN, DePUY, EMERSON, McCauley, McClellan, SHERWOOD. ’84. ADAMS, BURHANS, KITTS, McCOWN, NAYLON, VAN AUKEN. 1st, ’81 against ’84 — ’81 won. 2d, ’83 against ’82 — ’83 won. 3d, ’81 against ’83—’83 won. THE GJ- RdSTET. 62 jiutijety OjIcc (Clubs. Sigma Phi Quartette. G. A. P. CODWISE, - L. C. TALLEY, - G. B. TULLIDGE, - E. T. E. LANSING,. Delta Phi Quartette. J. W. THOMPSON, J. G. EVANS, - OHAS. TEMPLE. FRANK WRIGHT, Aib. Alto. Tenor. Bass. 1st Tenor. 2d Tenor. 1st Bass. 2d B s« Psi Upsilon Quartette. W. J. POLLARD, J. P. LYON, H. R. FANCHER, A. M. WESTINGHOUSE, W. M. GILBERT, First Tenor. Second Tenor. First Bass. Second Bass. Organist. Alpha Delta Phi Quartette. W. P. WILLIAMS, J. B. W. LANSING, G. V. P. LANSING, f. w. McClellan, First Tenor. Second Tenor. First Bass. Second Bass. Alpha Delta Phi Relief Quartette. F. F. BENNETT, - First Tenor. C. B. TEMPLETON, - Second Tenor. D. C. McELWAIN, - First Bass. L. R. GARNSEY, - Second Bass. N. B. This quartette is a sure remedy for 4 blues,” small-pox or- Delta Phi Orchestra. JAS. W. THOMSON, D. S. FLOWER, J. G. PEOLI. T1IOS. ADAMS, C. C. HALE. Pianist. Violinist. Guitarist. Cobnetist Ocarinist. THE GARNET, 03 Winion College Cite (Elixir. OFFICERS. W. P. WILLIAMS, A. A. ALEX. CAMPBELL, f. w. McClellan,a. a. F. E. ABBOTT, Pro - . VAN OLINDA, of Troy President. Secretary. Treasurer. Business Manager. Musical Director. MEMBERS. W. P. WILLIAMS, ) C. TEMPLE, V 1st Tenor. S. E. BISHOP. ) J. STILL, ) J. B. W. LANSING, V 2d Tenor. H. SCHLOSSER, ) C. D. MENEELY, ) G. V. P. LANSING, } 1st Bass. H. Z. PRATT, ) F. E. ABBOTT, ) ALEX. CAMPBELL, V 2d Bass. f. w. McClellan, ) 6 L THE GARNET. Pinion College Chess Clith. OFFICERS. SHELDON GRISWOLD, - JOHN PEOLI, ELMER B. WALLER, W. J. POLLARD, - Kino. Queen. Bishop. Knioht. PA WNS. WILBER F. WATKINS, Jr., H. 0. GLEN, WILL P. WILLIAMS, S. H. WATKINS, H. R. FANCHER, G. A. P. CUDWI3E, LEWIS R. GARNSEY, FRED F. BENNETT, DOW BEEKMAN, HENRY C. WOOD. Castle—26 Park Place. iclta 2?ht (Chess ©1 nb. J. G. PEOLI, C. C. HALE, E. R. YOUMANS, E. N. WRIGHT. THE GARNET, 65 Mlliist (Clubs Signa Phi Whist Club. E. C. MURRAY, C. D. GIBSON, G. G. LELAND, B. C. SLOAN. Scorer— B. G. CHISOLM. Delta Phi Whist Club. 11. A. WOOD, T. WALWORTH, F. W. CAMERON, C. HALE. Psi Upsilon Whist Clubs. FIRST TABLE. H. R. FANCHER, WILL GIFFORD, H. G. GLEN, W. J. POLLARD. Scorer—I. P. ESTCOUKT. SECOND TABLE. A. S. WRIGHT. E. B. WALLER, . W. W. BELLINGER, S. P. McCLELLAN. Scorer—DOW BEEKMAN. Alpha Delta Phi Whist Clubs. PROF. DeREMER, W. F. WATKINS, Jr., H. SCHLOSSER, S. M. GRISWOLD. 2nd, OR “go AS YOU PLEASE” TABLE. D. C. McELWAIN, F. F. BENNETT. No other rules accepted.) F. S. TITUS, C. B. TEMPLETON. S. H. WATKINS, F. W. McCLELLAN, (These play “ according to custom.” 3rd or ‘‘verdant” table. L. R. GARNSEY, H. Z. PRATT, These only play when the others are eating (?) N. B. They have a nurse to show them how to hold the cards and to tell them when to play. Psi U. Poker Club. 0. E. FAY, W. M. GILBERT, J. R. POWELL, J. li. PRIDGE, S. P. McCLELLAN, W. A. WADDELL, A. M. WESTINGHOUSE, W. W. BELLINGER. ee r mn: garnet. E. T. E. LANSING—Sweet Potato Man. G. B. TULLIDGE—Irish Potato Man. G. G. LELAND—Gravy Absorber. G. A. P. COD WISE—Meat Masticator. E. C. MURRAY—Apple Pie Fiend. B. C. SLOAN—Preserves Demolisher. C. D. GIBSON—Hot Buckwheats. L. C. TALLEY—Ice Water Inculcator. B. G. CHISOLM — Hominy Destroyer. THE 67 Society for the Promotion of Dyspepsia. Attending Physician. - - Mr. C. OSTROM. Nurse, - Mrs. C. OSTROM. N. B. The headquarters of this society are at No. 12 Quackenbush St. and are open from 7 to 8 a. m., 12 to 1 p. m. and 5:30 to 6 p. m. Ail business per¬ formed with punctuality and dispatch. Chief Dyspeptic— R. A. WOOD. (This gentleman has reached the high¬ est perfection of the art.) Confirmed Dyspeptics —D. S. FLOWER, (fed on hash); A. A. McMUR- ItAlt, (eats only brain food); J. G. PEOLI, (prefers phosphorus); J. E. RAMSDELL, (great on shadow soup); E. A. WRIGHT and F. H. WRIGHT. (The last two gentlemen eek out a scanty subsistence on dew drops.) Ordinary Dyspeptics— E. BURTON and T. WALWORTH. (These gentle¬ men have not yet far progressed, partaking of nothing now but garlic.) Attending Waiters— T. E. ADAMS, C. C. HALE, C. H. HILL and G. F. PARSONS. (These gentlemen are serving a probation and meanwhile min¬ ister to the wants of the others. When they have, by judicious training, reached the standard of dyspepsia, they will be relieved from their arduous duties and be assigned seats at the couneil board.) 6S r rHE GARNET. Psi Upsilon Dining Clubs. 1 st Table, at Mrs. Dayton’s. The Sveuen Mli sc IHcn of (Grease. McCLELLAN I corvnnt oat tmt lift 1 My stomach is not good, But sure I think that I can drink, With him that wears a hood.” WALLER—“He was a lord full fat and in good poynt.” POLLARD—“Thiss ge’man can whissul, as all will soothly swear.” WOOD—“At mete wcl i-taught was he withallc ; He leet no morsel from his lippes falle.” GILBERT—“Yond Cassius lias a lean and hungry look.” BELLINGER—“By this leek, I will most horribly revenge; I eat, and yet I swear.” BEEKMAN —“Wei lovede he garleek, oynouns and ek leekes.” THE TWO WISE FRESHMEN. ALLISON—“Diets—on bread and milk.” KITTS—“He smelleth the (milk) bottle from afar.” N. B. These two wise Fresli-menTiave a seperate table and a nurse. 2d Table, at Mrs. Hiltz’s. 33c Jkuen Ml o ml c vs of the Mlovlrt. LY r ON—“A goodly portly man, i’ faith, and a corpulent, of a cheerful look and a pleasing eye.” FANOHER—“The man of the unbounded stomach.” WRIGHT—“The heathen Chinee is peculiar.” McCAULEY—“The fatted calf.” BRIDGE—“For he was Epicurus’ owne sone.” POWELL—“Whole hogsheads have gone down that unfathomable abyss.” POWELL—“A modest youth with sober phiz, Who eats liis giub and minds his biz.” THE G-ARXET. 6D JPpha IDclta f hi gating ffilub. She |t. S’. W (Iliixe Rotate In ends.) Rendezvous—Mrs. Dayton’s. G K ISWOLD—(“ Beam ”) —Like the sun, he lightens all, his ‘ ‘ fiery gaze’ pervades. N. B. Especially the potato dish. McCLELLAN— (“Faith”) —“Behold now, what mighty things faith (?) has accomplished.” N. B. .Mac. weighs 1901bs. BENNETT— (“Hope”) —Some men live on hope ; “Benny” prefers pie. S. H. WATKINS— (‘‘ Charity”) —He giveth (his plate) oftentimes unto the poor (waitress) and lo! it is returned unto him increased an hundred-fold. W. F. WATKINS, Jr.—(“ Slugg”) —“The early bird catcheth the first worm,” but the late bird getteth his breakfast all-the-samee. PRATT— (“Hen”) —Like the beauteous bird, w T hose name he bears, he gath¬ ers the food about and with gentle voice he passes it to the “howling chicks” around. WILLIAMS— (“War”) —He cometh with gore in his eye and with relentless fury slaughtereth the “innocent repast.” TEMPLETON— (“Pestilence”)— He stretcheth forth his hands and the the table is moved, the waitress also Quaketh at the sign thereof. McELWAIN— (“Famine”) —“What’s ill a name?” An elephant by any other name would eat as much. H. S.— (Occasional Sponger —“Slusher,” — J. B. W. L. X. Y. Z. c,“Gule,” “Loose,” “Tight.” VO THE GARNET. Jhist lights of Avery is reading law in Seneca Falls. Carpenter is married and lives in Troy. Garrison as last heard from was in Michigan University. Gary is reading law at, Cokesbury, S. C. Harvey is local editor of the Schenectady Daily Union. Johnson is in San Francisco. P. H, Kline is reading law in Amsterdam. S. V. Kline is studying medicine in Michigan University. Lawrence is in business in Colorado. He was an ’80 man at Cornell. Latham is reading law in Seneca Falls. Lester is in the Columbia Law School. Miller is in the Albany Medical College. Hull is at Cornell. Gardner’s whereabouts are unknown. Meneely is in business in Troy. Pierson is in ’ 82 . Quinn’s whereabouts are unknown. Rankin is in Kansas. Schermerhorn is at Yale. Younglove is in Cohoes. Youmans is in ’ 82 . Yedder is in the Albany Medical College. Waller is in ’ 82 . Weigandt is in business in Baltimore. F. VanEps is attending college in Missouri Shead is in business in New York. C. B. Pierson is in Canandaigua THE GARNET. VI jlmicj erf r 8l. BY WILLIAM K. WINANS, ’81. A ir — “ My Maryland. ” Come on, ye boys with merry hearts, Let all unite in singing ; We’ll raise a song to all that’s true, And start the music ringing. Cho. — Hurrah ! Hurrah for Eighty One ! Hurrah ! Hurrah for Union ! May future days resound the praise Of Eighty One and Union. Minerva long our praise has won, And in her name we glory ; But here’s to fun and Eighty One, And not to classic story.—Oho. Awake to mirth right merrily, Ere time and distance sever, For College days, with all their glee, Will soon be gone forever.—Cho. Then rally, boys, and weave the cord That makes us each a brother ; Entwine it ’round the gray old walls. And bind it to each other.—Cho. THE GARNET. 72 liighty-COnc statistics. Total number of names registered in ’81, - 76 Number at present in class, - 44 Candidates for B. A., 40 Candidates for C. E., 4 Total (on graduation) age, - 946 yrs. Average (graduation) age, 22 yrs. Oldest man in the class, - 29 yes. Youngest man in the class, 19 yrs. Total weight of class, 6794 lbs. Average weight of class, 158 lbs. Heaviest man, E. T. E. Lansing 195 lbs. Lightest man, W. P. Williams, 121 lbs. Total height, 250ft. 84 m. Average height, 5ft. 9lin. Tallest man, E. T. E. Lansing, 6ft. 3lin. Shortest man, W. P. Williams, 5ft. 3£in. Largest feet, J. Wiswall, No. 10 Smallest feet, L. C. Dickinson, No. 3 11 wear mustaches, 11 wear side-whiskers, 13 mustaches and sides, 9 wear fuzz, 6 wear glasses on all occasions, 38 on special, 13 have lig ht hair, 29 have dark hair, 1 has red, 34 are Repub- licans, 10 Democrats, 40 drink liquor, 4 are temperance ; Demo- crats all drink gin, Republicans drink anything, 6 are engaged, all the rest are in love. THE GARNET. 73 Ucgrecs (EoitfetTecl, in ’SO. ROBERT C. ALEXANDER, ISAAC G. BURNETT, FRANK P. S. CRANE, JOHN ICKLER, ROBERT J. LANDON, JAMES M. McMASTER, RICHARD D. ANABLE, JOSEPH D. CRAIG, GEORGE E. DIXON, JOHN A. KEMP, ROBERT T. S. LOWELL, jr., JOHN Y. L. PRUYN, jr. B. S. ANDREW H. DOUGHERTY, DAVID MUHLFELDER, FREDERICK T. ROGERS, LUCAS G. TUTTLE, MILES W. YOSBURGH. B. S. AND C. E. HORACE J. CAMPBELL, DAVID F. GLOVER, WILBER E. ANDERSON, WILLIAM H. SADLER. C. E. JOHN L. FITZGERALD, ELI S. GODFREY, WRIGHT J. SWEET. 74 THE G-TARNTPyL. 5Vnmtds, 1980. COMMENCEMENT ORATIONS. FREDERICK T. ROGERS, Salutatory. ROBERT C. ALEXANDER, ANDREW H. DOUGHERTY, JOHN A. KEMP, ROBERT T. S. LOWELL, jr., WILBER 0. ANDERSON, JOHN ICKLER, ROBERT J. LANDON, DAVID MUHLFELDER. LUCAS G. TUTTLE. INGHAM PRIZE. ROBERT C. ALEXANDER, West Charlton. RICHARD D. AN ABLE, Springfield, Mass., Honorable Mention. WARNER PRIZE. ROBERT J. LANDON, Schenectady. CLARK ESSA Y PRIZES IN ENGLISH LITERATURE. 1st, JOHN V. L. PRUYN, jr., Albany. 2d, ROBERT T. S. LOWELL, jr., Schenectady.. ALLEN ESSAY PRIZES. lbt, JOHN V. L. PRUYN, |r., Albany. 2d, MILES W. VOSBURGH, Albany. 3d, ISAAC G. BURNETT, San Francisco, Cal. BLATCHFORD ORATORICAL MEDALS. 1st, ROBERT C. ALEXANDER, West Charlton. 2d, JOHN ICKLER, St. Paul, Minn. JUNIOR AND SOPHOMORE ORATORICAL PRIZES. Junior. 1st, FRANK E. ABBOTT, Centre Brunswick. 2d, WILLIAM P. WILLLAMS, Aiken, S. C. Sophomore. 1st, G. A. P. CODWISE, Grantville, Mass. 2d, EDMUND E. FORD, Schenectady. CATHARINE L. WOLFE PRIZES. Fellowships. JAMES E. BENEDICT, South Norwalk, Conn. JOHN L. FITZGERALD, Brunswick, Ga. WILBER E. ANDERSON, Le Roy. ANDREW H. DOUGHERTY, Parkville, Mich. For Greatest Improvement in Free-hand Drawing. 1st, ROBERT J. LANDON, Schenectady. 2d, DAVID F. GLOVER, South Haven. For best Free-hand Drawing. 1st, ANDREW H. DOUGHERTY, Parkville. Mich. 2d, ROBERT J. LANDON, Schenectady. |fcjcrtt ' laicize .Si ' ftiilfU ' sMy. Class of 1881. EDWARD C. JOHNSON, Schenectady. THE G-ARNET. 75 govmzv Officers of r 81 . freshman II cat. H. R. PIERSON, President. E. T. E. LANSING, 2. ! ., Vice President. W. M. WHITE, Secretary. D. H. McFALLS, Treasurer. H. R. SHEAD, 2. «l ., Historian. W. P. WILLIAMS, A. a. i ., B. B. Director. J ' opltomovjc tjeav. H. R. FANCHER, y., President. F. E. ABBOTT, Vice President. H. G. GLENN, . Y., Secretary. D. H. McFALLS, Treasurer. F. W. CAMERON, a. ., Historian. W. P. WILLIAMS, a. a. ! ., B. B. Director. iiuuiov 33 cat. I. WISWALL, President. GEO. TULLIDGE, 2. Vice President. J. P. DAVIS, Secretary. J. J. HENNING, Treasurer. F. W. CAMERON,a. i ., Historian. D. H. McFALLS, B. B. Director. Class Officers, 1880 . President, ROBERT C. ALEXANDER. Vice-president, WM. J. McNULTY. Secretary, LUCAS G. TUTTLE. Treasurer, ISAAC G. BURNETT. Orator, FRANK P. S. CRANE. Class Historian, JOHN A. KEMP. Prophet, ROBERT J. LANDON. Addresser, JAMES M. McMASTER. Poet, ANDREW H. DOUGHERTY 70 THE GARNET. (ilitiou e 11 catling llacmt. Prof. W. VAMOROUX , Y., Director. JOURNALS KEPT ON FILE. DAILIES. New York Times, New York World, New York Tribune. Schenectady Star, Schenectady Union. WEEKLIES Art Journal, Atlantic Monthly, Amsterdam Democrat, Blackwood’s, Con temporary, Charleston News, Churchman, Christian Union, Deutscher Anzeiger, Dc Hope, (Dutch), Harper’s Weekly, Harper’s Magazine, Independent, Journal of Education, AND MISCELLANEOUS. London Illustrated News. L ’Univers Illustre, London Times, Musical Record, New York Nation, New York Observer, New York Mail, Pall Mall, Punch, Princeton Review, Popular Science Monthly, Revue des Deux Mondes, Science-Gossip, Scribner’s Monthly, The Methodist. Reading Rooms Open Daily, from 9:30 A M. to 5 P. IVI. THE G-ARNET. Mmxc gst Vmcrr. And it came to pass in the season nigh on the harvest when the gooseberry and the potato were ripened and the voice of the frog was heard in the land, that the gates of the Temple of Learning which is called Union, (for therein there is much strength), were opened, and behold ! a host of young and tender shoots from the neighborhood round about appeared and cried with a loud voice: “Let us in, Let us in!” Then the ruler of the Temple of Learning, the same that in the language of the Temple of Learning is called Prex, and the elders thereof, appeared before the multitude and said with a loud voice : “ Why come ye here ? What would ye?” And they answered with one accord: “We would be Freshmen.” Then certain of the elders put to them sundry and divers strange questions to the which when they had well answered and had written their names in the big book, the chief rulers opened the gates of the Temple and they came in. Then were the hearts of the Freshmen made exceeding vain even to so great a degree that their guardians, who in the language of the Temple of Learning are called the Sophomores, (which, being interpreted, meaneth “wise fools”), looking at each other and pointing to the green and verdant young shoots, said one to the other, “ cheeky Fresh.”, and they were exceeding wroth, and they took counsel how they might punish them. Now it happened that there was at the Temple of Learning a custom handed down through long ages that Sophomores and their wards, the Fresh, should “rush.” But the elders of the Temple said unto them, through divers written signs, “The man that rusheth he shall depart and return hither no more.” Then were they sore afraid and trembled much. But the chief men of the Temple who are v THE GARNET. called the Seniorites and Juniorites said to them: “ Why fear ye ? They will not send ye hence.” But so great was the fear that they would not “ rush.” Now in the country wherein is situated the Temple of Learning it happens that if that which is green and fresh be not salted, it will rot and smell and give forth an exceeding bad odor So the Sophomores took counsel and said: ‘ 4 Let us salt these Fresh, to the end that they do not rot and smell and give forth an exceeding bad odor.” So one morning in the sanctuary of the Temple they did pour forth much salt on the Fresh. But they did not receive the offer¬ ing in a kind and loving spirit but threw back much salt at them guardians, and the tumult was great. Then came in the elders and the chief ruler and they were sore angry and counseled how to punish the wicked and headstrong generation. But they could discover no way, and signs of that terrible conflict remain even to this day. In due time the Fresh, became calm and brought forth a barrel of apples to appease the wrath of the Sophs, who, having eaten of the fruit were exceeding content and happy. Now all this took place in the year m which the game law perished, which was the last year of the reign of the class of ’81. THE GARNET, 79 i cqiuescat in 2?acjc. Twenty-five Cent Game Law. BORN—In the Dark ages. DIED—Jan. 7, 1881. Sit tibi terra levis. 80 THE GARNET, THE PUBLISHED MOINTTHLY — BY THE— Senior, Junior and Sophomore Classes. EDITORS. JOHN J. HENNING, ' 81, Editor in Chief. ROBERT A. WOOD, a ’81, G. G. LELAND, 2 l . ' 81, C. TEMPLE, A. ! ., ’82, A. S. WRIGHT, . Y., ’83, E. E. FORD. ’82. W. M. GILBERT, . Y., ’83, W. O. LEWIS, ’83, ARTHUR S. WRIGHT, . Y., Biininess Manager. THE GARNET. goem Delivered Before the Alumni Association of the Norths Chicago, 111., January nth, ’81, by George M. McConnell, We will not tliink to-night how near To twenty, thirty years lie slain Between each stately “Senior Year” And this brief horn , when, gathered here, We dream youth’s dreams again. Across their shadowed waste of cares A light from Union’s walls is thrown— A light no storm of life impairs— And yet a softened light that wears A pathos all its own. We tread the terrace grasses lush When spring-tide all our pulses thrills, And watch, at evening’s tender hush, The trading sunset banners flush The gateway in the hills. We hear the bells half-muffled peal When winter snows lie thick and deep, And while we see the breath congeal We groan to think we cannot steal Another hour to sleep. We hear the merry fiddle ring, And merry footsteps beat the floor In old North College vacant wing And smile to see mute foot and Hiring When A oft walks through the door. Alas ! these are but memory’s brides— We only dimly dream again Of youth ' s mad pranks and stingless glees - And wonder if the feathered tribes Roost now as high as then . And yet no “ wealth of Ind ” could buy These mem’ries of our youth-tide’s flood, Though we recall it but to sigh That boys and girls have drifted by That “hey-dey of the blood.” Though we may pass our full four-score, Not even then can be forgot That ever hospitable door— Or three-wheeled chaise that always bore The venerable JVott. 2 THE Gr RJNTErr. Who learned of him the task achieved By starting from the very ground ; No half-way smatter was received— “Perception” was at once “perceived” To be no empty sound. Who held the lists of argument With him must wield a trenchant blade ; WAo vied in charities, was spent,— Who tried to cheat him, might repent,— Scholars can , sometimes, trade. Great hearted, catholic old man ! Thy mind was rich in garnered truth ; Thy soul with sympathy o’erran, Holding alike in loving span Gray age and wayward youth ! Now an enchanted garden’s maze Blooms fresh and sweet on memory’s track, And down its pliant, winding ways A sturdy little figure strays ;— Ah! dear old “ Captain Jack.” Who says that “ figures” make hearts cold? We better know, because we knew The very king of “ figures ”—bold As Bayard, yet a Inmdred-fold More tender, warm, and true. Forgive us that we catch the gleam Of bright gilt buttons through the years, Thy cherished foibles Only seem To make the substance of our dream ; We smile to choke our tears. With Hebrew texts our ears are filled, In Lewis ' s translations given, Whose trenchant English sought to build A surer faith, and always thrilled With lofty hope of heaven. Lo ! o’er the hills a shadowy train— Alert Gillespie in the van ; Drag the surveyor’s jingling chain, And learn, at once, how free from stain The simple “ Gentleman. ” Far south war’s thunders, peal on peal, The deeds of Freedom’s knighthood tell; We see the shattered squadrons reel, We hear the shuddering clash of steel Where gallant Reissuer fell! THE STH1X. 83 One yet remains age can not gloom, Since honest hearts time’s steps beguile ; No chymic fires e’er lit his room But pale before the ruddy bloom Of Pearson ' s roseate smile. One more we warmly greet to-night, Though white the locks that once were black, A Guide who always leads aright, A Friend whom all men trust at sight— Brave-hearted, dear “ Old Jack.” ’Twas “ Old Jack Foster ” years ago, Ere time dropped snows above his brow, Because we loved him then, you know ; To-day we love him more, and so ’Tis “ Old Jack Foster ” now. Ah ! well we knew, in days long gone, His kindly heart, his strong, clear sense, His vision keen that pounced upon All surreptitious “ponies” drawn To help us “o’er the fence. ’ His sterling worth, his hate of wrong, His ripened wisdom’s gathered stores— We know them well—have known them long— O ! Alma Mater, brave and strong, Thank God, he still is yours ! O ! reverend company, in sooth Your youug successors can not see A fame more fixed in lasting truth Than to inspire in coming youth A love like ours for thee ! O ! Union, as thy gray old walls Sit thronged upon thy terraced hills, Above where shining Mohawk crawls, Above the noisy railway’s brawls, Serene and calm and still; So o’er the tumult of our lives Thy memory shines serenely clear, Above the “carking care ” that strives To bind our souls in sordid gyves, A thought forever dear. 84 THE GARNET. gasr |pts. “ Truths that wake To perish never.” The Faculty—“ A little learning is a dangerous thing. ” The Students—“ The villainy you teach me, I will execute; and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.” Butler’s Analogy— 4 ‘No index learning turns the student pale, But takes the eel of science by the tail.” The Terrace—“An antique chair, cushioned with cunning lux¬ ury. ’ Editors—“ Some of us will smart for it.” ’81—“Some men were born for great things.” A- -b-e—“ Satan leading on.” A-tt—“For my voice I have lost it with hollaing and singing of anthems. ’ Cam-b-1—“ 1 have no other but a woman’s reason; I think it so. because I thick it so.” X) - v - n—“ A man I am, crossed with adversity.” G-b-n-, ) H - n - ng, “All Gaul is divided into three parts.” D - r - ng, ) F - nc - r,—“ Neither shall he suffer his locks to grow long.” K - g—“ He draweth out the thread of his verbosity, finer than the staple of his argument.” L - n, J.—“ How long oh, Lord how long ! (?)” L - n - th—“An undevout astronomer is mad.” L - 1 — d—“ Too much of a good thing. ” L - m - s - y—“ Comparisons are odorous.” D - v -Js, ) W - s - 11, “ The noisv geese that gabble in the pool.” McF-lls, L -n, Tt—“ A weak invention of the enemy.” PH JE Gr ARJSTET. 85 McC - e - n,—“I believe they talked of me, fui thoy laughed consumedlv.” M - n -ly—“ ’Tis the voice of the sluggard ; I heard him complain, You have waked me too early, I must slumber again. ” Mo - e,— 44 You beat your pate, and fancy wit will come, Knock as you please, there’s nobody at home.” N - g - e— 44 One pinch, a hungry bare faced villain.” P - t - r—“ Where a man kant du enything else, he parts his hair in the middle.” S - w - r— 44 A fellow of no mark nor likelihood. ” S - 1 - s - r—“ Like Niobe, all tears.” T - 1 - d - e— 4 4 My only books, Were woman ' s looks. And folly’s all they taught me.” Y - n E - s— 44 Scared out of his seven senses. ” W - 1 h— 44 Home keeping youth have ever homely wit.” W -1 ms—‘‘Company, villainous company hath been the spoil of me.” W - n - s— 4 Is this that naughty gay Lothario ?” W - te— 44 Who but must laugh, if such a man there be.” W - t - ns— 44 Mr. Manager, the treasury is empty but the treas¬ urer is full. ” W - d— 44 Better be damned than mentioned not at all.” B - ss— 44 1 cleaned all the windows, and swept off the floor, And I polished up the handle of the big front door!” ’82— 44 With foreheads villainously low.” A - a - r— 44 I want to be an angel.” C - d - i - e— 44 Blessings on thy beard.” C - r - i c - 1— 44 How much a dunce who has been sent to roam Excels a dunce who has been kept at home.” E - d— 44 The crushed tragedian. ” E - d - r— 44 Green, green, green.” G - f - o - d— 44 Base is the slave that pays.” G - i - o - d— 4 He has a remarkably sweet (?) voice. ” H - n - s—To see him sing, you would believe An ass was practicing recitative. ” L - o - n— 44 Who thinks too little, who talks too much.” P - y - e — 44 Neither rhyme nor reason.” P - e s - n- “ Gratiano speaks an infinite deal of nothing.” P - 1 - a - d—“ The ferste vertue, sonne, if thou wiltlere, ! Is to restreine, and kepen we’l thy tonge. ” R - d 4 ‘ Kin you wag yer left ear.” n 86 the: GJ-AJRNEJT. R - s - b - m—“ A living dead man.” W - 1 - r—“ And evere be rood the hyndreste of the route.” W - t - i - s—“Of two evils the less is always to be chosen.” W - i - m - r—“Not two strong men his ’normous weight could raise, Such men do live in these degenerate days.” W - i - st, F—“ I have a kind of alacrity, in flunking.” V - nW - g - n - n—“ A good knave, i’ faith, and well fed.” Y - nB - r - n—“ This is the worst.” W - d - 1—“ All inconceivabilities may be reduced to inseparable association combined with the original incon¬ ceivability of a direct contradiction.’ R _ w _ n And still we gaze and still the wonder grows, How one small head can carry all he knows. ” A.S. W. - i — t —“ All Sin was his name.” ’83—“ All hell broke loose.” B - 1 - n - r—“You ' d shake hands with a king upon his throne, And think it kindness to his majesty.” B - r n—“ I am a gatherer and disposer of other men’s stuff.” B - n - d - t—“ He had a face like a benediction.” B - 1 - u “ This bold, bad man.” C-f-l-n—“ The big round dumpling rolling from the pot.” G - u - e—“ O, that he were he to write me down—an ass.” G-u-t-r-i-e—“ Fain would I climb, yet fear I to fall.” E - e - s - n—“ Another base, unwash’d artificer.” E - a - s—“ Jack was embarrassed, never hero more, And as he knew not what to say lie swore.” McC -1 - n—“ I am the fellow with the big belly.” McE - w - n—“ He hath eaten me out of house and home.” M - o - e—“ I am a man of brains, sir, if you please.” R - y - d—“ Out damned spot, out, I say!” S - d—“ A still, small voice.” S - e - w - d—“ Still amorous, and fond, and billing.” T - e - t - n—“ Something is rotten in Denmark.” G - 1 - e - t—“ In daunger hadde he at his owne gise, The younge girles of the diocise.” G - b - n—“ Just like a snail through life ' s dull part you creep, Your whole existence but a waking sleep.” ’84—“All flesh is grass.” A - m (s)—“ The foremost man of all this world.” B - n - e - t, ( lt rpj le j OU g and the yhoyt of it.” i f _ a i ° THE Gr RISrjffiX. 87 B k - n—“ No3e. nose, nose, nose, And wliat gave thee that jolly red nose ?” C - c- r-f—“A deed without a naIne. ,, D - 1 - n - y —“ An emerald Freshman.” E - t - o - r—“ Innocence abroad.” G - r - s - y—“ Bacchus ever young and fair.” G - e - n—“Young Adonis, lovely, fresh and green.” F - a - k - n—“ Hence, horrible shadow, Unreal, mocking hence!” H P J - L S - T i ' r | “Can such things be?’ — “ Off with his head.” ■ g - r - 1 r - i- o—“ Thou slave, thou wretch, thou coward!” r - k - r — “ And then came this calf.” 1 - y—“ Brain him with a lady’s fan.” T - m - 1 - t - n—“ But there ' s nothing half so sweet in life as love’s young dream.” r , - y s ( “ Two lovely berries molded on one stem.” T - ys [ J Y - u - g—“So wise, so young, they say, do ne’er live long.” J - d—“A fail young face o’er which is only cast, The delicate hues of spring.” W - n - e—“ And the devil did grin.” F - r - u - ' n—“ Last of all came Satan. ” A-r-mT-u-xC-n-e H - m - n, J-m-sB-r-s-eYV - n ■ s L • n - i - g, W-l-i-mN-l-nP-t-vD-i-y, A-t-rH-r-d K-s-m-rJ-r-s, “The world grew pale at their names.’ ' r _ THE OYLilSrElX. THE PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE STUDENTS OE UNION COLLEGE , Contains all the latest news about the College. TERMS: $1.00 per Year. SINGLE COPIES , 10 cents. i For sale at COLLEGE BOOK STORE and at EDITORS’ ROOMS, Engraver and Printer, .AJLiB AJ TY, 1ST. Y. Commercial Engraving - , Wedding - and Calling Cards, Coats-of-Arms, Monagrams, c. Collage Engraving a Specialty. tS TEngraver of the cover of this book. THE G- raNTET. Messrs. TIFFANY CO., Union Square, invite an inspection of the most extensive and varied collec¬ tion of artistic and useful goods they have ever shown, including I examples of their Gold and Silver¬ smith ' s work similar to those dis¬ played at Paris.which have attract¬ ed admiring attention througout Europe, and won the Gold Medal and five other special awards, be¬ sides the Grand Prize and Cross ot the Legion of Honor over all com¬ petitors at the EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE. TIFFANY CO.’S “Blue Book ’ containing lists of articles for pres¬ ents, with prices, is sent to any ad¬ dress on request. TIFFANY CO., Union Square, New York. THE GARNET. • SN EU 80, 82 and 84 State St., cor. F. 0 80, 82 and 84 State St., cor. Ferry, IMPOETERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF o CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, CUTLERY, Lamps, Pure Lead Flint Chimneys, c. STUDENT LAMPS OF AIM. DESCRIPTIONS, Agents for the New UnequaUed LEADER Burner. Manufacturers of Superior BROOMS and BRUSHES — OF ALL KINDS. — Fancy Handles and Extra Brooms and Brushes a Specialty. SCHENECTADY, N. Y. McDonald stemmy, GOVERNOR AND STAFF, JUDGES COURT OF APPEALS, N. Y. STATE ASSEMBLY, 520 and 522 Broadway, ALBANY, N. Y. |J§T Also Photographers for Senior Class of Union College. THE Gr RUNTKlT. Fine Book and Job Printing, at the AMSTERDAM DAILY DEMOCRAT office. The CONCORD TEN SIS is printed at the AMSTERDAM DAILY DEMOCRAT office. This issue of the Garnet was printed at the AMSTERDAM DAILY DEMOCRAT office. Invitations to Society Anniversaries, printed in the latest styles, and at reason¬ able prices, at this office. WM. J. KLINE, Proprietor, Miller Block, Amsterdam, N. Y. THE O RiNTET. GEORGE E. VINCENT, GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS AND MANUFACTURER OF THE Ancient City Shirt, MYERS BLOCK, - - SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Hotel Germania, CHARLES WIENCKE, Proprietor, Cor Tier Centre Liberty Streets , Schenectady , N . Y. Two Pool Tables and Bar well supplied with Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Vrooman’s Pool Rooms, 96 Centre Si., Schenectady, N. Y. Also all sorts of Wines and Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes. CHECKS GIVEN POOL PLAYERS. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE AND READ THE LATEST COLLEGE NEWS. J THE G-A.PHSTET. CHARLES N. YATES, FURNITURE 64 STATE STREET, WARE ROOMS, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Beds, Chairs, Mattresses and all articles suitable for furnishing College rooms constantly on hand. Jg® " Goods delivered free of charge. HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY. E. 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Y. igaTBcoks bought or exchanged. Catalogues sent free on application by j postal card. J THE GARNET. ESTABLISHED 1S39. The Fashionable HAT, CAP and FUR ESTABLISHMENT OF I T e C1LUTE, Where can always be Found the LARGEST and BEST Assortment in the City. COLLEGE and Cl ASS CAPS, TRUNKS, BAGS, UMBRELLAS, CANES, Etc. |3 “Sole Agent in this City for the Celebrated Dunlap Knox Hats. NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD. CLUTE, THE HATTER, ioi STATE ST. NOTMAN Photographic Company, LIMITED. 55 NORTH PEARL STREET, ALBANY, N. Y. CLASS PHOTOGRAPHERS OF ONION COLLEGE, ! 78-’79-’80. College Buildings, Landscapes, Class and Society Group Pictures may be had at Class Rates. Every person named in the Official (Catalogue of the Col¬ lege entitled to our pictures at Contract Rates. We make every description of work known to Photography, including the Reproduction of Old Pictures. College Albums and all Descriptions of Frames. Our Art Gallery always opeu to visitors, and explanations freely given. THE G-ARNET. JAS. H. BARHYTE, DEALER IN ©OKS AND STATIONERY, : Paper Hangings, Window Shades, fa. : Books Bound and Pictures Framed to Order R ooms Papered at Short Notice. A full line of College Text Books ou hand. iii State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. T. H. REEVES CO., DRY GOODS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS -AND- UPHOLSTERY FOR COLLEGE ROOMS. -)o(- Gents’ Furnishing Goods. 137 STATE ST., SCHENECTADY. CARLEY HOUSE. A DEYENBORF, Proprietor. State St., Cor. Centre, Schenectady, N. Y. Within 50 Yards of the Depot. Livery Attached. THE ■ Andrew McMullen, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN 92 94 Union Street, - - Schenectady, N. Y. A. BROWN SON, UPHOLSTERERS ffwrwitur c JjtXauufactuvcvs, 154 State Street, - - - Schenectady, N. Y. KING, “THE” TAILOR, No. 102 State Street, Schenectady , N. Y. All the Latest Styles of Cassimeres, Beavers and Suitings, Always on hand. C, BURGESS, 105 107 STATE STAKE EX, Sclienectady, 2ST. " 3T. THE G RJNTET. - -‘M BAUM’S 3 - -R. R.- CIG- E STOEE.4- Choicest Brands of Cigars, Cigarettes, Cigarette Papers and To¬ baccos constantly on hand. 187 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY. HORNING ' S BILLIARD PARLOR, Center Street, one door from State. S New Collender Tables. M. H. HORNING, Proprietor, SCHENECTADY, N. Y, MYERS THE OLD ESTABLISHED JEWELER. -)o(- Strict ' Attention Given to the Repairing of Watches and Jewelry. WOOD BROTHERS, 133 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. k DEALERS IN ( 2s £en.’s nr’ia.rriistLizig ' G-oods, , Shirts, Collars and Cuffs, latest styles of Neckwear, Silk Hand¬ kerchiefs, Scarf Pins, Sleeve Buttons, c. B® 0 Goods received for Troy Laundry. J igma 2?hi. Delta ghi. 2?si itpsilcm. Slip ha Delta Jhi.

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