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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1879 volume:

r 4 4 - UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. Union University. THE GARNET, Published by ECRET OCIETIES OF MAY, 1879. ALBANY : J. Munsell Printing House. 1879. whomhii A THE GARNET. 3 aS ' EDITORS. ' SD ’ 79 . FRED. S. BLOSS, - Kappa Alpha. FRED. F. CHISOLM, - - - Sigma Phi. ALONZO C. DINGMAN, - - Delta Phi. J. LAMB PERRY, - - - Psi Upsilon. Wm. B. ROPER, - Alpha Delta Phi. Associate Editor. ’ 30 - J. V. L. PRUYN Jr. Kappa Alpha. Out of College. TUK GrARNET. jSssSaLUTATIO. The Garnet for 1879 is at last before you. Misjudge not its merits, but weigh lightly its offenses. It is the offspring of severe physical and metaphysical labor. The midnight flame has paled beneath the task, and haggard looks rest upon our downy cheeks. The Best military training will not restore us to our former vigor. Be liberal and grant us the honor we so justly deserve. We have aimed at quality not quantity ; our standard has been high, and this volume, though small, exhibits some of the best talent of the country. f THE GAKXET. 5 S ' S °CI£ V ° jEsTA 1 0 THE GARNET. Kappa Alpha. ALPHA PHAPTER FOUNDED AT 1825 . THE GARNET. i Kappa Ilpha. - ' $£i r £ -o - Resident Members. JAMES FULLER, JONATHAN PEARSON, A.M., Hon. S. T. BENEDICT, E. N. POTTER, D.D., LL.D., Rev. T. G. DARLING, J. BAYARD BACKUS, EVERETT SMITH, GERARDUS SMITH. ’ 79 . F. S. BLOSS, C. F. T. BEALE. ’ 80 . R. D. ANABLE , J. V. L. PRUYN, Jr., T. C. VAN SANTVOORD. ’ 81 . F. E. ABBOTT, C. V. ANABLE, S. G. GAILLARD, C. D. MENEELY, H. N. POTTER, E. S. YOUNGLOVE. ’ 82 . Wm. M. LEWIN, H. R. PIERSON, Jr. Out of College. THE GARNET. S Sigma Phi. ALPHA OF NEW YORK. FOUNDED ' -en827.«M THE GrJ JEUST JET. 9 IGMA j RATRES IN JJRBE. G. LANSING OOTHOUT, E. WINSLOW PAIGE, G. W. FEATHERSTONHAUGH, Wm. D. MAXON, R. T. McQUEEN, Wm. JOHN FOSTER, LL.D., T.R. FEATHERSTONHAUGH, M.D., Wm. C. McCAMUS, P. I. C. HOAG, H. B. McQUEEN, CRAIG. J ursuing Special tudies. ALEXANDER DUANE, ’78, O. H. ROGERS, 77. Seniors. Wm. F. LANSING, . Wm. W. CRAIG, F. F. CHISOLM. Juniors. DeLANCEY W. WATKINS, R. T. S. LOWELL, Jr. jSOFHOMOREF E. T. E. LANSING, C. H. JOHNSON, Jr., GEO. A. P. CODWISE, H. R. SHEAD, GEO. B. TULLIDGE. J RESHMEN. E. C. MURRAY. Left College. Twenty-one Members. r j -4 -— lO THE GARNET. THE GARHET. ELTA ALPHA CHAPTER, FOUNDED IN 1827. J RATRES IN JjRBE. JAMES H. LYON, ALEXANDER J. THOMPSON, BARENT A. MYNDERSE, WALTON DUANE, WILLIAM H. SMITH, ARTHUR JOHN K. PAIGE, WILLIAM L. PEARSON, GEO. MAXON, GEO. O. VAN DE BOGART, AARON K. MYNDERSE, B. MOREHOUSE. ’79. ALONZO C. DINGMAN. ’80. FRANK P. S. CRANE, CHAS. F. BISHOP, GEO. E. DIXON, WILLIAM BRONK, JOHN £. PARRY ’81. ROBERT A. WOOD, FRED. W. CAMERON, JAMES W. LESTER. ’82. JOHN G. PEOLI, ALFRED A. McMURRAY, SAMUEL M. SYLVESTER, CHAS. TEMPLE. JTclectic. DAN. R. PEOLI. Left College. odkce: garnet. Psi Upsilon. FOUNDED AT ®sra D$r ■ 1833 5 the g-a-Ritet. 13 §PSILON. — -o-o— 5 fr-o o-- THETA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1833. Resident Praduates. REV. J. H. ROGERS, J. A. LYON, PROF. W. LAMOROUX, F. MAXON, C. PROF. I. B. PRICE, HON. S. W. JACKSON. OLIVER C. MORSE, E. A. MAXON, M. CULVER. Seniors. EDWARD B. BURNAP, EDWARD McDONNELL, J. LAMB PERRY. Juniors. will. j. McNulty, benj. h. ripton, E. L. CRANDALL. F. C AVERY, J. W. LYON, J. S. LAWRENCE, H. G. GLENN, OPHOMORES. CALVIN E. CARPENTER, sam. p. McClellan, W. A. S. LATHAM, H. R. FANCHER. jPRESHMEN. W. J. POLLARD, A. S. WRIGHT. Left College, THE O RHSTDET. THE GrJ Tl P 7 P. 1LPHA |elta UNION CHAPTER ESTABLISHED IN 4 859. Resident Graduates. JOHN A. De REMER, ALONZO P. A. STRONG, SAMUEL BURNETT HOWE, REV. GEO. ALEXANDER, FRANKLIN R. TOLL. JJndergraduates. ’79. WILLIAM PLATT ADAMS, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS WALDRON, JOHN FRANKLIN GREENE, JOHN DAVIS PARSONS, H ENRY SCHLOSSER, EDWARD LOUISA HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM BENJ. ROPER. ’80. JOSEPH DAVIS CRAIG. WILBUR FISKE WATKINS, JAMES LOUIS RANKINE, PERRY H. KLINE, ’81. GEORGF. MENEELY. HOWARD LLOYD THOMAS, CHARLES B. PIERSON. ’82. SHELDON MUNSON GRISWOLD, SCHURMAN HALSTED WATKINS. Left College. ( ” l " r 16 THE GARNET. r THE OARUNTIET. 17 rS rOF -a The Officers And Students r OF Also Governors of Union Uu : versity. Ex-Officio. 18 THE GK RlNnET. OF UNION COLLEGE. His Excellency Lucius Robinson, Hon. William Dorsheimer, Hon. Allen C. Beach, Hon. Frederick P. Olcott, Hon. James Mackin,- Governor. Lieut. Governor. Secretary of State. Comptroller . Treasurer . Hon. Augustus Schoonmaker, Jr., Attorney General . f Hon. William W. Campbell, LL.D. Rev. Ebenezer Halley, D.D. Rev. J. Trumbull Backus, D.D., LL.D. Hon. Clarkson N Patter, LL.D. Hon. Platt Potter, LL.D. Hon. Charles C. Nott. William Tracy, LL.D. Joseph W. Fuller, Esq. Eliphalet Nott Potter, D.D., LL.D. Gen. Frederic Townsend. Silas B. Brownell, Esq. Rev. William Irvin, D.D. I Hon. Judson S. Landon. I Hon. Edward W. Paige. Thomas Allen, LL.D. Term of office expires June, 1879. Rev. James Rankine, D.D. “ Robert H. McClellan, Esq. “ Amasa J. Parker, Jr., Esq. “ “ “ 1880. “ “ 1881. Jonathan Pearson, Edgar M. Jenkins, Esc ., “ “ 1882. - - - Treasurer. Assistant Treasurer and Secretary. VISITORS OF THE NOTT TRUST FUND. Urania £. Nott. Hon. W. W. Campbell, LL.D. Rev. William Payne, D.D. Rev. William E. Griffis. Rev. Timothy G. Darling. ICmPcrsitg of fhe -Slate of r SHexv ' ork. ELIPHALET NOTT POTTER, D.D., LL.D., President; and Professor of Moral Philosophy , Evidences of Christianity and the Con¬ stitution. JOHN FOSTER, LL.D., NOTT Professor [No. 8) of Natural Philosophy. JONATHAN PEARSON, A.M., Professor of Agriculture and Botany. HENRY WHITEHORNE, A.M., NOTT Professor [No. I ) of the Greek Language and Literature. WILLIAM WELLS, LL.D., Professor of Modern Languages and Literature. MAURICE PERKINS, A.M., M.D., NOTT Professor [No. 3) of Analytical and Organic Chemistry and Curator of the Museum. Rev. GEORGE ALEXANDER, A.M., Professor of Logic and Rhetoric. CADY STALEY, A.M., C.E., Professor of Civil Engineering. HARRISON E. WEBSTER, A.M., Professor of Natural History. ROBERT T. S. LOWELL, D.D., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature. Rev. TIMOTHY G. DARLING, A.M., Acting Professor of Mental Philosophy and Hehrevu. — i A 20 THE STET. ISAIAH B. PRICE, C.E., Professor of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Physics. HENRY COPP£E, LL.D., Professor of History , English Literature and Philology. Rev. E. A. WASHBURN, D.D. Lectures on Old English and Art. WENDELL LAMOROUX, A M., Professor of English Essay and Oratory , aud Assistant Librarian. WM. A. POTTER, A.M. Professor of Architecture. E. D. PALMER, A M., Lectures on Sculpture. NEWTON A. WELLS, B.P., Instructor in Drawing. CHAS. J. COLCOCK, C.E., Tutor in Mathematics. JOS. R. DAVIS, A.B., Tutor in Latin and Greek. THOS. R. FEATHERSTONHAUGH, A.M., M.D.., Physician to the College. CLERMONT L. BEST, Jr., U.S.A., Professor of Military Science and Director of Physical Culture. SAMUEL B. HOWE, A.M., Adjunct Nott Professor [No. 4), Principal of Union School and Superintendent of the Schools of Schenectady. CHAS. W. VANDF.RVEER, Instructor in Physical Culture. THOMAS HUN, M.D., Emer. Professor of the Institutes of Medicine. S. O. VAN DERPOEL, M.D., Professor of Pathology , Practice and Clinical Medicine. THE GARNET. 21 JOHN SWINBURNE, M.D., Professor of Fractures and Dislocation j and Clinical Surgery. ALBERT VAN DERVEER, M.D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery. JACOB S. MOSHER, M.D., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Hygiene. JOHN M. BIGELOW, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. LEWIS BALCH, M.D., Professor of Anatomy. SAMUEL B. WARD, M.D., Professor of Surgical Patholoyy and Operative Surgery. JOHN P. GRAY, M.D., LL.D., Professor of Psychological Medicine. EDWARD R. HUN, M.D., Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System. J. P. BOYD, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. WILLIS G. TUCKER, M.D., Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry. WILLIAM HAILES, M.D., Anthony Professor of Histology and Pathological Anatomy. - CYRUS S. MERRILL, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology. HARRISON E. WEBSTER, A.M., Professor of Physiology. HENRY MARCH, M.D., Curator of the Medical Museum. EUGENE VAN SLYKE, M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 22 THE GARNET. Wm. L. LEARNED, LL.D., Professor of Civil Law and Equity Jurisprudence. ISAAC EDWARDS, LL.D. Professor of Personal Property , Contracts and Commercial Law. Hon. MATTHEW HALE, Professor of Criminal Law and Domestic Relations. ELIPHALET N. POTTER, LL.D., Feudalism and Constitutional Law. HENRY COPPEE, LL.D., International Law. Hon. H. E. SICKLES, Professor of the Laws of Evidence. CHAS. T. F. SPOOR, Esq, Professor of Practice of Common Law and under the Code. HENRY S. McCALL, Esq.., Real Property and JVills. LEWIS BOSS, A.M., Director of the Dudley Observatory. O. H. LANDRETH, A.B., C.E., Assistant Astronomer. GEN. A. J. MYER, Chief Signal Officer of U. S. A. ; and Director of Meteorological Department. JONATHAN PEARSON, A.M., Treasurer and Librarian of Union College. EDGAR M. JENKINS, Esq,, Assistant Treasurer and Registrar of Union College. ORLANDO MEADS, LL.D., Secretary of a he Albany Law School. Deceased. JACOB S. MOSHER, M.D., Registrar of the Albany Medical College. ’79. The close of our college life is at hand and the time is fast approaching when we must go forth from these gray walls to fight the battles of life. Although the change from the even tenor of student-life to the bustle and confusion of the outside world will be a great one, we feel well prepared for it. The training of the last four years has been constant and severe (as the thousands of gallons of kerosene offered up on midnight altars bear witness), yet it is just what we have required; and though we leave dear “ Old Union ” with regret, yet, like young athletes, we are waiting for the signal in order that we may dash on for name and fame. We go forth well satisfied with the record that we leave behind, knowing that there is no stain of dishonor or tarnish of defeat upon our banner. With¬ out lowering our standing in the class-room we were ever ready to compete with any and all on the campus or the river. No need now to speak of winning both “ rushes ”, of our Base¬ ball Nine, Foot-ball Eleven or Six-oared Crew. Sic transit gloria. We leave many pleasures to our successors. May they dream as serenely during lectures in Technology and de¬ rive as much satisfaction from the story of the Rhode Island coal-field as told to the last fifteen Senior Classes ! Soon we shall depart and the places that knew us once will know us no more. Ava Koci Epya ou Men of ’ 79 , in the future as in the past, and whatever be your station in life, strive as ye have striven and the result will be as satisfactory. j 24 THE GARNET. THE G RjSTET. £7 ’ 80 . Some one or other has remarked that really great institutions have no history. We have no history, yet a short account of a few of the remarkable exploits performed by our valiant class may be interesting. Our grand old ship of state sailed on smoothly, with its course not in any way interrupted or disturbed by outside commotions, till the beginning of our Sophomore year, when we were brought face to face with ’81, the greenest and most disorderly crowd of Freshmen that ever walked the campus. But as I am anticipating the historian of ’8i in saying this, I’ll cut the eulogy short — simply verify my statement by one example. Among other eccentricities this class undertook to keep a menagerie in North college. We always had an eye open for their welfare and saw that everything was quiet. One night, however, when we were off our guard, we were awakened by the shout, “ The menagerie has broken loose ” — we were on the ground in an instant with our gallant president at our head. Imagine the trouble and disagreeableness of trying to force a lot of wild animals into their cage at mid-night, too ! It was a tough fight, our president was soon dispatched (home), his place supplied and left vacant, then we prevailed not till we had lost four of our noble men, cut off from all further usefulness to the college by their untimely death. Still we go on “ Small by degrees and beautifully less.” With what victories has the class of ’8o been crowned ! Were ever Fresh more thoroughly vanquished than in the hour our solid ranks bore down upon them and took away their cane ? We were equally ‘triumphant in our studies. We started mechanics with the reputation of preferring to lie out on the campus and sing—“When Captain Jack has seen his plants in bloom, etc.” Certainly we never hurt ourselves with our polling and yet in what an unprecedentedly short time we rushed We have not had any more class presidents. r 1 - 4 - THE G PtlNTJET. through the book ! Thank the Gods ! we can now strike the proper tragic attitude and with sweeping gesture consign machines to lowest Hades to illustrate the Inferno. 1 he only practical lesson that most of us got from the book was, that horse power was really a great economizer. Then we took up Lectures on Work, Electricity. In fact, we didn’t have to work at all, the man who praised the text-book and applauded most vociferously, the jokes of our worthy professor, got along the best. One rash fellow succeeded in non-plussing the pro¬ fessor and at the same time winning his mark, by suggesting that, if you saved so much steam by cutting it off one-third of the way and still more by cutting it off half way, it would be a pious scheme to cut it off altogether and save it all. Thus bv employing a little mental exertion and a great deal of cheek, our literary career thus far has been a grand success. In the Junior year we take our ease and so resting on our laurels we bid you all an affectionate, fond farewell. THE GARNET. 31 ’ 81 . We, the members of the class of 1881 in Union College are, like every other class that ever has figured or ever will figure in its own history or prophecy or editorial written bv one of its mem¬ bers, tfie best, noblest, truest, bravest, strongest, long-windedest lot of men that were ever warmed by the sun’s bright rays. At all events if we didn’t say so in an editorial of this kind we would be behind, just as much, all of our predecessors and successors. We have never accomplished anything that could be emphati¬ cally pronounced praiseworthy unless it is to permit ’82 to bullyrag us to their hearts’ content and thus gain the good-will and laudation of the Concordiensis for putting a stop to hazing. We don’t pretend that Delta Q’ing goes out with this class be¬ cause we object to the custom — it is because we object to being rusticated or shipped — that simply and solely. We never have got more than a meagre olfaction of a cane when we have in¬ dulged in a rush, but such contests form no criterion by which to judge of physical prowess. The jaw and tongue muscles that we have developed in chanting our own praises would, without doubt, outweigh some whole classes, if the thing could be pro¬ perly tested. We have done some things that have made cc the colonel ” get around earlier and work harder before daylight than he would otherwise have been obliged to, nobody can deny that. Altogether, we may conclude, as we commenced — we are the grandest, purest, brightest band that the sun ever shone on and had his brightness reflected back from polished cheek ’till he himself was dazzled. j THE ARXET. pFFICERvS. H. R. Fancher, y t - F. E. Abbott, k a - D. H. McFalls, - H. G. Glenn, n - Pres . - Pice-pres . Treas. Sec . THE GrA.R,jSTE5T. Name. Room. Residence. F ' . E. Abbott, KA, - No. 13 Barret St., Brunswick, N. Y. C. V. Anable, KA , S. Sec. N. Coll. No. 58, Springfield, Mass. F. C. Avery, W T, - S. Coll. N. Sec. No. 42, Seneca Falls, N. Y. F. W. Cameron, A Barret St., Albany, N. Y. A. Campbell, - N. Sec. N. Coll. No 83, Troy, N. Y. P. E. Carhart, N. Sec. N. Coll. No. 9, Guilderland, N. Y. A. D. Darling, - Liberty St., Andes, N. Y. J. P. Davio, Union St., Schenectady N. Y. E. J. Devlin, - N. Sec. N. Coll. No. 78, Albany, N. Y. H. R. Fancher, W 7 N. Sec. S. Coll. No. 64, McGrawville, N. Y. S. G. Gaillard, K A, - Mid. Sec. N. Coll. No. Eutaw Springs, S. C. F. W. Gardner, - - Saratoga Springs. F. B. Gary, - - M. Sec. N. Coll. No. 72, Cokesbury, S. C. J. R. Gibson, Liberty St., - Delhi, N. Y. H. G. Glenn, W T , - College St., Schenectady, N. Y. J. M. Harvey, Barret St., Schenectady, N. Y. J. J. Henning, - Liberty St., Argyle, N. Y. L. W. Hull, Barret St. - Sandusky, O. C. H. Johnson, 2 £, - Union St., Union, N. J. E. C. Johnson, Union St., Schenectady. C. S. King, - M. Sec. N. Coll. No. 14, Harmonton, N. J. S. V. Kline, M. Sec. S. Coll. No. 16, Amsterdam. E. T. E. Lansing, 2 ?, - N. Sec. N. Coll. No. 87, , Little Falls. G. G Leland, S. Sec. S. Coll. No. 41, Maysville, S. .C J. W. Lester, A - Nott Terrace, Saratoga Springs. J. P. Lyon, W T, Mid. Sec. N. Coll. No. Troy. R. S. Lyon, - Lafayette St., Schenectady. W. C. Marselius, Scotia St., Scotia. 3. F. McClellan, K 9 - Union St., Tiuy. D. H. McFalls, - S. Sec. N. Coll., Gouverneur. L THE GARNET. 35 C. D. Meneely, KA , W. J. Miller, F. W. Moore, H. Neagle, C. B. Pierson, A A P, H. N. Potter, R A , - J. Sawyer, - - - J. Still, - H. H. Taylor, G. B. Tullidge, IS P, W. E. Van Eps, - L. T. Vedder, E. B. Waller, E. F. Walsh, - W. F. Watkins, A A P, W. M. White, W. P. Williams, W. R. Winans, I. Wiswall, R. A. Wood, A , - E. R. Youmans, - Nott Terrace c. Liberty, Albany. Lafayette St., - - Charleston, N. Y, S. Sec. N. Coll. No. 40, De Kalb. M. Sec. S. Coll. No. 21, Columbia, S. C. Union St., - - Canandaigua. Mrs. Nott’s, - - New York. Union St., - - Cherry Valley, Union St., - - Lansingburgh. M. Sec. N. Coll. No. 60, Brooklyn. N. Sec. N. Coll. No. 91, S. America. No. 141 Front St., Schenectady. Niskayuna St., - - Niskayuna. N. Sec. S. Coll. No. 43, Seneca Falls. No. 82 Lafayetce St., - Schenectady. M. Sec. S. Coll. No. 16, Baltimore, Md. M. Sec. S. Coll. No. 17, Amsterdam. S. Sec. S. Coll. No., 5, Aikin, S. C. Mid. Sec. S. Coll. No., Westfield, N. J. S. Sec. S. Coll. No. 4, Wilton, N. Y. S. Sec. S. Coll. No. 4, Wolcott, N. Y. S. Sec. S. Coll. No. 45, Columbia, S. C. 30 THE G RZSTET. ’ 82 . With trembling knee approached the old blue gate, And sadly wondered what would be our fate, However, with forty-five exceptions, we all did pass And the Professor said “ Mon Dieu ! ” what a class. Such, Gentlemen of the upper classes, is the narrative in brief of our first day at Union. What the night may bring forth we cannot tell. Our position is one that should excite pity and commiseration in your bosoms, torn as we have been from the loving arms of our mothers, and sisters (of other fellows), to be sent to this oasis in the desert of ignorance. Many blood¬ curdling stories have been told us of the treatment we might expect at your hands. But we do not believe them. No ! several times no ! When we become so base as to think that you would us harm, or project a slaughter of the innocents, then — then, we’ll dust. We are a little sejuad of infantry, and now that the door of the nursery is closed upon us, it is pleasant to look abroad, and see that fresh milk can be procured at all hours of the night. Our’s is milk every time. No, Gentlemen, we have never learned to ride, for whilst at home when we took an airing it was either on foot or in a perambulator. But we know a real nice song about a horse. It’s this : “ Ride a cock-horse To Banbury cross To buy poor Freshy a dwum.” However if those Greek exercises are really so fatiguing to one on foot and there are so many little ponies about the place, we each speak for one. Or could one good pony carry two of us safely? If you don’t object we would like to play “ marbles,” spin tops, and chase after butterflies. Later. Well, things were rather gloomy around here the first week, but since then we have had fine times. How very thoughtful THE GARNET. of Prex and Perk to have fruit in their yards (for us). We think that every member of the Faculty should be required to have his garden well stocked with fruit. We are working things pretty well. We go to the Presbyterian S. S., to get boss marks and to the Second Reformed S. S., to get boss girls. Tis easier though to get the latter than the former. We are taking extra work, practical mathematics under Prof. Horning and German under Prof. Wiencke. We are not going to practice singing in Pickett’s barn any longer, as the Faculty have given us permission to sing in the basement of Memorial Hall provided that we practice at hours when they are off " the ct hill.” Oh we are so happy, the Faculty pat us on the head and all their servant-girls think us fine u b’ys.” THE Gr RlSTEia:. 39 Name. Residence. Room. J. McC. Adair, Ox Bow, N. Y., - N. Sec. So. Coll. No. 12. E. H. Adriance, - Scipio, Cayuga, N. Y., So. Sec. So. Coll. No. 44. M. Beattie, - - - Cornwall, N. Y., N. Sec. So. Coll. No. 14. J. R. Bolton, Pelham, N. Y., - No. 22 Albany St. A. E. Carmichael, - - So. Sec. So. Coll. No. 44. G. A. P. Codwise, 2 P, Grantville, Mass., No. 128 Union St. M. J. Couch, - South Norwalk, Conn , - No. 61 So. Colonnade. J. J. Drowne, Plattsburgh, N. Y. O. Early, - Schenectady, N. Y., No. 80 Lafayette St. T. D. Elder, Pattersonville, N. Y., No. 28 Barret St. L. J. Emerson, Moorton Sta., Del., - No 22 Albany St. N. G. Evans, Cokesbury, S. C., Mid. Sec. N. Coll. No. 72. J. R. Fairgrieve, Schenectady, N. Y., - No. 21 State St. C. E. Fay, - Northampton, N. Y., No. 28 Barret St. D. S. Flower, Alexandria Rapids, La., M. Sec. N. Coll. No. 77. E. E. Ford, Schenectady, N. Y., - Union St. W. Gifford, - Schenectady, N. Y., La Fayette St. E. W. Greene, New Lebanon, N. Y. S. M. Griswold, A A 4 ? - Delhi, N. Y-, - So. Sec. N. Coll. No. 57. L. R. Hargrave, - Madrid, N. Y., - M. Sec. N. Coll. No. 79. H. C. Hinds, - East Greenwich, N. Y., So. Sec. So. Coll. No. 48. N. G. Kingsley, Jonesville, N. Y., M. Sec. So. Coll. No. 32. W. M. Lewin, KA , Port Tobacco, Md., Liberty St J. A. McFarran, Cherry Valley, N. Y., No. 178 Union St. A. A. McMurray, A P y - Lansingburgh, N. Y., Cor. Liberty La Fayette. W. Miller, Minden, N. Y., R. E. Morgan, Tinmouth, Vt., - M. Sec. So. Coll. No. 32. E. C. Murray, 2 P, - Columbia, S. C., N. Sec. N. Coll. No. 92. J. G. Peoli, J - Brooklyn, N. Y., La Fayette St. W. H. Phyfe, Delhi, N. Y., - So. Sec. N. Coll. No. 59. H. R. Pierson, Jr., K A, - Albany, N. Y., - C.NottTerrace Sc Liberty. W. J. Pollard, Seneca Falls, N. Y., So. Sec. N. Coll. No. 9. A. Pratt, - Fort Edward, N. Y., N. Sec. N. Coll. No. 81. J. E. Ransdill, - Alexandria Rapids, La., M. Sec. N. Coll. No. 77. W. B. Reed, - - - Poughkeepsie, N. Y., No. 2 Quackenbush St. W. C. Roseboom, Cherry Valley, N. Y., - No. 178 Union St. H. M. SCHERMERHORN, - No. 276 State St. 40 THE STET. S. M. Sylvester, A £, C. Temple, A £, E. Thomson, Jr., - J. S. Van Vechten, W. A. Waddell, S. H. Watkins, A A P, - J. D. White, B. Whitehorne, E. C. Whitmyre, A. S. Wright, W T ' , E. N. Wright, | F. H. Wright, j E. R. Youmans, - Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Troy, N. Y., - Johnsburgh, N. Y., Franklin Co., N. Y., Balt., Md., Hoosac Falls, Schenectady, N. Y., - Schenectady, N. Y., Decatur, N. Y., Boggy Depot, Ind., Columbia, S. C., - Union St. No. 22 Albany St. No. 7 Quackenbush St. N. Sec. N. Coll. No. 94. No. 96 Church St. M. Sec. S. Coll. No. 27. Union St. College Hill. No. 63 Front St. No. 1 N. Sec. So. Coll. N. Sec. N. Coll. No. 74. So. Sec. So. Coll. No. 45. 1 THE GARNET. LAW SCHOOL. We are drifting on to graduation and soon we are to step over the boundary of student life and enter upon the stern duties of our profession. We are said to be an uncommon people, cc representing states from bay bound Maine, through the waving corn fields of Illonois, and the sunny climes of Wisconsin to the Golden Gates of California.” We feel that the future welfare of the nation rests upon us. New features present themselves. Old laws and old customs were well enough for the times of Justinian and Blackstone, but advancing time has developed complications for which the old masters have made no provision, and on us devolves the duty of seeking out new principles by which these difficulties are to be regulated. It is with no little pride that we announce to the world that we in our collective capacity have discovered these principles, and in due time they will be engrafted in the jurisprudence of the counliy. How the nation will stare and wonder when our probationary period being ended we settle into the harness of active profes¬ sional life. A new era awaits us, an era of good feeling and marvelous accomplishments. Provisions must be cheaper and the laborer more worthy of his hire. We are assured by our representative from Maine that one of his first efforts will be a reduction in the price of “ Cake and Turkey.” When the gentleman from California returns to his native sand banks even the calm and placid Pacific will be lashed into fury as he descants with irresistible pathos on Cw Chinese immi¬ gration ” the “ black wasp ” will dog mud, the “ fog horn ” will toot at prevailing customs, and old things will pass away. We are filled with becoming pride when our mind dwells upon the probabilities of the future and yet all is not bright, the putative guardian angel of our profession has developed certain traits of character in the class of ’79 on which we can but drop a tear of pity. Who can call to mind the class reception and the post prandial speeches then delivered by the gifted members of our craft, without feeling a certain interest in the “ blue ribbon’ 7 ethical creed of our modern rigorists. For one we feel a deep interest in the welfare of the class of ’79 and hope that by merely alluding to the faults which we have discovered in our brothers they may be quickened to a thorough reformation. “ Gentlemen of the jury, we leave this case with you ” and in conclusion we will say to each member of the class of ’79 in the words of the late lamented Publius Virgilius “ et quocunque viam dederit fottuna sequatnur THIS GrJ JbL N JEO j LASS pFFTCERS. A. E. Baxter, - President . George W. Foote, - 1 st Vice-president. William W. Brown, - 2 d Vice-president. William E. Iliff, - - Secretary , Samuel M. Sutliff, - " Treasurer. Thomas G. Outerbridge, Historian. Frank W. Dickinson, Elisha Moore, Jr., V Executive Com. W. B. Vansize, J Cyrus W. Horton, - Editor. N. A. Hawkins, - Poet. Wm. T. Murray, - Prophet. Samuel B. Rogers, Marshal. THE G JRHSTZET. Name. Residence. Room. Aldrich, David S., Jr., Palmyra, 12- Park street. Allen, Daniel W., Buffalo, 333 Hudson ave. Andrews, James De W., - Sterling, Ill. Baxter, Archie E., Bath, 12 Park street. Bonner, Charles H., Penn Yan, - 22 Jay street Boothroyd, James T., - Newburgh. Brown, William W., Buffalo, - 4 Park street. Chapman, Peter R., Peekskill, 58 Lancaster street. Childs, William A., Conneant, Ohio. Church, Frederic H., - Friendship, N. Y. Cooper, Henry B., - Bombay, 192 Jay street. Davison, Charles, Davenport, la., - 145 North Pearl street. Dickinson, Frank W., Newark, 12 Park street. Diven, William S., Anderson, Ind., 23 Park street. Doolittle, R. Edson, Canton, 192 Jay street. Downs, Wm. Sidney, - Birmingham, Ct., 12 Park street. Foote, George Ward, Colchester, Ct-, 6 Park street. Garrison, Franklin, Albany, 81 Elm street. Griffith, Francis G. P., - East New York, - 192 Jay street. Hardenburgh, John E., Kingston, 22 Jay street. Hawkins, N. A., Hollister, Cal., 256 Hudson ave. Holman, Wm. A., Glen’s Falls, 15 Lancaster street. Horton, Cyrus W., Peekskill, 58 Lancaster street. Hurt.but, George W., - De Peyster, 192 Jay street. Hupt rut, Eldridge O., - De Peyster, - 192 Jay 3treet. Ingram, William H., - Manning, S. C. Iliff, William E., - Port Jervis, - 61 Lancaster street. Jacobs, Frank, Youngstown, O., 10 Jay street. Larmon, John King, Salem, 196 North Pearl street. Lasher, Seth E., - Albany. Manning, Franklin C., - Buffalo. -®-©- 1 THE GARNET. 45 Malone, Booth M., Chicago, Ill. McClellan, George, Chatham Village. McK.ee, Andrew J., McLean, N. Y. Mitchell, Atchison, Knowersville. Moore, Elisha, Jr., Chicago, Ill. McGranahan, Wm. J., Rosendale. Montgomery, Clarence L., , Waddington, Jay street. Murray, William T., - Albany, - - - 90 Colonie street. Newman, Henry, Albany, - 14 First street. Newman, Jared T., Ithaca, - 22 Jay street. O’Neale, Robert Gourdin, Charleston, S. C., 140 Hudson Ave. Osgood, John E., Fort Edward. OUTERBRIDGE, THOMAS G., Rochester, 148 State street. Perham, William H., Honesdale, Pa., 23 Chestnut street. Perrin, F. Stanton, - Albany, - 54 North Pearl street. Potter, Ferdinand, Jr., - Providence, R. I., 23 Walter street. Riley, John P., - Warrensburg, N. Y. Rogers, Samuel B., Fishkill-on-Hudson, - 30 Grand street. Round, Seward U., Newburgh, - 22 Jay street. Scisco, Wm. D., Rahway, N. J., - 48 Howard street. Shafer, Thos. Thornton, Knowersville. Shaffer, Cicero, Ithaca, - 23 Chestnut street. Sessions, Will. B., Panama, - 12 Park street. Skinner, Frank 0 .., - Lewiston, Me., 48 Howard street. Smith, Ansel, Stockton, Cal., - 12 Park street. Starin, Wm. A., Whitewater, Wis., 61 Lancaster street. Stearns, Edward L., Glen’s Falls. Sumner, John Bennett, - Rome. Sutherland, W. J., Boston, Mass. Sutliff, Samuel Milton, Warren, O., 10 Jay street. Thomas, John F., Stuyvesant. Thomas, Wm. Henry, Stuyvesant Vanderpoel, Garret, - Union Chur ch, - 178 Hamilton street. Vansize, Willie B., Albany. Vosburgh, Fletcher, - Albany, - 721 Broadway. Ward, Walter Ellis, - Albany, - 266 Elm street. Walkley, William Enos, Durham, Ct., 23 Park street. Washbon, James G., Morris, N. Y. Wirt, Georgf.]M., Melrose, - 185 Hudson ave. - @ -4 - 46 THE GARNET. MATRICULANTS, 1877-8. Gf.o. M. Abbott, N.Y., Drs. E. T. Rulison and Burdick. Theodore P. Bailey, - N.Y., Dr. James S. Bailey. Mjumao Eart™an, N.Y., Dr. John Hotaling. E. A. Bartlett, N.Y., Dr. S. B. Ward. Wm. F. Bell, - Mass., Dr. A. A. Allen. F. H. Brewer, N.Y., Dr. George Howe. C. S. Burnett, N.Y., Dr. T. P. Beard. Stephen C. Burton, - N.Y., Dr. D. D. Bucklin. K. A. Bushnell, N.Y., Drs. L. Balch and B. E. Bushnell. Ed. W. Carha ' rt, N.Y., Drs. L. Balch and Edwin Barnes. A. J. Carroll, N.Y., Dr. Daniel Small. Alonzo P. Casler, N.Y., Dr. H. H. Green. Edgar C. Collins, - N.Y., Dr. mills G. Tucker. C. I. Conover, N.Y., Dr. N. F. Sweatman. J. H. Cotter, N.Y., Drs. Edwin S. Hoyt and Peter Denney. Horatio Craig, - N.Y., Dr. T. E. Parkman. Edward L. Crandall, N.Y., Dr. C. H. Carpenter. W. C. Crombie, - N.Y., Drs. F, Garbut , C. G. Bacon Lewis Balch Gilbert J. Dickson, N.Y., Dr. JV. C. Telford. J. A. Duhig, Ont. A. H. Eccleston, - R.I., Dr. J. D. Kenyon. Oscar A. Ellithorp, - N.Y., Dr. P. H. Burnap. Sanford J. Engle, - N.Y., Dr. L. D. Witherill. C. F. Fish, - N.Y., Drs. Bur ton , Van Dcr ' ucer and Snow. Wm. B. Fish, Conn., Drs. H. M. Knight and JVm. Holies. Chas. G. Fisher, N.Y., Dr. M. B. Fairchild. Allen Fitch, - N.Y., Drs. H. Becker and Lewis Balch. Earl D. Fuller, N.Y., Drs. J. M. Bigelow and C. A. Dc-vendorf. H. D. Fuller, N.Y., Drs. JVm. H. Robb and J. S, Mosher. Geo. Gardner, - N.Y., Dr. J. Gardner. - 0 $- 1 __ THE GARNET. 47 S. A. Gates, - N.Y., John Woodworth Gould, N.Y., Geo. W. Gregory, N.Y., Wm. H. Hagadorn, N.Y., O. J. Hallenbeck, N.Y., Albert D. Hill, N.Y., Pierre C. Hoag, N.Y., J. E. Hoffman, N.Y., Geo. L. Hopkins, Mass., C. F. Huddleston, N.Y., Michael H. Hughes, - N.Y., Chas. A. Ingraham, N.Y., A. D. Johnston, N.Y., Wm. E. Keegan, - N.Y., Osman F. Kinlock, N.Y., Geo. H. Knight, - Conn., Robt. P. Knight, Conn., H. La Hann, Jr., - N.Y., U. B. La Moure, N.Y., H. W. Lawrence, - N.Y., Wm. A. Lester, Mass., Cornelius J. Letcher, N.Y., Henry Lilienthal, N.Y., John F. Lockwood, N.Y., Wm. E. Lothridge, N.Y 7 ., Almer A. Lyker, - N.Y., W. B. Madison, t - N.Y., A. H. Mambert, N.Y., E. W. Masten, - N.Y., DeWitt J. Matteson, N.Y., Frank Maxon, - N.Y., John Jos. McAllister, - N.Y., D. P. McCarthy, N.Y. W. W. McDonald, Mass., Geo. W. McLaughlin, N.Y., Frank J. Merrington, N.Y., Jas. A. Moore, - N.Y., J. M. Moore, N.Y., Geo. F. Morris, - N.Y., Willard H. Morse, Mass., Merritt W. T. Negus, N.Y., W. J. Nellis, N.Y., Drs. 7. W. Still and J. S. Mosher. Dr. y. S. Mosher. Drs. yames W. Cox and Samuel Gilmore. Albany Medical College. Drs. Hotaling and Babcock. Dr. Henry E. Mereness. D ' s. A. M. Veddcr and L. Batch. Dr. Wm. Hailes. Dr. Daniel Peabody. Dr. L. C. B. Gravelin. Dr. R. B. Bontecou. Dr. yohn Ashton. Dr. Thomas Wight. Dr. yno. Thompson. Dr. Reed B. Bontecou. Drs. Wm. Hailes and H. M. Knight. Drs. H. M. Knight and Wm. Hailes. Dr. H. B. Whi ton. Dr. y. M. Bigelow. Dr. I. G. yohnson. Drs. E. G. W heeler t and H. S. Lucas. Drs . W. H. Hull and Lewis Balch. Dr. G. T. Stevens. Dr. T. M. Trego. Dr. y. B. Todd. Dr. yerome Shibley. Dr. y. H. Madison. Dr. W. L. Cooper. Dr. W. E. Milbank. Dr. S. G. Pomeroy. Drs. S. B. Ward and A. M. Veddcr. Dr. y. M. Bigelow. Dr. H. y. Millard. Drs. D. E. Higgins and L. Balch. Dr. y. S. Mosher. Dr. A. A. Moore. Dr. Wm. B. Maynard. Dr. H. R. Haskins. Dr. A. N. Allen. Dr. H. E. Babcock. Dr. y. M. Bigelow. r 48 THE GAENBT. Levi H. Nichols, Vt., Dr. H. Bushnell. Warren B. Palmer, N.J., Dr. JV. B. Palmer. C. E. Parish, - N.Y., Dr. H. Becker . C. E. Pearl, N.Y., Dr. H. H. Carpenter. Wm. L. Pearson, N.Y., Drs. A. M. Vedder and Lewis Balch. Carroll H. Phillips, - n.y:, Albany Medical College. Johann Pitts, N.Y., Albany Medical College. Geo. P. K. Pomeroy, - N.Y., Drs. C. y. Crounse and H. March. John P. Prendergast, N.Y., Dr. 0 . F. Cobb. Meyer L. Rhein, N.Y., Drs. y. M. Bigelow and M. L. Rhein. Otto Ritzmann, N.Y., Dr. G. L. Ullman. John C. Roth, N.Y., Dr. S. H. Freeman. Otto Scholtz, N.Y. John L. Schoolcraft, - N.Y., Drs. L. Balch and G. JV. Van Voast. J. D. Sherer, N.Y., Dr. y. y. Dunlop. J)enni$ P. 3hjlvlin, N.Y., Drs. Daniel V. O ' Leary and C. B. O ' Leary John C. Shiland, N.Y., Drs. A. Shiland and A. Van Derveer, Daniel Sickler, - N.Y., Drs. Bassett and Montgomery. H. M. Simmons, N.Y., Drs. I. I. Buckbee and A. Van Derveer. Frank E. Simons, N.Y., Drs. C. G. Bacon and JV. A. Hall. Jas. A. Smeallie, ' N.Y., Drs. A. M. Vedder and L. Balch. G. F. Smith, Mass., Dr. H. H. Smith. E. J. Stephens, N.Y., Dr. JVm. L. Baldwin. W. O. Stillman, N.Y., Dr. S. B. JVard. T. L. St. John, N.Y., Dr. A. Van Derveer. Chas. Stover, N.Y., University of Pennsylvania. Fred. B. Streeter, N.Y., Dr. B. G. Streeter. M. H. Strops, N.Y., Drs. JVm. H. Nichols and y. S. Mosher. Peter L. Suits, N.Y., Drs. Van Derveer , Snow and Holmes. Frank B. Sutliff, N.Y., Drs. E. JV. JVdde and E. T. Rulison. Charles Tillinghast, N.Y., Dr. y. S. Mosher. Howard Treadwell, - N.Y., Dr. H. R. Haskins. Martin Tygert, N.Y., Dr. JVm. Zeh. Thomas B. Van Alstyne, N.Y., Drs. S. M. Van Alstyne and Lewis Balch. C. D. W. Van Dyck, - N.Y., Dr. A. JV. Van Slykc. George W. Van Tassel, N.Y., Dr. F. T. Cochran. Sheldon Vuoriiees, N.Y, Drs. Van Derveer and Snow. Wm. D. Walradt, N.Y, Dr. y. S. Mosher. Adam Walrath, N.Y, Dr. Daniel Small. Robert W. Warner, - N.Y, Dr. H. B. Maben. Hamilton D. Wey, N.Y, Drs. JVm. Hailes and JVm. C. JVey. Hamilton A. White, - N.Y, Dr. I. S. Lowell. THE G-A-RHSTIET. - 4,0 4 i- John J. White, N.Y., Dr. Edward R. Hun. Edwd. E. Whitehorne, N.Y., Drs. G. T. Stevens and A. M. Vedder. Chas. F. Wicker, N.Y., Dr. N. H. Ballou. Alfred W. Wilmarths, Mass., Drs. y. Redfern , Jr., and Wm. Hailes. O. Jay Wilsey, - N.Y., Drs. Wm. Hailes and yoseph Sweet. A. J. Wolcott, N.Y., Dr. A. H. Boyd. W. C. Wood, N.Y.j Drs. A. P. Craft and y. S. Bailey. T. D. Worden, N.Y., Drs. Van Dcrvcer , Snow and C. W. Frisbie. H. W. Wright, - Mass., Dr. H. H. Smith. 50 THE GARNET. |indents of JZuHhjUcnl (fjicmistrv, F. F. CHISHOLM, 2 J. D. PARSONS, a a t , W. A. WALDRON, a a , M. BEATTIE. --- fellows of jfftiion jfollege. CHARLES M. CULVER, v x, ALEXANDER DUANE, 2 , W. E. JOHNSON, A. B. MOOREHOUSE, a , A. V. S. WALLACE. The garnet. 51 Students of Union University. UNION COLLEGE. SENIOR CLASS, - JUNIOR CLASS, SOPHOMORE CLASS, FRESHMAN CLASS, POST-GRADUATES, - MEDICAL DEPARTMENT, - LAW DEPARTMENT, - TOTAL, 72 60 6 + 50 5 53 64 468 r ' -€ =s OF i:: 5 ’ ON CObh G ' 1 PHILOMATHEAN. Rounded in 1793. Armor, Culturaque, Virtutis Scientia et Amicitiae. Valedictorian , - - - - - -J. L. Perry. Respondent , - - - - R. T. S. Lowell, Jr. OFFICERS. 1878. E. L. Hutchinson, ’79, W. B. Roper, ’79, J. L. Perry, ’79, D. Sprague, ’79, Librarian , Curator , - Pres. Vice-Pres. Vreas. Sec. 1879. W. W. Childs, ’79. J. D. Parsons, ’79. R. T. S. Lowell, ’80. F. C. Avery, ’81. J. E. Muller, ’79. E. R. Youmans, ’82. MEMBERS. SENIOR CLASS. (1) W. P. Adams, a a j», (6) J. D. Parsons, a a j , (2) W. W. Childs, J. L. Perry, r r, (3) F. F. Chisholm, 2 f , W. B. Roper, a a i , (4) E. L. Hutchinson, a a i , D. Sprague, (5) J. E. Muller, W. A. Waldron, a a i . JUNIOR CLASS. (1) R. T. S. Lowell, 2 , (2) J. M. McMaster. (3) J. V. L. Pruyn, Jr. SOPHOMORE CLASS. (1) Waller, Tullidge, 2 4 , (2) F. C. Avery, y r, F. B. Gary, E. Lansing, 2 4 , S. H. Watkins. FRESHMAN CLASS. (1) E. R. Youmans, W. M. Lewin, E. W. Wright, F. H. Wright, W. E. Van Epps, N. G. Evans, E. C. Murray. THE GrJ JEUSnZ ' T. ADELPHIC Unus Sumus. Valedictorian . L. W. Beattie. Respondent , - - - - R. C. Alexander. OFFICERS. R, C. Alexander. President . President , - - - - J Ickler. Secretary , - - - - - L. W. Hull. Treasurer , - - - - - A. H. Dougherty. Engrossing Clerk , - - - D. .F Glover. Advocate , - - - - - F.P. S. Crane. Librarian , - - - - - A. C. Dingman. MEMBERS. SENIORS. L. W. Beattie. J. B. Conway, J. Heatly, E. C. Hoyt, N. L. Reed, T. D. Palmer, A. A. Browne, A. C. Dingman O. G. Browne, G. S. Gregory. G. E. Marks, F. Van Dusen, E. P. White. JUNIORS. R. C. Alexander. J. Ickler, F. P. S. Crane, J. A. Kemp, A. H. Dougherty D. F. Glover. THE GKAJR NTTnnn 4 SOPHOMORES. J.P. Davis, E. C. Johnson, J. M. Harvey, L. J. Hull. M. Beattie, A. E. Carmichael, J. J. Drowne, Jr., L. R. Hargrave, FRESHMEN. T. D. Elder, C. E. Fay, W. Gifford, J. E. Ransdill, C. Temple. THEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Valedictorian , Respondent , F. Van Dusen, J. Ickler. President , Treasurer , Secretary , - E. P. White, F. Van Dusen, - - - W. R. Winans. MEMBERS. L. W. Beattie, ’79. F. Van Dusen, ’79. N. L. Reed, ’79. R. C. Alexander, ’8o. J. Ickler, ’8o. J. Still, ’81. D. F. Glover, ’8o. T. S. Elder, ’82. Prof. H. E. C. Hoyt, ’79. E. P. White, ’79. G. E. Marks, ’79. B. H. Ripton, ’80. J. D. Craig, ’80. W. R. Winans, ’81 M. Beattie, ’82. C. E. Fay, E. Webster. THE GARNET. 56 GILLESPIE CLUB. President , Vice-President . Secretary , ' Treasurer , - T. D. Palmer. D. F. Glover. P. E. Carhart. E. Godfrey. MEMBERS. Geo. E. Marks, L. G. Davids, W. J. McNulty, W. J. Sweet. JACKSON SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION. w-o- President , - - - - T. D. Palmer, ’79. Secretary , - Alexander Duane, P. G. Treasurer , - W. J. Sweet, ’80. MEMBERS. W. E. Johnson, P. G., A. B. Morehouse, P. G., A. V. S. Wallace, P. G., Geo. A. Marks ’79, J. E. Benedict, ’8o. THE GKVRUSTET. 5 7 §moti allege pending §oom. PROF. W. LAMOROUX, Director. Journals Kept On File. DA-ILIEG. New York Times, New York World, New York Tribune, New York Herald, Troy Press, Albany Argus, Albany Evening Journal, Schenectady Star, Schenectady Union. ■WEEKLIES New York Nation, is cie: o ' -crs_ Churchman, New York Witness, Springfield Republican, New York Observer, Harper’s Magazine, New York Mail, Scribner’s Magazine, Charleston News, Golden Rule, Edinburgh Scotsman, Cologne Zeitung, Courier des Etats Unis, De Hope (Dutch), Harper’s Weekly, Art Journal, Illustrated Christian Weekly, Atlantic Monthly, Deutscher Anzeiger, Living Age, Portfolio, Bibliotheca Sacra, Galaxy, Penn. Monthly, I nternationaPReview, College Exchanges, Popular Science Monthly, Christian Union, National Repository, Geographical Magazine, London Times, Kolnische Zeitung, The Methodist. Reading JRooms Open JJaily, from 8 a. m. to 5 p .m. 58 THE GARNET. OTT ||RIZE HcKOLAKSHIPS. Class of 1S79, David Sprague. Edward Payson White. Class of 1881, Edward C. Johnson. INGHAM PRIZES. Alexander Duane. WARNER PRIZE. A. V. S. Wallace. _- IN A JJG URAL PRIZES. 2nd, Octave G. Browne. st, Wm. H. Thomas, LOWELL LATIN PRIZE. Andrew A. Browne. PRIZES FOR ESSAYS IN ENGLISH LITERATURE. ist, Alexander Duane, 2nd, Seymour Van Santvoord. PRIZES FOR UNDERGRADUATE SPEAKING. Junior. ist, Wm. W. Childs, 2nd, Wm. B. Roper. Sophomore. ist, Joseph D. Craig, 2 nd, Robert C. Alexander. THE GARNET. 59 -4 CENTENNIAL ALLEN PRIZES. ist, Alexander Duane, 2nd, Leonard Paige, 3d, John F. Thomas. BLATCHFORD MEDALS. ist, Wm. D. Maxon, 2nd, Seymour Van Santvoord. WOLFE ART PRIZES. tor Greatest Improvement in Free-hand Drawing, ist, Wm. H. Thomas, 2nd, Lauren Vanderveer. For Best Free-hand Drawing. ist, Alexander Duane, 2nd, Charles M. Culver. THE GkAJRJSTET. jt ggiN 1875 I quite shy, M Come by this sty; My why was to try And fly very high In glory. I polled, quite bold Manifold Axioms old : A 6 + told how I was sold And foretold to behold, Or my chances rolled away. I spent every cent And went to one that lent. With the intent to augment ; My provident , the event In an extent nicely blent. I hate to relate The rate my pate Did derogate , by fate At this date Pm satiate To graduate Deus nobis haec otia tacit. THE GARNET. 61 THE EPIDIDASKALIC. Now it came to pass when it was winter and snow covered the face of the earth, that a plague came upon the land of Union, and many of the rulers and high priests fell sick. First of all, the plague laid hold of Nestor, who is called Whitey, a man full of years, with a voice like the roaring lion. H is sickness was so sore that his snort could be heard afar off, and many, mistaking the blasts which he blew upon his nose for Gabriel’s trump, cried, Behold the day of judgment is at hand. And the confusion was great. Moses, the same which is called Poppy, was also smitten, and great was the wonderment thereat ; for never before had sickness wrought upon him, and it was thought that disease had no power over his body ; but that one day he would be trans lated as was Enoch of old. While he lay sick his ankle was greatly increased in quantity and the beauty thereof was destroyed. And those who minis¬ tered unto him said, Surely he hath a devil. But a certain learned doctor of the law who was sojourning in the land, said, It is but in fulfillment of the words written by Paul, the apostle to the Galatians, Whatsoevera man soweth, that shall he also reap. And they believed him. In those days the Lord tempered not the wind to the shorn lamb, but Lammy was cut down as is the grain by the sickle of the reaper. Even Perk, the wise man who performeth wondrous miracles, and dissecteth deceased cat and defunct canine, did not escape, but was likewise afflicted. In that time when the pestilence stalked abroad in darkness, and at noonday, and Union mourned and the gates thereof did languish, and the wild asses stood in the high places and snuffed the air like dragons, health continued to abide in the 62 THE GARNET. THE G-J±RNtt r r. 63 bones of him who is called Poof, a great astrologer, star-gazer and monthly prognosticator, for Beelzebub protected him. And there was much lamentation and wailing throughout the whole land, for the people were perplexed and afraid, and that they might take counsel together, the four tribes of Union as¬ sembled in an ancient temple, the foundations of which were laid when Solomon was a suckling and the name thereof is Me¬ morial Hall. Now when a male freshman and a young calf had been sac¬ rificed, a certain righteous man opened his mouth and spake unto them saying : Brethren, weep not, but be of good cheer, for truly this is the work of the Lord. He doth move in divers and mysterious ways which ye know not of. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He hath seen that much study is a weariness of the flesh and hath contrived this means to lighten our grievous bur¬ dens. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for the love of bolts is the beginning of wisdom. Thereupon they all cried, Praise ye the Lord, and forget not all his benefits. And when they had sung the hundred and seventeenth psalm, the multitude went out of the temple to the house of an innkeeper who dwelt a little way off, the same which is called Wiencke. Here they found much lager and cheese that stank and more¬ over a great earthen vessel filled with fried potatoes, and those who ate thereof were overcome with thirst. When the feast was spread, the righteous man again opened his mouth and spake unto them saying : Look ye upon the lager when it foameth, for at the last it maketh a man fat, and filleth his soul with gladness. Eat ye of the cheese when it stinketh and ye shall have the muscles of Sampson, and the eloquence of Balaam’s ass. And when he had ceased speaking, with one voice they all shouted Hikah. After they had eaten and drunk until their hearts were merry, one of their number, which was chief among the publicans, said unto him who kept the inn : What thou hast given us this night, 6 L THE GARNET. is as bread cast upon the waters, and it shall return to thee after many days. And when the innkeeper began to speak in answer to this, a mighty captain who was among them, smote him with a sausage and he ceased. And when they had chanted the hymn which doth begin in this manner, Give him strong drink until he wink, That’s sinking in despair, without paying him even so much as a gerah, they went to their homes. The heart of the innkeeper was troubled. Now it came to pass that after many days the plague departed from the coasts of Union. And the high priests called the tribes together again and taught them in the synagogues as they had in former times, and there was much flunking and gnashing of teeth ; for the people had grown exceeding lazy. Selah. 66 THE Gr JR-HSTET. PERSONALIA. L. C. Beattie is practicing law at No. 17 Broadway, N. Y., and succeeding, as all knew he would. C. H. Blain business in Baton. W. B. Bradley is planting in Marietta, Ga. E. B. Burnap is proprietor of a magnificent jewelry store in Canajoharie. John Causley is mining in Nevada. W. W. Craig is living in Schenectady. J. V. Clute is residing in Schenectady. F. O. Cornell is a medical student at C. G. Davis, name is unknown to fame. W. Fournier. H. G. French is farming in the Adirondacks. F. W. Gillespie is in business in Schenectady. D. F. Glover has entered ’80 on account of absence from college. J. F. Greene is publisher of a paper in Amsterdam. J. W. H. Grupe is married, and is the happy proprietor of a green house in ancient Dorp. J. A. Hamilton is probably disturbing the peace of the good people of Orangeburg, S. C. C. C. Heath is living in Amsterdam. L. S. Holmes graduated with 78. David James is at a Canadian College completing his education. H. W. Kingsley is in the Mohawk bank of Schenectady. S. E. Lasher graduated from the Albany Law School this THE GARNET. 67 D. B. Lyon is in business in this city. J. Me Bride is married, and living in Goshen, N. Y. Edward Mr. Donell is partner in the firm of Me Donell Co., woolen goods manufacturers in Amsterdam. S. M. Me Gaffin is in business in Cohoes. Jay E. McGuire is school commissioner in J. Me F. McMaster is in ’80. F. E. Mors is residing in Cohoes. F. H. Nichols was last seen going south with a carpet bag 24X24X2 in dimensions. ct His girl” awaits him. J. J. O’Hara graduated C. E. with ’78. F. E. Osborn is living at his home in Kansas. J. B. Peters has assumed the hymeneal bonds, and is reaching in Pequasy, N. Y. Ashley Pond, ticket agent in Pennsylvania. R. M. Rhett is studying law in Beaufort, S. C. A. J. Rogers is at the college of St. Francis Xavier, N. Y. City. J. A. Salley is in a cotton factor’s office in Charleston, S. C. Walter Sanford is in Meriden, Conn., a decorative artist. Henry Schlosser is engaged in teaching in Fish kill, Dutchess co., N. Y. W. H. Simons is in the dry goods business in Charleston, S. C. Gerardus Smith is a law student in his father’s office in Schenectady. Everett Smith ditto. F. L. Snook graduated with ’78, of Princeton College. Charles Stanford, Jr., is one of the proprietors of the Schenectady Union. James Stewart is studying law in Johnstown, N. Y. .J 68 THE GcJ THSHEirr . V. E. Stolbrand graduated C. E. with ’78, and now is somewhere in South America. Edward Tanner is studying medicine in the N. Y. Med. Coll. L. C. Tibbits has settled in Canada (a fugitive from justice). E. Trainer graduated in 1878. C. W. Vedder is on an extended spree in Colorado. Thomas Waties resides in Cincinnati. Edward W. Watkins is now in the class of’8o. Wm. M. White is now a member of ’8i. W. H. I. Winne is residing in Albany. J. G. Weeden is farming in the Adirondacks. THEJ ' G ARlSrET. 69 u Words, Words, Words.” G. E. M-s. “ Abate thy rage,” Strike not a child. L. W. Be—e. I will not answer thee with words but blows. J. E. Muller. u Like a sick girl.” G. S. G-y. Shadow ! whose son art thou ? J. A. Go—h. “ God made him, therefore let him pass for man.” J. P. Da—s. ct A horse ! A horse ! A kingdom fora horse ! ” The Freshman Class . “ Tis grub that steals my care away.” U-mans. “ A mighty hunter and his prey was (wo)man.” L. G. Pu—le. a From all the wide border his steed was the best.” G. G. Landle. “ An opinionatue ass.” G. S. G. “ Sing on sweet voice for thou art very pleasant.” Spring Chicken. A pony they mean. the garnet. Total number of names registered in ’79. 9 2 - Number at present in class, . For Bachelor of Arts, ... Total (graduating) age, . . A wprofYP l rrr a rliiQf inn PlQQQ 1 ..... . . . . ■ ..-.. Wi uv,oi. . Youngest man in the class, G. S. Gregory, 12 yrs. Total weight of class, . Average weight of class, . Heaviest man, W. F. Lansing, . Lightest man, J. E. Muller, E. L. Hutchinson,... T ' nfal height ..... ...».. . 6mo. 30 ds. Average height, . Tallest man, W. F. Lansing, . Shortest man, E. C. Hoyt, . Total length of noses, . A erf lpncrtn of noSP ... ...... AvCldvC ICllglil l ..... Longest nose, Goody, . Shortest, G. S. Gregory, . 9 have dark hair, 18 light, 5 tow, and 2 have red. 2 have brown eyes, 15 blue eyes, 17 green eyes. 8 have smooth faces, 14 moustaches, 12 side whiskers. t8 are cc blue ribbon ” men, 9 drink beer, 6 drink every thing (also w Divvy.”) L 4 the: g-aenkt. 71 20 smoke, 9 plays billards, none chew tobacco, 1 chews cloves. 19 democrats, 15 are republicans. 15 are church members. 7 will follow law, 3 gospel, 3 medicine, 3 engineering, 2 will dabble in science, 4 mercantile. Reed will practice at the “ bar.” Conway has a full beard (when it is not shaved). “T r THE G ARJNTET. 73 tliusical ssociation, President , Secretary , Musical Director . W. B. Roper. T. C. Van Santvoord. N. A. Wells. FIRST TENORS : W. B. Roper, C. M. Culver, E. C. Murray, J. E. Muller, L. J. Emerson. SECOND TENORS : T. C. Van Santvoord, C. B. Pierson, C. Temple, N. A. Wells. FIRST BASS: F. F. Chisolm, F. Van Dusen, F. P. S. Crane, J. M. McMaster. SECOND BASS: E. L. Hutchinson, J. E. Abbott, A. B. Morehouse, G. G. Leland. • 74 - THE GARNET. Flute, Flute, Flute, Violin, Violin, Violin . Guitar, Clarionet, Bass Viol, Piano, COLLEGE O RCHESTRA. - E. S. Godfrey. H. J. Campbell. - C. D. Meneeley. C. S. King. - F. T. Rogers. S. G. Gaillard, _ W. E. Anderson. N. L. Reed. - F. W. Moore. _ W. C. Williams. KAPPA ALPHA QUARTETTE. F ra - - - - I. C. Van Santvoord. Tenor , - - - - H. R. Pierson, Jr. Yrrt Raw. .C. D. Meneely, Second Bass. - • - - - F. E. Abbot, KAPPA ALPHA MUSICAL CLUB. Piano ,.F. E. Abbot. Zither, . H. R. Pierson, Jr. Flute, - - - - - - C. D. Meneely. Second Piano, ----- S. G. Gaillard. Tenor, Second Tenor, First Bass , Second Bass, Pianist, SIGMA PHI QUARTETTE. Founded Nov. 1st, 187C. - G. A. P. Codwise. Wm. F. Lansing. - Wm. W. Craig. A lex. Duane. Geo. B. Tullidge. THE GARNET. 75 DELTA PHI QUARTETTE. First Tenor, - - - . . F. P. S. Crane. Second Tenor, - C. Temple. First Bass, ------ G. E. Dixon. Second Bass, ------ J. W. Lester. Pianist, - - - - - - J. G. Peoli. PSI UPSILON QUARTETTE. First Tenor, . - C. M. Culver. Second Tenor, - - - - - J. P. Lyon. First Bass, - - - - - S. P. McClellan Second Bass, . W. J. McNulty. Soloist, J. L. Perry in his favorite chanson Le Mouton D’Arby, Pianist, - - - - - H. R. Fancher. N. B. Frankie has an excellent voice but seldom sings. ALPHA DELTA PHI QUARTETTE. First Tenor, W. B. Roper. Second Tenor, - C. B. Pierson. First Bass, - J. D. Craig. Second Bass, E. L. Hutchinson. ALPHA DELTA PHI RESERVE QUARTETTE, (Very special occasions.) First Tenor, ----- W. P. Adams. Second Tenor, - - - - - J. D. Parsons. First Bass, - - - - - S. M. Griswold. Second Bass, - - - - W. A. Waldron. Duettists, The Brothers Watkins. r ' X ' he; garnet. MALTESE QUARTETTE. First Tommy ,. J- w . Lester. Second Tommy , - - - A. A. McMurray. First Tabby , . R- A. Wood. Second Tabby , . S. M. Sylvester. Ace, King , - Queen, Knave, J. V. L. Pruyn, Jr. II. N. Putter. j C. V. Anable. H. R. Pierson, Jr. Fancher, Ripton, N. B. Frankie plays an excellent McNulty, Perry. but as usual is bashful. W. F. Lansing, W. W. Craig, F. F. Chisolm, Alex. Duane. Scorer , Geo. A. P. Codwise. r THE GORIN ' E2T. C. F. Bishop, A. A. A4cMurray, Referee , S. F. W. Cameron, R. A. Wood. M. Sylvester. i W ' aldron, Hutchinson, Parsons, Craig. Scorer , u Ward.” OFFICERS. President , - - - - - - W. W. Childs. Recording Sec., - - - - - E. B. Waller. Corresponding Sec. ■»- R- Sprague. MEMBERS. Notice ! The club is now prepared to receive challenges from any chess player in the world, also as many members as possible. Admission fee $ 25 . r THE GEA. RUNT HEP. O OFFICERS. Commodore, Pres . Cabin Boy , - J. D. Parsons. W. A. Waldron. S. H. Watkins. Capt. and Stroke, Bow, - 5 , - ' iVfl. 4, 3 iVo. 2 , - Coxswain, Clothes holder, - W. P. Adams. C. B. Pierson. - J. D. Parsons. - W. A. Waldron. - E. L. Hutchinson. W. B. Roper. S. H. Watkins. - S. W. Griswold. Stroke, Second, Third, Bow, H. N. Potter. H. R. Pierson, Jr. F. E. Abbot. C. D. Meneely. ©o THE GFAJRilSriET. L. W. Beattie, ’79, F. P. S. Crane, ’80, James Heatley, ’79, Capt .. F. T. Rogers, ’8o, 1 st b. H. R. Fanchf.r, ’81, 3 d b. C. B. Pierson, ’8 i, p. E. E. DIRECTORS. W. P. Williams, ’8i, J. S. VanVechten, ’82. PLAYERS. H. H. Taylor, 8i, s. s. F. W. Moore, ’8i, c.f. M. Beattie, ’82, c. J. R. Fairgreive, ’82, id b. Ford, ’82, l.f. F. Van Dusen, SENIOR NINE. DIRECTORS. W. A. Silliman, E. P. White. F. VanDusen, c. L. W. Beattie, p. A. A. Brown, 1st b. G. S. Gregory, id b. J. D. Parsonr, 3 d h . PLAYERS. E. P. White, s. s. W. A. Waldron, c.f. [as. Heatley, r. f. capt. W. Hayes, l.f. F. F. Chisolm, s. W. W. Childs, nv. b. JUNIOR CLASS NINE. Rogers, Capt. y Muhlfelder, p. T. Van Santvoord, I 5 f b. Alexander, id b. Landon, 3 d b. Anderson, h. s. J. M. McMaster, l. f. W. J. McNulty, r.f. Godfrey, c. f. B. H. Ripton, w. c. and s. THE G-ARNET. SOPHOMORE CLASS NINE. Moore, Capt. and p. Taylor, c. Fancher, ist b. C. B. Pierson, id b. Mf.neely, 3 d b. Williams, s. s. Lomasney, . f. Still, c.f. Sawyer, r.f. Tom Leland, to. c. BASE BALI, NINE OF CLASS ’82 DIRECTORS. M. Beattie, J. R. Fairgrieve. M. Beattie, c. O. Early, r.f. J. R. Fairgrieve, 2 d b. E. E. Ford, l.f. PLAYERS. S. M. Griswold, 3 d b. A. A. McMurray, s. s. B. Whitehorn, c.f. E. C. Whitmyre, p. A. S. Wright, b. ALPHA DELTA PHI B. B. NINE C. B. Pierson, Capt. and p. W. A. Waldron, c. J. D. Parsons, 1st b. W. P. Adams, 2 d b. J. D. Craig, 3 d h . W. B. Roper, s. s. E. L. Hutchinson, l.f S. M. Griswold, r. f. W. F. Watkins, c.f. H. S. Watkins, to. c. KAPPA ALPHA TENNIS CLUB. H. N. Potter, J. V. L. Pruyn, Jr., H. R. Pierson, Jr., T. C. Van Santvoord. 82 THE GARNET. OS ' NUNC EsT PAX 3D The year which is now drawing to a close, like the reign of Augustus Caesar, has been remarkable for its peace. Since the day of the cane rush when Prex, his raven locks in wild confusion and, mirabile dictu , one side whisker uncombed, with several canes which he had captured protruding from his coat-tail pockets and from beneath his arms, appeared upon the gory field, and while great tears played leap-frog upon his furrowed cheeks implored the belligerents to go to their rooms, since then the peace has been profound. So uninter¬ rupted has the quiet been that many think the millennium is upon us, and have already engaged blacksmiths to beat their weapons of war into agricultural implements, and a rapid decline in the price of pruning hooks and plow-shares may be expected. During all these months no calf inspired with the sacred thirst for knowledge has been found in No. 5 Not once has our nimble Latin professor been seen leaping lightly from his window while the Sophs, who locked him in smile sweetly and softly. The crows no longer gather in the sanctuary to listen to the reading of the Word and draw their rations of spiritual food with the fellows. The fence which for generations has protected the lawn of the executive mansion has stood unmolested . 1 A long time has elapsed since last we blushed at the sight of our revered Greek professor galloping madly up his section stairs equiped with a bulls-eye lantern, in search of midnight revelers, while the brief night gown which he wore rose and fell with the wind. In these quiet times, having eaten his frugal meal of Greek roots, he seeks his bunk to sleep till rosy-fingered Dawn appears. 1 Fuit. Oxidation was the verdict. THE Gr-AJRZNTET:. S3 The heathen deity which the faculty invoke before beginning their deliberations has braved the storms of winter, clad in noth¬ ing but his virgin purity, and no patriotic son of Union has been moved to exclaim in tones of enraptured admiration, “ A painted God is the noblest work of man.” 1 The effect of this peaceful era is manifest. The colonel has become corpulent. A perennial smile illumines the angelic countenances of our beloved professors. A vigorous capillary growth is appearing on the domes of their hitherto bald craniums and many of them have been compelled to have their pants and vests enlarged to meet the growing wants of their extended abdominal territories. Web, however, still remains lean, and when teaching physiology often uses himself, instead of the skeleton. 1 Since the above was written sacrilegious hands have so maltreated this Divine being, that he now resembles a fugitive from Hades. r THE G JR-INTET. 85 4 - IEMISE OF THE TJELTA f)u. cit - It is with the deepest sorrow that we blot the page of history with this sad event and drop a wreath of feeble words upon the grave of the noble dead. Caesar had his noble Brutus, Charles I. his Cromwell, the Delta Qu its Potter. No marble shaft or pillar of brass recounts its deeds of valor, but in the hearts of those who love justice and right it shall live forever! Y es, the Delta Qu is dead, the glad shout of triumph no longer wakes the echoes of the night, the torch has gone out, the mask and dreaded gag lie mouldering together. It was of ancient origin and its influence had been great and good. Shakespeare said shortly after its organization, “ Now is the Freshman with the brazen cheek Made humble as an infant by the Delta Qu. And all the gall that slumbered in his breast In the deep bosom of the river buried.” But all is changed. Ommy now gives the Fresh his milk, tucks him in his little bed and having kissed him good night, without fear she leaves him to dream of pop-guns and of whistles. The effect of this removal of restraint has been but another verification of the words of the wise man, “ Spare the rod and spoil the child.” The unbridled impudence and unadulterated cheek of ’82, has no parallel within the memory of man. Their language is often disrespectful to their superiors, and several instances have been recorded of their refusing to blacken boots and bring water for their rightful lords and masters. They have formed a glee club and otherwise disturbed the peace of the community. A few, more audacious than their companions, have even made advances to the college widows, but, f r 86 THE G-ARNET, be it said to the eternal honor of these chaste maids, they were soundly spanked for this unholy act. One of their number has inflicted more pointless puns upon suffering humanity than he could atone for had he ten thousand lives, and in many ways has exhibited deplorable ignorance of the humility which becomes the debased condition of a Freshman. Another who is a descendant of Goliath is sorely in need of wholesome castigation. Shades of the mighty past, has it come to this ! ’8i, why stand you idle? Is Union dead? Is the old Sophomoric spirit frozen in your veins ? Let actions be your answer. Again prove true the ancient adage, “ In the spring the Sophomore’s fancy darkly turns to deeds of blood.” ss THE G- JRHSTET. Messrs. TIFFANY Co., Union Square, invite an inspec¬ tion of the most extensive and va¬ ried collection of artistic and useful goods they have ever shown t in¬ cluding examples of their Gold and Silversmith’s work similar to those displayed at Paris, which have at- tracled admiring attention through¬ out Europe, and won the Gold Medal and five other special awards, besides the Grand Prize and the Cross of the Legion of Honor over all competitors at the EXPOSI¬ TION UNIVERSELLE. TIFFANY CO’S “ Blue Book,” containing lists of articles for presents, with prices, is sent to any address on request. TIFFANY CO., Union Square, New York. THE Gr AHRlSTET. -© 89 JAS. H. BARHYDT, DEALER IN 3 XAX£j 9 Wlli ' £ PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, c. Kooks Bound and Pictures Framed to order. ROOMS PAPERED _A_ r X 1 SHORT POTICE. -I full line of College Text JiooJcs on Jut nil. Ill STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. CHARLES WIENCKE, Hotel ©ermania. ner Centre and Lit SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Patronized by Students. r r REESE HARTLEY, DEALERS IN Teas, Coifees, Spices, Flour, Butter, Clieese, Eggs, Canned Goods and Vegetables. Also, Crockery, Tobacco, etc.. COE. UNION EOMEYN STS., SCHENECTADY, N. Y. G-0013S DELIVERED FREE. ED. J. CHRISTOPHEL, PATRONIZED BY STUDENTS. BEYER’S BLOCK, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. She SHoncordiensis, Published Monthly by the junior and gopl omore {jla$$e$ of jnion jolleje. r t ' t ' r r Price 10 Cents per Copy. HORNING ' S BILLIARD PARLOR WITH WELL FURNISHED BAR, Center Street, one door front State . 8 ILTZEW COLLEUDES TABLES. M. H. HORNING, Proprietor, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. THE GARNET. 4 91 i- STAGE’S LADIES’ AND GENTS’ 148 STATE STREET SCIIlIOfAiT,, I., T. WILSON DAVIS, .ERCHANT SAILOR, No. 113 ST A TE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. f- J r THE GARNET. GEORGE E. VINCENT, Gents’ Furnishing Goods, AND MANUFACTURER OF THE ANCIENT OIT1T SHIRT, 16 lockj, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. WOOD BROTHERS, Dealers in Men ' s Furnishing Goods, SHIRTS to ORDER and READY MADE, NO. 133 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Established. 1829. A. BROWN SON, enters A. BROWN, C. C. BROWN. NO. 154 STATE STREET, } SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Jgntportfl of r finc ifoolfits, AND jYo. 15 MOUTH PEARL STREET, WALTER F. HURCOMB, ALBANY JAS. H. LYMAN. ¥ THE GARNET. 93 i- NOTMAN CLASS PHOTOGRAPHERS OF UNION COLLEGE, 1878-79. College Buildings, Landscapes, Class and Socity Group Pictures of 1878 may be had at Class Hates. [ISif 33 Every person named in the official catalogue of the college entitled to our pictures at contract rates. We make every description of work known to Photography , including the reproduction of old pict ures. College Albums and all Descriptions of Frames. Our Art Gallery always open to visitors, and explana¬ tions freely given. % 94 THE GARNET . KING, THE TAILOR, 102 STATE STREET, 1 am prepared to make up my .stock of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, In the latest style and at the lowest price of any house in the city. 1879 . SPUING AND SUMMER. 1879 . J. W. BEYER, The Fashionable Hatter, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN ALL THE LEADING STYLES OF HATS AND CAPS That may be found in the New York and Boston markets. NOW ON HAND English Derby Hats, College Hats Caps, Pocket Hats, c. In fact all the novelties in young men’s Nobby Stiff and Soft Ilato that may be found in this or any other market. BEYER, THE HATTER, 149 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. THE G- JRlNriET. 95 G. LATTSITTG, DEALER IN QPure 5DrU0© auc ' Jtllcfricmes PERFUMERY, FANCY TOILET ARTICLES, CHOICE CIGARS TOBACCO. PRESCRIPTIONS AND FAMILY RECEIPTS CAREFULLY PREPARED. No. 11)5 State St., Stanford. Block, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. OFFICE OF J " . Gr. CxHEEHE, 22 WALL STItEET. • WE SELL COAL, WOOD, LIME AND CEMENT, U. S. PHOSPHATE, And Agents for New York and Little Falls Line Canal Boats. Goods Stored and Shipped to all Points by Canal. BURGESS BUSKERK, 105 107 State Street, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. WIEDERHOLD BROS., DEALERS IN AG-ENTS FOR BUTTERICK’S CELEBRATED PATTERNS. THE G-ARNET. 96 BYRON E. NEAR, DEALER IN 001 237 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY. ICIIjTDS O 1 IF’ rtTO-ST JOHN RANDALL, B » . an • ii.i . 3 having IT air Ipressinff Igarlors, viV, Hge few 205 STATE STREET, (Under Carley House), SCHENECTADY, N. Y. A, C« YAH IFM, Manufacturer of and Dealer in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, No. 96 STATE STREET, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Particular attention paid to Custom Work. ESTABLISHED 1843. SANDERS’S ? " " ills BWKLRY, TSTo. 109 State Street, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. “ 1 $$ f THE G-AR]STE1T. •4 97 ■i- R. K. QU AYLE, SI CUT EH (IHCHH cvc ccc f ALBAN - ?, OAT. - 5 T. Commercial Engraving, Wedding and Calling Cards, Coats-of-Arms, Monograms, etc. COLLEGE EUGEyAVIlT 3- A. SPECIALTY. HATS CAPS, BEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY. All tike Leading Styles constantly on hand. PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES. Agent foi Dunlap Knox’s Hats. L. T. CLUTE, 101 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. MYERS, TZHZIEU Old Established Jeweler, MYERS’S BLOCK, Sclienectady, 1ST. Y. WILLIAM STOOPS, a AND DEALER IN Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, c. f No. 107 State Street, SCHE1TBCTADY, 2sT- TT. ■r r 98 THE Gr HUNTET. J. F. LUTHER, MANUFACTURER OF wi m m IN EVERY STYLE. DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES FURNISHED. No. 79 Nassau Street, NEW YORE. 33 .A. TT IMI ’ S 13 . 13 . 187 State St., Schenectady. CHOICEST ZBIE ANTIDS OH 1 Cigars, Cigarettes and .Tobaccos Constantly on Hand. CIGARETTES, CIGARETTE PAPERS TOBACCO a Specialty. COLLEGE PATRONAGE Respectfully Solicited. r L 1 -4 THE Gr PilSriGT. 99 i- AVERY, SNELL CO., Importers and Manufacturers op iUTLERY , p A M PS AND pi :ptt:r,:ej lead zfXjIILTT chuaoteys, THE MOST PERFECT LAMP IN EXISTENCE. All hinds of Chamber Ware of the best quality and the lowest possible rates. Also, Manufacturers of HURL AND SHAKER BROOMS AND BRUSHES. Fancy Handle and Extra Finished Erooms a specialty . A line assortment of GIRD CAGES of every description at wholesale or retail. Nos. 80, 82 and 84 State Street, cor. Ferry, SCHMIGTA.DY, I, Y. -f r

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Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1883 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1884 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1885 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1886 Edition, Page 1


Union College - Garnet Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1887 Edition, Page 1


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