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1 J hi W E XX , Q2 5 X E EX 4 . fl- I t ,- -fx QQ X Ah EDITOR Jean Altfeld ASSISTANT EDITOR B111 Brown 46 7afuzadlo In thrs age of rocti ts and space men we too at UCHS have been affected Early thls fall we of the Annual Staff recetved a vtsrt from a any outer space traveler I seems he was most rnterested tn our frne school and students He wanted to know all about the classes the faculty the students and the act1v1t1es We felt rt would be only fatr rf we shared hrs reactrons to UCHS wrth you Therefore we of the Annual Staff are proud to present the 1958 Edttron of The Tornado to you the students of UCHS We hope that you wrll be pleased wrth the results and w1ll enjoy the next 112 pages as much as we have emoyed prepartng them ADVERTISING MANAGERS Sandra Jackson Alrce Bell Jtmmy Damel 1, P I V 5 I 9 1 ' . v . . . . . t v ' D . . . . . . I .. 5 . ,, k ' , v'. , A Qi ' 1 A 1 . I l I I Advertising Managers - - - - -Jackson, Bell, Daniel Assistants ------- - Hart, Cox, Kirkland Sports Editor ----- --------- G raves Assistants - - - - - Thomas, Talley, Shore . Literary Editor - - ---------- Candle X Assistants ----- - McCaslin, Hornbeak Subscription Editors - - ---- Jernigan, Fuller f Assistants ----- - - Walker, White , f Head Typist - - ""- Cotham Assistants - - - ' ' Cardwell, Wright Art Editor - - ------ Zimmerman Assistants - - - Corum, Elliot Covington Subscription Staff 'VZ' v Typing Staff Literary staff .f-" Sports Staff Aff Staff 3 Q if? . I, V DOX MISS MONTGOMERY Q" . - MILLER MR THOMPSON TECOST Mas PEN MRS THO N MASON NEWTON MR ROBERTS MRS MRS ROB mss WATSON MISS FUTRELL 'VSV ERTS . I I X ca. S V R V. 'Q ' .K S 2 R R 'W' 4,4 MRS 1 AY MOR MRS JONES N11 MRS , KXLBUR MR PH 1PPs MRS S HA CKELFORD MR JONES MIS I2- ITE MR. REITHEL MR . WOOTEN MR. MCDQNALD YM I I ,mann "SLEEPING" V il! "LOVING" "PLAYING" READING" Q 'ri - .f wwf' - , ,, .. l ...nr WWI..-p. -, 'fm-1 dxf mm? ,X "WORKING Semen 7494 JOAD av S s o o f Q 4, 1 1 . 2 4 , .. 'vt iwo-Q ROBERT LEWIS STEPHENS Band 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 4g Key Club 2, 3, 45 Inter-Activities Coun- cil 4g Paper Staff 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Class President 4, Wlio's Who 4. 1 1 .- Sponsors: MRS. PENTECOST MR. PHIPPS r,,.sr1 1 AT' rx iv I D 5 - mm i Officers: President BOB STEPHENS Vice President JIMMY DUNN Secretary and Treasurer ALICE BELL Reporter JIMMY DANIEL . -t A JAMES HIRES DUNN Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Second Lieutenant 3, 4, Assistant Drum Major 3, Football 4, Track 3,-4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. 1-Y' V JIMMY LEE DANIEL Paper Staff 3, Editor 45 Annual 11" Staff 3, Advertising Manager 45 Key Club 35 Class Director 45 Foot- ball 35 Basketball 2,35 Class Officer 1,45 Boys' and Girls' County 35 Ring Committee5 Inter-Activities Coun- H cil 45 Who's Who 4, CHARLES PHILLIP O'BANNON Football 1,25 4-H Club 1. STANLEY RAY IERNIGAN Key Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 45 Beta Club 2, 3,4, Treas- urer 35 Paper Staff 3,4, News Editor 45 Annual Staff 2, 3,4, Subscription Editor 3,45 Boys' and Girls' County 35 Boys' State 35 Class Officer 25 fx XXI' K'----1 WILLIAM THOMAS THORNTON Football 35 Baseball 2. JEAN RAY ALTFELD Paper Staff 1, 2, 3, Feature Editor 45 Annual Staff 1,2,3, Editor 45 Beta Club 2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 1, Sub-District Parliamentarian 2, 3, President 3,45 Ring Committee5 Inter-Activities Council 4, Vice President 45 Who's Who 4. , c Inter-Activities Council 4, President ' 45 Who's Who 4, TOMMY MIDYETT Key Club 2,3,-15 Beta Club 2,35 Class Officer 3. 1 is ROBERT HOW ARD BURNS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Second Lieutenant 3, Student Conductor 3, Captain 4, Paper Staff 2, 3, Business Manager 4, Annual Staff 2, 3,4, Key Club 3.4, Treasurer 4, Inter-Activities Commit- tee 4. CAROLE HILL BA XENDALE Band 1, 2, 3.4, FHA 1, 2,4, Annual Staff 3.4. Q... 6' BEVERLY JUNE COTHA M Band 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Cheer- leader 4, Paper Staff 3,4, Annual staff 3,4, Head Typist 4, FHA 1, 2, Songleader 3, Treasurer 4, Who's Who 4. JIMMY DEE ETHEMDGE Band 1, 2.3.4, IX ANNE MYRICK ROACH Basketball 3,4, Captain 4, Glee Club 3,4: A Cappella Choir 3,4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, FHA 1, 2. IAM ES WILLIAM SH ORE Troy, Tennessee, Baseball 1, 2, Union City, Tennessee, Baseball 3, 4, Football 4, Basketball 3,4, Beta Club 3,4, Who's Who4, Class Officer 3. MARY ELIZABETH OLIVE Band 1, 2, 3,4, FHA 1, 2,3,4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 3,4, Alternate Delegate to Girls' State 3, Band Royalty 4. PAUL NORMAN DAVIS Band 1, 2, 3,4, Second Lieutenant 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, Junior Varsity Basket- ball 1, Glee Club 3. wa. 9 yy-: 1 4715 C5 wtf' JAMES STANLEY ZIMMERMAN Junior Varsity Football 1, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, Football 2, 3,4, Co-Captain 4, Class President 2, Delegate to Boys' and Girls' County 3, Delegate to Boys' State 3, Key Club 2, 3,4, Secretary 4, Paper Staff 3.4, Art Editor 4, Annual Staff 3,4, Art Editor 4. ELEANOR ANN BRUNDIGE 1? MA RY A LICE BELL Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Captain 4, Paper Staff 3, Advertising Manager 4, Annual Staff 3.4, Advertising Manager 4, FHA 1, 2,3, Beta Club 2, 3, President 4, Glee Club 3, Class Officer 1.2, 4, Key Club Sweetheart 4, Football Queen 4, Senior High Favorite 4, Inter- Activities Council 4, Who's Who 4. EDGAR CRADDOCK PARKER Track 2,4. 6 I 'Qs af.. as-md, f I if SANDRA RAMAL JACKSON Band 2,3,45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Paper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Advertising Manager 45 Beta Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 FHA 1, 2 3,4, Parliamentarian 45 Glee Club 35 Miss Senior High 35 Senior High Favorite 45 Football Royalty 45 Girls' State 35 Boys' and Girls' County 35 Who's Who 4, 1 PHILLIP H. WHITE Football l,3,45 4-H Club 15 Annual Staff 2, Baseball 1, 2, 1 iii! iii LL! BARBARA CALDWELL Band 1,2,3,45 Majorette 3,45 Band Queen 45 Class Officer lg Glee Club 35 Sextet 35 FHA l,2, 3,45 Annual Staff 2,35 Paper Staff 3,4, ARVEL FRY THOMAS, IR, Football l,2,35 Basketball 15 Base- ball 1, 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Who's Who 4, K HAROLD LEE FULLER Baseball l,2,3,45 Key Club 3,45 Football 1,25 Annual Staff 2, 3,4, Subscription Editor 3,45 Track 45 Basketball 1. JOE THOMAS GRIFFITH Football l,2,3,-45 Class Officer lg 4-H Club 1, 2, WILLIAM EVERETT GRA VES Junior Varsity Basketball 1, Junior Varsity Football 1, Football 2, 3,4 Key Club 2, 3,4, Annual Staff 3,4, Who's Who 4. GLENDA SUE PEEVYHOUSE FHA 1, 2, Office Assistant 4. 'AL 4-'jf IAMES MORRIS LATIMER Band 1, 2, 3,4, Beta Club 2, 3,4, Chaplain 3, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Paper Staff 4. RONNIE WILBURN NASH Baseball 3,4, Basketball 2,4, Foot- ball 2. DIANNE ROBINSON Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Second Lieutenant 4, Glee Club 1, 3, Girls' Ensemble 1, Girls' Sextet 3, Cheerleader 4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 3,45 FHA 1,2, Secretary 3, Song Leader 4, Football Royalty 4, Senior High Favorite 3, Who's Who 4, Band Royalty 4. EDWARD LAFAYETTE CURTIS 'Vt' PATRICIA ANN CAUDLE Band 1, 2,3,45 Glee Club 35 Girls' Sextet 35 Cheerleader 3,45 Paper Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor 45 Annual Staff 3, 4, Literary Editor 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 2. JAMES CANNON MOORE Band 2, 3, 4. ROBERT DA VID CLAYTON Band 1, 25 Glee Club 35 Key Club 3, 45 Class Officer 2,35 Boys' Quartet 35 Track 45 Ring Committee5 FHA Beau 4. GWENDOLYN CAROLE EASLEY FHA 1,25 Band 15 Miss Courtesy 35 Who's Who 4. tl-ua. CHARLES A. BROWN Little Rock, Arkansas5 Band 1, 25 Road Hawks 35 Union Ciry, Tennessee5 Football 4. FRANKIE LOU PERRY Glee Club 3.45 4-H Club 3,45 FHA 15 Annual Staff 3. 6' TOMMY D. CALHOUN ANN WATERFIELD CALDWELL Basketball 1, 2. 3,4g Annual 3,4g FHA 1, 2, 3,4g Class Treasurer 1, Who's Who 4. WILLIAM DAVID CHAMBERLAIN EDNA RUTH CALDWELL Basketball 1, 2, 3,43 Annual 3,45 FHA 1, 2, 3,4g Ring Committee. Q51 6' O IANTHA DOMER BARKER Chorus 3,45 4-H Club 2, 35 FHA 1. BILLY BALDWIN BYARS Band 1, 2, 3.4, Drum Major 4, First Lieutenant 4, Key Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Track 3, 43 Male Quartet 3. Vw-ww JAMES RICHARD HALL 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4, Baseball 4, BROWNIE SUE TURNER Trenton, FHA 1, Beta Club 2,35 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, Union ony, Beta Club 4. JOEL KENNIS New York, Squad X 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, Union City, Baseball 3, 4, Football Manager 4, Who's Who 4. MARY KAY MCCORKLE Glee Club 2, 3,45 4-H Club 2,3: FHA 1, 2: A Cappella Choir 2, 3,4. C' we Nw '3- JERRY ROBERT PAGE VLRGINIA CAROLYN ANDREWS FHA 1, 2, Glee Club 2, 3.4. SHIRLEY ANN HENSON Basketball 1, FHA 1, 2. ROBERT LAROY WOODWARD Fredericktown, Kentucky, Baseball 2g Basketball 1. 5 BOBBY SUE WHITEHEAD FHA 1,2. RICHARD DALE HARRISON Basketball 1, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 45 Key Club 39 Glee Club 3, Boys' Choms 3, Class Officer 3, Paper Staff 3,49 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2. ah BETTY FRANCES CANADY ,gy FHA 1, 2, Glee Club 2, Basketball an--"P" 1, Library Assistant 4. JOHN MICHAEL STONE P Baseball 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Honorable Mention Big Ten 4, Class President 3, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Who's Who 4. if Sponsors: MRS. IONES MISS FUTRELL Junior Class Officers President ------------- BILL BROWN Vice President ---- - - - JOHN COX Secretary-Treasurer - - - - JUDY BENNETT Reporter ------- - - ANN HORNBEAK I f ' . ff: PAULA CARDWELL BILL GRASFEDER JEAN TODD LARRY WILLIAMS JUDY BENNETT JIMMY ROACH 4 X, I ' , , BUDDY BRANSFORD JANICE WEST EDDIE FRITTS JOYCE WHITE JOE OWENS f-91 Nw ,, It lk Q A by 4 BII,I, BROWN NANCY CORVM TIE U IAXNLDM CHARLOTTE LEMOIYDS ALONZO KING BONNIE DAVIS Q:.,..,, JQY BAIRD DONNIE STEPHENS ELIZABETH MORRIS LONNIE GRADY DORIS MCCORD DAVID AMS 5 I BOB CLOYS LINDA RATLIFFE L' ' I ,. 'F 2 E 1 QLD I..-XCINDA WRIGHT BOBBY IIENSLEY KITTY HART Q ROBERT HIC KS RISY RUBLE DONALD BISHOP CHARLES STONE ANN HORNBEAK RICHARD MCCOWAN ROSEMARY CHRISTIAN CARL KIRKLAND PATSY VICKERY LANNY HARRIS JANET MCCOMMONS .fx Q 1 MELBA NEIL JOHN COX BETTY JO SEAY MIKE BRINKLEY NANCY BULLION FREDDY WILES JOHN WILLIAMS HELEN KIDWELL BOYD HARRISON WANDA BURRESS ROGER SHORE Q A I D' RUSSELL THOMPSON MARTHA KING O SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President - - ' ' ' ' JIMMY RANSOM Vice President - - ' ALEX BRANSFORD Secretary - - - - - -JENNY DARNELL Reporter - - - - -FRANKIE FOX rs. ff C1 Sophomore Sponsors: MRS. SHACKELFORD MISS CROSTHWAITE Virginia Jernigan Scotty Thompson Janie Carter Tom Duscoe Alice Pannell Steve Jones Montez Haynes Tom Owens Frances Weeks Charles Dietzel Carolyn Askew John Dixon Williams Brenda Fimpatrick James Sanford Ruth Traywick Steve Calhoun Linda Choate Lee Grasfeder dns Alan Jackson Paula Covington Larry Lowrance Brenda Guthrie Donnie Murray Frances Bumett Jimmy McCord Marky Davis Martha Alexander 5-'K Alex Bransford Betty Scudder Billy Sparks Randa Moore Lawrence Parrish Patty Carter Joe Perry Joy Stubblefield Clem Burdick Nolan Jung Peggy Craig Charles Bramham Jane Crenshaw Jerry Rice Glenda Cloar Roy Elliot Brenda Thornton Frankie Graham Joyce Cantrell Bobby Willett C ile Bramham Tom my Ed wards Cindy Flippen Billy Pierce Terrell Johnson Judy Pewitt -.Q 1- Zil- LaDonna Glisson James Covington A lice Dunlap Hardy Gramham Brenda Posey Lanny Callicutt Mary Ann Bethel Kenneth Kemp Bernadine Wiley Winston McDaniel Jennie Lee Darnell iw N 'af .x.x 4 . .f 5 1 .am Xml ...J -1 .S A M, Frank Luton James Gray Herby Dunn Patsy Porter Grover Sch leifer v l A 'turn Charlotte Holloway l 27' ff .n f U' Q 1 K Frankie Fox Jim Box Jimmy Ranson Martha West Billy Moore Dorothy Daniels Brenda Ferguson Neal Thomason Sylvia Hudson Pamell Wolverton Nancy Brown Kenneth Brooks Margaret Davis Mickey Miller Patsy Johnson Glenda Carmichael Warren Counce 3 300-Q O WUIW' If, f' Officers: President: EDWIN BLAKEMGQE Vice President: BARRY WOODS Secretary: PAT JACKSON Reporter: IEANNE GUYE JONES INA r"X Sponsors MISS W ATSON MRS KILB URN MRS ROBERTS MR JONES fnot picturedj avi' L r,,,,,,,A Ronald Finch Janice Phipps Donald Finch Dot Cox June Richmond Donald Porter Charlotte Reynolds Robert Clark John Davis Linda Thorpe Richard Jones Suzzanne Hubbs Barbara Bums Jackie Grisson Virginia Barnes Mack Knox Royce Patterson Carroll Fry Douglas Basheres Carolyn Williams 1 3 lx aw 9' T ommy Ed mundson Billy Lancaster 5 an Roland Woodward Joe Byars Pat Jackson 4 2 , , fu lf-f?W'T'f22f1Qi 3 ' 55. .Q f A, Q -. fx f , W, 'q?'3?i,:, if f 'giigiif H 5 Le, f . . 3, - Qlfz, af .. 2 ,J 55' . xii ' Q .x .a fa V i Donald White Andy Cox Jimmy Powell Johnny White Patricia Vaught Tommy Truka -ffl! Jerry Bethel Rosalee Thomton Charles Quillin Nancy Chipman Mary Jane Tilson John Caldwell Dona Tumer Donnie Thomton Joe Henson Ruth Ann Mires George Caldwell Rhoda Touchstone Jean Huey Barry Wood Jeanne Guye Jones Eddie MCA lister Mike Cox Paula Cloys Holland McPeake Charlotte Murray I I Q an S pon sors MRS NEWTON MR ROBERTS MRS TAY LOR MR WOOTEN fnot PICIUICCD 'T Pat O'Bannon Beverly Weldon Allen Kennis Brenda Thomason A lex Wright Carolyn Swindle John Maddox Linda Stone Doug Jones Linda Lyons Gerald Anderson Brenda Calhoun John Duscoe Jane Davis Joe Ams 'B 55+ Roy Cates Mary Virginia Newton Charles Greene Jean Calhoun Ronnie Lawrence Donna Pruett Larry Thompson Almarie Masoud Eddie Cultra Sandra Motta Johnny Christain Wilma Tate Tommy Casey Jan Burnett Bobby Norrid . Johnny True Judy Sturgis Bobby Greer Ann Williams Larry Nicholas Judy Woodruff Joe Bums Mary Virginia Blanton Nicky Forrester Levana Nash James Edmundston Gerry Lynn Campbell Ronald Lindsey Cleo Brasher Tommy Quillin Sam Nailing Jane Bumett Stuart Filler Wanda Stephens David Roper Diane Mayhew Larry Carter Phoebe Sorrels David Potter Mary Lee Jones Tom Gray Faye Reynolds Ronnie Kirkland Nancy Daniels Jimmy Whitby 1' Jerry Thome Barbara Wolverton Michael Guest Nelma Davis Robert Crick M artha Nolan Preston Barber Beverly Whitworth Jimmy Garrigan Mary Elizabeth Reeves Kenny Mathas Doris May Sonny Hutchison Joyce McDaniel Junior Gunner 49414 P wx 'N I gh Franklin French Linda Elliot 'C' ' Don Myrick Dion Kemp Pete Bond Beth Hensley John Tanner Ellen Wade Ples Luker Nancy Scudder Mikey Phebus Judy Bishop Andy Gardner Glenda Stevens Ronnie Marshall Thelma Wallace Willis Easley Sponsors: MRS. THOMASON MRS. LUTHER MR. THOMPSON s.. 5, if f 1 Officers: President: STEVE SPEED Vice President: TOMMY FERRELL Secretary: JIMMY WALKER Reporter: KENNY ZIMMERMAN O. Larry Moss Martha Olive Larry Thomason Martha Carol Dietzel Freddie Greene ' SS Q-5' r tx .ts 0 . 1 Us , 1 Linda Burton Webb Key Diane Matheny Tony Ladd Betty Cowden K' . 1 I 5-iv' n r gi -.-aff, H f . ..t,,,.1. David S anford Wallace Covington Jamie Kemp Steve Stevens Jimmy Sutherland Kay Ferguson David Harper Steve Speed Julia Tipton Robert Darnell Diane Hammonds Richard McCarver Linda Murray Joey Rasberry Belinda Hart Donald Petty Ann Sedbeny .Tim Bondurant Jean Chamberlain Jimmy Hammond Lola Strawn Junior Wheary Sandra Lanzer Thelbert Smith Donna McCullough Ray Cleek Kaye McClain Ronnie Smith Patricia Stone Jerry Wright Betty Blue Boston Jimmy A dams Nancy Ferrell Ted Harris Wilma Nelson Jimmy Walker Linda Sandberg Cv S-...4 5 I 7 8 x ,L 1 I' E' X. M, 11 Q4 ix It Xv K V cd 3 Steve Vaughn Nancy Williams Luther Scribner Linda Morgan Duane Davis Nancy White Malcolm Ferguson Sarah Bethel Billy Abshire LuAnn Fitzgerald Tommy Ferrell Jane Tumer Jimmy Logan Moma Wainscott Larry Moss Florabell Scribner Mary Nell Brundige Vance Benton Marguerite Robinson Kenny Zimmerman Finnis Burress Harold Cruse Butch Pearigen F' 4 1 Nelson McDaniel Bobby Nichols Buz Caldwell Joe Bell ,v. ?wm femme 7475114 Seneca 71474 I I I I I XXV.. X ff' Q, . f ,f N x , Y, , - my vu -uv' I X S X, I 2. X . ffclwclced, Markd W ma CV vi -c-H ,4325 -wmwwf Ann Hombeak Mrs Agnes Newton IITDYHYDHDIC1 Edrtor rn Chref Assrstant Edrtor News Edrtor Feature Edltor Sports Edrtor A rt Edltor Faculty Advrsor JIMMY DANIEL ANN HORNBEAK STAN IERNIGAN JEAN ALTFELD TRICIA CAUDLE JIMMY ZIMMERMAN MRS AGNES O NEWTON .-Dress aeheafsav' 'Off the Pfem n B HS H1655 and STAFFS News Reporters: Jackson, Robinson, Latimer, Hart, Bennett, Luton Feature Writers: Caldwell, Jones, White, Bransford, Burnett, Stephens Sports Writers: Harrison, Stephens, Talley, Kirkland, Jackson Art staff: Brown, Elliott Typists: Wright, Cardwell, Olive, Alexander Advertising Manager: Bell Business Manager: Burns Business Staff: Cotham, Kemp, Bramham, Rubenstein Bransford . if A dv ertismg S ta News Staff Art Staff ,-At Ag, 4 I S Svorts Staff Feature Staff 47 fxi-I Pl 'x ,N in-v f f J 'f' ,g, i E 7' f 1,L "lf'! XQHZTF X A-nnsavfzf' ' 24,4 same ew X K 6 gil: Band Director: MR. MARION REITHEL I e J Al BAND OFFICERS: Captain: Howard Burns lst Lieutenant: Billy Byars 2nd Lieutenants: Dianne Robinson ,S Paul Davis Jimmy Dunn fnot picturedb V 5 , at ' DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES 'I . , W Ag d B f P . 41 s ,V V-7 Q x Ju y ennett 'I Y A 5' X g i A Mary Hicks Wallace ,f r Paula Cardwell Billy Byars Anne McCas1in Kitty Martin Hart Barbara Caldwell ' 'Scdoolgand This group, organized in 1950, has done outstanding work in the musical field the past seven years. Their talents have won them unlimited honors, and their popularity is still increas- ing. For the fourth consecutive year, the band is under the direction of Mr. Marion Reithel, who has performed well the job of guiding the group toward their fame. They have carried the school colors and school name high and are a vital organization in Union City High School's network. 49 i S F T game! JUNIOR MAIORETTES Joy Stubblefield, Alice Ann Pannell, Beverly if fi I wi Weldon, Patty Carter, Jenny Darnall, Linda H Lu Stone, Joan Bonduram, Paula Cloys. I 44' 4313 ,wml!l" .gqw-'r' OFFICE ASSISTANTS Bunny Nichols Martha King Martha Jean Anderson Glenda Peevyhouse Louise Lyon Mary Lanzer LaCinda Wright fnot picruredj LIBRARY ASSISTAN TS Glenda Carmichael Rosemary Christian Peggy Caldwell Kay Hall Glenda Cloar LuAnn Jones MAGAZINE ASSISTANTS Dorothea Jung Brenda Fuller Betty Canady Joy Baird Peggy Caldwell Bonnie Davis Almarie Masoud fnot picruredj FJ fag sys"-... 9 A! le"-'Y-'r"v In . ter-A ct-ivities C Ouncil INTER-ACTIVITIES OFFICERS President - - - ---------- STAN IERNIGAN First Vice President - - - - - JEAN ALTFELD Second Vice President - - ---- BILL BROWN Secretary ------ - - - MARY ALICE BELL 7 N 0 I O I The Inter-Activities Council is a newcomer to clubs at UCHS. The group was organized this past fall by various school leaders. It is presently composed of the class presidents, club presidents, band captain, and publication editors. The organization meets weekly to discuss school activities and problems. The purpose of the council is to co-ordinate school activities and to co-operate with school faculty and administration in all ways. Principal John Miller serves as advisor to the council. ,, ' 0 4 BETA 6 P' JUURNM' ,At mb CIS B613 Me BETA OFFICERS President ------------ MARY ALICE BELL Vice President - - ------ BILL BROWN Secretary ---- - MARY HICKS WALLACE Treasurer - - - - - - SANDRA JACKSON fnot picturedy Sponsor - - - - MRS. KILBURN fnot picturedj medal The Union City High School Beta Club, a chapter of the National Beta Club, is a leadership service club for high school students. The purpose of the club is to encourage effort, to promote character, to stimulate achievement, to cultivate leadership, qualities, to reward merit, and to encourage and assist students to continue their education after high school graduation, Membership in the club is determined on the basis of good mentality and character, creditable achievement and commendable attitude, The club motto which demonstrates in a phrase the motif of the organization is 'Ducamus alliis serviendo"--"Let us lead by serving others." I' 5,J .7 X FUI ure Hfvfnemakeys O f3 1' f America 7,371.1-Y. The Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of pupils studying Home President - - - - Vice Presidents Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Parliamentarian Historian ---- Song Leaders - - Sponsor - - 54 aww e'i' Mggzw ,aa F. H. A. OFFICERS - - - - --------- JEAN ALTFELD BRENDA THORNTON BRENDA FULLER - LEAH RUBENSTEIN - - BEVERLY COTHAM SANDRA JACKSON - - NANCY CORUM ' ' DIANNE ROBINSON TRICIA CAUDLE - - MRS. ROBERTS Economics. The group is best known in UCHS for its annual Backwards Week and Backwards Week Beau. This year, for the first time, the club selected a chapter beau. Throughout the year the chapter co-operates in all school activities. F- H. A. Beau DAVID CLAYTON s, ! 5 I f Q ,Mr i : : A f 'D 1-., Q 0 ' lj ,A s I www The Key Club of Union City High School is sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club. The club, first organized in the fall of 1953, has as its sole b tterment of self and community. B 9' ,fp Key Club purpose, the e The members are selected for their scholastic abilities and undergo careful screening by the faculty. The Key Club works constantly worthwhile projects. throughout the year on This year they selected a Sweetheart for the first time. Sweetheart MARY ALICE BELL KCY Club Officers s AL STAN IERNIGAN President - - - - - - BILL BROWN Vice President - - Secretary - - - - - - Treasurer - - - - - ' ' Chaplain ----- ---" Sponsor - - - - MR. GUY PHIPP JIM ZIMMERMAN - HOWARD BURNS JIMMY LA TIMER S CNOT PICTUREDQ 55 5, E -1' nfl ' Pri . Lgflflglg fl K. -KD 1 Gxee Octet: BRENDA Tl-IOMASON JEANNIE GUYE JONES PAT COX SUZANNE HUBBS MELISSA DUNCAN JANE BURNETT DIANNE MAYHEW KAY HALL PEGGY CALDWELL NHS. Lumet 19. I 1 l 'im .7 ,- ' I S. - a , A . f S fx - , The voices of UCHS, under the direction ofMrs, A. J. Luther, have added much to the high school curriculum in the form of an A Cappella Choir and a girls' sextet. Each year the two singing groups take various trips to nearby high schools to give concerts. In the spring, the groups travel to the state music festival where they compete with other sing- ing groups. C 4 w :Q ME f Q Y X x X f W X 6 X J ?eatme4 f f YF? fr XD My X355 C XRL KIRKIAIND 'M his hr' 1 , 1 ,AZ iv . . , 4 5 J if i , 1' ,, Ji E gf M+:,x5i Q, 5 ,, V ,gm f K 4, 42 mx . ,jfgguyi ',:' fx, 2 A Q ., fi,.,fgF ,A Swfivf' Ufsffk-L3 iff y , Sn , f ,.r ,,-Ax V f ' A ' I. .1 A W, W3 fs V. 7,5 -ii? W ' ,Q W :Q 'J M-5- ata . Q f wf. Lf , . Mg" , f ,V amz, , ,cgfw i T554 J' '. 'vf . ,Q X2,f?f5sgyn A fi A .4-79" , 5 ' iff, ,gb 1 15" . 312 if: , " -:ae mf, ,L , n g,.5',fi,,Q:Y,- A 4- F ' , YL! 'Qi W Q .-L. 3 "-L,, , Q eff ,F ' ggi, .W pmffff Q A U ff ,fir ,fx-fznfviif-ELL ff 12+ X R ,, Qs, 49' ,Q 35 . J 'S L, f ,EM VENT in Semhfa 71' IUDY BENNETT NN .Q 5 4,1 SANDRA JACKSON BELL ABCE MARY 'QW IUDY MASSENGILL iw in - .M ., . 1 JU LIA T IPI-'ON Si? f wg' g fag? VL., S ff 5 n ' ,Wy 4 ,xl 4 M? I , J, 4' , im Y ,. if . f ,2, 'Av ff 1 U if 9+ Q 4 15, , i yy f 1 T! 9,3-,,,,-,Z ' it 4 , 2 M , --' 'ff"f"w , ' f,,.,'f?2f: 5 v if , f J, ' f i 4, ,L ' ffM1m'5? - ' . 4 35'5s?9? Q Q V 75 7 fgfpvff . ax, ' W ' . , I fl' V, im, A, :fm - - 3, m,ff2ffQ,gfw ' Qi? ,f Aififn gfq-ff fe my . 2' Q1 " . L if 'f fx 'A 1 1 fi: Q , -1497 K., 7 f ,BH-. 133, 4. ,,e,M,,!Q 3 f 'lt in 4 , .nf dr, ,O F wg f ,1 Q, P-iv .hy I MJ. . 21 ':w'i'i1" Vi-'Y 1T'f'ii 1 M gc Jw? gr Ugg as ,t L My if V' " 1'-:J fr , ,, W, M, V f 'ink-"' ' 7 if ' 2 ' Aww my f' ' X Q.. 'fb-43,2 qi? F' sv? 'H U 1, -J 4 . , , ,Q . .A X . 3 " if M 2 53 ' V Q , , 4:3 g,'1',4 K 2 324143 5 A, . Q - If Zend Zoqadtq Q45 Jax, I it T- ' , DIAN "unix-' NE ROBXNSO N MA RY ELIZABETH O LIVE fpaatlall Zaeen MARY ALICE BELL Cs L xxx SANDRA I AC KSON DIA 7 2 NNE ROBINSOA r MOST COURTEOUS Gwen Easley Jlmmy Damel MOST STUDIOUS BEST PERSONALITY jean Altfeld MQST IDOPULAR Bill Shore V Alice Ben 4 Bob Stephens Y ililfl 1 " 7044 MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Alice Bell Joe Kennis FRIENDLIEST Dianne Robinson Jimmy Daniel MOST ATHLETIC Mike Stone Ann Caldwell qNot picturedp w -fa. ,P -an ,Q- MOST DEPENDABLE Jean Altfeld Stan Jernigan BESIA LCiOK:gi BEST ALL-AROUND San ra 80 Alice Bell Bill Graves W 2 I4 Bob Stephens 7044 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jean Altfeld Bill Shore WITTIEST Beverly Cotham Joel Kennis NEATEST Gwen Easley Buster Thomas LIES' F 69 SENIOR SUPERLA TIVES B111 Shore Jean Altfeld Sandra Jackson Stan Jernlgan ,l '5M""' sf.: .....-nl ti iklrb- msn MAGAZINE SDLESMAIN Jimmy ZIUHTIGIRLS and BOYS STATE Leah Rubenstem Hman Safldfa Jackson Stan Jernigan .-v 776-z.m477Zaw wang' .TUNE RICHMOND ROYCE PATTERSON 77h.4wf77Za4 Z 0 I HELEN KIDWELL BILLY BYARS 6602 Homecommg Dance 'Y Mxss Iumor High 'wif Football Queen Teens Agamst P0110 Dance Mlss Semor Hlgh K 52.2- spww x - Y 'Y X xxx QIIIJIF, -HA V-W 5-g L'+, , . Z 74455466 441g -lhig. VARSITY The Tornadoes started off their season with a trip to Big Springs Park, Missouri, which proved not to be quite the pleasure trip that some had expected it to be. They were slow getting started and didn't have such a good won-lost record, but the score didn't necessarily reflect all of the effort that was exerted by our boys. Lack of experience proved to be a big handicap for the team. The Tornadoes proved that they weren't the underdog as tar as playing goes by beating a strong Dyersburg team in the final gameg consequently knocking them out of a Big-Ten playoff. fX vf P s COACHES Mr. Will Mac Jones Mr. Ray Wooten ' E my Mr. Lewis McDonald .nib :P-at '-, "va ag:- . 'W ' . ,l's ' -14-"S , l.' ,I xg-, .x -.Q ' 7 f,4!..f,.Q,15'.v,.'v CHEERLEADERS Alice Bell, Sandra Jackson, Tricia Caudle, Helen Kidwell, Jane Crenshaw, Bev Cotham, and Di Robinson. A Zim, the spitfire co- captain of the team stands 6' and weighs 145 lbs. Despite his small size, his wonderful blocking ability will be greatly missed. Zim proved himself a fine leader of the squad, 'Tiger' stands 5' 11" and weighs 180 lbs. His ability to nm the bal'l and run the team was the backbone for many touchdowns, Bill did a fine job throughout the year as quarterback. its BILL GRAVES "Oink" was the man who on those hot August days kept up some hope of living 'til the end of practice. He stands 5' 10" and weighs 173 lbs. He is a good blocker and a hard tackler. S CHARLES BROWN "Spot," who is 6' 2" and weighs 165 lbs., was one of the best kickers in the 'big ten." He also showed great ability in snagging passes. Mike will be missed greatly next year on defensive and offensive. MIKE STONE JIM ZIMMERMAN CHARLES MITCHEL Charles, weighing 180 lbs. and standing 5' 11" has showed great ability in blocking and tackling this year. He was an outstand- ing co-captain that will be missed next year. Phillip, a 230 lb. tackle, was one of the most improved players on the squad, His great offensive and defensive work will be missed by next year's team. if 1' I f JIMMY DUNN "Hires" stands 5' 10" and weighs 150 lbs, Even though he has a small build, he was one of the fastest boys on the Tomado team. "Argo, " a main string guard for the purple and gold, stands 5' 11" and weighs 185 lbs. Bob was a hard man to get by on defense and a good blocker of offense, Great all around ability was shown by this boy. Bill stands 6' 2' and weighs 175 lbs. He has shown good receiv- ing ability in his posi- tion as end, as well as good work on defense. The Tomadoes of next year will miss this boy greatly, PHILLIP WHITE J BOB STEPHENS BILL SHORE 75 fl' GENE TALLEY TOMMY EDMUNDSON RODGER SHORE CARLYE KIRKLAND RICHARD MCCOWAN CLEM BURDICK JOE PERRY EDDIE FRITTS DONALD BISHOP LARRY WILLIAMS LEE GRASFEDER JOHN WILLIAMS CHARLES STONE X.. 1 ' ' TITO LANNOM BILL GRASFEDER TOM OWENS HOMER KEMP JOE OWENS SWM0 All 3 Zaqc ' Z The Boys' Varsity Basketball Team went through a wonderful season this year. They have many Vic tories to their credit. Under the able leadership of Coach Ed Phipps, the team showed great spirit throughout the year and came out close to the top. A11 UCHS students followed the team with much interest and enthusiasm. DONALD BISHOP RODGER SHORE JOE OWENS qwithout picturej , 1 The girls' basketball team of Union City High School is a very diligent working organization. Our school has only been privileged to win a few of the girls' games. However our girls and their wonderful coach, Mr. Rufus Thompson, are tops in other respects. lf greatness comes from hard work, our girls basketball team can be considered truly great. MELISSA DUNCAN BRENDA POSEY IANICE Pl-IIPPS ' :EE 114.50 , f f NW f r . E1 1. M ' Q heerleaders Jumor Varsxty C 1 Q-ff' '1 82 2' JY' Q... ..:,, I Jumor Varslty Football 1 ' i f 1 1 -' 129331 mx w'n ?s?':3 7 'S f' Rx 72527 lm QVQQ -if . A ' , "" ,,1 1'92"'fWlW ADvE1QTu-SE ME NTS SQ 6 49 142-J QQ can 62 YQ m Q Q9 QB ooo.. 49 Q O- W mi QQ i Comphments of TALLEY'S SERVICE STATION THE BANDBOX Mam and F1rst Streets UNION CITY BILTMORE MOTOR HOTEL Fme Restaurant Intersectlon U S H1ghwa.ys 45 and 51 Umon Clty Tennessee BISHOP AND VAUGHN ELECTRIC SERVICE Electrlcal Contractors Industrlal Cornmerclal Res1dent1al W1r1ng Phone 820 202 N F1rst St E RED STAR DRUG STORE ANDREWS 'IEW LRY Barbara Gould Cosmetlcs 213 South Flrst Wh1tman and Belle Camp Cand1es Phone C7 Delwer nm 'fa anal CLAUDE BOTTS HAROLD EVANS BOTTS EVANS LIVESTOCK CO Hogs Cattle and Sheep Phones No 2 or No 20 Un1on C1ty Tenn The Store GRABER'S That Saves You More COOK 81 FOX FLOWER BOX 107 E Church Comphrnents Phone 418 of DORIS FOX AND LAFONT AND CITY DRUGS BILL MASSINGILL X 'A 300 g We A T lofi, Complunents of CLINTON GARMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Cornphments of Comphments of MARKHAM DRUG JONES BARBER SHOP T1ptonv111e Tennessee Phone 1198 Comphments of J C BURDICK Comph ments of Comphments of UNION CITY THE LEONARD BOND GRAIN COMPANY FAMILY GARRISON PONTIAC Umon C1ty Rambler Phone 192 ROTARY CLUB FRA-NK RAY Insurance and Real Estate A A THOMP SON Busmess Phone Nlghts and Sundays 4 Umon C1ty Tenn BURKETT'S Cornphments DIXIE CREAM of DONUT SHOP RUBYE C OLIVER Union City, Tennessee Agency 666 1 7 5 N IC l-ICDLS ENGINEERING COMPANY 4 CtT C5TLJI3l3l I I IL.L.LJ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY T2L Ili! IN! aTT UNI CONAPANV f Compliments of X t 1 Union ' y, ness Compliments of Compliments of - Cf., C mpliments o P at V FURNITURE COMPANY THOMAS GROCERY Sylvania Television Phone 114 Union City, Tenn. Fresh Meats - Groceries Country Produce Bought and Sold "We De1iver" Phone 326 Union City Compliments C ITV CAFE eww' sooo 'COFFEE Compliments of COLONIA L BREAD COMPANY Compliments of D12 AND IXAQS-3 W Kazaa! UW! Compliments of MORGAN VERHINE INC Leaders in Quality Merchandise Since 1904 TERRY'S SERVICE Washing Greasing Wheel Balancing E Main Street Union City Compliments of at 3-I I R 5 POOL ROOM J AN "Where Good Friends Meet" QUILLIN UPHOLSTERY SHOP Custom Made Drapes and Slip Covers 315 N First St Phone 133 STEPHENSON EQUIPMENT COMPANY Union City, Tennessee ' of ' K 1 " 0 ' W , l K I . . is , s! N - Q ' , - Qi fs-I O L. G513AM.FXDLH2 CIDNACVNXNf ' nown Wherever There Are Schools and College " Class Rlngs and P1ns Commencement Inv1tat1ons D plomas Personal Cards Club Ins1gn1a Medals and Troph1es M IRVING HARRIS MR ROBERT GILBREATH P O Box 496 Jackson Tennessee FZPEEINAAIXI S GROCERY 81 MARKET U S Good Beef Country Ham Tennessee R1ver F1sh Phone 93 BYNUM BILLIARDS C H RIVES Owner CALDWELIHS STORE Typewrzters Athletlc Eqmpment Phone 635 cUQubY5 WELDING MACHINE SHOP ZZZ S Thu-d Street Phone 1553 Un1on Cxty, Tennes see POTTER'S SHOE SHOP Foot So Port Shoe Store Phone 163 503 S F1TSt Unlon C1ty WILBURN'S SERVICE STATION Ma1n and F11-st Streets Phone 712 Umon C1ty 'K s . . - i R. , C l I J n Featuring , , , U O I Comphments of ANAEQICANI IXflT.:-.I-ITAL. T5T3C DEL JC-X-I-5 CCD Umon Clty Tenness e Esso DEALER SHAW'S ESSO Mam and Fourth Phone 830 Comphments of TURNER KIRKLAND Comphrnents of DAN MQKINNIS Comphments of tne INXIOTGF2 PAIZT 5 COINATDANV Your NAPA Jobber , Q i i A . , C I 'I . Compllments MERRY LEE SHOPS Comphments of KAY TOOL 8: DIE Comphments of TOM DOWE LL Comphrnents of ANDERSON'S BEAUTY SCHOOL Comp11ments of McADOO COAL CO 119 E Mam Street Phone 11 VIRGIN'S NURSERY Phone 1158 Umon Clty, Tennessee DANIEL at ADKINS FEED MILL Sect1on Lme Road WARD'S MUSIC SHOP Phone 1555 Un1on C1ty Speclal Orders Ma11 Orders THE GRILL JOHN COREY Umon C1ty, Tennessee Comphments of J ACK PARKS Complunents of UNION CITY REMNANT STORE HOLMES DRUG STORE Flllmg Prescr1pt1ons Is the Most Important Part of Our Busmess Phone 100 or 121 Un1on Clty Tenn Cornphments of UNION CITY HARDWARE CO Comphments GREEN SERVICE STA TION CITY CAB CO Umon C1ty, Tennes see Phone 17 Comphrnents of JOHN T WALKER . of . ' ' County Trustee . . , O ' ' of ff :rung gf Yvv CAN RELAX I VVADE l:LJl2IX1lT L.JI2'1E CCDNAPAANV Trade Wlth WADE and Save Telephone 205 BROWDER CALL15 lcnsvnourrl 1,1 Sale s and Se rv1ce Phone 298 or 345 APPLIANCE Sz FURNITURE COMPANY A Complete Lme of G E Apphances New and Used Furn1ture RCA Televlslon Deepfreeze Home Freezer Phone: 189 Compllments of LJIXIIOIXI CITY DAILY MESSENGER 'All the News Wh1le It's News" Compliments of LIBBY'S Lovely Things for Lovely Women F03 I 'lfff W X if . I You Are Ent1t1ed to the Best DEMAND Reelfoot Hams, Bacon and Sausage REELFOOT PACKING COMPANY Cornphments of ALWYN BREVARD Clerk and Master BLUE BELL LAUNDRY CLEANERS Personahzed Serv1ce Laundry Dry Cleanmg Storage SANDERFER'S SUPER MARKET Featumng Country Hams, Tenn Catf1sh 428 I-Iarrlson Phone 705 We De11ver PE.EBLE'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 600 "For the Best 1n Entertamment, See the Shows at the CAPITOL THEATRE" South Flrst Street Un1on C1ty, Tennessee Remmgton Rand Typewnters and Addmg Machmes "Noth1ng Down, Only Sl 00 Per Week" HARDEN OFFICE EQUIPMENT 404 Exchange Phone 1138 or 1960 Un1on C1ty, Tennessee Brands You Know Shoes You Love Rand Shoes for Men T1-1m Tred Shoes for Women Poll Parrot Shoes for Ch1ld1-en DWARD SHOE STORE VVI-MTE RANSCN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Serv1ce Phone 99 Un1on C1ty r . - ' Compliments of Comp11ments of TenArKyMo INDUSTRIES Manufacturers of Venet1an Bhnds Alumlnum Awnmgs A1um1num Screens Alurnmum Storm Sash Ja1ous1es Phone 1280 Best Wlshes From M12 AND IXAQS gait? ROAD SERVICE C Y S Gas Dil Tlrss Sinclair Servlcs Lghgcwlon Station ' or 'S Accessories Washing Polishing RAY CASEY Owner UNION CITY Cornphments sk, FLETCHER RAINEY TOIVI VVADE EDSEL SALES COMPANY 203 North Fmrst Street Unlon Clty Tennessee Comphments of JONES GRAIN COMPANY Woodland M111s Tennessee I K . . I s li . Ass ' - - , - rl 'lv Ii 1 314 20 So. Fourth Street if S. Isl - - of ul Comphments LJ TOTE EIXA SUPER MARKET CQVSTAL ICE COMPANY UHIOH Clty, Tenn E Mam Ph 574 FAGAN'S GROCERY Phone 105 920 N Clover St Comphments of ALVIN JENKINS Comphments of FIRST STATE AND TRUST CO T1ptonv111e Tenn Comphments of HOLIDAY LAUNDERETTE Make Your Washday a Ho11day" Comphments Comphments of K og ZQQZWQ ELAKE INACDQE CONSTRUCTION co of . . . ll ' of TENNESSEE CHAGD C CJNAPANV Cooklng Auto Water Heatlng, Refrlgeratlon and House Heatmg Phone 480 Umon C1ty Comphments of HI TEST PRODUCTS JOHNNY OWENS .I M SEDBERRY W H MCADOO I-1ATC I-1Ef2 MOTORS MERCURY Sale s and Serv1ce 51 By Pass Phone 403 ROAD BUILDERS EQUIPMENT COMPANY and Road Equlprnent Un1on C1ty Tenn WHITBY'S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Lg, Q, Day or N1ght Phone 742 411 S Thxrd Street Unxon Clty, Tenn Comphments of LCDGAINI I--IIC!-45 LIVESTOCK COMPANY Union Clty 544 Fulton - 161 . , , . . . International Industrial Power . '4R Q 0 A" ' 6 . ' D ' . . LEXINGTON'S JOHN COREY Unlon Clty, Tenn Comphments of STEWART'S POTATO CHIPS F WEEKS, D1str1butor FORCUM LANNOM LUMBER CO , INC A11 K1nds Blllldlflg Mater1a1 Ob1On, Tennessee COWDEN INSURANCE AGENCY 106 West Church Street Phone 261 Un1on C1ty DUNN PROVISION COMPANY Wholesale Dealers ull! Ill I 5 K2lNj ffifv Meat and Food Products Un1on C1ty Tenn Phone 368 Ivlc ADCDC BUILDERS SUPP LY iii :EEE IE it "' " u11d1ng Headquarters Phone 18 or 19 East Mam Street Un1on C1ty DAVIS STORE "Lovely Thmgs for Lovely Lad1es" TODD'S GROCERY Free Dehvery Phone 9135 Umon C1ty Comphments of HARRY HUDSON Ob1on County Tax Assessor DUNGAN'S DINETTE Un1on C1ty, Tenn . . 0 B. . Q u 6111" gl " il ? , ' f, N - a I . Q X I ,, I B . . ,, IXAEADOVVBIZCDOI4 MILK 8: ICE CREAM Local Products of Umon C1ty and Obzon County Meadowbrook Da1ry Har r1son Street Phone 780 uccess to the graduating cuss Q -RJ!! ff, -+ LJINIIOINI CITY COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CSOCDDVEAI2 SERVICE STATION 415 South Second Umon Clty, Tenn Comphments of rvIAsc3UD'5 STORE ' I fl cw. RIIV If I II , III I -b j I f Sf' .. V 5 I , III ,II H 'I I+T"t"" I I I I 'I ix X. II II I II I 1 , -IV I 7 - -- 1 V f K' V - fu -4 f" 4 X W I ,rx ,f X I X X'.,,,,. 'A TIPGV LUM BER COMPANY Lumber and Bu11d1ng Materlal Troy, Tennessee CEC! l.S MARKET GTOCETICS and Meats Phones 611 or 612 Umon C1ty Tennessee BLACKLEY tHl'XR0l 1.1 COMPANY Sale s and Se 1-v1c e Hornbeak, Tennes see Telephone Stat1on Z Day Stat1on 3 N1ght Be st W1shes From CQAVEG HARDWARE AND Spddcag cada X We Phone 27 Trading Center m Ob1on County VVVLIE BAFENES TRUCK STOP PAN AM CAFE Troy, Tennessee Comphments of I-lAlL..EV'5 Troy, Tennes see if I 3 x as C A ? 5374 sag If 'E Third and Main streets wARREN-51-ONE E 7 ' Phone 607 29,835 ' fs IMPLEMENT COMPANY UNION CITY WELDING 8: TANK SHOP Farmall Tractors ' 5 McCormick f . Pg?-P DAIRY QUEEN Farm Machinery ,-I I Umon Clty f P f-1 5 "Cone With the Curl on Top" Tggsg ' A gig? ' -:X Compliments of I32lTE INAEIPCPIANDISE JETTYE E ALTFELD Cornphments of .JCE T INAALGAIXI Dresden Tennessee Phone 205 Comphments of HAMILTON'S CAFE V? , MR AND MRS 5 jf-5 GENE WHITE lg DOTTY SHOP If It s New Dotty Has ' Everyth1ng ln ad1es' Ready to Wear ROPER'S GROCERY North Home Street 58 Umon Clty, Tennessee 1 ' PQ gg 1 ll ' It' X L ' - - ' Npsvo 'NJ Proprietors: S1 I f 52 l O Have You Notlced? The Black and Wh1te Stores Are Changmg Then' Name to SHAINBERG'S It's to Honor Then- Founder MR SAM SHAINBERG CARLTON H WRIGHT Insurance Adlustor 217 S F1TSt Street Uruon C1ty, Tennessee Off1CC Phone Res Phone 7 3 1505 JOE G PITTMAN D1str1butor CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS Phone Zl7 Un1on Clty DRAPER OVERALL JEWELER Compllments of Watche s Dlamonds Umon Clty, Tennessee PV'S HUT Cornphments of JAMES L KENDALL WHITE 8: HUBBS Old and Thlrd Nat1onal Bank Unlon C1ty Bldg RAINBOW CLEANERS Synthet1c Cleanmg CARL FRY Prop Umon C1ty Tennessee HDI'-l2l-ZIC V53 FAMILY SHOE STORE For Shoes That F111 and Beneflt Clty Club Velvet Step Weatherb1rd Comphments of IVIZXN HARDWARE AND SPORTS CENTER Un1on C1ty Tennessee 9 9 Dependable Insurance , I 9 L A ., I 1 ' 9 Compliments of TAVLOE SIIXXIINACDIXIS Complrments of COTTEN'S TEXACO SERVICE Frrst and By Pass Umon Crty Tennessee See the Man From Equ1tab1e Today SAM CARPENTER 605 South Frfth THE EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY Compllments of IQEJ X IQLQEB Annual Staff THE TORNADO Comphments of P-4 A LAIXIZEIQ COMPANY Modern Prrntrng Engravrng Lrthovraphrng Offrc e Supphe s Off1ce Equ1pment "We Feature Quahty, Prrces, Servrce 106 Washmgton Ave Umon Crty Comp11ments of THOMAS REALTY COMPANY Phone 165 Comphments of KEY CH KEY CLUB XCLU9 BETHEL COLLEGE A Four Year Lrberal Arts College Fully Accredrted Awardrng Degrees of Bachelor of Arts an Bachelor of Scrence rn Educauon Intercollegrate Athleucs MaJors 1n B1ble and Relrgwn Buslness Admrn rstrauon Elementary Educauon Enghsh Hlstory Mathmeucs Musrc Brology Health and Physrcal Educatron Pre Medrclne Pre Pharmacy pre Law Pre Denustry ROY N BAKER, Presrdent McKenz1e Tennessee , -v Y Y .., I . . Y . ,ffl H"-1 ,IV 1 U S V XX l 0 l a L X I X , X 4, , . 7' '41 li 1 If , 1 f 5 - . I . . I u l ' ' ' I . , - . . , . . . 1 ' l I I I l ' . . s Congratulatwns to Comp11me11ts the Class of '58 From TIRE COMPANY FURNITURE STORE THE KAREN SH OP Un1on C1ty's Newest Ch11dren's Store 115 N Flrst Street Across From Kroger's Store Un1on C1ty Tennessee Phone 524 Heatmg Plumbmg LOVELACE GROCERY Wa sh1ngton Avenue Gas Equlpment Umon C1ty Tennessee MERRYMAN WILSON COMPANY Cornphments Un1on C1ty Tennessee of the Phone 738 SHERIFF'S OFFICE Comphments of Comphments of SCOTTIES CLEANERS NEWSOM BUS CO Un1on C1ty Tennessee Phone 176 PTO' WWW of-'X Compllments of FOUR POINTS GU LF X SERVICE STATION of I QW I ,,.. . . , .,f, 3 :fig ,,,,,.. ' SW I v ,N V 4? Ship Via SAQTAIN TRUCK LINE Phone 2029 701 N, Sixth Union City Tenn. Direct Overnight Service E5ENNETT'S MEN STORE Best in Men's Wear Union City or Martin Tennessee BEC I4 RIPPV COMPANY South First Street Union City Tennes s ee OBION! COUNTY MOTOR COMPANY First St and Florida Ave Phone 400 Union City Tenne s see Federal Land Bank Loans Long Term Low Interest No Appraisal Fee OBION WEAKLEY NAT'L FARM LOAN ASS'N C FIELDS Sec Treas Phone 453 THE YOUTH CENTER Only the Best for Girls and Boys Infants Thru Subteens Telephone 2022 30 S First St Union City S. ' . ' . 'TRACTOR A. . , .- . 6 g . D' ' D I 41: KING TELEVISION 610 East Church Phone 613 Comphments to the Sen1ors of ' CLYMER'S Home of Fme Furn1ture X l WX i 1 till 1 Ti L i 1 X O E GORTEN Desrgner and Bu11der o Frne Homes Best Wrshes From REYNOLD BROTHERS Drstrrbutors Pan Am Products General Trres East Church St Un1on Clty Complete Busrness Courses No Contract to Srgn Fully Accredlted Busmess College WEST TENNESSEE COLLEGE INC Jackson Tennessee FRANCES' BEAUTY SHOP 411 N Frrst Street Phone 638 Umon Crty Tennessee THORNTON'S MARKET Better Food Lower Prrces Free Dehvery Un1on Crty Tenn JONES PIANOS 1000 East Maln Street Umon Clry Tennessee Grands Tumng Servlce Thomas Spmets Electronxc Upnghts Organs M 8: W AUTO SUPPLY Automotwe Parts Wholesalers 208 S Second Street Umon Crty Tennessee Phone 524 O'BANNON'S 3 DRUG STORE , X Brrng Us Your ,,, Prescrlptrons x 41 gig A I ll ' WALTER R. HOWELL "The Insurance Man" 110 W. Church St. Umon Crty, Tenn. DIXIE COFFEE SHOP ., 1, a Quarter "Best Hamburgers in Town" Trusted Ove of a Million T1mes." S- Znd Sf- A, L. CLARK, Prop. 11:5 ' " ' E L ' 58 . . . . ' ' f 171 I Comphments of Comphments VVATEQFIELD 'SALAIXIT Z SALAIXIT GRAIN COMPANY to the INCORPORATED Class of 158 Un1on C1ty Troy DAIRY BRAND PRODUCTS Famous for Quahty Thu-d and Jackson Phone 2093 Comphrnents of BROWDER MILLING COMPANY INAOCDIEE FRUIT COMPANY Frults and Vegetables 118 S F11-st Street Umon C1ty Tennessee Phones 337 and 870 u ' of Obion - Airport Compliments of E VV .JAIVIES E55 ef 12646 Z L IBQLJNDIGF U-WL N GAL JQAFF Cty T 12 N m ina' .I IZZYS DAQT5 EJ AUTO UNION CITY INSURANCE AGENCY C mphm t f , . 2 Q ' I If f f lm I ff, I ki v -I 5 W -Wim X M L Wh I Union i , ennessee and Hickman, Ken ucky C mpliments f . C mphment f LE Yule 5 I ' Congratulatwns to Senlors '58 in From REE -'li ,jo OLD P-'X -Fl'-'mQlD W IXIATICDIXIAL BANK J-rj' Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporat1on DRAPER DARWIN IXIAILI 'NIS STORES MILL at LUMBER CO Popular Pr1ced Merchand1se East College Street 2.29 South Flrst 155 Phone 1305 Phone 836 Excluswe Dealers 1n Umon Clty Tennessee Johns Manv1lle Un1ted States Gypsum S Sherw1n Wllllams SHOE STORE Pamt Products Naturahzer Ready Mu: Concrete Roblee and Watch for Buster Brown "The Blg Orange Fleet" Phone 531 ll- I ' - 'Q A . A . THOMP SON hillips PRODUCTS Union City, Tennes see DELLINGER at JONES QLLOYD AND HARRYy New and Used Cars USED UR :, ,, 'lam H A Phone 1674 0' ' TQPX Union City I 'Q IRKLAND'S LOTHING Home of the Best Dressed Teens ln Town Un1on C1ty Tenne s see Compliments of UNITED MONUMENT WORKS 2 1X2 M11es South on Hlghway 45W Comphments of PAUL CLOVS GROCERY Free Dehvery Phone 622 202 Jackson Street GQEENFIELD MFG OUT LET Greenfleld Tennes see STAR FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used ,Z COTHAM'S FLOWER SHOP Y-LEG RAPI, ...B O0 Phone 'X Phone 447 "F1owers for A11 Occasmns 216 Lee Street , . U Q1 ,Q 1 9 J f Q wtf 2. 2 9 I lg 2 u.. ' 1' ,-X Xffx . " 667 I1 Nr, ,x Sem! flmufrgx ' Hlnlrlunlg - 1 1 .... - NTflFLolF 1 v' ' - n S .MWW"Mu CIESS of 'X S MQ j7'dfZ!fdZ20iZ.5' 56' Souther Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company 'll' l l I- Xff l l l , .-I, ..,, ,,,-'. I K In ll if ZI: 5 I ,Q -,A,v - I k M .44 elf, A X f I M 2 4 ill! Z X , W 7 fer 3 5. ' x I' Q Mlm: xx UCH5 GOOD

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Union City High School - Tornado Yearbook (Union City, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Union City High School - Tornado Yearbook (Union City, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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