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 - Class of 1941

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Union City High School - Tornado Yearbook (Union City, TN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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' Ai " 1' , , 4 1 -'Y x as K 4 .1 :- f ,. V, 4 J .7 V , ,f f J 0 A .1 2 4' J' .K f ,J 742 "' "' - "' -"4 ' "' f"- ' "' V"- ' "' -"4 ' "' f"- ' "' -"- ' "' -"- ' "' f"' ' "' ,"' ' an 1941 y Th JNION ITY TEINJN 4 UN UNPEf+ll5FQEHiEm l QQEAQQFAPTAQQAQARA Q5593343QAGQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQAAQ me 3'.,,,,W1i, ,staff Editor-in-Chief loseph Reekes Assistant Editor Rebecca Hall Business Manager Howard Forrester Faculty Sponsor Mr. Thomasson ane Gibbs Gene McAdoo Elizabeth Elliott Roy Wehman Sue Cole lonnye Owens ane Glover Vernon Scott Richard Box Ben Howard lohn Owens 0I"elfU0l' ln preparing this edition ot the TORNADO we as representatives ot the Senior class have done our best to reflect life as it really was in 1941 at U C H S Vxfe hope that we have conveyed to you the spirit ot Congeniality and cooperation which prevails here We know that through this book many invaluable memories will be recalled in the years to come memories of classmates clubs athletics and other a tivities which have played such an important part in our school life May this book prove as great a pleasure to you who look at it as it has to us in pre paring it for you 2 I I I I I I le LCCl,fL0l'l In recoanltlon of the many years of falthful and superlor SGIVICG Wh1Ch she has devoted to the Unlon C1ty I-hgh School and 1n the hope that thls serv 1ce may be contmued for many more years We the Senlor Class do dedlcate thls 1941 edltlon of The Tornado L QPCL ay VERARAYBS MA cl' ' I I u u If ll TO . 55 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQCZ3 '5 'NQQKXQKS QQ QAAQQQQQQQQQQQQQ HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING CENTRAL SCHOOL AND GYMNASIUM QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 4 7, ., ff, -1- Uqx, '-'- V. 1 .' ' ' 4- .. . 1 ,,, ,Q ... .Q Q 4 4. 4 ,'f3.FA!3,4'A!5,A3..- .A,.- - . ..- .4 .F .A A . QKAQQQ f7Ae .SMOJ cfm, xv PAW M1110 add S010 l0l'lfL0 2 arid 0:5 man add cSgAfA Qmle .SQUQIQ QDFCLJ CVM M!!! 1111111 T XXXX XX 5 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 3 My 1 9 N. Y N Q NCQ 9 ff - 3 XX QQQQQ QQQGGGQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQAAQQQQQ QQ 5 Q,-1' jLlCLl.Ay T D OZMENT B S M A Superrntendent Clty Schools Instructor rn Blble B S Umon Umversrty M A Peabody College C W THOMASSON B A M A Ph D PIIHCIPCII Senlor Hlgh School Instructor rn Englxsh B A Georgetown College M A Ph D Peabody College T F WALLACE B A M A Instructor rn Physrcal Scrences and Matrematxcs Athletrc Coach Iumor I-hgh Prmcrpal B A M A Umverslty of Mrssrssxppr R G WILSON Director of Athletlcs Instructor rn Czvrcs and Geog raphy Glrls Basketball Coach Assrstant Iumor High Prmclpal B S Memplus State Teachers College Graduate Student Duke Umversxty VERARAY BS MA B S Peabody College M A Columbna Umver sry SARA SPRADLIN Instructor rn HISIOFY B A Randolph Macon College MELDA CROSTHWAITE Instructor rn Latln B S Memphls State Teachers College G A CASH B Mus Ed Drrector of Muslc Bachelor of MUSIC Educatxon Murray State Teach ers College KATIE LEE THOMPSGN B S m Lrbrarran B S State Teachers College Murfreesboro B rn I. S Peabody College MRS C W THOMASSON B Ed Instructor ln English and Sclence B Ed Southern lllmoxs Normal Unrverslty 'F' A . . . ' ' 13.5. -A Instructor in Mathematics. U l H K It .., 5 . ., - B. A. B.S B. S., . . ' L. S. . ., I , 5 . A. QQQQQGGG?QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQAAKAQQQQQQQQKBQQGPZQQGQCQOKAQIQQQ QQ? zlmn, OTTO WHITE B Ed Instructor rn Iunror H1 h Mathematr s B Ed Western Illrnols S ate Teachers C eqe PEARL MILAM Instructor rn ,unrcr Hrqh Enqlrsh SAM M CHAMBERS Instructor m Broloqrcal Scrences and Iumor Hrqh Scrence Graduate Student Mrsszssrppr Statc Colleqe MARTHA ELLEN FUTRELL Instructor rn Tumor Hugh Hrstory B A Vanderbrlt Umversrty DOROTHY BARTON Instructor rn Home Economrcs B S Unrversrty of Tennessee CHRISTINE IOHNSTON Instructor rn Commerclal Arts B A Murray State Teachers Colleqe GERALDINE HAMMACK Instructor rn French and Enqlrsh B A Murray State Teachers College BETTY BELL Secretary Drploma U C H S QQQQQQQQQQQQQKAQQQQQQQQQAAAAQAAQFVAAAQQAAQJ-VAQAAQAAQQQ 7 . ., qi 1 I' Q11 . - a i B.S. ' A B. S., West Tennessee State Teachers College: I ' B.A. B. S. B.A. fj B.A. " Cfaaa f9 opAec9 0 1941 Followrng graauatron rn l94l the members of our most zllustrrous cass have separated as they garned fame and fortune rn their partrcu ar frelds Therefore rt was wrth great pleasure I recerved a letter recently from a forrrer classmate The letter went as follows Dear Frrend Srnce our last naeetrng I have traveled extensrvely rn several European co.rntrres I am at the present employed Ly the Chandler Chewy Candy Corooratron of whrch Iohrr Ivre Chandler rs the presrdent and hrs legal advrscr rs the renowned attorney Mark Mrtchell My work rs very easy as well as rnterestrng I travel all over the world rntroducrng our famous candy and durrng these rourneys I meet many people about whom I feel you would lrke to hear I made the trrp to Europe rn the Ellrott ocean lrner Elrzabeth so named for rts wealthy owner By far the most popular man on board was Howard Forrester of the Forrester Automob le Manufacturing Company who was not only pursued by the well known Iack Hazelrrgg dancmg troupe consrstrng of Sue Cole Ollre Sue Burnett Iessre Srnrth and Wrlma Adams but cven the man datrng stewardess Rena Pruett The passengers were entertarned by a forty prece band called Hudgrns Hot Heppers I recognrzed Irmmy at once and whrle renewrng old acguamtance I learned that hrs vocalrst and recent brrde was none other than Margaret Martrn Upon my arrrval rn England my bags were eagerly serzed by a porter whose face looked strangely famrlrar Suddenly I realrzed that rt was that ambrtrous boy from back home Sam Guy When I reached my hotel I found a message wartrng askrng me to call Lady I-Iarrrngton I was very puzzled untrl I was told that her ladyshrp was the former Ionnye Owens She rmrted me to be her guest at a ball grven rn honor of four vrsrtrng Russran offrcrals I was gurte olcasantly shocked to drscover that the wrves of these offrcrals were Nezzre Curry Arleene Dyer Katherrne Ienkrns and Edna Walker In a few days I left for France where I encountered many more of our classmates Roy Cary Wehman had become the famous French artrst Ptor Carr the great actress known only rn her adopted land as Myra wrll be remembered by her school chums as Berth Hatley and the prrde of New Yorks polrce force Chref Edward Hudson who was on hrs honeymoon rn Parrs wrth hrs blushrng brrde Margaret Hendrrcks demand I rmmedrately boarded a tram for that country The trarn was very crowdea and I was forced to share a seat wrth several members of a peace delegation on therr way to Germany Imagrne my astonrshment when I drscovered these members to be Sammye Cook Charles Hall and Leona Verhrne Under an oath of secrecy they rnformed me that the two omes who had turned the whole government of Germany topsyturvy were my old frrends Roberta Howard and Nardeen Sheffer Also on the tram were the noted Amerrcan physrcran Doctor Earl Wayne Krllron and hrs assrstant Martha Iane Crabtree the much sought after fashron desrgner Vrrgrnra Hogan the renowned hrstorran Ioseph Reekes and hrs secretary Carolyn Brown and the wealthy race fancrer Iames McAdoo who was rn Europe buyrng thoroughbreds to rncrea e hrs stables Iames whrspered to me that the man travelrng rncognrto wrth htm was the great coal and rce magnate Gene Clemmons McAdoo Before leavrng the trarn a newsboy came through shoutrng Extra ' I bought a copy and learned of the extraordrnary cross country brcycle race of Phrl Morson and Edwrn Tune As I approached the school I was amazed to see every member of the student body standrng on hrs head Thrs was explarned to me by the athletrc drrector lane Glover as an exercrse desrgned to clear the grrls mrnds for studyrng I was rnvrted by the old mard prrncrpal lane Grbbs to a tea grven for all the old mard teachers Among those attendrng were the Latrn teacher Margaret Anne Youngblood the geomerry teacher Emrly lane Woosley and the Englrsh teacher Rebecca Hall he guest of honor was the leader of the Socrety for th Preventron of Cruelty to Angle Worms Emrly Frelas The tea was rnterrupted by the appeararce of the man ager of the famous Lamandas and Lerastus dance team The manager was Aurelra McGurre and she was there to book a performance forthe team whrch consrsted of Mrldred and Vernon Scott I am lookrng forward to my return to the Unrted States at whrch trme I hall certarnly look you up Hoprng to see you soon I rcmarn Yo rs wrth love Mary Catherrne Caruthers 8 ,Q f . , . , A I I "Hearing of an exclusive girls' school in nearby Switzerland, where my candy was in + QQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQAAQQQ Q QQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQARQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ enior Cfazki IAMES HUDGENS He's our president, what more need be said? President 4: Vice-President 3: Hi-Y Club 2. 3, Vice-President 3: Student Council 1: lun- ior Basketball Team 1: Latin Club 2: Box- ing 3: Band 1, 2, 3. 4, President 4: "Tomado Flashes" 3, 4, Editor 4: "Who's Who"-Most Loyal 3. AURELIA MCGUIRE "A rare sense ol humor is hers." Secretary 4: Home Economics Club 3: Band Sponsor 4: Assistant Advertising Manager ot "Tornado Flashes" 4. WILMA ADAMS Here's a farmer who is really going to town. Home Economics Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: 4 H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, President 4: French Club 3: Spelling Certificate 2, 3: Penmanship Certificate 3. MILDRED BRYSON "Gee, l'm sweet." Carnival Maid 3: Cheer Leader 3: Glee Club President 3: Home Economics Club 3: President Mixed Chorus 4. MARY CATHERINE CARUTHERS Her enthusiasm sends her soaring. Home Economics Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 3. SUE COLE "Her worth should not be measured by her inches." Ietterson City High School l, 2, Treasurer 2: U. C. H. S. 3, 4: Short Hand Club 3: Home Economics Club 3, 4, Secretary 4: West Tennessee District Representative 4. MARTHA IANE CRABTREE "She dwells in a region of silence." Home Economics Club l, 2: French Club 3. AILEENE DYER "Fair and sweet, gracious to greet, charming to meet." Short Hand Club 3: Spelling Certificate 3: Bible Certificate 3. EMILY IANE WOOSLEY When she gets her gun, she's a men- ace to the rabbit family. Vice-President 4, l: Secretary 2: President 3: President ot French Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Beta Club 3, 4. President 4: News Editor "Tornado Flashes" 4. JAMES MCADOO "Here comes that nice friendly fellow." Treasurer 4: Secretary-Treasurer 3: Foot- ball l, 2. 3. 4. Captain 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4, Captain 4: U. C. Club l, 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 1: "Who's Who" - Best Ath- lete l, Most Courteous 2, 3. CAROLYN BROWN Gaiety and Company. Basketball Squad 1: Home Economics Club 2, 4, President 4: "Tornado Flashes" 4: 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, 4: Candidate icr Maid 2. OLLIE SUE BRUNETT "Not extremely tall, but neither was Napoleon." IOHN IVIE CHANDLER "Here's a small package of mischief and fun." U. C. Club 4: Football Manager 4: Basket- ball Manager 4: "Tornado Flashes" Busi- ness Manager 4. SAMMYE COOK She deserves the best. Home Economics Club Z. NEZZIE CURRY She is capable of much when she works. Lincoln Ir. High School, Pontiac, Michigan 1, President l: Pontiac Senior High School 2: U. C. H. S. 3, 4: Latin Club 3, 4. ELIZABETH ELLIOTT "She makes everyone feel at home." Chestnut Grade High School 1, 2: Basket- ball Team l, 2: U. C, H. S. 3, 4: Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 4: Obion County Council 4: 4-H Club 3, 4. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQAAQQQQQG -9- Q69 Q5 QFAQGAAQQQ6 419399 QQQQQQQ3 Q3Q Q99 X I QHLOI' G55 EMILY FIELDS Is there any more hke her? Hornbeak Hlgh School 1 2 Secretary l Vnce Presxdent 2 Maud Mlss Hornbeak Hxgh School 2 Maud Mlss Obion County 1 Secretary of Home Economics Club 1 Annual Staff 2 Cheer Leader 1 2 4 U C H S 3 4 Glrls Glee Club 3 IANE ELIZABETH GIBBS Intelhgence and abrhly unbounded H B Plant Hlgh School 38 39 40 Home Room Secretary 37 Chaplatn ot Home Room 38 Pep o Plant Home Room Re porter 39 Home Room V1cePresxdent 40 Girl Reserves l 2 3 Presldent Sophomore Gxrl Reserves 38 Pep Squad 38 39 40 U C H S 4 Band Sponsor 4 Football Queen 4 Beta Club 4 Home Economncs Club 4 Basketball Squad 4 SAM L GUY Am I veg table ammol or r'wmercl7 Band 2 3 REBECCA HAT L And she IS so qutet French Club Repor er 3 4 4H Club l 2 3 Glee Club Reporter 3 Spelling Certlfl cates 2 3 Spelllng Medals 2 3 Regxonal French Tournament 3rd Place 3 Penman shrp Medal 3 French Certrlrcate 3 Pen manshlp Certxhcate 3 Who s Who Most Studlous l Obton County Youth Councll 4 IACK HAZELRIGG Huntmg lS Just a habtt wxth htm Secretary Treasurer 1 VIRGINIA HOGAN Slow to speak and slow to act yet a Jolly good sport at that French Club 3 Short Hand Club 3 EDWARD HUDSON Look out here I come Band 2 3 4 HURLEY KEMP A good lme backed by a hltle mfor motlon goes a long way Basketball Squad I 2 Basketball Team 3 4 Football Team 4 Boxing Team 3 4 U C Club 3 4 Bxology Club 4 Vnce Pres: dent Mixed Chorus 4 HOWARD H FORRESTER And sttll tt stays the some as fresh and green as he day xt came HI Y Club 3 4 Advertrslng Manager Tor nado Flashes 4 Band 2 3 4 Mix d Chorus 3 SARA IANE GLOVER She refuses to take hte too senously Soldan Hlgh School St Louxs l Basketball Squad l Woodland Mtlls High School 2 Basketball Team 2 Dlstrlct All Star 2 4 H Club 2 Home Econormcs Club 2 U C H S 3 4 Basketball Team 3 4 County and g:Eg'l:f All Star 3 U C Club 3 4 Biology u CHARLES HALL He could pose for collar ads Football Squad 2 Short Hand Club 3 BERTHA HATLEY She IS the one wzth that school gzrl complexton Home Economics Club 4 Latm 2 3 Band Sponsor 4 Penmanshnp Certthcate MARGARET HENDRICKS She can be rdenttlred by her laughter Home Economics Club 2 4 Glee Club 2 4 Band 4 4HClub2 3 4 ROBERTA HOWARD Not a has been but a gomg to be Kenton Hxgb School 1 Basketball Team l Polytecbmc Hxgh School Port Worth Texas 2 Basketball Team 2 Btology Club 2 U C H S 3 4 GleeClub3 4 KATHERINE IENKINS III make a note of that Dune Hxgh School l 2 Basketball l 2 VxcePres1dent 2 U C H S 3 4 Home Econolmcs Club 3 EARL W KILLION The Confederate General Basketballl 2 3 4 Alternate Captam 4 QAAQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 10 , QQQQQQQAAARQQQQQQQJ-7sQLCw7sfiQr7sQt enior C4155 MARGARET MARTIN "l don't qive a continental!" Latin Club 3, 4: French Club 3. PHIL MORSON Words can not describe him. Campaign Manager 1: Latin Club 2. IONNYE OWENS Oh, Ionnye Oh! Latin Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: French Club 4: Carnival Queen 4. RENA PRUETT Here comes another brainstorm. Home Economics Club 4, VERNON SCOTT Never hurriesg never worries. French Club 3, 4: "Tornado Flashes" 3, 4 EDWIN TUNE "He always laughs -'- last." EDNA ERLE WALKER "Nothing ever happens to me." Basketball Squad 4: Pep Squad 4: Home Economics Club 2: French Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 3. MARK MITCI-IELI. "His intelligence is always at work." Football Team 4: U. C, Club 4: Band 2: Beta Club 3, 4. Vice-President 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2: "Who's Who" 2, 3. GENE MCADOO Bright headed inside and out. Reporter 4: Sergeant-at-Arms 3: Football 'ruad 2, 3: Football Team 4: Basketball Manager 1: Basketball Squad 2: Basketball Team 3. 4: U. C. Club l, 2, 3, 4: Advertising Manager "Tornado Flashes" 2: Mixed Chorus 4. VIRGINIA LEE PIERCE "Never idle, never still, always talk- ing, talk she will." Home Economics Club 1, 3: Drum Major 4. ICSEPI-I REEKES He seems to master all that he at' tempts. French Club 3. 4, Secretary 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Beta Club 3, 4. Treasurer 4: Obion County Youth Council 4. NAIDEEN Sl-IEFFER "The peppiest bundle of humanity ever seen." ch Club 3 Latin Club 2, 3: Spelling Frer: : Certificates 2. 3: 4-H Club 1, 2. LEONA VERRINE She can make a piano talk. Corinth, Miss., High School 1, 2, 3: Secre- tary-Treasurer ot Home Economics Club 1: Class Secretary-Treasurer 2: Glee Club 1. 3: Head Cheer Leader 3: U. C. H. S. 4: Home Economics Club 4. ROY CARY WEHMAN Shalcespeares ardent admirer. Art Editor "Tornado Flashes" 4: Band l. 2 3, 4, Reporter 4. MARGARET ANN YOUNGBLOOD She wins friends by being one. Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: Mixed Chorus Reporter 4: "Tornado Flashes" 3. 4. Reporter 3, Columnist 4: Certificate in Mathematics 3: Certificate in Latin 3: Beta Club 3, 4, Secretary 4. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQKAQQQQQQR-NQKAQKSQ Q5 fNQf5QQQQQQ44AQQQQQQQQQQQQ 'J llfl LOI' arid CI-IARLOI E HJDCENS Presmdem KATHERINE PIERCE V1cePres1dem DOROTHY UPCHURCH Secretory ALVA NELLE TAYLOR Treasurer IAIIES AMS MARIE BELL BIL' BENNETT 2923.2 Y if in CHESTER BRUNSON MARIE BURCI-IAM CENEVIEVE BRUSH RICHARD CARMICHAEL IAMES ROBERT CLARK GRACE CONRADI GFRLEEN DAVIS GRACE DIETZEL BILL FULLER 2 Q IOI-IN GARRETT FRED GRAHAM MARIE GREENWE' L BOBBY GUILL KITTY HALTER ALICE HAMILTON IOE HAMILTON IOE HARPOLE VIRGINIA IEE HOLMAN BEN HOWARD DORIS IESSUP QS IEANNE IOLLEY RENNA IOYNER BILI KELLY IAMES KILLION STEWART LEE HELEN LUTEN AUDREY NEAL LYNN Q TOMMY MEADOW CATHERINE VANCE NIOSS BEN NORRID IOHN OWENS WALTER PHI IPS GENEVIEVE PORTER G W AY MILDRED ROBERTS VIRCINIA ROPER ELOIS SMITH SUSAN SIMPSON GEORGE TOWNSLEY RUDDY VINCENT BTRC H' N LL NAGSTER III!! WITHERINGTON I ARY VIRGINIA WOODS CHESTER WRIGHT 69,9 AAQQQQQQQQQQAAQQQQQQQQ A if I E V ' xg. L' .-' Nik ai J , -- f a"' " I 1 I 1 -I V 7 ' 411: ' 5: Q i. I A . 1' 1" "V 855:- 19 L Q, I K . V- .I Q1 ' "1 I I. f I 2 4 , LAURA LEE HOLMAN C, .L ,O . -4. I' I L 4' E S- QQ. ' I A - we 1' i 'A ' . 1 'rf I' I , ' . 14' , g I 5 n iv, , ,, , 0 l V H' I fo... .' ' ' ' I .1 Q I I Y la U. ' E? 4 M I2 QQQQQQAAQKNQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQ 50,0 OIR 0I"e 'IMMY MCCLURE Rr Sld rm VARY NAKEFIELD Vx Pre-sm r MARTHA HARRIS S cr tory IH C IOHNSON Irecs re VIRGINIA ALLEN MARGARET ANDERSON ERIS BRO NN BERRY RICHARD BOX BOBBY BRYSOQ EUNICE BRYSON HOWARD BURCHETT IANETTE CHERRY MARTHA FRANCES COOK SARA ANNE CRABTREE SARAH CUNNINGHAM VIRGINIA DAERDA HELEN DOWE L GENE DRERUP MARY DUNCAN BILLY EASLEY GERALD GARRISON IULIA GREER BEN WYLEY HATLEY FRANK HAYS xl: 'uisi MI' DRED HURT BONNIE RUTH IETTON BILL KALLENBERG DOROTHY LUMS DEN EDNA MURIEL LYNN LOWELL LYNN ' ' MARGARET MCADOO GEORGE MANLEY FRANK MAY IINMY MILNER l A IEAN MOORE REBECCA MOORE MARGARET OLIVER MARY E LEN PIERCE MARTHA FRANCES POSEY CAROLYN SIMPSON DOROTHY SIMPSON MARY FRANCES SUB MER5 BILLIE THWEATT ELEANOR WEBB NANCY WIRT MARGIE YOUNG EDWARD YOUNGBLOOD QQQQQQ,45QQfNf2f5f3Qf3"AQ'5Qf'N"1"AR 13 V . I ' . 1.-Q xg? A. , A 6166 :W . C 5- : c I K? ibz I . 12 , Q 8 n an . . 2 , 5 r I ' TJ ,Q -- 4 I ' , 3 ig gf I - f ' I 4 ' V MARY KELLY I K' .Dfw D? I -i I J: f 1 . Ll, , I . . H 4 -- 5 1 ' XE? ? 5 Q I 1. 7 v , M wr ,f 5 Y , I, 4. -. T.- ,.v..,A, ,., V., ,..., ,.,.,., ,,., 5- , 'AA Qmxammmmmmnmnmh mrxmrxmmannmfwnmmmmnmmmmmmmamammn F05 Niall 1155 ARI UR I-IO LOMAN Presldewt CARMEIN BOTTS Vlce Presldent MARY FRANCES THORNTON Treasurer BILLEE AYDELOTT IAMIE AYDELOTT RUTH ULM RICHARD AMS PAYE ELLA BISPIOP IUANITA DAVIS MARTHA DANIEL DOROTHY DORAN BILLY DAVIDSON CAROLYN HEPPNER E' EANOR HUDSON HARRY HALL ANGELINE HALL BOBBY HOLLISTER IOSEPH ISBELI CARL IACKSON MARTHA FAI IONES MILDRED IOHNS POLLY KEISER FRANCES KERR ROBERT LEVISTER BOBBY MCANULTY BOBBY MCKNIGI-IT VIRGINIA CLAIR MOSS LENA MAI NEWSOM BERNICE NEWSOM DOROTHY POORE BILLY ROPER HELEN SADLER GENEVA SIMPSON DOROTHY SNOW ANNA MAI STINSON CATHERINE TODD FERRELL TIDWELL WIILIAM WAGSTER IEANNE WILLIAMS FREELAND WALKER IOYCE WHITE FRANCES WILSON EVE' YN IUNE WILLHAUCK Q QQFYAQQQQQQQQQQQQ9969QQQQQQAAQQQQQQQQQQQQQARQQQQ 14 -V--V N-V N- v. N- -,V . Fw -vw--.F .- L, : I ...n. . .. ,,, '. ,- V , . . 4 ' x.1 . ,, . .. ' S . ,- .1 ,. 1 9 L 59141. gmfe HOYT WHITE Pr s1dQm A C RAINEY S Cretcry IEAN TAYLOR Trecsqrer MELBA IUNE ADAMS MARTHA LAVVRENCE AILEN SYDNEY ALLMOND WALLACE ANGLEA WILDA SUE ASHE IOHNNIE BRYSON MAXINE BRYAN IOHN IAY BURNETT DRUIE BLACK PAYE BYER VIRGINIA CANADY CI ARENCE CHERRY ROY COLE EVELYN ANNE CORUM GENE CULP BETTY RUTH FORRESTER MAURINE FUOUA CLAUDE GARRETT IUNE GEORGE ELWANDA GRIBBLE MARTHA HARRISON I T HARRISON IIMMIE HAMILTON JOSEPH HARRISON EVELYN HARTHCOCK VERA HARPOLE VICIE HOGAN IAMES HAMMONDS ANN HOILOWAY REBECCA HOFFMAN VIRGINIA HURT DORA MARGARET HURT IACK KERR ERNESTINE MATHENEY IEAN MAY RAY MERRICK ROBERTA MILNER LOUISE MOSS BETTY MCADOO RANDOLPH NEILL MARS!-IIELA PARDUE TOM PI'I'I'S RUBY LEE POTTER VIRGINIA PRUITT LOUISE RICHEY HOWARD SCHMIDT HELEN IEANNE SEDBERRY LEXIE STOVER SARA THORNTON BETTY IEAN TUNE EDWARD UNDERWOOD TRUMA VAUGHT THOMAS CALVIN WORLEY FLORETITA IOHNSON ANNA REBECCA MCGOWEN H5535 bi H539 aaa a E593 I A YYY V Y TT Y f H . ,, - I y ' "', ' Y I ... 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A I - 4 Al ' X QQQ QQQQQQQQQRA3693KNBQQQQQABQARQQQQQQQAAQQQQQQQ R G VVILSON T F VVALLACV Athlet1cD ector Head Coach and Girls Basketl,al1Coach lll'lll'YlCl,I' 0 20,5011 Th Go den Tornado iourneyed to Mayfield for their irst encounter of the 40 season There they suffered defeat at the hands of the Cardinals by the score of 14 t U 'Everyone was fairly well pleased with the way the green Tornado sqt,aa showed up against the Vtlest Tennessee Champs Th Fulton Bulldogs fell victims to the Tornado a to margin in the Tornados second encounter Norrtd l-licks and Kemp scored the Tornados three touchdowns Norrids c m g cn a GO yard run Mitchells defensive play was outst ndrna in this 7a'ne OCLC 25 The Union City athletic teams are indeed ferturate in having two outstanding mentors in Coaches 'Nallace and Vlfilson. Coach Wallace who is serving h s eleventh year as boys football and basnetbal coach lwavs manages to assemhl tearrs which are ts ar oing contenders in West Tennessee This wears foctbal squad was one of the most n experienced that he has had to work with but with a great deal of work ard rattf noe he made it into a team that trset the high v rat d Dyers lura team in the last aame of th season Al though tl' rcst of the season was only medlocre everyon thought Coach Vllal ace did a fine cb At the oate of this writing the boys basketball sguad under the direction of Coach Wallace has had a successful season winning five and losing two games Athletic director and gurls basketball coach Wils n who is rounding out his eleventh year as c ach and his fot.rth y ar as the school s ath letic d r ctcr has a so done a fme rob in coaching the air s team and in cdrrm ster na the fnances t athlete associat n At this wr trng t Pres nt team has won two games white losing our but the team has shown steady in rr vement 11 tr ast thr e games Th sguad dropped its thxrd game to the Humbolot Rams 6 to O This was th f S h rn game ana a very large crowd wa ched the two t ants ray fine defensive football The firt half ended in a UO deadlock Lut the Rars came back to score in the thtrd auarter Thrs proved to be the deciding margin as th Tornado was vainly trying to score by means of passing when the final whlstle blew The powerful Tr nton Bulls who were later to tte Icctqson and then gg on to wtn the Big Ten rolled over a fighting Tornado elev ri by a 29 to O c:Jt.nt Boasting two of West Tenness es Lest lac s they showed a fine offensiv at ack that was too much for the liaht Tornado The Tornado s ffered their wcrst defeat in f rvcn Lars wl en they w re deff-ated bv the lac son Bears Ly a sc r of 47 to U ln this 1 arne Uniot City was hand capp d by the w r the b ggest fact rs in the Tc rr aao s defeat Th Tornado gain lrcke into e w ri cet 1 r sacn Ao 8 is was an offensive te r ri Qerin k si wca r or tcp t an they had in anv c ter garrt d Kemr sca frst ar.ar cirr axing a yard drive Esch spfedy Dr saen tack r ttrri f th r c ff t thc T rnadc LU 'yar line and several plays later tossed a tocchrlewrr rass try for extra r int and the 'lcrnado held a lead wl ici was rirvrr scrrusiv tl rratt-ned The outstanding DAVID M GUY lg, 0 Q cane was Nerrids JO ,arel turit ri ros third t 1. h lc n tier for tlc Tcrna 26 A ' a 2. .J 9 . ' ' e A-t 1 1 " - ' - 1 . ' , t A 2 5 , ' ' it ' l e - 3 g ' 4 . Q . - ' ir , , QW 1 - V i , y A I I c , ' ' C . ' - C , A ' l ' i e l ' ' ' . ' - O D , . Q 1 ' ' g 5 r i. A ' f ' ' - . of he i ' 'ir . . f . ' he ' A 4 F ,, . .2 ' ' by is 13 f ' G - ' ' ' . L , Q , 'i 'iff I e ' , ' , ' '. c in f I ' ' C ' 4 ' ' 3 ' ' A' , , e 'H e fr ' : 2 ' 1 , 9 A 1 ' , ' .. e , ' , ' ' . I . . . H 3 A I . . 2 ' '1 .J f: - ' e 1 ' . . . r 11 , ' fl A ru' 1 . e 1 , " - 2 e . ' ' , .' r ' i Q ' ' loss of G. Mitchell and Ncrrid. Fast lackson ltccks made rzroriy fong punt returns which 3 e i c ' 1 , 1 ' r' f - . e a" ' . '2 ' th, 1 f'!rr Lv rlefeattrxg T ' '- H to ' . Th' - - ' - lat l f Jr the cr - g "1Cl1J ff. Th of Tf,!r"rfl', F3 4' ri e - h K , A 1 th' ' .e an 1 fr d early tri the , I' tt r, l' ' ' GO ' -. .e, '2 e ' , - L i .. e 'zr ko o - Q C ' d j . 1 - - 'X ' rf . They missed the H, A ' - ter - 2 ri 1 . .. . , ,W f f th j r ' ' ' " f' 1' ' , rftur for tlgf Trfrrrat' " ' c'c f. w . 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Q W 1 UA Ol' He Mltchell M McClure Manley Kemp Mnchell G Howard Harmlton Brunson Hollornan McAdoo G Ph111DS Owens McAdoo, I. Killion Norrid Manager P I Chandler QQQQQQ 99996 15 GQQGQQGQQQQGQQQGGQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQAAQQQQQQQQ 'SAQQQQQQAAQQQQQQQQQQQQAR 2 I' ell and Pans ugh he was QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQAA GQQQQQQAAQGQG fN'3 6 QQQAAQQQ .74 sllffe,-mm CENTE9 czola Mrtc err 'Vatts p ayed cente J s te c fe DGSS tr m the prfot posrtr n and was an n rr re outstanerna rn the Mayfreld and Frlton aane s TACKLES AND GUARDS Mark Mrtch ll Mark a Senrcr played letr -r e and was 'nan He was epecrally good n defense and M-yd e ,A mn on reverses possrbre Hrs est ames were a arns H.rmbo t af' D es err Gene McAdoo Gene rn hrs frrst year the team , a l' rd char H was not a starter but when rn h garrre r hr posrng bac s many trmes H player' best rn the Dyersbur, and T er' rr enc dnt-ers Walter Phrlrps ater retcr nown s t us r l out f The opposrng teams fourrd hrs rosrtron ve ,I hard tr garn t Hs r y rn the Dyersburg and lackson games srucl l u fst ,frrrfs 1 Bruce Hatley oton was one rf th r, test rnesmfrr n thrs lack of werght by berng very fast on l wnfrfld blockrn, elrs burg and Pans trays Arthur Holoman eck who rs only a Freshman played a 're Jr rounl .,f'rre at specraltv was pullrng out of the lrne and lelcckrng halfracks Hrs rest ames we le and f' gm: Q rv- 1Ga GS 6"'1 9 P "lady arrns 're at tack e t Smear d all seasfn s .fll stand n , made up or rn t Dyevs ,u d rs at l-flaffr ld Orvrlle Manley Orvrlle was another S phornore gr arf' fill o ayed hard even t e very lrght He stood out rn b ocrcrng tackles HIS outstardrn g mes were at lfaffr d loe Hamrlton Battleshrp was the man who held Dyers urgs hrghry touted rev lrne of scrrmage He also played a bang up game cn offense He was only a ,unr elected one of the co captarns for the cornrng season Besrdes Dyershu g l e so eptronally well agarnst South Srde and Frltcn rs s at he or and was played ex BACKS Ben Howard Yarmen alternated between the blockrna ard wmgoack ass gnments H looked especrally good rn th Dresden contest rn whrch 're ot away for seferal nrce ga rs Besrdes the Dresden game he played well rn the Dyersburg garre lohnny Cwens Iohnny although lee was the smallest back n the squad coula rsh rt out wrth the best of them He took over the quarterback slot when Ncrrrd was hurt and hrs accurate passes always made hrm a threat He played hrs leest cames agarnst Mayfre a and laclcson Floyd Hrcks Floyd was a very fast wrngback He scored the frrst touchdown of the season and showed promrse of becomrng an outstandrng player before he moved to Iunror and got to play only three games lrm McClure lrm who was a regular all year althouah he Nas only a wmgback blcckrng back and guard Hrs specralty was down freld blockrng rn some good ball carryrng exhrbrtrons agarnst Dresden and Southsrde Foster Frazrer Foster was another Sophomore back who rated a berth on played blockrng back untrl he ran rnto tough luck rn the Sou ln Srde aame a tured arm Foster whose specralty was blockmg ends played rrs best game a Hurley Kemp Hurley better known as Bushel to hrs team 'nares has yet to rr he Could not out krck Hrs puntrng and runnrng were znvaluab e t the team H outstandrng rn the Fulton and Dyersburg games Ben Norrld Chrcken who played quarterback was the reams fastest and freld runner He got away for many long garns durrng the season He was for games when hrs shoulder was thrown out of place but oth rwzse playea frne rn the Dresden and Dyersburg games ENDS Captarn lames McAdoo lames made th tann an rdea aptarn He was leader and played good ball on both offense and defense lt was hrs sensatrcnal ex He was a sophomore played but lee also turned the rrst team nd recerved a frac carnst Dresden et a foe whom w as especrally shrftrest broken d to mrss two ball especrallv .rn outstandrna GZ vard run on the frrst play of the game that spelled defeat f r Dyersbur H was outstandm, rn practrcally every game Earl Wayne Krllron Doc was an outstandrng wrngman on d tense The opposrng team had a hard trme gettrng around hrs end for any substantral garrs He was honored by hrs team mates by berng elected alternate captarn He played outstarrarng ball oth agarnst Parrs and Dyersburg Chester Brunson Chester was a brg man who played the stron s de end and Nas t ne on defense He rs only a lunror and great thrngs are expected of hrnn next ,f ar Hrs end play mas very evrdent agarnst Mayfreld and Fulton v- 29 P 'V' r'v- r-v 'ff r-v 1r'v f- 1, t- f A , , . . . . , .. , . , -A Y v r r ana 'Ja guarwrcacfc on ae'e:s,. rle se.a:r: rr. so :au 1 O r. 4 " ' 'o . cutstandr g ..a . on defense. Hrs play e : - ally Q' - I ' ' .e . ' - 'E' --e , ' , ' -' zacl l, ' a hard . tc :et :ut of th lay. ' fu c - also a na blockx. 'Iis blcolr g made .. r ' g ' . ' l ' 1- H ,. ' 4 . I ,Q rx, ,Q ., . U- .1 o .1 r . .ra l r . ..,l . - W' , ' ' on o , ':l yed a ..a gina got., 'l,. 9 , D 'ro ' 1 e aa.. - he li oke r.. :ugh the cppcsrng lrnes o , op- ' lt ' ,. e . .. ,.. ' , . 'f' a .:. rio. , ,O 2 . ' ' VJ l , , 'lj 4 k a .ll ce-til h, rrlayfd tack., guar . J , . ' . ' - ' ' ,rr f v nrzugh. r Qla' wa ' 1. i f' . f D "C rt " ' , , , e lah 1 l' , 1. z the f uf ., t he 1 f I - 1 - 'C tl: . r ", -' lf: H1 1 'J E15 V h? -r ' "P e ' D . , K fi. . fl" ' co. ,, " ar . H' ' ' ' u.- ' , Z . . .. g V are r 'e ' '. . o., . o 'cI'.o,lf, o .ho ' . ' l ' ' ' . ' .d g a .c o , f ' el ' . J . . if ,, . .. v H, ,N A ,, M U Q 9 1 - ' ' . ' o D o r o al 1 r D - - " " ' A r ' le ' i . . e ' ' e - ' ' l o g ' s '. ir . . . . - , C . , ' d A ' ' . . ' ro , ' ' I' . , ' ' ' ,, , - o To as. I ' I , 4 A Y I - 4, I , V , r . V 4 -JA I , r ' f . fl D . He . c I D 4 . . , I . ee " " ' . '- .es ' .. ' ' ' ' I o ., e '. ' . Y rt . rr U t t A A . . ' . ' ' s - . ce ' . Q , , . . ' -4 e e . ' l c ' . f ' , ' f o g. e ' " ' ' - ' a r r 1 ' ' ' c . 1 ' e . ' - d A. ' ' ' 4- KAQQQQQQQQQQQGNQQQQQQQ '5 QAAQAXQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 1' 7 Ogd gaalelgaf qua Front Row - Hurley Kemp, Ray Dunn, Ben Howard, Iames Mc- Adoo, Gola Mitchell, Gene McAdoo Ben Nor- rrd Earl Wayne Krllron Back Row Foster Frazrer Gene Drerup Freeland Walker Irm McClure B111 Kelly Iohn Owens Mr 'Wallace Ccoachl unllnafy ofgow Z?6L5L2fLCl,!f.gCl50I'l The l94l edrtron of the Golden Tornado was consrderably above the averag Coach Wallace had Iames M Adoo and Doc Krllron from the precedrng years team around whtch to burld a startrng aggregatron The acqursrtron of Ray Dunn who moved from Kentucky greatly strengthened the team Norrrd Kemp Howard and Ger-e Mcllrdoo turnrshed mate-rral for the remarnrng posrtrons Durlng th season tue team lost only four games one to Memphrs Central one to South Fulton and two to Dresden The two games lost to Dresden were by margms ct two pornts each The team after defeatrng Hornbeak and Cloverdale rn the second round and semrfrnals went to the trnals of the county tournament and there was defeated by Souh Fulton Dunn and lames McAdoo were named on the All County Star Team At thrs wrrtrng the drstrrct tournament 1S one week rn the future and the Tornado should acqurt rtself well there South Fulton w1ll be the only partrcrpant that the Tornado has not defeated rn erther season or tournament play Krllron lames McAdoo Gene McAdco and Hurley Kemp wrll be lost to the team by graduatron .74 ellalfer 'W Iames N'cAdoo captarn l ac was the offensxxe star of the Tornado team l-le played the rmpcrtant prvot pcsrtrrn and was hrgh sc rt-r rn aln st every game He played best rn the t Rives contest rn lxct lr t d 17 p 1 lames was probably the most valuable man dn the team Ray Dunn Percy was the dofensrve star of the tea The man tc whom he was assrgned seldom c red many pfrnts Percy asf was cutstanarnr, rn ge-ttrnq the ball cn rebounds frorn th backb ard and all rn all was cne of th m st derendal. e men on the team was also outstararn w rc n crx ans r ras rl 1 awed est rn the Hartm came Ben Norrrd Chrcrc was t c fastest man on rre te rn ara are of the best sh ts He looped rn many shots 'r t wa V srtr n thr u hout the season 30 , o 1 , xl l a . 1 -I I ' I v , . 7 Q P ,, H . . ' I I I 'I I -f ' . . .. . D . . V , , , A , - ' 1 ., . , - , , , 2 ell , fs V nz l Y 'f . . ' ' J . o , . zo A . '? . ' rrst ' wg .1 Q :sse in ants. 1 ' s o I , . E J - ' a ' ' , .. . e ' 3 u .. ' . ' e Q 1 . Earl Wayne Krilion 'Doc' played guard and was a good ball handler and floor man. He ' 1' 3 fzt 1 1: CQ the tail to thi- t 'J ' unde the 'f ket. ' e if 1' b- ' t '. j , ' "C 'en' h- , r '. Cn .l L- .. O . '. ' .. ,cm hrs cr rd ,c 'o , C g - .. QQQQQQQQQ'5.!5Q'Nf5QQ'5GQ GQQQQQQA5 QQQQAAQQQQQQQQQQQQ H S GW NCIS '1 '1 KEN!! JJUIVIV jd AHL' Y ff' 4' MITCHELL Dffl F17 1 GIHS "1 O H F RHZIER he 'I 'Q' --nd OW' 'V H MRM H OWH Fl 1? f f 1'Y mffi nmcLUwL f3fN '5 6356 15 693593 QQQQQQQAA QQQAAQQKAQQQQQAAQQQQAAQQQQQ 31 Be H:'.'1:r'i - Ben '.-1:s :Z Qtzd 'zgressxve izrwcrd als: ici 'J gcizi side shot. His C 1 . 'jing Ljzrzte ' czj':1r,s. f-f,'Z..1... EZILYLEY Keri? - 'Exshel' 'f.':s ::e cl the te':r:s hest shits. His spefnltg' was lizpincj ther: frzrn :rider the icsket. He ,':Q':y'e:i hESY'J'.jG1I1SY:1Xi9. Ge.e 215.5-,ics - f Gee, clthzsgk. : sub wc- 3:31 :Lf hesi Qenzj sizztgxg gucrd. His 5 s :zine was :qzrst fffzrtm. Gals M1tcheQQ - '.'.'31t' 2-'cs :sr reserve :zzz He ixxprev-ed 3 1:1 tircugkcu the secs and Glu-13115 gave c 3:55 :C::::: 5: hinsef '.'l?.il:: in the zjcrie, He plzjred hest 5:3 ' 1 f.f'.:r r Ein Q1-1:-is jshnny, c qgzsixuie Qxcrd, '.-:cs exe 2' the best kill 1."..d1-rs L. the Sqn" H2 :vixs ds: n,t::,.e :sr bs drizzlzxg cxzi excellent gzssgig ckzihtjr. Gene Crerg, Gene, wh: .s :ily cz szphcrxzre s?,:wefi pleity 'H fzqht fr: l.e Q t i 1: fgfzrie, Hisf':S1iGiE,C11 f:1ur'ficQ.sEr1ghi'1s he has twz fT,f'21JQ'1YSYZ pl:-.'. L H ' J f fy? lH I f 7 k . O AN, Q K ' A X- , 4 ul ' ,Y g,5 x ,, ,WN ,A . . Y nf - Q x ei, fe we A ff as pglfol , 1 V , '1 7 if if ,I I 6 1 sf if ,f , M Q , Ol ,Vg ,H " . 1 'A 4 I , ' If . ' , I 5 V ' gg QQQQQQQQQAAQQ35393QQQQQQQGNAAQQAAQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQAX TT T T t Front Row Faye Ella Blshop lane Grbbs Alva Nelle Taylor Dorothy Nell Wagster Martha Harms Margaret McAdoo Susan Srmpson Carmen Botts 7 garietgai .SD Mad Back Row -M .Wilson tcoachl Margie Young Polly Ketser lanette Cherry Nancy Wrrt Lena Mar Newsom B11 l1e Thweatt Mary Kelly lane Glover Rebecca Moore Carolyn Srmp son Edna Erle Walker Grace Dretzel tMan agerl lfLl'nI'l'Lal' 0 l" 5 gCL6LetLCl,!f.SZCL50l'l The record establr hed by the Tornado sextet aur1ng the 1940 41 season was the most outstandmg rn several years The team had to 1ts credlt thrrteen vrctorres and srx defeats wrth the Drstr ct Tournament strll to be played The team was elrmrnated rn the semr flnals of the County Tournament by Rrves The team was defeated by Rrves Woodland Mrlls and Gbron lt has beaten such teams as Cloverdale Mason Hall Troy South Fulton Martrn and Dresden The members of thrs year s squad had a ttghtrng sprrrt and a desrre to wrn that enabled them to wrn many games they could not have otherwrse won There are only three Senrors on thls years team Glover Grbbs and Walker BlLl.lE THWEATT A most valuable player rn the plvot posrtron Brllre has lead the team as htgh corer SUSAN SIMPSON Susan rs an excellent pa ser and can be depended upon even rn the trghtest game MARGARET McADOO A brrllrant and depe dable forward wrth a good eye for the basket Maggte has done her share rn all the games 32 r 7 O 's L l ' - I jk? olzffel' U' 6 ' s . -Y DOROTHY WAGSTER Dot 1S the most expenen d t rward on 'he sadaa and can do h part agamst the best guards MARY KELLY Mary alternates wtth Thweatt at th prvot spot and h r he ght and ab1l ty have made her a valuable as et to the squad IANE GLOVER lane was an outstandmg guard last year and IS lrvlna up to her reputatlon thls season MARTHA HARRIS Mot does mu h to WIP games wtth her steady garre and f1ght1ng sp1r1t REBECCA M O O R E Becky has not played much but can be counted n 9 on to loop IH potnts at all txmes ALVA NELLE TAYLOR Alva Nelle IS a very scrap py lrttle guard whose op ponents remember her a long tlme CARMEN BOTTS Car men though only m the n1nth grade shows every TftYl 0 WAQSTER U0 mdlcatton of becommg a future all star lANETTE CHERRY lan ette has proved her Worth 5, 'T ww? to the team th1s season as steady dependable ,fag guard under the basket .r:"' W1 Orrx MOM 5""p50" nvoo effer M J fm! A '47 LP6 Hwenr HARRIS CHER Y Q9f3f5f3'5Q"NQf3QQ!5QQQ.QQQQQAAQ QAAQQQQQf'NA'AQQQQfNQfNQQQQQQ 33 'NP if 'sl' 'Q - o T ' n , ' ce o L- o j 1 er 4 V ' ' e ' e i ' i C C E, f A , , YV . i A 1 2 Q 1 ' S,,i-ii all ,.XAu'g' X T 21' 'T ' V' ' Y x W 32514 G f A f ' ,gf t - 'Q y y , K1 yu' ' K , I . 1 ax, f M. A ' , K Lx A' 1 5 K- 'P ma we if 1 1 ,, gh!!! In 1-, .1 Rf . 0 ' --. ' ' T 1, f , , ,-, ,-v . -. ,,-.. ,-v- ,-. . -Y, .f .W ,V U,l'll0l" QI' 5 .SQLLCL Front Bow Betty McAdoo Faye Byer lane DIGTZQI lean May Floretta Iohubon Back Row Cathenne Todd Betty Io Fuller Mrldred Iohns Betty lean Tune Lrllxan Henson U,l'll0I" .?oy5 Front Row Hoyt Whrte Iarnes Neeley Bob Bryson Wrlham Waqster Hugh Bowden Iohn M1fCh611 Harry Vauqht Edward Caldwell Back Bow Brlly Dawdson H C Iohnson Gerald Garrlson Harry Hall Bob quxll Edgar Roy T F Wallace CCoachJ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQAAQQAAQQQQQAAQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 34 I O I ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 A ' '73 1 1 1 1 I 'A' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - " 1 - 1 1 1 1 rs . , . , . . . .Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 'B GCQQCQQGQQGGAAGQQQQC 'EGG 'E QAMCUL Front Row Susan Srrnpson Marqaret McAdoo Alva Nelle Taylor Dorothy Nell Waqster Martha Harrls Carmen Botts Grace D1etzel Kelly lane Glover Lena Mar Newsom Rebecca Moore Carolyn Srmpson WMCUL Front Bow Iames McAdoo Earl Wayn Kllllon Gola Mxtchell Hurley Kemp Gene McAdoo Foster Frazrer lohn Owens Back Bow Iohn lv1e Chandler loe Hamrlton Mark Mrtchell Chester Brunson Walter Phrllps Ben NOfT1d Ben Howard Bay Dunn hm McClure Gene Drerup QQQQQQQQQQQQQf2.Q,-'?fN,f5AQ 9939QQQQAAQQQQQQQQQQQAQQQQQQ 35 7 U I I u Back Row fMarqie Young, Nancy Wirt, lanette Cherry, Billie Thweatt, Mary ! I I u vQfN C 1 11 'iff ICF 5 '11 '- L1 X- A fi V 'D i-PL I jeu tlfLl"Qf5 AM YM. CLPHLUCI, M0811 joofgaf Queen at QII lfal 37 7 0 ' KQ K . ,Q- QQQQQQQQQZNKNKNQOf'NfNf'Nf'Nf'NfNf1fNf'NAZfNfNGKNQAQCQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QIBFS ADOO C11-OVC I ff 5, 'U GWS WO05LtY QCLIQ SAME? W mmf. vocalrst whose solo won the dectsron tn the Beta Cub Arnateur Contest MM lane Grhlo Most Popular lanaes McAdoo Best All Bound Most Popular Best Athlete lane Glover Best All Round B st Athlete Buddy Vrncent and Dons les sup Most 1n Love Hurley Kernp and Margaret Anderson Btqaest Flrrts Iames Arns and Rebecca Hall Most Studrous hmmy Hudqms and Emtly lane Woosley Most Courteous Most Loyal Ben Norrld and Ionnye OW ens Best Lookrnq QAAQQQQfNQQA'Al4AA'A.QfNfNf1lQQQfNf'XfNfNfN QQQQQQFNQQQQAAQQQKAQQQQ Queen ee Icnneye Ou-Jens Maids of Honor e Mary Frances Thornton, Rebecca Moore ?e5 Escort - Vernon Scott rowning e arnwa ueen f'X l"0LUI'llI'lg 0 goofgaf M2211 Queen lane Gibbs Escoris Capt la s McAao Alt Papt Earl W Killi n Ben Norrid QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQZAQQAAQQQQQKAQQ 39 315 as L6 - r Maids of Honor e- Alva Nelle Taylor, Carolyn Simpson f'xfNfxfNf'xfNfNfKfNfNfNfNfNfNfxfNfNfNfxfxhfxfxefsfNfxfNfHfNzNfxfNfNfNfNfNfNfNf'xrxfNQfNfN fl QI? 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