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 - Class of 1940

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Union City High School - Tornado Yearbook (Union City, TN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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.,,. I ff? A x',' ' 4 SQ . S A Q - , ra Eilf' . 5 xx X R' -x f , , 'v 1 ., . T4 ug-' vm- 1 M, M ,www-Q, 1 ,V - V w,f:,..w""'.-'. A . , ., . . , f ' ' u . 1 Ei' + ' , W O 1 ,- A Q . A - -6' ' :L 2, 'V - Y .- x -, ' 1- "Wg, ' .T-S! -:-1 -. . A .' ' .--e' r ,- - . ' .' ' f- .:.4.v' X x 4 . . , . -. I 1.5, -' ,, ,A . , 9-- K ., , Q L -5 ,, 4 .5 A .Q ' ,W 1 Q V , , - -Q 111111111 XXXXXXXXS' 3 4 .1- F 4 Tc e11aple ihcse wiia filifi 'he yzqes of this back to carch a alirrggise 151 U:11a11 City lliqh School life 11s 12 '.',' as Extva 111 l939f-40, aria Ia keep 11 ar1 ever refresh ina :memory is the a1111 cf The stall fri the HTCRNADOH. As we carupleie the last of twelve lqllil years spent in the pursuit al kriawledae, we realize that these years of prepara- 1ia11 will always be TOIIlQIIilJQTQCl hy 11:3 as the happiest of our lives. Far some xhese years have held sorrow, fer others, hap piriessq some of us have failed it gzass the 11'11tial tests aria s.:1:1e havf- tea Qhe fruits cr success all han' t flif par1i11q ci the ways. New as Seuif re 1111 11g1111:.1 1 page 111 the 1:35:21 'il lite still s1r3'.'1r11 1' excel, ana earr esiy h ge 'hzt 111a',' 1 21: 1 'fin l'LT11'- 115 ., 1! least, as 1 schcal life. ln consideration of the respect and qratitude that the class has for him, and as an honor due hirn for his invaluable contributions toward makinq Union City Hiqh School a better school, we, the class of l94O, do dedicate the "TOR- NADO" lor nineteen hundred and forty to our Superintendent, Mr. T. D. Ozment. oNr nit smut y uiinliuzliiiilis AltlllllEE llAlUlllE C. W. MILES IH. Chairman of Union Coun y Board of Education T D OZMENT of City Schools C W THOMASSCN Principal of Senior l-liqh School O Superintendent PRGPHESY SENICDES IUNIGRS S0131-IGMGEES EEESHWIEN SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTI-I CNEADE CALENDAR WILL EEHUUL FACULTY T F WALLACE A M nstructor tn Physrcal Sct nces and Mathematxcs Athletlc Coach Iumor I-hqh Prrncrpal B A M A Unlversrty of M15 stssxppr NELLE BOND B A M A Instructor rn French and Enqhsh B A Umversxty of Tennesse M A Peabody Colleqe MARTHA ELLEN FUTRELL Instructor rn Iunror I-Ixqh I-hstory B A Vcmderb11tUn1vers1tv DOROTHY BARTON Instructor rn Home Economics B S Umverstty of Tennessee 6 R G NILSON Drrec or of Ath etlcs Instructrr IF rv cs and Geoa aolcw Ctr s asket all coa h Assrstar lor I-Iroh Prmcrpal B S Me rplus State Teach rs C A CASH B Mus Ed Duector of Musrc Bachelor of Musrc Eolucatron Murrav State Teachers Coll 1 KATIE LEE THOMPSON S 1n Lllualran B S State Teachers College Mudreesboro B S IH L S ea fody College SARA SPRADLIN Instructor ID I-llstory and Enqllsh B A Randolph Macon College TORNADO B. ., . A. Bs. 1 ' ' 'e T V I I ' , . .I ' ' ' I' . I E 1 ' Cnr 'A me ' finllgltiazl A h " ' K 25 fx. B-A Bas., B. 9 L.s. tl I f . . ' . ., P B.s. B.A. 9 OTTO NI-IIIE B Ed Instructor rn Iunxor I-Ixqh Nathe rnatrcs B Ed Western Illmors State Teachers Colleqe MRS C W TI-IOMASSON B Ed Instructor rn Enqlrsh and Scrence B Ed Southern Illxnors Normal Umversrty PEARL MILAM Instructor tn Iumor I-Irqh Enqlxsh MRS EWAN WILEY Secretary Drplomo U C H S FACULTY SAM M CHAMBERS Instructor 1n Broloqxcal Scrences :md Iunror Hlgh Health B S West Tenn State Teachers College CHRISTINE IOI-INSTON Instructor rn Commercxal Arts Colleqe VERA RAY B S M A Instructor rn Mathematrcs George Peabody College M A Columbra Umverstty NIELDA CROSTHWAITE Instructor tn Latm B S Memphts State Teachers College 40 7 . . B. S. V - B.A. -I ' ' D B, A., Murray State Teachers B. S., I : , B. S. HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING " x CENTRAL SCHOOL AND GYMNASIUM 8 SENICDR CLASS PROPHECY SENIOR CLASS THOMAS NTELD "High ideals are a part of his noble Character." Vresidf-nt. 4, I-'uuthull team. 2. Il. 4: Husky-tlnall leum. 2, fl. 4: Alternate-l'a1itain liitskellmll. 4: l'. t'. l'lulr. 2, 3. 41 Set'- retnry. 3: Hi-Y l'luIi, 4: Mixed Vlmrus. 41Stu1lr-nt Uount-il. 4. BILLY ROBERTS Where is my wandering boy tonight? At home burning the mid-night light." Sm rt-1:1l'y-'l'rv-:tstira-r. 4: liuliit vluh, ii. Hu-Y Vluh. Cl, 4. Presi- fh-nt, 4. Mixed 4'hnru:4. 4: Yiw- I'rw-sinlt-lit. 4: llunxl. 3. Il. 4. Yiwu' l'r1-side-nl. I. ANDREW ADAMS "Do your best and let the other fellows worry." l-'mmthull squad. Z. 24: team. I: l'. 1'. Vluli, 4: "'l'urn:ttIu" Sl:ul'l'. 4. BETTY BELL "Tis a wise head that keep- eth a still tongue." Yuledit-tnrizing President, 2. fl: livin t'luh. Il, 4: President, 4: Shurlhund l'luli, 4: liz-llin Club, 11. 8, 4: Student Uount-il. 21. Ii: "'I'm-imdtf' Staff. Zi, 4: "'l'nrnn- do Flashes" Stuff. Il: St-hol:il'- sh1pMe-dnl. 15. fl. IOHN BYRN "He can always be depend- ed upon." llztml. 2. 32. 4: l'l'e-sith-nl. 11. DOROTHY CARNEY "A charming friend, OS dear as she is charming." lllw- t'lub. 151 Swninr 1'nrniv.tl Qu.-mi. 4. I-'mithztll Que.-n, 4: Whnfs XK'ho: Mwst l'npul:nr, 4, "'l'urn:uiu" Stuff. 4: Slixiwlmre ry Fvslivul Maul. 4. Mixvl l'li-irus 4. IIMMY CARUTHERS "Know thy stuff and be able to strut it." Fimtlnill. l. 2. Il. 4. l'. V. 4'lul-. I 1, It, l'u-wlllul' "'l'm'ri.i1lv". I . .-10LL STACY HARRIS "She seldom speaks, but others pause to listen when she is heard." Sulutamrinn: Yin- Vresidem. 4: Set-re-tary 'l'n-iisurer. 3: Ime- ketlnall ls-uni. l. LJ. 3. 4: Vu- Viimain. 4: Iiistrir-t All-Stair. :tg Girls' I'. V. l'luli. R. 4: Frenvh 4'luh. fl. 4. Pre-side-nl, Il, 4: Home I-Iv. 4'luli. Sl, 4: l're:4itlt-nl. 4. Lutln t'luh. Cl: NVhu's XVhu: lie-st .Xll-ltuuml and Must Loy- zil. 4, He-sl Girl .Xlhln-tr. 2. 3. 4: lmfwlultii' "'l'm'rm4I-n". 4: Slutlvnl Unlim-il. Il. 4 NANCY ABBOTT "She is as charming as the gold of her hair." Vive Pri-sixlt-nl. 1, 2. Il: liinskvl- hull lvulll. I. 2. 3. 4: Alterman- Uziptuin, Il: l':tm:iin. 4: Uuunty All-Stair, II. Ill lliSIl'it't All-Sl A". 4: Alhlvtix- Mwlnl. 3, 4,1 Latin Vluh. fl. 4: President, Il: Hunn- E.-, 4'luIn. Il: Student Vuum-il. 15. 75.3 "'l'ornzulo Flashes" Stuff. 4: "'l'urlmt1o" Stuff. 4 LUZANE BASSETT "Good nature is one of her admirable traits." Hit-klnun High St-lmuli Hilvlv Uluh. 1: Music' t' uh. I: tiles Ululr. li Hume Er, l'lul:, 12 l'niun Pity High Sr-html: Shrim- hztml l'luh. 4: Mixed Uhurus. 4. GERALDINE BOWDEN "Never idle, never still, al- ways talking, talk she will." Shurthamtl Vlulr. 4: Glee Club. :lp Horne E1-. Club. 3. 4: Mixed Chorus, 4. OTIS CARMICHAEL "A hard worker, and one who minds his own busif ness." 4-H Vlulu. 253 Uliinn County Ynulh Umirnlil. 4: tlt'!'ir'f- :assis- lum. Zi. 4. THOMAS CARNEY "Ambition killed Caesar,- but l'll try il." ROBERT OWEN CHANDLER "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may have a test." 4'll 1'llll1. 1. I. Ji. 4, Mix.-tl Vlmrus 4: Whnfs XVhw ltiggt-,t l"llIl 4. "'I'--inn-In l-'I.wh4-s", 4. TORNADO 9 SENIOR CLASS DOROTHY Cl-IILES "A true friend indeed." Gln- 1'lub. 3: Home Er, Club. 4. Sevrf-tary. 4. MAX COUNCIL "Measure not his worth by his height." l-'tmtball Manager. 4: l'. 41 l'lub. 4, "'l'urnadu" Staff, 4. MILDRED CURD "A live wireg she's simply shocking." Latin 4'lub. 3. 4: President. -I: Home Ht-. Club. 3: Mixed Uhnr- us, 4: Vheer Leader. 4. CHARLES DAVISON "A real booster." T. I. EASTERWOOD "When duty interferes with pleasure, thrust duty aside." l-'uuthall squad. 1. 2: team. 3. 4: U. t'. Ulub. 3. 4: "Tornado" Staff. 4. MARIORIE FUOUA "My books are always ag leisure, for they are never engaged." Basketball team. 1. 2, 3: man- ager. 4: Glee Club, 4. Secre- tary-treasurer. 4: Vive Presi- dent. 4: U. C. Club. 1. 2. 3. 43 "'l'urnaulo Flashes." 1. 4. BARKER HARRISON "Full of mischief and fun." Football squad. 1. 3. 4: "Tor- nado" Staff. 4. TED CLYMER "A good line of bull backed by a little information goes a long way." ltuxing. 4. DORIS CUNNINGI-IAM "To strive, to seek, to find, but not to yield." Hume l-It-. Vlub. 2: "Turnadu Staff. 4. MILTON CURD "l.,ikeable, full of fun, yet as- suming a certain dignity." secretary, l: Student tmunvil. 3: Latin t'lub, 2: Hi-Y t'lub. .L 4: Secretary. 4: Mixed Chorus. 4: t'Tornado" Staff. 41 "TOY- nado Flashes", 4: Band. 25, 3, 4. IACK DRERUP "Tomorrow may never come, so today have your fun. Football squad. 3. 41 Basket- ball squad, 3: lloxing team. 3. 4: Hi-Y t'!ub, 4: Frenvh Club. 1. 4: Latin t'lub. 3: Mixed Chur- us. 4: Editor "Tornado Flash- es. 4: Asst. Business Manager "'l'nrnadn Flashes", 32 Vilm- pfiign Manager, 4. DOROTHY FUOUA "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Latin t'lub. 3. 4: Band. 4: Home Er. Club. 3. GENE GUILI. "Studies never bother him." Basketball squad. l. 2. 3. Latin Vluh, 2. 3: Hi-Y Ulub, 3, 4: Band. 1. 2. 3, 4. DORRIS HENDRICKS "He was born to love." Football team. 3. 4: Basketball squad. 3: l'. t'. f'lub, 3. -ig Shorthand f'luh. 4. f ...11... SENIOR CLASS SARA LEE HERMAN "A beautiful girl, with beau' tiful ways." Shorthand t'luls. 4: Latin Club. 4: Hmne- I-Iv Uiuh, :lg "Miss Ubi-in 1'mxnIp'." 4. W. M. HUDSON "IKEY" "Little in size, but loud in ways." 'l're-nsun-r. 1: Fmnlimll squad. fi. 4: llmmuzvr. Zi: Bzwkvtlmll squad 13. Si: Ilan-xketlmll team. 4: l'. 1'. Uluh. R, 4: "Turnzv min" Stuff, Ii. -I. MONTEZ HURT "And still the merry maid- en chatters on." I-'rem-h Club, 3. 4: liep.+rlvr. 1: "'l'nrnzulu" Stuff. 4. MARY ISBELL "Always willing to do her part." I-'rem-h t'luh. 24. 4: Rumi, 3. 4: Hive Vinh. 4. MARY LOU IOYNER "Slim and rather tall, bu! a friend to all." Ilmne l-Iv. Uluh, IZ: Shorthand Vlulw. 4. TOM LATIMER "A swell guy if there ever was one." I-'-iulhull. 1 2. Ii. 4: Unpluill. 'L 4. liuska-llmil. l. U. Ii. 4: Vap- Iznm. 11. 4: 4'lIllUlX All Slzar, I 4. llislrul .XIlfSl:nr. SZ. 4. MARY MACOM "Gentlemen prefer blends." . . .. . . Ilinm- ht- 4 lub. 4, hh..nih.ini 1'luIi 4. GEORGE HOLMAN "He dwells in a region of silence." 4-H Vluin. 1, 2. Zi. 4: Assist- unl l.ezuif-r, l. 2. 3. 4: Presi- fh-nl, 1. 2. 4. H!-ion Uuunlv Yuulh Vnuni-il. 4. MAXCYNE HURT "She greets the world with a smile." llurmr Slunh-ul: Ifrn-nr-h Vinh, It. 4: Sn--'rn-l:u'3-'I'l'1-nslirvr. 4: ll-mm H4-. Vlnlf. IC. Iiznul, 'L 4: H1-purla-l', 4. "'I'm'n:ulu" Stuff. 4, GLADYS ISBELL "A friend to all." Huskelimll squad. I: Home IC-' Vluh, ZZ: I-'rvnvh Vluh, Zi. xl Shnrihzind Vluh, 4. MARTHA AGNES IOYNER "Best way to have a friend is to be one." Home I-Iv. 4'iuh. Zi: Slwrthuni l'luh, 4. DOROTHY LATIMER "A tiny little girl with a great big smile." N'mnlinn4l Mills Ss-html: liuskc-I' lmli squad. 1: Vniun l'ily High Sn-howl: lizssks-limi! squad, 2, 4: 4-H t'luh, 2. 3. 4: Sm-relnry. 41 I-'rs-nf-h l'luh. 22. 4: llmnr- I-I.. Vinh. 4. . CLAUDE LOVELACE "He lives for fun," Ifmillmll squml. 1: IQ-nln. 'L f. l' 4' 1'luh. II. 4. I.nlin 1'lul-. Il. Mlm-ii 4'hnrus. I. "'l'nrn.i- ilu" Fluff. 4: linlul. 2. IOHN MARSHALL "His words are few and far between." Liiwrly Mn' itziska-llmll squzui. 2, fi: 'Fm-k. 2, fig l'niun Pup High S-h-ml' lftmll-:ill squzui TORNADO SENIOR CLASS BILL MCCLURE "Quite worthy of all the praise we can give him." I-'oollmll squafl. I: warn. 2. Zi. 4: Altvrnatf- Vaptain. II. 4: Shriru- All Star. 4: llaeske-llvall squad. I: ts-am, 2. 2. 4: Al- tf-rnulv Paplain, Il. 4: Voumy All Star. 3: l'. V. Vlub, 2. TZ. 4: Vive-1'resifIent. 3: Whois XVho: lk-St All Round. fl. -lg M-,Si l'f-nular. 4. NELL MORSON "Not a flower, not a pearly just a noble all round girl." Slmh-nl l'oum'il. 4: Hmm' Fl". :Ig Vi'-1'-l'rf-sidrfnt. R1 Glec' Vlulv. fl. l: l.:ilin t'lul1. fi. 41 Ha:4kf-l- lmll Maid, Il: Strawberry Festi- val Que-f-n, 4: Hand. 4: Serrela- rl'. 4: "'I'orna4In Flash!-s." 2. 4. IOE POWELL "Tall and rather slim, wor- ries never bother him." llaske-llmall squad. l. 2: tr-ani, 25, 4: Football squad. 1, 2. I1 lr-am. 4: l'. l'. Vfulv. fi. 41 Ram kvtlmll manaxrer. Il: XVho's XVho' ltesl Looking. 3. 4: Most Vonveited. P: "Tornado" Staff. 3. 4: "Tornado Flashes." 3. IAMES PRUETT "As years pass he'll doubt- less grow tamer." Hi-Y t'luli. 3. 4: 44H Fluh, 4: Hand, l. 2. 2. 4: Reporter, fl: Treasurer. 4: Mixed Vhorus. 4: "Tornado" Staff. 3: "Torna- do P'lHShf'S" Stuff. 4, MILTON RHODES "I awoke one morning and found myself famous." Mixed Vhorus. 4: Hand, ZZ. offic-P assistant. 2. 3, 4, ERNEST RING , "Books are for looks, not for study." Football squad. 2 Il: Mixed Vhorus. 4. IOSEPH ROBERTS "A bottle of gin, and a big grin, that's loe." HOWARD MILLER "As loud and rough as they make them." Football wquad. 3, Zig main, 43 Haskell-all If-am. ZZ, 4: l'. C. Vllili, Il. 4. MARY ELIZABETH MOSIER "Fun, wit, jokes, boys, for- get-me-not." 4-ll t'lulr. Ii: lieporlo-r, SI: llanil, Sponsor. 4: Latin 4'luln. Il: llonw lir. l'fuIn, Il: Him- l'luh, 4. DOROTHY ANN POWERS "Pretty to walk with, witty to talk with." til:-0 1'luIn. 24. 4: lfootlnall Mail. 2, il. 4: Varnival Maid. 3: llrum Major. il, 4: "Miss Vniun 1'i1y." :tg Vheer I.:-ader. 75: NYho's XVhot Best Imnkiml- 3. 41 Most l'on4-eiterl, il: "Torna- do" Staff. 3. 4' "Tornado Washes." 3. MILTON RATLIFF "Nealness is his goal." LORRAINE RICHEY "Everyone talks so much nowdays, it is a pleasure to find one so quiet." MARY RING "She keeps her thoughts to herself." Home Ev Vluh. 3: Frenrh t'lulp, 3. 4: Shorthand Club, 4. MARION ROBERTS "lt's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." Home Er-. t7.ub. 4: Shorthand Club. 4: Mixed Chorus. 4, 940 '-13d SENIOR CLASS BILL ROPER "Actions speak louder than words." Fumlmll sclliml. 2. 3. 4: Trai-k squad. 2: Mix:-d Vhurus. 4: Sf-1-rf-mr5'. 4: Vnpluln Sufeliv' Pulrnl. X: "Tornado" Stuff, 4. FRANCES SCOTT "Where others falter, still she journeys on,- Where others yield to night she hopes for dawn." llunur Student: lk-tu Vluh, 3. 4: Vim--l'r1-siflvnt. 4: "Tornado Flasllf-S" Staff 4: Ulnun Poun- ly Ymilh Forint-nl, 4. LAN DIS IO SELLERS "Flip, flop, when she sees a boy she can't stop." Home lin-. Club. 3: Glee Club. 4. IMOGENE THOMASSON "Service with a smile." llaskelhall team. I, 2. 3. 43 cwmlnin. 4: llistrivt All-Smr, 'iz V, P, 1'lulu. 3. 4: Shm'th:m.l t'luh. 4: Reporter. 4: Frunl-h Vluh, Zi. 4: President. 3. MARY FRANCES WRIGHT "She enjoys life to the ful- lest." Kenton High Srhmml: 1. Vnicm Pity Hixrh S1-html: Glml Pluly. 3: Shorthand Vlulu, I: Presl- dent, 4. VIRGINIA SCATES "Move on small man, don't bother me." Home I-Ir, 1'Iul., 4: Vit-P-l'rs-si- do-nl. 4: files- Vluh. 3. 4. FrPhf:h Vlulv. R: "Turnadu Flashes" Staff. -I. MARY SCOTT "And she did with a cheere ful will what others talked of while they were still." Honor Student: lima Vluh. 3. 4: Sf-4-rotary-Trensurer. 4: t"l'ur- nude!" Staff. 4: :"T1vrrm1l-I Flashes" Staff. 2: I'1-nnmnshll' Ale-dal. ff: Uhlun County Youth Vnun--Il, -I. DOROTHY SUGG "Silence is golden." Shorthand Vluh. 4. GLADYS WILSON "She is ever loyal and true." lilev Pluh. 3: Hume Ev. Club. 3. MARYO ZIMMERMAN "A personality such as hers is rarely equaledf' Mixed Chorus. 4: Shorthand Uluh. 4: Vivo President. 4: Hand, l. 2. Il. 4: Sevretary- 'l'rt-insurer. CI: Reporter. 3: Sen- ior Play, SENIORS WHO WERE NOT APPLICANTS FOR GRADUATION ROBERT HARRISON VERNON SCO'I'I' HAL SEMONES --14...v TORNADO 9 ,. ...J . H- -,.f,,N-.-,V N- UOOSLI.. SI r III-ff.fY HUDGINS IwY1'I6'I:IESI'j9ITI ES MCADOO Setretcryfrec '.'-'II.I.fA AOAMS f'.3.::.CE':'fQ BRO'-'-'N MARY CATHERINE OARUTHERS Y UOOK IAA: . I-IA IAN: CRARREL ELIZABETH ELLIOT EMILY FIELDS REBECCA HALL IULIAN HALL MARGARET HENDRICKS VIRGINIA HOGAN HURLEY KEMP EARL WAYNE KILLION PHIL MORSON GEN E McA DOO IUANITA MCKNIGHT IONNYE OUVENS G. VV. RAY IOSEPH REEKS EDNA WALKER ROY CARY '.'.'EHMAN IUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES: Ollie Sue Burnett, Bok: Crutclfmfie-Id, Sum Guy, ChcrIes I-IGII, Leucrd Hogan, Martha McDaniel, EcxrI Overton, Iessie Smith, Edwm Tune, Fmderick VViIIic1ms. 4 U IUNIOR CLASS IOHN IVY CHANDLER SUE CO' E NEZZIE CURRY ALLINE DYER HOWARD EORRESTER IANE GLOVER BERTHA HATLEY IACK HAZELRIGG ' ROBERTA HOWARD KATHERINE IENKINS MARGARET MARTIN MARK MITCHELL JAMES IACKSON AURELIA MCGUIRE VIRGINIA PIERCE RENA PRUITT NAIDEEN SHEFFER 'NAYMAN SMITH MARGARET ANN YOUNGBLOOD MILDRED BRYSON EE15E SOPHOMORE CLASS EEN HOWARD President PEN NORRID VicefPresident CHESTER BRUNSON Secretory IAMES AMS IJIIRIE BELL FILL BENNETT JIM PAYE BOARD GENEVIEVE BRUSH MARIE RURCHAM PETE CAMPBELL RICHARD CARMICHAEL IAMES CLARK EETTY COCKRILL HAZEL GRACE CONRADI GERLEEN DAVIS GRACE DIETZEL COBLE GARRETT ICHN GARRETT FRED GRAHAM MARIE GREENWELL BOBBY GUILL KITTY HALTER IOE HAMILTON IOE HARPOLE FLOYD HICKS LAURA LEE HOLMAN VIRGINIA LEE HOLMAN CHARLOTTE HUDGINS RENNA IOYNER BILL KELLY IAMES KILLION STEWART LEE HELEN LUTEN TOMMY MEADOW MOUZON MOORE CATHERINE MOSS IOI-IN OWENS WALTER PHILLIPS KATHERINE PIERCE MILDRED ROBERTS VILRGINIA ROPER SUSAN SIMPSON ALVA NELL TAYLOR . GEORGE TOWNSLEY DOROTHY UPCHURCH DOROTHY NELL WAGSTER TOMMY WITHERINGTON MARY VIRGINIA WOODS SOPHOMORES WITHOUT PICTURES: Tcncil Dcrun, Charles Drewry, Curtis Drewry, BIII FuIIer, Alice Hamilton, B1IIv Hamilton, Edward Hudson, Doris Iessup, Audrey Lynn, Iohn McFadden, Genevieve Porter, Elois Smith, Ruddy Vin- :ent, Chester VI'riqht, - I6 - TORNADO 9 FRESI-IMAN CLASS EDWARD YOUNGBLOOD President REBECCA MOORE ,, ,J Vice-President FOSTER FRAZIER Secretary-Treasurer IOHN BELL ERIS BROWN BERRY RICHARD BOX EUNICE BRYSON EDWARD CALDVJELL IANETTE CHERRY MARTHA FRANCES COOK SARA ANN CRABTREE SARAH CUNNINGHAM VIRGINIA DAERDA MARY DUNCAN BILLY EASLY IAMES EASLY GERALD GARRISON JULIA GREER MARTHA HARRIS BEN WYLEY HATLEY LOUISE HORNER MILDRED HURT GLORIA IOHNSON BILL KALLENBURG MARY KELLY GERALDINE KILLION DOROTHY LUMSDEN LOWELI.. LYNN MARGARET MCADOO ADELYNE MCCLURE IIMMY MCCLURE GENE MOORE MARY ELLEN PIERCE CAROLYN SIMPSON DOROTHY SIMPSON BILLIE THWEATT MARY MA YO WAKEFIELD ELEANOR WELL NANCY WIRT MARGIE YOUNG GENE DRERUP BOBBY BRYSON FRESHMEN WITHOUT PICTURES Howard Burchett Iam s Parten Charles Herman Frank Hays H ner Howard Naprr Edqar Ray Herbert Sellers lack Sutherland Howard Weaver Norwood Young VIIQIHIG Allen Helen Dowell Fanny Io Grlffm Bonme Ruth Iuton Edna Earl Lynn Nora Moore Martha F Posy Mary Frances Summers V1rq1e Walker Catherme Autry It-A A I f 2 . 9 1 V . - C. Iohnson, George Maley, Orville Maley, Frank May, Iimmy Mil- 5 4 0 - 17 -- SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADES SEVENTH GRADE Pixy Byer Rresiaerit Rcbert Thomas M:Huqh Vice-Presaeit Ralph Marcus Seareiary-Treasphe. Mr. Otto White - Spansax E GHTH GRADE BJ hy WICAnuhy S 'ffl DCEPQ M f' " A S Ream N C TQRNADO , NH. Y ' , ,gy V I Y . . Y 1 I E ff! , . S1 T '.V1111c1:1. Vhxcgeter Jlfwr .-"Jil-fi-..' A .. '-,.A.,,,..'r,,-,... - X I f Cfxyjggji D':,.:-W..I-Us-,.-,...c. T Ls ' hlarii SPUTSCA . I ' T1 Ffh If .jjjg A P1 SENIQR CLASQ WL ,.4 1 LJ M Ulllllllllllllll The Tornado Stall Tornado Flashes Bela Club l-ll Y Club Latm Club 4 l-l Club Le Peru Cerole Franoals G1rls Glee Club Mlxed Chorus Band Home EC Club Shorthand Club Le Cerole Francais TORNADG STAFF 'WZ Irrnmy Caru hers Stacy Hams Max Councll Mr C W Thomasson Betty Bell Maxcyne Hurt Done Cunmrxqham Brll Roper T I Easterwood Barker Harnson Claude Lovelace Mary Isbell Montez Hurt Nancy Abbott Dorothy Am Powers lkey Hudsoh Dorothy Car ICQ g Mary Scott 1 Andrew Adams H Ed tors Advertrsmq Manager Faculty Advlsor Edxtorxal Staff Art Staff Adverusmq Staff Typrsts Photoqrapher TORNADO I ' 'I 'K' A , I K ,, Y 1,14 2 , , ' ' iii f M A ' X Q- ff- gl' , MW' L? f f 1 1 ' ,f .1 ttf M, N, 4 I ,- e I , 9. ' :, 1 A cs lf M t il ,A ' Q it A P 3155 . ,XLR . J ',., 1, p : 4 i .V 4 A 9 TCDRNADCD FLASI-IES ',,, STAFF All the News that s ht to Pnnt Ed1tor 1n Chtet Iaclc Drerup Assrstant Edltor Irrnrny Hudgms Bustness Manager larnes Pruett ASS1SlGUl Busrness Manager Ben Howard Adveruslng Manager Robert Chandler News Ed1lOIS Socrety Edltor Exchange Edltor Stmky Bobo Aunt Prunella guess What? Faculty AdV1SOI Margaret Ann Youngblood M1lton Curd C Nelle Morson Nancy Abbott V1rg1n1a Scates MarJor1e Fuqua Vernon Scott W Thomasson Sports Editor o , , , Bill Roper ' Mr. . . 4 0 -23- F ETB? 381:11 amen me 'E' qw New The Beta Club In the begmnmg of the school semester the Beta Club had rts m1ttat1on banquet durmq which thrrteen members were pledged to the club Monthly meetmgs were held at whxch educattonal programs selected from those turnxshed by the Natxonal headquarters were presented and soclal actxvltles were enyoyed I the course of tlme the club made money by sellmg trclcets to the motron prcture Stanley and Lrvrngsron collectmg coat hangers selllng candy at football games and frndmq homes for basketball boys durmq the dls trxct tournament The c ub used the money earned by tlese a t1v1t1es to attend the stae convention at Nash I 1 5 Batty Be Presxdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Xpcls r C W Thomasson Frances Scott llary qcctt 24 B1lly Roberts Ixmmy Hudatns Mrlton Curd Gene Gurll C W Thomasson THE BETA CLUB Mar aret Anr Youna lcseph Reeks En 1 y lane Nooslex N' rk Mltchell Dorothy Upchurch Ben Howard loe Ham1lton Susan Stmpson Bc' by Gurll Tommy Meadow Brlly Bennett Mlldred Roberts Katl erme Pterce Rena Joyner Alva Nelle Taylor Genevleve Brush Marle Burcham Mllton Curd Hl Y CLUB Iarnes Pruett lack Drerup Thomas N1eld Mark Mnchell Howard Forrester Ben Howard loe l-larpole Foster Frazxer H C lohnson Bobby Gulll Y Club Pres1dent V1ce Prestdent Secretary Treasurer Sponsor TORNADO 3 t ' . - ' 'T xwl ' ' - , ra ' t NAA I . x ' ' 'A ,xi r' .- . ' . w , ,,w4Q,. 1' ., 4, , --v, ' 4 W cm-,, T .. Xi I - ,' : V ' K f ' J. E B : 5 .. f ,cg K i . 4 A if A " -'W may ,,,- .rr ,W , 3 l . M., U A ,we M f . - 4 UP' ' Q rv f.,,, AQ, , , H' . l .1 c' ' . ' t ' , - ville. Tlnerf- an- nr --5-f-rt 'r ern! ffl ' tr. tltt cilul- . lf ' V C - 4 S ,r C . . MEMBERD ROMAN!-X RES PUBLICA Nancy Abbott Betty Bell Mrldred Curd Nezzre Curry Dorothy Fuqua Sara Lee Herman Marflaret Martln lonnye Owens loseph Reeks Nardeen Shelter Marqaret Ann Younqblood 'VIEMBERD 4 H CLUB Edward Caldwell Robert O Chandler Vrrqrnra Daerda Martha Danlels Elrzabeth Ell1ott Ance Harnrlton Laura Lee Holman Robert W Holman Margaret Hendrrcks Stuart Lee Vxrqlnra Clarre Moss Annre Mar St1nson Carlton Strnson it 'PF' rwm Romana Res Publlca 4 H Club Motto Esse quam vrderr Flower Red rose Colors Red and Vlfhrte Sponsor Melda Crosthwarte 940 25 eorae Holman arolyn Brown Dorothy Latrrner Wrlma Adams Grrls Leader Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Reporter Mrs R C Brown 1.2.1 3. '37 xx . ' like-,'f'l. L 'A 'l W ' B K, 4 . :si Q Nell Morson X ' , UW A f. I ' x 1, . a,,2rkL31 G t . ,. . , xi fs , . D , Le Cercle Franca1s Presrdent Stacy Harrrs Vxce- Pres Marlone Fuqua Secretary Treas Maxcyne Hurt Reporter Montez Hur Sponsor Nelle Bond Motto Mreux vau saqesse que nchesse Colors Orclnd and Pmk Flower P1nk Roses MEMBERS Frrst Row Gladys Isbell MarJor1e Fuqua Mary Rrnq Dorothy Laumer Imogene Thomasson Montez Hurt Second Row Stacy Harrls Mary lsbell Nelle Bond Maxcyne Hurt asf Le Pet1t Cercle Francals Presrdent Emtly lane Woosley Motto Voulolr c est pouvotr Vrce Presrdent Ioseph Reeks Colors Prnk and Srlver Secretary Treasurer Rebecca Hall Flower Fleur de 11s Sponsor Nelle Bond MEMBERS Frrst Row Second Row Edna Erle Walker Erntly I Woosley Rebecca Hall Margaret Martln Fredenc Wrlltams Martha I Crabtree lack Drerup Na1deen She-ffer VIIQIDIG Hoqan loseph Reeks Nelle Bond Our club has the dxstrnctron ot bavmq one ot tts members Rebecca Hall wtn thrrd place rn the trrst year cornpetttron at tne Frelunmary French Tou na ment May ll atNashv1lle 26 TORNADO i ' E- ' 1 Le Cf4Yt'lc Ff5M?5'45 'U f VernonScott Vffa 3 .4 ,rx 5+ xf 'LQ 4 Q: Q 5 ' Q xi ." ,yy I.. V, , v J' "' 1' L - Girls Glee Club w . 41- llf- fi V D.reC.,r Alert ,ash 'll :..,. Lg. .. ,...p.. 1',,,.. fatzexrle jifllfhi-YS fatzergze floss, Kgtj: Hager .-lilfiv' ls:e.l ,, H - Y - . V - l.ll.1,ea ,girls l..af:I1e raaua. Ezttzrr. Fav: lei to rgahtz fzris fessup Qzrgtiy 'jggchurth Geral- axle Zavzs lflralrlga Sfates l..1l- Aloa -.,s,.l llezeoia Hall Sana 'ffalkef Liglse l'71C?ley. Mlxeol Chorus Drre lor Allen Cash rn e o ur e Lfeae ry ue's..r'1e' V, B1 e Owe Cmoe laclc Dr rox 'W s ed lflrlt ru h es rer Ro ert l-lo IIS n Thrrd R w er e 'Rr IG 1 s el' llc v P za elh e JI1 red f' 'N e l n 'ly Por S oem o om Row el t hes Kerr Martha F anfes on rflarrom Qoberts .me rhalncs Von, me l-lol P er .2 lertc Howcrri l Ser ers lJl'1I'r:- rt lflardcre Uer rrcxs m 'r fl r Umon Clty l-hoh School Bond Drrector Allen Cash rf1P ues cms ' If rzo e"'1 se l C' 1. , . lag, Few, lefr V, flfjlifj llxlfzrr Card, HV.-J'rr'i Forester Epflliil Prufu, Seocrrzi Row, l ft I rraht: Cla' :ll o' I C-, Bll' Reber., 'fa l ,sl Rrf, 'lly Ropx, Ploherz ' on Ch l 'l-r, ' le ' Tho.. a Nr l , l 'lo Rnod- , lohrz Nagi- , , l as . r c . ' o , lelt to rrqhtz Mrs. La Noll Mouse, rlz tg Dorothy Cam ', J ri :lr bull lllosior, T ld oura, fell- lfforso , Dor- otl' Arm "Jer Dorothy Luxis- B tts ' , lof o rlahtz Fran- L . L , l r ,l Cool, ' .. , ,'.'Jl,.", A all. Q, olly K, s.r, Ro- ll lr f,,o filled HU, 1 f' J ...rd 'l , lfary fl. Z in - Klan. . . . Zur: f..a':r Dorothy P. .. o' -r Sp or .fa Q El bell Mo lor Frist l'?f,'.'l, lelt to right: Dorothy .lun Powers, Gene Quill, Hugh Bowden, Dudley Reaciencur, H. C fchnsox, Szrothy Fuqua, Zawya H a on luhe "grae, Erll E-errno., D 1 fo p, Mrlton C" Foy '.'.'ehrTla:, lfarj: O. Zrririerrian, Lfary Duncan, 'lo :thy Lui: 'i rx, Mary l h th Mosig. Second Pow, left to rxahtz Allan Cash, Erll Kelly, Mary fs:Le.l Negle lflzrso , Hiyt '.'fP.gte, Fay l.ferr1:k,Sar: Guy foe Hargizle, E2ll:.'E1IiQYfS frztirrly Huagins. Third 3:2-J, Qe:t to rrarltz Hon-:ara Fgrrester for.: Eyrn Er.l Kallerzpera Carherl ., B Qvmlow, larflnxi. Clark, I-Lrrzerz Sellers Fred Greahartr farrzes Kzllron lffaxcjn' Hur! Ce . hruerr, Q. l j lolirrzr' T, . 4 O -27 - 9 Q 'l' rr , lv ecrdows .1 s .ve 1 eu ors essu E120 e U JI S6 ffl I v c NoI"PX 2' ,JCI e Y lvmes Has ew Home Eca1f1am1cs C1 AIS:- m YJ5 1 J w CHAI n. yr PLLC! S J ub ETS li- S se SSW Qtter K Q H J ,S cr Jary Mayo Wakefleld Eleanor Iv ff Youn, Nancy 'wrt Stewari Lee Laura f 'nan J Burch m Hmrn Luten oulse amor Q 1 V IJ .x L r' Tl V1 Ama 'WGN S P"' Shorthand Club 'H CIFCGS 'T TORNADO W 'Q ' .iiv N F7 "" 11 " ' - '.'.U2E.l,, 10.519 it . , , Hal. ,Lang a., .'- ,L ' H. . fi.-1 Ehxxw Ef..I.f,II.1:S full WTJS li? J- Of .L:.1ITGk.. ,ti -Qlytt Maiy 1'.f.O."-I BLIQ' Sf, k H, r" za- 'A Q9-" .11 ifrxprx Qgfx' Hui. Sfflgl. The -JIT U , IE 11: ' ' ': ?rf-s1.:f-:A :fy Harms' S--r:+1:.1j.' DQ!- thu' Qhzffs' 31:1 'f':Las'.::e-1, I-iCIQ' Y-fay., '.'.'f:xJ'h.d. ' ' Q' 1 my Bazign, Hain- fC..r1:,zr.13s Ifiaafx-1 wa - emea as 5g'cI.s1.1. The dui. 'Jas :.ar:.ff'.i "fha T ' and B":'tL' Jul.. The nzuif, ss-l 'Lf 1 , "Grad, 2. . est- .1 In-'JST L! I-lst 'lflfll tha lffil 15 Zflftf-: ana PW AHA Fr I -v..-Hgh .Q I"f'I : S1 TQL: ' . I5 'II-f' ifff-V-Y. xt.: '.'.'f.'1-i-. .- Y. , ' .rr-rresx:--:Lt Mary: ZLXIII-'-YII.1lI. ' 1 .5 t:,- iris, . . ,X . . .f-T"-filff' iz.: .:-Mzsarwr .,'.,IflS rlczlgzlwcs -1 ,. a.. - , .. .Q . , ., . ,Q f---: :i-'I Izz.u:f?:.'- T?..,r:,1:a5,:. 3 .. P ,Il -.Z E.. 51,5 In Q: gs : 7'?.rzs1xr.f- f ?.,,5 z. YI ' ' .4 V. 'Y v U. ',, . 'v. vw 'Q .,., C- .1115 1:...I,-.D .f . ...na .- .Aw ' .f ff ::':.: E ' x f'17 1 '.z.:.g:..::. zrz. 'XVII :g:.1: f fx--I j,jffy,.QAfffQj 1 ' ..1: lf' 'Z ff zip- 'Jr' r .. F' 1 Ei :iff ff xiii, 1 g,,,.Qp,,-A-.,..11,.,..L...,L.. ff., QQ V... ,.,. 'Iv-L-,.'1,---Q'Q,,,'"H Q.:A'.:V:.-it f.fA:: 113, - Lf 125.11 1 5.51.--5 ' yr.--1 f.f::', 1.4 A' yr.,-I 'fail-'-5 Hi.. 7:11. 'V Ar, H Q jj - QM5. fQ 11 jf g.. 'g,31A1.5, QQ DAAA gn v L '.'f:1::.' .. 11.5 H'-Z. :Liles Fx 1 Hwzrzar.. Q 113: f.f::. 1. 2' :-V: 7-11. f.. Z- '1'g, 511, fi .1 :,::.' f.f':1x r. ?'..I"!fS T-iZZfZ,l f.1'f 11. ' " g g -. ','1j1AjAQ1 L.. Q, 3 -. 3-'l 3 ,- 1::. :--:.' QI. ::. sf 1. I r .' . :: F .V f .-f ::. 1 gr. ff.. 11--1 F :':': :.:..: F Iv: .II .' S"-1 IZ.. ::. ff :Zz f-f 2' 21. E'lf'5 'fgj ::z.,1 if X zz if, .5 Sztxtfp :.3l..l'- f::'.'.'-lx" I z 'fry ': ..:':. f.: zzz, Y-Rss fizzst 71 Feetbeill nheer Leaders Beye Basketbdl Grls U e Club B Xmq Team MHHUEE T THE COACHES The unt1r1ng efforts of our coaches have made the1r teams known and fear ed all over West Tennessee and West Kentucky Coach Wallace has made several champlonshlp teams and players both m football and basketball Although h1s team th1s year d1d not wm as many games as usual they had the toughest schedule any U C H S team has ever had and were a threat to every team they plaved ln basketball he had a team that went to the fmals 1n the County Tournament and to the quarter fmals 1n the Drstrrct Tournament Coach W1lson who coaches the glrls basketball had a team th1s year that had everythlng except herght He coached them to such a polnt that they went to the semrfmals 1n the county and earned fourth place IH the d1str1ct tournament Nancy Abbott and lane Glover recerved all d1Slf1Cl honors The athletlc season was also a f1nanc1al success largely be cause of the eff1c1ent management of Coach W1lson 1n h1s capaclty of Athletrc R G WILSON T F WALLACE Dlrector Tl-IE FOOTBALL SEASON The football season for the Golden Tornado was opened w1th the Mayfreld Card mals on the opponents home freld As the Tornado began to roll rt collected po1nts and the Card1nals fell w1th a l9 12 vrctory for Un1on C1ty Th1rteen po1nts were made by McClure and s1x by Nxeld lt IS to be noted that the Golden Tornado was the only team before Wh1ch the Card1nals Champs of Western Kentucky fell The second game of the season whlch was wrth Fulton was called at erght o clock after a cloud burst Just two hours before Even though the freld was muddy and 1t was rmpos s1ble for the boys to get a foothold they came out on top wlth a 20 O vxctory Next the Tornado 1nvaded Humboldt W1th the Rams confrdent of a vrctory The Rams startled the Tornado when one of the opponents cut loose foratouchdown Thls put the Rams seven po1nts ahead of the Tornado However the Tornado recovered tts breath and blew away for a 28 7 vtctory From Humboldt the Tornado traveled to Trenton The boys were over confldent and were unable to pull out of the hole after Trenton had gamed seven po1nts The team fell for the flrst ttme of the season wrth 7 6 vrctory for Trenton Then came the brg foe of the season lackson lackson had gamed 19 po1nts over the Tornado when McClure rushed away for seventy f1VG yards wrth a pass to McAdoo and then to Nteld and a plunge over the l1ne At the end 1t was a 267 vrctory for lackson Next was Trptonvllle and another ramstorm The boys were slow to get started but after Caruthers mtercepted a pass and rolled off for a touchdown the Tornado marched on for a 390 vlctory The seventh game of the year was wrth Central of lvfemph1s Central led off but Un1on Crty followed su1t maklng the game a thnllmq one wtth Central end1ng on top 19 14 Next came Pans wrth another ra1n storm The Tornado proved unsuccessful as mudders consequently they fell short of a touchdown after havmg reached the one yard l1ne three tlmes Th1s proved a lO0 vrctory for Pans 30 1 11 11 . . 11 , ,, , 11 11 , . - 1 1 11 . 11 . . . . . 1 . . . fr 11 . 11 . 11 1 1 f . 1 . 1 1 . 1 ' , ' . 11 11 . 1 11 11 . . 1 . 11 11 11 11 . 11 11 . 11 11 11 11 . - 1 11 11 . f . , . 11 11 - - -V .. ' - 1 ' . 1 - , , 11 11 W 1 - 1 1 1 ' . . . , 11 11 1 ,, 11 . , .. I . 1 . A 1 ? U rj' Q- ' .. '7952 Cheer E 5 f Leaders "TTT if AL Mildred Curd Ruddy Vinson Mildred Bryson The ninth game of the season was with South Side of Memphis. As a whole they were larger than the "Tornado". Upon the opening kick off, South Side marched away to a touchdown and an extra point. The "Tornado" put forth their best effort but once again they fell to the tune of 7 6 The closing game of the season was with Dyersburg Most of the team had spent th preced1ng week ln a National Guard camp and it was impossible for them to get into a winning stride They fell before Dyersburg l36 Two members of the Golden Tornado McClure and Harrison made the Shrine All Star Team which played in Memphis SUMMARY OF SEASON Opponents Score Place Opponents Score Place Mayfleld Union City l2 l9 There Tiptonville Union City 0 rlere Fulton Union City here entral Union City 19 l4 Here Humbolt Unlon City 7 8 There Paris Union City IO 0 Here Trenton Union City There South Side Union C1ty Here Iackson Union City 26 7 Here Dyersburg Union City 3 There FOOTBALL SQUAD "K" fmrmi-W W 31 7 7 . 1 7 my T T -39 , ' ' O-20 ' C ' ' - ' ' 7- 6 ' ' ' 7- 6 ' ' - ' ' ' 1 - 6 rx. ,VI 'V 'ig vA" "1 -.nf . s N i ' "' -S THE LETTERMEN' A-01' -hr K' L-CVC 106 d S d nfneY e. ,rrp N CL-UvY'8. LATIMER Halfback Captaln Luke s arted the year at end but upon the need of a blocklng back he was moved mto the backheld and made many a good block for the Tornado too bad that he graduates MCCLURE Quarterback Bull was alternate captaln and a very good offenslve man Bull was a hard and fast runner who had that extra drrve wh1ch was good for that extra yardage He got off punts for extra yards McClure should do well 1n college next year NIELD Fullback K1t was the b1g slow l1ne plunger of the team Al though he d1d not make any long runs hrmself he was good for that yard to hrst down He was shrtted to halfback and caught several passes CARUTHERS Tackle Bloat was the b1g man of the team and the weak s1de of the team was strong because he played there and took care of 1t Anybody who played opposrte h1m had hrs hands full QWENS Halfback Kmg was small but had a bxg w1ll wh1ch maae h1m mto a player not to be looked down upon by anyone He was an extra good detenswe player LQVELACE Center Squlrrely h ra a hard posxtlon to play and he played rt ln a good way hhs passing was not to be crltxcgzed l-le played halfback on defense and stopped many woula D6 heroes HENDRICKS Rrght Guard Dorns was srral but overcame the handrcap w1th extra hght lt was very seldon hat he vxas carned backwards H played excellent ball for one of no more experlence 4 . 'D -I' 2 ' yi P B ' E455 '4 t . nv. A .I Q QNX , ,',,..g,3,gff-,avg-.A ffl!!-,I lim t 1415, A fs , ff.f4-'zrfftmo ihwsff-41:-,-P-'-f, .. H- gi ff . ' 'L:'s..t fwf- Q M. ,- ,,n, ....,,, - ' -' , ref...- ' L A d Q , N. IJ ' , ,, J .:3.1SLHf ,Qgw 1 f-Myst .tesseefk ' V, .A . '-' YQafz'::.s,,f,. 'w sm.. ,. , fl pi.. :,. ' , A Q.. ,I . C N " . V A . ,, . ,, Q . . ., ,, , . , , . i A 4 . f Y 11 v-- - rr I . , , I , I Y ' . 9 9 THE LETTERMEN 51- 34,3 CdY'zA-T-,WY-5 Helwdymr E457-cvufvo Wt!! ovvcll. Gavff' ff f'7x9af dvhpbcln, afvfsorl MCADOO Left End Mac Captam of l94U was one boy who played heac. JD ball on defense He was a aood pass recerver and placed the ball m scoranq pos1t1on aqarnst lackson He should be very qood next year LOVER Left Guard Melvln was wlth us only half of the season bu he layed very qood ball He was a small man wrth a powerful charqe wh1ch arrred hlm across the opponents l1ne many tlmes GARRETT Rlqh Guard Coble was one of our new men thrs year but he played the qa'ne lrke a seasoned veteran HIS play on defense was o very hlqh qualxty ADAMS Rrqht Tackle Andy was a b1q brute who could play ball fvhen he wan ed Thls lS Anay s flrst year and he made a qood showmq POWELL Halfbaclc loe was a small boy who had plenty of frqht H was a southpaw and cccxld r n around left end naturally MILLER Hclfpack 'vt e was a rnan who could step at a lrvely pace and could get those reverses o functron when 1t seemed they would farl KlLLlCN R ah Frmd Doc ,vas a rlqht end who could qo into the qame when th J ma Na :mah and qrve a aood account of h1mself D c s a wood pass re elver and shou d ao well next year 33 . I ll n X U ' 'f-:-fr-ggeff, N ' ' :-A' W ' refer , ' s I . ' wt-V- .HL up P y .. Q ,HJFEV h B, 4 -1 , 5751?-' A , V 'I . ' gif ff -.,,. - ' 1 , "Alba A '- . - JA ,QI 4. 1 Lppw ""' r- go N " , . N . 17 , I p' . ' ' F . . , . . c . f , ' A . I . ' . ' . f Y 6 M , , . . , . . to. . . A . e - ' 1 u . , , 4, , A . . 1 .ll f v 4 ' l . . . 14 At Mb . ,. ,, Y , . e 'ol ' s t 1 , ' . O ' I L C ' ' Y l . BOYS BASKETBALL SEASCN The season for the Un1on Clty Qulntet was begun mn a b1g way The flrst three games were v1ctor1es for the Tornado but under the power of Memphxs Central the boys lost the fourth game Followmg these games there were numerous V1ClOf19S and losses for the boys Then the Tornado got ID a rut and was unable to pull out for several successrve games D1s couragement however IS not a word 1n the boys vocabulary and soon they were back rn the w1nn1ng lme RIVGS tell by one polnt and then the Tornado swooped down on Cloverdale and blew past them w1th a v1ctor1ous score The last game was wrth Mart1n Th1s was the wonder game of the year when the Tornado played the type of ball that IS not to be stopped Under the power of the Tornado Mart1n tell Wllh a score of 36 2l havrng prev1ously Then came the county tournament w1th UHIOD Clty seeded to play Rrves ln the quarter flnals RIVGS was beaten and Unlon C1ty then entered the serm flnals agamst Cloverdale Thls was an mterestrng game Wllh Clover dale leadtng oft and Unlon C1ty followlng up At the last mrnute ot the game M Pluckett of Cloverdale made a held goal wh1ch settled the game 25 24 Latlmer was placed on the All Star Team because of h1s good playmg After the County Tournament came the D1str1ct Tournament Thrs trme Umon Clty was seeded to play Dresden The Tornado puffed and blew away to a vlctory over Dresden whrch gave Uruon Ctty a place agalnst Palrnersvtlle The Tornado was unable to get 1ts range therefore 1t tell under Palmersvrlle who turned out to be runner up 1n the Tournament l beaten the "Tornado" l9-16. A - 34 - T O B N fl D O 9 THE LETTERMEN B -1 l' 1 0-11 LIVHMER Guard and Gaptatn Torn e r was one ot the stellar oertorrners on the tea 1 e wee rotea tor h1 de1ens JL play He made the All Star Tearn IH ooth t'1e V1 y a a a1str1 t t urn rr MCCLURE Center ard Alternate Capto n B l etter Known as Bull one of the h1qh scorers of the season w1th h1 un rth dax shots Th was forced to play w1tho1,t h1n1 part ot the seas n e adse ot 1l ness lt h haa been able to play 1n all the qarnes the v or1 ana l st o 1 n n would rr fc r , have oeen d1tterent NlELD Guard an Alternate Qapta1n .L Q ral ll y Us CT stand1nq player HIS Ciblllly to play deter se w IS f fery Ja uarle asset td squad H1s only fault was h1s habtt ot rnopr T14 the tlaor and sp1tt1 1a pants He d1dnt rnal'e so very 1nar1y po1nts tut n er 1 11s n IAMES MCADGG Forward Mac Nas f J h1qh score rnan of th ear Fo11ow1na 11 h e rr Qt te s h s once plVOl shot broke the heart ot II any a quard PGWELL Forward Althouqh une at h a er a t1lled the basket many t1 nes RRID Center Ben a houah na or ar 1, hr rnost br1ll1ant futures oet re htrn ot any ot th d r ,tat He was and made n a y po1nts or a last break KlL ION Forward Doc th b ro D1 f 11 when extra po1nts were needed Nas one o ln e e D MILLER Guard lVI1ller was o df3C9IWC1 1 C a 1la rwa depended up r1 when the tea'r was 1h a p nfl' MOGRE Forward Thts dll'F ru ve ,ot st 1 had a shot that N s ha a tp auar ne a lt F Guara Bette V1 fn Came throuqh n a styl ha vo P eas 1 a snappy play er IF he at 1ys l1q1b e 1 5 1 I F 1 4 1 1 " ' 1' to . 1 , knew-fn as "Lux," lj all his friends, A at 1o o:t.H,'1s1 's f'g"1'o . ' 1 - ' ' is oou1t r1 F 'Q 'C Z' .a .Sill - - 1 ' 11 . 11, pa o ' 1 H " " was ' - - '1 's o 1o f . e tearn ' 1' 1 .o1b:'x"l e1' J '1o' C lx L 1 F J ojzllf' 1 1 - d ' ' . 1r1 fifll, Q "K 111 ll '11 i111i' ' . ' " 1 1, ' ti 11 1 ' Q' jo ' I thf l. ' ' ' 1 H ,z f"' 1, f 1 'Xl' 'ry h1S . ' ' . 1 ,, e1th,, da lp ipppo ent. ' . " 1 '.. one il our best shns. He as ' e ...e y ' . " '1 1- 'Mathers tff s 1111, 11 -' 'ollent 1 . f 1 C f f' e srrallest ru, ye, an the te IIT, llli: ttqht rnade hirn valuable to the tearn, He had a leiffhfznded hook Sllffl, wntfh NO - o , A , lf ' 11 1 st 111125 line-L1 g l 1s one f ,he ' ' ' o 1 1 1 ' e un 'e -grad' es, 1a ' ' 61111532 1 i n ' 1 . L - . H e oyt 111 t 3-tie wht :outa be ao' nec-1gf,r. V so , ' o f t1e snarp, shacprs of th sind. ee , V ' ' op fable TQ xr' who Q21 ' il 'fs be , o1 11 -'1 - - 1 '. 'Q ' 1:1 Ti o " lfI'J was fag' ind trlckjf. He 1 a r' o a. He has a bright ll.f-lf9 al ,,a '. KEJI ', ,1 r lg on-1 as "H'11:t1k: . This is i1rst year, ati: ne 1 1 e f t 1. 's ol, gig. proliaby develozg .iifj ' H c e ' lo, 4 U - 35 GIRLS BASKETBALL SUMMARY OP GIRLS BASKETBALL SEASON The Tornado sextet ot 19391940 was without doubt the best team that hip and loyalty and even in defeat they were pleasing to the spectators They were one ot the four seeded teams IU the County and District Tourna ments They went to the semi finals in the County Tournament and were the fourth place team in the District Tournament at Dresden The team welcomed many newcomers th1s year and although many of them were young and inexperienced they will be qreat players for the U C H S sextet some day The three co captains for the team this year were Stacy Harrls Nancy Abbott and lmoqene Thomasson 36 TORNADO I the Union City school has had in about six years. The team had sportsman- s ' , ' ' . 9 THE LETTER GTRLS A A 0 9.. , I Wa mf' qs 4,1 THOMASSGN Guard lm a n rov rr sts R a was THE qrara Q e Tornado thts year Sh as or t the Cantatns She ts J S nor S HARRIS Forward Th rrrost deoendao e forward of the Torrxtao S ack played areat baslcetbal for four years on th Tornado Sh was on t he Captams She 1S a Sentor ABBGTT C nter Ncncf was a very Conststent player ard alx xys p dyed well She was one ot he Captarns Sh Jas selected an ho h 'he f unty and D1str1ctAll Star tear s Sh 1 aSen1or WAGSTER Forward Dot JV to h Q J sa he p on he Te naaa ef thts year She ts s rarl but ery an lc She s at Sopherr ore GLGVER Guara A ne JC rn r fr rr Wood ana Mtlls S'1e rr ade Lotn he County ana D1str1ctAll Star Sh ts a luntor SHVIPSGN Center Susan Nas a aood erter and though sh aoesn t play all the qarrte she has a ortaht future as sl'e ts only a Sophomore M HARRIS Guard and Center Ltttte Mot showed more lrqht hrt srny qtrl on the tearr Sh a wrys LCI e th ough when sh was tteedei TAYLOR Guard a d Cente Ta o ts a Qropoy ltttle guard She p ay d er' er some th s y ar Shels a S ph rn re 'VI ADOG F rwara lvl as e s ve prdrn slrq hall player Her Q aut rut hook a rd ang sh a ox ed h t ts a freshman L tn rr any oorr s thts year She THWEATT Forward Bllte r as we ta est one n the sauad She sho vs rnuch pro ruse She ls a freshr' ar CHERRY Guard Ch rw IS one the ssto guards She shows r uch c rt tty 11" her plstyt ra hrs year She 1 a treshrr an MOORE Cen er h ay a sl C rt er t't1s year has nlch ,taxa 1 aaeasshe stal Sh rsa re hrcr HUDGHNS e er ma Guard She w ts only a suo out ItACIyS drd he when she was tn the hal aarne She ts C sophomore - 1 X Ag- si X Q , . 1--1 ' " 'ff.,fJf7' 4' gf 'KJ' Y ,ay a ,. r ' -M , lvg ' ' k fgyf- '. nfs f - , ' V , E ' . - ' QA.. ., . . , D Mn , 7 , ,, ,, Q Q r, , . ,, -c 9, KI at ' -S , . C 1 Lll ' . e w .e o' N ' ' e ' ,W , ,, ,, , L ' r ' l Q Q 9 N t ,Q I 1 Q - 0 , A V, 'f . t e s f T t ' ' .- f rr . e s ' . . DY' ed we :are 1. r 1 r f' 1 ,urn ' ' vw l vv v 1 A lv,- . t. . t Q . 1 N 1 . t U fx Q A Y - y t- 1 1 Y Y t - v , . s , s . r . . r . , t ' ' C .. e A ' r 1 A w I V A , ,, ,, V K , V I V f A N 1. e l C In r ' ' e ' ' t . , . V , K - . ' n r yrr s' ' f ' . 'e C rt t e . . or or o , fy l rw vs 1 rw r f- V-' lA ., L C s . . u , .s u .y . . . . ff ' ' lf F - an " V ,V "'- ' " . ya- - 1 A I 1 Ct: 1. N QI o taCA - . A rt t , ' 1 ' x' H rl ll " fw V ' A . .. 1 t. .1 t V A . x . r . e ' .1 A . ' fr! ,lye - ,, ,' 'U A . x, c: 1 t U. - . . tr .J t ' f V Q ' . 'Q 1 A, . . . - s . . ,, . . . ,, . Q A ,S - .F Q 5 S Q . . V v, r o.. . Sep. , tr, ar . f . h, r f fx., f - l e 5 s rt 1 .. v f. - h A N , . , ,v Y , AA ' C nto 5. ' . -C . C ' r nest l . , T 4 ,f . Boys U C Club Frrst Bow left to rrqht Mou zon Moore Dorrs Hendr clcs larnes McAdoo Thomas Nreld B1ll McClure Gene McAdoo lkey Hudson Iohn Marshall Earl Krllron Second Row left to rrqht An drew Adams Ben Howard Torn Latrrner Ben Norrrd Irmmy Caruthers Pete Comp bell Robert Harrrson Coble Garrett T I Easterwood C Grrls U C Club Frrst Bow left to rrqht Stacy l'larr1s Carolyn Sunpson Marqaret McAdoo Susan Slmpson Alva Nell Taylor Charlotte Hudqrns Nancy Abbott Dot Waqster Second Bow left to rrqht lm oqene Thornasson Marrorre Fuqua Mot Harrls Brllre Thweatt Ieanette Cherry Re becca Moore lane Glover Grace Dretzel Boxma Team l:1rstRow left to :ht la res lackson lohn Garrett Wayrnon Srnrth Walter Second Bow left t nah' lrrnrny I-ludqrns Brlly Harmlton, Dudley Readenour, . . 1 , ' i ' , Claude Lovelace, Max Coun- tl. , , , , , WHCD S WHS SNAPSHQTS ECCTBALL QUEEN CARNIVAL QUEEN WUHE WHO S WI-I0 H7 K9 '- N xj 40 1 ,' F 1 4 1 ... , , I 1' i' ' Z! :i G, f " ' J . Q2 Ei i ! N 3 ' A AQ' , in J 4, X Q , ' .XS W W' fjjm X, , L k .. Q if ,fx V- Q ' . 4 V - Y V 4 X , E 1 H N '19 A Y f 'Q fdpwj A Q - s 3 I K ' 'A Ll g,' L, SNAPSHCDTS N . fps w .F x J' .X IJ gql, 'Mm E 1 ,W 4 n... 4 FOOTBALL and CABNIVAL QUEENS CBOWNING THE FOOTBALL QUEEN Oueen Mards of Honor Escorts Dorothy Carney Susan Slrnpson Capt Torn Latxrner Dorothy Ann Powers Alt Capt B111 McClure Claude Lovelace ...jar CROWNING THE CARNIVAL QUEEN Oueen Malds of Honor Escort Dorothy Carney Adehne McClure lack Drerup Ivhldred Bryson 42 'TX' 'av' ,N - - Q ' , 4, ' ,, A. 'f - 1 . -ff K . . A I ' U ' Q , 5 .L if . d ,, O I Q .r A ' P' 1 7 . . .V A ' , , - K gr . , 1 . Q , I s , A --I W ,b ,, , -K .N A K -sg . 1 . xx . 3 .1 ""' 2 - " 1 ' SNAPSHOTS Clonmplixncnts of Cl-Al 'Ulf BOTTS Compliments of H. A. MCELRUY ic U, 31.00 STORE Phone 111 Phone 333 Mayes Drug Store Corner First and Church Streets. UNION CITY, TENN. Coxnplunfgnts of Paul N31ll1Hg Implement Co C nnpluntntsof Gussom s Grocery est XNISICS For Your Future Succtss Blue Bell Laundry and Dry Cleaners Telephone 9 96 BROWN SHGE CO lx1I11llflLlLlI'LfS If Buster Brown Shoes C T MOSS ILNIIII 11 L lL IJ R l NI lx IN BOICILIS COCA COLA BOTTLING CO I ll nt will I3 71 l fu A ' I 1 1 5 ' .l I I l3Ull.lJlNfi IN1.Yl'liRl.XLS 'l I ' F 1 "'lfm '1lI'S ull S1111 ' Spuln A 44 se- C IIRRILL S IMSSCD SPRX ICI NI-XIX 8. FIRST STREETS LXIOX CITX TEXN Phone 283 C UlI1pIllULl'lIS ff Evans Dru g Store Phone POT T I RS ILILC IRIC SHUI- SHOP XIORIC DONE THE FACTORH VSAT HALTER BROS OXKITSI C omphment t Western Xuto Xssou ltt Sturt Lcg1IC Tholne LIIIOII Cltx Tenn Phone 430 Opposlte Po t OITICE Compllment of IHI' PLCDI SHCDPPI LNION CITE TENNI Jerry Malone he C Iothltr Ihll Sm ts Merry Lee Shops IrXLIuQ1xL Iiut Not ILXPLITSIXC, Cloys Grocery IDI-LIX I'RY SI RX IC I Phone 629 Speedy s Serylce Statlon Phone 9119 UNION CITY TENIIN Fompllment t Cap1toI Theatre THE ALAMO 1 LX xc o Paonuc 1 5. Plll NIL'Ne1lI South F11' t Street LNION CITY TEN N Na111ng Ke1ser Hardware Company Comphmrnts of Salant Ed Salant VISIT TOP HAT CAFE X Popullr IIILL to I II 6' ' f BHOW V 0llT.S'H0I5T0I?f Home Lumber Co. BUILDING Mu 11R1,xL ,-. . ,. .. Q '-,I L, , . ,-. . . ,, ' , 1 .. . . . .. . Y v. -.- . ll if ' ' so' L ,, , ,C ',. , I ,.. . ' . , v Y Y . I ... 1 x ' ' v xr , . v . . 7 c . - ,- - 8, V .S r-E' bv' S ' '. 5 rf - x fr 1 1 ' 4 x 41 LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 'I' . ' '. "Q '2 gh.. vw v . Y . I . , .g. 1 , . C 1 ,. "P . '., ' S , -',, , . . r ' so' I I I Y 4, I . , , . . U l I -- , ,,., I 1 .1 . ,. . J A 'L sr S , , v , v . , .. , . . , . fn . L., 1" A I K JK -451 Fldellfy' Insurance Agency H uc C IISIII I L Merryman W1Iso11 Company Um III R11 us CARIYI HERS DAIRX L IN 7 IDI Burkett S Grocery 111 Ilcsh Nr s Qualltx Quantm and Senna Ihone 66 Mose Cunmngham XIIIUIIIUIJIIL I'ILLIIlL1lII Sl utcx Suucc I L Farmers Exchange Bank 1 lllplxlmnts Lovelace Farmer Company K IIIPIIIIILIIIS Morgan Verhme I O IX I XNIILH IL I HIIII Umon Clty Insurance Agency I mp mu SUNSHINE CLILANERS R II ' 1 W. Ii. o WII. Mgr. 7 CiooI I Q 'aux' - ' Ilgliry Cir 'XY' IX I'rorIu'u I'IIUNI'I 517 Plum I' g-Hu '11gh.l 1 Ii Fo II' I-nts of , CI1'occ1'icS 1 LI .'I'1ll.' tluml lim 'INS nf Cicllcrzltr I1' I321ltc1'y In ' ' Q of C1 ' ' Q of I c ' OIf'I'I"I'I"I4IflS If R iI"I'IRIi I'ho1 17-1. LIIIRIII City. 'I' ' ' flu 'HIS of Walla-1' 'I'zu111e1', Mgr. "XXI CfI.I'Q.XX IQYII YI IINCQ' "m'NI'38c1 VIIUXIC 515 ,F C f mphmrnts ff A A Thompson murrws ff, PRODLC ns Ethel Greer Shop lhstlmtmm Xllllll1LfX Lolnplxmrms of COXIPXXX lx llf INIE XNPIRX ILXNLSSILP 'N XT ION XL C L XRD NHIIIIHQ Nllll and Lumber Co rrxTL,R1wc lm mc 3 U S Cxpsum VI hen sou thmk of Lumbel Call our INLIIYIIJBI O C UIIIPIIIIILIIIS of THAD D L EE Jeweler C omplnmrnts ff The Un1on Clty Dzuly Messenger C omplnmntx of TITTSWORTH RADIO SHOP C PNLR XL FLEC TRIC XPPLI XNC l'S PHONIE 463 C ompl1mCnts of Tennessee Gas Company C O P XN XNI XLL TIHIL XVXY Reynolds Bros Phone 616 Complxment f RPLREXTIOB I-SILLI XRD P XRLOR VI AGSTER BROS Z I A ' . I D I , I l ' fy IPR' I' .XIII I -.Il..I4 I 3 0 0 1 o ' ' 1' 5 T l 3 Iohn lX4am'illc-Sherwin XViIlia1ms- ' ' . if I 144 - 14' 3 ' I .- , - - SQ P ,E , Q I I I Lie' I I 'A If I 1 A I ' s 0 I ,747 . CITIZENS ICE 6? COAL COMPANY Tripple AAA HOUSE 64 VVINIDOXX' CLEANING Commercial Pfllltlllg Company IHOINI4 103 Bates If uveral Home Logan EG? Houser URNITURE IHONI IN True Tagg Pamts and Varmshes ff if f f Red Star Drug Store CONII I INII' NTS OI BEN FRANKLIN JACKSON S X Wmwwmn PIIINIINE ANII SIAIIIINIIIY EU EAPI EIIIAIIUIAU MIESIIUIII paafifwew af Me 19410 PRINTING LITHOGPAPHY STATIONERY OFF E SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE I- J f '- Slock Dealers Drugs and Sumlrics ir XX! Ibclivcr Plume SIIII 'k Home Owmwl N- Ilzzyden Kirklzmrl Clmlmplilxmclns of 7 IC S ' . LXIJIIQS RILXIJY TO YILXR 48, . 'lfXYI.fDIi PAINT AND GLASS CIO. PITTSBURGH PAINTS WALLPAPER Phone T40 M if W Supply CO. LNION VITY, TENS. Phone T87 OI' 788 Compliments of ROPERS FLOVVER SHOPPE - Always - SAY IT XVITH FLOXVERS lllphlllk ms CLD NATICNAL BANK Whlte Ranson Funeral Home Cf mphmems of IVIISSOUTI Gram C0 rutm Q md Best xV1SllLS 1' r Hippy md Lwful Futura CHERRY NICSS Compllments of JUL PITIMXY xc 1 1t1CS Serwce O11 OBION COUNTY MCTCR CO N1 ul ll P1 IL FORD MLRC LRY LINC ULN IPPHX R Phone 400 LNION CITY TFNN C D Haskms LIH INNUR XNC P HJR LX FRY NLPD PHONE 684 I flu I 'juf -A Im ' - - O O O O Q fl-2 1 so .X . N' I I C C I C I GRAIN co C0 Dany C O O I fy-"Q gl' 'CY , R ' -, ' I' QI .' HY ,,4ge,, tiki CHIIIPIIIIICIIIS of ANDREWS JEWELRY COMPANY 'k'ki'1lr 'k'k'k'k tlomplimcnls of Gardners Studio UNION CITY TI NY. 'ktuki CUIIIPIIIHLIIIS of THIRD NATIONAL BANK P H MORSCN D1str1butor of Texaco Products mov ws LXIUX C IIH HIC H SC IIOUI XLLXINI 'ISSN The Davy Crockett Coffee Shop nrt C wt I rtpx cI1flIgI'llIllIlllIHlI5 In Union City High St-Iwol For LI Splcmlid YCLII' Igllflk - . v x r- r 1 . ' ' IHHLI IJHULI I5 IIUJI ' v , - ' ' 411-cl Tm 53 Class Jen elrx Commencement Announcements Qnafafff f afefaq fa Qeffzfomg C XRLXLI lxlRlxI XXI! I 4 4 4 L. GC. B,MLQFOVUR CCQMMNY COVERS and BINDING li nr The 1940 T01 nada Becktold Company ST IOUIS 'VIO Clnnplimcnts uf Reynolds Packing Company HC JM E Ulf RliliLI"Of YI' PRODUCTS I XION CITE TENX The Tornado Flashes In News l I to lr It XUUR SC l-IOOL P Xl'l R C omplnmnts of John T Walker Co lnsur amp Un1on Operatlng Co Puowoc R XPH sr RX IC 1 VN A Dllllgdll Lmon Cltx Tenn Complumnts of THE GRILL I omplumms 1 f Hamllton s Cafe Un1on Clty Senlor H1gh School Offers I om su n N lllLllllllLS Hmm Xrts 'Nl my XIILILHI md N1 nun 1 ll xml nm ml I o L Dlll X S 1 l 1. 1 liy I 'ZXH l - I - "hu 's Fil J i1 H , , . . f ' N I . 5 I - 1 I . , ' ,1 kwin- ' ,. Y ' ' V - li glish. Ula l ' 1 ry, Scicncc. Clolnlncrcc. llouscholcl I A ' Q , 1 .ul" L411 g 1l5.lCS.1 l"l l ' Ble mv' of South:-rn Association - - , . , ot' K' lleg-s and Sw-4 larj I fvhuus ' 7 52 C mp uugms ff J T MALOAN IJRISIJPN IINNISSII Rnprupntln HERFF JONES COMPANY PINS WI ID XLS IROPHII S INX II XIIONS PI RSON XI C XRIDS COOPERATIVE CAP GOWN CO xc XIDIXIIC IPMRIL 53 In ' , I L ns'x D z-N CIULLIQCIIQ .XINIJ IEIICIII SCIIIUUI. RINGS Q ,1 7 .' f N . . ' -- -.I ...'- . 1'.f.fff'r1w.. "ANZ vw we- - ,V 1. Q v , -. -1 ':-,,, K 1 V- ' ,, -3 , .. f af. ' , I ,IA--ty' . - ' ., , , , , 1 . . , , . , .. . ,. , , 1 - ,. ,. , xx, , 1 -ax . --f. ., , .- -3 -L., 4 .,, , .- U... H - . -fy-1 .1 , I V X . I 'F , 6.1 ,,, 1 H Q 'Lp .. . , 4 R , ., . x A Y A s ,-3 ' 1' .A. " F- T4 Q' ' ' ' A , 4-K ' J " . ' .L '7 ...A ', f 11521 ,, --fx- V' . ' . --f .1 4 J! .1 LWQJRV - ' ' If ' , . ---, V ,Q ' ' Q. - - .N , 'av .. , W Rx, '- ,F-Q. ' U ' . 1, N-M.: ' . 'X'i'1 ' 1 'fx ,,,. xx ' - ' - , Q- ,H , f-' f 523 'e..,4 .-i IAN' . 5.4 1 . gf 1, If :QR , in M, V. suis, film 5 y-- , '46 ,, " -T?" ' .g- 'Lf 'N . .1 - , 1 , 1:13 T' .xg , ,354 ' " e ,:-it-,J -2-was 'PFW ' J 'fl .1 .' ' L'-4:21. Qi V A ix P: . ,, ii.

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