Union City High School - Maroon and Gray Yearbook (Union City, MI)

 - Class of 1958

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Union City High School - Maroon and Gray Yearbook (Union City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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lu Q, , I l ' 4. , Rf- 'V - .,ewfr"""-'2"': A 'B' 'a 1.11: ' M 1 r ' A 5 The Maroon and Gray Of UNION CITY HIGH SCHOOL Union City, Michigan 1958 Afvwvvwwff ' fm Our Stars A H' iz WILLIAM A. DYER WILLIAM L. ADAMS Superintendent of the Union City Principal of the High School Community Schools Board of Education LEFT TO RIGHT - Harold Ray, Robert Brewer, John Converse, Edward Kincaid, Carl Miller L-UCILLE AREY MAH THA ADAMS ILS.-W.M.U. A.B.-Wvsfr-rn Hmnf- li: unumnc -4 Englzsh .II-LANNI1, lll7NVl'QH5l'. CiEH'I'RlJlJE IJAVISQYN IMS. -M.S,U. ELS. -Wrsfvrn Hfnnu- li: nmuvnr ill:-.1ryColl1-gr Cunumvrm ml iff A Q "H , I 1 .I I -X X. OR" 1 A H . x f .'-3 -' '. . N, .I up ff 92, . Aiwa, .,'g,f,,?.,g 1 fast- . "Y ' ' , .WH i. I sg, fvlu' 5 , r - .,: f . - 'va' Je f 1, 'L ,, 'M ' IRENE MORTON A, H. - M.S.N.C. PAY Mll.I.lfLAN IMS. - XV:--.lvrn ERMA BARTLETT B. S. - Wr-str-rn M. A. - M.S.U Jr. Hxgh NORA HOOKER A. B. - Wvstnrn M,A. - Wvstr-rn Hxsiury 'S...,,,,,. CHARLES NEIL A. B. Bvthvl LYNN BARTLETT A. B. - Alhxon M. A. - U. of M. SL'u'nCv DOROTHY JOHNSON B. A. - U. of Wls. We-stern Enghsh 'N-af .1 UNE PROLO A.R.- We-Mvrn JOHN CLARK A. B. - Album Hand - Chorus -'-410 JANE IVICCAMLY A. F. - Ohm-rlln - U. ol M. Englxsh PETER SAC KETT ll. 5. - M.S.U. Tulum M. A. - U. ul' M. jr. High Jr. Hugh Agrnrulturv l..Hxn - M.nVh f if , fl ' f L 'K- x--., ' mf ., A sis . 1 .. KK..-f .5 ...ai A xx ,sigh ' A ft x xx A , . " X. 1 1 IIILIJHEID bl! ELANID IJURUTHY EVERT PATRICK WADE CHARLES WHEELER RAYMOND I' UKOWSKI A.1s,4m.:s.N.c:. A,xs. -um.-1 Pas, - M.S.U. M.A. -Purdue U. A.B. -A-IW ' Coarh B. P. E. - Wvstvrn U. o!hNutrv linmv w JI. Hxpgh Lxhrdrmn .Ir. Hxgh Coach-Drxvvr Tr. I '7 509,47 SUKPAP XXL JESSIEMAE DEUEL BEVERLY WATKINS LUCILE TURNI-IAM ISABELLE MATTSON MINA OMO A, B, - Western A. B. - Olivet A. B. - W.M.U. M.S.N.C. Western M. A. - U. of M. Music Indiana U. 4th Grade 501 Grade Speech 6th Grade Correctionist WILIVIA ROE GLADYS ROBINSON CLEO STEVENS IDA MATTSON PANSY HAYNER Western M.S.N.C. Western B. A. - U. of Pitts. A- B. - M.S.N.C. 4th Grade 3rd Grade 3rd Grade gud Grade Znd Grade GRACE FABER BEATRICE CUNIC LILA HOUGHTON RUTH SMITH MILDRED SCI-IAI-'ER Eastern A. B. - Western A. B. - Western A. B. - Western Western Znd Grade lst Grade M. A. - Western Kindergarten Burlington Ist Grade i CLARICE DRUST KATHERINE WINTERS BEATRICE WARNER FLORENCE WOOD ARTHUR JONES 5th Grade Western Western M-s-N-C- Weiferh Burlington Burlington Buflingi-On Sherwood 'WM' LVN, IQ! HAZEL FREELAND ELSA ADO1-,PH FLORENCE WARNEMENT In l"n9h'!Ol'y of Miss B. S. - Western A. B. - Western A. B. - Western Florence Biddle who died Sherwood Sherwood Sherwood OCf0b8l' 30, 1957. She had IATHALIE ALLWARDT W.M.U. 6th Grade Uur Private Secretaries been teaching in our school for five years and two months. We know the loss is deeply shared by all. 4 LEFT TO RIGHT - Marie Spoor, Betty Wade and Eunice Mergl. Arlo Ripley and Tomy Ellenwood WHAT'S MY LINE FEMININE FANCIESI Cool Cooliesf Will it run Attention' I-low's the Water? --.-..-...,......... Pearl Ockerman and Marguarite Johnson Our Art Carneysl Our Eloisesf Let's go to the hop: V Station UCHS y I ' an Wo, in 6 "MlnAL'w O ' . , land .nc 6 gwwvs L Q H : 7 Q0 F16 5 WVU 3 if ' ,7 ff 5 L Qf - , I I XXfpQfQXXIfAXP7'XXfxQQXf 4 Jlflfliieiiif- - 1 V ,ff xx e 4, a f "' 4' X -L,,,gf ,ff V' 'kr' . ..... Yau 1 q. W Q V i""i" ' Valedictorian Salutatorian HELEN PENDI LL fPennyl Library ....... Mixed Chorus F. T. A. ..... Annual Staff............ Senior Class Play Junior Class Play Phys. CHARLES ADOLPH F.F.A. 1,z,3,4 Top Ten DONNA BATES Band Mixed Chorus l,Z,3 HAROLD BA YLIS Band .. .......... l,Z,3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Junior Play Senior Play 10 GLORIA GRE GG F. T.A. ......... l,Z,3,4 F. T. A. Pres. ........ 4 Newspaper Staff ....... 3 Editor .............. ..... 4 Debate ......... ..... 4 Junior Play Senior Play Drum Major ...... 1,Z,3,4 D. A. R. Good Citizen CAROL CRONKHI TE Cheerleader ....... Z,3,4 Freshmen Secretary Newspaper Staff ....... Z Student Council President........ .....3,4 Senior Play Phys. Ed. 1 Top Ten DAVID ARNE Y Basketball .......... Football ..... Baseball Track ..... Band ..... DORIS BAYI.. IS Library ........ Mixed Chorus .... Annual Staff .... Senior Play Girls' Chorus RAYMOND BAYLIS IRM? ..I,Z,3 l,Z,3 2,3 ....l . Z,3,4 l,Z,3,4 4 Football ........................ Junior Vice -President Band............ ........ Z,3,4 Annual Stafi..... Junior Play Senior Play ......3.4 MARY BEARD B and .......... .... Mixed Chorus Double Quartet F. T. A. Annual SLsff......... Newspaper Staff..... Debate ............ Student Council Junior Play Senior Play Gir1s'Chorus Triple Trio .... Girls' Trlo ....... Dance Band ..... Basketball Band MARJORIE BOOTH Library .......... Girls' Quartet .. Junior Play W1NlFRED BURGOON 1,z,3,4 1,Z,3,4 4 . z,3,4 3,4 3,4 4 1 1,2 ..Z 3 3,4 3 z,3,4 .... ..... 2 Ueanl Mixed Chorus 1,2 F. T. A. .... ..2,3,4 Newspaper Staff ..... ....... 2 RUSSELL CRANDALL fRussl Basketball .... 1,2,3,4 1-'oothal1...... ...........1 Baseball ..... ............ 1 F. F. A. ..... 1,2,3,4 Senior Play DOLORES DOONE Library....................... .. 1,2 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Senior Play LARRY BLOWERS Basketball .. 1,2 Football . 1,2 Baseball............ 1 Student Council 1 MICKIE BRENEMANI Track............. ..... 1 Mixed Chorus..... ... 1,2 F. F. A. .. 1,2 Debate .... 1 RCXIALD CLUTTER fRonl Basketball ........ 1 is Football Baseba1l................. Track .................... 1,z,a,4 1,z,3,4 Freshmen President Junior President Senior President Sophomore Treasurer Junior Play Senior Play Top Ten WILLIAM DOLBEE fBil1j Basketball .............. ......... 1 Football .... ..... 1 ,Z,3,4 Band ...... ....... 1 ,2 F. F. A. .... ...... 1 ,Z,3,4 RICHARD DUNCAN fDick1 f X f Mixed Chorus .... .. f X ... 2,3 . 1,2 .1 if ji,-f, f, fi! fffU?7' L bwzgfk 11 SANDRA EC KLER .TANI TH FAIRCHILD Library............................... 1,2 Annual Staff JAMES GRISW OLD NADINE GROLL fDeanieJ Iheerleading ........ Knnual Staff Editor Student Council....... .... Iunior Play Queens' Court ..... .... Photography Club .... Ilee Club .......... 3. A. A. Top Ten DANNY HART Basketball................... 4 1,z,4 3 4 z,3,4 z,3,4 . ..... 2 1,2 2,3 Football ..... .... 1 ,z,3 Baseball ..... l,Z,3,4 Track ..... 1,Z,3,4 Band ....... ......... 1 F. F. A. .... l,Z,3,4 12 0,35 I 2-53,335.33-35-. ,f ,. f , .- WAQ. A f HAMMOND I W I 1 .,., ' MARY ELLEN EDWARDS GARY FOSTER Basketball ..................... Football ...... Track ........... Mixed Chorus ... JAMES GROHALSKI Uimj Basketba1l........ .. Football ...... .. Baeeball ....... ......... Track .................. Sophomore President Student Council ......... Junior Play Senior Play Top Ten Sopho e Vice-President Double Quartet F. T. A. ......... . Annual Staff ........ Student Council ...... Junior Play Senior Play Queens' Court ...... Majorette ....... Girls' Chorus Triple Trio Top Ten LARRYHART Mixe Chorus.................... 1,2,3 . 1,z,3 1,z,3 1 2,4 1,z,3,4 z,3,4 1,z,3,4 3 1,z,3,4 4 1,Z,3 3,4 1 4 Z 1,2 . Z NEDRA HUBBARD Library .... .... . .......... . ...... Senior Play JUNE JOHNSTON Senior Treasurer Queen Senior Play MARY MATHEWS Sophomore Class Secretary Junior Class Treasurer Senior Class Secretary Band .... .............. ..... ....... l,Z,3, Mixed Chorus F. T. A. Annual Staff . .... Girls' Trio ........... Debate .................. Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Dance Band ..... . ..... . .... Z,3, Basketball Band ..... .. Top Ten JOHN O'DELL Football ..... .. Track....... ...... .. 1,2 l Mixed Chorus..... SARA POWELL Library Mixed Chorus ......... 4 Annual Staff 4 Y Junior Class Play 1Prompterl Senior Class Play Phys. nd. 1,2 G. A. 1.. .. 1,z NINA HUBBARD I..ibrary..... ... 1 DONALD KELLER 1D0n1 TraCk..... ..... ............. ..... 1,2 Band 3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,Z Basketball Band 3,4 ROBERT MILLER Basketball ... ......... 1,2 Footbal1..... .... 1,Z,3,4 F.F.A. ..... ..... 1,2 GERTRUDE PACHLER KTrudeJ Newspaper Staff 4 Debate 4 LEE PRESTON Track -- ---- Z 13 LINDA ROBINSON QRobbiej Cheerleading .... .... I ,2,3,4 Library I F. T. A. 2 Annua1Staff..... .... 4 Phys. .... 1,2 JACK Sl-IEPPARD ?. F. A. l,Z,3,4 ELLSWORTH SMITH fPeteI 'ootball .. .. l,Z,3,4 laseball 1,Z,3,4 CONNIE SPOOR KAREN TEAC!-IOUT ,ibrary......... l,Z,3,4 lixed Chorus 1 14 I I GENE SEIPLE Band Z F. F. 1,2,3,4 Top Ten ROBERT SMITH fBob, Baseball.. .... . .. .... . 1,3 Basketball .... ..... 1 ,z,4 Football ..... .... 1 ,2,3 Track ............ 1 Mixed Chorus .... ...... 1 ,Z F. F. A. ............. .... Z ,3,4 Student Council .... ...... Z ,4 MARILYN SOURS Library ... Z,3,4 SHIRLEY STRYKER Library............................. 1,Z,3 Mixed Chorus .. Z,3,4 ER AN KT rry aske all................ ..... 1 ootball 1 Ba ball 1 Track .... 1,Z,3 Senior Class Vice -President Band 1 Mixed Chorus ..... 1 Annual Staff.............. .... I ewspap S ..... ... I I 4 J vlKulNlA 'rrlumrslm Library .......................... l,Z,3,4 Glrls' Choir ..... .......... l SHARON TULE Cheerleader....... .......... 4 Mlxed Chorus ........ ... Z Junlor Class Play Senior Class Play Girls' Choir .......... ... Z EMILY UNROE Library ....................... .... 1,2 Jirls' Choir ..... l,Z,3 KATHLEEN WILLIAMS .ibrary 1 'unior Class Play ienior Class Play 'hys. Ea. ..... 1,2 w1Ns1-oN woon '.1-'.A..... ............ ..... 1,z,3,4 PATRICIA TRUDGEX fPaU Library...... ..... . .. Band .......- ... .. Mixed Chorus ... Annual Staff Girls' Choir ...... .... CARREN TYLE R Library........ Phys. Ed....... JOANN VANWORMER Mixed Chorus ...... Annual Staff ............ Junior Class Play Phys. Ed. ............. . VIRGENE WISNIESKI .. z,a,4 .. z,a,4 ...... 2 ...... l .....l.2 ... 4 .... 4 1,2 Cheerleader .... ... l,Z,3,4 Library ............... ........ l Annual Staff. ......... 3,4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Queens' Court ........ ..... .. ...... 4 Top Ten 15 .... 3,4 l,Z,3 Watch your figures, gals! People Are Funn The Four Flappersl Dan and Sharon What s up, Pete? Blow hard Wln and Deame Dick and Virgene Live Stoc k ? Fit for a 5enior.' ' N525 9 ou, o a Who is your friend '? The Hitchhiking? Miss prim A Night To Remember gals are at it again 9, f I-leaf 9' sec. V "Q" 6 free. ' J 0 0 a 0 .. " '?!?L Q u., w xx ' J u Xl 4 .L .S -'J fi' 'M W' """"'f ,,S" Tvunsur r P 24 X: f N v e - J X U .J 'A fl' X 6' XZ ' UW N g - -+7 A 7,52 U- K9 U J . 6 I Um llhKV cmk: JW 5 0 U Wfqfwif o f ' 'U J Af AS Z X g-J ' g X S gk: F QM kXf ' 'N HJ X K N Zig? ffm X gf TP A , N C, 4 D V , 7 "WP 4' ' . cg 5 kc V V X . SJ ,X ,. --- 1-, --cz7T"'m 1 'G if H Dorothy Adams Roy Arney Rose Barrington Ivan Boynton Arthur Brandt Joyce Brisbane Clara Lee Brott Betty Brown Ruth Brown Carol Burkhardt Julia Carpenter Judy Case Patricia Clarke John Converse Diana Crandall Ellen Cross Charles Cutchall Louis Cuyler Bill Deeren Jerry DeCair Nancy Dolbee Robert Dormer Carol Edwards Gary Fairchild Bryant Ford 18 Juniors are ' 1 .lf 'fl iw. .P X l 3 'z X W 1 3 at . i X , 4 'Q .qv A J , 1 4 1 'Y AE n O' 1 !.- 1 i ..-a 1' 'S 4 a -f '43 Ps 'UQ I -Q IU" if Xi ,ga W X J , 1 7 xg . Harold Funk Gordon Glen Charles Gregory Karlton Gruner Lynn Hagelshaw Steven Hagerman Warren Hand Robert Irish James Johnson James Kingsley Darlene Krieg George Ladley Yvonne Lair Sharon Markley Loretta Miller Louise Miller James Perkins Patricia Phillips Donald Putnam Keith Reed Bonnie Rench Harlow Rounds Gloria Rosenberry Richard Rumsey Carl Salyer Jerry Sanderson Shirley Seiple David Smith Roger Smith Melvin Sours sy E my E 19 James Spencer Carol Swain The-rrell Teachout Sharon Thayer Shelia Trennepohl Kathryn Vincent .Terry Wadsworth Margo Wagner Robert Walter Richard Wessel Rebecca Warner Martin York Lucille Zarmstorf - .-Q, 2? M 22' X 1 E "' Q at vw if ,nV.. i , rap , ,,. ipw 2 ' sv K gag t at ,M fx. mi f ' l t an d m 'Q , ., f 1 ..,, 21? L T .1 ,. ,L .ik 'Hin , , , h tm Yummy: Eeekl I 20 Party time I Off We go: Farewell to our Canadian friends i 'L ,.. 'V' Q iii i x 1 ,E Q X Q I ' A Sophomores 'Ui N I' i , Q If .,, Q 6, . A , iffiiil w "P V' :Y -.9 in K" ' .' l. is XX X ff! if V i fl Wir QQ. - . ,pr A Tom Almond Louis Alwood Carol Augustine Billy Beatty Bernard Bennett Vernon Borgert Winston Boyes Ron Brandel Bruce Brandt Larry Bray Richard Brown Vicki Brown Marie Broughman Carla Carpenter Gail Carpenter Ronald Chard Vicki Chase Tommy Church Zunalda Clark James Cole Travis Colo Loren Crandall Donn Duncan Billy Ellvnwood Cynthia Ensign '7l Jerry Fairchild Ronnie Forrest Jean Franks Gracie Freeland Sylvia Fredericks Roy Funk Jane Glen Dale Gordon Karen Gregory Robert Hamilton. Ted Har! Betty Harvey James Herman Wilma Jetmore Billy Johnson Raymond Johnson Arlene Keller Grace Lake Linda Littlejohn Esther Lowe Marlene Lowery Marlene Mack James Madden Ann Martin Sam Martin Judy Miller Pat Mullin Diane Musselman Laura Neaman Lloyd Parks 22 iz S 46 :,:'axDPlm- H 2, 'I as Wa ' 35 JW s vp W v ax ,.. 1 K 1 g i J ':,-, L.. V . X V- so if 1 +2 i 'K mfg, n,. ':. s 'rm 'Q -9 x XV if f-v Q 3 'ag R Si xy ' an ,Ll-Lo-G , sz: X P J ' a 'W' , 1' R is -1 3 K N ' i N 5- R f-5 iz ' vigrx f: av Q -. V ,Lt K v i , We , X gi ' ' ' Q-3 R .4 A 5.2 ii -" fn James Pepper Lucille Radley Alice Rasey Deanna Rice Paul Richmond Jesse Riggs Sue Robbins Russell Ruggles Cecil Salyer Richard Scharf Harriet Schrader Eileen Schragg Don Shephard Richard Sproat Stanley Smith Linda Spells Delores Stoker Jeanette Stryker Jean Sutfin Harry Turnham Sharon Tyson Robert Warner Sandra Weiderman Frank Wilcox Sharon Zerby Butch Rogers 23 Carol Arney Virginia Barber Cleo Bavin Stanley Beatty Anthony Blake Janice Brown John Brown Raymond Brubaker Christine Byers Dennis Carpenter Paul Cole Donna Crandall Carlene Cronkhite Esther Cross Harlan Danbury Wanda Dibert David Donovan Norbert Drust James Fisk Shirley Funk Cathy Gallop Janet Gregg Mike Gregory Larry Hand Tim Hart 24 in-. iii'- i,, .,., ir if 'WS 2' SSW -W it if J i ",,,,i I ,.. Ni :Q ix Freshmen J ye e - J -an 'W Ez xi M .t 'wi' H 'H U I gi 1, 3 as fr 2 gi' if b L it , ii ff W. i 'W 1, ifgif A 2 ' . .21 'VS u s 1? Q f Q yiyy ' 4 at get +3516 5 Q Q Ei Q '22 re ,,A.. v fwig lk x WK hub illw' All W Q. 9 , e 0 1 'xi xx! YY in s 'Remax Q " T ls X " l 'U A -QP ' .' 'X A-wg in wi -we I is al nil l lil X Q in 3 'Y QQ 5 lf al xii , 1 X 'ffl e ffff 4, we lk Q Q? Ei l ri 'L Y , Q Tom Harty Gary Hawver Mark I-litchcox Charles Haughey Robert Hughes Gary Johnson Mary Johnson Myra Johnston Norman Jones Allan Kingsley Charles Kiser Bill Lake Gloria Lee Paul Little Sandra Little Sue Lux Karen MacDonald Mary Martin Tom Martin Johnny Mathews William Mayhew Phyllis McRae Sharon Miller Sharon Moore Ann Musselman Paula Nelson Martha Peck Mary Pepper Rosemary Pequign William Powell ot 25 Rex Putnam Uvena Rarick Linda Riley Vern Robbins .Tean Ruggles Chalmer Salyer Nova Scott Chester Simington Karolyn Smith Gaylord Smith Jim Smith, Judy Smith Roberta Smith Frank Swain David Swan Mona Tase Gerald Teachout Glenda Teachout Myralee Teachout Bruce Thomet Sherry Thomet Myron Trennepohl Mike Trudgeon Tom Turnham Larry Spoor Ross Tule Janet Wagner Theresa Walter Terry Wade Jim Washburn 2 ws Wx 325 1 X v 1 ' A 7' . eme- is 26 xflw L i t ll! An X if ,k w ik W? 3 L, yy I ,v 2 'ik '15 1 3 . . 9 ir , sin .. ' j a f I i' V Qi 1,i v "" -' 1 2 , A L Q ' . Vykk elia 5 ,E wt, i ii 1 0'3" W G is Q. k -if f ' I S- 4 nw . 'H ,M M ,452 , ., , .. - ,iv - ll K fx A EQ., -,n eg-' sg, i X 1 ' 'H ' , ' - I, ' . -4. Q ,sz f' X it kk ' 'f ,,+ 121. ,aiu Kel X. 'f 5 fi gtk ,. M ?a 'T-? .Sw B N. 1 gil, -ew X ., if .gigs xx -- Q rw a K A ,Q 8 . X . f Mike Boatman David Ri sner Phyllis Watson Bob Wetherholt In memory of Olga E. Cheklich, who died on August 4, 1957. Olga was a fine student and a friend to all: the memory of her warm smile and cheery disposition will live forever in the hearts of her family, friends, and classmates. James Adams David Alwood Norman Alwood Rex Barrington Burdette Bennett Sharon Blanchard Harriet Blake William Booih Marlin Brauker Geneva Brown Deborah Buell Barbara Burnside Carlene Bussema Janice Carpenter Tommy Clark Paul Clutter Harold Cole Lois Cole Danny Corey Andrew Craig Marvin Cuyler Larry DeCair .Tack Dolbee .Terry Eckert Alice Eldred 28 8th Grade I , N 5 ' , X m - . - .. . . W, N . i A A .W SE 1 7 'aaa fi nf 1, es:,,g, V. ' C n . f M 1 TS f V.-rf' f " 'sfsf 12 ' 'K if ' s is Q me fa, 'E f ar qi ww 2 A. 43 h.A, r-.1 'X 5 X J , J " ,am ' M i W GE wrt. 4, 6, -ww f-A fy' A 5, ,,, e ,. ,.,.. Q , U A , . ,., .J ,V 5-ee W -1- ' ,:h',,-. i1, ., M' K f1 i S iikk ,... .. r f, :X,V , w WP - ..,. - f,-4.4' L sm!! CX-532311, ' ' ,A 3 'Y S. 'A 3' 1 I if Xi 1 1' L51 4, i ,,,, -mr li'-lk u .si Y 3 tx 'G Q .yn ,X ,X R Q. ,N WV eilxk Larry Finney David Forrest Billy Gage- Elaine Gr-rard Barbara Gillis Samuel Gregory Terry Grigsby Kurtiss Gruner James Haughey Kathleen Hawver Donna Heise Janet Herman Wilda Hilyard Earl Hoe-nes Nlirhael Hoppe Roy Hubbard Judith Jeffers Jimmie Johnson David Kaniewski Janet Keller Darrell Krieg Marlin Mark Judy Martin Lawrence Matson Arlene' Mitchell Violetle Morey Arno O'Dell Patriria Parks Linda Pendill Donald Peterson 5 , ,,, , fs' . " A J 17 , ,fi 4 ,li ' if ' i 29 udy Platz .obert Powell lrve Prater orman Price 'erry Ran kin renda Rarick laren Ratzow ,arry Ray afkie Reynolds amuel Rial ale Marie Robinson ouise Ruggles arol Schultz onald Sears rank Simington xck Smifh xzannv Spenrer ora Mao Spindlow :abort Sutfin :mald Swain athleen Thrams obert Washburn ze Ann Weidcrman me Wood avid Youngs 30 'ii 'Ni Q, If-11- U 'E s fx X 'K J fb? A ,gi ,.1, Q", "'? A A 'x s -i 1 5'-fl-sr p 7th Grade vii' 2 Y i 1 Q ' 1 'S Qdilgwgl 'fa' A 1 -5 3' ... 5 ina iz W, li S x Linda Acmoody Thomas Adams Rifhard Adolph Willard Adolph Beth Albert Ruth Bailey Bradley Baker Carol Baumeiste-r Susan Bingley Patricia Beiteman Rolland Blowers Charles Bodine Basil Braughman Marcia Brockheisen Tvrry Brown Corilc- Burnside' Susan By:-'rs Charlvs Camplwll Martha Casv Martin Chard Larry Chaffee Rolnr-rt Cline Kyle Converse David Crandall Rila Cuylvr 31 icheal Diamond Chard Dibert lthleen Donavan nymond Drust lrol Enyart 'onne Follis not Funk .tricia Gallop ruglas Gilbert net Goshcoff .nda Gregory iwrence Greuter award Grigsby xaron Hanna rhn Harmes san Hanna even Harvey Lrry Heise cqueline Hendrick mbcrbz-1 Howell uger Hughes annie Johnson irren Johnson -nnis Jones -rris Jones yra Jones anna Katz frna Kincaid nrry Lindsey :sie Lowe 32 N36 . . , 1 xr tray: is Q Q sl wr' as ' vw fs lm Vik as g :ff f fi Q 'Q ix 2 1 Qaae A' 1 eeir . 17 rleai , f fi -A , fi a 2 lm' A is P 2 ea aff' f mi mf ' 4.1, , L 5 wg in as 2 . sg., my , .,. iRk..i5X ,.. ' i , E. , ,, 7 H if W if , f I Q 75' ff ai rL,.V 1 if,L ,7 , - i 1 inoo f Q: ".,- 3 1:5 ' K 35- V SV Y .., i s K 7? L 7 .. ,fx Rx lni 2 , 'ok' L. A E 3 as I ' V ,M 'R ' ... , 51 ' . -'1 A 1 A 'f' - f ix ':-, Q ' K F A ' in ,Q , V il.a w Rif f . I , P , fl V - xi: . fl i ls, 6,1 2 1' ,, I, '. 1 ky ' my C' A-U' fi 1 Q59 X t it , in S, ff if A 1. as la 'Q lk A A as A - gr . 1 JN Xxx . 'F ,vw A . .L Y . . 5 Six 'A if fl li fi 'ar JXLL-di S N . liefs-swf S 'z if I 5. of 41 1 f Qi W fx? xi v- ,Q . lx Ki xffx l .5 E rw, F2 T' ' . X x, rx l' xi Q--nf V-Q C . WNV, Dorla Lux Lorraine Manrhester Duard Martin Rarliel hlaxsun Charles Miller Larry Miller Betty Lou Mitchell Richard Moore Riehard Morrill David Musselman Karen Parks Ervv Prater Walter Prire Linda Rarifk Sharon Rive David Rifhmond Russell Riley Ernest Robinson Robert Rosenberry Clyde Salye. Mlrhael Shoup Lorraine Siniington Gracanne Smith Roger Smith Sharon Smith Kyle Thayer Annabelle Tule Orlen Weeks Claire Weller Luvette Wells 33 h Whitlock y Wilson y Woodman ett Woodward WIN K. K I ' Paw are e 'Qu f .f 'T -if? ff FRONT ROW: Left to Rightg Terry Grigsby, James Adams, Drew Craig, Ron Swain, Frank Simington. SECOND ROW: Bill Gage, Kurtiss Gruner, Marlin Mack, Burdette Bennett, Harold Cole. IN BACK: Pete Clutter. The Union City eighth grade team won the annual 8th grade Homer tournament by upsetting Coldwater in the final game 36 to 31. Union City had defeated Athens and Homer on previous nights to reach the final round. QA E " .1 "" I f U! 'Av 5 . . V 5,4-9 ' If 1' 'fir Lik'f n - , 5 I" f 'Y -I 'K .pfgpf X 1 1, ff' ix-.N f S "--. Q i r f This Is Uur Life FIRST ROW! Linda Robinson, Pat Trudgeon, Charles Gregory, Nadine Groll, Editor: Sharon Hammond, David Smith, Mrs. Johnson, Advisor: Bob Dormer. SECOND ROW: Mary Beard, Joan Vanwormer, Gloria Rosenberry, Carol Swain, Judy Case, Mary Mathews, Delores Doone, Penny Pendill, Rayrnond Baylis, Harold Baylis, Virnene Wisnieski. Janith Fairchild Cara Powell, Doris Baylis, Sharon Thayer. The annual staff members have worked hard to present the story o! your school lite during the school year 1957-1958, hee The Press STANDING: Janet Gregg, Carleen Cronkhite, Marie Broughman, Trude Pachler, Miss Morton, Linda Gregory, Pat Clarke, Harriet Blake, Pat Phillips. SEATED: Mary Beard, Nancy Dolbee, Jim Perkins, Gloria Gregg, Ivan Boynton, Yvonne Lair. Under the leadership of Gloria Gregg, The Maroon and Grey, put out every two wet-ks. kept the student body informed on all activities and events taking place in school. The paper always came out on time and was larger this year than ever before Production anagers "s.,..fF FIRST ROW: Don Putnam, Bob Smith, Vice-president, Carol Cronkhxtr, President: Nadine Groll, Serretary: Sharon Thayer, Treasurer: Bob Irish. STANDING: Mr. Adams, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Jean Franks, C. Srhultz, Judy Miller, Rex Spoor, Jim Herman, Martha Case, Brurr Thomvt, Terry Brown, Sharon Blanchard, Dale Robinson, Cefile Burnside, Carle-ne Cronkhite. Ihr- Smdi-rmf Clozxnril is thi- govvrningg body of our srlxool. This yi-ar, among mimi-roms mln-r things, rhoy vonducu-d a March of Dimvs Campaign, handled all ilu- I1OIl1t'I'OINlDIl avtivitif-5 and tlw distrilaution OIl1I'1llL'TClClSS1'I10T1 picturi-5, and prow-ritz-ll-1lalf-r1Y,ass-1-mlmly. Pro and Con SITTING: Mr. Zukowski, Advisor: Trude Pachler, I-'rank Wilcox, Gloria Gregg, James Johnson, Mary Mathews. STANDING: Mary Beard, Jim Kingsley, David Smith. Il.l iii-Imli-ql1i's1iOn Lliis year Wag! 'AIM bolxqcl Llial all I'1iiIm-cihtau'-H vcononu nil! wlioulcl hi- limiu-d io lc-clinical aid and disaster re-Iii-I." Out ol tour di-Ivan-5, f I Im-.il ii-aim farm- ilirouolm with Llircc xictorics. 37 Future Teachers of America FIRST ROW: Bob Wetherholt, Yvonne Lair, Mary Beard, Mrs. Hooker, Advisor: Gloria Gregg Judy Case, Sharon Thayer. SECOND ROW: Shirley Funk, Janet Gregg, Theresa Walter, Trude Pachler, Eileen Schragg, Karen MacDonald, Caro1Swain, Jean Burgoon, Jean Franks, Ann Martin. In preparing for their role as future teachers, members ofthe club have had practice teaching at the elementary school, heard guest speakers, and ViSii6d other local clubs. Many students have benefited from active participa- tion in the club. Know Your ooks STANDING: Doris Baylis, Jane Glen, Pat Trudgeon, Lynn Hagelshaw, Bruce Brandt, Marie Broughman, .Tim Perkins, Vicki Chase, Marilyn Sours, David Donovan, Sandra Weiderman. SEAT!-ID: Arlene Keller, Carol Augustine, Karen Teachout, Sara Powell, Mrs. Evert, Sharon Markley. Librarians assist Mrs. Evert in checking out books, keeping them in good condition, and in general library work. Their efforts are greatly appreciated by all K, -',- , fvytfii ' g-5425 45.94 'F -',-5 , , : Se ' fl? .75 , . V150 5. 4 . .4 ' FIRST ROW: J. S8ndPrSOn. R- Tulv. M. Trennepohl, C. Hawver, J. Mathews, R. Hughes. SECOND ROW: 1. Fairchild, J. Cole, J. Johnson, R. Smith, Mr. Sackett, W. Beatty, C. Adolph, R. Brubaker, T. Church. THIRD ROW: D. Hart, R. Crandall, G. Fairchild, L. Spoor, A. Blake, M. Gregory, R. Ruggleg, I.. Crandall, D. Gordon, T. Cole, J. Herman, T. Martin, L. Berraw, T. Almond, T. lflart, C. Salyer, P. Little. FOURTH ROW: S. Martin, C. Simington, L. Parks, B. Brandt, B. Dolhee, C. Gruner, C. Kiser, W. Wood, M. Sours, G. Carpenter, J. Sheppard, M. York, G. Seiple, S. Smith P. Cole, B. Thomet, H. Richmond. The Future Farmers have had a very busy year. They planted shrubs at the elementary school which improved the exterior looks of the school. They have sold War-Farin to the farmers to l-cill rats around the buildings. Around Christmas they sold trees from the F. F. A. tree plantation. They have checked soil and made recom mendations for farmers, checked corn yields, and the special DeKalb corn projects. They mixed lawn fertilizers for some of the lawns in town. The boys attended the F. F. A. Leadership Training Camp at St. Mary's Lake, F. F. A. State Convention at Michigan State University, and judged at the Branch County Annual Land Judging Contest. Members of F. F. A. have tested milk from their dairy herds and have the annual project of caring for the athletic field. Future omemakers of America ,ff if F, all FIRST ROW: Carla Carpenter, Linda Spvlls, Harrie1,Schrader, Lucille Radley, Mrs. Convcrsv. Advisor, Gloria Rosenberry. SECOND ROW: Alice Ra:-sexy, Rose Barrington, Jane Glen, Darlene Krieg, Loretta lVlillPr. JOYU' Brisbane-. GETTING TO KNOW YOU iq LQELQQYTTS Q. ,rf ! 7 THEY CAN BAKE A CHERRY PIE UI INa house ai or 97 2, ... st no 1 .ps YD ' FIRST ROW: Russ:-llCrand1ill,Ron Clutter, Bill Dollxev, Harold Baylis, Don Kvller, .lim Grulmlski. SECOND ROW: Carol Cronkhitf-, Gloria Grffgg, Dc-lore-s Doonv, Penny Pvndill, Mary Mathf-ws, Virgt-no Wisniz-ski, Sharon Hammond. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Davison, Dirertorg Sara Powoll, N1-dra Hubbard, Mary BPard, Juno Johnston, Doris Baylis, Kathy Williams, Sharon Tulc. what a doll: i Ge-tting thv lull treatment, Russ '? 'X f S it -38815 ' tg J to Aww G61- niisn hu-I " Tho thrm' art-Fomcdy "Miss Adventure" was prrsenlvd on thc' vvvnings ul Dvre-rnlmr Sth and 7th, and a matinee was given for the Junior High Students. All Cast niernhers arf' grateful to Mrs. Davison for hor help and paticnro Gut ya rornv red: Ilth Hour Theater A f I gain, I --V, A K . A Q3 W gtg. W N, I Hi Carolf 1, FIRST ROW: Sharon Thayer, Lucille Zarmstorf, Judy Case, Carol Edwards, Betty Brown t Clara Lee Brott, Pat Phillips. SECOND ROW: Richard Rumsey, Jim Perkins, Keith Reed, Jim Kingsley, David Smith, Bob if sky Q f Q -.Nm ' I -: is Dormer, John Converse, Lynn I-Iagelshaw, Bob Irish, Ivan Boynton. N. Yeee Gadsf Sleepyf Stub your oe '? Don't you ever go to bed ? "l'.-it ajorettes Gloria Gr:-gg Drulrx Major Tina Lepper KNEELING: Julia Carpenter Lucille Zarmstorf Gloria Gregg, drum major, has been in the band for eight years starting as majorette in 1949 and taking over as drum major in her freshman year. Gloria has received twelve medals, seven for solo performances and five for marching contests. Her absence will be greatly felt by the band. ep Band FIRST ROW: Arlene Keller, Bob Wetherholt, Raymond Baylis, Larry Bray, Charles Culrhall, Jerry Sanderson. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Parks, Frank Wileox, Bob Dormer, Ronald Chard, Pete Clutter, STANDING: Harold Baylis, Don Keller. The home basketball team was cheered on this year by the pep band. This is the third year that they have been organized and everyone has enjoyed the spirit they added to the games. Double Quartet we . if 1.3 , "" STANDING: SEATED: The double quar hospitals and social Shirley Funk, Sharon Hammond, Mary Beard, Karen MacDonald, Ivan Boynton, Steve Hagerman, Bob Walter, John Converse. Mary Mathews. tet was organized just this year, and they have entertained at gatherings. All wish the group continued success. Chorus FIRST ROW: M W S. SECOND ROW: K S. G B THIRD ROW: The thirty-five Christmas Concert entitled "Dixieland activities. r. Clark, Director: Cv. Freeland, B. Harvey, I... Miller, S. Hammond, J. Smith, . Dibert, M. Mathews, P. Pendill, C. Arney, J. Burgoon, K. Marllonald, Stryker, J. Gregg. . Smith, S. Funk, R. Brown, J. VanWormer, B. Renrh, D. Crandall, IS. Cross, Powell, C. Byers, S. Moore, M. Beard, S. Thomet, J. Brown, S. Miller. . Hawver, I. Boynton, S. Hagerman, D. Smith, B. Walter, L. Bavin, J. Fisk, . Wetlierholt. voice choir, under the direction of Mr. John Clark, gave a this year, and in the spring, they presented a minstrel show Jamboree." Many in the community enjoyed these choral Dance Band FIRST ROW: Bob Dormer, Mary Beard, Carol Augustine, SECOND ROW: Frank Wilcox, Charles Cutchall, Ivan Boynton, Mary Mathews, Raymond Baylis, .hm Perkins, Jane Glen, Jim Kingsley, Bob Irish. Our Four ads .Mt ..., ...t..z........,.. ..,.l..... LEF1 TO RIGHT: Steve Hagerman, Jim Perk1ns,lvan Boynton, Bob Walter. 'I'ln- school'5 barbershop quartet has entertained at many local social events this ya-ar, and are mm-mln-rs of a Barbershop Quartet Organization. All the students and community haw- enjoyed the boys' harmonizing. as em N9 4 V fl' ' . J ' af vs Y' n gg, , H, gix X yi if Ti .Ali MA uw ,. f L ' 'fra If xg , 'Ki " if y Fi? A' ' as VE 3? 41 Qs, ig , ,Q ll fs is A X gms if 2 .1 .. as M ag! .. .vu ' 1 'S sk ' 'I A Q Q 35 fs W if E .Q ji .i , A, .-J , we M 6 L V 4.1 NX ' YV X he If , 0' w I ' s sf ,, O 'ii , X .hx W" , v gf, .in I, V3 ' - M Y Qx Yfyqr, X V53 1 13 X ny 1 2 1 ' K 7' M my I' ,AA gf," i ,' "i ifx gf i Q in' - ' ..4,,' ' fxg . 1, ff W Z Z ' JK V, Q I? ' x V ,J , . - 'W f 'V . is 1 ,K 'E z 'ina-:Q t X X J ! 1 A kr A231331 ' K7 iv I 5, 4 sg X :Q ,f - f ', fl, W X 'vw-,ez -,h- Q A-iff f 4N.Sim.1-if 4' . , AQ 8 'Q if E 5 V Q A 4 3 i f Q ,, 31131: Q .fs Q: . fa 3 '93 Z I I LM hi! V w Q.: . , if iw 5 ' A X 3th Grade Chorus I'lRS,1' ROW: SECOND ROW: . Busserna, K. Hawver, J. Hilyard, V. Morey, Mr. Clark, J. Keller, B. Rarick, . Cole, L. Ruggles. J. Reynolds, D. Robinson, C. Kiner, C. Spindlow, I. Platz, K. Thrams, D. Buell, . Blake, L. Matson. 7th Grade Chorus 3 4 .Jim M ll 4 M lg? Q . ,I 'ii ' , V V A: br if .V V , , Q: A I j I ' an i FIRST ROW: C. Campbell, I. Goshcoff, M. Jones, G. Smith, D. Katz, R. Lowe, B. Mitchell, B. Albert, L. Rarick, L. Wells, B. Wilson, R. Howell, J. Hendrick. SECOND ROW: M. Diamond, L. Chaffee, R. Morrill, T. Adams, R. Hughes, Susan Hanna, S. Bye' Sharon Hanna, C. Baumeister, P. Biteman, L. Manchester, K. Whitlock, J. Funk THIRD ROW: A. Tule, R. Maxson, V. Kincaid, R. Bailey, M. Brecheisen, M. Case, B. Cline, R. Cuyler, K. Parks, L. Gregory, S. Bingley, K. Donovan, L. Simington. SFU T5 W I N Cayglcq JG Ok if' i U5 QQ ..,,.. Q, QD ,Q U? x Q? y- fi NK X ' Q-:J arsity Football FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: F. Symington, T. Teachout, P. Smith, B. Dolbee, L. Hart, R. Baylis, B. Miller, J. Converse, B. Walter, J. Kingsley, D. Smith, P. Clutter. Mr. Wade, coach, M. Cuyler, Mr. Wheeler, coach, R. Swain, L. Cuyler, J. Grohalski, D. Rumsey, H. Richmond, M. York,'M. Sours, G. Fairchild, R. Clutter, D. Arney, I. Boynton, T. Hart, T. Grigsby. Our boys came through with four defeats and three victories, but the season was considered a great success because we retained the Little Brown Jug. Reserve Football FIRST ROV : SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: G. I-Iawver, R. Putnam, M. I-Iitchocx, R. Tule, T. Turnham, D. Swan, R. Hughes D. Sheppard, P. Little, T. Howell. R. Funk L. Crandall, J. Madden, G. Johnson, I. Washburn, J. Pepper, S. Smith, F. Wilcox, R. Johnson, B. Warner. B. Lake, M. Gregory, G. Teachout, L. Spoor, J. Fisk, L. Bercaw, B. Bennett, J. Cole, I. Brown, C. Symington, A. Kingsley, T. I-Iarty, Mr. Wade, Coach. I 'wet-rvvs prom-d to be a hard-playing team this year, and won about half il.. ii- I. vs. VVQ- hope to see some ofthe "Little Maroonsn on the Varsity Team M, My . 53, fefzg ,I Mai Q 54 ', 3' .av X fm xzgivf 1 ' I . 1 was P- , f 6? 1 K ', K ! V ln' S X Y :noir sv 'mg ff3:aQ 95 YB Q 'S :rf . ' . Q ui' '51, Q . . JJ '-3 -QA-'Y .Q 7 Q ,. A , "." nm, M fi 1- :A . I--. Nf3:A,QM -- Q K ' 1iv.zka.nw,a?ff'fi'.'6?is?.Jq1:l .fi 4. 1 M: Q 3.5. - Queen For A Night -W. ,Q E 2 , Z I wrswz, . H" ,,,,,,, ,Mi LEFT TO RlGHT: Ble-va Newman, Nadine Groll, Queen, June Johnstonp Sharon Hammond, Virgene Wisnieski. OUR GRIDIRON SWEETHEARTI FOOTBALL BEAUTIESI SAVE ONE FOR ME LL!-JI' The Lineup 'FO RHLHTL Vnrgr-nv Wxsnu-skx, Lmda Robmson, Sharon Tule, Dr-ann! Groll, Carol Cronkhlh-. 33 . I iv Thr- 1 hcvrleadf-rs hclpvd lmxd our team Oo vlftury, and kept ovvryunc- Q-nfouragvd when our scorlng ivll lwhxnd. They ixllcd Che- wholv stu- dr-nl body wlth splrli bvfore nmevtmg ourlnggr's!i0OIbdl1rxv.lls,by having rx snake- dance- and bon-fnrv. RESIS RVE LIHEERLLQAIJERS SMS ...4 Irl'lIf'I' YO RIGHT: Myra Johnson, Betty Harvey, Sherry Thomet, Linda Spells, Rosemary IJ ..,1 ...f 1 HAO l'w-nlnnn f'-A-l,L.tA F pm Our Globe Trotters FIRST NOW: Don Putnam, David Smith, Jim Kingsley, Melvin Sours, Roy Arney, Larry Hart., Ivan Boynton. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wade, Coachg Louis Cuyler, Dan Hart, John Converse, Bob Walter, Russell Crandall, Jim Grohalski, Mr. Wheeler, Coach. The Maroons came through this basketball season on top as far as sportsmanship and hard playing were concerned. We're all very proud of our team. Future Varsit FIRST ROW: Garold Teachout, John Brown, Mark Hitchcox, Harry Turnham, James Cole, Paul Cole, Don Sheppard, Ted Hart. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wheeler, Coach, Rex Putman, Tom Harty, Bernard Bennett, James Pepper, Mike Trudgeon, Raymond Johnson, Allen Kingsley, Loren Crandall, Tom Turnham. The "Little Maroonsn were also outstanding in all their playing this year. We 54 ufieli tliwnn .-nvwtinilp-rl ciirrpcfq nf'-IX? VPBY. Jim King!-ilry 4 i ivan Boynton Melvin Sours Sc ,nip !husP Indians! ,Iurnp Ball: I-'ive big Fights: Cv! fha! hall: JIM K. scores again: Track Le-ttermen FIRST ROW: Ted Hart, Louis Cuyler, Ron Clutter, Jim Grohalski, Dan Hart, Charles Gregory. SECOND ROW: Ivan Boynton, John Converse, David Smith, Steve Hagerman, Bob Walter, Mr. Wheeler, Coach. Baseball Stars --.- 5 Lv' we FIRST ROW: Jim Kingsley, Pete Smith, Don Putnam, Ivan Boynton, Ron Clutter, Jim Grohalski SECOND ROW: Don Sheppard, James Madden, Ted Hart, Allan Kingsley, Robert Warner, Dan Hart, Louis Guyler, Mr. Wade, Coach. Student's WH ,um ww. w .1 MQ .4 4 if. Q JIM GROHALSKI Best personality. Most school spirited. Best actor. Best athlete . GENEASEIPLE sl-IARON HAMMOND Most stu nous. B t I-t I Most likely to succeed BEL 5E::::.x Y TERRY THOMET Best dancer. DEANIE GROLL Best dancer. Best looking. Most desirable date. Most popular. PENN Y PEN DILL Most studious Choice CHARLES ADOLPH Most cqurteous . RON CLUTTER Best dressed. Most flirtatious. , Most popular. .XLLLL MVN' .. f f -L. 4 , L L Jill- 56 ill !,,,.b- IVF, A fury fd WP ,M A " X M ,"v"L'U I Vi ,Q X ' ryf' 1, 'NL I M..,-1- ' ffl! X, CAROL CRONKHITE Best dressed. Most school spirited. Most courteous. MARY BEARD Most flirtatious Best singer. MARY MATHEWS Most hkely to succeed. K 4 3' as WINSTON W OOD 58 Besi lookmg. Most desxraule date The ate ate Late Show Our 5:3010 5:00 gals: ff- l in S 'I ill! X Lg 5 n 'I'lu' Annual Shxf! of 1958 signs off. Sew you .again sands' tinw, mr' plnr 4- nvxi y1-ur. Good-by and good lurk. What do I type now 'J 1 The dradlxnf' ls MET' ART ALBRIGHT, Builder of Better Homes.f AMSTUTZ HATCHERY Sign of the Flying Red Horse PAUL AUSTIN MOBILGAS STATION - Ph. PI 1-8901 Tires-Wash-Batteries- Lubrication BAYLIS JEWELRY Gifts of Distinction. BESSIE'S BEAUTY BAR We specialize in all kinds of permanent waving, haircutting and styling. PI 1-5351 Compliments Of BOB 'S MEAT MART B RANDT SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION HOWARD H. BERRY Auto Sales. BRAY'MOTOR SALES Ford Sales and Service. With kindest regards DR. AND MRS. MARTIN F. BUELL P. J'. BUELL AND SON CROSBY - HEATON Well drilling and repairing New and used pumps. Wayne Crosby - Earl Heaton Pl 1-5642 - PI 1-4662 THE DANCER COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE DONOVAN'S MARKET PI 1-5611 DON-RAY Phone PI l-4011 After we sell, we serve. Television - Radio DORMER SHEET METAL SHOP Guttering, Roofing, Furnaces Union City, Michigan Phone Pioneer 1-4981 Compliments Of FABIANOS Home Made Ice Cream Acknowledgements Congratulations from DR. AND MRS. E. V. FINLAY GAMBLE 'S The Friendly Store. GEO. G. AND W. L. GRAY In Active Business Since 1912 PI 1-6851 Congratulations Seniors HENSLEY'S 5 to 51.00 Store HILL REALTY, REALTORS Y Clair L. Hill - Wm. O. Coats Phone PI 1-5431 HORTON'S CLOTHING COMPANY Clothing, Furnishings k Shoes ILENE'S MUSIC STORE Instruments, Lessons and Accessories JENKINS FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Oxygen and Radio Equiped Phone Pioneer l-5431 KNAUSS B: BROWN INC. Allis Chalmers Farm Machinery Compliments Of DR. AND MRS. ROBERT M. LEITCH MCRAE RES TAURAN T MERCHAN T'S HARDWARE If it's hardware you want, we have it. MERRIT FOOD STORE Phone Pl 1-8691 PAUL C. ME TZLER Quality Coal for Comfort. MILLER 'S GROCERIES MlLLER'S HARDWARE Lowe Bros. Paint Super KemTone, Enamels 8: Flats NORTH SIDE STANDARD SERVICE For Finer Foods Dine At PINE GROVE INN Specializing in Chicken, Spaghetti and Pizza Carry outs PI 1-5281 SCHARF PLUMBING SUPPLIES M 60 - Union City. SHOPPERS GUIDE Advertising, it doesn't cost it pays SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY Rusty Chard - Ed Kincaid Pl 1-8131 - PI 1-4931 STANDARD OIL COMPANY Products and service you can count on. Lynn Johnson - Eli Hooker PI 1-5601 - PI 1-5482 Compliments Of STAR MOBILE HOMES INC. Duo - Star STRElT'S CITY RESTAURANT Phone P1 1-6211 Dinners Private Dining Room. Regards to the Graduates TRUDGEON 'S For prompt dependable service UNION CITY DRY CLEANERS 303 N. Broadway Phone PI 1-4071 UNION CITY LOCKER Custom butchering and processing UNION CITY LUMBER COMPANY Building Supplies and Pittsburgh Paints Compliments Of UNION CITY NATIONAL BANK Member of F.D.I.C. WALTER'S FLOWERS, Union City Flowers for every occasion. J'. B. WASHBURN Desoto-Plymouth, I-H Dealer M 60 Union City, Michigan WHITlNG'S DRUG STORE DON J. WILDER Marathon Service Union City, Michigan saw PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE, Mlssounl ' if xx-U' , .I S Cgofigh QCMOOQQ COQQQQQQ and 5UmvQnsitiQQ TIIIS ANNUALQBELONGS TO WWW W 'J' kM'5W.W MLW 'A V W , My 9' 5 'kfffgfy My .ff if ffigfqf-3Q?EfQj,f' if , 5 ,f Q' .7 . YiEifipQ6'f,ii7!1'f 3 1 u st.. D. s Q33 fi 3 -537 Ng Ng X3-iw . ' 1 r .if A W ,WX Q. if ,iff -' 7"-"7 'T 1 .: Yj,1.,11. , , ' 1 ' x V: 1-A '. , j , -- Q Mi 1 35, -. -HL, Wvpx 'mnffw an 1 1 3 l 1 x V f X G Q S B T . if YS Mfg Q Q, bw W' QMVWM SR ,. y,N1w?L,+l, . W yow 2 D4 ' ' jdifliflw W? Mwifif gg WC 0 Wwififjf rl-fff W?" -. .-5. , I ,. gg-1' . ,. Q-1" if ,A..,.A A 1 . M. x , MAMMOVQ Cavlgfkj TIMM llgvygj- ,WW 6 WN ,,..! WWW ' f"vl4el..'UL..yf4z 'db !Q L Qnfjfif ini . .. J g 1 HX: N..- ws- f. . f.-, , , ' - aw' ,S 3 -L '0 5? ' J5- L 45, '5 , ' ' .44 W! . . R 1' :Q , ,,f , v X, ' , 4,2-N 1 21 ' 'TV 'hfzgiifn , 5 ' . - ny. - 3- g. i if .vm AL, TA f ' ., Q' if pi v x 1 7 F? I gf? AC Q I A .ix . Vi--'FH . - : ta . V If A V ., .g 1 fi . F' 3-, i . X Q xnxx? x fr . pw vfgfizfgf 223 245 My lv W' RRR K M NQJQW 3 Wy? E555 We 3225? Qifwwyw 93,50 9 9ifj5Yf5492 44, - ,, .lmvv -. . . ,P :J -fy :K "9?':4 .. ,Y 3 " I ' i , ' L , . A .. -, . " .gram 5 ' HMT. me is An ,",-Ska, .x 1ff3L4fF. , vw I,r1:'f".,, ' J nf- 1' 5 W :mi-fl 414: W-P' ' -354,5 1" psig 1 'S3'i..'3- 'ff'5'6f'A K 'Lia 'wrwef ' fifaf " 1 CNP' .xv vm. X ' f YH V, U . fed , in . - FW f TEET I? .U d "' " ,154-f'i 735427 ' Q F1531 I , 4-3f f:,g'.Qsh , f , - if rg, 'V', P. . klvv rw 45' ' ww ' 'lqf' ,Q .pq wig, Wi, A 1 4' M 'K ,Q l as WW 5 'W' Lf. ., v' 1 3:11 .rf W , iw W -W ,, 44 Vu af 2, 'gif , , UV 1 v 4,7-, --...wg ,Q 4, I ., - .-'1' , . 1, his-W.,-N, Q ii-.sv ,fb ' ' ' uh ' i f Q v 1 ' 'SAF' - ' 'C , , . .V -In . - 1 i"v.'fv5!r' P '.1E'f1E'1:'-1.12.4 WVU -- ' -f, T' V

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