Union City High School - Maroon and Gray Yearbook (Union City, MI)

 - Class of 1957

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ew if 12, DORETHA IUNE HAGELSHAW Died March 3, 1957 In memory of our home economics teacher, a friend who was never too busy to say a kind word or to help us in our work. We know that the loss which we feel so keenly is shared by the entire community. VVE, THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1957, DEDICATE THIS MAROON AND GRAY TO OUR COMMUNI- TY. WITHOUT THEIR WILLING HELP, TH EIR MORAL SUPPORT, AND CONTINUED INTEREST, WE COULD NOT HAVE ATTAINED OUR FIRST GOAL IN LIFE. FOR THIS WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION. ' H 60 - 4 HUfLlQ17T0f7 , ? IWEEYTIM .LU J .. ef A-Erma n.4..,f,, 561-DL 'sg .LA .DE-1 Q ' I Ill " ru m "-,A Q 0' -- V. V: ' -"' X -J Vdznn QKTY MII' ,JUL at -A K sn zn,-Q, R-vc' J "' EW' QMQHSQ, ff ie 660 Sher-w00cI LQYN 091 Q 2 FACU LTV AND ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM G. DYER Superintendent of Union City Community Schools WILLIAM LADAMS High School Principal Mar! of gymcafion LEFT TO RIGHT: Edward Kincaid, Robert Brewer, Iohn Mathews-resigned, Iohn Converse, and Carl Miller. Harold Ray's picture omitted. ERMA BARTLETT B . S. -Western M. A. -M.S. U. Ir. Hlqh ily tb IUNE HAGELSHAW B. S. -M. S. U. Western llomf- Economics LYNN BARTLETT A. B.-Albion M. A.-U. of M. Sclmvncc JOHN CLARK IEANNE CONVERSE GERTRUDE DAVISON A. B.-Albion B. S.-M.S.U. B. S.-Western Band-Chorus Home Economics Cleary College Commercial NORA HOOKER A. B.-Western M. A.-Western History .. DOROTHY JOHNSON B. A.-U. of Wls. Western English LUCILLE AREY A. B. -Westem English PAY MILLIGAN B. S. -Western Shop IRENE MORTON CHARLES NEIL JUNE PROLO PETER SACKETT HILDRED SIZELAND A. B.-M.S.N.C. A. B.-Bethel A. B.-Western B. S.-M.S.U. A. B.-M.S.N.C. M. A.-U. of M. Ir. High Ir. High Agriculture Jr. High Latin-Math. 5 K I ' K' X.. f 7 r Ef E1:..i'r5 . L K7 ?1,le2Z?i R - RQ' ' . :QL , " +N:1- ' tygil zz' ,-'I '- .53 "Qrg:!Q:f,... -:---',', ."!f: V ., -, ' "1 . , : DOROTHY SPENCER PATRICK WADE CHARLES WHEELER RAYMOND ZUKOWSKI IESSIEMAE DUEL A. B.-Olivet B. S.-M.S.U. M. A.-Purdue U. A. B.-A.M. A. B.-Western Librarian Ass. Coach B. P. E.-Western U. of Notre Dame M. A.-U. of M. If- High Coach-Driver Tr. Social Studies Speech Correctionist RALPH MODEN AVIS PONTONI CHARLOTTE FORD MARY OLMSTED FLORENCE BIDDLE B. A.-Adrian B. M.-U. of M. Western Western B. S.-Western M. A.-U. Of M. Elementary Music 6th Grade 6th Grade M. A.-M. S. U. Elementary Ir. High Principal MINA OMO ISABELLE MATTSON WILMA ROE GLADYS ROBINSON CLEO STEVENS Western M.S.N.C. Western M.S.N.C. Western 5th Grade 4 th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade 3rd Grade 6 IDA MATTSON B. A.-U. of Pitts. Zur! Gracie PANSY HAYNER MARIE SHAW BEATRICE CUNIC LILA HOUGHTON A. B.-M.S.N.C. B. S.-Western A. B.-Western A. B.-Western Znd Grade Znd Grade lst Grade M. A.-Western lst Grade 13? RUTH SMITH MILDRED SCHAFER KATHERINE WINTERS BEATRICE WARNER FLORENCE WOOD A. B.-Western Western Western Western M.S.N.C. Kindergarten Burlington Burlington Burlington Burlington er ARTHUR IONES Western Sherwood . 'wi ttlt ,uk 'Ht I-IAZEL FREEIAND B . S . -Western Sherwood BEVERLY WATKINS A. B . -Olivet Music ELSA ADOLPH FLORENCE WARNEMENT A. B.-'Nestern A. B.-Western Sherwood Sherwood 7 SFNIDID EDWARD ADOLPH PAUL BARD Basketball 1-Footba ll 2 I 3'Tf3Ck 1, 2 I 3, 4' Football 1, 2 , 3 , 4-Basketball 1, 2-Sophomore Sophomore Secretay-Student Council 4-News- p,-e51dent..Studem Council 1, paper 3, 4. "We don't know much about this lad accept he's "With light brown hair and shiny blue eyes: the cutest wewe ever had. " Ohl What a man to be so shy." IAMES ALMOND ROBERT BARRINGTON l I l Ulm Bob Annual Staff 4. F. P. A. l,2,3,4. "Happy-go-lucky, fan- and free, Therys "I don't let studies interfere with my educa- nothlng that really bothers me." tion- " ETH EL ARNEY IOEL BARTLETT Library Staff l-Girls' Choir 1,2-Mixed Choir 2- Football 1,2 , 3, 4-Basketball 1, 2, 3-Student Band 2-Annual Staff 4-Phys. Ed. 1. Council 3. "Good men are hard to find, but I'm still "The most lnconsplcuous men often become looking . " great. " WANDA ARNEY SHIRLEY BENNETT Phys. Ed. l-Girls' Choir 1, 2-Library Staff 1- Girls' Choir 1,2-Cheerleading 1-Student Coun- Annual Staff 4-Mixed Choir 2. cll 1-Hot Lunch 1. 'She looks rather quiet, but can you tell by "She laughs not to be funny, but to be fun. " looks? " DAVID AVIZA WILLIS BILLMAN Football 1, 2 , 3, 4-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Base- ball l,2,3,4. P. F. A. 2,3,4, "It ls the wise head that makes the tongue "A chuckle and boldness rare, lighthearted 51111, " without a care. " IBRRY BIOWERS MARY CHASE Football 1.2. 3-Basketball 1.2-Baseball 1,2 . F. T. A. l,2, 3, 4-Girls' Choir 1, 2, 3- Library Staff 2,4-Debate 4-Phys. Ed. 1-Senior Play. "An easy going manner and a pleasing person- GUIY. " "A happier girl you'll never know: bubbling joy from head to toe. " LESTER BLOWERS MYRNA CLARKE Football 1 , 2 , 4-Baseball 3. Girls' Choir 1-Lilrary Staff 1, 4-Cheerleading 3, 4-Queens Court 3-Pep Club 3-Senior Play. 'Life is a jest and all things show it. I thought so once, but now I know lt. " "The gal who puts pep into pepper." WESLEY BRANDT RUSSELL CLUTTER Entered Senior Year. Student Council 2-P. T. A. 2,3,4-Football l, 2 , 4-Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4-Junior Play-Senior Play- "An innocent face, but one can never tell. " Photography 3. "His right eye was a good little eye, but his left eye loved to roam." IOHN BRUBAKBR BETSY CRAIG F. F. A. l , 2 , 3, 4. Band l,2, 3-Nlixed Choir 1, 2, 3, 4-Girls' Choir 1 , 2 , 3-Double Sextet 1, 2-Double Quartet 3- "No one knows it but l'm naturally bashfu1." Triple Trio 3-Trio 4-F. T. A. 1,2,3,4-Debate 3,4-Senior Play-Paper Staff 4. BOB BUNDAY RUTH ANN CRANE Football 1 ,2 , 3, 4-Basketball l, 2, 3, 4-Ba se- Salutatorian-Girls' Choir 1, 2-F. T. A. 1,2, 3, ball 2,3,4-Student Council 3, 4-PreshmanVlce- 4-Debate 3, 4-Papa' Staff 3, 4-Annual Staff 4- Presldent. Junior Play-Senior Play. "He's got a car, he's full of pep, all the girls' "Always happy, Always gay, nature make her say, he's really hepl " just that way." ILO CRAYDON Valedlctortan-Girls' Choir 1,2, 3, 4-Band 3, 4- Senlor Play-Mixed Choir 2, 3,4-P. T. A. 2, 3, 4-Debate 4. "As a student you shine, as a friend, you're fine." MARK CRISSY Newspaper 2 , 3, 4-Mixed Choir 1. "He's not as shy as his actions lmply. " DENNY CROSS Football 1,3-Basketball 1,2,3,4-P. F. A. 1,2, 3,4. "Sweet and shy, but oh, what a guy." BARBARA DOLL Phys. Ed. 1-Glr1s'Cho1rl,2-F. T. A. 1,2- Newspaper 1,2 , 3-Annual Staff 4-Queens Court 1. "Nice to know and fun to be with. " IERRY EBERT Football 1,2 , 3-Basketball 1,2-Pep Club 3. "Work fasclnates me. I could sit and watch it for hours. " ROSLYN ELY Glosiel F. T. A. 4-Girls' Choir 1,2-Phys. Bd. l,2,3- Senior Play-Junior Play-Annual Staff 4-Cheer- leading CSub.J-Queens Court 4. "The quiet type--just like Grand Central Station." CHESTER FO LU S lChetl Senior Band 1 ,2 , 3, 4-Football 2-Iunior Play- Senlor Play-Annual Staff 4-Newspaper 3, 4- Basketball Band 4-Library Staff 3, 4. "Give me an audience: I want to say a word or two. " VICKI FOSTER Girls' Choir 1,2,3,4-Mixed Choir 3,4-Phys. Ed. 1,2. "As long as there is fun, life is wcnh living. " PEGGY GERARD Girls' Choir l, 2 . "So qulet, yet so full of life. Count on Peggy to make a good wife." ANN GRAHAM Girls' Choir 1, 2. "Better no he small and shine, than to be large and cast a shadow." WILLIAM GRAY ALTA IGKIES lB1llJ Photography 3 . "A quiet manls the possessor of deepthoughts. " MARIAN HAMILTON Phys. Ed. 2,3-Hot Lunch l,2, 3. "Eyes dark, hair dark too: has the gayest smile for you. " Iunior Play-Band 1,2-F. T. A. 1,2-Newspaper 3-Annual Staff 2 , 3, 4-Girls' Choir 1, 2-Phys . Ed. 1 , 2 . "She llves for today and enjoys every minute of lt. " MARILYN ION ES Glrls' Choir l, 3-Hot Lunch 2, 3-Iunior Play 3. "A quiet girl, but quite a girl. " MARIORIE HAMPTON IUDY IOHNSTON Girls' Choir 1,2-Phys. Ed. 3-Hot Lunch 1,2,3. Annual Staff 4-Girls' Choir 1. "I'm happy, what's wrong with the rest of the "I'm making the most of all that comes and the wgr1d?" least of all that goes." LARRY HICKS WILLIAM KATZ lBll1l FO0tbal1 1,Z, 3-Basketball 1-Baseball l, 2, 3- Band 1, 2 , 3 . "School is free, but why ride a free horse to death?" LGVIRNE HILL Nernl Football 1,Z, 3, 4-Basketball 1,Z, 4-Baseball 1, 2 , 3, 4-Band 1, 2 , 3-Track 3. "Rather athletic, slender and tall, a friend to all. " Football 1,Z,3,4-Basketball 1,Z, 3,4-Band l,2, 3,4-F. F. A. l,2,3,4. "He likes them short, he llkes them tall, yes, he likes them all." ROBERT LYSTER lBobl Football 2 , 3, 4-Basketball l-Track 1 , 2 , 3 , 4- Band l , 2 , 3, 4-Mixed Choir 1, 3 , 4-Library Staff 4-Basketball Band 3,4-Dance Band 4-Senior Play-Junior Play. 'A little nonsense now and then, but still as wise as other men." IOSLIN MC DOWELL ROWENA MOORE Uosl CRlnkl Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Football 1, 2, 3,4-Track 1, Girls' Choir 1, 2-Phys. Ed. 1, 2 , 3 . 2 , 3, 4-Baseball 1,2-Student Council 2-Junior Play-Senior Play. "There are always two sides to evay argument, my side and the wrong slde. " "A legal klss ls never as good as a stolen one. " 1-Yl-E MACK LESLIE MORAN C1-es! F. F. A. 1,2,3,4-Football l,3,4-Basketball 3- Track 3- Football 1-Baseball 1, 3, 4-Mixed Choir 2, 3, 4-Debate 3,4-Double Quartet 3-Male Quartet4. "Hard work may not kill, but it scares me half to death- " "When 1 read Shakespeare, I am struck with wonder." GARY MILLER MARGARET MORRILL Football Baseball 1 F- F-1-L 1,2,3,4- Girls Cholr l,2. Annual Staff 2,3,4 Library Staff 1-Band l, 2 , 3, 4-Basketball Band 3, 4- "A smart man is one who hasn't let a woman pin Phys. Ed. 1,2,3-F. T. A. 4-Junior Play-D. A. R. anything on him since he was a baby." "Let's make hay while the sun shines." IOHN MILLER ROBERT NELSON fBig Iohnl KBobJ Football l,2, 3, 4-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Baseball Band 2, 3, 4-Annual Staff 4-Football 1,2-Iumor 1,2,3,4-Band1,2,3,4-Student Council 4. Play. "Women are devils, they all lzxing me woe, but "Reserved, with good manners and a good dis- how to avoid them, I'll never know." position. " MARVIN MILLIGAN PATRIC IA NOIUON KMarvJ CPa tl Student Council 3-Football l,2,3-Basketball 2, Mixed Choir l,2,3,4-Library 4-Hot Lunch 1,2, 3,4 Photography 3 Iumor Play Semor Play. "Of all the boys ln the senior class, this one "The first sigh of love was the last of wlsdom, makes the biggest crash. " but who wants to be wise?" SHIRLEY PALMATIER EDITH SC HRAGG Student Council 3,4-Annual Staff 4-Girls' Choir 1,2, 3,4-Double Quartet 3-Trio 4. Glrls Choir 1 2 3 Mixed Choir 3 Newspaper "I'l1 never be an old maid as long as there's CPrompterJ fish in the sea." DAVID PARKS HARRIET SMITH Football 1,2,3-Track 1,2-F. F. A. 1,2,3,4- Girls Choirl 2 3 Mixed Choir 1 2 3 4 Phys Band 3,4. E 2 "We have a feeling he is much greater than we Don t take life too seriously you Ll never get know. " out of it al1ve MORRIS POWELL IUDITH TU'LE lSkipl Uudyl Basketball 3-Baseball 2. P T A 2 3 4 Cheerleading 4 Junior Play "An indlvldualist with a manner all his own, " 4 Queens Court 3 Football Queen 4 Student IAMES PUTNAM Ulm? Football l , 2 , 3, 4-Baseball 1, 2 , 3, 4-Basketball 1 , 2 , 3-Band 1 ,2 , 3, 4-Freshman Treasurer-Iunior Vice-President-Senior Vice-President. "Have fum while you're alive because you'll be dead a long time. " DALE RANKIN Cfankl P. P. A. 2,4-Football l,2,3,4-Baseball 1,2, 3,4-Band1,2,3,4. "A quiet sort with temper when needed. " DONALD WAITE MARLENE YORK fDonl Iunior Play-Senior Play-Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Major- 1 Football l,2,3,4-Baseball 2,4-Track 3,4- ctte 2,3,4-Basketba11B-and 3,4-F- T- A. 2, 3, F, F, A, 1, 2 , 3, 4-Band 1, 2 , 4-Girls' Choir 1, Z , 3-Newspaper 4 . "SCI-,001 breaks up my Whole day. " "It's not what you do, 1t's what you get away with. " KENNETH WILLIAMS NANCY ZARMSTORF Giennyl Phys. Hd. 1-Girls' Choir l-Junior Play-Presh- F. F. A. l,2,3,4-Baseball l,2, 3, 4-Football 4. man Secretary-Iunlu' Treasurer-Senia'Treasurer. Whenever I feel like mee-rclsxng, llie down Nothing ls impossible if one is willing. until the feeling passes. " NORMA N ULERY Football l-Basketball l-Choir 1,2, 3-Basket- ball Band 4. The mcrc you know, the more you forget, the more you forget, the less you know, so why study? Lnior Cfdriif Omcem Nancy Zarmstorf LaVern Hill Ilm Putnam Judy Tule L K A ., ffm? -:f...f::':: --fi" in - , Y W W x A K NM Z 0? X 2 Q 3 K fa Wf- . Q-- siafii 'A 1 -, . .L .. V ..X,. an ,,,X5g, . XR is 3.1 K 1 ax K X Barb Ma rj .ff KU- Q . i , Q , Vick Ethel Skip .. H in , . ., '-- ,. , .1-1:2 , 4155. 5, k ' Wav? ' 12, ' .2 . I l X L1 zigs:- .,,3 1s1- " gl. . .7 'f4,s-Qfkigffw' . --wi v ,Hi ,V , IEE. X .V 55 S X ' . Jos W W - 1 -- 3, ..h,V : - i -3. 'gil 12, V, M Q t Nancy 3 L, W m um K . R N K WT 6 fs : . -.fX1,Q'u,fX1s1f- .fsligffivygggifguiak .. w g? ff -f .17ggg fP:,i5gfli- g-f53fcR, - 1y, sp: fiyfgg-,igw12slfi?if1gQ3ig5lz.M5242 X S .,. .lsggwf -Iggy.-:U S M 1 w Maggxe UNDER'- CUXSSMEN gif A f""'f , X5 ig ,M 2 K ' 5 .fi A .... . I N -I , ff- ff. -we . as Y , . E Q .. N X, X , i 3 S X 1 -: . EI:- K as, W , .fr ,. gs? 5 5 Qs F gg 51. x , . ' QS?-' .kg . .. , ..,,k3 98 W5 , 'K s Q-WAVE 'fI- 511 Rf QQQE? ,L ,G wg et ian' Di zfmiom s. if ,. f vez ,, .. z -333 '-"5 ,gi if 5 ?77Wi:3i J. ..l-M251 . ' we Fi l R T3 ' w av A ' Q lf - 1 , , i , K1 i xx N, . , 4. 1 ' i C: H i :EH A -El HQ , lsr, f.ga .aQmwa' Ivana Q , W si "1 W- - .wi - 1- Y S 'f itff 3' K iffy, C Y sz . -Q 1 FE? RR S2 'eras Q gk 1 W 1. ssrfe aa 12. ::a:sE.i:s.:., -- - swam., .. ... . , N ami: sb- -- ,M .. , . .--, f, 1M ., 1 s ii . . 1 Q,-1 U i ss, .si . Wi -: -ff -i: . is ' las 95151, ' ,srssfw ' gn K ' si ,, 5 ix Q 14 my W N Q 4 4 U .. ,. : ' fifqail fill' ' ' WET? 2, L 'xiiiv E 7 'Q adsl Q .Q gy Qi 5 X N i ,, Wig ffl. 5. 14:i,i.rff-i'. 55 ,-.,,-,,,,,, , ,L F , ww gg .M ,1 Mrs 'g f Y 5333?-Ig ei 5 'VM , QM S' R K or 2 L K , I Q i j, ff l, -f A , ii . Lf ry 5 laaauaa-no fvw aigsi . '-: .firui " V 5 :E m m wi- Q N J, In .ai 1 Charles Adolph David Arney Donna Bates Doris Baylis Harold Baylis Raymond Baylis Mary Beard Larry Blowers Marjorie Booth Mickie Breneman Iean Burgoon Tom Clark Ronnie Clutter Harold Cole Russell Crandall Carol Cronkhite Bill Dolbee Delores Doone Dick Duncan Mary Ellen Edwards Priscilla Eells Ianith Fairchild Gary Foster Earl Frye Gloria Gregg Norma Gregory Iim Griswald Nadine Groll Iim Grohalski Sharon Hammond if -:V -Q, Y .Q ta Q -,a 'J' UP' . Qi W on K T -:rev . 5 4, VW, Z 1. V ii 3 T 1 Q mt 4. 3 .K , 9 1 S' .4 K Q 9 SN X ,. fe . , . M Q, - f" ' -ofa K 9 Si X bg N - . , K .t -Q 4 v S 1 - 4 J' . x S -:K X 1 -Q, . x M e Kr :" " hifi" S ' X gl ,wir ":' XLX' 'N ' 1 gill w "- ww. I 'ls' gt H fi Q, 4 "' ' lg' H. Y nw-F44 j ' 'A 7? f.- . -4 M M' , .l ,Q 'X' ia!! .. fa M ' , "" 4 ' f f X ' , - T ,h, .1 , Q li ,xx I 1 Daniel Hart Larry Hart Mona Hicks Nedra Hubbard Nina Hubbard June Johnston Don Keller Mary Mathews Bob Miller John O'Dell Helen Pendill Marianne Pequignov. Sara Powell Lee Preston Linda Robinson Iack Sheppard Ellsworth Smith Bob Smith Marilyn Sours Connie Spoor Karon Teachout Terry Thomet Vlrglnia Thompson Pat Trudgeon Sharon Tule Carren Tyler Emily Unroe Ioan Vanwormcr Beverly Wagaman Kathleen Williams 19 sw? ,- Q K ,iw s. Kenneth Wilson Virgene Wisnieski Winston Wood Shirley Stryker X -X Stelle Callahan I f is 1, 'M W K 3 -5 'Y wvms SLEEPING BEAUTIES ? ? ? fs, 'z " OOM HB BUYS ' If 90956 0 QP' 'Po 0 .sf my 5' CAM Umm Mary Mathews, Treasurer: Ronnie Clutter, President: Ray- mond Baylis, Vice-President: Marianne Pequignot, Secretary. 3,9 OWLOVQZS 0-. . ' 13 'fvf i,1'T7 0' 2 ll: :Q , Lg 1 fl Yin? ,f . " r 'T Vs ,Q I as ' ,J .1 tr I --.1 Q If-MQ. 'H5' ful . '.L JP if 64 fn! 1 1 'V I 9 W .tx K 1 iii L A au 2, Z v " 'K QT' Q' ' M- i y J A i W mari 1 Y J. Q QR 5 . . K ' K R 'Ku ' '5 35 ., 92,-B '32 is B - C 5 A, ,. - s. A s as 1 ' 7 Qi' . , . 4-S B B xxasdf , M 5 ' - Q 2 K' gk +3 V ., kr' 5 .jf .X ..,. ,.,,k yt ' L xl . . 1 T' a L . ' 4 t N ' " ' s 8 ' s E. 5 X -P x N J f Dorothy Adams Louis Alwood Roy Arney Rose Barrington Ivan Boynton ' Arthur Brandt Ioyce Brisbane Clara Lee Brott Ruth Brown Mary Lou Burgo on Carol Burkharclt Julia Carpenter Iudy Case Iohn Converse Diana Crandall Ellon Cross Charles Cutc hall Louis Cuyler Billy Deeren Nancy Dolbee Robert Dormer Carol Edwards Gary Fairchild Bryant Ford Harold Funk Jerry Girard Gordon Glen Charles Gregory Karlton Gruner Lynn Hagelshaw Steve Hagerman Larry Hamp Warren Hand Shirley Hawver Robert Irish ' Iames Iohnson James Kingsley Darlene Krieg George Ladley Yvonne Lair Iudy Little Sharon Markley Loretta Miller Louise Miller Sabin Mroz Iames Nichols Iames Perkins Patty Phillips Don Putnam Keith Reed Bonnie Rench Gloria Rosenberry Harlow Rounds Richard Rumsev Carl Salyer Jerry Sanderson David Smith Roger Smith Melvin Sours Iames Spencer if 'KI V29 ,,. 'I' 'B' ...- f1V,m Y St if A ' of "fu, R, A x Q f-4-. f. '94 '05 , Yrgfk 'Z :gr J -4 ' I I w 1 I I - , 2ji?g'n f Tig? W H mm ' 3 I XQQQ ? Xe g A .,. 454 I I '- f X Q 414, sis f .tix ,fab K A ' - it i sz I -at v Jw 't, 4.Q , ,gg rue? B Nf Q I I ,f"'M' M . 0 , Q 4ee I, R , , ,4ag:. W Carol Swain Therrell Teachout Sharon Thayer Sheila Trennepohl Kathrvn Vincent Margo Wagner Robert Walter Rebecca Warner Ierry Wad swonh Richard Wessell Marty York Lucille Zarmstorf Betty Brown Pat Clarke Kathleen Wilson 13 Yu Freda Workman J' Q . 'F ,ff Q4 THE FINISHED PROIBCT Q .T w 7' gi , zz g?5Tf7'Q iff fl C LASS ADVIS ORS WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE sis!! ,X ...A IT MUST HAVE BEEN A HURRICANE Cfdiiif C8I"5 Sabin Mroz, Treasurer: Robert Irish, Presidenty Ivan Boynton, Vice-President: Patty Phillips, Secretary, tjl"8:5Alfl'L8lfL R , Q. x 5 L. 5 , 1 E fazfo-if A K fl Lhk. 5' 'L M .. f- , ...i I 7 - yi f x ii. Q , WE. "F . 3 . Ifi f ns- f 4 . 1 , jr - xii ' i f A '91 4. rkmgr . .5-.Lg in in M, . ., . . 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Q .., s - uf . l 1 X . -Jig, F'-F ig 1 is ima? 9 Tom Almond Carol Augustine Larry Bavin Billy Beatty Bernard Bennett Vernon Borgert Ronald Brandle Larry Bray Richard Brown Vicki Brown Betty Canfield Carla Carpenter Gail Carpenter Ronald Chard Vicki Chase Zonalda Clark Iames Cole Travis Cole Loren Crandall Donn Duncan Billy Ellenwood Cindy Ensign Ierry Fairchild Ronnie Forrest Iean Franks Sylvia Frederick Roy Funk Jane Glen Karen Gregory Robert Hamilton A .vv Tg V in .as ' V+ N-vw 5 .x it W, "tsl , Nt f ,. -N T 1 M., o , .- Y 4-ny X r .- 4 Q S, .' A -x H7 4 X .,. l g fi ,. ,... . 'Vi 'sr H" .gg ar, Exe-2.5 F3 S' 'Quir- T 'GZ' :Q S I WM 1, I 1 M '32 at-L Q .9 ZX . 4 oi Ax- 'x f. X 4- r Q Ya mx - " foam .ix NJ' x ,fa , fl sw' .x , Q N vw ru- I -ww . Nu X Q- V ,- ,, Q., :RFP 5. R X x W X-f i. ' N A ,N ,W in fv- ,. V., :QSM 5 . xk t K - a . - ,'b.. A I N 'E -if Wi,-f?S L , l 3, is :tw Q. N 5 'F - Y. : ! . . 'E All 55 L , E ,.., 1 9 2 7 V A k zif j gif Q ,N N g., -' ' 5 is L ,. , ag ks if . Eileen Harris Ted Hart Betty Harvey james Herman Wilma Ietmore Raymond Iohnson William Iohnson Chester Keeton Lester Keeton Arlene Keller Grace Lake Linda Little1ohn Esther Lowe Marlene Lowery Marlene Mack james Madden Ann Marten Sam Martin Sandra McCray Iudy Miller Patricia Mullen Diane Musselm Laura Neaman Lloyd Parks James Pepper Lucille Radley Alice Racey Deanna Rice Ies se Riggs Ierry Risner an will 5 h 'Qf15f5?'7 V ' :Q-.ef S: i- "KA iii who ras f - j .. rw' J YN lx um rr E. , si r N K Q X 'VW r ,, A ' ffgwfev l ,r 1 +. r 4 'im eg X x We ff g J we r n " r Sm. , ,, wld! gylglrgxi rw , rUm'f7 ' 5132 3 ii i R?yf,5S1, 'Q 5gI:fk' L:?'g ri 34' f fl 'W"i-iff ll 'I' ffl. , H , K vu Z, 4"kLL , , - iy11W?Wl,.ff , - ,1 ii.l,:i:1Ni!g??'xgggGg,'1 f - ,gm "" .xr L 1 , !Y,, ,.,,, , i 1 X E 2 K wx 1124 S A9135 re 5 ki' .J -A . ' 1 Q, . Mm - M255 GOOD MAKE UP IOB Sue Robbins Russell Ruggles Cecil Sayler Harriet Schrader Dick Scharf Eileen Schragg Don Sheppard Stanley Smith Linda Spells Delores Stoker Ieanne Sutfin Sharon Tyson Robert Warner Sandra Weiderman Frank Wilcox Sharon Zerby Allan Hamp Henrietta Broughman Tom Church Ieannette Stryker i WE S Q' W5f5z,64'? 01' Oo 000119 P., 64455 O icem Sylvia Frederick, Treasurer: Ted Hart, Presidenty Jean Pranks, Vice-President: and Zonalda Clark, Secretary. W X N ZZQAM, QQ, Q S x ,,4 f A 1 f. 3 " " . ,S J, " 44:1 A . 5 , -Q is -,ty A ,y C S -- V W .T .gig ,G A A"" i f 1 3 , -C1 Db- x X A ee -af s G S Q. 'a 'Sdn ' Q " 1 J .. A z ii. ""-, Y 1 . + x i f . ' 4 .44 4 1 1 .. F 1 -f , .. ... "' v. a 4 . V A l af pg., cell 1 l Q. . X ,, W , 4 " ' X A x, V , , I " ,J '.. X x U ,f A '13 a .,, . A r My 1 Q Il Q fC. fx A as V- 'K , A R. , -,, ' mf Us , A if Xa a A U-. x ' V . l ,' 5 3. , In Yi P, A-.sr Q Vx ,. A 'J .vig S ' .ef vi xl 1 MJ' '51 an wr X 5 .-XY' 31' 13' Q x.... ' me 7 G le, 'Z' in 'S X ...fr .Xkk ' Carol Arney Virginia Barber Harold Barnette Cleo Bavin Stanley Beatty Leo Borcaw Michael Boatman Elaine Boyer Ianice Brown Iohn Brown Raymond Brubaker Christine Byers Roy Carter Dennis Carpenter Olga Chcklick Paul Cole Donna Crandall Carleen Cronkhite Ester Cross Harlan Danbury Wanda Dibcrt David Donavon Norbert Drust Iames Fisk Sally Freeland Shirley Funk Catherine Gallop Janet Gregg Michael Gregory Larry Hand 1, X . if W' XX.X -its - XE, XXX, X X . XX k SX f HX, ,S X- if A ,fig X 7. X. - 1 ' 2 3' xxx if gf XS? W. X Y 'F X it its it ik .2135 X X . . X XX QQQX S , X?-X N X.. as X. XXL., X ..., , f - , X!2i z'?XsQg223iZ XX -fb " X ..if-' XXXXXXX Xzm ggsg il N XX Y X N i as i l.':,Q' Q5 , ..- g x:," P45 X5 -?'if2fXf' :w eft ' E'sX i.X ' V itfilif l':'5gEllii?. .. . g.X- 'iz sin, gags X .X rfQ fr Xf25:fX2 X - SXXXi .qgsgiXsgf X X X-- XX.w.X.XXi f X ', " ",.gi,ilJixf'i Xgig : X X A Q W' X . fs N X NI '1'! X L G X? 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'X'f - ' , . gk.5f5qlX f 3X XA KX, if-, 5 e ,r36iX X f'i!'E39l- Tim Hart Tom Harty Gary I-lawver Mark Hitchcox Terry Howell Robert Hughes Gary Iohnson Mary Johnson Myra Io-hnston Norman Jones Sue Keeton Allan Kingsley Charles Kiser Bill Lake Gloria Lee Paul Little Sandra Little Sue Lux Karen Mac Donalo Mary Martin Tom Martin Iohn Mathews Billy Mayhew Phyllis McRae Sharon Moore Sharon Miller Arm Musselman Paula Nelson Martha Peck Mary Pepper Bill Powell Rex Putnam Uvena Rarick Linda Riley David Rlsner Vern Robbins Jean Ruggles Chalmer Salyer Nova Scott Chester Slmlngton Gaylord Smlth James Smith Iudy Smith Karolyn Smith Roberta Smith Larry Spoor Frank Swain David Swan Mona Tase Gerald Teachout Glenda Teachout Myralee Teachout Bruce Thomet Sherry Thomet Myron Trennepohl Mike Trudqeon Ross Tule Ianet Wagner Theresa Walters Ilm Washburn E ixwff- , ,ig , X . . ,AA. Q , fi.--ff if i L..' r 25' KF, eginning gan! FIRST ROW Ianet Herman, Brenda Rarick, Kathy Hawver, Cora Spindlow, Iudy Platz, Carol Schultz Arlene Mitchell, Sue Ann Weiderman, Mr. Clark. SECOND ROW: David Kanievviski Larry Ray, Michael Hoppe, Kurtiss Gruner, Donald Sears, Earl Hoenes, Lynn Watkins Danny Richmond Rosemary Pequignot Phyllis Watson Ronel Damon dm, UMW, Sherry Thomet, Treasurer, Tommy Harty, President, Myra Iohnston, Vice-President, Rosemary Pequignot, Secretary. eUOI'LtA QU, 8 Iames Adams David Alwood Nonnan Alwood Phillip Bard Lonnie Barnette Rex Barrington Burdette Bennett William Booth Marlin Brauker Geneva Down Barbara Burnside Carlene Bussema Ianlce Carpenter Tommy Clark Paul Clutter Harold Cole Lois Cole Donald Collyer Danny Corey Andrew Craig Marvin Cuyler Jack Dolbee Ierry Eckert Alice Eldred Gary Finney David Forrest Daniel George Elaine Gerard Barbara Gillis Samuel Gregory .f is f J gzp f sg- 1 J K J , . s Y 1 i fs ' 1 1 . .. Q J ,i .,,l,,, M iii 3 2 ,. ., 1. ,,.. ,im ., -:fE1!'1,g7g . K . :fi 'Qrf' ffji J -X , ff- ll K i J 1,,-1,51-Q,f,. A, fl - - 1,.: ,...- fi. X,,LL-L - 1 , A- L .. -' '- --.. zz K I. SUM sf' i " LJ' Sew. . L. JM? his QF. K 1.6 -, 5 , ' K: 5 Q E ,W 5 J 4, W 2 . ,LLL .- ., K ,kr i- t X in . Q gg: -in-. A , .. W 2, . Z K S. ,N .A.. N x K ,Q - 1 J I il: -km f M ,,g '5 as , lbw ,fl-K-if . .I .. ' f - ,grit-,, A, fi-tg Ee: ug i I 'E 1:1 ., 11' Q, . 5. S re 1' j m , ,S ,Q -maj 'Q x 1' ' 3,5 my i ,A J J K - mwf,i: r- . 5 55+ ' . ir. i ,al 2 " ' ' "' N f I A ,g ,i,.,. 5Ef :Q I 5 h , Q ,L , if " 8.q3q,,,,r My Z' ' , ,K merry , 65, iss. Digi: ,ig A ww :, ri , - ,r , J , 4 1' N5 y 3 YQ . ,,. ,. V, J ' iii amhifizz. ffl 5 xiii, ,,r.v,:f'g 1, .. .4 MM R if f, 21,- s. ff, , r wry 1 4, fh 1. , L. Terry Grigsby Kurtiss Gruner Kathleen Hauver Donna Heise Janet Herman Jean Hilyard Earl Hoenes Michael Hoppe Roy Hubbard Judith Jeffers Jimmie Johnson David Kaniewiski Betty Keeton Janet Keller Darrell Krieg Marlin Mack Judy Martin Lawrence Matson Arlene Mitchell Violetta Morey Arno O'Dell Patricia Parks Linda Pendill Donald Peterson Judy Platz James Pope Robert Powell Erve Prater Terry Rankin Brenda Rarick M . . Q , . , nw 53" , 1 x fy 5 Q 4 Karen Ratzow L Larry Ray -A -I Iackle Reynolds 1 if f Sam Rial .M ,. Si S Dale Robinson X 1 ,if 1 Xin R r Louise Ruggles ' r . A- as Carol Schultz an mg . Donald Sears -,far Frank Simlngton 9 X Y g Jack smnh f V ' 5 -S Q 44 3 N , - 3 1 S Suzanne Spencer ,I 'HSN is Cora Spindlow 1 3 f i K ., to Robert Sutfin S I Fonald Swain Q i i' L DAX- Kathleen Thrams ' f rrzy 4 ex f X -- Billy Vaughn , xgnx : f 1 George Vaughn . if F Robert Washburn ' A Sue Weiderman f James Weller .xi' 'rid 5 , L. E, . S. k -I Ioe Wood David Youngs ' fl Sh o Blanchard K 4 ..-Qu 3' n Z Q, maid UMCQM Burdette Bennett, Treasurer: Robert Washburn, Resident: Frank Simington, Vice-President: Sherry Blanchard, Secretary. pmggcafiona ,W SEATED: Margaret Morrill, liusinefss manager, Bob Nelson, sports editor, Alta Jones, editor, Mrs. johnson, advisory Sharon Hammond, asslstant ridltorp Charles Gregory, art editor, Ruth Ann Crane. STANDING: Wanda Arnoy, Shirley H-nwvfer, Luster Blowers, Shirley Palmatier, Virgene Wisnicski, Barbara Doll, Edith Shragg, Harold Baylis, Chester Eollis, Raymond Baylis, Iim Almond, Roslyn Ely, Pat Trudgwon, Beverly Wagaman, Ethel Arney, Nancy Dolbee, Mary B-'.ird. QLUJIQGIOQI' GSZIW SEATED: Gloria Gregg, Edith Shragq, Mark Crissey, editor, Miss Morton, advisor, Iim Perkins, asst. editor, Vicki Cliaso, Arlene Keller. STANDING: Lucille Radley, Ierry Fairchild, Zonalda Clark, Sharon Zerby, Marlene Lowery, Chr-stcr Kc-cvton, Edward Adolph, Chester Follis, Betsy Craig, Tom Church, Betty Harvey, Marlene York, Mary Beard, bussirwsss manager, Ruth Ann Crane. jwjenf Gund SEATED: Elaine Gerard, Iim Grohalski, treasruer, Iohn Miller, vice-president, Mr. Adams, advisor, Carol Cronkhite, pres- iiiwntg Nadine Groll, secretary, Mary Martin. STANDING: Sandra Weiderman, Yvonne Lair, David Youngs, Bob Bunday Bruce Thomet, Iim Kingsley, Edward Adolph, Chester Keeton, Michael Boatman, Betty Harvey, Carol Schultz, Sharon Thayer 0 6'LfQ QD A LEFT TO RIGHT: llo Craydon, Mary Chase, Leslie Moran, Mr. Zukowski, Betsy Craig, Ruth Ann Crane. O3 JVC! Vg ,M su. Q .L.. Q' - if f' A ' 'E Sl' ROW: Cflllrwl'IH-1.-lllml, 1.1m-Glfm, Sf'l7ll'IrUYQ Pf1SC1lld Bulls, Prn-:sulvmp M155 Spcnccr, Advxsoxg Mmm lfllcks, Vxcv ,, L 1- g ' r- , " ff :, wg . xx wuwKlllw1. SECOND ROW: Sl1.xro11M.xrl4lcy, P-It Norton, Mlxrllyn Sourrs, Vlckl Pr ll 111 Rr:ln1Yl,lI lr lux r 11 All ll rw, Mllrlwrlf- lirmlla, 51-'V"ll-lqwrrrllwll, Lllrry llalVll1, Vlr-umm TlllJITlDi?Oll, Gemma Lmllvv, Illll Pm-xl.1ll::, .xml M.sIy Cl1.1::v ifnior 19 Kali Ciuf ylfllllllbz Rlltl1A:l:1C1x.1r,' , Myrlul Clwrlw, lVlliSS Spwncwr, Allvlsorj Clmstvr Fcvlllss, llw Ulpxylloxm, Indy Tulv, STANDING: Nllny Clll llll fflll c1ll1lMLlX1 'JW' 3' If l il ' V-"'ll, Df'1myCro:::a, lVlcll'VlIlNlllllQdI1, D.1vf'Av1z,l, lSulmLy1stvr, Rmarswll Uluilvr, ElllIllSl1llil1l1, If lyrl lily, Mnrlf-1nwYllrlQ. . glftflftlfl? - jQ6LC 8l":5 SEATED: V. Chase, M. Chase, G. Gregg, treasurer, R. Clutter, president, Mrs. Hooker, advisor, I. Tule, vice-president R. Crane, secretary, M. Mathews, S. Hammond. STANDING: S. Thayer, I. Franks, I. Craydon, I. Burgoon, N. Dolbee, R. Ely, B. Craig, P. Pendill, N. Groll, E. Schragg, I. Case, M. York, Z. Clark, M. Beard, Y. Lair, M. Morrill. EEA FIRST ROW: B. Barrington, D. Waite, W. Wood, B. Katz, pres., Mr. Sackott, adv., C. Adolph, sec., G. Miller, v.-pres., K. Williams, D. Cross. SECOND ROW: B. Dolbee, F. Wilcox, I. Converse, G. Carpenter, B. Smith, D. Parks, D. Smith, I. Brugakor, M. Sours, W. Billman, D. Rankin, I. Sheppard, L. Mack, G. Glen, A. Brandt, C. Salycr. THIRD ROW: C . Salyer, G. Fairchild, I. Herman, R. Hamilton, I. Fairchild, T. Cole, L. Crandall, B. Irish, I. Colo, D. Duncan, T. Church, L. Parks, R. Rumsey, I. Sanderson, B. Beatty. FOURTH ROW: L. Keoton, I. Iohnson, H. Funk, C. Keoton, K. Gruncr, M . York, T. Clark, R. Crandall, S. Martin, K. Reed, R. Ruggles. -7' J :E it f ai lm S E HVI' TH lllt2lf'I': 11 ,lw 1'xAfnNm, M.uy Bfuxni, S1ll!1I1MIKJZ, BfXI:.yCm1q, Slvvv II-mc'rm.m, Slmlvy PfllIIhlUl'l', Ivan Bu w lx ux uvlwmu, 5,1 -4,15 M1.C,jI.11b., Lilrvrfmr. K2 f 7 7 if 7 has X rio am 015 lldlffpf mm! Klzllir 4, G -.1 Na I C ,- H ,. 'Q , V -V , . iz - ! -4 Y' ' I I Q cf x Q b ,.., IIHJIT ROW: W 1114-rw iI.fr:L:, RUM-rr I ,'.", V'-I, I. '-.. 11--Mxwmrz, Rnymwwi Hxylzsy, Mu. LII.m1 M, Elxvvtmp IJ.xv1xiSm1H1, Stl x Hx w I , Wxlsmu, In-1. Ilmclm. SIILIUNIJ ROW: Iu1y'I'ulw, 1luL1x.:','-uvzl, l1ur1:11R,1yI1.:, Imax: tiulim, Bully Iimrxfw y, Shu I 1,,Im1fwwr., Mlup' IM Wuxi, Nwxrzm lixf' :My ',,' , HQIIIM I Smith. 'THIRD ROW: filmlx ', titzylux, fHL:XLt1lIXslINll.,,Vu'L 1 IVMIM ,, P1 1: ' lq H4I",f CI.-1 :.f 11, H111 hr gm, PM Nmumxx, l,J1w.mwIK.41N Y, Silmmu IIkm1m-mxi, lJw.xm.1R1x amor vmior 40 FIRST ROW: Mary Mathews, Bob Nelson, Mary Beard, jim Perkins. SECOND ROW: Lynn I-Iagelshaw, Lucille Zarmstrof, Dorothy Adams, Raymond Baylis, Larry Bray, Don Sheppard, Richard Rumsey, Sandra Weiderman. THIRD ROW: Keith Reed, Carol Edwards, Carol Augustine, Larry Hand, Iohn Miller, Ivan Boynton, Dale Rankin, Bill Katz, Marlene York, Charles Cutchall. STANDING: Robert Lyster, Mr. Clark, Director, Ilo Craydon. FIRST ROW: Sharon Thayer, Karen Gregory, Arlene Keller. SECOND ROW: Alice Rasey, Sharon Zerhy, Esther Lowe, Frank Swain, Dick Brown. THIRD ROW: Ianet Wagner, Anne Musselman, Kathy Gallop, Vicki Brown, Janet Keller, Carl Salyor, Don Duncan, Stanley Smith, Bob Washburn. STANDING: Charles Kiser, Marty York, lack Smith, John Brown, john Clark director, Linda Gregory. Innl-t Ur:-im, Carla C.rrp4-ntl-1, Pnt Trutigeon, Cindy Ensign, Ioyce Brisbane, Roy Funk, Iane Glen, Ronnie Chard, Sherry Tllfnnf-t, Rohr-rt lrlzzh, Marqnri-1 Murrlll, Iim Putnam. Davini Parks, Roy Arney, Iudy Case, Stanley Smith, Roben Dormer, li:-,mnl Ffmi, Warn-n Ilnnil, Clit-:mir Follies. Harold Baylis, Carol Swain, Norman Ulery, Don Keller. l Hill llilulpli, Bcwnnn- R4-nah, Paula Nr-leon, jim Washburn. Kyle Thayer, Sam Martin, Marlene Lowery, Bill Watkins, Gloria If' ' 1 NH n"l'll'l- l7V"W fff'l1fI, P-lUl Clllilflf, Marty Chard, Richard Dibert, Daren Ratzow, Lucille Radley, David Donovan, Illini, Wulf-vi:-1, l.lf1y:l Pnrlmz. Bmril--y Bnxu-r, john Mathews, Loren Crandall, Kun Wilson, Allan Kingsley. Gill! 6ll'LC 4 V .S Zia-.Q gifaje Clow FIRST ROW: K. Smith, I. Gregg, K MacDonald, P Nelson T. Walters W. D b . . , -, i ert, C. Arnoy, L. Riley, L. Watkins, C Gallop, Mr. Clark, Director. SECOND ROW: I. Ruggles, G. Hawver, I. Mathews, G. Smith, V. Barber, C. Cronkhite, R Tule, R. Smith, A. Musselman. THIRD ROW: M. Martin, S. Thomet, E. Cross, C. Byers, R. Carter, H. Barnette. O Checklich, I. Wagner, I. Brown. x :er . Q. . I 5 I, fi if L I a 5 k . . W euenffr Qfaje Klwiv' FIRST ROVW D. Robinson, A. Eldred, G. Brown, C. Spindlow, L. Pendill, I. Platz, C. Schultz, S. Blanchard, I. Hilyard, Mr. Clark, Director. SECOND ROW: L. Ruggles, I. Herman, L. Matson, K. Hawver, V. Morey, I. Carpenter, E. Gerard, S. Spencer, B. Rarick, K. Bussema. THIRD ROW: A. Mitchell, F. Simington, D. Youngs, R. Swain, T. Grigsby, D. Craig, C.. Vaughn, R. Washburn, M. Hoppe, E. Hoenes. ,AAI 0134 VLC' STANDING: II. Horencfs, S. Huvvver, K. Gregory, C. Augustine, P. Norton, M. Mack, P. Watson, B. Brown, S. Tronnf-pohl SILATED: L. Mrllr-r, S. Murklvy, Mr:s. Ockc-rmnn, Miss Hagclshaw, Mrs. Iohnson, A. Keller, D. Kring. l .,..Nm... HI WALK THE LINE' " EAT , DRINK, AND BE MERRYl" .-- I! X K 44 -aus, 'li it Mrdifg joofgaff ,Sena not -'L GLM C C2 CZWQLOM 1956 FRONT ROW: Ilm Grohalski, Bob Bunday, Dan Hart, Iim Putnam, Lavern H111 Russell Clutt r Gary Post r Ron Clutter SECOND ROW Mr Wade Co rch Bob Lyster, Iool Bartlett, Paul Bard, Ellsworth Smith, B111 Katz Bob Smith Rayrrond Baylis Gary Miller Mr Wh elcr Coach THIRD ROW All in Kingsley, Managcrg Bob Miller, Lyle Mack, David Aviza Dale Rankin Iohn Miller Rex Putnam Manager Ron Swain Manager Sept. Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov . VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Colon- - Litchfield Athens- - Reading - Homer- - Quincy - Bronson - Ionesville QJQVUQ joofgaf FIRST ROW: Iim Cole, Don Putnam, Louis Cuyler, Loren Crandall, Jim Madden, Ted Hart, Roy Funk, Bernard Bennett. SECOND ROW: Bill Dolbee, Ivan Boynton, Marty York, Frank Wilcox, Gary Fairchild, Ronald Brandel, George Ladley, Charles Gregory. THIRD ROW: Mr. Wade, coach: Iim Pepper, Bob Irish, Roy Arney, Stan Smith, Chester Keeton, Lester Keeton, Mr. Wheeler, coach. FOURTH ROW: Rex Putnam, manager, David Smith Sabin Mroz, Raymond Iohnson, Iohn Converse, Jim Kingsley, Bob Walters, Bob Warner, Allan Kingsley, manager: Ronald Swain, manager. RESERVE FOOT BALL SCORES 1 WE THEY Sept. 24 -------- lone sville ------- ---- 2 6 '-"" 0 Qct , 3 Homer ----------o - -l 3 -'-"' 0 Oct , 9 Athens ---------- - ' 0 """ 0 Oct. 18 State Home ---------- 5 ---"' 0 oct. 2 3 Quincy -------- - 2 1 --'-" 6 Oct. 30 Reading ----- - ---- 19 ----" 13 Freshmen Harper Creek ------ -- 19 ------ 12 46 ULQQVL 5 C0lfLl"f f LEFT TO RIGHT: Nadine Groll, Sandra Weiderman, Judy Tule, Marianne Pecquignot, Roslyn Ely. W7af'0reffe5 . I , STANDING: Gloria Gregg, durm majorette. KNEELING: Marlene York, Lucille Zarmstorf, Iulla Carpenter. Vern . Dave. 1m Bi Averaged 27.3 points per game Holds conference record for pomts scored ln a single ame Q Z 59 points, and for total conference points for season: 382 points. OS. B0 FIRST ROW: Bob Bunday, David Arney, Lavern Hill, Larry Hart, Gary Foster, Ioslin McDowell, Russell Crandall. SECOND ROW: Bill Katz, Iim Kingsley, John Miller, Mr. Wheeler, coach, David Aviza, Marvin Milligan, Denny Cross. Quake! icon in O-Zflffd C Konkrence LEFT TO RIGHT: and Iudy Tule xl. 8681118 M648 FIRST ROW: Louis Cuyler, Loren Crandall, Lester Keeton, Robert Irish, Roy Arney, Jim Pepper Ivan Boynton Don Putnam C James ole. SECOND ROW: John Converse, Sabin Mroz, Melvin Sours, Mr. Wade, coach: ,David Smith, Robert Walter Raymond Johnson. ederue QQQVLCLJQVQ Judy Case, Nancy Dolbee, Lucille Zarmstorf, Sharon Thayer, Clara Lee Brott, Patty Phillips. 535840, FIRST ROW: R. Clutta, P. Smith, I. Kingsley, I. Miller, D. Aviza, R. Clutter, I. McDowell, Mr. Wade, Coach. SECOND ROW: L. Cuyler, B. Bunday, I. Grohalski, L. Hill, I. Putnam, I. Boynton, D. Putnam. Freshmen VVhere Can I GO To? .!4CLl'LOWA6!gQl'l'L2l'Lf!5 AMSTUTZ HATCHERY Cheap chicks don't cheep long. Phone 3902 AREY'S HARDWARE Burlington Sign of the Flying Red Horse PAUL AUSTIN MOBILGAS STATION Phone 3101 Tires Wash, Batteries, Lubrication. BRAY MOTOR SALES Ford sales Sr service BURLINGTON FEED MILL BURLINGTON VILLAGE MARKET Stop at the store that saves you more. P. I. BUELL 8: SON BESSIE'S BEAUTY BAR We specialize in all kinds of permanent waving, hair- cutting and styling. Phone 2172 BAYLIS JEWELRY Gifts of Distinction Compliments of BOB'S MEAT MART BRANDT SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION COLDWATER CO-OP COMPANY CROSBY 8 HEATON Well drilling 6: repairing-new Sr used pumps DENNISTON'S CITY RESTAURANT Phone 9601 Home Cooking Dinners-Short Orders DONOVAN 'S MARKET Phone 2441 DON-RAY Phone 3781 After we sell, we serve Television--Radio Compliments of DUO COACH THE ELMS Burlington Congratulations from DR. AND MRS. E. V. FINLAY GAMBLE' S Geo., G. AND W. L. GRAY In active business since 1912 Phone 2582 HILL REALTY, Realtors Clair L. Hill Wm. O. Coats Phone 2691 HORTON'S CLOTHING COMPANY Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes Phone 2742 '-IOWARD H. BERRY Auto Sales Congratulations Seniors HENSLEY'S 5 to 51.00 Store ILENE'S MUSIC STORE Instruments. lessons, accessories JENKINS FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Oxygen and Radio Equipped Phone U 1 1 LAIR' S HARDWARE Sherwood Compliments of DR. R. M. LEITCH AND DR. R. C. SMITH MERRIT FOOD STORE Phone 3121 MORAN'S SERVICE Burlington MERCHANT'S HARDWARE If lt's hardware you want, we have it. MILLER' S GROCERY MILLER'S HARDWARE Lowe Bros. Paint Super Kem Tone and Enamels and Flats MILLER'S MOBILE SERVICE Sherwood S1-IOPPERS' GUIDE Advertising, it doesn't cost, it pays. STANDARD OIL COMPANY Products and service you can count on Lynn Iohnson Eli Hooker Phone 2421 Phone 2882 STANDARD OIL SERVICE Quality groceries Picnic supplies Home deliveries Phone Tek. 4311 Regards to the Graduates TRUDGEON'S For prompt dependable service UNION CITY DRY CLEANERS 303 N. Broadway Phone 3411 UNION CITY LUMBER CO. Building supplies and Pittsburgh paints UNION CITY LOCKER Complete processing for home freezers Compliments of UNION CITY NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D.I.C. I. B. WASHBURN DeSoto-Plymouth, I-H Dealer M-60 Union City, Michigan WADSWORTH'S SHOE SERVICE We try to satisfy and please WALTER'S GREENHOUSE Compliments of WI-IITLOCK' S SHOES WI-IITING' S DRUG STORE DON WILDER Marathon Service Phone 2364 Plla Yunbq Q 45 44,0 J 61130, 0 g ompan y no ' 9 N 14 ,elf - HMG' 3' Qlnnuah of CDi9tinction fm Oven gwcnty Cyeans an uw"'x x0" l A N W N ,W L. ' r .V ,41 1, ' G' U -JY. 1, L1 " rf 4 KX ,H 1 Ly. 1' ' .nil 43" 5 .lp lim' . ft' ,iq ff?" -' ..- i.zQ"f.., 6 5. 1 . R , N V A 4 4 .0 ,I w- xv n- .. v 1 .Q ,dm Q., 1. 4 , px we H, '1 fa as in J " A Q A ? ig! 1 1, R- C , Q .eg I iw + ,Q 5.. I 'fu 5 'I S? Q Y t n

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