Union City High School - Maroon and Gray Yearbook (Union City, MI)

 - Class of 1955

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Union City High School - Maroon and Gray Yearbook (Union City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 58 of the 1955 volume:

gg EV . 5, ,Q ,' , iv, .W 4, fp ,f .ff uf . .rf , li , i n f 5 1 V, 5, .wi 'ff' ' A.,-gr: 1 - 5 . ga 3 ,fn 1, f x. A 1-L z . fig . .ti M" J 4 J 1,1 ,Q- Q rv' "' uw H ' 6 . 1 rn F L . hi 0 '2- I ' K 'fv L r 1 :V f . ' .rl G K4 , . I . . W Y . ,I 4 l 4 , 1 n' 1 RY EW. I 1 v v f'-pw 1 til F X .li-'l. . hw - 3 I gif? ' .r.. L' 'I v .L .ik V i E. ' v 1 4 ' K. .Y is ' ' , . L? , , n ' .4 1 'x -s. rf , . If .li A "nr ' L nw 1 s 1 .4 . 5 4 n N bi' - 751. ' " f, 1. P' L J." f. I :gi I F fy H35 .4 I i l . -'N i l ,M U . U Q. . 1 - 1 img, gy!-V.,'g,,.N .I A ' va. "' M Nall a L MQXM A . ' l '. 1.. ',,.sxNQf,i-'inf Y I I f4....:liS.1z-:2L.L MHRQBQHKXM G REV pvfe SQMUBQQU by like SEM U QR CLASS QKIHPMQ Zlilimriccm Zdlfy Zcosmmurmiffgp 54UMwnUs Barn Q EH, Parc!! me lrjgw . MUCBDN U M . 9, 1 UN li ,J X2-A-Xf14':cv5 ' JR ,LW 0 1 Q V 15 wg W ef ff, X R X Q lo-dog' .I f gg pf-Xu xx union ydyjsc 0 OX Q Ill H A ..g --.QA cgi, Ellllll Illll X Q ff 'if Ig-5 X, IIIIHIIIIIIII Y .. . " ' PL 1"' Puk fl :H I ur l! ' Hu.-- uw ':5Q'i!,g9' I -X. JH! ,Nh X. fdslil-ixs .N 3. ,r5Wi:'-I Qjyvlf-u 41 , -V. ...11 , Burlington X R -71" 1 ,r4l' 4' 7 I ,Pi w ol' -X'-XHWV wxgwfngkrg M40 6 0 V, K 97 M65-gerozf Elernenta-YI 9X g f fX ww? ,U . 'FHL ' 1 6-wif M11 nv fl X-fa gl I bjffdfd H2 'F I 1 ' ' H Ill Cl 'Mn x. ' pq Lf: 77 ,Q :-aai:"' 'gsm ' fffrrr- fc, 'W v a?L ., ' ' rig? Q? A- - - f - x Q 5 g miiltilili Lima -5 Meg W gay fm: -L umm fr mu A Yr if -i Y - Tl- W , I-:L Hr ' F 3 --, . 2- ' , ' '- ""' -Q an H14 za P - , - I xi 7 Y' Om' fifsf sfep We gfow cl? GK? bTANDING: Left to Right: A. Harshmnn Harrison, Lorengo D. Cochrane, Webster Cook, Prinvipalg Elma F. Lynn, Superintendent M. V. Rork, Norris A, Cole, Anna West, Teacherg Edward L. Moseley. SEATEDZ Wm, H. Brumfield. Rob't. H. Baker, Wm. H. Bauer, Elbert L. Page, John D. H. Wallace, Ward C. Walker, Gro. E. Willitts SEATED CENTER: Edward C. Wisner, Jay P. Lee. We, the Diamond Jubilee Class of Union City High School, dedicate our efforts in this annual to the members of the first graduating Class of '80 and all succeed- ing graduates. We further wish to convey the esteem of the Class of '55 to our respected Counselor and teacher, Principal William L. Adams, who symbolizes to us the stand- ards and ideals we are sure other teachers before him have typified to former students NORMAN ARCHAMHEAULT A.H., B.b., lvnlrnl Sorlal Studios I"LORENi'I-I B I IJIll.I'I B.S., Mivh, Normal 5th Gradv WILLIAM L. ADAMS WILLIAM A. DYER D. PETER bACKETT A B., Western A.B., Central Mich. B.S., Michigan State M A., U. of M. M.A., U. of M. Azriculturp Principal Superintendent ERMA BARTLETT LYNN BARTLETT EVELYN BENNER B.S., Mich. State A.B., Albion A.B., Michigan Statv Junior High M.A., U. of M, Social Studies Science FLORENCE BRIGHAM A.B., Wostvrn Shvrwood 2nd L 3rd Grades JESSIEMAE DEUEL , , , A.B , Wcstvrn MA., U. of M. Spvovh Corrvrtion BEATRICE CUNIC GERTRUDE DAVISON A.B., Western B.S., Western lst Grade Cleary College Commerrial CHARLOTTE FORD Western 6th Grade LUCILLH AREY A.B , Western English CAROLYN BUYER B.S., Western lst Q 2nd Grades mg 5, if 4, HAZEL FREELAND Westvrn Sherwood 3rd A 4th Grades IDA MATTSON ., U. of Pittsburgh M1ch1gan Noxmul 2nd Grudo Jud Grade MARY OLMSTED JUNL PROLO GLADYb ROBINSON Western wCStClH M1Ch1g3U Noxmal Absvota Jun1ox Hxgh Mxth 4th Glade 3rd - Gth Grades WU-MA ROP bTANl EY boLTYb1AK w05tf1n , Wostexn Mmsscrolo 0 MARIE SHAW Western Sisro CLEO STEVENS Western Hawley PAUL SEBESTYEN Budapest, Edinburgh Glasgow, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Kalamazoo Diploma of High School' Diploma of Ministry L I MILDRED SCHAFER Western Burlington 4th - 6th Grades LOIS SHAW Western Burnhart RUTH SMITH DOROTHY SPENCER RUTH SPROUL Western A.B., Olivet B,M., Baldwin Kindergarten Library 81 Visual Ed. M,M, , U, of M, FLORENCE WARNEMENT A.B., Western Sherwood Kindergarten H lst FLORENCE WOOD Michigan Normal Burlington Kindergarten BEATRICE WARNER Western Burlington lst - 3rd Grades Elementary Music n 4wN'1 CHARLES WHEELER B.P.E., Purdue U. M.A. Western Coach Q, HILDRED SIZELAM A.B., Mich. Norm Junior High PATRICK WADE . . M ' . Stat Assistant Conv? Q-umyw 3- - 1, I .J 4 B S ith t H qui' t I E' " I I , . ,ff ' 'TCI lla. . 'lf' D L , x 1 , if f 5 3: f' . U . 7 I , fy - , , - I . lg! I I ff y, H 4 Arxnxua SP SEATED: Loft to Right: Elma Wisnieski, Editor: Maron Pistor, Art Editor: Ralph Strong, Sports Editor: Petra Johnson, Assistant Bufunoss Manager: Kay Whitney: Charlotte Edwards, Marilyn Brauker. STANDING: Janirc Hunt, Margaret Morrill, Loroy Jones, Lois Franks, Joan Norton, Rachel Wood, Janat Thurston, Carolyne Baylis. M .mg X N X , , ,O - 1 l,: 1 :4 . ,f X f ,px xv f f F 2 .Q:,-io:' ewspapef Sl' FRONT HOW: Left to Right: Kay Whitn off Associate Editor: Gail Smith Editor: Miss Morton, Advisor BACK ROW: Mark Crissy, Junicv Worden Janire Hunt, Doris Rvvd, P11 1 Hr-nry. XR Zia Q mul NWO X 4, A Q13-1. 1-gr R00 ,-""f-' MQ- :K-2 MSM ffjfff 43'-t",-'Q-.'.'I',1,'f:.7:f 7-ff fl.. 41-4-,A id. ,2"-M"'-4- -f-",,'I-1 ,H- f-...,,"4T '??- iftrf, ',-'ZIIZ "ip 4" 5-'I :rf M. 5 9 , K-I-"7 'Mx " 0"-,.f o-ff' W ' :Jw-f" -ww" I I ' ' 1 fi 3 KX-xx ASX S 8 f ' A - - ,Rx 1 Y Jzmffxx ,AM -1.2221 ny, ,gmg 21,4 07075621 annie! 1 V' NN. .zjwndia GAYLE APPLEGATE HQuiet to those who know her not, Jolly to those who do.u Photography, F. T. A,, Book Store HAROLD ARNEY Nl do my part cutting up.H Mixed Chorus, Football, Track ROLAND BALDWIN fBALDYl n0ne ear heard it, at the other it went out.U Mixed Chorus, Baseball, Track R1 in iniqrx E7 DANILI BITLMAN CUANNYJ He Lnloys the company of one Basketball, Football Photogiaphy MARILYN BRAUKER 'Let men say what e'er they will woman, woman, rules them still.H Basketball Junior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff LORAINE BROTT HAlways happy, never glum. She's a Cheerful, happy chum.H Band. Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Basket- ball, Junior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Freshman President, Choerlvadvr. 1 NgQfH rl i .,f- , X if ' 'E ' V . A V ,.,.,,,m, W1 . Q , fi f v,,Hu W, x.,-. CHARLES BARTLETT KCHARLIEJ uDon't bother me with women.H Basketball, Football, Track, Junior Play, Senior Play, Junior Secretary CAROLYNE BAYLIS HShe thinks and acts just as she pleases.H Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Paper Staff, Annual Staff RICHARD BENNETT CDICKJ HHe's at his best as a general pest.H Football 5" Sd BONNIE BROWN HHer gravest mood could scarce conceal a dimple.H Band, Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Junior Play, Annual Staff, Freshman Sevretary, Double Octette SANDRA BROWN lSANDYl uThere's a devil in hor eye.H Band, Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Junior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Freshman Secretary, Sophomore Treasurer FRANCES BYKOSKE KFRANJ HShe knows her wants and watch her get him.H SYLVIA DELEBAUGH nAn innocent face, but never judge a book by its cover.H Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Art JOAN DIVINE Hher eyes are always glancing, her feet are always dancing.H Chorus, Basketball, Junior Play, Senior Play, Paper Staff, Photography CHARLOTTE EDWARDS HAn innocent face, but you never can tell.H Chorus, Junior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff. Q .5 V7 A I ,f m V A J Q JAMES HARVEY KJIMJ HI don't let studies interfere with my education.H Football, Track, Junior Play, Paper Staff, Sophomore President, Junior Vice-President, Senior Secretary. DUANE HERMAN HYou can tell him by the noise he doesn't make.H F.F.A. SUSAN KELLER HICKS QSUEJ nHer heart's like the moon, there's a man in it.n Annual Staff - if .2 SHIRLEE CLAAR QSHIRLJ NA heart so kind, a friend so true is seldom met the whole world through.H Basketball, Junior Play, Senior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, CARL COLLYER HEgad1 Romeo lives again!H Band, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Junior Play, Paper Staff, F.F.A. MARTIN CRAYDON CMARTYJ HI am not in the roll of common men.H Band, Junior Play. LOIS FRANKS n0h, fie upon this single life, forego itfn Basketball, Junior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff. FRANK GORSLINE nGrin and the world grins with you. Weep and you get a red noSe.H Mixed Chorus, Football, Track, Junior Play, Senior Play, Photography, Student Council. MICHAEL HAGERMAN KMICKEYD HA man without knowledge, and I have read, May well be compared to one that is dead.H Band, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Track, Senior Play, F.F.A , Student Council, Library Staff. 3 - I IJ- 'lzrff' JERRY HUBBARD QJUGGYJ HThere's mischief in the man.W Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Football, Track, Junior Play, Senior Play, F.F.A. JANICE HUNT HMy heart's not mine, but I don't care, it's in good hands.H Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Photo- graphy, Sophomore Secretary, Student Council. ZELMA JOHNSON HSeen but Seldom heard.H BURTON MADDEN KBURTJ nWhere duty and pleasure clash, let duly go to smash.' JAMES MvDOWELL KJIMJ nI'm hvrv on time, l must have for- gotten something.H Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Junior Play Student Counc WANDA MCMURTRIE Ull's nice to be good, but you miss a lot of fun.H Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Basketball. I ALBERT KAECHELE CTOMD HDon't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.H Basketball, Football, F.F,A. LUCILLE KLASNER QJEANJ HTO judge her right, you well muSl know her." h Basketball, Junior Play, Paper Staff. GALEN LUCAS KLUKED HDon't wake me up, let me slerp.H Football, Track, F F.A, EDWARD MERCHANT CTEDJ Ulf I'm right or wrong, l'll argue 'til the cows come home.H Band, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Junior Play, Dance Band, Double Sextet. SARA MERCHANT HCurly hair, sparkling eyes, vivacious smile and yet no ties.H Band, Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Basket- ball, Junior Play, Senior Play, Senior Treasurer. MARILYN MILLER uShe'll be able to win a man's heart through his stomach.n Junior Play. MAREN PISTOR RTO everyday she brings good cheer and so we like to have her near,H Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Senior Play, Annual Staff, F T.A. JACK RACOLTA HHQ could talkf Great Gods! How he could talkin Mixed Chorus, Football, Baseball. DORIS REED RAn excellent scholar, always for fun, Never content 'til her work is done.H Senior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Photography, Student Council, F.T.A., Book Store, VALEDICTORIAN GAIL SMITH NShe has a gleam in her eye, but who is it gleaming for?H Basketball, Junior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Student Counril, F.T.A., Football Queen, Cheerleader. RALPH STRONG CRubel nHe shines as prominently among his friends as he does in athletics.H Basketball, Football, Haseball, Junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff, F F.A. Junior President, Senior President, Freshman Vice-President, Sophomore Vive-President. JANAT THURSTON HMuvh study is the weariness of the flesh.u Paper Staff, Annual Staff, JOAN NORTON HA good sort and a good sport.U Annual Staff. PATRICIA DONBROCK OGDEN fPatl HTaken--Ain'l it a shame?H Junior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff Photography, Freshman Secretary, Sopho more Treasurer, Junior Treasurer. JOSEPH PALMATIER CJoel Hlt's fun to study, I'll bet.H Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track, WALTER RENTCHLER 1JuniorJ HJunior came to School each day, but Junior never came to Stay.H Football, Baseball, Track, F.F.A. RICHARD ROBBINS lDiekJ HHe's not as shy as his actions imply! Baseball. JERRY SHEPARD HSometimes I sit and think, usually I just sic." Basketball, Football, Baseball. 'UQ' sis a x GARY WADSWORTH ul'm sure care's an enemy to 1ife.u Football. KAY WHITNEY nThe only way to get rid of tempation m upywldro n.H Band, Junior Play, Senior Play, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, F.T.A., SALUTATORIAN. ELMA WISNIESKI Hvariety is the spice of life and I'm always doing something different.N Band, Basketball, Junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff, F T.A., Dance Band, Queen's Court. JANICE WORDEN CJanl HLove is love--is love--is love.n Band, Basketball, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Cheerleader JOHN YORK Hwhy look it up? Ask me.H Band, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Football, Junior Play, Senior Play, F.F.A., Senior Vice-President, Student Council, Visual Aid. CLRSSOFFICERS Ralph Strong, Pres., Sara Merchant, Treas.g James Harvey, Sec.: John York, Vice-Pres. ,Cf ."'!:- N .l The Seniors visited New York and --Q-K Niagara Falls on their Senior Trip. sees-s,,x May 30-June 2. 14 -, ,fi- ..?-1-- LIVXBER 5 - '-.,, ' , Iii is if 41 dw g 419012,-rw .1-. f fnitwvnf. .Smut .7 .: Z. -11 N ,,,. Q Q I3 - 43? Lwax ,QW Hx P a:a64.m,p.. llf' Iudy Di:-k Adams Royal Albvrt .ludy Aldrlch' David Bard Hlalnr- Baylis Murls-nv Ilaylis Palru- ia Hjnglr-y Lvsu-1' Blowors K0 i 1 h lirown Sharon Brown , ,N :V Nr x 2 sf 1 f. J I E m 'S fi df: 1 -,Li ., - . . .. g li .2-ff 531 ' is ' 511 J .t 2, -' 'sf I .ev 4'.f-nf Crllly Ii 1 y nrgv I-'nhnaum IM .nl I-ul Ihlm 111-tu IA 1921 y s lc in lbvrl .loyvv GN-gg Gvnv Hfllllllililld Qu in Inn llamp Allm- Harris Ph x l ip Hvnry A 2 s ,fu QU V ,, fin I K A-Ag, f " H . ,Q ss: 313' Z, . V' k I , F5 0 I 4 Q X 1' a Vw' ,ian 4 " 4' . .. L! W 1, 12 Q A " ' K- . awk n ,if :1- 43 . A N ,z N . mf viii .lark Ilurgoon Shirlvy Bussoma Arthur Carpe-ntvr Delorc-sa Faso Sally Cass- .ei o " VN s f x 4 ,1 ' f ' 4 I ., I' 5 'K I E . ,' 'w . K , . .., A- f , , jigggk , t - ' ' Lore l 1 a C' lark -,..,,, fi .Jann-v cilnw QM X "0" Darlmw COOITUI' " ' Ann Ura ig Kvnnvlh Cravvn .,?m..- ' , I h x , sink , A .1 : ' 'J - 1 3 ' . wx X 1' Q ' : A x X ' 4 3' Eli ' Q 5 A , ' D -f L 1 ' f v .. , 2, . ' - - .ni eq.-G., , ux - , 2 I , I 51 ..- ' :.::2.--. 4, .:.-.azz , . .oe.u1::I'Q1,.l-.. aw I 'v . 5 s u 5 -. P -4 if P ul 3 4 " 4' Nha Robert Offvnb Janet Pvrkins Larry Pivkvtt Joym-0 Ringlvr Wnndn Ringlvr Ernc-st Riplvy Brucv Smith Jnnut Smith Wnynf- Smith Frvd Smitlvy 1365 all m -f X X 5 . 'Wwx k 5: 3 X Lucillv Ilvrmnn Marcin Herman Ronnie liituhrox Clyde llubbnrd Loo liughvs Pvt' Johnson Petra Johnson Euniro Jonas LeRoy Jones Douglas Miller ,Lf . , TL ' t W ff" , K 3 3 he -, . U Y A Q ' - - ' -Why K . I ,I 4 Q 245. ' dp - 2-5 1 My ' " 1' . .....,.M-.. . - ' '. 'Hmm -kim. 51 , - I kg 1 - H - f M-f - ws- .Lx X 1 4 - ' 1 ivy, mx . 1 l x . g , W ,rt :xx L y A Q95 ,, ...V m A .. - " 1 "W u mu .. ph , mm -6 us- , Q., . 5' 1 Hi 4 , ' 5 . 'ar , Dorn WIIXIIIIOLAO Mar tha W i I l huns Ann W 1 :-iv Rnrhul Wood Mark Woodruff Audrny Spindlow llzxlv Slroh Vondu Strylu-n' Runniv 'l'ylc-r Frank Vaughn Carols- Wngnm' 17 I -. ,gf ff 3 ,W 24 f. ! . .ff 5, Sopkomofes -2 , ,sry x X, 'X 5, 649 A lm . "r X V ...A 1 fp, - 3 Y " v Q "5 avi? go on I g ,, Q 4 :I -H . i ,, H5 5 5 , 'Q W., , . ,2 K ff Q 1: 1 W . M: .5 5 I 4 J W, l. ., ,L ,:g. 1 if 3 ,-1 . 3 1' +5 ' N1 A 13441 P 1. 4 ,5- .S 'E ...av l'1tlwLn'cl Ado l ph .lznm-5 A l numd lillwl Arm-y Wanda Arm-y Nornmn llalkvr Paul Hurd Huh lizxrrxnglou Im-l liar! lull W1 ll ls- IH l lmnu .lu-rry Blow:-rs W1-:ldv ll Ilulv M1n'gxu'vl lironss lloh liunnluy llruvv Ilundzly Pnl Callahan Mary Clxaxf-cv llussvll Clul lx' llm-lsy fraug Ilo i'1':nyclun Mark Vrissy llvnny Vrusa Ralph Ilxxun .lm-ry I-Zhvrl llurusvln- lla-l lw 'l'h0nms. lil lvnwu Rurwlyn lily Ulu-Ht:-1' Fnl l us Vlbkl lfostvx' Ann Grzllmm H111 Gruv M1ll'lLlll llillllllltl Maxjyuru- llumpl l,:ll'1'V llxrks- l.zlV4-Vm' lllll Alla .lm1m-r- Mzlrxlyn .lmu-X ll Katz vul l,v:lf.ur ,ln-rl Lyslvr lv Mark mmm Mnnlvy 'Nl lll Mrllown-ll urls Ml'Mul' lry Mllll-r lllll Ml l lvl' 'vnu Mlllngzm lW1'll1l Moorl- sl iv Moran l'Q.11ll't'l Morrill wk Nu-:umm ln-rt Nm-lsun lrlvlxl Norton Arla-y Pnlnmtu-1' vul llurkr. m Putnam lv Rankin mln Ray 1th Sl'lll'ilLILl rx' lvl Sun l lm o SllIlIl'l' ll Sl rung vln-l Swzlrlnut dllh 'I'ul4- rmnn ll 14-ry' ronv Wzulswur nn willlllvl' nzlld Wullv Auron Wnrfmp ll. whlllllOl'l' nm-lh Willizl rlvm' York nvy Znrlnstori x'lul'1-H Omlllm- l ph Rohh 1 ns rlmrn llull lI'll' l h mn g gi x A fig ' - v- A 3 I 1 av , . 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Charles Adolph David Arnvy Donna Balos Doris Baylis Harold Baylis Raymond Baylis Paula Beam Mary Board Gvno Boll Lary Blowers Marjorie Booth Mivkiu Urvnvman Joan Burgoon Stella Callahan Joan Faso Tom Clark Ronald Cluttvr Harold Cole Russvll Crandall Carol Cronkhxtv Marian Uvhofl David llxxon B111 lbollwc- Dolorvs Doonv Bruvv Dormvr Howard Duflo Rlchard Uunvan Mary Ellvn Edwar PriSv1lla Evlls .Ian 1 t h Va xrchi ld Gary Foslv ' Earl I-'ryo Gloria Glwgg .lamos Griswold James Grohalski Sharon Hammond Mi lulwll Hamplun Larry lla '. Rom-l' Ill-n ' Mona Ili:-ks N4-dra Hubbard Nlna Hubbard k'l:u'om'v llughvs Richard Kvc-fo Donald Kollm-1' .1 nnmy Kidnc-y .lam-l Lx!! lc- .lack Marundc Mary Mathvws JL-rry Ms'l'aml y Hob Mi l lor .John 0'IN'll Wayne' Ogdvn Ill-ls-n Pvndi ll .loyrv Piv1'r0 Robe-rl Riggs Lxnda Robinson Ronald Ruth-dgv Jan-k Shvppard Ellsworth Smith un ev 4. Sf Q 'CIN g rg UO fr ' , 1 'io' Wx' 4-5' X W N v-ua 57 R. F ! 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'ES' W Q 1 Q , vis M ,libel or Q? it 1. K - 4. e Nr xx x K Nl xv an vw V 5r as J A K ,e , Q -fwliafxm, g 9, . Q I ,v o r 5 -I x, 'flikig af Q 5345+ 'P 5513 15 y 1 .af xx vii WW W 4 , . f in Q a- ,S QQ Q 452.3 y if iz, X M J km 5 Y: W 1 , , el- Y E x ' X , , A 1 X 1 XJ- Samuel Martin Sandra McCray Donna McMurtrie Judy Miller Linda Mosher Pat Mullin Diana Musselman Laura Neaman Lloyd Parks James Pepper Lucille Radley Alice Rasey Deanna Rice Sue Robbins Cecil Salyer Richard Scharf Harriet Schrader Eileen Schragg Donald Sheppard Stanley Smith Delores Stoker Robert Stone Jeanette Stryker Vern Watson Sandra Weiderman Frank Wilcox Norman Wise Pictures Omitted Eileen Harris Donald Reise Robert Warner Patsy Wood I wk 1 l JUNIORS to R.: .,. M. . ,I 1 Kc. Fubinno lu as. Pc'-rkins Aldrirh J Pros. R Wood l.. Io R. I Pl'vS. Il. Putnam SUV. S. 'l'huym-1' l'l'1-aus. I.. Hump V. --Pr:-as . l'. Broil I.. to R,g Pros. W. lioyes 800. S. Robbin V. -Pros. J. Herman T11-as. B. Harvey a21nc.2Zaaiwkb Aw-Q .Zend ff Zh. . 011111711 -Zahn: www ,Qdfffb Anw------.' Lb ' w 44 BACK ROW: L. to R.: Judy Tulv, Joycv Grvgg, Alla Jonvs, Larry Hart, RuSwvII Clullvr, Billy Strong, Mary Chuan, Marlvnv York, Ilo Craydon. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs, Hooker, Advisorg Alirv Harris, Margarvt Bronson, Pal Hinglvy, Ann Wixv, Linda Robinson, Sharon Hammond, Bvtsy Craig. Ann Craig, Barbara Doll. FRONT ROW: Ruth Ann Crane, Judy Ely, Judy Aldrlrh, Gail Smith, Pvtra Johnson, Gloria Grvgg, Bob Gay, Sharon Wnrsop. I 9 ,Q Q. - BACK ROW: L. L0 R.: Mivkvy Hagvrman, Judy Liltlv, Paula Bvam, Ninn Hnhhard, Karvn Aonkvr, Chestvr Follis, Margaret Bronson, Ma.j Chabv, Virgvnv Wisnicski, Ruth Ann Crane, Lynn Hagolshaw. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Thayer, Nano Dolhov Carol Augnstinv, Sharon Zvrhy, Dvrky Y Y il WarnPr, Virginia Thompson, Ann Craig, Shirlvy Strykvr, Karon Tvarho Harrivt Schrader, Miss Spcnrvr, Librarian. FIRST ROWt Pvnny Pvndill, Pr1SriIIa EvllS, Suv Monhvr, Nvdra Huhhard, Emily Ilnrov, Kuthlc-Pn Williams, Conniv Spnor, Linda Ilohinxon, Carrm-n 'l'yl1-1 Q BACK ROW: Left to Right: Norman Baker, Jack Marunde, Bill Katz, Earl Frye, Mickey Breneman, Bob Smith, Bob Miller, Billy Strong, Gary Miller. Russell Crandall, Charles Adolph. THIRD ROW: Roger Henry, Douglas Miller, Ken Craven, Jr. Rentchler, Jerry Hubbard, Willis Billman, Denny Cross, Richard Duncan, Gene Bell, Clarence Hughes, Jack Sheppard, Fred Smitley. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sackett, Instructor, Bill Dolbee, Robert Riggs, John York, Wayne Smith, Dale Rankin, Don Waite, Bob Barrington, Bruce Smith, David Parks, Albert Kaechele, Frank Vaughn, Jim Kidney. FRONT ROW: Tom Clark, Winston Wood, Ernest Ripley, LeRoy Jones, Carl Collyer, ,. lr M315- Ralph Strong, Gene Hammond, Ronnie Tyler, Kenneth Williams, Wayne Ogden. IA: if Q Q1 fV i m ' uni KVM ry Y. L13 . BACK ROW: I.. L0 R,: Mary Bvurd, Pnl Norton, Mzxrxlyn SOIIYTX, Mrs. Or'k1-rnmn, Cookg M1sS Iizxgl-l:.h:lw, Hmm- El'OI1Ul1'lli'5 Ibvpxwtnuvnt, M1-rw, Klmlhnll, V0 Paula Beam, Nina Hubbard, Mmm Hxvks. FRON1' HOW: CllI'l71 f'l'Ollkllil,6,', Dorn Whllmorv, .loan Wnpgru-r, Niurllvu .Imww, .Lum-l Smith. l':xro1x- Wagnf-r, Sm- M0f4hl"l', Rxlzx Word:-n, 'iw Y yeslrmx S YXIORS AA Y? vr UGIRL SHYW Cast BACK ROW: L. to R.: Mrs. Davison, Dirvvtorg John York, Ralph Strong, Mickvy Hagerman, Jerry Hubbard, Charles Bartlett, Frank Gorslinv, FRONT ROW: Elma Wisnieski, Promptvrg Maron Pistor, Doris Rovd, Kay Whitney, Shirleo Claar, Joan Divine, Sara Merchant. ' 'IUYXIORS HSTRICTLY FDRMALH Cast BACK ROW: L. to R.: Neal Fulton, Wayne Smith, Mark Woodruff, Royal Albvrl. MIDDLE ROW: Janet Perkins, Sharon Brown, Judy Aldrich, Petra Johnson, Ann Wise, Joyce Gregg. FRONT ROW: Wanda Ringlcr, Pat Bingley, Elaine Baylis. IRLS' LHOIR l BM' K ROW: 4th ROW: Ilrd ROW: End ROW: FRONT ROW: l,. to R.: Rxla Wordon, DoraSg-no Hull:-2, Pat Trudgvon. Edith Sohragg, Marjorie- Booth, Gloria Gregg, Roslyn Ely, Rowena Moore, Darlene Cooper, Alta Jones, Mary Chaso, Betsy Craig, Bonnir- Brown, Virginia Thompson , Sharon Brown, Ann Craig, Sally Case, Linda Ray, Joyce Cartwright, Joyvv Grvgg, Wanda Arnvy, Ethel Arncy, Karon Toauhout, Shirlvy Palmativr, Audrey Spindlow, Harriet Smith, Pat Norton, Charlottv Edwards, Alice Harris, Lurille Herman, Janivc Clinv. Rachvl Swartout. Pat Bingloy, Petra Johnson, Margarvt Bronson, Ravhvl Wood, Barbara Doll, Sharon Hammond, Mr, Newbury, Dirvctor. Sara Merchant, Donna Bates, Loretta Clark, Janice Hunt, Doris Baylxw, Margaret Morrill, Marlene York, Sharon Tulv, Mary Beard, Emily Unrov, Judy Tulo, Donna Manley, Janvt Pvrkins, Ann Graham, Joan Burgoon, Stella Callahan, Mary Mathows, Carolyno Baylis, Noronv WadSworth, Pat Callahan, Priscilla EvllS, Ilo Craydon, Ruth Cranv, Sharon Warsop, Sandra Brown, Maron Pistor. fa fx, -aggl- W' SNK! 1 GLORIA GIIIQGG Drum Mil-1l7l'l'lll , i v JB MIXED CHOIR BACK ROWQ L, lu R.: Jvrry Mcbamly, Bob Smith, Earl Fryv, Phillip Hcnry, Art Carpvntvr, Huh Gay, Frank Gorslinv, John 0'Dcll. 3rd ROW: Mr. Nowbnry. Dirvctorg Mickvy Bronoman, Jerry Hubbard, Harold Arnoy John York, Tod Merchant, Mickvy Hagerman, Roland Baldwin, Larry l"u'k4-tt, Rugs-r llvnry. 2nd ROW: Sara hh-rrhant, Harriet Smith, Judy Tulv Sharon Warsop, Joycv Gregg Pa! Bingley. Pvlra Johnson. Margarvt Bronson, Bvtsy Craig, Marvn Pxslur, Sharon Hammond, Dorasvnv Evlls, Bonnie Brown. FRONT ROW: Mary Bvard. Priscilla Hells, Joyrv Cartwright, Carolynv Baylis, Janirv Clinv, Rachel Swartout, Wanda Arnvy, Ethel Arnvy, Rachel Wood Nnreno Wadsworth Androv Suindlow, Ann Craig. no UBLE 5EXTE'I' S'I'.'lNlDlhL1: l., 10 ll.: .lorry McL'amly, 'I'L-d Nh-rs'l1zl11L, .Iuhn York, Bob Gay, 1-'rank LinrSlim-, Ari K'lll'U0lllUl', Joym- Grr-gg, Sharon Warsop, llOl'llSPlll' livllw Mr. Nm-wllury, lllrvm' I nr, Sk1Al'luIW: Sara M1-rrhanl, Pat Uinglvy, Bvtsy Craig, Ann Craig, ALIEEVX Arm LOURT kin . Q K ? ,w1 Gail 5 tl IH olbull Qur-on Elma Wlsnivskx Lurillv Herman Ravhol Wood Sara Ms-rvlmnt LHEERLEFXDERS - AWN W W 'A , ? Ffh ., V iw arm M' f Qc 'wx I - ,f , A W I , f ,g.,',f"f,,, g .M .QM K -yf 'Q , N Wkgfi, - pg., ' fingw , wmv- X -f , r- , Q 5,15 A- wyfbiww :gr .pi X ' .K NK M In "J" If ,ff fv xv! m A- ff A M X V II W 'ix XXV X v E S XX A 5 ,...u ffm Q iv""Vl 5 1 'XB le.. Q! N for EF- 625444, .deldlf 67602. VARSITY FO OTBRLL BACK ROW: L. to R.: Mr. Wade, Assistant Couch, Brurv Smith, Jim McDowell, DouglaS Millvr, David ParkS, Per John5on, Lvster Blowvrs, Mr. Wh00lvr, Coavh. 3rd ROW: Louis Cnylor, Manager, John York, Joe Pulmativr, Burton Mnddvn, Chailcs Bartlett, Neal Fulton, Art Carpenter, 2nd ROW: Mark Woodruff, David Bard, Ted Merrhant, Ralph Strong, Keith Brown, Gcorgv Fubiano, Jerry Shepard, Jerry Hubbard. FRONT ROW: Frank Gnrsline, Bob Guy, Jack Racolta, Dick Adams, Royal Alhvrt, LnV0rnv Hill, LeRoy J0neS, Dick Bennett, , l I N' f f I - Z, X I v l I f Q 1 1 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE X l ' Nl Q' , fl X QD ln f Gb' N W, we Bill ' 18 coion 6 1525- i ff A A f 6 Branson 12 gi f!! X X 4 gf! 0 Jonesville 0 'il , -'- : N l RFQ, 14 Litchfield 0 1' X -Q IQ:-L Qjg' 7 Athens 0 R gf' 7 Reading 12 N, 44 0 Homer 39 ' O Quincy 21 XI X9 ff 3 'Nix A! 4! J 5 if M l If ,NNDO 9 ,w fig . f V An X, x4 XJ RESERVE. FOOTBALL as . BACK ROW C -11h ROW: lird ROW: 2nd ROW: I .L ,.,,....,..x L. to R.: Bob Miller, Paul Bard, Dale Rankin, Edward Adolph, J. B. Whitmore, Billy Strong, Jerry Ebert, John Miller, Chester Follis, Mr, Wade-, Coach, Louis Cnylvr, Managvrg Robert. Lyster, Raymond Baylis, Bill Katz, Don Wnitv, Ralph Dixon, Gary l-foster, Joslin Mc-Dowell, Ronnie Clu Russ:-l Cluttor, Bill Dolbee, Bob Bunday, David Leusor, Bob Smith tlvr .los-l Bartlz-Ll, .lim Putnam, Larry IliCkS, Jerry Blowers, Larry Bloxvc-rs David Arnvy, Russell Crandall, Gary Miller, Norman Ulvry, David Dixon, Jim Grohalski, llrum- llunday, Jerry Mc'Cam1y. FRONT ROW: Ellsworth Smith, Winston Wood, Earl Fryn, Dick Kocfc, Tom Clark, Bruvo Dormer , lloward Duf 10. R f I 1 r' X ! , Q Q C9 C9 f - X l T iv N G Q9 Q QGQW J, - Q K i E., - WF' . . ' J ' Qi, W A NA A P 2, 2 W ff X if X .J W JJ :Q 1 RN JX 'IV' xx. J" J ix 6 M 43 VARSITY BRS KE BH LL BACK ROW: L. to R.: Mr, Wade, Assistant Coavhg Royal Albert, Clyde Hubbard, Goorgn Fabiano, Art Carpenter, John York, Joslin McDowell, Mr. Wheeler, Conch. FRONT ROW: Jerry Shepard, Cletus Gilbert, Miller, lliCk Adams. MANAGERS: Louis Cuylur, Jim Kingsley. W0 44 Colon 41 Athens 46 Rvading 33 Homvr 30 Bronson 58 Colon 66 Litchfield 39 Jonesvillo Thoy Ili? 46 65 32 72 39 52 58 Basketball Schedule We 57 38 64 42 35 56 67 68 Charles Bartlett, Jim McDowell, John r P , ,wh A limi aff? if! 1 t, , H 1. 7::i.a'i Quxnuy Alhvns Reading Homer Bronson Litchfiold Jouesvllle Quinvy They 41 39 72 G2 59 54 69 55 ,Q gpg 3 Ax 34 3 35 Q6 2 I 2 2 , z f Q - "W Fi 'xi ? Q A 5- D ',1fl if bk- W is 3 if lhlglpqic is t N Tia, L kg . I GS sag? SPRHN6 SPART5 XQHIL Alu 5 li xgit N BACK ROW: L. to R.: Mickey Hagerman, Roland Baldwin. Jim Harvey. Dick Robbins, Dale Stroh. Wayne Smith, Ralph Strong, Douglas Miller, Ronnie Tyler, Gene Bell, Chester Follis. Harold Arney, Charles Bartlett, Ralph Robbins, Dale Rankin. Ted Merchant, Jr. Rentchler, Kenneth Williams. 41h ROW: Art Carpenter. John Miller, Jerry Shepard, George Fabiano. Bob Miller, Jim McDowell, Cletus Gilbert, John York, Jack Racolta, Ronnie Hitchcox, Raymond Baylis, Billy Strong, Russell Clutter. Clyde Hubbard, Edward Adolph. 3rd ROW: Mr. Wade. Assistant Coach, Jerry Hubbard, Per Johnson, Frank Gorsline, Marty Craydon, Joe Palmatier, Robert Lyster, Don Waite, Larry Hicks, Norman Ulery, Galen Lucas, Carl Collyer, Phillip Henry, Marvin Milligan, LaVerne Hill, Royal Albert. David Parks, Mr. Wheeler, Coach. 2nd ROW: Bruce Dormer. Howard Duflo, Joslin McDowell, LeRoy Jones, Gene Hammond, Quinton Hamp, Jerry Blowers. Bob Smith, Jerry McCam1y, Jim Kidney, Gary Miller. Jim Putnam. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Clutter. Louis Cuyler, Tom Clark, Harold Cole, Russell Crandall. Ellsworth Smith. Roger Henry. Winston Wood, Robert Riggs. Larry BlowerS. Jim Kingsley. 'iff' 'ljf W1 yt WG ' ol ri BASEBALL SCHEDULE Q March 31 Quincy Here , ,tt April 7 Litchfield Away A 'XXW April 14 Jonesville Here 'xy veg: April 21 Reading Here lm W April 28 Homer Away Q, May 3 Bronson Away l May 12 Athens Away N 1 ' ,. ar X ' wAl. WORTH r..n..,,..,h.4 n. sauna sy 4 6 IALSWORTH BROTHERS Kareohno. Hn.. U B, A. X, A ,X , lik 1 'H ww r P ww' ji l ngifxi '33 vnu WU?- - f1:"g-Q.: kiwi? sf,f J!" ,Q is x ff 1 ,, A 1 ww- i X4 . 5 il feofn:Zaffubwzz7u 1. JzjQ.,X.: ,x- Il ,. R Jivrsly 43 Has Pixy X 4.4.2 1911? 'S 4 3 6-x amuo ?""-2 PW r 1 f Sn- cl :Zaffza'.ZamA!zQnf2a Q +L 4 -.A -ff' , 1 .K J ' N Q 4 5 Q I ' , f dw . QQUVICWZL? Aa ?f Zrbj .if-Zzzdfizbzvzcdd? 4-9 Your HLKINOMJLEDGEYDEINTS WILLARD C. ADOLPH General Insurance AMSTUTZ HATCHERY Quality Chicks AREY'S HARDWARE BAYLIS JEWELRY STORE HOWARD H. BERRY Auto Sales BESSIE S BEAUTY BAR BRANDT'S SERVICE STATION BRAY'S MOTOR SALES Friendly Ford Dealer DR. R. M. LEITCH AND DR. R. C. SMITH McLAUGHLIN'S DRUG STORE McRAE'S RESTAURANT Home Cooked Food MERCHANT'S HARDWARE If it's hardware, we have it. MERRIT FOOD STORE GLENN, ROSEMARY, AND JUDY MILLER MILLER'S GROCERY Bob Brott, Manager For Your Snack Supplies BROWN'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY P. J. BUELL AND SON CARPENTER'S MOBILE GAS SERVICE COVEY'S GARAGE COLDWATER CO-OP COMPANY DENNISTON'S CITY RESTAURANT DONOVAN'S MARKET DON-RAY Radio and Television DORMER'S SHEET METAL EARL'S DAIRY Try us for service DR. E. V. FINLAY GAMBLE'S GEO. G. GRAY AND W. L. GRAY HAGELSHAW AUTO ELECTRIC 1mNsLEY's sc--311.00 nooxmrs STANDARD' SERVICE STATION uonToN's Clothing and shoes for the family JENKIN'S FUNERAL HOME Oxygen equipped ambulance KNAUSS AND BROWN, INC. Allis-Chalmers Equipment. MILLER'S HARDWARE MORAN'S SERVICE NORTH SIDE STANDARD SERVICE Marlin C. Melendy DR. F. G. PREVOST Optometrist JOE RACOLTA SHOPPER'S GUIDE Mr. and Mrs. John Hobday THOMAS MARKET TONY'S Homemade TRUDGEON'S UNION CITY UNION CITY UNION CITY Ice Cream DRUG STORE LOCKER LUMBER CO. NATIONAL BANK Member FDIC WADSWORTH GARAGE WADSWORTH SHOE SERVICE J. B. WASHBURN DeSoto, Plymouth, and WHITLOCK SHOES DON J. WILDER Marathon Service I-H Dealer I' 'fg',,f Aki' pd - ' ,615 J X. A Iv ..... V 4 -is ,Y 'lv' : , 3 ful? yjw' , 1 : xl, ,-' 311: - 5.1L I flfv' ,jg ,lv 1, nn 'j,L,4g.- , . , 1- . A' ,'r,,: , if . A7 :Fi . 11" -M., A X -3 , . -s N "ue 1' ,mug n '5 - g A 1-agifgffla '. 'Vg 'jfyg ' Hn- 1. ?-2.5, , 4.,' it 1 . Q .uf 125- if '-'Q' f .X- ,u:'.::,.. ' :',,,y,,, N.,-3... , , .'!i's.'3fM.?,-f If , , ,nl 4 "'1.L 55, 'I 1 I' 1'-,:1u?Q?7"'e f V H .r-,ffl-.J.:. V 1.5?,,3 A. jivilsf? .Q . l..' yi,- - -4 4' Q. rg-QA-'-:L , ,,3f,."5ff'- r 'f,3f"Li11'1L5l '--eff-X , ng 31.2.42 ., Z" ' -5 , , . ,- A .f ,, , H f ,,,,.,, X. .V . ., ,...,, ' 34,1 T' jo ' 1 . '-54, . nf. v -1 -, 'ff LJ: - :LBJ ' 1 'V-,A ' . ,, ,, Fav- ,. ,1 - :W 'ymg-' 'ff-yi. ' tl," .1 J'-'E I-' f '7"fi'5f Qi? 'f . 'LLL' . hr L,A.f.-,-,, i I.,-r,VI?1j.i ' 'r'-'befw ' '. , "z".'fi,f-'- 7 1 1 ,ur .:. ,-.' ::: '. i-,f. -.-- f-H1 4 , . f '-'+,'E1:,'-E' , 4 . LH 'f-'ff-.25 w 1: .g"1, ' " 919 , ,,.'.:i W.. ,1 H ,,.L.,:.. ,f,".'e' ' ' "Q 1 V' -I will ,g:i:,., , ,. . J .,, A - N -.m:,,-vg'g'q,1 A :Q ,. 1" gm, , .--jf: f '.lf2'1'Ef:-:Qi ' W4-,q"'Ei9i , A I 4,-w ', -41, m A Q 1, ,jg ,, ' . , "1'1'J2'f' - - -' 1 -gan Jr- k .' 54.5 N - .'?f-j-2,9 'X . if . Jai L A - , ' ' .5- Q s Q 0 ,A 1 I . Em. .. Qi.. In J , ' . ., ' f ff, f . 5 I S 3? ' - 3 4 ,f -, xi Y , Y ,, ,, , I rn ,

Suggestions in the Union City High School - Maroon and Gray Yearbook (Union City, MI) collection:

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