Union City High School - Maroon and Gray Yearbook (Union City, MI)

 - Class of 1954

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Union City High School - Maroon and Gray Yearbook (Union City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1954 volume:

E554 . r :..u . YN ..-,, '. . , 1 fffsp ' :wif , ac'-Hisw Jvfsf X Q 'W " 1 . :Ye 4 H1141 41 '-G fn. r V413 f V: A Q ,il v -, '2 zu . .-,.,-5. 1-HV. 13,55 'J -'AU Q' " ' , 2--" 1 -, if . L ".r1I' - I 1' , , I ., . wg? 5, Q.. r-.,,-H, 1 ' 1. ' w- j'1,.- '-s' : " . . . . iv: ' xv up Lf . .afq-,4 W-" ' r --1 -P ! 'e I . . 9 x . ,, ' f Ll' N f ' V ' : L- 3 1 Q I fax.-,1-L ' :M 2 .. :"2?'5Na' ' 'f ' ' ' ,-.41 -5.5: I 3 I i I i 1 X, V. A 1 MAROON AND GREY llElllCA'l'l0 We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty Four, dedicate our annual to Robert Hawk, who was a member of our class until he met with accidental death during his sophomore year. Never to be forgotten by his classmates are his pleasing personality and welcome smile. We shall always cherish the pleasant memories that we have of him. NNUAL STAFF First How: Second Row Third How: Sharon Katz-Editor, Sarah McKenzie, Barbara Krick, Lorraine Brott, Clarice Higgins, Janice Worden, Elma Wisnieski, Charlotte Edwards, Sally Hicks. Pat Donbrock, Gail Smith, Kay Whitney, Shirley Claar, Nancy Petty, Beatrice Madden, Sava Vujovich, Sandra Brown, Marcia Henry, Marilyn Brauker, Sue Keller, Miss Densmore. Janice Hunt, Robert Bennett, Jack Shepard, Jim Musselman, Ray Brown, Tony Renner, Paul Brisbane, Phillip Henry, Carolyn Baylis. First Row: Miss Densmore, Nancy Petty, Marcia Henry, Sharon Katz, Clarice Higgins. Second How: Jim Musselman, Robert Bennett. Page Two FACULTY AIIMI ISTRATIU w1111gm Dyer William Adams Superintendent Principal , BUARII 0F EIIUCATIU John John Carl Richard Dr. E. lhthews Converse Miller Smith Vaughn Finla Page Four FAUULTY Gertrude Davison Kathryn Densmore i June Nora Hagelshaw Hooker Fay Irene Walter June Milligan Morton Newbury Prolo La Gene D. Peter Eldon Dorothy Quay Sackett Shook Spencer Page 3, Patrick Wade wwf,fg Charles Charlotte Florence Wheeler Ford Biddle l silk 5 xx, ek Q, X vi -Q., X is WK It 4 X , -Q, Egg I Gladys Isabelle Ida Carolyn Robinson Mattson Mattson Boyer ? in : Aa " 'h p lmggaql it 'sw I x .. , K -,K R' X is X 052.12 K' . nw g.- K its ,, xx,.b,6 135 5Qs: Q . Tlfvff ' 4i'?f3 ' Beatrice Ruth Ruth Jessiemae Cunic Smith Sproul Deuel Page Su Simms ROBERT BENNETT KBobJ 'lhat? No women in heaven? Then just leave me here.' Football 1,2,5,4-Basketball l,2,5,4-Baseball 1, 2,3,4-Track l,2,3,4-Paper Staff 4-Annual Staff 4-Mixed Choir l,2,3,4-Junior Play. UAXINE BLOWERS 'Seen, but seldom heard.' Art 1. PAUL BRISBANE 'He knows music from A to Z. Few of his genii do you see.' Band l,2,3,4-Mixed Choir 1,2,5-Track l,2,5,4- Basketball 1,2,5-Paper Staff l,2,3,4-Annual Staff 4-Senior Play-Double Sextet 3,4-Dance Band 3,4-Junior Play lBusiness Managerl. DEAN Baooxs Ay ,,, 'Don't take life too seriously, you'll never lg4w M get out of it alive.' Nf 5 Football l,2,5,4-Basketball 1,2,3,4-Baseball l, 2,3,4-Track 2,5-Junior Play-Band l,2,3,4-Mixed Choir 1,2,5,4-Double Sextet 5,4-Dance Band 5,4. ,-SENIORSJ 1 . RAYMOND BROWN lRayJ 'Sometimes I sit and thinkg usually I just sit. Basketball 1,2-Baseball l,2,5-Senior Play-Paper Staff 3,4-Annual Staff 4. SHIRLEY CLARK lShir1J 'The kind of girl we would like to have more of Q President 4. JANICE DAVIS 'Anything worth well.' Paper Staff 3,4 doing at all is worth doing -Art 2. JIKHY L. FRANKS 'Our silent man. F.F.A. l,2,5,4. iJimD I Page Eigh r Choir 2,5-Paper Staff 5,4-Photography l-Library. ELLEN MARIE HALSTEAD 'She has a gleam in her eye but who is it gleam- ing forf' Photography 5-Art 1-Junior Play PHIL HANSON 'All great men are dying and I don't feel so well myself.' Track 2,5,4-Football 5,4-Basketball l,2,5,4. KENNETH HARVEY iKenn1eB 'Happyzgo-lucky but mostly happy and not very lucky. Track 2,3,4-Football 2,5,4-Basketball l,2-Base- ball 3,4-President 2,3-Student Council Presiden 4-Junior Play. MARCIA HENRY 'If work will do it she'll win ' t Choir l,2,5,4-M1xed,Cho1r 3,4-Eand 4-Paper Staff Ed. 5, Co. Ed. 4-Annual Staff 2,4-Junior Play- Senior Play-Basketball 1,2-Art l,2-D.A.R.-Trea- surer 1-Vice-President 5. Library 4. Council 4. anRocket.' 1,4. Page Nine NORMA HERRING 'A quiet and conscientious worker.' DALE HICKB fPeteJ 'He likes them short, he likes them tall, you know and I know he likes them all.' Football l,2,5,4-Baseball 1,2,3,4-Track 1,2- Mixed Choir 2-Junior Play-Band l,2,3,4-Student CLARICE HIGGINS 'She lon't want to go to Mare, but sheh after Junior Play-Senior Play-Annual Staff 4-Paper Staff 4-Hot lunch 4. CECIL LYNN HILL CCecJ 'Have fun while you're alive because you'll be dead a long time.' F.F.A. l,2,3,4-F.F.A. Secretary 2-F.F.A. Presi dent 3-F.F.A. Vice-President 4-Student Council 2,5-Student Council President 5-Band l,2,3,4- Basketball l,2,3,4-Baseball l,2,3,4-Football l,2,5,4-Junior Play-Senior Play-Vice President ALFRED HITCHCOX QFredJ 'He never seems to be the least bit worr1ed.' Photography 1-Football 1,2,3,4-Basketball 1,2, 3,4-Baseball l,2,3,4. KAYLAN HOBDAY lToot1el 'le don't want him any longer, he's long enough now.' Band 1,2,3,4-lixed Choir 2,5,4-Paper Staff 2,5, 4-Basketball l,2,6-Dance Band 5,4-Track 3,4- Double Sextet 5,4-Junior Play. THOMAS HUBBARD lTomJ 'It's nice to be good but you miss a lot of fun F.F.A. 1,2-Football 1,2,3,4-Basketball 1,2,5,4- Baseball 1,2,5,4-Track 3,4-Aviation 1. DAVID JOHNSON CDaveJ 'Success is by acting not w1shing.' Photography 1,5-Paper Staff 2-Basketball 5-Stu- dent Council 4-Junior Play-Senior Play-Student Manager. SHARON KATZ 'An industrious girl with ideas all her ovn.' Band l,2,3,4-Choir l,2,3,4-Mixed Choir l,2,5,4- Double Sextet 5,4-Dance Band 3,4-Drum lajor 5,4- BasketbalY 1,2-Paper Staff 4-Annual Staff Ed. 4- Football Queen 4-Treasurer 4-Student Council Sec rotary 2-Junior Play-Senior Play. BARBARA KRICK CBarbJ 'I've taken my fun where I've found it.' choir 1,2,:5,4-Mixed choir 1,3,4-Basketball 1,2- Annual Staff 4-Paper Staff 4-Junior Play-Double Quintette 1. BEATRICE MADDEN lBeaD 'She's the gal you've gotta watch.' Basketball 1,2-Annual Staff 4-Choir 4-Mixed choir 4-Junior Play-Senior Play-Library 3. SARAH ICKENZIE 'She's never quiet but when she's as1eep.' Choir 1-Paper Staff 3-Library Staff 4-Annual Stagie?A4-Basketball 1,2-Senior Play Prompter. BARBARA MCNETT fBarb, 'She is short and full of fun also liked by everyone.' Queens Court 4-Majorette l,2,3,4-Choir l,2,4- Mixed Choir 2,4-Library 1-Secretary 1,5-Junior Play-Senior Play-Paper Staff 5,4-Double Sextet 4. HOWARD MILLER iHow1el 'An innocent face, but one can never tell.' Football 2-Basketball l,2,5,4-Baseball 1,2,5,4- Treasurer 2. JIM MUSSELMAN 'Lots of sense but mostly nonsense.' F.F.A. l,2,5,4-Paper Staff 3-Annual Staff 4. Fix 1t's work ' Football 5-Basketball 4-Baseball 1 mx oFFENBEcmaR 'I don't know the key to success, but I'm afraid Hgsy FRANKLIN OGDEN lFrankJ 'The harder I try the gooder to be, the worser I become.' F.F.A. 1,2,3,4-F.F.A. Treasurer 5,4-Paper Staff 5-Aviation 1. DONALD OLDS CDDB, 'Giggle, Giggle, little lad, how I wish thy mirth I had. Football 2-Baseball 1-Art 1-Photography Club 5- MIXQG Choir 4. BETTY PETCH 'Quiet people are welcomed everywhere.' Art 2,3-Choir 3,4-Library Staff 5,4. NANCY PETTY iPettyJ 'She's got the look of an angel but there's devil in her eye.' Basketball 1,2-Junior Play-Senior Play-Hot Lunch 3-Library Staff 4-Annual Staff 5,4-Student Coun- cil 1-Paper Staff 1,2,5. Page Eleven ANTHONY RENNER iTonyl 'Never worry today if you can put it off until tomorrow.' Senior Play-Annual Staff 4-Paper Staff 4. S: GERALD RIFFEL fGus3 'Why look it up? Ask me.' Band l,2,5,4-Mixed Choir l,2,4-Basketball 1,2- Baseball 1,2-Dance Band 5,4. MARY RODERICK nHer heart is like the moongit has a man in 1t.' Choir l-Camera Club 5-Art 1-Junior Play. a, ARNOLD SEIFKE KArnieJ 'Coming to school does no harm, but it is better back on the farm.' F.F.A. l,2,5,4-Baseball 2,3,4-President 4- Treasurer 5. JACK SHEPARD KShepJ 'There's no future in worrying.' Football l,2,3,4-Basketball l,2,5,4-Baseball 1, 2,5,4-Track l,2,5,4-Paper Staff 5,4-Annual Staff 4-Mixed Choir 3,4-Junior Play-Senior Play-Stu- dent Council 1-Vice-President 2. MERLIN SMITH cT1gerJ 'I'll study if I feel like it, and won't if I don't,nI'll graduate if I can: if I can't,I won't.' Basketball 1,2,3,4-Foosball l,2,3,4-Baseball 1, 2-Track 1-Student Council 1,2,5-President 1- Junior Play-Paper Staff 3-Annual Staff 3-F.F.A 1,2,5,4-Mixed choir 1,2. PATHTCIA ANN SMITH iran? 'Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.' Band 2,5,4-Choir 4. EDEN TIUPERLEY School is free, but why ride a 'free horse' to aeaen?' Mixed Choir 1,2,5,4. Page Tl: In SAVA VUJOVICH 'Who knows what lies behind those dark brown eyes? Basketball 1,2-Choir 2,3,4-Mixed Choir 2,5,4- Double Sextet 5,4-Queen's Court 4-Paper Staff 2,4-Annual Staff 4-Secretary 2,4-Student Council 5-Junior Play-Senior Play . ROBERT WATKINS QBOb, 'I don't let studies interfere with my educa- tion? Football l,2,3,4-Basketball l,2,3-Baseball l,2, 4-Track l,2,4-Paper Staff 2,3-Annual Staff 3- F.F.A. 1,2,:s,4. FLOYD ALFRED WORDEN QTudyD 'Floyd came to school each day, but Floyd never came to stay.' F.F.A. l,2,3,4-Basketball 1-Baseball l-Photo- graphy l-Junior Play. JOYCE ZARMSTORF 'Always happy, always gay, nature made her just that way.' Choir 1,2,3,4-Mixed Choir l,2,3,4. Class Motto - 'Strive today for a better tomorrow.' Class Colors - Blue and Gold D Class Flower - Yellow Rose Senior Trip - Washington, D. C. P082 Tllir teen E l0R CLASS UFFICER President'Arnold Seifke Vice-Pres.'Cdbil H111 Secretary-Sava Vujovich Treasurer-Sharon Katz IMI! I'l 'TIRES 4 I . 9:5 '1.,Efff7" . YK ul .. ,Q , MQ .N- xfl .wh K W ,vf 1 Jizz -H. k ' 'K iff. , e Wu A-gfffgwz I E 5, .1 :lr 'NA E9 ,Jgitonj i" 37-2 A W3 . wma 'rj -'WF X7 of? '92-V -zavif +6 5 4 2 :I 5 ' 'Q 1 H 7 r , R V J , - :X ,..,. 1 ',,x."K ' ' ' ., fads S-. ' , 'X ' ' f , ,. W .wg ', X . f TW? 1 11124, 2, ' , f ,X . ' wmziigw ig Q' ' .mg Wt. If X F awp 1 Aw ww 'I N y A- ' 51,1 I 'I -' - ' I S' 3, ,nf .4 l , ,x.' ' ., 'R , 3 , '4 V W - ,QL "f -.- 17' . ,-z- 5. ' N1 i "Q T 1' lr' 'f "X -' I.-"Q: S.. Je .nm . V . ' 'gf ,G ' i -1.152-.fir . 0-I4 :.A.. UNDERC LAS WEN .I JA ' '7 5 39" A UNl0ll' NJ F J if ' A - Gayle Applegate I W ,MV,o5 V l, . jg Harold Arney , A ,,2 - gf' r Roland Baldwin 1 43 f Q'V' V Pvlbhll V 5 Charles Bartletts of .L::, vid :" ,jfm .e,L R 7, :":"' 3 A X' 'V"' ' ' Carolyn Baylis X f I v .. fi 4 y H J , . 'X . bf 'CP' of x r FW R .. ,. LQ, 9 ' W gy , A 3 m NH,nqxJ1:Qw5.?, .,,. al' E Q I fl Q T e. 'Aga .,,, . - .,.,.:.. :.. I Vx ' .' 532,59 C A125 rr . - 1, V512 EE J " K,'Mjx Q-1-' S wan! . .sang iggggtditfgj HA , JV Inf lf i , ab,g?i 4- 0 . -- ,4- -,.fQYg if 3 ai Q - 4 ' N ,..,. ,,,,, if 53 'TI' ,ro K 1 -:Wi 5 'I ' W if. 'J , -' V . ,QQMQUQ .'wk Q -A gwiglii' My Liigfgri Kg 3 aww W4 1 Q ,gg 4 Q -A 'll' H beam, I Page Sixteen Richard Bennett Dan Biteman Marilyn Brauker Lorraine Brott Bonnie Brown Sandra Brown Frances Bykoske Shirlee Claar Carl Collyer Martin Craydon Sylvia Delebaugh Joan Divine Patricia Donbrock Charlotte Edwards Lois Franks Frank Gorsline Michael Hagerman James Harvey Duane Herman Sally Hicks Jerry Hubbard Janice Hunt Zelma Johnson Albert Kaechele Susan Keller Jean Klasner Ellen Lincoln Alvin Littlejohn Galen Lucas Burton Madden X W .,o . .aw X i K . flii JSF' ,-4 ,Q -.r 'RQ E W 'X X 1,5 :.-' ,-" S " , .K asa X X S i xx U s - V , . . R X x 'a Q We ia ., Q N .: -we k. - ,.-x N Qi 3 fi 1 .Q!s.. 1 ' E ' QS. 3 ffl Q' f X . Q3 X N James McDowell Wanda McMurtrie J, H Sara Merchant g'.e Ted Merchant f K Marilyn Miller Joe Palmatier N M Jack Racolta g5W.- Doris Reed i5m,,f "': ' Junior Rentchler YW -'gf Dick Robbins A 5 Jerry Shepard 'fir J, , A Gail Smith ,QSsf 13 Ralph Strong 5N?ji Janat Thurston MQTE - Gary Wadsworth Kay Whitney Janice Worden John York Elma Wisnieski JUNIUR CLASS UFFICERS President Ralph Strong Vice-Pres. Jim Harvey Secretary Charles Bartlett Treasurer Pat Donbrock Page Seven! 0Pll0MORE Richard Adams Royal Albert Judy Aldrich Beverly Arney David Bard eff, -I ' -1, Elaine Baylle ' 'H :-: 1 u .FQ m Marlene Baylis its 5 . 'Q 'Q fe QA' gn 2 Patricia Bingley 1. we QW? ? gg Hi A ' Lester Blowers of 1:. -' -- is .5 4 Darlene Bowen Keith Brown Sharon Brown "-7 '. ag ' A - A 3, Shirley Bussema ,Q ' if 7 N5 , Arthur Carpenter e - . X A 'M' ,,--' 'wr Joyce Cartwright A 4 Qlll fm I A. ' . L . I., Inga ' Q. I' -4 Joan Case Sally Case " "" la " ' "" 3 1 Loretta Clark V ,ggi A -' Janice cnne ' We ngimj A A. .:.-- V- Ann Craig ' Kenneth Craven V N' apes? Thomas Ellenwood ' ,Q Judy Ely fig, we rr " lg George Fabiano 9 ' ai Neal Fulton . b E Robert Gay fi ful' Q K ,: l VV ,zj N K Jgygg Gpggg J ze it A h.nn -form Hag-mn "' ' H, 'g A A -5332" Gene Hammond :': A eag, Irene Hamilton 'if 2 T "' FEL E'E EW'- Q'? Quinton Hamp ' M L fy Vi ., Alice Harris f 1' "'L 4 W Q I V - E g . " ff Phillip Henry ,J V la -V E :nw 5, QA ig jj 3 v Lucille Herman ' fr' an g Q H , Vkbgb I , AVAA , A Marcia Herman J 8' .. Q zbr. 3 V g , .L y . - 92 gif, p F ' 4 , ft -L.x fn Elf? Page E :ghteen as ff .af of ef t , , Xgyh 255 . ,Gy wa. X We .S fKQg3.' we wwkwfw ,, gwl -'l- x h Nha P - qs? . , Q J S Noi QNX m N be X R eyes A w 1 A QQQA N eg .JF 1' . N Q My tg 1 A N NJXS ft Q. . 66.1 RCN . - . " 1 I Ngih Hfvie. Jw.g15, 1,.: 3 ,RN f MW A ,V Wk, fem W X V ,U Q en N . X v Q X X ag Rr X Q? f Q fy e hx X X X 515 ' X. . , wg E l is S, r K N X X N as ' Q ,. M MR -' 22 gg gg' NS ini . W Emi ' eig- '- if .. 1i,nf X Q e X g Q. W. Q... t.::i:.:.ff. : Nl. M . e X R e 'Ma ,.. ' 'S az ls, wa ' :lb f i 41Q L: K Rwwwnvw V K sa I-dak' EFX X X N Q Xml: is X ' SN w , QF' X ' S S Page Nme t Avi Q QW Clarence Higgins 19Q: Ronald Hitchcock QQ? Clyde Hubbard Leo Hughes Per Johnson ..,: , of qi be e ae. 53 x,SMm 2 e va Q5 as , A 5 X R. Q il 51 S ss M J H 'A ya 'ff gwfi Petra Johnson Eunice Jones LeRoy Jones Donald Lincoln Douglas Miller 6 EQV W4 Lois Nunn A RQ: l Robert Offenbecher ljzgggf :E Janet Perkins EQQQQE 5 Larry Pickett Wi?lf' Virginia Rial if Joyce Ringler f.!34 Wanda Ringler Ernest Ripley Bruce Smith " Janet Smith x. X Y f -5'aigQiQ5 35' . M N w-'di' Fred Smitley Audrey Spindlow Dale Stroh Vonda Stryker Ronald Tyler Frank Vaughn Carole Wagner L. G. Watkins John Wells Dora Whitmore J Martha Williams '5 Ann Wise Rachel Wood Mark Woodruff Cletus Gilbert Lea Not pictured: lei? .mgf ' Ralph Robbins Lorraine Taylor FRE HMA l 1 ,H f' 1 "f A Y -1 HW. in pf 4 W W? 'N if X K 1 f' ' 5 W , ,nag F wg? el Vlqfgg. 'f' 1 'MW 1 ,gjwfgffgg 5gh'm: W inf Mia fs, we famg ',,, Q ' ' V ' 'ff ':'fIf554"3Kf 1l. 1 ' , :?Vt"iHwHiQ zhsr Tgaa f - few We, e wh Q ?'Ei 1 .:..Sg3f tf'a Q 1' N' 1 ,.,, G WE fl Q gi ff 'W ,ga I +A3bQ ,gk-g,m '. 1E,Hj.3.W , if ' 'Y 31, HM bf ., 9 2. ' , A , 1- 3- ' fl., K - X .N . Mb ' -5. 5721" 'its 1 D K k 'f fIU .fiflr 45 . ' 5, ' . V "jf QM . 4. K. . . ' A' ' -:Wil "T - .... Sv f qf'::Eff A We BN- W - Q -h e 1 W f L. W i w N3 f- M " 5' ii 5,'. fa nigff Km is aaa 1 ,.. t,-' ..x. 1' ' U e- 1-2 n?,E?Mg Q?V ,5 Q EM . ,.4i, M 4 1 . If-'-5 ' tt-fi , :Q :IQ Z ll WW auF5 :GU " f JA 8 iv .N -:I-.Vlaf rr, ggw n .a ' 'if Q rf- - w van- -z 3 Q , 4, -I E Q -V C , 'QVX , .4 .... - L in . Ig ' Mg ,. 1 Masses ,E 5 .- Em W,w aaa M Yinwi' lj 2 ' 1 -' -,. 1515? rv "1 Page Twenty Edward Adolph James Almond Ethel Arney Maron Arney Wanda Arney Norman Baker Paul Bard Joel Bartlett Robert Barrington Willis Billman Jerry Blowers Wendell Bole Wesley Brandt Margaret Bronson Bruce Bunday Bob Bunday Robert Burns Patricia Callahan Mary Chase Myrna Clarke Russell Clutter Ilo Craydon Betsy Craig Ruth Crane Mark Crissey George Crawford Joan Wagner Denny Cross Barbara Doll Jerry Ebert Dorasene Ells Roslyn Ely Chester Follis Vicki Foster William Gray ,K ,ff M mf E f , 1 le Mwst S .2 ,....v. f , 4' -' W, J LW ,Mr T SW, X ,f , . ,dv '5 my Q Gfxxx fad L fsw - P Q M A 5 2? I ' To :fu 1 I F 4 4' ff!! ae Q .vga All fqrfim' Q 'W m al! '59 me 6:11 Pfwj ':':N 'Q 4' .Eb .,9!:":t . . 1. '- S 1 'B 3" .J Y I ' F X.. . . , 5 . . , , if , ,XKVQ kk. .a..:., .xg 1Nx i TNQ ,SEQ Q - XS. I'i: .,.waQ in 535 3 Ah ' 'A . N1 at s T K'.5 - - h ea ..,, If . ' 5 SESS' E Q , gg- W . T'Tf. E 3 . aaa- X R3 , Rw?Nny K R s X an , Givens EP e - , ..x. gre. .- ' 1 ga NA 3 E wh. Q l -.P S wg 1 Qmfiid x .4 fi X X f , 15:1 si A gg f 'UP' -5- NW JF A Vx . qv, .t. J 3' if ,s"ff .ff .3::' !"' 5' 'ln n 'flI 9" N". -' :J yearns J.. mf m4afWws'm x XS-x lever fp ..,., .,.. z ., ,g 5 .,. -J aw- :X ll f'W QPF' J- S? ' an S 'REU Sb ll ei Agia X V 'II 3 4, cm, 6 EMM .... dp.: - -X.. - V 2 P L 4 W.Q.K 9 cs gli .A al' 4 .4 f J lag. me .. Qing! 9 "it W' dmv an, p lm Page Twen ty-one Ann Graham Marion Hamilton Marjorie Hampton Michael Hanson Larry Hicks LaVerne H111 Alta Jones James Jones Marilyn Jones William Katz Helen Lavergne David Leasor Robert Lyster Shirley Madden Donna Manley Joslin McDowell Claris McMurtrie Gary Miller John Miller Marvin Milligan Leslie Moran Rowena Moore Margaret Morrill George Myers Jack Neaman Patricia Norton David Parks Shirley Palmatier James Putnam Linda Ray Linda Bench Edith Schragg Harriet Smith Leo Smurr Billy Strong J' f" sf an '4 , 1m Ea Qc? M 'I ix 'fx W W x Eli 4. R fi Rachel Swartout an s?,g Judy Vaughn f N5 5 ,-" gr Ruby Vaughn V, E mp Norene Wadsworth W ,FN nf :"' 1 Donald Waite v .,' Sharon Warsop J. B. Whitmore Kenneth Williams Marlene York Nancy Zarmstorf UPIIIIMUHE ULASS Pres IIFFIUER Vice-Pres. George Fabiano Secretary Rachel Wood Treasurer Sally Case Not pictured: Norman Ulery Dale Rankin e Twenty-t FRE HME ULASS IIFFICERS President LaVern Hill Vice-Pres. Bob Bunday Secretary Nancy Zarmstorf Treasurer Donna Manley EIGHTH GRADE ,K M gs: 3 R lie.: - N .asf lx X X I 'K' ag .F , A -gswal 'Q VQQQ.f5 ,Z Q9 NSQ' M Q5iQ Q D J ' 3' R 5 1 F R I X a msg 3 abm wb 1 s is s :' : ha- I is ,.,.. 4 -A 'f Nr 5 .Q 5 f W.-V X x ,Ky V S age Twen ty th e Charles Adolph David Arney Donna Bates Doris Baylis Paula Beam Mary Beard Larry Blowers Marjorie Booth Jean Burgoon Joan Case Russell Crandall Bill Dolbee Bruce Dormer Dolores Doone Clarence Dowell Howard Duflo Richard Duncan Mary Ellen Edwards Priscilla Ells Earl Frye Gary Foster Gloria Gregg A Sharon Hammond Larry Hart Mona Hicks Ronald Higgins Nedra Hubbard Nina Hubbard Dick Keefe Donald Keller Stanley Lake Jack Marunde Mary Mathews Jerry McCam1y Robert Miller W ,I 23 " ' If il 'A . 'x ldll 1 K . Y Q , V:,,. A f - , V Q 5, f., X s : . th ,,1f .35 5 A Q J4.'Wp"', ' Q C gb LASS UFFICER President Dick Keefe Vice-Pres. Gary Foster Secretary Connie Spoor Treasurer Charles Adolph Qs QW .,,, , V ,.,. ,F A inf ,Wagga '95 S N xr? Z on to 5 Min A QSM , . ,Wkkfhw EW! H w w- w W A fi 1 Helen Pendlll David Petty Linda Robinson Ronald Rutledge Ellsworth Smith Robert Smith Connie Spoor Shirley Stryker Hazel Thompson Virginia Thompson Jean Tilden Patricia Trudgeon Carren Tyler Emily Unroe Joann Van Wormer Kathleen Williams Vlrgene Wisnieski Rita Worden Not pictured: James Griswold Susan Mosher Robert Riggs Karen Teachout Rebecca Warner Page Twenty- four SEVE TH GRADE 0 ' is X0 is se w Q 3 , 'I . or 1 2'f4Q Eg zQ?5?ifQ5?k Egfn W ,EQ 1 1 , f : Exe Ai'Pi3 -. f1..'- N Y ,sn allen f KEJH., K - -- Q11-wi 'KQQ ' ' , K. 7-:::.v . Af. Q it 21. "" 1 5 -N I J 4- x 1 502 A? 5 .A X ' sg Ek RH' Q Q N wc E X a f fx 'K x X f ,ax X w xv s X xx si K T- 5 A Q .hqq 'H 'ff mv Q 4 Q! , viii M ww .Lip mvwwwg E K 1, E ' Q , , J Dorothy Adam! Wy ifQ?ggii Elwyn Anewishki ROY Arne? 53535 .,:-'1 h?EQ Rose Barrington Egghem gf 1:'- Ivan Boynton '.1" f Joyce Brisbane - Clara Lee Brott Ruth Ann Brown , .Q Mary LOU BUPSOOH ' Carol Burkhardt Gail Carpenter Julia Carpenter Judith Case David Chesebro John Converse Alfred Crandall Diana Crandall Ellen Cross Charles Cutchall Louis Cuyler Nancy Dolbee Robert Dormer Spencer Dunn Carol Edwards Charles English .-15. Gary Fairchild .,. Bryant Ford Charles Gregory Higwignw " Lynn Hagelshaw gf if J B f Lawrence Hamp f gs5Q ...: ig Warren Hand .5 A Shirley Hawver Albert Heise f - ' Judith Hose Page Tuen ty-flue 0- , 4 E Wi' W Y f M24 ix W V igxfl? 4? 'Q f 4 is favfiw J K in S? I, M E v K ' x ' 3' , Paks' 3 ,f ' is Y K R, . x W Robert Irish -E-Sv James Johnson :.- A gi Yvonne Lair ' - Michael Leasor 45 ity Egg? James Kingsley we 3145? qi Gail Lincoln 'Lynn Lincoln Judy Little Joyce Manley Sharon Markley .. " e':- - N to Q N John Mclielvey ' Q., 'I' X i i fy . j la, " Louise Miller .3 'J . 4-5 Loretta Miller A W f an fs! .V We R f, Sabin Mroz is f W .ff if "-' Qi .,:-:- 1 . f iv ,Q f e Keith Nelson f af' ' , if - A NX V, xxik 'rv W 1 V 3 H ' - .rain I' 3 s" 1 5 ii gm? Y Iggy L"1 Clarence Peterson s of - " ' on J 311105 Perkins qyui c3Kg,E ,',' 2" ,:,. ,:5E'iK Irene Philo z 5 " W f""1 ' A Donald Putnam J ff 'oloi s ef f Keith Heed wif , ' , vlvs' .-.- . '? ' 'Ely Ev is f . , ff X N 4 ': S ,1 I . P . ' if Ml, , ' .5 ' Q .f- Af. .LA ,J A -"' ag I i ,A 37 Bonnie Rench Mary Rhodes Gloria Rosenberry Richard Rumsey Carl Salyer .fr A Jerry Sanderson '---- Beverly Smith bi as ---' David smith .,,.,--: David Smurr James Spencer r Carol swam Therrall Teachout Sharon Thayer . A Phyllis Thurston l' Pearl Tilden Pqa Twenty-:ix K I . .. tk Q L , K A K WW . , . s . 1, Q .te:,:.. ..:,:- L L . V . , - .- a s - - me-:e ..,.a 3. ,. ' A Q -wyw- X A nge Sem L e , J 3 A 1' x .X N . i Q Q x X A X N .. , 'X - - X X 'f .fx . ,, 5 .. . Q1 kg, .Vx I l4N.y5 Wx. FY 5 .Q S v a I 1 . k Q vm, why, 1, f v.'wG "-'S' .milf . Z' .1'.'fa'. APN-.,..!' i' -- - pysgv-my , .- img I- , 4 I CLASS IIFFICEIIS President Sharon Thayer Vice-Pres. Judy Case Secretary Lucille Zarmstorf Treasurer Sabin Mroz Shelia Trennepohl Kathryn Vincent Jerry Wadsworth Margo Wagner Mary Weller Kathleen Wilson Martin York Lucille Zarmstorf Sharon Zerby Karen Zongker Not pictured: Virginia Cooper Edna Lehman Page Twenty-seven 15.1 fs! i gi? ,lg ff- Yi ACTIVITIES GIRL ' CHIIRU First Row: C. Baylls, S. Keller, S. Palmatier, M. Clark, S. Warsop, J. Gregg, J. Cartwright, S. Case, P. Bingley, M. Henry, J. Zarmstorf, B. McNett, R. Crane. Second Row: S. Merchant, W. Arney, H. Smith, D. Manley, 1. Craydon, M. York, L. Ray, A. Splndlow, E. Arney, H. LaVergne, N. Zarmstorf, M. Jones, J. Hunt, M. Morrill, L. Clark. Third Row: B. Madden, S. Katz, B. Brown, B. Krick, B. Craig, M. Chase, L. Nunn, S. Vujovlch, A. Harris, P. Norton, C. Edwards, A. Jones, S. Brown, M. Herman, Mr. Newbury. Fourth Row: V. Foster, D. Eells, S. Madden, L. Herman, A. Craig, L. Brott, M. Bronson, R. Moore, R. Wood, B. Doll, S. Hicks, M. Arney. Fifth Row: P. Smith, B. Petch, P. Donbrock, J. Divine, N. Wadsworth, R. Ely, P. Johnson, C. McMurtrie, E. Schragg, P. Callahan,J. Wagner, J. Perkins, R. Swartout. MIXED UHIIRU First Row: S. Merchant, H. Smith, C. Baylis, J. Gregg, S. Warsop, J. Cartwright, D. Eells, J. Hunt, A. Spindlow, S. Brown, L. Brott, A. Craig. Second Row: J. Zarmstorf, P. Johnson, P. Bingley, B. Krick, S. Katz, S. Vujovlch, B. Madden, B. Craig, B. Brown, M. Henry, B. McNett, Mr. Newbury. Third Row: C. Rlffel, J. York, D. Brooks, T. Merchant, M. Hobday, M. Hagerman, J. McDowell, A. Carpenter. Fourth Row: J. Wells, G. Myers, R. Bennett, C. Collyer, J. Jones, J. Shepard, L. Pickett, C. Hubbard, R. Lyster, F. Gorsline. Page Thirty D0 BLE EXTET IIA CE BAND First Row: Sharon Warsop, Sharon Katz, Sava Vujovich, Betsy Craig, Sara Merchant, Barbara McNett. Second Row: Mr. Newbury, Paul Brisbane, Dean Brooks, Maylan Hobday, Arthur Carpenter, Larry Pickett, Frank Gorsline. Piano Paul Brisbane Drums Larry Pickett Director Mr. Newbury Alto Saxophone Sharon Katz Patricia Smith Baritone Saxophone Cecil H111 Tenor Saxophone Elma Wisnieski Dean Brooks Page Thu ty-one Cornets Robert Offenbecher Maylan Hobday John Miller Trombones Gerald Rlffel Ted Merchant Dale Hicks Elllll IIAII Clarinets James Putnam Sara Merchant Arthur Carpenter Kay Whitney Janice Worden James Kingsley Marcia Henry Donna Manley Alto Clarinet Bonnie Brown Bass Clarinet Dean Brooks Flutes Petra Johnson Lorraine Brott Ann Wise Sharon Brown Oboe Ann Craig Alto Saxoghone Patricia Smith Tenor Saxoghone Elma Wisnieski Baritone Saxophone Cecil H111 Majorettes Sharon Katz Barbara McNett Gloria Gregg ge Thirty-two Cornets Robert Offenbecher Maylan Hobday Sally Case Clyde Hubbard Dale Rankin Mick Hagerman Bill Katz Trombones Gerald Riffel Ted Merchant Dale Hicks Kenneth Craven Carl Collyer LaVern Hill Baritones Betsy Craig Alta Jones Donald Waite French Horns Paul Brisbane Margaret Bronson Maron Arney Elaine Baylis Bass John York David Arney Percussion Sandra B own Larry Pickett Martin Craydon Larry Hicks David Leasor Norman Ulery Director Mr. Newbury JU l0R BA D Fi1'St ROW! Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: MAJURETTE J. Kingsley, C. Putman, M. Beard, M. Mathews, J. Bartlett, J. Perkins, J. Gregg, C. Brott. L. Hagelshaw, L. Zarmstorf, W. Arney, R. Brown, A. Keller, V. Brown, L. Ray, M. Morrill, J. Washburn, R. Chard, J. McCam1ey, C. Carpenter, J. Brisbane, P. Trudgeon. W. Bois, J. Burgoon, J. Spencer, D. Swan, A. Fugerson, J. Madden, D. Brown, R. Seiger, D. Smith, W. Hand, B. Ford, L. Bray, L. Hart, S. Smith, G. Rosenberry, M. York, I. Boynton, E. Arney. I. Craydon, A. Kingsley, R. Lyster, M. York, C. Swain, B. Dolbee, R. Smith, D. Arney, M. Trudgeon, J. Case, M. Leasor, Mr. Newbury. Gloria Gregg, Sharon Katz, Barbara McNett Page Thirty- three TUBE T COU CIL First Row: Lucille Herman, Shirley Madden, Kenneth Harvey, David Johnson, Mr. Adams. Second Row: Jim Perkins, Leroy Jones, Paul Bard, Mickey Hagerman, Dale Hicks, Ronnie Rutledge, Jim Kingsley, David Petty. E IUR ULASS PLAY F1PSb ROW: Nancy Petty, Marcia Henry, Clarice Higgins, Beatrice Madden, Sava Vujovich, Sharon Katz, Barbara McNett, Mrs. Davison. Second Row: Paul Brisbane, Tony Renner, David Johnson, Ray Brown, Cecil Hill, Jack Shepard. Page Thirty-jour EWR PAPER TAFF First Row: Sandra Brown, Shirley Clark, Kay Whitney, Marcia Henry- Co-Editor, Janice Davis-Co-Editor, Sava Vujovich. Second Row: Pat Donbrock, Sally Hicks, Barbara Krick, Charlotte Edwards, Sharon Katz, Clarice Higgins, Vonda Stryker, Barbara McNett, Janice Hunt, Miss Densmore. Third Row: Phillip Henry, Tony Renner, Ray Brown, Maylan Hobday, LIRRARY TAFF Paul Brisbane, Jack Shepard, Robert Bennett. First Row: Helen Lavergne, Nancy Petty, Shirley Clark, Miss Spencer Margaret Morrill, Norma Herring Sarah McKenzie. Second Row: Ann Graham, Ethel Arney, Maron Arney, Dorasene Eells, George Myers, Mick Hagerman, John York, Myrna Clark, Audrey Spindlow, Wanda Arney, Donna Manley. Page Thirty-fuu FUTURE TEAEIIEE First Row: Gail Smith, Kay Whitney, Arthur Carpenter, Mrs. Hooker, Joyce Gregg, Ann Wise. Second Row: Myrna Clark, Joyce Cartwright, Judy Ely, Sharon Warsop, Betsy Craig, Margaret Bronson, Barbara Doll, Mary Chase, Ruth Ann Crane. Third Row: Shirley Bussema, Alice Harris, Judy Aldrich, Mark E. EA. Woodruff, Wesley Brandt, Rachel Wood, Petra Johnson, Alta Jones. First Row: Second Row: ' Third now: Fourth Row: Jim Musselman, Frank Ogden, Cecil Hill, Ralph Strong, Arnold Seifke, Merlin Smith, Mr. Sackett. Mick Hanson, Leo Hughes, Gene Hammond, Kenneth Craven, Bruce Smith, Albert Kaechele, Leroy Jones, Gary Miller, John Wells. Bill Strong, Fred Smitley, Douglas Miller, Floyd Worden, Ronald Tyler, Donald Waite, John York, J.B. Whitmore. Robert Barrington, Frank Vaughn, Ron Baker, Dale Rankin, Ernest Ripley, Robert Watkins, Jerry Hubbard, David Parks, Neal Fulton, Bill Katz. Page 'nlirfy-Sl! UAFETERIA First Row: Jean Burgoon, Judy Vaughn, Janet Smith, Carole Wagner, Rita Worden, Linda Rench. Second Row: Nina Hubbard, Shirley Madden, Edith Schragg, Clarice Higgins, Clarice McMurtrie, Patricia Norton, Marion Hampton, Nedra Hubbard. Patricia Norton, Mrs. Ockerman, Clarice Higgins, Shirley Madden, Edith Schragg. Page Th lrlyfsevzn FUUTBALL QUEENAND CUURT CHEER LEADER Sava Vujovich - Senior Class Barbara Doll - Freshman Class Ann Craig - Sophomore Class Barbara McNett - Senior Class Sharon Katz - Queen Lucille Herman, Gail Smith, Lorraine Brett, Shirley Madden, Janice Worden, Sharon Brown Page Tfurty-right SPORTS VARSITY F00'l'BALL First Row: J. York, A. Hitchcox, J. Shepard, C. Hill, K. Harvey, J. McDowell, B. Watkins. Second Row: Mr. Wade, J. Shepard, J. Palmatier, J. Hubbard, T. Hubbard, C. Bartlett, D. Brooks, R. Bennett, M. Smith, Mr. Wheeler. Third Row: D. Keefe, P. Hanson, J. Ebert, D. Bard, G. Lucas, B. Madden, T. Merchant, G. Fabiano, L. Hill, A. Carpenter, R. Strong, J. Racolta, G. Foster. The 1953-54 Maroon football season started out with seventy-five boys re- porting for practice. The coaching staff, composed of Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Wad did a fine job of getting the team into shape for the first game. The coaches had eleven returning lettermen to start building a winning combination. After the season began, more and more boys saw action in conference games giving a bright outlook for the next season. Although their record was only three wins and five losses, the boys showed a lot of spirit and drive. They capped the season by almost upsetting the league champions. SEASON IN REVIEW -- Union City 18 Colon Union City O Quincy Union City 6 Bronson Union City O Jonesville Union City 12 Litchfield Union City O Athens Union City 6 Reading Union City O Homer Page Fnrq BA KETBALL VAR l'I'Y First Row: Dick Keefe, Gary Foster, Bob Smith. Second Row: Robert Bennett, Dean Brooks, Merlin Smith, Jack Shepard, Max Offenbecher. Third Row: Phil Hanson, Jerry Shepard, Tom Hubbard, Cecil H111, Jenn york. Fourth Row: Mr. Wade, Howard Miller, Jim McDowell, Charles Bartlett, Alfred Hitchcox, Ralph Strong, Mr. Wheeler. The 1955-54 Maroons basketball campaign this year was rather disappoint- ing, but at times the players displayed a championship caliber of ball in their playing, and always exhibited the traditional Maroon spirit and fight. By winning three of their games, the Maroons finished in seventh place. The most heralded of the U.C. Maroon victories was the game with our tradition al rival, Athens, when the Maroons won after a double overtime. -- SEASON IN REVIEW -- Union City Colon Union City Quincy Union City Athens Union City Reading Union City Homer Union City Bronson Union City Litchfield Union City Jonesville Union City Quincy Union City Reading Union City Jonesville Union City Homer Union City Litchfield Union City Bronson Union City St. Charles Union City Athens Page For ly-one BA KETBALL RE EIWE First Row: Dick Keefe, Gary Foster, Bob Smith. Second Row: Richard Adams, Cletus Gilbert, Arthur Carpenter George Fabiano, Robert Offenbecher. Third Row: Mr. Wade, Royal Albert, Clyde Hubbard, Mark Woodruff, David Bard, John Miller, Mr. Wheeler. Page Forty-no A Q,P Food Store Amstutz Hatcher ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Y Baylis Jewelry Store Bessie's Beau Cardinal Caf Carl Bray, Carl W. Mi Charles S City Res Corner Covey' Don R Dono Dr. Ea F ty Bar e Ford Garage ller, Grocery harf, Plumbing Supplies taurant Store s Garage ay Radio Shop van's Market E. V. Finlay, Dentist rl's Dairy . A. Fabiano, Ice Cream Gambles Store Glen Rosenberry and Judy Miller Hagelshaw Auto Electric -Hensleys 5 A 10 Herb Hedrick, Mobil Gas Hooker's Standard Service Hortons Clothing Store J. B. Washburn Implement R Sales Co. Knauss and Brown, Inc. Lonnie Lampley Mary Louise Beauty Shop Merrit Food Store Millers Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dunn O. W. Wilder and Son, Pure Oil P. J. Buell and Son, Lumber The Harris' Union City Locker Company Union City Lumber Company Union City National Bank Wadsworth Shoe Repair Walt McKee, Chicken Hatchery Whitlock Shoe Store Whitings Drug Store William Swan, Appliances AIIHIGRAPHS Lithoprinted in U.S.A. University Lithoprinters, Inc. 1954 n. . . l ,:..:y .. . N 1 . 1 4 'Q' .V 'Y . A 'V. xx :3l.:"AL,A . - tgf.-I ' ' ff ' - -1 'L. ' " gizsfgif' . 4 ' .MV-'lf-1 I 'V E 5-:vw 'Q 2 .,. - -H4 ' '-..: , , .4 . . 191 T .-'-'Q'-1 .L .- . 4 Q... -Vi.:-. TV' . A' ,Yf.?...f3, "Flaw ' P df- . 'I , ,, '. LW, ' " il 44.32 ' 'D , ' 1 - it r. af ' ' A KH. ' 7 v ' WZLJ. ., ' f Y. ,-'viii ..-.1+' V - 9 Ax I .An - . . 1... , . x ,v.,v , ln-1 4 , ,' -.'v .VV.,.:.,.. -A NW... Hx: r ,LL . P . .srl 1 H I - VL - - . ff .. I.. ' ,V'.' 1. ir.: f- f. . . ,.- -A L. V- f f '- .Tw ' ' " i. 4 .-' . ,V- 4' V 1. V J . - . f X w :I . ,!,' ' r , '. . . f A, 1 -,i .- V n . x 1 I L Ju.. . 5. Q.. ,Z , V. V 1 I V -. ..., Y, ll. .. 1 v PM . A V - ., , .- -riff ' ..- . 425 'l'gifV- 3 ' ' ,, ,xi ffm? ' gf '- .V A'.!55'i " A .f 'fx sf 1 X X. -L-1 . jk - , ., V Q 1 .fu ., . , f Af v ' .fe . V . 1 ' .'.fgV.'l.. - . ,I rx . A . .g - 'J .ISL . ' R.. ' ..- 41-'Q -- 'S 1 J R , , ,.-.A X , - , g--..5.v -k ... V ,Q V V- N V , "1-' ,Zu ., "-"i1.,-- 3.4. .. -. 'wtf 1115--'2..'...:,.--f'f ' , af - '-f.1fi.fIfj'14 - . ... . A gE'.gg.nV..'V3'-2151-3 : X . i, 4' ..V, .M , ,. ., ' , X 1 5 , . ., 'V . ,, . -. . A .3 vgiiffu 1 L-1 ,.-E .f .,A. 'V'.V-If .. ,my ,, . .V,., 2 1.34 H. i x . 'v -"nn UV , ..., .. :Ar-1-rf',?' L . V,-V :n,- W1--v . !.,,,.4I ., f f-?H' A .. f ' Q.: V, I ""v if, f fr u Y i..4:r..,. .1 , .-.n ., ...V ,V LL. . , H.. . V .- ,V .5-.. fm ' ' ,ill , n 1 ! i i i

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