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.nn-.nn nu. --nn-...u1w-r sup na ,anne xunuduu un nun sniuuununu--4 f any-nuns.: --W :unin . ...Qnnun-wsu. nun-nun X 323221123322 mann :savanna-uf, :age unnu neu 1 uunnuqnn punuuu unufu.: -noun wnunuu .1-ausggg 'M .-'N V Xif, x , M, X' X ' 2 Y-fi ti-fR?y.?.X?35Z:, 4 XEA. X, L , AX? WFT Q A. .TQ . K 3 .wg +'w21f2 if P A-fy: , 'Q :QELQQ-S3z1xig.igQf+'iQ -'Y ' 2515634 S X fifyriu r i Lx1w . , H, N' v .JI 'K K I ' 3 N-,,Qi 4, ., X K . A, . 1.4 ,,,,,,....,,F - ii Q. -- ...D X " 1 5:-AV., X 1 A l X N'i9: QS fg,f1 ?2EEb3F55gf , yflwifmf is BEXWQQ? ufgpia- 5 div ga affix Wx KSQQR' 3 fig W W 'f WMWW M W 'mhz Qnhil W f MM mfM ' l-' ' ,Y ' 1 f-W li , - ' 1--Q 514--if i-E 'Q-Q 4 -Q mg x - '51 'jprnsvnied lag the Senior Qllass uf 1954 nf Qliiniun Qlihg Qvrea Eiliglq Snzlynul Qlininn Uiig , ':IHennsQIi1aniz1 Qgulume SU g X ! I eg- -- ,-,-vii" if it 'Gable uf 011111121115 J J x. X :- ,N . I F G Title Page . . . . . 1 Alma Mater . . . . 3 Dedication . . . . 4 Administration . . . 6 In Memoriam . . . . . 8 FBCLIHY . . . . . . 9 Seniors . . . . 17 Underclassmen . . . 51 Activities . . . . 75 Athletics . . 85 Music . . . . . . 101 Organizations . . . . . 111 School Personnel . . . . . . 131 punks 2 .X ' J 1 S .1 :- , .- , hr' 4 iv' Estee ,it 7 , '5 :IF 'i if P yix X .I X, :H 2' - f I rf -f J I .- 4 ."Nl'3' - r K' +'v Q O L' -'Hui 'ki' it w ' ' Hi' it Yi-ttf' ' iff Witt, Qs 1+ r 4 w: it ' if is 1- if inf' it " W i 1 ii Qslma maint Dear Alma Mater Fairest of shrines, May lasting glory Forever be thine. Crowned with laurels of virtue Decked in garlands so bright, We carry the banners Of the green and the white, We carry the banners Of the green and the white. Ever onward you struggle Till the goal has been gained, And we as descendants Bear aloft that fair name. So rejoice in thy glory Praises to you we sing, Dear Union City May thy fame never dim, Dear Union City May thy fame never dim. esliczxiinn One of the greatest rewards of working on our Anvil is to be able to dedicate it to some- one who has devoted so much time and effort for our benefit. The person chosen by our class to receive this honor is one of the nicest persons we have ever known. She is always willing to help us when we need her or to spon- sor and aid us in our class projects. We, the class of 1964, think it a great pleasure to be permitted to dedicate this Anvil to as wonderful a person as she is. We cannot possibly say in a few words what we feel, and so, with much gratitude in our hearts and deep sincerity, we say, "Thank you, Mrs. Hosier " ediwtinn E 2 We, the Senior Class of 1964 wishto say "Thank you" for the countless ways in which you have served as a guiding light throughout our high school years. You have played a most important role in the management and Well-being of our school. You have been responsible for the many decisions and policies for which we can all be proud. For all the time, effort, and guidance you have put forth, we, the Senior Class of 1964 dedicate this anvil to you, Mr. Palmer. MRS. CAMPBELL S chool B oard Se crletary MR. BREST Supervising Principal Perhaps never before in our country's history has any graduating class faced a world so beset by problems and uncertainties as the world you face today. The tensions and conflicts of international affairs, the struggles and trials inherited in our national goals, the adjustment required to accommodate the demands of social and technological change- these are the ear marks of our times the common place operation of our daily lives. Yet the magnitude and diversity of these problems can mean for each of you an exciting challenge. As never before the world needs leadership - in every area. And the opportunity for leadership is yours. The challenge has never been greater. I know that each of you will accept it with confidence and determination. MRS RIMPA Mr. Brest s Secretary Srhnnl Euan! UNION CITY TOWNSHIP--L. to H.: Charles Rockwood, Dr. William Broadhurst, Frank Eastman, Harold Gregory, Dr. Harold Cooper, Roger Wetmore. UNION CITY BOROUGH--L. to R.: Ernest Crooker, Velma Rimpa John Gates, George Ainsworth, Herbert Inman, Jean Clark BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP--L. to R.: Gerald Edwards, Charles Fox, Morris Shreve, Stanley Mulvin, Robert Jackson. 5' o C4011 emnrtam He exemplified the s t r e n gt h of youthful enthu- siasm ..... yet he h o no re d older and more experii- enced leaders and sought their wisdom. "We need to draw upon Arnerica's entire reser- voir of talent and skillto help conduct our generation's most important business--the public business." John Fitzgerald Kennedy X glfzuzulig N SX x wg xi XXS S X X x X Q N X tk xxx XX X X fx X Z! 2V VI U 1' 'W' LX H3 ff i! X2 ,iff W ' Na . X, -' , xi gi rj' ' gf , l -T ,rf 'Q .-fl ,iff f l ' K Ll' XX f f XXX X MR. PALMER High School Principal To the Seniors: I hope that in your 12 years of attendance in our school you have learned to respect hard work, honesty: to be bigger and stronger than the things that tend to hold you downg to look upon life itself as a bigger and broader school where your main voca- tion is endless learning of endless lessons. May I congratulate each and everyone of you and hope that you have success and happiness in life. Principal's Secretary Teachers MRS. MRS. ALLEN SHALLEN- . BERGER Physical Ed. Health MR. ALLEN P. Geometry Algebra II Trigonometry MR. BAIR Bookkeeping Personal Typing General Business Bus. Math MRS. BALDWIN MR. BENOIT MR- BI-:OK Social Studies Art History, 12013 MR. BUTTER- MORE History Science MRS. COATES Home Economics MR. COSILLA Special Edu cation MISS M. DENNIS Reading MISS R. DENNIS MRS. DINGLE MISS DURBAN Chorus MR . HAKE L Science Chemistry Physics English Librarian QE, MR . HAMILTON Industrial Arts MISS HENNE English MRS. HOSIER Bus. Eng. Shd. I G II Typing I 8 II Office Practice MRS. IRWIN MR. JOHNSON MR. JUNKER Mathematics Mathematics History Algebra I MR. LENT Industrial Arts MRS. LOGAN English 13 MR . ME NOHE R Agriculture MR. MCKINNEY History Dr. Ed. Q 'sf MRS. MICHAEL MRS. MILLER MISS MONOLA French English English MR. PFAFF Band MR. PLAVCAN Mathematics MR. ROHDE Science Biology MR. SCHAUER History MR. J. SWANSON MR. W. SWANSON MRS. SZALL Physical Education Science Nurse Health MR. WEISON Latin I 8: II English MR. WELSH Guidance 15 Student wr ers MR. BOYLE fi' MR. REESE History 8 T T P O D t Science G Biology Student teachers come to Union City Area High School from Edin- boro State Teachers College. Student teaching is conducted in elementary and secondary schools of our service area. The range in size and type of school provides an excellent experience for the student teacher. Each student teacher works under the guidance of capable master teachers and college supervisors. During the semester of student teaching, the student devotes his entire time to this work. No outside employment is permitted, except by special permission. Directed observation is provided in connection with college courses prior to student teaching. This arrangement permits the student to see applications of theory and practice in typical classroom situations. The minimum assignment of twelve semester hours of practice teaching is required of each student teacher. The maximum assign- ment depends upon the quality of student teaching in individual cases. MR. SCARCELLA MR' OWEN Science K Biology Agifjgfsiy 16 ' N V -'- 'f H.---?.i eniurs .Xl 1 1, r' lx 1 X 1' f' lf' A' Xl , 1 I, . f A ,f ' X N ff," HF 1 , A Y I v X X , 1 x , . W . Q A 2 , ,. xg ' I1 , 1 . H. I .f , , , 1 V . . I , I , ' , , l 7 'fi M x X fw z N W' I f ' fx f f W f, g 'VIL R 1 fV,',,,'1. VN !X K ffl NMXX NN' ff I :W Hg if I X lx j fag' f 4 'UW f QQ J I ff' X I J! . If i , , , 43, -Hu -4. ..,.., ' ,.,,, 4, ,Y My 7 4 X - , - x M K K VVh41-,X Rl ' 7+-J X1 rl 5 My 1 ' f P, , 1 l . y xr L, in I-w f 5. V .1 " 1 if fy .1 ff xx if y fi f 1. 44, t ! A 1 f W1 I I I lj 1 Q eninr G9ffinera Left to Right: J. Tome, Vice-President: D. Crocker, Secretary E. Kopnitsky, Treasurerg M. Williamson, Historiang B. Wellmon President, Absent. MOTTO . . . . "Knowledge Defends Liberty." COLORS . . . . Royal Blue and White FLOWER . .... . . . . .... Blue Carnation Ullman dhisnrs Left to Right: Mrs. Hosierg Mrs. Coatesg Mr. Benoitg Mr. Menoher. TERRANCE ANTONY Football Team 1,2,3, 43 Wrestling 2,3,-4. COLLEE N BIDWELL Gym Show 2,3gFBL.A 33 Float Committee 33 PromCommittee3. PAUL BELLIS MAURICE BENNET Track lpFootba11g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Captain 45 Golf 2,3,4g U-Clan 2,3, 4g Science Club 4. VIRGINIA BAKER Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club 33 Li brary 3. EVERETT BRADLEY FFA 1,2,3,4. 19 SANDRA BROWN Library Assistant 1, 2,35 Newspaper 3. FRANK CHUNDRLEK Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 1, 3, 45 FFA 1,25Prorn Com. 35 U-Clan 3,45 Gym Show 1,2,3,45 Float Committee 35 Senior Play 4. 20 1 SALLY ANN BURNS FHA 15 Science Club 15 GAA 25 FBLA 3,45Switch- board 3,45 Student Sec. 3, 45 Gym Show 2,35 Prom Com. 3gFloatCorn. 3,45 Junior P1ay35 Girls' Basketball 25 Anvi1Staff 45 Senior Play 4. DALLAS CARTER Track 1,2,45 Gym Show 3,45 Junior Play 3gFloat Corn . 3, 45 Concession Stand 45 Senior Play 4. NANCY BRYANT FHA 2,45 Library 1, 2, 3, 45 FBLA 3, 45 Float Committee 35 Anvil Staff 45 Live- stock Queen 4. MARSHA CHURCH Class Secretary 15 Honor Society 3, 4 Sec. 45 French Club 3,4 Sec. 45 Latin Club 25 Student Monitor 35 United Nations Dele- gation 35 Senior Play 4. JACK COMSTOCK Football lg Basket- ball 1,2,4g Gym Show 2,3,43 Junior Play 3g Float Committee 3, 45 Concession Stand4g Prom Committee 35 Anvil Staff 45 Senior Play Understudy 4. MARY ELLA DENHAM FHA 3,43 Float Com- mittee 3. DONNA CROOKER Latin Club 1, 23 Prom Committee 35 Junior Class Play 33Homecom- ing Queen's Court 33 Gym Show 33 Class Secretary 2,3,4g Senior Play Usherette 4g Na- tional Honor Soci- ety 3,4. RICHARD CURTIS FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2,3,4. JOHN COURTNEY Stage crew 3, 4 Vice-Pres. 3,4. HOWARD DINGLE Anvil Staff. 21 DENNIS DOOLITTLE Basketball 23 Anvil Staff 43 Float Com. 4. ROSEMARY EWING Band 13 FHA 1,2,3,4. 22 JAMES EDWARDS Float Com. 2,35 Gym Show 2, 3, Model United Na- tions 3: Penny Nickel Carnival Booth, Chairman 35 Junior Play 35 Wrestling 3g Sen- ior Play 4. MELVIN EDWARDS U-Clan 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Weightlifting 1, Gym Show 3, Junior Play 3. TERESA DUDAS GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Li- brary Assistant l, 2, 3,43 Newspaper Staff 3. GRACIELA FRIAS Student Council 45 Chorus 3, Make-up com. 43 Foreign Ex- change Student. MARY LOUISE GATES Student Council 2,3, 45 Cheerleading 1,2, 3,45 Captain 45 Band l,2,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Girl's Basketball 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Prom Committee 35 Prom Banquet 35 Float Committee 3, 45 Science 35 Gym Show 2,3. LARRY GREEN Latin Club 1,2 Pres. 25 Basketball 2,35 Junior Play 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Float Committee 2,35 Prom Commit- tee 35 Biology Club 3. MARSHA GILLETT Latin Club 1,25 Science Club 35 Pres. 45 Prom Committee 35 Chorus 15 Float Committee 2, 35 Chairman 25 Sen- ior Play MC 45 Senior PlayUsh- erette 45 National Honor Society 4. RICHARD GLOSSER Conservation 15 Gym Show 1. CAROL GEERTSON FBLA 35 FHA 1,45 Prom Committee 35 Banquet Committee 35 Gym Show 2, 3,45 Float Committee 3, 45 Senior Play Ush- erette 4. RICHARD HASKINS U-Clan 3,45 Football 1,3,45 Basketball 15 Golf 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play 35 Gym Show 2,3,45 Weight- liftin 2. 23 CHAR LES HATCH Junior Class Play 33 Wrestling 2,3,4gGo1f 2,3,43 Student Coun- cil 4g Vice-Pres. 45 Class Vice-Pres. 23 Latin Club 2, Senior Play 4. WELLINGTON KERR Band 2,3,4. K 24 RONALD HILL Chorus 1,23 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 25 Student Council 1,2,3,4g U-Clan 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 2,3,4. BRADEN JONES Vocational Ag. 1, 2,35 Wrestling 1, 2,3,4g Float Com- mittee 3g U-Clan 2,3,4g Senior Play 45 Voc. Ag. Treas. 4. KAREN HICKS Cheerleading 13 Cho- rus 2g PromCommit- tee 35 GAA 1, 2, 33 Gym Show 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3gGir1'S Basketball 3g Senior Play Prompter 4gPep Club Vice-Pres. 4. ROBERT KING Wrestling Manager 33 Football Manager 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew 2,33 Sec. 8 Tres. 33 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 4. ELEANOR KOPNITSKY Latin Club 23 French Club 3,4 Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 43 Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 33 Band 13 Chorus 13 Basketball 13 Volley- ball 33 Gym Show 1, 33 Senior PlayUsher- ette 4. GEORGE KOWALSKI FFA l3Football Team 3,41 Basketball Team 3,43 Track 33 Weight- lifting 3,43 Gym Show 13 Float Com. 23 U- Clan 4. JANE LAYDEN Chorus 1,2,3,43 Ma- jorettes 3,43 Prom. Com. 33 BanquetCom. 33 Gym Show 3. DARRELL DARLENE KYSOR LASHER National Honor FHA 1,-2,3 HiSfOI'- Society 3,43 Band ian 3: Prom COUL 1,2,33 Chorus 1,2, 3. 33 Gym Show 3,4. 25 GEORGIA ANN LEFEVRE Winter Sport's Queen 43 CBoston Store Fash- ion Board 4J3Switch- board 2,3,43 Student Sec. 3,43 FBLA 3,43 Junior Play Make- up 33 Gym Show 2,3,43 tBasketba1l Queen's Court 35 tHomecom- ing Queen'S Court 3, 453 FloatCom.Chair- man 33 Historian 13 Anvil Staff 43 Latin Club 23 StudentCoun- cil 4:Newspaper Staff 1,23 National Honor Society 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Usherette 3. SANDRA LILLEY Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Switchboard 3,43 Student Secreta- ry 43 FHA 13 Prom Committee 33 Gym Show 2,3,43 FBLA 3, 43 Anvil Staff 43 Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Pep Club 4. GEORGE MALESKI Projectionist 3, 43 Conservation Club 1, 2. 26 JUDY MAGEE FHA 13 GAA l,2, 3,43 Girl's Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 33 Student Moni- tor 33 Volleyball 33 Gym Show 13 Pep Club 4. FRANCIS MALEC Student Council 13 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3,43 Track 8LField 3,43 Junior Class Play 33 U-Clan 3, 43 Weightlifting 1, 2,3Q National Hon- or Society 4. LAWRENCE LUBA Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Gym Show l,2, 3,43 Switchboard 3, 43U-Clan 2,3,43 Prom Committee 33 Anvil Staff 43 FBLA 43 Weightlifting 2,3. ELIZABETH MATHIAS Latin Club 23 Vice- Pres. 23 GAA 3, 43 Girl's Basketball 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Banquet Commit- tee 33 French Club 3, 4 Tres. 4g Student Monitor 3: Float C om - mittee 33 Pep Club Sec-Tres. 4. RUTHANN MC CRILLIS Switchboard 2, 3, 4, Newspaper 1,23 Stu- dent Sec. 3,43 FBLA 3,45 Anvil Staff 4: Float Com. 3, 4, lBusiness Managerof Anvil 433 lSenior Play Student Director 41. FRANCINE MINEO CLibrary Asst. 1, 2, 3,45 Student Librari- an 2g Head Librarian 45: Latin Club 1,23 Movie Committee 2 3, Newspaper Staff 3, Prom Committee 3, CNational Honor So- ciety 47. WILLIAM MICHAE LSON Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Track lg U-Clan 2, 3, 4g tNational Honor Society 3,47 Weightlifting 2,33 H om e c om i n g Com. 35 Clvlagazine Sales Supervisor 37 Prom Com. 3. TERRY MILLER FFA 1, 2, 3. VAUGHN MC CURDY lStage Crew 1, 2, 3, 47 Pres. 1,2,3,4J3 An- vil Staffg Uunior Play 3 Stage Crewl. MARY JO MINEO KNationa1 Honor So- ciety 3,4, Pres. 47, llvlajorettes 2, 3, 4 Reporter 3 Asst. Head 453 Latin Club 1,2: Wrench Club 3, 4 Vice-Pres. 3Pres. 435 Prom Com. 35 lBanquet Com. 3 Chairman Home- room Sec. 1, 2, 3, 4gGym Show 3,4gJun- ior Play 3, Home- coming Float Com- mittee 2,3,4g Chair- man 4gUnited Nations Forum 3,43 Debate Team 4, Senior Play Prompter 4. 27 za ' ELLEN MITCHELL Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Cho- rus 1,2,3,43 FHA2,3, 4. BARBARA PIEPER Latin Club 23 French Club 3,4. IVARENE PE NCILLE Newspaper Staff 25 Library Assistant 35 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: CPreS. 31. ARTHUR LEE PETERSON Library Assistant 1,2,3,4. FRANK M USIEK Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4g U- Clan 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play MC 33 Senior High Science KClub 41 Anvi1Staff4. NANCY PR ATHER GAA 25 ,Gym Show 1, 3,45 Band 1, 2,3,4g District Band2,3g Jr. Play Make-up tCom- mittee 31 Prom Com- mittee 3g FBLA 3, 43 Switchboard 3, 43 Girl's Basketball 13 Chorus l,3,4g Anvil Staff 4, Student Sec- retary 4g Senior Play 4: Float Committee 3,4. HARRY RETZER Gym Show 13 Football 1,2,3g We-ightliftingl, 2,3. 1 JOHN RICE Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 U-Clan 2,3,43 Golf 2,33 Band 1,2. RONALD DENNIS RHODES REYNOLDS Football 1, 2, 3,4p Band 1.1 2: 31 Xvrestling Football 2, 3, 4: Ty-ack 1,2,33 U- Basketball 1, 2,3, Clan 2, 35 Gym 4: Track 1,2.3,4: show 31 FFA 1, 2, C onservation Float Com. 3: Cl'-lb 1, 2, 3, 45 PrornCorn.3gSen- tPres. 3, Treas- im. p1ay4, urer 4? U-Clan 4. '77, , CHERYL REYNOLDS Make-up com. 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4g GAA ti: Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Anvil Staff 45 Switch- board 4g Student Sec- retary 4. PENNY ROSE FHA lg FBLA 3,43 GAA 25 Newspaper Staff 1,23 Student Di- rector Jr. tP1ay 37: Gym Show 1, 2, 3,45 Anvil Staff 45 Cho- rus lg Football Stand Corn. 43 Switchboard Operator 3,4gVolley- ball 3: Prom Com.3. 29 KAREN ROSS FHA 1gGAA 13 Cheer- leader 1,25 Switch- board 3,4g Cafeteria Helper 3g FBLA 3,45 Anvil Staff 4. CAROL SMITH FHA lg Library Club 2g Dancing Club 35 Junior Play 35 Junior Newspaper 33 Pep Club 4: G.A.A. 45 Latin Club 4. 30 GLORIA DAWN SHE LLITO Prom Queen 3, Band l,2,3,4g Lib. 35 Chorus l,2,3,43 FBLA 3,4g Float Com. 3,43 Switch- board 2,3,4g Gym Show 2,3,4g Prom Com. 35 Anvil Staff 4g Girls' Ensem- ble 3g Student Sec- retary 4, Senior Play 45 Anvil Lay- out Manager 4. JANICE SH REVE Gym Show l,3,4g FHA 3g Volleyball 35 Float Com. 3g Prom Com. 35 GA A lg Anvil Staff 43 FBLA 43 Switch- board 4. JOHN SANDEN Concession Stand 43 Anvil Staff 43 Gym Show 1, 2, 3, 43 Float Com. 3, 45 Prom Chairman 3g Dance Com. 2, 3, 43 fJunior Play Student Direc- tor 315 Art Club 2. LINDA SMITH FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA Float 3. BRUCE STORMS Chorus 3,45 KStudent Council 1, 2, 3, 4: Pres. 4DgLibraryAs- sistant 2g INational Honor Society, 3, 4l Gym Show 3. RICHARD TOME Latin Club 1,25 Prom Committee 35 Float Committee 2,3g Biol- ogy Club 25 National Honor Society. JACK TILLOTSON Projection ciub 1, 2,3,4g Art Club 2, 4. JAMES TOME Latin Club 23 Uun- ior Class Play Student Director 33, Class Vice- Pres. 3gTrack3,4g fStudent Council 1, 2,3,4J fSenior Sci- ence Club 41. LAURA THOMAS FHA 13 Newspaper Staff 23 Prom Com- mittee 3g CNational Honor Society 3,413 QFBLA 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 3, Pres. 473 Switchboard 3,45 An- vil Staff 4. P ATRICIA VARISH Senior High Chorus 13 tCamera Club 23 Sec. 8tTres. 2lgProm Committee 33 Switch- board 3,4g FBLA 3,43 Tres. 43 Anvil Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 2. 51 KATHLEEN WEBB Chorus 1,3,4g Latin Club 35 FHA 1,2. R USSE LL WILLIAMSON Camera Club 3, 43 Prom Corn. 35 Anvil Staff 4. 32 JAMES WILLIAMS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Cap. 43 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 43 Weight- lifting 2, 3, 4g Track 1,2g U-Clan 2,3,4 Pres. 45 Lab Assistant 35 Na- tional Honor Soci- etyt3,4Vice-Pres. 413 Homecoming Float Com. 3. MARION WILLIAMSON Gym Show 2,3,4g Student Secretary 3,4g Switchboard Operator t2,3,4Jg FBLA 3, 45 Re- gional Pres. of FB LA 1433 Class His- torian 3,43 Editor of Anvil 4g Float Com. 3,43 Latin Club 2g Banquet Com. 33 Magazine Sales Bus. fMana- ger 31: Make-up Com. 4g National Honor Society t4Jg BAXTER WE LLMON Student Council 3,4 U-Clan 3,4g Football 1,2g Track 23 Wrest- ling 1,2,3,4g Presi- dent of Class 1,2,3,4 Weightlifting 2 . PHILIP T. WINCHELL Conservation Club 1 2: Wrestling 1. ALAN YOVICH FRANCES zAJAc Library 1, 2, 3, 4g Band l,2,4g Chorus 1,25 Dance Band 2, , . 43 Wrestling 3gTrack FBLA 3' 4' Anvil 33 Lab Assistant 2, 3,4: Minstrel Show l,2. Staff 43 Switch- board 3,41. HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1964 The class of 1964 has enjoyed very successful sophomore, junior, and senior years. ln our sophomore year, we had a movie, Alexander the Great, a skating party, a float in the homecoming parade, a booth at the penny-nickel carnival, and the regular candy sale. All of these projects were very successful except the skating party. In our junior year we had a magazine sale, movie, a booth at the penny-nickel carnival, and a junior dance, which were very successful. We also had our class play, "The Antics of Andrew", which was very funny. Our prom was called "The Sweetheart Ball". It was very pretty and very successful. Everything was done in pink, red, and white. In our senior year we had the concession stand at the football and basketball games, fudge sales every Thursday. We had a senior dance. Robin Scott of WWGO radio was the MC, Our senior class play, "Bolts it Nuts", was very successful. We are eagerly awaiting the senior class trip to Washington, D.C. and expect to have a very nice time. Also, we are looking forward to graduation, our utmost goal in school. 33 Glhella Chella's sister, Carmen, and her hus- band, Ernesto Mesias. Chella and her friends in Peru, Marcela Arkulu, Raquel Arkulu, Lily Larikeascoa, and Cililia del Puente. Chella driving a car in Union While staying in Union City, City, where she made her Chella made herhornewiththe home in America. William Pearson family. Here, she is with her sister, Judy Pearson. Whiz Page Qfieserned fur 5111211 Spenizxl Eng ur Gal NAME Terry Anthony Virginia Baker Paul Bellis Maurice Bennett Bud Bradley Sandy Brown Nancy Bryant Sally Ann Burns Dallas Carter Frank Chundrlek Marsha Church Jack Comstock John Courtney Donna Crocker Richard Curtis Howard Dingle Dennis Doolittle Teresa Dudas Jim Edwards Mel Edwards Rosemary Ewing Graciela Frias Mary Lou Gates Carol Geertson Marsha Gillett Dick Glosser Larry Green Dick Haskins C. B. Hatch Karen Hicks Ron Hill Braden Jones Wellington Kerr Bob King Eleanor Kopnitsky George Kowalski Darrell Kysor Darlene Lasher Jane Layden Ann LeFevre Sandy Lilley eninr nfnntnfnn PET PEEVE Marsha Gillett Brownies . Tall women Giddy Girls Serious people A certain book- keeping teacher People who get A's in bookkeeping State cops Kids who hot rod Teachers The other one Waiting for Judy to come out of the restroom Mr. Bair Short boys Mrs. Logan People who borrow my comb Ford owners Bookkeeping class No, I have a pet dog Simple girls CMarsha Gillettl People who talk all the time Milk Late people Short Boys People who tell rumors Overly exuberant people Teachers who crowd in lunchline Bossy girls People who blow trumpets in my ear Dennis Rhodes Mopping the floor at Morse's Drugs Girls who go steady Mr. Bair's class Girls kicking and writing on me in shorthand class People who sing off key Learnin' to spel gude Tall girls Homework Boys who are late for dates Other girls Shy boys HEARD SAYING Hey, have we got any homework? Fink! Slow down, George '. Hang in there,cHerm! Oh well, you can't win 'em all. Do you want-a fat lip? Do you know ? Let's purr! Yes sir Babe! Hi ya, Babe! No, Marsha! Hold it ! Well, if you'd move it. Oh, crumps! Good morning, Betsy. Hold it, Comstock! Oh,'yea! Oh, your father steals ice from penguins Cut it out !' Oh Mother Bear! Hi, love! Hi! Where's Dallas? You, stupid 1 I Yea, but . . . What's the Formula? Shut up, Gillett !! Oh, fudge! Don't sweat it! Yepper! Hey, Big Al, where is your P.O.D. Study Guide Who blew that trumpet? Fink! You, fink li What ?. Me worry? I don't say much, but when I do you can count on it being impor- tant See my lawyer. Have you seen Ronnie? Time out for a tremble. Hey, Hicks! SEEN DOING Riding horses Never was seen Racing the old "52" Boppin' and singin' in the halls Handing out juicy fruit gum. Bombing down the streets of Union City. Eating carrot sticks Praying for rain Smoking outside the school Singing in the halls Riding a horse Looking for Judy Stepping on Nancy's hoop formal Q Loafing at the lake Giving away gum Watching Doolittle combing his hair Walking with a certain girl Talking to Mr. Bair Censored Roller skating Chewing gum Riding around in- con- vertibles Peeling around in a '64 Chevelle converti- ble Arguing Playing chess in Physics class Working at the Quality Taking a walk with Linda Practically anything Riding around with Lilley Beating Mr. Benoit in arm wrestling Not seen Killing time in Helen's Pizza Shop Talking to a certain teacher about her sister Collecting money Living at the .pizza shop Sitting in homeroom reading a note from a certain girl Reading her English book Riding in a '58 Chevy Typing Sitting on the front steps waiting for someone to come by on their motorcycle NAM E Larry Luba Judy Magee Bud Malec George Maleski Betsy Mathias Ruthann McCrillis Vaughn McCurdy Bill Michaelson Terry Miller Francine Mineo Mary Jo Mineo Ellen Mitchell Frank Musiek Ivarene Pen cille Arthur Peterson Barbara Pieper Nancy Prather !Fredl Harry Retzer Cheryl Reynolds R onnie R eyn olds John Rice Penny Rose Karen Ross John Sanden Gloria Dawn Shellito Janice Shreve Carol Smith Linda Smith Jack Tillots on Dick Tome Jim Tome Pat Varish Kathy Webb Baxter Wellmon Marion Williamson Russell Williamson Phil Winchell Alan Yovich Frances Zajac eniur 'luturluiun PET PEEVE Yogi Bair Penny R ose Int olerant teachers Bucket Seats Gossip School, and home- work Mr. Bair's book- keeping class Sunday drivers Mr. Bair's pro- jecting skill Underclassmen, es- pecially 8th graders People who are not dependable Smart allecs and Cindy's constant talk about Larry Pens that skip People without teeth Blowing off steam Having a boy break his promise People with bad breath Mr. Bair Missing dictionaries Guys who flirt with Cheryl The big bad '59 Olds People who are mad at me Loud talking Weight conscious people Ladies who grow mustaches Boys who drink Snobs Teachers that yell at me "Thunderbird" Wastey, Mrs. Logan- Type, classes Mrs. Logan Getting up in the morning A boy that is late for a date People who blow trumpets in my ear Bucket seats Mrs, I.,ogan's English Class Women Dom ineering wom en People who don't -push their chairs under the table HEARD SAYING Forget it! Might as well, can't dance. Shut up and deal. I'll drive if you'l1 buy Oh my gosh! Guess who was down last night You fink! Huh! What ja say? You slob! I won't go out with Butchagain. This is ridiculous! Great day in the morning! No, I did not jump the gun! Guess what? You will now return to study hall. I saw Herb last night. SEEN DOING Skipping School Going to Tidioute Playing cards in the Pizza Shop for 5 hours straight. Heading north from Corry Not much of anything Showing her engage- ment ring Chewing gum Absolutely nothing Chewing gum in library Going to elementary school to teach French Driving Talking to Rosemaryg Linda, and Cindy Singing in class Daydreaming' Checking out books Walking home with Herb Joe's coming up tonight!Just messing around Good m orning, lover. I don't care. Watch it, King! For---sake, Barb! Hey, Carol, I have a problem! ' Hi, George! Let's do something. Oh, bones! Mother Bear! Okay, what's wrong? I wish I were married. l..et's have a party! l..ife's like that too, though. Hey, Babe! Does anyone want a dill pickle? Have you seen Leon? Shake it, Baby! Oh, fuzz! She gives me cramps! No Kiddin! Hey, Ron Hill, where's your P.O.D. study guide? Bless it! Chewing gum and get ting caught Hustling George Walking the halls with Cheryl Walking the halls with Barb Riding around in a Cadillac Poking along the halls and running into doors Painting Flirting with Benny Always with Larry Listening to people Talking in study hall Driving a '57 Chevy Riding horses Nothing Talking about Bob Riding around in my convertible Dancing to the music of the Raiders Riding around in a '63 Ford convertible Chewing gum Chasing girls on State Street Hunting wood chucks on Sunday Walking the halls BEST LOQKINC, CHAMP GUM CHEWERS U 1 5 Ciibggjflllfii G Dennis Doolittle a Graciela Frias BEST DRESSED MOST AMBITIOUS l BIGGEST DEVILS Colleen Bidwell 81 Jim Edwards C. B. Hatch Em Ann Marion Williamson 81 Lepevre Darrell Kysor CRAZIEST DRIVERS CUTEST U Sally Burns A George Gloria Shellito SL Maleski Dallas Carter BEST ALL AROUND Dick Haskins R Betsy Mathias WITTIEST l Karen Hicks R Bud Malec MOST TALENTED John Sanden EQ Sandy Lilley U 1 5 MOST STUDIOUS Dick Tome R Marsha Gillett U BIGGEST FLIRT Gloria Shellito SL Jack C om stock BEST DANCERS Karen Hicks Sv Frank Chundrlek M OST LOVING COUP LE Mary Lou Gates 8 Dallas Carter MOST POPULAR V N Donna Crooker gl Maurice Bennett MOST DIGNIFIED C. B. Hatch G Mary Jo Mineo TALLEST U 1 Z MOST UNPREDICTAB LE Harry Retzer G Penny Rose NOISIEST BEST ATHLETIC Teresa Dudas SL Frank Musiek U Dennis Rhodes 81 Penny Rose MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED L . John Rice ty Laura Thomas Richard Tome Sr Marsha Church MOST BASHFUL Russell Williamson G Linda Smith QUIETEST Russell Williamson A Karen Ross MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Dennis Rhodes 81 Sandy Lilley BOOKWOR MS U 1 5 1 Marsha Gillett A Bruce Storms NIGHT HAWKS TEACHERS PETS Melvin Edwards SL Phillip Winchell 81 Jane Layden Ruthann McCrillis SHORTEST U Paul Bellis SL Kathy Webb SALLY BURNS - "lt's an original by Oleg Cassini." eniur Piaper gags JIM 8: DICK TOME - "VVe're the better haIf ofthe Beatles!" M ARI ION WILLIAM SON - "Come on boys, 1et's eat I" ANN LE- GLORIA SHELLI- NANCY PRATH- ER - "Sure you can take me home. Where do you live ?" FEVRE - "I love how you love me." TO - a flirt Cl Who says I'm 977 CHERYL HEY- LARRY GREEN - DALLAS CAR- RUTHANN MCCRIL NOLDS - "What "Oh well! It was TER - "You LIS - "This swing else do you have nice while it last- KNOW I didn't do ought to have a mo to offer?" ed." it." tor." RONNTE REYNOLDS - "I know l'm cute, you don't have to tell me!" COLLEEN BIDWELL- "But Mommy, this hat is out of style! " ARTHUR PETERSON - "Pm not ready for married life !' ' ELEANOR KOP- NITSKY - "Who said there wasn't TERRY ANTHONY - "I'm going where the grass is green- LA U RA THOMAS - "Talk to me you silly bird!" DICK HASKINS - "Me Tarzan- Where's Lin- da??" IVIARY DENHAM - "Hurry up and take the picture!" FRANCINE MINEO n y o n e for a bath ? " IIA a Santa Claus '?' ' BARBRA PEIPER- H1 didl'1't do it! " RU S S E L L WILLIAM - SON-"Let' s play house! !" er!" HARRY RET- ZER - "Here I am girls!" JANICE SHREVE - "I-IOIDS James!" SANDRA BROWN - "The Raiders! Where?" FRANCIS ZA- J AC - " You c an' t tell me th e re' S no Easter Bunny." RONALD HILL - "I Wish I had a 409! " , J L.- I . . Q1-X ' .I -we I is 5 F , , 3 ff eg , Sys r X I I I Xibx I E X 5 as I Xxiw I S fx he wx 1 fix X x Q X we E N ISI X sl Q x 5 . ,J ., JI .. . ,. SANDY IFILLEY - PAT VARISH - I Woulggf "I Want to be a I Could' :, - , . June bride! " I P ' " N,-N V ex.: :X ,.., --" - 'Y : xr v " X' .. i . A ggxwegv -- " ' I ex Q X .. -1 ,S 'gk' .i:XE'5.251i5I.-" A xx. X: : ,, , Z . A Rr heifrfliili 5 1-5 ' Ni:--Nix ff? ,silk QSQ :INN .. ia: X-faq :ze - ga n . 2 . sg Wx . sk MARSHA GIL- JIM WILLIAMS - LETT - "If I were "Red Ros only young again." Rose tea! " e, Red fl a L. DICK CURTIS - "BEST friend I ever had!" JOHN RICE - "Mother please! !" MARY JO MINEO - "I wish the dry clean- e r rn an would get here " HOWARD DIN- GLE - "I don't Want to see my rn o t h e r - in- law!" ll for H - - -." I L VIRGINIA BAKER - "I'm going to the Eas- terparadef' KAREN ROSS - "What do ya mean I have to grow up?" DICK GLOSSER - This place is too cold castor oil. " I ELLEN MARY LOU MITCHELL- GATES - C. B. HATCH "Mama likes "Let'S twist - "Mom gave to knit." again." me too much DENNIS RHODES Where's my pants?" PHIL WINCHELL "Duh, I for-got. " CAROL GEERT- SON - "Well !" KATHY VVEBB- "Momran o u t of pins." IVARENE PEN- CILLE - "I charge 10C a ride." NANCY B R Y - ANT - He's already mar- ried? " TERESA DUDAS - K A R E N H I C K S - "They sure don't make chairs like they used to." JANE LAY- DEN - "I wanna go too!" "Which way is D isneyland? " D O N N A CROOKER- "It's polka- dot, but not a bikini. " B I L L MI- C HAELSON - "Bring on the chow. " PENNY ROSE - "NoW's my chance!" G E O RG E MALESKI - "I couldn't wait. " W yn tUB1'211Jh5 MSS? A N biwwwigwsffg wWf Q5 f' A5j.Q2jQqfZi:4fIf4..o,4L1,40fQpf.f ALF ' -., A, ' , , ..' 7,7 fix ,L Q.,-ccwfj . Cm ,May L ,a.4M.:.g ,,2Q..-ff . f ,afa,.1f,CQLg In :,?gf:-1g-1-,4.L- AI,a1.L4.avQ- 3710145 'f3"M'?! ,f V - , I V lily-', .- , f .f 4 .f , 5,1 .A K ' A ,.",.:f ff , ff f- f .. 1- xg' mfg, .- Q' ' ' ,-- V' .- ,, ' j xx. 1 fl jf ' A -40-fem' if-1,2-4 ' ..,44:zLcce4i4ffQ,'fr'-4-ffff'-f,fp,'-Qv'1'f"-Qi" ' 1' .- . " fciigfr Cv,-ff ff Q? 1 cf 5' " If-' 2322 5282 23 .223 gf 3632322 52 254 2 33sii 255215 M 2 fagffffk 22 2 napslqnis ff AJ fl ' Am !f""1!m'-Qfildait Q1 yf ,fd K 5 . if Qgsfe N55 fawwddffifkjig fb XWQ- 5 W 35iQ63QKsj2Qf5jEiW'Z?w. Q3 Pk M M S Q HEZWEQ so fwff-5 Wa S M mfg 2 j fff3:2Qif?V?Sf We if 52 X W ,Ng M P ' . Q5 S iyigfyvfly gxgfffjvk E. Mwa4I g 0C E 41 3, v S Eb EgRgfa?lWZWWf 5 R X vi? S , wx. I JWWQQUYEE Q Bay? Qffeqgf 'W 2133! Jziiffwkf Q W Y"---L -Bflfufi-Qf5:z:.VLrYVL.4, xp gba 1 gf- 35 I nrlerdnggm Bn L ,f""-W--Q ,MIA K.-4-' - f '--, f X"-1 "" 'mb- f Q CM I7-. Nic- .4 V p MIM I. g . - ff if F 1 . , ,f ff 7 :J V' .F F .HX .6 ff, ff! 1 4 H V '4!'4 VN ' ,-'gn , 3 1 M ' ' .I-T' - X , ' - , ' YK k ' T" 'ui' QQ ' 0 ,fl Q .II 1 Q3 . ' ' ' r ' 5 ' QQ, ,V .IT ' A ,Q ii 4 All , s t v-14 A rl '-'-, v u 1 '-- " ' ' . '- X Apr' - w I V..,Lq-A-,KX v, X- A V A V5 addr 'Vl .wx ., If ' V 1 ' 'A 4 -. ! 1 lf., - 'IJ X M - f ,-k-b.w'L k .- Y I X x W -i V +- 'x ""' -M .. I , --by n -ff 1 Y " 3 NQ X Q XX X. xxx X ' x l ff A' --L X A x f , ' " x X X - i N 1 f , I , X ' :P I I ' X 4 , f f f , M1 f X V f 1 , ' x ,X Y 4 If X f 1 I nina- -.--'J muninrs CLASS OFFICERS: lvl. Phillips, Treasurer: J. Pearson, Vice Pre-sidentg B. Sayers, President: A. Musser, Secretaryg absent. T P ,.,., ' P s P P .sss I me. ' E X N W. Allen M. Anthony G. Behan S. Bern T. Bidwell V. Bidwell B. Blakeslee J. Blystone B. Borer S. Bellinger L. Bisbee W. Borsa M. Botsford L. Broadhurst S. Carlburg D. Cooper WN '22, 3 ' 1,1 .O L Zxffe Q ENSQ., J 'v 1 f 'iw' JK .NSR if . . .5 D. Devereaux K. Bowen C. Boyle A. Brenneman r E. Brown D. Burns R. Burns I , D. Church J. Clark R. Clark P. Crum B. Daley C. DeGer1ando Au' ' 5 . W "Q- '- R V5 N -5. 535585 W . X HSSX 5' SFS we .. . 5 X nf X xx 2 W . N Q , e .. T Yflia.. .Q i 8 x XB L. Dickson P. Dingle A. Donche ws. Doutt Y ' Q1 - G. Geer .2495 . 4- 4' g Photo not AVAILABLE K. Green e L. Gross F. Hall S. Edwards L. Genung P. Green D. Gwin C. Hanby M. Fisk X wb . N 3 x 3. Y is K. xi gg x x + ss 1 A n f' ' .sy-L R. Giles A .3 R m x i 1 TC' C. Greishaw P. Gwin B. Hamlin C. Geer B. Glancy L. Greishaw F. Haas J. Harbough R. Hartman S55 .. 1 , X F. Hunter D. Jones E. Koenig N. Lasher w .. xii XX N Q x x X x P. Hayes L. Henry J. Hunter S. Irwin R, King K. Kirik S. Kowalski C. Kreps .nwfw S xxx ' F'-Q 1 1 ff . P. LeSuer S. Luba X wp X M. Horvath B. Janoski P. Klus F x S. Kurfess L. Lyle X" .six X X X - 1. ai J. Malec A. Musser' R. Paskovich D. Pituch M. Rosier P. Manross J. Michell R. Miller D. Obert M. Obert J. Parkin J. Pearson A. Pfister M. Phillips J. Pluskota A. Pratt E. Rejzer D. Ross T. Sanden B. Sayers rf "LZ J . Shamp . .X N. Y N .S . K X if XL Qi' fi-, N fa f X ' X A. Sturdevant B. Toner G. Turner J. Warner X3 Q ix R-S45 X S Qs ix 3 Y JN X XS 35 T. yi KS X X W w X X Nb Y Y X ax N X RN x X3 R R w 1 S E. X f S J. Silka . mi- 5: L M. S. S1114 C. Southwick L. Thomas G. Tarbell J. Thomas VH!! K. Triscuit Q J RE 5 T ' R . X J. Tyndall J Qi C. Webb . 1. . Y fe. I .. x. M. Troyer' D. Tujetsch ' ' . HA Jfivfii' M. Vande rhoff L. Waldron G. Webb E. Wellmon R. Wetmore D. Whitney R. Woodley M. Woods S. Zielinski S. Daley S. Lewis E, Smith R. Rodgers X HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1965 The graduating class of 1965 has had very successful sophomore and junior years. We are planning to have an equally successful senior year. Our money-making projects last year were a candy sale and dance. They were both successful. This year the junior class has undertaken many projects. We sold maga- zines and had a dance at which the Raiders played. We are looking forward to our play, which is to take place on April 8. The whole class is now eagerly making plans for our prom. Our utmost goal is to make it a success. We have no definite plans for our senior year, but just being a senior will be a privilege. Snphnmnrtes CLASS OFFICERS--C. Silks., Vice President: S. Kusiak, Secretaryg J. McCrillis, Treasurer: J. Still, President. M. Ahl R. Arlet J. Borsa S . Ainsworth R. Bern Absent when Piriures Were taken E. Botsford J . Allen B. Bengal W. Bowe J. Anderson H. Bennett L. Brest B. Brown L. Brurnagin L. Brurnagin , sssu B Photograph notavaxlable E. Bryant L. Buell R. Burger M. Burlingharn L . Burlingham C. Donche F. Dudas in L ,.,...,, ,, . BLBB L ' B Q M. Erdle B, Fisk C . Burgess P. Eastman J. Fisk D . Bryant J . Burns J. Croston P Xj .Q 3. g. R. Eddy L. Fladry W. Fogle J. Geer l M. Greishaw D. Hanks B. Inman W. Forbes M. Geer S. Greishaw E . Hart R. James J. Gates R. Genung F. Haley T . Hatch P' R. Jaworski I T. Gates C . Goodwill A. Hamilton 1 M. Hausman M. Jewell L. Johnson M. Johnson Ili. Q? WN fff"2.fw4 M. Kirik S. Kusiak L. Loomis G. Magee H. Klamm C . Kysor B. Kerr B. Kirnmy 4 X' f 13 .. Q ' JN YM ' Photograph not available H. Klesczowski R. Kr-upa F. Larskowski J. Lilley S. Lord R. Luba M. Lucas' S. Manross L . Maynard D . McClellan x J . McCoy G . Morris M. Palmer D. Persons C . Pituch J. McCri11is P. Nicks M . Parker v, if B 53: 'xivz .Ii h ' C . Peterson E . Pratt C . McLain G. Owen P. Pease L. Pfister C . Price W. Menoher L U ghggnmeg D. Painter R. Pelc R, Pieper 1boBvSY 55' fl vvlil ! fini -wa S. Price ' B . Ranyak D. Riggs D. Schafer S. Shreve B. Smiiey . . x X . 15 35 - sz 1. .. - . N is N X N xx s Af X xx N.. G- Ranyak F. Reynolds Y. Rice .SMS EN'-14 . ' ' X ' so X' ...K ki ffidffig- fi C. Robinson I. Ryland L. Sammons R s'Rs R Q 115. s.R g RRLI . so sob. . .d.,' V ii? ssss . L. Shallenberger- T. Shamp W. Shepard S- Shreve C. Silka L. Sill L. Smith A, Sgety A. Steinbaugh .Q ... . X : .RX .NS X Q X X X xx sg Y X 3' ,N QS ll 5 is S -is FM -.Q 'as fl N f x, L: X , 1- ,. E ' Q- Sp. J. Still H cp . E 9 a avg Y . its X Nw HS M . VanTassel S. Wiggins Camera bf shy .--Z'-4 S ' x P . Sturdevant C . Weingard J . Wojtecki D. Barnes M. Thom cho . K .MQ Q. .. ss. R Q X s X R A N 'NH ft E X K . X 5 -Q gel, ek D. Wellrnon . ff hz. X 5 E 5, C' : N X 5 X -ill ' 5 Sn is . is X N x X XR .. F. Zaajac C . Harvey HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1966 M. Twornbly Q ,Jw we xg, lwilti .ft A ,' ,Q J . Wert . X V si. .XS . N .ss 3 Q 1- X I :gg Q. C . Zielinski Last fall, during Homecoming, we had a float which took second place. We also had candy sales which proved to be very profitable. x inih Grade CLASS OFFICERS: S. Briggs, Vice-President, J. Maynard, Secretaryg D. Popmanik, Presiclentg M. Smith, Treasurer, Absent. ROW ONE: L. to R. J. Le Suer, A. Johns, R. Glosser, C. Beebe, S. Waldron, Y Botsford, J. McClellan, C. Matava, Mr. Rohde. ROW TWO: J. Kopnitsky, S. Morton D. Hamilton, P. Pluskota, P. Winchell, F. Thomas,S. Ottaway, M. Blair, P. Adams ROW THREE: B. Fladry, B. Barton, P.Stepnowski, G. Mitchell, D. Reynolds, B Coe, G. Hirnrod, D. Henderson, D. Rugar. ROW ONE: L. to R, B. Pieper, R. Wright, M. Rejzer, J. Maynard, D. Morton, D Swanson, R. Hill, J. Becker, A. Miller,P. Young, Mr. Lent. ROW TWO: D. Squires L. Shamp, L. Williams, R. Laskowski, J. Campbel1,B. Triscuit, L. Cfilson, K. Hose T. Dingle. ROW THREE: C. Filegar, J. Hamrick, P. Billsborough, W. Olsen, J Manning, E. McLain, K. Stine, R. Skinner, N. Blystone, G. Kirik. llllml l vm JP' 1.95 W "T J' , ' wmxcs a r D 7 A QM L X! S f , Q36 J , We eh .CJ M - , 1- N Q Ok' '45 ? I xx, J 1 lffx-.. , J la '3' f"l xg 6511512 SX P "'- I X kLq'1 J 3 YU l v 7 ighih Grade CLASS OFFICERS: T. Henry, Secretaryg L. Me-nocher, Treasure-rg J. Mineo, Presidentg A. Crooker, Vice-President. ROW ONE: L. tu R. M. Caldwell, R. Lewis, M. Anderson, B. Whetmore, S. lVIcCril- lis, D. Lyle, D. Hayes, Mr. Cosilla. ROW TWO: R. Mineo, L. Geertson, K. Parkin L. Hill, L, Southwick, N. Eastman, C. Woefkill, E. Obert. ROW THREE: S. Tomcho A. Crocker, R. Glenn, D. Kirik, R. Sherred, M. Rose, H. Blystone, R. Clark, L. Proper. ROW ONE: J. Bowen, C. Pituch, J. Glover, S. Swanson, L. Menoher, S. Carlburg, H. Wright, Mr. Hamilton. ROW TWO: D. Mitchell, T. Henry, M, Bern. D. Croston, L. Gerdy, R. Klamm, D. Lord, B. Malec. ROW THREE: L. Fuller, R. Dingle, A. Irwin, J. Thomas, R. Pelc, R. Anthony, C. Painter, B. Shreve, D. Ranyak. ROW ONE: M. Shreve, D. Rugar, T. Botsford, K. Gaines, R. Louise, K. Janoski, P. Persons, J. Kostra, C, Manross, Mrs. Allen. ROW TWO: S. Dunbar, P. Gocal, T. Palmer, B. Mitchell, C. Merkle, E. Brown, S. Robinson, C. Condron, L. Arlet, ROXV THREE: D, Bidwell, S. Daley, J. Zielinski, E. Varish, H. NVi1COX, S. Tarbel, E. Hewitt, L. Messina, D. Gibbons, S. Polach. ROW ONE: E. Zimmerman, R. Gibbs, S. Miller, C. Smith, L. Hicks, R. Dearborn J. Manross, S. Durning, Miss Henne. ROW TWO: V. Kysor, K. Kiehart, B. Sam mons, T. Brown, K. Bidwell, K. Poux, L. Papotnik, C. Rogers, K. Webb. ROW THREE: D. Cooper, M. Greger, L.Geer,G. Forbes, J. Carniewski, K. Peterson, J McCracken, W. Willey, R. Luba, L. Thomas, S. Ballog. ROW ONE: L Kerr, Y Chapman, S Wolfe, M. McCrillis s. De Gerlanclo, A. Bielsborough, Miss Monoia. How TWO? G. Prather, H. Lucas, B. Parkin, L. Soety, J. Rogers, M J. Mineo, M. Geer, B. Greishaw, S. Webster,M. Smrcka, T. Bedow, A. Lasher. C. Sayers, L. Thomas B. Hicks, B. Courson Glancy. ROW THREE Morvay, D. Burger, G Seventh Grade CLASS OFFICERS: C. Still, Vice President, J. Gillett, President, W. Brown, Treasurer: J. Estes, Secretary. ROW ONE: L. to R. B. Megat, L. Williamson, P. Barton, G. Webb, B. Blakeslee L. Downer, K. Shepard, J. Emerson, K. LeSuer, Mrs. Miller. ROW TWO: J Adams, T. Cross, B. Kulesa, L. Burke, D. Snyder, M. Holfelder, M. Huling, L. Glosser, R. Thomas, G. Harhaugh. ROW THREE: G. Nelson, M. Maynard, J. Kie- heart, R. Pre-Witt, C. Jones. F. Fralik, J. Bojaczko, M. Whitmeyer, G. Proper, L. Rowland. ROW ONE: F. Silka, J. Tom cho,S. English, L. Sanden, C. Still, M. Haskins, K. Blok, B. Bradley, Mr. Johnson. ROW TWO: B. Lilley, J. Fralick, R. Michell, L. Whitney, L. Ranyak, D. Weed, G. Eddy, B. Allen. ROW THREE: R. Daley, F. Daley, J. Hud- son, J. McClellan, D. Burling, F. Loomis, S. Bauer, D. King, J. Greishaw. ROW ONE: M. Scheiner, L. Looker, C. Hulings, S. Edwards, M. Behan, C. Rice, E Owen, D. Andrews, C. Bloss. ROW TWO: S. Kusiak, T. Treat, S. Wilcox, R. Gwin P. Miller, A. Thomas, R. McGuire, M. Hayes, R. Ester. ROW THREE: D. York, K Mitchell, L. Denham, J, Stine, J. Gates, R. Weidner, J. Briggs, K. Knight, R. Sill l ROW ONE: D. Lozier, C. Pfister, Y. Rice, B. Williams, N. McClenahan, G. Haley, S. Campbell, M. Kysor, B. Blystone, Mr.Swanson. ROW TWO: C. Harvey, R. Wig- gers, D. Triscuit, P. Bellis, S. Jackson,C.McQueeney, J. Estes, T. Dewey. ROW THREE: A. Skuropan, T. Elder, B. Swanson, G. Sears, D. Henry, C. Morton, D. Geer, R. Young, M. Hewitt. ROW ONE: L. Blystone, P. Poux, H. McWilliams, C. Shepard, T. Johnson, M. Tar- bell, D. Emberg, J. Vanderhoff, Mr. Swanson. ROW TWO: C. Williams, L. Bunce, L. Rogers, C. Musiek, C. Bennett, J. Filegar,F. Twombly, J. Doutt. ROW THREE: S. Smith, H. Koznik, J. Hanley,D. Higley,J. Gillett, J. Hawley, T. Kessler, D. Lyle, C. Lee, A. Coveleski. Q"" -'-dn-,,,,. x Lgciiniiies . X . , ff 3 M .ff1AgQQ1 W ' N , -, ,V'N'-ii., L x' xx 7 3-33+ nf. ll .,,-A-'l 1 x s. 41, , ,5, ix:.i l", ' s. ' I, r l nfl: jf ll Xfff 1 H' KYLYL-1-,!WQ'X V I I X fl y NY ,X- Q Mig" :W Xf.X 1- . xi X. p 1 if '1 5 i gf' 'VX . 1 , , - ,, K x X' w i ' "AJ: f f I XA.. :xg In 1 9, I!! . 'ffl I ,lx , 1 ' 1 1' 1 1, . ij, ' 1--l ff 3-5 , ff! f. , ,Q 1 -, Ji gk X xx ill W N , 4 I W I 1.1 'Z X kv I, . 1 ' A ,' 'IQ I .v k Kai' E 1: .1 ., gk I 1 N N ' I Lg X" JYIXI im ' fif 13314 Q' .121 'f4Rxfv 'I lx H ,. , . x . ,R , "N--N - -- f '-.. N- -:J -1, NX - 7 t ,' J A-Y -" I 'fx ,, u. .vii ,XX K 1 M ', 1 X-ix. L- ,- gf 'x l 3 Q? E112 1953 umernming Qbuenn 09112211 Euclg Crowned by Bruc Storms nmenuming uuri L.. to R.: B. Mathias, A. LeFevre, J. Pearson, Queeng M. Church, I.. Broadhurst, B. Borer. HOMECOMING 1963 The third annual Union City Area High School Home- coming was held on September 27 and 28 and was ahuge success. The activities on Friday consisted of a football game and the crowning of the Homecoming queen during the half time festivities. On Saturday afternoon a thirty unit parade was viewed with many clubs and classes taking part. In the evening a banquet and dance was attended by four hundred alumni representing many states of the union. The alumni association welcomes our graduating seniors to its membership. ,fv 'QL f Ni slr' t 11,7 wggf' I wx UI pt? fy. I. f f'7'f'-- 'XS'- g ,5 A ' '.. K- , ,, Q' ff! fi' f px 4" ' 'Xfff ,. ,f-av -,f ff ji,.fP1 I .V Y, .-guts., "5 'F' - f X -P . A 4317, I "E- '- ' r Nbr! A I mini Br 5 Fu tis Qautkn 65119211 gn it B111 Michaelson Donna Crocker winter Sparta GBue1en's Glnuri Linda Lyle George Kowalski Mary Lou Gates Dick Haskins Judi Borsa John Rice Maurice Bennett Barbara Borer 0435 ,Q Q 5 fneetlywri Fall Queen Klux-ia 1953 Xxx X G1 1954-as he Grape 69112911 Iiepreseniaiine 135. E' -D- I. E Hlliurla Hllgle Ngfd In D53 Nr- Q a UQ , .4-f""'ZP'. 5' :lc ., 1 I Q n -J' AIG b o SSVQUS g . iv' I5 ' '35 ob U G ll inesiurk QUEEN Queen Huncg 1953 mint Ullman flag, "Emile 8: nts" Lutie, Gloria Shellitog Clippy, Frank Chundrlekg and Benita, Ann Le-Fevre. Ruthann McCrillis presents the gift of appreciation to Mrs. Logan. Hippocrates, Bob King: Lutie, Gloria Shellitog Plunkett, C. B. Hatchp Benita, Ann LeFevreg Mrs. Glossop, Sandy Lilley: Clippy, Frank Chundrlekg Mrs. Bolt, Marsha Church, K Miss Figg, Nancy Prather. Twink Starr, Dallas Carter, vividly portrays -Julius Caesar in "Bolts A Nuts". Here Mrs. Bolt, Marsha Church, has just discovered Julius Caesar's real identity. Mrs. Figg watches, astonished. Wilbur, Jim Edwardsg Mrs. Glossop, Sandy Lilleyg Martha Grubb, Sally Burns: Clippy, Frank Chundrlekg Henryg Braden Jonesg Lutie, Gloria Shellitog Mrs. Bolt, Marsha Churchg and Benita, Ann LeFevre. Dr. Gordon was played by Dennis Rhodes. jhmiur QHIHQ L. to R.: L.. Greishaw, M. Obert, M. J. Horvath, N. Lasher, M. J. Phillips, R. Clark, J. Clark, B. Borer, B. Sayers, J. Pearson, R. Wetmore, D. Cooper Mary Lou Obert and David Cooper. Barbara Borer, Rodney Clark, and Jack Clark. David Cooper, Norm Lasher, Judy Pearson, and Ronnie Wet- ITI OTE. MM Sparta f ,f' Z 5 if? X 1 'ii A QL 1'isqJ YK? ,QS 4' HOME 3 VISQTQ R UU g,,1.., '11 1. ,, .- I .,...A ' gxixzx' 'n ' ,, .H 1" L5 L 'xl qi- 1'f!: I f if 3 f 3 +5 I 1, M il , lj , ,W fif. W 1 , llii' 1 'h1 5' qi! a ,I- , . 1, Q Q N f 7 I 'K' f X 3 1 Ulf 1 px wrt di T 1 l ...QA ff V -11-1 ..-. Yi., ' -,,:g,,- V --W - -1.4 H--+L 2- 31 lfffi '73-W7 l Q 1 'f i 1 i Q i' , Q Q Ek . V CQ, arsiig 7 unihall 'Team ROW ONE: L. to R. F. Chundrlek, J. Rice, F. Musiek, M. Bennett, J. Williams D. Rhodes, R. Haskins, M. Edwards, F. Malec, W. Michaelson. ROW TWO: S Daley, Mgr., N. Lasher, D. Woods, T. Anthony,R. Wetmore, G. Webb, F. Hunter J. Clark, D. Church, L. Waldron. ROW THREE: G. Kowalski, R. Woodley, S Daley, R. Hartman, B. Sayers, D. Obert, W. Borsa, M. Anthony, S. Carlburg, J Tarbell. ROW FOUR: W. Shepard, J. lVlcCrillis, R. Reynolds, C. Pituch, P Nicks, J. Still, J. Croston, M. Greishaw, L. Sammons, M. Hausrnan, J. Hunter Hgarsitg gffunthall Sturm ' 4 ---- 1 Q .I ru -' ' X- N x N S ' N "1-.Eb A- scoaas ' ,if Fairview 32 Union City 7 Northwestern '7 Union City 26 fi Ft. LeBoeuf 7 Union City 6 if fir.. f ,.' Wesleyville O Union City 24 Egg North East 19 Union City 12 ' Lawrence Park O Union City 13 . " , ' '-K Girard 21 Union City 0 , ' f General McLane 6 Union City O , Y f Wattsburg 13 Union City 32 ,L 4' Game will not count in , ,. league standings. b ,...:1.L . . . i ' U J zk, .. K' ' Sf it ,a-- 86 , TERRY MAURICE ANTHONY BENNETT nniurs FRANK JHVI NIEL CHUNDRLEK XVILLIANIS EDYVARDS lCaptainP DICK GEORGE HASKINS KOVVALSKI BUD BILL MALEC MICHAELSON eniurs FRANK RON MUSIEK REYNOLDS DENNIS JOHN RHODES RICE Iuninr Eiligly 7 nuilmll Row 1: S. Smith, H. Blystone, B. Phillips, L. Lasher, R. Anthony. Row 2: R. Palmer, B. Malec, E. Obert, A. Crooker, I... Geer, R. Dingle, D. Mitchell, B. Buck. Row 3: T. Henry, B. Luba, D. York, C. Williams, K. Mitchell, G. Harbough, M. Whitrneyer, J. Estes, G. Briggs. Row 4: E. Hewitt, J. Manning, M. Rose, R. Hanlin, D. Popotnik, D. Reynolds, D. Henderson, M. Geer, J. Hanley. Qlruss Qlnuntrg SEATED, L.. to R.: J. Warner, J. Malec, D. Cooper, Mr. Johnson STANDING: H. Klarnm, S. Ainsworth, B. Bowes. arsiig Easkeihall nam FIRST ROW, L. to R.: T. Bidwell, N. Lasher, J. Comstock, B. Malec, B. Sayers. SECOND ROW: C. Robinson, Manager, J. Croston, M. Ben- si V ,tt Lawrence Park arstig askeihall tures L+- Townville Corry Sparta Ft LeBoeuf Wattsburg North East Sparta Lawrence Park General McLane Fairview Wesleyxille V Girard A Northwestern ' Ft. LeBoeuf Wattsburg North East ,i General McLane '- Fairview if? wesleyvine 'A Girard Ne ln W Northwestern .4 I l r- Av 1' vt " 1 '.'i:.fr--za . .-..: . v .Fw . N, Union City L nion City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union Cit Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City ,-,--. , fi K' . . . , , nett, J. Rice, J. Still, D. Obert, R. Wetmore, Mr. Cosilla, W V g . . ' n aw K ' - 46 ' ' ,. We t-2"' 54 ' ' ' 44 6 1 ' ' 45 H g, if if . 59 ' ' 46 - 13. ' 61 ' ' 48 lfi 76 ' ' 45 f 63 ' ' 43 N ' 61 46 X3 Q 82 69 41 , 39 y 41 i Rf' 1 63 46 1-K as 60 im 62 55 4 4 it 34 55 A 4 75 47 K 97 57 A tt f- 85 48 'gal 48 49 'uh 64 76 is 93 55 X ' '78 46 .., Ji- Coach MAURICE BENNETT JACK COMSTOCK mints FRANCIS MALEC JOHN RICE Er. arsihg Easkeihzxil Row 1, L. to R.: D. Cooper, J. Malec, B. Forbes, M. Greishaw, G. Kowalski, P. Nicks, H. Klamrn. Row 2: D. Croston-Mgr., J Fisk, H. Kleszcowski, J. Warner, R. Reynolds, M. Ahlg Mr. flr. iglq 'Easknihafl Row 1, L. to R.: R. Prewitt, J. Mineo, J. Hanley, D. Bedwell, G Briggs, E. Obert, C. Jones, J. Estes, Mr. Johnson. Row 2: B Malec, B. Greishaw, S. Briggs, D. Weingard, D. Reynolds, M Rose, M. Whitrneyer, S. Robinson, G. Briggs. araaiig wrestling cam FIRST ROW, L. to R.: C. Webb, J. Williams, B. Hartman B Jones F. Chundrlek, Mr. Swanson, Coach, R. Hill, K. Daley, B. Michaelson D. Rhodes. X l WRESTLING SCORES ,,.- x Ft. LeBoeuf Corry Wattsburg Townville Girard Saegertown North East General McLane Wattsburg Northwestern McDowell North East Erie East Ft. LeBoeuf X N X N . ,X Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Uni on Union 'Su,,- -, , City 38 City 27 City 47 City 24 City 24 City 29 City 39 City 32 City 41 City 21 City 24 City SG City 10 City 35 f f, tw Hluninr and eniur Qlfliglq wrestling Teams l FIRST ROW: L.. to R. K. Daley, D. Rhodes, J. Williams,R. Hartman, C. Webb, W. Bowes, R. Hill, D. Sabol, B. Michaelson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Swanson, D. Henderson, B. McGuire, R. Curtis, D. Squires, S. Carlburg, R. Clark, S. Ainsworth, G. Geer, R. Burns, F. Chundrlek. THIRD ROW: R. Clark, C. Painter, S. Daley, E. Hewitt, L. Gerdy,R. Eddy, A. Lasher, F. Hunter. Seminars l Frank Chundrlek Ron Hill Jim Williams Bill Michaelson Denny Rhodes rank nam ROW 1, L. to R.: Prewitt, B. Lilley, B. Glenn, D. Cooper, D Bidwell, B. Malec, J. Hanley. ROW 2: H. Thomas, R. Luba S. Smith, J. Gillett, L. Sarnrnons, C. Pituch. ROW 3: M. Rose S. Daley, H. Blystone, L. Lasher, G. Mitchell, W. Olsen. ROW 4 R. Hanlin, P. Nicks, W. Borsa, J. Clark. ROW 5: R. Haskins D. Rhodes, M. Edwards, M. Woods, F. Musiek, B. Menoher, B Fisk. ROW 6: J. Croston, N. Lasher, J. Warner, D. Cooper, J Malec, B. Malec. Mr. Johnson, Adviser. Gulf nam L. to R.: Mr. Allen, M. Greishaw, C. Robinson, M. Bennett, R. Pieper, C. B. Hatch. Qllpznrlwrling Qlapiain MARY LOU GATES Seninr 'jgarsiig Qlheerleaderz JUDI BORSA LINDA GENUNG RITA GENUNG BONNIE HANLIN INGRID RYLAND w Hluniur 'glgarsitg Qlhenrlnadnrs LEFT TO RIGHT: M. J.. Erdle, L. Johnson, L. Brumagin, B. Brow G. Ranyak. jluniur High Gllyeerlwders N T I LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Wetmore, G. Wilcox, S. DeGer1ando, S. Luca J. McClellan, T. Johnson. Y Eglin Shufn nsir g. , W I XX X. X 102 nniur and Row 1, Left to Right: I. Ryland, T. Gates, C. Morse, C. Kaisor, K Jones, L. Shallenberger, B. Brown, S. Lilley, G. Turner, C. Good- will, M. Palmer. Row 2: M. Troyer, C. Zielinski, S. Briggs, C. Blystone, L. Williams, J. Thomas, G. Bidwell, M. Blair, K. LeSuer, T. Hatch, A. Hamilton, J. Borsa, M. Rosier, L. Scouten, M. Obert, P. Green, D. Pituch, N. Prather, L. Sill. Row 3: S. Bellinger, C. Rice, S. Waldron, D. Swanson, F. Thomas, G. Shellito, C. Matava, B . Gerdy, E. Mitchell, D. Reynolds, G. Magee, W. Kerr, L. Brest B. Triscuit, H. Klamrn, J. Michele, D. Cooper, J. Razier, R. Pelc R. Clark, A. Yovich, D. Popmanick, J. Fisk, R. Hill, M. Smith B. Forbes, C. Burgess, B. Sayers. Row 4: P. Stepnowski, D. Squires G. Tarbell, lVIr. Pfaff, M. Gates, P. Klus, C. Geer, D. Wellmon, D: Obert. P 4 Jlnmur and Row 1, Left to Right: K. Janowski, C. Pituch, R. Sill, J. Bowen, R. Mineo, B. Barber, H. Kosiak, B. Blakeslee, P. Persons, M. McCril- lis, L. Popmanik. Row 2: D. York, S. Campbell, B. Blystone, H. McWilliams, M. Haskins, R. Pruit, J. Rosier, E. Brown, R. Pelc S. Jackson, B. Bradley, C. Jones, D. King, R. Clark, R. Klamm, E. Obert, B. Greishaw, K. Webb, E. Varish, V. Kaiser, R. Anthony, M. Geer, S. Ballog, C. Sayers.Row 3: Mr. Pfaff, D. Henry, G. Koenig, T. Elder, J. Briggs, R. Wiggers, L. Rogers. J 3 J J 'CS S S3 CQ 5 oil' AS' Q a-Q S8 The 1963-64 Union City Area High SchoolMarching Band played at all the foot- Spartansburg parade, Halloween parade in Union They played 'in the games. 412 'O C6 S-4 GS CL UD SI'- 'r-4 E 3 GJ E o .Q .-4 cd 'J C C oi GJ .-CI 4-3 'O CI GS Pa -Q-' successful year has been attained by this band. A Very ball 5 10 04 Girls' Qlhnrus Row l, L. to R: S. Tyndall, pianist: S. Morton, N. Miller, K. Webb, S. Shreve D. Whiteney, J. Hicks, Miss Rosemary Dennis. Row 2: A. Musser, J. Pearson J M. Doutt, B. Glancy, C. Harvey, S. Hicks, S. Lilley, M. Johnson, B. Daley, G. Morris, S. Ottoway, N. Prather. Row 3: J. Blystone, C. Kreps, P. White, V. Baker, D. Gwin, M. Parker, B. Kimmy, D. Hammrick, P. Pease, B. Bengel, C. R eyn olds , G. Shellito. Hr. igly Qlhurns Row 1, L. to R: B. Megat, C. Musiek, L. Hill, L. S,outhwick,J. Bowen, C. Pituch L. Arlet, S. DeGerlando,J. Vanderhoff,G. Webb,C. Still,M. Haskins,M. McCril- lis, C. Sayers, S. Durning, L. Thomas,C. Rogers,B. Blystone,K. Blok,S. Camp- bell, M. Behan, C. Condron, Miss Rosemary Dennis. Row 2: H. McWilliams, Y Rice, S. Carlburg, N. Eastman, J. Kostra, P. Persons, B. Blakeslee, K. Janoski L. Papotnik, P. Gocal, C. Wolfkill,C. McQweeney, L. Glossor,M. Kysor,S. Jack: son, S. Edwards,P. Bellis,B. Bradley,D. Losier,D. Lord,A. Crooker,R. Mineo E. Obert. Row 3: V. Kysor, K. Webb, D. Cooper, M. Geer, R. Anthony, S. Bal: logg, E. Brown, Librarian, B. Greishaw, President: C. Varish, R. Clark,R. Pelk R. Sill, J. Estes, Secretary, D. York, D. Henry, L. Rogers, C. Jones,P. Perwitt J. Briggs, P. Klamm, R, Wiggers, D. King. J S. Lewis, librarian: C. DeGerlando, President: S. Shreve, L. Bisbee, Secretary' D Q J J ixerl Qlhurus ROW 1, L. to R.: S. Morton, C. Weingard, X1.Rosie1', S. Shreve, S. Lewis, Secretary, S. Bellinger, C. DeGe1'lando, S. Shreve, L. Shallen- berger, li. Mitchell, Miss Dennis. HOW 2: A. Musser, J. Pearson, Xl. Doutt, B. Glancy, V. Baker, S. Lilley, S. Hicks, C. Goodwill, D. Whit- ney,-Librarian: C. Reynolds. HOW 3: H. Reynolds, ll.Hill, B. King, L. Sill, A. Yovich, J. Tai-bell, B. Storms,-President, H. Clark, D. Pituch, B. McGuire. Girls 7 nsemhle ROW 1, L. to R.: Miss Dennis, A. Musser, M. L. Obert, J. Pear- son, M. Doutt, D. Whitney. ROW 2: N. Eastman, M. Botsford, S. Lilley, K. Hicks, S. Shreve. ROW 3: C. DeGerlando, I. Ryland, C. Goodwell, C. Reynolds, S. Lewis. 10 wW NM uw 1 f-5:1 ,1- ea agurniie X . A K I , it A , K NL X A X Nm' ,X ' N Z, X4 ' If V. , ,, Q . jljrxw 2' -0 , 1 g c ' 5' 1 I 1 lv,ff! 1 x 'lffvlmi . 1 xi AML! gil XX' ' -ixlxffv .xfk ' 1 S:-1-' I lx . K ' ' XY' xii . ,. f 1, Ln . if v ' ,, " - 1' L 'Ik .t 1- . ."'J'4 - '1vfvI"i4 YQ 1 1. L A' xl, j- -, f , . , , . 'I K' V- zL 'z K . ff' . LMA, 1. X .i.1E"' J 4.-V, J ,f '5 L gi m ff x J .K Q, ffl, I, ., 1, A tm, 'wif J, is ' x -L L4 X 1-'liirlli 1 W V5 , , , il' xgv.wn',5iL'1,x 1 .gf , Q ,,X V 'H , X x K jk!!! V1 1 U ,' . LL x ,Tv X ' K !iLf1if'x,f,," -H1 K-lffgif flg A' ,,--in ,I ,. 'r A X V4 H Lg 1,511 'i Q if V 1 , "w .- , 8 1 fl fy' r I, 1 ' L' LL, .if K4 1 A w A, X ' lx" ffi fjifk Q.,.,k mfpu I X -X " ng.-, fp 'x, :A .I 113.154 R .4-qu . ,Q 'JN K U V, X I' I , . :LL L 1, ,' U: I' ' L..l-i - ' .X 4 .X XM , L .- XX x I . ,if L X , Q , . 106 1 ,-A A , gx WMAXINE VANDERHOFF 'LK Kerr p '- f W . di .JV-"Z ,1 . f f.- - v. 'f f ,, -, ' ffL'4f- -"4 .4 LLC v,-yff' YQQQ I A , V x 1 4 ,V ' N. X .f W 4 V, X A 4 I' iff! X k . 1' f "-ff' -, ., ,' , , I ,' R K J L 'T' L Cin 1 'Q' 1274253 ' 1 .R K ,A f ,gf -, , I I 1, I A A F w . ,, .x VJ: E, 7: 1 X' , .- Q-ll , xkka L, AL- I I 1 ,NL Y fl , Lf." ' 1' K- 1 U ' L ' 1' m,L.L,4vk ME Ang., X VK 1 VMAL, . C 'B X .I V A 1 1' 'L 'V rum glmaiureiie Nf Q xf gf PAT KLUS jmajnreiies BARBARA BORER LINDA BROADHURST FRANCINE DINGLE 08 JOYCE HARBAUGH BARBARA INMAN JANE LAYDEN LINDA LYLE GINNY MATHIAS MARY JO MINEO ANNE MUSSER 10 110 eninr High Hep Glinh ROW ONE, L. to R.: Miss Monola, S. Irwin, M. Denham, D. Whitney B. Daley, A. Brenneman, C. Hanby, P. Crum, P. Manross, M. Bur- lingham, Mrs. Allen. ROW TWO: J. Magee, C. Smith, S. Greishaw M. Troyer, C. Greishaw, C. DeGerlando, M. Rosier, M. Fisk, J Harbaugh. ROW THREE: B. Mathias, Sec.-Treas.g K. Hicks, Vice- Pres.g M. Doutt, E. Mitchell, G. Morris, B. Janoski, K. Green, S Lilley. ROW THREE: J. Pearson, L. Lyle, P. Klus, President, M Church, M. Botsford, L. Broadhurst, B. Blakeslee, B. Borer, L Smith. Zuniur High 191211 muh ROW ONE, L. to R.: Miss Monola, S. DeGe-rlando, S. Lucas, G. Wil- cox, G. Webb, L. Arlet, K. Hunter, M. Shreve, D. Rugar, C. Man- ross, K. Poux. ROW TWO: S. Edwards, S. Dunbar, L. Ranyak, K. Shepard, M. Pfister, C. Pfister, M. Caldwell, K. Parkin, D. Lyle. ROW THREE: P. Gocal, S. Carlburg, L. Geertson, L. Hicks, C. Gaines, C. Still, K. Blok, J. Maynard, J. Campbell. ROW FOUR: M. Anderson, L. Mitchell, C. Rice, T. Botsford, Y. Botsford, L. Woodley, S. Ottoway, F, Dingle, B. Wetmore. f Q9rgz1nizz1iiuns I , J XXX K' uf, V x W fi, mm . xw 9 41,47 I P X. X: ,1 S5 XX auf Qi N N I 1 X 'NX flf fix Sx I X X A Ag 'N , N ' 1 ,- ,r f 2 1 " ll mf R 1 N Xxx X f X xx X ff ' X iii X X-Qfxxxf. , I, X fy! ' 'X NN I if ' Af- R Y,-?, r -f X, ll, ,1 I 2 ,Anvil itaff OFFICERS--SEATED, L. to H.: Mrs. Hosier, G. Shellito, Layout Manager R. KIcCrillis, Business Manager, M. Williamson, EditorgJ. Sanden Artist ROW TWO: C. Bidwell, S. Lilley, A. LeFevre, N. Prather, P. Rose C Rey nolds, S. Burns, F. Zajac, N. Bryant, K. Webb. ROW THREE: J. Comstock D. Doolittle, F. Musiek, H. Dingle, V. McCurdy, T. Miller, J. Courtney ROW FOUR: K. Hicks, I. Pencille, V. Baker, L. Thomas, J. Shreve, K Ross P Varish. This year the 1964 anvil is the . "'-. largest in the history of Union City x 'oo Area High School. The staff has Qx ,O worked very hard to produce a book Q which would contain our fondest RX 6 memories and also one to be re- membered. We proudly present the 1964 anvil. 7 uinre mainesaa leaders uf fimeriw OFFICERS--SEATED: P. Varish, Tres.g P. Klus, Sec.g L. Thomas, Pres.g B. Glancy, Vice Pres., M. Williamson, RegionlPres. ROW TWO: Mrs. Hosier, M. Rosier, D. Jones, K. Triscuit, M. Obert, B. Blakeslee, M. Doutt, C. South- Wick, F. Zajac, N. Bryant, A. LeFevre, R. McCrilliS. ROW THREE: C. Hanby, A. Pfister, L. Shallenberger, L. Greishaw, S. Lilley, P. Rose, L. Pfister, L. Johnston, S. Burns. ROW FOUR: N. Prather, S. Edwards, S. Lewis, R. King, R. Miller, K. Bowen, S. DeGerlando, S. Kurfess, S. Bellinger, J. Shreve, G. Shellito, L. Luba. active this year. Our organization was represented at the State Convention which was held at F UTURE Gettysburg. The Fall Region Imeeting which was held at Youn sville, and the E USINE-S5 Spring Region I meetini was held at Warren. L EADEQS We were very glad to have the honor of having Marion Williamson, the Region E I G Our F.B.L.A. Chapter has been very Mgg lgg I President, from our school. Iflihrarg Nice job, Nancy Bryant and Sandy Irwin!! Looking into the vocational file is aserious and an amusing activity to Teresa Dudas and Nancy Bryant. The Union City Area High School Library Staff: L to R seated: Linda Dickson, Frances Zajac, Nancy Bryant, Miss Clara A. Durbin, TeresaDudas, Sandy .. - - .. Z - t u Irwin, Francine Mineo, Cathy Irwin. Standing: Ed. There It ls Frances alac e S Wellmon, Bert Sturdevant, Art Peterson, and Dave Henderson. Bert Sturdevant. The trio at the charging desk--Teresa The display case items prove interesting Dudas, Francine Mineo, Linda Dickson. to Art Peterson and Nancy Bryant. 4 The paperback book store lures Dave Sandy Irwin and Linda Dickson. Henderson and Cathy Irwin use the card catalog. It helps inlocating books. p 'fllihrarg It's magazine time for Ed Wellrn on and Francine Mineo. Art Peterson proves a point with the help of the atlas. Frances Zajac will double check in the encyclopedia. Gfunserimiinn Gfln Row 1: L. to R: Mr. Lent, D. Riggs, President, H. Klamm, Vice- President, J. Tarbell, Secretary, R. Reynolds, Treasurer, Absent,Mr. Hamilton. Row 2: -E. Obert, B. Malac, J. Wojtecki, D. Schafer, D. Devereaux, C. Morton. Row 3: G. Kirik, R. Skinner, W. Olson, R. Burger, S. Webster. Stage Qlrefn L. to R.: Mr. McKinney, Mike Glancy, J. Courtney, Vice-President V. McCurdy, President, D. Henderson, Secretary-Treasurer, Absent G. Bedow, G. Magee, L. Brumagin. On the ladder: Dave Wellrnon P. Stepnowski. 116 I Qlamera Qlluh OFFICERS--R. Louise, Sec.-Treas., S. Briggs, Pres., M. Hausman, Vice Pres. Row 2: L. Williams, L. Brest, C. Wolfkill, L. Mitchell, R. Williamson, Mr. Bair. flgrujmziiunisi Qlluh OFFICERS--R, Woodley, Sec., B. Paskvich, Treas., G. Maleski, Vice Pres., J. Tillotson, Pres., absent. Row 2: S. Ainsworth, H. Kleszc- zowski, I... Laskowski, B. Fisk,M, VanTassel,D. Burger, I... Maynard, D. Dingle. N Q' 4 uture nmemakeraa uf ftmnrira OFFICERS--SEATED, L. to R.: Mrs. Coates, P. White, Trea.3 I. Pencille Vice Pres.g C. Geertson, Pres.g E. Mitchell, Sec. ROW TWO: M. Jewell L. Smith, M. Denham, N. Bryant, A. Johns, Reporter, R. Ewing, R. Laskow- ski, Parliamentaryg B. Toner, S. Bern, J. Campbell. ROW THREE: L. Loomis S. Marton, Song Leader, N. Miller,B. Kessler, J. Geer, L. Bengel, J. Becker F. Dingel, D. Morton. Teresa Dudas, vocational horne- making student, attained the highest QQMAKERSO score of all Union City students as a +0 X-,x',...'1 WX A result of the Betty Crocker test for the Q' X ' I XX search ot' the Future Homemaker of ng . ti America. She was awarded averynice D - 3 9 pin. '5 lil U IU -jf 5 The International Silver Company u- H Jr donates one place setting of Sterling VX, lin: M silver in a pattern selected by the O 6 i' Q homemaking students to be given tothe Q, ,f1,l,' N X ,YQ most outstanding homemaking senior. 00 OQA The place setting is awarded at the NEW H end of the school year. 7 uiure 7 armers nf Qumerirzx N .- SEATED L to R, OFFICERS: W. Borsa, Chaplain, R. Curtis, Secretary, E. Bradley, President: C. Webb, Reporter, J. Clark, Treasurer, J. Warner, Sentinelg M. Wotecki, V. President, absent. lst Row: K. Kirik, R. Giles, B. Sturdevant, E. Wellman, E. Smith, H. Bennett, I... Fladry, Mr. Menober 2nd Row: J. Huckno, R. Bem, M. Torncho, R. Jaivorski, B. Kerr, R. Bur- ger, E. Botsford, T. Lilley. 3rd Row: B. Brown, B. Buck, F. Wiggers, J. Boardman, R. Nelson, L. Rogers, D. Rugar. .-'- K N., If ' 'Q-r TES 7"Nx 1 Q 0 " X X Bradley were awarded the Keystone degree this year. They received this degree on the basis of their leadership and supervised farming program. This is the next highest K! 7 N degree the F.F.A. member may 0 Q 4' v '?1"""'-c b X1 IU L X1 xo 0 O g -155' " 1" , 411- - 7 Richard Curtis and Everett J' I0 1 Gxlifob "1 5 O. ' "I 9 SA WN' Q -S 1-' vii'-. O' V x receive. X 0 o, V, Q' - jf V -' JV 119 20 t, l glfuiure wrligers nf Qamerira SEATED, L. to R.: Mrs. Dingle, L. Lyle, Historiang J. Pearson Presidentg NI. Troyer, Secretaryg A. Musser, Treasurerg M Vanderhoff, Vice-President. ROW ONE: S. Bellinger, S. Kurfess C. Greishaw, J. Harbaugh, S. Kowalski, B. Inman, T. Hatch R. Genung, J. Thomas. ROW TWO: B. Janoski, M. J. Horvath L. Broadhurst, J. Sanden, P. Winchell, R. Hartman, B. Borer M. Rosier, B. Hanlin. F.T.A. ACTIVITIES Sponsored a record hop Had a booth in the Penny Nickel Carnival Visited Alleghany College for 1 day Had a student teaching day Had a formal initiation at Howard Johnson's in Erie. Dr. Van Laning- ham, director of student teaching at Edinboro College, attended this function. illaiin II OFFICERS--SEATED: G. Ranyak-Treas.3 R. Luba-Sec.3 C.Si1ka- Pres.: S. Ainsworth-V. Pres.: Y. Rice-Historian. Row 2: Mr. Baumgarten, S. Kusiak, C. Smith, S. Shreve, P. Sturdevant, S. Wiggins, P. Eastman, J. McCoy, L. Shallenberger. Row 3: F. Haley, H. Klamm, L. Sill, H. Kleszczowski, M. Hausman, M. Greishaw, L. Maynard. 'iflaiin I Row 1, Left to Right: Mr. Baumgarten, C. Nichols, L. Williams G. Mathias, S. Waldron,J. McClellan, D. Swanson, K. Burns, F Thomas. Row 2: G. Himrod, S. Mayhle, C. Irwin, J. Hicks, R. Petit, L. Gross, R. Hill, S. Tyndall, N. Baumbach, R. Hanlin. 22 Q5-Qllzm SEATED, Left to Right: Mr. Welsh, B. Michaelson, Secretary- Treasurerg Mr. Swanson, J. Williams, President, M. Bennett Vice-President. STANDING: Mr. Junker, Mr. Johnson, C. Webb, F. Musiak, R. Hill, B. Malec, Mr. Swanson, M. Cosilla. ROW 2: N. Lasher, L. Luba, D. Rhodes, M. Edwards, T. Anthony, J. Rice, D. Haskins, F. Chunderlek. The purpose of this organization is to create an enthusiasm for athletic competition, to stimulate sportsmanship and leadership in athletics, and to encourage the development of proper character- istics necessary for good citizenship. Q5-Gllan Z1 niiiaiiun SEATED, Left to Right: B. Michaelson, Secretary-Treasurer, J. Williams, President: M. Bennett, Vice-President. STANDING: Row 1: M. Woods, J. Clark, J. Malec, R. Reynolds, R. Eddy, G. Webb, F. Hunter. Row 2: M. Anthony, L. Waldron, D. Obert, J. Croston, R. Wetmore, J. Still, G. Kowalski. J eninr igly Sniemze Qlluh OFFICERS, L. to R S. Irwin, M. Mineo, Tome. ROW 2: E. Shepard, P. Hall, B. lips-Vice-Pres.: M. Mr. Rohde, R. Clark-Sec.-Treas.g M. J. Phil- Gillett-Pres.g Mr. Hakel. ROW 1: J. Tyndall, E. Kopnitsky, F. Musick, J. Tome, J. Parkin, D. Rejzer, D. Crooker, J. Pluskato, M. Bennett, W. Menoker, M. Greishaw-absent. fjuniur High Srienre Glluh OFFICERS--L. to R. E. Brown, Treas.3 J. Maynard, V. Pres.g D. Croston, Pres., S. Lucas, Sec.: Mr. Swanson. ROW 1: R. Estes, P. Adams, T. Elder, J. Adams, J. Greishaw, D. King, R. Allen, B. Kule- sa, C. Benett, J. Vanderhoff, B. Megat, K. Lasuer, M. Kysor. ROW 2: M. Hewitt, D. York, H. Kozik, R. Sill, B. Swanson, A. Koveleski, G. Webb, B. Bradley, J. Emerson, M. Holfelder. ROW 3: R. Mineo, B. Barber, D. Lyle, T. Cross, L. Massimo, J. Doutt, A. Fuller, M. Scheawer, L. Arlet, L. Thomas. ROW 4: D. Triscuit, M. Gregor, R. Dingle, B. Greishaw, C. Harvey, S. Jackson, L. Ranyak, C. Shap- ard, C. Pfister. ROW 5: E. Varish, D. Mitchell, R, Clark, R. Weid- ner, J. Gillett, M. Behan, G. Scouten, B. Parkin, M. Haskins, L, Glosser. 12 24 mint Sfnihzhllnzxrnl Staff ROW ONE, L. to R.: R. IX-'IcCrillis, A. LeFevre, C. Reynolds, F. Zajac, P. Rose. ROW TWO: P. Varish, C. Bidwell, G. She-llito, M. William- son, S. Lilley. ROW THREE: L. Luba,S.Burr1S, N. Prather, L. Thomas, J. Shreve, K. Ross, R. King. mnninr jfniirhhnzxrnl Staff C. Kreps, R. King, C. Southwick, L. Bisbee, M. Doutt, M. Horvatt, P Klus. eniur Row 1, L. to R.: J. Magee, B. Mathias, M. Erdle, G. Ranyak, A. Brennaman, E. Kopnitsky. Row 2: S. Brown, P. Rose, I. Ryland, J. Borsa, C. Smith, P. Eastman, S. Kusiak, R. King, R. Miller. Row 3: M. Botsford, C. Zielinski, M. Palmer, T. Dudas, V. President, S. Hicks, President, C. Silka, Secretary-Treasurer, P. Eastman, Y. Rice, M. Gates, C. Geertson, Mrs. Allen. jluniur Row 1, L. to R.: P. Bellis, C. Pfister, K. Shepard, G. Wilcox, G. Haley, M. Pfister, K. Jones. Row 2: D. Ruger,M. Shreve,C. Sayers, L. Southwick, R, McGuire, L. Shamp, S. Edwards, S. Dunbar. Left side of ball: M. Anderson, J. Emerson, T. Johnson, J. Campbell, G. Mathias, Y. Botsford. Right side of ball: C. Still, S. Ottoway, Mrs. Allen, M. Beehan. Officers on ball: L. Hill, Secretary-Treas., C. Edwards, President, C. Rice, Vice-President. 2 aiinnal nnnr nnietg SEATED, L. to R.: NI. Church, Secretary: M. J. Mineo, Presi- dent: 'D. Crooker, Treasurer: J. Williams, Vice-President. ROW 1: M. J. Phillips, A. LeFeVre, P. Klus, L. Thomas, M. Gillett, F. Mineo, L. Lyle, M. Williamson, M. Troyer, B. Hanlin, M. Vanderhoff. ROW 2: D. Kysor, E. Brown, D. Pituch, D. Obert, L. Green, R. Wetmore, B. Michaelson, R. Clark, B. Malec, R. Tome. The National Honor Society is made up of stu- dents in their junior or senior year who have been chosen because of their excellence in character, leadership, -service, and scholarship. The following poem, which is read as part of the society's initiation ceremony best explains the purpose of the organization: Hold high the torch: you did not light its glow. 'Twas given you by other hands, you know. 'Tis yours to keep it burning bright. Yours to pass on when you no more need light For there are other feet that we must guide And other forms go marching by our side. Their eyes are watching every tear and smile And efforts which we think are not worth while Maybe, perhaps, the very thing they need, Actions to which their souls will take most heed, So that in turn they'll hold it high and say, "I say another carry it this way." Hold high the torch: you did not light its glow. 'Twas given you by other hands, you know. I think it started down its pathway bright, That day the Master said, "Let there be light." And He once said Who hung on Calvary's tree, "Ye are the light of the worldg go--shine for Me." NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Es 'Z 7 Q ff I xXx lg L6 nfnapzqaer taff SEATED, L. to R.: Mrs. Miller, A. Pfister-Editor, C. Hanby-Co- Editor. ROW l: R. Luba, M. Denham, S. Irwin, M. J. Phillips, L. Dickson, S. Lewis, L. Shallenberger, P. Crum. ROW 2: J. McCoy, S. Kurfess, R. King, V.Baker,R. Miller, B. Blakeslee, S. Bellinger, B. Janoski, B. Hanlin. JZ! f m if-ilk '13 Q lffffi ,jxaltl E g 3153 It li L L.. in f . N4 at if egg' AEA The newspaper staff is com- posed mostly of Juniors. Articles are contributed by the student bodyg while special articles are writtenby Mrs. Miller's English classes. The typing and the arrangement are done during study hall by second year typing students. 12 8 indent Glnumzil ROW CNE, L. to R.: F. Silka, D. Andrews, M. Ertle, K. Jones, J. Mineo, G. Harbaugh, V. Kysor, D. Croston, C. Morton, J. Malec. ROXV TWO: L.. Papotnik, N. Eastman, J. Kostra, A. LeFevre, J. Tome, M. Rosier, M. Fisk, C.Edwards, I. Ryland, J. Gillett. ROW THREE: Mr. Blok, M. Gates, A. Musser, R. Hill, C. Hatch, B. Forbes, J. Pearson, C. Frias, M. Vanderhoff. ROW FOUR: R. Pusch, B. Sayers, J. Fisk, J. Croston. C. B. Hatch acts as Master of Ceremonies in assem- bly. C. B. Hatch, 1963-64 student councilvice- president, congratulates Mary Rosier, the new 1964-65 vice-president: and Bruce Storms, 1963-64 student council president, congratulates Judy Pearson, the new 1964- 65 president. i Baxter Wellmon on hall duty. Bruce Storms dismisses the cafeteria. Ron Hill pays Jim Tome for some candy he bought from the student council candy store. Graci clothi from ela Frias and Ann I.,eF'evre hold up ng that the student council received people during the World Clothing Drive. 12 0 25612112 nam SEATED L to R: S. Lewis, C. Goodwill, NI. Gillet, M. J. Phillips, C. Price. STANDING: B. Storms, absent, D. Petuch, R. Clark, Mr. Schauer, L. Brest. flgairnl Page L. to R: John Courtney, Jim Williams, Bud Malec, Vaughn McCurdy rhnnl Igeraaunnvl X' X ,I I X K 1 I I 1 is Tx.. v I i I V I v Y J7 ff 1 'ew xx 4 1 In H 7'f""'X I :Q T-?- :T-5 N N I 4 ,.,-'I' ,ll ff. A 1 fx wk I fX-1-,E 'f'f'f X fx A fl -Nf'?3?' X -" is ,psf Munixk 51 -. fi... . -5.5 ...- -L, 'Sx tp- . lv- x 2 Glzxfeieria markers LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Winchell, IVI. Lord, H. Weitzel, M. Cor1over,M Behan, L. Laughery, J. Bisbee, V. Alexander, J. Diesner, F. Price F us Private LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Smith,R. Webb, B. Foote,R. Rockwe11,C. Bar- stow, G. Bancroft, Sr., G. Bancroft, Jr., Absent--G. Brown, C. Rock- wood. Mr. Haskins Mr. Haskins Qfusinrlians -',:::g:,-iw-""" ..., H?-'ir -il V -f..--pr-' -.5 "' - Q '+-in., .ggi-'T' fi-.. 3? 2- if" 'mis 1A "" -W-' Q-' N 'ix -::ns::."""' tg.-'-1" .i' Mr. Hummel Mr. Sturdevant Glnmmenremeni Speakers L. to R.: E. Kopnitsky, F. Mineo, J. Williams, W. Michaelson, D. Crooker, M. Church, G. Frias. eniur aiiunal Zilnnnr urinig members FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Williamson, F. Mineo, M. Gillett, D. Crooker, M. Church, A. I..eFevre, M. J. Mineo. SECOND ROW: D. Kysor, J. Williams, W. Michaelson, L.. Green, F. Malec, R. Tome. .Usd U as was use-H 5' N .HQ .24 . xiii :QCD , .cu mm? ,JD F-1 G2 tri 2 52 . L, E+ 5 E3 Sb 2 5 .gm Po ,HJ vis. cv s o vw 3345 GJ Q4 aim 555 OE CLIP-1 542 Oi . . .iw LTD mv-1 523 CLE.-J .., '-:SE GS I2 I-I 'r-4 3 Q72 'Enos .SB Q2 522 md E . mln E52 ml.-E2 'SEQ 37.2 Q03-1 E-125-1 CSEO .zf-L4 Dj NS-1 Q53 JS -Q LQ. omg 5 lid QD. E E O as m. GJ. S-1 H. CD .M C6 wh GJ UD CB 'E Se mf ,cf o .-1 CU -C1 U .5 3 Ol In-. cu 'U o .-C! C11 ci CD 1-4 -H +-v 'I-I F-l O O Q Cl .2 CD mr, 5 2 ul Ili E LI. O as cd hundrlek, His, C ri F. Bellis, O: P. TW ROW ker, M. K. Web b. cf o U1 JD: .. E gm QD? .Cf +-1 KU S-4 D-4 :Z .c -4-2 c 41 ei ul. 'U f-. G5 3 'U P11 E E CD 'U E C5 ED 'T -K un L3 S-4 I3 U oi 5 :T o UU E cd 23 .-4 -1-1 3 B FL' 'r'4 E ei -. I-4 : :1: oi .6 0 'Ei m cj sf o E 11 3 52 C o msn s-1 mm L. O Di ui .hd .2 m Q of .-4 f-4 'r'l 0 C1 GJ CL: . n-4 rn. GJ +1 CU U S mx LE +2 CB 2 mi CD. ua O D5 E cv D E Q 5 E rn J cd P ul v. 'E Z E nd P.. GJ N +-I GJ Di cd IP: 5-4 CQ JB wi .-CI Oo '-5 cf cu an :- U J bil s: ' l'l CIC ni Q. 4-I or C s: ev m 2 xt? O U3 'O-9 o F'4 Y-U ' l'l E" P-S L. o U1 bi M 6 I E o O '-S -.-T .-4 CD 2 as E L5 6 2 as 2 Q di P11 05 III E' QI -E 2 S E. at 4: m. 'o YQ 5, CU DS L5 6 'J-' 3 li aa .c: cn U uf 5. SE P042 :UD was if .ECI Y-l 55 gs? 'S QQ: CO 'C . ISU O Q UC! '-3 '1 JZ? od .,.. . CEU , . mm Bm- Um .o D50-i L... mm 4-9 Q Sf 'Fl is Q u :EU 525 3.. cn? 'Fil FQ . -Di U1 .Em ob' can bus.. mr: Qgrn Qi'-S gs? DE .ls- ,KD '-3 . ,cn 'E . S-1 Em COW .135 My M W fxufwfaphwf f M Wjm WJ jijvc K 3 jfnw fy flwkjylv ffayjfiffjgj ' 1 'mk- ,J XW5 ' O5 QM? fx WV fb tj P? Q10 X Nc? 5351020 dAw bwfixfsffyqfg Ryglv 5540 j533ifvjfQiEiy G3ffSf' W fWewf vga-X' 9959, pf' W ww C9 09,6 XBN L' A , Q5 QMVf39'7"Mw fl Wim MW WEN 'Miw ffwijf EESMSSMWL ',573'S74 !j7:A,.4,L4L,z ,o1,VL5'6 xg' , , 5494" ,A fqfizmi '42 QQMQSSW 4? Qjiy Sw Ayes Qyawflif W W 1 Jwyfypgfgoyfvjjjviy yx1fkw7WfAwiflpJNwVEMJW Q f ' if WMM r WM, ' Y W rg r 15 WWW 0 JQZZWM . 1-4Q2.fwfJ', xp, 1,1 42 ' ?? SAW W W 6 n Er Xiwfrfffwef N P riwif E? ffiygwfwwxr C? kgiifak r K X M Aww idk W NA ' mai, Ml' ff INTER-COLLEGIATE Pmass LW jeff - 0 Kansas City -- Winnipeg 'gg ' 'S Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers as - Graduation Ann ents usA XE! K i . X CD M 'vvaxk islsaasxessfxw f fl' 'i Q . -:wh seassgnaasszaasg BATQWI QSSSFREESQRSEISESS. K UQESPQSSWSBI f Y :asm 2. . L " bfmik i+5?5gf?ii52??.3E9,? ! S 'S ' E 1 1 5 51 5 g - Qi e f. 2 X H l,,,,,.L,,,,,,,jg -. ..m.-Qw 'X 'i v"""'f Wiwsmf- yy- ., . . ,X K Ag xywx x.x. ., , Y .Q , ' , cl lf' , 2 3

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