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3 - ..n.a.-if .fs - Y. ..:. 1 jlfglfil 'arf H991 7 A ff A ,6KfaL:,4.f -f' V ,J-1' f THE ANVIL PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF UNION CITY, PENNSYLVANIA UNION CITY, PENNSYLVANIA VOLUME 44 JUNE 1958 1 p --1-1-Q ,,,,,......J- -1-11--Q TABLE OF ADMINISTRATION .... ! P FACULTY . . . 8 11 ' - P SENIORS . . 1 'S I ? Q09 6 I ,.. bi. A P UNDERCLASSMEN . . P SPORTS . . 5 MUSIC . . . 5 ACTIVITIES 2 il It is with immense pleasure that we the Senior Class of 1958 dedicate this book to Helmut Tuerk, our first foreign exchange student. Be- sides being one of the top students, Helmut has participated heartily in all class and school activities. We in the school and town have ac- cepted him as a fellow American citizen. We are very proud to dedicate this Anvil to you, Helmut Tuerk. i ALMA MATER Dear Alma Mater Fairest of Shrines, May lasting glory Forever be thine. Crowned with laurels of virtue, Decked in garlands so bright, We carry the banners Of the green and the white: We carry the banners Of the green and the white. Ever onward you struggle Til the goal has been gained: And we as descendants Bear aloft that fair name. So rejoice in the glory. Praises to you we sing. Dear Union City, May thy fame never dim: Dear Union City, May thy fame never dim. Catherine Balas Class of 1943 4 ISTR Tl D I 9 if wmwm -NW. . .., ,.+ il -I IL Mr Russell Palmer our High School Principal is the key figure in making the school run smoothly He is always ready to help any student in trouble One of his duties is controlling the line of starv- ing students at lunchtime. Through all the noise and un- controllable students he still remains in good humor. ll'l'l'UCV' -lZl'l'lU2l'l'l"l The supervising principal of both schools, Mr. Leroy Brest, is new in Union City this year. He came here from East Mead School District in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. At one time he was a classroom teach- er of Social Studies, Health, and Physical Education. Mr. Brest has a B. S. in Health Education from State Teachers College in Slip- pery Rock, Penna. He also has a M.Ed. from Penn- sylvania State University. "I am very well pleased with the Union City School District. I am enjoying my association with the School District and the friendly people." - SCHOOL BOARD C17 E.Crooker, M,Greishaw, S.Car1burg, G.Parker, A.TreaL, H.Cooper, F. Eastman, Jr. , H,Gregory, C. Rockwood, W, Broadhurst A." ,.. g! i' Barbara Anderson, B,S, Health Physical Education 1 rmc AND a LEDOII IN THE P AL Ulm! smrmn NF' SHEET ,E 4 wonn mu? Barbara B. Baldwin, B.A. World History English W TT QQ, i. JSS Clara A, Durbin, B.S. Library Science Librarian Gary Blok, B .C. P. 0. D. English 10 World History Francis W. Catherine Typing 1 and 2 General Bu ' ss Bookkeepi g 1 l - 7 ,B,s, ...al Clemms J. Fischer, B,S, Plane Geometry General Math 7th Grade Math ,7 ' A ,"4 7 , llfif' r-efZi.4,a"f KL 'z 1' ,7 7fZLfL'l4L"' V Ralph Hamilton, A, B, Kqlmulia AIIS Omar C. Menoher, B,S. Agriculture A 116116 Hos ie! Shorthand 1, 11 Typing 11 Business English Business Math Commercial Law Fred L. Large, B.S Science Geography Patricia Marzke B S I Glenn McKinney, Jr. , B.S, Drivers Training Geography Donald Iunker, B. S. History Physical Education Paul Mclnerney, B.S. Biology Physics Chemistry 1 I J, KM ff 1 EV A SYLVIA PENCE, B, s. Home Economics X. f'f Lf. fl? i kX.h . - kg x b I 2,51 " ' f s giisgg f 'hA 1: 5 . A - A rf" ' 'f . i .' ,sm ,ty I Q efflq,,,' . V . I N--9 1 ig WILLIAM RHODE, B. S. History Science few VIRGINIA MICHAEL, A, B, French I, II Latin 1,11 English HI . H..-W .rl ' I , . 1 ' , D lv s ,. I' A" , WALTER SELEY, B In NEVA PARKER, B, s, rf American History Pennsylvania History PAUL RYAN, B. S, Health Physical Education Algebra I,II Tug. - Solid OLGA SAMMONS Math i' BETH SMILEY, A. B. English I, II, IV RICHARD THOMPSON, B. S I f A is K K . :,, I I . . V J M k 4. X " Z.--5 YQ of It '29 ' in-... W Q, ,git B W7 Music Band Chorus PEG CAMPBELL School Board Secretary ,.-M 'NL DQWVXQJ XMAE SI-IALLENBERGER I-hgh School Secretary Qu-s cf - mi-it 9215- - I 'O sf S ..I. ..... on-wow' K' .LI MARY SZALL, R. N. School N se , , ' Eco ,b??'!L MERLE WELSH, B, S, Guidance Counselor K M X. . , ,qw , U , 1 fl 11 HELENE M. WELSH, B. Q. E lish , ' HS D yhldlu' f If ww I ara B. Baldw 1Il 4? 0 'fir SENICRS L1 i Y X 1 i 4 -Q. 6 5-4 0 I 4 , 554. .' " wut B, bv 5 Y I , ... -1 f... LT' . ... tw-0, .... ..,- .J u e 1 --at 4-' PEGGY ALEXANDER Ambition: X-ray Technician Hobby: Playing Pic- colo Activities: Anvil Staff 4: Ch0l'llS 4: Class Play 3,4: Girls' Basketball 4: Prom Committee 3: Band 1, 2, 3, President 4: Dis- trict Band 3, 4, , UN. ELLEN ALEXANDER Ambition: To do the Fa- ther's Will Hobby: Going steady with Gary Activities: Class Secre- tary 2, 3,4: Anvil Staff 3, 4: Class Play 3,4: F, H. A 1,2,4: French Club 3,4: Girls' Basketball 4: Cho- rus 2, 3, President 4: Cheerleader 3,4: District Chorus 3,4: Social Com- mittee 4. GLENN ALEXANDER Ambition: Join the Air Force Hobby: Hunting ,RT iii? N fx , 5 wi DONNA ANDERSON Ambition: X-ray Tech- nician Hobby: CollectingCor- sages Activities: Anvil Staff 4: Latin Club 3,4: Class Play 3: Science Club 4. JS LEON BARSTOW Ambition: Junior Engin- eer Hobby: Hunting and Sports Activities: Class Play 3: Anvil Staff 4: Class Vice- President 3: Student Coun- cil 1,2,3,4: Track 2,3,4: U-Clan Vice-President 3, 4: Band 1,2,3: Prom Com- mittee 3. 14 wi' nr-"A, 4 Hi s NANCY ALLEN Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Typing Activities: AnvilStaff 4: Latin Club 2: Band 1,2,3, Vice President 4: Pre-College Club 3: Prom Committee 3: Class Play 3,4, X5- "' C Y DAVID BENNETT Ambition: Forestry Training School Hobby: Hunting Activities: U-C lan 3, 4: Chorus 3,4: Var- sity Basketball 2, 3, 4: Anvil staff 4: Bank- ing 4, IENNHE BAWOL Ambition: Waitress Hobby: Skating Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 2: F. H. A. 2: Twirler 2, 3, 4: Banking 4. REBA BELL Ambition: Home Econ- omist Hobby: Sewing Activities: Anvil Staff 4: F. H, A, 1,2, 3,4. GREGORY BESONSON Ambition: Good Insur- ance man Hobby: Traveling to Pittsburgh Activities: Anvil Staff 4: Class Vice-President 4: Track 2, 3,4: F, F. A, 1: Hi-Y 1,2,3: U-Clan Sec retary and Treasurer 3,4: Football 1, 2, 3,4: Basket- ball l,2,3,4: Prom Com mittee 3. ' ,nitiit fn-, .- 'NP' A-iff' JUNE BOJACZKO Ambition: I, B, M, Op- erator Hobby: Going steady with Dave Activities: Class Play 3: Anvil Staff 4: F, H, A, 1,2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Chorus 2: Banking 4: Prom Committee 3. T GARY BESONSON Ambition: To be a success Hobby: Sports Activities: Anvil staff 4: U-Clan 3, 4: F, F, A, 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2,4: Prom Committee 3, QF ARLO BRENNEMAN man Hobby: Swimming Activities: Projection Club 1,2,3,4g Camera Club 3. fffwdyn 'U If ff ff Ambition: Skilled Crafts- CARL BROWN Ambition: To get out of school Hobby: Paying Fines Activities: Camera Club 3,45 Football 4: Anvil Staff 4. xW 'I WILBUR CARSON Ambition: To be- come a general Con- structor Hobby: Hunting Activities: Basket- ball 1, 2. W, MARY CHAPMAN Ambition: To be a. good nurse Hobby: Willie Activities: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,43 Chorus 2, 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3 French Club 3, 4: Latin 1,2g Girls' Basketball 4, Pre- College Club 3, PAUL CHUNDRLEK wi JOHN COURNEEN Ambition: To go into Car- Ambition: Engineering pentry Hobby: Swimming Hobby: Working at the Activities: Anvil Staff 4: store Hi-Y 2, 3: Laboratory As- Activities: Camera Club sistant 2, 3: President of 4. Camera Club 3,4: Projec- tion ciub 1,2,a,4. Q ij RICHARD FELLOWS GENE DICKSON Ambition: Air Force Hobby: Cars DAVID DRAYER Ambition: Carpenter Hobby: Working at Wagman's ml Z Ambition: To reach the moon Hobby: Stamp Collec- tion Activities: Track 3, 4: Class Play 4: Hi- Y 2: Camera Club 2 3,4: Projection Club 1,2,3,4: Basketball 2: Wrestling 4: Cho- rus 4: Prom Commit- tee 3, RQ 'X' 6 si 'B if YxfN,,.,, ,O J sl ff' . jx 1 KL ,w X '1 W A lb vnj ROSS FULLER Ambition: A commer- cial pilot Hobby: Hunting and Fishing Activities: Class Play 3: Anvil Staff 4: French Club 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Student Council 2, 3: Basketball 2: Band 1,2, 3,4: Chorus 2, 3,4: Dis- trict Band 3,4: Prom Committee 3: Wrestling 4. Activities: Latin Club 2: Lab Assistant 2: Cam- era Club 3,4: Projection Club 2, 3,4. li xliunf :fi." Ma t,,r gs' GAYLE GEER Ambition: Governess Hobby: Skating and Baseball Activities: F. H. A. 1 2,3,4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Library Assistant 4. 17 9 LORETTA FRONTERA Ambition: Flight Nurse Hobby: Sports Activities: Class Play 3,4-:Anvi1Staff3, 4: F,H.A. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3: French Club 3,4: Latin Club 2: Lab As- sistant 2, 3: Girls' Bas- ketball 4: Pre-College Club 2,3: Class His- torian 4: Prom Com- mittee 3, fun fi-iz If agp. 3. IUDITH GEISLER Ambition: To be a sec- retary Hobby: Skating Activities: Anvil Staff 4: F. H. A, 2, 3,43 Tri- Hi-Y 2,3: Prom Com- mittee 3. WANDA JEAN GIBBONS Ambition: To be a sec- retary Hobby: Skating Activities: Anvil Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: F. H. A. 4: Girls' Basketball 4: Banking 4. 'Nu' ALICE GREGORY Ambition: Medical Secretary Hobby: Studying Activities: Chorus 3,4g F,H,A, 1,2,4 2. Tn-Hi-Y 2, 3, Anvil .4 Staff 4: Banking 4, PHYLLIS HALL Ambition: Airline Stew- ardess Hobby: Art Activities: Anvil Staff 4: F. H.A. I.2.3:T1'i- Hi-Y 2: Girls' Basket- ball 4. fix LINDA HANES Ambition: To graduate Hobby: Skating Activities: Band 1,2,3, 4: Class Play 3,4g Anvil District Chorus 3: Jqeffyy I 'i A Staff 4: Chorus 1,2,3m 73' BARBARA GROSS Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Writing to Bob Activities: Anvil Staff 4g Class Play 3: Cho- rus 2,3,4g Girls' Bas- ketball 4g Banking 4. QQ? 1.5 Numa' DAVID HARRIS Ambition: Teacher and Coach Hobby: Wrestling and Football Activities: Class Play 3, 4: Anvil Staff 4: French Club 4: Lab Assistant 2: Student Council 2, President 3, Vice President 4: U-Clan President 4: Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1,2,3,4: Class President 2, 3,4. Whey CAROL HANLIN Ambition: Live, Love, Laugh, and Be Happy Hobby: Driving Activities: StudentCoun- cil 1: F,H.A, 4: Anvil Staff 4: Banking 4: Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3,4. . U JERRY HANLIN Ambition: Join the Navy Hobby: Rodding Around Activities: Class Play 3: F. F. A. 1.2, 3,4: Band 1, 2: Chorus 2: Prom Committee 3: F. F, A, Basketball 3, 4. tqvyjwwl K ""3' WALLY HUCKNO Ambition: To pass Plane Geometry Hobby: Sports Activities: Football 1, 4: Basketball 1,2,3,4. LARRY HUNTER X Ambition: Draftsman X, Hobby: Taxidermy MAX HENRY Ambition: State Policeman Hobby: Driving Activities: Football 1 N .W ' Q in RONALD JONES Ambition: A profes- sional window trim- lTl6I.' Hobby: Sports Scrap Book and swimming Activities: Class Play 3,4: Latin Club 3: Prom Committee 3: Football Manager 4: Social Committee 4, DAVID JOHNSON MAPJORIE JOHNSON Ambition: Join the Army Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Swimming Hobby: Watching T,V. Activities: Projection Club 4. Q1- AW WILLARD KING Ambition: Get a new car Hobby: Woodworking Activities: Science Club 4: Prom Committee 3. um JANICE KLUS Ambition: To be 21 Hobby: Having a good time Activities: Class Play 3, 4: Anvil Staff 4: F.H.A, 1,2,3: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Latin Club 1: Camera Club 1: Prom Committee 3: Bank- ing 4. 20 X , g....,-,, ,.'. ,,.,. -...- .,, ,.. J VIRGINIA KERR Ambition: To make a good wife Hobby: Reading Activities: Anvil Staff 4: F. I-I.A. 1, 2, 3g Tri-Hi-Y 2: Latin Club 1: Chorus 2,3,4: Library Assistant 4, ':""", k, ' L . MARTHA LASHER Ambition: To make someone happy Hobby: Dreaming Activities: Hobby Club 1: Latin Club 1: French Club 3,4: Class Play 3. QT 'Q-.f MARLENE KNIGHT Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Skating Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Girls' Basketball 4: An- vil Staff 4: Banking 4. MARY KOPNITSKY Ambition: To be a nurse Hobby: Collecting pen- nies Activities: Class Play 4: Anvil Staff 4: Tri-I-ll-Y 2: French Club 3,4: La- tin Club 1,2: Student Council 1: Camera Club 1: Girls' Basketball 4: Treasurer of Class 1,2, 3,4. .--...sl"' SANDRA LYONS Ambition: X-Ray h- nician Hobby: ' gStea X Activitie ench 3. : h 4: . A. 1,2, ri Y : Class 3: mitte : Latin b M z lil, . S sg 1'- LARRY LYMAN Ambition: Musical Evan- gelism Hobby: Trumpet Activities: Anvil Staff 4: Band 1,2,3,4: Chorus 2, 3,4: District Chorus 3,4: District Band 3,4: Projec- tion Club 2, 3,4: Camera Club 1. DIXIE LORD Ambition: Medical Secretary Hobby: Hunting Activities: ClassPlay 3,4: Chorus 3,4: An- vil staff 4: F.H, A, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: La- tin Club 1: Social Committee 4: Girls' Basketball 4: Banking 4: Class Historian 1: Prom Committee 3 2, 3: Science Club 4: FRANK MALESKI Ambition: Successful Farmer Hobby: Hotrodding Activities: F. F.A. 1. 2,3,4: Basketball 3,4 Prom Committee 3. HOWARD LONG Ambition: To join the Air Force Hobby: Audrey Activities: Anvil Staff 4: Chorus 2,3,4: Cam- era Club 2g Banking 4g District Chorus 4. ALAN MAGEE Ambition: Successful Farmer Hobby: Hunting Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2,4: Band 1,2,3,4: Class Play 3. 1- ,A gl JUDITH MEGAT Ambition: To learn something new every- day Hobby: Cheering and Singing Activities: Class Play 3,4: Anvil Staff 4: Chorus 2, 3,43 Cheer- leader 1,3,4: District Chorus 3,4: Prom Com- mittee 3: Latin Club 15 Girls' Basketball 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2, SOPHIA MILLER Ambition: To get mar- ried and enjoy life Hobby: Skating Activities: F.H.A, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Latin Club 1: Library Assist- ant 3: Chorus 2,3,4. -Q,-f JOE MATAVA Ambition: Join the Navy Hobby: Girls Activities: F.F.A, 1, Laboratory Assistant 2 Camera Club 2,3: Basketball 3,4: Prom Committee 3. ""RN Q ROBERTA MORRIS Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Driving Activities: F, H,A, 2, 3,4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: An- vil staff 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3,4: Prom Commit- tee 3, KENNY MITCHELL Ambition: Draftsman Hobby: Taxidermy JOHN MORSE Ambition: Navy Hobby: Dating girls Activities: Class Play 3, 4: Anvil Staff4: F. F. A, 1: Latin Club 3.4: Li- brary Assistant 2: Band 3,4: Pre-College Club 3: Prom Committee 3: Projection 2,3,4: Social Committee 4. ROYCE RICE Ambition: To get to College Hobby: Swimming Activities: Class Play 3: Anvil Staff 4: Hi-Y 2,3: Latin Club 1,2: Stu- dent Council 4: Camera Club 3,4: Varsity Foot- ball 4: Basketball 2: Pre-College Club 1,2, 3: Projectionist Club 3,4: Prom Committee 3: U- Clan 4. I . WN ,.:1',. QAAJ5, N in J-55, 5. .A CHARLES ROCKWOOD Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Hunting Activities: F.F.A, 1,3: Latin Club 2: Wrestling 3: Basketball 1. LARRY OBERT Ambition: Civil En- gineer Hobby: Hunting and fishing Activities: Anvil staff 4: Laboratory Assistant 2,35 Camera Club 2, 3: Football 1,2,4: Track 3, 4: Band 1,2, 3,45 Pre-College 2,3: Prom Committee 3: Projection Club 2, 3, 1 v SYLVIA SHELLITO Ambition: To make someone a good Sec- retary Hobby: Writing to Duane Activities: Class Play 3,4: Anvil Staff 4: F.H.A, 1,2,3: Tri- Hi-Y 2: Girls' Bas- ketball 4: Chorus 2, 3,4: Twirlers 3,4: Banking 4. E I JANET ROSE Ambition: To be a school teacher Hobby: Reading Activities: Pre-College Club 3: F.T.A. 3,4: Latin Club 3,4: F.H.A, 1, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1. .-an 1' ""Z"17 sw, JOE SILKA Ambition: State Cop Hobby: Women Activities: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Football 2: Basketball 2, GERTRUDE ROWLAND Ambition: Home Econ- omics Teacher Hobby: Music Activities: Class Play 4: F. H. A, l, 2, 3,4: French Club 3,4: Latin Club 1, 2: Laboratory Assistant 2: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Basketball 4: Cho- rus 2, 3, 4. 'i KN BEATRICE SHREVE Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Flirting Activities: F.H,A, 1, 2, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, C 11 N fs: A' x BARBARA soETY C i Ambition: To meet Elvis Q Hobby: Dancing and El- A vis 3g A Activities: F.1-LA. 1,2, - A ,J . . 3,4: Prom Committee 3: , , 4 R Class Play 3: Girls' Bas- ' S 'VK ,tx ketbal14. A 'SY' ir 'Vx Q 'xi X 24 5 JACK THOMAS Ambition: Auto Me- chanic Hobby: Trying to get my car to run Activities: Band 1,2, , 2 3, 4:.Ch0l.'LlS 2, 4: Wrestling 2, 7 EDNA STERLING Ambition: To be a Rich Old Maid Hobby: Dancing and Skating Activities: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3,4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Chorus 2, 3,4. MICHAEL STILL Ambition: To be a Ma- son Hobby: Hunting Activities: Football 1, 3: Track 2. ,W . 6' as HELMUT TUERK Ambition: Diplomat Hobby: Reading Activities: Student Coun- cil 4: F. F. A. 4: Chorus Vice President 4. 25 DON AL D YOUN G Ambition: Arctic Explorer Hobby: Girls Activities: Hi-Y 3: Camera Club 4: Projec- tion Club 4. .' 2 , 5 5. I 4. ' 3: .e. . . A f 'R , 'fffrbis' :-:fs :- K A ., 1 .Y xv f - .5 1, if in ' . . DAVID TOOHEY Ambition: To be a Carpenter Hobby: Hunting Activities: Chorus 1, 2,3,4: F.F.A. 1,25 Anvil Staff 4: Prom Committee 3: Li- brary Assistant 3, 4, 1 v I 'WFP SNK If RAYMOND WRIGHT Ambition: Successful Mechanic Hobby: Hunting Activities: F. F. A. 1129 3,4: U- lan Club 3.4. 510 My CLASS COLOR SENIOR OFFICERS President ..... .... D ave Harris Vice-President . . .... Greg Besonson Secretary .... . . . Ellen Alexander Treasurer . . . . . Mary Kopnitsky Historian . . . . . .Loretta Frontera CLASS FLOWER E Blue and Gold Yellow Rose i ' CLASS MOTTO "He conquers who conquers himself." f SOPHOMORE YEAR SENIOR YEAR Turkey Trot, November 18, 1955 Senior Play, October 30, 1957 Jello Sale, December 10-17, 1955 Turkey Trot, November 22, 1957 Junior - Senior Banquet, May 21, JUNIOR YEAR 195.7 , Junior - Senior Prom, May 23, Magazine Sales, October 22-29, 1957 I 1956 Senior Trip, May 15, 16, 17, 1958 Turkey Trot, November 16, 1956 Baccalmffeate' June 1' 1958 Junior Play, March za, 1957 Class Nlghfv June 2' 1958 Junior - Senior prom, May 24, Commencement, June 3, 1958 1957 Junior - Senior Banquet, May 15, 1957 1 26 1 L CLASS PROPHECY As we looked the world over for the class of '58, we found that they were the first inhab- itants of Mars. The new settlement was successful and prosperous. The president of this Martian town, Beartown, is Dave Harris. As his assistant, Greg Besonson helps a lot. The secretarial work ls done by Ellen Alexander, while Mary Kopnit- sky handles the money. Glenn Alexander is the commander of the space cadets with Wilbur Carson and Charles Rockwood as co-pilots. Touring the town, we discover a new hospital designed and built by Willard King and Sons. The superintendent of nurses, Mary Chapman lKingJ had a lot to do with the "sons" part of King and Sons. Nancy Allen is the only other nurse in the hospital because the lack of air prevents germ spreading. Continuing through the town we discovered a new Business Administration Building. John Morse is the head Business Administrator. His secretaries are Judy Giesler, Roberta Morris, and Jennie Bawol. There is also a dentist office in this building. Dr. Royce Rice has a patient-attracting medical secretary, fMissJ Dixie Lord. Next door is a photography studio owned and operated by John Courneen. His two right-hand men are Dick Fellows and Dave Drayer. Domia Anderson has the pleasant job of filing all information and pasting the best pictures in a scrap book. While walking down the main street we noticed two policemen, Carl Brown and joe Silka posing for the street corner portrait painter, Dave Bennett. The wonderful singing voice of the street-cleaner, Larry Lyman, rang throughout the town as he swept the street. Around the corner an ultra-modern department store has been constructed. Ronnie Jones has just completed the window decorations . They consist of space helmets and Martian antennas . Judy Megat and Arlo Brenneman are doing a wonderful job demonstrating the window display. The restaurant on the main highway is called Alan's fMageeJ and jerry's ll-lanlinl Place. It does such a booming business that four waitresses are needed. They are Janice Klus, Virginia Kerr, Carol Hanlin, and Alice Gregory. Across the street, the neon sign of the johnson 81 Johnson fDavid 81 Marjoriej Night Club attracts all in town. The main singing attraction is Linda Hanes backed up by Ross Fuller and Larry Obert's band. The waitress is Barbara Gross, and Sandra Lyons is the cigarette girl. Beside the nightclub is a decorative beauty shop owned by Barbara Soety. Her assistant is Marlene Knight and June Bojaczko is the manicurist. On the outskirts of town, Joe Matava's farm stretches for miles and miles. It supplies everyone with food and dairy products. His hired hands are Frank Maleski and David Too- hey. Reba Bell is the chief cook and bottle washer, with Edna Sterling and Beatrice Shreve helping. A school stands on the edge of town. It is a very small country school with only a few students. Mike Still is the principal with Gertrude Rowland and janet Rose the only teachers Checking in town to see if we missed any establishment, we found a filling station. Jack Thomas does so well that he has hired Gene Dickson to fix rockets and Sophia Miller and Gayle Geer to bring in customers . Naturally there is a court house in Beartown, At the moment, Peggy Alexander and Sylvia Shellito were on trial for drag racing their Ford and Chevy rockets on Main Street: As judge Loretta Frontera sentenced them to three days of floating in space, the court stenographer, Wanda Gibbons, took it all down in Shorthand. Last, but not least, we found a mammouth observation tower. Here, scientists worked frantically trying to find their way back to earth. Helmut Tuerk is the big wheel with Wally Huckno second in Command. Outside one of the main offices we find Raymond Wright guarding the office while inside Paul Chundrlek and Max Henry furiously dictating a letter to Phyllis Hall and Howard Long. ln one corner Kenny Mitchell and Don Young sit cleaning their guns. In another corner Larry Hunter was listening to baseball scores. Martha Lasher was in the third corner dreaming and in the fourth corner we found Leon Barstow and Gary Besonson still trying to think of a project to do for Physics. At this rate, I doubt if they'll ever get back. NAME Ellen Alexander Glenn Alexander Peggy Alexander Nancy Allen Donna Anderson Leon Barstow Jennie Bawol Reba Bell David Bennett Gary Besonson Gregory Besonson June Bojaczko Arlo Brenneman Carl Brown Wilbur Carson Mary Chapman Paul Chundrlek John Courneen Gene Dickson David Drayer Richard Fellows Loretta Frontera Ross Fuller Gayle Geer Judith Geisler Wanda Gibbons Alice Gregory Barbara Gross Phyllis Hall Linda 'Hanes Carol Hanlin Jerry Hanlin David Harris Max Henry Wally Huckno Larry Hunter David Johnson Marjorie Johnson Ronald Jones Virginia Kerr Willard King Janice Klus Marlene Knight Mary Kopnitsky Martha Lasher Howard Long SENIOR CHARACTERISTICS NICKNAME Alex Greek Peggy Sue Nance Don Layon Jennie Reeb Dave Fuzzy Peg- leg Red Arlo Indian Will Mary Paul Jack Gene Dave Dick Ret Bert Pug Judy Jeannie Alice Barb Phil Linda Toni IGITY Dave Max Wally Larry Dave Marge R . I . Ginny Willie Jan Marlene Kop Marty Howie SEEN DOING Seen riding in a '51 Ford Working on his Chevy Talking to Mr. Thompson Driving Don's car Getting dressed up Driving his hot Chevy Skating Working in the cafeteria Drawing Playing sports Falling on the basketball court Flirting Working at the Quality Getting into trouble With Marilyn Driving Willard's car Working at Jolumy's Carrying a camera Moving slowly Working at Wag'man's Showing movies Walking the halls with Judy Driving a Studebaker Dying her hair Driving Louie's car Coming to school early Reading an Akron, Ohio roadmap Hot-rodding Hauling a load of kids Looking for Billy Riding in a red Olds Loafing Being friendly Driving his hot car Taking spark plugs apart Woodworking Blushing Shorthand Bothering people in the halls Eating sundaes Riding with Mary Looking for excitement Skating Playing basketball Staring Talking 28 HEARD SAYING Control your emotions . Who? Me? Oh yeh! Donny How should I know? How do you do this? Hello I don't know. How do you want it done? What's that? Is that so? Dave Hey, Nola? I'1l take credit for lt. Ohl Man! Where's Willard? Got a pen, Howard? How do you expect me to do it? Not much. Hi! Huh? That's lifel You wanna bet? S.O.S. Where's Louie? Really? Anybody seen Carol? Cuss it, Cops! Does anyone have any gum? I want to go with them. Don't turn the light on. Shut up, Magee. I've got a job for you. Me? I didn't do itl Nothing ' Want some pop or candy? Ohl Don't sweat itl Where's Jan? Seen Mary? Hey, You guys! Oh! How should I know? Huh? Sure, Paul. NAME Dixie Lord Larry Lyman Sandra Lyons Alan Magee Frank Maleski Joseph Matava Judith Megat Sophia Miller Kenneth Mitchell John Morse Roberta Morris Larry Obert Royce Rice Charles Rockwood Janet Rose Gertrude Rowland Beatrice Shreve Sylvia Shellito Joseph Silka Barbara Soety Edna Sterling Michael Still Jack Thomas David Toohey Helmut Tuerk Raymond Wright Donald Young NICKNAME Dix Laffy Sandy Porky Sonny Tater Reb Sophie Kenny Mouse Berta Rube Lollypop Polio Adam Gertie Bea Syl Joe Barb Dimples Mike Jack Dave Curly Ray Don SENIOR CHARACTERISTICS SEEN DOING Typing Looking at developed film , With Jane and Dixie In the dinor Displaying cows Chewing gum Eating Fighting with Jennie Playing cards on the bus Driving his scooter Driving her Chevy Eating jelly beans Standing at Dorothy's locker Hot-rodding Sitting on her porch Working at the dinor Going to Erie Writing to Duane Seen going to New York Bleaching her hair In the Home Ec. room Driving his red jeep Working at Thomas' Working in the library Talking Growing whiskers Flirting with Sandy . " wx, HEARD SAY ING Terry's coming down. What a cornballl You're only young once. Meet me at 5. Hello Come on! Let's try real hard! The drinks are on the house. Bring a ladder. Let's go. I know ..... but. . . Seen anybody? Don't get shook! No kidding? I'm careful . Chuck called me. Not too much. I 've gotta date. Got a letter. Where's the girls? You know what I heard. . . I lmowl Pretty neat! Ya know! Where's Nancy? Let's have Russian efficiency. Nothing. Going to take me out? l I . '58 CLASS WILL Ellen Alexander wills her shortness to Sandy Barnes. Glenn Alexander leaves his eraser to anyone who takes typing. Peggy Alexander wills her ability to play the piccolo to Jill Danner. Nancy Allen leaves her job in the cafeteria to her sister, Jean. Donna Anderson leaves her Latin H book to Pete Hatch. Leon Barstow wills his touch-downs to John Rose. Jennie Bawol leaves her bookkeeping to anyone that figures. Reba Bell wills her long hair to Nancy Broadhurst. David Bennett wills his height to Mr. McKinney. Gary Besonson wills his ability to swipe jersey's to Harry Barnes. Greg Besonson wills all of his extra sweat-shirts to Mr. Ryan. June Bojaczko wills her red hair to Sonja Abraham. Arlo Brenneman wills his brush cut to David Manross. Carl Brown wills his hot studebaker to Art Roberts. Wilbur Carson wills his 150 erasers to Duane Farrell. Mary Chapman wills her tallness to Carol Smith. Paul Chundrlek wills his ability to pantomime to his brother, Ricky. John Coumeen leaves his job in the dark room to anyone who wants it. Gene Dickson wills his typewriter to anyone who wants it. David Drayer wills his pen to anyone who takes bookkeeping next year. Richard Fellows wills his high boots to Terry Miller. Loretta Frontera wills her seat in trig class to any girl lucky enough to get in a class with all boys. Ross Fuller wills his clarinetist ability to Wayne Ryland. Gayle Geer leaves her hair styles and dyes to Sam Harrison. Judy Geisler leaves her business law book to anyone who can understand it. Wanda Gibbons leaves her quietness to Sally Palmer. Alice Gregory wills all her good times in school to Jane Magee. Barbara Gross leaves her dimples to anyone who needs them. Phyllis Hall leaves her carload of kids from school to anyone who can handle them. Linda Hanes wills her seat in band to Linda Weed. Carol Hanlin wills her shy ways to Verna Magee. jerry Hanlin wills his seat in Miss Parker's 7th period study hall to anyone who needs to sleep. Wally Huckno leaves his seat in French class to Art Roberts. Larry Hunter leaves his jack to anyone who has as much trouble with their car as he does . David johnson wills his pencils to anyone who wants them. Marjorie johnson wills her business law book to her sister, Eleanor. Ronald Jones wills his ability to get along with his boss to Bobby Gates. Virginia Kerr wills her job at Laskaris' to her sister, Eleanor. Willard King wills his trig book to anyone who wants to have it. Janice Klus leaves her excuses for getting in late to Judy Barstow. Marlene Knight leaves her ability to stay slim to Kathryn Edwards. Mary Kopnitsky wills her ability to make up her own vocabulary to any good English student Martha Lasher wills her pony tail to Myrille jones . Dixie Lord wills her ability to attend all the football games to her sister, Nancy. Larry Lyman wills his ability to get flat tires to jerry Litherland. Howard Long wills his bookkeeping to any fool who wants it. Alan Magee leaves his eggs to the faculty. Frank Mageski wills Miss Smiley's English Class to some smart Junior fif you can find one. Joseph Matava wills his height to, who else, but Duane Bowes. 30 Judith Megat leaves her cheerleading position to her sister, Tina. Sophia Miller leaves all her wise cracks to any underclassman who can catch on to them. Kenneth Mitchell wills his algebra book to any sucker who wants to take it. John Morse wills his ability to dodge the city cops in his jeep to Sam Harrison. Roberta Morris leaves her P.O.D. seat to her sister, Beverly. Larry Obert wills his speed to Melvin Pollack. Charles Rockwood wills his red hair to Lyle Tarbell. Royce Rice wills his daily newspapers to the Salvation Army. Janet Rose leaves her physics book to Barbara Blakeslee. Gertrude Rowland wills her three study halls in a row to anyone in school. Sylvia Shellito wills her days spent writing letters to guys in the Navy to Janet Fisk. Beatrice Shreve wills her interest in Erie to anyone who wants it. Joe Silka leaves his que sticky to Dale Luce. Barbara Soety wills her ability to attract boys to her siste r's Beauty Shop to anyone who's interested. Edna Sterling wills her long finger nails to David Lupton. Michael Still leaves his ability to eat to Jack Rexrode. jack Thomas leaves his dual aerials to Carl Thomas for his '54 Chevy. David Toohey leaves his ability to work with clay to Sharon Sanden. Don Young wills his ability to get along with Mr. Palmer to Art Roberts. Ray Wright wills his driving experience to anyone who wants to ride in an ambulance. BEAVER GRADE ROAD CORAOPOLIS, PA. PHONE AM 4-4765 ERNEST E. EASTER, OWNER rr l . "WHO'S WHO" Best Looking Most Popular Best Dancer Best All Around Best Athlete Wittiest Most Loving Couple Most Intellectual Most Bashful Happiest Nut Most Likely To Succeed Bookworm Biggest Flirt Most Ambitious Most Sophisticated Laziest Champ Gum Chewer Nicest Smile Shortest Tallest Most Talented Most School Spirit Friendliest Most Versatile Cutest Moodiest Noisiest Most Unpredictable Biggest Devil Night-Hawk GIRL Alice Gregory Ellen Alexander Mary Kopnitsky Loretta Frontera Mary Kopnitsky Gayle Geer Mary Chapman Gertrude Rowland Marjorie Johnson Linda Hanes Gertrude Rowland Virginia Kerr June Bo jac zko Peggy Alexander Donna Anderson Sandra Lyons Phyllis Hall Nancy Allen Loretta Frontera Jennie Bawol Peggy Alexander Judy Megat Nancy Allen Loretta Frontera Carol Hanlin Dixie Lord Alice Gregory Martha Lasher Barbara Gross Janice Klus 32 BOY Glenn Alexander David Harris Leon Barstow Greg Be-sonson Gary Besonson Helmut Tuerk Willard King Larry Obert David Johnson Ronnie Jones David Harris Larry Obert Greg Besonson John Coumeen Jerry Hanlin Alan Magee Joseph Matava Michael Still Romiie Jones Joseph Matava Larry Lyman Helmut Tuerk Alan Magee David Toohey Gary Besonson David Harris Ronnie Jones David Toohey Carl Brown Joseph Silka Q5 , .il .- by 39 Row 1, Left to Right: H.Forbes, S.Devereaux, D.Al1en, M.Bawo1, N.TeWinkle, N.Broadhu1'st, J.Danner, P. Becker, S. Fisk, C.Cunningham. Row 2, Left to Right: D.Bowes, L.Brad1ey, J.Bennett, D.Ferre1l, J.Blarch1ey, S.Abraham, G. Cox, I.Dickson, R. Chundrlek, B. Brooks, A.Bel1. Row 3, Left to Right: Student Teacher: Miss Gailbrieth, H. Barnes, K. Gehres, C.Breitweiser, F. Bennett, Teacher: Mrs. Marzke. JUNIORS OFFICERS President: Sam Harrison Vice President: Harry Bames Secretary: Sandy Devereaux Treasurer: Joan McCrillis Historian: Nancy Broadhurst The junior Class had a very successful magazine campaign. We topped all previous sales with a record-making sum of 53, 100. Jill Dan- ner won the high sales prize by selling 5285 worth of magazines. Miss Pence's home room was the highest selling home room, and was given a party by the rest of the class. We ordered our class rings in October and they arrived in january. Our rings are the first to bear the standard Union City Insignia. We also did very well in class fights due to our excellent stamina, spirit, courage and our invincible motto, "Blood and Guts." 1 34 s- s .5 s. qi, 5, -- ss a we , .", ' s 'm an 5, Row 1, Left to Right: I.McCril1is, W.Lasher, I.Layden, Y.King, B.Goca1, M.Kowa1ski, S.Haskins, M.Kimmy, D. Maleski, L . Kitelinger. Row 2, Left to Right: D.Maynard, D.Maryott, S.Lanning, J.Magee, M.Green, R.Hegner, C.Hrip, R.Kopnitsky, S. Harrison, D. Manross. Row 3, Left to Right: I.Litherland, D.Lupton, D.Layden, L.Hicks, Teacher: Miss Pence. Row 1, Left to Right: D.Shannon, S.Watson, P.Shreve, C.Proper, S.Wi1kins, D.Reyno1ds, N.Troyer, I. Roberts, F. Rose, G. Sterling, E.Sanden. Row 2, Left to Right: O.Wright, L.Tarbe11, F. Wojtecki, D. Thomas, E. Shreve, W. Mosher, A.Roberts, F.Sabo1, M. Pollack, J. Rexrode. Row 3, Left to Right: H.Musser, R. Rodgers, R. Patten, Teacher: Mrs. Reynolds, R. Perkins, T.Mil1er, E.Nie1sen. Y. s sr 5 . N 4 Th-1 0 f 6 ' s an I I S ' , - R i . ' UQ, -' if ,l i' 'N Row 1, Left to Right: C.Lord, S.Kimmy, K. Larson, P. Peterson, E.Magee, N.Lord, V. Megat, M.Proper, J.Oesch, Row 2, Left to Right: l.Morvay, J.McGuire, F. Jordan, C.McCri1lis, J.Linds1ey. J. Henry, E.Johnson, D. Mined, P. Hatch E. Miller, Student Teacher: Miss Wellmon. Row 3, Left to Right: R.Morris, N.Magee, W.Morron, G. Pollack, A. Hughes, K. Pollack, T. Peard, A. Hasting, D. Ken- nedy, Teacher: Mr.Se1ey. SQPHOMCRES OFFICERS President: Noel Magee Vice President: Sharon Sanden Secretary: Mary Jane Proper Treasurer: Pete Hatch Historian: Nancy Lord The Sophomore Class had two parties and one was in honor of Mr. Seley's homeroom for getting their dues paid first. We won all the class fights until the juniors took over and then we lost. We also sold candy for our project and we made a good profit. 36 Qs I Row 1, Left to Right: M. Haskins, D, Anderson, L. Hanlin, J. Hamrick, S. Hall, J, Bojaczko, S. Barnes, J. Allen, J. Burns, V. Goodwill. Row 2, Left to Right: J.Courneen, K.Edwards, D.Donovan, B. Blakeslee, I. Fisk, J. Fisk, N, Fox, J. Barstow, D. Buell, F Carneski, Teacher: Miss Parker. 5 Row 3, Left to Right: D.Brown, R.Campbe11, J.Ding1e, E.Cieslak, T.A1lison, I.Edwards, D.Alsdorf, F.Erd1e, I. Gos- kiewcz, R. Beezub, H. Hammond, R. Blatchley. Row l, Left to Right: F.Tarbell, I.Sutter, A.Smith, M.Silka, G.Quinn, S,Wright, L.Weed, S.Squire, M.Smith, N. Spencer. Row 2, Left to Right: J.Sti11, S.Wil1iamson, M.Young, S.Sanden, D.Peterson, C.Shreve, V,Rose, M.St. John, A.Woj tecki, R.Soety, C.Thomas. Row 3, Left to Right: W.Shuster, I.Reeb, A.Smrck, D.Troyer, R.Smith, N.VanEpps, J.Rose, R.Riggs, R.Winchell, P. Sheldon, Teacher: Mr.McKinney. fl 0 ps., YW, ,., 4 ff? fi 2' nip!" rd it fat, 9 .1 if fi? g Nr' DC I l o .yu in w Row k iss , 1, Left to Right: C. Platt, B.Sabol, B. Pollack, D.Allen, D. Boardman, A,Bawol, B. Knight, A.Chundrlek, E. Hotch- P. Buell. Row 2, Left to Right: G. Perkins, W.Summers, J,Price, W.Brenneman, J.McCray, N.Soety, C.Bedow, J.Sharp, L.Den- M.Nicks, I.McCrillis. 3, Left to Right: Teacher: Mr.Ryan, A.Palmer, W.Wojtecki, D.Rice, J.Miller, P.Tillotson, G.We1ls, N.Pattison, FRESHMAN Row 1, Left to Right: A.Estes, M.Johnson, V.Magee, M.Erdle, B.Doutt, E.Conklin, C.Luba, C.Manross, K.Brown, S, Frontera. ning, Row R. Leibhart, V. VanTassel. Row 2, Left to Right: H.Hcwitt, W,Winchell, K,Hanlin, L,l-lewit, G.Reeb, L.Scouter1, J.Bojaczko, J,Smith, P.Lindsley, L. Curtis, R. Bell. Row 3, Left to Right: Daggett, D.Woods. Teacher: Mr.Rhode, C.McCracken, C.Grieshaw, R.Chapin, D,ShOI1IZ, D.Til1otson, R. Gates, J. Q. f x' . K .1-"B U4 ""w. ft? H Q WV' -4- 5 Q ""' E ew.. DT Y? Row 1, Left to Right veleski. Row 2, Left to Right: Grafton, M. Lilley. Row 3, Left to Right: chaelson, D. Burgess, Q. Q , .fvp07f'f v ' I "M" vu Q 5. 4. 1 1' B.Short, K.Mosher, K.Wo1fe, M.Smrcka, S.Roberts, N.Kerr, N.Lil1ey, P.Malec, S.Obert, R.Co- B.Looker, R.McCracken, S,Forbes, A.Kampii, G. Kopnitsky, C.Inman, I.Johnson, B.Palme1', D. P. Harris, H.Cooper, L.Thomas, J.Linden, B.Weidner, J.Wa1ford, D.Chundr1ek, L.Ryland, A.Mi- P. Behan, Teacher: Mr. Mclnerney. Row 1, Left to Right: L.Ding1e, L. Price, N.Fitzgera1d, A. Martin, D. Kitelinger, Y. Drake, J.Weed, J. Pratt, S.Spencer. Row 2, Left to Right: C.Sinko, H. Hunter, F. Tujetsch, L.Burt, D. Aikens, R.DeYoe, D. Hall, R. Burt, H.Wicker, L.Watts Row 3, Left to Right: R. Hanes, R.Comstock, D. Bedow, B. Hildum, Teacher: Mr. Hamilton. 5 wi "g 4 HDL-9 . YU X, Q Q ' gi X 1 llfvx i Il '73-I All, Q 17 I nl. 1. I , ni ,. , 9 H.. .if of I e- ybwsfv Row 1, Left to Right: L.Brown, N.Bidwe11, M.Rose, C.Mil1er, M.Guinn, B.Besonson, J.Gaines, M.A11ison, S.Mu1- len, J.Bowen. Row 2, Left to Right: D.Beezub, J.Wi11oughby, G,Varrish, M.Iones, S.Pascoe, B. Riding, A.Beehan, M.Rice, C. Parish, C.Horvath, V.McGuire, Teacher: Mrs. Sammons. Row 3, Left to Right: C.Gross, D. Wright, L.Proper, F.Rogers, D, Mitchell, T.Byerly, D.Thomas, I.Kirik, D.Stur- devant, A.Peterson, C.McGuire. EIGHTH GRADE Row 1, Left to Right: A.Toohey, J.Shreve, A.Di11ey, E.Iohnson, I.VanTasse1, N.Thompson, B.McQuay, C.VanTas- sel, G.Ho11y, B. Drake, B.Mil1er. Row 2, Left to Right: W.Rossey, R. Hall, L.Bryar1t, W.Erhart. J.Comstock, S.Hicks, D.Mi1ler, D.Thomas, T.Camp- bell. Row 3, Left to Right: Teacher: Mrs. Welsh, A.Lasher, D.Sutton, D.Luce, D. Chase, J.Dailey, A.Geer. C-1 bf Lu-'...p'5y' 5 W .-I A 1 fi . . an I Y ,M Row 1, Left to Right: B.Blatch1ey, R. Fisk, M.Ranyak, B.Morris, C.Simpson, L.i-Iamilton, N.Quinn, K.Cieslak, E. Dudas, J. Parker. Row 2, Left to Right: A.Andrews, M.Hi11, R. Shuster, R.Curtis, D.We11s, T.Shreve, S.Morse, B. Goszkiewicz, K. Duryee, T.Ba1dwin, W.Schaffer, Teacher: Mr. Large. Row 3, Left to Right: K.Winche11, R. Durning, M.VanTassel, R. Wojtecki, K.Fisk, G. Dugaw, B. Blyth, H.Webster, R.Tarbe11, W.Ry1and, K. Henry. Row 1, Left to Right: M.Comstock, S. Sharp, P.Layden, I.Penci11e, A.Pease, S.Geer, D.Burt, V.l-lastie, S.Pa1mer, I.Iones. Row 2, Left to Right: W. Kightlinger, F. Dingle, W.Eckles, D. Fairchild, S. Proper, I.Carson, R. Pieper, A. Breitwei- ser, C.Mil1er. Row 3, Left to Right: F.Row1and, D.Kight1inger, C.Gi1son, D.Comstock, B. Carson, Teacher: Mr. Fisher. Ti r-I 'T Row 1, Left to Right: L.Gates, C.Turner, S.Beezub, N.Gregory, C.Howe1, L,Jones, J.Hogan, C.Thomas, C.Pusch, C Smith. Row 2, Left to Right: N.B1air, G.Devereaux, E. Crocker, L. Gibbons, C.Barstow, F. Francis, L.Whipp1e, L.Carson, N Pluskota, M.Goca1, L.Lyman, Teacher: Mr.Catherine. Row 3, Left to Right: R.Lil1ey, K. Hanlin, G. Alexander, A.Lasher, W. Greishaw, J. Zielinski, J. Allison, P. Huckno, S. Be A.Riggs. SEVENTH GRADE -li. "I'11 give your note to my father but there's one thing you should know-he's married." il-1-s-oi ll as l " f I "Of course I means your maiden name. " 11, Gee ,no Am 1 i Row 1, Left to Right: D.Po1lack, C,Brumagin, M.A1exander, J.McGuire, V.Rubner, B.Boardman, C.Whitney, A.Duke, Y. Mitchel, G. Troyer, C. Rexrode, S. Brest, Teacher: Mrs. Hosier. Row 2, Left to Right: K.McCracken, P.Riding, L.Drayer, G.Hyde, S.Foradora, K.Wel1s, W.Jewel1, P.Nichols, W.Fisk, G, Johnson, D. Kimmy. Row 1, Left to Right: S.Morvay, B.Brooks, C.Sanden, E.Emerson, C.Sanden, P.Chundrlek, C.Hurlburt, S.Smith. B. Morbay, K.Ding1e. Row 2, Left to Right: Teacher: Mr.Junker, R. Haskins, J.Sabo1, J.Whitney, J. Hicks, I. Geisler, O.Lasher, K. Zimmer- man, B.l-lamilton, L. Henry, A.Wi1cox, B.Sch1off. Row 3, Left to Right: J. Peterson, G. Maleski, E.Wi11oughby, R, Bell, I. Bryant, M. Dominguez, M. Beardsley, S. Geisler, Smith, J,Sanden, C.Winegard, C.Rodgers. G 9-1 i First Prize - Gene Alexander 'Rf Third Prize - Ronnie Jones dx 9 wr... hayek . 1 ,- f 1 V . A. Second Prize - Tina Megat 3 . if ' J' 'gm' , Q. .f,,,f- ,UM dis .5 ., ,f 'ld'-Q I 49 ' ' 5 1 I Q Q WJ' N--'li 14' 'git ' I LH K " ? :mg al' - ,Q l if ei s' W H 4? l 'R wr his m - 1 ii! if 'mf 46 mes, D. Ferrell, D. Harris, G.Besonson, I. Dingle, N.VanEpps, G.Besonson. Ba Bennett, H. Right: J.Rose, G. Pollack, F. 8 c 3 H. 3 2 5 o 0-5 2 nl an -5 J fu 5 an 3 nc? .uf o eu 'J O n. 2 J aa -C 8 2 ni of -U O Ill ae ru Di v-1 vf o CJ m O arf E o I: C so an 1-1 25 1 ev 2 Z J 2 O ..1 2, Left to Right: Row Lupton. L.Ry1and, D.A1sdorf, T.Mi11er, I.Linden, D. if S8 cv Q -I Zi I-1 I-4 N I of .5 3 O v-1 v-1 0 LL n Di 3 3, Left to Righ ROW aryott, A. Hastie, C.Brown, E.Rogers. Q 'E 2 I-1 5 -T. . Ps cu I-I 4'-1 o dll es I-I an Q4 . I-1 o I-1 F-I 'I-I -I LZ .C oo 'I-I ct o 0-I C aa .J J E ni 6 .3 eu 3 nd N. .u 62 ci af eu on N E 4 5 C1 I v-1 .-2 .52 Z 0 'Pi U ua 'cf cv an .J 5, Left to Right: Row unker, Paul Ryan. DI Coaches: Do Carl Brown - Line-backer Leon Barstow - Halfback SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS iw. Ili ! Gregory Besonson - Tackle Wally Huckno - Line-backer Royce Rice - Tackle 47 WT? s 1 -,H W, V ,gn- W :- T95 -Xxx "ij- XT,w.hgf X? Top, Left to Right: Bill Mosher, Dave Lupton, Dave Bennett, Mr. Ryan, Joe Matava, Arthur Roberts, Greg Besonson Bottom, Left to Right: Duane Ferrell, Jack Rexrode, Gary Besonson, Wally Huckno, Terry Miller, Jack Bennett VAR ITY BASKETBALL VARSITY SCHEDULE U. C. Opp 51 46 35 56 47 68 50 61 72 57 56 77 72 34 44 52 61 59 34 76 52 49 71 54 39 46 42 65 71 36 77 61 47 67 60 41 Alumni at U.C. Corry at U.C. Cmbg. Spgs. at U.C. U.C. at Corry Sparta at U.C. Girard at U.C. Ft. LeBoeuf at U. C. Youngsville at U. C. Wesleyville at U. C. U.C. at Youngsville North East at U.C. U.C. at Sparta U.C. at Wattsburg Law. Park at U.C. U.C. at LeBoeuf McKean at U.C. U.C. at Wesleyville U. C. at North East Wattsburg at U.C. JUNIOR OPP 38 25 30 22 47 54 31 40 38 47 36 34 50 25 38 40 50 45 VARSITY SCHEDULE Corry at U.C. Cmbg. Spgs. at U.C. U.C. at Corry Sparta at U.C. U.C. at Law, Park Girard at U. C. Ft. LeBoeuf at U.C. Youngsville at U.C. Wesleyville at U. C. U.C. at Youngsville North East at U.C. U.C. at Sparta U.C. at Wattsburg Law. Park at U.C. U.C. at LeBoeuf McKean at U.C. U.C. at Wesleyville U.C. at North East Wattsburg at U.C. JOE MATAVA - Forward uf-wily M A N A 0yuUN C17 G E R S John Sanden, Coach Paul Ryan Dick Haskins K S E N no Fl HSKETBH PLHYE RS Few GREG sEsoNsoN - Forward GARY aEsoNsoN - Guard ARTHUR ROBERTS - Guard WALLY HUCKNO - Guard DAVE BENNETT ' Eofwafd Row 1, Left to Right: R. Morris, Coach: Mr. Rhode. Row 2, Left to Right: A.Hastie, D.As1dorf, J.Rose, D.Troyer, N.VanEpps, E.Cieslak, G. Pollack, R.Campbe11. .IUNIQR VARSITY BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 1, Left to Right: D.Burgess, B.Burt, A.Geer, P. Harris, L.Thomas, J.Dagget, K. Fisk, D.Woods, D.Thomas Row 2, Left to Right: D.Comstock, B.Gates, J.Linden, Coach: Mr. Blok, H.Cooper, K. Henry, W.Schaffer. Row 3, Left to Right: D.Chapin, J.Walford, G.Dugaw, L.Ry1and. P A N Eg EQ S L...-Vg 5 . L sel, A.Lasher, H.Hewitt, L.Curtis. P. Hatch D. Harris B. Brooks Ross Fuller Senior 138 lbs. Front Row, Left to Right: P. Hatch, E.Mi11er, Coach: Fred Large, D. Harris, B. Brooks. Back Row, Left to Right: L,Watts, I.Edwards, R. Blatchely, I. Dingle, R. Fuller, H. Hunter, I.Dickson, V.VanTas- WRESTLIN 1 1 WRESTLING SC HEDULE OP 10 43 11 33 14 32 29 19 32 19 16 27 22 22 Eue Academy at U C U C at Erie East Ene St Vmcent at U U.C. at McDowell U.C. at Erie St. Vincent Erie East at U.C. LeBoeuf at U.C. U. C. at Corry U. C. at Wattsburg U.C. at McDowell Corry at U.C. 1 52 Dave Harris Senior 145 lbs QS 'awash was K 7 N..-5"f1j,. ..., , X Ma? M? gm-F N X ya fi :NN M sf M l f A .-' ...A-4 :Wig-i Yawmp.. 2 xi. ,. Q' J' 'k""'w , :IM 9 'fi m f ,,.VLL 5-gw fv .,.. .s A Q X .K ,gmt ,. k:k W -fy- '-'L itffisii ' ' - . K1 W M ' gg Q 'vxikcg ., 'L " ' - Eg.fL.w-ggf3:Q5..,'p.'l,,Q,. . Haw VTX ,f-472373 'A f f X2'f+M-f , Q2 wx -fx, 2 ' "f""f 'A R? Xf x +: ' fii i : i?ix Q 9gXis1 WF Ei? i 1fQiEf Ei! wwe QQ '1 f2fi1ffgEXx '. 'SE 5 f xg' A ix! gn 4... 5 J' 'Q' .L tix, Sfwg , - whiny U i 3 - 9,4 K 4. fi- ,nn-P-"' wr "1 .af W - ,-f 1 3, L. 57 . , , ' 1 -1 ,1 'X " A m i' 'L , ,f ,'::: 1 v fir' .- Vx W,"'gQA 41-. M f' l i" "" e if af 4'-,-13: JB ,,.Q--.75 'ia A 'Juv ll '06 'G-Y BAND PERSONNEL OFFICERS President ..... Peggy Alexander Vice President .... Nancy Allen Secretary .... Sandra Devereaux Treasurer ....... Linda Hanes ii Director: Mr. Thompson SECTION LEADERS Historians: Nancy Allen Larry Lyman Drums, Sandra Devereauxg Clarinet, Frances Tarbellg Flutes 8r Oboe, Sandra Lanningg Saxophones, Paul Sheldon, Horns, Sam Harrisong Trumpets, Jack Thomas, Trombones, David Harris. ww" TWIRLER R. Kopnitsky D. Shannon Junior Junior r S4 I ff ,X U! X lf! M.Bawo1 f Junior rr . 5 . I U f6,f1JVlcCri11is 1.Bawo1 .MW XR, KSophomore S enior vw :, f S . Shellito B. Gocal Senior Junior il 5 WX "'-' 4'4'4V6T4TATA S.Watson 8a Larry Hicks Juniors J. Fisk H. Forbes Sophomore Junior QM D . Re ynolds Junior Row 1, Left to Right: S.Lanning, L.l-Iewitt, S.Morse, P. Alexander, S. Geer, R. Lyman P. Sheldon, L.Ry1and. Row 2, Left to Right: F.Ta1'be1l, D. Mineo, T.Peard, R.Fu11er, T.Shreve, K. Henry, I. Walford, I. Litherland. Row 3, Left to Right: B. Goszkiewicz, G. Dugaw, W. Ryland, L.Hami1ton, C.Simpson, L.Obert, N.Tewink1e. Absent when picture was taken: N. Allen. SENIOR BAND Row 1, Left to Right: D. Harris, D. Pollack, H. Bames, R. Tarbell, D. Burgess, L. Hanes, L.Weed, P.Harris, S.Harrison, S.Squire. Row 2, Left to Right: N.Magee, A.Magee, C.Po11ack, J.Thomas, P. Behan, K.W1n- chell, L.Lyman. Row 3, Left to Right: H. Musser, I. Allen, C.Shreve, B.Deyoe. J.Morse, B.Han1in, S. Devereaux. The 1957-58 school year has been a busy year for the Senior Band. During the fall the band played for all the home football games and one away game. We held an ice-cream social at the beginning of the school yearg we sold ice-cream and cake, and the band played a concertg this was very successful! We had a combined concert with Waterford High School which is the second annual combined concert of many to come. We met a lot of different boys and girls and had a lot of fun! En- tertainment was provided by both schools when we weren't practicing. Even though it was hard work, it was worth all the effort we put into it. We also had a spring concert, and we played for the baccalaureate and commencement exercises. In March we sent five students to district band which was held at Ackley. The students attending were: Peggy Alexander, Linda Hanes, Frances Tarbell, Larry Lyman, and Ross Fuller. De JUNIO HIGH BAND Row 1, Left to Right: S.Parrish, R.Wojtecki, S.Pa1mer, S.Mul1en. Row 2, Left to Right: M.Rice, G. vereaux, A.Riggs, B.Besonson, F.Rowland, D.Sturdevant. Row 3, Left to Right: B.Burns, L.Gibbons, P.Chundr1ek. Row 4, Left to Right: L.Whipple, C.Smith, G. Alexander, L.Iones, D.Ti1lotson. Row 5, Left to Right: K. Hanlin, M.Goca1, G. Hyde, L.Drayer, C.Miller, P.Huckno. Standing: Director: Mr. Thompson, S.Bresr, A.Breitwiser. - Q! A inn..-................a t. 1 1 W7 71.1 vt' 'ii' ff Row 1, Left to Right: M.Alexander, A.Duke, V.McGuire, J. Jones, C. Hurlbert, B.Burns, L.Jones, J.Hogan, S.Foradora, B. Morris, M.A11ison, C.Parrish, K.We11s, C.I-Iorvath, J.Parker, I.Bowen, C.Sanden, C.Lord. Row 2, Left to Right: N.B1air D. Pollack, S.Brest, C.Rexrode, M.Goca1, V.Rubner, B. Riding, S.Pascoe, I. Gaines, K.Cieslak, N.Quinn, P.Chundr1ek, N Gregory, L.Gibbons, N.Bidwe11, C.Whitney, K.Ding1e, C.Brumagin. Row 3, Left to Right: G.Devereaux, L.Lyman, S, Morvay, C.Simpson, L.Hami1ton, A.Andrews, M. Hill, A.Peterson, B.Besonson, M.Ranyak, D.Beezub, M.Rice, S.Mu11en L.Brown, Director: Mr. Young. Row 4, Left to Right: N.P1uskota, L.Carson, B.Boardman, R. Shuster, R.Wojtecki, M. Beardsley, P. Riding, M.Jones, R.Curtis, E.Dudas, A.Behan, B. Hamilton, R.Zimmerman. JUNIOR HIGH HORU SENIOR HIGH CHORU Row 1, Left to Right: Director: Mr. Thompson, B.Short, J.Megat, S.Roberts, S.Fisk, S.Mil1er, D. Lord, I.Bojaczko, S. Devereaux, M.Smith, S.Squire, F.Tarbe11, B.Sabo1, S.She11ito, L.i-lanes, J.A11en, B. Pollack, T. Megat, B,Shreve, E. Sterling, P.A1exander, E.A1exander, Pianist, N.Magee. Row 2, Left to Right: A.Estes, S.I-Cimmy, G. Rowland, C.Inman, R. Kopnitsky, J.McCri11is, J.Bums, B.Doutt, D.Shannon, D.Phanco, B.Pa1met, R.Morris, B.Gross, N.Lord, A.Gregory, C. Shreve, R.Hegner, R. McCracken. Row 3, Left to Right: S.Lanning, M.Green, M.Bawo1, S.Haskins, V.Goodwi11, C.Mc- Crillis, S.Sanden, F.Jordan, B.Goca1, Y.King, L.Kight1inger, E.Magee, D. Reynolds, M.Chapman, V.Kerr, S.Watson, S. Wilkins. Row 4, Left to Right: A.Be1l, R. Bell, W.Morton, R.Soety, D. Kennedy, W.Shuster, A.Hastie, L.Brad1ey, T.A11i son, J.Thomas, D.Toohey, D.Maryott, S.Harrison, T.Mi11er, R.Morris, P.Linds1ey. Row 5, Left to Right: W.Summers, P.Ti11otson, H.Barnes, H.Long, L.Lyman, R. Fellows, H.Tuerk, D.Bennett, I.Lither1and, F.Wojtecki, L.Tarbel1, J. Price. ,Q W Whiz' ff: PQ? pfnxff ff.-bgpogp A mf, nfig Q A H 'M i -1 U 15' Q 3 A" . vw AUTOGRAPHS I X10-kfxrgf' XXX: A at x X N if - JJJVS- sf ' f 'RQ V U Q 61 'X . Rx X xm N N K xx 5 ii A Q X kj Q 1 fi X QR 0 AUTQGRAPHS v ? Sf N x 2 'J , 'N Xi NN . 'f Y' www w 1 f 'L YJ Qjxm 5 ff. N' Q1 4"Q X X X- u W 3 ,X , f f X 6 AXXQ J x X KT X 3? if we g My Maw QW A mf' N C 1 XX. I, xx X M' gy Nw xx O! Xu p MQ AQ ,ymuh PM 1? Lk? 7 My ,Q N X5 0 mvy Q1 WM My L V , f My , .HXFF fjmwhmwmf ffwgx V55 W' M V A XX fWfwM'W Q2 if di LQ I Q fm ca 62 AUTOGRAPHS M if , ,' L 1 ff, ,, ' wfbfqyw ,gf ff fb? L 17 31, K M F xx x, , N 'Y X, 'xx Y' XXL xx ff' " wx UK YQ JG 'xx YQ X Xxx: x XJ x MV Q .5 wx X M rv 'F 'ESX 4 Q Q N 5 wx ' U ' '3 Xv A x x Q W X X F 4 -A i X 'H X EJ K x x. X , X ,A lx' X Q 4 , f- ,- X X J 'xx 'N K x , , X X X Y x X X , X fk N X N wx XX WN X X5 Xxwfij IX XX N Xx X X X xA ' 1 xx Y 63 ffwly fd x Q my rf X ik 51 1 AUTOGRAPHS Qgfmivqdfwffw 4 J,- ul N A i7 9 ' luiaf 1 5. 5- , Eff i, - my, Q kin . Vp ,, ,F wwf? V5 .V P Q 'Q A 'F-, EL. m Q . J. N s We P'- 5- 'ax ,.-4 .,, A . 1,' SNAP - SHOTS .Q . , fig' ik, P 4 .X X ACQFIVITIE S x I ff '9-Q -gi. S, 1 xi' F5-'-3?7-1 !l'1 fk UNl0 2' NNT ' , 'P f 4 Row 1 Left to Rlght J Megat Edrtorg J. Geisler: W. Gibbons N Allen D Lord Asst Editor M Kopnrt sky D Anderson E Alexander L Frontera, Typist Chairman Row 2 Left to Right R Morris J Klusg V.Kerrg D. Bennett: G Besonson R Rice L Obert I Morse G Be sonson Sports Chairman C Brown L.Lyman, Music Chairman I Courneen Photographer ANVIL - TAFF Editor-In-Chief . Assistant Editor. Sports Chairman. Faculty ..... Typing Chairman Music Chairman. K :yy 1 ,Ages f Q frgfgfygfy - Left to Right: M. Kopnitsky, M. Lasher, M. Chapman, H. E. Alexander, L. Frontera, Teacher: Mrs.Michae1. Pre sident: Ellen Alexander .mga 1 ,T 94:4 Q -wr-, . 4,53 ggi... .g.1,,.g' ,-'. - , J' Tuerk, G. Rowland, Vice President: Mary Kopnitsky Secretary: Gertrude Rowland Treasurer: Sandra Lyons Historian: Loretta Frontera L E Le Cercle Frangais is one of the smallest clubs in the school. It consists of the students who are in their second year of French This year we sponsored a skating party. We also went to Erie for dinner and then to the Playhouse. X :,,, . Le Cercle Francais chorus line. The only male member of Le Cercle Francais. 69 ,N Q. fi X. :Q i f R A B T T . B S 2 . A 3 A A r B .. B ' L, 1 If 4, A I Q . f ,f Q ,s I S' on t ik 9 Q K TNQ.. .Q .5135 t T T -fo. X f any Q, A .i kgkv K A ,, manga 1. ,K .Kg hw- M Egg u Row 1, Left to Right: M.Haskins, J.Johr1son, D. Grafton, C.Inman, V. Goodwill, K. Wolf, L.Hewitt, S.Obert, S.Kimmy, S.S1vrt, R.Cove1ski. Row 2, Left to Right: F.Jordan, J. Henry, C.Shreve, G.Kopnitsky, B. Palmer, B.Looker, C.Luba, K.Larson, C. Thomas, Teacher: Mrs.Michae1. Row 3, Left to Right: P. Hatch, R. Blatchley, D. Brown, A. I-lasting, B. Shuster, J.Stil1, J.Bennett, J.Linden, H. Cooper, LATIN CLUBS Row 1, Left to Right: N.Magee, J.Thomas, R.Morris, L.Lyman, D.Lupton, N.VanEpps, T.Peard, Teacher: Mrs.Michae1 Row 2, Left to Right: D.A1sdorf, J.Morse, T.A11ison, J.Rose, L.Han1in, C.McCri11is, J.Fisk, J.Courneen, I.Reeb. Row 3, Left to Right: D. Anderson, N.Lord, M.Proper, S.Sanden, I.Danner, J. Fisk, M.Young, F.Tarbe1l. D.Layden. - . i 'Sf . .:'. - - . - ' . ,..,. ...ii me . , . . 1. P ' ' ff 2 XBBB B f.- in 1 fx Q ,gi L . B Q B f e 'e f 1 H T " -he ,ft T , WW , M! 3' if' B T A 3? 3 i T " Nivea? Y' . I M XT' Y . mg B .,. .T .,,, ,QL ' 4 L: T .V Q . Yi Nm' ,J .sy ., XX 'w ' ,Q W ,fit eff avr M 1 3 ' . 'iw if-Y' ., if , ., .. N, 1 .M 7' - - --W -v vw-ff' -fvy fv. nv' iw Q"-'1-my-'7 v. -- J 'f sgfnrgfii1-gffi-p,qi,'-. 1 G . 48355 Row 1, Left to Right: E. Alexander, S. Hicks, L. Kitelinger, M. Kimmy, S.Abraham, S.Watson, S.Wi1kins, Y. King N.Troyer, S.Devereaux, S.Fisk, LI-iamrick, J.Burns, M.Smith, G. Sterling, V. Goodwill. Row 2, Left to Right: Teacher: Miss Pence, E.Sanden, E.Magee, I. Henry, F. Jordan, S.Wright, K. Larson, S. Kim- my. J.Layden, M. Kowalski, C.Proper, D.Ma1eski, M.Chapman, S.Lyons, J. Magee, J. Fisk. Row 3, Left to Right: R. Bell, S.Mil1er, E.Ster1ing, R. Morris, J.B1atchley, B.Shreve, H. Forbes, G.Row1and, N. Broadhurst, S.Barnes, S.Haskins, R. Hegner, B. Soety, G. Geer. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row 1, Left to Right: S.Frontera, K.Mosher, P.Ma1ec, C.Manross, B.Looker, K.Wo1fe, D. Grafton, Llohnson, B. Short, R.Cove1eski, S.Roberts, J.Bojaczko, C.Lnman, M.Li1ley, S.Obert, K.Brown. Row 2, Left to Right: Teach- er: Miss Pence, P. Hewitt, V.Magee, J.Smith, M.Smrcka, A.Kampii, E.Conk1in, S.Forbes, N. Kerr, B.Doutt, M. Erdle, R.McCracken, C.Luba, A.Estes, B. Hotchkiss, L.Denning. Row 3, Left to Right: C.P1att, N.Soety, J.Pratt, L.Price, N.Fitzgera1d, G. Kopnitsky, A.Martin, L,Scouten, L. Smith, A.Bawol, B. Palmer, M.Johnson, A.Chundr1ek, A.Brenneman, C.Proper. 0 '59 , , Q' Row l, Left to Right: R.Curtis, J.McCril1is, H.Bames, L,Barstow, F.Maleski, T.Mi11er, A.Be11, W.Wojtecki, R.Beezub Row 2: D.Luce, R. Rodgers, A,Brad1ey, A.Magee, Mi-.Menoher, A.Smrcka, J,Han1in, D.Maryott, I.Goszkiewiz, K. Garrish, L.Tarbe1l. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Row 1, Left to Right: T. Peard, J. Rose, L. Hamlin, B. Blakeslee, S. Barnes, J.A11en, Mr, Seley. Row 2, Left to Right: M. Haskins, D. Mineo, J. Coumeen, F. Tarbell, M. Young. ruwns TEACHERS or AMERICA Hx RWVWKWKNYZJW Row 1, Left to Right: I.Price, K.Winchel1, J.B1atch1ey, S.Abraham, R.Kopnitsky, N.Fox, L.Watts, R. Haynes, Mr Blok. Row 2, Left to Right: R.Winche11, K.Gehres, R. Wagner, B.Wojtecki, R.Campbe11, R. Fellows, D.Drayer, B.Deyoe PROJECTIONISTS CAMERA - CLUB Row 1, Left to Right: J.Courneen, D. Shannon, P. Shreve, J.B1atch1ey, R. Kopnit- sky. Row 2, Left to Right: K. Hanlin, K. Gerish, R.Wagner, B.Wojtecki, R. Fellows. 1 F' Row 1, Left to Right: H.Tuerk, R.Rice, T.Allison, S.Gi1son, D.Rice, Ljohnson, S.Sanden, Row 2, Left to Right: N.Fitzgerald, B. Besonson, S.Morvay, N.TeWink1e, D. Lupton, D. Chase, C.McCril1is, S.Watson, G. Rowland, D.Harris, J.Lither1and. Row 3, Left to Right: A.Riggs, M.Hil1, Teacher: Mr.Blok, R. Bell, C.McCraken. Vg-35 Co S10 Cl President: Jerry Litherland Vice President: David I-Iarris Secretary: Gertrude Rowland Treasurer: Sylvia Watson The Student Council is made up of one member from each homeroom and the officers of the jtmior and senior classes. The Council has charge of the morning devotions. Each member takes his turn reading the Bible each morning. They also lead devotions in assemblies. The Council had a sale of school pins. This was done mainly for school spirit to support our football team. The refreshment stand was another of our projects. The stand was open for all of the home football games. We are privileged to have on the council Helmut Tuerk, the exchange student from Austria. He was sponsored by the council of last year. We hope to have this program for next year also. '74 Vlahilllbhtd ll hh. . .fi Seated: N.Kerr, N.Troyer, S.Forbes, N.Soety, M.Erdle, J.Ham- merick, K.Brown. Standing: E.Sanden, D. Giles, D.Toohey, R.Smith, W.Carson, C Thomas, H.Hammond, Teacher: Miss Durbin, G. Geer. Absent when taken: V. Kerr. 04 'Pr 4336? HIIII .. A 1 75 f 71 I sg VJ vt km 4 Row 1, Left to Right: V.Megat, S.Squires, M.Srnith, I.Burns, M.Haskins, J.Fisk, C.McCril1is, G.Quinn, L.Weed, P. Behan, D.Burgess, Student Teacher: Miss Wellmon. Row 2, Left to Right: Teacher: Mr. Mclnerney, V.Goodwi1l, S.Barnes, J.A11en, 1.1-Iamrick, F.Jordan, J. Fisk, D. Mineo, B.Blakeslee, M.Proper, R.Winche11. Row 3, Left to Right: I.McQuire, B.Shuster, B.Morton, J.Morvay, R.Riggs, E.Cies1ak, R. Morris, S.Hicks, T.Peard LAB ASSISTANT - CLAN Outside Row, Left to Right: Mr. Junker, H. Barnes, R. Rice, B.Mosher, J. Rexrode, F.Bennett, D.Lupton, B.Brooks, R. Wright, P. Hatch. Inside Row, Left to Right: D. Ferrell, B.Gates, M.Po11ack, J. Rose, N.Van- Epps, D. Bennett, J. Dingle, O.Wright. Center Row, Left to Right: G.Besonson, G.Besonson, D.I-larris, L.Barstow. Q, ,, ' 0 1 : fi f,-33 v 6662. 9 0 .E-. Row 1, Left to Right: R.l.i1ley, D.Miller, J.Zie1inski, L.Lasher, J.A1lison, P.Riding, B. Fisk, K.Han1in, L.Drayer, D. Kimmey, G.Alexander, E.Wi1lowby, G.Hyde, A.Andrews, M.Hi11, S.Be11, B.Greishaw. Row 2, Left to Right: I.Troyer, L.Brown, K.Duryee, R.Fisk, J.Jones, N.Bidwe11, S.Geer, B.B1atchley, B.Besonson, C. Parish, M.Ranyak, J.Parker, B.Crooker, D. Pollack, N.B1air. Row 3, Left to Right: S.Beezub, L.Gates, S.Morse, R.Curtis, A.Beehan, L.Hami1ton, C.Simpson, N.Quinn, C.Horvath, S.Pa1mer, J.Bowen, M.A11ison, S.Mu11en, E.Dudas, C.Barstow. Row 4, Left to Right: Teacher: Mr. Rohde, S.Sharp, C.Thomas, S.Brest, D. Beezub, M.Goca1, B.Gosckiewicz, J. Gaines, I.Penci11e, M.Jones, N.Thompson, T.Shreve, B.Morris, D.We11s, R. Durning, W.Ry1and, H.Webster, M.VanTas- sel, D. Shuster, R.Tarbe11, F. Rowland. Row 1, Left to Right: B,Goca1, M.Proper, R, Riggs, J.Courneen, Teacher: Mr, Mclnerny. Row 2, Left to Right: I. Matava. I. Danner, W. Shuster, W. King. rv f if 'S X CAFETERIA - STAFF ir -"' "'- K , K ' 1 X 1 i fQ y f nw f" P9 , 'fig' A V , ., 1 .I 44' X Q 2, V VL - S , 4 i 'I 31 1' W 1 2 2 13 x VI .. 1. wx, xg , ' Q ' 1 fi x.,, X Y X A W E 3 NN, . .qi X' 2 Q ' L .. ,J L- L M-: Y -- 1 , A . :1 2 ' fx, i ff! fl- L Af, :YM T In W Q- 1 Q g A ,.z,,,, g,,, 5,125 , WM .. ., , We Q. Left to Right: J.Bisbee, L.Laughery, M.Conover, M.Behan, V.A lexander, M. Dickson. 'Cr X95 Ge01- 1-Xisk Se Ran Ott0 way 78 Cty fxx ' I VN . VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: E. Alexander, N. Lord, J. McCril1is, S. Haskins, V. Megat. I. Megat. JR. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front Row, Left to Right: B. Pollack, P. Malec, M. Haskins. Back Row, Left to Right: C. McCri11is, D. Grafton, I . Fisk. JR. HI CHEERLEADERS Front Row, Left to Right: G. Deveraux, L. Lyman. Back Row, Left to Right: B. Comstock, M. Gocal, C. Parish, R. Fisk. 79 Mrs. Jones . . Chump Edwards: . Jane Jones . . Mr. Jones . Suzanne . . . Prompter . . . Stage Manager Makeup .... Announcer . . Left to Right: R, Jones, J.Megat, L.Frontera, D.Harris, M. Kopnirsky, D.Lord J Morris SENIOR CLASS PLAYS .- .n ..- Mary Kopnitsky Ronald Jones Judith Megat David Harris Loretta Frontera Dixie Lord John Morse Sandy Lyons Janice Klus Left to Right: D. Toohey, P. Alexander, N. Allen, av-Ot uw Ruthie .... . Gertrude Rowland Joe Winters . . Helmut Tuerk Mack Gordon . . David Toohey Gwendolyn . . Sylvia Shellito Doris ...... Ellen Alexander John Holliday. . . Richard Fellows Prompters . . . Nancy Allen Peggy Alexander Stage Manager . . Carl Brovsm Makeup ..... Gayle Geer Reba Bell G.Row1and, R. Fellows, S.Shellito, E Alexander H Tuerk JN? W an T! f 'J Q if SEPTEMBER 4 5 6 9 10 12 13 16 20 21 23 24 25 27 30 OCTOBER 2 3 4 7 9 10 ll 14 CALENDAR First day of school, most of the students meeting Helmet for the first time. Started classes today. Ah, Friday at last. All Set for the first full week?????? Anyone have any homework tonight ? First football pep assembly. Ellen Alexander was chosen Livestock Queen. No school today. Lost our first football game with North East. What did the French Class leam about football today ? Lost the football game with Waterford. What were the Seniors going to do after Dixie's party ????? U- Clan's first hayride. How come the big smiles today, Ellen ? Band and cheerleaders were on televi- sion for the Livestock Parade. Well, the Seniors are all buzzing about their trip to New York which was set- tled today. What's this we hear about the great fly catcher in Law Class, Greg? Lost another football game this time to Girard. Greg and Dave both got hurt. School dismissed early today. Bet Greg was glad. Kind of hard getting used to seeing him on those crutches . Ask Linda why the 5th period gym class is limping around. Big crowd of Union City Students at college night in Erie . Did you lose your crutch, Greg? Canceled the football game with Albion because of the flu. School dismissed at 2:15. Did you meet anyone in Titusville, girls 7 Senior pictures being taken today. Juniors picked out their class rings. Wonder how long Jack Bennett will keep his ? Boys lost the game to Edinboro. School dismissed early. 81 - V- -f-- -Y CALENDAR Continued from Page 81 17 18 21 22 23 24 25 26 29 30 31 NOVEMBER 1 4 5 7 8 11 12 15 18 20 21 22 27 Special assembly - "House of Magic" presented by the G.E. Pep meeting at 3:00. What happened Sophomores 7 Another tough break, boys lost the football game to Lawrence Park. Hurrah! No school today. School dismissed early again today. Greg no longer has that cast on his leg. We almost lost one Senior play member. Dave Toohey hit a tree. Lost our football game to Fairview, git one of the best games all year. Senior proofs arrived today. Why the long faces 7 Mrs. Hosier's homeroom is having a masquerade party. Play cast sure is getting tense. The Senior Class presented their two plays - "Sugar and Spice" and "Swept Clean Off Her Feet." lt was a real success. A big party followed it out to john Morse's, which ended up as a surprise birthday party for Dixie. Who put the dummy in the cops' car 7 Armed Forces Day. juniors started selling magazines. Lost another football game with Cambridge Springs. Hurrah, no school again. Lucky us . Election Day. How's the telephone pole down by the diner, Peggy? Another loss for us, Wesleyville beat us. Who got stabbed in the cafeteria today? Special assembly. Sophomores started selling their candy. This time not jello. What were 14 girls doing in one car getting gas at the ESSO Hall Friday night 7 FFA and U-Clan initiation tonight. Boys, how come you aren't talking to the girls ? Scholarship tests were given to Seniors. The Senior Class Dance - The Turkey Trot. A big success. School dismissed at 1:00 for Thanksgiving Vacation. 82 DECEMBER 2 5 6 9 10 11 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 27 JANUARY 1 3 6 7 8 10 13 14 15 17 21 CALENDAR No school - first day of deer season. Wrestling match with Erie Academy. Alumni basketball game, but we beat them. Report cards given out. No school again. Oh! Happy Day. First basketball game of the season. They beat us. . Two assemblies, one this morning and a band assembly this afternoon. jun- ior High game at home . Erie East won another wrestling match. McKean canceled the basketball game. First day of doe season. A lot of students absent, wonder where they were. First away basketball game with Corryg they beat us. junior High game away. Junior and Senior High Chorus Christmas Program. Wrestling match at home tonight against St. Vincent. Junior High basketball game with Townville . Won our first basketball game of the season against Spartansburg. School dis- missed for Christmas Vacation. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Snow Ball Dance . l-lappy New Year! Lost the basketball game to Lawrence Park. School re-opens . Lost another basketball game to Girard. junior High game with Ft. I.eBoeuf. Lost wrestling match to McDowell. Won another basketball game over Ft. LeBoeuf. A few left for the Farm Show at Harrisburg for five days. Lost basketball game to Youngsville. Lost wrestling match to St. Vincent's . Another victory for Union City over Wesleyville. Ellen Alexander was crowned Basketball Queen. Youngsville beat us again. 83 CALENDAR Continued from Page 83 22 24 27 28 29 31 FEBRUARY 3 4 7 8 12 14 17 24 25 28 MARCH 5 Lost another wrestling match to Erie East. Won another victory over North East. Bear Club Dinner - Senior Football boys won awards. Gary Besonson was awarded the Most Valuable Football Player Award. Basketball victory for Union City. This time with Spartansburg. Lost the wrestling match to Ft. LeBoeuf. Well, we lost to Wattshurg, but it was a close game all the way. Won our first wrestling match over Corry. No school again today. Lost basketball game to Lawrence Park. Another victory over Ft. LeBoeuf. The Girls' Varsity team lost to the girls' team at Ft. LeBoeuf. Junior High Social Party. Lost wrestling match to McDowell. Better luck next time . Lost the basketball game to Wesleyville. District Chorus was held at Lines- ville with Judy Megat, Ellen Alexander, Larry Lyman, Howard Long, Linda Hanes, and Jerry Litherland representing Union City. Everyone came to school only to find out that there wasn't any school because of the snow storm. We're finally back in school. No school at all last week. We didn't lose or win our wrestling match, but we tied it with Corry. Seniors taking tests all morning, but they really enjoyed that, no classes. Special assembly today. Mr. Palmer also gave out the Betty Crocker Homemak- er Award which went to Gertrude Rowland and the Good Citizenship Award went to Judy Megat. Our last pep meeting today, and the Seniors won the class fights. They were pretty sad because it was the last one they would attend. A11 the Senior Basketball boys and Wrestling boys are playing their last game to- night. Won our last basketball game of the season with Wattsburg. Also Dave Harris, Bill Brooks, and Vic VanTassel became our County Wrestling Champs. Dave, Bill and Vic went to Erie to compete against the City Champs . Vic was our only win for the whole county team. 84 HAPPY SNAP s Lf NAPEROOS E E Ti X .3 NW. F 5 Q, 2 15 it -vi 4 , I I 35 1 Q-Q , ' ' , F .ff ,erik 5 ' X 4 ,--. ' A uf Q . " 'f"5'u 'A x 1 -fs 1 z X qi? fs X ,J I 1 X A X1 X X . A .r ' 5.5 . ff: 123 G- 1 x + ff . '- -' "vi .Q 3 git Q' -Y uv 'V' 5 X K . -, Y v ' ' M " L1 X is XX U E .X -my v .90 5 'S A Q g I 5 'XI as Q 4 L 51,5 N A ij ,, L. 0 Q I ,l x 0, x 1' f EEK 4 l ,g 5 3 E I u x V Q -I i. .ik v Q b I , . 7 W . , , lt, af' ' x ' A Q- 41 3 1 - O I 'f- , Ill WA a .Nw AY ,xx ' . ,h ,n 1 it fl DX: , f L . W5 .MHP 'Mp .. W 1 W 1 W K -ff1if?f?L'k My M' 7 73 I A J , ' if , ' . .J Y gyk , f .Mags -.. .wi Q ,A , E 5 fm l i I v kj A 5 5 . . 'R' x :kiwmuvsvfl -... N AW '4 ,, . 1 K Z'E'fL f9' S AX g 'Q , Q gg - .1 .F Q ' A zvjlsp xx f 'an Wy 5 , x1 1 j R i I yt -T. V !w ,Q , xx . , 3 ww k . -I H , ,fn x H W , .2-I :.'1 ' ya-Qifl i'.2fm,' -A" . 3 -- ,.:, xl U Q31 :w3.W-1 X In ' 7!'fi'fif ' 'nguiy-if - ,f ,jwk : 1 5.,q, Q .f .V .W QMMLF -if ff, LAF- f 2 .Q , A f '-,ff rf 1 BUSINESS PATRONS Compliments of: Home National Bank of Union City Smiley's Dry Goods Store 19 North Main Street Phone: 29-R Best Wishes to the Class of '58 Lucky Dollar Super Market Phone: 169 27 East High St. McCrillis Farm Supply Lincolnville Paul Gregor Plumbing 81 Heating 10 Market Street Baldwin Electric 12 Market Street Union City Recreation Bowling Aftemoons and Evenings Young's Hardware 21 South Main Street Lyons Distributing Company Sawmill 81 Logging Equipment Hammonds Sports Store 70 North Main Street Caflisch Builders Supply Ready-Mix Concrete-Building Materials Consumers Oil Company 56 North Main National Bank of Union City 22 North Main Street 27 North Main Street Geer Auto Parts Lincolnville, Pa. Wm. Crandall Agency 43 North Main Street Morse Rexall Drugs 23 North Main Street Compliments of: Wontenay's News Compliments of: Canadohta Skating Rink Shreve's Service Station Waterford Street Molded Fiberglass Boat Division Union City, Pa. Gates Drugs 40 North Main Street Kimmy 81 Baumbach 85 Waterford Street Marty's Garage 94 West High Street Bake's Pine Woods Corry Road A and P Tea Company Herbert Inman, Manager BUSINESS PATRONS Union City Dry Cleaners 30 South Main Street-Phone: 34 Greenacres Florist Miles Street Smith's Furniture Main Street, Union City Erie Canteen Co. Markham Music Co. Sterling Milk Co. Firch Baking Co. Thomas Motors Co. Meadow Brook Dairy Look Magazine School Plan Layden's Restaurant Tri-State Hardwoods Brown-Thompson Newspaper, Inc Rosier's Home Furnishings Warden Street Market Rieck Sealtest Dairy Division Haye's Grocery Bisbee Implement Co. Taylor's jewelry Don's Homelite Sales Sr Service Ray's Atlantic Service Station Parrish Body Shop Bowl-Aire Corry, Pa. Akins Market, Market St. Palace Theater, Main St. Q Westem Auto, Main St. Compliments of: Ritz Restaurant Millers Service Station Comstock's Wood Products Rose Electric Pete's Shoe Service Tracy's Bottled Gas Rice's Grocery, Lincolnville W 81 W Service Station Lupton's Bakery Union City Taxi Wag'man's 5 to Sl Store F. R. Chesley 81 Sons 'Smolleck's Billiards Union City Cider Mill R. L. Shade Sr Son Compliments of Mandel's Merrill's Studio Palomine Garden Sweet Insurance Agency Barbers Barber Shop Mullen's Coal Sr Supply Union Bar and Grill Townsend's Pharmacy Hoffman' s u jean's Superette Pete's Lunch Thomas Market PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Ruth Jane Watts Beauty Salon H. L. Musser Funeral Home North Main Clark's Beauty Shop Joan Ryland Beauty Salon Thi b k printed by VELVATONE, a special process oflth 92 graphi p ting. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc Buffalo, N No other ptin ting firm is authorized to use the V l e me 'nn

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