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7 X X.,!M44L,f, v il Y 4 i v I A .fb 4- v ,Au ewriff' nf .5,::.15 vf 3 A X -- l ' -- JT' A ii., ' 1 f H - f. it -:L ?1w: vw n-C A fp 1 -ii . "'1'5- 1-if-' ig E4 - Q7 U T iiiifim -+121-1 .- 3 S! if ' , N h. I is- . 1' 5 5 5 5 5 F E a S x ri 2 C 1 3 d rv Z F x 5 A l 1 2 i i 2 E I 4 2 a 2 5 K 1 i E E E E ! F . F ? 1 3 4 -1 r 5 . E 5 F V b 1 Ae .xdrwif Published by Senior Class of l957 of Union City Joint High School Union City, Pennsylvania Volume 43 - June l957 4 I Dedication Miss Neva Parker Miss Parker has had a 'Class of '57' homeroom for four years. She has given untiringly of her energy and unselfishly of her time leading our clam along the road to graduation. We are happy to dedicate this Anvil to Miss Neva Parker. Q ai' fx U 9 ea fr This page sponsored by UNION CITY DRY CLMNERS 2 . x 0 ' sf- Dedication Mr. Walter Seley Mr. Seley has been one of the advisors who has conducted the 'Class of '5'7" to its goal: graduation. He has led our class - through many hard times and has helped us..a1ways to corne out ahead. It gives us great pleasure to dedicate this Anvil to Mr. Walter ' Seley. This page sponsored by CLARK'S SHOE STORE 3 J' if A L E l iffy? fu 5 "fm: g A sihixige 1, 2- a I, 1 J in , Q, ,fi , . s' 19 ,W L "ish ff H 19. .5 X - F has f TSW: if L, if ,.4 4. 1 ,ff 5 f a J, A rin! .it ,w ..4 .gd-1 sal.. ir Aw' cf, ' uf' Table of Contents Faculty I 5 Seniors I 3 Llnderclassmen - 35 Activities 47 Sports This page ponsored by PALACE THEATER 4 Sw, A, -155: f'X '-E7-' The other member of the Hudson-Palmer combina- tion is Union City 's own Mr. Russell Palmer. Mr. Pal- mer is very instrumental in keeping the high school running at peak efficiency in his role as High School Principal. Administration Mr. Donald B. Hudson Mr. Hudson is now a permanent fixture in the Union City School System and has been the key in making it one of the most progressive and productive in the county. As supervising principal both high school and grade school are under his direction. ,ff !!66'oKSAYl ijt' r'7'0.i'54 A Q , .57 X Mr. Russell Palmer ' l This page sponsored by PETE'S LUNCH and HOFF MANS. . 6 I chool Board fLeft to Right, Dr. W. Broadhurst, Mr. W. Blythe, Mr. I-I. Gregory, Mr. P. Cooper QLeft to Right, Mr. E. Crocker, Miss M. Greshaw, Mr. W. Crandall, Mr. F. Barth- lome. This Page sponsored by THONLAS MOTOR COMPANY 7 Attended. Edrn boro Teachers' Col- l e g e , Arizona State Teachers' College, New York University, Western Reserve University. Subjects Taught: English, Math, Business. GERRIT J. BLOK Degree: B.A. Gannon College, Edinboro State Teachers' College, Penn State University. Subjects Taught: World History, English, P. O.D. Facult MEREDYTHE BLYTHE Degree: B.S. College Attended: Edin- boro State Teachers' Col- CQ lee g 1 Subject Taughtz English. Q .,l' v CLARA A. DURBII Degree: B.S. Colleges Attended: Woos- ter, Slippery Rock State Teachers' College, Clarion State Teachers' College. Subjects Taught: Librarian, Guidance Counselor. CLEMENS J. FISCHER Degree: B.S. College Attended: Uni versity of Pittsburgh. Subjects Taught: Biolc Plane Geome Gena VY: Math. FRANCIS W. CATHERINE gree: B.S. ollege Attended: Penn M State U 'versity. fl Subjeccts aught: Book- XI keepi , Typing, General PPE, S.. This page sponsored by TAYIORS' JEWELRY STORE and GEORGE MICHAEL 8 Ulv RALPH Degree: A.B. College Attended: Ca. li fomia State Teachers ' . Subjects Taught: In- dustrial Arts. KATI-I1.E.EN HUDSON Degree: B.S. College Attended: Gettys- burg College. Subject Taught: Geo- graphs'- PATRICLA MARZKE Degree: B.S. College Attended: Edin- boro State Teachers' College. Subjects Taughtz- Art. GLENN A. Edin- OMAR MENOHER Degrees: B.S., NLS. College Attended: Penn A State University. Sub j ect Taught: Agri- culture . VIRGINIA MICHAEL Degree: A.B. College Attended: Penn State University. Subjects Taught: English 3, Latin 1, 11, French 1, II. J 'LM boro ' Taught: Drivers Geography. 'This page sponsored by SMILEY'S STORE WW? 9 P3 ETHEL ROSS Degree: B.S. College Attended: Penn State University. Subjects Taught: Health Physical Education. PAUL E. RYAN Degree: B.S. pery Rock State Teacher College, Rio Grande Col lege. Subjects Taught: Health Physical Education. Colleges Attended: Slip- s OLGA SAMMONS College Attended: Edin- boro State Teachers' Col- lege . Subject Taught: Math. JOAN DANIEL Degree: B.S. in Edu- cation Colleges Attended: Car- negie Institute of Tech- nology, Bdinboro State Teachers' College Subjects Taught: History, Chemistry. This page sponsored by YOUNG'S HARD- WARE STORE WALTER SELEY Degrees: B.S., M.Ed. Colleges Attended: Edin- boro State Teachers' Col- lege, Penn State Univer- sity. Subjects Taught: Algebra I, II, Plane Geometry, General Math, Trig and Solid. BETH SMlI.EY Degree: A.B. Colleges Attended: Al- legheny College, Grove City College, Penn State University, Columbia Uni- Q versity. Subjects Taught: English 9, 10, 12. 'N 53555: 1 . '-4 '. , ' ' X , MARY SZALL Degree: R.N. Colleges Attended: Slip- pery Rock State Teachers' College, Edinboro State Teachers' College, Brad- ford College. Subjects Taught: School Nurse. G RICHARD P. THOMPSON Degree: B.S. in Music Education College Attended: Indiana State Teachers' College. Subjects Taught: Band, Chorus, General Music. I Mr. TYLER HAYES Mrs. Margaret Campbell, School Secretary Colleges Attended: Al- legheny College, Penn State. Subjects Taught: Speech Therapy. Cafeteria Employees: Mrs. J. Bisbee, Mrs. L. Laughery, Mrs. P. Behan, Mrs. B. Alexander, Mrs. M Conover, Mrs. M Dickson. J lv g Qx N r George Ottoway . Randolph Haskins Custodian V Custodian This page sponsored by BAR.BER'S BARBER SHOP 12 eniord ZZ., "Z.n....- ar RICHARD BARNES Football 152,45 Basketball 1,25 Chorus 3,45 Band 15 Hi-Y 45 District Chorus 3. Ambition: To be successful. JILL BARTHOLNLE Band 1,2,a,45 chorus 3,45 Anvil staff 45 FTA 3,45 FHA 152,35 Tri-H1-Y 1,2,45 La Pre 253,45 Pre College Club 253,45 Jv. Cheerleader 35 Class Play 45 Livestock Queen 25 District Cho- rus 3 4- State Chorus 3. Ambition: To be successful. , ,Y ---f-an -a,.Tff,1W-53, - , -Y cu v 6 JOHN ABRAHAM Anvil Staff 45 Camera Club 45 Class Play 4. Ambition: Go make a fast buck. MARTHA ALFORD Anvil Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Ambition: A beautician. LEVERT BENNETT ' Football 15253545 Wrestling 35 Student Council 2,3545 Class Play 35 "U" Clan 45 Baseball 1. Ambition: To make Marty a good husband. LYMAN BENNETT Football 1,253,415 Basketball 25 "U" Clan 45 Baseball 1. 5 Ambition: To get a good job. This page sponsored by GATES' DRUG STORE 14 W-H -- ix-4-H--4-A -V" 'H 'A -gg? 4, A--.-....1,f- ,-J!-fi I L GARY BIDWELL Basketball 2. Ambition: To get a good job. RONALD BOWEN FFA 2,35 Library Assistant 45 Hi-Y 25 Anvil Staf 4. Ambition: To be a florist. KARL BOYER DAVID BROOKS Hi-Y 2,35 Student Council 3,45 La Fre 2,35 Class President5 Pre College Club 2,3,45 Cho- rus 3,45 District Chorus 35 Class Play 3,4. Ambition: To be a Veteri.na.ria.n. FFA 1,2,3,45 Class Play 45 Hi-Y 15 Library Assistant 45 "U" Clan 4. Ambition: To be a succesful farmer. ALICE BURGER Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Anvil Sta.E 45 Pre College Club 35 Band 1,2,35 Chorus 2,3,45 Class Play 3 4. Abnbition: To be a secretary. Janice Byerly Banking 4. Ambition: To be a good wife. This page sponsomed by WAGMAN'S VARIETY STORE 15 5' 1 RUSSELL CAMPBELL FFA 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To be a truck driver. ALFRED CHESLEY L3 Fre 2,3,43 Anvil SYCLLH 43 Class Play 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Football lg Base ball 1. Ambition: To be a professional bowler. MARTHA CLARK Band 1,2,3,43 Cheerleader 3,43 Anvil Staff 45 Pre College Club 43 La Fre 2,35 Jug Band 25 Class Play 3,45 Vice-President 1. Ambition: To go to College. VELMA CLARK Chorus 3,45 La Fre 45 Anvil 45 FHA 1,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,45 Class Play 4. Ambition: Private secretary. MARTHA COURTRIGHT School Banking 45 Class Treasure 35 Class Historian 2. Ambition: To be a secretary. ROBERT FELLOWS Hi-Y Z,3,4. Ambition: To join the marines. This page sponsored by MERRl1.L'S STUDIO 1 6 BONNIE FITZGERALD School Banking 4. Ambition: To be a secretary. MJLDRED FRONTERA School Banking 45 Chorus 3. ' Ambition: To be a minister. HAROLD GOODWILL FFA 2,3545 Football 2,3,45 "U" Clan 4. Ambition: Farming. NOREEN HANLIN Band 1,2,3,45 School reporter 3,45 Class histori an 35 Pre-College Club 2,3,45 Anvil Staff 45 FTA 3,45 La Fre 2,3,4. Ambition: To see the world. ROGER HORDUSKY Football 1,z,a,45 I-Ii-Y 3,45 Baskerbau 1,2,3,45 Pre-College Club 45 La Fre 2,35 Track 2,3545 "U" Clan 4. Ambition: To be a doctor. DORTHEA I-IEGGAN ' FHA 3,45 Anvil Staff 45 Chorus 3,45 Livestock Queen 4. Ambition: A housewife. This page sponsored by MORSE'S DRUG STORE 1 7 LAVERN HURLBURT Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 15 "U" Clan 45 Student Council 4. Ambition: Coaching. SHIRLEY KLINER Pre-College Club 3. Ambition: A successful secretary. NANCY LASHER FHA 2,35 Anvil Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,4. Ambition: Nursing CAROL LAUGHERY Anvil Staff 45 Chorus 2,3,45 FHA 2,3. Ambition: Beautician. , . JAMES LAYDEN Basketball 1,25 Hi-Y 2. Ambition: Air Force. SALLY LUPTON Chorus 2,3,45 La Fre 2,3,45 Anvil Staff 45 FHA 15 Pre-College Club 3,4. Ambition: School Teacher. This page sponsored by TAYIDR'S and GEORGE MICHAEL 1 8 Chorus 35 Anvil Staff 45 FTA 35 Camera Club 35 EARL MAGEE FFA 2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,4. Ambition: Truck driver. JACK MAGEE FFA 2,3,45 Football 1,2,a,4, Basketball 1,2,3,45 T Track 3,45 Pre College Club 45 "U" Clan 4. Ambition: A successful coach. SHIRLEY McELHA.NEY Cheerleader 3,45 Chorus 3,45 Band 2,35 School Banking 4. Ambition: Secretary. THOMAS McGUIR.E FFA 1,2,3,45 FTA 3, chorus 3,45 Wrestling a. Ambition: Farmer. JOAN MAGEE Band 1,2,3,45 Clnrus 2,35 District Chorus 35 FHA 1,2,35 Big Sister 35 Anvil Staff 45 Student Council 15 Class play 4. Ambition: To be the best mother and wife posible. CAROL MAI.EC Anvil Staff 45 Chorus 2,35 FHA 1,25 School Banking 45 Big Sister. Ambition: Medical secretary. This page sponsored by SMlI.EY'S 19 WILLIAM McLAI.N Football 451-li-Y 2,3,4. Ambition: Baseball player. - IARRY MILLER FFA a,4. Ambition: Mechanic. Anvil Stag 43 CIDIUS 2,3,45 FHA 2,35 Student WANDA MUSIEK Council 3. Ambition: Nursing. PATRICIA PALMER Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 33 FHA 1,2,3g FTA 3,43 Pre College Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Anvil Staff 45 District Band 35 Class play 3,4. Ambition: A good teacher. ROBERT PALMER Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Pre College Club 3,451-Ii-Y 2,3,45 "U" Clan 4. Ambition: To be a coach. GLADYS PARKER Chorus 2,3,45 Class plag 3- Class Treasurer 4- 'rrf-Hi.Y 1,2,45 Anvil mfr 4gPre couegeciub 45 La Fre 3,4. Ambition: To marry a coach. This page sponsored by BROWN-THOMPSON NEWSPAPER NC. '20 KENNETH PIERCE Hi-Y 2,3545 Basketball 1. Ambition: Sheet metal worker. RICIIARD RIGGS Student Council 3,45 Camera Club 2,3,45 Anvil Staff 45 Band 1,25 Jets 35 Pre College 2,45 Chemistry 45 La Fre 2. Ambition: Elecuical Engineer. ROBERT RIMPA FFA 2,3,45 Football 3. Ambition: A mechanic. BEVERLY ROBERTS ' Anvil StaE 4, FHA 2,a,45 chorus 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Ambition: To be a beaurician. RICHARD RODGERS Ambition: Join the Army. SANDRA ROWIAND Band 1,2,35 Chorus 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Pre College Club 3. Ambition: Comptometer Operator. This page sponsored by BISHOP'S GENERAL STORE 21 LETTIE JEAN RUPP 5 Anvil Staff 45 FHA 1,25 Tri-Hi:-Y 25 Chorus 35 Class Secretary 25 School Banking 4- Ambition: To be a secretary. CARL SABOL Camera Club 3 ,4. Ambition: An engineer. JANET SEXTON Band 1,Z,8,45 Jug Band 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Pre College Club 3,4- La Fre 2,3545 Anvil Staff 45 Class play 45 Stuelent Cormcil 2. . Ambition: To be a good muse. BRUCE SIVHTH Football 2,45 Wrestling 25 Track 3,45 Class play 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3545 La Fre 2,35 Pre College Club 3,45 Anvil Staff 45 Jets 35 Student Council 15 Vice President 3,45 Class Treasurer 25 "U" C an. Ambition: A good lawyer. JAMES SMITH Ambition: To be a success. JANET SMITH Chorus 2,3,45 La Fre 2,3,45 FHA 1,25 Anvil Staff 45 Class play 3,45 Pre College Club 4. Ambition: Nursing This page sponsored by the A and P GROCERY STORE 22 SYLVIA SQUIRE ' Band 1,2,3g Class Secretary 3,45 Class President 15 La Fre 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,45 Anvil Staff 45 Class Play 3,4. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. DOROTHY SUFTER FHA 45 Anvil Staff 4. Ambition: Secretary. WILLLAM THOMAS FFA 1,2,3,4. Ambition: State Trooper. JON THORNE Camera Club 2,3,45 Jets 33 Anvil Staff 45 Pre College Club 3,45 La Fre 23 Class Play 4. Ambition: Electrical engineer. MARY VANDERPOOL School Banking 4. Ambition: To be a secretary. MAXJNE WATTS Chorus 2,3,4g Cheerleader 3,45 Tri-I-li-Y 2,3,4. Ambition: Comptometer Operator This page sponsored by GOLDEN DAWN MARKET 23 Who's SHIRLEY WEED School Banking. Ambition: Secretary. JOHN ZIELENSKI Hi-Y 35 Anvil Staff 45 Camera Club 4. Ambition: To be a success. .BEST DANCERS Maxine Watts, John Abraham Who CHAMP GUM CHEWERS This page sponsoxed I-IAPPIEST' NUTS Sandra Rowland, Dick Barnes by SWEET INSUR- C pat Palmer, Bob Palmer AN CE AGENCY 24 .-If MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEFD NIGHTHAWKS Shirley Kliner, Karl Boyer Maxine Watts, Richard Barnes n ho's Who BEST LOOKING Sylvia Squire, Jack Magee ROMEO A.N'D J ULIET This page sponsored MOST SOPHISTICATED Martha Clark, Levert Bennett IgIAlAgiI'Y'S Carol Laughery, Jack Magee 25 P MOST ATHLETIC MOST FICKLE Shirley McE1haney, Lavern Hurlburt Jill Barthlome, Kenneth Pierce Who's MOST AMBITIOUS N Shirley Kliner, Karl Boyer BEST DRESSED This page sponsored BEST ALL-AROUND Gladys Parker, Jack Magee by RICE HOTEL Martha Clark, Lavern Hurlburt 26 MOST POPULAR WI'I'TIEST Sylvia Squire, Lavern Husrlburt Sandra Rowland, John Abraham Who JA IINTIEST J UNIORS Loretta Frontera, Ron Jones SLICKEST SOPHOMORES This age sponsored FROUCK-ING FR-ESHMEN Sandra Devereaux, Sam Harrison by MEElI.LEN'S COAL J anet Fisk, Buddy Wellman and SUPPLY and BISBEE INIPLE- MENTS. Senior Class Prophecy Wouldn't it be fun to take a look into the future to see what has happened to our classmates? Let's take-say, ten years from now, 1967. We find Ronnie Bowen in Hollywood, selling flowers to movie stars for their prem iers. He's doing so well, that he fomid it necessary to employ Shirley Kliner and Shirley Weed as his sec- retaries. Incidentally, Sylvia Squire and I ill Bartholme are two of his favorite customers. Among the farmers of our class, we find Tom McGuire, Harold Goodwill, and David Brooks, all doing very well. Harold and Dave are still here in Union City, but Tom is in Wisconsin, where he owns a large dairy farm, called "Tom 's Haven". Bob Rimpa not only became a mechanic, but has a whole string of garages across the U.S. His home office is in Union City, and Velma Clark is his private secretary. There is evidence of Ve1ma's sitting on Bob's knee. This can be seen on the third finger of her left hand. Larry Miller manages one of Bob's garages in Erie. The four Bennett's--Martha CC1arkj, Joan fMageej, and Levert and Lyman--are now living on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California. It seems they have all fulfilled their first ambition, and are working to fulfill the second one. Have you seen Bud Chesley on Championship Bowling? He's becoming very well known a- cross the nation, and has hired Dick Barnes as his manager. What a pair! Also included in professional sports from our class are Bob Palmer and Bill McLain. Bob is now coach of Corry High School--in Corry, Pennsylvania, and Bill is climbing higher and higher in the world of baseball. It seems, in fact, that he's following close in the footsteps of Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth, only he 's playing for the Cleveland Indians. Wanda Musiek has started a hospital for animals, to take the place of her nursing. One of her patients, a trained seal form Gary Bidwell's circus, became so attached to her, that she had to keep him. She hired Nancy Lasher as his governess. If you were to visit either Dorothea fHegganJ Sutter or Janice Byerly, you would probably come away feeling very contented. They are the housewives of the class, and each has a very wonderful family. They couldn't ask for anything better, could they? Have you heard the latest on John Abraham? John is a notorious racketeer, but also a very smartp one. They couldn't catch up with him, until they found out he hadn't paid his back taxes. Poor John. He '11 never get out of this one with Bruce Smith as his prosecuting attorney. iw .ga , This page sponsipt 51 by H. L. MUSSER 282' Senior Class Prophecy Carole Malec didn't exactly fulfill her ambition to be a medical secretary, but she did come close. She is secretary to Karl Boyer, who is now the best veterinarian in this area. Poor Janet Sexton lost out, all because of Janet Smith's ambition to be a doctor's wife. Janet Smith married Roger Hordusky, Janet Sexton's boyfriend, while Janet Sexton had to settle for being his nurse. Isn't it a coincidence that Gladys Parker, who wanted to marry a coach, finally hooked Jack Magee, who is a coachg and that Noreen Hanlin, who wanted to wee the world, ended up marrying Lavern Hurlburt, now coach at Notre Dame University, and took a tour of the world for their honeymoon? Pat Palmer and Sally Lupton now have charge of Ding Dong School for children. Good luck girlsl We hope you can improve it. When you're out driving, watch out for Bill Thomas. He 's a handsome hunk of man in that state tIooper's uniform. Also, watch out for Russ Campbell and Earl Magee. They 're truck drivers--often seenl . Talk about world travelers. Between Robert Fellows CMarinesJ, Jim Layden fAir Forcej, and Richard Rodgers fArmyJ, they should have covered the world pretty well. Quite a few times. They've all made a career of the armed forces, and are really getting around. That arm -strong heater worn out? Call on Ken Pierce. Ken's known for fast, dependable service, before and after he sells you a furnace. And, as a result, business is booming. Have you heard of "Mar-Be-Ca Beauty Shoppes"'? If you get a chance, be sure to visit one. They're found all over the eastern part of the country, and are owned by Martha Alford, Bev- erly fRobertsy Young, and Carol QLaugheryJ Wolstrum. Carl Sabol has constructed an observation tower at the North Pole for Jon Thorne and Rich- ard Riggs, where they will be carrying on extensive research of the Northern Lights. We hope you won't get cold, boys! Maxine Watts and Sandra Rowland have a booming business figuring out people's income tax. fLegally, of course.j They figure they couldn't ask for a better job, as it pays well, and they only have to work once a year. Lettiejean Rupp and Mary Vanderpool have formed an organization, "Secretaries lnc.", in an effort to get jobs for all secretaries out of work. It's coming along fine, and has gained quite a few members from our class. Alice Burger, Dorothy Sutter, and Martha Courtright, Bonnie Fitzgerald, and Shirley MacEl.haney are members who are just going back to work after a few years years of married life. They say they need a rest from the drudgeryl As yet we haven't been able to locate the last three of our class members. We do know that Mildred Frontera is a minister, and travels a lot, so perhaps that is why we haven't been able to locate her. As for John Zielinski and Jim Smith, I'm sure they're doing very well, whatever their jobs may be, aren't you? - .4 ,- jz This page sponsored by'3N'ION CITY DINOR 529 Senior Will John :Abraham leaves his ball bearing hips to Greg Besonson. Martha Alford leaves Union City to anyone who can make a success in it. Richard Barnes leaves his upper plate to Dale Luce. Jill Bartholme leaves her blond hair to Mary Lou Hurlburt. Levert Bennett leaves his receding hairline to Jack Dingle. Lyman Bennett leaves his first period study hall to some sleepy Junior Night Hawk. B Gary Bidwell leaves his seat in MI. Seley's room to anyone dumb enough to have it. Ronald Bowen leaves his talking ability to anyone who likes to bother Mrs. Baldwin. Karl Boyer leaves his book on Parliamentary Procedure to Dave Harris. David Brooks leaves his height no Dave Bennett. Alice Burger leaves her hot car to Besonsons because they need something hot. Janice Byerley leaves Her letter writing to anyone who goes with a boy in the service. Russell Campbell leaves Waterford women to Don Young who claims he doesn't want them. Alfred Chesley leaves his bowling ability to Jack Bennett. Martha Clark leaves her plane geometry book to some unlucky Senior stuck in a class of underclassmen. Velma Clark leaves her job at Gates's Drug store to Janette Parker. Martha Courtright leaves her position as one of Mr. Seley's secretaries to any- one who can stand his Trig class. Robert Fellows leaves his typing ability to Howard Long. Bonnie Fitzgerald leaves her ability to go steady to June Bojaczko. Mildred Frontera leaves her trips to Florida to the birds. Harold Goodwill leaves his cattle to Mr. Osborne. Noreen Hanlin leaves her job as school reporter to some other nosey person. Dorothea Heggan leaves her typing II book to anyone who wants it. Roger Hordusky leaves his ability to get on Sam 's nerves to Sam 's brother, J Allen. Lavern l-lurlburt leaves his love for sports to Gary Besonson. Shirley Kline: leaves her job as Mr. Palmer's secretary to anyone who likes to trail him and the teachers. Nancy Lasher leaves her job at the hospital to Helen Forbes. Carol Laughery leaves her engagement ring to Sandra Lyons. Jim Layden leaves his spot in the poker games to Ronnie Jones. A Sally Lupton leaves her seat in chemistry class to her brother, David. This page sponsored by RICE'S CORNERETTE and THOMAS MARKET 30 I C ass Will Earl Magee leaves his three days of happy hunting to Mr. Palrner's son, Alan. Jack Magee leaves his football uniform to John Rose. Joan Magee leaves her ability to go steady with one boy at a time to Sandra Devereaux. Carole Malec leaves her earrings to anyone brave enough to wear them. Shirley McElhaney leaves her senior position in cheering to Shirley Haskins. Tom McGuire leaves his ability to make people happy to anyone with a heart big enough. Bill McLain leaves his position as right end in football to anyone who wants to take up baseball. Larry Miller leaves his sleeping ability to anyone who can get away with it. Wanda Musiek leaves her typewriter in typing class to anyone who can type on it. Pat Palmer leaves her swell years of high school to her sister, Sally. Robert Palmer leaves his place on the bench in basketball to David Lupton. Gladys Parker leaves her job at the Dinor to Alice Gregory. Kenneth Pierce leaves his ability to have a dead battery at the right time to Joe Silka. Richard Riggs leaves his place in the front of the cafeteria line to Sam Harrison and Dave Lupton. Beverly Roberts leaves her engagement ring to Phyllis Hall. Richard Rodgers leaves his ability to skip school in deer season to anyone who wants it. Sandra Rowland leaves her love for Elvis Presley to Barbara Soety. Lettiejean Rupp leaves her car to Ellen Alexander. Carol Sabol leaves his books to anyone who wants them. Janet Sexton leaves her piccolo to Peggy Alexander. Bruce Smith leaves 70 pounds he lost to next years football team. Janet Smith leaves her ability to drive to Ellen Alexander. Sylvia Squire leaves her job as secretary of the Senior Class to Mary Kopnitzky. Dorothy Sutter leaves her love for shorthand to any junior-who can read it. Bill Thomas leaves Russ Campbell to any fool who wants him. Jon Thorne leaves his book, "How to wrestle", to Coach Osborne. Mary Vanderpool leaves her height to Nancy Broadhurst. X Maxine Watts leaves her naturally curly hair to Nancy Soety. Shirley Weed leaves her Bookkeeping book to anyone who can understand it. John Zielinski leaves his Bookkeeping I knowledge to Howard Long. This page sponsored by wnmm CRANDALL AGENCY 31 Senior Scoop Senior Officers President Y H R E Vice-President 2 ' Secretary S P ' S 5 Treasurer A E Q ! Historian yn zz E 2 I Q Class Colors Class Flower Light Blue and Navy Blue 31118 C31'l12Ii0I1 Class Motto "With the ropes of the past, we will ring the bells of the future." Outstanding Senior Events Class Play: November 14, 1956 Senior Trip: May 9,10,11, 1957 Ir-Sr. Banquet: May 15, 1957 Jr-Sr Prom: May 24, 1957 Baccalaureate: May 26, 1957 Class Night: May 27, 1957 Commencement: May 29, 1957 This page sponsored by HAYES GROCERY and HAMIMOND'S SPORT STORE 32 NAME John Abraham Martha Alford Richard Barnes Jill Bartholme Levert Bennett Lyman Bennett Gary Bidwell Ronald Bowen Karl Boyer David Brooks Alice Burger Janice Byerly Russell Campbell Alfred Chesley Velma Clark Martha Clark Martha Courtright Robert Fellows Bonnie Fitzgerald Mildred Frontera Harold Goodwill Noreen Hanlin Dorothea Heggan Roger Hordusky Lavern I-Iurlburt Shirley Kliner Nancy Lasher Carol Laughery James Layden Sally Lupton Earl Magee Senior Characteristics NICKNA ME John Brown Marty Dick Jill Lev Lime Gary Ron Snatch Dave Jann Russ Bud Vel M arty Smiley Bob Bon Sis Spike Renie Dee Rock Bull Shirl Nan Carol Jim Cookie Gee SEEN DOING Buzzing Around In His Red Con- vertible Looking For Steve Driving His Pizza Truck Eating!! l I Talking To Marty Leaving 4120 Bragging About His Hot Chevvie. Talking to Girls Talking to Mr. Palmer Working in the Library Driving Her Olds Around Writing to Fred Riding His Motorcycle Bowling Working at Gates's Cheering Pestering Harold Drinking a Cherry Smash Dating Johnny J TYPWS Driving His Truck Hunting for Lavern Dating Johnney Working at the Atlantic Talking to the Coaches Working in the Office Talking to Marty Dating Dick Playing the Pinball Machines, Working in the Bakery Working at "Woodley's" PET PEEVE siny cms Homework Plymouths People Who Call Her Fickle Permanant Record Cards Silly Girls Everything Elvis Presley You Name It My Brother People Who Run My Car Into The Ground Yankees Who Don't Like Rebels Girls Who Wear too Much Make-up Fast Walkers' h ,. , Bob 's Motorbike People Who Don't Cheer Boys Who Crack Their Knuckles '? ? ? ? ? ? Going to School Hot Rods Salesmanship Tattletails People Who Comb Their Hair in the Cafeteria Chryslers Silly Girls Hot Rodders Homework Chemistry School Chemistry Working at "Woodley's This page sponsored by BAIDWIN ELECTRIC and REVA CHARLES BEAUTY SALON NAME Jack Magee Joan Magee Carole Malec Shirley McE1haney Thomas McGuire William McLain Larry Miller Wanda Musiek Patricia Palmer Robert Palmer Gladys Parker Kenneth Pierce Richard Riggs Robert Rimpa Beverly Roberts Richard Rogers Sandra Rowland Lettiejean Rupp Carl Sabol Janet Sexton Bruce Smith James Smith Janet Smith Sylvia Squire Dorothy Sutter William Thomas Jon Loring Thorne Mary Vanderpool Maxine Watts Shirley Weed John Zielinski Senior Characteristics NICKNAME SEEN DOING Jake Shooting Pool Jo Trying to Catch Lyman Toots Talking to George R. Mac Going Out With George Tom Working Willy Telling Jokes in English Class Sleepy Sleeping Wand Dating Chuck Pat Talkingl I I Sam Loafing Gladdy Waiting for Jack Ken Coming Home Late From Titus- ville ' Rich Taking Pictures Bob Working At The W Sr W Bev Talking about Lynn Rich Hitchhiking Sandy Dancing Lettie Driving Her Yellow Ford Carl Studying J annie Playing Her Piccolo Smitty Defending the Democrats Jem Driving His Plymouth Around JaeJae Driving A Red And White Station Wagon Syl Soda -Jerking in Gates's Dot Dating Clyde Bill Riding His Motorcycle Thornie Working at the W.A. Shorty Carrying Books Max Cheering Shirt Talking About Jim Corky Sitting in the Last Seat PET PEEV E The "Eight Ba11" Teachers Who Won 't Listen To Reason Classmates That Think They're The Whole Class. Homework My Car Math Chevies Typing People Who Carry Their Jokes to Ex- tremes Salesmanship 10 O'clock Curfews Cats Brownies Fords Girls Who Chase Boys Hitchhiking A "Square" Icy Ro ads P.O.D. Clean, White Bucks Elvis Presley None Icy Roads Ajax Jones Shorthand Menoher's Foot Being Called Impertinent Having To Carry So Many Books People Who Think They Are Better Elvis Presley Snow This page sponsored by STANDARD CHAIR COMPANY Ml'l6!2l'Cf6t55lflfL2l'l 4 Junior C ass lst. ROW5 QI.e.ft to Righty: E. Alexander, N. Allen, D. Anderson, S. Bennett, G. Geer, S. Miller, J. Geisler, P. Alexander, R. Bell. 2nd. ROW: L. Barstow, J. Comneen, R. Fellows, M. Chapman, J. Bawol, J. Bojaczko, P. Chundrlek, C. Brown, G. Besonson. 3rd, ROW: F. Fox, A. Brenneman, R. Baker, D. Dennett, G. Besonson, G. Alexander, D. Drayer, G. Dickson, Teacher: Mrs. Baldwin. .- N lst. ROW, QLeft to Rightj: C. I-Ianlin, V. Kerr, P. Hall, J.'K1us, M. Kiczpnitsky, D.-Lord, M. Knight, J. Megat, L. Frontera. Znd. ROW: R. Jones, M. Green, B. Gros, M. Lasher, J. exiniston, B. Lindsley, W. Gibbons A. Gregory, D. Johnson. 3rd. ROW: R. Fuller, D. Harris, K. Mitchell, H. Long, W. King, J. Hanlin, A. Magee, L. Hunter, M. Henry, L. Lyman, W. Huckno. Teacher: Mrs. Michael. This page sponsored by RUTHJANE BEAUTY SALON and MA.'NDEL'S 36 Junior Class V lst. ROW, Sheft to Sterling, S. Shellito, J. Rose, B. Shreve, I.. Mulvin, B. Soety, G. Rowland, R. Morris. Zn ROW: J. mas, J. Phanco, D. Toohey, C. Rockwood, J. Morse, L. Obert, J. Maleski. 3rd. ROW: J. Silka, A. Roberts, D. Young, R. Rice. Teacher: Mr. Catherine. President: Dave Harris Vice President: Leon Barstow Treasurer: Mary Kopnitsky Secretary: Ellen Alexander The magazine sale was a. big successg the sales went over 32500. Pens and certificates were awarded to the high salesmen with Janice Klus leading the list. On November 16 the Turkey Trot was held. It was another big success. Door prizes and a turkey were given away at different times during the evening. The class rings were ordered in October and arrived in the middle of February. The High School Daze, a memory book, was sold. Oh! What Memories! We also had another dance around Valentine 's Day. The Junior Class had a very successful year. 9' "vu This page sponsored by CLARK'S BEAUTY SALON and WELLS and WU.KINS GAS STATION. 37 Sophomore .Class lst. ROW: fLeft to Rightj: C. Ctmningham, S. Fisk, J. Roberts, R. Kopnitsky, G. Sterling, D. Shepard, D. Shannon, G. Beers, G. Cox. Znd. ROW: S.Devereaux, N. Troyer, S. Wilkins, E. Sanden, B. Gocal, Y. King, S Lanning, L. Kitelinger, D. Allen. 3rd. ROW: D. Bowes, N. Michaelson, R. Rodgers, J. Danner, N. Broadhurst, L. Bradley, S. Harrison, H. Musser. 4th. ROW: R. Daley, H. Barnes, J. Litherland, C. Blakeslee, D. Lupton, D. Ferrell, M. Pollock. Teacher: Mrs. Marzke. lst. ROW: fLe.ft to Rightj: H. Forbes, F. Rose, M. Gilson, C. Proper, D. Maleski, S. Haskins, M. Kimmy, W. Lasher, C. Hrip. Znd. ROW: R. Perkins, M. Kowalski, J. Layden, D. Reynolds, M. Green, S. Watson, J. Mc- Crillis, E. Nielsen. 3rd. ROW: E. Rodgers, T. Miller, D. Manross, L. Tarbell, F. Shreve, D. Layden, W. Mos- her, D. Maryott, D. Maynard, R. Patten. Teacher: Miss Pence. This page sponsored by The CONGDON HOTEL 38 Sophomore C ass lst. ROW, QLeft to Righrvl J. Frontera, P. Shreve, D. DeYoe, H. Quinn, S. Hicks, S. Adams, P. Becker, R. Heg- ner, M. Bawol, 2nd. RO z A. Bell, J. Bennett, C. Breitweiser, B. Brooks, F. Bennett, L. Hicks, J. Dickson, R. Chundrlek. 3rd. ROW: D. Thomas, M. Kenniston, K. Gehres, F. Sabol, O. Wright, D. Van Epps, F. Wotecki. Teacher: Mr. Blok. President: Sam Harrison Vice President: Nancy Broadhurst Treasurer: Duane Ferrell Secretary: Sandra Devereaux The Sophomore Class sold candy for one of its two projects. We made S250 as our share of the money we took in. Our candy sale started two weeks before Christmas and we had to order more candy because the demand was so great. Our second project was a record hop after the NorthEast basketball game onlanuary 25. This money will be used to finance our class during our high school days at Union City. This page sponsored by R. L. SHADE and SONS and HENRY'S GARAGE. 39 Freshmen Class lst. ROW, fLeft to Rightl: S. Kimmy, N. lord, J. Allen, L. Price, P. Peterson, J. Lindsley, K. Shreve, V. Rose, S. Wright. Znd. ROW: . Wojtecki, M. L. St. John, B. Vand ool, E. Magee, F. Jordan, C. Shreve, F. Tar- bell, D. Mineo, D. Anderson. 3rd. ROW: C. Thomas, R. Wine:-gell, R. Riggs, K. Polack, N. Magee, S. Squires, L. Weed, T. Allison, M. Steves, C. Brown, P. Sheldon. Teacher: Mr. Ryan. lst. ROW, fLeft to Rightj: J. Barstow, R. McAllister, F. Johnson, S. Hall, V. Megat, S. Williamson, K. Larson, J. Oesch, M. Silka. 2nd, ROW: R. Morris, M. Smith, M. Proper, M. Young, S. Sanden, L. Hamlin, C. McCri1- lis, D. Phanco, D. Nlsdorf. 3rd. ROW: R. Blatchley, W, Beebe, T. Peagd, R. Smith, N. Van Epps, J. Moyer,J. Frontera, B. Wellmon. Teacher Mr. McKinney QMISSING: J. Fisk, J. Goslciewicz, A. Smith, R. Beezubj. 'rms page sponsored by UNION cnv TAXI and MlI.LER'S GAS s'rA'r1oN 40 Freshmen Class lst. ROW: QLeft to Right! M. Haskins, J. Com-neen, J. Fisk, S. Barnes, J. Hamrick, V. Goodwill, J. Burns, F. Carniewski, C. lord, J. utter. Znd. ROW: E. Miller, J. McGuire, J. Bojaczko, G. Quinn, J. Hegner, K. Ed- wards, B. Blakeslee, J. Henry, M. L. Hurlburt, P. Hatch. 3rd. ROW: J. Still, J. Reeb, A. Smrcka, D. Troyer, J. Dingle, A. Hastie, W.S1ruster. Teacher: Mr. Hamilton. lst. ROW: CLeft to Ri 1113: R. Soety, N. Spencer, N.Fox, T. Michaelson, D. Buell, J. Morvay, D. Kennedy. Znd. ROW: P. Carrici, . Hall, W. Morton, J. Edwards, J. Rose, G. Sherve. 3rd, ROW: F. Fzdle, R. Camp- bell. Teacher: Mr. C. Fischer. ' This page sponsored by cHAPm's INSURANCE AGENCY 41 Eighth Grade T lst. ROW, QLeft to Righty: E. Hotchkiss, L. Denning, S. Sharp, J. Weed, A. Bawol, A. Chundrlek, C. Bedow, W. Brenneman, P. Buell. 2nd. ROW: B. Sabol, S. Spencer, B. Knight, D. Allen, J. McCray, D. Boardman, B. Bak- er, B. Carson, C. Platt, N. Soety. 3rd. ROW: G. Perkins, W. Summers, A. Palmer, N. Pattison, D. Rice, P. Tillotson, G. Wells, J. Miller, D. Sutton, V. Van Tassel, J. McCri11is, M. Nicks. Teacher: Mr. Rohde.QMISS- ING: E. Petersonj. lst. ROW, QLeft to Righty: K. Brown, L. Hewitt, C. Luba, E. Conklin, C. Manross, A. Estes, S. Frontera. Znd. ROW: M. Johnson, G. Reeb, L. Scouten, B. J. Doutt, J. Bojaczko, J. Smith, M. Erdle, K. Leitner. Srd. ROW: A. Frontera, R. Bell, L. Curtis, H. Hewitt, W. Winchell, K. Hamlin, P. Lindsley, W. Kliner. 4th. ROW: C. Greishaw, J. Daggett, D. Shontz, R. Gates, Df Tillotson, R. Chapin, D. Woods. Teacher: Mr. Thompson. QMISSING: C. McCrackenj. This page sponsored by SNAPTITE INCORPORATED 42 A Eighth Grade lst. ROW: QLeft to Rightj: S. Obert, P. Malec, K. Wolfe, S. A. Forbes, D. Grafton, C. Inman, B. Looker, M. Lilley, B. Short, K. Mosher, R. Coveleski. Znd. ROW: N. Lilley, M. Smrcka, J. Johnson, B. Palmer, A. Kam- pii, S. Roberts, N. Kerr, G. Kopnitsky, R. McCracken. 3rd. ROW: P. Harris, H. Copper, J. Copper, L. Ry- land, H. Horvath, J. Walford, J. Linden, T. Campbell, P. Behan, D. Burgess. 4th. ROW: L. Thomas, J. Baum- bach, D. Chundrlek, R. Weidner, A. Michaelson. Teacher: Mrs. Sammons. lst. ROW: QLeft to Righgz L. Watts, A. Dilley, G. Hawley, Y. Drake, N. Fitzgerald, J. Pratt, J. Van Tassel, L. Dingle, R. Hanes. Zn . ROW: F. Tujetsch, H. Hunter, D. Aikens, A. Lasher, I. Campbell, J. Campbell, C. Carbargh, C. Sinko, R. Comstock, D. Bedow. Srd. ROW: J. Molisee, D. McCri1lis, D. Luce, L. Burt, D. Chase, R. Burt, R. DeYoe, H. Wicker, B. Hildum. Teacher: Mrs. Blythe. This page sponsored by SNAPTITE INCORPORATED -P3 Seventh Grade lst. ROW: QLe:Et to Righty J. Parker, S. Mullen, R. Fisk, S. Morse, F. Dudas, R. Walters, C. Parrish, M. Ran- yak. 2nd. ROW: B. Comstock, R. Curtis, N. Quinn, L. Hamilton, D. Wells, T. Shreve, B. Goszkiewicz, C. Simpson. 3rd. ROW: M. -Allison, J. Baldwin, D. Shuster, R. Tarbell, K. Fisk, R. Kim, B. Shaffer, A. Andrews, S. Horvath. 4th. ROW: M. VanTassel, B. Shephard, D. Wojtecki, B. Blythe, H. Webster. Teacher: Mrs. ' aniel. , lst. ROW: lLeft to Rightg V. McGuire, C. Miller, M. Rose, M. Comstock, J. Willoughby, S. Palmer, M. Gum, D. Wright. Znd. R W: C. Weingard, J. Bowen, M. Rice, B. Riding, A. Pease, A. Behan, D. Fairchild, D. Beezub, M. Beardsley. 3rd. ROW: C. McGiure, K. Winchell, W. Ryland, K. Henry, P. Turley, R. Pieper, D. Mitchell A. Peterson, D. Comstock. 4th ROW: D. Sturdevant, D. Thomas, J. Kirik, G. Dugaw, T. Byerley, C. Miller, Bell, F. Dingle. Teacher: Miss Ross. This page sponsored by HOME NATIONAL BANK 44 Seventh Grade lst. ROW, fLeEt to Right : S. Hicks, I. Pencille, S. Whitney, J. Geisler, N. Thompson, S. Proper, P. Leyden, S. Sharpe. 2nd. ROW: B. , F. Rowland, R. Hall, A. Breitweiser, W. Ehrhart, L. Bryant, D. Thomas, W. Rossey, J. Comstock. 3rd. ROW: R. Lord, K. Hawley, J. Daley, D. Giles. Teacher: Mrs. Hudson. President: Ronny Kim Vice President: Susan Morse Treasurer: Kenneth Fisk Secretary: Gary Dugall Historim: Bill Schafer A This year was the first for our class in the high school building. We were a little confused at first, but after a few weeks we got on no being considered a part of the school. We enioyed the classes and the mingling with the older students as we went through the halls to our rooms. Most of us liked the assemblies on Fridays--even though we had to sit at the back of the auditorium. Maybe some day in the future we can sit where the Seniors do now. Let's hope sol This page sponsored by 'msnorvm NATIONAL BANK. 45 A 1 4 1 4 i I Jgcfiuified "' :" fN xj W E F.H. . lst. ROW: QLeft to Righty- G. Rowland, B. Soety, D. Sutter, D. Lord, D. l-leggan-President, M. Chapman, S. Weed, G. Geer, G. Bennett, S. Miller, J. Geisler, R. Bell. 2nd. ROW: C. Proper, S. Abraham, M. Kimmy, S. Haskins, V. Kerr, S. Shellito, E. Sterling, J. Klus, J. Bojaczko, P. Hall. 3rd. ROW: J. Sutter, J. Frontera, S. Kimmy, M. Smith, S. Devereaux-Secretary, S. Watson, N. Troyer, M. A. Kowalski, R. Hegner, D. Allen, P. Peterson, J Roberts, J. Courneen, M. Gilson, D. Maleski, S. Wright, J. Burns, D. Larsen. 4th. ROW: J. Bojacz- ko, M. Haskins, L. Price, J. Fisk, E. Magee, N. Fox, H. Gwin, L. Kitlinger, Y. King-Treasurer, S. Wilkins, M. Young, S. Fisk, F. Rose, B. Roberts-Reporter. Sth. ROW: V. Goodwill, J. Hamerick, K. Edwards, J. Henry, C. Shreve, B. Blakeslee, J. Hegner, S. Barnes, S. Hicks, J. Layden, D. Reynolds-Vice President, M. Proper, G. Quinn, D. Mineo, T. Michaelson. Teacher: Miss Pence. The Union City Chapter of the State and National Future Homemaker's of America was made up of about '70 members this year. We are affiliated with the new County Council with regular representatives, Chairmen are appointed each month to select a committee and plan three activities--service, money-making, and social. The first project of the year was the Regional Meeting at Oil City. Some of the other activities sponsored by the Chapter were a Christmas Party, Formal Initiation, Skating Party, and a May Dance. Four members attend- ed the State Farm Show at Harrisburg in January. They were: Gayle Geer, Yetive Marie King, Dixie Reynolds, and Sandra Lyons. Throughout the year we prepared and served many lunches, snacks, and dinners for the faculty, the school board, and other groups. This page sponsored by LUPTON'S BAKERY and W. 8:W. OIL 48 F. F. A. 1st ROW, QLeft to Righty: J, Goskiewcz, J. Magee, T. McGuire, D. Brooks, L. Barstow, H. Goodwill, B. Van- Epps, R. Wright, 2nd ROW: D. Maryott, B. Beezub, J. McGuire, C. Pollack, A. Smrcka. 3rd ROW: T. Mil- ler, L, Tarbell, B. Daley, A. Magee, E. Magee, E, Troyer. 4th ROW: H. Barnes, II. Bradley, F. Maliski, G. Besenson, Sth ROW: A. Bell, L. Miller, G. Hanlin, J. Matava, R. Campbell. Adviser: Mr. Menoher. At the first of the year we entered our project books in the Wattsburg Fair project contest. Several of our boys won, and Union City placed first in the county. ' In October we had the initiation for the Green Hand Members. Those being initiated were: A. Srnrcka, I. McGuire, D. Troyer, J. Goskiewcz, B. Beezub, C. Pollack. We had two boys receive the Keystone Metal, the second highest degree in the FFA. These boys were H. Goodwill and D. Brooks. , A. Magee, L. Barstow, B. VanEpps, D. Brooks, T. McGuire, J. Matava, F. Maleski, H. Goodwill, F. Fox, J. Hanlin, and C. Rockwood attended the "Farm Show" at Harrisburg this year. L. Barstow, a member of our club, was elected president of the Erie County FFA. He was also an official del- egate at the State FFA meeting in Harrisburg. . . The FFA participated in three television shows over W.I.C.U. We also took numerous educational field trips to round out our year of activities. This page sponsored by G.I..F. SOIL BUILDING SERVICE and TOWNSEND'S PHARMACY. +9 French Club lst ROW, QLeft to Rightj: G. Parker, S. Squire, J. Bartholme, L, Merrill, N. Hamlin, J . Sexton. 2nd ROW: J. Smith, C. Laughery, S. Lupton, V. Clark, M. Kopnitsky, L. Frontera. 3rd ROW: R. Hegner, S. Lyons, M, Lasher, G. Rowland, A. Chesley. Adviser: Mrs. Michael. Latin I , 1st ROW, fLeft to Righty F. Tarbell, M. Silka, J. Courneen, J. Fisk, L. Hanlin, S. Watson, D. Anderson, N. Lord, S. Lanning. 2nd ROW: J. Rose, B. Blakeslee, R. McA1ister, J. Barstow, J. Oesch, C. McCril1is, S. San- den, J. Allen, J. McCrillis. 3rd ROW: M. Young, R. Morris, N. Magee, M. Steves, J. Reeb, D. Alsdorf, R. Jones, D. Perkins, M. Proper. 4TH ROW: T. Allison, J. Moyer, J. Morse, F. Bennett, D. Lupton, N. Vanlipps, L. Lyman, T. Peard, J. Thomas, W. Huckno, B. Wellmon. Adviser: Mrs. Michael. 50 Latin ll lst ROW, fLe.ft to Righty C. Cunningham, G. Sterling, S. Fisk, R. Kopnitsky, G. Cox, L. Kitelinger, Znd ROW: S. Wilkins, N. Troyer, N. Broadhurst, B. Gocal, E. Sanden. 3rd ROW: D. Bowes, D. Shepard, M. Pol- lock, D. Shannon. President. . . . . . . . . Nancy Broadhurst Vice-president. . . . . . . . Melvin Pollock Secretary-treasurer. . . . . . .Sandra Wilkins This year the Latin Club held a skatingparty in October as one of its projects to pay for the picture in the yearbook. On Saturday, February 23, we went to the Planetarium in Pittsburgh to see the sky show "Let's Go ToRome and the Latin exhibits. Eileen Sanden made a statue of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders for the Latin exhibit. We also had a Roman banquet attended by Latin I and ll students. The Latin I students acted as slaves, served the Latin II students, and furnished entertainment. As in Rome, everyone wore togas. To finish off our work for the year, we had our annual picnic and later the same evening a skating party. ff x -4 -s---1f m1fe,1 Pre-College Club lst ROW, U..eft to Righty E. Sanden, Y.M. King, G. Parker, M. Chapman, J, Bartholme, G. Cox, J. Rose, N Allen, L. Frontera. 2nd ROW: S. Lupton, C. Cunningham, N. Hanlin, B. Gocal, J . Danner, N. Broadhurst, S Squire, M. Clark, J. Sexton, G. Sterling. 3rd ROW: J. Smith, T. McGuire, L. Obert, J. Morse, R. Hordusky J. Thome, K. Boyer, R. Rice, J. Magee. 4th'ROW: R. Riggs, L. Hurlburt, R. Palmer, B. Smith. Adviser: , Miss Durbin. The Union City Pre-College Club is for those students interested in obtaining information about colleges. College catalogs and applications are available for student use. During the school year, the club has had varied activities which included: Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Dec Dec Jan. Feb. Apr. Representative from Milton Hershey School--Mr. Garner Attended College Night--Strong Vincent High School in Erie Representative from Univ. of Buffalo--Mr. Hedden Representative from Westem Reserve Univ.--Mr. Geampetro Representative--Univ. of Rochester--Mr. Hannah Representative--Slippery Rock Teachers College--Dr. Hale Sponsored "College Night Pow-Wow" for UCHS college students Attended Medical Conference--Erie Representative from Edinboro Teachers--Mr. Cornell Representative from Gannon College Representative from Erie Commercial - Mr. Brown Representative from Erie Business - Mrs. McGeary Representative from Grove City - Mr. Mc Kay Representative from Allegheny - Mr. Sherman Representative from Behrend Center Representative from Penn State Univ. - Mr. Kochel Representative from G. E. Apprentice - Mr. Grotjohan Various member visited the following colleges: Behrend Center, Grove City, Penn State University, Erie Comptometer School, Slippery Rock State Teachers College, Hiram College, Edinboro State Teachers. This page sponsored by UNION CITY LOAN ASSOCIATION and WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORES. 52 Camera Club 1Sf ROW. U-eff to Right!! D. Winchell, J. Courneen, R. Kopnitsky,B. Gocalg D. Shannon, L. Lyman. 2nd ROW: R. Fellows, C. Brown, J. Thorne, A. Brenneman, R, Rice, D, Drayer. 3rd ROW: J. Zielinski, J. Abraham, R. Riggs. Adviser: Mr. Blok. Beverly Gocal, Rosalie Kopnitsky, and Dorothy Shan non hard at work hanging and drying film. Mr. Blok and John Courneen showing us how to place the negative in the enlarger. This page sponsored by HOSTETTLER'S FORD GARAGE. 3 Student Council lst ROW, fLeft to Righty: L. Watts, S. Obert, B. Doutt, H. Gwin, S. Watson, J. Allen, G. Rowland, J, Com- stock,.R. Kim. 2nd ROW: R. Soety, J. Reeb, S. Harrison, T. Peard, D. Harris, L. Barstow, R. Riggs, T. Byer ley, G, Perkins. 3rd ROW: K. Boyer, L. Hurlburt, D. Lupton, L. Bennett. Adviser: Mr. Blok, President ...... . . .Dave Harris Vice President. . . ...... Karl Boyer Secretary ..... . . . Gertrude Rowland Treasurer. . . .... Richard Riggs The purpose of the Student Council is to develop and promote qualities such as leadership and school spirit. It is also designed to help the students with their problems and to give them a better understanding of themselves in relation to the school and to the teachers. Some of the various duties of the Student Council are: cafeteria duty, hall monitor, con- ducting assembly exercises, and sponsoring fund drives for different organizations. Another one of its functions is to conduct a student court to deal with problems relating to the stu- dents. The main goal of the Student Council this year is to raise money for the school to sponsor a Foreign Exchange Student for a year at Union City High School. This page sponsored by NATIONAL BANK or UNION CITY. 5+ Anvil Staff p 1st ROW, fLeft to Rightj: B. Roberts, V. Clark, A. Burger, J. Bartholme, S. Squire, J. Magee, N. Hanlin, G. Parker, M. Clark. 2nd ROW: W. Musick, C. Laughery, J. Smith, M. Alford, N. Lasher, C. Malec, D. Heggan, S. Kliner, J . Sexton. 3rd ROW: A. Chesley, R. Riggs, J. Abraham, B. Smith, J. Thorne, R. Bowen. Adviser: Mr. Catherine. Editor ........ . . . Bruce Smith Assistant Editor .... . . . Noreen Hanlin Music Editor .... . . . Jill Bartholme Sports Editor .... . . Alfred Chesley Activities Editor. . . ..................... Martha Clark Business Editors .... . . Wanda Musiek, Carol Laughery,Sa11y Lupton Art Editors ........ ........... I anet Sexton, Dxee Heggan Photography Editors. . . . . . . . Richard Riggs, Jon Thorne The Anvil Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to make this year's Anvil a success. We would particularly like to express our appreciation to Mr. Blok and the members of the Camera Club for their work in taking the pictures used in our yearbook. This is Mr. Catherine's first year as yearbook adviser, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his time and effort in our behalf. This page sponsored by the WARDEN STREET MARKET and the CRYSTAL COAL COMPANY. 55 1 lst ROW, 0-'eff fo Righty J- Hamficks R- 1st ROW QLeft to Rightj: D Toohey S Mil Smith' D' Brooks' A' Woitecki- ler, D. Giles, Miss Durbin, S. Mclilhaney. Library Assistants The library assistants are volunteer workers who are interested in helping the librarian. They have experience in shelf reading, charging in and out books, assisting other students in reference work and in general libemry work. During the year they had a dinner and attended one of the basketball games as a group. Each assistant is definitely responsible for one phase of the library e. g. magazines, vocational file, pamphlet file, college catalogs, bulletin A board, card catalog, inventory, reading shelves, daily report, passes, etc. Library Adviser--Clara A. Durbin. 1 lst ROW, QL:-:ft to Righty S. Abraham, D. , lst ROW, fLeft to Righty C. Thomas, C, In- Heggan, B. Roberts, T. McGuire, R. Bowen. man, R. Riggs, Miss Durbin, 56 Chemistry Club lst ROW, QLeft to Rightj: Janet Smith, Janet Sexton, Sylvia Squire, Wanda Musick, Martha Clark, Jill Bartholme, Gladys Parker, Carol Laughery. 2nd ROW: Richard Riggs, Jon Thorne, Bruce Smith, Larry Obert, Roger Hordusky, Willard King, Ross Fuller. Adviser: EMIS. Daniel. The Chemistry Club is another one of the new clubs started this year in the Union City High School. The club was formed and is sponsored presently by Mrs. Daniel, our popular chemistry teacher. Its purpose is to create, develop, and foster interest in chemistry in our high school days and to provide a social background for each of the chemistry students in which he can meet with the other people who are taking Chemistry. In the above photograph, the club is watching Mrs. Daniel and Martha Clark in the process of ,making Hy- drogen. This page sponsored by W. R. CHESLEY and SONS, and MANDEL'S. 57 H i-Y lst ROW, fLeft to Righty: B. Smith, G. Besonson, R. Palmer, B. McLain, R. Hordusky, K. Pierce, J. Courneen Znd ROW: J. Silka, G. Bidwell, B. Fellows, F. Bennett, D. Young, J. Phanco, R. Rice, Adviser: Mr. Rohde. President ....... - - - Bill McLain Vice President ..-.. - - - Bob Palmer Secretary Treasurer. . . - - -Roger Hordusky Chaplain ........ - - ' B11-ICC Smith Reporter , , , . . . Ken Pierce The Hi -Y is sponsored by the YMCA. Its aims and purposes are therefore based on the ideals of sportsman- ship and clean living. As a club, the Union City chapter tries to foster these ideals through activities which it feels will develop social leadership in the members. At present the club has fourteen members. The activities of the year were as follows: a dance in November, an assembly program in February, the ' Hi-Y Invitational Basketball Toumament at Meadville, and semi-monthly social and business meetings. The proceeds from the assembly were contributed to the Foreign Exchange Student Program. At the end of the year we sent delegates to the Hi-Y Older Boys Conference. This page sponsored by NATIONAL BANK OF UNION CITY. 58 Tri-Hi-Y lst ROW, QLeft to Righty S. Rowland, W. Gibbons, J. Bojaczko, J. Bartholme, L. Merrill, A. Burger, N. Broadhurst, M. Green. 2nd ROW: L. Frontera, J. Smith, G. Geer, C. Hanlin, A. Gregory, C. McCri1lis, D. Lord, E, Sanden, G, Sterling. 3rd ROW: G. Bennett, J. Kenniston, S. Sanden, S. Watson, G. Parker, V. Clark, J. Sexton, S, Squire. Adviser: Mrs. Daniel. OFFICERS President .......... .......... . . .Sylvia Squire Secretary-Treasurer . . . ........ ..... V elma Clark Chaplain ........ . . .Nancy Broadhurst The Union City Tri-Hi-Y is an organization composed of girls in the senior high school. It is sponsored by the YWCA, and is under the direction of Mrs. Daniel. The girls learn the ideals of good living, good manners, and good sportsmanship relating to their place in school and in life. This year the organization provided a turkey dinner for a needy family in the community. It was a very worthwhile project and one in which everyone gained a lot of satisfaction. Each girl in the group furnished some type of food and the group as a whole bought the turkey. We are sure that we made one family happy! 59 Junior Hi-Y 1st ROW, qLeft to Righty C. McGuire, H. Hewitt, E. Miller, A. Peterson, D. Woods, G. Perkins, J. McCrilJis, A. Andrews, M. Nicks. 2nd ROW: R. Shuster, C. Thomas, M. VanTasse1, R. Wotecki, K. Fisk, H. Webster, R. Kim, B. Schafer, J. Bandwin, L. Curtis. 3rd ROW: B. Blythe, B, Shepard, R. Campbell, B. Gates, T. Byer- ley, N. Magee, W. Erhart, L, Ryland, D. Burgess, A. Palmer, D. Sturdevant. 4th ROW: R. Chapin, J. Dagget M. Steves, R. Weidner, A. Breitweiser, J . McGuire. The Junior Hi-Y is a club organization for the junior high school boys. It is sponsored by the YMCA. Like the I-Ii-Y, its purpose is to promote good sportsmenship and clean living. The Junior Hi-Y's activities for the year included selling pop corn for the football games, playing basket- ball on Saturdays, a skating party held in the spring and numerous Held trips and hikes. A11 of the events this year were very successful, and we feel that we have fulliilled our purpose tor the year. Many of our members plan to join the Hi -Y club on reaching senior high school. We should like to wel- come any new members who are interested in joining the Junior Hi -Y. This page is sponsored by CAFLISH BUIIDERS SUPPLY and UNION CITY CO-OP ASSOCIATION, 60 F. T. A. l i fLeft to Righty L, Hanlin, T. Peard, J. Rose, J. Magee, M. Young, N. Hanlin, B. Palmer, J, Bartholme, L. Hurlburt, J . Smith, S, Squire, T. McGuire, S. Lupton. Advisers Mr. Seley. President. . . . Vice President. . . Sec. Treasurer. . . y...J a 1-ull Q FFA OFFICERS ...Ii11Bargho1me . . Tom McGuire . . . Noreen Hanlin The purpose of the Union City High School FTA is exploratory, prevoca- tional, and character-forming--to help Future Teachers learn facts about and opportunities in teaching in their locality, the state, and in the nationg culti- vate character qualities essential to a good teacherg study lives of great teachersg and develop student leadership. Young people who decide to be teachers with a full knowledge of its opportunities and requirements are more likely to make good teachers than those who merely drift into the profession by accident. The activities of the FTA in the Union City High School center mainly around student-teaching in the elementary and the high school classes., This acquaints them with the type of work which they will be doing as teachers, and also gives them an insight into the problems and the satisfaction which may arise from the teaching profession. This page sponsored by EASTMAN'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY and COMSTOCK'S WOOD PRODUCTS, 61 L. 1 QQ 99 lst ROW, fLeft to Righg D. Bowes, R. Hordusky, J. Magee, L. Hurlburt, H. Goodwill, L. Barstow, B. Willmon, D. Brooks. 2nd ROW: . Besonson, D. Harris, F. Fox, L. Bennett. 3rd ROW: 0. Wright, R. Wright, B. Smith, J. Litherland, B. Mosher, D. Ferrell. Advisers: Mr. Ryan, Mr. Osborne. President. ..... . . Lavem Hurlburt Vice-president ..... .... J ack Magee Secretaryjtreasurer. . . . . . Roger Hordusky Business manager. . . . . . Bruce Smith The "U" Clan is one of our newest clubs. It is made up of those boys who have won a letter in a varsity sport. At the present we have approximately twenty-five members. The purpose of the club is to develop good sportsmanship and leadership in both student athletics and our daily lives. Our activities during the year included the annual initiation, the November hayride, and the A- lumni-Varsity basketball game. We also sponsored a "Sports Queen" contest made up of contestants from among the senior girls. This year it was won by Maxinegwatts, and she was crowned in a ceremony following the Wesleyville basketball game. This page sponsored by BAK.E'S PINE' WOODS 62 Mammyl Senior Play The typical principal. Actor's Guild. Miss Shea - J. Bartholme Mr. Patterson - B. Chesley Mr. Nelson - B. Smith Bill - D. Brooks Miss Eggleston - V. Clark Miss Johnson - J. Magee Mr. Vecchitto - J. Thorne Miss Pike - A. Burger Henry Aldrich - J. Abraham 1 All of us. "What a Life" A star is born! Poor George! Barbara Pearson - S. Squire Gertie - P. Palmer Mr. Bradley - R. Riggs Miss Wheeler - J. Sexton George Bigelow - K. Boyer Mrs. Aldrich - M. Clark Mr. Ferguson - T. McGuire Mary - I. Smith Prompters - N. Hanlin, G. Parker Written by Clifford Goldsmithg Directed by Mrs. Blythe 63 Snaps 'NB sux "QW"- ae E E2 :F- - ' fl Q et .- 1 .5 ' 5f'fTi5"' -- 1,1 ii W' 11,922 'fe e Q 'Q EE gee--fl 1. : V N-, .t ...X Lend me your ears Harold Hewitt Carl Brown -- Stage Crew. I thought you were supposed to sleep at slumb er parties! Let it snow! Is it that HFJXVY ! 6+ John Coumeen, Richard Fellows Stage Crew. Those Roman women! I wish he 'd get here! I I Senior Chorus 1st ROW, QLeft to Righty F. Jordan, S. Devereaux, J. McCrillis, D. Lord, S. Miller, C. McCrillis, S. Sanden, A. Gregory, G. Bennett, M. Bawol, M. Green, S. Lyons, M. Green, D. Reynolds, Y. King, D. l-leggen, M. Chap- man, V. Kerr, B. Sherve, R. Morris, L. Hanes, J. Allen, S. Watson, C. Sherve, R. I-legner, B. Gocal, L, Kite- linger. 2nd ROW: L. Weed, V. Goodwill, V. Clark, G. Parker, G. Rowland, J. Megat, D. Anderson, J. Burns, M. Smith, W. Musiek, R. Kopnitsky, S. Lanning, J. Smith, S. Lupton, C. Laughery, S. Haskins, S. Rowland, T. Megat, S. Squire, S. McElhaney, E. Sterling, F. Tarbell, M. Watts. E. Alexander, S. Kimmey, D. Shannon, S. Shellito, N. Lord, E. Magee. 3rd ROW: D. Kennedy, J , Reeb, W. Morton, R. Fuller, L. Lyman, H. Long, J. Moyer, J . Morse, L. Tarbell, F. Wojtecki, B, VanEpps, M. Pollack, D. Toohey, S. Harrison, T. McGuire, B. Chesley, F . Blatchley. 4th ROW: R. Soety, R. Perkins, D. Brown, A. Hasting, A. Bell, W. Shuster, K. Boyer, D. Bennett, J. Hanlin, R. Barnes, J. Litherland, A. Magee, R. Morris, D. VanEpps, D. Maryott, T. Miller. OFFICERS SECTIONAL LEADERS President .......... .......... J ill Bartholme Soprano. . . ............... Ellen Alexander Vice-President ............... Ellen Alexander Alto .... . . . Velma Clark, Wanda Musiek Secretary-Treasurer .... .... G ladys Parker Tenor. . . .......... Allison Bell Librarian .......... . . .Ronald Blatchley Bass. . . . . Dick Barnes The 1956-57 school year was both a busy and a successful one tor the Senior Chorus. During the fall, tryouts for the chorus were held and the section leaders were elected. Practice for the Christmas program began in eamest immediately following the choosing of members, and extended up until the curtain rose at the Christmas assembly ---but it was worth it! Those who sang and those who heard the program agreed that it was fine undertaking. In January, six of our members were sent to the District Chorus in Cochranton. The members attending were: Jill Bartholme, Judy Megat, Ellen Alexander, Kark Boyer, Jerry Litherland, and Larry Lyman. Our activities during the remainder of the school year included a 15 minute radio program in Erie for the Tuberculosis Association, the annual Spring Concert in May, and the graduation exercises. This page sponsored by LAYDEN'S RESTAURANT. 65 Senior R, Winchell. C. Pollock. 655' ,gs 03, ova' G1 E0 3-W 9915 1 gs 1156 X31 sage 162513 . Waglapex ' 555' QWY . MA 5463 S. Devereaux, J. Bartholme 969' 11- P' 06' x,-Yew 60" -she AQSXN ' Y 01 'Wa' R. Fuller, L. Obert, F. Tarbell, W. Ryland, S. Lanning. '01 President. . . . . . Roger Hordusky Vice-President. . . . Martha Clark Richard P. Thompson, Conductor. 66 A. Magee, J. Thomas. heave Band Ja L, ea 13' :WGN D. Lupton, J. Morse. 8s-ea L. I P111 ab: eed -' J . banner I J . Heb es Q11-'iso T. Peard, D. Mineo, C. Cunningham, L. Hamilton, L. Dugaw. J. Allen, Musser, C. Shreve. 'C SSATOD, N . Ha 'llfn Secretary. . . . . .Noreen Hamlin Treasurer. . . . . . Jill Bartholme 67 If-4 1 6-763 12 der Junior Band FLUTES: S, Morse, W. Winchellg Clarinetss C. Simpson, T. Shreve, L. Hewitt, M. Van Tassel, B. Goskiewicz, K. Hanling SAXOPHONES: K. Henry, C. Horvath, J. Walfordg TRUMPETS: P. Behan, K. Winchell, R. Hegner, B. Blythe, J. Goskiewiczg TROMBONESs R. Tarbell, F. Rowland, BELLS: L. Hanlin. Mr. Thompson, Director, OFFICERS William Winchell. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Student Director Kenneth Hanlin. . . . . . . . . Librarian The Union City Joint High School Junior Band was formed two years ago and is now under the direction of Mr. Richard P. Thompson. It is composed of members of the junior high school. Its purpose is to provide experience for those members in the band so that upon reaching senior high school, they may be eligible for entrance into the senior band. In November, the band played a concert for the Music Parents Association. It also took part in the annual Spring Concert held in May. Individual members are called upon at various times to take part in school activities thus affording them needed experience in playing before groups. The Junior Band provides valuable experience for any student to further educate himself in the field of music, for it provides the fundamentals of skill and instrumentation needed for a vocation in music, or for a worthwhile and interesting past-time. 68 Dance Band lst ROW, fLeft to Righty P. Sheldon, R. Fuller, L. Ryland. 2nd ROW: B. Chesley, S. Harrison, Mr. Thompson. Standing: H. Musser. Pianos L. Weed. Adviser: Mr. Thompson The Dance Band is one of the new Stars in the galaxy which we at Union City High know as the Music Department. It is headed by Mr. Thompson and has been incorporated into the activities of the school. Its purpose is to provide entertainment at school functions and to provide music for any event sponsored by the classes. Although, at this writing, the Dance Band has not had the chance to fulfill its purpose, we feel that it will uphold the reputation of the Music Department when that time comes. Ft. Le Boeuf High School. Mr, Thompson di- rector of the Union City High School Band at the combined concert. 69 Snapshots Mr, Thompson directs members of the chorus. Jill Bartholme , Accompanist Talent Show -- Have comb, will travel! Noel Magee, Accompanist W ' Talent Show -- Godfrey, here we come! 70 Y vibes Rose K g,eXB'x Opnitsky Dixie Reynolds Ma jorettes wwe S11 . B3 520108 6 .1 'zito Dorothy Shaman Larry Hlcks Drum Maj or Sponsored by UNION BAR and GRILL. 71 Sylvia Watson L. g,, MAXINE WATTS Maxine was selected by the student-body of the high school to reign as Sport's Queen. She was crowned by Robert Palmer at a ceremony following the Wesleyville basketball game. This contest was sponsored by the "U" Clan, the Union City Varsity Club. Student Queens DORTHEA HEGGAN Livestock Queen Candidate from Union City y High School. Dorthea was picked by the judges to serve in the Queen's court on the basis of looks, personality, and poise. Locally, the contest was sponsored by the Union City FFA. This page sponsored by OID'S FLORIST and ROSIER'S HOME FURNISHINGS, September September September September September September September September September September Septembe. September October October October October October October October October October October October October October October October October November November November November November November 5 6 7 10 12 14 17 1R 21 24 27 28 3 4 5 8 10 12 15 16 18 19 22 23 26 29 30 31 2 6 7 12 13 14 alendar First day of school--back to the old "grind." Everyone, including the seniors, are still in a state of confusion. First home football game--the boys played a good game even though they lost to Northeast 19-13. Anvil Staff held their first meeting. They're ready to get down to "brass racks" and put out a good yearbook. Seniors attended Motorcade in Erie. Hey, John where did you go? We won our first football game from Waterford by the score of 12 -0. Nice game boys! The Business English class started banking at the grade school. Pre -College Club was organized today for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 'I'he boys played their first away football game and lost to Girard by the score of 13-6. Dee Heggan was Union City candidate for Livestock Queen. Hurrah! No School today because of teachers institute. Another win for Union City-Albior. by 26 points. Senior High Cheerleaders were picked today. Some of the members of the Pre-College Club attended College Night at Strong Vincent. Football game with Edinboro, we lost 18 -6. Business English class had an epidemic of giggling sickness. Senior Play books arrived. Tryouts tonight! Boys had another tough break, we lost to Lawrence Park 13-6. Another day off from school, teachers had another meeting. Lucky us! Open house was held for our parents so they could see what we have to go through. The seniors are all slicked up for graduation pictures. Boys lost the football game to Fairview 34- 13. Juniors picked out their class rings. I wonder how long Greg will keep his? Report cards, everyone happy? The boys chalked up another win. They beat Cambridge Springs 27-19 The senior class dance--"Punk in Ball' Individual Facility Pictures Senior Picture Proofs arrived today. Why the long faces? The boys finished off a good season by winning over Wesleyville by the score of 26-6. All eleven of the senior boys on the team played in the game. The 9th grade had their Mental Ability tests today. Home Economics girls visited Penelic Building in Erie. Six seniors visited Comptometer School in Erie. Mental Ability IBSIS were given to the 11th grade. Seniors,teachers and athletics were given their T.B. X-Rays today. The senior class presented the comedy play "What A Life." It was a big success. 73 November November November November November November December December December December December December December December December December December January January January January January January J anuary January January Jamiary January February February Calendar Mrs. Gebhart, one of the surviors of the ANDREA DORIA, gave a very interesting talk about her ex- perience. Special Assembly honoring American Education Week. Ask the juniors who received all the prizes which were given at their "Turkey Trot." School dismissed at 1:40 for Thanksgiving vacation. Vacation is over. Just think of all the weight that was gained. Group pictures were taken for Anvil. Seniors picked out ruerr name cards. No school--First day of deer season. Safety program followed by a film of prevention of accidents. Special assembly was given by a banjo player. School dismissed at 2:00--Teachers are attending meeting at Millcreek. First basketball game of the season--Cony 71-Union City 49 . Waterford's band COIIl.Dil'lCd at Union City for a special assembly. Our band members went to Waterford for their special assembly. Basketball game. Corry 53, Union City 37. The senior high chorus joined with the elementary chorus in giving the Christmas program. Holiday movie in the moming--class party--school dismissed at 1:40. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Snow Ball--Hey Sylvia! who did you have a date with? HAPPY NEW YEAR! School re-opens--Everyone is telling what Santa brought them. Basketball game at Lawrence Park- -Union City 60 -Lawrence Park 70. Union City lost to St. Agatha 45-43. A Victory for Union City, they beat Waterford 71-20 Basketball game at Youngsville. we lost 49-41. Lost the Basketball game to Wesleyville by the score of 63-56. Maxine Watts was crowned Bas- ketball Queen after the game. We defeated Youngsville at home by the score of 51-49. Union City was host to Waterford for our first wrestling match, we won. Another victory for Union City over North East by the score of 77-54. Sock Hop, Buddy Chesley won the prize for having the craziest socks. Reba Bell won the cherry pie contest. The Wrestling team wrestled at Millcreek tonight. Report cards today. Oh Happy Day?. . .Yesterdayl The wrestling team added another victory to their win column. They beat Corry 48-0. Basketball game--Union City 49-Wattsburg 53. Individual pictures of the students were taken. 74 February February February February February February February February February February February February February March March March March April April April April April May May May May May 4 Mal' May May May May May I une alendar Tough break the boys lost to Lawrence Park by the score of 53-51. The wrestling' team had another victory. They beat Milcreek 23-16. Union City beat Waterford tonight '12 -46. ' We had a Hi-Y assembly today. Try outs for the Junior Class play. Basketball game. Union City played Girard at home. Wrestling match at Warren. 'Basketball game at Wesleyville. Gym exibition. Basketball game at Girard tonight. Basketball game at North East. Wrestling at Union City with Waterford. Union City wrestled Corry at home. Last basketball game, we play Wattsburg at home. Report cards againl Special Assembly. Armed Forces Day This sure is a blue Monday, it's April Fool's. Career Day. A Dismissed at 1:40 for Easter Vacation. Back to school after a much needed vacation. Report cards. At last the final stretch. Spring concert. The seniors are getting ready for their trip to New York. Well, we are finally on our way. . .never thought we'd make it. The seniors arrived home tired- but happy, boy they were sure glad to see us leave Junior-Senior Banquet. Senior High Exams Junior-Senior Prom Everyone home early last night? Baccalaureate, Everyone's so sad. Class Night Commencement, Oh, happy day. Last day of school, lots of luck to everyone next year! 75 Can You Bake A Cherry Pie? Reba can! A11 "A's", John? Alone in a crowd! What's next, Teach! As usual! Who says a fox is smart! Gosh! What a view! This page sponsored by THE MOLDED FIBER GLASS BOAT COMPANY. 76 Sporfa f'5 L! Football lst. ROW: Left to Right: L. Bennett, L. Bennett, D. Barnes, G. Besonson, D. Harris, H. Goodwill, R. Hordusky, E. Magee. Znd. ROW: F. Fox, G. Besonson, L. Barstow, B. Wellmon, L. Hurlburt, B. McLain, R. Palmer, J. Magee. 3rd. ROW: H. Barnes, J. Dingle, D. Bennett, N. Hanby, B. Smith, B. Mosher, J. Rose, F. Bennett, D. Ferrell. 4th ROW: D. Woods-Manager, J. Baumbach-Manager, M. Still, J. Still, C. Breitweiser, B. Van- Epps. Coaches: Mr. F. Osborne, Mr. P. Ryan. Union City High School Football Schedule -- 1956 North East 19 Union City 13 Waterford 0 Union City 12 Girard 13 Union City 6 Albion 0 Union City 26 Edinboro 18 Union City 6 Lawrence Park 13 Union City 6 Fairview 34 Union City 13 Cambridge Springs 19 Union City 27 Wesleyville -Q Union City -E Totals 122 135 The Union City High Schoo1's football team this year was one that gave everyone the full price of the ad- mission that they paid to the games -- in thrills, in excitement, and in posting the best record of any other team during the last three years. Although the final record was four wins to five losses, the scores could ROI ever indicate the kind of games played nor the spirit shown by the players. It will only be recorded in the minds and hearts of the loyal spectators and of the boys who participated in the games during the year. The coaches especially deserve a special niche in Union City's sports record for the year. Theirs is in many cases a thankless job, but in this one, we offer our thanks for the excellent work which they have done. TI-IE PENNSYLVANIA GAS COMPANY 78 1 Roger Hotdusky Lyman Bennett Jack Magee, Lavern I-Iur1- burt--Co-Captains. Bob Palmer Earl Magee 79 Leveret Bennett Harold Goodwill Bill Mc Lain Dick Barnes Bruce Smith 80 ,M -1 Junior Hi h Football FRONT ROW: Qlcft to right, R. Campbell, H. Hewitt, P. Harris, E. Miller, L. Ryland, B. Gates, D. Woods, C. Greshaw. SECOND ROW: P. I-latch, J. Still, D. Brown, D. Alsdorf, J. Dagat, J. Bambaugh. THIRD ROW: R. Riggs, J. Walford, B. Wagner, H. Hunter, D. Chundrlek. FOURTH ROW: J. Rose, J. Dingle, N. Magee. The Junior High football team this year had a very good season as the scores below will indicate. Playing a few regular games and a number of unscheduled ones, the boys showed a good grasp of the fundamentals of foot ball. We feel sure that their prowess on the gridiron will be felt and shown in the Union City teams of the next few years. The schedule and the scores follow: Townville O Union City 52 Waterford '7 Union City 19 Cambridge Springs O Union City 26 Totals 'I 97 This page sponsored by , '.Q5927 . ' lmmmms - P. A. MEYER 6? SONS ERIE'S FOREMOST CLOTHIERS 817-19-21-23 State St. 81 Basketball Team FRONT fLeft to rightj J. Magee, L. Hurlburt. BACK: J. Bennett, J. Phanco, G Besonson, C Blakeslee, B Pal mer, R Hordusky, G. Besonson, W. Huckno, QMISSING: A. Robertsj, Coach Mr Ryan Alumni Corry Corry Lawrence Park St. Agatha Fort LeBoeuf Youngsville Wesleyville North East St. Agatha Wattsburg Lawrence Park Fort LeBoeuf Girard Wesleyville North East Wattsburg Totals 43 '71 53 '70 43 26 49 63 54 85 53 53 '72 82 83 '79 56 1035 SCHEDULE Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union' City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City This page sponsored by MARK!-1AM'S MUSIC CENTER 82 Senior Basketball Players Magee Driving! Pa1mer"s One-hand! ga 5 , ' 1 X Coach Ryan Hurlburtls Jump Shot! Hordusky Hooking! This page sponsored by CANTEEN SERVICE. 83 41 Junior Varsit Basketball lst ROW: QLeft to Righty J. Bennett, L. Bradley, T. Miller, J. Rexrode, N. Michaelson. 2nd ROW: D. Ferrell, J. Matava, D. Lupton, B. Mosher. Coach: Mr. Rohde. MISSING: C. Blakeslee. Jr. Hi h Basketball lst ROW: fLeft to Righty R. Campbell, D. Burgess, C. Thomas, D. Brown, W. Ryland, K. Hanlin. 2nd ROW: B. Gates, D. Alsdorf, P. Harris, H. Hewitt, J. Thomas, J. Baumbach, J. Walford. 3rd ROW: R. Morris, D. Troyer, N. Magee, J. Woods, J. Rose. 4th ROW: E. Miller, Coach: Mr. Blok. This page sponsored by SEALTEST ICE CREAM, Erie, Penn. 84 Wrestling Tea m Qleft to rightj Duane Bowes, Peter Hatch, John McGuire, David Brooks, Alfred Chesley, Buddy Wellmon, David Harris, Bill Brooks, Tom McGuire, Harold Goodwill, John Abraham. lst ROW: Qleft to right, Buddy Chesley, Dave Brooks, Harold Goodwill, Jolm Abraham, Tom McGuire, Dave Harris. 2nd ROW: Jack Dickson, Frank Fox, Joe Miller, Charles Rockwood, Bill Brooks, Melvin Pollock, Buddy Wellmon. 3rd ROW: Duane Bowes, Pete Hatch, Richard Patten, John McGuire, Larry Curtis, Allison Bell. This page sponsored by MEADOW BROOK DAIRY. 85 . Wrestling Team Hard at work! Taking him down' SCHEDULE Waterford ll Union City 34 Millcreek 22 Union City 17 Corry O Union City 43 Millcreek 16 Union City 23 Waterford 2 Union City 45 Warren Reserve 8 Union City 37 Corry 5 Union City 35 Totals 64 4 Coach Osborne For the second straight time, the Union City wrestling team posted a better than average record for the year. Winning six and losing only one, the team compiled a total of 234 points to the opponents 64. This was the best record in the three years that Union City has had a wrestling team. In addition to such an exceptional season, the team took second place to McDowell in the County championships with Well- mon, Chesley, Bowes, and J. McGuire each winning a berth. Bowes later successfully emerged from the County City matches as Union's only candidate for District honors. For such a season as this, we feel justified in giving both team and coach our heartiest thanks for a job extremely well done. , 86 Track Team-JI 95 7 lst ROW: QLeft to Right, P. Hatch, D. Alsdorf, J. Baumbach, J. Dingle, B. Mosher, B. Van Epps, N. Michaelson, J. Still. 2nd ROW: L. Barstow, O. Wright, J. Litherland, M. Still, J. Bames, G, Besonson, V. Kuczaj, D. Fer- rell, G. Besenson. 3rd ROW: M. King, A. Sexton, R. Hordusky, J. Magee, D. Bennett, D. Lupton, B. Smith, H. Pollack, F. Fox, R. Morris, Coaches: Mr. Osborne, Mr. Couch. One of our popular spring-time sports is Track. It is' the only school sport that encourages getting rid of "spring fever" which afflicts all of us. Our Track team this year was composed of members of all the classes in the school and has proved to be the source of much of our after -school entertainment. The team had a 1-2 -.1 record, but furnished the county with two milers in the forms of John Barnes and Val Kuczaj. Both placed on the All-County Track Team, taking first and second places respectively. . This page sponsored by the cocA COLA BoTTLtNc COMPANY 87 Senior Cheerleaders fLeft to Righty Maxine Watts, Shirley McE1haney, Coleen Ctmningham, Martha Clark, Ellen Alexander, Judy Me- gat. The cheerleading squad this year was one of the best' that Union City High School has ever had. The girls showed exceptional enthusiasm and were always ready to cheer the teams on to victory. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the fine work they did. We know that the year in sports at Union City High was helped greatly by their efforts. Marry, Maine, 5hiI12Y- One of the "extras" at the games. 88 r Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders Jr. High Cheerleaders B. Comstock, V. McGuire, B. Hotchkiss, B. Sabol. This page sponsored by ISAAC BAKER and SONS--For over 107 years, Erie's Finest Clothiers for Men and Boys 89 Snapshots 'W f'QQxiQ'.5 'Aqua eu Snapshots Q . O O- O i Q ve as 'kqt 3.521563 T This page sponsored by THE BOSTON STORE, Erie. K X' A 2 Autogllaphs 2 ,fif fl' ffwff , " mfW'Ww4W f ,ff L , EW, , cz of gy Zfwuazii, U g ffl' WK 9 P, 2,9 A WM My 2f,M M M L ,,,,, HB,-'M 5 My I is ,N 'CN jg .W BHNWT aw? MM f' f'iA 'XKLLM LU 4 X W,,f,M JW , I U MQW IM . ' 4 I yn ff ' N YQ M wg K fl M X , xx Q! 5 K 2 XS? 5? ,Q dj ' X N gvpjgfb N18 page Spons he ERIE-CRAWFORD COUNTY DAIRY c ..L.a.,..... 4 . . 1 , in , is , . A 1 w I V 1' F ' ,, - ' V 1' 7 Q , - A X ., A. -,L . V Q As, Y 1 ' .V 1 V.. ' 7 A , -,033 . . ' - 2-f -A ,A .59 ' V' - '- ' . A , - MGH' ', . ,if f -- . ' . ia . ' 'L 'ff' :I "'.:'F ' 1 1.1 45+ ' , f.Q',.,,' ' .-'P . ,- 41.5 f A, -'ft..sHAf'f ' 1 , ' if . .Nw 7' .,4NV ,s H, , - , 1 A . X, F K A If-f . - K 4 ' :::5'1 .+- - . W ,":J-'41 4 , V . r..f-2 I . 1 .- f ' 'I ' "F iw. Y A if-1-' ' ' -. Q:-f if 1 ' T g4?25Q.fQj I , .'Tgf'-y-- . i A-"ggi 2 . .uw 14.5 fy YH'-'H Y.. 1.3. ' A , , mu. . , xv , ' " - A ' " n ' -.. -. ' -1. ,X .I . X 1 . . 5 1 r 4 'F' mall .Q H il' iw Ewa Q .,-w'+e"""" Q ,Zi ii I I 1 H ff.- -.1 ,. If "ww 185- . lu 1' u Q .111- H I in b ,fi 4 '25 4 - , i?1-"1"" f-s..f,.lE5f LE?-,rt Qi' iq ffl-74-ff, - ' 457 -C-A-ff 1251 YA if-Yi WT9?'5-5? V ' J' '-' 'Q 'aff f-,Y --13' JF L- -'-1' 'M, Y f-345i ,110 X-3 QQ 1 Y X 1 'xfff "i 6' - Y X .4 hpxdxi ' n - 1 . 23

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