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TABLE' CF CCNTFNTS FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION SFNICRS UNDFRCLASSMEN SPCRTS ACTIVITIES MUSIC CALENDAR AD VERTISINC THE 0 S PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF UNIUN CITY JUINT HIGH SCHUUI. ' Union City, Pennsylvania Volume No. 41 June, 1955 DEDICATION We, The Class of 1955, wish to dedicate this book to Mr. Russell Brant for the excellent coaching he has given our school not only in sports, but also in our daily lives. 4. J minisfrafion SUPER YISING PRINCIPAL P PPP at . are Q V HL A Nfl '55 'vfflffj 'Z 1, W 1 W 2 if? u I i D 4 -Mgt m ge it ' gre se V925 MR. D. 8. HIIDSUN Mr. Hudson has been with the Union City schools for four years now and has brought considerable importance to our city and school district. He has attended Juniata College and Duke University, has done grad- uate work at Penn. State, Northwestern University, and Columbia Un- iversity, and holds A. B. and M.A. decrees. + 6 . - , PRINCIPAL 11. thu: yer ,IQ :.5F-545 'TQ MR. RUSS!!! PALMER Mr. Palmer has been a member of our faculty for a, number of years and this year he has taken over the duty of principal. He has attended Elizabethtown and the University of Pittsburgh and has attained a B. S. and M. Ed. degree. 7 SECRETARY MRS. MARGARET CAMPBELL l Y. 4 ll CZ' GLENN A, MCKINNEY DEGREES B. S. COLLEGES ATTENDED Edinboro State Teachers College SUBJECTS TAUGHT Geography - 7, 8 Drivers Training P. O. D. OIGA SAMMONS DEGREES B.S. COLLEGES ATTENDED Edinboro State Teachers College SUBJECTS TAUGHT Geography English FACULTY IV' 3 ' ts' C57 VIRGINIA MICHAEL DEGREE S A. B. COLLEGES ATTENDED Penn State SUBJECTS TAUGHT French I, II latin I, II English III 9 CLARA A. DURBIN DEGREES B. S. COLLEGES ATTENDED Wooster Edinboro Westminster Allegheny Slippery Rock Penn State University of Pittsburg SUBJECTS TAUGHT librarian English World History Guidance Counselor BETH SMILEY DEGREES A. B. COLLEGES ATTENDED Allegheny Grove City College Penn State Extension Columbia University SUBJECTS TAUGHT English - 10 English - 9 English - 12 NEVA PARKER DEGREES B. S. COLLEGES ATTENDED Edinboro State Teachers College SUBJECTS TAUGHT American History Pennsylvania History FACULTY ALBERT CERUTTI DEGREES B. S. 5 M. Ed. COLLEGES ATTENDED Duquesne University Penn State University SUBJECTS TAUGHT General Music Chorus Band ROBERTA CUTHBERTSON DEGREES B. S. in Chemistry COLLEGES ATTENDED Grove City College Edinboro State Teachers College SUBJECTS TAUGHT Senior High Mathematics 10 BARBARA BALDWIN DEGREES 'B.A. COLLEGES ATTENDED Edinboro State Teachers College Arizona State College New York University Western Reserve University SUBJECTS TAUGHT Business English English - 10 General Business Bookkeeping Business Math Salesmanship Economic Geography BARBARA DAVIS DEGREES B. S. in Health Education COLLEGES ATTENDED Slippery Rock SUBJECTS TAUGHT Physical Education Health - Q-ce GERRIT J. BLOK DEGREES B.A. COLLEGES ATTENDED Gannon College SUBJECTS TAUGHT History English WILLIAM H. COUCH DEGREES A. B. COLLEGES ATTENDED Penn State University SUBJECTS TAUGHT English FACULTY f-1 ,fn RUSSELL L. BRANT DEGREES B. S. : M. Ed. COLLEGES ATTENDED Indiana State College Edinboro State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh SUBJECTS TAUGHT Physical Education Health MARY SZALL DEGREES R. N. SCHOOLS ATTENDED Bradford Hospital Edinboro State SUBJECTS TAUGHT School Nurse S BARBARA BOTTENHORN DEGREES B. S. 155' COLLEGES ATTENDED i L, Indiana State -sv Mansfield State - .-4 SUBJECTS TAUGHT Q . ies' "?'f"." I MICHAEL SOFFA DEGREES B. S. SCHOOLS ATTENDED University of Pittsburgh SUBJECTS TAUGHT General Science 'Il Home Economics 9' y RUSSELL PALMER DEGREES B. S. 3 M. Ed. COLLEGES ATTENDED Elizabethtown University of Pittsburgh SUBJECTS TAUGHT Typing I, II Shorthand I, II PAUL MCINERNEY DEGREES B.S. COLLEGES ATTENDED University of Pittsburgh SUBJECTS TAUGHT Biology Physics Pre-Flight WILLIAM ROHDE DEGREES B.S. SCHOOLS ATTENDED Edlnboro State Teachers College SUBIECTS TAUGHT History KATHERINE GAY DEGREES A. B. SCHOOLS ATTENDED Srnith College SUBJECTS TAUGHT Mathematics FACULTY FRANK OSBORNE DEGREES B.A. SCHOOLS ATTENDED Ohio Wesleyan University SUBJECTS TAUGHT History Physical Education PATRICIA MARZKE DEGREES B. S. SCHOOLS ATTENDED Edinboro State Teachers College SUBJECTS TAUGHT Art RALPH HAMILTON DEGREES B. S. SCHOOLS ATTENDED California State Teachers College SUBJ EC TS TA UGHT Industrial Arts THE X956 C2514 Q flalws SENIORS S. I OAN BENNETT AMBITION To be a success in nursing HOBBY Driving, Reading ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 1, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 LaFre 2, 3 College Club 2 Voice Staff 3, 4 Anvil staff 4 Class Play 3 Style Show 3,4 1 Student Teaching 3, 4 A L Apple Desserts Queen 4 CONSTANCE ALEXANDER IUDITH ALLEN AMBITION AMBITION To be a good private To be a secretary success HOBBY HOBBY Going steady Driving ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Girls' Chorus 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3 Junior -Play 3 Prom 3 G. A. A. 2 Minstrel 2 Student Council 1,'2, 3, 4 Banquet 3 Sec. and Treas. 4 Girls' Vice-Pres. 3 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Class President 1 Class Play 3 F g Prom and Banquet 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Twirling 4 Anvil Staff 4 Ring Committee 3 Monroe Rhythm Add Class 3 , 4 Combined Chorus 4 DUNNA BISBEE AMBITION To be a good wife HOBBY Eating ACTIVITIES Majorette 3, 4 Jr. Twirlers 1, 2 Sr. Twirlers 1, 2, 3, 4 Prom 85 Banquet 3 Tri-Hi-'Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Voice sraff 4 Anvil Staff 4 Ir. Play 3 Ring Committee 3 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Minstrel 2 LEAH BACON JEAN BAKSTOW AMBITION To be successful HOBBY Writing letters Collecting recipes ACTIVITIES Anvil Staff 4 Chorus 2 Newspaper Staff 1 Class Play 3 Prom and Banquet 3 Monroe Rhythm -I Add Class 3 AMBITION To be a success HOBBY Driving and Flirting ACTIVITIES Junior Play 3 Prom and Banquet 3 Anvil Staff 4 F. H.,A. 1 Chorus 3 Girls' Chorus 3 Q X M I.: 5 , nr W- F SENIORS MAXIN E DALEY AMBITION Private secretary HOBBY Trying to get the car ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 1 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Anvil Staff 4 CAROLE BESONSON AMBITION Elementary teaching HOBBY Horses ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 1, 2 Secretary 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Voice Staff 4 College Club 4 Volleyball SALLY CARSON Successful secretary HOBBY Men, especially Dick ACTIVITIES Minstrel 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 President 4 Prom and Banquet 3 Voice staff 4 Anvil Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Student Coach 2 Tournament 2 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Secretary 4 Monroe Rhythm Add Class 3 Minstrel 2 Prom 3 7 E Banquet Chairman 3 A if' 1 Mixed Chorus 2 3 W' - Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Combined Chorus 2 IANICE BURNS BETTY CHASE AMBITION AMBITION To be a success To get out of HOBBY Union City Collecting men from HOBBY every county Skating ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Junior Play 3 Junior Play 3 Anvil Staff 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 LaFre Club 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 2 College Club 2, 3, 4 Prom 3 F.H.A. 1, 2 Junior Prom and Twirlers 1 Banquet 3 Combined Chorus 2 H, in ui - ur H H n EQ?ssf"5,i1 "5 Combined Chorus 2 MILDRED CHUNDRLEK AMBITION To get out of Union City HOBBY Working at Hayes' Grocery ACTIVITIES Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Minstrel 2 Prom 3 Junior Play 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1 Junior Twirlers 1 Combined Chorus 3 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . ' I , I Y A l A - sem ' is V A .55-i SENIORS far - --- was- nu-5 LOUISE KOPNITSKY . E, ,ly fr af---. 1 ne? " WILLIAM GILLETT AMBITION Art Teacher HOBBY Art Hunting ACTIVITIES Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Voice Staff 4 Anvil Staff 4 Prom 3 Boys' Chorus 1 District Chorus 1, 2 Minstrel 1, 2 Pre-College 4 Student Teaching 3 CAROL JACOBS AMBITION Degree in Nursing HOBBY Dancing ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 1, 2, 3 Prom 3 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3 Junior Play 3 LaFre Club 3, 4 District Chorus 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3 State Chorus 3 Voice staff 3 Anvil Staff 4 Hobby Club 2 Camera Club 4 Apple Pan Dowdy Queen 2 PATRICIA KOWALSKI 1 AMBITION I AMBITION To marry a To be a nurse certain someone HOBBY HOBBY Having a good Homework l time ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Latin Club 1,2 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 HyLites 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1, 2 Pre-College 3, 4 F. T.A. 2 Voice Staff 4 Anvil staff 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Chorus 3, 4 Basketball 3 Student Teaching 3, 4 SHIRLEY CAMPBELL GERRY GEER AMBITION To own a farm HOBBY Hiking Writing letters ACTIVITIES Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4 F. H. A. 2 Anvil Staff 4 Junior Play 2 Prom and Banquet 3 16 AMBITION To be a rich bachelor HOBBY Eating, Sleeping and Money ACTIVITIES Yearbook 2, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Prom 3 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4 Basketball and Baseball Manager 1, Y 'W 1 r uw - 1 . - ' wu1j:nUA:- Q- , ' Q 'J-' Y 'I 1 5 Hobby Club 2 Camera Club 4 LaFre 3 Anvil Staff 4 Minstrel 2 Prom and Banquet 3 Junior Play 3 Spring Concert 3, 4 College Club 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 2, 8, 4 Eff: Q az I Y swim 1' 53-ea I 5 5 o f i fn' 1 1 7."u....fWg L - , A a., 3 U X 2 E ig- ,,, A' fr I ' It 'P if.: i 1.-rg A im ,ur -W-iw H gig, J . .. Mu M 51:3 f -Hi . ' 2 ISP?-, 1 1. -' I " 9 ' E 'F' 523111-: if 5 5- Iliff 2 ,s ' "-.-'- .'ri'LJ-Y - . .1 " - ' 77 -' 2 .lit ..,, A 1 ' 1.1. . A J fall' ' ii I 9 is , -' :E-v ffzilfas.. 's -f ,O ,Q PATRICIA LAPEK AMBITION X-Ray Technician HOBBY Skating and working ACTIVITIES LaFre Club 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 2 Anvil Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Minstrel 2 Chorus 2, 3, 4 College Club 1, 2 Prom and Banquet 3 Spring Concert 3 IOAN KOPNITSKY AMBITION To marry Bill HOBBY Boys ACTIVITIES Glee Club 1, 2 Chorus 3, 4 F. T. A. 2 Latin Club 1, 2 F. H. A. 2 Prom 3 Anvil Staff 4 Orchestra 1, 2 THELMA M. LAIRD AMBITION To make Jim a good wife HOBBY Collecting records ACTIVITIES Prom 3 Minstrel 2 Voice Staff 4 Anvil Staff 4 Student Coach 2 Twirlers 1, 2, 3, 4 1 cneer1eader1,2,3,4 Tri-H1-Y 2,a,4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 IOANN PLAT T AMBITION Beautician HOBBY Driving Skating ACTIVITIES Mixed Chorus 2 Girls' Chorus 2 Twirlers 2, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 F. H. A. 1, 2 Minstrel 2 ELIZABETH ROWLAND GILBERT ROWLAND W AMBITION AMBITION To graduate from Stay out the Erie Conservatory of school of Music HOBBY HOBBY Sports and Pool Photography ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Football 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Rifle Club 2 Girls' Chorus 4 Proin 3 Class I-list. 1, 3 Treas. 4 Prom 3, LaFre 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 4 College Club 2 Chorus 2, Band 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 SHIRLEY TARBELL AMBITION To have a successful marriage HOBBY Tap dancing Rex ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2 Minstrel 2 Banquet 3 Voice Staff 4 Anvil Staff 4 Student Coach 2 JAMES SMITH AMBITION Truck Driver HOBBY Hunting ACTIVITIES F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 4 Rifle Club 2 SENIORS IUDITH SOETY AMBITION AMBITION Professional To travel musician around HOBBY HOBBY Bud Skating ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 2 Chorus 1, 2, 4 Prom 3 F. H. A. 2, 4 Voice Staff 4 Tri-I-Ii-Y 4 Anvil Staff 4 Jazz Band 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Dance Band 4 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Prom 3 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 F. T. A. 1, 2 Camera Club 4 Language Club 1, 2 FREDERICK SUTTER I AMBITION Farmer HOBBY Sports ACTIVITIES F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 4 Rifle Club 2 Sports Manager 2, 3, Class Play 3 A CYNTHIA WI-IITTAKER AMBITION Private secretary HOBBY Flirting ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 1, 2, 3 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3 College Club 2, 3 Hobby Club 2, 3 Prom and Banquet 3 Junior Play 3 S E N l 0 R SWILLIAM LYONS AMBITION To make lots of money I ,, A HOBBY Sports In 5 "M gggiguwww, ,I I' uw In m M In ACTIVITIES Football 1, 2, 3, 4 'I Basketball 1, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Rifle Club 1, 2 ' Band 1, 2 Minstrel 2 ' .- Junior Play 3 Prom3 -V II II 5 President 4 Ring Committee 3 DIANE MCGAHEN AMBITION To attend a conservatory HOBBY Collecting old coins ACTIVITIES Prom 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 District 3, 4 State 3 Dance 4 Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Student Council 4 LaFre Club 2, 3 Minstrel 2 Hobby Club 2 Junior Play 3 Voice Staff 4 Anvil staff 4 College Club 2, 3, 4 ELLEN L. RICE l DAVID RIGGS AMBITION AMBITION To get married Disc JOCRCY HOBBY ll HOBBY Driving Collecting ACTIVITIES All records . ACTIVITIES Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 . ,E In m "lu Q: - -. WlN"w WW mmm Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Anvil Staff 4 Voice Staff 4 Chorus 2, 3 Anvn Staff 4 Foorball 4 Pre-College 2, 3 Minstrel 2 Minstrel 2 - Prom 3 Junior play 3 , Junior Play 3 prom 3 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 Livestock Queen 2 School Reporter 2, 3 DONALD CLARK AMBITION To have lots of money HOBBY Trying to understand women ACTIVITIES Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Rifle Club 1, 2 Anvil Staff 4 Prom 3 Camera Club 4 Ring Committee 3 WILLIAM GREGOR AMBITION Engineer HOBBY Hunting ACTIVITIES Band 1 Prom 3 Rifle Club 1 Anvil staff 4 Junior Play 3 LaFre Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council Football 1, 2, 4 College Club 2, 3, 4 LaFre Club 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 President 3, 4 Class President 2, 3, 4 .31 ' . ' II In 3 Q 4-i"J5L,Y. . ,. 1 , "' 'Wlglx A . iffifrif ' ,rw-1 s :mans MARY LEE WALFORD J. MAXINE WILSON AMBITION AMBITION To be a success in life To be a HOBBY mortician Drawing and Skating HOBBY ACTIVITIES Photography 3"'r Band ACTIVITIES District 3 Prom 3 Chorus 2.3.4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed 2,3 District 2, 3 Girls' 2,3,4 State 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3 Dance 4 LaF re Club 2,3 F.H.A. 1,2,3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' 1, 2, 3, 4 Hobby Club 1,2 Mixed 2, 3 Prom, Junior Play 3 District 4 , Voice Staff, Anvil Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Minstrel 2 Minstrel 2 College Club 1,2,3 Camera Club 4 Basketball 3 WINIFRED WOODS I " RUDOLPH WOITECKI AMBITION AMBITION To be a success To be a successful HOBBY musician Singing HOBBY ACTIVITIES Music F. H. A. 1, 2, 3 ACTIVITIES , Tri-Hi-Y 2 Chorus 2, 3 Anvil Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Voice Staff 4 as Art Club 1, 2 Junior Play 3 LaFre Club 2, 3 College Club 2, 3 Anvil Staff 4 Hobby Club 1, 2 Rifle Club 2 Prom 3 LaFre 2, 3, 4 Minsuel 2 Minstrel 2 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 Girls' Prom 3 Mixed C. D. 4 District 3, 4 Student Teaching 3, 4 DONALD VANDERPOOL .T AMES TOOHEY AMBITION AMBITION To be a success To be some kind of bws HOBBY HOBBY Sports Sports ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 4: Prom 3 Basketball 1 F.F.A. 1,2,3.4 Rifle Club 2, 3 Class Secretary 1 Hi-Y 1 Class Treasurer 2 Band 1, 2, 3 Baseball 2 Track 3, 4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Monroe Rhythm 20 Add Class 3 Student Council 2 I. STANLEY ALLEN BEVERLY AUMENE AMBITION AMBITION To be a successful Airline farmer Hostess HOBBY Skating and Music working, ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Prom and F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Banquet 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Cheerleader 1, 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Sec. 3,4 MARIAN B. BIDWELI. AMBITION n To operate a beauty shop chain HOBBY Ice-skating ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 2, 4 Tri-I-Ii-Y 4 Prom and Banquet 3 Chorus 1, 2 FREDERICK CONKLIN AMBITION To be a success HOBBY Hunting and Skating ACTIVITIES Latin Club 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Prom and Banquet 3 ' '. , 5 ? 55 A -IC Y L : -Y J Y , .EEZ CB MARY I. COURTRIGHT AMBITION To own a large dairy farm HOBBY Collecting Dirty Don's pencils ACTIVITIES F.H.A. 2 Junior Play 3 Anvil Staff 4 Prom and Banquet 3 'Y' ? CHARLES BLAKESLEE AMBITION Soil expert HOBBY Sports ACTIVITIES Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Football 4 Baseball 2 F. F. A. 3, 4 WILLIAM I- CONOVER AMBITION To be a success HOBBY Guns, skating ACTIVITIES Hobby Club 3, 4 Rifle Club 2, 3 CECILE A. CROSS AMBITION To be a secretary HOBBY Boys ACTIVITIES Band 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Prom 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Tri-Hi-Y 4 21 RONALD GOODWIN N 5 EMILY DIESNEI RICHARD B. GILSON AMBITION AMBITION Beautician To remain single HOBBY until 25 Sewing, Writing HOBBY to Richard Sports ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES F.H.A. 1,2 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Prom and Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Banquet 3 Football 4 Tri- Hi-Y 4 Track 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 MARGARET HURLBURT AMBITION AMBITION SIEIIC Policeman To marry 3 farmer HOBBY HOBBY HUHUH2. SPOIIS Helping Janice E9-11118 change flats ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Hi"Y 1.2.3 F.H.A. 2 I11Hi0I Play 3 Prom and PFOID 3 Banquet 3 Football 1, 2, 3 junior Play 3 Rifle Club 2 Anvil Staff 4 l I. WILBUR LASHER VIRGINIA LILLEY AMBITION AMBITION School Teacher To be a success HOBBY HOBBY Electricity Skating and Radio ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Anvil Staff 4 Language Club 1, 2 Class Play 3 F. T. A. 2 MARIORIE LINDSLEY RICHARD PARKER ' AMB ITION To be successful HOBBY Reading ACTIVITIES Prom and Banquet 3 Anvil Staff 4 Junior Play 3 22 AMBITION To succeed HOBBY Fishing Hunting ACTIVITIES Baseball 2, 3 Rifle Club 2 Prom 3 Voice Staff 4 Junior Twirlers 1 Junior Play 3 F . H. A. 1, 2 Prom and Banquet 3 CECILIA GREGORY AMBITION Beautician To be a success HOBBY Skating, Sewing Jim ACTIVITIES Anvil Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Prom 3 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 4 JOY PARKER AMBITION To be a success HOBBY Collecting records ACTIVITIES Anvil Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Prom 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Voice Staff 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4 Student Teaching 3, 4 GORDON HANLIN AMBITION Farming HOBBY Sports ACTIVITIES F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Riile Club 2 Prom Committee 3 Basketball Manager 2, 3 RICHARD HEGNER AMBITION A successful farmer HOBBY Hunting, fishing driving ACTIVITIES F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Q JOHN NOBLE AMBITION To be successful HOBBY Hunting ACTIVITIES Latin Club 2 Prom Committee 3 SYLVIA A. NIELSEN AMBITION To be a good wife HOBBY Skating ACTIVITIES Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Anvil Staff 4 F. H. A. 1, 2 Prom Committee 3 Banquet Committee 3 IUANITA HOLDER PETER MICHAEL AMBITION AMBITION To be a success C. O. in the Navy in life HOBBY HOBBY "Hot Rods" Skating and ACTIVITIES Eddie Hobby Club 2 ACTIVITIES Chorus 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Class Play 3 Anvil Staff 4 Rifle Club 2 Banquet Lal-ire 3, 4 Committee 3 Anvil Staff 4 Prom Minstrel 2 Committee 3 C. D. 4 Prom Committee LORETTA SHELLITO AMZBITION To be a nurse HOBBY Joe ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 2 Glee Club 2 Band 2, 3, 4 Pre-College Club 4 Junior Play 3 ROGER TROYER AMBITION To be a millionaire HOBBY Sports, Hunting ACTIVITIES Football 2, 4 Basketball 3, 4 F. F. A. Reporter 4 F.F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Basketball 1, 2 MONA MAE WATTS WAYNE WILLIS DRUSCELLA MCELHANEY AMBITION To marry Fred HOBBY Square dancing Fred ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 2 Prom and Banquet 3 Anvil Staff 4 REXFORD SEIDLER AMBITION To be a successful store manager HOBBY Cars, Driving ACTIVITIES Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Chorus 2 Football 1 Basketball 1 Minstrel 2 OANNE M. SHREVE AMBITION To marry John HOBBY Writing to John ACTIVITIES F. H. A. 2 Glee Club 2 Prom 3 AMBITION To be Dick's wife HOBBY Writing to Dick ACTIVITIES Prom and Banquet 3 F. H. A. 2 AMBITION AMBITION To marry Corky To be successful , HOBBY HOBBY Skating and Work, Women Dancing ACTIVITIES V L ACTIVITIES Band 1, 2, 3 I Prom 3 Anvil Staff 4 F.H.A. 1 F.F.A. 1,2 Chorus 1 Latin Club l, 2 Junior Twirling 1 Junior V ' I P1ay3 h Z . f 24 IANET M. VanTASSEL SENIORS MERVIN TROY ER AMBITION Farming HOBBY Sports AC TIVITIES H1-Y 3,4 F F.A. 1,2,3,4 Class Vice-President 3, 4 WAYNE SHREVE AMBITION Hard to tell HOBBY Skating, Hunting Fishing, Swimming ACTIVITIES Volleyball 1, 2, 3 F. F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 25 FRANCIS SHREVE AMBITION To, be successful HOBBY Skating ACTIVITIES Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 F. F. A. President 4 ww M M ff Q an im. f R QP 6? fi 3 Q? jg XR 23325 is Efxxhffii-'Ev-Q 66 2333, X? CDV we A , Q-2 'N' in xiii? E Q nf CLASS PROPHECY Who's Who in 1965 As we gaze into the future, we see a double wedding in the church around the corner. Coming down the aisle we see the brides, Shirley Tarbell and Cecilia Gregory. Beside them we see the grooms, Rex Seidler and Jim Toohey. They plan to make their home in the "Do-Rae-Me" apartment house owned by Peter Michael and his wife, Carol Uacobsl. Don Clark is teaching driving to those fortunate enough to have the money on hand. His first pupil is Pat Kowalski, and her first lesson is: GREEN MEANS Go, RED MEANS STOP, IF YOU FORGET THE SIGNALS, LOOK OUT FOR THE COP. Rudy Wojtecki, famed monkeyologist, has as his assistant, Janice Burns. They went to the "For- bidden Land", where they met the foreign language expert, Pat Lapek, Dick Gilson, who struck oil on his ranch inTexas, received several souvenirs from Francis Shreve, who is a big game hunter in Africa. While there F rannie met Leah Bacon, who is a mis- sionary. Thelma Laird, after five unsuccessful engagements, has finally eloped. fMy gracious, it's about time.J Another marriage recently heard about is that of Sally Carson. Congratulations on the fatal step, Sal. Diane "Trumpet" Mc Gahen finally got her name in lights. She is playing in an exclusive nightclub owned by Carole Besonson. Joan Kopnitsky, Carole's hatcheck girl, seems to have made quite a hit with the society boy of New York, Chuck Blakeslee. If you want "SPUDS FOR YOUR TUMMY", seeRoger and MervinTroyer's potato growing agency. They have potatoes to fit every need. "The Eater's Paradise", owned by Bill Conover,has employed two of our former home economics' students, Druscella McElhaney and Juanita Holder. Have you seen the super-duper farm out on R.D. 52? It is owned by James Smith and Richard I-Iegner. Their faithful housekeeper, Shirley Campbell, says, "You couldn't ask for a better place to work". Joan Platt finally reached her life's goal. She drives General Jean Barstow around in her private jeep. Marjorie Lindsley is governess of the setup. Mildred Chundrelek and Betty Chase now own ahat shop, "The Fantasy". Their prize models are Joanne Shreve and Mona Mae Watts. Stanley Allen owns a tourist farm near Waterford. His efficient maid, Virginia Lilley, hasn't given up hopes of marriage---yet. Joy Parker now owns a record bar in Erie. Her prize salesmen are John Noble and Fred Conklin. Connie Alexander, Marian Bidwell, and Emily Diesner operate a beauty salon for males. They like them with curly hair. Donna Bisbee, as you can plainly see, is still very popular and has obtained her third divorce. She has in mind the mayor of Union City, Bill Gregor, for her next husband. 28 CLASS PROPHECY Who's Who in 1965 The Riggerlando Orchestra, conducted by David Riggs, has hired Beverly Aumend as pianist and Winnie Woods as the feature singer. Gordon "Speedy" Hanlin is driving in the jalopy race at Florida on July fourth. Sports announcer, Fred Sutter predicts, "He'1l win in a breeze." "Ah, gee. Are they cutel", seem to be Joan Bennett and Loretta Shellito's reactions since they are working in the Maternity Ward at Union City hospital. You wouldn't have thought that Margaret I-lurlburt and Mary Jane Courtright would have settled down, but they both are married and represent two ideal couples of Union City. Bill Gillett, one of the country's well known painters, has hired Ellen Rice to model for him. Judy Allen and Sylvia Nielsen are operating a matrimonial agency in New York City. Their motto is: "We send you off to meet your mate and hope he MRS. you". Don "Muscle Boy" Vanderpool now has his own muscle-building school. His old standby pupil is none other than Gerry Geer. Cynthia Whittaker is a private secretary for the famous millionaire, Bill Lyons. Judy Soety, that cute little blonde, has been offered a contract as a stand-in for the "Little Lulu Show" by the producer, Ronnie Goodwin. Wayne Willis and Dick Parker, upon the completion of their engineering training, went to Pisa to take the lean out of the Leaning Tower. .T im Lasher, principal of Bloomfield School, has hired Louise Kopnitsky as sixth grade teacher. Treat them gently, Lou. Maxine Daley is private secretary for Mary Lee Walford, the dean of the "Modern Art School for Boys". Famed song writer, Maxine Wilson, has just written another hit entitled "Watch Out for Glue Fingered Men". Her press agent, Gilbert Rowland just loves to handle her money. Upon their completion of music school, Joan and Elizabeth Rowland have gone to Europe to play in Liberace's Concert. Their secretary, Cecile Cross, is taking care of their money. If anyone is looking for Wayne Shreve, you can find him in the "Flat Bottom" skating rink owned by Janet VanTassel Manross. St , s 9. . QW V' f mr: "' 0' tl at ' fx 1 an SENIOR CLASS WILL CONNIE ALEXANDER leaves her blonde hair to CAROLE DRAYER. JUDY ALLEN leaves her height to J ILL BARTHOLME. STANLEY ALLEN leaves his "green thumb" to HOWARD POLLACK, BEVERLIE AUMEND leaves the broken music rack on the piano to next year's accompanist. LEAH BACON leaves her appendix at Stem Memorial Hospital. JEAN BARSTOW leaves her knowledge of the sideroads of Union Township to JOAN GIBBONS. JOAN BENNETT leaves her pretty brown eyes to LORA LOU THORNE. CAROLE BESONSON leaves her ability to get caught in snowstorms to JUDY MEGAT, MARION BIDWELL leaves her apron to JANET COMSTOCK, DONNA MAE BISBEE leaves her "Bride Books" to some junior girl with one foot on the altar. CHUCK BLAKESLEE leaves his calmness to EDDIE BURGER. J ANICE BURNS leaves her trips to Wattsburg to other adventurous girls. SHIRLEY CAMPBELL leaves her gripes to the Student Council. SALLY CARSON leaves her willingness to go with one person for three years to JOAN MAGEE. BETTY CHASE leaves her naturally curly hair to SALLY LUPTON. MILDRED CHUNDRELEK leaves her chewing gum to her brother RICHARD. DONALD CLARK leaves his nice ways to CRES LYONS. FRED CONKLIN leaves his teeth to anyone who can find them. CLook on the Erie Railroad tracks.J BILL CONOVER leaves the girls in peace. CECILE CROSS wills her chair in band to REGGIE LILLEY. MARY JANE COURTRIGHT leaves her nice personality to her sister MARTHA. MAXINE DALEY leaves her typewriter to BOBBY CLARK. EMILY DIESNER leaves her nice smile to HELEN FISK. GERRY GEER leaves his crazy red pants. Who wants them? fBut they are crazy with his yellow shirt. Aren't they?J 30 SENIOR CLASS WILL BILL GILLETT leaves his cruises to SONNY GREGORY. DICK GILSON leaves his love for sports to LAVERN HURLBURT. RONNIE GOODWIN leaves his hearty laugh ringing through the halls of U.C.H.S. BILL GREGOR leaves his place on the wrestling team to JIM WOODS, CECILIA GREGORY leaves her giggle to JO ANN TROYER, GORDON HANLIN leaves his nickname to someone with a cast iron stomach. RICHARD HEGNER leaves his F.F.A. jacket to ROBERT MORRIS. J UANITA HOLDER leaves her blonde hair to SYLVIA SQUIRES. MARGARET HURLBURT leaves the back booth in the Dinor to some poor standing person. CAROL JACOBS leaves her dignified ways to PAT PALMER. JOAN KOPNITSKY leaves her business math to anyone who can do it. LOUISE KOPNITSKY leaves her ability to get along with people to her sister MARY. PAT KOWALSKI leaves her L Sz M's to JACK MAGEE. TOOT LAIRD leaves her letter writing to MAXINE WATTS. PAT LAPEK leaves her careful driving to BOB RIMPA. JIM LASHER leaves his tallness to DUANE BOWES. VIRGINIA LILLEY leaves her job at Alice and Ioe's to anyone who wants it. MAIUORIE LINDSLEY leaves her free pass at the Palace Theater to some popcorn lover. BILL LYONS leaves his nickname of "Honest" to all the future Student Council presidents. DRUSCELL McELHANEY leaves her dreamhouse to NANCY LASHER. DIANE McGAHEN leaves her ability to get up in the morning to MERLE ANN CLARK. PETE MICHAEL and RUDY WOJTECKI leave their job in the lab to any scientific sophomore SYLVIA NIELSEN leaves her pierced ears to ALICE BURGER. JOHN NOBLE leaves his nice clothes to B. I . ZAFIROPOLUS. 31 SENIOR CLASS WILL DICK PARKER leaves his New York Yankees the next World Series. fWe hopelj JOY PARKER leaves all the pencils she has loaned in the pencil sharpener. J OANN PLATT leaves her interest in Waterford to SHIRLEY BEEZUB. ELLEN RICE leaves her seat and cup of coffee in the Dinor to WANDA MUSIEK, DAVID RIGGS leaves his flashy shirt to ERNEST SIMPSON. ELIZABETH ROWLAND leaves her quiemess to KAROLYN BUTLER. GIB ROWLAND leaves his ability to tell jokes to JACK LADOW. J OANN ROWLAND leaves her piano to anyone who can pick it up! REX SEIDLER leaves his ability to get a deer on the first day of hunting season to ROWLAND THOMAS. LORETTA SHELLITO leaves her ballet dancing to VELMA CLARK. FRANNY SHREVE leaves his Crew-Cut to CLAIR BLAKESLEE. J OANN SHREVE leaves her long hair to DEE WIGGERS. WAYNE SHREVE leaves his quiet ways to DICK BARNES. JIM SMITH leaves his courteous ways to ALAN SEXTON. JUDY SOETY leaves her nice clothes to BARB WEED. FRED SUTTER leaves his shortness to DAVID GAY. SHIRLEY TARBELL leaves her diamond to JANICE CARROLL. JIMMY TOOHEY leaves his carefree ways to CAROLYN THOMAS. MERVIN TROYER leaves his brother's convertible to KENNY PIERCE. ROGER TROYER leaves his way with women to LARRY HICKS. DONALD VANDERPOOL leaves his boxing gloves to JIMMY WATSON. JANET VAN TASSELL leaves her interest in the Navy to anyone who likes a boy in the service MARY LEE WALFORD leaves her solid book ..... MONA MAE WATTS leaves her naturally curly hair to SANDRA ROWLAND. CYNTHIA WHITTAKER leaves her devilish ways to JON BARNES. WAYNE WILLIS leftll 32 SENIOR CLASS WILL MAXINE WILSON leaves her Pepsi's to JANET SEXTON WINNIE WOODS leaves the Driver's Training Car in one Wehopelll WHO'S WHO BIGGEST DEVIL BEST LOOKING MOST POPULAR BEST DANCER BEST ATHLETE BEST ALL-ROUND WITTIEST MOST LOVING COUPLE BEST DRESSER MOST INTELLECTUAL MOST BASHFUL HAPPIEST NUT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BOOKWORM MOST FICKLE MOST AMBITIOUS QUIETEST CHAMP GUM-CHEWER MOST DIGNIFIED LAZIEST NIGHTHAWK Cynthia Whittaker . . . Judy Soety ..... Cynthia Whittaker . . . Joan Kopnitsky. . . Patricia Lapek . . . Connie Alexander. . Winifred Woods . . Cecilia Gregory . . Cecilia Gregory . . Elizabeth Rowland . . Leah Bacon .... Patricia Kowalski . . Connie Alexander . . Elizabeth Rowland . . Janice Burns . . . Mary Lee Walford . . Leah Bacon . . Thelma Laird . . Carol Jacobs . . . Carol Besonson . . . Janice Burns . . piece William Gillett Richard Gilson David Riggs William Gillett Mervin Troyer Mervin Troyer Francis Shreve James Toohey William Lyons William Gregor James Lasher Gerry Geer David Riggs William Gregor Francis Shreve Wayne Willis Richard Parker Donald Clark Rudy Wojtecki Donald Clark Gilbert Rowland SFNIUR CIMRABTFRIS TIES NAME Constance Alexander Iudith Allen Stanley Allen Beverly Aumend Leah Bacon Jean Barstow Joan Bennett Carole Besonson Marian Bidwell Donna. Bisbee Charles Blakeslee Janice Burns Shirley Campbell Sally Carson Betty Chase Mildred Chundrelek Donald Clark Frederick Conklin William Conover Mary Jane Courtright Cecile Cross Maxine Daley Emily Diesner Gerry Geer William Gillett Richard Gilson NICKNAME Connie Tiny Stansch Bev Lee Jeanie Io Carole Biddy Don Chuck Fire Shirl Sal Betty Millie Dirty Fred Bill Candy Ces Mickey Em Geer Bill Dick SEEN DOING Going Steady Driving the Nash Rambler Driving to Wheelertown Playing the Piano Using the adding machine Discovering backroads Embroidering Selling Fudge Wearing earrings Eating man-sized lunches Nothing, if he can help it Changing flats Volunteering Riding with Dick Driving around Working in the store Teaslng the girls Riding with Blacky Going to Wattsburg Going places with Martha Being Friendly Riding with Wesley Fighting with Dirty Wearing loud shirts Working at Art Pretending to be Romeo 34 HEARD SAYING Christopher! Did You !I I Definitely! What 'cha doing? I guess that'll be O.K. Guess we lost them. What am I going to do? Don't tell me. I'll be a dirty bird. I donlt care. Pass that hooch. Do I know him!!! what can do? Oh, Gee! Let me alone. It makes me sick. Where's Bull? Do it all the time. Wal, Now. Oh, Duda Day! Well, but .... Maybe I can get the car. Bragging or complaining? Yeah, Pearl? I'll put you in my strip. What's wrong with you? SENIUR CHARACTERISTICS NAME Ronald Goodwin William Gregor Cecilia Gregory Gordon Hanlin - Richard Hegier Juanita Holder Margaret Hurlburt Carol Jacobs X Joan Kopnitsky Louise Kopnitsky Patricia Kowalski Thelma Laird Patricia Lapek James Lasher Virginia Lilley Marjorie Lindsley William Lyons Drusoella McE1haney Diane Mc Gahen Pete Michael Sylvia Nielsen John Noble Richard Parker Joy Parker Joann Platt Ellen Rice David Riggs NICKNAME Tuffy Bull Cissy Gordy Richard Juan Maggot Carol J oanie L ou Pat Toot Pat Jim Ginny Mar jie Honest Dru Dynie Pete Kitten Johnny Dick JOY Jo Red Harvey SEEN DOING Driving Rimpa's truck Being grouchy Dating Jim Looking sleepy Talking to Roberta Working Jumping and pointing Flirting with Pere Dancing Working on the Voice Fighting with everyone in general Teaching . Showing her ring Brownying Fighting with Gillett Working in bookkeeping Asking "Why?" Waiting for Fred Solid Eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate Getting lots of sleep Wearing nice clothes Getting A's in bookkeeping Working for extra credit Skating at Waterford Running out of the Dinor Talking to Lora Lou 35 HEARD SAYING No, can't do itl Be quiet, so I can study. Tee, Hee, Heel! Ahhhhhh, Gibby! I The bus was late. . . Is everything done? There they are! I ll Oh, Pete Ohhhhhhhhh Oh, for corn sakesl Oh, be quiet. I'll be a dirty bird. George's coming up. My book's an old one. Leave me alone. Is this right ? Got your chem done ? Fred's coming. Did you get that problem? Is this good, Carol? Have you seen Franny? Are you mad ? The Yankees are a good team They're all done. Not much. Ted's working tonight. Hal Hal SENICR CHARACTERISTICS NAME Elizabeth Rowland Gilbert Rowland Joann Rowland Rexford Seidler Loretta Shellito Francis Shreve Joann Shreve Wayne Shreve James Smith Judy Soety Frederick Sutter Shirley Tarbell James Toohey Mervin Troyer Roger Troyer Donald Vanderpool Janet Van Tassell Mary Lee Walford Mona Mae Watts Cynthia Whittaker Wayne Willis 0 0 NICKNAME Liz Gib JoAnn Reade Loretta Franny Jo Wayne Iim Jud Fred Shirl Jim Shorty Nick Don Janet Mary Lee Mona Cynnie Wayne -U 117455.- Xe J' .v SEEN DOING Working on homework Stretching his long legs Talking and smiling Arguing with Gib Wearing full skirts Wearing pink and black Running around with Janet Skating at the lake Driving around Skating at Waterford Teasing people Working in the home ec. room Driving his truck Driving Clet's convertible Fighting with Merv Training for sports Writing to Dick Making Posters for affairs Wearing Corky's ring Working at Gates Studying spelling f . . I -J -5 .,' dl 61' 'lf HEARD SAYING Wasn't that chem hard? Want' a medal? A lot. Alright, Gib, you're right Let's go, Carol. That's a darn shame. Let's go skating. Sensible things. Very little. Going skating tonight? What happened to you? You seen Rex? Where is everybody? You don't say! Where's Dixie? I'm not afraid of polio. Seen JoAnn? I'm sorry. He's a nice guy. Heard any new dirt? K-A-T spells CAT. J UUR CLASS AD VISURS MRS. BARBARA BALDWIN MRS. VIRGINIA MICHAEL MISS ROBERTA CUTHBERTSON We wish to thank you for your advice and understanding during our four years under your guidance. "The Class of 1955" 37 SENIOR EVENTS CLASS MOTTO CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER BANOUET PROM TRIP BACCALAUREATE CLASS NIGHT COMMENCEMENT DATES SEVENTH GRADE MR. Mckmuzv FIRST ROW: S, Kirnmy, M. Hurlburt. J. Barstow, D. Troyer, V. Goodwill, R. Bisbee, J. Fisk, J. Henry. SECOND ROW: S. Spoon, R. Sampson, J. Still, E. Miller, R. Morris, J. Rose, T. Allison, D, Kitelinger. THIRD ROW: J, Mc Cray, I. Campbell, V. Conner, S. Barnes, D. Donovan, J. Burns, J. Bojacko, F. Carniewski, J. Campbell. FOURTH ROW: R. Smith, P. Tillotson, A. Schmerka, J. Moyer. J. Edwards, C. Stull, H, Wicker, J, Lilley. MRS. SAMMONS FIRST ROW: M. Young, C. McCrillis, J. Holder, J. Osh, J. Lindsley, T. Megat, M. Smith, T. Michaelson, K. Larson, N. Lord. SECOND ROW: R. Riggs, R. Casler, J. Miller, R. Blatchley, B. Porter R. Comstock, D. Porterfield, W. Bujnowski, J. Blatchley, W. Morton. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Sammons, L, I-Ianlin, P. Peterson, K. Shreve, V. Rose, S. Wright, A. Wojtecki, D. McCril.lis, J. Morris, E. Johnson, S. Williamson, J. Morris, J. Nichols, M. A. Silka. 40 SEVENTH GRADE mssl nunsm FIRST ROW: A. Leonard, L. Weed, A. Smith, L. Price, N. Magee, F. Tarbell, .T . Allen, S. Hall, S. Shreve, S. Sanden. SECOND ROW: R. Hanes, R. Winchell, R. Soety, C. Thomas, D. Bedow, C. Pollack, P. Sheldon, R. Beezup, T. Peard, J. Goszkiewski. THIRD ROW: S. Squire, J. Platt, F. Jordan, M. Proper, D. Mineo, D. Phanco, E. Magee, D. Anderson,J. Fisk, B. Vanderpool. FOURTH ROW: K. Williams, J. Soety, N. VanEpps, G. Welles, B. Hillman. MRS. GAY ' fe? 1 T ' ' :SQ ,, fm" -" f f , - E' E Y A J FIRST ROW: B. Carson, G. Quinn, I. Hamerick, D. Alsdorf, J. Reeb, B. Wellman, C. .T anoski, J. Courneen, SECOND ROW: A. Hastie, A. Allen, W. Beebe, P. Hatch, R. Campbell, D. Kennedy, I. McGuire, R. Proper. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Gay, N. Spencer, M. Haskins, C. McCrillis, K, Edwards, J. Hegner, B. Hulings, C. Lord, L. Dingle. FOURTH ROW: F. Herlinger, .T . Dingle, R. Deyoe, D. Luce, J. Pates, D. Aikens, J. Hulings, F. Tujetsch, 41 ,I N EIGHTH GRADE MR. BLOK 5 1 :df Q3 LW,A. 5, ,, K Q l QA, Q .Q-QS: or Tir H ,Sir , A 9. 'J 11 J 22: H P ls: S ei.. 'di ani . 55195625 FIRST ROW: W. Lasher, C. Proper, J. Layden, J. Litherland, J. Magee, D. Reynolds, F. Moore, K, Nichols. SECOND ROW: J. Proper,J.Roberts, M. Kowalski, D. Manross, F.Rose, J. McCri11is, D. Maleski, J. Proper. THIRD ROW: Mr. Blok, R. Perkins, J. Maynard, R. Maryott, J. Long, N. Michaelson, R. Parton. FOURTH ROW: E. Nielsen, M. Pollack, L. Merkle, W. Mosher, D. Layden, J. Morvay. MR. COUCH A FIRST ROW: M. Thomas, H. Bennett, N. Broadhurst, M. Bowles, S. Adams, C. Cunningham. SECOND ROW: R. Carson, J. Blatchley, G. Cox, P. Becker, J. Whittaker, D. Allen. THIRD ROW: Mr. Couch,J .Burik, Bennett, C.Blakes1ee, L. Bradley, J. Dixson, P. Chundrelek. FOURTH ROW: A. Bell, R. Daley, A. Calvin, E. Brooks, D. Bowes. 42 f' , rn- :nf n n ei EIGHTH GRADE MR. ossonnz FIRST ROW: P. Shreve, E. Sanden, N. Troyer, D. Shepard, S. Hicks, S. Wilkins, S. Watson. SECOND ROW: H. Lorenz, Sabol, G. Shreve, M, Kenniston, K, Garse, F. Erdle, J. Waid. THIRD ROW: Mr. Osborn, E. Shreve, H, Weed, G, Sterling, G. Tucker, D. Shannon, D. Thomas, L. Hicks. FOURTH ROW: D. VanEpps, F. Wojtecki, H. Sterling, D. Lupton, H. Wright, R. Curtis, L. Hall. MR. SOFFA Ja, FIRST ROW: S. Harrison, L. Tarbell, A. Wilson, H. Barnes, D. Farrell, R. Rogers. SECOND ROW: C. Hrip, N. Fox, K. Green, C. Estes, H. Gwin, M. Gilson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Soffa, E. Herlinger, H. Forbes, B. Hart, Y. King, M. Kimmy, B. Gocal, S. Lanning. FOURTH ROW: E. Rogers, R. Kopnitsky, L. Kitelinger, S. Haskins, S. Fisk, G. Bishop. 43 44, fi ,Bs i am- . ,Q I . fu L! fi liar - . uf .Q ..... . .- v ,ge ' u " I Eye gy.. H, gg 'Y ,v 1 - esszffwsw' uw ,v . ,W NINT H GRADE MR. HAMILTON m?mmwm wwffexnrf wi- - ,ESM W W M. - H -ff.. ---S 1 ---- M , ,. , ,umm ru Y is gwwni ...Qs OW FIRST ROW: M. Henry, W. Huckno, L. Lyons, M. Kopnitsky,i'C. Hanlin, J. Klus, D. Harris, L Hunter, R. Jones. SECOND ROW: A. Gregory, W. Gibbons, M. Green, S. Lyons, V. Kerr, M Jacobs, P. Hall, N. Lasher, D. Lord. THIRD ROW: D. Johnson, J. Kenniston, B. Lindsley, R Hegner, M. Johnson, B. Gross, M, Knight, H. Long. FOURTH ROW: N, I-Ianby, A. Magee, W King, G. I-Ianlin, D. J ones. MR. MC INERNEY 44 FIRST ROW: P. Alexander, D. Anderson, E. Alexander, L. Barstow, L. Crandall, G. Bennett, N. Allen, R. Bell. SECOND ROW: J .Giesler,M. Bowles, J . Bojacko, C. Cross, R. Earll, H. Church M. Chapman, D. DeYoe. THIRD ROW: Mr.McInerney, G. Geer, R. Fellows, F. Fox, J. Chundrelek D. Bennett, J. Courneen,G.Besonson. FOURTH ROW: J. Dixon, E. Bacon, G. Besonson, B. Baker A. Brennemen, P. Chundrelek, E. Drayer, N. Allen. Rig? imge NINTH GRADE a i 4 r . e I 6 . K 4 aaa ,. ,. ,.. , M . t, ai',,IW'i".. it Q E Wm , ' 1 f my w as iw Ma FIRST ROW: S. Shellito, S. Tillotson, D. Spoon, B. Wellman, G. Rowland, B. Shreve, R. Morris, C. Shreve. SECOND ROW: E. McGuire, S. Miller. J. Rhodes, P. Theim, L. Mulvin, B. Soety, J. Morris, J. Megat. THIRD ROW: Mr. Rohde, L. Obert, D. Toohey. J. Thomas, R. Rice, D. Shreve, J. Silka, F. Ma1eski,P. Smith.FOURTHROW: A. Roberts, J. Morse, K. Shontz, M. Still, .T. Matava, J. Shreve. .T . Miller, C. Rockwood, D. Young. CLASS UFFICFRS STUDENT CUIINCII. PRESIDENT .... . . .Lynn Lyons Carol I-Ianin VICE -PRESIDENT . .... .... B rian Wellman Gertrude Rowland SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . . .Mary Kopnitsky Leon Barstow HISTORIAN . . .... David Harris We are very proud to have had the largest ntunber of boys on the Junior High Football team. Although we lost all the games, we feel that the boys gained a large amount of experience. The Basketball team also contains a large number of the fellows. Since Mr. Osborn has started coaching wrestling, it has grown to be one of the favorite sports with many of the fellows participating. In our class meeting we discussed the possibliity of having a sleigh ride. 45 soruomonz cLAss MISS DAVIS F. f 11... Easy' 54 AXE ,W m . V , . 'EEZ' 'mu 195552. Qrsmmfg FIRST ROW: J. Bartholme, L. Bennett, M. Courtright, D. Gay, M. Clark, L. Bennett, N. Hanlin, A. Burger. SECOND ROW: A. Hrip, R. Carniewski, V. Clark, J. Headrick, J. Bujnowski, P. Blatchley, B. Hopkins, M. Alford. THIRD ROW: D. Brooks, R. Campbell, R. Bowen, B. Fitz- gerald, A. Harned, L. Hurlburt, G, Bidwell, A. Chesley. FOURTH ROW: K. Boyer, H. Goodwill, R, Fellows, R. Barnes, R. Gregory, R. Hordusky, E. Babcock, R. Clark. MISS PARKER alrralrr ' Q via Nggig mum! .,,,, g I i-1 ':- 1' r it 1 ' W., afap :fwfr ...W . . .W ,... , r F wmis " sew 5 f ini.,-, , ?- ' w 'Jas 1 w ' '-'Y LAW .. W what 5 w , ' f 15" . -I FIRST ROW: E. Sterling, S. Squire, L. Rupp, B. Smith, J. Sexton, J. Smith. SECOND ROW: M, Watts, S. Rowland, I. Soety, S. Weed, D. Robinson, D. Shontz. THIRD ROW: Miss Parker, J. Thorne, T. Srnith,J.Shu1tz, C. Sabol,J. Smith, R. Riggs. FOURTH ROW: E. Smith, R. Fellows, R. Rimpa, W. Thomas, H. Wright. 46 , zgssgagm.. , Q ,Lf-Q-nm ' -' 'ufiait-HM H SIDPI-I0 ORE CLASS mss smtzv --.aw aw, , mag e a gp? Lf... FIRST ROW: N.Lasher,G.Parker,J. Magee, S. Quinn, C. Lyons, C. Malek, P. Palmer, J. Morvay. SECOND ROW: S. Kliner S. Lupton, W. Musiek, S. Maker. J. Johnson, M. Leonard, C. Laughery, T. Rawlings. THIRD ROW: Miss Smiley, E. Magee,T. McGuire, R. Noble, .T. Magee, K. Pierce, R. Mulvin. FOURTH ROW: J. Layden, L. Miller. R. Palmer, C. Phanco, W. McLain. CLASS UFFICFRS STUDENT CUUNCII. PRESIDENT .... . . .. David Gay Leveret Bennett VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . . .Martha Clark David Gay SECRETARY . . .... Lettijean Rupp Cres Lyons TREASURER . . . ..... Brute Smith Janet Sexton HISTORIAN . . . . . Martha Courtright We held a square dance, "The Harvest Moon", on November 19th. Our class was very active in sports with a large number of our boys on the Varsity Football team and the Junior Varsity Basketball team. We recently held a class meeting and decided to sell jello. We set 2000 boxes .as our quota. 47 I , M... ' ,ffssfm ., w -1 :f- J a JUNIOR CLASS Miss Bornznuonn L 54 Ka ,H t ::1.,s..,i w FIRST ROW: J. Martin, S. Green, M. Hall, J. Barnes, K. Hatch, E. Burger, K. Butler, H. Fisk SECOND ROW: M. Clark, I. Boardman, S. Beezup. J. Carrol, S. Duke, M. Goodwill, C. Drayer .T . Comstock. THIRD ROW: B. Bottenhorn, R. Curtis, V. Kucjak, M. Gillam, J. Gibbons, R. Lilley, A. LaDow. F OURTH ROW: D. Brumagin, J. Burgess, F. Fisk, H. Hegner, C. Cross MRS. MARZKE L ...af '.,g.,.,,f -Raef, SN. ,W 'K Q 4 . was s frg: um in gg 52? fa in 1532 FIRST ROW: J. Parkins, T. Pollack, B. Weed, L. Thorne, G. Schlak, C. Thomas, N. Rowland, C, Tucker. SECOND ROW: J . Watson, B.Reyno1ds, B. Toohey. .T. Troyer, R. Shellito, B. Shreve, H. Nichols, M. Weed. THIRD ROW: Mrs, Marzke, G. Mosher, R. Patton, R. Thomas, A. Sexton, G. Troyer, M. St. John, S. VanTasse11. FOURTH ROW: B. J. Zafiropolis, H. Pollack, E. Simpson, R. Phelps, R. Robinson, H. Wright, J. Woods. A8 'Wig ' ff ' ww" JUNIUR CLASS cuss orncsns sruoenr cauucu. PRESIDENT . . . . . .J on Barnes Edward Burger VICE -PRESIDENT . . . . .Stanley Green J on Barnes SECRETARY . . .... Barbara Weed Gerry Schlak TREASURER . . . . .Karolyn Butler HISTORIAN . . . . .Lora Lou Thorne The annual magazine sale was held by our class in November. B.I .Zafiropolus was highest salesman, while Marjorie Hall was second. We sold approximately S1600 worth of magazines to local and area people. On December 8th and 9th, we put on the play, "Seven Keys to Baldpate", a three act mystery. Due to stormy weather, not as many people turned out as might have, but it was very much enjoyed by the high school people who saw it at the matinee. We planned a Halloween dance, but it was cancelled because of the polio epidemic. We held a class meeting where we decided to sell hot dogs and "Drop Ins" Cdoughnutsj at the home basketball games. The second week of May we plan to hold the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. 49 WINNERS OF SNAPSHOT CONTEST AND HONORABLE MENTIONS! I ! I ! H . f Y' W X FIRST PRIZE WINNER- - Mary Lee Walford - - Senior THIRD PRIZ E- -Judy Allen SECOND PRIZE--Jean Barstow what are you doing E11en?? T' Vfivl Wow!! . ,N Jim Toohey a - .great star '50 wk., Couch working hard as ever. x xc ' "M, 1'm"m?54'h WLM 'ffl Q w ,W ' wfhfshbgef mu w rw. r ,WWE H! -5 Xu A V .wr 'mu X - r r r ,new The crowd in the hall. Who The four Don't throw is the couple in the back? Musketeers. that! W Y , H VN I ,H ez 1, M, , H . sr'-ff' ,M mr ' Y r ff? .uw w 321: "" rs rw w 1 W 21:1 w W' A Y . r r 'r Pat and Macs, what are you two l egg? ' 999 ,xx Y ,Wh dolng' ' ' if25gjgg,QQ,Q"",' W K Vkkr N L' --mill, m H X rvgffgiiu' Hey fellows! What do you have good to eat uow?? w i ' , , e-'43, ' e 7 ' r ' 4"' 1 A, night to remember forever of good times A good American pyramid. 51 gone before 'ls' What have you got, Don? Miss Smiley curing up as usual! ! ! Look of approval Hey Pat isn't that bench hard? w , -K, mu E Swami? rsxssmzzfgi mmf Ag , . X A ii H :hz ' 15 , H. , H . 1 w X' ' V w , - "1 di H. uw lk, ' X 552: 1 V 1 1 ' ,Q - u SIGCPY time Isn I LOVE grandfftf? ,ly FL- B gal My how JoAnne has grown! 52 Old time pals! I i H Helen, Ioan, Dee, Karolyn, Ianet, Carolyn. Kr , M M5 V Wim. Y Mr. Bates's homeroom. "The three Spooks In the spooky cemetery. Going into farming, Pat? gr, ' e Dignity at its hungriest. rzfi XQ- ex . 441,11 ly .ff w -'E ' ' 3 ' lgiix . ti! Qiii' - N M: . ::r:!:. A1 ,: J , Q Look at those Going somewhere??? 1egs'??? rreh r A . 2-. gvfffktxsge A- ,L , QL Ulg mat pose! Two gals in all their best. The morning after. IAN. lst .V Those "o1e" Ipana smiles Sleepy Lora Lou I Cecilia 's Hobby Mary Lee Xa Pat L. acting norma1???? W T El . A, u V' Q pu mi" ,W , - Q 1 r 1 xr ru Kia :sim M.. N 5 ' , , , E as w w - "Hr if w :'r-. : t 5525 ,in 27:1 , E, ,Z , i N Rid'ern cowboy, Cinnie. Ar 'the old hangout I I 54 Gym class, hard at work. In the olden days! ! I I !! The high and h mighty . Kind of breezy Macs? . 1 Karen how you ' 'H M h have changed A1f1:Z:V yiiyyf h I The Dutchess and Kolenkoff Wow! what pg's! , jf -YP' 1 B E318 and Ed. A11 dressed up and no I ??? . P ace to go . Lulu acung very, very normal. A few years 'rhke again. WTl3t'S the matter, ago A l 'ffsffrm ,F ' 1 o LM Before After Tiny ri w 56 You look happg' ! The camera won't bite, girls . . . . S NAPA' H015 The 2 J's Dig that sign post! Looks windy ! Q C O C fovflvall Basketball Ure SH ins Env.,-f ig 5 f f J Y Z f ff f L gf W f aj- 1 '- no ' 1 YY V E . Z Z 1 5 f Li Yi J 1 f T 1 :jf . 2 , .lr . nga: . nf , A, ,, gf 1 M - , , M.. awg., M rw ,vw .. 1--r :V aaa., ,, Q., -, A ,,.. . -. an ,X Q. mf. -. , X . , , . 1: W, ,W E... ,K QM.. ,gl gn., .mga ig, . W! Eg ,gk Wgigx Q. gl, N1 jk QUQKN , 1 - if. r Y, W ,L L Z . g ,, 21 Z E, f f ' i Z - 17, ii fu Y. is " if FIRST ROW: Mr. Blok, B. Gregor, F. Shreve, D. Clark, D. Michaelson, B. Lyons, D. Vanderpool, G. Rowland, R. Troyer, I, Toohey, C. Blakeslee. SECOND ROW: I. Magee, L. Bennett, I. Barnes, R. Barnes, F. Frsk, R. Patton, C. Lyons, F. Fox, L. Lyons, Mr. Brant. THIRD ROW: G. Besonson, R. Palmer, L. Bennett, H. Pollock, R.. Thomas, H. Goodwill, R. Hordusky, L. Hurlburt. FOURTH ROW: J. Morse, E. Magee, B. Smith, G. Besonson, D. Bowes. union any Jann may :mana raanau mm- I 95 4 ra I 955 FGUTBALL , f. .. ,rn fx me or V k ,H A .Qi5,f,, mi X , he r Y ' If ,:.AY..1 ,L - V . 1-gag. . ' ' 0 , Z i Wulf? 'M sl . ' JIM TOOHEY ROGER TROYER Senior Senior " Guard" "Tackle" JACK MAGEE LYMAN BENNETT Sophomore Sophomore "Back" " Tackle " LEVERT BENNETT DICK BARNES Sophomore SODUOFHOI C " T3ck1g" " Center" + 60 Union Union Union Uni on Uni on FUUTBAU. FRED FISK Junior n V1 UNIUII CITY JUINT HIGH 500001. FUUTUALL SCURGS City ..... 0 H Youngsville .... City ,.,,, 6 H Cambridge Springs City ..... 0 H Albion ...... City ..... 0 H Sugar Grove . City ..... 0 A Wesleyville. . . Cancelled because of the polio ban: Conneaut Valley Edinboro Waterford Fairview 61 SENIUR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Fred Hsk, Dick Gilson, Fred Sutter, Chuck Blakeslee Mr Brant BACK ROW: Bill Lyons, Dave Riggs, Franny Shreve, Gib Rowland, Nick Troyer SEIIIUR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCURES Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Wattsburg . . Corry, . , Corry .... Waterford. . North East . . Wattsburg. . Edinboro . . Wesleyville. . Albion .... Girard .... lawrence Park Waterford. . . North East . . Edinboro . . . Wesleyville. . Albion .... Girard .... Lawrence Park JUNIUR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Iack Magee, Lyman Bennett, Neil Soety, Cres Lyons Clyde Phanco SECOND ROW: Buddy Chesley, Rog Hordusky, A1 Sexton, Dick Barnes, Bob Palmer Frankie Fox JIINIUR VARSITY BASKETUALL S CURFS Union Union Union Union Union Uni on Uni on Union Uni on Uni on Uni on Union Uni on Uni on Union Union Union City City City City City City City city city City City City City City City City crry Wattsburg . . Corry. . . Corry. . . Northeast . . Wattsburg . . Edinboro , , Wesleyville , Albion .... Girard . . . Edinboro. . , Wesleyville . Waterford . . Lawrence Park Northeast . . Albion .,,. Girard .... Lawrence Park JUNIUR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: A. Roberts, I. Conner, K. Shontz, G. Besonson, I. Phanco SECOND ROW G Besonson, B. VanEpps, D. Bowes, W. Carson, R. Chundrelek, I. Chundrelek A Allen, D Bennett Mr. McKinney, C. Blakeslee, W. Huckno, C. Rockwood. L. Lyons S Harrison D Lupton G. Alexander, I. Silka. Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City JIIHIUR HIGH SOUR!! Waterford . McKean . . Spartansburg Wattsburg' . Corry . . Waterford , McKean . . Corry . . Wattsburg . Spartansburg INDI VIDUAI. BASKETBALL GILBERT ROWLAND TOTAL POINTS: 285 FRANCIS SHRIQVEO TOTAL POINTS: 192 RICHARD GILSON TOTAL POINTS: 156 TOTAL POINTS: 149 65 INDI VIDUAI. BASKETBALL DAVID RIGGS TOTAL POINTS: 132 ROGER TROY ER TOTAL POINTS: '78 RICHARD BLAKESLEE TOTAL POINTS: 36 LAVERN HURLBURT TOTAL POINTS: 29 66 INDI VIDUAI. BASKETBALL WILLIAM LYONS TOTAL POINTS: 16 FREDERICK SUTTER TOTAL POINTS: 12 ROGER HORDUSKY TOTAL POINTS: 2 CRESTON LYONS TOTAL POINTS: 2 JACK MAGEE TOTAL POINTS: 1 67 WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW: D. Brllrnagin, B. Gregor, M. Troyer, D. Clark, D. Vanderpool B Patton SECOND ROW: Mr. Osborn, D. Harris, T. McGuire, L. Young, R. Curtis, N Allen THIRD ROW: H. Hegner, A. IaDow, B. Smith, N. Hanby. Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City Union City WRESTLING SCURES , , , , , 23 Jamestown . . , , , , , 20 Jamestown . . , . . . 11 St. Vincent . . . . . 10 St. Vincent . , , , , 13 Warren Res . . . . . 5 Greenville . . . . . . 8 Cathedral Prep . . . . 9 Cathedral Prep '68 vb' . Q53 C-ge, x SYN gl X 65" zelygbz C9 I '45 ACTIVITIES TRI -HI-Y FIRST ROW: J. Soety, B. Aumend, E. Rowland, J. Parkins, S. Carson, J. Carroll, M. Hall, M. Watts, J. Allen. SECOND ROW: S. Neilsen, V. Clark, B. Hopkins. J. Bartholme, G. Parker, P. Palmer, N. Lasher, E.Ster1ing,J'. Shultz. THIRD ROW: Miss Cuthbertson, D. Bisbee, E. Diesner, L, Rupp, K. Hatch, B. Weed, A. Burger, L. Thorne, M. Daley, S. Rowland, T. Laird. FOURTH ROW: J. Morvay, J. Smith, E. Rice, .T . Rowland, C. Malek, C. Cross, S. Squire, K. Butler. HI-Y 3 FIRST ROW: F. Sutter, T. McGuire, R. Bowen, D. Brooks, R. Campbell, R. Noble, K. Pierce. SECOND ROW: W. McLain, R. Fellows, E. Babcock, F. Conklin, D. Vanderpool, M. Troyer, K. Boyer. THIRD ROW: Mr.Rohde,R. Goodwin, W. Willis, .T . Smith, W. Shreve, R. Parker, C. Lyons, R. Palmer. 70 PRE - COLLEGE CLUB FIRST ROW: L. Shellito, J. Parker, C. Tucker, B. Weed, C. Besonson, K. Hatch, S. Squires, L. Thorne, J. Burns. SECOND ROW: Miss Durbin, A. Sexton, M. Clark, J. Comstock, C. Thomas, .T . Bartholrne, N. Hanlin, D. McGahen, L. Kopnitsky, D. Riggs. THIRD ROW: R. Lilley, D. Gay, B. J. Zafiropolus, J. Woods, J. Lasher, E. Simpson, B. Gillett, G. Schlak, K. Boyer. FIRST ROW: H. Forbes, H. Gwin, G. Miller, Mr. Hamilton, H. Long, K. Green, S. Fisk. SECOND ROW: B. Kitelinger, Y, King, S. Haskins, B. Gocal, S. Adams. THIRD ROW: N. Lasher. J. Head- rick, L. Crandall, P. Palmer. 71 FUTURE HUMEMAKERS UF AMERICA FIRST ROW: C. Laughery, J. Smith, W. Musiek, S. Shellito, E. Johnson, E. Alexander, C. Shreve A. Gregory, M. Green, N. Lasher. SECOND ROW: C. Reeb, P. Kowalski, K. Hatch, B. Weed, E Rice, C. Gregory, J. Rowland, J. Bartholme, J. Headrick, N. Rowland, J. Martin. THIRD ROW: B Soety, E. Sterling. J. Carrol. J. Gibbons, J. Magee, C. Tucker, V. Kerr, M. Jacobs, C. Malec, M Hall, J. Bojackzo, P. Hall, J. Bennett, J .Shu1tz. FOURTH ROW: I. Parkins,C. Cross, M. Bidwell B. Hopkins, V. Clark, P. Palmer, Miss Bottenhorn, L. Crandall, G. Bennett, C. Cross, B. Shreve B. Lindsley, R. Morris, L. Spoon, G. Rowland. FUTURE FARMERS UF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Mr. Menoher, R. Rimpa, J. Smith, S. Allen, D. Toohey, F. Maleski, E. Magee, T. McGuire, R. Wright, R. Bowen. SECOND ROW: F. Fisk, G. Hamlin, L. Barstow, A. Magee, B. Thomas, R. Campbell, M. King, S. VanTasse1, M. St. John, D. Brumagin, D. Brooks. THIRD ROW: J. Magee,F. Fox, H. Goodwill, F. Shreve, G. Hanlin, C. Blakeslee, J. Toohey, D, Gilson, M. Troyer, F. Sutter. FOURTH ROW: J. Smith, R. I-legner, G. Troyer, C. Cross, C. Lyons, H. Pollock. 1 1 LATIN CLUB 'X4,, FIRST ROW: J. Parkins, E. Simpson, E.Burger,B. J. Zafiropolus, J. Woods, G. Schlak, A. Sexton, R. Thomas, G. Mosher, S. Miller. SECOND ROW: M. Clark, N. Hanlin, J. Sexton, J. Bartholme, M. Clark, C. Thomas, C. Tucker, L.Thorne, C. Drayer, L. Crandall. THIRD ROW: J. Megat, Mrs. Michael, M. Kopnitsky, D. Lord, S. Lyons, J. Klus, V. Kerr, J. Headrick, P. Theim, S. Spoon, J. Smith, S. Lupton, C. Laughery, W. Musiek, G. Rowland. FOURTH ROW: N. Allen, A. Chesley, L. Drayer, R. Lilley, B. Wellman, B. Smith, D. Gay, K. Boyer, R. Rice, R. Riggs, B. Toohey, B. FRENCH CLUB I FIRST ROW: Karen Hatch, Bill Gregor, Janice Burns, Pete Michael, Carol Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Tucker, Lora Lou Thorne, Elizabeth Rowland, Pat Lapek, Carolyn Thomas. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Michael, Jon Thorne, Rudy Wojtecki, Tom Smith. E Q CHEERLEADERS JR. HICH CHEERLEADERS RIGHT: C. Cunningham, J. Megat, T. Megat, L. Weed, J. McCri11is, C SR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Thorne, C. Besonson, E. Rice, C. Thomas. 75 4 Q AN VII. STAFF J FIRST ROW: C. Whittaker, E. Rice, J. Holder, J. Bennett, J' . Parker, D. McGahen, L. Kopnitsky, S. Carson, M. Hurlburt, C. Gregory, W. Woods.SECOND ROW: Mr. Mclnerney, J. Allen, T. Laird, D. McElhaneY. J. Barstow, S. Campbell, M. Lindsley, C. Jacobs, P. Lapek, J. Kopnitsky, M. Courtright, M. Daley, S. Nielsen, L. Bacon. THIRD ROW: J. Soety, D. Bisbee, W. Gregor, W. Lyons, D. Riggs, D. Clark, P. Michael, W. Conover, G. Geer, R. Wojtecki, P. Kowalski, J. Burns. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: E. I-Ierlinger, K. Green, L. Kopnitsky, S. Tarbell, A. Wilson. SECOND ROW: Miss Durbin, L. Hicks, J. Lasher, J. Morse. 76 , ' ,Q .Z '5 'iwkgzglazi z g bz is E N E' Music SPCIY-fmehit B . 09 Q' Q Qiisxr' wx XX 'as' if ff' r Y FIRST ROW, Left to Right: L. Shellito, A. Burger, S. Rowland, S. Squire, J. Hanlin, P. Winchell, I. Thomas, A. MaGee, L. Barstow, N. Magee, I. Parker, M. Walford, W. Gillette, H. Bames, D. Farrell, M. Clark, D. Harris, I. Magee, L. Haines, I. Rowland, V. Kuczaj. SECOND ROW: C. Cross, R. Lilley, S. Mclilhaney, L. Obert, S. Lanning, P. Palmer, R. Riggs, D. Anderson, F. Jordon, A. Chesley, S. Harrison, L. Lyman, D. McGahen, N. Allen, E. Burger, R. Hordusky, C. Bulter. CENTER ROW: D. Gay, A. Sexton, T. Pollack, I. Parkin, N. Hanlin, P. Alexander, I. Sexton, L. Thorne. BACK ROW: H. Musser, I. Allen, C. Shreve, B. Weed, D. Riggs, J. Bartholme. u, c. H. s. anno or 1954 - ss BAND JIJURETTE I 532 5 Eaten? K-wr me Mm ,H . new H w m e if-S35 ' W"m"'w"Nm Hn m m M 1 Mm HN HN HN NH NI! TH 1 H HN HN W H1 H' H ,. fi? 'H u"'1w mf Y Ulm. 1,lr'r'Z1H'5i2l'H.. H, """!?w'fg"ll."lI 2 Zeigr Donna Bisbee has been our Band Majorette for two years. Donna is a petite five feet tall. Not very big for a senior. Donna has been a twirler since she was in the eighth grade. 79 H MAJURETTE Janet Comstock has been our Head Majorette for one and a half years. Janet is sixteen and is a junior. She has been associated with the twirlers since she was in the seventh grade 81 A ++++ W.-sa ww R , Z- ,, ,-1 , wh, M13 rr -"'1'j.,'?lQ bllrrfrlqaggr 4 QQ 5 il will S W we f an lille RR FIRST ROW, Left to Right: I. Kopnitsky, L. Kopnitsky, E. Rice, W. Woods, T. Pollack, H. Nichols, I. Magee, B. Reynolds, I. Soety, M. Daley, Allen. SECOND ROW: B. Aumend, K. Hatch, B. Roberts, C. Gregory, A. Burger, C. Alexander, M. Wilson, J. Rowland, P. Lapek, M. Weed, Duke, I. Martin. THTRD ROW: P. Blatchley, I. Boyer, J. Gibbons, H. Frsk, I. Comstock, B. Weed, E. Rowland, C. Jacobs, M. Goodwill, Moore, C. Malec, N. Rowland, G. Parker, D. Bisbee. FOURTH ROW: B. Chase, M. Chundrlek, M. Watts, I. Morvay, S. Rowland, S. Lupton Smith, W. Muziek, C. laughery, S. Beezub, M. Walford, D. McGahen, S. Carson, P. Kowalski, T. Laird. CHURUS Q25 gg rrriglglw ri EER w wh ll SEN Rf lilll ii? MQQMQR CHURUS SECTIUN LEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Fisk, Maxine Wilson, JoAnn Rowland Donn DIS TRIC1' CHURUS REPRESENTATI YES LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Woods, C. Jacobs, M. Wilson, I. Rowland, T- Laird. + Fl? ,513 Virgin Mary Let's Practice Hi Donnafsj Three Kings Caught Christmas Play in the RCI Our piano player Hey' girls 84' CIDA TQ X ,nr i - f - WAY , X xu3t.Yfxbx-'SEI-3-55TrY'f Q5 Q.n,CULuaL:oYx. . M605 LEMJK7 Qrrss J' C0 7 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER September '7 8 9 10 13 14 15 16 17 18 21 22 23 24 27 28 29 First day of school. Classes and books. The only difference from last year is that we are Seniors now. The seventh graders seem to be getting mixed up in the cafeteria. It seems that they don t take their trays up to the window when they fin- ish eating. First football game tonight. If we lose a football game Q We didl , Chuck Blakeslee got hurt at football practice after school tonight. Can't you wait for a game, Chuck? We voted on studentcouncil mem- bers. What was Pete Michael roaming the halls for today? Did you lose some- thing, Pete? Going around the grapevine that Chuck Blakeslee is in the hospital. Football game tonight with Cambridge. Results of the game Friday night . Wayne Willis was saying that Winnie Woods was on fire this morning. What does he mean Winnie? Here it is almost the end of September and nobody has any activities planned. Lets someone do something, Some of the Seniors are planning Halloween already. Emily you won't really be that mean or would you? Football game with Albion tonight. Everybody be sure and buy some of the Seniors popcorn. About the game Friday night It seems that four members of the student council have to campaign for its presidency. They are Connie Alexander, BILL LYONS, David Riggs, and Jerry Schlek. Everyone is wearing signs telling who they are going to vote for. Some- where BILL LYONS got the name of Honest Bill, where I don't know. OCTOBER Octobe r 11 12 13 14 CALENDAR 30 Someone must have got to school early today by the loolzs of the lobby There are signs telling you who to vote for. 1 In assembly the four candidates gave a talk on why we should vote for them. They were all very good. Game tonight with Sugar Grove. 4 Game . Voted on President for Student Council. HONEST BILL is the new President. fThree cheers for BILLJ 5 Some of the Seniors interested in organizing a business club inschoolwent over to Albion to a convention. 6 Everybody watch out! Judy Soety drove to school today. 7 Donna Bisbee looks happy today. It must be that she got a letter from Frank. 8 Football game with Wesleyville tonight. Pep sign in the lobby. Chuck Blakeslee is back in school. He had a long vacation. Still no dances. The juniors have scheduled a Halloween dance. Drucella had someone waiting for her today after school. Lucky girl! Joanne K. was busy playing field hockey. It seemed that they never brought the ball onto the goal line. 15 Pete Blakeslee has polio! Hurry and get better, Pete. 18 No school. 19 Carol Besonson brought her sister to school. 20 21 Beverly Aumend has discovered a new way to bake a cake. Seems you put coke in it. Gloomy day. We get our report card tomorrow. 87 22 1 25 26 27 28 29 30 NOVEMBER November CALENDAR Bill Gillett Day. School was dismissed at 2 o'c1ock in honor of Bill Gillett. Bill got all A's except for one C. Everybody is asking David Riggs about cottage cheese pie. Betty C. is happy. She has gotten a job at the Waterford Skating Rink. Janice B. ran out of gas and left her car in tront of Carlburg's. Bill Lyons was seen carrying an underclassman. Is this the reward for donating blood. Maxine Wilson has two class rings. Could one of them be John Noble's? Two movies about T.B. were shown in assembly. J- it , 1 1 1 ' ,,.. . 1 We have some twins in the Senior class. Connie A. and Pat L. are wearing blouses alike. 2 If tl1e basketball team can throw the ball into the basket as well as Diane M. throws shoes out the window, we will have a good team. 3 Pat K. lost her crochet? cotton. Won't they leave you alone, Pat? 4 Seniors in Miss Cuthbertson's room had their pictures taken. 5 Seniors in Mrs. Michael's room had their pictures taken. 8 Ellen R. lost her billfold. Connie, have you seen it? 9 The movies taken of the band at the football game were shown in the projection room sixth and seventh periods. 10 The Seniors in Mrs. Baldwin's room had their pictures taken. 88 CALENDAR 11 Mary Lee is busy drawing posters for the band. 12 The Senior pictures were returned today. 15 Pat Lapek had a ride through the lower hall today. Was it fun, Pat? 16 Marvin Troyer was late this morning. Couldn't you think of a better excuse, Merv? . 17 B111 Gregor was seen walking around the gym. Was it ten times, Bill? 18 Seniors voted on where to go for their trip. East side, West side. Here We Come! 22 The Voice came out today. They had some nice biographies. 23 If you see a large smile on Ellen R. and Mary Jane C. 's faces, it is be- cause they passed their driver's tests today. 24 School dismissed at 2 o'clock for Thanksgiving vacation. 29 The deer hunters weren't the only ones excused from school. The furnace broke down and we were all excused. 30 Three Senior boys went hunting yesterday. The mystery is which one really shot the deer. How about it, boys ? BEAUTIFUL ISN'T IT ? P ' A A ' as - ' 1 1. t .. 1, ,jfs it N .1 M .L-Z.: .M -1 BEFORE FROM BARE LAND TO. . . -at - - --1 B-. - f .-.ae-,. ,, , - -Z .Q T' 'TTT' n"",'1 4 . 'F " " V W :Ji i f ' - a- wie..-, f ,Q H' 'H ' ieiifg? 1 Y M AFTER 89 9 Moanawu, Q gbb Cv W m I We Extend Our Congratulations And Sincere Best Wishes for the Future to the Graduating Class of 1955. V WO0DLEY'S SUPER MARKET Union city, Pa. .5 in 1, 6' E. -. ri' 322552335-'ti -- , 'f 1 'Rl ' ' " Q 1' G? Hggv v 'o'b""1'3l -of . if .- v .1 92 Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 ' Nbix'6'4.XL' iglihik6F.k3Nf0N.Ck1Y fffx " Wffffffllwl E . ..".!..r ,' 5 RY NATl0NAl. BANK Union City, Pennsylvarna Your School "Savings Bank" Deposits Insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 93 xl -Qi BEST WISHES -ITIEHBILLS' PHOTOGRAPHY 40 1l2 North Main Street Union City, Pa, Phone 31-W Eat at ALICE and JOE' LUNCH A Good Place To Eat 'S CLIFFORD YOUNG Grocery Store Pennzoil Station R.D. 53 Phone Riceville 2716 C ornpliments of KAZZY'S GARAGE 136 South Main St. Union City, Pa, Union City THE UNION CITY CHAIR COMPANY Manufacturers of Wood-Seat Chairs and Rocke Union City, P enna. PS 94 Sincere Compliments of THE COR ERETT RUTH and AL Groceries Meats - Confectionary Atlantic Gas Oil - Accessories 134 South Main Union City, Pa, TREAT' Men's and Boys' Wear For Over A Century Compliments of 'HREVE and 0 BUILDING SUPPLIES and LUMBER Phone Riceville 3434 Lincolnville, Pa, C omplim ents of FlRTH'S SERVICE WATERFORD LEADER UNION CITY TIMES-ENTERPRISE Every Thursday Monday and Thursday GIRARD COSMOPOLITE -HERALD EDINBORO INDEPENDENT Every Thursday Every Thursday CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS ENTERPRISE-NEWS Monday and Thursday 96 TAYLOR'S JEWELRY ' Union City Sn Corry, Pennsylvania Phone 472J - Phone SU-872 I All Work Guaranteed - Keepsake Diamonds - Elgin Watches n C ompliment s of SUNBEAM BAKE RY Erie Pennsylvania Compliments of CUNSUMER' 0lL C0. "For Friendly Service" Mobilgas ------ Mobiloil Compliments of MC CRILLI FARM SUPPLY R. D. 1943 Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Lester R. Lopus, Owner Union City, Pennsylvania Corry, Pennsylvania Best Wishes to the class of 1955 I Union City Pennsylvania BOSS Sn WHIPPLE 43 o MFG. co. 'A .1 iv 'N . . J- . ah- Wood handles and Specialties ffevw 9 I Union City Pennsylvania LOUl C. MASSELLO Trumpet Instructor By Appointment 71 l State Street E rie, Penna Compliments of GLENN'S CLO'l'Hl G Best Wishes ALFRED OLDS Florist 'Flowers of Quality" 101 East High Street Phone 158 or 558 Union City, Pa, F. i t Compliments of PER RY MILLE R Compliments of R. CHESLEY 81: SON 92 South Main St. Union City, Pa. fl of fr Compliments of CRIBB'S GROCERY 7 Warden St. Union City, Pa. 98 Compliments I of PALACE THEATRE Compliments of MRS. C. D. SMITH Parlor Grocery Phone 66-W Union City, Pa. Compliments of RAY'S TAVERN Wattsburg, Pa. Dorthy and Raymond Rutkowski C ompliments of the MODEL DAIRY COMPA Y IK 'S Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 GEORGE T. MICHAEL 6 S. Main St. Union City, Pa. Maytag Philco Congratulations S M I L E Y S I I 99 Compliments of PETE'S LUNCH 18 North Main St, Union City, Pa. C omplirnent S of EVELYN CLARK'S BEAUTY SALON 33 South St. Union City, Pa, Best Wishes SMITH'S FURNITURE STORE 20 South Main St. Union City, Pa, Phone 82-R ROSE ELECTRIC For Wiring Sn Television Phone 503 Union City, Penna. A aa 9 X 9 ,t Compliments of Compliments V GREE ACRE R' F' G ED SHORT at soN Miles Street Extension Union City, Pa. Union City, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of 1955 GHAPINS INSURANCE AGE GY successor to ARTHUR D. CHAPIN AGENCY A, W, WIGGE RS Agents JOHN R. ROUSE Best Wishes to the Class of '55 from the GEEE 'S GARAGE MASSEY HARRIS Farm Implements Lincolnville, Pa, Phone Riceville 292 5 Compliments of B1sHoP's GROCERY compliments Groceries Sz Meats Of South Main Ext, nga, 1 fl QU! W figs , N . iifflsfew-"F," Y-4?"ix,, viglg 134510 4 I fr ' CLARKS SHOE STORE Congrats to Class of '55 101 Compliments of HOME ATl0 ALBA K of Union City Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured up to S 10, 000, 00 30 ' so O , 1. 3 DE-PGSITS 3 g msawmsog 102 CLASS OF 1955 from the MEDICAL STAFF 0i the STEM MEMORlAL HOSPlTAL of Union City, Pennsylvania 103 THE RED 81 WHITE Home Owned -- G. L. Spencer We Deliver Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10 North Main Street Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of UNION COAL and S PPLY W' Compliments of MCCULLOUGI-I'S DRY GOODS Wattsburg Pennsylvania ROSIER'S HOME FURNISHINGS Quality Furniture for Less Blackstone Washers Norge Appliances and TV Open Evenings 'til 8:00 P. M. Saturdays 'til 9:00 P. M. 80 South Main Street Phone 436 Compliments of CHASE MOTOR SALES 3 Perry Street Compliments of GLENN FUNERAL HOME Robert H. Glenn Mark C. Glenn Ambulance Service Phone 228 Union City Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania Best Wishes LASKARIS 1908 to 1955 104 WAGMA ' 5Ct0 L00 TGRE "Your Self-Service Variety Store' During and After School Union City's Modern Business Block 4-6 North Main E4 0, Q1 Compliments of THOMA MARKET 98 South Main Street Union City XY' 4 "You Can Get It At Mandels" DAVID MANDE L Boys' and Men's Wear Shoes Sf Clothes For Work or Play 18-20 North Main Street Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of JOHN RE J ZE R PAUL L. HUNTER General Trucking St Moving Union City Pennsylvania X " 3 X SHIP BY TRUCK .P ' to gg Compliments of RUTHJANE WATTS Beve rage s BEAUTY SALON Phone 1 1 3 - W Phone 1 9 1 7 Market Street l Union City Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania 105 1 Congratulations to Class of 1955 Rl REE IMRLEME 'I' C0. Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of HAYEIS GROCERY STANDARD CHAIR COMPANY John Chundrlek "Chair Craftsmen since l899" Phone 255-M 55 N0I"Ch Main Street Union City Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of PETE'S SHRE REP IR of 22 Parade Street Union City Pennsylvania DO rr TODAY prim HARDWARE with care Your complete Westinghouse Dealer 37 North Main Street Union City Pennsylvania 'IO6 Congratulations to tne Class of 1955 Union City Pennsylvania Congratulations Congratulations the Class of 1955 to Class of 1955 KING'S DRESS SHOP 38 South Main Street LUPTON'S BAKERY 'Quality for Less' Compliments of CA TEEN SERVICE 5 9 E :N b s safe 'a N v N .ug Compliments of 4801 Peach Street Erie Pennsylvania 0 C 511 NTI:fEDH'!Gi'FIA-blfgblulpxs D E A Qi LRE ' 'IR 3 ' if?i5,i-2,1?Z?4 X ii-?7tf"' 30 South Main Street I Union City Pennsylvania 107 COMPLIMENT S JOH KR0l. P0 T6773 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U. S. Union City Pennsylvania Compliments Congratulations of HERBERT E. HAMMOND to the Class of 1955 A and P TEA COMPA Y JAMES LOWES Manager Union City, Pa. Hunting and Fishing Equipment and Licenses 70 North Main Street 60005 19 G E E R ' S Used Cars Bought and Sold 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phone Riceville 2921 Compliments of CAFLISCH BUILDERS SUPPLY Lumber- Roofing-Builders' Supply GILMORE JEWELRY Ready Mix Cement Special Mill Work Made to Order A 5 Main Street 228 East High street fp ' Union City Phone 569-J 5 ' Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of WILBERT COM 'l'0CK Union City 103 South Main Street Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of BOB ATLANTIC SERVICE BALDWIN 71 North Main street ELECTRIC Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of McCRlLLIS GROCERY ARTHUR F. YOUNG HARDWARE Greeeriee end Meets R, D, 3 Phone 2572 Riceville Union City Pennsylvania Lincolnville Pennsylvania 109 Compliments of H0'l'EL C0 GDO Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of AKAM'S GENERAL STORE D' H' MCCLINTOCK Hardware at Groceries WigC?j5jIgIT!rE?IigtS Vint SL Almeda Akam - Proprietors Glass Phone 75 Armstrong Quaker Rugs Wattsburg Pennsylvania Phone 380 Compliments of AP - TITE l C. Manufacturers of Quick Connecting and Disconnecting Couplers X 110 Compliments of Compliments of i TUTBBS GROCE RY I Compliments of ' HOFFMAN'S 89 Waterford Street Union City Pennsylvania Glass - Wallpaper - Paints Union City Pennsylvania Moms ' DRUG s'ronE C DRUG stone Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of THE W and W 0lL 0. "Ty" Wilkins 'N NAHMWQQ PENNZUII. F l.ub-uw 'Ill F. C. CHAPI and 0 Women's Apparel Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of UNION CITY MOOSE LODGE 5882 4.4 Union City Pennsylvania W i - You Are Always Welcome At The Compliments of KING'S BARBER SHOP Wm. King Union City Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of GRANT'S GROCERY L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY 1 ' d P' 97 East High Street C ass Rings an ms Union City Pennsylvania Attleboro Massachusetts 112 Compliments of THE H. B. LYO 00. Phone 1 32-M H. B. Lyons Paul C. Lyons UNION CITY PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Compliments of QUICK LUNCH MCGILL SHOPPE 48 North Maine Street Ladies and Childr'en's wear Union City Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania Compliments oi' Compliments of NELL-RAE BEAUTY SHOPPE UNION CITY TAXI SERVICE 38 East High Street Union City Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania 113 W A3 I vu if il' i j V rl ., fl-:A T Q I f' cum. Auvenam. Enchnnge mg. 1954 TWO BIG REASUNS why you'll go for our giant sodas in a big way. One-The large scoops of creamy-rich ice cream. Two-the skillful blending of luscious Havor- ings and fizzing water that sets your taste buds a-lingling. Boy-thal's REAL refresh- ment-satisfying . . . delicious . . . energizing. R. L. SHADE St SON Wholesale Tires Lee and General Exide Batteries 24 Hour Wrecker Service EASTMAN MFG. CO. , INC. 70 South Main Street . I -l p ' - 5 glade Union City Pennsylvania PHONE 443 UNION C Y, PENNA. Compliments of PEASE GROCERY Groceries-Meats Best Wishes SCHLAKS SECOND HAND STORE Good Luck to the Class of "55" JACOB' T. V. REPAIR NeW-TELEVISION- Used Prompt Service J. S. Jacobs Phone 314-J 56 South Main Street Meadville Road Union City Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania 'I14 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 A'l'l0 AL BA K oi CURRY Your Friendly Bank Corry Pennsylvania Compliments of TI-IE HELEN SHOPPE 115 North Center Street Compliments of FLYE REXALL DRUGS Phone 2-9011 117 North Center Street C P 1 ' mary ennsy Vama Corry Pennsylvania Congratulations Congratulations SHREVE 'S GROCE RY Waterford Street : UL' S 1 Msmfs WEAR CURRY PA Union City Pennsylvania I I 115 Compliments of Compliments of AAAATY' GARAGE G.L.F. 0ll.BUlLDlG Body St Fender Repair - Welding General Repair Wheel Balancing Fertilizer, Dusts, Spray Phone 591-5 Materials, Weed Killers 94 West High Street West High Street Ext. Union City Pennsylvania Union City Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of ESSO HALL RESTAURANT PUWELL LOA and FINANCE C0. Congratulations Corry Pennsylvania FRANK BLISS DRY CLEANING 143 North Center Street Phone 3-5824 19 North Center Street Corry Pennsylvania COTTY Pefmsylva-ma H6 Compliments of BUESINK MOTOR SALES 141 North Center Street Corry, Pa. , Compliments of GORRY SAVINGS and LOA ASS . 25 North Center Street Corry, Pa. W. W. WATERH0ll E Corry, Pa. 117 W5 51515 LZ - INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers C Cover Munuiurtuvers- Book Binders FACTORY - HOME OFFICE Kunsus City . - , ,,. ,ug I ., - 7-va., II., I,..I .I,1. , .,. I,5I,. . -V, - -5,1--..,---3, ,ww-r If II I It. Ix,,'-.Ei----. ,j'N"b.f'g 'Q f ' - z -., " -fw-'-sf'-fi, -'IXII-.lm 2 Nil :NIQM If-,II'X'n .Qgil-,5 QIQTQ-QQjf:l': it I XI xx.. xI f-I .i :I 5 I . I ftkgx 'hx 3 -91 NII YN . .,.',:j'f.f-V..j,,::'J, f5,.I3,,gQI...,,3g:-,,I.,x?I Ifsvn- QQII-,Q.'m,,I,:J-Z.---QIII,'J..L, I. EI :II-za-,Q-.I -.Inf-,EI ,I WJ tg I , SQ I Z. 4. ,:,1?.1. 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Suggestions in the Union City Area High School - Anvil Yearbook (Union City, PA) collection:

Union City Area High School - Anvil Yearbook (Union City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Union City Area High School - Anvil Yearbook (Union City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Union City Area High School - Anvil Yearbook (Union City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Union City Area High School - Anvil Yearbook (Union City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Union City Area High School - Anvil Yearbook (Union City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Union City Area High School - Anvil Yearbook (Union City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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