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".n 'r" I ff. .W '55-7 s I " Q, -.,',. s 4.4 A , ,',. A 4 ,. gm 4 SPH- , L ." Sf? 1 - .ZA 'pai 7:1 Ji' .ZX Vi , , to 1 . 5' . v mv jf fl fr 1 i' 5 VT. . . A 4 V .. , " 5 L J. fl- ' jf- k : ,gf ' 1 ' X 1" U? ' ' I ,Y . -1, H .- , V . 9 N . 7 li . WF .-4" x . .L AM Il, Q ij . I. 4 .T 5 Q . 'N 5: l, ', X ig, 4 -1 V L 4 : 1- :-:15, fv, ily I sv , I Rh ' I .Mt ff, ., 'Pm LIBBI Q Rig? 17? 'Q-f-?" 1 -Q-V 11-Y 1 11 1 1 Y 111 -1-,1q, , - 1 M1 11 N 1 11111--, 1111131911 1 111' 1 1 1 fi:.'. 1 111:11 " 1, 1v.1Ff gm 11,1 , W1 1 '1 1 1" L 1' 111 . 1 QL.-V 1 1 11: - 1 RL ,. 1 '1 Q 4 1 1111111I:.1'11 '1 "11111'1 1 1' 11 1 ' 1 d11y-111,11 ' 1 1 0 11111 1 X1 11 4 4 1. V, 1 1535 15 ' . -54?'5'r1 ' , 1: 1 1. 1' Z1'?1fi'4j! Zy11"' -'I , ' 1 Y 1 111.14 M1111 11 m1,11,!111 Y 1 , I 1113 'N ,.11 ' 1 1172111 4'9" -1 1' 1111 I 111' 1111 ' 1 'J-4-11,..'iu 11.11 I v ' . ' V . I7 ' ' . " . if E . 1 -1 1' 1 1' '11 -M' .1!1 1' 1111111511: 1 1 , .h 1 1 .,'1 1 4 . I 1 1 A 1 ,111 1111111 1 , 11 1 1 1 1 1 F 11 1 7 , JL?-L 1 : 5 's' 'xl - .Z ,f 7:1 1 511111 11 1 1 1 THE ANVIL Hfuifllalied .73g, .752 Szniwc C0144 U! 'Union City, Hfa. Uwe alma .Mata use 0 LJ O CTTY 4 'GH SCI-l00Lj O il 0 L " 1 C QE Ax y raise: As -9 KL g as fi st '1 C C Q- - C '1':Z'i-' -::f- f-sell' - "e""' owde g Dear Alma Mater Fairest of Shrines. May lasting glory Forever be thine. Crowned with laurels of virtue Decked in garlands so bright, We carry the banners Of the green and the whiteg We carry the banners Of the green and the white. xv Ever onward you struggle Til the goal has been gained: And we as descendants Bear aloft that fair name. So rejoice in the glory. Praises to you we sing. Dear Union City. May they fame never dimg Dear Union City, May thy fame never dim. Catherine Balas Class of 1943 Q a PAUL J. MCINERNEY We, the Class of 1953, wish to dedicate this Anvil to Mr. Paul J. Mclnerney in appreciation of his interest and earnest co-operation in all our efforts. Jam apemem aim! I. Seniww, Spa-ua, Muaic cl E. .V Bifefltil. 6.36. .SL at E.. I alll: V Q X l 'ff S fxf - if-f UH X x f , 'ei ' m QW fffffff' N' . w X 6 J, J Q 6.9 R! kg fag-wgigsuxx wana C 1 ,,1!44'5,Q3x1iLwi nw iaS,lw,?1 "' Merle Sexton Vice President lvl .Quaid Frederick H. Bartholme President 5 N Margaret A. Campbell Secretary MEMBERS Dr. C. W. Hordusky Marian J. Greishaw A. W. Wiggers Dr. Harold Y. Cooper Charles A. Rockwood Hobart Shreve Paul C. Lyons X , M9 ' ' V 2 ,M . ' 1. E555 " e' . r Wil:-9. Gi gi X .3 William M. Crandall Treasurer :ibavwzpae .'Dn-nald .73..7fudo4m L : . U 1 faculty, JOSEPH BATES B.S. School: New York State College Subject: Industrial Arts RUTH V. BECK B.S. School: Mercyhurst College Subject: Home Economics AL CERUTTI B.S., M. nd. BARBARA B. BALDWIN A.B Schools: Edinboro state Teachers' College Arizona State College Western Reserve Uni- versity Subjects: Jr. Business Training Business English P.O.D. Office Practice RUSSELL L. BRANT B.S. M.ED. Schools: Indiana State College Edinboro State College University of Pittsburgh Subjects: History Physical Education Health WILLIAM H. COUCH B.A. Schools: School: DuQuesne University Pennsylvania State Penn State College Subjects: Subject: Music English Band Chorus CLARA DURBIN B.S. O. D. FAIR B.S. Schools: Schools: Wooster College Indiana State College ' - Slippery Rock College Penn State Edinboro State College University of Pitts- Subjects: burgh Science Westrninister College Guidance h Subjects: English II Journalism Physical Education Health - .7 CARL HENRY B.S. Schools: Pennsylvania State College Edinboro State College Subjects: History Assistant Coach OMAR MENOHER B.S., M.S. School: Pennsylvania State College Subject: Agriculture RUSSELL C. PALMER B.S., M.E. Schools: Beckley College Elizabethtown College University of Pittsburgh Subjects: Typingl, II Shorthand I, II ZELAH T. REYNOLDS School: Edinboro State College Subjects: Mathematic s Health Health PAUL J. MCINERNEY B.S. School: University of Pittsburgh Subjects: Chemistry Biology VIRGINIA F. MICHAEL A.B School: Pennsylvania State College Subjects: Latin I, II French I English Il, Ill NEVA PARKER B.S. Schools: Edinboro State College University of Pittsburgh Subjects: American History Pennsylvania History OLGE C. SAMMONS School: Edinboro State College Sub j e cts: Geography Health 1 'Q Q 'll A-K , 'ks' i fiaculty BETH SNLILEY A.B. School: Allegheny College Subjects: English I, II, IV MARY J. SZALL R.N. Schools: Bradford Hospital Edinboro State College School Nurse JEAN STULL B.S. School: Edinboro State College Subject: Art ANNA L. WILSTEAD B.S Schools: Edinboro State College Pennsylvania State College Duke University Subjects: Mathematics Algebra I, II Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry Student .leacheaa MARY BENNER EDWARD CHAMBERLAIN QPicture not availablel EMERY DOBASH DELMAR WRIGHT Likes to drive to all the basketball games to see if he can meet some new dames. 3 ,i 1 JANE LE SUER If ever there was a cutie this gal is one, she's very sweet and loves everyone. L I THERON EARLL Theron is a happy lad, you never see him when he's sad. SALLY TURNER This girl has many a fame, One is cheering at basketball games. ll BETTY BARNES W A silly joke, a funny laugh, we're sure glad she's in our class. CHARLES KUCZAJ Wants to fly jets off in the blueg 6 -Q here's where we say adieu to you. I ALICE LAPEK Alice is engaged to a guy named Joeg we hope they're married before the next snow EARL GRIFFITH Dresses sharp. dresses neat, all the girls think Earl's sweet. N X . . 9 V HERBERT MOSHER Likes to skate and have lots of fun, wishes lots of luck to everyone. MARGORIE CROSS She likes to help us all no matter if we're short or tall. ROBERT WHITTAKER Always seen around, but never without Donna Brown. DONNA BROWN No matter where Donna may go. she always has a cheery hello. CARMINE MCGAHEN One of the things in which this girl is very smart is anything that pertains to art. ALFRED CLARK Al has naturally curly hair, ' and all the girls wish it were theirs. MARGARET KERR Seen with a book, seen with a pen, we think that she's everybody's friend. SHIRLEY HOYT This girl to all the boys is gone, cause she's engaged to a guy named Don. .,1, A "Cf TY Q ag., ALBERT WIGGERS Never a worry, never a care, always trying to put a curl in his hair. MARYETTA ANDERSON Maryetta's horselaugh is her fame, but lady wrestling is her aim. RONALD CHESLEY A funny story, a handsome fac BETTY RYAN The kind of girl you would take home t if you could trust father 9, he gives all the girls a chase. o mother VIRGINIA FISK After a man she doesn't care. just so he's not in a wheel chair. HUGH FRANCIS This guy was born to play a horn. 1 BETH MAGEE As busy as a bee, that's our Beth Magee. FELIX REICHART He and his trumpet makes lots of sound. sometimes it's heard all over town. HAROLD SEXTON He is good in all his classes, but doesn't care much for lasses PHYLLIS COSILLA She is a quiet one, but she has lots of fun. 2 is RAYMOND R HODES Ray drives with safety and care fwhen a state cop is at the rearj. DOROTHY HARNAK Lots of noise, lots of fun, that's our Dot, the pretty one. VIRGINIA HARRISON Ginny has a car that she never drives, never less than ninety-five! JACK KAMPPI This guy is quite tall. and very good at basketball. PATRICIA CARNEIWSKI This girl likes many a man, but in the end, I'm sure a wonderful one she will win. RICHARD STEADMAN A big fellow, and the biggest part of him is his heart. ! DAVID ALLEN . p A 5 -A ' His friends are many. his enemys few, V ' l ' i here's to lots of good luck for you. of D V ' SHIRLEY BICKERSTAFF - 1 A wonderful girl 'Z ' ' A r 5 and a wonderful personality. HELEN PECK A friend to all, a foe to none. MARTHA HULBERT Mart is smart, SARA PFISTER Although Sara is gone, we will remember her long. ORVILLE SMITH He was such a good salesman he sold himself on Uncle Sam. KARL SEDMINA A11 of Karl's ounces make him a good bouncer. No picture Available and we hope no one ever breaks her heart. '78 SUSAN ERSKINE You never see Sue when she is blue. ER MA SHONTZ Works for everyone all the time, and never seems to mind. KENNETH SHERMAN Likes to flirt and have a good time, always asking to borrow a dime. VIOLET GREY Violet's been gone for quite a while: we're glad to see her back with a pleasant smile MARGORIE BARBER Here is a pretty girl with hair that naturally curls. CLYDE SHORT Runs all night, sleeps all day, that's our Sonny all the way. NORMA CAMPBELL This little gal is always gay, no matter what kind of a day. JEAN CHUNDRELEK Works in a store some of the time. Spends her money as if it were mine. 'wifi We, the class of 1953, being old and feeble-minded will to the poor, young underclassmen the following of our prized possessions: Violet Gray wills all her letters to Jewel Kimmy. Marjorie Barber leaves her journalism book to Elsie Gross. Marjorie Cross leaves her typing on THE VOICE to anyone who wants it. Norma Campbell wills her rides in the school bus to Martha Jordan. Shirley Bickerstaff wills her natural blonde hair to Beverly St. John. Betty Barnes trusts her pleasing personality to Art Steves. Maryetta Anderson leaves her dignified ways to Toot Laird. Virginia Harrison leaves her hotrod driving to Charlotte Comstock. Pat Carniewski gladly wills her temper to Judy Fisk. Dorothy Harnak wills her late hours to Dick Holland. Shirley Hoyt hopes her quiet ways will rub off on to Ronnie Drayer. Hugh Frances hands his solid geometry book to Dick McGuire. Ronald Chesley gives his typing to his brother, Bud. Earl Griffith leaves his nice clothes to Larry Peard. Virginia Fisk leaves her job at Gates' to Jean Clerk. Alice Lapek leaves her basketball ability to Peggy Sue Alexander. Delmar Wright, somewhat brokenhearted, gives his curly hair to Ken Merkle. Ray Rhodes wills his hot rodding to Jim Turner. Harold Sexton gives his good marks to Richard Butler. Clyde Short Gladly gives his height to Frank Pollak. Felix Reichart playfully gives his trumpet to Art Allen. Alfred Clark leaves his car to his brother. Bob Whittaker hands his P. O. D. book to Dick Brown. Theron Earll wills his ability to laugh at jokes to Bill Whitaker. Jack Kamppi wills his athletic ability to Mervin Troyer. Dick Steadman gives his wrestling skill to Tough Shade. Donna Brown trusts her flirting eyes to Rae Maryott. Sally Turner willingly gives her place as "most fickle girl" to Ellen Rice. Carmine McGahen gives her art ability to her sister. Jane LeSuer gives her picture of Wayne to Mrs. Michel. Beth Magee gives her good marks to Bob Alfred. Betty Ryan wills her good looks to Judy Megat. Chuck Kuczaj gladly gives the marks he got in algebra to Bob Bennett. Helen Peck wills her way to argue about anything to Keith Williams. Al Wiggers wills his way of being a good Republican to Doug Barnes. Ken Sherman gives his ability to skip school to Norm Troyer. Karl Sedmina gracefully hands his mustach to Max Dugaw. Jean Chunderlek leaves her nice clothes to her sister. David Allen leaves his place in the F. F. A. to his brother. Martha Hurlbert wills her job at the Ritz to anyone that wants it. Margaret Kerr leaves her place as first engaged girl in the class Irma Jean Shontz leaves her friendly smile to Maxine Watts. Herb Mosher wills his skates to some seventh grader. Susan Erskine hands her two tone hair to Pat Lapek. Sara Jane Pfister gives her natural cheering ability to Judy Soety. Phyllis Cosilla wills her ability to keep quiet to Winnie Woods. to M. Church fNote by the Superintendent: the writers of the above have just been liquidated Jury returns the verdict on the accused, "Justifiable Homicide"J rf'-'FN VTR .ehlihi Y f-v- I-'-1'-.A I of ,,.,-- Claw, ffwphecy, Our former Donna Brown is now married to the famous chain store executive, Bob Whittaker. They have just remodeled their new house. and Martha Hurlbert is doing their decorating. Incident- ly, Martha has just won another award, which makes one hundred, for her superior decorating. Delmar Wright has just married again. He married Virginia Mayo, the famous actress. It was his fifth marriage. We just witnessed a basketball game between the Vi's and the B's. The score was 77 to 76 in favor of the Vi's. Violet QGreyJ Sidman and Beth QMagee7 Rockwell raised their own teams! They each have seven boys. Hugh Francis' famous band f"Get Blue with Hugh"J, featuring the great clarinetist. Ronald Ches- ley, now has top billing in the Macomba. Hugh's wife. the former Pat Carniewski. is the singing star of the band. Felix Reichart, a truly great engineer is building a bridge over Grand Canyon. Not across it, but down it. While Felix works on the bridge, Mrs. Reichart, Alice Lapek to us, is vacationing in Palm Springs. Herbert Mosher, a commander in the Air Force. has just called David Allen for more farm pro- ducts. David now has farms all over the United States. His main secretary is his wife, the former Jean Chundrelek. Betty Ryan and Virginia Fisk are now running the top beauty shops in New York City. Their top business manager is Carmine McGahen. Betty Barnes and Jane Le Suer are now patching up Alfred Clark and Chuck Kuczaj. The boys were in a big battle with jets and ships, so we hear. Betty's and Jane's good friend, Sally Turner is now teaching school at Centerville. By the way, the girls are still waiting for those three boys from Centerville. Its only been 20 years. Maybe they aren't coming girls. Our big business tycoons, Clyde Short and AlWiggers are now in a partnership. Maryetta fAnder- sony Wiggers and Susan QErskinej Short are their private secretaries. We predict these four will go a long way in the business field. Mrs. Donald Taylor QShirley Hoytj has been voted mother of the year. Shirley now has an even dozen children. Margaret Kerr now has the largest library in the world. Margaret has written all the books. of course. Employed as the library receptionist is Margie Barber. Thereon Earll, the bubble gum tycoon, is takinga vacation in California. His secretary, Marjorie Cross, will take care of the business while he is gone. J and "The Lover" Kamppi and Virginia Harrison, those two great Hollywood stars, will appear in the great motion picture. "A Street Car Named the Flyer". Raymond "Lead Foot" Rhodes is driving in the annual 500 mile classic at INDIANAPOLIS SPEED WAY on the Fourth of July. He is favored to win in a breeze. Earl Griffith designed the racer "Pot Luck" which Lead Foot will drive in the race. There is anew typing schoolinErie called "The Happy Little Types". lt is run by Shirley Bicker- staff and Norma Campbell. Their biggest job is trying to teach Dot Harnak to type. Give up girls. Harold Sexton's new radio business is really making money. Harold was set up in business by the millionaire farmer Ken Sherman. Ken is the only farmer that milks cows while wearing a tuxedo. Erma Shontz is Ken's private secretary. Dick Steadman is the man who has taken Tarzan's place in the movies. He is known as TARZAN, THE APE MAN. Phyllis Cosilla is his business manager. Dick has been seen with that queen of burlesque, Sara "The Shape" Pfister. 'IlLliu'o, 'lllfin 3 i a Wg mer? X She id 59 'Q BEST Loomis MOST PQPULAR BEST DANCER Xgumf if ,ii if , ,,, X' f-PM W l 1 X Q3 f gf 2 Q, Q XHASQLQX BEST ATHLETE BEST ALL-AROUND WITTIEST ff 0 MOST Lovuve COUPLE Been' DRESS ER mosv INTELLECTUAL i my Q 7717 - - M few ' 5 Q.: f ' ,, -f A.. X A s f W 5 iVlosT UASHFUL HAP PIEST Nur Vlasr LIHELY T0 Sores: Wg J , i . gm' 'XXJQA3 Q I A I Lx fa Q I UK fgbgijf fl f ff ff " .- -'-1 Y Boorcwom Vlosv Fgmcme lvlosr Amsmaus U1 1 9-1 I E N 5 J ' k 1, , . - Q ,I rs, . I Qin, N , . , T .1 IH if if jr l Sari I 1 M . 'R X u I f T 1 5 9 .Hug I fmlkx I flllx H! IX f X Qun E1-ssr Cl-:AMP Gum Cuewea lvlosv DIGNIFIED 1 i - ,. , - Q it n V x. JM , ' V " ' IXIIGHTI-LAX-JK LAZIEST Wwkmx , 1 .,.. W W v QS' x f . . 5 la - - i 'n-3,1 f'3:6:',- , X 5: 1' f ", N , DIQQSST Devnls f Seniwe 31 I :ff , , Pi. , ,VUL Q '-L U- Q, 45-il L I ' VIOLET GY?-V MUYTOYIE BQYIDEY 641.-fy Sis' W J 'giaitignli ' X f ff gf 1, um 99 5 ' - C341 'v S' Iv Nh 333' o C5 'VIHVTDYI e Cross Nov:-na Cam P b e LL. ?., r 217' fliag J 1 i..m'g7i- bf" T ii i 3 if X f?o.vmoNd Hodge 5Lw1Ui HOW as' 'Mi' f? on LX ' 1 I I laik --X X ', , 4 Z-..fg sfgcsg WU "cf 4 iZg5'1?iJ" -?'i,,2Q""'T75 Dfwml HHEN ivww. Sum Q vw 0 R W V, ,X wwf fy? ' 3 N0 JA gb 'Lax-KX ,i !QMc0'w0 KM Seolmuun C,,R,MNe MQGHMN U- 7 Meow: W' cas! 6 'lfmnw' CV ,dx -fm' Os. ax is bv' nbL 4n- ef J clerk , YM , XJ? fllpl A, XX cv -1,4, ,-7. Vw p avwcrrammlzvsoh ' ion! 45101465 go v- .D Xkvusxiio li Make Qht' ' yew' n',iL.,f ook wad!! 1' - -- 1 ff' gxgx J-l'T ? ELPMJ e N lag D f I, X' Q ml Q 'Xp ff-- e-rrq BOWNCS R xclao.,.L S.l.,kLmw I4 ,,, " "Q"'effs -- gvd' X-0 'af g a ll 1 5 jd nov '49-'-955' f 1 ....-+.., . I , '- 1.-f-' -r ,Iv it AIICE LAPEK E Hvll GMHWA Q N rf- O. SQ! +437 ,gr gif- Cf - W Shnvleq Bmcncvsmgg 1 -xx - ' 7 0, Qifw ,, LT? .vp I VI WEINI A F1 S H. TWA!! ST, fvqesf - 5 'Zio 052 J :Eu il' 7-,Y .- Rouolok Clwsxeg Ss:-,--4 Llfhoor UJYXOQIVX- A in , woyfl Sex-lu JG H Q 4s fa L-lu me Xp- 1? Q- M-u FY om us lx'-"'??7 . ov .....-.. ---ar", 1 11?-E525 QL-1 race. CQYNIELUSNI D 1 5""W W w'5'?f'f DAN 5 X,0 Q0 NF LR 5 44,39 :-3.-344 Donlutl Bvolurq 594 -T.vY'NcY Q 6 ' M UukA-1' - C. ljafh 7 'Nr FV 1 X gx W Tai" xlozf' C lqdt Slqov-+ Vpiaglxk 'QE 41 fl Q253 Bch", Rqanl 'iii o RET! I .-F r' 4. -f Psalm ifendhmw 5 -do wx. hlk lixgkudi, J l C IWARIQS yucznj Q " 90599 Q: WJ W I Q XJ o'f"'dJ KW -ffg -Z f.:.,'Y": I-lavold Semen pkA':x.i,0wX 'Y n' J 5 E' 1,763 "N' 6"m X-- 1, filielg 9 E A 0 Jack Hamppi jg'f1"3.3'-J .625 6' go- uc. I! V N IF?--S 3 ,xr 'MIN 5 M 5,447 1 Kew Slwevmogxxx CN' 3- Co,yfxn'X I . 4 N X5 0 ox 0 4 4 Op' 9 41' JM O V Tkww EWAX x .. p ,hire Ac few' M t:.'.'l'1l 4-""" i M ! He. 1 v. N ?Qm-.tb 6 797 fain ig-gg AS. sw Q22 Q2 LU Ll' Afkex-Twwmevs CN fx K-: ig v'-2 SVQHN Evs I-LXNQ Qx -D 1, 13.32-,55. WCM film Hfv PIE k::iQ4. Ei JE LQQQML ROBQNP1- wkK++Hlier QW l' i,6 ,W D of Q OYOTI-ly HOMNOYK ,, -L 2' ' QQ! V65 Go -ow M .xp E? KQLLG Im Leguw A -f L22 , 'CBM mm, A l Ref' 6 7 V5 . vv""7 57191 MT Gi. ,... VIARTBA I-I uv' burr -y E R F 0 R XN F Oh lfau p , If KNOW' A 1 'lv c,,, lint 'fx 1-I CYBGYT MOSKQY 6 3, 25 YK ' X XI.: flak! 5 f X ,,1,...-f---- -P 1- -1-1-ii-n s 5 X, e' 4' Y 11:5-Qjx, L ,iff-3" lp X -.. I Mavqmrei Kevv Q cfLXJa:u,w5 3 f E? 427 -H- ,D K X Sava P41 STEV 452, 'W 16 A -3, AUS phyllns Cosmlla. jean Chunovlex D I H L 1 'bi an -'W l 3655 n k""x1' ' +V, M. ff, j ,sn-4 F ,k n .., fm t' . 11, , is ef- i ' ff? ' 7 NJ V I , ' W .1. X' .. -f " w 5 I V ,K Ml as 'WN ,, ff V -Q f ' 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Beth Magee Margaret Kerr Virginia Fisk Harold Sexton Margie Barber Pat Carnlewski Cla, we 'lllew 12. Virginia Harrison 13. Alice Lapke Donna Brown Alfred Clark Norma Campbell Violet Gray Carmine McGahen 5: 53 M , 3 .X ' N if fs 6 W E53 K 4 F 53, U 3, f K -'f5SiF?. .. , 1 .Nik A N Xgil x fn N' 1 ' 1 A ll. 15' 19' 11. O 19' K , 4 X..--X if fait I 2 "' 1 4,4 '- Q' y Wi 'S J.: K x K' , : 15 li N X 2 1 A 5 fx ' , ,Q .2 .wif , ' ., P16 - Q .aitg-, Q? ,, 'i4':'v.4.B'N 14. Eral Griffith 15. Theron Erall 16. Shirley Bickerstaff 17. Irma Skontz 18. Albert Wiggers 19. Delmar Wright 20. Helen Peck 21. Richard Steadman 22. Betty Ryan 23. Shirley Hoyt 24. Sally Turner David Allen Ambition--To be a successful farmer Hobby--Reading and listening to the radio , Activities--F.F.A. Club 4---F.F.A. Basketball 1,2,3,4 Maryetta Jo Anderson Ambition- -Secretary or Woman Wrestler Hobby--Skating and Dancing Activities--Band 1,2,3.4--Class Play 4---Hobby Club 3,4---Hobby Club Vice-Presi- dent 4---Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4---Prom Committee 3 Margie Ann Barber Ambition--To be a receptionist Hobby--Eating and Dancing Activities--Hobby Club 2,3,4---Voice Staff 4---Twirlers l---Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4 Betty Lou Barnes Ambition--To be a good nurse Hobby--Roller skating and Dancing Activities--Anvil Staff 3,4---F.H.A. l,2,3---Minstrel 2,4---Operetta 3---Hobby Club 4---Pre-College Club 4---Mixed Chorus 3---Band 1,2,3,4---Girls' Sports l,2,3,4 ---Gym Assistant 4---Girls Gym Council 4---Girls' Chorus 4---Class Play 3,4--- Prom and Banquet Committee 3---Soloettes 1 Shirley June Bickerstaff Ambition--To be a secretary Hobby- -Collecting Records Activities--Hobby Club 3,4---Hobby Club President 4---F.H.A. 4---Class Secretary 2---Banquet Committee 3---Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4 Donna Jean Brown Ambition--A good housewife Hobby--Bob Activities--Y-Teen 1---F.l-LA. 1---Twirling 1, 2, 3. 4---G.A.C. 1,2,3,4---Prom Com- mittee 3 Patricia Ann Carniewski Ambition--Secretary and Housewife Hobby--Dancing and Sports Activities- -F.H.A. 1,2-- -Girls' Chorus 4- --Mixed Chorus 4---Banquet Committee 3--- Class Play 3---Minstrel 4---Interclass Volleyball 2,3---Interclass Basketball 2,3 ---Girls' Sports l,2,3,4 Norma Arilla Campbell Ambition--To be a secretary Hobby- -Dancing Activities--F.H.A. l,2,3,4--F.H.A. President 4---Hobby Club 3---Class Play 3.4--- Banquet Committee 3---Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4 Ronald Royce Che sley Ambition- -To be successful in business Hobby- -Sports Activities- -Automobile Club 4- - -Band 1,2,3,4- --Chorus 2,3 - - -Operetta 3 - --Minstrel 2,4- --Basketball Manager 1 - - -Baseball l,4- --Football 3,4- --Hobby Club 2---Hi-Y 1 - - -Prom Committee 3- - -Interclass Basketball 2, 3,4- - -Interclass Volleyball 2,3 Jean Chunderlek Ambition--To be a good secretary Hobby- -Reading Activities---Hobby Club 2---Chorus, Mixed 3---Girls' Chorus 3---Operetta 3--- Senior Class Play 4 Alfred Earl Clark Ambition--To join the Navy Hobby--Driving his junker . Activities--Football l,2,3,4---Minstrel 2,4---Operetta 3---Anvil Staff 3,4---Auto Club 4---Mixed Chorus 2,3,4---Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,4---Hobby Club 2,3 Phyllis Cosilla Ambition--To be a Christian housewife Hobby- -Cleveland Indians Activities--FHA 1,2,3,4 Marjorie Colleen Cross Ambition--To go to a business college and become a secretary Hobby- -Skating Activities--Voice Staff 4---Girls' Sports 4---Class Play 4---Prom Committee 3--- Banquet Committee 3 Theron E. Earll Ambition- -Undecided Hobby- -Sports fFootballJ Activities--Agriculture 1,2---Hobby Club 2,3,4---Band 1,2,3,4---Chorus l,2,3.4--- Auto Club 4---Class Treasurer 1---Hobby Club Pres. 2,3---Football 1.2,3--- Basketball 3---Basketball Manager 1,2---Baseball Manager 1,2,4---Baseball 3--- Voice Staff 3,4---Anvil Staff 3,4---Minstrel 1,2,4---Operetta 3---lnterclass Bas- ketball 2,4---Interclass Volleyball 2,3---Chorus Pres. 4---Band Pres. 4--- Class Play 4 ' Susan Lenore Erskine Ambition- -Secretary Hobby- -Roller Skating Activities- -Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4- --Girls' Chorus 2,3,4- --Mixed Chorus 2,3,4- --Minstrel 2,4- - -Operetta 3- - -Class Play 3- - -Anvil Staff 4- - -G.A.C. 1 ,2 - --lnterclass Basket- ball 3- - -Interclass Volleyball 3 - - -Girls' Sports l,2,3,4- - -Banquet Committee 3 Virginia Fisk Ambition--To be a secretary Hobby--Roller Skating Activities--F.H.A. 1,2,3---Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4---Girls' Chorus 2,3,4---Mixed Chorus 2,3,4---Soloettes 1---Minstrel 1.2.4---Operetta 33--Class Play 4---Prom Com- mittee 3---Class President 1---Class Secretary and Treasurer 2---Anvil Sta!! 4---G.A.C. 4 - Hugh Francis Ambition- -Engineering Hobby--Wine, Woman, and Song Activities--Band 1,2,3,4---Hobby Club 1.3.4---Anvil Staff 3,4---Mixed Chorus 3,4--- Boys' Chorus 2,3---Prom Committee 3---Operetta 3---Minstrel 4---Pre-College 4---Latin Club 1,2---Trumpet Trio 3,4---Auto Club 4---Football 3,4---Basket- ball 3---R.O.T.C. 2---Baseball 1 Earl Griffith Ambition- -To be a mechanical engineer Hobby--Driving Kazzy's Wrecker Activities--Football l.2,3,4---Chorus 1,2---Minstrel 2---Hi-Y 1---Auto Club 4--- Anvil Staff 3,4---Pre-College Club 4---Prom Committee 3---Boys' Chorus 1,2 Violet L. Gray Ambition--To make Bob a good wife Hobby- - Photography Activities--Hobby Club 3,4---FHA 4---Class Play 4---lnterclass basketball 3--- lnterclass Volleyball 3---Prom Committee 3---Girls Sports 1,2,3,4---McKean 1.2 ---Girls Chorus 1,2---Mixed Chorus 1,2---Orchestra 1,2---Varsity Basketball 2 ---Spring Concert 1 Dorothy Jane Harnak Ambition--To become a secretary Hobby--Dancing and crocheting Activities- -Hobby Club 3 - - -Hobby Club Secretary 3 - - -Class Play 4- - -FHA 4- - - Banquet Committee 3- --Girls' Sports 1.2,3,4 Shirley Arlene Hoyt Ambition--To make Donnie a good wife Hobby--Taking flash pictures Activities---Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4---Tri-Hi-Y Secretary 4---Mixed Chorus 2,3,4---Girls' Chorus 2,3,4---Soloettes 1---Minstrel 2,4---Operetta 3---Banquet Committee 3 Virginia S. Harrison Ambition--Getting out of college Hobby--Dur Rogers Activities--Tri-Hi-Y 2.3.4---Tri-Hi-Y Vice President 3---Tri-Hi-Y President 4--- Class Play 3---Anvil Staff 4---Student Council 2---Band 1,3---Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 ---Girls Chorus 2,3,4---Minstrel 1.2.4---Operetta 3---Banquet Committee 3 Martha Jean Hurlbert Ambition- -Interior Decorator Hobby- -Willie Activities- -Girls' Athletic Council- - - l,2, 3,4- - - Prom Committee 3 Jack H. Kamppi Ambition--To make lots of money Hobby--Collecting pictures of Marilyn Monroe Activities--Baseball 4---Football 2,4---Basketball l,2,3,4---Auto Club President 4 ---Minstrel 1,2.4---Operetta 3---Class Play 3,4---Class Vice President 2,3--- Band 1,2,3,4---Prom Committee 3---Interclass Volleyball 2,3,4---Interclass Bas- ketball 2 Margaret Ellen Kerr Ambition--To be married Hobby--Writing to Don and reading Activities--Girls Sports 1,2,3,4 Charles Kuczaj Ambition- -Navy Jet Pilot Hobby- -Hunting Activities- -FFA 1- --Class President 3 - - -Student Council 2,4- - -Class Play 3 - - -Inter- class Volleyball 3 Alice Mary Lapek Ambition- -To be married Hobby- -Joe Kowalski Activitie s- -Bloomfield 1 , 2 - - -Glee Club 1 , 2 - - -Cheerleader 1 , 2 - - -Athletic Association '1,2- - -Student Council 2,3,4---Class Play 3- --Operetta 3 - --Hobby Club 2,3- -- Anvil Staff 3,4- - -Minstrel 4- - -Mixed Chorus 3,4- - -Girls' Chorus 3,4 Jane LeSuer Ambition- -Nurse Hobby - - R eading Activities--Mixed Chorus 2,3,4---Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4---Anvil Staff 3,4---Class Play 3,4---FHA 1---Minstrel l,2,4---Operetta 3---Prom Committee 3---Solo- ettes-1---Quartet 2,3,4---Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4---Pre-College Club 4 Beth Lenore Magee Ambition--To make Rog a good wife Hobby- - Music and reading Activities--Girls' Chorus 2,3,4---Mixed Chorus 2,3,4---Girls' Quartet 2,3,4---Anvil Staff Editor 4---Class Play 3,4---Banquet Committee 3---Y-Teen 2---FHA 1--- Minstrel l,2,4---Operetta 3---Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4---District Band 2---District Chorus 2,3,4---Soloettes l Carmine Lela McGahen Ambition--To go to college Hobby--Music and Art Activities--FHA 1---Art 2---Anvil Staff 3,4---Art Editor Anvil Staff 4---Mixed Cho- us 3 4 --Girls' Chorus 3,4---Girls' Quartet 3,4---Class Play 3,4---Prom and ' S rts 1,2,3,4---Operetta 3---Minstrel 1,4---Pre- r , - uet Committee 3---Girls po Banq College Club 4---Soloettes l Herbert Mosher Ambition--To join the Armed Forces Hobby - - Models ' ' ' -- bb Club 2,3,4---Basketball 1---Auto Club 4---Industrial Arts---Bas- 3 Activities Ho y ketball Team 3---Interclass Volleyball 2, Helen E. Peck . .f Ambition--To make Mike a good wi e Hobby--Knitting and eating Activities--Mixed Chorus 2,3,4---Girls' Chorus 2,3,4---Minstrel 1,2,4---Operetta 3 ---Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4---Gym Assistant 4---Interclass Volleyball 2,3---Class Play 3 Sara Jane Pfister Activities---Cheerleader l,2,3,4---FHA 2,3,4---Class Play 4---Mixed Chorus 2,3.4--- Girls' Chorus 2,3,4---Soloettes l---Operetta 3 Felix Reichart. Jr. Ambition--Engineer Hobby- -Sports Activities---Band 1,2,3,4---Chorus 2,3,4---Class Play 3,4---Minstrel 1,2,4---Oper- etta 3---Interclass Volleyball 2,3---Prom Committee 3---Fife and Bottle Band 4 ---District Band 3---Anvil Staff 3,4---Trumpet Trio 3,4 Raymond R. Rhodes Ambition--To get a job and make a million ' ' h' , Driving, and Dot ---V 'ce Staff 4 Hobby--Hunting, Fis mg Activities---Hobby Club 2,3,4---Class Play 3,4 oi Betty Elaine Ryan Ambition--Beautician and Business School Hobby- -Writing letters I Activities---Class Play 3,4--Class Secretary 3.4---Historian l---Mixed Chorus 3,4 ---Girls' Chorus 3,4---Twirlers 4---Voice Staff 4---Prom and Banquet Committee 3---Minstrel 1,2.4---Operetta 3 Karl Sedmina Ambition- -Undecided Hobby- -Football E Activities- -Class Play 4- - -Football 1,2,3.4 Kenneth Sherman Ambition--To be a millionaire Hobby - - Hot- rodding Activities--FFA l.2,3,4---FFA Basketball l,2,3,4---Band 1,2---Class Play 3---Auto Club 4---Voice Staff 4---Interclass Volleyball 2,3 Merle Harold Sexton Ambition--Radio Electronics or Business Hobby--Short-wave Radio, Hunting, and Fishing Activities--Class Historian 1---Voice Staff 3---Hobby Club 4---Auto Club 4---Latin Club 4 Erma Jean Shontz Ambition--To be a secretary Hobby- -Dancing and collecting matchfolders Activities--Hobby Club 2,3,4---Class Play 4---Voice Staff 4---Twirler l---Girls' Sports l,2,3,4---Minstrel 1 Clyde Short Richard Ambition--Agriculture Extensive Service Hobby - - Automobile s Activities--F.F.A. 1,2,3,4,---F. F. A. Secretary 3---F. F. A. President 4---F.F.A. County President 4---Student Council l,2,3,4---Inter Scolastic Basketball 2,3,4--- Banquet Committee 3---Class President 4-- -Hobby Club 3---Auto Club 4---F. F. A. Basketball l,2,3,4---Voice Staff 3,4---Associate Editor Voice Staff 4 E. Steadman Ambition- -Photographer Hobby- - -Hunting, fishing, and taking picture s Activities- --Football l- - -Basketball 1- - -lnterclass Basketball 2,3,4- - -lnterclass Volleyball 4- - -Hobby Club 2,3,4- --Auto Club 4- --Hi-Y 4-- -Hi-Y President 4- -- Anvil Staff 4- -- Pop Committees 1,2,3,4- - -Chairman Prom Committee 3 - - -Chair- man February Committee 4- - - Mixed Chorus 4- - -Boys' Chorus 4- - -Class Play 3,4 Sally Jane Turner Ambition- -Elementary Teacher Hobby--Cheerleading and roller skating Activities--Cheerleader l,2,3,4--Mixed Chorus Z,3,4---Girls' Chorus 2,3,4---District Chorus 2.3,4---District Band 3-4---Minstrel l,2,4---Operetta 3---Soloettes 1--- Pre-College Club 4---Y-Teens 2,3,4---Prom and Banquet Committee 3---Bottle and Fife Band 4---Band 1,2,3,4---Class Play 3,4---Student Council 2---Student Coach 4---Anvil Staff 4---Voice Staff 4---Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4---Quartet 4 Robert Whittaker Ambition- -To be a coach Hobby- -Basketball Activities- -Class Vice President 1,4- - -Class President 2 - - -Basketball 1,2, 3,4- -- Football 2,4- - -Baseball 1 ,2,4- - - Pre- College Club 4 Albert W. Wiggers, Jr. Ambition--To be successful with Clyde in College and partnership, and to make M.A. his secretary Hobby--Skating, Maryetta, and Oldsmobiles Activites---FFA 1---Class Play 3,4---Mixed Chorus 2,3,4---Hobby Club 2,3,4--- Auto Club 4---Voice Staff 4---Minstrel 1,2,4---0peretta3---Prom Committee 3--- Boys' Chorus 2,3,4 Delmar LeRoy Wright Ambition--To marry a beautiful woman Hobby--Playing April Steven's records Activities--Class Play 3,4---Interclass Volleyball 2,3,4---Interclass Basketball Club 4---Anvil Staff 4---Operetta 3---Minstrel 4---Auto Club 4---Mixed Chorus 3,4---Boys' Chorus 3---Voice Staff 4---Hi-Y 1 'oz A - 'gn . Q yds- AJ 'X '- - IIIFI x ' " ff IP' 'llndewfcuwmen .arf ,Q - ...f- "' is g ,,f Q-I I A 1' . -:...-2 3'-' - g A iii? X XL ' if 194 1- 1' - lf!" Q d 4? 4 ,ffx 6 SX ww v ffl, CM. PM Mfw. 'lllifo,tead'o, FIRST ROW: Cecilbelle Gregory, Phylis Hamiltom, Ruth ,Griffith, Elaine Forbes, Mrs. Wilstead, Margaret Church, Charlotte Comstock, Martha Gross, Elsie Gross, Carol Beale. SECOUND ROW: Doug Barnes, Marvin Hurlbert, Robert Caldwell, Francis Hanlin, Alberta Estes, Judy Fisk, Richard Hurlbert, Ward Bliley, Robert Bogardus, Richard Butler. THIRD ROW: Walter Hordusky, Harlod Drayer, Leon Balzon, Kenneth Barstow, Richard Brown, Richard Clark, Richard Howland, Robert Bennet, Robert Alford, Max Dugaw, Richard Cochran. President ..... .... Ar t Steves Vice President .... . . .Ruth Griffiths Secretary-Treasurer. . .... Mary Porter Social Chairman .... .... J ewel Kimmy - ,J Q 'Tk ff f og, gi I f.. 4- J. -it "' AQ l ll Mm. 'o. FIRST ROW: Martha Jordan, Alice Shamlpa Ruby Jane Steadman Elaine Proper Mrs. Michael, Mary Porter, Beverly St. Jo , Jewel Kimmy, Rae Maryott ' SECOND ROW: Donald Mosher, John Shreve, James Thomas, Edward Shuster, Joe Zajac, Kenneth Williamson, Fobert Se'ath, John Trebik, Melvin Weilacher THIRD ROW: Larry Peard, James Turner, James Richardson, William Whitaker, Norman Troyer, Arthur Steves, Kenneth Merkle, Ellsworth Shade, Richard McGuire, Charles Squire We found a new source of revenue, that of selling fudge in the halls every week. Emblems with Union City High printed on them, the class also sold. We sponsored some super dances and again followed custom by presenting a Junior Play. We did our share in the field of sports as mu' class takes credit for nine first string football players and a number of basketball players. We BROKE ALL RECORDS selling magazines this year. F' X . 572' x ' -:bb ' 'u fy 'W 'N' .l at ,Elo -hr A 3 Mm. .73aldwin,'o, FIRST ROW: Judy Allen, Thelma Laird, Esrna Breed, Sally Carson, Maxine Daley, Connie Alexander, Mrs. Baldwin, Florence Layden, Jean Barstow, Janice Burns, Mary Ellen Conners, Donna Bisbee, Mary Jane Courtright SECOND ROW: Stanley Allen, Ronald Drayer, Gordon Hanlin, Miller Camp- bell, Bill Gillet, Richard Hegner, Mr. Chamberlin, Ronald Goodwin, Bill Gregor, Don Clark, Fred Glozzer, Bill Conover THIRD ROW: Pat Kowalski, Carol Jacobs, Andre Hanes, Jaunita Holder, Louise Babcock, Margaret Hulbert, Joan Bennett, Iva Boyer, Shirley Camp- bell, Mildred Chundrelek, Betty Chase, Ann Barber, Pat Lapek, Barbara Hanlin, Jean Clark CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ......... . . .David Riggs VICE-PRESIDENT ....... Bill Gregor SECRETARY-TREASURER. .Shirley Tarbell HISTORIAN ......... .... P at Lapek ,Za If if K 5 ..'1'z- , 1 B ' - 1 3- J . K ,C - l... .... - ... . Mm. .faint FIRST ROW: Patricia Mulvin, Marylin Robinson, Mona Watts, Bill Sturdevant, Fred Sutter, Mr. Fair, Dick Parker, Winnie Woods, Ellen Rice, Judy Soety, Joan Platt, Sylvia Nielsen SECOND ROW: Rex Siedler, Richard Michaelson, James Smith, Gil- bert Rowland, Rudy Wojtecki, Peter Michael, Richard Manross, Mervin Troyer, Donald Vanderpool. Roger Troyer, David Riggs, Bill Lyons THIRD ROW: Marjorie Resinger, Dorothy Mead, Marjorie Resinger, Gladys Trebek, Shirley Tarbell, Shirley Reeher, Joy Parker, Maxine Wilson, Mary Lee Walford, Cynthia Whittaker, Diane McGahen, Eliza- beth Rowland, Lora Thomas Rose Shellito GX X 33? ,jW!.o C V El " if xii Zzealimen 3 A Q 3 - L A .Mimi 2,4115-il1f,0f H FIRST ROW: Shirley Duke, Carol Drayer, Shirley Beezub, Donna Campbell, Merle Ann Clark, Miss Durbin, Helen Fisk, Joan Gibbons, Marjorie Hall, Mary Lou Kerr SECOND ROW: Robert Curtis, Arthur LaDow, Le Roy Gross, Janice Carroll, Janet Comstock, Mary Jane Gilliam, Carolyn Butler, Maris Goodwill, Reginard Lilly, Donald Brumagin THIRD ROW: Howard Hegner, David Lyons, Wilson, Kerby, Merle Adams. Wayne Kerr, Richard Blakeslee, Fred Fisk, Harold Brown, John Barnes, Edward Burger, Valentine Kuczaj President .... . . . .Edward Burger Vice President. . .... Gerry Schlack Secretary .... . . .Janet Comstock Treasurer. . . . .Carolyn Thomas XXX 1 I 1, vsisf' M AN! 2 fiwalimzn Mx. .93afteo,' FIRST ROW: Betty Reynolds, Theresa Pollock, Helen Nichols, Myrtle Weed, Mr. Bates, Carolyn Tucker, Joan Troyer, Carolyn Thomas SECOND ROW: George Mosher, Ernest Simpson, Nyles Rowland, Diana Wiggers, Lora Lou Throne, Carolyn Martin, Paul Robinson, James Woods, Richard Mulvin THIRD ROW: Clarence Thomas, Alen Sexton, Howard Pollock, Dale White, Gary Troyer, Roland Thomas, Basil Zafiropolis, Gerry Schlak, Robert Patton The members 'Hof the Freshmen class held a meeting on October 24, 1952, in Miss Durbin's Room. Different suggestions were made to raise money for the class. The dues and a closing date for them were set and committees were appointed to collect them. The meeting went well and we hope to have another one soon. X T 'Vx V .f-,5 x 'f, ' Q i f my , ff N e . 1 ' A l - A Q Mm. ' FIRST ROW: Gladness Waid, Irene Soety, Sandre Rowland, Beverly Stone, Mary Vanderpool, Doris Robinson, Patty Palmer, Jacqueline Schulze, Jane Tujetsh, Wanda Music, Sarleve Shontz. Maxine Watts, Shirley Weed SECOND ROW: William Spencer, Alta Rogers, Beverly Roberst, Delores Pratt, Bonnie Moore, Mrs. Sammons, Mary Lou Shetler, Luella Wait, Lettie Jane Rupp, Janet Sexton, Janet Smith, Sylvia Squire, Gladys Parker, Carl Sabol THIRD ROW: Thomas McGuire, William Thomas, James Smith, Robert Rimpa, Charles Smith, Robert Palmer, Larry Miller, Clyde Phance, Gerald Miller, Jon Loring Thorn, Bruce Smith, Gordon Miller, Kenneth Pierce, Dick Riggs The eighth grade have had several parties. They are having a dollar a year for class dues. Mrs. Sammons has had her home room painted and has gotten fourteen new maps. 1 X Q 4,5 f . X- I . , -2 Mx. '49, FIRST ROW: Martha Lindsley, Geraldine Carniewski, Janice Byerly, Carol Laughery, Martha Courtright, Martha Clard, Mr. Couch, Barbara Hopkins, Rode Carniewski, Judy Hayward, Sally Lupton, Martha Alford, Marilyn Meed SECOND ROW: James Layden, Ronald Bowen, Bob Clard, Janet Johnson, Jo Ann Magee, Noreen Hanlin, Jill Bartholme, Alice Bruger, Carol Malec, Beatrice Bauser, Earl Magee, John Johnston, David Brooks THIRD ROW: Edward Breed, Earnest Babcock, Foger Hordusky, Cres Loyons, Lyman Bennett, Karl Boyer, Richard Barnes, Robert Gregory, Levert Bennett, Ted Hanes, Jack Magee, Buddy Chisley, Laverh Hurlburt President. . ....... . . .Rodger Hordusky Vice President. .... ..... M axine Watts Secretary-Treasurer. . . . .Gladys Parker .1 -ef 4 -Iva Baum Mm. .76ewLg'o, FIRST ROW: Geraldine Bennett, Jennie Bawol, Nancy Allen, Linda Hanes, Wanda Gibbons, Carol Hanlin. Mr. Henry, Reba Bell, Barbara Gross, Peggy Sue Alexander, Ellen Alexander, Donna Anderson, Molly Boyer SECOND ROW: Nathan Allen, Phyllis Hall, June Bajaczko, Linda Crandall, Hazel Church, Ruth Hegner, Carol Cross, Judith Giesler, Martha Holder, Rita Earll, Helen Bennett, Beatrice Daley, Ruth Ann Campbell, Gleen Alexander THIRD ROW: Wally Huckno, David Harris, Gerald Hanlin, Glenn Alexander. Robert Hulings, Max Henry, Larry Hunter, Jolm Chunderlek, David Bennett, Arlo Brenaman. Norman Hanby, Ivan Conner, Paul Chunderlek, Jack Courneen, David Drayer CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT. . ........... Ellen Alexander VICE-PRESIDENT. . .......... Judy Megat SECRETARY-TREASURER ..... Janice Klus STUDENT COUNCIL. ........ Leon Barstow Gertrude Rowland Linda Crandall ,I 1 Q Gllgx lvlil ff Xgiixlv' , Kam W ' I MMF Qaade .Mun ' FIRST ROW: Robert McClellan, David Johnson, Dixie Lord, Sophia Miller, Mar- jorie Johnson, Sandra Lyons, June Morris, Linda Mulvin, Joe Silka, Ronald Jones, Larry Obert SECOND ROW: Joseph Lilley, Ethel McGuire, Janet Rose, Janice Klus, Marian Jacobs, Virginia Kerr, Mrs. Reynolds, Roberta Morse, Marilyn Kimmey, Cora Sue Marcy, Barbara Lindsley, Gertrude Rowland, Judy Megat THIRD ROW: Frank Maleski, Larry Lymann, Howard Long, Charles Rockwood, Gene Peterson, Jack Phanco, Lynn Lyons, Keith Shontz, Alan Magee, Louis Mer- kle, Arthur Roberts, Royce Rice, John Morse NOT PICTURED: Alan Randall, Guy Peterson x 4. Q N wifi . 4. 5, my " 5 if Q l Szuenth MLM, 33 eckfo, FIRST ROW: Paul Smith, Donna DeYoe, Alice Gregory, Judy Whit- taker, Barbara Soety, Wilbur Carson SECOND ROW: Carolyn Thomas, Patricia Thiem, Miss Beck, Joyce Estes, Hazel Zimmerman, Richard Casler THIRD ROW: Michael Still, David Bates, Earl Brooks, Keith Stein- baugh, Raymond Squire, Ronald Carson, Anthony Downor NOT PICTURED: Leon Barstow fl GANG iv? l W . fx V x " - i W :M JK l f 'aa A 'iff - Q 4 ':-' 5 O 'Mfr X X .1 ,, ff mi 47f R ff 4. I 3 , fixuatiall Squad MMM. . i FIRST ROW: Richard Barnes, Alfred Chesley, Francis Hanlin, Marvin, Hurlbert SECOND ROW: Earl Griffith, Charles Smith, James Richardson, Eddie Shuster, Harold Brown, Dale White, Bill Whittaker, Donald Vanderpool, Ronald Chesley, Norman Troyer THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach Carl Henry, Roger Troyer, Ronald Goodwin, John Michael- son, Jack Karnppi, Richard Cochran, Douglas Barnes, Karl Sedmina, Keith Williams, Head Coach Russell Brant FOURTH ROW: Mervin Troyer, Kenneth Merkel, Donald Clark, Alfred Clark, Arthur Steves, William Gregory, William Lyons, Robert Gregory, Gilbert Rowland We They September 13 Youngsville Away 12 25 September 19 Cambridge Springs Away O 20 September 26 Albion Home 7 46 October 10 Corry Away 0 59 October 17 Conneautville Home 0 6 October 24 Edinboro Away 32 6 October 31 Waterford Home 13 19 November 7 Fairview Away 19 28 gxwtiaw '75 E7 -"f' fa, g V: . V 4. 'ui TOP-Alfred Clark, Ronald Chesley, Jack Kamppi, Earl Griffith, Karl Sedmina MIDDLE-Ken Merkle, Art Steves, Mr. Brant, Norm Troyer, Dick Cock:-an BOTTOM-Keith Williams, Jim Richardson, Bill Whitaker, Don Vanderpool s I K' 'Q' Hs- ' SJQQYEE gk? 52. ll 1111? . ss- Z b .. M g Qf' X fir . -, L i r ,Z we A ... 3 1-' -f ,. .. 44,9 " QX iv Ng gg Dec. Jan. Feb. 2 6 9 16 19 6 9 13 16 20 27 3 6 10 13 17 20 24 Sznicvp 'Uauutg .93aoket5aK5 Erie East Wattsbury Corry Corry Wattsbury Hbcreek Albion Girard North East L. Park Wesleyville Hbrcreek Albion Girard North East L. Park Erie East Wesleyville Sum mary Away Away Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Home Home Away Home Away Home Away OPP 62 55 49 65 39 39 63 65 sa so 44 50 56 as sa 98 58 56 'Un .Bmketdall Coach Carl Henry Left to Right: Dale White, Robert Gregory, Alan Sexton, Robert Rimpa, Pete Blakeslee Richard Philips, Ward Bailey, Edward Burger, Roland ROI'la1d Drayel' Richard Brown Jack Kamppx Robert Whittaker William Whitaker Art Steves Gib Rowland Keith Williams Dave Riggs Dick Michaelson Bob Bennett Sznicvz. 12th Grade League "Hares" ---- Susan Erskine, Capt., Betty Ryan, Donna Brown, Martha Hurlburt, Phyllis Cosilla, Mar- jorie Barber, Maryetta Anderson, Shirley Bickerstaff """"Nasty Nines"---Sally Turner, Capt., Pat Carniewski, Jane Le Suer, Dorothy Harnak, Marjorie Cross, Norma Campbell, Helen Peck, Erma Shontz, Sara Pfister 1':"Krazy Kites"---Alice Lapek, Capt., Violet Gray, Virginia Fisk, Beth Magee, Betty Barnes, Shirley, WU' Carmine McGahan, Margaret Kerr, Jean Chundrelek llth Grade League 4f'l"l"'Red Devils"---Charlotte Comstock, Capt., Judy Fisk, Alberta Estes, Alice Shamp, Gladys Tre- bek, Mary Porter, Phyllis Hamilton. Marion Chundrelek, Cecile Gregory, Martha Gross -uf IN' 'Farmerettes' '---Rae Maryott, Capt., Jewel Kimmy, Elaine Forbes, Beverly St. John, Ruth Griffith, 'F Elsie Gross, Margaret Church, Florence Layden. Elaine Proper, Ruby Steadman 10th Grade League 42 N"Pa1y Fleas"---Pat Lapek, Capt., Dianne McGahen, Carol Jacobs, Connie Alexander, Maxine Daley, Jean Barstow, Pat Kowalski, Mary Conner, Juanita Holder, Shirley Reeher, Pat Mulvin, Iva Boyer 'H"""Green Hornets"---Andrea Hanes, Capt., Ellen Rice, Janice Burns, Winnie Woods, Cynthia Whittaker, Joan Bennett, Maxine Wilson, Mary Jane Courtright, Judy Allen, Elizabeth Rowland, Esma Breed, Barbara Stephens "Blue Streaks"---Ann Barber, Capt., Judy Soety, Betty Chase, JoAnn Platt, Joy Parker, Jean Clark, Donna Bisbee, Marjorie Resinger, Dorothy Mead, Rose Shellito, Mildred Chundrelek "Seven Left Overs"---Shirley Campbell, Virginia Lilley, Marjorie Lindsley, Margaret Hurlburt, Mona Mae Watts, Marilyn Robinson, Louise Babcock H- --Volley Ball Champions '0'- - -Norwegian Ball Champions """"' - - - Basketball Champions Clara A. Durbin Girl's Physical Education ,' .Slpwata 9th Grade League 'H"'Dogpatchers"---LoraLou Thorne. Capt., Dianne Wiggers, Marjorie Hall, Janet Comstock, Karen Hatch, MaryJane Gilliam, Carolyn Thomas, Nylas Rowland, Theresa Pollack, Sally Carson, Coach. ""'Goblins"---Helen Fisk, Capt., Joan Gibbons, Carolyn Martin, Merle Clark, Shirley Duke, Betty Reynolds, Shirley Beezub, lVlaryLou Kerr, Helen Nichols, Thelma Laird, Coach 4'H"Flags"---Carolyn Butler, Capt., Janice Carroll, Donna Campbell, Joann Troyer, Carolyn Tucker, Myrtle Weed, Maris Goodwill, Carol Drayer, Shirley Tarbell, Coach, Lenore Thomas, Helen Peck--Assistants ' 8th Grade League "Daisy Maes"---Maxine Watts, Capt., Darlene Shontz, Joan Magee, Carol Laughery, Lettie Jane Rupp, Beverly Roberts, Shirley Week, AltaJean Rodgers, Gladys Parker, Thelma Laird, Coach "Dragons"---Martha Lindsley, Capt., Beverly Stone, Bonnie Moore, Mary Vanderpool, Patty Palmer, Delores Pratt, Sally Lupton, Jacqueline Schulze, Janet Johnson, Marilyn Leomadd ---Helen Peck, Coach 'H"Hotshots"---Alice Burger, Capt., Luella Waite, Sandra Rowland, Judy Hayward, Jill Bartholme, Sylvia Squire, Carole Malec, Gladness Waid, Doris Robinson, Shirley Tarbell, Coach "Bobby Soxers"---Janet Sexton, Capt., Martha Clark, Janet Smith, Wanda Musiek, Noreen Hanlin, Jane Tujetsch, Barbara Hopkins, Martha Courtright, Martha Alford, Rose Car- niewski, Sally Carson, Coach 7th Grade League , 'H"'Midgets"---Judy Megat, Capt., Marian Jacons, Donna Anderson, Ellen Alexander, June Morris, 4' Sandy Lyons, Linda Mulvin, Sophie Miller, Linda Hanes, Jennie Bawl, Marjorie Johnson, Carol Beale, Coach "Demons"---Linda Crandall, Capt., Ruth Campbell, Hazel Church, June Bojaczko, Gertrude Rowland, Nancy Allen, Peggy Alexander, Beatrice Daley, Reba Bell, Roberta Morris, Virginia Kerr, Helen Bennett---Sally Turner, Coach "Blue Dusters"---Janice Klus, Capt., Dixie Lord, Phyllis Hall, Rita Earll, Janet Rose, Barbara Lindsley, CoraSue Marcy, Wanda Gibbons, Carol Hanlin, Mary Thomas, Carol Cross, Ruth Hegner, Gladys Hawkins, Maryetta Anderson, Coach "Tigers"---Donna Deyoe, Capt., Barbara Soety, Geraldine Bennett, Marilyn Kimmy, Patty Thiem, Barbara Gross, Judy Geisler, Molly Boyer, Alice Gregory, Judy Whittaker, Ethel McGuire, Joyce Estes, Martha Holder---Betty Barnes, Coach 'H'---Volley Ball Champions 'F---Norwegian Ball Champions 'N---Basketball Foul Shooting Points Clara A. Durbin Girls' Physical Education 06's 'S Cwg 1- s S ,, M came smpp P , I X Qrlfl ,W-.P F' f1r-Q- 14, 'ilk-snub SEATED: Alice Lapek, Carmine McGa.han, Betty Barnes, Jane LeSuer, Beth Magee STANDING: Hugh Francis, Dick Steadrnan, Theron Earll 'Q lMwAiAb--- 1 3'X SEATED: Felix Reichart, Sally Turner, Susan Erskine ginia Fisk STANDING: Delmar Wright. Alfred Clark, Earl Griffith " -.if . t V eww' W, .g ,p ,, ,V A 5 EN Virginia Harrison, Vir- vm smpp 2 ce 5 4 443 Nil fb.. The Voice, the school newspaper, was edited by the Journalism Class and printed at the Budget Wise Office. Eight issues were printed during the 1952-53 school year. The class also edited and printed programs for each home basketball game. These proved very popular with the fans. They also sponsored The Old Brick Circle, a section of The Voice edited by a. staff from the 5th and Sth grades. The Voice Published monthly by the Journalism Class of the Class of the Union City Junior- Senior High School at Union City, Pennsylvania. V5l.'2"No. 8' ' - 1 May fl, 19-53 Editor-In-Chief. . Associate Editor. . Society Editor. . Features ...... Sports Editors. . . Reporters. . . Business Manager. . Advertising Manager. Asst. Advertising Mgr. . . Art--Adv. Producer. Circulation Manager. Publicity .... . . . . Production. . Typists. . . Faculty Adviser. . . Eifitoria taff Business Staff Production Staff . . .Sally Turner . . .Bob Bennett . . .Betty Ryan . . .Elsie Gross . . .Theron Earll Arthur Steves . . . .Ward Bliley Douglas Barnes Raymond Rhodes Larry Peard . . . .Betty Ryan .Albert Wiggers . . .Delmar Wright . .Harold Drayer . . . .Max Dugaw . . .Carl Sedmina . . .David Allen . . .Erma Shontz Elsie Gross Marjorie Gross Marjorie Barber .Clara A. Durbin .quot S ny? 'alma SEATED: Gilbert Rowland, Carol Beale-Vice President, Miss Smi1ey-Advis- or, Larry Peard-President, Ellen Rice-Secretary-Treasurer STANDING: Linda Crandall, Helen Fisk, Alan Sexton, Levert Bennett, Charles Kuczaj, Alice Lapek, Earl Griffith i FIRST ROW: Lean Barstow, Gertrude Rowland, Helen Fisk, Sylvia Squire Connie Alexander SECOND ROW: Paul Zajac, Cynthia Whittaker, Art Steves, Miss Smiley Clyde Short, Linda Crandall THIRD ROW: Noreen Hanlin, David Riggs, Delmar Wright, Ea.:-1 Griffith Larry Peard, Carol Beale Hleef C5115- FIRST ROW: Cynthia Whittaker, Winnie Woods, Ellen Rice, Pat Lapek, Miss Durbin, Mary Lee Walford, Sally Turner, Jane LeSuer, Carmine McGahen SECOND ROW: Joan Bennett, Iva Boyer, Janice Burns, Shirley Reerher, Carol Beale, Mary Porter, Diane McGahen, Betty Barnes, Elizabeth Rowland THIRD ROW: Doug Barnes, Bob Whittaker, Harold Drayer, Hugh Francis, Earl Griffith, Max Dugaw, David Riggs, Larry Peard, Delmar Wright, Ward Bliley, William Sturdevant The Union City Pre-College Club was organized in October 1952 for the benefit of those students who were interested in obtaining information about colleges and vocations. The club has maintained a library of college catalogues and vocational pamphlets which were available for the use of all students. During the school year, the club has had varied activities which in- cluded the following: October 7 Attended College Night at Strong Vincent High School, Erie, Pa. 15 Organization meeting 30 Representation from Washington-Jefferson College--Mr. Joseph Leckie November 21 Representation from Case Institute of Technology--Mr. Carl Haag December 29 Entertained UCHS college students--A real college "Pow-Wow" 35 attended January 21 Mr. Ferguson, representative from Penn State College talked and showed the film "This Is Penn State". 23 Representative from Allegheny College--Mr. Nomer February 6 Representative from Lafayette College--Mr. Warren Lee 13 Representative from Erie Medical Center--Nursing--Mrs. Spaulding 18 Representative from Edinboro Teachers College--Mr. Royce Mallory 18 Representative from Erie Business College--Mr. Fels 23 Sponsored attendance at Nursing Demonstration-St. Vincent's Hospital 26 Sponsored attendance at Nursing Demonstration-Harnot Hospital March 25 Sponsored Vocational Night fFour films, April 20 Representative Erie G.E. Apprentice School--Mr. M. Grotjohan Various members were guests of the following colleges: Edinboro Teachers, Behrend Center, Penn State, Case Institute. It is the hope of the club to have more college visitation in the spring. The club is under the supervision of Miss Clara A. Durbin. p ffutww FIRST ROW: Ellen Rice, Mary Proter, Carol Beale, Jean Clark, Pat Lapek, Carol Jacobs, Norma Campbell. Violet Gray, Diana Wiggers, Lora Lou Thorne, Winnie Woods, Barbara Hanlin SECOND ROW: Miss Beck, Louise Babcock. Joan Gibbons, Cecile Belle Gregory, Mary Lee Walford, Dorothy Harnak, Alice Shamp, Charlotte Comstock, Mary Jane Gillam, Shirley Tar- bell, Shirley Campbell, Cynthia Whittaker, Janet Comstock THIRD ROW: Elaine Forbes, Rae Maryott, Lenore Thomas, Carolyn Butler, Janice Carrol, Phyllis Cosilla, Margaret Hurlbert, Pat Kowalski, Carolyn Tucker, Carolyn Thomas. Joanne Platt, Elaine Proper, Ruth Griffith FOURTH ROW: Theresa Pollack, Shirley Beezub, Helen Fisk, Karen Hatch, Donna Campbell, Joanne Troyer, Joan Bennett, Mary Jane Courtright, Shirley Bickerstaff, Carolyn Martin, Maris Ann Goodwill OFFICERS President. . ........ . . .Norma Campbell Treasurer. . .... Ruth Griffith Secretary. . ..... .Carol Beale Attendance. . . . .Francis Layden We made cookies and sold them, and also had bake sales to raise money for the FHA Con- vention in Harrisburg.in April. We served a chili supper for the basketball teams in March. ,cv 4? a JA 'sob f ilx., ,, f vfv-' .futcvw ff Q37 xii. First Row: Larry Peard, Mervin Troyer. Norman Tryoer, Mr. Menoher, Clyde Short, Frank Pollack, Richard Butler Second Row: Stanley Allen, Robert Curtis, Kenneth Williamson, Joseph Zajac, Howard Hegner. Arthur LaDow, Lester Gibbs, Gorden Hanlin, Paul Robinson, Paul Zajac Third Row: LeRoy Gross, Richard Hegner, Jom Smith, Kenneth Sherman, David Allen, Gary Troyer, Melvin Weilacher, Roger Troyer, Howard Pollack, Fred Sutter OFFICERS President .... . . ...... Clyde Short Vice-President. . . . .Norman Troyer Secretary ..... . . .Frank Pollack Treasurer. . . .... Larry Peard Reporter. . . . .Mervin Troyer Sentinel. ............................ Richard Butler The F.F.A. did several things this year which we would like to mention. One of the first things accomplished was a television show over WICU. On this show the officers and members conducted a regular business meeting. This was the first time that this has been done on TV and we received an excellent write-up in Penn. Agriculture Education Magazine which is sent to all schools with an agriculture department. ln December we entered books in the state project contest. Also we entered three appli- cations for the Keystone Farmer Degree. One of these was accepted, Clyde Short's. In the project contest the Union City Club placed 10th in a field of 310 clubs. In January eight members attended the Penna. Farm Show in Harrisburg. Pa. Mr. Menoher was unable to attend this year. In April another television show was staged. This one was on the art of shearing sheep. The agriculture department had three student teachers this year. They were German ex- change students from Penn State College. .away . 025230 v ' 'ot If' .. P ar ...o pl 1 1!':ll QA 0 FIRST ROW: Shirley Hoyt, Sally Turner, Judy Allen, Cynthia Whittaker, Martha Jordan, Barbara Hanlin, Ellen Rice, Winnie Woods, Ruby Jane Stead- man SECOND ROW: Mary Lee Walford, Elizabeth Rowland, Joan Bennett, Ann Barber, Shirley Tarbell, Helen Peck, Martha Gross, Juanita Holder, Jean Clark, Judy Fisk, Mrs. Sammons THIRD ROW: Rosemarie Shellito, Lenore Thomas, Pat Kowalski, Joan Platt, Mildred Chundrlek, Esma Breed, Virginia Harrison, Beverly St. John, Vir- ginia Fisk, Jewel Kimmey FOURTH ROW: Ruth Griffith, Rae Maryott, Cecilbelle Gregory, Donna Bis- bee, Sylvia Neilson, Maxine Daley, Carol Beale, Mary Porter PRESIDENT. .......... . . .Virginia Harrison VICE-PRESIDENT ...... ..... R uth Griffith SECRETARY-TREASURER. . . ..... Shirley Hoyt ADVISOR. ............. . . .Mrs. Sammons xX ,gif i ' V A 'Eg . f ,.ff:,,. -.....,:vw FIRST ROW: Fred Sutter, John Michaelson, Dick Steadman, Dale White SECOND ROW: Larry Peard, Art Steves, Ed Shuster, Lynn Thomas, Dick Cochran, Mr. Fair THIRD ROW: Ronald Goodwin, Robert Patton, Richard Manross, Mer- nail ffl-. 38 Mar' 61110 vin Troyer, Rex Seidler, Frank Pollack, Norman Troyer PRESIDENT .... . . . . .Norman Troyer VICE-PRESIDENT. . . . . . .Rex Seidler SECRETARY .... . . .Dick Cochran TREASURER. . . . . .Fred Sutter ADVISOR. . . .... Mr. Fair 13359 'lx 65 --L QIII 1, sive? gllgiail Q ', A A 3 L - First Row: Rudy Wojtecki. Harold Sexton, Pat Kowelski, Shirley Bickerstaff, Mr. Mc Inerney, Maryetta Anderson, Eddie Shuster, Herbert Mosher Second Row: Margie Barber, Violet Gray. Irma Shontz, Lenore Thomas, Betty Barnes, Norma Campbell, Dorthry 'Harnak, Carol Jacobs, Carmine McGahen, Mary Lee Walford, Diane McGahen, not shown Third Row: Pete Michael, Bill Conover, Raymond Rhodes, Harold Drayer, Theron Earll, Richard Steadman, Albert Wiggers, Larry Peard, Ward Bliley, Hugh Francis Officers President Shirley Bickerstaff Vice-President Maryetta Anderson Secretary Treasurer Harold Sexton fffii e fan !f.a ,:.,.." Clutaflluli ' Q FIRST ROW: Alfred Clark, Earl Griffith, Mr. Mclnerney, Harold Drayer, Jim Turner SECOND ROW: Dick Steadman, Raymond Rhodes, Ronald Chesley, Delmar Wright, Harold Sexton, Hugh Francis, Jim Thomas THIRD ROW: Norman Troyer, David Allen, Albert Wiggers, Kenneth Sher- man. Clyde Short, Bill Whitaker, Theron Earll, Jack Kamppi PRESIDENT ........ . . . .Jack Kamppi VICE-PRESIDENT. ..... . .Alfred Clark SECRETARY-TREASURER .... Hugh Francis ADVISOR ...... ......... Mr . Mclnerney ff? 1. 3 A I X T If '3 P QT, r E 'r f 1-in - f f ix X A . '72 A, Y 3 .. N Batin Cfuli First Row: Mary Porter, Carol Beale, Mary Lee Walford, Martha Jordan, Eliza- beth Rowland, Janice Burns, Maxine Wilson, Joan Bennett, Ruby Steadman Second Row: Rudy Wojtecki, Charles Squire, Harold Sexton, Diane McGahen, Mrs. Michael, Barbara Hanlin, Iva Boyer, Richard Holland, Eddie Shuster Third Row: Bill Gregor, David Riggs, Dick Manx-oss, John Michaelson, Max Du- gaw, James Thomas, Ward Bliley, Duglas Barnes, Keith Williams, Dick McGuire PRESIDENT ...... . . .Ward Bliley VICE-PRESIDENT. . . . .Max Dugaw SECRETARY .... . . .Carol Beale ADVISOR. . . . . .Mrs. Michael XWX N: dl. , .ly '. Y . F - ,, - .' ' I .7Q,":Q-..,, fy 5 , 71,4 if -.ahool me 4 .'.'4f1'. -e Ll' 'WgfZgZ'1L'l3'1'2'3 1 :QQ-' Qiyap - X fl' ----"::fi A kg' , o 1,3 Snienceelua .4 FIRST ROW: Dale White, Mr. Fair, Alan Sexton SECOND ROW: James Woods, Gerry Schlak, Richard Riggs THIRD ROW: Fred Fisk, Jon Loring Thorne, Basil Zafiro- polis, Eddie Burger OFFICERS President .............. ., . Secretary and Treasurer. . Advisor. . . . . X X 4 1 .Eddie Burger . . .Alan Sexton . . .Mr. Fair .xA .5 ,W li X 'C -- 'Q ai ., - .. ,gay-'O Y' , 'Q S H L 'Nas Q24 Maryetta Anderson Carmine McGahen Jane LeSuer Dorothy Harnak Delmar Wright Norma Campbell Raymond Rhodes Irma Jean Shontz Felix Reichart Clyde Short Violet Gray Karl Sedmina 5' THREE MISSES AND A MYTH THE CAST WEDNESDAY THURSDAY SUZIE, a mischievous miss. COT TON, her best friend. AUDREY, the kid next door. ANNE, her older sister. MR. LIVINGSTON, her father. MRS. LIVINGSTON, her mother. MR. ROCKFORD, a business man. MRS. ROCKFORD, his wife. BARRY, their son. DR. BEALE, a psychiatrist. MISS MAUDE, an English teacher. BOYLE, a policeman. Sally Turner Carmine McGahen Sara Pfister Betty Ryan ' Earl Griffith Betty Barnes Theron Earll Virginia Fisk Felix Reichart Clyde Short Violet Gray Karl Sedmina STORY OF THE PLAY When 'teen age Suzie begins talking to her imaginary friend Merglethorpe, the Livingstons decide to consult a psychiatrist. But since Mr. Livingston is being considered for a promotion at the office, and sixteen-year-old Anne is trying to help him by entertaining the Boss's son, the matter must be very hish-hush. They reckon without Suzie, who has her own ideas of help- ing. With the aid of Merglethorpe and her two girl friends, she plunges Mr. Livingston into serious trouble about a letter he has written. His efforts to regain the letter, and to placate his boss's wife with a box of candy, result in complete disaster--because of Merglethorpe's advice to Suzie. With his boss now of the opinion that the whole family is crazy, Mr. Livingston orders Merglethorpe out of the house and he is presumably lost. A slow-witted policeman, misunder- standing the situation, sends out a general alarm to find him. The girls are heartbroken and things look pretty black. But Suzie makes a final effort to save the family fortunes, and does so quite by accident. Anne's romance is patched up and Mr. Livingston gets his promotion. Just when everyone is ready to relax with a sigh of relief, Merglethorpe comes backl 45? '41Z"" J d 0 I ' 14-P, , av Sudan Hlaq 'IU Carat . 1 I i 1 1 J 5 I i 1 Seated left to right: Clyde Short, Maryetta Anderson, Carmine McGahen, Jane LeSuer, Violet D th Harnak Felix Reichart Gray, Delmar Wright, Norma Campbell, or ry , Standing left to right: Mr. Couch, Karl Sedmina, Albert Wiggers, Richard Steadman, Jack Kamppi, Irma Shontz, Raymond Rhodes W Seated left to right: Clyde Short, Sally Turner, Carmine McGahen, Sara Pfister, Violet Gray Virginia Fisk, Theron Earll, Betty Ryan, Felix Reichart Standing left to right: Albert Wiggers, Karl Sedmina, Mr. Couch, Earl Griffith, Betty Barnes Richard Steadman .Me Cao! FIRST ROW: Richard Brown, Melvin Weilacher, John Shreve, Frank Pollack, Mr. Couch Harold Drayer, Larry Peard, Walter Hordusky, Kenneth Barstow SECOND ROW: Richard Maguire, Ellsworth Shade, Arthur Allen, Ruth Griffith, Phyllis Hamil- ton, Martha Jordan, Rae Maryott, Alice Shamp THIRD ROW: l Carol Beale, Bob Seath, Jim Turner, Ed Shuster, Alberta Estes, Mary Porter Keith Williams, Richard Butler, Charlotte Comstock, Elaine Forbes f . Qhlg if ,fx 1 Q57 W of s X F ,.f f GAB . , C - ya 1 Q Q 6 '9 . 1 ,Y 3 1 .Mui The play, "Ramshackle Inn," a three act mystery, takes place in Gloucester, Massachusetts, some ten years ago. It concerns the trials and tribulations of a counterfeiting ring concealed in the basement of an old hotel. THE CAST Patton, the mysterious hotel handyman. . . . . Arbuthnot, who was too curious .... . Joyce Rogers, his mysterious friend .... Mame Phillips, the hotel proprietor. . . . . Constable Small, blustery small-town officer. . Belinda Pryde, new owner of Ramshackle Inn. . . . Commodore Lucius Towser, her friend and advisor. . . Gail Russell, mysterious wife of Dr. Russell ..... Bill Phillips, who just got out of prison. . . Mr. Temple, the town banker ........ Mary Temple, his niece, who loves Bill. . . Gilhooley, harrassed cop. ............... . Fred Porter, ring-leader of the counterfeiters.. . PRODUCTION STAFF Light s Make - up Program Propertie s Prompters Public ity Sound Stage Crew Tickets Wardrobe Ushers . . .Keith Williams . . . . .Jim Turner . .Phyllis Hamilton . . .Mary Porter . . .John Shreve . . .Ruth Griffith . . .Larry Peard . . .Martha Jordan . . .Harold Drayer . . .Art Steves . . .Rae Maryott . .Richard Butler . . .Arthur Allen Richard Brown Jean Clark Florence Layden Max Dugaw Bob Bennett Alice Shamp Charlotte Comstock Carol Beale Elaine Forbes James Thomas Harold Drayer Bob Bogardus Kenneth Barstow Bob Seath Jim Turner John Shreve Norman Troyer Richard Maguire Ellsworth Shade Melvin Weilacher Max Dugaw James Thomas Carol Beale Elaine Forbes Martha Gross Cecile Gregory Margaret Church Beverly St. John Chealeadew fvfbiiu IM, ,Zffwmf ZW WM 1.3595 MM fzfmczaffwfw vywho Wow 9,,,L,gAL,i,V 3 Z QW MW VG+- N N- WW .Muoic X , 5' 1 ' t, ' V4 X lf X WWWJW!WNMUIWIIIWMIlPFilI1lHWlYMN3XmNUNWKSKWNIWHWWMAWWYHMRMIMMMKKNWNXNWIHWNNWIWWFQWXIU UWUl4MllNlAllQ'!4MliWf.3 X I X X K M , X, ' , X , If f X xx I X f 1 lf Y X 'wx W ' . ' I 1,1 -. , X X -, X X ' f X J ' 'X , 1 f ' 5 M X, N N A! K nf f X X X X L ff 195 3 5.4, - ' Z-X fx FB X Q - HEL- ff 5 Ok de K X f fs X fx fx gg K T7 Wllililil i , fa' Xiljafi-Lff3W f t U ok JE Off I ,Z A f ' ': 723' A Q WEA 21 .MWWEN xx IM' 'X . Q 8 dig 1- f .' 3, W I L -x I Q I - ,X N K i K me 1 wr .19 X! A IKI ' W'U" 1 N if fi. 5 Q , ,E . Q, vp .I X .K., 1.1 . '5 X Q-S mjwf' - M- ,F ,Qs . i ' Iraq ,fl ' 3 I "S 1' f Q . f " I I., ' x ,K A g , M WF il 4 ', . YU' 3 1 '. f- i' . -'P f-WF v yan A , -K 4, Ny. ff , x W 1,1--slr,--1'1" ' n K Jf bi ,G-'5' W 'Q f' ei ,A uf -VJ: 0 ,Q fl A 'S fx. .qs J ' -,,1,Q-FV. -45,1 -. K-K - .' jx Q Natl'-I-.' a yx Mr. Albert Cerutti whose home town is Brockway, Pa. Graduated from Duquesne Uni- versity in 1941 and received his masters degree from Penn State in 1952. He was with the army from 1941 until 1946 during which time he organized military dance bands. He also spent one year supervising music for convalescent soldiers. He spent 1946 to 1948 in New York City arranging music for such famous orchestras as Danny Kaye, Louis Prima. and Raymond Scott. He also arranged for Buddy Morrow, Bob Chesters, and others. He has played clarinet and saxophone with Bob Chester's orchestra and several others. He studied clarinet with Jan Williams, noted N. B. C. symphony clarinetist. Q First Row: Barbara Hanlin, Winnie Woods, Ellen Rice, Andree Hains, Shirley Hoyt, Carmine McGahen, Judy Soety, Judy Allen, Lenore Thomas, Joanne Platt, Pat Lapek Second Row: Ruth Griffith, Martha Jordan, Ceilebell Gregory, Jewel Kimmy, Mary Porter, Carol Beale, Maxine Wilson, Betty Barnes, Alice Lapek, Shirley Tarbel, Mary Lee Walford, Beth Magee, pianist Third Row: Charlott Comstock, Alice Shamp, Beverly St. John, Elaine Forbes, Elaine Proper, Virginia Fisk, Susan Erskine, Betty Ryan, Virginia Harrison, Pat Kowelski, Phyllis Hamilton, Maxine Dailey, Thelma Laird Fourth Row: Ann Barber, Martha Gross, Betty Chase, Judy Fisk, Mildred Chunderlek, Jane Le Suer, Sally Turner, Donna Bisbee, Helen Peck, Elsie Gross, Rae Maryott, Sally Carson The girl's chorus has accomplished quite a lot this year. They have put on quite a few concerts one of which was a com- bined concert with the Harborcreek girl's chorus here and in Harborcreek. They have done a fine job and we are very proud of them. MM n N- s A 'QQ 'f "'7"?5vT1E' f mi? Beth Magee, pianist for the chorus, also plays baritone in the band. She went to District Chorus. She also sings in the girls quartet, a group of senior girls. This year Beth is on the Anvil Staff. Zaye' 1 Q 4 A - First Row: Mr. Cerutti, Dick Manross, Rudy Wojetecki, Richard McGuire, Art Steves Eddie Shuster, Larry Peard Second Row: Bill Gillett, David Riggs, Richard Steadman, Doug Barnes, Gilbert Row- land, Albert Wiggers, Art Allen, Felix Reichart, Dick Clark Third Row: Delmar Wright, Rex Sydler, Peter Michael, Harold Drayer, Theron Earll Hugh Francis, Dick Brown, Alfred Clark, Richard Cochran, Walter Hordusky ig Q QQQXXQ If 'fg KX! Q? 511 is X K .J X W gil! at Qt A . ,I is ra ve ,SC M -I - 4' A XY ffitmf "Q-vm, afuniotice Tag M Izumi if . ,, ,. . Q , After the Ball was Over Attendants " ATHLETIC KING AND QUEEN Donna Brown Bob Whittaker ... L tu- YJ v . .t..1 .innibw Snapohat whmew 1. 1 fQ fm Jffdih-fb '4 ' 4 Come, come now. Can We Have Some? Polka Champions Clyde Short receiving FFA award. - -:in I Don't Believe it! Hurray! We did it! EEK!! Halloween Parade Menoher carrying little girl. Ike or Stevenson? x - '30 BANKERS ,Q I , Semor boys at work Bob Ken Bob Cherry P1e Queen Jack in his true form. hat Happened? DON 19 HIS DEER- Hey Jane! What's Wrong? Happy Gang Football Team in action ' ' ' 'i .-fmt! lf Q. ' gsgwwaxw- H .. , , ! ,.M,,,wf: Q - , What Do You Want? UNION CITY-HARBORCREEK COMBINED CHORUS A 4 4 EDINBORO Eu. U.C.H.S. STUDENT COUNCIL F.H.A. CHRISTMAS PAR TY Is it really a square dance? X Miss Parker Sv. Mr. Clark N Ha-rd at Work' Ruby? Swing her round Sv. round. 7 Miss Parker K , Carl GL Mr. Couch You aren't supposed to talk to boys' Dee' What's going on here? Good Nite Ladies Carol and Theron Well, Well! What's This Stepping Out V W Boys receiving silver footballs The Winners!! i The NEW "Paul Jones" Jack 8: Gib in Assembly Ruth Griffith Mans who let them in! in her younger Bob 31 Keith in AS-Sembly days. What sc ared you? Pose Pretty, Joan Sally gl her war-hoop ! My, My!!! 53 The Conference Baby Pictures? ? ? What gives. boys? The Reflection High School Dance Did He or Didn't He? Such form. My! My! Ken at His Best ,lf I Teachers in the Huddle Win he? 7 ? Tony Cummings of WIKK Richard - Felir - Clyde - Al - Ken This is the fellow who did the wonder- all dressed. Why? Who Knows. ful job in this snap- shot section, ,same Hamm, SCHOOL BANKING The fifth period office practice group have charge of the school banking this year. They bank at the other buildings each Tuesday. The group members are: Maryetta Anderson, Donna Brown, Pat Carniewski, Margaret Church, Jean Clark, Jean Chundrlek, Mar- ion Chundrlek, Susan Erskine, Alberta Estes, Judy Fisk, Virginia Fisk, Elaine Forbes, Cecile Gregory, Ruth Griffith, Martha Gross, Phyllis Hamilton, Andre Hanes, Shirley Hoyt, Jewel Kimmy, Carmine McGahen, Rae Maryott, Kenneth Merkle, Ellen Rice, James Richardson, James Turner, Bob Whittaker rj, 4 I. ff fff '- f 'ai' .. wg YQ- ' Tr' J. X X 7 ff, X Jf 6. ' " N .gil U ' V I: T. SE PTE MBER SE PTE MBE R SEPTEMBER SE PTE MBER SE PTE MBER SE PTE MBER SE PTE MBE R OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBE R OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBE R OC TOBE R OC TOBE R OC TOBE R OC TOBE R OCTOBE R OC TOBE R OCTOBE R NOVE MBE R NOVE MBE R NOVE MBE R N OVE MBE R NOVE MBE R NOVE MBE R N OVE MBE R NOVE MBE R NOVE MBE R NOVE MBE R SC HOOL CALE NDAR First day of school. Everyone looks so happy! Senior dance-first of season. Guess that shows who has ambition. The poor football players. They lost their game at Youngsville. Beware those mad drivers-Atlantic dual control cars at school. Mr. Mclnerney became a father. Special assembly-Blue Jays Qsingersj. Cloudy days-football team was beat again. This time by Albion. Sophomores had a skating party at Wate ford. Why was everyone limping so? The senior class votes for "Who's "ho" Be sure to see who they are. Junior Jump-music by Sons of West. Smile pretty-school pictures taken. Who are those strange looking creatures? Oh! It's just the F.H.A. girls being initiated. Corry beat us in football. Of course it was only because they got to play on home ground. The air-raid was a big success. The Student Council did a good job and all the students co-operated. Everyone is sad today. The football team had a hard time at Conneutville. Relax everyone-no school today because of Teacher's Institute. --Jane LeSuer saw Wayne King. It was such an unusual event that it caused it to snow for the first time this season. --No school-Teachers Institute. --Ellen Rice goes to Meadville as our live-stock queen. --Big day-the Student Council went to Edinboro and the Senior Play was a success. --Edinboro comes to Union and the Senior play was presented again. --The faces of our football team have brightened up. They beat Edinboro today. --Seniors are getting their pictures taken. --The cheerleaders had an assembly. Their movie was Elephant Boy. --Halloween Parade. --The fellows were disappointed because hunting was called off. --The seventh graders are prepared for the worst. They took their LQ. test today. --Election Day --Eisenhower was elected. --Seniors found the LQ. tests a pushover. Union lost to Fairview in a good football game today. Better days are coming. Finally-hunting season has opened. The whole school found Mr. Ramsey's talk interesting in a special assembly today. Busy little seniors. They went out to Ken Sherman's to husk corn. Y-Teens-Girls initiation. NOVEMBER NOVEMBER NOVEMBER NOVEMBER NOVEMBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY Formal initiation of F.H.A. girls. The home ec. girls went to the St. Josephs orphanage in Erie. The Sons of the West played for the senior class at their "Turkey Trot Oh happy day! School dismissed until Monday. Can't move-just ate a big Thinksgiving dinner. Vacation Special assembly-Young and Company. The Harbor creek girl's chorus came to Union to sing with our girls. Corry beat us at basketball here. Union City's girls' chorus goes to Harborcreek to sing with their girls. Assembly That lucky chorus-they got out of two periods to practice for Christmas Union City at Corry-basketball-wow! Does Delmar Wright like Corry! Some of the girls went to the Stem Memorial Hospital to see films on infant formulas The Christmas program was very good this year. Miss Ross must have worked very hard with the children. The seniors had a Christmas dance. The Kings of Swing played for the Tensel Ball Guess what day this is. We're not going to tell you. Back to school and aptitude test for some seniors. The music department got a new piano thanks to the Student Council. Basketball game at Albion -we lost. Special Assembly-a state trooper showed us a movie on safety. Girard beat us at home in basketball. Mr. Brant had his boys give us a demonstration on basketball. January Thaw Guess what? We won our basketball game with Wesleyville. Hobo Dance sponsored by seniors. Student council re-organized. Earl Griffith elected president. The senior class are killing Macbeth again. Sally Turner presented Jane LeSuer with an Aberdeen-Angus. Senior pancake supper. Richard Steadman has good ideas on how to make money Donna Brown and Bob Whittaker crowned king and queen at the dance after the Albion game. Anvil staff has supper and tries to complete yearbook --Basketball game with Girard-here. St. Valentines Dance sponsored by sophomores. --Basketball game with North East-here. Bob Whittaker and Donna Brown go to Bahrend Center. --Why was Felix Reichart so anxious to see the game at - -Special assembly-Americanism. The senior class is sponsoring the Danish Choristers. Lawrence Park? FEBRUARY MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY JUNE Faculty Game. Will our teachers be lame tomorrow! Band concert. Wesleyville at Union. Union at Wesleyville. Erie County Dairy Field Day. 1 Poor St. Patrick - the juniors are having a dance in his honor. Hold your hats-The juniors are putting on their play. The chorus and endmen are rehearsing like mad for the big minstrel to be staged in April. We had a special assembly with Andrew DeCosta and his musical instruments. Another assembly. This time Miss Beck's home ec girls put on a style show. The band and chorus awards were also given. What day is this? ? !! Did YOU get caught? -Good Friday. Naturally we're out today. Still out for Easter vacation. The minstrel was presented in assembly this afternoon. The first BIG performance will be tonight. The minstrel was abig hit last night. A good crowd is expected for the final performance tonight. The FFA had its annual Father and Son Banquet. School night, and the band presented a concert. Everybody was on good behavior, since the parents came to school, too. The first in a long chain of big events for the seniors--The Junior-Senior Banquet. Another big night--Prom night. Who didn't get to work Saturday morning? The Seniors missed a special assembly with Jack Raymon. They had lots of fun, any- way.--They left for Washington today. School sure can't be the same, with the Seniors away. The teachers have been enjoying the rest--and it's all over tomorrow. "We're back at last. Did you miss us? " "Boy, am I tired!" ". . .And did you hear, . .' Senior Class Night---it's almost over, kids! Baccalaureate service. Commencement exercises--at last! Everybody sighing with relief--it's the last day of school! Cffafw PRESIDENT. . ......... .... C lyde Short VICE-PRESIDENT. . ....... ...... . . .Bob Whittaker SECRETARY-TREASURER ..... ........ ..... B e tty Ryan STUDENT COUNCIL ..... First Semester. . . ..... Alice Lapek Charles Kuczaj Earl Griffith Second Semester. . . . . .Earl Griffith Delmar Wright Clyde Short CLASS MOTTO - We build the ladder by which we climb CLASS FLOWER - Gardenia CLASS COLORS - Blue and silver Junior-Senior Banquet- Date- Place - Speakers- Junior-Senior Prom Date- Place- Orchestra- Senior Trip Date- Chaperones- Baccalaureate Date - Place- Speakers- Class Night Date - Speakers- Commencement Date- Speakers- X X I f x I 'YQ X ' N Qi ff 0. 'hc W X I tix I j ,J H Rosier's Home Furnishings Quality Furniture For Less Blackstone Washers Crosley Appliances and T.V. 80 S. Main Street Union City, Pa. Phone 436 Open Evenings 'til 8:00 P.M. Saturdays 'til 9:00 P.M. Compliments of Compliments of W. W. Blakeslee Plumbing Heating Union City, Pa. C0 EDO BARBER HEP F. W. Barber. Prop. Dick Barber Bill Flick George Gerdy Compliments of Compliments of Betty Heaton's Beauty salon Katherine's Dress Shop Union City, Pa. Corry, Pa. "First, Fair and Factual" THE ERIE DI PATCH Daily 8: Sunday Clarabelle M. Allen Compliments of JOH KROL POS'l' 6 73 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. Union City, Pennsylvania "Bill Ding" wishes you success through MULLEN BUILD! GS SUPPLY and 1 WELLER COAL and S PPLY ' 5 Market Street Union City, Pa. an-L h 1214 Phone 338 cTHHEqIgfgggggg,g MVSEZEH S-'Lila Nlanufacturers of Lester R. Lopus, owner WOOD-SEAT CHAIRS and ROCKERS CORRY. PA- UNION CITY. PA- Phone 33-514 Phone 172 UNION CITY. PA. E' E' Clough' MU" C. CHAPI and S0 Women's Apparel UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of DOOLITTLE 'S GROCERY WATERFORD, PA. Phone 3643 STOP CHURCH 'S PINE WOODS INN Beer - Liquors - Wines Sandwiches - Lunches Route 6 Between Corry Union City, Pa. FROM Best Wishes ALFRED OLDS -:- Florist -:- FLOWERS OF QUALITY' 101 East High Street Phone 158 Compliments QUALITY CASH STORES 7 N. Main Street 48 S. Main Street 1908 to 1953 LA l1ARlS We Have Enjoyed Serving Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 BOSS 86 WHIPPLE MFG. CO. Manufacturers of Wood Handles and Specialties UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of MIDDLE TON 'S HARDWARE 37 North Main Street Compliments of R. F. YOU G HARDWARE UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of MEERDINK 'S FURNITURE STORE COR R Y, PA. 0. HENRY'S GARAGE Chrysler -:- Plymouth UNION CITY, PA. Phone 38 Congratulations to Class of 1953 A and P TEA COMPANY JAMES LOWES Manager UNION CITUY, PA. Compliments of EASTMAN CHAIR COMPANY South Main Street Union City, Pa. Compliments of KlNG'S BARBER SHOP Wm. King Across from High School Compliments of AL'S Clothes Shop , The Store for MEN and BOYS Corry and Meadville Compliments of UNION SERVICE CO. 3 Titusville Road UNION CITY, PA. We Extend Our Congratulations and Sin- cere Best Wishes for the Future for the YORK and F0 TER. I C. Union City, Pennsylvania Manufacturers of Breakfast Room and Dinette Suites and Chairs G and H SUPER MARKET 33 N. Main St. UNION CITY, PA. Th B t f Good Foods L t Prices Always fx X 053111: 5513 FRANZ FINE FURNITURE Since 1862 101 N. Center Street CORRY, PA. BALDWIN E LECTR IC General Electric "We Sell The Best and Service The Rest" UNION CITY, PA. U3 .. 1.-, ,..,, ,., .QQELE UNl0N CITY R. L. SHADE 85 SON WHOLESALE TIRES Lee and General Exide Batteries 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Compliments of MRS. c. D. SMITH fPar1or Groceryj Phone 66-W UNION CITY, PA. CUUPERATIVE ASSO. SERVICE WITH A SMILE" West High Street Ext. Phone 83 Compliments of MERRILLS' PHOTO STUDIO QOver Gates' Drug Storey Phone 31-W Compliments of PETE'S LUNCH 18 North Main Street UNION CITY, PA. Erie C W. M. SMITH Coal and Coke Gasoline and Oils 11 West High Street Union City, Pa. AIKENS' STORE GROCERIES MEATS PRODUCE 8 Market Street UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of PEASE GROCERY Groceries - Meats ECOMA ICE CREAM Get the best--get Sealtest ounty Milk Association Erie, Pa. Congratulations SMILEYS THE RED 86 WHITE HOME OWNED -- G. L. SPENCER We deliver Thurs., Fri. and Sat. PHONE 112-W Compliments of UNION IRON WORKS Paul C. Rouse UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of Compliments of RICE HOTEL UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of PERRY S. MILLER You Are Always Welcome H0FFMAN'S UNIIIN CITY DI 0II UNION CITY. PA. Compliments of NA'I'l0NAL BANK 0F UNl0N CITY MORSE'S DRUG S'l'0RE The Rexall Store UNION CITY, PA. Sincere Compliments of "THE CORNERETTEH RUTH AND AL BARACI-I'S HOME FURNITURE CO Phone 37283 13 South Center Street CORRY, PA. Compliments of THOMAS MOTOR CO. --: CHEVROLET :- Sales and Service 9 Groceries - Meats - Confectionery E U T Atlantic Gas - Oil - Accessories 134 S. MAIN UNION CITY Best Wishes BLOSS DRUGS Walgreen Agency UNION CITY, PA. 52 North Main Street UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of CARLSON and WALFORD Gas and Oil Union City BlSBEE'S RADIO SERVICE We Service Any Make or Model Car - AM - FM - Television Phone 288-R 87 E. High Street Union City, Pa. WAGMA' 50 T0 IMO TURE Your "Self-Service" Variety Store During and After School Union City's Modern Business Block 4-6 N. Main CHASE MOTOR ALE 3 Perry St. Union City, Pennsylvania Congratulations GAFLI CH B ILDERS SUPPLY East High Street UNION CITY, PA. Everything from the ground up. Estimates Cheerfully Given. Compliments of Wattsburg Hotel Platt Keystone Station 1 East High Street Molly 81 Frank Donaldson Phone 43 Compliments of H0'I'EL C0 GDO Union City, Penna. Mr. Bt Mrs. W. D. Smith h Haskins L Stafford Waterford, Pennsylvania Groceries 8: Meats Frosted Foods 8 Ice Cream Phone 3112 Waterford Compliments of CA TEEN SERVICE 4801 Peach Street Erie, Pa. Compliments of Kathryn's Gift Shop 25 East High sz. Union City, Pennsylvania Congratulations to Class of 1953 KIMMY and BAUMBACH 85 Waterford Street UNION CITY, PA. Phone 3.57-R Oliver Tractors Farm Implements Eat at ALICE and J 0E'S LUNCH A Good Place To Eat Best Wishes SMITH'S FURNITURE STORE 20 South Main St. UNION CITY, PA. Phone 82-R Sales and Service Compliments of F. R. CHESLEY 8: SON KING'S DRESS SHOP Quality for Less 38 S. MAIN STREET Compliments of THE WING-WlLLl STAR STORES o 117 North Center St. Corry, Men's and Boys' Wear For Over a Century For Exercise RECREATION CENTER For an Appointment Call 323 Compliments of TEXAS LUNCH When you're in doubt eat at the Texas Lunch CHILI and SANDWICHES that satisfy Corry, Pa. Compliments of ERIE-CRAWFORD DAIRY CO-OPERATIVE ASSO. 5 Market Street Union City, Pennsylvania o o o Compliments of CUNSUMER 0lL C0 Union City, Penna. 4 o 0 McCray Bros. Water Well Drilling Elgin, Pa. Call Corry 23-175 or 23-178 S Compliments of Tubbs Grocery 89 Waterford Street Union City Pa. Compliments of Bishop's Red 8: White South Main Ext. Groceries 81. Meats Trade here for Service Compliments of G. L. F. S. S. McCURDY Athletic Equipment Jeweler Greenville Pa. oil Building Service, Fertilizer Dust, Spray Materials, Weed Killers West High Street Ext. Compliments of Dine's Atlantic North Main St. Union City, Pa. Grice Jewelers Corner Center Washingtgn Streets Corry, Pa. Gifts from Grice's" WATTSBURG LUMBER CUMPA Y Wattsburg, Pa. Lumber Mill Work Building Supplies Class Rings and Pins Commencement Medals and Trophies Announcements H. J. SCHAEFER, Phones 940 or 3154-J Factory Representative 1023 Seventh Avenue Compliments of Emerson's Food Store 98 East High Street Union City, Pa. Compliments of Courneen Grocery West High St. Union City, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF THOMAS MARKET Beaver Falls, Penna. 98 SOUTH MAIN STREET UNION CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Memorial Plaques Compliments of W. F. Comstock Wood Products 103 South Main St. Union City, Pa. RELIABLE HOME FURNISHING CO., INC. 1213-1219 State St. ERIE, PA. Erie' s Outstanding Furniture Store WATERFORD LEADER UNION CITY TIMES-ENTERPRISE Every Thursday Monday and Thursday WILL R0 E EW PAPER GIRARD COSMOPOLITE HERALD EDINBORO INDEPENDENT Every Thursday Every Thursday CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS ENTERPRISE-NEWS Monday and Thursday Compliments of M. J. GILMORE JEWELER Diamonds - Watches - Gifts UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of HAYES GROCERY CLARENCE and MARGARET HAYES Phone 355-lvl 66 North Main St. UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of W. W. WATERHO SE CORRY, PA. UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of JOHN REJZER Beverages Phone 113-W 17 Market Street Union City, Pa. Compliments of KAZZY GARAGE Phone 237 5 Titusville Road RIGHT-as RIGHT Call Ile When your prescription is com- pounded by our experienced phar- macists, you can be sure of accuracy all the way. From start to finish-- from the selection of the prescribed ingredients to the typing of the dosage instructions on the label-- every step of the procedure is letter-perfect with the doctor's in- structions. And to make accuracy doubly sure--we double-check every step. . .every ingredient and mea- sure to give you medicine that is as right as right can be. A Wmbfuzg 571025 If-'W PHONE UNION UTYPPENNA SA IDA N Sanitary Farms Dairy, Inc. Erie Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of Harold Edwards Garage Tom's and Jim's Soda Bar Union City, Pa. Corry, Penna. TAYLUR' JEWELRY Keepsake Diamon'ds Elgin Watches 18 North Main St. Union City, Pennsylvania spam, X., Compliments of COR RY, PA. TO SHOP" Compliments of "HER SPOT CARROLL'S BEAUTY Compliments of The SALON UNION CITY, PA. MUDEL DAIRY CUMPA Y Compliments of GLENN FUNERAL HOME Robert H. Glenn Mark C. Glenn Ambulance Service UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of UNl0N CUAL and PPLY X PALACE THE ATER UNION CITY, PA. W. L. LEWIS X M.EN'S FURNISHINGS X By The River "Drop In" Compliments of GREEN ACRES GREENHOUSE QShorts1 Miles Street Extension UNION CITY, PA. Compliments of CLARK'S SHOE STORE Congrats to Class of '53 COMPLIMENTS OF ESSO HALL RESTAURANT WEST SMITH STREET CORRY, PENNSYLVANIA UNION CITY TAXI Phone 469 Day and Night Service COMPLIMENTS OF SHREVE'S GROCERY WATERFORD STREET UNION CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Anything and Everything for the Home UNION CITY APPLIANCE CO. Phone 479 COMPLIMENTS OF MANDELL SHOE STORE NORTH MAIN STREET UNION CITY. PENNSYLVANIA -:rr CM' .M-vt.. Compliments of UNl0N CITY DRY CLEA ER 30 South Main Street UNION CITY, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF CRIBB'S GROCERY 7 WARDEN ST. UNION CITY ROSE ELECTRIC For Wiring 81 Television Phone 503 Union City, Pa. Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 Gsonms 12 MICHAEL LEBARON POS'l' 237 Compliments to the Class of 1953 l. D. .lACKSON and SON Food Distributor Erie, Pa. HUME A'l'l0 AL BA K Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured up to S10,000. Compliments of GRANTS G-ROCERY 97 East High Street UNION CITY, PA. D. H. McCLINTOCK WALLPAPER - PAINT - GLASS CONGOLEUM RUGS VENETIAN BLINDS Phone 380 Compliments of H. LMUSSER FU ERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 58 UNION CITY, PA. Congratulations to Class of 1953 LUP'l'0N'S BAKERY Phone 330 26 North Main Street UNION CITY. PA. Compliments of PAUL'S MEN'S WEAR Phone 37 - 82 1 CORBY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of CLUTE TRACTOR SALES Ford Tractors' WATTSBURG, PA. FOOD OF QUALITY FOR 25 YEARS Congratulations to Class of 1 953 Ritz Restaurant UNION CITY CORRY William and Mary Candy The Famous Pennsylvania Candies The Oldest Agency in Erie County WEET INSURANCE AGE CY Raymond A. Blythe John W. Gates Phone 477 Union City, Penna. College Styled CLOTHING - FURNISHINGS HATS - SHOES for Hi-Students 8: Young Men Compliments of and Misses 81 Teen-Age SUITS - COATS - SLACKS - SKIRTS CAFE P. A. MEYER Gr. SONS Erie's Foremost Clothier 817-19-21-23 State St. For Excellence - - in design craftsmanship and quality P Rings X Pins Medals Charms Cups T. v. a. RADIO Plaques Trophies REPAIR SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED Jewelers For Your Class Rings DeForrest Training Institute Graduate Manufacturing Jewelers 2 years actual experience on all makes 81. models DAY PHONE 237 NIGHT PHONE 155-3 Boston---17 John St. New York---Providence 136 South Main Street UNION CITY, PA. From the MEDICAL STAFF 0F THE STEM MEMORlAL HOSPlTAL of Union City, Pennsylvania LE BUEUF BU LINES Regular Service from Cambridge Springs to Erie via Mill Village. Union City and Wattsburg, and Lowville Direct to G. E. ---School Bus Service Since 1938--- 4567 Phone: Waterford Mill Village, Pa. 4516 Compliments of Smo11ek's Billiards North Main Street Union City, Pennsylvania Compliments of Neil L. Jones Plumbing and Heating 16 Perry St. Union City, Pa. We extend to the graduates of the 1953 class our very best wishes for continued success in your future endeavors. ITARCY 'l'UDl0S South Main Street Union City, Pennsylvania Virginia Harrison I-If in . 2-S if ' T E 1 E W Give me an ad--- or else! Earl Griffith Let's get some new ads. Compliments of THE W A D W 0H, "Ty" Wilkins Pennzoil Distributors BEST WISHES FREM THE CLASS 0F 1953 C0. fg I I Oh! I should go advertising! Virginia Fisk I This soap is as good as the ad says! , ,J 4 X J V., .4 fm. V, A -L v un. Pi' 4511 fa qu f vw ,qu P A' Jyj., fa. -,, .1 Q 1 ,.,., .N ' -nf 1 V. . -, , . ,.u.,,, 1 ,, .hx l 1 1 . I - A: y...v 'n My-NU, 7. ,K ,Q A M. I ,, h 1. 4 yi 4 -vw," .A f ,- ww, , f , LT: ,, V- :.' mil' .vu A Q 1,1-f, . 'P '.. .-. tick --, 'iff' ww- -fu . ni , : "N,'5g'1.,,.J4,j'.:.1,,' 4'pf":'-N "far-:H .MM-. 1 2 V--.J 'f?-iiavvitr 5.1, "1'5,': I --2.1 i I , 5 ,ffff.:3f PM ,1Q:Cr'm ,L : ,-fav!-rg -L'-x. K'y r X . Wiz ik" '4 SFLLQ ,LI 1 , 4. .J L - A 214.52-Q -,J gv 22913 :G '- Qzxagg. .V 1 ULN L, ',' .T ,,.,1 W., ,..-,,.:.' 1, 'Q ., km , 1. - . 1 ,. --1 1., f , , wx v 1 1 w .-Um, ' if x-. , ...w .92

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