Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN)

 - Class of 1959

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Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1959 volume:

F I959 JERRY PARROTT "Polly" Chorus 1, 4 Vice-President 3 Latin Club 3 Play 3, 4 Annual 4 Paper 4 Speech Club 4 Pep Club 4 Double Quartet 4 KlRBY DAFFORN "Kirb" Chorus 1 Paper 4 Annual 4 Speech Club 3 Spanish 4 MARILYN CAYOT "Corky" Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Play 3, 4 Annual 4 Paper 4 Treasurer 3 Cheerleader 2 Sextet 2, 3 Triple Trio 1,4 Bowling 2 RICHARD MISHLER "Dick" Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Paper 4 Annual 4 W . S 4 THE CLASS SUE BREWER "Susie" Annual 4 Paper 4 Play 3, 4 Chorus 1 Pep Club 4 Speech Club 3 .,,,.f,c,.J H 1 , ,, L: f JAMES LEVY "lim" Basketball 1, 2, 3 Annual 4 Paper 4 speech crub 3 Mrto HENDERSON "Mike" Chorus 1 4-I-l 1, 2 Latin Club 3 Speech Club -l Paper 4 Annual 4 Secretary 4 "Gary" Track 2, 3 Baseball 1 Chorus 1, 2 Annual 4 Paper 4 Speech Club 3 MAX REIDENBACH "Slim" Chorus 1, 3, 4 Stage Manager 3, 4 Student Manager 4 News Reporter 3 P. F. A. 2, 3,4 4-H 1, 2 GARY LEE CARL Basketball 1,2, 3,4 if MOLLY WOLFE Molecule Chorus 1 Play 3 4 Latin Club 3 Spanish Club 4 Twrrllng 3 Band 2 Bowling 2 Office Girl 4 Annual 4 Paper 4 THURMAN SMITH "Truman" Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Statistician 4 F. F. A. 3 Paper 4 Annual 4 Reporter 4 ARD ITH S MITH "Smitty" Chorus 1, 2, 3 4 Band 1, 2 F.F. A. 2,3,4 Basketball 2, Baseball 1, 2 3 4 Track 3 4-H 1, 2 MR. BOLLHAUVE Sponsor TED TI-IOMA "Ted" Double Quartet 4 Speech Club 4 . . ..-..,...-.... "-s. .Q Max Reidenbach Molly Wolfe ., I 'X . -V, lim., X r:.5,-rl:-:Wi ' V- ' ...gd , Mg. 15- 5- l ya r .. L we '-Aff" A kf'.'Q33:'?5m1A- W 4 ,w -n H. , ' ' 5, Ar 'ffgff 'x , - X, .eil-ff-C -' ' 4 .33 f A:,-345.51 -A ,. 2, , .SEQ---5f'?4.s .-.3 .' ' 1 'sl Q-Q44 -fra .. .- ,X 2-."' " 1 .. . . 113.1 Marilyn Cayot f, -'fi V- 4 L ., K .M W , -,-, 5 "' " v 3 'b Af' hs 5 - fr' E-no Q A v .APU C, ,, D , 5 'Y BY PICTURES ,X Sw ' he of fi .. iz -Nx'f,. 5- Q y gr l M R Gary Carl Sue Brewer Afdilh Smith -5? an f ' r f 2 E- -Q-'a r:- l . xi' we 9" 'a" , Qffif' "" I :"', l I "5- ,Z W X Wk r y gi Shirley Merchant Jerry Parrott Dick Mighler 'I 'ri' Wayne Settlemeyer Thurman Smith Gerald Johnson lr X rum f 5 , w W , k Q, , 4, v Niki," W, -f-tl ' :,Q2if'f" My 'S I? ' N ' ' ffirl' 'F ' . '5."fL':':ff-YEL 5 ' 1: .J . " '41, ,. 'X ,, ' K 9 FR: -l.'4"f'f' 7 3 ' f 'R rf V 'll wh ' 1 ,-Dpi.--W, -,ff-fs' ' ' xr . - 9 it XP! 'JN - Eff-vuutii.-42+ '!"'f:g1x:E ' 3, M Kirb Dafforn Jim Levy Milo Henderson Richard Pope l 'ny . J- f fi. X at "' ' I . fh ' .3 ' V' l K " - L 4 . . ' Ted Thoma BHBIES. YQ S 1 11' ls 3 3 0117? go Vs Cawrfy Dwfyfy QUMMEY5 11,1 , 'D us. Posromce Posn-:va -WA TED! -- BEST LOOKING I1m Levy Shlrley Merchant MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jerry Parrott R1chard Pope ll I MOST ATHLETIC Drck Mrahler Gary Carl MOST POPULAR Shlrley Merchant Kub Dafforn MOST STUDIOUS Gerald Johnson Wayne Settlemeyer MOST COURTEOUS Arrdth Smrth Ted Thoma 9 9. '3 'S' . Y . , - N WL, ,, L 3. X 5 ,- .L xx ' x Y I I H i I .. E . l zugf, AV, D I I I T SENICDRS N SPACE As the sun is peeping over the dome of the lnter-Continental Space Bureau at Baer Field, we catch a glimpse of Wayne "Speed" Settlemeyer as he comes zooming up in his hopped-up space scooter. lie now boards a three stage supersonic space ship called the Planeteer, on which he is Orbit Commander. Through the mob that is entering the space dome, we catch a glimpse of that well known Texas oil millionaire, Kirb Dafforn. He is taking his regular weekly trip to the moon to check on his interests. Who do we see behind the ticket window but Ted Thoma? He is still as handsome as ever. lie is selling a ticket to the noted fashion expert Shirley Mae Merchant. She is on her way to Mars to do a fashion show for the Cultural Fashion Society of Mars. Right behind Shirley comes the walking art gallary known as Jerry Parrott. He is wearing his French tam and smock and is carrying his two foot long cigarette holder. He is planning on giving an exhibit onthe moon.lt is on earth creatures. A voice over the loud speaker informs us the zero hour is nearing. As the pasengers are boarding the ship, we see Molly Wolfe, Space Cadete, seating them. She is devoting most of her time to space travel. Her husband is devoting most of his time to taking care of their five kids. Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Fire! We are now leaving the earth's atmosphere. A gust of smoke comes zooming toward us and quickly zooms by. Why, that was Milo Henderson in his own little space rambler. He's heading toward earth for a landing if he doesn't pile it up first. There seems to be a huge roar toward the rear of the space ship. As we look back, we see all this confusion is caused by Sue Brewer and Gary Carl's ten kids. They all seem to be fighting over which one gets to sit on Mama's lap. We are almost at our destination now. The ship is slowly nearing the moon. Little green people can be seen waiting to greet us, and among them is Ardith Smith. He is the proprietor of that well known Cheese F acto ry. As we are landing, the maintenance crewmen come running out to an anchor us down. The two foremen of this crew seem to be ,Tim Levy and Thurman Smith. In the space station we see in one corner a great commotion going on and attracting many people. Who do we see in the center of all this but a player on that famous Moontrooper's basketball team known as Gerald Johnson. We walk out of the Astrodome to hail a Space-taxi. The cab comes shrieking up and comes to a shuddering halt beside us. We see that the crazy driver is Richard Pope. We hop in and tell him to take us to the nearest hotel. We also tell him we want to get there in one piece. As we are bouncing along in the Space-taxi, a military Go-Kart goes a-whizzing by. We see in the back seat of this chauffeured Go-Kart is the most famous military Space-rocketeer general, Dick Mishler, with all his medals hanging from his coat. We are just rounding a curve when all at once the driver comes to a panic stop. We see that Max Reidenbach in his space-suit is driving his six legged piglets across the road. The driver gives them the buzz and we go on to our destination. We arrive at the hotel without any further mishap. The proprietor comes walking out to greet us. We see that the proprietor is Marilyn Cayot. She shows us to our room and makes us comfortable. As we are in the peace and quiet of our room, we look out the window toward earth. We see now that all of our classmates are scattered all over the Universe doing different kinds of work in this modern age. We sigh and wonder what the future will hold for them. OUR TWELVE YEAR TRIP On August 25, l9-17, twenty-nine fine, healthy-looking, ambitious little Badgers started their way on the long train of school years. The engineer greeting us at the station was Miss Martin. The passengers were Elbert Brandt, David Stinson, Teddy Thoma, Artdith Smith, Shirley Merchant, Londa Kay Fausz, Judy Davis, Mary Jo Cline, Ronnie Mulles, Richard Pope, Billy Connett, Sheila Trennapohl, Sharon Elzey, Gladys Williams, Sharon Eckart, Carolyn Christ- man, Marilyn Cayot, Martha Burnau, Barbara Ulrich, Wilma Milby, Kirby Dafforn, Jimmy Levy, Max Reidenbach, Wayne Settlemeyer, Larry Meyer, Floyd Meyer, Gary Carl, Monwell Sheley, and Bruce Johnson. ln the second car, the coal car, Mrs. Schory was shoveling the coal. Then Mrs. Smuts took over and finished the job for her. Elbert Brandt, Gladys Williams, Sharon Eckart, Barbara Ulrich, Larry Meyer, and Floyd Meyer accidentally fell in the fire. Donald Walder, Barbara Williams, and Carolyn Collier were waiting to finish the trip with us. Mrs. Lesh was serving dinner in thethird car. Shirley Bunsold, Richard Reuter, and Richard Mishler were already there eating a late breakfast. Barbara Williams was hungry and decided to stay behind to eat an early di.nner. In the Pullman car David Denman and Jerry Lenmore were found over-sleeping, so they joined us. Sheila Trennapohl, Sharon Elzey, Monwell Sheley, Donald Walder, and Carolyn Collier were sleepy, so when Mrs. Lesh awoke the rest of us, she left them sleeping there. Clara Mae Wilson, Virginia Spears, Gerald Johnson, and Molly Wolfe were found in the lounge car. David Stinson, Londa Kay Fausz, Wilma Milby, Shirley Bunsold, David Denman, and Jerry Lenmore got off the train at the next station. Mrs. McLean led the rest of us on. Judy Davis, Bruce Johnson, and Virginia Spears froze in the refrigerator car. Londa Kay Fausz, Rodger Fode, Arlene Fode, and Ilene Fode joined us as Mrs. Meecham pushed us on to the next car. While we were moving around on car seven, Londa Kay Fausz and Billy Connett fell between the cars. Glenda Vaught and Sue Brewer were climbing back on to join us. As Mr. Garrett herded us through the stock car, he found Dian Markey and Loren Sickafus. Ronnie Mulles and Sue Brewer got left as we stopped to take on fuel. The fruit car was the scene for taking on Sue Brewer, Milo Henderson, Jerry Parrott, Jerry Lane, John Schoenauer. Carolyn Christman, Glenda Vaught, and Dian Markey were hungry, so they stopped to eat a bunch of grapes. In car No. ten we were joined by Judy Jersey and Thurman Smith, only to haveJerry Lane and John Schoenauer leave us at the end of the car. In car eleven, Martha Burnau, Judy Jersey, and Mr. Garrett got on another train. Those remaining on the Caboose to graduate in the spring of 1959 are Ardith Smith, Richard Pope, Shirley Merchant, Marilyn Cayot, Kirby Dafforn, Jim Levy, Max Reidenbach, Wayne Set- tlemeyer, Gary Carl, Richard Mishler, Gerald Johnson, Molly Wolfe, Sue Brewer, Milo Hen- derson, Jerry Parrott, and Thurman Smith. Because of sickness Ted Thoma will not be able to graduate in the spring. We lost Loren Sickafus and Mr. Rebbe, but Mr. Bollhauve was there, leading us through the last year of our trip. FRESHMEN President , , , , , , , , Vice-President , , , , Representative . . . . Treasurer, , , , , CLASS CFFICER , Susan Jennings . David Fate Carolyn DeWalt . Ellen Barnes Danny Archbold .IUNIORS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Secretary ....., Karen Quackenbush Reporter ....... Myron Bradburn Vice-President . . Kathrine Richardson President ....... Lane Netherland Treasurer . . . .Phillip Norris SOPHCMORES President . . . . Dave McBride Treasurer ....... Jerry Shun Vice-President . .Keith Gallaway Reporter ...... Karen Stolte Secretary. . . . Janet Line 5 XQEYXX 6 io G Myron Bradburn Linda Burnau Judy Caston Bonnie Cooper Shelba Jane Denney Cathy Fare Carolene Fishbaugh Mary Ann Gerber Floyd Meyer Larry Meyer Ronnie Mulles Lane Netherland Phillip Norris Rose Osborn Karen Quackenbush Katherine Richardson Tony Tomei Mary Lou Williams Nancy Wilson Reida Woods JU IDRS .. 1 X in - J,:.5,5'E-1.1gjfigfffj K V 'X Q Q X .W .e is -.4 t 5 iff sk.. v , . 4 Q, , ,. v V. , .1 I - 1' Y ,Q 4-4 . . . gm., it be : - 3 393, V! . 4 - S Q SCPHOMCRES x N f' 1-up Janice Caley Steve Campbell Fred Crowl Robert Fairchild Tom Fisher Lois Fritz Ruth Fritz Keith Gallaway Jack Keidel Sondra La Crone Larry Lash Janet Line ,I Becky Lipkey Dave McBride Dave McClure , r if 'y' Margie Raher Bruce Reidenbach Lois Settlemeyer Jerry Shutr Karen Stolte FRESH MAN CLASS Danny Archbold Ellen Barnes Kedric Bailey Bobby Bender Vernon Bradburn Amanda Burnau Kendric Chaney Carolyn DeWalt Litia Earnest Dick Fairchild David Fate Larry Gaskill Don Grim Billy Hedrick Susan Jennings Carolyn Mishler Mike Slater Sonja Smith Werner Steinbeck Patty Vance ,s . ,.--fsck X- vw X me 'wiv ' V-Q ,, '::z"2.. , a 0 -L .3 1 ,,::.3,5.i-:z six. 14" :,.5:Rf:F S333 ' ' 5- X'-P-,Q vqp.?i:-I, 2 I nfl ,Q gg-,. , .x.,x.,, I -5,55 h :V x::x:i??:giSi 1 X , ,, V wi .s f " ' K- -- A :jfz , 'L ,A fi-if-ff 'f ' .' ' 'A' HTTJQQ: G Ss A355 Xgabxi 'Rx Xl W -1 x . M QS A-W . , , 1: - r.., . ,-Av. e +g,:a::. ., ,,5g.W:1. 15.55-qzj-t?5y,5:a 'Wy-I s .K -5.5-, wg?t:.5-- .-ei 1. ' 'fnyftx Q - 41 2' ll .gin 'fr--as QQ P 4 Q - . sv , , - kms- ,Q R 9 UESS VV!-IO! 'P-gr 'X WON' SCEZQQI! X 1-'A 1 l E . 0 'X -J' 9 EIGHTH GRADE Jimmy Brown Torn Bailey Calvin Baxter Judy Blew Sam Bertsch Dale Cayot Rita Caston Danny Cooper Gerald Dennis Dennis Gerbers David Johnson Cathy Lipkey Mickey McPeak Sandy Miller Elaine Reed Sharon Reed Bonnie Reidenbach Marcia Richardson Sue Ellen Shepler Claire Smith Judy Fessenden Connie Stahl Jim Wolfe .1- .P-Q . e 1,24-24' 2'g'f,'5?5'1Q'2H -. X 4 '.- H: " '-I-lx kjigk - ,W - -l xg ,W -wi . -, s. . .M , - 1 .-.g.+ . , . , ,args t - M, w h ' sl g. .: ,, ' ,nf Jr - , -,. l' r N K. ,J-f' ,jf 'K 'M E? 9 . .A 'il J' Y Wi" Q l s y j ' E Q... . Q -o-.my B X tw. Y.. . -Hs. SX. N ,.t,,,,stt.Q-. .-Q. ' . A af xl x NX N X Vx Xx BR Ss X Xxi' , Q X X em? NX sw is xc ll ' -5. -l Q Q fx -. 1 35327: a zizggll REX ll! SSX HX fiiwffifils' SEVE TH GRADE Cindy Abenarh Dennis Allen Marcella Bradburn Barbara Burnau Susie Chaney Rebecca Crowl David Cupp Charlette Diehl Dennis Ellet Gary Fate Rodger Fulton Linda Gurtner Judy Hall Terry Johnson Joanna Jump Londa Lash Mary McClure Bob Mercer Frank Osborn Lynn Quackenbush Bobby Scott Tom Slater Randy Smith Tommy Stein Heidi Steinbeck Donna Stolte Linda Thoma Lynne Thomas Larry Vance Jamie Zeddis Q 1, - 'v 'w mr: .. " '15 '3 r, , . '- 5 5 V-1 v ,- -, "N-41' ' . ... Q M45 'N Us I is 4, -,. Ea F, X , ,Q , ,J A "n i A - r Sharon Zurcher Franklin Swaidner fl J Q ' ff- if Tv' - SIXTH GRADE 52529 . - - .. '. ,,., 1. 11- 6 r V .,:.1, 3-X L., r. xfgr. V . an 4 ' 'V' ' X' "'A ' aiftiwff. f' ' V 'EK .1 5 - C? vu - - A T 1 . f ' ' 1 - ,- 4 ww , Q , ' ,W V- ,,-fig: V - I ' 4,11 ,1 51 o gi? -1. yrs-F'1j"? ' ' vt K 1 , ff . . ..f, ,. sd . . sr gi-s, W., v . ,. V-we X . M . Y V 1 .,.. z' 1-s. .- V 1 .. - QV ' 'Q' .-.-14.-::: . ':V if """' ,' ':5, 5 V.2i22i:3i:V 4- , .V-' ff-:-'-'E-f J 2,12 1 ' 5 L ff! , . -- - 1 J L Q ,. WE-1' ,, ' r Q! i..f-,J 5 air 5? ' ' . -mira -..A "x" 11 , Vfifizi E.-'EZ . 2'-get-: t , P4 ,... f-N ' , ,f ,E , I V A I ,X S .. fo-f"6' 'gfe- ' b 3, M . A '. V ': - 1 or -.q,.- rx -31:2-.g::2s2g1gsi, v' " 'L -A ' - - ' li t 2 1- VM, , V ' Lf' 35- - - - is e , ' "" 32. Q. "A" ,fg,,V A , , , w...a,.- 'K f - wa: r -- . . liar: Em- :"'l 1 ' L i' . , , . -' ' r :ef-rf: 56:5-" '- -' ' ' ' I 5:52 EEF, ' I " Q If .1 . ,A 33555 D352 V, xiii-fig. K . 5 .I .1 V, ,.1c,.X- in ' f X X L . 'xx a -- - .1 , ' - ' 1.1, -J' , V L Tn . - , VV-w ff' V, V .- ,T ., V ... -. Vw-rszwfts-'.4 3. ' my .un-z. ' ' -s ' J' fi? A "'.?. .rc-P-I. '- , - ,EAA .. - 1, W slgisfsffgi-is c -. lll lv' e. .4 R ' 5 '- . 1 ,f- Ve' ea- rf.: xo .P V N.. -4 ry -,V D WPI? ,.... QQ ,' .X Q N . C VAM W ix V IC?" 5'r'!.V'y A. of , Q ,jg M 7 45' i -. - H.. "Y gage- r gs--,.: ' ,. t, 4 --2,-if ' -.g:g,.33--Q-:L g , ::g:f3g1'.f:1 ::-1-.1-b: es, v' N . , . r.:sV,g12gV:,: ' ' -'viii 3,-, lil . .- - -X ' 1.2wi:':-EEII-'I' RSF. X f15l.iE?I:"Qi V if if Eire 'N ? . ' f '31 ' .. fri? -V vo- , 10 ,..' X- . X ' l gf: .az , ' X if .,w'- '5 W V .- " . L , T' ' ' g r ' r -. K ' I rv 'Qi J, A , , ,..,. '4 ' I . ' xaluiam R' PRP! , XX af? ,isa L. -slam ' : L V ' ' . ' V I-: . 4- lf' f - . xfx ff, QQN -1 '-5 'x ,--u ,,. Victor Baxter Sara Bertsch Barbara Brown Gary Brown Danny Caston Nicky Chaney Kevin Christ Karan Clark Dennis Cook Kerry Crow Darrel Dunn Errol Dunn Bonita Fairchild Steven Fensler Steven Freds Jeffrey Hart Danny I-liner Mike Jennings Pamela LaCrone Dennis Lesh Gwen Line Brenda Mercer Charlene Miller Roger Miller Jimmy Mossburg Dick Murrell Gary Lee Netherland Nancy Quackenbush Ronnie Sliger Cheryl Smith Terry Stein Larry Tarr Mary Wolfe Audrey Woods Lynn Woods FIFTH GRADE Jack Abenath Robert Adams Susan Allen Cheryl Archbold Roger Bailey Donna Blew Jimmy Crow Merritt Dawson J on Drabenstott Charlett Ellet Diana Eversole Rita Fairchild Stephen Fine Jimmy Fritz Patricia Fulton Coy Hedrick Deborah Keidel James Lipkey Anthony Mayberry Douglas Mignerey Larry Phillips Diane Reed Jacqueline Schwartz Richard Shearer Sonia Young Linn Zeddis Bruce Haines -Ali 11 xt OURTH GR DE . fb ,, Q y 3 3? ' G EY ' 'Y f X 1 n 1. J - 2 .- mr -' Q 155,53 -0' gi ,. " .g. 0 s Q.. J J 3- LJ? Def on --5 , 6 'rw-GK s- 5, .lg I I' 53 . A., .. . 65' , J 1 A 4 Don Bailey Herman Berts ch Homer Berts ch Dale Best Paul Bottorff Cathy Jo Burger Keith Burnau Connie Caley Ellen Cayot Charleen Chaney Sharon Colvin Gene Cook Mickey Cupp Mike Dawson Marjorie Dewalt Judy Eichhorn Rex Fate David Fensler Carolyn Fulton Robert Fessenden Linda Gallaway Kathy Glant Sandy Glant Ed Hasler Donna Hiner 1:9 ' x J A ,n Y -. - A J X 'zz 1 Q .1 f :fin A . 55. 1 ' :V 0- 1 Q ,N I F: N 14 F' H. k Phyllis Hurraw David Jennings De Wayne Miller Glenna Osborn Susan Scott Diane Slater 10 Ellen SmiLh Joan Sprinkle Leon Tarr Wayne Waters Jerry Wintrode Janice Zurcher Mark Adams Tommy Archbold Gary Blew Billy Blaising Peggy Bottorff Stephanie Bartels Joyce Cass Jane Ann Crowl Jane Drabenstott Jackie Dafforn Anna Decker Paul Fate Monte Fisher Linda Fluke Sandry Fluke Beth Hauenstein Bruce Hoopingarner Kathy l-luguenard Eddie Milligan Mike Mitchell Marilyn Reidenbach Charles Stein Mary Smith Paul Stein Geoffrey Schwartz Jane Young X Qt!-'4 m K K .rt o SECO D GR DE v E,:' ' aznesffs -. i'eiQi-- V ' " rx.. -' "M aff:-V " 'j ,Q A .- 4 .ww - L . ., i ..., r ,..... - -cfm Rf f , ' " 3? V J 4,!5Xiy,f, Q.-f i. . 'TQ V- , I 5 P7122 , ' X 1:-wgg:s. N N ww: ,, Q 5 . :nv , -ff., N V V , , -,, QV . ., , V . Q V t '-in f- wr , S ' "' -. X, -f K V -' -Q 1. , ei K W "f-"":'- . -suv' ' - ' f V' V -Fl we 'S' , , V Q! 1 t .iw fz ' . N: . .V 8 D ' .ei :V ' -V lnrx , 5 1-":Q2 i'-Liglrr ,V ,f--- f I , . f ,.t.,......, T' s-'ff -X '- uf! ' ' 2 -: " ' M I -..asv . s. 1 Q V F Q. A AA QQHQX ' . V, -Q: I f, - - ' IV. V Q' fJ..------... . -' , s ws :-- -::.. -V 1. fri-' "-" - XX?-I 3 X5 I '4 w . .. , M t W - 5 "rf - V 1 ' .-X , .- .ANR 5' I nf-xx Z' V' ' U -S x. S. ' I' ' 5 . 4.10 , ' , . , , 'F P Q ' fi' ' ' 'A J : 1:25 2 'jig "ix ? V-fl ' l X ' . 1 N 'M if 44 ,K ,1., yu 1 . ,V . f. . 'vis-A5 A ' Q .aff f -1.5. 1 ', !"' V' E: if ' ' .. N , L f 3 rl 5 V 'sz2:-err-5253211551-f'ff:2-E51 V " E - 1 , rf: ,KV" X- '.'-A ':g5'3f'.f ' W V , fi - lt, l ,.,. . .l K' , 1 1 4152. 'A '-., :fag ggi, :. - 'FfE1EE:r5: -vm-Efiluj girixf Te- , 5,312 ::j,'5j:r.5Q-5 . 4 -ui X X lx X xX XX Q? X N X . X , ..,.. ,N .4 ,X sr .V . ' - Q T N . ag Q X X r X-If xy' ta I fnlfl ,WOT FHOWN ,- if lu. Danny Alford Gary Allen Terry Archbold Wayne Best James Blaising Mike Blew David Bushee Kirby Caley Ruth Caston Karen Cayot Ronny Chaney James Decker Douglas Diehl Brenda Eichhorn Phillip Ellet Susan Eversole Gary Fausz Linda Fulton DeAnn Gerbers Steven I-lasler Karen I-loopingarner Nancy I-loopingarner Kenneth Huguenard Dennis Johnson Gary Lee Marilyn Lesh Kay Lipkey Dorothy Millican Vicki Miller Brian Netherland Mike Peek Daniel Scott Bruce Sliger Richard Springer Kent Stephens Scott Adams Catherine Blaising Carla Boxell Jerry Brown Penney Baxter David Caley Sherry Edwards Danny Fritz Mona Fisher Sharon Fairchild David Glam Gary Girvin Roy Hanauer Ruth Huguenard Larry Kumfer Steven Kumfer Melinda Mitchell Mike Murrill Steven Martin Linda Oldfield Larry Quackenbush David Reavis Juanita Stein Mike Wiegman Kent Caley John Wintrod Keith Woods Kent Neuhauser - if FIR T GRADE 1- ' "'X2issQL5? , r -rg ' ,fa-1.: v" ' .i ' w. ia- A 1 .Q it . . ,gr Nm ,, ix Q .t.. 5... Q we X H rg R 'Pg N X 5 Ns- ,,...,.... .-W---Q--He .h :xr utter-'i""'S" N www by 'xi-QEQE1 E2 iff 1 ': at uni: ' 4 ,,, r U X :X XX .,, . ,X Nw it G 1 A X .5 'N Y x if K a tyre 'W Q32 rv 5 X g -. rr:-f A -P r f ' ' '5 : si 'yi if Q. f l f f ' E X 5 l' Q A r .- fatal X... 2.g'sfra M' . N -, I 271 r -5 ' :Q , V' , ,H "HAS: I X ,wmv ,, X N , - 43 a a, it 1 ' Q x 1 .. .um lr . 1 Ss, ,S .k '- 5.5 -g k : S 5- . z ---gms. my , ,1 .- A- 'yy az., . ,, irr, , , QQ waste It -,:,a.-.tvva . H. V. - ...ivy - .grfisay-. jf 2311856 5 r . . 1.3 SSS - 32 i 5 F 358 5 , '55 9ii"Q F ' . , "ii . Q-.-1 x f 1 'E i a., 41" i X... X 'N i rw- .... Q. : 5+ . qf,:.6:Qf1,g: . Wlsfi: f R'1'M '-"z'f5' -. '- 733:55-3 - -wins ,bw K xi 5 f X an 1 .sl 51:5 :fu ' n ' QQ 4 f -tg, .1 .-x :N X its A ' 3 3 'iw-1. k9,j,, A:-it H up L24 r,.1.j. ., iw gf Q ' , . - . f fi 54, ' . 4 . Sf V . .- PW' fs - ax il .1-'rs 2' tr girl ' .I . . fi' xstf f , , 1 M .1 , fl ling? X Nt r , Lg WAYN E SETTLEMEYER Y T V A R I 5 4 Q Ll A D r. 1 f . 5 Q, ' I . ,gf GA RY CA RL M4111 ep!! ARDITH SMITH . N GERALD JOHNSOQXI , b ? QLQK MIS ER A! I I Q.-7., T gf fihaffw f f I, MYRON BRA DBURN Q V1 .rl ,alx ,I . , , x-Z:-1 R S Q U A D f f.' 4-: PHILLIP NORRIS 4- ' . I I f, ,. 3 -if?-:ff 3 I LANE NETHERLAND ' -4- 1 .. TONY TOME1 DAVE Mc BRIDE XL fc '1i,,1E, VARSITY STANDING, Left to Right: Gerald Johnson, Tony Tomei, Dick Mishler, Lane Netherland, Wayne Settlerneyer, Gary Carl. Myron Bradburn, Dave McBride. Ardith Smith, Phillip Norris, KNEELINCL Max Reidenhach, Student Managerg Mr, Bollhauve, Coachg Larry Lash, Student Manager, YELL LEADERS 4 -I a a.-..,..t 4 Q Nancy Wilson, Karen Quaclcenbush, Bonnie Cooper, SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL PICTURE I .-. . 'rf- ERONT ROW: Dave McClure, Bruce Reidenbacli. Tom Fisher. Keith Callaway, Dave Fate, Mike Slater, SECOND ROW: Max Reidenbacb, Student Manager: Jerry Sliutt, Jack Keidel, Vernon Bradburn. Mr, Bollbauve, Coacbg Don Grim, Fred Crowl, Kedric Bailey, D ATE November November November November November December December December January I anu ary January 4 7 14 21 25 5 12" 19 2:1 6 10 OPPONENT Hartford Center Lafayette Central Jackson Center Monroeville Liberty Center East Rockcreek Ossian W. Rockcreek Lafayette Center W. Lancaster Petroleum SCHEDULE PLACE T T 11 T H at Bluffton T H T T at Bluffton DATE Janu ary 14- Ianuary 21 Janu ary 23 January 271' Ianu ary 30 February 6 February 13 February 17 15-17 OPPONENT County Tourney E. Rockcreek W. Union Center Adams Central Poling Chester Roanoke Lancaster ,'Our game played away from home, PLACE H T at Ossian H at Roll H T JUNIOR HIGH TEAM AND YELL LEADERS 'D K H 'dba' an .N lx AAXMQNNAN .N-AMY ,V L ,,,,,.,.-...ffi---x--- -5-'N TOP ROW: Tommy Bailey, Gerald Dennis, David Johnson, 'Dennis Gerbers, Mr. Huffman, Coachg Jim Wolfe, Sammy Bertsch, Danny Cooper. SECOND ROW: ,Timmy Brown, Tom Slater, Bob Mercer, Larry Vance, Calvin Baxter, Dennis Ellet, Frank Osborn, Dale Cayot. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Chaney, Londa Lash, and Rebecca Crowl, Yell Leaders. "Get that tip, Gary." "Play ball" ASEB LL TOP ROW: Max Reidenbach, Phil Norris, Mike Slater, I..arryLash, Don Grim,Jack Keidel, Fred Crowl, Kedric Bailey, Coach, Mr. Bollhauve. SECOND ROW:Tony Tomei.GeraldJohn- son, Ardith Smith, Tom Fisher, Dave McBride, Dave McClure, Lane Netherland. TOP ROW: Joe Huffman, Larry Lash, Myron Bradburn, Gary Carl, Thurman Smith, Max Reid- enbach, John Walmsley. SECOND ROW: Keith Gallaway, Dave McBride, Dick Mishler, Gerald Johnson, Tom Fisher, F red Crowl, Lane Netherland. TRACK THE DUE Glo VOLUME XIII SEPTEMBER 28. N58 NUHBERI Class lay October NEW TEACHERS THIRD GRADE NEWS SENIOR NEWS JUNIOR NEWS 1 r3li,..',rir, .- -- 1 ' Union Center has aquired 3 nev :aiu l 2 G . tea he 5 thi' ye'r We want ti ' ', " 7 4" "Te rk . welcor'i:t:3 thgm aid say that it i V : I1 l . . . itqgat I ' --.f . nice to hue them here with us. O . To get acquainted with then -1 J' 4' 6 butter, we have interviewed eacl ol them. Uur new Math teacher Mr Frank Sloutur, was born u lluntington County. He attendee one sumnier at Manchester CDI lege, .ind four years at I University. After graduation went buck tor one summer of pos szrarlunte work. He served months in World War II on th- Batllc Ship Pennsylvania. At th- :ige ul 39 he retired his bachelor- houd and now has 3 da Two are attending indiana Uni- versity One is a Junior and dau Higl is J St,-phoniore His third uhter is ti St-mor :it Andrews Sthtitil Antitht-r one or our new teacher is out that-li. lilr Jim Bollh Ile was horn in Fort Wayne. horrn- tt-vtn is Wmamzic, lndiani tthett- l.t- gratiurted from higl sthotil Ht- -urn--l four years in Nrixy .ilionitl tht- Destroyer USQ Unlr-i L: While he was serving in the Nnixy, ht- nizirlivti his will Ltns After his discharge from tht- Nitty, he t-nlered Hall State 'I't,-.ii,-ht'r- tvtllegt-. His wife also .ni-tvitlerl tht' same college They llmh igrzititiotetl this summer. They hrttt- one tlntieliler. Juanita, who is now 4 5t-.Irs i-ld This is Mr. I3-illii.tuve's lirst tefwhing experi- ence and we hope that he will t-njux being here. I know that we might having htm. Our thirtl new teacher is Miss Willttmson who teacht Sprint h She is here one perio Sht na-. born in Cravt i 0 lninna This is as 4HV5 Antther tear of LH work ha lt-on completed. Lois Settlemeye was t no nt three girls Irom Well Ct unty to no to the DePauw Uni vt-:sity .Ir Leaders Conte-reno: Marty Ann Gerber and Carolen Fishbnugh were selected Purdu r-vnnttup delegates Linda Brow .anti Sharon Goshorn were two t tht' three rhoost-n from the count to go to tht- Girls State Fair Schoo Tht- winners in the County Dem onstrntion contest were Carolen Fishhaugh, red ribbon tor th St-nior rlub, and Donna Stolte an- llot-ky Cmwl. red ribbon for th Junior club The Honor Girl il tht- County Dress Revue fifth divx :inn was Sonja Smith The Union Flows and Girls' 4-H club flos t-:tune in third tn the 4-H I-'air Pa mth- Wells County 4-H Queer was Sharon Goxhorn Linda Brown was the winner from Wells Coun- tv ol Farm Bureau Tenure Award given at the State Fair The County Judging eontest Winners were as follows: Linda Brown .,,,,, . Food Pres Sharon Coxhnrn ... Food Prep. Cnrolyn Dewalt .,., Home Imp. JUNIOR CLUB M.irs Brrky Fruwl . ,H Baking The State Fair entrtol were u lnllows: Csrnlenz Yuhbaugh - Home Imp. net-ond, Bohm! third. food Pres. In-ond. handler!!! lint. Linda Brown - handicraft mul other helpers are Phillip Norris, Gary Carl, Dick Mishler, Vemon Bradburn, and Dick Pope. We still Freshman news reporter Miss Wtllxnmsons first year of teaching She went to Water!! College in Ohio then she went to Michigan and went to the Univer- sity of Michigan. She also went to Huntington College. Miss Williamson, as you may know, owns the "Long Field Iris Farm" in Bluirton where she now lives. We hope that all the new teach- hnre the same cooks. Wanda Bur- gess, June Corell, and Waneta Goshorn Helen Bradbum is our substitute. SOPHOMORE BAKE SALE The sophomore class is sponsor- ing a Bake Sole, It is to be held at Shepler's Garage, Zanesville. lnd. on Sent. 27. 'The price will Linda Brown-Going to college Judy Burnau-Working at Pete'5 Janice Corel!-Going to Comp- tomt-ter School at Ft. Wayne Susan Cooper--Going to Ravens Craft Beauty School Bonnie Fisher-Working at Fry- hack's at Bluffton Marcie Baughman Quackenbush- Homewite Judy Hoopingnrner Norris- Housewite, working at Kresge Warehouse. Carol Raher Miller-Housewife ts - Lois Settlemeyer Mary Ann Gerber Charlene Miller Connie Stahl Jamie Zedclis Karen Stolte Mary Ann Gerber Caralene Fishbaugh FOOD PREP. Marcia Richardson Caralem- Fnhhaugh Carolyn Do.-Walt Lois Settlemeyer CLOTHING I lhrcella Bndhum Chnmletta Diet lan- nm... -1.7 5. Janice Caley Sharon Goshorn HANDICRAFI' I Cheryl Archbold Barbara Bumau Diana Everaole Linda Gurtner Lynne Thomas Barbara Brown Becky Crawl Patty hilton Sandy Miller Sonia Younl Jamie Zeddll HANDICRAIT ll Sonja Smith .No nuarns - garuen Jon Drahenstott - gilt, barrow, electricity Dennis Allen - wildlife Rex Fate - barrow Jim Fritz - electricity Steve Fine - electricity Gary I-'ate - barrow TOD! Mlyberry - entomology Charolett Elle! - entomolog Ronnie Slller - rlbbtt Larry Pnmips - under SECOND YEAR MEMBERS Kevin Crllt - rlbbitl Roger Miller - dairy, px-den, for-- entry. enter-nology, elech-tcity Tom Slater - poultry, wildlife Joanna .hmm n.--.. .-.... ,.. ... . 1 7th ALONG CAME CHARLIE " TNG CAME CHARLIE has hosen for production an Fri- ct. 17 by the senior class or Center Schoolt It is A ng and it has humor, action, :oy with a lasso - every- :ut a horse. There is Jane. 7 Ma's dude ranch to sep- ier from her boy friend: Mr. who rides not wisely nor ll, but too long: Buck a cow- ih a heart or gold and a pair like iron: Allen, Jane's boy who turns up at the ranch, in glove with a pair of Gail and Bard: Pete and young son and daughter at -rch: and Charley, a roudi cl old prospector who knows iereab-Hits of every nugget in the West. We promise entertaining evening if you me to see n Cayo! as Ma rr as Roch Merchant as Jane Pop! as Bard Wolfe as Gail ltshler as Charley Smith as Pete Settlemeyer as Buck rrott as Allan Gerard Johnson as Mi-.Nibley In ALONG CAME CHARLIE tington Bernelle Willett - Loafing Stanley Carney-Working at a fruit market Larry Stahl-I-'arming and wrt!- ing at Coll factory Kirb Mossburg-Carpenter Work Uor dndj Russell Heins-Working for REMC Haines-In Fort Wayne 'ump-Going to Purdue n Goshom-Going to Indi- na University MeMd. Center. TER Slater - poultry Fate - barrow, tractor iaintenance f Smith - dairy, soil eonser- ation Bender - U-actor maintm- ice lor! - wildlife ra Brown - dairy QIIRD YEAR MEMBERS n Bradbiu-n - gm-don, actor maintmnnce Reidenbach - garden, com, restrv. tractor tn.-rinmenmee, ttomology, glggtrlpky, U09 - anim, entomalogy, ectrielw -tetn -- rabbits, electricity -tein - rabbits, electricity t Ellet - dairy, rabbits URTH YEAR MEMBERS Crawl - tractor UNIDE- ance, elect:-tclb Denny Cooper - nbbiu, umm- lb' Fred Gerald Dennis - bod, dgh-3, llrd Steve Campbell - QYICYOI' maln- tenance Jim Brown - poultry, dgjry FIITI-I YIAB Ill!! Keith Gnlluny - qu aqgg-n- tim. dairy Dave Johmm - vlldllh, eloetrt., city Carolyn DeWalt - btrrvw, paul- fry. lamb I YEAR llks I 44 X 0 SNAPSHOTS "fi x xfff' x - MI. Middleton and Secretary . Q: is ,-, - - + .4 - k A. L Q R ,. 4T They Hire'em Younger Every Year Get Them Clean, Gary, X wwf 18' at .wb Mrs. Ruteuberg and Secretary X 5345 ,MJ f' ' Jr W h f QJWWMQX wig J' Mv"W "!f"'J W My Ny W Nlfffylgilqx wb wg , QR? QM wif 433 ,QW f nwfgmy K K, M7 JJWWWM , EW? : V 5 I3 Q '23 lifkmz , mwgjipf - N 9 1355 l 5233 S521 UESS vvH0f 5 we Wx I Qi, kfixx af 4 X 55315 fir Nay xxx x x x x X x Eff, X X ALCNG CAME CHARLIE SENIOR PLAY V wk 1 1, n F K 4 THE BLACK DERBY JUNIOR PLAY GIRLS' CHORUS I .- VA try ,rg 4 :mme .rfb ,5 rh' ss' - ' ' ,. i :Q TOP ROW: Susan Jennings, Becky Lipkey, Margie Raher, Lois Fritz, Judy Caston, Karen Quack- enbush, Ruth Fritz, Lois Settlenieyer, Katherine Richardson. MIDDLE ROW: Sondra LaCrone Karen Stolte, Linda Burnau, Ellen Barnes, Marilyn Cayot, Shirley Merchant, Carolyn Mishler Reida Woods, Carolene Fishbaugh. BOTTOM ROW: Janet Line, Bonnie Cooper, Nancy Wilson Rose Osborn, Mary Ann Gerber, Janice Caley, Sonja Smith, Carolyn DeWalt, Amanda Burnau and Mr. Huffman, director. BOYS' CHORUS ,. .71 . ., . X . g -J ., ,E , S S , J, M if TOP ROW: Ardith Smith, Tom Fisher, Lane Netherland, Myron Bradburn, Vernon Bradburn, Max Rcidenbach, Ted Thoma, Jerry Parrott, Werner Steinbeck. BOTTOM ROW: Danny Archbold Kendrick Chaney, Bobby Bender, Ronnie Mulles, Gerald Johnson, Mike Slater, Fred Crowl, Don Grim, Kedric Bailey, and Mr. Huffman, director. : s x SEXTET Lois Settlemeyer, Kathrine Richardson, Shirley Merchant, Nancy Wilson, Ellen Barnes, Mary Lou Williams. I L , . C' v. N Q M I 5- - QUARTET ,nl-ai Ronnie Mulles, Myron Bradburn, Tom Fisher, Fred Crowl. ,ii A L me R TRIPLE TRIO Lois Settlemeyer, Karhrine Richardson, Carolyn Mishler, Mary Ann Gerber, Shirley Merchant, Nancy Wilson, Marilyn Cayot, Ellen Barnes, Mary Lou Williams, x A tl W' ,1 5 ' U1 il I F Y 5 A V ,N 1 1 E .5 DOUBLE QUARTET Fred Crowl, Torn Fisher, Don Grim, Lane NeLher- land, Myron Bradburn, Ted Thoma, Vernon Brad- brun, Ronnie Mulles. BA D A D TWIRLERS Larry Vance Lynn Woods David Johnson Karan Clark Kerry Crow Danny Cooper Dennis Ellet Connie Stahl Myron Bradburn Londa Lash Vernon Bradburn Patty Vance Elaine Reed Jimmy Brown Kevin Christ Janet Line Sharon Reed Judy Blew Suellen Shepler Joanna Jump Linda Thoma Marcella Bradburn Sandy Miller Rita Casron Fred Crowl Linda Gurtner Carolyn DeWalt Lois Settlemeyer Randy Smith Claire Smith Steven Freds Lynn Thomas Ellen Barnes Sonja Smith Charlotte Diehl Dick Murrell Gerald Dennis F. F. A. ' , h t . K-' 3- TOP ROW: Vernon Bradburn, Ardith Smith, ,Tack Keidel, Torn Fisher, Larry Lash, Werner Stein- beck, and Larry Gaskill. BOTTOM ROW: Kendric Chaney, Danny Archbold, Max Reidenbach Leader, John Walmsleyg Bruce Reidenbach, Kedric Bailey, Bob Fairchild, and Dick Fairchild 1, x 'n bfi. fx y all' iff , g"...'v , , F W ,ff ,dv Q 1:0 0 A SN-v If 5iiL?0 Union's float at the County 4-H Fair. f""S BOY? 441 TOP ROW: Dave Fate, Mike Slater, Werner Steinbeck, Billy Hedrick, Dave McBride, Keith Gallaway, Bruce Reidenbach, Jim Wolfe, Fred Crowl, Vernon Bradburn, Jack Keidel. SECOND ROW: Kevin Christ, Dick Murrell, Danny Archbold, Bob Bender, Gerald Dennis, Dave Johnson, Jimmy Brown, Danny Cooper, Bob Mercer, Bobby Scott, Randy Smith. THIRD ROW: Jon Drabenstott, Larry Phillips, Robert Adams, Lois Settlemeyer, Sonja Smith, Carolyn DeWalt, Barbara Brown, Charolett Ellet, Tommy Stein, Danny Hiner, Stephen Fine. BOTTOM ROW: Anthony Mayberry, Jimmy Lipkey, DeWayne Miller, Rex Fate, Jimmy Fritz, Coy Hedrick, Roger Miller, Tom Slater, Dennis Allen, Jeffrey Hart, Ronnie Sliger, Mr. W alsely. F' GIRLS' 4-H TOP ROW: Sandy Miller, Joanna Jump, Linda Thoma, Marcella Bradburn, Londa Lash, Donna Stolte, Lynn Thomas, Lois Settlemeyer, Linda Gurtner. SECOND ROW: Barbara Brown, Karen Stolte, Janet Line, Carolyn DeWalt, Sonja Smith, Janice Caley, Marcia Richardson, Mary Ann Gerber, Carolene Fish- baugh, Heidi Steinback. THIRD ROW: Jamie Zeddis, Charlotte Diehl, Becky Crowl, Barbara Burnau, Brenda Mercer, Charlene Miller, Cheryl Smith, Gwen Line, Audry Woods, Connie Stahl, Bonnie Reiden- bach. BOTTOM ROW: Glenna Osborn, Linda Gallaway, Jo Ann Sprinkle, Patricia Fulton, Connie Caley, Charolett Ellet, Diana Eversole, Jacqueline Schwartz, Susan Allen, Deborah Keidel, Cheryl Archbold. .' 1-'-cf-z'er.a'. - arf' .,,?.-1.5 . YL Q1-. f I ' s. A -. , , 1r' " r R! STANDING: Doyle Espich, Paul Schwartz. SITTING: Carl Ridenbach, Russell Stinston, Darrel Gilbert This Page Sponsored By HERFF JONES CO. Indianapolis, Ind. and HOUSE OF HARTER Goshen, Ind. Compliments of DR. J. T. SCOTT Optometrist Bluffton Indiana MOSER SUPER SERVICE Complete One-Stop Service Marion and Market Streets Phone 300 Bluffton Indiana Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. ll9-l2l-123 West Market St. Bluffton, Indiana The complete variety store. HINKLE'S DRUG STORE Phone 32 203 W. Market St. Bluffton, Ind. KENNEDY REXALL DRUGS formerly The Young Drug Store Bluffton Indiana SHAFER TRACTOR SALES State Road ll6, South Bluffton, Indiana R S S M STUDIO Complete Photographic Service Cameras and Supplies Bluffton Indiana FARLINGS FINER FOODS, INC. Meats Groceries Fruits State Road l, North Bluffton Indiana T' HELLER STONE CO., INC. L. F. HARTMAN AND SON and Sinclair Gas and Oil Bluffton Ready Mix Co. Phone 304 Bluffton CDivisionj ,DUUBL BLUFFTON GIFT AND TYPEWRITER COLA CENTER Your Royal Typewriter Dealer sales-rentals-repairs Phone 2ll Heart Club Flavors Hires Root Beer STEURY BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. OWU? -A lies ROOT BEER FRANKLIN ELECTRIC CO., INC. 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Serving this community for l7 years Uniondale, Indiana Phone l9-B OSSIAN STATE BANK Our Aim: Better Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STATE BANK OF MARKLE Friendly G Complete Banking Service Deposits Insured by F.D.I.C. Markle Indiana REED'S TELEVISION AND APPLIANCES Sales and Service See us for the best in COLOR T.V. Pbone SK 8-2551 Markle, Indiana ELECTROLUX Compliments of HFor a Clean Homeu MARKLE GRAIN CO. INC. Paul H. Schwartz East Elevator Phone 65 Markle Indiana Zanesville Indiana Compliments of Compliments of MARKLE LUMBER CO. HUNTINGTON CO. FARM BUREAU Phone SK 8-5581 Markle Indiana Markle Indiana DONATIONS RH N Rhodes Grocery FI BURGESS L. L. Bender Company . . . . Eley TV Plumbing Heatlng wlrlng Lee Hinshaw Chevrolet Johnson and Trubey Phone 25W I Wells County Automotive Supply Zanesville Indiana Kiltfs Square Deal Boston Store ,igiii-? 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My 4 1. . w." X N ,Q A . ,. .1 ' x .ml nh ,,,x U x ' -,."!p:, 'M x s y 1 x A v. x AST WILL D TESTAMENT We, the senior class of 1959, County of Wells, State of Indiana, being of sound mind and body, after four strenuous years, find it necessary to leave our outstanding faults and virtues to other members of the student body. We do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament: ARTICLE I We, the seniors, do bequeath to the juniors, our ability to win the class tourney next year. We, the seniors, do bequeath to the sophomores, all the old bubble gum under the seats. We, the seniors, do bequeath to the freshmen, our ability to get along with Miss Patton. AR TIC LE III I, Sue Brewer, do bequeath my red hair to Cathy Lipkey. I, Gary Carl, do bequeath my height to Danny Archbold. I, Marilyn Cayot, do bequeath my ability to talk to the Meyer Boys. I, Kirb Dafforn, do bequeath my back seat in study hall to Ronnie Mulles. I, Milo Henderson, do bequeath my ability to get in trouble to Phil Norris. I, Gerald Johnson, do bequeath my broom to my little brother, Philip. I, J' im Levy, do bequeath my ability to get caught stealing watermelons to Donnie Grim. I, Shirley Merchant, do bequeath my ability to get kissed in the class play to Rose Osborn. I, Dick Mishler, do bequeath my ability to win drag races to Dave McBride. I, Jerry Parrott, do bequeath my bottle ofhydrogen peroxide to Carolyn Mishler. I, Richard Pope, do bequeath my ability to get caught chewing gum by Mr. Middleton to Tomy Tomei. I, Max Reidenbach, do bequeath my ability to eat to Nancy Wilson. I, Wayne Settlemeyer, do bequeath my ability to get good chemistry grades to Jerry Sliutt. I, Ardith Smith, do bequeath my red fender skirts to Myron Bradburn. I, Thurman Smith, do bequeath my track ability to I im Wolfe. I, Ted Thoma, do bequeath my place in double quartet to Jack Keidel. I, Molly Wolfe, do bequeath my job as office girl to Bonnie Cooper. Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the seventeen members mentioned above to be our last will and Testament, we do hereby set our seal on this eleventh day oflvlay, 1959, at Union Center School, county of Wells, and state of Indiana. Senior Class by Dick and Gerald Witnesses: ", Sponsor --, Principal is U5 MARVEL WALL MARY WEBBER GUINEVERE LESH GLADYS RALSTON Grade One Grade Two Grade Three Grade Four fy, I U ' ' Acuirv K F 2 51 . L HANNAH RUTENBERG MARGARET RHODES JOHN WALMSLEY JAMES BOLLHAUVE Home Economics History Agriculture Business Education Sponsor of Freshmen Government Shop Physical Education Sociology Biology Health Sponsor of Sophomores Science Drivers' Training AL Sponsor of Juniors Sponsor of Seniors xf V. WJ., 1: 2,

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