Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN)

 - Class of 1955

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ggseucv 0909 EM I Hubert CBuckD Crum gm Left To right: Rev. Mishler, Mr. Dewalt, M Akorn, Mr. Gurtner, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Lane. Left to rig ht: S, ,f ii Q, 1'-.., 4. Mrs. Rutenburg, Mrs. Goshorn, Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Snyder. N- sg, Nic- ' Q we X. X QSR x S w S Q,-X-SQ X .5 5 3 x lfkvnhv . It N wg: A' fl 'Q A46 ai: "v1jef-,f?1::- Lfiiuix if B :wa 5, 'Y N 5 X Q . , ' ' x 12 I 5 ' f. ' 1 , X A 4 , 5 1 ' fi . l ' 3 2 V Q AK w Q JANET A. ALLEN Jan 6 an 6 a 'L 4 I ? 5 5 Li Q. RONALD D. CLARK Ron DONALD D. CLARK LARRY D. BURGESS D071 Clem if DIANE DENNEY Til X. ,X. I JERRY L. CORELL Curly ...nf I WILLIAM D. FISHER S , W I cl 0 'L 4 I 9 5 5 II, X .--w' II 4 LARRY D. CORELL George MARILYN S. HANNI Willie Linnie ...AV GERALD W. JUMP Jerry 4 2 'X LARRY LESH 6 it 6 a fa 4 DONNA M. MCCARTNEY DonnabeHe CAROLYN SUE NEWHARD Susie '+ X x Q R Y' x ' A I Y - ' -Mn,-.... q:X'fEfiif.35 Q i.!'4a.,,, . .L W ,Q-ly. ,y . R ' 1 Y - K : , X X. K, 1 W r. . . Sx 'R 2332522 4 5. v i ,R 1 41- ,. -' R .. A ':. P- ' ' , Jn! 3535. mbg v R 225 x' ' V X 3" '33 'i ' , , RR H, JERRY QUACKENBUSH Jack RICHARD NORRIS San MARILYN E. OVERHOLT v M.. 1 6 W 6. 0 'L 4 iff- MELBA J. OVERHOLT Merr w" M 5 2 N LYNN 5- SMUTS Donors-uv M. STAHL Scott Dodo NANCY S. THURBER x 5 MARLENE THOMPSON HAROLD D. WHEELER My,-He Wheels L14' .WN Nui AGNES R WILSON ' VIOLET YEAGER Aggie Central High School, For? Wayne Indiana 'I, 2, 35 Glee Club 4. BEST LOOKING Wick MOST ATHLETIC I I SJR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 7044 MOST STUDIOUS FRIENDLIEST Rl ' ,T,, , arf,-..,.,,,4, - . ,fx I .6,1..i,B,W1. k. J.-.X ., y 4 xx 5 Tw ,ul Q , 1 I ,,, wx w' 1 Af .44 J' H2 ,I "vm - v f I Q ,rr ,T Nl 5enchfz66a44 Wd! We, The seniors, will The TaculTy our appreciaTion Tor a Tine educaTion. We, The seniors, will The iuniors our abiliTy To wriTe Themes. We, The seniors, will The sophomores our abiliTy To geT along TogeTher. We, The seniors, will The freshmen our abiliTy noT To geT blamed for everyThing. I, JaneT Allen, will my quick Temper To Melvin Meyer. I, Larry Burgess, will my appeTiTe To Lewis Dean Sink. I, Donald Clark, will my good behavior To Ted Thoma. I, Ronald Clark, will my wrenches in shop To Bill Bender. I, Jerry Corell, will my WhiTe Curly hair To Joe Hanauer. I, Larry Corell, will my abiIiTy To sTay away from The girls To Ed Baker. I, Diane Denney, will my abiliTy To "blow off" To Virginia EarnesT. I, Billy Fisher, will my abiliTy noT To argue wiTh Mr. LeMasTer To Herman Osborn. I, Marilyn Hanni, will my quieTness To Beverly Baker. I, Gerald Jump, will my abiliTy To borrow Typing paper To JaneT Quack- enbush. I, Larry Lesh, will my abiliTy To geT A's in MaTh To David Dafforn. I, Donna McCarTney, will my abiIiTy To keep people guessing To BeTTy SmiTh. I, Sue Newhard, will my freckles To Linda Mossburg, who needs a few more. I, Richard Norris, will my abiliTy To geT blamed for everyThing ThaT hap- pens aT school To Lynn Dafforn. I, Marilyn OverholT, will my English book To Miss PaTTon. I, Melba OverholT, will some of my weighT To Linda Brown. I, Jerry Quackenbush, will my big feeT To Jim Corell, I, Lynn Smuis, will my Talkafiveness To "PeTe" Jump. I, Dorofhy STahl, will my TronT row seaT in chemisTry To Mary Lou Mc- Bride. I, Marlene Thompson, will my very TirsT seaT in sTudy hall To Mary Louise VaughT. I, Nancy Thurber, will my long hair To Dixie Dennis. I, Harold Wheeler, will my seaT in The back of The sTudy hall To Bill Bender. I, Agnes Wilson, will my abiIiTy To play The piano To Bob Campbell. I, VioleT Yeager, will my blond hair To Lois Gaskill. CLASS PROPHECY The alumni of the Class of T955 are assembled in the huge dining room of the Grand Hotel. It is August I2, I976 and we have all enioyed the twenty-one years since our High School days. Our toastmaster, LARRY BURGESS, president of the Shock Electric Company, is known as the inventor of the "Death-proof Electric Blanket." The goat milk for the banquet was furnished by JERRY QUACKENBUSH, whose brilliance in agricul- tural development and milk production has brought him many awards. lThe goats are noted for their butting ability.J The menu was planned by the famous dietician, JANET ALLEN, She is noted for the famous salad "alla ha-ha" lpig's feeti. First of all, we see the famous musician, LARRY LESH, who is the idol of millions of screaming television fans. The clarinetist has since taken the place of Liberace of the I95O's. His silent accompanist, HAROLD WHEELER, lights the candles on the clarinet. lHe uses a very modern clarinet.J Across the room is another famous television star, DIANE DENNEY. She has her own program called "Diane Denney and her Dizzy Debutantes from Denver." Next to me, I discovered the one and only, MARLENE THOMPSON. She tells me that she is now Larry Lesh's private beautician. She certainly has climbed the ladder of success since she invented the "downswept upsweep." The lady with the children pulling her skirt tail looks familiar. Ah, now I know. It's NANCY THURBER. I mean her name used to be Thurber. l think it is Hoopingarner now. lt sure was good that she didn't bring her nine sets of triplets along. Upon inquiring, we find Out who the gentleman sitting next to Jerry Quackenbush is. It is BILL FISHER. Bill has created a new breed of cattle which was approved by the Secretary of Agriculture and called the Spotted Duroc Jersey. Who is that man in the Army uniform? l remember the face very vaguely. Now, I remember. It's no one but LARRY CORELL. Larry has finally made his way through the Army until now he is a Brstar private. Larry tells us that his twin, JERRY CORELL is a star baseball player for the Skunkhollow Skunks. He receives SI,OOO for every home run. lSo far no home runs.J - Oh! There are DON and RON CLARK coming toward us. It seems Don and Ron have done all right with their garage. The building covers a whole city block and the Clarks employ l35 men as mechanics. They have even started producing their own sports-car on a smallescale basis. It is cal . the "Cluguar Super Dynamic 9." The car has 38352 horsepower. There's LYNN SMUTS. Gosh, we knew him right away. He hasn't changed a bit, Lynn is now coach' ing the Houston Hotrods. His record is I win and 206 losses. This is the best girls' team in Texas. lt is too bad that there is no other girls' team in Texas. Who's that gentleman with MARILYN HANNI? Oh, she started out as his secretary and after five years of faithful work for his company, the typewriter depreciation was so large that it was cheaper to marry her than have her keep on working for the company. There's DONNA MCCARTNEY. Donna has iust recently been appointed head nurse on the-fourth floor of Parkview Memorial Hospital in Ft. Wayne. She is another of the successful members of the class of '55. Over there are MARILYN and MELBA OVERHOLT. They are television stars on the Eddie Fishworm Show, which is sponsored by Joe's Gash and Cut Barber Shop. The Overholts parade in front of the camera as Eddie so beautifully says, "Which twin has the crew cut?" Down there at the end of our table is SUE NEWHARD and her husband. Sue patented a new type of high heeled shoe for women. lt is adiustable, so that no matter how tall any particular boy friend is, you can be the same height. Sue's husband is the only man in the world that wears these shoes, so he can be as tall as Sue. RICHARD NORRIS is across the room from us, I notice. Rich went in the trucking business and is now third vice president of the "Never-Miss-A-Crash" Trucking Company in charge of wrecks. Richard knows a lot about wrecks, for he used to drive one when he was in high school. There's Professor WILSON. AGNES teaches music and art at the Banner City College in Banner City, Indiana. She taught Larry Lesh the more advanced notes on the clarinet. Miss Wilson has 393 former pupils in the entertainment business in Hollywood, California. There comes GERALD JUMP in the door. Some one told me that he manages a Lonesome Hearts Club. He has played Cupid to 599 couples. lOnly 598 couples have gotten divorces.J Say, isn't that DOROTHY STAHL at the other end of the table? I wonder what she is doing for a living? Let's ask her. She's married now, she says. Gerald helped her find her husband. Their marriage is the only successful one he has promoted. So, we leave the 1976 Alumni Banquet, after finding our former classmates leading very successful lives. In August T943 twenty-three first graders started up the stairway toward a better education. On the first step Miss Martin greeted Janet Allen, Larry Burgess, Bill Bender, Mary Burnau, Donald Clark, Ronald Clark, Darlene Denman, Diane Denney, Bill Fisher, Phillis Heath, Larry Lesh, Donald McKinsie, Jean Maloney, Melvin Meyer, Glenn Morfield, Sue Newhard, Marilyn Overholt, Melba Overholt, Jerry Quackenbush, Joyce Ross, Lynn Smuts, Harold Wheeler, and Agnes Wilson. Mrs. Shory helped us on our second step. During this year Phillis Heath moved away. We also acquired Jerry and Larry Corell. Then came the third step with Mrs. Shory teaching us again. This year we acquired Jean Melby, Larry Wilson, Genevieve Schwartz, and Richard Norris. Mrs. Lesh guided us on our fourth step. In this year we gained Bobby Coral, John Brant, Dave Reavis, Bob Christman, Kent Shepler, Earl Gaskill, and Donna McCartney. We lost Genevieve Schwartz, Bob Elzy, and Don McKensie. Under Mrs. Hammond, our guide during the fifth step, we gained Patty Kaylor, and Carol Ferguson. Losing Bill Bender and Earl Gaskill, we iourneyed on to the sixth step. Our sixth step was taught by Mrs. McLean. John Brant and Bobby Coral moved away during that year. On our seventh step we advanced to the upper floor, where we were taught by Mr. Murray. Going up-stairs was the main event of the year. During this year we added another set of twins to our class, Nancy and Bill Thurber Going to our last step in grade school, the eighth grade, Mr. Carter welcomed us. During that year Jean Melby moved to Bluffton. Our basketball team went to the finals in the county tourney, against Chester. Becoming a green freshman was our ninth step. Darrel Botts was our sponsor during this year. We started making money for our senior trip that year by picking up corn. Our tenth step proved to be a quiet year. We gained Gerald Jump and lost Dave Reavis. On our eleventh step several important events took place. Our iunior class play, One Wild Night, helped to raise money for our senior trip. We waited for what seemed eternity for our class rings. During that year we had a chili supper, which helped a great deal on our trip fund. Our class sold concessions at ball games and operated the school store. Our twelfth step proved to be the most thrilling, exciting, and interesting year of all. The first thing on our long list of activities was our Senior pictures. Next we ordered our invitations, thank you notes, and name cards. Then we decided on the color of our caps and gowns. Our Senior class play was called "GalIoping Ghosts", this was a great success, due to the stage managers. We spent considerable time publishing the Reflector, which seemed to be liked by everyone. ln the latter part of April we went on our class trip, which turned out to be loads of fun. XM, f'ni3xfs:.M ,- , mnqf 5349: if ' , 4. 7: .- 'Lv 'f R57 41 E .sf -'N ff J Nav , d-df, . ,: ...G bf' l X 19" X.. rlf 1 We VQR if 7.4 ,,,., as 1, Q F V l. . ,.. , C f X v- i- 4 1 f T' 5 f' ,lf ", xxxx , T Q ,fl 1 'J ' S 'l S7 I FIRST ROW: Beverly Baker, Ed Baker, Bill Bender, Marvel Bradburn, Marvin Bradburn. SECOND ROW: Virginia Earnest, Bob Campbell, Carolyn Cayof, David Dafforn, Earl Gaskill. THIRD ROW: Joe Hanauer, John Johnson, Melvin Meyer, Linda Mossburg, Herman Osborn. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Pope, Kitty Thoma, Mary Louise Vaught. gl. 'N lui .. L. PQ.-J f www WH s- ,h ,,4"", 26? 5 ar V-1 5 's vw ' , If 'ff . X 5' ' 4. -smffl A b . ' 1 s A A ' A .ax 4, 1 ' 1 , fi, . , Q ' V " T Fx' l ,A . I I. f I X iv 'V' T3 Pin: """' an-- ,4- 4 E, J L 4! I HX . , If ' ' . 5 1 ,I-'dx 1 WJ . V' X 3 1- A i ' ,..-..- " - 1. . lil-4' S air' . , A' xx fl e a sl 0- ' .R T 5 4,-v 'qu-wr ix dv' Q fb-1 lb' 1 N I rf All '-if Ja FIRST ROW: Janet Boxell, Sharon Brown, Kathryn Burnau, Bob Caley, Jim Corell. SECOND ROW: John Cupp, Lynn Dafforn, Dixie Dennis, Ronnie Gallaway, Jane Gar- denour. THIRD ROW: George Hoopingarner, Mary Lou McBride, Lillian Osborn, Janet Quachenbush, Bill Shepler. FOURTH ROW: Dean Sink, Bob Smith, Doris Sfory, Jerry Schwartz, Doug Taylor. FIFTH ROW: Norman Wall. 3 . R j 4 , I "ix 'x 492' ,v . ,Q 12' au 'f -r 2 1- W fig'-5:1 1 A N '51 'Gif 'Q EH. Z- .. 3 f if f '24-1 1 al? W , :ai 1:55 1- 5,6 E, 5,5 ' 7 iii-, ,,v, ag 1 QQ A mi M Selma- f' 1 in Q55 -ff 4 2 213 13551 :ff " ff' was ' f if1f2iI?'fi3f?sg1fg, 4,E. f 'WL' 4 s b 4 .- M, v ,- y , 5. 'r U4 1. -4 ,, If :Riff .E 2 ildwff 1 11 I Af 55' 5 "r5n15'1' JP, ff? ff' . . ffigirf. ,jg :I - rf-.-.ha ,Y ' igfiff ,. - X. ,1- :JV ,W I f ' 3 5 ii' XG' I W1- C' iv S7 1 i v N4 FQ-ami? 'Ci' ' f ir fi-F T? if Y-an il' 'H-tr KH l l A. sv- nv" 132 .,A' A. 1 fe- ' I X , e 1 4 Al Q t , rv- X.. if 5 2 4--s.f"?i ii: Qkfi-3' . . 4 Y se ssif- P - will N :IE FIRST ROW: Brenda Allen, Linda Brown, Judy Burnau, Stan Carney, Susan Cooper. SECOND ROW: Janice Corell, Bonnie Fisher, Lois Gaskill, Sharon Goshorn, Russell Haines. THIRD ROW: Chester Haines, Judy Hoopingarner, Bernard Jump, Kirby Moss- burg, Jim Posthumus. FOURTH ROW: Carol Raher, Betty Smith, Larry Stahl, Bernelle Willett. Qu " I 3 ' if I will' 'Qx L. -134' z 3' -'zzz NX Q -arf' W or Qi ' YN 'T 6 r"" lk-fl f i 5' P .my . , ,gg vi p. I i l .,, Q xxx U: i i I ,X V , lx? N .Q 1 'xx .3 ,. F G0 Sv-1 in .2. . - giggg, fs: f -6? l 'I 4, n rl-. -P , , 1 " ' rw : -. 5 rs: A: . if ip Xrlill PQ 13' Al Q2 1. ' 'ai' S. FlRST ROW: Martha Burnau, Garry Carl, Marilyn Cayof, Carolyn Christman, Kirby Dafforn. SECOND ROW: Gerald Johnson, Jimmy Levy, Dian Markey, Shirley Merchanf, Richard Mishler. THIRD ROW: Richard Pope, Max Reidenback, Wayne Settlemeyer, Loren Sickafus, Ardiih Smith. FOURTH ROW: Ted Thoma, Glenda Vaught, Molly Wolfe. l ll i r ll I lv Q E il ' Qs' M "l " 'WU .l 43, W .l , 'UU 'W f' ' 'J' df X ' fr? A ........ i ' TSI? ' 'riff-' W it I f in M ' '. f ' 4' . ZR-RE Wx M ' .W ww, MA .. '- 'yy-r'f'3l X-x is I yi n I ,ZV C,f"""f l 5 , """' " , Inu ,of . 5.3 1fr'r"?' X' 66460 FIRST ROW: Myron Bradburn, Dale Brown, Linda Burnau, Judith Caston, Bonita Cooper. SECOND ROW: Catherine Fate, Caralene Fishbaugh, Mary Ann Gerber, Floyd Meyer, Larry Meyer. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Mulles, Lane Netherland, Phillip Norris, Rose Osborn, Sue Parker. FOURTH ROW: Don Posthumus, Karen Quackenbush, Katherine Richardson, Sharron Sickafus, Jerry Story. FIFTH ROW: Roger Wendell, Mary Lou Williams, Nancy Wi son. X :2- ' -Qu. . Q X if X I N X - ., r. ofa. """'. ,.,'- w P' 9 . 5 -1 : .J . I ., f' ""' A S.. 41- I 3 5 si S--v"i QV' . I ef' N Q-'af 'I " S ' 55,1 ' 'Lui' fb. 'T 3 f an ' I O ... -is-:I 15", -4 -if 1 I f 54 se N - f 1 , 'gf 4' " . " ' . , Q 1 ...Q ' Nd. ' 1 , NA' ' fun' . - In n , f I an w x fi -7' S , il had . Q. . .7 0 lv: . iw Q ., I ' i Qi, ' X" 'J 7 I "T I rf is-yen. h 'lp' -,Ai I S -Z' wg! . .I ' ' A I I ,E g 1 I . 1 V A' X it N r . ., K I vt , xv!! A X Y n G- 1 sa- J xt-gf to-9 Six FIRST ROW: Janice Caley, Steve Campbell, Freddie Crowl, Litia Earnest, Robert Fairchild, Tommy Fisher. SECOND ROW: Lois Fritz, Ruth Fritz, Keith Gallaway, Larry Gaskill, Wayne Guerin, Jackie Keidel. THIRD ROW: Janet Line, Becky Lipkey, Mike Markey, David McBride, Beverly Meacham, Gene Parker. FOURTH ROW: Mariorie Raher, Bruce Reidenbach, Jon Rosenthal, Lois Settlemeyer, Jerry Shutt, Philip Smith. FIFTH ROW: Sonia Smith, Karen Stolte, Homer Story, Patty Vance. 'glue A x , 'A ,ig ,. 'X ra' ' buy, J ,, 15 , ' ,Q MN! :Y Q ,--' 5 . fi 'V ,. I' "-- ' Qi Y, T Y M Al . .-. Z ? tg I, .. U . W Y. x 1 " " Nwz J 5 I , ,,:V, . .. ':.f . F:-x7 K , . Q, Q Q b ,N l i YF' ,." " . "R in 1 rd- 1 -. ' 1 N. " - ii A' ' 5 f , ig A ' 5 :V 'N- .gi 3 .ig pq . ,,,-. : V" was , , T V" 1 8 . M 'jg' i '-,. xr ' ' xfY- 3 , r 'ii T 5 .. ' " L V ji W f I N I ,- . A is J ' O i i Q' , I fi Q, J , - Q. ff 1 '-5 - . y Q .J T if '-'E 3 f ,S k,,., H W, .'.' Q, N R . 3 y- ,, ,..,,A , ..,. - X" ., :::. - 1 3 5- ,- :vi ' ix , 5-SQ Y N i f ' H. . , ' .QI ,A i Ag - ' si T' h f. , - 1 1 -.. ,.i "'A , , "' 45. - . , ' v- ' 1 i A ii in 113-T 3 ' Q ii i ' T ef xr R Q-fi., as - E X E r: ., X J Q . Q .12 A FX. ' ' y r 3 is T or i 1 S if-ra' in T' J " Q 5 3 -"' ff' " 5 , if J-Qx. 'fflfi-S the FIRST ROW: Sally Amsiutz, Danny Archbold, Kedric Bailey, Ellen Barnes, Bobby Bender, Vernon Bradburn. SECOND ROW: Amanda Burnau, Kedrick Chaney, Johnny Chrisfman, Carolyn DeWalt, Elizabeth Ellis, Richard Fairchild. THIRD ROW: David Fate, Donnie Grim, Sheila Guerin, Paulette Henshaw, Susan Jennings, Doug LeMaster. FOURTH ROW: Mariorie Leimensfol, Carolyn Mishler, Mike Slater, Jim Wolfe, Ken Zeddis. , I '21 -3 . aj!! 0 ' - uv' -no .ov 'Z' 3. O V' ui " A 'C lx 5' 5 Nota 'lf Jf" f- ' 'K -:Q . J I . 0 A , mc, . -i 4 , -E - i :"1Y,1l - B V ' ., ' xl :ff I X J X, au F .r 'if 'F s if 0405 FIRST ROW: Tommy Bailey, Calvin Baxter, Sammy Bertsch, Judy Blew, Jayde Brumbaugh Rita Caston. SECOND ROW: Dale Cayot, Danny Cooper, Gerald Dennis, Dennis Gerbers Sharon Guerin, Cathy Lipkey. THIRD ROW: Vicky Markey, Mike McPeak, Gordon Penner, Elaine Reed, Bonnie Reidenbach, Marcia Richardson. FOURTH ROW: Sue Ellen Shepler, Lex Smuts, Connie Stahl, Linda Story, Jimmy Vandewalker, David Johnson. L - id '. :K A l 'Y' ""'7 -8 , e X f 1 cf' 34 Q -. '. 4--9 S 4 'FII' ' f ' Q A Ali? :ee .i..1....L.x :'f:":. mi- lf' - 4-gm-A ,, y n g ,, an it X 2 my .J - xg x x J I ,, ' L' i L L . .. ff A ' C Q 99 'AX qc li 5 ' ll-Tx? lx, .L-an - RA FIRST ROW: Dennis Allen, Marcella Bradburn, Barbara Burnau, Christine Chaney, Rebecca Crovvl, Charlotte Diehl. SECOND ROW: Gary Fate, Linda Gurter, Judy Hall, Terry Johnson, Joanna Jump, Londa Lash. THIRD ROW: Linda Levy, Marietta Meacham, Bob Mercer, Frank Osborn, Mariy Posthumus, Lynn Quackenbush. FOURTH ROW: Robert Scott, Thomas Slater, Durand Smith, Tommy Stein, Donna Stolte, Linda Thoma. FlFTH ROW: Larry Vance, Jamie Zeddis, David Cupp. K x 0-S0494 T E 555555:-'3'Sf I 0 'bflk .,, J-N T 0 bt. Cin f l .., J .4 : V, A 12.392 L QF' ij I We-P555-a-.:4 F if . I I , - E , ' - O 3 I , D 9- ' ll 9 3. I l I H ' ' 'Q N N. l g era, 4 ,i r I E' Tw, I' ,--- " el f ,... T w. , ,f ' -lix 'Lib F Nagle- ' J' -X' "Y ' 1 'J - ,Q 50 U na s " I i 'fr 'IN' div I fi I' -i -,, " ,- "5 I , "j, -at , "" . ,Nth Y Z. ,IX A D v, X l 1 3' I ""'4" 124 -5 gli: rj t ' ', .. 1 A . . . 1 ' ' " ' - H? I I . , 'S I - .J 4 "S - ' I .51 ' I , ' . in 1 e ' t .J I I ' , I ' 1 M , - 11- - , t I, 1 f fr - 1' I. 1. .f Eff- -f Z! " ' IN.. S-' ,I rf' .ly :GH V 5 2 X n , 44uu., 2,-IL---if-ws. 5. ' 1, .lzlp - Ai ' - 4 L yr 5 . I' ' , , I 1. ' ' 1,-'I eff -K f S af X 2 I X I ' I l A I : , ' N : " ' , 1, .Q Xu ,I 1- , - -, -ri z.. V -iTi:g1L'-'il Ah ,3'?'.'k-' Q ' f if n I IL 1 I EEL: 2: 53:22 1+-iii :':::.i I I ' ' : L 1 .. . T 11:1 'III-15" FIRST ROW: Guy Barnett, Victor Baxter, Sarah Bertsh, Danny Caston, Nicky Chaney, ,H , Karen Clark. SECOND ROW: Kevin Crist, Jimmy Christman, Kerry Lynn Crow, Bonita ,,',' R Fairchild, Steven Freds, Jeffrey Hart. THIRD ROW: Stephen Henshaw, Michael Jennings ."'i , Bobby La Lone, Dennis Lesh, Gwen Line, Charlene Miller. FOURTH ROW: Roger Miller, . ' Jimmy Mossburg, Gary Netherland, Paul Patton, Susan Penner, Nancy Quackenbush. ' 5 6 . ' K FIFTH ROW: Ellis Ryan, Jimmy Shearer, Cheryl Smith, Keith Smith, Terry Stein, Larry T - Tarr. SIXTH ROW: Mary Ellen Wolfe. ll Il U is N-'si . 1. - ',x.i Ill-'n Illia I : an ' .,, , V as , Q f' fe - . - -'A so , 'AA l an-1 Q Q N Fl : XVCJ I ' f ha - , f om V- 4 fjf5:LJ5:E2:gQ2EEE1Q2A: '13gg222!:iffgQgf2 y PN .'-ia I . 'H y sf? . V , ' a . , , - 3, ,. F ,V 1 I ' M if r Y F F F l' X Q, ,, x ,Q gk N i ,,, . ...I A , ad X : A -- .uv , --uv -.v ver ' f I wfax., gg- I I W I ' fl? " 'aft ' -,-+V--R, I' . 'gf' HF. Q: If i --, X f f 1 ' kg ff ll Q I 0 A . " I lt-...I :-8.54-3 'J - V L ' l rg I 2 , . . 3 '9 ua. Iwi 1 7 - ff? 'G my I an R ,,'- ' f ""' , 3 . 'sr I N' "ff I . .. ,A U. at ,V I , fm . - ,,.-1. ---M., f ...I --. "'S - -- , I . ... N I M: --N- iff I ,. w . ,I W - i.,Q.:5:-ig-.,- J' f' , sg, - - -+ 1 -XP! we ,., .--s R ., J .lslilxllflli 4-,J iff: -5?-1' 15+ ::",-fzjgff: H V 6 9 ' ol! v qlllllil Q Z...-...q.TA , - ' - - A I W. P Q , Q- - i --- , 'jg 'Iii :ill-' -fl-" 'Q -ff .,, -4 X ,F 73 2 ia ,-.. ,e - -fr' .t 96' as i . 1 A , x:,..,. ng g'.,::,a-iiarrjgulgpaibs 1:4 ,luv , I -y 3 ,F ,.. 5 A 1 I :-r ff f e- I One FIRST ROW: Susan Allen, Cheryl Archbold, Roger Bailey, Donna Blew, Bobby Booher, Richard Bowman. SECOND ROW: Leon Caston, Tom Coffield, Jimmy Crow, Jon Draben- stott, Diana Eversole, Rita Fairchild. THIRD ROW: Rex Fate, Roger Fisher, Jimmy Fritz, Sharon Leimenstoll, Debby Keidel, Jimmy Lipkey. FOURTH ROW: Charles Miller, Judy Penner, Larry Phillips, Diane Reed, Jacqueline Schwartz, Barbara Seaman. FIFTH ROW: Gary Stevens, Richard Shearer, Ann Shank, Donald Vandewalker, Bruce Wilson, Clayton Zeddis. .x Nu P 'D I l 5' 1 . v I X , wx " 5 , sv' ,I F V 'f' R 1 x , ?- , f 1: . K il 4 1 I x , . , fir. 'fx Q. -H R.. , ,N . .. , , 1 SAL., ,kv , , -A .Q - . , ,X ,c...- , f 1 ' I X ' .0 ,mx 3,9 N. ' L D is , . .Q . ,. , 5 . elk " ff, ga lv- 1 ls "' 'FFR- Mfft l 'dll i ' Wag 2446 Wdea Fourth row: Marlene Thompson, Agnes Wilson, Marilyn Hanni, Sue Newhard, Jerry Quackenbush. Fifth row: Melba Overholt, Marilyn Overholf, Harold Wheeler. First row: Dorothy Stahl, Donna McCartney, Nancy Thurber, Richard Norris, Gerald Jump. Second row: Larry Lesh, Donald Clark, Ronald Clark, Jerry Corell, Larry Corell. Third row: Janet Allen, Lynn Smuts, Larry Burgess, Billy Fisher, Diane Denney. F 1 --. "9 sx. sn ' its?- ivifi .l ff , .. my fa pg F f V .-,x , A5 , y ,W A-,f.a,.3 4-fn ENTER C S .AN 01004 ,df JDUALCOHTROL r Got your life insurance'9'?9 Handicraft Masterpieces!" " .-, A - ov? Future secretarnes. . --...,,, Real corny! .sq -X Dig that crazy car! -"vv Smell that ham! L. I ll 1 g" ln ,H Operation blow-up-Boom!!! 1 1 af ..uua.rn1 fa... 4 X51 9 L.. .KM ' ,- --u-arl' Q , ,, X., . wr ' 1 ' , x .A w . ..., XAIWW "'4"6.'b15'U s :'f S ,. ffm-iff L-ffmvx' .aa J, Q """""' Qwwwmii 'QPKWV' Q41 one 8. Q .af .Juan -na .Q-. 1 n 4 AA . " -l W.. N, . nc ,4 iw,,.,,.,5 0 .Nucl vs., S i LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Campbell, Jerry Corell, Larry Burgess, Marvin Bradburn, Herman Osborn, Mr. Beck, Ed Baker, Joe Hanauer, Jerry Quackenbush, Larry Corell, Doug Taylor. KNEELING: Larry Lesh, Lynn Smuts, Gerald Jump, Student Managers. The Union Center Badgers had a very good season this year. They were runners-up in the County Tourney. Their defeats came from some tough teams. They also hope for another good season next year. UCHS ........... .... UCHS .,.,. .... UCHS ..... .... UCHS ..... ..., UCHS ..... .... UCHS ..... .... UCHS ..,.. .... UCHS ...., .,,, UCHS ..... .,.. UCHS ..... .... UCHS ..... .... UCHS ..,.. .,.. UCHS ,..., ,... UCHS .,... .... UCHS ..... ..., UCHS ..... .... UCHS ........... .... UCHS .................. "Co, Tourney Cheerleaders: KITTY THOMA LINDA MOSSBU RG Chester .... Lancaster .,... .... Lafayette ...., .... West Union Jackson ....... .... Jefferson ..... ..., Liberty ....,,... ..,, Monroeville Rockcreelc ..... .... Arcola ...... .... Ossian ...... .... Lafayette ,,,,. ..,, Jackson ....... .... Rockcreek ,,,,. .... Petroleum Petroleum Rockcreek ,,,., ,,.. West Union U... .-...Q-3 1-1-xg--L ....,Yfa......... . li ' . ,W G 751' U ,sly Jauofh pin, x ss 45 ' 5 I mm GI - F ., - fe. .Q I ., S ' 5 h sunt ' ' . mm 4 'X 4 3 I l I s . 'F'- , W", Y fir li , lil, L S 6406 Front row: George Hoop- ingarner, Bernard Jump, Jim Corell, Dave Dafforn, John Cupp, Lewis Dean Sink, Student Manager. Second row: Lynn Dafforn, Kirby Mossburg, Melvin Meyer, Coach Beck, Jim Posfhumus, Bill Shepler. caachfaqf' ff QM, I V "s A Marilyn Cayol, Shirley N L Merchant, Carolyn Chris! I man. .ig !"x ! . 1 fv i F L ! l , rw 'X . 'ia' , ,- . ., R, I I 5 6400 Front row: Dick Mishler, Kirby Dafforn, Myron Bradburn, Ted Thoma, Ger- ald Johnson, Phillip Norris. Second row: Floyd Meyer, Gary Carl, Larry Meyer, Coach Garrett, Wayne Set- tlemeyer, Jim Levy, Lane Netherland. Y 530 Qig?57 Lf? 1 QQQL f'-v""1 -mmf! V . 1 'vag- ,v'n5f'S..,- iff . E QQ ? w 3 H 'i I , , 'J V ,ff , W iivzrr ve, . N , J rf. . Q- '11 'X 5 Q iii? ff' Q 4,7 Yr fm, """" ff ' fwifmffr -u"5fX,.,, Q S! Ee 31 gl Q! rw. 1' A 'tw 1 vw -1 61,2 K' 2 Q RQ is Q2 LM M 15 S sp iii 1 X R - lf .r 'i Q-ff' ? 5 5' A l x WM5Q,N +2 Q5 ff?,M fx NQg?""'5f2agf2?-3 , , is eatin TOP ROW: Sharon Sickafus, Nancy Wilson, Bonnie Cooper, Rose Osborn, Martha Burnau, Karen Quack- enbush, Teacher, Mrs. Archboldg Molly Wolfe, Judy Caston, Mary Lou Williams, Mary Ann Gerber, Cath- erine Fate. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Burnau, Sue Parker, Marilyn Cayot, Shirley Merchant, Dian Markey, Carolyn Christman, Caralene Fishbaugh. . KJ A X and 70 piw- 2 Crazy mixed-up kids! K-A ,L . X . I T K xy .-sv. Q Q R V1 , X X .' , ' , .l .XX X S- A 1 T i are il - gig-lg, is ' ' ii S TOP ROW: Kathryn Burnau, Dixie Dennis, Mary Lou McBride, Janet Boxell, Teacher, Mrs. Archbold, Janet 'L .lf 74ewl6'774q4-E Which end is up???'?'? Quaclcenbush, Lillian Osborn, Sharon Brown, Jane Gardenour. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Burnau, Bonnie Fisher, Judy Hoopingarner, Linda Brown, Sharon Goshorn, Bernelle Willett, Carol Raher, Lois Gaskill, Janice Corell, Susan Cooper, Betty Smith. i l l l l .. 1 - sw My -Sgr ,lug V f .l:1Q5q. f 1-"1 , I V : Sig vegwv, Q , , - ' A Y -as X 3 I sv " 'I , "V ' . 4351317 I I ."'ff4fJ.' 'ff w., "- s 33 .I .jx , 53 0531, 6, W :WMA . 3- . Q Xlwbg 'ig 454- 5. -. T ...NNW fu' s T ,.. -wr an , . 'S V ---I 1 5- V ' ,":rQa-mi ' v? f ' V " Rl Zami STANDING: Ardith Smith, Larry Stahl, Myron Bradburn, Marvin Bradburn, Jerry Schwartz, Max Reidenbach, Ronnie Mulles. SITTING: Sue Newhard, Lois Settlemeyer, Keith Gallaway, Don Posthumus, Larry Lesh, Marilyn Overholt. ,. ,Q 1 ,. hd? R . 4 K x I T. 'IV 1 I lfu an .-5. -f .- - 15' ,. Aj, if: 'aw If 3 'gi -, 1 , .f . . x 14 .3 1 1-. -1 55' ' H' ' tux N .w .nf .13 rig X ", + .,f, 'N ' Elf Y ix qv., ,x L5 '+Nf. Q - I , N N ff... .1-' 1 X 1. ' 1 ' 'r xl' x Q gi , - .13 1 ". X S ww .N ,X- '37 M i 504i Editor-in-Chief, DIANE DENNEY, Assistant Editor, LARRY LESH, Busi- ness Manager, GERALD JUMP, Boys' Sports Editor, LARRY BURGESS, Assistant Sports Editor, JERRY QUACKENBUSH, Joke Editor, RICHARD NORRIS, Grade School Reporter, AGNES WILSON, High School Reporter, SUE NEWHARD, Advertising Manager, LYNN SMUTS, Circulation Manager, JAN- ET ALLEN, Reporters, NANCY THURBER, LARRY CORELL, JERRY CORELL. SHN.. 24 -We!! Editor, DIANE DENNEY, Assistant Editor, SUE NEWHARD, Business Manager, LARRY BUR- GESS, Sports Editor, JERRY QUACKENBUSH, Assistant Sports Editor, LYNN SMUTS, Advertis- ing Manager, NANCY THURBER. atgzaeae xx ,--- 1----A LARRY LESH, Rodney Dodd, DIANE DENNEY, Henrietta, LYNN SMUTS, Jodwillowp NANCY THURBER, Aunt Myra Dodd, SUE NEWHARD. Jade Darnell, AGNES WILSON, Charlotte, MARILYN HANNI, Doris, LARRY BURGESS, Ned Steerwell, JANET ALLEN, Maribelle, GERALD JUMP, Dr. Belly BOB CHRISTMAN, James Scorpio, DOROTHY STAHL, Mrs. Roolyg MELBA OVERHOLT, Mrs. Baskcumf BlLL THUR- BER, Officer Brady, DONNA MCCARTNEY, Nurse Trent, LARRY CORELL, Hawkins: JERRY CORELL, Dickens, JERRY QUACKENBUSH, Stage Manager, RICHARD NORRIS, Stage Manager. J undef: pk? Mane - " hi, fix , Y .3 ji I Q I ,. SEN. u :- ' . : . K r 5 . 1 1 1 .l il i . . I ,I l s - I .fa W- Miss Barton, AGNES WILSON, Dick Barton, LARRY LESH, Tom Barton,.GERALD JUMP, Philip Barton, LARRY CORELLg Pat Barton, JANET ALLEN, Berkeley Barton, MARLENE THOMPSON, Melenda Todd, SUE NEWHARDy Marie Farrill, DIANE DENNYg Steve Dykes, LYNN SMUTSp Madam Dupre, MARILYN HANNlg Albert, JERRY CORELL, Stage Mana- ger, RICHARD NORRIS, Stage Manager, LARRY BURGESS. Senior: 77549 5- 3' sw 1 l ul emu 4-W FIRST ROW: Sharon Goshorn, Lin- da Brown, Janice Corell, Susan Cooper, Betty Smith, Lois Gaskill, Virginia Earnest, Marvel Bradburn. SECOND ROW: Dixie Dennis, Jane Gardenour, Brenda Allen, Janet Quackenbush, Bernelle Willett, Lil- Iian Osborn, Sue Newhard, Janet Allen, Mrs. Rutenberg. THIRD ROW: Mr. LeMaster, Norman Wall, Bob Campbell, Joe Hanauer, Chester Haines, Ronnie Gallaway, Russell Haines. . . ,,. 'S Tl '7 ,- 'wt- u s s ' I .ini nn-11 jdi'.M:1-.., H : H1 gag! :cache 4- FIRST ROW: Bobby Bender, David Johnson, Steve Campbell, Keith Gallaway, Larry Gaskill, Lois Settle- meyer. SECOND ROW: Kirby Dafforn, Dale Brown, Douglas LeMaster, Michael Slater, Vernon Bradburn, Ardith Smith. THIRD ROW: Gary Carl, Myron Brad- burn, Mr. LeMaster, Wayne Settlerneyer, Max Reiden- bach, Gerald Johnson. . - A - ... ' 4-'21 Eh! FIRST ROW: Sally Amstutz, Sonia Smith, Janice Caley, Janet Line, Ruth Fritz, Karen Stolte, Carolyn DeWalt, Ellen Barnes. SECOND ROW: Beverly Meacham, Becky Lipkey, Litia Earnest, Karen Quackenbush, Cathy Fate, Mary Ann Gerber, Susan Jennings, Mrs. Rutenberg. THIRD ROW: Rose Os- born, Lois Settlemeyer, Lois Fritz, Carolyn Mishler, Bonnie Cooper, Nancy Wilson, Mary Lou Williams, Katherine Richardson. Q G3 ,i .A -5 Ill VY 'iifllx - . . Z-.-.u-,J,j,Fu:1.,wmhi S,-SMA, .. -4 Snowbalis, OOPS--' Opererra 5,56 High School Glee Club I Junior High Glee Club 9 TOP ROW: Marvel Bradburn, Kitty Thorna, Carol Raher, Mary Lou McBride, Melba Overholt, Lois Gaskill, Sharon Brown, Donna McCartney, Dixie Dennis, Marilyn Hanni, Nancy Thurbem Susan Cooper. SECOND ROW: Judy Burnau, Diane Denney, Linda Mossburg, Bernelle Willett, Carolyn Cayot, Mary Louise Vaughi, Beverly Baker, Lillian Osborn, Director, Mrs. Monroe: Sue Newhard, Janet Quackenbush, Janet Boxell, Sharon Goshorn, Janet Allen, Virginia Earnest, Janice Corell, Judy Hoopingarner. BOTTOM ROW: Marlene Thompson, Marilyn Overholt, Dorothy Stahl, Accompanists Agnes Wilson and Jane Gardenour, Linda Brown, Betty Smith, Bonnie Fisher. I 0 se UMW Www Wei' TOP ROW: Jane Gardenour, Virginia Earnest, Linda Diane Denney, Kitty Thoma Mossburg, Janice Corell, Marvel Bradburn, BOTTOM Sue Newhard, Carolyn Cayot ROW: Beverly Baker, Janet Boxell, Bernelle Willett, Marvel Bradburn, Agnes Wilson Sharon Goshorn, Dixie Dennis. N' vw if TOP ROW: Larry Corell, Bill Bender, Lynn Smuts, Joe Hanauer, Marvin Bradburn, Melvin Meyer, Ed Baker, Herman Osborn, Jim Posthumus, Jerry Corell, Larry Lesh, Johnny Johnson. SECOND ROW: George Hoopingarner, Larry Stahl, Jerry Schwartz, Doug Taylor, Wayne Pope, Lynn Dafforn, Dave Dafforn, Direclor, Mrs. Monroe: Kirby Mossburg, Bob Campbell, Bob Smirh, Norman Wall, Bill Shepler, John Cupp, Bob Caley. BOTTOM ROW: Bernard Jump, Jim Corell, Accompanist Agnes Wilson, Stanley Carney, Lewis Dean Sink. Enya' -cv K , ..,. XS, L in mid ,pple TOP ROW: Johnny Johnson, Bob Campbell, Wayne Larry Lesh Pope, Jerry SchwarYz. BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Dafforn, Lynn Smuls Joe Hanauer, Ed Baker, Jerry Corell, Dave Dafforn. Bill Bender Marvin Bradburn ll X an ssl' ' . ix., ,V :,..,f:'1: 1, .4 M 252 X .. W .mls-'-1. 2 -'e.,.q.,3.:2: 51343 5.5, ,L -'.' sb.- , F Q Qzagw i. "S ' waz. , ll: -1 F ,nn ZANESVILLE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. Lumber and Builders 'Supplies Richardson's Grocery QUALITY MERCHANDISE FRIENDLY SERVICE Selecred Frui'rs and Vegelables PHONE 52 GRADE "A" MEATS Zanesvllle Indlana Zanesville Indiana PHONE 47-W Complimen+s of ZANESVILLE G-EIGER'S RADIO AND APPLIANCE Your Hofpoinl' S'rore FARMERS MILL Wayne and Hudson Feeds ZANESVILLE INDIANA PIONEER SEED CORN Phone 4'-J Phone I6 PAUL JACOBS, Prop. Plumbing-Hea+ing-Wiring Slaughfering-Processing Wholesale Beef or Pork Locker Boxes-Pop-Ice Cream . Frozen Foods-Efc. AIIIs'CIIaImers S I ' ZANESVILLE LOCKER and PHONE 33-B ZANESVILLE Zanesville, Indiana PLATT BARBER SHOP I+ Pays ROBUCK'S Io Look Well SERVICE STATION Shell Gasoline ZANESVILLE INDIANA Tires-BaH'eries-Grease Wash and Accessories PHONE 4 ZANESVILLE 5,9 TRAVEI.ER'S INN EVERETT GASKILL ,Q Angle My Groceries and MeaI's WHEN INTHE Mean.-sim order. MDDD FDR "Fea'ruring LiH'Ie Elf Produc+s" FINE FUUD HOMEMADE PIES PHONE 32-W mr!-!I. Juncfion 3 and 303 Zanesville Indiana ZANESVILLE INDIANA CHURCH OF GOD Sfudy 'Io shew Ihyself approved un'Io God, a worlcman Ihai needefh noi' Io be ashamed, rigI1+Iy dividing 'Ihe word of Iruih. A Good Place +0 Eai. TIMOTHY-II CHAPTER-II VERSE I5 Zanesville Indiana BLUFFTON INDIANA SUDDETH AUTO CompIimenI's of DRL J. T. SCOTT WRECKING co. . New and Used OpTome.lnST Au+omo+ive Paris and Equipmeni' N. MAIN ST. PHONE I2 BLUFFTON INDIANA MODERN LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANING CO. W. THERON CHRISTMAN, Prop. 9I5 S. Johnson S'rreeI' PHONE 649 GRETCHEN'S FASHIONS S+yIes for Juniors Misses and Half Sizes I23 S. JOHNSON ST. BIU'I:'I:I'Ol1 Indiana CompIimen+s of UNIONDALE RURAL TELEPHONE EXCHANGE CO. Uniondale, Indiana OSSIAN - UNIONDALE - ZANESVILLE NETERER'S BAKERY 546 Norfh Jefferson HUNTINGTON INDIANA f AVE fx f MASTERSON TYNDALL CO. E, 721 5 f I ,ZA CIo+hing and Shoes I E for Dad and Lad 4 I COMMUNITY V L, Serving More People 1 Every Day if THE BLUFFTON PRINTERY uNsuRANcE ooRPoRATloN Commercgag p,.5n+e,5 PHONE 6l7 I .1 'lf -I I MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT Hunfingron Indiana BIUHIOU Indiana sf G3 l- T lu to lSwvln:Vh A ,M A l mn F1 l l T L ..-M nz Xxx, L-.-iklii. , -N 3 7 - A +',x2-gil : Vi MR. DOUGLAS LEMASTER I I To express our sincere appreciaTion for The help and guid- ance he has given us Through The lasT Two years of school, we The Seniors of '55 wish To dedicaTe This annual To our sponsor, Douglas LeMasTer. FLOWER'S STANDARD SERVICE A+Ias Tires and BaI'I'eries Accessories LUBRICATION TIRE REPAIRS Corner of Main and Cherry BLUFFTON, INDIANA PHONE 3I THE DUTCH MILL Bluffion Indiana Bluffion FIoris+s FLOWERS AND GIFTS Phone 8I IIO W. Washingion S+. BLUFFTON, INDIANA FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Friendly Banking Service Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION BIuffI'on, Indiana FRANKLIN ELECTRIC CO. Dependable EIec'Iric Moiors EAST SPRING STREET BIuffI'on Indiana "Cus+om-buiI+" FURNITURE AND RE-UPHOLSTERY OF BLUFFTON Exclusive Home Furnishings FARM BUREAU INSURANCE A CompIe+e Insurance Service LIFE AND HOSPITALIZATION Fire - Theff - Wind - Farm Liabiliiy Aufomobile Coverage HARRY R. COUCH Office Phone l635 Residence 574-W MOORE'S ASSOCIATE STORE , NESTEL'S AuI'o Assoc. Tires BaHeries and SmaII Appliances zoa w. MARKET BLUFFTON CHARLES Bnowen, owner BIUff+0n Indiana Grade "A" MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Vi1'amin "D" Homogenized Pasfeurized Milk ChocoIa+e Milk BuH'ermiIk CoH'age Cheese Coffee Cream Orange Drink BuHer and Cheese CENTRAL DAIRY 230 Wes+ Markei' SI'ree'I BIufHon, Indiana Phone I20 Nighi' Phone l335 SUNIER a. Locncwoon, INC. Jess 'He Bob General. Insurance Including Life BLUFFTON INDIANA Aucfioneers and PHONE 543 K-55I2 OSSIAN INDIANA BIufH'on F'l'. Wayne MOSER SUPER SERVICE COOPER REST HOME Compleiie , Care of Convalescenfs One S'I'op Service or Aged PHONE 300 REGISTERED Nunses-oPeRAroRs 306 Wes? Wabash Blufffon Corner Marion and MarkeH' PHONE '623 BLUFFTON INDIANA Sfyles for Lad and Lassie and Mo+her 'ro Be THE CHILDREN'S MART Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Peffyiohn, Propriefors 206 SOUTH MAIN STREET Bluffion, Indiana ROSE HILL DAIRY Grade "A" MiIIc PHONE 423 Blufffon, Indiana HOOSIER GRAIN AND SUPPLY COMPANY Grain-Ferfilizer-Seeds-CoaI FEED AND GRINDING Phone 726 BLUFFTON, INDIANA OLD-FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLUFFTON A CompIe'I'e Banking Service MEMBER F. D. I. C. ALLEN-WELLS COUNTY RURAL ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORP. "Owned by Those We Serve" POWER HEATING AND LIGHT Ossian Indiana I I BARR'S FEED 8. suPPLY Il- osslAN GRAIN co. -+-+' ll- Purina Chows KEN. RUTLEDGE, Mgr. I ,g -M.. Baby Chicks Grain-Seed-Feed --I Farm Supplies C0aI-FerI'IIizer l-I Fgxnazis Farm Supplies - I 'T-'-'f T MILL PHONE 38 RES. I20 I Pl-loNE 39 . . Ossian Indiana Ossian Indiana Complimenfs of B 8: B SHOE SHOP New Shoes E. S. SHADDY, D.D.S. Work CI0+I1eS Shoe Repair Ossian Indiana OSSIAN INDIANA CHRONISTER DRUG STORE Drugs-Cosmeiics I Sodas-ToiIe+ries S Cameras-Ff'mS JEWELRY STORE Movie Equipmeni Wallpaper-Painfs OSSIAN INDIANA Ossian Indiana OSSIAN CLEANERS JOHN KREIGH 8: CO. I.G.A. Grocery Ossian Indiana Ossian Indiana PHONE use-B We Hafch Bome Gas Service U.S. Approved - Pullorum Clean Junger Healers Bardo-ma+ic Garbage Disposal PHONE 9 Ossian Indiana QUALITY CHICKS Globe Hafchery OSSIAN INDIANA THE OSSIAN JOURNAL News of your Friends and Neighbors OSSIAN INDIANA OSSIAN .LUMBER CO. Phone I27 Ossian, Indiana ELZEY AND SON Ossian Waynedale Complimenfs of HUNTER SUPPLY HCUSE If we don'I' have iI', You don'I need i+. OSSIAN INDIANA Complimenfs of MARKLE BUSINESS MEN'S ASSOCIATION Farm Bureau PhiIlip's "66" Line's Shell Service Markle Grain Company Anderson Chevrolei' Wood Garage Markle Lumber and Supply Company Bomar Markel' Ramone Beauly Shop Tom's Maralhon Russell Fox Bowman Hardware Hoover-Randol Hardware Pe'opIe's SI'ore Lewis Fox Savage Cu+raI'e BoH"s Jewelry Markle SI'a1'e Bank Don Krick Floorcrafl' Shop Markle Locker Baker's Sale Barn PauI's Grocery SCHWARTZ AND SON LEGOE ELEVATOR Garage Uniondale, Indiana General AuI'o and Top Qualify Traclor Repairing' Wayne Feeds TEXACO GAS AND OIL PHONE I9-B Uniondale Indiana jk We Now Have X Qi CUPP-S CABIN Propane BoHle Gas Service "O " Slandard Oil S Proclucis PHONE I3-W HARDWARE U iondale Q lrhdiana Uniondale Phone 47-B Complimenis of UNIONDALE MARKET AND LOCKER SERVICE UNIONDALE Meals Cul' and Wrapped 'lo Saiisfy YOU ARE WELCOME TO WATCH Uniondale Phone 47-B GOULD'S TIRE CO. Wholesale and Relail MlLLER'S GREENHOUSES Funeral Designs Recapping 0 223-227 S. Jefferson S+. Weddlngs-Corsages HUNTINGTON INDIANA 802 W- PARK DRWE OFHCE PHONE .200 Hunfingfon Indiana RESIDENCE PHONE Iazs-w PHONE 2570 For fhe Besf in Appearance Send your Laundry and Drycleaning fo MOON AND MOON 335 Poplar Sfreef HUNTINGTON INDIANA :ZAHM'S DRY GOODS 825 E. Marlcef Sf. 250 So. Jefferson Sf. Two Friendly Sfores Hunfingfon Indiana Complimenfs of HUNTINGTON RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE D. MARX AND SONS "Sfefson" Hafs "Arrow" Shirfs "Gulf Sfream" and "Esquire" Slacks LEO L. LOWERY nuMunSingnn Underwear 20 Wesf Marlcef Phone 492 HUNTINGTCN INDIANA HUNTINGTON, INDIANA Since l874 SCHRODERS SHOE STORE 33I N. Jefferson Sf. HUNTINGTON INDIANA Where Your Feef Meef Their Fif in a Good Complimenfs of STYLECOURT Men's Wear Capps Clofhes for Young Men Pair of Shoes HUNTINGTON INDIANA DOUBLE DIP KRIEGBAUM AND SONS Ice Cream Full Line of Hun'l'ingfon's Only Cafeferia COMPLETE LOCKER SERVICE Hunfingfon Indiana I mplemenfs-Trucks-Tracfors Refrigerafors and Freezers for fhe Home PHONE I 57 Hunfingfon Indiana BAKER BROS. TEXACO LANTZ POULTRY CO PouI+ry, Eggs and Feeds 2I3 Norfh ScoH' S+ree+ Fires+one Tires and BaHeries BLUFF-I-ON' INDIANA ONE MILE NORTH OF BLUFFTON Phone ON ROAD-I Bluebird Diamonds LAW'S TIME SHOP IO9 Sou+I'1 Johnson S+ree+ BIu'H7+on, Indiana HAMILTON-ELGIN-BULOVA WYLER FAITH COMPLIMENTS OF CompIimen+s of HOUSE OF HARTER Goss-IEN INDIANA Who's ahead? A5 Time for dessert, Got your nickel? v' What we've been waiting for Goshorn Marlcel' OSSIAN YODER Your Complefe Self Service Marlcei' Goodyear WARE BAKER CO. Cadillac MoI'or Cars InI'ernaI'ionaI Harvesfer Trucks-Farm Implemenfs CompIimenI's of FRYBACK'S ICE CREAM CO. Bluffion, Indiana GEELS JEWELRY STORE Known for Fine Diamonds and Wafches I05 SouI'I1 Main Sfreei' BLUFFTON INDIANA THOMA 81 SON Bluffron Indiana FUNERAL DIRECTORS FURNITURE DEALERS A Cenfury of Service" I853-I953 Sinclair Gas and Oil Service Car PHONE 304 HARTMAN 8: SON Blufffon, Indiana Ferguson Tracfors ImpIemen'Is and Paris WILSON FARM EQUIPMENT 3-4 Mile Norfh of Bluffion on SI'a'Ie Road I PHONE I2I Credil' Service Qualify Complimenls of WEBB AND SON HUNTINGTON PAINT JEWELERS AND WALLPAPER Phone 45 Hunfingfon, Ind. Smifh Alsop Painl' BARNHARTS Complimenfs of Books-Sfafionery Office Supplies School Supplies WISSEL'S Hari' Schaffner 8: Marx Clofhes TypewriI'ers Gifis-Foun+ain Pens PHONE bis 40I N. JEFFERSON ST. 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Suggestions in the Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) collection:

Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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