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FACULTY DANA BOYD Dux 1 s Training Agi iculture 4 H Lefider of Senior Class HANNAH RUTENBERG Home Economics Shorthand 4-H Leader Sponsor of Eighth Grade FLORENCE MONROE WENDELL BECK History Physical Education Sponsor of Sophomore C RAYMOND GARRETT of Junior Class JEANNE RABER English Latin Physical Education Sponsor of Seventh Grade Electricity fill the air Future artists sei QW? gy 1 V ,.,, I ' T514 Q ' elrkrfa' 2: , ' 1 4, , FACULTY DARRELL BOTTS Geography English Sponsor of Freshman Class EULALA MCLEAN Grades Five and Six GUINEVERE LESH Grades Three and Four RUTH MCCLURE Grades Two and Three BERNECE MARTIN Grade One Get that hem straight Keep your eyes on your copy! COOKS AND HELPERS Left to right: Diane Denney, Sue Newhard, Mrs. Folk, Janet Allen, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Burgess. OUR JANITOR Mr. Norris, who helps to make us comfortable. BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Vaughn Smith, Rev. Mishler, Vaughn Thomas, Jack Norris, Victor Boxell, Charles Goshorn 1 Wm SSQS J' 1.- i Sf 5 , -is ,. A 4-.-.,..-4... , ..-,..5L, ,. x l 5 xi X f 2 ' 1 f x X 3 is X 45 .,. ., . W A H ,,,. x f in. ,.,- ,.. V n j 2 r 9-my .EJ 6 L K .S r K, 5 . Q X ea I Q 1, Q 4 4 . A x ' 7 .3 W M N A 4' 29 'mg .,,, H , lm? A ,,. -- mx A P Qi , - K I ' - : Z Si X 5 it 1 , V X K I 4 A . :. Y y I I 2 3 . ax 1 J- f' - - V ' ' ,JE 'C 1 - rl ' Q . 1 ' b Betty Lou Boxell Chorus 2-3- Sextet 4-H 1-2- Secretary Treasurer Play Carol Sue Boxell Chorus 1-2-3- Sextet 4-H 1-2- Vice President Play Barbara Akom Chorus 2-3-4 Sextet 4 4-H 1-2-3 News Reporter 3 Play 3-4 Nancy Bender Chorus 1-2-3-4 4-H 1-2-3 Play 3-4 :Les Joyce Ann Currence Chorus 1-2-3-4 Sextet 4 4-H 2-3-4 Treasurer 4 Play 3-4 J o h n Ea rn est Basketball 3 Softball 3 Play 4 Marilyn Eckelbarger Chorus 1-2-3-4 4-H 1-2-4 Play 3 John Hanauer Basketball 1-2-3-4 Softball 1-2-3-4 Track 2-3 Chorus 1-2-3-4 4-H 1-2-3 President 4 Treasurer 3 Vice President 1 Play 3-4 Maurice McBride Basketball 1-2-3-4 Softball 2 Track 1-2 4-H 3 President 1-2 Vice President 3-4 Violet Pope Chorus 2 -3-4 4-H 1-2 Play 4 .4 ag, wifi? '-awBF1" was 'iw -51. Robert Jackson Basketball Play Robert Lelmenstoll Bask tball Softball Choi us Quai tet Play Philip Shearer Don Taylor Basketball Softball Track Chorus President News Reporter MS.. si Barbara M ulles Chorus 1-2-3 4-H 1 Bernard Osborn Chorus Play 3 Jeanne Thomas Chorus 2-3 4-H 1-2-3 Secretary 1-3 Play 3 Band 1-2 Richard Youkey Basketball Softball 1-2 Track 1 Chorus 1-2-3 Quartet News Reporter 1 Play 3 SENIOR OFFICERS Standing, left to right: Jeanne Thomas, Sec'yg Maurice McBride, Vice Pres.: Joyce Currence, Treas.3 Sitting, left to right: Don Taylor, News Re- porter, John Hanauer, President. 'lass istory In the year of 1940 a group of small bewildered children entered a huge looking room. Under the guidance of Miss Martin, 17, first graders started on their journey to the row of seats by the radiators in the study hall. They were: John Hanauer, Dick Youkey, Maurice McBride, David Haines, Delos Fisher, Nancy Bender, Violet Pope, Barbara Akom, Marjorie Clark, Max Stinson, Richard Heath, Betty Wilson, Marilyn Shreader and Paul Elliot. We welcomed a new student in the last half of our first year, who was Jeanne Thomas. Everyone iemained at Union, except David Haines, who went to the southern part of Indiana. CContinued on page 495 These senior boys participated in our scrap drive The senior girls who sold Christmas Cards uniors Darrell Anderson Shirla Anderson Max Boxell Nancy Bowman Eunice Bradburn Sally Burnau Noel Burger Dan Dafforn Bob Dafforn Delos Fisher Alice Fritz Don Hoopingarner Wilbur Overholt Philip Wilson Dorothy Smith Charles Wheeler Junior Class Officers Left to right: Max Boxell, vice presidentg Dan Dafforn, treasur- erg Nancy Bowman, reporterg Don Hoopin- garner, president. Seated: Eunice Brad- burn, secretary. Sophomores Marilyn Boxell, Tom Burnau Don Carl Richard Cayot Ronnie Grim Margaret Haines Philip Hoopingarner Ronnie Hoopingarner Melba McBride Anna Newhard Roger Norris Marlene Platt Earl Ross Terry Shepler Peggy Thoma Morris Willett Class Officers l Left to right: Terry Shepler, reporterg Phil- ip Hoopingarner, vice , presidentg Ronnie S Hoopingarner, presi- dentg Ronnie Grim, 'Q treasurer Freshmen Freshman Officers President ........ Diane Denney Vice President -- Nancy Thurber Sec'y-Treas. ....... Janet Allen Reporter --- --- Sue Newhard Left to Right: Robert Christman, Janet Allen, Jerry Quackenbush, Patty Kaylor Larry Burgess, Diane Denney, Richard Norris, Sue Newhard Lynn Smuts, Agnes Wilson, Larry Lesh, Dorothy Stahl Billy Fisher, Mary Burnau, Gerald Jump, Joyce Ross Harold Wheeler, Donna McCart- ney, David Reavis, Mary Shearer Bill Thurber, Nancy Thurber, Larry Corell, Jerry Corell Melba Overholt, Marilyn Over- holt, Donald Clark, Ronald Clark Ezghth Grade Left to right David Dafforn, Virginia Earnest, Marvin Bradburn Marvel Bradburn, Kitty Thoma, Joe Hanauer Ann Jackson, Tom Jackson, Bob Camp- bell Doris Wilson, Melvin Meyer, Carolyn Cayot Beverly Baker, Earl Gaskill, Edward Baker Rex Brown, Johnnie Johnson, Herman Osborn Bobby Elzey, Wayne Pope, Billy Bender Sebenth Grade Left to right: Lillian Osborn, Billy Joe Shepler, Mary Lou Wolf Lynn Dafforn, Douglas Taylor, Janet Quackenbush George Hoopingarner, Dixie Dennis, Jane Gardenour Robert Caley, Kathryn Burnau, Ronnie Gallaway Jerry Schwartz, Mary Lou McBride, Robert Osborn Janet Boxell, Robert Smith, Joe Spears James Corell, Chester Haines, Lewis Dean Sink Absent - Norman Wall Sixth Grade Left to right Janice Corell, Ralph Child, Brenda Allen Larry Stahl, Bernard Jump, Bernelle Willett Sammy Boyd, Judy Hoopingarner, Patty Slain Russell Haines, Lois Gaskill, Barbara Jackson Linda Brown, Bonnie Fisher, Judy Burnau Susan Cooper, Sharon Goshorn, Betty Smith Charlotte Fusselman, Maxine Osborn , 3-L 1- ,-'Yi -J' 1 R Fyfth Grade Left to right Teddy Thoma, Judy Davis, Garry Lee Carl Shirley Merchant, Marilyn Cayot, Billy Connett Carolyn Christman, Wayne Settlemeyer, Jimmy Levy Mary Jo Cline, Max Reidenbach, Molly Wolfe Clara Mae Wilson, Ronnie Mulles, Virginia Spears Richard Mishler, Richard Reuter, Kirby Dafforn Martha Burnau, Richard Pope, Gerald Johnson, Ardith Smith Fourth Grade Left to right: Suzanne Boyd, Phillip Norris, Lila Ann Boxell, Larry Meyer Nancy Wilson, Lane Neth- erland, Rose Osborn, Myron Bradburn Dollie Fusselman, Floyd Meyer, Katherine Rich- ardson, Donald Wolf Catherine Fate, Roger Wendell, Mary Ann Mae Gerber, Thomas Ross Nancy Eckelbarger, Char- les Spears, Karen Quack- enbush, Judith Caston Linda Lou Burnau, Bon- nie Cooper, Sue Parker, Patricia Ann Spaid Caralene Fishbaugh, Bet- ty Ann Roussey QQ Xi .--my we M... 'X f Wi ,- KMWSM Third Grade Janet Line, Larry Newhard, Lois Settlerneyer, Jackie Keidel Jerry Shutt, Sonja Smith, Larry Gaskill, Carole Scare Janice Caley, Ricky Gardenour, Karen Stolte, Fredrick Crowl Bruce Reidenbach, Lois Fritz, Steve Campbell, Ruth Fritz Becky Lipkey, Tommy Fisher, Litia Ann Earnest, David Mc- Bride Frank Gonzales, Gene Parker, Keith Gallaway, Philip Smith Second Grade Vernon Bradburn, Joyce K. Eckelbarger, Jimmy Vander- walker, Mary A. Bowman Carol DeWalt, David L. Fate, Marjorie J. Leimenstoll, Mich- ael D. Slater David L. Johnson, Lindo Jo Overholt, Jimmy B. Wolfe, Tessa Couch Amanda Jane Burnau, Calvin E. Baxter, Betty Lou Fussel- man, Johnny D. Christman Danny L. Archbold, Carolyn S. Mishler, Kendric L. Chaney, Carmen Gonzales Jerry E. Fusselman, Johnnie Joe Gonzales, Bobby Gene Bender, Billy M. Gardenour Absent-Donnie D. Grim .- 5: x if: ' VX I .H w Lx. X Wx, 1 ',',,4w , . 3 tags., 24 , 3 , H -vi., ., .: N' ' " ..., B 1 ' ---- f -1 . 5 , -, f- S '11 eff ' . -. -2 --...jk ' I jf., 1 - I 4 H .. Q.. - " T- f ., ' YJ' ' I ,, ,..... 5,1 ..... . A -:- - :NM ' A ,W.,..,.. .,., , ,.,, Q-f f- . L. Vw W S 5 was W .5 1 W - - 'a"'Wfj"-TW' '--we ' ia, . " Q' T . N,.v P 1 , 4 t A .nz g , j .,.. il ' ..,. , r . ,, , . I i '- fa? - fx' - V '- -' was . X. f- A ' . S tr. ff Y Kr 5" .. A ,FW N ,Q "' ggi N , , M-' 1' ' ..::.. , ,rv , Y' 9' ' " I . ,f N" Q X Q fx -' , f Q 2 " L. , is , ,.. ,M A :, . I-X . .,v1.. wr' ei.: ' ' ang" . A , f . "W ,.4312.. ' - . MV i i ff .. " ' ' " '-3' Q 3 A f -4 x fx I, at Y- X :gal qs . - ' , . :G if .. - 1- si K t K xg, .41 T AF, A ,Jig Y V xx. . , ' , 1 If F , ,, A , A W 'QU ' V F t ..,.. 3 .. . ,,., A ., ji: I 1 .V Sai .i - E 1 In b I Q First Grade Left to right: Jayde Brumbaugh, Suellen Shepler, Rita Jean Caston, Lloyd W. Van Meter Carol A. Swihart, Cathy A. Lipkey, Patricia Cline, Chris- tine V. Osborn Connie Jean Stahl, Barbara Connett, Edna Spears, Frankie House Marian L. Brewer, Marcia L. Richardson, Bonnie L. Reiden- bach, Elaine R. Reed Danny L. Boyd, Gerald W. Den- nis, Sammy Bertsch, Dale L. Cayot Janies D. Bowman, Lex K. Smuts, Daniel J. Cooper, Mich- ael D. McPe-ak is s.,h ,qxhxq t'1 140 nys, NY Q F 1 rw vin A scene at the Christmas Program Grade teachers: Standing, left to right: Mrs. Lesh, Miss Martin. Sitting, left io right: Mrs. McLean Mrs. McClure. Grades 5 and 6. Grade 1 A scene at the Christmas Program Grades 2 and 3 Grade 4 rf.. in, gm ...,... - 01 v1 les CNW iw' Q 1 gx -4""-I if The Rqfledor The Seniors at work on the annual Don Taylor, Assistant Editor Carol Boxell, Editor Jeanne Thomas, Business Manager REFLECTOR STAFF Editor ........ Carol Boxell Assist. Editor -- Don Taylor Bus. Mgr. -- Jeanne Thomas Sports Ed. -, John Hanauer AdVertising---Dick Youkey Circulation Manager .,.. ------ Maurice McBride Activities ...... Betty Boxell Joyce Currence, Barbara Akom, Nancy Bender Let's sell some annuals. Do they pass inspection? 1 BADGER BUGLE STAFF Editor-in-chief --- PAPER STAFF Lssistant Editor ,.... -- - Susiness Manager ....-.. loys Sports Editor ...... W- Lssistant Sports Editor .... iirls Sports Editor ..... oke Editor ....... ...- Assistant Joke Editor --- firculation Manager --- Ldvertising Manager Jeanne Thomas John Hanauer - Betty Boxell M.- Ix'iaLxx'i1:e Mceirioe Lion Nancy Dick Bob J Taylor Beneior Youkey ackson -- John rlarnesi Carol Eoxeil 'eature Editor - --.-- ------ ------ ----- A - - 4--M YIOLCQH POPE had Typist - --..----- '--,----., - -,,,, ,.,,,, B I arilyn E.Clis3IiJ3I'gCl' iigh School News Reporter ---------- -------- ----- B H ?9H1'f3 ,g'ffk9m 1-rade School News Reporter ---- ----- 1 ----- - ------ - - JON? Ulfmlf'-3' ieporters - Barbara Mulles, Bob Leimenstoll ani Bernqird C.2sx.:orri ,,.....,.,..........--...----1---1 ,.,...........-.--..-------- JNION 40 - AN, These are the box our most recent hal he Badgers have Union itIcBride Earl ieimenstoll Jafforn inderson 1. Hoopingarner . ?'isher 1 Hoopingarner Soxell A wr EDITOR .............. ASSISTANT EDITOR --- D. Hoopf " ' ' Leimensk I'u'ICB1'Id6S, umoa 5 Pwr' Hoopir 4 A , Azxdersoi - Carl I Fisher Daiforn . , 1-Q Boxell Hanauer Total 'Y ,-. f , ' 0: 'WSJ ef If ,Hx Clark 6 on the second sHom.o rr REA ugle Staff BUSINESS MANAGER .............. BOYS' SPORTS EDITOR .,I..,,...,... ASSISTANT BOYS' SPORTS EDITOR --- GIRLS' SPORTS EDITOR ....,.....,. FEATURE EDITOR ....I,.. ADVERTISING MANAGER - - - little man told this Jeanne Thomas - - - John Hanauer -- - - - Betty Boxell - - , Maurice McBride ,---- Don Taylor ,I Nancy Bender --- Violet Pope - - - - Carol Boxell CIRCULATION MANAGER -,, .....,. John HHIIBUEI' HEAD TYPISTS .....e.,... -Y Marilyn Eckelbarger JOKE EDITOR ........-....- ...,.... D ick Youkey ASSISTANT JOKE EDITOR --- -- Bob J8CkS01'1 HIGH SCHOOL REPORTER ...,,...,.,,,,,...,,,,,,.,,..,,....... Barbara Akom GRADE SCHOOL REPORTER REPORTERS .I....,.,, ,,,,,,Y,, Joyce Currence Barbara Mulles, Bob Leimenstoll, Bernard Osborn ifliligl., 5. gg, fleeing 5 aj 51 4 XYWSK ' 1 wg, rm ,f mr Jw A ,m,5,,, ,V iff 5:6 in-,, :H mwasamg, ' H - 55' z,- -,xmgw X mb '44 8 faswwggi Back Row: Left to Right: John Hanauer, Bob Jackson, Don Hoopingarner, Bob Leimenstoll, Richard Cayot, Ron Hoopingarner, Tom Jackson, Marvin Bradburn. Middle Row: Left to Right: Mr. Boyd, Larry Lesh, Lynn Smuts, Larry Corell, Rich- ard Norris, Danny Dafforn, Roger Norris, Joe Hanauer. Front Row: Left to Right: Wayne Settlemeyer, Jerry Quackenbush, Jerry Corell, Shirla Anderson, Mary Lou Wolf, Dixie Dennis, Sammy Boyd, Jim Corell, Bill Thurber. Back Row: Left to Right: Jeanne Thomas, Marilyn Eckelbarger, Shirla Ander- son, Joyce Currence, Eunice Bradburn, Carolyn Cayot, Janet Quackenbush, Sue Newhard, Anna Newhard. Middle Row: Left to Right: Mrs. Rutenberg, Mary Jo Cline, Judy Davis, Janet Boxell, Marvel Bradburn, Jane Gardenour, Agnes Wil- son, Nancy Thurber, Diane Denney, Janet Allen, Doro- thy Stahl. Front Row: Left to Righ: Lillian Osborn, Linda Brown, Sharon Goshorn, Judy Bur- nau, Brenda Allen, Janice Corell, Charlotte Fussel- man, Susan Cooper, Maxine Osborn, Lois Gaskill, Vir- ginia Earnest. Boys ' 4-H Officers for the Boys' 4-H for the 1951 year were the following: President ..........l........ Carl Anderson Vice President ..........ic.., John Hanauer News Reporter .......... Ron Hoopingarner Secretary-Treasurer ..... Don Hoopingarner The boys carried projects including swine, dairy, sheep, beef, garden, corn and electricity. There were 90.775 of the enrolled members complet- ing their projects. Don Hoopingarner and Bob Jackson were the winners of a trip to the International Livestock Show in Chicago. Don won his trip with a champion corn project while Bob won with chickens. Girls' 4-H The officers for the senior club for this year were as follows: President ........,,l.c. Vice President ............ Secretary-Treasurer ....., Recreational Leader ...... Song Leader .......... Eunice Bradburn Diane Denney Joyce Currence Nancy Thurber Janet Allen Health and Safety Leader ,.,. Sue Newhard News Reporter ........... Jeanne Thomas Officers for the junior club were: President ................... Vice President .,.,......., Secretary-Treasurer ...... News Reporter ........... Recreationl Leader .s.,...,. Ann Jackson Diane Denney Virginia Earnest Jane Gardenour Janice Corell Song Leader .,.......... Sharon Goshorn Health and Safety Leader .,,, Brenda Allen The junior leaders were Jeanne Thomas and Shirla Anderson. Joyce Currence and Shirla Anderson represented the club at the Purdue Round-up and Jeanne Thomas attended Indiana State Fair Girls School. The outstanding event of the year for the senior club was when they toured Fort Wayne, visiting the Coca Cola Company, the Filtration Plant, Lincoln Tower, a furnished home and had lunch at Howard Johnsons. The junior club members attended a picnic held at the Bluffton State Park. Agnes Wilson and Jeanne Thomas attended the district judging contest held at Wabash. The Achievement program was held in connection with the Farm Bureau, both the junior and senior clubs together. l With 92.3'Z, of the enrolled members in the senior club completing and 85.777 completing in the junior club we are going to receive the fifth seal for our charter. Senior Plcl "Finders Creepers" ,. T-.H Our senior play was A 'lFinde1's Creepers", a mys- tery-comedy given in Oc- l tober, 1951. It was received hilariously by the audience I and kept them in suspense L right down to the final cur- tain. "You're in my bed!" "That's a surprise! " 'Band This year the band has a new teacher, Mr. Gordon Waechter. The band is small, but we have a junior band which we expect will help the senior band soon. The band played at several basketball games and the combined county band gave a program at different schools the last half of the year. On April 18, the band took part in the County Musical and gave the first part of the program. Front row, left to right: Marilyn Overholt, Marlene Platt, Larry Lesh, Jerry Schwartz, Marvin Bradburn. Back row, left to right: Anna Newhard, Sue Newhard, Eunice Bradburn, Wilbur Overholt, Bob Campbell. .- 5: x if: ' VX I .H w Lx. X Wx, 1 ',',,4w Front row, left to right: Darrel Anderson, Lynn Smuts, Larry Corell, Bob Christman, Jerry Corell, Dan Dafforn, Dick Youkey Back Row, left to right: Ron Grim, Larry Lesh, Delos Fisher, Bob Leimenstoll, Mrs. Monroe, director, Richard Cayot, Don Taylor, Wilbur Overholt, John Hanauer, Bill Thurber. :Bo s' Chorus We are very proud of our high school chorus which is composed of 51 students, who like to meet as a group and harmonize on hymns, folk songs, spirituals, classics and popular songs. The entire chorus has given several programs this year which We enjoyed doing very much. We gave a program at the First Baptist Church in Bluffton, also one at Huntington College. We gave a program for the Rotary Club in Bluffton. We gave a Mexican Fiesta in the spring just before our Baccalaureate and Commencement programs. Front row, left to right: Mary Shearer, Joyce Currence, Anna Ncw- harfl, Marlene Platt, Pianist, Dorothy Smith, Carol Boxell, Nancy Bowman. Second Row, left to right: Jeanne Thomas, Melba McBride, Shirla Anderson, Violet Pope, Betty Boxell, Eunice Bradburn, Sue Newhard Mrs. Monroe, director, Margaret Haines, Peggy Thoma, Barbara Akom, Marilyn Boxell, Alice Fritz. Back Row, left to right: Janet Allen, Diane Denney, Melba Overholt Marilyn Eckelbarger, Agnes Wilson, Nancy Thurber, Patty Kaylor, Marilyn Overholt, Barbara Mulles, Nancy Bender, Joyce Ross. Girls , Chorus There are 32 girls in chorus, and they have a first sextette and also a second sextette. Carol Boxell, Barbara Akom, Betty Boxell, Eunice Bradburn, Alice Fritz and Joyce Currence make up the first sextette While Marilyn Boxell, Shirla Anderson, Agnes Wilson, Nancy Bender, Marlene Platt, and Melba McBride are in the second sextette. In the boys chorus there are 19 boys. They enjoy singing very much. They also have a quartet and a double quartet. Wilbur Overholt as tenor, Bob Leimenstoll, second tenor, Delos Fisher as baritone, and Dick Youkey as Bass are in the Quartet and Lynn Smuts Don Taylor, Ron Grim, and John Hanauer are in the second quartet. The first quartet has given several special programs this year. ,wg , ily I 1 'NS-ix f P A -,: X' ' 22,21 V 2 ff X ? Vx n - Q f 1 X 2 2 1 X W 1 4 i N X-. jf . 1 I 1 y J 1 1' Q .. m V 1 d X N ' 1- K I l, ' .Q X ' . ' 1 - K x . ' I A L X' Q, , . A. P . BJ x 1 - Q R M , t 3 - ' x ' ' 3 , 5 :we - V f ,if Q? 1 1l""'!i , . Q ' ' La' , Q ' . 7 , I im 1 ' X- A . I ,gPE,.:,1u515-A..+- ,, g H44 ,f ff ? 1 x Y W. , x , ? , W3 ., -,M W ful X N also A v5 X S 6 4 .fx I I f' L... 1 N ci 4 1 P' w 1 M5 i ,' E fp N finial ? . X ,iw W 3 ,,, f' ,M . , ,ff 'Sis ,- ' .2-H" M f X ,gf 5 . 4 1 5 va 24,311.1 , sgw 'Q lx W gr- , N 'Y WAR - W m, 1' ' ,x Q' ga ?iQ ff' iv Si K I IPC 5? '- A . ml! ill R 'f 3 5 I x If N 1 -am. t If i j Nm Q , 5 fl ' Nr I ,L at , , , ,, we, N- s. ,A .fx Q:-.. ,ff , f f p., I 'X f X a. ? X , X I W5 . .,,, 5: "" VA , i . LM S, :mfr ,f Z L32 J A ' 55? 1 f 1 'T 8 Sf r ' X I fg. f y A, N 5 xg b ' A N' K, ,i 1 4. , X - ff- wf K' by C' J V . 91' 'Q ai fx, x x A A . . ' 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to right: Dan Dafforn, John Hanauer, Max Boxell, Ronnie Hoopingarner, Delos Fisher, Bob Leirnenstoll, Maurice McBride, Don Hoop- ingarner, Don Carl, Darrell Anderson, and Wendell Beck, Coach 4-I LETTERMEN First Flow, left to right John Hanauer, Coach Wen- dell Beck, Max Boxell, Delos Fisher Second Row Maurice McBride, Darrell Anderson, Don Hoopingar- ner, Don Carl Third Row: Ron Hoopingarner, Philip Hoopingarner, Bob Leimen- stoll, Dan Dafforn, and Phil Wilson Beat'em Team Beat'em You Fouledllll FN E Basketball ,QW aff' ., Q if CHEERLEADERS-left to right: Eunice Bradburn, Nancy Bowman, Marlene Platt. STUDENT MANAGERS-left to right: Lynn Smuts and Robert Dafforn CBczsleetball As the basketball season rolled around, Coach Beck was greeted by six lettermen returning from the '50-'51 season and a number of other candidates hoping there was room for them on the varsity squad. Name Age Year Maurice McBride 17 Sr. Robert Leimenstoll 18 Sr. John Hanauer 17 Sr. Max Boxell 17 Jr. Delos Fisher 17 Jr. Don Hoopingarner 16 Jr. Darrell Anderson 16 Jr. Dan Dafforn 16 Jr. Don Carl 15 So. Ron Hoopingarner 15 So. Height 5,lO" 5'11" 5,7,, 5,93 5,10M2,, 6'0,' erm" sie" 6'11f2" 5110" BASKETBALL SCORES Union 58 Chester 30 Union 41 Lancaster 39 Union 42 Lafayette 49 Union 39 Jackson 40 Union 53 West Union 42 Union 45 Liberty Center 44 Union 64 Lancaster CHuntD 37 Union 40 Andrews 47 Union 58 Rockcreek 48 Union 42 Ossian 63 Union 57 Jefferson CWhitJ 47 Union 46 Union 45 Union 38 Union 38 Union 66 Union 62 Union 52 Union 69 Union 56 Union 46 Union 44 Yrs.on Yrs. on Pos. Varsity Reserve G 3 1 F 2 1 G 2 2 G 2 1 G 2 1 F 3 C 1 1 G 1 2 C 1 1 F 1 1 Chester 44 Jackson 38 Liberty Center 44 Petroleum 44 Lafayette 52 Rockcreek 61 West Union 49 Lancaster 62 Pleasant Mills 66 Roanoke 58 Bluffton 63 EM.-. , K as ff! RESERVES Back Row, left to right: Ronnie Grim, Gerald Jump, David Beavis, Mr. Beck, Richard Cayot, Wilbur Overholt, Roger Norris Front Row, left to right: Jerry Quackenbush, Phil Wilson, Terry Shepler, Phil Hoopingarner, Larry Burgess, Billy Thurber, Jerry Corell, Larry Covell. The Reserves vvon 8 out of 18 games played this season. JUNIOR HIGH Back Row, left to right Mr. Botts, Sammy Boyd, Jim Corell, Lynn Dafforn, Garry Carl, Wayne Pope, George Hoopingarner, David Dafforn, manager. Front Row, left to right: John Johnson, Bill Bender, Joe Hanauer, Marvin Bradburn, Ed Baker, Herman Osborn, Tom Jackson, Billy Shepler. The Junior High won 1 out of 7 games played this season. 9 fast :L if M 'iw i g, ,Q Q K 'Q' . ' Xwwesswwmuvmw, ww 4 V ww. WA., - '1sx:.xw.:.,-,- WW., - 1 E ,i.:,,L: may 5 iii? A Q 12,19 Q-:fe w -- ' I . I if 1 , X Q x my 5: . . f'-'hdxhg ,fax .NWNQR - 1 I pun- lain fi 14 lwmdyfl A , S W, ' . jf' ,L 1-.......- ' 35 1 ,h .fm Q tw- fi ss: ,,,..,,,. F K V Q - I.. ,. ,lnqn i .. , , Q W :lx - Aw -QQQ L .. ., ,. Q sl A Front row, left to right: Roger Norris, Bob Leimenstoll, Philip Wilson, Max Boxell, Ronnie Hoopingarner, Doss Fisher, John Hanauer. Back row, left to right: Jerry Quackenbush, Danny Dafforn, Don Taylor, Ronnie Grim, Philip Hoopingarner, Terry Shepler Softball The softball team had trouble getting started this year as we won our last two games, after losing our first five. We finished third among the four northern teams in the county. f EE g rl A E K 9 5' H S X 2 Q si V sr-, S3 im he ,gg Q E 'W 5 as 9 , S Hi-ya There . f ,X f .2 WEEE f, 1 , e f 2 is Qi ? .f 2-5? f ., .- M L, Turn the Pages ond See What We I-love In Your IQ52 Reflector BACK ROWg left to right: Ron Hoopingarner, Roger Norris, Coach R. W. Beck, Wilbur Overholt, John Hanauer, and Philip Hoopingarner FRONT ROWg left to right: Don Hoopingarner, Darrell Anderson and Delos Fisher. Track Darrell Anderson and Wilbur Overholt were our distance runners, with Ron Hoopingarner, Delos Fisher and Roger Norris running the shorter distances. Philip Hoopingarner was our dash rnan, and Don Hoopingarner our broad jumper. John Hanauer also ran in the relays and pole vaulted. Freshman and Sophomore Girls Forming Pyramids- Left pyramid, bottom to top: Donna McCartney, Mary Burnau, Mary Shearer. Pat- ty Kaylor, Melba Overholt, Marilyn Gverholt, Nancy Thurber, Marilyn Boxell, Margaret Haines. Right pyramid, bottom to top: Sue Newhard, Anna New- hard, Marlene Platt, Diane Denney, Joyce Ross, Agnes Wilson, Melba McBride, Janet Allen, Peggy Thoma The kick off! The Seventh and Eighth Grade Girls Back row, left to right: Dixie Dennis, Marvel Bradburn, Carolyn Cayot. Jane Gar- denour, Mrs. Raber, Mary Lou Wolf, Lillian Osborn, Mary Lou McBride, Doris Wilson, Beverly Baker, Janet Quackenbush, Kitty Thoma, Virginia Earnest, Ann Jack- son. The ball is in the air! 'Mi' UH SJBCIIQQI E no H I-. ,.. 44 I5 "' .IS mom ogsnyq - 90321 ' ' GSH Z I4 ----' Saailnq-"' .IOM- 1'I F11 no I I I EF' IIE U15 5' 33 mf O P55 I 3U!1 I W Q? me .-1 U2 I-r O 'CS O rn U' O I-1 D 'JU no O IPT' o I3 U7 O I 'TI D' Q4 If. O rn I I I I I I I4 o CI I I I I I I I I I I I I I-I O rn Q "S m Q2 5 I I I I I, D S1 F' O ICD I-If I 55 D2 "S V1 .-. ro Q- I I I H KD 94' I- nn F4 .... CD eulag Begg pl I-I I-I F' o 4 ro E fl? SD I5 Cl CD r-+ BJ LI O c' III' o 2 no 5 Q- I-+ ,.., E FD I-I fl O C I-I QI IJ, I-P QW DJ ,E+-I I-'C' FDDJ m"1 Im I M ...... 95 U" 1-IV"-nu'-' ZITI 9 KQIIHA MIL aoead 129.13 LU OIL OAA BIJ S11-Iv """ uv I-I. 5 I-I 0 0 W fb I-r I I I I I I l I U O UQ m I4 O : vr FD '4 I I I-I 4-0- I-II UI I I I I I I I I I I I E C cn ,... 0 I I I I I I I I 9? QI ro o Ph I." 55 m I E I '11 SD I1 5 I5 UCI I I I I DU DJ O FD Q SD "5 I I I I I I F' ID C UQ E 5 UCI 5'I3ICI IJQICI E' SALIQ IOH A--f?q-I9 QLIIL - H---- A- - -,---- A- 8951- ,,,, -- u0Ile1o!G""' HGH ,Iou0H'- -"' ' IIJOAA' ""-- ue1Io!LIO"' X961 UISUIAI ajax? ljlcxi. SUHIHIL QLIJ. UO ISD OL 09 P91-Id 1991195 ' ummm. ...... lewd 131. ------- lawmg ---------- -- md ------ --- 91105 ---'-"' SOISKLICI '--" "' H251 SLIIL' """ ISQLUEH E IIIIM E sg Ol' Khugqo MAOIS 9 --YQ Lila" "'- segggi ' ,U -4 -- ------- ----- - - -- Q -- --- 'a Luo -"" KSOIOIQQE 553533 Eggs CIOI' E' 199 s.r?5iII'gII 1393193 H H HSM QUUESF """" 1SO.IJ"""4 UOSBIDE-I' ICSOIOIQOS SH ""'A nog 13"- '39 U1 TAI ueqoe 9? IJUEQSIIH ool, I3-TEH W o cr CD FD 3 o 5 rn I-I I-If W SD Q. I-3 o I-I O FD W rn O o 3 ro no 2 O I-: PT CD CL 5 W I1 Q- rn WUI."- SJHIIFIO ' """ 'f OSI1IA" UO """' UIS O ESQ U.1 QQISQIV ------- Jauueg OIL "" CI LIIES I I I I U21 EIJIQZW mxwow Emo C7 .J.g"'32 FS. .W I I I I I I I I I I I I I I :bill :ai P525 AI ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 3,0 rn 5 U35 UQ TE 5 U1 D' I I I I I I I I WW UU 005155: BJC! I-IEE CQWISI' Sgr cn E5 QI af I-I Ip-1 I lc-P I I ' I I I 333525 0055 Q31 Q-I g,mI I-+I33I FDEI Q I HJ I W' I CD I I I I WHI-32 30535 QUJSUS gru',L'.g 9.9.15 Q, cm 5 I I I I I I I I U1 22?g? O IL Hams-- o gg E it 3' 3 I I I I I I I I I I-303 I wig mar-- f:L:swI4 32 wg 'bw P1' I-h HU 33 P14 o I1 I I I I I I VCI gil Q: gm FP I I I I I O IT FD 3 5. FI I1 '4 I I I I Z'-1 mtl- .- 'J' If: I I I I Q? I"S Sw U1 I I I I I I I LI 99 mi Z as 4 14 I I I I HFUU ogg' 17077 m P4 OG 533 IW' ,ro II4, IU? I I1I IIS UCI FD QI III ... IL ru ,.. I5 W O D4 fD I- I- I I I I I I I CD Q3 W' FD I I I I I I I I I E C U1 I.. ra I I I I I I I FI O III UQ I I I I I I I I I Q USQIOILI 12191395 XJ aI.uI2yII" I7 G .mo 2 ELIIAIJ UCI FD I-If I-r I4 -11 9 'TI ru rf rn UI o '11 "1 ,.., CD QI W rn ID Q ru FP IT' rn ,.. 3 ro :S U2 4-P- o S 5? UQ 5' I-v I I I I I I I I E C3 UI E. I I I I I I I I "U o PT ro I I I I I O 5' E. IX' FD I5 I I I I I I I I 'TI ID I'5 3 CD "5 I I I I I fD I-1 O 71 I I I I I I I I-I 5 LI SD ,... I-I W DJ I1 IT' W O U' I-I In H II' ID H CB o 2 W ro 93 n E S J SDH 'IO SLIILJ uogelg ---""' Sugdaaq """ Illeqieds ELIIUIHJIL ' ""-' P005 -- eIs,mN HEI ILE ugel LI O I4 O CD W o o T Cl I1 Q3 I5 JZILISD D 'IE UN S .I S9 Bag .IQAQ Ling 109 I Q3 5 CII SI fD "3 I I I I I I W "J 2 O 5 FD 1-5 I YI I I I U2 O 0 I O I O UQ Q4 I I I I H CD QI ,... O C U7 I I I I I Q IIS SD B I I I I G O I- I- FD UQ 0 I I I I H 0 Q3 0 5' ,... I3 UQ I I I I I I E ID 4 I'D D. rv- I4 CD I-9- O IIT' 5 9JI"I slag sol LIGUZ D3 FD 55 99 0.1. 'EI 3,9 ogoog '-"' .I I .13 -"'--' ASO K saI.1IgI ---' IHJJJ Sum IJJHIAI " ' D9 O I P QEV FJ 'fl I rn as 4 rn 5 UI qauaxg .I I1 N ,ses 199 uo ssa.Idx3 VIS IOQIOI uog IQ 'II O O D. Q 'S su Q. c ID :E o 5 ID 3 E 1+ O 5 U 5. Q. au.IeN Aed a1I.Io :I BJ 4 O 1. rv- CD .IoAe:I 91 a1I.IoAe:I J91jV SbIEld 99 49.10 MoI.I Class History fContinued from page 155 As we started out in our second year of school we were amazed to find we had the same teacher, Miss Martin. We also had two new comers. They were Dorothy Smith and Dolly Johnson. At the end of the year Dolly Johnson left us. The summer ilew swiftly by and before we knew it we were trading rooms and were greeted by a new teacher, Mrs. Swank. She left us and we received a new teacher, Mrs. Eberhart. Three new students arrived. They were: Marilyn Seberins, Bonnie Johnson and Barbara McKenzie. In the fall we were greeted by the same school bus and returned to be advanced to the fourth grade. Some of our old members had left us. They were Bonnie Johnson, Delos Fisher, Richard Heath, and Bonnie Abner. We left this room in a hurry to enter our third room. We had a new teacher this year, Miss Boyd, CMrs. Riggsj. We had some new members, Helen Tucker, and Bernard Osborn. We found everyone had passed. The next year started off with Mrs. Hammond. We joyfully greeted Bob Leimenstoll, Barbara Mulles, and Vernon Parker. Joy Welsh, Barbara McKenzie, Marilyn Eckelbarger and Helen Tucker left us. We hurried on through school that year looking forward to going up stairs and having our first man teacher. We had a lot of new experiences and excitement this year, feeling very grown up being in Junior High School. We had a spelling contest and John Hanauer and Lois Tobias were the honored ones to go. At the end of the year Eloise Yeager went to southern Indiana and Vernon Parker left us. We had completed the first half of our education this year. Again, in the eighth grade, we found we had the same teacher, Fred Wall. We had baseball games about every day in history which made it more interesting. Richard Herndon went to Petroleum and Lois Tobias went to Lafayette. The summer flew by swiftly. In the fall of '49 we went into the assembly to be amazed with several new teachers and students, among the students was Joyce Currence. Some of the subjects we took were biology, English and algebra. We were very happy to receive Mr. Boyd as our sponsor. We had skating parties, ball games, parties and several things to pass away the time. Moving over another row of seats, we began our Sophomore year. This year was full of activities and thrilling events, and we received no new students nor did we lose any. We had a variety of subjects this year which was more interesting. The chorus gave various programs, and they gave a spring festival which we all enjoyed. In the Junior year we moved over another row of seats getting closer and closer to the radiators. This year we were happy to receive as a new student Robert Jackson and Don Taylor. To make money, we sold concessions at ball games and had a scrap drive. We were also glad to select and receive our class rings. In the spring we gave our class play, "Grandad Meets a Pal," which was something very new to us, but to our delight, by the help of Mr. Boyd, Mrs. Raber and Mrs. Rutenberg, it became a success. The chorus gave a minstrel called t'Minstrel Parade." It was directed by Mrs. Grayston. By this time we were glad to welcome a vacation, but only to return and be greeted by our last happy year at Union. We had a total of 18 members. We started out, as it seemed almost too soon, on our senior play, "Finders Creepers" and then we were faced by beginning the annual ani getting our senior pictures taken. We also sold ads for our school paper and annual. We were also busy selecting our name cards and invitations. During this time, we were also taking orders, delivering and receiving Christmas cards. After Christmas we started making plans for our senior trip to Washington and also making arrangements for our Mexican Fiesta under the direction of Mrs. Monroe. We realize our time to graduate has come, so we wish to thank the faculty for their patience and helpfulness in guiding us through the school terms. We wish to thank especially Mr. Boyd for being our sponsor and helping us with all our scrap-drives, parties, plays and the many other things. Class Will We the Senior Class of 1952, County of Wells, State of Indiana, being of sound mind and body, after four strenuous years, find it necessary to leave our outstanding faults and virtues to other members of the student body. So we do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last Will and Testament. ARTICLE I SECTION Ig We the Seniors of t'52" will to the faculty our complete gratitude for their patience and understanding in helping us with our many problems during these four years of highschool. SECTION II: We the Seniors of tt52" will to the Juniors our honored position as Seniors, and our seats beside the radiators, our places on the paper and annual staffs, and lots of "Good Luck". SECTION III, We the Seniors of 't52" will to the Sophomore Class all our surplus money We have over 551000. SECTION IV: We the Seniors of "52" will to the Freshman Class all our books, pencils, and tests. ARTICLE II SECTION Ig We the members of the Senior Class, will our individual possessions, being of very sound mind. I, BarbaiE1Akom, will my ability to have a good understanding, Cbig feet! to Marlene att. I, Nancy Bender, will my ability to wear short hair to Joyce Ross. I, Betty Boxell, will my place in the sextette to Agnes Wilson. I, Carol Boxell, will 4 inches of my 5 ft. 7 in. to Dan Dafforn. I, Joyce Currence, will my ability to have blonde hair to Alice Fritz. I. John Earnest, Will my ability to get physics to Harold Wheeler. I, Marilyn Eckelbarger, will my ability to stay short to Anna Newhard. I, John Hanauer, will my ability to Wear crew cuts to Max Boxell. I Bob Jackson, will my ability to go out with the girls, and to stay out late, to Charles Wheeler. N I, Bob Leimenstoll, Will my ability to have wavy hair to Tom Jackson. I Maurice McBride, will my ability to have a hot temper on the basketball floor to Don Hoopingarner. I, Barbara Mulles, will my ability to Write to Peggy Thoma. I, Bernard Osborn, will my ability to stay out of trouble to anyone whi can use it. I, Violet Pope, will Art Broyles to Melba McBride. I, Don Taylor, will my ability not to pay any attention to the girls to Ed Bakg. I, Jeanne Thomas, will my position as editor of the school paper to Eunice Bradburn. I, Richard Youkey, will my seat on the bleechers during pep session to Larry, and Jerry Corell and Bill Thurber. ARTICLE III Signed, sealed, published and declared, by the seventeen members mentioned above, to be our Last Will and Testament, we do hereby set our seal on this fourth day of March, 1952 at Union Center School, County of Wells, and State of Indiana. Senior Class v v Witnesses: ,,------U --, Principal --, Sponsor lass Trophecy Here it is in 1972, and welre starting on a cross-country tour in our jet-mobile. As we leave the traffic terminal at New York City we find a nice looking man dressed in a uniform of distinction directing traffic and who is it? None other than John Earnest. As we whizz down fifth avenue we get a fleeting glimpse of the Joyce Currence Modeling Agency. So we decide to stop in and let Miss Currence design a wardrobe suitable for our jet-mobile trip. Then we notice by the signal that it is time to board our jet-mobile once again and continue our trip to Washington D. C. As we visit the White House We are very much astonished to see a lady typing at a very rapid speed, so we decide to stop and watch her a little while and to our amazement we recognize her as our former classmate Jeanne Thomas and she tells us she is the assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury. Now as we travel further, We see many bright lights, so we look on our map and we find it is Cleveland, and goes wild as the famous pitcher game for the Cleveland Indians. Marilyn Eckelbarger. She tells business in Cleveland. We tell there is a great ballgame going on, and the crowd Richard Youkey makes the last pitch to win the As we look the fans over we spy an old friend us she is a secretary for the president of a big her we must leave for now we are going on to Chicago to look-up Betty Lou Boxell, who own and operates a large super market. As we arrive in Chicago we see a large sign that says Carol Sue BoxeIl's Beautician School, as We stop in to visit her we find her giving Violet Pope a new Poodle cut. They tell us to look up our old friend Robert Jackson who sells Kaiser jet-mobiles and Henry-J moter Scooters. Leaving Chicago and going West through Wisconsin we see a dairy farm and on the barn we see the name Maurice McBride and Sons printed in large letters, An unfortunate accident occurs, however we fail to stop at a neon stop Taylor signal and we smack into a jet-propelled semi. An old acquaintance Don who is now in the space patrol comes dashing to the scene. He is followed very shortly by an ambulance carrying two nurses Barbara Akom and Nancy Bender who decided we are not injured seriously and tell us to call the Benard Osborn Wrecker service. Bernard swiftly repairs our jet-mobile and we are soon on our way to the West Coast. Going through Nevada we see a chain of large feed mills. We discover they are owned by Robert Leimenstoll. After talking with Bob for a while he tells us that Barbara Nlulles lives in the Southern Section of Nevada on a cattle ranch with her husband and two children. As we journey on to our final destination in California we go to U. C. L. A. to start our four year course of ttHow to Fly Jet-Mobiles" under the instruction of Professor John Hanauer. ,L ,E 4 I: , 6 I 1 EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME F li F Q A do ,fi 5 Custom Built Furniture Gulbransen Pianos Reupholstering Old Furniture Bendix Radios Floor Covering - All Kinds Lamps - All Kinds Custom Window Decorating Bedroom Furniture Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets Dining Room Furniture Wall Tiles Desks Occasional Furniture Chrome Furniture All Types of Mattresses Open Tuesday and Saturday Evenings Q turniture and upholstery 'I mile north of Bluffton, Indiana FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTORS MONUMENTS R. C. MCGUFFEY AND SON MARKLE, INDIANA RICHARDSON GROCERY QUALITY MERCHANDISE FRIENDLY SERVICE Selected Fruits and Vegetables Grade A Meats ZANESVILLE PHONE 47-W "GRADE A" MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS f VITAMIN "D" I-IOMOGENIZED RASTEURIZEO MILK I CHOCOLATE MILK I BUTTERMILK COTTAGE CHEESE T COFFEE CREAM I ORANGE DRINK I BUTTER and CHEESE CENTRAL DAIRY M 230 W. Market Phone 996-.I ' I MASTERSON TYNDALL CO. Clothing ond Shoes For Dod ond Lod BLUFFTON INDIANA Compliments of Vera's Beauty Shop OSSIAN, INDIANA Dr' J' T' Scott Phone 73 ORTOMETRIST BLUFFTON TABLE OF CONTENTS Foculfy 4 To IO Closses IO to 28 Activities - 28 to 38 Sports - 38 to 47 Doss and Noel playing ping-pong. U. C. H. S. twirlars. Our Christmas Program Darrell and Wilbur, store operators during noon hour. FARMERS and MERCI-IANTS BANK FRIENDLY BANK I NG SERVICE Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments of LEGGE ELEVATCR Uniondale, Indiana Cash Grain Market Top Quality Wayne Feeds Choice Grades ofCoaI BLUFFTON INDIANA PHONE19-B SHEPLER'S MCTOR SALES OLD FIRST SALES SERVICE General Repairing Day and Night Wrecker Service O. K. Used Cars PHONE 53-B ZANESVILLE NATIONAL BANK In Bluffton A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE MANUEL CHEVRQLET, INC, CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE WRECKER SERVICE FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES PHCINE T38 MARKLE OSSIAN STATE BAN K Moke Our Book Your Bonk MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION GOSHORN MARKET ossIAN -- YODER Your Complete Self Service Morkets SUMMER MOTOR SALES CHEVROLET Phone TOO Ossiorm, lrmd. Jess Dale Bob New Used Ellenberger Bros. AUCTIONEERS gglmgxkf Pgfffifiig phffevmfm Y Lowest Prices Easy Terms 18-22 S. Jefferson HUNTINGTON, INDIANA Suddeth Auto Wrecking Co. NEW and USED AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND EQUIPMENT N. Main St. Phone 12 STATE BANK GF MARKLE General Banking Service Safe Deposit Boxes Accounts Now Insured Up To 510,000 For Each Depositor By The Federal Depositor Insurance Corp. MARKLE INDIANA FISHER NASH MOTORS, Inc. NASH SALES and SERVICE 201 W. State St. Phone 918 Huntington I RUPRIGHTS Gffwlen S, Marathon Service Sewme smhon GAS ,. CII- SIEBERLING TIRES GREASING - WASHING AUTO-LITE BATTERIES MOTOR TUNE up Ph 228 One Phone 171 Markle Bluffton Indiana Air lane Lockwood p Service Station Main and Washington BLUFFTON INDIANA Service Station White Rose Gasoline En-Ar-Co Motor Oil Firestone Tires Willard Batteries Phone 75 Bluffton Wells County Farm Bu reau Farm Machinery, Electric Appliances Gas - Oil - Fuel Oil Feed - Seeds - Fertilizers Building Supplies - Coal Custom Grinding - Grain Uniondale 40 Phone 1345 Bluffton Hunter Trucking Gulf Service Crushed Stone, Limestone Rooms Rock Phosphate S. Main St. Blu-ffton Phone 1340 IDEAL "Kiddie" SHOP TOTS - TEENS - PIGTAIL CROWD SUB TEEN TOO 'l'l5 E. Market Phone 1099 BLUFFTON Linn 81 Saurer Exclusive l-lorne Furnishing Appliances - Furniture TELEVISICN The Lesh Agency, lnc. South Main Street Bluffton, Indiana Insurance - Bonds - Real Estate Eldon D. Lesh J. McCorcly Standard Oil Products Lubrication KIine's Standard Service Atlas Tires Batteries and Accessories Phone 3174 HUNTINGTON INDIANA Stockman Produce Bowmans Hardware Co. Complete Line ot sees, POULTRY, Hiprs PITTQQURSGWAQEINTS WOOL and FURS Phone 32 Markle Phone 73 Markle Compliments of STAU ' L. E. rox at sort .E 53011, HHENUWLLM 4l'- Il Gas and Electric Appliances MAIZIKLE. IND. YOUR DRI-GAS DEALER Phone 35 Markle Compliments of !..ine's Shell Service Markle, Indiana PHONE 'l4'l Savage Cut-Rate TOILETRIES - SUNDAES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 5 Markle Wa id's Furnitu re Store New and Used Furniture, Stoves, Rugs Store Fixtures 112 E. Market St. Phone 161 Bluffton, Indiana Geels Jewelry Store Known For Fine Diamonds 105 S. Main St. BLUFFTON INDIANA Vogue Shop SMART JUNIOR APPAREL 103 S. Main St. PHONE 533 BLUFFTON Schwartz Garage Texaco Gas 81 Oil Ferguson Troctor ond Imp. Generol Auto ond Troctor Repdir Phone 52 Uniondale UNIONDALE MARKET Compliments of LOCKEIQNZERVICE UNIQNDALE Meats Cut and Wrapped To Satisfy You Are Wemme To Winch phone 44 U,,,,,,,d,,,e Uniondale Phone 42B CUPP'S CABIN Uniondale, Ind. PHONE 28-W Compliments of ZANESVILLE SUPPLY CO. Lumber and Builders Supplies Zanesville, Ind. PHONE 52 Compliments of Smith Furniture Co. Huntington, Indiana Indiana Smoke House C. S. ANTONOSKY 26 N. Jefferson Phone 251 Huntington, Indiana Firearms Fishing Tackle Smoker's Supplies Gunsglviodern ond Antique Allen-Wells County Rural Electric Membership Corp. CLEANERS "Owned By Those We Serve" ossian Indiana OSSIAN, IND. PHONE 186 Mahnensmith Bros. The Rad a Shack RADIO SALES TRUCKING AND PHONE 95-M SERVICE ossian Indiana Ossian Phone Public Service Station CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH SALES - SERVICE Distributors of City Service HUNTER 81 SON Ossian Phone 153 John F. Kreigh 81 Co. I. G. A. GROCERY WARNER KREIGH HOMER D. HOOVER Ossian Indiana ELZEY and SGN Gssian Grain Co. GRAlN - SEED - FEED OSSIAN CQAL WAYNEDALE PHONE 38 OSSIAN INDIANA HARDWARE ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING Complimenfs of SUPPLIES BOTTLE GAS GAS RANGES Dr. Wy E. Hardin HOUSEWARE BETZNER HARDWARE Ossian Phone 9 Compliments of HENLINE MILL LUMBER CQ. STATE PILOT FEED HQ WE HATCH U. S. APPROVED PULLORUM CLEAN QUALITY CHICKS Globe Hatchery Ossian Indiana Compliments of Urban City Garage FORD CARS - TRUCKS and TRACTORS Phone 55 Ossian Compliments of E. S. Shaddy, D. D. S. ossifxixi INDIANA Compliments of OSSIAN LOCKER CO. CUSTOM BUTCHERING CURING - SMOKING Phone I8I Ossian SYLVAN L. BERTSCH Jeweler and Watchmaker Bluffton, Indiana Compliments of Decker Ciallivan Hamilton BLUFFTON INDIANA "BIue Bird Diamonds" LAW'S TIME SHOP 109 S. Johnson St. Bluffton, Indiana HAMILTON - ELGIN - BULOVA KAISER-FRAZER'S HENRY J Receives the Famous Fashion Academy Gold Medal Award for 1951 Now the Henry J, America's economy car, becomes the Style Leader of the year. It's smart to drive the thrifty HENRY J. Fuhrer Sales and Service Uniondale, Indiana Schott Meat Market Bluffton, indiana PHONE 200 Compliments ot Uniondale Stockyard Uniondale, Indiana Phone 17 Calves - Sheep-on Friday Hogs-Monday thru Friday M. A. Davidoff Ossian, Indiana Luther Dettmer General Contracting Building - Masonry All Kinds - New or Old Cement Work Bonded - Insured Phone 48-F Compliments of HUNTER SUPPLY Chronister Drug Store DRUGS - COSMETICS SODAS - TOILETRIES HOUSE CAMERAS - FILMS If we don't got it, MOVIE EQUIPMENT You don t need lt. WALL PAPER 1 PAINT Ossian Indiana Ossian Indiana REDDING'S SERVICE Congratulations Dr. and M rs. GAS - OIL ACCESSORIES K. M. WEINLAND Ossian Indiana OSSIAN INDIANA Dealer of OSSIAN BLACKSMITH MACHINE SHOP wA'rKlN's Pnonucrs W. M. Rodda and Son Phone 19-I-D Ossian Phone 43 Indiana Raymond Pulfer Ossian wisum Platt Barber Shop IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL Zanesville Indiana Compliments of Geiger's Radio 81 Appliance YOUR HOTPOINT STORE Zanesville, Indiana Phone 41-J Plumbing - Heating - Wiring Gaskill 81 Jacobs GROCERIES 84 MEATS "Featuring Little Elt Products" Phone 32-W Zanesville Indiana Huntington County Fa rm Bureau Co-op Assn. FUEL, FERTILIZER and COAL Grinding A Specialty Phone 65 Markle Markle Grain Co. EAST ELEVATOR GRAIN - FEED - SEED COAL - FERTILIZER Phone 37 Markle Slaughtering - Processing Wholesale Beet or Pork KAYLOR'S SERVICE STATION SHELL GASOLINE Tires - Batteries - Grease Wash and Accessories Phone 4 Zanesville Compliments of U PTOWN B EAUTY SHOPPE Locker Boxes - Pop DONNA HOWARD Ice Cream - Frozen Food, etc. . Ph 83 Zanesville Locker ossian one ,ndiana Compliments of Huntington Paint and Wallpaper SMITH-ALSOP PAINT Bama rs Market We Deliver FRESI-l VEGETABLES FRESH MEATS GROCERIES Phone 'l42 Markle Swisher Lumber Co. 703 W. Wabash BLUFFTON, INDIANA PHONE 'l3l3 Thema 84 Son Funeral Directors Rugs - Furniture BLUFFTON INDIANA OVERHOLT CABINET COMPANY BLUFFTON, INDIANA North On State Road 'I PHONE 406 tampguvv BLUFFTON, INDIANA l30 W. Market Bluffton SURGE MILKING MAC:-:mes Everything For The Dairy Corvin Briner Bluffton Phone 954 Moser Implement Co. Your Neighbor Trades With Us, Why Don't You? Allis Chalmers Bluffton, Indiana Phone 203 Compliments of Uniondale Lumber Co. Dealers In LUMBER 8. BUILDERS SUPPLIES Phone 'I8-B We Deliver Compliments of Dr. C. M. Gingerick Uniondale Liberty Center L. F. HARTMAN AND SON SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL Tank Wagon Bluffton Indiana LANTZ POULTRY CO. POULTRY, EGGS and FEED Franklin Electric Co. Dependable Electric Motors l'l6 E. Washington St. Bluffton Indiana Modern Laundry and 213 N. scoff Phone 297 Dry Cleaning Co. Bluffl-gn, Indiqng Fur Cold Storage and Cleaning BLUFFTON, INDIANA Green Gable Poultry Remedies 915 So. Johnson St. Buildings And Supplies Ph 694 w. Christman, Prop THE DUTCH MILL "On the Banks of the Wabash" Bluffton, Indiana Vim Sporting Goods FORT WAYNE Equipment For All Sports Locally owned and operated 1027 S. Calhoun lIDeCkll llspeedll Moser Super Service WARE BAKER CO' COMPLETE CADILLAC MOTOR CARS ONE STOP SERVICE INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER TRUCKS - FARM IMPLEMENTS PHONE 303 Corner Marion and Market, Bluffton Phone 533 Bluffton Bluffton Rubber Works Kelvinator Appliances U. S. Tires - Dupont Paint Duotlierrn Oil Heaters A. B. C. Washers Bluffton Indiana Buick - Oldsmobile - Pontiac G. M. C. Trucks Goodin-Motors Co., Inc. J. I.. Goodin Bluffton Indiana I-IEYDE'S SERVICE STATION 35 S. Jefferson 904 Etna Ave. HUNTINGTON, INDIANA B. F. Goodrich Store See the New Puncture Sealing Tubeless Tire Crosley Shelvador Refrigerators 227 S. Jefferson Phone 3536 Huntington, Indiana HANEY MARKET A Friendly Place To Trade Fresh Meats and Groceries Phone 'I629 228 So. Jefferson Huntington Indiana Erie Drug Store IYOUR HEALTH CENTERI Prescriptions - Toiletries Cameras - Sundries Huntington Indiana Phone I I7 Sunier 81 Lockwood, Inc. GENERAL INSURANCE INCLUDING LIFE Bluffton Indiana The Binding ond Covers For This Book Were Furnished By The Heckman Bindery North Manchester Indiana The Engravings For This Book Were Mode By Fort Wayne Engraving Co. Fort Wayne Indiana Pictures For This Book Were Token By R S - M Studio Bluffton Indiana This Book Wos Printed By The Bluffton Printery Bluffton Indiana We, the Closs of I952 wish to thonk the Advertisers who hove mode if possible for us to publish this book. 1 ,. qv! V l .,.,1 ..1 1 ' i X -'n ' 4. P. J. -4 71 '. w ' .. w . 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Suggestions in the Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) collection:

Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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