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aymond Garrett Dana Boyd James Murray James Turner latheniatics Agriculture Junior High Coach Band hysical Education 4-H Leader Sponsor Oach Driver's Training Selfenth Grade hysicg Sponsor ponsol. Sophomore Class Freshman Class Bernece Martin Ruth McClure Guinevere Lesh Eulala McLean irst Grade Second Grade Third-FourthGrades Fifth-Sixth Grades Hannah Rutenberg Florence Grayston Jeanne Raber Commerce Music and Art English Home Economics Latin 4-H Leader Sponsor Senior Class Physical Education Newspaper and Annual Sponsor Junior Class The Dabblers Hard at Work!? "Oh, I understand' "Whoops, another rnistakeln Are they studying? Drivers Incorporated CLASSES SENIOR OFFICERS Betty Christ, Reporter-Dean Crum, Vice-President Evelyn Guy, Sec'y-Treas.-Colleen Denney, Pres. 3 I W SENICDRS Isabelle Borton Paper Staff Annual Staff Chorus 1 -2 - 3 Sextet 1 -2-3 4-H Secretary 1 Sec'y-Treas. 3 Plays 3- Dick Couch Paper Staff Annual Staff Chorus 3- Quartet Class Plays 3- J. Clifford Anderson Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 2 Track 1-2 Chorus 1 -2 4-H 1-2-3-4 Play 4 Student Manager 4 Dean Crum Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Band 1-2 -3 -4 Basketball 2-3-4 Softball 3-4 Chorus l-2-3-4 Quartet 3-4 4-H 1-2-3 President 2-3 Vice-Pres. 1 4 Plays 3-4 Betty Crist Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class Reporter 1-4 Class Plays 3-4 Fred Gearhart Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 2-3-4 Softball 3-4 Chorus 1-2 4-H 1-2-3 Treasurer 1-2 Play 3 l 5 Q 2 1 Dean Brown Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1 4-H 1 -2 Play 3 Marjorie Moore Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1-2 4 Play 4 SENIORS Leo Bumgarner Paper Staff Annual Staff Basketball 3 Softball 3 Track 1-2-3 Chorus 1 4-H 2 Play 3 Ellen Osborn Paper Staff Annual Staff Chorus 1-2-3 4-H 1 Plays 3- Sextet 2 Colleen Denney Paper Staff Annual Staff Chorus 1-2-3 Sextet 1-2-3 President 1 Vice-President 3 Plays 3 Yell Leader 2-3 Office Clerk Gene Pope Paper Staff Annual Staff Track 2 4-H 1 Chorus 1 Plays 3-4 Jim Burnau Paper Staff Annual Staff Basketball 2-3- Softball Track 2 Chorus 1 Play Danny Thom Annual Staff Paper Staff Basketball 1-2-3-4 Softball 2-3-4 Chorus 1-2 Secretary 2 Plays Evelyn Guy Paper Staff Annual Staff Chorus 1-2-3 Sextet 1-2-3 Vice-Pres. 2 Sec'y-Treas. Plays 3 Yell Leader 2-3 Lynn Veazey Paper Staff Annual Staff Band 1-2-3 Basketball 2-3 Softball 3 Chorus 1-2-3 4-H 1-2-3 Play 3 CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1950, County of Wells, State of Indiana, being of sound mind and body, after four stenuous years, find it necessary to leave our outstanding faults and virtues to other members of the student body. We do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. To the School, we will the good times that we had while we were here. To the Faculty, we will our appreciation for a fine education. To the Juniors, we will our ability to produce a good play. To the Sophomores, we will all the chewing gum which we have deposited from time to time on the bottom of our desks. To the Freshmen, we will our seats by the windows in three years so they can day dream as much as we Seniors did. I, J. Anderson, do bequeath my big feet to Danny Dafforn. I, Isabelle Borton, do bequeath my ability to sing solos to Shirley Bumgarner. I, Dean Brown, do bequeath my motorcycle to Carl Anderson. I, Leo Bumgarner, do bequeath my ability to know so many girls in so many different places to Bernard Osborn. I, Jim Burnau, do bequeath my ability to move slowly to Eugene Norris. I, Dick Couch, do bequeath my height to John Hanauer. I, Betty Crist, do bequeath my ability to get into trouble to Rosalyn Stahl. CAs if she needs it.J I, Dean Crum, do bequeath my place in the quartet to Terry Bowman. I Colleen Denney, do bequeath my ability as yell leader to Eunice Bradburn. 3 I, Evelyn Guy, do bequeath my ability as a yell leader to Nancy Bowman. I, Fred Gearhart, do bequeath my seat in front of Mrs. Raber's desk to Charles Wheeler. I, Marjorie Moore, do bequeath my ability to stay short to Helen Herndon. I, Ellen Osborn, do bequeath my ability to have fights with my boy :friend to anyone who thinks she can get along with him. I, Gene Pope, do bequeath my ability to get on the honor roll after three years of trying to Jed Burnau. I, Danny Thoma, do bequeath my seat on the basketball bench to Dick Youkey. I, Lynn Veazey, do bequeath my car to Stanley Helfrich so he can go over to see his girl friend. Signed, sealed, published and declared, by the sixteen members mentioned above, to be our Last Will and Testament, we do hereby set our seal on this fourth day of January, 1950, at Union Center School, County of Wells, and State of Indiana. SENIOR CLASS Witnesses: --, Principal --, Sponsor CLASS PROPHECY Here it is, a sunny day in 1965. I am making my wa throu h the crowd ' should I bump into but JIM BURNAU, a graduate of 1950. yHe loois like a prosgeriiigobfisiznggsntivalho He tells me that he is the Vice-President of the Cloverleaf Creamery in Huntington Indiana. and is here in New York City on business. He and his wife, a graduate of Union ,also live' happily in Huntington. A voice calls out over the loud speaker telling the next jet-plane that leaves on a pleasure trip. It sounds like a familiar voice, so I being very curious, decide to investigate, and who should I see but DANNY THOMA. He says that he likes his job here at the airport very well. He lives in the Statlor Hotel. He tells me that he is a very happy bachelor. The jet-plane is getting ready to leave so I bid Jim and Danny good-by and hurry to get on. I get a seat in the back of the plane and try to make myself comfortable. Well, isn't that BETTY CRIST in the front of the plane? Yes it is! I wonder why she has that uniform on. She sees me and hurries back to my seat. She tells me that she is a stewardess on the plane. She isn"t married yet but Cedric is still waiting on her. Down below we see a city and Betty says that it is Cleveland, Ohio, and we are going to land. Having an hour to while away, we decide to see the city. As we walk down the street I see a sign in front of a store that says "Warfel's Flower Shop." Now it runs in my mind that the boy ISABELLE BORTON used to go with was named Warfel. I think I had better investigate. As I enter, sure enough, I see Isabelle, waiting on a customer. She seems very surprised to see me and insists that I sit down and talk a while. She has a little blond-headed boy who helps her in the flower shop. She says that her husband spends most of his time in the greenhouses. My time is getting short so I tell Isabelle that I must hurry back to the airport. Back on the plane, I learn that our next stop will be Indianapolis, Indiana, where we will go to the Indianapolis Speedway to see the races. In no time at all we are off the plane boarding a bus, and heading for the Speedway. We get there just in time to hear the racers' names announced. To my surprise, LEO BUNIG-ARNER'S is announced. The race begins with Leo in the lead. We all get a thrill as the race cars zoom around the track. Leo wins and the crowd gives him a big cheer. It seems that he has broken all speed records. I just hope his good luck keeps up, and he doesn't break his neck instead of the speed records. After about fifteen minutes of riding on the plane again, Betty comes to me and points below to a beautiful set of farm buildings. She tells me that this is the home of J. ANDERSON. He specializes in raising hogs, and it seems that he has won many trophies in competing with other hog-raisers. Betty says that he has two sons who help him with his work. In Rochester, Minnesota, we visit the Mayo Brothers' Clinic, and here I find ELLEN OSBORN pushing a wheel chair across the lawn. She is working here as a nurse and enoys it very much. Our plane next lands in Wisconsin near a huge dairy farm. VVe are going to take a bus out to this dairy. From quite a distance, we can see the massive barn and as we draw nearer, we can see printed on the front of the barn, LYNN E. VEAZEY. Lynn comes out and shows us his herd of Holstein cows and takes us all through the barn. After eating a large dish of his ice cream, we hurry back to board the plane. While glancing over a newspaper I discover that RICHARD COUCH has won an award for having top wheat production in the United States. He raised it on his farm in Kansas. According to the newspaper, Dick is a bachelor. I just supposed until now Dick was a married man. I guess his high school romance must have fallen through. I had heard rumors that a couple of my old classmates were living in Arizona near Tucson. After landing in Tucson, I inquired around and I find these rumors to be true. I catch a taxi cab and hurry to a ranch just outside the city. I am greeted at the door by none other than EVELYN GUY and COLLEEN DENNEY. I find they are fulfilling their ambition, to be old maids and raise horses. They have five thousand acres in their ranch and raise palamino horses. In Hollywood, California we go to Warner Brothers' Studios. Here in the office of a well-known movie director a receptionist greets us and I recognize her to be MARJORIE MOORE. Her husband is a famous movie star, a descendant of Gregory Peck. Marjorie directs us to a movie set where GENE POPE is doing photographic work. When he was younger he took pictures for a hobby and became such an expert in his field that Hollywood wanted him. He has a home in Beverly Hills. I told him about seeing all our old classmates and asked if he knew where DEAN CRUM was. He told me that he had seen him recently in Berkeley, California at the University of California. He is their basketball coach. Gene says that Dean is a bachelor but seems to think that one of the old maid teachers at the University is pretty nice. Next we're off to Hawaii, the land of swaying palm trees and guitar music. In Honolulu I find DEAN BROWN. He is a captain in the navy and he tells me that he has a girl in every port, as goes the tradition. He tells me that FRED GEARHART is in Hawaii also.. Fred. once saw a movie about Hawaii when he was in high school. By the way it had Hawaiian girls in it. That helped in his decision to come to Hawaii. I find he is the head of the Dole Pineapple Company and he lets me eat pineapple to my heart's content. This completes my journey as I have now located all my old classmates. I hate to start back home because I've had such a swell time. It's surely wonderful seeing and hearing about all my old classmates. Richard Couch Evelyn Guy Colleen Denney CLASS HISTORY On September 2, 1938, seventeen little first graders entered Miss Martin's room. They were Isabelle Borton, Leo Bumgarner, Jim Burnau, Delia Chavez, Dean Crum, Colleen Denney, Charles Dennis, Daryle Markley, Walter Miller, Shirley Platt, Gene Pope, Max Rash, Elmer Ridge, Danny Thoma, Lynn Veazey, Howard Wilson, George Hyser. During the year we lost Delia Chavez, Daryle Markley, and Elmer Ridge. But we gained Dean Brown, John Earnest, Elizabeth Brickley, Mary Lou Oser, and Donald Wilson. Then we started our second grade, still with Miss Martin. During our second grade Eugene Wilson, William Brickley, Wendall Ormsby and Jackie Pickins were newcomers. When we moved on to the third grade we were greeted by a new teacher, Miss Eulala Martin. Several pupils moved away. They were Donald Wilson Eugene Wilson, William Brickley, Elizabeth Brickley, and Max Rash. In our fourth grade year, we were taught by Mrs. Artis Swank of Bluffton. Wegot several new pupils that year. They were Fred Gearhart, Gloria Kumfer, Don Runyan, Vesta Haines, and Alma Kumfer. Jackie Pickins moved away. When we moved to the fifth grade we were taught by Mrs. Eulala McLean. Beulah Bosler, whose father was principal, joined us that year. Lee La Lone was also a new pupil. 3 Marjorie Moore and J. Anderson moved in when we were in the sixth grade. Our teacher was Mary Lou Boyd. Mrs. Hammond guided us through our seventh grade year. That year Ellen Osborn, and Earnest and Louis Baylog joined our class. We were all anxious to be upstairs and we finallly went up to the eighth grade where we were taught by Fred Wall. We had lots of fun having history ballgames. We also had a class party in the gymnasium. We'l1 never forget the day we started high school. It took a long time to get enough nerve to enter the assembly. When the bell rang there were 20 stupified freshmen who plodded into the assembly. We had two new members, Betty Crist and Evelyn Guy. Fred Gearhart returned after spending one year at Ossian. During that year Walter Miller left us. He moved to Fort Wayne and attended South Side High School. A little later Glorie Kumfer left us, and at the end of the year Shirley Platt moved to Rockcreek. There were many memorable things this year, with the second period rush from biology to English standing out among them. After a much needed vacation we returned to occupy the second row of seats in the assembly. During our sophomore year we gave a convocation program which included our pantomine of "My Merry Oldsmobile," in which Marjorie and Lynn played the mean little kids and Danny and Ellen, the domineering parents. When our Junior year rolled around we were astounded at all the activities approaching us. Some of the highlights of that year were our skating party, convocation program, junior play, and our Junior-Senior trip to chicago. For our convocation program we gave a Christmas play, "Light Competition," in order to prepare ourselves for our oncoming junior play which was "Gangway For Ghosts" given on March 17. Though everyone went home and looked under their beds, we were told it was a success. On February 8 we received our class rings. We took our Junior-Senior trip to Chicago April 1, 2, and 3. We enjoyed visits to many prominent places in Chicago, including the Cook County Morgue. Gruesome as it was we all profited from the visit. After a very busy and eventful year we left our junior class behind us to go toward our goal, the senior year. One of the first events of our senior year was our play, "It's A Great Lifelf' Another important event was our senior -pictures. We were kept busy ordering such things as caps and gowns, name cards, and invitations. We will always remember our Junior-Senior reception which was held April 28th at the Hotel Lafontaine in Huntington. And so ends our journey through school. Class Officers Standing: Eugent Norr1s VICE Pres Carl Anderson, Secy Treas Seated: Joe Huffman Pres1dent Rosalyn Stahl, News Reporter SHIRLEY BUMGARNER CARL ANDERSON BABE EICHHORN ROBERT CAYOT JOAN HUFFMAN JOE HUFFMAN TERRY BOWMAN HAZEL GIRDHAM CHARLES DENNIS MARILYN MOORE EUGENE NORRIS JED BURNAU HELEN HERNDON GEORGE ERTEL ROSALYN STAHL HAL PLATT ESTHER VAN METER CNot in Picture? K ,,,, , ,. if :'ig:'ifip1Jg . J .Q al l . -f af- s,.'e:f::v2Smv-15.4.-1 -::f- ., ..-:Q-f?3:.:-s:wSR.:ab fi, . v ff "iw, - ' 32 Y vt Q - V MW - N- we ' z :.,.gQ:.,.5,5,,4:, s E SOPI-IOMORE CLASS Class Officers Standing: Maurice McBride Pres Seated: Betty Boxell Secy Treas Richard Youkey, News Reporter Carol Boxell, Vice President BARBARA AKOM JOHN EARNEST CAROL BOXELL MAURICE MCBRIDE BARBARA MULLES NANCY BENDER JOHN HANAUER JOYCE CURRENCE BERNARD OSBORN VIOLET POPE BETTY BOXELL ROBERT LEIMENSTOLL MARILYN ECKELBARGER RICHARD YOUKEY JEANNE THOMAS Class Officers Standing: Danny Dafforn Vice Pres Phillip Wilson, News Reporter Seated: Eunice Bradburn Treasurer Don Hoopingarner, President Nancy Bowman, Secretary ROBERT DAFFORN MAX BOXELL NOEL BURGER DANNY DAFFORN DELOS FISHER STANLEY HELFRICK DON HOOPINGARNER SHIRLA ANDERSON NANCY BOWMAN EUNICE BRADBURN SALLY BURNAU ALICE FRITZ DOROTHY SMITH ROBERT OMSPAUGH WILBUR OVERHOLT VERNON PARKER MAX STINSON CHARLES WHEELER PHILLIP WILSON EIGHTH GRADE Front Row: Mclba McBride, Marilyn Boxell, Peggy Thoma, Anna Newhard, Margaret Haines, Marlene Platt, Velma Patty lVIiddle Row: Mrs. Grayston, Phillip Hoopingarner, Ronnie Hoopingarner, Richard Cayot, Earl Ross, Don Carl, Ronnie Grim Back Row: Terry Shepler, Jim Bunsold, Tom Burnau, Roger Norris SEVENTH GRADE Front Row: Dorothy Stahl, Patty Kaylor, Mary Burnau, Joyce Ross, Donna McCartney, Sue Newhard, Diane Denney, Jean Milby, Janet Allen Middle Row: Larry Corell, Jerry Corell, Jerry ,Quackenbush, Harold Wheeler, David Reavis, Lynn Smuts, Kent Shepler, Ronald'Clark, Donald Clark Back Row: Mr. Murray, Marilyn Overholt, Melba .Overholt, Larry Burgess, Larry Ifesh, Billy Fisher, Robert Christman, Richard Norris, Billy Thurber, Nancy Thurber, Agnes Wilson xf SIXTH GRADE Front Row: Jane Schlagenhauf, Vir- ginia Earnest, Beverly Baker, Kitty. Thoma, Louanna Parker, Wanda Moody, Joy Semones, Marvel Brad- burn Middle Row: Herman Osborn, Bobby Elzey, Earl Gaskill, Melvin Meyer, Rex' Brown, Joe Hanauer, Charles Reddin , Back Row: Mrs. McLean, Wayne Pope, David Dafforn, Johnnie John- son, Marvin Bradburn, Billy Bender, Johnnie Patty FIFTH GRADE Front Row: Dixie Dennis, Janet Boxell, Mary Lou McBride, Mary Lou Wolf: Lillian Osborn, Janet Quackenbush, Vaunda Omspaugh, Kathryn Burnau A Middle Row: Bobby Sickafus, Ge ry Bender, Phillip Bunsold, Bobby Sm th Arthur Farrell, Chester Haines, Eddy Weisenauer Back Flow: Mrs. McLean, Lewis Sink, Bobby Caley, Billy Shepler, Lynn Dafforn, Norman Wall, .Jerry Schwartz, Jimmy Corell, George Hoopingarner r ' Q FOURTH GRADE Front Row: Lois Gaskill, Linda Brown, Shirley Omsbaugh, Brenda Allen, Susan Cooper, Betty Smith, Janice Corell Second Row: Jimmy Roussey, Larry Stahl, Donald Bunsold, Billy Levy, Sammy Boyd, Russell Haines Third Row: Mrs. Lesh, Sharon Goshorn, Bonnie Fisher, Judy Hoop- ingarner, Judy Burnau THIRD GRADE Front Row: Carolyn Sue Christman, Shirley Ann Bunsold, Carolyn Kay Collier, Shirley Merchant, Judy Davis, Mary Jo Cline, Sharon Elzey,, Londa Kay Fauz, Marilyn Cayot Second Row: Kirby Dafforn, Monwcll Sheley, Richard Reuter, Garry,Carl, Wayne Settlemeyer, Max Reidenbach, Bruce Johnson, Jimmy Levy, Billy Connett Third Row: Mrs. Lesh, Wilma Milby, Ronald Mulles, Ardith Smith, Teddy Thoma, Richard Mishler, Richard Pope, David Stinson, Donald Walker, Martha Burnau, Shelia Trennephol SECOND GRADE Front Row: Linda Burnau, Lila Boxell, Bonnie Cooper, Katherine Richardson, Nancy Wilson, Mary Ann Gerber, Barbara Rush, Connie Sheley, Catherine Fate Second Row: Tommy Fisher, Phillip Norris, Ralph Platt, Roger Wendel, Donnie Wolf, Tommy Ross, Larry Meyer, Floyd Meyer, Myron Brad- burn, Ted Schlagenhauf, Joe Sickafus, Rose Osborn Third Row: Mrs. McClure, Nancy Eckelbarger, Judy Gaston, Betty Roussey, Gwendolyn Parker, Karen Bender, Patricia Reddin, Mary Lou Farrell, Suzanne Boyd, Patricia Spaid, Caralene Fishbaugh, Karen Quacken- bush. Donna Walker FIRST GRADE Front Row: Janet Line, Sonja Smith, Rebecca Lipkey, Susie Stolte, Litia Earnest, Lois Fritz, Ruth Fritz, Betty Kline, Janice Caley Second Row: Carol Scare, Jerry Shutt, Jackie Keidel, Phillip Smith, Bruce Reidenbach, Freddie Crowl, Myron Trennephol, Lois Settlemeyer Third Row: Miss Martin, Larry Gaskill, David Bunsold, Gene Parker, David McBride, Robert Fairchild ' Q.g,. 4 -f -H,.,Jl. :aft , .x S.. Qikgef s X Q X X is 1 Yi ,wx 4 1- ,gk 8 N i 4 , :fgofl 5 9 Q N ag f Q, . x, V X , ' 4 ., N , .ki gy, X SPORTS Danny Thoma, Jed Burnau, Jim Burnau 2 Qhflpa, I ""? IP f Mr. Garrett, Don Hoopingarner T211 . I iii? -,MX H. CRIST X-...aff If First Row, Left to Right: Hal Platt, Eugene Norris, Dean Crum, Fred Gearhart, Danny Thoma, Jed Burnau Second Row, Left to Right: Coach, Mr. Garrett, Joe Huffman, Jim Burnau, Leo Bumgarner, Terry Bowman, J. Anderson, student manager BASKETBALL 1949-1950 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Union Chester Union CCounty Tourneyl Chester Union CWellsJ Lancaster Union Roanoke Union Lafayette Union Petroleum Union Jackson Union Ossian Union West Union Union Lafayette Union Liberty Union Rockcreek Union CHuntingtonJ Lancaster Union West Union Union Rockcreek Union CWellsJ Lancaster Union Ossian Union Monmouth Union 37 CSectional Tourneyj Petroleum 39 The varsity squad of Union Center High School basketball team consisted of only three returning letter-men. The remainder of the team was made up of recruits. The varsity squad consisted of the folowing players: Jim Burnau, 5'11", 152 pound senior, center, played 1 year of varsity basketball and 2 years of second team basketball. Leo Bumgarner, 5'1l", 165 pound senior, center, participated in 1 year of varsity basketball and 2 years of second team basketball. Danny Thoma, 5'10", 143 pound senior, guard, played 3 years on the reserve squad and 1 year on the Varsity. Dean Crum, 5'8" 140 pound senior, guard, played 2 years on the first team and 1 year on the reserves. Fred Gearhart, 5'9", 145 pound senior, guard, played 1 year on the second team and 2 years on the varsity. Hal Platt, 5'9", 145 pound forward. Hal, who is a junior, has played 1 year of second team ball and 2 years on the varsity. Jed Burnau, 5'9", 145 pound junior forward, played 2 years on the reserves and 1 year on the first team. CContinued on page twenty-fivej wax 5:-nd First Row: Jim Burnau, Leo Bumgarner, Dean Crum, Terry Bowman Second Row: Danny Thoma, Eugene Norris, Delos Fisher, Fred Gearhart Third Row: Hal Platt, Maurice McBride, Jed Burnau, Don Hoopingarner, Joe Huffman XA, A r Kneeling, Left to Right: Philip Wilson, Noel Burger, Max Boxell, John Hanauer, Danny Dafforn, Charles Dennis, J. Anderson, student manager Standing: Robert Cayot, Robert Leimenstoll, Delos Fisher, Donald Hoopingarner, Richard Youkey, Maurice McBride, Vernon Parker, Coach, Mr. Garrett SECGND TEAM The reserve squad finished with a better record than the varsity squad. They won 5 games, while losing 12 ot their games. The boys are hoping to improve this record next year. J. Anderson, Student Manager Colleen Denney, Evelyn Guy, Yell Leaders BASKETBALL CContinuedl Terry Bowman, 5'10", 145 pound junior guard, has played 1 year on the varsity and 2 years on the second team. Joe Huffman, 5'10", 162 pound junior forward, played 1 year on the varsity and 2 years on the second team. Eugene Norris, 5'8", 143 pound junior guard, played 2 years with the reserves and 1 year with the varsity. Maurice McBride, 5'10", 148 pound sophomore forward, played 1 year each on the varsity and reserves. Don Hoopingarner, 5'111!2", 150 freshman center, has played 1 year of varsity basketball. Delos Fisher, 5'9", 145 pound freshman guard, has participated in 1 year of varsity basketball. JR. HIGH The Junior High basketball team had a below average season during 1949-50 with seven wins and twelve losses. Most of the losses were very close with the loss resulting from the lack of ability to score consistently. Defensively the team functioned well with only three teams able to score twenty-seven or more points against them. The starting lineup usually included Tom Burnau, Ronnie Hoopingarner, Don Carl, Roger Norris and Phil Hoopingarner or Jim Bunsold. In addition, Ronnie Grim and Jerry Quackenbush saw considerable action. The Seventh Graders showed considerable promise by defeating Bluffton's seventh graders twice by scores of twenty-six to fourteen and twenty-seven to nineteen. In addition Lancaster's seventh was beaten thirty-four to eight. Most of the action was seen by Larry Burgess, Jerry Quackenbush, Dave Reavis, Larry Corell, Jerry Corell and Joe Hanauer. The 1949-50 Junior High free throw trophy was won by Roger Norris with a pitching percentage of .533 with Joe Hanauer close behind with .500. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling, Left to Right: Terry Shepler, Larry Corell, Larry Burgess, Jerry Quacken- bush, Ronnie Hoopingarner, Philip Hoopingarner, Jerry Corell. h Standing: Coach, Mr. Murray, Jim Bunsold, Tom Burnau, Don Carl, Roger Norris, Ronnie Grim 2-'s'Q",. QM. ' s l'- V ,J ,:f.'jI.. f. al ' ', l,'.'1- ' xxx, .ly .V fn' . ,V ,, 4 , ,Q X H C' , ' 1 v n N p , , , I 1 I , 4 1 X 1 1 f v 1 , 1 ' J 1 . 1 4 f 5 , ff "CV v A .x. 1 . ,W , .L.,I I. S' , ., - .,,, A . , , ,. , s , -,Nv'. M ' i l First Row: Jed Burnau, Don Hoopingarner, Hal Platt, Dick Youkey, Maurice McBride, Dean Crum, Danny Dafforn, John Hanauer Second Row: Danny Thoma, Jim Burnau, Leo Bumgarner, Joe Huffman, Delos Fisher, Fred Gearhart, Eugene Norris, Raymond Garrett SOFTBALL In softball the varsity squad had a good year losing only two games in the season. This year the varsity squad consisted of the following players: Danny Thoma, C F, Dean Crum, Catcher, Hal Platt, Pitcher, Leo Bumgarner, C F, Fred Gearhart, L F, Delos Fisher, Shortstop, Don Hoopingarner, L F, Maurice McBride, R F, John Hanauer, third base, Dick Youkey, R F, Danny Dafforn, first base, Joe Huffman, first base, Jed Burnau, third base, Terry Bowman L F, and Jim Burnau, R F. The team got off to a good start and won all of their games, but just couldnit seem to get past Petroleum. Petroleum seemed to be the only team able to stop the Badgers in the regular season schedule. In the county tournament the four teams that were top in the county had a drawing for the playoffs, Union drew Petroleum and were defeated by a on-e run margin in a hard fought ballgame. - ,. MW :- 45,63- 1255! 52 5-If Q v im :M Km x w A.1fr3, , x .yi 'N""',k 4- ' if 5 51:5 mp, .:: ,M 1' if-, sv, 3 .. il' ,,"' LZ X gig,-5. 55 Q5 .1 ? 5'T'?'f:' 'QW M 141, wx? --'k I 2 , QNX' A: Q3 ' ' :EQ V ' X: f . f ' t-M , 3 . 1 : V-:!5:ggv::::. F' . 'P' l'.,Z , " A x-v: 3 Rv ,A : wi.. Sqn? ,Q , ge: X , . . Q, ,xr wh ,, . :NN .gi f .,.. - 4- ' 5,52 M 732.1435 .Q N V 2: . 'W QS lgfigg 7 N45 sg 6' N4 Bottoms up Skoting Porty Shop Going Up First Grode Angels Bodger Bugle in Production "Smile tor the birdie, girls." ACTIVITIES Seated, Left to Right: Dean Brown, Betty Crist, Ellen Osborn, Colleen Denney, Isabelle Borton, Marjorie Moore, Dean Crum Standing: Danny Thoma, Jim Burnau, Leo Bumgarner, Dick Couch, Mrs. Raber, J. Anderson, Gene Pope, Fred Gearhart, Lynn Veazey BADGER BUGLE STAFF Editor-Colleen Denney Feature Editor-Ellen Osborn Assistant Editor-Evelyn Guy Ass'ts--Danny Thoma and Fred Gearhart Business Manager-Betty Crist Grade and H. S. Reporter-Lynn Veazey Circulation Manager-Gene Pope Inquiring Reporter-Leo Bumgarner Boys Sports-Dean Crum Head Typists-Isabelle Borton Girls Sports-Isabelle Borton Typists-Marjorie Moore, Dean Brown Joke Editor-Dick Couch Jim Burnau, J. Anderson Q ,:. N, 0,3 2 news I I 'nag Cs qs ".'1"fSB " a '-9 ' W T, T I QQ" f " K :A ,A G L 0. item.,-,. AN NUAL STAFF TOP PHOTO 1st. Row: Colleen Denney, Evelyn Guy, Ellen Osborn, Marjorie Moore, Isabelle Borton 2nd Row: Betty Crist, Leo Burngarner, Gene Pope, J. Anderson, Dean Brown, Dick Couch 3rd Row: Dean Crum, Danny Thoma, Fred Gearhart, Lynn Veazey, Jim Burnau LEFT PHOTO Advisors-Mrs. Rutenberg, Mrs. Haber RIGHT PHOTO Ass't. Business Manager, Marjorie Moore - Ass't Editor Gene Po e , D Business Manager, Colleen Denney - Editor, Evelyn Guy Editor-Evelyn Guy Assistant Editor-Gene Pope Business Manager--Colleen Denney Assistant Business Manager-Marjorie Moore Activities-Isabelle Borton, Dean Crum Athletics-Fred Gearhart, Jim Burnau Photographes-Ellen Osborn Circulation-Leo Bumgarner Advertising-Betty Crist SENIOR BABY SNAPS Top to Bottom--First Row: Dick Couch, Dean Brown, Colleen Denney Second Row: Evelyn Guy, Betty Crist, Lynn Veazey, Leo Bumgarner Third Row: J. Anderson, Marjorie Moore, Ellen Osborn, Dean Crum, Danny Thoma Jirn Burnau Fourth Row: Gene Pope, Isabelle Borton, Fred Gearhart BOY'S 4-H First Row, Left to Right: Max Stinson, Lynn Veazey, Dick Youkey, George Ertel, J. Anderson, Joe Huffman, Don Hoopingarner, Bob Leimenstoll Second Row: Ronnie Hoopingarner, Charles Dennis, Roger Norris, Richard Cayot, Robert Cayot, Hal Platt, Carl Anderson, Fred Gearhart, Eugene Norris, Rex Brown Third Row: Mr. Boyd, Jerry Bender, Billy Bender, Joe Hanauer, Jerry Quackenbush Philip Wilson, Larry Lesh, Larry Corell, Jerry Corell, Richard Norris, John Hanauer Thirty-seven members under the guidance of Dana Boyd started projects. Thirty-four members which is 9l.9'Zy completed projects. CLUB OFFICERS President ........ Dick Thomas Vice-President .... Lynn Veazey Secretary ....... Carl Anderson Treasurer ........ George Ertel News Reporter --- Eugene Norris Trips were won to the International Livestock Exposition at Chicago by J. Anderson who had the grand champion barrow and Charles Dennis for his senior class guernsey cow. GlRL'S 4-H Front Row: Violet Pope, Barbara Akom, Eunice Bradburn, Joyce Currence, Betty Boxell, Carol Boxell, Isabelle Borton, Alice Fritz, Shirla Anderson, Shirley Bumgarner, Joan Huffman Second Row: Mrs. Rutenberg, Barbara Mulles, Joy Semones, Mary Lou Wolfe, Sue Newhard, Rosalyn Stahl, Anna Newhard, Jeanne Thomas, Nancy Bender, Marilyn Eckelbarger, Virginia Earnest, Thelma Patty, Wanda Moody Third Row: Dixie Dennis, Marvel Bradburn, Jane Ann Schlagenhauf, Patty Kaylor, Janet Allen, Jean Milby, Lillian Osborn, Diane Denney, Melba Overholt, Marilyn Overholt, Janet Boxell, Dorothy Stahl, Agnes Wilson, Susan Cooper This year, for the first time, our 4-H club was divided into a Junior and Senior Club. The Senior Club president was Shirley Bumgarner and the Junior Club president was Anna Newhard. Two outstanding events of the year were our trip to Fort Wayne, where we visited Jane Weston and the Wayne Knitting Mills, and our picnic at Salamonie State Park where we were hostesses to the boy's club. During the summer Isabelle Borton was sent to represent our club at Purdue Roundup, and Eunice Bradburn and Jeanne Thomas won trips to the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago. We had an advisory committee member from each township home economics club. The advisers were Mrs. Harold Park, Mrs. Charles Sickafus, and Mrs. May Thomas. Our representatives to the District Judging Contest were Betty Boxell, Carol Boxell, and Eunice Bradburn. To complete a successful year, we were awarded the third seal for our Charter, granted for achievement and completion. SENIOR PLAY TOP PHOTO-Standing: Danny Thorna, Dick Couch, J. Anderson, Gene Pope, Dean Crum, Mrs. Raber Sitting: Isabelle Borton, Betty Crist, Colleen Denney, Marjorie Moore, Ellen Osborn LEFT PHONE-Colleen Denney, Danny Thorna, Isabelle Borton, Mrs. Raber, Evelyn Guy, Dean Crum RIGHT PHOTO-Gene Pope, J. Anderson "Itjs A Great Life," written by William Fisher, was presented by the Senior Class, and enjoyed by all. The play Was given November 15, 1949 in the school gymnasium. The cast was as follows: Mary Wilson .......... Colleen Denney Marie George .... --- Betty Crist Tommy Wilson ---- ----- G GHG POPE Wiiberi Wiggins ..... --- Dick couch Ted Stokes ..... ..... D ean Crum M 1 O,R k J A d Mr. Wilson .... ..... D anny Thorna Flsc GS our fe """ ' n erson MI-S, Wuson ---- qu Isabelle Borton Miss Alstead Billings .... Ellen Osborn Gertrude Harris --- ...... Evelyn Guy Theresa Gant ........ Marjorie Moore BAND First Row: Larry Lesh, Jeanne Thomas, Anna Newhard, Velma Patty, Terry Shepler Second Row: Ronnie Grim, Wilbur Overholt, Dean Crum, Lynn Veazey, Joe Huffman, Hal Platt, Robert Cayot The Band has been active all through the summer. They have played at concerts all over Wells County. They had rehearsals through the summer every Thursday night. After school had started the band went to Indianapolis for the State Fair where they marched in the parade. Later the band Went to Purdue to see a football game. 2-'s'Q",. QM. ' s l'- V ,J ,:f.'jI.. f. al ' ', l,'.'1- ' xxx, .ly .V fn' . ,V ,, 4 , ,Q X H C' , ' 1 v n N p , , , I 1 I , 4 1 X 1 1 f v 1 , 1 ' J 1 . 1 4 f 5 , ff "CV v A .x. 1 . ,W , .L.,I I. S' , ., - .,,, A . , , ,. , s , -,Nv'. M ' CHORUS Unders the direction of Mrs. Grayston our combined choruses gave many pro- grams at churches this year. We also gave a spring festival. Front Row: Ellen Osborn, Evelyn Guy, Colleen Denney, Dorothy Smith, Carol Boxell, Eunice Bradburn, Isabelle Borton, Betty Boxell, Joyce Currence, Alice Fritz, Barbara Akom, Violet Pope, Marilyn Moore Hazel Girdham, Mrs. Grayston Back Row: Esther Van Meter, Betty Crist, Joan Huffman, Shirley Bumgarner, Shirla Anderson, Rosalyn Stahl, Babe Eichhorn, Nancy Bowman, Marjorie Moore, Jeanne Thomas, Sally Burnau, Nancy Bender, Barbara Mulles, Marilyn Eckelbarger. PICTURES AT RIGHT-Left to right Christmas Program, Mixed Quartet, Christmas Program, We Seniors hate to leave it, Christams Program, Sextet, Mixed Chorus, Quartet Front Row: Mrs. Grayston, Robert Cayot, Vernon Parker, Delos Fisher, Lynn Veazey, Hal Platt, Terry Bowman, Joe Huffman, Don Hoopingarner, Dick Youkey, Dick Couch Back Row: Robert Dafforn, John Hanauer, Danny Dafforn, Charles Dennis, Phillip Wilson, Dean Crum, Wilbur Overholt, Robert Leimenstoll, Gene Pope E 'I S S :Mid .. - 5-295, A E? Si MMA ., ., , vm.fwmfs. . .' 1.-.ag 'r gm. . , . ,mm if ,: , .- f .. 1: Q .,-fa 3 Vai-f5'4:ZEQ: 3: I A . ,W ,535 M , 1 -1 3 111 fi' :wx '- .IE ' 1-fi 'f '1 .lf - 51.1 ff-1-:f ., . . I ,g,f'A 4' 1 '1 W 1 7-9 " 11- 1" '1' M f 11-,1--U -1.-1 -' '21,-.. -15!-,X -1 I ,- V 1, 1: .1 1 31,15 .,.,".'x ' 1 1'-1 . ' .U 1' "1-fnf f' -72 "1-' 'li' 11 Hb' "J" ,112-'11 1 'n4','- C113 '1- ,1 I, 1 " 5 1 1"1 '1 'AQ 1 ' , 1 ' U Af: . ' 1-. -1 '-1.'f".. L' 1 V, '-f ' 'flu' 1... 41 1 1 ff-fit V 11 11, v - Q1 1' 1 1'.1.'-1- 1, 4, it -l51.'h A ' Vai- - 1 1.17 1 . , 1 1 1511 1 I-14 . 1. -.,-1 1 N " 1, "' 1- .1 A .,,1,1' A ' . 1 , 1 ' 1 -H' , 1 I, A - 1 1 1 1 "2 Q .,. 1 ,,. . X A! I - - - 1 1 --11' -1- - - .sl 1 1 fx I " -- 1 1- , .1 - Q ' ' ' I - J , 1 17 1 11,1 J.:-'1 1: "5 1 4 ""- '1' 1 f ' 1. -", .-,1.1 .J . 1 J .1 1, Jl'r1' -F1 J " ' 1' 5 41 S 1' x I 1 '- -1 -1. 'r 1 Y. 9 , '- 1- .V ,. ., ,112 71- - 1 Y ,rim-.1-141 I-IA' 15'-41 '1 " 111 , A 1 -X V 1, ' 1 1 's..1 . h 1 1 I ,A ig , f" If' ' '.'.Q A 1 , 'i1 " ' K 111 ' QL. -'11 11 1 1 '1"-1"1'-':.'11 , , I 1 .. . . 11.- f' 11,1 1 -111, .- 1. . , 1 1 . -1 , 1 ,pw 11 ,,,-11, 11, ,C - '.. "1 ' 'Sw I-1 - -11. - 1 1" L 11 "U - ' 1. M 1 .r., "','.g1,5j41p1 113511 -fy' 1 ' A, , : 1' . , pf' ? 1'.':1'7 iff yn-1, V -1 1 X .1--1.,1." ,gf , A-,761-.1-.-15 11,..g.,. -V11 1 "1-. : ., 1 -1-1. 1 ,T - '.,., .I 1 '- ,'.,f5w S 1 - . - ' -.11 , .a : 1,- .- :1 1 ' 1 '1'--1 1-1 ',w1jg.111--1i-.111-'- 1 -' ' 'J - 12,-1,,11M" 1 1 u, -rl-f 1.-1, mg? Y, . Q ,.,,' 1' . .1-53, Q j'1 ff 4, ' 'f '.-'Q -.WL ' ' ' ' 115-1 --11'-.'J .1 H 1, ral.: 11,1 42-1 pf 1 , . .1 Y,m!vh,,,w . 1 . 1 ',,- 111' '1' Q f 1-1, ,, ' .'1 1l,N,.'-1,'1"'1' 5-:av 5 FH "Q f - -' 1'i,4 1,11 1' 1 4 '25 .11 - - .1 14 W 'L --.., 1 11 .1 1 ' "' Q 1' -' 'Z1' ' 1, I 11: 11, ,111 1.-N 1. . M111 My 1 1- 1.1 . 151:-X H1V1kll 1 'I 11, -v M 1 .-. x 11.. 1 ' -V-1 51.11, -1, 1 "" ..r51' .-1-4 .rr J 1 -1 I-H+ .A .11-1 3 11.,A . 7 1."'1a,1' A , '.- T. '1 ' ' , 1 1- .I .1 N .,n 1. '11 ' 1.311 y h 'xl-"' 1521. .j 1 Hx , 1 r J' A EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers of QUALITY FURNITURE FLO0R COVERINGS or ALI.. KINDS CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE New Overstufted Furniture Built To Your Specifications Old Furniture Reserved and Recovered. A Wide Range Of Lovely Materials A Complete Selection Of LIVING ROOM, DINING ROOM, AND KITCHEN FURNITURE KITCHEN CABINETS MADE TO ORDER G E R B E R FURNITURE AND UPHCLSTERY Edward Gerber Phone 524 Alvin Gerber One Mile North Of Bluffton, Indiana RICHARDSON GROCERY QUALITY MERCHANDISE FRIENDLY SERVICE Selected Fruits and Vegetables Grade A Meats ZANESVILLE, IND. PHONE 47-w FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTORS MONUMENTS R. C. McGUFFEY AND SON MARKLE, INDIANA ,Q -1 III- Compliments of MARKLE MOTORS INC CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 'I38 THE DUTCH MILL On The Bcmks Of The Wobosh A Good Variety Of Good Food BLUFFTON, INDIANA E L I S T E F F E N E MOTOR SALES Y A N D O S 0 I STUDEBAKER N O FURNITURE 121 N- Main Sf- FUNERAL DIRECTOR BLUFFTON PHONE 44 OSSIAN, INDIANA T 0 N N E R Steffen Hardware BODY WQRKS 81 Implement Ca. Sylven Tonner -O- JOHN DEERE MILK BODIES SALES 84 SERVICE and -O- COMMERCIAL BODIES We Aim To Please -0- Phones I2I N. Main ST. Office 301 Residence 752 PHONE 44 State Road 'I Bluffton BLUFFTON INDIANA OLD FIRST NATIONAL BANK In Bluffton SHEPLER'S MOTOR SALES SALES SERVICE General Repairing A Day and Night COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE WRECKER SERVICE Member of F.D.I.C. O K Used Cars Phone 53-B Zanesville , ZANESVILLE Y Q U N G S . . SUPPLY CO. E'-ll-Way Service LUMBER - PAINT Car - Truck - Tractor HARDWARE Repair and Service NO JOB TOO LARGE NONE TOO SMALL Phone 33-B Zanesville "See Us For Your Building Needs" ZANESVILLE, INDIANA PHONE 52 FARMERS 84 MERCHANTS BANK Friendly Banking Service Member Ot Federol Deposit Insuronce Corp. BLUFFTON, INDIANA MASTERSON - TYNDALL CO. CLOTHING ond SHOES tor DAD ond LAD BLUFFTON, INDIANA MOSER IMPLEMENT C0. Your Neighbor Trodes With Us, Why Don't You? ALLIS-CHALMERS BLUFFTON, INDIANA PHONE 203 THE CORNER Fountoin Service - Short Orders Cigors - Cigorettes - Condy Dine Dance BLUFFTON, INDIANA Meet Me At The Corner SUMMERS MOTOR SALES ...gl-4 ii ,, XCHEVROLEIX 'T Phone I00 Ossian, Ind. FUNDERBERG FUNERAL HOME "Truly A Remembered Service" AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE - MARKLE 40 or I4 Roe Funderberg MARKLE, INDIANA SEE US FOR YOUR FURNITURE NEEDS FURNITURE - RUGS LUTHER BAKER LUMBER CO. Lumber - Lime - Plaster - Glass - Hardware - Sewer Tile Sash and Doors - Jewel Paint - Red Brand Fence Johns-Mansville Asbestos Siding and Roofing Phone 48 MARKLE, INDIANA "DECK" "SPEED" MOSER SUPER SERVICE Complete One-Stop Service Phone 300 Corner Marion and Market Sts. BLUFFTON, IND- I A. me Lf 3 wx 1 Q D AXE Cx QSM fu... ff f ' K W 1 X I CD M 5 35122 Q9 If Q Z xx J K ffm? St, .fd ix Si. ij 53, S M'j BUICK - OLDSMOBILE - PONTIAC G. M. C. TRUCKS GOODIN MOTOR CO. INC. J. L. Goodin BLUFFTON, INDIANA BOWMAN'5 I DHD Drug Store G A R A G E DRUGS - COSMETICS SODAS - TOILETRIES General Automobile Repairing E4I:'2ZrasE:.T::,:2:: And Wrecker Service WALL PAPER cmd PAINT Phone 52-A Ossion Ossian, Indiana Compliments of PICTURES FOR THIS BOOK WERE TAKEN BY ROBERT'S STUDIO Phone 2863 I I37 South Borr St. FORT WAYNE INDIANA Huntington County Farm Bureau Co-op Ass'n Phone 65 Markle, Ind. BOWMAN'S HARDWARE Markle, Indiana Complete Line Of HARDWARE GOOD YEAR WARE BAKER CO. Cadillac Motor Cars International Harvester Trucks 81 Farm Implements Phone 533 - Bluffton SINCLAIR H C GASOLINE MOTOR OILS AND GASOLINE BATTERY SERVICE Service Car Phone 304 HARTMAN 81 SON BLUEBIRD DIAMONDS Law's Time Shop Phone 'I77 109 S. Johnson Bluffton I-Iamilton, Elgin and Overholt Cabinet Co. R. D. Overholt KITCHEN CABINETS Custom Built and Standard Models Designed - Built - Installed FREE ESTIMATES - WORK GUARANTEED Thresher P ts - lnlaid Linoleum Plyw d - C b' t Mo ld g H dware Stat R d N 1 North f BI fft PHONE 406 S U R G E MILKING MACHINES Everything For The Farm Corvin Briner BLUFFTON PHONE 954 John Don Jim John W. Carnall 81 Sons Abstracts - Insurances Real Estate - Loans Bl-IIOVC1 Watches Phone 82 Bluffton, Ind. Coffee Hot Dogs Q City News Stand Soda Fountain -- Soft Drinks llllllllllll llllllllll 130 W. Market Bluffton 'll4 E. Market Bluffton, Indiana BULK SEEDS SPICES Waid Furniture Store New ond Used Furniture, Stoves, Rugs Store Fixtures II2 E. Market St. Compliments of F S H E R NASH MGTGRS Huntington, Indiana Phone 'l6'l BLUFFTON INDIANA FINE FOODS Compliments ot ICE CREAM THE LEGGE ELEVATQR Uniondale, Indiana SODA SERVICE Rose 81 Kelly Cate Zanesville, Indiana Gaskill 81 Jacobs GROCERIES AND MEATS Zanesville, Indiana Zanesvil e Locker CUSTOM BUTCI-IERING LOCKER SERVICE BEEF BY QUARTERS PHONE 23 Platt Barber Shop IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL Zanesville, Indiana Markle Grain Co. EAST ELEVATOR GRAIN - FEED - SEED COAL - FERTILIZER Phone 37 Markle, Ind. L dry - Dry Cle ng - Towel Se Modern Laundry And Dry Cleaning Co. Fur Cold Storage and Cleaning 915 S. Johnson St. BLUFFTON, INDIANA Ph 694 W. Theron Christman, P p Compliments Of HeyerIey's Bakery PHONE 96 Ossian Indiana Compliments Ot FORD CARS, TRUCKS ond TRACTORS Urban City Garage Phone 55 Ossian, Ind. Congratulations Class of "5O" Dr. and Mrs. K. M. Weinland OSSIAN INDIANA We Produce Pedigree Sired 81 Pullorum Clean Chicks COMPLETE LINE OF FEEDS and HATCHERY SUPPLIES Globe Hatchery Phone 130-B OSSIAN BLACKSMITH and MACHINE SHOP W. H. Rodda 81 Son Phone 43 YAGER Standard Service ATLAS TIRES 81 BATTERIES COURTEOUS SERVICE Ossian, Ind. Phone 'I78-B G0 ALL ELECTRIC Allen - Wells Rural Electric Membership Corp. "Owned By Those We Serve" Compliments Of HENLINE MILL STATE PILOT FEEDS Linn 81 Saurer Exclusive Home Furnishers Appliances - Furniture Television DECORATING CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Peggy's Pastries Bluffton Phone 2105 Swisher Lumber Co 703 W. WQEQSII BLUFFTON, INDIANA PHONE 1313 Compliments Of 0. K. CLEANERS BLUFFTON, INDIANA The DeLuxe Cafe Bluffton, Indiana OPE N SU N DAYS 208 S. Main Phone 1354 Compliments of Franklin Electric CO. NC. BLUFFTON, INDIANA Thoma 81 Son Funeral Directors Rugs - Furniture BLUFFTON INDIANA Geels Jewelry Store "Known For Fine Diomonds" 'I05 S. Main St. BLUFFTON, INDIANA BLISS CAFE T I 1 Vogue Shop SMART JUNIOR APPAREL 103 S. Main St. BLUFFTON, INDIANA Grove 81 Baxter Chrysler - Plymouth BLUFFTON, INDIANA Compliments Of Glen O. Marsh BIu'Hl'on, Ind. Phone 6'I -K Schotts Meat Ma rkef HOME KILLED MEATS CUSTOM CURING 213W W. Market St. BLUFFTON, INDIANA Compliments Of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATED STORE Homed Owned C. D. Butler BLUFFTON, INDIANA Suddeth Auto Wrecking Co. Million Used And New Automobile Ports 81 Equipment P. O. Box 66 Phone I2 Bluffton Public Service Station CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH SALES - SERVICE Distributors of City Service Hunter 81 Son Ossian, lnd. Phone 153 John F. Kreigh 81 Co. I. G. A. GROCERY Warner Kreigh and Homer D. Hoover OSSIAN, INDIANA Pennington's Watches - Diamonds - Silverware Fine Watch Repairing Fostoria Glass C-ruen Watches OSSIAN, INDIANA Phone 'I68 INDIANA HYBRIDS Always The Peak of Performance BEST BY TEST 252A - 4I9A - 62OC Carl K. Kohr Huntington Indiana Springer Feed 81 Supply PURINA CHOWS MAYTAG APPLIANCES OSSIAN, INDIANA PHONE 39 Compliments Ot GEIGER Electric Store YOUR HOTPOINT STORE Zanesville Lighting - Plumbing - Heating Compliments Ot I ' I Line s Shell Service Markle, Indiana PHONE 'I4'I Hoover Brothers Hardware Paint - Spouting - Plumbing Heating - Wiring Markle, Ind. Phone 25 IDEAL "Kiddie" SHDP Lovely Wearables For Small Adorables TO'TS - TEENS - PIGTAIL CROWD SUB-TEEN TOO 'II5 E. Market Phone 'I099 Bluffton VIM Sporting Goods Store Equipment For All Sports Ft. Wayne, Ind. Locally Owned and Operated Star Hatchery Co. Star Quality Chicks PHONE 600 BLUFFTON INDIANA Your PeopIe's Store Markle, Indiana MOST EVERYTHING FOR MOST EVERYONE Midland Service Station Your Friendly Mobllgas Dealer See Us For The Right Prices On MOBIL 8a GENERAL TIRES AND TUBES BOB 81 DICK we ALSO SELL MOTOROLA CAR RADIOS Ul"lIOl'lCIOle and WILLARD BATTERIES O. STEINER PHONE 49 Corner Main and South Bluffton Compliments Ot Uniondale Lumber Co. I Dealers In "I I ' 5 LUMBER S BUILDERS SUPPLIES MAIIISLL. IND. Phone 'l8B We Deliver l l R O S E H I L L Eddie Barrick DAIRY IN C 0 SHOE SERVICE SHOE REPAIRING AND ' SHOES Grade uAu Products Ossian Indiana O l I "' HOOSIER BRAND UNIONDALE I MARKET ' And BLUFFTON, INDIANA I I-OCKER SERVICE PHONE 564 I We Buy -' 'I POULTRY, EGGS And BEEF HIDES Midland oil C04 ! Lockers Available BlLJ'ffl'OI'1, ll'1CllCll'1Cl UNIONDALEI IND. PHONE 44 We, the Class of l95O wish to thank the Advertisers who have made it possible for us to publish this book. -I-he Binding ond Covers The Engravings For This Book For This Book Were Mode By Were Furnished By Fort wayne The Heckman Bindery Engraving Co. North Manchester Indiana Fort Wayne Indiana This Book Wos Printed By The Bluffton Printery Bluffton Indiana wqgv Alma Mater "ls it good???" Chow Line I wa W. 1 . n, V. ,- ,D , . - 25' 6 if J if -Y - '-Q ap-9 v -. 1 A I'-'r '.- ,-c - ' 'Hr'- . ,.1, H 1 . 'A 1 L f rr' ' " w I , V , , ,Ld , If .. .,: I VII, V 4 we -' 'A ' vw 'Mp' V '- 1 . . 11,-N -1, ,A 23'-fi: "fr,-lj. A ,f , ""' 'uk 4..:"'1r.:' I., V , ' V -1' sf ' ' -ga-' :J -fl 11", A "fi 'ff .'f:5lE4 ff- + if L,-K . . J V 'f. Y 'gf ',,' fl 151' ' . ,. , -'f,-LEE., 1 . 2 1' ' 'I' "fb-. ".',f,,' A , . 'Qj,MM,,-X. , , A f wan, 7- :,3Q,'5,fy , wax: X . , V XML -Q Q ii wr, .L+ zwga . -5- '- 'f' 'X ,, I X . , , ' 1.4 . :sf , 5:1 , . 3. ,xr . 1 ., .,-A A tbl in '1 . Vg, ml' 1, L Q, , .,VV NN 1. rf ' Y. J-f" Awfif' ' 559 I. I: I , . ' '. X' b ' ' ... -" ,bl - r. 5, ,-Mig, 4 it I .M 1 JT, K 'I 1 . lj 'dx' ' -ww df ' f- 'I ' vw 1 .' . 1 Ig 1 , - .x Z 'Aft' .' "v::'J " Will r . ,,-1 ,V V ienmxw V1 Huw' ., 4' -N .g- J, yu, .. 3.7 , ,.-- ,.. ,, ' ' N w-' ' -1-S 93?-' M. 'Wi , ' ' , , -W sl qg..,g,:'Qv,q' .-3? 41- ,i,.:, 33 ,Vg lg, Y' rv .I '-QQ: K .W - g"',.' ,- H+ wi .-' f-rw ,X - ,1. . -. , . 179,-f . 1 "1 .J 2. ' ' ' !'k'u'A 'J flr, , W K Ja.. 'W .- gf251:p'.-'Aw I -2 "v i wwf Q. 1 ini-Z' ' '. N .115 .,:' J ., lugf. ' lvl: lag:- 'saf,,w'- .L - , ,,,.3.'4y,,. ,ya -9 X. haf- M' 'fa T: fi" .L , , A - V q .,L.':n.,. .. 5 I .K k TT . v , Q f' V . , V H t '.H ,E -. ' L , . - .N '- , l ". '-'K 'ifw ,, XL4 4 o ia, -M Y, D i ,tl -, . I 1 1 ll wx 'L 1 f, nl P'-1, , . uf 4 , '! , Y - - , . X AL- . I w , s . f ,Mia . "?3'1' ' Y saw . Y' P, Q ' WF , .13 . , . f 9 - I U r! ' w 1 x r . W V N 1 , " 1 4 ' h I I J r 1 ,J I 1 ww 1 I - ,K ,L , 1441+ ' A v u I l - r ' n 1 1. . fu h , . ru ,,. I 7 , .. L I -BN N ,A V nl 445 : ,C V, - Qi . V' -':' ".P,' iw .-, , v 4 ,IIV1 'w .1 , i J r. ,n V 71 - "-.'iL'?'f V 5 ' 44'4 , I-2 .L ,Wi 1 1" 'fx 552' .-' ' 'fgl ,I . X, - .11 ' "Nil .' ' H VV. "f,,.- Y. Nil, , ,J 5, V... 4. . ,r.. , . 'J . Vg W , ',Y fn 4' sw' ' W- v . I ., V I, f" ' ' Q. ,Y cb 1- , ff 1. ,V 1.14 .4 .Q 'x'..1,u . , lm .' . 3-J" fl, 5 r ,, 'y- , 51 P, , 'tl"'j:x'f,-",.i'v., -15: Iwi-. s. ,,f ',z, n ,ws ' x .. F I4'f!'.- I 4,1 .H 'UL xl , .,,s 41 1 Av 1 ,I ifgv' .., , ,'1 1' I, w 'Alf' A, 'n 4 fx. 1 3 A I J A f ' 4, x ,-53,14 --,. N, yi' 4 . .. , , Q x z , 1 1 5. 1'.' Klw-,f IMI ff' 2 4, ,, 1- V I Az' L 4 na, . L w-4' K 'SX' 1l4. ,A v ' 3 fm' nj' 9 'J .',a:.- sgwug Ut., - 'N 1 x 4 :X Y. , ,ff xi V 1 v 4 A 5 ' ? . w 1 1 . I , I o f ,1 1 11 L1-41' vf'11"w-1-5 X-A ' 1-1 ' -Y K, ,1 1 ,rw K If Phi! uv 'V 3 1 1 ,I f M'.Aiu1.' 'nel' . 1 A1 I 1 ul V 'L 1 ' 1 -11' 11 D. .' . N?1"f'Q-?'7..'13 . 1 4 1" 1'-'1!41,1.J. - W1 I ry 1 1,,', t L-I 1.'1 '1 Y1v1w,'.1 W . .Pl-1. Q-"' AQ' F151 V M '1 R-11'I':f' I, 'A' 1 1 2' In ' '11 V .1 V U " 11, 4 ' X 1 1 -1. ,1 " ' ' ' 'Hx' ' 1 1 .-1' 1 1','l'4J' 1F 1 1 1', -' ' .1 V5 .1- , 1 ,' '- 11, i ' ' ,L L 11 1 A -'1 Xl ' ,, I . 1' ' ' f 1 1'v 1, L'1 r fl ' n d1l1 "1 1 V , 1 111 , 1 L1'1 1.1 lax. 1 Y -1. 1 ' ' I. 1H!1. UV- ','1 Q, .., " "1 U ' 1 .1711 'W 11141: 1 KH' I' 1"' W. I 1 9 " ' ' 'f K , ' I Y ' s ' N Q 'yn 1 1111' . 1 144 1 ' 1 " K . 1 -"'1e 1 1 1 'fl 1., 'ow 11.- 1 11. 11 ' f' 1 - . . . 1 111, 1 1" . I ' F31 ' 'I' 5153: 8 1' 1 'H ' 1 A Y I' V HAH 1' 'f 1. ,ra l"1 .,,. , u,11,,,11 Ml.. 11- 'f "Nr 15. J 4': - 1 Q . 51,3 "1 . . Q Q I. +fg:f: Qq1e'i 1 'ff . ,, '7'i'12.f,f M 2155583 -iff? HH 1, ,. 2 -'U x . l -1 fu, 4': - 1 Q . 51,3 "1 . . Q Q I. +fg:f: Qq1e'i 1 'ff . ,, '7'i'12.f,f M 2155583 -iff? HH 1, ,. 2 -'U x . l -1 fu, The eflector BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF l95O UNION CENTER HIC-l-l SCHOOL MOTTO: "Not for ourselves, but for all" COLORS: Blue ond White FLOWER: Yellow Rose Wow W4 V, 1 CONTENTS Faculty Classes Sports Activities PAGES PAGES PAGES PAGES 5-7 9-19 1-27 29-37

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Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Union Center High School - Reflector Yearbook (Wells County, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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