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DEDIC AT ION We the Seniors of 48 W1Sh to show our appreclatxon for falthful years of service wxth us for the sponsorshxp f our class and for the pr1v11edge of knowmg a grand personahty We dedlcate th1s annual Mr Boyd to you ,n, ' nu ta - , 0 1 4 I ' 1 ' SCHOOL SONG Cheer Cheer for Old Unlon H1gh Send up the echos clear to the sky Send the roarmg cheer on hxgh Shake down the thunder from the sky Although the odds be great or small Old Unxon l-hgh w1ll wm over all Whnle our loyal sons are marchmg Onward to vxctory Rah Rah Rah Cheer Cheer for Old Un1on Hxgh Send up the echos clear to the sky Send the roarlng cheer on hlgh Shake down the thunder from the sky Although the odds be great or small Old Unxon Hxgh w11l w1n over all Wh1le our loyal sons are marchxng Onward to vxctory Rah Rah Rah l 1 I FACULT Y NN EETX NG' ,,.f-"7 NOT 9851093 S' Y Q pix ROBERT EGLY A B Ball State Mathematics Physical Education Coach Sponsor junior Class L HANNAH RUTENBERG B S Manchester 1943 Commerce Horne Economics Librarian 4 H Leader Sponsor Sophomore Class PIERMAN E. FRANTZ A B Manchester l9 ' M S lndianaU 1939 Social Science MARY LOU GREEN Mlllikin University Music in-His DANA T BOYD B S Univ of Illinois Agriculture Science 4 H Leader Sponsor Senior Class JEANNE RABER A B Ball State, 1945 English Latin Physical Education Newspaper and Annual Advisor Sponsor Freshman Class I If . 4 " ' QA A KVI' "EST " 'J ' 1 .' . .' , 3- . , T .I . . ., In 9 -r Q ' s : lf- 324 '5 '54 . X ,. W.-.A+ ' 0- 'f- " ' is '. v K Z. Y I ' l , , V TA GUINEVERE L-E55 NADINE1 HAMMOND Manchester magma U Hunfinlwn Ball sane 4 5 C1130 5 6 Grade 59:5 FRED WALL Huntington 7 8 Grade junior High Coach FLORENCE SCHORY Bl- RN! Cl' MAR l IN Bull Silk Mlm-honor Mlribn llunilnpnn Winona I Grade Z'3 Crude THE FLIGHT OF TDAE Ah yes return wxth us now to the thrilling days of yesterday as we hear the famt patter of little feet Yes flash back to that memorable day in September of 1936 when 17 new faces appeared in the fxrst room of old Umon High There you see 17 chxldren some happy some scared and some just sad but all ready to set out on the same adventure educatxon Those whom Mlss Bernece Martm took under her wing that day were namely Donald Allen Bonnie Bailey Beverly Barrick Marcella Boxell Margaret Clark Mildred Clark Nexl I-loopmgarner Donald Markley Evelyn McCartney Guy Shutt Edwm Smeltzer Rzchard Studebaker B111 Wexkel Phxllxs Wxlson june Willson Loxs Martm Donald Rxdge and Ed Bushee who came in March to make 18 Then It seemed very unportant to us Remember how busy Mlss Martm was recess time puttxng on snow suits and overshoes all wmter Remember too how much joy we got out of the visit of Santa Claus to our room at Christmas Fmally vacatxon came and went and then when we returned we found much to our dxsllke that the second grade had to split So some of advanced on to the second room where Mmss Mildred Thomas was our teacher while the rest stayed with Mxss Martxn passed and once again we captured the prxze of promotlon W1th promotmon came the reun1on of our class under our new third grade teacher Mxss Eulala Martxn Do you recall how we used to have to remain m our seats at recess because a horse shoe of that set 1n front landed qulte a distance from the place 1ntended" Yes those weak spots nn dxscxplme were always present Thls year we welcomed a new comer Nma Grlm from Yoder The followmg year found us ln the same room with the same teacher but mn the fourth grade Dave Huffman entered our group 1n that year comlng from Allen County Promotlon to the fzfth grade advanced us to the thxrd room then under the dlrect xon of Mr Corll Decreases 1n number among the class were thick and fast so we wxll not take space to mentxon them but we should make note that Bob Ertel came to us from Rockcreek The Sxxth grade once more splxt our class puttxng half of us under Mrs Eulala McLean fformerly Miss Martlnl who took Mr Corll s place ln the third room The other half advanced to the fourth room where Mr Fred Wall was m charge Remem ber how dlsappoznted the half ln the third room were when those nn the second room got physxcal ed and they didn t Frank Wall jomed us on our Journey of education durmg th1s year commg from Oss1an . . . . . at Two semesters filled with the fundamentals plus frequent forms of entertaimnent . ' . . . . . , . . . . The Flight of Tlrne fContinuedl The seventh grade united us agam in the 4th room under the auspicies of Mr Fred Wall Ah yes remember how we used to get our history lessons that year Yes those unforgettable history ballgarnes where we d get so loud and nearly come to blows This year we greeted the arrival of jim and Ray Anderson to our midst from Hillcrest School With our next promotion an oddity you might say occured Yes Mr Wall was promoted too and he remained as our teacher m the eighth grade Remember too how big it made us feel to get to go upstairs and made high school seem quite a bit nearer After the flight of time took place again and we spent two semesters of study spiced with various forms of enjoyment we felt the Joy of promotion once more This one being most lmportan of any so far Why? Because with it came our en trance into high school as the unforgettable green freshmen Do you still remember how undomfortable and nervous you felt those first few days ? How you thought everybody was watching you to see lf you stepped out of line 'P Oh yes we too had to be warned txme after time about being noisy in the halls and getting to class late when we were freshmen Our class officers for that year were Presldent Ed Bushee, Vice President Ca rroll Fogwell Secretary Nina Grim Treasurer Hazel LaLone and we had as our sponsor Mrs Haffner Two semesters of studv and disciplined conduct once more brought promotion cers were President Carroll Fogwell Vlce President Ed Bushee Secretary Treas urer Phyllis Wilson and we had as our sponsor Mr Boyd In August of 46 we returned to start our Junior year wzth our number decreas ed to a measly 15 This year was perhaps the most action packed of any Most memorable of the year was our presentation of Pleased Ta Meet Cha under the sponsorship of Miss Rutenberg The cast included Nma Grim Ed Bushee Frank Wall Marcella Boxell, Jim Anderson, Betty Hartleroad Guy Shutt Neil Hoopxngarner Bob Ertel 1-'nvllis Wilson Inanxta Baker and B111 Weikel Second of importance of this year was the trip to Chicago which took the place of the junior Senior Reception On Aprll Z8 and 29 the juniors and Seniors went by chartered bus to Chicago where we stayed in the I-larrxson Hotel in the heart of the loop During our stay we saw many of the sights of Chicago radio broadcasts and other points of mterest The third thlng of importance was the arrival of our class rings and pxns on Feb ruary 13 from Bastian Company of New York u , ' a U I . , Q , 1 I l ' I P . . . 5 . . - 4. o ' ' ll li , . l . . ' . . - . D - ': . ' ' s . : which gave us the right to move over one row in the assembly. This year our offi- A ' , ' 1 ' - ' , : - - , ' ' : . . ll Il 0 U U - . ' ' ll - Il: , . . . : . . ' . 1 I F U I . D ' s - . 9 ' ' I D The Fllght of Tune lC.qnt1nuedl Our offxcers of the junxor class were as follows President Phyllis Wilson Vlce Presxdent B111 Welkel Secretary Treasurer Guy Shutt and we had as our sponsor Mr Boyd Now we enter the fmal lap comlng down the home stretch sltuated ln the last row of seats m the assembly Thls year our officers are Pres1dent Ed Bushee Vlce Presldent B111 Weikel, and Secretary Treasurer Marcella Boxell., wlth Mr Boyd as class sponsor First of all came the senxor class play Wlld Gmger under the sponsorship of Mrs Raber The cast included Marcella Boxell Numa Grxm Guy Shutt B1.liWeikel 11m Anderson Betty Hartleroad Phyllls Wxlson Ed Bushee Ray Anderson Nell Hoopzngarner and Frank Wall Second we had our plctures taken and lots of them too The South Sade Studios of Huntmgton took all of our pictures to be used 111 the annual Third we were kept busy by pubhshmg the Badger Bugle the staff included all the members of the sen1or class Fourth the jumor Senzor Recepuon of 48 was held at the Van Orman Hotel m Fort Wayne on Aprll Z3 Flfth we ordered our name cards and 1nv1tat1ons and rented our caps and gowns On Aprll 25th and Apr1l 30th we broke the tape ot the big race by having our Baccalaureate services and the Commencement servxces respectively Hereby our days as scholars at old Un1on High are ended and It IS tlme for us to vacate and gxve way to oncommg classes And now Wlth deepest regret we say ad1eu to our school and those whom we are leavmg beh1nd. . - V . . . . . . . a p l . . . I I I I . . - . - - . - . . . , . - . . . ' I I I - ' ' , Q. e . . .. Q - gg . I - - - ' ' ' I I n I - . . 1 I - ' I I I . y . . . . I I I ' . . . I I . I ' ' so 2: - I y 1 - . . - l n . I , Q . . . - i . Q Q u . - . ANNUAL STAFF Fdltor AS-slstant Eldltor Class Fdltor bnapshot P dxtor Club Edxtor BUSIDCQS Manager Sports E dltOT Faculty Adxlsor I hylhs V.11son Ed Bushee Nlna Gum Marcella Boxell Ray Anderson NP11 Hoopmgarner Gux bhutt Mrs Raber RAY ANDERSON I Chorul 3 Baahetball Z Annual Sta!! 4 Claes Play 4 Paper 8ta!! 4 Track 3 MARCELLA BOXELL Chorual 2 3 4 :ec Treaa 4 Paper Sta!! 4 Annual Sta!! 4 BOB ERTEL l Basketball 3 Softball 3 4 Clase Play 3 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 SENIOR CLASS Class Color Blue and White Class Flower American Beauty Role Clall Motto They Conquer Who Believe They Can Class Officers President Ed Bushee Vice President Bil1Weikel Sec and Treae Marcella Bozell Sponsor DanaT Boyd il -Q 5 JALAES ANDERSON Chorua 3 4 Claaa Play 3 4 Paper Sta!! 4 Annual Staff 4 ED BUSHEE 1 Softball 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Prealdexxtl 4 Paper Stl!! 4 Annual Sta!! 4 Band l Z 3 4 Vice President Z Orchestra Track 3 4 NINA GRIM Annual Sta!! 4 Chorus l Z 3. 4 Class Play 3 4 Secretary 1 Paper Staff 4 4-H , 2, 3, 4 , , " '. ' A 4-H.2.3.4 Claaa Play 3, 4 5' Balkeitll Z. 3. 4 l, Z 4-H .z. 3. 4 , 0' G ,f' . . 7 NEIL HOOPINGARNER Chorus 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Softball 3 Basketball 3 -H 3, 43 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 EVELYN MC CARTNEY Chorus 1 Z 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 FRANK WALL Orchestra 1 B nd l 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Softball 4 Student Manager 4 Boys Octette 4 l Paper Sta!! 4 Annual Staff 4 PHYLLIS WILSON l Chorus 1 2 3 4 Class Play 3 4 President 3 Sec Trsas Z Paper Stal! 4 Annual Stall 4 Band 3 4 DAVID HUFFXAAIS 4-H Z Paper Sta!! 4 Annual Staff 4 GUY SHUTT l Baskslbtlll Z Softball I Z 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Class Play 3 Secretary 3 Paper Sta!! 4 Annual Sta!! 4 Track BILL WEIKEI., Chorus 3 Vice President 3 4 Class Puy 3 4 Blskstballl Z 3 Sohballl z 3 4 Paper suzu Annual sesff-4 C LASS WILL We the Sen1or lass of 1948 County of Wells State of Indlana bemg of sound m1nd and body after four strenuous years fmd lt necessary to leave our outstandmg faults and vlrtues to other members of the student body We do hereby make pub llsh and declare thls to be our Last W1l1 and Testament To the School we leave our thanks for the good tlmes we all can recall xn U C H To the Faculty we wxll our complete grat1tude for thexr patlence and understand mg and for helpmg us with our many problems durmg these four years of hrgh school To the jumors we leave our honored pos1t1on as semors and our ab1l1ty to get a long w1th the teachers To the Sophornores we w1ll our ability to answer questzons intelhgently and to make good grades To the Freshmen we w1ll our ab1l1ty to go up and down he staxrs qulotly and to get to classes on tune Ray Anderson w1ll my flrst seat ln the assembly to 11111 Welkel james Anderson w1ll my knowledge of history to jun Burnau Marcella Boxell w1ll my freckles to Babe Elchhorn Edward Bushee w1ll my report card to Lynn Veazey Robert Ertel will my abillty to trxp girls only senlors to Joe Huffman Nina Gram w1ll my ab1l1ty to make good grades in typmg to D1x1e Thoma Neil Hoopmgarner w1ll my ab1l1ty to play ping pong to jay Youkey David Huffman will my heel plates to Norman Stahl Evelyn McCartney w1ll my ab1l1ty to make good grades on exams to joan Mack Guy Shutt w1ll my ability to chew gum ln school and get by W1 h It to Colleen Denney I Frank Wall wul my aoxlzty to get along wmtn teachers to Lugene Norrxs I William Welkel will my height and abllxty to play basketball to Charles DCHDIQ I Phyllxs W11son w1ll my curly hair to Betty Crxst Sxgned sealed publlsnea and declared oy me th1rteen members mentxoned bove to be our Last Will and Testament we do hereby set our seal on thxs fourth day of February 1948 at Union Center School County of Wells and State of Indxana Senior Class Witnesses S.. P rinc ipal mi ff Sponsor 1 h U 1 a . v . . S . . . L . . I' , . . . . . . I' , . . . I, , ' ' . I, , ' . It 1 . 0 , . 9 ' I, . , . . . . . . ' I' . , . . . - ' I, , . I, ' . . . I' ' . D . .Ai . ' n n - 1 v ' D B'- u 1 Q I FE-Q y ,f 5 v - , ff rg THE SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY OF 1948 December 31 1966 New Years Eve My that was a good evening meal I ll go mto my lxbrary where that big cheery fxre IS blazmg and s1t before It stretch out and catch a catnap so I ll be on my toes for the New Year s part ahead Ho hum but th1s IS certamly comfort and that fue It just soaks that tiredness rxght out of my bones There s the pxcture of my graduatmg class above the mantel p1ece of the flreplace and what does xt say under 1t? It s Class of 48 Umon Center High School Gee we used to have fun back in those days Snore snore snore Eh what s this why it appears to be a large chicken farm and whose name is that on the roof of that great big chlcken house? Well I ll be it says Anderson s chicken Farm Breeders of Purebred Leghorn Chickens I wonder if that could be Ray Anderson By golly it is Well Ray sa1d he always dld want to be a chicken farmer and I guess he finally has realized his ambitxon Say there comes a large well because he is waving to hun The truck IS rolling up to the chicken house e driver is getting out and I see it s Jim Anderson delxvering poultry feed to Ray just across the road there is another big sign it says Bushee and Sons Breeders of Purebred Holstein Cows and Duroc Hogs And say mere comes two tractors out of the tool shed and there s Ed Bushee driving one of them I remember old Ed back in hlgh school when he was class president Gosh that s two of my old classmates who l1ve close together I wonder who thxs is driving in the lane though The car is stopping and who should it be but jim Sprinkle his wife Marcella Boxell and their farruly jixn and Marcella must own the place right beside Ed s where the name on the barn says Sprmkle and Sons Marcella is going into the house while jun and thexr three boys are going into the tool shed Ed is emerging pulhng a two wheeled trailer behind him They are backing one of the tractors up to another one whxch is parked in the shed and they are hitching a chain on to it and it is being pulled out mn to the open and up on the trailer jim with his family is leaving and Ed s truck IS following them jim is stopping at his farm but Ed is drmving on down the road Ed is entering a town and is coming to a stop before an irnplement repazr shop A rnechanic is coming out of the garage and that looks like Bob Ertel Bob s dad ran a garage and I guess Bob just naturally followed in his footsteps Ed is leaving the garage and is stopping in front of the bank That clerk in the bank looks faxniliar why it is Nina Grirn She was a member of the same senior class that Ed and I were She always said she wanted to be a secretary or some thing Now Ed is pulling up in front of the lumber yard and I ll bet he is going to get a few boards with which to patch his barn There s a little fellow walking around there with a white shirt and necktie on and I believe that it is Neil Hoopingarner. He's telling Ed that he has owned this lumber yard since 1958, and they are talk ing about their school days. truck on the lane leading back to the farm. Ray must know the driver driver- pretty , . . i . , th I The Semor Class Prophecy of 1948 Contmuedj Ed has gone again and IS now stoppmg at a blg place whxch says Guy Shutt and Sons on the barn There stands Guy beslde h1s Farmall M Tractor and xt looks as 1f he IS really gettmg ready to go to work They are makmg a few remarks about their old school days and Ed IS tellxng Guy of the promotlon of Dave Huffman to presxdent of the General Electrxc plant m Chlcago I remember how Date worked at the G E. ln Fort Wayne whlle he was 1n hxgh school wxth us Ed IS now tellxng Guy about see mg an article 1n the paper about Evelyn McCartney Guy says he saw that she dls covered a new method of lullxng a very deadly mmute orgamsm that was endangering the llves of mllllons of people Why I can remember when she was ln our chemistry class m school Ed says that maybe he should get a carpenter to make those repairs on h1s barn He says that maybe he had better get B111 Welkel to do xt He 15 stopping at B111 s house and B111 s wlfe IS tellmg ham that B111 xs workxng on a roommg house for Phy 111s Wxlson about five mxles down the road I remember Phyllxs when she was pres ldent of our Jumor class Ed IS turmng hxs car around and IS now pulllng up in front of Phyllls s house and sure enough there IS Bill Phyllis xs talkmg to hxm and IS tellmg h1m about one of her roomers She says that he IS a school teacher at good old Umon Center She says that h1s name IS Frank Wall and that he IS teachmg Agnculture and physxcs Ed xs now askmg Bill lf he w111 do hxs carpenter work for hlm and B111 15 noddmg hxs head They are saylng good by and oh oh oh where am I7 Oh I really hxt that floor I am now ready to celebrate New Years Eve nn great fashxon after a delxghtful sleep lxke that . . 1 . , . . 1 1 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 D - ' , ---- D ' Qmkmx, -iii N ii rtvasuvnnn S '1 JUNIOR C LASS 1-ish K ii-lv. :mn 1... FIRST ROW Vlvlenne Grant Betty Ferguson Ruth Lexmenstoll Bonnle Shoup joan F1shbaugh D1x1e Thoma Clara Osburn Beverly McC1enny Mlldred Earnest SECOND ROW Peggy Folk JoAnn Veazey jay Youkey Max Walton Gene Carl Rex Douglass Ronnie Fzsher JoAnn Patty joan Mack THIRD ROW Dlck Thomas Manford Cayot Mr Egly Don Caley Norman Stahl CLASS OFFICERS Preszdent Dmck Thomas Vxce Pres1dent DIXIE Thomr Secretary: joan Flshbaugh Treasurer: Betty Ferguson fl" ' X' .5 'fa S- -. "1 """'-' . fir: ' L' ii N i ' Ill we -1 fr ' "' W . . f Sf' , -T 4 x A , , , , ' r - 'Q W Q 1 ak -h ,- . - 1 l ' ' . 'wif A3 4 f Q C ' f 3551 JJ as M My .1 . 5 ,y uv 4 ir SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW Marjorxe Moore Colleen Denney Evelyn Guy Ellen Osborn Isabel Borton SECOND ROW Fred Gearhart Dean Crum Lynn Veazey Danny Thoma Leo Bum garner J Anderson jlm Burnau Gene Pope Sponsor Hannah Rutenberg CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Dean Crum Vlce Presldent Colleen Denney Secretary and Treasurer Fred Gearhart X A 5 A l X x R , ' w A, -s 1 :....... ' 4 -.VA ---,ng kwa' K A . . X it O Y l -:ff--1 I' R f "1 1 1-rt v, 1 3: f ' JV if- m at-ml FRESHNIEN C LASS FIRST ROW Shlrly Bumgarner Babe Exchhorn Wilma Qumn Marilyn Harmsh Marllyn Moore Helen Newhard joan Huffman Barbara Ferguson Rosalyn Stahl SECOND ROW Charles Dennis Robert Cayot Terry Bowman Carl Anderson George Ertel jxm Welkel joe Huffman Eugene Norrls Hal Platt jed Burnau Sponsor Jeanne Raber CLASS OFFICERS Presldent joe Huffman V1ce President jzm Welkel Secretary Sh1rlyBumgarner Treasurer Eugene Norris ,g as L 1' ' In Q xg I I . ., ' V 4 3 g 2 'ef I ' Q Y I . n' QQ AA--- 'l . - - L. I 1' - , . , 1 I D Y : . l l I I f . I I I . I I I i SEC OND ROW . 1 na V !"'f""-1 Z 4 gqxr QI EE!-ITH GRADE Boxnll Betty Boxoll Barbara Akorn Violet Pope Richard Herndon Bernard Osborn Robert Leimenatoll Morris McBride Dick Youkey john Earnest john Hanauer Teacher Fred Wall Qs nu:- SE VENT H GRADE FIRST ROW Sally Burnau Alice Fritz Dorothy Smith Eunice Bradburn Shxrla Anderson Nancy Bowman SECOND ROW junior Moorefield Noel Burger Charles Wheeler Don Hoopingarner Max Boxell Philip Wilson Bob Dailorn THIRD ROW Danny Dafforn Max Stinson Vernon Parker Delos Fisher Bob Omspaugh Wilbur Overholt Teacher Fred Wall Band Director Mr Blough ff I ' a v ?, A i e ' . ,H 571- W, - L . .. , Q. ' " .LL . """' I N 'b. J. t- , , -r , 5 Q ' . A ' L4 I . . Y , .' ' x U A O - V f rf , " 7 T ' r . . x V 9 b :A , ' ' s- bi . f . l r + 1 1 f ' L FIRST ROW: Nancy Bender, Barbara Mullen, jaanne Thomas, Lois Tobias, Carol fi ,B 1" ' 1 . ' xg K y 1. x I Hd T' 1 - V J I' ' ' v 1 , Him- ' Q . ' . n,- 4 X- n . . 3 lf L ' ' 1 H ' ,gba Q . 5 Y -32' L af' X lll'E"' img' F' rx 7' SDKTH GRADE FIRST ROW Velma Patty Marilyn Boxell Margaret Haines Anna Mae Newhnrd Peggy Thomn Marlene Platt Mary Corl Melba McBride SECOND ROW Paul Terry Shqpler Ronnie Grim Morris Harniah Tholnnl Bnrlan Don Carl Earl Rosa Mrs Hamnwmd Richard Cayo! Paul Tobin! Roger Norris Phillip Hoopingarner Ronnie Hooplngarner he -gs M -Q.. FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW Dorothy Stahl, Agnes Wilson. Diane Denney, janet Allen, Cnrol Ferguson Donna McCartney, Sue Newhard, Mblba Overholt, Mary Burnau, Mari ly-n Overholt, Patricia Kaylor, jean Milhy SECOND ROW Kent Shepler, Bobby Carl, Ronald Clark, Harold Wheeler, David Reavh, Lyn Smuta, Donald Clark, john Brandt, jerry Corell, Richard Norrla THIRD ROW Billy Fisher, jerry Quackenhuah, Bob Chrlatman, Larry Lesh, Larry Burgess, Tenclxera Nadine Hammonl. Guinevere Leah Absent Larry Cox-ell, Joyce Ron J ' 1'-v -A ' , lf ' ii" ,Q EQ, , ,i 'K f V ,Lu .' 4 W , ' 7. f I' . ' ' '-5 v . 5 . , 1 W , 1 D C -1 H0 . Q . ' r 'D 1 f , Q . - 1 if . 5 l .Q V 1 V ,.' 4 ' i N. We 5 A I 1 . X I If-I X x ' L H' 'Q i b K ... ' I' :E - - ! I I u V ' ' 9 ' xl' ' ' r .. 4. Q- .V 1 t. 1. s fl U - X . 1 I 1' I I l t K 5 a "1 1. f I - . I 4 S ,A M 'ii 'bitum- FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD RUW FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH GRADE Sue Ferguson Carolyn Cayot Kitty Thoma Wands Moody Linda Lyst Beverly Baker Virginia Earnest Louanna Parker Roberta Banc-v jane Schlagenhau! Marvel Bradburn Herman Osborn joe Hanauer Bobby Elzey Melvin Meyer Rex Brown Earl Gaskill Marvin Bradburn Glen Moorelield Wayne Weaver David Dailorn Johnnie Patty Billy Bender Phillip Legge Wayne Pope johnnle johnson Teacher Mrs Lesh THIRD GRADE Dixie Dennis janet Bozell Vaunda Omspaugh Lillian Osborn Barbara Smith Mary Lou Wolf Mary Lou McBride Susan Cooper Sharon Kumier Elva Brandt Kathryn Burnau Charles Ulrich Robert Sickafus Lynn Daliorn, Billy joe Shapler Chester Haines Billy bevy George l-looptngarner Levis Dean Shk Michael Moorefield james Corell Gerry Bandar Norman Wall Robert Smith Robert Caley Teacher Mrs Schory il 'XL' J' -.2 'H ,O - l Q l f I. '1 ., I 3 1' - g I A l . 1- 44 . , 1 F- 4 1' I 3 , I -O ' 1 l .. -M M M 15 If X-E I ' A A K 1 1 . 15 f W 5 u 5 , P ' 3 .p I 7 R ' - , 4 1 ' H' ' , M f , ' 1 ' Q FIRST ROW SEC OND ROW P4 .1 C L4 s SEC OND GRADE judith Burnau Bonnie Fisher Betty Smith Beatrice Moorefleld Shirley Omspaugh Sharon Goshorn Margaret Ann Henry Judith Hoopingarner Loxs Gaslull Linda Lou Brown Russell Hames jxmmxe Roussey Larry Kumier Larry Stahl Sammy Boyd Brenda Allen janlce Corell Teacher Florence Schory I-'41 O I :F K, Qx A -Q. m FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FIRST GRADE Elbert Brandt., David Stlnain Teddy Tlmma Ardith Smnith Ronnie Mullen Richard Pope Billy Gannett Sheila Trennepohl Shirley Merchant Londa Kay Fauaz july Davie Mary jo Cline Sharon Elzay Gladys Willlama ilflil ROI! ECN!!! Carolyn Chriatman Marilyn Cayot Martha Burnau Barbara Ulrich Wilma Milby Kirby Daflorn Jimmy Levy Max Reidenbach Wayne Settlemeyer Larry Meyer Garry Carl Floyd Meyer Monwell Shaley Bruce Johnston Teacher Bernece Martin . K T---UA I' 4: I y din , V I ex. ' 1. r -Q , V ul' H 7- ' -- ' ,.. "1 ' an ' A to B6 ' . . V 5 ' ' ' ' 0 ' W . ' A- T. lm. ., is 1 . Q P.. , g' i , v - .. ,QA fqi -3, Q U .xg ' If 1v,." V ' K 'f-bk H 1 L 'f lX Q 4 - iiiiiziil 1- I Q' l Q ,F . Iv ,Q I f .L 5 I I E a N, i.f'F I ' 11 .1 - . , ubkr , ,N 4. 7 'ti V ', 5 K . X 'Q Y 3,2-' 45 s A ' . Q f , L ' ,Q , -.- - fl 4. ' "Q 1 . ' 1 X ky ,? 3 I-,gurl 'XX X 'iff XMWX ,r 's lg 1 2 n'4?' if -1 fi if "x Z7 T ukjnfl .. ,. , -. . sv. yn. . F 'XXX 1 XJ SPORTS IN REVIEW The boys came back to school last Fall all ready to start the softball season The team consxsted of thxrteen players Max Valton fxrst B111 Welkel second Hal Platt short stop Ronnle Fisher thlrd Guy Shutt catcher Bob Ertel pitcher Ed Bushee left fxeld Don Caley center f1eld Gene Carl center fleld Leo Bumgarner right fxeld Frank Wall catcher We won over Rockcreek and were defeated by Lancaster Rockcreek Ossxan Lancaster and Osslan At a hxgh school electlon held before the basketball season we chose our yell leaders The two gxrls who were chosen were Colleen Denney and Evelyn Guy B111 Wezkel walked off with the medal for foul shootmg There were 30 boys who trled out for basketball There were 25 boys who dress ed for the home games and there were 20 boys who dressed for the travelmg games was one of the regular forwards He was one of the h1gh point men for the year H spent two years on the second team and two years on the flrst team Ed Bushee Sr 6 0 163 lbs Ed was one of our best defensive guards He play ed on the second team two years and the f1rst team one Guy Shutt Sr 5 72 150 lbs Guy was our hlgh scormg guard He was Captain of the team this last year He played on the second team one year and the fxrst team three years Ronnme Flsher jr 5 72 130 lbs Ronme was one of our hxgh scormg forwards He played one and one half years on the fxrst team and IS expected to come back strong next year Max Walton jr 6 Zi 151 lbs Max was the tallest on our team and the reg ular center He played one and one half years on the flrst team Gene Carl jr 6 l 4 169 lbs Gene was our part txme forward who dad a good job thas year whenever he was needed He played on the second team two years and the flrst team one The varsity team consisted of the following: Bill Weikel, Sr., 6'l", 140 lbs. He . ' ' . e , .' 0 K os' I ' ' Sports 1n Revxew fCont1nuedJ Rex Douglass, jr., 5'lO", 130 lbs. Rex played part t1me at forward positlon He played one year on second team and one year on first team Don Caley, jr , 5'8", 131 lbs. Don has played two and a half years on the second team and one half year on flrst team Dxck Thomas, jr , 5'7", 156 lbs. Dlck has spent one and one half years on the second team and one half year on the f1rst team The reserves conslsted of Terry Bowman jlm Burnau jay Youkey Jim Welkel Eugene Norrls Norman Stahl Danny Thoma joe Huffman Leo Bumgarner Ha Platt Fred Gearhart Dean Crum and Charles Dennis Our student Manager was Frank Wall who was qulte a doctor He kept us all 1n shape by glvmg us rubdowns and rubbmg sore muscles SC HEDU LED GAMES Ossxan 4 Chester Z Lancaster 4 Lafayette 3 jackson 3 W Unlon 3 Unlon Unxon Unlon Umon Unxon Umon Liberty 41 Huntmgton Twp 55 Rockcreek 36 Umon Umon Umon Union Umon Unlon Unlon Un1on Umon Unlon Unlon TOURNAMENT GAMES 3 Z 2 4 Z Z Ossxan Roanoke Petroleum Lafayette Rockc reek W Unxon Monmouth COUNTY TOURNAMENT SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Un1on Z8 L1be rty 30 V WALSWORTN 3 Z ' 32 ' 0 ' 6 ' 50 ' Z4 6 ' 3 51 ' Z9 8 ' 4 45 ' 44 8 ' 5 40 ' 30 1 ' 3 ' 33 . ' 8 ' 6 . ' ' 36 ' ' 26 Lancaster 3 . 32 . ' . ' 41 NN' GUY SHUTT Guard fin! 5,3492 -if sf fig MAX WALTON Center COLLEEN DENNEY EVELYN GUY DICK THOMAS Guard ED BUSHEE Guard REX DOUGLASS RONNIE FISHER DON CAl..E.Y Forward Forward Forward BILL WEIKEL Forward fn-vs-v-'vi .,.f GENE CAR L enter Guyshuti S . '57-Q Bill Weikel Sr. - 6 l Ed Bushee Sr. - Ronnie Fisher jr. - Max Walton jr. - 6 25 Gene Carl jr. ' 614 Rex Douglass jr. - 5 I0 Don Cnley jr. - 5 8 Dick Thornns jr. - 5 7 fiff ,+- .rl VARSITY SQUAD FIRST ROW Dick Thomas, Doa Caley Guy Shut! Ronnie Fisher Rex Douglass SECOND ROW Frank Wall Gene Carl Max Walkin, Bill Waikel Ed Bushee Coach Robe:-1 Egly RESERVE SQUAD FIRST FOW Charles Dennu SECOND ROW Norman Stahl Danny Thoma joe Huffman Leo Bumgarner Hal Platt Fred Gearhu-t Dean Crum THIRD ROW Frank lA all Terry Bowman jlm Burnau jay Youkey jxm VN exkel Eugene Norrxs Coach Robert Egly . 1 ' 1 p n ' 3 p 1 ' ' n - v . I - . . , . - V - - I . . f . . , . X S-.K SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class presented the play Wxld Ginger on October ZZ 1947 at 7 30 p m The characters in the play were as follows jake Tallman penny punching father Ed Bushee Geoffrey Freeman young man of hero type Frank Wall Sanford Lakey extravagant? ? Bill Weikel Marwood Lakey a pain you know where Nell Hoopmgarner Mr Peterson the store owner jim Anderson Mr Stanley the health officer Ray Anderson Virginia Tallman lovable heart hungry little girl Marcella Boxell Miss Rachel Lee Ginger s best frxend Nxna Grixn Miz Walker Wuzy s mother Phyllxs Wilson Bonxta Lakey a snobbish girl Betty Hartleroad The play is centered around Ginger whose mother ran away when she was a baby and whose father was a penny pxncher The story goes on to tell how Ginger meets a newcomer to Greenboro Miss Ra chel Lee who is in reallty her mother During the summer Ginger comes in contact with two rich famllies the Lakeys and Freemans Gmger and the Freeman boy be come very frxendly which at that time was agamst her father s wishes Ginger en ters a swimming contest and wins and gets to go to Atlantxc City to try for the MISS AMERICA title In the meantirne jake through the persuasion of Mr Lakey turns over a new leaf He renews his frlendship with the Freemans and Lakeys buys a bxg horne intown for Ginger and her mother and gives has consent for Geoffrey and Ginger to marry Be cause of jake s change Rachel reveals her true ldentxty and returns to hum Ginger returns to him and is very happy to find her mother and to find out that jake has changed The surprise ending comes when Geoffrey asks Ginger to become his wife an ger accepted The scenes for the play were Act one a grocery store m Greenboro Act two Ta11man's shack in Squattertown, Act three Tallman s shack four years later I f. . Wuzy Walker, would-be chiropractor . . . . ......... : . . ............. . Guy Shutt ' . G' - C"'2 GIRLS GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW Dune Thoma Betty Crxsi Marcella Boxell Phyllxs Wxlson joan Huffman Vivienne Grant Barbara Ferguson Marjorie Moore Mari lyn Harmsh Shirley Bumgarner Rosalyn Stahl Clara Osburn Babe Exchhorn SECOND ROW lsabel Borton Evelyn McCartney Colleen Denney Evelyn Guy Nina Grim Ellen Osborn Bonnie Shoup joan Flshbaugh Ruth Lexmenstoll Beverly McClanny Marilyn Moore joan Mack Wxlma Qumn Dxrector Mary Lou Green FIRST ROW SEC OND ROW BOYS CHORUS Bob Cayot Dean Crum Norman Stahl Fred Gearhart Carl Anderson Dick Thomas Don Caley Terry Bowman Neil Hoopxngarnex' Danny Thoma David Eckellbarger Guy Shutt joe Huffman Ed Bushee jim Anderson jay Youkey Max Walton Gene Carl George Ertel Rex Douglass Ronme Fisher Manford Cayot Frank Wall Du-ector Mary Lou Green .V 1 Q 4 I al 1 N i ' , Y y N x GIRLS SZXTETTE FIRST ROW Ellen Osborn, Evelyn Guy Bennie Shoup Colleen Denney lsabel Borton Vivienne Grant Pianist Dixie Thoma rF"'lfY'1'Dl19ll BAND FIRST ROW Frank Wall, Bonnie Szoup Larry Lesh JoAnn Veazey Dick Thomas Wilbur Overholt Ronnie Grim joe l-lulhnan Phyllis Wilson, Ruth Lplmenstoll Betty Ferguson Marilyn l-larnlah SECOND ROW Band Director Mr Blough Marlene Platt Bob Cayoi Dean Crum Fe Bushes Morris I-larnish Lynn Veazey Hal Platt , U Q ' X . ,- - 1 , b . v, 9' f , ' I , ' I 2 - I I E ,, Na.. gx ' , . 7 , I 5 1 : 4.2. 3 ' ' 2 ' , 1 ... ' ' Q ,F if - "' , s ', 1. l K " ,i', .,.f. W, K-, W 5 F 1 I A A 4 5 TN "3 A A A 9 1 . it Q , i J 1 ,,... H 'YW 'I 'M YTD .ll nn IP """e 1 i lun GIRLS 4 HCLUB FIRST ROW Anna Mae Newharl Nancy Bowman Nancy Bender Barbara Mullen Vilet Pope Rosalyn Stahl Marlene Platt Peggy Thoma jean Thosnal SECOND ROW Dorothy Stahl janet Allen Marilyn Overholt Velma Patty Sue Newham! Mary Burnau Melba McBride joyce Ross Melba Overholt jean Mllby Agnes Wilson THIRD ROW Phyllis Wilson joan I-luillnan Betty Bozell Marilyn Harnish Marilyn Moore Carol Bozell Ellen Osbarn joan Flshbaugh Eunice Bradburn Alice Fritz. Shirley Bumgarner Barbara Akam Shlrla Anderson Leader Hannah Rutenberg FIRST ROW SECOND ROW BOYS' 4 H CLUB Wilbur Overholt, john Hanauar, Max,Sdnaon, Phillip Wilson, Morris Haralsh, Larry Leak, lilo Grim, jerry Qnackenbush, Billy Bender Fred Gearhart. Dean Crum, Norman Stahl, Carl Anderson, Hal Platt. Dick Thames, George llrtal, lid Buaheo, Leader Dana Boyd, Jim Woikel, Ray Aqlarsdl. Dal Cally, Frank Wall, Guy Shutt, Neil Hoopln garner, Charles Dennis ' J Q' kgaz'-fit ' l Q If . , f" v, ' ' J . f A fa 5 OA PN I ,. , 'i 1 I I. , , P ': 1 1 H ' ' I a' 3 ' 5" 5 4 A QI, Y t I I i I A , . lg, - 1 4 It is "I, vu," A h Y t q, . A .-it fi A3 Ll.. 1 I .fl g- ? M fa' f Q Wm WF? kk- fb xii aut' 'file' 12- LEFT COLUMN Chad evening Mr Jeeves Nice Frames Teacher CENTER COLUMN Young love junior hen meeting Hi Shorty U C H RIGHT COLUMN Three old mnids Uppsy daisy The Lone Ranger ,tl if-4! 5 V.- FW :H UI" 1 if 9 il' B avi-Q' Off! 'ul' IBA! bd iv - LJ An' al GI 1. :Qi L All HK if 5 kid U 5 hunk W Musn t Point S Yell Leaders D V 1 A I ls ' .,. ' rf ' , V n- '. ' . a . t ' YT . ' ii," , . I, - ., C ' v Ar , . -- X3 '-Ci . 1 I ,, -5-.IT 'Z 'A , -s 4 A. 2 Y ' ' 'T . ' ." h . "f 1 4. , I D .I . . A - .Vis X - .3 fl: I 4" v - A' is ' N V :'l'J 1 'gf e , - 6 . A' iw- EQ. L Q - ,A ,gr , , A ll .IW 1 A J . , ' L ' . I , an . 'NQQ ,.. - Q --. -- W I. , if ' 'Q ,,. ,,"" 1 ' 4, h 1 , .an ' F 'a I ' fy J ' I 0' ,,.?', 4' 'Z' VK ,..- v -dl. 1. : " , . : : I " ' ." 2 P I Z .... ' . 3 I ' 3 . Xi'-P X i-ll..l. , xr' -4 'www-wi QEPWFS QERES Hu YGUR CRM ,f UQA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CLASS OF 48 Glen O Marsh lnmeresa ,Old an your fimire PHONE 61 WRECKER SERVICE 118 West Washlngton BLUFFTON INDIANA N ,- J . g O VLPTNERAL REPAIRING - PAINT - BODY SHOP ulf Serw e Lrnrlplere Urs Stop DCTVICC U0 B Umondale D051 Inmaxm I yle Cotton Farmers 84 Merehante Bank GENERAL BANKINL MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANL E CORPORATION Bluffton Indmna Geels Jewelry Store "Known For Fine D1dIT10I1dS.' 105 South Main Street Bluffton Inchhana ,., 5 ...K . . r J V1 p w. x V L For All Guif 'Products See Us 7' .4 f' ' ' , 'Q Uniondale Lumber Company DEALERS Budding Supphes Sherw1n WIIIIHITIS 1-' r' s Iumber Bunlders Hardware Phone 18 B Uniondale Ingham Schwartz 84 Son Garage General Auto and Tractor Repalrmg TEXACO GAS AND OIL Phone 52 Unxondale Indiana Gates V Belts Gates V Pm' Uniondale Hardware Philco Applian es F And W Water System Acme Pamts Galvamzed Ware Uniondale Indiana 0 J . . . . . . ,A. Y ' L-1,1 . 1 1 -' r - ' A - ii - . . . . ,V 1 1 , , O . f' Q . . . . Vera 5 Beduw Shop PY one 7 3 Osslan Indlana Compllrr ents Of Rrchardson Grocery Quahty Merchandlse P r1end1y Service Phone 4 7 B Z ane svnlle Indiana. Henry Thoma Herman Thom-a W1111am Thoma H Thoma 84 Son FUNERAL DIRECTORS Furniture Rugs Bluffton Indiana -.,.Y-H 1 -- Y ---W -----e--.121 -'-Y-u-.fr-L-:J-.2 ' Y - '--H-wwf J K ,.. ,x . .. I 1 . . 1 Y 0 AI 3 .I . . , . . . . . . I I o . ... Zanesville Supply Ce. LUNIBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES Plastl Kote And Sherwm Wxlharns Pamts Dee W Hoopwagoner Manager Central Derry Pasteurlzed Dany Products Homogenlzed Vltamm D Milk 227 West Walnut Street Phone I S THE MILK SUPRENIE f 5142! DAIRY EQUIPMENT STORE Everythmg For The Dairy Farm Phone 954 CORRIN BRINER Bluffton Indmna S U R G E 'fl -f Q exrmtslzrwfuts Ut ,mf He: Mawr d Q fc:-lsvnousr Ph me Osamu Co-endms Salem gk Service Bluffton BUICK OLDSMOBILE PONTIAC Ind land Chrysler 911 es H 'S wee Sales Magnetc Wheel Balancmg FYGWOG String r Lux fend A Bluffton Z4 Hour Wrecker Se vlce GROVE AND BAXTER ' hone 29 Plymouth Se rvlc hue wrt Indiana 31- A 1, A- 5' A N f-- f - .A il -1 if- Av- HC' 1 G HL. ,QW i 1 Q L3 4 - if f""M " -A ----M ix E' A00 ' K , Q U f' ' f ' C' - J A Q.. Jn- f e 1, I L' 1i' A .3 ' 5, . - A n 4fYf""T - r'1j,'7 i T ' ff ' A Bluffton Corrwplu ents Oi FRYB ACK .DAIRY STORE 206 West Market Indlana Z anesvllle GASKILL. S GROCERY Grocerles Meats Phone 32 W Indiana Toys Pottery DONAGHY S GIFT AND GARDEN SHOP Electric Apphance s Umondale Landscapmg Shrubbery Evergreen R otot111e r Indxana OSSIAN BLACKSMITH AND MACHINE SHOP W. H. Rodda And Son Phone 43 I A 1' T1 ,w . ,T . , . Ice Crearn For Parties I N .W li ' 91 U1 xuudnx rlonjule I4 Holla 'uri Bale Lil wr Unlondale I' x I 1 5 I s , , 3 3 'Q' ' ' "fe i I 7 f "' f -J ' L' .. Kg! ' 1' - X 1 I I . 1 J L w , 'l A . ,., . . . 1 Lx.1l'5T,.Ii 4 i 1 1 fl 1 I 1 1 f ' A wg., ' 1 . f .i'.iLL'A"' 'Ii .L , -- .. '. .1 .,, 1 V- . . .4 , fin!-hcl il L w 1 P5311 5 U I I B1?,'L-gf" l kj 'Q A . fl Q .-1--.,-,,,,,,,,,,, ,- ..,, , , H .,, ,, Y fi X,1c!:gfS'T" 1 . 1 AMX 1 4, ' :u z Ji - f tvxf F' 1 LINN AND SAURER Excluslve Home Furmshe rs A Good Place To Buy Furniture Bluffton Indiana CHAS FUHRER GAR! JE Cars And Tractors Repair Servlce Phone 43 0 Uniondale Indmna WELLS COUNTY FARM BUREAU Trucks Avallable For Delivery Phone 40 Umondale Indmna Deck MOSER SUPER SERVICE Complete One Stop Servlce B F Goodr1chT1res Tubes Auto Supplies Bluffton Phone 300 Speed Indiana Dealers In Coal - Grain - Fence - Fertilizers - Feed 1 ... ..,....,..'. -A ,.......1,..f.......u... .. , UU., ,., ka U in - I ' Ir-on, -MJQHLC11 M Ofzslan ,M W atffe Osman W, Os s1ar1 lbw Indxeme ' Q? ', ' - f V3 .. y f" - W-' .- V . - D- 11 I",-. .. N . -. if is 1 Um . Y , , !I"'izLi,' V. si- . , ' , w i ' I -. TCQQIAN 'iffj . , V Ln, 1 vw i 7-'-------'H' '-"W"""":--1-f""' 'Y' ' - - . Cornphrnents Of ELLLFY AND SON Ossxan Waynedale GATEWAY INN Open D y And Nlght Markle s Leading Restaurant Good Food Serwced To Please You Markle Indmna Furniture Funeral D1fCCt0TS Iwlr numents C MCGUFFEY AND SON Ma rkle rndlana j O Shafer Phone 55 R S Hendry URBAN CITY GARAGE COMPANY Cars Trucks Tractors Sales Se rvlce Ossmn Indlana . . ,- ... L. 6 v , . as ,- os . - . 1 W , ,.. R. . , . Q Q n Q - - . . . Phone it SNIIIH CD 106 West Washmgtor She PUB' If WAR? 7' till -L HE: 551.111 xt '- rf. CCJRIJZ. Els! Blu" f. L , V . J. -AL A LN' ' ' ,..,, 1' , ,, , ,A ,, A

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