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U1 1 I. Q i 1 3 fb fm . 4 I N QE 1 e K 5 E , -s 9092-'VOGOZ 'DG 'NOLEJNIHSVM SU 3.Ll5'lS 'MN "BWV '1:flNVf1'I,k?H'NJ3d lOL !OE.L".7 Ci?--501.1112 '!Vi2f5f.3Lf2EELfLi MYv'Y"l 'S 7 5 W P 3 'if il Fgifwqgr,-Ilfflf .. ilirffwl Lrwfrly USS UNDERWOOD IPPC? 61 Northern Red Sea Marifime lnferdicfion Deplogmenf '94 I 0 5 ? . 3 - .,. ' l... ,war ' ff iffy-.Az H 62.1-3 2 ' ' ' I. K is Shield: Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy and represent the sea and excellence. The chevron is a symbol of strength. The dolphins refer to Commander Underwood's three highly successful submarine patrols in the Pacific during World War 11, for which he was awarded three Navy Crosses, represented by the crosses on the shield. Crest: The trident, torches and laurel are adapted from the Naval Academy device and are used to symbolize naval prowess, fire power, and excellence of capabilities. The sword refers to the highly ' if 2 coveted "Academy Sword" awarded to Captain Underwood for athletic excellence during his train- ing at the United States Naval Academy Motto: Whensoever hostile aggressions...require a resort to war, we must meet our duty and convince the world that we are just friends and brave enemies. Thomas Iefferson Letter to Andrew Iackson December 3, 1806 SHIP'S COAT OI? ARMS "THE FIGHTING DEVII.'S SHIP'S CHARACTERISTICS H ISTO RY" USS UNDERWOOD is the twenty-ninth OLIVER HAZARD PERRY CLASS Guided Missile Frigate and the first in the third generation of the class. UNDERWOOD's primary mission is providing in-depth protection for military and merchant shipping, amphibious task forces, and underway replenishment groups. UNDERWOOD can swiftly employ surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, rapid-fire 76MM gun, a Close-In Weapons System CCIWSJ, and anti-submarine warfare CASWJ torpedoes. Embarked LAMPS MK III SH-60B helicopters are an extension of UNDERWOOD'S fighting capability able to strike over-the-horizon hostile surface and sub-surface threats, and counter hostile air threats. The propulsion system is a two-engine, computer-con- trolled gas turbine power plant similar to those found on a DC-10 commercial airliner. The engines can be "on-line" and operational in just a few minutes. Commissioned 29 January 1983, UNDERWOOD conducted her maiden deployment with U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. Her key role in the search and recovery effort following the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster earned the ship the Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation. In 1986 "The Fighting Devils" were awarded the Battenburg Cup and earned the Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation as the "BEST SHIP IN THE ATLANTIC FLEET". UNDERWOOD has participated in numerous Counter Narcotics Operations in the Caribbean Sea and several major six-month deployments, including assignment in the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Desert Storm. A For the ship's sustained outstanding performance and consistent readiness to go in harm's way UNDERWOOD was presented the Battle Efficiency Award CBattle "E", for the 1993 competitive cycle. UNDERWOOD recently completed her fifth major deploy- ment, conducting multi-national Maritime Interdiction Force Operations in the Red Sea. UNDERWOOD'S homeport is Mayport, Florida. On behalf of the Officers and Crew, I would like to extend a hearty "Welcome Aboard"! Displacement: 4100 ........ ......... T ons Dimensions: Length ....... ' ................. ....... 4 5 feet Beam ............................ ......... 4 5 feet Navigational Draft .................... 24'! 2 feet Complement: 15 Officers, 17 Chief Petty Officers, I 175 Enlisted I Propulsion: Two General Electric LM2500 Gas Turbines, 40,000 Total Shaft Horse- power, One Controllable Reversible Pitch Propeller, y Two 350 Horsepower Electric Drive Auxiliary Propulsion Units Auxiliaries: Four 1000 Kilowatt Ship's Service Diesel Generators Maximum Speed: 28 '+ Knots Two SH-60B LAMPS III Multipurpose Helicopters MK 13 Guided Missile Launching System with STANDARD Surface-to- Air Missiles and HARPOON Surface- to-Surface Missiles, 76 MM Rapid Fire Dual Purpose Gun, Two Triple Tube Antisubmarine Torpedo Mounts Medium Range Digital Sonar, SQQ-19 Tactical Towed Array Sonar Long Range Air Search Radar, Surface Search X Navigational Radar, Electronic Support Measures Receiving Set, Digital Fire Control System Command and Control: . . . Digital Computer System which integrates all Weapons and Sensors Aircraft: Armament: Sensors: U NDERWOOD NAMESAKE CAPTAIN GORDON W. UNDERWOOD United States Navg Captain Gordon Waite Underwood was born in New York on 3 June 1910, and at an early age moved with his family to Portland, Oregon from where he was appointed to the U. S. Naval Academy in the class of 1932. At the Naval Academy he proved to be an outstanding student and superb athlete. He earned letters and starred in football and track. He was awarded the coveted "Academy Sword" for athletic excellence. Following his graduation from the academy, Captain Underwood served in USS OKLAHOMA. This tour was followed by training at the U. 5. Submarine School in New London, Connecticut. After his graduation he served in the Submarine 5-21, USS MISSISSIPPI and USS VEGA. In 1941 he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a Masters Degree in Marine Engineering. Upon his return to sea duty he was assigned to the Staff of Commander Submarine Squadron TEN as Squadron Engineer supporting submarines on war patrol. In January 1944, he was assigned as the Command- ing Officer of USS SPADEFISH C55-4119. on this ship during three war patrols he was credited with the destruction of seventy-six thousand tons of enemy shipping including one aircraft carrier, the HIJMS SHINYO. For each of his war patrols he was awarded a Navy Cross and in recognition- of the great successes of the first two patrols SPADEFISH was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. His record of success in his war patrols remains one of the most notable in the history of the U. 5. Navy Submarine Service. Captain Underwood, following his retirement from the Navy in 1962 after 30 years service, with distinction, became associated wit, Spelin Inc., Mountain View, California in which company he was Vice President. He was also Vice President of Filter-Aire Company of Hollister, California, until his-retirement. He died 15 January 1978 at the age of 67. COMMANDING OFFICER Commander A. Conway Halsall was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on 8 November 1953. After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Loui- I A siana State University, he entered the United States Navy i-qq through the Nuclear Power Officer Candidate Program. Commander Halsall received his commission from Of- ficer Candidate School in October 1975. Ordered to USS MISSISSIPPI CCGN 403, Commander Halsall was assigned to the precommissioning crew. He served as Reactor Controls Division Officer, Repair Divi- sion Officer, and Chemical and Radiological Control As- sistant In 1982, Commander Halsall completed a successful Persian Gulf Deployment while serving as Operations Officer on board USS STUMP CDD 9785. From 1983 to 1986, Commander Halsall was an in- structor at the University of Virginia Naval ROTC Unit. He earned a Masters Degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Virginia in 1986. Commander Halsall reported in February 1986 to USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER CCVN 691 as Electrical Of- ficer for a two-year tour. "IKE" successfully completed an eighteen-month complex overhaul and pre-deploy- ment workup. In February 1988, Commander Halsall reported to the Senior Officer Ship Material Readiness Course CSOSMRCJ in Newport, Rhode Island as an instructor. In October 1990, Commander Halsall became Execu- tive Officer onboard the USS DAHLGREN CDDG 435. He completed the UNITAS XXXII Deployment During that time, DAHLGREN won the Battle Efficiency "E" and all departmental awards. Commander Halsall commanded USS UNDER- WOOD from 22 October 1992 to 6 Iune 1994. UNDER- WOOD was awarded the coveted Battle Efficiency "E" Award and made a clean sweep of all departmen- tal awards. UNDERWOOD deployed to the Northern Red Sea to conduct maritime interdiction opera- tions in support of UN sanctions against Iraq. Coirunander Halsall has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal Ctwoj, the Navy Achievement Medal, Meritorious Unit Citation, Navy "E" Ribbon Qthreej, Sea Service Ribbon Cthreej, and Expert Rifleman. Commander Halsall is married to the former Bridget DiBerto of Virginia Beach, Virginia. V Sunday stress relief . ."It's easier to V "Yes, shuttle operations again." ofHoad through the barrel" :QM EXECUTIVE OEEICER LCDR Coffman Lieutenant Commander Homer J. Coffman, the son of Archie and Alice Coffman, was born in Denver, Colo- rado on I9 July 1956. He graduated from Biloxi High School, Biloxi, Mississippi. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the United State Marine Corp Reserve. After complet- ing a tour at Camp Pendleton, California he returned to Mississippi. There he attended the University of South- ern Mississippi and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree. He was commissioned at the Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, in May 1979. Lieutenant Commander Coffman has served in the following assignments: Engineer Officer on board USS LEADER CMSO 4905, Assistant Combat Information Cen- ter Officer on board USS RICHMOND K TURNER CCG 205, Engineer Officer on board USS OLDENDORF CDD 9725, served as Destroyer Squadron Nine's Material Of- ficer, and Flag Secretary at Mine Warfare Command, Charleston, SC. Lieutenant Commander Coffman earned a Master Degree in Management from the Naval Post Graduate School. He also obtained a Masters Degree in Computer Information Resources Management from Webster Uni- versity, St. Louis, MO. His personal decorations include: Navy Commen- dation Medal Cfour awards5, Navy Achievement Medal Cthree awards5, Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and various other service medals and ribbons. Lieutenant Commander Coffman is married to the former Kathryn Merritt Smith of Gulfport, Mississippi. They have two children: Justin and Benjamin. Q7 ,nfl x 1 XxNN CO and XO Having the Times of their we Q NAVXADMI N mnnm'i'?" Unmll "EL" ENS wenke EMGISW1 Fabian QM1 fswy Bonilla MA1fsm Burton QNI2 Halps QM3 Potts PN3 Ritchey 4 , M PN1 ISI40 Fuhrmeister 4 Getbh' a little "funky" in Spain! -1,, , " " " " ..,. ,i, A- , , .. , ,. -. . . EXECUTIVE QEEICER LCDR Michael R. Johnson is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and Officer Candi- date School in Newport, Rl. His first tour of duty was on board USS BUTT E CAE-275 homeported in Naval Weapons Station, Earle, NJ. His duties in- cluded STREAM Division Officer and Damage Control Assistant. LCDR Johnson's next assign- ment was on board USS PREBLE CDDG-465, home- ported at Norfolk, VA, as Main Propulsion Assis- tant. After completing Department Head School at Newport, he was assigned as Chief Engineer on board the USS King QDDG-415 in Norfolk and USS BELKNAP CCG-265 homeported in Gaeta, Italy. LCDR Johnson completed his Master's Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies at the Na- val War College before being assigned to his cur- rent position as Executive Officer on board USS UNDERWOOD CFFG-365. LCDR Johnsonis deployments include the In- dian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, a North Atlantic deployment with NATO's Standing Naval Forces Atlantic, and the Red Sea. His awards include the Navy Commendation Medal, the Navy Achieve- ment Medal, and the Navy and Marine Corps Ex- peditionary Medal. He is married to the former Margaret Bassett of Pittsburgh, PA. The Johnsonas have two chil- dren, Kathy and Mike Jr. LCDR Johnson D BMCMCSWJ Mutta assists X0 in his first cake cutting ceremony. Zvfilf. 3LE'1fE-::l:E.4a1,:i'-. -E,5ri:21'i'f5-i9:r.2g1?.5-5-Li. H- Jie:-E ug H 31115-5,:L-','1 QQ-IN fro--1 5f,wL1gw,aa,-.4-pw. -ig., 33 -- - -,-1-0-gin . -,. .,, .. ..,...-,,., -- .-f,..,, i .,.. ..,7.,. ... ,- 7 -. ,... ,.,-f...,. ,...,.W..i. ff., .. .,....7....7.7,1,,..,... -57 -.-..., Y .. .H , .. v .Y , R -mf , , J- A AIR DEPARTMENT W! 44, 5 06? Q S -why, ' Zff XX' ymwwwwp , U 1 , f if Z S W f iw I 7 Aff ffyz WX, ff, V LX W x WZ, ,Hb ,VW 1 W COMBAT SYSTEMS Weapons of War A1 "The true test of any ship - getting ordnance on target!" AA The MK15 Close-in- Weapons System rests stealthly. A The MK75 761n1n gun mount. "Ordo, exactly WT-IY is there p a live one on the rail?" DEPARTMENT LT Pagano "WEPS" V "Torpedo Away!" A Ordo and GMG2 Hundt. Guess who just woke up? GMM3 KSWJ Martin p receives a well deserved Letter of Commendation from COMLISNAVCENT ..,.,,.- . ,,.. ..- ...E... ..., sv. ..:....,..-..,..,,-q,,..,..f-f r --V -- -- -- ' '- ' " 'rf' "" '- ' 1 36 CS-2 mv 4 X, h X If ' JP is .X 'xiu' X qi... i 7'5" " "' H l 1 Not Pictured i ST G1 Mauro TM2 Morris S TG2 Alejandro ST G3 McCoy S TG3 Tapscott ST G3 Durbin LTJG Jaeger S TGC Pack 1 1 1 3 1 , i i I x r V M u S TG1 Glazebrooks S T G2 Rosa S TG2 Bustos S T G2 Mulkey i N i . T M2 LUCIIS STG3 Albinger S TG3 Atchinson S T G3 Chamn i N Y N S ws X X X iff 2 Z Z 4 Q QX17 4 W WWW W , , - Y , . W . .,... ... ,-.--.,.Y .. -.,. ..1-....,-...,....-.Y-,-fV-1-,.....V Y 57.-. .3, : I 'EW . 123' 1: iffii lx -1 2 ' . V. N g Eg : i K ' V :Vi t f' K F in 1 im-,f, ,mtg V, - 1 1- V :H 1 ' x iii I af - , . f, V -. V , , . x., ,, ,- , 'A 4 ' N. V ., -V r f 2 WTA. Eat- Ty? .V ' 515' Jr!f'?'.'rV" ff", fl "swf, .,.Z-:i9f1f5f'm -,uf " ' 'JV '- pdf' ,L 11'-"AQ 1 . V - H53 NV, .' V-f'yV2:,-N y 2 ' .V ...ef . 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M ,.'-'Vsr:uV,f -ajax'-.lr ,,: 'gf , V ff -.,'7"'gfV .i,':e.t- ,Vi , . if VQ,,.j'1??"y -se I . , ,Q-49sV,,! ,B-Qg51',Lgfr'k ,ft V. ,V , ,gg-g2.f,.ff,fyf:gzw V, ,eff Q jail? 5+-1-S5 i 1S5'E"g-F X wg, gg1-,2,ift'mV-Thisrzxgflirg.-gb , ed? 1V . M.: -1"'g .,, -'Cgg,.7K, V' , ,ff ,PVaw4.,-er. 1' ' " V 1 w?T"':sf . iizfgfgmzf t V. ' . ,.,,,'g,',-,gi ' 'l' , ' 'Q irq., ""n.-515.5 it Q . A .,.,,A.7-i 3,3 -N - I V 5-f I,-.,,j',.:m . J!ef9i4"ffj?'g?l'29-Aifrifaizv 1,3 ---'qgfgvj-J-.,, ' 1 -,,-,j,'-Vr:u:1,.,,-VV' f 5 -1.1-..gf.:,,L -' ,I 1, ,WM Y . VV N ' --1, .A 1 W.. - -- X - , . V ,.,:,,4y, J ca- ff T: 5-sw Vgga:-' ,. , K , , , -, 1,-rw - , if ', .ywvux fn, pg--51-'nts-.y 4 ' 'T-Yip, l- '.tx.lVwM,?ifMxJ"'X f - 1' V. 'V , ' ' -1-.-vs - 'git-Nfl. l. Q - 'I ,, lx '.p .. ' i 1 - tri , .4 , ' if' : " ' -j fi- .. 'V - . 1'-'. .rr ' :,j2.uj"i11..,:3'f7'1 ., lj, ,V ' mf. fi 53' f . ' :i3FL5'51?1"-,,Vyfi39f1-Q -1.w1.v5 V' 1f"T- . MQ i ' ' ' I f 11" .' .' i. -. .,,A' , , V 1'2 ' A 231545 f 'V 3.5, 1, .V QV . ,.. V5 -T4 I h VQ,1:5'1: fy' , , 5 5' .'1g?f'.g "fa: .V - .L .. :W , ' .v ' : . .4.,,K,fff,-1 I A A : W, -as Vw, aw fV w.t--V awww, ... V --.np . AV V.r V - Va. . 4. , L ' - . ,.' . j V ' - ' .1,g,,,5-21 Vw., -ffl-we ' M, 1 V: A, wr., 4:..1vf3'A.f4 3 .yr-.5-' MJ yn. 5 V H ,.4L,!i.,.,iw 4:5 - ' V. TV-4.:"., ' -- V ' V-:st an -. - N ' , , , . , . , VV. -, - . -Vw ..V .- - ..,5.4 , , 'N - J V'32,.,ff,g , L , I 'Z VA-1':.1fff' . H-v-v"'f1 -V, .,1 Q' . V -J-.-.gif ff Fifi 'ge . , if ,- . .. N .,, t' ' ' .,.f5-isps. Wifflq- ,mf --'."'f e-ut: r-:-V .-34 .ml 'Z-Sgiaf-r' f -.,',,.'. -, '., r ' Jw' - 1 fra?-1 ip:-,',y"' Q VUSJVQL -f N' '?.5'i"?7if f' 2.,,, V, ,J f ' ,',:g':'V.:,' V',,,7..y ' ini? - TV -V 5 3? V lffllluii' "-"Mu" VM -1' V z ftgj' .... -1 ..fii.I.5:f,,y:f 1i'f,1.'f .xl V 1 Q,:i.:xA'Qh,r,4--,,15j fer- 1.1 1.,Vr,,V t 9,42 K, 1 ' .f VV"s ' " : 1:f5.13A:,.A ' ' W- .- .V :v,LA,:.5,.,,4j5'Jfp.3 L51 fig! . -."-w '-1,:g,4,g-fog,-EMEA-1 -L-5153 M, ,V1"f A ,f t aj- ' Ive-2 fe' ' -iag-:H 4:-ge: Y I, f ,f CS-3 Division is comprised of Firecontrolmen, Gunner's Mates Cmissilesj, and Gunner's Mates Cgunsj. Their primary mission is to maintain, operate, and repair, the ship's Weapons systems. During this deployment, CS-3 personnel participated in VBSS operations as boarding team members and .50 cal support teams. Additionally, operation "Indigo Serpenti' tested the ship's anti-air and surface gunnery abilities. In all aspects CS-3 Division demonstrated their professionalism and versatility under adverse conditions. LTJG Sucharski FCICSWQ Boone GMG1fSWj Grant , g 1 V It's 0600, there's 5 ships in the que, who ya gonna call? ff' ff' f b f . ' FCZISWQ Mohler FCZISWQ Penrod FC3 Pikul FC3 Hanison Not Pictured 6 1 FCC Thompson Q GNIM1 Wilson GMM2 GHHIOIE GMG2 Hundt FC3 Cockrell GMM3 Martm FC3 Handers Bad Boyp Bad Boy P Whatcha gonna do?... ,W H, rv, ,,.,,,,,, , , A Y V A Ev.. ..,-,.:...,,.,.m...-.,..,...-.-,....--,f------m.---N- -A -W- CS - 4 DIVISION Eh Q 'Q' .., Q CS-4 Division maintains ships radars, communications, gyros and computer systems onboard. CS-4 Division is comprised of Electronics, Interior Communications, and Data System Technicians. ENS Curran ETC Byrd 'k q. 4 ETCfSWj Hodges DSICSWQ Judd ET2 Vanzandt ETZISWJ Kuehler E T 2 ShUfZette E T 2 Spahn I I I I I , ..l Not Pictured LTJ G Fielder I C1 I S WJ Jackson E T2f S W2 Fournier E T 2 Franklin I C3 f S WJ Gordon ET3 WoU I ZW? SW 'Sffgfw fl A I f I : 'F Zwfhf Uwe 'ff 73 W X f fx I ff X , wx. f , , ,M f ,W ,gnf 5 f X, X .,,i, f What's up dude? ? ? I do solemely swear .' .' ! BZ Guys ! ! .' D D VOU EVER WONDER how one might compare a deplogmenf 'ro crvlllan life? Read on 1 When commencing this simulation remember to lock yourself inside and board up all windows with all friends and family outside communicating only with letters that your neighbors will hold for two weeks before delivering losing one out of every five Have a friend or neighbor yell MAIL CALL' at your door and in four out of five of these say You didn t get anything' when you answer 2 Surround yourself with 200 people you don t like People who chainsmoke fart loudly snore like a Mack truck on an uphill grade complain constantly seldom shower or brush their teeth and use expletives in speech much the way kids use sugar on cold cereal 3 Unplug all radios and televisions to completely cut yourself off from the outside world Have a neighbor bring you TIME or NEWSWEEK from 2 to 3 months ago and a PLAYBOY magazine with the pictures cut out 4 Cut a mattress in half lengthwise and enclose three sides Add a roof that prevents you from sitting in any position at all C10 inches is about rightl and place it on a platform at least six feet from the floor Place a dead animal under your sheets to simulate the smell of your bunkmate s laundry and sheets Whenever possible have someone take your pillow or blan- ket Cor bothl to simulate that special camarade- rie that exists only onboard a U S Naval vessel. 5 Remove all plants pictures and decorations Paint all furnishings and walls gray white or the shade of green found on hospital O R smocks 6 Since you have no doctor stock up on bandaids aspirin and Actifed which have been proven to cure every known disease and ailment known to man 7 Do not flush the torletfsb for the first three days to simulate the smell of forty people using the same commode After that flush once daily and pour a quart of pine oil in each commode and toilet to overwhelm the odor. Shower water should be all hot or all cold. U U l U C . . u 7 9 . . , 1 ' 3 - - cc as ' ' ' r if ' ' , . . ' 7 ' 77 ' 7 , . . . ' 5 3 , N , , . . . 9 - n , ' , 7 7 4 . - . , . . , n , i ' 4, , , ff Q , "' 5 - f uw When you get soaped up Csoap on facej, have your neighbor shut off all water. 8. Wear only approved coveralls or proper uniforms Cno special or cutoff t-shirtsj. Even thouh nobody seems to care, twice a week clean and press one uniform in the dark 017 a broken ironing board Cor towel on the floorj and wear it for four hours. On your way to change into your coveralls, catch and rip the Sleeve of your shirt on a sharp object. Curse and yell, then, wad it up and throw it in your locker-forgotten until the next inspection or watch. 9. Cut your hair weekly, making it shorter each time until you are bald or look like you tangled with a demented sheep shearer. Have a friend or neighbor tell you to get a haircut at least once every other week, whether you need one or not. 10. Work 18-hour cycles, sleeping only four hours at a time to ensure your body doesn't know or care if it's day-time or night-time. ll. Listen to your "favorite', cassette six times a day for two weeks then play music that causes acute nausea until you are glad to get back to your "favorite" cassette. 12. Set your alarm clock to go off at the "snooze" interval for the first hour of sleep to simulate alarms of watch-standers and night crew going off at odd hour times, waking you up. Place your bed on a rocking table to ensure that you're tossed from side-to-side for the remaining three hours. 13. Prepare all food while blindfolded, using all the spices that you can grope for for use none at allj, to simulate shipboard food. Remove the blindfold and Cat as fast as humanly possible. If the food contains more than one part per thousand of fiber, dispose of it. 14. Prepare yourself an emergency exit that will require you to evacuate the premises, knowing that if you exit, the biker gang that you hired will cut off your arms and legs to simulate sharks. Study a first aid book to learn how to handle wounds and control bleeding until you can quote it verbatim. 15. Study the owneris manual for all the appliances in the dwelling. At regular intervals, take one apart and put it back together again. Then, test operate it at the extremes of it's tolerances. 16. To make sure you are living in a clean and happy environment, every week, clean from top to bottom, working hard all day even if it is only a three hour job, whenever and as often as possible, repeating your efforts. Then have someone tell you that you missed some dust and the f1oor looks like crap. When com- plete, inspect your work, criticizing everything as much as possible. Never be satisfied with good effort. 17. Once a day, put in a video Cwhich you have preparedj to watch a movie that you walked out on a year ago. Then, watch an episode of 'fCharlie's Angelsi' that you didn't like the first two times you saw it making sure you pause it just at the peak of A the action, so, you can sweep the floor or listen to someone tell you A what you did today. 18. Monitor all operating home appliances hourly, recording all vital parameters Cplugged in, light comes on when door opens, etc.J. If not in use, then, log as Usecuredf' 19. Every three weeks, to simulate liberty in a foreign port, go out directly to the city slums wearing your best clothes. Enter the raunchiest bar you can find and ask the bartender for the most expensive imported beer he carries. Drink as many of these, as fast as you can in four hours, then, hire a cab to take you home by the longest route he can find. Tip the cab driver after he charges you double, because, you were dressed funny and lock yourself back in your dwelling for another three weeks. 20. Run the blender at constant high speed to simulate the constant whine of the ship's machinery and have the biker gang you hired, bang on the roof and walls to simulate men working on other levels at all hours of the night and day. 21. Buy the loudest stereo you can. Tune it between channels on the receiver and have the biker gang you hired, bang on the roof with sledge hammers to simulate launching and recovering the helo. 22. To achieve the permanent, smelly, gray, dingy look in your clothes, have the plumber connect the washer to sewer lines and throw clothing in a dark corner for two days before drying. 23. This simulation must run for a minimum of six months to be effective. The exact date of the end of the simulation will be changed no fewer than seven times without your knowledge. This is done to keep you guessing as to when you can expect to get back to a semi-normal life. It is also done in hope of screwing up any plans you have made or would like to make. On the last day of the simulation, remove the boards from the windows, but, do not go outside. Have your loved ones stand across the street, waving at you, at attention for four hours and look at them to simulate duty on the day of your return. NOTE: This simulation was designed for those who would like to, but, haven't had the opportunity to enjoy an extended period of time at sea. --ANONYMOUS HAPPY SAILING! CO celebrates the "underwater" reenlistment ofFCC1SWj Thompson and BMIISWQ Turnquist. 4 OS11SI'Vj Spencer is "Oh so hug " Pightmg Devil P Ironmen CO having a little fun giving OSZCSWI Novak 'rabbit ears." "Mn Houjf b please let go of my hand!" 4 TMZKSWJ Lucas receives his ESWS pin from COM LISNAVCENT Q53 E - I DIVISION E-l Division is responsible for UNDERWOOD's propulsion systems. Divisional personnel preform corrective and preventive maintenance, and accomplish all necessary upkeep of two LM25O0 Gas Turbine Engines and associated systems, equipment and spaces. The division is comprised of the Gas Turbine Technician-Mechani- cal CGSMD and Gas Turbine Technician-Electrical CGSEJ ratings. The GSM's are primarily responsible for the mechanical side of the Gas Turbine Engines, associated pumps, valves and other auxiliary equipment in the Main Engine Room. The GSE's are responsible for the electrical side of the Turbines, and are also responsible for the engineering control consoles required to operate the Engineering Plant. The "Oil Kings" are also part of E-1 Division. All fuel and oil systems aboard UNDERWOOD fall under their responsibility. A variety of fuel, oil, and Water tests are accomplished in the Oil Lab. This ensures that only quality fluids are used in the Engineering Plant. Underway, the Oil Kings have the additional duty of ensuring that fuel used in the helicopters periodically attached to UNDERWOOD, or not attached, is the finest in the fleet. GSMCISWJ GMG2 Benjamin GSE2fSWjGiIe5 Hillebrand Not pictured GSECISWQ Ivlitchell GSM3 Ringor GSM1 Schroeder GSM3 johnson GSM1 Zwahlen GSE3 Wasielewski GSM1 O'B1yant GSMFN' Holz GSE2 ' - f5'W1 Hannon GSMFA Binnmg GSM1 O,BI,yant Wonders P GSE35 W1 Dixon "What's behmd door WI." ' LUG Houff MPA GSM3 Anderson XX . X N, The Elite of The Fleet" 1' ,W X , M .X '- f ifi f e -is ' .X X-' 'gif X 'ny f ffh I, R N - M, x G, L f"' ,jg , 'ig Q ., x' 5 s,?f'.4 -Q fix' . ing ss WWW 4 GSE2 Gzles and , s - wk J, b 1 f fr I! Dixon x t in ,V Q t M tt A "Ch1ll1n l1ke a big Sly f sf Q1 si, ,k "KA 'jf 5, 5 1 nk kiwi. ,ea L, ,iff , . . I 1 Q? v1ll1an" zn Saudz. ew X .mfg -an ,fh fs k 'Q ' N eww si ,, ,,. X s V s, ,s A X 7. s.f,,xw,,ghK'y wi Q ,film K YVQI 1 ga, if fl. 5 V K , ,, XX f f 'A ' f GSEM1 Schroeder 5 and GSE3 Hannon X wg fi! fjxf AGSM3 Iohnson 1n h1s natural habztat Hey guys, only 2 GQ's and 4 sets of BEECE's tomorrow ! ! ! take in some of Hurghada's finest sights. X f Q LTJG Barrett DCCKSWQ Wrobel DCICSWQ Mosley HTZKSWQ Hendrickson HT2fSWj Runyan DC3 Cusick Not Pictured DCIKSWQ Thompson DC2 Young HTZC S Wj Armstead MR2fSWj Krog DC3 Chandler DC3 Hamming HTFN Dennis No! My guys didn't do it! REPAIR DIVISION Headed by LTJG Barrett and DCC Wrobel, tasked with maintaining Damage Control readiness throughout the ship, the HT's hold everything together with their welding and brazing. As a Whole DC Division kept Damage Control PQS and training up to PAR shipwide. Helo Crash and Smash Crew. YN 's, PN 's to BM 's and MS 's. The finest on the East Coast. ,7....? G MR2 Krog, H T2 Hendrickson and DC3 Chandler enjoying Christmas 6 DCC Wrobel doing his PMS, in public. Dinner in Palma, Spain. 6 HT 2 Armstead, DC3 Cusick and HN Laverne, "Baby Doc. Enjoying fine Eygptian potato chips on top of Mt. Sinai. Us 6 Give me your key! 6 Stay put STEAD, I 'll get this one! 6 USTEADY ROCKINW D Dead weight lifts in Palma. I2-2 DIVISION UNDIQRWOODE Fresh Water and Electrical Power Authoritg From the top of the mast to the deepest bilge, fm bow to stern, UNDERWOOD's Electricians and mnnm Engineman maintain, what seems like everyone mm elses, everything ..... and usually get the blame gn' when their watcharnacallit doesn't Work. But you gotta love these guys. EN3Ayres reminds P his Division Officer that you can teach an old dog new tricks. . .fThe Warrant driving the I Ship. . . St-my huh 219 CWOBISMO Blum and EN3ISWj Ayers " """"' 'rf ' W ' YVVZV 'S ' S s I I ENCISWI Stoffer EN1 ISWI Banks ENZISWQ Harmon ENZISWQ Berg ENZISWQ Boren EMZISWI Schneider EN3fSW1McMenemy PN Lockwood RN Bglan AEMC Santeler "Well then, ITI just stand zightheref' A EM1 Hector: "Now let's see. . .Uhmm. . .What should I do next?" Not Pictured ElVI2 Stewart EM3 Moscato S EN3 Martin PN Fields PN Wright A ENC Stoffer: "Shl1h. . .They'll never find me here." 4 ENI2 Keebo Dover rebwlding NR3 SFC after a Class "C "fire PN Martin holds V up NR2 Evap While ships come about. HL . wsu ,C Q ....,,,., V,...-....,..., ....s,-, ......,..,.......,-.,,w-!,.-ff7-'1v'f-f--f- A-H' SUPPLY LT Hansen ll ll The Food Service Division is composed of Mess Management Specialists. They are tasked with the job of preparing Wholesome, healthy meals for the crew. They are sometimes called upon to provide that "extra touch" for special occasions, fantail bar-be-ques or luncheons with digni- taries. UNDERWOOD's dedicated "Food Service Team" Works around the clock to provide their shipmates with the finest food service. L I T l A M9's preparing the lunch meal. DEPARTMENT MS2 Cooper MSSN Daniels MSI Rodriguez MSSN Clark MS2 Allison ASK1 MacDouga1, "but SUPPO . . . " ASK3 Young ALUG Clark, "D1ISBO, makin' a break for it!" ASH1 Moore ' ,407 U W7 ,f,, ., ff' fi", f I ,, ' . 4 f fs UM Wfgv N 'W ,Cx Wy, W LMUT' ' ff 7 ww. , ,Nw wwf fvibikff ,, ,, ,4 in ,y U f X' F, MW W mf Q jfky ZH! ivy' 4, Y f - ,4 ffisffb , 'A ff No, ' -f ' f Y ,Sf 4 5407! wi ff I 'W S 0 M W f W' ff ,ff Kg! X y My x , X W ,M . ,, . in ,zo W ' W.'h .W Q J W W, X , f 4 W W X 1 SK3 Pate H . . - ll V Thzs IS really pmnful! f , Q f 4 ,, 9 yfzf . , ff i' wa! 'JW Q m Z 4 SK3 Gottshall H D Ground 02 ags ,w.., ,, m AN X We f S'- x XX 'NX , SSX XX i , X XX Q x XX 'X 'XXX XX X, fz XQXXXX NX Q X . .XX X X Q fa Qi, ww? XNJPQ 6 ,Swv A XlwS:x,g,zV!5XQNsfgqXX Q X XE X X , f 7,1 XX A- QXQQVZXXXX-Xfv XX,,,, ,XXXXXXXX XXX WW M nw , ,XXX X , ,, . ,X XX X XxQX"xXXz1R X, XIXXXX 2, - .X X 1 Xl XX , XX x X XX X S Q W , W F X -XXX X XXX'XXr,AX5 MYMX , XXX XX X ' , Qi f X ,f XX W , X S lf, X M, NW wxwwwxx .MQ M XXX 'X 3 X ,f X W XX in K V XS XX W' , is 'X QSX X "1 X Q , X , XX , f , S XX , f f , QXXMXX XAXXXQX mx A S XX X I X vi , xL.L f X 'X , W ,, Q 4 Xf,X wax XXQX XXX: X vw X XX Q X ,, Nw X ff 1 XXX M , CX :XS X A5 gk 'X we Nw- XXX , Q,f ,,,. X X ,, X X XX X XX l ' X X f Q ff X X X f f"' ,LXXXXXXX , Sf XXX? ,f f, 'XFX ' ,MSX XXXXX f' X 95, Wx S X ff' XX V' 'T S XX W 0 N 'MPX FN X 'Wax XWXXWN SX ,, YA ,Mm WW 1 xxxx x X A YW, 7, k VW A x W, .X..x XXX x W, X XX X f, X Q Q X, X k , X ,V X XXX Lkxxx X X Q XX XX XXXM X N IX" 'M 'X f ff jj,,'Qg5 '0'1i-f:gf9,, Xxxx 'Tl XX ff'gW,,j XX A ,, X , 1 XX Xk XX XX Xi' X M, XXXXXX X K XXXX,.-,. ,,,, ,,, XX ,XX ,,, HW X XXXXX x,.- XX NW A X XX XXX X f X M AX Q X ' W X, XX-X - X ' X A ' X' tv? WZ A iXvT,,1X. V W XXX QQXXXX Wg ,WA XM XX -XXXXXXX SS .XX X7 X VV K WL XXX XXX Ma V, , I XX Q X XX , XXX TXXXXX' S Q X ' jWf'T'WX'X -fwwj XXXXSXX- iff' A XX ' , XXXXXXX XS J, XX SWS XXXlxSSwXXX"WXNgXX TXVXXX WX X X , MX MXSXQQXX gn gg ', ,M-S-X MXXXXXXXNXXX f ,M ff XX My-w, XX- U nf? SMVL XXXXTXQ, XXXXX5-X XXWXVXXXXXN XXXXX x X X Mu" ,,,, in X ,'X1XXX.X.XX'W7MW' -XXWW' ,-XXXXMXX fffg, X: 'fc X- XXXXXXXTT- " ,XXX . , X X, XX Q-4?:gXX....X,-WWRQN' ,, X, .X N ,f . Q Xq, , ,, ,X X X X XXX., -, ,,,,, XX XXX XNXXXXXX ,M , 1. XXX XS X, WXXXXXX , XX f f My ,, X im" W W -wi XXXNP-XXX X. X XXXX- X-X- W"2ffs--XXXSXXX XX XXXN X XX XX-MXXXX -XX XX -1 X W, X A X M , X XXX H- XX.. X3XXXXXXw Q nf, X XXXXX X -Xfm-'W-,X QNNX 'X,,, XNMXN X f ,, XX ,, XXXXXXXXX N X ,MW NNN X ASXX,W,,7:., W A Wi. XMAMSN' X...kL S W X XXX is-fggqffx MAXMN i , V XXXXXXNX1 M X XX ,,mXXvx X X XS ,, fX.. X ,Q X ww. XXXXX .X 1 , XXX W XL- ML.: XX X XXMX p,X,,,gXX f- XX XX XX X V - ' XXXXXXX XXX. -f X X X X X X V , W h .5 -, XX 0. XXV If , X X if ,W.,,,g X X-Xgw ,,f ,f X XXXXXXX figiwmymxsxyxg XXXQQ XXX XXX X XXNX XX 'X XXX X , ,,fX- , -XX, f XXX ,ww f XX X X- '- -4 ffXXXXX 1 NX. ' W-r XM, X Xf I X X Xxx iffy H X xXXXX11XjX:, H XX wx QW XXX XX ,X XX XXXXX' XX, X KX . .... X ', W XxXX XX X '-XXX -XXm..,.,,,.:Nf - XXX, XXXX XX NNXXXX my XX,fHXXR Www XM W, 5 I uf? f V fri H . 1 :I . if ,Zim K If . V 7 2 I ,iw xg. X if . ff N 'Z' i 50,43 1 ,gif A fm an . , 2 X -:ffm W ! ' s. . , 1441 .1 4-f....f ,, ff 3 ,2 Memorable Scenes A USAFA graduate L1l7GHouff. . . justkiddmg! P Warrant giving his famous "smoke rmg" demonstration. V SUPPO. . .samplmg stores U2 Shots A The Wurdroom herd gets zz little culture in Crete. 4 Hangin' in Genoa, Italy V Singing the "Texas Aggie" fight song. RMCISWj AUey RM1 ISMO Yarbough RIVIZISPVQ Zenngue RM2 Leslie RM3 Newman oc - 2 mvnglom , J 'Q V 2 -: 1, y - Radio who? P 1 i 4 Need more tape? Technical P Expertise! SNI2 Meadows SMSN Allen SMSA Scott RM3 Navitsky RNI3 Dobson RM3 Melville 4 Looking sharp. OC-2 Division is made up of Radiomen and Signalman. Their job Varies from commu- nication With other ships within line of sight by flashing light, flag hoist, and semaphore, to maintaining high frequency, ultra high frequency, and satellite voice and data communications around the World. g? V You want it When? MR 'WGA 4 GoodjobZ!! Not pictured RM3 Mosteller RM3 Dixon RMSN I'Wllia1ns SM3 Walden SM3 Frazier SM3 Davis SM3 Beaver SMSN Gibson OC - 2 DIVISION Ist Lieutenant BMCM Wieczorek LPO BMCMISWJ Mutta BM1 Turnquisf I BM1 Kaliontgis BM2 Nales I BM2 Iamison BM3 Taylor BMBISWJ Hansford , ij - ,..,.ne. .Ag H W , sw QR BM3fSIfVj Hinkley I I Z jp I .Q , I.If I , I If S Y X X N. 4 X I AWell deserved "grin and grip" AEasy does it . . . N I il Always First N tj . First Division if ,, X- 1 1 f BMSN Alexander BMSN Burke SN Griffo X SA Segura SA Mairose SA Torres SA Stewart SA Garcia V :MW ff I fc SA Axelson SA Jules SR Kafka SR Goode SR Alcala SR Miller SR Henderson SA Godeaux SR Landis SR John f f0 f Q. SVI' """""V Xxsi E R , w X X WN f f X fw W X J X XX X X ff , Y , -Q .sq N ' gg. 'gg Y 'was GBM2 Jamison and BM3 Hinkley reenlist during UNRER Underwag Replenishmenf f-M ai W M at Z 'Q fu ,fa OC - 4 DIVISION LTJG P,-eddy OSCCSWQ Singer OSIKSWJ Spencer oszfswp Jones oszfswp McAfee oszfswg Jacksoh oszfswg McNeil 052 Barger OSZCSWQ Chaffinch OSZISWQ McCardle OS2 Shute OSZCSWQ Novak OS3 Depaolo EW3 Siegrest EW3 Price OSSN F lott OSSN Boeglin OSSN Argrett OSSN Revelle OSSA jordan Not pictured OSIISWQ Boomezp EWIISMO Hillig OSZISWQ Graberb OSZISWQ Demers, EWZISWQ Bright, OS3 Wilkinson, OS3 Haney OS3 Betz, OSSA Higashi celebrating a victory in toumament. navigation detail. N! OS3 Betz greeted by his fiancee. 4 OS2 Demers and OS2 Shute UNDERWOOD's volleyball V Three of UNDERWOOD's finesb OS2 Shute, OS1 Spencezp and OS2 Demers, at x x A r E """" l 5 X aw N 2 he Vipers 1 ,QX SX ' . X Q Q..-fx x ' A HSL 48's Iihest! Xs r' A LUG Hayden DLQ'Q 4Pilots are required to maintain proficiency. . .in the SH-60B and "other" means of transportation. 4 LCDR Regelman finishing his preflight checkts. V LTIG "Na'0cad" Hayden asks. . ."Where's the collective on this thing?" uVis:iT, B , Y V Z oarding, Search and Seizure Uperafionsu W f MW4 x ,ff f lww . ,ff A, 0,U , , If W, ff f -' l? . f V' f v W 7, ,f Z, X, 7 S ,I X W XX W 7? N Xi , W ,N ' x Z Y f ' X ,, .JV 1 Y f xx N f A X XX , X 1 S1 'Z 4 X5 Sm X X f N XM fx X WX X f X xf 'N SMX ..,.,,..,.,.....1.-h-.w,F-ya-fTj--vw-vw'---F---r---f-0- uNow get boarding phase iwo, Team ' "Vessel is low threat." me--,frfi,...m:wY-17-..f1, ..-. VVVK i . V ..x, . , Y. ... SWISS SFS gswz rw W 7 ff 423,24 wI,iq17Rwf L Ak' ,,,1f-"J, PI 1' ij.- F M51 x gf' ,-r 'ww- UYM4 -svhx. 'J-an-frf M "' ,QW f',':.'f-w..,.:.14mi:k JT, j.-41155, T1 - f 1.1 QQ.. 1 gf, ' ,A -of , W., , ,p-. 131+ l1.,u,! 53, An. kv, Huge? R9-1, N X N g f ..,...-...L.,,,- nf...-,..,T......-,-.,,.. ...-T.. .A ,... .. . ,V , - . . -f-... 7 he Mang Places WQ've Been 6 qw, AS 1 5 N w s 4 , M ' ' WWW5 W W , F ' i g The Memories Will Never Fade. veg- . , , .,,-.vp-'F ' "' L'-nw A 1 N vm-W ' w A Alcante, Spam r w l 1 , n T ! 1 lg I E 2 i 1 , 2 i Ar El 1 I x I 1 I 1 1 i 3 a 1 5 H ----- 1, ,- ,:.-- - 'f... rg - g.-1 . .V ,V YN -, 55.1, - - ,1,':- I 1' -- .1 , 1 .f::':,-: :4.-1:4-.1-.-.J ff ,- .'-. fx- .1f.Ai:-.I lr-in r.- ' :J ---2 -'rir P "Wetting the pipes before presenting the1r barber shop quartet routine." ff? 11 GENOA, ITALY 4 ORDO, MPA, and AUXO sample some of Italia 'S fmest LMiche1ob and I-Iieneken?j 4 ffm Houfti displayer of hhe Navy tra di tion. " 4 "We went to Hurgada, Egypt . . .AGAlN8zAGAIN8: AGAIN!" P "Some spent then' days at the beach 4 . . . and others were even lucky enough to see a few pretty girls." -- 1 x9 gf 5 2 Z3 A 1 U, E W -'2 Q Xi REX, E Xi ns, , ii 11Hi 3 Closer Closer . . . Closer f S VW, x Togefher Again! 'ra N x Q What We Accomplished V899 TOTALS TOTAL BOARDINGS - 182 Team One - 81 Team Two - 101 TOTAL QUERY's of Merchant Vessels - 349 TOTAL CARGO I NQPECTED Sulfur: 5 35,000 MT Cement: 5 10,000 MT Potash: 5 120,000 MT Car parts: 5 5,000 MT Crude Oil: 5.225, 000 MT Phosphate: 5 360,000 MT Cars!Trucks: 5 10,000 Frozen Meat: 5 30,000 MT General Cargo: 5 200,000 MT Grain products: 5 45,000 MT Class 1 Explosives: 5 180 MT Cruise Liner: 1 LASH Vessel: 1 Mail: 80 bags Steel: 5 25,000 MT Sheep: 5 175,000 Sugar: 5 38,000 MT Ammonia: 5 40,000 MT Food Oils: 5 12,000 MT Chemicals: 5 2,700 MT Containers: 5 4,000 Fertilizer: 5 8,000 MT News Print: 5 3,243 MT Dairy Products: 5 600 Ms 4 C0n- Metric Ton is equivalent to 1000 kilograms or 2205 poundsj s 5 1 x x 7K I L If '. Er V x 5 E 4 X I X X 4

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