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Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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mx ww jaw fi ik'- 'M -v ,mf ,gf bf ' mh LV VV l Q ' f iel iz, 3 :iff 1: AK 5, 51" 72 . 44" 1 xi if fl f54fTA?5'f, Af,1-,fi -Ai' ' 7,87 ' u 5. I 'lu i 2 1 X Ng GMM V, . Q , . .5 A: Q 5 wa f Y il Q . , gi! ,jww 4 A X, + .iff K " 1 an 4 'Y rss, Q ' 1 ' - A - 1 4 f. .- SX . f if ' ' THE UNADILLAN The "O1d Covered Bridge" -- Gone but not forgotten. UNADILLA CENTRAL SCHOOL UNADILLA, NEW YORK BY THE CLASS OF 1959 Ou ,the banks of Susquehanna, With its waters blue, Stands our noble Alma Mater Glortous to view. D , me N' 'H' 'a DEDICATION MRS, MARGARET A. HEATH MR.f FRED L CLINNICK To our advisors, Mrs. Margaret A. Heath and Mr. Fred J. Clin- 'nick, we wish to dedicate our Senior yearbook. Their conscientious guidance, ready assistance, and true friendship will be remembered and valued by us forever. YE RBOOK STAFF EDITOR Eileen O'Hara ASSISTANT EDITOR Jim Westcott LITERARY EDITOR ART EDITOR Tracey Lambrecht Lana Sommers ADVERTISING EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Audrey Jones Marjorie Ingalls l ADMINI TRATION i E I 1 E h i R h P h The quality of mercy if not :xtrainedg It drofpeth, af the genfle mihr froni heaven Upon the plare heneathg it is Qzwice hlexfd -- It hlenezh him that givef, arzdf him that tahey. SHAKESPEARE , D M DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT MR, HAROLD TYSON l BOARD OF EDUCATION 4 . ,,,..,s..Hm,.M Mr. Kenneth W. Truhn, MI. Charles L. Fisk, Dr. Donald C. McKown, Mr. LaMont H. Faigle, Mr. Clarence E. Russell, Presidentg Mrs. Audrey Farmer, Clerk. SUPER ISING PRINCIPAL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 The majority of you will long be remembered for your outstanding performances at U. C.S, in both scholastic achievement and extracurricular activities. Your record to date casts a most favorable reflection on your school and your community. The faculty joins with me in expressing Best Wishes for your continued success. Mr. Gilson M. Slater MRS. JANET EPPLER Secretary R MRS. TERESA BOTT First Grade MRS, MARY MacARTHUR First Grade MRS. IESSIE BECKLEY First Grade FACULTY MRS, NADINE WI-HTMARSH Second Grade MRS. HAZEL ROFFE Second Grade MRS. VIVIAN COLE Second Grade MRS. JOAN RILEY Kindergarten MRS. NANCY SPRAGUE Elementary Music MRS. GENEVIEVE RUSSELL Kindergarten ' MRS, LYDIA VAN NORT Fifth - Sixth Grade MISS FRANCES FREEMAN Fifth Grade MISS NANCY BALDWIN Fifth Grade FACULTY MRS, GERTRUDE SILVERNELL Third Grade MRS, NANCY NICHOLS Fourth Grade MRS. THELMA SOMMERS Third Grade MRS, JEAN SLOCUM Fourth Grade MRS, CHASTINA HEAVNER Sixth Grade MRS. CHARLOTTE FLEMING Sixth Grade MRS, MARION FLEMING Elementary Art MISS IANICE NEAL Junior High English MRS. EDITH LEWIS English MRS. PHYLISS WOOD Library English MRS. ANNE HALL English Languages 1 FACULTY MR, JOHN STA RUCK Commerce MRS. MARGARET HEATH Homemaking MR. ROBERT SCARRY Social Studies MR, HERBERT WISNER Audio-Visual MR, ROBERT SKLENA RIK Science MR. DONALD STARKWEATHER Junior High Science MR, WILLIAM DALSHEIM Junior High Social Studies MR, GERALD GREEN Physical Education MISS IEANNE EHRMA NN Commerce - Absent FACULTY MR, DAVID HYSELL Art MRS, EVA AITKEN Junior High Math MR, RALPH YA NDEAU Mathematics MR. KENNETH EDSON Industrial Arts MISS KATHERINE FORD Physical Education MR. FRED CLINNICK Music SCHOOL NURSE MRS, MARGARET KNOWLTON GUIDANCE COUNSELOR MISS VIOLA FRA SER DENTAL HYGIENIST MRS. JOYCE SISSON HEARING TECHNICIAN MRS, MARGUERITE CARR lTl CAFETERIA STAFF pbeu, TRAFFIC OFFICERS k Webb J Mrs. Georgia Cross, Mrs, Norma McKown d BUS DRIVERS Harold Marcellus, Alton DeForest, Art Bouvier, Lee Pierce, Ben Bartlett, Clarence Dewey, Homer Wetherbee, Frank Slocum, Ted Becker, chief mechanic. ' CUSTQDIANS Larry Darlin, Clarence Dewey, Earl Wood QSuperintendentj, Don Shaver, Ray DeForest SENlOR S 1 DAVID WALTER DWIGHT President ANNE JEANETTE WETHERBEE Vice President CLASS OF 1959 MARIORIE ELEANOR INGALLS Secretary EILEEN KATHRYN ANN O'HARA Treasurer JAMES .TUSTIN ARCHER CIAASS CIF 1959 GEORGIA LEE BREHM BEA TRICE MAY CODDINGTON WILLIAM JOHN BERRY, JR CLAY ROBERT CONOVER JOHN CLYDE DILLENBECK CLASS OF 1959 HAROLD HALSEY DILLENBECK PATRICIA ANN ELDRED HILDA MARGARET FRENCH MARION MARGARET FREY CLASS OF 1959 FREDERICK SCOTT HUST AUDREY EDNA JONES RICHARD WILLIAM KEHR TRACEY LEONE LAMBRECHT CLASS CIF 1959 SUZANNE LAWRENCE SANDRA GAIL MURRAY CHARLES WARREN NEWMAN IUDITH JOYCE O'CONNOR CLASS OF 1959 JOSEPH RICHARD ROBERTSON BETH SUZANNE RUSSELL l L GARY AUGUSTINE SANDIKE II JOYCE MARIE SHIELDS CLASS CDF 1959 LANA KAY SOMMERS WAYNE LECOUNT TYSON II CAROL MARIE WEBSTER JAMES STUKELY WESTCOTT JUNIOR PROM :SZ CLASS HI TORY Q31 In September of 1946, a bright-eyed, eager group of little folks had a first taste of school at Unadilla Central, In that kindergarten class were Fred Hust, Hilda French, Chuck Newman, Judy O'Connor, Joe Robertson, Eileen O'Hara, Joyce Shields, Lana Sommers, Ty Tyson, Jim Westcott, Carol Webster, and Pat Nichols QEldredj. We progressed rapidly through the grades, learning the fundamental mate- rial which was to be the basis of our education. Tracey Lambrecht joined us in Rrst grade. Mrs. Newcomb's class sewed painting smocks, while Mrs. Cameron's grade organized a rhythm band. New arrivals in second grade were Bill Kehr, Duff Lawrence, Beth Russell, and Gary Sandike, At Christmas time Mrs. Cole made our silhouettes as gifts for our parents. Marjorie Ingalls became a member of our class in the third grade. Our big accomplishment was learning to write, We remember birthday parties and wall paintings in the fourth grade. That year Beatrice Coddington came to Unadilla Central. Four more members came to us in the fifth grade: Dave Dwight, Clay Conover, Marion Frey, and Anne Wetherbee. In sixth grade Miss Palen's class published THE DOPEY REPORTER, an in- teresting experiment in journalism, The Christmas operetta produced many promising soloists that year, In junior high school we had our first experience with passing to classes. Highlights of those two years were the Albany trip in seventh grade and the Corning Glass tour in eighth grade. Bill Berry, Harold and John Dillenbeck, and Audrey Jones joined our ranks in eighth grade. Our high school years have gone even faster. Sandy Murray came in our Sophomore year, and in our Junior year Georgia Brehm and Jim Archer arrived. Our first financial success was the showing of two Walt Disney movies. The Junior play, 'They Gave Him a Coed, " and the Senior play, 'The Skel- eton Walks, " as well as the Junior Prom over which Carol Webster reigned as Queen were very successful. The Senior magazine sale was our biggest project. We are looking forward to our trip to Washington and to graduation as the high points of our high school years. In retrospect, we wish that we could do it all over again. EBM Eileen O'Hara leaves one each of her motorcycle boots from Bob Bliss to Doug MacArthur and Jeff Hendrickson. Jim Westcott leaves to Liz Kinsella his Junior Class ring. Tracey Lambrecht leaves her old cheerleading sneaks to Bobby Morrison. Audrey Jones leaves to Sandy McKown and Jeanette MacDonald her for- mula for blonde hair and uncontrolled temper. Marjorie Ingalls leaves to Betty Poole and Lynn Frey part of her collection of old love letters. ' Lana Sommers leaves to Dick Davis some of her American History book reports to finish. Lucky boy! Marion Frey leaves to Fred VanDusen the Trig regents answer sheet. Chuck Newman leaves his old fishing spot on the Susquehanna to Howard Lent and Dick Anderson, David Dwight leaves the curse of red hair to Ted Armour and Pat Grimm. Georgia Brehm leaves to Mary Anne Collins and Barb Nisbet her blue leo- tards, and that certain smile to Den Jordan, Beatrice Coddington leaves Marty Westcott a dance with every boy in school at the Senior Ball. Hilda French leaves her wavy hair to Maxine Gregory and Jean Barnes. Duff Lawrence leaves to John Higbie her artist's touch. Sandy Murray leaves to Jana Webster her ability to "study. " Pat Eldred leaves her engagement ring to Nancy Bartlett and Barb Van- denburg, Judy O'Connor and Beth Russell leave to Lynette Chambers and Betsy Sel- leck their collection of rare jewels. Joyce Shields leaves her singing ability to Helga Otten. mill ga-.pez-.r-.,..a, 'Q 3-- , .4 U,-1. 1 4 Carol Webster leaves Carol Harding and Jean Moore each one of her red knee socks. Anne Wetherbee leaves "Pomp and Circumstance" to Bill Westcott. Jim Archer leaves his pipe and Travelers' Checks to Bill Ford and Charles Winchester, Bill Berry leaves a car horn and a headlight to Ria Latham. Clay Conover leaves to Sandy Alpi the recording of 'My Girl. " Harold Dillenbeck leaves Jim Hawver and Marion Becker his ability to forget, Fred Hust leaves his red hat to Clarence Russell. Bill Kehr leaves a one-way ticket to Orlando, Florida, to Iris King and a no longer needed hockey stick to Ken Hull. Joe Robertson leaves his lucky bowling ball to Clair Davis and Joan Eppler. Gary Sandike leaves his fiendish laugh to Jim Hull. John Dillenbeck leaves one of his pocket books fto be hidden behind His- tory booksj to Wendell Bachman and Joe Ireland. Ty Tyson leaves to Craig Truhn his position on the basketball team and his position on the football team to Bernard DeForest. CLASS PROPHECY Yesterday during band Mr. Clinnick was telling the group about a fantastic dream in which he envisioned the Senior Class in the year 1970, He had taken a trip throughout the Middle West. Upon arriving in Chicago he stopped at a gas station and was amazed to see John Dillenbeck, owner of a large chain of gas stations. After talking to John he learned that Gary Sandike was head wine-taster at the Waldorf Astoria. He was also pleased to find that Judy 0'Connor was on a teachers' caravan around the world. Soon Clay Conover drove up to buy special nitro-fuel for his next race at Indianapolis. Since it was late, Mr. Clinnick went to his hotel room for the night. Turn- ing on his TV set, he saw Bill Kehr as the M.C. on the Florida Bandstand Show of which Georgia Brehm was head dancing instructor. As he switched channels he saw Joe Robertson, star of his own bowling show. During the commercial he was shocked to see Toody Coddington in a bikini designed by Harold Dillenbeck. we -ff After turning off the TV, MI. Clinnick picked up THE CHICAGO TRIB- UNE, In Dorothy Kilgallen's column he was filled in on the lives of many other Seniors. He found that Anne Wetherbee, popular pianist, was slated to give her first concert at Carnegie Hall, that Marion Frey had just won a Na- tional baking contest, and that Joyce Shields had organized the largest rhythm band for first graders in existence. Going down to the lobby before retiring, he met Jim Archer who had just come back from his sixth flight around the world. At the airport Jim had met Sandy and Ty Tyson as they were departing for an expedition in oceanography to the Red Sea. At a magazine rack Mr. Clinnick picked up a MAD MAGA- ZINE of which Bill Berry was editor. As he leafed through MAD he found an essay written by the famous satirical writer, Tracey Lambrecht, and an article on the Walt Disney Studios where Duff Lawrence is top cartoon artist. At the same studio Marge Ingalls is the top animation photographer. A few days later Mr. Clinnick was in Las Vegas. Going to a night club, he was delighted to find Jim Westcott appearing there with his band. After the show he talked with Jim and discovered that occasionally Audrey Jones also appeared at the club, From Jim he also learned that Eileen O'I-lara owned a chain of roller skating rinks, one of which is the largest in the world, Since he was interested in rockets. MI. Clinnick decided to go to Utah for a tourpf the largest rocket experimental center in the country. The executive who took him on his tour, David Dwight, recognized Mr. Clinnick from his former high school years at UCS and took Mr. Clinnick to another part of the plant where Chuck Newman was working on plans for a new rocket. Chuck's talk with Mr. Clinnick was very profitable, for he learned what the remaining Seniors were doing. The former Carol Webster was in the Ithaca Hospital with her second set of twins, and Mr. Clinnick was not surprised to hear that Beth Russell was her nurse. Lana Sommers is also a nurse at the same hospital where Fred Hust is an interne. Hilda French is very busy creating new hair styles for Yul Brynner. Last, but not least, Pat Nichols Eldred is living in an igloo in Alaska where her husband is stationed, The only comment that Mr. Clinnick had after he had related his dream to band was that after considering the Seniors' conduct in band, he was happy that they had turned out so well. -DNA' THEY GAVE HIM A COED THE SKELETON WALKS,' ASSES And zbif our life, exempt from public haunt, E u . I ww Findx tongue: in treef, boolaq nz the runmng brookf, u - Sermon: in Jtoney, and good in everything. SHAKESPEARE N ,fre ' V, +V CLASS OF 1960 PRESIDENT - - - - - Clarence Russell VICE PRESIDENT ----- Helga Otten SECRETARY ------- Jana Webster TREASURER - - - - - Maxine Gregory Alpi Anderson Armour Bachman Barnes Bartlett M. Becker L. Chambers K. Christopherson B. DeForest M. Gregory 1. Higbie M. Collins J. Eppler P, Griffin I. Hull C. Davis W. Ford J. Hawver K. Hull R. Davis L. Frey I. Hendrickson J, Ireland Advisors MR. WISNER MRS. WOOD D, Jordan I. King E. Kinsella M. Latham B. H. Lent B. Morrison D. MacArthur J. Moore C. I. MacDonald B. Nesbit S. McKown H. Otten C. Poole B. Vandenburg Russell F. Van Dusen B. Selleck J. Webster Truhu M. Westcott W. Westcott C. Winchester CLASS OF 1961 PRESIDENT ---- - - Bob Brehm VICE PRESIDENT - - - - - John Bennett SECRETARY ---- - -Sharryl Chambers TREASURER - - - - -Judy Haynes R. Alfredson L. Armour C. Bachman W. Bard J. Berry I. Bennett Absent: T. Hayes Bonner Braun Brehm Brown Chambers Chambers M. Cross M. Dibble L. Goodrich J. Hendricks C. Dykeman I. Haynes C. Hirko A. Frey S. Harrington R. Hotchkin Advisors MRS- HALL MR. YANDEAU K. McLaughlin E. Ingalls S. Lown C. Miller D. Knight M. MacArthur A. O'I-Iara J. Lewis N. MacCumber J. O'Rourke Palmer Robinson Sienkiewicz Sisson Sisson Starbuck Stilson Thurston Vandenburg Wilber Witter Wright CLASS OF 1962 PRESIDENT Ed Swartz VICE PRESIDENT Daughn Richards SECRETARY Ray Titch TREASURER Dana Russell I. Bell A. Bennett T. Berry I. Bouvler R, Buzzey S. Campbell . cugm Chambers . Coddlngton, Crouch Darlin Davis Dibble Dillenbeck I. Freidman S. Howland DuMond C. Gilmore N. Ingalls DeShaw D. Hall S. Ingalls Faigle A. Hawver P. Kobla Advisors MR, EDSON MRS. LEWIS M. Kobylack B. Lowe F. Koepke J. More F. Lent R. Mulllneaux W. Lowe F. Murray Absent: L. Jones, M. Jordan L. Newman M. Otten J, Poole D. Reynolds Richards J. Terry Richards R. Tltch Russell A. Wetherbee Russell S. Westcott Sokol J. Wright Swart L. Youngs as vga-rv-,grrxv 4 egg., .r -ar 'N A , , , GRADE EIGHT FRONT ROW: Robert Anderson, Donald Strain, Clifford Crouch, Thomas Oles, Richard Hendricks, Richard Van Brakle, Michael Logan. SECOND ROW: Sharon Henchey, Eleanor Robinson, Joan Meade, Carol Brown, Carolyn Woodard, Marlene Bennett, Julia Gregory, Rita McLaughlin. THIRD ROW: Betty Jane Lawrence, Susan Chamberlain, Sandra Fargo, Elsie Dalton, Beverly Hobbie, Priscilla Gurney, Bobette Eppler. LAST ROW g Edward Ingalls, Robert Becker, Jeffrey VanCott, Dale Chambers, Robert Wilber, John Nielson, Clifford Banta. PRESIDENT ----- - - Bob Anderson VICE PRESIDENT - - - - - Bobette Eppler SECRETARY ---- - Betty Lawrence TREASURER ---- - - Jack Neilson f1 fb - 8 .-www v.,f, Y V-.,..r.qwpwvn--W-W-,M me rv, 'Q GRADE EIGHT FRONT ROW: Russel Jones, Donald Mayes, Robert Dalton, Jack Howland, Dennis Chris- tophersen, Steven Baumes. SECOND ROW: Carol Phelps, Susan Chrlstopherson, Louise Malloy, Nancy Knapp, Susan Ingalls, Susena Foote, Robin Jester, Judy Hirko. THIRD ROW: Mary Washburn, Susan Quimby, Nancy McCumber, Royanna Goodrich, Nancy Carey, Lucretia Cerosaletti, LAST ROW: Noel Hendrickson, Arthur Westcott, James Reynolds, Roger Mclcown, Arthur Dwight, James Haynes, Charles Washburn. PRESIDENT - - - - - Chuck Washburn VICE PRESIDENT - - - - - Russel Jones SECRETARY ---- - - -James Reynolds TREASURER - - - - Arthur Dwight I 'g f I H ' 2 GRADE SEVEN FRONT ROW: Ralph O'Dell, Lynn Hodges, James LaFever, Larry Ryan, Gary Gilbert, James Higbie, Gary Cook. SECOND ROW: Louella Washburn, Patricia Wilkins, Bonnie Vail, Linda Faigle, Karen Russell, Pamela Struble, Alberta Carey, Barbara Loser. THIRD ROW: Otto Moore, Ross Bennett, Betty Wright, Linda McKown, Janice Eck, Susan Hust, Gail Witter, Theodore Nichols, Burl Bachman. LAST ROW: Robert French, John Higley, Dwight McKown, Eugene Sole, Richard Barnes, Ross Brickley Sweet, Thaddeus Sienkiewicz, Francis Goonan, Absent: Mary Greiner, Diane Pomeroy, Sharon Sisson, Gail Ireland. PRESIDENT ---- - - Michele Bouvier VICE PRESIDENT - - ---- Brick Sweet SECRETARY ---- - - Pam Struble TREASURE! - - - Burl Bachman Advisor MRS, AITKEN '1i'?'1vi """"Wlv' W V' 'kbps' in "WY 4 ,T i Q ,.,b,, . 4, ia-yuh 'V-af .3 k,li'ii-'ia .fd jk.. ,j,'-Aim GRADE SEVEN FRONT ROW: Richard Alpl, David Wright, Phillip Crawford, Sylvanius Napoleon, John Ford, James Winchester, Frank Hallock, Howard Banks. SECOND ROW: Barbara Hunt- ington, Margaret Campbell, Jeanette Sisson, Norma-Jean Church, Joan VanValkenburg, Judy Hand, Maureen Murphy, Michele Bouvier. THIRD ROW: Joanne Georgia, Jean MacArthur, Lois Gassler, Silvia Davis, Janice Dewey, Sandra Smith, Shirley LaFever, Raychel Searles, Donna Moore, Peggy Westcott, Diane Dow. LAST ROW: Thomas Goonan, Gerald Fisk, Bruce Nisbet, James Gregory, Timothy Logan, William Wormsley, Harley Wilbur, William Sisson, Phillip Beckley. This year the seventh grades combined their grades for organ- izational purposes. The officers are listed on the foregoing page. Advisor MR. DALSHEIM 'ww FRONT ROW: James Hodges, Richard Harding, Harvey Westcott, Brian DuMond, Lynn Palmer, Noel Kobia, John Bonner. SECOND ROW: Barbara Georgia, Gail Goldmeir, Kathryn Knapp, June Froehlick, Carol Ludwig, Barbara Starbuck. THIRD ROW: Linda Higbie, Florence Lent, Linda Chambers, Margaret Richards, Isabella Gross, Charla Ack- ley, Susan Hering, Sara Foote, Jean Terry, James Frey, LAST ROW: Ronald Berkley, James Dyer, Charle Higley, Phyllis Washburn, Sharon O'Rourke, Donna Phelps, Eileen Strain, Ann Gregory, Gary Dewey, Jon Jester, Absent: Linda Farmer, Ann Heavner, Susan Browning, Joan Bennett, Dennis MacDonald. Teacher: Mrs, Fleming. FRONT ROW: Robert Ludwig, Albert Koepke, Dick Darlin, Alvin McDonald, Allen Car- penter, Bradley Cooke, Robert Bell, Robert Guerney, James Palmer. SECOND ROW: Karen Jones, Peggy Babcock, Sharon DeForest, Marie Kobylack, Judith Lown, Kathleen Constable, Sandra DuMond. THIRD ROW: Ilah Sisson, Tina Hendrickson, Nancy Frit- chel, Barbara Quimby, Connie Codington, Cynthia Goodrich, Caroline Miller, Margaret Baumes, Jacqueline Northrup. LAST ROW: Michael Byrne, Eric Johnson, Patricia Ingalls Donna Edson, Helen Banks, Laurine Haynes, Patricia Strain, Pamela Barnhart, Darlene Daley, Wendell Derr, James Garvey. Absent: Brian Truhn, Sally Gray, Donalda Hull. Teacher: Mrs. I-leavner. FRONT ROW: Ernest Carr, Richard Wilber, Herbert Bennett, Alan Conklin. SECOND ROW: Nina Crawford, Mary Ellen Holmes, Carol Carr, Yvonne Goodrich, Mary O' Hara. THIRD ROW: Bernice Hobbie, Joy Greiner, Neoma Sowles, Kitty Hust, Helen Ingalls, Virginia Carey. LAST ROW: Don Grube, Arthur Howland, Douglas Georgia, Robert Greiner, LeRoy Whitmore, Dave Jordan. Teacher: Mrs. VanNort. FRONT ROW: Thomas Witter, Fayette Goodrich, Fred Marcellus, Timothy Wether- bee, David Napoleon, LeRoy Christophersen. SECOND ROW: Muriel Starkweather, Patty Wright, Sandra Nisbet, Marlene White, Carolyn Cable. THIRD ROW: Linda Gurney, Gloria Youngs, June Van Hoesen, Kathy Ackeret, Linda-Rae Nichols, Teresa Hirko, Susan Moore. LAST ROW: Robert Grube, Donald Quimby, Gary Moss, Mark Watkins, Larry Barney, Timothy Pierce, Benjamin Ackley, John Lowe, Kenneth Back- man, Absent: Terry Kishbaugh, Thomas McGown, Alan Marcellus. Teacher: Miss Baldwin, FRONT ROW: Richard Willis, William Strain, Albert Sokol, Paul Thruston, Roger Thoms, Thomas Youngs, Kenneth Constable, SECOND ROW: Brenda Christophersen, Donna Dow, Elaine Robinson, Ruth Ann Crawford, Nancy Meade, Donna Aldrich, Kathie Gil- bert. THIRD ROW: Donna McKown, Sharon Moore, Sallyann Brehm, Hollis Conley, Mary Ashton, Susan VanCott, Jalna Wormsley, Alice Hotchkin., LAST ROW: Thomas Neilson, Bruce Berry, Michael Johnson, Warren Robertson, Franklyn Tyler, Eric Sweet, Dale Herring, Keith McKown. Absent: Lois Brown. Teacher: Miss Freeman. FRONT ROW: Marshall Nichols, James Browning, Steve Jester, Montanna Wilber, Duane Lowe, Richard Campbell, Charles Strain, Charles Hendricks, Varnold Slade. SECOND ROW: Jeannette Carr, Paulette MacArthur, Beverly Jones, June Bmndage, Betty Orms- bee, Sandra O'Dell, Inge Otten, Marie Earl. THIRD ROW: Linda VanHoesen, Susan Hoag, Cheryl Horton, Mary Jones, Jo Ann Farrell, Rebecca Boynton, Carol Faigle, San- dra Becker. LAST ROW: Corinne Berry, Bruce Armor, Phillip Holowacz, Ronald Dyer, Donald Cleaver, David Wilkins, Lyle Madson, Timothy Lewis, Faye Harris. Teacher: Mrs. Nichols. FRONT ROW: Kenneth Ackeret, Michael Barnhart, Mark Derr, Richard Dykeman, Don- ald Smith, Daniel Bartlett, William Dalton. SECOND ROW: Shirley Meade, Linda Far- rell, Barbara Jones, Linda Snavely, Barbara Carpenter, Jewel Banks, Mary Westfall, Francine Wright. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Georgia, Ladene Wilber, Sue Ellen Woods, Abbe Perosio, Geraldine Berkeley, Elizabeth Lambert, Joyce Morrison, Joanne Webb, Joanne Zimmerman, Christine LaFever. LAST ROW: Frank Barney, Ralph Bennett, Craig Mc- Kown, James Groff, Phillip Hunt, Stephen Martin, Donald Dyer, Gerald French. Absent: Grace Paris. Teacher: Mrs. Slocum. FRONT ROW: Jimmy Johnson, Ricky Woods, Stephen Simmons, Steven Darlin, David Newcomb, Keith Bachman, David Bills, Donald Vought. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Ryan, Mary Lou DuMond, Janet Lewis, Alice Carpenter, Deborah Bartlett, Barbara Moss. THIRD ROW: Kathy Hull, Mary Susan Haynes, Judy Babcock, Deborah Dow, Martha Lou Scott, Gloria Richards, Mary Dibble, Laraine Pomeroy, LAST ROW: Cathy Campbell, Jimmy R. Davis, Joey Zaverl, Billy Washburn, Mark Carmichael, Patrick O'Rourke, Roger In- galls, Richard Law, Timmy DuMond, Lynda Goonan. Absent: Joyce Jones, Robert Har- der, Christopher Logan. Teacher: Mrs. Sommers, FRONT ROW : Peter Mozlngo, Albert Clune, John Banks, Carl Ingalls, Robert Farrell, James Davis, Paul Herring. SECOND ROW: Gail Gilbert, Marilyn Beggs, Karen Moore, Ellen Brown, Erszabeth Couse, Cynthia Fitch, Susan Simmons, Katherine Kishbaugh. THIRDROW: Judy Green, Marlene Fiorina, Linda Bonker, Christine DeVost, Ira May Youngs, Bonnie Jacob, Barbara Truhn. LASTAROW: James Harageones, Jerry Johnson, James Vail, Paul Barnhart, Nicholas Nichols, Douglas Youngs, Richard Garvey, Absent: Terry Bell, Robert Cleaver, Jeff DuMond, James Innes, Joanne Logan, Regina Mulli- neaux. Teacher: Mrs. Silvernell. FRONT ROW: Dorothy Swart, Letitia Slade, Diane Slade, Barbara Labour, Donna Har- der, Betty-Jane Horton, Margaret Lambert, SECOND ROW: Graden Ryan, Kenneth Koepke, Leland Ryan, Michael Sisson, George Shephard, James Larsen, Melvin Grube, Raymond Snavely. LAST ROW: James Thoms, Chester Carr, John Wormsley, Gilson Becker, Gary Valentine, Phillip Wright, Michael Welch, Robert Conley, William Carey Absent: Robert Jones, Deborah Murray, Danny Dow, Teacher: Mrs. Roffe, FRONT ROW g Patricia Welch, Jo Ann Nowiski, Margaret Mozingo, Donna Earl. ICH- nifer Dart, Denise Darlin, Linda French, SECOND ROW: Del Emerson, James Snop- kowski, Clifford DeVost, Edward Kobylack, James Gray, Douglas Raymond, James Hunt, Robert Strain. LAST ROW: Kathleen Bills, Jerry Smith, Roland Swart, Phillip Dwight, Michael Whitney, Arnold Slade, John Herring, Martha- Georgia. Absent: Linda Wisner, George Nichols, Kelsey Lambrecht. Teacher: Mrs. Whitmarsh. FRONT ROW: Beth Ann Woods, Genevieve Baulch, Mary Beth Sweet, Christine Her- ring, Barbara Hobbie, Alice Froelich. SECOND ROW: Cathy Tyler, Diane Ingalls, Gordon Strain, William Westfall. LAST ROW: William Owen, Richard Helfand, Thomas VanGorder, Richard Howland, Michael Chambers, Ernest Harageones, Tim- othy Christophersen, Kevan Koepke. Absent: Donald Field, Yvonne Huntington, Kenneth Shields. Teacher: Mrs. Cole, FRONT ROW: Dlane Goonan, Sandra Aldrich, Laura Clune, Melanie Otten, Mary Jean Hirko, Marcia Martin, Vivian Miller, SECOND ROW: Charles Horton, Richard Wright, Oliver Austin, Timothy O'Dell, Thomas Dillenbeck, James Earl, Carl Sokol, Thomas Gregory. LAST ROW: Barbara Lambert, Michael Zimmerman, Eric Hendrickson, Wren Dixson, Thomas Blrdsall, Douglas McKown, Christine Garvey. Absent: David Crouch, Mary Dalton, Constance Georgia, Ernest Jones, Elizabeth Palmer, Patricia Shaver, Sharleen Swart. Teacher: Mrs. Bott. FRONT ROW: Donl Marzulla, Debra Howland, Connie Glover, Linda Moss, Sharon Jones, Colleen Bonker, Cheryl Ann Luce. SECOND ROW: Barry Truhn, Thomas Mor- rison, Jeffrey Barber, Alfred KnaPP. Lewis Shephard, LeRoy Rathbun, Ralph Sole, Jerry Ryan, William Cleaver, LAST ROW: Frank Selleck, Richard Greiner, Elaine Hara- geones, Joanne Davis, Geraldine Owen, Thomas Herring, Thomas'DeMulder. Absent: Lucinda Crandall, Jean Weeks, George Drexler, Gary Georgia, Michael Jacobs, Keith Kishbaugh, Robert Reynolds, Robert Wright. Teacher: Mrs. Beckley, FRONT ROW: Corrine Ingalls, Connie Kishbaugh, Anna Lee Mehlenbacher, Theresa Scott, Linda Burton, Phyllis Shephard, Debra Goodrich. SECOND ROW: Ernest Johnson, Ricky Haynes, Robert Glover, Thomas Yandeau, Charles Marcellus, Rex Coddington, Montle Nichols, Kenneth Holbert, Stanley Whitmore, Rudy Hyzer. LAST ROW: Thomas O'Dell. Steve Whitney, Sharon Helfand, Carolyn Ackeret, Sheila Swart, Deir- dre Daley, Linda Dlllenbeck, James Dow, Bruce DeVost, Kenneth Berkeley. Absent: Joel Jones, Danny Snopkowski, David Alfredson, Sharon Marcellus. Teacher: Mrs. MacArthur, FRONT ROW: Robert Couse, Dennis O'Dell, Michael Chonka, Darryl DeForest, Steven Groff. SECOND ROW: Carolee Conway, Patricia Lambert, Donna VanHoesen, Michele McEligot, Robin Silvernell, Jean Mehlenbacher, Sandra Horton. LAST ROW: Thomas Mayes, Marshall Dart, Fred Leibe, Geoffrey Valentine, John Wright, Mark Sklenarik, Bart Conley, Joseph Schlafer. Absent: Ronald Reynolds, Laureen Harris, Mary Margaret Innes, Teacher: Mrs, Riley, FRONT ROW: Rebecca De Mulder, Bonnie Mayhood, Pamela Bonker, Donna Selleck. SECOND ROW: Joyce Shephard, Barbara Scott, Anne McCumber, Nicole Bouvier, Nancy Bueker, Martha Barnhart. LAST ROW: Kenneth Slater, Craig VanCott, David Hendrick- son, Theodore Welch, Joseph Earl, Roger Youngs, Theron Russell, Benjamin Hobbie. Ab sent: Gary Crandall, Robert Logan, Bonnie Ormsbee, Bonnie Strain, Robert Tiffany. Teacher: Mrs. Russell. FRONT ROW: Russell Luce, William Daley, Jo-Ann Howland, Calvin Farmer. SECOND ROW: Debra Darlin, Joseph Sisson, Robert Zaveryl, Nancy Newhouse, James Hand, Con nie Jo Banta. LAST ROW: John Palmer, Robin Ruling, Lucinda McKown, David Wisner, Verna Jean Carey, Deborah Emerson, David Swart. Absent: Doreen Ryan, Douglas Wil- ber. Teacher: Mrs. Russell. Heigb-ho! sing loeigla-loo! unto the green loollyg Most friemlslaip ix feigning, most loving mere folly: Then, the holly! jolly! SHAKESPEARE Hobson socnew H0 OR SUCIETY WM px 'M PRESIDENT ---- - Charles Newman 'Z 3' VICE PRESIDENT - - - - Mana Latham Z, N SECRETARY ---- - - Eileen O' Hara L TREASURER - - - - David Dwight - STUDE T COUNCIL PRESIDENT ---- - - ---- Charles Newman VICE PRESIDENT - - - - Kenneth Hull SECRETARY ---- - - Barbara Morrison TREASURER - - - Sandra Murray 4 SENIOR MAJORE 1 FRONT: Tiny Chambers, Joan Eppler, Eileen O'Hara, Merry Jordan, Anne Hawver, STANDING: Ann O'- Hara, Barbara Crouch, Betsy Selleck, Pinky Cham- bers, Sandy4McKown, Audrey Jones, Judy Haynes, Karen Wright. Drum Majorette -- Sandy Murray JUNIOR MAJ ORETTES FRONT: Helen Banks, Peggy Richards, Margaret Baumes, Linda Nichols, Barbara Star buck, Alberta Carey, Susan Moore, Phyllis Washburn, Teresa Hirko, Sandy Nisber, Donna Dow, Sharon Sisson, Rachael Searles, Susan Hust, Sally Brehm, Mary O'Hara. STANDING: Joanne More, Nancy Ingalls, Barbara Lowe. 5 E 5 w ,TW W WH Hw' ,r W, W, 1' P W, , w L 1 4 ' , 'KW' , M, . , 'Z' wmy fww-rx Vfgww, L M W il N N M -N W ww 5 ,1w, v ,fN. ,c ,,,,, ff fi 2 if if in at E be 'sq' 212 in L i A " ' 'W' L' T' W .-" ' H"L5 W . V w i' ww 'MM 5' N 5' "?i3i 1 "f xxl' if 37 J NW W 3 E' H U G L M A N D ' W 2 - 51 I , le, M 1,9 5 Q . A 1 -M mi pg? iw HV an iw Ip 5: lf f' Y J ' 4 v X' 1 3 Q 1 f i M 5 wi' W ' m y we 5 gm A . w : w f a 3555 Th wiifj ' ggggqjykyggy J, 5 W 'ii ,gi wg, Li' in 1 f . FI? f ipJ,gxv ,f5L1,,7l, , ' wgyv ' HSN W f , Q w r M W M M' i W W E N F 2 bg id ly X- Q W 4 gWLk,Hf mwmf A vw yffmf WWN W W " . 4 ,X ' , W ?3V wr WAHM, W ' .W K iirffu - TM? f W 1 -Q , fw x a W gli .5 Wm K -MVN I fg' N N uh N is W FW 'VV m ' -'mf' fM Wy if E M ka , ,JN , .X I . 5 .4 1 " A J,KN I X, xg my fir il! , V ' ' MP yqv E'.! A M 'fa' V fi,-f 'S-. N 'rw tv .- vw ., M , A' Q W A Jag , l Vi f- - i. . E. ig?15j ' I M mi W 9 -ww W, W WWW M"""-. 'Aww MQW 1 . ,Wu 'MM ,vp-WW X I ff! i 1 1 x "lr: -, w ,W , AW m. K ' , ' ,lm 2 ge 7:4 H Mr? W T 1- sg' : ' a is W ,f :', Q, l, Ma m 'Www 1? W V 5 fp w, ,N , 1 ew , 1 S WK!! 9 jf'-4 V' ' 991 1 S - "' wnH9 W T7 9 59? 751 M' , 1 ,V -, ,f ,,--, M ww Hu v I X I . Y, -N X .,!. , H, 1 W 1 1 F VW 75 I nw , wi if 'F 'W fr 1 " wil' fy 'I Y' nl , Wif i ,I 6195 Ni 1? , JE 1 k ' . if wg. Qi W we A ,fm f , , f ff 2 ff' J f Y W 1 MEET! ' 4- wp N pw, 1. f 'i ,ffif i f W , W w -ag fm W ' V 1 A K -X f M 'naw . X. if 2 A , A 'H " M 'Mr lm ' g 3 'M j 5.5 V M " A' 'EY-1 ' My 4- '. L ' H JW" ' J' ,am 9' f- , QM. img, A Q31 N, T , f b W Q m ,, , xi J 5 x QM ' W fi: ,,fg , , , -P ' W W A , , f ga, E M . A M fm ll iigyifh ii W ' W Q 'Q W' ' 2' M ' qi' N, inf 'W 'ly , ' ,, A 5 v H , 1 XM! Nye O f r - Q " - X W, m A I : 'A I ' 3755. " l . s JUNIGR BAND Director - MR, FRED I . CLINNICK Y l N GRADE CHORUS X NCY SPRAGUE WILLIAM W irector Accom p E IOR F .H.A. PRESIDENT -------- - - Barbara Vandenburg Ngggy O VICE PRESIDENT - - - ---- Sharon Lown SECRETARY ---- -- - Snady McKown 5 631314446232 TREASURER --------------- Anna Braun i' 1oe 1 'ww RO' UNIOR P .H.A. PRESIDENT ------------- - Susena Foote VICE PRESIDENT - - - - Pam Struble gfw' SECRETARY - - - - - Nancy Knapp L1 MM 'Ravi W.-T TREASURER - - - - ' ' Lmda Falgle GIRLS, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIGN PRESIDENT -------------- Carol Webster VICE PRESIDENT ------------ Ria Latham SECRETARY ---- Marjorie Ingalls TREASURER ------------ Maxine Gregory UNA-DAZE STAFF U.C.S. ATHLETES' CLUB 'V PRESIDENT ---------------- Ty Tyson VICE PRESIDENT - - Jim Westcott SECRETARY - - Ted Armour TREASURER - - - "Weed" Russell f lu.. FIRE SQUAD YORKER CLUBS PENN'S WILLOW CHAPTER Larry Armour - - Marilyn Kobylack Arthur Dwight - - Jeff Bouvier - - ' - - PRESIDENT' ' ' ' - - - VICE PRESIDENT - - - - - - SECRETARY - - - - - TREASURER - - - - - WATTLES FERRY CHAPTER - - Diane Pomeroy Barbara Huntington - Raychel Searles Sylvanius Napoleon LIBR RY CLUB PRESIDENT ---------- -- - Anne Wetherbee VICE PRESIDENT - - - - Maria Latham SECRETARY -------- - - Sandra Murray ATTENDANCE OFFICER - - - - John Berry DRAMATICS CLUB PRESIDENT -------------- Sandy Murray VICE PRESIDENT ----------- Bill Westcott SECRETARY-TREASURER ---- ---- H elga Otten H I Q its Z SAFETY PATROL FREEDOM AW RD HO OR U.C.S UNADILLA HONORED-The Freedom Foundation has presented one of its coveted George Washington medals to Unadilla Central School tor an ex- ceptional program in teaching fundamentals of the American way of life. From the left, reading announcement of the award are: Miss Janice Neal, director of the ' Yorkers Clubg Miss Frances Freeman. fifth grade teacher: Robert Scarry, social studies teach- erg David Dwight, senior class president, and Charles Newman, president of the Student Council. """""'-"Students and fac- ulty at Unadilla Central School have been honored with an award fram the Freedom Foundation. The foundation's George Washington Medal will be pre- sented to the school during a forthcoming assembly pro- gram. Supervising Principal Gilson Slater said yesterday the award for UCS was announced during the foundation's annual ceremony at Valley Forge, Pa, "Our school was one of sev- eral public, private and parochial schools throughout the nation to receive the honor," he declared. 'Phe.award is based on an exceptional program of teach- T ,l l t The record was submitted to an award jury of the Freedom Foundation last fall. In commenting on the award, Mr. Scarry termed it a "wonderful honor" for Una- dilla Central School and praised students and teachers who participated in the project. The foundation annually honors schools, colleges, or- ganizations, and individuals for promoting better under- :standing of individual free- doms and responsibility under the American system. Established in 1949, the Freedom Foundation is a non- profit, non-sectarian and non- political organization. ing fundamentals of the l The G.e0rge Washington American system at Unadilla l award, ,hlghesf honor of the Central School' 1 foundatlon, this year was pre- Last C year, students and faculty, under Robert Scarry, social studies teacher, com- piled a record of photographs and newspaper accounts of school activities involving the American way of life. I I 1 sented Dr. Arthur A. Schuck, chief executive of the Boy Scouts of America. Last year's recipient of the top award was former Presi- cient Herbert Hoover. AROUND SCHOOL . . . the captain bowed his head. Chuck takes the spotlight in Home Ec. V. THLETICS if 53 O R COACH V . .,-gv'!43?x"Z'5??'7Ef45J?Q"f'f3'9.zk35aL.v:, , , 'wma ,Q We -" A if frdisilsii 371"'fHf-!g.L'V"f?-xt?-'ff-m:y,4,, ' 4 ,. ,K 4,.gr?4"5 ,gaaahi - 'fm-.,"i' , ",,1, 1,, 351- ,tea 1 1 1 L t- r:,N 'ke-,B ,tfzfff Sq - - f - . 4, S We 1 Agfa qw, K I X axg w fa , ..,-'M' tt... " ,,...-..-----, f":f,. F-4. fif? Y' .wwf X-,--..---- -K- ' x ay, J 'N a - - u "' 'aw re-:J f l ' xx X ff' " N N - ' N' .52 it N - ' F: ff. 'H-6 .9 X i 'fx Si ,' f is 53" .17 I A -:" .f- U ff- a fl: f ff M 7152 - K ES. 12 . rs - 'NE-l, g -, ' " 1' ' 'I -up ' " 'ix , 1,1 5 3' -5 wr ' s, ,F fi-... " 'ff . w i ly, - Ul f , ' , f .faggsg ?i'L4:-..5Iq:u, .V - 5.4,-.f,Hf3j',., I lia' -f '45 Q ' c' - -- was-1 -eiwavvv-71,71 , fl , 14,11 "' N., . , t . X , LAW. "Ji ffeezff',2.t,. f.w,,tu-.,..sa:: 1 COACH GERALD GREEN A pre-season belief was that Unadilla had been too good for 8-man rivals in the Tri-Valley 'C' loop but would need the help of a kind schedule-maker if they were to make a respectable 11-man start. Respectable is surely a mild adjective with which to describe the first season of 11-man football at U.C.S, Under the able direction of Coach Green and with great spirit, the team won the first three games, In- juries took their toll in the loss to league champion Chenango Forks. After two easy victories, the squad met defeat on Delhi's field in the last game. Finish- ing in third place and placing three men on the all- star team made our first venture in 11-man football most successful 5 Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla VARSITY BASKETBALL Basketball this year was plagued with difficulties ranging from lneligibility to poor shooting. A combination that would click just couldn't be found. The team was ac tually better than the won-lost record would seem to indicate, for nearly all the games were close, and the U.C, S, five were seldom defeated by a large margin. Next year promises great improvement. Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla 37 Gilbertsville 50 Guilford 39 Morris 34 Afton 30 Draper 37 Afton 24 Franklin 32 Otego 1958-1959 SCHEDULE Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Worcester Deposit Edmeston New Berlin Franklin Otega Worcester . . BASKETBALL FRONT: Calvin Thurston, Russ Jones, Rog Chambers, Fred Murray, Bob Hotchkin. BACK: Jim Starbuck, Dana Russell, Bob Brehm, Rich Stllson, Tom Oles. Under the leadership of Coach Dalsheim, the IV team had its best season in many years, Paced throughout the season by ex- cellent shooting and rebounding, the team captured second place in the league, Great promise for better varsity teams lies in these boys. Unadilla Gilbertsville Unadilla Unadilla Guilford Unadilla Unadilla Morris Unadilla Unadilla Afton Unadilla Unadilla Draper Unadilla Unadilla Afton Unadilla Unadilla Franklin Unadilla Unadilla Otego COACH DALSHEIM Worcester 46 Deposit 38 Edmeston 40 New Berlin 34 Franklin 51 Otego 50 Worcester 34 VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Jim Westcott, Chuck Newman, Dave Dwight, Joe Robertson, Ty Tyson, Craig Truhn, Jim Hawver. SECOND ROW: Mickey Cross, Howard Lent, Charlie Win- chester, Jim Starbuck, Denny Jordan, Ted Armour, Bill Berry, Bob Hotchkin, This year's team will have to work very hard to better the record set by last year's squad, who lost only two games and captured the league champion - ship. With six returning lettermen, the outlook for a good season is bright. . . BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Russ Jones, Muggs Campbell, Tom Berry, Fred Murray, Rog Chambers SECOND ROW g Larry Armour, Jeff Bouvier, Clair Davis, Tom Oles, Dana Russell, Roland Alfredson. LAST ROW: Ray Titch, Paul Kobia, Wendell Bachman, David Knight, Gary Sandike, Bob Sokol, Leslie Youngs, Calvin Thurston. 1959 SCHEDULE April 30 Unadilla at Morris May 4 Draper at Unadilla May 7 Franklin at Unadilla May 11 Unadilla ar Otego May 14 Unadilla at Worcester May 18 Edmeston at Unadilla May 21 Unadilla at New Berlin May 25 Unadilla at Franklin May 28 Orego at Unadilla June 1 Worcester at Unadilla W'w21'f'npnqvwwwwwv'-W ewvWwswwiwmWQwwwfW H JOE SENIGR ATHLETES CHUCK L BILL VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Varslty Cheerleaders keep up the spmt wlth Go Unadllla Go I Tracey Sandy Carol Llz J.V. CHEERLEADER Junior Varsity Cheerleaders cheer the team to victory, Merry Lynn Sherrie Betty The ILlHi.0I'SSIliOl' GZMTICS WBI6 3. riot! This ahove all -- to thine own self he true And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou mm: not then he fezlfe to my mme. SHAKESPEARE UNADILLA BOWLING CENTER I 'V ' Wk Je. f 17 "".'li'5.i.NE I POURING Pnonums HANDLE UNADILLA, NEW You B E S T VVIIS HIE S Unadilla Five 8: Dime ANDREW WEBB, Prop. PHONE EM 9-2061 MAIN STREET -- Compliments of -- 'Ilnadilla biner UNADILLA, N. Y. GOODY SHOP A Q B SHOP UNADILLA, NEW YORK SIDNEY, NEW YORK FOUNTAIN SERVICE THE BEST IN CHOCOLATES .213 ,......... --' ..f2i?2i5ii55f5f5fiffiiwf . T , ..... 9 lifiiiiiiiiiifiifc """'A sag , -A"' iifififil-... ' 2 -' - .z:s:s:s:z:s:s:s:s:s:s:f Eg "fig, - ,gt 755553 5 52, - ..., "TI 'ZX ,il 15 ........ I 1' 336532 fl 1:5 I 1 4:5 - . . isis RADUATION DAY is a memorable blending of the past with the I present. But most important of all, on this day, is the bright promise of a future that is yet to be won. The big adventure is just I 5' beginning. The opportunity to light up the world is now yours. 3 r On this day of days, as you stand before family and friends, Q you are wrapped in the warmth of pleasant memories that will live with you forevermore. You are wearing a discernible look of achieve- ment. The pride of accomplishment is your own personal badge. And rightly so, for graduation is a monument among the milestones that will mark your journey through life. At this very moment you are looking at a long procession of days and nights that, seemingly, stretch out endlessly before you. They represent the raw material with which you will be working the rest of your life . . . but it is important that you do not spend too much time in the reviewing stand, watching the years pass swiftly by. March with the passing parade. Keep in step with the times, and prepare yourself at all times to take the lead whenever the opportunity arises. Within the next few months, perhaps in a matter of weeks, you will begin to face some of the major decisions that have a dominant influence on everyone's role in life. Further education? Marriage? Choice of job opportunity and the community in which you will make your home? These are some of the major decisions which will have an important bearing on the future happiness and well-being of your- self and your family-to-be. It is well to plan wisely and proceed cautiously. Graduation day-at the very beginning of the "big adventure", so to speak-is an especially opportune time to survey your future. This does not mean that you should merely look ahead, however, for the term "survey" has a much broader connotation. Thus, you should take a comprehensive view of the overall direction in which you are now headed. Carefully analyze all of the possibilities, and begin at once to shape your plans accordingly. Now is the time, becausei- to 55 a surprisingly large degree-each individual is the architect of his own destiny. 5 Sidney New York H .....,, . :4 M -.-. w .-.- t -:-: 1 . :K 4:1 . TSS 1 ri- 5:2 :-:- .:. H. '-2 Ib 151' is 1 is, c ,, is X . ,SW :if-14:-:: 4 :r.rfr:r:r: E., lil' sfzlrg .5E5E3E3E:E:4, , . ..,... H 3 ....... ,. x. :t 2 :Sz 'EiE2E1:2E2EIE' , ri .f.5.:,5,:.3.5 - .,. 2 tif? Efffiffffifii. :I- -:- E5 ., -V - - :si 125 Iii 2 ' ' ' ' ' 1 ,I 'sz Sclntlua D1V1S10n i 'df i . I rum ciwwnwiw ,.: .4.-.- . .i.:.: .-.- If :.,.:.:,....-.v.-.., Sill 'ffiffi il F5525 E555 ziff l -El X555 .z 9 if.. Ff2f1:5:f:1:i?:155:5:1'fN V -':-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: - -2: Ei:-rr:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:ff 4. - Compliments of i D. E. FISK 85 SON G. L. F. Feed, Seed E? Fertilizer Unadilla New York Defi' 'mag' o W' . THE TIE CONIPAN' -. r umznu fum 71- Z' gyfgewzzaf ogg? EIMSU NAD F: D: ua: Enaezvgevonx LAWRENCE V. SHIELDS B B mm SAM R E A 1. T o R WVFEQlQ'QfegQ2f2Q.QfgQQ, U""'i""' N Y BROOK STREET LONG RIVER INN DINE AND DANCE UNADILLA N. Y. 4- rnonn 7241 N , ' F' 'gh - ,f we , ga 1 . F Q' 'Q e F N, JQL fl UNADILLA 'IV snsu. ssnvlcs ' ' Harlow Titus and Ray Jacob ' ' be an COMP LIME NTS from a Friend GEORGE S. A' DREXLER Q Compliments of MODERN BARBER and GIFT SHOP Guaranteed Watch Repairing Gifts for All Occasions ilvlrn Pearce's Beauty Shop VAN COTT Sc IAMES, INC. GENERAL INSURANCE R. D. No. 1 UNADILLA, N. Y. PHONE: Sldney 3-1615 epresenting INSURANCE COMPANY ww., Glen: Falls N Y Sturgess 0 up f Pharmacy LEWIS W. STURGESS, Prop. EP E N D A B L E 1 Main Street Unadilla, N. Y. DRUGGIST LATHAM 8 MOGAVERO Best wishes SEIIIUR BLHSS EARL VVINGER Uncxdillcx. N. Y. ATTORNEYS AT LAW I U ILLA, NEW YO Farm Eguiemenf G Sung ies Q Y ,hsiw E' - f fflwg I - ,feuaf , ZQIQFLI EE ' S iffiiii ky Xxsx xxah rn',x Q! 'X ' me 3151050 wi 'S SUNOCO SERVICE LUBRICATION - GENERAL REPAIRS TIRES - BATTERIES DONALD E. KISHBAUGH, PROP 1' 'rw WAYNE L. TYsoN ATTORNEY AT LAW UNA , NEW YORK CARLETON G. WHITAKER, INC. UNADILLA, NEW YORK U N A D I L I' MILK AND MILK PRODUCT TRANSFER Vr M041 REQ! Qiii fbpy A OIL ORLO PH 8 M. COUSE ONE 3653 S 0 RR HIFI FUEL V A CHICK FOR EVERY PRODUCTION NEED ALBERNIARLE ACRES DONALD G. BLISS UNADILLA. NEWYORK Compliments of HO TE L TY LER Unadilla SHELL? O XNIIIW LDBDELL GARAGE DTEBD. N. Y. T H E D E E R H E A D Phone Otego 1' Route 7 Yukon 8-7905 I N N Unadilla, N. Y. HOTEL MOTEL RESTAURANT TAP ROOM ANN Sz FRANK JURASH, Proprietors WALTER I. KELLER GENERAL Msncx-IANDISE GROCRIFS. MEATS. DRUGS. DRY GOODS VYeIIs Bridge, N. Y. IIIARY'S Beauty Parlor IRENE 5DDh.I 3' INGFILLS .Q , -3, ' g C' "ei--'- , --,, ,J -.,o-- .2 1 Leather Carving and Leafber Graff PHONE EM 9-3512 UNADILLA, N, Y. STUART L. SEARLES GENERAL INSURANCE WELLS BRIDGE, NEW YORK PHONE: oreco YU 8-7938 .I I - PRINTING ADVERTISING THE UNADILEA TIMES PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST DF UNADILLA UNADILLA, N. Y. Mmzdflla, Ewa-fm C7-fbgdlfgl IWMQ gcwf of M C QUEEI-ILT BEE RESTAURANT R B Y 7 3531 511 MAIN ST. ONEONTA, N. Y. DEPARTMENT STORE H ' 'gf' E R W':xQ':'2i?Eq5:E'EE.Eziiiaaa? S T , L S O N HARDWARE PLLLIIZLESNTNEEQZLTQG l EAL GREENHOU "WADES" JOHN J. VAIL Confracfor and Builder 2 KILKENNY ST., UNADILLA, N. Y. DIAL 3722 Roofing Siding Cabinet Work 1-R ute 7, iidnei - I-1 --V - -il- Clinton Barnes THE DUKE RESTAURANT PURE MAPLE SYRUP 48 REGISTERED HOLSTEINS ONEOW N Y' ND UNADILLA, NEW YORK i T0 EAT MOD ORATION U N A Dlll,LNVEnYjY1QVRn!4 You can do every lawn-building iob from your tractor seat with a YORK RAKE MANUFACTURERS or uxss ron noAo MAINIENANCE A unnscnlnc I R. CHAMBERS 6: SONS, INC. HORSE 8: CATTLE MARKET Licensed and Bonded Auction Sales Every Saturday Horse Sales 2nd and 4th Wednesdays Office Phone EM 9 7231 Residence Phone EM 9 3026 X D- , I 'N .1 D .. I 2 . J -mf. VV f,, plffh, W ll W, 1. A D. C. MCKOWN. D.V.M R. S. MARTIN, D.v,M. GURNEY'S I Best wishes RESTAURANT JEWEL TEA CD..INl'I. SEHIUH CLHSS LEE'S BODY SHOP ' 11145 EDYG FDIDD BDMIIIOG 43 Fillers ll. nndilla. I. Y. Ellen Mae's Beauty Shop UJIINY inf 1 nulfnnnn - snnnef I 59 2 Meetings lst and 3rd Fridays of each month at I.0.0.F. Hall American Standard Fixtures Luxaire Furnaces, Oil Burners Maytag Washers Frigidaire Appliances CHARLES B. ACKLEY Plumbing and Heating UNADILLA, NEW YORK STUDIO 3Q gzfrows 56. funadlaz, JM .K T A X I CENTRAL Tc1uRls'r HUM: CLARA Sm HDWARD WITTER 'W P ELTITUS, GB Mm' ST' HIGH GRADE DAIRY cows UMM Nj. UNAolLLA. N. Y. UNADILLA, N, v. WO0D'S GRUCERY Hr. and Mn. L. W. Wood UNADILLA. N. Y. DORATHEA S. CUMMINGS General Imsurarwe 108 Main Street - Unadilla, New York - Phone: 2733 L T HILLCREST ROLLER RINK WEST MAIN STREET W. H. Kent 8. Son .4 , N, SIDNEY' N' Y' 5 and I0 Conf Store Sidney, N. Y. I ,N I OPEN ALL YEAR L THURSDAY AND SPECIAL NIGHTS AVAILABLE L EVERY TUESDAY SATURDAY NITES RAY HALL P Fon PRIVATE sKA1'lNG PARTIES P 5144 N. D. WESSELS - Florist f I ig f FUNERAL DESIGNS - WEDDING FLOWERS W CUT FLOWERS - POTTED PLANTS E' If Charles W. Higley, 9 MAC ARTHURIS FLYING A Exon.-non 1 I G J SAND. GBAVEL .mn 1-or sou A G SERVICE STATION Z I sa umm 3 ook sm.: ll, i" AND GARAGE Phone :um u .am .N Y I UNADILLA, NEW YORK FAIRBANKS PHARMACY ELWIN E. VAN VALKENBURG, Prop. The Roxall Store - Prescriptions SIDNEY, NEW YORK C. l'1. LANDEIQS, INC. FURNITURE AND FLOOR COVERING gunsfcaf Dizsafou 15 MAIN STREET SIDNEY. N. Y. C. H. LANDERS Llcnnszo MANAGIR 1 Mill, CSf,Jz0,, M. PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERAS o GIFTS o STATIONERY cmn,,, fu y. X Sidney Favorite ' P ' r C TlLo ROOFINC. CoMPANY,lNcN rin Ing Ompany jfnerlbaigyesffofrs and Sidewall Insulators 33 BROAD STREET ONEONTA. NEW YORK TEL. ONEONTA 2837 4,451 - ?sEN1-ED B Office and Factory Forms SATISFACTION GUARANTE ED School Forms a Specialty "Printing for Particular People" Sidney, N. Y. L . HILLER x smsou SESTSQLEE HARWAIE. FLOUR.FEED,COALo FRANKLlN,N.Y FRANKUN,N.Y C, 5-VV rw! 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NEW YORK L I B R A R Y -- Compliments of - MATTESON FEED 8: FARM SUPPLY Franklin New York .Nw A'0Zl?k3'7!lWl6 Q- iKonJZ'iH:2 sqm 7-11 w.a. 6-a Club swing '8-'I 'I Public Skating Sat. Matinee 'I-4 P. M. ROBERTIIBABCCCK CATTLE BREEDING SERVICE 35: UNADILLA, NEW YORK ADMISSION 50: PHONE 3981 RENTALS 256 Tues. 81 Thurs. ,ex Private Ponies -L L' E H I 'T,'::v.tt:"5,::...'1zt.::L':I:.':f.,tf' E? ARRIS R"""'F Fund' X '- sMMoNs SKATELAND . ,... -"" 2111141-' 0 mme 1 - rn 3573 or 3112 ...,....... .. Q 02CCd4f,L0 . Fred Munson, Prop. 115 Otselo St. - Oneonta X msn ' 9, ,vw T""" 2RWk,s i" QZQ-,49 , els Sporting Goods oNeoNrA, New vom I - IATIIIB ,mm LEE S GROCERY sfix' fnwgg Groceries - Meats - Vegetables 6, " Depot St. QQX' 8, vnu mul. n. v. UNADILLA SILO COMPANY Unadilla Silos 1 Una-Liners Folding Partitions Tubs 8z Tanks UNADILI-A.N.Y BIN' CUT YOUR COST WITH ELDRED'S BULK FEED Delivery Service BIINBRIIIGE, N. Y. 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Y. 0'HARA FARM IMPLEMENT SALES tvgf 1 l STARLINE BARN EQUIPMENT FERGUSON svsrsm F G F F kl N Y k em mba' THESE MERCHANTS ARE WORTHY OF YOUR PATRONAGE lg 1 RVBIHI 9 W a Q? 531 . .4 1 ' Q L Q W 3 5 JW' A 2 ' 'I' I' 41, "fi .2. " fame W ' Q' p, vm Q .--Q' "QG? L'f ' ZWWW, W PQ? :gQWikYH'f'f'if Aifim gm, . Pi V A Q 4 4 5 "' f N ' ,, i ff H A A V A 'fa ig, , DQ WNW! 7:77 , gp. wr-gun if ,ya . Lkkk I M Q . -Q Q' X ,Q Q ht wi -wi L w V . ' as A-wk .. , m A53 if .. We A Q my , , 11, wg Q "' Q 'W aM ., , ,, ,ff , . s, we 9' wx " K Na P . ye J- K , F? ,hm M, . - 1421151 f' ' W ' TQQM 4 M Q' w I .L ' A kg 'af I P i V P ' w 2 I L.-v mm ff? W k yi 6 ,! f as EHKQ , Wim l KJ 2 . M ' , W .W 4' '54 K .V A ww iq fri' Y I 'N J ff ,sk f Q, Z. ig ,Mm iff Q-S ' 1 w 1. -1.4 L '. .,..- .- -- - . V-1" ,.-,:., M.. P ' K ,- 37 V .. 1 r 1 1 , . i V

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