Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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S52 2291 5' 4225s ..a. -"5" Q?S?5 'rigs 'I -bril- gsw . 32512 .-I'.'E1 rw x f4 .1, x 149 Y 5 . 'i:2LiQ1, 1?iji: 313i-Z3 1-L-179. 3223221 ff:-if 712337: F215 fiiifili 55357515 -52292: 53:1 iliifg' :ii ini ay-2. 7:-E95-1 E?-335' ggi- D.11,' 2:45522 Lfzfzzii' fm: iii?" :zf 72525241 Gf.':It QZIQ2' PZ?-T 534 ' '53 ''-'g,g,5gg:g.-.f1:'15,Aqwiziffz-51.52,f--Fef'ig-z:-:-'-g,3::-.-g-'if:1g':Q:5-fig., '3:'ig,4 ' 'Lipids L-52245' -f3'ff5 - ' 5+ -" A ' ' " ' "N-" Aa . Z. .fc ff-5-xiii AX +--ff .1131 ,.ie.::..i-.-ki..-.S..m-2,?3Ef..ff- I ', THE CLASS OF l958 PRESENTS THE LINADILLAN ,AAL,l A UNADILLA CENTRAL SCHCOL UNADILLA, NEW YORK TQ, rug., wt' ml' on U bu' Img when scum- it, -A Qnj hugh? 'yftrffu' :dy VM' QE-ET! G f All 2- graze! DEDICATIO We, the 'Class of l958," dedicate this, our yearbook, to the future of our school. The childrenin the picture symbolize a great future for Unadilla Central School, and our best wishes are extended to all who will make this future a reality . mem MS r- 1' l ynw' f'f'Y 8 aclminisircltio DISTRICT 'fl SUPERINTE DE T J , Q., Your teachers have tried to give of their best in preparation for life's adventures that await you. To get the most out of living you, too, will have to give of your best, It is when you are at your best that you bring out the best in others and so help them the most, See the 21st Verse of the 5th Chapter of St. Matthew. K , , ,,,: ky T MR, HAROLD C, TYSON BQARD CF EDUCATIO Nba Mr, Kenneth W. Truhn, Mr. Charles L. Fisk, Dr. Donald C. McKown, Mr. LaMont H. Faigle, Mr, Clarence E. Russell, PresidentgM1s. Audrey Farmer, Clerk, xxx? K PRINCIPAL Graduation to you is a mo- mentous occasion. To us, there is an element of sadness in the realization that we are losing part of our school family, We sincerely hope that our part in preparing you for the years ahead will be most ben- eficial to your individual suc- cesses. On behalf of the Board of Education and the Faculty of Unadilla Central School and Academy, I extend congrat- ulations on the completion of your secondary education, MRS, M. JANET EPPLER .1 MR, GILSON M, SLATER SECRETARY TO THE PRINCIPAL MR, JOHN M, STARUCK ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL You have enjoyed the privilege of a High School education ity to it. ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR MR, IRA W, MCGONIGAL May you now fulfill your responsibil- HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY UNADILLA CENTRAL SCHOOL MRS, EVA AITKEN MISS IEANNE EHRMANN MRS. JANE FITCH MISS KATHERINE FORD MRS, PHYLLIS WOOD MRS, ANNE HALL MRS, EDITH LEWIS MISS IANICE NEAL MRS, EVA SCHAUER MRS. IEANETTE WILLIAMS MR, KENNETH EDSON MR, ROBERT SCARRY MR, FRED CLINNICK MR, HERBERT WISNER MR, RALPH YANDEAU MR. JOHN STARUCK MR. WILLIAM DALSHEIM MR. GILSON SLATER MR, GERALD GREEN Junior High Mathematics Business Education Home Economics Physical Education English -Librarian Languages -English English Junior High English Science Art Industrial Arts Social Science Music Driver Education Visual Education Mathematics Business Education Junior High Citizenship Education Principal Physical Education GR DE FACULTY MRS, MRS, MRS, MRS, MRS, MRS, MRS, MIG, MRS. MRS, MRS, MRS, MRS, MRS. MISS MRS, MRS, UN A DILLA CENTRAL SCHOOL LYDIA VAN NORT NANCY NICHOLS THELMA SOMMEIS NADINE WHITMARSH GERTRUDE SILVERNELL JEAN SLOCUM GENEVIEVE RUSSILL CI-IASTINA HEAVNER CHARLOTTE FLEMING TERESA BOTT MARGARET KNOWLTON JESSIE BECKLEY JOAN RILEY HA ZEL ROFFE FRANCES FREEMAN NANCY SPRAGUE VIVIAN COLE Grade Four -Frve Grade Four Grade Three Grade Two Grade Three Grade Four Kindergarten Grade Six Grade Six Grade One School Nurse Grade One Kindergarten Grade Two Grade Five Music Grade Two GUIDANCE SERVICE WE .QQZQW MRS, MARGARETTE KNOWLTON MISS VIOLA FRASER SCHQGL NURSE 9221? ... 'n DENTAL HYGIENIST HEARING TECHNICIAN MRS, MARGUERITE CARR CPYETERXF ST PH' H' if 433 Q J. td, 15. Wxkixa B3 NX 13 Cuoss, was. S NK 660:99 CHQW T1 ME i gum Caxvyb ouna oibo 1 hi BUS DRIVERS ZF' Art Bouvier, Lee Pierce, Harold Marcellus, Alton DeForest, Ray DeForest, Clarence Dewey, Ted Becker fChief Mechanicj, Ben Bartlett, Horner Wetherbee. FRANK WEBB Our Faithful Police "Chief" -,,Cf,,,,,- D 'Ill . .. ,145 f - OUR CLISTQDIANS Q Don Shaver, Clarence Dewey, Ray DeForest, Larry Darlin, Earl Wood fSuperintendent y. 1 , O 4 lOI"S MR, KENNETH EDSON IN 4 EJ RECOGNITION MRS, EDITH LEWIS We, the Class of 1958, wish to dedicate this sec- tion of our yearbook to our advisors, Mrs. Edith Lewis and Mr. Kenneth Edson, in appreciation of the wise guidance and able leadership which we received from them during our high school career. JANET BRENA RUSSELL 'Editor' , - f' fu-Iifs, 64 V CLASS I9 8 -.-4' JAMES HERMAN INGALLS JOANNE KOBYLACK "Athletic Power" "Cheerleader" President ---- - - - -JAMES INGALLS Vice President - - - - - -IOANNE KOBYLACK Secretary ---- ------ R OBERTA HIGBIE Treasurer 7 - - - -SARAH -MAY SILVERNELL ROBERTA LOUISE HIGBIE SARAH -MAY SILVERNELL "Business Acumen' " Blushing' 9 f, I, I V V ,gm , K2A2 A A fs- gf ff ff ff aw ,f,m,,, W 4 CLASS 5 l958 New KNUTE STEPHEN ALFREDSON BRENDA SUE CODDINGTON "Leadership" " Blond Tresses' DOROTHY LORRAINE CHAMBERS ROBERT FRANCIS ARMSTRONG "Sidney Adventures' "Mad Drummer' RONALD CLINTON BARNES CLASS I958 MARIAN LOUISE DAVIS "Speedy Driver" "Early Engagement" ALICE IRENE GRCBS DONALD EDWARD BAUMES "Crazy Antics" "Nickname Froggie" CLASS I958 ROBERT LEWIS BLISS MILDRED KATHRYN HALL "Motorcycle Boots' "Qu,ietne55" SHARON ANNE HUL1. FREDERICK WILLIAM BRAUN JR. "Athletic Ability' 'Farming Interest' ROGER WILLIAM CARGILL "Se riousness" CLASS I958 BARBARA SUSAN HULL "Pretty Hair" MARILYN ALICE JONES JESSE RAYMOND DECKER "Beauty Queen" "cuss Romeo" DENIS NEVILLE HENDRICKSON " Hunting" CLASS l958 LAUREL JOAN LOWN "Bowling Prowess' 4' ,'H '-A' 'A' , ,. RUTH ELINOR MILLS ROY SUMNER MacDONALD "Sa1esmanship" "Smiles" CLASS l958 LOWELL ROOT NUTTER CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH SEARLES "F1ashy Clothes" "Vitality" ELAINE ADA SOWLES ERNEST DAVID REYNOLDS "Short Men" "Bh1e Suede Shoes' CLASS I958 ALBERT EUGENE SISSON JOHN LEO VANDUSEN "Hot Rodder' DIANNE MARIE WILBER " Popularity" "Mechanical Interest' JAMES GEORGE WRIGHT 'Hot Trumpet" ' it J CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1958, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this our last Will and Testament in this manner: Knute Alfredson leaves the Student Council Presidency to Charles Newman, Amo Armstrong leaves his "Green Bomb" to Harold Dillenbeck. Ronnie Bames leaves his snazzy red sweater to Sandra Murray. Don Baumes leaves his nickname, "Froggy" to Marge Ingalls. Bob Bliss leaves his newest pair of motorcycle boots to Eileen O'Hara, Fred Braun leaves his term paper on "cows" to Marion Frey, Roger Cargill leaves his curly hair to Fred Hust. Den Hendrickson leaves his post at the Victory to Gary Sandike. Jim Ingalls leaves his three sports letters to Joe Ireland, Roy MacDonald leaves his terrific smile to Lana Sommers, Ernie Reynolds and Albert Sisson leave their driving ability to the juniors in Mr, Wisner's next Driver Ed. class, John VanDusen leaves his handy comb to Pat Nichols, Lowell Nutter leaves his drawing ability to Duffy Lawrence. Jim Wright leaves his trumpet to Hilda French, in the hope she will liven up the band, Elaine Sowles and Charlotte Searles each leave a roller-skate to Bill Berry, Janet Russell leaves her "brain" to the whole junior class for future study. Ruth Mills and Mildred Hall leave their amazing salesmanship to Wynn Borden, Laurel Lown leaves her winning bowling ball to Ty Tyson. Joanne Kobylack leaves her bassoon and music to Toodie Coddington, Marilyn Jones leaves her cute hairdos to Judy O'Connor, Sharon Hull and Dot Chambers leave their Sidney boys to Georgia Brehm, Susan Hull leaves some of her pretty clothes to Audrey Jones, Roberta Higbie leaves some red-hair to Bill Kehr, Alice Gross leaves her baton to Dave Dwight and Bill Winger, Marion Davis leaves her engagement ring to Carol Webster. Brenda Coddington leaves her singing ability to Joyce Shields and Beth Russell, Dianne Wilber leaves her "Hostess Role" at parties to Anne Weatherbee and Tracy Lambrecht Sate Silvemell leaves her charming blushes to Jim Wescott and John Zoeller. F? S ENIOR ACTIVITIES eu HNDERS CREEPERSH I if JUNIOR PRQM 7 4 III II I .. , an 1-ug "SHY GUY" KR CLASS PROPHECY QE In the year 1968, a reunion of the Class of 1958 was held at the country estate of Sarah- May Silvernell who had just retumed from Europe with her famous doctor husband and twin girls, At the gathering were: Dr, Robert Armstrong who had just completed his newest invention for the Planetary Space Station. Marian Davis Kelley with her husband and three children. Sharon Hull, the U, S, Woman's Tennis Champion who had just finished competing in the Olympics, Joanne Kobylack, the new Harvard professor of English, James Wright, the famous jazz band leader, Knute Alfredson, present Secretary of the Treasury. Fred Braun, wealthy cattle rancher and oil man, Ronald Barnes, I. B. M. Accountant and supervisor. Laurel Lown, world champion woman bowler, Dr, Janet Russell, leading medical research technician who is currently testing Satum vegetation. Mildred Hall, who has just been nominated as Miss Pillsbury of 1968, Roberta Higbie Ingalls and her husband, Jim, who conduct the Physical Education Depart- ment at Sidney Central, Alice Gross, leading Powers' model, Dorothy Chambers, secretary to Rock Hudson in California, Donald Baumes, head engineer for the D8z.l-l Railroad. Robert Bliss, owner of a successful motorcycle shop in New York City, Roger Cargill, a captain in the U. S. Air Force, Albert Sisson, the famous criminal lawyer, 1 Charlotte Searles and her husband who run the Sidney Skating Rink, Ruth Mills, who was just named the best dressed woman in the world, Brenda Coddington, a beauty technician at the Albany Model Agency. Marilyn Jones, the famous movie star, Elaine Sowels, the happy wife of John Short, Dennis Hendrickson, President of Chrysler Corporation. Roy MacDonald, radio announcer for N, B. C. Ernest Reynolds, speed driver who holds the title for the fastest mile, John VanDusen, head draftsman at Scintilla, Lowell Nutter, cartoon editor for Walt Disney Corporation, Raymond Decker, well-known singer of the hit record "Many Loves Have I. " Dianne Wilber, current wife of Johnny Saxon. After an interesting program and reminiscences, the group decided to meet again in 1978 xoq- ' 5 I9 4,9 Xq ' S QW? 57 CW flf 5 1, ?f ALBANY TRH9 I953 's A Ai, W .W Q. 1, A in lf, . Y . 1 ? 0 Di 31 : 7 1 g fave' gag!! . ,gf Q C ASS OF I959 , , D15 v sg ff' ffl sex' Mrs, Jeanette Williams fx? f -QR ADVISORS L c ' 1 R, 3 K v N 13' V A V . by 4 ' 9 Y, 1'- A ' . 'ff' Rm , , c L M I el , tri,-l Of fi N T .A AN L VE f. ,. , . , E' E -1 N -z L J 5 , - Q X4 K 44' W , Rf-,L '54 Lg W' ' LHP I nr Rfk. A Hug, 5,9 ,jg R , 5 KW"-4 -. 1' ' Ln X !j . I ff .. ' L, E- QL si ff? eg v 'M 7 ' ,xi jf'-H' .... Q ' 5 N wk E-M---J V A fm A , ,C . - W .-' X ., ' ' , , A ,, . Q, ...,r L? 1 :U , 4 if A5 Q Q, il x X 'QE XR C. WEBSTER A, WETHERBEE ff 'J 6 '5 , Q ,, '44, 3. Mr. Fred Clinnick . G. BREHM Lf B, CODDINGTON H, FRENCH M, FREY .fs I Q Q s, LAWRENCE 1 A fe ,Q if . M, INGALLS L A. JONES T, LAMBRECHT ' s, MURRAY ' P, NICHOLS Lg! J, o'coNNoR 5 E, o'HARA A EERRER B, RUSSELL ab 'ff 1, SHIELDS I 'L 41 L, soMMERs A STRAIN X CLASS OF I9 9 OFFICERS President ---- - - - - -CHUCK NEWMAN Vice President - - - - DAVID DWIGHT secretary ---- - - ANN WETHERBEE Treasurer - - - - WAYNE TYSON ' I' T J, ARCHER A -, - W. BERRY ' 'R ' 4 C. CONOVER Ref g'v?wW H, DILLENBECK ' Q . M2 Lfgeqo C R A Q52 joan mv- I ilfffff fungi' 'f L' 'me D, DWIGHT ln ' 'P " R' E, HUST 5 - ' , , af ,f H , 5 ' 'ff 5 A f we 5 ve "'1"'9 w, KEHR 'ff . C. NEWMAN ' ' Q L R me ' ' R' 23 5 5 A Q ' D 44414 J, ROBINSON f: 'f .- R, A GP "' G, SANDIKE Q1. ' 'Y ,fi ,! N .'- 'A f fi' ' ' , ' J n 1 if . . R , , f K, w, TYSON Q J, WESTCOTT L 3 H 6 R in 'K - , ' w, WINGER . W Z7 '. ge J, ZOELLER R ' s K' " a. I 1 15, ,N Qfylirj s fig' ff: 4 It .fm .' ' 1, CLASS OF I96O W ADv1soRs o Mrs. Phyllis wood 3 ' ' A A Al., V Mr. Herbert Wisner .O ,' "" ' -nv' s. Alpi V, 2 , , , " A ' 2' ' I. Bames gi fi ,ig,?l QQ -of r N. Barlert J ' ff xr' .W , M. Becker A or or l ,e., 434 o 1- Byrne r .4 iw l , ff ll Q L. Chambers ' l ' 'M l o A K. Christophersen l f r V Z We Q r M, comms ' f ff ,L'k A L 1 1-EPP1ef :af ' D' " f , ivLKGreg0ry ar V3 '5 Eff' K - in Arg . fy or - S I I xx' A k E, Kinsella h M. Latham l r e J. MacDonald -'5 ' S. McKown gg eff? P. Mein ' V. 4 G. Moore F v- . r , ff B. Morrxson H. Otten R, Poole E. Selleck J, Sokol B. Vandenburgh svuorooszfxver N0 I mam nal f 1' , N42 fp!! 1 ky, mwah Q' AVAILABLE "fy, J, Webster M, Westcott ' V my K X X ,7 Y 51,45 f 1 4 R. Anderson T, Armour W. Bachman W, Borden 5 I I, Higbie I. Hull C, Russell I. Ireland sr .- Q - v I C. Truhn F. VanDusen W. Westcott C. Winchester f' ' 6 L A , . qv L CLASS OF I960 OFFICERS President ---- - - -BARBARA MORRISON Vice President - - - - ' RICHARD DAVIS Secretary ---- - - - IANA WEBSTER Treasurer - - - - - MAXINE GREGORY , ft if ff 4 4, E. V' , 'A ff f y , n, -,W 'V V , - x ' -yd V, A ' 'Yi 4 , ' , Ihr? X N I i , A t f' gs f3rf Q 'T mfs-Af F! . bi 'ELK '-H:-lx' S I A sq gm if fs t X. 3 'I piffi Q Nj gqnu , we '- . fvf . 'ur lv j u +5 ' xo . Y SJ" C, 1 xx, wi. FP f I 5, Mfr I sfo fm' I A if 3: 6 R. Davis N 9 W. Ford 5 J. Hawver J, Hendrickson iff 57 . is I 'F-T 94 ' rj C ' Y I D, Jordan 1 " "'v' 4 H. Lent ,Avg J, Madsen if s K. Hun L.. If 3? . 7 65 5 . gif ,Z 5 if hh 411 W. Cerosaletti B, DeForest C. Davis CLASS CF I96I ADVISORS ' wx Z W ,ff . V. an -v n i f Mrs, Anne Hall Mr. Ralph Yandeau A any Bachman , ,lyk 1' V , rf BBHIZIS A , cf W 'X ' -S, f Bar k K ,M . ' " Wi" 1! Braun 'J -X "V M A I 5: vgkgggqvnmuurz Chambers q r f M r W Lb Q Chambers ' f , " ,ga "W, W- DYkef11aH . i f r im, - Q :"' g 7 ' 'fi' H, -K my f 1' Harrington ' M i fl 5 ' Haynes A " r J Ingalls X A Q I ,MQ f A A2 ' " ,I nnun vminvucmnts K b ""' Jacobs T r :vb 432,555 QM Lown , 'rx L! 15 More . A , LL nz- - n r 9, n A f i b r f . , I ' O'Hara X W A b-45 M ,, f K 'hlf' 1-.Q Palmer gf M . ' ' . Robinso :gina Z A 'Q' X I Witte! 1-1.9 n . fvfxffff: 9-'wfm-were in HD ,, ' K. Wright Q 4 . '- T. wright f ww M,-Qt, I1 CLASS CF I96I OFFICERS President - - - ------ - - -JOHN BERRY Vice President - - - - - -ROBERT BREHM Secretary ---- - - - TERESA WRIGHT Treasurer - - - - SHARRYL CHAMBERS I JI fm. 1 fv- " 15' -A A, am, .Ayr ,yfvwgwe . Qf 4' ,Q I! -il--X f- 8 . 1 I W- f I 'Y . I 4. 0 7, , ,411 ., fr " ' Y 5' " H., ,zijn-.11 hx f,f'JLs'Af , I ' I L 1 :I lA A ar- f 153. .1 W' . . M I I -u -w . 1 .LN C h K. . 'K' m I' me In. I nf' ' , 'Q 1 . I H , V 'L ,. V 4. - K fr , .1 ky ark R 7, 4 , li A., x Q iff I 'X fn W ft ' P 1 'E N' Aw ' ff. rx . W, Ingalls 5 J. Ireland f 4 0 D. Jordan , 'X D. LaFever V Qiq fr J, Lewis :-4' E Q ying' A SUPPY A ' W Lowe ,No PHOT0 - F. Mayes A , '- .' 4 , I N. McCumber r- I ' f gg, ' F K. McLaughlin " A - .1 X I h C, Miner iffy Q I ,,,,' J, O'Rouke H. Sienkiewicz . il ,. 7 ,- 3. Q. E. Sisson L' . 'v ' f " 3 1 I, SI3l.'bLlCk ff? E Q 1 R. Stilson . V ' I 1 X . I: ,,, I C. Thurston fi ' B. Vandenburg I, - KG , -- D,Wi1ber Q 'Q .Q ,A V L E. Mewhorter f T1 A" D. Knight A .iq , 'fy' mom not Avmnxsrr X R. Alfredson L. Armour I. Bennett J. Berry B. Bonner R. Brehm W Cargill D. Chase M Cross M Dibble A. Edson C. French D. Hall J. Hendricks R. Hotchkin 1' 'A xl ,Vx , I f ri, :A " tu re-FM .Qing GRADE EIGHT President - - - - - -DAUGHN RICHARDS Vice President - - ---- SHIRLEY FAIGLE Secretary - - - - - -DENNIS DARLIN Treasurer --------------- - -SUSAN RICHARDS Bottom row: Joan Meade, DeEtta Cowan, Ann Hawver, Nancy De Shaw, Shirley Faigle, Rebecca Mullineaux, Louise Malloy, Virginia Nichols. Middle row: Barbara Lowe, Dale Reynolds, Merry Jordan, Dorothy Bennitt, Marian Crawford, Sally Buckbee, Daughn Richards, Susan Richards, Top row: Roger Chambers, Dennis Darlin, Stephen Baumes, Martin Otten, Raymond Curtis, Dickson Dibble, Ronald Bussey, Fred Murray. Absent: Donna Dillenbeck, Robert Becker, Paul Kobia, MISS JEANNE EHRMANN Homeroorn Teacher GRADE EIGHT Presldent EDWARD SWART Vrce Presldent JAMES POOLE Secretary NANCY RUSSELL Bottom row Tom Berry Faxth Koepke Manlyn Kobylack Nancy Ingalls Amta Wether bee Nancy Russell, Susan Howland Stanley Campbell, M1ddle row Jxm Poole, Susan Westcott Anna Bennett Sharon Ingalls Janrce Bell, Barbara Crouch Lucxnda New man Mary Coddmgton Jonathan Fnedman Top row Raymond Titch Leslxe Youngs James Wnght Edward Swart, Robert Sokol, Dana Russell, Jeffrey Bouvxer Larry Jones Absent Sheme DuMond Charles Grlmore MISS JANICE NEAL Homeroom Teacher Treasurer """'---'-- - - - SHERRIE DUMOND GRADE SEVEN President - - - - - - -THOMAS OLES Vice President - - - - -BETTY LAWRENCE Secretary ---- ----- C AROL PHELPS Treasurer --------------- RICHARD HENDRICKS Bottom row: Robert Dalton, Alfred Gibbs, Richard Hendricks, Thomas Oles, Martin Mein, Larry Ryan, Dennis Christopherson. Second row: Mary Washbum, Rita McLaugh- lin, Elsie Dalton, Evelyn Kane, Nancy Knapp, Carol Phelps, Susan Christopherson, Nancy Carey. Third row: Betty Lawrence, Mary Griener, Sandra Fargo, Susan Chamber lain, Lucretia Cerosalleti. Top row: Noel Hendrickson, Robert Wilber, Donald Mayes, Howard'Banks, Richard VanBrakle, James LaFever, Roger McKown, Burton Becker, James Haynes, Absent: Fayette Dewey. MRS. EVE AITKEN Homeroom Teacher GR DE SEVE President ---- ---- - CHARLES HARRISON Vice President - - ---- TEDDY INGALLS Secretary - - - - -MARLENE BENNETT Treasurer ------------------ SUSENA FOOTE Bottom row: Clifford Banta, Jack Neilson, Lloyd Ruff, Arthur Westcott, Jeffrey Van Cott, Arthur Dwight. Second row: Susena Foote, Carolyn Woodard, Nancy McCumber Susan Ingalls, Judith Hirko, Julia Gregory. Third row: Teddy Ingalls, Beverly Hobbie, Susan Quimby, Marlene Bennett, Bobette Eppler, Priscilla Gumey, Charles Washbum. Top row: Charles Harrison, Russell Jones, James Reynolds, Clifford Crouch, Michael Logan, Donald Strain, Michael Bordon. Absent: Robin Jester, A4 11 3 i if A gf ff ?.1 I MR, WILLIAM DALSHEIM Homeroom Teacher GRADE SIX Bottom row: John Higley, Philip Beckley, Jonn Bonner, Harley Wilber, Thomas Goonan, Ross Bennett, Teddy Sienkiewicz. Second row: Janice Dewey, Patty Wilkins, Pam Stmble Linda Faigle, Karen Russell, Barbara Loser, Bonnie Vail, Shirley LaFever. Third row: Raychel Searles, Donna Moore, Margaret Westcott, Barbara Starbuck, Ann Heavner, Gail Ireland, Carol Macumber, Linda McKown, Janice Eck, Diane Pomeroy. Top row: Gerald Fisk, Richard Alpi, Lynn Hodges, Bradley Cooke, Philip Crawford, Brian DuMond, David Wright, James Gregory, Absent: Diane Dow, Marion Becker, Lyle Cowan, Joan Sherman, Teacher: Mrs. Fleming, GRADE SIX Bottom row: Skipper Moore, Jim Higbie, Brick Sweet, Eugene Sole, Alan Veargason, Burl Bachman, Robert Bell, Teddy Nichols. Second row: Susan Hust, Sandra Smith, Alberta Carey, Jeannette Sisson, Joan Van Vaulkenburg, Margaret Campbell, Sharon Sisson, Barbara Huntington. Third row: Frankie Goonan, Gail Witter, Kathy Constable, Nancy Frirchel, Maureen Murphy, Michele Bouvier, Judy Hand, Joanne Georgia, Betty Wright, Bobby French, Top row: Dwight McKown, John Ford, Jim Winchester, Gary Cook, Gary Gilbert, Tim Logan, Bob Eck, Bill Wormsley, Dick Bames. Absent: Ralph O'Del1, Lois Gassler, Louella Washbum. Teacher: Mrs. Heavner. "'2,.. s GRADE FIVE Bottom row: Harry Mattison, James Palmer, Lynn Palmer, Allen Carpenter, Brian Truhn, Robert Gumey, John Jester, Michael Byme, Second row: Helen Banks, Karen Jones, Sharon DeForest, Judith Lowe, Marie Kobylack, Donna Phelps, Kathryn Knapp, Gail Goldmeir. Third row: Charla Ackley, Margaret Babcock, Kathie Gilbert, Ann Gregory, Sandra Dumond, Eileen Strain, Judith Ruff, Carol Ludwig, Susan Hering, Top row: Darlene Daley, Patricia Ingalls, Patricia Strain, Pamela Bamhart, Brenda Christopher- son, Connie Codington, Tina Hendrickson, Sally Grey, Linda Higbie. Absent: Donalda Hull, Noel Kobia, Alvin Mac Donald, Teacher: Miss Freeman, GRADE FIVE Bottom row: James Hodges, Dennis MacDonald, Albert Koepke, James Frey, Eric John- son, Harvey Westcott, Bobby Ludwig. Second row: June Froehlich, Donna Edson, Barbara Georgia, Laurine Haynes, Sara Foote, Nina Crawford, Isabella Gross, Linda Farmer, Sharon O'Rourke, Third row: Wendell Derr, Margaret Baumes, Joan Bennet, Jean Terry Carolyn Miller, Margaret Richards, Barbara Quimby, Phillis Washbum, Susan Browning, James Dyer. Top row: Gary Dewey, Alan Lee, Charle Higley, Linda Chambers, Jacque- line Northrup, Ilah Sisson, Florence Lent, Richard Darlin, Ronald Berkley. Teacher: Mr, Starkweather, -Ii-" GRADE FOUR-FIVE Bottom row: Neoma Sowles, Mary O'Hara, Evelyn Hilsinger, Patricia Dillenbeck, Carol Carr, Yvonne Goodrich, Sandra Hall, Middle row: Lawerence Goonan, Robert Greener, Bemice Hobbie, Virginia Carey, Joy Greener, Helen Ingalls, Mary Ellen Holmes, Le- Roy Whitmore, David Jordan, Top row: Emest Carr, Donald Grube, Alan Conklin, Law- erence Thompson, Richard Wilber, Herbert Bennett, Robert Susi, Arthur Howland, Douglas Georgia. Absent: Katherine Hust. Teacher: Mrs. Van Nort, GRADE FOUR Bottom row: Dale Herring, John Lowe, Donald Quimby, Kenneth Bacliman, Roger Thoms, Alan Marcellus, Danny Bartlett, Michael Johnson, Second row: Linda -Rae Nichols, Hollis Conley, Linda Farrell, Muriel Starkweather, Ruth Ann Crawford, Marlene White, Mary Ashton, Carolyn Cable, Jeanne White. Third row: Gail Shaver, Donna McKown, Mary Ann Davis, Teresa Hirko, Susan Van Cort, Shirley Meade, Gloria Youngs, Thomas Neilson. Top row: Tim Pierce, William Dalton, Paul Thurston, Alben Sokol, Will- iam Strain, Tim Wetherbee, LeRoy Christophersen, Fred Marcellus, Absent: Thomas McKown. Teacher: Mrs, Slocum. fife- GRADE FCLIR Bottom row: Erick Sweet, Chester French, Benjamin Ackley, Warren Robertson, Kenneth Constable, Tommy Witter, Second row: June Van Hoesen, Sallyann Brehm, Donna Dow, Sandra O'Dell, Patty Wright, Sandra Nesbit, Nancy Meade, Donna Aldrich, Sharon Moore, Third row: Robert Grube, Bruce Berry, Linda Gume.y, Ialna Wormsley, Susan Moore, Alice Hotchkin, Kathleen Ackeret, Keith McKown, Choral Mattison. Top row: Richard Lee, Terry Kisbough, Thomas Young, Franklin Tyler, Fayette Goodrich, John Lynes, Richard Willis, Mark Watkins, Absent: Gary Moss, Montanna Wilber. Teacher: Mrs. Nichols. GRADE THREE Bottom row: Rebecca Boynton, Mary Westfall, Jewel Banks, Barbara Carpenter, Betty Ormsbee, Grace Paris, Barbara Jones, Mary Jones, Ingie Otten. Middle row: Gerald French, Donald Dyer, Geraldine Berkely, Carol Faigle, Sandra Becker, Ladine Wilber, Cheryl Georgia, Stephen Martin, Ralph Bennett. Top row: Bnxce Armour, Marshall Nichols, Edward Todd, Robert Farrell, Richard Dykeman, Donald Cleaver, Phillip Hunt, Craig McKown, Frank Susi, Charles Hendrick. Absent: Faye Harris, Susan Hoag, Duane Lowe, Stephen Jester, Joanne Webb. Teacher: Mrs. Silvernell, Y 0 GRADE THREE Front row: Jeannette Carr, Chyrl Horton, Linda Snavely, Francine Wright, June Bruud- age, Marie Earl, JoAnn Farrell, Beverly Jones, Abbe Perosio. Middle row: Charles Strain, Steve Darlin, Joanne Zimmerman, Joyce Morrison, Sue Ellen Woods, Elizabeth Lambert, Mary Ingalls, Corinne Berry, Vamold Slade, Roger Milk, Top row: Phillip Hollowacz, James Browning, Richard Campbell, James Groff, Michael Bamhart, Mark Derr, Donald Smith, Ronald Dyer, David Wilkens, Kenneth Ackeret, Lyle Madsen. Absent: Christine LaFever, Ardis Lambrecht, Linda Van Hoeseu. Teacher: Mrs, Sommers, GRADE TWG Front row: Douglas Youngs, Gloria Richards, Barbara Truhn, Bonnie Jacob, Barbara Moss, Mary Lou Du Mond, Joanna Logan, Katherine Kishbough, Catherine Campbell, Laraine Pomeroy, Joseph Zaverl, Middle row: Paul Bamhart, James R, Davis, David Bills, Judy Green, Linda Bonker, Marlene Fiorina, lna May Youngs, Mary Susan Haynes, Sharon Young, James Johnson, Nickolas Nichols. Top row: Kevin Lee, Paul l-lering, Keith Bachman, Melvin Grube, William Washbum, John Banks, Carl Ingalls, George Jones, James K. Davis, Albert Clune, Stephen Simmons. Absent: David Newcomb. Teacher: Mrs. Whitrnarsh. Q GRADE TWG Bottom row: Margaret Lambert, Letitia Slade, Bobby -Jo Couse, Barbara Labour, Donna Harder, Deborah Bartlett, Diane Daley, Betty Jane Horton. Middle row: Leland Ryan, Jeff DuMond, Michael Sisson, George Shephard, Stuart Mattison, Gilson Becker, Mark Carmichael, Top row: Walter Jones, Chester Carr, Phillip Wright, Raymond Snavely, Kenneth Koepke, Michael Welch, Graden Ryan, Absent: Robert Jones, Joyce Jones, Irene Lyons, Candy-Jo Easton, Teacher: Mrs. Roffe. GRADE TWO Bottom row: Martha Lou Scott, Marilyn Beggs, Christina Devost, Reginia Mullineaux, Gail Gilbert, Christine Lynes, Susan Simmons, Deborah Dow. Middle row: Michael Chambers, James Harageones, Patrick O'Rourke, Cynthia Fitch, Bonnie Ryan, Alice Carpenter, Judy Babcock, William Hood, James Vail, Terry Bell, Top row: Timothy DuMond, Jerry Johnson, Roger Ingalls, Robert Harder, Christopher Logan, Peter Moz- ingo, James Innes, Robert Cleaver, John Coates, Ricky Woods. Absent: Lynda Goon- an, Kathryn Hull, Karen Moore, Teacher: Mrs. Cole, GRADE ONE Bottom row: Thomas Dillenbeck, Deborah Murray, Kelsey Larnbrecht, Martha Georgia, Barbara Hobbie, Jennifer Dart, Yvonne Huntington, Genevieve Baulch, William West- fall, Middle row: Timothy O'Dell, Gordon Strain, Judith Higley, Teresa Dewey, Linda Wisner, Stephanie Coates, Linda Lou French, Richard Helfand, Kenneth Shields, Will- iam Carey. Top row: Danny Dow, Michael Whitney, Edward Kobylack, James Gray, James Snopkowski, Thomas Van Gorder, Ernest Harageones, Phillip Dwight, Amold Slade, Kevan Koepke. Absent: Cathy Tyler, Robert Conley, Emest Jones, James Thomas Elizabeth Palmer. Teacher: Mrs, Bott, GRADE ONE Bottom row: Jerry Ryan, Margaret Mozingo, Mary Beth Sweet, Donna Earl, Linda Susi, Alice Froehlich, Patricia Welch, Beth Ann Woods. Middle row: William Owen, Robert Reynolds, John Herring, Paula Greiner, Jo Ann Nowiski, Diane Ingalls, Kathleen Bills, Ricky Mohrein, John Wormsley, Lewis Shephard. Top row: LeRoy Rathbun, Ralph Sole, George Nichols, Gary Valentine, Richard Howland, Douglas Raymond, James Hunt, Robert Strain, Clifford DeVost. Absent: James Larsen, Timothy Christophersen, Denise Darlin, Donald Field, Christine Herring, Jerry Srnith, Roland Washbum. Teacher: Mrs. Beckley, KINDERGARTEN Bottom row: Franklin Selleck, Keith Kishbaugh, Eric Hendrickson, Stephen Whitney. Middle row: Charles Horton, Lucinda Crandall, Kenneth Holbert, Richard Haynes, Theresa Scott, James Earl, Melanie Otten, Thomas Yandeau, Top row: Deirdre Daley, Constance Georgia, Geraldine Owen, Bruce DeVost, Marcia Martin, Linda Moss, Linda Burton, Thomas DeMu1der, Colleen Bonker, Connie Kshbaugh. Absent: Joanne Davis, Robert Glover, Vivian Miller, Teacher: Mrs. Russell, CSB ll KINDERGARTEN Bottom row: Emest Johnson, Corrine Ingalls, David Alfredson, Middle row: Debra Good- rich, Connie Glover, Jean Weeks, Jeffrey Barber, Sharteen Swart, Carolyn Ackeret, Linda Dillenbeck. Top row: David Crouch, Kenneth Berkeley, Carl Sokol, Doni Mar- zulla, Elaine Harageones, Cheryl Ann Luce, Mary Dalton, Thomas Blrdsall, Richard Greiner, Thomas Herring. Absent: Oliver Austin, Diane Gopnan, Debra Howland, Sharon Jones, Douglas McKnown, Teacher: Mrs, Russell, . '- . A ' dit X KINDERGARTEN Bottom row: Sue Ann Nichols, Daniel Snopkowski, Michael Zimmerman, Sandra Ald- rich, George Drexler, Thomas Greggory, Lawrence Young. Second row: Sharon Helfand, Thomas Morrison, Robert Wright, Barbara Lambert, James Dow, William Cleaver, Sharon Marcellus. Third row: Montie Nichols, Mary Jean Hirko, Rex Codington, Gary Georgia, Alfred Knapp, Charles Marcellus, Richard Wright, Roderick Mattison. Top row Barry Truhn, Thomas O'Dell, Anna Lee Melenbacker, Wren Dixson, Michael Jacobs, Laveme Young, Laura Clune. Teacher: Mrs. Riley. ut , l My ,W Q! X -O 'Wi' 7' , ,bk Wlffff '1 ' fa - .vm - i, 5 ' qw X X -t, th A ZIHXYS I 6117 ,l nl. 1 ua act ties retary STUDENT COUNCIL dent ---------------- KNUTE ALFREDS President ------- -------- J AMES WRIG IONAL HONOR SOC Initiation of the Junior Class ---------------DOROTHYCHAMB .X Q , 3 X R L SENXOR if W X Si Q' "Yi 5 . 1 4 2 K f,r RLERS TWX mi 3 Ziff! K lg iz xi Q X Xs 3? L MNXOR .ir ff il AQ M2 11 ' 3' SENIGR CHORUS iKE,::,i,mw,3 www 4 Q ,M ,. ,AW.,,m,.,..,,W,n...., .f 0,, A WMM...- JUNICR BAND R gi' L i 2 5 ,,, Q 1. ang A-. 3 Q ' N W' ' --Q qw.. A lvwvlgex i - ni U ' V F5 Q 0, Q vp 1 Q. if-3 mi fa I ' V "MTA-u , f K wma ' C3 , Q M K ,f I X sh , , W , 1-4, nf, 3 . H x 3. 72 Q- X as ' Yi If 4, A 'L' S fb 6' A 'i' vw" f A A ' , ,a ,fy . L . a " ""i fi .. ' Y H, -' + W , 1' " ' . Q. A . "M sa I Q if xy 4' V , ,, e X X V Y is n , r 3 'qw-x' '!"v"" B 5, H I 'E Ui .- RT BAND CO LI.C.S O SENIOR F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America is a new organization in our school for all girls interested in hornernaking. The members hope that they can achieve recognition as an active club and pave the way for the future clubs of our school, .ILI ICR F.H.A. 4 'x 5, if Q' . sg mg: Q 1 fy Q r f 5 pf ,Z ' 1' Inxtiauon of members FIRE SQUAD SAFETY PATROL YEARBOOK STAFF MR, STARUCK Advisor Editor Co-Editor JANET RUSSELL DOROTHY CHAMBERS Literary Ediwf Business Manager JOANNE KOBYLACK KNUT E ALFREDSON Art Editor Photography MARILYN JONES LAUREL LOWN U A- DAZE STAFF Our School Publication - Sarah -May Silvemell - Editor, TH LETIC ASSOCIATIO XM OFFICERS President ---- - - -JAMES INGALLS Vice President - - - - CHARLES NEWMAN Secretary ---- - - - MARIA LATHAM Treasurer - - - - - -SARAH SILVERNELL YGRKER CLUB 1' ' LIBRARY CLUB QT ' 3 F , - 4 7' 4 4 ff S X' X Z f Qi, President ------------------ JANET RUSSELL W ' vice President - - - - -JOANNE KOBYLACK f fl secretary ---- - - -SARAH SILVERNELL f M- K", Seniors ad- visors at work ?' 3 5 J' IEW' teiefence me new Wow if L"' ath tics League Championship Trophy 1957 Qt 1 . l i 'C r. S . -E MR, GERALD GREEN Coach UNADILLA CE TRAL SCll00L FO0TBALL'57 CHAMPIONS U. C. S. Football Seasm Opens Friday at Edmeston First Football Victory The Unadilla gridders opened their 1957 Tri-Valley season with the-sweet taste of victory by beat- ing Edmeston 35-6. Unadilla Forges Ahead SECTION c ts-Mimi Unadilla, on its home field, ran wild in the last quarter to down New Berlin 21-14. The winners struck first in the third quarter as Wayne Tyson scored on a pass from Jim Westcott, who also con- verted In the 4th quarter, New Berlin scored on a pass from Warren Camp to Dick Wood, Faulstick converting. But Westcott then open- ed up. He scored on an end run, made his second- extra point, then after Denny Jordan ran back an inter- cepted pass to the 18, he scored and converted again. nadilla Bulldozes UNADILLA WHOMPED a W a y at Morris, 53 to 6 Jim West- cott scored three times, includl ing a 70-yard punt return, and passed to Tyson and Ingalls for two more, and converted twice. Cerosaletti scored twice, De Forest once, Jordan converted and Newman kicked two. Grenz scored for Morris on a 60-yard run. Unadilla 36, Edmeston 6. Unadilla 21, New Berlin 14. Unadilla 53, Morris 6. Unadilla 28, Franklin 7. Unadilla Central to .loin Eleven-Man Football League Unadilla has requested a years leave of absence from the Tri-Val ley Football League in order to com pete in the Susquenango Eleven man Football League. This d cision was reached after examma tion of the facts by the Unadilla School authorities. 1 1 UE LE LLEY NAA TRL! 58 I9 57 9 1 PS AA CCH LL TB CD F IAN AA l4T IG ' , z , 44 2 , 'ff lr'-U ,a I2 'nr 1, fa 1f ,, Apt' M. -91 5 ,wwf Q w Q L. V '. ll' , Q Jinx 1 U M , ' , Q w wi, H 5 5 1 . 7 x 1 . 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL Dave Dwight, Bill Cerosaletti, Jim Ingalls, Den Jordqn, Bob Armstrong, Knute Alfred son, Jim Wright, Jim Westcott, Ty Tyson. SCHEDULE Unadilla 4'7 G'Vi1le 40 Unadilla Unadilla 27 G'Vi1le 25 Unadilla Unadilla 32 Morris 44 Unadilla Unadilla 48 Guilford 25 Unadilla Unadilla 39 Edmeston 47 Unadilla Unadilla 47 Mt, Upton 35 Unadilla Unadilla 33 Franklin 29 Unadilla Unadilla 48 Afton 41 Unadilla Unadilla 43 Otego 42 OUR VARSITY New Berlin Morris Edrneston Guilford Franklin Mt. Upton Otego New Berlin This year the varsity basketball team finished the most successful season Unadilla has experienced in many years. Because of excellent coaching and a lot of fight, our varsity ended the season second from top in league play and an overall record of 13 wins and 4 losses, U. C.S. is looking forward to another successful season next year. J NIGR VARSITY BASK 'U 'f0'liaI 44 I R GIRLS' BASKETBALL 19 'J JJ N I I 32g SIM 345 M R. DA LS H E I M Junior Varsity Coacn It E 5 ali Ka eb ' , ,. o , ' I 1 I I ' I V ?V I III I 4 Q .iu . do ' - GRM 2 I A av ' X- L , Q .5 7 125 L, 8 , x H R QV' ' I '57 -,v I 7 lm " UR A' f ai 1 ' Z. 'JS' f If I JE qw! i in 5 K If l " X-.vw 0 I T dk Rx M 1 I I LI I 3 499 n BOB.. W., xx .4 ig xc? .x . 3 2 X 2 Q' K4 F "KNUTE" YIRAYII 'I A 4 Ik 'IE' fg " IA 5 H .ff u if 9. 1 5' A F fx , , , . xx mx K. Alf 815755 .. DEN.. wwf!! ,. N 1 f , v , A Q f 1 , P- +50 1- QQDIL ,A D H53 5 Y' ' wAnp 1 , 5 'Qx X x 1 ,DM WAUILL4. JNAUILLI, vol NAUM4 PUNAUXLL QNADIL 3 L' I s ' 'J ' ' W 75111 1 A 1 ,fy , i xlodiw 1' 5 MISS CATHERINE FORD Girls' Physical Education BOWLING 'K ERS EKU: PD CME NJ IXRSXT Do C J UNIOR V rac A Rs, T3 dveriisers i Sturgess Ellen Mae's Beauty Shop Pharnlacy umdm.. N. v. LEWIS w. STURG1-zss, Prop. SWARTS Main Street Unadilla, N. Y. Compliments of HO TE L TY LER Unadilla W. H. Kent 8. Son 5 and 10 Conf Store Sidney, N. Y. HARRY L. MASON Union Sz Adams St. Sidney, New York SALES AND SERVICE SCOTT-ATWATER OUTBOARD MOTORS ' All Types Serviced - Marine Supplies UNADILLA, N. Y. TELEPHONE 3684 J 0 H N J. V A I L Confracfor and Builder 2 KILKENNY ST., UNADILLA, N. Y. DIAL 3722 Roofing Siding Cabinet Work HALLMARK GREETING CARDS GREYHOUND Bus DEPOT D , WG?-DSEEDT ,s .Af if -.fi Yjffr l P .A STATIONERY PAAGAZINES HOBBIES CANDIES -j,,' f i n Q Harlow Titus and Ray Jacob M9P.ilS!FS BE-VI TRAILER MOTEL Route 7 Unadllla N Y OWNERS VIC 8: BERT CASKEY PHONE SIDNEY 8-6582 STEVE S BARBER SHOP THURS A SAT TILL B00 UNADILLA STUDIO 39 gzgowi cgi. rllrzacflalz, dv ry Compliments of sum mme: Pearce's Beauty Shop Unadilla Mobilgas S+a+ion PHONE 2248 EMERSEIN AND FDREE SHIIUR ClHSS EARL V5 lNILrl1,R Ud11lNY F Eg E 65 EE! 'FN v .fri XUNQ G Best wushes 1 I ' - 1 Y N 1 L na ' a, . . arm ui ment u ins V . , 9 - -S AH J ' lisifurf- J I - F -1, 'f 5 s L. ,M ..,., ,f.--T, X f w Ask A Q '-L rx . T I ph 'Rh Pr' d B h WHEN 'NW E NNE FU D llnadilla, New Uork I A2 S 2 5322 Rooms un male Shouze Munnmn ' The Ilnadilld House .WIP-- 0 BRO0KS UNADILLA BAKERY PRODUCTS geglfirh D Tmizw JI POURING HANDLE UNADILLA, NEW You D E FISK 81 SON G L F FLDUR FEEDS AND SEEDS PHONE 2291 JACQUES PAUL C FREEMAN sl S .mx LEE s GROCERY PDQ Mt Veqabl GREETINICARDS Dptst UNUSUAL GIFT ITWS UNADILLA New vonx D D . . . , Brid e Ircet 11 ' Unacm a, New York 5 AS YOUR I 3 Mx Grocenes - ea s - ei es ' e O 6 , 'I , X rn' E Ag , - ' " ' f A 1 .' ' ' J Q J, V f f.:x-irvf-.il Ag'-4.1.- ' ' ' FC ",'. 1' - H MIM cgfufiw, PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERAS 4 GIFTS Q STATIONERY CSM, fu 7, Unadllla Hardware GAS SERVICE GAS APPLIANCES PAINT HARDWARE ClYd OC WQIOCO or Phone 2921 46 Mcnn St Uncxddlcx N Y .ff 3 ,Z 5 1 fJ"'f,-.dfzj Unadllla Natlonal Bank UmdxIk,lIY :on sou c O I 7 .' ! ' 1 I Q I 1. X? HL " ..f WALLPAPER I 9 X" 4' I ff f e ' onnell 1 ' fm MEMIER FEDERAL RESERVE IANK E I AL D P IT INEURDANCE conrnmmvrs or UNADILLA Conlpflnuiis f 0 Posfr OFFICE WAYNE L. TYsoN ATYORNEV AT LAW UN A NEW YORK TAXI ELTITUS Unad1Ila,N Y UNADILLA SILO COMPANY N RPOR TED A- dlllllllmx Unadnlla Sllos Una Lmers Foldmg Partitions llllll llllli Tubs 8: Tanks UNADILLA 'N Y ROBERT D BABCOCK MVS Beauty Parlor PHONE UNADILLA, NEW YORK U 2162 PHONE 3981 4 Adams Street CATTLE BREEDING SERVICE LEE5 BODY 51-lop FREDERICK W CRAMER XI' COAL FUEL OIL KEROSENE mm UNADILLA N Y HEATING UllS I C 0 A lillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllIlllll lllllllllllllll IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll fix . . I . ,alll llllll I ' . . . 'g' 2 1 Llllllgllllli ulllnzlluu N , . . - 1 Q . N K A,,- -,-,k-L . ' I f KDDYGFDIDBID lifolbilst. - E ndillu.l,Y. 1 ' ALBERMARLE ACRES DONALD G. BLISS LJNADILLA NEWYOPK A CHICK FOR EVERY PRODUCTION NEED Sir fffkgy SPS? '27 'X' Cgpy 81 UNADILLA OIL ORLO M. COUSE PHONE 3653 liliy SOUXR HIM hllfllf 0 F U E L LATHAM 8: MCIGAVERD ATTDRNEYS AT LAW UNADILLA, NEW YORK Unadllla F we 8: Dime D OLES 8: SONS MACHINE SHOP UNADILLA N Y L H o I8 DON'S SUNOCO SERVICE LUBRICATION TIRES PHONE UNADILLA 4415 ROUTE 7 UNADILLA, N Y The Joyce Stores fuszytg GENERAL REPAIRS BATTERIES DONALDE KISHBAUGH PROP ig dfom ARROWHEAD STORE J c BoYNToN a soN Udilln.NY Co p111'I'1C1'1tS of UNADILLA UNADILLA PUBLIC LIBRARY BOVV LING CENTER 'I ffl Yis- GEOQCE S DREXLER Y OL00 W MODERN BARBER and GIFT SHOP Guaranteed Watch Repairing Gifts for All Occasions MISS UNADILLA DINER and MOTEL U AD LLA NEW YORK PHONE 7271 A. . , . . ESTAB IS E 89 . ' 9 , . . .....................,.........,.,......,,M. nu.M. -..w....,....,,.W.,..,,..,...u...,,...... Q GEORGE w SILVERNELI. in Q01 5 E UNADILLA, New vom: i 9 TELEPHONE 239 A' l. ns ' . , , rr PA 5 'r K 'ELLZ no n I rn ' ' N I . ff . ' - -bl 1- X QQYIQ, .0 -,sa N af .i ..""?Qg XXII 1 RESTAURANT UNADILLA NEW YORK MIRABITO 6 SONS. Inc PHONE 5-331 WAYNE'S MOBILE SERVICE Main Street Otego N Y Phone YU 8-2213 M vm mf of M B E R T S I SS O N ELECTRICAL WQRK Wells Bridge All Kinds of INSURANCE Tel Otego Yukon 8-77 STILSON SERVICE STATION G ' mSI'H1fs, ruass, Luamcmou, fccEsZI1IrE5N Unadilla, New ork Y 09 0, Rocx INN STEAK - CHICKEN - SEA FOOD Unadilla 3434 Rout: B. BETWEEN SIDNEY no NORWICM. N. Y. Y A. L. ROOT VVells Bridge, N. IDAIJL A. WANDELT SIDNEY 3-7541 UNADILLA 2915 Bfzdrfe-In 7 WILBUR'S. GENERAL STORE ,'IDXIiY, NITXV YORK compliments of CHARLES COOTE OTEGO, N. Y. Phone 2421 COMPLIMENTS Reic:hard's Gas Station from a Main Street Friend Unadilla N. Y. - - I - , 1 X ' Lone RIVER INN Y .. . xx K , g! DIME AND oANcE W00V5 GRUCERY Z 1 Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Wood ' J UNADILLA N. Y. V uNADII.I.A, N. Y. Pxiom: 7241 I 3 CCLE S DORATHEA S. CUMMINGS General Insurance 108 Main Street - Unadilla, New York - Phone: 2733 ORLOW COLE WEST MAIN STREET UNADILLA. NEW YORK IF YOU WANT ---- T0 BUY 01' 5611 ALTON L. DeFOREST Auto MECHANIC ana ACETYLENE WELDING WE HANDLE EVERYTHING in REAL ESTATE UNADILLA, N. Y J. H. Bcdell BROKERS GTHCC B. Long PRINTING ADVERTISING B B BE SALON THE UNADILEA TIMES Unadilla, N- Y- PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST DF UNADILLA Phone 2976 uNAoII..LA, N. Y. l I l 1 i 1 I ggi, BUILDINGW 1, 1,4 LuArfnlAls4 E3 B 8 J W VAN COTT 84 SON INC E1167jfIl7Z7Zg to Buzld inytbzng SIDINEH N Y Ph 3591 UNADILLA IN Y IVIOD ORATION You can do every lawn-building iob from your tractor seat with a uunuucrunns scumo f Q 44? ' E21 IH . , . . , r ,. . u rf I ip ,K P ,W if UNADlU.I,ll,Y suw4zv,u.m ,- ffjlfi---"'i l . , H, . . 1 . H " ', .'. --- one - , '. . .Q W UNADILLQNQW YORK! EARLS POULTRY FARM R. D. 2 Unadilla, N. Y. Tel. 2 l 9 9 ejj' EJ BECKER'S Service Station e Gas 8: Oil General Reparing 27 DIVISION STREET W lls B ridge S IDNEY NEW YORK YU 8 7930 PHONE 5171 SNOVER CLEANING SERVICE U adllla Ne York R U B Y DEPARTMENT STORE MAIN ST I0pposite Unadllla Housej UNADILLA, N Y ESSO SERVICE PHONE 52 BILBERTSVILLE NEW YORK DIBBLE'S Borden's Farm Products Wells Bridge N Y BEST WISHES FromaF1ed All TENS eague 7 CO OPERA IIVI1 XSSOCIATION Sd xg YVELLS BRIDGE e I O I 1 11: l n . , W D 9 - V N I T V ' ' 'I 1 . . n ' W K: l Q -5 X iq' --:Lf X 'N R1 ,L 1 W' gy v'.'v'-A-'v'J'v'-Av'v5v'v'v'v'v'v'vAv-vAvAvAvAvAvAvAv-vAv-vAv'vAvA'AvAv'v'v'-Av-v'-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'vAfv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v1 I I I l JOI-IN'S GARAGE A UNADILLA GRAVGE .9 r. ' J- :3 'I Phone 3-9101 Romans HOLLOW Sidney, New York ,. ,f FAlRBANK'S PHARMACY Rosalyn Spscnally op THE REXALL STORE Sidney, N. Y. 14 Main St. Sidney, N. Y. Phone 3 6611 Sh Mang 81 Bowne Agency Inc. I REAL ESTATE naoxnns Otho Lindsey dz George W. Sloane - Representatives 44 MAIN ST. SIDNEY, N. Y. IDEAL GREENHOUSES "W A D E S ' ' TRIANGLE SHOES 43 Maul Street Sldney N Y Ralph C Jump Mgr Cllnton Barnes CO MO S PURE MAPLE SYRUP M REGISTERED HOLSTEINS C UNAD1LLA, NEW YORK rem lqt Z R I 7, Sidney Phone 7451 ' Jo ' ' --Z qt. 4 6 1 8 1 12 CUT YOUR COST WITH ELDRED'S BULK FEED Delivery Service PHUIIE 2611 BAINBRIDGE, N.Y " "" '-'-1' ' '- ' -i- I PERKINS Radio TV Service PERRY'S GARAGE HE ' E " ,N 27 smm. sm.: MZSOHVIIIC " N. SIDNEY, NEW YORK Sidney, N. Y. Q, Cf,fk5,,,,,,,-Q,,4, r ,. X f .gf 153. x 2 If f S N. D. WESSELS - Florisl FUNERAL DESIGNS - WEDDING FLOWERS CUT FLOWERS - POTTED PLANTS SIDNEY Phone 3-7751 O I HILLCREST ROLLER RINK WEST MAIN STREET HARoLo's Esso senvlcs 14,1 .. 5'DNEY' N' Y' OTEGO' N'Y' If Q OPEN ALL YEAR ...L EVERY TUESDAY LUBRICATION ESSORIE THURSDAY AND SATURDAY NITES T E SPECIAL NIGHTS AVAILABLE RAY HALL P FOR PRIVATE SKATING PARTIES P 0 5144 ' L' S' JOHNNY'S 8 Cheer-Up Market VVILKES-BARRE COAL SALES GOLD NUGGET - ANTHRACITE Ph. Yukon 8-2242 Otago, N. Y. LUMBER AND WDDD PRODUCT! Alu, MAPLE, DAK AND IDFT WDDD WELLS BRIDGE. NEW YORK John Downin Sidney. New York lFl1"S GOOD VCU WAIT-- flfmf .lx L ? a J ,Q I--.1 w- I GREEN ACRES RESTAURANT SIDNEY 3-5021 WASHBURN CYCLE SHOP B.S.A. Motorcycles, Parts and Accessories All Cycle Repairing RD. 2, UNADILLA, N. Y. PHONE OTECO1 YU-8-7943 CRAWFORD DOOR SALES OVERHEAD DOORS FOR EVERY NEED SOLD,INSTALLED ANU GUARANTEED 10 Mlm SL L. Phone 844 D. R. CHAMBERS 8: SONS, INC. HORSE 6: CATTLE MARKET Licensed and Bonded Ofiice Phone 7231 Residence Phone 3026 GB-UUAUIB-IHEHB UlA U!MlWG-WHJMG cv" Auction Sales Registered Q6 Every Saturday Holstein Sales X, 5' Horse Sales Every 3rd Wednesday vs X9 2nd and 4th Wednesdays xg. ish w nu! I I GEO. GRANT , , GENERAL RUSSILLL 5 NURSERY " lr 3 ll 71.,1,o.' IUlwn If 's Plfmied " EAST GUILFORD. N. Y. UN.-Xl?H.I.A. NHVV YORK qi HOTALING SALES 5. SERVICE 30 CARTWRIGHT AVE PHONE SIDNEY 4341 mum. WEHIUHY NEW YORK ALBERT L. BONNER - Insurance - UNADILLA, NEW YORK C. l'I. LANDEDS, INC. gmewf bluatou Mun srnssr sm E Niver s Atlantic Service zo nom.: HELEN E MCLAGAN Route 7, Riverside GENERAL MERCHANDISE GENERAL STORE Sidney, New York We smidge NY' Phone 3-7881 IIIEELS S LOUIE C DE SALVO LIQUOR AND 13V2 CARTWRIGH1' AVE PHONE 5119 Unadllla Televlslon Service RAY an KEN Bowls, Props Phone 4501 Unadilh Your Friendly Jewelers W I N E S T o R E SIDNEY N Y PHONE 37501 36 Main St Sidney JEWEL TEA CU. INC fu tZ'Z47'z2.!4'k,7"" MASTER MARKET 6 Rxverslde St Sidney IN Y LOUIS GOLDMEIER HIGH GRADE DAIRY COWS UNADILLA N Y Compliments of HC MORRIS HARDWARE Donald Place Otago, New York Plumbing 8: Heating THE I QUEEN BEE I CLARA s. HnwAno wnrrl-:R CENTRAL TOURIST HCIME 68 MAIN ST 5'l'I MAIN ST UNADILI-A N Y ONEONTA, N Y I - - . . COMPLIMENTS - I f , 1 , , pb- O I . . 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