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Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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.RVN NX. tv-H X s,. lr 'a 1 ',l Q v ,,s::.'a at ",, u 'f 'u'.l 'O .Y ,r,o fx PQP' 49' f THE UNA DILLAN UNADILLA CENTRAL SCHOOL UNADILLA NEW YORK 1956 1957 BY THE CLASS OF 1957 yl1rsnn:-- mu Cd tt: 11 wi! l' if' EDUCATION Through this familiar and impressive portal we marched to launch our education. Through this doorway we have continued to enter to further our education. Through a similar portal, some of us will go on our way to even higher education. May this portal and its high purpose symbolize every educational institution throughout the land: for it is only through education that peace, prosperity and security may be at- tained by our nation and the world. To this ideal, we, the Class of 1957, dedicate THE UNADILLAN OF 1957. 'Ei . 2 I 1' ADMIN! RA TION SUPERINTENDENT SCHOOLS CQ BOARD OF EDUCATION '-:riff-L 4-iii Q1 'Y ,P I I Mrs. Audrey Farmer, Clerk, Mr, Kenneth W, Truhn Mr Clarence E. Russell, Presldent, Dr. Donald C. McKown Mr LaMont H, Fa1gle, Mr, Charles L, Flsk, AL S ME 55A GE iT G1 LSON M SLA TER f V "'-' 7 " 12159 uv 02 sz U QZQRJ? dug EVVQS' I I ' .J5SD.'r. SQL, 'h..-C'2'fl 0 'ii -555-g,,ELj 4, at .4 s 1, a W4-'f' """f."i 3, , g 'ne 5,9-T: -Jew A y me si? A 0 ,yt -Q -J W 3,37 nag? OS L in '-'f'k2lgfqe14'8I":....5 . ,N 1-Yi 6' kg'-i"5g?: W fn "4 17"-2: -'stab , IL,-' .V- wtwbees ov 'wt owes oi- vas o W0 in at oi was oo so Qveiacowl xo e. wodwq, 'oes vlxgoes Kos a sxxcc.e,Ss'ixxX ink 1 X xs-Xxoged gba out oocxce, ed aww Qxovxdodkeac o vu a ess xo each qos sesge. '01 sch X Q00 s ax isxawl A exso gsess odx x5 ooixxoq iw mx x X Q am. do tact. c odsw XS 109 61 9 100 71 lm G .31-3 ,, 'J V551 -ph .r rv 0. A lx 'agar' K S 0: gp! JS 'VASE' 4 3 '- -XJ-"2.zf,g 3,3 ffgw? f 'I 5 'J o n"7'.35f-g'-T-f UV v. -Q' f 0 7 filly!-v. 1 27 In !",e?h82 654 .Y P v-Af' ,Gigli 14' 0 s '52 - I I I 'A 'W-I K wx gm 'ions ta mon an c 1 mms qoxx shea onum ve. xx use imese MR s ' M Q ET Epp L ER. Secret 8 fy I MR. V a .han GI- --L rl Y ru -f'-fu mer, -'-5 11", .-guna' '-s"- - rw? ,.-1 za., .afqijie -Mg .M t 1 if .bw 'N?55:.i":-Wah V W' 5 .2 - . us, :-..'- "u.- -.' ' 452 M N. .sf 'F f35'2.fh 'L 2 "AA 'Q :X L. 1.-. av -if-f, -, Q 46 A 1 ' S+: f .,' .jg-w V, In-is fx .,. 1 1 -is vii 6 AX x ' ue, t' 1. 6. ai- f'53f1a.iGq"Z2 . . . . 45g'l3-3131: X we. 'xx Nou xxx A e 1, 1 c- '.1.,!' dr- . ". 'ant ft" vi' 6 . .qgigg F 'g'i'n1?35Lga. 260' Y 4? 00 "1S1S9"w0v - 5'lZg.."f.'3 wx xx sae ' o a '1' e vioxx 'X 1s:A4f.,3:a:4,Egg1: o ' esoqm XXX o s Q06 a exxsix s. -We 4- "5 , 4 -3 1 Q- 4... 1. . 'fi 9 . ASSISTANT i' ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR MRS MABEL ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY UNADILLA CENTRAL SCHOOL MISS KAY FORD MRS IEANETTE WILLIAMS MRS PHYLLIS WOOD MRS EVE AITKEN MISS IANICE NEAL MRS ANNE HALL MRS EDITH LEWIS MRS MARIE SAWYER ROBERT SCARRY GERALD GREEN RALPH YANDEAU ROBERT SKLENARIK HERBERT WISNER FREDERICK CLINNICK KENNETH EDSON MR JOHN STARUCK Phys1ca1 Educanon Englxsh L1brar1an Junlor I-hgh Mathematxcs Junlor Hlgh Enghsh Languages Engllsh English Home Econom1cs Soclal Sclence Education Physlcal Educanon Mathematlcs Sclence Dnver Educauon Visual Educanon Speclal Sclences MUSIC Industrxal Arts Busxness Educanon . Art MR , ' ' MR . WILLIAM DALS HEIM Junior High Citizenship MR . . . MR , ' MR , ' MR , ' ' MR , ' MR , ' MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MISS MRS MRS MISS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS ELEMENTARY FACULTY UNADILLA CENTRAL SCHOO L IESSIE BECKLEY RUTH LORD THELMA SOMMERS LILLIAN WEBB JEAN SLOCUM HAZEL ROFFE SHIRLEY WALLACE GERTRUDE SILVERNELL FRANCES FREEMAN RUTH FLEMING LENA BROWN VIVIAN COLE CHASTINA HEAVNER CHARLOTTE FLEMING GENEVIEVE RUSSELL Grade One Grade Srx Grade Three Grade One Grade Four Grade Two Elememary Musrc Grade Three Grade Frve Grade One Grade Four Grade Two Grade F1ve Grade Slx Kmgergarten . LYDIA VAN NORT Grade Three-Four GUIDANCE SERVICE SCHOOL NURSE Special Services N.f' Ja CAFETERIA JANITORS 4 POLICE fi TRANSPORTATION SE NIORS Special Acknowledgment as ANNE HALL MR RA'-PH Y M CLASS ADVISORS ln speclal recognitton of our Ad Hall and Mr R vlsors Mrs Anne alph Yandeau we the Senior Class wlsh to dedrcate C1115 section of our Yearbook to them They have been friends as well as teachers and through then pauent gmdance we h completed our H1 h ave successfully g School careers AND EAU e J . 5 Q 1 1 ,M Y f ,J w 7 222 W '9 ' ,Y I K w i ff I O D , . . a 9 a Q I . CLASS OF I 957 GLENN CHARLES KELLEY RICHARD WALTER O CONNOR Athletic Power Redhead OFFICERS Presldent GLENN KELLEY Vice President RICHARD O CONNOR Treasurer DANIEL HEATH ANN MARIE VAIL DANIEL HEATH Han Stylist Edrtor Secretary ------ -------- A NN vA1L CLASS OF A 1957 DONNA ELAINE DIBBLE RONNIE DURWOOD FRENCH Sparkhng Eyes Wlsecracker DAVID EARL WRIGHT MAXINE KAREN DE FOREST Future P1101 Athleuc Abxhty u ' n ,, . ,, m ,, . ,, I, . . . ,, CLASS 1957 SHIRLEY EDITH JONES ROBERT WILLIAM ROBINSON Horsemanshlp Semor Chef 'I NI HENRY WILLIAM HAWVER MARJORIE BYRNE MARCELLUS "'Cyri1, ' the Robot" "Typical Housewife" CLASS 1957 CYNTHIA ANN HOWLAND LOUIS BRADFORD FISK Pen Pal Farmer My KENNETH LOUIS HALL "Fx-anldin Romeo' OF I , I Xl, N Ni sd CLASS PROPHEC Y ln the year 1967 ten years from now I we predrct that our Classmates wrll be domg great thlngs ID the world We predict the I followmg Glenn Kelley our class presldent IS now an executxve at I B M rn Endrcott N Y He has his own basketball team of frve boys Drck O Connor is a well known archnect and 13 desrgmng homes for the wealthy rn Washmgton D C Ann Varl has grven up her nursrng career to care for her four chrldren. Her address 18 Johnson Crty N Y Danny Heath rs a C P A rn government servlce Donna Dlbble IS dorng private duty rn her spare time She rs rnarued and has a frne famrly Ronme French rs an engmeer He is enroute to Alaska where he w1ll supervlse h1ghway constmctron Shrrley Jones rs the owner of a famous ndmg Academy She has grven up her bus mess career ln favor of horses Dave Wnght IS a Trans World Aulines pilot flying from Californra to Honolulu Hank Hawver IS a commerclal artrst He has received acclarm from CIIIICS the world around Bob Robmson IS a chef at a famous restaurant Maxme his wrfe is a part txme beauty operator OUS hours Frsk IS a successful farmer rn Franklln, N Y Ken Hall rs still in the Servrcel Marge Marcellus rs sull taking care of her cats and dogs as well as a fme famrly. Cynthra Howland rs workmg m Scmtilla. She has recently rnarrred one of her fam 'pen pals. " N . -951. ,,, -Q: . 231.11 -,Jr-,D 'nfik 'Ail- 'Q-'r . - - ir. pg? 9 1 W . . . . -I IS.-A .l - - - 'y. ".- lf'. Q' - . jif?,f ' '. Mf. sm 1 . Z 'Q-,',w," 'f.""1 ' " Ia Q 'gf.',',' r-- g 1 f ll.'al,: . . .jf-.J .DCU Y l . I O I . I Q 0 C . , - . . . . ,, ,, ' I I I I I U . I I I . ' O . . . ,, ,, . . . . . - . .. l . . . . . - . , . . - . . In September of 1945 a group of linle children started on the road of edu- cation in Mrs. Cameron's first grade. 'I'he original members of the class were: David Wright, Ann Vail, Kenneth Hall, Cynthia Howland, Henry Hawver, Ronnie French, Richard O'Connor and Maxine DeForest. We progressed nicely th , 1 - '5Q0F5L.3f32d3Ltem' CLASS f' ' 1 , ll Et1:dyi:12nalTou:so:recoZT1try H I S R Y and learrung arithmetic Bob Robinson Joined us in the fifth grade On we marched to the sixth grade where Mrs Fleming had the task of av' taming us a bit further Glenn Kelley and Donna Dlbble Jomed our group In the seventh grade Mr Flint organized among other thrngs a puppet show Danny Heath and Shirley Jones became members of our class that year Erghth grade brought the dreaded Regents exams and we were suddenly in Hrgh School Frosh imttatron, a pancake supper Junior play Junior Prom and numerous other actlvrtres were all a part of our High School days In our Senior year Bob Robmson, who had left us in tenth grade rejoined the class, The Senror Play and the trip to Wasbmgton were hrghlrghts of the year The big prorect of the year was the Yearbook which under the guidance of Mr Staruck, was htghly successful ' I l - 40" J 1ull""o, 5909 V' - i '1 . Q ' I J . 'lp 141 V ' , a C I 0 I . I . . I I . . . , . ' ' . . I . ' . . . . . . . . . We the Class of 1957 bemg of sound mmd and memory do make publish and declare thls our last WILL AND TESTAMENT III thns manner Dave Wright leaves his produce conces sion at the Victory to Chas Kelley Roger Cargill and Ron Barnes to Alice Crazy Legs Gross and Albert Sis so Hank Hawver leaves hm Heath s smgmg abrlrty whlch was left to him by Art Ingalls to Denms Hendnckson CLASS WILL .Er Louie Fxsk leaves h1s datly vlsits to Franklm to Froggle Baumes Bob Bliss and Fred Braun Dick O Connor leaves a hot set of wheels to Fred Iurash and Jim Ingalls Ron French leaves hls corney Jokes to Mildred Hall and Dlanne Wllber Kenrue Hall leaves his fatlgue hat and cigar to John Van Dusen Ernie Reynolds and Roy MacDonald The boys 1n 8th Penod gym class leave the trampolme to Chester Chase Marge Marcellus leaves her husband catchmg abillty to Marian Davls, Mane Lowe, Roberta H1gb1e and Georgene Hughes Ann Vail leaves her s1ze to Joanne Kobylack Laurel Lown and Ruth Mills Maxlne DeForest leaves her athleuc abxlxty to Sharon Hull Susan Hull and Sarah Sllvemell Shlrley Jones leaves her horsemanshlp to Bob Armstrong Jlmmy Wright and Dotty Chambers. Donna Drbble leaves her spare boy fnends to Charlotte Searles, Annette Stram and Elame Sowles. Cynthla Howland leaves to all the Jumor guls her many "pen pals. " O 0 . I Glenn Kelley leaves his Athletic Ability H. Semor Achvmes Queen of Fantasyland and her court at the Jumor Prom 1956 up 414 Our latest dramatlc producnon, WHERE S THE FIRE ,IX "Gett1ng the latest report on Ad Sales, " Class of 1957. CLASS CLASS OF 1958 MRS MARIE SAWYER v-W 45? 1 r 'S Advisors WM mr fl NIM" 4? if I MR KENNETH EDSON ALFREDSON ARMSTRONG BARNES 75" BAUMES ff' BLISS BRAUN CARGILL mf 5 CHASE :HK HENDRICKSON INGALLS IURASH KELLEY N34 MacDONALD RAYNOLDS SISSON VANDUSEN WRIGHT A OLMSTEAD M I M CLASS OF 1958 Pres1dent Vice Presxdent Secretary Treasurer STRAIN SOWLES SEARLES RUSSELL MILLS LOWN LOWE KOBYLACK JONES HULL HULL HUGHES HIGBIE HALL GROSS DAVIS CODDINGTON CHAMBERS WILBUR SILVERNELL OFFICERS 7" ROBERT ARMSTRONG IAMES INGALLS ROBERTA HIGBIE KNUTE ALFREDSON M' sl' Aholluhan pldvnu nah or 11" A. Q W gf! E. L A - S5 C. V. 0 J VVVV ,J KN "' 2 AV 1- X A .LNM'S A f ,ff , 2 ? ,, ,"" VV r f A: ,2 ., :'L A V R. l V, L. 9 S A 5 4 Q, Y? I ' ' A 5 0 , A r. K R ' L 'E s, Y Q Q- G 5 a 'A VV av ' A A is - X -Q ku A R, M, - A. M- . ' , A , D P A f l 5 E lil ,A 'Sf' T B- ' . 1 D, l Fx D, 1 . S- , , ' ,L X 1 no af' 36' Qfn 'T .-.2 1, XSL M Frey A. Jones I Meade E O Hara P N1cho1s I Sh1e1ds M Ingalls O Connor Russell Murray Sommezs C Webster ff.-6. 435 " Hawaii Mandervllle Lawrence Coddlngton Lambrecht Wetherbee French CLASS 1959 MRS IEANETTE WILLIAMS Advlsors MR FRED CLINNICK I I j 2 f 5: f 4 " ' 2' , X, or 4.443 154 '- w .5 X , , .. I , I I 'x .f as f L 41 N ,X ' U . . f 1 , fx! Q . , W'f-'J' J ff, - 5 L 43? L .f 'v ' ' - F YT 1 f "' M iff. F ' nne . , new ,N My ,-,y v'. I Sf A 'LQ' L we "' I , . . E. ' . 2. ' Z1 - - ' 5. T. . ' L. A. - ' . H. CLASS 1959 OFFICERS Presxdent DAVID DWIGHT Vrce Presrdent HAROLD DILLENBECK Secretary ANN WETHERBEE Treasurer WAYNE TYSON No have VAILAIU 1 '7 I Zoeller Robertson H Dillenbeck , Drllenbeck C. Conover I. Westcott T D. I. Nutter Newman Watson Sandrke Dwight Ireland l WWW if .3 AJ 3. Ben? Borden Kehr Tyson F, Hust W. Winger F A . x KE' KM! fx 1 . IgA Z 2 1, h 'fn 1 , ' if - ' Ei! A e 5 W 1 A Y W af if .,,J - ' L J- ' " Q .' " 6 fx ,t t s ig A In , H . rw xg Q :Q I r 'VV V ' 'C' . Q I, 1 R 4 1 X A f F5 J - . L I ,H u I V I I A . , , ,, if I f s K1 "in U7 ,' " I-v 42. D M .a . Q4 - L. W, I. C. W, ' Ro Ro I ' G ' W. CLASS OF 1960 President V1ce President Secretary Treasurer King Kmsella Latham MacDonald McKown Mein Moore Mornson Northrop Otten Poole Selleck Sokol Van loan Webster J KENNETH HULL RICHARD DAVIS IANA WEBSTER MAXINE GREGORY Alpi BSUICS Bartlett Becker Byrnes Chambers Chnstophersen Collms Eppler Fleming Fre M Gregory 'Ls CLASS OF 1960 R. Anderson T. Armour W. Bachman I. Bonner Cerosaletti Davis Davis DeForest W Ford Hawver I Hendrickson I-hgbie Advisors MRS. PHYLLIS WOOD MR, HERBERT WISNER 1 I Hull Hul Ingalls Ireland I ordan Lent Madsen McCumber Russell Truhn VanDusen Westcott Winchester Simonds me W. C. R. B. I. I. ' K. 1 C. I. C D. H. i 1. , P N. C. B. F. W. - - i C, L 5 F. A . , u ,:, G. By GRADE EIGHT OFFICERS Presrdent ROLAND ALFREDSON Vice Presrdent RICHARD STILSON Secretary JOHN BERRY Bottom Wayne Cargill Anne Frey, Joanne More Roland Alfredson, Second Jane Jacob Karen Wnght Sharryl Chambers Wrlma Bard Sylvla Harrington Teresa Wright Anne O Hara Third David Chase Edwm SISSOII, Allan Edson Robert Hotch kin, Wrlson Manwarren, John Bennett, John Berry Top David DeForest Dav1d Knight, John Hendricks Richard Snlson, John Lewis, K1rk McLaugh11n, Emest Matnson John O Rourke Absent Madelme French MISS IANICE NEAL Homeroom Teacher Treasurer ------------------ JOHN BENNETT GRADE EIGHT OFFICERS President IUDITH HAYNES Vice President CONNIE BACHMAN Secretary CAROLYN ROBINSON Treasurer FREDERICK MAYES Witter Judith Haynes Carlene Dykeman, Lmda Palmer Anna Braun, Connie Bachrnan, Lrnda Moore Daryl Chambers Chrrstrne Hrrko Short row Willrarn Lowe Larry Ar mour Frederrck Mayes Carl French M1chae1Dlbble Top Henry Srenkrewrcz, Den ms Wilber Donald LaFever Davrd Hall Charles Mrller Larry Colton, Wrllram Ingalls James Starbuck Earl Mewhorter Rrchard Jordan, I MR JOHN STARUCK Homeroom Teacher and Advlsor Front: Sharon Lown, Carolyn Robinson, Shirley Banks, Ellen Ingalls. Middle: Carol GRADE SEVEN l N Bottom: Dana Russell, Roger Chambers, Dale Reynolds, Marian Crawford, Daughn Richards, Theresa Strait, Susan Richards, Nancy Russell, Nancy Ingalls, James Poole, Jonathan Friedman, Middle: Faith Keopke, Susan Howland, Barbara Crouch, Merry Jordan, Sheila Armstrong, Janice Bell, Mary Coddington, Cindy Newman, Sherrie Du- Mond. Top Larry Jones, Martin Otten, Martin Mein, James Wright, Andrew LaFever, Demris Christophersen, Robert Sokol, Edward Swart, Paul Kobia, Bobby Becker, Absent: Joan Meade. Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS SHERRIE DU MOND ROGER CHAMBERS DALE REYNOLDS BARBARA CROUCH MRS EVE AITKEN Teacher E 810' GRADE SEVEN Bottom Denms Darlrn, Ronald Bussey Thomas Berry Peter Flemmg, Fred Murray Stanley Campbell Mrddle Stephen Baumes Ann Hawver Anita Bennett Marilyn Kobylack Sandra Watson Sharon Ingalls, Barbara Lowe, Leslre Youngs Top Dick son Dibble, Ray Cums Jack Howland Nancy DeShaw, Shrrley Fargle, Anita Wether bee Rebecca Mullrneaux Donna Drllenbeck Ralph Germaxne Charles Grlmore Jeff rey Bouvrer OFFICERS President ANITA WETHERBEE Vrce Presrdent THOMAS BERRY Secretary SHIRLEY FAIGLE Treasurer REBECCA MULLINEAUX Z 3 25 1 MR WILLIAM DALSHEIM Teacher I - 7"fff'ffff-- , f 0 O f Iffco Z L 'Qs E S Bottom Arthur Westcott Arthur Dwight Burton Becker Richard Strignano Bobette Eppler, Lucretra Cersolettr Thomas Goonan, Cllfford Banta James Haynes Robert Anderson Middle Rita McLaughl1n Elsie Dalton Carol Phelps Carolyn Woodard Nancy Knapp Garl Ireland Susena Foote Robin Jester Top Janrce Dewey Michael Logan Clarence Manwarren, Rlchard Hendncks Thomas Oles Phrlrp Crawford Lynn Hodges Donald Mayes Jeffrey VanCort, Susan Ingalls Absent Shrrley LaFever Pr1sc1lla Gurney Larry Ryan Charles Washburn Teacher Mrs Flemrng GRADE SIX Y L11 Front Fayette Dewey James I-hgbre James Reynolds Teddy Ingalls, Mike Bordon Russell Jones Howard Banks Noel Hendrickson Bobby Wrlber Jack Nrelson, Roger McKown Mrddle Judy Gregory, Sandra Fargo Marlene Bennett Susan Qurmby, Susan Chamberlarn, Shirley Manwarren, Nancy Carey Judy Huko Susan Chrlstopherson. Top Evelyn Kane, Joan Van Valkenburg Nancy McCumber Mary Washburn, James LaFever, Bob Dalton, Rxcky VanBrakle Clrfford Crouch John Ford Dale Chambers Absent Betty Lawrence Teddy Nrchols Teacher Mrs Lord : 1 u o 0 r v I c I f I ' f I , o - 3 n v o a 1 1 o . Z , , g 4 I . . F .5 MG 'A' -' ff - M .. u Q Y N 3' ' - K t x -f 9, t' 4 A .1 g .. K. Il 1 - 5- i . -J ' . ty N 5' 4 . -. ,Q ,Mg All J Y A . Q vs 1: -K fy I 1 1 A ' 1 'N hhnnfk' . ' - V' XJ' , K L-.. . .sw , , , 1 a.. .. fl.. 5 9 I n 0 . . . . n 9 o p n . r a . . . - u 1 - n n 1 . . . . o s v - o o - . . GRADE FIVE Sl Bottom Teddy Srenklewicz Philip Beckley Ross Bennett Bobby French David Ruff David Wright James Columbo Donna Edson Second Dick Barnes Richard Alpr, Diane Pomeroy Lrnda McKown, Dianne Dow Phyllis Washburn Raychel Searles Peggy Richards, Susan I-lust Third Sara Foote Ga1l Witter, Donna Moore, Marion Becker Barbara Huntington Michele Bouvier Ann Heavner Lois Gassler Top Timmy Logan, Keith Constable Bradley Cooke Bonnie Vail Barbara Loser Gary Cook, Billy Wormsley Jimmy Wrnchester Sandra Srnrth Absent John Bonner Mary O Hara Teacher Mrs Heavner Front: Grancis Goonan, John Hlgley, Otto Moore, Burl Bachman, Kenneth Lord, James Gregory, Brickley Sweet, Alan Veargason, Second: Brian Dumond, Gerald Fisk, Larry Alley, Bobby Eck, Leroy Murwin, Raymond Friery, Alvin MacDonald, Robert Bell, Harley Wilber. Third: Karen Russell, Pamela Struble, Linda Faigle, Judith Hand, Betty Wright, Maureen Murphy, Patricia Wilkens, Alberta Carey, Top: Dwight McKown, Jeannette Sisson, Eugene Sole, Judith Lown, Louella Washburn, Gary Gilbert, Joanne Georgia, Margaret Campbell, Kathleen Const- able, Barbara Starbuck. Absent: Sharon Sisson, Frederick Reinfurt. Teacher: Miss Freeman. GRADE FOUR Bottom Errc Johnson Wendell Derr Florence Lent IlahS1sson Charle I-hgley T1na Hendrrck son Patrrcra Ingalls E11eenStra1n Ann Gregory Susan Brownmg Gary Dewey Mrddle Kathryn Knapp Sharon DeForest Mane Kobylack Ga11Goldme1er, Pamela Barnhart Sandra DuMond Susan Hering Helen Banks Top Br1an Truhn Allen Carpenter James Frey Lynn Palmer Robert Susr Kath1eG1lbert ConmeCod1ngton James Dyer Ronald Berkeley Albert Koepke, James Palmer Teacher' Mrs Slocum in. h GRADE FOUR Front Ion Jester Michael Byrne James Hodges Robert Gurney Sally Gray L1nda Hrgbre Harvey Westcott Dennrs MacDonald R1chard Darl1n Noel Kobla Mlddle Charla Ackley Barbara Georgra Donalda Hull Linda Farmer Linda Chambers Carol Ludwrg June Froehlrch Darlene Daley Top Donna Phelps, Karen Jones Carolyn Mrller P3U.'lC18 Dillenbeck Patrrcra Stratn Barbara Qurmby Margaret Babcock Katherme l-lust Sharon O Rourke Laurrne Haynes Margaret Baumes Absent Isabella Gross Teacher- Mrs Brown GRADE FOUR THREE I GRADE THREE it Q I'- Bottom Bob Ludwig Dale Herring Larry Goonan, Harry Mattison David Jordon Fayette Goodnch Larry Easton Mrddle Carol Carr Nxna Crawford, Sandra Manwanen, Brenda Chnst ophersen Helen Ingalls Mary Ellen Holmes Mary DeForest Top Neoma Sowles, Richard Wrlber Ernest Carr Alan Conklin Audrey Murwm Douglas Georgra Donald Smith Yvonne Goodnch Absent Donald Grube Teacher- Mrs Van Nort X QN-.Q1 l Front Donald Quimby Bruce Berry Choral Mattrson Thomas Neilson, Arthur Howland Errck Sweet Robert Grube Second Thomas Youngs John Lynes, Stephen Jester, Alan Marcellus Montana Wrlber Thomas McGown Warren Robertson Benjamrn Ackley Patrrck VerValin Robert Matteson 'l'h1rd Donna Dow Vrrgmia Carey Sharon Moore, Gall Shaver June Van Hoesen Linda Gurney Theresa Huko Glona Youngs Top Evelyn Slmonds Carolyn Cable Alben Sokol Marlene Whrte Nancy Meade Ruth Crawford Roger Thoms, Alan Conklrn Susan Van Cott Kathleen Ackeret Absent Mlchael Johnson Martrn Dow Teacher Mrs Srlver nell L..-4 GRADE THREE Front. A11ce Hotchkln Lavette Columbo Mary Ashton Terry Kishbaugh, Steven Ruff Keith McKown, Jalna Wormsley Kenny Bachman Donna McKown, John Lowe Middle Gary Moss William Strain Jeanne Wright Timmy Pierce William Dalton Richard Willis Kenneth Con stable Shirley Meade Chester French Franklin Tyler Top Freddie Marcellus Donna Aldrich Sandra Nxsbet Timmy Wetherbee Muriel Starkweather Patty Wright LeRoy Christopherson Tommy Witter Linda Farrell Absent. Thomas Ruff Holly Conley Susan Moore Teacher- Mrs Sommers R- Front: Phillip Hunt, Ronald Dyer, Lyle Madsen, Ricky Campbell, Donald Dyer, Phillip Holo- wacz, Marshall Nichols, Vamold Slade, Charles Hendricks, Jeff DuMond, Richard Robinson. Middle: Abbe Perosio, Mary Ingalls, Marie Earl, Faye Harris, Geraldine Berkeley, Corinne Berry, Cheryl Georgia, Sandra Becker. Top: Richard Dykeman, Bobby Wilson, Grace Paris, Barbara Carpenter, Barbara Jones, June Brundage, Jewel Banks, JoAnn Farrell, Mike Barnhart, Linda Snavely, Becky Boynton, Ardis Lambrecht. Absent: Jeanette Carr, Teacher: Mrs. Roffe. GRADE TWO From Kenneth Ackaret Roger Milk, James Brownmg Bruce Armour Duane Lowe Charles Straxn Gerald French Steven Darlin Cra1g McKown, James Groff Mrddle Betty Ann Col ton Ladene Wllber Sue Woods Mary Jones Susan Hoag, Lmda Van Hoesen Joyce Morrison, Elrzabeth Lambert Top Mark Derr Donald Cleaver Robert Farrell Chyrl Horton Betty Ormsbee Beverly Jones Bettxe Otten Davrd Wilkms Francme Wnght Carol Fargle Christine LaFever Absent Stephen Martln Teacher- Mrs Cole GRADE ONE From Mrchael Chambers Kenneth Koepke Nrcholas Nichols, Keith Bachman, Chester Carr Mike Welch Stephen Sxmmons Rodger DeForest Pat O Rourke Mrddle Kathy Kxshbaugh, Martha Lou Scott Barbara Moss Gloria Rrchards Judy Green, Lynda Goonan Gail Gtlbert Karen Moore, Margaret Lambert, Top: Jane Tubbs, Gearlean Murwln, Mary Lou Dulvlond, Carl Ingalls, John Banks, Peter Mozingo, George Jones, Mike Sisson, Bobby Harder, Judy Bab- cock. Absent: Bonnie Jacob, Bonnie Ryan. Teacher: Mrs, Webb. GRADE ONE Bottom Marlene Fiorma Terry Bell Bllly Hood Ph1l1p Wright Betty Jane Horton, Denise Darlrn Walter Jones Kathy Hull Middle Debby Dow Rrcky Woods Brlly Washburn David Newcomb Cathy Campbell, Joey Zaverl, Dlane Daley Letitia Slade Top Joanna Logan, Raymond Snavely, Jrmmre Larsen, Jeffrey Constable Stuart Mattison Junmxe Davls Candy Jo Easton Debby Bartlett Trmmie DuMond Absent Lararne Pomeroy, Chns Logan, Everett MSIIISOH, Bobby Jo Couse Teacher Mrs Beckley GRADE ONE Bottom Douglas Youngs Jerry Johnson Leland Ryan, Bruce Zrmmerman, Mark Carmxchael Graden Ryan, Jimmy Varl, Paul Barnhart James Davrs Davrd B1lls Mlddle' Donna Harder Ina May Youngs Mary Susan Haynes Chrrstma DeVost Georgxa Bell Veda Steinbacher Lmda Banker Barbara Truhn Chrxstlne Lynes Top- James Johnson Roger Ingalls Paul I-lermg Robert Cleaver Alrce Carpenter Sharon Young, Marilyn Beggs, Susan Srmmons Regrma Mull xneaux Albert Clune Teacher- Mrs Flemmg Q W , . n ,, - 4 'Q sa -.. .. 's A N . . . . , - r o 9 n . . . . 1 9 o - 1 1 1 n 1 o 5 1 9 1 ' 1 0 v 1 ' o . . u f 1 . , 5 r...N... Q , ' ' , - . . L - - . l , ., - Q . . . 1 ix, ? V I xl ,I hard' A I S' 1' i . X . x lv , , 1 -o - ' ' . M 4 1 v R , -. Q . - ' ' - tl M, -. ,, ' ' Y . , . . 5 1. o o I I ' 4 -1. " ' Lh rbi. 'V I . . ' l l I 1 1 0 - 1 1 1 1 9 0 I I O ' f I l 1 1 1 ' , Q U I Q KINDERGARTEN Front row Roland Washburn Donald Field Patncla Welsh Martha Georgia Gordon Stram James Thoms Second row Kelsey Lambrecht Kevan Koepke James Hunt, James Snopkow slu, James Gray Edward Kobylack, Michael Whrtney Ronald McKown Robert Conley Mary Beth Sweet 'I'h1rd row Wrllxam Carey Maxamrllion Steinbacher LyRoy Rathbun Clifford DeVost Beth Woods, Jenmfer Dart A1166 Froehlrch, Linda Wisner, Guy Easton, Arnold Slade Timothy Chnstophersen Timothy O Dell I mf X if If MRS RUSSELL Teacher 4- I i I f 5 l I . ' 9 0 I I Q I f 9 ' . I . I U I . . : . . . . , . I ' I . ' I ' I , . s f :I gf , ,A 3 vj A f , 3 ,N 'QW ' f li J' Q , -", 4 l 3 lu, 'Wal jj KINDERGARTEN 'Cp Front row' John Wormsley Judith Higley, Teresa Dewey Deborah Murray Lmda French Kenneth Shields Second row' Yvonne Huntmgton Io Ann Nowiskt, Thomas Van Gorder Robert Glover John Herring, Darmy Dow, Donna Earl Jerry Ryan, Cathy Tyler Third row Robert Strain D2V1d Pecor Diane Ingalls Genevxeve Baulch Phillip Dwight George Nlcho Rrchard Howland, Ehzabeth Palmer Chnsune Hemng Margaret Mozingo, Robert Colton Gary Valentme Kathleen Bills Frederick Mohrlen Robert Reynolds 3'w7-QNX Ralph sore aafdaazfzf-Q X Z M my ik oo 403 WNW ls A ruusncs I 1956 MR GERALD GREEN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY Coach of 3-rf-ff-Rf-X sxsxs m SPECIAL PROCLAMATLON X The Unadilla Central School football team has brought to our school and community a new and invrgoratrng sense of team spirit and fan' play Credrt is due to Coach Green, whose excellent coachmg and demands for perfecuon were important ln making such a successful season As Mayor of Unadxlla I proclaxm Fnday November 2 as Blue and White Day in Unadilla WAYNE L TYSON Mayor .f , 4.1, U 1 5 'jr.:g,-,Q-Q-3 :4-'..1 - v .,:L.,'- ': , We the Class of 1957 join with Mr Tyson in extending a sincere note of congrat ulatlon to those who aided in placing this year s football team on top SENIOR ATHLETES DANNY GLENN ss 105 OWL GW HANK DICK VARSITY BASKETBALL I Dick O Connor Glenn Kelley, Inn Wright Jim Ingalls, Hank Hawver Fred Iurash, Bob Armstrong Knute Alfredson hm Westcott, Ty Tyson Danny Heath Y' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Unadilla Unadllla Unadrlla Unadxlla Unadrlla Unadllla Unadllla Unadxlla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Unadilla Games Won '7 1956 1957 Gilbertsvxlle Mt Upton Franklin Otego New Berlm Afton Edmeston Morns Edmeston Mt Upton Franklin Otego New Berlin Morris Games host CHEERLEADERS VARSITY S dy DOW 01' le-0 l JUNIOR VARSITY Rob D' Be y I FRESHMAN BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM BASEBALL Kfj Ji' X-4 Lf MISS CATHERINE FORD Guls Physlcal Education and Acuviues GIRLS BASKETBALL ACTIVITIES SENIOR CHORUS E -'2 1, KN JUNIOR BAND UNADILLA CENTRAL scHooL nun Q-v X I , ND BA T ER NC CO IH 4 E ...1 ,. X., ,- .J LD .41 U7 F-4 C U 7 ,... ... 'J Q - Q 'H W 'w 2 .- V f K 4 I' 5: U -'M X Mp, E Q 7 ' " x Q UP '3 Q F' I K N - J: w f '- . if , X ffm ii ,vf. 3 ffa A ix -.I , - M X' 5+ ' . was .. 5 'WL L.'g, wg tc my if 7 P x 1 . .ls Xl- V ' . in V .'- x' 'V g- 'if ' - .DHI V I 4 35 f .A mlb-f1A5lQ 'fn 35 - -'Z-4 .' 21: H 'Q iq 2 Us - X ' , IQ -ff fva' wx I '- u 9,1915-Y, 334,-1? ' -'Nfl :li 71k Wk in E I 5' N ' N 1... vn Hp. '3--H U . ... - P T5 Z' LH 1-x C . U ': ,,., 3 2 E ou ,. w : 9 .C , "' ,- C -4 2 O 'G ... "' -. .,. w if . , s f A Mi Q 3 , av. -gf ""fo'A rx f WN x .1 'Q--, VARSITY TWIRLERS JUNIOR TWIRLERS NATIONAL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY HONOR SOCIE TY 1 5:5 ss. OFFICERS Presrdent ANN VAIL V1ce President SARAH SILVERNELL Secretary JOANNE KOBYLACK Treasurer JANET RUSSELL Socrety Advisor MRS PHYLLIS WOOD The Unadrlla Chapter of the Natronal Honor Soclety was founded m 1952 S1nce the f1l'SI mductron the srgmfrcance of the Honor Society has increased greatly Member shrp rn the orgamzatron is based on the qualrflcatrons of Scholarship Leadershrp Char acter and Servrce Each September a formal irutiatlon ceremony IS held to rnduct those members of the Junior class who have met the standards of the society as judged by the faculty Each year the society looks for a worth whrle proJect that wrll beneflt the ent1re student body The Four Way Test intended to develop personal character and xnitiated by Rotary was rntroduced to the school by the society Colorful, attractive pictures have been placed rn the corridors The Erghth Grade Moving Up Ceremonies have been camed out for the past three years by the Honor Society Each year the ceremony becomes more formal and IIIIPIBSSIVC Currently the socrety IS engaged in the settrng up of standards to elimrnate popularity as a factor in electrons Q f S If ' E f I Q 5 Q w ' w ' - f rr A W I, .3 , v , ' 1 '31 'U F 's E1 A . , 4 x ' . - - - - - 0 . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . ' - o ' g ' O YEARBOOK STAFF -'Q I nad' ,Jw MR STARUCK Advisor YEARBOOK STAFF Editor in Chief DANIEL HEATH Assistant ECIIIOI ANN VAIL Photography DAVID WRIGHT ""1 J RSX ?' i UNA DAZE STAFF Our School Publxcanon A 2 ' T QPH 1 Q I F f., ' X I ' . x -4 7' N A 1 in A X ,X , 7- , ' K f A 1 A 2 C I ,win - .L1j1,1?1 I F '- "" V ' , 2 if ,of 5, i x . .5 E ' -W ' ' L Ar' ' 1 1 'fi' 7,1 v . AY g V s ,. K E 1 , 1 A N! ' 7 , A 5 H: - STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President DAVID WRIGHT Woe President CHARLES NEWMAN Secretary DOROTHY CHAMBERS Treasurer SARAH SILVERNELL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 1' OFFICERS Presldent RICHARD O CONNOR Vxce President JAMES INGALLS Secretary ELIZABETH SELLECK Treasurer KNUTE ALFREDSON FIRE SQUAD p-nl SAFETY PATROL BUSINESS T N K, SCIENCE HISTORY MATH CLUB YORKER OFFICERS C7 6 sl I if k "'L,.... 1... Under the guiding hand of a master gl .gl A Sales Pitch for future business students What s up? ,""' wwf' I can take so much! f4.C Chef? Boy 1 did nu N Sleeping beauties N71 Study Hall Who skipped out? ADVERTISERS Sturgess UNADILLA on a. FUEL Pharmacy LEWIS W STURGESS Prop Mam Street Unachlla E SOUIR HHH lcullngo ORLO M COUSE A I N G S A E S E R V I C E UNADILLA NEW YORK V1 lfllly on So CU AV Unadllla Hardware C1Yd OC GAS SERVICE GAS APPLIANCES WALLPAPER PAINT HARDWARE Phone 2921 46 Mum St Unadxllcx N Y t Co COMPBIIGIYS of WAYNE L TYSON H T L u , n a . . , N. Y. , . A l l , l Q ATYORNEV AT LAW UNADILLA. NEW YORK e 'Orwell Wal O' mor Compliments of Wells Brldge Branch FREDERICK W CRAMER COAL FUEL ou. KEROSENE UNADILLA .iY'lIFa.A.:K-f-4 UNADILLA NEW YORK PETTIIZEON SERVICE STATION TIRES TUBES LUBIIIGATIOII IDCESSOIIIES Unadllla New York S K CAMPBELL 20 Prospect Avenue al 31 PLUMBING HEATING WIRING . N. Y C.L.I". Farm Store G I f , ' Di '87 t J Cornphrnents UNADILLA PUBLIC LIBRARY CARLETON G WHITAKER INC UNADILLA NEW YORK MILK AND MILK PRODUCT TRANSFER GREGORY APPLIANCE WO0D'S GROCERY M I-AM LW wma Q TELEVISION IT PAYS T0 IOUK WELL MODERN BARBER and GIFT SHOP Guaranteed Watch Repairing UN Phone ADILLA. N 2922 Glfis for All Occasuons 367 Unadjlla N Y ARTHUR H AIIIEROSE UNADILLA Unad lla Sllol Fold g Pan hon: ull! lllll lm im Ilnund Illllflllln UNADILLA Y SILO COMPANY Sm Tank: zerTuhu CCILE 5 FURNITURE 156 WEBT MAIN BT UNADILLA N Y STEVE S BARBER SHOP THURS A SAT TILL 800 7 .1 . f ffhfi 27 DIVISION STREET SIDNEY NEW YORK PHONE 5'l7I IF YOU WANT To Buy or Sell WE HANDLE EVERY THING REAL ESTATE .I H Bedell BROKERS GraCeB Long Complunents of Pearoes Beauty Shop of . g . . - . l'. l fl. . . Y. ' ' 1 , . . I 4 INCORPORATED :num1IIHHInInInIrvInIummmmmmmmnnumI-munInmuvunImm II nunumw.-1, .I IwwwwmmuwwuwuuwwIm H nlmmumnnnxult ,,L.!.x I ' IIE' in i ' 9 X I : f nuugin N .N. . m.-mon um ., 7 v NXT P, f , J , X, I, . I I ' u , . . 9 , I . 1 11'1 I O ' Complnnents of SCINTILLA DIVISION BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION SIDNEY NEW YORK.U. S. A. THE UNADILLA TIMES E ARTHUR AND ELMINA INGALL5 bENERAL MERCHANDISE PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST DF' LINADILLA UNADILLA N Y Many 81 Bowne Agency Inc I REAL ESTATE BROKERS Oth Lindsey It George W Sloane Represent-atl es 44 MAIN ST SENEY N Y Pte 7 Between be Deer H een! MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Unadllla and Wellsbrldge Phone Otegu IU 8 so GLENN BECKLEY PAINTING AND DECORATING FLOOR SANDING PAINT AND WALLPAPER 35 P 3724 PROSPECT DAIRY INC. STANFORD N.Y Unaclllla Natlonal Bank UENIER FEDERAL RESERVE IANK Ullldim, K Y NEIRER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INIDRANCE CORPORATION . , . . I 0 . - V T I I I 'I X , f . 5 , 1 4 rf Ve Q ANN mn ramen Jususn-4 hour: 7 ' 5. L . , ' ' 1 ' ,,7 3 Q Q S as-r PHONE UNADI LA. New Yom! I lu UNADILLA BAKERY FRESH BAKED BDDDB DAILY DELIVIZIED TCI Youn Doon COMPLIMENTS OF Howard E. Knapp DAVIDSON - HOLMAN CORPORATION BAINBRIDGE, N. Y. DIAL 2671 I Polo BRO0KS MACHINE PRODUCTS HANDLE UNADILLA, NEW You Compliments of IC NORRIS HARDWARE Otago, New York HOTALING SALES 81 SERVICE Inc THE BIG FUIID OFFICES AT C t gh! ve SIDNEY NEW YORK 217 Del e A e WALTON NEW YORK Telepho es Sidney 4341 Walton 55566 PARIS TYDOL SERVICE DON'S SUNOCO SERVICE "C Rem S LUBRICATION GENERAL REPAIRS TIRES BATTERIES RON? 7 UNADUA NEW YORK PHONE LNADILLA -1415 DON-XLDL KISHBAJCII PROP Poe SO Olive Dueul W W BATES AGENCY REAL BSTA11 SIDNEY N Y Licensed Broker IF TIIIS IIAPPENS T0 YOU am' W H Kent 8 Son 1 5 and 10 Conf Store 'pq Ssdnoy N Y S I l0RD AID SOI krillpnlb M3526 1131 QIILIJ 1- I FT, , ' ' - ,gg 'Y 30 or wri A . , W A x owen' v . , T T I1 : ' 1 - Ba ries - Ir - hn 23 Y I ' A I A A I . I. , I1 , 3 i"15TIff A , . df : Im 1 "f?lT5 . ,.'L . - " -1 V I U CML I 4 ' I ALBERT L. BONNER - Insurance - UNADILLA, NEW YORK ED NOBLE GENERAL STORE Wells Bridge, N.Y. . JOHNJ.VAIL Contractor and Builder 2 Kll KENNY ST UNADILLA W Y GE NERAL RE MODE LING THE TIE CONIPAN lla ffra yfyf 'N KHP W 'Iss UNADILLA NEW YORK PHONE 3236 ARROWHEAD STORE J c BOYNTON a soN Unudilla. N Y Tall Pmes Inn calen g zo Weddings Banquets and ALL Pnvatc Partxes Fme Cunsme Cocktanl Lounge Open All Year Tounsr Accommodanons WALTER and WILMA COOLICK Propnetors The Joyce Stores GEORGEWSILVERNELL U -Lyfg H 0 fgg Omg UNADILLA NE YORK YLE ONE2 9 A ., , A . . l +0 of Q I ,O 3 4 0 v! - -. 0 , 3. . nu or u va rf -Lx S. 0 f' . .f ln I vnu' 0J,,'k X143 1 Pr JN WX 'n . .................,.........--. ,..,,,.. ..,.....n. ..., .,......,. ...,.... ,,.,...4..-.,,..,..- . ..,,- W -,-.--. - !-4,-.- '-.,1-14!--- 1 H -!-,!44 E 5 U1 9 -L df - W U., ,, -.-....,,.,-..e,.-.,........-.........,.,,... . 5 PH 3 I 41' ix LAWRENCE V SHIELDS T A Xl REALTOR I-LLTITUS Unad1Ha,NY A D OLES SL SONS RADIO AND TELLVISION MAQ HINE VV O R K S 30 Murun Brook Street H L TRYON Unadllla N Y STUDIO 399122, .Sf 'LLEJML dV"y Amerlcan Standard Flxtures Luxaxre Fumaces O11 Burners Ellen Mae Beauty Shop 19 Martln Brook St d l N Phone 2313 Maytag Washers Frlgldalre Apphances CHARLES B ACRLEY Plumbmg and H eatmg UNADILLA NEW YORK BUY STANLEY PRODUCTS I.EE'S BODY SHOP I 14' ALE THA B DIBB LE loonrnmmluzumnoc Phone 2 O41 43l'nllavuSL Umm-ii.l1u.lY UNADILLA, N. Y. ACCORDIAN PIANO INSTRUCTIONS George Roscoe 114. Main St Uuadilla, N Y. Phone A602 Accor-dians Rented VAN COTT Sc JAMES, INC GENERAL INSURANCE R D NO 1 UNADILLA, N Y PHONE Sldney 3 161: epresentmg INSURANCE COMPANY 1 ra Glen: Fall: N Y CRAIFURD DO0RSAl.ES OVERHEAD DOORS FOR EVERYVED ELI! UISTALLID AND GUAIAHTEID Ill It UNADILLA fi Ill! . 41-3 ' , L -k 1 Cwrzfzfzfz :fX2enl' fkfatz 3wl'LUl1C Rook SVR r V 1 , o o . . . . N - 1 . . 1 an . a , , , , . . D 9 1 ' S 7 . l I O Une il l. . Y. I S- -- " , . . - . e C J W Van C011 G. Son Inc Everything to Buzld Anytlung SIDNEY N Y UNADILLA N Y JM!! CS2,,,f.0,, J .,s'.,z,. , fv 2, I o 0 ' 0 gp - - ' n , o 0 I ' ' - 3. 3 O 0 A PLC. PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERAS . GIFTS . STATIONS 6 , . . CLINTON DERR B 'ld' S ' ' ' URNEYS u1 lng erv1ces HEATING RQTAURANT Phone 5184 Oll-S Unadiua N Y 'mmmu N Y QUALITY,ECONOMY AND SERVICE ALL ITEMS IN OUR STORE ARE PLAINLY PRICED. N0 SHARP PRACTICES. HONEST WEIGHT AND MEASURE. EVERYBODY GETS COURTEOUS TREATMENT AND A SQUARE DEAL. WE WANT YOUR PATRONAGE AND WILL CERTAINLY SHOW YOU THAT WE MERIT IT WCLQRY CQMPLIMENTS Op LOUIS GOLDMEIER UNADILLA BEST WISHES HIGH GRADE DAIRY cows POST OFFICE D E FISK 8: SON PHONE 2291 UNADILLA N Y UNA DII LA BOW LING CENTER Unadllla ww-fs of EUGENE TAREN Five Sz Dlme F,,,,,,,,L,,,E Iti- BAINBRIDGE N Y 1 I 1 . , . . , . . Dm... .N UNADILLA. N Y I I . . , . . J 0 I ,XA . . I I ,' ' . ' . . ff'I'.4,, . X LEE S GROCERY Groconel Meats Veqelabln Ice Cream 16 Depot St Unadilla, New York fa .vw EMMAS BEAUTY SHOP S6 MAIN STREET UanllIh.N Y 4 , fAllHdx J JACQUES PAUL C FREEMAN Sf c l GERRIG'S RESTAURANT GREETIMI CARDS Uwuswu, Gln lrms OTEGO N Y OC OUOO 5, DEPARTMENT STORE BAINBRIDGE NEW YORK DAVID C IIAMBLRS IIORHI' an exrrr r 'sr XRKFT hs KENNETH H. SECRET B.D1,UNADILLA,NY WALTERI KELLER GENERAL MERCHANDISE GROCERIES MEATS DRUGS DRY GOODS Welle Bridge, N Y INN. IITKOIILI IIKUIAIICI CD. llllll. FIRE llillllil Q Llfl llilllllil CO. lone Offla Columbus. Ohh HAROLD S ESSO SERVICE OTEGO N Y LUEFUCATION Accss omss TTERIES DAIRY B R Route 7 Between Bainbridge and Sidney i I , , I ' f, 'Vii ' ' - I - - - I max aszx I ' Eff I - I I E ' Bricige ree 11 Unaciii a, New Yoric - . UNADILLA. Nzw youu I sl J7, Ia , 4 J A A ll "-i - C l'I LANDEDS INC Yfunzmf Dlucfou MAIN s1'REEr SIDNEY N Y Compllments KEITH CLARK S1dney N Y ROCK INN s1EAx CHICKEN SEA Fooo Rom: 8 BETWEEN Slonzv AND Nonwxcn N Y Charles W Hngley EXCAVATION! SAND GBAWEL AND TOP SOI! 38 lllnl lr k Street '48 U ad lla N Y fa YLDH 2 I- UNADILLA GRANGE ROGERS HOLLOW PERRY'S GARAGE DeSoto and Plymouth Sales and Service 27 Smith St Sldney COMPLIMENTS MT UPTON HARDWARE COOLEY at SON m'Had 8' "'m gadm Sldney New York PHONE T UPTON 2685 RIVERSIDE SERVICE STATION H -1 Rlfl-. Prop MS FRIENDLY SERVICE ":"' Sidney, N Y 0 0 9 0 15 . . . ' 1 of . . , ' s . I . . . n oo I Phone. 21 i , , , . . 0 . , , I J- .. W' 41 R 'If ' I ' E W - . . I . 'I OF , "The Farmers Hardware" Ce r r w 1 4 u bin n Iln9 Spomng Geods 1 UNADILLA 11005 fx fs XL 'IFJ X D C MCKOVVN DVM snzusnvlc: R S MARTIN D V M Harlow Titus and Ray Jacob FOLKE W BERLING GENERAL CONTRACTOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL SERVICE NEW HOMES REMODELING AND REPAIRING HOMES OFFICES AND STORES Pllollbl Ollice 7771, BOIRGOICG 7931 Sidney N Y ROGER ELLIOTT MOTORS L0 U I E C D E S A L v O LIQUOR AND WINE STORE 13 2 CARTWRIGHT AVE SIDNEY N Y c yl Ply 3. 3. 33B odSt CO Ollmewts d Ca L 48 M P1 REED S DINER Sldrw ey New York JONES ROOFING 81 SUPPLY OO ROOFING SIDING INSTALLED ALUMINUM WINDOWS AND DOORS UNADILLA NEW YORK CARR S DAIRY TRIPP S Pasteurzzed 011112 and Cream COLLECTION AGENCY S v ng S dney Area S Icel 2 Phone 4846 sdney N Y YO BAIN 5050 l Q I - I 1 , W , I l Compliments Inc. V . . . hr s er -- mouth PHONE 5119 S les nd Service 1' a . Oneonta, N. Y. -OOO- '. T . of Use 1' ot ' a e St. . U , I I n , I er i i il 92 , , S1dney, New :: 1 , , , . ll 1 1 N E xv' X P I - fv ' I I 4 45.-I-n.. 5 f 4 ' ' I I COMPLIMENTS M 1 It ef 1 I or Inf I . AMERICAN BREEDERS SERVICE John H Hayes Technician Phone Mt Upton 2911 Mt Upton N Y GEO GRANT GENERAL MERCHANDISE EAST GUILFORD N Y JESS F HOWES LUMBER 8: MILLWORK PHONE 3051 HARDWARE BUILDING SUPPLIES LONG RIVER INN DINE AND DANCE UNADILLA N Y rnoms 7241 RUSSELLS NURSERY Its a Home when Its Planted UNADILLA NEW YORK Compllments of BOB S DINER Baxnbrxcge N X If ' I I ,fr sf' , i f 3 1 IX! A' Q 0 1 u . smmsv cENTER, N. Y. 1 7' I ' Aa ,It 2 H Y I J0HN'S GARAGE Unadilla Mobilgas .mr-IN r. wmn, Pump. +' WELDING -' GENERAL REPAIRING -- STEAM CLEANING a PDRTABLE WELDING UNIT PHDNE 2248 EMERBDN JOE POLTZ 8: SONS ROBERT D BABCOCK CATTLE BREEDING SERVICE By the Undefpass UNADILLA, NEw YORK Bambrldge N Y PHONE 3981 Compllments Compl1ments HOTEL TY LER RAY B UT LER ah... Una.d111a ll SID RIVERSIDE PHONE 2512 BUICK AND CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS Mc n St ee! Po oe B11 oeSe cd 2841 SIDNEY N Y NEYNY I... A S H U B E RT AUCTIONEER WADSWDDTH 33 MAIN :JIEEET IDNEY N Y Balnbrld e N Y -I . . Y a ' of of , Y --,fy I- Ju, . " ,, 'T xlUNIIIINl1I www 9-'N N N - - . r . WHITAKER AND SON i r "' Cfeaners I'1neSls-9 Phn rvice n Ports- g o C -- S , . . ' ' g , . . I '1 CUT YOUR COST WITH ELDRED'S BULK FEED Delzvery Servrce PHIIHE 2611 BIINBRIDGE N Y CQEIEZWOQIHQNQN9 O PRINTING FQ PARQFILIIAR PEO XX ,P Sm EY NEW YDRK I PRINTING SEIIIUH CLHSS EARL V5 INGER am NY -l. .PL Sk "I .J I if Qdwfff f km I Pho 5056 Sd ey N Y 0 0 , I I L I' J .L ff J ,ML ff! fx' A LE Best wishes 3 I X I U I I - -"W -.2 L...-. W 7 Y r' "' I . . I . A. f"fi,' A Una'a... I'-. Ii. FarmE ui menIf1Su lies I I Q I -nl 1 , I, ' -3 -4 -'V-.n ' 12:-I.-115521 EI ,, N A-l'1l-x Al, 1,1 "Printing for Particular People" X 'i gf- f "Ugg VI x - V, " ' a u ah S- IX t . 'v- Ile ' ' MOD ORATION D EW Y You can do every lawn building lob from your tractor seoi' wlth a YORK RA E I MANUFACTURERS OF WORKMAN ROAD MACHINES RAKES FOR ROAD MAINTENANCE I LANDSCAPING 1l Compllpenls of WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE LATHAM 8. MOGAVERO I I UNA IllA,N ORK I I O I I ' K ATYOIHEVSAT U lLLA,N: Y VOCATIONAL PREPARATION High School Scrence, Mathematlcs and Engineering students examine products of SCINTILLA DIVISION at a Jomt Industnal Vocational Education Conference held at the school on February 1 Representlng SCINTILLA are Mr Carlton Dw1ght, Trainmg Supervisor Mr Robert Decker Employment Supervlsor and Mr Kenneth Truhn, Engl O o + 4:03 + Q Oli neering, . ' 0 'U Q O s s s , x s .Q WI r ff' "G E .1- Y gi? 5 ' 05 ,F-gi?-'ff 5 'hey "Wu al J' 35 8-95"-4 4- ' Grp -.0 Sq I .-f Wx X N ?? J J'

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