Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY)

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Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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SINIIIRS lA the record of act1v1t1es of the year Unadllla Central School and Academy LC' ff! fl D .950 IHI -X i , - t S HEAIIIIIAII mf U ADH. M1954 1953 I 954 FUREWURD ahah an CUNIINIS HUIIIIHISTHHTIUH SEHIUHS UPPERCLHSSHIEH GRHDES HTHLETES HCTIVITIES HDVERTISEIIIEHTS our four years of di u hi school, we pr ool life at Unadilla Centr t is our hope that pages will serve to recal d associ ti . A IAL T0 ml GOALS Ol' BJUCATIOI U' Tl! UIADILLA CKITRAL SCHOOL: LHDEBHIP, SEYICI, GAHACTB, AID S 3 IIIIIHZAIIII YIARBIIIIK SIAH 'QW th an L SUSAN HALL, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Margaret Frey, Literary Editor, Barbara Gay, Art Editor Marjorie Griswold, Co-Editor Breta Sisson, Activities Howard Paris, Business Managerg Robert Stow, Advertising Managerg Judith Fisk, Girl's Sports Editorg Fern Jacob, Art Editorg Lance Greve, Photographyg Roger Odone, Boy's Sports Editorg Margaret Smith, Literary Editor. 3,3115 4 IR JOHN H STARUCK Advisor, 'Unad1l1an 195k BIIARII UI HIIICAIIII 55 55:3 5... . 55 2. 5 2 ..F . .. M.. gl. F 5 3 E. 'U 3. .2 'FL HAROLD C TYSON, Superintendent of Schools CLARENCE E RUSSELL, Presldent KEISEI W ll MEEKER, Clerk DONALD C MCKOWN CHARLES E FISK La.llONT H FAIGLE KENNETH W TRUHN 6 PRI CIPM fQf IR. IRS. I. JANET EPPLER, Office Secretary 7 GILSON M. SIATER MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING cuss OF 19514 You have established a ve commend- TY able record as good school citizens as well as an enviable status of scholastic achievements. On behalf of the Board of Education and school faculty, I extend heartiest congratulations on your success to date. lay your endeavors on the roadway to suc- cess continue and may your future be such that this great nation of ours will con- tinue to place its faith in youth. M FMIIIHY lw"'!' ,af IR. FRED J. CLINNICK, lusic Ithaca College, B.S., l.S. MISS ARLENE FREDERICK, Physical Education Cortland State Teachers College, B.S. IISS PHYLLIS A. BECKLER, Elementary Music Potsdam State Teachers College, B.S. IR. RICHARD D. CURTIS, Physical Education Ithaca College, B.S. .5 L., I SS RUTH E. HILL, Social Studies Syracuse University, A.B., B.A. IR. ROBERT F. SKLENARIK, Science Hartwick College, B.S. 7 X xff IR. KENNETH N. EDSON, Industrial Arts Oswego State Teachers College, B.S. Cornell University, l.S. IRS. A. MARIE SAWYER, Home Economics Alban State Teachers College, B.S. MISS JEANETTE ANN NELSON, Art Buffalo State Teachers College, B.S. I . RALPH A. IAN EAU, Mathematics Syracuse University, B.A. FAIIIIHY KISS SHIRLEY J. KESSLER, Junior High Hartwick College, B.A. IISS JANICE C. NEAL, Junior Hlgh Hartwick College, A.B. Albany State Teachers College, M.A. MRS. EVA H. AITKEN, Junior High Oneonta State Teachers College MR. HERBERT P. WISNER, Special Sciences Syracuse University, A.B., l.A. lr. John H. Staruck, Commercial, Vice-Principal Hartwick College, B.S. Syracuse University Albany State Teachers College, M.S. IRS. ANNE C. HALL, Languages Lake Erie College, B.A. IRS. PHYLLIS P. WOOD, English, Library Albany State Teachers College, A.B., B.S.-L. f-5 MRS. OLIVE H. KINCH, Grade Four Oneonta State Normal MRS. LENA E. BROWN, Grade Four Oneonta State Teachers College, B.E. IRS. CHASTINA H. HEAVNER, Grade Five Hartwick College, A.B. Oneonta State Teachers College MISS FRANCES C. FREEMAN, Grade Five Oneonta State Teachers College, B.E. 9 in i:JG!QnJ IRS. CHARLOTTE FLEIING, Grade Six Oneonta State Teachers College IISS RUTH E. PALEN, Grade Six Potsdam State Teachers College, B.S. Ed. IRS. GENEVIEVE D. RUSSELL, Kindergarten Genesee State Teachers College Oneonta State Teachers College, B.S. IRS. RUTH C. FLEKING, Grade One Oneonta State Teachers College Columbia University, B.S. IRS. LILLIAN G. IEBB, Grade One Genesee State Teachers College MRS. JBSIE S. BECKLEY, Grade One Genesee State Teachers College FACUllY IRS. HAZEL V. Oneonta State ROFFE, Grade Two Teachers College, B. Ed. URS. THELIA SOINERS, Grade Three Oneonta State HB.MRmwE Oneonta State Teachers College, B.S. G. SILVERNELL, Grade Three Teachers College IBS. VIVIAN H. COLE, Grade TWO Oneonta State Normal School SPHIIM SERVICES NR. JOHN E. LARKIN, Guidance Counselor I . LAWRENCE B. SIEWERS Child Development Counselor Syracuse University, B.A. University of Buffalo, M.S. Rutland Business College Castleton State Teachers College Boston University Harvard and Boston University, M. Ed. University of Vermont MISS RUTH E. WILLIAMS Guidance Counselor Albany State Teachers College, A.B New York University, l.A. 11 2 V3 s..--P HRS. HERTA ROMANO, School Nurse Crouse Irving Hospital, Syracuse, R.N. IIIAHH IRS. MAR! E. CLARK, Dental Hygienist Vermont Junior College, A.A. Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences, A.A.S RIAIII ll 'K-,fp ,.1-J" MISS METHYL A. BATES Reading Consultant Gorham Teachers College Boston University, B.S., H.Ed R. UFFICER lf 56 3 f. Yi: Mr. Frank Webb School Traffic Officer D2 ZW QAHIHHA Irs. Wilma H. Bard, Cafeteria Manager Cobleskill Technical Institute Mrs. vids c. Jones, Assistant 4 Mrs. Georgia F. Cross, Assistant JA IIURS I NN KNLY KN KN IZR VJ' Nh. Slllk XT IT Ill XN HK Mr. George Gilbert, Lawrence Darling RAY DeForest, Earl Wood 13 fwg HUMECUMI G t x .,,-X f . , K 2",.f-1-'f:.':"--...,....., ' ' - ' A 'e rf?-f -?':4EIM5'4w,ii 2 .-5 . 1 W-5, . xg ' ' D K ' 3' fH-:SE -i5.ifg4Q'L-,3j'f',,- F? 1 11- e ' I I CBL alwi N., .....it's been a long day. And now, home we got NC M ' Lee Pierce, Ted Becker, Larry Darling, Alton DeForest A1 Farmer, Ed Vanloan, Harold Marcellus, Ray DeForest 14 BUS DRIVERS J, 1,1 J, , ff wit fd- f mr, J, ,, ,M 9243, L' " , ,,fv'11sJ:fi- "" ' fi 15 W , wan x, fffu ' , 0 ww. 'W f nM"'a12f3f.u"f-S.'?i',,. , el O A ' 6 16, H - was CHARLES ROBERT ST , President Pancho Our faithful pitcher The 5h's big "Exec IIHICHIS HOWARD STEPHEN PARIS, Vice Pres1 nCl8C0n S1dney's his spec1alty A typlng Wwhlzn JUDITH ANN FISK, Secretary 'Bubb1esW Life of the party Remember the punch? On the 'lynning' team 16 LANCE GREVE, Treasurer Lacer Oh, those Jokes! what a driverl A flashy dresser OW - . n n ' A1'ays ngoofing.0ffn, That mad haircutl n.O . . 0 0 X . N II MARJORIE ANN GRISWOLD 'Ola' Ex soda jerk. Always cheerful. Oh, that guml MARGARET ANN WRIGHT Wlaestron Uusic's her department. Did you see a Crosley anywhere? Frie dly to all. ROGER LEON ODONE 'Rag' The butcher's little man. Those English questionsttl C1ass's top salesman. 5. . BARBARA JEAN ALLEN JUDITH FERN JACOB 'Barb' 'Pete' Quietl That flame in Sidney! What a sluggerl Art's her specialty. Always smiling 17 Hard worker. EDNA LUCILLE REYNOLDS HOWARD CHARLES DU HOND BRETA CORA SISSON 'Ron' 'Pedro' 'Briar' A good companion. 'The Egg and I'. Willing worker. Skillful cheer leader. f D' Quiet but,.... Really a brain- Driver enthusiast. 7f!fvi,,Senior Play'a Romeo. Handy with a needle 1 f' ' bbfgf ii 3 le MARGUERITE IRELAND MARGARET EMALYN SMITH 'Joey Chitwood Irelandn. 'Smdttyn That temper in S. Streett That Merchant larinei Spelling's her downfall. Here comes the 'Buick'. Finds Crane Hill inconvenient. Always Seen and always heard. 18 MARGARET ANNE FREY HOIIARD CHARLES HALL SUSAN ANNE HALL 'PCB' 'Buck' 'Gussis' Happy! "Destination--F1-ery's". what Q flirtl Never alone. Powerful 'O1ds'. lhirlwind talker, First woman 'President'. A genuine plugger. Dig those knee sockgl MARIE IARGARET HEN RICKS BARBARA CAROLYN GX! 'Henri' 'Baba' 'lother's' little helper. Good dancer. Oh, that laughtert Oh, those dimplesll Pretty hair. Possessor of a faithful admirer. 19 JOHN JUDKINS SILVERNAIL CHARLOTTE VIOLA FRENCH 'Long John' "Dainty" That crazy Power Wagont A hot set of wheels Oh, that languagetl What a. temperll A true hunter?? Red hair GLORIA MARIA FIORINA Glory Always skating That late driving classl Current choice 'Freddieee JOHN CI-LARLE BAKER 'Johnny The 'Flash Bulb' king Wall versed on many subjects I O ll ll ll O O -. .'ll 20 S H On September l, l9h2, ten members of the present Senlor class, along with others who have left our ranks, assembled in Mrs Cameron's first grade Thls was the beginning of the b1g adventure of attending school Thoses who were in the orlginal class are Gloria Fiorina, Judy Fisk, Lance Greve, Marguer1te Ireland, Roger Odone, Edna Reynolds, Breta Sisson, Margaret Smlth, Bob Stow, and Margaret Wrlght In the second grade, we exper1enced the thr1l1 of having Hrs Cole make shadow plctures for each of us to present to our parents at Chr1stmas tlme In the th1rd grade, Mrs Sllvernell was faced with the problem of teaching us to write Howard DuMond and Barbara Gay joined our class that year Our fourth vrade teacher, Hrs Brown, was responslble for our aCCOmp11ShlHg the task of memorlzing WOctober's Brlght Blue Weather N Harjorle Gr1swold became a member of our class N133 Freeman enllvened our flfth grade by help1ng us with a large mural paintlng of Pueblo Indlans Howard Par1s was the new add1t1on that year Mrs Flemlng, our slxth grade teacher, lntroduced us to life on the second floor Our tlme was occupled by an extenslve study of the British Isles Susan Hall, Harie Hendrlcks and Charlotte French joined us there Gloria Fiorina, who had left us in the 3rd grade, re turned Mr Smith gulded us through the seventh grade It was highllghted by our trip to Albany In November we asslsted the eighth grade ln the preparation of a mock Natlonal Election That In Mr Staruck'S elghth grade, we were joined by Barbara Allen and Fern Jacob Under cellent guldance we presented the one act comedy, 'Wildcat Willie Plays Santa Claus W Miss Smallin and Mr Edson became our advisors in our thrilling Freshman year The out standlng event of the year was our initiation The Freshman party, g1ven by the Sophomores ln our honor, was certainly a pleasure Here John Baker joined our ranks Our Sophomore year brought us a new advisor, Mlss Hughes Under the careful SUPSPVISIOD of H138 Hughes and Mr Edson we continued our fund raisning campaign and sponsored a Thanks giving dance, WThe Turkey Trot W That year brought Peggy Frey 1nto our mldst In our Junior year, we were aga1n joined by a new advlsor, Mrs McCracken We presented the play, 'Her Step Husband', under the directlon of Mr and Mrs McCracken and Mr Edson On May 29, 1953 we sponsored the Junior Prom Peggy Frey was crowned Queen with Marjorle Grlswold, Susan Hall, Marle Hendr1cks, and Margaret Smith as her attendants The class also sponsored a Valentine Dance and sold refreshments at ballgames in order to add to the 1ncreas1ng treasury Our long awaited for class rings arrlved before Thanksg1v1ng Howard Dulond, who left us 1n the fourth grade, returned Our Senlor year brought us another new adv1sor, Mrs Sawyer The Senior play, 'Hillbilly Wedd1n'n, wh1ch was well recelved and was a great financial success Most of the funds for the year were obtained from the sale of magazlnes and Christmas cards In December, the class star ted one of 1ts largest projects, the yearbook In Aprll, the class journeyed to Washlngton for thelr eventful and unforgettable Senior tr1p We face the future mindful of the background of expert guidance and assistance which we have recelved at our Alma later 21 year brought us Howard Hall and John Silvernail. . ' V . ex- ' ' . a o . , Q U Sl lllli PHISO Al NAH S Barbara Allen John Baker Howard DuMond Gloria Fiorina Judith Fisk Charlotte French Peggy Frey Barbara Gay Lance Greve Marjorie Gr1swold Howard Hall Susan Hall Marie Hendrlcks Marguerite Ireland Fern Jacob Roger Odone Howard Parls Edna Reynolds John S1lvernail Breta Sisson Margaret Smlth Robert Stow Margaret Wright -PE1'.PEEVE Oral Reports English English grammar women teachers men term papers Model A Fords wise guys women drivers f1re drllls, especially before gym class ju1ClHg Jerseys math locker combinations llttle monsters boys some women 7 foot basketball players teasers Cnamely COACH! English noisy gum chewers study halls uncooperative people boys SWEHHIMHS 22 LIKES sports photography sleep men teachers student teachers typing NHowdy im photography people Peg Bob Skeet to eat ood math girls Ronnie women math food sports music IIIIS DESTINATION Office Work farming farming Benedictine Hospital Albany Business College office work Oneonta State nursing school electrlcal eng1neering Buffalo State farming Lake Er1e College Austin Beauty School Oneonta State X ray technlclan college Broome Tech marriage Air Force college Philadelphia Bible Institute N J s f - . . A. B. C. U. C. L. A. W , P+ If . + 1 TJ , , g o o f f 1 ride e MASS PIHIPHHZY The class reunion of the class of l9Sh, which was held on June 25, 196h, was a very suc cessful gathering The reunion was held at the home of Margaret fSm1thJ Blank Her husband, owner of the Blank Construction Company, designed the beautiful home which prov1ded an ideal spot for the reunion Robert Stow, the former president of the class, presided over the informal meeting H also provided hilarious entertainment which was well received It was ev1dent to all why he is considered one of the country's top commedians The minutes of the meeting were recorded by Barbara Allen, one of the country's favorite authors of children's stories Judy Fisk, the former secretary of the class, was late in ar riving because her plane from Hollywood was delayed Marjorie CGriswoldJ Space, chairman of the entertainment co mittee, was unable to attend Her twins, Mary and Marty, are recuperating from the measles Charlotte French, cha1rman of the refreshment committee, has been appointed hostess of the Ritz Carlton Lance Greve, who was the main speaker of the gathering, is now the chairman of the AtOm1C Energy Commission Unfortunately, four members of the class were unable to attend Barbara fGayl Line and her husband, J B Line III, are taking a world cruise on their pr1vate yacht Fern Jacob, his own diving outf1t, and has left to search for the lost continent of Atlantis largaret Wright is performing extrodinary missionary work in Peru She has found the work very interest- n Howard Hall's fortunate discovery of the automatic feeder has been a great aid 1n the field of farming He and Peggy related many amusing tales of farm life They are still the charming couple they always were Susan Hall, who 1S the private secretary to the U S Ambassador to France, showed every one pictures of her apartment on the Riveara John Baker has been appointed co chairman of the space ship expeditlon to the moon, which is to take place soon Breta Sisson is now the chief accountant for the Space Helmet Division of Mars Edna Reynolds has also followed the new trend, for she is now an airline hostess for the Spenser Jet L1ne Marie Hendricks, creator of the new Spanish hair cut, has been given much accla1m for her creation larguerite Ireland informed every one that she 18 a very successful teacher in Ohio 23 . e who is one of the chief designers for Jacque Fath, now resides in Paris. Roger Odone has formed i g. I Gloria Fiorina is very proud of her promotion to Superintendent of Nurses at Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Howard Paris has successfully set up a chain of service stations. John Silvernail, the head bartender for the Stork Club in New York, had many fantastic stories to relate. Howard DuMond has been very prosperous on his huge chicken farm. A X, MX, ur Kegfth Edson Mrs Marie Sawyer Y!3V7iiCf4jX6NL 974Lf 3 any The crowning of the queen, Margaret Frey Junior Prom 1953 2 fsy 7:f'4 - W ' ' fig!! ' . 7 xv Q K .Q qiyy' Xt F 4 5,1 F Y 7 Z i!ij I fi M - Yf-A 'J I 4 Alf by X 5 0 O V6 5 511 F06fl'f ofthe Cfdff' gf 14754 inthe Cowntyof Offfyo and State 0 W 1 ark being of sound mind and memory, do make, f E publish and declare this my Last Qmiuilllil Qglitllillvllt. in manner following, that us to say Barbara Allen leaves her ability in English to George Ree John Baker leaves his pipe to Roy Currie Howard Dumond leaves his boots to John Scida Glorla Fiorina leaves free postal service to Florida for one year to Emmett Killmeier Judy Fisk leaves her temper and steam to Joyce Pierce Charlotte French leaves her red hair to Mr Clinnlck Peggy Frey and Howard Hall leave a car w1th a wlder front seat to Vernon Sisson Barbara uay leaves her mus1c and her abllity to plunk on the keys t J1m Heath Marjorle Grlswold leaves her abllity to knit argyles to Brad Gay Lance Greve leaves h1s hot Jeep to Alton DeForest Susan Hall leaves to Peggy Knowlton her older brother Marie Hendrlcks leaves Wmemoriesn to Skeeter Cummings Marguer1te Ireland leaves her drivlng ab1l1ty to Shirley Morton Fern Jacob leaves her art ab111ty to draw to John Chambers Roger O'done leaves h1s positlon on the bench to Dlck Banta Howard Parls leaves h1S Crosley to M138 Nelson Edna Reynolds leaves her cheerleadlng ability to Charlyn Relnfurt John Silverna1l leaves his Pontlac to Liselotte Goldmeier Breta Slsson leaves a tee shirt for future gym classes to Jeanette Goodrlch Margaret Smlth leaves a llcense for taklng flashhulb plctures to Carol Berger Bob Stow leaves hls love of pajama partles to have Sommers Margaret Wrnght leaves her place ln band wlth her la lnet to E1S19 Sowles GQuIl,'l'I,Ut, I haw hczezmfo ollZLSt,7LZJ6U? my name the Wy-,bf E day of LLHC n fha' year lzizefeen Hzmflred and 'fs f 7' four I ar es nv, 25 . .- .. 49:0 ' . . . A "" ' .. . O . . -- . . -- ..- . . . . 11 ' un!! . I . . . -' . . . . --. . I . . -n . . -1 " ..- J - I -A . . 7., 7 . --' . . C Qn. . 4, -- , A ' sa f 1 ' . S . K, ,, , . , ,' 1 - , V . I Vg- - f , , 7 , , P 1, J on J . 1 - 3, 524 N4 2 V r nl:-V S H v 'rf' 'lggfz of A f' e, JU IUR HAY Scenes from NHER STEP-HUSBANDN presented April 10, 1953 SI Illli PlAY Scenes from NHILLBILLY WEDDINH presented November 20, 1953 ze X M 'J 1 Vis- , P' I' Q33 ll-35, E, X' M nf.-'Y .'r:'fr - f., - - , mea, ,. . .. .- -zum., Q nn- zfz xv . ' 2 .gf A, 3 g'4'.'-L'-. ,1-.-Z, A ,g, . 4 - E41 ' +'g"qf.wg,:' ' 53 2.124 - gf 'n1,'f'.-4,:1.f,1, 'LZ7.3k1'g.'..1t rzr. ' . ff . ' 4 'A ,-5-1 '. .-,x'f".-gvpgg zzrz-rzzzpnvc. 1 L4 f.- ,'-E ',..-,1'.-5S5f55:',Q- TTY? izzzzzzzzvc-1:-': 49 1 1 5 ,fp ff j,-,zv","L-,ir-1' LQ..Q '.71TW1l'.::.':-1:15111 1' Ls ga' 2 W 4,g'1..,,.g.-.41..', , 7. mm- -:--5 1- -V ,, ,'C"jf:' .aag1L25i. 1' , , - , i fe , 4592 ,-.np-Q ,,w::,w::::1g -J gi 2 .1 A . Q., , ,..g.- . -, 1. M Q, ggi' '- ' f.12uiE" ' ., nv 1 , 1' infra. ,f ' .Y-avi' :Rascal -'?ff'.-1'.- "JP--:Af Q .gap V,-W, f ,ybggs .501 ng. -. 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Fred Clinnick Miss Jeanette Nelso SIIPHIIMIIIH MASS Donald Reinfurt Ronald O'Connell Joan Paris President Vice-President Secretary Charles Batters Jean Morgan Allen Christophersen Thelma Mills Kathy Allen Marjorie Jones Ralph Van Loan Trudy Wlnger Robert Shubert Judy Cole Robert Keator Marie Van Dusen Dacey Latham Arthur Ingalls Patricia Hotaling Jeanette Ver Valin Ruth W1lliams dugh Collins 45? , fr Earl Hendrickson Treasurer Nb Advlsors Mr Herbert Wisner Mrs Phyll1s Wood Q9 U ,fr , f.. I I ld" , ' 3' 14-19 fr HIIHHI GRADES Seated Cecil Nlchols, Albert Sisson, Robert Bliss, Earl Hendrickson, Robert Decker, Ronald Barnes, Richard Roof Seated Susie Williams, Vivian lladsen, Judith Christophersen, Shirley Archambo, Audrey Jones, Jeanne Heade, Betty Curtis, Marie Lowe Standing Hr John Staruck, Susan Hull, Joseph Trask, Dianne Wilber, John Zoeller, Sharon Hull, Freddie Jurash, Alice Gross, Earl Wilber, Dorothy Chambers, John Elliott, Elsa Shubert Front row Donald Baumes, Frederick Braun, Marion Davie, Josephine Van Loan, Roberta Higbie, Charolette Sea:-les, John VanDusen Second row James Ingalls, James Wright, Knute Alfredson, William Betters, Georgine Hughes , Mildred Hall, Lowell Nutter Standing Chester Chase, Brenda Coddington, Charles Kelley, Billy Stow, Roy McDonald, Janet Russell, Joanne Kobylack, Florence Rickard, Sarah Silvernell, Ruth llills, Patricia Gardner, Elaine Sowles, Robert Armtrong, Miss Neal CAbse t Ernest Reynolds I 31 . . - . ,, o 2 o 3 0 o 9? , N- . - - , . - - X ' A f . . , . . - . ,. x , ' I ' ,x .- . ' P- . , . .',- . .,' -'J V -1 .ii V. , H " Q.' .7 ' '..'E' lf' ,fs .j -' in., 4" Ji, 'Q-,,' ' 1 -,v,'. , - . 0 I o 3 0 YL 1 0 SWE IH GRADES First row lynn Borden, Charles Newman, Beatrice Goddington, llarjorie Ingalls, Beverley Crandall Middle row Richard Crandall, Dennis Jordan, Lana Sommers, Suzanne Lawrence, Patricia Nichols , Mary Elliott Standing Hrs Aitken, Kenneth llcCumber, William Kehr, James Ireland, Gary Sandike, Joseph Ireland, Anne Wetherbee CAbsent David Dwight, Barbara MacDonald I First row: Clay Conover, Dick Jordan, Douglas Ireland, William Cerosaletti, Eileen O'Hara, Hilda French, Rhodena McDonald. lliddle row: Wayne Tyson, William Winger, Joseph Robertson, Fred I-lust, Jean Moore, Judy 0'Conner, Marion Frey. Standing: Joyce Shields, Tracey Lambrecht, Carol Webster, Beth Russell, Patricia Hein, Paul Jones, Raie Crawford, Miss Kessler. Ukbsent: James WestcottJ 32 2' Y gf p., 5 V . 7313 232131: D ,Q - lf. ' . , 1 I f f-.N . . 1 Q ,J - X' . , bWl': -2' I V V 1 :V ah . N -gf' 5 , , u., ,I ,,,,wm- 96 N agf my y f r . w .aff K J... lt' .1 ' ., , , Vlvn if-rw W ,, , If V "' L .J ff ,x ' N S . 4, 11 P . B -1 N54 i . Nu, , :Q .xv ix xml ' LT in KI DHI First row Cseatedjz Benny Ackley, Mary Morrison, Keith McKovm, Jeanette Carr, Gloria Youngs, Susan VanCott. Second row: John Meeker, Marshall Nichols, Kenny Bachman, Kenny Constable, Kenny Bachman, Ardis Lambrecht, Donny Quimby, Alan Marcellus. Back row: Mrs. Genevieve Russell, Tommy Witter, Carl Ingalls, Louis Williams, Patty Wright, Clinton Robinson, Jewell Banks, Mary Jane Bafundo, Jeanne Wright, Mrs. Lennon fStudent Teacher! Fgfw Huff First row: Mrs. Russell, Susan Moore, Alice Hotchkin, Tom McKown, Mary Ashton, Warren Robertson, Roberta Safford, Bobby Matteson, Mrs. Lennon. Second row: Roger DeForest, Lyle Madsen, Marty Dow, Joann Farrell, Carolyn Cable. Third row: Linda Gurney, Shirley Meade, Christine LaFever, Marlene White, Steven Wiedeman, Ronnie O'Dell, Roy Talley. Top row: Albert Sokol, Donna Aldrich, Timmy Wetherbee, Sandra Nisbet, Freddie Marcellus. 34 JY' GRADES vi, lf Seated in front Susan Browning, Josephine leecker, Douglas Georgia, Dale Herring, Florence Lent, Helen Ingalls, Michael Byrne, David Smith, Arnold Whitehill Second row Roy Hartwell Sha ron DeForest, Linda Chambers, Peggy Babcock, Nancy Heade, Deloris Talley, Timoth Pierce, Charle Higley Third row Dann Crandall, Isabella Gross, Stanley Bishop, Patricia Ingalls, Pat Vervalin, Robert Jensen Last row Ka thryn Knapp, Sally Gray, Robert Grube, Ernest Carr, Kenneth Cox, Brian Truhn, Ronald Pecor, Chester French, Iinda Farrell, W1lliam Dalton, Alan Conklin Irs Fleming, Andrew Hurlbert CAbsent Larry Easton, June Froehlich, Donalda Hull, David Jordon, Margaret Kane, Bobby Lidwig, Neoma Sowles D Seated in fronts Charla Ackley, Hontanna Wilber, June Van Hoesen, Robert Gurney, Kathie Gilbert, Elaine Atwood, Larry Goonan, Gail Geiselman, Arthur Howland Second row Connie Codington, Evelyn Hilsinger, Barbara Quimby, Eric Johnson, Carolyn Miller, Sharon 0'Rourke, Carol Ludwig, Yvonne Goodrlch Thlrd row Donna lcKown, Patric1a Straln, Gary Dewey, Susan Wiedeman, Roger Thoms, Ilah Sisson, Pamela Barnhart, Darlene Daley Standing Lynn Palmer, Ann Gregory, Kitty Hust, Hlchael Flannery, Marie Kobylack, Tom y Youngs, Le Roy Christopherson, Jimmy Dyer, Linda Farmer, Harvey Westcott, Lawrence Thomp- son Teachers-Mrs Beckley, Irs Webb CAbsent Allen Carpenter, John Lowe, Dennis MacDonald, Joseph O'Dell, Gall Goldmeier, Tina Hendrickson I 35 U' 'v 0 ' L a V ., V 5 1 ,V I A i 1, I I' f Q. ,'x,r O. ' . 0 I Q : Q o . 0 e 2 J D o e o . Q 0 - 5 - - -, g , ' o A - A - , . v cl, A V I , . '- , , ,f W4 a " ' ' v . 1. , , V Q e Lx ' Y K E gg 6 'v ' ' ,..-... . I - . 1 .- N' - i ,, 1. ' - I1 4, W , yn U , . , F - , .. L. I. . . e 3 . ' . . . . n . . o f o 0 0 0 5 ' 0 S D lil Bottom Row: James Palmer, Fayette Goodrich, James Frey, Richard Darlin, Rich- ard Wilber, James Gregory, James Hodges. Second Row: Gale Finch, Carol Carr, Betty Wright, Raychel Searles, Susan Hust, Donna Edson, Gail Witter, Helen Banks. Third Row: Nina Crawford, Brenda Christophersen, Dorothy Shubert, Judy Hand, Dentish Guile, James Winchester, Frederick Reinfurt, Donald Grube, Raymond Friery. Fourth Row: Katherine Robinson, Richard Barnes, Dwight EcKown, Thomas Squire, Brian DuMond, Mary Frances DeForest, Bonnie Vail, Mary O'Hara. CAbsent: Berle Bachman, Michele BouvierJ Teacher: Mrs. Roffe. S H 17 I Il xl' ki ggll Bottom Row: John Coburn, Skipper Moore, Phyllis Washburn, Carman Wiedeman, Donald Wiedeman, Sandra Hall, Diane Pomeroy, Margaret Baumes, Robert French, John Higley. Second Row: Francis Goonan, Sharon Crandall, Barbara Starbuck, Philip Beckley, Margaret Campbell, Teddy Sienkiewicz, Maureen Murphy, James Holland, Barbara Georgia, Alan Veargason, Kathleen Constable. Third Row: Gerald Fisk, Sharon Sisson, Larry Ireland, Barbara Huntington, Ann Heavner, Patricia Wilkins , Bradley Cooke, Karen Russell, Pamela Struble, Timothy Logan. CAbsent: Sara Foote, Albert Koepke, Lois Gassler.D Teacher- Mrs. Cole. . 36 I IHIRII GRADES Seated in front: Robert Betters, Tedd Ingalls. First row: Lona Whitehill, Jeanette Sisson, Teddy Nichols, Janice Eck, Lucretia Cerosaletti, Louella Washburn, Gary Gilbert. Second row: Carol McCumber, Janice Dewey, Jack Neilson, Jud Gregory, Ella Guile, Clifford Banta, Herman Pecor, Arthur West- cott, William Jensen, Fayette Dewey. Back row: Roger McKcwn, Jean Van Valk- enburg, Jane Williams, Carol Rutherford, Ralph Robinson, Gary Cook, Carolyn Woodard, Robert Crandall, Robert Loitsch, Rita McLaughlin, Mrs. Sommers. fAbsent: Jeffry vancott, Dick Strignano, David wr1ght.7 Front row: wllllam Pecor, Noel Hendrickson, Lynn Hodges, Susan Ingalls, Gail Ireland. Next row: Mary Kathleen Flanneryg Arthur Dwight, Russell Jones, Murray Wheeler, Harley Wilber, Bobette Eppler, Priscilla Gurney, Burton Becker. Third row: Michael Borden, Linda McKown, John Ford, Dale Chambers, Howard Banks, Clifford Crouch, Stanley Sweet, James Higbee, Joanne Georgia. Back row: Miss Bennett QStudent Teacherl, Michael Logan, Barbara Loser, Nancy McCumber, Nancy Knapp, Linda Faigle, Mary Washburn, Mrs. Silvernell. CAbsent: Susan Quimby, Robert Eck, Thomas Goonan, Larry Whitehill, Marian Becker, Eugene Sole.D 37 HIIIIHH GRADES Bottom Row Ronald Bussey, Peter Flemlng, Roger Chambers, James Reynolds Dalton, Bobby Becker Thlrd Row Nancy Ingalls, Anlta Weatherbee, Carolyn Sutton, Allce Hendrlcks, Fa1th Koepke, Joan Archambro, Susan Howland, Shlrley LaFever, Jeffery Bouvler Fourth Row Mrs Klnch, Stephen Baumes, James Wrlght, Daniel Baker, Sherrie DuMond, Patr1c1a Helmer, Marilyn Kobylack, Evelyn Kane Utbsent Larry Ryan 7 Bottom Row Charles Washburn, Stanley Campbell, Robert Wllbur, Leslie Youngs, Dickson Dibble, John Friedman, James Poole, Rlchard Van Brackle, Nancy Russell Second Row Bonnie Filsinger, Lesley Moran, Maureen Kelley, Betty Lawrence, Betty Hurlbert, Mary Coddington, Susan Christopherson, Lucinda Newman. Third Row: Barbara Crouch, Rose O'Dell, Elsie Dalton, Sharon Ingalls, Martin Otten, Dana Russell, Edward Swart, James La Fever, Philip Crawford, Richard Hendricks. 3B .C X , , xx,- xx' J 29 ' Second Row: James Morrison, John Pecor, Larry Jones, Donald Sowles, Bobby HHH GR IHS Seated Larry Armour, Roland Alfredson, Allan Edson, Carl French, Dennis Darlin, Ja ck 0'Rourke Second row Connie Bachman, Judy Betters, Barbara Lowe, Dorothy Knapp, Ann Hawver, Teresa Wright, Virginia Nichols Third row Charles Hiller llartin Hein, Carlene Dykeman, Meredith Jordan, larion Crawford, Sheila Armstrong, Carol Witter, Anne 0'Hara, Sylvia Harrington, Stacia Robinson, Bill Ingalls, Ca rolyn Robinson, Dick Stilson Back row David Chase, Edwin Guile, Raymond Curtis, Stella Ihitehill, Yvonne Holland, Ellen Ingalls, Bob Sokol, Kirk McLaughlin, llrs Heavner fAbsent Guy Rogers, Linda Moore D in Bottom row Teddy Sowles, John Lewis, Dennis Wiedeman, Dennis Christoph ersen, William Lowe, Bobby Hotchkin Second row Darryl Chambers, nna Braun, Jean Heade, ladeline French, Connie Pangaro, Joanne lore, Dale Rey nolds, Anne Frey, Sharryl Chambers Standing Wilma Bard, Jeanette Ire- land, Jayne Jacob, Rebecca lullineaux, Shirley Ann Faigle, Henry Sienk iewicz, John Morrison, Dennis Wilber, Charles Gilmore , Thomas Oles Last row James Starbuck, Ronald Knapp, John Hendricks, Andrew LaFever, Jack Howland, Shirley Banks, Nancy De Shaw, Linda Palmer, Stella O'De1l, Fran ces Flannery QAbsent Karen Wright, David DeForest, Willis Kane D Teacher Miss Freeman 39 e 3 e O e Z e o 2 e . v A W X It I ,, . , 0 e l We , I , .. J g Off Q L X A 4 as 4 - ' . 5 1 ' , ,Q . .b ' 'R - 9 ' '. 1 'L f' v -J-':.f.Q'fa - f- , 1 2 - a 3 A e 2 O e 2 e 2 e SIXHI GRADES 'Nu-AA First row: Charles Winchester, Bernard DeForest, Michael Dibble, David Hall, Donald LaFever, William Westcott, Clarence Russell, William Ford. Middle row: Joan Eppler, Jana Webster, Richard Sweet, Delorise Gardner, Karen Christophersen, Maxine Gregory, Judith Byrnes, Pauline VanL0an, , a Top row: John Madsen, Kenneth Hull, Charles Ingalls, James Hawver, Helga Otten, Elizabeth Sellick, Sandra McKown, Lynette Chambers Maria Latham - Mrs . Fleming. ' ' If-k , , If , I f I , " f ! .mf First row: Mary Ann Collins, Elizabeth Pecor, Jane Fleming, Jean Barnes, Marjorie Horan, Margaret Becker, Jeanette MacDonald, Lynn Frey. Second row: Iris King, Betty Poole, Wendell Machman, Glenn Byrne, WilliamaKane, Lawrence Colton, Irene Archambo, Kathleen Robinson, Clair Davis, Edwin Sisson. Back row: Miss Palen, John Higbie, Jeffrey Hendrickson, Craig Truhn, Tedd Armour, William Collings, Frank French, Norman CcCumber, Richard Davis, Howard Lent, Fred VanDusen. QAbsent: Jean Sokol.j 40 ' r X 0 - jimmy W ww ive' 5' .sW":"'f1 -LW ' vf' iq ,. W: I, Ulll 'Q 'INF IIPIRHIA Scenes from 'One Christmas' an Operetta presented by Grades two thru six. December 22, 1953 J' Tea is served by Hrs. Genevieve Russell, teacher, to mothers of kindergarten pupils. llrs. Donald Hull, llrs. Arthur Westcott, Hrs. Roger Gray and Hrs. John Geiselnan. 42 t I ! K, TIZI4 new 'fs U- 1 off 1 P' uf- 1 Q- W Q X' -. - Hill! F 2: J' .ar ff .A gtg Ni. A-'Lf ..."?v"f ff Q " "ffi'4"5- " Q, QI ' sv Ama, my - ,Aa 'wow J R VARSII Standlng Harold Crandall, Danny Heath, Ronnie O'Connell, John Zoeller, David Wnght, Dlck Howe, Henry Havrver Kneellng Earl Hendnckson, Charles Betters, Glenn Kelley, Don Re1nfurt, Art Ingalls, Dlck O'Con or JVEHElHllAHlRS nee Arlene Frederick Trudy Wmger, Jean lalker, Barbara Hall, Pat Tyson 44 ' 4 . z . , . ' ' n , r? A Q. VARSIIY Coach Curtis ' I Q ,r '-14.1. C M-4-'Z'-'f Basketball Season 1953-19514 Gilbertsville ere Harpursville------Away Franklin--------Away Harpursville ere Otego----------Away Afton Away Edmeston ere Morris ere New Berlin-------Away Milford way Franklin ere Otego ere Edmeston-------Away Milford ere Morris way New Berlin ere k Standi 2 Vernon Sisson Roger Odvne, Bob SWF: D10 ng Banta, Alton Beforest, John Chambers. Kneeling: Bob Keator, Howard Paris, Dave Sommers, Jim Heath, Larry Cummings. VARSIIY CHllRllAUlRS Judy Fisk, Joan Paris, Marie Hendricks, Edna Reynolds 45 5 Q A. rag "'s...., 44 Q 'y 4f 1 3 EJ ,L A 1 if gf at 'V' f e 5 1 1' 1 4?-'N f 'QE , .x 1 2 1 1 f v',Jl..,,. ,. -. , w:f,.:Xg'lQ ylgi I1 f .0 1 4 . -- ' ,u , P 'x ? 5 1 ai, FQ Q4 tw 5, if in if wk-V , 3 35 , . -V --J j . i,F, wf A X34 J? U U . r X JIU' .Q ff' 4 J, I 1 xt N First Row: Dick O'Connor, Charles Betters, Don Reinfurt, Art Ingalls. Second Row: Ronald French, Vernon Sisson, Larry Cummings, Ronald O'Conne11, John Scida, Earle Hendrickson. Third How: Henry Hawver, Alton DeForest, Robert Stow, Howard Paris, Robert Keator, James Heath, John Chambers. First base here I comeig The pitch 47 4 1 X , .,. A.X: my 1 X 'a' iii X - ' . J X x F in F 5 1 , PLA ' 5 , I A1111 5, 'fx xf 'wjff """"N-W-, .W O O ,umm EJ nu sum- uquxw How well we rememberll. ACHVIIIES I-I 0 1 5 K 'ml lf J ,, ade ET esenting pl' T8 fifty-five students is c mposed of d an b ool !'1tI'8.l Sch Ce dilla IIB. U The f-I +5 P N Z D2 9 1: me 00 -ri si as 'af 31, ez: 5 O., T, pg '35 'Q- M HID pa rs., UIC 511.2 EEE sg he 5.4 dd 043 gum o 3 ba .20 O la QE EE OD '20 'ng ou ,Sm W5 P5 Eb. DDS-4 +74-5 C0 ip EE -' 'U 25 33 -v-UU D-5 QE 111' BM +313 as fe D. Q r-4 Lo sw: va sf-2"' afs an OO wg 50 Ch Vi O0 S-ar-4 as M O En 4:2 V5 Eff-2' ET? FD F-M-D +591 Cho ag 55 is C'-E 4-iv 40 08 mee 5 SIIUR CHUHUS JU IOR CHURUS 1 High School Girls Chorus Grades 9 - 12 Junior High School Chorus Mixed Group. Grades 7 - 8 52 as is Illlll I First Row: Marjorie Griswold, Joyce Pierce, Margaret Smith, Peggy Frey, Susan Hall, Breta Sisson. Second Row: Carol Webster, Donna Dibble, Dorothy Chambers, Peggy Knowlton, Dacey Latham, Charles Newman. Third Row: Mr. Sklenarik, Arthur Cooke, David Sommers, Roger Odone, Arhtur Ingalls, Knute Alfredson. p-if 4. X-I Y First Row: Howard Paris, Joyce Pierce, Dacey Latham, David SOmm9F5, Second Row: Ronald O'Connell, Richard O'Connor, Edna Reynolds, Pat Tyson' S3 PRESS ElUB SAFEIY PAIR0l ei-.223 It lk First Row: Robert Stow, Arthur Ingalls, David Soxnmers, Arthur Cooke. Second Row: Dacey Latham, Trudy Winger, Marjorie Griswold, Pat Hotaling, Marguerite Ireland, Kathy Allen. Third Row: Carol Berger, Susan Hall., Barbara Gay, Peggy Frey, Joyce Pierce, Pegg Knowlton. Fourth Row: Judy Fisk, Joan Paris, Breta Sisson, Vesta Smart, Nancy Page, Margaret Smith. First Row: James Hawver, Donald LaFever, Henry Sienkiewicz, James Starbuck Andy La.Fever. Second Row: Charles Ingalls, Herbert Lewis, Ronald William Lowe, Willis Kane. Third Row: Donald Baumes, Dennis Jordan, Collins, Larry Colton, Judy Byrne. Fourth Rau: John Higbie, Fred VanDusen Glen Byrne, James Wright, Paul Jones. H0 UR SIHIIHY First Row Lance Greve, David Sommers, Susan Hall, Margaret Knowlton Slsson, Peggy Frey Instaliatlon ol new members of 1953 195m by Lance Greve ss Second Ron: Charlyn Reinfurt, Margaret Wright, Richard Banta, Breta Slilllllll DME PARENTS BECOU STUDENTS X Hrs. Ethel Kobylack becomes an apt typist.... For the initial year, Adult Education proved very successful at Unadilla. Instruction in the following cources were offered: Driver Training Ceramics Shop Beginners Typewriting Advanced Typewriting Sewing Hr. Wayne Tyson administering the final operations on a corner book shelf for il 1 Beginner Typiats se I V 3' ' Q,,,, , ,, f 5 1 .1 I x 0 ll 1 I 41. 'V Q, " G A 14' 6, .A tw 10 te, ' 1. Y .1 ,r if , , X W? Xl 5 fa'X'f? mf 6 ? iw sf U UG sa Q . Q 1V 1. 9 Q ,, wee T' M afili- 4 lwll, I ul' ,f ff? ,,. sk, ? Hx: Q, ,, 4, , , a . '1 ,1- y al 5: ' " if In 1 NLE 7' 1 , 1 as 'Q v ISM: I Y D' . 1 + 3 4 1 4 . ffm' F ,- fr' ,Q I ,, 11' 9' Y ,F S x 3 L I--S Ll' ax 3,4 'ia gf . 'L gr f ' i A if 1 33I.f"- , 5 'W N . , 4? 'Hia N67 'X awww' li ii H- 0 than C 'Q 1-.., -M: . ,8- J 3 5 ' I M af- iff' gi I ,f Vp ff 4439, .51 f5?g," ff-Q11 xx, if V- fi " 4 wiv- g 7 ug, -A Mm l 5 ' 4 W 1 x I - i V ,mv .1 if .I I - S 1 , M i, rr Q k I. 'f w 1.4 tuna, ann. x , is '15 M. an N394 Y X . , , . wiv as , 1 1 5 i -1 -, FIRE SHUAH First Row Dlck Howe, Emmett Killmeier Second Row David Sommers, Bradford Gay, Robert Stow, Howard Paris, Robert O'Connor, Howard Hall Th1rd Row David Wright, Glenn Kelly, Henry Hawver, Fred Jurash, Earl W1lbur, Joseph Trask, John Zoeller Fourth Row Robert Robinson, Arthur Ingalls, Ronald O'Connell, Rlcahrd O'Connor, Earle Hendr1ckson, Paul Jones, Rlchard Roof H0 URS 60 i ' I 0 l l ' 0 O 0 . 0 3 . . . . -r if 3,51 f 45' 2 HV Q r 5 ,ilixx 1 41 Wm .,..,,,, I 19 41 I 'Wm ,. A Ev X-,I TO THE NEW GRADUATE This day is decidedly dlfferent from all the thousands of other days that have passed this way since h1story began And as long time relgns, there wlll never be another twenty foxr hours qulte l1ke these whlch are now passlne in PVIEW before the worlc We do not say this merelv because It 13 your graduatlon day but because lt 18 true of all days No two days are ever allke They are all d1ff9F6HE every slnple one because people make them different You, yourself, have the power to change the CCmD19X1OH of a day completely and mold it lnto a CFBHTIOH of your own A word a deed a frlendly gesture! A goal S'T1V9d for and, Perhaps, won These are the klnd of thlngs Wh1Ch wlll make each day a speclal oIe for you In other words, llfe 15 lndeeo what you make it From tnls day on, vou wlll b8g1D to accebt respons1b1l1t1es more cfmnlex than anv yod have prevlously known Frnsnoer each of l fe's personallty Above all, be a good cxtxzen a ore lt to your school, home and commtnlty Althcuvh you may forget many of l1'e's dave, renerb r that each lS 1m ortant 1U its wa: 1513, wo r graduatnor day, lS one w nc you wlll always remember, however, and we NlSI to coxg atul te The embers of the Class of l9fL May all of you haue good luck, good success, and falth ln the future SCINTILLA DIVISION Bendnx Avnahon Corporahon SIDNEY N Y 62 : ' ,, . as . . 8 1 . . . . I rl . . . 0 1 - 0 l ooo D 3 -ooo . . 4 , . A, ' ' . J. I Iii 4 lit . U . '-"' A. . L . . . , 1 I . T Y 0 A . . . . . .. . , f i I A I L . . .I RA A ,I I . : ' o JI 'I. , problems a challenge to your ability, your knowledge, and your . .' ' --- ci' I f, A' ' r o 1' J l 7 .. . lm . .V in 5 . . . I I F I ' 1- NI' j U V " ' I ' ' n'.n W, ' " -Inn . -, ' -' 1 r.r ' a ,,I nz i V 1'. ' ' I ' 1 I 1 ' A . . 40 I l 1 JM 11 J PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERAS 4 G FTS . STATIONERY 5-ufney, A! Yj D E FISK 84 SON PHONE 2291 UNADILLA N Y O O L 4 VLC. I TELEPHONE IHOO l l : , . Compllments of Otego COOpCf3tlVC G L F SCFVICC, Inc Wells Budge Branch 1 0 Coop C L I' Plllll St GAS SERVICE L A SH UBERT AUCTIONEER l6F3 NY 64 Otc o oop, 1. ,F. Service, Inc. Ot xg . 1. . '. 'Q ' Q orc T F . . F , . . fade? .7a4tm.., fh ..YORK RAKE Q me vm was-P om., lo my ...uma for ,wax and g,sa...g pr.-mm 0 lr saves :nm grader rrrps by redusvnbulmg the wmdrow len by lhe blade Kfeeni OU! OVEHIXE none: elummavex hand raking leaves a Gne smoofhwrfuce Engvneered for trouble free operclron 0 Orrgmul mvenmenv rx Wow xmce no soecvul mo me power u bulls mm the machine Uxe ur wnh your pruenr power graders vruckx or vrucvors 3 Moons AvA1LAsLz su Hyamung Camrolm RB-Manual cannon as r.rLm-dm.p-ngworu Nr Vg DEPT B lar full de abc Y"'RK RAKES and YORK EXPEPY WORK MAN Food Mc Homer Harlow Titus and Ray Jacob GUY E. PERRY De Soto Plymouth 27 Smlth St Sldnev N F E BUDDENHAGEN SIDNEY N Seven States Gas Service Inc RIVERSIDE, SIDNEY Best wushes SEIIIUH IJLHSS NIITI-I 36 Mun SI SIDNEY N Y C. H. LANDEDS. INC. I FURNITURE wu-:zaf bcuabou MAIN STREET SIDNEY N Y W H Kent 8. Son ELEM 5 and 10 Cen! Sion WHITAKER 81 SON Sadney N Y gi RIVERSIDE SERVICE STATION H A. nick: P MOBIL PRODUCIS mon: an smnn N Y M:-ICLAURY 8: WADE r:Y ez. gh! D MAIN ST SIDNEY NEW Yomc 'Vanity 'lj JAMES MIRABITO 0 Seed -k Honest Ratlllls Kerosene 81 Fuel 0il PHONE 5 331 SIDNEY NEW YORK HOTALING S F0 RU SALES G SERVICE SIDNEY NEW YORK 66 I 1 I T I , 'Q .9 ' Y' l I5 . . . I I T' I ,E , .,.I' U U ' . ' , . . Sidney, N. Y. , .Y. : I f -iz? I 7..- -i, . ll ' . . -L' X . . mp. e CW, gf SQNS H Q, V"'a'LAU . xxA Q, Drops. 55 , ff rv Y Y A I JEWELEFS KIEFSAKE Y I DIAMON RINGS . 4 ,A 0 o ' l Cl f- A.. ,lah , . . EI I i Kandyland J N K0KEN,PnoPR1rron BRACKETTS BOOK STORE 190 MAIN ST ONEONTA NEW YORK Ill MAIN STREET ONEONTA N Y BEST WISHES 1-'RowAFRvmn KLOSTER ELECTRIC DRAKE ' S 84 MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS HARRIS BROTHERS M48 MAIN ST ONEONTA Relnoble Jewelers Oneonta Tropical I-'lab Shop 9 W I E A ONEONTA NEW YORK Otago, New York 0 SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT O GAl.lNN'S c ONEONTA N Y PHONE BEST WISH ES HCHORRIS HARDWARE Farm Equipment Paints Plumbing 81 Heating Tin Work OTEGO, NH YORK 67 . . I o o es nd ve, , BAILEPS FUNERAL HOB w.'1'1I'Z2'Zf..Q.SZ'fE2'TZfS , . . 3043 JCE HEKDRICKS Choice Dairy Cows On Hand At All Times Unadilla F' 'ft New York HALL S RADID 81 TV SALES AND SERVICE UTEGU New YORK HORACE SOWLED PLUMBING df ELECTRICAL WORK R D 02 UNADILLA GOODRICH BROTHERS POULTRY LIVE and DRESSED Oh-FONT-1 N Y ERNEST A SAWYER TRUCKING GARBAGE 8: ASHES HAULED CUTTING HAY GARDENS PLOWED SNOW 'DLOWING PHUNE 2343 ARTHUR L ROOT General Insurance ED NOBLE WONE YNAIARE FRESH ANDAT N Y SQ mi uasonalalePlIC ES al GENERAL STORE ALBERT L BONNER INSURANCE PERSONALIZED ssmxcm Auto, Flre, Llablllty Compensation Llfe, Health, Accident Lnxuhlla .393 Otego 4181 GBOETIRLSIATTEIES lF!AllINGWEI.DDl6 xv' 6 8 DTEGCJ N Y HOWARD PARIS UNADILLA, W Y TIRILS, TUBES GENERA10RS BERT SISSON ELECTRICAL WORK Wells Bridge Kellers General Store W ll Bridge N Y In sp , A vl , o Q N , 1,1 , i f Y ' I - ' 'is 5 io , KIVEUQ 931fJaff GI' 'I' WELLS BRIDGE, NEW YORK 'YYDOL GAS AND on .f . I - - I V 0' A ' ' QNSYS 9 5. . vt , . . 8985 8. """ ?I5?.'I'.L.... . C S ' ' ' ' T ' 0' Ilnadllla IRELAND DAIRY MILK and CREAM UNADILLA 'XIEW YORK 3715 DI R Phone 041 BR ULI1 DIBBLI1 Rzclzyield Sefwce Gaqolme and O11 Charles W Hlgley EYCAY -XTIOW S-IND FR-KVEL AND TOP SOIL N L I TRYDN 8: SUN GENERAL REPAIRING UNADQLA BAKERY S K C A M P B E L- L P Party Wedding 9 Birthday AMW ry II I rr spect Awnuo cnnss 3 3, F 'I I'D PLUMBING HEATING WIRING 2172 Marme Boats Supphes Klts CHARLES B Scott Atwater AC K L E Y , .,,,,-4 Rellall' SGFVICG PLUMBING AND HEATING IC! CIIEAH IAII LUNCIIEOIETTE Sales 8z Servlce Tel 3684 Unadllla All Kinds of INSURANCE Robert E Atkinson REAL :sure 69 U ,, I I ' 1 -Y'..' , 1 . ' A. .' A Y' , 38 Wlartin Brook Street , . P' . LT . "me Ph A HSL! Unadilla 2 Y SW E r ' . . 2 W ' Y . . . ks..s , . so. UNADILLA, N. . We ecialize in ' ' . - ,,, J L " ' IJ I ' I . ' 8 7 I Also uII Line Bake Goo s-Fres aily Phone . . . 5- -f' 'T'i"':l-'- . . , X J . UNADILLA NEW vonx "' CARD FIXT I' ffl? . U 9 9 OIT! I7 KRICK TDDL CDMPANY .1 as rlxrunss DIES Z 5 ECIALM cv-HNERY 4 ff? w w xnlcx T-' X4 YuP5 N Y Unmnffafvyuga GLENN BECKLEY PAINTINK AND DECORATING FLOOR SANDING PAINT AND WALLPAPER RUSSELL S NURSERY PI f mom' SIDNFY 6561 UNADILLA NEW YORK Complnnents of LIVINGSTON S LATHAH JOSEPH A IOGAVERO JR 70 YO l YADII LA BOW LING LFN'l FR ,Xxx 6,41 fy J' C 0 B ' UR FAMILY SHOE STORE" Unedilla N Y ARROWHEAD STORE 1 c sonrron 5 son 2611 nm St , Una 1 , , K 3 K 3 'M L . f M Aiyr P A X ' ' ' V - -Y -L. . 'A J Y , 1 , L N W ,A J : fy - ' . f ss Pmpw Sheer Phone 3714 uuainl., Ne Y u , , ' I KN Y 'A ' ff, I ' 9 A S I1 "HY u Horne Ujfnen lfs an ed" 1 - 0 O . . Ph M ' . aan. unz 0.1 e..,,,W, HUDSON COAL QW x fun UNADILLA OII. AND FUI-II. ORLO M. COUSE Pulp UNADILLA N Y PHONE 3853 FUEL OIL SHELL OIL COMPANY PRODUCTS B B BEAUTY SALON Unadllla N Y Pho e 2976 WOODS GROCERY LWW Ph 299 UNADILLA N Y IF THIS IIAPPENS TO YOU 5 4 45' 'I 4 'F' A LORD AIID SOII lnltilqefllb I WONT IIINILIJ oququwaquznq C31 MQM 514451.15115 ff 177 IITI F ss Gregory Appliance Sales QAM LL Unadllla, New York .I W VAN COTT 81 SON, Inc. gxergllunq 'IJ ygurlzf Zn llzuzg 'J UNADILLA SIDNEY WALTON NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK 7l A II - - ,. 1 ,-4-is,1"" '," . . ' 9 Q Vi Lw. uruuno, Prop. I if 'Lx I T- . I . ,. 1. . Q -1 " ,rx MAIN ST., UNADILLA ' " r .4 L' - li. 3526 . , - Q t. Q1 I X n , ,Y , . . , I Mr. and Mrs. . . ood one 5 L , . . 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Compliments of MODERN BARBER and GIFT SHOP Guaranteed Watch Repalnng BROOKS MACHINE Gifts for All Occasions PRODUCTS LEE S GROCERY Grocenes Meats Vegetables Ice Cream Dxczl 3521 16 Depot St Uncxdlllcx New York STILSON SERVICE STATION DAN ID Q IIANIBI RQ IIORHI- .Q cA'r'ru- 'SIKRKFT 74 C I a ' Mmm Brook swf I . lfnad1l1a,N Y. Phan: , I S 7 . am bereez. Std-m5 were Sz , Alton . 1 1 T rv. sw f V - - Unadilla. New York Y 1 , 7 1 A A we . 5 UNADILLA, NEW Yonn Y cl' ' ,r . Q5 , , . , y G- . . D1 ' ' ' MARCEl.I.U'S MEN S BOYSWEAR SPORTING GOODS W 4 Q 22.34 Ellen Mae Beauty Shop I9 Vlartln Brook St Unadllla N Y Phonc, 7313 F G CONSTABIL t Yarn he F ame ERYTHI r r 1- Tru D UNADILLA SILO COMPANY vmalhsu Mlllx Tanks Fld rum Wfu'-'E UNADILLA N Y Round ull nn M20 GURNEY S RESTAURANT 'L L cf 71. Compliments of Unadllla HOTEL BISHOP Fwe sz Dune TSqlu Vu., HI of UNADILLA NEW YORK Unaclxlla Natlonal Bank Msn sn FEDERAL nsssnvs IANK Unsdilk, ll Y usvuzn rsosnu osvosv us n cz con Info 75 INCORPORATED Qli'?'lvIIMlllIll1ll'llll:ZI'Ull1HlWl1'vwlllvlllllilll Illllllul 1' v-nv-num WVlVIc1IHlwUyJ1'r"u1lI-'lfifl k ,.L,.. i on , A Sm:-:Ee o ing ar ii - rzrT : 'XB 5 K' nllngalauu N nl.-mon nm Q P" V , ' of 0 T,. fil' 0 Z ' f- ' C A Nf- - J - 3 . P' ' .J 3-2 L as - U 1 . - Y A K ' Q 0 , ssususnso 1559 ' ' ' 50 as lu anna 0 'J all of 'ninctiou ' .- v V N o n L 4 1 ' ' Pains- ' is s- ,n ls I-:V ' 5 . 21,4 KAL I Fndlidaire - Radios - Huy Wuhen L'NA ILLA, N Y. 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