Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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ZUIOY G 5 !MQ5H!f UO I GU 1955 mg CI S Ff2S6DtS W' "" w x Hrs Janet Eopler Mr Gilson M Slater Secretary P1'1nc1pa1 CONGRATULATIONS from the Board of Educatlon and the Faculty upon your graduation Vila QI' On the banks of Susquehanna, With its waters blue, Stands our dear old Alma Mater Glorious to vlew CHORUS Lift your voices, Sen1ors, Junlors, Sophomores, Freshmen, too To our dear old Alma Mater Ever be ye true 2 OIIOI' arg 324150 tL0l1 -Chau Pr 3 Q O And gladly would he learn, and gladly teach LD lC'Clil0I1 e, t1o Uflass of lqwg , wxsw CQKlKrtV V or aJW . man ues have Q pau Uv r nec Wast twelvp yenrg Tha Ps, Lom arn lab, thanks a T Anon. A al' ' W 4 , 'ff H .' Y tc i.?'ri,, Luis, Hur senior yearbook, to our parQnts. This is tc say UThanksH f' NL tke ' y ti? yi. ' , h,l,,1 0 Cu iig tl -Q , N W, 1 J 4 , Milw' MGIAOOA 5? K Charles Stanley, Assit Photography Editor, Barbara Simpson, Advert1s1ng Manager, Carolyn Ames, Ass1t Ed1tor, Ray unchester, Sports Pdltor, Raenell Keller, Girls' Sports Edltor, Ieo O'Hearon, Bus1ness Manager, Frank Pazel, Photography Editor, Marc1a Webster, Art Editor, Roberts Jurash, Actlvitles Edltor, Tookle Latham, Ass1t Llterary Ed1tor, Nancy Edwards , Literary Edltor, Dlck Knowlton, Edltor, seated 5 Cl 'wr mga! nfiglsf 'AHA -3 61 I , x 1 ,' . J -1 , ' a I ' u JQClmLllLAf'f0,'fL0 Z? arc! ! gbclucafion 5553555 ,,f::-'IQ .' e -ENN, Qlznzznzf Harold Tyson, Super1ntendent Clarence Russell, President Charles Fisk, Clerk Donald McKown G1lson M Slater, Princlpal Lamont Falgle Kenneth Truhn J N. LEED 7 ' K., Robert Svlienarik, Science artvliok Goiiege , B .5. Wisner , Audio-Visual my 3.5. , Nm. tics 'B Mr. Herbert Syracuse Universi . Mr. Ralph iandeau, Nlatnema cuse University, EA. Sffa vdfaze aj! ,jf 4 . away W s Lg 40 .lr 1? M1 egifyall Ss ' S 517,19 , If-VI' -11. Co L PS 'aCUS'ieJ, eirhgla 41 Ph U 11 G, ee B be-V11 'Pi ghe B, S .SD gy SS WZOFSZ, S4 U L? teod-v akvocial bra 2"eaE'!Jgli..B Stu Ch S 1 QI, h les I 'IP Sc 91- ie S C, OJ UCS I ege J B 4 Xhfn A 4 Q51eg0 Snate 'Yeacbers Goiiege, BS- a I' Gorneii Univ ersiti a WP-' A . ' v'i5'?M Us. Jean xLcGracKen, Home LGOOOKUCS Ure-pai institute oi 'iednnoiogf Qfgggfvgg 1-sara was stiswne, Mt Jig! ' , Bs? ok' ll . music " upto 1' f , 'K 4 'ss Ba use Un ' 15030 Sl, M YD ww . d Clin ge, B- Mr . Yre Xtnaca COXXG 8 vner, Fif th Grade Chastina Plea B S Mrs. Hartwick College, , , Oneonta State Teachers College Hrs. Charlotte Fleming, Sixth Grade Oneonta State Teachers College Miss Ruth Palen, Sixth Grade Potsdam State Teachers College, ENS, Mrs. Lena Brown, Fourth Grade Oneonta State Teachers College e Kinch, Fourth Grade hers College Mrs. Oliv Oneonta State Teac ' rd Grade elma Sommers, Thi T achers College s. Th Oneonta State e Mrs. Vivian Cole, Second Grade Oneonta State Teachers College Mrs. hazel Roife, Second Grade Oneonta State Teachers College rude Silvernell, Third Grade hers College Mrs. Gert Oneonta State Teac Mx - ' C1 dv hrs. Ruth Yleaing, Ylirstg mga e Columbia W5n1vG1'S1Wv ' ' 6 , . Simmons F:l.1'ST-1 Gra 9 Xl1an Tea:3'0et'5 College Kindergarten e Mrs. L1 Cneogta S3356 Mrs. Genevieve Russell, C xl g A 0 State Teachers O 9 CSE-:eogneta State Teachers College, B.S- awag 9 OD 1 so Ja oe eal, 31191 1' HX? Scboo 1-lc College, 5 e chefs GOXXGEQQ ,Or -lgh Soho l lchard urn-s, Yhyslcal Edncabl haca ollege, Kiss hr ene ederlc , Y slcal Educamon or lan wie eachers, John barns , Commerce arkmlola College, B Same 'teachers Colle , Albany atb ybm-xg Shaw gr Ja 5 sells, Mx B Syracuse Univ 1'5i""5v Clgu lisa Frm Onoon ces tl S Fx-Bema um Teaggefifth Gm B Colleggie B I Ed Y X,agYioNx99e'3-o if 32265606 K, f mm .255 if if I 6 is 8119 AEQSQJ1-gC'b0f gr aeadyni 1 V0 xkefxp :gigs 9 of-'X' if 50 1 .szccbnf Rrdonne Wgzbenc ance Co iewers unselor A xr Xxa . r. 3, if 5585 Dux el f X3 5 5 R55 e QQXI9 Q95- '5 A I 'I Q 9 Q .- x ,, r 'A P fx 'L 2 i ' 4 V . .M , in 3 .. q f Y' Kaz, rf 5 ,. -n ur, - - ff 6 S , K . " my X 'X tts Y , wx X 5. A ,. . V V I . -ff 11 , f- ' , Q Z x, W M MQ? -My 1' , I T KM' name. " i .12 4"' fig., I Zyl K I .' if ' 5. F' - K , xv N. Q. x ,H Q 'Vg if V 441 F1 4, v I .7 41 1 , it I 95 X . 4 A 1 5,44 r 4, ffiai XA M. .,,. X15 V X - 1 xx x ' 0 H19 awe, O ' xx 1 QVLLOLA I M K 'UN ANTOINET'I'E LATHAII 'Here in nv library I sit." HARCIA WEBSTER "She, the art1st of us all " CAM Umm., JUNE MILLS "She's not so meek as she looks " LEO O'I-IEARON 'It talks O Lord, how it ta1kSl" 13 .Q Bi ff X 9 CAROLYN AMES NANCY EDWARDS "llus1c hath char-ms "I: to soothe " "Only weeds grow tall 4 .ff HFMBEBS RLEY G 5 115 SH-L 111-Xe Vino 5-Ln? 8.18 15 l irlgyben 7J Lma Goonalcx-1 ML "One ear lt heard' is n ax, the other out lt 'en IQ T5 CONNIE HARRIS 14 'Youth is a state of mnd n W 7 ,Q W 43 54' . on E hh 4 ' I , it Y Q hu . .n , , Q ' Y 2 1, ., s I ' ,L Q- , 4' , . ROBEHTA JURASH -tc, 0733 an BETTY LEIZEAR never 11ke be1ng hlt '1th0Ht Strlklhg back 'Q Q 'Imaginat1on is as good as many d how much cheaper V? NORRIS HOWLAND x-Z HAENELL KELLER 'No matter how thln you slice 1t, It's st1l1 baloney ' en of few words nl! are the best me S4-1 15 RICHARD KNOWLTON 'I'm not asklng you I'm tel11ng you 4. .. A Q4 sq' "Q v e'f- . .' Q R L fig ll 0 o WN, .1 s" A .M WI. ' .1 ' -J . 4 BARBARA MASON 'A well-bre 449 ROBERT O' NINOR good sport 5 with one and all " 'N-ggi' d silence always at comnand " 53 DONALD ODONE 1 'Let others praise anclent I'm glad I was born in these FRANK PAZEL "Termino1ogica1 Inexactitude " I GAIL RUDNITSKY "Laugh and the world laughs with you I6 4-Ls '47 BARBARA SIMPSON 'After the storm comes the calm " CHARLES STANLEY if BEATRICE SHUBERT 'Stately and tall, she moves in the hall .v"ef'v RAYMOND WINCHESTER " he fa1r sex fl :Ls your department LAWRENCE WITTER "Although the last not the least " Q1 fixfgsdkwgfig .a'Q 44" 'Y vr'-"I 'Quiet in A friendly manner wif 127' 65 cgi:- . 4 Q3 ii.. 'n -ff- x . T Q ' v ' of N J' 5 3 :Mx ,ii W aaa ,jvcafory On September 2, l9hl, iorty two l1t le cherubs appeared 1D Mrs Caneron's f1PSt grade Elght of th1s group are graduatlng th1s year Norrls Howland, Dlck Knowlton Bob O'Connor, Donald Odone, Shlrley Chambers, Tookle Latham, Betty Lelzear and Gall Rudnltsky In the second grade Frank Pazel and Beatr1ce Shubert golned our ranks Mrs Cole made shadow plctures of each of us whlch we took home to our parents for Chrlstmas we were lntroduced to fleld tr1os by Mrs Silvernell when we visited +he lsland farm to see hon corn was harvested We also experlment 0 ln cooklng by naklng corn meal cake Barbara Slmpson and Marcla Nebster came down Kllkenny to JOIN us Fourth grade brought us Nancy Edw rds and Mrs Brown 1ntroduced us to the flne art of memor1zing poetry Remember NOc'ober's Brlght Blue WeatherH9 In flfth grade, under M1ss Fre man's guldance, we started our dramatlc career collaboratlng wlth the slxth grade and presentlng WJeanette Isabellan, a Chr1 tmas operetta Larry W1tter and June M1115 3o1ned us here 31xth grade found us upsta1rs for the flrst tlne To helo us 1n our study of feud allsm, Mrs Flemlng had us construct a mlnlature castl- In seventh grade w1th Mr Smlth as our teacher, we took two fleld trlps, one to Albany and the other to the creamery 1n Wells Br1dge The former was the flrst 1tS k1nd and we enjoyed lt very much At ChF1StmaS t1me we presented Dlcken' 'Chrlstman Carol' of whlch we were very proud S1HCe there was no oromptl g Connle Raenell Keller, Raymond Ylnchester, and Barbara iason became part oi the class ln eighth grade That was the year of a Presldentlal electlon and our class organlzed and carrled out a mock electlon Again we donned grease palnt to present HThe L1ttlest Sheoherdn When June rolled around we faced the terr1fy1ng aspect of Regen s and the gratlfylng asoect of a Prel1m1nary Certlflcate Nlntn grade brought us B111 Goodrlch and Charles Stanley wlth Mrs Hall and Mr Reed as advlsors We were 1n1t1ated and started to ralse monev for our far away Senlor Trlo The beglnnlng of our Sophomore year found us shocked and saddened by r Reed's sudden death whlch had occurred durlng the summer Our new adv1sor was Mr Gelselmann Roberta Jurash and Carolyn Ames Jolned the class here The Junlor year was our buslest yet We presented a olay, 'The Angell Brats', sbon sored the prom, and plcked out our long awalted for class rlngs Leo O'Hearon was our only new student Mr Gelselmann left U C S and Mr Yandeau became our f1nal advlsor thls year have had two scrap drlves, presented another play, 'Ever Slnce Eve , sold magazlne , and complled a year book to help flll our tr asury and send us to washington Now w1th v1s1ons of graduatlon andthoughts of leavlng our dear Alma Eater, we look back on our twelve years of expert guldance and flne asslstance We feel thls has g1V9H us an 1nspira+1on to face the futlre wlth perslstence and d9t9Pm1H8tlOH 18 O . - . D , , . . . M1 . . . . . . z . , . , . . 0 . . . . ' 0 .' .- '. e. ' ' . ' 1 . . . , . A . . . 3 . . 1 . ' 0 U I Y n . . at . A . 1 by . . . 1 . , .S K. . . .I ' , . - 1 - f . . . . . . D . . . S , . V , . 1 .n . . Harris was our only new member. M. :V , . . . . 4 . . . . L A 0 M .A. , ' ' 1.5 . 4 l ' 1 0 . O ' A I . l . . . . , , , - Q . ' . . . . ' ' ' . Ne ' -0 I ' H0 ' so ' ' e . - . J- A y . - . - . - 4 , . evsiam: , Q ' of the MO O6 f U C S' ln the flownty of O W and state of M Ml Mk bezng of sound mznd and memory rlo make pu,blz,.s-h, and declare tins my last dllb Qlgtilmlnt an manner follou Ln that L8 to .say Tfmft Leo O'Hearon leaves his lungs to Barbara Allen Marcla Webster leaves her typmg abllity to Howard Du Nond Barbara Nason leaves her temperament to Iudy Fisk Beatnce Shubert leaves her servlce men to Glor1a Florina Horns Howland leaves h1s knowledge of "Macbeth" to Charlotte French Barbara Simpson leaves suffering from "oom rcial" shyness to Peggy Frey Dick Knowlton leaves his skat1ng ab1l1ty to Barbara Gay Donald Odone leaves his physlcs marks to Lance Greve Charles Stanley 'eaves his driving ab1l1ty to mrgorie Griswold Betty Leizear leaves her serene d1spos1t1on to Howard Hall Carolyn Ames leaves her bottle of perox1de to Susan Hall Connie Harris leaves her way wlth men to Wane Hendricks Bobby 0'Connor leaves h1s nlckname to Marguerite Ireland Gail Rudnltsky leaves her helght to Fern Tacobs Nancy Edwards leaves her long ha1r to Shirley Ma.nderv1lle Raenell Keller leaves hour glass f1gure to Roger Odone Took1e Latham leaves to Howard Dans his rlng Tune Mills leaves her abllity as llttle Miss Fix :Lt to Edna Reynolds Shirley Chambers leaves her olace in the band to John Sllvernall Roberta Jurash leaves her qumet sense of d1g'n1ty to Breta S1sson Raymond Winchester leaves h1s honor seat in soclal studies to Margaret Smith Frank Pazel leaves his wit CVD to Robert Stow Larry Witter leaves h1s love of Shakespeare to the Tunw Drs lldtfug. I hereby appomt WM erecnf o-'La of tins, my last Wall and Testament hereby revokmg all former uzlls by me made whlflllf, I have hereunto subserzbed my name the day of zn the JPCII N uzetem H nndred and 312 ' A ere , 0 . J . V . . I 'P ' ' 5' ' x 1 . qi gl Bill Goodrich--leaves "Claudia" to Margaret Wright ' 2 . . I I . . y y. 7. 'U Y ' 0 , , ' , F I s I 1 F Y, I V . J -5,-if ilevn-2-v-'-' - ,Q -' 'CS ' ' I 0 I 1 7 W , U "' , v I I ' f inixti, N gm pines? Let's listen to a television news program fifteen years from now and see what our class mates' future will be Good evening, folks This is Channel 12, Station U C S , your local telecasting system Internatlonal Scientists Association is astounded by Norris Howland's invent1on of the Dunstan Burner They say he's been perfecting it since high school days Among the President's new cabinet officers are Leo O'Hearon who is our new Secretary of the Treasury, and Lawrence Witter, Secretary of Agriculture Richard Knowlton has made the unusual photographs of Indo-China for 'NewsmonthW magazine for the third consecutive time ancy Edwards, DOW Playing on Broadway in "Tune's Cradle" is recovering at her home I an attack of laryngitig Walt Disney's new vers1on of 'C1nderellaW w1ll have Gall Rudnitsky as the vo1ce of Cinderella She seems to have the tinkllng laughter necessary for the part Captain Donald Odone has been very persevering in h1s struggle to combat the prlson r1ot at Sing Sing He says he understands the problems of the crimlnal Frank Pazel has not been heard from slnce h1s departure to Venus ln his new man made rocket Author1t1es in Nevada said he was last seen zooming toward the South Pole The Boston Blue Socks seem to be the favored team to capture the pennant thls season Carolyn Ames B S , H S , Ph D has won great acclalm for her new book, WThe Last of the Inflnities W The new column appearing daily in the 'New York T1m6Sn by Connie Harris has long been receiving 'ahsn and 'ohs' Of course Connie has been an expert on home management for quite some time The new wrestler from Scandinavia, Robert O'Connor, is sweeplng the nat1on by storm They say that he will make Whirlwind Breezy look like a 'bag of windn in next week's bou And now for some local items of 1nterest The appointment of Bettv Leizear as the first lady prlnclpal of our local school has taken some by surprise We all know that she w1ll do the Job well, however, and we are beh1nd her all the way Also new next year will be three teachers Marcia Webster w1ll be the new homemak1ng teacher Barbara Mason will have the new section of the kindergarten next year Barbara Simpson will become the new head of the commerce department Also on the school payroll w1ll be June Mllls and Beatrlce Shubert June will be our new school nurse and Beatrlce will fill the pos1t1on of recept1on1st The extention of the Binghamton State Hosp1tal will be managed by Charles Stanley He is noted for his understanding of the insane 20 fam N ram ! They owe much of their success to their new outfielder, Raymond Winchester. t. The new branch of the state library will have Antionette Latham as head librian She was previously employed by the state as research specialist for historical data Two of our local citizens, Raenell Keller and Roberta Jurash, have enlisted in the Army Nurse Corps Their commanding officer is liss Shirley Hughes, who previously resided in Unadilla A special flash, folks The winner of the World's Champion Auto Race held at Santa Anna today is William Goodrich with his 'ClaudiaW Best wishes, Bill Upon closing, may I remind you of the slogan of our sponsor, Shirley Chamber's Beauty Salon, 'Your hair is my despair, what you can wreck, I'll repair' This is the Llama News Caravan signing off until tomorrow Pm' so G K Lllfblay .Z46Lll:52l'1f Mfg Anne Hall '1,g lr. Ralph Yandeau a' ' . 3 7 5 , at F2 W ,J . 1. 4 Q X 'gb L X . IN ll X DOHCQSLUE Ovid WOHHDOEOPSM OWHOC mHOUEk MO Q00 Q03 hhhdg IO! MWHS Q Q Fe? T wCHh0DE:H MMULOGOH Opdpw NDCOUCO UMOMHHDO 0w0HHOO DW0CHm5m MCMDHQ m COPHMK wcdpwdhv Edm OHOCD hwmidm pm0POm :OOF Upwvm COpEd:wCHm HdpHamOm hpdo cOpEdrwCHm DHOSONUH Upwpw MQCOOCO widmhgz 0w0HHOO mCOEEHw HdpHQmOm Uvwpm COpEdnwCHm Hdpwgmom RQHU COpENnmCHm CWOM pm M0 QWOHHOO mcdahmw HOOnOw nmQCHm3m COaEMnwCHm ow0HHoU Xodgbhdm cdpmpd mhmI0mm9 wgmpm MCNDHQ ZOHF4ZH9wQQ Z ! AW M DHMHM WwH?OE WUMOK Whos COE 0OHbh0m kwmwHw Odppwq mHhHw MBHQEMO MPHOQM EAW wCHOE6U MCHOCQU wCHUdOh mCHpdxm OOLOM FHM wCHwCHW NCHEMNM wCHOCMU HA-mmpmmmp UHUSE widpdw hxodm wmzHQ V ll -Illll X Q- mhwmdm EQOA Wmwivwvidglpcwdh mLNHHwm OEF 0HQO0a wCHpdPGhwwd aHmmOw UHQOOQ WANTS, wdn widxdmp aHmmOm widpddk m0mM5C UNO: UOHxoHa MCHUD UHQOOQ hmOC mpmwp hhpmdsmgo OHQOOQ pCMhOC H UhdEoHm m0pOC MDOM Mvdidwid WOHUDPW HMHoOm C0503 mHHG'pHI:OCx UHQOOQ pCdhOCmH mvxdiw mbmmm Hmm D05 EONOHD mw0CvWUCNg'pM0A gMwOO'nmw0O WHZ HOQEUA vswdmz wOHmmHw MUHOK wHn W0xOq ACMOO Wh0DE:C Owhdd gpwiwhpm pCdHm hwaemp DMCHH MMU hlmawp mCHMhn COHmM3omHv EOOHWWGHO WWUCHPCHMU swimd mm0Cp0H5U Cn0w GHUDNHO Wgio MANS wCHxHNp C0HpdCHwNEH UHH3 MOM QWFO2 nu ifsg ,NvdkRvQNsMw Qsavgdtmw 3 hmm 0vhHo Dhdm Mmm 0HpMOEw HOOCH? US COD DOQ :0HCSw hpkdm hppmm 0HxOOP xowg MUuC0Dlh0UC0Q NOSA 0oNhOm. :OOCMPWCOO HAHm 00252 Mdgm OHWQE4 W ZZQH2 Wi. I-I 0 +2 rn!-I 23 O-9 52 3 QD 'Co CC EE .23 W xxwy hDHCWPw WOHMNSO C0maEHm Ghmgkmm ph0nDEm OOHRQNOQ Hxmuwivdm HHMG HONNW xCdhm COhd0m O Omg OCOUO UHNCOQ MOCCOO O ph0DOm DHHHE 0556 COMN2 Mhdphdm hdwNH0A hupwm Ednpdg 0pp0CHOpC4 COpH:OCz Uhmnodm h0HH0x HH0:0mm gmdkdm Gph0DOm vCdHsOm WHNHOZ mdhhdm UHCCOO SOHHUOOL ENHHHHE muhdgvm zOCMz mhvnadgo hUHkH:m D054 C5HohGO WA .PW W N W N sn Q in A X JM W iq Q I WMGNHUWY Akx . Q , N I K W M Mlm W hw mmmmmmw 1 V , f 'WW 2 A N M I by , uv Mx ,K50VZb 'lx i by 5: I -.. l : , ld' ' N . : .- - h : .- i a :mHHwm hcmkmg: hopmpvg mdohmz I : : l : : . : : .Hn .OSU - I I : : ' . l 1 U : u U : K , - t u i : m: - . D ' : : I i D ' z : - l . I ' 5 : D I I : : U h x : : ' . ' U : - : i . . : : , A . . h ' : P . i t : : . ' i ' I : 5 D ' I h ' ' : ' 4 . : . : I R D I I . . : : ' i ' : : l n l : b : ez . . 0,00 2-0 fwfqf ,avi 'ka 1' Front row: Roger Odone, Margaret Wright, Marguerite Ireland, Gloria Fiorina, Barbara Gay, Barbara Allen, Marjorie Griswold, Howard Hall. Middle row: Charlotte French, Breta Sisson, Edna Reynolds, Marie Hendricks, Judy Fisk, Susan Hall, Peggy Frey. Standing: Fern Jacob, Howard Du Mond, Howard Paris, John Silvernail, Bob Stow, Lance Greve, Margaret Smith. unior C4155 J U3 1 l 0' 4 X lvuuxwovuula- Q13 -N Ill: xv--an--I,--Q. Q - scsi.. .,,,f- ..l .: ...- 225 4 .. " Jr . 'Q' flfpfxd 1 -1 3511 1 Mrs. Jean McCracken MT- Kenneth Edson 25 X .SZIQ 0I7l0I'2 CAM I' i ll 1' - ! iii? itil H Essigissi !gs! wn wr , First row: John Scida, John Chambers, Larry Cummings, Vernon Sisson, Bradford Gay, George Ree. Middle row: Charlyn Reinfurt, Margaret Knowlton, Carol Berger, Joyce Pierce, Jeanette Goodrich, Elsie Sowles, Nancy Cooke, Liselotte Goldmeier. Standing: Alton DeForest, James Heath, Richard Banta, David Sommers, Thomas Brog- den, Emmett Killmeier, Lloyd Sowles, John Baker. Miss Barbara Van Alstyne mr. Frederick Clinnick ,. , rl' 'RJ :E n IV Inf' cigkfl, gfa Je ,WZWQQZQ ky ted: Hugh Collins, Dick Howe, Ralph Van Loan, Allen ChP1St0Ph9a' Donald Reinfurt, Art Ingalls. Second row: Barbara Hall, Hut Patsy Howling' Dacey Latham' June King' Barbeth Byrne' Mr. Herbert Viisner Mills, Marjorie Jones, Judy Colle. Third rgwzi Jegn ll0fo'Eea11a Wi K t All . Marie Van usen can ar s eane O - I a1ig?eEZb Zngiern.ersuanding: Bob xeitor, John Rge, Charles Mrs Phyllls 'ood , Bob Qegeapon, Jim Robinson, Ronnie O'Connell, Earl Hendrickson. gfeifklnafl First row: Ronnie French, Henry Hawver, Kennie Hall, James Macumber, John Antin, Louis Fisk. Second row: Maxine De- Forest, Ann Vail, Carol Friedman, Bob Robinson, Dannie Heath David Wright, Pat Tyson. Third row: Donna Dibble, Vesta Smart, Joanne Dicks, Joanne Antin, Nancy Page, Marjorie B Shirley Jones. Standing: Jean Walker, Cynthia Howland, ice Carr, Betty Wycoff, Glenn Kelley, Alfred Archambeau, ard Roof, Paul Smith, Dick O'Connor, Mr. John Staruck. euenlh ci! Seated: Jimmy Wright, Knute Alfredson, Jim y Ingalls, Ray Decker, 1161 ekj Cecil Nichols, Donald Baumes. Second row: Mr. James Kelly, Susan Williams, Betty Curtis, Elsa Shubert, Sharon Hull, Diane Wilbur, Dorothy Chambers. Boys standing: Ray McDonald, John Zoeller, Clarence Head, Raie Crawford, Joe Trask, Paul Jones, Fred Jurash, Ronnie Barnes, Earl Wilbur. Front row: Dennis Hendrickson, Robert Armstrong, Charlotte Ili: Searles, Albert Sisson, Marion Davis, Robert Bliss, Lowell j Nutter, John Van Dusen. Middle row: Roberta Higbie, Georgene u 28 Hughes, Patricia Gardner, Brenda Coddington, Janet Russell , ' "1" Florence Richard, Audrey Jones. Standing: William Betters, hum'5u'K Russell Tome, Susan Hull, Joanne Kobylak, Alice Gross, Jack h::::::v Elliott, Shirley Archanbeau, Evelyn Madsen, Mildred Hall, Herbert Lewis, Billy Stow, Ernest Reynolds, Jean Meade, Sarah May Silvernell, Ruth Mills. Q91 .SLM QQQEZWCI QR5 ii: '25, 'M' u S4553 i.4.lr'E' 55 -qi2g!34.gEsiiE- ,V Q A Q65 First row: Wynn Borden, Billy Cerosaletti, Joey Robertson, Dick Jordan. Second row: Eileen O'hara, Lana Sommers, Marion Frey, Pat Nichols, Margaret Miller, Marjorie Ingalls. Third row: Rhodena Mc- Donald, Billy Collings, Clay Conover, Douglas Ire- land, Fred Hust. Standing: Glenn Byrne, James Pan- garo, Billy Kane, Joyce Shields, Ruth Tiffany, Beth Russell, Miss Ruth Palen. ,A l al Front row Stuart Baker, Pharles Newman, Wayne Tyson, William Winger, Earl Wright Middle row Judith O'Connor, Beatrice Coddington, Tracey Lambrecht, Mary Elliott, Sandra McKown, Hilda French. Standing. Joseph Ireland, Suzanne Lawrence, Carol Webster, James Westcott, James Ireland, Gary Sandike, Ann Wetherbee, Kenneth McCumber, William Kehr, Jean Moore 29 swf, --L'l 'l'Cl Seated: Nancy Bartlett, Margaret Becker, Karen Christopherson, Jean Barnes, John Madsen, Dick Davis, Maxone Gregory. Middle row: John Higbie, Bill Westcott, Clarence Russell, Mrs. Chastina Heavner, Ber- nard DeForest, David Hall, Fred Van Duesen, Pauline Van Loan, Back row: Michael Dibble, Stella Whitehill, Jean Sokol, Maria Latham, Marilyn O'De11, Frank French, Charles Ingalls, Larry Colton, Jane Fleming, Wendell Bachman. CAbsent: Carolyn Robinson.D ,ap-1" f Z First row Edwin Sisson, Iris King, Jeffrey Hendrickson, Lynn Second row Betty Poole, Clair Davis, Howard Lent, Craig Truhn, Jeanette MacDonald First row standing Mary Ann Collins, Byrne, Lynnette Chambers, Teddy Armour, Charles Winchester, ne Hull, Deloris Gardner, Elizabeth Pecor, Jana Webster Top row Frances Freeman, James Hawver, Flora Wright, Roger Pangaro, El Selleck, Helga Otten, Irene Archambeau, Norman McCumber, Kathle Robinson CAbsent Donna Leggett, James Hull D .Ei Bottom row: Dennis Wilbur, Guy Rodgers, Henry Sienkiewicz, Dennis Darlin, James Beers, Roland Alfredson, Allen Edson, James Epply. Second row: Connie Pangaro, Theresa Wright, Karen Wright, Darryl Chambers, Ellen Ingalls, Jeanette Ire- land, Jane Jacobs, Robert Sokol. Third row: John Morrison, Anne Hawver, Sharryl Chambers, Raymond Curtis, Meridith Jor- dan, Rose Anderson, Teddy Soles, Billy Lowe. Top row: Mrs. Robert Kinch, Wilma Bard, Rebecca Mollineau, James Starbuck, John Hendricks, Louis Chapman, Andrew La Fever, Billy Ingall , Ronald Knapp, Carol Witter. -1 K Hx-f-if First row: Ann O'Hara, Barbara Lowe, Shirley Faigle, Constance Bachman, Sheila Armstrong, Dale Reynolds, Linda Moore, Virginia Nichols. Second row: Linda Palmer, Frances Flannery, Shirley Banks, Dorothy Knapp, Madeline French, Judy Betters. Third row Anastasia Robinson, Jack Howland, Martin Mein, Charles Miller, Richard Stilson, Dennis Christophersen, Robert Hotchkin, Joan Meade, Sylvia Harrington. Back row: John Lewis, Thomas Oles, Ernest Matteson, Kenneth Burns, Carl French, Edwin Guile, Law- rence Armour, Kirk Mc Laughlin, Charles Gilmore, Gerald Wright. 31 iz 4 j7Airc! Bottom row: James Reynolds, John Pecor, James Morrison, Leslie Youngs, Ronald Bussey, Burr Wright. Second row: Lucinda Newman, Donald Sowles, Susan Howland, Mary Coddington, Betsy Lawrence, Barbara Crouch, Mary Washburn. Third Row: Martin Otten, Carolyn Sutton, Sherrie Dumond, Sharon Ingalls, Faith Koepke, Nancy Russell, Marilyn Kobylack. Top row: Richard Van Brakle, James La Fever, Stephen Baumes, Philip Crawford, Larry Scott, Jeffrey Bouvier, Rich- ard Hendricks, Jonathan Friedman. fAbsent: Stanley Campbell, James Poole, Elsie Dalton., Teacher: Mrs. Gertrude Silvernell Front row: Charles Washburn, Gail Anderson, Susan Christophersen George Tiffany, Maureen Kelly, Larry Jones, Peter Fleming, Robert Wilbur. Second row: Shirley La Fever, Joan Archambeau, Patty Wright, Janice Terry, Evelyn Kane, Alice Hendricks, Anita Netha' Wetherbee, Pat Heimer. Third row: Mrs. Sommers, Eddie Swartz, Bobby Becker, Dickie Dibble, Bobby Dalton, Dana Russell, James Wright, John Yeager, Larry Ryan. Absent: Nancy Ingalls, Lucretia Cerosaletti, RogeggHmmbers. QCOH, Qiucfed , A , , -1 3 X 4 ff V D""' .4-' iv' ----"' "f' ,gf Q I "GZ-1 ef- --H- First row: Richard Strignano, Helen Banks, Eugene Sole, Rita for eg McLaughlin. Second row: Alvin Mac Donald, William Pecor, ' Av 1 James Higbie, Noel Hendrickson, Kathy Flannery. Third row: , 4 Jack Neilson, Susan Ingalls, Arthur Dwight, Susan Quimby, E35 ' 2 Jeanette Sisson. Standing: Arthur Westcott, Michael Borden, 553531 'ZTS Dale Chambers, Larry Whitehill, Gary Cooke, Floyd Ruff, Ralph ' Robinson, Barbara Loser, Michael Logan, Joan Van Valkenburg, Jane Williams. QAbsent: Clifford Banta, Joanne Georgie, Carolyn Woodard, Janice De1reyJ ,. X, Front Row: William Jensen, Jeffrey Van Cott, Robert Betters, Thomas Goonan. Second Row: Carol Macumber, Lona Whitehill, Linda MCKOWH, Louella Washburn, Linda Faigle, Sandra Chapman, Marion Becker, Priscilla Gurney. Third Row: Julia Gregory, Carol Rutherford, Nancy McCumber. Lynn Hodges, Leroy Murwin, Clifford Crouch. Fourth Row: Urs. Cole, Harley Wilbur, Burton Becker, Theodore Nichols, Howard Banks, Ralph O'Dell, Russell Jones, Henman Pecor, David Wright. Absent: Ella Guile, Roger McKown, Nancy Knapp, Edward Ingalls as a'-ff., -ilflg B 1 ig Seated front row: Donald Smith, Michael Burns, Teddy Sienkowicz, If 5, Ronald Pecor, David Jordon, Gerald Fisk, Robert French, Arnold '4.:,-lZjT.?i4fd Whitehill, Albert Koepke. Seated second row: Barbara Starbuck, D: Francis Goonan, Timothy Logan, Ann Heavner, Skipper Moore, Maur- een Murphy, Diane Pomeroy, Larry Ireland, Shirley Wambald, Karen Russell. Third row: Margaret Campbell, Sharon Sisson, Phyllis Washburn, Barbara Huntington, Margaret Baumes, John Coburn, Kathleen Constable, Jinx Anderson, John Higley, Bradley Cooke. Back Corner: Pamela Struble, Nancy Meade, Mrs. Ruth Fleming, Cheryl Hurlbutt, Patricia Wilkins. VII ' - I I jirbf rw fgwfl Susan Hust, f B tt g Bobby Ludwig Tony Pangaro, Roger Butler, I ., 3- Rgchgxillrgzarles. Second row: Richard.Reir1f11I'fu FBYS Goodrlchiod S Y Burl Bochman, James Grey, RiCh81'd Darllfls Betty W1'19"tv Jagss ge ' f4g7l Third row: Catherine Robinson, Carol Carr, James Palmer, 1113 Go d i h B da Christopherson Richard Barns- ggifigrfafvoungiy OHS,-S,'JuSSnHmd, Dorothy snugeru, Gail gittgrk r Gail Finch, James Gregory. Standing! Mrs. Sim ons, James inc es e , Dennis Guile, Dwight McKown. 34 1 S wk!! Ahh av' HG ' 5 " 9,96 Q .asf Seated: Susan Browning, Patricia Strain, Sally Gray, Gail Geiselmann, Charla Ackley, Ann Gregory, Linda Far- rell, Isabella Gross, Tina Hendrickson. Middle row: Sharon DeForest, Randy Warren, Marie Kobylack, Kathryn Knapp, Myron Wambold, Gail Goldmeier, Judy Wright, Helen Ingalls, Lynn Palmer, Barbara Quimby, Neoma Sowles. Standing: Hrs. Russell, Alan Conklin, Mike Flannery, Tom Youngs, Arthur Howland, Stanley Biship, Dale Herring, Dougie Georgia, Ernie Carr, LeRoy Christophersen, Larry Easton, David Smith. CAbsent: Roger Thomas, Connie Cod- ington, Carol Ludwig, Carolyn Miller, Pamela BarnhartJ 32 gf S f-?T?i"if A al i Q 3 -4-3.0 -gn Q - X. g- e - , K-f t Tiff it ,QQ 0' -.fi QKEJI, t?l15fC1JVla?l1 lx lull KB Seated: Charle Higley, Nancy Chapman, Florence Lent, Patricia Ingalls, Darlene Daley, Kitty Hust, Ilah Sisson, Donna HcKown, Linda Higbie. Middle row: San- dra O'Dell, Linda Farmer, Brian Truhn, June Froehlich, Kenney Coc, Allen Carpenter, JoAnne Youngs, Judy Ruff, Peggy Babcock, Candace Cooke. Standing: Mrs. Genevieve Russell, Bobby Grube, Montie Wilber, Larry Goonan, Billy Dalton, Pat Ver Valin, Eric Johnson, Larry Thompson, Harvey Westcott, Mike Stilson, Dennis MacDonald, David Tiffany. CAbsent: Jim Dyer, Bobby Gurney, Timmy Pier Donalda Hull, Margaret Kane, Susan Weildeman.H as ce, Jfkfeflcn oo!! d?t2LI71. Frank Pazel, Don Sutton, Howard Paris. ,Ei Standing: John Silvernail, James Heath, Larry Cummings, Don Stanton, Ray Winchester, John Baker, David Sommers, Coach Curtis. Middle row: Charles Stanley, Frank Burns, Leo O'Hearon, Bob Stow, Seated: John Chambers, Charles Betters, Ronnie O'Connell, Earl Hendrikson, Vernon Sisson, Robert Shubert. i Stljlay K T ohlfus Coach Curtis Frank Pa 91 tZI1ult7l' pfayerzi 1' te qginches Leo 0, :iff Heargn ZZMQLJ I: Jtllllll s ' D I D in Q A P ' ' ff-re 3 YKIWI hi K.-.r sq. l'-ieu' - Front row: Donald Reinfurt, Arthur Ingalls, Ronald O'Connell, Shubert, John Baker, Robert O'Hearon, Earle Hendrickson, Roger Second row: Larry Cummings, John Chambers, James Heath, Robert O'Connor, Vernon Sisson, John Scida, Charles Betters. Third Raymond Winchester, Robert Stow, Leo O'Hearon, Charles Stanley, David Sommers, Howard Paris. , ,,. - Q' - ,. -.X x X . R , .., 'K R Us ,MLN Z fl!! Z ,,f N My 38 arbity 1953 Seated Dick O'C , gers. otandingz Howard Hall, Robert O'Connor, Jim Heath, Bob Stow, Howard Paris, David Sommers, Charles Stanley, Bob Keator, Ray Winchester, Larry Cummings. onnor, John Baker, David Wright- Mana Q I 953 unior Mrdifg A E3 O'Connel1, Rlchard Howe Beck Row Roger Ocgone, Robert O' John Chambers, Robert Shubert, Earl Hendrlckson, John Sclda 1. CL n 47 xv. nl Y J 3' , Front Row: Donald Reinfurt Arthur In lls Vernon Sisson, I 5,1 I ' U r K 54 fn .uw A M"""' Ze- , 'P M Ei 17 4 c I I 1 X? if vu g 'Q .f. 5+ Q .1 X -'E 1, 1 b A mi V fi if " 4 V sfs' mg E vig . 6 . . f. 35,5 P gf: if t As, U v R F' " ?:?Q? A S . 4 Q " "' - "T" 32 fa 4. ZF W W .Sze enf Comma! KI 11 Wa bona .Honor gcgefg X . I 1 fi Ll U 7 -i , ., cl . H E kl 4 sl l , " -. s ' F . . " ' ,Vu ...I N . V ,Q vgyl r' 12 3 .1 :WM ' J., 1' ,af0s' 'I ' 1' I :Lenox 1311. " ' ,Q .E I."-.i , Q Q A :jf 4 'ow -. .X 31 , r 1 , il' ,,, I . Q - I . Q I V 'J K, ul. Yr f " . 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Bus:-4oP su,-.An .Ig N v EMMAS BEAUTY SHOP 56 MAIN STREET Unldnlla N Y CITY DRUG STORE or ONEONTA mc 149 MAIN s'rm:E'r ONEONTA NEW YORK The Chenango Ice Cream Company Norwich New York L I TRYDN Sn SUN GENERAL REPAIRING sn uNADlLLA N Y BRUCE W WI DGER Van Loans Junkllulo lreclung ar MARY'S Beauty Parlor PHONE Unadilla. 2534 Speclallzes ln han' dyelng and blea hlng LONG RIVER INN DINE AND DANCE UNADILLA N Y PHONE 3506 S K CAMPBELL PLUMBING WIRING HEATWG JNADILLA N Y If In Bardnul lf: Go! To Be Gooch K1-blind af ll-:hgh .IJ ' - UNADILLA, . . . i 1 S XDLK . . ' EQ. J . i . . . I . . C . o 0 O 1 1 A ' .1 .Uv UNADILLA 1 SHELL SERVICE Harlow Titus and Ray Jacob ROBERT T. KINCH. S .. Ph. G. UNADILLA. NEW YORK KINCI-I'S PHARMACY, Inc. F E BUDDENHAGEN SIDNEY N THE STILSON SERVICE STATION Hotel DeCumber Q.-gif 87 Mum SI' d 1 y SIDNEY Unad1IIa N at1onaI Bank Maman Fsnsmu. nsssnvs :Ann Unsdxlk, N Y Mauna rensnn osvoslv uuaunmcz conronrnon IDEAL GREENHOUSES Route 7 Sidney Phone 7451 OVERHEAD DOOPS FOR EVERY 'X-'EED SOLD IWSTALLED AND GUARAJNTEED 10 'Irlnln bt. UNADILLA Ph 8 4 4 4 W H Kent 8. Son 5 and 10 Conf Store Sndney N Y F. L 'IITUS Phone 2471 Unadllla, N Y ' - Un. il ., New ark F G CONSTABLL Paints Varnlshes Enamels M ERYTHING ELI-LTRII AL F ag d y vs LNADILLA 'H Y I li 0 U rl Insuranrf IF THIS HAPPENS T0 YOU 92 4' Hui 'Q 4, 5 fu A l0RD MID SDI no-es.-.g.s13s :wsu mom uunmuv oqmvfuu vuuq u can D 'NT ARROWHEAD STORE IIORSI' 8: I Al'Tl I' 'NI XRKFT LVIKI IL! X NFW XO!! The Unadllla House llnaddla, New llork I C BOYNTON 6 SON B' Phone 2611 Mann St Unachlla ALBERT L BONNER General Insurance Unadxlla New York Phone Otego 4181 UNADILLA BAKERY We Specialize ln Party Weddin Birthday Anniversary CAKES Also Full Lune Bake Goods-Fresh Daily Phone 2172 I N XDII I X BOVSI INC ll Nll Q I WALTER I KELLER GENERAL MERCHANDISE GBOCERIF5 MEETS DRUGS DRY GOODS Well Bndge N l 0 5 v N . ' . ' . 1 if if Z 4. W i :ire - Radios - Eau 'uhen ' 1 , 51' QQRDAQRX 1 ,.. '. .4 -N ir , - :f ig ' 1 ' U ' ' f. ' ' T , - , - ' gt' I ,Q ' V ' 1 - S. . ' ' .xo Jo , I - . - I J ., . . - - i Q 1 I DAVID CI'lANII3EllS was '., 1 ' K ' - '. GV 'ff' .e . ' 1' J, '. V1 4 4: ' 1 . ' i . W 41 'Y W 'il 4. A . , N A I' -X if . i 1'-lophuu nm :mn 'nh Pnula uh I 'ff 1. ,, 'JV-' BEST WISHES SCINTILLA MAGNETO DIVISION Bendix Avlatlon Corporatlon Sidney New York U S A I... nadllla Hardware I and Gas Company W VAN COTT 8I SON Inc 7 ffyfjlhj UNADILLA SIDNEY WALTON NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK UNADILLA ARTIFICIAL ICE Co VICTORY RESTAURANT Mann St Sldney N Y HUDSON COAL o95o Con UNADILLA OIL AND FUEL omo wi. C0LsE mp LWADILLA N 1 PHONE 3653 FUEL OIL GAIITER S Servlce SIaIIon JCISEPH JCIEL FR EDMAN M D Phone 2984 Unudlllu N Y RIVERSIDE SERVICE STATION I-I A. PIC!-: P MOBIL PRODUCTS PHONE 4295 SIDNEY N Y U . I l J. . . I " T . N . I 6'5I'PI'gfAIIIg P721 .jill f . nz nu A' . O, l 7 I I WHOLESALE AND RETAI PHONE 3761 I Q 5 I l C. 8: J, Vanclermark, Cperators A . 'z , I I . 1... 1 J, i... - v T4 XY-,911 . I , 'Q , l' . '. , .'. '. A . . , mp. 1 - l... Compliments of Otego Cooperative G L F Servlce Inc Wells Brldge Branch Z L 5 GAS SERVICE Compliments of LIVINGSTON LATHAM F UNADILLA uma 11.1 su gr SILO COMPANY L 1 Ill: umm gx nom: bs r -'I' 5 UNADILLA N Y I I 0 I fjivt rv Coop fl I,.I", Svrvil my Inv. Ut 'go Coop, Cl,I..I-'. IFIIIIII .'to1'c' I N C O R P O R A T E D lllilnvr "l'lwlV'll-wvwlrllvmnllwnvmnv'Ulll1mw"1' wmllllllrvllmllvmlf lrllvllxlnfmlm mm awww. I mllmllllllllli .iiy-lo i on I Swxauge Tanlu Foldin artitions ' - :cr Tu nnlnsxn X YILIPNONI IYUI DECKER JOHNSTUN bil Q ILANI' rt 1 2 z SIORI s A v1 49 U 1 sf xx 1 XIII!! X IIININ Charles W Hlgle EXCAV -XTION NAND FRANFI AND TOP SOI! BRION S STOKF l 1 Sir Phnm 0.101 Ylartl B k St Ml 1 a 'N OIT? an ffx 'ITUPS JESS F HOWES SIDNEY CENTER N Y PHONE 3051 Complmwnts of Pearces Beauty Shop UNADILLA TIMES EARL WINGER F Equ p entCv S pplues PHONE UNADILLA 3046 Wells Brldge FRAZIER S GENERAL STORE Nou Owned az d Operated bx NOBLE UH Iarrnns and New K urul fr Irundlx luurhous nu. COLE s UPHULSTERY SHOP FURNITURE UPHDLSTERING d-"Eb 0 X WEST ST U AD N Y . . Y, 6 lfifl ' AN 3 ' ll LEXL ,' , 1 .A 1... ,' A .' . Siu" .' --JT ' -' . 38 'll ron ' ,' ra-el C I I n rr 5 nf' - --- -fi Phi 4- S1821 Un.1l1l1', Y. , ,. N11 m Brock S reef l,'n.xdxlf.1, N Y. o Phone 591 Q ,fl X L 7 . M.. Sweet, suing, J 'I 'I 1 cdw.u'e.' , 'alteu ., 3 ' ff - xv 1 X! ,,,.1MMm,,,f I . L, gl ' a I crm i m u ' 1 ,' ' I , I-D Q v ED E1 u 0 VS K , . :N . lS1'l -v ' . , M . N xLL. . GOODRICH Louis GOLDMEIER BROTHERS POULTRY LIVE d DRESSED HIGH GRADE DAIRY COWS 0 I-n TA N 1 COMPI IMENTS PARRIS C NARREN woons anocm B B BEAIITY SALON LWWd I C h 2599 Unadllla N Y UNADILLA N Y Phone 2976 F nl! Prlnthg Comp Q9 '91 ff Gregory Appliance Sales Phones 2922 or 3463 Unadllla New York 77 We '7 an Iss: To S -Xxx iL C PL1N if JAS LEE S GROCERY e,SY0:g ro n M ts Vgiabls DpISt F II S DIAL 3521 CHARLES B Ellen Mae AC K LEY Beauty Shop PLUMBING AND HEATING 19 'W lrtm Brook St UNADILLA NEW YORK Unadnlla N Y Phone 2313 ph 'le DYER S MOTOR CLINIC Sun Dlagnose Test Equipment West Mann Street UNADILLA N Y -' Emi.. W of an . . I UNADILLA, N v N: N . . . Z ' I Mr. andMrl. . . oo I E I y IV o a P one ' PRINYING FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE 9 ' ' uaupunnn 11- A I Y V 1 7 77? 7 YV xz,'i7 'Kew o -5 U' -B5 YEARS or ELECTRICAL LL AAA Pnoones LLL A LL . 7 L ' , 1 L I :WB OM' .IEQIITS 2 ' Ho Gce'es- ea - ee e of Q Q o . DH. . . LIITII I l 's . v 1 1 ' . I DARD FIXTU I , . . .' . 2012 qi- 01" S Xb-N. H A R O L D S ESSO SERVICE OTEGO NY 1 250: 1. 2 STROBECK POULTRY FARNI 5 HATCI-IERY UNADILLA SMITH :EP Alien DcFons1' NGS USED CM' EXCHA NSE 36 Mum sr SWART SALES 8: SERVICE Outboard Motors and Boats SIDNEY Unadllla 3684 Best w'SI,-'es X sfnmn mass 53 FORD c A L 1 N N ' s HOTALING S SALES G SERVICE DIAMONDS JEWELRY wA'rcH RsPAmnNG GIFTS SIDNEY NEW YORK ONEOINTA N Y PHONE 2043 The swlm sult you have always w nted to own JANLZEIJ LOUIB S sold Barber Shop C U M M I N G S ROSALYN SPECIALTY SHOP P21 T1 LI' rx' f' d N Y 1 Hey' Oneonta N T All Kinds of INSURANCE Robert E Atkinson REAL ssnrs I K I 'hu' .Y ,,, . -van ' - A-'x.,,,j," ., '!""a"' Q' r - - S -,,. , ,. , -'5 Ta. 191 ' Q lubrvLuVwDn.Y1vex I V. Banenes Accessed: ' ' 0 N I le 1 7. N . V 1- JEWELERS - ' -. , .I-. " Q H K SAKE x " :J DI Mo D I i V Rl H f :wx -I . N. Y. ',,.. . , ,..i 4 I mf sz, ,I I I - ' I S . , . , . . A I ' A -- ' I m . at I 19 A S rl' .u C, ,o'Cle3ki1l, -1' v -f ' ' , . 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COMPLIMENTS A SHUBERT AucTloNEER Telephone 2911 Unadllla, new York DEER HEAD CABINS AND RESTAURANT K J A TEGO 2059 CRAWFORD BROTHERS FEED Rockdale New York Phone 11096 EARL S POULTRY FARM OUALITV BABY CHICKS UNADILLA NEW YORK IRELAND IVIIIR nd Cream UNADILLA Nhw YORK PHONE 3275 3 nulfnnnn snnnnf I 59 2 of each month at I O O F Tall WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE - of L. . I I . . l ul 'I 2-, f '--- Jr 'if . Qi A GAS AND OIL ' ' ,. N AND UR ' i L l OU THE D L , , 1 a - - - SIDNEY FAVORITE PRINTING CO,. SIDNEY. N. Y

Suggestions in the Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) collection:

Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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