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Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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gi" g """""' -lm. 'X , ,,.. F O Unadilla Central School and Academy Zmpff, W KA L91 On the banks of Susquehanna, With its waters blue, Stands our dear old Alma Mater Glorious to view, CHORUS Lift your voices: Seniors, Jun Sophomores, Freshmen, toog To our dear old Alma Mater Ever be ye true, iors ,- 'VQ r 52 Q ' UE -P 1 is :gifs -X S aid, 9 Q ,Q an - Q ,.- HHTIH HIHTER f-Q, 2 In athletic games or contests, Though we win or loseg Yet to cheer our Alma Mater we will ne'er refuse, Though our hair may turn to And our steps grow slowg To our dear old Alma Mater Oft our thoughts will go, silver I ff bf I7 Mya, 1 , , , , F A ,. f, 9, new sf , 5 , ' gn ' V, lpfv.a,, vQ,w' f ' f'i"g , 3,7237 ' ' '- .iff ' -.rf -ff: My of , im, wi - . 'f ,iti .37-X ff ' A' , ' V. .I . , .- ' -- 4, A q. . 1 fa, if '+ . ,Q LM ,'gfx"f"i4?l :is ' V I ,, -:asa 443- f,- 5 v"" , I j A J , ,s, Qzf , vgffr 7' 44 'I ' ei " ' F J' ,, fn. 'sr W1 DEDICHTIUH Orchids to Mrs, Phyllis wood and Mr, Herbert Wisner, To them, our Class Advisors, we wish to dedicate our issue of the UNADILLAN in appreciation for their continual guidance, constant help, and understanding friendship through- out our High School years, Martin Brook Park Yvfvnfx-, Unadilla Central School and Academy TUUHI SCENES we'11 Always Remember... -I-L Intersection of Routes 7 and 7B !""5 ' lf' The 'Old Covered Bridge' Buck Horn Lake P JN 'L-"Z'S'N'g'.." . iff' I Q Q , ONE PHIHCIPHL CLASS OF 1952, , , , , The faculty of Unadilla Central School and Academy joins me in extending congratulatlons for your present achievement and hopes that the factual knowl dge P9C61J9d as well as your social training, will be f value to you throughout life SCHUUL SECHETHHU vrs Aadreyv Farmer Throughout the year she has been a true friend of the Senior Class patient cheerful and wllllng to help BUHHU UF EDUCHTIUH SUPERIHTEHDEHT GRADUATES: Under wise guidance and able leadership of your principal and faculty, you seniors have been given the best possible education in preparation for what lies ahead for you, To Achieve Successg Move for- ward with confidence in the dir- mumofwm ummamdme to live the life you have im- agined, Show devotion, effort, and love to something beyond yourself, and put your trust in the Almighty. Miefffjw C Y , , 4 Y, V F V- ,.-rf, l Mr, Harold C, Tyson, Superintmdent e Mr, Clarence E, Russell, President 9 Mrs, Kelsey W, M. Meeker, Clerk Mr' Gilsgn M. Slater, Principal Dr, Donald C. McKown Mr, Galen A. DeForest Mr, Charles L. Fisk Mr, Kenneth W, Truhn !r sal' I. A: Q 0 .ltr my Q -1 ,AD- Lliss Jean Bryson, Home Economics i' , Irs. Ame Hall, Languages , 1 fire. Ihastina Hear-ner, Fiftn Grade Liss Blain Paler., Sixth Grade Lrs. ?nQ.'1li3T.c'd, English Irs. Charlotte Fleming, Sixtn Grade Lfiss Arlene Frederick, Phys. Ed. Miss Arg' Tmner, Art Ifiss Shirley Hughes, Social Studies Vis: Frances Freeman, Fifth Gr de Mrs. Llrs. Miss Ztrs. Llrs. Mrs. Yrs. Hs. ITS. 9 A . ' x 'Ml fe Gencvir-'.'e Russell, Kxidergarten Tnelrna Sorrners, Fiftn Grade Louise Towne, First Grade Lena Brovm, Fcurth Grade Gertrude Silvernell, Third Grade Ruth Fleming, First Vivian Cole, Second Clive Pfincn, Fourth Hazel Roffe, Second Grade Gra de Grade Era de 9- YPWLH' Herbert Wisner, Science William Flint, Junior High Harrison Geiselmann, Mathematics Frederick Clinnick, Music ir. Gilson M. Slater, Principal Mr. Richard Curtis, Phys. Education Kenneth Edson, Industrial Arts John Staruck, Commerce ir E UR? ClHSS OFFICERS GERALD KNIFFEN "Jerry" President. .How he could tell' em. . . . . so quiet, , "Charmaine, . .Babieeee. ROGER HARD "Benn" Vice-President. . .What a dancer, , , Hey, Veep. . . .Hovvbout that tenor? J OANNE SCIDA IIJOUI Secretary. . .A future nurse. . .Our 'voice' at games. ..Eeee-gad L. . . . LORETTA PIERCE 'Ret' Treasurer. . .Those sparkling eyes ......She knows her "ABC's",,,,, WILLIAM BAUER "Bill" s gift to R P I The vic tim 1n Physics class Poor Henry Una dilla ' GLENNA BAUMES WALTER BROOKS "Walt" Quite a Romeo A future tool-maker 'More fun" "Skater's Walt." HOWARD CHAHBERLIN ngwenn "Jardine" Remember those Shorthand la c sses?... what a bass...C1ass diplauat ,,,,,,Rea11y goodinTy'ping....... - ,ne should write a aicnanai-jfifff Q' ,A , - ,r '- an ,, ' I in K ' e o o n o ' ' ' ' . ooo also .". '. "" . 1' ef .Q 31. 11 ROGER COLE 'Cowboy' what as basketball player Jo' s peeve 'Geezeranny' ' ROBERT CURREY "'Bob" Silence is golden, but who an I to make money? Midnight driver 'Clarkie' Our cheerful "Blondie" is bommd for Rh, Study Halle 'Stretch' mr tiny terror Hey, 'Teach' I 't forget Gracie Tek, Tek GRACECLARK JEANDWIS Ameeoeo eo seeeee Don ""' "' 12 HAHLIN DAVIS 'Abbien He has a degree of W.w,w,CWay with Womenl. . . . .0h, those dimples, , , , . , MARGARET FLYNN "Peggy" Did anyone see a "Wil1ys"'?....ABC hopeful. . .What POP 1. . . .Gum-chewer MARILYN HOUSE PATRICIA mms "H0u31e" npattin Another mme, Swine up 2. . . . mn number her P.J. parzieszf. . . .1-ray, I ' 9 'Rah for 0 0 0 0 0 L Q o acute , .Good in W Dlck Our little "Fishie" is a mighty hunter Remember that coupe? "Joseph" Pass the dictionary Another good dancer Woman hater PAUL LABOUR E1-HEL LOWE 'Paul' 'menu' Our second Paul ..... Under that shy- Look gut, fgrggrds l....whg1g 9, gens, ness is a heart of gold ........ ... of humor.. .... Quack, quack ...... 14 RICHARD KISHBAUGH PAUL KNOWLTUN H 1 n I U . 1 Simi? W .,.,Burt's Il LEONARD NUTTER RAMONA DAG? nL nn' nnonan Ah, that C8-I'...Ql-liet, buh- -Our "Beautiful Brown Eyes" super stagehand...Another W,w,w little helper Such baby talk lhite House class P liashington, D.o Ppril lO, l962 Dear Peg, I can't tell you how happy I was to hear from you after so many years. Ever since I re ceived your letter I have been trying to picture all our classmates as they are now It is hard to imagine you and Jimmy with all your horses and kids. I think you said S boys and 6 girls, didn't you? I knew Loretta would make good--being confidential secretary to Gary Crosby is nothing to be sneezed at. And Roger Bcrd on Broadway--he always wanted to be a dancer, though. Mona must be hrving quite a time in Hawaii--is she really posing for the labels on cans of pineapple juice? Imagine Patti in Paris! I hope she wows those art dealers. I was certainly glad to hear that Talt has gotten up in the world--six successful trips to the moon is quite a record. I always knew Paul and Howard would end up in high po sitions, but I didn't cuite foresee Paul as the youngest general in the U.S. Army, or Howard as ambassador to Siam! Yes, I did see Jean's picture in the paper--imagine, her fourth set of twins! that you said about Mahlon really pleased me--I'm sure he enjoys being a mission ary to China. So Marilyn is married too? I suppose she's adding rooms like mad You asked about Bill-hold on to your hat! He's President of the Confirmed Bachelors of America Club, with an office on Fifth lvenue. Yes, I know there Grace is--don't you read the sports pages? She is currently enjoying her fifth undefeated season with Yale--coaching the football team, you know. Glenna's name can be found among the list of editors for Good Housekeepingn--she's Home and Family Editor. And surely you've seen Ethel's name on the mov ie screen-she's assistant animator for Walt Disney's cartoons I'm sad to learn that some of the kids didn't turn out so well as others. But I suppose it couldn't be helped-I always suspected Jerry of having criminal tendencies. At least he can be thankful that he's a trusty-I hear trusties get along very well at Sing Sing. And Bob is in prison too? What a shame! But I warned him that he couldn't get away with selling axle grease as hair tonic forever! But Alcatraz is a good place for him to meditate on his sins. Poor Jo-I guess nursing got her down. Do you suppose the people at Rochester State Hospital will let me visit her, or do they keep dangerous inmates isolated? Isn't itza pity that Roger Cole is lost in Africa? They say his guides deserted him on his last safari. Oh, did you know that Dick is missing too? The last anyone saw of him, he was in Lower Slobovia looking for his Albino Houdini bird. That's all for now-I'm kind of busy these days. Sincerely, Leonard Nutter P.S. I assumed you knew that Paul Labour is my Secretary of State. 5 TV i SEHIUH HCTIVITIES l95l Queen, Jean Davis. Atten- dents: Loretta Pierce, Grace Clark, Joanne Scida, and Martha Leizear. If fbelowj OUR SENIOR PLAY "A Ready-Made Family" Cast: Patty Haire Jerry Kniffen ta Pierce Jean DaviS Page Joann: Scida L Bauer Marilyn Y-louse ul Knowlton ??offf'r Bard L OUR JINIOR PLAY 'Comin' Round the Mountainn Cast: Ramona Page Jean Davis Roger Cole Howard Chamberlin Loretta Pierce Jerry Kniffen Grace Clark Bill Bauer Marilyn House Roger Bard Paul Knowlton Joanne Scida OUR SENIOR PARTY Scene from our class Christmas partyg December 19, 1951, Ins will auth Urs-iannuzsi. :Hy genie! of the claus, gf 52 of in the County of C9 Algae and State of .fwttcf mfg being of sound mind and memory, do make, publtsh, and declare thts my last Linh Qlfitillllfllt in manner following, that ts to say. lfirgzei. ROGER BARD bequeaths to BILL GOODRICH his ballet slippers BILL BAUER wills to SHIRLEY CHAMBERS the tough job as Yearbook Editor CLINNA BAUMES leaves to MYRON BYRNE her bus ticket to Sidney WALTER HIOOKS bequeatbs to JUNE MILLS his l1ttle boy doll HOWARD CHAMBERLIN leaves to CAROLYN AMES and BARBARA MASON his bowling average GRACE CLARK leaves to GAIL RUIIIITSKY and LAURA TETER her unopened homemalcmg book ROGER COLE bequeaths to ROBERTA JURASH his cowboy suit ROBERT CURREY will to NANCY EDWARDS his honor seat in the lab JEAN DAVIS will n r jokes to RAYMCND WINCHESTER'S collection MAHLON DAVIS lei v s his unused alarm clock to BUD O'HEARON PEGGY FLYNN wills to DON ODCN E and ALFRED GARINER her dancing lessons PATTI HAIRE bequeaths her convict suit to ROBERT O'CONNOR MARILYN HOUSE wills her college catalog from Vassar to DICK KNOWLTON RICHARD KISHBAUGH leaves to DON SU'I'TCN his Albino Squ1rrel JERRY KNIFFEN wills to TOOKIE LATHAM his place on the fifth period study hall floor PAUL KNOWLTON bequeaths to FRANK PAZEL his improvised formulas PAUL LABOUR leaves to LARRY WITTER his 'Labour for President" button ETHEL LOWE wills to MARCIA WEBSTER her square danclng abllity LEONARD NUTTER bequeaths to RAENELL KELLER and CHARLES STAIUEY his famous Ford RAMONA PAGE leaves her nickname to NORRIS HOWLAND LORETTA PIERCE wills to RHETA NICHOLS and BEATRICE SHUBERT some used shorthand notebooks JOANNE SCIDA bequeaths her Air Mail stationary to BARBARA SIMPSON THE SENIOR CLASS GIRLS leave to BETTY LEIZEAR their dignity THE SENIORS will the use of their play scenery to CONNIE HARRIS and BEVERLY BARD f erecuz' of thus my last Wtll and Testament hereby revoktng all former wtlls by me made Asn aalhfrlnf, I have hereunto subscrtbed my name the LW? M day of Mm!! tn the year .Ntneteen Hundred and 74zf'2ff"!"7L'f Jena X M -1 ifilftfflg. I hereby appoint 3 an Q H an ' ' ' ' . s - IIlHSS HISTURU In the fall of l9bO seven brlght eyed or1g1na1 members of the Class of 1952 m de the1r f1rst trlp up the steps of Un dllla Centr l They were D111 Lauer, Jean D2V1S, Jerry Knlffen, Paul Knovlton, Pattl H 1re, Rcger Bard, and Loretta P1erce Ve present below the hlstory of thls outst ndlng group, lncludlng some of the most remembered 1D 1dents , s lt added members through the year Future cl sses Note' And learn to proflt bv what has gone before In the flrst gr de, whlcn was lndeed a memorable ye r, Loretta and Pattl, our p1nch1ng b o1es, learned thelr lesson And that was the ye r of the mlghty battle over 1nstruments 11 the Rhythm Band Ethel Love and Valt Brooks Jolned us 1n the second grade, whlch unforgettable ye r marked the beglnrlng of our long struggle wlth subtractlon 'drllyn House and Grace Clark became p rt of the class 1U the thlrd grade lho can ever forget our vallant flght 8Ed1HSt the evlls of pen and 1nk9 Fourth grade was the ye r of the paper mache dlnosaurs future sculptors 1n the mak lng, perhaps? Ulck K1SRb ugn made D15 ppe r nce that ye r, and our booklets on the Llncoln Hlghw y clalmed a great deal of our tlme No new members vere added ln the flfth grade, but the ye r was made to stlck 1n the memor1es of all of us because of NToby Tylern Pass the Kleenex, Loretta' Mexlco 1ts peoples and 1ts customs lnterested us m1ght11y Slxth grade v1ll always be remembered as the Year of the Gre t Shearlngn Vh1Ch one of us does not remember Jerry and Paul w1th those Mohawk h81PCUtS9 Mlss Best and her flght agalnst the ever present paper wads, Pattl s be1ng the blg wheel, Mrs Flem1ng's replaclng of Mlss Best all these events rema1n 1n our memor1es when we th1nk of the slxth grade Seventh gr de marked an lmportant mllestone 1n our hlstory Junlor Hlgh, at last' Mona P ge nd Peggy Flynn Jolned us th t year, Just 1n tlme for the never to be forgotten readlng f P m Sawyern Remember, Mona9 Th1s was the beglnnlng of the end, s far as the bovs were concerned danclng class 1n gym' hr Smlth played Cupld, much to our embarrassment 15 recalled as the t1me of Paul's doorbell Ve presented HSanta Locked Outn t Chrlstmas t1me, and we caught the Hshow buS1H6SSn fever, wh1ch h s never left us And, of course, at the end of the year we were lntroduced for the flrst t1me to those modern 1DStPHm6HtS of torture RWFENFS' Freshm n year' Year of the Great Beglnnlng' At last ve were re lly on the way as men bers of Unadllla Central School xlth homeroom teachers hr Edson and Mrs Vood, ve began p1l1ng up money for that far aw y Senlor Trlp Glenna Baumes Jolned us that year Roger cole, hahlon Dav1s nd Leonard Nutter jolned us 1n the tenth grade The l1br ry was our homeroom, Ir Edson and Mrs Vood remalned as our advlsors, nd bake s les made up our money naklng efforts le re d NS118S Marnern and Wldylls of the Klngn Jo SClda became one of us 1n the Junlor year, whlch was an lmportant one from the v1ew polnt of earnlng money Under the 1eadersh1p of our advlsors, Mrs vood and Mr WISHST, all our progects were very successful Our play, NCom1n' Round the hounta1n', was an outstand 1ng productlon, and the Jun1or Prom afforded the huge crowd that attended a wonderful time lhen our Junlor rlngs came, there were not any happler people 1n all of Otsego County Then began the buslest, happlest year we were ever to experlence W1th our Senlor year came an overwhelmlng reallzatlon that the Senlor Tr1p was al ost upon us So, w1th 8dV1SOFS Mrs Wood and Mr Vlsner, we buckled down to the task before us Our mapazlne sale, for whlch we recelved a large trophy, was the le dlng money maker for th1s year Bob Currey proved to be our salesman extraordlnary, as he complled a record of 3153 So sold Then fol lowed Chrlstmas card sales, movles, and a pancake supoer, together wlth a scrap drlve I Feoruary the yearbook occup1ed all our waklng thoughts, and many hours of work were put 1nto 1ts productlon But the year had 1ts l1ghter moments Mona and Jo nAll Alonen ln Health and Physlcs Class, respectlvely, an aCCOmD11Sh6d v1ol1n1st dlscovered, NCake A Day Club' d1dn't that make the pounds add up9 Yes, Th1s w s qulte a year And to provlde the frost 1ng for our cake, the Senlor Tr1p wh1ch arrlved w1th sprlng, l1ved up to the hlghest ex pectatlons of every one of us The brought to n end twelve of the happlest years of our 11ves To make up our number of twenty two, Paul Labour came to us 1n our twelfth year remalnlng months flew by, and all too soon Commencement df Qfgtwvgf .1 - ,i, 6 . . . 8 . 6 0 : W. , X . . i . 8. R . O 1 . . 3 . I . . I L - ' c' a ' 5. a : . . . U Y g ' . 2 . . V . 8 . . . Q.. . D I 6 . . n . . A I an . I . . E 1 . A. g . . 0 , . r . r . . . mf d a I Y ,F ,E . --D . - ' . " A' ' a ' ' " a a a a ' .t ,ay . I , . . L 6 . . g . . . 1 0 o . "' . . --. . . . . V ,, 6 . 0 I . . r . 1 . . , ' . . " 0 . --- . . . . V . 0 8 . . . . -- . . . an 8 . . 8 . . . - - - O N,O 0 . 0 . . . 8 t . , . , . . " o 0 0 Bob Currey and Howard Chamberlin became part of our class in the eighth grade, which ' ' . .' a ' . ' . . 3 O Q' . r ,I V . 2. . . I . 'Y 5 ' I' . Q. . 4 , y 0 0 0 ' ' . . - ra . . . . . . . , . a . . . . a ' F . . J ' ' a n -- ' . 2 a ' V ' . . . ' . . A . ' -7' ' . . , . , . , - C 1 . . . . 0 . Q. . . V. . :J ' ' ' ' K YW . vo u I. ' ' ' V ' ' ' I ' . o A '. . 8 . - . , . . A . F . O - -. " ' - n . A . . . . : , . . . . . . . . ' - - , ,-- ' .-- ' a ' , ' - . , . . . . - . . . a ' - O - O 'i.- X f rs Q ' " is X4 Q e Q ' W' !'iiIIiIIIF lg at :SL 1?-TTT "'- vt' ' YIIIJ Bottom Row: Beverley Bard, Shirley Chambers, Gail Rudnitsky Laura Teter Rheta Nichols, Carolyn Ames Second Row- Bett L ' , , , y eizear, Roberta Jurash, June Mills, Marcia Webster, Raenell Keller t, Barbara Simpson, Tookie Latham, Robert O'Connor. .Top Row: Larry Witter, Raymond Winchester, Myron Byrne Leo O'Hear Barbara Mason, Connie Harris, Beatrice Shuber Bill Goodrich, on Donald Sutton, Frank Pazel Donald Odone Cha l , ' , , , r es Stanley, Norris Howland, Alfred Gardner, CLHSS of '53 Mrs. Anne C. Hall 1lF" their . o'i"5 Choose 51191 The Mr, Harrison Geiselmann Class rlflgs CLHSS of 54 'fa' W' 'Q' Bottom Row: Marguerite Ireland, Barbara Allen, Charlotte French, Fern Jacob, Elsie Sowles, Barbara Gay, Peggy Frey, Breta Sisson, Second Raw: Marie Hen- dricks, Susan Hall, Margaret Smith, Marjorie Griswold, Gloria Fiorina, Edna Reynolds, Judy Fisk, Top Row: Margaret Wright, Lothar Nowag, Howard Hall, Lance Grave, Bob Stow, Fred Krick, Howard Paris, Roger Odone, Russell Griswold Donald Stanton, Louise Teter, Miss Shirley HugheS S 1:55 if-5,5 Q3 F 5061 9 . 17,2086 F Sc work Mr. Kenneth Edson GLHSS of '55 1551, X X K :I 4 2 XM f Bottom Row: Carol Berger, Joyce Pierce, Peggy Knowlton, Patsy Baumes, W A f Shirley Morton, Jeanette Goodrich, Dorothy Allen, Liselotte Gold eier, Second Row: George Ree, Lloyd Sowles, Alton DeForest, John Chambers, Jim Heath, Paul Archambo, Larry Cum ings, Vernon Sisson, Third Row, Roy Currey, John Scida, Top Row: Frank Burns, Emmett Kilmeier, John Ree, Clinton Cowan, Dick Banta, David Sommers, Jim Robinson, John Baker, 'X - guna ,J-'Sl Il Miss Jean Bryson , '...And now what's the verb, Johnny? S '32 ' CLASS ADVISERS Mr. Frederick Clinnick H f Sha' ax, 10 ' v I we W, flesfnn fig? .s?fS'f5!. - ., -fa A 'Sgt All QW? x ff Nr SSW H fff, X If ' ' H7 lfu4vQv '- -- R' Bottom Row: Baz-beth Byrne, Judy Bafundo, Thelma Mills, June King, Mary Y Vervalin, Barbara Hall, Ruth williams, Second Row: Jean Morgan, Kathy Allen, Janice Carr, Louise Sisson, Joan Paris, Dacey Latham, Leah Bard, Patsy Hotal- bf ing, Third Row: Earl Hendrickson, Arthur Ingalls, Charles Betters, Douglas -L , f Ackerley, Allen Christophersen, Richard Howe, Ralph VanLoan, Hugh Collins, Top Row: Mr, Staruck, Herbert Ree, Joseph Frazzetta, Russell Mjolsnes, william Heapps, John Leizear, Robert Shubert, Robert O'Hearon, Donald Conover, Ronald O'Connel1. GHHIJE SEVEN Bottom Rows' Ann Vail, Richard O'Connor, Robert Robinson, Patricia Tyson, Jean Walker, Roy MacDonald, Edward Mjolsnes, william Stow, Kmneth Hall. ff Second Row: Carole Friedman, Alice Gross, Donna. Dibble, David wright, Ronald French, Beatrice Card, Russell Tome, Daniel Heath, Fema Ingalls, JoAnna Dicks, Marjorie Byrne, Top Row: Mr, Flint, Henry Hawver, Louis Fisk, Glenn Kelly, William Murwin, Peter Akelis, Cynthia Howland, Alfred Archambeau, Joanne Constable, Vesta Smart, Nancy Page, GHHIJE SIX N Bottom Row: Dennis Hendrickson, Roberta Higbie, Charlotte Searles, 1 xxx Elsa Shubert, Shirley Archambeau, Patricia Gardner, Judy Christ- "-,xgt N-X opherson, Georgene Hughes, Sharon Hull, Vivian Madsen, Marie Lowe, f Susan Williams. Top Row: Paul Jones, Baie Crawford, Austinia Murwin, !::::::::E5X Elaine Sowles, Herbert Lewis, John Zoeller, Miss Palen, Joe Trask, Bits Ernest Reynolds, Mildred Hall, Joanne Kobylack, Jean Meade. ' at I in 'ln f IQ' 'QM 40 Bottom Row: Albert Sisson, Cecil Nichols, Robert Bliss, Dorothy , J 'Ig' Chambers, Josephine VanLoan, Marion Davis, Audrey Jones, Second sig. row: Florence Reickard, Brenda Coddington, Susan Hull, Sarah X W,,f'Ft,: May Silvemell, Charles Kelley, Raymond Decker, Jimmy Ingalls, 143755 ' Jimmy wright. Third Row: Knute Alfredson, Lovell Nutter, Mrs, Fleming. Top rowg Ronnie Barnes, Jack Elliott, Earl wilber, Fred Jurash, Diane wilber, Betty Curtis, Janet Russell, Ruth Mills, James Crawford, 24 I BOTWON Row: Earl Wright Beatrice Coddington Sandra McK M Elliott, Wilber Allen, Second Row: Margaret,Becker, Wyruiwgordgnry Marion Fl'eY, Dick Viale, Judy O'Connor, Charles Newman, Sally Mer: ritt. Third Row: Marjorie Ingalls, Howard Nesbitt, Lana Scmmers Suzanne Lawrence Donald Ackley John Madsen Di k J da , Russell, Antonia,whitehi1l To, Row Glenn, ce or n, Beth - P 2 Byrn Jimm I l d Joyce Shields, william Kane, Kenneth McCumber, Gary Sandghere an , Mrs, Heavner, ' 0.2, , , .Q ., A tl . - , 'T A -' ' me ' fn Bottom Row: Billy Kehr, Rhodena McDonald, Eileen O'Hara, william Cerosaletti, Wayne Tyson, Joseph Robertson, Dennis Jordan, Second Rowg Hilda French, Clay Conover, Billy Winger, Katherine Kelly, Patricia Nichols, Roland Kelly, Third Row, Carol Webster, Margaret Miller, David Dwight, Billy Collings, Stuart Baker, Donald LaFever, Douglas Ireland, Top Rowg Joseph Ireland, Boyd Viele, Miss Freeman, Ruth Tiffany, Patricia Mein, James Westcott, James Pangaro, 25 GRHDE calf Bottom Row John Higbie, Joan Meade, Pauline VanLoan, Jud1th Byrne Jeffrey Hendrlckson, Jeanette MacDonald, Iris King, Delorise Gardner Clarence Russell Second Row Jana Webster, Madeline French, Stella Whitehill, Maria Latham, Marilyn O'Dell, Kathleen Roblnson, Elizabeth Selleck, Lynn Frey Top Row Claire Davis, Carl French, Michael Dibble, David Hall, Theodore Armour, Frank French, Lawrence Lolton Willis Kane, Kenneth Hull, wendall Bachman, Bernard DeForest, Mrs Brown 904' fl-FI fi Bottom Row Edwin Sisson, Billy Westcott, Norman McCmnber, Charles Wmchester, Richard Davis, Denny Darling Second Row Carolyn Rob inson, Carolyn Allen, Joyce Ackerly, Roger Pangaro, Nancy Bartlett, Betty Poole, Jean Bames Third Row Mary Collins, Maxine Gregory Charles Ingalls, Irene Archambeau, Jimmy Hull, James Hawver, Tony Frazzetta Top Row Lynette Chambers, Billy Hertz, Flora Wright, Jane Fleming, Helga Ottecn, Barbara Nesbet, Jean Sokol, Karen Christ- opherssn, Hrs Kinch FUUH f ff fl if , f" , 9 J 15' .QW N' s- . vi. , ff ,-- . ! Bottom Row: Daniel Baker, Lee Cross , Stephen Baumes, Andrew LaFever, f -,ref-news Charles Gilmore, Richard Hendrick, Robert Sokol, Allen Edson, FTank D ' Newman, Rolan Alfredson, Guy Rodgers, Second Row: Tom Oles, Raymond Curtis, Barbara Lowe, Merry Jordon, Anastasia Robinson, Linda Palmer, Muriel Ruff, Robert Hotohkin, Dennis Wilbur, Mrs, Silvernell. Third Rowg- Dennis Christophersen, Ernest Mattison, Dorothy Knapp, Linda Moore, Ellen Ingalls, Sheila Armstrong, Jeanette Ireland, Wilma Bard, Karen Wright, John Kelley, James Starbuck, Xb , 5:9 --fx' Lx- -1. . 'v . '7 w.- fc? CX Bottom Row: Teddy Sowles, John Lewis, Connie Bachman, Teresa Wright, Anne Frey. Second Rowg Bobby Becker, Billy Lowe, Vir- ginia Nichols, Sharryl Chambers, Darryl Chambers, Jayne Jacobs, Betty Ruff. Third Rowg Gerald Wright, Larry Amour, Connie Pangaro, Anne Hawver, Anne 0'Hara, Shirley Faigle, Dale Reynolds, Carlene Dykeman. Top Row: Jack Howland, Martin Mein, Charles Miller, Billy Ingalls, Ronald Knapp, John Hendricks, Carol Witter, Shirley Banks, Joan Crowley, Bottom Row Jonathan Friedman Leslie 'Ioun s Lar Whltehill 4 E69 Second Row Charlotte McIntosh, Nancy Dxgalls, Helen Allen . Barbara Crouch, Jan1ce Terry, Marilyn Kobylack, Mary Washburn Alice Hendricks Thlrd Row Robert Wllber, Betty Jane Lawrence Patricia Heimer, Linda Freewert, Nancy Russell, Carolyn Sutton, Faith Koepke, Elsie Datton, Stanley Campbell Top Row Stephen Rx X-, . ,XX If V ,fp 5 3 2 g 9 ry I ,,. xx X 'Q l James Reynolds, Charles Washburn, James H1gb1e, George Tlffany We jf ' i - , . : l A ' ' I' X, . Q 0 r I - ,. Frazzetta, Jeffrey Bouvier, James LaFever, James wright, John C Yeager, Burr wright, Peter Flemuxg Bottom Row: Lucretia Cerosaletti, Roger McKown, Teddy Nichols, Margaret Kelly, Shirley LaFever, Susan Christophersen, Lena White- hill, Maureen Kelly, Second Row: Philip Crawford, Lesley Moran, Robert Dalton, Mary Coddington, James Poole, KEY Vie?-en Donald Sowles, Third Row: Larry Scott, Robert Nesbitt, Rickey VanBrakle Joan Archambo, Linda Faigle, Susan Howland, Larry Ryan, Patty wright, Top Row: Mrs. Cole, Sherrie DuMond, Dick Dibble, Evelyn Kane, Martin otten, Dana Russell, Carol Rutherford, Sharon Ingalls 3 Bottom Row: Fayette Dewey, Kenneth Lord, Priscilla Gurney, william lf 7:ff,Efg::f Jensen, Robert French, Lynn Hodges, Second Row: Nancy Knapp, Nancy McCumber, Louella washburn, Paula Newman, Linda McKown, Judith Greg- ory, Mrs, Fleming. Top Rowg Clifford Crouch, John Compton, David wright, Gary Gilbert, Howard Banks, Harley Wilber, Burton Becker, Ralph 0'Dell, N N xx! xy, 'lv k ... X X X N .Q 4 LU !R57' Bottom Row: Clifford Banta, Eugene Sale, Susan Ingalls, Helen B nks, Joanne Georgia, Jack Neilson, Alvin MacDonald, Arthur Westcott, Second Row: Susan Quimby, Jeanette Sisso , Janice Dewey, Marsha Mjolsnes, Miss Towne, Michael Borden, Joel Hen drickson, Ronald Grube, Bruce Nesbit, Dale Chambers, Joy Good- rich, Top Row: Barbara Laser, Joan Vanvalkenburg, Susie Mertz, Carolyn Woodard, Lowell Card, Gary Cook, Arthur Dwight, Absent: Michael Logan, Richard Slrignano, . V .4-. f - , .4 , I , ,,,, , , 'Q X -- B.. r ' , 4 ,imfg Q Bottom Row: Gordon Bard, Barbara Molntosh, Donna Edson, Roger Butler, Jimmy Palmer, Albert Loepke, Ronnie Pecor, Second Row John Higley, Susan Hust, Josie Meeker, Brenda Christophersen, Raychel Searles, Connie Kelly, Michele Bouvier, Third Row: Timmy Logan, Kathy Constable, Jimmy Gregory, Russell Humphrey Tom Squlre, Ann Heavner, Patty Wilkins, Margaret Campbell, , Bonnie Vail, Mrs, Russell, 5 A K- gs! T, f f f a ff I ,f QQ -"T QQ 5? Bottom Row Wayne Allen, Betty Wright, Margaret Baumes Nancy Heade, Yvonne Goodrich, Michael Byrne, Tony Pangaro, Band Jordan, Hxrl Bachman Second Row Barbara Huntmg ton, Suzanne Forshee, Barbara Georgm, Larry Ireland, Maur een Murphy, Diane Pomeroy, Sk1pper Moore Third Row Dwight McKown, Jimmy Winchester, Dick Barnes, Karen Russell Pam Struble, Dorothy Shubert, Jimmy Hodges , D1ck Wilber Mrs. Russell, Absent- Sharon Sisson, Gerry Fisk, Arnold Wh1teh11l, Bobby Ludwig, Bradley Cooke, Phyllis Wa 3lb"v ,pf in Q X, LL REEL FOUR 'iiigf In Roger Bard Bill Goodrich, Paul Knowlton, Bob Currey, Don Sutton Howard Chamberlin, Jerry Kniffin, Ray Winchester ff Coach Curtis s 'r!"' Y Q 0 Bard Kniffen Sutton VHRSITU BHSHETBHLL 4 n , .1 54, Chamberlin K Goodrich KI1OW1tUI1 Currey Winchester JUHIUH 5 VHHSITU A? gg Q Miss Arlene Frederick J ,I s 3 4 , ' Gail Rudnitsky, Loretta Pierce, Jean Davis, Susan Hall, Barbara Gay Margaret Knowlton, Barbara Hall, Joyce Pierce Carol Berger, Joan Paris CHEERLEHDEHS VHHSITU , . 4 - - ' . .Liv . ,".,,.1i"' ,gg .2 ,Q A-:Qx ,.-hy, iid .34-'ff' 'fff -A" ,QQ-FH -' .M , '1 -A fl-' ' ' '5 ii ' ,,i'r:, rfff' w', 4-1 9A A iff' ',.g-"JA" H." -P ' f'f ' . ' ,fl ., pay .wa.g' ff 1. .n.' ,:,1.H ..-Q'-l.. ff' v' ' E f"'-E' in ' . ,X ' 1 -f f .1 .xl , 1, ff' ', f -. I 'v,nH-H1 'f' ,' Q' fx , 541 g rjn .-f' K I :o4"'S: 'C J uf 9 si- 'ig' ". K ' 'RQ Jo'-"' A EE ' ii -4' N.-Q.-' , -'wfuf-,Y 7.7. h Q wx, .3 i2m!7 'LffaWW19'uNn+ 'if iffp-'sig' -ff' Z? 1 ij " - 5 l-'g,,-',qu.-- L, , 'sf ,. -' ' ' Wik is" 1' 2.1 K -V-few-Q,24?in"7 'v -.4 3. f3,gg.?'is31 U,C ,S, Warriors :Ln Action Coach Robert H. Snyder GHIDIHUH UIHHHIUHS UF Bottom Row: Bill Goodrich, Larry Cummings, John Scida, Manager, John Leisear, Vernon Sisson, Roger Bard, Second Row: Paul Knowlton, Russell Griswold, Frank Plzol, Jin Heath, John Chambers. Top Row: Bill Bauer, Manager, Leo O'Hearon, Frank Burns Howard Paris Jerry Kniffen Raymond Winchester Donald Stanton, D 9 9 9 BUMLIHG Bottom How: June Mills, Joyce Pierce, Jean Davis, Peggy Flynn, Carolyn Ames, Carol Berger, Marguarite Ireland, Barbara Gay. Second Row: Judy Fisk, Betty B Leizear, Dacey Latham, Barbara Mason, Marjorie Griswold, Peggy Frey, Pat Tyson, Donna Dibble, Top Row: Tookie Latham, Trudy winger, Joan Paris, Raenell Keller, Beatrice Shubert, Kathy Allen , Patsy Hotaling, Marie Hendricks , Jeanette Goodrich, 3 CLUB f ...va Q 3 REFEHEE'S Fi1'St ROW BB.I'b8.I'a Gay Peggy Flynn Carol Am Standing Carol Berger, Joyce Pierce Ra mil es Jean Davis, Judy Fisk , , me Keller JUHIUH VHHSITU BHSHETBHL f Seatedg Billy Stowe, Manager, Robert O'Connor, John Chambers, Larry Witter, John Scida, Richard O'Connor, Manager, Middle Row: Vernon Sisson, Myron Byrne, Jim Heath, Russell Griswold, Larry Cummings, Lance Greve. Standing: Howard Hall, Bobby Stowe, Fred Krick, Howard Paris, Frank Pazel, Don Stanton, Don , . W1 SCUHE SIIUHE E ACTIVITIE Q71 u'l7lIl,f' nf! .S Q Wa REEL FIV' STUDENT UUUHIIIL fi X 27, Bottom Row: Carolyn Ames, Nancy Edwards, Dacey Latham, Margaret Smith, Ramona Page. Second How: Russell Mjolsnes, Paul Knowlton. Top Row: Howard Chamberlin, Raymond Winchester, Donald Stanton, Walter Brooks, Dick Knowlton, David Wright, HTHLETIC HSSUCIHTIUH ll ll id 5 , 5 "' ' Bottom Row: Jean Davis, Tookie Latham, Susan Hall. Top Row Howard Chamberlin, Miss Frederick, Bill Bauer, Don Stanton Coach Curtis, Jerry Kniffen. ,K xfwf umvfifei 1 2 i7i'4'fg51,g, ' 'I .FH Vw' ,1:L"QF51LU'i ,g q 1,3 , , ilim, 'lifffj L 5 Af A F Q 5 My in-:fn 'QQPQQJ Marilyn House, Grace Clark, Richard Kishbaugh, Joanne Scida, William Bauer, Editor-In-Chief, Paul Knowlton, Loretta Pierce, Patricia Haire, Roger Cole, Roger Bard, Peggy Flynn, Howard Chamberlin, Leonard Nutter, walter Brooks, Jean Davis, Jerry Kniffen, ' I' ,MY yi Q,.x I v" Hnvlsfa SL We xx 5531, X s 'Y ,H 3' av'-n K it .J , . - ' e Q1 ' . Quai Q96 2- 'yivedwo W' gx xp 004' B 'yogi 53 ng: rel. 'V mn H,M,S, Pinaforen Jeff HIGH SCHUUL UHURUS rey Bouvier I lil l 's A,.f2 ll ,GQ -9- Mr. John Larkin, Guidance Director... ...offers wise counsel to all student STUNENT HEHETH :TE Miss Joanne Kinney STUNENT PENSUNNEE HNTNINISTNHTINN XS -5 Miss Eleanor Ashe School Nurse .eff rflt S-V4 fig A1 15 S i. if p f K ,lbw-4 HUGEHS HULLUIU HALLOWEEN ON PARADEU An Annual Event September 21, 1951 CATTLE JUDGING. . . A INDOOR EXHIBITS n - 1 1 0,- 1 . 1 1' -Q' ' 3-all 4.- ,I if Z 2 XX, 4 ,f ia 'f' 14' 'ff evK X4 91 A UGRASSHOPPERN B seball League 44 with "" ,f""' fX f KQSX 9 Ken Truhn j l 9 Q xsi S QS The SENIORS serve a 'Pancake Supperw 'ComposersW hard at work composing,,,,, x A PTLXKV , Q Getting ready for chow... Fl-lture 'Historians' 7 HEIHIHISCEHIIES ?il.- .ooi l I I I It 'Tm 'I T Lfl, STUDY,,...'Believe it or not,H Solving a vital problem between classes 1. if 4-A' u' my 22 , T 1 ,.2 .ni fr. , ,f - r Nlrrf ' HF1ag Raising Ceremonyn Grade Christmas Operetta HSanta'S Vacationn December 18, 1951 Between Acts Nancy Edu rds Marjorie Griswold Q61-n fvngtvyw I U C S presents to P T O an exhibition of equipmert used ln its V1sua1 Education Program CIVIC HCT VITIES yd' oo ,. U, C, S, Band participates in Ccxnmunity Memorial Day program, SHFETU PHTRUL SCHUUL DRIVE SLUWLY STUUHH SHFETU N xxx ' .we I u 'L vf Q . I Albino Squirrel, shot by Seniors Dick Kishbaugh and Roger Cole 'Stars' backstage, I 4 . EXTRH CURRICULHR HUTIVITIES Grade Phys, Ed, Class, 'Q1 H24 '- 4 Q 'i Senior Trophies for high 12883130 9195- Richard xisnbaugh, Ace Salesman 41 BUS DRIVERS Ted Becker Jake Froelich Alton DeForest Ray DeForest Walter Forshee Lee Pierce Harold Marcellus Q NADH' 1 'M 1 P IOP PATRoN 5 W WV R..EL SIX U X , M r"' 'H' . K N1 l Q, - . r XNMXIXKHIK' X mm F HUDSON COAL 0050 'I' 1' if , Cogy UNADILLA OIL AND FUEI. ORLO M. COUSE Prop UNADILLA N Y PHONE 3653 FUEL OIL Portralture Elzflclf UOLL'ZL5.f 01715 was HDWARDW SMITH LNADILLA N Y PHONE 3561 EARL WINGER Farm Equlpment 6 Supplies PHONE UNADILLA 3046 5 CS, uc! Specxal Asslgnmcnts Blafk 55 White LQ f Greeting Cards Of Colored III OIIS Z, 119 CA! qi OCCag10n3 LOUIS GOLDMEIER HIGH GRADE DAIRY COWS UNADILLA N Y KINCHS PHARMACY Inc DRLGS STATIOVERY AND TOILET ARTICLES I Cpudad l D0dn0d llnadllla DI NE R Hood s Servnce UnacI1IIa we 8: Dlme Q ai! DEER HEAD CABINS AND RESTAURANT GAS AND OIL ANN FRANK JURA H ROUTE OTEGO 2069 UNADILLA N Y Van Loans Junk81luIoWrecIung ar HARRY W SUTTON Complmuents of Ute-:go COOPCFHIIVC G L F Servlce, Wells Brldge Branch 1 Coop C Ll' I 11mStc GAS SERVICE iff Inc Ideal Greenhouse Phone 7451 WADE S Route 7 Sd y WO0DS GROCERY Mr and Mrs L W Wood Phone 2599 UNADHLA N Y rx 1 GURNEY RESTAURANT PHONE 3733 H A R O L D S ESSO SERVICE OTEGO N Y Tel 258182191 lub :cron Tres Batte es Accesso es EMMAS BEAUTY SHOP 56 MAIN STREET STUDIO Ummm- N Y Unadllla, N ZW gem at 105067 WI CRAWFIIRD DIIIIR SALES YTOCII I lo N Y OVERHEAD nooks FOR F u,y,.A,,T7 Am! I Zzwmaw ww Pkawe Qfejo 202' EVERY NEED SOLD IN STALLED AND GU ARAIN TEED 'Hain bt. UINADILLA Phone 3 4 4 4 44105 th UYORK RAKE In Rakeoh g Io o d p olect g a e y dst b t g o left by the blade ee s ave sze sto es e m les a ak ng Ie e a f' e m oth su face Englnee ed To tro ble I ee ape at on 0 g es e s ce o special mo ac se t th yo r ee e g a e kso tacors 3 MODELS AVAILABLE RA Hyd aullc Controls RB-M nu lCo tols RE Fo La ds:apmgWo I1 W te DEPT B lo I e 9 ls also I YORK RAKES d YORK EXPERT WORK M N R CIMO I e H168 ucsnseo REAL :s'rA'rE sncncsn 39 MAIN STRICT UNADILLA N Y r ' E I - , . . . Y. y . . 95- ' '- A 5 T X ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 131 ' -K IM Q Z1 I , I' I V 4m Q 4. 1' , fl 'S jk lfxe ' ' A P - T- '- .' - xl , 1:4 I . i s 0 TI1eYor ers low l " cost rakin r r a s and grading r ' s. , I It saves extra r d r trips b re I ri uin the windr w . , . scr n out ri n li ina In nd K r I . . . av s an , s o r . ' r r u -r r I . a Ori inal Inv fm nt is f low, in n ' - tive power is built into the 6 , 2 m hine. U I wi u X Lflkprsnl powr rdrs, 'T truc rr I . 'X 'K .ff . , I - r I 1 s ,nl ... -.4 a a nr ,' L'- ,ff-A - r n ' r , A ,J-ff' . .3 I. . k'.-r,-- . rl . r ullde 1.,F H A S- f jg. ' ai u b ,u 'J-' M . k Q F A 'il T A aa in ain r. I .X A D M, 1 ' n I , , . . ri i - i rl - ri U , " Q! . ww I Y , . . 10 A ' ' RUSSELUS S. K. CAMPBELL NURSERY PLUMBING WIRING HEATWG Ho e lUlen It Plcnteo' PHONI SIDNPY 581 DINADII LA 'NENN HORIN GAS OIL TIRES IATTERIES REPAIRING WELDING KRICK TDCIL CDMPANY X90 W W KRICK P IE UTSEBO III! UNADILLA N Y ,mu ,Mg I y CARLETON G WHITAKER INC UNADILLA N Y MILK AND MILK PRODUCT TRANSFER Hardware MACHINE PRODUCTS all Gas Company STILSON SERVICE STATION J lr U d Y JNADILLA N Complunents of Pearce s Beauty Shop EARL S POULTRY FARM 2 UNADILLA N Y his 9 SWART SALES 8: SERVICE Outboard Motors and Boats Phone Unadnlla 3684 11's a , m J ,S I H I .YA .'L I 'l 6- ' me . -JIGS, FIXTURES, DIE5 S S SPECIAL MACHINERY . , I n ss' nu . 8 . . . qs X-,Hr -:L .wa Unadilla A I BROOKS' A I , A I to ff ,Af I Jig' NN FIU Hg. na illa, New ork . 0 ou M11 loom: vu Pnvnh Il MAKE A 8 LINE TO THE B B BEAUTY SALON RAN S Nl-XIX ST INADIII-K N I N XDII I A BOVS I INC LI N'l ER ,Xxx 1 I x clam s scmlarrsn INSURANCE Complete Servlce Ho'rr-:L Blsr-4oP su,-.u N Y Alien DcF'oms1' USED CAP EXCHANGE D E FISK 8: SON G L F FEED SEED AND FERTILIZER UM CEMENT U dxll N Y DIAL 2291 UNADILLA BAKERY The Unadllla House We Specianze in umanli New uofk - Party ' wedding Birthday Anniversary ,kph ,, 5, Also Full Line Bake Goods Fresh Daily Phone 21 72 IF THIS IIAPPENS T0 YOU Ifmvg IK +I gigs :F-gi S A l0RD MID SOII Phone Garage 3736 Res 3526 DEPOI ST UIIADIllA. II Y 011 Acetylene Welding and Cutting F G CONSTABLL Pamts Varnlshes Enamels EW ERYTHING ELECTRICAL F dg d y W L NA DILLA FREDERICK CRAMER Q1 lty Cl UNADILLA NEW YORK CARTER S SERVICE STATION cAsouNE AND on. CZKES ' Ig ,551 - ' I Q 1 M E if -f- -4 E 4 ,Y j aff T5 I .KE 75,8 :- . . f " f ' , K ' ' '-f I I r 36' P3 g.. .Jf4"k VY I KT I I S U N U C U S Ii R V I C E ,,,""L'sff I ' - I um .fowamun :I ,, , , , . .' ., . .. , Y. UNADII-LA' ' ' . V Y , . 1 4 J Y V 1 J A l W 4W! V 1 X JA 0 0 IX ' ' - ' . I N I A ri i aire - Rsdios - Eas 'ushers I I X ' , N. Y. Iam I',iS"'X' E' AND COAL Qremium za i .oal na' a, . . UNADILLA SILO COMPANY Unad lla S11 P nlllllllm Llllllulllx MIILIIII1 llllllzlllll UNADILLA N Y Complmlents of Sw Tank: Round ubs LIVINGSTON LATHAM Unno:LL1a S mosT monenn 9+0RE f Sew Serum, ' ' Qunusrj ' ' Ucanuerj ' o UBLUES Unadllla Super Market BENI-VVATER MOTEL MLE As'r OFSDNEY ON OUTE Kellers General Store w B ag N Y BRROWHEAD STORE I c BOYNTON 5 soN 2611 U fuoo-MJ A, Walt Austln jjgeu, Auto Wreckmg Yard Auto Parts and Repmrs EAST SIDNEY RD 'I'ITUS GAS STATION wIIIIa GOODRICH BROTHERS POULTRY LIVE and DRESSED ONFONTA N Y ISI our UP9I'CIIrS DECKER JOHNSTON Cleaners PLANT B rt d I N 2596 STORES M t 149 D I St W lt HOWARD PARIS UNADILLA, N. Y. TYDOL GAS AND OIL 'ITRES TUBES GEINERATORS CHARLES ACKLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING LEES BODY SHOP My BODY 6 FENDER REPAIRING 4 11 dll STEVE S BARBER SHOP THURS 8- SAT TILL 800 UNADILLA ARTIFICIAL ICE Co WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 1 I E I R 7 P S E N Y C ND VIOLA WHITMAN Pn Pe. Y Phone Main St., nadilla cus ri C, 1 - UNADILLA, New vomc 67 ' ' . I ' V' 'I O ' Q Y ' x - 3f'e ows Sl. Una I u, N. Y. f 6 I I I' 'I Ma in rock Street Una II a, . Y. Phone 78 ain Shree , Sidney ' eaware ., a on I' I .' . . . PHONE 3762 oII.LA,NEw v THE JOYCE STORES FURNITURE DAY PHONE 2391 NIGHT PHONE 2801 UNADILLA N Y "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME' Goo EAR HOME Charles W Hlgley LONG RIVER INN A U T Q EXCAVATION S U P SAND c'BAv1-:I AND Tor son, DINE AND DANCE IN STREE SIDNEY New YORK W rt KSU UNADILLA N Y '48 1 N Y PHONE 3506 z .cf emu .An GHUCERIES I-UNCIIEONEFTE PHONE ofrmo 25511 M WELLSBRIDGE N I STROBECK POULTRY E CENTRAL FARM SERVICE STATION W"'Wf" 8- SON Y D B Perry HAETIERY A J Zurbruegg T A X l ELTITUS uw: 0.1 emma, SHELL Ol COM'AHI.N"2?DJLiIi.. Phone 2471 Umdmm N Y , . . Q I ef ' 7 L S . , 1 4 NE 6291 2 A T 38 . a in B 00 eet I I Phone. 2 U d'll' . . 1 ,lJ J -3 1 ' . V ' ll. Yu -' """ , , L THATARI FRESH ANDAT . -'1 Q 0 Sfgkiy, casonablePRlClSal f -. .1 H iw Sian., N. Y. . u 5 N A New . M , "' I Y L W. BAFUNUO, Prop. ' 7 f ' LEE S GROCERY 9 Groceries - Meats - Vegetables - Ice Cream Dial 3521 16 Depot St MARCELLU'S MEN'S-BOYSWEAR SPORTING-GOODS HARULD G. HOUSE ucznsso REAL ss'rATI: enum UNADILLA, N. Y. Al fa? f H1 W ' 5, N - Q- Unadllla New York F. S. DAVY INTERIOR DECORATING UNADILLA, NEW YORK J W VAN COTT Sl SON Inc gveryllzzngcg Q frlllgfnigtfung I UNADILLA SIDNEY WALTON NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK CEILE S UPHCILSTERY SHOP FURNITURE UPI-II:ILs1'EIaINIs dsph-Q, IRELAND BROTHERS Mzlk and Cream UNADILLA NEW YORK Gregorys Apphance Sales PHONE 3275 Olstgy- UNADILLA, N Y WEST N UNADI N Y DAVID CHAMBERS Strout Realty Agency HORSE 8a CATTLE NIARKET LINADILLA NEW mon ul1UdlIIG,N Y 'NT' -'A B X M I: WILLIAMS l 9 E i c 0 , if 4 . . O UI , U 1 1 , v I 1.13 , . Y ' Y G 4' X MA ET. L A 0 , , 4, I ' I ' K f S, . - M , 4- I - If - D . ' . . nsPRsssNu'rIvs f-, LP: . l ,- 1- 37 MAIN sv-PHONE zvee-DIAI. , M , 1 . 1' ' R ' ' I f ' I -7 '- 2 C tl fuk ,BOL o W J fm H50 BroadSt 7Xl1'1N 'Norwich N Y bldnex 'X X Phone 4 Pharm 'QIQQ L. af fge pccfuzs 1 sa oz cha A SHUBERT AUCTIONEER TELEPHONE FRANKLIN I6-F-3 FRANKLIN, N. Y, llllllla MILLS STUDIOS nc mmu:f.lz' 'audi f1v,44i,,f,, C' 1 1 fu glfiifg, 'ff ' ,I fi f N f Cb fm V- ' town JOSEPH JOEL FRIEDMAN f71zm! Unadilla National Bank MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DYER'S MOTOR CLINIC Sun Diagnose Test Equipment U ' N Y West Mann Street UNADILLA N Y D L MAD T UNADILLA NEW YURK OYYI YYTQYI 5 g',, SIELL ui 71 ww-Ek 1 is I I I , UNADILLA 5' 5' "' SHELL SERVICE Robert E Atkmson Realtor Unadllla Lloyd Grant Gordon oo O ---- .AU vw: ---- I Q u L Q Af k , Fl. W5 fi,--l N ' l O Cl Q ttaaa ro 4 U i . . I A , . " " 2 7 ali. , . If dw' li1I?v'?i'E1P 1 H M 7".1 gms! am CD I 1!!!!llgj5' X BEST WISHES SCINTILLA MAGNETO DIVISION Sidney New York U. S A Bendix Aviation Corporation GUY E PERRY De Soto Plymouth Smith St Sldnev, N Y Larry's 60 Mann Street Sldney N Y Phone 7881 VICTORY RESTAURANT Mam St W H Kent 8. Son 5 and 10 Cont Store Sldney N Y BOB'S TAXI som S1 I SIDNEY N Y QUALITY ,ECONOMY AND SERVICE ALL ITEMS IN OUR STORE ARE PLAINLY PRICED NO SHARP PRACTICES HONEST WEIGHT AND MEASURE EVERYBODY GETS COURTEOUS TREATMENT AND A SQUARE DEAL WE WANT YOUR PATRONAGE AND WILL CERTAINLY SHOW YOU THAT WE MERIT IT WCJZLQRY MELODY LANE SIDNEY SERVICE STATION GAS ESSO OIL ATLAS TIRES REPAIRING Music and Glff Center ROBERT E Howes PHUNE 5493 I2 D v s on Street SIDNEY I' Y Sdney New York .IAMES MIRABITO SONS Sidney, N Y Phone 5331 THE Hotel DeCumber 87 Mom St SIDNEY alder .Henry I usso cms souem AND sow SIDNEY K F MOTORS HOTALING S SALES 81 SERVICE Ford Dealer Sidney, N. Y , . . I I n 4 . iii ' ' ' 5 , O, U C . Sidney N. Y. ' I n 9 ' ' 4 mvzasms 9 sin ree , . . RS XI ua 1400 1,1 if A KANSAS XIX I TOPEK 'ff c Ysnsnwco IN M x ' 4 ,. on - V A loo - L 5 x ..... X .'."h ,, oo , 4 , , vnu.. 4 f 'X ' -vnu. 0 A 0 so 9 . on .' O Q., "00o0 ' H. llodiig. ' , 00005. , loop . oo. 0 "

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Unadilla Central High School - Unadillan Yearbook (Unadilla, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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