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Jr QNX XWAQ0 fc? JN 4 .fix r ' f Q wg Q 749 of UO! Q Q13 w WN YA x0 W X N V Q Q fy QPSK! X X . W QU! 954411 E900 KQX nov X Q X Qgg X W wi? N492 35? Q my JS Q DL ff r . Q, Q1 K , 5 Q-1 xwv 1 X! C Wy Vi QS gm? fi 51 0,9 N X, B 7 Lf' EQ Qk Q 1 -T65 Sf 4 -Zhi Qi M OI7 fel? ts Confidential Mugs Private eyes Mafia's Scene of the crime Under cover Behind the scenes 2-7 8-31 32-49 50-59 60-67 68-81 82-94 Umatilla High School Umatilla, Oregon 97882 1987-88 yearbook "lt's Confidential" Adviser: Mrs. Ward Editor Cherie Phillips Right- Students arriving at Umatilla High School saw the trees trimmed to an extreme. The subject became hush- hush throughout the school. Left- Friends gossip and share secrets to each other alter a day of football and volleyball practice. Lower Left- New principal Mr. John Thomas is the inside man on the job for the 1987-88 school year. He quietly has taken command of both inner hallway and out lol O, Wf73f na U 065- fe 00730 ff 'mess o SCSSSV? f H MH S301 Chia Qe Iinel students. ffl 6, 1078 C E li A X .. ff E ,ff e stef' 1 l l l l I -It wi 4 E tl W 'X if S tri 2 at i l l SSX V 4 1 '1 .., ' 5 iss efferirt ll, . , Q ul xiii?-tty, , - f t xy Wwtltltg ,N t .. . ' 1 f ' gs was W ,3- from nside out . . . -ll 1 Above- Trying to unravel a mystery? 1, Y b Wearing their clothes inside out, 1 f:,VV sophomore Heidi Skoubo,1unior Dust: Q? 7' Finck, and sophomore Keli Carraher 5 take time out to discuss each others , fashion outlook. VV l Locker styles reflect the private lives 1 of students at Umatilla High school. Ll E Shelves, mirrors, and pictures echo "'.- I ' 1 , the hidden aspects of student life. 1 , f5f5:f5f.f2'fS V " t r, if Left- Going from inside out, junior Hoot l Mesteth stops to give us a smile. A L r Ui tg P""1'!' It's top secret! Julie Tracy, and Dusti Fink share a confidential telephone conversation with someone from the underground world. We 're keeping it . . . 3 f , .Q QZEF. onfiden tial Shhh . I I xo i 4 533 Sharing a private moment, Cheryl Richardson sneaks a kiss to Brian Sheller. Fortunately for the girls C-team, coaches Curt Wheeler, and Charlie Shockley keep their thoughts confidential. Mrs. Tracy sneaks some files and documents over to the District Office. Girls in and out find it hard to keep a secret. rom far to near . There are surprise endings, strange dis- appearances, and unexpected appear- ances. Umatilla gains foreign students while on campus friendships begin and end mysteriously. if-"H-In It wasn't hush-hush th t L C ff y taveled LQB C G M k Mtt and D yB b I f d th Y Seeing is believing when Annette Hutsell, Janet Potter, and Kevin Moore are brought into focus from afar. Do you believe what you're seeing? 4.4 Camilla Andreassen and Jaime Mensa, the new foreign exchange students left their homes and came from far to near. Camilla comes from Denmark, and Jaime's home is Spain. Gina Dedrick peers through spy glasses to bring the unseeable to viewing. A home game-fans who come from near and far, watch Rod Tarter stop Sherman County short as the referee signals a dead ball. Umatilla wins this season opener 12-6. . W 'V-use S ffl b yr rf K QQ .,-' 0 4.-L H W B. f K QQ X X! I X5 i inf T' 355 A M25 Aga? rl 7 F if QQ J 11- up Y" :Wif- ,.-:J ,,f-s.1'--'N' -v-""""'-' ia ,h,......-...,.,,,- 'x, xx'-'X X-1. Charlie L. Abbott Jared R. Adams Cami Andreassen Sandy Ash Douglas Baker Pat E. Barnes Shayne Burres Bonnie Sue Calkins Kimberly Jane Clark Lori Coffey Kimberly Kae Dumond Bry Dunkle Jeff Easton Cruz Garcia Jr. Sonia Garza Flick Gerard UmOI'S at Umatilla High School are common, but not all rumors are bad. Seniors Angela Tread- well and Jeff Easton start out the school year as the class couple, being seen more often together than apart. Lori Cof- fey left for Sweden during her Senior year on the foreign exchange pro- gram, and left her best friend Traci Sunday behind. Not to fear, Traci is having a good time with friends like Chris Stone and Holli Proctor to keep her in high spirits. joy a day in the sun. Tim Patterson and Terry Mitch- ell expressing their friendship. Jim Schell and Bry Dunkle en- of class is al- ways fun when Vou have a friend along. Just ask Sen- iors Cheryl Richardson and Bonnie Calkins. It seems like they are al- ways getting caughtl That may be neaking out nothing compared to Jay Gibson and Shayne Burres who sneak away to the mountains instead of going to school. Best friends, good times, and being toether is what the Senior class of 1988 is all about! Duke Langley and Chris Stone show off their handsome shapes. Cami Andreassen wondering how she can survive a year in America. vid. il I 1 1 5 e 33 'll 5 er. ff' Brian Guy Gettman Jay D. Gibson Robert L. Holden ll Beth Hopkins Fran Camille Hopkins Duke Langley Kimberly Lynne McClannahan Jonas E. Millan Kim Michelle Millering Terry Mitchell Jaime Mensa Kevin Moore Geraldine Lee Muth Amy Nobles David F. Orr Regina Francis Ostrander ,fm vw Rf v i ww f ? W 'Eg-1 mn. f.., ,,, - f f f,,V if , V f V gag, S x ,f Q Blanca Estela Padilla rime suspects Were the picks of the senior class. Se- lected by fellow clessma tes, the results Vicki Dianne Parker Tim Patterson Tina Marie Prindle Holli Marie Proctor Cheryl Lynn Richardson Paul A. Rodriguez Robert Lynn Sargent WJames L. Schell Kimberly Simpson 'Christopher Paul Stone ,Traci Kathleen Sunday Shawn Tayman Malt Thompson Angela Rena Treadwell Regina Kay Weber Not pictured: Lora Stewart-Winters Best Looking- Terry Mitchell and Kimberly Clark. Most Likely to Succeed- Paul Ro- driguez and Amy Nobles. Class Clowns- Beth Hopkins and Bry Dunkle. Most Spirited Tim Patterson and Holli Proctor. Flirt and Wolf Cruz Garcia and Bonnie Calkins. Most Athletic- Traci Sun- day and Chris Stone. Jason Adams-90 Jenifer Adams-91 Teresa Alvarado-90 Joel Anderson-89 Dan Atilano-91 Juan Atilano-90 Ron Barnes-89 Joseph Barton-90 Jamie Baugman-90 Andrew Beitel-91 Chandryce Bellamy-90 Jeffery Blades-89 Bryan Bonner-91 Kathy Bonner-89 Eric Bowman-90 Jason Bowman-90 Robert Branvold-90 Danny Brannan-89 Luigi Brannan-90 Robert Breland-89 Kerry Brown-91 Jason Burk-90 Jennifer Burns-90 Keli Carraher-90 KV i Nix Uk Mi F 9-f , Q, isra -R . ,..'?L ' rbi S ff? wi Q x ,V 1 ob X SLA all I 5. P4 Q- .f X- i 5 H' ush puppies , Another name for underclassmen? Does it seem like no one listens to you or shows any respect since you are an underclassmen? These questions and some com- ments were answered. Do you re- member those days, seniors? Trina Olson, Junior, tells us what its like to be an underclassmen. "lt isn't that bad because we get to do the same things as the sen- iors. Annette Hutsell, Sophomore, tells us what it's like. "lt's not much fun." Brooke Skoubo, Freshman, says "it's no different, but everybody picks on us sometimes." Shannon Charlo-90 Cody Cleaver-90 X. Matt Cleaver-91 75 Allison Clucas-89 Mary Colpitts-89 Jayme Cordova-90 Shawn Crane-91 Toby Cranston-90 Gina Dedrick-89 April Derbyshire-89 Joe Dieckman-91 Jeff Divelbliss-90 Angel Eldrige-90 Jerry Elizares-89 Brian Elliott-89 Lisa Estrella-89 Alex Evans-90 Cindy Fenley-91 Dusti Finck-89 Cliff Foster-90 Above: Robert Sargent just received new tin- sel and his grin shows the glitter. Flight: Dawn Monroe, Larisa Wetterling are chattin' tinsel for the next several months. eeth in disguise Almost every class finds some- one with teeth wrapped in tinsel. Braces, now thought as a curse, unwrap to become a blessing. Those who "grin and bare it" to- daY Qain the million dollar Smile Below Jaime Moore shows the glitter of the future. of stainless steel ,.,,,,,,,i 5 i ffff in I .,,.. r 3, , ff! 1 1 I I hate Blood! I hate to give blood! l was terrified, just Iy- ing there hopeless while my blood was draining in the bag, but l knew that by giv- ing that pint, I was saving four people's lives. Afterwards was the worst . . . getting sick and having to be wheeled out of the bathroom in an or- ange chair! lt was my first time and maybe my last. Others didn't have such a bad exper- ience, Mrs. Ward plans on being a gal- lon donor in 1988. Many students plan on giving when they are 17. For me it was the pits!!!! Cruz Garcia gives blood without hestitation. To him giving blood was no big deal. Lupita Hidalgo-90 Traci Holm-90 Coleen Homan-89 Nick Hughes-90 Annette Hutsell-90 Mat lveson-91 Tonya Johnson-89 Tanya Jones-90 , I ,tt Vt Q' se S. Anji Jorstad-89 Meagan Lafferty-91 John Leonard-91 Kevin Leonard-90 Micheal Leopold-91 April Linnell-91 Scott Linnell-89 Lori Manley-89 Angie Martinez-89 Gilbert Martinez-91 Maria Martinez-91 Josie Mattson-91 Mike Maxim-91 Hoot Mesteth-89 Jason Miller-91 Dawn Monroe-91 Jaime Moore-90 Marcus Mott-89 Lisa Mueller-90 Mike Nelson-89 Dani Nilsen-91 Justin Nobles-91 Ernesto Ochoa-90 Angie Olson-90 Jeff Easton and Angela Treadwell Funniest Jeff They went to the bank to get her money, she put the oar in reverse instead of drive. Angela- The same day he bought her ring he almost killed her when they went baja'in. J.T. Bieren and Cherie Phillips J.T.- When we were horse- back riding Cherie tell off three times. She kept getting back on then would fall off again. I Cherie- One day J.T. and I got into an argument, I was infuriated and I beat him with "HIS" broom. Donald Swart and Tonya Johnson Donald- When she fell al- seep and started to sucking her thumb. Tonya- The time Donald was running on the ice and fell flat on his back. Jerry Ellzares and Leah Thompson Jerry- When Leah tried to be a movie director at Multho- mah falls. Leah- Jerry somehow man- aged to slip and fall into the Uma- tilla River. I laughed so hardl Unfortunately he got mad and smeared mud all over me. . Trina Olson-89 Melissa Orr-89 Abraham Ortiz-89 Hector Ortiz-89 Heidi Osterholm-91 Melanie Parra-89 Rick Patterson-90 Shawna Patterson-90 Penny Pellow-89 Adan Perez-91 Cathy Perkins-91 Cherie Phillips-89 Erin Picard-91 Karen Picard-91 Amy Potter-91 Janet Potter-91 Donavon Poulson-90 Tracie Prindle-90 Wendi Proctor-B9 Lark Pursifull-89 Loren Pursifull-91 Tony Raymond-90 Cory Reiner-90 Nathan Reinhold-89 .Q E Looking for a terrific adhesive? Glue has stuck these couples together since the be- ginning ofthe year. One couple addicted to tacky glue, spent a day in l.S.S. Another su- per-glued duo was separated only by a third party solvent. Being glued together have caused other problems often with home- work, and parents occasionally soften the adhesion if grades fall victim to "sticki- ness". Couples pictured were asked to re- late amusing incidents in their relationships. Vv N :Q .V W 1 'V Q 44 F f Li 7 .. ' Y ., . ' tgirl. Q 35 , . M 'M 9' At 'ert ' . Hector Ortiz and Angela Olson Hector-When I let her drive my car, she swerved to miss a car and almost wiped out a bush. Angela-Once Hector bought me a Iettermans jacket for a surprise and l found out. Travis Turner and Jamie Moore Travis-I had gotten a dip cone and we were sitting together. Jamie turned and smashed it into my face. . .then she did it again! Jamie- Travis wanted my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. ln- stead of taking a bite, he smeared it all over my face. ,. new wt ,gi ef people and good times are a part of being in high school. Incidents happen such as a freshman girl who totally destroyed the window to the entry of the gym. She claims it was an accident, ya right! A sophomore boy got a warning in Hermiston for mooning a passing car while he was with a few friends. A ju- nior boy and some of his friends went out for some batting practice. He swung the bat and hit a box, which caused the bat to pop up and nail him in the mouth. A senior girl partied in Walla Walla with a friend, but left no details. She only said, "lt was the craziest night of my life!" High school is good friends and fast times! Sabrina Richer 89 Trish Robinson-90 Natalia Sanguino 91 Ryan Savage 90 William Schappert 90 Mike Schell 90 Chris Schneider-91 Justin Schneider 89 Angie Scott 91 Judy Seufert 89 55' 'QSM' t 1 Jim Shaw-91 Brian Sheller-89 Brook Skoubo-91 Heidi Skoubo-90 Shannon Skoubo-89 Stephanie Story-90 Sean Sunday -91 Doug Surber-91 Bill Surber-89 Tom Surber -89 Donald Swart-89 Melanie Tarler-91 Rod Tarter-89 John Thomas-91 Michelle Thomas-90 ,H X , . . . 625 Left - Wendi Proctor, Abraham Ortiz, Jeff Easton, Jamie Viesca, and Scott Linnell trying to figure out 2 plus 2. , Q, .vyiw Right- Scott Linnell, Jamie Viesca, Rod Tarter, and Hector Ortiz kicking back in the library. gk .1 'Q' ,gf . pl ..-xl V Ly I.:- A193 4 i . ., X ,ge,, , H Angie Th0mPS0n'91 Julie Tracy-90 Rob Turner-90 Shelly Wallsinger-89 B0b WHN-90 Leah Th0mPS0f1'90 Jason Treadwell-90 Travis Turner-90 Lance Warr-90 l-HfiSSa HOUY Tobin-B9 Blanca Trujillo-89 Jamie Viesca-89 Lisa Warr-90 Weffefling-91 TOFTI T0bif1'91 Norma Trujillo-91 Kris Wainwright-90 Slacey Warr-91 Kasi WiZn9f'91 Angela Wooldridge-89 r J' i 'T' Mrs. Kodama making history Us J, W QQ? I-. K E I P I L14 Time and time again you may find several people catching a few Z's in class. Just look in Mr. V., Mrs. Kodama's, or any other classroom while they are showing a filmstrip or movie. One of the classic sleepers is Scott Linnell, he just doesn't seem to get enough! The only logical explanation for this is, maybe late night movies, after hours road jams, and ofcourse smooohing with your sweetie. lf we do this on the week nights, just imagine what happens on the week-ends! Now we know why there is so much rest in the classroom. Junior Mary Colpitts asleep dreaming about math. Junior Guy Parke lounging around. Freshman Loren Pursifull asleep on the job. 9CI'9fS are not only kept by studentsg teachers have a few of their own. For instance, when Coach Dale, Mr. Wheeler, and a friend from Montana went to an Idaho Van- dals game and Coach Dale slept through the entire game in the back seat of the car. Coach Dale said: "Kibbie Dome, inside or out?" Only he knows! Mr. Wheeler gave Coaches Shockley and Byrd a shower in the sprinklers while driving V's truck at a staff picnic. Finally, the time Miss Gagen, Mr. Carnes, and Mr. Saliby went to lunch at Skipper's and Mr. Sa- liby used the women's restroom without noticing or hesitating. Mr. Saliby . . . what a guy! rl' I i+" 3 l Jeanne Kennedy, Karla Nordquist, lvah Nord- quist, and Bev Wonderly are our happy cooks who feed us daily, 4 , Q TEL, Q 1 it ttyttttt , , i tx' y 1 if is L t i .V g Tilti ta-151 I ' ' " 5 l ,S bf Lx 2 , t 'lef L ,fe5,.1-g'n:1e.f .. 5 -ff t K sf. Lorraine Albert- Music Bill Dale - Coach Steven Carnes - Math George Chianolun - Maintenance Supervisor Carl Collyer - Custodian Lee Diedrich - Education Resource Center Victor Dolezal - Communication!Foreign Language Patti Elder - Aide Frank Fry - Counselor Judy Follett - Custodian Keith Follett - Custodian Nancy Gagen - Business Education Susan Kodama - Social Science Mark Manning - Art!Photography Jack Mclntosh - Mechanics!Metals Rich McNally - Grounds Alan Mushen - Social Science David Peske - Math!Computers Ann Robinson - Library Cip Rodriquez - Maintenance Randy Saliby - PE!Health Flon Sehman - Science Charlie Shockley - PE!Health Betty Tharp - Custodian John Thomas - Principal Judy Thurber - Aide Mary Ellen Tracy - Secretary Tony Villanueva - Social Science Wilma Ward - Communications Curt Wheeler - Science Keith Goin - Communications Nancy lveson - Home Economics 'iii- ' A ,,,..- ,fr Ii. 0 3 avg' 3 -A 0 ,ii " ig ssfr S U ' , nge! aff I iY'?'i2f52f A ' fl Mark Manning taking it easy. Miss Shockley taking a dip. Mr Diedrich "Howdy!" ,J 2" 'd ww e Regina Weber I fi :Wy Chris Stone l o K.-A Robert Holden Rick Gerard Angela Treadwell Kim Simpson i M H W9 455- Hi, mek 1' J AL,,, M ,L do VV Q f , , V ., g I W if ' 'Qi I . "..' slliwll-0125 04 lg, r ,rbi Lori Coffey Holli Proctor Jeff Easton Cruz Garcia o" i 5 i I 5 ,i .....- l N ' m ,sl Kimberly Dumond Cheryl Richardson Doug Baker Geraldine Muih K Q 1i"f'5u "" if X 5 f ,. I 1 4 , 45 N" Q9 ce' 'E S T UDEN T -M,-EM LIFE 0 O bd ildlife Where do you find wildlife? Usually in less inhabited terrain than Umatilla. However without much searching, wildlife seems to abound in and around the school. Wheth- er in the classrooms, at a pep assembly or after hours the beast in everyone sur- faces. ln fact, sometimes Umatilla seems to go hog wild. Here's Mrs. Tracy receiving a pie in the face from Mike Nelson, after he won the bid with Mr. V.'s and Mr. T.'s money. Joey Dieckman and class show U.H.S some typical freshman maturity. Q U X ? Q19 11 Maybe not alltimes are wild but most of life is. Carla Greenfield, Josie Matsen, Adan Perez, and Matt Cleaver having a "blast" in Mrs. Wards' class. x s fx ..uu-0""'wv'i Mr. V. shows his school spirit and leadership when practically being forced to put lipstick on for pig kis- sin' practice. fun d Holli Proctor an orange by u prise end hg Just coming here from Chicago Kevin Hays thinks this is cool. "Homecoming here is really awesome. You see, at the high school l attended in Chicago, homecoming was just a formal dance and a catatonic football game. There were no activi- ties, pep rallies, or anything of the sort, just a game, dance, and homecoming court. Sounds boring and it was." "Umatilla's homecoming was exactly one opposite, "I had a great time at the noise parade, bonfire, and also watching all the boda- cious competitions. The kids really know how to get wild and crazy. The dance was great, even though the loss of the game earlier in the day was disappointing. Overall I had a great time, and thought the little sis thing was cool too, l think l'm gonna adopt her." I had a suprisingly good time. wi TR- The blazing bonfire. BL- Mr. "V" reuniting with an old friend. BR- Joel Anderson, Stephanie Story, Jamie Moore, and Travis Turner enjoying the homecoming activities. Senior Princess Cheryl Richard- son, Junior Princess Wendi Proc- tor, Senior Queen Holli Proctor, Senior Princess Traci Sunday, and Junior Princess Anji Jorstad. The glamorous homecoming royalty. h 5 X K 'JV 5 b Ai ii i P A V K, 5 vw as y so sciscs Coach Dale imitating the Budda. Duke Langley getting ready to thrash ake up secrets Why do best friends get back together again? It's simple, according to best friends Cheryl Richardson and Bonnie Calkins, who have been best friends for the past four years, "We don't have anyone else to talk to. We want to tell each other something, but when we are mad we can't, so we just make-up." To others make-up means eyeshadow and hairstyling. Cherie Phillips confides that blending two or three colors of eyeshadow is far more effective than just one. Jennifer Burns and Tanya Jones both guarantee that sculpting spray does wonders. . . It's far better than hair spray, and is not as heavy as mousse ...... ask any of these lovely ladies to learn more make-up secrets! Yet some people think about make-up secrets in terms of couples. Tears and apologies may work for some, while others resort to violence. Keli Carraher recommends pulling belly-button hairs, while Cherie Phillips endorses the broom treatment. Words are effective in some cases. Bry Dunkle recalls the ONE time he was wrong. He apologized, she tainted. Flowers are also good, expressive, and very effective. This goes to show that make-up isn't just a bunch of cover-up. John Thomas -n- Melissa Orr, usually cou- . ples don't fight, but it never hurts to know A fafe plC1UT6 of ffl6fldS, Vicky PBTKQI' and AFIQIQ what to do. The best pan of fighting is Martinez. making up- ,..... Q S 1 lil l X X . X I , I w X ' l " E VK .xx f' - 'I' ' l tmf 11 X J ' gan- X I g Jennifer Burns and Tanya Jones V . 5 Q certaily do know the "Make up Se-1.-X: 's f ' g crets" you know what they say. .if ,f X . e'ee- f "Practice makes perfect." 1 l l I 7' 1 l Cool dude Mr. Saliby slips off a few "Secrets" to Cami Andreas- The inseparables, Bonnie Calkins and Cheryl Richardson, sen during spirit week. "Straight Arrow" was traded in for "Made probably know the "Make-up-Secrets"g even best friends fight Up Secrets". at times. lx! 'X l dridge goofing off. Golclwo Gotcha is for all those people who are camera shy or hams. lt's rather amazing what people will do when you try to take a picture. Some will shy away while others will act totally strange or just plain silly. Well all we can say to the following peo- ple is we ... Gotcha. K2 Stephanie Story and Angel EI- Nick Hughes eating a juicy rat. Jason Treadwell experimenting f QW Ms. Shockiey imitating John Wayne for Heidi Skoubo. Marcuss Mott iying on a freshman couch. Myndee Grider getting into the Christmas spirit. lx Oliver North standing tall and proud. 4 Q Dawn Harmon showing off her triple earpiercings. Ng r W o ff K o R Aa Zi 1 r-r,rrr 1 1 V ,,.,.,. , . 5 ,." x .W '-r,',.-. . f " "h" ""'-"' f 1 roon n o 1 r r,nrr T , -rr,' 'r,,r,r 2 L. , "r' ' Q ','- ' . oornn' 3- Mm ' ,.,. nooor R " o n . 2 ' . W - no no ' Q ' K f ' rrrr, r ' N -LV . l l I . -get if -AVV R.. V , , 3 Left: The average Dairy Queen group lunch. Above: Melanie Tarter and her massive hair-do. nconfiden tially 37 1987 was quite the year. For events, it was a controversial year. Such as the PTL scandal and the Gary Hart-Donna Rice affair. As we roll on through the year the big events list and fads list grow longer. Some of the biggest fads were such things as acid-washed clothes and wild hair styles. '87 wasn't confidentialg let's try to keep '88 the same. B Jason Treadwell and Anji Jorstad with their "in" acid-washed clothes. DS Red M8tM's candies returned to store shelves. Alternative school is started this year for students who don't function well in regular classroom set- tings. A purported member of the "Mexican Mafia" shoots and kills a suspected drug dealer near the school tennis courts. A school-sponsored dance was being held at the time. Acid-washed jeans, skirts, and jackets were tops in popularity, surpassing last year's stone- washed hits. The "Boz" influenced haircuts are a close shave . . .Melanie Tarter, Kevin Hayes, Mike Nelson, and others wore theirs too? close for comfort. Wall Street experiences "Black Monday", when stocks plummet and send the nation's financial institutions into panic. Interstate speed limit is finally returned to 65. Umatilla Football team makes it to the first round of state play-offs. Minnesota Twins win the World Series in '87. Den- ver Broncos fall to Washington Redskins in '88 Superbowl. "ln" wear includes Swatch watches, Reebok shoes, Black Hills Gold jewelry, Coca Cola and Spuds McKenzie T-shirts, and 501 jeans. Circular-shaped wooden hall passes were insti- tuted . . . and were found to be better rollers than frisbees. Big drug bust occurs at McNary. ,C 1' QSQQ FAVORITE HANG OUTS 1. Short Stop 112 2. Lori's house 3. Up Your Donut 4. Car Wash 5. Laundry Matt 6. 7-11 7. Dairy Queen 8. Wendys 9. The Weight Room 10. McDonalds Right: Princess Diana ZW . wax PASTIMES 1. cruising 2. pass rolling 3. soaps 4. copying homework 5. class naps 6. eating 7. thrashing 8. research papers 9. dating 10. Right: Jett Divelbliss N ,xi l ix FAVORITES 1. Cherry 7-Up 2. DQ Blizzards 3. Diet Coke 4. Old television shows 5. Parties 6. Soft contacts 7. "Days of Our Lives" 8. Seat belt law 9. Dances 10. Cruz Garcia 81 Terry Mitchell PRICES 1. Full Meal Deal 2.39 2. ASB card 5.00 3. Yearbook 15.00 4. Soda pop .55 5. Big Mac 1.40 6. Sports lllus. 2.25 7. Casette tape 9.95 8. Movie 3.75 9. School lunch 1.00 10. Unlead. gastgall .98 Dusti Finck 8- Mary Col' pitts 'l CDW Gary Hart drops out of the presidential race after an affair with Donna Rice is revealed. He later re- enters the primaries. President Reagan, as well as Col. Ollie North, take the heat after selling arms to Iran. This be- came known as the Iran-Contra affair. John Thomas becomes principal of the high school. Rumors of marital problems surface between heir to the English throne Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Superintendent Warren Linville announces his re- tirement, and school board selects George Fen- ton to replace him next year. Just as evangelist Jimmy Bakker's affair fades in the press, another TV minister, Jimmy Joe Swag- gart, is found guilty of sexual misconduct. Dennis Conner returns the Americas Cup of sailing to the United States. England's Eddie Edwards is the media darling of the Winter Olympics held at Calgary, Canada. Ja- maica's Bobsled team is another hit. During the fall's "Kiss the Pig" contest, Principal John Thomas, and coaches V and Wheeler twist- ed and bent 'straight arrow' into a permanent curve. Straight arrow referring to honesty in an- swering. Donkey basketball returns. U'.""2:Z.,:'s:a.J H W Mfw - , E vigil 3,4 side A-hue, . wqgtdoagee-VWBBANBE at I5 . wo.lls.'mI"k55"" J-sfIr4W"' ' V ' You-gunsggn, k' fwfh- +0 ka.v0.Nl5"44 . j3 Lmtaqme - i Q9 its ' MAB- q 'Z Q 'g Twnibwlmmwxfb -' .1-'5 .- '-'A """. f',uKxg5g,55YovUcdw'gu3fD5""'-I, r XP- , .D X I VIKINGS Q' ' ' -m.9f40n:59eLm.6Dk5adnu 63252, .Q Q , M fx. I i, QI 'l1,1keClassoFw GDB Q HOTDOQ, l n B IT . A-oASH?KE! .. d- 1 f AT OL f g ,M M Jvgqrtg .RJLF5 ' W 35353 ,G 1Enf'ib,'z3'g, "s1..1,., E33 ,, ' - " ' I ' I' MA ,,c,.,3m5 g 53- 2:5 VB E E I A M ,nw .mmap LJ ,Lag - QMe E f "WN Q 11 H yr ,V aww WE mms nah 4 V , H 2 5.5. E Q V wwf , mmm W J i Qu! uii4aw:34ZemLdJ5.'fpLeqnL, il I Q52 A -i 4 'fp vim, Mn' QQAMALJQJLMWLHRCUQ f U u -5: mmx f'Qo0t1lLZnLC-SJ-1,Uc'Qc5f'u.Ad D 1 uf Y , 5 ufgzabeual OcuccC'wwc J W jp M0531 33555934535 uw: .qgqwi fi NY ffvffyf PU 35 - U" Q .5559 M Q- QQQQN W- Q Q 'M' aj.: WVe w:f x gygjg WMM 41,006 aff .,.?...?.'..'?.i"?.:,'f.l21,'I'3,E"""5 9 lg jiifrg . ' I l l Niaqf- wtzze ::,:..,::xi'1m Q GTE W A-- ?Z':'3f:Ef: 'i?5i: "' QM " +A- W 3473f5+glfL B l on M x M . QDON F553 J cog-QOL-ft hrs.: Leng? qcfwdfmqmf In ,Q 1 'N OHM ' Q sm I, 5 AVx:Ms5g,Q Bunn 9 so-1-,H pb QTWX ml M W IP J sw 1 191345 0 E' g AQ Q' r X nb, ECCJQLAT Swap van, E SCS' X f-5 CID 6 f - .cD,,Is. ., , ., ET Au. Tngkgiwgni 5 A xt 1 Q H .J 'M . L SOP jfgfljfjfw g 5.31021 be 2 Q Q V B .W 'Q w L an f SE-rd! l r-XWIAELLQY lg Sari S 4 K 0 ' A . , QE i ,2':' ' N' l L u r U-sv--t ' H Q wap. fm mw 'mf W ' MM' W IHLQAMI I A If 2:21-giALLFnHA:1Tu1rG-Mfilvli 0O1YW05r'Ux'x f T 4 ' ' Galaga H H -E TTB M5z':hE"T3::'::: ww: . ' 9195, 2.211-l3'+L - N,EJLNJ:::J,ef'q?5My5ppUW4 w .Au 9-nw -AMS -. ww 2,35 fggcox-:gal ,. 9000 ! X " l Way - afhurjgk Q49-0' 5786 !- JOM' Q 0 -'D"3'1'51'l3:""u' 4,-1o7LgW1r,uL-1'-1-Q. -X Q. ' Ng: .C 4 'bw ug Q kfwmggfw p..,M.,1.,uuL , mg In 0 - f 'QN Y- U- ' fp 4 'QQ' ' 'A nevv b QQ -fa-Q, fm L, 1L A ,fiYu -0. 3of.Q-wysesm we Q - r Qg .., CWS , . 1 - --...I ""1..,-fi X 'J ,VV H. r' 6' S ' ' :Wim - od? Q A - ' . J N V Y , Q I f X Uma, .JMD-9-fx-Ulf ' fx-fN X35 in gs Zufflljcpc Sewag- X, ' . 1 an az cafe Y Req' ?YA1iu,Gan,Sumn,0:c,, as L- ,, db ,Z'i'U'f'U"""' ff? Low' Wu. ' ' JJmmf.1uT5h'D'Lmm' -, CP' X ', A. WU NWN-Q LUX-Qmg uf-g+QwQw0Mw . - g? .X Sfkbfw 5 MW K 4 c awww . , .1 i ,M 'iiisf NN i1 U Mm asm, ww 4. x , . f 14fE?1W,i f Q q ,aJJUsDJ.P. , f - S -w--1 J '5 ' Mano 05" '-Rf Q xi' R S 2 P 51,971 '61 , F .Q wr' - I S , L MQ 5 - ' x .Dow LI, 'Nr ., KJ I --X. , ,i"7Df'S0ia'-gwv xl 1 d ll U " Q I Y:-, vm of-Q yn af' 4 , I I-113 Mjngi- Sou. NOLF 'eff my gl mmmfi. V Icikvtg Q10 Aon H VQQZQNE Chg, I Lwywmy. E VER if ' fi ' WGVLAJT FEMA AQ +510 - - . Az' P fx ' lmhlflf' U '9 ' VA ' X X 614 X . FRESHFIEN DjH.u..M QM PN' KN . 9099! Y D - Nm Ii' P ff" , xg X cuss or 'ar 29 DQ Q fs? Q JXNWCJF Ogg QM Y 3 ' zAWp75f Q mm YHUIXAQ J 1 """'f lf. i , fm i 'X' " 'Mx ' 2 li 'VGIJN ' J L 09" ff 3 "C E ffl X G qc! QXiA.fQ-LX' Ana 110.1 N B XG? Qf5kf " 1 1 Q N4 Y V Wg Q, A ' . 0 795 4CEJ,5 'T' 3' . , :I V"' Y Q ld- jclurlp 0 KV-NXT. moot! ' I 5 C' 143 Qrffzf' A 11547 " , , b-7-WITH yfm' 13- FAlL"T 93 . ' " N . ' C' bit TH: yzifmgg ' 9+ 9' 'kLxgfY'.QMaLQhi.lA, QI" 4-O"lC', 7- .V , . Xb., 4 WAIVS ,, T 3 F . .M Bunce, A .. , C , M WFwW"'k,,,g3M.. MNQE Mmm, F3155 P35630 NJ ' "Sify if L7 Q ' TQW . Q53 Eg w- e:P+5L,- 3 ff ff fy ' Z' 1 QX x L+ fter hours . . . Well, l've been put to work on my last layout, and I need a theme. Hmm. Wait! I see some pictures of people working ibut none of mel. I could do my layout on work. Yeah, that's the ticket! Work is something that everyone does, willingly or not, when they're in school. But some people work outside of school. They do this be- cause the work inside of school doesn't satisfy them. Right? Wrong?l Well, OK, they also do it for money. And that's sorta cool 'cause you need money all of the time for dates and parties and insur- ance and cars and clothes and lunch and dinner and donut runs and everything else, too. But work is important, too. Work is a character builder. lt gives you an entirely different outlook on life, makes you see things in a kinda grown-up way. lt brings out tough- ness, and it brings out maturity. And what work does more than anything else is aggravate you, makes you want to strangle someone, puts you under so much pressure that you want to just SCREAM!!! That's what work is. 'N- B s Vis. quaqswmif N. . N . A 124 SHAKES H K ' Q ,W -1- 4 3' x ,. F! Cabovel Kentucky Fried Kim, ready to serve. irightb Jeff Blades has lots of gas , for the customers. ,C fleftb Kim Millering trying to smile Cbelowb Cody Cleaver and vegeta ble soup, what a picture! F1124 9 1 x 1 Caboveb Don Swart, swiping some breakfast. CLeftD Dave Gomez takes orders well. f ,-Ziff' l I, -lv ,. , -7 .-1 ' QQ W vow vxlkf -A ,f .' NUQ 153, " ., W J Q ' i "I , Rei fl L .115 different note The music department is playing a new song this year, thanks to a face at UHS. That person is Miss Lorraine Albert, di- rector ot both band and choir. When asked how the music department has im- proved this year, April Derbyshire said, "Everyone works together this year. And it makes us feel good that people think we sound better." lt's attitudes like this these that make our music department the best. Music is truly on a higher note. ci? l Jazz Choir-Bottom: Vikki Parker, Lisa Warr, Shannon Shoubo, Mike vNelson, Bonnie Calkins, Robert Holden, Cheryl Richardson, Traci Prindle, Miss Lorraine Albert advisor. Top: Tina Prindle, Melissa Orr, Angie Thompson, Bry Dunkle, Catherine Perkins, Teresa Alvarado. Concert Choir-Front: Catherine Perkins, Tina Prindle, Erin Pi- card, Dawn Monroe. Second Row: Teresa Alvarado, Traci Prin- , dle, Meagan Lafferty, Third Row: Regina Weber, Angie Thomp- l son. Top: Miss Lorraine Albert advisor. SFF! all ..M......., O K Concert Choir all together now ' - Above-One of the surprise numbers at the Winter Concert by the band was, Happy Birthday to Junior Mike Nelson on his 17th Birthday. Left-The Jazz Choir putting their hearts and lungs into it. Band: Front Row: Brooke Skoubo, Gerry Elizares, Traci Sunday, Fran Hopkins, Dusti Fink, April Derbyshire. Middle Row: Miss Lorraine Albert advisor, Heidi Skoubo, Lisa Estrella, Larissa Wetterling, Bonnie Calkins, Cheryl Richardson, Jay Gibson. Back Ftow: Danny Brannon, Jeff Blades, Mike Nelson. A X r Making change . Clubs make change ...... whether in dollar and cents for fund-raising, community ser- vice, or change in indiviual skills and talents. The Art Club is making money by painting windows and making Grams for the holidays to raise mon- ey for a trip to Portland. The International Language Club adds to its treasury by selling donuts hoping to finance a trip to La Grande. The Key Club is trying to help our community, and cleaning up garbage is one way. The Speech Club makes changes too 1gin peoples' attitudes and opin- ions as they seek to persuade others in debates and speech contests. An anxious Key Clubber waiting to escort someone at the Blood Drive. Art Club's Melissa Orr and Gina Dedrick painting the school's window. Speech Club: First row: Shelly Wallsinger and Alex Evans. Sec- ond row: Mr. Keith Goin and Rick Patterson, Key Club: First row: Allison Clu- cas, Holli Proctor, Mike Nelson, Bonnie Calkins, Kim McClanna- han. Second row: Mr. Steve Carnes, Heidi Skoubn, Gina De- drick, Lori Manley, Cheryl Rich- ardson, Geraldine Muth. Third row: Sean Sunday, Traci Sun- day, Lisa Mueller, Julie Tracy, Angela Olson, Justin Scheider, Josie Mattson, Kim Millering, Tom Tobin. Fourth row: Cody Cleaver, Dain Gardner, Bob Watt, Jeniier Adams, Trina Ol- son, Fifth row: Matt lveson, Jett Divelbliss, Jerry Elizares, Leah Thompson, Travis Turner, Brian Sheller, Rod Tarter, Dusti Finck. we K A ti? ' R' Q if + we ES gi QM b L S teai t T S t b "-- ',-1 f -.'. - " K If J...-':fls.f+,. .. . .,. ,.., -.f. ifk' it " l'k.. k.l-. , - , r',I 1 : - tt, 1 . rlJt-' " 1 it l.,, ' tt't T T . ' . ,kkV::.k , .M , t. iatl .,..,,. p ,.., i" Q lis .. L ... .. ,Q 'Q t " L ,.i 1 . -t . T Wlii' 1, 1 ' 'w fr i - "" ' ' t c if .L eso ol tt ' L fu ...LT t it L it Nciio' o ties f, . lil a'. l - cf' 'kj Nxt t A ' ff ' The Key Club members after a hard day off ski- ing! They take ski trips for all the community work they do. wr- 1 .H l ,, Ali fog -'i f -L : "Q ' ia: 2' mv, , ,-,- . 71 I ,' ' X. , . v sv iw, a we mi " i 'Ka lv' if . 5. , ' ' Hai Q' ' V 4, . f if lj! Q -ff A X , JZ, 3295, 7 ,Q 3, A f'v Q e W Z ,f' . . 3 .. F fl, V ffvv V ' Art Club: First row' Sheri Swear- ingen, Angela Treadwell, Fran Hopkins, Gina Dedrick, Melissa Orr, Amy Nobles. Second row: Mike Schell, Blanca Padilla, Alli' son Clucas, Heidi Skoubo, Mi- chelle Thomas, Catherine Per- kins, Mr. Mark Manning. Third row, Bryan Bonner, Joey Dieck- man, April Derbyshire, Kathy Bonner, Jefl Easton, Lisa Warr, Larissa Wetterling, Shannon Skoubo, Kasi Wizner. lnternational Language Club: First row: Angie Thompson, Traci Sunday, Bonnie Calkins. Allison Clucas. Second row: Na- than Reinhold, Don Swart, Anji Jorstad, Brian Sheller, Dusti Finck, Wendi Proctor. Third row: Lisa Estrella, April Derbyshire, Hoot Mesteth, Vicki Parker, Cheryl Richardson, Trina Olson, Fourth row: Lark Pursifull, Regi- na Weber, Cherie Phillips, Me- lissa Orr, Lisa Warr, Kathy Bon- ner, Angie Martinez, Fifth row: Penny Pellow, Blanca Trujillo, Shannon Skoubo. Sixth row: Mike Nelson. Mr. Victor Dolezal. B. v r. f ii! -if--"'lf' 5- -ls., l fl? '13 lnternational Language Club members selling donuts Chandryce Bella .4 .f' 5 , my, Vicki Parker and Lisa Warr X ,st - A--l - 5 .rv rw t. t, .X Q.. Xxltgc 1. xy ,, ,. ,. I, 1 fifzaiw-r 'Wi 4 x NIJ? s :'x'..,, - D . 'i-,.jXx,-X . , .qggx X' 1 C gifs: . it? ' TA: i e. N r- T "'4' 'xbx tl J he SAI .Qfl . W "i"' Ill 2, if Balloons, cookies, and stuffed animals were given to Big Brothers from their Pep Club Little Sisters at the end of Home- coming week. ysteries Mysteries were abundant this year for Pep Club. One mystery was the theme for Sadies. After much de- bate over teddy bears, colleges, and surfin', the Pep Club members finally decided on Surfin' Sadies. Pep Club members, assisted by Bry Dunkle, created decorations rang- ing from beachballs to sunglasses, so dancers would have good vibes in atmosphere as well as music. Playing a different tune was the song and dance act many Little Sis- ters did in an attempt to keep their Big Brothers a secret. The Little Sisters gave their Big Bro's gifts of cakes, fruit, pop or anything they want, to make their guys happy. These mysteries were fun for every- one. Pep Club Advisors: Above- Mrs, Ann Robin- song and below, Mrs. Mary Ellen Tracy, who gets very tired being Pep Club advisor. 2 f fi 4 if wh. 1 : 4 .Sinai F Vt g l :.t4izf:iwWZ2ig1tg5s' ,gi 1 if M A ,Ri --' at-,A 1 J Viking Club: First row: Traci Sumday, Anji Jorstad, Brian Sheller, Rod Tarter, Don Swart. Second row: Holli Proctor, Lori Manley and Mike Nelson. Pep Club: First row: Regina Weber, An- nette Hutsell, Tracie Prindle, Angela Ol- son, Mischelle Thomas, Lori Manley, Holli Protor, Fran Hopkins, Catherine Perkins, Angie Thompson and Teresa Alvarado. Second row: Traci Sunday, Cherie Phil- lips, Penny Pellow, Gina Dedrick, Melanie Tarter, Heidi Osterholme, Cheryl Richard- son, Kim McClannahan. Third row: Jamie Moore, Tanya Jones, Lisa Mueller, Anji Jorstad, Julie Tracy, Jenifer Adams, Alli- son Clucas, Stacey Warr, Dawn Monroe, Josie Mattson, Carla Greenfeild, Karen Picard, Trina Olson, Dusti Finck and Bon- nie Calkins. Biology Club: First row: Toby Cranston, Jamie Viesca, Annette Hutsell and Bill Surber. Second row: Heather Gurney, Tina Prindle, Lisa Estrella, Brian Sheller with Snake, Dusti Finck, Kim Millering, Third row: Jayme Cordova, Brian Elliot, Nick Hughes, Nathan Reinhold, Joey Dieckman, Don Swart, Mike Nelson, Brian Green, Brian Gettman and Mr. Ron Seh- man. FHA: First row: Kerry Brown, Kim McClan- nahan, Kim Clark, Amy Potter and Janet Potter. Second row: Mrs. Nancy lveson, Kara Snyder, Lisa Estrella, Carla Green- feild, Brooke Skoubo, Mynde Grider, and Maria Martinez. Third row: Larisa Wetterl- ing, Heidi Osterholme and Shelly Wall- singer. P 1 1 Sneak previews are what the journalism staff deals with every day. Trying to anticipate the "Big Events" of the year, capturing the moment with photos, and getting just the right interviews are the very essence of "yearbooking." No one outside the journalism staff is allowed sneak previews, but you can be sure it is worth the wait. You can also be sure that previewing is not quiet and calm. Approaching deadlines result in a mad dash for pictures a perfect layout, but the pictures don't fit, and excellent copy. Copy is sometimes one of the most difficult parts of doing the yearbook. You write, rewrite and sometimes rewrite again. The yearbook is one of the hardest things to do, but also it is a lot of fun. Drama Club too has it's tryouts, rehearsals, and dress rehearsals, before their performance. And student council plans, approves and predicts what activities will occur during the year. National Honor Society previewed Christmas by trimming the tree as well as repeating the induction cere- mony for new and probationary members. Sneak previews were just part of keeping it confidential. wwmw uw s 'rr i Student Council First Row Bry Dunkle. Second Row: Holli Proctor, J0UmaliSm'FiVSi ROWI I-Ori Manley. Allison Clucas, John Thomas Ke Traci Sunday Kim Clarke Fran Hopkins, vin Hayes, Bry Dunkle. Second Flow: Mrs. Ward advisor, Gina Dedrick April Derbyshire, Cherie Phillips, Holli Proctor. Not pic. Kell Carraher Above Left: Bry Dunkle hard at work on the yearbook. Below: Kevin Hayes writing caption copy. . x , ' .-,.:,.44..4,,g rr K s r is .2 , V . ,L r .., rr,,r. rr.r r,rr m . I t o,oo 5: " K, k!.'. 1 M v - x-egg-if Q- 3 rre.a . - . ' . ' K a 11 L . rrr , .. ' , ' - ..o. V . 1 - f,. K is "-' ga. ' "" ' ' Honor Society-First Row: Traci Sunday, Fran Hopkins, Melissa Orr, Second Row: Amy Nobles, Annette Hutsell, Christine Gray, Allison Clucas, Mischelle Thomas. Third Row: Mike Schell, Nathan Reinhold, Shannon Charlo. Fourth Row: Mr. Dolezal advisor, Don Swart. Not pic. Gina Dedrick, Dain Gardner, Bob Watt, Cody Cleaver. Drama-First Row: Larissa Wetterling, Kasi Wizner, Annette Martinez, Second Row: April Linnell, Mr. Goin advisor, Angie Martinez, Angie Scott. M 9 + 4 - QM 'ff X K f Q43 www fff L25 5 i B ACADEMICS ...V - As soon as the bell rings, class be- gins. Some people might wonder what goes on behind closed doors, so in this is a view of classic behav- ior. Whether it be research in the library or working on woods pro- jects, these students have a class e 0 act. . ,ly I f 1 "Here I go again." Senior Holli Proctor sitting through Mr. Mushen's citizenship class. 'Y qw' Junior Blanca Trujillo sup- p o s e d I y working . . . talking to Ju- nior Lisa Es- trella. Left- Freshman Mike Leopold is working on his woods project while, below- Junior Lark Pursi- full, Sophomore Shannon Charlo, and Junior Brian Green do research in the library. Q 'Y ij Junior Sabrina Richer working hard in the library. H I ., K L A V: VVL V I , ,,W ,wyzfdnftv 'S ,: ,t if f i i Senior Jared Adams working on his woods project while freshman Angela Scott looks on, Senior Robert Sargent and Mr. Lybecker in woods getting projects done. i,ll ,C This years Home Economics class is headed by Mrs. Iveson. The class has been pretty busy with sewing projects, baking cookies for the Parent-Teacher Conferences, cook- ing Thanksgiving Dinner for Mr. Thomas and Mr. Villanueva, and making gingerbread houses for Christmas. Keep up the good work. Right: Junior Danny + Brannan working hard in mechanics. lb T if ffgww, at , 4' 3' 7' 5. Top: Mrs. Iveson, Junior Judy Seufert, and Freshman Natalia Snguinoct with the Thanksgiv- ing Dinner cooked bythe class. Above: "Smile Kim." Senior Kim Clark, Junior Holly Tobin, and Freshman Natalia San- guino eating Thanksgiving Din- ner made by the class. Left: "Hey, this is pretty good." Mr. Villanueva having Thanksgiv- ing dinner made by the Home Ec. Department. 'N Y- ' ' S Ingenius. That is what describes the method used by students in preparing or not preparing homework. Tests are a way for teachers to see how well you have taken in the material, but really they are to see if you can make the grade. Making the grade takes work, but for some, being creative comes natural. It looks like these kids are sharing some classic secrets during class time. At right: Adan Perez scopes out the scene in Mr. ViIIanueva's World Geography class while Brian Bonner looks as if he's having a great time. Below: Freshmen Melanie Tarter and John Leonard trying to look enthusiastic in class. i "No way you're telling me this, Mr. Sehman." Junior Brian Sheller in Mr. Sehman's Chemistry class. Senior Rick Gerard looks as il he cannot believe that he has made it this far into the day. ,,iQw ?5 " 'ft ,, ASQEWQMQM sesss WN Q we as A MSM its "' A - -nt , Q may Rexx Q Far left: Catherine Perkins, Jason Adams, Carla Greenfield, and Charlie Abbott look as if they are enjoying themselves. Below: On a more creative side, sophomores Julie Tracy and Lisa Mueller in Advanced Art. nw? r.,,,,,,, Qh JXM9 AQ N X- MSS lux 16,3 , - R 3 x r Q 4 Km Q X X X n SPCRTS - ull-"""" nderco ver lt was no secret that the Umatilla Vikings were bound to be first in the Columbia Basin Conference, and then go on to the state playoffs. The Vikings were undefeated through their 87 season, but near the end faced difficulties when they met up with the Weston-McEwen TigerScots at the homecoming game. At the state playoffs, Umatilla fell to defeat by the Enterprise Savages. its qsfl , .. , M taa, W vt . f -- L ,h k,f 1 I .QW . 1. Mike Nelson going in forthe kill. 2. Mar- ' v , cus Mott and Danny Brannan looking . g V H cheerful about the football season. 3. . . Rick Gerard and Chris Stone blocking a iiir T 'Q f punt. 4. Chris Stone showing off his fan- 1 A . if tastic football ability. 5. Rod Tarter run- C , ning for yards. ,Q t 'W 1925? 193i it 'Q' N 1 w .... . .atf'f L ' . if ' As.. sstt .. L M... M.Q k in I .- , Coach Dale's most memorable moment of the season was beating Wahtonka. "lt was great! I almost started crying, that was exciting. They beat us 64-0 the year before. This year we were both undefeat- ed and we beat them 16-O, we were play- ing for first place." "The worst moment was the very first play of the game against Enterprise. We were sacked for a three yard loss on a power play and they blew by our first team alI-confer- ence guard." Coach V. 1 E 5.5552 x- xii-3 r -egg. l gtg? wifi is First row: Cheryl Richardson, Brian Sheller, Tom Surber, Loren Pursifull, Dain Gardner, Cruz Garcia, Mike Leonard, Jason Bowman, Doug Surber, Luigi Brannan, Traci Sunday. Second row: Bonnie Calkins, Rick Patterson, Lark Pursifull, Doug Baker, Lance Warr, Gilbert Martinez, Adan Perez, Duke Langley, Matt lveson, Mike Nelson, Holli Proctor. Third row: Coach Tony Villavueva, Kris Wainwright, Bill Surber, Cody Cleaver, Travis Turner, Rod Tarter, Chris Stone, Dan Atilano, Kevin Hayes, Jim Schell, Mike Schell. Fourth row: Coach Bill Dale, Matt Thomp- son, Tim Patterson, Rob Turner, Don Swart, Rick Gerard, Marcus Mott, Dan Brannan, Matt Cleaver, Hoot Mesteth, Coach Dave Green. I II is what football is all about, and the 1987 football season was filled with exactly that. The Vikings fought to the state playoffs with a 7-1 conference record. Seniors who led their team to state were Doug Ba- ker, Cruz Garcia, Rick Gerard, Duke Langley, Tim Patterson, Jim Schell, Chris Stone, and Matt Thompson. Together, with their team and coaches, they made an action-packed season that no one will soon forget. At right, Brian Sheller stops Wahtonka ball carrier at the 42 yard line on third down. Below, Ffunningback Chris Stone melts a wall of opposition dur- ing first quarter action against Wah- tonka. tf ,,.,h 5?5a'?f5jif55fffElff:iTf4ififffffi sttff ,'f' I ik-5Tflf:,' ' " 'ii t f lya, , ' stly . , 7 S tf,,i tteif T I , lltss s ftt of tiit ' 1 ' r T iiie TT ,,,c T ,,,, T T - .,,, V 't,r . 5 1 i t t T-, sl, 7 l ssr Ttts TTTT lts, lltt ltsl, S S ,itisT T , tT,, f 7 'hi' t l l,TtT C srss titc TTTT W ' " T , ,,,, , 1 SVZSV ' 15 ' l ,, i , ,,,, ,,,. 3 TT., J JJ V ' 4' 1 1 'lf W , ,.., ,,l for Vkh i riryy ri 1 4. I LVV,L 4 1? 3 if tty. . ' Tf'- ' TVTT. ' 51' , ' 4 " Vffl Q ii'T Q V "1'. f,qffYS7'f ,-,'Sf 5SfSffQ ,,.-' J ,,t,,' i'.f ' 1 ff fgftvig ,,,,, ttey K rrrr Varsity Scoreboard Jlvscoreboard Umatilla 12 Sherman County 6 Umatilla 18 Weston McEwen 32 tljmatlua 43 glasses County 43 Umatma O Riverside 12 mal a e a es . . , , Umatilla 50 Stanfleld 0 Umatilla 12 Stanhem lg Umatilla Win Stanfield Forfeit 'dmalgna lg gahgggra 2 Umatilla 26 Heppner 0 ma ' 3 ep Umatilla 22 Pilot Rock 41 :mana is ,iftxszzl T2 0 13 mal a lve l Umatilla 12 Weston McEwen 7 Fullback Rod Tarter stepped off to a fifteen yard gain against the Wahtonka Eagles. "I'm gonna die!" "l'm sure that's how most of the team felt our first morning of daily dou- bles. We were required to run ten 24O's. A 240 was to run from one goalpost to the other and back, a total of 240 yards. That wouldn't be bad, but you had only 45 seconds to do it in. After my fourth one l was ready to die. Luckily, I wasn't the only one, the whole team felt the same way." Chris Stone. Above-"No pain, no gain:" During the hot summer practices, the team received their very own definition of hard work pays off. Left- Rick Gerard catches a touchdown pass to put the Vikings in the lead against the Wahtonka Eagles. 73 That was the phrase heard most often during the 1987 Volleyball season. Agonizing daily doubles started on August 24th, and continued until September 2nd, when school began. Umatilla started the season with a tough game against the highly-ranked Riverside Pirates. Varsity, and J.V. didn't do well, but the C team pulled through with a win. The rest of the season went well, according to coaches Charlie Shockley, and Curt Wheeler. Awards were also a very big part of the Volleyball season. First time Letterman in Volleyball were Allison Clucas, Cherie Phillips, Cheryl Richardson, and Roxie Robbins. Players receiving recognition during the season were Anji Jorstad and Cherie Phillips, All-Tournament Team plaques at the Umatilla lnvitationalg and Anji Jorstad and Jamie Moore, All- Tournament Team medals at the Helix Invitational Tournament. At right, Kerry Brown blocks a shot from a Riverside spiker. At far right, Julie Tracy receives first hit after a shocking Stanfield serve. Above right, Traci Sunday cheers the serve while Cherie Phillips waits impatiently. Back row Traci Sunday, Roxie Robbins, Cherie Phillips, Coach Charlie Shock- ley. Front row Anji Jorstad, Cheryl Richardson, Jamie Moore, Allison Clucas. Not pictured Bonnie Calkins, Tina Prindle, Milanie Tarter. Back row Julie Tracy, Mischelle Thomas, Heather Durand, Dusti Finck, Bonnie Calkins, Coach Curt Wheeler. Front row Melanie Tarter, Catherine Perkins, Camilla Andreassen, Tina Prindle. Not pictured Keli Carraher, Norma Trujillo. Backrow Coach Charlie Shockley, Heidi Skoubo, Keli Carraher, Lisa Mueller, Stacey Warr, Jennifer Adams, Norma Trujillo, Mindy Grider. Front row Heidi -Osterholme, Carla Greenfield, Cindy Fenley, Kerry Brown, Catherine Perkins. Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla VARSITY SCOREBOARD C L Riverside W Echo L Wahtonka L Stanfield L Riverside L Heppner W Pilot Rock L Stanfield L Weston McEwen W Echo L Heppner W Pilot Rock W Stanfield L Weston McEwen L Hermiston J.V. SCOREBOARD L Riverside W Echo L Wahtonka L Stanfield L Riverside W Heppner L Pilot Rock L Stanfield L Weston McEwen L Echo W Heppner W Pilot Rock L Stanfield L Weston McEwen L Hermiston TEAM SCOREBOARD W Riverside L Echo L Wahtonka L Stanfield W Riverside W Heppner L Pilot Rock L Stanfield W Weston McEwen L Echo L Heppner W Pilot Rock L Stanfield W Weston McEwen L Hermiston AGGRIZSSIVE The varsity team has struggled through a difficult season. Com- ing close to many victories, but unable to clinch a win. The junior varsity team won two games this season. They looked good and played some tough games. They show a lot of potential to go far next year. The freshman team won only one game this season but seemed to go out there and have a lot of fun. Senior Cruz Garcia goes up for a lay in during the game against Riverside. l W 1, 3 U, X. TC .. . , My . El ' 2 I I, lffmfitk W 1 Q T., .3 Mi 3 if 9 fl Andy Beitel playing man to man a g a i n s t Heppner. Up for the shot, sopho- more Cody Cleaver hangs on to score two. if ,N J , .5 , f . -5- v T E Q... .',ff AH. 'T .... 5. Varsity basketball- Front Row: Manager Mike Schell and Coach Tony Villanueva. Back Row: Cruz Garcia, Jared Adams, Rod Tarter, Matt Thompson, Mike Nelson, Matt Cleaver, Robert Holden, Rick Gerard, and Loren Pursiful. -M i .ti 4 Junior Varsity Basketball- Coach Lee Diedrich, Dain Gardner, Jason Bowman, Cody Cleaver, Matt lveson, Rob Turner, Jonas Estrada, Jaime Mensa, Juan Atilano, Adan Perez, Loren Pursiful, and Ryan Savage. Freshman Basketball- Andy Beitel, Adan Perez, Gilbert Mar- tinez, John Thomas, Justin Nobles, Doug Surber, Dan Atilano, Sean Sunday, Tom Tobin, and Coach Bill Dale. Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Varsity Scoreboard 68 Helix 43 De Sales 36 lmbler 79 Echo 54 Heppner 44 Columbia Burbank 62 Stanfield 51 Spray 55 Pilot Rock 62 Wahtonka 45 Wasco Co. 64 Heppner 53 Stanfield 47 Weston McEwen 31 Sherman Co. 48 Stanfield 54 Riverside 64 Weston McEwen 51 Pilot Rock J.V. Scoreboard 55 Helix 28 Echo 73 Stanfield 37 Wahtonka 46 Wasco Co. 45 Heppner 61 Stanfield 51 Weston McEwen 47 Sherman Co. 57 Stanfield 46 Riverside 35 Weston McEwen 26 Pilot Rock Freshman Scoreboard 41 Pilot Rock 44 Riverside 25 Riverside 41 Stanfield 44 Heppner 28 Weston McEwen 46 lHeppner 49 Stanfield 40 Pilot Rock 35 Weston McEwen Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla oughing it! lt was a tough season for the girls' basketball team but those who stuck with it gained from the exper- ience. lt's frustrating when you try your hardest and lose. Team members learned to play together and to continue on. They gained skills and exper- ience and also gained char- acter. The team this year was very young with only two Seniors and one Junior. The younger girls had to learn the ropes from Coach Bryd. The Varsity and J.V. both beat Riverside for their first win. They were excited. They played really well. They both had many close games though and had fun doing it. l'm sure that they had fun working, learning and playing their best throughout the season. Varsity Scoreboard 29 Helix 35 De Sales 27 Weston McEwen 43 Echo 35 Heppner 29 Widefield 32 Stanfield 53 Umatilla J.V. 24 Pilot Rock 37 Wahtonka 26 Wasco Co. 36 Heppner 18 Stanlield 34 Weston McEwen 30 Sherman Co. 41 Stanfield 40 Riverside 47 Heppner 28 Weston McEwen 42 Pilot Rock Above: Let's hang onto the ball, Below: The end result of this play was Umatilla getting the ball and making a basket. 89 54 63 28 58 61 52 9 63 48 55 65 65 64 70 s 71 31 53 62 60 Girls' Varsity Basketball: First rowg Melanie Tarter, Stacey Warr, Traci Sunday, Jamie Moore, Norma Trujillo. Second rowg Tina Prindle, Mischelle Thomas, Anji Jorstad, Julie Tracy, Jenifer Adams, Lisa Mueller and Coach Marcia Bryd. , J' ff P A 'or WJ-'Q:P:DXX'9'V the ball. 5 Up for grabs! Jenifer Adams trying to block the shot and Anji Jorstad looking on ready for " Where's the ball? Seems to be the question as the J.V. girls take on Heppner. l QXY l is l X gy 1: , 1. wa 4 5, Ning, " MNC! , , N31 Ewan L, wan, Z 1 Girls J,V. Basketball: First row: Coach Dianne Schleder, Brooke Skoubo, Angie Olson, Janet Potter, Melanie Tater, Kerry Brown and Amy Potter, Second row: Blanca Padilla, Kasi Wizner, Larisa Wetterling, Angela Scott, Tinka Palmier and Heidi Skoubo, Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla Umatilla ir J,V. Scoreboard 2 Wahtonka 30 24 Hermiston 32 13 Heppner 46 10 Stanfield 51 22 Weston McEwen 56 15 Sherman Co. 54 26 Stantield 48 24 Riverside 23 16 Weston McEwen 55 18 Pilot Bock 41 lx J V. cheer- leaders for foot- ball, and basket- ball, Angie Thompson, Josie Mattson, Dawn Harmon Basketball cheerleaders build a pyra- mid during a time out. Top Bonnie Cal- kins. Bottom Dawn Harmon, Keli Car- raher, Josie Mattson, Holli Proctor. At right, football cheer- leaders, Varsity, and J.V. Top Josie Mattson. Third row Regina We- ber, Dawn Harmon, Tra- cie Prindle. Second row Angie Martinez, Angie Thompson, Blanca Pa- dilla. At far right basket- ball cheerleaders. Top Bonnie Calkins. Bottom Keli Carraher, Tracie Prindle, Holli Proctor. .eli :5'li7 ,5kE 1 .:E: E5EE-?i iii SSZE 5f?TE5' T T-'fiifflff .. X W as l , N its Q' W ,, - A A 4 t aa...-f 1,3 ai me , t-MN--sta.: Secrets Of Success ls exactly what the cheerleaders, and dance team used during the 1987-1988 school year. Hard work, and long practices make a team im- prove continually, but practices weren't easy. Doing repeated rou- tines to eight counts is not exactly fun, but it pays off. Cheerleaders had these same problems. Learning cheers, and building pyramids takes a lot out of a person. Just ask any cheerleader, or dance team mem- ber how many hours of practice they put in learning a new routine, or cheer. But in the end, it did pay off. The result impressed crowds, who cheered throughout the year. Football cheerleaders organized the pep-as- sembly in which coaches wore pig faces, and ate cream pies. Vicki Parker, Holly X Tobin, Karen Picard, -::: ::f:: Z ::ff tt,t ee W ssss Catherine Perkins, Lisa Estrella, Lori I -X Manley, Dusti Frnck, -- 9'-'Yi fe- and Cindy Fenley f, performing their first dance of the sea- SOFI. Angie Martinez, Vicki Parker, Dusti 1" f A 1 M A 4 M Finck, Karen Picard, t --I Catherine Perkins, K Q ' , ,, ' ,, g 1 5 and Lori Manley do- .f J" 'Q KN' W .Q ...,,,- 2 . . . s e e mg e kick-line. t .,,... t 'e ,gy ,fsggggef Nl ,,,,, 35.-:.-g.:i.ii ,s T' 'WWF ' . "S Back row Kara Snyder, Chandryce Bellamy. Fifth row Vicki Parker. Fourth row Angie Martinez, Holly Tobin. Third row Lisa Estrella, Dusti Finck. Second row Lori Manley, Karen Picard. Front row Catherine Perkins. Q 1 '50 ai 4 fig p SL LO Q 'X ffl X " F X Q W X fam W7 49' s,,, .,..,..-ll Nlll' UMATILLA AUTO PARTS 901 6th street Umatilla, Oregon 922-5556 Al Heare, Owner Carlsons Drug Good Luck Seniors! 922-3246 VIDEO DIRECTORS Friendly Personal Service Latest in movie releases Complete selection of all ratings. Gift certificate phone reservation. Welcome Open 7 days a week. 1300 6th 922-5005 Next to Dairy Queen One way of describin Q Thomas would be ...... ag Kevin Hayes Mr The type of guy you would take cruising with you.?? 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T 5 TT i 4? 4 X 'ly' s T 22 5 Abbott Adams Adams Adams, , mnsx , Charlie-10, 67 Jared-10, 63, 77 Jason-16, 67 Jenifer-16, 54, 57, 75, 78 Albert, Lorraine-28, 52, 53 Alvarado, Teresa-16, 52, 57 Anderson, Joel-16, 36 Andreassen, Cami-7, 10, 39, 75 Ash, Sandy-10 Atilano, Dan-16, 71, 77 Atilano, Juan-16, 77 B Baker, Douglas-10, 31, 71 Barnes, Ron-16 Barnes, Pat-10 Barton, Joe-16 Baughman, Jamie-16 Beitel, Andy-16, 77 Bellamy, Chandryce -16, 55, 81 Bieren, J.T.-22 Blades, Jeff-16, 49 Bonner, Bryan-16, 55, 66 Bonner, Kathy-16, 55 Bowman, Eric-16 Bowman, Jason-16, 71, 77 Brandvold, Robert-16 Brannan, Danny-6, 16, 53, 64, 70, Brannan, Luigi-6, 16, 71 Breland, Robbie-16 Brown, Kerry-57, 74, 75 Burk, Jason-16 Burns, Jennifer-16, 39 Burres, Shayne-10 71 Byrd, Marcia-81 C Calkins, Bonnie-10, 15, 30, 39, 52, 53 54, 55, 57, 71, 75, so 1 - Carraher, Keli-2, 16, 75, 80 - Charlo, Angela-17, 62, 79 - Chiamolun, George-2, 28 - Clark, Kim-10, 15, 30, 57, 65, 58 - Cleaver, Cody-17, 49, 54, 58, 71, 77, 79 Cleaver, Matt-17, 35, 71, 77 Cluoas, Allison-17, 54, 55, 57, 58, 59, 79 Coffey, Lori-6, 10, 31 Collyer, Carl-28 Colpitts, Mary-17 Cordova, Jayme-17, 19, 57 Crane, Shawn-17 Cranston, Steve-54 Cranston, Toby-17, 57 Curry, Heather- D Dale, Bill-28, 36, 70, 71, 77 Dedrick, Gina-5, 7, 18, 54, 55, 57, 58, 59 Derbyshire, April-18, 53, 55, 58 Dieckman, Joe-18, 34, 55, 57 Diedrick, Lee-28, 29, 77 Divelbliss, Jeff-18, 54 Dolezal, Victor-28, 55, 79, 86 Dumond, Kim-10, 31 Dunkle, Bry-10, 11, 15, 52, 58, 59, 79 Durand, Heather-75 -N E 88- Easton, Jeff-10, 22, 25, 31, 55 ' '- Elder, Patti-28 90- Eldrige, Angel-40 89- Elizares, Jerry-18, 22, 53, 54 89- Elliott, Brian-18, 57 88- EstradaKMillanJ, Jonas-13, 77 89-gstrella, Lisa-18, 22, 53, 55, 57, 62, 90- Evans, Alex-18, 54 F 91- Fenley, Cindy-18, 75 , 81 89- Ferrer, Jamie- 89- Finck, Dusti-3, 4, 18, 53, 54, 55, 57, 75, 81 ' '- Follett, Judy-28 ' '- Follett, Keith-28 90- Foster, Cliff-18 ' '- Fry, Frank-28 G ' '- Gagen, Nancy-28 88- Garcia, Cruz-6, 10, 15, 20, 31, 71, 77 90- Gardner, Dain-19, 54, 71, 77, 79 91- Garry, Joe-19 90- Garza, Angela-19 91- Garza, Hector- 88- Garza, Isabel-30 91- Gaede, Eric-19 88- Garza, Sonia-10 88- Gerard, Flick-10, 31, 66, 70, 71, 73, 77 89- Germain, Nikki-19 88- Gettman, Brian-13, 19, 24, 30, 57 88- Gibson, Jay-13, 53 90- Gray, Christine-19, 79 Gray, Matt-19 Green, Brian-57, 62 Green, Dave-71 Greenfield, Carla-19, 35, 57, 67, 75 Grider, Mynde-19, 41, 57, 75 Goin, Keith-29, 54, 79 Gomez, Dave-49 Gurney, Heather-57 Guiterrez, lsreal-19 H Hack, Stacie-19 Hasty, Chris- Hayes, Kevin-37, 58, 71, 79, 82 Hidalgo, Lupita-20 Holden, Robert-13, 31, 52, 77 Holm, Traci-20 Homan, Coleen-20 Hopkins, Beth-13, 15, 30 Hopkins, Fran-13, 30, 53, 55, 57, 58, 79 Hughes, Nick-20, 40, 57 Hutsell, Annette-7, 17, 20, 57, 77 I lrwin, Kathy- Iveson, Matt-20, 71, 77 Iveson, Nancy-29, 54, 57, 65 J Johnson, Tonya-20, 22 Jones, Tanya-20, 39, 57 Jorstad, Anji-20, 37, 43, 55, 57, 75, 78 K Kennedy, Jeanne-28 Kodama, Susan-28 Lafferty, Langley, Leonard, Leonard, Leopold L Meagan-21, 52 Duke-12, 13, 37, 71 John-21 Kevin-21 Michael-21, 62, 66, 71 Linnell, April-21, 79 Linnell, Scott-21, 25 Lybecker, John-63 M Manley, Lori-21, 54, 57, 58, 81 Manning, Mark-28, 55 Martin, Lester- Martinez, Angie-21, 38, 55, 79, 81 Martinez, Gilbert-21, 71, 77 Martinez, Maria-21, 57, 79 Matson, Josie-21, 35, 54, 57, 80 Maxim, Mike-21 Mc Clannahan, Kim-13, 30, 48, 54, 57 McCorkle, Charles- Mclntosh, John-28, 82 McNally, Rich-28 Mensa, Jaime-7, 13, 77 Mesteth, Hoot-3, 21, 55, 71 Miller, Jason-21 Miller, Nathan- Millering, Kim-13, 49, 54, 57 89- 88- - Orr, Melissa-23, 38, 52, 54, 55, 79 - Ortiz, Abraham-23, 25 89- 91- 88- Mitchell, Terry-11, 13, 15 Monroe, Dawn-18, 21, 42, 52,57 Moore, Jamie-19, 21, 23, 36, 57, 75, 78 Moore, Kevin-7, 13 Mott, Marcus-6, 21, 41, 70, 71 Mueller, Lisa-21, 54, 57, 67, 75, 78 Mushen, Alan-29 - Picard, Erin-23, 52 Muth, Gerldine-13. 31. 54 N Nelson, Mike-21, 34, 52, 53, 54, 55, 57, 70, 71, 77 Nilsen, Dani-21 Nobles, Amy-13, 15, 55, 79 Nobles, Justin-21, 77 Nordquist, lvah-28 Nordquist, Karla-28 O Ochoa, Ernesto-21 Olson, Angela-21, 23, 54, 57, 79 Olson, Trina-17, 23, 54, 55, 57 Orr, David-13 Ortiz, Hector-23, 25 Osterholme, Heidi-23, 57, 75 Ostrander, Regina-13 P - Padilla, Blalnca-15, 55, 81 - Parke, Guy- 27 - Parker, Vicki-15, 38, 52, 55, 81 - Parra, Melanie-23 - Patterson, Rick-23, 54, 71 - Patterson, Shawna-23 - Patterson, Tim-11, 15,71 - Pellow, Penny-23, 55, 57 - Perez, Adan-23, 35, 66, 71, 77 - Perkins, Catherine-23, 52, 55, 57, 67 75, 81 - Peske, David-29 88- Phillips, Cherie-22, 23, 55, 57, 58, 74, 75 Picard, Karen-23, 57, 81 Potter, Amy-23, 57 Potter, Janet-7, 23, 57, 79 Poulson, Donavon-23 Prindle, Tina-15, 52, 57, 78 Prindle, Tracie-23, 52, 57, 80 Proctor, Holli-15, 31, 35, 37, 54, 57, 58, 62, 71, 80, 83 Proctor, Wendi-23, 25, 37, 55 Pursifull, Loren-23, 71, 77 Pursifull, Lark-23, 24, 55, 57, 71 R Raymond, Tony-23 Reiner, Cory-23 Reinhold, Nathan-23, 55, 57, 79 Richardson, Cheryl-5, 15, 31, 37, 39, 52, 53, 54, 55, 71, 75 - Richer. Sabrina-24. 62 Robbins, Roxanne-75 Robertson, Thomas- Robinson, Ann-29, 55, 82 Robinson, Trish-24 Rodriguez, Cip-29 Rodriguez, Paul-15 S Saliby, Randy-29, 39, 86 Sanguino, Natalia-24, 66 Sargent, Lynn-15, 18, 63 Savage, Ryan-24, 77 Schappert, Willam-24 Schell, Jim-11, 15, 35, 71 Schell, Mike-24, 55, 71, 77, 79 Schneider, Chris-24 Schneider, Justin-24, 54 Scott, Angela-24, 63, 78, 79 l I ! "- Sehman, Ron-29, 57 90- Serraro, Noelia- 89- Seufert, Judy-24, 65 91- Shaw, James-25 90- Shaw, Robert- 89- Sheller, Brian-5, 25, 54, 55, 57, 66, 71, 72 "- Shockley, Charlie-5, 29, 41, 75 88- Simpson, Kim-15, 31 91- Skoubo, Brooke-17, 25, 53, 57, 79 90- Skoubo, Heidi- 3, 25, 41, 53, 54, 55 89- Skoubo, Shannon-25, 52, 55 ' '- Snyder, Kara-57, 81 89- Stamper, Michelle- 89- Steelly, Cliff- 88- Stone, Chris-12, 15, 30, 70, 71, 72 90- Story, Stephanie-25, 36, 40, 90 91- Sunday, Sean-25, 54, 77 88- Sunday, Traci-15, 30, 37, 53, 54, 55, 57, 58, 71, 74, 75, 78, 79 90- Surber, Steven-25, 71, 77 88- Surber, Tom-25, 71 88- Surber, Bill-25, 57, 71 89- Swart, Donald-22, 25, 49, 55, 57, 71, 79 89- Swearingen, Sheri-55 T 91- Tarter, Melanie-25, 43, 57, 75, 78 89- Tarter, Rod-7, 25, 54, 57, 70, 71, 77 86 88- Tayman, Shawn-15 ' '- Tharp, Betty-29 ' '- Thomas, John-2, 29, 86 91- Thomas, John Jr.-25, 38, 58, 77 90- Thomas, Mischelle-25, 55, 57, 75, 78 79 91 90 88 89 91 90 -uc- 88- 90- 89- 90- 90- 90- 89 90- 89- 90- 89- 91- 90- 88- 91- xx- 91- 89- Thompson, Angie-26, 52, 55, 57, 80, Thompson, Leah-22, 26, 54 Thompson, Matt-15, 71, 77 Thurber, Judy-29 Tobin, Holly-26, 65, 81 Tobin, Thomas-26, 54, 77 Tracy, Julie-4, 26, 54, 57, 67, 74, 75, 78 Tracy, Mary Ellen-5, 29, 34, 56, 86, 81 Treadwell, Angela-11, 15, 22, 31, 55, 83 Treadwell, Jason-26, 40, 43 Trujillo, Blanca-24, 26, 55, 62 Trujillo, Norma-26, 75, 78 Turner, Rob-26, 71, 77 Turner, Travis-23, 26, 36, 54, 71 V - Viesca, Jamie-25, 26, 57, 83 - Villanueva, Tony-29, 35, 36, 65, 71, 77, 81 W Wainwright, Kris-26, 71 Wallsinger, Shelly-26, 54, 57 Ward, Wilma-29, 58, Warr, Lance-26, 71 Warr, Lisa-26, 52, 55 . Warr, Stacey-26, 57, 75, 78 Watt, Bob-26, 54, 79 Weber, Regina-15, 30, 52, 55, 57 Wetterling, Larisa-26, 53, 55, 57, 78, 79 Wheeler, Curt-5, 29, 75, 81 Wizner, Kasi-26, 55, 79 Wonderly, Bev-28 Wooldridge, Angie-26

Suggestions in the Umatilla High School - Viking Saga Yearbook (Umatilla, OR) collection:

Umatilla High School - Viking Saga Yearbook (Umatilla, OR) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Umatilla High School - Viking Saga Yearbook (Umatilla, OR) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 41

1988, pg 41

Umatilla High School - Viking Saga Yearbook (Umatilla, OR) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 25

1988, pg 25

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1988, pg 101

Umatilla High School - Viking Saga Yearbook (Umatilla, OR) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 63

1988, pg 63

Umatilla High School - Viking Saga Yearbook (Umatilla, OR) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 16

1988, pg 16

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