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x David Arie Vanderhorst was born .at Ely Nevada in the year 1919 on Oct. 13. His family moved to several different towns in Illinois, and finally settled down in Jacksonville. His father provided for the family as a minister in jacksonville. After Mr. Vanderhorst's graduation from Jacksonville High School, he joined the Navy. The highlight of his Navy experiences was being present when Pearl Harbor was bombed. His Navy years passed, he went home to enter college. New Year's Eve of 1945 was a very important time for Mr. Vanderhorst. lt not only meant the beginning of a new year, but also ofa new life style. It had all began on a blind date with Joy Mc1rath.1t was a date in which brothers, sisters, and friends were present. Six weeks later though, they were married. emembremce In the next three years Mr. Vanderhorst attended school in the summer as well as spring and fall. He went to Washington University Jil AQ' 'fm' in St. Louis while his wife worked at the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Looking for employment as a Jr. High teacher in 1949, he applied for a position at Umatilla. He landed the job and he and his wife came to live at Umatilla. During the teaching of the seventh grade, he completed his Master's Degree at the University of Oregon. Four years of teaching led him to the position of principal of the Grade School. Next, he became superintendent and remained there until 1971, when he retired. We would especially like to dedicate this page to Mr. David Vanderhorst, who we will remember with great respect and integrity. A NEW SUPH2 i lQIllHQ!!! Lira 1, ' gif! .il fs ' au I , A ' Nc I K : Q V w i 4 . Q , ef? I , A fe ... - Q I A. P . Q 'Ia' COMEDY LEISURE TABLE OF CONTENTS ......... PG, FALL .................. ...4 WINTER... ....l6 SPRING ...... .... 3 2 STUDENTS .... ... 48 ENTERTAINMENT Yes, '75 and '76 have been the years ofthe SUPER THRILLERS, a new style in movies. Well, U.I-I.S. has a new style, too!! In order to accommodate us all, new students and old, we've scurried around trying all our new ideas. Our knight in shining armor, Mr. Carlson, saves us each time from the "J AWS" of desperation. At the beginning of the year, with new students pouring in, our locker room became a "VOLCANO" ready to erupt at any moment. The day was saved when new lockers arrived, fonly a FEW days late! !J and our locker room was arranged to hold them. U.I-I.S. also started the noontime activities this year, and the gym has been shaking as if in an "EARTI'lQUAKE" ever since. Yet another source of entertainment is our halls, which with our new students, is no longer just a runway, but an "AIRPORT.,' The new students, and even the veterans, go through jostling, kicking, prodding, and shoving in the cattle chute we call our "hall". But in spite of this, U.I-I.S. is OUR school!! fThough, like most kids, we'd rather it was a MTOWERING INFERNOH! U And now, there's a new super thriller!!! It has everything you always wantedfsuspense, terror, romance, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat! So come and journey with us through ...... TI-I E VIKING SAGA! ! !! 2 3 1 i t. 5? PF L W , ffm? im ,ET , if , VIEW., , 5 -' 54 5 1: . , s e. ,Ef 4 .1 ,wr 1 A if , f 1, L nf '. ' 1 K MW it i.'?iMli li M I V7 x if V. mv.wi.,,a . , , .gA : , 1 " ,F QM, .. 1 ls , V l E I 2, , , J Q e l 3 g I ' me -, WS' f ,W DS 1 e s 1 L, .L '1 ., X! is 5 M. rv 4, VK ROMANCE BOREDOM IHAN KS!! UNION CUIIIHQ, To Wally Tresner and the Hermiston Herald for sefyine VDD' feftililef contributing negatives, to Mr. Lange for making Annual class such a nice experience, and last, but not least, to our sponsors, for without them, this annual and Chemical needs' would not have been possible. SUSPENSE!! R31 11,5 in -, ,, 'Q Xu, , - if Y I L fw.m sr5' ,x-,Af X Q x. fha ,-K Q K V I I7 Aw 1+ , ,s,,,, Q, K , + , if , , ' iw ff 4, I i. V - v in W, KM? aw- W x 0 X . V" ,W Q' ' ' W 4 ,QOLQI LISTEN FQLLY SLASEE STARTSVQY pA5'5liiNCIi 'm fg x T HERES ova J TE QAM 6ACK T6 'f'E"' i 'Rial ' 55 NEW H fa.. . . . TPS ' W 1 -'D , 'Wx' ' ' 1 2 'W ' WWQGQK ff ,-fly, 4 .'?yA' ig: ol - . 7 1 , if I 3 1-' Q 'ZWQW-Q At 1 5 gy 2 ' , WM',: ' mei xi i -571:25 tg ' . ned go . fe . g t .-.,,, tgggas-SE psf? ' Q. '71 '11 mn 1 L -ll -4 C221 1 o O H1 t' '- . 3 I If gp -i , '12 C Z :L A s -". cgi 3 O .i . 1 gee P 2 I i- Aix ig, - 'D f -i ,f 212 Q El Q -l M t gg vi John Thorp-Senior, defensive nose Tom Leader-Senior, end and defensive Phil Cimmiyotti-Senior, defensive 4 A I. G guard and fullback. cornerback. end. xl it l'l5 J, This year four boys were chosen from our football team for the Columbia Basin All-Conference il X pe Team. Z Chosen for the first team was Tom Leader and Jeff Watson. Tom is a Senior and his -4 --4 -.4 accomplishments were receiving-passes completed 13, yards 262, touchdowns 5. Scoring touchdowns 5, 1 I points after touchdowns 4, total points 34. Tom is third in our league with 11 catches for 233 yards, 5 El 'J 3 touchdowns. He was also second in our league for pass receptions with 16 for 321 yards and six touchdowns. jeff Watson, a Sophomore, is second in our league in rushing with 721 yards on 134 carries and a 5.3 yards per carry average. Rushing team carries 104, yards 598, average 5.7. Two boys from the Viking squad were chosen for the Columbia Basin All-Conference second team. John Thorp a Senior defensively leads the tackle points department with 68. He is second in the league for tackle points with 108. jim Bailey a Junior, was chosen for the second team. He plays two positions, tight guard, and linebacker. Coaches Warren Hall, Dave Green, and Head Coach Milt Durand. 'XDJDU f Li 10, til ff I-ful G5Tlrq F ,Nui 'ag' Q -us og 'Eb N 5. 55335-Tl: KW i -1 Ui F: 0 C '7 ' C P he 0 P ' ,I uv sa . no 'ff 48: be xlsyaqxx Z x,,,X 0 E, I 2 Q. w- D 2 . Q W A is 19" li 5 '.. 5 .51 O 5 X -VNC A381-K I0 ig mmoc -igjrqiknsrrl I ,OA DE U5 EOAQQQQ .llgn-,VTX Q.. Q Left: jeff Watson running for a touchdown against a Pilot Rock defender. JUNIOR VARSITY U O Sept 22 At Pilot Rock 6 IZ Mon. Mon. Sept 29 RIVERSIDE H ERE No score available- M- Tig U won 18 12 m Mon. Oct I3 PILOT ROCK HERE t A Mon.Oct 20 At Riverside No score available- K...4 Ama .5 -Q55 .,f.5f'L,L' ' ,Ig 0 Won 3 F F 41, I if i 'mx Q 0 if s, ts, N ,JE I , A 5 'Ty My E ' TW I s 'V I 'ii I 4 sf-2? we-.mpkirff 122 s ef ' . , . . . , - , ,M .M .,,,,' N 1 .f ' ,W , H J' K Left: Phil Cimmiyotti being face-masked Q A' ,, ,. 5 3 ,f N. W ' I by a Pilot Rock defender. Where is the f 4 933' A fy C4 i Q' " fi .. ' ' my referee when you need him? f iii " fi I ,' , ., gi' , ' Z ,f f . ' T' ' Q' I . X , ' h 5 1 'I f- . ' ii' - f - , 5 ,, H Q L , yi , A fl fri: .45 ,I 4 gi V I . i . 4 I ' ' Right: Tom Leader catching a pass in mid rf 'Kia if ' 5 ,' 535118, ' 1 , il 7- , -fs ' Ai . air. if V t -' M I All Y IM l , , , ' 9 .f - A f k,'v,ff" f, N 3,5 K3 'V' I' , in gn Q I ii " A -.W I 4 ei3,.,lQH'le fig ' f' , . ' : 'sa aff J i t Ag, ,fflgy f' Q 4,553 y jfjf if-'f From left to right- Front row: Manager Bill Betts, jeff Bailey, Terry Wilson, Glenn Tipton, john Borehert, Dan Ott, Randy Freeman, Manager Norman Park. Second Row: Cecil Howard, Steve Freeman, Lester Martin, john Misehke, Charles Cook, Jeff Carlson, john Grishkin, Matt Davis, Terry Journot. Third Row: Larry Picard, Dennes Helzer, Mike Brown, jeff Watson, Alan Donaldson, Alan Ott, Randy Body, john Thorp, Rick Kurz. Fourth Row: Phil Cimmiyotti, jim Bailey, Steve Grecnawalt, Blake Cimmiyotti, Tom Leader, Chris Fisher, joe Mesrerh, Lance Davis, Steve Carlson. ,.rQ 5 Q :Ili , , , , W 1' . , - TTL , 7 VARSITY Fri. Sem 12 Fri. Sept 19 Fri. Sept 26 Fri. Oct 3 Thu. Oct 9 Fri. Oct 24 Fri. Oct 31 Fri. Nov 7 U 6 14 28 32 26 12 13 8 if-5 alfa- :H Above pictured left to right: Terry journot, Rick Kurz, Steve Greenawalt, Larry Picard, Blake Cimmiyotti, john Thorp, jim Bailey, Alan Donaldson, Mike Brown, joe Mesteth, Tom Leader. IIQEAXX 4 .R ., fa It ' ejfqfvza, , Left: Tom Leader and john Thorp against Weston-McEwen defender. Left: Mr. Durand kneeling over injured Viking-lim Bailey. Right.: Viking quarterback Mike Brown Above: Tom Leader, Mike Brown Steve Greenawalt, jeff Watson, The Agony of Defeat. Below: Alan Donaldson "ra-Q-W1 , f :if L.: '- Wim? - 'ral - iv - ' i eeee e B w ii 43 , , W, n. W if J , -f r f 5, 'L VV ax KN x fix 9' W' W Q mm - Lavf, ,. . 'Vw-i?,iEfisi'3?.5 X. W, 3. Qi ' F4153 A 'ff :', .,'., 3 aff' Q-..'f1.. 5 .A wif, Above picture: UGG!! Says Lester Martin as he hurries with the rest of the class. This class is said to have won the rock lugging contest. Lower Left: Three Juniors chugging cokes. Lower right: Wheel Barrow race and the teachers supposedly won. it LAX .L J QL, if I p Q 4 fl x I IJ l J gl L ' ji Q-. Hits. ' 4' mi A . L . W .1 ,it ,.. -' -- , fifxx or r, V 9 i 1- , i Lil K Mgt e k, 3 . NV K - Q . Q- ' . r H. f ' Ms ,,,iJ ,sv The Upper two pictures show Mrs. McGraw with her swift speed and good aim dunking Mr. Amstadt on Senior spirit day. Lower two pictures show the Freshman tug-U-War and who do you think won that day? ,iii SPIRIT WEEK at UHS was aimed to fire everybody up for the big game of the year. With every class' participation the week was filled with fun and excitement. MONDAY starts every week of the year, but this Monday the 27th of October, 1975, was special because it started to fill us with spirit. We came dressed-up, well, not really dressed-up because it was Sweat Hog Day, sponsored by the Freshmen. Noon activities consisted of Tug-of-War contests between classes and the "army" of tiny Freshmen came out the winners. PEOPLE around town probably thought Happy Days was being shot at Umatilla on Tuesday, the 28th, when we came to school dressed in our parents' old 50's clothes. Sophomores had a lot of fun sponsoring this day, especially when after the Egg Race the football field was a mass of eggs flying in a general-free-for all. WHO else would choose Clown Day as their dress-up except for the Juniors? The most excitement of Wednesday, the 29th, was when all the big mouths got to show their talents by entering the Bubble Gum Blowing contest. THURSDAY was a biggie for us when the Seniors chose Biggie Day as their dress-up. For activities, Mr. Amstadt got initiated when a student from each class and a faculty member got a chance to see how many times he or she could dunk the new Principal in a water tank. The Seniors also sponsored a Wheelbarrow Race where the mean tribe of teachers came out the unbeatable. You've all heard "Cokes the Real Thing," but now there is some doubt now with the students who entered the Coke Chugging contest. FRIDAY the 31st of October, the faculty "didn't have to dress-up" since it was Halloween, but since it was their day, they made the rest of us dress in all Orange or all Blue. Our unbelievable teachers wanted to see how really strong we are by having a Rock Moving Event. They also sponsored a Donut Passing contest while crab crawling from one end of the field to the other. The end was drastic when our "worthy" teachers ran out of donuts isomeone said Mrs. McGraw had lunch earlyil, so they could not choose a winner fairly. The thrill of Victory over Pilot Rock, the Drill Team performance, and the crowning of Gina Carollo for the Homecoming Queen sparked the end of a terrific, unforgetable week, but lighted the way for a successful Homecoming Dance. - ,.-La .fHEEUMEi.'f o f P .- -1i1amm1mzw4i:si'umc, .aixIm1w.wc.. me .wi lf limi WHAT a better way to end a perfect week than with a successful dance. The Homecoming Dance was just that! Everyone had alot of fun dancing in the scenery of hay and Jack-O-Lanterns and to the sound of The Riley Boys Not only did the kids have fun dancing, but almost every chaperone got a chance to show us "how it's really done." TH E court was very well picked this year by our devoted football team. Princesses consisted of Debi Freeman escorted by jeff Watson, Jerita Noble escorted by Chris Fisher, and Toni Ison escorted by Tom Shoemaker. Crowned at the dance for Homecoming Queen for 1975 was Gina Carollo escorted by Rick Wicks. THE Seniors especially will remember this Homecoming Dance since it was our last one, but I'm sure everyone has their own special memories. 9 at Above: Roxy Bartell and Lester Martin racing up the slide for the Saloon Slide event while students watch the fun. NYIHIN Above: Rick Kurz carrying Barbie Borchert through the tires for the Beauty and the Beast event. Left: Gina Carolla tossing a 1 glass of water tojoe Matzen as he is coming down the slide. Right: Roxio Phillips throwing Steve Greenawalt a pie for the Swinging Pie went, while students watch the pies splatter over everything. S ,,. ES!! Below: Toni lson and joe Matzen shown with pie all over themselves and the spectators. Almost Anything Goes was a money raising event put on by the Sophomore class. The idea of this comical sport came from the famous television show "Almost Anything Goes." There were four events. Each class including the faculty participated. The teams were made up of six people and one substitute in case of emergencies. The four events were The Saloon Slide, The Swinging Pie, Beauty and the Beast, and The Running Breakfast. The Juniors won the Running Breakfast event, and the faculty won the Swinging Pie event. The Seniors won the Saloon Slide and Beauty and the Beast events. They also won the grand prize for winning the most events. Contestants, faculty, and the students at UHS really had a fun time watching these events. They enjoyed the excitement of spectacular performances by the con testantsl 10 still s 2 2 'E Q Top: Terry journot receives his award for football. Also pictured is Mr. Hall and Mr. Durand. Center left: Jim Bailey is very happy about the food loh yes, also the sports banquetll Pictured with -lim is Rick Kurz. Bottom: Dennis Helzer receives his football award. With him is also Mr. Durand and Mr. Green. Center right: Charles Cook is pictured here receiving his football award. From left to right also pictured is Mr. Hall, Mr. Durand, and Mr. Green. Also pictured are teachers, wives, students mothers. f A , 'Q ' .46 .f ., ivi- ' --,a :at- Grv " . at I X 4 T 1 X 5 N x ,F N xl 6 r , i .E 'kg 5 2 , 1 E ia l 1 gf lf 4 x X 4 X 1 .le . 1 :'f:.,i:- ss iii. 51 5 IQEXT Q l 3 R . 4 H- . " e-rv' . W ,, M"M:4:. ..g X br 'fsisrfiltw t .SI W - , L s q sgtfsW.,,,,.,,.n ... .5 i 'W'f'1m34?f3fll is 'i:E.':5 L" K i.,-Tf' ,'7vccf' , wi e!" ' -. ' ' Wifaaggiffffs. -. llll ' l it lhul i ill , V Q . 0 - aaa V it I I n lil 4 ll ' I 1 I f IV! ITV ' ' V' ll ll l . 0 I l lk , L "A" team, front row- Debi Freeman, Coaeh Gayle Dixon, Coach Shockely, Toni lsori. Back row- Amy Barg, Danctte Trudeau, Gina Carollo, Lynette Trudeau, ,lerita Noble. Fought hard for lst place but settled for Znd . at Coach Gayle Dixon, Manager Katie Peterson, Coach Charlotte Shockelv. :WS "B" team front row- Penny Baxter, Tina Betts, Kerrie Huber, Alane Hopkins, Shelly Trainer, Lynette Trudeau "A" team with district trophy Q Middle row- Barbi Borchert, Trina Waddell Back row- D T e , 1 - e, A f " X ' Ula L-'ff lfa . s' Eff f tt fi. at - i L , i e i ii? ifiQgQTQfl7fZ ,w i , t HC" team front row- Diana Anderson, Stacy Simpson, Laura Roxbury, Penny Baxter, Louise Cook, Back row- Darla Body, Tina Couch, Molly Brown 12 "D" team, front row- Toni Mora, Maria Churchill, Top to bottom- Debbie Myers, Carrie Thorp, Roxie Phillips, Angie Brown L4 A .1Q:.g,,g,hQ:fm ' -1 H -sn' Mun 5 ff Q I if .g 1 . ' V ,. 5 K e . . 332 iz. ,,,, ' " -. . . V ' Y V .... 'Y ' , . ,, k f' " -, ,i ,,,,,, . , ,, . 4: 3 . 234 'J H ' if 1 Qi' ,, 1.5 5 H ' J 1 'Q-41 I f"'r'rfp..,,QJ I , Y , r , ,Y t 2 A L' 1. Q . 5 8213 GQ Ufgf nf l' t l . , , . ,,,, ' 1 U , U.H.S. volleyball girls did very good this l year. With their record of 9-4, they went to the ,VVV , V,,.VV A district Playoffs at the new McCray Center in 'i'i . third place. There are eight teams at district. For starters We played Condon, Znd in their league and we won. Then to go on, we played our rivals at district, Helix. Passing them with ease, we ended up playing for championship. Going into finals tired and nervous, we ended up with Znd place instead of lst. But we are still proud to be from U.l'l.S.l The other teams also helped support our school well. The B team only lost one game all season. The C and D teams hardly had any games, but also did well. All and all, we did a fine job of representing our school. 3 3333111111111-ifllm :uuu:: Top It-ft: Gina setting up. Top Center: hlerita diving after a hall. Top right: Toni putting a spike to 'em. Center left: Lynette working on her digs. Center right: jerita and Lynette at net. Bottom left: Blocking a shot is Amy. Bottom center: HA" team ready for serve. Bottom right: Debi power serving. Above: Mr. Carlson ref's and keeps score for noon volleyball. Below: Steve Freeman enjoys his lunch? 14 UC This year we have had more equipment for our noon hour activity than most schools in our area. This includes two ping pong tables, a pool table, a foosball table, and a Junior Concession stand with a selection as good as any candy store, if 'Fx . ,qw ' 1 9' X 'Sy if Above: Mr. Hall fixes lunch for all teachers on slave day. Left: Chris Carlson watches Don Anderson got for a winning shot. Below: Joe Matzen and john Moore gather a crowd at the fooshall table. ACH IIIES they have added more goodies for your selection than last year's. Also we have had tournaments in volleyball, foosball, ping-pong, and pool. The Student Body is trying to raise enough money to buy our own foosball table for next year. Above: Everyone holds their breath while Tom Leader pockets the eight ball. Left: Some students go to the Junior Concession Stand for their lunch. Below: Terry-lournot and Phil Cimmiyotti serve the ball to start a game of ping pong. ew Q at Below: Tina Couch, Dolly Mulkey, and Darla Body watch the serve and wait for a return. 15 A W,.,...navl'i"'w' :Aga- W 43. Aw 6, 16 if Q ifu fx an up - - 4 ff ,F .1-Q9 ,ar 'xii-f ,...f -vm' - M ini?-6 E 'f f..4,4.. a-........ VJ' , +- I HSE 9- j""' uw,-uw-'Gi-"' ,r,W Q13 11 ,,n ali 'fi"' 1 .. 5 nl, N Q my 5 , QQ vw v N1 'V' Q, Qs N ,ku Sf S: Er' X , x 1Y 7f7..Z5f'W'W , vu-any ' 'is ,, ,Q w uf x dr 'lf f. ., . o Q-' .- an hs ' ,. V 1, if? 1 miami: A Lis hi 3 ix if ai 35' 1 Q A 2' 2 1' 1 ,,,,fW'W A X M , ,ly ' ,X 0 Standing: Borchert, B. Cirnmiyotti, C. Cook, Carlson, C. Fisher, R. Body, A. Donaldson, G. journot, Kneeling: Manager Ed Holland, Coach Kelly Bissingm-r. The thrill of victory over Condon. rig .. f . .f,,f 5 wp., B. Porter, S. Carlson, R. LaRue watch as P, ' ' Cimmivotti puts up two. if 'iv ' , ' "W " ' V X :""i -1-- -. . .,. In . ...V , "" 1 "M:-111' "f-.'-' .fl " . ,,,.. 5, ,J- ' Y f-"' .. 1 V ' al A Q . Q nl .z ,,:..'::-aj, A' . lf? h e 'ut J 1 . A 4 " I ' f F 'V V l .... 5 5 Brown puts in a hig two points for the Vilcs. P. Cimmiyotti up for a jump while others look on. Left to right: Brown, A. Donaldson S Kurz, R. Body, Watson, T. Leader P Bissinger, Manager Ed Holland. This year the Umatilla Vikings were off to a slow start, which had some disadvantages, such as being called "lazy" and other so- called criticism. However, they gradually worked their way up, and with all their pride and power the Viks made their way to the sub- district playoffs. We put up a tough fight but lost to the Pilot Rock Rockets. We are still very proud that we made others see Umatilla as a tough team. We proved ourselves, and had pride all the way. 18 W gi Carlson, C. Fisher, R. LaRue, B. Porter, R. Cimmiyotti. Coaches Ray Amstady, Kelly U O Burbank 40 69 Riverview 52 44 Burbank 46 46 Riverview 41 49 Riverside 63 40 Wasco County 39 75 Condon 38 44 Helix 47 56 Weston-McEwen 53 80 Heppner 49 57 Pilot Rock 42 74 Sherman County 30 60 Stanfield 57 71 Wasco County 32 54 Condon 40 37 Weston-McEwen 63 65 Heppner 50 56 Pilot Rock 51 62 Sherman County 66 62 Riverside 49 46 Stanfield 59 57 Pilot Rock 60 75 Front row left to right: M. Albright, A. Baker, Bailey, M. Bradley. T. Wilson, E. Ortiz. Back row left to right: Coach D. Green, G. Tipton, C. Carlson, R. Haines, B. Galbraith. M. Davis, T. Allen. , 1 . X, l 2 u , A f . I xl As B. Porter puts in two, P. Cimmiyotti and R. LaRue look on. ,476 P' Clmmlymtl and R' LaRue' P. Cimmiyotti, lVl. Brown, S. Carlson ready for a jump hall. Blake Cimmiyotti and Randy Body 19 Y , Ve i i ,,.,.,, , Lf N giyi E' ea fl . iirxtqg "" 5 1 gr be .., W, W ,. M ,f g s L 223 my Manager Katie Peterson Debi Freeman going up for a jump ball Above Jerlta shooting two for the Vlks as Molli Brown Lynette Trudeau and Shelley Traner look on Alane Hopkins looking on as Molli Brown and Amy Barg jump up for the ball 5 MEMORIES IN THE CORNER OF MY MIND. . . Al ff 'I 05.5 SVHLES wi-Z GAVE TO oNE ANOTHEP, X Q TEACHERS ROOM The teachrs hide-out, A place to recuperate from us. . . , You could tell when they had nicotine fits, The clouds of smoke came along with opening the door. Complaints of bad cups of coffee, Wondering what was growing out of the sink. . . , The dirty jokes at noon, Mrs. McGraw's high-pitched cackle. . . , Feeling guilty as you passed the closed door, Wondering who the meetings were about ..., Coming to school every morning, 'es N Wondering what the day wil1bring!! . - . g .ei ... ,, ,nf ,, k ,- . U vw, , I WWVA A1 . I Q -." --,-r fe: 5 - . , 2... 5,-fi-inf' - -.. 1 Q , f . . ew- - . A X. f .. , ,.. Sai? if ' .-'it' Q. - 'AH iififsff W ' !seafX1w..gjf. e-' H if .2 '.f!41.'.fe-we-vw, . K. , I .K f .fit GYM Thoughts of cheering at the games, Remember the tears of joy. . . , The boring sock-hops afterwards, Mr. Durand commanding, "No shoes allowed on my Domain". . . , The endless hours of decorating, The pure joy of working together. . . , Mr. Bissinger's speech on Pride, Graduating with dignity from U.H.S.!! -' . .. OF THE WAY WE WERE -j UHS FRONT Remember dreading the start of a new school year, Making plans for next summer before Christmas. . . , The long, overdue assignments, That teachers tore your hair out for. . . , The Brown-Nosers, With a higher G.P.A. than yours. . ., The race to lunch to be first in line, But ending up last because you ran. . . , Playing dirty, sneaky tricks on the teachers, Their sense of humor meant to be kicked out of class. . . , The long hours you studied for a test, To find out you studied the wrong notes. . . , Leaving the stairs of U.H.S., And entering the world beyond!! , 532, t 5522 ' LIE? ,, . ,V,V.A I 1 . . ,. .A 2 "" .... A 5 :sw -.. CONCESSION STAND Trying your skills at many games, But you found out you weren't any good at any. . . , Wanting to learn how to play Foosball so bad, Then finding you had to be coordinated to play. . . , Eating the Juniors delicious popcorn, Right after a seven-course meal. . . , Borrowing money to buy goodies, Then found out that they charged interest. . . , Taking lessons on how to play pool, From non-pros Mr. Wright and Mr. Lange. . . , Then you found out that they didn't know up from You wished the noon bell would hurry and ring!! down 2 , Q f .. ' g..t1 .. Q V9 Q , Maria Churchill DQ-bi My:-rs Toni lson Penny Baxter Kelli Phillips jerita Nohlr Amy Barg Debi Fr:-cman Top: Mrs. Georgia Fugit Y Advisor, Lcsli Cook, Cindy Duncan Y co-captain, Kathy Reynolds, Lori Nielson, Roxie Bartell, Louise Cook, Molli Brown, and Dolly Mulkey. Bottom Row: Treasurer Y Dolly Mulkey, Vice- Pres. Y Darla Body, President Y Lisa Nciss, and Secretary Y Molli Brown. Jr ,..--u , , I? 'HP "ll"" U i L When trying to establish organization in the 1975-1976 year, the Umatilla Dance-Drill Team went through many phases of adjustment. We were a little slow at getting it all together, but after a signing in of a new advisor, Mrs. Georgia Fugit, things started to come back to life. Money raisers consisted of a car wash, cake raffles lone where the cakes were soggy from the downpour of rainl, and a few sock- hops lwhere the socks weren't very hoppyl. We hope we helped put a little spirit in the hearts of our fellow students, to help our boys through the best, and the WOTSI. Good luck to the Dance-Drill Team next year and we hope that the spirit at U.H.S. rises to its highest peak, and stays that way forever. few 'A'l11w'A':91o-Afi11o-,Q.iqw71- The Pep Club, after years of disinterest, has finally returned to U.H.S. Lisa Neiss became their "fearless" leader, and Darla Body was second in command. Taking notes was Molli Brown, and the banker was Dol1iMulkey. The Pep Club, even though established after the beginning of the second semester, supported the basketball team at the games and were involved in sign making and pep assemblies. All in all the Pep Club stood its ground and has taken roots for the years to come. 19740 W VVNDW 1971912 1174911-1q7o 71' The cheerleaders for 1975-1976 played an important part in raising the spirit at U.1'l.S. The Varsity cheerleaders, ,Ierita Noble, Toni lson, Amy Barg, and Debi Freeman were always trying to give our sports enthused guys the support they needed. During the summer of 1975, the Varsity cheerleaders went to cheerleading camp at Lewis and Clark college campus. They came back with an excellent trophy, three superior, and two excellent ribbons. A sophomore, Penny Baxter, and three freshmen, Maria Churchill, Debbi Myers, and Kelli Phillips, were chosen for the fall to lead the cheering section of the Junior Varsity games. During the football and basketball seasons, the cheerleaders performed skits during pep assemblies, Football Mothers's Day, and both 1-lomecomings. All eight cheerleaders worked hard to making the spirit grow. They deserve the recognition this page offers in the annual year of 1976. Toni lson Gina Carollo Lesli Cook joe Matzen Patti Stephens julie Helzer Jerita Noble Helen Trevino Ken Parrish Hoe Thrasher Barby Borchert Yvonne Smith Chris Fisher Natalie Marlow Deana Thomas Kathy Reynolds Kelly McNabb Dana Barg Alex Tizon Cindy Marker Debbie Forbes Terri joeckel Tom Shoemaker Dawn Holland Rosa Trevino Louise Cook Richard Haines ,T!S'.Xm'R Penny Baxter John Borchert Dave Blair Melissa Brown Maria Churchill Rhonda Collier Charles Cook Louise Cook Tina Couch Alan Danaldson Alane Hopkins John Klein Richard Kurz Richard Landau joe Matzen CCNCIDIBAN High School Band Dolly Mulkey Lori Nielson Annette Okken Roxanne Okken Ken Parrish Becky Peterson Kelly Phillips Laura Roxbury Patricia Stephens Glenn Tipton Shelley Traner Richard Waddell Trina Waddell Brenda Wonderly Stage Band John Borchert Alane Hopkins John Klein Richard Landauer Lori Nielson Mike Kaliff Ken Parrish Becky Peterson Patti Stephens Glen Tipton Richard Waddell S,ACfEAN M L.. nhlglq 1 - - 1 Honor Society Officers: Pres. Gina Carollo, Vice--Pres. Toni lsun, Sec. U.H.S, Pliomgraplirrs: Terry juuriim, Uvnnis Helzer, Advisor: David Cindy Duncan, Trcas. joclir- Park, Advisor: Veronica Campbell. Lange. ' f'YA ' Y A Y f Y WA 5 X 0 x W ul if 5' 5 5 J N J JA7 V J ,Av J Y Y W Y JL v , J Girls' Ln-aguv Uffirc-rs: Prvs. Karin- Pvtrrsun, Vice-Pres. and Trl-as. Dancttc Trudeau, Histurian Yvonne Smith, Sec. Penny Baxter, Points Chairman jodie Park, Advisor: Carls-1-n H1-ritagr and Peggy Novak. 26 'x 5 Student Council Representatives: Seniors: Gina Carollo, joe Matzen, Nikki Armstrong, Toni lson, jerita Noble, juniors: jim Bailey, Rick Kurz, Terry -lournot, Amy Barg, Soph. Charles Cook, Fresh. Moli Brown, Advisor: Terry Carlson. P is! L M -fi s : 75, Qi xy. es pg E A ' THQ! ' ,si I M 'mu vniniuw vw? Nix, v-"K""'A'M." Drama Club lTroupersl: Pres. Katie Peterson, Vice-Pres. Alex Tizon, Sec- Treas. Lesli Cook, Advisor: Keith Goin. Viking Editors: jim Bailey, Barbie Borelu-rt, Staff: Debi Freeman, Mike Brown, Gina Carollo, joe Vandever, Dam-tte Trudeau, Phil Cimmiyotti, Alex Tizon, Rick Kurz, Nikki Armstrong, Advisor: Veronica Campbell. VWWM """'l Pep Club Officers: Pres, Lisa Neiss, Vice-Pres. Darla Body, Sec. Molly Brown, Treas. Dolly Mulkey, Advisor: Terry Carlson. il Debate club members: Bonnie Klein, John Borchert, Amy Barg, Alex Tizon, Ken Parrish, Rick Kurz, Yvonne Smith, joe Thrasher, Advisor: Kieth Goin. Business Crew staff: Guy journot, Patti Stephens, Lynette Trudeau, Deanna Thomas, Bonnie Klein, Natalie Marlow, julie Hopkins, Advisor: Terry Carlson. Annual Editor: julie Hopkins, Copy Editor: Roxi Phillips, Proofing Editor: Trina Waddell, Advisor: David Lange. Drill Team: Co-captains: Cindy Duncan SL Lesli Cook - Members: Dolly Mulkcy, Louise Cook, Roxie Bartell, Lori Nielson, Kathy Reynolds, Molli Brown, Advisor: Georgia Fugit. '-N, Hal. I, , -3 '!1' Above: Principal Mr. Carlson, takes a moment from his work to have his picture taken. Below: The superintendent, Mr. Borchert, is busy at his job. He watches over the Umatilla Grade School, the junior High, and the High School. N R 7 3 1 . si I f , H-., ez W M5251 1, H wif l :QQ 3 x Q R I r i 1 f .sf S. 5 ,,. 3' W. . as iq, ,,, , ,7 ,, in . .fr Cooks, left to right: Mrs. Eisley, Mrs. Starker, Mrs. Haverlancl, Mrs. Hordquist, and Mrs. Hoyt. P 15 l R 0 N o i 4b Above: Mrs. Schaffer, our high school secretary is hard at work as usual. Below: Mrs. Brown, secretary for the superintendent and the Deupty Clerk, takes a break from her work. Custodians left to right Head custodian Mr. Body, Mr. McNabb, Mr Swanson Mr Haverland and Mr Maker. if 4, V N V . 5 . I . Q . , . , . 4' li ii l ol 4. i lk fl lf r lm 8 x. '1 1 u Fil .lnwa . IEACHIN Left: Mrs. Campbell poses for a "pre-baby" picture. Left: Here's the "Hockey4stiekers" preparing for their new summer job. Right: Smoke fills the air as Mr. jones shows us his recipe for "Hair Tonic," which we plan to use on Mr. Bissinger. Left: Mr. Durand's new type of punishment,-cramming his fist down a kid's throat. Right: Poor Mrs. McGraw, you'd think she would have known what her students were planning when they dragged her down to the railroad tracks and tied her up! Left corner: Mr. Goin, our English teacher, is practicing William Tell with one of his freshmen, David Baumgart. By the look on Mr. Goin's facel don't think he is aiming at the apple. Below center: Looks like the football coach, Mr. Hall, is showing the team a new play. But this one leads to the home economics room where he gets a quick grit- down. Right corner: Here Mr. Schmick, our general math teacher looks very content as he leaves his junior high students to pose for a picture. vfA ' SIAFF Right: Taskmaster Slead whips her slaves into line. Left: You'd think that smoke was coming from his t Q. a, , gun, but really it's coming from his ear. He forgot where the powder went. Nwflitwmym ,wa 'fi 43 as A 32. 1 . I Q ,, 41" f' fffyf, 5 M Right: When Mr. Taft plays such a good tune on the tuba, he knows someone is bound to pitch some money into the bell!! Left: How sweet and innocent Mrs. Novak looks, but the pillowcase in her hand is soon to be used in smothering one of her students. Right: We almost caught Mrs. Vanderhorst, our distinguished business teacher, sliding down the bannisterl Below Left: Busily at work, Mrs. Schmidt is making some graduation presents for the Senior boys. Below Center: Mr. Fred Reidel, chorus instructor, and Mrs. Carleen Heritage, accompaniment. Below Right: Mr, Wright tries his hardest to sink the cue ball. .-1-I v . Tir in Q if . ihigfz M , dx 4, . , ...,,m?, 'f I3 IQ Q n gg, ,www VW-KWH if li lg, xl 03.644 iflwfif Www Jfflwfw if 3419 QM Slffijibww MLW QW WH , ww aww., ' f"f"' if 4 ,7:k,k 4 I Q i si ' .' , lg .ga , X . A ' y ' 1 Q. , "E""' 4 Q ef f f '4 'Q . it K I LL,, wg , I All Lw . , b bb k .. M Debi uses her fantastic backhand to defeat her opponent ...... Coach Gayle Dixon . ' "Ss-, ' ' , 3 xi? - - ffl 7 . f - i f 1 'A 5 T Y? 2' , 59" t .V .. '71, i ,x rf 5 5 1 i -1-f wanna--iv a 7 i gg 5 ge . f- plz. . SINGLES ,X :,, .- V llGina Carollo if ZH Debi Freeman I ,- sp Rhonda Colne. ' 5, Q f sa, . 7 W 7 as ,... ll Shelley Traner and Cindy Duncan if D di. "L I ,Z ,r 2lMariaChurchilland Tina couch yhpf, y gy 3? ., "' 33 Angie Brown and Chris Beale K ' 'T E, s C' if-9 t JF ' B' 7 C get I o lo ..f alfa Zgvim' X7 U05 we I K . J. . 1, r ,, it E .3 .1 I . . . And then there's Gina'sl ' " joe waits for Larry to ACE. . aj' , 5 sa Q F!-,f Blake, . . . wait. . . wait. .. THE 1976 Tennis Season for UHS turned out to be a very. . . interesting one. The girls' pre-seasonal records were not that important fthank goodness for somel but it was the tournaments that told the story. Debi Freeman and Gina Carol1o's identities came to surface when Debi took Znd singles and Gina took 3rd at District 7. Over all, from the help of the doubles pair, Shelly Traner and Cindy Duncan, Umatilla tied for first with Echo at District 7. With District out of the hands for the players of the team, Sub-District went very well for some, but then not so well for others. For her last year of tennis, Gina C. proved to be a match for any one player. Gina lost her last match to LaGrande's first singles, whom apparently doesn't know when it's dark out or not until she starts to lose. KA little joke, right Gina?J Debi did very good at Sub- District until she had to play Hermiston's lst singles, Julie Sabotta. Debi had a lot of good shots, but she just couldn't keep the ball out of reach for her opponent. Sabotta went on to District in lst place, so it wasn't a disgrace for Debi to lose. In the mean time, Shelly and Cindy finished early and got to do a lot of watching . . . boy watching. Tennis is for everyone, so before you plan to turn out, keep suntan lotion on hand. , , Jeeps, cs Jn, ..f -' '7' tfi.f: ,F T uv 'l . ff-'an 2,5 K www T . if 5 'Eli H2 'gills Q . 1513? . W5 iQf7'i,f1S . . . And he's still waiting Cindy's knees shake as the serve comes over Mike 11065 Th!! HllS'flC UH fl'lC COUYT and Shelley's praying it doesn't come over Coach jim Morasch , hk Q ,gf ,A i fi.. . . . lt's Gina's turn to serve!! I 9 . g -'N api ,ff ,D in SINGLES WITH only a year of experience, the boys' team il . ti l 4 E,l?:3gfgTlr:g0m became quite a match for other schools. Even though 31 Kevin Pigafd their season records were not what they hoped they'd have been some of the boys were seeded very high at M , DOUBLES the District 7 Tournament. Going to the tournament F 34 U Larry Picard andjoe Mesmh all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the boys came home , .. in ,fu " 2,-'eff Carlson and Kevin Picard with their tails hardly wagging at all. Blake started to f V . w , ,ig 33 Tim Magg and Kevin Warlick concentrate on better things than tennis during his Q.. ,, match, the surrounding sceneries. Keeping their minds 4' " " ' HQ fi on the match, Kevin P. and Jeff C., went as lst doubles and hoped to beat the . . . shirts off their opponents. With a little bit more experience and a little more enthusiasm the boys will be winners and rivals for other schools. 4 it 5' F' A i fi, Wm Z ffff ,yn ffgxv X 35 i N ?4F+g. l 1 1 5, , ? l , ,,'x ' ' , Q L . , f K, ,ff A ggg 4 , V"k 4 4 i i : so 615153 f e if f 1 ' 1: 'V - H " J7 " ia M , nz , , , i f -Rf ' N f A X z -- -I F wg? i f K V,V, 2 ,5 Aix I 2 , ,f X it 5 , , gr ., ,,n1 ,A r V ,W .. K, Standing - Charles Cook, Dave Blair, Tom Leader, Chris Fisher, jeff Watson, Randy Body, john Girshkin, Robyn johnson, Front - Derek Osborn, Lester Martin, Roger johnson, Alan Donaldson, Alan Baker. Standing - Stacy Simpson, Louise ,Ierita Noble, Alane Hopkins, J i Cook, Kneeling - xv . .,,. ,f 'it ff-Q Aytt L wh E ii ' 1 ' , Q- , 'Q sig ggi: -M Qnma :- eear V ,f l ffl f ' e le i 9 1 Guys to State, Left tn right - Jeff Watson Tom Leader Alan Donaldson, Chris Fisher. H Q ff Ni M 2 , QM e fl X' XXX Xl ,Nr-, Cel 3 MM X-Kr ,ffw 'B-fl ,D xif li!! X 36 Y OOPS SAM! W, 'Fvxfi' Alan Donaldson puts the most of it into this wln john Thorp comes in right before Charles Cook. UHS TRACK A This year we had pretty good luck with our guys and girls. The girls only had 4 girls on the team, but they did a super job pulling in points at each meet. Bad luck struck the girls when Jerita Noble had to have a cast put on her foot. That blew their chances for going to district for the relays. But the remaining girls went to compete anyway. The guys did well at district sending 4 guys on to state finals. They did pretty good at state considering there are all sizes there. But they came back proud to represent Umatilla at State. Louise Cook Alan in his lst place spot. Stacy Simpson runs in first. SUNY ECTS her flblmn L X LTA :Q ,f'S,:FfE7g ,.. , 9 L ? Q vi s 1 65? 1 ? TT :ii t aft am M 'mn Y ' .if V, ,V E, X. A .NL. 1.4, , f s' '-2515" ..1:fi: 'iwf1 J" we , 4-,g wr gf' -1.12, ya-g.'X,'lf1g3' ,sv . f, - v3..L,..,,, ., . , ,J .. . , .. me . Q .. Q qi -. W. .M , 1 i g.,,g4,.-,f,-. - I . 1 f 1 x at ' f lh'- Q ..-' 1 . '- A :SWG l -' .- 1 . .t.t W p A? ff ff KV M ' Z. 5 ' '35 ' ,:'J?ifY f':---' .1 . - . fall-5-1. ff.. -he ar- . 'ia ' - ' l bf ' 0 if-"5" 'a:f4"'yf'lN 2 ..-.:.:'t" 'V .5-:fs 1 .V hi-ff T" ' .ww am ,A W " "f .:'z'w,:,: ,. . f P . 4.2.4 - ., ,. V A 1 - Nr f ..x in Standing Coach Hall Rob LaRue Lance Davls Mike Brown eff Watson Alan Ott oe Vandever Middle Row ohn MVK Borchert Mike Peterson David Baumgart Steve Greenawalt Clyde Runlon ES8QUlClOfflZ Terry ournot Seated jeff Bailey L R Matt Dav s Guy journot Rod Vandever Don Anderson Dan Ott and Eduardo Ortiz 3 ue Cowboy Joe catching Q 94 ' 6 ' r ,ff ei , f 7 J V Coach Martin Merrlll Y ' 2 Steve slams one out Joe Vandever Mart Davls yrs u g. M Q K 1 '-H Jigwf aw gr: ' 5 A 1 Y' A , f ,gf 5 ff, ' . ., gp :M x fi 1: f i' U " ff ' ik ' mf - fa S ' F E w- ,I 'E g m ,gmg gmg xx f E- ,G 1- ,M v,- 4:35 f, -532: .3352 Q3 K . i t 5' ,H fm ' + g Terry journot Rod Vandever Jeff Bailey Dan Ott t if 4 D ls? This year went well for both the boys and girls golf teams. The girls didn't make it to District, because of their lack of experience. The boys did fairly well as a team at district, and Bill Porter was the only member from the Umatilla golf team that qualified for State, which was in Portland on May 23rd. As Joe Matzen was a Senior and only three strokes away from making State, we would like to congratulate him on a great performance. Bill lBilluml Porter. 'ka 3 . -...Y . M ' Above: Shari lDungeonl Dunn. Left to right: Joe Matzen, Rick Kurz, Bill Porter, Steve Vandever, Ken Parrish, and Coach Kelly Bissinger. Below: Soft as 3 Babys Face!! Left: joe Matzen. Below: Molli lL1cel Brown. U4 JR l if L 40 zu' J xg? 4. . iw ,L ,,., F1735 I , Q I J 1 E I 1 l 0 fl: t into to 'F 1 "Frankly, Folks, he's in a 'helluva mess! ! !" ,A Above: Steve Vandever. ,A If Q V ,,., L M, A to 5 l e - ,H f' 4 fy . if 2' f A -J , il! K k 2 f l,ll , ' , ,, +' -'ifw v' '- " A V, - 1 4 Left to right: Dolli Mulkey, Mollie Brown, Coach Kelly Bissinger, Patti Above: lPuddin'l Patti Stephens. Stephens' Shar! Dunn' Below: Rick Kurz. l Left: THE BEAST!!! Below: Dolli lDollumJ Mulkcy. is , ey M ,igffw ' 41 VAQQ SCKKJJOR' The Juniors held a banquet for the Seniors on Thursday, May 6, in the . Umatilla Presbyterian Church. We had spaghetti and French bread, which was prepared by the Juniors and some of their parents. During the banquet, music was played by Phil Garton, except for the height ofthe night, when Reverend Keith Kurtz gave a eulogy to the graduating Senior class. After Reverend Kurtz gave his eulogy, the crowd began requesting songs of Phil Garton, whom everyone enjoyed listening to. A little excitement was roused when juniors toasted Seniors, and then received a toast in return. The long night was finally wound up by a 'lThank You" speech from Senior class President Nikki Armstrong, and a little cheer for the Seniors by Junior class President Terry Journot. Below Phil C arton our entertainmt nt The Revert-mi Keith Kunz- fi W A' Sy gf, This year's junior-Senior Prom was held on Saturday, May 8. The theme of the dance was "Saturday in the Park" and cafeteria was decorated in a park setting. There was an all around feeling that it was very successful, and almost all reports from the Seniors were good. The only complaints were that the park lights should have been a little bit DIMMER. The court was chosen by the Junior class, who also decided not to have princes and princesses, or one King and one Queen to reign over the dance. Instead they chose three boys and three girls to be of equal status on the court and to he called "Twigs" and "Branches", The boys chosen for the court were Phil Cimmiyotti, joe Matzen, and Tim Curtis, and the girls were Nikki Armstrong, Toni lson, and Gina Carollo. Music was played by the Dan Gobel Band. 'ilu will ill: I iiiusri . - 1 1' in U-gg r"'2 Left: Our chaperones INN The court, Phil, Tim, joe, Gina, Nikki, and Toni. Below: Dan Gobel t X, .V N, ' K 'rf if ak f A A 1 is Q f f if 1 M an in.-v 44 x . . ,M , ,.W, I 7 .V A m,M,W, XM dlfw - .,.?"A' -F A ' 1' -ex 43 if -Q -ing. ' M 3 'a 1 , 31 , ilu 'S iggipev Q ,.,:s.A b, he i '5- .A H11 ., , W .... W'-,ga 5 W .. , A , 1 ,S W? X 4 l 4 Q ,L ",Vk V , j 1, W f IE . 5-1: ,ff m . W A mf, QI, - wp , I 3' , ,M ' V -7 W fa 1--M . ,K ig L ,- ..i, S 2 ., ...N is , , X f - S ' ' ' f wx' I , 8 ,af .M iii 8 M T, " A 1 fy ffl 'Wil , Sfvflfu V ' - , " J 1 ' 7 1, 't .g , fv W . 'If 7 'ar f M ' v ,f.i15:7 1 nk QS., ,. vw, .. - 1 - '. 9 f' " ' diff' - L 1' ' . 4. is : A AL ,,f ,A ,LM gg? ' E ms: :Ay . A K 5 VX S f wig M, 'ff A 'giver ff Mzffn J 1' ' at fp, ff 'N xv r L ,QD J V I J v .Y , K ' ' I-. XZ. ex 4 rl A A, Kevin Helzer E1 Annete Okken Brenda Ramirez 'f , -Q .- gg M Mike Wallace Mike Albright Lynda Brooks , M ' K 1- ll' I Tina Couch gg i ' J ,.,. , . . .- John Klein Roxanne Okken J ' n e his Linda Ramirez ,wp 4 www, Steve Ward Tom Allen , . 5 Ap... 'U-1 a, '- , A xv, Sandie Bovent vw Diana Anderson ' ,,', V . 1 I ge? if Q ' A f f, ff in f 1 Angella Brown Y v P Q Matt Davis Randy Freeman . J fl y J A A gf Maw-" Robin Johnson Rodger Johnson ' ','G ef' 2 iggg q 7' " A 2 iff, -- .ar ,,-,,,, .. , , , 4 . 1 x , A , f, 2 Eduardo Ortiz Karen Osborn ' , in ' " 'E "'f I-v . A in 1 E Jw .L I E 8 YN A Q, X L I ' A I 4, ive I larry Rose Laure Roxbury Hx f ,,l,, 5 Jeff Bailey Allen Baker 'Qtr Ml A , f I A . fbi, S Molli Brown Chris Carlson Brian Galbraith 5, 1 ' 1 Donna LeiSure 3 P70 wgk . 4 . L Q, ""' V' 'fn F' nj ff " Dan Ott Clyde Runion ,A 'Y , 1 A f J , l--' 1 AV A , 1' W ,rj ' J A lJ'i B -, 4 'e ' .11 ' ,J 5 X ' , Garry Wilson Terry Wilson Marla Wilson David Baumgart .l.' , if .rf 5. QQ. '35 w 2' 5 1' 4 B 'L if we Sue Carr Blair ie Case 1 W . ' 15 H -iff , Berek Blanchard -Qs.. Maria Churchill Chris Beale ff j B -a ga .1 I 7 , W . if A-Q an l"lM .sa P A Q Q 5 A . M 3 ,Af ' 4, N -M A: ,Mil ' ,aa : il N f B fp Bl Darla Body John Borchert 'w ,. -5 f I Rhonda Collier Louise Cook Larry Coombs li. .V ' ig U f i Steve George Angela Garcia Letty Guel " me J, if new 4929 ,P 'fe Richard Landauer 1 N fra. as " r,l,' Norman Park fwyf V 45' f . Linda Schmidt Brenda Wonderly Q9 man- f Angela Mauch igmal f ""' ' Serapio Perez 4 m Stacey Simpson A .. it ' J swf XX . JA John Mischke ad' f ah 7 W a TQ ,, , W Michael Peterson Glen Tipton ,,,. V , ' '- ' ' "J . . 31 . .j iff. 4 0 ,A . . rv ' if Q . A s'-A . ,, 7. Mark Bradley Aww: V ,N Crystal Cornell V ' 3 .h y ' wc, f , Margie Hart 1 , V Q- V-, I lyrr if 1 if if , Q , ,As Dolli Mulkey at - ' f LV Z' F I 92 Kelli Phillips S lla e M1 , KJ ,yy M X 1 .. Steve Vandever l 4,3 N l " W Q' . -., r . . ' I f 5 Za l a Wig Q3 4 v 4 l lr pn Cf: Debbi Myers I ' ' 4. 1 ,f A' I gp Kevin Picard X . Richard Waddell 'JST ' wi- .5 - -. ' 1- X 53 ll lf ' X V i ffl? e ef Lori Bock Betty Jo Ader Janet Albright Don Anderson Roxie Bartell Penny Baxter 4 O 0 Randy Body Jeff Carlson Blake Cimmiyotti Mike Coombs X 5 S A ' le N if B x 1 5 .C Ann Cogburn Debra Cogburn Charles Cook Lorna Crandall l 48 if - V: I Sherrie Dunn John Grishkin Dawn Holland Alane Hopkins .gg-F Cecil Howard Kerrie Huber Guy Journot Tim Magg w -V- .., ,ww 5 . Lester Martin Rose Mesteth Lisa Neiss Derek Osburn Allen Ott Mike Parker YI f . P L ' ' rr.h , I , , . , QT 1, V Mike Payne Tom Shoemaker Lori Stone Carrie Thorpe :M 5 1" ff R fi' 'o ,. , H ww if 4' f N Shelley Traner Rosa Trevino Lynette Trudeau Rod Vandever Jeff Watson 49 Amy Barg Barbie Borchert Mike Brown 2 Steve Carlson Kim Casper Lance Davis 1' , f, fix Q Ji L. ia. is K - I I Chris Fisher Alan Donaldson Debra Forbes Debi Freeman : hr ,'f sf- Q L s - N..a,,..-K' ii ag Terri Journot Junior Class President ' Jim Bailey Vice-President 1 Natalie Marlow Secretary-Treasurer W' - 2 ff l Steve Greenawalt Robert LaRue -3 9 VVVV ,ii1n,, ,, jjj ' A i L 4 W i 5, Y se i 0 V , . S. 1' S ' fi 4 K . Ig V- "f nl C' Dennis Helzer 15- " ' ,fri 1, ' ,, , vi ' we ,gi .f V c ' iw.. A 5 Cindy Marker 4 , Lewis Hendricks Julie Hopkins me Kellie McNabb Joe Mesteth 12.01 I fxgf' s , Larry Picard 4 Wm Alex Tizon 2 Kathy Reynolds .f ,g ,r 544 ,,f f ' 5 012453 49 f A ,QQ , ri T y I , Trina Waddell Bonnie Klein 'F'5 Lori Nielson 'im Yvonne Smith V - W I R I 'N l ' - ,,., W E' 3 Y V ' .ff in R far e e 'La 1 0 e -- 0 A - Kevin Warlick Esiquiel Ortiz Sam Warlick Terri Blakeley s ' v ,ggi .mn :.,, em pan rl' 'Wie' -r ., N.. 'V ff 7353's Rick Kurz Eileen Park Deanna Thomas 2 NIKKI ARMSTRONG DANA BARG GINA CAROLLO PHILLIP CIMMIYOTTI iii 'Iii . R 1' P as MLA JUDY COLLYER LESLI COOK CHERYL CROXEN TIM CURTIS -wff Q..,. Wa-W' ur . ,sg n-xg 'Fl ,ff vu 'l gk Q Rf -a i, i 539: . . Y! N gg? .NM : 61:2 -in -Q 3 S A 1 if' kk fi it K ii 5 .. I ...A-.Q K A DEBI ROSS ROGER SMITH N35 1-""':vF JOHN THORP JOE THRASHER fw,h:W -'SQ' 'W .-.Q-5 DANETTE TRUDEAU JOE VAND EVER 109 fri' TRICIA STEPHENS rw' N,,,,.z f HELEN TREVINO .na-.alan DAVID ZEHNER a N .,,, H W . ' . A ' ,.,, wif... QA . E., , mi WM X., ,X X ..,..X K., ,.,,- ..... XSS. 1, avi? . E .. Q .. J. . ,N xx M Mg. fl- ,, 1. 3,Lf.X.:R1-wf, ., . ,, ,wg A QE.. , , . .Xxx ,. .... ...xgwqp ,. , M. . E , , , J , X -X , 1 ' 'f K f-- 1 ff fl - Q 5 Qrkgi .wi kk -Q .fqfifgmi S 55121153 ff . wgvg- ,SEM ' .- wk - A xg 5 ji . fy .7 .-N , , 53-Y54Q5.4,Z,l..k,,t , ..g5:.f:5:i5:f::g Hxwk. . .. ff' .... .. A 'T A iv .. K ff A A gs s Q O O -gg ? ":i"w,g,Q fci,ji A 'L k 1 , - ,rm V A Fwy ,U X . . .OVW A .EE ,w i t N J, . . I 1 ' V - ' , ..., 'V . -A -- if ,A WN W. C f -Jaw . ?j " K. . ' WMMWMN " M? . ff Ska J- ,QQ -J N' -f SENIOR TRIP AT SUNRIVER After many meetings and arguments the Senior class of 1976 decided to go to Sunriver, Oregon, for their Senior Trip. Mr. Lange and Mrs. Wilson were the chaperones. Mr. Wright was the bus driver, lthis was only his second time driving a busl. They left at 4:30 the morning of April 25th. They arrived in Sunriver at about 11:00 a.m. After arriving, Mr. Lange registered everyone and found directions to the suites. After unpacking everyone went on their way to fun and adventure. To tell you a little more about Sunriver: Sunriver has swimming, golf, tennis, boating, bicycling, horseback riding, games, shopping centers, and crafts. The prices were a little steep, but it didn't seem to matter. At 6:30 Sunday night, they had a barbeque in Mr. Lange and Mr. Wright's suite. Mr. Lange and Mr. Wright were the chefs. Everyone ate well and enjoyed themselves. Mr. Lange said, "One thing about our hamburgers is the buns aren't bigger than the patties." Everything went well until the door was open and the smoke filled the room. After the barbeque a few people settled down to some serious business, a poker game. The game went pretty well until Mr. Lange started wearing a cowboy hat and thinking he was Roy Rogers. Then Mr. Wright started smoking a cigar and about gagged everyone. The pots were getting pretty big, one even got up to a nickel. The game ended about 11:00 and everyone went to their rooms. Monday morning everyone was awakened bright and early to the smell of pancakes, bacon and eggs. After the meal everyone was turned loose until departing time, which was 1:00. Some people went swimming. Joe Matzen tried to be Evel Knievel on the diving board. He was attempting a ZW plus a M swivel dive when he slipped and landed back-first on the board. Luckily he was okay. Phil Cimmiyotti had to try his skill at doing a flip. After two failures, Phil decided that he could get it on his third try. He got on the board, bounced, leaped, and landed flat on his back. So much for Phil. On the way home, they stopped in Bend to eat and shop. The girls bought clothes, flowers and jewelry, while the guys stuffed themselves. After leaving Bend, they stopped at Peterson's Rock Garden. Here everyone bought souvenirs and enjoyed walking through the gardens. There were houses, bridges, big buildings, and lighthouses which were built with rocks. Peterson's Rock Garden was really amazing and everyone loved it. The Seniors arrived back in Umatilla at 11:00 P.M. Monday night. Everyone tired and happy, got in their cars and headed home. The Senior Class would like to thank Mr. Lange and Mrs. Wilson for being our chaperones and Mr. Wright for being our bus driver. . I 'L N... .. ,ass . ' ff' .S A s if., Y K 1 Q aa... ' A - " K it J V .ff s9'.af,1e3a'i5 1. 'i z . ' Q-fy'- ,s,..l5f. f 5 ti, 1 pgs , 4 'zzrfft' .. I , .ff s ' A . A 1 1 " 3 1. Q -we iw , fs i:-- 5 1. f ' - ' A ' gamm- if.. L Wa' My-saw 'H 4, T va.. 3 an -' i fr .MW ' t gi we + N .KY 35 if W X .mr i X Q 5, , .... . ,, F? .. 1713 - . t .g.,..,., N fffifw g K .1 I H .. ,V ' - ts- T f . ... W Wim, 5 Af Ax, , sg, L :.Q. QW , 1 X Q "I , 5L: Ywy 2 Z ff 2 5 sw,-'g:.1f , , ,f,,,,4f.,w.. 5. Q? ik i .iq ' fx --" I '- Y.....4 2 4 o f 5 Mg V . Af? f 41 A 5 fx it 4 V 60' L J, gg 5 wam.. ,. - , ,- A U", , 'Z SH' , -......,v f,............,.H. W., W 21 f- I , , ,C ..,,. , H , 152 ' an am U W5 xr YM I 'O N H Q A 'I 454 iw 'V I1 Yi ff. " ,dj K L31 , A g nz J ' ' 1 i' G pl e v A t hi J. i If t . i 2 if firm i ak gsgzwfi: 5 .4 ur :- I.G.A. SHOP THE COWBOY AND SAY HOVVDY x E ..., . . , 1 .ri f We UMATILL 'S fv 7L. 7 A , D A A f'W5'f7Jgi A ' Hwy' ,, - Fi - A mms? A O "'L'h W3 A E ., .Q if wg, fi: Q Si vu , ' k'L' A Q., , Wi K T 'A ,- 1 x H U - . Ivxkk '- GOOD FOOD, GOOD SERVICE Gus's1.,G.,A,, UNIATILLA, OREGON 2 -f ' -' ' THERE ns ALWAYS Room Fon You AT THE 'jg , TILLICUNI MOTOR INN. ff ' ,,i2 1 in PHONE 922-3236 uMA'rH.l.A, OREGON 5 I EM K C E T 0 NW PASSAGE CARLSON'S UMATILL DRUG A UMATILLA "W--v... Ms SECRETARIAL DRUGS SERVICE .,1' SPECIALIZING IN MIMEOGRAPHINGI ff , CHRISTMAS LETTERS PROGRAMS ANNOUNCEMENTS CATALOG SUPPLEMENTS CALL. 922-3510 AFTER 4200 P.M. W G 6 I DAIRY FREEZE GUNSOLLEY'S CHEVRON STATION ISIT GUNSOLLEYIS FOR ALI. YOUR CAR NEEDS: ROAD-RUNNER SHEET METAL, INC. RUSSETT RESTAURANT DAM PHONE 922-3044 UMATILLA, OREGON 922-3741 OPEN 24 HRS. DAILY W 'ro SERVE You wl'rH DELICIOUS MEALS, ,. A Ewen 2 2 II?I'z'?IW - I H5-,JQQQ SHEET MEIN. A me CLWERS ROOM 58 .1 9 FISHER S FABRIC SHOP WHERE YOU FIND A WIDE VARIETY OF MATERIALS AND OTHER FABRIC NEEDS IWW'-w-Wa 439 MOR THEATER uMA'r1l.l..A, OREGON 922-3586 I i Umatilla Inland mpirc Bank THEY KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOUR MONEY GROW AND HELP YOU TO GET THOSE NEEDED THINGS sux WITH DRIVE NESS, 60 an an 5 N, I I A 1311123 ' Ailkvawazmwa V IN BANKING IT IS EASIER THAN EVER TO DO BUSI- MEAUS THRIFTWAY SPONSORSHIPS NEEDS AND AT A FAIR PRICE UTALLA MOTEL SELECTRIC INC. 1230 6'rH STREET UIVIATILLA' OREGON m FRED CARLSON ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR INC. RESIDENTIAL-coMMERc1Al.-1NDUSTRIAI. uMA'r'll.l.A oREGoN PHONE 922-4360 THANKS, SPONSORS!!! 61 SCM M-I-C,-K-E-Y-- What a face! l ll 'HQ l-ACl1S AT U.l-l.S. do 'TD' Matt! You forgot your b lush!! VW:-"f . , ,,,..-M, .Q . , ' , - X ' ' f5ggg5a,,,.5 YL 'ffl ' ' 5155 Q " Q i"- .' ... ' t 5 ' 'K - 255. ' v wi , f 5 l if T w - 'Q ' 4 A i 1 if in l f .W in , rr 'H' 1.7 l - , 4' - ., , 3 I x K A ' . f -'Nr V Wm 'H 3 ' ' , " A- .. m' vw-1-4 5 ' 'H . ' K WW' fi ' V 'WQTF ., " V WL ,Ike W. 1 A Q, N : V ' 'X Q Q, ,Lim Xgyfyk. i ' ' ,, , ' ,., A " ,., A K A i,f',,gA-Qgi,.g" if? ,, i y V ' Y ff l 4 , 4, " ' 4' l7"f-,, '-if-wfn-' M ' Q 1 L Alan Donaldson, U.H.S. inmate. 4 ffNfN ' N I MamaMia!!! Ohwlgcp ggg ,, , M 'Q Our beauty, Mr.l?l Hall. QQ if W ,ff 5, 'WY Kfy.. .3 I '5 62 lt was SO GROSS!!! 2 , A - Q E if QF if ' X ' w I X J 2 5 f 4 W? ,I '1- 5 n. -W K f A ' 'H ,fy 4? .V .Q v X , X.. X ,..,,XkN , . fy SX X, 5 Because of the increase in students, U.l-l.S. was in need of some new courses which X, X -. X, X Xxx XXX ix N 1 Xxx, t. th A. X -. x i X 7 l Jsfx l The office, lab, storeroom, and artroom of the "somewhat new" counselor, Dave Lan e. g 4 i yi additions at .I as : . -5 S .5 . ., Q 3 X K rrfr r' , htm..- Q' M f' I u W , an 4 N i fi . Q? !'V .I Terry Wilson, janet Albright, and Rosa Trevino "Painting for Fun" the Umatilla fire k S hydrants. ii Kim Matzen, Don Anderson, Lynette Trudeau, and Debbie Forbes participate in a mock wedding ceremony. would satisfy both the old and the new. Some ofthe courses were educational from the scholastical standpoint, while others were common sense classes, designed to prepare students to be able to do for themselves. One of these classes was "Marriage and Family", where students had mock weddings, and learned how to run the household. Another was "Child Care," which taught students the art of caring for a family. One course was "Painting for Fun", and the students in this class painted fire hydrants, benches, and other things. Our counseling switched hands this year, too. ln previous years our counselor was Mrs. Vanderhorst, the business teacher. Now it is Mr. Lange. He counsels during Sth, 6th, and 7th periods. lAnd sometimes 4-thlj We feel that he has our best interests at heart. 63 1 L ' k ,. xgifggil-I I x-1.5 1 , ' 5 ,Q J 'fu " at 9 X gtavn E i v ff -an ' x i, 1 ' an if s 2 ff ,Q Tv X, E 'S 53 F ik vffwkixx X X Ta , 2 ' is B 434 ,W Y nf 9 34 96 pr VW 4 uf UA..,. ""xf A A fi if ' fi R , M HX 2 1 N ing 'tm Wm? 1 N- C ,H 5, . K Ku I K x ' 'I' 5 .J X I 'W X 3 5. ,A 1 X gg W xy. ar 'Q' 43 w J r 1 I I ff' J 4 s 1 G P I r i . 3 i ' 5 5 5 Q W! 1 Q I lx 'F f Af W H fy i " r Nw' i FT Q ' a P fi u 3 i ,f

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