Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA)

 - Class of 1975

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Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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' hludlo, [4 L ao (7 • ' . " ' " " :x - : ' M " . " 2 c « ;;-v ; ,-« ' vm .i, n-3= ' ■ ' ' ' ■ -A -7 ' 0 m ' • i -%. -!5 3. - Ci) ' j -k i . ; 5 --wi v - i : 5 i -J ) V - - -i v ji • — _ 3 " V Cj T ji ■ y ' . ' - r 0 ' v..|. u. II i JSOOOoa mro si van ys caUfortm o a J A Message From The Principal " The iheme of Shield, 1975, centers about the changes, the differences of what once was and Grant High School today. It is truly an attempt to bridge the gap between the past and the present. In its own way the Shield is facing the age old problem which modern society calls the " generation gap- " Just as our physical plant and our approach to mores change so do our relationship with people change. Since changes can take place at various speeds, we must recognize that greater and lesser gaps will be created. Society must work toward the closing of gaps and the cre- ation of understanding. The Shield is to be congratulated for its efforts in this direction . ' ' Herman ' . Adams i::ii i72E; TrrlW=H " f «— — c msE Changes - appear in many forms and places, entering either quickly or slowly, subtly or evidently. Regardless, its coming is inevitable, for there is no progress without change. To capture these changes, in both ourselves and our surroundings, in both words and pictures, is the reason a yearbook exists. As time passes, the changes in our surroundings become evident, but of ourselves . . . live 1974 and 1975 through the looking glass as seen by the pictures in this book, and remember the changes ... in sur- roundings, the world around us . . . and in ourselves. m yir- V W ' .?«is? = » " .: wJ Hw Bl » L ' |P?3?5f!W5 Tr::. » . ' V • ' - ' - ' . ifc .W r I « ;i : W ■ ■ .. ' " • ' 1 : riif i m ' r3 n.uut h " r 1 M:mJ. ' [S 1 f f l Homecoffiing 1974 Left to Right: Linda Steinman, Margo Beylen, Queen Leesa dinger, Robyn Hilliard, Valerie Tyson. m(Lh A friend like him ihere were no others Bright was the smile he wore Good were the limes we shared Sitting in a park under a tree The two of us were happy as two could be I gave him much to make us happy I gave him love to bring us joy I gave him all, all I had Bui now 1 am left alone and sad A week went by, two now five He hasn ' t come to see me, why? I am hurt deep, deep inside My smiles are now tears, my laughter crying With him now gone , I felt like I was dying Alone 1 was left, always to be sad Each day was worse , nothing to look forward to My friend was gone, now I must leave too 1 always have feared that horrible thing death But I ' m sad and lonely, dying breath by breath A miracle happened, I am so overjoyed My friend came back, we talked and talked He said he did not know why he left We both cried and cried, to have each other Just like a family, sister and brother Big Guy A Last Thought We all must move on Like clouds. And even clouds cry. L. R. Lawrence If 1 could remember Each time I laughed In your presence, I ' d be up all night. And when I remembered it all, I ' d be left empty - Until The next time When we are together Again. Ann Neft Qjutiinine cum 7 a It was beautiful Yet it never really existed. Time drew us together The times tore us apart Simple pleasures filled the air around us, Yet society builds walls which prevent Flowers to bloom Ours was sunshine and rain. Though it ' s hard to explain. So distant were we. So close at heart. Love sees through clouds which tend to Darken . Sunshine pierced the misty clouds many Times and touched our faces. Maybe it must be. But not forever. Time separated us, Time will marry, mend, sustain. Raindrops will fall and touch the seeds. They will grow and live and unite with one Another in harmony together with their Thorns and blossoms forever. Eli Wise i 4 erscf jrr " ionftrci Vf»U l ' 1; . ' Tresenrled M5. rQnfl ilKVion — THE CAST Hi Wilma Atkins Martha Truitt Nelly Windrod Judge-Preacher Mary Windrod Robert Conklin A Trucker Cora Groves Walter Eva Jackson Josh Johnson Skelly Mannor Peck Johnson Mavis Johnson Patsy Johnson Evelyn Jackson Lena Truitt Allison Gruver Kirn Johnson Cindy Marcus Michael Shapiro Kathy Doyle John Graham Josh Meltzer Jill Merin jamin L. Greenberg Shelley Fine Michael Sondwick Mork Farrell Levels Wurnberg Ann Neft Stacey 5haffe: Laurie Trogen Nancy Wilson ll, MRS. SHIRLEY WOO Assistant Principal The saying " The future belongs to those who prepare for it " has always had a great deal of meaning. However, it seeins that in view of rapid technological changes occuring daily the saying takes on more significance. 1 hope that Grant High School has given its students the necessary foundation needed to prepare for future changes and challenges. SHIRLEY WOO Assistant Principal Education may make it possible for you to know where you are, who you are, and in which direction you are going. Education may be more than that - it gives you the knowl- edge and wisdom to change who you are, to set a new direc- tion, and to enable you to travel along the path you have chosen. LEO DAVIS Assistant Principal MRS. CAROL GORDON Dean MR. JULES FJERDINGSTAD Dean MURRAY ALBOHER English DENNIS ANDERSON Mathematics HAL ARTHUR Social Studies MRS. SUZANNE ATTIG English DERRYL BAKER English V. H. BEDOIAN Art MRS. CECILE BENDAVID MRS. VIRGINIA BLUME Business Education English IRWIN BLUMENBERG MRS. HELEN PAUL BRYSON Art BRAVERMAN Opportunity Room Officer •V i ■ sf ' a " officer ROBERT GARLAND HARRY GINOZA MRS. NANCY Social Studies Art GOFFREDO An JOE GORDON MRS. LOIS H. GORDON Physical Education English w " MRS. VIRGINIA HATCH MISS MELVA J. Social Studies HEINSOHN Physical Education :.:icsi foicigB L ? STAN HUGHES Industrial Education MISS JUDY HUNTER Social Studies HAROLD JACOBS Mathematics EDWARD F. JESPERSEN ESTEL JOHNSON Industrial Education Physical Education | PtiysicalE Wf MRS. JANET L. JOHNSON 2g Physical Education W. E. JUDGE Industrial Education RICHARD KAZIE Social Studies MRS. GLADYS M. KER MRS. PATRICIA KILLEN English Business Education ¥U IIK THOMAS MAIER English JIM MALKIN Physical Education JOE MARGUCCl Physical Education BEN R. MARTIN Science MRS. VICKY MARTINEZ Mathematics JSiH MEL MENKIN Art 4 MRS. MILLIKEN Business Education ARTHUR MULLER Business Education MRS. EVE NEUBAUER MRS. FRANKIE NOBERT JOHN R. O ' BRIAN MRS . HILDA F. PADIN MRS. ODETTE PAGET Social Studies Music Social Studies Foreign Language Foreign Language W MRS. MYRNA PALLET MRS. IRENE PALMER JACK W. PATTON English Mathematics Mathematics MISS PATSY PESTERFIELD Home Economics HAROLD E. PHELPS JR. Foreign Language JACK L. SINGER Industrial Education J. V. SUMMERS MRS. ROBIN SUNDBERG THOMAS W. SYDES MRS. HANNAH THEILE Mathematics Science English Social Studies i ?jr ill m MRS. KIM ULRICK MRS. IRITH VENYIGE MRS. JOSEFA VIDALES STEVE VISOTSKY MRS. OLA VORSTER An English Foreign Language Social Studies Foreign Language Andrew Yellen Mrs. Janice Zoeger Physical Education Business Education JULES S. BURG Counselor HAROLD B. DENNER Head Counselor ARTHUR E. EADES Counselor COUnSELORS LOUIS BARAK Career Advisor MRS. BONNIE M. LEWIS Counselor MISS ANGELA J. REUSER Counselor MISS LYRIC Y. ROBINSON Counselor :i MRS. FARONE, MRS. GOVENAR Main Office MRS. FRIEDERBERG Textbook Clerk MRS. HAZEL LESSOR School Secretary MRS. STELLA KATZ Librarian MRS. BERNICESASS Assistant Principals ' Secretary MRS. EVELYN ZERG Assistant Librarian MRS. LEVIN MRS. SILVERMAN Health Office ' ' ■- ' V " " " MR. " MIKE MAZO. SHtRRY HAIMWERTZ Finance Office MRS. SIEGAL, MRS. DEL MORAL, MRS. VAG Counselors Office Attendance oliice: HRANCES KATZ. ELEANOR KATZ LOIS BEZE, EVELYN CHESLER MRS. PEARL YOFFE College Advisor c a L f a ed t i e e r s i a STANDING L. to R.: E. Pauon, R. Radcliffe, B. Brent, F. Costanzo, M. Hain, J. Oppen- heimer. SITTING: J. Shireman, V. Palomino, F. McArihur, D. McDowell. Cu§todian s STANDING: S. Linei, R. Lewis, L. Stromsol, R. CuUen, C. Crawford, J. Robcrson. SITTING: M. Carmi- cheal, J. Layfield, T. Circella, W. Heckathorn, D. Hines, J. Peauie, L. Dunn Donna; " Don ' i expect it. " ' Take care babe love, linda you and me cannot fail Nfmjoeh-J lofx zpv ' e ef dpef viji. Ublf Dbst. Njdlfz. pete: I can ' t even think about it, are we out of here love Missy Linda, you ' re what a friendship is all about. Barbara Eli, Holli, Kristil, Linda, .Amy, and Loretta W. , hope we ' ll all be friends forever, with love Janice and Loretta N. Thank you 1975 Swim Team. Capt. Bob and Rick Steve, Pigs are flying. I love you. Mclinda Hey Christy M. have you had enough water lately ' ? Debbie S. A.Z.S.L. , we ' ve been through alot. Still lovc Va! J. P. John G. Good Bye, Mein Leber Herr! Guess Who Chip - Vv ' hat ' s il like to be really coolV Craig Leeser - Ask mc if 1 care , Kathy Cheryl 3. - You ' re the best friend anyone could possibly have . Ronna i clt - You ' re the greatest ILY Strawberry KA. , New friends or old friends just good friends lovc m.g. Ldie, you ' re beautiful and i love you for it. sandi Valerie , you ' re friendship has meant, cveiyihing to me. Love Sharon an_, Paznm, Mitch, .- iitlina. Laurin, Louis, I ' ll miss you, Tom _ _ Thanks for all the mcinoriLS. Lovc always, Barbar ijC BbaH ppr " ..-- . ji tKtt» ' - ' - Lisa -Tv ' ' e lovc you R.G. and L . .: . (sorry not S.S. ) " ' Piano Man. " You made me see that there can be music even in me - " P.S. Better luck this summer! Margie A. - Socks are crazy and so are You. Love Nani K.M.L.G.T C G. j _ Edson! Was it a deadePrpse?-? ' ' t! L_ .. ., ' Mark, Good luck in evetyihingCT ' tdVe Yoii - paula Km ' ■Jgb: l n ' i you Dare forget the pact. Virginia " koto , Marco, Chloride, Jewlery, " Valley, and Scram: We ' ll miss You lurfers on the bench . . . the tube ' s gonna get ya! Kim ty Blondie wake up. I Love You me. " ' i»; -g ai g »-» ' winkle Toes Missy - Je T ' aime beaucoup - Josie _ ' ' Zii c lt- Max G. - you loo will get a GUCCI. Margie A. To Judy Blue Eyes. Have a lovely day, Love Marc Judi, the hand ' s quicker than the eye, isn ' t it? Fred, Thanks for being you, I Love you, Janet Greg: You are the sunshine of my life . . . forever you ' ll stay in my heart. I ' m gonna miss you so much. 1 Love You, .Andrea. • _ - • -._ . --. — ar To my best budd MikelRT " , ' Hove you.M.M. ri ar Ava, I hope we " T:an always be friends. ■ Mr. Smith, il has been a pleasure , Alan Hi Jilly ! Even though Wl be leaving soon 1 hope we will always stay close. Love Always Barb Don C - You ' ve always been a cutie and always will be, Love P a aw Heidi i] - ' — -flowerdine: Bobbie, Lin, Mar, Ozzie, Pom, VVoni Jan r-We all have our problems, some worse than others, but through it all we closer ih Brothers . nv ' omen ' s Lib, ya know ' ' ) the mouse, pigs fly ai nighr Ppo kie.Fa ce , RememhttA»hen my car vtas ip the MarinaV Jlooket Paul - if we only knew Tnen! Maybe next time? " Cutie " Mark T. - your dumb remarks really have been " cute. " Shelley " Woods " : Bob ' s the divider, good limes never forgotten. Ms. Schaefer - You ' re OK We ' re OK - CarolvdBidv. Paiiy Debi - you are the sunshine of my life Lovc , Stevie Well Debbie and Lisa we finally made it. Happiness always . . . Judi A. - Thank you for thai parly MARC H 1 . 1974, Menilee D . i40wa4MP ' 4eTfiKif r .TS j fiffM ffli - Terry. Kenny, ffe H?gt Sf ' . ThaTfl R c.u Tiii. Lev. RaiJTnk , let me ' see your ucket5 ?on!mpu Rob n - I Lovc You -_ , Floyd, 1 kiWH ' llow il is woul ou Hke-woV-Big Gu k| fricnds UMi i tjr4i ' ' Bl ih, uh yeah! Lo i and Cheryl Love Robyn Kim t child , Chopped Li r h rrf Bar, you ' re ihe life of all the parties. Love, Debi 20 - you ' ve still got great legs, etc! From; The " same " Babushka - I love you, want you, need you and will miss you so very much with total devotion forever, B.L. To Missy and Pete who are very dear to me. Thanks for always being there, Love Laura Rear Re nene, I Rove You, Raura Mimi --Thank you for your good friendship. Love Always, Laura To Love is to find Rose, When 1 found Rose, I found love - love Eddie Eddie and Rose shall Live and Love Forever Gayle, Lykke till! You ' ll frustrate me forever. Love ALWAYS Jens. To Mrs. ESP: Wherever you are, I love you dearly ZZZ60, please report to the rules committee in the library There we stood, foot in hand, waiting (That ' s Entertina men t?!?). snort JS: Someday my Prince will . . . arrive, (with your support). LF A] - 1 love you now and always - your girl Barb - Y is a crooked letter and I love you. Floyd, hey get get get on down, Terri Peter corn ' s a pansy Greg, Russ, Floyd, Brad, Gary, Vic, Pete, Dale, Bill, Roger, Jerry, Jeff, Tom, Dick, Harry: love your body. Eli and Loretta In ' 73 it was free. In ' 74 there was more and in ' 75 there ' s just enough to stay alive. - Kirk W. Larry may your life be filled with smegmatic growth Herm Anita, you ' ll always be my Golden Lady. J.G.U Cindy C. Pooh and I both love you. M.W.Janice, you ' ll always make me a Happy Man. J.G.U. Sharon, you ' ll always be Creep ' in into my dreams. . Slant eyes-Thanks for being you! Love ya, Waiu Nui - Naomi, Thanks for seventeen years, here ' s to 17 more, Love Linda Josh , You ' re holding your own Love , Linda Cynthia - A rolling orange gathers no mold. Love Mike How about date AuHg Hector you ' ll always be in my heart. Love Alisa Randi , hope you find yourself in life . Love Terry Sheri, You always know just where to tickle me. Tom Bret: Keep Knocking them out-of -bounds Shannon and Kathy Randi and Teny , Thanks for understanding me - Love Pooh Barbara: We miss you already. Want you here. Debbie and Kathy D.L.U. I can ' t last a day without you. Love Cheryl -—-»_ Kaien you ' re a tenific sister good luck Lx)ve Diane —y- Dan we really love you, Kathy and Linda — _ Poly ' s 10: You ' re my favorite quarterback. Love Me A.Z., J. P., S.L. you ' re all great girls, love Jeff ODYSSEY and other 1974 alumni: Where are you? Help! ! ! - Barry - —- . ,, , , Eddie: Love is something only the luckiest people can find and I ' m glad itotihatt inyou. Love Rose Kathy C. - Give up on Ken. He ' ll never like you. M att " k Jeff, You ' ll always be in my heart, (both of them). ' »W . ' " 9 ' (l Jody, Jody, Laurie, Linda you are my pals - Doreen S. J(fj Alan P. Barmaper, I love you. Always D. Stone Reality is inversely proportionate to " Y " being a straight letter. Best wishes to the " group " : Monica, Lori, Debbi, Marlene, Keni Lori - I ' ll always remember the experiences we ' ve shared, Keni Anderson Brothers: Even though your far away, We think of you every day. Love D and G (red VW) Dear A. The Dragon isn ' t draggin ' anymore love, L ■Dodos: thanks for everything this summer, you dummiee. See you DDLASFS Mark - how do you like your Tequila Sunrise? - pwala Poopsie: regrets. Cannot meet you aboard Titanic. Lord " Snookums " Puddleby 1 love Boopy ' s Booper. Love C.B. aJ ' TUJ? ' " ' " " v The only things I can call my own are your spots . — " - The VFPSS wants you and a dymaxion universe; stop; end ... Cheryl, you will always be the sunshine of my life. Love Debi ' mm " ' ' ' !!B Cini - Let ' s rock the boat in your reni-a-pinto. Love Debi , „ SENIORS I E is " ' " ilLH QliJlljffiuMBBiHa B fciy M CTH B Si ■ r . .... i--., w- v i.; ■ . v - " wjKiuj!jjiiMia?» 1,. .. y;»wH g ' «g ajjMfi ' jf ' l .-. ■ . • v- -;- u5fK }s- ' : . : ' :f-:j3 f«;i WHERE AM I GOING BLUES The end of mandatory school will take time to absorb, and I have taken flight without filigree reward, my clipped wings have healed and they ' ve tied a diploma to my name, and thrown me out in th at massive sky to live or die, a carrier pigeon am I. Some will flap furiously and hover in one place, and some will glide to glory with eagle grace, but hoiv many of those carriers were going to be taking the same route in life as I, were not sure where to fly, how many felt naive as barefoot babies looking on a road of splinters and glass, knowing it ' s a road they soon must pass, and how many had paid their dues, then stood at confusions crossways, with the Where Am I going Blues? L. R. Lawrence 42 Bobby Fisch Go (I mm Jiidiili (.iiiclman Bariy (.old ch%8 of 1975 Phyllis Fesiner Samuel Fink C r •iK H V9 B A V K ' fl H 1 " u Hh Solomon Friedbcig Debbie Gclfat Lee Goldsmith 41«. Robin Gorelick Michelle Gordon Kathy Graham Karen Green Paul Haner Patty Holland Gail Katz Steve Kerstein PS n WM I S Kf! l ■ " BB P - H ji mb Vk m 9 . Ivil B HH ZJ ■ " 1 K IH ■H Wml te ii A]n KH Nina Khalak-Dina Rick Labowe Michael Loewy Robert Mauro Charley Netel Jodye Selco James Silverman Shelley Streeter Laurie Tragen Camera Shy: Bob Schwanz Janet U ' oznica National Merit Finalists Miichell David Perge: Elbogen Catherine Tag-Von-Siein Kiwanis OutstandingQeniorAward National Merit Letters of Commendation Anita Autio Carol Hunt Michael Barack Eric Lach Mike Becke Mark Levin Jeffrey Bocarsly Kevin McKenzie David Burg Aaron Paley Marlene Calder Alan Pollack Samuel Fink Robert Reuben Robert Fisch Robert Schwanz Lee Hamovitz James Silverman Paul Harter Harlan Simon I fiidb Bank of America Certificate Winners Bank of America Plaque Winners An Julie Williams Drama - — Laurie Tragen M usic Lynn Lusher English — Judith Gittelman Foreign Lang ---Sheni Rosenfeld Social Studies Aaron Paley Lab Science Roben Mauro Mathematics Dan Pritikin Agriculture --Tyen Chalfin Business Shelley Streeter Home Econ Jacklyn Warschaw Trades and Idus Thomas Ferguson Sl P Kathryn Schub Paul Haner Fine Arts Liberal Arts Individual Awards Bruce Rosenblum Vocational Arts Julie Solomon Heidi Ives Solomon Fricdbcrg Sr. Sponsor ' s D.A.R. Good Harvard Book Award Citizen Award Award Kohiii (..oiclick Junior Statesman Scholarship and Outstanding Youth of City of Los Angeles Award am %. % Vk. Andy Caff rev Dtji.i Shera Dolmatz Dolmau ■ fiUjlDI 1 A " " l Iw p fti Solomon Friedberg Debbie Melanic Fuenh Gold iceRosenMim Robyn Heidi Milliard Ives Rick Donna Aaron Labowe Merrill Palev Pritikin Probst • 4 % d Jodye Anna Linda Selco Sepikas Sleinman Shelley Streeter Richard Vs ' almark I. PETER AARNAES Var. Swim Tm. . Sch. Sorv. Flight Clb. MARY ABBA It School Service JANICE ABELL ELAINE ABRAMOWITZ fiirlsGlee, Choir CHERIE ABRAMS Operation Happ. H B E m m HELEN ADAMS St. Body. Treas. School Service DENNIS ADLER CSF, Boys VB Tm. Pres. Comp. Clb. JUDI ADLER St. Counc, GLEB GL Hist. CINDY AFFDLTER Mecha Club MARIA ALAlMCi Sr. Treas.. GLEB. Hse. Reps. . GAA SUSAN C. ALBERTI LAURIE ALDERSON CSF, Kiwanettes, Girls Glee MARGIE ALEXANDER Op. Happiness VAN ALPERT CRAIG ANGELICH BARBARA ANlLLL .MICHAEL APELIAN Hse. Reps, Key Clb. Marching Band NANETTE APPEL Swim Tm . CINDY APPLETON Dr. Tm. , B Sft. BU Ski Clb BARBARA AH ' . I SIvr. Award Dance Prod. MARVIN ARSHAV.SKY CHRISTOPHER ARVIN Var. Swim Team CSF FARIBA ASSIL I. Aim I.. AI TRIDGE Tennis Tin.. Hse. Reps. Sr. Steer., GL Counc. jm fefe ANITA AUTIO DARLENE AVALLONE MARTY AVIDAN School Service MARK 1 . AVNER DAVID AZR.AM CSF, Med. Clb, Math Club H O H m SHEILA BACHELIS CSF, Sch. Serv. Gold Slbr. DAVID BACHRACH TAMl BADER WENDELL BAKER ELIZABETH BALLARD MICHAEL BARACK Political hems Clb, CSF LISA BARBERA LORI BARISH CSF CHRISSIE BARNES H Bi H PV H H LESLEE BARONIAN School Service TINA BASTIKAIT Operation Happ. ANITA bAUER Gold Slbr., CSF JULIANA BAYZ BYRON BECK School Service JO-DEE BECKER MIKE BECKER CSF, Sr. Steering, Chess Team, Backpack Club MONTE BEILHARZ Basketball Tm. CELESTE BELLINA Sch. Service LOR! BENJAMIN MICHAEL BENNETT Var. Golf. Medit. Club DREAMA BENOIST School Service NORMAN BERGER $1 i DEBORA BERGMAN JENNIFER BERGMANN Play Prod. . Girls Glee, Hse. Reps. JUNE BERGSTROM Var, B Swm. Tm, School Service ESTHER BERKOVITZ Sch. Service ROBIN BERLIN Sr, Steer., 10th Leadership KAREN BIGGIO School Service WILLIAM BIRDS CSF. Med. Club. ROBIN BLACK Sr. Steering Gnome Staff KENNETH BLACKMAN BARBARA BLINICK AFS, CSF, Jr., Sr. Sir Comm. , Hse. Reps. ILANA BLUM Drill Tm. . Hse. Reps. JEFFREY BOCAKSLV 2nd, CSF VP. UCLA Honors, Quiz Team ALMA BOJOROUt KIM BOLDINi. ELIZABETH BORLE CHERYL BORNSTEIN ROBIN BOSCO SUSAN BOTNEY VICTOR BOUHADANA Ski Club Gymnastics Tm. Dance Prod. C Basketball ELAINE BOYD BROOKE BRASLOW DONNA BREITUNG DAVID BOYD LAUREN BRENNER RON BREUER Golf Team STEVE BRODBECK Arch. Tournament Sr. Steer. Comm. RAYMOND B. BROMLEY CSF EVE BRONNER KIMBERLY BROOKE MIKEJ.BROPHY H ' 1 O n M JANET BROWN NATALIE BROWN KATHY BRYAN LEAH BULKO BEATRICE BURDMAN Jr. . Sr. Steer, Pres. BSU, Odyssey Stf, CSF Hse. Sr. Steer, Sch. Service ' - Tm. , CSF, GAA Sch.Serv. Reps. Operation Happ. SIOBHAN BURNS Choir, Play Prod. Cham. Sngs, Dance Prod. MATTHEW BUTLER Capt. Var Basktbl. Var. Baseball THERESE BYRNE CYNTHIA BYRON I KliMBERLV BYRON KIM CABRAL DENNIS CADENA 12th. Rep. . Annual Sif. . CSF. Var. VB. Ski Tm. Sr. Bowl. Tourn. Sr. Sicor. Sieer. Dr. Tm. KAREN CADIGAN ANDREW CAFFREY Odyssey Ed. Noon D], Hse. Reps. JOELCAHN STEPHEN CALLEN DAVE CAMP Sr. Pres. Vai Gym Team School Service DAWN CAMPBELL THOMAS C -.PRIONI DONNA CAPUTO SCOTT CARLSON MARLENE CALDER JOSE CASILLAS JOHN CASSIDY School Service JV Football Gym Tm, Math, Chess Ski Clb. , Rock Club. CSF Clb, Dr. Tm. , CSF DEBBIE CASUSKY LINDA CHERRY ANA CHIRINO JOSIE CHRIQUI REBECCA CHL ' Tennis Team, Sch. Service MICHELLE CHURCH Sch. Srv. VPBSU DON CIRLIN Managing Ed, Ody. CSF, Gold Seal Bearer BRIAN CLARK PA I I V (..LARK S lEVE A. CLARK L ISA CLARKE RUSSELL COUTE Var. Fibl. Choir LEESA CLINGER CHARLES (CHIP) CLUSTKA Var. Bskibl, Vr. Trk. GREGORY COHEN LEWIS COHEN SANDY COHEN JV Bsktbl. Var. Football SHARON A. COHEN Sr. Steer. . Hse. Reps. SHERJ L. COHEN Operation Happ. Sch. Service CINDY CORMAN EDDIE CORRIN House of Reps Handball Team WILLIAM COURTLAND IV Bsktbl. , Tennis. Var. Volleyball LAURA CROSSLEY School Service ROBERT CUENTAS Track Tm., Mecha BRUCE CULLEN School Service STEVEN COHEN KENNETH COYLE TERHY DABBAH Qenior Cresfllne Trip MARJORIEDALL VIRGINIA DARE Hse. Reps. GL Counc. Girls Glee. Ski Clb. SUSAN DARIAN DEBBIE DAVENPORT KERRI DAVIDOVE Dr. Tm, Ltrgrls, Student CSF, Gld. Slbr. Hse. Service Reps. . GL Counc. LARRY DAVIS SUSIE DAVIS BARBARA DEBOER Sch. Service Hse. Reps. School Serv. , Medical Clb. PATTY DEBOER JOHN DEKTAR Nat. Merit Semifnlst, UCLA Honors. CSF PiS El DONNA DELCASTILLO CRAIG DENNIS RICHARD DEUTSCH CSF. Ski Clb. STAFFORD DEUTSCH HANNETTE DUBROW KATHLEEN DUDLEY Girls League Counc. Rfl and Pstl Club. i H B- BEVERLY DUNN Sr. Sieer. Ski Clb. Tcki Tkrs, Gls Lg. RICHARD DUNN ROBIN DURST Dr. Team, Girls Glee JACI EASTERLY JEFFREY EISIKOWITZ Siudeni Service RICHARD EK DAVID ELBOGEN Old. Slbr. , UCLA Hnr. Nai. Mer. Fn Isi LOUIS ELKUS 1 , k4 E H ' iPI GREGORY ENRIOUEZ LINDA EPSTEIN Ski Tm. , Clb. Sr. Steer. , Thespians, Girls Glee Hse. Reps. BRIAN ERICKSON MARY ERWIN JOAN ESKENASY SANDY ESPARZA Var. VB Capt. Sr. Sir. Comm. VPMecha Clb. BETHFAHN RICHARD FAIN School Service Rock Club HOWARD FARBER JOSEPH FARISS 10, JV X-C Trk. , Sr. Steer B Ftbl, Var. Trk. Comm. MARK FARRELL Play Prod. . Choir, Thespians, Cmb. Sng. THOMAS FAY Student Service MARILYN FELDMAN JAN I ' ELDSTEIN BRENDA FELLMAN JACKIE FELLMAN CSF. Math. Scl. Fl. Clubs House of Reps IllMi JULIE FELSOT SAMUEL FENG THOMAS FERGUSON PHYLLIS FESTNER Gld. Slbr, CSF, Jr. SrStr, Hse. Reps. SHELLEY FINE Play Prod, VP Thespi, SAMUEL FINK BOBBY FISCH Pres Chess Clb and Tm Gld. Var Swm Tm. Math Tm, Slbr. CSF Gld. Slbr. m M u n m ROGER FISCHER SAMUEL FISCHER JANl FLEISHMAN House of Reps JOELFISCHMAN CSF. Sch. Serv. Stamp Club MICHELLE FISHER ROBERT FISHER GNOME Editor LARRY FOGEL ROXANE FOGEL SHARON FOGEL KALANl FOLTZ Leadership, Op. Motivation DANNY FORER NICK FORMISANO Pres. Red Cross Clb, Key Clb, CSF, Sr. Str. MICHAEL FORREST DAVID FRANKLIN SOLOMON FRIEDBERG Math. Chess, Spch, Clb and Tm, Orch, Comp. Clb, Quiz Tm. t«- ALAYNE FRIEDMAN Choir Oris Glee SR Str Comm , Dnc Pt BARBARA FRIEDMAN LARRY FRIEDMAN LORI P. FRIEDMAN CSF. Oper Happ. GId SI Mrch End, Wnd Ensmhl. Sir Brer Bnd, CIA MELISSA FRIEDMAN MIKE FRIEDMAN MICHAEL S. FRIEDMAN DEBBIE FUERTH STEVEN FUNK Sch Srv Comm of Elec . , Comm of Curr. Ski Clb. CSF. Brnz Awd MICHAEL FUNKE DEBRA GELFAT SB Tres. Comm of Asmbls Cld SI Bre: LINDA GELTNER JULIE GERING MICHELLE GERSHUNOFF MAXINE GEYER Sr. Sir Comm, Sch Srv Co-Edit Gnome. Ann. Si(. DAVID GIBBS HECTOR GIKA MARTIN GILENS JUDITH GITTLEMAN B Flbl Capl Jr Sr Sir Comm, Hse of gof A Ceri. Eng, Gld SI Reps, Ski CI Brer, CSF KRISTINA GJERDE STEVE GLADMAN DAVID GLANTZ STEPHEN GLAZE PAULGLICKMAN Var Tr, Orch, Wnd Ensmbl. !. p p H p MAUD GOCHA PIA GODSKESEN SUZANNE GOETZ BARRY GOLD MELAME GOLD Orch, CSF. Gld SI Br, CIA SB Sec, Comm of Clbs. Pres, PTSA Si. Rep. Sr Str Comm . CSF I K ALAN GOLDBERG LILLIA GOLDBERG Chmbr. Sng, Choir. Dance Prod. Sr. Sir. SHER] GOLDEN GARY COLDITCH ALAN GOLDMAN m n m m BARRY GOLDNER LEE GOLDSMITH KEITH GOLDSTEIN LARRY GOLDSTEIN RAPHAEL GOODBLATT St. Body VP. CSF. Gld Slbr. Gld. Svce Awd. i ' ARD GOODMAN JILL GOODMAN SCOTT GORBITZ HARRY GORDON JONATHAN GORDON Orchestra MICHELLE GORDON SHA,n:NON GORDON Play Prod. , Thes. Gld Slbr. CSF, Bsktbl, Boy ' s Var CSF Hist. Ten. Ltrgrls ROBIN GORELICK Sr. Pres, CSF Gld. Slbr. CHERYL GORIS COREEN GORMAN Sch. Serv. Op. Happiness B Chrldr. Ski Clb. Sr. Steer. Comm. .MARIE GOUTIN JOHN L.KAHAM K ATHRVN GRAHA.M SARAH GRAHAM Play Prod. Thespians. Band, Orch, CSF Gld Slbr. Choir. School Service Hse. Reps. Jr Sr Steer. Comm LA I ' REN GRAN AS BRIAN GRANT MARLENEGRONER KAREN GREEN Chmbr Sng. , Cho Old. Slbr. RICHARD GREEN APRIL GRANT DEBBIE GREENBERGER JARON GREENE ROBERT GREENE LARRY GREENFIELD B Bsktbl . Var Bsebi . BRAD GROSS ELAINE GREENBERG Dr. Tm. . Sch. Serv, YERAN GRIGORIAN School Service i i r9H m m w MARC GROS SMAN MARLA GROSSMAN DANIEL GROVER CAREN GROWN Sr. Steer. . CSF ALLISON GRUVER Play Prod. Choir Dance Prod, Thesp. LILA GRUZEN Dr. Tm Capi, GAA Sch. Serv. MARILIN HALPERN CSF, Spch, Med. Clbs, Sch. Serv. m p o H KIMBERLY HAMILTON Band, Girls Glee RICK HAMMERLE LEE HAMOVITZ Nail Mer. Commend. Student CHERYL HANSON Sch. Service JEFF HARABEDIAN LISA HARQUAIL DEAN HARRIS CHERYL HARRISON Dr. Tm. Girls Leagu LARRY HARTBERG PAUL HARTER ROBERT HATCH CYNTHIA HAYES KATHY HAYS SHEREE HEBERT Chamb. Sng. Choir TOM HEGLAND Var. JV Bskibl Urm Var Baseball Lirm. HARRY HELLING Var Swm Tm, CSF Sr. Siecr. Comm. JEFF HIPSHMAN Ski Club, Swim Tm. LAURA HELLMAN MITCHELL HESEN ROBYN HILLIARD LORl HIMMELFARB % g ,1 RENEE HIRSCHHORN GAA, Dr. Tm., Sch. Scrv. . Gvm. Tm. BILL HOBSON SHERRY HODGKISS GARY HOFFMAN LAi J Y Hi)l-eM.. N RUSSELL HOFFMAN PATRICIA HilLLAND CSF. Slbr, PTSA Exec. Bd. KATHY HOLM ROBERT HOLTZMAN Golf Team IIKT ' «._. MONICA HOPPER KAREN HORVITZ DENISE HOVLAND LAURIE HOZMAN Arch. Club CSF, Dr. Tm. , Sch. Red Cross Clb. Gnome Staff Service GUSTAVO HUERTA Boys League, Ski Club m D m m p STERLING HUM BRENDA HUMPHREYS CHRIS HUNDLEY CAROL HUNT CSF, Choir, Chamber Singers PPOli PETER HYAMS CARLAHYMAN CHRISTINE IMAMOTO DONNA lOSUE Oper. Happiness, School Service CINDY ISMAN RONALD ISRAEL STEVE ISENSTARK JORDAN JACOBS MARY JACOBS Drill Team KAREN JANIS L. A h 1 1 Si y MARILYN JOHNSON KAREN JAYE CARRIE JENKINS KIMBERLY JOHNSON Sr. Steer. Comm GAA. School Service, Oper. Play Production, Thespians, Slv. SI. Br. Happiness GAA 61 Pil p MARK JOHNSON CHRISTINE JOHNSON PAMELA JONES DANNY JUSTIN JODY KAL STEVE KALE DEBI KAMINS 12th Rep. . Sr. Steer. Comm. Annual Stf . EILEEN KANIGHER Gaa, Ltrgrls, GLCounc. RICHARD KANTOR DANA KAPPLER Girls Glee, Drill Team ALVIS KARALIUS CINDY KARNO Ir. Steer. Comm.. GAA JOHN KAROBONIK P s p u NANCY KARZEN SCOTT KASTNEK GAILKATZ LARKY KAT . LAURIE KAUFMAN CAABsktbl. Sftbl Play Prod. Thesp. CSFGld. Slbr. n HH n B1 K E9 iX El ■vl M lv mfiy ■ ■i wKM PERRY KAUFMAN SUSAN KAVEN MELANIF KAY Sr. Steering. Band, Hse . Reps. , Mod. Dan. RONDA KEE JOSH KAPLAN FRED KEPLER STEVE KERSTEIN ALEX KESSEL KAREN KESSLER Spch, Backpacking, Math Orch, CIA. CSF, Gold B Fibl, Hse. Reps. School Var. B Trk Mgr. School Clbs. Sealbearer Service Service ITV n El R WH Erl mM El M Km KB ■Pi mrr MM. IM jni RONNA KESSLER NINA KHALAK-DINA Sr. Hisi. Ski Club. Yrbk. CSF, Gold Slbr. Stff. Sch. Srv. DIERDRI KILROY CASSANDRA KINDIG Chmbr. Sng, Choir, Dance Prod. BETTY KING CHARLES KING GARY KING Graphic Ans Award KATHY KINGDON STEVEN KINZLER Stage Crev . Sr. Steer. WILLIAM KIRSANOFF KEN KLEIN MARLA KLEIN DON KLINE ANDREW KLOTZ Chmbr. Sng. Choir. Stagt Speech CSF. Backpacking Club Crev PH n n n Kl m - MM H V H L H m ' mm HH ' ' t |K. -H - 1 WiM m ' H r mS Wtm ' MM ■if MARK KNAPr MITCH KOCH BARRY KOFF House of Reps. PATTI KOLADA l ' • H Q ' V ' H pi 1 B: ' H Hsk LYNN KOOBA MARLA KOOSED Girls Lge. Pres. GLEB JON KOPITZKE JEFF KORNBLUM ROSS K0T2EN Choir LESLIE KOWITZ LINDA KRASNE GL Pres, Hist. , Ltgrl Hist NORMAN KRASNER EDWARD KRAUTHAMER Chess Clb. Tm, Quiz Tm, Hse Reps. Comp Clb MITCHELL KREEGER Hse. Reps. B. C Bsktbl Manager ROBERT KRIEGER Band. St. Serv. INGRID KRIEGLER Op. Happiness. School DAWN KULESZ KEN KURLAND CHRIS KUYKENDALL HOWARD KWASMAN LORl LABGOLD Op. Happiness. GAA. Ski Club RICHARD LABOWE Swm Tm Capt. CSF Sr. BVP, Gld Slbr. SHARON LADMAN TAD LADOWICZ Sr. Girli VP, Comm of Env. Var Fibl, Ski. Backpckng Girls Tennis Clbs ALAN LANDAU MONICA LANDES CSF. Spch. Med. GerClbs. JV Tennis JULIE LARSON ChmbrSng. Vlly Hnrs. Choir. Thesp. AVA LASCOE CARRIE LATT School Service RON LA VINE B Football JEFF LAWRENCE CSF, X-Cniry Tm. LESLI LAWRENCE MARTINE LAZARUS School Service HAROLD LEDER DEBORAH LEEDS Play Production, Hse. of Reps. MARCY LEFF GARY LEHMAN Hse. of Reps, Steer. Comm, School Serv. STEFFEE LEIB School Service STEVEN LENOFF Var, JV Trk, JV Cross- country LARRY LERNER Golf Team LAURl LESTER School Service STEVE LEUENBERGER STEVE LEVENSON B, C, Trk, C Bsktbl KENNETH LEVENSTEIN LISA LEVENSTEIN MARK LEVIN LAURIE levin: Boys Tennis Mgr. Happiness RHONDA LEVINE STEVE LEVINSON Op. DAVID LEVEY Sr. Leadership MARK LEVY Tennis Tm, JV Football YARON LEVY ALICE LEW GINNY LEW Soccer Team CSF. Sr. Steer, Vlly Hnrs. Med. Clb, Gl Counc. . Red med. Club. Cross Club. EDDIE LIBERMAN REBECCA LIEBERMAN CINDY LINDLEY PATRICIA LIVINGHOUSE Gynn Tm, Backpcking Club JILL LLEWELLYN MICHAEL LOEWY ANTHONY LOIS LAURI LONDON JEFFREY LOWENTHAL CSF Gld Slbr. Orch. LYNN LUSHER Orch. CIA DEBBIE Mccormick grei. mcelroy Var. Ftbl, Swm, JV Bsktbl, Sr. Sieer. TRUDY McGOVERN KEVIN McKENZlE Yrbk Ed, Astrmy. Flight Clbs, Sch. Service ALIX McMURRAY ELLEN McNAMEE STEVE McSKlMMlNG DALE MacDONALD Var Bsbl Capt, Var, B Ftbl, Hsc. Reps. DEBBIE MacKENZIE I DIANE MAIER GALE MANTALIS GINA MATLIN Sr. Steering Comm. CHERYL MAISEL St. Body Secy. Comm of Noon Act. CSF. Yrbk Stf. GREG MASIMENKO Comp. Club. Sch. Service ERIC MALCOM JON MANZANARES KENNEY MARCELLING CSF, VP Rd Crss Clb, lOih Var. Ftbl Capt. Var, JV Ldrshp, Med. Clb. Bsebl MARILYN MARCUS Sr. Secy, Hse. Reps. Sr. Steer Comm. 5TEPHEN MARKHEIM Hse. Reps, Speech Clb, Sch. Service DANNY MARTIN JODY MARTIN RENU MALHOTRA GAA, B Bsktbl B B . H V - «vL H m Q DAVID MARK Choir, Sch. Srv. J mmkJ AI B . H B ' ? LISA MARUDAS ROBERT MAURO Natl Merit Semi. UCLA Hnrs, CSFGld. Slbr. KATHI MAYER JOSEPHINE MAYTORENA Pres, VP Mecha, 10th Ldrshp, Noon DJ NANCY MELLMAN School Service ORLY MELZER WILLIAM MENKES Photo Club JILL MERIN Play Prod , Dance Prod . Thespians VP, Glee TERRY MERKOW Op. Happiness DONNA MERRILL BRAD MEYEROWITZ GAA Pres, CSF, Lugrls, Tenn. VB, Sftbl T MIKE MIELE School Service BARBARA MILLER ELLEN A. MILLER School Service ELLEN S. MILLER FLOYD MILLER JAMES MILLER PHYLLIS MILLER RUSSELL MILLER Golf Team CHRISTY MINOGUE Sch. Service, GAA DAVID MINTZER EILEEN MITCHELL BENNY MIZRACHl Jewish Union MARK MIODOVSKI JANE MOLINAR Mecha MIKE MOLINE HAROLD MONSHER CSF GREG MONTAGNA JiiE MOURE Swim Tm , C Swm Capt . TERESA McXiRC School Scrv. DARRYL MORDEN S lEl ' HEN MOrSIKOFF CHUCK MORGANSTERN Handball Tm. mv THERESE MORRIS ELLYN MOSCOWITZ Op. Happiness, Sr. Steer, Op. Happiness, Sch. Sch. Srv. Girls Glee Service ANDREA MOSKOWITZ TERRY MOSS GLORIA MOZES Speech, Debate Tm, CSF HERMAN MUHLSTEIN BERDI NALBANDIAN NANCY MUNKRES Valley Hnrs, CSF Sr. Steering ROBERT ]. MYERS MADELINE NANAS Hse. of Reps. , GAA, School Service JONETTE NAPOLITANO Head Sngldr, Comm of Pub. Sr. Steer. Comm BARBAR. ' NASON DAVIS MOYERS DON NACHMAN Sr. Steering FREDNASSOUR STEVE NELSON STEFFI NEMETT BARBARA NEMIROFF CHARLEY NETEL ERIC NEKMAN Choir, Comp Clb, French Club. ' ItRT NEWMAN ELLEN OLANSKY Rfl Till, Hsc. Kips. br. Sleet. Conim. LISA NICHOLS JACKIE NOSTAJA SCOTT NOSTAJA Dr. Tm, Hse. Reps. Girls VarFtbl. Trk. Hse. Reps Sfibl. SCOTT OLSBERG Sch. Service RENSTEIN JEFFREY ORLEBECK ScJiool Service LORELEI OSTOT School Service TERKJ 0-ROURKE JOAN PARKER Sr. Steering Comtn. LARi Y OSBORNE Var. BFtbl. Var, JV Baseball AARON PALEY Orch. French Clh RISA PALLEY Dance Prod. CSF LINDA PATRICK CAROLYN PARSONS CHARLENE PASCAL RAJAPALADUGU Vollevball Team MARK PALLIS STEVE PALUMBO JEANNE PAPAZIAN MARK PARK. AN ANN PARILLE CSFGld Slbr, Speech. CSF, Valley Hnrs. School Swim Teams Service n n H Bk. 1 1 1 m£ ■J nPt LAURA PATTERSON Scorer. Ftbl. Bsebl, Trk, X-CHisi. CSF. Sr. Str. RANDY PAVICH REGINA PAVASARIS STEPHANIE PEARSON JOANNE PEDERSEN STEVE PELSINGER Op. Happiness. Sr. Siccr. Sr. Steering Comm. CAA Ski Club DEBR.A PENNINGTON JOSIE PERALES DANA PERLSTEIN Sr. Steer. Comm. School Service HEIDI PETERSON CYNTHIA PHILLIPS GAIL PHILLIPS DEBRA PILGER PATRICIA PILLON SHARON POLCIK GAA. Ski Clb. Girls Bsktbl French Clb Pres. Gym Tm. School Serv, CIA Band. Med Clb. DANIEL PRITIKIN MICHAEL PROULX STEPHANIE POLLAK GARY POMERANTZ SUSAN PORGES CATHY POULOS TIMOTHY PRESS LEONARDO PRETTI School Service Scorer - V Ftbl, Bsktbl Sr. Sr. Steer, Dr. Tm, Sch. Var, B Fibl, Var, B. C Steer, GLEBSec. Serv. Track DAN PROBST LAURI PROVINCE Var Ftbl. Trk Ltrm Hse. Reps, Sr. Steer, Sch Service STEPHEN PURCELL Vai, B Diving. Var Gymnasiics KAREN RABIN ' OWITZ SHERRY RABINOWITZ Speech Tm, Nat For. Lge Sr. Steer. MARLA RADERMAN iS oa 1 Hi ' - ' ' 1 BONNIE RAMSEY Op. Happiness MI h; ■ • I f- ■ ' .: ' CHARLEY RANDAZZO Comir, L-l Ailil. Hsc. Reps, Reps, Cmbr Sngs Choir Sch. B Ftbl, Trk Sr. Str Serv. Comm. DARRELL RAND; GALE RAYMOND • EDWARD REBMAN MARK REEDALL MICHAEL RAYMER PAULINE REICHERT Pres Grm CI Med CI VP Sr Str Comm GL Coun BRADREICHMAN .ERT JOANNE RESNICK BERT REUBEN MILAuROS REYES Sch Srv JANICE REYNOLDS Hnr Rl Sch Srv STEVEN REZNICK PAULRIBONS SCOTT RIDGLEY JOYCE ANN REITHMAYER Sch Srv STEPHEN RIDGLEY ALAN RISCH Var. Bsktbl Tm B Basktbl. JV Ten Tm HIRAM RIVERA LEONELA RODRIGUEZ Dr. Tm, GAA ROBERT ROFF TEPKY ROOT MIKE ROSENBERG SANDRA ROSENBERG BRUCE ROSENBLUM SHERRI ROSENFELD CSF GId Seal Br Hse of Reps JV Tennis YAFFA ROSENBECK GEORGE ROSENTHAL MELISSA ROSENTHEL DEBRA ROSETT Dance Prod. Sch. Sr DAVID ROSKY SHARI ROSNER BRAD ROSS JOANNE ROSS THERESA ROSSELLI Sr. StrComm, Hse of Reps MARLA ROSTHOLDER Dance Prod HOWARD ROTH Hd. B Yl Lrd MIRIAM ROTHMAN Comm of Aihls Scorekeepcr KtNNETH ROTHSTEIN TERRY RUSHEEN JANET RUBIN MANLELA Kl French CI, Hse Reps Sr Str Comm - ' rchcsiia GAA Basketball BETH RUSSELL JEANETTE RUSSELL MARIANE RUSSO Sr. Str. Comm LYNN RUTHEN TIM SALTZMAN LESLIE SALVIN Sr. Str Comm, Hse of Reps, Sch Srv BARBARA SAMS Med Club TERRY SAMSON Choir Pres. , Sr. Str Comm, Chm Sngs. MICHAEL SANDWICK Play Prod, Choir VP Chmb Sngs, Thcs Tres. PAULSANFORD RENEESAPSOLSKY School Service DANA SAUNDERS GARY SANDERS ROGER SAUSMAN JEFFREY SCHAFFER Val Hnrs, Comp CI MERRILEE SCHMID DEBBIE SCHEIN Sr. Sir Comm. Jr. Str Comm. Dr. Tm. Oper Happ BARBARA SCHIFF NATHAN SCHIFF KATHY SCHMIDT Inns Tm, GL Coun, GAA, Hse of Reps MARGO SCHLES1N(.EP Hnr Stud. Sch Srv PAULA SCHMIDT STEPHEN SCHMITT GENNY SCHORR ROBERT SCHWARTZ DEMISE SCHWARZ LISA SCHWAY BRET SCOTT Var Bsebl. Var Fibl, Oper Happ. EDDIE SCOTT ROY SCOTT THERESA SCOTT Sch Srv VICTORIA SEABOLD Or Tm, GAA, Sr Sir Comm , Sch Srv GREG SEELIG MARK SEFERIAN CHARLENE SE(;AL Jc ' DVE SELCO Var Ftbl, JV Bsktbl. Hmcm Ody. Sif, Gld SI Br, Oz. Kng. Comm of Aihts Tm. Sr Sir Comm ANDREW SHAKER JILL SHAPIRA MICHAEL SHAPIRO Var Golf Sr Tres, Sr. StrComm, Sch PlavProd. Thes. Stage S " Desnr. HOWARD SIEGEL STEVEN SHELDON GERl SHEREN ROBIN SHERF Thes. , Oper Happ ANNA SEPIKAS (iLEB. GL Hist. Choir. Crm CI, Thes. NAOMI SHAPIRO BRIAN SHARAGA DEMSE SHER.MAN BRIAN SHOLDER KAREN SHORR SANDRA SHULDA SHERYL SIEGEL JAN SIGMAN Ski CI. , Oper Happ. SCOTT SIGMAN JENNIFER SILVER LANCE SILVER Sr. BVP, llihCrRcp. Noon Choir Golf Team DJ SARAH SILVER DENNIS SILVERMAN JAMES SILVERMAN HARLAN SIMON RACHEL SIMON GAA Bskibl. Thes. . PI. Prod ROBERT SIMONS JV TnsTm HOLLY SINGER WENDY SMALL CAROL SIOR Vlly Hnrs, House of Reps. Gymnas. Tm GAA CHERYL SKLAR MARK SLOML-.K JEANNIE SLOUP LYNNE SMALL PATTY SNYDER DAVID SPECTOR GAILSMASON Hse of Reps. , Sr. Su Comm. EILEEN SMILAY Scfi Srv MARK SMITH B Var Swm Tm TERRY SMITH ROBYN SNYDER JULIE SOLOMON MARK SONNENBERG DANIEL SOULIMIOTIS Var Chrlrdr. Sr Hist, Gymns Tm WARREN SPECTOR GAY SPENCE CATHY SPENCER DEBRA SPICE Sr. SuComm. Sch Srv, Red Crs. CL Pres. JAMS SPICE CAROL SPlLLti- J ' H ' . STABILK BARBARA STABINS LYNETTE STARR JV TnsTm, Sch Srv SrStr Sch Sr SB Tres, Comm of Puh.. Comm Ann Sif KEN STEIN MARC STEIN Spch CI Pres. Spc Deb. Tm ROBIN STEIN CAROLYN STEINBERG YIGAL STEINGIESSER Hse of Reps, Ski CI, Sr Str Gymns Tm, Sch Srv Chess Cl Tm BARRY STEINHARDT DON STEINITZ Sr Sir Comm , St Coun LINDA STEINMAN GAA Pres, Var Tns Tm, HmCm Princs, Ann Sif GEOFF STERN JONI STOEGBAUER PAUL STOKES BRAD STONE JOLENE STEVENSON ZENA STOYKO Ski Club SHELLEY STREETER STAGEY STRELOW BONNIE STRICKLAND Dr Tm, GAA Brd. VB Tm, Dr. Tm. GAA GI( Tm. Sr Liters CIs Sir. Comm. FRANK STRUVE GREGG STUART Hd Yll Lrdr. IVY SUKONIG LYNNESUSMAN JAMIE SUTTON Play Prod. Thes Dnc Prod, PI Prod. Dnc Prod, DJ Grl Glee LYNNETAFFERT CATHY TAG-VON STEIN GAA Sec. , Var Tns Tm, Sch Srv f2 »- % Am 1 fe-. 1 PALMA TAHMIZIAN Hse of Reps SUSAN TAKEUCHI Med CI Pres, CSF, DSU, Grm CI Sec. BRIAN TAMURA PATRICIA THOMAS TOM TERRl CAROLE THALMAN FRED THOMAS ROBERT THOMAS CINDY THOMPSON SHARON TICHGELAAR JOHN TINDALL Var Tns Tm, CSF PETER TOBYANSEN I I JAY TOCKERMAN NATALIE TOPEL Girls Glee EDSON TORMOS PO BT ' I u OFERTOUBOUL LAURA TOURIN LAURIE TRAGEN Play Prod, Choir CSF Girls Glee Thes. Pres. ELIZABETH TREBOU ' STEPHEN TRENHAILE DARLENE TROWER ROBIN TROXELL Dr. Tm, GAA, Oris Lgt . Jr. Dr. Tm. Lirgrls, Sch. SrSteet, Sch. Srv. Service LISA TUKICH French Club JUDY VAG Hsc. of Reps. Sr. Str. Comii DdNALD VALE NANCY VALLENS Dr. Tm. FlagCrp, Gym Tm. Ltgrls LARRV : ■ ■■■.l ' Bckpckng (.lb rits. Bsktbl. Swm Tms. MICHAEL TURNER R( BYN TYNAN VALERJE TYSON RONALD UGOLICK PETE UNGAR Var Golf Captain Sr. Secy. VarChrldr. Ligrls. Hse. Reps Secy THOMAS VANNINI RICHARD VITAGLIANO %, 1 wVT Lk SAMUEL VOLPE Yearbook Sif. Sch. Service GAIL WALLACE RICHARD WALMARK Var Tennis. Hse. of Reps RENEE WAMSAT Med. Club VP lAc Kl WARSCHAW BARBARA WASSERMAN RHONDA WASSERMAN Op. Happiness, Sch. Service LORI WATERMAN BRETT WEBSTER Odyssey Ed, Debate, Sch DJ, Var Swm. GLENN WEINER ROBERT WEINER NANCY WEINSTEIN Spch. Scrv. Key. Phoio Var Swm Capi, V YU Ldr. Ski Club. Sch. Scrv. Clubs Sch. Srv. R. NDY WEINSTEIN JOEL UTISE Var Fibl Mgr. Swim Tm. Hse of Reps. Pres. Rfl . Pstl Clb. CHERALL WEISS DEBORAH WEISS Sch. Service, Stage Crew DIANE WEISS MICHELLE WEISS LAURIE WELLER Hse Reps, GAA Bowling SUE WELLINGTON LORI WERKOW RANDI WESSEL Sch. Service LINDA WHALEN MARK WHALEN Ski Club $ m p JERI WHITE LISA WHITE Choir. Dr. Tm., Dance LORETHRA WHITE CRAIG WIDDES ZOE WICNEY GEORGE WILK ANNETTE WILLIAMS Ski Team. Med. Club JULIE WILLIAMS St. Bdy Pres. Comm of Clubs, Yrbk Stf, Jr, Steer. Tennis Tm. MELANIE WILLIAMS VICKl WILLIAMS School Service B i l 1 B H T " l , ;L ' ■; CYNDI WINIKHFK KAREN WOLFE LARRY KOLFF i... ir,. . Fhusp. Secy. Sr. Steering Comm . Op. Happ, GAA Bsktbl . Rd Girls Glee Crss VP HEIDI WOLLNER LENNY WOSK JANET WOZNICA JEFF WYNN GREGG YAYLIAN Choir, ChmbrSng, Play c Bskibl . Sch Service Gold Slbr. Orch, Gym Tm. Band. C Basketball JV Football Prod. Sch. Srv. Thesp. Thesp. BILL YINGST ALLEN ZABNER Marching Band. Wnd Ensmbl. MIKE ZAJACZKOWSKl DEBRA ZALKIND Choir. Dr. Tm. Hse Reps. MedClb. JL ' LIE ZAMIL NEAL ZAMIL LYNN ZEBBERMAN SHERI ZIDENBERC JSU. Hse of Reps. CAROL ZIRBECK HOWARD ZISBLATT i ' PAZITZOHAii ANDREW ZUCKERMAN CARYN ZUCKERMAN ||. ELLIOTT ZUSSMAN GLENN ZWANG ,- % i ' y fe r V .■dUitu ' fud mim J ? iPI W Mi t % I KENNY ATWOOD ALAN BAER STEVE BENUDIZ MITCHELL BERGER WADE BOYD DAVID BL ' RC. Orch. Gld Slhr ARAK BUTLER STEVE COOK RANDY COOPER JEFFERY DAAR Pres Pol Itms Clb WENDY DRUM MARY EHRMAN COSTA FRANTZIDES RICCARDO GIANNI Var Track Capt B Football AFS JODIE GOLDBERG MARK HARRIS LAURA HARRISON VICTOR HERRERA CHERYLE HOWARD Choir. CAA Board Bskibl, Sflbl Tms JUDY HOLLINGSWORTH House of Reps School Service RAM HOLLYDAY THOMAS KANE PENELOPE KITIREDGE ANDY KLEIN MARK KRUSKOL House of Reps i ...it STACY KURTZ GL Secy, Sch Srv Dr Tr GAA, Op Happ STEVE LUKATHER GENENE PHILLIPS Choir. Girls Glee Dane Prod. JODY ROSENTHAL LORI SELTER Orch. CIA. Play Prod, Dance Prod JONI SiiKMLIK TRIS SOLARI B Flbl. V Bsebl Ski Clb. Band CAROL STANDEL ii P ROBERT WHITMAN LAURIE WILLIAMS Op Happiness SHARON WIND MARK TERMAN Si Counc . Hse of Reps, V YellLdr, Jr SrStr. Comm. h- ' J ' k . h -f .. -Hz- t-! n Rff m r (C 4: Merrilee - If you meet someone who has run out of smiles; Give him one of YOURS. Mer Rick, you ' re great. ILY forever, Robyn n j Nanc - Life wouldn ' t only be lonely without a friend like you . ., . Life wouldnVi beUrorth living! with love always. Jil Regina - keep with it. You make a beautiful surfer-girl! To Mark, Pooh, Cyndie, Terry and Craig. Thanks. Love Ran J Fall will come soon to break us apan; Friends will be forever in m I Love You . . . Beth Mark you ' re a real sweetheart. Love Terry To Deal: Love, love, love,? Me Douglas - the most beautiful thing that ever happened to us as God bringing us toge love you always, Barbara To Debbie D. I ' ve always hoped that it would work Stacy, you ' re so tacky, tacky, tacky, tacky - Tom Chris, I love you more today than yesterday love, Sharon Pico - Sepulveda forever! Lea La Brea and The Tarpii-Tv ].U. , 22 We ' ll always care! We ' ll always share! A.Z. Jan, Cram it, Now calm down. Kathleen I Steve, I ' m happiest when I ' m loving you. I ' m luckyl Me , Merr, B.B. forever, i love you, Barb Poopsie: Regrets cannot meet you on Titanic. Lord " SnpS Dudley, though you ' re not here anymore, I love you. Ne Sherlock - centipedes are racing on the beach. We ' ll get Duck - Where in the world is San Andreas? Lobe Barbara To Nancy, hoping you will always be there. Love Bonnie Hec - Quit while you ' re a head (ahead?) Love You, Jill ' Brian 1 love you so much forever W.G.M. Love Beth Jeff, I hope you ' re always a " Happy Man " Love Parra Alan - Thanks for Caring, you ' re the greatest! Regina - thanks for everything - I love you always Barbara Jeff, Brett, Russell: Just wait till summer! You ' ll see! - Bany V. Hey Lady, thanks for all your help with somebody and lou pf luV iand lu k for you and stiff. Allen D. - TODO jumped out of your packpack! Margie, Nani Eddie, I ' m glad you ' re my brother. Love ya lots Terry North Hollywood ' s number 21. Let ' s play in your Porsche T Karen Linda, my love and friendship forever, Lynn Roberta , you ' re the first girl who has ever fallen in love wjth Brahms as I ' . Bonnie Lou, thank God that you ' re my friend. Lx)ve Alisa { Remember the k idney bean? RebDeSherAnn or JoDeSheReb Hey lady, don ' t blow a fuse with anybody! ' EUo Cindo P.N. P. - Yo le adori Para siempre WEB Srmizing, Be like the Sun Dial, Count only Sunny Hours. Paula, you were always there . . . Thanks Love Ya Terry I still love you Bosco High Barb form Steve P. and 1. " B " basketball captians Todd, you ' ve got sexy legs and you ' re gorgeous. Love me Young man, take the lance out of my sheild? J.K.L. Mark S. I wish you were mine! Kim Danny-Pooh! I love you! love J.N. Fong freaking is good for humans and other thin king things Rick I love you now and always will. MDT Jennifer, 1 love you so very much - Michael Oleo, You are really a beautiful person. Love Always, Poopsie Matt B. , Why don ' t you smile? Love you, anonymous Regina , I ' m really glad that I found you, for " you are the sunshine of my life . " I love yqu fllways, Jim Jim: You ' re some kind of wonderful, I ' m so glad you came into my life. Always, Regina P. jS. I love you. Paul, Thanks T. _ El Camino 1, You ' ll Always Be My 1. Love, Kevin To Karen b. For opening my doors. Love ya, Kevin f f 1 r To Gumby - I will Love You forever, Love Slam-Eyes Andrea - Words can ' t even describe the way I feel; Greg You ' re my inspiration, you ' re my life, I wish I could hold onto that forever, Paul, Linda Mike - more than 1 can say or show, more than I thought possible, more than you ' ll ever know, I love you, Karen To my best friend Lynn, A friendship - Love RAG MA -Ignore the first message ! MG Nani - One peanut butter and jelly sandwich left. Love Margie " Long live the Marx Brothers " from M.M. Eve: to our seldom but close and beautiful relationship, Regina Pam J. - Teach him how to shake his tambourine, thanks for all the fun times, now I ' m thoroughly corrupted - me Remember, . . . Six things, we ' ll see, catch ya ' later, if you had a brain you ' d be dangerous. Love Steinberg Robyn, Debbie, and Lisa, will alway: " - be the best of friends Barb, Cindy, Randi, Lori, Mar, Pam, Marilyn, iu been fun, take care, Kay? I love you all lots, Lin Debbie thanks for being by study partner. Love Robin (Toes) To RIH my Strawberry, tickle me please - ILY Pucker Lynn - for laughing, crying, listening, and talking; for understanding and just being. Thanks, Love Linda Debi - " Rock the Boat " in the " Pinto " Kim To the 1974-1975 Fall Cheerleaders; You ' re the greatest Grant has ever had. I ' m gonna miss you to death Love Schramy Sue P. - You ' re the best man around, what would I do without you? Milk, no water, O.K. thanks Judi Lynn, Donna and Lori - Thanks for all the good times in tennis Howdy Boo! Do you believe we made it? We ' ll have to have another homecoming, maybe Jan 24 To thunder thighs love flamingo legs Space Cat: Knowing you is like a waterfall, never beginning yet never ending Ken, Bob, and Brian, I ' ll miss you! all Love, Gale Gary,- We ' ve grown up together, mentally 1 mean, Tom To lyric and Bonnie: Thanks for being so tolerable. Rick Ted - Everyone should have a friend and brother like you, but not everyone is as lucky as I! love Reg Heidi I. - I hope you say " Hi " to " him " by the end of the semester. - Keep your smile - love Judi Marc - Thanks for talking, listening, caring, helping, understanding, and making me happy. All my love; all my heart. Jill Bruce Edward - most beautiful thing to happen to me - you - I ' m glad for our everlasting love. Your ' s always - Regina Linda K. - What really goes on in Girls ' League? Margie, Nani Mel , Congratulations to us after 5 years of friendship. May we stay good friends forever your favorite clam. Love, Max Doug and Barbara - Happiness Always - Bmce and Regina (forever) j iS0 i To our fellow " Jocketts: " Through thin and thick let ' s always be a clique. ' tiove Anita and Sharon Maxine G.Nice pants are better than Melanie ' s Gucci! love, M.M. Robb says he can get Denise any time he wants. Let ' s see some action P. R. - Whenever you need a friend, I ' ll always be around. Why get swindled elsewhere?? A.B.L.»A.A.S. R.A.B Farewell to KXDB Y . 1610 on your A.M. dial . Kathy - did you eat them all in the hall? Julie Dear Madge. Have a great summer. Good luck at college. . Pam - We love you , it was fun , love Kevin ' «l flP5 ' Dear Lovelace, It ' s been a ball! Hasn ' t it? Sharon, blond hair, blue eyes, tennis player, skier, love Tripper Kevin - as the years grow; so does our love, liana Dana K. - County line, here we come! Diane W. Ronna , thanks for the rides love , Rick Debby, no matter what we ' ll always be friends. Love Patty Annette, you ' re real peachy. Your best friend love Ya Terry Danny-Pooh! 1 Lxjve You! love J.N. Lauren, We ' ll be Urethans forever. EUyn SW S! Class Of 1976 Abramoviich, Gail Abramoviich. Kerwin Abramowitz, Beth Abrams. Orin Adams, Jeffery Adler. Allan Adlei. Esther Adler. Jodi Adolphson, Jeff Ahlberg. Bo Albeni, Ginger Aldana, Bruce Alfonso, Phil AUmer, Richard Alsberg, Andrea Ames, Michael Amoroso, Jay Anderson, Jerry Anderson, Kelsey Anderson, Laura Anderson, Robert Andrews, Lisa Anthoney, Vic Antin, Steve Antler, Bany Apcar, George Apple, Karen Applebaum, Jody Aro. Phil Ashton, Dana Askin, Tony Assadourian, Michael Autio, Elisa Baeza, Henry Baker, Cyndie Baker, Lori Ballardo, Connie Bandel, Gabriel Bank, Amy Bannister, Richard Barack, Ron Barbarick, Tom Barber, Monica Barboza, Estela Barnholt. John Barry, Lisa Barsamian, Chris Bartolotto, Peter Baskin, Glenda Bass. Ira Bassman. Todd Baicman, Andrea Bednarchik. Gene Behar. Sara Behar. Vicky Bell. Dennis e Benaron. Marsha Bent, Tom Benton, Bruce Bergen, Terry Berman, Cindy Berman, Janet Beiman, Jeri Bernard, Bryan Berns, Robin Bernstein, Dennis Bilezikjian, Alice Blaine , Stacy Blask, Janet Blumcnial, Scott Bobb. Alcinda Bond, Mark mJi J t L} f . Boosalis, Tawnia Bottner, Joel Bouiross, George Bovaird. Dmitri Boyd, Melanie Brandt , Anita Bratrud. Mark Braun, Jeri Brauner, Andy Breedlove, Terry Breidt, John Bridget, Jacob Brinkmann, Karen Brinkmann, Kay Brito, Maribel Britton, Mary Broadway , Debbie Brodleii, Helene Bromberg, Steve Bromley, Vema Brown, Michael Brumwell, Steve Buchsbaum, Ann Buery, Roxana Bultman, Vicky Burch, Leigh Burkhalter, Lisa Busch, Carol Butler, Rich Byrer, Jeff ron, Steve Cadish, Bryan Cahn, Bob Caine, Bari Calabrase, Joseph Call, Ron Calmenson, Laurie Campbell, Steve Cardoza, Kim Carnot, Robert Carsel, David Carson, Chris Caruso, Daryl Caruso, Evelyn Carver, Marc Casino. Suzanne Cassady, Kim Chavez, Rick Chavkin, Jay Chemick. Ed Chick Elaine Chiter. Neil Chiisiensen, Pai Christie . Sandi Chudlei, Eric Clone, Carla f) Dickinson, Harvey DlGiovanna, Debi Dillon, Brent Dinowitz, David Domet, Michelle Donham, Gayle Doolittlc . Nancy Dores, Jan 1 Dorf, Matt u Dorfman, Emily « Dosch. Ted ■2 Dowell. Barbara t.PK Drapkin, Paul iaci Drapkin, Neal a Dressier, Dana lU Drexler, Tobi StUtt Drobman, Debbi fe Dubov, Adam n Ducker. Mark a Pushkin, Nancy Dutto, Graciela ■c Eckberg. Khia ciek Eigenfeld, Sherri 7 Eisen, Laurie i fiifi ' n ' ft I A i jpii Eidman, Adrienne Eldridge , Terri Elfont , Jeff Elkins, Pam EUer, Daryn Engle, Stephen Engsirom , Paul Ennis, Karen Epstein, Matt Esposito. Lonny Evan, Ken Evans, Eric Evans, Kenneth Evans, Leslie Evans, Scott Ex, Steve Fadness, Julie Fadoul, Connie Fahn, Jeff Feinberg, Debbie Ferreira, Urbino Field, Mindy Filben, John Fineman, Ross Fingerhot, Andy Fink, Dana Fink, Diana Finkel , Larry Finn , Stephanie Fitzwater, Pam Flam, Maxine Flanigan, Tim Flax, Sue .(ate Florman, Jaime i Floyd. Laura £csul ! Foliz, Kalani UllB i Forbes, Linda X Forman, Merri cto Fortescue, Paula Kudl Forthal, Sue Fox, Eileen Rirrjj Fradin, Ivy ».» Frank, Mike g Frank, Susan Uri i Franklin, Rod jilSIt Frederick, Alison aft Frederick, Lisa w Fredlender. Leesa OAO Q I Gering. Joel Ghaffari, Cynthia Gilpin, Lindsay Gilson, Sue Gitierman. Alan Giuffre. Maria Glance. Mark Glasband, Gary Glaser, Michelle Glassbeig, Eddie Glatter, Allison Gluskin. Sam Goby. Steve Goebl. Julie Gold, Sandy Goldman, Irene f Freedman, Barbara Freeman, Rob Freundlich. Julie Friedlander. Scoti Friedlander. Sharon Friedman. Michelle Fritz. Becky Froman, Julie Furino. Jeanne Fuiierman. Keith Gabrelcik, Todd Gagnon, Dennis Gailen. HoUi Galen. David Gannon. Bill Gantman. Lauren Garabedian. Lena Gardner. Elizabeth Garrel. Alicia Gelberg, Debbie Gellis. Jesse Genel, George Gentilini. Michele Gerdes. Gene Goldman, Kenny Goldojarb. Mark Golds, Hovcard Goldsmith. Larr) ' Goldstein, Nathan Goldstein, Randi Goldstein. Sharon Goliz. Roberta Gompertz, Ron Gonzalez. Carol Gonzalez. Jose Gonzalez. Manuel Gonzalez. Roselyn Goodman. Diane Goodman. Mark Goodman, Preston Goodman, Vic Goodstein. Wayne Gordon, Glen Gort, Gustavo Gottlieb, Wayne Gourarie , Eran Graham, Sue Granata, Louis I , Kiditiie UlKl icii tttie Gray, Lesley Gray, Randy Grayer, Mlmi Grayer, Shari Grayne , Julie Green, Noreen Greenberg, Mitch Greene, Russell Grossberg, Andrew Gudell, Eric Gurnick, Ellen Habcr, Mike Hadlock, Todd Hafer. Annetie Hainlen, Janice Halde. Janice ppner-A.-jA IN ,V))ie iltl Haley, Vickie Halpern, Bernice Hammersiad, EUyn Hampton. Russell Hanley, John Hans, Michael Harden, Maya Harding, Kin Hardison, James Harmeyer, Brian Harris, Marcia Hartung, Eric Harvey, Earl Havard, Mary Heck, David Heinstedt, Roberts Herbert, Mary Herman, Sue Hermann, Anhur Herpolsheimer, Debra Hetley, Tawn Higa, Maxwell Hilierbran, Brenda Hirbod, Tamara Hirsch, Jerry Hirschhorn, Bonnie Hoberman, Lauren Hochbaum, Debra Hoffman , Cyndi Hoffman, Randi Holicker, Rick Holt, Robb Holzman, Tracy Horowitz, Sandy Horwitz, Layne House, Kim Hudson, Jocelyn Hunt, Kevin Hurrell, George Hurwitz, Liz Hutchinson, Bianca lacono, Mary Ingrum, Cindy Inoue, Jolie Irueta, Elio Israel, Marc Jacob. Kathy Jacobs, Bany .. Jacobson, Linda Jacobson, Rick Jenkins. Melissa Jenks, Tom Johnson, Lisa Johnson. Renee Jones. Jon Judge . Paiii Jussila. Elaine Kadin. Wendy Kahn. Barbara Kaiser. Stacy Kamerman. Marcia Kammer. Kevin Kaplan. Barbara Kaplan. Linda Karnoviiz. Roberta Kanzinel. Jerry Kaswan. Sarah Katz. Lisa Kaufman. Lisa Kaufman, Paul Kazan. Terii Kehoe. Jayne Kelly. Brent Kemp. Gary Kerlagon, Bob Kessler, Diane Kim, Mi Gyung Kimmel, Jeanne King, Dale Kisor, Cheryl Kurland, Jerry Kurtz, Joyce Kurz, Carol Kuykendall, Jeff Kwasnick. Sue Lacoste , Joseph Lamedman. Maria Lamontia. Anthony Land. Tim Landa. Cyndie Landau. Judy Landau, Mike Lander, .■Vbby Lanser. Scott Lasky. Beth Lawce . Eddie Slfflii Lawrence. John Lazo, Monica Lear, Jon Lee, Mickey Leeman. Lisa Leipsic, Lisa Unik. Kelley Leonard, Michelle Lepard, Scott Levi, Sam Levin, Richard Levin, Ron Levine, Andy Levine, Edward Levitt, Ron Levy, Robin Lew, Rebecca Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Joy Lewis, Lori Liberman, Jeff Lich, Kenny Lieb, Devra Lieberman. Karen scrii uol IM M.MllU Lusher, David Lynch, Wanda Lynn. Sharon Madera, Rick Maffit, Will Magaldi, Andrea Magee, Keny Major, Jeff Malkin, Lance Mandel, Pam Mann, Amy Marcellino, Jerry Marcus, Cindy Mardirossian, Darryl Maret. Michele Marion, Allan Mark, David Maron, Jodi Marquez, Ruben Marsh, Dan Marsh, Oren Marshall, Roger Marti, Melinda Martin, Ralph J. Marion, Derek Marvin, Scol Mascio, Julie Mascolo, Brad Masjuan, Carlos Mason, Ed Mason, Shari Mass, ]oe Masser. Philippe Mathison, Cheryl Mattauch, John Mattes. Melinda Maxwell, Lee McArthy. Jo McCance , Gaylon McCarthy. Sue McCary, Daniel McClain, Walter McComick, Kim McCrory, Robert McElwaine. Gay McCeehan, Pat McGill, Kevin Mcllveen, Terry Mclnemey. Carole Mclntyre. Mike McKenzie, Ken Mead. Bill Megdal. Shelly Mehlinger. Debbie Mekjian. Mike Meltzer. Josh Menashe , Shimo Mendelson, Bruce Mervis, Amy Mescon, Sue Messina, Victoria Meyer, John Meyerson, Lisa Mick, Laura Miles, Sherry Miller, Donna Miller, John Miller. Keith Miller. Liz Miller. Neil Milligan. Brett Mindel, Albert ,y c V t £.A r Mintz. Jeannie Mitchell. Debby Mitchum. Cindy Moench. Nancy Molenhouse , Craig Monka. Jeff Momtian. Gary Montagna, Mary Montgomery. Paul Moore. Neil Mosman, Lisa Morov. Alisa Morgan. Mike Moss. Fay Moss. Harry Moss, Victor Mostovoy, Cathie Motta, Danny Mula, Wendy MuUaney, Kieran Munkies. Steve Munns, Terrie Muidock, Linda Mykytyn, Irene - :i 1 m n Nordgren, Kris Nou. Roben Novatt. Sharon Numbers. Virginia Oaks, Ban Oatman, Doney Odian. Eddie Ogan. Connie Oganesoff, Tina Orgel, Mark Orloff, Vicky Osborn, Jim O ' Toole, Tim Ottman, David Palmer, Brad Palmer, Marsha Parker, Sieve Pardo, Lois Passanante, Janice Passov, Rick Paz, Alfredo Pazos, Tyrone Peer, Dennis Pelefoii, Aukusotino Pelenkahu, Uona Pennington, Nancy Peplow, Jim Peris, Elizabeth Perl, Linda Perlstein, Alek Pelzer, Jon Peterson, Pam Peterson, Corinne Pettis, David Petty, Susan Pfeiffer, Rebecca Phillips, Debby Podersky , Janice Pollock, Many Pollock, Stan •f Of f)B 11 a -a n Polus. Barbara Ponce. Paula Poner. John Preece. Gary Press, Melanie Price. Dave Price. Sheri Pringle. Gary Pringle. Liz Prossinger. Carol Proulx. Nancy Purgason. David Purwin. Tina Quintero. Gigi Rabin, Marlene Rabinek, Judith Rabinek. Sue Rabins. Laurie Rader. Karen Rafii. Amy Rafti. Louis Raineri. John Rainforth. LeAnn Raksin. Will Ralph. Rina Ramin, Elise Randall. James Randazzo. Mary Raskov. Shelly Raymond. Wall Redding. Cathy Rediser. Gary Redondo. Valerie Reed. Nancy Reed, Pat Reisbord. Cynthia Reisel. Caroline Remer, Lorraine Rhodes, Ken Ribons. Laureen Richards, Emil Richardson. Bill Richemom. Beverly Richemont. Phillip Richman. Heidi Riiter. Tracy Rivera , Miguel Robbins, Linda p fi AO, ' ' MMP. Roberts, Tanya Robirtson , Bob Robinson. CoUette Robinson, Mike Rosberg. Jim Rose. Michele Rosen, Judy Rosen. Steve Roscnbaum, Alan Rosenberg. Brian. Rosenberg. Melodl Rosenstcin. Sieve Ross. Lori Ross. Vicki Rossman. )ef( Rossman. Lori If v Roih, Donald Roih. Kaihy Royden, Rusty Rubin. Andrea Rubin, ]ody Ruuenberg. Phil Ryba, John Ryerson, Mark Ryerson, Melodic Sadoski, Elaine St. Thomas. Debbie Saiiman. Scott Saittey. Sasson Salazar, Melinda Saltoon. Al Saperstein. Robert Oi A OS ' ' Saposhnek, Debbie Sarfati, Sue Sasselli. James Sausen. Kenneth Sauter. Monica Saxton. Debbie Scarano. Brenda Schiemann. Genevieve Schifter. Gary Schmelz. Aton Schmidt. Ted Schnapp. Diana Schindler, Pete Schneider, John Schorr. Alan Schramm, Andrea Schrier. Larry Schuffman. Jeff Schultz. Lesa Schulz. Donna Schwanz. Laurie Sciacca. Rick Scott. Betty Scott. Clint Scott. James Scott. Jeff Scott. Rob Scott. Tammy Seagal. Leonard Seelig. Kim Seid. Ruth Seidenberg. Scott Seifer, Jill Seligson. Carol Senikowich. Jayne Seuthe. Kathy toi Shabazian, Paul s Shafer, Renee lei Shaffer, Stacey Shaikin, Sandy Shapiro. Leslie ,.(Un Share. Marc Soiii Shavit. Danny Metal ' Sheldon. Randy ,»« Shelton. Glenn Sheridan. Mike i Sherman. Dawn S Sherman. Deri ,f ■ - " ' Qf 1 , 41 %. 1 f f O .. Sherwood. Stephanie Sholder, Gary Siegel, Jill Siegcl, Marcia Silinsky. Judy Silva, Lorraine Silver, Barbara Silverman, Mark Simon, Anle Simon, Steven Simonowitz, Stuart Simpson. Cindy Sinasohn, Sandra Singer, Julie Singerman, Larry Skolnik, Larry Skorstad, Jan Sloup, Kaihy Smith. Andrea Smith. Paula Smith. Scoit Smith, Tammy Snyder, Pam Solky, Scott Solomon, Janice Soroka , Randi Spar, Hillary Spector, Marybeth Spelman, Janice Sperber, Sandi Spiegel, Susan Spurgeon. Lisa Stan, Mike Standley, Ruth Stark, Cheryl Starr. Paula Stegen. Jan Stegman, Jolinda Stein. Joseph Steiner, Fred Steinore, David Stockman, Nancy Stone, Andrea Stone. Doreen Stone, Jamie Stone , Lisa Stone, Vikki Stonehill, Randi 1 f. i n nm Strejan, Sabrina Stulberg. Bob StuUer, Phillip Sulak, Stove Sushel, Mike Sussman. Rona Swanson. Janis Swartz. Beth Szymankicwicz, Scott Tag-Von Stein, Diane Tajiri, Rea Talsky. Karen Tarleton, Michael Tarr, Denise Taubcr, Sylvan Taubman, Jeff Wl ' ft- I. A Tcpfer, Pam Teramura, Doug Thomas, Gary Thompson, Ellis Tia, Sifoa Tobe. Stuari Tonery, Barbara Toon. Sue Toothman, Kevin Topel, Laurie Torigian, Diran Tracy, Lori Traina, Debbie Trujillo, Mayra Truskin, Tracy Trygsiad, Mike A ' ft t lU ..T » M I D KC,S»II ca i Tune, Chris Udoff, David Uhri, Jeff Ulloa, Ronnie Urdangen, DeeDee Van Hoke, Leana Van Lydegraf, Nadine Van Nostrand, Jon Vaughan, ixirianne Vidro, Michelle Vinson, Steve Voland, John VonSheffer, Lorelei Vowels, Elizabeth Waco, Louis Wagner, Richard Kahrman, Kirk Wald, Ronda Wall, Debbie Wallack, Jeff Walsh, Barb Walters, Jordan Waniata, Laurie Warnock , David Wasserman, Allen Wasserman, Nancy Waserman, Susan Waller, Elise Watson, Nora Watt. Julie Wechsler. Adrian Wein. Larry Weinberg, Steve Weinstein. Jeff Weinstein, Steven Weisberg, Francine Weise, Bill Weiser, Danny Weyl, Marc Whitehorn, Jeffrey Wieczorek, Nick Wilk, Paul Williams, Ronie Williams, Sean Willner, Larry Wilson, Karen Wilson, Pam Winslow, Craig 0 ' SiZfiA Wr; i ft Zoerner. Brian Zucca, Aniia Zwerdling. Andrea Zygelman. Bernard Winston. Tony Wise. Eli Wise . Loreiia Wishingtad. Richard Wissner. Glenn Winy. Roben Week, Larry Wong, Andy Wong, Glendene Woodine , Gary WooUey. Kevin Wrench. Kathy Wu. Dee -Dee Yacoubian, Greg Yaller, Jeff Yingst. Carl Yobbagy, Karen Young. Krisii Zamora. Rudy Zanutta. Tammy Zebberman, Shep Zebrack, Jeff Zimmelman. Paul Zipperman. Carole I ' i| i. Class Of 1977 Abbas, HaddU Abbas, Laila Abbaie, Jenny Abbott, Mike Aboulian. Karen Abels, Mitchell Adlei, Jeff Adler, Norman Aharoni, Ronii Aiello, Paul Aldridge , Randy Algarin, Tenisa Alpen, Susie Altadonna, Leonard Anagnost, Jim Anderson, Bonnie Anderson, Julie Anderson, Keith Anderson, Kevin Angell, Greg Artrip, Bemadine Apelian, Lauri Arnold, Nick Arnold, Wayne Aronoff, Mindy Arshawsky, Paul Asberry, Cindy Asbury, Karen Asher, Mark Ashion, Lori Assil, Kerry Astor, Helen i) Asturi, Vince Atkin, Scott Atireau. Susan August, Abbe Azran, Carole Babinszki, Joseph Backus, Debbie Backus, Suzanne Bagel, Tom Balogh, Liz Barber, Suzanne Barkan, Vicki Barkin, Victor Barnett, Jeff Barrack, Sherwin Barth, Louis Beaumont, Elizabeth Beck, Chris Bcdrosian, Lori Boillen, Lisa Benaron, Judy Ben-Aziz, Ruth Bender, Leilah Benjamin, Debbie fe: iuij lis Benson, Kevin Benson. Toni Berg. Randy Berger. Cindy Beiger. Roben Berman. Larry Berman. Manyn Bernard. Jeff Berns. Kenneth Bernsiein. Jon Bickford, Shorey Bieber. Laura Biseni. Leslie Bishop. Jim Bliterman. Karrie Blaine. Rachelle Blcchinger. Rae Blitzer. Liz Block. Dave Bloksberg. Stephanie Bloom. Mitch Bloomer Larry Blum, Scott Blumenstrauch. Ethan ait Vidd Vlca ij.Hi ■J. 5 Brown, David Brown, Dennis Brown, Joseph Bruce , Dave Bryan, Judi Bryant, Kelly Bulloch, Andrea Buono, Beri Burns, Paul Bush, Darlene Bushinsky, Kelly Butler, Barry Baxbaum, Sue Byrnes, Edward Caffrey, Donna Cahill, Tom Cahn. Rick Calero, Milena Callen, Scott Calvori, Ted Campbell, Valeria Campo, Darius Campodonico, Tony Cantelamo, Marylou Bobrosky , Bryan Bookbinder, Stephen Bournouiian, Yanka Bouhadana, Mike Boyle, Brandon Bozin, Gail Bradley, Donna Bradshaw, Jackie Brady, Steve Brandvein, Cyd Branning, Eileen Breekha, Eric Brehmer, Kathy Brodie. Teni Broslawsky, Michelle 3rown, Bob Cardilino, Cindy Carson, Dan Carson. Nina Carter, Leonna Cason, Pam Chaikovsky, Timish Chalian. Alice Chamis, Peri Champion, David Chapman, Chris Charasch, Sherri Chan, Bob Chassman, Mark Chaum, Toby Chavez, Anie Chavtz. Kaihic Chavez, Margia Chiaf, Brian Chin, Shirley Christie, Kathy Chun, Jinny Cimity, Kevin Clark, Curt Code, Joy Cohen, Cyndie Cohen, Jan Cohen, Lorrl Cohen, Robert Cohn, Dan Coleman, Ina Collins, Kathleen Comins, Felicia Connolly. Terr Conte, Ken Conte, Lanny Cook, Danny Cook, Edward Cooper, David Cooper, Douglas Countryman, Lisa Courtland, Robert Craig, Elaine Grain, Llewellyn Craven. Patty Croen, Karen Cross, Jackie Cross, Kellee Cruz, Enio 5 fi iXM . Csulak, Rita Cubach. Ann CuUen, Diane Cuniberti. Mark Cutler. Barbara Daar, Eric Dabbah. Gary Dalessandro. Chris Dam. Mary Dougherty, Sharon Davenport, Allyson Davidson, Darr ' l Davidson. Kaihie Davis, Cindi Davis, Deanne Davis, Jude De Bear. Brad De Jesus , David Dektar. Dan De Landers, Dale Delany , Sue Delia Pieua. Adrienne Demetropoulos. Carl Deprest, Zetta Dersh, Steven Devine. Joey Devough, Tom Dew, Jack De Waal, Jon Decato, Nancy DiGiacomo. Debbie Dimiirov, Alexis Doggett, Dan Dolgon. Howard Dow, David Downey, Shawn Dresser, Cyndy Druck, Francine Dubin. Gary Dunn, Ann W 9 V . Dunne. Laura Durand, David Easterly, Jaleen Ebeid, Nader Edelman. Jerry Eisen, Mike Eisenberg, Julie Eisinger. Shelley WJ B,J111I«« i,IWi Farkas, Mike Fanand, Sieve Febre, Louis Feig, Sandy Feinberg, Howard Feinberg, Suzy Feldman, Hope Feldman, Jodi Feldman, Lany Feldman, Maurice Feldman, Rinah Fell, Michelle Fields, Philip Fink, Henry Finn, Dan Finn, Deborah Finn, Lee Fischer, Keri Fisher, Ira Fitzgerald, Kathy Fitzwater, Jeff Flax, Nancy Fleishman, Sari Folgarelli, Mike Fosello. Bi ll, Foster. Tamre Fox, Nancy Fox, Steve Frailich, Ken Francais, Carla Frank, Amelie Frank, Bruce Franklin, Leslie Franklin, Lori Freedland, Randy Freeman, Meg Frenkel. Erit Friedman. Bradley Friedman, Jim Friedman, Laurie Friedman. Mary Lou Friedman, Stanley Friedman. Valaree Friend, Rick Froman, Jon Furino. Judy Gaines. Fred Gair, Leslie Cangwish. Bob Garabedian, Jack Garcia, Elena Garcia, Frank Gaudio, Sarah Gaylord. Chuck Geller, Bill Geller. Ross Genano, Sally George , Jane Geozian, Rosalie Germic, Rick Genzweig, Gary Gessler, Joy Gibson, Lester Gilens, Todd mm ' Gittelman, David Givani, Mitch Glass, Laura Goad. Ron Gobaty , Richard Gocha. John Goddard , Susie Gold. Leslie Goldberg, Jill Goldberg. Jody Goldberg. Larry- Goldberg. Neil Goldblatt, Elaine Goldcnberg. Janet Goldstein, David Gonzales, Grace ■.is i.Sin i Goodman. Abbe Goodman. Dorothy Goodman. Jerry Goodman, Judy Gordon, Melanie Gordon. Mike Gordon, Rayna Gordon, Tina Goris, Tom Gothie, Jennifer Cowing. Rick Graham. Margery Gray. Jim Green. David Green. L ura Green, Richard Green. Steven Greenbaum, Hedra Greene. Craig Gregory. Susan Greif. Loretta Greif. Mitchell Crenrock, Gary Griffin, Walker 1 f mn ' T , t ' Grigsby. Liz Grinnell, Gregg Gritsonis, Nick GroU, Scott Grossman, Robert Grown, Tracey Guardino, Michel Guenero, Cynthia Guilis, Marcelo Gunning, Philip Guss. Bill Guiterman, Mari Habibi, Debbie Hager, Cheryl Hagopian, Vahe Haiby, David P ' ,0 .Cos Hail, Rita Hale , Chris Hallin, Penny Halperin, Francine Hamburg, Susan Hamilton, Siacey Hammond, Kim Haney, Liz Hanley, Pattie Harris, Jill Harris, Kevin Harris, Kim Harrow, David Han, Mitch Harvey, Mike Hassett, Dana Hatch, Jamie Hays, Ron Hegedus, Judy Hegel, Cathleen Henderson, Bill Herman, David Hernandez, An Hening. Dana WBmmim ifmmT. Irigoyen, Raymond Israel, Many Israel, Larry Jacobo, Robert Jacobs, Anne Jacobs, Joe Jaeger, Craig Jaenke , Paul Jannol, Peggy Jarvis, Rick Jaye , Robin Jenkins, Loraine Jenkins. Siacey Jenks, Robin Jewell, Bi Jewell, Lynne Henzberg, Zeev Hetley, Melanie Hill, Karen Himphill, Albert Himeson, Dan Hiniz, Andrea Hirschberg, David Hitchcock, James Hochbaum, Micheal Hoffmann, Julie Hollander, Randall Holman, Cyndi Homer, Nina Horton, Sandy Howe, Mike Howie, Greg Howie, Jeff Humphreys, Karen Humphreys, Kenny Huntley, Tinker Huss, Debi Hyams, Katy Imamoio, Cynthia Ingram, Kelly KtllH ' Kelly- 1 Keliti " Btii.l Htii.i ftii,! Kiiiioi b, l-k Kotilma Koiie,! KoWie Jones, Bill .•:. Jones, Gary h Jones, Rick h Jordan, Pearl U Jordan, Scoti U Judge, Scott k Jusko, Paul Un Jussila, Kevin Un Kahanowitch, Judy ijii Kalb, Dan Ui Kaltgrad, Sara Ud Kaplan, Fred Un Kaplan, Laura Las Karasov, Milch Karppinen, Larry Uil Kassap, Scott Ui Kaiz, Moniquo Li» Kaufman, Barry U« Kaufman, Nancy ku Kaupen, Andreas ta Kaven, Monica lee Kay, Melanie Ue Kaye, Julie Itt Kee, Paula U ■Hi Keller. Dana Keller, Lauren Kellogg. Pam ien Kelly. Ray it Kelman. David a Kemp. Garth ikiii Keossaian. George iiiia Kepler. Michelle Miclial Khim, Karen Kimbro. Aaron imlali Kindig. Chris mi King. Sherl i Kinney. Kathy ! Kirsch. Diane Klaparda. Karen " Klein. Mike Klein. Robert uttn Klein. Scott Km, Klein. Shari Bit! Knutson. Ty Ko. 1-Mei " J Kohlmannslehner. Sharon Cfjii Koire. Steven " 1 Kolodney. Debbie f .m t art ii ' y Kd.W! Koponeh, Lynn Koral, Randy Korn, Peter Kornbluh. Julie Kornblum, Irving Koslen. Stacie Kowitz. Elliott Kozuszko. Kristi Kraft. Robyn Kramer. Lisa Kramer, Michael Krantz. Dorian Kreueger. Stacie Krieger. Rosemary Kriegler. Vicki KroU. Gary .lilii Pali Kuebel. Donell Kupersmith, David Kurlund, Steve Kurz, Dorothy Ladman. Phillip Lagos, Eddie Laman, Rene Lambert, Bret Lamontia, Joe Langendorf, Jeff Langer, Todd Langsdorf, Wayne Lappin, Lori Laskey, Mark Lathers, Herb Lautman, Mark Lawlis. Elizabeth Lawrence. Adam Lazo. Maria Lear. Melinda L.ee. Don Lee. Joni Lee, Randi Leff, Janet Leffwich. Doug Lenhoff, Linda Le Vassoui, Larry Lcvenstein, John Levin. Mike Levin. Vicki Levine. Jeff L.evine. Robin L. ;vy, Andy Levy. Conine Lewin. Eve Lewin. Heidi Lexris, David L.eyva. Frank Liberman. Aileen Liberson. Stacey Liebowitz. Jay LichT. Barry Light , Lisa Lipson, Bruce Liss, Dina Lxjewenstein. Steven Lojo, Toni Lommell. Mary Loponen. l-eo Lubow. Cheryl Lucarelli. Lori Luftman. Debi Lurie . Leslie Luxenberg. Lon Macdonald, leff Magoffin, Kelly Maksimenko, Natalie Maldonado. Maria Mandel. Alan Mandl. Chedva Mann. Mitch Manning. Debi Manning, Gary Manocchio. Paul Manoukian, Rick Manson, Deborah Maret, Brenda Markheim, Reina Marks, Ellen Masterman, Jan Mastro, Patty Matiauch, Dan Maitauch, Pat Matthews, Jim Mazal, Bill Mazenski , Fred .McCartnry, Kelly McCanney. Mike McConaghy. Sheryl McCormick, Kevin McCoy. Kalhy McDonald. Eleanor McDowell. Mark McGovern. Erin NKHugh, Phillip SUllveen. Cheryl McNamee. Sharon McSkimming. Robert Meezan, Mike Means. Zach Mchler, Joel Melby. Lynn Melo, Maria Mcndoza. Pauline Messina, Donna Messinger. Scon Meyer, Roben Meyer, William Michaels. Dan Miele. Nancy Miller, Julie MinoUi. Gregg Missman, Judy Mitchell, Steve Mitielman. Tracy Moller. Nancy Moore , Kurt Morden, Ulyanne Moroney , Maggie Morov , Sharon Morrison, Holly Moss, Diane Moss, Phyllis Moss, Suzanne Muha, Joe Muhistein, Jeanette Mullen. Andy Munson. Vicki Murphy. Mark Myers. Lani Odian, Kim Ogomori, Dan Ohanian. Sylvia Ohrt . Barbara Oklin. Caryn Oliphant, Steve Oliver. David Olmstead. Jackie O ' Neill. Joe Orenstein. Roben Pacheco, Michael Packer. Harvey Page . Tracey Panucci. Debby Pao. Stanley Parker. John Panlsh. Sieve Pascal, David Passananie , John Passov, Jane Pastel. Jack Peacon. Sandy Pearson. Pam Pelinovschi. Vladimir Pelleg. Ron Perkal. Adam Perna. Cecilia Pena. Chris Petrak. Ion Peirilli. Heidi Peny. Many Phelps. Jeff Pi ckens. Mark Pilner. Robena Pladsen. Richard Plaiin. Uana Podolsky. Daniel Polcik. John Polevoi. Mitch Polisner, George Pollak. Lisa PoUan. Barry PoUington. Julie Port. Stacey Poteete. Steve Potter. Diana Powell. Bill Prasch. Victoria Prell. Allen Prell. Gary Priiikin. Jeff Probasco. Gary Pryzbylo. Mike Purchin. Jeff Purgason. Doug Purwin. Steve fiLfi Raderman, Wendi Radim. Carol Rafter. Michele Raineri. Robert Rand. Bob Rappaport. Richard Raucher. Maria Reeve. Erin Reeves. Candy Reilly. Frances Resnick. Jody Reiamal. Marie Richardson, Douglas Riekenberg, Molly Riley. Brent Rinderknecht . Margo Roberts, Cindy Roberts, Mitchell Robertson, Pam Robinson, Valerie Rochlin. Mike Rogers. Brendan Rohde. Valerie Roman. Joel Romero. Gavino Roos, Erika Root. Danny Rosaler. Maurice Rose, Debbie Rose , Casey Rosen, Lisa Rosenblan, Mark Rosenblum, Jeff Rosenfield. Danny Rosenfield, Lisa Rosenthal, Karen Rosenthal, Scott Rosky, Bruce Ross, Bill Ross, Jane Ross, Rita Roth. Sherie Roth, Steve Rower, Arlan Royden, Cindy Rozinsky, Sanford Rubenstein, Cheri Rubin, Carole §iia s ? Rubinstein, Alec Ruiz, Caroline Ruta , Stacey Rylander, Carol Sacchi, Wayne Saks, David Saldick, Cheryl Salgado, Albina Scisorek, loanie ScoUard, Craig Scott, Lyle Scott, Mark Scott, Wayne Scudieri, Nunzia Scutt, Sandra Seagal, Paul Searl, David Sears, Debbie Seely, William Seferian, Barbara Segal, Alan Seidel, Grace Seidman, Shari Seifen. Nancy I Smith, Dave Smith, Kim Smith. Mike Smith, Tara Soberdash, Candice Solis, Nancy Soloski, Brian Solymar, Andrea Soroka, Wendy Sosin, Dan Soulimiotis, Chiisoula Spacek, Kaihy Spccior, Sieve Spence, John Spencer, Brian Sperling. Mark Shaw, David Spero, Denlse Spiszman, Marcia Stager, Anne Sialder, Debbie Stark, Jeri Stein, Charles Steinbeck, Robcn Steinberg. Debbie Steinberg, Melody Steinhart, Eric Steinman. Brent Steinman. Jackie Stern, Yoram Sternfield, Rick Stevens, Chris I V I Stevenson, David Sioegbauer, Daryl Stone , Lawrence Streeter, Cody Stuka, Dorothy Suddleson, Cheryl Sussman, Mark Sydney, Andy Szillinsky. Ingrid Szominsky , Pattie Tabom, Tyrone , Tamowski , Greg Tenner, Mike Tereska, Robert Thomas, Bruce Thomas, Frank Thomas, Janet Tichgelaar, Gary Tilley, Kun Tilner, Julie Tobyansen, Paul Tolben, Anita Torp, Tim Tornek, Sheri Totten, Steve Tourin, Carla Trabalza , Joe Tracy, Danny Trisler, Brenda Tuccillo, Ron Turner. Donna Turner, Ron Tutt. Tina Tuvim. Kerrie Tylee, Dori Ungar, Judy Unger, Laura Uscher, Mark Van Lydegraf , James Varela, Mike Varon, Debi Vener, Dana Vest. Robin Videan. Mary Vitacco, Carol Vivot, Emilio Volimas, Jeff Wahl, Wendy Wainer. Andl Wald, Ronnie Walker. Doris Walker. Kathi Walker. Ron Wallen. Shari Wallin, Emily Waller, Jonathan rt ' ansai, Ross Wander. Fred Wander. Susan Wang. Roben Ward. Jim Warren, Dexier Warshauer. Bernard Wasserman, Mike Weber. Susan Weinberg, Elizabeth Weinberg. Lauren Weinberg, Richard Weinberg. Patty Weiner. Alan Weingart. David Weinreich, Rina Weiss. Amy Weiss, Glenn Weitzman. Bonnie Wendorf. Cindy Westler, Nadine Wexler, Bruce Whalen, David Wheeler, Wendy Whigam, Scot Whitcomb, Piiscilla White, Julie Whited, Jessica Whitt. Chris Wilk, Glenn Williams, Ben Wilson, Donna Wilson, Kim Wind, Gregg Wise, Tricia Witkin, Cindy Wong, Gordon Wood, Joe Woodine , Jodi Wright, Nathan Wu, Mario Wynn, Andrea Wynn, Mark Yahr. Keith Yaller. . ' Andrea Yockelson. Jeffrey Zalkind. Jeff Zamora, Sylvia Zavalani, Calire Zeiden, Mike Zemer, Scott Ziebell. Denlse Ziff. Cathy Zilz. Joann Zrehigian, Brian Zussman, Jan I ll ff I 1,1 II li net A COLD DAY IN MY MIND I remember well thai winters day at 12 o ' clock a: nighi iwas it the month of April the sun was high and bright I looked outside my window and saw to my surprise a blind man walking side by side a blind dog for his eyes. He looked at me, I saw him smile the blind man smiled too 1 said " hello, " he said " goodbye " and hearing this I knew that I had found my own true love the blind man standing there the bald man with the golden locks the blond who had no hair. JWT " I am not too good lor anybody, but I am good enough tor everyl)ody. " SanTuel Volpc ' 4 Oi ' t (A a i)u(.a i ' mi Xa i ' jmuiicii (u ' i(A (lie m ( Jn uo iL 1m) Imuiiilnl {( ' w )mi t Jn tmm too mcjtto fwU, Jn ijms too wn(j to wa. )n in(inO)i( ' wO Mi ' Cmtutlnilo Ciui P. ' lfo Age I am sorry for you And what has happened. You were once Just like I am now. That IS what frightens me Most of all; That you were once like me Once like me — Growing old. So bewildering. Yet so experienceing Wiser — One day I ' ll be like you, Crippled with a cane; Crying in old age And lost memories. But when I see A young child approach me, With a smiling face; I ' ll remind myself of Crayons, Jeans, Dolls and friendship. And this will keep me going A little while longer . . . A Warning by Mike Friedman The young, the innocent, marvels of nature protected in babyhood at his mothers bosom But destined to one day break the bond and seek his own being How can he so young not be aware of the world upon which he must decend and which must ultimately decend upon him Blessed be the young who know not the evils to which they must ultimately face But damned be those who won ' t leave their humble shelters to face the life which they are destined to face Damned be those who refuse to approach their own adulthood responsibilities in the world Damned be those who shirk the good and preach evil But blessed be the young and innocent forever Ann Neft J organi I iiiimiiiiiiii First All City High School Competition - 1974: FLAG TEAM 1st Place Flag Team: US Grant II Flag Team Wendy Drum Janie Rylander 3rd. Place Flag Team: US Grant I Flag Team Vickie Ross Andrea Wynn DRILL TEAM 2nd Place Drill Team: US Grant Drill Team 5 SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE GIRLS LEAGUE 132 GERMAN CLUB CSF «i-miiiM ii (i ii|iffli i,r ,i7fr XJ ' . ' ® " WI!H| II ' mi II (i, . ; ORCHESTRA LETTERGIRLS MEDICAL CLUB $[)| IN€ Student Body Officers House of Representatives 140 Boys ' League Finance Office Workers Marching Band wjim, Chamber Instrumentalists Girls ' Glee Choir i Cheerleaders ¥ ,o r» ' V fr: . ' kW ' " GAA n haid a.-u)i - ciuca ] i cu i . ij ia.iy aqauL lti - c mii]kwn ' Varsity Football TOP ROW L to R: Todd Bassman, Frank Leyva, Dan Probst, Brett Scott, Greg McElroy , Jerry Marcellino, Russ Conte. SECOND ROW: Vic Anthony, Jeff Adler, Sandy Rozinsky, Dave Lewis, Micky Endoso, Dale McDonald, Brian Wayne. THIRD ROW: Coach Yellen, Coach Nemiroff, Randy Grey, Ed Lawce, Sandy Cohen, Joe Calabrese, Jeff Kuykendall, Glenn Zwang, Mike Mee- zan, Dan Forer, Jeff Wynn. FOURTH ROW: Coach Pinksion, Milch Hesen, Scott Nostaja, Nate Wright, Al Wasserman, Mark Parigon, Jim Peplow, Rick Hammerle, Mitch Diamond, Lee Hamo- viiz. FIFTH ROW: Phil StuUer, David Dinowitz, Gary Glasband, Ken Marcellino, Pete Tobyansen, Paul Aiello, Kevin Cimity, Paul Tobyansen. NOT PICTURED: Chris Barsamian, Kevin Benson, Andy Brauner, Ted Dosch, Steve Gladman, Roger Marshall, Greg Moniagna, Marshall Nunes, Leo Pretti. Mark Seferian. Ken Marcellino and Mitch Hesen look good in one of their rare runs. Jerry Marcellino comes to the rescue! Would you believe he got away? ! It ' s a bird, It ' s a plane, no, it ' s Pete Tobyansen. Able to leap tall -• buildings in a single bound , Bret Scott flies into the air. More powerful than a locomotive Paul Aiello is broken down by the Verdugo Dons. Bee Football TOP ROW, L TO R: Michael Harvey, Jim Bishop, Zeev Hertsberg, Bob Robinson, Ron Walker, Walker Griffin, Roger Marshall, Mitchell Abels, Mike Pacheco, Al Cone. ROW 2: Steve Seals, Tom Bagel, Kevin Anderson, Ross Geller, Brad Friedman, Mike Rand, Andy Levy, Ray Kelley. ROW 3: Ed Byrnes, Andy Kapitz, Dave War- nock, Davis Moyers, Scott Jordon, Ken Come, Danny Root, Steve Parrish. Paul Seagal, Jeff Macdonald, Carl Demetropuolos, Rick Jones, Coach Hughes, Coach Gordon. ROW 4: Mike Haber, David Dejesus, Roben Rain- eri, Jim Mathews, John Barnholt, Keith Anerson, Mike Farkas, Scott Friedlander, An Hernandez, Bob Rand, Mike Runke Mgr. ROW 5: Steve Estavillo, Aukuso Pelefoii, Bill Jewell, Joel Roman, Preston Goodman, Jason Bed, Tris Solari, Mike Sheridan. r V f FIRST TEAM DEFENSE - ¥ L Jf — v H V 4 _ i . r» " yy -ri-jwi " T-Tmja »: b.ee ' s m ■s ' [i« ac . lo t n Girls ' Ssoim Team The first girl ' s swim team that Grant has had sent one individual and one relay team to city finals. Not bad for the first time around. Janice Passanante takes a breath in 200 yd. relay. STANDING: Lisa Andrews, Helen Astor, Lisa Burkhalter, Mary Brition. SITTING: Sharon Lynn, Anita Zucca, Rita Csulak, Janice Passanante. CAMERA SHY: Mindy Aronoff, Kathy Christie, Leslie Lurie. Captain Mary Britton taking a nap during a meet? Leslie Lurie fighting the clock in meet against North Hollywood. ! Girls ' as efQatt The Girl ' s Varsity Team had a very successful season. Going lo ci:y playoffs in second place they made it to quarter-finals before losing. TOP ROW: Tina Gordon, Christie Minoque, Shannon Gordon, Debbie Broad- way, Lisa Darrow, Robin Troxell. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Miss Roehe, Jan Stager, Lynn Jewell, Nancy Dicato, IsisRuiz, Liz Vowels. •♦11 j ' -i; Michelle Liciuilliiii drives to score against hei opponent. Wendy Wheeler fights Van Nuys player for possession of ball. 1 Marie Goutin jumps high to score against Marshall High. ••B " TEAM - TOP ROW: Marie Goutin, Judy Landau, Nancy Karzen, Michelle Gentillini. Linda Krasne. Robin Troxell. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Miss Roehe Debbie Huss, Tami Scott. Karen Wolfe, Cheryl Howard, Debbie Sears, Wendy Wheeler. ' Spectators watch as Debbie Huss shoots free throw . - - - ■ V w Coach Miss Roehe gives ••B " Team a pep talk before meeting their opponents. Arlan Rower gels off to a fasi sian in meet against Poly I le DoDs, Varsity TOP ROW, L to R: Donate DeJesus, Ralph Manin, Bill Bernstein, Ron Novotny. SECOND ROW: Steve Resnick, Jeff Bromwell, Howard Kwasman. THIRD ROW: Laura Pat- terson, Mary Jacobs, Llewellyn Grain. TOP ROW, L to R: Harry Moss, John Meyers. Jeff Adolphson, Kenneth Suasen, Steve Camp- bell. MIDDLE: Richard Klein, Steve Sacks, Gary Thomas, Terry Mcllveen, Marc Israel - Captain. BOTTOM: David Purgason , Allan Rosenbaum, Llewellyn Grain, Mgr. Louis Waco, John Stept. TOP ROW, L to R: Arlin Rower, Dan Carson, Lyle Scott, Jeff Schulem, Rick Nesel, Llewellyn Grain. BOTTOM: Ben Williams, Greg Howie, Larry Israel, Scott Blum - Captain, Jeff Howie. 1 0th Grade vansnr B4SKETBdll STANDING FROM L to R: Todd Gabrielcik. Mike Frank, Dave Camp, Breu Milligan. Kenny Gold- man, Chip Clustka, Jeff Fahn, Alan Risch. KNEELING: Matt Butler, Coach McKee, Tom Hegland. Senior starting guards Dave Camp and Alan Risch display iheir winning techniques. I il A " Unorthodox Al " stuns his opponent while " Magic " watches in amazement. f 1 J- i ;ood-for-two Goldman " drives the lane lo score linsi the Valiants. L Lancers in Action " Jo-Jo Gunne Camp " takes off for a shot . " Magic Milligan " shoots for two . Photo counesy of Josh Kaplan. « - " Bonging Butler " gets high for a shot. W BdSKETBdII STANDING, L to R: Jose Casillas, Alan Segal, Jack Pastel, Joe Mass, Steve Brumwell, John Sepikas, Andy Dellins, Tom New- man, Bill Courtland. Jeff Uhri. KNEELING: Bobby Taylor, Coach McKee, Rick Bannister. Grant players grapple for ball . Starting center Rick Bannister shoots against opponent. Senior Bill Courtland dribbles down for a lay-up. Alan Segal drives on North Hollywood defender. I STANDING, L to R: Coach Jeff Halpern, Eric Silvern, Eric Chudler, Larry Feldman, Jerry Kurland, Sebouh Hamassian, Brad Mascolo, Brandon Boyle, Steve Izenstark, Glenn Diamond, Asst. Coach Mike Stanton. KNEEL- ING, Lto R: Steve Palumbo, Al Cone, Lance Malkin, Steve McSkimming, Alan Schorr. STANDING, L to R: Asst. Coach Mike Stanton, Andy Wong, Robert Bcrgcr, Phil liclds, Steve Specter, Alec Rubenstein, Scott Atkin, Stanley Pao, Joe Muha, Arnulfo Gallo, Jeff Halpern, Coach. KNEELING: L to R: Larry W liner, Russell Greene, Andy Levine, Mike Mekjian, Jeff Purchin Manager. I Sir Is ' Tcnnis vAKSll ' Y: STANDING: Coach Miss Heinsohn, Cathi Aiuidge , Linda Steinman, Lynn Judell, Lori Fields, Dcvra Lieb, Donna Merrill. KNEELING: Adella Shephard, Karen Wilson, Liz Bliz- ter, Donna Massoth, Lynne Taffert. J.V. STANDING: Coach Miss Heinsohn, Dee Dee Urdangen, Monica Landes, Peggy Janol, Cyndie Cohen, Maria Mykytyn, Jill Harris, Emily Wallin, Vicki Barkin, Kathi Schmidt, Bonnie Anderson. KNEELING: Jodi Culler, Marlene Groner, Paiiy Masiro, Ina Coleman, Janice Spice, Ana Chirino, Chedca Mandl, Heidi Richman. J MIGHTY MIDGET Donna Massoth Congratulations are in order for this years hard working tennis team, who for the second consecutive year have taken first place in the EVL. The girls then went on to place third in city playoffs. Congratulations girls! 10, t KILLER KAREN Karen Wilson .fiijtiutitttBaKMimM f - CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS Linda Steinman CONSISTENCY PLUS Lynn Judell POWERHOUSE " WOODS " Lori Fields BdSEBULL ! f B f a fii VARSITY: TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Gordon, Bill Hobson, Brad Cantor, Mike Frank, John hanley, Bret Scott, Tom Hegland, Gary Momjian Mgr., Ray Kelly Mgr. , Mark Cunibert, Mgr. MIDDLE ROW: Al Cone, Dale MacDonald, Larry Fogel, Joey Pou, Gary Preece, Andy Kapitz, Ken Marcellino, Todd Gabrelcik. BOT- TOM ROW: CoUeiie Robinson, Maria Koosed. S f ® 1 J. v.: TOP ROW: Mitchell Abies Mgr., Mark Cogen Mgr., Jeff Fahn, Frank Leyva, Andrew Dellins, Bradley Mas- colo, Mark Glance, Stan Hughes, Coach. FRONT ROW: Ed Byrnes, Paul Aiello, Paul Tobyansen, Russell Greene, Scott Judge, Steve Munkres, Ross Geller, Keith Anderson, Mike Mekjian. uiinnincv a SST ' - ' SBW i BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Enio Cruz, Chris Arvin, Bobby Fisch, June Bergsirom. TOP: Pcie Aarnaes, Mark Smith, Jon Bernstein, Rick Labowe, Bob Weiner, Don Ellis. KNEELING: Coach Drew Yellen, Sal Contino, Bob Heinstedi. I J . .%n BEE TEAM: Enio Cruz, Nani Appcl, Bobby Fisch, June Bcrgstrom, Bill Seeley. David Dow, R on Call, Milch Karasov. SECOND ROW: R TO L: Adam Law- rence, Dave Heck, Bob Weiner, Don Ellis, Rick Labowe, Gabe Bandel, Jon Berstein, Heran MuUa- ney. TOP: Dan Doggeii. Eim dbfft ll TOP ROW: Nancy DiCato, Michele Leonard, Debbie Garver, Judy Landau, Jane Pas- sov, Brenda Hiltebran, Tracey Grown, Leslie Lurie, Linda Krasne. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Roehe, Cheryl Howard, Lynn Jewel, Karen Wolfe, Wendy Wheeler, Julie Pollingion, Debbie Sears, Anita Tolbert. BOTTOM: Theresa Gannon, Christy Minoque, Margo Beylen, Tina Gordon, Ina Coleman, Michele Gentilini, Debbie Broadway, Marie Gouiin, Nancy Karzen. Linda is my name. Softball is my game. • « ' ...,- I nni VARSITY a J V STANDING: Coach Nemiroff, Ken Goldman, Joel Gering, Dan McCary, Dana Ashion, Rene Lamart, Andy Levine, Jim Sasselli, Barbara Stabins Mgr., Laurie Levine Mgr. KNEELING: Dave Camp, Rick Walmark, John Tindall, Shannon Gordon, Brad Gross, Bob Schwartz. N. s« STANDING; Marnll.i i.uilis, Mark Chassman, Timish Chaikovsky, Larry Feldman. Steve Brady Mgr., Brad Sherman, Mike Rochlin, Ron Turner, Roben Carnot, Coach Milt Nemiroff. SEATED: Stephen Bookbinder, Joel Grover, Rich Wishingrad, Lisa Light Mgr., David Weingart, Elliot Kow- itz, Glenn Wilk, Andy Wong, Steve Totien. r f 6 6 V 1967 19 r m? mo mi n2 1973 mt J?73P .■■ ' •I ' V, ij . T )F« VARSITY: BOTTOM: Scoti Nosiaja, Sieve Reznick, Jim Peplow, Paul Glickman, Ralph Manin, Ron Novomy, Victor Henera, Coach Johnson. MIDDLE ROW: Phil Herman, Mgr. , Karen Kessler, John Meyer, Jeff Adophson, Leo Pretti, Costa Frantzides, Howard Kwasman, Terry Mcllveen, Mark Parigon, Gary Glasband, Mike Fonest, Coach Pinkston. TOP ROW: Bob Scott, Kan Probst, Todd Bassman, Jerry Marcellino, John Sepikas, Joe Fariss, Steve Brumwell, Steve Campbell, Brett Milligan - (Not Shown). track i ( ? BEE: BOTTOM: Larry Skolnick, Steve Levenson, Dave Warnock, Sam Cherry, Mel Bragg, Jack Nathan, Mike Rand, Mitch Haber. MIDDLE: Lyle Scott, Jeff Howie, Jeff Uhri, Roger Marshal, Dave Moyers. Jon Slept, Richard Klein, Matt Israel, Dave Pargason, Mike Johnson, Fred Mazowski, Alan Rosenbaum. TOP ROW: Ken Sawsen, Ron Walker, Greg Howie, Kevin Benson, Gary Thomas, Dan Podoisky, Marty Drut, Jerry Kurland, Louis Waco, Donate Dejesus, Kellie McCIean. CEE: BOTTOM: Ed Cruz, Ben Williams, Joel Roman, Andy Levy, Rick Jones, Scott Blum, Larry Israd, Michael Oda, Steve Kory. TOP ROW: Dan Carson, David De Jesus, John Barnhat, Dan Dektar, Arlan Rower, Walt Ramond, Eric Nash, Russell Montgomery and Jude Davidson. League Champs varsity Ll hRONl ' : Nancy Uicaio, Tina Gordon, Carol Kylander, Debbie Broadway. LT BACK: Leesa Scon, Liz Vowels, Mrs. Johnson, Sandy Esparza, Cheryl Howard, Kim Cabral (Not Pictured). 4 I ■ f ' 4 LT FRONT: Cheryl Howard, Lynne Jewell, Teresa Gannon, Kathy Gannon. LT BACK: Mrs. Johnson, Michele Gentilini, Margo Beylen, Shelley Sueeter, Anne Siegel, Dana Keller, Ann Cubach (Not Shown). f SL 4 il ::-;i6£3Kafc A: TOP ROW: Margucci, C. Molenhousc, B. Kerlagon, L. Silver, A. Zuckerinan, M . luni r, M. Grossman, ;, .-_ Smiih. BOTTOM ROW: J. Pritikin, J. Schultz, B. Mazal, R. Siernfcid, M. Orgel. O. Marsh, B. Zrehigian, B. Frank. m m i ¥. L-R: Coach McKee, Joel Cahn, Ron Ugolick, Waller McClain, Mark Goldojarb, Ross Wamsat, Tony Campo, Chuck Gaylord. Tenth Grade all-around standout Ross Wamsat performing in floor exercize. Tenth Grade all-around gymnast Chuck Gaylord on the Pomeled horse . ' i FIRST ROW: Nancy Cohen, Dee Kudellco, Rosy Cizmar. SECOND ROW: Aileen Liberman, Guni VonMaltzahn, Wendi Cowan, Michelle Glaser, Tina Oganesoff, Robin Berns, Rona Sussman, Caryl Sherwood, Debbie Newmark, Cindy Royden, Bonnie Hirschhorn. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Sternberg, Ann Slata, Sharon Kohlmanslehner, Marlene Calder, Julie Solo- mon, Valerie Tyson, Susie Goddard, Miss McGregor. a t 4{ I 7 •■ !» 1 k 1 P% ' »t ♦ I " Jfrnr ftk . -- To tiicgr boatinq JUf oV Fall Cl j{Ju ' JwL . iir ttAX AJT • -rf- ' vv i w -:::t ' c - ' --c v •FinefoO ' ARTGIK 1361f raeComplei to Line, injC iiing For Shower eddii Goo( ; -«es - - mm- - m «»%- «st$» mm-- ORGANIC FOODS VICEIilUS ' FtUITS POUIHY MiAIS OlIIIT PRODUCIS • MUOR BRANDS VITAMINS ( FOOD SUPPLEMENIS • PERSONAL • NUTRITION SERVICE 126S0 VENTURA BLVD. FRESH DAIIY • OBANGE JUICt • PEANUT BUnER • SANDWICHES FINE SELECTION • GOURMET WINES • • FRESH NUTS • Off STRffr PARKING OPEN 7 DAYS - Ptsm . s gsm. - 8f-- ifmf - « - )»ae «p - 5i«e «P» 1 • Fine Foods • Food to Take Out Every Sandwich A Work Of Art ART ' S DELICATESSEN 2224 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, Calif. 91604 ART GINSBURG Catering 769-9808 762-1221 FRANCO ' S -foaimE-t OtaLian J sLLcai£.i±£.n Bus. 788-9214 RES. 788-9641 FRANK A. SERRA 132S3 MooRPARK Street SHERMAN OAKS. CAL. 91 »03 FOR SWINGERS INC. BUNNY SHORR Phone 783-2 Unique Golf Clothes And Accessories 13616 Venutra Boulevard - Sherman Oaks, California (Woodman Ave. Off Ramp) Duniop THE vjus° TENNIS COURT spajdi„ All Pro Lines iP Coui 13029 Ventura Blvd . Sutdio City 91604 Tel (213) 789-8598 NANNETTE and ALFRED BLOOM Head r :s To a Bright Future From the ANGELICH FAMILY The Complete Party Line . . . • Greeting Cards • Imprinting For Showers and Weddings • Paper Goods Gi • Gags and Jokes z LIBBY ZAYNE VICKl WINTHROP Phone: 784-8651 PARTY SHOP 13628 Ventura Boulevard ( Block East of Woodman) Sherman Oaks, California 91403 DL SauC U E.xquisite Fashion Jewelry Plaza De Oro 17217 Ventura Blvd. Encino, Ca 91316 KAREN HAM 986-7200 THE VENTURA CATERERS " Where Every Affair Is Created Just For You " 13920 Ventura Boulevard Sherman Oaks, California 91403 13920 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, Calif. 788-5550 - 872-2244 HERB and KATHY GOODMAN Good Luck Basketball Team i When you ' re the FINEST it ' s hard to be humble, t mi US. MARINES 1 THE RUBBER SOUL 14446 Mar noha Blvd Sherman Oaks, 91403 9860251 ■Just for KedF PAULA AEDETH TOBI THE FLOWER BASKET 935-1055 877-2447 (( ' . ' . 12244 Ventura boulevard i- jfi. studio city, California 91604 H JERRY MASTON ' ROBERT ARGANBRIGHT ABKIN, NEWMAN PALTER Certified Shorthand Reporters Deposition Reporters 653-3800 LOOKING FOR A PROFESSION? TRY COURT REPORTING A A- af7J P ' XyyY i fCCC la coquette fashions 4820 fulton avenue sherman oaks, calif, phone 783-8916 boutique Babe Angelich Chevron Service 12814 Ventura — Phone 769-9578 STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA Brakes, Tune-up, Air Conditioning Atlas Tires and Batteries COUNTRY ELEGANCE (Brides, Maternity and Gen. Dry Goods) 985-8968 " |It) o 12262 Ventura Boulevard Studio City. Calif. 91604 ( cf 0 S ioe Store ir ' ol yFnt m h I " il lG lASXiN :ib;h: ' ■••.. 1C£ CREAM ..-•■ CLIFTON ROSETT FRANCHSED STORE OWNER 13238 Burbank Blvd. • Van Nuys, California 91401 • 785-6434 COLLEGE-BOUND ' Individual Counseling College Selection Placement SAT and ACT Tutoring Ph. 784-6206 for Brochure AMERICAN COLLEGE PLACEMENT 16000 Ventura Blvd. , Encino EDEE ' S FLORIST Since 1950 13803 Ventura Boulevard • Sherman Oaks, California 91403 Los Angeles: 872-3152 Valley: 986-7074 Wedding and Party Consultants Bar Mitzvahs Banquets Commercial Accounts SARAH RED HELEN . ' STUDIO CITY EXCHANGE. INC Largest Selection Anywhere! Custom Photo Finishing 12174 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, Calif. 762-4749 877-3019 984-0565 %h(t,l!5l 7! Annette Haftr Activities Diane Kessler Ronna Kessler Fall Sports Dale MacDonald Spring Sports, Ads Robert Newinan Photography, Sp. Clubs Sam Volpc Facultv. Creative Eli Wise Faculty, Spring Sports Loretta Wise Activities, Seniors ■ ». B 5 Fred Rosen Photography Editor Kevin McKenzie Editor Mr. Robert Wilson Advisor ( Special thanks to Craig Molenhouse for his photos, and Emily Dorfman for her art. Special thanks to Jerry Mogolian of White Studios, to Ralph Jesson of Taylor Publishing Company, and to Mike Mazo for handling the finances. The Staff especially thanks Bob Wilson for his leadership, hard work, and for letting us make our errors, and then showing us the right way. Oi I I f sj Oi o SJ in this modein day and age oui world is in constant change nothing suys as is all that is soon was you ' ll find this tiue because like an actor on a suge you ' re in a world of consunt change one day°nothing ' s right another can ' t go wrong but either way you must decide what ' s to come in this world of change decide whiph way to go set a goal high or low then follow thru in this world of change only you rearrange you ' ll detour just make sure where you ' re going to be no actor on a stage yet play along with consunt change flexibility and sensibility will come of age in this world of change the only constant thing is change if you can do it you ' ll change with it and make it work your way . p Rosen dew. Tx ' oAi trxSu ydo +o CA.ell but T A oie T " ' f( e y ooe e . v " ' t;: rea Hu doNif t(ui to of •t+it. tcrm " ii a4- 4 ' t C c 5 btwch. Gteocl j-i- i { L J ' -i O I lJ M M? ; , .:. yvrt ' V ' - cl - x ' .; - p ' ■ U

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