Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA)

 - Class of 1964

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Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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' 2x 53y L Z . J7 , ?AJJ , M i , . min Am A 3;; nu z ,, JAM z: w j fl: f?f?fgfgyg ngprz 7 er WWW 53A L J 21491 425:!" ?LSZ ILAJ M113; fjtz4$r$u dgkw v i .a Q: j u U-MQ- S'Q'L'hAQLLQZAD'LVQf ffoJiX CLQ LQ L: I l 9 id. 7 A: -LIK'LLL; Hm iLCcL-7 s M ac t5 JYWLLWQLWK k'Oi ML 1 ma 1L7 1mg L Ufc7 GK 529: 7fLLxL 91727 727M To lame-i 5Q How 5n a 4,737 QQQQQQ QQ WQ QLQQQFQ y 7 927 ?W 77 QC JC 77? CfQ7Q VCQ CC CA mango; 7? 54m! y AQTjUN VUUM'QQQQW OWL; LM L71 u K 5d LKYO'JZ 71; W? L KLJAXQ :7: ??AX Ag CM CM: dwmf Mm chvfaw LAX 26171 +1 6425061,; 3 3c 04er Xcgil w. ifciC +me LCM Luz dQO Wadi QQQQQQ ?QQLOA Wng N91? CKLKJX 8NQILxCLfQNKYO mLLOiH , 3 'ZQCLMA QRQQLT QBCCCQGQQ'KZ 712'le A V 7 r Q' 73y Q h Xk M Q 6?. g C 31L LQ Qt LL L CL, L XOXA QB Q1155, U? gfacgdzl? Q? Q $793 z 1 $01 V33 x0? 7 i v 7 KY 9:7 R Q G a V 1964 -S-I-I-IELD VOLUME 5 Presented by the Annual Staff of Ulysses S. Grant High School, 13000 Oxnard St, Van Nuys, Calif. DEDICATlON The 1964 edition of the l'SHlELD" is dedicated to the memory of our late President, John F. Kennedy. His legacy to the American people is not only the dream of a world at peace, but the will and the courage to make this dream a reality. A: . . ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country." John F. Kennedy 1917 - 1963 The annual staff, most thoughtfully and respectfully, dedicated this 1964 edition of the Shield to the memory of President John F. Kennedy. This action should not be interpreted as but a timely gesture. Rather it should be understood asion action to keep the principles for which this man stood ever in the minds of each of you. Mr. Kennedy believed in the fight for freedom both in philosophy and in fact. Freedom is something you cannot be giveneit is something you must earn. Each of you must achieve it for yourself. If you expect it to be handed you, you will be ever dependent. Freedom must be won anew over and over again. PRINCIPAL Our American traditions provide you the opportunity to win these freedoms for yourselves and help guarantee the same opportunity for others. This school offers you a solid foundation of understandings so that you might purposefully carry on the fight. It offers you this chance to gain understandings, but it does not give them to you. You must earn them. How you feel about these matters today will prove to be a significant factor many years from now when people define the wordefreedom. Sincerely, H. O. Dyck Principal This has been a most pleasant year at Grant High School. As I look back and reflect on the learning and activities which have taken place, I realize how much our fine Dardcnian and Athenian classes have con- tributed to make Grant the wonderful place that it is in which to work. My best regards and appreciation to the entire stu- dent body and the staff for a wonderful year. Have a happy vacation! Maurice A. Ives GlRLSt VlCE-PRINCIPAL BOYSi VICE-PRINCIPAL Graduates of 1964: During your years at Grant I hope that you have learned the great importance and responsibility of the individual. In the years ahead may you be guided by the ageless maxim--'iBetter to light one candle than to curse the darkness." Frances Donovan FACULTY 8L STAFF MR. HARRY BERKOWITZ MR. MERRILL KONISH Head Counselor Registrar MR. MURRY ALBONER MR. CHARLES ALLEN MR. ROY ANDERSON MISS RUTH ANDERSON MRS. BEATRICE ANDO English Math Social Studies Music Art MR. HAL ARTHUR MR. LOUIS BARAK MR. HARLAN BARBANELL MRS. VIRGINIA BARRAGER MRS. FLORA BECK Special Classes $ocial$1udies Driver Education Social Studies Guidance 8.. DR. VAGHARSH BEDOIAN MRS. BARBARA BLATNER MR. JULES BURG MR. FADON CARDAMENIS MR. JOHN CERVANTES Science English Business Education Language Social Studies MRS. MILDRED CLARK MISS MILDRED CLINE MR. ROBERT CRAIN MR. FRED CULWICK MR. ARTHUR EADES Homemaking English Social Studies Math 6 Business Education MRS. HELEN FAIRBAIRN MR. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN MISS RENEE FINKELBERG MR. CARL FRIEDMAN MRS. MARY GAGNE Science English Malh Social Studies Language MRS. MARGERY GEILER MR. HARRY GINOZA MISS CAROLYN GLASIER MR. SHELDON GOLDBLUM MR. JOSEPH GORDON English Art GMS' P. E. Social Studies Boys' P. E. ma? MRS. CAROL GORTON MRS. CYNTHIA GREEN MRS. BLANCHE GREENBERG MR. BEN HALPERN MR. ROBERT HAMMOND Homemaking English Language Industrial Ed. Business MR. MOSS HAWKINS MISS MELVA HEINSOHN MR. LELAND HENDRIX MR. LAWRENCE HIBARGER MR. RICHARD HUBBARD Math Girls P. E. Moth Industrial Ed. Boys' P. E. MR. STANLEY HUGHES MR. HAROLD JACOBS MR5. DORIS JENKINS MR. EDWARD JESPERSEN MR. ESTEL JOHNSON Industrial Ed. Moth English Industrial Ed. BOYS' ?.E. 7 MR. SAM KATZMAN MR. RICHARD KAZIE MISS JANICE KOBATA MISS ROXIE KRICORIAN MR. ROBERT LA FONTAINE Industrial Ed. Social Studies Language Language Music MRS. VALERIE LANE MR. LEONARD LEFITZ MR. JULIUS LEVINE MRS. RUTH LEWIS MR. FIDEL LOA Girls' P. E. English Language Art Language MISS JOAN MCCORMICK MR. WILLIAM McKEE MR. DERALD MADSON MRS. JEAN MARTIN MR. HAROLD MARZ English Boys' P.E. Science Social Studies Science MR. MEL MENKIN MR. RAY MEYER Arl Math Wm MRS. ELIZABETH MILLIKEN MR. SOLOMON MODELL Business Social Studies MISS BONNIE MOYCE MRS. IRENE NEMETH MR. MILTON NEMIROFF Business Language Boys' P. E. MISS JANET NUNN MRS. IRENE PALMER MR. JOHN PALMER Girls' P. E. Math Math MRS SUZANNE PATRUSKY MISS PATSY PESTERFIELD MR. HAROLD PHELPS MR. MICHAEL POLITO MR. WILLIAM QUIRK . English Homemaking language Social Studies Industrial Ed. MRS MARIANNE REEVES MISS lYRIC ROBINSON MRS. BARBARA ROEMMICH MR. ROBERT SANDERS MR. EDWARD SAVLUK ' Girls' P. E. Business Girls' P. E. Math Social Studies MR. LESTER SCHNEIDER MRS. MARILYN SHINDERMAN MRS. GERTRUDE SHINER, MR. JACK SINGER MISS A.NNE 51.3sz Science $ocial$1udies Social Studies 'ndusmul Ed. Socml Studies 9 MR. GEORGE STUART MR. THOMAS SYDES MRSA OLA VORSTER MRS. MARION WALKER MR. RALPH WARNER Moih English Language English Math $3. MR. ALLEN WATSON MR. STANFORD WELBOURN MR. JCHN WESTERVELT MRS. LEILANI WINDHAM MR. ROBERT WINSLOW Science Science Science Girls' P. E. Music MRS. RODNA WISHAM MR. GERT WOSSNER MR. JOHN ZOEGER English English Science COUNSELORS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Mrs. Siegel, Mrs. del Moral, Mrs. Miller, Miss Deni, Mrs. Beck. TOP ROW, L-R: Mr. Denner, Mr. Friedman, Mr. Berkowitz, SEC'Y TO MR. DYCK Mr. Moore, Mr. Goodman. Mrs. Lessor ATTENDANCE OFFICE SEC'Y TO THE VlCE-PRINCIPALS L-R: Mrs. Gaudio, Mrs. Conklin, Mr. Konish, Mr. Friedman. Mrs. Sass LIBRARY Mrs. Kutz, Mrs. Ludwig m ' MAIN OFFICE Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Govenor HEALTH OFFICE Mrs. Turofsky, Mrs. Lohr FINANCIAL MANAGER Mr. Anderson 1am TEXTBOOK ROOM Mrs. Jacobsohn I 2 GARDENERS L-R: Mr. I. KoHnow, Mr. J. Strong, Mr. T. Mr. W. Reynur. BUILDING ENGINEER Leonard Brownlie Sawyer, BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Mrs. Broder, Mrs. Levine, Mrs. Hydreos. TOP ROW, L-R: Mrs. McDowell, Mrs. Strandness, Mrs. lewis, Mrs. Huin, Mrs. Radcliffe, Mrs. Higby, Mrs. Hughes, i I ,1 5 5 ,z z x x CAFETERIA STAFF Crawford, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Palimino, Mrs. Mrs. Sieger, Mr. Taylor. CUSTODIANS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Mr. Hopper, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Bolchon, Mr. Howard Supervising Custodiani, Mrs. Lyles, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Konaniz. TOP ROW, L-R: Mr. Joseph, Mr. Hinz, Mr. Abel, Mr. James, Mr. Brahom, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Cozzo. 13 SENIORS DARDANIANS ATHENIANS COLORS: RED 8. WHITE COLORS: BLUE 8. WHITE 1: s: 2 t ? .iu$, 'l M?MW" , . v a ink'a V DARDANIANS 3-12 STEERING COMMITTEE B-'l2 OFFICERS L-R: Peggy Burbank, Treas.; Michele Jeffery, Sec.; Sue Fago, V-Pres.; Lynda Bush, Hisioriun; John Frank, Pres. Mot showm A-12 OFFICERS L-R: Peggy Burbank, Historian; Lanny Kuufer, V-Pres.; Jerry Mandel, Pres.; Rich Colman, Treas.; Elissa Sway, Sec. A-12 STEERING COMMITTEE a. 2 ; HELEN ABELES DAVE ALBRIGHT ROBERT ALTAGEN llNDA ARRICO RICHARD ASHCROFT Pep Club, Creaiive Wrig. Var. Basketball and Track Boy's Week at City Hall, Songleader, Adv. Dance, Club, Folk Song Club Leiterman, Choir B. Fooiball Rec. Day Comm. - 4,; 7 h JANET AUPPERLEE PAULINE BAIZ DWIGHT BEACHAM LARRY BEARD H. DENNIS BEAVER Pep Club, Girls' Glee, Pep Club, Girls' Glee Swimming Team FOFEHSiCS. Annual Staff, House of Reps. House of Reps. ROBERT BECKER TED BELL MICHAEL BENDER SHERIE BERLIN MICHELE BERNSTEIN Var. Track, Lettermans' Swimming Team Band Orch., FTA, GAA, Pep Club, Band, Pep Club Club, LR. PAULA BERNSTEIN PHYLLIS BERNSTEIN DENNIS BIRNKRANT JOE BLOOMER DOREEN BOORSTEIN Choir, Pep Club, FTA, Srudent Service Var. Football Ladies, Drill Team, CSF, Girls' lge. Reps., Folk Song LeHergirls TOM BOWLES BRUCE BRANSBY SAMRA BRAMY RICK BRENNER EDYNA BRODSKY Football Spotter, Stage Band, Orch., Dance Bond Girls' Lge. Reps., Girls' Wind Ensemble, Band, Crew, Math Club Glee, GAA, Mod. Dance Orch., Rec. Day, Dance Band LYNDA BUSH TOM BYERS LARRY BROWN TERRIE BROWN PEGGY BURBANK Var. Football, House of Madrigals, Choir, GAA Sr. A Hist, Ladies, Senior B Hish, Lertergirls Reps., Letterman's Club Board, Lettergirls Sr. B Treus., Play Prod. - $ IAN CAMPBELL CAROLYN CARLAT SHELLI COHEN GERALD COLE RICHARD COLMAN Capt. C Swim Tm., Pep Club Choir, Girls Glee Var. Baskeiball, Knights, Sr. Class Treas., Odyssey Pres. Mgr's. Club CSF Sealbearer Stuff, Sr. A Str. Comm. WILLIAM COMBS IRIS CORWIN DIANA DELU DONNA DENWITT BARBARA DEXTER House of Representatives Pep Club, Recognition Folk Song Club Spanish Club, Day Comm. Latin Club SAM DIAMOND JOHN DOBBIE DALE DODGE JEROME DRUCKER EUGENE DUNNING House of Represenlatives 8 Football Choir, Madrigals, Girls' Sr. B $tr. Comm., Rep. Choir, Mudriguls, Band League, Rec. Duy Comm. Boys' Day, Gymnastics BILL EDWARDS FRANCIE ELLIS LINDA ELLIS MITCHELL ELLIS RICKI ELLIS Swimming Team Dance Production House of Reps., Comm. Sr. Recognition Day Play Lenergirls, GAA, FTA, 8rd,, Rec. Day Comm. Folksong Club, Span. Club L ma , LOIS EPSTEIN SUE FAGO ARLENE FALK MARK FELDMAN FREDRICK FLAM Choir 5!, Body Treas., CSF, Varsi?y Golf, Forensic Club Debate, Cheerleader, Parlia- Lenerghls Pres., Sr. B VP mentarian, House of Reps. g. t CATHY FORBRIGER JOHN FRANK STEVE FRANK JUDY FRANKLIN JOHN GICCATTI 3-12 Sir. Comm., Sr. 8 Pres., Knights, Finance Office Capt. Vur. Football, Foren- JEFFREY GLADE SUSAN GOLDBERG GEORGIA GREENSPAN LARRY GRENVILLE JAN GRODIN B 8 C Track, House of Annual Stuff, School Recognition Day Photographer Girls' League Rep. House of Reps., Var. Track sics, House of Reps. Reps., JV Cross Country BARBARA HAALAND CHARLES HALL SUZANNE HALPERT BARBARA HANDLEY Play Prod., GAA Board, Varsity Football Ladies, CSF, GAA, Band, Lettergirls, Orch. Spanish Club NANCY HAWKINS KEN HEIER DON HEIST FLETCHER HENDLER ANDY HERBERT CSF Sealbearer, Girls' B-12 Sir. Comm., Ushers, Library Practice Art Production Glee, Choir Rec. Day, Drama KENNETH HIBBITTS CARLTON HOLLANDER ENID HOLSOPPLE JANE HOMER GAIL HONIGBERG Creative Wrtg., I.R., Band, Wind Ensemble, House of Rep., Girls' Folk Song, $ Lit. Clubs Dance Bond, Swim Lener League Rep., GAA, Folk Song DEVRA ISSERMAN MICHELE JEFFERY CLAUDIA JOSEPH Basketball 8t Baseball Ploy Prod., A-I 1, A-I 2 CSF, Lettergirls, Orch., B-12 Sec., Girls' Lge. Rep., Drill Team, Recognition Manager, LeHermen Sf. Comm., House of Rep. Drill Team Rec. Day, A-12 59. Comm. Day Committee PAUL ILSLEY SUSAN ISRAEL a STEVE JOSSE BARBARA KARLTON LANNING KAUFER PAT KELLY SERENNA KELLY Annual Staff, A-I 2 VP, Play Prod., Knights, Choir, Girls' League Rep. Girls' Glee NMSQT Semi-finalist House of Rep. DAVID KELSEY ESTHER KERBES RICHARD KITTO SANDRA KNIFKE CAROL KOCHSMEIER Band, CSF, Play Production Drill Team, A-H 8 3-12 SL Comm., Forensics Club Play Prod., Mod. Dance 1 JAMES KOEHLER KATHERINE KOHLMEIR BARBARA KOLEDA HENRY KRAFT BARRY KRASNER Dr. Tm., CSF, GAA, Cafe., Bond, CSF, IR Club NOMA Math Award ELAINE KRAUS STEVE KRAUSE JAY KRUMHOLTZ GENE LAMKE JENNY LARVICK Valedic'n., Ladies VP, Football, P.E. Off., Speech, House of Representatives Letterman, Pep Club, Comm. Comm. of Assem., Song- Sealb'r, Chr. Oper'n. Hop. House of Reps. of Athletics, CSF leader, Ladies, G.L. Sec. JAMES LAUREN LARRY LEPOW ARNIE LEVY HOWARD LEVY RONALD LONG Student Service Art Production, Track Sound Crew RONALD LUACES MARYANN LUBRA HOWARD LUSHER COURTNEY McLEOD CAROL MacCRACKEN Bond, Dance Band House of Rep. Modern Dance JERRY MANDEL PATRICIA MANN ARLEN MARKUS RICHARD MASLAN JIM MELUZOFF Senior A President House of Rep., GAA, Comm. 8-12 Str. Comm., Gymnastics Team Board, Folk Song Club A-12 Str. Comm. GREG MESSIGIAN ANTOINETTE METTY KAREN MILLER VALORY MITCHELL RICHARD MOGIL 5!. Body Pres., Knights, Choir, Girls' Glee CSF, Ladies, LR. Club, Band Cheerleader, Comm. of Pub. Creative Writing Club MARCELLE MORAMARCO BARDY MURIELLO ALTA NAIDITCH LINDA NIESEN GREG NELSON Band, A-12 Sir. Comm. Radio Club ARTHUR NEWMAN JAN NEWMAN LARRY NOVAK MARK PANiTCH JACK PEARLMAN Ann. Stuff, House of Debate, Pres. IR Club, Sir. Comm., Rep. French Club A-12 Sir. Comm. House of Reps. BARBARA PHILLIPS MARIANNE PICKELL BOB PLANN GARY PORTH ANITA PRESS Recognition Day A-H Slr. Comm., YeII-Leader, Band, A-12 Pep Club, FTA An'n 8 Couns. Off., GAA Sir. Comm., House of Rep. CAROLE RAVVEN SANDRA READER NEIL REICHLINE LEE RINGUETTE LYNN RINGUETTE Forensic Club Sec., FTA Kiwanis Award, Odyssey Var. Football, Letterman, Sec., Latin Club Ed., Knights, Vur Fooiball Grant Men JILL ROSENBERG RONALD ROSS RONALD RUFF GAIL RUTMAN RITA SANDERS Sealbeorer Russian Language Club Band, Choir, Sealbearer, Ladies, Smd. Store, Girls' Gymnastics, LeHermun Lettergirls, Drill Tm, Glee. Pep Club ANDREA SANDLER MICHAEL SANDLER STEVEN SCHARF EDWARD SCHIFF SUZI SCHREIBER Pub. Comm. Board, Physics Club, Radio Club A-12 Str. Comm., B Track, lettermen CSF, A-12 Sir. Comm., GAA, AM. Off. B Football Drill Tm., Choir, Girls' Glee SHARON SEGEL ERIC SHAPIRA NORMA SHAPIRO PAM SHEPARD PAT SHERWOOD Letterman, A-H Class House of Reps., Rec. Day CSF, GAA, Pep Club, House of Reps. Pres., Pres. Mars. Club Comm., 8-12 Str. Comm. Lettergirls Sec. CAROL SINGER NANCY SNYDER STEVE SOLOMON RUTH SPANGRUDE RUTHI SPARER Pep Club Pep Club, French Club, Band, Choir, Folk Girls' Glee Drama GAA Song Club . RICHARD STAUTER ROBERTA STEINBERG FLARINE STOKES DONNA SURNOVE LOUIS SUSSMAN B Track, Cross Country Pres. Ladies, Sealbearer, GAA GAA CSF, House of Reps. Lettergirls, Girls' Lge. ELISSA SWAY K P TAGGART ARDEEN TAMARIN SANFORD TANENBAUM CAMEA TELLER A-12 Class Sec., Track A-I 2 Sin Comm., Folk Ushers, Folksong Club, FTA Treasurer Seulbearer, Ladies Song Club, GAA, Rec. Day Radio Club VP, Lib. Ser. MARGERY THOMAS GARY THOMPSON PAUL TIFFANY MARTIN TOPPER JIM UTZ Lettergirls, GAA, Gymnastics Team Pre. Physics Club, X-Country Choir, Boys' Glee Var. Football, House of Pep Club Silver Service Award Reps., B-12 Sir. Comm. A; ax . JAMES VAUGHN DIANE WALLACH NEAL WEISBLY STEVE WIESBERG LANE WITHERALD Spanish Club House of Representatives Varsity Football Drill Tm., Girls' Glee, GAA, 3-12 Str. Comm. 3; PAULETTE WHITED BILL WIMMAN KAROL WILSON INA WIN SHARON WINSTON House of Reps., Pep Girls' Glee, Chorus Club, Spanish Club RICHARD WINSTON SUSI WOOLLEY BARBARA YOUNG CATHY YOUNG SUSAN ZWEIG Var. Golf Letterman, GAA, Dance Produdion GAA GAA, Rec. Day Comm., Girls' League Rep., Lettermcns Club House of Reps. Folk Song Club 24 Voted on by the faculty and members of the Dardanicm class, the Ephebians are selected, one for every forty seniors, on the basis of service and scholastic attain- ment. These outstanding senior students are presented at the Senior Banquet. The Kiwanis award was presented to Neil Reichline for outstanding service to the school and the community. Peggy Burbank received the Veterans of Foreign Wars Award. This is a new award given for exceptional service to the senior class. EPHEBIANS L-R: Sue Fugo, Jenny Larvick, Elaine Kruuse, Lanny Kaufer, Jerry Cole. SENIOR BANQUET SENIOR BREAKFAST The Head Table Lanny Kaufer Presenting fhe Gavel to Senior "B" President John Frank GRADUATION Rick Flam HThe End of the Beginning" All together now- one, two, three Steve KnapHMr. Flamenco SENIOR Just pickin' Daisies .1! 28 The drill team lineup Some female fullbacks. Doesn't everybody own one? 3 Hop, skip, step, stumble! 29 ATHENIANS B-12 OFFICERS L-R: Betty Radsione, lreas.; Eric Sherman, VP; Merle Jacobson, sec; Phil 1 Donahed, pres.; Marian Beach, histr Mr. Arthur. 3-12 STEERING COMMITTEE A-12 OFFICERS L-R: Alan Tesler, Ireos.; Donna Albrighl, sen; Mr. Arthur; Jim Moore, pres.; Miss Robinson; Tom Fee, VP; Marian Beach, hisf. 30 A-12 STEERING COMMITTEE BRIAN AARONSON SUZANNE ABEL MARSHA ABRAHAM MICHAEL ADLER PAMELA AGNEW Forensics Truck House of Representatives DONNA ALBRIGHT LINDA ALLEN MARGUERITE ALLEN CAROL ALTSMAN CONNIE ANDERSON A-12 Sec., 8-12 51. Comm., GAA Officer, Drill Team, GL rep., Girls' League Representative CSF, Choir, Finance Office Play Production G.A.A., Pep Club STEPHEN ANDERSON PATSY ANTHONY LESLIE APTEI. PHYLLIS AQUILA SYLVIA ARCIGA Drill Tm., SI. Comm.,A-H Choir Lahn 8 Pep Clubs House of Rep., GAA SHELLY ARMOND MARC ARONSON SUSAN ASHER BARRY AXELROD GEORGE BACA Drill Team Text Book Room CSF, A-12 Steering Comm. B Football f ROGER BAERS MADELINE BAIGEL JOHN BALL JERRYL BALLER JAMES BALOGH A-H Sf. Comm., House of Rep., GAA, Annual Staff, Var. Football, JV Baseball, School Service 31 Girls' League Representcfive House of Rep. DUFF BARKER GREG BARKYOUMB ANDREW BASS ASHLEY BATTLE MARIAN BEACH Varsity Football, Stage, Sound, Yearbook, Library Practice, Latin 8 Sr. BeLA Hist, Ladies, Lettermen Club Thespians, Proiectionist Shakespeare Clubs Dr. Tm., Lenergirls, GL Rep. ADRIENE BEAVER DONNA BECKMAN CHRISTINE BEECROFT KAREN BENDER . STEVE BENDES Creative Writing 1; CSF, GAA Trees. 8. Sports Noon 8f $chool Serwce Varsity Foolboll, Folksong Clubs Mgr., SB Hist., Forensics Commussuoner Board, House Of Representatives IR 8 Pep Clubs mt ,, g . u, aw ,, GALE BENSUSSEN CAROLYN BENTLEY NANCY BENTLEY NANCY BERCU RICK BERCUTT 8-12 Steering Committee, Drill Team, Pep Club, GAA GAA GI. Executive Board, All City Swimming A-H Si. Comm, Recognition Day PAUL BERESS JOHN BERGHOLZ JON BERMAN MARCIA BERMAN AL BERNSTEIN Band, Orchestra, B Football, Ticket-Takers Choir, Drill Team Tennis Team Captain Wind Ensemble, Forensics THOMAS BERRYMAN EDWIN BETHUNE ALAN BILLS ED BINDER STEVE BLAIR JV Football Asst. Bond Din, 32 Choir Council, Modrigals, Orch. '. .. a; k 1' GLORIA ' . - . a V. . Head 50:32:? GORDON BLONSKY ALEX BLOOM SHARON BLOOM JERI BLUM g ' 5L BOdY VP, House of Rep., CSF, Band, Orchestra Spanish 8 French Clubs, Future Teachers Club Pres., Comm. Noon A L, Girl of the MOS"! JV Basketball, Rec. DGY CSF, AMG Oratory Award Pep Club, House of Rep. RICHARD BOCK SHARON BONE RICHARD BONTEMS PHILIP BOODMAN MELODY BORMASTER CSF Choir, IR 8 Latin Clubs Art Production Ladies, Band, Orch., CSF, Physics 8x Math Clubs 1L 1 SUSAN BRAY JACK BOWMAN NANCY BOWMAN GWEN BOYD JANICE BRAGER Drill Team, GAA VP GAA GAA LeHergirls, A-H 59. Comm., GAA ROBERT BREEN LOUISE BREMER SUE BRENN NEIL BRODY MARVIN BRONSTEIN A-H St. Comm., GAA, Folk Song 8 French Clubs MARILYN BROTHERS CAROL BROWN LA VERNE BROWN ROBERT BROWNELL STEVE BROWNING 8-12 5!. Comm., CSF, Thespions, Play Prod., Football Noon Ad. Board, Rec. Day Band, Shakespeare Club, 33 . Office i TOM BRUBAKER ROBERT BUCH MICHAEL BUTNIK MARY CALLAGHAN MIKE CAMERON House of Rep., B Football, GAA, B-IZ Steering Committee Ushers Comparative Language Club A JANE CAPLAN MELINDA CAREY LARRY CARIS JOHN CARR STEPHEN CARR Band, GAA, Girls' Glee, Track, Gymnastics CSF Archery 8 BowIing, House of Rep. Folk Song lub I L CAROL LCARVER DALE CASS LOUIS CASTELLUCCI RICHARD CATHAWAY BARBARA CATION CSF, Girls' League Rep., Swim Team Spanish Award Lenergirls' Treasurer, Ploy Production, Ladies B-12 SL Comm., x ELIZABETH CERVANTES MICHAEL CHARACKY JEFF CHARLSON LYNN CHASEN JOHN CHEREP Ladies Hm, Thespion V.P., Varsity a B FootbaH, song'?ade" CSF. Dr; Tm., 3 Track 842 Steering Comm., Club Pres. Recognition Day -L RAENA CHRISTENSEN CAROLYN CHRISTIE HOWARD CHUNTZ GREG CHURSENOFF JIM CLARY Orchestra GAA Swimming Track, Cross Couniry, Amateur Radio Club Pres. Band, A-12 Steering Comm. L, 95L ROBERT CODY BOB COHEN MENDIE COHN MICHAEL COHN IRA COLEMAN Choir, Madrigols Pep Club, Recognition Day GAA Publicily Manager, Var. FOO'bO", Odyssey Staff Var. Swimming, House of Re-. ls VIRGINIA COLGIN BECKY COLGLAZIER MARY SUE CONDIT JIM CONNORS NADINE CONVISSAR Girls' Glee, GAA Lettergirls, Spanish Club, Girls' League Execque Girls' League GAA Board, Drill Team N CAROL COOK NORM COOPER BOB COURT BONNIE COROL MIKE CRAVITZ Maih Club Pres., CSF, Orchesfro Truck, Orchestra Homecoming Queen Choir, Madrigals GAA Artist, Candidcm Girls' League Rep A JAMES CRAWFORD BONNIE CREED DON CRENSHAW LON CROSS VJOHN CRUM JV Cross Country, Wrestling Club, B Track, s 4. KAREN CRUTCHER JERRY CUILLIER JACK CURLEY BILL CULVER LOUISE CURRY Pep 8 Nursing Clubs Boys' Glee Swimming Team Dr. Tm., GL Outside Correspondent, CSF, Spanish Club 2m ROBERT DARNELL BILL DAVIS GRANT DAVIS MARILYN DAVIS Wrestling, House of Representatives DOREEN DAWKINS BARRY DE GEORGE CHERYL DELBEATO YOLANDA DEMARA ARNOLD DEN Sec. Folk Song Club, Basketball Letterman, Girls' League Exec, Thespions, Play Prod. A-H SI. Comm. Drill Tm" Shakespeare Club A BRUCE D'ERRICO TONI DE WAAL BILL DIXON PHIL DONABED NANCY DONAHEY A-H Steering Committee Var. Football Letterman, Var. Football, Sr. B" Girls' Glee, Drama 3-12 5'- Comma Rec. Day Class President, Knights ,wW'u - rum 4 ARTHUR DOUGLAS u ,YV'LHAM. DOYLE MICKI DRAIMIN HOWARD DUCKER MONA DUE French Club, Spanish Club, V 15 JV Buske'boll' Choir, Girls' Glee Pep Club GL Treos., GL VP, Comparative Lang. Club Knights, Cheerleader, 3-12 Sir Comm Lettergirls, GAA LEE DURR CARYL DYBERG DARREL EATON MARGARET EDGER CONNIE EDWARDS GI. Rep., House of Rep, Gymnastics lettermun Annual Siaff, Tickei-Takers, Girls' League Rep., GAA Ar! Prod. F.N.A. 36 4., NANCEE EISAMAN DON EISMAN PAULA EISENBERG STEVE ELLIOT GAY ELLIS JV Basketball, House of Rep. GL Exec Board, Tennis Letterman LeHergirls, CSF, Ladies, GAA SEC ED EMERICK BETTE ENGELHARDT DENNIS ERLICH ALAN ESTES SUSAN ESTIN Play Production, Girls' Glee, Band, Dance Band, CSF, Lettergirls, GAA, Pep Club, Folksong Club Orchestra House of Reps. BRIDGET EZELL DONNA FAILOR WENDY FARWELL DARLENE FEASEL THOMAS FEE Ladies, CSF, Orchestra, Play Production, Spanish Club Yell Leader, House of Rep. French Club Drama Festival Pep Club, A-12 VP SHARON FEINSINGER ROBERT FELDMAN TRUDI FERGUSON KARIE FERRIS BARBARA FINE 5!. Body Treas., Ct Rep., Drill Team, Annual Staff, Drill Team, H d l d eOCSFSoEIEdteu er, Art Production Lettergirl, Club Comm. Bd. LARRY FINER WILLIAM FISCHEL DAVID FISH SHARYN FISH RON FISHMAN Track Tm., Var. Basketball, Swim Team, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band 37 Band, Orchestra m. .. X ,-, ; VIRGINIA FITTRO LEE FITZGERRELL JEAN FLABEI. DON FLORE FRED FOLDVARY GAA Ladies Hist. 8 VP, Band, Wresiling Club, CSF, Seulbearer, Art Award, CSF, Sf. Comm., Cross Country Spanish Club Pres., Rec Day Mclh Club Sec. Ad RACHEL FOLICK BONNIE FOODIM BARBARA FORTHAL ALAN FOSTER CYNTHIA FOSTER Drill Team Folk Song Club Pres., Drill Team, Ar? Production Knights, CSF, Forensics Ladies, CSF, LeNergirIs, CSF, IR Club GL Represenlative SUSAN FOSTER VASSILISA FOSTER LES FRANK MARTY FRANK MICHAEL FRANKEL Art Prod., Forensics, Choir, "B" Football Band Debate House of Rep. STEVE FRANKLIN CLIFFORD FRASER MIKE FRAYND STEVE FREDMAN HOWARD FRIEDLANDER Bond, Orchestra JV Baseball, Var. Baseball Forensics Speech 8 Wrestling Clubs RICKI FRIEDMAN SUSAN FRIEDMAN KATSUKO FUKUSHIMA RICHARD FULWILER ANDREA GAINES Shield Stuff, Studem Service, Ladies, CSF, Drill Team, Pep Club, Mod. Dance, Red Cross Speech, Pep Club Play Production Christmas Program, IR Club 38 CAREN GALPERIN Shield Co-Editor, Debate, Tennis, GL Rep. JOEL GARFIELD Track Team PAUL GERBER MIKE GIBSON Ski Club GEOGORY A. GLENNON MELINDA GARNER Cap 8t Gown Comm., Operation Happiness Noon AI Brd. DAN GERBER CSF, Tennis, Debate GLENN GILMAN Spanish Club RICHARD GODDARD Ushers Club MARC GAMSON LAURA GARVEY A-H Steering Committee, CSF GRANT GEYER AIMEE GOLDBERG Sealbeorer, Ladies, House of Rep., Bronze Award a .L. A KAREN GARDNER Chorus, Girls' Glee, Choir ERIC GELBER Spanish Club PETE GIANNINI Forensics, Truck, House of Rep., Shield Editor MICHELLE GIOVAN Girl of the Month LEE GOLDBERG B-12 Steering Committee MARIO GARDNER MARGARET GELMAN LeMergirls, Girls' Glee MIKE GIBBONS SANDRA GIRARD MICHAEL GOLDBERG CSF, Orch., Band, Math 8 Latin Clubs, Var. Football Staiisf. RICHARD GOLDEN CONNIE GOLDMAN KENNETH GOLDSTEIN MIKE GOLDSTEIN GAY GOMER Swim Team Ladies, Director's GAA Award-Band, CSF . h, IDA GOODFIELD GAIL GOODMAN BARRY GORDON JIM GORDON SANDRA GORDON Dance Prod., Ann. Staff, GAA, Play Production Annual Staff TickeI-Takers, GAA, FTA A" MARSHA GOROWITZ STAN GOTCH HOWARD GOTTLIEB MICHAEL GRABER SUSAN GRAF Girls' Glee, Choir, GAA RON GRAFSTROM TOM GRATTAFIORI JOHN GRAVES KIM GREGORY ANN GREENBERG Football, Speech Club, Annual Staff, Senior Day GAA, Serv. Aid, A-H Steering Committee House of Rep., Coun. Off. RICHARD GREENBERG HARVEY GREENE RISA GROBART KATHY GRODY BONNIE GROSS Truck, House of Rep., Orchestra SB Sec., Play Prod., Dr. Tml, Ladies, CSF Seolbeurer, Annual Staff, Cross Country , B Chrld. Red. Day GL Rel, Art Award, GAA 40 MAXINE GROS N SUSAN guess CEROL GDROSSMAN FRAN GROSSMAN SUSAN GROSSMAN . , - 0 Ar. . Bd., om . e; G'r's L609": Represem'we Stugeg! Secarv. 8mm. Bd., SportyNngsricfidies, IR Club, Pep Club GL Rep., CSF MICHAEL GRUENER ANNIE GUIEN JUDY GUNDE BARBARA HALPERN JEFFERY HALTER Girl of the Month, Cross Country Cap 8 Gown Comm. RUSTY HAMATI I LAURIE HAMBURG DENISE HAMILTON SHARON HAMILTON STEVEN HANDLER Choir, A-H Steering Band, School Service Girl Of The Month, V.P. Knights, CSF Quiz Tm., Committee, Boys' Glee Music 8 Science DepH Standards Board, Tennis Tm., A-H SI. Comm. Rec. Day Comm., GL , 32 L; L: ; MIKE HANEGAN MIKE HANSEN MARILYN HANSON STEVE HARABEDIAN JANET HARGRAVE Dance Production, Drill Team PAM HARRIS DAVID HARTE DAN HAYNES CINDY HEIDEN ARLENE HEINOWITZ Thesp. Pres., House of Rep., GAA, Lettergirls, GAA Bd., Play Prod., Drama Awards Spanish Club 41 1., ELLEN HELFERD ENID HELLERSTEIN MARCIA HENNER UNA HERMANN DIANE HERRING Ladies, CSF, Orchestra, Drill Team Girl's League Representative, Lettergirls Girl Of The Month . JIM HIETBRINK JIM HILL RUTH HILTERMAN JOHN HINTON ANN HIRSCH Knights, 3'12 8 A42 Ari Production Steering Committee GAA, 52. Comm., CSF, H - Comm. Board ouse of Representatives KAY HODGES GEORGE HIRSCH ED HOFFMAN lAURA HOFFMAN LEE HOFFMAN Thespians, Forensics, CSF, Knights, Quiz Team, Gymnastics Team GAA, Teachers Assistant GL Rep., 8-12 5!. Comm. Forensics - L a I ' JERRY HORKIN JOANNE HOROWITZ LOUIE HORVITZ JODYE HORWITZ LINDA HOWIE Comm. Sch. Sen, GL $ec., Knights,Vorsify Cheerleader, Art Production,Spanish Club Drill Tm. Track, CSF, Rec. Day HELEN HOYT JOHN HUNT SANDRA HUNT LESLIE HYMAN BARBARA INSLEY Forensics, Shakespeare 8. Halls EL Grounds 8x Noon Folk Song Clubs Activities Comm. Boards 42 CRIS IRSFELD Ushers, B. Glee, Choir, Voice, Tennis PATRICIA JACOBSOHN Drill Team, Main Off., Orchestra PAUL JANKE An nual Staff JUDY JOINER Spanish, Math, Future Teacher Clubs, GAA .1 LEIGH KAHAN PAUL ISRAEL Knights VP 81 Pres., CSF. 8-12 8 A-12 51. Comm., Coachina Chairman ' u. ERNEST JACOBSON I ED JEWETT 1 BILL JONES Chess Club MICK KALISH BARRY IVES Band, French Club, Shakespeare 8 Folk Song Clubs MERLE JACOBSON Ladies, GL Rep., 3-12 Sec. CHRISTINE JOHANNES Drill Team, B Songleader, House of Rep., Pep Club KENNETH JONES lOIS KAPLAN GAA, Folk Song Club 43 E BILL JACKSON GALE JAFFE 1m KARL JOHNSON JEFFERY KABAKOFF Debate, Forensics Club MARTHA KAPLAN CSF Treos., GL Rep., Ladies Sec.-Treas., O-Josans Pres. KATHRYN JACOBI CSF, Creative Writing, Shakespeare 8 IR Club GLORIA JANKAY LeHergirIs, GAA JERILYN JOHNSON School Service, A41 5!. Comm. ROSELYN KACIFF Choir, Girls' Glee, Forensic Club ALAN KANTER LARRY KARNS TONY KARO BRUCE KASSEL LINNEA KATZ NORMAN KATZ Choir Cheerleader, B-I2 St. Comm. Var. Tennis Tm., Choir, GAA Pres. 8 Treagq Orch., Baseball, Golf LeHergIrls VP 8 Hist, House of Rep. Forensic HOWARD KAY SHELDON KAY SUZI KAYE JUDI KAZERMAN RONALD KEATING Knighis, CSF, Track, School Service, Radio Club Cross Country A-H Steering CommiHee PAT KEL Y ALLEN KELMA LINDA KEMPER RON KENYON PAUL KELSON Pep Club, GAA, Chorus Choir, Fooiball, Madrigals, Choir, GL Rep. Track Tm., Cross Country A42 5?. Comma 1 House of Rep., House of Rep., Madngols Tm., Lelfermens Club 3.12 Si. Comm. f RONALD KERBES DANY KESTELOOT GERI KING RICK KLEIMAN ELLEN KLEIN CSF, IR 8 Comp. Lang. Drill Team A41 8. 8-12 St. Comm., 5!. Body Treos., Pres. of Art Production Clubs, Chess Club Play Prod. Choir, CSF, A-H 51. Comm. JIM KLEIN HELENE KLEVS ROBERT KLINE STEVEN KNAPP CHARLOTTE KNOLL Forensics Club 3-12 SL Comm., GI. Rep. Dance Production 44 House of Rep., Rec. Day DAVID KNOX BARRETT KNUDSEN JAMES KOEHN TERRY KOHL DIANE KONDOS Band, Choir, CSF, Bronze Serv. Award, Annual Stuff, Varsity Cross Country, Girls' Glee A-IZ St. Comm. Forensics, Span. VP School Photographer B Swimming 55L BOB KORECHOFF JAMES KOSITCHEK MARIA KOVACS LES KRAGEN NANCI KRAMER CSF, Gymnastics Team Dance Band, Band, GAA, Pep Club Choir, Madrigols Orchestra, Wind Ensemble RON KRAVITZ PERRY KRESSH CURT KRETCHMAN ROBERTA KRINSKY KATHI KROUSE i GAA, Spanish Club V. NORMAN KULLA RICHARD KURKJIAN ROBERT KURZENBERGER BUD LACY EDWARD LACKEY Gold Medalist for Debate, 8 Football, Recognition Var. FootbuH, Var. Diving, Forensics, Physics Club Day 8 Football, B Diving CLARE LAKE NATE lAM ABE LANDSBERG ERIK LANGE SUSAN LANGENBERG Latin Club President, Madrigols, Forensics, Choir Marching Band, Lettergirls, Band, CSF Seulbeurer Folksong Club Orchestra, GAA DOMENICA LASPADA A-H SL Comm., GAA, Pep Club House of Rep., Orch., Band, Swim Team PHYLLIS LA PITTUSV BRYAN LARSON DIANE LARSON MARTY LASKER Ploy Produdion Q; ' ' J a 1h. JUDITH LAVELL RUTH LEE TOM LEIGH MEREDITH LEIGHTON LINDA LEITER Girls' League Treos., Varsity Swim Team Copioin Bond, GAA, Ar! Production GAA Comm. Brd., GAA, Sr. Day .L DENA lEKAS CHARLES LEONARD PENNY LEOPOLD WILLIAM LEVENTHAL DENNIS LEVILOFF 8 8t Var. Football, C Basketball, Var. Tennis, JV 8x Var. Baseball, CSF Odyssey Sports Ed. ; JEROME LEVlN MARSHA LEVIN DIANE LEVINE ROBERT LEVINE MARC LEVITAN Band Ushers Knights VP, CSF, Physics Club Pres., Track GAIL LEWIS STEVE LIEBERMAN JOHN LIEBOWITZ CAROL LINDEN STEVEN LIPTON Ladies, Choir, Lettergirls, Track, Football, Pep Club, Library Asst. AAH 8 A-12 St. Comm., Drill Team A-H 8t 3-12 5!. Comm. Latin Club 46 JOHN LOGAN BARRY LONDON BOB LONG SANDEE LOWIEN ANDREW LOWE Cross Country, Track, Basketball, Knights, Var. Football CupL, GAA, Girls' Glee, Choir Arr Prod. Annual Staff, House of Rep., All Valley Var. Football, St. Comm. Baseball JOHN LUBER FRAN LUKAS CHARLES LUSCOMBE JOHN LUCHINI HOWARD LYONS Knights Pres., Choir, lotin Club, Drill Tm. Model "A" Club Dance Band, Debate, Comm. Boys AcL, CSF, IR 8 Physics Clubs Var. Truck LeHermnn RUSSELL LYONS PAT McCALL RON MCCARTHY PATRICIA McDUELL R. HOPE McGARRAHAN Steering Committee Var. Gymnastics Letterman GL Ex. Bd., Drill Tm., Choir, 52. Comm., GL Rep., O-Josans, Latin 81 IR Clubs Girls' Glee : z $ x ; CONNIE McGILL MARIANN McGOVERN JOAN McLAUGHLIN RON McMACKIN STEVE McNELIS GAA, Lettergirls, Drill Team Choir, Creative Writing Club, Var. Football 8t Baseball CSF, House of Rep., GL Rep. Noon Ad. 8 Ath. Comm. Boards ANDREW McPHEE KATHY MCQUINN BOB MABEL DONALD McDONALD MIKE MAHONEY Lettergirls, Play Prod., Forensics, House of Rep., Shakespeare Club NFL 47 SUSAN MALHMOOD ROBERTA MALINOFF JOE MALKIN DAN ALLUT PAMELA MALTIN French, IR 8 Pres., CSF, Var. Tennis, Band Shakespeare Clubs Knights, Forensics SHARRON MANNS MARILYN MARDIROSSIAN JACK MARINO OLIVIA MARKIN CAROL MARKO Drill Team, Annual Sroff, B-12 Steering Committee Var. Football m yrsJ Girls' League Drill Team, School Service GL Rep Student Service W HEDY MARKOVITZ SHIRLEY MARKS PENNY MARYIN PAUL MASON ERNEST MASSERMAN GIrls' Glee GAA Steering Committee Physics Club, Orchestra RICHARD MAYER SYD MAYER CAROL MAYON RANDY MEDALL JIM MEIER Basketball Team, Tennis Team, Knights RALPH MEYEN . STEVE MEZEY JANIS MICHELSON LOUIS MIKITA NANCY MILLER Var. FooIboH, Gymnastics, Band, Varsity Tennis Team, Choir, House of Rep., Orchestra Knights GAA, IR, FTA, Pep Clubs 48 PEGGY MILLER PHYLLIS MILLER SCOTT MILLER BRUCE MINER BARBARA MINGHINI Girls' League Representative Drill Team, Girls' Glee House of Rep., House of Rep., GL Rep., Giris' Glee, GAA Var. Football, Track 9 Field Spanish 8n IR Clubs 6: Ii PATRICIA MOELI. RICHARD MOFFIE SUSAN MONDHEIM ROBERT MONICO JIM MOORE CSF Annual Staff, Pep Club, Var. 89 B Football, A-12 Pres., Knights, Modern Dance House of Rep., CSF Pres., Quiz Team Capt, 3 Letterman Club Off. Orch. 1.. SANDI MOORE BILL MORAN JOHN MORELL MICHAEL MOREY KAREN MORGAN B-IZ St. Comm., Pep Club Choir, Latin Club Ladies, Orch., Lettergirls, CSF GRANVILLE MORROW JUDI MOSS LYNN MUIR RICH MURKEY RAY MURO Girls' Glee Track, Cross Country IN MEMORIAM 1947-1964 BARBARA NAIDITCH HEATHER NAGEL JOANNE NATHAN RUTH NATTER ROCHELLE NAYFACK Thespian, CSF, NFL, CSF, Merit Commendation, Play Production, Drill Team Play Prod. French Award, IR Club 49 MIKE NELSON STEPHANIE NOBLE JIM NOLAN Odyssey, Yearbook Staffl Debate Team GL Rep., 51. Comm., LeHergirls, CSF A A ROBERT OBLATH LIN OLIVER ROBERT OLIVER ALICIA ORLOW FRAN OSTROGA Drum Major, V. Swim, Odyssey Ed., CSF, French Drill Tm., SL Comlm., LeHermen, Band Club VP, Drill Team, Sweater Comm. Chairman St. Comm. JANET OSTROWSKY MARLENE PACHECO PETER PAJARINEN ELEDA PALM DONNA PALMER Girls' Glee, Choir Drill Team x R' .1 : . 13$ STUART PASE DOUG PATTERSON MARLENE PECEL LYNDA PEDERSEN German Club Usher VP, A-H St. Comm., Forensics, Mer. Deg., Drill Team, CSF, GAA Boys' PE 8 Lib. Offices 3-12 SL Comm., NFL, House of Rep. JEFF PENTLAND BRUCE PERELMUTER SANDRA PERLMAN ROBERT PETER PAUL PETERS Varsity Football 2; Baseball House of Representatives JV Cross Country, Track, Golf, Finance Off. 50 NANCY PETERSON MAX PFEFER ALAN PHIILUPS MARILYN PHILLIPS PETE PIEIiCE Play Prod., Dance Prod , Band CSF, 3-12 5!. Comm., A-12 St. Comm. GL Rep., GAA $ a DAVE PISAREV RICK PODELL HOWARD POINTER EILEEN POLAN BILL POLANSKY Var. Gymnastics, Sklge Crew All League 8 Var. Drill Team Captain, Baskefball Choir, Madriguls LARRY POMERANZ ROSESONA POPIEL PAT POTTER GREG POULSEN SCOTT PURCELL GAA Var. Baske1ball 81 Baseball, JV Baseball Plover of Year PAUL QUAGLIATA BETTY RADSTOE SHIRLEY RAITE LINDA RANDAZZO S:I'EVE RANDER Track Sr. B Treas., Drill Team, Choxr, Cross Country A-I l, B-12, A-12 Letterman St. Comms. DARRYL RANE MIKE RANKIN STEPHEN RAPPAPORT LINDA RAWLINSON JANAN REASONER B Football 8 Swim., C Swim. uC" Basketball, Band 51 LESLIE REED TIMOTHY REED DAVE REICHER SAUL REISS LINDA REITMAN Band, Dance Band, Orch., Var. Gymnastics, Knights, Wind Ensemble Forensics, Hqu-Time Announcer 5 45: 551 HAL REZNICK WAYNE RICHARDS GARY RIESEN DAN ROACH TERRY ROBB Var. Tennis, Cross Country, Var. Swimming, Bond, CSF, House of Rep. Bond, JV Baseball, Band House of Rep., Urmn. Club Wind Ensemble BARRY ROBERTS BOBBIE ROBERTS STEVE ROBINSON DENISE ROBLES JACK RODMAN Marching Band Gl Rep. Band, Choir, Boys' Glee CSF, Drill Team JV Cross Country HARLENE ROEN DONALD ROSEN JOAN ROSEN JOEL ROSENBAUM RICHARD ROSENBLATT Knights, Var. Basketball Sec. of lhe Ushers RICH ROSENTHAL BARBARA ROSS JUDY ROSS ROBERT ROSS TERRY ROTHENBACH JV Basketball Player Modrigcls, Choir, Odyssey Sfuff, IR 85 Chess Ushers Club of The Yr., V. Basketball Girls' Glee 52 Clubs, Pres. Comp. Lang. A MYRON RUBINFELD MARSHA RUBINSTEIN DENNIS RUDGE ESTELLA RUSH SAM ROZAY Knights, Forensics 8t IR Clubs, Choir GAA Sec. 8. Pres., Rec. Day Commissioner of LeHergirls, ladies, Drill Tm. Boys! Activities JOANN RUSKIN MIKE RYAN CHERY ST. PETER PAUL SAFRAN MARY SAINZ A Drill Tm., Sf. Comm., GL 8-12 Steering Committee, 8-12 Sf. Comm., Drill Tm., House of Rep., Mod. Dance House of Rep., Gl, GAA Tennis Tm., Radio Club . h LIVIA SALAMON ALAN SALVAGE LINDIA SAMMONS BENNY SAMUEI. PAUL SAMUELS Stage Crew, Sound Crew Odyssey Staff Var. Football All League- All Volley, Baseball All League DENNISE SANDERS RON SANDLER VALERIE SARVER JANIS SAUL SUSAN SAXE CSF, Club Committee Board CLARIS SCHAEFFER STEPHANIE SCHAFER MANDY SCHANTZ DIANE SCHEINHOLTZ SID SCHENK GL Ex. 3rd,. Forensics Choir, Girls' Glee, CSF 8-12 Steering Committee Spanish, O'Josuns 53 A DANIEL SCHIMBENO HARRYETSUE SCHLOSBERG WILLIAM SCHOENBRUN FRED SCHOOLMAN RICHARD SCHOR Gold Key Photo Award, Ushers, Drama, House of Reps. KAREN SCHUBERT SHARON SCHUMACK DAVID SCHUMAKER ARLENE SCHUSTER Sr. Rec. Day, Play Prod., B Football, Forensics, Homemaking Award A-H Si. Comm, Sr. Sweater Comm; JILL SCHUYLER STEVE SCHWAM MICHAEL SCHWARTZE PAUL SCHWARTZ RANDI SCOTT Ladies, Urgrls, CSF, Choir, B Football, Voice Chorus Orchl, GAA KIRT SECHOOLER BRIAN SELLERS JERRELL SELNER COOKIE SELZNICK DANA SENIT 3-12 Sf. Comm, House House of Rep. Journalism, Annual Staff, of Representatives GL Rep. Comm. Board, ronze S rvice Award ALEX SEVANIAN CATHY SHAFTON MICHAEL SHAMES MARY JANE SHANNON SANDRA SHAW Girls Glee GAA, Girls Glee Drill Team A ERIC SHERMAN JAMES SHERWOOD DIANE SHIELDS DAVE SHILMAN RON SHRIDER Studeni Body President Choir Speech and French Clubs CSF Sealbeurer , . . ' $ KEN SIGAL JOEL SILL JOHN SILVER NANCY SHUBERT MlKl SQULMAN; GAA, Lenergirls Commiss of Pub and Ticket Seller, Cafe and Clubs, Ladies, Sf. Siore Worker Urgirls, CSF 1 $1 AX . STEPHANIE SILVER GAIL SILVERMAN JAMES SIMONDS TOM SIMONIAN CARL SIPOTS French and Future Modern Dance, GAA Varsity Football, A-H Sf. Comm., Teachers Clubs Debate Band, Orch. . BOB SKAFF LIND SKLOV LAURA SKOLLER TERRIE SLADNICK NANCY SLAVIN B Football, Track CSF, Spanish Club, GL President, SB A-IZ 57. Comm., A-I 2 51. Comm. Sen, Ladies, 5!. Comm. Boards. Comm., CSF IR and Pep Club MIKE SLAWSON DENNIS SLOAN MARC SLOAN JACKIE SLOTSKY DANIEL SMITH Chess Club CSF, Tickel Takers, Ushers Club. f, GREGG SMITH JEAN SMITH LENNY SMITH PHYLLIS SMITH ALLAN SNOW Art Production Drill Team Head Yell leader, GAA, Student Service Basketball, House of Seal Bearer, Knights Rep., Letterman, Track CHERYL SNYDER JUDY SOBEL BILLIE SOLIS lESTER SOLOMON LYNDA SOLOMON Girls' Glee Lettergirls, GAA Odyssey Staff x CHARD ALLEN A X ONA SOLOMON ROBERT SORENSEN LINDA soxvmo RONNIE SPENCE 51AMBUL Spanish and Folk-Song Drill Team Varsity and JV Baseball NFL, Knights, Wind Clubs Ensemble, Shakespeare Club CAROLE STEIN lAURA STEIN RICK STEIN SUE STEINBERG DEANNA STEMPEL Drill Team, Accompanisl Leltergirls Treas. GAA, GL Pres., VP and Hist, 3-1 2 Steering Committee Madrigals, Girls' Glee House of Rep., House of Rep., Modern Dance G. L. Rep. French and IR Clubs A .1 JOAN STEPHENS PHIL STERN PHYLLIS STERN ROBERT STEWART SHERMAN STINSON GAA and leHergirls Swim Team Captain Bds., House of Rep., Pep Club W 75373;; ut, 1.. gg , , A : MIKE STOLL HANK STONE JAMI STRAUSS BARRY SULTAN RANDY SULTAN Marching Band Drill Tm. St. Comm., Knights, Comm. Boys House of Rep, ACL, Boys Cub, GL Board , Forensics Club FARRYL SUPLIN STEVE SUPLIN GARY SUTTER WARREN SWEM I NANCY SWIFT Odyssey Staff, Odys. 5H,, Str. Comm., CSF Band, House of Rep., Homecoming Queen Noon Ad. Comm., Var. Yell Lead, Ushers A41 and 8-12 Service Comm. Bd Noon Ac! Comm. Steerinq Comm. NANCY SWOPE JUDI SNYDER JIM TAMBORELLO JUDY TANNENBAUM JOHN TATE CSF, Gymnastics Team, Annual Stuff, Dance Band Ushers Club g4- ROMIE TEAFORD BRUCE E. TAYLOR JOAN TAYLOR Dr", Tm. House of Rep., PATRICK TEAGUE KITTY E. TELLER Latin', International SL Comm., Sr. Day Student Service Relullons, Pep Clubs Cg-Chair JEFFREY TEMKIN LILA TERRY ALAN TESLER MARILYN THOMAS WAYNE THOMAS House of Representatives Dance and Sprs nite Knights, CSF Quiz Tm., Steering Comm., Sr. Day, Student Service Comm. Brd. Forensics, A42 Treas., Coaching Chairman Recognition Day, Girls Glee House of Rep. fl - 1" KENNETH THURMAN NANCY TOWLE GARY TREECE DENISE TRELAN GLORIA TROINOFF Choir, CSF, Girls Glee 8-12 Steering Committee, CSF, Spanish Club PAT TRUEMAN A-12 and 3.12 Steering RICHARD TULLER JOELLEN TULLIS ARLENE TURK BARBARA TURNER Comm., Drill Tm., CSF GAA, Girls Lge Rep. BOB TURNER SANDRA TUROFSKY RONALD UDKOFF IDA ULLOA WILLIAM ULRICH Varsity and 8 Football Counselors Office Odyssey Staff, GAA Mechanical Productions 4a. a ' ; DALE VANCE ROBERT VAN PELT LARRY VAUGHAN TINA VELPOUX THOMAS VERGNE GL HisL 0nd Exec. VGF- 0055 Ctry and A-H Steering Committee, Dance Band, Band Brd., Drill Tm., Str. Track, IR, Forensics, Forensics Comm CSF, GAA U h PAUL VOLCHOK WOLF-WERNER VON KATHERINE WALBERT KEITH WAHL RAB WALKER House of Representatives MALTZAHN Girl of Month, Urgrls, CSF, Band, Art Production B and Var Football, Foreign Exch Sfud., 51. Comm., House of Rep. Var Tennis Cross Ctry. Tm, Physics and Math Clubs LARRY WAITSMAN KENNETH WALKER JUDI WALLERSTEIN DAN WARNER LYNN WARNER House of Representatives Art Production, Band, Orchestra GAA, Girls' League A S h I Representative "3 DONALD BARRY SUZANNE WARNICK BOB WARREN WATSTEIN RICHARD WATTSON STEVE WAYDA 8-12 St. Comm, Usher Pres., Gold Ser. Award Varsity Football Comm Boards, GAA Asst Shield Ed EVELYN WEINBERG RUTH WEINBERG JUDY WEINER HERB WEINGARD MIKE WEINPER A-12 Steering Committee Girl of the Month House of Representmives JV Basketball, German A-H Steering Committee Club Ticket-takers 4r KIM WEISKOPF BRENDA WEINSTEIN STAN WEINSTEIN WILLIAM WEINSTEIN Var Ftbull and Track DAVID WEISS Drama, Girls' Glee Knights, Ody Stf, House of Rep JUDITH WELLS LEE WELLS DONNA WENDT JOEL WERCHOWSKY PATRICIA WEST Orchestra TickeHakers, School House of Representatives GL Rep., GAA, Forensic Service, GL Rep. Club, Sr. Day Comm. AL HENRY WETTL BONNIE WHELLER lINDA WHITAKER JERRY WHITTON DELORES WILDER Gymnastics Team GAA Board, Pep Club, CSF, Girl of the Month, GAA Shakespeare Club Drill Team, GL Rep. CATHIE WILDMAN JAMES WILHITE DON WILKINS CHRIS WILLIAMS JEFF WILLIAMS Girls' Glee, CSF, Gold Sealbearer, Varsity Football Modern Dance Ticket Takers, Ushers k: 2 3! LINDA WILLIAMS CSF, 8.12 5?. Comm., MARTY WILLIAMS ROBERTA WILLSON ALAN WISHNOW GORDON WOLF Comm. Board, 3000' JV Baseball Football House of Rep. ,- SHARON WONG MICHELE WOLF CHARLES WFDLFE .CANDY WOLLER GI. Sec, CSF, Drill RICHARD WOOLLEN Nat. Merlf, Drill Team, CSF, GAA, Team, Comm. of Math Club Girls' League Rep. CHUCK WRIGHT LARRY WRIGHT VALERIE WRIGHT LAUREE YALE CYNTHIA YOUNG JV Baseball Art Production, Choir, Madrigcls, G.L. Rep., FT Sec., Commiss. of Clubs, Gymnastic Team Drill Team Spanish $ec., GL x. Bd., IR and Pep Club French Clubs. LYNNE ZAMSKY ELLEN ZARSKY NORMAN ZAUN WILLIAM ZEKO ARTHUR ZlEROlD O. H. Representative Band, B Football, CSF, International Gymnastics Relations Club FREDDA ZUCKER CSF, Pep Club RECOGNITION DAY SENIOR BANQUET Eric Sherman receives the KIWANIS Achievement Award. EPHEBIANS 5'64 Marian Beach Barbara Cation Elizabeth Cervantes Trudi Ferguson Lee Fifzgerrell Sieve Handler James Hiefbrink George Hirsch Paul Israel Merle Jacobson Joan Jampel Marc Levifan John Luber Joseph Malkin Jim Moore Linda Oliver Saul Reiss Eric Sherman Terrie Sladnick Susan Sfeinberg Alan Tesler SERVICE 44 CERVXNTES VOTE, FOR , . STUDENT BODY w:?E PREQDENT G ENERAL . ' PRINCIPLES '? t ab :7": a STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Fall 1963 L-R: Kathy Grody-Sec., Greg Messigian-Pres., Gordon Blonsky- Vice Pres., Sue Fugo-Treas. STUDENT COUNCIL - Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: Miki Shulmun, Christine Beechcrofl, Gordon Blonsky, Kathy Grady, Greg Messigian, Sue Fago, Mr. Suvluk, Terrie Sladnick, Gloria Blonsky. Row 2: Gene Lumke, Randy Sultan, Wolf W. Von Mallzahn, Lenny Smifh, Phil Donubed, Neil Reichline, Jerry Mandel, Rick Flam. Row 3: Cherry Hoyt, Cyn- thia Young, Trudi Ferguson, Lynda Bush, Joanne Horowitz, Jenny Larvick. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 64 STUDENT COUNCIL Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: Lin Oliver, Rick Kleiman, Randy Sultan, Eric Sherman, Terrie Sladnick, Sue Steinberg. ROW 2: Miki Shulman, Sharon Wong, Marilyn Stahl, Carolyn Sfuhl, Jim Moore, Gloria Blonsky, Sandy Wallace. ROW 3: Cherry Hoyt, Dale Vance, Rick Halpern, Al Macenski, Louie Horvi'z, John Luber, Mike Rubenfield. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: Sue Steinberg G. L. Pres., Rick Kleiman-Treus., Randy Sultan- Vice Pres., Eric Sherman-Pres., Terrie Sladnick-Sec., Lin Oliver-Edilor. 65 KNIGHTS 2 Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: P. Israel, J. Luber, S. Reiss. ROW 2: M. Levifan, J. Malkin, J. Moore, 5. Handler, G. Hirsch, E. Sherman, H. Kay, W. Levenfhal. ROW 3: A. Foster, K. Weiskoff, G. Mess- igian, L. Horvifz, R. Sultan, R. Mayer, J. Hielbrink, M. Rubin- field, L. Koufer. ROW 4: J. Frank, N. Reichline, J. Cole, R. Stambul, L. Smith, P. Donabed, J. Rosenbaum. LADIES 2 Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: R. Sfeinberg, E. Kraus, J. Larvick, L. Fitzgerrell. ROW 2: M. Shulman, M. Kaplan, S. Friedman, E. Sway, M. Bormasler, C. Goldman, T. Sladnick, E: Cervantes, C. Gross- mun, S. Fago. ROW 3: T. Ferguson, B. Ezell, J. Jampel, S. Holpert, V. Mitchell, D. Boorslein, G. Lewis, J. Schuyler, A. Goldberg, K. Morgan. KNIGHTS - Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: J. Malkin, S. Mezey, J. LeWinler, S. Handler, P. Israel, M. Levi'an, S. Reiss, G. Hirsch, J. Moore. ROW 2: H. Kay, AfTesler, K. Weiskopf, J. Schroeder, R. Mayer, A. Foster, W. Levenlhal, E. Sherman. ROW 3: L. HorviIz, R. Sultan, M. Rubinfeld, R. Sfambul, J. Hietbrink, J. Luber, D. Gerber. ROW 4: J. Rosenbcum, B. Doyle, L. Smith, P. Donabed. LADIES 2 Spring 1964 ROW T, L-R: S. Friedman, F. Eisenberg, E. Cervantes, J. Jum- pel, L. Fitzgerrell, M. Kaplan, T. Sladnick, M. Shulman. ROW 2: C. Goldman, 5. Crane, C. Grossman, M. Phillips, E. Helferd, B. Ezell, N. Robertson, J. Govenar, C. Carver. ROW 3: M. Beach, D. Moore, C. Foster, K. Morgan, A. Goldberg, E. Rush, G. Lewis, M. Jacobson. ROW 4: M. Bormasier, T. Fergur- son, B. Cation, B. Gross, J. Schuyler, D. Vance. O-JOSANS 2 Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: S. Malin, G. Kimmel, C. Nason, B. Litsky, E. Gordon, D. Guizek, A. Hurtigan, H. Goodman, L. Schwartz, 5. Bagford, R. Friedman, L. Koff, E. Tolchin, J. Kamins, S. Hardesty, K. Hoch. ROW 2: C. Wapner, P. Rosing, N. Goodman, A. Grabow, R. Gotflieb, N. Zacuto, S. Hirsch, R. Kraus, L. Neisler, 5. Bloom, L. Bernie, E. Fried- man, R. Nixon, L. Roth, A. Colleni. ROW 3: T. Hoffman, B. Holley, L. Gokh, G. Aranoff, C. Nelson, 8. Gray, J. Warner, M. Joyner, P. Bell, S. Wright, B. Levine, S. Krevitz, A. Hock, C. Border, A. Stanton, B. Ciuramellu, Miss Robinson. USHERS 2 Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: M. Geiger, M. Gordon, M. Goldberg, D. Pulterson, R. RosenblaH, D. Wulsfein, S. Shapiro, H. Ober, E. Baffle. ROW 2: F. Whittacre, F. ENin, D. Steinfeld, S. Soskins, R. Boers, R. Levine, V. Vitals, M. Okrcmd. ROW 3: J. Leon, F. Vickter, H. Smythe, T. Rothen- buch, R. Goddard, S. Brody, A. Coplan. ROW 4: J. Tate, A. Wisner, D. Wilkins, H. Burbanell, T. Russell, L. Lipkin. USHERS 2 Fall 1963 ROW 1, l-R: R. RosenblaH, D. Walsfein, D. Patterson, Mr. Bar- banell. ROW 2: G. Shores, G. Tharp, A. Caplan, M. Soshins, V. Vitale, M. Ohrund, B. Levine, H. Ober, J. Leon, S. McNelis, E. Batlle, F. EHin, H. Hall. ROW 3: M. Geiger, T. Rofhenbach, J. Mann, C. Williams, H. Smylhe, C. Borden, E. Horowitz, S. Shapiro, D. Birnbaum, F. Vichter, M. Goldberg. ROW 4: W. Swem, R. Goodard, S. Tanenbuum, L. Vaughn, E. Denner, B. Knudser, D. Smith, D. Wilkins, L. Liphin, E. Cutter. O-JOSANS 2- Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: S. Shapiro, J. Low, S. Leeds, C. Wapner, D. Spitz, P. Benham, M. Joyner, R. Silvertrust, Y. Leib, G. Demichele. ROW 2: D. Woolf, D. Ross, D. Geer, M. Silver, C. Burash, D. Gatzek, H. Goodman, L Schwartz, A. Hurtigan, S. DeMare, K. Krieger, P. Le- vine, N. Schoenfield, Mrs. Swain. ROW 3: N. Zacuto, J, Schlos- berg, T. Schroeder, B. Rudser, N. Johnston, A. Karpel, P. Rosing, R. Berger, 3. Sharon, P. Slukler, L. Bernie, L. Dushew, J. Stone, M. Archerd, D. Luchman, A. Litvinoff. ROW 4: l. Berlun, G. Teem- an, S. Horoszka, M. Azen, J. Cole, S. Chain, A. Grabow, L. West, B. Gray, 5. Newport, K. Williams, L. Eckman. ROW 5: E. Renold, E. Spitz, R. Nixon, L. LiIvinoff, C. Strangman, J. Gaies, C. Berke, K. Condon, B. Dinaberg, M. Levin, S. Levy, K. Hoch, N. LeVine. C.S.F. OFFICERS - Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: Mr. Phelps, S. Handler, G. Hirsch, J. Mulkin, M. Kaplan, M. Strassman, A. Tesler, Mr. Modell. C.S.F. OFFICERS Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: G. Hirsch, E. Sherman, J. Moore, J. Mulkin. ROW 2: J. Jumpel, 5. Handler, R. Muiofis, M. Strassman, A. Tesler, Mr. Modell, Mr. Phelps.. C.S.E - Fall 1963 68 ODYSSEY STAFF -- Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: B: Solis, E. Charelon, M. Cohn, D. Spifz, Miss McCormick, adviser; N. Reichline, editor; L. Oliver, F. Suplin, L. Summons. ROW 2: D. Senil', S. Noble, 6. Levenl'hul, R. Schor, R. Colman, W. Levenfhal, K. Weis- kopf, B. Monico, E. Shupira, S. Sulpin, R. Ross. ART PRODUCTION - Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: E. Von Grumbkow, J. Logan, R. Stern, E. Linkmeyer, D. Nolan, C. Hoyt, G. Maslow, J. Rosen, Karen Gerstel. ROW 2: B. Kline, J. Parmann, L. Wright, K. Karlsiad, J. Hill, G. Smith, Mrs. Ando. ART PRODUCTION -- Full 63 ROW 1, L-R: K. Fukushimu, M. Shulman, C. Cook, M. Leighton, B. Forthal, K. Ferris, C. Hoyt, L. Foster, Mrs. Ando. ROW 2: R. Stern, J. Hill, H. Levy, K. Karlstad, J. Logan, 5. Smith, W. Brooks. ODYSSEY STAFF - Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: B. Radslone, S. Noble, D. Senil, V. Madden, L. Oliver, C. Wapner, E. Charefon, M. Cohn, R. Sleinhurdl. ROW 2: Miss McCormick, M. Gollen, P. Milgrom, M. Selic, B. Kalb, G. Levenlhul, F. Suplin, L, Curry. ROW 3: N. Brody, R. Myers, J. House, K. Weiskopf, L Sadie. STAGE DESIGN - Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: Dave Pisarev, Sid Freeman, Bob Turner, Torn Bowles. ROW 2: AI Salvage, Andy Bass, Phil SIern, Mr. Wilson. SOUND CREW -- Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: Paul llsley, John Hancock, Juluis Lite, Al Salvage, Mr. Quirk. SOUND CREW - Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: M. Pollock, M. Nemerow, .l. Knobler. ROW 2: J. Gunther, M. New- meyer, G. Rantunen, Mr. Quirk. STAGE CREW -- Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: J. Hancock, B. Turner, S. Freeman, D. Pisarev, A. Salvage, K. Sigal, A. Boss, B. Salvage. PLAY PRODUCTION Fall 1963 ROW 1, L-R: K. Grody, B. Englehurdl, K. Hodges, N. Shapiro, C. Carver, P. LuPiMus, W. Furwell, S. Freidman, G. King. ROW 2: S. Is- rael, M. Miller, P. Burbank, B. Huuland, B. Sobo, D. Duwkins, Mrs. Wishum. ROW 3: S. Jatques, D. Flinn, D. Harte, R. Perlman, B. Browne", 5. Wong, R. Sieferl. TICKET TAKERS Fall 1963 ROW 1, LR: M. Wiepner, S. McNelis, M. Edger, L. Wells, 5. Winters, J. Thompson, D. Walsiein, C. Williams, Mr. Mulkin. PLAY PRODUCTION Spring 1964 ROW 1, L-R: R. Perlman, K. Hodges, E. Cervantes, D. Harte, C. Carver, B. Naiditch, K. Grady, Mrs. Wisham. ROW 2: K. McQuinn, B. Sabo, N. Peterson, J. Cohen, B. Englehurdt, S. Schumack, A. Mosier, L. Allen, D. Harv. ROW 3: J. Henschel, D. Flinn, B. Corff, R. Silver, J. Fine, M. Miller, C. Seger, S. Wong, R. Sieferf. TICKET TAKERS - Spring 1964 Standing, L-R: D. Watslein, A. Wisnen Kneeling: C. Williams, K. Kramer. TOP ROW: D. Smith, M. Jucoby, A. Jacoby, M. Edger, l. Goodfield. GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD-FALL ROW ONE: Mrs. Geiler, D. Vance, Hist; M. Due, Treas.; T. Sladnick, Pres.; S. Steinberg, VP; 5. Wong, Sec; Mrs. Katz. ROW TWO; D. Lachman, D. Spitz, E. Kraus, P. McDuell, M. Condit, C. Shueffer, L. Williamson, J. Horowitz, C. Wupner, C. Del Beale, M. Kaplan. FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES FALL L-R ROW ONE: L. Klolz, H. Odu, Mrs. Geiler, . Due, S. Steinberg, T. Sladnick, U. Hermann, Markin, M. Kaplan, M. Jeffery. ROW TWO: Young, R. Schwartz, 5. Hirsch, C. Wapner, Kleeber, P. Kelly, C. Carver, C. Del Beale, Cook, B. Lund, L. Wickstrom, M. Siam, Y. Leib. ROW THREE: P. Miller, L. Curry, M. Gross, P. McDuell, C. Nelson, L. Gulch, J. Weiner, S. Noble, C. Edwards, V. Block, E. Kraus, J. Warner, J. Schlosberg, L. Weinbaum. ROW FOUR: C. Schueffer, 8. Gross, E. Reynold, J. Kleinman, E. Gilberi, L. Yule, L. Kemper, B. Caminker, E. Hurivitz, L. Williamson, S. Bramy, D. Bunz, C. Foster. 72 LEAGUE GIRLS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES-SPRING L-R ROW ONE: A. Zimmerman, D. Ross, C. Bentley, S. Sleinberg, M. Due, J. Warner, J. Lovell, A. Leshner, P. Eisenberg. ROW TWO: Mrs. Geiler, B. Sharon, N. Robertson, C. Grant, T. Ludwin, C. Wapner, D. Spiiz, M. Phillips, 5. Ohcle, T. Gren- ville, M. Zuslav, C. Beuufuit, B. Minghini, O. Markin. ROW THREE: 5. McElhinney, B. Dunn, L. Fitzgerell, 5. Crane, T. Ferguson, L. Korbev, 5. Wallace, K. Wulbert, R. Shaffer, G. Blonsky, S. Warnick, J. Watkins. ROW FOUR: E. Rush, K. Ruth, M. Condif, L. Yale, J. Evenson, S. Yops, J. Levine, J. Moss, J. Libby, B. Gray, C. Sacks, J. Murinello, J. Govenur. ROW FIVE: E. Spitz, L. Williamson, A. Stanton, J. Schlosberg, P. McDuell, D. Vance, K. Kraemer, P. Ehlers, M. Beach, C. Johannes, J. Strauss. GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD SPRlNG L-R ROW ONE: C. Bentley, Hisf; M. Due, VP; 5. Steinberg, Pres; J. Warner, Sec,- J. Lovell, Treus. ROW TWO: C. Johannes, J, Strauss, C. Wapner, D. Spiiz, R. Shaffer, O. Murkin, P. Eisenberg. ROW THREE: E. Rush, M. Condit, L. Williamson, D. Vance, P. McDUelI. SPRING Mr. Dyck introduces Mr; Hardy Operation Happiness The backwards dance Girls' league luncheon 74 Dad's Night Out The Girls' Assembly Winners in the cake bake. The girls take over. ACTIVITIES The Marching Band . . . The new Drill Team uniforms . . . and Drill Team Our Leader , H L THURS 3 IS L SAN F ERNANDO AT GRANT SHIELD DRIVE Homecoming Queen, Nancy Swift, Princesses Gloria Blonsky, Trudi Ferguson AT lAST ! !! Princesses Dale Vance, Terrie Sludnick A Gavel and a Handshake lf's ours a! last Peek-a-Boo .Mmm. h 79 Chartreuse Sweaters? Now they're blue. Ours too. Mr. Dyck speaks to the siudenl-body Find yourself Sports rally 80 The dance band performs a! Sr. Banquet Student body elections. Mr. Dyck draws raffle. ihe winning numbers in the uSHIELD" Hulf-fime display. Couch Johnson's dry-Iand ski school. Our choir performs "LA PERICHOLE" Coach Bill Barnes of UCLA, speaks at SporIs Award Banquet. Registration for Grant students. A scene from HAH WILDERNESS!" SPORTS ' FAIR PLAY 3 VISlTl 1963 SCOREBOARD LANCERS OPPONENTS 18 Notre Dame 7 28 North Hollywood 14 13 Van Nuys 27 33 Cleveland 13 19 San Fernando 26 7 Poly 19 13 Monroe 13 33 Sylmar 21 VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach Sander's varsity football team had the same 4-3-1 won-lost record as last year. But instead of com- ing in first, they dropped to fifth place in the East Valtey League. The Lancer eleven only won two league games against North Hollywood and Sylmar. Other victories were non-Ieague against Notre Dame and Cleveland. The most heartbreaking game of the year was against Monroe, when the Vikings scored in the last nine seconds to pull out a tie. Despite the disappointing season in the tight East 84 Valley League, there were many individual standouts. Jeff Pentland, an offensive and defensive star, was an All-Volley second string and AIl-League first string selection. Ace pass-catcher Ben Samuel was on the Sec- ond Team AII-Valley and First Team AH-League. Sopho- more end Dick Knapp was on the Second Team All- League, as were seniors Bill Dixon and Ron McMackin. Co-Captoins John Giccatti and Bob Long were All- League Honorable Mention. VARSITY OFFENSE LINE, L-R: R. Walker, B. Dixon, J. Gicccmi, l. Coleman, 5. Bendes, L. Brown, P. Donubed. BACKFIELD, L-R: B. Samuel, B. Long, J. Peniland, S. Weisberg, R. McMackin. Kneeling, L-R: B. Long, J. Giccuffi. ROW 1: R. Boers, Mgr., P. Griggs, W. Levenfhal, B. Samuel, J. Peniland, R. McMackin, J. Burnen, M. Charucky, C. Hall, R. Walker, B. Monica, 5. Bendes, J. Bokal, B. Turner, 8. Elton, Mgr. ROW 2: L. Palmer, Mgr., Coach Pirikston, T. Berrymon, J. Marina, L. Ringu- eHe, J. Utz, M. Robb, D. Barker, N. Kopyn, J. Tschantre, A. Macenski, J. Schroeder, T. Zalz, E. Lackey, R. Watson, Coach J. Sanders. ROW 3: D. Parkhursf, G. James, A. Hartman, J. Keuch, D. Sfukes, T. Griffin, R. Meyen, N. Reichline, S. Weisberg, G. McKenzie. ROW 4: D. Knapp, T. Simonian, J. Connors, J. Pool, B. Dixon, l. Coleman, P. Donubed, J. Williams, L. Brown, S. MiHer. VARSITY DEFENSE LINE, L-R: J. Connors, L. Brown, S. Bendes, J. Giccani, B. Dixon, P. Donabed. BACKFIELD, l-R: R. Watson, M. Charucky, S. Weisberg, R. M:- Mackin, J. Penfland. Siop that player! The kick-off. Our powerful line. Hold'em buck! 86 Long on the run. Knapp runs into irouble. Will he make it? Our line penetrates. Up and over. 87 H817 uB" OFFENSE LINE, L-:R B. Thirwell, G. Buca, R. Wurrich, B. Blue, S. Joyner, R. Pecel, R. Coop- er, D. Kelley, A Mieren. BACKFIELD, L-R: I. Heringman, S. Jesse, M. Zanuno, D. Wurmee, J. Minion, I. CampbeII. IIB" FOOTBALL KNEELING, L-R. J. Scurboaough Mgr., S. Hew L. Parkinson, J. SuHer, W. Hirch, I. Campbell, R. WeIIs, C. Elfman, R. Mason, R Krohn, H. Marcoviich Mgr., S. Robbins Mgr. ROW 1: Coach Gordon, R. Cooper, G Batu, I. Heringman,J Minion, C. Brendon, S Goldstein,J. Koch, M. ZanuHo, B. BIue, J. Zemansky, L. HiII, Couch Nemiroff. ROW 2: S. Joyner, E. Herzoh, B. Wiggins, R. Pecel, B. Garcia, B. Kelly, B. Lipsker, B. ZiIkovHoh, S. Goodwin S Irshuy, P. Feldman, S. Shapiro. ROW 3: J. Stevens, S. Jose, M. McAndrews, M. Milmister, B. Tinius, D. Brahm, K Baxter, S. WiIcomb, R. Boyd, J FoIIin, C. Cervanles. ROW 4: R. Nulhanson, R. Warrick, R. Knight, D McCorkle, D. Kelly, D. Wurmee, R. Beilharz, B. Bliss, P. Charlesion, B. Cramer, T. Griffith, R. ThirIweII, 5. Oliver, C. Wiegman, I.. Ducasse; noI shown AI Mieren and Dave Hunt. HB" DEFENSE LINE, L-R: C. Wiegman, B Kelley, S. Goldstein, B. Lipsker, C. Brendon, S. Oliv- er, D. MzCorkIe P. Charleston, BACKFIELD, L-zR R. Naihanson, R. Knight, R Krohn, B. Tinius, P. Feldmun, S. Irshay, R. Beilharz. I FOOTBALL Heringman is stopped. Zanutto goes to the air. The 1963 season proved to be one of bad breaks for the TB" team. Although the team had fine coaching by Coach Gordon and Coach Nemiroff, they only managed to place fourth in the league. There were many disappointing losses throughout the season. The first two winning games were forfeited. The Van Nuys game ended up in a 0-0 deadlock and the team lost a heartbreaker to San Fernan- do. Despite this, the Lancers placed Ira Heringman and Dick Kelly on the First Team AIl-East Valley, and Al Mieren and Steve Oliver on the Second Team AH-East Valley. The following players also received Honorable Mention: Rory Beilhorz, Craig Brendon, Steve Josse, Bob Thirwell and Bob Pecel. With this talent available, next season should prove to be a very successful one for Grant High School. 89 CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY KNEELING, L-R: Terry Kohl, Howard Chuntz, Ron Kenyan, Frank Tepper, Danny May. STANDING: Gerald Stigile, George Stigile, John Luber, Phil Arroyo, Eric Shapira, Coach Johnson. CROSS COUNTRY There were many outstanding mem- bers of our Cross Country team this year. Paul and Peter Martineau and George Schiavelli led the 10th grade team to second place in the East Valley League. In the Junior Varsity division we had the talents of Steve Bardwell and Mike Rose. The Varsity, although placing fifth in the league, had some fine runners. Among them being George and Gerald Stigle, Ron Kenyon and Paul Tiffany. JUNIOR VARSITY KNEELING, L-R: Mike Murkey, Steve Burdwell, Chuck Powell, Dave Carrasco, Andy Denes, Mike Rose, Tom Lindsay, Marc Levitcm. STANDING: Larry Vaughan, Paul Tiffany, Wolf Von- Mahltzon, John Makowski, Bob Peter, Tom McIntyre, Clarence Dumitz. 10th GRADE KNEELING, L-R: Pete Martineuu, Paul Martineau, Steve ltelson, Mike Frug. STANDING: Steve Markmon, George Sciuvelli, Earl Ness, Dave 90 Birnbaum, Jesse Franco. Mariineau wins Bardwell leads the pack. Stigle's winning stride. 91 VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING L-R: Jim Nielson, Coach McKee, Joel Rosenbuum. STANDING: Mark Duuberman Mgr., Mike Zwirlein, Rick Mayer, Larry Finer, Jerry Cole, Scott Purcell, Bill Doyle, Richard Rosenthul, Dave A!- bright, Jay Astor, Allen Snow, Rick Podell, Gregg Messigian, Bruce Jacobson. This year, Grantls varsity basketball team, led by all East Valley League center Jim Nielson, fought to a tie for the East Valley League Championship. The Lancers, who lost only two games captivated the spectators with thrilling come- backs. On numerous occasions the Zebra striped Lancers fell many points behind, but on most occasions were able to defeat their opponents. Dave Albright and Richard Rosenthal, who were acclaimed all East Valley League second team, were instrumental in aiding Grant's first round playoff victory over Belmont. Although behind by as many as seven points with only a few minutes to play, Grant was able to pull it out with a 58-56 win. Advancing into the quorter-finals, the Lancers ran into a fine Taft team. Grant seemed hopelessly out of the contest as with only five minutes left, the Zebras trailed by ten points. The Lancers answered the challenge and tied the score with a tremendous effort. However, Taft was able to score a last minute basket which brought defeat. Previous to this Grant had won eight consecutive games. It was the Lancers finest season. 92 H's up for grabs. Albrighl jumps! 93 Talking if over. Rosenthal shoots! CITY PLAY-OFFS Up for Iwo. Hold that ball! Chin-up 94 JUNIOR VARSITY "JV" BASKETBALL KNEELING L-R: M. Duuberman, Mgr.; D. Greene; D. Epstein; JA Eaker; G. Litvinoff; B. Mutlaf; B. Levin; M. Lieb. STANDING: M. Jacobson, Mgr.; D. Wherry; G. Sutherland; J. Moss; F. lntiso; S. Tutor; B. OlHara; J. Carson; Coach McKee. The Grant 'tJV" basketball team provided a most thrilling season in which they tied for a third in the East Valley League race. The Lancer "JV's" had many outstanding performers, of these were Greg Litvinoff and Steve Tater, both of whom were big factors in the team!s record breaking five overtime victory over Poly. Will he score? Sutherland goes up! HB" TEAM EVL CHAMPIONS "B" BASKETBALL KNEELING, L-R: Jeff LeWinter, Pat lntiso, Gene Lamke, Dale Ma, Glen Malkin, Mike Tame. STANDING: Gary Root tmgrt, Gene Malin, Bruce Temkin, AI Gotfried, Mitch Gotfred, Ron Weiss, Couch Hubbard. This year, Coach Hubbard's "B's" Captured the EVL Cham- pionship for the third consecutive season. Led by Jeff LeWinter, Bruce Temkin, Ron Weiss, and Mike Tame, the team was able to come through with crucial victories over San Fernando, Sylmar, and Poly. Although the team was not expected to do well at the start of the season, the squad become stronger with each game. Over Their Heads 96 A two pointer? LeWinIer shoots again Swish? Temkin Malin LeWinter Ron Gruzen, Erwin Wolf, Lee Linson, STANDING: Heiko Wynholds Mgr., Jeff Garfield, L-R KNEELING: Don Warshow, Ken Pflueger, Bob Goldslein, Dennis Bromberg. Howie Blitz, Robby Litrownik, Jeff Vance, Larry Rose, Bob Marklin, Norm Snow, Lee Palmer, Couch Hubbard. Grant's 'C" Team, although in contention for most of the season, finished in a tie for third place in the East Valley League. Dennis Bromberg and Robbie Litronick were insfru- mental in many Lancer victories. 98 He shoots up C" BASKETBALL WWA'n-wvurk ' ' 'dewq-w A The ball soars! VARSITY TRACK L-R ROW ONE: Coach Johnson, D. Warmee, B. Grassi, K. Weiskopf, J. Zuibach, J. Cherep, M. Peplow, Couch Sanders. ROW TWO: H. Chunfz, B. Garcia, G. McKenzie, J4 Luber, G. Stigle, R. Knapp, G. Harris, G. James, G. Siigile, B. Lipsher, D. Parkhursl, S. Lieberman, R. Boers. ROW THREE: J. Weiss, J. Astor, S. Morkman, G. Sciavelli, T. Mitchell, P. Hyman, P. Zubarsky, L. Vaughan. With the return of many fine frackmen, this year's Varsity track team proved To be one of Grantes strongest. Leading this year's team were p051L Varsity Lettermen Sfeve Lieberman, Dennis Parkhursf, John Luber, Howard Chunfz, Dick Knapp and Kim Weiskoph. ther outstanding members were George and Gerald Stigle, Phil Zabarsky, Greg Harris, Gary McKenzie, Bob Garcia, George Sciavelli, and Greg James. Although the team was weak in a few events, Coach Johnson and Coach Sanders produced a team that did well in League competition. Stigle in the 880 John Luber in close rqce Phil Zabarsky over the bar 100 Gary McKenzie digs in Harris flies high Scaling the hurdles Sieve Lieberman 8. Dennis Parkhursl in the 220 101 L-R ROW ONE: Coach Johnson, 5. Bardwell, J. Crawford, P. Feldmun, R. Murkey, R. Kenyon, Coach J. Zemunsky, J. LeWinter, D. Finstad, J. Minton, J. Koch, R. Greenberg, J. Allen, E. Linkmeyer. ROW THREE: M. Schwartz, 5. Roth, P. Tame, G. Wyatt, T. Malone, C. Damitz, S. lrshay, P. Martineau, 8. Price. First, Second, and HB" TRACK Determination and courage were the words that described the "B" track team. With the talents of Phil Feldmon, Paul and Peter Martineau, Ron Ken- yon, John Minton, Pete Tame and other fine ath- letes, the team stood Up well in League competition. Although the team was not a top contender for the League title, they fought hard all the way. 102 John Minton in he air. Murfineuu leads Ihe pack. Ron Kenyon's winning stride. Phil Feldman in the hurdles. 103 11C" TRACK L-R ROW ONE: Coach Murgucci, J. Lindsey, T. Lindsey, A. Schwartz, D. Tepper, F. Tepper, S. Greene, M. Rose, D. May. ROW TWO: N. Adams, P. Gilbert, H. Blitz, R. Brooks, E. Ness, M. Morris, 5. Kurzius, D. Murkey. ROW THREE: D. Boles, M. Levifun, B. Bauling, B. Zitkovitch, R. Li'ronik, N. Snow, D. Nello, T. Castelli. The 1964 11C" Track team was by far the finest Grant has ever had. Giving the team its winning spirit were Frank Tepper, Mike Rose, Marc Levifan, and Norm Snow. If this C" team is an indication of Grant's future teams, we should expect an outstand- ing 1965 season. 104 Frank Tepper wins Norm Snow in the high iump. again Levi'an takes it Danny May pulls ahead TENNIS Varsity Tennis L-R ROW ONE: D. Steil, N. Millard, R. Dunckwerth, S. Weisberg, D. Gerber, B. Risberg, W. Ruvven, J. Malkin. ROW TWO: Coach Nemiroff, S. Mezey, B. Kassel, H. Reznick, A. Bernstein, R. Mayer, D. Leviloff, R. Walker, J. Volan. This year's tennis team was one of Grant's finest. Not only did Rich Mayer and Al Bernstein give us our best ttone-two punch", but the other members also provided Grant with a team that showed a will to win. JV Tennis L-R ROW ONE: D. Roman, L. Katz, G. Gates, M. Guene, B. Barovitz, B. Stein, D. Engelberg. ROW TWO: J. Falkin, R. Lyons, B. Cohen, B. McRea, H. Dick, H. Hunt, J. Jacobi, B. Sokol, Coach Nemiroff. ROW THREE: E. Herzog, H. Schwartz, B. Pecel, B. Bliss, A. Capltan, M. Krasik, G. Leviloff. 106 Mayer's backhand smash Leviloff's winning form Bernstein returns Wolf applies the pressure L-R ROW ONE: B. Korechoff, J. Tamborello, J. Clary, D. Pisurev, R. Meyen, J. Curr, G. Diamond, S. Reiss, G. Davidson, M. Young, M. Dauberman, Mgr. ROW TWO: D. McMenumin, S. Rozay, D. Ma, R. Steven, H. Wettl, B. Zeko, D. Eaton, D. Connelly, S. Murrell, W. Wright, Couch McKee. ROW THREE: A. Pacitti, K. Wagner, C. Wright, R. Cooper, A. Fischetti, S. Chavez, A. Battle, D. Ptucnik, A. Gold, P. Mercurio. ROW FOUR: 5. Torr, C. Brud, D. Weiss, E. Schultz, M. Comstock, W-W Von Mallzahn, R. Kurzenberger, D. Florez, R. Sorensen. GYMNASTICS This year, Couch McKeeis gymnastic team was a top contender for the East Valley League Championship for which it has been striving since the school opened. Last year the team took first in the EVL Finals and third in the City Finals. Of that team, many Letterman returned this year. Leading the team was Gary Diamond, defending EVL free i'X" champion, who competed in five events success- fully. Saul Reiss, a City competitor, lead the rope climbers, backed by John Curr. Other standouts were San Rosay and Jim Tamberello on the rings. Darell Eaton on the high bar, Henry Wettl and Mike Young on the side horse, Ron Mc- Carthy and Greg Davids on tumbling, and Rich Halpern and Doug McMenamin on the Long horse. 108 Hold it ! Steady now! a M NMhmgwwh Tilf ! Over the Long horse. VARSITY BASEBALL L-R SITTING: Terry Gusto, Lloyd Balkind tmanagerst. KNEELING:linn Ely, Ron Mason tmanagerst. ROW ONE: Ronnie Spence, AI Meiren, Benny Samuel, Ron McMackin, Jeff Pentland, Ira Heringmon, Willy leventhal. ROW TWO: Gene Goldsmith tmanagert, Denis Purkhurst, Darrel Stukes, Tom Griffin, Bob long, John Euker, John Schroeder, Graig Wiegmun, Don Epstein, Coach Gordon. "The finest pitching staff in the valley,' was the Lancer's 1964 Varsity baseball trademark. Often Coach Gordon couldntt decide on the start- ing pitcher. AI Mieren, substituting for the iniured Jeff Pentland in the opening league game, pro- ceeded to throw the first no-hit, no-run game in Grant's history! Although pitching was a factor in the Lancer's successful campaign, it was by no means the only one. Time and time again, the Grant batsmen pounded opposing pitching, resulting in high scores, and easy victories. There were many individual stars. Of them, Jeff Pentland, Ben Samuel, AI Mieren, and Ira Herring- man were outstanding. It was another conquering season for the Varsity nine. The winning run I 10 Mieren's no-hil form Picked-off first at second Penlland connects L-R KNEELING: Sylvan Shulman, Craig MHIer, Steve KIein, Larry Gordon, Dave Hunt, Bill Wiggins, Lee Palmer. SITTING: Jeff Fisk, Larry Rose, Stuart Malin, Rocky Raffa, Dennis Kirkpairick, Clay Tepel, Bill Liepman, Bill Hoyt, Phil Griggs. STANDING: Dan Rosen, Greg Li'vinoff, Pele Limonick, Don Greene, Paul Bernstein, Bruce O'hara, Rick Nathanson, Dick Kelley, Dave Wurmee, Coach Pinksfon. J.V. BASEBALL The 1964 edition of the Grant JV Baseball Team gave its fans many anixous moments. Led by returning IeHermen Bruce O'Hara, Rick Nathan- son, and Rocky Raffa the Lancers were given the strength they needed for a successful season. Will he make it ? 112 The dust flies Out! 113 Wham! "B" Swimming ROW 1, LR: L Sadiu, C. Borden, M. Levy, J. Hang, K. Pedlow, B. Levy, 5. Tatum, J. Brainin, R. Wiechman, L. Shields, R. Downie. ROW 2: R. Walley, J. Purdy, G. Bensussen, N. Handel, M. Lynn, J. Becker, J. Vance, S. Goldman, G. Malkin, L. Sackey. ROW 1, Patton. R F. Barlow. 114 SWIMMING Varsity Swimming ROW 1, L-R: S. Sfinson, E. Lackey. M. Oblalh, T. Russel, M. Hong, M. Lieberman, J. Burnett, P. Milgrom. ROW 2: A. Cowie, B. Oblalh, J. Dixon, B. Barth, R. Myers, T. leigh, G. Riesen, V. leone, Coach Hubbard. uC" Swimming L-R: J. Hubbard, A. Campbell, B. Goldsiein, J. OW 2: R. Marks, J. Oblufh, J. Polk, C. WaHson, HThese are fhe finest three swim teams Grant has ever had," was The way swim Coach Hubbard described the 1964 squads. The Lancer finmen produced many cify com- petitors in all three classes, Varsity, Bee and Cee. Also, the teams did well in league competition also. The winning style H5 On your mark . . . Gel' sef . . . Go Nice form Over he goes Impact! An inward dive And they're off 1 16 CHEERLEADERS Varsity Cheerleaders-Full: ROW 1, L-R: L. Chosen, S. Suplin, P. Tilds, B. Plann, G. Blonsky, R. Flam, M. Kleinhall, L. Horvi'z. ROW 2: T. Fergu- son, L. Smiih. "B" Cheerleaders-Fall: ROW 1, L-R: A. Leshner, H. Short. ROW 2: J. Larvick, T. Fee, T. Karo, K. Grody. ROW 3: C. Johannes. Cheerleaders-Spring: ROW 1, L-R: G. Blonsky, L. Chosen. ROW 2: B. Doyle, M. Kleinhall, L. Horvifz, K. Kramer, T. Fee. H7 m. $144 4V7? 12144.;V Vlkx ? 745F19v4c ya LL ' ixze M4217; achLLXg-z 3:4,: a C 779 M U C464 Via bA4v L7Lud4 $13414 '9 $4612? 57 X l, ' A I a 37' 7 '7 M ml j!" , 176' 9991941957 Yigl 1!; , f1 KLVM CJ IAIgj? :ny V 11,; 1 4m LIVE; f f; f .4 i X 5 f9 4 9 9 V xx? in; 4 V 1 ; I r i X "Z21f 9132-44 4de7: 1W3??? .abaaf jiffy Kt ,, Q 7,.If4j ! ,4, 47" JNQJWW 574664; 2 MANAGERS CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Coach McKee, B. Jacobson, J. Scarborough, B. Elson, E. Shapiro, L. Palmer. TOP ROW, L-R: S. Robbins, l. Campbell, M. Dauberman, H. Marcovilch, R. Baers. WRESTLING CLUB KNEEUNG, Leonard Lipkin, Robert Darnell. STAND- ING, L-R: Steve London, Sieve Linenberg, Mr. Ham- mond, Jim Crawford, Alan Foster. RADIO CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Greg Chursenoff, Harry Ober, David Steinfeld, Mike Sandler, Mr. Quirk. ROW 1, L-R: Clifford Wallace, Paul Mitchem, John Hancock, Mark Newman. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB BOTTOM ROW, OFFICERS, L-R: M. Panitch, Mr. Modell, A. Fosier. ROW 2, LR: R. Miller, K. Kerbes, L. Stein, J. Tannen- baum, D. Senil, L. Williams, 8. Carol, C. Krich, B. Naiditch. ROW 3, L-R: G. Herman, S. Reiss, L. Roth, J. Moss, M. Thomas, C. Ruvven, N. Miller. TOP ROW, L-R: L. Vaughan, B. Ross, K. Hibbms, H. Kraft, L. Furell, M. Ross, M. Sfrassmun. CREATIVE WRITING CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Claudia Krich, Val Mitchell, Alan Foster, G. H. Wossner. TOP ROW, L-R: Kathy Jacobi, Nancy Razanski, Helen Ables, Robert Weaver, Kenneth Hibbins, Larry Vaughan. CHESS CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: M. levitan, J. Hendler, B. Binder, F. Fold- vary, S. Brody, M. Vickter, B. Samuelson. TOP ROW, L-R: Mr. Allen, A. Caplan, J. Rothman, A. Foster, R. Neustaedter, M. Rieger, R. Ross, L. Vaughan. 120 STANDING, L-R: Mrs. Hodges, Kathy Grady. THESPIANS KNEELING, L-R: Leigh Kuhan, Richard Perelman, David Harte. Wishum, Elizabeth Cervantes, Kay I21 MATH CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Mark Gordon, Carol Cook, Marc Leviian, Joe Malkin, Bruce Ashton, Fred Foldvury, Alan Weiner. ROW 2, L-R: Jill Rosenberg, Mark Dauberman, Mark Lowenstein, Wally Kuvven, Sieve Brody, Gary Herman, Art Caplan, Glenn Gates, Ron Reusoner, Bruce Samuelson. TOP ROW, L-R: Sue Langenberg, Alan Tesler, Howard Kay, Roger Newslaedler, Bill Arkin, Marshall Rieger, Wolf Werner von Mulfzahn, Larry Vaughan, Alec Wisner. PHYSICS CLUB SITTING, L-R: John Trusk, Norman Kulla, Dave Birnbaum, Mr. Stuart, Marc Levifun, Alan Foster, Bill Arkin, Marshall Rieger, Steven Black. SPANISH CLUB KNEELING, L-R: Sharon Bloom, Fred Foldvury, Elizabeth Cervantes. ROW 2, L-R: Luuree Yule, Beverly Silversmith, Carolyn Stuhl, Elaine Tolchin, Mendie Cohn, Elaine Harris, Sue Friedman, Miki Shulman, Ellen Gersh. ROW 3, L-R: Art Douglas, Louise Curry, Sharon Leeds, Cheryl Mond- heim, Carol Carver, Bernice Schneiderman, Andee Jacoby, Carol Cook, Mr. Lou. TOP ROW, L-R: Bob Myers, Becky Cclglazier, Karen Morgan, Claris Schaeffer, Bonnie Gross, Joel Rothman, Glenn Gates, Marc Sfrussman, Adrianne Slanlon. 122 FRENCH CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Carol Carver, Mendie Cohn, Christina Stone, Susan Bagford, Cafhy Mason, Sue Friedman, Miki Shulman, Ellen Geish. ROW 2, L-R: Stephanie Noble, Sharon Kervilz, Janice Warner, Sharon Leeds, Sharon Bloom, Jeannette Griminger, Lin Oliver, Bridget Ezell. TOP ROW, L-R: Glenn Gates, Fred Foldvary, Art Douglas, Rachel Robin, Jodi Green- berg. LATIN CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Miss Kobala, Ellen Helferd, Aimee Gold- berg, Clare Lake, Sylvia Argigu, Paula Eisenberg, Cheryl Herman. TOP ROW, L-R: John Morrell, Mark Soskin, Bruce Taylor, Richard Bontems, Rob Lawis, John Kukucka. COMPARATIVE LANGUAGE CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Mrs. Gagne, Claudia Krich, Clare Lake, Carol Grossman, Paula Eisenberg, Judy Lannenbaum, Val Mitchell, Gail Lewis, Aimee Goldberg, Mrs. Vorsler. TOP ROW, L-R: ElainrHurris, An Douglas, Fred Foldvary, Walter Weinstein, WoIf-Werner Von Mulzaton, Bob Coltri, Bob Ross, Larry Vaughan. FORENSIC CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: 5. Reader, M. lowenstein, S. Burt, L Brown, J. Handler, L. Rubin, S. Reiss, C. Beecroft, D. Isserman, J. Malkin, M. levilan, P. Eisenberg, M. Gordon, B. Naiditch. ROW 2, LR: K. Rulh, K. Hodges, G. Gales, L. Farell, S. Rappa- porr, B. Kussel, A. Caplan, A. Tesler, S. Fredmun, P. Bernslein, S. Brody, A. Weinef, F. Whittacre, J. Mann. TOP ROW, L-R: J. Ekins, A. Wiener, L. Vaughan, W. Von Mahzahn, M. Rieger, D. Gerber, N. Millard, R. Knell, R. Flam, R. Siambul, J. Kaba- koff, A. Foster, C. Schaeffer. FOLK SONG CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: P. Bernstein, S. Curran, C. Mondheim, J. Tannenbaum, D. Dawkins, B. Foodim, L. West, H. Abeles, N. Johnston, L. Bernie, B. Silversmilh, R. Kraus, E. Tolchin, B. Lilsky. ROW 2, L-R: Miss Anderson, K. Morgan, H. Baker, P. Bechker, L. Roth, J. Moss, A. Stanton, B. Barfhol, H. Smyihe, J. Mann, J. Mulles, K. Wulowit. TOP ROW, L-R: S. Tunenbuum, B. Dillon, A. Landsberg, D. Wulstein, G. Thorp, R. Kurkslan, K. Healing. I23 DRILL TEAM 8: G.A.A. . . . am'nxw'w . A n ' Qik'nw . $ , , ' l ROW 1, L-R: N. Seuton, D. Robles, R. Finder, L. Henderson, C. Shapiro, F. Lukas, D. Barthol, E. Harris, K. Gerstel, S. Wang, S. Yops, D. Ross- man, E. Kerbes, A. Leshner. ROW 2, L-R: L. Whitaker, S. Nadler, L. Pedersen, E. Palm, A. Kane, D. Milrovich, M. Zaslav, J. Smith, S. Halpern, C. Woller, D. lachman, E. Cervantes, B. Cation. ROW 3, L-R: K. Sobel, J. Roley, L. Chelsey, S. Burt, G. Muslow, B. Rudsione, J. Strauss, C. Stein, P. Anthony, S. Crane, L. Surkesian, P. Trueman. ROW 4, L-R: J. Geltleson, M. Bermun, B. Forfhal, A. Karppinen, C. Horback, J. Govenar, D. Lilly, B. Rudsen, M. Lowenihal, K. Ferris, J. Levine, B. DRILL TEAM STEERING COMMITTEE ROW 1, L-R: Barbara Dale, Robynn Nixon, Eileen Polan, kapfain, Pam Benhum, Dale Vance. ROW 2, L-R: Jami Strauss, Pam Becker, Carolyn Bentley, JoAnn Ruskin, Colleen Herkal ko-capfainL Patsy Anthony. DRILL TEAM Holley, N. Bowman. ROW 5, L-R: C. Herkul, M. Davis, C. Crossley, M. Beach, J. Sober, D. Nilkin, L. Bruce, P. Ross, V. Wright, C. Johannes, P. Becker, F. Pines, E. Polan. ROW 6, L-R: J. Burns, R. Muiofis, N. Le- Vine, M. Hoffman, L. Weiherald, S. Rolhman, E. Hellersfein, C. Hoyt, E. Sherry, J. Ruskin, P. McDuell, D. Moore. ROW 7, L-R: P. Miller, P. McKay, S. Miller, B. Dale, J. Ofslein, S. Schreiber, P. Benham, P. Harris, 8. Fine, R. Nixon, L. Ball, D. lndelevsky. ROW 8, L-R: M. Condif, R. Teuford, C. Marks, D. Vance, C. Bentley, 5. Mifchem, S. Melgeson, E Schwartz, E. Rush, E. McKenny, G. Lewis, 8. Kingston, 5. Tiffany. GAA EXECUTIVE BOARD ROW 1, L-R: Mrs. Windham, P. Stern, N. Bowman, E. Rush, C. Beecroh, P. Eisen- berg, P. Porter. ROW 2, L-R: L. Katz, L. Berman, S. Blake, 5. Fugo, M. Siahl, C. Stuhl, K. Kelly, A. Jucoby, K. Kohlmeier. ROW 3, L-R: L. Williamson, N. Saunders, G. Lewis, E. Schwartz. Established to aid in promoting school spirit and to foster friendship among Grant girls, the Girls Athletic Association, under the guidance of Mrs. Windham, sponsors various athletic events. The fall semester was climaxed by 'winter wonderland, the GAA Awards Night and spring semester activities were highlighted by a fUn-filled playday. 126 TEAM SPORTS ROW 1, L-R: Miss Beck, tsponsorL Laurel Cohn, Elana Lukoff, Isabel Ros, Kathy Walberf, Judy Lavel, Connie Edwards, Connie Diamond, Mona Due, Lauren Kean. ROW 2, L-R: Marilyn Siahl, Jenny Dierz, Diane De La Pena, Maggie Gelman, Holly Mershon, Linda Eberle, Ann Churchill, Becky Colgluzier, Stephanie Noble. BADMINTON ROW 1, L-R: Andee Jucoby, Pal Rosing, Linda Berla, Frances Jones, Jeanne Woodrow, Terry Brown, Nina Zaculo, Helene Mitchell, Debbie Woolf. ROW 2, L-R: Mrs. Reeves BponsorL Georgann Leeman, Cathy Young, Howdine McCoy, Marsha Joyner. TENNIS ROW 1, LR: Gail Kress, Vicky Joyce, Sheryle Mond- heim, Amanda Ezell, Lin Oliver, Janet Grininger, Kathy Heirich, Gloria JunKay, Sue Wright. ROW 2, L-R: Andee Hock, Candi Berke, Alice Wurrick, Ellen Helferd, Gail Lewis, Kaihy Spencer, Miss Nunn tsponsorL GOLF STANDING, L-R: Sue Roth, Nancy Saun- ders, Rosemarie Kozak, Kendra Folson, Miss Nunn hponsorL OFFICIALS ROW 1, L-R: Karen Morgan, Phyllis Stern, Linda Hillman, Kathy Alexander, Peggy Husselruch, Mary Rush, Carolyn Stahl, Jan Boiwinick, Linnea Kulz, Mrs. Wind- ham, Bponsod. LETTERGIRLS ROW 1, L-R: B. Cation, L. Kulz, .I. Larvick, S. Fugo, P. Shepard, E. Rush. ROW 2, L-R: M. Shulmun, P. Eisenberg, R. Steinberg, S. Estin, J. Sobel, A. Heinowifz, E. Hel- ferd, M. Gelmun, N. Bowman, P. Stern, M. Thomas, D. Boorsfein. ROW 3, L-R: L. Sfein, G. Jankey, M. Beach, D. Moore, K. Kohlmeir, T. Brown, K. Grady, K. Mc- Quinn, S. Langenberg, S. Bray, B. Haul- and, G. Lewis, K. Morgan, J. Schuyler. ROSTER: Sandi Ackley, Bonnie Bernstein, Paula Bernstein, Sandy Blake, Elaine Deutchmun, Dale Dodge, Jeryl Goldberg, Susan Graf, Nancy Hawkins, Barrie Hothian, Roselyn Kaciff, Pat Kelly, Linda Kemper, Claudia Krich, Fran Lukas, Joan McLaughlin, Cathie McSweeney, Stephanie Schaffer, Carole Stein, Jeri Thompson, Nancy Towle, Sandy Wallace, Sally Andrews, Leslie Aplel, Marcia Berman, Pam Benham, Billie Jo Boysen, Terrie Brown, Shelli Cohen, Micki Draimin, Sue Fromin, Sue Helgeson, Mali Henigmun, Kathy Kohlmier, Gail Lewis, Hope Mc- Garruhan, Nqncy Miller, Jan Osfrowsky, Eileen Polan, Bonnie Roller, Porn Ross, Barbara Schindler, Andrea Schreiber, Diane Shields, Suzanne BOYSl GLEE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Lee Fournier, Bob Erickson, Mike Mathis, Pele Hoffman, Mr. LaFonfuine, sponsor. ROW 2: Bill Zeko, Ronnie Silver, Brian Beaudine, Dean Bruce, Mel Koscsky, Bob Weaver, Marty Topper. ROW 3: Mike Fields, Jerry Cullier, Bob Stamps, John Mc- Gill, Al Raff, Richard Stevens. Valentino, Linda Wilson, Sue Wrighl, Valerie Wright, Dave Albrighi, Mike Craviiz, Gene Dunning, Les Frank, Larry Kams, Allen Kelman, Dave Knox, Les Kragen, Nuie Lam, John Morell, Richard Needelmun, Sieve Rander, Marlin Topper, John Trusk, David Wheeler, Steve Blair, Richard Bonfems, Bob Cody, Drew Daniels, Mike Gillihan, Rusty Humali, Bruce Kassel, Rick Kelimun, Jerry MtKennon, Roy Palomino, Don Penfield, Paco Puig, Sieve Robinson, Steve Schnell, Mike Sthwartz, Steve Soloman, Alan Weiner, Mike Zwirlein. MADRIGALS ROW 1: l-R, Mr. LaFonfaine, sponsor, Dale Dodge, Nate Lam, Valerie Wrighi, Gene Dunning, Terrie Brown, Sieve Blair. ROW 2: Rich Stern, Jim Hill, Howard Levy, Ken Karlslud, John Logan, Gail Throop, Wendy Brooks. GIRL'S GLEE ROSTER: Karen Alberls, Sally Anderson, Palsy Anthony, Pauline Baig, lynde Banks, Linda Bedrock, Judy Beiderman, Sandra Blake, Carol Border, Billie Jo Boysen, Liz Brolmun, Gloria Bryant, Par Bryant, Barbara Budish, Melinda Carey, Elizabeth Clark, Shelli Cohen, Virginia Colgin, Judy Duly, Janie Dawson, Miki Draimin, Adriana Dubbs, Lee Durr, Linda Eberle, BeHy Engelhardf, Dean Evenson, Joyce Farrah, Linda Fisher, BeHe Fauckt, Terry Friedman, Barbara Gray, Maggi Gelman, Carol George, Kandy Geyer, Liz Goldstein, Susan Graf, Julie Groger, Martha Guest, Laurie Halaiian, Barbara Hundley, Diane Herring, Day Hodges, Barrie Holhian, Linda Horrell, Shari Horoszka, Barbara Ingram, Ivy Island, Kathy Kinkle, Penny Kondos, Saralyn Koren, Marilyn Kline, Nancy Lusky, Jackie Lear, Marsha Levin, Paula levine, Gail lewis, 131 Geri Lyons, Edi McKenny, Nancy Mullin, Hedy Murkovilz, Mathews, Shirley Miller, Barbara Minghini, Judy Moss, Joanne Barbara Pally, lynda Pederson, Barbara Phillips, Marcia Puig, Nancy Razanski, Mary Rings, Susan Roseman, Diane Rossman, Peggy Rubin, Sfephane Schafer, Diane Scheinholiz, Jeunelle Schiro, Lynn Segul, Mary Shannon, Evelyn Sherry, Ruth Shore, Dolly Sklur, Janet Slack, Cheryl Snecler, Kathy Sobel, Linda Starkman, June Stewart, Zella Slinson, Carol Toppins, Maurine Volchok, Trudy Weinper, Linda Weinstein, Debi Weldon, Peggy Wessel, Lane Wefherald, Bonnie Wheatley, Cathie Wildman, Candy Woller, Aruadu Williams, Judy Wood, Jean Woodrow. Linda Okum, Under the leadership of Mr. Robert La Fontqine and Mr. Robert Winslow, our music groups have given us another year of outstanding concerts and performances. We are indebted to them for their service to Grant High, and for the enjoyment they bring to the students and to the people of the community. ORCHESTRA BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Melanie Stein, Roberta Kaufman, Billie Ann Dunn, Bridget Ezell, Barbara Dale, Francine Trotmer, Karen Morgan, Leslie Chelsey, Lorayn Tiffany, Devra lsserman, Judy Wells, Josene Whuley, Myra Lariver, John Jacobi. ROW 2: Marilyn Field, Barry Wosk, Janet Greenfield, Clifford Frazer, Norman Katz, Robert Houk, Stuart Silverstein, Gene Ladin, Ernst Massermun, Warren Blumenfield, Mickey Klotzman, Ken Einstien, Leonard Siegal, Sue Langenberg, Mr. Winslow tstand- I32 ingt. ROW 3: Tom levitt, Tracy Solomcm, George Stark, Ralph Randall, Judy Edelstein, Mark Massion, Jeff Miller, Marc Gold, Jun Sadlo, Tom Mitchell, Marty Reed, Carolyn Stahl, Curl Sipots, Alex Bloom. ROW 4: Hillary Baker, George Weingart, Linda Korber, Cathy Smith, Ruenu Christensen, Jeff Moss, Bruce Kragen, Greg Proctor, Paul Beress, Tony Rothschild, Rich Krohn. TOP ROW: Ralph Meyen, Mormon Cooper, Adrianne Stantom, Barbara O'Connor, Greg Call, Jim Nusbaum. BAND KNEELING, L-R: Bob Oblufh, Barry Risberg. ROW 1: Steve Craig, Paul Beress, Dennis Sloan, Rick Brenner, Mura Margolis, Carolyn Sfuhl, Celia Chesluk, Diane Levine, Pat Green, Belh Solow, Connie Goldman, Frances Jones, Tracy Solomon, Brad Goodman, Bob Brownell, Keith Wahl, Neil Gould, Howard Hersh, Steve Blair. ROW 2: Mr. R. Winslow, sponsor, Jon Sager, Phij Marks, Sylvan Schulrhun, George Weingarf, Harry Short, Mark Sione, Jerry Buss, Shelly Weiner, Lawrence Lust, Dave Balch, Bob Sloan, Ken Wagner, Mark Massion, Richard Oregon, Andy Reichline, Sluarf Blumberg, Glen Leichmcm, Evan Diner. ROW 3: Bardy Muriello, Alan Estes, Jim Beller, Marly Reed, Lynn Segul, Mark Raymer, Mark Farber, larry Finer, Steve Heu, David Rogers, Mike Selic,'Lurry Neilson, Hank Stone, Bob Plann, Ed Baxter, Richard Brown, lorry Magid, Neil Handel, Warren Swem. ROW 4: Gary Neilson, Frank 133 Miller, Eric Sherman, Sieve Sherman, Henry Kroff, Terry Gusto, Ron Rudrud, Jim Slieber, Terry Robb, Jon Levi, Bill Nipper, Joe Atkins, Mike Kellermun, Dan Rosen, Mike Fresco, Abe Landsberg, Jim M:- Collum. ROW 5: Gary Neilson, Frank Miller, Bob Camden, Steve Rappaporf, Marty Frank, David Flinn, Mike Oblafh, Dave Cambier, Blair Plasterer, Chris Gordon, Dave DiGregory, Grant Geyer, Bruce Brunsby, Carlton Hollander, Tom Scott, Kenny Dale, Tom Vergne. ROW 6: Barry Roberts, Sleve Robinson, Gene Goldsmith, Lurry Dick, Dave Watson, Dun Roach, Dave Kelsey, Bill Hanrahan, Barry Ives, Howard Lusher, Jim Read, Marty Williams, Dallas Holt, Richard Leidig, Dana Pederson, Ron Sundage, Alex Bloom, Mike Oshan. FLAGS: Helena Mikhell, Laurie Hamburg, Renee Ducasse, Barbara O'Connor, June Caplun, Sue Tiffany, Melody Bormasfer, Merediih Leighton. STUDENT-BODY Lynn Aron Phillip Arroyo Jay Astor Bruce Barthel Jill Bentley Janie Bergman Jon Berman ,. 4a Craig Brendon Vern Brochtrup Judy Brockman Lynne Brown Dean Bruce Mike Bryan Gloria Bryant Sue Burt E. Calmenson Sherry Caplon Pat Charleston Roslyn Chersky Stephen Cole Sue Corenman 5. Crane Steve Cron D. Cunningham Drew Daniels Michele Davis Judy Degelman Christine Denti J. Dungun Mike Durst John Baker Bob Edmund Jerry Ekins Linn Ely Joyce Farrah Robert Feldman $$+Sia K ' "I A A $34. :I' I Art Fichlenberg Mike Fields AI Fischeni Bette Frocket Lloyd Frodkin Dione Friedman Rebecca Furgol John Gaby Elaine Gale Al Gardner Melinda Garner Karen Gerstel Greg Glennon Barbara Gold Debbie Gould Janet Govenar Joe Gronde Randy Green Richard Greene 135 : is: J v Steven Grob Judy Grubmon Harold Hall Rick Halperin John ancock Bob Hansen It ' w i as: M. Hoffman Peter Hoffman Larry Howard Cherry Hoyt John Hunt Karen Jacobson Sieve Jacques Gale Jaffe Greg James Joel Kantor i; ,f u. x x Doreen Karp Laurence Kaye Bill Kulley Steve Kenyoun Marilyn 'Klein 1 mm? x: Greg Leidig Judy Levine lindu Levine Marlene LeviH Jeff Lewinter John Lilinihall Steven London 5. McElhinney Jerry McKennon C. Marckwardt Barry Melton l.. Mendelson Dorothy Moore Judy Morris an; t , George Ohisen Susan Olds Russell Olsen Lynne Ostroff Jeff Overstreef Don Penfield R. Perlman Carolyn Rabin J. Phillips AI Raff Pal Reed M. Reinman Gary Ritchie Mike Robb John Robbins N. Robertson Jody Rosen R. Rosenbla" R. Rosenthal guisr I , f.m...'!'h ' Diane Rossman Sue Rmhmon Lois Sch! L. Sarkesicn S. Schachter John Schroeder Marty Schwartz E. Schwerin Crystal Seger Eddie Seltler Rita Serola Sleven Shepard Sid Shniad Sue Shock Rex Sieferl B. Silversmith Bonnie Simon Robert Simon Janet Skuro Jane! Slack Jo Linda Solomon Mark Soskin George Steven Gerald Stigile S. Tahmizian Jody Thompson Paula Tilds Lorayn Tiffany Carol J. Toppins Frank Valery Jim Volan Barbara Ward Rich Warrick Bob Webb Ed Wein L. Weinstein S. Weisberg lynne White Liza Wilkie l. Williamson C. Williamson Gail Woifowicz John Woodrow S. Yellin Mike Young John Zemansky Mike Zwirlein A-H STEERING COMMITTEE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Carol Williamson, Po? Reed, Stephanie Crane, Roslyn Chersky Metre- ?aryL Laura Garvey, Sue Shock. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Hansen, Steve Shepard, Rick Halpern klass chairmanL Jeff Lewinfer. TOP ROW: Mr. Arthur hponsod, Randy Green, Joel Bokul, Phil Arroyo. 137 i; - Greg Abbon Karl Abrams Sandi Ackley Carol Adams Mike Adams Libby Adler Irene Agasian 1' ; xx: 55-1,va "CX Marilon Agrati Phil Aidikoff Jeri Amber Bill Anderson Sully Anderson Holly Baker B. Barabash Mincnn Barth Donna Barthel Barry Barowitz Laurie Basile Jay Bauer Barry Bauling Leslie Bayard C. Beuufcil Linda Beer Edna Belanger Christine Bell Phyllis Bell Jim Beller Ruth Bellin Pam Benham Andy Bennett Steffi Berg f: Frank Berger Linda Berman Jan Bernard M. Bernstein Brad Berwick Ilene Bialick Judy Biermann Sandy Blake Brian Blue Karen Bohnsack Richard Bokal Dale Boles Mary Ann Bond G. Borchar! Randy Bowsmon Rich Boyd Jane Bozian Ulrich Bragger Linda Bramy Ken Bryant J . Barbara Budish Michael Burge Jim Brent D. Bromberg Leslie Brown Steve Brown Linda Bruce Donna Bryan Judy Burke 1 Mona Carter Pct Carey Jody Champion Esiher Charelon Iris Chotzklin Sal Chavez Greg Cheever Leslie Chelsey Cary Cherniss Sue Coffin Bob Chesler B. Chuddy Aleta Clark Bill Clark Robert Cohen W x L , ME; 1,. I . L, Laurel Cohn Pa! Colburn Jim Coleman Jon Coleman Cordi Coles Robert Collri Kathy Cook L x JoelCrocker Kathy Crocker L.Crutchfield . gr Marc Corfine Linda Cox Donna Crumer Howard Crane Donna Crunerf A. Crisafulli John Cutter Ron D'Acchioli Barbara Dole Jo Dale Ken Dale R. Jane Day M. de Angelis D. de la Pena G. De Michele Andy Denes Bob DeVicariis Gary Diamond Wende Diehl Jenny Dietz Claudia Diskant S. Douglas Bob Downie M. Driskel Rose Drexler J. Dubinsky Leon Ducasse Ellen Dulkin Patricia Dwyer Tom Eusterday Terry Edelberg ii Vb? 3-K : Bob Elson A $153; Steve Ehrlich C. Eichhorn Alan Eden Barry Edwards John Eger Mark Engelien Don Epstein Bob Erickson Kathy Ericson Eric Essmcn Phil Estrin Frank ENin Janet Evans -. , t T Cheryl Faber Jim Falkin Loren Farell Leonard Feigin Sumner Fein J. Feldman Philip Feldmun Suzette Ferte Rose Fesler Marilyn Field 4f A J Allen Fishman David Fishmun Murray File 5. Fitzgerald A: Mike Fieldman Dove Fierman X VA L $ 3" Susan Flax Dave Flory A. Foqliano Jeff Folick Paul Ford Garry Fordyce Larry Fordyce Bob Foss Hillary Fox ; x , x 9K: M Larry Friedman Sue Fromin Sande Froscello Burney Frye Debbie Ganz L I ,. L ; 4 L A Art Gardner D. Garofalo Glenn Gates Mark Geiger Ellen Gersh Jane Genleson Dan Gibbs Marianne Gill Mike Gillihom Cheryl Gilmore .1" Dale Givner Robert GIusser Eilene Glazer Bruce Glickfield Paul Glusman Eileen Gold Marc Gold Susan Gold Jeryl Goldberg S. Goldenberg S. Goldstein E. Goodman Ellen Goodman Jerry Goodman Jim Goodman l. Goodman Elaine Gordon Kathy Gordon Marsha Gordon A. German Bob Gottlieb Steve Graham Bob Grassi Bill Grav Linda Green Jodi Greenberu Don Greene Dave Grey Jon Grice 4m Phil Griggs M. Grinzeiger Cheryl Gross .A W 3 V. Gryzwuna Jeff Gunller Dave Gurian M. Gutierrez Darlene Haber Ferne Habush S. Haimowitz Grant Halley H. Halpern Sara Halpern Linda Hannah Greg Harris Pat Harris Diane Hart Alan Hariman my Dell Hayden Fred Herman Steve Heu Barbara Hill Lyle Hill Mike Hill linda Hoffman Nanci Hoffman Bob Hogbin Barbara Holley Renee Holt A. Hollzmcn Linda Horrell Donna Horovitz M. Horowirz Joel House Hugh Hunter John Hurley Ellen Hurwhz Paul Hyman M. Hymanson D. lndelevsky Rita Jacoby Liisa Jokonen Bill Ingram Chris Jensen R. Jenkins Kent Johnson Theilu Johnson Nancy Johnston Cynthia Jones M. Josephson Stephen Joyner 53f A4, Rein Kullenbuch K. Komimura Ann Kumin Andrea Kane Judy Kanter Steve Koplan Ken Karlstod Mike Kurp Ann Korppinen Sheila Kusson f Q .-.hm Jody Kan Larry Katz Elaine Kotzmon Toni Kaufman Sherry Kayne Jim Keoch Lauren Kean M. Kecskemothy G Kennard "4; x :1 , , fa - Kathy Kent Dell Kerman B. Kingston B. Kirkpatrick P. Kirchenstein Gerri Kleber H. Kleiman Phyllis Klein M.Kleinholl Ken Kline i P'- 1 VJ 3 13 C I Nancy Knaack Ronnie Knell Ron Knight Jonny Knobler A4 Koehler Don Kopeikin Nick Kopyn Bill Korbholz Deon Koropp Mel Kosasky Laurie Kosof Kathi Kramer Rich Kramer Robert Kramer Tracy Kramer Jill Kroye Claudia Krich Caryl Kronick Roxy Krou! T.Kruciewicz Andrea Krusoe Steve Kurzius Gene Ludin M. Landsberg Myra Luriver Paul Lusker Barbara Lavick Robert Luwlis 142 Judy Leff Glenn Leichman Andie Leshner Roy Lesowitz Mark Lessem Jon Lester David Levi Jeff Levine Lynda Levine Nancy le Vine Steve Levine Marsha Levilz Gail Levy Barbara Lewis Corky Lewis Martin Lieb Henry Lieber M. Lieberman Bob Light Diana Lilly James Lindsay Tom Lindsay Ed Linkmeyer Lee Linson Leonard Lipkin Bill Lipsher Barry Lipsker M. Lissauer Barbara Liiskv M. LiNenbera 02W Al Lowenstein M. Lowenthal Linda Loyd Jay Lubin B. Luckermun Geri Lyons Mike Mc Bride g Don McFadden S. Mclnfire Tom McIntyre Pam McKay W. McKinley Edi McKenny Don McKenzie Gary McMunn Dale Mu Per Muaso I Irene Mabel A. Macenski G. Mackenzie Shere Mulin N. Mankofsky Sue Manning Allan Murder 8. Moranz Lois Markley Mike Mathis Joanie Mattes Ron Matson Linda Manhews Dan May Pat Meyers Nina Moerson William Mellon Joyce Manges Marc Merrick Holly Mershon Jone Meyer 143 Pete Milgrom Neal Millurk Bruce Miller Christine Miller Eileen Miller Jeff Miller Lynne Miller Marcy Miller Robin Miller Shirley Miller Richard Milliron John Minion Les Mintz Tom Mitchell Sheryl Mitchem Richard Morris 5. Morrison Fred Morse Jeff Moss Alan Mulman Mel Nemerow Sandy Nodler Mike Ness Len Newman Bob Nicholson Joy Nicholson Diane Nitkin Robynn Nixon Dennis Nolan Janet Novisoff Rick Nathanson Cathy Nason Linda Nash JoAnn Nanas R. Needelmon Marilyn North Ron Novick Bill Odelson Bruce O'hora Steve Oliver Dennis Olivieri Bob O'Neil Mike Osham Mark Pollock Voilerie Palm Roy Palomino Bruce Palumbo Joe Pensanti Mike Peplow R. Pepperman Bonito Pierce H. Pomerantz John Pool Paula Porter Charles Powell Don Pritchard Mela Puig Judy Raab A. Rabinowitz 144 Sue Rudovich Rocky Roffc Ramona Ronda Gene Rantunen Ty Reuume Jim Read Roger Reinhort Lias Richner Marshall Rieger Barry Risberg L LV Charles Robbins Joan Robinson Michele Rogers Bonnie Roller Garry Root Steve Rosemun Mickey Rosen Jill Rosenberg P. Rosenblum Laura Rosenfeld Pom Ross Sharon Ross Roxanne Rotor Sue Roth Joel Roihman Barbara Rubin Jeff Rubin Larry Rubin $ Lee Sodia Jan Sadlo Marv Salsberg Brian Salvage Mike Salzberg David Salzman Ellen Samuels Jane Sundler Al Suner Peter Satin Nancy Saunders Jim Scufer Sid Schiff Becky Schmidt Elaine Schwartz H. Schwartz Ron Schwartz 5. Schwartz Fred Scobie Barbara Scott Nancy Seoion Lynn Segal Lynn Segal Marilyn Segal J3; Vicki Seim Laura SeIwyn Lisa Senef Poul Senff Wayne Serir John Seward Steven Shufer Ronnie Shaffer Barbara Shaw Alan Shapiro I45 a MA 4gb Caryn Shapiro Rita Shapiro Ronald Shapiro Stuarf Shapiro Susan Shapiro Joyce Sheufok Barbara Shear Kerry Shear Fran Shekter Lezlie Shencopp S. Sherman Evelyn Sherry Nancy Shipley Steve Shorr Torn Shuberl M. Shulmcn Maureen Siege! Tamra Silver Steve Simmons Sharon Singer Sue Singer Ronnee Sklor Craig Smith Sue Smith Blanche Sobo Eorbara Soloski Steve Soskins Rick Sparks Debbie Spitz Carolyn Stahl Marilyn Stuhl V'illicm Sionton Porn Stork Joyce Steckler Mike Steel M. Stefancin Terry Sfegner Bob Stein Melanie Stein Peggy Steiner R. svienhardt S.Stienhard1 T. Stephens Rich Stevens Jane Stewart Darlene Stokes Lynne Stone Roy Stone M. Strossman Bobbie Straus Derrell Stukes D. Sullivan Paul Surdo G. Sutherland BA Swingler Denise Syme Steve Taksa Mike Tarne Peter Tarne GazieHa Tatone Steve Tutor Larry Taylor Frank Tepper Valerie Thacker Robert Thirlwell Jeri Thompson Linda Trapp John Trask Alon Trainer John Tschanire Irene Tuberman Dennis Tyson Emily Udkoff S. Valentino Earl Vandries Paulette Vonlon Sonia Venetz Marvin Vickier I46 Vince Vitule 1M Billie Wallace Sandi Wallace Carol Wopner Donald Warren S. Wasserman 1, 0i, 9" f !- r a A- R. Wotstein Margo Waymire Andee Weiler Alan Weiner L. Weinstein Cheryl Weiss Jeff Weiss Margie Weiss 5. Wellington Bonnie Wheolly Elaine Widiss R. Wiechmun Richard WiH Erwin Wolf Tory Wolfe R. Wollons Steven Wong J. Woodrow Jeff Woolen Sandy Yops C. Younglove Bill Zoborsky Elaine Zulkin Mike Zununo Ronnie Zarky MarHyn Zaslav Chris Zifelman Susan Zogrofos Joel Zuieack I47 452 Alex Aberbom Jeri Abraham R. Abramowitz Susan Adler Steve Agronsky Karen Alberts W. Albrecht Kathi Aleidis Steve Alevizos M. Androde Steve Anear David Baiz Debby Banning Eileen Baron 4 4 a Kathie Burton Rory Beilhurz Steven Beldner Paul Bernsiein Callie Bice J. Bilezikiian David Birnbaum Sue Bloom Barbara Bond Betty Bond Carol Border Sue L. Bowman Sue M. Bowman Bruce Brewer Alan Brodsky Elaine Bronsion Vicki Brooks Liz Brotman Gary Brown 1r M2 ' M. Brown Libby Budoff Jan Bunch S. Burbank John Burnett Nancy Bushnell Nancy Canepa Dennis Carroll H. Cartoziun Marlene Chale! Phil Chcpnick Glen Chase Barbara Combs Judy Cooper Randy Cooper Bill Crow Cindy Crystal D. Cummings Celia Curtis Jim Davis E. Deutchman B. Diamond Lindo Diemer Joseph Dikoff Jan Dixon Mike Dixon A. Donchion B. Dorfman Carol Edmund Stan Edwards Dick Eisenberg Jay Emmons Bob Esfner M. Feldman 148 Arlene Ferm Merna Figoten Harry Fischer Linda Fisher Steve Fisher Woody Fisher Jeff Fisk Paul Fisk B. Fleischer Lee Fournier -gx Mel Gallen Karen Gardens Carol George Gloria Gesas R. Ginsburg Sharon Givner Dave Goruty B. Goldstein R. Goldstein Sue Goldsiein Sue Goodman Cheryl Gordon Coleen Gordon Mark Gordon Kaihy Gorman Bob GoMesman C. Greenspan Tom Griffin Myron Groch Mike Gross Martha Guest John Healey Ted Heiden Steve Heller Mali Henigman Ira Heringmun Gory Herman R. Hershberg Maggi Herzberg Sue Hirsch Perry Hoffman Maxine Komins Robert Konfer Kathi Kelly $2- K. Kinkle W. Kitzmiller M. Klotzmon Lou Koehler Laurie Koff Linda Korber Arthur Korse , a Ron Koller H. Kranther Jeanne Kruvitz Sharon Krevitz lnu Kurland Ginni Kurfzweil Larry Kush Nancy Lasky Mark Lebovitz Nancy Lent 149 Stan Levy Linda Lilowsky Ann lilvinoff Greg Litvinoff Linda Litvinoff Sue Love M. Lowenstein Dick Lown Mike McAndrew Dave McCorkle C. McCormack John McGill D. McMenomin Bor McRea Nancy Manes H. Morcovitch Steve Morkman Bill Marks Ron Mason Bruce Mutlaf Mike Matthews M. Maxick Larry Maziuk Michael Medof David Miller M Milmeisle H.Mi1chell Kim Moore Judy Moss Tony Natoli Lynn Neisler R. Neustcedfer Jenny Norman Jim Nusbaum Kathy O'Day w i;; Ilene Olshen Todd Owens Pony Patton B. Paulson David Perren John Peters Terry Peno Rich Pfeffer Sheila Polisky Lory Polter Bernie Poster Pam Poulsen Larry Price Joe Puleo Wally Ravven N. Razanski Ron Reasoner Susan Redstone Sully Rogers Steve Rhodes Shari Robles Arlene Ross Richard Rose S. Rosenblum R. Roseniar Doris Rosner ; 4 Lynn Roth Tony Rovhschild Kitten Ruehl Tom Russel! B. Samuelson Bari Suxe L. Schermer G. $chiavelli J. Schlosberg B.Schneidermon 150 Myra Schrager Robert Scott Allen Selner Cindy Shadley Mary Shannon R. Sheinbuum Sandi Shomer Ruth Shore Gary Shores Leonard Siegel V2?" 2W , $3 Steve Silver D. Silvermon B. Simmons Janie Singman Fred Sistilli A. Sluvkin Dolly Sklar Ellen Skurko R. Spiegel Reeve Stacy A. Slunton Debbie Stork David Steil Joan Stein David Steinfeld Robert Sterling James Stevens Sue Stocking Riki Stone . udy Sugarman I 3 be. ; .r L 1' ' , WK Win 4 45,,- m , ax Dick Suzar Marilyn Taylor Gary Tharp Elaine Tolchin Dianne Tron Helen Tse A. Turkheimer Sandy Tushnet Peggy Urban Robert Valery n n 1 Riki Wells Roger Wells John Wenzell M. Werdesheim Dove West L. Wicksfrom Denise Wilford Rick Wilkmcn Judy Wood Debbe Woolf Pat Wright Sue Wright Arron Yortiss Jeff Young Nina Zacufo Linda Zuharis Joel Zouss Bob Zitkovich Laurie Zitnick 151 ,at, - A. Aarnaes Gail Abbute Rick Abbott Jill Abelson R, Abraham Mark Abram Diana Acosta Cary Adams Jim Adolph Pam Aho Bill Aisley C. Alexander 5. Alexander Jerry Alpert Ted Alvy A. Amersfoort Dan Anderson L. AngeloHi Linda Anderson Anna Ankrum Gail Aronoff Armand Arias Sue Aronowitz Ronald Ascher Bruce Ashion T Aufdenkamp Mary E. Azen Rodney Babb Bill Buca Kathy Baehr Gee Bain Hilary Baker Milton Baker Ronnie Balch Dave Bodler D. Borandon Cathy Barash Ed Bunle Barry Bauer Kim Baxter Jim Beard 6. Belohovek Brian Beaudine Jo-Lise Becker J. Benvenuto Lynne Berck M. Berenbach Cundee Berke Linda Berla l. Berliner Linda Bernie Gregg Bernstein R. Bessire Sue Bethune Maggie Biegler Phylis Bin Peter BiHner Bob Bliss Howard Blitz Michael Block Steve Blum Virginia Bock Peter Bogart AnneHe Bone D. Boorstein Chuck Borden I 52 gm 5 ; X L ' Jun Botwinick Corliss Bourque Rena Boxerman Liz Boyd Danny Bruvler Charles Brand Marc Brotmon Sheryl Bratmun M. Bravermcn Jinny Brink Pat Bryant Kristi Brondell Leesu Brookman Bob Brooks Koren Brooks Mike Brown 3Y3 .Aii f; Bank Greg Bucknall Elena Burnham Eliz Busey Allen Busse Linda Butler V. Canovurus Richard Caplan Jeff Carson Richard Carpe Paula Carter a3?- . . ,yK y, . . fd' ; hi! I' C Chursenoff B. Cioramella s , ai' . , Arlene Cherry Richard Cherry C. Cervantes George Chavez Steve Chorucki Molly Chavez Bonnie Clark Laura Cobos Don Cohen Michael Cohen Cory Coleman Curt Coleman Poul Coleman Pai' Connors AI Cowie Sheri Crawford Linda Crum Brett Crutcher Jim Cuillier Jim Cullen Patricia Curtis Edward CuHer Patsy Daniel Viviane Daniel T, Dantzscher Debbe Daniel Kenneth Darnell M. Daubermon Durward Davis Tom Davis R. Dawkins Kathy Deuhn Barbara Dease 7r 5. DeMare Eric Denner Roger Denii Phil Depoian Chris De Sale Wendy Deyo 153 C. Diamond Harvey Dick Bob Dickey N. Diederich Q Ed Doktor Gemmo Dolenz Lynn Dolin z-v ' z a, John Dowd Linda Dozoretz Dianne Drosin Nana Dripps Donna Driscoll Jackie Dubey Norma Dubnow S Ducharme Jerry Dungan Billie Dunn Gordon Durand Linda Eberle Judi Edelstein Joan Elias Greg Emerick Rodney Engel Fred Epstein Peggy Esfin Donald Evans Kathy Ewing Amanda Ezell Mark Forber Ronald Fcrber Carol Forer Jill Farley Susan Farrell Bob Feldmun Nancy Feidmon Charles Ferrell I .4336- Carol Fischer Penny Fisher Jack Flam Diane Foldvory Jeff Frazin Gary Freedman R. Freedman Robert Freeman Sue Frenger Sue Friedman Barry Friedrich Sara Gale Lorey Ganzer .9 I Pam Gewirfz KGHdY Geyer G. Ghindes Adele Gilbert Ellen Gilbert Rick Gilman R. Giorgionni Eve Gladstone Betty Glickmon Mitch Godfred 154 ix? w; Goldstein Steve GoIdSQein Murgey Good Ed Goldman Mitch Gorman Linda Gotch R. Gottlieb Aleen Grabow J. Griminger Julie Groger Janice Grosher Ann Grossman Larry Grossman G. Gruskin Ron Gruzen Bob Guslufson Eli Huber Lorin Hadlock Tom Hair Anne Hale Linda Hull Sfeve Hamill Pu! Hamilton W. Homovifz Debbi Hancock Carole Hansen 8. Harabedian Sue Hurdesty Alana Hartigan Bob Hartkop Cuthy Hartley P. Hasselbach Jean Haugen .I'i Kari Haukka Cathy Haven 5. Herman Mark Herron Eddie Herzog Vicki Hibler Beverly Hill Sherri Hill Linda Hillman Rick Himot Mark Hirsch Karen Hoch Andee Hock Eva Hoffman 155 Gary Hoffman James Hoffman Jodi Hoffman Pat Hoffman Jacki Holcomb I Jim Hulden Dave Hunt Jim Hurwitz Paul Hyman Pat lnfiso Steve lrshay David Israel Steve Nelson John Jacobi Sandy Jefferys Howard Kass Jeff Katuno Barbara Katz Barry Katz Roberta Kaufman Leslie Kaye Joan Kleinman Jim Kline Gayle Kimme! Linda Kirk Nina Kirsanoff J. Klapperman Elizabeth Klein , S f Gaye Knebel Mary Knudsen Joanne Kowcl R. Kozuk Bruce Krogen Ken Kramer Mike Krasik Roberta Kraus Linda Krause Robert Krause Gail Kress Ron Lane Roger La Salle Sue Loshever Wing Leach Mark LeoviH Sheila LeaviH Joseph Lee Jody Lefebyre Yvonne Leib Jack leibovitch John Leon Terry Leopold Steve lepow 156 , ' 3i , .::::u 22::33:::;::::::: A M Irwin Lerner Joel lesier Arnold Lester Gloria Lester Kathy Levenson Sandi Levi Linda Levin Becky Levine Paula Levine Sheryl Levine E , . . A , L . . . Ma Brian Levy Larry Levy Marc Levy Sue Levy Jan Lewison Sandi Lewis Janet Libbey Harold Lichf Bennett Lieber Marla Liebling S. liebowilz W. Liepman Stuart Lighten Pete Limonick E. lindenberg Linda Lindsay R. Lifrownik David Lifwak leslee Lockhart Gary Louks Leinaalu Low Donna Lowell Ira Lowenthal Barbara Ludwig Terri Ludwin Dun Lukas Elana Lukoff Shelly Lulow Betty Lund Karen Lutye x :1 ' h L , - 4'3 A Burion Mabel Stuart Mulin Michele Mulkin Bruce Malone Nancy Malfin Bruce Mulfz Jon Mandel David Mange! Deborah Mann James Mann R. Mansfield Debbi March Steve Marcus M. Murder 8. Mardirossian Leslie Marks Richard Marks Andi Maritzer A. MaroHa A. Marrocino Ellen Martin Paul Murlineau Peter Martineou Jim Martini Kay Mathis Larry Matthew Judi Mauel Bob Mead Kathy Mendes Phil Mercurio I57 Linda Meredith Lisa Michelson Mike Mikita Craig Miller Frank Miller Gayle Miller Howard Miller Jim Miller Keith Miller Paul Mitchem t M Leah MiHlemon Kathy Mizner Gail Mondheim R. Monsein B. Montgomery Mike Morris Linda Moss John Mouzakii Neil Moltack Dennis Murkey , ; ; , . ; I L I :y 'y."' Aw 35m A ' , , - 35m Mike Murkey Steve Murrell Robin Myers Roxane Neige' Claudia Nelson Lee Nelson Steve Nelson Earl Ness Paul Neuwirth Carol Newell i f Kathi Newman Mark Newman Barbara Nibley M. Nielsen Teri Nielsen Laurie Nisson Poul Nolan Terri Noueski Allen Noyes Karl Nusser 4mm Sally Nusser Ty Obenoskey Helen Odo James Oening Cort Ofstad Gory Ofstad Susie Ohde Joanne Okum Elaine Olshan Jane? O'Neal Phil Orlow Bill Ostrowski Penny Pachl Tony Pacitfi Lee Palmer L. Ponomaroff Sue Pupen Tamara Parker Sid Pastor John Fallon Fern Pearis9ein Dave Pease Robert Pecel Kerry Pedlow Lenore Pell Mary Penn Veronica Perez Tony Perkin Rand Perrier Bill Perry Corky Pestino M. Petersen Terri Peterson Ricky Penler Ken Pflueger Pierre Picot Marilyn Pile Marilyn Pincus Gary Piro Mark Platin 158 3 , Elaine PIaH Lorry Protin Jim Plummer Robert Poirier Wally Pollock Edward Portnoy Donna Preslow Sue Press Gregory Proctor Don Ptacnik Kenny Pulicari Ron Quigley Sue Quigley Steve Rodiloff Phil Raider Linda Ramos Ralph Randall Kitty Rankin D. Rothbourn l. Raudaskoski Carole Rawlings Mark Raymer Rindie Raymonc Marcia Reed Ronnie Reeve Craig Reid Evelyn Renold Russell Resnik Jill Rhodes ? Loren Riesen Mike Riley Mary Rings Mike Robinson Judy Rochlin Charlene Roe Bruce Rogal Barbara Rogers Robin Rollens Mark Romano a Isabel Ros Larry Rose Margaret Rosell Sue Rosemun Jeff Rosemond Jeff Rosen D. Rosenman Sue Rosenthul Bob Rosenthul Pat Rosing m Vj- Ken Ross Linda Rowen H. Rubenstein Carol Rubin A. Rubinstein Joe Rudnick Paul Rudolph Robert Rudy C. Rusackos Mary Rush Ronald Ryder Charlene Sacks Steve Saeger Lynn Sager Brenda Selle Kari Salmi M. Soltsman Joey Sanders Steve Sanders Ken Sundler Greg Soyler C. Scarborough Stephen Schall S. Schandler J. Scheinholtz Carolyn Scher Pearl Schneider W. Schonefeld 159 .LQ: D. Schroeder A. Schulman Sue Schrager Leslie Schulmun Sheila Schultz Arthur Schwartz H. Schwartz Lyle Schwartz Lynne Schwartz A :3 A 2.1 a , 4m Ricki Schwartz Kathy Schultz Bob Scott Rich Scott Vicki Seagren Linda Segal Cory Seiden Louise Seltzer Jeff Semow Conrad Shaina rf .t a JoeIShallif JoyShonkman AlleneShopiro SteveShcpiro StocyShaan DanaSherwood JeffSherwood LarryShields BerfShoemuker MikeShort ?honu Shulman Lisa Sidney Paul Silver A. Silverman Rona Silvertrust Barbara Simon Stephen Simon ennefh Singer Vince Siviglia Alon Slcger Doug Sloane Tom Slocum Cavhie Smith Joe Smith Mike Smiih Penny Smith Roaer Smith Sue Smiih Darrell SmiHle Kathie Snider Norman Snow Bob Snyder Reno Sperdakos Charles Spicer Gory Spicer Judy Stabile Gary Steele Harlan Steele Porn Stegen Susan Steimle M. Steiriiz Doreen Stern Sue Stodden Cristina Stone C. Straneman Melody Strong I60 Robert Sultan Cheryl Sumpter Susan Sunle Jeff Sway Nancy Sway Ronald Tabor Linda Tagger! Marc Tuiodush Steve Tatum Ros Taub Evelyn Taubman G. Teeman Alan Tiano Brian Tinius JoAnn TopaliunFrancine Trainer F. Trendacosla A :51 ' , , .me Linda Turner Jim Tyler Connie Tyson Ned UMerback Jeff Vance Bill Vondervorl Bud Van NuHa LeRoy Vaughn M. Vendino C. Wallace Robert Wolley Kristine Wallis Steve Walthok Ronald Walters Walt Warren Alice Worrick Chris Wattson Nancy Weaver Roy Weiss Sharyn Weiss Stephen Weiss Peggy Wessel Linda West JoseHe Wholey Dave Wherry Lorry White Melissa White Pam White Frank Whittacre Craig Wiegmun Glenn Wiener Karen Wiener Bill Wiggins A. Williams Ken Williams Steve Williams N. Williamson John Willson g , - t Bobbi Winard Alex Wirtz John Withrow Marlin Wizorek C. Woilowicz Ron Woldar Sherry Wolf M. Woloshin Mee Wong Jeff Wood 161 Barry Wosk Michael Woskow Gerald Wyatt Kirby Yale Cathy Young Debbie Young Larry Zabner Barbara Zodanoff Robyn Zeibert Amy Zimmerman Diana Zimmerman MRS. GEIlER PER. 1 ROW 1, L-R: R, Karpel, R. Levin, J. James, P. Slukter, L leed, B. Sharon, 0. Kohon, D. Roman, D. Axelrod. ROW 2, L-R: D. Nelle, A. Bain, K. Reiter, R. Brown, D. Comden, T. Schoedsack, P. Petrunick, R. Frat. ROW 3, L-R: J. Julien, B. Cohn, K. Donovan, B. Honorof, T. Schroeder, P. Silver- man, T. Alboum. 0 MRS. GEILER PER. 2 ROW 1, l-R: L. Huelher, K. Krieger, R. Bryan, A. Campbell, D. Morrison, M. Kudish, D. Golby, L. Murray, W. Weiss. ROW 2, L-R: J. Clark, J. Zwirlein, N. Schoenfield, J. Arzl, R. Berger, C. Cane, S. Beckman, J. Aupperlee, A. Whitaker. ROW 3, L-R: K. Crum, M. Kenyon, D. Knight, L Fishman, K. Morris, J. Maccoon, F. La Verdi, L. Leonard. MISS MOCK PERIOD Ill ROW 1, L-R: S. Dinkowilz, L. Brulsche, R. Rubin, R. Gershon, L. Ofstot, 8. Wall, 8. Henry, D. Meyers, K. Moore, L. Lermun. ROW 2, LgR: S. Medak, D. Tep- per, M. Spivey, C. Grinzeiger, C. Hazen, T. Casfelli, B. McConnell, L. Beneke, C. Woodward. ROW 3, L-R: M. Sonnen, R. Marion, T. Loynd, G. Harte, G. Sykes, M. Blaustein, F. Schreiber. Top: A. Cease, J. Stone, M. Klein. MISS MOCK PERIOD 4 , ROW 1, L-R: M. Archerd, T. Seger, D. Ross, C. Eis- ner, P. Friedman, A. Schwarfz, J. Golden, J. Grubel, V. Sweef, T. Sandler. ROW 2, L-R: G. Leviloff, A. Forkosh, P. Rubin, J. Blump, 5. Gold, M. Brown, S. Levine, D. Malis. ROW 3, L-R: J. Gottesfeld, J. Young, S. Killam, D. Seffinger, C. Asher, T. Sonom- me, K. Ketzlach, M. Epstein. TOP: B. Maufner, T. Ball, D. Kirkpatrick, H. Hunt, G. Reed, J. Hong, W. Wright, A. Adelman. MISS MOCK PERIOD 5 ROW I, L-R: K. Gordon, H. GoMIieb, B, Lite D. Wis- ner, C. Sway, S. Sayene, C. Mayer, M. O'Brund, J. Piser. ROW ll, L-R: T. Kast, J. Schein, J. Marrow, E. Putnam, S. Miller, C. Johnson, D. Block, J. Boreharl, T. Cobb. ROW Ill, L-R: S. Singer, W. Peel's, S. Fis- chel, L. Ellison, S. Cheung, B. Brooks, M. Dunn, T. Shultz, C. Wright. TOP: L-R: B. Brown, 8. Seccombe, L. Veley, D. Sauter. MISS CLINE PERIOD VI ROW 1, L-R: R. Goldweber, 5. Graham, D. Silver- man, M. Jacoby, S. Holley, H. Eisenberg, S. Feld- man, J. Carpe, J. Bencivenga, S. Heariwell. ROW 2, L-R: R. Abrams, P. Silverman, L. Hutchens, B. Bloom, J. Cole, S. Chain, L. Yasgoof, C. MoneHe, K. Wii- Iiams. MISS KOBOTA PERIOD V ROW 1, L-R: C. Shalul, L. Broidy, M. Feldman, L. Meyers, L Marko, S. Rhodes, S. Olshun, S. Kaplan, C. Borman. ROW 2, l-R: M. Kevine, R. Solomon, 5. NewporI, G. Schnell, W. Gardner, B. Molik, J. Res- enfield, L. Dashew, J. Shane, D. Geer. ROW 3, l-R: S. Cunningham, M. Sauif, G. Oblath, M. Monderer, 5. Murder, l. Shulman, M. Freeman, J. Boston. MISS SQUIRES PER. 4 ROW 1, L-R: S. Kusher, F. Weiner, E. Freid, W. Polter, D. Belcher, R. Litwuk, L. Sievens. ROW 2, L-R: T. Birman, E. Smith, C. Kent, J. Primo, B. Taylor, L. Toller, R. DitmoreA ROW 3, L-R: J4 Blank M. Tiegs, P. Wisynicer, D. Poole, S. Rosuck, MISS HARSHMAN PER. 'l ROW 1, L-R: S. Simeone, E. Friedman, E. Baker, L. Eck- aman, K. Cunah, B. Stanfield, N. Weinstein, R. Selelsky, I. Haddud. ROW ll, L-R: D. Suik, D. Berhrmun, R. Union, J. Winnick, L Frank L. Block, J. McQueen, B. Surnove. MR. MAIER PER. 1 ROW 1, L-R: C. Anderson, C. Helphancl, S. Well- iver, L. McKennon, B. Kinsey, S, Miller, J. Hor- owitz, M. Reznitk, A. Schwartz. ROW 2, L-R; L. Sherlin, J. Polk, J. Frifz, D. Donabed, J. Aquirra, C. CocheHi, L. Bohannan, M. Alexander. ROW 3, L-R: D. Furnum, T. Malone, T. Sehack, M. Ludwig, J. Aplel, M. Dunn. MISS JARDINE PER. 3 ROW 1, L-R: M. Ginleman, L. Woolacoft, L. Weinstein, I. Diamond, L. Durst, S. Silversfein, S. Bennett, L. Barth, S. Gordon. ROW 2, L-R: B. Perera, S. Livingston, S. Klein, D. Zuiebuck, P. Gilbert, D. Kaufman, R. Cracker, D. Kleber. ROW 3, L-R: B. Dinuberg, K. Condon, E. Sptiz, P. Levy, J. LeVine, L. Ross, 8. Loeb, J. Reckon, G. Mast. NEW STUDENTS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Hayter, Madden, Cooper, Yascoor, Wuyda, Sim- cone, Axelrod, O'Brand. ROW 2, L-R: Rucker, Ulrich, Aquirre, Hunt, lafafa, Torr, Saik, Cavalier. TOP ROW L-R: Lloyd, Peterson, Proud, Goldberg, Hancock, Muzer, McGinley. BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Silverstein, Melnik, Lifvack, Coury, Seger, Dough- er'y, Weinper, Meshnik, Blumenthal, Snitkoff, Scott. MIDDLE ROW L-R: Silverberg, Hufchens, lfule, Rubin, Men'ashe, Martin, Harding, Strauss, Renwick, Luba. TOP ROW, L-R: Winchel, Strauss, Price, Vaughan, Herbsl, Greenberg, Fisher, Lichf, Diminico, Brainin. BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Tierk, Lieberman, Rubin, Rofes, Wolnerman, Persich- ino, Hurst. TOP ROW, L-R: Grelar, Stephens, Beard, CocheHi, Weaver, Furgol, Wagemun. 166 SHIELD STAFF FALL KNEELING, L-R: James Koehn, Dennis Beaver, Dam: Senil', Barbara Mark. STANDING, L-R: Barry Gordon, Poul Janke, Jerryl Baller, Caren Gulperin, Pete Giannini, Stephanie Noble, Jan Newman, Sharron Manns, Sue Mondheim, Mr. Menkin. NOT SHOWN: Ritk Greenberg. SHIELD STAFF SPRING ROW 1, L-R: Ida Goodfield, Stephanie Noble, Rick, Greenberg, Pele Giannini, Don Watslein, Margaret Edger, Sue Mondheim ROW 2, L-R: Ricki Friedman, Nancy Saunders, John Tale, Jan Sadlo, Vince Vitale, Barry london, Andy Bass, Mr. Menkin. NOT SHOWN: Caren Galperin. 167 SHIELD" STAFF EDITOR-lN-CHIEF: Pete Giannini CO-EDITOR: Caren Galperin PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR: Don Wafsfein COVER DESIGN: Caren Golperin, Rick Greenberg ACTIVITIES: Vince Vitale, Don Wafstein CLUBS: Sue Mondheim DRILL TEAM 8 GAA: Stephanie Noble FACULTY 8 STAFF: Jan Newman, Dana Seni'r GIRLS, LEAGUE: Morgaref Edger MUSIC: Stephanie Noble SENIORS: Dennis Beaver, Margaret Edger, Sharron Manns, Ricki Friedman, Nancy Saunders, Jerryl Baller SERVICE: Andy Bass, Ida Goodfield SPORTS: Rick Greenberg, Barry London STUDENT BODY: Jerryl Baller, Sue Mondheim, Vince Vitale, Ida Goodfield . PHOTOGRAPHERS: James Koehn, Jan Scdlo, John Tate, Ed Wein, Mark Geiger ADVISOR: Mr. Mel Menkin FINANCIAL MANAGER: Mr. J. R. Anderson Special thanks to the senior class counselors and sponsors, White's Studios, and the American Year- book Company. INDEX 4 M g. J?Emwmp DEDICATION ........................................................................... p. 3 Jxmxcf x ADMINISTRATION ............................................................... p. 4 6f; 1? FACULTY .................................................................................... p. 6 STAFF .......................................................................................... p. 11 SENIORS .................................................................................... p. 14 DARDANIANS ........................................................................ p. 16 ATHENIANS ........................................................................... p. 30 SERVICE .................................................................................... p. 63 GIRLS'LEAGUE ..................................................................... p. 72 ACTIVITIES .............................................................................. p. 76 SPORTS ....................................................................................... p. 83 CLUBS .......................................................................................... p. 118 DRILL TEAM81 G.A.A. ...................................................... p. 124 MUSIC .......................................................................................... p. 129 STUDENT BODY .................................................................. p. 134 HSHIELD" STAFF .................................................................. p. 167 Suuk 6 161:1, Kmum Lxeu $1161.40 1. 9:002:19 ?WULQN VXTkCMb a N b 169 '5'0 Vvko Kok'SRAOx mug. Km VWCS $Wox. UDVQQ, LSOIDCO wl'bmW6, 1 TWUOVx woke 60019 Khmb 1.1L un-uk5 RbMtrhbm i636. L4011 Q3111. 0. osammkex 356M . KLLL Ckkwwxs T'vrmk tub woam OJ; imu, W .onvSer :5 w bv wougg- ngw mch'ij. Lo LTVK Room, ' E01"? v-o '68 dews 1 246m; WW 0 J07 ' CC V :7 7;." M WWW JJJJJK 7,. J K 71 xi . ,J I; Q i W Ml, J CPJJ , WWW M9 1 :10 j; JJJN M Ma Jw J: CA 57 ' A .Vfu Xvi K7 JJCLH WLJW LCM JJJ 09170014; JMJ ,JJ , ' 76:; g M W WM WJJ LJJJA 06.0 LE :th1ka 2M OMCJJ 4 J - , , - WJ JZN JJJJJJJJ ff? 7 Q4: , . f7 Lw Ll W 0 JJJJJJJJJJ J J M : . 7 J1: ,9 J. Q a Cgpnm , I: L 'j, J! :J 77 J; $er 7.x; , J: 7 M 6 C; JKL 1. 'L 752' O ,K r. $.99 97-4 49wa 99 9 7 J L D 90 J L Md? 901 :th J9 K J c717; OWN 69W! 14 x M7m77?h 71:ng 'qul- 4: ,7 - 3;- , , . J J K 7 0 OJ gypcgqjj' , 7N L . "- A .; .9; :, 0PM. A6 QJJ MAC 0 7 X , 114.147.14HJJJ; 1v 1.. . 171.77-.. 7.4.1413, ,, 7'1 7 2,77 l 6.7 3,7 7 VMK , KA'VII7 77 7 . , l l 7 l I 7 I . . J! 7 I Q! J 4 , 4 y .4 ,. JNJ x. , JJ V; 1x1 . L b . r ,JMXaMUHL X2 ,C a 077 477.777 1.. 7,117waMWI771uUJ, . 7v ., 1.. in 4L 7;? .4 7,7 2777 7 7 1'7 77" 77 ,7 A 7 a 7 40127277'4 7 ,xl .. 4 1 29 J7. 1 N741 AAWJLJ, J did .WLJHJ .13me ilJ . 7 ,1 , . .1 0 4... 1 7 51751.01; 4177.. 71:1; 7 , .jv dim, MXULW x14 , I 44f. JJUzw 11,..1gXlw l. V :7 71,1 X2? 7,74? 7 7 7L 7W?- ' 77,7774 , 1777 '7; 7' T777 71. ll 4 77 7777 17277777777 W77 7 77 I , 1 1X4 777 , 7:47.77? 78; ,1 4 VI 1 '7777A 7 41 .77 74747 W 7' '7 l 7,7 777 77 T 711! 1 , 411.711.-.. 313 n! $11,155.15 14b, 1, . , Jinan; .s x19 1.?! 3. . .$;$ ..+ 1 N. .

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